Essen 2015 – jeu Portal of Morth – Abba games – VOSTFR

Essen 2015 – jeu Portal of Morth – Abba games – VOSTFR

you sorry Simon the redirects newsom ice and pour avoir in something personal all set sir estando Abba games just feet away q Buster land and a twat co-designer portal of moles hi Buster how are you doing hi I’m very well thank you very much so are you one of the designer of portal of month so from what i read here around me is either kind of tour difference you ok so the concept of the game is it’s a tower defense translated to board game ok so the idea is the Lord more the enemy has created a portal to which enemies are going to pop out into the maps of the different players ok and what is it what is it what is basic let’s say the context it looks like fantasy if I’m not mistaking brother also or can you tell us about them were players duration that kind of thing absolutely so the game is played as you see it set in a fantasy world ok it’s completely new we made it up so it’s not nothing you can find reference of ok the game place in about half an hour per player more or less ok actually depends on the kind of game you want because you can play competitive or cooperative ok so it would change a little bit with the duration but 30 minutes per player 2 hours for a 4 player game it would be a very reasonable calculation ok so one of the game is for 1 to 4 players ok it plays exactly the same in with the same mechanics for solitaire or for multiplayer ok Sam with competitive so you’re actually going to have the same kind of experience independently of the number of players of the game mode you choose ok I see maybe it’s a wrong assumption in too early I since I see to cola can we assume that there is also a team in Tim climatically absolutely so each of the races each of the players will have a different race of characters ok so we have for the gnomes the elves the humans and the dwarves ok they’re all going to be very similar except for one of the characters which is going to be a special for each of them which is going to be unique ok with the special skill that they can only do so they do have a team you do have a team of whatever characters you have chosen which will be playing for you and defending your lands okay so can you tell us a bit about how will the monster come and how we will define absolutely absolutely so the idea of the game as they call the dice defense game the enemies are going to be dice okay so we have many different dyes from many different colors okay with many monsters in them so what we’re going to do is we’re going to call them into the relax as you can see here you have an area for the blue board and an area for the red board okay so you take the dices from here so for example this would go on the blue and the yellow blue or candid yellow path and they will enter the maps of the players ok that’s ok so here that would tell us from where it is exactly exactly before doing this the players can actually pay to move the portal if they want so they have actually some control of where the enemies are going ok and before that they also roll the die to make it a little bit more random so that you cannot force where the enemies are going ok so once the enemy shot in the boards they’re going to move you’re going to have your heroes moving and attacking these dice so for example each of them has a different attack pattern ok so the priest that will be her chicken attacking diagonals and she would hit all squares all diagonals and she would actually kill both enemies at the same time ok so after you kill the enemies you’re going to win experience and you’re going to win gold as well to upgrade your characters or buy new heroes for your team you always start with two but you can have up to 50 k uptick you do that the enemies are going to move for that will roll a die as well as you see dies the fans name is properly chosen so we roll it we are the value to the movement of the enemy and we move the enemies accordingly ok this way we don’t have a set movement pattern so it actually gives you the more tactical approach for the players so you have to think in advance to know what the enemies are going to go next round ok so some random aspect is a yeah its own as a range is only between one and three exactly so Wilbur I a little bit we’re not too too much ok so every time in enemy escapes the board you will receive at least 1 damage point where you will mark in your marker depending on the enemy it might be more the orcs for example they would do to damage ok and the dragons and there’s other monster who do that at the end of the game we will play five rounds at the end of the game whoever has less damage will be the winner ok so it’s a tower defense what you want to try to avoid them to escape your board ok ok ok can you just remind me I’ll show me about the path exactly so for example if the enemy is coming from here with where will they go it will just always follow the green path ok they always maintained that path except for the goblins which is basically they would change path is but that’s a special skill which is not we’re not going to go into that ok but there are slight variations according to the enemies each of them have skills some of them cannot be harmed but all sorts of attacks some can some will do double damage I will steal money from you so there’s many many different effects that the enemies may have many different skills you say you can be damaged your hero can be not the heroes a huge cannot be damaged ok but you will ok so if the orc escapes instead of getting one damage you would get to ok making it harder for the players you have to be especially aware of certain enemies ok can you remember me as a yellow track is that for I don’t reserves a gold right go what can you do is a go you can do three things ok every time you kill the enemy you’re going to win gold which is going to be used either for upgrading the character ok which you can use a mixture of experience in gold or just experience just go whatever you want ok then you can use the goal to move the roulette to remove the portal ok to send the enemies to your opponent’s which is always a lot of fun so basically that mean I’m just turning one coin and turn the relax in the portal in whichever direction you want you can pay as many coins as you want to actually have a lot of control of what’s going to happen with you so just to to to show the people so basically the founders of the background color key will be for either team so right here and purple here exactly exactly that’s exactly so basically if it’s arrived here the good thing is that its cost not too much to go there exactly that’s the point okay sorry so we made it easy for the players to actually interact in the enemy entrance of the game okay so we have a third thing I’m sorry I prior the 13-week that’s fine with the with the money it’s the red dice the red dice are the hardest enemy of us all they are the strongest but they do not go into the portal those are for the players to buy so i would pay three coins to send you with all my love a dragon ok so the dragon is going to advance in your board if you can escape its going to give you a lot of trouble so that’s another element the players have to interact and balance the game a little bit ok how do you do you count when there is a monster with multiple or high resistance you need to kill him in one shot no actually you may kill him in several shots for example with the Dragon has six life points so if you hit him with two you will just roll the die and look for the proper life points ok that is it like choirs yeah yeah the dices you see it’s inspired in that mechanic ok it has little differences with them obviously but it’s really pretty much it as you would a level down oman certain powers you will do the same thing here ok fine so I she got serious did some component I see the cards I haven’t explained this these are the cards these are the enemies spells ok but they’re going to be managed by the players so there’s many different effects we have we can heal an enemy we can close the square we can steal money we can upgrade an enemy so we can actually do a lot of nasty things to our opponents ok which is going to be a lot of flavor to the game a lot of interaction ok all of these elements are also used in the cooperative mode ok if you turn the boards you can put them together and make a big cooperative board ok in which all the players are going to play together can we can we show it I think we’re done with that pot so too ok let’s see here so i’m not sure if these two are the matching ones okay because there’s two different that’s okay there are two different cooperative maps so this or not the matching set but it’s you get the idea okay you would Center the the city here and you will make a huge society will be in the middle exactly so the enemies are going to go to the middle and set up to the exit okay you will play exactly the same as the normal game with exactly the same rules you will have cards you will have read dies will have every single element from the competitive in the competitive as well so you’ll get the same experience when you share it with your friends and the difference is the way you die after momenta if you play wrong what how do you that about what you you’ll actually die but you have a chart for your own challenge so you evaluate how well you did depending on how many enemies how many damage you take in a yo-yo you are dying at the end or can you can you lose or if you’re just counting how much you you how much damage do you see how much you did did you see how well you did okay and do yourself challenge and try to do best the next time okay we didn’t we didn’t want people to lose because you know the game is short and really didn’t want to make it that that shorter so we thought it would be more interesting to just let him have a challenge and challenge themselves to make it better every time and have you been did you have some cooperative of competitive play on your booth well we mainly have competitive play people really like bothering other people I’ve have the feeling but we’ve also have some people asking for the competitive mode and therefore the co-operative model Apple is and if I liked it very much okay that looks quite cool so can you tell can you tell us a pizza so now it’s available in English and Spanish exactly and where is it distributed at the moment okay right now still on the boats on its way to Europe okay so it’s actually not distributed but we want to have it all over the Europe we’re having meetings with many publishers all over Europe so we do expect to have it in other languages shortly okay if not we will definitely have any amazon internationally so will be available for sell we’re also looking into a French version but we’re not sure if reporters are going to be willing to but they are interested so we’re hoping for the best from what I see but you will confirm basically what I saw is only the rules are not translated because it’s a there is absolutely no texture on the on the board right exactly so there’s two small creeps that you might need to translate as well with some explanation of what the cards are etc but that’s also on the rule book so it’s exactly the same in fact so basically that’s rule book and maybe a reference but that’s it the game is completely language independent will be the big effort to make sure of that ok so we can actually you know we wanted to have it are we want to have it so when is it make it easy for them ok it looks nice oh thank you very much thank you very much for eternity sorry sorry guys thank you very much for the Virginia was great talking to you thank you that was nice to discover that game and I hope that people will enjoy that well I’ve been to cerita works hello Jean question come on Stephanie okay so sorry so now we hang with a recording until there are some question from from the live session so someone is asking how the game hand ends so basically it’s a is a number of run fixed number wrong exactly so there’s you’re going to play in a normal game five rounds when what wave one entrance of enemies per player okay but you can adjust that obviously you can make it shorter or longer but it would be like that you play five rounds at the end of the thief round you see who has less damage and he would be the winner can we have unlimited waves mod where we count how much time we will have absolutely absolutely you could definitely do that you might have to add some dice to the rolling Simon because we do add yes we did adjust the game so it’s perfect for five rounds but it would be very easily modifiable and you could definitely do it and analyze waves yeah that could be like a four hours per play your game yes yes so we didn’t want to go for that buddy understand some people might be attracted so definitely we’re also thinking a lot about expansion already as you see the game is very modular so there’s really a lot of chances to add new stuff so we’ll keep it in mind will definitely add a rule for that I’m a big fan of you know tower defense on the either you know video game on computer or or smartphones so looks quite nice actually thank you very much we really did a big effort to give that tower defense experience I’m a big Tower Defense Fund myself so I really wanted to have that same experience in the board and for what we’ve heard it seems like we kind of did it so we hope you will enjoy the game as well ok thank you Tom so the person who has a question is thanking you for the answer I think we’re down top thank you very much thank you and it’s been a pleasure yeah me too bye bye

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  1. Merci pour cette vidéo,
    Portal of Morth a l'air intéressant et j'ai hâte d'en savoir un peu plus sur l'ensemble de la mécanique de jeu.

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