Elajjaz [Livestream]: Dark Souls[47] Catherine: Full Body[2] (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz [Livestream]: Dark Souls[47] Catherine: Full Body[2]  (CC CHAT)

culsphere: elaHYUK demifiendll: Pog twicestefodo: Pog Bawlah: elaHi DaniDuck: AlienPls takirindor: Pog chris9696bkr: Loive Chag BTRNDL: YOOOOOOO! MoeDaEngineer: Pog AlexAnderman1994: AlienPls DimiKots: yooo Pog Shmoop1: !Chag #early ramesees: elaHi Caput_Draconis: AlienPls chris9696bkr: ! elaBruv Jonasf97: Pog supmadness: pog Wheels82: Wheels82 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! MoeDaEngineer: welcome everyone WrestlerBot2000: @Wheels82 After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM demifiendll: sleeping dogs Kreygasm HEIL_MODS_: PogU Bakurretsu: EljanPls wandering_pleb: EljanPls culsphere: early PogU Hambabu: moon2SH SpoofGoon: pepeD goodkatt_: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls Elajjaz: oh fuck Elajjaz: wrong game WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Catherine: Full Body: Is this game weeb? 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram jusapoika: EljanPls MoeDaEngineer: @Elajjaz really elaK WrestlerBot2000: Latest tweet: “Started Catherine last night and oh boy is it a hard game when you dont know how it works, incredibly fun though! Will continue today after the usual 🤠” at 13:58:07 05.09.19 – https://twitter.com/statuses/1169580464195194886 Elajjaz: ere we go dottient: only strats? SeraphxStray: Chag AlexAnderman1994: wrong game, 😏 unless… 1marcio080: ElaCOOL 🍆 🗯️ elaFella Median4: elaThirst Raftelle: elaHi francis_kratos: HandsUp MoeDaEngineer: such a weeb @Elajjaz ViveLaDissidence: HandsUp HEIL_MODS_: not the emojis again elaWeird Wuxia: !nepSmug #weebs GoldenFlame1: Pog culsphere: @Elajjaz please watch Nemz clips from DeS yesterday. https://clips.twitch.tv/ScarySlipperyMonkeyTakeNRG kytos1k: HeyGuys culsphere: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultResilientRatKappaClaus Honny782: no KEKW stream DansGame shiny__hawlucha: Sup Ela and chat jeeracLuv SEsternO: PogU chomikko: chomikko subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! WrestlerBot2000: @chomikko After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KappatainHindsight: Those Nemz clips from yesterday are so PepeLaugh Turbulist: I literally just opened twitch when ela started streaming, It’s fate Chag SEsternO: my sub PepeHands oh nyoooo GoldenFlame1: !KKona AntonioAS7X: ela1 ela2 Wuxia: !nepSmug #gachis Bakurretsu: ela1 ela2 sepharin: Full Catherine stream? Pog SEsternO: AlienPls Bakurretsu: ela3 ela4 Montanaontario2392: nepSmug Aeonll: AlienPls Elajjaz: nope Elajjaz: !title WrestlerBot2000: Dark Souls Remastered! – All bosses speedruns 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram Boredofshoooting: does anyone have the link for the promt swap? Bawlah: Same @Turbulist merchandise_of_cush: EljanPls Dirty_Joe_: Yo everybody! Elajjaz: !route WrestlerBot2000: Dark Souls Remastered – All bosses BKH/Sorcery by Ducksual: https://pastebin.com/9f0eXguP juumanden: EljanPls 1marcio080: ela is playing catherine offstream elaWeird fasfereS: Kappa Wuxia: whens wr FeelsLateMan Turbulist: Bawlah PogU OriPeel: Ela did you finish the anime AYAYA ? souldedeh: pepeD Turbulist: SEsternO your pleb now PepeHands GoldenFlame1: pepeJAMMER takirindor: pepeJAM Kaspu: pepeJAMMER Murika_: pepeJAM Shmoop1: can you play me some Sea Shanty 2 ♂ ? @Elajjaz wandering_pleb: pepeJAM OriPeel: Pog turbo killer edgyedge1337: !PogU Raftelle: pepeJAM merchandise_of_cush: pepeJAM Bakurretsu: pepeJAM SEsternO: Turbulist yeah PepeHands juumanden: pepeJAMMER Caput_Draconis: pepeJAM shiny__hawlucha: wait I’m popping off duumed: pepeD SEsternO: Turbulist hi btw pepeL Gloriousbonerstoner: ela12 yoooooo Myowa_: He-yo early crew elaH MoeDaEngineer: ela is a such a weeb, it just matter of time and he will confess Kaspu: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD Bakurretsu: pepeJAMMER FrancoJ15: Pog turbo killer Flako_: !LULW Kaspu: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD merchandise_of_cush: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD Kaspu: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD fakie_420: BBoomer tetra5: pepeJAMMER shiny__hawlucha: :c SEsternO: pepeD ergivanc: AYAYA kytos1k: Hello !LULW GoldenFlame1: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD Caput_Draconis: pepeD Bakurretsu: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD Turbulist: SEsternO hello pepeL Viridiz_: ElaJAMMER Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Vanah: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER Raftelle: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD Kazeith: WHAT’S THE SONG NAME?? Turbulist: pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla pepeJAMMER pepeD (ditto) RareEla Dirty_Joe_: !Kappa culsphere: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER devil2ex: pepeD Bakurretsu: @Kazeith Turbo killer sviat93: !AYAYA kytos1k: pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady STRGZR: LATE SMH elaMAD KappatainHindsight: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER daedreon: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu busky_maldsack: FeelsLateMan wandering_pleb: (ditto) Kazeith: @bakurretsu THANKS Klod1991: RaregachiGASM psyfun_: xtraBanger SEsternO: MrDestructoid I MrDestructoid AM MrDestructoid TURBO MrDestructoid KILLER MrDestructoid STRGZR: elaMad Klod1991: RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM Nerdogram: Hey yo elajjaz ! Kreygasm fasfereS: AYAYA Wuxia: sans is in smash PepeLaugh FINs_empire2: This route just takes advantage of new glitches right? There is no different order or something Neon_Shadow: Neon_Shadow subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: @Neon_Shadow After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM DarkShadow1093: pepeJAMMER Flako_: !rbzKing KappatainHindsight: ! elaFella jpoe1995: Oh baby devil2ex: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAM Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER MsSusieQ: !LUL Masterguran: ! chrisGrin SEsternO: pepeD Bakurretsu: ! elaYA sviat93: Ela in Smash n4tk0: WTF i got catherine notification, not dark souls DansGame Germy_ranch: pepeD pepeD Flott: pepeJAMMER OriPeel: Is Witcher 2 worth playing ? SpireFacts: I’m in chat elaThirst Kambri: pepeD NeptuneDweller: ! elaSmile Turbulist: SpireFacts Chag elaThirst provenmac: PepeLaugh CurseofSherwood: !PepeLaugh provenmac: !PepeLaugh redhotchilipepe: @OriPeel it’s good, but 3 is way better Wuxia: !PepeUff discokjelle123: VoHiYo loki_oki: No speedrun today Pog loki_oki: Hey chat wandering_pleb: MaN n4tk0: @oripeel good story, weird combat, worth if you are a fan Pyrojackelope: Pog Elysior: !elaDM kytos1k: Pog OriPeel: Thanks chat FeelsOkayMan Rejevik: @oripeel it’s OK, but you gotta get used zo combat Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 1) – https://youtu.be/bIq9c2v9y4U VineWood0604: ElaCOOL ElaJAMMER sviat93: !OhMyDog Turbulist: YOO ela12 Bakurretsu: YOOOO ela12 VineWood0604: yooooooooooooooo ela12 takirindor: Yoooo Montanaontario2392: ela12 BTRNDL: K?K! devil2ex: ela12 yooooooooooooooo supmadness: Yoooooooooooo wandering_pleb: ela12 Wheels82: YOOOOOOOO ela12 sviat93: ShazBotstix yooo kytos1k: pepeJAMMER GoldenFlame1: yooooooo ela12 discokjelle123: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Turbulist: pepeD Raftelle: elaHi Seijinsan: Yoooooooo ela12 VineWood0604: K? Amellwind: good morning! Turbulist: K Murika_: @Elajjaz tekken season3 patch notes just got released Pog AlexAnderman1994: K? k Viridiz_: atpQuan Turbulist: K? K n4tk0: @oripeel you could always just play on EZ if combat is too weird GoldenFlame1: elaK dunnowtw: K? k Montanaontario2392: elaK L4MiRoX: hi guys elaH elaH elaHi elaHi elaHi Turbulist: L4MiRoX elaH ChickenMuffins: Hi chat elaH Zendry: Goose PepeLaugh JadedWarrior: DuckerZ wtf Kaspu: ZULL GoldenFlame1: Kreygasm Turbulist: ChickenMuffins elaH Kaspu: ZULUL VineWood0604: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: pepeD J0hnnyBlade: ZULUL Turbulist: elaFeels BTRNDL: @ChickenMuffins pvpGlad / vohvlei: ZULUL heartbabe29: should just delete gueese schlawinator: Hi chat Hi ela elaH pepeL Flott: WutFace gabrielcosta0613: PepeHands Kaspu: forsenCD VineWood0604: elaFeels provenmac: PepeLaugh jpoe1995: jpoe1995 subscribed with Twitch Prime. sviat93: Where is Xiaoyu buffs, I need to read PunOko WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @jpoe1995 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Tamahowk: RaregachiGASM Turbulist: schlawinator elaH dunnowtw: you did PepeLaugh JadedWarrior: AYAYA Catherine Nanashi_Sakamoto: HandsUp dunnowtw: forsenCD Turbulist: forsenCD Tamahowk: HandsUp NaughtyPedro: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL Captain_PogChamp: forsenCD nice chris9696bkr: ForsenCD StarPogPlatinum: RaregachiGASM jpoe1995: elaK Flott: danHeh_BW Viridiz_: forsenCD Clap AlexAnderman1994: forsenCD Raftelle: forsenCD NeptuneDweller: everyone knows u stayed up to see that picture Meximus322: forsenCD chris9696bkr: forsenCD AGIIOSS: AGIIOSS subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! Caput_Draconis: forsenCD WrestlerBot2000: @AGIIOSS After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM supmadness: @Elajjaz gears 5 for PC pog L4MiRoX: catherine is such a good game i love it elaH devil2ex: focenCD ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD Clap Antimonesia: forsenCD how transparent of you OriPeel: forsenCD good stuff now FeelsOkayMan AlexAnderman1994: forsenCD forsenWC Kaspu: ZULUL ZULUL YEAH BUT ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ZULUL forsenCD ZULUL BTTV IS LIKE⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ZULUL ZULUL A 3RD PARTY THING takirindor: pepeJAM BlueErmine: forsenCD Clap J0hnnyBlade: dunnowtw forsenCD my man schlawinator: @Turbulist elaH devil2ex: forsenCD GoldenFlame1: pepeJAM UltraWindow: pepeD DaniDuck: 70 elaWut Turbulist: pepeD OriPeel: LULW scam UltraWindow: forsenCD StarPogPlatinum: pepeJAM Meximus322: sup chat elaH sup @Elajjaz elaH elaFella Zendry: OMEGALUL wandering_pleb: can I have your shirt ela? elaSmile dunnowtw: you really do look tired as hell man essiSmile Kaspu: LULW Meximus322: LULW dekkah: $2 with gamepass tho Zendry: just ask Windows for a key bj_cobbledick___: bj_cobbledick___ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 7 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @bj_cobbledick___ If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Caput_Draconis: LULW NaughtyPedro: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL Turbulist: 70 monkaX provenmac: $15 for me PepeLaugh garenbush: LULW TRVoidwalker: TRVoidwalker subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! Already 1 year only 12 more ela13 StarPogPlatinum: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @TRVoidwalker What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Wuxia: Clap2 forsenCD RisingBeats: Gears5 have an amazing score dunnowtw: @J0hnnyBlade PepeLaugh forsenCD ✌️ chris9696bkr: @Elajjaz better buy gamepass Flott: monkaS RisingBeats: How are you doing, @Elajjaz ? Irocam: hey Ela and chat pepeL Flott: Gotta pay for that valve tax danGreed UltraWindow: shillup claims its good Wuxia: Clap2 forsenCD BBoomer Clap Turbulist: Irocam pepeL UvaroviteKing: Ele got Catherine Full Body early???!!!!! Pog SerVersta: with game pass ela use game pass for 1 months and then cancel it after finish the game sviat93: @Elajjaz Gears 5 costs 60$ in US, 70€ is the most expensive price in the world, evne UK, Japan, Canada, etc have it cheaper Irocam: @Turbulist elaH provenmac: Offstream DansGame Wheels82: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW Irocam: Ela is too old PepeHands UltraWindow: did you have nightmares last night ela? PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: elaK MoeDaEngineer: @Elajjaz still wrong title weeb, elaK RisingBeats: Take care of your health first Kaeede: GEARS OMEGALUL SeraphxStray: @Elajjaz gamepass is basically netflix for games. Its awesome dunnowtw: morning person DansGame PhysiCle: ‘Ello Ela, ‘ello chat elaH shikifujin16: gears 1-3 are the best no doubt Sabriell: just do more catherine now Pog Pizza_Bread: Hey everyone elaHi Turbulist: PhysiCle elaH Germy_ranch: $70 tppowerFree Clap Turbulist: AYAYA Wheels82: LULW jade282: morning person WutFace Shmoop1: @PhysiCle elaFella Res_Quant: not pirating all the game lmao STRGZR: forsenCD STUPID FUCKING MISTAKES MAN Flott: Game pass is a subscription based service that give you access to a bunch of game Turbulist: Pizza_Bread elaH Nazzet: pepeJAM Pizza_Bread: @PhysiCle PepeL Turbulist: pepeJAMMER StarPogPlatinum: Whiskey must have not helped PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Captain_PogChamp: vadi1 vadi2 vadi3 vadi4 Caput_Draconis: pepeJAM Meximus322: pepeD OriPeel: Did you see Uzumaki on Youtube Pog ? @Elajjaz juumanden: EljanPls dunnowtw: yes skypixx: skypixx subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! WrestlerBot2000: @skypixx After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Zergatui: AlienPls Turbulist: elaBlind Flott: It’s pretty good danYes GoldenFlame1: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Meximus322: elaCozy shikifujin16: YES ITS COZY Shmoop1: it’s worse for your eyes though @Elajjaz PhysiCle: @Turbulist @Shmoop1 @Pizza_Bread pepeL NaughtyPedro: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL girlfromjapan: Ela~ pepeL 💙 eliastheepicgamer: it’s not even dark Captain_PogChamp: vadiU provenmac: You can play gears for $5 with gamepass PepeLaugh shikifujin16: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls LorkiStream: RareEla Klod1991: @Elajjaz GivePLZ Add peepoHappy please. No one uses FOGGERS anyway. cherishme_: no you must stare at the light ela ๐Ÿ™‚ dunnowtw: gachiHYPER dottient: fine RisingBeats: Play Triumph, FFXIV song @Elajjaz Shmoop1: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER BrowningZen: AlienPls NaughtyPedro: GWA GWA GWA Rhynin: Shmoop1 i thought this theory is old news and isnt true Damejii: Hey Ela did you play the weeb game yesterday? Turbulist: FOGGERS masau9: masau9 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Hi Ela & Chat elaOk elaFella WrestlerBot2000: @masau9 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM sviat93: yeah good way of playing gears is passes AyoFamWuddupLOL: Hello chat and Ela elaHi elaH elaGasm peonzoid:Caput_Draconis: monkaTOS nevville: yo Ela and chat elaFella Nemz38: copying content WeirdChamp supmadness: monkaTOS ViveLaDissidence: DeS 4k 120fps Pog Gbraga: the loading times are SO fast WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Turbulist: nevville hello annytfHeart BrowningZen: P5 Pog Ajahi: Demon’s Souls emulator 60fps Pog Espher_5: nevville elaFella Sabriell: persona 5 playthrough when Pog Dismal_Arkt: Too elaGa dunnowtw: Pog Turbulist: monkaW gamezocker: Pog J0hnnyBlade: Pog Caput_Draconis: Pog BrowningZen: ZULUL sviat93: Nemz trying to become Yukas meme PepeLaugh MarcusHash: PogU ? garenbush: ZULUL Kaspu: ZULUL Virhaed: ZULUL Espher_5: ZULUL nevville: @Turbulist @Espher_5 hello! elaH dunnowtw: lidl survivor Pog Shmoop1: do it now ZULUL Maffia171: ZULUL Caput_Draconis: ZULUL AkaTsubaki_: ZULUL Bakurretsu: ZULUL Captain_PogChamp: vadiU Turbulist: ZULUL WARROR tetra5: ZULUL met1911: paid reviews ZULUL Gbraga: is this far cry? Wheels82: elaK thrilloftill: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! ViveLaDissidence: ZULUL Turbulist: ZULUL WARRIORS Wuxia: ZULUL Flott: monkaTOS Klod1991: MULTI ZULUL dunnowtw: just like forest, I imagine TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz KEKW when? Tamahowk: the forest Jaargan: hello chat ZULUL Karv3rr: Insane Pog Dismal_Arkt: Looks like the forrest elaWeird RisingBeats: Play that instead DS LUL Gbraga: cool razorxscooter: More weeb games today? naroStaryn CyanPhantom: so like the better far cry shikifujin16: Looks cool Ajahi: Actual story? Turbulist: Jaargan ZULUL ALLO Espher_5: Jaargan ZULUL ALLO rush_olme: @Elajjaz looks like a the forest copy Kaspu: KEKW WeirdChamp Smough: KEKW normies LULW met1911: OMEGLOL KEKW souldedeh: 380 hours AYAYA Clap Turbulist: KEKW WeirdChamp nevville: @Jaargan elaFella TheZecaUrubu: LUL WrestlerBot2000: “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Umbasa!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 15 matlej85: not going to hapen LuL WittyName08: Vote postal 2 Klod1991: 380 hours FF 14 monkaS Kaspu: elaK MarcusHash: AYAYA Clap Dismal_Arkt: elaK Maffia171: Kapp Irocam: how is Catherine weeb elaHmm StarPogPlatinum: It’s more mature than weeby Espher_5: AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: Kapp Jaargan: @Turbulist @Espher_5 @nevville elaH J0hnnyBlade: only 380 PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: elaYA Karv3rr: ZULULW UltraWindow: edge *pause* *pause* n’alright *pause* edge edge edge *pause* THERES NOTHING I CAN DO *pause* *pause* edge edge *pause* its over chat, theres nothing i can do EDGE TripleThrashTreat: LIKE IN NEW VEGAS PepeHands SARGE PepeHands ShinoEleven: AYAYA nevville: ass weeby elaGasm sviat93: AYAYA AFilthyCasuaI: WeirdChamp 👉 AYAYA CloudSerpentSR: weeb this calebHa weeb that calebHa wandering_pleb: jorts again PepeLaugh MarcusHash: AYAYA cuties AYAYA Toiks: @Elajjaz ONE OF US supmadness: @Elajjaz its a very mature game shaccles98: KeKW Sabriell: Persona 5 when ela PepeHands Kaspu: forsenCD Smough: he can handle it because he played enough hentai games Irocam: forsenCD Maffia171: forsenCD Clap Nemz38: still making excuses PepeLaugh Meximus322: forsenCD Jaargan: forsenCD Dismal_Arkt: Its 💿 monkaW TheMasterToaster: forsenCD Clap Zergatui: forsenCD UltraWindow: forsenCD ファイ: D: Wheels82: forsenCD Simoteus: Like this? https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeFantasticMagpieYouWHY?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url PepeLaugh dunnowtw: forsenCD Clap gamezocker: forsenCD my man ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD HYPERCLAP CyanPhantom: forsenCD Clap Hexag0nSun: 💿 ShinoEleven: forsenCD sprakcity: forsenCD MAH MAN Bakurretsu: forsenCD juumanden: forsenCD Clap Myowa_: forsenCD Clap provenmac: I read the story for Catherine last night and all I can say is holy shit 😳 PirateMateyy: forsenCD Xer4th : Xer4th subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! AlexAnderman1994: Clap2 forsenCD WrestlerBot2000: @Xer4th (xer4th) After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Wuxia: forsenCD Clap garenbush: forsenCD Xurker: what the fuck MrJoeNinety: All i hear in this chat is the word Weeb WeirdChamp Kaspu: elaK ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD forsenWC dunnowtw: Kapp MarcusHash: forsenCD stupid mistakes Bakurretsu: elaK Dismal_Arkt: Oh shit forsenCD enabled Chag Jaargan: elaK juumanden: sure Kapp Montanaontario2392: elaK Flott: forsenCD HYPERCLAP rainbowhorsehead: Kapp MoeDaEngineer: @Elajjaz elaK jade282: @elajjaz The MC already have girlfriend already better than most weeb Kappa UltraWindow: senrun kengura? dunnowtw: with one hand gachiHYPER Talmk: PepeLaugh sviat93: Ryouna AYAYA Clap olkay1: THE GAMEPLAY suryk22: Hi! Kira_22: https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousWealthyCasetteEleGiggle Bumberus: Bumberus subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 60 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Bumberus After 60 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM CloudSerpentSR: you played it for 2 seconds? yep you’re a weeb in my book Kappa UltraWindow: well its a psvita game, ofcourse its pretty shit Badmanmango: ela stop rising to the bullies, youre a weeb and its okay Karv3rr: ZULUL olkay1: i have all them games Dismal_Arkt: elaBlind Antimonesia: too hard to play with one hand? elaK perry_1903: hey ela, hey chat elaH pepeL OriPeel: Boomer LULW Xurker: @Elajjaz in the salty gesture video you watched last stream why did you skip the part where you speak weebish HEIL_MODS_: addicted PepeHands shaccles98: Why you got a delay doood unbuliebubble: Catherine Kreygasm MarcusHash: Senran Kagur>>>this trash ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ MilchiWay: Ela is a weeb AYAYA zafkieldane: @nemz38 stream DS1R all boss speedrun … get WR b4, Ela to show dominance ๐Ÿ™‚ Sabriell: play catherine now PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: UltraWindow what is? Naniyo: AYAYA KirizukA: @Elajjaz WR Today? Nanashi_Sakamoto: Persona 5 next LULW Xurker: ENABLER LULW Claidheamh_Mor: instant transmission Pog MahvelBaby: Katherine AYAYA OriPeel: We enabled now AYAYA shikifujin16: elaCozy elaCozy streams Simoteus: nemzMALD Res_Quant: senran is fucking trash dunnowtw: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh senior_gardo: LULW unbuliebubble: we gon have some Catherine later Pog ? Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Captain_PogChamp: vadiA vadiB Tamahowk: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: J0hnnyBlade senran kagura, pretty shitty psvita game, dead console too koala_na_spidah: nemzMALD FateBeserker: finished the vod of Metal Wolf. Metal Wolf is so good! Slaps_Giving: PepeLaugh BTRNDL: Nemz complains about everything tbh elaK Germy_ranch: elaK elaK crapcrack: Nemz EleGiggle Nemz38: yeah imagine thinking ds1 has hard bosses GoldenFlame1: nemzMALD Pajki13: ds3 is worse lul Simoteus: Did you see him in Valley of Defilement yesterday? MAX nemzMALD shadowheart7: I love that people are excited for P5 J0hnnyBlade: UltraWindow ah yes true LULW vita games Wheels82: NEMZ LULW DaniDuck: See you chat, going to do some chill gathering in ff14 while watching elaCozy MilchiWay: D: shaccles98: Oh my phone Pepega then Meximus322: PepeLaugh takirindor: D: Flott: 4Mansion Naniyo: elaD CloudSerpentSR: nemz OMEGALUL Claidheamh_Mor: only person who runs it and still cant wr LUL perry_1903: Nemz38 LULW Redonkules: D: shikifujin16: what does MALD mean???? @Elajjaz AFilthyCasuaI: Nemz complains about everything PepeLaugh koala_na_spidah: @Nemz38 nemzMALD Pasu: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Nazzet: Blame the game PepeLaugh MarcusHash: DS is trash in general ๐Ÿ™‚ Meximus322: LULW DaniDuck: LULW AntonioAS7X: elaD Maffia171: Clap dunnowtw: ElaClap kytos1k: KARMA perry_1903: ElaClap Turbulist: ElaClap Caput_Draconis: ElaClap VikingAspire: Clap Shmoop1: ElaClap nevville: ElaClap Tamahowk: LULW garenbush: INSTANT KARMA LULW Hexag0nSun: TIMING LULW Kaspu: REMASTERED LULW Bakurretsu: LULW Clap bfisher: Clap VineWood0604: ElaClap AhteneBlur: ITS OK TO LIKE ANIME @Elajjaz ๐Ÿ™‚ Naniyo: OMEGADOWN Montanaontario2392: ElaClap tetra5: Clap Germy_ranch: Filler content PepeLaugh Clap Meetwane: forsenMald forsenMald sinankacktt: Clap AlexAnderman1994: ElaClap provenmac: LULW J0hnnyBlade: ElaClap kytos1k: LULW Jaargan: ElaClap ViveLaDissidence: ElaClap Meximus322: ElaClap StarPogPlatinum: ElaClap MilchiWay: Catherine time Keepo wandering_pleb: ElaClap theBetes: ElaClap Tamahowk: ElaClap juumanden: ElaClap Nanashi_Sakamoto: ElaClap marshalmv: Clap Captain_PogChamp: STILL CANT WR PepeLaugh SerVersta: KARMA Flott: ElaClap Karv3rr: jolliErr jolliOr Wuxia: ElaClap Sabriell: instant karma LULW Wheels82: DEMASTERED LULW demonic_horde: it’s another sign LULW NotMaloony: your brain crashed NaughtyPedro: nymnSMALD crapcrack: @nemz38 PepeL PepeLaugh 👉 🚪 FINs_empire2: Master is running all achievements though dunnowtw: ElaClap GABEN Isbjorn3213: insane!! rk0r: GabeN Clap tetra5: GabeN Clap MahvelBaby: ElaClap Flott: This is going well ElaClap Nemz38: yeah but Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Catherine waiting room AYAYA supmadness: @Elajjaz you said one time you love rng in speedruns Nemz38: what has that juumanden: GabeN Nemz38: NAH Nemz38: dude Matsonyan: Matsonyan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Matsonyan After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WittyName08: Have you played DS4 yet? Xurker: bro you just posted bad RNG you are going to loose time CloudSerpentSR: b-b-b-but FeelsPepoMan Nemz38: you make it RNG WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz drgnontus: !ff14 Nemz38: when there is 100% consistent strats fur sure thereal2kprodigy: PogUwU Pasu: FFXIV PogChamp Turbulist: How do you make something RNG PepeLaugh crapcrack: @nemz38 razorxscooter: @elajjaz Cirno is becoming so normie now, he tweeted his gym progress and now hes planning to get married to his fiance cirD Pajki13: @Nemz38 this guy is insane.. ShanaH: ShanaH subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months, currently on a 12 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @ShanaH What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM KrazyShark: Saturday stream FeelsGoodMan Clap Nemz38: “people” Shmoop1: PepeLaugh getting baited by nemz PepeLaugh nevville: @Turbulist ela knows how to apparently elaFella Wheels82: PepeLaugh Nemz perry_1903: KrazyShark elaFella TheMasterToaster: Nemz lying again PepeLaugh CloudSerpentSR: wait, but but FeelsPepoMan KrazyShark: wait it’s not saturday elaS why does it feel like a saturday dunnowtw: PepeLaugh crapcrack: 🚪 KrazyShark: @perry_1903 krazys2PAT hoi Flott: PepeLaugh ChrisBoul: Hi Ela nad chat!! Fai0thx: whazzup zafkieldane: Ela is baiting Nemz38 to run DS1R Jebaited Jebaited Turbulist: nevville PepeLaugh elaFella Pasu: When are you playing ffxiv on stream @Elajjaz ? perry_1903: ChrisBoul elaHi dunnowtw: @KrazyShark pepeL crapcrack: @krazyshark u high DarkShadow1093: @Nemz38 show him and get the wr in remastered all bosses Pikmin_PoE: Anyone here ever Face Jaraxxus? The Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion. Montanaontario2392: @KrazyShark elaFella Wheels82: Pog Simoteus: monkaSHAKE dunnowtw: DO IT Pog rihoto: Pog Caput_Draconis: Pog J0hnnyBlade: Pog DeNils: Pog OnePointSpace: Pog redhotchilipepe: Pog do it Karv3rr: PogU kaiju_boi: LULW DS2 Myowa_: PogU zaPaarl: ds2 all bosses Pog Pikmin_PoE: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog supmadness: Pog Dity9: PogU Turbulist: Pog Masterguran: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Nemz38 Do a run , get WR to assert your dominance over him PepeLaugh BTRNDL: DS 2 elaKek Bakurretsu: Pog edgyedge1337: PogU dunnowtw: it actually looks Pog provenmac: monkaW LordCalcifer: Pog DS2 handrick: Pog DarkShadow1093: Pog jusapoika: Pog do it rainbowhorsehead: do it Pog thereal2kprodigy: @elajjaz enable PogUwU SmileW Turbulist: PogU Nemz38: alright PirateMateyy: Pog MarcusHash: It’s crazy monkaS Fai0thx: Pog perry_1903: DS2 PepeLaugh Wheels82: Pog HELL YEAH 100africaner: Pog Nemz38: I’m running this game CyanPhantom: ds2 elaOk KrazyShark: @Elajjaz i think it’s cause it’s a holiday here and i took day off tomorrow so long weekend baby FeelsGoodMan @crapcrack senior_gardo: @Elajjaz consistent strats are too slow. Thats why you do yolo dragon Gbraga: DS2 is awesome to watch, so many memes Talmk: ds2 monkaSHAKE Nemz38: fuck you Redonkules: confirmed Pog VikingAspire: DS2 Pog dunnowtw: NEMZ LULW girlfromjapan: @KrazyShark pepeL KrazyShark: @dunnowtw krazys2PAT @Montanaontario2392 krazys2PAT crapcrack: DS 4 zafkieldane: WE DID IT Kaspu: UwU dunnowtw: UwU Karv3rr: Best Dark Souls game PogUWU ViveLaDissidence: VaN Clap Wuxia: nemz PogChamp Turbulist: WeirdChamp kaiju_boi: PogU wu DarkShadow1093: nemz Pog CloudSerpentSR: olraight 3Head SpireFacts: fuck you @Nemz38 tetra5: LULW SmaJLee: He doing it CONFIRMED Meximus322: PogUwU Pasu: POG UWU Simoteus: “Dark Souls 2 is pretty consistent too in getting runs going, there’s not much randomness at alll in the beginning” -Elajjaz Zane_Within: UwU ファイ: UwU Bakurretsu: elaWeird olkay1: UwU perry_1903: WeirdChamp AlexAnderman1994: FOGGERS Eldritchness: UwU Kaspu: Furries gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @girlfromjapan krazys2PAT hi ;3 Teutowolf: WeirdChamp nixus6: how long it take? takirindor: NaM dj_adolph: KEKW nevville: Sorry what, Nemz and Ela are racing DS1 for competition? Is that what I am reading between the lines? elaThirst Myowa_: WeirdChamp zafkieldane: Nemz38 is doing it PogChamp koala_na_spidah: nemzANANA girlfromjapan: @kaiju_boi pepeL dunnowtw: OwO what’s dis Ela shaccles98: Yeeeeeeees more DS speed runs loveeee themmm @elajjaz KrazyShark: @girlfromjapan sup bb Shmoop1: Enable smileW ๐Ÿ™‚ @Elajjaz kyeee18: That sounds like confirmation razorxscooter: @dunnowtw atamWow kaiju_boi: @girlfromjapan elaH pepeL CyanPhantom: i’m biased to ds2 since I met you through it elaFella ElrosenDel: ElrosenDel subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ElrosenDel the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM KinpaEbbasta: HI DADDY MilchiWay: uwu AYAYA dunnowtw: gachiHYPER LordCalcifer: D: Wheels82: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER Meximus322: gachiHYPER garenbush: gachiHYPER GoldenFlame1: nemz and ela race to DSR WR Pog J0hnnyBlade: razorxscooter atamWow Jaargan: D: Virhaed: gachiHYPER SausageMaster07: gachiHYPER Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER perry_1903: LULW Tamahowk: LULW Veddy_: hello ela and chat pepeL TheMasterToaster: LULW great start takirindor: LUL SerVersta: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh juumanden: ElaClap Pasu: HE RULL Maffia171: LULW AFilthyCasuaI: Can I suck them too? gachiBASS Dazed_World: @Elajjaz will you play catherine today? Myowa_: LULW Turbulist: MIYAZAKI ElaClap Arahu: good start PepeLaugh ElrosenDel: elaThirst elaThirst bfisher: i rúll perry_1903: Veddy_ elaH pepeL razorxscooter: @j0hnnyblade atamAYAYA MarcusHash: Enable KeKW emote 😡 @Elajjaz Montanaontario2392: i see the runs are going good today PepeLaugh Wheels82: PepeLaugh GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS kaiju_boi: @Veddy_ elaH elaFella Veddy_: perry_1903 pepeL MelanaChasmata: @Elajjaz Enamle KEKW ๐Ÿ™‚ Flott: KrazyShark, I said i remembered you from dan channel yesterday but, in fact, I don’t monkaS I was thinking of a guy called TrafficShark in dan chat danLurk Veddy_: kaiju_boi pepeL elaFella TripleThrashTreat: pepeLaugh AFilthyCasuaI: Time to not PB again PepeLaugh Sanad3: hi ela and chat. Only the chosen one can hold his donger HandsUp carorinuu: hey, how are 6Head strats going? KrazyShark: @provenmac krazys2PAT HEIL_MODS_: a complete run? PogU Sanad3: what’s different in the route now? wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: lets goo gfhgggfjgg: pierced that nip koala_na_spidah: PepeLaugh 👉 Ela’s WR Trophy case badly_dressed_0nion: PepeLaugh 👉 🔴 CallMeKong: real run Kreygasm fluepeak: @KrazyShark Sorry my bad i ment sexually non identified human being sprakcity: : PepeLaugh 👉 0️⃣ Ela’s WR Trophy case FiReBallKG: Legit halberd?? Nemz38: PepeLaugh Lexikun: can’t wait to see at the bottom of the splits “Wr is 1:10:01 by elajjaz” elaWOW KrazyShark: @fluepeak nah im a dude, what i meants was, ur a dude too. stay away from my mouth monkaW Bullet_: @Elajjaz remember the new strats this time atpCap LoratNar: Nemz why WeirdChamp SeeruM_: @FiReBallKG PepeLaugh never Unorgiven__: always fake bkh PepeLaugh fluepeak: @KrazyShark ๐Ÿ™ But Turbulist: ๐Ÿ™‚ kaiju_boi: ๐Ÿ™‚ garenbush: ๐Ÿ™‚ Pandreion: ๐Ÿ™‚ Jaargan: ๐Ÿ™‚ shiny__hawlucha: :0 Daerth_: ๐Ÿ™‚ Zifler: ๐Ÿ™‚ CJWM8te: ๐Ÿ™‚ badly_dressed_0nion: ๐Ÿ™‚ Montanaontario2392: elaSmile shiny__hawlucha: ๐Ÿ™‚ provenmac: ๐Ÿ™‚ flohmannjr: ๐Ÿ™‚ AFilthyCasuaI: ๐Ÿ™‚ Expleco: Today is the day ๐Ÿ™‚ STRGZR: elaSmile FreakyG: Kapp supmadness: ๐Ÿ™‚ FiReBallKG: @SeeruM_ PepeHands Galer1ans: ๐Ÿ™‚ girlfromjapan: ๐Ÿ™‚ Bytool: elaSmile perry_1903: ๐Ÿ™‚ gfhgggfjgg: elaSmile koala_na_spidah: PepeLaugh 👉 0️⃣ Ela’s WR Trophy case Galer1ans:=] Irocam: 😳 bigpeanut99: PepeLaugh LoratNar: Trying to get so me attention by bullying, i c elaBlind ela2 @Nemz38 Turbulist: PepeLaugh darius404: ๐Ÿ™‚ badly_dressed_0nion: This run is gonna die to Pinwheel PepeLaugh ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ Christianhero: real BKH? KrazyShark: FIFA SOULS Pog provenmac: 😳 fluepeak: @koala_na_spidah he got one tho before that was like 35:40 smt Kizuto3: PepeLaugh 👉 Ela’s WR Trophy case neothax: Fifa Controller PepeLaugh holoqh: @Christianhero nope JakisZlew: elaBruv KrazyShark: 😳 perry_1903: keeper 3Head badly_dressed_0nion: 3Head TheMasterToaster: Place your bets on what bullshit the run will die to PepeLaugh Christianhero: damn KrazyShark: uff Expleco: Ela’s greatest enemy is skipwheel PepeLaugh LoratNar: @KrazyShark Pls no elaWeird not like yesterday kaiju_boi: Pog JakisZlew: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv provenmac: @krazyshark Assuming that fifa goalkeepers aren’t clinically retarded PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @LoratNar ? 😏 baqheera: pog flohmannjr: Tanking it! Pog KrazyShark: @provenmac LULW Jimmy2358: TANK Irocam: !fuck thatattack WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, thatattack gachiDAMA HEIL_MODS_: emojis WeirdChamp Sanad3: 1 on 1 gachiBASS Zifler: Ela, you should turn off your lamp during day time in order to save electricity. elaSmile Klod1991: Watch him buy bones PepeLaugh LoratNar: Noooo NotLikeThis Sloales: my bet is on kalameet PepeLaugh bfisher: @HEIL_MODS_ ๐Ÿ™‚ koala_na_spidah: @fluepeak https://www.speedrun.com/user/Elajjaz just see here . OMEGALUL WRs LULW SpleX__: how much faster is this strat ? LoratNar: !fuck KRAZYSHARK HEIL_MODS_: @bfisher WeirdChamp BitRun: smoof Pog ichiyusai_: I remember SotC runs when the remake came out, you got sick of it or just wanted DkS again? elaHmm shiny__hawlucha: @TheMasterToaster The run will die when Ela meme rolls down to pinwheel LoratNar: Wait what bfisher: @HEIL_MODS_=) Expleco: Hydra choke is coming chat PepeLaugh LoratNar: I GOT SCAMMED fluepeak: @Elajjaz Whats ur tought on Greta Thunberg? KrazyShark: good thing i dont use electricity cause im always turned on @Zifler gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @LoratNar 😳 Ducksual: lamo TheMasterToaster: LULW holoqh: F LoratNar: LULW Kraad_: LUL ichiyusai_: LULW Zerophyne: LULW Zifler: @KrazyShark elaKek badly_dressed_0nion: ????? Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh Lexikun: LULW perry_1903: gachiHYPER scribbleh: LULW kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Hexag0nSun: OMEGALUL Xetise: gachiBASS ass Galer1ans: RIP CRAUDINHOU: F AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Golden04: PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: b u t t Noscope360Blazeit: ,,, WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SeraphxStray: HandsUp HEIL_MODS_: @bfisher make it stop ✋ WeirdChamp abonet: F Jaargan: @KrazyShark elaHAA Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER LoratNar: !fuck KRAZYSHARK WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, KRAZYSHARK gachiDAMA KororoX: did you forget the elevator?^^ kaiju_boi: pepeJAM miggonaut: hmm the lifeline position is missing on that profile, why is that? ๐Ÿ™‚ Zerophyne: that processing….. moment KrazyShark: @Jaargan krazys2PAT Bullet_: 4HEad AlexAnderman1994: ass we can? bfisher: @HEIL_MODS_ i can do this all day=^) LoratNar: There we go KrazyShark: @LoratNar elaD PLAZAx: ElaPls KrazyShark: @Elajjaz so wat do you do when you’re turned on elias SunBeard: @Elajjaz hi ela elaH hi chat elaThirst LoratNar: @KrazyShark no blush elaMad elaGun perry_1903: SunBeard elaH Turbulist: SunBeard elaH LoratNar: LULW KrazyShark: @LoratNar 😏 okay perry_1903: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: @bfisher i do not i gotta go read some elaH ilovehandmadepottery: LULW AlexAnderman1994: elaWeird ela giving shark the weird SunBeard: @perry_1903 @Turbulist elaH badly_dressed_0nion: sure its the HUD Kapp ergivanc: @Elajjaz when was the last time you got real halberd TheNevZone: FeelsWeirdMan KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 elaWeird he smiled doe 😏 LULW Jaargan: elaWeird Thenastyraven: elaWeird Ducksual: 🤔 Shmoop1: elaWeird LoratNar: elaWeird End0rphyne: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan cullermann2: weirder than my questions ? KrazyShark: elaWeird HEIL_MODS_: elaWeird perry_1903: elaWeird TheMasterToaster: Well shark is weird KrazyShark: @End0rphyne elaWeird ichiyusai_: So fake halberds does not get accepted onto the leaderboards? elaHmm KrazyShark: @TheMasterToaster aren’t we all Ducksual: should have just gone down the elevator 🤔 kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh demifiendll: 5Head dekkah: 5Head Hexag0nSun: Lost about a min CloudSerpentSR: FeelsPepoMan dono RKazekiri: NotLikeThis Thenastyraven: elaHmm LoratNar: 5Head i c zorry4badinglsh: nice garenbush: 5Head Expleco: elaHmm nice kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER nice Meximus322: Nice Chuami: 5Head AlexAnderman1994: PepeUff provenmac: 🧐 Lord_Solaire: elaHmm ilovehandmadepottery: 5Head TheMasterToaster: KrazyShark weirder than average PepeLaugh LaughingFerrets: LULW perry_1903: PepeLaugh tumaelso: PepeLaugh LoratNar: 5Head Indeed 8bitbarbarian: 5Head donaysh Shmoop1: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh IBhunivelze: PepeLaugh ilovehandmadepottery: 5head LULW Galer1ans: D: Sanad3: @Nemz38 Clap girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh SunBeard: I missed the end PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: PepeLaugh is that because its maths? PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @TheMasterToaster hmm, fine PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh verilonn: nemz5Head Jaargan: I didn’t even hear the punch line PepeHands Sal7_one: PepeLaugh Nemz38: PepeLaugh Expleco: Its called genius ela 5Head you wouldn’t know 5Head KrazyShark: ????? badly_dressed_0nion: ????????? CloudSerpentSR: 2+2 omg maths is hard FeelsPepoMan LoratNar: Uhhhh ThaAwsmMan: LUL LoafOf_Bread: LoafOf_Bread subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @LoafOf_Bread I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Montanaontario2392: elaK LoratNar: ElaPls SunBeard: @Nemz38 I’ll pay you 500 quid to tell me to fuck off IRL and spit in my face PepeLaugh tumaelso: 🍞 Clap Hexag0nSun: Potatoed em Pog kaiju_boi: ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: LULW LoratNar: LULW elunerises: D: Jaargan: ๐Ÿ™‚ shiny__hawlucha: ๐Ÿ™‚ garenbush: ๐Ÿ™‚ Thenastyraven: ๐Ÿ™‚ Pandreion: ๐Ÿ™‚ darius404: ๐Ÿ™‚ dekkah: ๐Ÿ™‚ SunBeard: ๐Ÿ™‚ Golden04: ๐Ÿ™‚ Squillakilla: squilS Meximus322: elaSmile CJWM8te: ๐Ÿ™‚ ergivanc: ๐Ÿ™‚ kaiju_boi: elaSmile LoratNar: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ RKazekiri: ๐Ÿ™‚ ho_ho_ha_ha: smile smile smile IBhunivelze: smile PLAZAx: ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: ๐Ÿ™‚ kryptor79: ๐Ÿ™‚ STRGZR: elaSmile ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ Sal7_one: ๐Ÿ™‚ Levander94: ๐Ÿ™‚ ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ tumaelso: ๐Ÿ™‚ LoratNar: elaSmile elaGun ThewarriorONiel: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaGun KrazyShark: 😏 AlexAnderman1994: You know what is manlier than a MaN ? @Elajjaz 2 men ThewarriorONiel: elaSmile elaPlan elaSmile elaGun elaSmile elaPlan elaSmile elaGun WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz sunfusions: he just wants to hang out with u PepeHands LoratNar: gachiBASS THERE IT IS Xerenix: @Elajjaz Hey ela. Feeling more clearheaded today? HEIL_MODS_: 🤭 Nemz38: Ela seems really grumpy today monkaW name_is_leo: @elajjaz PLAY CATHERINE TriHard TriHard TriHard TriHard CRAUDINHOU: Souls: Am I a joke to you? ilovehandmadepottery: When catherine BrascoGaming: PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: 4Shrug UNDO 4Shrug Wheels82: elaD End0rphyne: I N S A N E KeazenGG: KEKW Crazyjanda: Gonna play it later ? @Elajjaz Inevit: -20k SunBeard: some of them PepeLaugh TheNevZone: i guess you are a weeb now HYUKAGE Zifler: Sea shanty is catchy af Pog Nemz38: ite ite Xerenix: monkaW When Nemz says someone is grumpy, you know it’s serious KrazyShark: i agree, ela is kinda grumpy today KeazenGG: ENABLE KEKW @Elajjaz mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: Are you gonna check out competetive catherine on EVO? Shmoop1: Shmoop1 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! 8 months already! just wanted tp say I elaH chat, and also add smileW elaSmile gl with runs WrestlerBot2000: @Shmoop1 If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM ThaAwsmMan: “I´m done going to sleep, chat” proceeds to stream for an hour LULW @Elajjaz shamshamalam: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Zorann59: Hi Chat & Ela elaHi How the new strat going for you @Elajjaz ? SunBeard: @Shmoop1 OMEGLOL KrazyShark: @Zorann59 krazys2PAT Nemz38: I’ll leave the banter today Simoteus: It wasn’t that you streamed late, it’s that you were in Nemz’s stream after that elaWeird perry_1903: Zorann59 elaH pepeL HEIL_MODS_: PepeHands ergivanc: @Elajjaz isnt it better to just finish this run so you have some splits to compare against koala_na_spidah: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA elunerises: HEY CHAT HEY KinpaEbbasta: Just get wr wtf dude perry_1903: Shmoop1 elaH pepeL LaughingFerrets: 4HEad just speedrun till the end Jaargan: elaH @Shmoop1 KrazyShark: yeeeeeeeeee KrazyShark: t Galer1ans: hmm, it’s been quite a time since last LAKKI nb3Thinking KrazyShark: xd Klod1991: @Elajjaz What is the point of FaP in this run? Stamina and equip load? suryk22: 5 a.m woke up today for work pal perry_1903: xD KrazyShark: @Galer1ans AYAYA Nemz38: motivated Ela Pog Galer1ans: @KrazyShark nrdyH galer11AYAYA Thenastyraven: Fap ring elaGasm KrazyShark: @Elajjaz wanna know what’s better than fap ring? fap hero gachiHYPER ho_ho_ha_ha: FAP gachiBASS Jaargan: ๐Ÿ™‚ ergivanc: ๐Ÿ™‚ KrazyShark: ๐Ÿ™‚ SeeruM_: ๐Ÿ™‚ shiny__hawlucha: ๐Ÿ™‚ kaiju_boi: ๐Ÿ™‚ CrazyKidGo: ๐Ÿ™‚ Eufrazy: ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: ๐Ÿ™‚ Meximus322: elaSmile elaSmile dekkah: ๐Ÿ™‚ souldedeh: ๐Ÿ™‚ Shmoop1: ๐Ÿ™‚ KrazyShark: @Galer1ans krazys2PAT Expleco: ๐Ÿ™‚ Pandreion: ๐Ÿ™‚ IBhunivelze: ๐Ÿ™‚ Montanaontario2392: elaSmile Sor_row: ๐Ÿ™‚ Xerenix: ๐Ÿ™‚ SunBeard: ๐Ÿ™‚ CJWM8te: ๐Ÿ™‚ garenbush: ๐Ÿ™‚ Zifler: ๐Ÿ™‚ ichiyusai_: ๐Ÿ™‚ Levander94: ๐Ÿ™‚ Thenastyraven: ๐Ÿ™‚ s4s493: ๐Ÿ™‚ mixel7: ๐Ÿ™‚ TheMasterToaster: elaSmile VineWood0604: elaSmile WrestlerBot2000: 11x ๐Ÿ™‚ double digit combo Pog Inevit: ๐Ÿ™‚ Golden04: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ shamshamalam: ๐Ÿ™‚ Concon1: ๐Ÿ™‚ PLAZAx: ๐Ÿ™‚ Mengzanoid: ๐Ÿ™‚ miki___miki: ๐Ÿ™‚ Galer1ans: CarlSmile ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ kaiju_boi: SMARS ๐Ÿ™‚ HEIL_MODS_: elaSmile provenmac: ๐Ÿ™‚ Kizuto3: ๐Ÿ™‚ Eufrazy: pepeJAM KrazyShark: MILES fakie_420: WeirdChamp Snosachen: ๐Ÿ™‚ ThaAwsmMan: ๐Ÿ™‚ girlfromjapan: ๐Ÿ™‚ bigpeanut99: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile darius404: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ running_goose: elaSmile Simoteus: WeirdChamp IBhunivelze: elaSmile Sal7_one: ๐Ÿ™‚ sergei_no: ๐Ÿ™‚ KrazyShark: MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES Zendry: smiles Thenastyraven: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Myowa_: ๐Ÿ™‚ ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ kryptor79: ๐Ÿ™‚ Hussnay: elaSmile zorry4badinglsh: elaSmile BleekStone: ๐Ÿ™‚ WerewolfB: ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚ SMILE Hexag0nSun: ๐Ÿ™‚ kava06: ๐Ÿ™‚ SpleX__: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile rosspat: we forsen stream now bois Zorann59: elaSmile elaSmile elaD elaSmile elaSmile Kambri: ๐Ÿ™‚ kytos1k: LUL Thenastyraven: its not spammy ๐Ÿ™‚ WotorJL: so after you get infinite levels you can remove fap ring? Turbulist: MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES MILES neonmatrix: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile perry_1903: miles ๐Ÿ™‚ Montanaontario2392: 5Head ilovehandmadepottery: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ nan0o: 5Head 🍷 Sanad3: ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap Bobanaut: imagine your bot not filtering opening and closing brackets. now that would get annoying ahmed_sayin: ๐Ÿ™‚ Colroyds: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile Nemz38: 5Head 🍷 m2aster: xqcSmile koala_na_spidah: nemz5Head nevville: chat, real/fake bkh? shamshamalam: 5Head ah yes… Kizuto3: fake HEIL_MODS_: fake Hexag0nSun: fake perry_1903: nevville fake Galer1ans: @nevville fake mountaindhew: exquisite 5Head nevville: oh no PepeHands SunBeard: monkaW 👉 RTSR KrazyShark: having a girl smile at you is the best feeling in the world Kreygasm always lose Kunno1100: real bkh? Pog Kizuto3: he didn`t ask you Ela, he asked us ho_ho_ha_ha: 2376 monkaS Arlsowns: whats a fake bkh? ergivanc: @Elajjaz you know whats also fake my relationship PepeHands lemonate: hello eller! hows the new route boi? soul_hackers: wth 3 hits?? Peozorus: Hey Ela, hey Chat !! elaHi elaHYUG Xerenix: It’s that unusual for you KrazyShark? SunBeard: @Arlsowns if he doesn’t get the BKH from the black knight he has to cheat one in with cheatengine KrazyShark: @Peozorus krazys2PAT Thenastyraven: elaBlind i hate light perry_1903: Peozorus elaH pepeL nevville: FeelsBetterMan TheNevZone: gachiBASS datdeathy: you did drugs? D: IBhunivelze: gachiHYPER Montekoliou_: hey Ela and chat wassup my dudes pepeL Jaargan: @KrazyShark I agree FeelsGoodMan having my mum smile at me is the best thing ever FeelsGoodMan Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @Xerenix … FeelsBadMan *sigh* Fafebobo: Peozorus pepeL Meximus322: @Peozorus elaH running_goose: elaGasm Zifler: Why is it called fap ring tho? elaHmm I´ve been wondering this for like 3 years now. provenmac: @arlsowns He bought it from IKEA PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Jaargan mums krazys2PAT:( TheMoltenGuy: Only thing I know about Projared is that he fucked Ross’ wife Mccoone: WH OMEGALUL Holmborn: @Zarkellos ๐Ÿ™‚ sueyoung: woah what if i subscribe do you have a private snapchat ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Elajjaz Koppmoscha: @Pikmin_PoE no WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 1) – https://youtu.be/bIq9c2v9y4U Syiax_: I never even heard of him tho FeelsPepoMan saoblow: what about 2018 WerewolfB: Kapp Gravader: LuL Stilgarius: elaThirst Shordes: @ThaAwsmMan mate you just keep saying that. It’s a chat. People will talk about things you have no interest in anyway Nemz38: LUL TheMoltenGuy: not in 2019 Kapp darius404: Well you better get started Jebaited mountaindhew: gachiHYPER wevie1: elaK KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy but my name is Ross monkaW kaiju_boi: in 2018? elaThirst JesseThaBest: Ohh boi neonmatrix: 2017 Jaargan: LULW marshalmv: @Elajjaz ethan from H3H3 had a good response about that topic AcidSaber: monkaW 2019 only Chlupis: LULW Dml____: oof neonmatrix: 2016 Nemz38: nice way around it Nopileos: LULW nan0o: can i get the 2018 one holoqh: @Pikmin_PoE Manuel Ferrara is fairly successul streamer actually xUlti: 2018 Traknir: LUL CRAUDINHOU: Kappa Shimone: never even heard of projared lok Montanaontario2392: LuL DREAMOCASTER: yet Kapp TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark no its not WeirdChamp AyoFamWuddupLOL: LULW kennyrispuff: xqcS equinnn0x: so he has sent them billyReady sueyoung: woaaah Jaargan: elaThirst Nopileos: LUL TheMasterToaster: elaDM Nemz38: omg he has LULW WerewolfB: PepeHands neonmatrix: LDR LUL Montanaontario2392: elaThirst Klod1991: I literally have no idea what you are talking about. Someone send nudes and the girl who sent them complained about it and the got exposed? Expleco: Tell us about him gachiHYPER Sharkston: Can I get your nudes from 2000? PhilRamirez: elaDM miscusi: elaK tell us more Joshmoor45: bajoGraphics kaiju_boi: no? PepeLaugh sprakcity: Kapp PLAZAx: PepeLaugh Shordes: @Elajjaz was it with KrazyShark cheeze____: dang. elaThirst Life796: elaThirst Mancow_: elaK Bullet_: yeah chat why you gotta rub it in atpCap NetQvist: @Elajjaz internet waifus don’t count as relationship Xerenix: SEND PICS PLZ PhilRamirez: elaK douglasihatesummer: Kappa JesseThaBest: So there are hawt pics of Ela somewhere to be found Pog Yuho_h: Never go full ProJared neonmatrix: creepypasta Pikmin_PoE: @Nopileos @holoqh interesting Mccoone: elaK Danshea: ela is projared? AcidSaber: Sending nudes when you look like projared LULW classic_jerr: why don’t you level before hydra? Nemz38: yeah you don’t need to tell me Fafebobo: elaK Stilgarius: I dont ๐Ÿ™‚ TheMasterToaster: elaDM show pic Nemz38: trust me LUL Blackbird_SR71C: Oh believe me, ProJared fucking asked for them LUL Lexikun: true elaSmile Chlupis: True LULW PAPAY1TA: LULW bfisher: MaN haueryou26: the key word in that phase is “A” nude. True he has never send one nude. He always sends multiple nudes hydra_capo: we should confirm with Maral Kappa GoldenFlame1: MaN kaiju_boi: probably? elaK ThaAwsmMan: @Shordes fair enough, i only said it 2 times though KrazyShark: true Stilgarius: PepeLaugh cbRoFL: the pictures I took when I was at your place doesnt count right? elaDM Arahu: can we see them? Corex82: MaN ToneBacas: nope. can’t leak that shit gulshan1: MaN KrazyShark: @Shordes elaS hpbearman: elaDM Nopileos: MaN Jaargan: nemz acting like he has never sent nudes elaK KinpaEbbasta: Nemz is virgin or what? Gravader: cloud saves monkaS Nemz38: LULW Sephirothang: @cbRoFL LULW Shordes: @ThaAwsmMan at least 2 and a half elaB SpleX__: would i take nemz nudes or elas nudes? monkaHmm kaiju_boi: @KinpaEbbasta yes PepeLaugh twyll_duw: Agreed, been there, done that. Emilalv: Hi ela and chat! how are you all today and how has the runs been? elaH elaHi Klod1991: Imagine getting nudes from Nemz monkaS Xerenix: So Ela’s nudes are out there? elaHmm Asking for a friend lenert_: cbrEgg saoblow: @cbRoFL gachiHYPER Anioldlaubogich: long distannce relationships sucks higlhy not recommend Destruben: elaChug KinpaEbbasta: @kaiju_boi Oh i get it now Bullet_: @Elajjaz remember new seath Albin_Alligator: bardSong TaBeRu Fafebobo: Emilalv pepeL Shordes: @cbRoFL cbrEgg / perpetual_fest: @Emilalv elaH Emilalv: @Fafebobo @perpetual_fest elaH kaiju_boi: POGGERS What? Expleco: elaDM Good one too Shordes: gachiHYPER Nox15: gachiHYPER Sal7_one: You need an award for the amount of multi tasking you do DREAMOCASTER: what does nemz look like? elaHmm Nemz38: would it bother you a lot if your nudes got leaked? SurQ_: its not nude thoe elaHmm Blackbird_SR71C: Smh at everyone not choosing nerdy’s nudes… MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz i didnt know it until now coz of you nrdyREE VineWood0604: elaDM send nudes Loki_nG: Half the chat just hit google elaKek JesseThaBest: source? provenmac: elapack? Nemz38: wouldn’t even bother me LUL Jaargan: elaDM miggonaut: i never sent nudes via a third party service that keeps them Arthursnap: elaDM elaDM elaDM elaDM elaDM Emilalv: Just got home from work elaH Vivelin: elaDM cbRoFL: I dont need nudes from ela. I have the full video of him flossing. Thats worse than sending nudes LULW CryoStorage: So you’re saying… there’s a chance TheMoltenGuy: gachiBASS scribbleh: LULW saoblow: ElaClap Nemz38: yea same lol VDSMF: gachiHYPER SHOW DICK Xerenix: Nemz asking that because he has them PepeLaugh Klod1991: I dont ๐Ÿ™‚ eliastheepicgamer: confident gachiBASS TommZee: That means he’s jacked Danshea: ela is ripped thats why Reddinator: leak them yourself gachiHYPER Shordes: we’ll see your svenska peener garenbush: ElaClap Jaargan: chat would go crazy PepeLaugh Drunkndragon: not ashamed of his body Pog kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER packing heat? 1marcio080: post them now then ๐Ÿ™‚ holoqh: Long distance relationships are for people who can manage them insurrectionist89: I’m nevernude ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: Jaargan elaHi ilovehandmadepottery: LULW sueyoung: ella has nothing to be ashamed off hes got a big dick Holmborn: i dont, im too hairy to be nude @Elajjaz messcleaner: So arent you guys nude while showering at the gym gulshan1: sEND ME THEN gachiHYPER durantic: Most of the time selfies are the nudes of your face WrestlerBot2000: “I am a good boy with bad boy tendencies.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 25 PhilRamirez: show dick on stream then triPog Ryuou: i don’t PepeHands Zarkellos: and now projared comes out like “no no i’m not a creep i’ve asked “are you 18″ before asking nudes” ok dude so nothing strange uh datdeathy: you opening a patreon for nudes? LULW NosuRed: true chad AcidSaber: @Elajjaz desensitized by watching too much raw gachi LULW WerewolfB: I’m nude underneath my clothes rn gachiHYPER ThaAwsmMan: “nudeness” BendOverLikeABoss: SHOW DICK RN OR PRERECORDED gachiHYPER Klod1991: Post them then PepeLaugh Shimone: elas a nudist confirmed Kappa saoblow: Pog Xerenix: Clip this chat for future reference houndthree: UK Parliament is on twitch, im frekaing dying GamErDino1337: i did send my dick to like 3.4 people at this point lol fraenzz: leak them yourself to outsmart the hackers Kapp Shordes: @Elajjaz do you shower naked Nemz38: @DREAMOCASTER https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/476958923077713920/617689794868412416/image0.jpg 1marcio080: Shimone well he does sleep naked equinnn0x: big dick confirmed Nemz38: no homo Senordingdongs: even when you know a billion weebs and furries masturbate to your nudes? Jangofett160: Chat would just gachiGasm Ela anyways Lexikun: sexy clothes/positions>nudes imo elaThirst Drunkndragon: because we eat the apple ela. we are ashamed if we are nacked! young__chop: give tier 3 subs your nudes Boredofshoooting: !route WrestlerBot2000: Dark Souls Remastered – All bosses BKH/Sorcery by Ducksual: https://pastebin.com/9f0eXguP GoldenFlame1: nemzMALD composure1: @Elajjaz Have you been reseting for that halberd? JesseThaBest: So you are consentual w/ your pics ? ๐Ÿ™‚ eliastheepicgamer: cute ashley AYAYA PhilRamirez: in tx its illegal to send an unsolicited nude photo to someone now fraenzz: @Nemz38 thats hot gulshan1: gachiHYPER Boredofshoooting: YES TheMasterToaster: Risky click there monkaS kaiju_boi: @Nemz38 wearing a wig in that pic? 3Head Arahu: he wants it gachiHYPER Shordes: you could? provenmac: 😳 Blackbird_SR71C: Ela is a weeb CONFIRMED LUL Kambri: gachiHYPER garenbush: EXACTLY LULW AcidSaber: join in gachiHYPER DDawNeD: they already masturbate to the stream most likely LULW Shmoop1: show me the big Elajjaz ela HandsUp Turbulist: TRUE LULW Shordes: so you can, but you can care less ๐Ÿ™‚ fluepeak: @Nemz38 Oo sexy ๐Ÿ™‚ DREAMOCASTER: @Nemz38 you look okayish ๐Ÿ™‚ End0rphyne: like a true stoic shamshamalam: “i could care less” WeirdChamp Chlupis: gachiHYPER Expleco: He says that because he’s jackked gachiHYPER lenert_: death by 1000 weebs CosmicYuki: The only nudes I fuck with are with my favorite waifus. naroEhehe naroLove Jaargan: wait was that nemz in that pic? monkaW he’s cute?!?! elaBlush houndthree: are you using your bad cam? Voffe: Dwell in shit PepeLaugh jozuo: gråt inte över spilld mjölk 5Head chewsdaydk: dwell in shit miggonaut: maybe thats my fetish though Boredofshoooting: that HUD tho JesseThaBest: Yea Ela w/ clothes is enough nudes would just be the cherry on top ho_ho_ha_ha: EXACTLY gachiHYPER SO POST THEM redhotchilipepe: dwell in shit DansGame rk0r: dwelling in shit DansGame Nemz38: yeah das me Dml____: its not optimal PepeLaugh Hiijiih: Hiijiih subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! shamshamalam: @Jaargan nemz is hot as fuck WrestlerBot2000: @Hiijiih Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Hiijiih Pog CallMeKong: splits bork? fraenzz: @Nemz38 whats that camera quality tho? ThewarriorONiel: but its good to dwell on thoughts and expand on em you gnome elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk Turbulist: Jaargan Ikr Nemz looks cute AYAYA AcidSaber: any horror games coming up? Nemz38: Iphone 5c Nemz38: high tec 1marcio080: @Elajjaz what do you think about feet packs Life796: @elajjaz i mean thousands of ppl masturbate to Aris’ beard flipping SmilerusCZ: IKEALUL Ryuou: OMEGALUL SpleX__: no “oh baby” FeelsBadMan JesseThaBest: Katherine later? Sal7_one: Man i miss Lunk of hyruu fraenzz: nemzYIKES nemzYIKES hydra_capo: nemz is like dist his voice and face don’t go together kskastCheeky Shmoop1: 8=====D Here I am holding Ela’s massive penis chat HandsUp Zerophyne: Pog ClaytonBigsbe: Hola Ela, hola chat. ThaAwsmMan: @Life796 OMEGALUL Jaargan: elaBlush is it just me or is it hot in here Nemz38: @hydra_capo ? feeltherainbow: @elajjaz do you still live with someone, or did they move out ? perpetual_fest: @ClaytonBigsbe pepeL Ryuou: Kreygasm Xandinho: MAN I HATE THIS BOSS>:( monkaS Blackbird_SR71C: @Jaargan Must be ela gachiHYPER Nemz38: how can you look like you sound full_havel: heyo ela elaHi hello chat elaHi ho_ho_ha_ha: @Shmoop1 gachiBASS Nemz38: HELLO Nopileos: full_havel elaHi ZumpikCZ: Jděte ven Loki_nG: @Nemz38 What a fucking poser ela12 perpetual_fest: @full_havel elaH Jaargan: @Blackbird_SR71C no it’s nemz elaGasm Arahu: hard boss moon2S kaiju_boi: @Nemz38 he means you’re not chav enough m8 elaBruv full_havel: nemz ResidentSleeper Blackbird_SR71C: @Nemz38 But you definitely look like you sound nemz seegamegabtw: full_havel elaHi houndthree: real or fake run? KrazyShark: leaked ela dick pic https://imgur.com/a/6oeHk5d gtF_: gachiHYPER girlfromjapan: @Blackbird_SR71C pepeL Nemz38: lol ThewarriorONiel: SPLITS dream_the_cast: Pog Sal7_one: im ded SpleX__: monkaW frallanswe: Chag bfisher: @KrazyShark nut daemmerglanz: worked ๐Ÿ˜€ Gabriel_Ferrao: monkaS garenbush: back in the red PepeHands Ryuou: new strat Pog hydra_capo: well it’s like a 6’7 guy having a squeaky voice… it’s just wrong igneek: setup Pog CRAUDINHOU: Chag Blackbird_SR71C: @girlfromjapan elaH Good evening! kaiju_boi: @KrazyShark gachiHYPER douglasihatesummer: rtsr strats Henriquelima07: PepeUff Nemz38: ah okay fair Kambri: SOSIG gachiHYPER shiny__hawlucha: @KrazyShark LULW Chlupis: gachiHYPER @KrazyShark Jaargan: @KrazyShark elaKek full_havel: @krazyshark lmao hpbearman: Why aren’t the splits showing up? MTM_Schildi: calculated Kappa ThewarriorONiel: no 1:10:00 elaSmile elaGun sliponknot: shark KEKW mike_hawk_smegma: Does death skip still work? CallMeKong: 200 IQ strats Nemz38: lmao Shark Ryuou: sif PepeHands Lanshii: hpbearman they are new insurrectionist89: 4Head TheMasterToaster: that time loss Nemz38: cX KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/a/6oeHk5d i have the dick pics u sent me last year uwu last_whoa: Cx VineWood0604: Cx BrascoGaming: Cx End0rphyne: did you fuck up the ELAvator? elaHAA Nopileos: cX GoldenFlame1: hehehe fuck it dood Cx daemmerglanz: just get a run through with the new strat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Life796: Cx WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz hounin_kyoma: monkaS Loki_nG: Ela don’t say that ever again elaWeird jemoetahh: @KrazyShark eww Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark Awww I expected something more lewd FeelsBadMan kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @jemoetahh LULW mike_hawk_smegma: Does seath* skip still work? KrazyShark: @Blackbird_SR71C can’t monkaTOS Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz hey elaSmile missed you a lot elaH Loki_nG: LULW perry_1903: PepeHands C1__: Tjena. Nemz hetsade dig till att nöta trots allt? squilMeme squilHi Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark LUL True Jaargan: PepeHands puppy Filth_: FeelsBlyatMan Xandinho: PepeHands so sad pikchiii: PepeHands ThewarriorONiel: FrankerZ PlsGiffExp: NOOO DON’T KILL DOG!! PepeHands ThaAwsmMan: ok Zerophyne: ppHop mifflin: Pog lentis123: D: Harvin_: PepeHands MTM_Schildi: w8 wasnt sum of best segments something with 1:08? PlsGiffExp: Omg OhMyDog PepeHands hpbearman: PepeHands LeiHaut: Pee colored Sif PepeHands Suney: PepeHands xUlti: GLOD Pog Xandinho: PepeHands THAT IS SO SAD D: FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz hello friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Hexag0nSun: GLOD LULW PlsGiffExp: you DOG KILLER!! neonmatrix: 1:11 NOICE! douglasihatesummer: Pog new strats Knur_therealhog: https://clips.twitch.tv/CrunchyInventiveAdminFrankerZ Nemz38: Ela I’m gonna send you a elaDM shiny__hawlucha: GLOD but he Killed DOG FeelsBadMan ThaAwsmMan: every run is awful PepeHands SpleX__: there has to be a strat without killing poor doggo FeelsBadMan Blackbird_SR71C: @MTM_Schildi New strats quantumop: quantumop subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! oooh shit finally the big 1, grats on being such a great streamer ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: @quantumop What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE quantumop PogChamp FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz fuck you then I’m never saying hi to you again elaMad mike_hawk_smegma: No, not the good boy of swords Biblethump KrazyShark: why are you running ZULUL Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz hey ela, i missed you a lot elaH KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito .elad KrazyShark: elaD MTM_Schildi: @Blackbird_SR71C ah ok thnx Blackbird_SR71C: @SpleX__ Can you read the title? Kapp Suney: Any Cuties in Chat? AYAYA / HYPERCLAP Destmand: quantumop PepoDance quantumop: MaN perry_1903: MaN FitoBurrito: MaN garenbush: MaN cheezar: MaN Ryuou: MANE Nopileos: MaN kaiju_boi: MaN theBetes: MaN Chlupis: MaN TheMasterToaster: MaN yes ? pikchiii: MaN Doully92: MaN Detroit147: AYAYA / Knur_therealhog: MaN Loki_nG: MaN perry_1903: BibleThump FitoBurrito: KrazyShark FUCK YOU VaN quantumop: Destmand PepoDance seegamegabtw: MaN neonmatrix: MaN Nopileos: MaN MaN Archain__Gaming: Archain__Gaming subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 30 months! ela13 perry_1903: AngelThump WrestlerBot2000: @Archain__Gaming After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SpleX__: @Blackbird_SR71C but doggo BibleThump ThaAwsmMan: LOOOOOOLLL quantumop: nice kaiju_boi: Pog Doully92: Pog garenbush: elaD SpleX__: D: Knur_therealhog: VaN Suney: D: PLAZAx: D: PlsGiffExp: D: ThewarriorONiel: elaD elaD elaGun Detroit147: D: KinpaEbbasta: Such a man Nopileos: D: Kambri: VaN igneek: GLOD LUL TheMasterToaster: noice 3Head Blackbird_SR71C: @SpleX__ LUL Then you’ll have to make your own category “Dark Souls Remastered all bosses (Sifless)” KrazyShark: ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM ela13k elaGDM PlsGiffExp: D: Watch the language young man D: Boredofshoooting: promt swap is a game changer quantumop: is this yesterday’s route? quantumop: cool C1__: Nemz. You made him grind this squilHappy gj. You gonna start prac this aswell now? seegamegabtw: Blackbird_SR71C Sifless sounds… interesting SpleX__: @Blackbird_SR71C sifless sounds weird FeelsWeirdMan ThaAwsmMan: remember the glod emote and recet city? PepeHands Destruben: real or fake run? badly_dressed_0nion: fake run mifflin: But 1:12 is just so much more iconic StringRipper: StringRipper subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 33 months, currently on a 33 month streak! 33 Pog Suney: PepeHands anyways KrazyShark: sifless sounds? wat WrestlerBot2000: @StringRipper After 33 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz just think how ready you’ll feel when you get a good night’s sleep and are ready to smash the puzzles in Catherine FeelsGoodMan Nopileos: SUB HYPE StringRipper PogChamp VDSMF: scale the sifless? AiRiiD: Too long Nemz38: he’s lying KrazyShark: 2 years Nemz38: he’s shaking quantumop: lmao KrazyShark: LULW KrazyShark: OMEGALOL Blackbird_SR71C: @seegamegabtw @SpleX__ You just pronounce it like “sniffles” wihtout the n WeirdChamp ThewarriorONiel: Pog ThaAwsmMan: OMEGALOL Nemz38: OMEGALUL Gravader: OMEGADOWN KrazyShark: OMEGLOL Nopileos: OMEGALOL SpleX__: nemz would never lie DansGame FitoBurrito: OMEGLOL perry_1903: OMEGLOL Ratlos: @Destruben fake shamshamalam: OMEGAFUN volantis3796: Who is nemz Kappa quantumop: nemz would only lie if there was a bounty for it Harvin_: OMEGAPepeHands C1__: Haha i know. But its funny to point it out squilSip frimpy2: Kappa WrestlerBot2000: Fourty|Clip No.25| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpoopyAmusedTarsierTakeNRG LUL Detroit147: OMEGAFAKE shamshamalam: Nemz is a washed up speedrunner anyway nekro793: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: not dost PepeHands hepha1: MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh MALD PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: irl dodges Pog SpleX__: @Blackbird_SR71C elaHmm elaHmm Sourcehunter: Glod splits PogU senior_thijs: Whats Blue and Purple at the same time? The eye of my Girlfriend after she brought me a warm beer AYAYAYthijsHands thijsHands Thrisper: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan quantumop: D: FitoBurrito: VaN garenbush: elaD Suney: D: hepha1: D: PLAZAx: D: DrCD: VaN Loki_nG: ElaClap girlfromjapan: D: mifflin: wat he do Nopileos: D: igneek: D: Knur_therealhog: elaD Harvin_: D: Language dustinten: D: ThewarriorONiel: elaD elaGun sunkeep3r_tar1m: D: Blackbird_SR71C: @Thrisper monkaTOS KCGemini: evoWut TPH_MCMXCIX: VaN ergivanc: OwO Nemz38: I got a bounty for “Control” but it’s an epic client exclusive PepeLaugh Anioldlaubogich: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Thrisper: OwO QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: hello ela and chat elaH elaH elaH Nopileos: OwO Gravader: Gravader subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! ela7 WrestlerBot2000: @Gravader Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Nopileos: QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT elaHi Lexikun: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Anioldlaubogich: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul…….FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nemz38: it is wtfd Nemz38: wtf insurrectionist89: LUL Detroit147: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nemz38: I have dignity houndthree: Control was pretty nice Saturninity: LULW Anioldlaubogich: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul…… FeelsWayTooAmazingMan KrazyShark: man imagine some insane tony hawk hd collection with all the tony hawk that ever came out Arlsowns: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Anioldlaubogich: EZ shamshamalam: “dignity” LULW KrazyShark: i want that badly_dressed_0nion: PepeLaugh 👉 🔴 Nice splits Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan stienozo: How are you managin the prompt swap? when i tried to sell a -1 my game crashes Knur_therealhog: !howlong WrestlerBot2000: @Knur_therealhog, knur_therealhog has been following elajjaz for 3 years 11 months 14 days 3 hours 박초아퀸: + 70 seconds LUL Jaargan: PepeLaugh nemz is a sellout DaniDuck: no you dont LULW @Nemz38 ergivanc: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Spektorn: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul…… FeelsWayTooAmazingMan ergivanc: PepeHands Chlupis: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Dml____: do you nemzMALD ? Xandinho: Control sidequests are crap Captn_Bringdown: Control is literally SCP, its great RealLifeTsundere: its ok ThaAwsmMan: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan nekro793: Control seems to be unironically nice so it’s win win Nemz anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ PLAZAx: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Wuxia: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nopileos: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nemz38: I’m just going to accept the bounty so they give me a game code then download it and play it Thrisper: ela13 Nemz38: then cancel it Nox15: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan insurrectionist89: “I wouldn’t give a shit if my nudes leaked” “I have dignity” Kappa Montanaontario2392: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nemz38: free game TriHard Chlupis: Pog WerewolfB: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Zorann59: I just finished the game Ela It is a very good surprise @Elajjaz Saturninity: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan TheMasterToaster: You forgot that nemz only plays japanese games Quesket: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan ergivanc: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan InfamousXXV: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan MightySunbro: Screw EGS Arlsowns: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul…… FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Nopileos: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan abonet: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan GooperLA: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Chartalord: 8ergivanc: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan for1Funsies: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan shugiito: Oi elaReading GoldenFlame1: read a semi-boring book nekro793: 🎣 elaC Jaargan: elaREE ed Thrisper: always fisting TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol I’m chilling pepeL you? hows life down there FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: @Elajjaz wanna know my secret for good night sleep? ela3 mifflin: WHY KNOWLEDGE WHEN YOU CAN SALMON? AchillesFeel: Fishing in ffxiv? masterr876: not being able to sleep, boomerism has started ergivanc: @Elajjaz whats your favorite avgn episode? Zorann59: What is your best catch @Elajjaz in FF14 girlfromjapan: elaCozy Thrisper: fisting in FFXIV FitoBurrito: KrazyShark a roofie? LULW monkaTOS Tirabolos: what level is your fisher @Elajjaz SeraphxStray: yeah you should read or something. Just not be in front of a screen an hour or so before bed. Healthy sleep hygiene moon2S KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito monkaW provenmac: @krazyshark No monkaW ThewarriorONiel: you can read while you fish dummy elaFella raider_unkindled: BBoomer Sourcehunter: Boardgame James is best nerd, prove me wrong Nemz38: who do you watch the most, I barely watch twitch these days ergivanc: @Elajjaz how long does it take to lvl up fishing ?? raider_unkindled: BBoomer wow was better back in my day Thrisper: I watch Bob Ross a lot elaHmm sofistakit: Is fishing a valuable skill in the game? I don’t know how FFXIV lifeskilling works Nemz38: “I watch so many people” monkaW FitoBurrito: AKA not you Nemz PepeLaugh shamshamalam: i watch Nemz38, a family friendly positive streamer ๐Ÿ™‚ 195iq: @Nemz38 you watch ela a fuckton xDD TheDankDemon: nymn nymnU oolgzool: morning chat, morning, ela perry_1903: me ๐Ÿ™‚ VineWood0604: me ๐Ÿ™‚ ergivanc: me ๐Ÿ™‚ GabrielMugnol: @TheLadyCharlotte just arrived home, time to get cozy watching a fellow 13 yo swede Jaargan: I only watch ela elaSmile Zorann59: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Nemz38: yeah I only watch Ela really Nopileos: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Saturninity: me ๐Ÿ™‚ raider_unkindled: I am ๐Ÿ™‚ Narly_: hello world :0 cbRoFL: you even watched tekken at dreamhack LULW Detroit147: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrisper: morning elaHmm Epiktakguy: me elaSmile kava06: him ๐Ÿ™‚ Sourcehunter: Ela is so cute in his sleep, i watch him alot ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrisper: D: TheLadyCharlotte: GabrielMugnol elaOP just cozy background for me elaCozy GoldenFlame1: LUL Sarcrai: Hi ela, how you [email protected] masau9: retroAYAYA fraenzz: nemzANANA Weebs out nemzANANA Detroit147: @Waifu AYAYA Nemz38: it’s ya boy badly_dressed_0nion: OMEGALUL shawn_u: atpLaw atpCop Destmand: FitoBurrito calm down girlfromjapan: WeirdChamp TheMoltenGuy: Ela hosts Nemz because Nemz is his ghost editor Kapp UltraWindow: this has been a weeb stream since 2013 nepSmug ChiffonKek: Waifu AYAYA Clap RedHotTomatoJuice: oh 🙂 then its cool @Elajjaz Rhaenotz: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA NovaMoon: @Waifu 200€ for your account ergivanc: @Elajjaz chat went full enabled after you said waifu notdiri: GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY gachiHYPER NovaMoon: Kapp Thrisper: clam down oolgzool: @Elajjaz any luck with the new strat runs today? Waifu: AYAYA Clap Destmand: FitoBurrito Don’t let the weebs get to to you FitoBurrito: Destmand The fuck you say to me punk? CruW Nemz38: Ela gets a 20% cut from my channel so he endorses alot shamshamalam: nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA smiler77777: !subcount 8bitbarbarian: cyrAYAYA SQGamer: Nemz38 whats 20% of nothing? luaSip KrazyShark: ha haa, ayyy, what’s up, it’s ya booooi, uhh, skinny penis FitoBurrito: LYING AGAIN elaMad MrFunky159: ??? Nemz38: ??? UltraWindow: elaK gulshan1: elaK ffy_: dead elaK flohmannjr: elaK Doully92: elaK Ded ho_ho_ha_ha: im dead here btw Hussnay: elaK Nopileos: elaK garenbush: dead btw elaK Flashforward: ??? MrFunky159: STOP SAYING THAT YOU Syiax_: Ok Montanaontario2392: elaK perry_1903: elaK Epiktakguy: elaK chrisw_de: the I’m dead shield noxcorvus: Kapp ergivanc: !subgoal shawn_u: atpCap badly_dressed_0nion: dead Kapp WrestlerBot2000: @ergivanc, 4798 subpoints, 6200 points needed for next slot (T1 subs: 1 point. T2: 2 points. T3: 6 points.) Nopileos: elaK elaK girlfromjapan: elaK hiib_: 0 dmg taken=dead k Jaargan: elaK umayfuentes: elaBlind iwannagmymom: dead xD powder_mountain: dead? sliponknot: ded run Kappa JubJubWantRubRubs: Jebaited Sarcrai: ela1 ela2 volcano_tn: or not azrch_17: Dead? MrFunky159: you fucking trigger me some times Ela, you know that? Sparkwzn_: lol VDSMF: menasogo Destmand: Wowee elaGun WEEBS OUT Wowee elaGun WEEBS OUT Wowee elaGun WEEBS OUT Wowee elaGun WEEBS OUT AhteneBlur: didnt even take dmg OMEGALUL notdiri: ZULUL Waifu: dead sokoWink RottingDivinity: so dead it’s I N S A N E Flopperstar: @Elajjaz did you see the nintendo PR yesterday? they announced Deadly Permenition 2 ๐Ÿ˜€ badly_dressed_0nion: MaN asso go spike_the_space_cowboy: @Waifu Hello there cutiepie elaDM TripleThrashTreat: ElaK Doully92: ZULUL girlfromjapan: ElaClap goodkatt_: dead. 100%. hes streaming from the grave. Thrisper: elaK I’m ded elaK Nothing I can do elaK I’m ded elaK Yep elaK Unfortunately elaK Yeah, well elaK im actually dead elaK flohmannjr: FACK! WhitestarRL: ZULUL ChromiumFox: @waifu, Jeopard: Men asså go, BWAAH! 0xSaisaki: dead count this run: 1 PepeLaugh Nox15: ZULUL provenmac: Why you keep lying though FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: ZULUL 195iq: i never saw you die at taurus demon LoratNar: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK FitoBurrito: Destmand NaM elaGun MTM_Schildi: its not possible to die there TripleThrashTreat: elaK noxcorvus: zulul wat de fak Waifu: spike_the_space_cowboy sokoHowdy mstrpickles: you always say your dead but you dont die PepeHands Euan_OW: : elaK I’m ded elaK Nothing I can do elaK I’m ded elaK Yep elaK Unfortunately elaK Yeah, well elaK im actually dead elaK badly_dressed_0nion: ZULUL frimpy2: LUL perry_1903: BLAH garenbush: LUL Jaargan: elaK I’m ded elaK Nothing I can do elaK I’m ded elaK Yep elaK Unfortunately elaK Yeah, well elaK im actually dead elaK Rundrew: LUL Nopileos: elaK Guitonius: Mr Waifu larxa7 bawkGlad TheMasterToaster: LULW fraenzz: nemzANANA Weebs out nemzANANA AvemStercore: go bweh Blaze0303: FACK ๐Ÿ˜€ Epiktakguy: the duality of MaN cbRoFL: aight im gonna go take a shower – good luck with this run elaH Klod1991: @Elajjaz What is the video cllaed? Waifu: Guitonius soko7 UltraWindow: edge *pause* *pause* n’alright *pause* edge edge edge *pause* THERES NOTHING I CAN DO *pause* *pause* edge edge *pause* its over chat, theres nothing i can do EDGE lostwar44: Someone needs to make an I’m dead here compilation LoratNar: PrideLesbian elaK badly_dressed_0nion: RUN NOT DEAD Pog Nemz38: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/177019936932233217/619011428627644426/image0.jpg Daniel1984_: elaK nekro793: AYAYA weebs in AYAYA Sarcrai: Can ElaSmash I ElaSmash PLAY ElaSmash THE ElaSmash VIDEOGAME ElaSmash scribbleh: FACK pepeJAMMER chrisw_de: HandsUp 🚿 Sparkwzn_: AYAYA QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: elaK ChiffonKek: shower stream gachiHYPER HyperClap LostFantasy352: dont drop the soap perry_1903: elaK badly_dressed_0nion: K. Reddinator: K? Vivelin: K? K. Nopileos: elaK elaK gulshan1: elaK Detroit147: k? k Meximus322: K? K. Jaargan: K? K Waifu: K UltraWindow: im looking forward to catherine tonight FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: K PontusIndeed: K BrowningZen: K? Epiktakguy: elaK notdiri: K? 😂 Golden04: elaK Hussnay: K elaMad Nox15: K Thrisper: K? KK Doully92: monkaH Levander94: elaK Nopileos: K Istog: K? Mikkmerd: elaGasm elaGasm JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK elaGun nekro793: elaK ? elaK ! Corsad: elaK gulshan1: elaK elaGun kytos1k: Ki K? k RottingDivinity: K elaSmile iwannagmymom: Que? girlfromjapan: K? PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: monkaH akmannen: “K” Golden04: monkaGun monkaH RKazekiri: K/ 😠 Euan_OW: K? AyoFamWuddupLOL: K? K perry_1903: elaMad elaGun K? 195iq: because of the questionmark LUL Nopileos: K? K Waifu: AYAYA ? Montanaontario2392: K? elaGun Life796: K? beronor: K? Sarcrai: 🤔 TheMoltenGuy: @UltraWindow I want to watch but I’m gonna get the game and I don’t want a spoiler of the remaster stuff PepeHands QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: elaYA Clap Lim3Fru1t: K! ela12 boogeyman551: K? Sodren: K? K. Daniel1984_: elaK elaBlind provenmac: 🧐 FitoBurrito: Just wear shades elaBlind Sparkwzn_: @Waifu AYAYA Clap Nopileos: K? KrazyShark: you should rub some honey on your eyes Sourcehunter: FeelsBetterMan Mengzanoid: Kapp souldedeh: elaK ? K ChiffonKek: gachiHYPER HandsUp 🚿 26camels: K Anioldlaubogich: elaThirst elaGun monkaH Life796: elaBlind Sarcrai: Need a tinted lenses Waifu: HandsUp FitoBurrito: KrazyShark so you can lick it off? elaThirst Mikkmerd: just be a rockstar elaBlind TommZee: Even though it’s slightly worse quality, the colours are cosier AYAYA RottingDivinity: time to go to work, do a PB today please! ela13 KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito Kreygasm uff ergivanc: @Elajjaz But for real pls finish a run i want to see you get past the dlc once in this run KrazyShark: @RottingDivinity krazys2PAT take care JubJubWantRubRubs: fuck me im so tired of diet WeirdChamp i wanna be fat WeirdChamp notdiri: CMON MAN HandsUp Waifu: cute run AYAYA WhitestarRL: JustDoIt badly_dressed_0nion: JustDoIt KrazyShark: @JubJubWantRubRubs krazys2PAT ChiffonKek: just stop being stupid then Kappa Dark_reddy007: Hi Ela and hi chat Nopileos: Dark_reddy007 elaHYUG ergivanc: JustDoIT raider_unkindled: just PB 4Head FitoBurrito: JubJubWantRubRubs change your name to JuJubBecameTubTub LULW badly_dressed_0nion: PINWHEEL OMEGALUL chrisw_de: MaN perry_1903: MaN RottingDivinity: @KrazyShark thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Golden04: MaN Waifu: MaN xxGheTz: MaN PontusIndeed: @Dark_reddy007 pepeL Saturninity: MaN unimris: MaN noxcorvus: MaN badly_dressed_0nion: MaN Nopileos: MaN TommZee: @Dark_reddy007 o/ abonet: MaN JubJubWantRubRubs: lmao FitoBurrito LULW Jaargan: MaN PontusIndeed: MaN xBrolee: u play Darksoul for the 100000000000000 times , borring Montekoliou_: @Dark_reddy007 pepeL Kevin2686: MaN xxGheTz: elaK Sarcrai: lol chrisw_de: elak LULW Mikkmerd: just dont read chat then you Will finish the run elaYes Nopileos: MaN MaN gulshan1: ELAK elaK garenbush: elaK diablo900t: diablo900t subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 1 month streak! MrFunky159: elac WrestlerBot2000: @diablo900t You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Golden04: elaK Meximus322: elaK PhysiCle: Ruined PepeHands Lim3Fru1t: ela? ela ela13 Corsad: elaK Nopileos: SUB HYPE diablo900t POGGERS BrowningZen: elak’ LULW Jaargan: elaK ? elaK girlfromjapan: elaK PontusIndeed: D: Elak? Sparkwzn_: K MaN chrisw_de: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: LULW Waifu: YEET oopmah: GET! Life796: @elajjaz how is your hydra? monkaS kkoja: FeelsLateMan rafalbrew1: LULW Golden04: LULW shawn_u: reset Nopileos: LULW WhitestarRL: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Hussnay: FeelsBadMan Klod1991: PepeLaugh perry_1903: nope PepeLaugh notdiri: LULW shamshamalam: LULW Lim3Fru1t: LULW SpireFacts: RESET flohmannjr: Fake run. PepeHands TheMasterToaster: LULW cursed MrFunky159: DUDE chrisw_de: Reset PogU girlfromjapan: PepeHands TheMoltenGuy: LULW abonet: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW oopmah: FeelsFakeMan. MrGreenjellyfish: FeelsBadMan Jaargan: PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: LULW Waifu: inavalid PogU Thrisper: weebs assemble AYAYA equinnn0x: billyReady PhysiCle: AYAYA Bullet_: I’ve never seen him get one elaKek MrFunky159: I hate this halberd shit so much LULW Fafebobo: AYAYA CallMeKong: first real halberd abonet: AYAYA marshalmv: LULW Sparkwzn_: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA 7 Nopileos: AYAYA Bieberhunter: AYAYA CallMeKong: in 3 days flohmannjr: AYAYA CallMeKong: omg volcano_tn: 5 hunmanity is noy enough LUL CRAUDINHOU: No run xat Waifu: AYAYA badly_dressed_0nion: ZULUL Thrisper: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Mengzanoid: AYAYA Sourcehunter: monkaTOS HACKER mystickingfisher: illegal run Waifu: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz it’s karma for playing FF14 ๐Ÿ™‚ edgyedge1337: miyazaki patched 0% halberd drop for you @Elajjaz unimris: WeirdChamp SpireFacts: @CRAUDINHOU xat? were you from? spain? UltraWindow: AYAYA chrisw_de: WeirdChamp TheMasterToaster: WeirdChamp TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA HYPERCLAP GoldenFlame1: WeirdChamp FitoBurrito: WeirdChamp perry_1903: WeirdChamp Nopileos: WeirdChamp Fafebobo: elaYA Golden04: WeirdChamp raider_unkindled: monkaH Sparkwzn_: AYAYA HYPERCLAP notdiri: @Thrisper WeirdChamp nekro793: LULW flohmannjr: AYAYA Clap garenbush: WeirdChamp souldedeh: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Montanaontario2392: WeirdChamp myfavoriteweeb: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! RKazekiri: WeirdChamp Bieberhunter: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Lim3Fru1t: WeirdChamp Nakadon: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! schlawinator: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Jaargan: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! LeiHaut: WeirdChamp Nopileos: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp girlfromjapan: @Thrisper LULW Streamleen: AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! gtF_: AYAYA arguillio: WeirdChamp weebs shawn_u: ratirlLick FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz I think it’s time to remove ayaya ๐Ÿ™‚ Sarcrai: ElaSmash SEXY POSE ElaSmash chrisw_de: FeelsWeirdMan Kevin2686: WeirdChamp Sourcehunter: FeelsWeirdMan kkoja: omega WeirdChamp LeiHaut: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp PhysiCle: AYAYAAYAYA⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYAelaWut AYAYA⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYAAYAYAWe have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! LeiHaut: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp shamshamalam: nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT 195iq: elias kun LUL chrisw_de: WeirdChamp schlawinator: AYAYA AYAYA ChiffonKek: AYAYA weebs unite Elecdark: WeirdChamp CRAUDINHOU: @SpireFacts Brazil ๐Ÿ™‚ 26camels: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! amemiyaTF: LULW Sunshinewalker: weebs FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: nepSmug and now they’re enabled Kevin2686: WeirdChamp 🔫 Mengzanoid: TaBeRu Take my weeb energy TaBeRu Lexikun: @Elajjaz isn’t it just a normal ff14 dungeon group? xptrx_: WeirdChamp Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Arizath: WeirdChamp japanese cartoons Sparkwzn_: CUTE CHAT AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA boogeyman551: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !!Jaargan: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ rk0r: FeelsWeirdMan 👉 AYAYA HappySmile123: @chat WeirdChamp @chat WeirdChamp @chat WeirdChamp @chat WeirdChamp @chat WeirdChamp @chat WeirdChamp GoldenFlame1: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Arlsowns: gotta love chat WeirdChamp Sparkwzn_: CUTE CHAT AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA discosong: @Elajjaz this what happen when you sellout to weebs DansGame douglasihatesummer: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! girlfromjapan: WeirdChamp 🖖 WeirdChamp 🖖 TheMasterToaster: nice Kevin2686: monkaGun AYAYA VineWood0604: red? elaMad MrFunky159: WeirdChamp chrisw_de: WeirdChamp ✋ Kambri: AYAYA arguillio: NaM 🔨 WEEBSBEGONE NaM 🔨 WEEBSBEGONE NaM 🔨 WEEBSBEGONE misterbudlo: 4Weird badly_dressed_0nion: PepeLaugh 👉 🔴 Nice splits Waifu: sokoAYAYA CHAT AYAYA IS orchAYAYA CUTE sokoAYAYA Bally_10: https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeFantasticMagpieYouWHY Sodren: Why does the Cowboy emoji look just like you ela? FitoBurrito: +6.9 gachiHYPER schlawinator: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA elaWut AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Mawakute: The weeb problem would be solved by simply putting ayaya as a banword. PepeLaugh PhysiCle: Didn’t work when I didi it elaHmm must mean i’m not really a weeb then Daniel1984_: the black knight was slow NicolasMn: WeirdChamp spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan Hey there beautiful elaDM how is your day going ? edgyedge1337: weebs ruining everything WeirdChamp logstock: hello ela and my guys WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Mengzanoid: AYAYA shamshamalam: nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT nemzANANA WEEBS OUT HappySmile123: elaSmile / hello Ela elaSmile / WeirdChamp / Hello chat WeirdChamp / Nemz38: imagine thinking you aren’t a weeb and having someone called Waifu in your chat AstroSnax: AstroSnax subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @AstroSnax the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE AstroSnax elaA Shmoop1: NaM NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ NaM AYAYA NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ NaM NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED, YOU FILTHY WEEB. nekro793: 🔨 AYAYA HIT THE NAMMER WITH A HAMMER 🔨 AYAYA schlawinator: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you Waifu: ikr Nemz38 Mccoone: WEEBS IN AYAYA HYPERCLAP perry_1903: HappySmile123 WeirdChamp / SnaKemuho: DS2 parry walking PepeHands Lexikun: @edgyedge1337 appropriate name AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Waifu: hes confirmed a weeb now KrazyShark: remember this? https://clips.twitch.tv/TalentedLongClipsmomFunRun LULW Dusty_Degenerate: elaYA elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaWut elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! souldedeh: AYAYA PhysiCle: AYAYA Reddinator: AYAYA Sparkwzn_: LULW AstroSnax: elaFella garenbush: AYAYA FitoBurrito: WeirdChamp chrisw_de: WeirdChamp Nopileos: AYAYA Meximus322: AYAYA rafalbrew1: AYAYA RKazekiri: LULW AYAYA xxGheTz: elaYA PontusIndeed: AYAYA scatterrrbrain: xenoAYAYA Teslita: wait wtf Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA CrysisFear: AYAYA mixel7: AYAYA schlawinator: AYAYA badly_dressed_0nion: AYAYA flohmannjr: AYAYA amemiyaTF: AYAYA misterbudlo: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA ChiffonKek: nepSmug they can’t get every one of us toethrower: AYAYA Salinkus: AYAYA Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan CRAUDINHOU: AYAYA abonet: AYAYA Mccoone: AYAYA Clap chrisw_de: WeirdChamp ✋ Conkista: AYAYA Kambri: AYAYA Clap exe_kutorrr: AYAYA souldedeh: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Clap Mengzanoid: AYAYA Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Nopileos: AYAYA edgyedge1337: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp Nemz38: yeah you can ju3no: forsenPuke3 Sunshinewalker: FeelsWeirdMan NicolasMn: WeirdChamp Waifu: AYAYA InfamousXXV: AYAYA dekkah: AYAYA Corsad: Waifu AYAYA gtF_: nepSmug UvaroviteKing: AYAYA UltraWindow: you kinda can Meximus322: PepeLaugh TheLadyCharlotte: HappySmile123 elaSmile hey / Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Clap TaBeRu Clap2 AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Nemz38: you attracted him Sparkwzn_: AYAYA TheMasterToaster: just ban him PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: @spike_the_space_cowboy hello sir KonCha im doing great thank you for asking! how are you? elaH smiler77777: if aniki was alive the weebs wouldnt dare do this shit PepeHands chrisw_de: You can though UvaroviteKing: nemzANANA Destmand: elaGa elaGun ChromiumFox: @Elajjaz yyou can ban them elaOk MrFunky159: ofc you can oolgzool: I missed it, is the halberd real?? Pajki13: just ban him LOL beronor: AYAYA shawn_u: shoot him bob_barker_: AYAYA UltraWindow: i dont mind though nepSmug perry_1903: just ban them JustDoIt dustinten: AYAYA MrFunky159: YOU CAN BAN THE FUCK OPUT OF HIM Sparkwzn_: TAKE OVER THE CHAT AYAYA TAKE OVER THE CHAT AYAYA UvaroviteKing: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Sunshinewalker: You can just autoban weebs EZ Clap unimris: BAN THEM spike_the_space_cowboy: https://clips.twitch.tv/FurryCuteSwallowTF2John UvaroviteKing: nemzANANA Nemz38: let me perma ban him then? Coaction_: elaYA elaYA elaYA chrisw_de: YOU DO LULW Sparkwzn_: TAKE OVER THE CHAT AYAYA TAKE OVER THE CHAT AYAYA TAKE OVER THE CHAT AYAYA FitoBurrito: Bieberhunter wasting money to post that WeirdChamp UvaroviteKing: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Waifu: sont ban me monkaW Nemz38: or you are a weeb HappySmile123: TheLadyCharlotte elaH FitoBurrito: NaM ChiffonKek: Ela’s personal waifu gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP notdiri: NaM mountaindhew: NaM Clap RealLifeTsundere: radiantAYAYA rawrAYAYA abbaYAYA AYAYA Dusty_Degenerate: NaM Auramoth: NaM misterbudlo: NaM shawn_u: shangl1NaM PhysiCle: elaK Nopileos: NaM Lexikun: elaK NicolasMn: PepeLaugh rafalbrew1: elaK Antimonesia: elaK Bullet_: I DID NAHT spike_the_space_cowboy: NaM Mengzanoid: NaM HYPERCLAP Sodren: What’s wrong with this weebchat JubJubWantRubRubs: Nemz38 is charging up the banhammer LULW Lim3Fru1t: NaM BroqRox: hi chat elaH marshalmv: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp ImGlacies: AYAYA End0rphyne: I N S A N E perry_1903: elaK abonet: Kapp Nopileos: BroqRox elaHi Loki_nG: elaK WrestlerBot2000: “Eat my mama… MAMA! NO!” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 14 FitoBurrito: NaM FUCKOFFWEEBS NaM rk0r: CoolStoryBob Salinkus: you’re so cute you attract them schlawinator: elaK CRAUDINHOU: LULW Corsad: someone clip that though AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: the chat reflects the streamer AYAYA the chat reflects the streamer AYAYA the chat reflects the streamer AYAYA douglasihatesummer: elaK DamnDutchman: ban the weebs gachiHYPER discosong: @Nemz38 just stream so i can leave this weebs chat BlessRNG Mccoone: elaK Nanashi_Sakamoto: nepSmug elaGun NaM nepSmug elaGun NaM nepSmug elaGun NaM nepSmug elaGun NaM nepSmug elaGun NaM nepSmug elaGun NaM chrisw_de: NaM Nemz38: perma ban or you are a weeb Nopileos: elaK SpireFacts: Are you gay? Why are you gay? @Elajjaz edgyedge1337: blacklist “ayaya” WeirdChamp Pajki13: u can ban him too @Nemz38 Hwaryo: NaM spike_the_space_cowboy: NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS notdiri: NaM ? VDSMF: NomNom Golden04: NaM ❗ Sourcehunter: NEYOMI Waifu: CUTE ELA AYAYA caerdavar: the what now CoolStoryBob ? Hwaryo: nepSmug chrisw_de: 🔨 NaM Simoteus: Elajjaz it’s actually because you are a former DMC3 runner. He is a current one PogU Jaargan: NaM Mawakute: NaM Nopileos: NaM ? exe_kutorrr: AYAYA NaM AYAYA abonet: NaM ? InfamousXXV: NaM 195iq: that ayaya ass spank clip gave me ptsd Thrisper: Weebs will never leave AYAYA Shmoop1: NaM NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ NaM AYAYA NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ NaM NaM ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED, YOU FILTHY WEEB. akmannen: nemz has you at gun point SeraphxStray: NaM ? edgyedge1337: NaM surfluffsalot: I’ve always wondered, how do you pronounce ela’s full stream name? Nemz38: LOL FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy VaN SHUTTHEFUCKUPSLAVE VaN Nanashi_Sakamoto: nepSmug elaGun NaM Corsad: AYAYA Montanaontario2392: nepSmug elaGun NaM Nemz38: yep Sparkwzn_: AYAYA AYAYA chrisw_de: why not? Nopileos: NaM Nemz38: weeb upresto: AYAYA cheeze____: desperate attempt elaYA jatsuku: chat is so cute right now AYAYA Murika_: weeb misterbudlo: WEEBS ARE TOXIC Waifu: LUL UltraWindow: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Saturninity: NaM NEMZ PhysiCle: LULW KrazyShark: OOOOOOOO MrFunky159: confirmed weeb perry_1903: LULW Waifu: then ban Nemz38 Thenastyraven: CONFIMRED WEEB AYAYA Nopileos: LULW Arahu: being a weeb is toxic BrowningZen: LULW notdiri: THEN WHY IS NEMZ HERE LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh GamErDino1337: TaxiBro NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM SUPERLONGMESSAGE NaM ChiffonKek: LULW unimris: all weebs are toxic DaniDuck: @Nemz38 says the weeb elaK spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Please Ela tell them to shut the fuck up NaM COEM ON DOI IT FitoBurrito: elaWut Stilgarius: elaD Svitkona_: WutFace perry_1903: WeirdChamp ju3no: You attracted them with yesterdays Catharine gameplay @Elajjaz GamErDino1337: fixed PhysiCle: elaWut iwannagmymom: nepSmugelaGun NaM Thrisper: nepSmug nepSmug ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ nepSmug elaWut nepSmug ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ nepSmug nepSmug ⠀ ⠀ marshalmv: Nemz is the best streamer ๐Ÿ™‚ Nemz38: ??????????????????????? Corsad: LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: WeirdChamp UvaroviteKing: Nemz is such a weeb AlexAnderman1994: NaM 🔨 AYAYA hit a namer with a hammer discosong: YOU AREEEEEEEE Zane_Within: LUL Fafebobo: LULW Albin_Alligator: bardAYAYA edgyedge1337: @GamErDino1337 Clap Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh unimris: LULW Theblueprint77: LUL Golden04: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW girlfromjapan: LULW Annonn140: EXPOSED LULW Dusty_Degenerate: Is that not bannable? QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: its anime not animes FeelsWeirdMan Nemz38: FACTUALLY FALSE Sparkwzn_: ONE OF US AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh UoL_TheStarchild: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW got eem PhysiCle: PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: Anime AYAYA Sunshinewalker: Nemz38: FeelsWeirdMan Hwaryo: EXPOSED LULW juumanden: LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh EXPOSED Caput_Draconis: LULW smiler77777: EXPOSED LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW UvaroviteKing: Nemz is a huge weeb nemzANANA noxcorvus: PepeLaugh EXPOSED RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Corsad: Everyone is a weeb AYAYA TheMasterToaster: OOooh LULW nymnCorn Talmk: LULW abonet: EXPOSED boogeyman551: @Nemz38 AYAYA Nopileos: LULW sprakcity: EXPOSED LULW unimris: EXPOSED Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Slaps_Giving: LULW Cg_legacy: EXPOSED zorry4badinglsh: GOTTEM PepeLaugh Hwaryo: LULW EXPOSED NEMZ LULW Nemz38: and no I don’t Vivelin: elaK perry_1903: elaK Chinchilax: :O rafalbrew1: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh misterbudlo: INSECURE Nemz38: ????????? Nopileos: LULW LULW insurrectionist89: ElaWeeb for sure elaISee provenmac: LULW Visualocity: ela12 elaGun Reddinator: IT IS LULW douglasihatesummer: EXPOSED flohmannjr: AYAYA UltraWindow: nepSmug he got you now nemz Coaction_: exposed elaThirst Murika_: PepeLaugh TYWM_: projecting cuck LULW logstock: logstock subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! lets go pappa WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW EXPOSED Cg_legacy: EXPOSEDD WrestlerBot2000: @logstock Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM akmannen: monkaS the truth Golden04: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh hark85: LULW Nemz38: lmao StillSerenity: EXPOSED LULW Saturninity: NEMZ=WEEB PepeLaugh milfhunter_1992: Pedophile in chat WutFace BrowningZen: OMEGALUL PhysiCle: closet weeb PepeLaugh Waifu: LULW Evillution: PepeLaugh shawn_u: monkaS Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @FitoBurrito fuck you MaN garenbush: LULW EXPOSED LULW juumanden: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Simoteus: W nemzMALD E nemzMALD E nemzMALD B nemzMALD ❓ Tycen: LULW Elizan_: fucking exposed Nopileos: SUB HYPE logstock elaA Stilgarius: PepeLaugh bob_barker_: PepeLaugh ZukaZealanee: rooSmug BrascoGaming: LULW caught him PontusIndeed: LULW GoldenFlame1: elaWOW elaB elaISee elaBlush elaYA not a weeb btw unimris: OMEGALUL Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh TheWeedBun: LULW Dassiz: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh perry_1903: CLOSET WEEB PepeLaugh Waifu: Nemz38 confirmed weeb nekro793: LULW exposed38 Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: no we want you to play more weeb games Saturninity: WEEB PepeLaugh LoratNar: EXPOSED LULW nateston: @Waifu What Phone do you use? Autumn_Flare: AYAYA EXPOSED AYAYA Annonn140: PepeLaugh NicolasMn: 5Head Fafebobo: he banned Zero elaB Dusty_Degenerate: PepeLaugh nemz is in the closet kyeee18: Hey @nemz38 you maining secret neighbor yet? cheeze____: Every stream the same thing elaYes notdiri: PepeLaugh Pajki13: lol getting schooled by a closed weeb Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Nemz Weeb UoL_TheStarchild: exposed PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: LULW nymnCorn LULW nymnCorn LULW nymnCorn LULW nymnCorn Pastelli: elaKek NEMZ IS A WEEB Lexikun: insecure elaKek chrisw_de: Kapp akmannen: monkaS exposed Evillution: @Nemz38 OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Kambri: PepeLaugh Nemz38: manipulating the chat Sodren: nemz EXPOSED! Slaps_Giving: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh WEEMZ Nemz38: don’t listen to him guys hark85: nemz how many body pillows do you have UvaroviteKing: nemz5Head weeb Rundrew: Rundrew subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! elaK Thrisper: Zero banned? D: Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @Rundrew If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM shiny__hawlucha: Nemz confirmed AYAYA mystickingfisher: triggerd Amacchu: Hello chat elaH Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW TSUNDERE LULW LoratNar: @nemz38 AYAYA Clap TYWM_: PepeLaugh hoes mad smiler77777: nemz closet weeb PepeLaugh dunnowtw: NEMZ TRYING TO LIE AGAIN PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE Rundrew Pog Saturninity: Nemz38 WEEB PepeLaugh perry_1903: WEEMZ LULW Hwaryo: @Nemz38 its okay nepSmug abonet: EXPOSED LULW noxcorvus: PepeLaugh Nemz38: actual manipulator houndthree: @Elajjaz who was the one playing dokidoki??? spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan weather is hot today PepeHands could you stop being so attractive elaDM JubJubWantRubRubs: i wish he was on voicechat now LULW cheeze____: … Thenastyraven: NEMZ CHAN AYAYA seegamegabtw: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh WEEMZ Fafebobo: Amacchu pepeL knight_solaire01: LULW Vivelin: PepeLaugh SirR1alot: SirR1alot subscribed with Twitch Prime. BrowningZen: OMEGALUL weeb Waifu: BAKA IM NOT WEEB WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @SirR1alot the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM marshalmv: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Nopileos: SUB HYPE SirR1alot POGGERS insurrectionist89: elaKek WEEMZ Pandreion: OMEGLOL CRAUDINHOU: EXPOSED Sparkwzn_: PepeLaugh Waifu: sokoBaka perpetual_fest: @Amacchu elaH xxGheTz: @Nemz38 elaYA ONE OF US GabrielMugnol: EXPOSED LULW jawsie: elinaW NO ONE IS A WEEB elinaW elinaW NO ONE IS A WEEB elinaW elinaW NO ONE IS A WEEB elinaW Cat_Dunk_Contest_Champion: @nemz38 weeb xd UvaroviteKing: huge weeb nemzANANA @Nemz38 J0hnnyBlade: Was it VA? LULW MelanaChasmata: 5Head Nemz38: nemzANANA Bananable: Bananable subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Bananable the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Mccoone: only weebs go to extreme lenghts denying that theyre weebs AYAYA kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh RedKazoo: Omega Weeb LULW Jaargan: OMEGAWEEB PepeLaugh MrFunky159: @Elajjaz its like the “not gay” korean videos LULW “WEEB? IM NOT WEEB” Simoteus: Reminder Nemz knows Japanese, the proof is on the Speedsouls JP channel Elajjaz ela1 Nopileos: SUB HYPE Bananable POGGERS HappySmile123: Nemz into some weird weeb shit LULW badly_dressed_0nion: wow nemz is a weeb ? LUL noxcorvus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: WEEMZ AYAYA Mawakute: fuck nemz anyway discosong: DansGame unflollowing everyone now 195iq: Weebz unimris: Nemz38 join the club AYAYA kokosenpaai: ? Nucleoprotein: @Nemz38 write: !promise chat elaK Podriquez: Hey Ela and chat elaH How y’all doin’? Cleptomancy: manipulator PepeLaugh Albin_Alligator: It takes a weeb to know a weeb AYAYA Salinkus: yes Nopileos: Podriquez elaHi Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh azrch_17: Nems is a insecure weeb badly_dressed_0nion: yes TatmanJ: PepeLaugh perry_1903: LULW cheeze____: “I dont care when people call me weeb” I’m just gonna write this off as joking ela13 Nemz38: ????????????????????????????????????????? JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW wackymanpuff: PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: LULW akmannen: D: Bananable: elaCozy Nopileos: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Hwaryo: LULW EXPOSED LULW rafalbrew1: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: LULW raider_unkindled: elaK insurrectionist89: “Nemz-sama” elaBlush unimris: OMEGALUL TYWM_: PepeLaugh misterbudlo: LUL souldedeh: AYAYA Jaargan: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: Clap2 AYAYA Cat_Dunk_Contest_Champion: is he a furry too monkaHmm dunnowtw: LULW flohmannjr: LULW Waifu: PepeLaugh abonet: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Evillution: PepeLaugh GoldenFlame1: WeirdChamp ->elaYA notdiri: PepeLaugh Corsad: AYAYA Mccoone: LULW Hwaryo: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh neonmatrix: PEPE QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: ACTUALLY EXPOSED LULW RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Clap Thelastknight14: LUL souldedeh: Nemz38 AYAYA Clap girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh provenmac: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: what a weeb Sparkwzn_: PepeLaugh weeb upresto: what a weeb that guy is TatmanJ: PepeLaugh @Nemz38 UvaroviteKing: Weeb Stream nemzLUL nemzRIP BitRun: LULW Leeegit: LULW ZebraStriker: junp king AYAYA schlawinator: PepeLaugh exposed PepeLaugh RealLifeTsundere: LOLOLOLOL shawn_u: confirmed weeb Nemz38: I have the until dawn WR astiroetl: LULW Kambri: LULW bob_barker_: PepeLaugh Nocturath: and sekrio @Elajjaz insurrectionist89: Pog IT’S TRUE miscusi: PepeLaugh exposed Nopileos: LULW Reddinator: LULW urnightolf: w33b Thenastyraven: PepeLaugh loki_oki: AYAYA JubJubWantRubRubs: Nemz38 is HYPERWEEB LULW zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh hark85: 100% confirmed weeb PepeLaugh CRAUDINHOU: monkaW fennel19: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW Wayn_: gottem LUL Mccoone: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Sarcrai: CALLED TF OUT Pajki13: wtf nemz Tycen: PepeLaugh UvaroviteKing: LULW exe_kutorrr: @Nemz38 AYAYA one of us Nopileos: LULW LULW chrisw_de: and until dawn OMGScooter Sparkwzn_: actually a weeb AYAYA WerewolfB: OMEGA WEEB OMEGADOWN TheMasterToaster: LULW nymnCorn Pastelli: Nemz-chan~ elaYA Jaargan: ds is not weeb tho PepeLaugh Murika_: WEEB AF PepeLaugh wackymanpuff: PepeLaugh 👉 AYAYA KeepLeap: big weeb dream_the_cast: glorious nipponese games Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh badly_dressed_0nion: Resident evil is the most weeb game LUL azrch_17: Insecure weeb Nems GoldenFlame1: WeirdChamp 👉 elaYA not a weeb btw Isbjorn3213: the until dawn WR LULW milfhunter_1992: Nems autistic weeb PepeLaugh Pizza_Bread: PepeLaugh akmannen: D: it all makes sense KnobiMaster: and jump king TYWM_: until dawn is a ps4 exclusive, japanese PepeLaugh Waifu: sekiro is 100% AYAYA raider_unkindled: @Elajjaz a weeb calling another weeb a weeb elaWeird RKazekiri: LULW Dusty_Degenerate: Maximum over-weeb OMEGALUL Coaction_: elaREE WEEEB ? nateston: @Stilgarius what phone do you have? spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Resident Evil 5 HAS BIG MaN CHRIS THO shawn_u: reset Sarcrai: dark souls is weeb haggThink Nemz38: Until Dawn, Call Of Juarez insurrectionist89: LUL supergamer990: 91 skweel: who is nems? Stilgarius: @nateston oneplus 6t elaFella Simoteus: Reminder Nemz knows Japanese, the proof is on the Speedsouls JP channel Elajjaz ela1 CallMeKong: first real halberd in 3 days souldedeh: PepeLaugh provenmac: @Nemz38 I told them about Until Dawn yesterday but he ignored me as always PepeHands Fafebobo: LULW Slaps_Giving: Ela has played Naruto on stream akmannen: D: TheDankDemon: mr 5k Nanashi_Sakamoto: ROASTED LULW CallMeKong: quits out Mccoone: only 2 OMEGALUL Mawakute: In your favour because of all the trash horror games tho. LUL astiroetl: LULW Hwaryo: PepeLaugh kyeee18: Ela, youre wrong, hes secretly branching into Secret Neighbour neuromancerking666: catherine :[ Sparkwzn_: PepeLaugh actually a weeb Bobanaut: name one TheMasterToaster: Nemz damage control PepeLaugh Nemz38: ELA souldedeh: PepeLaugh 👉 @Nemz38 Mavez0r: both nemz and ela are weebs dont trust them chat FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy sumSmash that boulder Thrisper: Ela may not be a weeb but he is weeb- curious AYAYA Jaargan: OMEGADOWN juumanden: PepeLaugh nymnCorn RealLifeTsundere: Exposedddd GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz none you fucking weeb Nemz38: YOU ARE GOING nateston: @Stilgarius thank you ZebraStriker: like 2 kokosenpaai: 0 Nemz38: TO PLAY UvaroviteKing: Weeb shamed nemzLUL mystickingfisher: Ela is up there too Nyccccccc: Nyccccccc subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Nyccccccc the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Nemz38: CODE VEIN Murika_: like catherine PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: !promise @Nemz38 elaK LoratNar: REKT LULW metatron741: ela runs like naruto WrestlerBot2000: @Nemz38 http://i.imgur.com/O09VD4L.png supergamer990: how many bro JubJubWantRubRubs: LMAO 195iq: @Elajjaz if this is halberd i sub# insurrectionist89: Like at LEAST 3 games pogChamp BrowningZen: LULWw raider_unkindled: uhh 0? MrFunky159: bro, you played naruto… thats full on weeb Nopileos: SUB HYPE Nyccccccc POGGERS logstock: dark souls=western inspired, IT CANT BE A WEEB GAME IM SORR Ki_NC: ela’s 5Head argument Pajki13: ¸wow flexing with his money supergamer990: u tell me BrowningZen: LULW urnightolf: You played Naruto on stream Kappa shiny__hawlucha: Nemz trying to fight back his weebiness. How weeb of him AYAYA logstock: YALL WRONG lucius_ss: you still are a weeb tho azrch_17: Nems is a insecure weeb Feelsweebman shawn_u: nemz, ban him theripper048: a nigg1 chrisw_de: Kapp spike_the_space_cowboy: @FitoBurrito Exactly big ass biceps Podriquez: Podriquez subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! Nopileos: SUB HYPE Podriquez elaA WrestlerBot2000: @Podriquez After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nemz38: YOU FUCKING OMEGA WEEB Sparkwzn_: FUN AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA Hwaryo: AYAYA neuromancerking666: W33B AYAYA Pizza_Bread: Nemz is going to ban Ela in his chat Waifu: AYAYA nekro793: HYUKAGE Clap schlawinator: AYAYA PhysiCle: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA shiny__hawlucha: AYAYA NicolasMn: OMEGALUL TYWM_: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy gachiVICTORY insurrectionist89: elaK Kageek: confirmed weeb Nucleoprotein: AYAYA Thrisper: D: Amacchu: AYAYA jawsie: Nemz is such a fucking weeb LULW beronor: AYAYA douglasihatesummer: elaK Sarcrai: Name file my name ๐Ÿ™‚ Nemz38: lol kokosenpaai: elaK Kambri: HYUKAGE Clap Nopileos: elaK Dassiz: INSECURE PepeLaugh badly_dressed_0nion: nemz insecure OMEGALUL BrowningZen: LULW true TheMasterToaster: LULW bob_barker_: LUL n0styCat: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: TWO PRIMAL WEEBS LULW Jaargan: elaK logstock: real talk right here Nemz38: I’m actually tilted Corsad: Let’s just agree that everyone is a web AYAYA Raftelle: elaK Waifu: who is on your body pillow Nemz38 sokoHmm PhysiCle: LULW cheeze____: Ela, you are the most insecure person about being called weeb on twitch shawn_u: TaBeRu KnobiMaster: HYUKAGE Clap KrazyShark: @Elajjaz @Nemz38 i dont recall nemz drinking weeb japanese nikka / hibiki whisky Thenastyraven: AYAYA NEMZ AND ELA ARE ONE OF US AYAYA schlawinator: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: LULW WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Snosachen: LULW UvaroviteKing: weeb nation nemzANANA spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan i heard Japanese people didnt like weebs is it true elaHmm ? notdiri: NEMZ SHAKING WITH AUTISTIC RAGE RN PepeLaugh Thrisper: elaK rk0r: closet weeb PepeLaugh closet weeb PepeLaugh closet weeb PepeLaugh closet weeb PepeLaugh closet weeb PepeLaugh closet weeb PepeLaugh Coaction_: Its okay to be weeb nems Sparkwzn_: Stuttering PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: OMEGADOWN Nemz38: actually tilted chrisw_de: ????? Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu RealLifeTsundere: Well… you do get triggered when ppl call you weeb Ela WeirdChamp zorry4badinglsh: ?????? LoratNar: @nemz38 SAYS THE WEEB HIMSELF PepeLaugh akmannen: AoT is weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ Waifu: A OMEGALUL T BrowningZen: oof LULW ShinoEleven: ????? dunnowtw: CLOSING WEEB NEMZ LULW iwannagmymom: ????????? Tycen: LULW azrch_17: Insecure weeb Nemz going to leave chat soon Streamleen: anime not weeb lul beronor: weeb debate hark85: LULW akmannen: but its good BitRun: ur both weebs PepeLaugh houndthree: literally walked in his room because he was triggered when nemz called him a weeb Mengzanoid: TaBeRu sweet weebs fight, time for some naruto soundtrack TaBeRu shiny__hawlucha: Nemz=Tiltedd Weeb AYAYA Nemz38: wanna put you in a headlock at ESA Etrenety3: AoT is the most weeb thing ever Slaps_Giving: Attack on Titan is weeb Jaargan: TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh neuromancerking666: TRIGGERED AYAYA CRAUDINHOU: Attack on Weebs Mawakute: It’s one of the most weeb show to watch. LULW schlawinator: AOT is anime and anime is Weeb AYAYA Dusty_Degenerate: elaYA elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaBruv elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !! Expleco: Its an anime anime is weeb WeirdChamp mystickingfisher: ela more tilted than nemz LUL raider_unkindled: @Nemz38 elaWeird Evillution: you both are weebs WeirdChamp @Elajjaz badly_dressed_0nion: NEMZ IS IN DENIAL OMEGALUL NicolasMn: monkaW] urnightolf: Ela is just closet weeb AYAYA cheeze____: it never ends lucius_ss: attack on titan is first weeb material hark85: nemz could you please tell us how many anime body pillows you own? Thrisper: AoT is Anime=Weeb Thenastyraven: tbh nemz never did a naruto run PepeLaugh Sunshinewalker: 2 weeb streamers FeelsWeirdMan NicolasMn: monkaW Nemz38: LOL Sarcrai: LUL Simoteus: Waifu https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularColdbloodedOryxMcaT?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url insurrectionist89: TIL every souls runner is a weeb elaISee perry_1903: LULW Golden04: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Waifu: LUL kokosenpaai: LULW oopmah: Is this when we complete a first run? PogChamp AhteneBlur: HES AMD MONKAW jawsie: OMEGLOL MrFunky159: lulw Raftelle: Both weebs cantaAYAYAnami Nemz38: yeah with your fucked back PhysiCle: That’s a good arguement though LULW dunnowtw: LULW MrFunky159: LULW GamErDino1337: why would you watch that shit anime aot WeirdChamp badly_dressed_0nion: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: elaYA elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaBruv elaYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ elaYA elaYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !! Nemz38: because trash form Amacchu: @Nemz38 Imgaine actually being a weeb elaWeird Nopileos: lulw UvaroviteKing: nemzHype Let’s be weebs together FitoBurrito: DOESN’T EVEN LIFT LULW Annonn140: do you even lift bro Dassiz: i swear the word Weeb doesnt mean anything anymore LUL Sparkwzn_: PepeLaugh cheezar: Not deadlifting WeirdChamp Lemonsponge: LULW LoratNar: LULW girlfromjapan: @spike_the_space_cowboy we don’t have the word “weeb” so it’s a bit complicated to explain 195iq: OOOOOH HES BASICALLY CALLING HIM OUT bob_barker_: LULW Sunshinewalker: LUL=UvaroviteKing: LULW iwannagmymom: “Dangerous” Fafebobo: Dr_Jan_Itor TheMoltenGuy speaking of AoT, new chapter is out Pog Nopileos: LULW nekro793: HYUKAGE NEEEMZ! HYUKCHIHA ELAAAA! Le_________________bowser: calebAy ThatMaskey: ThatMaskey subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @ThatMaskey I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE ThatMaskey elaA PontusIndeed: LUL giant_robots: @Elajjaz you play FF14 the most weeb game of all elaKek Caput_Draconis: LULW Jaargan: TWO WEEBS IN DENIAL PepeLaugh Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Pizza_Bread: Friendship ended LULW NicolasMn: ESA Wrestling billyReady garenbush: wth is this drama LULW miggonaut: it has the word “dead” in the name, of cause its dangerous LoratNar: DANGEROUS PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Salinkus: nemz is too busy watching anime to lift MRxMayhem: threatening people online elaKek pablo_stark98: Attack on Titan is only weeb if you say the japanese name LUL 195iq: IM GONNA BE AT ESA JUST TO WATCH ELA VS NEMZ perry_1903: HYUKAGE HYUKCHIHA TheMasterToaster: weeb fight PepeLaugh azrch_17: Weeb can’t put someone in a headlock houndthree: @Jaargan IKR LUL KrazyShark: nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM nice flex elaGDM Loki_nG: Nemz scared of lifting elaDM LULW insurrectionist89: WEEBFIGHTS PogChamp UltraWindow: its pretty weeb character chrisw_de: A CATGIRL LULW boogeyman551: this is like HYUKAGE vs HYUKCHIHA + Nemz38: no joke tallwhiteowl: hes not a weeb guys elaK https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeFantasticMagpieYouWHY chris9696bkr: @Thenastyraven elaYA TYWM_: CATGIRL AYAYA Raftelle: He is Bara girlfromjapan: @spike_the_space_cowboy weeb means ppl who like japanese anime girls? GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz your character looks like shit Stilgarius: AYAYA Nemz38: I bet you have a body pillow Sparkwzn_: AYAYA PhysiCle: AYAYA Thrisper: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Reddinator: AYAYA true Nopileos: AYAYA Fafebobo: AYAYA FitoBurrito: WeirdChamp MrFunky159: is more dangerous not to deadlift than deadlift LULW unimris: LULW souldedeh: AJAJA AYAYA chris9696bkr: AYAYA PhysiCle: LULW Caput_Draconis: AYAYA abonet: AYAYA PontusIndeed: AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA ivooooo__: AYAYA badly_dressed_0nion: AYAYA Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA FitoBurrito: NaM FUCKOFFWEEBS NaM ShinoEleven: AYAYA UltraWindow: nepSmug nice Pandreion: LULW AhteneBlur: @Nemz38 garenbush: LULW gtF_: AYAYA schlawinator: HYUKAGE HYUKCHIHA quantumop: lmao bob_barker_: AYAYA TheMasterToaster: OMEGALUL Salinkus: AYAYA Darth_Umbra: PepeLaugh flohmannjr: AYAYA Sparkwzn_: ONE OF US AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA TatmanJ: PepeLaugh RKazekiri: cute weebs AYAYA BrascoGaming: LULW Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: tbh nemz never did a naruto run PepeLaugh @Elajjaz Stilgarius: AYAYA x2 KendaichiS: AYAYA ShinoEleven: LULW Nemz38: TRUE LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW schlawinator: AYAYA jac0blee: Hi ela Hi chat! elaHi mystickingfisher: both weebs Kreygasm Arcshined: everyone weebs AYAYA LoratNar: AYAYA Clap Vivelin: elaK Meximus322: elaK Jaargan: AYAYA Golden04: elaK Nopileos: jac0blee elaHYUG Sarcrai: elaK Hwaryo: HE ADMITTED IT CHAT LULW Dusty_Degenerate: elaK Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA TatmanJ: FeelsWeirdMan Thrisper: elaK neuromancerking666: sure Kapp badly_dressed_0nion: Kapp douglasihatesummer: elaK insurrectionist89: elaK chungaze: AYAYA nekro793: LULW he said it Raftelle: elaK LoratNar: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK ZukaZealanee: rooSmug Kambri: HYUKAGE AYAYA HYUKCHIHA CRAUDINHOU: A big weeb giant_robots: giant_robots subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! Waifu: LOL Simoteus raider_unkindled: elaK Nanashi_Sakamoto: CONFIRMED LULW perpetual_fest: elaK UvaroviteKing: AYAYA nemzANANA KnobiMaster: FeelsWeirdMan WrestlerBot2000: @giant_robots After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM NovusAnimus: weeb is the new gay? Lexikun: elaK ShinoEleven: elaK Nopileos: SUB HYPE giant_robots elaA RealLifeTsundere: He ACCEPTED IT mugiwaraflash: Kapp Mohaettir95: 3Head TheMasterToaster: He finally admits it LULW Thenastyraven: AYAYA UltraWindow: he submits LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh BitRun: ElaK TatmanJ: monkaW TYWM_: TRUE LULW JaynisK: He knows what he is! https://clips.twitch.tv/OddSpinelessSquirrelGivePLZ houndthree: actually true insurrectionist89: “I know I’m a weeb” – Ela 2019 CONFIRMED Kageek: it reminds me yesterday video about the gay tekken player wackymanpuff: monkaW HappySmile123: “not weeb” going on 10 minute rant about other dude being a weeb LULW KendaichiS: Nemz is a weeb hater AYAYA jac0blee: @Nopileos pepeL Amacchu: ONE OF US! AYAYA ONE OF US! AYAYA ONE OF US! AYAYA ONE OF US! AYAYA Nopileos: jac0blee elaH volantis3796: Everyone here is a weeb AYAYA LukeX532: Only thing ela is hiding is KIT KAT STORY !!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ @Elajjaz mayushi10: monkaH Cg_legacy: WEEB @Nemz38 UvaroviteKing: YATTA AYAYA Jaargan: CALLED OUT LULW Nopileos: @Nemz38 weeb AYAYA chris9696bkr: @Nemz38 Weeb WeirdChamp+ 195iq: ela is actually one of the most unweeb streamers i know Mohaettir95: I’ll bash your head bruv 3Head MolonD: nemz is a closet weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ lucius_ss: we’ll have to test it tomorrow then Reddinator: WutFace souldedeh: WutFace TatmanJ: @Nemz38 Weeb PepeLaugh Pandreion: WutFace Lexikun: WutFace Fraze: monkaW Fafebobo: FUCK elaWut Nopileos: WutFace spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan yeah and have weird body pillows Sarcrai: haggLoud JubJubWantRubRubs: elaWut wackymanpuff: wtf LoratNar: @nemz38 weeb PepeLaugh souldedeh: MrDestructoid Murika_: WutFace ju3no: WutFace garenbush: WutFace Thelastknight14: WutFace Caput_Draconis: WutFace CRAUDINHOU: Ela come to the weeb side of the force Jaargan: elaWut flohmannjr: WutFace UltraWindow: cute t-shirt ela nepSmug can you read what it says? Nopileos: WutFace WutFace Saturninity: Shush Ela-chan, no one’s a weeb here onlyafroAYA LoratNar: WutFace franky_latabasse: “You can call me a weeb…but I’m not a weeb” elaK provenmac: Did we? I wasn’t listening PepeLaugh UvaroviteKing: @MolonD u fokin wut M8 nemzLads TatmanJ: elaWut KendaichiS: @Nemz38 Weeb AYAYA wackymanpuff: the rocks akmannen: the sound Murika_: rock sound noxcorvus: WutFace chrisw_de: WutFace Waifu: confirmed Elajjaz is a weeb but nemz is super AYAYA perry_1903: elaWut microlah: THE SOUND provenmac: WutFace Sparkwzn_: LULW wtf was that JubJubWantRubRubs: there was a weird sound when the wall collapsed ela Visualocity: WutFace ??? kokosenpaai: elaWut Lexikun: the wall sound Nopileos: WutFace urnightolf: Ela has a Nemz bodypillow Kappa nekro793: it wasn’t even loud LUL BrowningZen: WutFace Xurker: loud noise when rock hit wall @Elajjaz raider_unkindled: chat dont tell him PepeLaugh Reddinator: monka omega multiple sounds Pizza_Bread: Nemz left? FeelsBadMan Nopileos: raider_unkindled elaH cheeze____: Now if only you didn’t get so defensive when anything Japanese pops up in your stream ela12 flohmannjr: Demonic run! WutFace KrazyShark: THE ROCK Pog volcano_tn: @Elajjaz Sweden is playing Norway this week (football) who would win ? chrisw_de: WeirdChamp Svitkona_: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Pandreion: WeirdChamp Saturninity: THE ROCK? onlyafroS Sarcrai: lol PhysiCle: WeirdChamp JubJubWantRubRubs: WeirdChamp schlawinator: So Ela is a Weeb but nemz is an OMEGAWEEB? AYAYA Fraze: Nemz38 Weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ Lim3Fru1t: WeirdChamp RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Nopileos: WeirdChamp unimris: WeirdChamp chris9696bkr: WeirdChamp Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh Amacchu: elaHmm raider_unkindled: elaWeird perry_1903: WeirdChamp UvaroviteKing: Nemz went to break things nemzRIP Nemz38: WeirdChamp Mohaettir95: WeirdChamp discosong: WeirdChamp Jaargan: WeirdChamp provenmac: WeirdChamp JubJubWantRubRubs: WeirdChamp conflicting facts Nopileos: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp zuryci: WeirdChamp captain_elsewhere: now who’s lying about who Nemz38: what other stuff? BleekStone: If i eat sushi am I a weeb? Fafebobo: @Elajjaz Nemz38 Zero said he has been banned UvaroviteKing: WeirdChamp Sparkwzn_: AYAYA CAN’T DENY Coaction_: elaHmm Slaps_Giving: FAKE NEWS Nemz38: can’t even answer chris9696bkr: @Nemz38 Fcking Weeb WeirdChamp Mengzanoid: HYUKAGE Mohaettir95: name one WeirdChamp Pajki13: donating money to millionare WeirdChamp chrisw_de: just go back in the vod JustDoIt Sarcrai: can confirm nemz banned me for saying weeb azrch_17: Nemz going to leave and cry soon, Stop bullying nemz KendaichiS: I got banned for typing AYAYA PepeHands Nemz is a liar AYAYA NicolasMn: Big streamer abusing small ones PepeHands Waifu: AYAYA YOU WILL NOT OPRESS US AYAYA TheMasterToaster: LULW FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz Hi Ela, former Nemz38 viewer here. I got banned in his chat for calling him a weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ End0rphyne: I N S A N E dunnowtw: LULW unimris: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW 195iq: SUB IS REAL HALBERD Nopileos: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW wackymanpuff: if youre japanese are you automatically weeb? Nemz38: Zero got banned for talking like a chad when he’s 5’2 provenmac: Don’t argue with a lawyer PepeLaugh Xurker: yeah same i got banned in his chat for calling him a weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ Waifu: LOL misterdex1: NemzAYAYAYA Evillution: you both are weebs WeirdChamp @Elajjaz Simoteus: Zero banned? The diss track was too fire PepeHands JubJubWantRubRubs: LMAO Lim3Fru1t: OMEGALUL AlmAyum: AYAYA Clap Mohaettir95: @nemz38 is this true ? Tycen: LULW Kageek: can someone make a vid with clips of ela denying the evidence ? Kambri: LULW Sparkwzn_: LuL MrFunky159: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Hwaryo: gachiBASS souldedeh: PepeLaugh 👉 @Nemz38 Muffingrenn: LULW chrisw_de: you played the yakuza games tho LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Ela you and Nemz should have a wrestling match 1 on 1 in the ring i’ll be the ref DCOME ON LETS DOING gachiBASS zuryci: 4Shrug weebs Sarcrai: loool Salinkus: yeah same i got banned in his chat for calling him a weeb ๐Ÿ™‚ UvaroviteKing: What a chad Zero is iwannagmymom: gachiBASS ahh dunnowtw: NEMZ OMEGALUL ZukaZealanee: wall closing in weeb LUL @Nemz38 Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW PhysiCle: @Nemz38 That’s a damn good reason elaOk Thenastyraven: Anyone has the ela weeb video? PepeLaugh Kevin2686: gachiBASS ooh fenniksss: NEMZ IS LITERALLY GNOME OMEGALUL kkoja: @Nemz38 LULW Nemz38: how have I played more weeb games lucius_ss: is dist a weeb tho Umadbrudda: who is that chad guy everyone is talking about discosong: FeelsBadMan true PepeHands Bawlah: Don’t forget him photo shopping your message making you look like a weeb @Elajjaz elaKek Simoteus: Thenastyraven which one? PepeLaugh Nemz38: mr weeaboo wednesday Waifu: dis is for sure a weeb UvaroviteKing: nemzANANA Waifu: AYAYA Mohaettir95: LULW Sparkwzn_: MaN KendaichiS: AYAYA mazpratim: AYAYA yukie_iki: i dont understand whats wrong with being a weeb kkenHMM mstrpickles: horatio Nopileos: AYAYA cheeze____: I miss weeb wednesdays elaFeels Muffingrenn: AYAYA BrascoGaming: persona 5? Kapp schlawinator: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: Clap2 AYAYA senior_thijs: “Chat cant TRIGGER me” thijsStory thijsStory thijsStory Sarcrai: LUL PhysiCle: AYAYA Tycen: LULW miki___miki: AYAYA GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz play more nep games then FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy what happened at the end of that sentence, did your erection affect your typing gachiHYPER oopmah: AYAYA Lim3Fru1t: OMEGALUL CallMeKong: LMAO perry_1903: LULW chrisw_de: PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: LUL Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA flohmannjr: AYAYA Nemz38: LMFAO Fafebobo: LULW Marsche: @Elajjaz could you wish me a smol happy birthday? FeelsBirthdayMan Clap wevie1: you’ve both dressed in kimono’s while wielding a sword misterdex1: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl Zane_Within: LUL Armody: LULW Corsad: AYAYA UltraWindow: true nepSmug ela plays mostly horror games if we count ratios azrch_17: @Nemz38 going to leave and cry soon, Stop bullying nemz. Feelsweebman pokedoh: LULW Nopileos: LULW bob_barker_: LULW ZukaZealanee: LULW SeraphxStray: elaK sounds like excuses JimiJam69: Is this bullying? elaHmm Caput_Draconis: LULW discosong: OOOFFF dunnowtw: DAMN THAT ROAST LULW unimris: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: holy shit LULW ROASTED Jaargan: except darkwood PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh nymnCorn girlfromjapan: @spike_the_space_cowboy okay, we don’t hate weebs if they are friendly imo, i think it’s depends on his/her character? akmannen: damn Nemz38: alright call me UvaroviteKing: Hand it over! gachiHYPER nemzGasm schlawinator: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz dark souls is japanese elaWeird Waifu: weeabo wednesday? PogU Nemz38: I’m fucking mad RealLifeTsundere: ouch Nemz38: typing Waifu: that sounds lit Counterfeit_Bagel: @Elajjaz What exactly is different between the new route and old one? HappySmile123: JimiJam69 yes elaSmile Lim3Fru1t: elaKek NicolasMn: nemz diss track 3Head Sarcrai: TOXIC STREAMERS quantumop: LMAO dream_the_cast: LOL Amacchu: WEEB NaM KendaichiS: M A L D AYAYA chrisw_de: NEMZ IS MALDING LULW Thenastyraven: The one that listed every reason ela is a weeb elaKek can’t find it tho @Simoteus JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Cg_legacy: WEEB @Nemz38 HEIL_MODS_: more like mald Lexikun: since ds is japanese game ela’s doing every day weeb day Xurker: multiple people are typing abonet: EXPOSED LULW dunnowtw: LULW BendOverLikeABoss: NEMZ MAD CUZ BAD PepeLAUGH Raknov: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: First Catherine, then Persona 5 nepSmug HYPERCLAP akmannen: Damn son quantumop: literally malding notdiri: MALD GNOME LULW Dassiz: imagine getting mad about words LUL Hwaryo: LULW MALDING LULW Mohaettir95: 3Head i’ll bash your head bruv PhysiCle: LULW RealLifeTsundere: Get Him on Dicord ! LUL Kevintaku: twitch drama monkaTOS CRAUDINHOU: We are having a true weeb fight right here boys perry_1903: MALD LULW nekro793: nemz will speedrun nep games Pog RedKazoo: NEMZ MALD LULW bob_barker_: MALDING AYAYA SeraphxStray: malding live LULW Slaps_Giving: MALD LULW rainbowsh8: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl AYAYA azrch_17: He’s so insecure about his weebness lol TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh nymnCorn nemz malding fenniksss: elaKek MALD AND ALMOST BALD zuryci: gachiAPPROVE weeb wednesday is an honor Reddinator: Mald weeb LULW 195iq: @Elajjaz i think you got a biiiiig weak point there in nemz LUL Muffingrenn: 5k hours in a japanese game btw spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan Very good judgement… you’re so smart Kreygasm UoL_TheStarchild: that clip LOL dunnowtw: NEW DRAMA LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: WEEB MALD LULW WEEB MALD LULW WEEB MALD LULW WEEB MALD LULW Mengzanoid: HYUKAGE HYPERCLAP Autumn_Flare: MALD WEEB AYAYA Fauxhead: NEMZ MALD Annonn140: TWITCH DRAMA LULW pokedoh: @Nemz38 AYAYA rk0r: PepeLaugh anime battle yukie_iki: kkenAYAYA perry_1903: HYUKAGE HYUKCHIHA sakazaki12: @Nemz38 you are allways mad OMEGALUL dream_the_cast: top 10 anime fights schlawinator: AYAYA datdeathy: weeb vs koreanboo LULW Wuxia: TWITCH DRAMA LULW reVr0x: toxic souls community FeelsBadMan UltraWindow: nepSmug weebs win again Counterfeit_Bagel: The Persona 5 speedrun is like 20 hours long LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @FitoBurrito i typed taht with my cock Waifu: OMAYOU SHINDERU captain_elsewhere: MIZAKI houndthree: LMAO the nemz weeb clip Stilgarius: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl AYAYA schlawinator: A WEEB-OFF AYAYA flohmannjr: Nemz is so exposed he’s is #MeToo now. LULW oopmah: this weeb-off PunOko shirou01: wut;s BKH+RTSR? HappySmile123: Quality content on stream. Closet Weeb fight Pog Corsad: Anyone else you want to take down with? AYAYA Saturninity: MALDING midbMALD JesseThaBest: wait whats the dram Jaargan: OMEGADOWN rainbowsh8: AYAYA https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl Nemz38: literally trying to bring down the only person that isn’t a weeb streamer WeirdChamp zorry4badinglsh: ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA MoeDaEngineer: AYAYAY Evillution: call nemz he’s crying PepeLaugh Christianhero: ella and nemz weeb confirmed Rhynin: was gone for an hour and they still talk about the same thing LULW Annonn140: HYUKAGE NEEEEMZ HYUKCHIHA ELAAAAA Kambri: HYUKAGE MALDING HYUKCHIHA Raftelle: Both weebs cantaBaka akmannen: and the winner are there weebs #feelsbadman FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy fuck that’s some good control gachiHYPER Montanaontario2392: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl UvaroviteKing: Nemz gearing up to play Catherine Full Body next week AYAYA nemzHype JubJubWantRubRubs: WeirdChamp Nemz38: good Nemz38: cunt Stilgarius: @Nemz38 Explain this https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl AYAYA mystickingfisher: what happened to nice smile boy ela shirou01: meh JimiJam69: @Nemz38 Tilted elaKek Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW kokosenpaai: LULW pokedoh: paraChoke UvaroviteKing: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW provenmac: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: ela will you now check out some good anime nepSmug ? houndthree: karma Evillution: OMEGALUL Murika_: D: NovaMoon: @Waifu do you know my buddy waifudeliveryservice badly_dressed_0nion: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW KnobiMaster: OMEGALUL Reddinator: LULW Fafebobo: daijoubu Nemz-kun ? AYAYA notdiri: D: PontusIndeed: LULW Tycen: D: shirou01: RIp Nopileos: LULW CallMeKong: LULW Saturninity: midbMald garenbush: LULW RKazekiri: gachiOnFIRE Wuxia: D: Mohaettir95: stop denying sir WeirdChamp akmannen: D: captain_elsewhere: “literally the only person” elaHmm doubt nekro793: gachiOnFIRE Thewildfiree: lul PontusIndeed: D: TheNevZone: the timing is off with that Minato_Q: i hope this run is a WR so we have the whole weeb fight forever on Speedsouls or whatever schlawinator: PepeLaugh Wuxia: elaD Nopileos: D: Autumn_Flare: D: Corsad: D: KendaichiS: nemzAYAYA AYAYA nemzAYAYA AYAYA nemzAYAYA AYAYA nemzAYAYA AYAYA Slaps_Giving: D: zorry4badinglsh: D: Snosachen: D: Stilgarius: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirlShow this to expose nemz in second PepeLaugh UvaroviteKing: D: lindwormen: D: milfhunter_1992: BREXIT WEEB elaBruv Rhaenotz: nemzMALD rainbowsh8: @Elajjaz THE TRUTH AYAYA https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl Arekska: so when are those nep speedruns starting? AYAYA Waifu: @NovaMoon yea ladle is dope badly_dressed_0nion: D: Nopileos: D: D: KappatainHindsight: Nemz38 AYAYA oopmah: can you pls finish a run strimmer? AYAYA Nemz38: LMAO Jaargan: D: SediFric: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: elaD RedKazoo: Cant Escape TRUTH LULW FitoBurrito: Stilgarius monkaTOS BobTheDrunkBear: D: JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK NefariousBread: rip the urn TheNevZone: D: Nemz38: don’t watch that dunnowtw: LULW Lim3Fru1t: elaKek https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl NovaMoon: @Waifu Pog yeah she is raider_unkindled: elaK Stilgarius: @FitoBurrito AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: elaK Nopileos: elaK bob_barker_: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: Fafebobo it’s out? PogU Coaction_: we know elaHmm perry_1903: WeirdChamp Reddinator: KKona weebs Corsad: AYAYA cheeze____: HYUKAGE 🤝 HYUKCHIHA Why can’t we be friends PepeHands Caput_Draconis: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW TRUE JubJubWantRubRubs: NO THIS IS GOLD LULW Stilgarius: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl AYAYA Veddy_: KKona weebs UltraWindow: KKona weebs Saturninity: KKona weebs CRAUDINHOU: LULW rainbowsh8: AYAYA https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl Nopileos: KKona weebs Nemz38: chat stop saoblow: elaWeird Waifu: #nevsiscanceledforbeingweeb xetanp: this would be an awesome WR VOD PepeLaugh GoldenFlame1: KKona weebs garenbush: KKpma weebs Nemz38: PepeLaugh volcano_tn: hhhhhhhh PontusIndeed: KKona weebs AYAYA BUSTER_SW0RD: I think they are both filthy weebs LUL Jaargan: KKona fkn weebs Fafebobo: Dr_Jan_Itor chapter 121 yes Chag shawn_u: ratirlKkona notdiri: gachiHYPER raider_unkindled: D: JesseThaBest: D: LordStayFrosty: you got some breaking bad in you @Elataking the whole business down with you LUL SeemsGood mikelavo69: mikelavo69 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 2 month streak! spike_the_space_cowboy: IMAGINE BEING A GROWN ASS MAN AND WATCH CARTOONS ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS OMEGALUL IMAGINE BEING A GROWN ASS MAN AND WATCH CARTOONS ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS OMEGALUL IMAGINE BEING A GROWN ASS MAN AND WATCH CARTOONS ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS OMEGALUL IMAGINE BEING A GROWN ASS MAN AND WATCH CARTOONS ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS OMEGALUL WrestlerBot2000: @mikelavo69 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM discosong: WeirdChamp nemz is a weebs im unfollowing now Nopileos: SUB HYPE mikelavo69 elaA Nemz38: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO bob_barker_: KKona weebs Kevintaku: monkaW captain_elsewhere: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardRelatedPieHeyGirl NicolasMn: PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: @spike_the_space_cowboy thank you bathhoWOW Fraze: LULW unimris: OPEN IT chrisw_de: LULW Saturninity: You can’t stop us you weeb PepeLaugh TheNevZone: PepeLaugh Oh no no no Zane_Within: LUL perry_1903: LULW Quesket: LULW TheMasterToaster: OMEGADOWN quantumop: LMAO Reddinator: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW bob_barker_: PepeLaugh suryk22: Ela did You know that Nemz watched Gay porn to check if he is straight? LuL BobTheDrunkBear: AYAYA Clap UltraWindow: LULW lindwormen: PepeLaugh Lim3Fru1t: LULW Golden04: LULW CallMeKong: LMAO Fafebobo: LULW unimris: LULW zuryci: LUL Stilgarius: AYAYA PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: AYAYA Waifu: LULW Raknov: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW LULW notdiri: PepeLaugh 자살: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA flohmannjr: AYAYA Mengzanoid: AYAYA KappatainHindsight: AYAYA datguyzito: LULW discosong: LULW shirou01: LUL pokedoh: @Nemz38 LULW schlawinator: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: LULW garenbush: LULW Norttii: WeirdChamp perry_1903: ELAYA Kambri: PepeLaugh AbsoluteHope: LOL Murika_: LULW PontusIndeed: LULW Nopileos: LULW insurrectionist89: WEEMZ Zifler: LULW MartinVP: oof JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW FUCKING PROOF LULW FUCKING PROOF LULW FUCKING PROOF LULW FUCKING PROOF LULW FUCKING PROOF LULW FUCKING PROOF Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: LULW Snosachen: LULW Isbjorn3213: LULW InfamousXXV: LULW HEIL_MODS_: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW LULW dunnowtw: LULW Magilou_69: LULW nekro793: LULW EXPOSED bob_barker_: AYAYA UltraWindow: confirmed Caput_Draconis: LULW LULW KendaichiS: AYAYA BaronNosehair: AHA schlawinator: AYAYA troublematicc: AYAYA oopmah: aha. rainbowsh8: AYAYA Saturninity: LULW BUSTER_SW0RD: EXPOSED akmannen: More truth Evillution: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Soveriegn3: LULW aenamatic: AYAYA wackymanpuff: AYAYA CRAUDINHOU: AYAYA lucius_ss: LUL Thenastyraven: AYAYA HYPERCLAP 195iq: CONFIRMED WEEB Annonn140: LULW Raftelle: cantaAYAYAnami Shagrid: AYAYA souldedeh: AYAYA Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PirateMateyy: LULW hepha1: AHA LULW Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Waifu: EXPOSED UvaroviteKing: NEMZ ACTUALY SAID AYAYA Tycen: LULW Joshmoor45: LULW Wuxia: LULW Slaps_Giving: LULW Kouteij: LULW ivooooo__: AYAYA flohmannjr: LULW HungryforSomething: saved LULW bfisher: ITS OVER LULW rk0r: E X P OMEGALUL S E D Nopileos: LULW UoL_TheStarchild: LUL quantumop: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ZukaZealanee: rooAYAYA Thewildfiree: LOOOOOL UvaroviteKing: AYAYA ThereIsNoDerp: OMEGALUL TheNevZone: @Nemz38 FeelsWeirdMan zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA azrch_17: @Nemz38 Weeb exposed, only a weeb is that insecure RKazekiri: AYAYA Isbjorn3213: @Nemz38 LordStayFrosty: oops sorry wrong @ ๐Ÿ˜€ Pajki13: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Saturninity: EXPOSED OMEGALUL Larsn2k: GOTCHA! datdeathy: LULW Pandreion: LULW AYAYA Zeref_swe : elaYA rainbowsh8: PepeLaugh KnobiMaster: AYAYA ClaytonBigsbe: Nemz confirmed W E E B JesseThaBest: New donation sond Muffingrenn: AYAYA raider_unkindled: E X P O S E D AYAYA Golden04: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Evillution: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp Veddy_: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp exe_kutorrr: AYAYA souldedeh: PepeLaugh 👉 @Nemz38 Bieberhunter: AYAYA BUSTER_SW0RD: evoTilt evoTilt evoTilt evoTilt kokosenpaai: Wow TripleThrashTreat: THE ULTIMATE WEEBING CHAMPIONSHIP SeraphxStray: AYAYA gtF_: LULW GrenFrag: GrenFrag subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! WrestlerBot2000: @GrenFrag Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM ByteRoster: ByteRoster subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 29 months! WELL WELL WELL. elaC MR.JAZZ HOLDING HIS LEFT ANALOG STICK FORWARD YET AGAIN. ela12 YOOOOOOOOOOOO Dusty_Degenerate: elaYA kaspar16: LUL Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Clap WrestlerBot2000: @ByteRoster After 29 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KendaichiS: AYAYA Exposed AYAYA 195iq: I LOVE ANIME AYAYA LUL Nopileos: SUB HYPE GrenFrag Pog Wuxia: E X P O S E D AYAYA Raftelle: cantaAYAYAnami HYPERCLAP CRAUDINHOU: We have a winner Simoteus: nemzMALD frimpy2: LUL Loki_nG: LULW ergivanc: @Nemz38 one of us AYAYA nekro793: OMEGADOWN captain_elsewhere: nemz elaWeird Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: @Nemz38 AYAYA datdeathy: AYAYA ONE OF US AYAYA mystickingfisher: VoHiYo WotorJL: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp misterdex1: ๐Ÿ™‚ Fraze: AYAYA souldedeh: AYAYA Mohaettir95: WeirdChamp Nemz38 UltraWindow: AYAYA Soveriegn3: elaYA JubJubWantRubRubs: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Norttii: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Nemz38: alright I’m leaving provenmac: OMEGADOWN chrisw_de: WeirdChamp quantumop: LMAO Kevintaku: AYAYA garenbush: AYAYA azrch_17: @Nemz38 Weeb exposed, only a weeb is that insecure, he going to cry now Reddinator: AYAYA HAHA Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: AYAYA LAKKI AYAYA Sarcrai: LOOL Murika_: elaYA Kouteij: elaYA BobTheDrunkBear: AYAYA frimpy2: WOW HEIL_MODS_: LULW umayfuentes: elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA Dr_Jan_Itor: elaYA Nopileos: elaYA Pandreion: OMEGALUL PhysiCle: HAHAHA YAYAYA Golden04: FUCK OFF InfernalPigeon: AYAYA Bieberhunter: AYAYA AYAYA Corsad: LAKKI AYAYA VineWood0604: LAKKI elaYA zuryci: @Nemz38 WEEB confirmed Fafebobo: LAKKI AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA SainEdge: AYAYA MrFunky159: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp JesseThaBest: Make it a new donation sound AYAYA Magilou_69: AYAYA troublematicc: AYAYA HYPERCLAP PontusIndeed: LAKI AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Thenastyraven: AYAYA Dickety: LOL wackymanpuff: AYAYA HYPERCLAP flohmannjr: LAKKI AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA BrascoGaming: AYAYA pokedoh: @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp @Nemz38 WeirdChamp gamezocker: LULW KendaichiS: @Nemz38 I love anime AYAYA datdeathy: AYAYA Quesket: LMAO AYAYA Tvinx: AYAYA iiioku: AYAYA nekro793: LULW TIMING Niittomies_: AYAYA Meximus322: elaYA schlawinator: AYAYA AYAYA Caput_Draconis: AYAYA Lemonsponge: AYAYA Slaps_Giving: AYAYA hepha1: AYAYA gtF_: AYAYA Syaraz: LULW Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA kokosenpaai: AYAYA TheMasterToaster: timing LULW ByteRoster: AYAYA Clap UvaroviteKing: Shot himself in the foot on that one! AYAYA Kevintaku: the timing lmao dragothicx: LAKKI AYAYA HYPERCLAP raider_unkindled: AYAYA Clap Wuxia: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Lim3Fru1t: elaKek the timing KnobiMaster: AYAYA Clap Waifu: AYAYA Raknov: AYAYA HYPERCLAP frimpy2: LULW Nopileos: AYAYA Clap ivooooo__: AYAYA AYAYA dekkah: AYAYA Clap aenamatic: LOL RKazekiri: Perfect AYAYA HYPERCLAP pokedoh: AYAYA InfamousXXV: AYAYA wevie1: OMEGALUL moving on zorry4badinglsh: LAKKI AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA HYPERCLAP girlfromjapan: AYAYA HYPERCLAP xsenpai7876: so when Catherine? Lexikun: AYAYA 0xSaisaki: LAKKI AYAYA GoldenFlame1: LULW DarkShadow1093: AYAYA CallMeKong: LULW rainbowsh8: PepeLaugh AYAYAPepeLaugh AYAYAPepeLaugh AYAYAPepeLaugh AYAYAPepeLaugh AYAYA FitoBurrito: NEMZ HAS LEFT THE CHAT LULW Nopileos: AYAYA SainEdge: LULW Larsn2k: LMAO The timing of that LUL insurrectionist89: BULLIES BibleThump unimris: LAKKI AYAYA Mengzanoid: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Nucleoprotein: AYAYA noxcorvus: PepeLaugh 👉 AYAYA BUSTER_SW0RD: my hero NotLikeThis mixel7: AYAYA AYAYA OmgVulpix: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jaargan: AYAYA AYAYA MrGreenjellyfish: AYAYA KappatainHindsight: LULW shirou01: OIIII! WotorJL: AYAYA Arekska: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Clap TaBeRu Clap2 AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA lucius_ss: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA DamnDutchman: OMEGALUL HYPERCLAP supergamer990: can u play horror gmae? ChiffonKek: AYAYA Clap Reddinator: that was perfect AYAYA shirou01: THAT FACE AYAYA Paladin_Neptune: AYAYA Clap quantumop: this is too much Caput_Draconis: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Kambri: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Thenastyraven: AYAYA edgyedge1337: fucking weeb channel WeirdChamp Sunshinewalker: FeelsWeirdMan Both weeb streamers FeelsWeirdMan captain_elsewhere: nemz ragequit elaS ? Nemz38: can I say something? cheeze____: it’s all coming crashing down today isn’t it FeelsWeirdMan MrFunky159: the fucking timing on that atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN FitoBurrito: NaM FUCKOFFWEEBS NaM Sarcrai: weeb alert LUL Mengzanoid: Nice timing Ilos_: Ilos_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! mystickingfisher: VoHiYo VoHiYo oopmah: Nemz outed AYAYA , weeb-off sorted AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @Ilos_ If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM BrowningZen: AYAYA OlahAndrei: doodMaxhype doodMaxhype 26camels: NO NO WEEB IM MAN MrCosmonafft: Somewhere in bruvland “FUUUUCK” nusgi: nusgi subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @nusgi I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Thrisper: AYAYA Clap Nopileos: SUB HYPE Ilos_ Pog Cg_legacy: HYPERCLAP AYAYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYAYA chrisw_de: Weeb channel WeirdChamp zuryci: AYAYA Kevintaku: @Nemz38 sure mr weeb miki___miki: AYAYA Isbjorn3213: elaYA umayfuentes: elaYA elaYA elaYA Golden04: weebs FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: nemz if you can nepSmug Nox15: AYAYA rev1932: wat happen? captain_elsewhere: is it ayaya nemz ? elaKek Nopileos: AYAYA HungryforSomething: nemz trying to defend himself PepeLaugh Corsad: Someone please clip the whole thing LUL dunnowtw: PLAY CATHERINE NOW LULW Thenastyraven: AYAYA NEMZ AND ELIAS CHAN ARE ONE OF US AYAYA datdeathy: weeb channel AYAYA riskbreakerz: AYAYA Nemz38: I was roleplaying a weeb OmgVulpix: elaYA raider_unkindled: monkaGun AYAYA mikelavo69: 6 month is my longest subbiversary>>>>>J.C Staff CaptainOutOfTen: Its fine Ela, people are just salty that the animation studio changed princeinnovice: they change studio RKazekiri: different anime studio Leeegit: ratirlAYAYA Christianhero: new studio ruined it Yaskuwa: S2 is from a different animation studio blacklazza: watch demon slayer 195iq: LUL and here we can see the effecs of money, with enough of it you can solve ANY problem apoii007: one punch season 2 big BAD Kevin2686: evangelion is ResidentSleeper shit zeke_r0: @Elajjaz different studio doing the secon season Hobby8: Garou is pretty tight…he’s like a cooler Vegeta Christianhero: or it’s not bad just meh Falact: naroBlush Vavroni: animation was pretty bad at times, had some good ones but also incredibly bad ones Kwiedsch: season 2 has a different regisseur J0hnnyBlade: 1 is god tier BabyRage 2 is shit BabyRage elaK soft1445: @Elajjaz Demon slayer Pog Bobanaut: the only bad thing is all your chats taste JubJubWantRubRubs: here goes the 50 dollars elaKek rennichhi: @Elajjaz a different studio animated OPM season 2 Waifu: Kevin2686 DANSGAME Mawakute: Nah it’s alright, don’t listen to them. Sure is not better than s1 but it’s still not hot garbage like elitist say. LULW xsenpai7876: Dr. Stone elaHi elaHi Reddinator: yes AYAYA scatterrrbrain: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz listen to it SourPls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNaUmvEl4h0 zeke_r0: elaHmm perry_1903: elaYA Sarcrai: NotLikeThis TheMasterToaster: bye 50 bucks PepeLaugh souldedeh: AYAYA Tycen: AYAYA Soveriegn3: AYAYA NAISU ergivanc: AYAYA Yes Dickety: AYAYA Gbraga: AYAYA Christianhero: and if you compare that meh to the first season it’s bad Nopileos: AYAYA Svitkona_: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA WE ALL ARE WEEB OF COURSE AYAYA Coaction_: i don’t know ask the weebs, they have good taste in weeb things Inevit: AYAYA wackymanpuff: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Concon1: yep ๐Ÿ™‚ UnpronounceabIeName: UnpronounceabIeName subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! elaHYUK Raftelle: yes. AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @UnpronounceabIeName Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM gtF_: AYAYA Montanaontario2392: elaHYUK KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA YES zeke_r0: AYAYA xuukiii: AYAYA BrascoGaming: AYAYA Kouteij: YES AYAYA Clap discosong: DansGame NOOOOO Waifu: AYAYA Nucleoprotein: AYAYA Bimburle: AYAYA PontusIndeed: Yes AYAYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE UnpronounceabIeName elaA abonet: AYAYA Hollow_void: CUTE CHAT AYAYA Clap Kevin2686: weeb trash crying over animation EleGiggle boogeyman551: no? cirBaka Muffingrenn: AYAYA Arekska: AYAYA verilonn: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA dippikana: yes AYAYA KnobiMaster: AYAYA Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Killerquent: FeelsPepoMan mixel7: AYAYA 0xSaisaki: no ricardoFlick ivooooo__: AYAYA Kevintaku: neesu? AlmAyum: AYAYA nekro793: now you realise? AYAYA Jaargan: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: gottem AYAYA SeraphxStray: AYAYA Corsad: AYAYA elaHYUK Nopileos: AYAYA DexArt888: ayayayayya UltimateLupin: cant be weeb if im japanese hoernchenspielt: elaHYUK gabrielcosta0613: AYAYA LurkingTulip: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! zuryci: elaHYUK exe_kutorrr: yes AYAYA Kambri: AYAYA Clap Thrisper: NANI?! D: Hollow_void: AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA Clap seydanator: AYAYA 195iq: IM WEEB OK Wibit: @Elajjaz Ignore everyone who says its bad. chats been watching youtube opinions takirindor: NaM Skiller567890: @Elajjaz Season 2 was in development hell. It’s not as good as season 1 but it’s still good edgyedge1337: NaM souldedeh: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! ShinoEleven: AYAYA YES cheeze____: not really, but ill go with it anyway cause elaWOW is the best emote namelesshadow: OPM season 2 is great. They changed studio, but the animation isn’t as bad as people are saying @Elajjaz kiotone: OPM Season two got JC Staffed PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz it’s not bad, you know how anything not the best thing ever is bad according to chat 0xSaisaki: flick the weebs away ricardoFlick Wuxia: nepSmug 🍷🚬 Waifu: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Nucleoprotein: AYAYA CHAT SO CUTE TODAY AYAYA akmannen: I never want to type ay aya it small anime girls disgust me yukie_iki: sokoAYAYA Soveriegn3: @Thrisper the next thing you will say is “AYAYA” edenbelovv: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels ChiffonKek: AYAYA rennichhi: rennichhi subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! FrogChamp WrestlerBot2000: @rennichhi I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE rennichhi elaA Inevit: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Sarcrai: Weebs cause nothing but trouble FeelsBadMan GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz listen to season 2 opening 😡 Leeegit: ricardoFlick ItsCoxy: is this hyuk an illness of ela? @chat monkaW Waifu: yukie_iki sokoWow AlmAyum: cohhBlush powder_mountain: why cant we all just get along Thrisper: @Soveriegn3 AYAYA PontusIndeed: Whenever ela hyuks that’s his inner weeb trying to get out AYAYA gabrielcosta0613: you have been J.C Staffed PepeLaugh Corsad: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! datdeathy: @Elajjaz you should watch demon slayer hoernchenspielt: yo @Elajjaz and chat elaH Whats up? Thenastyraven: AYAYA Hollow_void: Chat stop being so cute AYAYA LuciusVoidwalker: LuciusVoidwalker subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! C’mon guys Ela is not weeb at all, except maybe for that 1% lakki sub sound elaYA sviat93: AYAYA Clap WrestlerBot2000: @LuciusVoidwalker You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: hoernchenspielt pepeL soft1445: Demon slayer, the anime of the year Pog Bombycilla: Has he completed a full run of the new route? Killerquent: @hoernchenspielt pepeL jac0blee: AYAYA perry_1903: hoernchenspielt the sky elaH RKazekiri: LULW chrisw_de: LULW Reddinator: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Nopileos: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW cheeze____: @powder_mountain I dont know man elaFeels yukie_iki: @Waifu sokoHowdy quantumop: lmao Waifu: LULW WrestlerBot2000: Lobos|Clip No.10| https://clips.twitch.tv/DrabLitigiousChamoisSSSsss kokosenpaai: LUL flohmannjr: LULW zeke_r0: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Waifu: sokoHowdy Thrisper: LULW Abyssio: Abyssio subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Hello WrestlerBot2000: @Abyssio I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM garenbush: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Abyssio POGGERS Thrisper: LAKKI AYAYA takirindor: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW LULW Baronus: no “KEKW” ?? DansGame Soveriegn3: @Waifu AYAYALL Annonn140: ela and nemz should be fighting together against weebs, not agains each other PepeHands Mengzanoid: AYAYA Falact: AYAYA Hollow_void: Made in Japan AYAYA nekro793: elaK Japanese game KendaichiS: AYAYA miki___miki: AYAYA shawn_u: atpGasm captain_elsewhere: weeb fighting game elaKek PhysiCle: AYAYA UltraWindow: japanese fighting game nepSmug Murika_: CHLOE AYAYA Lexikun: tekken is full of weeb stuff Nopileos: AYAYA Albin_Alligator: TEKKEN AYAYA Jaargan: AYAYA akmannen: tekken is weeb Concon1: AYAYA ELA IS MY FAVOURITE WEEB STREAMER AYAYA Bullet_: atpGasm CallMeKong: if Tekken is Weeb then im changing my name Inevit: @Baronus LULW Coaction_: yeah can’t argue with that ergivanc: Tekken is weeb AYAYA Thenastyraven: LUCKY CHLOE AYAYA Waifu: tekken is not 2d so not AYAYA Leeegit: @Baronus oh yes Pog we need KEKW Hario: ela is a lucky chloe main? AYAYA KrazyShark: lucky chloe krazys2LEWD pawjob Kreygasm Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz so you see, weeb is meta AYAYA saoblow: lakki elaYA Zendry: idol Magilou_69: Ela the lucky Chloe main AYAYA HappySmile123: Can we stop now, chat WeirdChamp Can we stop now, chat WeirdChamp Can we stop now, chat WeirdChamp Can we stop now, chat WeirdChamp Can we stop now, chat WeirdChamp Corsad: LUL AYAYA Fraze: L OMEGALUL RE Filth_: FeelsWeirdMan Chinchilax: She’s actually a weeb Killerquent: Tekken has many weebs characters PepeLaugh VDSMF: totally not Mengzanoid: All fighting games are weeb AYAYA JubJubWantRubRubs: shes gachi gachiBASS Thrisper: Shes a LOLI metatron741: got axe Waifu: 3d DansGame badly_dressed_0nion: LAKKI AYAYA boogeyman551: chloe got created to make americans mad LUL TorvaM: @Elajjaz her lore is that she is actually a weeb perry_1903: elaWut Flott: danBlank nekro793: KrazyShark OwO Clap Nucleoprotein: @HappySmile123 ok AYAYA powder_mountain: make chat go emote only! maybe that will help hoernchenspielt: elaISee is this weeb stream now? saoblow: elaThirst Filth_: PepeLaugh Sarcrai: elaGasm killwastaken: @Elajjaz biggest weeb in this stream 0xSaisaki: punish gachiBASS sviat93: Chloe is not that weeb, she looks more like a Korean Pop idol Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz She’s a blond hastuni miku basically, so very weeb PontusIndeed: HotPokket ? Arahu: punish her gachiHYPER kokosenpaai: LULW cheeze____: elaThirst TimmWith2Ms: Geese Howard is the ultimate weeb KrazyShark: @Elajjaz ask me how to punish her elaThirst @Elajjaz ask me how to punish her elaThirst @Elajjaz ask me how to punish her elaThirst Thrisper: PepeLaugh CRAUDINHOU: ? lucius_ss: everyone has a little bit of weeb in their blood shirou01: hitboxes o.o Baronus: LULW is outdaded , give us KEKW cheeze____: gachiOnFIRE Pajki13: god i ahte her tearstone_: CUTIES AYAYA ❓ GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 gotcha fam SausageMaster07: elaGasm Waifu: AYAYA Zendry: why do the humanity there and not when the gate is opening miki___miki: AYAYA seydanator: AYAYA Sparkwzn_: AYAYA Soveriegn3: @KrazyShark elaThirst Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA sviat93: Asuka, Alisa, Jin, that is weeb Mengzanoid: AYAYA HYPERCLAP ItsCoxy: just spank her gachiHYPER LindAkito: KEKW 0xSaisaki: kekw Zendry: PepeLaugh Hollow_void: kekW Ceralest: KEKW VDSMF: please don’t Rhynin: Elajjaz do you play tekken on pc? wackymanpuff: KEKW kokosenpaai: KEKW chrisw_de: KEKW 😂 BrowningZen: elaKek W Baronus: KEKW Leeegit: best emote badly_dressed_0nion: KEKW Nopileos: kekw Soveriegn3: KEKW sounds like trash tbh lord_rimheart: elaKek W Montanaontario2392: kekW Conkista: KEKW saoblow: garbage emote, dont do it Tirabolos: LULW PhysiCle: KEKW mayushi10: KEKW CJWM8te: KEKW Nox15: KEKW Killerquent: KEKW Filth_: elaKek W S103: KEKW Fraze: KEKW ResidentSleeper Nopileos: kekW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Jaargan: KEKW CycleOfFire: KEKW Wuxia: KEKW Saturninity: KEKW hoernchenspielt: the old laughing man Exxxxplicit: KEKW sviat93: KEKW Trancesphere: KEKW ThereIsNoDerp: OMEGLOL Arekska: KEKW Miku_no_Ryushon: kekw HotZin: don’t enable it, people just spam it non stop Bald_Fraud: KEKW WerewolfB: KEKW 😂 Nopileos: KEKW Aeonll: PepeLaugh FeelsPepoMan: FeelsPepoMan subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months, currently on a 11 month streak! FeelsPepoMan do you still go to IKEALUL every weekend, Elias? FeelsPepoMan Blaze0303: KEKW edgyedge1337: KEKW WrestlerBot2000: @FeelsPepoMan Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM lucius_ss: KEKW chrisw_de: KEKW 😂 normies in 😂 Nopileos: SUB HYPE FeelsPepoMan POGGERS Sparkwzn_: KEKW enable Flott: KEKW Coaction_: the evo champ is from india tho Filth_: PepeUff CaptainOutOfTen: Please, no. its ruined every stream i’ve been on today Nucleoprotein: OMG KEKW OMG unimris: KEKW kermanaattor: Another W emote elaWeird smiler77777: KEKW Inevit: KEKW is like LULW but elaKek miscusi: @sviat93 so anything Japanese is weeb ? atpRtsd Reddinator: not even widepeepoHappy and considering other emotes WeirdChamp Albin_Alligator: I could beat all of you in Tekken TaBeRu cheeze____: it already sounds like another bad pepe emote saoblow: @Coaction_ pakistan Veddy_: KEKW 😂 ZOMG YOU GUYS XD ROFL 😂 Sunshinewalker: KekW is 10 year old meme LUL Viridiz_: KEKW 0xSaisaki: oh, that one… nekro793: HYUKAGE turu turu tururu zuryci: IKEALUL Filth_: FeelsPepoMan Clap J0hnnyBlade: FeelsPepoMan JubJubWantRubRubs: oh its the old spanish or whatever laughing man meme LULW perry_1903: Haruka Kanata pepeJAM unimris: FeelsPepoMan Thenastyraven: IKEALUL Clap MurphV: @Elajjaz how does it feel to be able to drawe this many people with dark souls? Waifu: LUL zeke_r0: @Elajjaz that old dude with 3Head teeth laughing Nanashi_Sakamoto: PogU souldedeh: PepeLaugh Thrisper: LULW DamnDutchman: FeelsPepoMan Aeonll: FeelsPepoMan chrisw_de: IKEALUL gabrielcosta0613: FeelsPepoMan unimris: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW Filth_: IKEALUL Nopileos: LUL Hollow_void: LULW Arekska: IKEALUL seydanator: LUL PontusIndeed: True LULW Applepton: LUL Veddy_: prostate exam at ikea gachiBASS Killerquent: LULW MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: LULW cheeze____: monkaW garenbush: LULW perry_1903: IKEALUL personalityfreezone: LULW LukeX532: LUL CycleOfFire: IKEALUL Clap Nopileos: LULW Conkista: LULW AlmAyum: LULW akmannen: who lies more nemz or ela Hmmm kokosenpaai: LULW GamErDino1337: great the cunt is afk Jaargan: LULW Hollow_void: SLAVES OF IKEA LULW zuryci: @Elajjaz are they making a store called LIDL? umayfuentes: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv Hsnaketwitch: Hi Ela and Chat BOYZZZZZZ elaH FeelsPepoMan: Filth_ J0hnnyBlade unimris DamnDutchman Aeonll Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch elaHYUG Coaction_: @saoblow sry elaHYUK 0xSaisaki: we ride our moose or our polar bear to ikea and eat meatballs every sunday Reddinator: can confirm, am in jail rn for breaking it PepeHands Waifu: ok i gotta go thanks for AYAYA ‘s chat Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz KEKW is laughing Apple engineer nrdyKek perry_1903: Hsnaketwitch elaH hoernchenspielt: ten year old video of a ?turkish? man laughing in an interview xD Waifu: soko7 Holophraser: @Elajjaz What is Promt Swap? Killerquent: @Hsnaketwitch pepeL Aeonll: @FeelsPepoMan pepeL Hollow_void: @Waifu bye cutie AYAYA / Nemz38: https://www.frankerfacez.com/emoticon/342019-PepeWTF sviat93: @miscusi Eliza is weeb too, and she speaks english Nemz38: this emote LULW Hsnaketwitch: @Nopileos @perry_1903 @Killerquent elaH>>>>EVERYTHING ELSE AYAYA Snosachen: This is not the kind of entertainment i subscribed for ๐Ÿ™ @Elajjaz Veddy_: pepeWTF Nopileos: elaK cuicui_bam: First opening music is much better Nemz38: I whispered you btw LessThan4Characters: watch better anime AYAYA Nucleoprotein: Catherine PepeLaugh and @KrazyShark with “my hands are busy” gtF_: KEKW iwannagmymom: “WeirdChamp” haHAA Bobanaut: it does? hoernchenspielt: check KekW? QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: nah smiler77777: enable KEKW now SEsternO: TriHard ? Elmeit: yea right PixelBob Mengzanoid: Action scenes in season 2 are really bad. badly_dressed_0nion: TripleThrashTreat zuryci: chat he beats everyone in one punch Kouteij: TriHard AYAYA Leeegit: KEKW Kagmajn: its way better then the 1st Jaywilf: Season 2 ending LULW Arekska: HYUKCHIHA badly_dressed_0nion: TriHard Baronus: KEKW LindAkito: 100 Kambri: KEKW DarkShadow1093: 100 MurphV: The word youre looking for is shonen Nopileos: KEKW PhysiCle: GO PEE sviat93: KEKW check MordeLafoca: KEKW Thenastyraven: 100* Wisx17: 100 Sincerus: 100 Beard_Of_Joy: 100 TheMasterToaster: elaK interresting UltraWindow: 100* PepeLaugh zeke_r0: no 100 Lexikun: 100 kokosenpaai: 100 TatmanJ: 100 Zeref_swe : 100* Nopileos: 100 Klod1991: 100 LULW frozen_wintermelon: 100* baezmejia200: you watch one punch ela, dont fuckin lie Corsad: 100, mind you Excesiiv: 100 namelesshadow: I really don’t understand why people don’t like second season, I thought it was great dragothicx: TriHard AYAYA Characters ItsNelm: 100, 100, 10Km miki___miki: ANY CLASS S IN CHAT? AYAYA Flott: TriHard 7 ? Beard_Of_Joy: and 10 km run DarkShadow1093: and 10 km SausageMaster07: 2 GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz listen to this while speedrunning headBang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYqZ6hQVQyo girlfromjapan: LUL metatron741: super spoiler alert orochi means snek Baronus: 100 KEKW ComradeBender: 10x least but you are right @Elajjaz J0hnnyBlade: MaN BleekStone: TriHard ? SEsternO: Just a 100 PepeLaugh Xenocit: NO WAY! HOW DID HE FIGURE IT OUT? Pepega LindAkito: MALD LULW Blaze0303: KEKW perry_1903: MALD LULW ComradeBender: less* zeke_r0: eats banana everyday and doesnt use AC cuicui_bam: It’s called COMEDY DaniDuck: you mean MALD MAN? Veddy_: elaMad bob_barker_: MaN 0xSaisaki: people complaining about animation quality of OPM, remember the original guys? OMEGALUL squashlord: its a different studio doing the 2nd season FeelsWeirdMan thats why it looks awful now PepeHands the 1st season was so good CompatiKaiser: 100 everything Vivelin: rescKb sviat93: KEKW Reddinator: BALD LULW Filth_: elaWeird Mawakute: Universe, not world. Kappa Aeonll: MALD LULW PreacherDudl3y: 100 Mavez0r: 100 Pushups 100 Squats and 10 KM running each DAY POGGERS fbmbirds: 100 miles a day lmfao Costrictor: waaait dragothicx: MALD MaN gulshan1: It’s really good tbh MordeLafoca: enable KEKW Arekska: anime reviews AYAYA Excesiiv: @Elajjaz And he always had the AC on in his house garenbush: BALD AND MALD LULW Saturninity: midbMALD Jaargan: MALD OMEGALUL Dr_Jan_Itor: that’s the point 4HEad badly_dressed_0nion: FUNgineer bald you say ? Leeegit: @Elajjaz check KEKW pls holoqh: OPM is satire MurphV: Nice normie take xsenpai7876: bathroom ela UltraWindow: hes mald about being bald PepeLaugh Veddy_: did you forget to pee @Elajjaz Bieberhunter: Sacrificed hair for strength Pog Filth_: elaHAA perry_1903: HYUKCHIHA Nemz38: he’s literally reviewing anime Saturninity: midbMald haleixazulro: HYUKCHIHA Galer1ans: HYUKCHIHA Nemz38: give me his 50 kokosenpaai: HYUKCHIHA yp105: @Elajjaz didn’t u have to go to the bathroom? PhysiCle: GO PEE Paladin_Neptune: HYUKCHIHA Nopileos: HYUKCHIHA S103: HYUKAGE Mengzanoid: Bathroom 👈 zeke_r0: @Excesiiv thought he always had it off? Fafebobo: HYUKCHIHA Thenastyraven: HYUKCHIHA Caput_Draconis: HYUKCHIHA 0xSaisaki: SASUKE KUUUUUUNNNN AYAYA Stilgarius: HYUKAGE metatron741: HYUKCHIHA rk0r: season 1 is PogU season 2 is WeirdChamp Raftelle: op and depressed FeelsBadMan takirindor: HYUKCHIHA Clap LindAkito: HYUKCHIHA Nopileos: HYUKCHIHA HYUKCHIHA GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 calm the fuck down m8 baezmejia200: SO YOU WATCH THE ANIME LULW perry_1903: HYUKCHIHA CHIDORI Hellu: elaK you seem to know an awful lot for not being a weeb Jaargan: HYUKCHIHA Streamleen: Malded until he became strong, you can too. Nemz38: LULW Wuxia: HYUKCHIHA garenbush: forgot about bathroom elaGa 0xSaisaki: !elaMad Thenastyraven: PepeLaugh Flott: HYUKCHIHA HYPERCLAP CRAUDINHOU: SASUKEEEEEEEE NovaMoon: i actually dropped the second season because it was so mediocre badly_dressed_0nion: LUL GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYqZ6hQVQyo 😡 JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh misterheatmiser9: One punch is residentsleeper imo CompatiKaiser: mob psycho is better binaryMind: oh, I don’t need to anymore LUL Mengzanoid: ElaPls zeke_r0: season 1 Chag season 2 residentSleeper holoqh: OPM is a parody though, it doesn’t just look like one Ahmadoarabe: Ayaya sviat93: !TPFufun badly_dressed_0nion: ! 5Head Hellu: elaK not a weeb btw chat seydanator: Mob is epic McMuffel: @Elajjaz no Character cO What he has a deep back Story. Yeah ela cant be a weeb Evillution: WeirdChamp perry_1903: gachiHYPER kkoja: !WeirdChamp gulshan1: i liked the one where he just screams one punch miki___miki: ! cosmoLewd NovaMoon: @GamErDino1337 show him the attack on titan season 3 szene Wuxia: it parodies super hero stuff Moriah1: Kreygasm Nemz38: you try to calm down when you need 50 or you get evicted Dino frimpy2: Kreygasm Arekska: ela is watching anime now AYAYA Excesiiv: @zeke_r0 Ah yes, you’re right, had it off LUL KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer the best the best the best zuryci: good louck toilet Evilyou: did i just tune into ela reviewing anime? EvilFluffyBunny: daily reminder that Ela is never a weeb and he’ll never be one elaOk namelesshadow: I really don’t understand why people don’t like second season, I thought it was great oihoy: wasn’t that opening a mix between 1 and 2? GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 monkaS Vivelin: !YeahBoi garenbush: ! elaGasm SaintNep: nepJail Nemz38: PepeLaugh Detroit147: AYAYA Ela is a weeb AYAYA nothing he can do AYAYA zeke_r0: @namelesshadow Montanaontario2392: nepSmug Amacchu: @Evilyou Welcome to the club, buddy badly_dressed_0nion: nice chair stream Evilyou: AYAYA one of us! Wuxia: @EvilFluffyBunny ok PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: AYAYA Clap BleekStone: weebs always trying to trick people into thinking the’re weebs, it’s like james charles all over again WeirdChamp EvilFluffyBunny: also Ela has never played a Senran Kagura game elaOk KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein PepeLaugh Crab_with_Tophat: @GamErDino1337 you want some succ Kappa ? MurphV: Because season 2 slowed the pacing CompatiKaiser: Ela watched sailor moon crystal in secret GamErDino1337: @Crab_with_Tophat yes Rattok: no music? DansGame MadaMadaBTW: ! cohhEz CaptainOutOfTen: namelesshadow it was great. tallwhiteowl: https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeFantasticMagpieYouWHY elaK Corsad: !AYAYA Coaction_: elaFeels sad song WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady sviat93: !TPFufun CRAUDINHOU: I would like to see Ela speaking in swedish Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Crab_with_Tophat ela1 KrazyShark: https://youtu.be/slgEYXJ1sZQ coffee time FeelsGoodMan Wuxia: pepeWTF or riot elaMad zeke_r0: @namelesshadow main criticism has always been the downgrade in animation. the anime was fine just that the quality stood out like a sore thumb 0xSaisaki: senran kagura LUL badly_dressed_0nion: cmonBrother Crab_with_Tophat: @Deus_Ex_Nihilis ela4 MurphV: !kappa Selimay: !Ayaya WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady frimpy2: ! Kreygasm jeccepy1: retroLOVE gtF_: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu WhiskeyFudge: KrazyShark elaHYUG dunnowtw: !HandsUp MurphV: !Kappa holoqh: @Wuxia it parodies Nekketsu shounens KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu KrazyShark: @WhiskeyFudge fudgeboi krazys2PAT Stop_Dabbing: FeelsAYAYAMan kunjiru: tallwhiteowl best clip LULW sviat93: @KrazyShark monkaS KrazyShark: @sviat93 https://youtu.be/slgEYXJ1sZQ ela3 WhiskeyFudge: KrazyShark sharku elaFella Akadou: ! PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: ! elaFella badly_dressed_0nion: !Keepo Mengzanoid: Kapp kokosenpaai: elaFella cthullusvk: chat, did ela died again? kokosenpaai: yes KrazyShark: ela can’t die cause he’s not alive evilworld123: elaHi Ela and chat elaH sviat93: !VoHiYo WoWRoxas: cantaPat Nopileos: evilworld123 elaH icedragon08: Add KekW Kappa Dr_Jan_Itor: they released Tekken S3 patchnotes, Geese got nerfed hard elaOk @Elajjaz namelesshadow: @zeke_r0 I learned to ignore bad animation because of One Piece. I can understand that it’s worse than the first season, but the story is great and we got Garou GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz listen to this real quick its only 2min pl0x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYqZ6hQVQyo Veddy_: ela died on the toilet , this is an alien wearing his skin NovaMoon: @Elajjaz do you wanna see the beste scene of attack on titan season 3? perry_1903: evilworld123 elaH Lexikun: @Elajjaz are you gonna sign up for the twitch channel points feature? elaSmile oolgzool: black knight trollberd into zappy drakes EvaNoctis: Heya Ela and the cute bois & girls in chat ! ! Hope you all doing great ~ elaH Abhraxaz: elaFella KrazyShark: nemz elaWeird zeke_r0: Baki Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog UltraWindow: billyReady badly_dressed_0nion: nemz OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: baki Corsad: Baki PogChamp WotorJL: gachiHYPER djinn_94: @QUOTE_ME_IF_NEMZ_FAULT Dr_Jan_Itor: gachiBASS KrazyShark: baki gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: @Nemz38 FeelsWeirdMan hoernchenspielt: BAKI atomicdestruction: Baki billyReady perry_1903: billyReady rangriz: Baki Pog neuromancerking666: no anime miki___miki: AYAYA ergivanc: anime SonicatorTV: pepeJAMMER dragothicx: gachiHYPER lavos__: anime Wuxia: 🍅 Hellu: WeirdChamp Nopileos: anime Mengzanoid: pepeD kunjiru: Baki Pog Tipicko: Baki Veddy_: WeirdChamp Hwaryo: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady Agaomen: BAKI PogChamp LostFantasy352: baki Thenastyraven: BillyReady Kambri: billyReady namelesshadow: Baki 0xSaisaki: pepeD Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP KrazyShark: a n i m e y AustinDubu: gachiBASS zeke_r0: Baki gachiHYPER soft1445: Baki Pog takirindor: pepeJAM Hwaryo: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady UltraWindow: Baki the grappler billyReady Zeref_swe : billyReady hoernchenspielt: its on netflix MurphV: You dont knopw Baki?>>>namelesshadow: Pog Thenastyraven: billyReady houndthree: netflix show KolyanFan: Baki Pog aRELaL69: POGGERS zorry4badinglsh: billyReady Enzo_blitz17: BAKI anime nigh_op: Baki elaPuke xuukiii: billyReady raider_unkindled: elaK Expleco: my kind of weeb shit gachiHYPER KrazyShark: https://youtu.be/slgEYXJ1sZQ coffee time again? FeelsGoodMan Mengzanoid: billyReady Zestyfork: billyReady Wuxia: billyReady Nopileos: billyReady Enzo_blitz17: BAKI BAKI BAKI BAKI @Elajjaz namelesshadow: @Elajjaz netflix anime 0xSaisaki: baki, it says right there, use your weeb skills ela AYAYA Dijaxtra: @Elajjaz elias elaHYUG chat elaHi AgileForces: RaregachiGASM Lexikun: @Elajjaz are you gonna sign up for the twitch channel points feature? elaOk KolyanFan: Its so fucking retarded its entertaining @Elajjaz Nopileos: Dijaxtra elaHYUG ergivanc: K k perry_1903: Dijaxtra elaH pepeL Veddy_: K? K. takirindor: K? k franky_latabasse: True zeke_r0: VInland Saga WeirdChamp Meximus322: K? K. Hellu: elaK HappySmile123: K? k 0xSaisaki: elaK bob_barker_: Kapp Nopileos: K? k kokosenpaai: elaK djinn_94: K? K. Caput_Draconis: K? k. dragothicx: K? K. Montanaontario2392: elaK badly_dressed_0nion: K? K. kermanaattor: elaK mbay16: Catherine when? nepSmug Jaargan: VINLAND SAGA Pog garenbush: elaK xuukiii: Kappa Dr_Jan_Itor: k elaK tr4lar: elaK Wuxia: K? K. Nopileos: elaK zorry4badinglsh: elaK dendarko: Kappa BrowningZen: K elaK Soveriegn3: K? K. Germy_ranch: elaK too busy Bombycilla: k Kambri: vinland saga Pog haleixazulro: elaK Dijaxtra: @Nopileos MrDestructoid HYPERCLAP elaHYUG elaH Aeonll: elaK JamieTM: elaK Flott: K? K. KaitoKidShadow: those are shit miki___miki: Kappa GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz you rly should watch backi its gachi as fuck riskbreakerz: wlaK Evilyou: elaK Nanashi_Sakamoto: VInland Saga WeirdChamp Corsad: elaK datdeathy: and kdrma dunnowtw: it’s really good zuryci: RareEla and anime intros Tattip: elaYA Speed_z: Kappa ultimafia318: lucifer PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaK CaptainOutOfTen: LUL cifer Montanaontario2392: K? elaK CompatiKaiser: naroSmug Xenocit: lucifer yikes riskbreakerz: elaK Abhraxaz: elaK Dijaxtra: @perry_1903 pepeL elaH DARKSAV10R: BAKI! Excesiiv: Baki is a gachi anime though badly_dressed_0nion: Kapp Nopileos: Dijaxtra cute human MrDestructoid elaFella Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK Pastelli: Watch Jojo elaREE Hwaryo: Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK MtotheM1337: elaA raider_unkindled: elaK xuukiii: Kapp darius404: Sure CoolStoryBob Beard_Of_Joy: actually it’s a good fucking music. BrowningZen: K? elaK BroqRox: character creator speed run Pog Corsad: season 3 LUL kokosenpaai: berderk Jaargan: LUCIFER OMEGALUL DaniDuck: but aot came out this year Galer1ans: elaK Rattok: sure LUL zorry4badinglsh: “i dont watch anime” elaK EvaNoctis: @Elajjaz You also need to catch on JoJo Kevintaku: did you watch part 2 of season 3? Hwaryo: watch JOJO kokosenpaai: berserk Cheesecoffee: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK zeke_r0: Jojo Chag TripleThrashTreat: elaK girlfromjapan: @Dijaxtra pepeL Kagmajn: JOJO datdeathy: @Elajjaz japanese or korean songs? LUL houndthree: so you havent seen season 2 elaK sunrise_v: Wait what about Death note? perry_1903: JoJo Pog Beard_Of_Joy: JOJO Corsad: what happened to 1 and 2 LUL DaniDuck: JOJO Pog wandering_pleb: vinland saga is great POGGERS Simoteus: JoJo PogU Gbraga: JoJo Pog Nopileos: JoJo Pog 0xSaisaki: watch Vinland saga @Elajjaz then you can be IKEA and weeb at the same time IKEALUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: watch JOJO Mengzanoid: Season 4 will be gachiBASS NovaMoon: @Elajjaz did you see the second part of season 3? CompatiKaiser: watch Kenga ashura @Elajjaz TheCrimsonPeen: JOJO BroqRox: WATCH JOJO PepeHands AustinDubu: JOJO Pog Tipicko: Vinland Thenastyraven: JOJO is so good tho Pog Wuxia: u will like it its about vikings Hwaryo: JoJo Pog BrowningZen: jojo ResidentSleeper KrazyShark: jojo elaWeird soft1445: Demon slayer POGGERS houndthree: jojo is trash ergivanc: @Elajjaz attack on titan actually became so good you should finish it Pog miki___miki: Watch Dumbell nan kilo AYAYA goodkatt_: Quotes OPM by heart, doesnt watch anime. k. hoernchenspielt: did you watch season3 part 2???? Caput_Draconis: JoJo Pog sviat93: Watch Blend S AYAYA Cheesehovel: why are there so many damn weebs in this chat???? Abbot__: Read vinland saga watch jojo kikflipz: JoJo Pog Gbraga: PepeHands dunnowtw: @Elajjaz anime is either to watch solely cause it’s just 20 min per episode, can watch while eating Dijaxtra: @girlfromjapan pepeL yp105: JoJo sucks balls zeke_r0: @houndthree WeirdCHamp Jaargan: VINLAND SAGA Pog JOJO Pog ToneBacas: gimme back mah Jojos! AYAYA SomaBTW: SomaBTW subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 3 month streak! elaCozy im back urnightolf: Ela only watches moe AYAYA dream_the_cast: vinland saga for the sweaboos WrestlerBot2000: @SomaBTW You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM LoratNar: JOJO IS NOT WEEB ITS MORE gachiBASS Beard_Of_Joy: @Elajjaz JOJO IS ANIKI IN ANIME HOW DARE YOU Solairerection: you mean re-watch JoJo, right? bakejzciula: Vinland Saga is so POG Nopileos: SUB HYPE SomaBTW POGGERS Nanashi_Sakamoto: JoJo is billyReady as fuck kokosenpaai: AYAYA Hwaryo: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Wuxia: @Cheesehovel its a weeb channel elaGa BrowningZen: gachiHYPER Simoteus: Abbot__ Vinland Saga got an anime though HappySmile123: DansGame WreckItVince: demon slayer Corsad: Weeb stream when? AYAYA Golden04: gachiHYPER JaynisK: @Elajjaz But it’s about VIKINGS. And it’s HISTORICAL as fuck. zeke_r0: gachiBASS Zeret: gachiHYPER Fafebobo: gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER dragothicx: gachiHYPER Aeonll: gachiHYPER SonicatorTV: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER WerewolfB: gachiHYPER saoblow: gachiHYPER Kambri: gachiHYPER SausageMaster07: gachiHYPER End0rphyne: you guys think youre parents are proud of you for being a weeb? SnuskOlof: SnuskOlof subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 13 month streak! elaBruv TJENARE MANNEN elaBruv WrestlerBot2000: 12x gachiHYPER double digit combo Pog WrestlerBot2000: @SnuskOlof After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM zorry4badinglsh: gachiHYPER garenbush: gachiHYPER wackymanpuff: gachiAPPROVE Nopileos: SUB HYPE SnuskOlof PogChamp Jaargan: gachiHYPER zuryci: monkaTOS BroqRox: not watching JoJo, aniki would be sad EvaNoctis: @CompatiKaiser Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well Germy_ranch: omg gachi btw haHAA Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER UltraWindow: AoT isnt even the best anime WeirdChamp just wait until you watch an actual good anime Mengzanoid: HYPERCLAP Fafebobo: SASAGEYO AYAYA frimpy2: Nuts? ultimafia318: THAT one scene PepeLAugh Simoteus: Vinland Saga is animated by AoT’s studio PogU Jaargan: A OMEGALUL T Bobanaut: and now you have to wait for AOT S4 lel Zestyfork: kreygAsm 0xSaisaki: rip nuts PepeHands Hwaryo: SASAGEYO AYAYA miggonaut: that whole show only has one scene? :O namelesshadow: @Elajjaz wait until you see the rest WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! NovaMoon: @Elajjaz dude the scene . MY SOLDIERS,RAGE before they get blown to pieces mibutwhole: what scene WeirdChamp SomaBTW: Nopileos elaWOW Fadziri: how are the runs? KrazyShark: man AoT S4 waiting room GamErDino1337: imagine watching that overrated shit anime Enzo_blitz17: @Elajjaz you can watch BAKi in netflix bro MrCosmonafft: Iron Tarkus was inspired by JoJo btw and some other things too PogU @Elajjaz sunrise_v: AoT is okay sviat93: When half of the gachis are actual weebs in disguise AYAYA Clap Nopileos: SomaBTW elaWOW CompatiKaiser: @EvaNoctis its so good GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz finish dark season 2 already PhysiCle: elaK Germy_ranch: elaK Golden04: “phase” elaK Bimburle: elaK kokosenpaai: ela12 quantumop: elaK KrazyShark: elaK Nopileos: elaK Corsad: elaK Montanaontario2392: elaK TheMasterToaster: Are you guys really still on anime talk WeirdChamp Jaargan: elaK quantumop: phase elaK AchillesFeel: This is the run Fraze: What about HunterxHunter??? zeke_r0: elaK elaK elaK TripleThrashTreat: elaK SolusBellator: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK Evilyou: elaK Mengzanoid: It will come back HYUKAGE Aeonll: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Fadziri: elaK WoWRoxas: cantaHug girlfromjapan: elaK Cheesecoffee: elaK xuukiii: Kapp 0xSaisaki: ‘phase’ elaK perry_1903: HYUKAGE PhysiCle: LULW AchillesFeel: tdogWizz CompatiKaiser: :nepSmug badly_dressed_0nion: NORMIE AYAYA DarkShadow1093: maybe you should see more then Kevintaku: PepeHands perry_1903: LOL OLD Streamleen: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW Yuggod: LULW GamErDino1337: WTF OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW UltimateLupin: … Caput_Draconis: LULW dendarko: LULW londoren: LULW kokosenpaai: LULW Simoteus: monkaSHAKE KrazyShark: damn Meximus322: BBoomer m Nehvis: BBoomer quantumop: BBoomer J0hnnyBlade: nrdyBoomer rk0r: PepeLaugh LostFantasy352: lol Darth_Umbra: elaKek atomicdestruction: elaGa zuryci: monkaTOS Hellu: LULW Germy_ranch: BBoomer Nopileos: BBoomer CaptainOutOfTen: LULW zorry4badinglsh: LULW datdeathy: WTF Ayana_Banana: LULW SausageMaster07: elaOk Aeonll: BBoomer Clap HEIL_MODS_: LULW zeke_r0: BBoomer Lexikun: BBoomer Golden04: BBoomer miscusi: lmao atpRtsd dunnowtw: LULW garenbush: LULW mystickingfisher: phase=life Nopileos: LULW lellronniee: old A F NovaMoon: didnt you turn 28 Nanashi_Sakamoto: TIMESKIP LULW dekkah: BBoomer chungaze: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW GETTING OLD wandering_pleb: elaGa UltraWindow: nrdyBoomer iLostToLife: BBoomer HappySmile123: FeelsOldMan Evilyou: LULW Beard_Of_Joy: nrdyBoomer Jaargan: BBoomer Speed_z: BBoomer Montanaontario2392: BBoomer Nopileos: BBoomer mibutwhole: you’re 13 LULW KrazyShark: that hits hard @Elajjaz zorry4badinglsh: BBoomer Clap JesseThaBest: years go by fast when running dark souls Istog: BBomer Flott: elaK sviat93: PepeHands rk0r: BBoomer Clap Dijaxtra: BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer Baronus: 25 KEKW Streamleen: I know that feeling man. darius404: LULW jade282: elaKek NovaMoon: oh wait im turning 28 Corsad: 13 you mean? LUL perry_1903: nrdyBoomer metatron741: what ๐Ÿ™‚ LoratNar: @elajjaz WATCH JOJO WITH US Pog Cheesecoffee: elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk Galer1ans: ela is getting old caht PepeHands HappySmile123: Dijaxtra elaSmile / girlfromjapan: BBoomer Flott: ela12 btw Bobanaut: so he wasted the last 7 years playing dark souls… goodkatt_: BBoomer Kevintaku: stop im turning 26 on 2 months PepeHands Mavez0r: damn.. alzheimers at such a young age FeelsBadMan sviat93: PepeHands I will be 26 next month CompatiKaiser: BBoomer adam_lul: LULW Agalladorn: @Elajjaz Have you seen how Saitama plays in the new One Punch Man trailer? dragothicx: Not 13? D: zuryci: PepeHands time flies watching anime namelesshadow: clip it darius404: 25 or 27, I’m 31 screw you PepeHands Galer1ans: nrdyBoomer Luisaum: time flies BrowningZen: LULW Scriptedaletho: 3 more years till the big 30 monkaS rk0r: 20s are a blur man, I do the same thing SolusBellator: old age already kicking in elaGa elaGa KrazyShark: i’m 25 ๐Ÿ™‚ i wanna die datdeathy: age is just a number GamErDino1337: im turning 20 soon @Elajjaz you fucking boomer lmao metatron741: you are 13 ela @Elajjaz Sincerus: @Elajjaz Did you see Carnival Row? Jaargan: WHY IS CHAT SO OLD OMEGALUL Dijaxtra: @HappySmile123 elaSmile HYPERCLAP elaSmile HYPERCLAP elaSmile HYPERCLAP heridan_: gonna be 26 soon PepeHands KrazyShark: @datdeathy agreed CompatiKaiser: so you are 30 Zestyfork: BBoomer Deam23: @ComradeNerdy pepeL BrowningZen: BBoomer HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp girlfromjapan: RaregachiGASM Tirabolos: monkaW ArthurDoyleRPG: Too old now LUL Praisethesam: no WoW classic Ela? Fearswe: Rekt umayfuentes: elaFella zuryci: haHAA Montanaontario2392: WeirdChamp Wuxia: @elajjaz vinland saga is about vikings just pure viking violence GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz what did you think how old im Soveriegn3: nrdyBoomer soltar: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA darius404: Only 3 years until your life is over Ela monkaW garenbush: @7elevenxD WeirdChamp Excesiiv: @7elevenxD WeirdChamp Lawsanya: Yes fucking way ๐Ÿ™‚ Bananable: turning 21 tomorrow NotLikeThis NovaMoon: @Elajjaz im turning 28 this november Beard_Of_Joy: @KrazyShark actually after 30 its not that bad 195iq: i accidently said i was 18 once, then i realized that im 21 LUL metatron741: dont get spookied chat, ela is 13 sith_3: funeral stoo soon badly_dressed_0nion: 7elevenxD VaN dragothicx: W OMEGALUL W Classic Archain__Gaming: @Elajjaz soon you’re old like me elaSmile mstrpickles: its not weeb CRAUDINHOU: 25+ is when you start feeling really old BrowningZen: I am turning 13 BBoomer datdeathy: @KrazyShark dunno why people get so obssesed with how old people are Fraze: gachiBASS mibutwhole: oof Arahu: he prefers weeb mmo’s AYAYA DaniDuck: I’m turning 19 next year BBoomer boogeyman551: young 20 year old people… i turned 29 yesterday BBoomer J0hnnyBlade: elaC GamErDino1337: thats because im having a hobo beard atm SeeM_Villain: you look older in your grindr photos ComradeNerdy: Deam23 elaH Montanaontario2392: elaK bob_barker_: xqcOLd Dijaxtra: ela13 CaptainOutOfTen: Kappa zeke_r0: 💪 Hellu: ela13 RKazekiri: Kapp Nopileos: elaK Dijaxtra: ela113 notdiri: HandsUp Beard_Of_Joy: TRUE billyReady Fadziri: ela12 Blackbird_SR71C: Until it breaks your back sunrise_v: Turning 23 and look like 13 boy FeelsPepoMan Bullet_: telling people they look old WeirdChamp Wuxia: ela12 KappatainHindsight: I feel old now elaWeird goodkatt_: BBoomer thyraelis: @Elajjaz Who thought that watching a grandpa play games would be so funny PepeLaugh justpounced: sup bois hapAyyy am 21 a youngster myself 8) cool kids girlfromjapan: @ComradeNerdy RaregachiGASM metatron741: elves never get old LurkingTulip: @Elajjaz when your old deadlifts hurt man perry_1903: ela113 nrdyBoomer Fantastick: 25 and counting BBoomer ComradeNerdy: girlfromjapan elaH Hellu: Elajjaz “but deadlifts are dangerous” 4HEad artorias15596: wait to deadlift when hitting 30, thats when you know you got old…feelsbad flipponator:>Not Speedrunning life J0hnnyBlade: beard at 20 nrdyBoomer KaitoKidShadow: 31 CompatiKaiser: your brain shows your age 3Head perry_1903: elaK 195iq: deadlifts will destroy your back and make you feel like 80 when youre 35 Kappa @Elajjaz NovaMoon: why should i watch vinland saga elaHmm kokosenpaai: ???? ndilicious: guys stop, I’m depressed enough about the fact that I’m turning 25 this year as it is PepeHands seydanator: 33 and fit as never before Fantastick: what’s your deadlift rn @Elajjaz pappakatt79: I feel young. And Im ûber old Montanaontario2392: ANIKI YEARS HandsUp zuryci: deadlifts wreck so many people HappySmile123: “Yes, but no” (c) Ela 2019 Wtfsaneric: why throw the bomb at the barrels? dunnowtw: @NovaMoon cool Viking war story with dope animation ๐Ÿ™‚ Beard_Of_Joy: @195iq im 32 and you’re doing it wrong MoistSnek: 25 yrs of wasting oxygen… nice chat Wuxia: @NovaMoon vikings and violence so y not Fantastick: :O what’s your deadlift rn @Elajjaz 195iq: @Wtfsaneric because fuck those barrels Wtfsaneric: oh ic, thanks Jaargan: @NovaMoon AND DOPE OP NovaMoon: vikings and violence sounds good seydanator: @zuryci people doing exercizes wrong are wrecking people 0xSaisaki: @NovaMoon its vikings and its pretty good action, if thats not your jam, dont AchillesFeel: Just look at Ronnie Coleman @elajjaz still goin strong ShivaQQ: gachiBASS LickNSmash: who’s in their 30s? KrazyShark: @datdeathy ikr, if shes 17 its fine right? elaS sunrise_v: monkaSHAKE BrowningZen: WutFace kokosenpaai: 150 LULW Thenastyraven: 150 kg? Pog illuminatieyes_xd: 150 PepeLaugh TheLadyCharlotte: KrazyShark elaWeird SpireFacts: 150? 150 what? Beard_Of_Joy: @LickNSmash ๐Ÿ™‚ Whazankey: AYAYA AYAYA Catherine when???? AYAYA AYAYA Fantastick: biiiig boy Xurker: 210 kilos PogChamp KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh zuryci: @seydanator thats what i mean HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark yes FeelsGoodMan UltraWindow: nrdyBoomer that can do attitude BrowningZen: 150g Pog goodkatt_: billyReady KrazyShark: @TheLadyCharlotte oh hi charlotte elaS CompatiKaiser: 150 grams KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ FeelsGoodMan badly_dressed_0nion: 210 kg Pog Annonn140: 200 Pog Daniel1984_: @LickNSmash elaHi 195iq: @Beard_Of_Joy im just kidding, when youre doing them right they are pretty healthy atom_player: 210kg?. 0xSaisaki: 400 Pog illuminatieyes_xd: 210 Pog DaniDuck: 150 nanograms LULW Nopileos: 210 Pog KrazyShark: @Beard_Of_Joy idk FeelsBadMan NovaMoon: vinland saga sounds like something i would’ve picked up at beginning but im 10ep behing? monkaS TheLadyCharlotte: KrazyShark 17 is not okay elaOk seydanator: @zuryci gachiAPPROVE Abbot__: there is more to vinland saga than vinking violence chat FeelsPepoMan ToneBacas: 200Kg? Jaargan: @KrazyShark 17 WeirdChamp what happened to your rule? cur_ley: gachiVICTORY GL on runs today @Elajjaz Arekska: 200 kg Pog perry_1903: IKEALUL KirizukA: @Elajjaz Will u check Tekken Season 3 Patch Notes? KrazyShark: @Jaargan LULW i maent 19.5 illuminatieyes_xd: AMERICAN LULW Blaze0303: my PB is like 420 GamErDino1337: imagine not using stone OMEGALUL garenbush: LULW LickNSmash: stones? BrowningZen: cmonBrother boogeyman551: pound LUL zeke_r0: @NovaMoon least you Cheesehovel: 1000 kilos PogChamp kyeooh: Stones LULW houndthree: my man UltraWindow: 3200 stone 3Head 0xSaisaki: freed OMEGALUL m units Lexikun: everyone uses kg except america Annonn140: 200 big macs KKona Paladin_Neptune: NA LULW justpounced: IKEA MEASUREMENT OMEGALUL darius404: You use kElas? LULW badly_dressed_0nion: 210 STONE Pog houndthree: fuck pounds datdeathy: NA LULW Jormunaattori: americans like to pound stones SpireFacts: Are you fucking deadlifting 150 kg? Dude, 90 is enough 195iq: @Elajjaz how much on bench press? Jaargan: @KrazyShark sure you did elaWeird RKazekiri: NA weight LULW umayfuentes: how tall are you @elajjaz metatron741: lol pounds Lysanderrr: wait are we talking about benching or squating Luisaum: imperial LUL flipponator: Steroids PepeLaugh AchillesFeel: You mean freedom units? zeke_r0: @NovaMoon least you’re not 600 episodes behind like my friend who just started OP CRAUDINHOU: Ela, why dont you speak in swedish for a while Dijaxtra: monkaW buff streamer GamErDino1337: until you break something Hellu: @Elajjaz and still 1 minute rest? monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: ha ha KirizukA: Will u check Tekken Season 3 Patch Notes? gvstn: do you know pewdiepe irl @Elajjaz monkaS UltimateLupin: ela can crush my head with his fingers metatron741: that is like lifting 3 cars Pog illuminatieyes_xd: dead lift Abbot__: 25 reps sounds stupid lol 0xSaisaki: RUFF? Wowee Lysanderrr: oh deadlifting BrowningZen: 4HEad illuminatieyes_xd: ha ha Aeonll: monkaW dead? HappySmile123: haHAA Jaargan: in the real world we use kilos chat OMEGALUL GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz btw do you have a sixpack hepha1: how tall are you though @Elajjaz ?? Kapp BrowningZen: dead lift, get it? 4HEad MoistSnek: ernoKEK ichiyusai_: prompt swap? monkaW NovaMoon: @zeke_r0 i quit OP at like ep 500 and now im 600ep behind or some shit Beard_Of_Joy: @KrazyShark man i swear i’m 31.5 and its a good time to get yourself together and apply what you have to a real deal Thenastyraven: Do you only do lifting wher you work out? elaHmm @Elajjaz 0xSaisaki: a strength build Pog Cheesehovel: 1 millions kilo? KirizukA: elaWeird Whazankey: str build Pog MoistSnek: explain SEsternO: gachiVICTORY Hellu: 1 minute rest with 5×5 monkaW JesseThaBest: whats starting rep? Abbot__: oh thats better artorias15596: ABOUT A MINUTE? cur_ley: do you do that three times a week or more? artorias15596: WHAT 195iq: 5 sets with 5 reps ichiyusai_: Prompt swap again? monkaW KaitoKidShadow: so its 2×5 Expleco: can we watch sometime ๐Ÿ™‚ Xurker: @Elajjaz do you escalate the lifts with each sets Justinteezy: why don’t you bench? :O Flaming_Granny: but you’re still small BrowningZen: gachiHYPER seydanator: @Elajjaz no overhead press? KaitoKidShadow: oh miki___miki: ONEGAI MUSCLE AYAYA binaryMind: 1 minute is not enough zuryci: damn ela getting fready for those heat moves billyReady surfluffsalot: @Elajjaz how much rest between sets? GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz man you gotta have a great ass lol Germy_ranch: uh oh. Here comes the same bro science chat comments we always get. elaK DoltishMeteor: IRL GYM SESS gachiHYPER Riinegan: @Elajjaz what else do you do on deadlift day ? illuminatieyes_xd: gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: Bullet_ yes ela3 Fantastick: 1 min between reps @surfluffsalot Fafebobo: miki___miki AYAYA awesome show Beard_Of_Joy: @Elajjaz do you do warmup reps? Xurker: do you clean and jerk gachiHYPER JesseThaBest: starting rep weight? Reddinator: miki___miki why am I watching that show? NotLikeThis Hellu: That’s crazy on 5×5 monkaW Bullet_: @Dr_Jan_Itor atpCap SEsternO: 2 max nepSmug wanu: go agane MoistSnek: are you the boss of this gym ? @Elajjaz gachiAPPROVE sunfusions: isnt every muscle training strength building? no matter the reps Wuxia: @Germy_ranch do you want more AYAYA comments instead FeelsWeirdMan metatron741: can we touch your muscles Fafebobo: Reddinator cause it’s cool AYAYA miscusi: @Elajjaz deadlifts are very taxing on the central nerve system Nemz38: xd Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: atpRtsd1 atpRtsd2 Dijaxtra: you make billy proud gachiVICTORY Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: atpRtsd3 atpRtsd4 Germy_ranch: @Wuxia HAI AYAYA HYPERCLAP ARIGATO 195iq: @sunfusions not really KirizukA: Will u check Tekken Season 3 Patch Notes? Bullet_: atpRtsd Clap garenbush: dead btw elaK Expleco: he had the dark souls 2 turns monkaW ZephidsEmbrace: !dead KaitoKidShadow: Nemz how much do you deadlift WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS metatron741: sven save us Reddinator: Fafebobo its freakin weird LULW illuminatieyes_xd: @sunfusions not always you can train strenght or just “fast muscles” idunno the right term Wuxia: @Germy_ranch nepSmug 🍷 kokosenpaai: LUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh perry_1903: never albert PepeHands Whazankey: CHONK SEsternO: PepeHands girlfromjapan: FeelsPepoMan illuminatieyes_xd: LUL atom_player: waiiiit Germy_ranch: @Wuxia nepSmug Clap edgyedge1337: miyazaki patched 0% halberd drop for you @Elajjaz CRAUDINHOU: PepeHands oolgzool: They took the halberd out of the game @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: water is good for you ToneBacas: why do you wanna lift 200Kgs for anyways? wanna lift some big boys? OpieOP illuminatieyes_xd: breathing is bad for you PepeLaugb supmadness: smoking is bad SonicatorTV: cocaine is good for you elaOk Xurker: OUCH MY CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Fantastick: @illuminatieyes_xd i wanna say that’s hypertrophy but not sure Reddinator: streaming is bad for you monkaW Kalazara: BAM OriPeel: True lots of research supporting that miscusi: @Elajjaz i mean you don’t do it more than twice / week Wuxia: the halberd doesnt fukin exist LULW Wuxia: the halberd doesnt fukin exist LULW the halberd doesnt fukin exist LULW SpringGhost2: @Elajjaz too much Ela is taxing desu CompatiKaiser: Just do it right 4Head Pajki13: breathing is bad for you VDSMF: everyone who drinks water dies sunfusions: @illuminatieyes_xd i see DedEmbryonicCell: Existing is bad for you… Helel_Gaming: living is bad for you Germy_ranch: I do 300 STONE deadlifts because I don’t have a central nervous system AYAYA Beard_Of_Joy: Cake is a lie PepoHands Cheesehovel: even being born can kill you KaitoKidShadow: if you dont drink water you die quicker Pajki13: research showed it zarinax: Have you done Sumo-Deadlift? If so do you do more with sumo? Flaming_Granny: walking is bad for your knees, anyone who drinks water dies eventually KirizukA: I give up elaFeels Riinegan: @Elajjaz how did you improve your grip as you increased the weight ? My fingers want to die at some point when I try increasing weigth lipgloss71: The Halberd is bad for you. ArthurDoyleRPG: Speedrunning is bad for you LUL oolgzool: @VDSMF i drink water and im not dead so that proves you are wrong lextune: I just sit around smoking weed badly_dressed_0nion: GLOD POG Baronus: if you eat too much of nothing you’ll die Reddinator: Germy_ranch NANI Pog Beard_Of_Joy: @Germy_ranch in kgs? Xurker: @Elajjaz do you use belts 26camels: what about crossfit SEsternO: Everything is bad for you ๐Ÿ™‚ HappySmile123: Living is bad for you. Death rate is near 100% Lawrin: Adoring boris Johnson is bad for you VDSMF: oolgzool not yet monkaS discosong: yes illuminatieyes_xd: @Fantastick oh yeah there’s also that but there’s also just training muscles that you use daily even by walking or running if that makes sense i cant remember the term supmadness: @Elajjaz why no dex build? myfavoriteweeb: gachiHYPER jawsie: weak LUL I carry the weight of my depression every day FeelsBadMan Clap VDSMF: gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER oolgzool: @VDSMF ARE YOU THREATENING ME Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER DaniDuck: ass grip gachiHYPER Germy_ranch: @Reddinator I-I’m STRONG nepSmug KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER saoblow: elaDM Zeref_swe : gachiHYPER Thenastyraven: Even then, at some point you will start getting problems if it’s too heavy because tendons will have trouble holding it elaHmm Petrozza7: gachiHYPER garenbush: gachiHYPER zuryci: @Riinegan fapping? or using that forearm thing Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER badly_dressed_0nion: wrestling KappaPride Life796: gachiHYPER Speed_z: gachiGASM wrestling 195iq: @Riinegan same with me, i just use straps ichiyusai_: gachiHYPER Snosachen: gachiHYPER Jormunaattori: DansGame End0rphyne: I N S A N E Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER schlawinator: gachiHYPER din137: don’t use gloves Reddinator: a strong grip gachiHYPER Kambri: gachiHYPER wackymanpuff: gachiHYPER “wrestling” SEsternO: gachiHYPER houndthree: wrestling VaN? LostFantasy352: when you grip the dick ๐Ÿ˜€ Hellu: But you do mixed grip though? Veddy_: cocaine monkaW atom_player: @elajjaz how much do you weigh? and how tall are you? WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Destruben: do rockclimbing to train gripstrength MechaBoomkin: Wrestling is FAKE dude Xandinho: @elajjaz xbox one or ps4 controller? Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Magnesium is actually really bad for your peripheral nervous system Kapp yp105: @Elajjaz how tall aure you? Reddinator: 70 pounds LULW HappySmile123: Xandinho ps4 gromass_: @Elajjaz Did you know the 5×5 deadlift is actually just 1×5 ? i mean its what the stronglift program said coz 5v5 your 80%rm is too much kitkit1708: 4Head Beard_Of_Joy: elaOP 78 LUL Veddy_: ela is a gnome ๐Ÿ™‚ jawsie: 23 kg more than me LUL Mavez0r: average american doesnt know what a kilogram is bruh surfluffsalot: 172ish pounds Xandinho: @happysmile123 he always use this? Nemz38: when is 4×10 of heavy weights into 15×5 of light Hollow_void: How tall are you Ela? kitkit1708: 4Head ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE ANELE TheMoltenGuy: @jawsie same Pog 195iq: @Riinegan or do some grip str. exercises Nemz38: I wanna see this progress Ela WutFaceJr: 78 LUL THEhangedMaNo1: @Elajjaz Doyou know who Eddie Hal is? Fantastick: 85 here OpieOP Hellu: gromass_ he just said he can do 200 and is currently 160 nrdyE HappySmile123: Xandinho as far as I know – yes UltraWindow: breathing is a direct cause of death zeke_r0: he’s going elaBlind kitkit1708: 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head 4Head SmaJLee: elaBlind Riinegan: @195iq I been using gloves but they got destroyed after some time zuryci: @Germy_ranch is it chat or you with all the BRO science? jawsie: @TheMoltenGuy Pog Clap HappySmile123: Xandinho never saw xbox controller in his hands Xurker: what height is ela saoblow: gloves DansGame UltraWindow: 100% of people who breathe die monkaW illuminatieyes_xd: switching it up helps badly_dressed_0nion: ela is 6’7” Nemz38: insane muscle growth and lean boiz Xandinho: @happysmile123 man that sucks, because its not compatible so u need to use like inputmapper Veddy_: ela is 150cm tall Fantastick: 15 lights will eventually fuck up your joints more than 5 heavy will, imo KrazyShark: @Beard_Of_Joy mhh… idk about that Germy_ranch: @zuryci I have to throw in my own to see if they are repeated next time AYAYA Clap gromass_: @Hellu ??? illuminatieyes_xd: otherwise you stagnate LULW atom_player: magnesium is totally fine, especially when you drink alcohol a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Beard_Of_Joy: @Elajjaz my coach gives me 2-3 warmup reps and 3 actual ones SEsternO: UltraWindow monkaX kokosenpaai: ela is 67 NeThZOR: a baby can live its entire life underwater JesseThaBest: well i reps 10 x 10 all day and only go home to watch ela gulshan1: @UltraWindow monkaW Bullet_: atpRtsd1 atpRtsd2 jawsie: Ela is 3 cm tall Wuxia: @UltraWindow i will avoid breathing from now on monkaW thx Hollow_void: Ela how tall are you? Hellu: gromass_ you clearly didn’t listen to anything he said 4Shrug Forkliftington: Forkliftington subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 19 months, currently on a 19 month streak! I swear he said he was 19 man! WrestlerBot2000: @Forkliftington After 19 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Forkliftington elaA DaniDuck: Chat never drink dihydrogen monoxide monkaW everyone that has been in contact with it died monkaW Nemz38: I’m sitting here doing bicep curls whilst watching PepeLaugh Apjaveln: have you ever played dark souls 2? @Elajjaz Kapp icedragon08: Elas hight between Tyler1 and Nymn Kapp 195iq: @Riinegan there’s special straps that take away weight from your hands so you dont have to grasp the bar as tightly HappySmile123: Xandinho you can launch any game using steam (even non-steam game) and it maps it for you. works for me every time Whazankey: I tried gym, but I hate it, it’s boring af PepeHands oolgzool: @Elajjaz are you going to TwitchCON? zuryci: lol saoblow: nemz is a bicep bro elaWeird gromass_: @Hellu and you didnt read what i said tomato9420: LUL Hellu: LUL Hollow_void: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: POG gulshan1: what a chad LULW Nopileos: LULW KrazyShark: elaKek Germy_ranch: KKona MasterDuck42: being alive is extremely bad for you, it’ll eventually cause death KrazyShark: elaGDM din137: NA LULW GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 show pic of biceps kokosenpaai: NA LULW Xandinho: @happysmile123 never worked for me in the souls series, idk why though zuryci: gachiVICTORY getting ripped between gold splits daijirobi: @Elajjaz have you seen any curlbros at ypur local gym? saoblow: @Elajjaz do you do any isolations at all or just mostly compounds? icedragon08: Ela should watch the gym anime ๐Ÿ™‚ GR3MN: Oxygen is actually lethal k_arm_4: @Elajjaz which camera do u use? Beard_Of_Joy: @Nemz38 me too actually, i just do a bicep curl whenever i want to smoke LUL Klod1991: @Elajjaz Has anyone ever approached you in gym and told you that you are doing something wrong while they themself have no idea? LUL Reddinator: gachiVICTORY illuminatieyes_xd: curlbros LULW Veddy_: VaN SEsternO: VaN xlRaptoe: VaN Wheels82: VaN Riinegan: @195iq nice, will look into it, thanks Larsn2k: VaN Kevintaku: VaN Nopileos: VaN zeke_r0: VaN LoratNar: VaN illuminatieyes_xd: VaN garenbush: VaN saoblow: VaN Thenastyraven: VaN Sunshinewalker: gachiHYPER dungeon gym Annonn140: VaN xkrogothx: xkrogothx subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: @xkrogothx I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM OrbitalSloth: pfff lol mibutwhole: VaN gym Aeonll: VaN Wuxia: VaN Hollow_void: VaN Clap zeke_r0: VaN gym delriopie: VaN Nopileos: SUB HYPE xkrogothx Pog mole9988: @nemz38 nemzHi nemzH Speed_z: Dungeon VaN Corsad: VaN Kambri: VaN Crazyjanda: Like mine !!! KrazyShark: VaN Nopileos: VaN VaN Montanaontario2392: VaN illuminatieyes_xd: VETERAN GAMER ONLY GYM LULW zuryci: KappaPride billyReady lots of vets Veddy_: is it all male? KrazyShark: @Elajjaz elitist CompatiKaiser: @Elajjaz whats for later or just runs today Hwaryo: VaN Kevintaku: alot of VaN s gtF_: VaN Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Didn’t they get busted for selling drugs? Kapp Loki_nG: old school gyms are awesome Puffulez: are you competing? Lagunaab: yooo waddup folks elaHi mustyMONARCH: gvdMM nizi1996: what is your max deadlift, bench, squat and overhead press? cur_ley: VaN TripleThrashTreat: VaN Larsn2k: A lot of gym locker wrestling HappySmile123: Lagunaab elaSmile / Baz1S: VaNterans SEsternO: Lagunaab pepeL illuminatieyes_xd: LUKLW Thenastyraven: LULW derealchiken: PepeLaugh Speed_z: LULW KrazyShark: xD Nopileos: LULW illuminatieyes_xd: LULW Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL kokosenpaai: LULW RKazekiri: LULW SEsternO: LULW Hellu: PepeLaugh Life796: LULW bigpeanut99: PepeLaugh jawsie: react slower 😡 xkrogothx: rip lol Reddinator: react slower 😡 wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HappySmile123: Reacted too hard LULW supmadness: LULW Doully92: elaMad REACT SLOWER waTdamaTTer: how big is the biggest dude in your gym @Elajjaz Bananable: darthg8Goldstar jawsie: @Reddinator LULW Montanaontario2392: too fast in a speedrun PepeLaugh Wuxia: no one can hear you scream then gachiBASS BrowningZen: elaMad Abhraxaz: elaGa FBCatch Beard_Of_Joy: REACT HARDER NOT SMARTER elaMad k_arm_4: 10k hours btw PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh CRAUDINHOU: F Reddinator: jawsie great minds LULW KaitoKidShadow: what is a curl-bro are we laughing at groups? TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz we have a gym in the same building as my office so maybe I should actually start working out now PepeLaugh nizi1996: what is your max deadlift, bench, squat and overhead press @Elajjaz ? naan_in_my_chech: REACT HARDER 4Weird TripleThrashTreat: Play Ccatherine SEsternO: REACT SLOWER 😡 Germy_ranch: 10k hours. Dying to iron golem. Maybe you should summon Tarkus LULW z3vron: elaK GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz i gift 100 subs if you finish a run with a legit bkh Gloriousbonerstoner: OneHand OneHand OneHand OneHand Veddy_: GamErDino1337 aint happening elaKek Wuxia: Chag derealchiken: PogU xSternritter: Pog Hellu: Chag Reddinator: wont drop LULW RKazekiri: PogU Wheels82: PepeLaugh SausageMaster07: PogU Nopileos: Chag SonicatorTV: Chag dendarko: PogU pukson: Pog schlawinator: PogU miki___miki: PogU AustinDubu: PogU InfamousXXV: Pog WotorJL: 10h run Pog SEsternO: PogU Doully92: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: Pog BendOverLikeABoss: PogU Wuxia: PogU Kambri: Pog Nopileos: PogU Frozzbite: PogU calibrono: Pog DaniDuck: oh shit LULW EvilFluffyBunny: @GamErDino1337 you didn’t give a time limit elaS Purist01: PogChamp Syiax_: Start farming bkh rooKek ichiyusai_: PogU Germy_ranch: Pog Aeonll: finishing runs is bad for you WeirdChamp zuryci: no he just finish with bkh Xandinho: I WANT A SUB PohU Nox15: Pog HisuiNagare: pog WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz nenecoodex: Pog Nopileos: PogU PogU Evilyou: it had to be a legit BKH illuminatieyes_xd: POG Fearswe: Didn’t specify it had to be a PB Wheels82: PepeLaugh thinking he’ll finish a run Hobby8: Just finish 4Head TheMoltenGuy: @GamErDino1337 what have you done PepeLaugh Lagunaab: swapping tab and already reset ? monkaW Xandinho: GIFT ME A SUB GODDAMN PogU Lexikun: so you’ll have to reset until you get bkh ndilicious: Time to get my dodging skills going Pog Syiax_: Just farm it 4Head Apjaveln: Don’t breathe manually chat monkaW velikidace: how many chances do u have for halberd per run? DaniDuck: ez 100 LULW GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz oh btw i bought the codevein gfuel its fucking dope 195iq: @Elajjaz stop asking and do it before he makes more rules LUL Veddy_: just lobosReset incgnit0: PogU i’ll be a sub PogU Wuxia: farming time FeelsGoodMan Clap sinalco87: @Elajjaz Farm it in the Kiln xetanp: quick, hack the drop tables Life796: Ela finishing a run? No way PepeLaugh nizi1996: what is a fake halberd? Reddinator: HandsUp HappySmile123: Apjaveln fuck you LULW illuminatieyes_xd: gachiHYPER derealchiken: monkaS NeptuneDweller: Just reset until u get it TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA VDSMF: same FeelsBadMan LoratNar: yep Sunshinewalker: Weeb Fuel LUL Wuxia: here for farming FeelsGoodMan Clap ichiyusai_: So when you get a real Albert, just continue playing until you beat the game, elaEZ 0xSaisaki: oh my shoulder gachiBASS illuminatieyes_xd: theres gfuel for everything LULW Dijaxtra: AYAYA rk0r: code vein gfuel LULW kiotone: lacA1 lacA2 Clap Apjaveln: @HappySmile123 Kapp Riinegan: @Elajjaz what did you think of g fuel after trying it ? Buzz695: deadlift max? wandering_pleb: elaYA orannis: reset for bkh then finish the run even if its the most horrible run ever. ez @Elajjaz BrowningZen: LULW wtf 195iq: i never maxed in anything i dont really care what my max is jawsie: being a girl is STONKS, free gamer girl bath water every time i take a bath 5Head Mavez0r: Gscam LUL velikidace: @Elajjaz how many chances do you have for halberd per run? KrazyShark: @jawsie can i buy some Lagunaab: a preworkout ? Germy_ranch: D: Dijaxtra: LULW Germy_ranch: S E L L O U T Hobby8: Gfuel is just Koolaide Dijaxtra: gaming workout elaChug JesseThaBest: does it have coffeine? illuminatieyes_xd: IT WORKS CONFIRMED POG Wheels82: DansGame SELLOUT badly_dressed_0nion: pre workout for gaming ? OpieOP SoulStormBr3w: preworkouts are a scam KrazyShark: @Elajjaz is isotonic powder drinks gud zeke_r0: just get a normal energy drink LULW jawsie: @KrazyShark my potions are too strong for you, traveller elinaE GamErDino1337: i only drink gfuel at work so im awake cause from coffee i need to shit like crazy calibrono: isn’t it just fuckload of sugar so it’s shit illuminatieyes_xd: yeah thats cause of the caffeine and sugar LULW just get an energy drink or coffee KrazyShark: @jawsie elaKek VDSMF: just drink it at night then crash to sleep 4HEad Lagunaab: just get tea with a bit of honey Germy_ranch: gachiCOOL KrazyShark: there’s cancer instead LULW dragothicx: DansGame Reddinator: LULW 0xSaisaki: ass fart? DansGame hutzbutzHS: @Elajjaz hey ela can you check my overhead press form? HandsUp sprakcity: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh mustyMONARCH: coffee is life Gloriousbonerstoner: aspergers badly_dressed_0nion: assbar zuryci: isnt it bad for you? Mohaettir95: CAFFIENE monkaW lextune: lextune subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @lextune the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM illuminatieyes_xd: aspartame is artifical flavor ela Zylband: Aspartame Nopileos: SUB HYPE lextune PogChamp Reddinator: any 5Head researcher in chat SoulStormBr3w: Just drink coffee 4HEad GodzScrtAgnt: food additives are a big problem IMHO NeptuneDweller: Aspartame / Sucralose lavos__: say goodbye to that gfuel sponsorship PepeHands cloudfilmer: aspartame tastes like shit pattywack710: pattywack710 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! SEsternO: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @pattywack710 Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM HEIL_MODS_: it got disgusting taste tho DansGame elaPuke Nopileos: SUB HYPE pattywack710 PogChamp daijirobi: @Elajjaz I recommend Eric Bugenhagen for lifting mindset GamErDino1337: im a scientist on this field and your opinion is fucking wrong Sunshinewalker: gfuel its just caffeine just drink coffee LUL TheAfrodactyl: Ela, just have two double espressos before the gym and spend the whole time trying not to shit mid deadlift HEIL_MODS_: aspartam yikes WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Baronus: chat starting the discussion anyway KEKW dragothicx: Energy Drinks DansGame Veddy_: why drink gfuel when you can drink water? ๐Ÿ™‚ xkrogothx: ๐Ÿ™‚ Buzz695: Buzz695 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Which lifts do you max out on? GodzScrtAgnt: avoid food additives WrestlerBot2000: @Buzz695 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Buzz695 Pog TheCrimsonPeen: @Elajjaz so basically your just assuming something is bad about it fivehead KrazyShark: @Elajjaz imagine a banana g-fuel sponsorship ichiyusai_: I heard drinking G-fuel makes you play video games – is that true? monkaW lextune: \o Germy_ranch: 5Head Clap Dickety: @Elajjaz if u wanna git good gaming performance just drink water and get ur sleep lol.. its not physically intensive KrazyShark: FUCK NO Nocturath: why do you not support it? i dont drink it im just asking @Elajjaz GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz their is strawberry banana mr32dod: mr32dod subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @mr32dod the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Demoluxx_: @Veddy_ words of wisdom Nopileos: SUB HYPE mr32dod POGGERS Hobby8: Gross BruiseVein: @Elajjaz that’s why Fanta Zero Raspberry is the best, no aspartam but still no sugar Kreygasm Nerdbaert: yeah, it’s just that around 1 in 5000 people is (sometimes deadly) allergic to aspartame TheMoltenGuy: wtf is Ela’s obsession with bananas in everything DansGame Taskforcem82: @ichiyusai_ Scary if true monkaW Magilou_69: G-Fuel make you have heated gaming moments monkaW Klod1991: @Elajjaz Imagine G-Fuel with Halberd flavour. PepeLaugh Veddy_: banana pizza protein powder GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz its the newest one from ksi 👌 Dijaxtra: What is your favorite energy drink? @Elajjaz ssanek_: jyst drink my juice KappaPride Germy_ranch: Bannana pizza elaPuke Reddinator: TheMoltenGuy gachiHYPER MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz but what about white monster for old people? nrdyBoomer Hollow_void: @TheMoltenGuy He likes bananas gachiHYPER Kraad_: TheMoltenGuy Ela likes phallic objects Life796: @TheMoltenGuy gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: saying no to a sponsor? what a sellout PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: show us them quads Nocturath: why do you not support it? i dont drink it im just asking @Elajjaz Wheels82: G-Fuel makes Ela elaMad Buzz695: hell yeah brother the most important 2 HappySmile123: TheMoltenGuy bananas with bananas in it Pog TheMoltenGuy: @Reddinator @Hollow_void @Life796 gachiHYPER cm_3_: cm_3_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 6 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @cm_3_ You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE cm_3_ elaA shiny__hawlucha: @Elajjaz just waiting for that Sennheiser sponsor to come through Veddy_: gachiHYPER ichiyusai_: I don’t use G-fuel – I use G-string instead ela12 Wheels82: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz get a gfuel sponsorship i wanna use your code 😡 Klod1991: gachiHYPER NovusAnimus: 140lbs PogChamp Taskforcem82: monkaW no spotter Sunshinewalker: gachiHYPER Reddinator: gachiHYPER same Nopileos: gachiHYPER Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER CaptainOutOfTen: PepeHands Hellu: I could spot you elaC J0hnnyBlade: gachiGASM Dijaxtra: behind me gachiBASS yp105: gachiHYPER Killerquent: gachiHYPER oh yeah zuryci: billyReady ill spot you bro SaintNep: gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER SEsternO: gachiHYPER Istog: gachiBASS girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh Paladin_Neptune: gachiHYPER zeke_r0: billyReady Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER douglasihatesummer: gachiHYPER illuminatieyes_xd: gachiHYPER Mavez0r: ela likes it from behind .. 📝 dragothicx: someone to be behind you gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @Elajjaz how much is sweden plane ticket? ๐Ÿ™‚ Oldburnzy: just ask someone there Hsnaketwitch: More catherine tonight? Hellu: Chat do you know how Squat spotting works elaC dendarko: Let me help you gachiHYPER Shmoop1: Ill be behind you all day honey gachiHYPER @Elajjaz Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Nocturath: why do you not support it? i dont drink it im just asking @Elajjaz metalslug1066: is this new strats zuryci: i might spill some g fuel on you but ill spot you Snosachen: I got you gachiHYPER Veddy_: Hellu do you put the dick in the ass for stability? Loki_nG: @Elajjaz Hiie me to be your personal spotter elaDM elaKek Hsnaketwitch: Abzu and The End is Nigh is available for free on EGS iMessage: WutFace Wuxia: @metalslug1066 yes the route has new strats Rob_has_nice_nipples: ded LUL Hellu: Veddy_ something like that Dickety: preworkout for non physical intensive stuff is dumb as fuck Dijaxtra: elaOk 🍺 every weekend TheAfrodactyl: @elajjaz what’s your lifting routine? Veddy_: Hellu elaC Wheels82: elaOP 🍔 supmadness: @Elajjaz finishing a run is bad for your peripheral nervous system nizi1996: do you drink any monster? lavos__: @Hsnaketwitch thanks for the tip SeeM_Villain: diet and sleep and you should be fine. rather than propping yourself up on red bulls etc 0xSaisaki: i dont use it, and i dont care to use it gachiBASS Fantastick: preworkout to sit on your ass OMEGALUL garenbush: what would u recommend a workout for starters though @Elajjaz KrazyShark: @Elajjaz when is dick day Rndm_: I got a decent collection on Epic Store now damn Life796: ElaPls Hobby8: How far you run? Riinegan: @Elajjaz what’s your 5km pb ? TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark every day gachiHYPER Hsnaketwitch: @Dickety B-b-b-but I got>300APM on Starcraft KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy gachiHYPER Fearswe: @Elajjaz Not finishing a run is bad for your penis system RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz so what your telling me is you have a nice ass gachiBASS Klod1991: You should do wrestling. Yuggod: gachiHYPER Wuxia: @Fearswe monkaW Baronus: 4.20 Pog lextune: ElaPls Doully92: gachiHYPER Kraad_: billyReady Fantastick: 42 is the answer to everything tbh BroqRox: @Elajjaz is me or the first 15 mins of the run are the hardest? illuminatieyes_xd: gachiHYPER Chris_Redfield: My way LULW Hsnaketwitch: @lavos__ no probs Rumpledinky: wrastling Wheels82: gachiHYPER OW MY SHOULDER GodzScrtAgnt: whats ur run like? garenbush: gachiHYPER Rob_has_nice_nipples: gachiHYPER Life796: gachiHYPER TheMoltenGuy: OW MY SHOULDER gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiHYPER zombie391: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: OH MY SHOULDER ClappyHype Doully92: AH MY SHOULDER gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER BendOverLikeABoss: AAAAAA gachiHYPER RyanLovesWeed: LULW 0xSaisaki: the irony LUL SEsternO: gachiHYPER Klod1991: Actually “Ou my shoulder” LULW derealchiken: oh my shoulder gachiHYPER Kambri: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: gachiHYPER Dijaxtra: gachiHYPER MY SHOULDER DenZve: OW MY SHOULDER gachiBASS Larsn2k: LUL Gloriousbonerstoner: do you ever finish runs irl or do you also just reset? @elajjaz Hwaryo: gachiHYPER MY SHOULDER GamErDino1337: ay fuck me starwberry banana smells fucking amazing Chris_Redfield: I don’t believe you LULW Dijaxtra: yes it is gachiHYPER illuminatieyes_xd: ALSO A GACHI JOKE gachiHYPER BruiseVein: anyone else with a 1440p monitor who can’t see shit and has to zoom to 150%? lol is that normal? Veddy_: wait so the “ow my shoulder” is based on ela’s reallife? ichiyusai_: AOUH MY SHOULDER gachiHYPER UltraWindow: disabling yourself for a gachi joke WeirdChamp rangriz: @Elajjaz Wish I have the energy to go workout every day after work PepeHands houndthree: would you win against batista in a competetive wrestling match? ๐Ÿ™‚ Taskforcem82: Just take Adderall like every other Esport pro. GFuel isn’t good enough LULW 195iq: @Elajjaz were you on wwe or something dragothicx: OH BUT IT IS gachiHYPER sunfusions: “wrestling” gachiHYPER Riinegan: @Elajjaz what’s your 4.2 km pb ? Wh1zk1d: So… 4.20 KrazyShark: @Elajjaz tfw u dont have a gf that puts her head on ur shoulder pipihands Fantastick: gachiBASS Sunshinewalker: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER illuminatieyes_xd: gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER Wheels82: gachiHYPER AAAAAA Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER GamErDino1337: so the gay wrestling SaintNep: VaN yp105: gachiBASS dendarko: LUL Mavez0r: s&m wrestling? zombie391: VaN Larsn2k: elaThirst DamCore568: pray for Halbert elaH Evilyou: gachiHYPER derealchiken: gachiHYPER nice Vanah: gachiHYPER SeeM_Villain: Domination wrestling Hwaryo: gachiHYPER VaN Kambri: VaN Dijaxtra: submission gachiHYPER dragothicx: Submission Wrestling LULW gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER Hellu: Submiss me gachiHYPER SEsternO: VaN 0xSaisaki: WRAHsling Nopileos: gachiHYPER OnePointSpace: gachiHYPER Hobby8: Was it the naked kind? captain_elsewhere: olympic wrestling Zylband: Wrassling Chris_Redfield: what a manly weeb lavos__: @KrazyShark pipihands PepeLaugh Baronus: wwe=acting OpieOP Fearswe: @Elajjaz So you don’t go halfway through the run, realize you can’t beat your PB, and reset? elaOP kennyrispuff: Maybe a little CBT aswell? spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz I bet i can beat your weak ass in a 1 vs 1 fight billyReady BigBrother WrestlerBot2000: “The second hedgehog I see in my life………….Oh shit! Can they shoot spikes?” – Realajjaz, 2017 No. 95 KrazyShark: @lavos__ LULW TheAfrodactyl: Naked and oiled I hope fanHEIBAI: Gachi wrestling PepeHands shiny__hawlucha: Mud Wrestling? ichiyusai_: wrASSling Hsnaketwitch: I actually did both wrestling, amateur and pro. ANd the minute i got slammed on my shoulder i was good. SEsternO: FeelsPepoMan Dijaxtra: what even is that besides gachi gachiHYPER wackymanpuff: WRASSLIN KKona Whazankey: is it the one in the olympics? @Elajjaz 195iq: @Elajjaz that wouldve been so cool LUL i imagine you as one of those show wrestlers xD Taskforcem82: gachiHYPER OK Hwaryo: YES gachiBASS KrazyShark: ok Fantastick: gachiHYPER BruiseVein: @Elajjaz do you have a 1440p monitor? Kambri: gachiHYPER lextune: like greco-roman wrestling ? SEsternO: gachiHYPER douglasihatesummer: gachiHYPER yes RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz i think i wrestled you in high school, did you have your last name shaved into the side of your head? Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER kennyrispuff: Ye It_is_alive: gachiHYPER Riinegan: @Elajjaz when will you show us a short recording of you wrestling ? Kraad_: Shield PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: come on a legit bkh elaCozy ichiyusai_: Was that your catchphrase before entering the right? Espher_5: BlessRNG supmadness: when you run outside. real or fake halberd? pandabus1: :)donations anyway, since they have the potential to get more stable audience instead of quick money easyeasy: domboy yooooooo elaOk / perpetual_fest: @domboy elaHi leamsi_: hello @Elajjaz and chat elaH Nopileos: leamsi_ elaHi Pixel_hearts: leamsi_ elaHi WrestlerBot2000: “What? 6 is not a number.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 6 Lagunaab: WutFace ZukaZealanee: WutFace Call_me_Zeroo: from what exactly GoAkke: maybe nemz would play darkwood and prey elaHmm easyeasy: leamsi_ hi forsenCD / Call_me_Zeroo: like what makes it better? Akaylass: Clap Murika_: LULW FitoBurrito: ElaClap RKazekiri: ElaClap Jaargan: ElaClap rikze5: ElaClap Nopileos: ElaClap KofiAddict: HYPERCLAP DragonflyJoe: ElaClap Drunkndragon: cathrine time? ๐Ÿ™‚ Usojin: HYPERCLAP troublematicc: ElaClap Shmoop1: ElaClap DigitalZips: ElaClap Veddy_: HYPERCLAP s84forYT: wow, this face garenbush: ElaClap leamsi_: @Pixel_hearts @Nopileos elaHi Montanaontario2392: ElaClap Nanashi_Sakamoto: ElaClap knight_solaire01: HYPERCALP Arekska: ElaClap Lori_Anger: ElaClap Nopileos: ElaClap ElaClap dYnAm1c92: HYPERCLAP tumaelso: ElaClap It_is_alive: ElaClap Stnaos: ElaClap ZukaZealanee: HYPERCLAP easyeasy: GoAkke D A R K W Champ D? wandering_pleb: ElaClap ElaClap ElaClap xkrogothx: ElaClap SilentNewbee: ElaCla[ dekkah: ElaClap WReN__x: hi dad im son haHAA Wheels82: elaGa BUT I LIKE THE RNG PlayWithVerins: BibleThump DjaDjaDji: ElaClap eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh schlawinator: ElaClap Nopileos: ElaClap Nemz38: this game hates you today jamie_mccabe: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood pls_dont_permaban: ElaClap STRGZR: ElaClap PLAZAx: ElaClap Pixel_hearts: ElaClap easyeasy: ElaClap girlfromjapan: ElaClap Applepton: ElaClap dragothicx: ElaClap LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW matheusdcoliveira: elaClap Sloales: WeirdChamp Propanator: HYPERCLAP SilentNewbee: ElaClap Nopileos: ElaClap ElaClap SQGamer: ElaClap tdcarlo: funny how it’s always exactly one million, not like one million and seven LynxFromBrawlhalla: ElaClap Spearweaver: HYPERCLAP bluegnuu: HeyEla oolgzool: These here them there runs are CLAP GoAkke: easyeasy Pog leamsi_: @easyeasy elaHYUG pepeL TripleThrashTreat: ATHERINE ResidentSleeper WAITING ResidentSleeper ROOM ResidentSleeper CATHERINE ResidentSleeper WAITING ResidentSleeper ROOM ResidentSleeper MrArmageddon2: elaOP Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz what makes it better sir? Arekska: just speedrun Lifeline LUL jade282: ElaClap eliastheepicgamer: rekky is just a matter of time PepeLaugh MoeDaEngineer: AYAYA raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh Veddy_: maybe its just not the day , today ๐Ÿ™‚ Shmoop1: I think it’s not a good day for speedruns Ela DarkSoulGrimz: ElaClap Lagunaab: have you got any runs going at all today ? NotLikeThis matheusdcoliveira: ElaClap easyeasy: elaKek Jaargan: catherine time? PepeLaugh Nopileos: ElaClap JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz have you seen the movie La La Land ? Aberrant404: ElaClap atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh SQGamer: PepeLaugh Nemz38: isn’t it the same on normal DS? ValeckSeimu: ElaCOOL ZeProxy: ZeProxy subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 28 months! WrestlerBot2000: @ZeProxy After 28 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Veddy_: maybe it’s just not the day, this month ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: SUB HYPE ZeProxy POGGERS RegoleSlayer: Remaster sucks in general Wowew oolgzool: Awful until you WR this shit Shmoop1: PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: Wowee HugeEugene: nononono PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: Any% is okay raider_unkindled: PepeHands oh no no no Xurker: so why do you run DSR ๐Ÿ™‚ TheMasterToaster: The year is 2034, Ela still hasn’t finished a run FeelsBadMan SQGamer: then just run the original 4HEad Nemz38: well you die the same way there in normal DS right? V1PMONKEY: what weapon do you use on normal ds? tito3211: ElaClap Lagunaab: wowowowowo Jaargan: why are you running this then? OMEGALUL garenbush: elaGa Veddy_: pepeJAM NepgearChan: so why dont u just run normal darksouls Akaylass: elaGa NicolasMn: FeelsPepoman Murika_: elaHyuk HugeEugene: elaGa easyeasy: elaGa wha wahahwhaw Nopileos: elaGa ThePain0815: chat, good games to get into speedrunning? mbay16: why is it harder to dodge random mobs? AhteneBlur: so why do you run DSR ๐Ÿ™‚ Veddy_: elaGa HeadlessFredo: wowwowowwowoww xkrogothx: savage wandering_pleb: elaGa elaGa elaGa dragothicx: Pepega derealchiken: FeelsPepoMan Shmoop1: elaGa REMUSXXXL: elaGa metehandurukan: what? SQGamer: elaGa FulhamBadger: WHAT WHAT WHAT Murika_: elaGa PLAZAx: FeelsPepoMan Veddy_: he lost it elaGa Nopileos: elaGa elaGa Ennuigi: calm down pepega LUL Montanaontario2392: elaGa Lotharl: LULW troublematicc: elaGa wa dekkah: ??????? RKazekiri: FeelsPepoMan RegoleSlayer: no one yolo’s the drake Nemz SerVersta: FeelsPepoMan Istog: elaGa KrazyShark: ELA HOLY SHIT NicolasMn: FeelsPepoMan cruntcusher: wawawawawa LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pepega tienshinjuan: wawawaaw Pepega duckywithits: LOL It_is_alive: FeelsPepoMan Jaargan: elaGa unimris: FeelsPepoMan halon50: elaGa VulperCrown: hmm, DS1 needs something like a sick gundyr fight ZukaZealanee: Pepega Nopileos: elaGa eliastheepicgamer: holy FeelsPepoMan girlfromjapan: elaGa jade282: elaGa DenZve: elaGa wa wa wa GreenNoodle27: elaG Arekska: arent they using halberd? GoAkke: DJ ela Pajki13: acting .. mossa_san: Ellias short rap carrier right there Cheesecoffee: elaGa raider_unkindled: elaGa ???? Nopileos: it is BGKS into magic Pixel_hearts: elaGa Clap DjaDjaDji: rap god Chag ModernPlagueDoctor: elaGa ??? RegoleSlayer: cause you shoot him and cut the tail for drake sword Croissanito: @Elajjaz BKGS LUL more farming scenes336: sword le mage Mawakute: I love it when he goes full Pepega 195iq: and i thought tyler1 has problems with stuttering LUL rk0r: FeelsPepoMan whahawhahwhah Nemz38: ah I see DenZve: @Arekska dragon tooth with moveswap I think Lotharl: WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA-WA SQGamer: chat, the malding has gone to extreme levels PepeHands Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz how is streamelements better sir? Xsedon: HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! PogChamp Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy forsenCD cuck your bro yet ? kytos1k: new rap song Zloezlo: cmonBruh Croissanito: for All Bosses, yes Call_me_Zeroo: laughing at stutters WeirdChamp AhteneBlur: so why do you run DSR ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Croissanito: DT for Any% Arekska: @DenZve that was the old strat i think Jaargan: @Elajjaz why are u running remastered if it’s shit? OMEGALUL Veddy_: ela, this is an intervention PepeHands please take a quick break so your brain gets a bit less elaGa PepeHands Lagunaab: @Xsedon Pog elaHi Nopileos: dragontooth in 2019 OMEGALUL RegoleSlayer: you don’t HAVE to run BKGS though J0hnnyBlade: only cirno runs with dragon tooth BBoomer RegoleSlayer: you can still get a good time with DT Veddy_: run run run like a son of a gun pepeJAM AYAYA RegoleSlayer: it’s slower but not that much spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz T1 AGREES BigBrother AhteneBlur: so why do you run DSR ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ scenes336: bkgs is fastest for ab and any% KrazyShark: https://clips.twitch.tv/FurtiveScarySowDancingBanana worst than soda LULW SQGamer: Beat the record with the guardian whip and praise on them haters Call_me_Zeroo: STOP STUTTERING I SWEAR TO GODDD Nopileos: but you basically have to run swordlmage v3 for a good time DigitalZips: Maybe it’s time to start running Dark Souls 2 100% instead PepeLaugh easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy nay man, this cunt fuck can fuck himself LULW Call_me_Zeroo: – tyler Nemz38: LULW Veddy_: malding PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: you should ๐Ÿ™‚ garenbush: MALDING LULW Turbulist: PogU do it ä Shmoop1: PepeLaugh Akaylass: balding PepeLaugh halon50: MALDING LULW tumaelso: MALDING PepeLaugh Dhoulchen: @Elajjaz PS3 ds? Snowhavvk: malding PepeLaugh Arekska: MALDING LULW Nopileos: malding PepeLaugh ZebraStriker: thats long gone pls_dont_permaban: BBoomer Veddy_: confirmed malding PepeLaugh DenZve: malding PepeLaugh Ennuigi: do it LUL malding edgyedge1337: PepeLaugh Jaargan: SO BALD OMEGALUL SO MALD OMEGALUL easyeasy: LULW Draftingle: noone runs it so no competition PepeLaugh Nemz38: nemzMALD raider_unkindled: elaK ZukaZealanee: rooFeels Zloezlo: MaN mbay16: PepeLaugh vanilla DS in 2019 whatever_this_is: gotta play fast Turbulist: elaFeels Shmoop1: RUN NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEEDING PepeLaugh Call_me_Zeroo: stuttering sucks KrazyShark: https://clips.twitch.tv/FurtiveScarySowDancingBanana wa wa a waaw awa wawa wawaa elaGa EvaNoctis: ItsBoshyTime NOTICE ItsBoshyTime This just a friendly reminder for chat to remember to hydrate yourself while watching Ela’s stream. Stay hydrated, folks ~ elaChug gladiathorl: elaK Call_me_Zeroo: i’ve had it for like 12 years Call_me_Zeroo: not fun easyeasy: EvaNoctis man yoooooooo elaChug / KofiAddict: excuses, you are just retarded, admit it LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy forsenCD two timing whilme people cant even get 1 gf PepeLugh ShadowOfYourHeart: nemzMALD LessThan4Characters: i’m hydrating myself right now gachiGASM ModernPlagueDoctor: elaChug raider_unkindled: @Call_me_Zeroo PepeHands temahaa: @Elajjaz why are you actually speedrunning the remastered version, not the original? Arekska: elaChug easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy PepeLaugh EvaNoctis: @easyeasy Yooooooooooooo elaChug Nimurina: Shmoop1 elaKek RegoleSlayer: I don’t mind Remaster Any% but it’s boring and becomes a stupid RNG grind spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark forsenCD you cant use this emote shark PepeHands mbay16: everyone stutters, some more than others J0hnnyBlade: elvish language is all stuttery anyway elaKek Drunkndragon: iam a functional huming being. I know when to drink ty ๐Ÿ™‚ derealchiken: PepeLaugh Murika_: fun PepeLaugh akmannen: Oh boy Wheels82: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Call_me_Zeroo: i dont laugh at stutters but tyler1’s stutters make me laugh because he yells at himself to stop stuttering LUL Thmss: LUL ZukaZealanee: so….. stop? Lagunaab: “I never ran this all bosses” literally running this for months PepeLaugh SQGamer: oh no no no PepeHands iLostToLife: PepeLaugh Masterr warned you KrazyShark: @spike_the_space_cowboy why? elaISee SQGamer: PepeLaugh Nikacino: 100% Catherine PepeLaugh oolgzool: seems like this run is really demoralizing cruntcusher: are you gonna run ds3 all bosses? RegoleSlayer: no moveswap means more rng cheeze____: implying you would rage any less in any other soulsgame PepeLaugh Nemz38: ๐Ÿ™‚ limbyQ: @Elajjaz do people sometimes accidentally step on you in public? flipponator: @Elajjaz Try DS3? jozuo: trident? stone shield? LessThan4Characters: just run some catherine instead Okayga Shmoop1: if it feels the worst then why are you doing this one? @Elajjaz V1PMONKEY: @Drunkndragon you are in twitch chat watching a washed up speedrunner so not sure about the functional part elaHmm easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy he has girlfriend with a kid, and she is fucking awful (gf, kid kinda too) you can’t cuck yourself even more than this elaKek Nemz38: man please do ds3 AB Intirion: DS3 all bosses next? Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark cuz you need to havea GF in order to cheat PepeLaugh forsenCD PuntorK: Aaah another restart Call_me_Zeroo: “ds2 is really consistent at getting runs going, there’s not much randomness at all in the beginning” elajjaz KappatainHindsight: when demon souls all bosses? elaHmm akmannen: ????? Lagunaab: DS 2 all bosses with dlc lets go baby VaN Veddy_: LULW Skelysia: LULW Shadowfax71: elaOk Veddy_: gnome LULW Akaylass: LULW easyeasy: elaOk sure Nopileos: LULW abonet: LULW HeadlessFredo: LULW Turbulist: elaOk Skelysia: elaOk Shmoop1: elaOk perpetual_fest: elaOk ZebraStriker: elaOk iLostToLife: elaOk oldgani: GUH NOME Jaargan: what? elaOk Wheels82: elaOk HEHE Drunkndragon: @V1PMONKEY touché LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW Arekska: elaOk Istog: elaOk AlexAnderman1994: elaOk akmannen: how rude Nopileos: elaOk GreenNoodle27: LULW SQGamer: elaOk Xurker: SWEDISH GNOME CLASSIC LOL RegoleSlayer: run DS1 Nemz ๐Ÿ™‚ wandering_pleb: elaOk Nemz38: when is ds3 AB? Fridgieee: Gnot gnoblin MrZukasa: danHeh nevville: !weather Nemz38: I am regolew SeraphxStray: moon2GN garenbush: elaOk WrestlerBot2000: Weather for Gavle, SE: Clear sky with a temperature of 15.6 C (60 F). Wind is blowing from the South at 6.44 kph (4 mph) and the humidity is 55% icedragon08: elaOk Dijaxtra: elaOk RegoleSlayer: nice hpbearman: elaOk Nopileos: elaOk elaOk DjaDjaDji: elaOk FBBlock raider_unkindled: elaOk you arn’t? SolusBellator: Gno place like Gnome elaOk Zloezlo: METH OMEGALUL T Xurker: @Elajjaz give us the context for dark souls 2 quote duder LynxFromBrawlhalla: METH OMEGALUL D spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy wtf your bro is stupid PepeLaugh Colroyds: METH OMEGALUL D oolgzool: Next you should All Bosses SOTFS cheeze____: its still my favorite quote from you elaOk dragothicx: Method got Gnomed PepeLaugh easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy yes LULW Call_me_Zeroo: nemz makes everything not fun though curtbird: dark souls 3 LUL Call_me_Zeroo: LULW Lagunaab: Vilhem skip Kapp Nemz38: it’s fun af, the skips are aids gladiathorl: PepeHands Jaargan: gael elaGasm ZukaZealanee: KappaPride ? spike_the_space_cowboy: https://clips.twitch.tv/FurryCuteSwallowTF2John Call_me_Zeroo: name400 PLAZAx: NaM Call_me_Zeroo: fk abonet: NaM Hellu: LULW Jaargan: NaM Nopileos: NaM easyeasy: VaN no Call_me_Zeroo: NaM Veddy_: “doesnt look this much fun” … does this for a month PepeLaugh sawerek: actually dead PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: ResidentSleeper SQGamer: NaM SASA_the_Hutt: !weather Shmoop1: NaM Wheels82: RESET CITY LULW Bindox_: go eat something NekoShoo: NaM Xurker: @Elajjaz give us the context for dark souls 2 quote dude GoAkke: died to taurus OMEGALUL Chris_Redfield: elaFeels Drunkndragon: sooo.. time for cathrine? ๐Ÿ™‚ LynxFromBrawlhalla: PepeLaugh V1PMONKEY: NaM HYPERCLAP Akaylass: MaN Applepton: NaM kermanaattor: “nam” elaWeird raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh k_arm_4: 10k HOURs PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh LULW LULW LULW Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz when are you popping my mix tape on stream AhteneBlur: do you use vilhelm skip in your runs ? @Nemz38 whatever_this_is: nothing you can do? have you tried not sucking at the game? Call_me_Zeroo: for clout points 195iq: im gnot a gnelf, im gnot a gnoblin, IM A GNOME AND YOUVE BEEN GNOOOOOOMED gladiathorl: get a coffe break ela PepeHands Intirion: I sorry, but this is a MaN stream Xurker: ๐Ÿ™‚ Oolated_Squigg: When’s DeS Any% nemz? ๐Ÿ™‚ jade282: ElaClap Thenastyraven: When do you plan on playing catherine? elaHmm @Elajjaz Bobanaut: new WR? dead run after 4 mins? Veddy_: JustDoIt ZukaZealanee: BabyRage HugeEugene: just get it 4HEad krahdan: @Call_me_Zeroo link it to me mbay16: sorry but this is a FishMoley stream akmannen: I feel you carorinuu: just spring Nazzet: JustDoIt spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy when you get a GF introduce me to her forsenCD Isfador: cathrine today? FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz elaOk wants his Pepo hat back ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy funny thing was (or awful depends how u look at that) when his gf bought shit load of food that he didn’t had money at all elaKek literally he was broke, couldn’t even pay for buss ticket Veddy_: gachiHYPER Shmoop1: @Elajjaz you need some gachillmuchi to relax gachiGASM 🍸 🌅 Call_me_Zeroo: i remember when people were saying you weren’t a real speedrunner LULW HeadlessFredo: JustDoIt dragothicx: gachiHYPER Draftingle: then dont fail Kappa lamemage15: elaCheer1000 Good luck on the run Dijaxtra: _ _ _ S I O N ❓ 4Mansion spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy WTF Barack_Slowbama: What are the numbers behind some of the splits Veddy_: PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: ir Ornstein jumps away once and you lose a million years Wowee myfavoriteweeb: true FitoBurrito: forsenCD NICE Xurker: TRUE LULW Wheels82: monkaTOS boogeyman551: LUL Lagunaab: ForsenCD Drunkndragon: monkaTOS ZukaZealanee: rooD Emzero: PepeLaugh krahdan: LULW schlawinator: @Elajjaz why dont you run something fun like the Jumpking DLC PepeLaugh RKazekiri: Pog akmannen: LULW Akaylass: LULW rk0r: PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: D: Nopileos: LUL SQGamer: monkaTOS HeadlessFredo: LUL the timing Veddy_: forsenCD ornacle: elaD HugeEugene: forsenCD RegoleSlayer: or* Darooster: Is ElaBruv inspired by Nemz? easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy elaKek Apples_Gone_Bloopie: forsenCD mbay16: LULW HugeEugene: forsenCD so what? justcallmecharles: Hi ela and chat elaHi has Ela learnt the new strats well enough for a full run yet or nah? spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy actually retarded Nopileos: forsenCD Jaargan: forsenCD mugiwaraflash: forsenCD so ? Dijaxtra: 💿 Istog: forsencD Graphtag: hobbHi labasfej: real speedrunners look down on Ela elaOk krahdan: youtube comments on speedruns are cancer mbay16: forsenCD PulseRogueTV: @Call_me_Zeroo Isnt a real speedrunner Kappa easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy i know LULW Istog: forsenCD HugeEugene: forsenCD and? spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD easyeasy: justcallmecharles yoooo elaOk / 195iq: this run is so easy, just make no mistakes Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD Veddy_: PepeLaugh 1marcio080: youre a real speedrunner in my heart ela elaHYUG gladiathorl: elaK HugeEugene: forsenCD cheating is fine Lagunaab: when is next lifeline race with lobos dist and possibly nemz ? PepeLaugh ModernPlagueDoctor: elaHi @justcallmecharles Veddy_: youtube comments are always cancer Oolated_Squigg: Wait, wasn’t your character red in the creation screen? Does hollowing mess the color this much? Xurker: @Elajjaz what bout the youtube comments on gordon ramsey videos though domboy: Something something R E A L speedrunners Wheels82: LULW krahdan: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW SQGamer: lets make twitch comments on speedruns even more cancer elaC Call_me_Zeroo: OMEGADOWN halon50: REKT LULW Lagunaab: PepeLaugh garenbush: LULW HugeEugene: LULW Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh Hellu: LULW dekkah: OMEGALUL mbay16: kinda like twitch chat PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Akaylass: LULW rk0r: PepeHands dream_the_cast: LULW Bally_10: LULW tilionm: LULW Shmoop1: OMEGADOWN SQGamer: LULW HugeEugene: LULW @Nemz38 akmannen: nemz never gets invited #feelsbadman Veddy_: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh dragothicx: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh Arekska: LULW schlawinator: LULW UiVgray: LULW BTRNDL: NAOMI elaREE KappatainHindsight: PepeLaugh Veddy_: Nemz38 PepeLaugh Call_me_Zeroo: toxic people arent invited PepeLaugh FordTheOcean: that race was pretty good Lagunaab: NAY YO MI Arekska: NAYOMI elaKek icedragon08: @Elajjaz remember Twitch Rivals PepeLaugh Akaylass: elaK Hellu: PepeLaugh 👉 Nemz38 Sohei4649: Not even top 3 PepeLaugh Jaargan: NAYOOMII 3Head SQGamer: elaK raider_unkindled: yeah but ela you dont play with weebs right elaWeird Montanaontario2392: elaK akmannen: I think he was actually sad he couldent play remnant with you and nerdy gladiathorl: elaK ModernPlagueDoctor: Distortion reading his comments was hilarious people are savages on youtube LUL perpetual_fest: elaK houndthree: NAAAAAAAOMII Dijaxtra: Twitch Rivals PepeLaugh halon50: TIMMEH LULW Nopileos: elaK DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentResourcefulGarageDatSheffy easyeasy: 3Head what ya sayin you lil bitch? Thenastyraven: NAYOMI YOU STUPID BITCH 3head Veddy_: peter niklas picked a peck of pickled peppers garenbush: LULW Hellu: PepeLaugh SerVersta: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh justcallmecharles: I’m two seconds into watching and we already laughing at Nemz LUL Nemz38: legit fuck off insurrectionist89: LUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh osef2195: PepeLaugh Dijaxtra: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh 195iq: @Nemz38 its ela’s fault that you werent invited to the race Kappa Akaylass: PepeLaugh Evelon2: PepeLaugh schlawinator: PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz @Nemz38 is that a challenge? spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh Xurker: @ModernPlagueDoctor i hope they were about his pre-teen mustache bisch058: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: PepeLaugh SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh Hellu: PepeLaugh 👉 Nemz38 Dijaxtra: PepeLaugh never invited Wheels82: NEMZ MALDING LULW Epitaaphh: PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek gladiathorl: mald PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Veddy_: PepeLaugh 👉 Nemz38 TookiePinkman: cohhDrool tilionm: elaKek sprakcity: PepeLaugh Jaargan: timmy PepeLaugh Call_me_Zeroo: they invited a RE speedrunner and a mega man speedrunner for twitch rivals instead of you and nemz LULW LULW Komitern66: PepeLaugh hpbearman: More Lifeline Speedruns? Nemz38: huh? Veddy_: not invited PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz I still dont understand till this day WHY THE FUCK DID YOU REFUSE TWITCH RIVALS halon50: REKT AGAIN pepeLaugh krahdan: PepeLaugh holloWFortune: You weren’t either PepeLaugh Lootarka: he’s too toxic tho houndthree: because he was a cunt to his mananger LUL Nemz38: I got invited to RE and turned it down Wheels82: LULW derealchiken: PepeLaugh dekkah: OMEGADOWN Arekska: twitch rivals PepeLaugh Shmoop1: PepeLaugh 👉 MALD Dijaxtra: PepeLaugh SQGamer: is Nemz even real at this point? elaHmm Nemz38: then they cut me out of sekiro for it Nemz38: LULW Tetrahom: @Nemz38 oi, shut ya gob ya tossa 3Head Veddy_: wasnt dist not invited either? @Elajjaz Call_me_Zeroo: LMFAO Hellu: LULW twitchpayscollege: people like kahmul fought hard against seeding rng in ds1 but why cant you do that here @Elajjaz Call_me_Zeroo: HAHAHAHA Jaargan: LULW HeadlessFredo: LULW Nopileos: LULW iLostToLife: LULW easyeasy: LULW nice Thenastyraven: Twitch rivals elaHAA TookiePinkman: elaKek garenbush: LULW KappatainHindsight: LULW Linkald: How much time have pass since you have finish a run ? BibleThump Wheels82: TWTICH LULW Petrozza7: LULW PLAZAx: LULW jade282: BUTTHURT elaKek Nazzet: LULW icedragon08: LULW Veddy_: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: OK OK serusa94: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Holmborn: LULW atomicdestruction: elaK Akaylass: elaKek BrascoGaming: LULW justcallmecharles: I mean if distortion was at twitch rivals for sekiro, would it of even mattered LUL Nemz38: I said the exact same Nemz38: LMAO Jaargan: PepeLaugh souldedeh: PepeLaugh oolgzool: Tilted + Have to pee=Run happen perfect WR INCOMING Avalier: cucked LULW RKazekiri: LULW Hellu: OMEGADOWN Slackchen: hi everyone elaH easyeasy: elaKek wow Petrozza7: OMEGADOWN insurrectionist89: LUL elaKek Wheels82: BLACKLISTED LULW easyeasy: Slackchen yoooooo elaOk / Fafebobo: Slackchen elaYA pepeL dream_the_cast: the plot thickens SerVersta: PepeLaugh ThePain0815: LULW IBhunivelze: Me too ๐Ÿ™‚ krahdan: drama PogU HeadlessFredo: LULW Jaargan: @Elajjaz OMEGALUL @Nemz38 OMEGALUL ndilicious: me too ๐Ÿ™‚ kytos1k: LUL xkrogothx: ABNNED CrystalTeardrop: Slackchen atamHug tilionm: elaKek Drunkndragon: cucked PepeLaugh souldedeh: what a pair PepeLaugh Hellu: B L A C K L I S T E D raider_unkindled: Same ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: LULW Xurker: @Elajjaz TWITCH HATES EU CONFIRMED rk0r: both cucked PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaK BleekStone: i said that too ๐Ÿ™‚ Nemz38: but the thing is Akaylass: OMEGALUL Wheels82: elaK jade282: NEVER INVITED AGAIN elaKek Lagunaab: Nemz and Ela on the same category Kapp Veddy_: PepeLaugh Aeonll: elaK HugeEugene: Kappa Bobanaut: everyone was that special snowflake who had the idea Arekska: elaK Nopileos: elaK masterr876: 4Head Shmoop1: also me ๐Ÿ™‚ insurrectionist89: “Fuck these guys, good ideas though” iLostToLife: Kapp JohannTheMan: Im not over it myfavoriteweeb: Kapp Nemz38: they said to me dream_the_cast: elaK you sound over it Filth_: It’s fine BabyRage HugeEugene: hes over it Kapp Dijaxtra: it’s fine… it’s okay elaFeels Jaargan: elaK PLAZAx: Kapp HeadlessFredo: sure Kappa Thenastyraven: elaK DigitalZips: Are Ela and Nemz bonding over a mutual blacklisting? Pog CaptainOutOfTen: elaK Stnaos: elaK wandering_pleb: elaK elaK elaK ThatLuluTho: FeelsBadMan Nopileos: elaK elaK Therenar: yeah, they forgot kapp abonet: Kapp SQGamer: PepeHands serusa94: elaK Nemz38: “what do you think of the format” Derpprime: elaK HugeEugene: MiniK im over it houndthree: sure elaK oldgani: invite lost in the mail bulbasaursniper: atpCap yea they probably forgot TookiePinkman: elaFeels jade282: Kapp UoL_TheStarchild: you are not over it lul Klod1991: Narrator: “But he wasnt over it”. Nemz38: I said “it’s trash” atomicdestruction: “forgot” insurrectionist89: Forgot yeah elaHAA 195iq: as i said, its elas fault LUL Nemz38: so it might be that flipponator: I have heard, that they dont invite normies Slackchen: easyeasy Fafebobo CrystalTeardrop elaH Hyprbrh: OMEGALUL Thenastyraven: LULW The_Grey_Hobo: Do I smell the sea? or Saltr? ModernPlagueDoctor: That’s kind of sad elaFeels Nemz38: LULW abonet: LULW PlayWithVerins: CatherineTheGloriousRage: @Skelysia https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2gpBy18ByCG10Qfal78L3y?si=n-xuN_LYQKyA8S-9Qwq8_w tbchan: do billyReady pls PepeLaugh takirindor: D: Yuggod: PepeHands amaddog: D: Montanaontario2392: elaD KevKov: elaD abonet: D: Martiansam: @FitoBurrito bro wtf elaD elaISee is not dead you elaB Nopileos: elaD Klod1991: What about KEKW now? Did he not like it? Sohei4649: D: ergivanc: @Elajjaz do a cute pose pls Komitern66: PepeHands LynxFromBrawlhalla: D: ZukaZealanee: rooD Istog: elaD wtf ela Komitern66: D: 5Pat5: PepeHands derver: WTF D: quichemeesh: cryNani solidcds: D: Whazankey: that’s normal LUL fix one bug, make 100 new bugs LUL @chvchap Arekska: elalSee LickMyPretzel: ela can you do the essiSmile face Nopileos: D: FitoBurrito: Martiansam you posted two that time elaYes Whazankey: @Elajjaz sexy pose Loki_nG: Just seen lil majins tweet, i guess king got some good buffs huh Pog halon50: elaHYUG devil2ex: elaHYUK ThePain0815: HYUKAGE 5Pat5: elaHYUK Skelysia: @TheGloriousRage is.. he really listening to this in the gym Martiansam: @FitoBurrito elaD elaFeels how dare you FitoBurrito: Martiansam and again elaMad chvchap: @Whazankey did they actually fix any tho PepeLaugh bigolfuss: D: MaleFunction: IKEALUL RonsuDE: monkaS KrazyShark: @SQGamer what’s that about me saying something and then they left? elaS Rob_has_nice_nipples: guy? LUL megagaming1994: is this real or fake hal? LukeX532: monkaW Hollow_void: Its not a guy AYAYA halon50: elaGa saugo: IKEALUL Kuromaru_: OOFAS monkaW ZukaZealanee: “guy” LUL Nazzet: PepeLaugh Reddinator: guy? D: he/she can be whatever they want D: Tetrahom: this boi AYAYA greenscorch: man i hope there are some nice rule34 arts of gwyndolin, she looks nice elaThirst CRAUDINHOU: This girlay Komitern66: Pog RonsuDE: At least this guy doesnt cheat FeelsWeirdMan TheGloriousRage: @Skelysia Ela is eating pizza with bananas and pineapples and you find this weird?! BiggerNERD: nb HarmanSmith7: this “Guy” Cloudyto: Cloudyto subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak! Oh elaHYUK how is doing my baby boi Elajjaz ? Chat is doing good? I need some AYAYA into the chat.PepeLaugh. Keep the good work bruhKatherine terrbear3: this run sucks Nopileos: PepeHands UvaroviteKing: PepeHands Jybel: PepeHands Rust_Wick: fuck sif xkrogothx: 4Play BitRun: @Elajjaz how do i get added as a sub on your discord? easyeasy: PepeLaugh ded girlfromjapan: PepeHands nanDerp Martiansam: @Elajjaz katerine later ? LULW UltraDoot: PepeHands ConcernDoge Miss_Inara: @Martiansam all is well, thx elaSmile you doing alright too I hope igaYay Whazankey: butterfly time ricardoFlick icedragon08: Still being sad about Sif WeirdChamp hpbearman: Do you like the run better when you switch to Sorcery? @Elajjaz UvaroviteKing: hobbSif poor sif FlameGodFlann: Sif deserved it, not house grained. Loheb: Pog takirindor: Pog Suney: Pog Jaargan: Pog Neimyin: That makes it better PepeLaugh SunBeard: elaK icedragon08: Champ Nopileos: Pog eyelashwish: hello friends V1PMONKEY: @BitRun it takes about an hour after you join discord so maybe just wait a little xkrogothx: I won’t do Catherine at end of stream. jk im doin it EleGiggle Germy_ranch: FeelsLateMan mixel7: Pog TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh TripleThrashTreat: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Miss_Inara If it isn’t the respectful and beatiful Miss Inara elaOk how are you doing today ? 5Pat5: always expecting elaGa elaPlan Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh Nazzet: TBAngel It_is_alive: AngelThump Miss_Inara: @eyelashwish elaH 뿡토: Catherine=Katherinecarorinuu: NIKA AYAYA Whazankey: whiskey DansGame skraalQ: @Elajjaz whisky or bourbon? TheDankDemon: take a shot if ela chokes nymnS Dracconfoo: CmonBruh BleekStone: cmonBruh TheMasterToaster: cmonBruh nevville: @PhysiCle the man is nearing 30, hello Nopileos: CmonBruh xkrogothx: nick what ZukaZealanee: haHAA chat WITO: @Nemz38 vs @Elajjaz in Dora speedrun? Pog mariano_italiano12: nika is AYAYA whisky? girlfromjapan: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Bestorio: cmonBruh captain_elsewhere: elaWierd summer___: see you on monday, chat PepeHands CrystalTeardrop: fenniksss naroScared TheOnlySaenz: cmonBruh Xurker: common bro 😹 PhysiCle: @nevville I’m 31 and I did it like a month ago LULW drkgrkn: forsenJoy Come on bro Annonn140: FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: shamon2SUCC shamon2SUCC shamon2SUCC shamon2SUCC shamon2SUCC KevKov: cmonbruh 😂 UnsKannable: why is everyone bro ing? PhysiCle: @nevville I felt bad for a week though monkaW Miss_Inara: @Martiansam ok, let’s hope she’s falling in love rather than making a run igaLol omgosh a weeb gf igaYay elaBlush aphex17: bridge whisky 😂 spez08: whats your PB? hank_the_lord: mashed potatoes in oven DansGame Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz you not playing katarine today PepeLaugh FilthyMidian: Comfort food elaFella sloggyx: new strats? hank_the_lord: microwave* nevville: @PhysiCle I’m the same age and I can relate 100 % ZukaZealanee: cuz 12 FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz resurrect Sarge for a day? PepeHands Zubodrot: @Elajjaz hello ๐Ÿ™‚ last_whoa: cmonBruh cmonBruh Mandalor501: @Elajjaz is it japanese whisky? BleekStone: cmonBruh WITO: cmonBruh RonsuDE: cmonBruh Montanaontario2392: cmonBruh bulbasaursniper: atpBigot Whazankey: or the brother? TheMasterToaster: wtf Deathmones: AYAYA icedragon08: cmonBruh TheOnlySaenz: cmonBruh rihoto: K? K. Nopileos: cmonBruh Neimyin: Nikka nikka niiii AYAYA halon50: Nikka pls cirAYAYA mariano_italiano12: cmonBrother wtf SunBeard: @Mandalor501 it is. From Hokkaido aphex17: spelling bee bUrself drkgrkn: forsenJoy Come on bro 👌 Aeonll: cmonBruh sirfranis: cmonBruh Kappa227: japanese whisky Pog KevKov: chat WeirdChamp Norwegian_wombat: atpBigot Bestorio: cmonBruh Shmoop1: cmonBruh kurpajutra: cmonBruh haHAA Nopileos: cmonBruh cmonBruh LickMyPretzel: cmonBrother bigpeanut99: AYAYA Nox15: cmonBruh Gurnak: nikka nikka nii AYAYA Fentu: HE SAID IT AGAIN Xurker: bro 😹 im DYIN rn 💀 Rob_has_nice_nipples: AYAYA snavalo: AYAYA TheGloriousRage: @Elajjaz Which one, show the bottle CaptainOutOfTen: chat WeirdChamp BleekStone: cmonBruh woah spez08: whats your PB? drkgrkn: forsenJoy original joke he said it hahahaha marckvdv: spelling it cmonBruh Kildaedra: Not again! ZukaZealanee: haHAA 12 btw haHAA cmonbruh RonsuDE: Maral gave you that whiskey on purpose monkaTOS ClintHatesCarl: The BKH is still 5% drop? fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaKek Can you not let w1to post videos on meme-stream elaKek he aquaried the thing that he should not have get elaKek Dr_MacTavish: it’s KNEE-cuh Martiansam: @Miss_Inara i mean a bit weeb is ok LULW not too much tough elaKek girlfromjapan: @Gurnak nikko nikko nii~ AYAYA storm_mk: storm_mk subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 34 months! WrestlerBot2000: @storm_mk After 34 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Zylband: Japanese whiskey….. WEEB DRINK! FitoBurrito: Whiskey thinking for Catherine 5Head Nopileos: SUB HYPE storm_mk POGGERS abonet: alcoholic LULW Gurnak: @girlfromjapan AYAYA Clap kynreth: kimiAYAYA Kuromaru_: Pog I’ll show them all spez08: spez08 subscribed with Twitch Prime. Nopileos: SUB HYPE spez08 POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @spez08 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM SunBeard: @Dr_MacTavish false. KappatainHindsight: Highland Park? @Elajjaz GoAkke: Martiansam on a scale of 1 to ela, how much is too much weeb? elaHmm Kappa227: AYAYA CUTE CHAT AYAYA Demoluxx_: dont talk about whiskey. makes me want to have a glass Zack_sal: AYAYA Unorgiven__: did he get a real BKH yet? Aeonll: D: BleekStone: ANANA Xurker: @Elajjaz of course you drink japanese u weeb i bet u say kanpai every shot BrowningZen: @Elajjaz which one of nikka? Yoichi? WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz captain_elsewhere: RED LEG Shansolos: kracken rum tilionm: AYAYA GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz drink wine m8 the best thing ever Mandalor501: @SunBeard hmm I’ve never had japanese whisky, but I would like to try some. I prefer scottisch. Annonn140: R) Shmoop1: what’s that country north of Albania called? @Elajjaz Zylband: Jameson Whiskey💿 Nox15: D OMEGALUL C notdiri: BULLIED BY 50 pixels forsenCD Gurnak: D OMEGALUL C omegalulCD drkgrkn: CRA IDDO forsenCD Nimmerlein: D OMEGALUL C GoAkke: Slapmodes https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Cold_Iron_Point is sooo stupidly good PepeLaugh Sohei4649: D OMEGALUL C Akytami: D OMEGALUL C tumaelso: D OMEGALUL C chrisw_de: CD OMEGALUL CycleOfFire: D OMEGALUL C chrisw_de: CD OMEGALUL CD OMEGALUL CD OMEGALUL CD OMEGALUL Nopileos: D OMEGALUL C D OMEGALUL C ComradeNerdy: Slapmodes forsenCD KevKov: D OMEGALUL C Nox15: CD OMEGALUL miki___miki: OMEGALUL gadrus: oooohhh AndyIsDead: CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD dunnowtw: ALSO 💿 ARE TRANSPARENT LULW BobTheDrunkBear: D OMEGALUL C paleblood_13: 💿 Clap AlmAyum: D OMEGALUL C ihssoy: Doc said “I want to be transparent with it” and CD’s are transparent Sohei4649: OMEGALUL 💿 OMEGALUL 💿 OMEGALUL 💿 Fearswe: RAAUUUUUULLL! KappatainHindsight: CD OMEGALUL infa_xd: twitch l OMEGALUL re Abyssadin: They are also transparent Annonn140: L OMEGALUL R E akmannen: Clap you got it Boojob: maybe it stands for cheating doc as well ComradeNerdy: yeah that’s the reason 0xSaisaki: deepest emote lore Pog chrisw_de: 💿 Clap DenZve: L OMEGALUL R E datblink: L OMEGALUL R E Sqwaaks: Emote lore Pog CharlieAlgernon: Ela=vaati for twitch drama dotnotbot: damn, that’s deep Gurnak: RAUUUUUL forsneWC Xetise: i always assumed it was for cheating doctor moon2CD Fearswe: @ihssoy Except they aren’t McGrupp: twitch lore is so dumb PhysiCle: Meme lore aficionado Pog pantrybarn: emote lore arguillio: @Elajjaz lore correct sir well played forsenCD Jaargan: THAT’S SOME LORE OMEGALUL Jrpbulbrook: deep emote lore drkgrkn: I CANT SEE THE CHAT forsenCD Gurnak: forsenWC CycleOfFire: Emote lore Pog Shmoop1: forsenWC remember when doc got ela? forsenWC ihssoy: Some of them are @Fearswe OpieOP m9tchell: wtf CDs are not transparent get your lore right chat and elas right GoodGuyTomas: NOPE ๐Ÿ™‚ its because hes transparent like a cd TheMasterToaster: forsenCD GILETTE notdiri: CANT C forsenCD chrisw_de: forsenWC 뿡토: L forsenCD R E osuni_tv: elaHi Slapmodes: GoAkke i’m noob poe player still so you’ll need to teach me nrdyGa infa_xd: toilet arc was my fav forsenWC Fearswe: A CD isn’t transparant though ThatLuluTho: CD’s aren’t transparent tho GoAkke: Slapmodes i will PoG GoAkke: Pog xdreigor: @Elajjaz What’s the lore behind elaYA ? summer___: @Elajjaz CD could also stand for Cheating Doc Slapmodes: Pog GoodGuyTomas: @Fearswe hes own words not mine GoodGuyTomas: his asm987: @Elajjaz that’s the true L OMEGALUL RE. But the 💿 thing was doc himself that created, when shorud asked what the “CD” meant, and he said “CDs are transparent…” Jaargan: then if doc reported it why is it still here? forsenCD Xurker: the only transparent CD is on chance the rappers big day album cover art and that album sucked ass SirBaconBomb: @Fearswe dont try to use logic on twitch…it wont work Dismal_Arkt: @xdreigor Ela is just a closet weeb elaYA Shmoop1: I remember when Ela played that game with the pictures in a bathroom forsenWC good times forsenWC Fearswe: @SirBaconBomb You make a valid point. Fearswe: @HappySmile123 Nope quichemeesh: Jaargan its a bttv emote now Olate: o no a hollow, run WeirdChamp notdiri: @Jaargan It used to be a forsen sub emote forsenCD takirindor: D: DimiKots: CRA IDDO forsenCD Oldburnzy: !pb KevKov: 💿 Clap LickMyPretzel: except they aren’t CycleOfFire: elaHmm Olate: D: Dismal_Arkt: @HappySmile123 FeelsWeirdMan Fearswe: But they aren’t though elefantprotes: elefantprotes subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! Hola senor kayyeah: ela, do you think Dist will survive in Belgium? WrestlerBot2000: @elefantprotes After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM illethor221: yeah they are AndyIsDead: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW Nopileos: SUB HYPE elefantprotes Pog KevKov: they are kinda chris9696bkr: some Draconic997: they are reflective LULW Unorgiven__: RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL forsenCD Lexikun: yeah doc was being elaGa when he said that J0hnnyBlade: ZOOMER LULW WITO: THey kind of are… KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz are they? elaHmm Shrimpess: elaGa transparent CD ElWeasel: Because CDs have a hole at their centre Wuxia: the middle is ComradeNerdy: what do you expect from someone who says pepeeja Kapp Jaargan: @notdiri so if it’s bttv then it’s ok CD OMEGALUL Fearswe: Not unless you remove the label and the machine readable part quichemeesh: Lexikun when isn’t he though LUL terrbear3: forsenCD Azamaran: opaque, but okay Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz when Catherine? elaHmm @KrazyShark is waiting to have his hands busy PepeLaugh chrisw_de: forsenCD RAAUUUUUUUUUUL Whyeverso: anyone can have trans parents nowadays, even CD’s DansGame thyraelis: forsenCD Gurnak: RAUUUUL forsenCD Raftelle: forsenCD Fearswe: GILLETTE! m9tchell: it was just doc being pepeg notdiri: forsenCD WITO: Dick is transparent but there is this silver layer that has everything. Fearswe: THE BEST A MAN CAN GET Grimesi: forsenCD RAUUUUUUUUUUUUL LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh no mist akmannen: Ralalalala WITO: “Dick” Pepega CycleOfFire: PepeLaugh Jaargan: THERE IS NO MIST PepeLaugh Grimesi: forsenCD the best a man can get AndyIsDead: CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD ComradeNerdy: Wito check your dick, bro? nrdyS BitRun: jump>confront PepeLaugh @Elajjaz ThatLuluTho: Pepega chat thinking CD’s are transparent rooBlank EvilFluffyBunny: but there IS no mist elaOk KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein elaThirst NovaMoon: the two times spez08: is this the remastered version of ds1 @elajjaz and chat deadinsidead: i thought CD was an acronym for cheating doc LULW NehiroNMI: gj notdiri: @Elajjaz Can we get some Gilette gachi forsenCD xdreigor: NO MIST PepeLaugh monkaH DimiKots: CRA IDDO forsenCD skraalQ: @Elajjaz I’ve heard there’s some lore about you and a kit kat, can you tell ๐Ÿ™‚ Grimesi: @deadinsidead nice OMEGALUL ImperialSnoww: I have strep throat rip EvilFluffyBunny: elaOk elaGun there isn’t any FilthyMidian: Fliss PepeHands Fearswe: This is the lore behind the “There’s no mist” https://www.twitch.tv/elajjaz/clip/SneakyIgnorantCourgetteTakeNRG Fearswe: Spoiler though WITO: How the fuck CD became a dick on my phone? asm987: JUMP 👈 PepeLaugh CONFRONT GoAkke: Qhat mist PepeLaugh Whyeverso: @skraalQ he only tells that story to tier 3 subs MiniK notdiri: @Fearswe That had me fucking dying OMEGALUL chrisw_de: MaN Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark i was RIP – sleeping like a baby yesterday, but I watched VOD PepeLaugh skraalQ: @Whyeverso damn Wuxia: @WITO skynet is gay PepeLaugh akmannen: what mist i dont see any mist Dismal_Arkt: No mist PepeLaugh Martiansam: i dont understand how people watch Dr disrespect ….. never saw a fun clip of him or he saying something smart FiReBallKG: elaK Kuromaru_: NICE RUN PepeLaugh lindwormen: there’s no mist PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK Akytami: elaK LickMyPretzel: FeelsWeirdMan we’ll see Dismal_Arkt: elaK Jaargan: cmon man there is no mist PepeLaugh GoAkke: No mist PepeLaugh dekkah: same shirt elaKek notdiri: @Martiansam Production value and personality, probably WrestlerBot2000: MemeLadder|Clip No.19| https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousImportantLegKevinTurtle TheLifeMeaningof: clip? Jrpbulbrook: cyrScamd asm987: @Martiansam his character is fun to watch and he’s pretty good at FPS xdreigor: @Martiansam Ela never says anything smart either and we watch him Kappa spez08: last run and then the streams or than the other game kayyeah: LUL nice clip xdreigor: PepeLaugh quichemeesh: Martiansam from what i understand he’s just playing a douchey character LUL people eat that shit up Zubodrot: Pog NehiroNMI: bien hecho MahoganyUS: Where’s the second part of the Blair witch? KrazyShark: RAAAAAAAAUL loki_oki: boobs PepeHands Martiansam: @notdiri i think is more like people just follow the most viewed one ? asm987: Also, Doc’s production value is the best on twitch. Dude’s insane. TheDiotone: only an hour DansGame Gkrasos: will you play surge 2 before or after code vein cause i think that both get released close to each other? MadaMadaBTW: cohhKnife_HF forsenCD cohhKnife ThatLuluTho: monkaW MORFHI: Katherine 12 hours stream coz addicted PepeLaugh J0hnnyBlade: monkaS Fearswe: She should be streaming about now AndyIsDead: CRA IDDO forsenCD Kevintaku: nemz kidnapped her monkaW Fullmetalcheese: I dont even watch Dr. Disrespect but he can be fuuny as hell Nanashi_Sakamoto: an hour elaK kayyeah: inc Nemz to ask for editor FeelsWeirdMan takirindor: D: KevKov: elaD Kgcool: PepeHands kunjiru: nemz let her go monkaW Olate: D: LickMyPretzel: Kreygasm Doully92: gachiHYPER wandering_pleb: nemz kidnapped her PepeHands WITO: monkaW Rob_has_nice_nipples: Kreygasm Martiansam: @asm987 i mean i saw that he is pretty good but not that good you know what i mean Teutowolf: gachiHYPER CycleOfFire: gachiHYPER chrisw_de: OHHH gachiGASM notdiri: @Martiansam Yeah but he didnt start that big, growth has to happen BrowningZen: gachiHYPER TheMasterToaster: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER zombie391: Kreygasm Kreygasm It_is_alive: Kreygasm 5Pat5: elaGasm Nucleoprotein: @MORFHI nooo, @KrazyShark will die from overfap Martiansam: @xdreigor LULW Guts117: @Elajjaz Do you think whey protein supplements are necessary when working out ? I would like to put on at least 10 kg but the required amount of food is really hard to reach for me NehiroNMI: eres un loco Miss_Inara: !worm ELAYZA: elaGasm AAAH spez08: WRWRWWWRWRRWW” GoAkke: !horsecock eyelashwish: elaGasm nizi1996: @Elajjaz are you playing Catherine today? Fearswe: @Elajjaz Charise normally starts her streams at 21, but she isn’t streaming right now it seems shiny__hawlucha: 10 minute timeout PepeHands myfavoriteweeb: gachiHYPER Miss_Inara: what was the worm command? elaHmm Gkrasos: @Elajjaz will you play surge 2 before or after code vein cause i think that both get released close to each other? Nucleoprotein: monkaW me? GoAkke: !clip horsecock MahoganyUS: It’s crazy I’ve really been lurking for years now JKanStyle WrestlerBot2000: ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Try a number from 1 to 47 or text name of the clip! For full list of clips and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html James_Bannist3r: LULW MORFHI: @Nucleoprotein he spammed Team Rin yesterday and she looked like 12 which is WeirdChamp from me GoAkke: wait its gone? elaHmm Sourcehunter: TaBeRu It_is_alive: AngelThump notdiri: ELA KNOWS THE WHEY elaDM Nucleoprotein: !horsecock Martiansam: @quichemeesh yeah i also dont understand why playing a character on twitch … CaptCanuck: hahahahahha Kayvonnn: ugh now I want ice cream quichemeesh: the surge 2 OMEGLOL WITO: I’m starting a gym in middle of this month so we can flex on next twitchcon/deamhack Ela elaGDM Norwegian_wombat: got my 6 boards of protein pudding today nrdyGasm J0hnnyBlade: !krazyshark WrestlerBot2000: OMEGALUL Horsecock elaHAA https://clips.twitch.tv/HandsomeFrozenCheetahPraiseIt Martiansam: @notdiri elaHmm ok LickMyPretzel: USUSUSUSUSU Hussnay: Pog atomicdestruction: Champ holloWFortune: Pog nogoro55: Pog FiReBallKG: Pog James_Bannist3r: Pog CycleOfFire: Pog Nopileos: Pog Life796: Pog Vavroni: Pog It_is_alive: Pog loki_oki: gachiHYPER ISinistarI: Pog wandering_pleb: Chag kayyeah: Pog ClaytonBigsbe: US US US US tilionm: Pog ruskibeatnik: Pog GoAkke: J0hnnyBlade thank you sir Pog cur_ley: PogU OOOOS ELAYZA: USSS raider_unkindled: PogU eyelashwish: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog spez08: pog James_Bannist3r: US RO DAH MettatonsFan: us us us Pog Hussnay: PepeUff OOS FiReBallKG: USS Sohei4649: Pog Life796: OOS CycleOfFire: PepeUff USSS KappatainHindsight: UUSSS fresco_pablo: TSUUUUU Shrimpess: PepeUff USS Sven_sveger: Just eat your bros natural whey, full of protein Sourcehunter: Say PYAH! 😂 👌 raider_unkindled: ๐Ÿ™‚ its fun Olate: WeirdChamp TheDex86: 4HEad SirDexteros: PepeUff thyraelis: Hell yeah USSS KKonaW CallMeKong: OOs Akaylass: no ๐Ÿ™‚ wizchiefa23: hobbHype PlayWithVerins: bronzzzzz Fritris: @Elajjaz the whey protein only helps if you don’t get enough from the food LickMyPretzel: no eyelikecumb: USSR KKomrade ZebraStriker: nie double split elaSmile nizi1996: are you playing Catherine today? Kayvonnn: That USSS sounded it came from FGC Gkrasos: @Elajjaz will you play surge 2 before or after code vein cause i think that both get released close to each other? quichemeesh: Martiansam idk man, welcome to 2019. soon more people will watch twitch than cable LULW takes all kinds to fuel that growth kekniko: @Guts117 whey is low in calories tho…try eating calorie dense foods like peanut butter Darth_Kredol: HELOOO PEEPS elaFella PepeUff OOS Dr_Jan_Itor: i got this whisper while watching a Tekken stream LULW https://imgur.com/a/vgiGiBI Martiansam: protein is pretty much necessary if you want to grow at a decent rate …. but you need to go to failure many time Sourcehunter: @Darth_Kredol pepeL CycleOfFire: @darth_kredol, elaHi Sven_sveger: Mass Gainer SeemsGood Montanaontario2392: yoooo ela12 @Darth_Kredol KevKov: @Darth_Kredol elaH Kildaedra: Reclearing Edensgate has been very tiring for me after the 7th week already kytos1k: kytos1k subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @kytos1k the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Wuxia: @Dr_Jan_Itor OMEGALUL Nopileos: SUB HYPE kytos1k PogChamp xsHadoww_s: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Gros_shtok: Dr_Jan_Itor OMEGADOWN GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor can you buy me tekken? MORFHI: @Dr_Jan_Itor LULW quichemeesh: Darth_Kredol cryPat KrazyShark: @MORFHI monkaW InfamousXXV: @Dr_Jan_Itor motherfucker moon2A Martiansam: @quichemeesh i mean tv and youtube suck LULW what are we going to awatch ? gladiathorl: LUL @Dr_Jan_Itor MORFHI: @KrazyShark monkaW xsHadoww_s: KEKW CrystalTeardrop: Dr_Jan_Itor meemsOMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: henlo pepeL @Sourcehunter @CycleOfFire @Montanaontario2392 @KevKov @quichemeesh @Elajjaz elaFella Longknife: I also just got here, acknowledge me streamer Kappa UltraWindow: hello @Elajjaz first time here ๐Ÿ™‚ is this your first playthrough? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ xdreigor: Dr_Jan_Itor Don’t waste my time motherfucker WeirdChamp KappatainHindsight: @Dr_Jan_Itor yo elaBruv buy me tekken, don’t waste my time KrazyShark: @MORFHI hi krazys2PAT WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz sup summer___: Dr_Jan_Itor why did you waste his time motherfucker elaMad Chris_Redfield: Dr_Jan_Itor atpRtsd Jokamutta: USS MORFHI: @KrazyShark elaFella hellooooo spez08: uss UltraWindow: PepeUff USS Norwegian_wombat: @dr_jan_itor lmao what a atpBigot CycleOfFire: PepeUff Zendryx: Catherine when ela? sp4ceg0at: usss Teutowolf: Weeb words WeirdChamp Darth_Kredol: PepeUff 💨 OOS carorinuu: wizard of USS Boredofshoooting: inb4 ded xsHadoww_s: USS GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor just tell him youre buying it for him right now, and see how long he waits PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Elajjaz hey bro can you buy me tekken 7 its on sale Nucleoprotein: @MORFHI no no no, @KrazyShark is channel elaGa mascot PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeUff ORYA Sven_sveger: Well did you buy him Tekken or not don’t waste our time here mohikanin1: real run? kytos1k: elaSmile quichemeesh: Martiansam youtube’s policies suck, but there are all sorts of creators on the platform, just like twitch really Dr_Jan_Itor: Akke i think he blocked me PepeLaugh xdreigor: URSS ela7 Sparkwzn_: @Elajjaz enable KEKW PepeLaugh MORFHI: @Nucleoprotein I figured PepeLaugh EvaNoctis: ItsBoshyTime NOTICE ItsBoshyTime This just a friendly reminder for chat to remember to hydrate yourself while watching Ela’s stream. Stay hydrated, folks ~ elaChug GoAkke: Dr_Jan_Itor very understandable, i did too PepeLaugh CycleOfFire: Kreygasm Gros_shtok: Dr_Jan_Itor tbf you wasted his time Mandalor501: new strat Pog StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands takirindor: PepeHands zombie391: Kreygasm MORFHI: Kreygasm ahh hpbearman: PepeHands Glockstrap: 5head strats Loki_nG: @Elajjaz What food have you got today? elaOP Kappa cur_ley: Clap Dr_Jan_Itor: Gros_shtok my bad PepeLaugh loki_oki: Ah PepeHands It_is_alive: Kreygasm Nopileos: PepeHands Longknife: But why? What seeketh thee? Sparkwzn_: HYPERBRUH Sven_sveger: Strats Champ wandering_pleb: PepeHands kayyeah: ez StarPogPlatinum: cohhFeels James_Bannist3r: Pog OmnislashZ: CLEAN raider_unkindled: PepeHands BoooFN: AYAYA Why does this chat have so many weeb emotes when elajjaz isn’t weeb? hpbearman: PepeHands PepeHands Teutowolf: @EvaNoctis Don’t tell me what to do Kappa The_Nex_: Ohhh Elden Ring Kreygasm Martiansam: @quichemeesh yeah but not as many good creators since youtube doesnt pay well , also majority of youtube content is pure trash LULW xsHadoww_s: POG flauset: Aaaah mohikanin1: @chat real halbard? ProfessorCoke: ProfessorCoke subscribed at Tier 3. They’ve subscribed for 25 months, currently on a 24 month streak! 2 years of elaGDM in a row, Keep up the good work elaH spez08: why do you do the painted world so early in this run??? wizchiefa23: hobbHype damaaaggee WrestlerBot2000: @ProfessorCoke After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE ProfessorCoke elaA NovaMoon: i lost when i see priscilla 1080p200fps: noppGasm ahh Sparkwzn_: pepeLaugh EvaNoctis: @Teutowolf K elaWeird elaGun CrystalTeardrop: BoooFN hes a big weeb ysangFalala Loki_nG: @Elajjaz What food have you got today? elaOP Kappa 7oxicshadow: why are the time saves/loses not updating? Glockstrap: Kappa rainbowsh8: @BoooFN he is PepeLaugh AYAYA CrystalTeardrop: NovaMoon qttAYAYA Mandalor501: tier 3 Pog Strikyyy1337: vicksyFox1 vicksyFox2 vicksyFox3 Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiBASS GoAkke: cocaine monkaS mohikanin1: is this the real run or fake? gadrus: @mohikanin1 no Max_____: tier 3 * 25 Pog ProfessorCoke: me neither Sparkwzn_: PeepoWeird skraalQ: don’t do coke monkaTOS MORFHI: baking powder PepeLaugh The_Nex_: Coke monkaX DexArt888: then a line of coke? KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz don’t do drugs dude PepeHands Teutowolf: @EvaNoctis atpLaw atpWind Darth_Kredol: COCAINUM monkaW Wuxia: @7oxicshadow he records new splits oldgani: PLEASE DONT DO COCAINE Jaargan: I’m drinking coke rn elaChug Nanashi_Sakamoto: cock? gachiHYPER raider_unkindled: FeelsGoodMan PJSugar Cociane?! quichemeesh: Martiansam i would say the same about twitch tbh; irl, tiddy strimmers and fortnite being the majority of content OMEGLOL its all about finding what you like on any platform Fearswe: I’m guessing Charise is too busy getting bullied by Maral to upload the video maraWtf Martiansam: cocain monkaW LickMyPretzel: PepeUff Shrimpess: PepeUff AlexAnderman1994: PepeUff Wuxia: @mohikanin1 fake CycleOfFire: monkaW P3xi: Cocaina Hydreye: PepeUff Sven_sveger: Cocainum Nopileos: PepeUff wizchiefa23: Cocaine is a hellavu drug hobbTroll Shrimpess: elaK GoAkke: MrMadakey pepeL saintjhon: elaKK MORFHI: coca cola is even worse than cocaine DansGame Sparkwzn_: coke ? TriHard UltraWindow: !gasolina WrestlerBot2000: A ella le gusta la gasolina! Dame más gasolina! Como le encanta la gasolina! Dame más gasolina! CaptCanuck: YAYO sp4ceg0at: usss oldgani: COCAINE RUIN YOUR BRAIN Darth_Kredol: PepeUff 💨 🐛 KappatainHindsight: PepeUff phew Miss_Inara: @ProfessorCoke 2 years igaYay congrats elaH UnsKannable: hobbLink hobbLink hobbLink FlameGodFlann: Have a cocoa bean ๐Ÿ™‚ Martiansam: PepeUff dodge that one xdreigor: Cocaine is probably healthier than Coca Cola elaK Sparkwzn_: wanna some TriHard Sven_sveger: I only snort pepsi xsHadoww_s: AYYE Shrimpess: K? k Loki_nG: Here you go ela ______ elaFella ELAYZA: ice cold cola mmmm elaGasm Gros_shtok: Fearswe or nemz kidnapped her monkaS flauset: @Elajjaz What do you mean when u say fake halberd? HeyGuys captain_elsewhere: i totally emant cola as well elaC *snif* Mandalor501: AYAYA CaptainOutOfTen: @Elajjaz I’m working on giving up soft drinks, I used to be pretty addicted FeelsBadMan WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz xsHadoww_s: wanna some TriHard Fearswe: Naah, Gros_shtok. Maral would protect her Nanashi_Sakamoto: cock & cola gachiHYPER Martiansam: @quichemeesh true LULW mocaffe: There used to be cocaine in coka cola BoooFN: @CaptainOutOfTen PepeHands ComradeNerdy: cocaine off a hooker’s butt, that’s streamer’s breakfast, you just roll 5000 bits note into the pipe you know nrdyE VenDiazOmen: Hey Ela & chat, long time no see. Hope everyone is doing well still FeelsGoodMan Sven_sveger: monkaTOS 10mmiT: @xdreigor Probably depends on the dose Darth_Kredol: HACKERMAN elaEZ Wuxia: @flauset he cheats it in if it doesnt drop hence fake Abbynaire: monkaTOS flauset: Alrighty CycleOfFire: When new Elden Ring trailer, Miyazaki elaMad labasfej: soft drink monkaW Sparkwzn_: it gets you fat quick takirindor: monkaS Raizq: what so scary lmao UltraWindow: fanta killed my parents PepeHands BoooFN: PepeLaugh what a pussy Fearswe: How are they scary? Shrimpess: What are soft drinks elaHmm Martiansam: @VenDiazOmen pepeL elaFella yeah im doing good thk Miss_Inara: elaS AhteneBlur: nemz is gone Chat PepeHands type @nemz and just for yourself PepeHands PepeHands ๐Ÿ™ KrazyShark: rawr 😳 rawr 😳 rawr 😳 rawr 😳 rawr 😳 rawr 😳 rawr 😳 Rob_has_nice_nipples: D: It_is_alive: rawr EvaNoctis: elaD ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Fofflan: D: CaptainOutOfTen: BoooFN but it’s going well FeelsGoodMan It_is_alive: D: emanonevahi: scared of a drink smh OpieOP flauset: And its still a legitimate run? @Wuxia Schorhard: 4 Months Energy Drink Clean Pog MrMadakey: RaregachiGASM spez08: how do you have 99 of boss souls MrMadakey: Thank you NErdy GoAkke: KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan cur_ley: rawr xD Sven_sveger: @shrimpess They’re not hard spez08: im confused mountaindhew: im addicted lmao i by a fuckton in bulk from sweden because its cheaper LULW @Elajjaz xsHadoww_s: rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr pantrybarn: I’m addicted to hard drinks Martiansam: XD Nucleoprotein: @CaptainOutOfTen sugar is addicting monkaW captain_elsewhere: i didnt know i was addicted to cola untill i stopped drinking it and i had withdrawals and was uephoric when i was fully detoxed it was crazy elaC Martiansam: rawr XD Shrimpess: @Sven_sveger 4HEad BleekStone: nemz is gone ๐Ÿ™‚ Clap quichemeesh: i once finished a 36 pack of mountain dew in one day of binge playing diablo 2 and didn’t get diabetes PepeLaugh 7oxicshadow: @spez08, duplication glitch KrazyShark: @GoAkke please dont weird me i dont like it…… unless 😏 ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM WrestlerBot2000: “I’m waiting for my brain to disappear.” – Ela, 2018 No. 115 Wuxia: @flauset no doesnt count for leaderboards just practice Sparkwzn_: LoL Dr_Jan_Itor: technically all drinks are soft drinks 5Head liquid is soft 5Head GoAkke: KrazyShark oh my lord OMEGADOWN flauset: @Wuxia Aight, thanks! KrazyShark: @GoAkke LULW Abbynaire: @quichemeesh yet Espher_5: hello again elaH elaFella Xurker: @Dr_Jan_Itor interesting do u have research for this 5Head Rhynin: Dr_Jan_Itor 5Head EvaNoctis: @ComradeNerdy Hope you doing great ~ How’s control ? Heard it was nothing extraordinary but okay for an action game elaH ProfessorCoke: @Elajjaz i was addicted to soda, but now i have started on Keto diet, and now i’m not touching it, just plenty of water elaChug KrazyShark: jump on me instead 😳 Loki_nG: Who needs soft drink when you got hard whiskey nrdyBoomer nrdySmoke tumaelso: LULW Sven_sveger: @dr_jan_itor Liquid is very hard, that’s how hydraulics work 5Head Martiansam: @Espher_5 pepeL Sparkwzn_: @GoAkke I couldn’t see the omegadown quichemeesh: Abbynaire considering that was over 13 years ago, i think im safe LULW don’t drink soda anymore CycleOfFire: Pog n4tk0: @Dr_Jan_Itor not if you slap that shit hard gachiBASS mranarchy86: @Elajjaz I missed it again. How are you getting 5mil souls? KrazyShark: @ProfessorCoke more like ProfessorKeto LULW spez08: NANI? terrbear3: HandsUp Espher_5: Martiansam elaHYUG Dr_Jan_Itor: Xurker i drink drinks almost daily 5Head Bawlah: Google Hard water @Dr_Jan_Itor And no I do not mean Ice quincy_exe: that fucking “flushed” emote lmao Antimonesia: HandsUp terrbear3: HandsUp HAIL HYDRA ComradeNerdy: EvaNoctis hey elaH okay action game, but really good storywise CaptainOutOfTen: Nucleoprotein yeah it is. But its coupled with the refreshing fizziness of cola that really caused me issues. Life felt dull without some fizz for the first couple of days PepeLaugh GoAkke: Sparkwzn_ do you have bttv installed? elaHmm Abbynaire: @quichemeesh hopefully LULW wut_the_fudge: i have a drink that only comes out when it’s hard HandsUp Nucleoprotein: @GoAkke i see @KrazyShark is now ito man to shark actions LULW CycleOfFire: HandsUp terrbear3: HandsUp lordmatte: currently doing Coffein withdrawal @elajjaz , it’s pretty tough the first few days Shrimpess: liquid is hard and soft ElaSmash Sparkwzn_: @GoAkke ya NovaMoon: i drink a soda once every 1-3 months and thats it Soadante: HandsUp ProfessorCoke: @KrazyShark elaD kytos1k: elaD Xurker: @Dr_Jan_Itor interesting i will have to see this for myself DrinkPurple hmm indeed Glockstrap: EZ Sparkwzn_: HYPERS Raizq: i drink diet soda once every 6 hours VenDiazOmen: Same ^ KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz who comes up with the idea for new run routes? spreyz: LUL xdreigor: I miss the Renmant from Ashes coop stream with Forsen FeelsBadMan KrazyShark: @ProfessorCoke elaS i was just kidding uhm… good job FeelsGoodMan krazys2PAT mountaindhew: i get hyper tired if i dont drink soda GoAkke: Sparkwzn_ try restarting your browser completely, sometimes bttv crashes, and restarting the browser usually works for me elaOk wut_the_fudge: water is underrated Jybel: Has somebody here also received a spam message with a link talking about coupons? 🤔 Just wondering. misterbudlo: I only drink water…. last_whoa: OpieOP KrazyShark: more like cancersoda LULW Martiansam: LULW wtf LickMyPretzel: That sounds helathy WITO: (sponsored viewer): You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference. Sorry Ela I had to report you PepeHands CaptainOutOfTen: monkaS LickMyPretzel: healthy BobTheDrunkBear: KKona Clap ELAYZA: I drink mineral water every hour ๐Ÿ™‚ Shrimpess: FeelsWeirdMan Teutowolf: OpieOP HYPERCLAP eyelikecumb: diet soda is healthy 4Head Raizq: so far so good spez08: I have soda a lot but it’s like knock brands and my grandma get them with like no sugar and artificial stuff ssssip: hello Ela and his Fellas FeelsGoodMan quichemeesh: mountaindhew drink coffee or tea you monster D: BrascoGaming: i only drink girl gamer water Antimonesia: how do you not shit yourself from all the sweeteners Sparkwzn_: @GoAkke oki Doully92: Blackcurrant Squash elaOP spreyz: i mean its only diet right OMEGALUL P3xi: i drink beer every 15 minutes KrazyShark: @Elajjaz did you know matpat from game theory has some diet coke addiction LULW her gf is hot doe, i wonder if she’s single Martiansam: @ssssip hello fella elaFella fresco_pablo: I only drink something other than water on the weekends MORFHI: I drink cola when I feel stomach ache PepeUff Handsome_Shadow: @KrazyShark im may soda addicted nrdyS only times when i dont drink soda is at work pantrybarn: water is best liquid k_arm_4: @jybel yes Jaargan: You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference. Sorry Ela I had to report you PepeHands Sven_sveger: I only drink ela-sponsored GFuel Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz i drink like 2 liters/day minimum of diet soda 4Shrug p3lm: soft drinks are bad for your peripheral nerves mountaindhew: @quichemeesh coffee tastes bad, i drink tea tho KrazyShark: @Handsome_Shadow monkaW thegive: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @thegive, elajjaz has been streaming for 5 hours 15 mins ssssip: @Martiansam rooPat Hussnay: 80 int 5Head KappatainHindsight: 80 int 5Head DrumbooMass: I drink vagina juice every hour ๐Ÿ™‚ Shrimpess: I’ve got an IV bag of coca cola fuling my veins KrazyShark: @Elajjaz did you know matpat from game theory has some diet coke addiction LULW his gf is hot doe, i wonder if she’s single animosuslol: big oooof EvaNoctis: @ComradeNerdy I heard that one of the cons is that you don’t have healing items, you can only heal from defeating enemies & pick up the health shards or something elaS Bindox_: this is a good run kytos1k: elaHAA Hussnay: DansGame mountaindhew: monkaW Vendetta1v: Wa? gadrus: monkaS Doully92: Your teeth monkaS Glockstrap: oh god thats so much ihssoy: Hey @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s97_TFLYVYU This is NaM LUL Jybel: @k_arm_4 Thanks for the answer! VenDiazOmen: LUL rk0r: wtf Stilgarius: monkaW Teutowolf: DIABETES Pog VenDiazOmen: Me Xurker: more like END the run ๐Ÿ™‚ illethor221: @Dr_Jan_Itor what the hell o.o spez08: 2 liters StarPogPlatinum: I drink only water and tea cohhSip ProfessorCoke: elaYes elaGun @KrazyShark its all good elaH Handsome_Shadow: @Elajjaz i drink every day soda LULW seqone: I only drink beer ๐Ÿ™‚ CycleOfFire: Just drink water elaChug newdivide__: @Elajjaz hey ela! slpyLove mountaindhew: teeth get corroded monkaW Shy_Is_Cute: i stopped drinking soda now its only water quichemeesh: mountaindhew coldbrew is delicious tbh, takes all the bitter away even without cream or sugar Jaargan: fuk it we’re all going to die anyways OMEGALUL MORFHI: @Stilgarius monkaW Loki_nG: elaChug Don’t tell me what to drink elaChug ComradeNerdy: EvaNoctis yep, it’s not really hard or anything though wut_the_fudge: NA OMEGALUL NA OMEGALUL KrazyShark: @ProfessorCoke monkaH Gurnak: should be 4Head spengrantest: I limit myself to one can of soda per day at MAXIMUM. Try to drink water or milk otherwise. Martiansam: when i need sugar i need a sugar drink everyonce in while like 1 or 2 times a week GoAkke: ela and ahead PepeLaugh P3xi: Diet sodas are so bad tho MrMadakey: Dr_Jan_Itor as someone who potentially faced kidney stones from dehydration… Be careful what you’re doing zizC spez08: diabetes enters chat Handsome_Shadow: @Elajjaz except at work, then maybe some water Martiansam: chat full of KKona hpbearman: Is saying spank really the only way to get deleted in this chat??? WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz DethSword_: when’s CATHERINE? AYAYA @Elajjaz full_havel: my sub ran out PepeHands Martiansam: elaD ssssip: D: Doully92: DansGame Wtf Fubarz93: i cant be bothered carrying a bunch of soda home, so i mostly drink water Shrimpess: D: ELAYZA: nerdy elaHi ela7 MightyJohan: It’s diet though so it’s fine ๐Ÿ™‚ kayyeah: D: WITO: elaD Nucleoprotein: girl for shark http://www.sianjeffriesjones.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/latex-portia-1.jpg PepeLaugh BrowningZen: elaD artoflec: elaD CycleOfFire: D: KrazyShark: @Elajjaz PedoBear excuse me Dr_Jan_Itor: MrMadakey monkaW Nopileos: elaD CaptainOutOfTen: True FeelsBadMan KevKov: breathing elaOP Gumma: I agree ๐Ÿ™‚ wevie1: everything? atomicdestruction: Murder elaC Fridgieee: True Meximus322: No fun allowed elaMad Raizq: crocodile drug should be legal Sven_sveger: D: Handsome_Shadow: @Elajjaz at least i dont drink any alcohol elaOk Neimyin: Living is now ilegal FeelsGoodMan Clap EvaNoctis: @ComradeNerdy Oh oh, glad to know that ComradeNerdy: ELAYZA elaH KappatainHindsight: Twitch chat should be illegal DansGame JoltStryke: monkaTOS Hellu: @Elajjaz ban all memes girlfromjapan: i like calpis but my english teacher said it sounded like cowpiss PepeLaugh wilsonwrecks: Darwins…. Make everything legal. Suney: AYAYA Detroit147: coffee should be illegal DansGame lordmatte: no D: Blackbird_SR71C: How about outlawing people that make poor decisions? Kappa MrMadakey: Dr_Jan_Itor yeah don’t fuck around with it man… Hurts a lot Bindox_: i wish everything was legal so natural selection can take its place Doully92: BBoomer LickMyPretzel: BBoomer full_havel: elaFeels elaFeels zealous22: DansGame seqone: BBoomer Martiansam: BBoomer DethSword_: BBoomer Montanaontario2392: BBoomer quichemeesh: Elajjaz is now illegal ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: BBoomer Doully92: BBoomer Clap @Elajjaz Shrimpess: carbonated DansGame Gurnak: @Nucleoprotein LULW KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein dude my father is behind me MORFHI: BBoomer Hussnay: BBoomer VenDiazOmen: Okay Annonn140: BBoomer P3xi: Fun without alcohol DansGame mountaindhew: @quichemeesh yeah i used to drink coffee all black, maybe i should try other variants Elvem: OLD MAN OMEGALUL they_occur_on_ten: make things ilegal should be ilegal Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! kurikame_: Carbonated water is the best Deid_: BBoomer WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz BrowningZen: @Elajjaz krazyshark agrees with you PedoBear BobTheDrunkBear: BBoomer Croissanito: elaOld when KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein i got a glimpse doe LULW insane Indes999: Ban me ๐Ÿ™‚ Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP houndthree: you turning into full german Vallyen_: everything should be legal, let nature run it’s course ๐Ÿ™‚ xdreigor: monkaW DeathsEnigma: ewwwww carbonated water wizchiefa23: Aloe Vera juice is good too UltraWindow: monkaW hes gunning after me CycleOfFire: BBoomer age experience ssssip: Ban all nammers PogU Martiansam: monkaW pantrybarn: i got addicted to sparkling water after going to europe TheMasterToaster: ban the lurkers too Murika_: ban krazyshark trunks28: Ban people that like to ban to much.=) Maryp0ppins: carbonated water is the best diet soda Hiderow: the carbonation makes it taste so fresh cirGasm mocaffe: :tf: 5Pat5: @Handsome_Shadow pepeL porkylog: monkaGun wandering_pleb: monkaW monkaH Darth_Kredol: monkaW elaGun spez08: my favorite drink is carbonated water with a little lime or lemon DethSword_: Elvem AYAYA Doully92: Fizzy water is so gross DansGame BleekStone: parkling water WutFace eliastheepicgamer: ban millionaires 😎 Xurker: only thing that should be legal is white claw baby BBoomer aint no laws on the claws Balanar: ban strimmer ๐Ÿ™‚ Handsome_Shadow: @5Pat5 totPet ComradeNerdy: i drink carbonated/mineral water with some juice addition, like Shorle, man they had such a fucking good shorle in Berlin i bought some bottles for my hotel room and damn i miss it PepeHands Earlycrowd: Vallyen_ not in countries with public free healthcare elaGa Glockstrap: CLEAN mountaindhew: carbonated water is bad for teeth Loki_nG: I sense some salt here ela PJSalt their their elaFella quichemeesh: mountaindhew so many types of coffee out there, i’d say theres one for everyone. i randomly tried coffee black a few years ago and never turned back 4Shrug JoltStryke: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! BrowningZen: elaOk gnomed Mavez0r: yiu mean carbonated water @pantrybarn Dr_Jan_Itor: i’m gonna poor myself more soda elaOk animosuslol: @Elajjaz will you ever do DS3 Runs again? Shmoop1: elaWeird Martiansam: is carbonating water sparkling water ? im elaHYUK i dont know Jaargan: carbonated water and orange juice together are so elaOP Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! AhteneBlur: what is shown on the screen when Germany Plays against ni…. im JOKING STOP STOP monkaS Earlycrowd: Eliasu! AYAYA Doully92: @Martiansam Yea CaptainOutOfTen: carbonated water makes you eat more though (if i remember my research correctly) Suney: AYAYA MissDina: MissDina gifted a Tier 1 sub to full_havel! They have given 9 Gift Subs in the channel! LoafOf_Bread: Hey @Elajjaz What do you call a cross between a duck and a squid….. the quacken WrestlerBot2000: @full_havel I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE full_havel PogChamp Xurker: ⠀ ⠀ Luke565: Are smilers allowed in your new nation Ela? Vallyen_: @Earlycrowd every country should have free healthcare though Gkrasos: @elajjaz I have to wake up in 4 hours and i can’t sleep what should I do ? CycleOfFire: monkaW elaGun trolls attack Xurker: ⠀ MORFHI: @Martiansam yes Shy_Is_Cute: pog DethSword_: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! brosef131: @Elajjaz More catherine later? Martiansam: @Doully92 why he calls it carbonated LULW ssssip: rooAYAYA 🔪 finely minced chat ijesterz: ijesterz subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! WrestlerBot2000: @ijesterz After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM takirindor: Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE ijesterz Pog Zubodrot: Pog Martiansam: @MORFHI oh ok thk BrowningZen: Carbonated water+whiskey+lime anyone? BBoomer tilionm: Clap verdeletta: Pog Xurker: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ quichemeesh: Jaargan soda stream + a splash of your favorite juice=god tier and healthy essiSmile Nopileos: Pog Xurker: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Doully92: @Martiansam Because elaHYUK PepeLaugh v4vortex: @Elajjaz im kinda agree with everything becoming illegal u know why ?! because doing something illegal have more fun than legal ones xsHadoww_s: perfect Xurker: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Xurker: ⠀ ⠀ CycleOfFire: First try Pog animosuslol: @Elajjaz will you ever do DS3 Runs again? :3 mocaffe: Ela say juice in the oven with a thick German accent Loki_nG: @BrowningZen Yes please elaChug Martiansam: @Doully92 elaKek Buurt: Heeeey Ela Heeeey chat elaH elaH any runs today elaHmm ? Earlycrowd: Vallyen_ all the fat boomers with diabetes already take too much money from my country as it is, if the number of junkies increased then it would soon be not so free public healthcare monkaSHAKE FilthyMidian: Chag CycleOfFire: 5Head Reeavvy: Hello Ela, chat! Only speedruns today? xqcSmug @Elajjaz ComradeNerdy: Buurt elaH full_havel: my sub is back ela12 n4tk0: @mountaindhew no its not, well to an extent but everything else you put in your mouth during the day is worse for teeth Fearswe: And then, up the butt! BrowningZen: @Loki_nG ppBeer Martiansam: @Buurt heyyyy pepeL you are looking at it LULW ssssip: Fear gachiHYPER Zifler: Ela, do you still have the “2 players 1 controller” wr on DS1? elaHmm Also who did you take it with, I cant seem to remember, only that he was german or something. porkylog: last run PepeHands Buurt: @ComradeNerdy elaH Jaargan: @quichemeesh ain’t no body got money fro that FeelsBadMan Neimyin: Katherine AYAYA Shrimpess: elaOP Prosskull0517: AYAYA Buurt: @Martiansam thats good LULW seqone: AYAYA EvaNoctis: @Buurt elaH Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP they_occur_on_ten: pizza time? animosuslol: @Elajjaz will you ever do DS3 Runs again? Buurt: @EvaNoctis elaH Fearswe: @Zifler Noobest IIRC BrowningZen: forsenCD catherine porkylog: AYAYA Clap eyelashwish: my takeaway is 30 minutes late :'( KingOfWatch: @Elajjaz but then again you never say that a run is a good run FlameGodFlann: whats for food ? girlfromjapan: AYAYA HYPERCLAP KappatainHindsight: What we eating today, then? @Elajjaz Martiansam: @Elajjaz watch dying light 2 gameplay during break ? porkylog: PepeUff xdreigor: @Elajjaz Notepad Creepypasta night when? Pog full_havel: my sub ran out then someone giftec me a sub ela12 ela12 ela12 DrumbooMass: I was at McDonalds yesterday…for the first time after 6 years without fastfood Zifler: @Fearswe elaISee Gkrasos: @elajjaz I have to wake up in 4 hours but I can’t sleep what shoud I do ? full_havel: gifted* xsHadoww_s: holy crap shiny__hawlucha: lucky @full_havel quichemeesh: Jaargan a sodastream? i got one on sale for like $50, and you can use dry ice to refill the c02 canisters for like $1 a refill Mogierk: elaGasm trendWallet slootBagel trendGasm Fearswe: @Zifler I believe it was Noobest he played with Shy_Is_Cute: Shy_Is_Cute subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! elaH Zubodrot: Pog WrestlerBot2000: @Shy_Is_Cute I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Vendetta1v: o bb ela12 Nopileos: SUB HYPE Shy_Is_Cute POGGERS It_is_alive: Pog Shmoop1: Chag Suney: Pog Raizq: how was it ? @DrumbooMass Nopileos: Pog Pog Vallyen_: @Earlycrowd that’s sort of fair, though I don’t wanna go deeper into this on twitch chat PepeLaugh Jaargan: @quichemeesh too expensive FeelsBadMan Doully92: elaOP Montanaontario2392: elaOP Darth_Kredol: EAT elaREE FiReBallKG: elaOP mountaindhew: monkaW BrowningZen: elaOP Hussnay: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ gachiHYPER elaWut gachiHYPER ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ gachiHYPER gachiHYPER We have you surrounded now Elias !! misterbudlo: monkaS Life796: elaOP Martiansam: eat something elaD Akytami: elaOP Antimonesia: ElaPls CLAMS kytos1k: Spoon of Sugar wandering_pleb: monkaW Nopileos: elaOP Neimyin: Clam TaBeRu DrumbooMass: @Raizq not worth PepeLaugh I am not gonna go there another 6 years CycleOfFire: elaOP FlameGodFlann: Grab a snickers Shmoop1: Begone with you! You will spoil my focus! @Elajjaz Raizq: is ela still doing IF or nah ? Martiansam: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ gachiHYPER elaWut gachiHYPER ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ gachiHYPER gachiHYPER We have you surrounded now Elias !! wandering_pleb: eat a clam Sarcrai: You have been gifted a cute AYAYA Type AYAYA to claim. quichemeesh: Jaargan sounds like you can’t even afford tap water LULW full_havel: ela1 ela2 Zifler: @Fearswe Yes, I understood. thank you. elaISee Xurker: AYAYA BarghestFenrir_: @full_havel it said MissDina gave you a sub earlier elaH Loki_nG: @Elajjaz More food boxes today? whats on the menu elaOP Annonn140: AYAYA Neimyin: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA Suney: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA SantanaDVXFan: @Elajjaz you must be tired, you didn’t freak out about the extra clam LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pog tilionm: AYAYA Pudelinaa: are there any cool games on the horizon that youre planning to play? @Elajjaz Jaargan: @quichemeesh I can’t PepeHands full_havel: @barghestfenrir_ what a nice person Zack_sal: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA juanda_111: hello ELAYZA: elaYA full_havel: ela12 ela12 full_havel: ela3 ela4 Doully92: PepeLaugh leninsgeist: why 80 int if you don’t cast? sp4ceg0at: usss Martiansam: elaD CLap Montanaontario2392: ela12 Clap Annonn140: monkaW ssssip: rooWut Clap d4vlan: Good luck on the run Mr Ela noveHey @Elajjaz wizchiefa23: doodNuts they_occur_on_ten: how many levels you did last night? captain_elsewhere: Clap ela13 Caput_Draconis: Clap Shrimpess: Clap Sal7_one: Clap TheMasterToaster: why int 4HEad Nopileos: Clap BarghestFenrir_: @full_havel Yeah. Everyone is…expect Sharku and maybe Fear LULW mocaffe: elaHmm Martiansam: @Pudelinaa elaISee / hi PabloPls Brodama: tbh this game is dark souls Raw__Man: Clap GooperLA: !12 WrestlerBot2000: ✌ ela12 ✌ Xurker: @Brodama like him or hate him he speaking fax Shrimpess: JustDoIt FlameGodFlann: darkroot pvp was great way back when Kreygasm Fearswe: @BarghestFenrir_ I’m not a nice person no. Never claimed to be one either chahSmile full_havel: ela12 🔥🔫 ValeckSeimu: i dont have a FAX Montanaontario2392: AYAYA Clap Suney: AYAYA d4vlan: Good luck on the run Mr Ela. noveHey @Elajjaz Neimyin: Cute AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Deid_: AYAYA seqone: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Yuggod: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA Zack_sal: ela has the best emotes on twitch AYAYA BarghestFenrir_: @fearswe That’s why I like you tho elaBlush Shy_Is_Cute: heyyy he said it AYAYA Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh https://www.folat.eu/static/uploads/pictures/large/63441.jpg gachiShark dekkah: AYAYA Clap Pudelinaa: @Martiansam elloo elaISee elaHYUG Martiansam: AYAYA Vivelin: Fear is like Batman Dakta: Is this a real run Fearswe: I know chahSmile Fearswe: I love it Guski_: sif Gros_shtok: nemzANANA ELAYZA: kawaii elaYA tilionm: AYAYA MrMadakey: LULW wtf is that Fearswe it’s fantastic lmao Dakta: Is this a real run? Shy_Is_Cute: AYAYA Martiansam: @Pudelinaa elaHYUG Hussnay: PepeHands stop hurting sif Nimurina: Sif PepeHands full_havel: weebs out MaN 🔫 icedragon08: Still being sad about Sif WeirdChamp N0oah: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands ssssip: ppHop Zerophyne: ppHop Doully92: LULW Vendetta1v: oofas Shrimpess: LULW last_whoa: F terrbear3: LULW geckopirate: LUL N0oah: Pog Emzero: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Kyucmbr: OH NO no PepeLaugh StrongNico: woof Sal7_one: RIP sirfranis: PepeHands Meximus322: PepeLaugh Sebastiaan_RS: OMEGALUL calculatedCha0s: RULL LUL they_occur_on_ten: bad dog Murika_: SIF WINS Pog Suney: Pog PepeLaugh marmaladundra1: bad dog porkylog: f Darth_Kredol: PepeUff OOFAS Davexxx333: F d4vlan: PepeHands Jaargan: kill him puppy FeelsGoodMan Lori_Anger: F Hussnay: PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: Nooooo Balanar: OOFAS fresco_pablo: ๐Ÿ™ Martiansam: bad doggie elaMad BarghestFenrir_: That’s a ChariseH emote? LULW I love it Reeavvy: xqcHug xqcHug xqcHug Nopileos: F Neimyin: Sif won Wowee xsHadoww_s: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Soadante: RULL PepeLaugh Xurker: @icedragon08 have some soul FeelsWeirdMan KappatainHindsight: PepeHands CallMeKong: F wandering_pleb: elaFella ドゥームブレイズ: LUL Sal7_one: F indeed Shmoop1: Catherine? babicqa: RULL ElaSmash Espher_5: Sif didn’t die FeelsGoodMan Sohei4649: F takirindor: Wowee Clap Martiansam: @Elajjaz eat something Fearswe: @MrMadakey It’s one of ChariseH ‘s emotes. Ela’s editor chahSmile TaakeFrost13: F Killerquent: Nice dog FeelsGoodMan RiciX360: Eat something… then Catherine ๐Ÿ˜› ValeckSeimu: PUPPY WIN POGGERS CycleOfFire: Sif alive FeelsGoodMan v4vortex: bad dogo Germy_ranch: Dying to Siff LULW UguuWiggz: good boy sif Darth_Kredol: Wowee Clap kominman: DYUNG TO SIF LULW majougi: good boy Mr4Fawkes: das unLAKKI AYAYA full_havel: elaB loki_oki: Doggy will be live! ELAYZA: scrubBandito Montanaontario2392: SAVED PUPPY Pog Balanar: sumSmash RULL sumSmash osef2195: Sif LIVES FeelsGoodMan Zerophyne: MaN I RULL ElaSmash equinnn0x: we finished a run today? wut_the_fudge: AYAYA quichemeesh: nice splits LULW sliponknot: sw episode 10 revenge of the sif V1PMONKEY: Good boy Wowee MrMadakey: Fearswe It’s evil as F I love it LuL Xurker: essiSmile sorry ela maybe next time full_havel: RalpherZ / Guski_: catherine timw bois Soadante: Best ending FeelsGoodMan KappatainHindsight: Catarina time PepeHands mocaffe: A 4Head ssssip: ppHop full_havel: RalpherZ RalpherZ full_havel: ela3 ela4 takirindor: monkaS Clap Shmoop1: btw Ela, have you thought of watching / reading stuff like Ourang Medan or Dyatlov pass while eating instead of watching short horror? It_is_alive: WutFace Suney: Clap Jaargan: HE? elaMad sif is a ladey Montanaontario2392: elaWut Clap Darth_Umbra: rooWut Clap mocaffe: Clap Zerophyne: ppHop monkaW Martiansam: sif is a he dude Xurker: sif is lady elaMad Oniichan23: Clap Raysplayer2012: forsen1 forsen2 Martiansam: no is is a he elaMad Suney: D: CycleOfFire: D: N0oah: PepeHands Sif PepeHands Sif PepeHands Sif PepeHands Sif PepeHands Sif PepeHands Shrimpess: D: Chris_Redfield: essiSmile f MrMadakey: Sif is male… ¬_¬ takirindor: D: Rodriwastaken: D: Nopileos: D: Shrimpess: PepeHands Suney: PepeHands porkylog: GG Clap Uboran: @Shmoop1 lemmino has a really cool video on the dyaltov pass. he basically solves ir Raizq: chopchopchpo Kambri: PepeHands KappatainHindsight: sif a lady? DansGame LickMyPretzel: ppHop maxxiin: Hejsan cute @elajjaz hows it going today? nrdyPrivet nrdyPrivet nrdyPrivet loki_oki: Noooo PepeHands TheJackobot: TheJackobot subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 53 months, currently on a 53 month streak!>all other games AYAYA Xurker: @Elajjaz what about treeharding Bobanaut: yes Balwator: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW Doully92: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Tamahowk: LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW zoleanx: saltsouls p2 PogChamp Montanaontario2392: PepeLaugh CenkXiaoping: TriHar seqone: pokiW Clap ThePain0815: @jinzo778 LULW kennyrispuff: LULW KevKov: TriHard my record now Nopileos: LULW NaughtyPedro: TriHard 7 Murika_: LULW ValeckSeimu: NAYHOMTY BOFFSTREAM xlRaptoe: LULW Jaargan: LULW y5or: pokiKEK syps_: OMEGADOWN jac0blee: LULW Erazu: LULW Magilou_69: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW anibit: monkaS perry_1903: LULW kytos1k: LUL last_whoa: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Kambri: PepeLaugh xdreigor: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW LULW QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: LULW Fafebobo: LULW Shrimpess: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW Kouteij: LULW kisielus2: LULW Razcal__: LULW PLAZAx: LULW harshalrio91: LULW mystickingfisher: LUL Sal7_one: lmao Cinerus_: LULW It_is_alive: LULW limpzii: ROCKYMUSIC Girdome: LULW Nopileos: LULW Spellyew: PogU saintjhon: LULW angryj0nes: LULW WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Life796: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Maic223: Pog Pixel_hearts: LULW MettatonsFan: LULW equinnn0x: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW greenteanoodles: LULW themightiestmonarch: final fantasy 8 remastered or 4Head Mr4Fawkes: LULW Sal7_one: LULW schlawinator: LULW Balwator: elaK AustinDubu: LULW ScienceSloth: PepeLaugh 👉 PJSalt J0hnnyBlade: elaCnrdyBoomer Thrisper: RIP elaCry FeelsBadMan emanonevahi: WeirdChamp Shrimpess: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: @Nemz38 elaKek Spl4sH_Gaming: internet janitors OMEGALUL ComradeNerdy: Reeavvy elaH Fearswe: @Elajjaz Should I be offended oooor? Mengzanoid: PepeHands copy/pasta Jaargan: FeelsGoodMan timmy syps_: FeelsGoodMan rk0r: literally a neckbeard PepeLaugh ihssoy: That’s Alinity though Nopileos: !shoestory WrestlerBot2000: http://imgur.com/uavumhm rihoto: @Elajjaz Pog ? @pokimane Pog Jaargan: ela call fear PepeHands he’s crying XxWilsyXx: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: hahahahahah the fucking neckbeard bakejzciula: @Elajjaz I miss random enemies + use what You pick runs, are You doing them sometime? ๐Ÿ˜€ kytos1k: Food Sal7_one: “It tAkEs OnE pUnCh FrOm mE tO bE In A cOmA” GenuineLGN: what a shock its an alinity sub PepeLaugh Crab_with_Tophat: nrdyBoomer DivineSpaghetti: Jannies PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: Rocking that neckbeard PepeLaugh Erazu: Catherine waiting room ResidentSleeper jolly_green_: cheetoh fingers, mountain dew breath, greasy shirt? Balwator: all the same OMEGALUL xlRaptoe: @Elajjaz My resubs aren’t showing on stream Pixel_hearts: nrdyBoomer spike_the_space_cowboy: @pokimane leave this place Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeLaugh Teddybaer190580: @elajjaz do you start another run today? Xurker: lmao ian miles cheong that dumbass LULW Nemz38: did you like what you saw Ela? slayerinoz: holy shit Shordes: nerd GenuineLGN: M O T I V A T E D Kishiinn: Show me your motivation alekzander_1234: lobosKek ComradeNerdy: you can always check how mods look on their streams, when they have cam of course Kapp rk0r: Catherine waiting room ResidentSleeper Doully92: gachiHYPER Life796: Vergil? limpzii: ROCKY MONTAAGE HotFireZ: Catherine waiting room AYAYA Fafebobo: gachiHYPER Bobanaut: offstream practice and do sub 60 Kosmic_Eagle: gachihy§ BruiseVein: so now we know what Fear looks like LUL Balwator: gachiHYPER crueltotor27: nemz ela confirmed gay perry_1903: gachiHYPER themightiestmonarch: I’d be more scared of that guy trying to eat me than hit me Nopileos: gachiHYPER Kosmic_Eagle: gachiHYPER mbay16: LULW Devastating_Warrior: Catherine Pog Turbulist: gachiHYPER gulshan1: gachiHYPER il_dog_feedda_in_inglese: Ela is swedish hard? Nemz38: gachiBASS Shrimpess: gachiHYPER CycleOfFire: gachiHYPER KevKov: gachiHYPER rizzag: rizzag is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel! Montanaontario2392: gachiHYPER mystickingfisher: ayaya game next rizzag: rizzag gifted a Tier 1 sub to Jacouillelafripouill! DCStarZ: stream your offstream practice? gulshan1: I wonna see gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: @Jacouillelafripouill I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Tiliger79: gachiHYPER syps_: gachiHYPER Fearswe: @BruiseVein I’ve been on stream a few times Nopileos: SUB HYPE rizzag POGGERS Jaargan: so does fear look like a basic twitch mod, chat? elaHmm houndthree: @Nemz38 we might get finished runs now thanks to you limpzii: play some inspirational music dude ZyraX0: THICC scoutdiverman: gachiHYPER equinnn0x: gachiHYPER loki_oki: Food break when? Life796: elaHYUG spike_the_space_cowboy: @Nemz38 can you suck your own dick ? Balwator: elaOP Doully92: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Turbulist: Someone draw Fanfic of Nemz and Ela please PepeLaugh bigpeanut99: monkaW ComradeNerdy: JustDoIt eat perry_1903: Is Nelajjaz becoming a thing? gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW sunshift: monkaS CrazyKidGo: Just eat 4HEad Nopileos: monkaW KevKov: PepeS PLAZAx: monkaW Sunprayer07: monkaW Life796: monkaW elaOP crueltotor27: jacouille ma couille themightiestmonarch: eye of the CoolCat Nemz38: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/476958923077713920/617689794868412416/image0.jpg do you like what you see chat? wandering_pleb: monkaW syps_: JustDoIt elaOP DCStarZ: @Elajjaz you gonna stream your offstream practice? Kappa th3sh3riff: eat something monkaW il_dog_feedda_in_inglese: Ela is swedish hard? scoutdiverman: PepeHands dont die pls It_is_alive: Don’t die monkaW Doully92: NELIAS elaYA ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Hellu: RaregachiGASM WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Mirando: AYAYAZ Lootarka: god no Pajki13: no nemz Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! CrazyKidGo: Nemz38 gachiHYPER Turbulist: PepeLaugh GoAkke: a lying ass PepeHands ComradeNerdy: that’s a good one Hellu slavLUL nevville: @Nemz38 send nipple pic instead mystickingfisher: weeb bros MrCosmonafft: E lie us jac0blee: @Nemz38 gachiHYPER Jaargan: @Turbulist draw FeelsWeirdMan a fanfic FeelsWeirdMan something doesn’t add up xdreigor: Elajemz gachiHYPER ThatLuluTho: Nems posting Selfies PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: you wouldn’t be hungry if you didn’t sub to poki PepeLaugh UltraWindow: nepSmug nemz you look cute Pixel_hearts: Nemz38 gachiBASS YES Plated_Pangolin: elaPuke FilthyMidian: Elajjemz gachiBASS DethSword_: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Kambri: gachiHYPER shiny__hawlucha: @Nemz38 is kinda cute ngl J0hnnyBlade: Nemz and Zero are one person loki_oki: NeLA Turbulist: Jaargan PepeLaugh ZyraX0: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Smough: nemz looks like a closet weeb KrisyUMS: no more ds today?? slayerinoz: @Nemz38 looks like a salt rock BruiseVein: it should obviously be Elajjamz syps_: elaThirst JustDoIt elaFella Nemz38: LULW gulshan1: @Nemz38 Is that you hoyl shit gachiHYPER LightmareLive: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded xlRaptoe: @Elajjaz Say thanks for my sub 😡 Rhaenotz: nemzYIKES Dr_Jan_Itor: you;re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrisper: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA Nemz38 AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !!⠀ ⠀ raider_unkindled: sure thing elaSmile NovaMoon: @Nemz38 you dont look like the cunt you are on stream ๐Ÿ™‚ jk love you flohmannjr: I was here. elaH Shrimpess: ela1 ela2 seqone: Np pokiW CrazyKidGo: LightmareLive Thrisper WeirdChamp Shrimpess: JustDoIt Nemz38: Elanemz FlameGodFlann: i feel appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ GoAkke: pleb weebs pasta FeelsWeirdMan Turbulist: Thrisper LULW Nemz38: Kapp Trizze: elajjaz i would dm haters on twitter to defend you ๐Ÿ™‚ 1 punch from me and they are not a problem anymore loki_oki: Nemzela Pixel_hearts: elaBlind Riiogre: Nelajjamz Sal7_one: Nice fanart btw tumaelso: W OMEGADOWN W Thrisper: ela13 xlRaptoe: Yeah its not showing for some reason wandering_pleb: elaWOW Vallyen_: LULW Balwator: do it AYAYA xlRaptoe: Ever It_is_alive: LUL themightiestmonarch: I pawnch ZebraStriker: LULW th3sh3riff: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA ElaCOOL AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! TheDankDemon: i miss old ela, old ela got wr nymnSad Riinegan: @Elajjaz I see Tekken 7 shortcut elaThirst Nopileos: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: almost pasted pokiporn OMEGADOWN Kyucmbr: what the hell is that background actually, the more i look the weirder it gets greenteanoodles: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA RareEla AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded discosong: do it gachiHYPER Jaargan: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA Nemz38 AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !!⠀ Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! LickMyPretzel: weird Balwator: FeelsGoodMan Kyucmbr: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA ElaCOOL AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Nemz38: lol what a nerdf Trizze: PogU chillinsoul: My peepee is hard ZyraX0: SURE OMEGALUL xdreigor: DansGame masterr876: cbrEgg Sal7_one: plebs Suney: AYAYA ComradeNerdy: One spank frome me will put you in the dungeon TakeItBoi Neimyin: pepeD Shrimpess: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Balwator: pepeD hpbearman: Hit us with more Poki emotes takirindor: pepeJAM RonsuDE: pepeD LightmareLive: @CrazyKidGo what is a thrisper? Nopileos: pepeD ergivanc: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Sanad3: TaBeRu Sunprayer07: elaWut Thrisper: pepeJAM Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAM KrazyShark: Erica Kreygasm DaSniff: offstream D: perry_1903: iron95Pls Bestorio: AlienPls Klod1991: Erica PepeHands dendarko: D: Zane_Within: D: HotFireZ: Erica LULW syps_: nrdyS Trizze: gachiBASS @ComradeNerdy Spellyew: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA DansGame AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !! DethSword_: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA ElaJAMMER AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! JubJubWantRubRubs: pepeJAM Balwator: AlienPls jac0blee: pepeD Pixel_hearts: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls misterbudlo: I just watched Nemz’s ape clip. I love it so much Simoteus: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA nemzMALD AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Nemz-kun !!⠀ ⠀ Rick_Nemesis: D: Tamahowk: AlienPls GoAkke: nerdy Handsome_Shadow wevie1: RareEla raider_unkindled: pepeD It_is_alive: pepeJAM jade282: AYAYA TIME MaleFunction: pepeD Doully92: ANYWAYS PepeHands Nopileos: pepeD pepeD Trizze: @ComradeNerdy can you do my math exam Balwator: iron95Pls Tiliger79: pepeJAM Bobanaut: she was murdered without a second thought greenteanoodles: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA RareEla AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! perry_1903: elaOP Clap ComradeNerdy: Trizze HandsUp Sal7_one: pepeJAM kisielus2: pepeD Balwator: elaOP CasualJojo: Create folders, Ela LUL QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: rooNom Thrisper: A Thrisper is me ela12 Kyucmbr: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA ElaCOOL AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun ! ergivanc: pepeD themightiestmonarch: code vein or rito NovaMoon: i swear nemz blocked me already. he never replied to anything i said LUlW Suney: PepeHands anyways Mengzanoid: pepeD HotFireZ: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA RareEla AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded Cerilysm: pepeJAM ergivanc: iron95Pls syps_: pepeD atomicdestruction: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls Nopileos: pepeD Sal7_one: Oh god this is so sexy wandering_pleb: EljanPls fonss1: WEEBS BEGONE forsenWhat jamie_mccabe: HumbleLife jade282: IT’S TIME AYAYA perry_1903: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Trizze: SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb mystickingfisher: catherine ayaya Zwoosy: SPOOPY Spawy speletons Spellyew: pepeD CrazyKidGo: Weeb pasta WeirdChamp Trizze: SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb RKazekiri: pepeD FilthyMidian: pepeJAMMER Mengzanoid: pepeJAMMER loki_oki: F.l.e.x ergivanc: ricardoFLICK Nemz38: hi nova ๐Ÿ™‚ KrazyShark: what’s the difference between catherine on ps4 and the one on steam? 🤔 Thrisper: nepSmug nepSmug ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ nepSmug elaWut nepSmug ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ nepSmug nepSmug ⠀ CrazyKidGo: pepeJAMMER mbay16: left us with the bones FeelsGoodMan Carniboar64: SourPLS ssssip: widepeepoHappy im a weeb spike_the_space_cowboy: SourPls Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Loki_nG: SourPls Balwator: SourPls ComradeNerdy: Trizze dude i’d probably be full 3Head now sitting with 5th grade students at math Trizze: SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls if you’re not dancing you’re a weeb SourPls Nopileos: SourPls ergivanc: ricardoFlick Jaargan: I hope master doesn’t look like a basic twitch mod monkaW his voice is kinda hot elaThirst seqone: AYAYA 🤝 pokiYA It_is_alive: pepeJAMMER Cerilysm: @KrazyShark New content, new waifu Mengzanoid: pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD NovaMoon: shit he sees me monkaW Xurker: @KrazyShark buying it on ps4 is more weeb LULW UltraWindow: imagine watching a weeb streamer then get mad theres weebs in the chat LULW Turbulist: pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER Balwator: I’m a weeb anyways SourPls MaleFunction: iron95Pls noxcorvus: AlienPls kayyeah: pepeD KrazyShark: @Cerilysm @Xurker ohh elaISee themightiestmonarch: JoJo 4 life MrCosmonafft: SourPls masterr876: this is a remaster/remake shark Martiansam: PabloPls loki_oki: ricardoFlick pepeD ricardoFlick Turbulist: EljanPls jade282: @krazyshark Full body is remake with plenty new stuff + voice dlc TYWM_: nice theme Spellyew: @UltraWindow LULW Thrisper: pepeJAMMER Shrimpess: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls greenteanoodles: AlienPls shikifujin16: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER full_havel: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 Miss_Inara: PabloPls PabloPls KrazyShark: @masterr876 i see essiSmile @jade282 nice FeelsGoodMan TheDankDemon: ps4 is full body Kreygasm Trizze: if you’re not dancing you’re a nemz viewer SourPls It_is_alive: WutFace Mengzanoid: PlsEla PepoDance ElaPls Turbulist: pepeJAMMER pepeD Wiktor7219: SourPls perry_1903: what is he playing next? Thrisper: iron95Pls Balwator: iron95Pls shikifujin16: EljanPls pepeD iron95Pls pepeD EljanPls iron95Pls pepeD EljanPls Spellyew: AlienPls It_is_alive: pepeD themightiestmonarch: everyone knows the best dark souls videos are from dusty dodongo KevKov: ElaJAMMER tumaelso: KretoPls UltraWindow: AYAYA im a nemz viewer alright syps_: pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance kisielus2: pepeD Miku_no_Ryushon: pepeJAMMER mbay16: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls ComradeNerdy: pepeJAM jade282: The DLC voice for Catherine is legit insane line up man loki_oki: pepeJAMMER ricardo Flic kricardoFlick ricardoFlick pepeJAMMER Sunprayer07: Trizze pepeD Sal7_one: pepeJAM MrFunky159: AlienPls Trizze: PepeLaugh th3sh3riff: gachiCOOL Nopileos: pepeJAM LeGentilJoueur: move those hips Cerilysm: I bought the VA pack elaGasm Japanese VA of Ann is so waifu Mengzanoid: PlsEla pepeD ElaPls KappatainHindsight: dance dance dance dance nemzLads Roblon: pepeD zombie391: ElaPls gulshan1: Those skeletons are moving a bit too sexy loki_oki: pepeJAM ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick pepeJAM Miss_Inara: PabloPls AlienPls Beard_Of_Joy: Chat i’m eating Cindirella cake elaOP Trizze: what are you eating chillinsoul: Is that what the afterlife is like? WrestlerBot2000: MemeLadder|Clip No.19| https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousImportantLegKevinTurtle Sal7_one: FOOD STREAM FitoBurrito: Variery MaN shook02: howd the last run end? Dugnito: is it just me or are those skeletons looking sexy AF? KaitoKidShadow: EljanPls Elajjaz Elajjaz It_is_alive: ElaJAMMER shiny__hawlucha: @Elajjaz what is your ps4 theme? Sal7_one: dodm Balwator: elaOP Akytami: elaOP perry_1903: elaOP Clap ssssip: rooWut FUN!? CrazyKidGo: elaOP Thrisper: Pog jade282: Nana mizuki, Kugumiya, Noto Mamiko and others enbP4 Nopileos: elaOP Sal7_one: didn’t you just delete it? GoAkke: wait you were doing runs ela ? didnt realize Kapp LickMyPretzel: Mushrooms DansGame KevKov: Kreygasm Batix204: Play it in Japanese now AYAYA Turbulist: elaOP Wiktor7219: elaOP Clap RKazekiri: Clap Bobanaut: yes you can. most of the game is cutscenes as far as we saw Doully92: Blueberry? DansGame ScotchDream: SAUS Trizze: Kreygasm It_is_alive: OpieOP Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz do you think catherine is hot? id do her PepeLaugh TheZecaUrubu: gel? Muffingrenn: you probably can during the non puzzle segments Thrisper: DansGame Balwator: elaOP Clap Trizze: how many times a week do you cook food @Elajjaz Beard_Of_Joy: NO VEGGIES? BruiseVein: gel? JesseThaBest: do you cook yourself? Sabriell: go in and listen to the P5 music PepeJam Jaargan: @Dugnito how can bones look sexy? FeelsWeirdMan noxcorvus: Pog JesseThaBest: elaOP Bowsox: gel? Hellu: I just had oats elaOP KappatainHindsight: Pog Clap BruiseVein: gel? as in hair gel DaSniff: no meat? gachiHYPER Hobby8: Gel? DansGame WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Buschpirscher: Buschpirscher subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! Did you already see the Deadly Premonition 2 trailer? Nopileos: SUB HYPE Buschpirscher PogChamp ModernPlagueDoctor: Sounds good WrestlerBot2000: @Buschpirscher After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Korkel_: jelly chad m0rq: gel? Dugnito: @Jaargan look at them move Chag Thrisper: iron95Pls perry_1903: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Doully92: elaK Balwator: elaK Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz dude wanna do the old 10/5 sub bet? ela2 Mengzanoid: Katharina AYAYA Straddy_: CoolStoryBob CrazyKidGo: elaK ZyraX0: i mean sex scenes gachiBASS paleblood_13: forsenCD Nopileos: elaK perry_1903: elaK JesseThaBest: elaK MettatonsFan: elaK Eldritchness: CoolStoryBob myfavoriteweeb: elaK MilchiWay: Elajjaz go into game for Persona 5 music KaitoKidShadow: so what did the stream end on yesterday, i had to leave be because it was too late at like 0:45 Bobanaut: its like yakuza… 95% cutscenes 5% gameplay Cerilysm: elaK Shrimpess: elaK Zane_Within: CoolStoryBob Montanaontario2392: forsenCD Balwator: D: Akytami: forsenCD Tiliger79: forsenWC BlackjackalTV: It’s an AYAYA game AYAYA zombie391: CoolStoryBob KevKov: forsenCD Clap Nopileos: elaK elaK MrCosmonafft: CoolStoryBob FitoBurrito: forsenCD Doully92: D: Jaargan: elaK loki_oki: manymany Distl17: forsenCD miscusi: forsenCD fmlswn: ResidentSleeper shiny__hawlucha: forsenCD CrazyKidGo: forsenCD Balwator: elaK Llyfrgell: elaK Nopileos: forsenCD MaleFunction: elaK forsenWC FitoBurrito: MY MAN forsenCD giant_robots: AHHH SKELINGTONS monkaW Tiliger79: forsenCD Annonn140: forsenCD Erazu: forsenCD scorp29_and_abyss: it’s about Ela cheaitng on his girl Kappa PontusIndeed: D: fonss1: forsenCD Nic3 DethSword_: forsenCD jade282: elaK LeGentilJoueur: lucky cejaPZ: PixelBob Balwator: forsenCD ModernPlagueDoctor: CoolStoryBob Dr_Jan_Itor: forsenCD so? themightiestmonarch: it’s about waifus and mistresses and puzzles Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD m0rq: elaK RonsuDE: monkaW AbsoluteHope: AlienPls zoleanx: mistake Kappa KaitoKidShadow: monkaW theBetes: forsenCD Doully92: forsenCD Thrisper: D: Turbulist: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW TheDankDemon: AYAYA CHEATING Dazed_World: forsenCD XxWilsyXx: forsenCD DethSword_: monkaW It_is_alive: forsenCD salpo_nolobio: monkaW Nopileos: forsenCD noxcorvus: monkaW MORFHI: forsenCD Dhoulchen: he is like ela Aeonll: forsenCD Bobanaut: or you reload Dirty_Joe_: gel=jelly perry_1903: forsenCD my man MasterMalpercio: rooD1 rooD2 Trizze: forsenCD what’s wrong with that Spellyew: forsenCD WTF Balwator: still fine forsenCD RKazekiri: die irl monkaW Komitern66: monkaW badjttv: sounds like your typical anime Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW SunBeard: elaK PontusIndeed: monkaS raider_unkindled: monkaW misterbudlo: And if you die in the game, you die IRL too? monkaW Nopileos: monkaW UltraWindow: forsenCD doc beat this game IRL Dazed_World: monkaW l3ehemothCat: cheaters shouls die chillinsoul: :v: :cd: JesseThaBest: but why did he have nightmare before cheating? fmlswn: sounds cool ResidentSleeper Thrisper: real IRL or game IRL monkaW ZcortezZ: playing as forsenCD MrCosmonafft: forsenCD im a champion of this game noxcorvus: forsenCD hey now BlackjackalTV: It’s a dating sim combined with a puzzle game AYAYA Shedled: So like what DOC did? LUL Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz wanna do the old 10/5 sub bet? ela2 yes or no ela12 takirindor: AYAYA Clap KaitoKidShadow: JesseThaBest shh themightiestmonarch: it’s like intelligent qube except you’re climbing a wall Eldritchness: AYAYA DethSword_: AYAYA iMakkie: @elajjaz what’s your ps theme? Thats a funny one ssssip: @Thrisper real IRL ๐Ÿ™‚ HotFireZ: Rin AYAYA Balwator: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: RIN AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA MilchiWay: AYAYA rin Hevnoraak: AYAYA mystickingfisher: ayaya Mengzanoid: TaBeRu Clap Soveriegn3: AYAYA jormuliini: gachiHYPER loki_oki: Rin Pog It_is_alive: AYAYA perry_1903: elaYA Hon_Buttthead: AYAYA NaughtyPedro: forsenCD the two time twitchin2019omegalul: no weeb btw Bobanaut: i wonder when you will bed rin P3xi: i lost already Kreygasm Balwator: cute game AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Bieberhunter: AYAYA Destmand: I hear you’re a Poki sub ๐Ÿ™‚ @Elajjaz MvpTaru: AYAYA JesseThaBest: @KaitoKidShadow Broke the lore Rip LightmareLive: AYAYA pur puru Germy_ranch: AYAYA Kira_22: AYAYA Thrisper: @ssssip D: HectorBotella: hentai? Doully92: elaK Balwator: AYAYA CrazyKidGo: elaK HotFireZ: Kapp twitchin2019omegalul: sure Erazu: Rin PepeLaugh Nopileos: AYAYA Traknir: @Elajjaz you missed it yesterday but i nthe bar when you sit down you can choose the person you want to talk to Doully92: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Balwator: elaK Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark HYPERCLAP Muesticblade: AYAYA Bobanaut: it is Shrimpess: elaK Sunprayer07: pepeD Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK Kgcool: yes it is AYAYA TheDiotone: Kapp mystickingfisher: weeb game btw Kira_22: TehePelo TehePelo TehePelo saintjhon: elaK JesseThaBest: It’s pretty weeby Balwator: sure elaK Nopileos: elaK Dazed_World: elaK RKazekiri: it is very weeb AYAYA QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Kapp It_is_alive: Sure Kapp angryj0nes: IT IS AYAYA neuromancerking666: it is tho Whitesnake777: elaK TheKryel: elaK halon50: not weeby cirAYAYA TheDankDemon: nymnR wandering_pleb: erica best girl AYAYA HYPERCLAP Hevnoraak: Kapp jozuo: han ba jag är inte weeb PepeLaugh Akytami: elaK Jaargan: caht I have bad news for you PepeLaugh misterbudlo: Kreygasm houndthree: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Balwator: Kreygasm Cerilysm: elaChug elaChug elaChug Sunprayer07: elaK perry_1903: elaK gczero: Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm Thrisper: LUL InternetGrandpa: Has Ela fallen in love with this game yet PontusIndeed: CoolStoryBob Mengzanoid: gachiBASS MettatonsFan: elaK Sal7_one: LULW Zane_Within: Kreygasm Nopileos: elaK Fridgieee: Its hella weeb LULW KaitoKidShadow: DOUBLE ASSJOB elaGasm fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat BlackjackalTV: Ela likes anime and doesn’t even realize it AYAYA dYnAm1c92: Its very AYAYA houndthree: finished it, its hella weeb Erazu: the fuck does “weeb” even mean these days LULW mbay16: Kapp Lexikun: Rin elaGasm Shrimpess: elaGasm I LOST J0hnnyBlade: skipped elaKek Soadante: Kreygasm I lost mayushi10: Kreygasm LickMyPretzel: Oh god krazyshark is here too monkaS let the thirst commence RKazekiri: not weeb Kreygasm NaughtyPedro: it’s more like fan service @Elajjaz Balwator: as long as you’re playing it, it’s not weeb right elaK themightiestmonarch: it’s super weeb don’t believe senpais lies UltraWindow: literally every good weeb game is like that ela WeirdChamp DethSword_: AYAYA Clap YES AYAYA Clap IT AYAYA Clap IS AYAYA Clap lamemage15: elaK loki_oki: BUTT gachiHYPER goodkatt_: PepeLaugh 100% weeb game JesseThaBest: It’s not weeby because Ela doesn’t play weeb games Korkel_: its already 100% weeby ela ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD Clap Turbulist: elaK discosong: @Nemz38 stream so i can leave this stream PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: elaK FitoBurrito: Time for KrazyShark to fap himself into a coma Frosted15: STILL IN TUTORIAL PepeLaugh CrazyKidGo: Chat huh elaK seqone: Kapp Straddy_: Kapp RonsuDE: elaK 뿡토: RIN gachiHYPER GoAkke: absolutely weeb Nopileos: elaK elaK perry_1903: elaK uh uh atomicdestruction: elaK DethSword_: Kapp zoleanx: Kappa MilchiWay: AYAYA u like it Shrimpess: elaK Vallyen_: BLAME IT ON CHAT OMEGALUL thelastone666: elaISee elaISee elaISee Mengzanoid: gachiHYPER Yeasssssss Tiliger79: pepeJAM Cerilysm: pepeJAM nitram3501: Kapp DethSword_: pepeJAM Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Dazed_World: elaK sure Nopileos: pepeJAM Sunprayer07: elaK elaK ModernPlagueDoctor: The world wouldn’t be as ffun if Japan didn’t exist Grynovus: Kapp Croissanito: pepeJAM MasterMalpercio: pepeD Erazu: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: @KrazyShark if you are here, can i have a pat? elaFella Eldritchness: pepeJAM jormuliini: pepeJAM takirindor: pepeJAM Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER FitoBurrito: pepeJAM Balwator: Sailor Moon isn’t weeb either btw elaK NautilusV2: AlienPls DethSword_: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA ElaJAMMER AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh chat told him chat Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Sor_row: pepeJAM akmannen: persona 4 theme AbsoluteHope: pepeJAM underusedanus: THIS AINT DARK SOULS 0xSaisaki: no you told chat. MrFunky159: the boys Pog Sabriell: pepeJAM AlexAnderman1994: time to cheat baby Clap2 forsenCD Shrimpess: pepeJAM Cinerus_: pepeJAM Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Jaargan: Pog pepeD Tikonich: pepeJAM misterbudlo: Persona music? StarPogPlatinum: pepeJAM Mengzanoid: pepeJAM PontusIndeed: pepeJAM Thrisper: pepeJAM Narik013: persona memes Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER shiny__hawlucha: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Cloudyto: ElaJAM Nopileos: Nucleoprotein elaHYUG HotFireZ: Persona music Kreygasm pepeJAM loki_oki: pepeJAM wandering_pleb: SourPls UltraWindow: pepeJAM CycleOfFire: pepeJAM KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM akmannen: This music is so good sirfranis: persona? wut Cerilysm: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD Balwator: MaN NaughtyPedro: pepeJam JubJubWantRubRubs: isnt this persona? RKazekiri: pepeJAM astherlu: Persona 5!!!! pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM PontusIndeed: MaN Nucleoprotein: @Nopileos pepeL FitoBurrito: akmannen Persona 5 Balwator: pepeJAM goodkatt_: @QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT Germy_ranch: pepeD wevie1: PogU themightiestmonarch: it was this or la blue girl rpg Mengzanoid: pepeJAMMER KanzanZX: change target to talk @Elajjaz ๐Ÿ™‚ kisielus2: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD PROjectRLCM: dude, this persona music kills me Nopileos: Nucleoprotein elaH Spellyew: pepeJAM TheDiotone: P5 creators Pog Istog: but you do thelastone666: persona 5 KKool 0xSaisaki: pepeJAM Lagunaab: wHISKEY TIME , Wiktor7219: ElaJAM BrascoGaming: ElaJAM Balwator: iron95Pls jade282: Persona 5 bgm Bobanaut: this game is not a game you play sober NaughtyPedro: pepeJAM houndthree: persona 5 music kek carorinuu: wait it actually has the music from persona5???? wtf annytfD Balwator: forsenCD loki_oki: WAKE UP GET UP GET OUT THERE LickMyPretzel: forsenCD ZyraX0: ? Cerilysm: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD JubJubWantRubRubs: persona 5 ost so good zoleanx: nikka whiskey? BrascoGaming: PIX NAO PLZ! DethSword_: forsenCD Nanashi_Sakamoto: pepeJAMMER Mengzanoid: D: Vryn124: D: HotFireZ: Persona 5 Kreygasm Nucleoprotein: @Nopileos bot hang monkaW AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAMMER salpo_nolobio: nrdyD JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz but why do you play it late at night then ? harshalrio91: forsenCD J0hnnyBlade: warm up in the minigame at the bar @Elajjaz elaA perry_1903: forsenCD StoryKeeper: PERSONA 5 halon50: PICTURE NOW cirREE PontusIndeed: D: Trizze: she doesnt want to talk to you kajindesktop: @Elajjaz press left/right and switch charas Balwator: go ahead forsenCD rk0r: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ get ready chat Kayvonnn: LOL MrFunky159: this game is cool Tiliger79: ppBeer atomicdestruction: pepeJAM Jaargan: forsenCD neuromancerking666: D: Erazu: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Thrisper: pepeJAMMER Spellyew: forsenCD nice Miku_no_Ryushon: forsenCD spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Spl4sH_Gaming: Persona 5 Kreygasm Germy_ranch: pepeJAMMER P5 FINALLY Nopileos: Nucleoprotein MrDestructoid jade282: WHO AM I Soadante: forsenCD my man akmannen: @FitoBurrito Oh yeah haha i mixed them up ๐Ÿ˜€ raider_unkindled: D: Dr_Jan_Itor: nice forsenCD Doully92: forsenCD scorp29_and_abyss: wan the picture so bad Kreygasm Cerilysm: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD Sunprayer07: forsenCD Balwator: forsenCD Nopileos: rk0r elaHi Istog: forsenCD Wiktor7219: ForsenCD CenkXiaoping: SourPls Turbulist: forsenCD KaitoKidShadow: @Elajjaz did you end up getting the PIX NAO? FiReBallKG: @Elajjaz Any whiskey? PepeLaugh Hellu: forsenCD misterbudlo: OOOOH ITS USELESS Nopileos: forsenCD WarWeeny: persona 5 DansGame suryk22: Persona 5 fonss1: forsenCD welcome to the club boddy Sunprayer07: 1st time forsenCD Litlas: pepeJAM themightiestmonarch: this game is persona 5 cheaters edition nitram3501: forsenCD GET USED TO IT Wiktor7219: forsenCD Tiliger79: forsenCD Lagunaab: Cheating huh ? Pog kyeee18: Persona 5 soundtrack BANGING Annonn140: forsenCD takirindor: pepeJAM misterbudlo: WAKE UP GET UP GET OUT THERE Abbynaire: Persona 5 elaGasm Muesticblade: @Elajjaz camera FitoBurrito: Just be transparent forsenCD Thrisper: Nice Hat ela13 halon50: @Elajjaz you can move the cursor to talk to other people DethSword_: pepeJAMMER ccslne: pepeD MasterMalpercio: pepeD chillinsoul: Imagine not playing persona 5 LULW loki_oki: Best song in a world HotFireZ: pepeJAM Mengzanoid: PlsEla pepeD ElaPls Emzero: pepeJAMMER 0xSaisaki: tbf, this game was made to test the graphics motor used for persona 5, or something along those lines Nopileos: pepeJAM StareTV: it could happen to anyone man, take it easy sviat93: forsenCD Because_we_said_so: wtf persona 5 music? quote_me_if_pogu: IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD forsenCD Germy_ranch: Chad Ryuji in the red hat AYAYA Hambabu: change cam @Elajjaz RingusSlaterfist: What the fuck is this weebshit MrFunky159: monkaW DethSword_: stop monkaW Thrisper: Pog Cinerus_: elaChug Istog: no,stop the alcoholism ela perry_1903: keep drinking elaThirst Trizze: dont be rude Turbulist: ppBeer Hell yeah wandering_pleb: erica elaBlush themightiestmonarch: you’ll never see it cumming 0xSaisaki: elaChug Zakywn: this sounds like persona 5 lol Lagunaab: Lagunaab subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 5 month streak! Pog ModernPlagueDoctor: That fucking neckbeard in the fedora WrestlerBot2000: @Lagunaab You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM demacian_silverwing: stop monkaW Spellyew: AYAYA Kildaedra: Wendy’s Nopileos: SUB HYPE Lagunaab PogChamp Erazu: pepeJAM Clap MrFunky159: erica monkaW AlexAnderman1994: ElaJAM Shrimpess: ✋ WeirdChamp stop DrGreater: Stupid fucking mistakes man Istog: you go home Turbulist: only 4 elaK misery_v2: why persona music NaughtyPedro: Let’s make ela play persona 5 royal thelastone666: PabloPls PabloPls PabloPls Germy_ranch: pepeD pepeD raider_unkindled: elaBlush she cute MilchiWay: u leave JoeMcPete: talk to people Kuromaru_: CHEAT AGAIN forsenCD Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz so why is he cheating in first place isnt his girlfriend kawaii af lamemage15: pepeJAMMER TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz go home Thrisper: LUL Androsix: you go home DethSword_: bully BabyRage MrCosmonafft: Go to sleep 4HEad Dr_Jan_Itor: D: fenniksss: Holduo Djphysicx: ela when is your next part of blair witch comin? MrFunky159: he doesnt know PepeLaugh KanzanZX: @Elajjaz dont go home talk to everybody first Streamleen: really comfy game if you think about, you drink during the day, and run from your guilt during the night Mengzanoid: Lin AYAYA Miku_no_Ryushon: Anyway PepeHands Brolaire: Katherine>Catherine jamie_mccabe: leave the bar fenniksss: why is there Persona music Kouteij: @Elajjaz Play Razpunel Pog raider_unkindled: Fedora elaWeird fenniksss: monkaW akmannen: that beer looks good CallMeKong: yikes alserio: talk to people! KaitoKidShadow: D: Doully92: forsenCD Cinerus_: forsenCD Dassiz: dont leave without talking to everyone tho @Elajjaz It_is_alive: ElaJAMMER Annonn140: forsenCD Balwator: forsenCD Tiliger79: forsenCD Trizze: pancakes at 10 pm is fine right? Nopileos: forsenCD jolly_green_: aren’t those all the FF XV voice actors? perry_1903: forsenCD Spellyew: forsenCD my man TheZecaUrubu: forsenCD CrazyKidGo: forsenCD AlexAnderman1994: Clap2 forsenCD Hellu: forsenCD Samppsom: It’s basically persona never played that game, But I have seen so gameplay DethSword_: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD SO WHAT th3sh3riff: forsenCD my man Suney: forsenCD It_is_alive: forsenCD thelastone666: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD KaitoKidShadow: HOT PIX???? Trizze: B) MrCosmonafft: Nudes? PogU Muffingrenn: PICS Erazu: pepeJAM Distl17: forsenCD scorp29_and_abyss: ela cheater FeelsBadMan MilchiWay: LUL perry_1903: Pog Thrisper: Forsen Subs DansGame Turbulist: PogU Tiliger79: Pog Norwegian_wombat: elaThirst Muffingrenn: PICS PICS PICS AustinDubu: PogU FitoBurrito: forsenCD Nopileos: Pog HotFireZ: Kreygasm Dr_Jan_Itor: elaThirst miki___miki: PogU atomicdestruction: elaThirst PirateMateyy: PogU dimocishe: PogU wevie1: elaHmm MrFunky159: this is Troy not Matt right? AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst Nanashi_Sakamoto: DICC PIC gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: a pic? elaThirst KaitoKidShadow: elaThirst chillinsoul: :v: :cd: Bobanaut: a picture. show it CycleOfFire: PogU Trizze: show Spellyew: elaThirst pics? Nopileos: elaThirst KrazyShark: @LickMyPretzel krazys2PAT yes sir TheDiotone: PIX NAO PLZ LUL Croissanito: elaC raider_unkindled: Nudes PogU ZyraX0: this is nemz if ela said yes to him GoldenTrimmedPeni: is this firstr time playthrough ? Lagunaab: “The girl” kyeooh: PepeHands RKazekiri: YeahBoi Pepparn: elaThirst loki_oki: Yes BBoomer MrLismos: @Samppsom has nothing to do with persona except they are the same developers Nemz38: so jump king race? 뿡토: forsenCD KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito elaThirst fap hero Tw1tOne: @Elajjaz move camera to the left please ModernPlagueDoctor: The writing is actually great Turbulist: nrdyBoomer jolly_green_: that’s gladio and the blonde Lil guy from FF XV Hobby8: PepeHands Balwator: forsenCD ✌️ princeinnovice: PepeHAnds Croissanito: elaC is an underrated emote Mengzanoid: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP body is rdy Svadil: @fenniksss this game was made to test the engine for persona 5 by atlus long before persona 5 came out GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 yo can you post that peepo emote again Xurker: this voice acting and dialogue is great crapcrack: WAIT, IS THIS CAROLINE ? XD FitoBurrito: KrazyShark godspeed pilgrim ela7 TheDankDemon: Kreygasm ela you dog Hellu: forsenCD 👍 Thrisper: Autism test : forsenE FeelsGoodMan Clap I’m clean FeelsGoodMan Clap wevie1: PepoDance LickMyPretzel: elaC>elaThirst Samppsom: @MrLismos I mean that game is super similar lol takirindor: pepeJAM themightiestmonarch: I choose you, Arsene! AlexAnderman1994: elaC full_havel: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 KaitoKidShadow: CHECK PHONE FitoBurrito: KrazyShark see you on the other side gachiHYPER Sanad3: change music KaitoKidShadow: elaREE raider_unkindled: fedora elaWeird fedora elaWeird fedora elaWeird fedora elaWeird Sanad3: 😠 Streamleen: Music make it seem like this is the future of P5 MC mizoreeee: tobias1 tobias2 mizoreeee: tobias3 tobias4 puffin_123: HANDS IN SIGHT ELA Nopileos: Clap MrFunky159: elaMad UltraWindow: monkaW thyraelis: Pog Thrisper: Clap Murika_: Pog Balwator: forsenCD It_is_alive: Clap Nopileos: Pog Turbulist: PogU BrascoGaming: Pog Suney: LULW rikze5: forsenCD Clap MrLismos: @Samppsom because is the same style and engine, and as said is made by the same guys that made all the personas AustinDubu: Pog halon50: PICTURE Pog fenniksss: ARSEN aeroCheer syps_: YAY AYAYA Larsn2k: elaThirst JubJubWantRubRubs: PogU Call_me_Zeroo: forsenCD OnePointSpace: jump king race Pog Doully92: forsenCD Clap Erazu: @MrLismos Persona 3 Portable has a VIncent cameo! perry_1903: Clap2 forsenCD Shrimpess: elaC Cinerus_: forsenCD Clap jade282: PIC Pog Lootarka: K? Nemz38: @GamErDino1337 https://www.frankerfacez.com/emoticon/174942-PepoThink themightiestmonarch: persona 5: cheating all night masterr876: change music back to normal thisis8Tippy FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz are there any other Persona 5 jams? DethSword_: 4Shrug Jaargan: pepeD WAKE UP pepeD GET UP pepeD GET OUT THERE pepeD 195iq: what is this game LUL Eldritchness: ^_^ Sabriell: Tobys voice actor is english sasuke HYUKCHIHA Dr_Jan_Itor: raider_unkindled talking shit PepeFedora Kyucmbr: did he bang her already chad ? loki_oki: Cute girl AYAYA Hambabu: v(^_^)v Suney: AYAYA takirindor: AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: Clap2 forsenCD GGWolfSif: Pog LickMyPretzel: v(^_^)V AlexAnderman1994: it’s Martiansam: elaD ccslne: V(^_^V shiny__hawlucha: monkaTOS marckvdv: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Norwegian_wombat: elaGasm rikze5: v(^_^)v UltraWindow: monkaTOS AlexAnderman1994: !12 KaitoKidShadow: peace AbsoluteHope: Kreygasm ZyraX0: Pog syps_: Jebaited Deliriumi1: peace MettatonsFan: v(^_^)v WrestlerBot2000: ✌ ela12 ✌ mizoreeee: v(^^)v atomicdestruction: v(^_^)v SantanaDVXFan: its like shrug KrazyShark: LULW StarPogPlatinum: ??????? miki___miki: AYAYA Sal7_one: PRESS TRIANGLE Distl17: ^_^ Turbulist: monkaGun DethSword_: OMEGADOWN Traknir: v(^_^)v Nopileos: v(^_^)v Tiliger79: PepeLaugh perry_1903: LULW Jaargan: DansGame Murika_: elaThirst zoleanx: Jebaited Jebaited Bobanaut: what… ELAAAAAA Hellu: Jebaited CrazyKidGo: monkaTOS crapcrack: elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm Tikonich: monkaTOS Croissanito: OMEGALUL showmeyourcredentials: forsenCD Ttanoraa: LULW HotFireZ: FailFish FitoBurrito: LULW Spellyew: v(^_^)v KaitoKidShadow: LOL dimocishe: DansGame NicNacNinja: elaD last_whoa: Jebaited Himmee: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW demacian_silverwing: LMAO GenuineLGN: V(^_^)V Nopileos: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: LULW fenniksss: PepeJam Sanad3: BATHROOOM Virhaed: LULW Komitern66: elaThirst vapefrog: v(^_^)v Turbulist: monkaTOS Kuromaru_: LULW v LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS I SAW IT gachiBASS Pepparn: elaThirst Lexikun: in the bathroom Germy_ranch: monkaTOS halon50: FAP SESSION LULW Vallyen_: LULW rk0r: I LOST Kreygasm Coyotezilla: v(^_^)v MilchiWay: ^_^ saugo: Jebaited ZebraStriker: !12 this emote Streamleen: v(^_^)v It_is_alive: LULW mbay16: IMAGE jade282: LULW mizoreeee: @Elajjaz go to the bathroom wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW syps_: elaISee 0xSaisaki: v(^_^)v PI—–SU lookinerator: Wait, why Persona 5 music? elaHmm Shrimpess: LULW MrCosmonafft: Shaking hands LULW ModernPlagueDoctor: v(^_^)v cheeze____: LULW Muesticblade: LULW wevie1: elaThirst loki_oki: Go in bathroom GoldenTrimmedPeni: PERV AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC StarPogPlatinum: Virgin panic PepeLaugh MagicFrogs: LUL RKazekiri: Kreygasm rikze5: forsenWC Balwator: stupid fucking mistakes man shiny__hawlucha: monkaTOS monkaTOS Nopileos: LULW houndthree: toilet xlRaptoe: P5 music Pog syps_: LULW jamie_mccabe: BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack BrokeBack Murika_: gachiBASS Hobby8: lol Mengzanoid: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP thirsty Suney: PepeLaugh Nemz38: @GamErDino1337 wait wrong link lol GGWolfSif: LULW themightiestmonarch: LU) ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER UltraWindow: fap break PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW holloWFortune: gachiAPPROVE perry_1903: elaGasm Istog: elaGasm bustin time DaSniff: Kapp akmannen: A quick FAP ring in the bathroom Annonn140: forsenWC KaitoKidShadow: FAP TIME bigpeanut99: LULW fonss1: gachiHYPER FAP TIME geotaku21: beat his meat hpbearman: Vincent is a piece of shit mbay16: Jebaited rk0r: OMEGALUL Thrisper: LUL at his walk Streamleen: v(^_^)v AYAYA crapcrack: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm dream_the_cast: 4 drinks=sloshed MrLismos: @Erazu thats why they picked vincet for this game. because of that cameo princeinnovice: v(^_^)v DethSword_: forsenWC dimocishe: FAP TIME LULW FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz are there any other Persona 5 jams? atomicdestruction: YeahBoi Sp0rtnlife: banned! loki_oki: WaStEd TheDankDemon: not a weeb nymnKek Norwegian_wombat: elaThirst MartyLikesCookies: Does this guy work?! themightiestmonarch: nudes or GTFO LULW 0xSaisaki: elaThirst 1080p200fps: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Sal7_one: Kreygasm MORFHI: I LOST Kreygasm CrazyKidGo: elaThirst syps_: elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: YeahBoi Balwator: elaThirst Nopileos: elaThirst HotFireZ: I LOST Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm Ttanoraa: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 Shrimpess: elaC perry_1903: elaThirst MaleFunction: elaC Deliriumi1: forsenCD Clap Hellu: elaThirst misterbudlo: Kreygasm zoleanx: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm MettatonsFan: Pog shiny__hawlucha: monkaTOS J0hnnyBlade: lookinerator yeah you can change it in the bar BrascoGaming: I LOST crapcrack: elaThirst elaGun elaThirst elaGun Murika_: Kreygasm Zane_Within: Kreygasm Erazu: Kreygasm Clap GGWolfSif: Kreygasm KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 foosan5: Kreygasm UltraWindow: PogU Nopileos: Kreygasm Croissanito: elaGasm Cinerus_: elaThirst Komitern66: elaThirst elaThirst Pepparn: Kreygasm Thrisper: Pog NicNacNinja: elaThirst Soadante: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm calculatedCha0s: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm DethSword_: Kreygasm I LOST Balwator: elaC CycleOfFire: elaThirst Spellyew: elaThirst Tw1tOne: Kreygasm Sunprayer07: Kreygasm Grynovus: Kreygasm Annonn140: Kreygasm Mengzanoid: gachiOnFIRE Suney: Kreygasm Nopileos: Kreygasm Kreygasm mizoreeee: tobiasCREEP Himmee: Pog Trizze: WRITTEN IN BLOOD monkaW jade282: ElaThrist Soadante: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm 뿡토: monkaTOS gzalewski: Kreygasm I LOST It_is_alive: Kreygasm Akytami: elaThirst KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 grimelocked: monkaTOS RKazekiri: Kreygasm Clap loki_oki: Boooobies xuukiii: I LOST Kreygasm thelastone666: elaISee Espher_5: Kreygasm Kyucmbr: 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 houndthree: “IM NOT A WEEB” Turbulist: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm jinzo778: Pog showmeyourcredentials: shiiiiiiiiiiiet LickMyPretzel: forsenCD KaitoKidShadow: elaThirst Larsn2k: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst mayushi10: Kreygasm I didn’t win calculatedCha0s: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm rk0r: Kreygasm wandering_pleb: I LOST elaGasm crapcrack: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst dimocishe: meh DansGame Balwator: worth it forsenCD ihssoy: Pog I lost Pixel_hearts: Kreygasm Lexikun: elaThirst HeuristicMemer: @Elajjaz hi ela ๐Ÿ™‚ taeyeon__ss: YeahBoi puffin_123: v(^_^)v AlexAnderman1994: elaC ModernPlagueDoctor: elaS Kudoxxx: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob atomicdestruction: Double down forsenCD CallMeKong: INAPROPRO kamimamida: grato Streamleen: Choose wisely. Bobanaut: are you sure? they look the same Balwator: forsenCD halon50: kinda tame FeelsBadMan Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST syps_: elaThirst elaThirst loki_oki: HYPERCLAP DjaDjaDji: elaThirst jade282: elaThirst KrazyShark: WHOA. NICE. KanzanZX: nice MartyLikesCookies: LULW Speculaas: Send dick pic YeahBoi Shrimpess: Catherine>Thot monkaTOS Croissanito: elaC HotFireZ: LUL Reddinator: everybody lost Kreygasm KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 taeyeon__ss: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz fuck her ela fuck her holloWFortune: Whoa Dassiz: you can reply to the message before as well btw @Elajjaz thelastone666: weeb game elaISee StarPogPlatinum: LULW Balwator: elaThirst nice Sal7_one: Dick pic DethSword_: OMEGALUL Deliriumi1: D: Emzero: LULW perry_1903: Nice elaThirst CrazyKidGo: Nice elaThirst Erazu: NOICE Pepparn: elaThirst Nice Larsn2k: “Show more” elaThirst marckvdv: nice Tiliger79: forsenCD Abbynaire: LULW Spl4sH_Gaming: forsenCD Clap MY MAN Turbulist: elaThirst calculatedCha0s: noice Kreygasm neuromancerking666: ahahah Caput_Draconis: LULW GGWolfSif: nice Kreygasm Akytami: NICE elaThirst It_is_alive: LUL Emzero: WTF LULW PirateMateyy: forsenCD Clap KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 Magilou_69: LULW Spellyew: elaThirst niiiice Kevintaku: elaThirst Kouteij: NICE elaThirst TheZecaUrubu: forrsenCD all the way DethSword_: LULW Nopileos: LULW MettatonsFan: elaThirst syps_: OMEGADOWN crapcrack: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst rk0r: Noice Thrisper: elaThirst halon50: MOAR cirREE Dr_Jan_Itor: Nice elaThirst rikze5: forsenCD Clap fonss1: LULW lamemage15: LULW GenuineLGN: LULW KaitoKidShadow: 1 cheeze____: elaThirst Glockstrap: gatchaWEEB xlRaptoe: Is this super seducer 3? Annonn140: forsenCD Clap Nopileos: LULW LULW jade282: LULW Balwator: forsenCD jinzo778: NOOICCEE saintjhon: elaThirst Tiliger79: forsenCD Clap ZyraX0: ??????????? Balwator: LULW last_whoa: Cx Istog: LULW Doully92: forsenCD Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK RKazekiri: whooa YeahBoi JubJubWantRubRubs: elaThirst rk0r: OMEGALUL Kuromaru_: elaThirst GIMME MORE Tw1tOne: actually, this is pretty cool. MartyLikesCookies: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: forsenCD HYPERCLAP DethSword_: forsenCD Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD CrazyKidGo: forsenCD MY MAN miki___miki: cosmoLewd 0xSaisaki: cathrine with a K any day of the week elaThirst Caput_Draconis: forsenCD dream_the_cast: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Fentu: LULW jinzo778: Pog StarPogPlatinum: ELA LULW mizoreeee: forsenCD Streamleen: WORST ENDING Hellu: forsenCD 👍 misterbudlo: forsenCD NicNacNinja: noice elaThirst scorp29_and_abyss: Kappa Venru: FAKEEE LUL Jaargan: GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB Nopileos: forsenCD lookinerator: @J0hnnyBlade Chag Greetings BTW PepeL elaHYUG Balwator: forsenCD my man Androsix: elaThirst Shrimpess: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Mengzanoid: monkaSHAKE Roos1102: ELA THIRSTY Himmee: LULW HotFireZ: LULW loki_oki: Forsen man Mirando: BAD ENDING LUL UltraWindow: forsenCD going to the deep end It_is_alive: CoolStoryBob Turbulist: PepeLaugh Espher_5: forsenCD MY MAN MaleFunction: forsenCD Clap rk0r: forsenCD HYPERCLAP MrCosmonafft: forsenCD HYPERCLAP CycleOfFire: forsenCD Clap SkyDC: WE ALL LOST elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst LickMyPretzel: bad ending taeyeon__ss: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP YeahBoi HYPERCLAP Kevintaku: this is what ela would do btw elaD emorium: At least this guy aint a wizard @Elajjaz CenkXiaoping: Akshually this is pretty cool haHAA Elvem: D: WTF ELA Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP crapcrack: BOBS AND VAGENE PLS elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Istog: DOCTORJAZZ Fridgieee: LULW KrazyShark: elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 elaThirst 🤳 YeahBoi 🤳 Guts117: elaCD Nemz38: ?????????? paleblood_13: forsenCD Suney: forsenCD TheErdbeere: doesnt mean he has to go all the way frunklesavant: bad boi Spellyew: elaThirst fuck it Soadante: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD Vallyen_: LULW BrascoGaming: Cx fuk it doood TheZecaUrubu: “that’s not me” forsenCD ModernPlagueDoctor: Bad ela mbay16: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD astherlu: total chaos route kyeooh: forsenCD Clap Bobanaut: go all red cupid InternetGrandpa: ELA BAD ๐Ÿ™ P3xi: forsenCD cheeze____: omg ela you’re so thirsty LULW amaddog: forsenCD Clap TheDankDemon: ela not cheating holloWFortune: elaThirst Clap Thenastyraven: send nudes elaThirst Balwator: forsenCD 👌 atomicdestruction: More pix nao elaC Pepparn: forsenCD hpbearman: BAD ENDING fonss1: forsenO NICE HungryforSomething: already commited to the cheating LUL ImSneakyPotato: ela BAD Chronolight: All in LUL FitoBurrito: YOU HAVE BECOME THE DOC forsenCD fmlswn: threesome incoming houndthree: ture colors are being shown here Jaargan: GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB GF HOTTER elaB MrLismos: @Elajjaz i don’t know if they have done it for this as well, but the original release for ps3 had a double sided cover for the cd box, you could pick the side with Katherine or the side with Catherine thatwas really cool Geixo: ELA ๐Ÿ™ UltraWindow: you got more mail i think 0xSaisaki: its your actions not his @Elajjaz Cerilysm: LOL Ignores Kathrine text LUL zoleanx: wat ela would say Shrimpess: bad ending PepeHands Pepparn: Clap2 forsenCD Reddinator: ma man forsenCD Elvem: D: WTF ELAD: WTF ELAD: WTF ELAD: WTF ELA KaitoKidShadow: hell yea brother Balwator: forsenCD my man KanzanZX: @Elajjaz you have one more new message crapcrack: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Junri: @Elajjaz You have other mails Erazu: forsenCD my man Murika_: not checking gf’s text PepeHands hpbearman: forsenCD MrFunky159: bro, change the music… with need something more classy for the bar ambience @Elajjaz Isfador: did he get the picture?? Sohei4649: Never gonna leave the nightmare PepeLaugh Traknir: @Elajjaz missed mail J0hnnyBlade: lookinerator pepeL zimeShady Spellyew: my kind of game forsenCD GGWolfSif: forsenCD 👌 Fafebobo: forsenCD StarPogPlatinum: I remember Ela saying it’s bad yesterday then this happens LULW Streamleen: You have to tone it down, Ela gzalewski: forsenCD Clap Goldstones: forsenCD FitoBurrito: Jaargan right answer ๐Ÿ™‚ Clock_wrk: forsenCD my man Goldstones: forsenD xsenpai7876: reply to Katherine jade282: If you’re already in a hole doesn’t mean you keep getting deeper ela LULW Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD Bestorio: forsenWC perry_1903: forsenCD spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz We’re gpnna get the bad ending tho Ela FeelsWeirdMan JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz look at mirror rk0r: the mirror monkaW frallanswe: forsenWC Trizze: is this the game you were looking forward to “practice” off stream? elaThirst @Elajjaz suryk22: Ela makin decision how he would react Balwator: forsenCD Soadante: PepeLaugh serRubbly: faithful GF PepeHands Tw1tOne: check mirror! wevie1: ignored his gf elaB Balwator: elaHYUK Oakateer: first ela is weeb now hes a cheater CrazyKidGo: elaHYUK Murika_: monkaW Goldstones: @Elajjaz when u are dont with stream, will u host UKparliament for the memes bogaMeme Germy_ranch: PepeHands DethSword_: FeelsPepoMan Pepparn: elaHYUG Xiithrian: inb4 bad ending OMEGLOL bigpeanut99: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: FeelsPepoMan halon50: elaHYUG Kuromaru_: elaHYUK perry_1903: elaHYUG Ttanoraa: ppSmoke Speculaas: I see Shrimpess: elaHYUK Nopileos: elaHYUG syps_: elaHYUK Turbulist: because elaHYUK ihssoy: Because? Deliriumi1: FeelsPepoMan Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz no fuck the other girl shes got KaitoKidShadow: DONT REPLY PepeLaugh NicNacNinja: elaHYUK Espher_5: elaHYUK AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Goldstones: elaHYUG Suney: FeelsPepoMan Doully92: OMEGA elaHYUK Sunprayer07: so please cum gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: because HYUUUUUUK elaHYUK Dr_Jan_Itor: elaHYUK Nopileos: elaHYUK seqone: FeelsPepoMan HYPERCLAP perry_1903: elaHYUK Pepparn: elaHYUK Clap Goldstones: forsenC Balwator: forsenCD crapcrack: elaHYUK miscusi: elaHYUG sergei_no: elaHYUK streamszz: makes sense SlempLoL: elaHYUK Clock_wrk: because elaHYUG CaptainOutOfTen: @Elajjaz Wash hands DansGame jade282: elaHYUK Nopileos: elaHYUK elaHYUK GamErDino1337: @Nemz38 wrong oen 0xSaisaki: because FeelsPepoMan Clap PrincessSparkIe: PrincessSparkIe subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! syps_: elaHmm 7oxicshadow: shes cheating on u WrestlerBot2000: @PrincessSparkIe What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM CallMeKong: SHE KNOWS tubularjesus: she knows Goldstones: elaHYUG ccslne: shieeettt GGWolfSif: breakup PepeHands Nopileos: SUB HYPE PrincessSparkIe POGGERS tilionm: elaHYUG Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Nemz38: @GamErDino1337 https://www.frankerfacez.com/emoticon/342019-PepeWTF Jarik23: Katherine DansGame Catherine Kreygasm Nemz38: there ya go Fridgieee: she knows PepeLaugh Bobanaut: not red enough tidooh: Did Ela read my donations? When did he switched games? I must have fall asleep LULW chillinsoul: “I would never cheat” – Ela, yesterday LULW crapcrack: elaHYUG Thenastyraven: she knows monkaW xdreigor: Neutral af DansGame suryk22: Bad ending Trizze: maybe she is cheating on you PepeHands @Elajjaz Goldstones: I’m just a meeemeeeer Thrisper: pepeJAM Cerilysm: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD InternetGrandpa: K>C xlRaptoe: pepeJAM Erazu: pepeJAM Ttanoraa: pepeJAM Germy_ranch: pepeJAMMER Nopileos: pepeJAM rikze5: pepeJAMMER Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM pepeD jormuliini: pepeJAM Akytami: pepeJAM HeuristicMemer: @Elajjaz is this a dating game? CaptainOutOfTen: @Elajjaz Wtf wash hands DansGame CycleOfFire: pepeJAM Spl4sH_Gaming: pepeJAM FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz are there any other Persona 5 jams? Samppsom: Why is ela playing weeb game LULW Goldstones: @Thrisper heyhey my darling dautLove ccslne: pepeD Tiliger79: pepeJAM Skobe: Try the Arcade? MilchiWay: no u leave Goldstones: elaH Hellu: forsenCD AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Jaargan: ??? crapcrack: elaChug elaChug elaChug loki_oki: pepeD pepeJAM pepeD Thrisper: Pissing out elaHmm 0xSaisaki: not peaceing our Pog Dassiz: @Elajjaz dont ever leave without exhausting all dialogue btw Life796: pepeJAM Spellyew: pepeD GGWolfSif: nice walking OMEGALUL Bobanaut: just drink tons more syps_: elaWOW WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Shrimpess: pepeD Sqwaaks: There is an anime cutscene if you wait her to come to the bar Goldstones: @Nopileos wassup sexy elaH Streamleen: No, go home and be a family man! tidooh: @HeuristicMemer This and mostly puzzle, you will see in a moment Turbulist: Drink ppBeer Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh Thrisper: @Goldstones pepeL halon50: missed bar talk FeelsBadMan MORFHI: @KrazyShark TEAM RIN Thenastyraven: elaThirst wait for her Androsix: tomorrow she said @Elajjaz 뿡토: ppBeer Mengzanoid: TaBeRu Sabriell: toby has same va as sasuke HYUKCHIHA frallanswe: SoonerLater AlexAnderman1994: ElaJAMMER It_is_alive: pepeD Goldstones: @Thrisper hows it going my friend pepeL DethSword_: forsenCD Clap last_whoa: PepeLaugh Cerilysm: ppBeer Goldstones: @halon50 heyhey frieeend elaH LynxFromBrawlhalla: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: monkaW Komitern66: monkaW Suney: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: monkaW Sunprayer07: monkaW Annonn140: forsenCD LickMyPretzel: forsenCD oh boy rikze5: forsenCD wtf Nopileos: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: Team Erica elaB jade282: monkaW MaleFunction: monkaW LynxFromBrawlhalla: forsenCD Turbulist: PepeLaugh Spellyew: forsenCD wtf CycleOfFire: monkaW MrFunky159: chat, I know you like this music, its ok.. but my bar immersion is fucking ruined elaREE Caput_Draconis: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD WTF Hobby8: Fedora PepeLaugh Erazu: forsenCD oh no Nopileos: monkaW HeuristicMemer: @tidooh cool, thx ๐Ÿ™‚ halon50: cirHi syps_: monkaW loki_oki: ElaCurse Hellu: forsenCD houndthree: @Elajjaz you can change music at the jukebox TheZecaUrubu: forsenCD curse ssssip: CURSE?! rooSlain MartyLikesCookies: monkaW fonss1: forsenCD Fuck Lexikun: #Rin AYAYA Clap AlexAnderman1994: KretoPls i am cursed perry_1903: forsenCD KaitoKidShadow: forsenCD akmannen: forsenCD Nopileos: forsenCD FitoBurrito: forsenCD I’M IN DANGER Goldstones: @halon50 heyhey halon headshotlike_a_boss: forsemCD Clap TheZecaUrubu: transparency curse Tiliger79: forsenCD DethSword_: forsenCD lucky Goldstones: forsenCD nitram3501: forsenCD TRUE Nanashi_Sakamoto: WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh WORST ENDING INC PepeLaugh Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz tell her to send nudes dude nudes PepeLaugh Streamleen: I can’t believe Ela cheated. spike_the_space_cowboy: YEAH THAT forseNCD Cerilysm: Team Rin! AYAYA elaGasm elaGasm UltraWindow: forsenCD CrazyKidGo: forsenCD MY MAN KrazyShark: @MORFHI TEAM RIN elaThirst kyeooh: TRUE forsenCD Komitern66: PepeLaugh Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD Crab_with_Tophat: forsenCD spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Sunprayer07: forsenCD ComradeNerdy: lucky fucking mistake forsenCD headshotlike_a_boss: forsenCD Clap TRUE Hellu: forsenCD nice MartyLikesCookies: LULW rikze5: forsenCD Clap cheeze____: forsenWC Clap olli2101: forsenCD Clap Bobanaut: good decision Apples_Gone_Bloopie: forsenCD Annonn140: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Thrisper: Autism test : forsenE FeelsGoodMan Clap I’m clean FeelsGoodMan Clap Nopileos: forsenCD Clap RKazekiri: farsenCD Clap gzalewski: forsenCD Clap xdreigor: forsenCD Clap CycleOfFire: TRUE forsenCD Jarik23: My man forsenCD Clap It_is_alive: forsenCD 0xSaisaki: happy little accident KappaRoss frallanswe: forsenCD My man Clap J0hnnyBlade: forsenCD Muesticblade: ela D: Evelon2: forsenCD Caput_Draconis: forsenCD Suney: forsenCD Astroft123: isn’t this p5 song?? ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD true Espher_5: forsenCD Nopileos: forsenCD Komitern66: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh ergivanc: AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA The_Nex_: Is that P5 music? MORFHI: forsenCD Clap Turbulist: forsenCD DethSword_: forsenCD Clap Smough: elas becoming a champion forsenCD Jaargan: YOU AWFUL HUMAN BEING elaREE headshotlike_a_boss: forsenCD Clap UltraWindow: forsenCD stupid fucking mistakes man saintjhon: forsenCD preach Shimone: p5 music NANI skraalQ: forsenCD MartyLikesCookies: forsenCD lamemage15: Going red Clap chillinsoul: forsenCD WELCOME TO THE CHAMPIONS CLUB Nopileos: forsenCD forsenCD It_is_alive: @The_Nex_ yes tidooh: @HeuristicMemer pepeL MORFHI: Clap2 forsenCD mbay16: Clap2 forsenCD AlexAnderman1994: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Crab_with_Tophat: @Astroft123 it is Magilou_69: forsenCD Clap KrazyShark: TEAM RIN ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP TEAM RIN ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP TEAM RIN ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP TEAM RIN ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP TEAM RIN ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP loki_oki: Bad decision ElaClap JouniKari: two time forsenCD Derpolaco: P5 Music spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz So we’re going the piece of shit route ? Tw1tOne: get a drink Croissanito: 4Shrug Hellu: forsenCD the two time Jarik23: When elaCD? Sabriell: talk to other people in the bar UltraWindow: THE 2X forsenCD ✌️ SpectatorNoX: SpectatorNoX subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! RaregachiGASM WrestlerBot2000: @SpectatorNoX After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM 뿡토: Catherine=KatherineErica>Catherine>Katherine Sunprayer07: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Deid_: PepeLaugh holloWFortune: monkaTOS Nopileos: lol Loheb: LULW FitoBurrito: girlfromjapan spike_the_space_cowboy is my favourite girl gachiHYPER It_is_alive: LULW Tymck: weeb streamer ela Turbulist: YES annytfAyaya Caput_Draconis: LULW demacian_silverwing: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan Erica Gerynt: LUL Ralpaka: Someone will LUL marmaladundra1: THE CHAD SHAMBLE Spellyew: LULW Dassiz: hes already maxed out on drinks chat AxelSaGo: no DansGame UltraWindow: charise is gonna do it anyways PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW cbRoFL: dude remix is so rough LULW TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz you already filled your tank Bobanaut: yes akemicat: rin is best girl Moctavius: I WILL ๐Ÿ™‚ KaitoKidShadow: YES Sabriell: no loki_oki: Another persone reference ihssoy: No. KrazyShark: @girlfromjapan k maybe no Rin>Catherine>Erica>Katherine spike_the_space_cowboy: @FitoBurrito i have a dick though MaN xlRaptoe: Yes Gurnak: yes Clap HappySmile123: Katherine PepoDance Catherine rangriz: YES Chlupis: forsenCD chad being transparent misterbudlo: yes MORFHI: yes Tymck: no Nopileos: YES TheZecaUrubu: yep Turbulist: Hell yeah annytfGasm Smough: ofc Vryn124: no halon50: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ DenZve: yes UltraWindow: maybe, depends on the girl im with mystickingfisher: Kreygasm LickMyPretzel: forsenCD why not mrbreadberry: yeah nitram3501: no ๐Ÿ™‚ lamemage15: no Annonn140: forsenCD yes Wieczornykac: YEES Nopileos: yes Germy_ranch: VoteNay Mirando: YES KaitoKidShadow: YEEESSSSSS xdreigor: Yes fonss1: no DansGame rk0r: Y E S Erazu: yes forsenCD Diluted_potato1: YES syps_: VoteNay dekkah: ofc MartyLikesCookies: NO CaptainOutOfTen: cheat? no DansGame CrazyKidGo: Yes forsenCD jade282: Yes AYAYA Nopileos: Yes Istog: yes Shrimpess: non Sanad3: maybe Samppsom: Cheating forsenCD Sabatour100: moon2CD Tymck: i am faithfull Ian2017: forsenCD Gurnak: done it forsenCD normiestake: YES tilionm: NOPE Norwegian_wombat: maybe elaThirst noxcorvus: sure Trizze: of course forsenCD UoL_TheStarchild: fuck no ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD of course FitoBurrito: spike_the_space_cowboy even better gachiHYPER Thrisper: no Spellyew: not question forsenCD krkandrkan: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Jaargan: N O deadinsidead: forsenCD AxelSaGo: ela will quit this game like he quitted the nioh dlcs OMEGALUL LynxFromBrawlhalla: forsenCD ofc Kgcool: I’d fuck a rusty toaster at this point tidooh: @KrazyShark You never seen this game before did you? PepeLaugh Ttanoraa: Never forsenCD mizoreeee: If i am piss drunk i probably would Straddy_: leave already LUL Mirando: You must be strong to cheat Kappa cheeze____: Upload it on youtube for you? Sure elaSmile saugo: no, but vincent will forcenCD 0xSaisaki: elaChug CrazyKidGo: elaSneeze mizoreeee: elaSneeze spike_the_space_cowboy: @FitoBurrito HandsUp nitram3501: yes majimaz14: LULW jolly_green_: so this isn’t for PC what the literal fuck is up with that? MartyLikesCookies: ??? Kuromaru_: KEEP GOING forsenCD Jarik23: D: Neimyin: That cup never ends Vryn124: bless you dad Thenastyraven: ELAsNEEZE KaitoKidShadow: YES I WOULD Fentu: D: Trizze: YES Kreygasm Pixel_hearts: FeelsGoodMan 👉IS THAT A THREAT monkaW Kudoxxx: wdncS noxcorvus: billyReady Sunprayer07: JustDoIt KappaJon: all those beers PepeHands Moctavius: Psycho monkaX MrFunky159: fucking alcoholic LULW Thrisper: Alcoholic PepeHands mizoreeee: goes home to drink more LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @girlfromjapan Women with red hair 5Head Kevintaku: PepeHands Diluted_potato1: SEX THE MOM Sergantuss: god where this guy such many money for drink AlexAnderman1994: ppBeer Spellyew: alocholic LULW Turbulist: ppBeer BrowningZen: Kreygasm supjta: Kapp sournuts1: what? 0xSaisaki: ppBeer Kuromaru_: DEAD Gerynt: Dump them both, sex Rin Nopileos: ppBeer Narik013: ResidentSleeper Shrimpess: ppBeer 뿡토: PepeLaugh 195iq: oooh boy thats a sad view of an alcoholic Mengzanoid: Time for some puzzle MartyLikesCookies: Would you cheat ela? Neimyin: Time for FeelsPepoMan Sabriell: not an alcoholic btw syps_: not brushing teeth DansGame Bieberhunter: Pog Life796: ppBeer GoAkke: ResidentSleeper BrowningZen: ppBeer dudeyes: PepeLaugh Ansdr: ppHop BruiseVein: @Trizze “I hope everything goes well in your life” is that a threat? monkaW Streamleen: HYPE MrLismos: in the original there is no Rin Spellyew: monkaW holloWFortune: 5Head time Deid_: ResidentSleeper TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh here we go cheeze____: dont fall asleep monkaX DethSword_: !clockwise AllLuckN0Skills: dude is just an alcohollic LUL WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing rk0r: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ get ready chat GoAkke: elaK Pixel_hearts: 🐑 time imLunchy: Weeb game? AYAYA TheDankDemon: ResidentSleeper perry_1903: elaK Kgcool: Kapp 5Pat5: elaGa elaPlan Nopileos: rk0r pepeL Trizze: @BruiseVein monkaW headshotlike_a_boss: Kapp Loheb: Kapp rikze5: Kapp mayushi10: Kapp Sunprayer07: elaK BrowningZen: elaK Kronezium: Oh boy… cant wait Nopileos: elaK HappySmile123: https://clips.twitch.tv/ApatheticStrongCasetteDerp puzzle time PepeLaugh Deid_: Kapp krkandrkan: Kappa KaitoKidShadow: wiib Germy_ranch: AYAYA It is mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh are you kidding me busky_maldsack: elaK Sure MettatonsFan: no, not at alle LUL DethSword_: PepeLaugh Turbulist: PepeLaugh here we go LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: 5Head or PepeLaugh ? Spellyew: elaK Life796: PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh Neimyin: PepeLaugh Tiliger79: PepeLaugh last_whoa: PepeLaugh CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh maldingtoday: PepeLaugh Kuromaru_: PUZZLES AWAIT, LUKE PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: PepeLaugh illethor221: PepeLaugh brot_ok: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: 11x PepeLaugh double digit combo Pog Pepparn: PepeLaugh rangriz: LUL Straddy_: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Ansdr: AYAYA Clap Shimone: PepeLaugh Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh Ian2017: PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: Kapp Eldritchness: PepeLaugh rikze5: PepeLaugh ? Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: PepeLaugh loki_oki: 5head time xlRaptoe: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh gint271: PepeLaugh akmannen: PepeLaugh Croissanito: PepeLaugh Xockel: LUL Loheb: PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh Suney: PepeLaugh reddvelv: PepeLaugh dimocishe: PepeLaugh Trizze: PepeLaugh 1 Akytami: PepeLaugh mayushi10: PepeLaugh RankedZOR: PepeLaugh KappaJon: PepeLaugh lets go perry_1903: PepeLaugh oops Thenastyraven: PepepLaugh misterbudlo: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh nymnCorn Zalewek: PepeLaugh LynxFromBrawlhalla: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh KevKov: monkaW Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh during this Smough: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kambri: PepeLaugh saugo: PepeLaugh zombie391: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Emzero: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh 2 Gothicer: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh Spellyew: its super weeby AYAYA The_Nex_: PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh Distl17: PepeLaugh Istog: PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: PepeLaugh ? ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: VaN urnightolf: RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM Raw__Man: it’s weeb af halon50: what about more than one PepeLaugh Muradin: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: larxaLaugh Th0rn4s: PepeLaugh oh no no no no Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Purist01: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh RKazekiri: it begins PepeLaugh marckvdv: PepeLaugh goodkatt_: PepeLaugh lookinerator: PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: PepeLaugh AtTh3Gates: PepeLaugh SkyDC: PepeLaugh Yobanashii: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh omglolpl0x: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh CycleOfFire: VaN Rephiax: Torture Chamber PepeLaugh DGS_Howling: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: PepeLaugh demacian_silverwing: PepeLaugh ? maldingtoday: monkaW xlRaptoe: monkaW Wayn_: elaKek angryj0nes: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Miku_no_Ryushon: PepeLaugh scorp29_and_abyss: PepeLaugh Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: monkaW Fridgieee: Its weeby PepeLaugh busky_maldsack: VaN Nazzet: PepeLaugh 👇 AxelSaGo: larxaLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh mizoreeee: monkaW Thrisper: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! Deid_: monkaW ordinarystory: PepeLaugh nymnCorn AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh akmannen: monkaS Cerilysm: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW jade282: PepeLaugh cheeze____: it is. but weeby doesnt make it bad elaB AxelSaGo: PepeLaugh Chlupis: PepeLaugh oh no no no brot_ok: forsenKek 💦 LickMyPretzel: forsenCD Sanad3: monkaW Neimyin: JOJO AYAYA Ansdr: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Norwegian_wombat: miirioFeelsLeeMan Ian2017: forsenCD Trizze: IS THIS MULTIPLAYER PogChamp St0rmEagle: forsenWC princeinnovice: PepeLaugh Korhain: monkaW CrazyKidGo: forsenCD my man gosamigo: PepeLaugh LynxFromBrawlhalla: forsenCD quichemeesh: PepeLaugh Leo_Fara: MAI BOI forsenCD mrbreadberry: OMEGLOL DethSword_: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Androsix: PepeLaugh miki___miki: cosmoIsee Nopileos: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: So many cheaters D: Gerynt: Sword Art Online monkaS Annonn140: forsenCD WTF Pauned1: PepeLaugh mayushi10: PepeLaugh 1 rangriz: 1000 ZerbusgameZ: elaKek Spellyew: PepeLaugh oh no no no rikze5: VaN ? Thenastyraven: jojo delrio Pog DethSword_: VaN Turbulist: 1000 monkaW UltraWindow: 1000 monkaW skraalQ: PepeLaugh nobunaga0daa: will you speedrun it? cbRoFL: cbRoFL is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 193 in the channel! Deliriumi1: 1000 monkaS cbRoFL: cbRoFL gifted a Tier 1 sub to chriskrrt! Shrimpess: it’s me Pog cbRoFL: cbRoFL gifted a Tier 1 sub to frozen9504! cbRoFL: cbRoFL gifted a Tier 1 sub to Nemesis9211! cbRoFL: cbRoFL gifted a Tier 1 sub to Zikih! cbRoFL: cbRoFL gifted a Tier 1 sub to imLunchy! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @chriskrrt the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @frozen9504 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Ian2017: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Zikih the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Nemesis9211 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM BrowningZen: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @imLunchy I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM S_Darji: 1000 monkaW RKazekiri: monkaW Trizze: SO MANY CHEATERS monkaW loki_oki: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: Chag perry_1903: Pog Nox15: Pog dudeyes: monkaS o O ( PepeLaugh ) Nopileos: SUB HYPE cbRoFL POGGERS mrbreadberry: PogU Jaargan: Pog Turbulist: PogU cbRoFL Magilou_69: pOG Neimyin: Kapp BobTheDrunkBear: Pog holloWFortune: elaK Nopileos: Pog CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh sure UltraWindow: elaK ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: distS akmannen: monkaS everyone is dying CycleOfFire: Pog Pixel_hearts: Pog Tiliger79: Pog Caput_Draconis: monkaW DethSword_: Pog SkyDC: Pog DudeMcGuyface: LUL LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pog Virhaed: Pog jade282: Pog maldingtoday: Kapp KaitoKidShadow: Pog DGS_Howling: monkaW rihoto: Pog gosamigo: Dodged EZ KappaJon: Kapp Ansdr: Pog Meximus322: elaK wandering_pleb: Pog syps_: elaK Thenastyraven: Pog IllFated2: elaK Deliriumi1: Pog cbRoFL ihssoy: Sure PepeLaugh amaddog: Kapp Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu wevie1: elaK lookinerator: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Suney: Pog J0hnnyBlade: Pog mayushi10: PepeLaugh Diluted_potato1: Pog rangriz: Pog jeh_zzZ: exactly 1000 wow supmadness: Pog JoltStryke: Pog TheKryel: Pog kocal123: PogU Nopileos: Pog Pog Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh jade282: elaK Wayn_: Pog Trizze: Pog AxelSaGo: cb Pog 0xSaisaki: PepeLaugh ElaPls BrowningZen: Pog Loheb: PepeLaugh GoAkke: PepeLaugh scorp29_and_abyss: Kappa syps_: Pog rk0r: PepeLaugh sure Nopileos: Pog HappySmile123: cbRoFL Pog Clap masterr876: if you wish emote only on puzzles, dont hesitate elaK girlfromjapan: Pog lindwormen: PepeLaugh here we go fanHEIBAI: Pog IllFated2: Pog syps_: Champ SerVersta: PepeLaugh brot_ok: DODGED Pog nobunaga0daa: elaK Kuromaru_: TRAP PepeLaugh Kira_22: larxaPOG FitoBurrito: cbRoFL why didn’t you gift me PepeHands Dassiz: yeh no shit, its really hard to die on Normal @Elajjaz It_is_alive: Pog Erazu: Kapp serRubbly: unnatural causes monkaS Gerynt: Dodged LUL BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Nox15: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: elaK LickMyPretzel: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: cbRoFL himLove Turbulist: Van AyoAz: Pog Ansdr: Kapp Gothicer: PepeLaugh 💨 Nopileos: Pog Pog jozuo: always lucky Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: VaN KrazyShark: gachiHYPER brot_ok: monkaS noxcorvus: NEVER LAKKI AYAYA Turbulist: VaN Annonn140: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Lexikun: already making excuses Suney: monkaW lookinerator: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: forsenCD bet some streamers are better at this game than others forsenCD archiji: elaK elaK elaK Meximus322: elaGa rikze5: VaN Clap Bobanaut: a real cheater just reloads the last save. ba da bum BrowningZen: Pepega AxelSaGo: @girlfromjapan axelsaPat Germy_ranch: elaK excuses already BruiseVein: @Trizze “You are so talented and a gift to the world, I hope everything works out for the best for you” is that a fucking threat? monkaW cbRoFL: sorry FitoBurrito PepeHands perry_1903: ppHop Nazzet: cb G Fuel fund Pog Clap loki_oki: Torture PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: You’re not gonna be just 1 of them , you’re gonna be 100 of them PepeLaugh LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pepega Clap syps_: gachiBASS Spellyew: monkaW brot_ok: AYAYA Kevintaku: oof PepeUff Turbulist: monkaW 0xSaisaki: torture chamber level is hard monkaS BrowningZen: LULW LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW Vendetta1v: … AHHHH Nazzet: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: traps DansGame C_O_Z_A: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW shiny__hawlucha: Losing plebs PepeHands mizoreeee: Edge 뿡토: TRAPS gachiHYPER girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh imLunchy: ela13 KrazyShark: Pog the pace Mengzanoid: HandsUp Time to give my AYAYA energy HandsUp Smough: Pog Tiddy: Just skip the puzzle stages LUL unbuliebubble: Professional now Pog FitoBurrito: cbRoFL it’s okay PepeHands I still love you elaH Diluted_potato1: EDGE gachiHYPER full_havel: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 kajindesktop: edge cbRoFL: elaH FitoBurrito imLunchy: Thx for the sub @cbrofl Bounce1987: its a pillow Ian2017: BibleThump syps_: BibleThump jormuliini: KKona BrowningZen: Pog MilchiWay: bible LUL mizoreeee: LULW KrazyShark: Pog halon50: BibleThump Kuromaru_: BIBLE PepeLaugh holloWFortune: Seems accurate KaitoKidShadow: Pog Nopileos: BibleThump dekkah: PogU MagicFrogs: LUL last_whoa: BlessRNG Germy_ranch: blessRNG mrbreadberry: BlessRNG unbuliebubble: BlessRNG Turbulist: BlessRNG Smough: look at the fucking pace Pog KaitoKidShadow: AngelThump bigpeanut99: Pog MartyLikesCookies: BibleThump Hobby8: BlessRNG nitram3501: D: jade282: LULW Spellyew: PogU BrowningZen: KKona Clap ThatLuluTho: AngelThump Nopileos: BlessRNG Nox15: KKona Suney: BibleThump DepressoMode: BlessRNG Ansdr: OwO Deid_: BibleThump zoleanx: BlessRNG 5Pat5: BlessRNG Tiliger79: BlessRNG demacian_silverwing: LULW Annonn140: AngleThump brot_ok: BlessRNG Sohei4649: monkaS riPepperonis RKazekiri: BlessRNG Nopileos: BlessRNG BlessRNG perry_1903: Pog dudeyes: AngelThump AlexAnderman1994: BlessRNG lamemage15: BlessRNG MettatonsFan: BlessRNG lookinerator: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh rikze5: BlessRNG ordinarystory: BlessRNG Deliriumi1: BibleThump ratritual: BibleThump BrascoGaming: BlessRNG mizoreeee: tobiasBLESS 195iq: hahahah a bible LUL Thrisper: AngelThump Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: BlessRNG syps_: BlessRNG TheKryel: BlessRNG Nopileos: BlessRNG DethSword_: monkaW Annonn140: AngelThump lookinerator: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Shrimpess: BlessRNG Caput_Draconis: BlessRNG gosamigo: BlessRNG Rephiax: Send t hem to the SHADOW REALM Pog KirschRing: hobbPray misterbudlo: BlessRNG mystickingfisher: preach cmonBruh masterr876: with the power of jesus 0xSaisaki: BlessRNG Nopileos: BlessRNG BlessRNG AtroxAbaddon: riPepperonis finalcharacter7: enigmaBible enigmaBible enigmaBible enigmaBible enigmaBible Gameking1997: Gameking1997 subscribed with Twitch Prime. MilchiWay: wait a bible to kill people LUL AxelSaGo: atheist run when? FeelsOkayMan jade282: monkaS WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Gameking1997 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM FitoBurrito: Jesus, kill my enemies BlessRNG imLunchy: Oh this game It_is_alive: BlessRNG Gothicer: KKona Clap hell yeah brother nitram3501: D: KILLING TheMasterToaster: F Nopileos: SUB HYPE Gameking1997 elaA Sohei4649: D: BrascoGaming: D: Turbulist: monkaW MisterPossible: the power of jesus Pog Erazu: monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW mizoreeee: elaD Kambri: BlessRNG ThatLuluTho: The power of Christ compels you AngelThump BruiseVein: SMITE THEM syps_: monkaW Cerilysm: monkaW BrowningZen: hell yeah KKona Clap Nopileos: monkaW lamemage15: D: takirindor: D: Vendetta1v: OOF miki___miki: D: Nanashi_Sakamoto: OwO MagicFrogs: WutFace Suney: D: Ansdr: D: scorp29_and_abyss: PepeLaugh Kevintaku: monkaW finalcharacter7: enigmaBible Meximus322: OwO 195iq: whiteyJesus whiteyJesus whiteyJesus whiteyJesus whiteyJesus whiteyJesus whiteyJesus Diluted_potato1: THEY FEAR RELIGION Nopileos: D: Shimone: Pog SeedyXX: D: holloWFortune: Pog Streamleen: Gruesome! RKazekiri: Pog AxelSaGo: YEAH gachiDAMA loki_oki: GLOD POG LickMyPretzel: AHOHOHO BrascoGaming: PepeHands Erazu: LULW BrowningZen: monkaW Kudoxxx: jahsus BlessRNG Turbulist: monkaSHAKE BrascoGaming: LULW Shimone: LUL Straddy_: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: LULW Meximus322: LULW TheMasterToaster: LULW Sohei4649: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW Nopileos: LULW DethSword_: OMEGADOWN Vond3: THE HELL IS THIS GAME Shrimpess: LULW MartyLikesCookies: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW BrowningZen: LULW Pixel_hearts: elaD Ansdr: PepeHands Bieberhunter: I RULL dimocishe: LULW Tiliger79: PepeLaugh perry_1903: LULW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh CenkXiaoping: AH HA HOO HOO Pepega holloWFortune: RULL Erazu: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LULW unbuliebubble: LULW Emzero: LULW Neimyin: DIED LULW Sheolith: OMEGALUL HisuiNagare: LULW AxelSaGo: OMEGALUL DethSword_: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Suney: LULW Shaverdian: You did not rull Ttanoraa: RULL Germy_ranch: LULW Annonn140: LULW syps_: LULW UltraWindow: he rull PepeLaugh mizoreeee: I RULL knight_solaire01: LULW Nopileos: LULW CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh MrFunky159: LULW Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Muradin: LULW xlRaptoe: PepeLaugh Kuromaru_: I RÜLL PepeLaugh 666Deimos: RAUL loki_oki: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: LULW demacian_silverwing: LULW Kwiedsch: i RULL Nopileos: LULW LULW LiquidDefiance: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: I RULL PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW Sheolith: RULLLL akmannen: You got to go forward Th0rn4s: RULL PepeLaugh Thrisper: I SPRING The_Nex_: I RULL PepeLaugh Gothicer: OMEGADOWN AkaTsubaki_: I RULL PepeLaugh SerVersta: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: OMEGARULL Bobanaut: obvious trap and you failed TheKryel: LULW full_havel: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW I RULL rikze5: PepeLaugh RankedZOR: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: CANT RULL IN THIS GAME Zalewek: PepeLaugh gzalewski: OMEGALUL RULLLLLLL DGS_Howling: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Deid_: HE RULL PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh It_is_alive: I RULL LULW Purist01: LULW Nox15: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: ElaClap MIYAZAKI MartyLikesCookies: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: D: Erazu: LMAO BrascoGaming: LULW I RULL skraalQ: LULW mayushi10: D: Sergantuss: is this game have like explanation why this ppl come to this world when they sleep? dimocishe: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: D: Shimone: LUL AGAIN jade282: @Elajjaz dont forget pillow add your undo number syps_: OMEGADOWN rikze5: 🐑 wtf Skejven: D: Loheb: D: Suney: D: It_is_alive: D: Nopileos: D: Turbulist: elaKek Jaargan: D: TigerOnVaseline: Rull wevie1: PepeLaugh Wolficek3134: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Zalewek: not gonna die PepeLaugh skraalQ: LULW FUCK OFF SHEEP CycleOfFire: D: Spellyew: OMEGALUL noxcorvus: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: not getting gold DansGame J0hnnyBlade: pepeJAM 🍷 Ansdr: PepeUff insurrectionist89: oh nononono MoRDaX_TV: this game is zo edgy Deliriumi1: D: Thrisper: 🐑 perry_1903: elaD quichemeesh: cryNani takirindor: D: MartyLikesCookies: D: Dassiz: its so fckin hard to die on Normal, you should really play on Hard @Elajjaz LUL Shrimpess: D: Nopileos: D: D: Nazzet: D: HappySmile123: elaD LynxFromBrawlhalla: D: Suney: D: x2 scoutdiverman: D: ZyraX0: larxa20IQ_SG Ansdr: D: Skejven: elaD Korhain: Korhain subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months, currently on a 17 month streak! PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @Korhain After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Straddy_: ??? last_whoa: E D G E Th0rn4s: edge BrascoGaming: LULW Shimone: LUL Meximus322: LULW Erazu: OMEGALUL ZerbusgameZ: ?? Nopileos: SUB HYPE Korhain POGGERS Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: POOF KaitoKidShadow: hahahaha GoAkke: PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW Pixel_hearts: ???????? AxelSaGo: OMEGALUL LiquidDefiance: EDGE Bobanaut: one pull to much misterbudlo: PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL Nazzet: LULW BrowningZen: LULW zoleanx: Jebaited scorp29_and_abyss: LULW Nopileos: LULW loki_oki: boy learning PepeLaugh miki___miki: SO BAD OMEGALUL AxelSaGo: Pepega Clap Ansdr: PepeLaugh mayushi10: PepeLaugh cheeze____: @Sergantuss It’s a curse he got when he cheated forsenCD wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: AHOHOHO Gothicer: LULW BrowningZen: PepeLaugh ZyraX0: larxaSip_SG Turbulist: elaKek unbuliebubble: ???????????? Nopileos: PepeLaugh holloWFortune: ??? Samppsom: Goofy=LickMyPretzel: elaGa RankedZOR: PepeLaugh CenkXiaoping: Pepega Vendetta1v: LOLOL BrascoGaming: OMEGADOWN Meximus322: PepeLaugh Tiliger79: PepeLaugh Loheb: LULW gzalewski: ?????? FitoBurrito: They are EXTREMELY noticeable are you okay DethSword_: OMEGADOWN Ian2017: PepeLaugh MartyLikesCookies: ?? Kuromaru_: RÜLL PepeLaugh Thrisper: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: PepeLaugh Kevintaku: elaKek Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh noxcorvus: PepeLaugh Erazu: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: just push right Caput_Draconis: LULW fonss1: ???????????????? Narik013: is this mald LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW Annonn140: PepeLaugh DethSword_: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Th0rn4s: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: larxaSmug_SG BruiseVein: SO BLIND OMEGADOWN wevie1: PepeLaugh 5Pat5: FeelsPepoMan Clap perry_1903: PepeLaugh demacian_silverwing: LULW LULW Nox15: PepeLaugh MvpTaru: ??????????? Pixel_hearts: elaGa Nopileos: PepeLaugh DethSword_: PepeLaugh LiquidDefiance: AHOHOHO login_not_available: he rull PepeLaugh Leo_Fara: PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: 5 LULW Straddy_: ?????????? VonMozart: lobosKek Shrimpess: elaGa MrFunky159: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: ?????????????? FeelsPepoMan Suney: PepeLaugh unbuliebubble: ????????? Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Sergantuss: @cheeze____ so as others? i got it. tnx Parfumerie: PepeLaugh supjta: ????????????????????????? morlachon: PepeLaugh DGS_Howling: PepeLaugh gint271: ??????? TheMasterToaster: This is amazing PepeLaugh 💦 Shaverdian: it’s big brain time Sqwaaks: Good thing is not OG catherine otherwise it would be reset from every spike MilchiWay: push Vendetta1v: Too hard Propulsions: ????????????? Pepega saintjhon: PepeLaugh brot_ok: forsenKek 💦 forsenKek 💦 forsenKek 💦 noxcorvus: GAME NOT PROCEEDING PepeLaugh HAIRLINE RECEDING PepeLaugh PROGRESS HAS STALLED PepeLaugh NOW WE ARE MALD PepeLaugh Gerynt: Are those souls where other players died? Kudoxxx: monkaS kajindesktop: PepeLaugh houndthree: you still got your item LickMyPretzel: NotLikeThis KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh HE FORGOT MrFunky159: SO BALD LULW Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN ModernPlagueDoctor: I love the souond they make when the enemies die DethSword_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN CycleOfFire: PepeLaugh Here we go, chat Vendetta1v: Loool TheDiotone: you have it already LULW Nopileos: CycleOfFire elaH Nazzet: You activated my trap card PepeLaugh Virhaed: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW mystickingfisher: pepega mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh brot_ok: forsenKek 💦 Erazu: ????????????????? Bobanaut: he aint ready yet BrascoGaming: LULW LULW Neimyin: PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: dud Sergantuss: @cheeze____ is there a way to cure it? Nopileos: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: 6 PepeLaugh demacian_silverwing: PepeLaugh ? AxelSaGo: larxa20IQ rikze5: ElaPls taeyeon__ss: PepeLaugh FragmentShader: whats this music again Tw1tOne: push the spike block LUL dread_wolf_: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan Straddy_: @Elajjaz there is a checkpoint to your right Sanad3: he doesnt know PepeLaugh holloWFortune: Why do you even pull that out? 뿡토: ???????????????????? moon2PEEPEEGA loki_oki: Checkpoimt gone PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: ElaPls Kevintaku: ElaPls Haratha: Haratha subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! ayyyy mbay16: just push it WrestlerBot2000: @Haratha Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM LynxFromBrawlhalla: ElaPls BleekStone: spring spring spring Nopileos: SUB HYPE Haratha POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! AxelSaGo: pool HYUKCHIHA fanHEIBAI: why not get the checkpoint? xdreigor: SPRING Pepega TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh 👆 misterbudlo: 🔔 mrbreadberry: LULW WhatSeekethThee: Hi guys elaHAA TheDiotone: forgot checkpoint LULW Thrisper: elaK I’m ded elaK Nothing I can do elaK I’m ded elaK Yep elaK Unfortunately elaK Yeah, well elaK im actually dead elaK DethSword_: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Turbulist: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: LULW Loheb: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: LULW saugo: elaKek Nopileos: LULW Sabriell: ran it over LULW LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW scatterrrbrain: lobosKek Nazzet: LULW Kuromaru_: DESTROYED PepeLaugh dread_wolf_: REPLACE cheeze____: @Sergantuss I mean I honestly dont know I guess it’ll come clearer as the story progresses TheKryel: PepeLaugh mayushi10: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: ??? what is he doing xlRaptoe: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: ruined Meximus322: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: LULW Turbulist: F Nopileos: PepeLaugh perry_1903: gachiHYPER CrazyKidGo: gachiHYPER Loheb: gachiBASS kermanaattor: PepeLaugh MettatonsFan: edge, nay, ass Sunprayer07: gachiBASS Nazzet: bldfBUTT Shrimpess: ass gachiHYPER AxelSaGo: ass gachiBASS LynxFromBrawlhalla: gachiBASS Skejven: gachiBASS CycleOfFire: gachiHYPER Thrisper: LUL gosamigo: ASS gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiBASS dudeyes: Clap It_is_alive: gachiHYPER bularr: gachiBASS Samppsom: Ass gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: ass gachiBASS Mengzanoid: Pog Dr_Jan_Itor: VoteNay squilTHICC ? Samppsom: What is going on LULW Turbulist: LULW Deliriumi1: D: WhatSeekethThee: ASS gachiBASS Nazzet: D: jade282: @Elajjaz Dont forget Pillow add your Undo number! GGWolfSif: D: BrowningZen: PepeHands Nopileos: D: MrFunky159: THE GOLD elaREE loki_oki: Pog So fast fanHEIBAI: @Elajjaz you can move trap blocks too ๐Ÿ™‚ brot_ok: TriHard he1l_kappa: TriHard FiReBallKG: elaGa mayushi10: just go TheDiotone: Pog Th0rn4s: TriHard SHEEEEEEEEEEEEP Succmeister1337: TriHard BrascoGaming: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW Turbulist: monkaW Shrimpess: LULW perry_1903: LULW Nopileos: LULW RKazekiri: monkaW unbuliebubble: EZ Clap Fafebobo: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: LULW Kevintaku: monkaW mizoreeee: PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: distLUL Loheb: monkaS dread_wolf_: Pog Deliriumi1: Clap BrowningZen: monkaW Virhaed: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: PepeLaugh akmannen: POg BrascoGaming: Pog Clap 0xSaisaki: NEJ monkaS MilchiWay: LUL Nopileos: monkaW dekkah: PogU MartyLikesCookies: Clap Meximus322: Pog Erazu: LULW AxelSaGo: distLul ZyraX0: Clap scoutdiverman: Clap LynxFromBrawlhalla: monkaW Annonn140: PogU Caput_Draconis: LULW It_is_alive: monkaW Thenastyraven: Pog Suney: Pog noxcorvus: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: EZ Clap Nopileos: Clap nitram3501: Clap Turbulist: PogU Dassiz: its so fckin hard to die on Normal, you should really play on Hard @Elajjaz LUL Loheb: PogU KaitoKidShadow: Pog Clap dudeyes: monkaX demacian_silverwing: Pog Kuromaru_: monkaS NEJ Skejven: Pog Nanakovski: LULW Leo_Fara: Clap Zendryx: Pog GGWolfSif: Pog Clap TheDiotone: Clap Nopileos: Pog MettatonsFan: Pog Clap fapnut_: Pog hpbearman: monkaS Nox15: Clap LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pog Clap Germy_ranch: PepeLaugh Clap DGS_Howling: Pog BrowningZen: Pog LiquidDefiance: Pog Gothicer: OMEGADOWN lamemage15: Clap ViveLaDissidence: Chag Fentu: sheeeeeeep TheKryel: Clap J0hnnyBlade: Chag wevie1: Pog Clap Nopileos: Clap 195iq: wooooo The_Nex_: RULLL NEJJ Pog It_is_alive: Clap akmannen: Masterr puzzle master mizoreeee: ElaClap dekkah: Clap cheeze____: Clap Elvem: NAY NAY NAY faithless_zealot: You did it! mentalvary: elaEZ Clap wandering_pleb: Champ saugo: Pog Clap gosamigo: gachiHYPER DethSword_: POGGERS Clap Nopileos: Clap Clap SkyDC: Pog Clap Thrisper: Clap jade282: AYAYA Clap MrFunky159: missed pile of gold PepeHands LynxFromBrawlhalla: gachiBASS Sergantuss: is this is like easy diff? i remember when i see this game ppl died and restart like hell many times Turbulist: monkaW zoleanx: do it on hard LUL mizoreeee: monkaW Tw1tOne: Jebaited DethSword_: monkaW 1080p200fps: insane greed girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo oh hi Axel! KonCha Vond3: WHAT EVEN IS THIS GAME TheDankDemon: bronze LULW loki_oki: no, you don’t PepeLaugh supjta: EASIEST DIFFICULTY LULW CrazyKidGo: 5Head DethSword_: 5Head Meximus322: 5Head GoldenSun_: 5Head 0xSaisaki: impossible elaK perry_1903: 5Head Cerilysm: TaBeRu xdreigor: 5Head Suney: TaBeRu Nopileos: 5Head last_whoa: Pog tidooh: @Elajjaz Best wifu yet? elaHmm BruiseVein: LOOOOL Deid_: 5Head halon50: 5000Head KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu Eldritchness: TaBeRu Sohei4649: 5Head x1000 ? TheKryel: 5Head Turbulist: 5000 5Head MettatonsFan: 5000Head Pog Streamleen: RIN? Kronezium: Kronezium subscribed with Twitch Prime. HappySmile123: 4 mil IQ WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Kronezium the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM MartyLikesCookies: 5000Head serRubbly: 5000Head KappatainHindsight: 5Head houndthree: Its easy ๐Ÿ™‚ The_Nex_: 5Head hard Sunprayer07: 5000Head Pepparn: 5000 5Head Deliriumi1: TaBeRu AxelSaGo: now that u are a weeb again, watch kimetsu no yaiba and dr stone FeelsOkayMan @Elajjaz Norwegian_wombat: miirioGuv NicNacNinja: 5Head xlRaptoe: 5Head elementary Thenastyraven: 5Head k Caput_Draconis: TaBeRu gosamigo: AngelThump mizoreeee: TaBeRu normiestake: 5Head I see perry_1903: TaBeRu he1l_kappa: N OMEGALUL RMIE Neimyin: TaBeRu Elvem: RIN Pog DethSword_: 5Head easy dudeyes: actually pretty decent @Elajjaz Clap miki___miki: 5Head so easy Nopileos: SUB HYPE Kronezium POGGERS marckvdv: 5000Head TheZecaUrubu: TaBeRu Akytami: TaBeRu girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo who’s your fav? PepeLaugh VashGarland: 5Head ah yes LiquidDefiance: 5Head * 1000 CMAN222008: nemz5Head Pixel_hearts: TaBeRu scatterrrbrain: PogU BruiseVein: @Elajjaz where’s the 5000Head emote? AxelSaGo: @girlfromjapan distH Nopileos: TaBeRu 0xSaisaki: 5000Head Pog Elvem: AYAYA AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA elaWut AYAYA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ AYAYA AYAYA We have you surrounded now Elias-kun !! jade282: TaBeRu Life796: 5Head quite easy to be honest Eugene_Lychany: THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE BrowningZen: Pog CycleOfFire: 5Head My game Sanad3: Clap LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pog MilchiWay: rin AYAYA Nazzet: 5Head OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL supmadness: Pog perry_1903: ElaClap Cerilysm: TaBeRu AYAYA Nopileos: Pog SpyroKek: Clap AxelSaGo: @girlfromjapan fav girl? larxaHmm Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Streamleen: Rin’s music saving you Gerynt: Clap Shansolos: Pog G It_is_alive: ElaClap Turbulist: not bronze Pog Nazzet: TaBeRu login_not_available: 5000head Mengzanoid: First try Pog tidooh: @Elajjaz Best wifu yet? elaHmm>Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz It said difficulty: easy AYAYA akmannen: Silver Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: not even gold PepeLaugh scatterrrbrain: AngelThump KaitoKidShadow: RINs piano stopped the falling Th0rn4s: THE LOLI SAVED YOU AYAYA loki_oki: 5Head=5000Head girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo yes elaHmm perry_1903: elaYA KaitoKidShadow: Pog Turbulist: TaBeRu Neimyin: Saved by loli AYAYA Bawlah: Not even Bronze elaKek RKazekiri: AYAYA Shrimpess: TaBeRu BrowningZen: AYAYA nobunaga0daa: AYAYA SAVED YOU Suney: AYAYA GoldenSun_: AYAYA Clap gosamigo: AYAYA BobTheDrunkBear: TaBeRu Nopileos: AYAYA MilchiWay: AYAYA Deid_: AYAYA Korhain: AYAYA Lexikun: cause she’s the best AYAYA BleekStone: why are all the sheep men? HotPokket Do only men cheat? HotPokket Turbulist: annytfAyaya wevie1: TaBeRu Galer1ans: Clap2 galer11AYAYA TheKryel: AYAYA Bobanaut: because she is… the end boss /spoiler Shiinalicious: only men are in that dream tho? BruiseVein: @Elajjaz where’s the 5000Head emote? AxelSaGo: tbh i don’t like the personality of either @girlfromjapan Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA xlRaptoe: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: forsenCD i see an opportunity UltraWindow: and why can she play the piano? monkaW miki___miki: wet dream cosmoLewd Thrisper: TaBeRu Leo_Fara: AYAYA SpyroKek: rawrAYAYA rawrAYAYA rawrAYAYA rawrAYAYA Nazzet: woopsAYAYA NicNacNinja: AYAYA HeuristicMemer: the hunter’s dream Pog morlachon: AYAYA Clap 0xSaisaki: TaBeRu GuitarTime skraalQ: teiiowAYAYA BrascoGaming: AYAYA NovaMoon: i dont remember this from the game Nopileos: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Streamleen: Literal angel. BobTheDrunkBear: AYAYA Clap jade282: AYAYA Clap scatterrrbrain: lobosLewd ASailorTwift: ASailorTwift subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! DethSword_: forsenCD Clap nice Xockel: LUL brot_ok: elaYA FitoBurrito: forsenCD Germy_ranch: monkaS WrestlerBot2000: @ASailorTwift I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM Ansdr: D: Istog: no saugo: AYAYA Sergantuss: is he sex her too lol? miscusi: forsenCD Clap my gurl MaleFunction: elaYA Thrisper: LUL Smough: wonder why Himmee: LUL Nopileos: SUB HYPE ASailorTwift PogChamp 0xSaisaki: no ๐Ÿ™‚ usero_: no ๐Ÿ™‚ dread_wolf_: SHE IS A DUDE e.e Ajahi: IS SHE A DUDE? OMEGALUL Dr_Jan_Itor: forsenCD loki_oki: no, she canm’t BruiseVein: 14 year old looking at underwear monkaW noxcorvus: OMEGALUL jeh_zzZ: she’s totally atrap It_is_alive: forsenCD BrowningZen: forsenCD Kouteij: Kouteij is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Elajjaz! ModernPlagueDoctor: They said something about her bracelet speaking I think she did 0xSaisaki: whats going on? elaHmm fonss1: SHE CHEATET forsenCD morlachon: sex “her” PepeLaugh Fentu: DIE? AxelSaGo: die? distS scatterrrbrain: The dick makes it better gachiHYPER rikze5: elaISee Lootarka: dye LickMyPretzel: elaISee tidooh: @Sergantuss PepeLaugh just watch atomicdestruction: elaHmm LynxFromBrawlhalla: monkaW VashGarland: dyke Nazzet: TaBeRu Turbulist: TaBeRu Pixel_hearts: TaBeRu Neimyin: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu Streamleen: She’s lovely. StarPogPlatinum: TaBeRu BrascoGaming: TaBeRu Germy_ranch: TaBeRu MartyLikesCookies: TaBeRu Suney: TaBeRu Pepparn: TaBeRu Mengzanoid: TaBeRu perry_1903: TaBeRu Shrimpess: TaBeRu Eldritchness: TaBeRu It_is_alive: TaBeRu jade282: TaBeRu girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo that’s cool elaCozy last_whoa: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: 13x TaBeRu double digit combo Pog Nox15: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu TaBeRu quote_if_stuck_on_halberd: F Th0rn4s: TaBeRu CycleOfFire: TaBeRu wevie1: FeelsGoodMan DethSword_: TaBeRu HappySmile123: TaBeRu JimthePill: TaBeRu Germy_ranch: TaBeRu TaBeRu BobTheDrunkBear: TaBeRu UltraWindow: TaBeRu Thenastyraven: TaBeRu lamemage15: TaBeRu RKazekiri: TaBeRu Tiliger79: TaBeRu BrowningZen: ??? LULW Nopileos: TaBeRu Erazu: TaBeRu Lagunaab: WeirdChamp brot_ok: TaBeRu gosamigo: TaBeRu DrGreater: Is she ok in the head? loki_oki: TaBeRu Thorint: TaBeRu Ansdr: TaBeRu akmannen: TaBeRu gzalewski: TaBeRu Caput_Draconis: TaBeRu vince_the_pince_: 2 anime Nopileos: TaBeRu TaBeRu Guts117: weeb as fuck Istog: TaBeRu NovaMoon: this must be new in the remaster Fabu_: she’s stupid MrFunky159: SHES FUCKING TRASH LULW CallMeKong: play the piano when surrounded by demons WEEB LOGIC quichemeesh: TaBeRu AlexAnderman1994: TaBeRu Kambri: TaBeRu Th0rn4s: TaBeRu TaBeRu Leo_Fara: TaBeRu TripleThrashTreat: TaBeRu Lexikun: TaBeRu morlachon: FeelsGoodMan Clap 0xSaisaki: too bad you suck and make everyone uncomfortable DansGame Germy_ranch: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu cheeze____: TaBeRu syps_: TaBeRu Sohei4649: TaBeRu knight_solaire01: headBang Akytami: TaBeRu LiquidDefiance: TaBeRu th3sh3riff: TaBeRu jeh_zzZ: wait, is it confirmed that rin has a shlong bacononcake: FeelsWeirdMan ViveLaDissidence: FeelsGoodMan Clap music Th0rn4s: TaBeRu 🎶 miki___miki: TaBeRu jade282: Gone full Anime chat TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu TaBeRu mizoreeee: man she is such a “i love everyone and the world” character i hate her WeirdChamp Ian2017: TaBeRu Parfumerie: 🔔 ))))) dimocishe: TaBeRu Luhhha: 🔔 ))) NotLikeThis ((( 🔔 raider_unkindled: this game is weeb as shit @Elajjaz elaWeird lekalur: He don’t know, chat marshalmv: 🔔 ))) UltraWindow: D: BrascoGaming: PepeHands DethSword_: Jebaited Pixel_hearts: elaD Shrimpess: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW Th0rn4s: D: MrFunky159: @mizoreeee same LULW Mengzanoid: TaBeRu Lin TaBeRu Turbulist: PepeHands Ansdr: ! yamasa2000: D: 0xSaisaki: she ded PepeHands LynxFromBrawlhalla: monkaW Streamleen: woke up LUL Nopileos: monkaW TripleThrashTreat: TaBeRu TaBeRu CallMeKong: SHES A CHICKEN Nazzet: 4Shrug Gainsbarre_: Not a weeb game ? LUL Gerynt: Bye bye HeyGuys dudeyes: FeelsGoodMan 🔔 VashGarland: 3Head mayushi10: dead PepeHands gzalewski: monkaW RIN perry_1903: WeirdChamp Sunprayer07: WeirdChamp cheeze____: She is the true waifu confirmed MrFunky159: @mizoreeee terrible addition to the game imo jawlineleipa: WeirdChamp perrito_scottex: SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: DONG 🔔 Bobanaut: just save Sergantuss: its Death Stranding 2 pog Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP WEEB STREAMER AYAYA HYPERCLAP WEEB GAME demacian_silverwing: 🔔 ))) ((( 🔔 DethSword_: 🐑 xlRaptoe: 🐑 Clap Nandz: Stop spoiling, chat Moctavius: poofed elaS KaitoKidShadow: those two dudes dp Kildaedra: Its a nice day for a… White Wedding~! xlRaptoe: Any sheeps? 🐑 Clap Ansdr: :sheep: BrascoGaming: spider PogU mizoreeee: MrFunky159 maybe there is more behind her i havent seen the new version but i doubt it LUL Gerynt: Tech Pog mrbreadberry: monkaX 0xSaisaki: spooder Pog Killuazo1: what night is he in? BrowningZen: monkaS spider Shrimpess: LULW Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu loki_oki: Teach him gachiHYPER Eldritchness: 5Head KaitoKidShadow: elaK zoleanx: 5Head Turbulist: LULW DethSword_: 5Head obvious miki___miki: 5Head 👉 🐑 FlameGodFlann: why’s he got the horns WutFace VashGarland: 5Head indeed scatterrrbrain: Jebaited Leo_Fara: cellTa MartinVP: Kapp BrowningZen: 5Head CrazyKidGo: 5Head indeed MaleFunction: 5Head Th0rn4s: 5Head DGS_Howling: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head BrascoGaming: 5Head indeed Germy_ranch: 5Head already knew Sabatour100: moon2GUMS moon2GUMS moon2GUMS AxelSaGo: @girlfromjapan i mean, i like the hair from Kath, i don’t like her attitude or glass, and Cath is 2 much of a bad girl Keepo gzalewski: 5Head trivial demacian_silverwing: 5Head Th0rn4s: 5Head ELEMENTARY 뿡토: moon2BRAIN It_is_alive: 5Head Deid_: 5Head Life796: 5Head I knew it quote_if_stuck_on_halberd: t BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW BrascoGaming: D: 0xSaisaki: guy on the spike monkaS Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Tiliger79: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaW Nazzet: 5Head we knew Caput_Draconis: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW AxelSaGo: glasses* not glass Deid_: monkaW MilchiWay: monkaS jade282: ๐Ÿ˜€ loki_oki: 5Head sheep DethSword_: VaN MrFunky159: @mizoreeee same, we’ll have to see BrowningZen: gachiHYPER true SpyroKek: monkaSHAKE gzalewski: monkaW Germy_ranch: 5Head I invited ‘the spider’ Nopileos: monkaS GGWolfSif: monkaW MartyLikesCookies: LULW xsenpai7876: @elajjaz notice the clothes the sheep wear and the people on the bar Ansdr: VaN Clap Annonn140: VaN 195iq: 5head gosamigo: DOMINATRICES gachiHYPER xBarkermushx: that bell NotLikeThis LickMyPretzel: 5Head 🍷 Luhhha: 🔔 ))) NotLikeThis ((( 🔔 TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh halon50: cirBell NotLikeThis FitoBurrito: You have 18570 MaN coins Ela 0xSaisaki: innovative my ass LUL mizoreeee: cmonBruh BrowningZen: cmonBruh girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo i got you Axel bathhoSmug spike_the_space_cowboy: cmonBruh rikze5: monkaTOS Deliriumi1: cmonBruh Th0rn4s: dont cmonBruh Nopileos: cmonBruh FitoBurrito: 5Head AxelSaGo: larxaComfy Clock_wrk: 5Head BrascoGaming: 5Head obvious bularr: cmonBruh DethSword_: 5Head trivial UltraWindow: you’re an expert at this one AsshurtingEmu: cmonBruh Turbulist: 5Head Smough: pewdiepies favorite move Life796: 5Head so obvious jade282: 5head Ian2017: The bridge 5Head Ansdr: ??? MartyLikesCookies: 5Head VashGarland: 5Head roo obvious Germy_ranch: 5Head chrisw_de: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head misterbudlo: 5Head jade282: 5Head Shrimpess: 5Head Flachzange42: says obvious but never does it Suney: cmonBruh CMAN222008: 5Head th3sh3riff: 5Head indeed ratritual: 🔔 ))) NotLikeThis ((( 🔔 demacian_silverwing: 5Head elaK perry_1903: 5Head Iamtid: Heey @Elajjaz and chat are we enjoying the game? BrowningZen: Pog BruiseVein: bridges are made to bridge gaps? Pog BrascoGaming: 5Head Pog senior_gardo: 🔔 ))) NotLikeThis ((( 🔔 Caput_Draconis: Pog Ian2017: 5Head dotnotbot: KEK perry_1903: Pog Leo_Fara: Pog Annonn140: Pog LynxFromBrawlhalla: Pog Nopileos: Pog BobTheDrunkBear: Pog Entriks51: 5Head loki_oki: 5Head bridge FitoBurrito: 5Head Clap Ansdr: 5Head xlRaptoe: 5Head MelanaChasmata: 5Head morlachon: Pog MartyLikesCookies: Pog Life796: Pog 5Head Turbulist: PogU Deid_: Pog Germy_ranch: PogU Nopileos: 5Head Shrimpess: Pog TheMasterToaster: 5Head 🍷 innovative SpyroKek: Pog magic demacian_silverwing: Pog GGWolfSif: Pog BrowningZen: 5Head RKazekiri: 5Head 0xSaisaki: 5Head saugo: 5Head GoldenSun_: 5Head Ah yes Deid_: 5Head Hellheaven1347: That Bell OhMyDog OhMyDog nobunaga0daa: 5Head MrFunky159: edge MrDestructoid Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Deliriumi1: DONNGGGG 0xSaisaki: acctual 5Head Pog gzalewski: 5Head ah yes BobTheDrunkBear: W OMEGALUL W JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz acting all smart until you have to start climbing Shrimpess: W OMEGALUL W kermanaattor: Wow Ansdr: waow loki_oki: Ez 5Head Suney: selphyIsee mizoreeee: “the bridge” is elas favourite PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: wow elaWOW nobunaga0daa: it was one more! FitoBurrito: Ichigo monkaW 0xSaisaki: mi mum 3Head Mengzanoid: pepeD 🔔 pepeD PressFToCumInBum: PressFToCumInBum subscribed at Tier 1. Sunprayer07: the bell is NotLikeThis WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @PressFToCumInBum the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM DethSword_: forsenCD Nopileos: SUB HYPE PressFToCumInBum elaA last_whoa: jonny yong bosh? Pog RKazekiri: monkaW sournuts1: distThink distThink distThink distThink Lagunaab: IS THAT OTACON VA Germy_ranch: D: mizoreeee: F xlRaptoe: F Neimyin: F Bobanaut: F? Nopileos: F 666Deimos: F Germy_ranch: F Shrimpess: F gachiHYPER Murika_: F KaitoKidShadow: F scatterrrbrain: f Suney: F UltraWindow: LULW GGWolfSif: F Ansdr: F BrascoGaming: F MilchiWay: F Akytami: F MartyLikesCookies: F LickMyPretzel: F Nopileos: F F Th0rn4s: F Straddy_: F calculatedCha0s: LULW nobunaga0daa: F Pepparn: F LynxFromBrawlhalla: F ihssoy: F Pixel_hearts: F KrazyShark: F gzalewski: F Gurnak: F KRTM_: F Lexikun: F Abbot__: f CMAN222008: F Ian2017: gachiHYPER F halon50: F gachiBASS brot_ok: gachiHYPER Nopileos: F I_anti_god: f jade282: F NicNacNinja: F It_is_alive: F Muradin: F StarPogPlatinum: F gosamigo: F gachiHYPER seydanator: F Erazu: gachiHYPER Sohei4649: f hyperkontsa: F DethSword_: F gachiHYPER Distl17: F scatterrrbrain: F gachiHYPER Hevisieni: F Jaargan: F Chlupis: F Annonn140: F Hellu: LULW MettatonsFan: F gachiHYPER Aeonll: F CrysisFear: F misterbudlo: F Korhain: F Nox15: F bigdaddye40: f ZebraStriker: F Whitesnake777: F hazy_0: F Deliriumi1: LULW JoltStryke: F LynxFromBrawlhalla: gachiHYPER Magilou_69: F Xurker: F th3sh3riff: gachiHYPER F MaleFunction: gachiHYPER F VashGarland: F bularr: F Nopileos: F F dimocishe: F Virhaed: F gachiHYPER omglolpl0x: gachiHYPER F Kronezium: F CallMeKong: LULW raider_unkindled: F Kuromaru_: F Skelde: F Auramoth: F gachiHYPER Sanad3: F AkaTsubaki_: F elaGasm CycleOfFire: F gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: F Janheud: F Nucleoprotein: F Nopileos: F 195iq: F AxleT1: f fanHEIBAI: F Bestorio: gachiHYPER F litanrk: gachiHYPER F gachiHYPER F gachiHYPER F gachiHYPER F gachiHYPER F gachiHYPER F mayushi10: F Sneaky__b: F Fruchtkuchen_XCVI: F gachiHYPER mizoreeee: fuckin hell WeirdChamp Tearingbullet: F Water_monster: F SpectatorNoX: gachiHYPER demacian_silverwing: LMAO BrowningZen: F gachiHYPER Apples_Gone_Bloopie: F gachiBASS TheZecaUrubu: F spike_the_space_cowboy: F Turbulist: F gachiHYPER Androsix: F Kambri: F gachiHYPER AsshurtingEmu: F rjwood_: F SoloMaU: F nigh_op: F Samwiser: F lindwormen: F gachiHYPER memorycard1mega: F shiny__hawlucha: F monkaTOS demacian_silverwing: F gachiHYPER nigh_op: gachiHYPER rikze5: F gachiHYPER quichemeesh: F gachiHYPER Mengzanoid: F gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Lagunaab: @Elajjaz pretty sure that was otacon’s voice actor miscusi: FFFFFF streamszz: oh shit sticky keys JAMMnX: F Dassiz: youre missing more sheep btw Nopileos: F gachiHYPER DarkstalkerDrego: monkaS Sp0rtnlife: F MisterPossible: it’s certainly better than the gooey boy pussy @Elajjaz elaKek PrideOfCloud : Is it just the same game than the original one with a new character ? Dassiz: unlucky JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz you didnt talk to all sheep WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz theripper048: what is the answer of the title question? Dassiz: @PrideOfCloud they changed quite a few things, also more endings cheeze____: monkaS Eldritchness: monkaW VonMozart: lobosK Mengzanoid: It’s LIN PepeHands BrascoGaming: monkaW quiz time LickMyPretzel: forsenCD Bobanaut: no MartyLikesCookies: YES last_whoa: no Kapp litanrk: LULW YES BrowningZen: forsenCD Martiansam: ZULUL spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD PrideOfCloud : Ok thanks UltraWindow: yes Cerilysm: elaK calculatedCha0s:Katherine trambes: monkaW xlRaptoe: Yup last_whoa: yes LULW Jaargan: LULW Smough: c Bakaorange: monkaW Virhaed: yes LULW MilchiWay: yes LUL Biocola: yup LULE Croissanito: yes PepeLaugh quote_if_stuck_on_halberd: Pog Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Nazzet: LULW fatpep: Catherine and Katherine ๐Ÿ™‚ mrbreadberry: YEA LULW Armody: LULW UoL_TheStarchild: monkaW Breitey: saved JePiece: NANI? SunBeard: OMEGALUL Kevintaku: ???? Clixx: with a C PepeLaugh mizoreeee: yes LULW MartyLikesCookies: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: monkaW Xerenix: With a C angryj0nes: YES with C holloWFortune: With a C Lexikun: Catherine and Katherine Turbulist: LULW leandromac1: Yes Ian2017: LULW Nox15: monkaW valdemart99: With C GoldenSun_: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeLaugh NicNacNinja: monkaW RKazekiri: LULW Thenastyraven: yea monkaW Suney: LULW Gurnak: @Elajjaz cmon LULW Annonn140: PepeLaugh Junri: But with C Korhain: PepeLaugh harshalrio91: C and K choupachoups: monkaW Androsix: Katherine and Catherine DenZve: LULW lindwormen: yes LULW Kevintaku: you didnt know? loki_oki: C>K Caput_Draconis: LULW illethor221: Lmao picklerickshank: @scaly its Yuri lowenthal i think really famous Shansolos: :O :O :O serRubbly: LUL this makes it easy to cheat now GenuineLGN: LULW MilchiWay: with a C halon50: Catherine best gril cirAYAYA LoratNar: One witth K and one with C Neimyin: One is with a C other with a K Isfador: isnt that creepypasta music? memorycard1mega: This game is silent hilling gosamigo: LULW Kevintaku: wtf ela LorkiStream: PepeLaugh trambes: Kreygasm UltraWindow: monkaTOS Nazzet: This game is awesome LULW neuromancerking666: OOF VashGarland: PepeLaugh NNayio: elaC ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh illethor221: monkaTOS HotFireZ: Kreygasm Sunprayer07: LULW DenZve: Kreygasm busky_maldsack: kreyGasm SunBeard: Kreygasm Doully92: monkaTOS AkaTsubaki_: elaGasm Dismal_Arkt: elaGasm Pixel_hearts: Kreygasm Ttanoraa: I C Hellu: elaC ihssoy: Kreygasm tokenasianguy: Same name, so it’s not cheating Th0rn4s: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: Kreygasm GGWolfSif: Kreygasm LynxFromBrawlhalla: Kreygasm Pepparn: Kreygasm NNayio: elaC elaC elaC BrowningZen: forsenC C 7oxicshadow: with a C Boomdedz: moon2L strawberrykappa: Kreygasm I LOST RKazekiri: monkaTOS AxelSaGo: Cath and Kath morlachon: Kreygasm JimthePill: Kreygasm zoleanx: Kreygasm Larsn2k: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST 195iq: HAHAHAHA SHES CATHERINE TOO XDDD NNayio: I LOST elaC JePiece: WUT Ajahi: elaThirst HotFireZ: Catherine>Katherine Kreygasm Fridgieee: LULW rviluns: this is such a weeb sex dream KeyGasm busky_maldsack: WOAH YeahBoi nobunaga0daa: LOWER Nazzet: Kreygasm perry_1903: elaThirst souldedeh: AYAYA BrowningZen: Kreygasm I LOST reddvelv: elaC Erazu: Kreygasm Istog: I LOST ZULUL UoL_TheStarchild: WTF am I witnessing Thenastyraven: elaC N4RDBOT: monkaS StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Streamleen: OOF wandering_pleb: I LOST AGAIN CHAT elaGasm GGWolfSif: I LOST Kreygasm GoldenSun_: Kreygasm buttbuttbuttts: YeahBoi Kuromaru_: HELL YEAH elaThirst choupachoups: YeahBoi NNayio: elaC elaC elaC v miki___miki: ANY LOSERS ? Kreygasm BrascoGaming: I LOST Kreygasm lindwormen: Kreygasm ellzabit: forsenCD STUPID MISTAKES forsenCD Xerenix: elaC mayushi10: Kreygasm I LOST sheeptea: Kreygasm Shrimpess: elaThirst Murika_: I LOST Kreygasm Sunprayer07: elaThirst serRubbly: monkaTOS CrazyKidGo: elaThirst Dragonthunda: monkaW Silragy: PogChamp Pixel_hearts: elaThirst Virhaed: YeahBoi Ajahi: monkaW gosamigo: YeahBoi Pepparn: elaThirst gzalewski: Kreygasm I LOST zorry4badinglsh: YeahBoi PlsGiffExp: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Zane_Within: Kreygasm Hellu: elaThirst lindwormen: elaThirst yes please Annonn140: Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST AGANE StarPogPlatinum: RUN souldedeh: monkaTOS atomicdestruction: elaC Th0rn4s: Kreygasm syps_: VGA DansGame czaroj: Kreygasm trambes: monkaTOS ihssoy: monkaTOS mizoreeee: tobiasCREEP HYPERCLAP FitoBurrito: Turbo thot monkaW marmaladundra1: open bob tidooh: RAPE HIM elaREE morlachon: monkaW troublematicc: Kreygasm Androsix: elaThirst AvemStercore: monkaTOS AbsoluteHope: YeahBoi fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat Nazzet: UNDO Kreygasm mrbreadberry: 👀 MettatonsFan: elaThirst shruu: Kreygasm quichemeesh: YeahBoi 💨 Sheolith: monkaW Suney: Kreygasm Bobanaut: OO Germy_ranch: YeahBoi TawnyOwl: monkaX Zerophyne: monkaTOS sournuts1: distF distF distF distF distF BaraHeaS0: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Streamleen: This game is great. MartyLikesCookies: monkaTOS zorry4badinglsh: YeahBoi BOIIIIIIIIIIIIII rviluns: Kreygrasm Ajahi: monkaTOS halon50: monkaTOS leandromac1: CoolStoryBob Jaargan: WHY IS SHE ALWAYS NAKED OMEGALUL you195: CATHERINE IS A LESBO Kappa faithless_zealot: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm NNayio: elaGasm Stinsfire: not a weeb game AYAYA LynxFromBrawlhalla: Kreygasm Clap BrowningZen: Kreygasm Erazu: amazing Kreygasm busky_maldsack: YeahBoi I LOST YeahBoi PlsGiffExp: AYAYA SHOW TATAS AYAYA Sunprayer07: YeahBoi RKazekiri: YeahBoi Thenastyraven: She is a psycho monkaW xdreigor: Kreygasm Croissanito: YeahBoi Elvem: monkaW Murika_: Kreygasm Simoteus: monkaX reddvelv: elaGasm UltraWindow: anal? monkaTOS Ian2017: monkaW AxelSaGo: naroGasm BrascoGaming: Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm Rge5: Kreygasm Bieberhunter: elaThirst Fafebobo: Kreygasm sheeptea: PepeUff Neimyin: ANAL Kreygasm NicNacNinja: elaThirst salpo_nolobio: Kreygasm anal Doully92: elaThirst fluffy_clematis: monkaX DigitalZips: butt stuff gachiHYPER Germy_ranch: VaN th3sh3riff: Kreygasm HotFireZ: Anal Kreygasm trambes: YeahBoi KaitoKidShadow: ANAL!!!!!! KrazyShark: Kreygasm perry_1903: Anal PepeLaugh RodrigoMagiC: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Th0rn4s: ANAL Kreygasm CrazyKidGo: ANAL gachiHYPER SylphidLive: Kapp DenZve: elaThirst N4RDBOT: AYAYA NovusAnimus: OMFG Pepparn: elaThirst YeahBoi Hario: monkaTOS Akytami: monkaW troublematicc: gachiHYPER Sybran57: YeahBoi gosamigo: ANAL gachiHYPER TheDiotone: Kapp choupachoups: gachiHYPER mizoreeee: @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp @Elajjaz STAND UP ELA HandsUp Erazu: gachiHYPER NNayio: Kapp Korkel_: anal? monkaS TheZecaUrubu: YeahBoi Shrimpess: elaGasm Nedar: monkaTOS lamemage15: elaThirst SunBeard: YeahBoi elaThirst NNayio: elaK MilchiWay: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA FlexySanders: OMEGALUL N A L Sabatour100: moon2CD THE MVP moon2CD DawlyGamer: ANAL heyimC quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaTOS Khosm_: Bum stuff Pog Clixx: YeahBoi Ian2017: monkaX Boomdedz: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Turbulist: naroGasm Fridgieee: LULW Lexikun: oh that’s why the monster was an ass Nanashi_Sakamoto: POOPING IN HER MOUTH Kreygasm Kuromaru_: YeahBoi GIVE IT TO ME Hundertkuchen: UP THE BUTT loki_oki: gachiBASS NNayio: ok ok elaK SpectatorNoX: maybe he should make up his mind BruiseVein: PEGGING Pog saintjhon: elaThirst TawnyOwl: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Aeonll: elaThirst Silragy: gachiBASS Dirt_Diver90: anal? Zikih: POG blueblet: gachiHYPER takirindor: Kreygasm faithless_zealot: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst zorry4badinglsh: gachiHYPER souldedeh: monkaTOS monkaTOS Istog: yeah boi MettatonsFan: time out LUL jamie_mccabe: STREAM FRIENDLY ANAL Virhaed: @Elajjaz STAND UP LULW tidooh: Brutal Anal-Facefuck elaRee KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER ANAL UltraWindow: monkaW Sabatour100: CBT ThatLuluTho: WeirdChamp Germy_ranch: VaN VaN Fearswe: AND BANG, UP THE BUTT! fonss1: Pegging Hellu: elaThirst elaThirst Dragonthunda: B U T T S T U F F Pog BrowningZen: Kreygasm HYPERCLAP DaSniff: YeahBoi yea boooi AxelSaGo: denz distNep Xockel: LOL Nazzet: Stand up Ela HandsUp weeaboochan: just came back, why is Ela watching hentai Nox15: gachiHYPER 뿡토: monkaSHAKE AvemStercore: elaThirst BruiseVein: NOT HER ANAL gachiBASS AsshurtingEmu: PEGGED gachiHYPER Eldritchness: monkaW loki_oki: YeahBoi YeahBoi trambes: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP NNayio: monkaX lindwormen: monkaW souldedeh: AYAYA PG_13_Username: RAW ASS TO FACE adonisprado: Do it! lamemage15: monkaS Turbulist: monkaW BrascoGaming: YeahBoi Rge5: monkaW Th0rn4s: monkaW Sunprayer07: elaThirst Clap fatpep: SAY IT GoldenSun_: monkaSHAKE Kambri: monkaW 1marcio080: NO ELA Xerenix: monkaW Crazy eyes takirindor: monkaS reddvelv: AYAYA Suney: AYAYA MartyLikesCookies: Do you eat ass, ela? monkaS Doully92: elaYA xdreigor: monkaW Neimyin: AYAYA N4RDBOT: AYAYA game LynxFromBrawlhalla: monkaW Eldritchness: AYAYA HotFireZ: AYAYA RKazekiri: AYAYA Ian2017: AYAYA Nucleoprotein: AYAYA Fafebobo: BEGONE THOT gosamigo: ANUS DESTROYED gachiHYPER trambes: AYAYA strawberrykappa: AYAYA Erazu: AYAYA souldedeh: AYAYA Clap rikze5: AYAYA Clap Annonn140: AYAYA Zerophyne: AYAYA Hellu: elaYA LolMysterior: popped a chun Streamleen: I think every man should play this. Sybran57: monkaTOS BrascoGaming: AYAYA miki___miki: AYAYA mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Akytami: AYAYA Th0rn4s: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Germy_ranch: AYAYA perry_1903: elaYA Turbulist: annytfAyaya sheeptea: AYAYA dekkah: AYAYA MilchiWay: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA cute Pixel_hearts: AYAYA mizoreeee: ela watching chat to avoid boner PepeLaugh Scarvener: I love Katherine with a K ๐Ÿ™‚ ZyraX0: ???????????? syps_: elaBlush RodrigoMagiC: AYAYA PlsGiffExp: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Boomdedz: AYAYA theripper048: porn? MettatonsFan: AYAYA JimthePill: AYAYA Corthak: AYAYA Fentu: AYAYA Kuromaru_: AYAYA Shrimpess: AYAYA SunBeard: monkaGun Bieberhunter: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA Belfving: Belfving subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! 9 months, damn time flies by when Ela is playing all these weeb games WrestlerBot2000: @Belfving If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM xlRaptoe: AYAYA xdreigor: elaYA Ttanoraa: THENKS Albin_Alligator: AYAYA choupachoups: AYAYA lindwormen: AYAYA cpt_chrunchi: AYAYA jade282: AYAYA Clap busky_maldsack: ABORT monkaW ABORT monkaW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: AYAYA Korhain: AYAYA th3sh3riff: AYAYA BrowningZen: AYAYA Stinsfire: AYAYA rk0r: AYAYA Clap zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA 🔪 AYAYA 🔪 AYAYA 🔪 AYAYA 🔪 AYAYA 🔪 AYAYA 🔪 Rge5: AYAYA Whitesnake777: AYAYA takirindor: AYAYA thanks FitoBurrito: NaM FUCKOFFWEEBS NaM WrestlerBot2000: 10x AYAYA double digit combo Pog TheZecaUrubu: monkaW seepinglight: AYAYA wandering_pleb: AYAYA HYPERCLAP ellzabit: forsenCD krezal: AYAYA MaleFunction: elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA scorp29_and_abyss: monkaW sadyst4: AYAYA lindwormen: monkaW abort mission loki_oki: YeahBoi gachiHYPER gachiHYPER YeahBoi souldedeh: monkaTOS stefanehj: yes gosamigo: AYAYA Kildaedra: Acute serRubbly: she’s cute AYAYA Sabatour100: Pegging gachiCOOL xNoury: DansGame Grynovus: AYAYA BrascoGaming: LULW BrowningZen: Kreygasm girlfromjapan: AYAYA Sybran57: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Caput_Draconis: monkaW Nazzet: Kreygasm FlexySanders: cringeBASS Th0rn4s: AYAYA 🔪 JUST “CUTE”? quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Run monkaW souldedeh: monkaTOS monkaTOS Fafebobo: AYAYA Moorlord_: Th butt monster LUL xNoury: unubbed DansGame Nox15: Kreygasm perry_1903: monkaW Ajahi: monkaTOS adonisprado: Like her UltraWindow: tense monkaW Hellu: elaThirst Annonn140: forsenCD sure PlsGiffExp: @FitoBurrito THIS IS WEEB STREAM NAO AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA TawnyOwl: ricardoFlick 2 sided strapon gachiHYPER CGInfernoBlast: @Elajjaz You look lost LUL PG_13_Username: N OMEGALUL R M A L Murika_: forsenCD AxelSaGo: cute yandere AYAYA Kambri: kill her monkaW Sunprayer07: monkaS theripper048: anime porn weeb Bakaorange: monkaW 1080p200fps: ela right now=elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst gosamigo: YeahBoi skraalQ: the corruption Pog sheeptea: monkaW trambes: monkaW Murika_: monkaW GoldenSun_: monkaW fatpep: monkaW Neimyin: monkaW last_whoa: monkaW Smough: begone thot BrascoGaming: monkaW Sohei4649: LULW Turbulist: monkaW souldedeh: monkaSHAKE HotFireZ: monkaW mrbreadberry: monkaW Stinsfire: AYAYA elaGun Eldritchness: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Kuromaru_: YOU BLOCKED ME ON FACEBOOK AYAYA 🔪 reddvelv: monkaW choupachoups: monkaW Breitey: monkaW olli2101: monkaW Pepparn: monkaW DenZve: monkaW SephVII: monkaW Straddy_: monkaW Shrimpess: D: akmannen: monkaS perry_1903: forsenCD oh shit xlRaptoe: monkaW NNayio: monkaX monkaX Doully92: forsenCD WTF UltraWindow: monkaW too late Erazu: monkaW CrazyKidGo: monkaW Clixx: PepeLaugh Frade: doodStare doodStare doodStare doodStare doodStare doodBeamR dekkah: OMEGADOWN gint271: monkaW PirateMateyy: monkaW boreddoom: monkaS MartyLikesCookies: monkaW illethor221: monkaW Boomdedz: monkaWW Korhain: monkaW souldedeh: monkaW Bobanaut: good one Ltdboomer: monkaW sepharin: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW troublematicc: monkaSHAKE Tw1tOne: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaW Grynovus: monkaW SunBeard: monkaW Shansolos: weres he keep picking her up from the bar? leandromac1: monkaW shruu: monkaW Suney: monkaW Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN Xerenix: PepeLaugh MartinVP: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW ABORT Nox15: monkaW ThunderZBee: YANDERE monkaW scorp29_and_abyss: monkaSHAKE MettatonsFan: monkaW angryj0nes: LULW GGWolfSif: monkaW scalymermaid: OMG Istog: SHES A CREAZY RUN RonsuDE: LULW Sunprayer07: monkaW Fafebobo: forsenCD wtf AustinDubu: monkaW Th0rn4s: monkaW Streamleen: This is such a mindfuck, holy shit. DGS_Howling: monkaW Akytami: monkaW knight_solaire01: LULW boogeyman551: monkaW Podriquez: monkaW serRubbly: LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD 뿡토: forsenCD Shansolos: ohh boiii MilchiWay: monkaW GenuineLGN: monkaW Scarvener: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW 195iq: OOOOOOOOOOH WerewolfB: !marasnip Magilou_69: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: (✿ ◕‿◕) ᓄ ✂ ╰U╯ quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: mobka mizoreeee: monkaW rikze5: monkaW jade282: monkaW DoktorKimm: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: monkaW monkaW morlachon: monkaW Life796: monkaW PG_13_Username: SHE’S N OMEGALUL R M A L Shmoop1: forsenCD Simoteus: forsenCD Sven_sveger: LUKW Evamaster: monkaSHAKE secretdoves: monkaW Clixx: sure i promise PepeLaugh busky_maldsack: Stand Up Ela YeahBoi Stand Up Ela YeahBoi Stand Up Ela YeahBoi Stand Up Ela YeahBoi Armody: LULW Silragy: @Th0rn4s monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW monkaW monkaW YoBoyDrax: forsenCD Ttanoraa: monkaW Germy_ranch: HotPokket Kambri: SHE CRAZY monkaW MaleFunction: monkaW HeuristicMemer: LULW Hario: monkaW Larsn2k: elaS Turbulist: monkaW ABORT ABORT Fridgieee: monkaW blueblet: monkaW ZerbusgameZ: me cheating monkaS noooo thicknicc: thats a yikes from your oy ZyraX0: SHE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW wevie1: ElaOut souldedeh: gachiHYPER illethor221: LMAO reddvelv: gachiHYPER Myowa_: HOLD UP monkaW Muesticblade: OMEGALUL Xockel: LMAO loki_oki: She know monkaSHAKE gzalewski: monkaH of course perry_1903: LULW Turbulist: Kreygasm trambes: monkaW GET OUT Erazu: LULW Ian2017: monkaW TawnyOwl: TakeItBoi GoldenSun_: Kreygasm Frade: doodCrazy doodCrazy doodCrazy doodCrazy doodCrazy doodCrazy doodBait doodBait doodBait doodBait doodBait doodBait Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaX sheeptea: Kreygasm ThunderZBee: She is a YANDERE monkaW strawberrykappa: Kreygasm fluffy_clematis: monkaW BrascoGaming: forsenCD dekkah: gachiGASM Shrimpess: monkaW Ajahi: HOL UP monkaW Thenastyraven: flr Nazzet: gachiHYPER quichemeesh: gachiAPPROVE Dismal_Arkt: elaC choupachoups: gachiAPPROVE Corthak: VaN Lexikun: elaGasm shruu: gachiHYPER Kuromaru_: monkaW DOOR Murika_: HE LOST Kreygasm takirindor: monkaS Muradin: LLULW CrazyKidGo: gachiHYPER mountaindhew: @Elajjaz from being the greatest speedrunner of bloodborne to watching hentai on stream, how the mighty have fallen… WeirdChamp atomicdestruction: monkaX Sabatour100: ElaOut Stilgarius: Kreygasm 1marcio080: ElaOut HotFireZ: Kreygasm Annonn140: Kreygasm gosamigo: ROUND 2 gachiHYPER FlexySanders: SSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCC NNayio: elaGasm ellzabit: forsenCD BrowningZen: monkaX KrazyShark: monkaWS qazplo: forsenCD ✌️ RKazekiri: Kreygasm Clap Sunprayer07: DEATH monkaW Breitey: time to die i guess monkaW angryj0nes: forsenCD rikze5: forsenCD Clap Ajahi: forsenCD ✌️ Thenastyraven: HE IS SO DEAD LULW skraalQ: that is VERY good Pog NicNacNinja: elaGasm amaddog: forsenCD Clap Doully92: forsenCD Ian2017: forsenCD thicknicc: oooooof Pepparn: OMEGA YANDERE Xrveal: forsenCD Clap zorry4badinglsh: IM THE ONLY ONE AYAYA 🔪 Annonn140: forsenCD trambes: forsenCD leandromac1: N O T G O O D Hellu: forsenCD nice Bounce1987: such a succubus UltraWindow: monkaW 🤝 forsenCD ViveLaDissidence: Inb4 door opens monkaW Tiliger79: forsenCD Clap Jaargan: elaPuke CHEATERS VashGarland: elaWut elaGun spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Clap last_whoa: forsenCD Clap Ttanoraa: THE 2 TIME LynxFromBrawlhalla: forsenCD Kambri: ElaOut Istog: TO TIME CHAMPION perry_1903: Clap2 forsenCD NNayio: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm mrbreadberry: forsenCD WELCOME TO THE CLUB Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD Clap Cinerus_: forsenCD Clap Croissanito: elaBlind akmannen: What have you done ela PepeHands this guys life is ruined BrowningZen: forsenCD TheMasterToaster: forsenCD RAAAAAUUUUUL ellzabit: 2 TIMER forsenCD AsshurtingEmu: OPEN RELATIONSHIP forsenCD ✌️ Annonn140: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD NNayio: forsenCD Akytami: forsenCD ✌️ Larsn2k: THE 2 TIME! mizoreeee: forsenCD PorscheWIN PorscheWIN WerewolfB: the quad time forsenCD fatpep: DatSheffy Erazu: forsenCD Pixel_hearts: ElaCOOL Virhaed: forsenCD my man Mirando: DrDisrespect Simulator LUL 195iq: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it feels soooooooooooo good dont it scorp29_and_abyss: LULW 뿡토: monkaSHAKE Fafebobo: Kreygasm Streamleen: SET SAIL FOR BAD END xdreigor: forsenCD Clixx: forsenCD even got the glasses nitram3501: forsenCD Fearswe: THE THREE TIME WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Eugene_Lychany: MonkaGASM kisasu_: forsenCD NNayio: LITERALLY forsenCD Armody: forsenCD that_solid_dude: Good job Vincent forsenCD ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD HYPERCLAP AustinDubu: forsenCD 195iq: but its illegal Annonn140: forsenCD he even got the glasses blueblet: forsenCD Clap MY MAN AkaTsubaki_: elaGasm true waifu Turbulist: forsenCD Fridgieee: Clap2 forsenCD TheZecaUrubu: forsenCD choupachoups: forsenCD nitram3501: forsenCD YES NNayio: forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD forsenCD BruiseVein: how did they already make a game about The Doc? LULW rikze5: forsenCD Clap nice glasses trambes: haHAA GoldenSun_: forsenCD TawnyOwl: VaN Erazu: forsenCD WTF MartyLikesCookies: forsenCD gosamigo: 4Head harshalrio91: forsenCD Streamleen: Covering his guilt, like the bar owner. Ttanoraa: PepeHands BrowningZen: forsenCD WTF Turbulist: LULW bluexeyez: the actual forsenCD two time trambes: forsenCD Clap Sunprayer07: forsenCD Jaargan: forsenCD zorry4badinglsh: forsenCD Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark hands busy? LULW AxelSaGo: larxaSmug_SG Nox15: forsenCD Ajahi: forsenCD Scarvener: CoolCat Reeavvy: forsenCD KaitoKidShadow: forsenCD NNayio: COPYRIGHT forsenCD Bobanaut: good thing… its the same girl. just different hair and clothes SpyroKek: monkaSHAKE illethor221: AHHHH SHIT HotFireZ: OH NO TheZecaUrubu: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Traknir: monkaS Breitey: monkaW MartyLikesCookies: monkaW Sabatour100: forsenCD wtf bitch Xerenix: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW BrascoGaming: monkaW gint271: monkaW BergPils: monkaW SunBeard: monkaW Bakaorange: monkaShake Eldritchness: monkaW Virhaed: monkaW scalymermaid: thanks fo being a champ and showing me how its done! Zane_Within: monkaS salpo_nolobio: monkaW gzalewski: monkaW halon50: late monkaW zorry4badinglsh: monkaW Istog: OH NO Murika_: monkaW Khosm_: monkaS miki___miki: here we go chat skraalQ: monkaW mountaindhew: forsenCD GIVE THEM BACK troublematicc: monkaW leandromac1: monkaW Furrnox: monkaW mentalvary: monkaX Dragonthunda: monkaW quote_me_if_pogu: MY GOOGLE SCOPE WTF forsenCD RKazekiri: monkaX Ajahi: monkaW syps_: monkaW RonsuDE: monkaW Stilgarius: monkaW Magilou_69: monkaW trambes: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW SylphidLive: the baby!! Doully92: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW Shansolos: shes praggars! BrowningZen: monkaW FitoBurrito: He got pink eye from eating her ass perry_1903: OH SHT GoldenSun_: monkaW czaroj: MonkaS mizoreeee: monkaW Hellu: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW rikze5: monkaW last_whoa: monkaW what WerewolfB: ohnonono PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: OH FUCK Larsn2k: WHAT! NNayio: monkaW myfavoriteweeb: PepeLaugh shruu: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Myowa_: monkaW CrazyKidGo: monkaW OH SHIT GGWolfSif: monkaW Neimyin: monkaW ordinarystory: monkaW Ltdboomer: monkaW gosamigo: monkaW dimocishe: monkaW sheeptea: monkaSHAKE NicNacNinja: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaW LynxFromBrawlhalla: monkaW 4k_immersive_cabbages: monkaW Boomdedz: monkaS 👉 BabyRage Hario: monkaW th3sh3riff: monkaW xlRaptoe: PepeUff Spl4sH_Gaming: OMEGALUL Nazzet: monkaW lamemage15: monkaS choupachoups: OH NO monkaW jade282: monkaW MilchiWay: monkaW rk0r: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW holloWFortune: PepeLaugh ZerbusgameZ: LULW morlachon: monkaW Pepparn: monkaW atomicdestruction: oh no no no PepeLaugh halon50: PREGGERS monkaW Norwegian_wombat: elaWut elaWut perry_1903: LOL skraalQ: monkaW monkaW loki_oki: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Elvem: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Fridgieee: monkaW Streamleen: This is developing quite fast LUL angryj0nes: HOOO FUCK THE TRUE HORROR monkaSHAKE Istog: monkaW scalymermaid: monkaW Sybran57: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: SPRING ElaPls Orbalisk1: monkaS Avidine: MonkaW Suney: monkaW Tiliger79: PepeLaugh Hellu: monkaW monkaW GenuineLGN: monkaW Cerilysm: monkaW uSu_: D: Armody: monkaW jade282: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Tree60noscoped: ABORT Shansolos: LUL LUL LUL LUL fonss1: Wtf Croissanito: elaWut syps_: LULW BEST GAME EVER LULW quichemeesh: cryNani LorkiStream: LULW MettatonsFan: that face LUL Sunprayer07: oh no monkaW Thenastyraven: ACTUALLY DEAD OMEGALUL Scarvener: Mommy Kreygasm supmadness: LUL SpectatorNoX: his eyes LuL Sabatour100: forsenCD whos baby bitch? forsenCD deejayredgaming: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob seepinglight: monkaW mrbreadberry: BYE lindwormen: abort LULW czaroj: monkaW angryj0nes: HOOO FUCK THE TRUE HORROR monkaW trambes: LULW FUCKED illethor221: HAHAHAH this fucking GAME Romanspring: @axelsago larxaHype ellzabit: monkaW OH FUCK sheeptea: RUN lungfish2143: lobosKek Ajahi: OMEGADOWN SoloMaU: oh fuck no way LUL Germy_ranch: Is it mine? LULW Virhaed: ABORT MISSION LULW mayushi10: monkaX fonss1: Run MassivToaster: pepeJAM HotFireZ: ABORT sheeptea: ElaPls saugo: OMG monkaW loki_oki: run monkaW Hellu: monkaW 195iq: oh boy this man is in trouble FlexySanders: A B OMEGALUL R T Stinsfire: elaWeird luis1810: elaS elaS Th0rn4s: monkaW OH SHIT 뿡토: moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI good Dragonthunda: LULW this is a horror game now perry_1903: LULW Hellu: monkaW abort picklerickshank: cmonBruh bad abort joke Ryuwashi: PogChamp HYPERCLAP puffin_123: This is real horror right here boyss myfavoriteweeb: ElaOut 7oxicshadow: MAN DOWN, MEDIC! thicknicc: Notlikethis Kuromaru_: WE IN TROUBLE monkaW bluexeyez: this game is gold LULW takirindor: monkaW leandromac1: monkaS MartyLikesCookies: ABORT Zikih: elaEZ Nanashi_Sakamoto: U MONSTER PepeHands Sunprayer07: ElaPls Shansolos: they don’t even live together! syps_: ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut Bobanaut: nah lookinerator: monkaSHAKE NNayio: forsenCD Clap NicNacNinja: ElaOut Mazig: right/ Larsn2k: RUN!! Tryedz: monkaS ricarten: moon2PREGARIO nice harshalrio91: forsenCD no Fafebobo: ElaSmash PhilosoRaptor3: moon2PREGIGI moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI Granmarr: Run away ZULUL Erazu: forsenCD I’M OUT adonisprado: Leave Furrnox: monkaW 5Pat5: @Romanspring pepeL BrowningZen: forsenCD right trambes: monkaW lindwormen: this game PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh 👉 PepeS HotFireZ: ElaOut Xockel: LMAO Silragy: ElaPls syps_: ElaOut Th0rn4s: monkaW BUT?! zorry4badinglsh: ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz this bitch don’t know what an abortion is LULW BruiseVein: he’s looking at three people at the same time with those eyes LULW Dismal_Arkt: True horror game LULW NNayio: BUT monkaW Isfador: moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI Welcome to the club MartyLikesCookies: LULW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: ElaPls gint271: monkaW BrowningZen: but monkaW Corthak: ElaPls Nazzet: PepeLaugh 👉 UNDO Caput_Draconis: LULW AxelSaGo: larxaHype im in tablet and cant read your name but larxaHype Tryedz: MY WIFE’S SON LULW shruu: ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut deejayredgaming: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp rihoto: Kapp Corthak: PlsEla mrbreadberry: Kapp yes choupachoups: ElaPls Soke_: Kappa Fafebobo: moon subs elaWut Lexikun: if you can’t pull out, put it in the butt Turbulist: Saved PogU wevie1: FeelsGoodMan Furrnox: monkaS RKazekiri: Kapp Myowa_: his face LULW Annonn140: PepeLaugh4 Nanashi_Sakamoto: 4Head Redwin_AR: run! trambes: Kapp KaitoKidShadow: why did he creampie her ellzabit: UNDO FAST KrazyShark: @FitoBurrito @Nucleoprotein @Elajjaz My parents are in the same room as me cause they’re watching a movie. Literally the worst timing ever. quote_me_if_pogu: SAVED PogU Sunprayer07: Kappchappy Annonn140: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh 👉 PepeS PepeLaugh 👉 PepeS PepeLaugh 👉 PepeS tidooh: Katherine STOP PUSHING HIM elaREE saugo: forsenCD Clap 195iq: she pergant? im outie BYEBYE LUL mountaindhew: she is PREGIGI morlachon: say sike right now monkaS memorycard1mega: wait I had to feed my cat boogeyman551: UNDO elaREE HiImShiny: jesus she’s pushy LUL skraalQ: LULW angryj0nes: ABORT THE MISSION, i repeat ABORT THE MISSION Kadrag: PepeLaugh :point_right: UNDO Streamleen: Oh my God. leandromac1: OFF Khosm_: UNDO memorycard1mega: is she preg Hellu: LULW Thenastyraven: UNDO monkaW BrowningZen: PepeLaugh thicknicc: fuck me man that poor sod FitoBurrito: KrazyShark you’re alive Pog saugo: UNDO Turbulist: KrazyShark PepeLaugh leandromac1: UNDO Ajahi: OH NO OMEGALUL Doully92: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: this is the most terrifying horror game yet monkaW TheDiotone: UNDO LULW Kira_22: F trambes: PepeLaugh Istog: yeah she is gergant Fridgieee: PepeLaugh holloWFortune: FailFish olli2101: monkaW UNDO FAST perry_1903: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: KrazyShark just do it, they wont notice Hellu: undo LULW Furrnox: monkaW ZerbusgameZ: UNDO HAHA SunBeard: PepeS gosamigo: Time to get Rin Pregnant too gachiHYPER Muesticblade: PepeHands poor grill Romanspring: @axelsago it me, Roman distComfy Fafebobo: Unless 😊 syps_: PepeS Abbot__: cool as a cucumber monkaSHAKE trambes: PepeS Shmoop1: quick ela press L1! PepeLaugh @Elajjaz jolly_green_: TIME TO MOVE CITIES BOYS choupachoups: PepeS KrazyShark: @KaitoKidShadow monkaW Shansolos: ohhhh! its the other girl Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW Headwuend: monkaW Doully92: omg BrascoGaming: monkaW Eldritchness: monkaW perry_1903: LULW rikze5: OMEGALUL gint271: monkaW Cerilysm: monkaW Bieberhunter: elaKek fatpep: LULW Ttanoraa: LULW Jaargan: monkaW mrbreadberry: LULW wevie1: answer it elaB Bakaorange: monkaW trambes: monkaW Xerenix: monkaW Syaraz: LULW Boomdedz: PepeS Soke_: LULW RKazekiri: LULW Erazu: monkaW MartyLikesCookies: monkaW Lemonsponge: LULW AxelSaGo: oh, Roman larxaHype CrazyKidGo: monkaW Breitey: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW memorycard1mega: sheesh Turbulist: monkaSHAKE lamemage15: LULW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW lindwormen: LULW salpo_nolobio: monkaS dekkah: OMEGADOWN N4RDBOT: monkaW shruu: ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut Hellu: monkaW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW gzalewski: monkaW choupachoups: monkaW SunBeard: OMEGALUL Magilou_69: LULW Murika_: monkaW Pixel_hearts: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: LULW Cinerus_: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaX Fafebobo: LULW Silragy: WutFace jade282: LULW Fentu: DONT ANSWER IT MagicFrogs: LUL Kuromaru_: PepoDance MikeLitoris6999: monkaW Simoteus: monkaW xdreigor: elaKek spike_the_space_cowboy: monkaW GoldenSun_: LULW takirindor: monkaS Ajahi: PepeS atomicdestruction: oh no no no x2 PepeLaugh Vryn124: LUL lookinerator: monkaSHAKE GreatWolfSiff: hard to tell what he is thinking?? his face is an open book Grynovus: monkaW Parfumerie: LULW MilchiWay: monkaW Armody: LULW BrowningZen: LULW FiReBallKG: This game LULW bluexeyez: monkaW luis1810: PepeS Jamcouver: monkaOMEGA ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh Yakuin_: LULW ChillingSpark: forsenCD Furrnox: monkaS illethor221: THE TWO TIMEEEEEEEE Fafebobo: forsenCD zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO NO SoloMaU: LULW xlRaptoe: haHAA Neimyin: 4HEad Larsn2k: Jesus Christ! Fujirawa: monkaH UltraWindow: 📞 monkaW thot calculatedCha0s: forsenCD AH SHIT MartyLikesCookies: LULW Shrimpess: 4HEad shruu: 4Head lindwormen: forsenCD Dismal_Arkt: 4Head Wolficek3134: LULW StarPogPlatinum: haHAA saugo: This game forsenCD Clap Smough: its so hard to watch NotLikeThis AbsoluteHope: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: 4HEad Istog: HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAH duck_on_acid: monkaW halon50: haHAA Th0rn4s: 4HEad TheZecaUrubu: monkaW 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Silragy: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls syps_: elaHAA Dragonthunda: LULW GOTEM Tiliger79: 4HEad blueblet: monkaW BrascoGaming: LULW Arcshined: this game monkaS Rge5: monkaW DoktorKimm: haHAA FlexySanders: C OMEGALUL T H E R I N E Fridgieee: Why would you do that PepeLaugh Ttanoraa: YES ๐Ÿ™‚ spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Xerenix: 4HEad trambes: PepeS mrbreadberry: monkaW czaroj: monkaW serRubbly: This is great LULW picklerickshank: this is like KrazySharks dream just soak it up man? nobunaga0daa: elaHAA tidooh: What are you doing step bro? AYAYA Kappa Nox15: monkaW BrowningZen: PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Jaargan: forsenCD TO TO TIME Magilou_69: forsenCD Clap loki_oki: HAHA haHAA KrazyShark: forsenCD HYPERCLAP weebs_ruin_everything: weebs FeelsWeirdMan lungfish2143: MercyWing1 BabyRage MercyWing2 perry_1903: monkaW Furrnox: monkaW bigpeanut99: mpnkaW leandromac1: monkaW jade282: LULW GEE I WONDER WHY LULW weebs_ruin_everything: weebs FeelsWeirdMan weebs FeelsWeirdMan weebs FeelsWeirdMan weebs FeelsWeirdMan Th0rn4s: monkaW Shansolos: hangup! Dismal_Arkt: THE ABSOLUTE TWO TIME forsenCD BrowningZen: monkaW sheeptea: monkaSHAKE Ajahi: forsenCD ✌️ BruiseVein: in the area? did he say where he is? KappatainHindsight: This on the phone, GF or lover? AxelSaGo: distS UltraWindow: 📞 forsenCD the best a man can get takirindor: monkaW perry_1903: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Kuromaru_: WTF YOU TEXT HER gzalewski: monkaSHAKE HotFireZ: LULW bluexeyez: forsenCD fatpep: LULW SephVII: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Turbulist: PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh 5Pat5: forsenCD Caput_Draconis: LULW Corthak: 5head Podriquez: Classic LULW MartyLikesCookies: LULW chad move CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh nitram3501: LULW trambes: LULW dekkah: OMEGALUL Larsn2k: SAVED! saugo: LULW xdreigor: LULW Fentu: NOT SUSPICIOUS xlRaptoe: LULW Zerophyne: NotLikeThis quichemeesh: monkaW TheDiotone: LULW so bad KaitoKidShadow: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW classic move Sohei4649: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: forsenCD MY MAN NicNacNinja: LULW Scarvener: SAVED reddvelv: LULW Corthak: 5Head syps_: LULW NAILED IT Nazzet: So fake LULW Thenastyraven: LULW Yakuin_: I love this so much LULW 天使42199: forsenCD MAH MAN Shrimpess: LULW BrowningZen: LULW Furrnox: LULW LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW Th0rn4s: LULW SpectatorNoX: classic jade282: LULW holloWFortune: subtle ChillingSpark: monkaW Fafebobo: WeirdChamp lindwormen: PepeLaugh sheeptea: 5Head Fridgieee: LULW yurify: put ur phone on silent idiot loki_oki: haHaa Annonn140: PepeLaugh 195iq: bro its so easy just say youre busy Life796: LULW Murika_: LULW Headwuend: ez AxelSaGo: larxaLaugh Ryuwashi: LUL FlubberGlorp: smooth LULW Stinsfire: LULW Dassiz: @Kuromaru_ texting in japan can be done by email, which they use picklerickshank: bamboOld im to old for this horseshiet MisterPossible: tbh this guy is so pathetic its no even fun Neimyin: Not suspicious AT ALL LULW rikze5: Kapp Furrnox: Smooth LULW Istog: WeirdChamp Pixel_hearts: why he is elaGa she text him yesterday zorry4badinglsh: forsenCD Clap LynxFromBrawlhalla: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp last_whoa: Kapp skraalQ: SPEECH 0 Zerophyne: NAILED IT LULW Sabatour100: forsenCD smooth amaddog: Kapp ziggy_pop: time to suicide monkaW 7oxicshadow: that wasnt sus at all 뿡토: forsenCD ZyraX0: Kappa harshalrio91: forsenCD Shansolos: :O :O :O 5Pat5: ez forsenCD ZephidsEmbrace: This game fucking stresses me out Yakuin_: The music LULW BrowningZen: forsenCD LynxFromBrawlhalla: forsenCD Kira_22: larxaLewd larxaLewd larxaLewd larxaLewd larxaLewd Erazu: music LULW WerewolfB: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW Annonn140: forsenCD BrascoGaming: LULW atomicdestruction: monkaW KrazyShark: monkaW trambes: monkaW Breitey: monkaW Eldritchness: LULW Caput_Draconis: monkaW Furrnox: D: loki_oki: haHAA NNayio: monkaX SpyroKek: that music hahahaa Th0rn4s: monkaW rikze5: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW LynxFromBrawlhalla: LULW amaddog: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW dimocishe: LULW KrazyShark: HUH monkaW FitoBurrito: monkaW UltraWindow: ?? monkaW Furrnox: monkaW Hellu: monkaW Stilgarius: monkaW Syaraz: monkaW syps_: monkaW AbsoluteHope: LULW Grynovus: monkaW duck_on_acid: forsenCD troublematicc: second phone monkaW AxelSaGo: anotha one LUL saugo: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: forsenCD perry_1903: monkaW loki_oki: monkaW Nox15: monkaW BrascoGaming: monkaW jade282: monkaW Boomdedz: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW Fafebobo: PepeLaugh Headwuend: ahaha Streamleen: Holy shit the music quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: forsenCD Neimyin: It’s her phone monkaW picklerickshank: monkaW KrazyShark: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Furrnox: monkaS Silragy: BUSTED DenZve: monkaW scorp29_and_abyss: monkaW bluexeyez: monkaW dekkah: OMEGADOWN Vryn124: ehm okay mom Stilgarius: monkaW monkaW monkaW Life796: monkaW gint271: monkaW memorycard1mega: SheeeeeSH Murika_: monkaW broke zorry4badinglsh: monkaW NNayio: monkaW ZyraX0: WTF Captn_Bringdown: rooSellout Xerenix: monkaW reddvelv: WOMEN OMEGALUL Abbynaire: oh shit monkaW BrowningZen: 2 phones forsenCD Streamleen: Funeral march wevie1: monkaS Furrnox: monkaSHAKE Sohei4649: monkaW MilchiWay: so monkaW KaitoKidShadow: PS5 MartyLikesCookies: monkaW sepharin: new pc Pog Rge5: monkaW Python_Soldier: such a bitch NNayio: BUT MOOOOOM monkaW mizoreeee: BISH IS THAT UR MONEY xdreigor: Calm down mom DansGame Corthak: WOMEN OMEGALUL TheZecaUrubu: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW TheGuyOnAcid: ask ger for a threesome LULW ellzabit: SHE KNOW monkaW Stilgarius: monkaW Bakaorange: Its like she knows me monkaW krezal: PepeS atomicdestruction: 10k PC PepeLaugh Hellu: monkaW monkaW trambes: monkaW right BruiseVein: NEW FLIP PHONE OMEAGLAUL StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Nazzet: HotPokket 🖕 loki_oki: presure monkaW akmannen: cucked Gurnak: 10k computer, money thrown away FeelsBadMan Ryuwashi: PixelBob VoteYea MettatonsFan: monkaW JazzLove: LUL gosamigo: No more Anal PepeHands Shansolos: This is why hes cheating lol angryj0nes: MonkaSHAKE Nanashi_Sakamoto: STREAMER Pog BrowningZen: monkaW right neuromancerking666: just dump her problem solve she’s a bitch :[ zorry4badinglsh: monkaW monkaW Muradin: monkaW BruiseVein: wtf did I write Fearswe: Why does she care? Bakaorange: Its is too real chat monkaW NovusAnimus: LUL this guy is such a loser Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN Kuromaru_: GOTTA SAVE UP FOR THE BABY LULW Doully92: monkaW Thenastyraven: HIS LIFE IS SO OVER NOW OMEGALUL NNayio: monkaX Jaargan: monkaW thicknicc: oooooo0of KaitoKidShadow: LOL Nazzet: Working hard indeed PepeLaugh RonsuDE: working PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: ElaPls KrazyShark: monkaw GreatWolfSiff: dang so bossy and controlling Bobanaut: i also buy a new computer every week WerewolfB: Kapp 195iq: xDDDDDDD she swapped out his phone and he didnt even notice xD he must deserve this DenZve: ooooof monkaW Astahrath: forsenCD my boi Furrnox: monkaW SunBeard: elaK Stilgarius: PepeLaugh souldedeh: K? K BrowningZen: monkaX Kambri: ElaPls watchmemitchie1: monkaW Zane_Within: monkaW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh “working” saugo: forsenCD HYPERCLAP ZyraX0: SHIT Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: ElaPls BrascoGaming: sure forsenCD zorry4badinglsh: PlsEla Xerenix: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: ABORT ElaPls Vryn124: F HiImShiny: Why does she care what he spends his money on wtf…????? he1l_kappa: BETA LUL memorycard1mega: OH GOD Istog: married life ResidentSleeper Larsn2k: Housework elaS Corthak: monkaW gzalewski: forsenCD sure qazplo: nymnOkey Furrnox: monkaX Gerynt: Wait I missed it, she’s pregnant? VashGarland: DansGame forgottenhorseman: ElaPls rikze5: NotLikeThis trambes: monkaW Hobofromheaven: nnooooo i want to throw my clothes everywhere Kuromaru_: WOMAN STOP IT monkaW Th0rn4s: monkaW 뿡토: monkaSHAKE spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Fuck ela cant cheat anymore Fafebobo: PepeLaugh knight_solaire01: what a perfect life LULW AxelSaGo: commitment distS Hundertkuchen: bowieLOOMING bluexeyez: This guy is fucked Khosm_: Our boy is in deep shit Scarvener: This is the dream Kreygasm Sohei4649: This character PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeHands souldedeh: ResidentSleeper BrowningZen: PepeLaugh TheMasterToaster: PepeLaugh pewseeplay: ceezEhh ceezEhh ceezEhh Wrexad1: This shit is literally my worst nightmare UltraWindow: this is more horror than weeb monkaW Jaargan: this is why you don’t to time chat forsenCD saugo: UNDO forsenCD Holophraser: English voices? LUL Stilgarius: She cant save up? PepeLaugh Shansolos: OMG! Bobanaut: this guy is… rolling 1ns on all his rolls gosamigo: he’s passing out ? fatpep: WUT perry_1903: monkaW scalymermaid: this bitch dont get that he needs the 10k pc for his PUBg streaming career NNayio: monkaW holloWFortune: monkaW Shmoop1: you better save up K? K MikeLitoris6999: monkaW GoldenSun_: monkaW ImSneakyPotato: NotLikeThis Bakaorange: monkaW Khosm_: Oofas SunBeard: LULW MilchiWay: monkaW Xerenix: monkaW Oh no HiImShiny: LUL dr0gulus: @HiImShiny because he has a kid to think about, not just himself??? mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh FlexySanders: POG slj4564: monkaSHAKE KaitoKidShadow: wtf BruiseVein: monkaW TheDiotone: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW Erazu: monkaW r34shogo: LOL Lexikun: ABORT Cerilysm: monkaW Murika_: monkaW reddvelv: W OMEGALUL MEN gint271: monkaW last_whoa: what DansGame Syaraz: monkaW sepharin: monkaW benamation: I dunno, I think Katherine is pretty great TBH Furrnox: monkaW syps_: the fuck DansGame BrascoGaming: LULW Scarvener: monkaW Silragy: WutFace zorry4badinglsh: MORE HORROR THAN HORROR GAMES monkaW Hellu: monkaW monkaW lindwormen: monkaW Th0rn4s: monkaW OH NO tempobrian: WTF SoloMaU: wtf Sergantuss: so they love togheter but somehow she was not home when another girl came in? Caput_Draconis: monkaW Shrimpess: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW Headwuend: F WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz spike_the_space_cowboy: monkaW jade282: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW tidooh: Jesus Katherine is such a femdom monkaS Doully92: OMG monkaW yurify: the marriage dirge lol Vryn124: HAHA Eldritchness: LULW NNayio: monkaX Turbulist: LULW wandering_pleb: monkaW monkaW monkaW Sohei4649: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: monkaW Sabatour100: iron95Pls NOT MY KID iron95Pls Bounce1987: recked! Grynovus: monkaW geotaku21: grabbed him by the balls Nazzet: LULW TheMasterToaster: OMEGADOWN MiddyBear: Bail DoktorKimm: monkaW Kuromaru_: OOOOFAS monkaW Germy_ranch: LULW halon50: monkaW Straddy_: monkaW Traknir: monkaW loki_oki: monkaW ChillingSpark: LULW trambes: monkaX gzalewski: monkaW memorycard1mega: HAAHAH DenZve: LULW weebs_ruin_everything: KEKW KappatainHindsight: help chat! this the gf or the lover? NotLikeThis Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaX dekkah: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP WerewolfB: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls NNayio: monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX monkaX Ian2017: monkaW FiReBallKG: monkaW Propulsions: RUN OMEGALUL Dismal_Arkt: monkaSHAKE Neimyin: She gonna take all the money monkaW Armody: monkaW Nox15: LULW Fridgieee: monkaW WHAT Th0rn4s: monkaW RUN Hellu: monkaW Furrnox: monkaX MettatonsFan: OMEGALUL he’s fucked Khosm_: RUN BrowningZen: LULW OOF Myowa_: DETH monkaW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL Boomdedz: monkaW Ttanoraa: LULW lameflamefame: monkaW DGS_Howling: monkaW zorry4badinglsh: PepeUff quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: ElaPls AustinDubu: monkaW Hario: monkaW myfavoriteweeb: monkaW Ian2017: monkaX MagicFrogs: LUL bluexeyez: OMEGALUL busky_maldsack: LULW HotFireZ: RUN ElaPls AxelSaGo: monkaW U WOT? Lemonsponge: LULW loki_oki: RUN monkaW Rge5: monkaW BrascoGaming: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN Doully92: monkaW souldedeh: monkaH trambes: monkaW reddvelv: monkaW pewseeplay: LULW TheZecaUrubu: monkaW Virhaed: monkaW xlRaptoe: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW davide88bo: !uptime Jaargan: monkaW rikze5: monkaW salpo_nolobio: monkaW serRubbly: a controlling gf distGasm Murika_: monkaW monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: @davide88bo, elajjaz has been streaming for 7 hours 16 mins Lexikun: elaWut Tiliger79: monkaW mizoreeee: i thought that was my phone vibrating but then i remembered no one calls me tobiasBAD Nazzet: monkaW NicNacNinja: monkaW perry_1903: wtf monkaGun Silragy: monkaW atomicdestruction: ElaOut Wolficek3134: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaX Zerophyne: monkaH loki_oki: DEAD syps_: monkaW mayushi10: monkaH Casonara: LULW BrowningZen: monkaW Kuromaru_: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Evamaster: monkaW Corthak: monkaW xdreigor: monkaH bigpeanut99: monkaW gosamigo: monkaW weebs_ruin_everything: D: Pixel_hearts: monkaX halon50: YIKES monkaW czaroj: monkaW Xerenix: monkaH blueblet: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD OH SHIT uSu_: cohhM syps_: monkaX SunBeard: monkaH Annonn140: monkaW secretdoves: monkaW Albin_Alligator: under the table now TaBeRu RonsuDE: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW The fuck Muradin: monkaW MrCosmonafft: Run like a cheetah forsenCD retiredhedgehog: monkaW FINs_empire2: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW stop it woman illethor221: His gf sounds like a bitch RKazekiri: monkaW qazplo: monkaH ziggy_pop: run for your life Keepo Armody: monkaH Skelde: monkaW Life796: monkaW Suney: monkaH Korhain: monkaW jade282: WAIT IS THAT SOMEONE FROM PERSONA INN BACKGROUND Furrnox: monkaW HiImShiny: well she could just have an abortion lmao its not that hard LUL takirindor: monkaW wut fonss1: This guy forsenHead so fucked puffin_123: total stalker lol Doully92: WeirdChamp DepressoMode: FeelsWeirdMan rk0r: monkaW 🍴 GreatWolfSiff: LUL Germy_ranch: DansGame zorry4badinglsh: ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut ElaOut Annonn140: forsenWC Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW bitches be crazy mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan BrowningZen: classic LULW MsBlackDahlia: wtf picklerickshank: it actually does feel like something is about to explode inside you, when this shit happens LULW SylphidLive: HotPokket HotPokket HotPokket trambes: monkaW Get out of here gzalewski: monkaH FINE Shansolos: omg he is trapped big time! Turbulist: monkaW why are all the girls crazy Ian2017: monkaW loki_oki: don’t kill him pls monkaW DepressoMode: kinda weird dood FeelsWeirdMan Hellu: monkaW monkaW lameflamefame: This is scarier than It monkaW Furrnox: monkaH SpectatorNoX: she should find someone else MettatonsFan: n-n-no monkaW UltraWindow: i see her m onkaW mrbreadberry: LULW OH OH WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz izzied: elaS elaS Th0rn4s: monkaW QUICKLY Eldritchness: monkaW rikze5: ppSmoke BrascoGaming: monkaSHAKE GreatWolfSiff: he’s fucked LUL xdreigor: LULW Xerenix: monkaW Run SunBeard: OMEGALUL Hellu: monkaW chillinsoul: LULW TheDiotone: LULW Thenastyraven: HIS LIFE IS SO OVER OMEGADOWN BrowningZen: FeelsWeirdMan quichemeesh: monkaW perry_1903: LULW Sheolith: nrdyBoomer nrdySmoke gosamigo: LULW Turbulist: LULW Vryn124: monkaW Ian2017: monkaX Furrnox: monkaW WerewolfB: monkaX Ryuwashi: he is so done for LUL Fafebobo: LULW these eyes zorry4badinglsh: ElaPls mizoreeee: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: monkaW trambes: monkaX Kuromaru_: monkaW monkaW Grynovus: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Fridgieee: monkaEYES Furrnox: monkaX ChillingSpark: OMEGALUL stefanehj: LOL mrbreadberry: OMEGALUL Annonn140: PepeLaugh luis1810: monkaW Ajahi: LULW Sabriell: chat you just dont like katherine because vincent is a useless fuck up who wont grow up LUL BrowningZen: LULW AxelSaGo: monkaX Podriquez: LULW jolly_green_: this is what happens when you don’t man the fuck up boys Hellu: LULW Armody: monkaX xBarkermushx: damn, she’s a controlling physco.. run to the other Catherine lol Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN Khosm_: He smokes Hario: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW gzalewski: ElaPls HotFireZ: ElaPls Th0rn4s: monkaW SAVED quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: RUN ElaPls bluexeyez: OMEGALUL StarPogPlatinum: monkaW NNayio: ElaPls Eugene_Lychany: UNDER CONTROL RKazekiri: ElaPls loki_oki: PRESURE Life796: ElaPls tidooh: @Elajjaz Btw its very common in Japan that lady takes cares of family money. Guys often have no idea about they money elaISee Rge5: monkaW Furrnox: ElaPls Isfador: smoking indoors LULW Germy_ranch: PlsEla sifferin0: Mist unlucky guy in the world FlexySanders: B A T H R OMEGALUL OMEGALUL M Kuromaru_: WE IN TROUBLE monkaW Corthak: THIS IS STUFF OF NIGHTMARES MonkaW akmannen: hidding in the bathroom like the doc zorry4badinglsh: PlsEla chillinsoul: forsenCD JUST A DAY IN THE LIFE Thenastyraven: SPRIIING ElaPls puffin_123: I like kathrine TheZecaUrubu: always use a condom boys KaitoKidShadow: yea come on nobody wants that control Doully92: elaS Sabatour100: PlsEla NovusAnimus: Catherine vs Katherine hmmmmmmm Pudelinaa: this is fine monkaW Jaargan: katherine is the best girl elaGasm reddvelv: monkaW last_whoa: monkaW open mrbreadberry: monkaW zorry4badinglsh: monkaW rihoto: @Elajjaz Imagine be on his place Ela Boomdedz: ElaPls Tiliger79: pepeJAM BrowningZen: monkaS WerewolfB: @Sabriell just like chat Kapp BrascoGaming: monkaW Suney: monkaW Turbulist: That girl is a so controlling Rge5: This game is too much monkaW quichemeesh: PlsEla wandering_pleb: this is why you dont cheat chat PepeLaugh Zyndustries: monkaW – The Game Ajahi: OH NO monkaW HotFireZ: Rin AYAYA Furrnox: monkaW Stinsfire: Get rid of her elaGun elaWOW Dassiz: @xBarkermushx yeh they really turn up K to bitch mode in English, in Japanese shes slightly nicer LUL shruu: HALLO monkaW Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh MisterPossible: tbh they are worth each other – shes a control freak and he’s a manchild SunBeard: monkaW sromosky: dude the level of stress he is in ๐Ÿ˜€ KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP MilchiWay: AYAYA RIN xdreigor: HERE WE GO PepeLaugh MrFunky159: pepeJAM Pixel_hearts: VaN ? memorycard1mega: panties in 3 2 1 Dismal_Arkt: THE THREE TIME forsenCD Scarvener: AYAYA Cinerus_: VaN doll BrascoGaming: YeahBoi perry_1903: pepeJAM Eldritchness: AYAYA Cerilysm: AYAYA Th0rn4s: TehePelo syps_: pepeJAM Tryedz: monkaW Yakuin_: Rin rooAYAYA HYPERCLAP Neimyin: Three time with Rin AYAYA Kuromaru_: FUCK HER TOO forsenCD FUCK HER TOO forsenCD FUCK HER TOO forsenCD weebs_ruin_everything: ZULUL Hawkees: What the hell did I tune into LULW Magilou_69: 3? forsenCD Clap Hario: AYAYA 195iq: rin is dead Annonn140: forsenCD Stilgarius: monkaW Myowa_: forsenCD make it three Suney: AYAYA demonioner: PepeLaugh Murika_: PIANO Pog ImSneakyPotato: LUL just cheat with RIN too Khosm_: What is he doing???? AbsoluteHope: that piano Pog gzalewski: AYAYA RIN Traknir: AYAYA GoldenSun_: THE THREE TIME forsenCD lamemage15: SWEET PIANo TheDiotone: THE TRIPLE TIME LULW Doully92: WeirdChamp HiImShiny: Dude no one but me handles my money no fucking way my girl would be handling both our shit LUL mrbreadberry: AYAYA SpectatorNoX: @Sabriell I agree. but theres alot of teen boys in chat it seems HeuristicMemer: 3 timer? Annonn140: AYAYA tidooh: Here it comes PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: AYAYA CUTE fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat reddvelv: elaThirst ikkali: AYAYA mizoreeee: OH BABY A TRIPPLE forsenCD Istog: forsenCD TO TIME Max_Blanck: Cuckold simulator 2019 loki_oki: Wtf Hellu: monkaW Casonara: damn that piano BrascoGaming: AYAYA Vryn124: AYAYA Fafebobo: ResidentSleeper HotFireZ: AYAYA weebs_ruin_everything: forsenCD so what? Stilgarius: AYAYA quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: AYAYA takirindor: AYAYA sheeptea: AYAYA Kambri: the three time forsenCD slj4564: AYAYA serRubbly: WutFace a literal child troublematicc: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA Nucleoprotein: AYAYA Shrimpess: WeirdChamp Nazzet: woopsAYAYA B3arHands: 3 time forsenCD busky_maldsack: YeahBoi YEAHEAHEHEH Zerophyne: AYAYA retiredhedgehog: forsenCD BrowningZen: forsenCD the 3 time yurify: i dont remember this girl from the original catherine Gurnak: AYAYA CUTE Caput_Draconis: forsenCD Whitesnake777: Why does it say rape on his shirt? monkaS ThatLuluTho: Oh boy PepeLaugh bluexeyez: the three time forsenCD Stilgarius: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Rge5: AYAYA Th0rn4s: no bed PepeHands mrbreadberry: she sleepin Turbulist: ResidentSleeper loki_oki: Cute Room AYAYA RKazekiri: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW Shmoop1: PedoBear zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh Sabriell: makes you wonder how much she’d be a control freak if vincent was actually reasonable hmmm timoteh: PepeLaugh Nazzet: LULW SunBeard: LULW neuromancerking666: ohaio AYAYA mizoreeee: LULW gosamigo: LUL trambes: AYAYA Nox15: forsenCD RodrigoMagiC: AW Neimyin: DOJIKKO AYAYA Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: OUCH D: gzalewski: AYAYA CUTE Vryn124: AYAYA AYAYA uSu_: LUL Germy_ranch: elaB Suney: LULW Turbulist: LULW FitoBurrito: She’s a child krezal: AYAYA Hellu: PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW BrowningZen: AYAYA Sheolith: LULW perry_1903: elaYA miki___miki: AYAYA Pepparn: AYAYA Tryedz: ??? Erazu: AYAYA rk0r: AYAYA Corthak: AYAYA tumaelso: AYAYA MaleFunction: elaYA salpo_nolobio: cirSlain elvespelves: Look at this man he needs someone to take control Purist01: AYAYA Annonn140: UwU J0hnnyBlade: elaKek Frade: AYAYA quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: LULW Ryuwashi: FailFish jade282: AYAYA Clap Bakaorange: AYAYA loki_oki: AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA blueblet: THREESOME forsenCD Fafebobo: DAIJOUBU ? AYAYA TheZecaUrubu: AYAYA Stinsfire: forsenCD BrowningZen: CUTE AYAYA Hario: AYAYA Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Kuromaru_: Is Rin the TRAP btw? AYAYA AYAYA Corthak: YeahBoi last_whoa: LULW three time Furrnox: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW Murika_: LULW halon50: last night monkaW Shrimpess: LULW chillinsoul: Kreygasm Caput_Draconis: LULW HotFireZ: monkaW trambes: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW SpyroKek: LUL lamemage15: LULW Sohei4649: monkaW jade282: LULW Muradin: LUKW Th0rn4s: AYAYA Jaargan: monkaW schlawinator: AYAYA MagicFrogs: LUL Xerenix: LULW Tiliger79: LULW Armody: LULW scorp29_and_abyss: LULW GoldenSun_: LULW Furrnox: monkaX RKazekiri: LULW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL BrowningZen: LULW Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD zorry4badinglsh: monkaW halon50: 3 grils monkaW BrascoGaming: LUL Eldritchness: LULW Muradin: LULW WrestlerBot2000: “Eat my mama… MAMA! NO!” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 14 weebs_ruin_everything: ZULUL Istog: LULW Dragonthunda: LULW uSu_: NotLikeThis MettatonsFan: monkaW Ian2017: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: THE THREE TIME monkaW Doully92: forsenCD he1l_kappa: Kapp Norwegian_wombat: elaK Hellu: forsenCD TheDiotone: hand movement LULW Turbulist: PepeLaugh Fridgieee: LUW raider_unkindled: PedoBear Clap trambes: forsenCD chillinsoul: ✌ forsenCD Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Oh no no no weebs_ruin_everything: forsenCD so what? marckvdv: the three time forsenCD dimocishe: LULW SunBeard: ????? Stilgarius: haHAA mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh lameflamefame: forsenCD Clap it’s time trambes: 4HEad WerewolfB: cone on the left gachiHYPER AxelSaGo: not what u think larxaLaugh loki_oki: he can’t 뿡토: gachiHYPER quichemeesh: haHAA Jaargan: forsenCD TO THREE TIME Dismal_Arkt: Time to remind her forsenCD SunBeard: @lameflamefame it’s the two time forsenCD Clap UltraWindow: ✌ forsenCD ☝️ Bieberhunter: AYAYA reddvelv: AYAYA KAWAII CaptainOutOfTen: @Elajjaz He doesn’t remember his dreams Nanashi_Sakamoto: MORGANA’S MASK Pog Max_Blanck: FCUK HER quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: AYAYA mountaindhew: forsenCD one more cd weebs_ruin_everything: forsenCD stupid forsenCD fucking forsenCD mistakes forsenCD man forsenCD uSu_: PedoBear Clap fonss1: Chat she is 12 danKona KrazyShark: AYAYA xlRaptoe: AYAYA Fafebobo: AYAYA mrbreadberry: Pog Soke_: Morgana mask BrascoGaming: AYAYA sheeptea: AYAYA takirindor: AYAYA Clap Kouteij: AYAYA perry_1903: elaYA pretty TheDiotone: AYAYA Th0rn4s: AYAYA KAWAII Whitesnake777: AYAYA Pixel_hearts: AYAYA MilchiWay: AYAYA Stilgarius: AYAYA tumaelso: AYAYA Clap Thenastyraven: AYAYA HotFireZ: CUTE AYAYA qazplo: forsenCD my man FlexySanders: Cute! CUTE! NovusAnimus: a fetish for pedophiles Suney: AYAYA xBarkermushx: elas fault for choosing yes to a terrible mistake when drunk LUL Eldritchness: AYAYA ✨ Silragy: AYAYA GoldenSun_: AYAYA souldedeh: AYAYA Muesticblade: AYAYA wandering_pleb: AYAYA trambes: AYAYA Clap AxelSaGo: galasrSparkles gzalewski: AYAYA Clap Bakaorange: AYAYA Clap atomicdestruction: elaWOW TheZecaUrubu: AYAYA Clap SunBeard: AYAYA loki_oki: CUTE weebs_ruin_everything: FeelsWeirdMan J0hnnyBlade: elaWOW Annonn140: WeirdChamp shruu: pepeHands KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Clap SunBeard: elaYA Norwegian_wombat: elaYA sadyst4: AYAYA Hario: AYAYA Clap zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA Silragy: TaBeRu Turbulist: annytfAyaya weebs_ruin_everything: FeelsWeirdMan chat SpectatorNoX: shes so cute elaBlush Grynovus: AYAYA AxelSaGo: axelsaWOW boogeyman551: elaWOW angryj0nes: All things from PErsona games LULW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: AYAYA AYAYA weebs_ruin_everything: FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat Zero_Abyss: AYAYA HYPERCLAP lungfish2143: elaBlush faabsendc: dyrusAYAYA holloWFortune: thanks, i have diabetes now jade282: Pure Cinnamon Roll AYAYA Clap Shrimpess: it’s a boy guys elaWeird Neimyin: She so cute AYAYA Stilgarius: AYAYA elaBlush trambes: AYAYA So cutre fonss1: C Zerophyne: AYAYA BrowningZen: FeelsGoodMan Doully92: WeirdChamp TheMasterToaster: the fuck is wrong with her Kuromaru_: elaWOW FINs_empire2: AYAYA mountaindhew: this “game” is an anime WeirdChamp Gurnak: AYAYA elaWOW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: elaWOW BleekStone: PinkMercy PinkMercy PinkMercy Neimyin: PROTECC RIN AYAYA Python_Soldier: imagine being happy SephVII: LULW KaitoKidShadow: ????????? Tiliger79: HYUKAGE Nazzet: Her voice actress sounds very familiar woopsHmm GenuineLGN: FeelsGoodMan looking akmannen: HYUKAGE Doully92: gachiHYPER BruiseVein: her voice is like halfway to Ash Ketchum Kuromaru_: Ninja HYUKAGE Caput_Draconis: HYUKAGE Turbulist: Shrimpess even better elaThirst CenkXiaoping: SHEEP monkaW KrazyShark: LULW Thenastyraven: elaWOW Xerenix: HYUKAGE Clap tumaelso: HYUKAGE perry_1903: HYUKCHIHA MrArmageddon2: HYUKAGE GoldenSun_: D: UltraWindow: D: Boomdedz: PepeHands tumaelso: D: Whitesnake777: D: slj4564: D: KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands SunBeard: HYUKAGE Fafebobo: PepeHands Sohei4649: D: last_whoa: PepeHands Th0rn4s: D: Ttanoraa: PepeHands Syaraz: D: Furrnox: PepeHands zorry4badinglsh: PepeHands Khosm_: Oof Zerophyne: PepeHands BrowningZen: PepeHands Jaargan: PepeHands UltraWindow: PepeHands trambes: PepeHands picklerickshank: KrazySharks type LULW holes a goal right? Corthak: AYAYA amaddog: PepeHands Eldritchness: PepeHands Grynovus: PepeHands TheDiotone: D: been there timoteh: PepeHands ViveLaDissidence: PepeHands DAME DANE Shrimpess: @Turbulist D: Armody: PepeHands BleekStone: MercyWing1 PinkMercy MercyWing2 MercyWing1 PinkMercy MercyWing2 MercyWing1 PinkMercy MercyWing2 MercyWing1 PinkMercy MercyWing2 xlRaptoe: PepeHands Shmoop1: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands KissMyAceM8: PepeHands REAL Th0rn4s: PepeHands bluexeyez: Feelsbadman amaddog: PepeHands TRUE ThatLuluTho: Fuck parents PepeHands Stilgarius: FeelsGoodMan blueblet: PepeHands loanel96: like my beyblades collection PepeHands ZyraX0: MY MOM DID THAT WITH MY BEYBLADES izzied: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels gczero: elaISee ddaaveee: elaB quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: PepeHands Ian2017: True PepeHands Sourcehunter: Weeb games DansGame NordUnion123: My pokemon cards PepeHands jade282: PepeHands SO REAL Sabriell: is that a pancake cushion?!?!?! miki___miki: AYAYA SunBeard: gachiHYPER trambes: AYAYA secretdoves: the tip Kreygasm Th0rn4s: THE TIP TehePelo Sabatour100: FeelsBlyatMan Kuromaru_: JUST THE TIP? YeahBoi WestCheese93: is this just an anime with the occasional bit of gameplay? Stilgarius: AYAYA ZyraX0: the tip gachiBASS WerewolfB: the tip gachiHYPER Istog: elaTHirst KrazyShark: my tip lights up too Kreygasm reddvelv: elaThirst Turbulist: monkaW bluexeyez: PepeHands SephVII: AYAYA loki_oki: HUG HER AYAYA gosamigo: TIP gachiHYPER Corthak: AYAYA Clap KaitoKidShadow: ATATA Ansdr: FeelsBadMan BrascoGaming: AYAYA cutie MrFunky159: dude, why did they add this annoying bitch in the game FailFish Boomdedz: AYAYA tyree372: shes a sailor moon fan just like ela Pog SylphidLive: Rin real waifu Thenastyraven: AYAYA gczero: the TIP HeiZeusi: gachiBASS Stilgarius: FeelsWeirdMan NNayio: elaC taeyeon__ss: AYAYA Clap Neimyin: SHE SO PURE AYAYA Doully92: WeirdChamp Purist01: AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: My yu gi oh cards PepeHands KissMyAceM8: BibleThump Fafebobo: ZyraX0 PepeHands f0xh0und86: ninja sheep erasers. ayaya Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh TheZecaUrubu: PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: AYAYA Shark Silragy: D: KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh quichemeesh: gachiHYPER grunbeld: PepeHands perry_1903: WeirdChamp Bieberhunter: AYAYA Annonn140: WeirdChamp retiredhedgehog: FUCK HER forsenCD mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh last_whoa: no you are WeirdChamp Shmoop1: widepeepoHappy weebs_ruin_everything: FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat FeelsWeirdMan chat AkaTsubaki_: elaThirst you can give one wandering_pleb: elaD Silragy: dont talk shit ! KrazyShark: @Zero_Abyss AYAYA Nandz: Don’t spoiler, chat DansGame MilchiWay: AYAYA she cute Lagunaab: she a whackjob angryj0nes: “she” PepeLaugh thicknicc: …………… gzalewski: AYAYA CUTE RIN zorry4badinglsh: NO YOU WeirdChamp SunBeard: AYAYA tumaelso: PepeLaugh Lexikun: rin best waifu AYAYA Magilou_69: forsenCD Clap Thenastyraven: AYAYA WDYM AxelSaGo: u are weird too AYAYA SpectatorNoX: no shes cute elaMad fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat rin Smough: WeirdChamp @rin Stilgarius: AYAYA globot: PepeLaugh Neimyin: She’s the cutest cinammon roll AYAYA Pixel_hearts: protecc her elaMad loki_oki: She cute weard AYAYA Myowa_: forsenCD Clap tempobrian: I dont remember her from the original Doully92: MaN holloWFortune: The three time Clap Vryn124: @Elajjaz its wierd with these overly dramatic/joyfull girls in the game rikze5: MaN rk0r: forsenCD HYPERCLAP HeuristicMemer: fuck her too forsenCD Stinsfire: AYAYA Clap three time ForsenCD tumaelso: AYAYA amaddog: MaN qazplo: forsenCD here we go ThatLuluTho: We goin pepeLaugh Corthak: MaN Zero_Abyss: MaN ? BruiseVein: We’ll bang, okay? quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: RIN AYAYA ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh Corthak: MaN UP Kambri: Do it forsenCD Clap StarPogPlatinum: @tempobrian She wasn’t in it xkrogothx: elaS quote_me_if_pogu: PepeHands TheZecaUrubu: PepeHands Istog: elaThirst Sabriell: vincent you’re 32?!?! silent061: yonow Vryn124: thighs 1marcio080: PepeHands too real salpo_nolobio: elaThirst Ttanoraa: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: Kreygasm Annonn140: Kreygasm Shaverdian: Nice view. deejayredgaming: SHES ADORABLE HeyGuys SunBeard: elaThirst Nox15: Kreygasm Caput_Draconis: PepeHands tumaelso: Kreygasm Flachzange42: PepeLaugh 뿡토: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Hellu: elaThirst blueblet: THREESOME forsenCD Pepparn: elaThirst TheDiotone: this music LUL f0xh0und86: i’ll share some happiness with u. open wide calebGasm VashGarland: T H I C C tempobrian: @StarPogPlatinum oh thats why AkaTsubaki_: elaThirst almost Doully92: forsenCD Muffingrenn: AYAYA Th0rn4s: TehePelo WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING CHAT gosamigo: BEND HARDER gachiHYPER Turbulist: She’s actually nice, I like here elaOk Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh miki___miki: PepeHands Croissanito: PepeLaugh JazzLove: camera man doing his job dariaste: not legal chat gczero: elaThirst angryj0nes: “she” PepeLaugh . jade282: Why is Vincent talk so real PepeHands picklerickshank: PedoBear Clap dingelidong: this game is one single cutscene damn secretdoves: forsenCD Clap AYAYA Clap forsenCD Clap Lagunaab: she got a point though Ahmeduwna: AYAYA perry_1903: elaGa puffin_123: that ela face Bieberhunter: AYAYA atomicdestruction: elaGa Valerius9: chat doesnt know PepeLaugh Stilgarius: elaGa Corthak: AYAYA dekkah: ??????? Vallyen_: LULW Thenastyraven: elaGa ? KaitoKidShadow: lul Abbynaire: ??????? serRubbly: flip phone LUL Breitey: 💿 3️⃣ blueblet: Pepega trambes: AYAYA ? Myowa_: N OMEGALUL ChillingSpark: AYAYA nobunaga0daa: elaGa WerewolfB: FeelsPepoMan miki___miki: OMEGALUL gint271: ??????? MettatonsFan: elaGa Hellu: elaGa Himmee: Aww BrowningZen: elaGa buttbuttbuttts: BBoomer Annonn140: WeirdChamp Ansdr: ???? tumaelso: D: Wiktor7219: elaGa Jaargan: she’s cute elaBlush Corthak: elaGa quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: SO CUTE AYAYA FlexySanders: SEND NUDES ericdude92: cant use a phone OMEGALUL qazplo: nymnDank BarghestFenrir_: elaGa Suney: FeelsPepoMan Muffingrenn: AYAYA CUTE Akytami: elaGa Ahmeduwna: AYAYA AYAYA TheDiotone: cell….phone? NANI AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA GoldenSun_: LULW Khosm_: LUL BrascoGaming: LULW perry_1903: LULW UltraWindow: monkaW Sqwaaks: She has amnesia chat Xerenix: LULW Erazu: LULW nagrom8: another one KrazyShark: LULW rikze5: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW AbsoluteHope: LULW last_whoa: LULW Jaargan: OMEGALUL Caput_Draconis: LULW Ian2017: OMEGALUL HotFireZ: LULW trambes: monkaW Eldritchness: LULW tyree372: PANTY SHOT Kreygasm Tiliger79: LULW MartinVP: LUL TheZecaUrubu: monkaW xlRaptoe: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL SunBeard: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh VashGarland: FeelsPepoMan NicNacNinja: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW RKazekiri: LULW MilchiWay: LUL jade282: LULW takirindor: monkaS Sabriell: Qatherine LULW lameflamefame: Flip phone LUL mizoreeee: LMFAO BrowningZen: LULW zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: LULW Annonn140: OMEGALUL lindwormen: LULW Grynovus: LULW dekkah: OMEGADOWN Neimyin: monkaW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN PLAZAx: LULW DGS_Howling: LULW serRubbly: LULW Th0rn4s: QATHERINE LULW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL Armody: LULW Bakaorange: monkaW Shrimpess: LULW Ansdr: Hmmmm atomicdestruction: Qatherine PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Syaraz: LULW gzalewski: OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: RIN LULW Istog: LULW sepharin: NotLikeThis f0xh0und86: i cant use a cellphone pepega Muffingrenn: LULW rk0r: PepeLaugh loki_oki: Quat AxelSaGo: OMEGALUL Turbulist: LULW QATHERINE Smough: what a coincidence Annonn140: LULW akmannen: the 3 time Hellu: LULW Abbynaire: LULW Silragy: monkaS Fafebobo: LULW Iriasuran: LULW Dragonthunda: LULW alserio: LULW thicknicc: O.O.F troublematicc: LULW JazzLove: the voice acting is hilarious LU harshalrio91: 3x forsenCD Sohei4649: LULW Ian2017: LULW Dismal_Arkt: THE THREE TIME forsenCD Annonn140: QUATHERINE SunBeard: OMEGALUL KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW SpectatorNoX: LuL olli2101: LULW bluexeyez: LULW perry_1903: LOL Doully92: LULW LULW FitoBurrito: Cmon that’s a fucking stretch chillinsoul: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW TheDiotone: LULW calculatedCha0s: LULW LULW solidcds: LUL dimocishe: LULW leandromac1: LULW Boomdedz: THREE monkaW sheeptea: LULW Himmee: LULW trambes: 4HEad Stilgarius: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh gosamigo: LUL Neimyin: Tripe Catherine monkaW ImSneakyPotato: LUL Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL MettatonsFan: another catherine LUL Germy_ranch: LULW Muffingrenn: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Evamaster: monkaW ChillingSpark: LULW 5Pat5: OMEGADOWN Life796: LULW Sweetmuffin77: LULW Lexikun: another one LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: 4Head FlexySanders: LULW fatpep: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh dunnowtw: LULW Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE Aleeexia: rooNap time to sleep going to lurk have an lovely stream and have an awsome day/night chat elaH Succmeister1337: LULW ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: ✌ forsenCD ☝️ Smough: KCQ holloWFortune: another one LULW Muesticblade: LULW chillinsoul: forsendCD zorry4badinglsh: LULW Hario: OH SHIT Ltdboomer: LULW Murika_: THE THREE TIMER forsenCD tyree372: That phone has nudes on it LULW @Elajjaz Nox15: monkaW NaughtyPedro: LULW picklerickshank: AHHAHAHAHHA OK LULW Silragy: ElaPls VashGarland: PepeLaugh loki_oki: C>K>Q jade282: IT’S FINE monkaW akmannen: The three time monkaS TheDiotone: Qatharine Thenastyraven: GOING MAD PepeLaugh AxelSaGo: 4Head WhiteFoxy: ANOTHER ONE LUL Fridgieee: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: forsenCD zorry4badinglsh: forsenCD another one ellzabit: 3 TIMER forsenCD slj4564: forsenCD Muradin: PepeLaugh bluexeyez: The three time forsenCD CaptainOutOfTen: LULW Albin_Alligator: bardNANI lindwormen: PepeLaugh this game AsshurtingEmu: Qatherine LULW 195iq: ooooooooooooh now it makes sence Hellu: forsenCD TheDiotone: this is amazing LUL Corthak: elaGa RIN BendOverLikeABoss: forsenCD x3 TheGloriousRage: [PANIC INTENSIFY] Jaargan: QATHERINE OMEGALUL blueblet: MY MAN IN A THREESOME forsenCD Clap Sabatour100: MALDING BrascoGaming: the three time forsenCD Sabriell: she’s an angel monkaW calculatedCha0s: forsenCD SO PROUD 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP loki_oki: Q>Cute brish42: a woman who can’t use a phone. this has to be a dream. O_o watchmemitchie1: PepeLaugh Istog: the HAREM IS COMING TOGETHER BOIS trambes: forsenCD HYPERCLAP THREE TIME Zero_Abyss: gachiBASS okay SunBeard: YES SIR gachiHYPER Sohei4649: Who spells it as Qatherine LULW FlexySanders: THREE TIME MrFunky159: what the actual fuck krezal: YES SIR gachiBASS 1st_Keklel: TIME FOR THE 3 TIME forsenCD lameflamefame: ANOTHER ATHERINE forsenCD Clap DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: gachiHYPER Hario: SHES AN ANGEL AYAYA urnightolf: Billyrin RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM gosamigo: oh he gonna SMASH RIN 100% BruiseVein: fourth one named Xatherine about to show up LULW angryj0nes: forsenCD X3 Dakta: Is it here for the weeb shit? Thenastyraven: THIS GAME IS GOLD PepeLaugh picklerickshank: bamboBald bamboBald Fafebobo: forsenCD that’s how I roll Rasetsu_0: totally not confusing at all Kappa Turbulist: 195iq I have no idea what’s going on Sourcehunter: Weeb game perry_1903: LULW 195iq: booooy this is actually 5head AsshurtingEmu: wtf is qatherine LULW Sharkston: Ela remember your CQK training choupachoups: 3 TIMES BACK TO BACK forsenCD KanzanZX: F SephVII: F Sohei4649: F last_whoa: F pyriell: the three time? @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: F Jaargan: F UltraWindow: F blueblet: forsenCD morlachon: F Dr_Jan_Itor: F Akytami: F Eldritchness: F Pixel_hearts: F reddvelv: F LULW syps_: F Wuxia: forsenCD xlRaptoe: F Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD We’re just getting started Thenastyraven: F fatpep: F Zero_Abyss: F Tiliger79: F Shrimpess: gachiHYPER silent061: fack lameflamefame: F trambes: F BrowningZen: F tumaelso: F Turbulist: F Istog: F princeinnovice: F gosamigo: F Armody: Q>C>K Caput_Draconis: F quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: F Icet44: F LULW souldedeh: gachiHYPER faithless_zealot: Lol, this game is so fun! Muesticblade: F Life796: F Garmon3: F Ttanoraa: TRANSPARENT forsenCD mizoreeee: ofc he told his buddys Sneaky__b: F grim_alex95: Qatherine atpRtsd troublematicc: F picklerickshank: F Neyato025: Qtaro LULW sheeptea: F Purist01: F kisasu_: F Myowa_: F Hellu: forsenCD Clap perry_1903: Pizza Pog Sabriell: someone is fucked Kapp Nox15: F AkaTsubaki_: F sadyst4: F Sunprayer07: F zorry4badinglsh: F KrazyShark: F Corthak: F TheKryel: F amaddog: LULW MettatonsFan: F Muffingrenn: waifu tier list: q>c=k Muradin: LULW syps_: DON’T SMASH PIZZA elaMad BrowningZen: LULW TheZecaUrubu: you can always push her down the stairs Fridgieee: F chillinsoul: go on maury Degretor: This game makes me uncomfortable LULW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh busky_maldsack: 4HEad Dakta: F Trochna2: @Elajjaz Crazy, the whole rin part wasn’t in the original grunbeld: ElaSmash FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz Hi my name is Batherine but it’s pronounced Catherine ๐Ÿ™‚ TheZecaUrubu: like in mexican soap operas fatpep: “whose the father ” LULW Sanad3: ela look at that peperoni pizza BrascoGaming: LULW Fafebobo: PepeLaugh BruiseVein: papa LULW Turbulist: LULW HotFireZ: LULW SephVII: gachiHYPER AxelSaGo: Qatherine is just wrong tho Abbot__: nice Caput_Draconis: LULW gosamigo: gachiHYPER GoldenSun_: LULW Doully92: PepeHands syps_: LULW WhiteFoxy: billyReady Armody: LULW chillinsoul: FeelsBadMan quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: NICE Hellu: LULW Furrnox: PepeHands Shrimpess: K>>>C==Q Th0rn4s: PepeHands SaintNep: PepeLaugh Vryn124: F last_whoa: kids DansGame Xrveal: F Annonn140: PepeHands miki___miki: no friends PepeHands x3kmak: @Elajjaz Comrade Nertherin Comming next PepeLaugh Turbulist: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: FeelsBadMan mrbreadberry: FeelsBadMan zorry4badinglsh: GILFS Kreygasm angryj0nes: THE END BrowningZen: PepeLaugh true tidooh: I would eat her ass elaREE Corthak: AYAYA atomicdestruction: No fun allowed PepeHands xkrogothx: elaKek syps_: dang those ladies behind elaThirst Zero_Abyss: Too real PepeLaugh ddaaveee: @Degretor unkomfortable, uncomfortable, or unqomfortable? vyird1337: thats all haram Anele Aydarkzero: redhead Pog BrowningZen: Kreygasm TheDiotone: oh look its Ratherine BrascoGaming: M’lady 뿡토: moon2MLADY secretdoves: no liquor? no one told my dad FeelsBadMan Silragy: Kreygasm SephVII: My Wife is Ela gachiHYPER Jacouillelafripouill: @rizzag thx for the sub trambes: Kreygasm Vikingdeath1: ACTUAL best girl Erica FitoBurrito: moon2MLADY Turbulist: Kreygasm ERICA BruiseVein: UGLIEST fedora ever hahaha akmannen: Ma’lady Erazu: Erica PepeLaugh InfestedRiche: InfestedRiche subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 50 months, currently on a 50 month streak! 5X baby! elaGasm Zero_Abyss: Cafe dad Pog WrestlerBot2000: @InfestedRiche After 50 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Sabatour100: Q is best girl FeelsGoodMan zorry4badinglsh: ERICA AYAYA wandering_pleb: erica elaBlush Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh faithless_zealot: M’lady BrowningZen: right PepeLaugh tumaelso: BOBS Kreygasm gosamigo: YeahBoi zoleanx: Kreygasm Murika_: PepeHands Xerenix: M’lady KaitoKidShadow: Pog 50 puffin_123: btw erica is a dood watchmemitchie1: PepeHands too real BrowningZen: PepeHands xlRaptoe: Pog mizoreeee: PepeHands same Kolomarii: PepeHands HiImShiny: FeelsBadMan miki___miki: Erica best trap cosmoGasm jade282: PepeHands Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog Xerenix: Chag 50 souldedeh: D: SunBeard: Pog Jaargan: JONNY elaGasm UltraWindow: 50 monkaW SagarisC: redhead makoto Pog Flachzange42: @Elajjaz this is not a fedora WerewolfB: Erica gachiHYPER Turbulist: PogU 50 Sanad3: he looks like from one piece NaughtyPedro: Erica is best girl Kreygasm Dakta: Pog Degretor: @ddaaveee get out, you also have my name FFS!!!!! quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: 50 Pog Umetsu_rin: k Fafebobo: 50 years Chag Erazu: spoilers DansGame Zero_Abyss: 50 year old Pog Sergantuss: this must be mostly rich guys in the city. They east and drink every god damn day here quote_me_if_pogu: PepeHands too real rk0r: @puffin_123 spoiling WeirdChamp Doully92: WeirdChamp holloWFortune: @puffin_123 FeelsWeirdMan blueblet: 50 monkaW MrFunky159: chat doesnt know shit PepeLaugh Fridgieee: PepeHands the realz zorry4badinglsh: inb4 ERICA IS ERICATHERINE PepeLaugh xkrogothx: she’s too mcdonalds troublematicc: trilby GruberQZ: GruberQZ subscribed with Twitch Prime. TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz it’s a trillby – shorter brim WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @GruberQZ the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM SpectatorNoX: only hot guy is the one who is smoking syps_: PepeS Flachzange42: @Elajjaz this is not a fedora! it is a trilby puffin_123: @rk0r is that a spoiler? fuck picklerickshank: it pretty much is a fedora its lame enough PepeLaugh benamation: This isn’t how the Persona 5 group ends up is it? Kickin_97: It’s a trilby, totally different Kappa dan_sai: I just watched “It 2”. Ela reminds my Pennywise FeelsAmazingMan Fafebobo: elaHYUK souldedeh: elaHYUK Jaargan: elaHYUK SephVII: elaHYUK Oldburnzy: this game shows more teeth than until dawn FitoBurrito: 😎 perry_1903: elaHYUK victor_maitland: a typical bunch of friends in the gavle bar scene forsenWhat jokapleb: FeelsPepoMan Annonn140: forsenCD KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz is your IRL girlfriend called Catherine? weebs_ruin_everything: FeelsWeirdMan Sourcehunter: ela1 ela2 SunBeard: monkaW Sourcehunter: ela3 ela4 M’lady 0xSaisaki: inb4 her name is erikatherine Kappa BrascoGaming: LULW spookie_ghostie: stan lee Pog Corthak: elaGa GoldenSun_: LULW RKazekiri: LULW fatpep: LULW Turbulist: LULW taeyeon__ss: LULW Fentu: LULW BrowningZen: LULW Wiktor7219: LULW Icet44: PepeHands WerewolfB: FeelsBadMan dunnowtw: LULW holloWFortune: PepeHands Muradin: LULW AxelSaGo: Fee akmannen: D: BrascoGaming: PepeHands Shansolos: They love there pizza ๐Ÿ˜€ 195iq: aaaaaah he knows LUL TheDiotone: LULW denied Alahx: is this a game or a movie, wtf FitoBurrito: BBoomer Germy_ranch: D: Erazu: @benamation P5 happens like 5 years after this, so no LULW Sanad3: count sheep to fall asleep monkaS AxelSaGo: FeelsWeirdMan Sohei4649: LULW BearackObama: forsenCD secretdoves: monkaW ItsCoxy: ItsCoxy subscribed at Tier 1. Doully92: forsenCD Sunprayer07: FeelsBadMan WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ItsCoxy the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM AK_90: 4Head Vryn124: WHY DOES EVERYONE KNOW chillinsoul: forsenCD SO WHAT gosamigo: too real PepeHands illethor221: forsenCD Ian2017: LULW ericdude92: forsenCD WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! supa_mario: monkaTOS ThatLuluTho: Pepehands blueblet: forsenCD Clap Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD wtf Myowa_: forsenCD Clap Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Jaargan: how is this guy’s liver not failed yet OMEGALUL BrowningZen: forsenCD BearackObama: forsenCD SO Tiliger79: forsenCD Clap Annonn140: forsenCD Clap Shrimpess: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW xkrogothx: LMFAO Wiktor7219: @Alahx interactive movie lameflamefame: forsenCD SO? loki_oki: F Caput_Draconis: LULW FitoBurrito: BBoomerC>Q busky_maldsack: YeahBoi MrFunky159: @KrazyShark hes clueless though PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: o shiit aphex17: you’ve got MALE MaN rk0r: no nudes FeelsBadMan xsHadoww_s: AYAYA KappatainHindsight: This pink hair girl, was she in the original game? Don’t remember elaHmm FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz I’m not gay! MingLee KrazyShark: @MrFunky159 faking it ela3 Shmoop1: that guy with the fucking fedora jesus christ elaWeird pandoranthemaster: @Elajjaz already seen the toilet easteregg Smough: @Elajjaz plan a date with both of them forsenCD Jaargan: @Turbulist sweet jesus elaWut Vryn124: D: Sourcehunter: VaN Torture Chamber Zero_Abyss: PepeHands AxelSaGo: @kappatainhindsight no reddvelv: FeelsBadMan no nudes wevie1: PepeHands Th0rn4s: PepeHands NO NUDES Erazu: @benamation joke ending? I don’t remember most endings LULW syps_: PepeHands Turbulist: Jaargan Ikr elaWut MartinVP: @Elajjaz do the minigame Pog 0xSaisaki: no nudes PepeHands Kambri: PepeHands sheeptea: NUDES PepeHands mizoreeee: @Elajjaz pee break pls monkaW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: PepeHands Xerenix: forsenWC Easter egg? KappatainHindsight: @AxelSaGo thanks supa_mario: PepeHands Tw1tOne: PIX NAO PLZ!! FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz time for some Persona 5 jams pepeJAM AxelSaGo: np larxaSip Istog: this game gives me depression Kappa Doully92: elaChug mizoreeee: yes pls syps_: elaChug UltraWindow: squadW garyoakguy: Fedora guy is just jaded from a shitty marriage and divorce. Wiktor7219: that’s how it is dude Kuromaru_: WATER BREAKS FOR CATHERINE Kappa rikze5: that’s pretty true LULW Kolboh: 🦍 quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: elaChug KaitoKidShadow: are you gonna go till 1am again mizoreeee: Thats pretty true Th0rn4s: squadW MrFunky159: NOOO syps_: pepeJAM MrFunky159: NO PERSONA tidooh: @Elajjaz Show nudes elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE benamation: @Erazu The “True” Ending I thought, I don’t remember it, but I think Vincent is like walking toward a huge window and it’s revealed this is all in space loki_oki: we bad person PepeHands HeuristicMemer: yeah that’s true Zero_Abyss: I see you going for the bad ending ela LUL ThatLuluTho: Evil monkaW Doully92: forsenCD Kolboh: Not submod Pog 0mycron: squadW thats true Dassiz: do Persona 4 this time @Elajjaz brot_ok: forsenCD Turbulist: I can link you the video if you want Jaargan elaOk amaddog: forsenCD TWO TIME chillinsoul: ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD Annonn140: forsenCD TWO TIMES KrazyShark: LULW supa_mario: forsenCD J0hnnyBlade: no leave this music elaMad fatpep: @Elajjaz what did you think u’d do as a living when u were a kid ? CarlSmile last_whoa: forsenCD BrowningZen: forsenCD silent061: astrayyy MrFunky159: this music is fine for the bar ambience man PepeHands Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD Clap xsHadoww_s: Thats true qazplo: forsenCD ✌️ Istog: TO TIME CHAMPION Caput_Draconis: forsenCD 0xSaisaki: really gone sah tray LUL ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD Nanashi_Sakamoto: asstray gachiHYPER wandering_pleb: haHAA DenZve: forsenCD Sqwaaks: Rin is new for this game. I read somewhere that this has about 60% more content then the original Jaargan: @Turbulist sure monkaW Emwu__: KEKW Breitey: 💿 ✌️ Abbynaire: they’re pretty good friends tbh Stilgarius: forsenCD Whazankey: Clap2 forsenCD Corthak: BETTER MaN chillinsoul: ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD ✌ forsenCD Turbulist: Jaargan I’ll whisper you Hellu: forsenCD Xerenix: forsenCD Clap 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Thenastyraven: forsenCD Clap last_whoa: forsenCD ✌️ tyree372: rin is a guy? Istog: forsenCD Fafebobo: forsenCD MrArmageddon2: forsenCD perry_1903: forsenCD PLAZAx: forsenCD KrazyShark: @Elajjaz call him TobyShar k Pog FeelsGoodMan trambes: forsenCD HYPERCLAP tyree372: gachiBASS ellzabit: forsenCD BETTER MAN UltraWindow: ✌ forsenCD ☝️ shigaraki: forsenCD Clap Yakuin_: LULW HeuristicMemer: forsenCD ✌️ syps_: forsenCD ✌ volodja0: forsenCD sheeptea: forsenCD ✌️ 0xSaisaki: gachiBASS Corthak: gachiBASS Shmoop1: forsenCD angryj0nes: forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap Murika_: Pog ? FlexySanders: forsenCD J0hnnyBlade: ✌️ forsenCD PorscheWIN @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: ✌️ forsenCD BrowningZen: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @Elajjaz call him TobyShark* Pog FeelsGoodMan trambes: POGGERS ? bluexeyez: forsenCD the game PepeLaugh Tw1tOne: this pub soundtrack is amazing Kreygasm Stilgarius: Clap2 forsenCD ✌ supa_mario: gachiHYPER 0xSaisaki: text elaThirst Fafebobo: AYAYA KrazyShark: @Stilgarius krazys2PAT angryj0nes: Rine UltraWindow: monkaW FitoBurrito: forsenCD ✌️ Annonn140: LULW syps_: Champ last_whoa: uh oh monkaW Silragy: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ MrFunky159: oh no gint271: monkaW Xerenix: Chag Hellu: monkaW KrazyShark: Kreygasm Vryn124: POG BrowningZen: AYAYA fatpep: x3dsalAYAYA 뿡토: RIN gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Stilgarius: @KrazyShark FeelsGoodMan Muffingrenn: kwatherin Magilou_69: Champ Nox15: Kreygasm Dismal_Arkt: elaGasm sheeptea: Kreygasm Istog: elaGasm Smough: PedoBear Clap Thenastyraven: elaThirst Bakaorange: monkaW Entriks51: rooGasm Germy_ranch: elaGasm perry_1903: Chag KaitoKidShadow: at the bar BrowningZen: Kreygasm KappatainHindsight: elaThirst gczero: elaGasm Neimyin: CUTE AF AYAYA Lexikun: elaThirst show pic Kouteij: Kreygasm chillinsoul: GOD YES Kreygasm MrCosmonafft: Kreygasm TheZecaUrubu: Kreygasm HotFireZ: Kreygasm MrArmageddon2: gachiBASS morlachon: Kreygasm Stilgarius: Kreygasm BrascoGaming: AYAYA Fafebobo: CUTE AYAYA Shaverdian: Hoo boy Suney: AYAYA StarPogPlatinum: AYAYA Grynovus: Kreygasm trambes: AYAYA CUTE lameflamefame: Kreygasm FlexySanders: CUTE sheeptea: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA Rge5: AYAYA Annonn140: Kreygasm rikze5: AYAYA Clap Silragy: Kreygasm Shmoop1: PedoBear 0xSaisaki: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Stilgarius: Kreygasm I lost watchmemitchie1: AYAYA miki___miki: cosmoLewd gzalewski: AYAYA CUTE Vikingdeath1: KAWAIIIII Armody: elaGa gosamigo: Kreygasm Hario: AYAYA Clap Vryn124: AYAYA Boomdedz: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Sohei4649: AYAYA Clap GoldenSun_: AYAYA SunBeard: I LOST AYAYA Stinsfire: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaThirst Larsn2k: elaThirst mizoreeee: ✌ forsenCD 👆 PorscheWIN PorscheWIN THE BEST ON THE TOP tyree372: forsenCD ✌ THE 2 TIME Zane_Within: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm chillinsoul: GOD YES Kreygasm GOD YES Kreygasm GOD YES Kreygasm loki_oki: CUTE gint271: AYAYA BrowningZen: I lost Kreygasm Simoteus: phaAYAYA Gurnak: AYAYA CUTE krezal: AYAYA Clap Wolficek3134: AYAYA Muffingrenn: AYAYA Eugene_Lychany: OH YES Sabriell: its a boy monkaW Sybran57: AYAYA Akytami: Kreygasm PLAZAx: Clap2 PedoBear 195iq: looks neat serRubbly: AYAYA wholesome Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Hario: CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE Dismal_Arkt: I LOST Kreygasm Armody: elaGasm wandering_pleb: elaGasm VashGarland: KAWAIIII DESUUUUU KrazyShark: FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER FLAT AF gachiHYPER Thenastyraven: AYAYA Smough: PedoBear HYPERCLAP Whazankey: AYAYA xsHadoww_s: AYAYA rk0r: AYAYA Clap puffin_123: WAIFU sheeptea: YIKES faabsendc: dyrusAYAYA Doully92: DansGame UltraWindow: ✌ forsenCD ☝️ syps_: ….? FitoBurrito: KrazyShark lost PepeLaugh Ringguni: for sure 3 sviat93: FREE AYAYA Clap KappatainHindsight: shit, this girl is not legal monkaTOS MilchiWay: Q=cute AYAYA Syiax_: ??? Shrimpess: it’s a boy ✋ WeirdChamp PG_13_Username: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Vryn124: SHES STALKING Yakuin_: LULW ThatLuluTho: WeirdChamp Sabatour100: gachiHYPER atomicdestruction: LULW Stilgarius: monkaW ?????? Zero_Abyss: D: Elvem: elaGasm bigdaddye40: like waiter supjta: …?????????????????? TheZecaUrubu: D: Sunprayer07: 3 times ZerbusgameZ: elaGasm Mirando: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan but CUTE Suney: ???? ModernPlagueDoctor: Bad Ela bigdaddye40: Pepega StarPogPlatinum: Beta LULW tyree372: i lost Eldritchness: D: girlfromjapan: there is no mist PepeLaugh Nakamura_Shinichi: ????????? tyree372: Kreygasm xkrogothx: LMFAO Sabatour100: gachiHYPER Rin gachiHYPER taeyeon__ss: D: KaitoKidShadow: she probably means in the dream? Turbulist: PepeLaugh jade282: Remember about spoiler chat, Elvem: LULW chillinsoul: @Shrimpess gachiHYPER perfect KrazyShark: @Mirando THE BEST KIND OF CUTE gachiHYPER UltraWindow: ??? Stilgarius: monkaW Ela syps_: LULW neuromancerking666: soy boy Syiax_: what??? 195iq: xDDD BrowningZen: LULW krezal: PepeLaugh Yakuin_: ?????? LULW he1l_kappa: BETA LUL hazy_0: LULW StarPogPlatinum: What what this LULW izzied: lolol fatpep: SO BAD LULW SpyroKek: rude FitoBurrito: OKAY DAD LULW Fafebobo: forsenCD wtf man perry_1903: elaMad Mirando: @KrazyShark the Bs elaGasm KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA COME ON Stilgarius: nrdyD Fridgieee: ??? Breitey: D: ThatLuluTho: This hurt LULW Kouteij: BEST GIRL AYAYA Germy_ranch: elaB trambes: AYAYA WTF Stilgarius: elaD yurify: shes a kid lol BrascoGaming: D: WhiteFoxy: danCry neuromancerking666: D: Bobanaut: but she is the end boss HotFireZ: AYAYA wevie1: just the other 2 sheeptea: SURE PepeLaugh SunBeard: elaMad Dismal_Arkt: forsenCD Sure buddy Himmee: D: Bakaorange: D: 5Pat5: elaGa loki_oki: WTF?! quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: elaK Zane_Within: D: lamemage15: D: Sohei4649: D: Elvem: SHE’S THE BEST GIRL AYAYA bigpeanut99: elaK xsHadoww_s: LOL leandromac1: D: Pepparn: elaThirst Kapp Strawie35: anyone got a clip of the toielt easter egg? i missed it PepeHands wandering_pleb: elaD akmannen: qatherine is Nep morlachon: D: Corthak: AYAYA WTF VDSMF: DansGame SHE’S THE BEST watchmemitchie1: you can press b and get different options for texting Annonn140: TRUE LULW gzalewski: AYAYA DONT LIE Sabriell: ela wants the thot LULW Neimyin: Trust issues PunOko memorycard1mega: wat 0xSaisaki: shes too AYAYA Hario: WHAT? Nanashi_Sakamoto: DansGame AK_90: PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko KrazyShark: @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER @Elajjaz MORE FOR ME gachiHYPER Entriks51: THREE TIME CHAMP ForsenCD damnedcrack: BANG HER WurFace VintageBoujee: lol “fishy” benamation: The text message writing in this game seems more fun than the Persona 5 version Turbulist: RIN actually best girl LULW Sqwaaks: She is the AYAYA girl sviat93: forsenCD Th0rn4s: PunOko ? Xerenix: elaD Don’t say that about Waifu alserio: fishy lul angryj0nes: SHE pepeLaugh Cheesecoffee: elaD houndthree: yeah better trust the two mental ones elaK thicknicc: she is moe as fuck thouggh lameflamefame: She’s the best one though LULW Pixel_hearts: just do all MrCosmonafft: You don’t deserve her anyway WeirdChamp gosamigo: He likes the NAUGHTY ONES gachiHYPER angryj0nes: SHE PepeLaugh Jarik23: 3 time Pog Thenastyraven: YEA PSYCHO GIRL ISNT FISHY AT ALL PepeLaugh ModernPlagueDoctor: Too nice… wtf man urnightolf: He’s only interested in man RaregachiGASM RaregachiGASM wandering_pleb: ela likes catherine elaThirst sournuts1: monkaSHAKE tyree372: “she” ellzabit: GO 3 TIMER forsenCD Hundertkuchen: What do you mean, no interest. Vincent is doing two chicks already, no reason not to do three. chillinsoul: yeah Kapp tyree372: PepeLaugh Abbot__: like em bad gachiCOOL syps_: VoteNay xkrogothx: elaGasm Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz you already cheated PepeLaugh so cheat it more PepeLaugh Kouteij: HECK D: KaitoKidShadow: jesus amaddog: LULW BrascoGaming: LUL shark Thenastyraven: LULW Turbulist: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: LULW bigpeanut99: LULW xdreigor: LULW Annonn140: LULW SunBeard: ela13 Strawie35: @Elajjaz whats the toilet easter egg? i missed it PepeHands Neravor: Strawberry milk ela12 fatpep: going to the dark side DarkMode Caput_Draconis: LULW Shrimpess: @Elajjaz elaMad TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Zane_Within: LUL picklerickshank: THATS NOT TRUE, some girls just want to pregnancy scare you im totally serious LULW illethor221: LULW Murika_: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh StravoS11: LUL Neravor: LULW HeiZeusi: strawberry milk gachiBASS angryj0nes: LULW Dismal_Arkt: LULW PLAZAx: PepeLaugh 5Pat5: LuL Fafebobo: MaN Pepparn: LULW perry_1903: LULW NaughtyPedro: you could beat the doc and become the 3 timer forsenCD Whazankey: TWOTCH FeelsPepoMan stop distorting my sounds FeelsPepoMan harshalrio91: MaN WerewolfB: it gets even better just wait PepeLaugh GoldenSun_: MaN Shansolos: so if a girls too nice shes a trap ๐Ÿ™ wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Annonn140: MaN KrazyShark: @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan syps_: MaN Nanashi_Sakamoto: MaN olli2101: Man Smough: thats a compliment to his current status BrascoGaming: Pog mizoreeee: MaN 0xSaisaki: MaN BrowningZen: gachiHYPER AkiraJkr: MaN Corthak: MaN olli2101: MaN Jaargan: that meter is looking a little too red ela elaMad @Elajjaz Lagunaab: AM A MAN BabyRage picklerickshank: IM A MAN bamboA bamboA fatpep: @KrazyShark LULW 195iq: im a shark come on LUL quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW J0hnnyBlade: ela12 Im a man cmon trambes: monkaW AxelSaGo: who are the others then @elajjaz larxaHmm Corthak: AYAYA BrascoGaming: LULW Fafebobo: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan BrowningZen: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: lol Turbulist: LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek rikze5: noxSorry mizoreeee: LULW gosamigo: LULW sheeptea: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW LULW UltraWindow: monkaW she knows BrowningZen: LULW x3kmak: @Elajjaz WAIT THERE IS 2 TWIN OLD LADIES BEDING YOU LULW Ttanoraa: NO monkaW zoleanx: Kreygasm BrascoGaming: monkaW Suney: LULW Norwegian_wombat: elaS Germy_ranch: E X P O S E D Th0rn4s: monkaW supa_mario: monkaSHAKE VashGarland: Jebaited Annonn140: monkaW loki_oki: LUL 0xSaisaki: shieeeet Doully92: PepeLaugh trambes: monkaW No Ph4ntomi: monkaW Vryn124: monkaW Entriks51: BO Bakaorange: monkaW Rge5: no Caput_Draconis: monkaW gzalewski: monkaH NO syps_: I can’t tell you LULW Turbulist: Can’t tell atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh ericdude92: monkaW olli2101: monkaW VDSMF: no monkaX Cerilysm: ABORT Istog: 2 stefanehj: F\ leandromac1: monkaW scorp29_and_abyss: monkaW Eldritchness: PepeLaugh Elvem: LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TheZecaUrubu: monkaW lamemage15: No Thenastyraven: no i wasnt monkaW Magilou_69: monkaW Neimyin: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW Sunprayer07: monkaW Whazankey: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: RUN Entriks51: No monkaW salpo_nolobio: monkaS Shansolos: no i wasn’t BrowningZen: no monkaW Khosm_: 2 Murika_: 2 PLAZAx: monkaW thicknicc: NO+ Elvem: LIE LIE LIE Fafebobo: ElaPls solidcds: monkaW damnedcrack: 1 HotFireZ: no 195iq: lie to her 1st_Keklel: SHE KNOWS UltraWindow: 2 lindwormen: monkaH memorycard1mega: 2 ViveLaDissidence: N OMEGADOWN xdreigor: ABORT monkaW Th0rn4s: monkaW LIE Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN ElaPls RUN Nakamura_Shinichi: Bad End nobunaga0daa: 1 Vryn124: 2 SunBeard: 2 serRubbly: 1 Ttanoraa: HANG UP monkaW MartinVP: 1 leandromac1: UNDO TheErdbeere: 2 morlachon: monkaW Kouteij: monkaW akmannen: Abort hang up Umetsu_rin: 2 SylphidLive: “i cant tell you” Nucleoprotein: 2 xkrogothx: she knows Straddy_: 1 ModernPlagueDoctor: Pul out 0xSaisaki: no or no LUL dr0gulus: pause for 30 seconds monkaS thicknicc: 1 195iq: LIE olli2101: 2 gadrus: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: 2 Turbulist: ABORT monkaW infa_xd: PepeLaugh BlueErmine: 2 salpo_nolobio: monkaS panic syps_: monkaH HeiZeusi: monkaGIGA Germy_ranch: 1 Elvem: LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE faithless_zealot: LIE angryj0nes: the two are lies supmadness: 2 Bobanaut: run to alaska dunnowtw: N OMEGALUL scorp29_and_abyss: your choice Tipicko: RUN MonkaS greenteanoodles: 2 Norwegian_wombat: elaKek SunBeard: LULW Ph4ntomi: LIED D: Fridgieee: Just hang up pepeW xsHadoww_s: SHE KNOWS Xerenix: forsenCD Good choice Pudelinaa: lie dude monkaW Fafebobo: elaHAA daddywojo: 2 Neimyin: Bad boy PepeLaugh SeedyXX: run StarPogPlatinum: If she ask you she knows LULW 뿡토: forsenCD Doully92: haHAA Vikingdeath1: oh, so is Ela choosing answers like a Real human would? instead of sticking with one of the two binary Good/Evil sides for maximum efficiency?? Murika_: haHAA PG_13_Username: dese hoes cant let a real one catch a break Corthak: haHAA BrascoGaming: haHAA Dismal_Arkt: 4Head Thenastyraven: elaHA Deliriumi1: haHAA syps_: haHAA Germy_ranch: haHAA ZyraX0: haHAA dunnowtw: haHAA Neravor: Hahaha elaHAA PLAZAx: haHAA supa_mario: forsenCD Annonn140: haHAA perry_1903: haHAA TheZecaUrubu: PepeLaugh haha Turbulist: haHAA Sunprayer07: 4HEad Kickin_97: Come on… Sourcehunter: REELEE gadrus: lying PepeHands casualkappa123: @Elajjaz dont be a cheater WeirdChamp ellzabit: SHE KNOW monkaW Furrnox: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW Streamleen: You’re just making it worse every time! Jaargan: haHAA loki_oki: HaHAA amaddog: Kapp Thenastyraven: ElaPls RonsuDE: he only has one jacket LULW UltraWindow: monkaW DenZve: elaHAA Murika_: monkaW CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW Neravor: gachiOnFIRE xdreigor: monkaW Corthak: gachiOnFIRE atomicdestruction: monkaW Suney: monkaW TheKryel: ElaPls plan B gint271: monkaW Pepparn: gachiOnFIRE BrascoGaming: later forsenCD Sunprayer07: monkaW chillinsoul: LATER Kreygasm olli2101: YOU NEED TO BE MORE TRANSPARENT…LITERALLY forsenCD @Elajjaz syps_: gachiOnFIRE Nakamura_Shinichi: WE SURVIVED BOYS Shrimpess: gachiOnFIRE Turbulist: gachiOnFIRE 0xSaisaki: gachiOnFIRE Kuromaru_: monkaW loki_oki: Who burnin monkaW Germy_ranch: monkaW later KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz call them Sea-therine, kay-therine and Queue-therine LULW perry_1903: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: Vincent is in control LULW Life796: gachiOnFIRE angryj0nes: LULW Hotsbolvar: WEEEB GAME Jaargan: PepeLaugh gosamigo: MORE ANAL gachiHYPER Bobanaut: alaska xsHadoww_s: SURVIVED Sourcehunter: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh BrowningZen: gachiHYPER Shansolos: krazyshark LUL LUL LUL ericdude92: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan RonsuDE: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp tidooh: Bad ending inc PepeLaugh Neravor: Holy shit forsenCD enabled Clap HotFireZ: Erica Jebaited Doully92: PepeLaugh Kouteij: PepeLaugh akmannen: @KrazyShark So wise feelsgoodman Gerynt: I just want ONE girflriend PepeHands bigpeanut99: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh pascu_tv: what is crazy shark? sviat93: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: PepeLaugh Aydarkzero: Erica though Pog x3kmak: @Elajjaz THERE IS 2 TWIN OLD LADIES BEHIND YOU LULW killsjoyz: Erica Kappa xsHadoww_s: MORE ANAL UltraWindow: 👉 monkaW 👌 ❓ J0hnnyBlade: aww elaBlush AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh Smough: can’t be krazyshark because he thirsts after everything Khosm_: Erica Kreygasm Whazankey: @KrazyShark Erica Pog good choice Pog HeiZeusi: crazy shark is literally like the little guy from FF15 UltraWindow: monkaW 👉👌 ❓ KrazyShark: @Whazankey Erica elaThirst 0xSaisaki: Eri-Catherine elaHmm KaitoKidShadow: 50.000 is fucking cheap to go to space TheZecaUrubu: SHARK OH SHARK PepeLaugh Sunprayer07: LULW Doully92: gachiHYPER fatpep: Erica is super hot @KrazyShark i get it Kreygasm Turbulist: 0xSaisaki 5Head MilchiWay: D: Thenastyraven: LULW Abbynaire: elaD KrazyShark: @HeiZeusi the little guy in ff15? 🤔 syps_: elaD BrascoGaming: gachiHYPER VDSMF: sucked a little more gachiHYPER Xerenix: or more elaThirst BrowningZen: D: AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER Neravor: Or sucked more gachiHYPER gosamigo: gachiHYPER RonsuDE: D: Jaargan: gachiHYPER ? Shrimpess: gachiHYPER Neimyin: Rude D: KrazyShark: @TheZecaUrubu gachiHYPER sviat93:persona 5 marckvdv: @Xerenix she still looks 12 PedoBear perry_1903: nrdyBoomer ddaaveee: PabloPls Germy_ranch: pepeD pepeD AbsoluteHope: pepeJAM fanHEIBAI: Persona 4 is best ๐Ÿ™‚ Neravor: @Sourcehunter “now” AYAYA gosamigo: GILFS gachiHYPER Suney: LULW Sunprayer07: pepeD chillinsoul: PERSONA 4 Kreygasm supjta: N OMEGALUL Sqwaaks: Time to make history is the battle theme from P4G GreatWolfSiff: please play persona neuromancerking666: oof martha Tw1tOne: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: no Acidozin: Play Persona 5, you’ll love it BrowningZen: no LULW HotFireZ: GILFS Kreygasm Cinerus_: P4 music? Pog 0xSaisaki: why did you say that name!?!?!? KaitoKidShadow: yes Streamleen: Gonna wake up with them tomorrow too. Turbulist: ResidentSleeper These old ladies AxelSaGo: play dragon quest larxaAngry miki___miki: All persona’s is lit PogU KrazyShark: @HeiZeusi oh yeaaah prompto, he does seem like him, the kind of laid back dude Doully92: JustDoIt illethor221: 4HEad quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Kreygasm Sourcehunter: @Neravor AYAYA HYPERCLAP Murika_: legs Kreygasm Eldritchness: 4HEad perry_1903: JustDoIt trambes: 4HEad Just remember LoratNar: pepeJAM Germy_ranch: 3 way elaGasm Deliriumi1: ela there just for the pepperoni pizza rikze5: JustDoIt BobTheDrunkBear: 4HEad Ttanoraa: I ENEMBER dan_sai: DansGame syps_: JustDoIt sheeptea: just 4HEad TomaszHilfiger: vrite Sabriell: this just reminds me of the subway constantly Life796: 4HEad VashGarland: 5Head Podriquez: JustDoIt KrazyShark: @SunBeard PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: 3Head fatpep: 4HEad VDSMF: 5Head Soveriegn3: LIAR reddvelv: JustDoIt theripper048: stfu wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PLAZAx: 4HEad angryj0nes: elaK WerewolfB: Francis York Morgan Pog SylphidLive: sex’em Thenastyraven: elaK fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat Olivko: you do notes for runs, though SunBeard: @KrazyShark I know that feel tho elaFeels Sourcehunter: Chaotic neutral PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: Cant wait for Persona 5 Royal Pog Doully92: elaOP MrGetz: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob Fafebobo: elaOP ericdude92: DansGame Streamleen: This is some Deadly Premonition stuff Neravor: @WerewolfB sequel announced PogU trambes: Kreygasm dZatara: monkaGun Akytami: elaOP TomaszHilfiger: elaOP fatpep: OpieOP Ttanoraa: OpieOP BobTheDrunkBear: elaOP Soveriegn3: NUTT MisterPossible: gachiBASS loki_oki: vanilla ice LULW 0xSaisaki: oh… KaitoKidShadow: monkaW Doully92: monkaW Murika_: monkaW xkrogothx: elaGasm Sohei4649: monkaW last_whoa: monkaW 뿡토: monkaSHAKE Rge5: DansGame Shmoop1: elaOP amaddog: monkaW Germy_ranch: DansGame Rephiax: monkaW fatpep: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaX Annonn140: monkaW trambes: monkaW MilchiWay: monkaS BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW rikze5: monkaW garyoakguy: DP2 PogChamp perry_1903: monkaW 0xSaisaki: KKona Caput_Draconis: monkaW Bakaorange: monkaW Zero_Abyss: monkaW xdreigor: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW Vryn124: wait what Xerenix: monkaW Himmee: monkaW RonsuDE: monkaW FitoBurrito: monkaW Yakuin_: monkaS grimelocked: LULW gint271: monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW akmannen: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW lamemage15: monkaS Shrimpess: monkaW miki___miki: monkaS Kouteij: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaW olli2101: monkaW WerewolfB: @Neravor PogU Fentu: monkaW Pudelinaa: cursed monkaW HeiZeusi: gachiBASS time of freedom Vryn124: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW Life796: monkaW GoldenSun_: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW Silragy: monkaSHAKE quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW Neimyin: monkaW solidcds: monkaW Smough: witches monkaS bigpeanut99: monkaW Traknir: free pizza Pog akmannen: eat the pizza :O Clixx: ok thanks monkaW SunBeard: monkaW leandromac1: monkaW Streamleen: They didn’t finish their beers! Shmoop1: monkaW elaGun angryj0nes: Deadly Premonition 2 will comes out, i just remembered Pog Deliriumi1: FREE PEPPERONIPIZZA Bobanaut: they left the pizza. eat it Dismal_Arkt: Free pizza elaOP Shaverdian: You just gonna leave that pizza there though what the fuck 0xSaisaki: hey, free beer Hundertkuchen: free beer gzalewski: FREE PIZZA Pog rikze5: You’ve got male MaN Abbynaire: the cheese stretches monkaW Neravor: Free pizza elaOP Anxietydecending: what a waste of pizza Nanashi_Sakamoto: FREE PIZZA Pog FitoBurrito: FREEDOM IS COMING KKona Doully92: PepeLaugh fatpep: LULW trambes: monkaW She knows Th0rn4s: FREE PIZZA Pog Neyato025: wait why is there p5 music? memorycard1mega: are they gifting you 2 beers and a pizza loki_oki: creepy GILFS monkaW miki___miki: FREE PIZZA PogU Bieberhunter: elaKek RonsuDE: LULW GoldenSun_: LULW Kambri: monkaW Doully92: forsenCD Clixx: my first one LULW BrowningZen: b..but your beer? monkaW amaddog: forsenCD Dr_Gomez: LULW Neimyin: First one LULW xsHadoww_s: PIZZA Annonn140: forsenCD Sergantuss: drink this bear and pizza Caput_Draconis: forsenCD Fridgieee: Free beer 195iq: free beerza UltraWindow: ✌ forsenCD ☝️ BrowningZen: forsenCD Tipicko: free full beers! xdreigor: ELA WeirdChamp MettatonsFan: first one LUL RonsuDE: forsenCD Sohei4649: Already going by numbers LULW Khosm_: first one LUL Kouteij: 1st one FeelsBadMan supa_mario: forsenCD MrCosmonafft: nice naming forsenCD Armody: forsenCD chillinsoul: LULW Tw1tOne: monkaW BrascoGaming: PepeHands quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: FREE PIZZA Pog rk0r: THIRSTY AF FOR NUDES LULW 0xSaisaki: busted monkaS 뿡토: FIRST forsenCD annjey: forsenCD HYPERCLAP KaitoKidShadow: ewwwwwww Thenastyraven: ElaPls Dassiz: @Elajjaz drink your alcohol before you talk to ppl, they dont cost actions and you get trivia thicknicc: oh fuck gadrus: first one 💿 Neravor: forsenCD Clap dan_sai: DansGame Fafebobo: boring girl DansGame AxelSaGo: monkaW control skraalQ: 3 Deliriumi1: 3 Turbulist: ppBeer I can drink when I want MsBlackDahlia: ugh syps_: overbearing much DansGame Clixx: i’m not drinking Kapp fatpep: LIES frallanswe: SHE KNOWS monkaW Vryn124: LUL MisterPossible: i want to strangle her perry_1903: 3 PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: Fucked LUL Doully92: PepeLaugh DivineSpaghetti: They just left over half of their pizza DansGame harshalrio91: 3 chillinsoul: 3 squadW Eldritchness: Kappa MilchiWay: LUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK BrowningZen: monkaW Streamleen: Are you not? leandromac1: LUL WHAT Kuromaru_: ALREADY IN KAREN MODE PepeLaugh VDSMF: fuck you DansGame sheeptea: PepeLaugh SunBeard: Kapp skraalQ: 1 loki_oki: Liar xsHadoww_s: pineap4LUL amaddog: Kapp RealLifeTsundere: 😬 Suney: Kapp Soveriegn3: elaMad Annonn140: PepeLaugh Xerenix: Kappa Silragy: :O DigitalZips: elaD Sunprayer07: DansGame scorp29_and_abyss: DansGame Soveriegn3: Kapp RonsuDE: Kapp Himmee: D: trambes: Kapp Fridgieee: IM NOT LULW Streamleen: NO Elvem: ELA LIAR D: Turbulist: Kapp BrowningZen: BabyRage thicknicc: 2 Fafebobo: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: D: TheMasterToaster: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Doully92: D: Rge5: LULW amaddog: D: bluexeyez: monkaS illethor221: LMAO Nanashi_Sakamoto: D: Vryn124: D: olli2101: D: Eldritchness: HotPokket CyanFox_: D: MettatonsFan: D: KaitoKidShadow: D: Tw1tOne: LUL Neimyin: All this streamer does is lie :/ Evillution: 🍅 Shrimpess: D: KrazyShark: @Elajjaz TobyShark FeelsGoodMan gzalewski: D: Dismal_Arkt: elaMad StarPogPlatinum: LULW MartinVP: D: Kouteij: D: Streamleen: BAD ENDING SunBeard: LULW VDSMF: D: Soveriegn3: LMAO sournuts1: RaregachiGASM Ttanoraa: D: wevie1: elaD PLAZAx: D: lindwormen: D: what the fuck BobTheDrunkBear: D: Xerenix: D: RonsuDE: D: Turbulist: LULW leandromac1: D: Elvem: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: ELA LIAR D: TheZecaUrubu: D: thicknicc: D: Suney: D: gadrus: D: CaptainOutOfTen: elaD Fentu: Dl BrascoGaming: LULW 0xSaisaki: so defensive Snake_w: D: Neravor: MEAN elaD Khosm_: WOW Nakamura_Shinichi: Jesus scorp29_and_abyss: D: annjey: D: BrowningZen: D: gosamigo: ALPHA AF syps_: elaMad HYPERCLAP elaMad HYPERCLAP elaMad HYPERCLAP elaMad HYPERCLAP xdreigor: elaD Vryn124: SPICY yvve_: WTF Turbulist: PepeLaugh 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP secretdoves: D: HeiZeusi: D: trambes: D: Annonn140: D: Th0rn4s: LULW DigitalZips: Woooooooooooow…. this is what Ela really thinks like eh weeaboochan: ELA WTF dingelidong: D: GoldenSun_: LULW Silragy: evo19Wut TheDolos: F Soveriegn3: ELA WHAT THE FUCK Hundertkuchen: man, you evil fatpep: W D: W KrazyShark: elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD Vikingdeath1: oh WOW! So That’s how he’s playing! TomaszHilfiger: elaD Sanad3: 😠 wandering_pleb: elaD ellzabit: forsenCD MY MAN fanHEIBAI: Lying cheater D: Kickin_97: elaK leandromac1: NotLikeThis VashGarland: NotLikeThis amaddog: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Smough: wow, he really wants to get rid of gf nr 1 LULW lamemage15: D ZyraX0: this is why ela isnt in a relationship Thenastyraven: DRAMA Pog houndthree: Why are you pretending elaK elaK Whazankey: EVIL Pog FlexySanders: YA DUN GOOFED, BOY! sviat93: D: morlachon: LULW Vallyen_: Ela going straight to hell OMEGALUL KrazyShark: W elaD W jade282: elaD SunBeard: forsenCD HYPERLAP ThatLuluTho: Ruse FeelsBadMan Bobanaut: alcoholic response. gg Kouteij: BEST ENDING INC ohnCute Streamleen: why u do this ELa Elvem: ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF ELA WTF reddvelv: LULW Doully92: LULW illethor221: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tidooh: Yo bitch, maybe make sure you’re pregnant for sure? elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE Fafebobo: ppBeer Murika_: LULW thicknicc: NotLikeThis sheeptea: LULW Straddy_: LULW pacharita: cold Life796: LULW Wolficek3134: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Eldritchness: LULW weeaboochan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA casualkappa123: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp 1st_Keklel: Bad ending confirmed D: Ttanoraa: ELA is full on cath Pepparn: LULW Magilou_69: LULW MartinVP: natural cheater I see Nakamura_Shinichi: wtf SunBeard: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Th0rn4s: HOSTILE LULW serRubbly: LUL bluexeyez: LULW 0xSaisaki: its in the males instinct to like LUL Silragy: W T F MettatonsFan: OMEGALUL rikze5: ppBeer syps_: LULW faithless_zealot: LUL elvespelves: LUL owlsama: bad ending LUL Kuromaru_: NOW WE DRINK StarPogPlatinum: Ela is the worst LULW AxelSaGo: LUL TheZecaUrubu: LULW Turbulist: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW BrowningZen: LULW Abbynaire: elaD PLAZAx: LULW solidcds: FeelsBadMan gosamigo: LULW xkrogothx: HHAAHAHAHAHAHAH volodja0: LULW Shaverdian: lol SpyroKek: this isnt goin to end well monkaSHAKE xsHadoww_s: KEKW GreatWolfSiff: GreatWolfSiff subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! how’s the game so far? never played it myself but looks interesting Parfumerie: LULW Life796: ppBeer Kambri: PepeLaugh Jaargan: @Elajjaz that meter is looking a little too red elaMad Sabriell: chat getting mad they shouldnt drink EVERY NIGHT LULW CaptainOutOfTen: She is pregnant with your child Ela elaD quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: LULW gadrus: LULW Annonn140: LULW Armody: LULW VDSMF: qatherine PepeLaugh Astahrath: LULW morlachon: LULW LULW LULW LULW SantanaDVXFan: @Elajjaz you weren’t drinking while writing the text ๐Ÿ™‚ SoloMaU: LUL supmadness: hahahahaha scoutdiverman: PepeLaugh worst ending Sweetmuffin77: LULW trambes: pepeJAM Turbulist: OMEGALUL Whazankey: @Elajjaz change music to persona 4 BlessRNG secretdoves: he’s going full 💿 FitoBurrito: Qatherine I can’t even Fridgieee: Now get smashed LULW BaguetteDesu: AYAYA ❓ akmannen: I want pizza RonsuDE: PepeLaugh maybe NaughtyPedro: quatherine tidooh: Yo bitch, maybe make sure you’re pregnant for sure? elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE Yo bitch, maybe make sure you’re pregnant for sure? elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE Sunprayer07: LULW xkrogothx: get hammered Elvem: SHE’S PREGNANT WITH YOUR CHILD WTF ELA daddywojo: Dump the preggers KaitoKidShadow: Pog ihssoy: I’m actually gonna buy this game Doully92: elaK Thenastyraven: elaK BrowningZen: 5Head PLAZAx: Kapp Neravor: elaK mizoreeee: I mean she is pregnant and not you so you can drink 4Shrug Eldritchness: CoolStoryBob miki___miki: cosmoIsee perry_1903: 5Head last_whoa: 5Head Bobanaut: MORE Yakuin_: Trivia Pog BrascoGaming: 5Head rikze5: 🤔 trambes: 5Head chillinsoul: 5Head of course RonsuDE: 5Head reddvelv: CoolStoryBob leandromac1: CoolStoryBob gosamigo: LORE Pog FitoBurrito: I just realised this is Sojiro from Persona 5 LULW Fafebobo: doesn’t count indeed 5Head MartinVP: 5Head Neravor: 📝 elaISee quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: 5Head fatpep: tbh , all the Catherines i known were crazy chat. what about you ? CoolStoryBob VDSMF: i see 🤔 VashGarland: 5Head ah yes so clear Doully92: elaHmm GoldenSun_: 5Head Vryn124: POG INFO izzied: LONG NECK sheeptea: 5Head rk0r: Pog trivia AsshurtingEmu: Imagine calling your child Qatherine daphLul Corthak: 5Head taeyeon__ss: 5Head Oh I see Whazankey: rooIsee Annonn140: 5Head BrowningZen: Pog SunBeard: 5Head 🍷 xkrogothx: 5Head BobTheDrunkBear: elaHmm Khosm_: Trivia is so good in this game MaleFunction: 5Head SpectatorNoX: me neither elaHmm akmannen: 5Head Akytami: 5Head Xerenix: 5Head 🍷 Indeed Bobanaut: just take lots of shots Sabriell: sojiro knows about coffee curry and alcohol Pog TomaszHilfiger: elaHmm Shmoop1: 5Head 뿡토: moon2BRAIN sournuts1: FOGGERS Kayvonnn: Long Island Ice Tea thicknicc: 5head Deputy_Dan_: @Elajjaz alcoholism ruins families PepeHands Bakaorange: 5Head morlachon: 5Head 🍷 gosamigo: C gachiHYPER C K T A I L puffin_123: VBLONG NECK at 20 to 8 in the mornin perry_1903: elaChug xkrogothx: elaKek 195iq: short island icetea Dassiz: @Elajjaz you can hear one of the types of drinks trivia a night, so drink something else Vryn124: elaHmm Cerilysm: ppBeer Eldritchness: 5Head 🍷 Pixel_hearts: elaISee elaISee elaISee Bobanaut: get hammered RonsuDE: elaChug fanHEIBAI: @Elajjaz pee break ๐Ÿ™‚ KaitoKidShadow: 5Head sheeptea: long island is great gzalewski: 5Head trambes: 5Head Interesting MrFunky159: Clap fatpep: TRIVIA POGGERS Sqwaaks: Every drink has 1 per night mizoreeee: I cant drink Cocktails i always drink them too fast because they are so tasty tobiasBAD miki___miki: Clap Bindox_: long island represent rk0r: the trivia is legit 👌 akmannen: thx for the trivia mr voice Doully92: Long islands are strong monkaW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Clap Neravor: AYAYA BrowningZen: elaClap trambes: AYAYA CUTe Th0rn4s: AYAYA reddvelv: You elaGasm VDSMF: rin gachiHYPER Soveriegn3: yeah but long island iced teas are like 30% alcohol LULW Muffingrenn: AYAYA xkrogothx: sake BrowningZen: ElaClap Neimyin: AYAYA Doully92: elaYA 0xSaisaki: you elaThirst Ph4ntomi: AYAYA Sourcehunter: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA Bobanaut: sake is weak syps_: AYAYA Cute_Weebs: AYAYA sheeptea: AYAYA perry_1903: elaYA HYPERCLAP J0hnnyBlade: I played the game but I forgot all this trivia since I don’t drink or have friends elaGa AxelSaGo: AYAYA Shansolos: Long island ice teaall girls Kreygasm RonsuDE: PepeUff 0xSaisaki: OOFF PepeUff Annonn140: 5Head 🍷 Ttanoraa: Qursed Breitey: just fill him up and make him cheat again forsenCD puffin_123: elaPuke Shansolos: I think at this point hes an alcoholic LUL LUL SpectatorNoX: wine hangover is the WORST houndthree: responsible adult elaK Tierer: @Elajjaz dont forget about the people at the bar Aydarkzero: ! CURSED ! Sqwaaks: At least you walk faster so don’t die in the nightmare you just die for the hangover xsHadoww_s: oof Qatherine mizoreeee: KretoPls iam cursed Smough: he won’t need to think about marriage soon because his liver will die before that LULW skraalQ: @SpectatorNoX wine kills indeed supjta: Xatherine Pog Streamleen: Not drinking btw MrCosmonafft: it’s 3 of 3 already i guess to the left illethor221: forsenCD 0xSaisaki: elaChug trivia elaChug trivia elaChug UoL_TheStarchild: isnt sake rice vine? sheeptea: PepeUff Fafebobo: forsenCD perry_1903: forsenCD 뿡토: forsenCD HYPERCLAP trambes: forsenCD mizoreeee: PepeLaugh choupachoups: forsenCD chillinsoul: forsenCD kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: WEEB Neravor: forsenCD I see nothing wrong Cute_Weebs: forsenCD BrowningZen: 5Head 🍷 MrFunky159: 5Head 🍷 Jaargan: forsenCD Thenastyraven: forsenCD syps_: 5Head RKazekiri: 5Head ericdude92: 5Head rikze5: 5Head 🍷 of course franky_latabasse: and tomorrow Ela won’t play because hangover PepeHands sheeptea: 5Head secretdoves: forsenCD awful? Annonn140: 5Head 🍷 miki___miki: 5Head 🍷 FitoBurrito: KretoPls any cursed peeps in chat KretoPls perry_1903: 5Head Shmoop1: such exquisite entertainment would not be complete without some full blown ass-blasting Gachimuchi wouldn’t you agree Mr. Elajjaz 5Head 🍷 Eldritchness: 5Head last_whoa: 5Head xkrogothx: 5Head Fafebobo: 5Head 🍷 VashGarland: 5Head ah yes Neravor: KretoPls NaughtyPedro: I knew this 5Head perry_1903: KretoPls Hario: 5Head 🍷 PG_13_Username: 5Head indeed fatpep: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW akmannen: 5Head info MrCosmonafft: 5Head Hello_Im_Mat: Friends LUL Life796: 5Head 🍷 BobTheDrunkBear: 5Head 🍷 Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh westerlunds: wine sommeliers are WAY too knowledgable of sour grape juice angryj0nes: LULW Ttanoraa: friends PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: 5Head 🍷 Suney: LULW AkiraJkr: ah yes 5Head Bobanaut: because the cork wont set on side bottles as bad as the other two ones RonsuDE: 5Head benamation: “Friends” elvespelves: Now I just need friends Sunprayer07: Pog MisterPossible: friends FeelsBadMan supjta: sure Kapp houndthree: friends elaK MrArmageddon2: They’re Thirsty elaChug gagin5: Impress your friends about sake AYAYA girlfromjapan: KretoPls Streamleen: Impress the chat. scorp29_and_abyss: LULW miki___miki: friends OMEGALUL Degretor: Friends LUL MaleFunction: 5Head 🍷 Fightcry: friends PepeHands Scarvener: Friends Kappa Khosm_: Beer now Kickin_97: You don’t want the cork to dry out and shrink Nimurina: 5Head 🍷 ModernPlagueDoctor: What friends LUL 뿡토: moon2BRAIN 🍷 Shansolos: red wine needs to be stored at room temp and decanted 5Pat5: elaHmm jade282: Friends Kappa marckvdv: actual trivia Pog Hello_Im_Mat: Yeah. Eldritchness: Now beer KKona Jaargan: LULW Turbulist: ppBeer Hundertkuchen: yeah WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! rikze5: ppBeer my man BrowningZen: LULW M0onblade: this guy is gonna be really hungover Turbulist: ppBeer ppBeer ppBeer ppBeer ppBeer ppBeer Corthak: Yeah UltraWindow: LULW sheeptea: ppBeer akmannen: 6Head ordering Thenastyraven: BEER Pog Fafebobo: ppBeer TheMasterToaster: KKona yeehaw chillinsoul: KKona HYPERCLAP Bobanaut: gonna die this night MartinVP: if you want coffee trivia play Persona 5 AkiraJkr: KKona Hario: i want you rin AYAYA DigitalZips: mixing liquors… ouch Sabatour100: ppBeer morlachon: LULW TheZecaUrubu: ppBeer supjta: ALCOHOLIC PepeHands misterbudlo: This narrator’s voice is so nice rk0r: get a fucken VB LONG NECK 0xSaisaki: a well slept gf is a well slept gf mizoreeee: and then they ask you where you get it from and you say from a video game and they call you a nerdy PepeLaugh FitoBurrito: VB LONGNECK KKrikey atomicdestruction: ppBeer weekend night RonsuDE: ppBeer Kuromaru_: We getting smashed KKona PG_13_Username: beer with tha boys gosamigo: KKona Clap morlachon: ppBeer AxelSaGo: alcoholism PepHands Germy_ranch: ok Shaverdian: Bunch of fucking alcoholics Sven_sveger: Cocktail-Sake-Wine-Beer Epicziemniak: Epicziemniak subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! elaH BrowningZen: wtf his friends LULW Hasp36: “What would you like?” “Yeah.” WrestlerBot2000: @Epicziemniak After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kambri: ppBeer 195iq: @Elajjaz that reflects your drinking habits irl dont it LUL trambes: Alcoholism PepeHands Turbulist: DigitalZips F for hangover in the morning LULW Fafebobo: finish that pizza FFS elaREE Distl17: ok ๐Ÿ™‚ Sourcehunter: ppBeer Who is drinking beer right now? MrFunky159: the boys are drinking hard as well KappatainHindsight: that beer actually looks good Turbulist: elaGasm UltraWindow: thats gold xkrogothx: hell yea perry_1903: KKrikey VEEEEBEEEE Vryn124: god i want one 10iggy: alcoholism is not a joke monkaS puffin_123: get that up ya Abbynaire: elaOP Dassiz: @misterbudlo main reason to play english dubs tbh, japanese sounds like a bot Tryedz: NaM Pepparn: krey Annonn140: Kreygasm dYnAm1c92: elaOP Beard_Of_Joy: !real valdemart99: Alcoholism at its best WrestlerBot2000: Ela gets real https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=NvU6NPOo9f8 Pepparn: Kreygasm Jaargan: how are they drinking EVERY night OMEGALUL Xerenix: nrdyBoomer 🍺 gagin5: Beer is still my favorite alcohol tho dunnowtw: Kreygasm MrArmageddon2: gachiBOP troublematicc: elaCozy 🍺 franky_latabasse: elaOP ModernPlagueDoctor: Honestly I don’t understand Sake it doesnt taste good 0xSaisaki: im drinking beer tomorrow Kreygasm DigitalZips: @Turbulist God yes… been there, done that, never again PG_13_Username: means dead beat dadness rk0r: pizza and beer Kreygasm RonsuDE: dayum he chuggs mizoreeee: Ela hasnt noticed the pizza yet elaHmm Thenastyraven: ela13 🍺 AndyIsDead: BBoomer beer Gurnak: @Jaargan its ez LULW KaitoKidShadow: Pog trambes: 5Head FitoBurrito: I’m jush drinking for info I shwear BrowningZen: 5Head UltraWindow: downed that sucker quick Neravor: elaOP 🍺 he1l_kappa: cmonBruh xdreigor: cmonBruh Fafebobo: 5Head 🍺 MrScion: 5Head Bobanaut: i like black beer Sourcehunter: Beer Kreygasm RKazekiri: 5Head Clap Shmoop1: cmonBruh KaitoKidShadow: KKona 🍺 last_whoa: MALD LULW zoleanx: cmonBruh xsHadoww_s: BEER INFO Kickin_97: Fun beer fact: cheap beer tastes like piss Xerenix: cmonBrother BrascoGaming: 5Head kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: cmonBruh cmonBruh Jaargan: @Gurnak Kapp Lagunaab: Stout beer nrdyGasm rikze5: 5Head obviously westerlunds: ela wait till happy hour to drink Zero_Abyss: Malting PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: MALD PepeLaugh Annonn140: MALT LULW kneticaesthetic: bro she’s watching your finances. she knows you’re drinking Sabatour100: iron95Pls child support iron95Pls AkiraJkr: 5Head 🍺 Hario: 3Head 🍺 ericdude92: 3Head 🍺 UltraWindow: 3Head wot Turbulist: DigitalZips Same, thank god I was young and had some omega strong head so I didn’t have a headache LULW perry_1903: 5Head Jalmarkian: cmonBruh 🤝 cmonBrother beer comes in many colors Corthak: 5Head BobTheDrunkBear: 5Head 0xSaisaki: cmonBrother ihssoy: Light colored beer or as I like to call it the pisswasher chillinsoul: B L A C K Jaargan: cmonBruh 🍺 akmannen: 5head Sourcehunter: ppBeer Who is drinking beer right now? sheeptea: that was boring TheMasterToaster: 5Head hhmmm PG_13_Username: HYPERCLAP Annonn140: 5Head 🍺 MrScion: elaISee 195iq: they also taste extremely diffrently 10iggy: cmonBruh Entriks51: monkaHmm xkrogothx: 3Head 🍺 Turbulist: Sourcehunter I wish I was PepeHands 195iq: oh he says that HiImShiny: all beer is fucking gross ContramaestreChorisito: it’s ok to be white perry_1903: PepeLaugh sviat93: 🍺 is not racist Pog Hundertkuchen: nice Sven_sveger: No hangover if he never stops drinking Vryn124: Shiieeeet Whazankey: play Rapunzel Pog Neravor: jaboodyDerpy ZephidsEmbrace: @ihssoy just because the most popular American light lagers are shit doesn’t mean all light beer is shit valdemart99: Wasted trambes: Looks like my dad PepeHands ihssoy: Have you looked in the mirror @HiImShiny ? Abbynaire: @ihssoy haven’t drank good pale beer huh? RonsuDE: what did you expect LULW fatpep: @Elajjaz play Rapunzel ? Sqwaaks: Persona 5 has coffee trivia this is where they got that Straddy_: always check the bathroom mirror @Elajjaz Sourcehunter: @Turbulist I still have like 30 bottles at home monkaSHAKE gagin5: Beer is way better than wine shits KaitoKidShadow: Pog RodrigoMagiC: TV RonsuDE: die monkaW ModernPlagueDoctor: I drank urine once and it tasted just like beer 6/10 SunBeard: 🐑 chef Ttanoraa: TO DIE YOU SAY FeelsGoodMan AkiraJkr: Pog bluexeyez: the 4 time forsenCD Neimyin: DansGame Thenastyraven: 5Head BrowningZen: 5Head GoldenSun_: DansGame Suney: LULW MrFunky159: LULW P3xi: OMEGALUL amaddog: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Simoteus: Cheating DansGame AndyIsDead: FOOD elaOP taeyeon__ss: 5Head Zane_Within: DansGame Armody: 5Head trambes: DansGame Sven_sveger: DansGame J0hnnyBlade: 5Head 10iggy: 5Head 5Head Muradin: LULW harshalrio91: 5Head marckvdv: LULW MrFunky159: wtf LULW Distl17: 5Head xkrogothx: elaK ZyraX0: YOINK MettatonsFan: 5Head Neimyin: monkaW wandering_pleb: chef in the dream PepeLaugh HiImShiny: @ihssoy wow you got me mr. fucking comedian, you really need a netflix special LUL Jaargan: DansGame sepharin: monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW akmannen: monkaW takirindor: monkaS Shrimpess: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW mizoreeee: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: monkaW PG_13_Username: monkaS trambes: monkaW Eldritchness: monkaW jony2jack1: MICROWAVE DansGame Bobanaut: wtf bigpeanut99: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW Corthak: monkaW Vryn124: monkaW Neravor: Witch monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW Life796: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaS fatpep: monkaW MrFunky159: the bitch? monkaW rk0r: monkaW jade282: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: monkaW Fadziri: monkaW atomicdestruction: Blair witch monkaW RandMexBot: LULW perry_1903: monkaW Nimurina: monkaW MoleReaver: monkaW Turbulist: Sourcehunter I’d help you drink ihssoy: No, I just like my ales to be black @Abbynaire & @ZephidsEmbrace WerewolfB: LUL MagicFrogs: LUL MilchiWay: monkaS Yakuin_: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW fonss1: forsenGrill forsenGrill Turbulist: Sourcehunter If I could elaOk perrito_scottex: Psycho yuppie monkaW kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: kromiaStare trambes: LULW HiImShiny: fucking chode subs in ela’s chat go fuck yourself kid geotaku21: cutie is the witch Turbulist: LULW jade282: LULW supjta: OLD AGE gachiHYPER Zero_Abyss: @MrFunky159 I was about to say that PepeLaugh chillinsoul: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD a witch huh ? Time to be a 3 timer Tw1tOne: monkaW Sven_sveger: Good ol’ arthritis Annonn140: monkaW RandMexBot: forsenCD Xerenix: LULW Abbynaire: @ihssoy but that doesn’t make pale ale pisswater benamation: This game just became Yuppie Psycho Bobanaut: really… Shaverdian: what romance 7oxicshadow: top banter sournuts1: I’m 42 BrowningZen: monkaW who ZephidsEmbrace: @ihssoy what about black lagers? elaChug fantasy2: fantasy2 subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @fantasy2 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM gosamigo: ???? ihssoy: Also, @ZephidsEmbrace, I come from the eastern block of europe, we know our beer LUL jade282: Blair Witch LULW Jalmarkian: Witch=romance ??????? forsenWut AxelSaGo: blehpWHY MrFunky159: @Zero_Abyss PepeLaugh Ttanoraa: divided forsenCD Lagunaab: his romance got lost in Catherine’s vagoo Shrimpess: forsenCD BrowningZen: AYAYA ellzabit: forsenCD MY MAN Neimyin: RIN AYAYA gzalewski: AYAYA RIN Bindox_: qatherine secretly a witch maybe perry_1903: elaYA SunBeard: 4Head Step_An: she’s the witch monkaS RonsuDE: PepeHands souldedeh: nepSmug Gerynt: FeelsBadMan th3sh3riff: RIN AYAY Pepparn: PepeHands wackymanpuff: PepeHands Abbynaire: PepeHands Kickin_97: Not important haHAA xkrogothx: ppBeer trambes: PepeHands RandMexBot: KappaPride ? Annonn140: gachiHYPER MilchiWay: LUL FitoBurrito: gachiHYPER UltraWindow: forsenCD so are you Xerenix: monkaGun You’re the witch chat Life796: elaThirst Bobanaut: we need catherine 4 HiImShiny: @ihssoy the only thing anyone wanted you to know is when to end it all cuz jesus christ you are worthless yurify: BisexualPride Lagunaab: When does Rin dies ? Croissanito: you too elaC BrowningZen: Rin is so nice PepeHands trambes: forsenCD My man SunBeard: AYAYA KrazyShark: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst mizoreeee: so is you forsenCD Whazankey: gachiHYPER RandMexBot: gachiHYPER Sourcehunter: gachiBASS WerewolfB: nice forsenCD Sunprayer07: elaThirst rangriz: Rin… ellzabit: forsenCD MY MAN 뿡토: RIN gachiBOP Abbynaire: seems more like YOU’RE thirsty elaThirst secretdoves: KappaPride Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz WTF your GF is pregnant dANSgAME Neravor: forsenCD Ttanoraa: neither does my butthole gachiHYPER PLAZAx: forsenCD fonss1: Rin forsenWhat thicknicc: Rin for best girl atomicdestruction: The feeling is mutual elaThirst Erazu: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: DabsGame Jalmarkian: forsenCD Clap MY MAN KappatainHindsight: elaPuke time Annonn140: forsenWC Xerenix: forsenWC S_Darji: pepeJAM B3arHands: can get 2 bitches pregnant spike_the_space_cowboy: elaGa FUCK ME dunnowtw: they are really hinting on “her” gender, huh LULW trambes: monkaW Nucleoprotein: fap time PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: forsenWC RandMexBot: monkaW Turbulist: Rin officially best girl Neimyin: monkaW ClappingKappa: monkaW BrascoGaming: monkaW Chuami: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW RKazekiri: monkaW Vryn124: monkaW perry_1903: monkaW SunBeard: monkaW amaddog: monkaW Neravor: monkaW rikze5: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW ericdude92: monkaW GoldenSun_: monkaW Erazu: monkaW Murika_: monkaW AbsoluteHope: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW Entriks51: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaS Caput_Draconis: monkaW sheeptea: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: @sourcehunter ruined the 20x monkaW combo DansGame Zero_Abyss: monkaW Rge5: WutFace takirindor: monkaS bigpeanut99: monkaW xdreigor: WTF monkaW Annonn140: monkaW Life796: monkaW Thenastyraven: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: monkaW dunnowtw: monkaW lameflamefame: monkaW CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW ? RandMexBot: BabyRage ZyraX0: monkaHands ellzabit: monkaW TheKryel: monkaW Tw1tOne: monkaW Suney: monkaW Fadziri: monkaW Turbulist: W OMEGALUL W MilchiWay: monkaW AndyIsDead: LA HEE Muradin: monkaW loki_oki: monkaW UoL_TheStarchild: ela do you want a boyfriend Kappa Fafebobo: monkaW Nimurina: monkaW Sunprayer07: monkaW gint271: LA HEE sepharin: monkaW rk0r: monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: “I’m not drunk, I’m real!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 66 lefsler: THE BABY BOSS Entriks51: monkaS Sanad3: can you pause i need to go pee ๐Ÿ™‚ mayushi10: monkaW loki_oki: daddy monkaW dan_sai: monkaS secretdoves: monkaW PLAZAx: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW Entriks51: monkaW B3arHands: spanish iniquisition monkaW xsHadoww_s: monkaW lefsler: BABY BOSS 5Pat5: elaA Shrimpess: @Sourcehunter DansGame SpectatorNoX: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE sviat93: @Elajjaz All Kappas are with K Kappa KappaClaus Keepo … no Cappa or Qappa grunbeld: gf is pregnant, let’s cheat on her LUL Shmoop1: Erica looks like a southern KKona waitress, wish she was my sister to marry her KKool @Elajjaz girlfromjapan: @AxelSaGo gotta go to school PepeHands cya Axel KonCha Sabatour100: monkaGun SunBeard: 🇸🇳 AxelSaGo: NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION Rick_LVB: The Weeb Inquisition AYAYA Clap Whazankey: DAAAAAAAAADDDYYYYYYYY Turbulist: THE SPANISH ARE COMING monkaW 195iq: DONT JUDGE ME Sourcehunter: @Shrimpess It was a monkaS PepeHands mizoreeee: @Elajjaz water break remember xkrogothx: sheep inquisition elaS ZyraX0: monkaH RandMexBot: forsenCD Erazu: LULW chillinsoul: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Abbynaire: LULW amaddog: forsenCD BrowningZen: LULW fatpep: LULW Smough: docs funeral? forsenCD FitoBurrito: Music is making me wanna play Persona dan_sai: LUL Xerenix: forsenCD Clap Magilou_69: forsenCD Clap S_Darji: forsenCD AxelSaGo: cya @girlfromjapan enjoy AYAYA Zero_Abyss: DansGame ? Mavez0r: nice red head hit on her ela Sabatour100: @Shmoop1 YeahBoi Fafebobo: Pog RonsuDE: Pog xdreigor: TANNER Pog MrFunky159: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog ZyraX0: W H OMEGALUL HiImShiny: ???? FitoBurrito: ela12 Fentu: LULW Bobanaut: NO i dont remember Sunprayer07: WeirdChamp BrowningZen: Pog tanner takirindor: PepeHands trambes: LULW qazplo: Tanner monkaW Hario: LULW secretdoves: Tanner MaN spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Fafebobo: Kapp AsshurtingEmu: WH OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: Kapp Caput_Draconis: LULW Jalmarkian: ITS TANNER OMEGALUL Oldburnzy: how the fuck do would you remember that? HiImShiny: LUL Thenastyraven: elaK Hario: Tanner LULW Bytool: elaKek Ttanoraa: small laon Xerenix: Kappa RandMexBot: monkaW Germy_ranch: 5Head trambes: monkaW Jaargan: WH OMEGALUL J0hnnyBlade: elaK Armody: elaK amaddog: monkaW dunnowtw: TANNER LULW Sabriell: Tanner Pog MrFunky159: monkaW chillinsoul: dream? MaledictusXCII: persona 5 músic ? lol Komitern66: monkaW SylphidLive: yes RonsuDE: monkaW UltraWindow: yeeeeeee Annonn140: PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: Pog tyree372: ITS non fuck boi krazyshark RandMexBot: 5Head Life796: monkaW MrFunky159: yeeee BrowningZen: Pog MilchiWay: monkaS Bobanaut: maybe KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh sheeptea: monkaW illethor221: forsenCD HE CHEATS kni9htArtorias: Pog gosamigo: One of the Sheeps LULW Neimyin: He cheated too PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: oh boy forsenCD mizoreeee: HE IS PART OF THE CLUB forsenCD SylphidLive: Sheep with glasses TheZecaUrubu: 🐑 BrascoGaming: comrade forsenCD Armody: forsenCD MettatonsFan: he’s a cheater LUL ViveLaDissidence: He’s catching on Pog Corthak: 5Head sviat93: he is a CHEATER too monkaTOW jade282: Cheater LULW Dassiz: yes, every clothed sheep is one patron from the bar amaddog: forsenCD ANOTHER CHAMPION HiImShiny: in other words spoiled fucking rotten with a survivor bias Kappa Murika_: forsenCD perry_1903: forsenCD my man harshalrio91: yup MilchiWay: LUL kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: i missed the feet pic part ๐Ÿ™ Neravor: forsenCD MrFunky159: HES CHEATING elaREE sviat93: he is a CHEATER too monkaTOS Fafebobo: forsenCD brother RandMexBot: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Sanad3: he’s a cheater forsenCD dunnowtw: yeah Luhhha: forsenCD one of us Komitern66: YES LULW Meximus322: PepeLaugh Life796: Yes LULW Lagunaab: probably Annonn140: forsenCD serRubbly: 3Head all the cheaters in the bar Sunprayer07: yes AsshurtingEmu: forsenCD SLICK DADDY CLUB trambes: Were all cheaters forsenCD ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD A fellow Caput_Draconis: forsenCD TheMasterToaster: LULW houndthree: yeah akmannen: Champions club LULW dunnowtw: forsenCD Turbulist: forsenCD xkrogothx: CHAMPS Meximus322: forsenCD ZyraX0: MY MAN forsenCD Muffingrenn: PIX olli2101: forsenCD champions club member Germy_ranch: elaC Corthak: MALE MaN Bobanaut: more pictures? BrowningZen: forsenCD every man cheats RonsuDE: Champions club LULW KaitoKidShadow: Pog Jaargan: forsenCD part of the lads HotFireZ: Kreygasm Fightcry: She just said that Kambri: HE is in the club forsenCD trambes: Pog 5Pat5: forsenCD one of us forsenCD sviat93: forsenCD BobTheDrunkBear: Pog marckvdv: he’s a champion forsenCD UltraWindow: elaThirst BrowningZen: monkaW TheMasterToaster: elaThirst grunbeld: POGGERS atomicdestruction: elaThirst RKazekiri: YeahBoi dan_sai: monkaW BrascoGaming: YeahBoi trambes: YeahBoi ellzabit: forsenCD MY MAN KaitoKidShadow: LULW Clixx: YeahBoi perry_1903: LULW Sunprayer07: YeahBoi gosamigo: YeahBoi Thenastyraven: what do you want OMEGLAUL Komitern66: LULW houndthree: @Elajjaz how horny you are just proves youre a weeb dude rk0r: YeahBoi HYPERCLAP VDSMF: rude Sabatour100: YeahBoi Croissanito: elaThirst fatpep: LULW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL Muradin: YeahBoi RonsuDE: YeahBoi Jaargan: elaMad leandromac1: LULW PLAZAx: LULQ BrowningZen: LULW Sergantuss: can he just ignore messages? Germy_ranch: elaB akmannen: Cool as a cucumber Pepparn: YeahBoi Sourcehunter: monkaW neuromancerking666: we all have cheated at least once Sheolith: LULW Kickin_97: Duude… AsshurtingEmu: forsenCD NEWEST MEMBER OF THE SLICK DADDY CLUB forsenCD Neimyin: Bad boy YeahBoi Tattip: elaThirst Himmee: So passive-aggressive monkaS skraalQ: the D Jalmarkian: forsenCD FortOne TheKryel: elaThirst PLAZAx: LULW lindwormen: LULW KappatainHindsight: elaWeird what a nice guy elaWeird wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Suney: YeahBoi Streamleen: Lying to your fiance but not to the other girl, real smooth. DigitalZips: Getting some real insight into Ela here elaHmm Smough: well what do you think YeahBoi FlexySanders: YeahBoi ZULUL AndyIsDead: CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD CRA IDDO forsenCD Ttanoraa: WHAT ABOUT YOUR PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND Shrimpess: @Elajjaz stop cheating PepeHands fantasy2: ElaThirst Bobanaut: ela learns important relationship lessons lel Olari_: @Sergantuss yup rihoto: @Elajjaz ur girlfriend pregnant u monster>FUN Meximus322: elaK Eldritchness: Kapp MrCosmonafft: Kapp BrowningZen: Kapp Gumma: Kapp Th0rn4s: Kapp kirkorov007: CoolStoryBob qazplo: Kapp Blood_Rooted: WeirdChamp Fadziri: elaK secretdoves: Kapp the_one_wasabi: Kapp DoktorKimm: Kapp BrascoGaming: Kapp lameflamefame: 4Head Deliriumi1: Kapp Neimyin: monkaW dan_sai: CoolStoryBob ueberkobi: elaK bigpeanut99: elaK Whazankey: Kapp xsnoll: Kapp Nox15: Kapp BendOverLikeABoss: Kapp OK SURE Sunprayer07: sure Kapp skraalQ:>>>>>FUN TomaszHilfiger: elaK Sohei4649: Kapp Rge5: Kapp Nucleoprotein: elaK sadyst4: Kapp WoWRoxas: cantaHug DigitalZips: elaK neuromancerking666: Kapp angryj0nes: Finally @Elajjaz is showing who he is in this gameplay forsenCD Annonn140: monkaW fantasy2: escape and release fakie_420: chat FeelsWeirdMan Elvem: BAD ELA BAD LULW Abbynaire: PepeHands gulshan1: Kapp Dassiz: he missed it Gurnak: too real PepeHands endmidnodef: Kappa TheZecaUrubu: monkaS 0xSaisaki: it just game, why you heff to be mad LUL trambes: Kapp Choices are a representation of yourself 1marcio080: so get up and show us your bulge wandering_pleb: elaK the_one_wasabi: Ela farming those Kapp ‘s ZyraX0: u use to escape to your t rue self yurify: use the game to CHEAT DansGame Eldritchness: OwO Shrimpess: it’s just real life ๐Ÿ™‚ can always restart ๐Ÿ™‚ Neravor: OwO StarPogPlatinum: Kappa lapoutinemogette: elaThirst marshalmv: use the game to be who u want to be? Kapp Tw1tOne: I would have never chosen that way elaK loki_oki: of course forsenCD neuromancerking666: PIC NUDE princeinnovice: elaK to express more likely Bobanaut: but this game is contradicting itself. how does he remember the dreams he doesnt remember? BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark I’ve done worse, so me joking over you it’s even more hilarious LULW tyree372: JUST like anime loving ela Pog Fujirawa: ElajjazCD when ? forsenCD GolanTrev: WoWRoxas canta sub naroWOW KrazyShark: @TheMasterToaster Dude Elajjaz was so fucking thirsty in Yakuza, his amount of thirst is insane too @Elajjaz ihssoy: I can’t play bad characters in games because I actually feel bad @Elajjaz FeelsBadMan morlachon: OwO Suney: ??? RandMexBot: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: Ela’s cheating fantasy PepeLaugh perry_1903: monkaW 뿡토: monkaSHAKE Fafebobo: PepeLaugh rk0r: OMEGALUL RandMexBot: forsenCD DAILOedz: elaThirst Jalmarkian: Kreygasm IM READY TO LOSE trambes: monkaW AbsoluteHope: LUL KaitoKidShadow: ???? Streamleen: I bet you would cheat on Sana-chan in Judgement, too. hello_this_is_joel: monkaW Neimyin: AYAYA neuromancerking666: OOD DenZve: monkaW Bobanaut: boring perry_1903: PepeHands Germy_ranch: PepeHands Clixx: elaHmm thicknicc: oof GolanTrev: naroGasm scatterrrbrain: Kreygasm gadrus: PepeHands AkaTsubaki_: elaGa salpo_nolobio: AYAYA puffin_123: GET READY Raidou_XIV: PepeHands the_one_wasabi: I LOST Kreygasm UltraWindow: KATHERINE PepeHands BrascoGaming: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: AYAYAElaPls Vincent Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST souldedeh: gachiHYPER xkrogothx: LULW Elvem: Homegirl is fucking insan BrowningZen: yes Kreygasm tumaelso: LULW morlachon: yes Kreygasm ChickenMuffins: LULW Elvem: lmao MilchiWay: Kreygasm icedragon08: Kreygasm LOST StarPogPlatinum: monkaW taeyeon__ss: Kreygasm perry_1903: BabyRage Kuromaru_: YeahBoi MY BABY saugo: LULW Colroyds: elaGasm Abbynaire: ??????? thicknicc: I lost 4k_immersive_cabbages: Kreygasm sartorriuss: WutFace AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER KappatainHindsight: LULW the_one_wasabi: LULW LULW Smough: give the man tiddys Vryn124: BabyRage 天使42199: Kreygasm BABY PLAY Fearswe: uhm Annonn140: Kreygasm mommy RodrigoMagiC: lmao CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW atomicdestruction: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGALUL GoldenSun_: BabyRage MettatonsFan: LUL Stilgarius: Kreygasm Im going to lost 4rth time in 10 minutes scatterrrbrain: YeahBoi Sunprayer07: Kreygasm GargusoN: BabyRage shiet artoflec: gachiHYPER i love this game DigitalZips: elaGasm Sharkston: We’re in boys TheZecaUrubu: Kreygasm Th0rn4s: TehePelo WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz BrascoGaming: gachiHYPER Nox15: Kreygasm Kreygasm Vikingdeath1: NEW SCENES lindwormen: Kreygasm yes lady Sabriell: suck a tiddie Pog Elvem: She’s actually insane LMAO rk0r: Kreygasm Vryn124: wtf FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz get the fuck outta there LULW angryj0nes: BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage 1080p200fps: elaFella Sabatour100: gachiHYPER serRubbly: distGasm my kind of woman the_one_wasabi: OMEGALUL xsnoll: OH YES Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm coredooo: OwO yes mommy thank you mommy saladfart69: UGH Streamleen: HAHAHA perry_1903: LULW Xerenix: elaThirst Vryn124: WTF Clixx: don’t know what i feel about this akmannen: WTF ericdude92: LULW scatterrrbrain: Yes sir Kreygasm Komitern66: elaThirst VDSMF: Kreygasm OH SHIT fatpep: WutFace Deliriumi1: MILKIES neuromancerking666: yes BrowningZen: mommy Kreygasm sheeptea: LULW halon50: ma ma monkaW Tw1tOne: monkaW HotFireZ: YES Kreygasm SunBeard: WutFace Murika_: YES PLS Kreygasm fakie_420: what kind of drugs did I take Jaargan: elaPuke Kouteij: YES MOMMY Kreygasm Erazu: Kreygasm MAYBE Neimyin: OMG OMEGALUL Jalmarkian: WutFace ChickenMuffins: OH WHAT 0xSaisaki: gachiBASS Zero_Abyss: Pog Blood_Rooted: WTF Magilou_69: LULW Th0rn4s: Kreygasm YES Entriks51: MONKAw KaitoKidShadow: og dfuck Pepparn: That’s my kink Kreygasm Zalinero_: gachiHYPER FLUFFY_GRIZZLY: Kreygasm FlexySanders: YeahBoi amaddog: Kreygasm Clixx: uh, Ttanoraa: MOMMYS MILKERS the_one_wasabi: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 天使42199: Kreygasm I LOST Zalewek: LULW Ph4ntomi: elaThirst RonsuDE: elaThirst UltraWindow: monkaTOS UoL_TheStarchild: UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF sournuts1: oh shit Neravor: gachiHYPER AkiraJkr: Kreygasm myfavoriteweeb: monkaTOS Fafebobo: Kreygasm Nox15: Kreygasm Shrimpess: LULW RodrigoMagiC: HAHA 1marcio080: Stilgarius weeb naroReally serRubbly: monkaTOS MORFHI: Kreygasm rk0r: OMEGALUL Entriks51: monkaW ihssoy: Kreygasm TheBeefChief: monkaX BrascoGaming: YeahBoi ChickenMuffins: LULW mizoreeee: monkaTOS tumaelso: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm kayyeah: monkaW Akytami: YES Kreygasm DenZve: elaThirst Kuromaru_: HELL YEAH YeahBoi dan_sai: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Hario: YES Kaincoon: LOST SonicatorTV: nrdyGasm i lost tijou: monkaW Sourcehunter: monkaTOS JudgmentKazzy_: STAND UP ELA hello_this_is_joel: monkaW monkaW Larsn2k: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst MettatonsFan: Kreygasm the_one_wasabi: Kreygasm I LOST BarghestFenrir_: elaThirst Sheolith: monkaW NovusAnimus: monkaTOS AustinDubu: I LOST Kreygasm xkrogothx: @Sabriell LULW thicknicc: GIB sheeptea: Kreygasm Monsterfisken: WutFace xajmar: Is this one the first? Or it is a sequel? Lexsed: Kreygasm quichemeesh: YeahBoi lameflamefame: something else is grumbling alright Kreygasm troublematicc: Kreygasm I LOST Sven_sveger: jeeeezus GoldenSun_: Kreygasm Hundertkuchen: I made a poopy in my diapy hello_this_is_joel: monkaW monkaW monkaW AkaTsubaki_: elaGasm yes LFliX: monkaSHAKE Grynovus: Kreygasm Entriks51: monkaTOS valdemart99: LUL amaddog: I LOST Kreygasm Shmoop1: elaThirst Thenastyraven: monkaTOS HotFireZ: MOMMY Kreygasm Succmeister1337: Kreygasm Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST sheeptea: LOST morlachon: monkaTOS Whazankey: DAFAQ OMEGALUL shigaraki: Kreygasm I LOST RandMexBot: monkaW Stilgarius: @1marcio080 monkaW Murika_: Kreygasm loki_oki: yes please forsenCD WhiteFoxy: monkaTOS scatterrrbrain: monkaX GreatWolfSiff: ohh dear elaKek Zane_Within: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm khimary86: LOL WHAT? Ryuwashi: NotLikeThis Sabatour100: gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE MrCosmonafft: Kreygasm Colroyds: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm Aydarkzero: relaxing gachiBOP Ph4ntomi: I LOST Kreygasm gladiathorl: monkaTOS Germy_ranch: Begone THOT elaB ChickenMuffins: Kreygasm leonchroi: nrdyKek DivineSpaghetti: WeirdChamp Sohei4649: LULW RKazekiri: Kreygasm dunnowtw: LULW . Neravor: OMEGALUL gzalewski: Kreygasm I LOST Newsvit: PARTNERED rk0r: Kreygasm IM LOSING Clixx: LULW what Fentu: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA mbay16: I FUCKING LOST Kreygasm Yakuin_: LULW Jalmarkian: OMEGALUL tumaelso: Kreygasm scatterrrbrain: xenoKek RandMexBot: gachiHYPER Zalewek: jozijoGasm Komitern66: LULW lindwormen: LULW AkiraJkr: LULW MilchiWay: HE LOST Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW memorycard1mega: ok this is a bit strange mizoreeee: HE LOST LULW Corthak: WeirdChamp Jalmarkian: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL RonsuDE: OMEGALUL lamemage15: LULW Kaincoon: very LOST neuromancerking666: soyboy:[ Snake_w: Kreygasm Turbulist: LULW what the fuck BrowningZen: LULW kni9htArtorias: I LOST Sunprayer07: YeahBoi Elvem: Ela she’s insane LMAO strob321: OMEGADOWN Annonn140: PepeLaugh SpyroKek: i lost Astahrath: OMEGALUL lindwormen: he lost Kreygasm Distl17: i lost Convoyv8: Baby play Kreygasm DoktorKimm: I LOST AGAIN Kreygasm Jaargan: THIS SOME KRAZYSHARK LEVEL SHIT RIGHT HERE elaPuke Eldsar: wtf is this game Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN 0xSaisaki: normal reaction PepeLaugh Pepparn: I LOST Kreygasm MiKeLaJo: I lost again Kreygasm BigPayback: GIMME MILKY Corthak: geeeeez Mirando: I like her personality Fridgieee: PepeLaugh Turbulist: Kreygasm I lost again Isfador: IAM DEFEATED Kreygasm misterbudlo: HOLYYYYY BruiseVein: I’VE LOST THREE TIMES Kreygasm FitoBurrito: Jaargan LULW Bobanaut: failed xsHadoww_s: He lost Streamleen: mommies milkies 26camels: ageplay elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke xajmar: @Elajjaz Is this one a sequel? rikze5: ppBeer RKazekiri: LULW artoflec: LULW Clixx: i’d need a drink after that too the_one_wasabi: Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm RonsuDE: ppBeer Eugene_Lychany: I WANT THAT MILK BADLY! Turbulist: ppBeer Sunprayer07: I lost FeelsBadMan Klorin2: momma fakie_420: @KrazyShark can you tell me what drugs I am on FeelsLateMan Kuromaru_: GIMME MILK Kreygasm TheMasterToaster: show bob, do milk PepeLaugh FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz STAND UP LULW Erazu: BAIL monkaW Ahmeduwna: I LOST Neravor: I WANT MILK BabyRage CenkXiaoping: Qatherine OMEGALUL StarPogPlatinum: @xajmar It’s more an enhanced edition Nanashi_Sakamoto: PAPA MILKU AYAYA Aydarkzero: Man found dead from alcohol poisoning Kappa scatterrrbrain: KKool 🍺 mizoreeee: Imagine what would you do IRL when something like this happens LULW loki_oki: sex her forsenCD Neimyin: Bottomless cup Pog misterbudlo: GIMME MILKIES KrazyShark: @fakie_420 that’s just the thirst kicking in gachiHYPER Tiddy: Why would you want a drink after you already drank some milk? ๐Ÿ™‚ Zubodrot: UNLIMITED BEER LULW xkrogothx: stand up elaKek Zalinero_: the dream Wieczornykac: go rin she waiting sheeptea: endless Pog gadrus: endless beer Pog BrowningZen: Pog Streamleen: Time to get another one pregnant, huh? 0xSaisaki: what if he is lactose intolerant? Th0rn4s: UNLIMITED BEER Pog xajmar: @StarPogPlatinum So is the same game with extra content? trambes: forsenCD Hell yeah Ela Nimurina: @KrazyShark this game is for you gachiBass 뿡토: alcoholic PepeHands ima_molian: LULW the dream KrazyShark: @Nimurina elaThirst Turbulist: Endless beer PogU My wet dream naroGasm MartinVP: never minigame PepeHands Olari_: @Elajjaz did you play the arcade game, its pretty good egorvolf: 10 kodjima from 10 VDSMF: 🤡 Clap supjta: OLD AGE gachiHYPER Sabatour100: iron95Pls we fuckin? iron95Pls Bobanaut: soon he will wake up with 2 girls tokenasianguy: Why is her name Erica? Isn’t it Wendy? shigaraki: BBoomer Murika_: PepeHands true Kolomarii: PepeHands Skejven: PepeHands lameflamefame: Erica gachiHYPER Sohei4649: PepeHands Ltdboomer: LULW Lexsed: Erica gachiBASS Shmoop1: @Elajjaz have you noticed that Catherine only interacts with you and no one else? maybe she is a ghost monkaW jimjak94: Chat i went ahead and watched a playthrough of this game yesterday, does he know about Rin yet_ Erazu: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh MrFunky159: unlimited beer huh? elaHmm Sabatour100: gachiHYPER erica Bobanaut: catherica saladfart69: Erica is a BOY CHAT StarPogPlatinum: @xajmar Yeah, extra girl and story. Also there’s a Remix version for the gameplay if you played the original Neravor: MaN Corthak: MaN Smough: here ๐Ÿ™‚ RonsuDE: Friedns FeelsGoodMan VDSMF: MaN ZyraX0: PepeHands fanHEIBAI: @Elajjaz When’s the next escape? ๐Ÿ™‚ BrascoGaming: MaN supjta: MaN amaddog: @jimjak94 no PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: HotPokket RandMexBot: MaN BrowningZen: me ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: PepeHands SteveFrench_TFT: MaN the_one_wasabi: MaN lindwormen: LULW Xerenix: PepeHands Sohei4649: FeelsBadMan boss Neravor: PepeHands poor boss DigitalZips: PepeHands UltraWindow: nrdyBoomer nothing wrong with boss scatterrrbrain: FeelsBadMan VDSMF: no shit RandMexBot: D: rk0r: PepeHands BrascoGaming: D: GoldenSun_: D: Blood_Rooted: gachiHYPER Clap Sourcehunter: HotPokket Komitern66: PepeHands Sunprayer07: FeelsBadMan Vryn124: d: AkiraJkr: MaN Kambri: PepeHands chillinsoul: D: TheZecaUrubu: PepeHands RKazekiri: PepeHands Lagunaab: yo woman chill Vryn124: D: Hasp36: D: MettatonsFan: D: Th0rn4s: PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands gzalewski: PepeHands boss WhiteFoxy: lol Annonn140: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Corthak: PepeHands Jaargan: BOSS PepeHands Th0rn4s: PepeHands WTF qazplo: D: thicknicc: D: trambes: PepeHands lindwormen: PepeHands cruel lady BarbiexEdge: https://clips.twitch.tv/BraveSpicyWombatDatSheffy Distl17: PepeHands supjta: All good men are in twitch chat Kappa yurify: i love ericaP5 scatterrrbrain: Anyways PepeHands Life796: Anyways PepeHands Suney: PepeHands anyways gzalewski: PepeHands anyways loki_oki: why PepeHands Sqwaaks: Babel Pog kingluuii: elaFeels elaGun sviat93: FeelsBadMan Ahmeduwna: Anyways chat PepeHands Deliriumi1: PepeHands Kildaedra: MaN hir Hobofromheaven: p4 is severely overrated Turbulist: PepeHands anyways MartinVP: chat would spoil anything anyway LUL RandMexBot: PepeHands BergPils: good stream Clap trambes: PepeHands Anyways Sabatour100: @FitoBurrito WeirdChamp yea champ halon50: Anyways PepeHands rikze5: pepeD Jeffrus1: PepeHands you lied Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER RonsuDE: 5Head KaitoKidShadow: we told you it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚ the_one_wasabi: monkaW schlawinator: @Elajjaz take care man pepeL scatterrrbrain: AlienPls Komitern66: anyways PepeHands Hobofromheaven: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is the true best, persona kiddos Neravor: gachiAPPROVE the_one_wasabi: HandsUp tijou: gachiAPPROVE xlRaptoe: PepeHands Colroyds: PepeHands rikze5: gachiAPPROVE PepeHands Jaargan: billyAPPROVE scatterrrbrain: gachiAPPROVE ViveLaDissidence: gachiAPPROVE perry_1903: billy PepeHands Kuromaru_: gachiAPPROVE Erazu: gachiHYPER AkaTsubaki_: gachiAPPROVE BobTheDrunkBear: gachiAPPROVE RonsuDE: PepeHands FitoBurrito: Sabatour100 you wanna talk about it bud WeirdChamp Turbulist: gachiAPPROVE 0xSaisaki: HeyGuys RandMexBot: PepeHands Billy PepeHands qazplo: good stream forsenCD Clap saugo: BILLY Vryn124: gachiAPPROVE Xerenix: PepeHands Billy PLAZAx: PepeHands Life796: Billy PepeHands mizoreeee: I would love to see you play P5 but i know you wont play it on stream and thats fine Succmeister1337: gachiAPPROVE Vond3: POGGERS hepha1: LULW iiioku: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: gachiAPPROVE PepeHands wandering_pleb: gachiAPPROVE omglolpl0x: PepeHands Sourcehunter: ANIKI AvemStercore: gachiAPPROVE Colroyds: gachiAPPROVE faithless_zealot: G’night, Ela Lagunaab: PepeHands r1co_cs: SourPls Ryuwashi: LUL Hasp36: gachiAPPROVE faithless_zealot: I had fun HeuristicMemer: @Elajjaz bye ela ๐Ÿ™‚ scatterrrbrain: rip Billy PepeHands RandMexBot: gachiAPPROVE Rge5: More PepeHands SephVII: @Elajjaz P5 on Stream is fun pepeHands gladiathorl: elaH schlawinator: thx for stream elaH Water_monster: gachiGASM KaitoKidShadow: thanks for the stream ela elaH Elajjaz: !soial perry_1903: goodnight all elaCozy elaH 뿡토: ANIKI PepeHands Elajjaz: !osical DnknDoughnutss7: elaFella WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz shiny__hawlucha: Goodnight Ela and Chat jeeracLuv Komitern66: gachiAPPROVE ZerbusgameZ: elaOk hepha1: gachiAPPROVE solidcds: Goodnight ella&chat Sabatour100: @FitoBurrito WeirdChamp yea faithless_zealot: ekaH Croissanito: gn Ela and chat elaH Romanspring: larxaComfy Jaargan: good night ela elaH Fadziri: elaH Pepparn: Great stream, I enjoyed Clap2 forsenCD faithless_zealot: elaH Chlupis: Bye ppl elaH Albin_Alligator: fun fun fun AYAYA xsHadoww_s: gn RandMexBot: gachiHYPER okay Ryuwashi: VoHiYo good night everyone trambes: gachiBASS Kuromaru_: AAH FUCK ME HandsUp reddvelv: !soial KaitoKidShadow: you forgot the outro music gosamigo: gachiHYPER FitoBurrito: Sabatour100 go ahead then WeirdChamp GreatWolfSiff: goodnight everyone 天使42199: gachiHYPER fuck ela Zerutanii: !soial Jaargan: night chat elaHYUG IntoDEV: @Elajjaz if 1 is 1 then what is 2? elaHmm sviat93: !VoHiYo KaitoKidShadow: og there it is Turbulist: elaH Streamleen: indeed gladiathorl: !ocial BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz It’s fun seeing you like cheating since you would do it elaSmile Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP mizoreeee: good night everyone tobiasKISS tobiasKISS tobiasKISS chillinsoul: forsenCD kingluuii: elaOk elaGun wandering_pleb: bye ela and thirsty chat elaThirst elaH J0hnnyBlade: Some smt elitists in chat PepeLaugh Neravor: forsenCD Jalmarkian: forsenCD Clap WE LOOK FORWARD TO CHEATING WITH YOU TOMORROW enterthedragon94: farFlex farFlex farFlex Bobanaut: because chat is like the evil cupid Norwegian_wombat: elaH schlawinator: Goodnight chat pepeL elaH SimoTanska: Good night ela and chat squadL Turbulist: thank you for the stream elaH pepeL qazplo: Bye ๐Ÿ™‚ / KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu Dazed_World: cya guys gfhgggfjgg: I just got here elaH elaGun Xerenix: TaBeRu Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu mocaffe: Night nith Pepparn: elaH Neravor: TaBeRu BrascoGaming: TaBeRu HeuristicMemer:

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