Ever get your butt kicked by a dude in pink? | Mountain Biking West Bragg Creek in Alberta, Canada

Ever get your butt kicked by a dude in pink? | Mountain Biking West Bragg Creek in Alberta, Canada

hey there we go alright I’m back in kananaskis country today and west brad creek it’s a little bit different than a ride I did yesterday we shall see haha get it started ride her up follow cam ah it’s pretty darn high little smoky pink lighting some riding with Eric who I rode with yesterday took me on razor’s edge and Laura today from Alberta 66 mountain bike guiding and skills and stuff I’ll have a link in the description if you want to up your game and die in on this thing back into the our gear after all that punishment only for a minute go up we go then out on the road now from the Revelstoke trip to this trip for a couple weeks and ready to get back home in being out and not being able to edit all these videos are just piling up it’s just a huge weight on my conscience get back home basically takes one day for every video I have to edit so I know I’ve got 7 or 8 videos just waiting to be edited which means eight straight days that’s just lurking sooner I can get home sooner I can get it done so far it’s worked really well haven’t missed a Monday Wednesday Friday upload more than a year I’ve had random stuff where I set the date wrong or you know it uploaded a couple hours later than it should have but I’m really proud of my consistency and ability to hit the hit the deadlines make sure you guys have something to watch snakes I see it sneak him through I feel my chain slapping my ankle like never before interested to see stretch it out damaged something hey there we go he’ll get your balls tingling pump through yes that was fantastic I really like that pumping weaving through the trees thing more of that up again I guess he dried this up or down this is full-on Eagle gear grunting gears are sounding like right now yes I should have lubed up this morning grinding away back I’m always saying that I’d rather have a heavy bike on the climb and I don’t mind carrying decent amount of stuff in my pack oh it’s times like this question that you can always get more fit just need to find some more hours in the day so this trail map is really cool it’s got these rivets it’s showing where you’re at in the elevation spa where you’re at on the trail that is so neat it’s been done before oh so tight oh geez Oscar I enjoyed that danger for the bars [Music] Clanker lots of good pieces out here [Music] left and yeah this is like the most JIT I read I built that’s I come from no need pads was a good choice so far try my best not to get mentally defeated by how much faster Erik and Laura are it’s tough they’re calling for some reason strange magic is now in my head good luck getting that out flat turns plenty of opportunity and hit the B kxe special aka the front wheel washout which I think I’m starting to get better at because I’m pushing the weight on the front wheel a little bit more the smoke is not that bad I can smell it I definitely feel it in my throat now it’s kind of weird game on what off-track not even sure what that was brain fart try my best to do the old Phil Metz boost over the route sections they don’t slow you down if you’re in the air let me go this way pick up a stick while I’m at it got this stealing way too hard here now so out of breath go over here and have a bit of a puke all right can’t trust it yay [Music] where you guys at Oh No almost back to the parking lot no it’s cool cool this is the behemoth parking lot how cool is that to have all this trailhead parking and be able to maybe do events and stuff out here nice bathrooms just it’s awesome thank you Eric Thank You Laura that was fun time for some food that ride yesterday was awesome after we finished up we went to the Powderhorn I had a good really good burger with a gluten-free bun and now it’s the next day I’m about three and a half hours into my drive got up at 4 a.m. and I’m in the United States of America once again so the speed limit looks like it just said 80 and I’m still thinking kilometers so I think it’s actually 80 miles an hour so uh I’m in Montana headed back home two days of driving I’ll spare you the details thanks for watching you guys I’ll see you on the trail [Music]

100 thoughts on “Ever get your butt kicked by a dude in pink? | Mountain Biking West Bragg Creek in Alberta, Canada

  1. Awesome as always! BTW, regarding your front end "push" issues, have you thought about softening your forks compression? Or possibly making the rear shock stiffer? Just some thoughts!

  2. I don't know why, but I particularly liked seeing you skid off the trail and miss turns. Made me LOL.

    And yes, you are superbly disciplined with your video release schedule. It's one of those things that makes a YouTube channel work.

  3. Heh, seemed like you were having one of those off days where start to get frustrated then get even worse. I ride 800mm bars, which is really comfortable for me, but the rare times I ride really tight stuff, especially unfamiliar tight stuff, they can definitely become a hindrance.

  4. Better shape? You already ride tough trails three times a week, go to the gym three times a week, what can you do to get to a better shape short of enrolling in an Olympic camp.

  5. Pink it is from now On Lol them Trees was close Together you could see where they all had clip them lOl lucky you did not fall where Snakes was ;0) keep add Videos Love watch em ;0) nice one from UK

  6. I've been living in Montreal for 22 years and I've seen only one snake Funny thing I went riding with my gf last Sunday we saw 3!!! Man is that scary. Bro your videos are the best 97k wow

  7. always neat to see someone ride an area that one frequents, only to see him riding trails that you never knew existed. Definitely gotta get back there now and actually ride some trails

  8. Tight trees everywhere! Always freaks me out. That's a lot of driving. Ugh, I couldn't handle it..well I should say my back couldn't handle it.

  9. Dont want to blow sunshine up your butt….I have watched a TON of your videos and you should be pretty damn happy with your progression man. Honestly, you are a different rider altogether from your early videos. Great video from my old stomping grounds. Love the Canadian content!!!

  10. The BKXC Special… front washed out… is funny every time you say it! Your cornering is getting faster you might loose the front wash out rights after all! Cheers Brian 👍

  11. I try not to ever let people who are faster than mean "mentally defeat" me. Instead, I look at them as a goal to reach! Remember there is always someone out there better than you and you are better than someone else! Positive mental attitude!

  12. The Razor's vid and this one are so weird for me, pretty much all the trails you ride are way too far away for me to get to, and then all of a sudden you're out on my home trails… I'm glad they count as some of the best in the world.

  13. It's a trick! It's not the pink! Its the lack of backpack/hidden fanny pack that gives Aric away! You'll see those guys in Moab when its 105 degrees and its the same exact story.

  14. Awesome video as always Brian, love seeing you on my local trails and my favourite loop. keep up the great work and living the dream!

  15. Those trees around "4:30" where so close together. Holy smokes! Those two you rode with are mountain goats. So fast on the climbs. Fantastic video!

  16. Another great video brother! You're sniffin' 100k, and I can say "I knew you when"! This ride had me and the wife literally LOLing several times.

  17. Basically my back yard dude! Love the fact you travel around the world riding the best trails and Bragg Creek made the cut!

  18. Hey Brian, do you have any issue’s with front grip? What psi do you run? Playing with tire pressure at the moment due to no confidence in the front wheel.

  19. See you on the trail someday Bro , you're an inspiration dude , thanks so much for turning people's life around man we appreciate it from the heart 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏👏👏🌵🌲🌳. Still think that Ibis should have given you you the bike dude haha 😂

  20. I love your videos! Especially your product reviews, there is no bullshit marketing involved!
    I just saw the demo video of the Hero6 and they claim to have "gimbal-like" image stabilization. Would be sweet if you did a comparison as soon as you get your hands on one!

  21. Your videos inspired me to go to my local trails that are probably an 1/8th of a mile long, and originally had one trail only, and start to clear them out and ride them! I have 2 trails cleared out now, one for speed and one with some technical riding, but I'm definitely working on more! Thanks!

  22. Trail was kinda loose, nice couple of saves, not crashes. Nice job!
    Love the song, hilarious.
    I have to wait until summer 2019 to get back on the bike, doctor's instructions, bummer.
    But love watching your vid.s.
    Thank you.

  23. Oh man that makes me feel so much better about how long it's taking me to edit.

    Another great video man. I've got some serious trail envy!

  24. I'm sure there are 200 other comments about this…but I'm too lazy to look. I saw your thumbs on top of the bars!!! I thought that guy was gone? LOL

  25. Got to ride Braggin Rights and Merlin's View earlier this summer both are really fun trails. Next trip up there I'll have to do your route it looked awesome also, love West Bragg.

  26. I bet you guys are so focused on the trail that you sometimes do t even notice the scenery in till you watch the video. awesome scenery in all y'alls vids.

  27. Hey Brian, it sounds like you have had a lot of trips lined up in a row lately, but have you thought out trying to hit up some trails on your driving days to and from home to where you are going? I’m sure you could’ve hit up some trails in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, etc on your way back from Alberta.

  28. Whoah! That was nerve wracking to watch. Loved every second of it. Epic video Brian! You got some serious high speed through the twisties skills. I'm so afraid of bashing elbows. Keep up the awesome vids.

  29. This trail looks awesome I'd love to check it out myself sometime. Nice video, never fails, thanks for the content .

  30. OH Western CANADA EH !! West Bragg & K-country, yup my backyard trails have been immortalized by the BKXC. I be ridin around with a puffy chest now..lol Nobody say anything about Moose Mtn . We cannot have Brian coming back and giving away our Big secret…..

  31. So after your trip up to Canada. What was you favourite location? What was your favourite trail? They don't have to from the same location. Thanks and love the vids.

  32. Don't feel bad. That's the difference between a trail you know and one you don't. I drop my father in law in Grand Rapids. But in Indiana, he kicks my ass.

  33. Great flow trails to end the epic BC Alberta trip. The pink flash left you in the dust lol . Nice speed non the less

  34. C'mon, man. When your job is riding MTB all over the world. Don't whine about how long it takes to edit and praise yourself for hitting "deadlines" that have no real consequence. Your better than that.

  35. Just love your videos, the sounds and comments during the ride just make it so real. You are really making me wish it was spring time up here in Canada 🇨🇦. Keep up the great work. Cheers

  36. Looked like a blast weaving thru those trees singing "strange magic" lol. Why get discouraged by locals who've ridden the trails dozens of times? It would be sad if they weren't much better .

  37. These are my local trails (I live about 3km from the parking lot) and I try and ride somewhere in the trail system every day. Great to see you riding here!

  38. Awesome vids … but curious how firm do you run your suspension and tire pressure … all your vids have that plink/plink sound.

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