Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Gives Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC

Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Gives Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Ex-Ukraine Ambassador Gives Testimony, Trump Pressured State Dept To Oust Her | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. He's not "hearing" anything, you morons! He's simply making it up on the fly to cover for why she was removed. What am I watching here? Are these people even reporters?!!?

  2. trump is nothing but a low IQ cowardly crook,I hope the spineless maggot goes to jail…..soon.Just hope he has to share a cell with pompeo and,devious rudy.

  3. Put two and two together and see the reason why the corrupt president doesn't want anyone to appear to the House of Representives damming testimony . Wake up Republicans or how can we trust your words anymore which the citizens are more smarter and they will not vote for the president's or his ducklings . "LOCK EM' UP " .

  4. Do to trump as trump did to Yovanovitch, it’s time to impeach trump. Former envoy
    Yovanovitch courageously defies Trump to testify that trump pushed to oust her
    so that trump can have his shady way with Ukraine, "Yovanovitch was
    removed from her post after insisting that Giuliani's requests to Ukrainian
    officials for investigations be relayed through official channels." Polls
    show rising support for full impeachment proceedings against Trump who has publicly
    said and admitted that he did some of the things he was accused of doing on the
    phone call asking foreign country Ukraine to help him in the coming
    presidential election. Trump = guilty as sin. Yovanovitch, hang in there and we
    love you.

  5. Oh, look another woman (see Clinton, Cruz, Warren, And Pelosi) who won't sleep with Trump. Funny thing is, he talks just as nasty about his ex-wives and Stormy and Karen …

  6. Trump: "I heard bad things about her, that tells me she's honest, truthful, uncorrupt, unbiased, non-fake, respectful, loves the rule of law, protecting the constitute, loyalty to the country instead of to me, a brilliant woman! wow, that's bad"!

  7. These r to be taken at face value what is going on is way above what we think this is a spiritual matter. We not put our 2 cents

  8. Note from The Kurds "You're Fired"

    Mr President please ,pretty please go back to the WWE . We miss you in wrestling !!!Please come back summer slam was not the same without your persona .Hurry we need you in Professional Wrastle ing not as the leader of The Free World!!!!

  9. This honorable lady is tougher and gutsier than all the men working for Trump who have allowed him to bully and push them around..RESPECT

  10. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President. He is a Traitor and works for Putin; Look at his actions.

  11. I'm very worried she is going to lose her job and retirement. I know she lost her position but I mean her career as well.

  12. Subpoena's to all that have information, those that come forward- questioned, those that ignore or refuse, arrested immediately. Congress, you have the law on your side so do it.

  13. Whatever happened to building walls? Now that there is a real wall we are inviting them to rob our elections?

    We are always acting on self interest as Americans. It’s is the blood to take everything you have. We are greed!

  14. Respect for Ms Yanovich and all whistleblowers.How else do we know if our leaders are doing a proper and legal job on our behalf and for such a good rate of pay.
    Jail for Trump, Pompeo, Guliani, Sondeling, etc,etc

  15. I suspect more people will testify. After all, if they defy a Congressional subpoena then they will personally be held liable. It's easy for the State Dept. or the WH to tell them to ignore the subpoenas and not cooperate, but neither body will give anyone cover if these individuals get hit with charges. And anyone with a working brain knows that Trumpster demands loyalty, but gives none.

    Of course, Yovanovitch has no reason to be loyal after getting fired. And zero protections if she decided not to cooperate.

  16. WOW. !!!!!💙🌈💜🌈💙🌈


    🐙 🙉 🐴 🐒 🐙 aha

  17. Why do we act like this is news? It shows how stupid our corporate rulers think we are. We all knew this with the Muller report. But now we care??!! Really! Kids in cages being sexually abused and lost. That was my impeachment moment. This makes us look stupid. We should have done this a long time ago. Now our children are for sale to the Saudis. Because we are now a nation of merchs to sale for the highest bidder. Thanks DNC! Bernie and AOC saw threw you and your puppet Masters a LONG time ago. Like the 80s 🤣😂😭🤯😳😲😖😠

  18. One of Trump's very first actions was to begin destroying the State Department, and forcing all those in the Department with integrity and experience to resign.
    Coincidentally, one of the US Government Departments that has done the MOST to obstruct and defeat Putin's actions around the world has been the State Department! He's openly stated that it's been his biggest obstacle in his schemes.
    And Trump made sure to tear it down…

    I've been pointing this out since the earliest days, when Rex Tillerson was removing people and refusing to employ anyone to fill all the vacancies that were created in the State Department.
    It's been a concerted push to ruin it.
    Trump clearly doesn't want to HAVE a State Department, because his understanding of what it does is, as with most things, clearly minimal, and he believes that he, PERSONALLY, should control everything, which is something he has been trying to do since he got in, consolidate ALL power of the US Government into his own tiny hands.

    This is why the vast majority of his minions are only "Acting" personnel, why he's trying so hard to take power and control from Congress and the House, as well as gain control over the Justice Department and Courts.
    It's what dictators do, and we are all VERY lucky that Trump is so stupid and incompetent, otherwise he would have easily have done so by now.

  19. Trump's motives are apparent, he's trying to get a little off the top before he investigates that lucrative corruption.

  20. Donald Trump is poison. He targets people who won't do his bidding and then destroys
    their lives. Prison is too good for the likes of him. He should be transported for life to a unhinhabated island and left to rot.

  21. There are some highly educated lawyers  are anti-impeachment of Trump and consider that Democrats are not fair to him.Twitter and Facbook refuse to shut down Trump's accounts for hate speech and fake wild accusations to protect freedom of speech.However,many other member accounts were closed for various reasons.That means they FEAR that Trump will force Twitter and Facbook to close their companies.

  22. Thank you ex ambassador for upholding your American constitutional duties and answering the subpoena that congress has served you as, for there is no one above the law that is set forth in the constitution of these United States of America. Democracy is in danger with people who do not up hold the law of the constitution, and for every American not upholding it is Treason against these United States of America. May every American stand up and up hold the law of the land.

  23. I admire her for standing up for what's right. She is clearly a patriot standing up for her country irrespective of her own corrupt boss.

  24. AMB. Yovanovitch, has had a thirty year career is a patriot, but Trump has only been a President for what, only three years and it is only too clear that he hates hates America. He has heard "bad" things about her when everything Trump does is to undermine OUR way of life in this country and to enrich himself and his family. Ms. Yovanovitch has more integrity in her pinky nail than Trump has in… well he has absolutely NONE at all.

  25. Make sure this woman is protected!!! I worry for her safety.
    She is certainly owed an apology. This admin is horrid.
    What a strong woman!!!

  26. She was incredulous that the government chose to remove an ambassador based on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives. Sounds an awful lot like what the Democrats are doing to the president .She is an Obama holdover and another never trumper The deep state lives on and of course pmsmbc and all you socialists basards love it

  27. The only thing we're learning is… Trump was not mistaken.. he was not joking.. he was not unknowledgable of the laws, protocols and practices concerning contacting a foreign government to assist him in taking out political rivals. He used his power and his henchmen to pressure departments and workers within those departments to relay these illegal acts.

  28. I"m hoping that since she and the other ambassador agreeing to testify, will give others the guts to comply with the lawful subpoenas of our elected House officials.

  29. Trump, the new leader if ISIS and their biggest supporter!!! The WORLD needs to demand that Trump is removed… NOW!!!!! The damage he's doing EVERYWHERE will leave next generations to come a horrible future!!!

  30. But what about Benghazi? Nothing? I'll just repeat that name over and over until people believe…whatever..Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi and Hillary's emails! Did it work? Did everyone stop thinking about Trump's crimes?

  31. Sour G rapes , just another fired employee bad mouth ing her employer do you really think she has anything positive to say, a real patriot is on team Trump she a traitor

  32. lol do people forget the president can fire her for no reason many presidents fire all previous employees upon becoming president, Trump could have outright fired her at any time for ZERO reason.

  33. excuse me but a hc supporter got fired ummmmm does the president have the right to fire people that work for him lol go to work today talk bad about your boss dont follow your orders what will happen

  34. Yeah yeah, blah blah, yawn yawn. Secret "impeachment bombshell" of the day. Funny how even after three years of this deception you haters and losers still can't see the obvious truth that you're being played for fools. But my all means, if any of you know if any actual crimes, you should tell the do-nothing democrats, because they've been looking for something … anything .. to pin on him for 3 years now. And will probably still be looking in 2024 when Trump if finished his second term and Ivanka is about to step in and take over. Enjoy the Trump rally on the 7th everyone! Should be lot of fun, as they always are.

  35. Marie Yovanovitch was appointed by Obama in May 2016 and was responsible for stopping the investigation of Joe Biden’s Son, John Kerry’s Son, and GEORGE SOROS. She would not permit the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to investigate and prosecute for $4,000,000,000.00 missing and was told the Funds Were Designated, But Never Received by the US Embassy. What happened to the $1,800,000,000.00 Obama sent to the Ukraine? Disappeared Without A Trace! THIS IS WHERE THE INVESTIGATION SHOULD BE STARTING WITH AND INCLUDING OBAMA WHO INITIATED THE INTERVENTION AND FUNDING UKRAINE.

  36. Ambassador Yovanovitch is the Patriot, Trumps biggest threat is intelligent women with more stones than him and all of his enablers.

  37. The media ignores the fact that Charles Koch is behind Trump's destruction of every government department. He wrote it clearly in his 2016 FREEDOM PARTNERS agenda! All Trump's appointments are Koch people there to destroy for destroying democracy for Oligarchy confedertate plantation owner rule! Of course he an Pompei an to destroy our State Department that is the intent! Start looking behind the mirror and do your media jobs or you are nothing more than opinion pundits!

  38. Seriously..does POTUS have like a 400 vocabulary word maximum. Always the same explanation for everything. Either "very good" or " very bad" things. WTH!

  39. We’ve been hearing very very bad things about him for a very long time. So…when’s he getting out? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. The official, da row,row…we Americans forbid.. the constitution, of da….BS..🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅💩💩🤡🤡🤡

  41. Aaah the poetic justice of a woman putting a huge nail in the coffin of the world's biggest Misogynistic Pig and Super Sexual Predator 😁

  42. People need to start using Trump's tactics against him: If the WH orders you not to cooperate, simply use the excuse that the order is illegal and politically motivated. The other option is to simply deny it "that's not what the order says–fake news"

  43. This women has my upmost respect. Showing that a sicko and white supremest like trump cannot hide in bullying people to keep quiet. Nail this sick human being to get thrown out.

  44. The Republicans didn't choose to ignore Ukraine's corrupt system but chose to work within that corrupt system at the personal and direct orders of Donald J Trump who appears to be making policy decisions that directly benefit Vladimir Putin and associates of his to the detriment of the United States and it's citizens he's not only mentally unstable he's a international threat and needs to be removed from office and held completely accountable for all of his damaging political decisions and every last one of those decisions need to be investigated in complete detail and if not all of them then the majority of them need to be reversed as if they never happened he's already caused irreparable harm to our allies and it's the hope of everyone with common sense that the breaches of trust can be mended but he must be removed first in order to start the healing process and none of our allies can extend any trust to the United States again until they see this irrational human being held fully accountable he's done so much but this is the worst he's now responsible for unnecessary deaths on foreign soil that could have been avoided because of his ineptitude.

  45. She corperated to Democrate in the lunch of aids delay , pulling cold ex spied informate diplomacy declassify US affair Ukriane public , out of her duty

  46. Spin Ghoulianni and Igor under the spell of the Big Orange Lying Warlock.  Putin's Frankenstein risen from the DC cesspool.

  47. i am not from the US , from scotland, – however , when i saw this LADY swagger into that building then i just knew that there was a dam about to burst, full of confidence .

  48. Anyone that still supports Trump is a traitor to the United States of America and should be treated as such. And to quote Trump, “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”

  49. Thank you ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, (you will forever be deserving of that title in due to your integrity, patriotism and loyalty to consistently serve your country and to not give in to Mafia like threats this administration engages in to silence great voices.) you are a true hero to the American People and I hope you know how much you are appreciated by the everyday person. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


  51. If one takes the 1st quote they give from this lady I would swear that Trump talking about being harassed. 'A concerted effort against her'.
    Wow, this really is projecting.

  52. So really Biden doesn't truly need to be investigated. Rhetorical.
    His confession ALONE should set the passion of everyone to want to know THE TRUTH.
    Rep. Heck is a tool. Not allowing BOTH parties to participate in this says SO MUCH.
    Can't the President recall or fire any ambassador. Even states have a fire at will issue.
    Susan Page says the ambassador is brave. If she is a party line anchor it's not bravery; its political warfare. So her tenure was up soon. This is a sleeper.
    It will be interesting when they leak her testimony.

  53. This reminds me of a pack of vultures swithering & hovering over a piece of productive meat. Poor, poor Ukrainians.

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