Forehand Topspin Variations | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Forehand Topspin Variations | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today’s
lesson is about how to vary the speed and spin on your forehand topspin. To vary the speed and spin it’s a lot to do
with the path of your racket. If you want more spin your racket is going to come up
more vertically. If you want more speed your racket is going to become a little bit more
horizontally so we are going to come much more forward. So for spin we’re going to go up. The other
critical factor is to make sure that you’re brushing the ball on the contact. So that
is how you get the heavy topspin on the ball. So for a slow and spinny shot you’re going
to start low and come up and brush the ball. For a faster shot I’m going to come more forward
and have a flatter contact. Alright Alois, that’s really good advice but
when I’m hitting the ball fast should I hit it completely flat then? No, it’s really important to still maintain
some topspin on the ball. The topspin is what drags the ball down on to the table. If you
hit it completely flat you’re going to give yourself really small margin for error and
the ball is going to tend to either go straight into the net or off the end of the table. OK. So if I want to hit the ball fast how
do I get the balance between the spin and the speed? Yep, so it’s a tricky balance and it’s something
that you need to practice but think about still maintaining some topspin on the ball
but just flattening it out a little bit. The ideal way is in practice to just start with
a slow topspin and just flatten it out slowly slowly slowly until you are getting to a stage
where you’re hitting the ball quite fast but keeping the ball on the table. You’ll get
to a stage where the ball just doesn’t go on the table consistently so that means you
then need to back off and put a little bit more topspin, a little bit less flat. OK. Now also how does the racket angle affect
this? When I’m hitting the ball faster should I still have a flat open racket or should
I lean it over more? You can do two things. So often we talk about
the Chinese rubber with the tackier rubber so with the tackier rubber you can come over
the top more because the ball is going to grip better on to the surface of the racket
and come over and still generate quite a bit of speed. With the European rubber, or the
softer sponge you can open your racket a bit more and hit the ball flatter so the ball
is sinking into the sponge and that’s where you’re going to generate your spin. So as always the key really is practice. Absolutely. You need to practice it, you need
to experiment with the variations, see what your limits are with spin and speed. Excellent. So we’ve developed our strong topspin, why
wouldn’t we just hit the ball fast all the time? The answer is because no matter what
stroke you play your opponent is going to get used to it. Variation is a really powerful
weapon that you’ve got. So sometimes hitting the ball slower with spin is more effective
than hitting the ball as fast as you possibly can.

34 thoughts on “Forehand Topspin Variations | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. I have tired that many times playing fast. But whenever I try playing with topsin , the ball always goes out of the table. Do you have a different technique for fast topspin?

  2. I really love you both, giving lots of information that is helped me to improve my play. I am handicapped, started playing since a year.
    Pranesh Kumar,

  3. Hello PingSkills.
    I wanted to ask you if you might be interested in subtitles for your videos in german?
    I would do that with pleasure, just not on the ask the coach videos since they seem to be a bit long and much.If you have any interest, just send me a private massage.I really like your vidoes and it would be a pleasure.

  4. aios & jeff are right,why I chose difficulty,
    changing wrist very difficult,I think he who tell you this reverse topspin,I think didn't notice about it.

  5. How to block a Forehand topspin when we dont have enough time to return it again with topspin…Thank you alois & jeff …Your videos help me a lot 🙂

  6. but are we not limited by how our opponent plays the ball to us first? e.g if they do a back hand chop, we can only with the "brushing" (more vertical) forehand to counter the spin

  7. Jeff, as you were an Olympian with RU beds would you use for your bat DHS? XIOM? And All is what us your recommended rubber for someone who is just doing fast topspins, rare brushes and tomohawk serves??

  8. I very much appreciate these videos. I recently bought a new blade and rubbers. It's my first custom racket. Which is all geared towards faster game play. I'm not having trouble generating speed or spin. But i am having trouble varying the topspin. I find it harder now to hit the ball slowly. I'm not sure if i need to have the rubbers wear down a bit. What would be your suggestion. I'm using Palio Ak-47 Red and Blue.

  9. please tell about the bat angle in forehand topspin especially when playing it against side spin balls coming at different pace.
    I usually have my bat angle bent down resulting in ending up ball going into the net for the most of the time or when i keep it flat ball simply pops out of the table 🙁 i am confused between the bat angle and the speed at which i should play the shot.

  10. Can you give some advice to me? Right now I'm at my 10th grade. Back when I was an 8th grade student, I can do very low arc and powerful top spins, But recently this school year, I played some powerful top spins and some are low arc and some are very high, and most of my top spins are outside. Is it because I have gone much taller? I grew about 26 cm over two years…again, can you give me some advice so my top spins will be powerful and goes in the table, I don't mind if it is not low arc cause I can still block . Please help me with your advice.

  11. sir I am trying hard to get a rally of forehand topspin but after 2-3 balls my topspin gets converted into sidespin , please help me !

  12. These two guys have great chemistry. I really enjoy watching these videos. Very informative. I'd give this channel a 9.5/10 😉

  13. I can topspin against my Strong opponent but I loose confidence against weak opponent. The weak opponent does not have any correct forehand stroke, he doesn't​ knowh how to block and I do not get a fast return, therefore I loose my confidence to topspin against him.How to topspin with greater speed against a slow return and I want some suggestions from you for this kind of weakness in me

  14. I cant play comfortably when I change the board. Actually I practice in my school and also in my friend's house.My school table is very slow compared to my friend's table tennis board. I cant adjust to the board which is faster. So please solve my problem

  15. Sir I am studying 9th standard.I am taking table tennis coaching weekly once. The coach will come from the place which is 250 km away from my city. In my city no table tennis clubs are there. I practice with my friends.But they feel bore just after 45 minutes. But I am ready to practice 5 hours a day, but nobody is with me. I can join table tennis clubs when I'll be 14 years old. But I practice just 2 hours a day. Is this enough ?

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