Greetings friends it’s Remus here and welcome
to a video about the Eternals, not the upcoming marvel movie but the new achievements system
that was just added on the PBE as well as a quick look at possibly the next ADC champion,
so this image was added as an error on the PBE for the loading screen splash art for
the new Nocturne skin, because of that it got a bit squished but if you stretch it a
bit you end up with this, she might be the next ADC champion that was teased in the last
roadmap, though from that for me it felt like a Shuriman champion based on the image, and
she looks more like from the Shadow Isles to me apart from those unfinished weapons
from her arm that kinda look like laundry clips, some say she could even be Lucian’s
wife but likely she’s the next champion and someone from Riot uploaded the image by mistake
on the patch. Now back to the eternals, let me start by
saying that I always wanted achievements in the game, there was even an achievements tab
long ago that wasn’t finished since they said it might make players play for the achievements
instead of playing to win and help their team, you might say the same about this new system
or missions but I don’t think it will be much of a problem. I’m a bit of an achievement hunter in most
games that I play, especially in World of Warcraft where I just hit 22k achievements
points and yes that’s a lot, but here what I don’t like and what the majority of people
don’t like is that you have to pay for them, more specifically 850 RP for 3 stat trackers
PER CHAMPION, so the champions tab was updated with this and all of them have the eternals
displayed in the progression tab once you buy them, it won’t track if you don’t own
it and there will be multiple sets, each set has 2 common achievements like damage done
or kills or healing done and one specific to the champion, Akali has takedowns with
the ultimate, Kai’Sa kills within 5 seconds of using her ultimate, Ahri has charms leading
to kills within 5 seconds, Garen has kills with R, Gangplank hits with 2+ Powder Kegs
and so on. Each of those unique trackers belong in an
eternal branch otu of those 6, and there will be multiple sets that you can add/champion. Now I’ve played a match on PBE with Akali
to see how many milestones I can get in a game, she has damage done, kills and takedowns
with the ultimate, I noticed the ones for her ultimate count even if I don’t do the
killing blow with it but use it just as the enemy dies, you can see the eternals tab next
to the champion stats and runes tab next to the portrait and milestones will pop up for
you or enemies or allies if they earn them during the match and they increase up to 5
times exponentially and once you get all 3 to the 5th milestone you can prestige or rekindle
them to keep on progressing. And what you get as a reward after finishing them is little upgrades to your mastery badge. So in this one match I got 2 milestones for
the ultimate kills, one for the damage done and 1 for the kills. Also if you get killed by someone that owns
it, you see their stats and you can also see the stats while loading for those that have
eternals owned. Now I don’t know how you feel about this,
personally I think this should have been added long ago to the game and for free and even
more unique and cool achievements that have a separate tab with badges and rewards for
completing them, kinda like in WoW, but paying for 1 set of 3 achievements that will only
track the stats on 1 champion feels a bit lame to me to be honest no offense Rito please
don’t sue me, but that’s pretty much everything you need to know about this system, let me
know what your thoughts are on this matter and on the possible new champion and I will
see you soon, bye bye!


  1. So what do you think about the Eternals system? Will you buy it? I'll probably take it just on Akali.
    And do you believe that leaked image is the next ADC champion? 🙂
    What I would have preferred was something like this:

  2. Yo they gonna do anything to the system ban Change it or rewark it ??? Cuz not every says you feed you lose get prement ban tho

  3. I believe it shouldn't be paid it should be free or at least you should be able to buy the achievements with blue essence

  4. Probably only OTP's will buy this. Personally i see no benefit at all, they were better off creating star guardian urgot.

  5. Will they add the option to disable those windows that pop up? They look kinda distracting to me. I mean this whole idea is useless. If u like it buy it but as i said i dont want to get distracted from the game by it.

  6. I asume that it's for RP just in beta for somekinda reason (my guess) or I'm wrong and i have lost my hopes for league of legends.

  7. Riot will probably make playing normal or ranked game need some sort of a RP
    pass so if you don't buy it you will only play against bots xD

  8. HHAHAHAHA ARE THEY SERIOUS? I ain't giving them a dime anymore. Greedy fucks. They should change their name to EA Games. Can't believe this shit.

  9. in the past year it seems riot has been overpushing its greed.. Prestige skins, Battlepass, Little legends, now eternals.. all since worlds

  10. I personally like it. But having to pay for achievements is fcking ridiculous. Especially when the reward is always that same mastery upgrade and there is only one champion specific achievement. I really like achievements but paying for them is ridiculous

  11. I strongly belive that it should be either free or worth orange essence, as it is every achivement system in any othwr game.

  12. would be cool if it was purchasable for BE as well, but hey it has no impact in-game let them make some money off kids that want to show off their 10 kills in iron 4 🙂

  13. i would pay to get achivements to all champions for the price of 1350 or 1580 rp
    but not for 850 rp to just 1 champ thats just a giant amount to pay to get absolutely nthing (sry i mean get a ''better mastery point that looks nearly the same'')

  14. People vote with your wallets if you dont want this system to cost rp dont't buy it even if your a just a one trick , don't support this bullshit industry greed

  15. I’ll buy this for all the champs i play, easily. It’s just like buying a skin and if you only play a few champs it’s worth it for sure. Yes, it ”should” be free, but this way it will be more rare and feel more special. I like it.

  16. So I have to pay for people to know that I am good ? Screw that crap.

    What a dumpster fire this game is becoming

  17. Wow thanks riot I have to pay for my achievement now when its a ftp holy shit you have the skins, season passes, and little leaguers is that not enough come on (I still hate the season passes and the little leaguers when you can earn them before they took away the tft hub….) But paying to have your champion achievement track fuck you riot you definitely cross the damn line.

  18. Most people doesn’t even care about those achievements, and riot still make you to pay for them 😂
    Nobody will use it

  19. they need to make them when you get mastary 5 you unlock them bcs at this time you unlock mastary tokens why not etarnals 2

  20. you should unlock this when you get to mastery 7 or 100k mastery on a champ, I have no reason to play my mains in norms games unless I'm showing off to friends im queued with

  21. Tbh, eternal will prob fail miserably. It's a complete rip off to need to buy 3 time the same shit for the same champo since they're making 3 sets for every champ. One guy calculated, and for just the first set, it would cost over 1600$ to get them all. When they reworked the mastery system to add master 6 and 7, they didn't ask for money saying you cant get them without paying and getting the S. So this is the biggest reason why I think eternal will fail miserably.

  22. Nice RIOT screws up again and sells some shit only youtubers will buy and the community will again see what stupid crap they make.
    They should make a movie for the 10th anniversary.

  23. 850 Rp for 3 achievemnts :^)
    That's like 10€ and you get nothing off of it other than a Mastery 7 upgrade. It's not like 10€ is much but at this point I'd just rather buy a skin.

  24. 0:30 the image might be her releas skin, coz to me it look like a pulsfire skin (blue weapon and shiny blue eyes)

  25. Even if the Eternals were free, they aren't anything special. You literally just play games with the character and you unlock them. The flair is dumb and lackluster. All of this for 850 Rp PER CHAMPION!

  26. I'm just glad this isnt a pay to win kind of thing. I heard that it gave you bonus stats and I thought like more starter ad or ap at the start of the match. Thank god it's only achievements

  27. Lol, people stop crying about eternals cost 850 RP riot need to get money somehow, like in CS:GO stattrack is paid and so are eternals, and if you don't want them don't buy them simple.

  28. paid stat trackers… riot games is a company of gold diggers. eternals should have some system to get them, but i still think they should be 100% free

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