Episode 2 “Wild One” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

Episode 2 “Wild One” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

I’ve noticed that this colt seems
curious about people, he’s a little less fearful of the human world than some of the others. Not really what I had in mind. That’s okay. I’ve got a couple of others
you can choose from. Yeah… What about him? I actually didn’t pick him on purpose.
Every time I go out in the field he keeps his distance and I know this
sounds crazy but some wild horses are more wild than others. But he’s perfect. He looks exactly like a horse I used to have when I was a kid. His name was Caz. That horse over there has a similar look. He’s similar but not the same. You think
you could try with Caz? Be happy to pay whatever you’re askin’… I don’t know. I got a lot of friends with horses. Be happy to send them your way if things work well with Caz. What do you say? I’ll do my best. Hey, that could be you! Jen! Hey, Peter! Small world huh? No kiddin’! You’re here for the tour, obviously? Of course we are. Wyatt’s around here somewhere. Wyatt? Wyatt’s here. Yup. You two have not seen each other in awhile, hey? Yeah. Wyatt! Come over, look who’s here. Sorry. -Hey!
-Hey, how you doin’? (Wyatt) Uh, good, thanks. Well this is… fun. (Peter) Yeah!

85 thoughts on “Episode 2 “Wild One” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

  1. Some very interesting drama happening on the new season of Heartland, I
    can't to see it in Australia and get it on DVD!😍😀
    I actually have the whole series on DVD.❤❤
    Also i can't believe how incredibly stunning and gorgeous Alisha Newton, she is getting ever more beautiful!😍

  2. Can't wait! I've finished S12 and started watching from the beginning again. It's given me a different perspective. Can't remember what happened between Wyatt and Georgie … 💗🌷

  3. Heartland is amazing series and actors are amazing I do hope it continues many more years ..and the show has helped so many in their own life's in different ways and its good to see a clean series with such heart for family and animals

  4. i hate it that we have to wait so long to see it in usa. i love this show. its a good family show. we need more like this show love love it

  5. Ok soo what's going on with Georgie and whyte ?🤔hmmm the last I seen them together is when they broke up which was sad😕 I thought they were cute together but he must've moved away I hope🕊 they do work things out but Georgies has been busy to I guess I will have to lol be patient again to find out I hope I do thank you for sharing I really do appreciate it very much and also hope 🕊that everyone has a great day🌥🌈🍃🌻🍃🌻🍃🍂🍁 now that it's Fall I'm going to find out if SEASON 12. of heartland🌄🐎🌳🐎🌲is at the sam the record man store in Belleville Ontario mall 😉👍 take care everyone and God bless 🌥🕊🙏from me here in Ontario🇨🇦🙋‍♀️☮☯️😍

  6. Excellent tv series, raise awareness about animal care, I saw with my family the 12 seasons in 2 months on Netflix, we loved it, we will wait for the 13th season. Greetings from Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico, Congratulations!

  7. Ugh, the Best Part about the continuation of Heartland is we here get to see the Outstanding, Awsome, Handsome..Very Masculine Actor GRAHAM WARDLE💝💝💝Him!

  8. I have loved Heartland from the star season 13 was amazing just can't wait to see what a head amazing Actor and Actress love Heartland.

  9. I noticed that when Blair kissed Ty Amy got overly dramatic and told everyone all about it, but then yet when Chased and Amy kissed Ty kept it quiet. Wtf Amy?

  10. Graham, your performance was so Brilliant as always….Your conversation with adorable Luke was EPIC…working on the bike was the perfect conducive environment for the both of you! This is why you are Heartland's Best! But, Oh No!!! why did you sell ur iconic Norton Motorcycle? I thought you would take Lyndy and Luke for a ride one day on it! Building a house takes time. Look at Peter(Mr. Oil Exec) and Lou(Ms ugh, highly educated, obsessive, desperately yearning for love) still live at the Ranch House with their kids! If I recall correctly, after the divorce, Peter became a happy man and bought himself a fast sport's car😂. Please don't let "Ty" get lost during these transitional times. That motorcycle is such an Inspirational Part of the Beautiful Masculine Ruggedness of you "Ty"(we 💝so much, ugh) and your Long Healing Journey to Whom You Have Become today. Amy didn't offer to sell Spartan(ha). Amy let Ms. Georgie DEMAND her..and Amy Obeyed her ..to take her SICK horse back to Heartland (against airline Vet Dr. orders)Georgie always bully Amy & everyone else around ever since she's been at Heartland😞. It would be great for some of Amy's ridiculous fake added hair pieces be removed and auctioned off to TeamAmber & Georgie also..hopefully this will generate income. We were So Sad when you stopped working with Scott at the Clinic(we all here knew that was a mistake atleast for a while). You coming home playing with sweet Lyndy were your (definitely our) Happy Epic Moments. But, Keep Your Head Up…You Are A PHENOMENAL Veterinarian.etc., The Sun Always Shines Brighter after the Rainstorm! Amy wants Ty home so she can a Ranch Hand, Control/Boss him Around, Be a Babysitter at her request like she always have done..with Katie remember! We could never understand how all the Female Cast Members(they couldn't wait to get Georgie in to super tight ones) Wear Super Tight Butt Enhancing Jeans, Breast Enhancing tight Tees/blouses……cameraman always made sure all those buttocks shots were captured on screen.. Lou Pregnant "in real life"(even the big purses couldn't hide it), Making Out on the Hotel Elevator Floor with Peter & other scenes; Chase Rubbing Amy's thighs(she didn't even know him..but did not remove his hand); Caleb Destroying the Ranch Cabin Room Furniture during his Drug Addicted escapades episodes/scenes; Tim(Chris Potter) Bouncing Around And Slobbering on Girls his Daughters Age,….And with ALL this Definitely Not so "Family Friendly" Behaviour….GRAHAM's(Ty) "POSITIVE Inspirational Message" Arm Tattoos (KNOW YOURSELF & Be YOURSELF) Have NEVER Been SHOWN During His On-Screen Scenes/Episodes on Heartland!!!(Totally Ridiculous)!!!!We certainly would rather have the children see TY's Tattoos than the other mess!!! Graham, We💝💝 YOU. We are looking forward to meeting you, giving you our Appreciation Plaque and saying a Big Thank You for All your Inspiration on and off camera! Our support FOREVER!!!!!💝💝💝

  11. I know the odds of you reading this are little, but I’m gonna take a chance
    I use to live in the us (I’m 13) and I fell in love with heartland. When ever there was a casting call I would go crazy but, I live in the us… my family recently just moved back to Canada and I was wondering if you could let me know when the next casting call will be? Thank you!

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