Food Chain Magnate Unboxing Reaction

Food Chain Magnate Unboxing Reaction

Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and
this is gonna be an unboxing of Food Chain Magnate. It’s probably gonna be my most disappointing
unboxing… although, let’s be frank: ALL of my unboxings are super disappointing. The reason why this is gonna be a big buzzkill
is because i like beautiful games, and i doubt that this is going to be anything of the sort. This is by Splotter. This is the only Splotter game i’ve ever owned. i haven’t even played it yet. And as i said to you in the Christmas video,
if you watched that, ain’t nothing on the back of Splotter games, because they put that
care and attention into… game design. i’m told! i’m told this is a very good game. It’s a very heavy game, i’ll tell you that
much. And i’m gonna unbox it for you forthwith!
(congested hillbilly voice) Which means “now.” Here we go! Opening it with the knife. i… we’ve been talking about this game on
the Discord server. If you’re not part of that, jump in. There’s a link for ya.Aand you just come talk
to us about board games! And it’s super fun! i find it super fun. If you like board games, maybe you like talking
about board games too. But what we’ve been saying is that there are…
kind of like chess, i guess? There are a few opening gambits that if you
don’t research them and take them, and the other players do take them, then you’re gonna
have a lousy time playing the game, because you’re just… you’re likely going to lose!
i don’t… i’ve never played, and i don’t know if it’s
like Trickerion, where you get a choice of a few different specialists to play with,
and then if you don’t choose the engineer and everybody else chooses the engineer, you’re
hosed. That’s the only thing i can kind of relate
it to in my board game experience. (laughs) i really like – you know – this 50s
guy in the front, and (high-octane 50s sales guy voice) “Producing high-quality well- tested
original burgers is one of our main jobs here at Gluttony Inc. There’s no such thing as luck. Skill wins every time!” That’s what they pride themselves on with
this game. There’s no dice roll… they say “100% dice
free.” It’s all… (Quacky box fart) Oohh! Box Fart-O-Meter: 3! Hmm! Splotter, bringing the box farts! WHA! Whoa! Look at this: there’s no insert to speak of. It’s just a big pile of stuff. A huge bag of wood. i’m gonna put the wood aside just for the
moment. And this is something that i haven’t seen
in a board game in a very long time – it’s just paper money. “Food Chain Magnate.” In denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 50. Oh – they’re double-sided, too. Wow. Look at that. i think… gosh. Well, you know, this is standard when you
buy Monopoly, but the games that i’ve had that involve money… i’ve had cardboard coins,
and i’ve had… mmm… like, Last Will was probably the last game i opened that have
money in it and those are little cardboard chits, so that’s interesting to see paper
money. Three huge decks of cards… probably about…
(riffles lips) i would say… 50,000 cards in each of them. And i’m gonna open up – i wonder if they’re
all the same or all different? Let’s just open up one. And i’ve been told ahead of time by my very
kind patron DMExplains that there is a rip strip… Ho ho! Look at that! i got insider info. Insider training in my track to becoming the
top fast food CEO. Oh my gosh, they’re SO different. (50s newsreel guy voice) Milestone: First
burger marketed! (laughs) When i play this game, (50s newsreel guy voice) that’s the
voice i’m gonna use for everything. First waitress played! Milestone: first radio campaign. (chuckles) Nobody will be annoyed by that
AT ALL, i promise you. i wonder how much of this artwork was drawn
for the game, and how much of it was just sourced from… so i think i’ve seen that
Zeppelin pilot guy before. i wonder how much of it was just… sourced
from existing stuff? i don’t know. i’m not accusing them of plagiarism or anything,
you… just, you know. It’s a very familiar style if you know mid-century…
it’s a very Mad Men kind of thing. Where’s the Handy rip strip? There it is! Probably gonna be more of the same in this
pack. Let’s see… yes! More of the same… pastel colours… (50s
newsreel guy voice) First to have one hundred dollars! One HUNNNDRED dollars! (cash register sound)
Yep. So i’m not gonna open the third one, just
to prevent a huge mess on my table, but i assume it’s gonna be the same type of thing. These… ha ha! Cool. Oh – i’ve got some stuff in German here! (sing-songy)
Okay. i love trying to pronounce German, even though i don’t speak German. Um-structure-yongbeom… no, forget it. There’s no way. Arbeet-von… nine… they don’t say “nine.” Well, they do say “NEIN,” but they don’t say
the number nine like that. i amuse myself! Yes! It’s a player menu, that has the different
things you can do, or the different phases – the different phases in phase order, and…
oh, look at this: this looks like a tech tree! Like a skill tree! That’s pretty cool. You get an errand boy, and then you turn your
errand boy into a cart operator, then a truck driver, the a ZEPPELIN PILOT?? Whoa! Cool! Yeah, career paths! That’s cool. That IS a tech tree! That’s neat! i like tech trees. (attempted Liverpudlian accent) Oh, i like
’em. Some stuff to punch out. A couple of sheets of thick card tokens to
punch out. What remains in the box? i’m actually… you know what? i expected to not be thrilled by what was
in the box, but it’s cool! Like, it’s all of a certain style, the colours
look nice, it’s well put together… yeah! i like it! i like it! Oh yeah – and i HAVE seen this game set up
on the table when i went over to play at my friend Doc’s house, and there’s a big map
of the city, i vaguely recall, so these are a bunch of tiles, and i think you’re about
putting up billboards and trying to get different people in different houses interested in coming
to eat at your burger chain. And there’s a standard thickness on those
cards. They feel nice and sturdy. Yeah. It reminds me a little bit of Zombies!!! which
is not a very good game in my opinion, but it’s another one where you’re laying out city
tiles like that. And the rule book. Here we go. The main event. i’ve been told that it’s really not that bad
of a game to learn, and there’s not a whole lot that you need to know how to do, but just
the thinkiness of it is a real… it’s a real brain burner. True to form, it’s only 14 pages. Pretty heavy on the text with those 14 pages,
though. Let’s be real. There’s a lot of reading involved there. But that’s okay: i can *mostly* read! That’s it! That’s what you get in the box for Food Chain
Magnate. One of the priciest games, i also have to
say, in my collection. But i’ve heard it’s because the Splotter guys
didn’t do so well in the early days trying to sell through to normie mom-and-dog toy
and game stores, so they decided to cater to a smaller group of customers that really
appreciated what they’re doing, and now – you know – they got a game on the BoardGameGeek
Top 100, and this has – you know – enjoyed a high ranking there for a long time, so good
on them! Good on you, Splotter. i’ll pay extra money for that… or CHERYL
will, cuz it was a Christmas present. Thanks, Cheryl! And thank you for watching. i’ll catch you next time. Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe,
and then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff! [Music – Board Game Boogie by Ryan Henson

6 thoughts on “Food Chain Magnate Unboxing Reaction

  1. This is a great game & one of the best out there (imo). You'll both love and hate this game. Some suggestions:

    1. Throw the paper money out. Poker chips are the way to go.
    2. Get or make erasable laminate sheets for the milestones and don't bother with the cards.
    3. Grab a beginner strategy overview guide and make sure all of your group have a basic understanding of the main strategies. The game will punish those who make poor choices early on. This is a splotter theme

    This game is wholly contingent on player ability. You have to play your opponent, not the game so playing with people of the same ability is pretty key to enjoying the game.

    Hope you enjoy the game – I'd definitely watch any review video you post 🙂

  2. Looking forward to a follow-up on this game.

    While it is an awesome game it can be hard to enjoy if one doesn't like making mistakes.

    The new milestones from the expansion are much more enjoyable in many players opinions and they are easy to print and play
    (laminate them and use dry erase markers, files are on BGG, I recommend this for the base game milestones as well, it saves a lot of space).

    Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do!

  3. Yes! Food Chain Magnate is such a great game. Enjoy exploring the different strategies. Hiring, training, and marketing are all strong starts. But I love being the last player and throwing out like an unexpected move, like gaining a burger just to throw it away and be the only person with a fridge. Being the last player to go can be really powerful.

  4. My reaction when I opened mine, "$150 Canadian Pesos, I think they forgot a box of minis, metal coins and kickstarter exclusives."

  5. Hey Ryan! Sorry for going a bit off topic but i was wondering… Could you make a how to play video for Agricola? I've recently bought it and i'm kind of at a loss. There are a couple of videos on youtube but they are all very unclear or have loud music in the background(lol). I need your quality with such a heavy game as agricola! Hope you see this 🙂

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