FIFA 19 World Tour – Neymar Jr vs DJ Snake | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Here it is. Shoot, shoot, shoot is his philosophy. Just look at this tremendous technique. I have no choice. I have to play with Paris. There is no way I can choose any other team. I was born here.
I grew up here. Paris is in my blood,
my vein, in my heart. I wanted to be a football player, but I was not good enough. So I decided to make music, you know. How spectacular is that? I used to go there. That was my spot. All the crazy people are here. Two years ago we played against Barcelona, and Neymar was playing against us. His skills, his vision… He made me cry. Sorry, man, sorry. Man. You broke my heart. He’s someone you want with you,
not against you. Yes! Football is the biggest sport in the world, you know. Anybody can play. You don’t need no money. You just need a ball. Eleven friends can play together and have a good time. When you go see a game, for 90 minutes you forget
everything about your life. I cannot talk and play at the same time. Because we come from the same thing…
from the bottom. We show the kids that if you work hard
and stay you stay focused, you can become a champion. this is DJ Snake,
and this is Neymar. PlayStation,
the best place to play.

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