FINANCIERS Citron Framboise ⎟ Recette ANTI GASPI avec des blancs d’oeufs

FINANCIERS Citron Framboise ⎟ Recette ANTI GASPI avec des blancs d’oeufs

Hi everyone, Ludo here. Welcome to my channel PastryFreak. Today, I would really like to propose youa nice and no-waste recipe as I’m used to and this no-waste recipe is all about the egg whites you’ve been saving when you make entremets, for instance. Perhaps you use these orphan whites to make financiers or meringues and today is no exception since we’re making financiers, lemon and raspberry financiers to be precise. You’ll see, they’re fruity and very soft, moreover, the recipe is ultra-simple to make. I hope you’ll like it and you’ll make them at home. I wait to see in the comments if you tried this recipe you can find on the blog in a bit more detailed version. If you’re ready, let’s move on to the recipe! To make about 10 financiers, we’ll need 90g butter, a pinch of salt, 160g confectioner’s sugar, 65g flour 60g almond meal, 2g baking powder, 165g egg whites, lemon zests, 20 fresh raspberries. Let’s start with melting our butter to brown it and letting it cook over low heat until it gets brown. As you know, the main feature of the financieris its browned butter. This cooked butter has a delicate toasted hazelnut taste. I love listening it sing when I make it… When cooking, the browned butter will get a caramel-like color and develop a characteristic hazelnut taste. Once it’s browned, strain the butterto remove any sediment and let it cool at room temperature until it reaches 40°C. In a mixing bowl, pour the confectioner’s sugar, the flour, the almond meal, the salt and the baking powder. Mix together. Add the egg whites. And mix until incorporated. Add the lemon zests. And mix until incorporated in the mixture. Finally add your browned butter that is now 40°C hot. The financier batter is now ready. You can now pipe it into financier molds. Don’t fill them in to the top as your financiers will rise in the oven. Place two fresh raspberries in each financier. Preheat your oven to 220°C. Put your financiers in the ovenand lower the temperature immediately to 200°C. Bake for 16 minutes. Halfway through baking, don’t forgetto lower the temperature to 190°C. Our lemon and raspberry financiers are hot and fresh out of the oven. They are as soft as a pillow. I really love them. I hope you’ll make them at home. It’s a recipe that calls for basically nothing. And what’s handy with financiers is that you can flavor them with whatever you want: lemon zests, orange zests, pistachio, hazelnut…whatever you want! Treat yourself! Don’t forget to give the video a like if you liked it. Let’s meet on social networks, as usual. See you very, very soon for a new tasty recipe. Ciao!

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  1. J'adore votre recette parce que, je n'aime pas gaspiller la nourriture le plus suivant possible, un plus ça me semble facile, merci pour cette magnifique recette qui fera mon bonheur. Miammmmmm merci bcp.😊😊😊😉😘

  2. Merci pour cette recette !
    Peut on également mettre des framboises congelées sur le dessus ?
    Que peut on faire avec des jaunes d œuf en recette anti gaspi ?

  3. Ohhh yep super bien merci 🙏 pour la recette beh j’ai vu sur Instagram mais ici c ton mieux étapes par étape toujours chapeau 🎩 meilleur chef Ludo👍👍👍good luck
    By fatynabiha 🙋‍♀️

  4. très sympa ta vidéo ! Si tu passes bientôt sur Paris, j'aimerai bien faire une vidéo avec toi 🙂

  5. Privilégié les citrons BIO pour les zestes consommer de la sorte, car avec tous les pesticides… Ou les citrons verts qui eux sont moins traiter, car souvent les citrons jaunes du commerce une espèce de cire sur leur peau….

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