Episode 4 “The Eye of the Storm” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

What the hell do you think you’re doing on my property? Look, I don’t wanna fight Kurt. I just wanna talk. I wasn’t joking about that restraining order, -I won’t be harassed!
-I’m not trying to harass you. Okay? I just want to solve this.
There’s gotta be something I could do. There isn’t!
So go! I gotta deal with my horses before this storm
hits. How’s Sarge? Our horses made a full recovery,
it would set my mind at ease if I could just take a look at him. You know, make sure he’s
alright? Do you really think I give a damn about the
state of your mind? Huh? -All I care about is seeing you gone! Now!
-Alright! Go! Radio: Our revised extreme weather alert
is being issued for the area. Tim: It’s gettin’ worse out there. Amy: Yeah, listen to this.
Radio: Residents are now urged to take shelter immediately. Tim: Lou? Yeah. No. You guys just… no. Stay there, get in the cabin. Amy: I’m gonna call Ty. Amy, we need to turn those horses out and we don’t
have much time. Come on! No Jack! Stop! -Get back, stay back!
-No! Don’t let him go, please! Hiyah, go on, get out, get out there!
Luke, stay here! Amy: Luke, it’s okay! No it isn’t!
Ty told me the horses… can’t… survive on their own. It’s okay. They’re much safer outside in a storm than in the barn, I promise. -Luke, listen!
-If anything happens to Boots, I’ll never forgive you! Ever! Come on.

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