Final flight of wingsuit diver Victor Kovats caught on camera

Final flight of wingsuit diver Victor Kovats caught on camera

This is the moment Hungarian wingsuit flyer
Victor Kovats jumps from a mountain cliff in rural China. The cliff is 100 metres high
but his suit is tailor made to allow him to guide his way down. At 40 years old, Victor is an experienced
flyer. At this point he’s clocked up 700 wingsuit flights and 125 skydives. He knows there is
a risk but this is just another flight, and it turns out to be his last. His parachute fails to deploy sending him
crashing into the valley below. The colour of his suit faintly visible through
the dense greenery. Around 200 firefighters and police officers
searched for his body which was eventually recovered. Early investigations suggest there
may have been a technical problem during the trial. The World Wingsuit League has paid tribute
and posted a message on its website which partly read. “He will be always be remembered for his deep
passion for life and his spirit of adventure, and he will always be sadly missed in the
wingsuit community. As a result of this tragedy, we will conduct a thorough review of the events
that lead into this accident and adopt any appropriate changes for the future of the
World Wingsuit League.” Kovats was a three time Hungary national champion
wingsuiter and serious contender in the international community. He was due to take part in the
second world wingsuit championship which officially starts tomorrow at Tianmen mountain. Participants
are required to jump from cliffs 7 hundred metres high – that’s seven times the height
of the last one that Victor Kovats jumped from.

100 thoughts on “Final flight of wingsuit diver Victor Kovats caught on camera

  1. Wonder what the criteria to be the world champion wing suiter is. Height? Style, size of splat mark you make when you hit the ground?

  2. This is one of the luckiest ones. Over 825 jumps and flights before a quick painless death at 46 and you dont have to get too old and watch your mind and body deteriorate? I'd say he was very lucky.

  3. 200 first responders had too look for him? Sorry, but that's ridiculous. If you are looking for an early death by doing this, you should be left were you lie.

  4. Hmmm I never wanted to be a flying squirrel myself but ok. What will people try to be next giraffes so they can bend around and kiss their ass goodbye

  5. I was looking for a video of Vector from Despicable Me, and this is what shows up. I clicked on it thinking it was a meme. Now its funnier by the fact it was serious lmao.

  6. Like racing motorcycles at the TT. If you do it long enough you will probably die, even if from equipment failure or someone else’s mistake killing you….
    But the excitement outweighs the risk………

  7. Hard to believe he had a passion for life and was a wingsuit flyer. Sounds kind of like a death wish to me.

  8. The 'sport' should be outlawed!
    They carry no reserve and have a restricted amount of movement in their arms until they unzip after canopy deployment.

  9. adrenalin junkies. they have no "off" switch. this is what he wanted. i have no pity on him. died like he wanted to

  10. "After a thorough investigation into the cause of death, the wingsuit commission determined the deceased had decided to jump from a cliff."

  11. I want to see one of these smucks go head on into a boulder! It could be his head stone and people could visit his stain… 🙂

  12. I propose no more freestyle wingsuit attempts. Any and all those who wish to attempt this stunt will be tethered to a balloon. No not a cartoon balloon, a dirigible. Or hot air. Or just a bunch of helium balloons and a lawn chair like everybody else.

  13. Wingsuit flying is simply a somewhat controlled fall! They need speed to provide lift same as an aircraft, only there's no means of control except to fall. Way too often, even after 700 or even thousands of parachute jumps, something can and will go wrong, it is rare if it doesn't eventually. With wing-suit jumping, the odds are even higher for injuries and death. Wing-suit jumping is considered the most dangerous sport in the world today. There have been a lot of deaths since it first started in the late 1960's and even after the modern wingsuit was developed in the 1990's. it's just a very dangerous sport.

  14. These adrenaline junkies should join the marines. Nothing is more exhilarating than being shot at and missed.

  15. We all die and how each one of us chooses how to live is up to the individual. People who do these sports are drawn to the danger and adrenaline rush they provide. You get the same feeling from amusement parks rides, horror movies, or when a lion tries to eat you. The effect is a heightened alertness which make life seem much more amazing. People do all kinds of dumb things like drugs, alcohol, and eating really terrible diets because it makes them feel good or fills some void. Drugs and alcohol both destroy your brain and make you more depressed and each time takes more to get same high or no high. People kill themselves all the time because they are depressed. I have yet to meet 1 high risk taker that wants to die or kill themselves. Adrenaline boosts the immune system, blocks pain, increases blood flow, slows ageing or stops it if you die and rapidly leaves with no ill effects as it is all naturally produced by the body. I have never done drugs, very rarely drink(never been drunk), don't smoke and never wanted to kill myself. I did extreme sports from a very young age till about age 39. I stopped doing these thing once I had a family with kids. My family comes 1st and I need/want to be around for them. Leaving the adrenaline behind was easy yet I am highly addicted to sugar which is an ongoing battle. In RIP Victor Kovats and all those who died living/loving their life to the fullest.

  16. The Committee that issues The Darwin Awards is having a hard time producing enough trophies for wingsuit divers.

  17. As usual, a silly reporter. The suit does not "guide you down". "May have been a technical prob" ffs. AND… were the Parachute that failed, not the WingSuit. Nothing is correct in 2019.

  18. There may have been a technical problem before he jumped??? You think…On the bright side he beat his rescue workers to the crash site by several hours!

  19. Does anybody know why the deployment didn’t work? I’m a skydiver by myself and would really like to know what went wrong

  20. How idiotic to have the subtitle scrolling through the video so you cannot even follow the wingsuiter through his rather quick descent.

  21. 700, 200, 1000, 20000? It takes just one ☝️ parachute malfunction. These guys are brave. But the more flights you have, the greater chances or probability some mishap will come. Point is: someone with 100 flights is full fledged. Someone with 700 flights is full fledged. Chances something will go wrong rest in “the more experienced” flyer. It’s the “laws of probability”. It’s just a matter of time something will go wrong with the chute. And one time is costly.

  22. About 1-2% of the participants in this sport are killed each year, so it is possible to survive. Maybe honing your skills skydiving for 50 years, you've over 95 years old, you have cancer or cardiac problems, and then take up wing suit base. That would tighten up the accidental death exposure window somewhat.

  23. Bet this adrenaline junkie had the best rush of his life just as he went SPLAT… Ahahahha retards think they are birds….

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