Film India Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif _ Yuvvraj Sub Indonesia and English

Film India Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif _ Yuvvraj Sub Indonesia and English

“Om.” a af afg afgh afgha Like & Share And Subscribe for More movies Enjoy the movie Music is Anushka’s passion. And every note in this
music rings of Deven. And Anushka is in every
breath of Deven’s. But whenever Deven fights
with Anushka.. ..he looks like an innocent
child from a broken family.. ..who is still on the lookout
for a strong relation. ln the search of a home. But l also know that very soon,
Deven shall face rough weather.. Anushka will remain
a dream for Deven. Because Deven’s craziness
and his insecurity.. ..are his biggest enemies. None can say where their tale
will end. Not even me. Hey, this isn’t a parking lot! No car.. no petrol. Move it! Hey l’m talking to you.
– Music! Rehearsal! Music! Coming! Coming!
– Move your car! l’m fed up with your friend Deven. He’s late for the rehearsals
everyday. l’m afraid the managing
director of our company.. ..will throw him out because
of his behaviour. Ok, then throw me out too. Don’t be silly! Morning! Morning! l’m here now! l’m here. l’m here.. l’m here. Don’t you have any shame? Yes, l do but doesn’t
sustain for long. Being a chorus singer,
you dream to be a lead singer.. ..and this is the kind of
dedication that you show. Yes, l dream that’s why
l’ll become a lead singer. Just like how you write and
dream to be a writer someday. You’re a writer,
l’m a singer, now listen. Deven!
– Coming! Write the lyrics for this. Ladies and gentlemen, l’m Deven.
Deven Yuvvraj. Forgive me, Beethoven sir!
They think l’m a bad boy. They’re right. l’m a bad boy! l’m a little stubborn,
a little wayward. A little crazy and a little useless. ln Toto, l’m a bad boy! This is my beloved who
thinks l know nothing. Neither do l have a voice
nor a flair for music. But l’ll become a superstar. Darling, learn this secret.
Now, listen to me. “Come along, l shall take
you to the skies.” “You’re my only friend.” “Come along,
l shall hold you in my arms.” “You’re my only friend.” “l’m a river of music,
l flow through the blue nights.” “l keep awake in the
dreamy blue eyes.” “l’m the voice.” “Come along, l shall take
you to the skies.” “You’re my only friend.” “Come along, l shall
hold you in my arms.” “You’re my only friend.” “ln the night, the moon hums thus.” “Listen to it, it seems it tries
to rhyme with your music.” “l’m the fragrance of your thoughts
humming to the tune.” “Sing along with my
tune if you can.” “Come along, l shall take
you to the skies.” “You’re my only friend.” “Come along, l shall
hold you in my arms.” “You’re my only friend.” “l’m a river of music,
l flow through the blue nights.” “l keep awake in the
dreamy blue eyes.” “l’m the voice.” “Have you ever seen the horizon
where dusk arrives.” “lt’s said that through the ocean,
a fairy passes by.” “She’s the queen of the night.
She walks on melody.” “Come along, l shall take
you to the skies.” “You’re my only friend.” “Come along, l shall
hold you in my arms.” “You’re my only friend.” “l’m a river of music, l flow
through the blue nights.” “l keep awake in the
dreamy blue eyes.” “l’m the voice.” “l’m the voice.” Deven! Deven, now c’mon, dude.
The rehearsal is on. Stand with the chorus. Dad, why do you behave like a kid? You know that l’m in love with
Dev since the past five years. And l’ve hated him since the
past five and half years. Do you know how? Just like this. Daddy, please don’t do that.
l told you that.. l won’t marry him until you agree. Even if l’m sent to the gallows,
l still won’t agree. Ok. But l won’t marry anybody else. l met an astrologer last week,
he told me that l’ll commit suicide. You’ll die with joy?
– Not joy, silly girl. Suicide! Suicide! Dad, again like a kid..
– Ok. Robert, pack my bags! A monkey or a flunky
will do but not him. How does a father put sense in to
his senseless daughter’s mind?! Daddy! He’s just like a ghost, daddy.
No one can burn him. See, he’s back. This is called
the ghost of love, daddy. Exactly! Only a human shall
come to this house. Not a ghost. So l don’t want
that ghost in my house. Let’s go, Robert. l told daddy whatever l felt right. So what does that wise
old man feel is right? He says that he’ll
get me married to.. ..any donkey, monkey or
flunky but not to you. But that’s what he calls me.. Monkey and flunky. Then tell him to get us married. And l repeat once again, l’ll marry
you only when dad permits. You know that l love him too.
– l know. But l want to get married.
– What’s the big deal! Big deal?! l want a family, wife
and kids. Big deal! l’ve lived alone since childhood.
l’m bored of it. And l’m getting old too. Big deal. Jackson’s left eye is twitching,
isn’t it? No. – Yes, yes. Deven. Hi Jackson! Please give me the
violin – Yes? You want to play? Thank you, Jackson. Now if you wink
again, l’ll make you blind. We should try and modulate
the piece to a different.. Jackson! Hi!
– Oh hi, Anushka! Listen, l’m sorry for what happened
last evening. Please don’t mind him. You know, your guy is really
crazy. Look at this. A new violin. Who sent it? Deven. And sent a letter along with it
which says, ‘sorry, sorry, sorry.’ He doesn’t look what he is and.. invisible to the eye. But we all love him. But l hate him! lncorrigible! Silly bad boy! “Come along, l shall take
you to the skies.” “You’re my only friend.” “Come along, l shall
hold you in my arms.” “You’re my only friend.” “l’m a river of music, l flow
through the blue nights.” “l keep awake in the
dreamy blue eyes.” “l’m the voice.” Why are you so good? Even my dad used to say the same. And he threw me out of the house. What are you thinking? About how to mend your
evil dad’s ways. He hates you!
– But l love him. How did this monkey come here? Sir, he says that he’s your
son-in-law. He has come to meet you. Throw him out. Throw him out.
– Okay. The entire world is looking
for love and peace.. ..but they’re nowhere to be found. Rodriguez, tell them to stop
crying, they’ll attain peace. Good morning, uncles.
Good morning, aunts. Good morning!
– Good morning, Dr. Banton! And who are you?
– Didn’t you recognize me? l’m your son-in-law, Deven.
– Shall l call the police? You’re sending your son-in-law
to police custody? He’s a rogue of the first
order, Rodriguez. Uncle, explain to him that
l love his daughter a lot.. ..and have taken her to be my wife. Nonsense! Get out of here,
l want peace. You want peace? Then stop crying. Police!
– Stop! – Police! – Stop! You can enter my daughter’s
heart but not this house. Sorry, sir. But l’ve
already entered. Sir, you’re looking very
smart. Very handsome! Thank you! My innocent child, know the
truth and accept reality. Each painting in this house is
worth five years of your income. So? What’s the point? The point is, my dear boy, can
you give her such a house? Why will l give her a house, sir? When her house is my house
and my kids’ house.. This house will be mine
after our marriage. l always knew you were a conman. What are you saying, sir? Sir, know the truth
and accept reality. Why does a man invest in property? For the security of his family
and children. – So? Who are your children,
sir? l and Anushka. And please don’t mind, sir. But
you don’t have much time left. How long are you going to live? Robert! And after your demise, these
paintings, the cars outside.. l’ll throw them all out. Anushka and our children.. ..plan to live in a
very simple house. We’ll turn this place
into a music hall.. ..where we’ll have violins,
drums, bongos, sitars. Robert! You can’t behave in
this manner with dad. Why?
– Why are you so arrogant? l’ve been arrogant since childhood.. ..but your dad is becoming
arrogant with age. Shut up! He’s my dad! So? What? lf you don’t understand
the meaning of ‘daddy..’ ..then check the dictionary. lf the meaning of ‘daddy’ looks
good in a dictionary.. ..then let it remain there. Daddy! You can let your daddy
remain in a dictionary. Not me! He’s my father. What?
– He’s my father. ls it?
– Yes. Then go to your father.
– But.. – Go to your father! Go! You love him, huh? Go! Go on! Get lost! Father! Father! Get lost! Don’t fight, Deven.
– Not me, tell her. She’s ranting constantly
about her father. One minute! You know what?
My dad is right about you. The one who was disowned by
his father 12 years ago.. ..and if the son hadn’t even
dreamt of his father.. ..then he isn’t a son, he’s
an hardcore anti-family man. He doesn’t have the right to be
a family man or a son-in-law. Don’t irritate me, get lost. l’m going. But you’ll have
to understand the meaning.. ..of marriage before you marry me. Or else, just assume that
l’m your past as well. Anu! Anu! Saw that? This girl will
be my past one day! You’re misunderstanding her, Deven. Misunderstanding her? Doesn’t she know that
l don’t approve of.. ..the false relationships
that my family shares? C’mon, Deven! How can a
father-child relationship be false? lt does. lt is so in my
family and in my story. Do you know who my father is? My father is among the
richest men in London. And his son is living here,
in this rented apartment. Drives around on a rented vehicle. Has that man ever called me up? How are you, son? What
are you struggling for? Are you dead or alive? Anushka has told your story to me. ls it? But she mustn’t have
told you the complete story. My great father married
twice. Twice! He first married Ruchita Sharma. She gave him a son, Gyanesh.
Half innocent, half mad. After Ruchita’s death,
my dad married my mom.. ..and we two gems were
born. l and Danny. My great daddy always chanted.. Gyanesh Yuvvraj, Gyanesh Yuvvraj. One day, l beat up Gyanesh
out of jealousy. Do you know what my great daddy did? He sent me to a boarding
school that very day. Mom had passed away. Neither did l experience
mom’s love, nor dad’s. 14 years later, when l returned
back from the boarding school.. Gyanesh and l fought again. l beat him up and my
father beat me up. My father told me
to leave the house. l told him what my uncle
advised me to do. Dad! l want my share in your wealth. Since that day, my father cast me.. from his mind, heart, soul.. ..and also his wealth. You know, five years ago l met.. ..this friend of yours, Anushka. l thought that at least
she would understand me. Even she dumped me today. l’ve fought this battle
for 12 years now. And l’m still fighting.
What’s there?! What difference does it make! Whether l have a family
or l don’t have one. lt’s all good. lt’s all good lt’s all good. All good. lt’s not good. Only if l let you stay alone.. Why should we think of the
past and ruin our future? Maybe you can live alone,
but l can’t. Today, for the first time
l saw tears in Deven’s eyes. l’ve seen him argue and fight
but never have l seen him cry. But Anushka’s return
dissolved his anger. And his face lit up with a smile. Deven! He’s really
an obsessive lover! Hello! Hello! Hey you! Dr. P. K. Banton
– Banton sir?! No, no.. don’t get shocked, dear.
Sit down.. calm down! Let’s talk man to man. Darling, l’ve accepted my mistake.
– Good sir! Your love has proved victorious. l’ve been defeated. But l’ve a
small request – Of course, sir! Just mend your ways, darling.
– l’ve mended it, sir. But you mend your ways too, sir. l’m trying! l’m trying! l’ve decided to give
you one last chance. What? Come to my party tonight
and prove to the world.. ..that you’re a very decent boy. That you come from
a good family and.. ..are getting into an
even better family. Exactly, sir! Even l feel the same. Tonight, l’ve arranged for
a very sophisticated.. ..theme party for my old friends. ..from South Africa,
Mr. and Mrs. Mehta. You won’t turn it into.. right? Obviously not, sir! l want
to start fresh with you. That’s like a good boy!
That’s like a good boy! But don’t mention this to Anushka. Why? – l want to surprise
her. My daughter. Yes, uncle.
– Uncle?! Don’t spoil it by saying
‘uncle!’ Say ‘dad.’ Say ‘dad.’ Say ‘dad.’ Dad.
– Dad! Sounds so nice. But, there’s another request. That you’ve to maintain the
dress code of the party so.. ..l’d like you to wear black
trousers, white shirt.. ..and a black tie. Have
you made a note of it? Yes, dad. – Will you buy it
or should l send it across? l’ll buy it, sir. And take the
money later. ls it ok, sir? But what are you having, sir?
– A cup of patience! And there he was. Hello darling! Why are you late? Did you sleep off? Forget it. Forget it. Meet them! They’re my close
friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mehta. They’re the biggest diamond
merchants in South Africa. – Hello! We’re discussing the
engagement of their.. ..son Daniel with Anushka. Oh, actually it’s been decided. Do you want to see Daniel? Let me tell you, he’s
such a sweet boy. He’s a chorus singer in
Anushka’s orchestra. Those who sing in the last row. But he’s poor, jobless and orphaned. Roams around in the by-lanes.
Wanders around like a dog. But he’s such a good-hearted
boy, l tell you. So l told him to come to the
party and earn some money. lsn’t that a good idea?
What do you think? Go. Robert! Show him around. Give him a tray or something.
Go on! Do some work! Carry on! l tell you,
it’s so sad. Poor boy! His father is a rich man in London. But he disowned him. That’s not
for you. You carry on! Go, go! Deven, are you alright? Try, Try! Beginner’s luck always
pays. Have a go at it! Give it a go! Yes, l want to play
– That’s it, place your chips. Yes!
– Superb! Roams around in the by-lanes.
Wanders around like a dog. Any one chance, maybe you
could be the lucky winner! Eleven
– Oh no! But he disowned him. Careful boy, that’s a lot of money!
Twelve. Oh no! – You got a five. l told you not to play. First timer? lf you don’t mind, can
l give you an advice? When small people play
such big stakes.. ..they lose everything,
just like this. By the way, l haven’t seen you
here earlier. Who are you? l’m your fiancee’s husband. You fool! Sir, l need to talk to you.
– Officer! Are you the guarantor? Yes. l run the international
music and dance company here. We work together, l know him well. How are you doing, man?
– Slept well. Excuse me?
– l said slept well. Hello beautiful! What’s that for? l need you to sign here. Thank you.
– Welcome. We need your father’s name. Why? – l’m sorry but we
need your father’s name. Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh.
– Yogendra? Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh. Not Sing,
it’s Singh. Thank you. Thank you. You can go now.
– Alright. lf you do so again then
l’ll teach you a lesson. This is very bad. Very bad! lt’s all because of whisky.
Do you get it, ma’am? Don’t you.. – Wait! Did you
say Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh? Yes, that’s him. Your father’s dead!
– What? lt’s all here, the full story.
London multi-billionaire. Leaves behind three sons,
Gandhi, Yuvvraj.. Can l see that?
– Sure. – l’m very sorry. Don’t be sorry. Thank you, man. Thank
you, beautiful. Thank you, God. Thank you, dad. Keep it.. no, l’ll take it. No, keep it.. oh, l’ll take it. Come on, beautiful. What dad?! When l needed
you today, you left me. Never mind! l’ll wear the crown
of the prince on my own. What’s this letter about? Sir, it’s an agreement signed by me. lt’s written that if you don’t
become a billionaire.. forty days then l can get
Anu married to Daniel Mehta? Of course! Your father has expired recently
and you’re smiling! Sir, he has departed to heaven. He has moved away from
all our problems. He has attained peace
and we’ve attained joy. What’s your problem, sir? l’ll tell you what, l’ll surely.. ..sign on this bad dream of yours. Here we go! There you go! But l’ve a condition, sir.
You’ll not get.. ..Daniel and Anushka married
for the next 40 days. Done! Done! lt’s been four days since
your dad passed away.. ..but none of the elders in your
family have informed you. Look how cheap my brothers are. They know that if l reach there
then they will have to give me.. share of the wealth. Till now, l didn’t want it.
But now, l’ll surely take it. Even if l’ve to murder
somebody for that.. ..or give up my life Ok listen, do not fight with your
brothers or do anything rash. Please! l’ll play this game so coolly
that they won’t even realize. But if they act cheap,
l’ll act cheaper lf they act smart, l’ll act smarter. l’ve signed a contract after all.
– What contract? What contract.. oh,
it doesn’t matter. Pack them up.
– But.. – Don’t worry about me. l’m packing them up.. stop it! Hurry up, we’ll miss the flight. This is a car, not a flight.
How much faster can l go? lt’s a piece of junk, l’ll
have to get you a new one. And make sure you buy
that plot on that hill. For our house. Understood? You know how expensive
that place is. Henceforth, every expensive
thing in the world.. Will be cheap for me.
Don’t disturb. – Deven! So, you’ll not take part
in our musical show.. ..which will be in Austria? How will l? – A family drama is
going to take place in London. l don’t know what is going
to happen there. Best of luck, Yuvvraj.
– Thank you. l need that. Deven! Love you. Love you. Bye! Deven, l’m so happy. l’m so happy. Though late, you at least came. You know, while talking about you.. lt’s stretching a bit too far. Our dear boy has arrived
after 12 years. Oh! So you finally remembered
your father! Welcome, Deven. Welcome! Come, come. You’re a very wise boy.
You’ve arrived at the right time. We refuse to acknowledge
an estranged as the crown prince. lnteresting!
Very interesting house! You want to know how
l was welcomed? Sitting on a wheelchair like
a chairman, my uncle says.. Welcome, Deven. Welcome! Which means never come! Never come! His eldest son, Param.
The epitome of sadness. He says.. – No chance! That l don’t have a chance?!
Scoundrel. His second son, Dharam, with
a mouthful of food, says.. He’s come to eat Hungry! l’ve come to eat off my
dad’s wealth, not your dad’s.. Param’s wife, posing
like a fairy, says.. Even he is a prince here. Can seduce a saint! Greetings! – She’s pretty.
And talks in perfect Hindi. Not like how you struggle
to converse in Hindi. And who else is there?
– The rest of them are nobodies. There are two brothers,
whom l haven’t met as yet. Hold on. He’s just like how he
was when you left. Time passed by, but his
brain never kept pace. Consulted many doctors,
but all in vain. He has just one friend, Bala. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! He loves to sing. But the other
members of the family.. ..take him to be crazy
and beat him up. That’s why he enjoys in his room.. ..with the servants’ kids. He’s afraid to meet anybody. Wonderful.. Gyanesh! Do you recognize him? Deven!
Your brother. See, he has come to
meet you after ages. He got afraid of you. Or maybe
he didn’t recognize you. Unfortunate child! God bless him! Go.. go.. go! Your father, Yogendra,
has left a lot of .. ..wealth behind and a
lot of worries for me. Worries? Uncle, henceforth all
your worries are mine. Have you forgotten that
you’re my uncle? Son, you’ve noble thoughts.
– Thank you, uncle. l wish your brother Danny had
such noble thoughts, too. Why? Doesn’t he?
– No! See for yourself, he went
to the Hilton casino.. ..even before your father’s
funeral rites were done with. That’s a big no-no. Tomorrow afternoon.
– What about it? Tomorrow afternoon, the company
lawyer, Sikander Mirza.. ..will be reading out
your dad’s will. So? – So it’s necessary that all of
us, including Danny, are present. Son, will you do me a favour?
– Yes, uncle. Son, go to Danny and somehow
convince him to come back. He’s flying high with the
wings of his dad’s wealth. He has no idea what the
ground looks like. “Everybody in the party.. are you
ready.” – “Say EX.” – “EX, EX..” “Got to go with the flow.” “Say PLO..”
– “O.” “Ready for D.”
– “Put the D to the E.” “E, E.” “Explode.” -“Explode.”
– “With me” Shazia!
– Shano. – Missed me? “Explode.” “Yes.” “l know you want me.” “Get on the floor!” “l am looking for
that special girl.” “Get on the floor!” “Got to get on the floor.” “Got to get on the floor.” “Get on the floor!” “Got to get on the floor.” “Get on the floor!” “Shano! Shano! Get on the
floor. Shano! Shano!” “Shano! Shano! Let’s start
the show. Shano! Shano!” “Come on.” “Shano! Shano!” “Shano! Shano!” “Shano! Shano! Get on the
floor. Shano! Shano!” “You! You call me closer
with your moves.” “You! You steal the moon with
the way you play with words.” “You! You dive deep into the ocean.” “You!” “Shano! Shano! Get on the
floor. Shano! Shano!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” “Come here everyday,
when the sun bids adieu.” “When the day departs and
the shadow of night falls.” “Come here everyday,
when the sun dulls.” “When it’s setting, half
drowned in the sea.” “When it’s half drowned in the sea.” “Like a true hunter his
knife blazes across.” “You’ve used it on thousands,
this is my first chance.” “The cup! The cup! The cup of wine!” “The cup! The cup! The cup of wine!” “Shano! Shano! Get on the
floor. Shano! Shano!” “Hey, Shano.” “When you touch ground,
you’ll have to walk.” “The heat will burn your feet, then
you’ll have to walk in the shade.” “Sprinkle the water of sense
in the eyes of intoxication.” “Don’t mess with your own,
on the words of others.” “Try flying high, you’ll
lose yourself.” “Life is not a gamble, those
who tried, lost miserably.” “The cup! The cup!”
– “The cup of wine!” “The cup! The cup! The cup of wine!” “Shano! Shano! Get on the
floor. Shano! Shano!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” “On the floor!”
– “Hey!” What’s your problem? lf you don’t recognize
your elder brother.. only means that you’ve
gone blind in love. Yes! You’re right. Love is blind.
– Oh hi! You’re a chorus dancer, aren’t you?
– Yes. Dancing with me?
– Yes. l’m a chorus dancer and
also his elder brother. And l know why he has arrived
all of a sudden. Meaning? – Meaning he hasn’t
come here for dad.. ..but for a share in his property.
Am l right? l think so! Yes.
– When did l refuse? – Good. Then you’d also be knowing that.. ..l’m the 100% benefactor
of dad’s wealth. Yes, l didn’t refuse that either. But if you’re done
with your romance.. ..then l can tell you
what brings me here.. Uncle Sikander Mirza will be
reading dad’s will tomorrow. Will?
– Will. l welcome you all! My friend, my client, Lord
Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh.. ..made his will before his demise. A copy of which is in
front of you all. You can either read it here,
or read it at home. But before you read this will,
l have two questions to ask. My first question. Do all of you accept my client
Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh.. be their father
or of equal status. What do you mean? l mean that the manner in
which you expressed.. ..your grief on TV
after his demise.. you really love him so much? What is this question? Mr. Mirza, now we respect him
more than we did earlier. Great! Great! My second question, what if
Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh.. ..hasn’t given any of you
a single penny, then.. Then would you still
respect him as much? What does money and
wealth have to do.. ..with love and respect, Mr. Mirza? lt does have a lot to do,
Mr. Om Prakash. lt does. Money and respect share
a close bond.. ..which we’re unwilling to express. Of course, l’m his son.
– ls this a question to ask? Yes, l do. Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh’s
wealth is worth.. ..15,000 crores in lndian rupees. Just so that none of you
are left in penury.. He has desired that rupees 5 crores
be granted to each of you. Five?! Five! Five crores per head. You mean, to all these relatives. Even you! This will includes all the
relatives except one! Who is that? – Gyanesh Kumar
Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh. And he has given all his
wealth to Gyanesh Kumar. Gyanesh?
– Yes, your elder brother. Now l have two more important
things to tell you. Gyanesh’s security clause. lf for any reason, Gyanesh expires.. Whether the death is natural,
unnatural.. ..or a murder or an accident.. ..all the wealth shall
automatically go to a charity trust. And the good news is that uncle .. ..will be the trustee of that
trust Mr. Om Prakash. Time decides everything. And one more thing, Gyanesh’s
father isn’t dead yet. l’m not just his lawyer or trustee,
but also his father now. lf any of you think
ill for Gyanesh.. ..or try to break this will, then
just remember one thing.. ..that Sikander Mirza
is still alive. Thanks for your patient hearing. Yogendra Yuvvraj Singh’s.. ..last wish was.. That he wanted to see his children
happy after his demise. Nonsense, Mr. Mirza! He wanted to see his
children happy?! This is absolute nonsense. l need to talk to you, uncle Mirza. l need to talk to you right now. Peterson, make him understand.. This is wrong, Mr. Mirza! Move. This is an absolute fraud
and you know it. Bala.. Gyanesh! Gyanesh! Stop it! No! Gyanesh! Stop this noise! Bala! Stop it! Stop it!
– Hey Gyanesh! Come down! Catch! Catch!
– One more. What’s this happening? Come down! Come on, everyone go into their
rooms. Come on, go inside. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Sir. Sir, are you alright? l respect dad’s will.
– You’re lying. And you? l just want a share of the wealth. Even l desire the same. Cheers! The entire wealth can be ours
but on one condition. 50% mine, 49% yours
and 1% for Gyanesh. Done!
– Done. lt’s a deal. All the best! Ok, Dev. But just
remember one thing. We’re just partners in this
deal, not brothers, ok? l know. Just partners, not brothers. Your father’s will could
be challenged. l knew it! l knew that only Peter Patel’s
company can turn the tables. Saw that?
– Yes! How’s your influence
on Gyanesh Kumar? Very strong. He’s scared of me. He shivers even if l sneeze. He listens to all that l say. Don’t worry. He listens to me. Good. lf we can ask Gyanesh Kumar
to make a statement.. ..that when your father made the
will, he was mentally unsound.. You know something like..
– Got it! Got it! You know very well, Gyanesh,
that father was in the lCU.. ..for three months before
he passed away. You were with him all the time. These lousy lawyers
are troubling me! They say that the family lawyer,
Mr. Sikander Mirza.. ..has played foul with all
the legal documents. They’re saying that he’s trying
to get rid of all of us. But why?
– Because it is so. Yes, brother. Those lawyers
just want to meet you.. ..and record a statement that
father’s mental health.. ..was poor during the last
three months of his life. He used to complain about the
darkness during the day.. ..and grieve about the
sunlight at night. Sometimes he even used to say.. ..that Gandhi was an
American President. lsn’t it so? Was father
unwell or not? He used to blabber at times.. ..cow, piano, Ludhiana.. But father was..
– Just say all this to the lawyers. Look, Gyanesh. Don’t you
want peace in this house? Then will you say all this? That’s good! You’re a good man. Big boss, problem, big problem! Problem? What now? Anushka’s dad is going to
announce the engagement.. ..of Anushka with Daniel. How do you know? They’re planning a grand party. And they’ve engaged my
dance group for it. Come back soon. Ask him. Well, Mr. Gyanesh.. ..when your father got his will
written in the hospital.. ..was he very sick? Obviously, why else would
he be in the hospital? Meaning.. he used to talk
about weird stuff like.. ..sunlight, piano, cows, Ludhiana.. No, he used to talk about.. ..Gandhi and Tagore. He used to talk about good things. Yes. – Are you sure that your
father wasn’t insane? You must be insane! But Gyanesh, you told me on
Sunday that father was.. Not me, you asked
me to tell them so. But that isn’t the truth. lt isn’t the truth?! This isn’t the truth?! You mean to say l’m lying? Yes, you’re lying! Peter, just hang on a second. You have to understand this, Danny. We don’t have a case without.. Right? Shall we? What’s wrong with you, man?! l am sorry, Danny. l can’t do it.. Hey Peter! Just hang on a second. l’m sorry. Peter! Peter! Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a
great party of a thousand people.. ..but a small party of
a few great people. Anu, any news of Deven? What to say, his phone
is not reachable. This party is in honour of our
mayor, Mr. William Anderson. And my partners and family friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mehta
from South Africa. Give them a big hand. And of course their one and only.. ..brilliant and handsome
son, Daniel. Alright. Alright.
– Thank you. Family friends because
after 30th September. Daniel will be my son-in-law and
l’ll be his father-in-law. Thank you very much. Thank you. Cheers! Eat, drink, make merry and.. ..ladies and gentlemen. Excuse me, daddy.
– Yes, my darling. Can l talk to you for a minute?
– Yes! What nonsense, daddy? This is not nonsense,
this is serious lt can’t be announced right
away that this was a joke. l can’t do that.
– Then l will. Listen, your hero
has lost this game. According to this document.. ..l can get you married
after the 30th of April. l don’t want to read your contract. And l can’t be in this party
any longer, l’m leaving. Then go to the stage and hit
your dad with your sandal.. ..and announce.. ..that your father is a cheat
and a villain. Go! Don’t blackmail me emotionally. Am l a blackmailer?
– Yes. Am l a fool?
– Yes. lf you leave the party
then l’ll go on stage.. ..and hit myself with my own shoe. Daddy, you’re ruthless. ls everything ok, pa? Pa?! Yes, yes.. tears of joy..
tears of joy. lt happens. But l saw her crying. She’ll be leaving her
dad’s home.. you know. That lndian bride thing..
you know.. all that. C’mon, now let’s enjoy. Cheers
everybody! Let’s go! Cheers, son! – Cheers! “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “With pomp and show,
the hero arrives.” “To the roll of drums,
the hero arrives.” “A storm rising in his mind and.. ..his feet treading on ground.” “He brings the message of love.” “Furry as a cat,
the gait of a cheetah.” “l arrive with fanfare and frolic.” “The hero arrived,
the saviour arrived.” “Sneaking through a hundred tunnels,
l arrived stealthily for you.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “lt’ll turn big.. the
issue will become big.” “A jury will preside.. the
court will be in session.” “When the bad period passes away..” “The enemy shall regret.” “The distance between hearts
shall evaporate someday.” “Love happens where
there’s a spark.” “Love happens where flames arise
and set the heart afire.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “For ages to come, the world
shall sing our tale.” “The world shall sing our tale.” “With pomp and show,
the hero arrives.” “To the roll of drums,
the hero arrives.” “A secret he hides,
l hear he’s furious.” “l’ve come to call out to him.” “He’s famous throughout the world.. ..but infamous among his people.” “He comes to announce his wedding.” “With pomp and show,
the hero arrives.” “To the roll of drums,
the hero arrives.” “With pomp and show,
the hero arrives.” “To the roll of drums,
the hero arrives.” “Keep laughing and
enjoy your life.” “lt will happen!
This pair shall part.” “l swear, this alliance
shall never come true.” “l shall give up my
life. Do it all!” “The distance between hearts
shall evaporate someday.” “Love happens where
there’s a spark.” “Love happens where flames arise
and set the heart afire.” “With pomp and show,
the hero arrives.” “To the roll of drums,
the hero arrives.” “A storm rising in his mind and.. ..his feet treading on ground.” “He brings the message of love.” “Furry as a cat, the
gait of a cheetah.” “l arrive with fanfare and frolic.” Don’t do that! Stop. Forget that you
were ever a Yuvvraj. Gyanesh turned the entire case
around in front of Peter Patel. We’ve lost the game! Forget it. Just forget it. Danny, what are you doing? Listen.
– Yes! l’ve gone mad, Sazia. l’ll kill everyone and
then l’ll kill myself. Dad used to love me the most. Only me! l’m the only rightful
heir of his property. Danny, land please! – No! l’ll make sure Gyanesh pays for it. – l’ll fight, Sazia! l’ll fight till the day l die. Eat, dear. You fool! You agreed to me and
denied it in front of the others. You betrayed me! Danny!
– Patience, Danny. You be patient, uncle! This fellow is simply trying
to fool all of us.. pretending to be mad. Aunt D’mello, l don’t know this. Or aunt D’mello, l don’t know that. Control yourself, Danny! What will you do? Keep all of
my dad’s wealth to yourself? And you won’t give us anything? Tell me, Gyanesh. Tell me! You want to bring me on the roads,
don’t you, Gyanesh! Bala!
– Answer me. Bala! Bala!
– Tell me! Bala!
– l’ll kill you, man! This is my property! Come on.
– Danny! – Bala.. This was just a hint.. For you as well as.. ..well as for all those
who live in this house. Henceforth, if anybody raises
their hand on my dear brother.. ..then he’ll be counted
among my enemies. Aunt D’mello, take Gyanesh
to his room. Well done, my son. lt’s just done now, it’s
yet to be fully done. Hello! Yes. You cheat! You fraud! You want to take away all the money? You want to portray me as the
villain by calling him ‘brother.’ Why don’t you get the hell
out of my house now? What?! What?! How did it happen?
lt’s impossible! Listen to him. Listen! Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny, l’m yet to find someone
more idiotic than you. l was trying to win
your lost battle. Gyanesh, has to be conquered
with love, not threats. Stupid! This scene was needed. lf you’ve lost your votes,
l’ve gained some. We’re partners, not brothers. l appreciate you. lf only l had a partner like you. Sukamna, you’ve dialed
the wrong number. l’m characterless, but not so less. Listen.
– Tell me. When you turn characterless,
don’t forget to inform me. Sure! Bala! Happy birthday, brother. “Happy birthday to you, Gyanesh.” “Happy birthday to you, Gyanesh.” “Happy birthday to you, Gyanesh.” “Happy birthday!” “Happy birthday!” “Happy birthday to you.” When dad was alive, they would
never celebrate my birthday. Now see.. l’m getting scared, uncle Mirza. What such thing did dad do that.. When dad was alive, these people
wouldn’t even come near me. Look, you don’t need to
be afraid of anybody. l’m feeling suffocated
here, uncle Mirza. l’ll come to stay with you tomorrow. Everybody is a liar. No, l was just lying. You aren’t lying, Gyanesh.
You’re right! They’re all fools. Frauds! l don’t know how you manage
to live with them. l’ve decided, Gyanesh.
l’m leaving tomorrow. Where to? To my world of music. Where beauty and divinity
lies. Austria. Yes, yes. Take care, Gyanesh.
– Ok. Heard me, take care of yourself. For God’s sake, Gyanesh!
– Ok, ok. You’ve no idea how bad l’m feeling! Despite being your brother,
l’m unable to do anything for you. What do l do? l’m under
compulsion, Gyanesh. Goodnight! Goodnight?! He said goodnight? Don’t worry, l’m not leaving today. l’m leaving tomorrow,
at 6.30 in the evening. He’s not even listening! Even l want to go to
that world of music.. ..where there’s beauty and divinity. No, you’ve to live in this
world where there’s uncle.. .and uncle Mirza and where Danny is. Aren’t you my brother?
– Yes, but l’ll leave you behind. Now? What do l say now? Be ready at 6.30. – Gyan! Let’s go, c’mon! Pull your pant a little down..
you’ve tied it very high. Deven! Hi! Hi! Hi!
– Hi, Ms. Anu. Ms. Anu, my elder brother
Gyanesh. Anu, for you.. Hi! He’s told me everything
about you over the phone. Welcome to Austria! And you’re Anushka?
– Yes. You’re a musician at the
Prague orchestra? – Yes. And his colleague? Colleague? Colleague! And my friend too. Friend?
– Yes, friend. Friend!
– Friend.. friends! Deven, you were right. This land is enriched with music.. ..and the melody of beauty. Lo! The melody of beauty! Shall we go?
– Yes, let’s go. lt’ll be fun! Bring my bag. C’mon! Bring my bag?! lsn’t it too quiet in here? l’ve heard that you sing lndian
classical very well. l do sing, but nobody listens. We’ll listen to you.
– Really?! Why not?
– Then l’ll sing. Do you pray every morning? Yes, l do. After my bath. After your bath? Even
l pray after my bath. ls it?
– Yes. What’s your favourite game? My favourite game.. Snakes and ladders. Snakes and ladders! Even l like
that game. Good! – Good! Who all are there in your family? Only my father! l don’t even have a father. Why? – And nobody else? No. Just me and my friend, Bala. Now we too are there with you. Good! Good! Good! l’m so happy that Deven
brought you along. l’m also happy.. ..that l met you. Gyanesh, we’ve an international
music show on the 30th. You’ll be impressed when you see it. lt’s going to be a big
flop because their.. ..Hindi lead singer Shankaran
has disappeared. l know! He betrayed us. Anushka, can l sing in your show? No. – You savour butter,
pickle and bread. Their show is huge, Gyanesh. We’re too small for their show. Ok.
– Deven, but.. But.. you also should savour
the butter, pickle and bread. C’mon, eat.. eat and
put on some weight. Gyanesh went abroad
with Deven overnight. And l’m not even aware of it! l’m his uncle after all Sir, he sought uncle
Mirza’s permission. Uncle Mirza? He’s a lawyer. He loves pulling strings. One puppet being Deven.. ..and the other, Danny. Danny is a fighter. Fighter!
Brave fighter! You’re a stupid fighter.
But a beautiful one. l love you too, babe. You’re stupid but
your brother isn’t. Why? He’ll take away 100% of
Gyanesh’s share. l bet. Yes, partner. Sazia, was telling me that
you took away the.. ..golden goose without informing. Yes, it’s laying eggs here.
Do you want some? Are you eating them all by yourself? Partner, you placed your faith in
me. Trust me and don’t call me. l’ll call you. Bye. l tell you, Deven is a crook. l didn’t tell daddy that you’re
here and that l’m with you. Very good. Do another
good deed now. – Yes? Spend a lot of time
with Maureen’s group. You told me that your brother
is mentally ill.. ..and that you’ve brought
him here for treatment. l’m trying to help you out,
why are you getting upset? lf you try to help me then
l’ll become mentally ill. But.. l.. – What? No, don’t
ask questions. Just leave. Why can’t you smile and say that?
– l can’t. Then l won’t go.
– You won’t? You won’t? Then l’ll leave. Deven, is quick to lose his temper. Where had you been?
– To catch butterflies. See! Wow! lt’s written here that if you
don’t become a billionaire.. 40 days, then you won’t
even look at Anushka. And l’ll repeat once again,
l’ll marry you only if dad permits. “Smile, wherever you are,
keep smiling.” “Touch me, like the
rays of the sun.” “The childlike glee of yours.” “l feel your presence in me.” “Touch my lips with yours.” “Smile, wherever you are,
keep smiling.” “The childlike glee of yours.” “l feel your presence in me.” “When lost in my thoughts,
it often happens.” “That l feel fragrant
when l think of you.” “Your fragrance sates my soul.” “l lose control of myself
when l touch you.” “ln your eyes.” “There’s magic in your eyes.” “Smile, wherever you are,
keep smiling.” Do you want to sing? Yes, yes, yes. Come! “My locks are entangled.” “Detangle them, O beloved.” “My locks are entangled.” “O enchantress.” “O enchantress, you entice me.” “O enchantress, you entice me.” “O enchantress, you entice me.” “O enchantress.” “O enchantress.” “O enchantress.” Deven! Gyanesh.. Thank you! Don’t ask me what’s wrong. lf it’s wrong, it’s just wrong.
– What’s wrong? Not again! He’s your brother. You’ve brought him
here for treatment. And then l notice that he’s
a music lover, too. He’s a lover. That’s the problem,
he’s a lover. What’s the problem? l want to bring both of you closer. You’re misleading him. l’ve brought him here
for some other reason. Keep him away from your music group. But he can add magic to our music. Can’t you see that he’s a genius? Yes, he’s a genius and l’m stupid. No, you’re jealous.
– Yes, l’m jealous too. You’re insecure.
– Yes, l’m insecure. Selfish!
– Yes, l’m selfish too. Anything else? Watch out! Where’s he going? lndian. Classical! Good, good, good? Excuse me! Who’s the
driver of this car? What’s the matter? This car has dashed
against another car.. ..and the driver ran away. So? We want to arrest the driver. Are you the driver? Yes. lt’s me! Ok, then come with us
to the police station. Come, come. Slowly! Hello!
– Are you Deven? – Yes. Your brother Gyanesh has been
arrested for hitting a car. Please report to the
police station now. l’ll be there. You mean to say it was not his car? Yes, l was driving the car
and the car was in my name. And he wasn’t there at the
time of the accident. Then why didn’t he tell us so? Because he’s my brother. So what? He’s an lndian, brother. He loves me! He’s unwell.
– Ok Shall we go, dad? l know you won’t forgive
me, brother. But l’ve brought this gift for you. l’ve downloaded photographs,
videos and songs.. ..of you me and dad, since
childhood, in this.. So that you can keep it with you. ls this for me?
– Yes, for you. This reminded me of
both my brothers. That’s why l came here to
apologise to my brothers. Danny!
– Hi, Deven. Gyanesh, there are two kinds of
people who seek an apology. One, those who apologise and
never repeat that mistake. ..and then those who apologise.. ..and prepare for the next battle. l belong to the first
category, brother. And l belong to the second category. The one who prepares
for the next battle. lt’s not that, brother. Only now have l realized
what a brother means. And l still haven’t realized
what a brother means. You’ll never even realize it. l’ve heard that a brother isn’t
a brother but a partner. A partner! But what if a partner pretending.. be a brother plays tricks? Then he isn’t called
a brother, brother. What is he called, Gyanesh? Trickster! Conman! Fraud! Your brother has grown up amongst
the tricksters in casinos. What are you both talking about? We’re getting rid of brotherly
differences. l forgot to tell you, Gyanesh. This younger brother of ours.. ..calls me up all day and night. He wants to apologise to you. Won’t you forgive him? Why won’t l? Now he must’ve realized that
relationships are important. Yes. That’s why he has brought
such a big file in this. Yes. Say thank you to him. Thank you. To him.
– Thank you! – Thank you! Love you.
– Love you! Kiss him. Kiss. Better. Hug him. A bigger hug.
– Danny! Enough. Enough! Danny, now show your brother
around. Entertain him. Hug him. And then let
me know how you feel. Where are we going?
– For sightseeing. To rebuild a broken bond. You won’t call a lawyer, will you? You are very short-tempered.
– Not anymore. After dad’s demise,
l’ve changed a lot. Really! But where are we going? There’s a place called Crystal
World in Austria. Do you remember, dad used to bring
us here when we were young? Here?
– Yes, he used to. Do you remember, when you
wanted to click a photo.. ..with Deven’s camera, he had
slapped you at this very place. ls it?
– And he trashed you so much. Really?
– Yes, really Look, how it’s changing colours? Yes, just like how Deven
changes colours. l love you, brother! Hi, brother.
– What’s this? A man flying in the sky. Even you used to fly. Uncle used to say so. l used to, brother, but dad
taught me to walk on ground. Father was a great teacher,
he used to teach everybody. Yes indeed, he taught
me a lot, brother. Hello! Luitang! Hey what’s up, my Godfather?!
Been a long time, my friend! Just a second. Bob, take brother to the Hill-view
restaurant. – Ok. l’ll finish my business talk and
meet up with you, brother. Yes, mate. l’ll surely call you
back this week. Alright, man. l’ll call you back. Danny, if you thought this
woman would ever leave you..’d be stupid. How the hell are you here? Because people bother
me for your dues. Come here, you little pussycat. Danny! Danny! Look, even l’m flying. Danny! Gyanesh! Are you crazy?! lt’s great fun! Fun! Bob, where are you? Deepu, you idiot! How
did he go up there? You were on your way to
Hill-view restaurant. What do l do? He was insisting. lf he dies then Sikander
Mirza will ruin me. l’ll be finished. Danny! Take my photo.
– l’m coming. This Dev will get me killed someday. “Lord Ram has a flying chariot.” Danny! Danny, look how
fast l’m flying. Danny! Deven, please help! Gyanesh, wait a minute! Good, good, good! Best of luck, partner. Keep this bag of.. ..lndian values with you, Dev. Had he died.. ..we’d have been killed too. Why? You were too
eager to come here. Have you gone weak in your knees? You know, you’re a very
smart guy, Dev. Oh really? You want him to die in an accident.. ..that too because of me.. that you can become the 100%
owner of the entire property. lsn’t that what you wanted? Yes! That’s what l want. That l become the 100%
owner of the property. Because l can do so with
love, and you cannot. This isn’t a gambling
deal in a casino.. ..but a war among brothers. So let me do my work. And you back-off! l am high. Dev! What’s this?
– This is beer. Even papa used to drink this
beer and call everybody dear. The specialty of this
thing is that.. ..people become dear to God
if they drink it alone and.. ..people come closer when
they drink it together. Deven, when l drink this..
– You keep peeing. l feel butterflies in my tummy.
– What butterflies? Anushka! Anushka! She’s a very nice girl. She’s
a Goddess. A Goddess. And you know the meaning
of my name is God. You know she says, there’s a show
on the 30th of September.. ..and if we win that show.. ..then l’ll be one of the
best singers in the world. And lndian music will become
famous throughout the world. And after that.. you know.. Shall l tell you something honestly? Tell me. – You’re my brother, so
l like to be honest with you. You tell me first, then
l’ll tell you a truth. You tell me first. You tell me first. No, you tell me first. Who’s the eldest?
– Yes, l’m the eldest. Then you tell me first. l feel something when l see Anushka. You feel something? Where do you feel it? Only there, right? Why have you become quiet now? You’re very innocent, brother. Don’t innocent people get married?
– They do. Shall l tell you something
honestly? – Tell me. Have a sip first. One more! Anushka is your future
sister-in-law. l’m going to get married to Anushka. This game, this drama,
is all for her. Why didn’t you tell me about
Anushka on the very first day? l told you now, let’s
go home. Let’s go home. Hey brother!
– You’re hiding something from me. Gyanesh, l’ve already told you
everything honestly.. let’s go home. l won’t come home unless you
tell me the inside story. The inside story? The inside story! You want to know
the truth? – Yes. – Then listen. l’ve cheated you. l’ve betrayed
you. – Why? For what? Why? For what? Because you
have money and l don’t. Because father loved
you and hated me. Because l love Anushka. Because her dad wants
a rich son-in-law. Because l thought that
after dad’s death.. ..l’d get a small share
of his wealth. And l can seek Anushka’s hand
in marriage from her dad.. Marry her According to father’s will, all
the wealth has gone to you.. ..and we’re left with nothing. Gyanesh, you’re the
Prince. The heir! And Sikander Mirza is the Lord. Uncle Mirza?
– Yes. Your uncle Mirza who has
made such papers.. ..that we can’t even
fight for our cause. But what’s there? What difference
does it make? What’s happening, uncle Mirza? When a good man departs, are
his children sent to hell? l’m asking you, uncle Mirza! Only a lawyer like you can
create such documents.. ..not my father. Whatever is there, l want all of
us brothers to share it equally. Else l don’t want anything.
l don’t want anything. Wonderful! When my brothers
are turning to be good. They’re coming closer to me, you’re
snatching them away from me. That’s not fair, uncle.
That’s not fair! Change all the documents.
Shred them to pieces. Families aren’t made
of legal papers. They’re made of bonds of
love. Yes, l’m drunk. l drank a lot and
l drank with Deven. And he told me everything honestly. You and l aren’t doing
the right thing. l’m telling you, this isn’t right. l call you back. Hello uncle! Not uncle, attorney Sikander Mirza. Please sit down! Shocked to see my sudden appearance? Sikander Mirza is such a person! l’ve taken a flight from
London to come to you. Just to tell you one thing. Look into my eyes. Listen carefully and understand. The game that you’re playing
will prove deadly for you. And if it isn’t deadly then
Sikander Mirza can make it so. lf you ever try to get
Gyanesh drunk again.. ..or play any such game,
then l’ll ruin you. l’ve the power. l have the power! l understand that you’re wise,
intelligent and clever. And also a little crooked. Bye! Your father was a close
friend of mine. He was God’s good man. Hence, l’d like to
tell you something. You’ve only seen Gyanesh’s pocket.. ..not the heart behind it. Look into it one day, pal,
you’ll feel good! A brother is a brother, Deven. Just embrace him with love once..’ll be blissful. That too, when one has
Gyanesh for a brother. Deven, we had trapped a
similar blue butterfly.. childhood and shown it to dad. You know, dad’s song is
also recorded in it. Our photos and dad’s too.
Do you want to see it? Gyanesh, he’s your father, not mine. Why do you say so?
You’re my brother. Give it, l’ll delete the photo.
– No, no. You’re angry, aren’t you?
But you’re wrong. Father used to remember you
a lot during his last days. He even used to cry saying
that Deven left me.. family has broken. All
of them have gone far away. Gyanesh, relationships that
have broken, have broken. Just you and l are here. So we’ll
only talk about ourselves. But.. – No papa. No father.
No dad or daddy please. For my sake. Okay. “Life.. O life.. what was lacking?” “Why are the eyes still
moist in the corner?” Let’s play! “Life.. O life.. what was lacking?” “Why are the eyes still
moist in the corner?” “Where did you disappear?” “Where did you disappear?” “Nobody came, it was noon
already. Nobody came.” “Life.. O life.” Gyanesh’s mental case history
that l have here. lt’s a case of autism. His mental growth stopped
in childhood. But doctor, when Gyanesh sings.. lt’s called genius disorder. What? – Genius disorder. We
call it William’s syndrome. The musical talents of such
people are unmatched. They can compose their own
music and sing it too. Such people are very simple. And in no way are concerned about
rupees, dollars or pounds. l won! l won! Deven, l won!
l caught the thief. l won! – Yes, you won! Hey baby.. great show. Sorry, Danny. Luitang has ordered
you not to enter the casino. Who’s going to stop me? l’ll stop you
– Get the hell out of my way! Stop!
– Danny, please. Do you know who you’re talking to! l’m the prince here.
– Prince?! You were. Not anymore! l’m the prince – Danny!
– l always have been the prince. You freaking maggot!
– Let’s go. Who’d you think you’re
freaking talking to? You tell Luitang that
l’m going to see him soon. Where are you going, man? Your membership is cancelled. – Stay in your limits,
man! And you too! Hey what happened? – l don’t know. Hey Robert! How could you cancel
my membership of this club? l’m the best flying bull out here. So what? You’ll have to clear your
dues first. Sorry! Time decides everything, son! You’ll have to leave this house
on the 30th of September. Because this house is
now in Gyanesh’s name. Not anybody else’s, not even
mine. l’m just a trustee. You mean, l should
leave my own house? This is my house. My father’s house. l’m Danish Yuvvraj Singh! Accept the truth, Danny. Drink? lsn’t it funny, Sukamna, that
l have to hear this from you? Cheers! That’s absolute injustice!
lt’s unfair. Even l’m his son, uncle Mirza.
l’ve millions of rupees in dues. l’m at the wrong end of the gun! Do you want me to end
up in the streets! You’ll have to do something,
uncle Mirza. You have to help me out. Danny, hi. How are you? This is
my new boyfriend, Mr. Douglas. Actually, he’s the second richest
man in town, aren’t you, darling? So, it’s all over. All over! Listen Danny, l always told you
that l only like men who have.., power and style. Sorry, l had to move on. C’mon,
darling. Let’s go. Hey! Stop! Stop! Please give me
a lift. Come back here, please! Please, come back. Please don’t leave me here! Come back! What have l done?! “There’s the morning mist, the
dust rising up in the evening.” “There’s loneliness.” “The night is cold, there’s
pain, there’s grief.” “How do l pass this time,
my breath is heavy.” “The nights are sad and suppressed.” “My eyes seem to have
waited for ages.” “Lonely.. l’m lonely.” ‘A man without relationships.. like a man without a shadow.’ ‘Man is bound by the
strings of the heart.’ ‘Man is bound by the
strings of the heart.’ ‘Life is a long journey.
lt can’t be spent alone.’ ‘Unless there’s light above,
there’s no shadow below.’ ‘There’s no shadow below.’ ‘Let this heart reach out,..’ ..let this bond strengthen. Damn. You got scared of this?
– So did you.. Partner..
– No, brothers. Brother?
– Brothers! Sure?
– Sure! Why? – Because partners share
a bond of gains and losses.. ..but brotherhood is
a God given bond. You’re mouthing Dad’s dialogues! But l’ve understood it only now.
A little late probably. We were such rogues, weren’t we? Everybody, from around the world,
shall come to watch our show. Anushka and Maureen’s show.
Guess who’s the main singer? You!
– How do you know that? Because you’re the best singer. Will you please come
for the show, Bala? But our evil uncle
won’t let me come. Tell that evil uncle that l’ve
called you l’ve called you! Gyanesh will sing in front of
the world for the first time.. ..and we’ll be amiss!
The situation isn’t so. Thank you, Bala. You’ve
led us to a new path. Johnny will bring Daniel’s
car to the airport. Yes, there’s an important
conference and l’ll be going.. Austria for that. Ok. You attend your conference
while l attend Anushka’s show. No, no. Anushka’s crazy
boy will be there and.. ..he’ll lose his cool on seeing you. He’ll wreak havoc during the show. Come. – You mean to say that
l should stay away until then? You’re a dignified man! l still remember that ghost
is after my daughter .. ..since the past five years. That fool doesn’t know that
Sikander Mirza is my lawyer. l keep a track of all
his daily activities. Hello!
– Danny? – Uncle! There’s no news from any of you! Uncle, actually Gyanesh has a
very important show tomorrow. That’s why! How can we miss Gyanesh’s concert? No. Please, you’re welcome. Welcome? We’re already here
– Oh God! Why are you remembering God, dear? No, uncle. Thank God. Thank
God that you’re here. We’re coming. We’re
coming right there! Do you remember the lyrics? Have you written these lyrics?
– Well, yes. They’re very good. You look very happy today.
– l look so, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t l be? Nobody even used to sit with
me in that palatial house. Who brought me out of
that place? Deven! Who gave me confidence that
l can freely talk and sing? Anushka! She told me that l’m something.
l am something! l’m not useless. Anushka
is just, just.. What happened? You’re
very emotional today Don’t you get emotional? Of course l do, that’s why
l pen it down in my songs. For me and for all of you. Will you pen down my emotions?
Will you? Nandita! She’s calling you. Come quickly and rehearse
with the chorus singers. Coming. Daddy, this is not fair.
You should’ve been here. Today, it’s my biggest show ever. And being in the same town,
you’re not coming here. l’m very sorry but l seriously
cannot come. The city mayor’s surgery
is due in half an hour. And l’ve been called here
especially for that purpose. l’m sorry, darling.
– Daddy, please come. No, no!
– For me. Today is the last day of
that monkey’s contract. Tomorrow, our show begins
and his show ends. Anyway, you don’t worry. Alright? You give a great show! Bye! A lot of attempts, a lot of patience,
a lot of tests. l’ve survived through all. But now, poison shall
get rid of poison. lf everybody want to give
their children everything. Then why shouldn’t l do something
for my children? This poison shall kill Gyanesh and.. ..his brothers will be blamed
for it. That’s it! Now you’re looking fine.
All the best! – Thank you! Bala! l was thinking about you. Such a
big show, the entire world watching.. l’m singing, Bala. Me! Me!
Good, isn’t it? Good! Everything has fallen into place. l and Danny. Deven and Anushka. The entire family has come together. O God! Now even you’re
here. You’re here! Not just me, all are here.
All of them! Scene! What a scene! l appreciate you, brother Gyanesh. l’ve captured this joyous moment
of yours in my camera. Let me see.
– No! l capture everybody’s
moments in my camera. But l never show it. Why? – Why! Because these are
private moments, brother. And they can even reveal secrets. Meaning?
– Meaning. Bala! You’re so innocent, brother. You left us and fell into the
trap of those two tricksters. That is only for your
property, brother. Who wish to destroy you, brother. They’re even willing to kill you. lf you’re talking about Danny
and Deven, then just leave. Leave? Ok, l will. But just remember, brother. Faces never change in
front of a mirror. You’re about to perform a show
on stage, wearing masks. But this is a reality show, brother. You want to see the real
faces of your brothers? Then see this, brother! See this. Then see this! See this carefully. Then you might understand what
l’m trying to tell you. See it, brother. See it carefully. You cheat! You fraud! You want to take away all the money? You want to portray me as the
villain by calling him ‘brother.’ You have to handle Gyanesh
not with hot temper,.. ..but with a very cool mind. Keep watching, brother Gyanesh. Keep watching. Bala! “Congratulations! And jubilations!” “When l tell everyone that
you’re in love with me.” “Congratulations! And celebrations!” “l want the world to know
l’m happy as can be.” “Congratulations and jubilations.” “When l tell everyone that
you’re in love with me.” “Let’s have a celebration.” Gyanesh! Gyanesh! Gyanesh!
– Just relax, Gyanesh. Gyanesh! Gyanesh! Get his inhaler! Come, just sit down, Gyanesh?
Gyanesh! Gyanesh! Calm down! Gyanesh!
– What happened? Did somebody hit you? Gyanesh? Gyanesh, is everything fine? What happened?
– Did somebody come here? Gyanesh, where are you? Wherever you are, come
backstage immediately. The show’s about to start
in ten minutes. Hurry up! This camera was lying there.
– Whose camera is this? l don’t know? Who must have come here? Sukamna! And this is. how it’ll happen,
ok? Yes, yes.. don’t worry. – Okay. – Everything
is ready. Hello! Nandita, tell Anushka not to
let Gyanesh go on stage.. ..he’s got an asthma attack. Oh my God! But everything’s
ready out here. Nandita, listen to me. Postpone the show by half an hour. Deven, please understand.
This isn’t possible. The show has started The show has started! Keep an eye on Sukamna and uncle. l’ll take care of Gyanesh.
– Ok. Robin, Gyanesh has got
an asthma attack. Oh God! But the curtain
has been raised! – What?! Your medicine has gone down
his throat. – Patience. Quiet! “We are a soul.” “Passion and aggression.
Can l leave it somewhere?” “O heart.. O heart.. let
the hearts unite.” “Passion and aggression.
Can l leave it somewhere?” “Let this heart reach out,
let this bond strengthen.” “Passion and aggression.
Can l leave it somewhere?” “Let this bond strengthen.” “Divided.. we’re not
divided by heart.” “Thought we’re separate in form.” “Yet we are a soul.” “Life is a long journey.
lt can’t be spent alone.” “Unless there’s light above,
there’s no shadow below.” “A man without relationships is
like a man without a shadow.” “Man is bound by the strings
of the heart.” “Run away, never leave
your soul behind you.” “Slow it down. Be sure
to carry it too.” “Run away, never leave
your soul behind you.” “Slow it down. Be sure
to carry it too.” “Passion and aggression.
Can l leave it somewhere?” “O heart.. O heart.. let
the hearts unite.” “Passion and aggression.
Can l leave it somewhere?” “Let this heart reach out,
let this bond strengthen.” “The mantra to a joyful life
is to live for someone.” “Life is for you, and
you are for life.” “Look into my eyes.” “Let the love ignite.” “Let a bond glow.” “So when you ask..” “l be your dear brother Someone
who’s always there.” “To be by your side.” “Don’t let it pass.” “lt really does matter.
lf we never ever look back.” “Here’s what you mean to me.” “l want to smile.” “Shout out.” “Scream out and find my strength.
Right here with you.” “You’re my strength.” “Divided.. we’re not
divided by heart.” Oh my God! His pulse is dropping. He might be poisoned.
– What?! Take him to the hospital. Breathe, Gyanesh. C’mon breathe! Gyanesh!
– Breathe, Gyanesh! He’s been poisoned.
– Gyanesh! Gyanesh! l’ve understood their game. Take Gyanesh to the hospital,
l’ll handle them. Go! Gyanesh, Gyanesh! Gyanesh, wake up Gyanesh! Wake up, Gyanesh! Stupid man! “Thought we’re separate
in form.” Let’s go! Gyanesh, fight Gyanesh! Let’s go! Look there! Time decides everything! And your time’s up, uncle. Doctor, see to my brother. Sir, l’m very sorry.
His heart rate is dropping.. ..and he’s in a critical condition. Unfortunately our senior doctor
isn’t here at the moment. However there’s Dr. Banton. Dr. Banton’s here? Dr. P. K. Banton? – Yes, sir.
He’s a senior cardiologist. And he’s staying in guestroom
112 upstairs. Just around the corner. 112?
– Yes, sir. – Thanks! l haven’t come here to tell you
anything. l’ve come for help. For the last time.
– Another ploy of yours? No. My brother Gyanesh
is downstairs. His heart rate is dropping.
lt’s God’s grace that you’re here. l mean..
– Oh yes, now l understand. The brother whose wealth you were
eyeing is on his deathbed now. And if he dies then you’ll be
responsible for his death. Hence you want to save his life. Really, no sir. Nothing like that.
– lt is so! l understand your ploys
and every move of yours. l’m bad. l’m very bad. Please
hurry up, my brother will die. What can l do about that? My brother will die.
My brother will die! lf my brother dies
then so will you. And l’ll kill myself too
if my brother dies. Please save him! l don’t want anything from
you, neither Anushka. Nor your wealth. l’ll
go away from here. Please!
Please save my brother! Please save him. Please.. please.
l’ll leave this place. l’m so happy. So happy! So happy! Today, the three brothers value.. ..a united family more than wealth. Yogendra always used to say.. That children always have the right
to live as per their free will. But within the parameters
of a united family.. lndependent you live,
united you stand. A happy family! Congratulations.. A great idea. A great idea. “Shano, Shano. Get on the floor.” “Shano, Shano.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “You’ve been writing a story since
ages. The world will listen to you.” “Shano, Shano. Get on the floor.” “Shano, Shano.” “Shano, Shano. Get on the floor.” “Shano, Shano.” “Shano, Shano.” Danny, l did what l was told to do. This was all a charade. “Everybody just say.”
“Baby, let’s go!” “Beloved, my vermillion
has run down.. ..come and adorn it on
my forehead again.” “Beloved, listen to me.” “Beloved, listen to me.” “Beloved, listen to me.” “Beloved, listen to me.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “You’ve been writing
a story since ages.” “The world will listen to you.” “The world will listen to you.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Shano, Shano. Get on the floor.” “Shano, Shano.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “Keep laughing and enjoy your life.” “She came to me shying.” “You’ve been writing
a story since ages.”
02:37:42,337 –>00:00:00,000
¡°The world will listen to you.¡±

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