Everquest Mysteries: The Chessboard

Everquest Mysteries: The Chessboard

I love this giant chessboard! I don’t know how to start this I LOVE THIS GIANT CHESSBOARD! It’s so magical and mysterious; it is the
epitome of everything I love about Everquest. Most people probably never gave too much thought
to It’s origins, I bet most people just assumed the art team was bored and randomly stuck
it in here but no! you were wrong! you hear that WarSheol_EM! At first I thought maybe the giants made it,
but they’re pretty big even by giant standards, plus I’ve never heard of a giant on Faydwer
so im ruling them out. Then I thought of the dwarves! Great miners and craftsmen of the mountain
halls. But I figure even the dwarves know how to
play chess ? I mean look at the board, it doesnt make any sense. To my understanding the black king is in double
check… that shouldn’t be possible… unless they were playing Kaladim street rules! Finding no real answers on Faydwer I decided
to descend deeper into the internet and my research led me to Everquest II and it turns
out there’s a giant chessboard in Butcherblock there as well, with the addition of a giant
throne! So clearly someone was playing chess, they didn’t just carve this as like, a monument or something Which begs the question , “Who’s playing giant chess in Butcherblock?” Well with the release of Velious came an all
new chessboard located in the Plane of Michief with different textures and everything! So of course I went to examine this new piece
of the puzzle. ok I’ve never been here before. This zone is confusing and scary. What is that!? ok stay focused, gotta find that, that chessboard. oh hey look a little one, I mean it’s no giant
chessboard but it’s a start… wait a minute… do you notice anything familiar about this
chessboard? It has the exact same layout as the one in Butcherblock! *gasp* Bristlebane
was playing chess! EDIT – ok, they’re not exactly the same but it’s close enough…(incomprehensible murmuring) look at the board! All of the pieces seem to have moved up one space, some of the colors are different some of the pieces have fallen over or moved a littler, but overall the layout is almost identical. There’s still 10 pieces on each board: 6 pawns, 2 knights and 2 kings, and this king is still in the weird double check position…… it was Bristleban!….. clearly Bristlebane did this……… it was Bristlebane! IT WAS BRISTLEBANE! Ok for those who may not know Bristlebane is one of the gods in Everquest. He’s the King of Theives, he’s a trickster, sneaky, plays games! And the Plane of Michief is his home. So it makes perfect sense that this is his
giant magical chessboard. But this leaves us with yet another question: Who was he playing chess with!? Was it Mayor gubbin? Sorsha Hobbitfriend? This thing? This guy on the internet has a theory that
it was Brell Serilis, another Everquest god, and that they were playing for the dominance
of Faydwer, which makes sense actually! Brell ended up creating 2 races on Faydwer
and the only race that Bristlebane made can be found on Antonica so I guess he lost. The Kunark stratedgy guide even mentions something
along these lines, “It is, in fact, a large chess set, with pieces that look as though
the gods themselves once played with them.” So thats it, there it is, I rest my case,
this chessboard actually seems to be part of the lore of Norrath. neat! But there is another chessboard in Timorous
Deep…. I dunno why it’s there though, they probably
just needed something to put on this island My favorite song even plays here, and often times i’ll sit, and listen to the beautiful music, of the chessboard! ( strange pulsating sound plays ) I don’t wanna interrupt the music, but I just
quickly wanna say to look out for the next mystery video cause it definitely won’t be
about board games, if you can believe that. I’ll be discussing one of the most ancient
and powerful races in all of Norrath! (mysterious sound effect plays) whats happening? FRAPS! Why do you do this to me?! Why am I spinning?! noooooooooOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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  1. So glad you're making more of these videos. If you ever feel like it, I would love to see a National Geographic style video of Runnyeye. I'm trying to build up a p99 character, but sadly I'm not there yet.

  2. The chessboards were indeed played by "the gods". Also, they were all originally supposed to have a secret way to be able to move NPCs around the board doing battle, but the feature never got to the implementation stage. Cheers -Rp

  3. You are one of my favorite youtube channel of all time and that comes from a guy who obsessively watches all RLM content at least 5x over bare minimum. Please never stop what you are doing. 2x uploads in one day is more than we deserve. Please if you have a patreon or twitch or paypal or something please let us know. I want to give you my money and this comes from a cheap bastard that never gives anyone anything online. I cant say in words how good your content is so please let me give you my money in lieu. They should have sent a poet.

  4. Please never stop making these. I never played EQ in the prime, started with EQ2, but I love your mysteries series. Your voice is great, the editing is great, I will watch these forever.

  5. This video reminded me that there is a new progression server opening up soon.

    And by that, when I looked, it's already open.


  6. Hmm the clickity clack of the scarab beetle legs at the end of the video… Does it mean anything? I certainly don't know!

  7. not an EQ player, but your videos are really entertaining and compelling, might one day play the game fr

  8. Wow, I had no idea that sound plays at the BB chessboard at night! Had no idea! I'm fascinated by this video and I wish It was longer I wish more info was found about all these chessboards this was really entertaining thank you!

  9. Do one on the mysteries of Castle Mistmoore, Mayong Mistmoore himself, the Fanged Skull Stiletto, and all of the other mysterious things about Mistmoore that never seemed to be resolved. The amount of Lore in Castle Mistmoore puts other games to shame.

  10. I'll never forget going into work one day back in 99 and my manager was like "DUDE! I FOUND A HUGE CHESS BOARD LAST NIGHT!!" All other employees were genuinely concerned over our sanity.

  11. Is it possible to explore the game offline, in "no clip" mode without enemies bothering you and stuff?

    I don't really have a desire to play EQ again but I'd love to just walk around zones I never got to explore back in the day.

  12. I got suspended on live for saying "ass" on a test server. During that week a guildmate of mine let me borrow his account with a bard on it. His only condition was I keep the character in PoM. It was a week of insanity. I think I spent a full 24 hours in that rat maze in the basement. It was a trip.

  13. Your videos are amazing and I think you need to develop the Chess: Kaladim Street Rules game. You would make a killing!

  14. 0:52 sorry but i have an urge to say that it is possible to be in double check if its the checked king turn and that the white pawn is not threatening the black king (although it is on the 8th rank so it should have already been promoted to a queen but i guess they just didnt care)

  15. Awesome video! This is why EQ is so great. Sure you can grind to max level and raid, but you can also take the time to explore the world. Earned a sub from me.

  16. Thank you so much for making these, takes me back to late nights filled with soda and candy playing EQ all night with my friends.

  17. WTF, this video caused my entire 1999-2005 Everquest life to flashback. There are entire EMOTIONS I've forgotten existed.

    To everyone I ripped off in EC tunnel, I'm sorry. To my old guild, I'm sorry. To my enemies I'm sorry. To my friends, I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry for Everything. This video is amazing.

  18. I'm so happy about this one, I'd like it twice if I could. Every character I ever played did some early levels at that chessboard <3

  19. but why do only skeletons inhabit the chess board?. being undead are they the only ones oldย enough to remember theย legendary game of chess that was once had here?

  20. Tell us about Tondal and his pet Stratcat.ย  First appeared in Overthere then… migrated somewhere else?…

  21. i always liked the chessboard too when i was in elementary school i discovered it when i was exploring and it peaked my curiousity. Nice to finally get closure on the mystery, thank you so much. love ur videos dude. u rock!

  22. Just watched this and the beholders vid. Fun stuff. Can you do a video showing how much everyone hates Brownies and their tiny town? I Hate those mobs.

  23. Watched your original EverQuest video way back in the beginning! Man, I LOVE your content! Played a High Elf Magician back in the day, and still play a High Elf Magician on P99! Your videos are amazing! I've always wondered things about the lore and story of the game that the strategy books couldn't explain, and you explain them all perfectly!

  24. Can you please research why when I was afk in the skeleton cave in crescent reach why I came back to see I was an erudite ghost

  25. I've been around online RPGs for a long time and want to shed some light on the chessboard. Everquest drew heavy inspiration from older online text RPGs called MUDs (Multi-User Dimensions). Brad McQuaid a lead Everquest designer was known to play a MUD called ROM (Rivers of MUD). The ROM code was highly duplicated many times throughout the MUD-verse and a well known leveling area on ROM was the 'Chessboard'. Brad incorporated many design elements from MUDs in early EQ (so much so that EQ was actually sued for taking code from ROM, the matter was settled out of court). But still, the influences of MUD remain in EQ even to this day, and one of them is homage to the old Chessboard area of ROM that we see in Butcherblock.

  26. Maybe Bristlebane was having his minions recreate the game in BB to see how he lost. There is a book right near the board as if they were researching.

  27. Loving your videos on everquest, i still miss this game, need to emu it one day, do you know about the cat room in befallen? Would make an interesting video if the info is out there

  28. Found these and shared with my friends from EQ. I'm loving these please make more!

    There used to be an Undead Pyramid in Nektulos forest too that was really cool. I'll never forget me and a friend were camping in in our 10's. We watched as a wolf just walked by a terrifying mummy, and the mummy stood up and like one shoted that wolf.. and we were like DAMNNNN this is the best game ever.

    Are the Pyramids just Wizy teleports or something?

  29. You can put a king in double check in chess. Not… the way the board's set up there, but let's assume you have a bishop lined up with a rook or knight or something like that. The rook/knight moves so it's in check with the king, and that frees up the board spot so the bishop is also putting the king in check, assuming the king's in the right spot. I don't know why I felt the need to mention this but it's chess lore!!! I guess!!

  30. my brother always drug me over there to kill skellies. I was scared of the zone at the levels he would take me there. was very curious about what the board was all about. Thx for shedding some light. plz do more lore or stories like brother balatin. request: ambassador dvinn and crushbone : )

  31. I use to camp this spot, expecting some rare mob to spawn, can't remember if it did or not. Whilst i'm here, i'd like to tell a little story if i may. I was a ranger, a wood elf ranger in fact. I was in a group, camping a room in Karnor's castle, which room i forget, but it was the one that dropped the Lupine Dagger. I remember a pull the went wrong, and i unfortunately died, and on the way back was told that not only had the rest of the group survived, but the DAGGER had dropped. I get to group, and the cleric (I believe it to be the cleric) handed it over.. No 'if's, no 'buts', just handed this super expensive, no bind on pickup crap, over to a complete stranger! Made my day, and EQ gave me this memory. Nothing will come close to Everquest again, and this saddens me greatly.

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