Elon Musk Captured by Rainn Wilson! | Metaphysical Milkshake

Elon Musk Captured by Rainn Wilson! | Metaphysical Milkshake

[ Explosion ] -Aah! -Well, well, well. Welcome to my talk show. -Aaaaaaaaaaah!
-[ Chuckles ] -Take a sip from your soul On a metaphysical milkshake -[ Chuckles ] Tasty chicken burger. [ Laughs ] Sure.
[ Laughs ] -You may be a billionaire…
-Yeah. -…entrepreneur, inventor… man extraordinaire. You’re not getting
any of my chicken burger. -All right.
No problem. I can do
without the chicken burger. -It’s so good.
-[ Laughs ] -Mr. Musk —
Can I call you “Mr. Musk”? -Yeah, sure.
-Mr. Musk invented — helped co-create PayPal and then Tesla Motors, and then — if that’s
not enough — SpaceX. And now you’re in Solar —
What’s it called, SolarCity? -Right.
SolarCity, yeah. -You may be
the first billionaire that has ever been
in the back of a van before. So, as you know, this van has
some very special, peculiar qualities. Where do you want to go?
Anywhere. Anywhere in the universe.
-Mars. -Mars. Wow, we’re there. -Why did you want
to go to Mars? -Because I think
that’s the best place where humanity can become
a multi-planet species and a spacefaring civilization
because I think that’s one of the most important things
that we could accomplish. In fact, I think
it’s important enough that it would actually fit on
the scale of evolution itself. You know, I think it’s perhaps
at least as important as life going
from the oceans to land. The probability
of consciousness existing for a long time would be much
greater if we’re on two planets. -Why would consciousness exist
for a long time if we’re on two planets? -Well, because
if something catastrophic were to happen to Earth,
then life would still exist on another planet.
-You are much smarter than I am.
-[ Laughs ] -So, I just want to say that
for the record. Now, how would that work
for people to go Mars? Like, what would happen?
-Well, you need to have a big spaceship
that takes you to Mars, and then you have
to land on Mars. -And then, what do the humans do
when they’re there? -Well, I think initially —
-Volleyball or what? -Initially, people would work
on creating a Mars base. We would have to live in
pressurized domes, but over time you could terraform the planet
and make it like earth. -But it’s cold over there
on Mars, isn’t it? -Right, so you have
to warm it up. -You’d need a lot
of down comforters over there. -You would actually heat
the planet up by emitting greenhouse gases, kind of
what we’re doing on Earth. We’re learning a lot
about that here on Earth. So, we just do that on Mars, and that would warm
the planet up. It would thicken the atmosphere. And then, the atmosphere
on Mars is carbon dioxide, so as you grow plants
the plants would convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen. -You can grow Earth plants
in Mars soil? -That’s correct.
-Now, does this ship come back? -Yeah.
-When you go to Mars, are you all going to go, like,
“I’m going to die on Mars,” so you take healthy people
that are just gonna plan on living the rest of their
30 to 40 years on Mars or something like that?
-I think most people would go to Mars to move to Mars, but the spaceships would
come back because otherwise it would be
way too expensive to travel to Mars.
-Could you imagine the first baby born on Mars?
-Right, that would be huge. -That would be freaky, right?
-Yeah. A lot of pressure
for that poor kid. -Right.
-He’d be a Martian. -The first Martian.
-The first Martian! -That’s right.
-What is it like to be named after the scent of an animal? -It certainly led to a lot
of mocking in junior high. That’s for sure.
-I know what that feels like. My name is Rainn.
-[ Chuckling ] Right, right. -So, I totally believe
in science/ I mean science isn’t
something you believe in. It’s something that just is. But you had referenced kind of
the reverse climate change. But what drives me crazy is
the climate change deniers. And what is up with that? Has it just become
so politicized that they have just stopped
believing scientists? -I think often that it’s phrased
in the wrong way. Because they’ll often say,
“Well, how do we know for certain that CO2 emissions
cause global warming?” If you ask a scientist, “Do you
know anything for certain,” they will generally say, “Well, no, we don’t know
for certain. We know hardly anything
for certain.” -Right.
-But the overwhelming opinion among the scientific
community is that CO2 is causing
global warming. And given that we will run
out of oil anyway, it doesn’t make any sense
to put trillions of tons of CO2 in the atmosphere
and see what happens, which could be catastrophic,
when we have to find a non-hydrocarbon-based way
of generating and consuming energy anyway. So, it’s just a dumb experiment. -Can I borrow $1.3 billion —
just for a month. I’ll pay you back.
-All right. -You got started
as an entrepreneur when you were really young. What would you say
to young people that want to change the world,
that have big ideas? What advice could you give? -I mean, the biggest thing
I think people fail to do is that they’re too afraid
to try things — that they shouldn’t be afraid
of failing, and they should
just go and do it. -Lightning round — boom.
What do you worship? -Well, I don’t
really worship anything, but I do devote myself to the advancement of humanity
using technology. -What can technology
never replace? -I think human feeling. -What fuels your creativity? -Pressure, necessity. -What do you do
to unplug and relax? -I go to Burning Man.
That’s pretty fun. -You go to Burning Man?
-Sure. -What do you do there?
-[ Chuckles ] -It’s just like a crazy,
sort of “Mad Max” meets Vegas meets “Alice in Wonderland.”
-Do you put on a hippie wig? -No, I usually have
some kind of costume. I went as Darth Vader once. -Do you believe there’s life
on other planets? -I think there’s a good chance that there’s simple life
on other planets. It’s much more of a question
as to whether there’s complex life
like consciousness. -With all the trillions of stars and all those trillions
of planets, you don’t think that —
Isn’t that an arrogant statement to say, “We’re probably the most
evolved in all of the universe? -Um, well, no, I’m not saying
that we probably are. Just I think that the chances
of consciousness are much, much lower,
particularly in our galaxy. -Can science
and religion coexist? -Probably not. -Okay.
-[ Laughs ] -Do you pray?
-I didn’t even pray when I almost died of malaria.
-Wow, that’s really not praying. -Right. -What’s your life’s
big question? What’s the big question
you personally wrestle with? -The question of what is
the question, you know, like from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy.” The answer is “the universe.”
What’s the question? -One of the world’s
greatest entrepreneurs is here in the back of my van talking
about how he had these dreams — space travel,
new energy sources, building cars,
being a real-life Tony Stark. What’s your big ideas? How do you want
to be an entrepreneur? What kind of passion or dream
do you want to pursue to make the world
a better place to take humanity
to the next level? Can you upload it on a video or write it down
on the comments below? Elon, would you look at
the videos and the comments? -Sure, absolutely.
-Great. I’ll tell you what —
I’ll give you a bite. -[ Chuckles ]
-You give me a Tesla. -Sounds like a good deal.
-Deal? -Deal.
[ Laughs ] -Yes! -[ Laughs ]
-Score! -SoulPancake Subscribe

100 thoughts on “Elon Musk Captured by Rainn Wilson! | Metaphysical Milkshake

  1. Religion tends to ignore research and discoveries in most scientific fields including physics, biology, zoology, palaeontology, archaeology, astronomy, etc…..

  2. I honestly don't think SpaceX could fail in it's mission. Elon will make it happen if he has to put most/all of his money into it.

  3. Hi Elon.

    May I be an entrepreneur if I don't care about money (no more than needed to cover my basic needs)?


  4. I'm kind of a fan of Rainn Wilson – but don't much of anything real on him. Anyone know if I can learn more about him without violating his privacy?

      I'm starting to wonder if I'm kind of a hippie watching all this – xD  I don't really think I know anything about them except the couple friends I had who were reaally weird but in a good way

  5. Dang! Should have asked him about aether physics and what he thinks about hovering vehicles/transportation or the negative implications of Ai or where human genetic engineering is going

  6. Well about the praying part, I think Elon was praying moments before his 4th SpaceX launch asking for any entities out there to bless the flight.

  7. What a strangely down-to-earth sort of guy. It would be fascinating to see a day in the life with Elon Musk and really get inside his mind.

  8. Rainn! this was the funniest, weirdest and most poignant interview of Elon Musk I've ever seen! Yeah! Not sure if you remember me, but i knew you when you did a play with my mom Helen Carey at Arena in DC in the 90's. You were amazingly talented then, and even more amazing now. Much love to you and keep it weird! ~ Kate
    PS: I'm pretty sure i saw Elon dressed as Darth Vader at Burning Man)

  9. If I became a billionaire entrepreneur like Elon Musk, my dream to take humanity to the next level would focus on creating systems to alter human behavior…that's the best way I could put it…I mean to make people more rational, less bigoted and less prone to ignorance and cognitive biases. I also would want to create an organization that would end homelessness. People could be homeless if they wanted to be, but I would create space for everyone, starting with women and children, then people with mental health issues, physical disabilities, the elderly and so on. I would call them Lighthouse Centers (or something) and I would have something like an actual light house at the top of each facility. I'd really like to create a orphanages/group homes for kids in the developing world to start; places where they can also be trained and educated to be successful.

  10. Because the gravity on mars is so much lower than that of earth (humans have evolved being used to developing with a certain force being acted on them), wont there be substantial muscle atrophy and problems with conceiving and developing a fetus on mars?

  11. Musk is not really an inventor, even if you consider the first land-able rocket an invention, he hasn't accomplish that at the point this video was taken. He's made significant improvements on existing technology but he didn't technically invent them. If anything, he's a physicist, engineer, and entrepreneur. Him being an atheist was pretty much a given, no surprises there.

  12. Wilson: "Do you pray?"
    Musk: "I didn't even pray when I almost died of malaria."
    Wilson: "Wow. That's a really not-praying."
    Musk: "Right."

  13. So he doesnt believe in strong AI in the near future. I knew it. That's why consciousness can never be separate from life and we need to spread life.

  14. We will have to get out of this solar system… a billion years or so from now… when our sun becomes a red giant … subsequently the planets will all be 'eaten'. Mars is a short term solution to some problems, and a great first step…

  15. I think religion and science can coexist since I feel that all religion and science seeks to find answers and understand our universe and our own existence. Some may say that religion is a crude and outdated form of science or that science is the upgraded religion, but I think as long as heaven and God and the soul/conscience holds mysteries they will never be too far from eachother seeking the same thing

  16. I would have liked to know how Mars terraforming and colonization will be affected and make adjustments for the weaker gravitational pull, and how Elon thinks space colonies should be governed and politically organized, and if we should worry about the Tokugawa Corporation taking over space

  17. Elon reminds of me of an insecure geeky Systems Administrator I once worked with. He probably enjoys Tarentino films too.

  18. Dear Soulpancake I really, really, REALLY need to talk to Mr Musk, but I do not know how to attach a video as a response/comment

  19. I just tripped out so hard, and had this thought come to my head while musk was speaking on Mars….

    "Everything…. has been building up to this. Fire, the wheel, the forging of metals, electricity, computer chips, AI… all of this, building blocks for the final task that humanity MUST achieve. To become an interplanetary species. For what good is the greatest achievement if no one is there. What good is all of this if one day human conscience disappears from the story of time?"

  20. Anyone else like Elon Musk more than Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Neil seems like a joke to me. Everything he's ever said sounds like it's been read out of a text book while Elon sounds more natural, like he understands the subject matter more. Has Neil even accomplished or discovered anything great?

  21. I wouldn't say going to Mars to safeguard our species is the only reason, but also simply because we owe it to ourselves as explorers. There's also a lot of good things (tech, innovation) that can come out of this that could benefit our world. And if you can achieve a sustainable colony on Mars…

    Well, the entire solar system would be open for human exploration, for starters. Sounds pretty exciting.

  22. It's funny to listen to them talk about global warming and the melting poles way back when this was shot, the scientist just found out last week that the poles are actually still getting bigger and more water freezing under the poles and adding to them. The planet warming and cooling is a recorded even that happens to this planet naturally with the facts to back it up!! The levels of Co2 on earth were hundreds of times higher at past points in earths history and plants and animals alike thrived, a lot of plants were hundreds of times larger during these periods because of the high co2. Climate change is real, but it is no way man made and there's not one shred of proof that it is, but there just happens to be tons of scientific studies that proves we are having no effect. The levels we produce are minuscule compared to the levels needed to have any of these "effects" the experts that are paid to create these studies and manipulate the data in such a way the findings support this lie!

  23. If something catastrophic happened to earth, as far as asteroid, moon breaking it's orbit, etc. I don't think Mars would last that long either just because of how close it is to earth. Earth losing it's trajectory would screw everything else up.

    I'm not an astrophysicist but that's just my opinion. And I'll never change it.

  24. But did you receive the Tesla. And if so what model. I’m about to start carrying a chicken sandwich with me just in case I’m ever trapped in a room with Elon musk

  25. "I don't really worship anything, but i do devote myself to the advancement of humanity using technology" He is the real Emperor of Terra.

  26. I feel like you owe the human race to make more of these. These are awesome and only first discovering them now!

  27. After Trumputin has NASA build space wars, we're going to Mars and Mexico is going to pay for it! Woo hoo! Mars or bust! 😉😉😁😁

  28. life on this planet, aka human beings need to be worthy of spreading thru the universe and at the moment humanity as it is on earth is an abysmal mess, endless wars, poverty, homelessness, the masses following a few insane leaders, you get my point. When we have peaceful and loving people and health for all and empowered people, then i think humans will have earned the right to spread thru the universe.

  29. Wow, I adored this! Stay devoted Elon. You are appreciated and admired. You too Rainn, you are putting great things out there as well. It's nice to know I'm sharing the planet with such groovy thinkers! 😉

  30. people think all religions are Christianity and hence, religion cant exist with science.
    anyway, the prpblem is the Christians and some extremists from other religions(AKA ISIS).
    science isnt against religion.
    even evolution isnt against religion
    no way in sacred texts(im sure of Quran at least) does it say evolution cant exist.
    evolution could co exist with creationism,
    and if you dont believe so then read more. dont take your views from youtube videos (or comments XD)

    cheers and good luck in pursuing knowledge.

  31. I'd like to make chocolate. Really good chocolate from a place of love. From cocoa beans to bars and truffles. The local chocolate makers near me are either lacking in the love department or have sub-par chocolate. I think combining the two would allow me to connect more with people and maybe help my community more, and those things have great potential for good. Chocolate may not be as exciting as Tesla Motors, but it's certainly more tasty!

  32. Now Elon has sent his car to Mars while making an underground tunnel to decrease traffic in Cali. The future will be lit as long as he is around.

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