FABIANO CARUANA | EPIC Blitz Chess Comeback

FABIANO CARUANA | EPIC Blitz Chess Comeback

I was not as screwed as I hoped fun this is this is how they do it right yes this is fashionable do this this is a fun line to play for wife I don’t know what he’s doing here I don’t believe so the sort of thing that he’s doing if I like Joe Baba we recite this poem Santiago hundreds of thong that was not no no Fabiano actually saw the thong and he handed him like that was that was his direction so that match on YouTube that wasn’t a coincidence he saw the phone and he’s never tried the thong before and I think we should all try the problem once in our lives right really that is not a popular opinion in his channel trying the phone once in fact you might meet some resistance the following the phone is an acquired taste to a lot of people yeah I mean he dangerous he’s quick he’s a French Chinese the the dangerous combo he like well you were pretty rough with him but then he came back I like got good oh I didn’t know that but because it was a lot of those 12-0 he’s never been beaten called durable product he’s dangerous he is low in the dangers of it this fish is so so garbage this is made in the best I love for the give able to find Bishop d3 there’s no that you’re not gonna do I’m going to be sneaky here that’s a pretty secondary yeah sticky little whoa that is no it’s still awful but what can I do it love my life sweet iced tea fun and these folks really give it to the 594 or what one works here and just starts to really get it to me so this was a right necessary evil right pull out my head has to pull out so this is not good no what’s wrong with this take on what I should this is better than I could have do I’m pretty sure you look like dead last a pinpoint oh right I don’t doubt that but I unfortunately still AM you can’t play like Lena – I think queen up – right right right you’re smoother and every which way I’m still not happy not happy at all this is what happened let me try to thank you got the spot I’m gonna this is not it’s not good I’m telling you it really could be better I’m going to try to take it and hide my king the thing that I might have going for me is that I think you get over optimistic see now I think it’s not good but we can survive this remember what I said about your father what do you say about that something about your but I don’t remember what was it I have loved either squishy squishy wasn’t swishing I don’t know is it squishy there was something about it you were getting lost solutions every time in bug Oh Oh slippery smoker is it reacts with resilience quickly comment yes very slippery just I think we’re the witness one my King has a has found a safe space you know how important to safe spaces well I’m excited for tonight we’re still not exactly sure what I like to hear I think I have to I really thought the devil offset is really impressive this is this is not not what I was hoping for with my life Wow well well here we go here we go no but you’re incredibly resourceful look at this it’s almost sexy to me how beautiful well you were lost and now look at the new station is play late I’m just aren’t i winning yeah I think sorry Queen c5 that is all oh that is a nice nice nice extradition not taking the beef cream to five legs you are beautiful you gonna have nightmares about this we’re beautiful you’re actually beautiful that is how much that was such a serious foot oh man oh man no no I mean as I said that’s why you can be compared to David Beckham if you’re going to do moves like that

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  1. Wow awesome Fabi! you really should do some more vids. Anyway chessbrah are awesome, thx for somehow making chess cool and educational at the same time, love you al very much. One last thing, I wonder if chessbrah can make a show where you analyze viewers games so we can learn more about positional mistakes we do (learn about those mistakes from players like Fabi, Eric, Aman, Robin, perunovic and all others as well is awesome!!!) because computer can't help me with that…
    If you decide to do this show tell me where should I submit my game, and if I can be really optimistic I can ask you to do the live show with me so I will be able to ask questions live… anyway again thx and I am sorry I am making you read all this lol.
    p.s. I am 1750 player FIDE

  2. Fabi during interviews: uhhh yea yea his position uhh was bad uhhh.
    Fabi online: Ima be a sneaky little b**ch

  3. Really cool. Can you upload the whole thing/Where can we see the whole stream?

    Edit: Found it https://www.twitch.tv/videos/146958511

  4. 1.b3 d5 2.Bb2 Bg4 3.f3 Bh5 4.e3 f6 5.g4 Bf7 6.d4 h5 7.g5 fxg5 8.Nh3 e6 9.Rg1 Be7 10.Qd2 Nh6 11.Nc3 g4 12.Nf4 g5 13.Nd3 gxf3 14.Ne5 Nd7 15.Nxf3 g4 16.Ne5 Nxe5 17.dxe5 Bh4+ 18.Kd1 Nf5 19.Nb5 Bg5 20.Bd4 a6 21.Bd3 axb5 22.Bxf5 c5 23.Bb2 d4 24.Bd3 Qb6 25.Qf2 dxe3 26.Qg2 c4 27.Be2 O-O-O+ 28.Kc1 Rd2 29.Bc3 Rhd8 30.Rb1 b4 31.Bxd2 exd2+ 32.Kd1 c3 33.a3 Bg6 34.Ra1 Qa5 35.Rf1 bxa3 36.Bc4 Bf5 37.Qe2 Kb8 38.Rxf5 exf5 39.e6 f4 40.Bb5 f3 41.Qe5+ Ka7 42.Qc5+ Ka8 43.Rxa3 Qxa3 44.Qxa3+ Kb8 45.e7

  5. What is Eric talking about Caruana having moves like Beckham? Everyone knows it was black who had to bend (over) like Beckham.

  6. That was some serious troll-chess. That has to be crappiest position I have seen for white (and I play the King's Gambit irl). I blame Hansen's commentary. Then comes the FIDE 2800 tactical punishment. How Fabiano found Qc5+ so quickly was amazing.

  7. Fabi is the modern day screech. Simply amazing. His chess is like watching Peruvian wallabies having sex in the Amazon on a summer day with mild precipitation. You can tell that Eric's chubster was a full blown rocket boner by the end of the video by the way his eyes kept rolling to the back of his skull! I don't blame ya Eric!

  8. Can someone tell me why Kb8 is losing, besides the piece drop? 4:52

    Edit: I think I see it.
    1. Kg8
    2. Rxa3 Qc7
    3. Ra8+ KxRa8
    4. QxQc7

    Edit #2: What is black plays b6?
    Edit #3: I put it in an analysis board, and QxBg5 is the best continuation after Kg8. So really, there was no difference between QxBg5 before and after Qc5+

  9. I love this exchange at 3:16:

    ERIC: Remember what I said about you, Fabi.
    FABI: What did you say about me?
    ERIC: I said something about your butt, and I don't remember.

  10. I don't understand … Was Hansen joking or did Caruana really get a lost position at some point ? How is that possible ? Caruana is 2800 !

  11. i checked stockfish after qc5 and apparently black has a good checkmate threat that white can only counter with a perpetual

  12. El comentario del final donde dice que lo puede comparar con David Beckham, demasiado gracioso

  13. At 4:49 after Qc5+, if the black king went b8, is there a winning line for white or a draw at max if the black plays correct moves? Thanks! 😃

  14. Its weird to have this common accessibility to the world #2. I wish Caruana was more walled off from mere mortals as it might bring down his game afterall he nearly beat Carlsen and if Magnus hadn't drawn that last game Caruana would have won the world championship!!!

  15. Fabi asking Eric, “I don’t know, is it (Fabi’s butt) squishy?”… and then they remember that Eric actually thinks Fabi’s butt is slippery… indeed

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