FLIPGIRL 🚗 The Dangerous Road To Internet Fame | #CONTENTtvshow (ep1)

You got this, you got this. You look great, you look great. Uuuurrrgghh… I need to get my f**king teeth whitened. # Too much about our love. # Our love is not
enough. # My boyfriend wants to talk. # You know I
really think we’ve gotta go over a couple of
things today. # My boyfriend talks too much… Seriously? Oh I know! He used our song in the comments. It was back and forth like
f**king Aladdin and Jasmine. Yeah, I saw. I’m so sorry. Who gets married these days anyway? And then I accidentally liked a photo of his from ages ago,
because I was lurking. Urgh! What is wrong with me? Um, he’s gonna have so many
notifications, he won’t even see that one. But um, why were you lurking?
You’re not still into him are you? No! Gross. It’s just like, I mean… Okay. Whatever, get engaged after
six weeks that’s up to you. I mean, statistics might not be on your side. But go ahead, tie the knot, go crazy. Just don’t use a f**king song to announce it. Yeah, totally. Um, hey
are we still having drinks tonight? Like, I don’t know, you’re not in a great space and like, you’re super strapped for cash. But um, I don’t know, work’s
just been really hectic at the moment. And I think I might actually just
drop down to two subjects at uni. But then, I won’t graduate until the end of the year, which Dad would not be happy about. Urghh. I don’t know, there’s also
this Sydney position coming up, like, super soon that I
feel like maybe I should apply for. I don’t know, I…
Are you even listening? Yeah, Neil’s a douchebag. Yeah.
Yeah. I should have just blocked him. You can’t be friends on
Facebook after you break up. It just doesn’t work, right? Totally. Oh s**t. Um hey, I gotta go. Wait, are you going? Seriously?
No, I need you right now Daisy. I gotta go, I’m sorry. F**kface is… Come on. I’ll talk to you… I’ll talk to you later. I hate you. Okay, love you too, bye! Continue straight on M7 for 12 kilometres. Your destination will be on the right. Oh! Here we go. Hi. Um,
thanks for tuning in viewers. It’s my um, my first Facebook Live. Um, I am Lucy Goosey. Um, I just picked up a nutritious lunch. Jokes, it was chips. Um, yeah, I’m just making my way downtown. Ha. (SINGS) # Ne-ne ne-ne ne-ne na… # Ne-ne ne-ne na… (SINGS) # Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo… (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) Perform a U-turn. Uh, hey. No, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m um… Oh no.
No, it’s not fake. I’m um… Just wouldn’t know how to
fake something like this. Um, um, hi. Um, I’m Lucy. Lucy. Wow, that’s a lot of people watching. Hi.
Hi, um, it’s… This is my first Facebook Live. Are you OK? You alright? Yeah. Look, I’m with the police.
I’m good. And I’m going to help you.
No. Are you OK?
I’m OK. What’s your name honey?
Go away. What’s your name?
I’m fine. No, it’s OK. I’m um… Are you hurt? Can you tell me if you’re hurt? No, I’m good. F**k off. I’m OK. The paramedics are on their way. Can you stay still for me please? Stay still? Hi New York. Hi Poland! Manila, hi! Yeah, I mean, I just…
I flipped my car. No biggy. Wow, that’s so many people! I’m okay, yeah. I’m fine,
thank you so much. Okay, can you just stay still.
They’re almost here. Am I being detained, sir?
Am I being detained? oh my god.
Are you actually on the phone? You’ll need a warrant.
No, get away! No! Holy s**t, that video of that chick
crashing her car on Facebook Live is nuts. It’s fake.
It’s not fake. It’s fake. It was on the news though.
She had like, a broken collar bone. It’s a publicity stunt. No, sir. No no no… Lucy! Uber for Daisy? Ah yeah, yeah. Lucy, oh my god! Thank God! Daisy! Did you see it, Daise? Your neck! Are you okay? Did you see my video?
It’s everywhere. I’m Flipgirl. I told you…
You scared the s**t out of me! I’m um, on my way. That’s my Uber driver. Um, and F**kface only just let me
leave after he saw the video on Punkee? Daisy, I’m viral! Lucy, you flipped your car
after you were on your phone. Aha.
There’s a video. Yeah, and the video’s amazing. Lucy, it’s illegal.
The police will be called. Is that all you care about, the police?
F**k the police! You could have lost your life! Yeah, what life Daisy? I just broke up with a guy who wouldn’t let me leave a toothbrush in his
bathroom after five years, and now he’s engaged to
a girl he’s known for six weeks. My parents won’t get off my
case about using my law degree, like you can use a law degree. I think they mean… Yeah, they think it’s so beneath
me that I won’t go to a bottle shop. Well guess what Mum and Dad,
I got fired this morning! What!? And I didn’t even get a call back
for that presenter job, Daise. Yeah, at 23 everything’s supposed
to be sorted. Some life! I never talk to anyone from
school anymore. Friends forever, my arse! You hated people from school. Yeah, some lifelong friends they are. Go to uni, get a new personality, and now Melissa from jazz band
shaves her head and calls herself Piper and blocks us on Facebook,
like we’re gonna blow her cover. What? You know, the guy in the bed
next to me is like, 500 years old. You know how many flowers he’s
got, Daise? You know how many? No! Five. You know how many
more than me that is? Five? It’s f**king five. Where have you been, huh?
So-called best friend. I’ve been in here for hours Daisy, and you’re coming now because
your boss let you? But here online, hundreds of thousands of
people are here for me. Oh, Lucy. People in Norway are asking
about me, Daisy, No. Bhutan. I have friends in Bhutan now, Daisy. This is where I belong. It’s the only place
anyone actually gives a s**t. Yeah. Filpgirl’s great. For once in my life everything’s great. Lucy! Lucy! (MUSIC PLAYS) Can I try? (CHEERS) Emma can I try? (CHEERS)

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