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  1. As always, great video Paul. Games where you do the rules videos are always on my radar because I get a thorough idea of how they play, even if I don't end up buying them in the end. Great resource.

  2. This and Cerebria have been two of my favorite projects of yours that I've been following. Thanks for a great video! Would you by any chance be willing to include time stamps in the description for quicker access to specific parts of the explanation? If not, no worries not a big deal

  3. Very nice video, thanks. Pity the game's theme is not to my tastes, back to waiting for Mars 🙁

  4. hey buddy, great vid as always! fyi there is no klingon subtitle to turn on unless you create one, even if it's blank except for a 'welcome to the corrections' channel type thing 🙂

  5. This looks so great! The only thing I'm still having a hard time grasping is wound mitigation. The majority of the contacts/equipment only help you get past a single police meeple, how do you not take 2-4 wounds every time you move?

  6. Great rules video! Time just flew by. I'm even more interested now. Thank you for putting this together!

  7. I've had my eye on this for awhile because I tend to like Vital Lacerda games for the most part but it's really hard to get them to the table. But this theme and the gameplay makes me feel that my friends will really dig it. Great job as always! Bring on the 19th!

  8. Great vid Paul! This super clear vid will help me get this game to the table more often when it's finally released!

  9. Great video to see how the game works. Good job because making an entertaining 45 minutes video is certainly not easy. Thank you !

  10. wait so let me get this straight, if i replace something i gain a notoriety? 95% sure thats how it works.

  11. Excellent video! This could be my first Lacerda, but I'm a little bit worried about its complexity. Is it really lighter than Lisboa or The Gallerist? is it true that this could become your favorite Lacerda's game (I heard it from Edward of HeavyCardboard)?

  12. Wow, what an opening! Loving it! Your videos are always the best way of learning a game – without having to read the rulebook. Keep going!!

  13. Sigh. Another incredibly fiddly half hour set up. I am watching ONLY the personal player board set up, and I think “okay, that must be the last of the pieces you need to add…no, there’s more, and more, and more.” Just kills any enthusiasm I had for the theme.

  14. Thanks for the rules runthrough. @43:44 you mention the purple player has points for safehouse number 1, but their safehouse number 2 has income – is the player able to choose whether to receive income or score points when they go to the location?

  15. Always quality stuff! Tough to fit Vital's intricate systems into a teach alone, but you've done it!

  16. With the escape plan being secret, how do the players know that another player is entitled to pick up petty cash at a given location?

    Keep notes of every location visited and action taken and check with each player's escape plan card at the end of the game? Is there a tracker in game?

  17. Only three rounds and 15 total turns? OK I won't play that game. Same reason purged Vinhos after half a play.

  18. Honestly, not a huge fan of this game. = Great video, though, thank you for being one of the few people to cover the how-to-play of Escape Plan.

    Tons of fun, to be sure, but way, way too many components. Things get lost or damaged over time (especially when food and drink are involved), and this game quickly becomes unplayable if enough pieces go missing. The fact that a 45-minute video is required to fully explain also says plenty about how approachable it is. When there's TOO much to do, you end up feeling like you don't know what to do (like having too many clothes and not knowing what to wear, or having too many books and not knowing which one to read).

    Also, rules are unnecessarily restrictive. You are assigned an escape plan and must follow it. You can only escape from one exit, and only on day three–not to mention that exit is chosen by random chance. This is an RPG at its core, and all RPGs should give the player goals and the freedom to achieve those goals as the player wishes.

    It could have been great, but the developers tried too hard and caved it in on themselves IMO.

  19. We really need a complete 4 player playthrough in order to get a good view on the speed, AP, interaction, please, please, please ….

  20. 2:51 set up
    8:09 Phase 1: income
    9:09 Phase 2: patrol
    10:35 Phase 3: city
    13:20 Phase 4: turn order
    14:16 Phase 5: player turns
    19:39 Locations
    20:31 contact cards
    21:58 handcuff cards
    22:37 closing down business locations
    23:22 bonus for visiting all 3 locations in a group
    23:48 safe house
    24:30 keys
    24:47 fixer tiles
    25:26 bonus for visiting all safe houses
    25:33 clinic
    26:00 church
    26:15 gangs
    26:35 hospital
    27:03 convenience stores
    27:56 opening lockers in convenience stores
    30:14 exits
    31:10 recap the function of the top part of player board
    31:44 subway
    32:35 heliport
    33:12 Executive Actions
    33:21 Executive Actions 1: using an equipment tile to avoid police
    33:55 Executive Actions 2: using a fixer tile
    34:31 Executive Actions 3: contact cards
    35:25 Executive Actions 4: first aid kit
    35:35 Executive Actions 5.1: using recruited gang members
    36:06 Executive Actions 5.2: gang's helipads
    36:42 Executive Actions 6: using an unlocked asset tile
    37:14 Asset tiles
    37:56 Resting
    38:27 Notoriety
    39:25 Notoriety: moving police officer
    41:31 Phase 6: Change of Day
    41:49 Escaping
    43:17 Final scoring

  21. Great video. This has tipped the balance for me to back the game. Really enjoyed this, as well as theFounders of Gloomhaven video. It makes a huge difference having this kind of in-depth explanation for the slightly heavier games out there, especially pointing out the rules that are easy to miss.

  22. Thanks for this! Very clear and entertaining instructions. Just received the game, so excited to give it a go after your excellent walkthrough!

  23. Great job with this video. I am more than hyped to get my copy of the game.

    I did notice a mistake in the scoring steps of the video. At 43:42, as the Purple player, you should not have gotten income by visiting Safe House #2 as that does not have the income symbol. You would have had to visit Safe House #3.

  24. Great and very useful video. The use of arrows and graphics to highlight details is very well thought. Also, Thank you for your diction: I am French and I understand you very well! I saw in the comments that you did some Klingon subtiles to add corrections but I missed that. Where are they? (to see them quickly and be better prepared to translate to friends).

  25. One of my favorite lines from you is “and ___ is bad ”. Makes a vert clear explanation even better, thank you!

  26. 1:28 Wait, turn on the Klingon subtitles?
    It is not possible see two subtitles at once. So, what happens if I am already watching the video with English subtitles (btw, many thanks for them!) ?

    Can I suggest another alternative for the annotations? Please, can you instead (or also) put in the description the annotation text and its time?

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