Extreme Would You Rather Challenge

Extreme Would You Rather Challenge

– Would you rather talk about
that or not talk about that? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – Would you rather,
the conversational game of hypothetical questions
that people for millennia have played to just amuse themselves in conversational form. But rarely, if ever,
do people actually put their preferences into action.
– Ooh yeah. – And those people are cowards. We are not cowards, we are
shameless internet comedians. So today, we are gonna put
our preferences into action. It is time for You Choose, We Lose, Extreme Would You Rather Challenge. – Okay, here’s how this is gonna work. We actually aren’t just
gonna have this conversation amongst ourselves, we have had the conversation amongst yourselves. We asked you guys these
would you rather questions, and over 14,000 of you
responded in survey form. And so what’s gonna
happen, in a given round, one of us is going to ask the other guy, would you rather this or
that, and then that guy is going to try to
guess what you guys said you would rather do. If he is right, then the
other guy has to do the thing that you would rather not do. If he is wrong, he has to do the thing that you would rather not do. – Either way, what you people
said you did not prefer doing, one of us will
have to do in each round. – Let’s do this. – [Together] Round One. – Alright Link, because I’m
taller, you can go first. – Thank you, I think. – We asked the mythical
beasts, would you rather eat pig’s feet covered in peanut butter or eat peanut butter
off your friend’s foot? Which did they prefer? – First of all, for me, I
guess you’re my friend that– – I guess man. – I might have to eat
peanut butter off your foot, which is not enticing in any situation. – Right, it will be my foot. Or it will be your foot that I eat off of. – True.
– Could go either way, really. – Or one of us could be eating pig’s feet. – I don’t like pig’s feet,
how clean are your feet? – I showered, I typicallY don’t wash– – They didn’t know this in the survey. – I typically don’t wash my feet. – Ew.
– I let the runnings, the runoff, the shower runoff
is what cleans my feet. – The shower runoff cleans your feet. Man, as much as I hate pig’s feet, I know that I would
prefer to eat pig’s feet covered in peanut butter, because, well first of all, I
kind of win either way, ’cause I love peanut butter that much. – Right, okay.
– I think the average mythical beast
would be more scared of a pig’s foot than a friend’s foot. – Good reasoning.
– So I’m gonna go with them saying eat peanut
butter off your friend’s foot. – Let’s see what they said. (bell dings) 68 percent of them said eat peanut butter off of your friend’s
foot, which means that I have to eat pig’s feet – I was right.
– Covered in peanut butter. – Ew, ew, and there it is. Oh my gracious, it looks
like a plate accident. – How many feet is this? – Is that even boiled for safety? – [Stevie] Pickled. – Pickled, it’s pickled for safety. – I don’t even know where to start, I’m just gonna grab, oh gosh. – It’s bony. – It look, it looks like raw meat. Just focus on the peanut butter part, I feel sorry for you, but not as sorry as I would have felt for myself. – I’m getting as much peanut
butter as I possibly can. I would much rather be eating
off your feet right now, now that I see this. – It looks like a tongue. – [Rhett] I’m gonna get
some more peanut butter. – I might need this just to watch. Peanut butter, how much does it help? – A lot, mmmhmmm. – Don’t cry for me. – It’s so soft, I mean
the pickling process really makes a foot soft. We should have that done to our feet. – There’s no toenail in it? – If there was, it’s very soft now. – Is this the one you
would have preferred? ‘Cause I’ll let you eat– – Now that I ate it, I think, yes. I enjoy this sweet treat. – [Together] Round Two. – Okay Rhett, it’s your turn. 1,000 mythical beasts
were surveyed, the top– – Well, more than that. – Preferences on the board. Yeah, more than that. We asked them, would you
rather brush your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush, or have someone else brush your
teeth with their hairbrush? – Brush your teeth with
someone else’s toothbrush, or have someone else brush your
teeth with their hairbrush. Now first of all, I don’t care about hair. I’m one of those guys, if
I’m eatin’, and I see hair in the food, I’m just like, set it aside, that’s a noodle I don’t
want, and then I just keep eating the noodles that I do want. Now if it’s curly, I
hesitate for a second. – But you only just hesitate. – But if I’m able to get it out of there, if I’m able to unwind it and
get it out of the noodles, then I finish my noodles.
– Okay, okay. – But the mythical beasts are
weird, we know that, right. That’s why we love ’em. – They’re a little more sensible than you, I think in this if they choose the other. – Well, no, I’ve noticed
that people in general are really queasy about
hair, and also they’re queasy about awkward situations,
somebody brushing your tetth with their hairbrush is awkward, so I’m gonna say what I wouldn’t
say, what they would say, which is I think they would
say they would rather brush their teeth with someone
else’s toothbrush. – Which is not what you want. Alright, let’s see the answer. The mythical beasts chose to
(bell dings) brush their teeth with
someone else’s toothbrush. – Wow, by a wide margin. – So, I’m actually a little
confused as to who was right. Were you right? – I’m right, which means
that you have to let me brush your teeth with my hairbrush. – Is this your hairbrush? – It is now. Oh, I typically don’t use a hairbrush. – I mean–
– Let me get in, get it in the back, get to my flaky parts. – Get to my flaky parts. – Look at, whoa, look
what’s happening there. – Let me see the brush,
is there any hair on it? – No, but it has my essence on it now. – How is that even gonna fit in my mouth? – I don’t know, but we’re gonna find out. – Oh my goodness., brrroooooopp. – Let me dip into your– – Whoa, come on man, come on, dude. – Okay.
– This is season 12, we got paper towel dispensers. – Okay, just open your
mouth as wide as possible, give me them teeth. – Ah, oh, ow, oww. It’s the lips, man. – Okay, alright, let me. I’ll just get in there. – Owww, oh god, the gum. You jabbed the gums, man. – It’s a hairbrush. – Just be gentle. – I’ll be super– – Just go on there, just get the inside. – I’ll just be super gentle. Let me get them molars. Oh god. Okay, you’ve had enough. – What the crap? – It’s clean. – That’s not a good idea. You guys chose wisely. – [Together] Round Three. – Okay Link, we asked the mythical beasts, would you rather tape your
eyes open while someone blows in them, or tape your mouth closed while someone blows burps in your nose? – Okay, hmm, so to me
this is pain versus gross. Because I mean blowing in open eyes, I think would be painful, I
mean that’s just not natural. There’s a weason why we bwink. – – Right, there’s a reason why we have– – Involuntarily, because it
would be bad news otherwise. Man, I don’t want to discover
how bad that news is. But I mean, just blowing
a burp in somebody’s nose, eh.
– Eh. – I think I don’t want people
blowing in my open eyes. And I think the mythical
beasts agree with me, because of the health risks. So that’s what we’re going with, are you with me mythical beasts? – The mythical beasts
(buzzer) chose to tape their eyes open while someone blows in them. So you were wrong. – I was wrong. – Which means that you
are going to have to– – Why did you ch-, do you agree with me? – I’m gonna burp in your face. So it wasn’t that close,
61 percent of them said that they would rather– – What would you have chosen? – Tape your mouth shut real quick, let Chase tape your
mouth shut, and oh gosh. – At least now I don’t
have to taste the burp. – This isn’t great for me either, they give me tuna and raw
garlic and a La Croix. You knew I liked all these things, right? – [Chase] Yeah, your favorites. – Ew, you’re gonna eat the raw garlic? – Just a pinch, oh gosh, that’s strong. Coconut, my least favorite flavor. The only one I don’t drink. (Link mumbles) (Rhett burps) (Link retches) – Oh, oh gosh, oh man. – I almost hurt my lungs on that one. – That was no exaggeration.
– Some went the wrong way. – I mean the bad thing
about it is the vomit would hit the back of the tape, and that almost happened. – [Together] Round Four. – Alright Rhett, this question is for you, the mythical beasts
were surveyed and asked, would you rather baby bird a jelly donut, or mama bird a jellyfish? – Oh there are so many ways
that this could go wrong. – So, baby bird, that’s
receive a chewed-up jelly donut into your mouth from another human. – Oh, that’s the worst. – Or, mama bird, mean chew up a jellyfish, and then spit it into
someone else’s mouth. – Let me point out that
no matter what I say, one of us is going to be
baby birded something. Right, because there’s always a baby bird if there’s a mama bird,
so there’s actually a mama bird-baby bird situation
with both of these options. – Well is that, there in your answer that, you think it’s worse–
– That is not my answer. – To be baby birded. – Oh, baby bird,
– No matter what. – Way worse, way worse. I don’t care what it is, I don’t care– – What if it’s a jelly– – If it’s the nectar of the gods, I do not want to baby bird anything. – Well, that’s what a
jelly donut is by the way. – Exactly.
– It’s god nectar. – It’s got the nectar of
the gods inside of it. – But, so you’re saying a jellyfish, there’s something oozy on the table, and I just put my hand in it. What show is this? – Came out with my burp.
– What are we doing? – It’s probably just
toothpaste from the brush. I don’t care, you could
substitute jellyfish, anything, anything is better to mama bird because it’s not taking
someone else’s essence into your person.
– And then swallowing it. Taking it all the way into your person. And I just have to believe
that the mythical beasts would be with me on this one, right? I’m just, listen, I’m
just gonna trust you guys. And I’m going to say that you would rather mama, hold on, but if I’m wrong– – You’re saying they would
rather chew up a jellyfish and spit it out, versus eat a jelly donut that just happens to be
chewed up by somebody else. – But if I’m wrong, and they would, there are so many ways
that this could go wrong. – And your breath stinks dude. – Let me, I don’t wanna
think about it too much. I would rather, and that’s
what I’m going to say they would rather mama bird a jellyfish. – I’m nervous too. Alright, the answer is
(buzzer) mythical beasts chose to
baby bird a jelly donut. – So I’m wrong, which means that, – What does that mean, it means that, – That means that I have to do the thing that they would–
– You have to baby bird– – I have to do the thing that
they wouldn’t want to do, which means I have to mama
bird a jellyfish to you. Yes, yes! The gods have smiled upon me. – That can’t be right. – Yeah, it is, it is right, man. Ahhh, jellyfish, looks like ramen. – Is it already chewed up a little? – No, but it’s about to be. Do you wanna assume
the position baby bird? – I mean, are you gonna stand on a chair? – I kind of feel like you
should be on your knees, like, like this, just personally. – I feel like more like this. – You guys didn’t even
give me any utensils. Okay, how much do you want? How hungry is the baby bird? – Let me smell it. – No, don’t, don’t do you, no. It’s actually, there’s very little, I’m gonna give it a lot more
flavor than it has right now. I’m about to flavor– – How did he get it wrong,
yet I get the punishment? – That was the beauty of–
– This is so twisted. It’s your fault. – Yeah, it’s not my fault,
it’s their fault, man. This is their fault. Here I go. – Tweet, tweet, tweet,
tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. Peep, peep, peep, peep. Peep, peep, peep, peep. Is it, yeah, the sooner
we get this over with, the better, dang. I just don’t want him to keep
chewing it, so I’m gonna. (crew cries out and laughs) (Link gags) – Mama’s got bad aim. Mama missed. (Link retches) Sorry Link. You guys should be the
ones apologizing to him. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – What happened? – You know what time it is. – There’s no way I was gonna swallow that. It hit my tongue, and I, oh, that’s the sickest I’ve
ever been on this show. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Leah from Mexico. – I’m Hannah from Italy. – We’re in Hyde Park, London. – And it’s time to spin – [Together] The Wheel of Mythicality. – Would you rather have
a Wax Paper Dogs t-shirt, or a Just Yourself Be
If Weird Is You t-shirt. You don’t have to make
that choice, just get both at Mythical.Store. – And click through to Good Mythical More, where we are gonna answer
would you rather questions submitted by you. – Don’t Google That. Whatever you do, don’t
Google bad street lines. – Ooh, I think this would be
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being your mythical best.

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