Fishing Pole Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to WIN Games Fast: Secret Checkmate Strategy, Moves & Ideas

Fishing Pole Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to WIN Games Fast: Secret Checkmate Strategy, Moves & Ideas

In today’s chess video, I am going to share
with you a secret little chess opening trick which can help you win more games. This amazing trick is called the Fishing pole
trap and you can use it when you are playing as black. I can guarantee that when you play this against
your friends, they will think you are a genius. I will show you all the different variations,
moves & ideas in this trap. So stay tuned till the end and keep watching
Chess Talk. Hello Chess Friends, I am Jeetendra Advani. If this is your first time on this channel
and you want to learn some cool chess tricks and become a better chess player, then start
now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don’t miss any of my videos. Today’s chess trick revolves around the Ruy
Lopez opening. So let’s get straight into it. The Ruy Lopez is a very popular opening and
it starts with E4, E5. Then Knight f3, knight c6 and then bishop
b5. White’s main idea here is to capture the Knight
and then take the e5 pawn. After this, we continue with knight f6 to
attack the e4 pawn. This is called the Berlin Defense. Now a very common move you will see from white
would be to castle on the king’s side. Many of you might be wondering why would white
castle. He should instead save his pawn on e4. But the point is that even if we capture,
white can play rook to e1 to attack the knight & once the knight goes back, white can easily
go ahead and regain the pawn to equalise the position. That’s the logic behind castling. So let’s go back. Now after white castles, you will not capture
on e4. Instead you will play knight to G4. A typical reaction from white would be to
kick off this knight by playing pawn to h3. But we are not going anywhere. We are going to play pawn h5. This is how we are setting up our trap. If white tries to be greedy & captures the
Knight, then he is in big trouble. Let’s see how. So white captures and then we take the pawn. By doing this, we are not only threatening
this knight but we have also opened up this beautiful line for our rook to attack the
king. Now if this knight runs away to either e1
or h2, then we can finish off this game in 4 moves. We start with queen h4 threatening checkmate
by playing queen to h2 or h1. White is left with no option. He will try to free up the f2 square so that
he can run away when he gets a check. So his most natural move would be pawn to
f3 or f4. But to his surprise, we have this amazing
move, pawn to g3 which cuts away all his options to escape. And now, the only way to delay the checkmate
is to sacrifice the queen but after queen captures, White is left with no option and
on the next move, queen h1 is checkmate. Now let me go back & show you another cool
variation. From here, quite often you might see white
playing rook to e1. The intention is to support this undefended
central pawn. But you have an amazing trap here as well. First, you bring out your bishop to c5, double
attacking this pawn on f2 with your knight and bishop. Now a very common response from white would
be to block off this diagonal with his pawn. But after the following continuation, white
will be in serious trouble. So knight takes pawn. Knight takes knight. Now you can’t take this knight with your bishop
because then queen can take this knight and you are down a piece. So the trick here is to play this amazing
move queen to h4. As you can see, the queen & knight are attacking
both f2 & h2. Not to forget, this knight is also being attacked
by both pawn & bishop. So in this situation, a very common reply
you will see from black would be knight f3, saving the Knight and atleast defending the
h2 square. From here, we continue with queen f2 check. Then king h1, that’s the only move white can
play. And now, we play this stunning move – queen
g1 check, sacrificing the queen. Doesn’t matter if white takes the queen with
the rook or the knight because we have this absolutely amazing move, knight to f2 and
it’s a beautiful smothered checkmate. Let me know in the comments if you have been
successful in playing the Fishing Pole Trap. Hit the thumbs up if you liked this video. And Don’t forget to Subscribe for more such
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100 thoughts on “Fishing Pole Trap: Chess Opening TRICK to WIN Games Fast: Secret Checkmate Strategy, Moves & Ideas

  1. I beat my father for the first time ever with this

    He fell into the trap perfectly taking knight with kings pawn

    Ha ha ha!!!!

    He was just looking at me thinking "wtf?"

    Love this channel

    Great detailed descriptions and such cool ideas

    Love from Ireland

  2. But….When it will Castell and we have to sacrifice our horse but if he did not kill our knight……. Then…..

  3. Sir you didn't tell the another possible move from first knight attack the corner of the chess board in the first trick

  4. In the first part of this example you said it didn't matter where the knight runs to after pawn captures on g4. The knight can run to e1 or h2, and you mention that it's checkmate in 4 moves either way. In your example if knight goes to e1 you're right. But if knight goes to h2, it's not over.

    White: knight to h2
    Black: queen to h4
    White: if the f pawn is moved here, then yes it's over. But if white moves rook to e1, they avoid checkmate. Though, their position sucks. So, rook to e1.
    Black: queen captures knight (check)
    White: king to f1
    Black: queen to h1 (check)
    White: king to e2

    Admittedly, this leaves white in a very precarious position, but I've played thru multiple scenarios after white moves the rook to e1. White is in a bad spot but it's still playable. Am I missing something?

  5. I almost win a game with this trick, but after h5 the guy just moved d4 instead capturing my knight '-' I was like; come on dude you weren't supposed to do that :'(

  6. I beat Micheal the best playing in my school in chest with it he’s like wtf that is impossible lol

    Amazing vids so good tecs

  7. I like your Moves. The Traps are real deadly, but as i have seen most players are going for pawn g3 (3:50) insted of playing the knight. what can be option if white plays g3

  8. Wow when i first see it,i know that i can helpful..i like it.when my age at 14 a learn lot of it because of your video.WHO LIKES THIS VIDEO JUST REPLY.

  9. Jeetendra Advani Sir your videos are so superb!!! I played this trick in my School Chess Club and they were absolutely stunned!!!
    Thank You so much, Sir, and Please continue to make videos on Chess Tricks!!

  10. Hello sir there is blunder you have made when queen goes to the side of the king the king can Dodge the check by killing the queen


  12. Mr advani
    You must have participated in some competition.
    I feel you won those with these tricks

  13. How can I achieve checkmate, if my queen is not captured by the opponent rook, but by the opponent king?

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