EXPECTATION vs REALITY | Brother & Sister #Funny #Roleplay Types of Kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

Kids in same school Mumma we came from school !!! Oh you came kids Aayu give me your bag, you must be tired Sister you give me your bottle Both of you take care of each other Like GOOD BROTHER AN SISTER REALITY Oh atleast come inside Behave properly, when coming from school I saw that Why are you pushing your elder sister I am fed up of you both I admited both of you in same school So that you take care of each other But you …. Very bad Aayu Very Pihu didi But mumma Aayu started first …. But mumma, Pihu didi started in school Are you done now? Or something else is remaining Yes As I enter Pihu Didi’s class, she ask me to leave Daily, he asks for chocolates from my class mates She got a lesson from her teacher He became a Rooster for a whole period Sister did not finish her tiffin. She ate Samosa in canteer He eat others sandwiches She was fighting in School Bus He stole a chocolate from a nursery class student She sings song inside class He broke the Swing in school garden STOP HOME ALONE Singing a song – Swag se karenge Aayu can I watch my serial please ??? Pihu I am going to market Close the gate Finish your lunch and ask Aayu to also eat lunch and study a bit also OK mumma, I will take care of him Mumma come soon. Yes, I will be back soon, OK Bye Bye Kids Pihu close the gate Pihu open the gate please I got late There was huge traffic in market Where is Aayu ? He is sleeping He slept without eating lunch ??? He finished his lunch and now he is sleeping You became a very good sister today No Mumma, he became a GOOD BOY today Reality Ouch What have you done to the house ??? This is Aayu’s jacket Gate is still open Pihu Aayu take care, chair is very heavy You were not listening to me ??? You were not giving me remote ??? OK, you need a coushin Now take this No No No What are you doing ?? Where are your clothes ? It seemed hot PLAYING GAMES 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Sister, can we play Snakes and Ladders together Ok, Oh, I lost by a snake bite I just need 2 more Yes, I won – Mumma look, I won the game. OK, now we will study after some time OK Sister, please play with me Snakes and ladders No – Then Ludo No Then, Hide and Seek No I will not play with you – You play very childish games I am your younger brother, please play with me I don’t want to play kiddish games You know how to play MONOPOLY BASKET BALL Play with your brother for some time Then with whom he will play He will play with his elder sister I found the basket ball I know how to play with it… Yeh GOAl This is basket ball – Not Football PASTRY If you want a Pastry, it is in fridge I am eating Not now Wow, CHOCO CHIPS pastry, sister please bring for me. Yes All those who likes Pastry, Please like this video also… Yes I am bringing What have you done Sister – My pastry is now wasted What will I eat now ? Sorry Aayu … You can eat my pastry We can share this pastry Yes Aayu Till then you can share this video also Reality Bring Fast sister MY PASTRY MY PASTRY MY PASTRY MY PASTRY KIDS DURING PUJA LAUGHING KIDS IN THE CAR Come fast we have to go to the market Sister, can I sit on the front seat OK Shall we leave Wait Seat Belt Aayu fasten your seat belt Sister takes care of you !!!! Always fasten your seatbelts, whenever you sit in car Ok Sister Come fast we are getting late I will sit in front seat, No me You should listen elder sister You also should also listen to younger brother Both of you go to the back seat I want to sit in the front seat I am not going now Look mumma is going Because of you Both of you can go now to the market. Wait mumma KIDS IN THE GARDEN Hey PIHU This is not the place to skipping, go and learn how to skip first Raunak bro, I will puncture your ball You are so young, stay away Rounak, he is small, but behave properly What can you do ??? Don’t make me angry Get up Aayu – We will manage Wait – Stop Our team, defeated Rounak Bro today What are you waiting for ??? This is reality Whenever a third person create problem Then brother and sister comes and manages together Please give my basket ball OK TATA BYE BYE LOVE YOU ALL WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW HAHAHAHAHA

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