Elajjaz: Fallout: New Vegas[1] Visage[2] Enter the Gungeon[14] (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz: Fallout: New Vegas[1] Visage[2] Enter the Gungeon[14]  (CC CHAT)

WrestlerBot2000: BadDoggie|Clip No.1| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedyDependableHerdCoolCat WutFace iamsparta231: Sweden is a shithole change my mind DaniDuck: FeelsLateMan Blackbird_SR71C: @Minn_Minn Was that the one with the mirror? LUL iamsparta231: Norway>Sweden 🙂 FXYun: Pog DaniDuck: Pog crashfort: PunOko CMAN222008: Pog Daerth_: pepeD Jiucoe_9u4ko: Pog Odins_pecs: Pog CptFleece: elaWOW elaWOW elaWOW crashfort: !D: #SWEDEN Tasarion: iron95Pls FXYun: pepeD Minn_Minn: @Blackbird_SR71C no it was the dark room TheH3llraiser: Pog ManYourOwnJCKHMR: EljanPls DaniDuck: More plebs in chat Pog Plasmafenix: iron95Pls Naniyo: elaWOW Minn_Minn: where he got locked in RunninWild07: Pog FXYun: Actually early iamsparta231: LIVE 2 MINUTES EARLY CHAccepted Blackbird_SR71C: @Minn_Minn Damn, I missed that CMAN222008: Pog Clap PhilRamirez: PepoDance iamsparta231: Chag * Podriquez: Pog iamsparta231: WHAT A GOD Chag SiloWang: boobie boobie boobies 🙂 DaniDuck: Hello @Elajjaz nrdyPrivet crashfort: @CMAN222008 PunOko Minn_Minn: maybe I can find a clip CptFleece: elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy Kaspu: New vegas WeirdChamp iamsparta231: THE BEAT GOES ON AlienPls CMAN222008: monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: early is technically not on time PepeUff WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Fallout: New Vegas: New Vegas! First Playthrough – Horror at 8pm CEST | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram Snowman2007: New Vegas elaGasm FXYun: pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance wevie1: iron95Pls Dokiash: DansGame Elajjaz: @Kaspu WeirdChamp daley_: @Kaspu WeirdChamp Amalthazad: @SiloWang elaWeird MagicFrogs: PogChamp iamsparta231: @Kaspu Whatchu mean WeirdChamp you weeb degen DansGame Mads89: PepeHands anyways DaniDuck: @Kaspu nepSmug / razorxscooter: Chat you guys also eating burgers today? elaOP elaOP elaOP crashfort: ela elaWOW Plasmafenix: KKool elaGun @Kaspu iamsparta231: FNV is the only good modern Fallout FeelsWeirdMan ssssip: PogChamp Amalthazad: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: @DaniDuck naroSmug / nekro793: hello Ela elaHi hello cuties AYAYA / Lv_100: NO WAY Pog AkiraJkr: NEW VEGAS Pog Jaargan: yoo ela ela12 yoo fellas elaH Elajjaz: i had chicken today RyanLovesWeed: pepeJAM DaniDuck: @nekro793 nrdyH Lv_100: ITS TIME FOR VEGAS GUYS Pog HYPERCLAP HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz Subbing to yourself elaK Elajjaz: having burgers tomorrow elaOP Hexarift: Hellooo iron95Pls ElaJAMMER crashfort: !D: #SWEDEN DaniDuck: @Jaargan nrdyH Mirando: Elajjaz and chat elaH AkiraJkr: !Pog ssssip: this song make feel like Busitn Elajjaz: i dont sub to myself supermanworksalone: FIRST TIME!? FXYun: elaOP ter_moo_nator: Fallout NV??? BEST DAY EVER!!! Blackbird_SR71C: elaOP iamsparta231: 🐔 Clap JimiJam69: JimiJam69 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak! elaHi 1heyoo: elaOP WrestlerBot2000: @jimijam69 I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM Elajjaz: its something twitch does for you Jaargan: burgers elaOP Pionside: new vegas PogU Incested_Animal: Hello chat nymnWeird razorxscooter: elaOP Clap DragonflyJoe: elaOP purple_flavor: pepeJAM BigOneD: Wtf I started playing it yesterday LUL shadowwarrior1956: RareEla Minn_Minn: https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticGoodTeaANELE @Blackbird_SR71C nekro793: @DaniDuck @Kaspu nepSmug / DaniDuck: @Incested_Animal nrdyH Shmoop1: Hi ela and chat elaH pepeL Serulean_Cadence: I’m vegan and I am offended Demopoot: elaOP iamsparta231: Using your own emotes LULW HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz You don’t say elaK Elajjaz: iamgine paying for subbing to your own channel OMEGADOWN DaniDuck: @Shmoop1 nrdyH Blackbird_SR71C: @Minn_Minn Pog Thx! CptFleece: elaTAK Kaspu: @nekro793 naroEhehe / ssssip: @Incested_Animal elaWeird / Euan_OW: New Vegas was my favourite fallout 😀 Abdiel_Kavash: hi cute chat wolskLove skybeaverking: Pog Lv_100: BACKSEAT ANDY CHAT INC LULW BAGNETOO: faito DaniDuck: @Abdiel_Kavash nrdyH icedcoffeeboy: put me in coach Odins_pecs: ppHop iamsparta231: @Demopoot Chag Demopoot: @iamsparta231 ela4 MikeJewski: nrdyY SkeletonKeyLimePie: yeah the backseating might be pretty bad Abdiel_Kavash: @DaniDuck wolskWOW Plasmafenix: @Elajjaz Imagine not paying your bots sub yourself elaK thepryl: pepeJAM Amalthazad: Emotes only chat for the day? 🙂 Shmoop1: !elaWeird #deleteanime One_Eyed_Maestro: iron95Pls crashfort: kill the broadcaster PunOko iamsparta231: Ela’s been playing Gungeon lately duumed: pepeD FXYun: ! elaYA Jaargan: pepeD n DaniDuck: @Demopoot nrdyH kadetanq: Hey chat 🙂 / Elajjaz: i do though Plasma DansGame DaniDuck: @kadetanq nrdyH MikeJewski: @iamsparta231 nrdyOwO iamsparta231: He has expiernecefsadjkfjd backseating BBiBsBoy: ElaSmash Plasmafenix: elaK merchandise_of_cush: can’t watch because i want to replay it myself PepeHands Demopoot: Dani nrdyH ssssip: @Shmoop1 WeirdChamp ✋ too far jack_ropee: Fallout? iamsparta231: Expereienced Minn_Minn: did you have good dreams ela elaOk Elajjaz: the problem is that people snipe it when im live 1mpolar: nv Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: RareEla iamsparta231: Experienced ffs Colroyds: pepeD skybeaverking: Backseaters get out pls 🙂 FitoBurrito: PogU erikoinen: #WeirdChamp iamsparta231: Why is writing so hard Jaargan: pepeD NEW VEGAS BOIS pepeD supermanworksalone: Wish my broke ass could use your lovely emotes hobbHands Time to turn into a prostitute Demopoot: @Elajjaz More gungeon today? Chag FXYun: pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance pepeD PepoDance Xerenix: iron95Pls iamsparta231: @Demopoot no Elajjaz: you expect me to tab out of my games just to sub my bot? WeirdChamp Demopoot: PepeHands AkiraJkr: !KKona Rush103rd: Holy cow, New Vegas PogChamp iamsparta231: @Elajjaz yes DaniDuck: yes WeirdChamp Xerenix: yes elaWeird OptimisticKnowledge: New Vegas Pog supermanworksalone: Yes we do Riiifu: EljanPls Konki: forsenL nymnCorn pepeD ppBeer TinyAngryDemon: NEW VEGAS BOIS Grandgreg13: iron95Pls BBiBsBoy: Yes iron95Pls iamsparta231: Why did my stream die FeelsWeirdMan eliastheepicgamer: WeirdChamp HellWhiskers: New Vegan Colroyds: iron95Pls Jaargan: !billy Elajjaz: @chat WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: Billy Herrington, aka Aniki, aka gachiGASM , died in a car accident 2018-03-03 (I’m afraid it’s not a meme) Elfualoco2003: New Vegas Kappa Demopoot: iron95Pls VauntDanial: Professional streamer doesnt sub his own bot WeirdChamp One_Eyed_Maestro: iron95Pls DaniDuck: PepeHands CptFleece: elaBlush ssssip: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Abdiel_Kavash: What was wrong about the old Vegas that they had to make a new one? thorwSlain Demopoot: BILLY PepeHands OptimisticKnowledge: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp HEIL_MODS_: iron95Pls Xerenix: @Elajjaz elaWeird Burning_olive: Champ Elajjaz: @Kaspu WeirdChamp ThatLuluTho: No respect for the bot PepeHands FXYun: @Elajjaz elaWeird CleverName2: Hey Ela & Chat elaHi Bakurretsu: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan BBiBsBoy: Any mod or just vanilla new vegas? Podriquez: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp kadetanq: New Vegas is my favourite Bethesda game Kappa LickMyPretzel: NV Chag Luvecraft: elaSneeze HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp Demopoot: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Shmoop1: !elaWeird #deleteanime Colroyds: ANIKI DaniDuck: @CleverName2 nrdyH LickMyPretzel: OH MY GOD Chag ssssip: stop staring at me like that ela WeirdChamp 1mpolar: WeirdChamp bhpaulcar: Pog FALLOUT NV One_Eyed_Maestro: RareEla iamsparta231: @Elajjaz Make a command with mod list Konki: @Elajjaz forsenWeird koinhok104: ??? Gift sub badge monká supermanworksalone: Millionaire streamer doesn’t sub his own bot cmonBruh Demopoot: FeelsWeirdMan Rush103rd: @kadetanq Kappa koinhok104: monkaS ArmstrongQ: WeirdChamp dunerinno: too much radiation kav PepeLaugh CleverName2: @DaniDuck pepeL NiceThings_: the least bad fallout game Pog HEIL_MODS_: RareEla mocaffe: elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi SiloWang: i have never subbed to a stream and never intend to 🙂 Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO iamsparta231: The only good modern Fallout Chag crashfort: !elaHi #SWEDEN leet_noob: pepeD BongoGT: RareEla Excesiiv: PogU k0tashira: SourPls and the beat goes on ba5ori: !time Amalthazad: @NiceThings_ WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 16:01 Elajjaz: !babyjumps WrestlerBot2000: Full explanation of how the jumping mechanic works in Dark Souls 2 and why you get baby jumps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3asidw5jhwhvs0/BabyJump.pdf?dl=0 Colroyds: bet ela will be an edgy legion boi elaWeird Elajjaz: OMEGADOWN Demopoot: @Elajjaz Make sure you go north from the starting area elaSmile Jaargan: pepeD still waiting dos2 stream pepeD darksauc: Elajjaz have you heard judgment’s amon song? its too good. its called ‘The Last Assassin XIV’ if you wanna hear it Kal1m3r0: Streamer is on time elaWOW RyanLovesWeed: no visage PepeHands Plasmafenix: LULW kyeee18: Hey Ela, Hey Chat elaH Fostis: Fostis subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @fostis the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Shmoop1: monkaW k0tashira: Elias FeelsAmazingMan MikeJewski: @iamsparta231 you take that back elaREE FitoBurrito: Colroyds Caesar’s Incels PepeLaugh iamsparta231: THE BEAT GOES ON Dracconfoo: hey ela and chat>>>>>>30C El_Heisenberg: 3° here in argentina dami_exe: It’s 24 here and I’m fucking freezing iamsparta231: @Elajjaz It rained here earlier elaGasm vonmarc: Kreygasm Colroyds: WeirdChamp SpectatorNoX: summer is gone in Denmark too for the moment PepeHands whyyy Wilze13: WeirdChamp ssssip: 12 C is the best weather wtf DansGame skybeaverking: Weird flex but oke 🙂 daley_: o FXYun: Sounds cozy elaCozy HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp Hrodgarillo: @Elajjaz 12° ? fuck it’s paradise, i wish it was the same in Paris ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp Bakurretsu: WeirdChamp Elfualoco2003: WeirdChamp Colroyds: @erikoinen WeirdChamp Demopoot: @erikoinen WeirdChamp erikoinen: WeirdChamp One_Eyed_Maestro: Better than 30C WeirdChamp ashuhsa: WeirdChamp Kaspu: WeirdChamp zorry4badinglsh: WeirdChamp OptimisticKnowledge: D: WilsonAJ: WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: 10x WeirdChamp double digit combo Pog Riiifu: WeirdChamp saugo: WierdChamp Elfualoco2003: forsenWC SO Minn_Minn: WeirdChamp CHEATER iamsparta231: @erikoinen FeelsWeirdMan Larsn2k: You think that’s cold??? It’s -95c here 0_jacket_0: WeirdChamp Plasmafenix: elaKek Kaspu: forsenWC conmcko: WeirdChamp VauntDanial: WeirdChamp SirArcoz: WeirdChamp FitoBurrito: erikoinen WeirdChamp Kal1m3r0: No 🙂 BobTheDrunkBear: WeirdChamp Konki: forsenCD YES Annonn140: forsenWC jj_mike: WeirdChamp Namarax: WeirdChamp Excesiiv: @erikoinen WeirdChamp NosBleid: WeirdChamp Demopoot: forsenWC BBiBsBoy: WeirdChamp Cheater creator Shmoop1: erik against america nekro793: erikoinen has more hp than normal players FeelsWeirdMan shax912: WeirdChamp Burning_olive: WeirdChamp bloodcaleb: forsenWC merchandise_of_cush: WeirdChamp AleXxV1Z: 32 here elaK OptimisticKnowledge: @erikoinen WeirdChamp One_Eyed_Maestro: iron95Pls eliastheepicgamer: he is the boss Chag qsrRain: WeirdChamp Nanashi_Sakamoto: WeirdChamp Jaargan: WeirdChamp vs america monkaW duumed: @erikoinen WeirdChamp Minn_Minn: !KKona Kal1m3r0: Raid Boss WeirdChamp icedcoffeeboy: i was kill FXYun: WierdChamp AlexAnderman1994: WeirdChamp Colroyds: so many kkonas cmonBrother SnarksterJr: NEW VEGAS TIME PogU supermanworksalone: Breixit weather here in sweden hobbTroll bhpaulcar: @erikoinen WeirdChamp OptimisticKnowledge: now we have all Weird Champs LULW Demopoot: KKONA VS WEIRDCHAMP Chag illuminatieyes_: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW FitoBurrito: He’s got so much fucking hp D: Elajjaz: WeirdChamp Silent_WaIker: 22° in my room, outside its around 30 PepeLaugh Bxadd: WeirdChamp mkzkSeki: WeirdChamp Plasmafenix: WeirdChamp Elfualoco2003: WeirdChamp last_whoa: WeirdChamp HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp Clap daley_: WeirdChamp 1mpolar: WeirdChamp NosBleid: LULW Excesiiv: !weirdchamp Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW pyduuu: Pog MR NEW VEGAS eliastheepicgamer: WeirdChamp Annonn140: WeirdChamp Colroyds: WeirdChamp iamsparta231: @Elajjaz If you dont play the radio in Gungeon you’re gonna get hurt FeelsWeirdMan AkiraJkr: Don’t forget to install te stability mods @Elajjaz CMAN222008: WeirdChamp dami_exe: WeirdChamp shax912: WeirdChamp Clap Azure_Felt: hax PepeLaugh 1heyoo: WeirdChamp Chuami: WeirdChamp Bakurretsu: WeirdChamp Nanashi_Sakamoto: WeirdChamp PhilRamirez: WeirdChamp MortissCoffin: New Vegas before some horror…Oh Yeeeaaaah!! As Macho Man always said lol Riiogre: WeirdChamp Yuggod: WeirdChamp ssssip: WeirdChamp FlubberGlorp: WeirdChamp Xerenix: !WeirdChamp FXYun: WeirdChamp merchandise_of_cush: \ WeirdChamp / HeavyM4chineGun: WeirdChamp Podriquez: WeirdChamp Hexarift: WeirdChamp TorvaM: WeirdChamp Demopoot: WeirdChamp Clap Kaspu: !WeirdChamp lanndend: WeirdChamp lemanyk: WeirdChamp floooooof: WeirdChamp zorry4badinglsh: !WeirdChamp Jaargan: WeirdChamp illuminatieyes_: WeirdChamp Carbidos: WeirdChamp daley_: !WeirdChamp SnarksterJr: WeirdChamp laskaat: WeirdChamp SnuggleTheHuggle: WeirdChamp Shmoop1: !WeirdChamp fubuki999: WeirdChamp Daerth_: !WeirdChamp saugo: !WeirdChamp NosBleid: WeirdChamp Clap hyperkontsa: WeirdChamp iamsparta231: In Gungeon? I meant FNV LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: WeirdChamp Evelon2: WeirdChamp eliastheepicgamer: #WeirdChamp Fearswe: @AkiraJkr He has them MartinVP: WeirdChamp Excesiiv: !WeirdChamp kadetanq: WeirdChamp Pionside: WeirdChamp Nox15: WeirdChamp conmcko: WeirdChamp Clap BBiBsBoy: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC CptFleece: elaISee Burning_olive: WeirdChamp Vanah: WeirdChamp Clap Trickery_Games: WeirdChamp k0tashira: WeirdChamp HYPERCLAP BigBagieta: WeirdChamp Kaspu: !nepSmug Nanashi_Sakamoto: WeirdChamp HYPERCLAP AkiraJkr: Niceeeee Clap FitoBurrito: WeirdChamp RISE UP WeirdChamp last_whoa: KKona OptimisticKnowledge: KKona chicken1320: WeirdChamp Clap skybeaverking: WeirdChamp NetQvist: WeirdChamp ottorobago: KKona Colroyds: PepeHands predixio: news vegas? Kreygasm FXYun: WeirdChamp clap SpectatorNoX: LOL lemanyk: chat WeirdChamp NickNarian: !WeirdChamp Larsn2k: !WeirdChamp One_Eyed_Maestro: KKona F Azure_Felt: ! elaWeird NordKevRainy: ! AYAYA Qviss: WeirdChamp eliastheepicgamer: !WeirdChamp CleverName2: WeirdChamp iamsparta231: WeirdChamp HYPERCLAP myfavoriteweeb: FeelsWeirdMan NV TorvaM: ! WeirdChamp Plasmafenix: gachiHYPER OptimisticKnowledge: gachiBASS BigBagieta: gachiBASS shax912: cmonBrother Jaargan: AMERICA GOT ELIMINATED Pog PositiveHappyViewer: one KKona Naniyo: !elaWeird Silent_WaIker: WeirdChamp WEEBS WeirdChamp WEEBS WeirdChamp WEEBS WeirdChamp WEEBS Demopoot: WeirdChamp RISE UP WeirdChamp Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER ta_no_kami: WeirdChamp Shmoop1: gachiHYPER AraGenji: WeirdChamp chicken1320: KKona Clap WilsonAJ: PogU HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp good job i guess DaniDuck: ! WeirdChamp JonxKatsu: hi cha- wtf did I just walk into elaWeird zulul_vi_von_zulul: ! Kappa Nox15: ! WeirdChamp NosBleid: ! WeirdChamp Colroyds: WeirdChamp Annonn140: PogU Bakurretsu: ! WeirdChamp Shinigmai: WeirdChamp mkzkSeki: wtf is happening WeirdChamp stevenm31: !WeirdChamp Minn_Minn: imagine losing in your own game elaKek Colroyds: ! WeirdChamp Captain_PogChamp: WEEBS WeirdChamp Trickery_Games: !WeirdChamp MegaShoc: !WeirdChamp AkiraJkr: @Fearswe what other mods is he using Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Kaspu: NaM OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Hexarift: big WeirdChampis down Clap Riiifu: !WeirdChamp BigBagieta: NaM dormuth: !WeirdChamp Colroyds: NaM conmcko: ! WeirdChamp Demopoot: NaM Captain_PogChamp: NaM SnarksterJr: ! WeirdChamp last_whoa: NaM FitoBurrito: NaM Clap GoyIntrepide: NaM chicken1320: NaM mkzkSeki: LULW Silent_WaIker: WeirdChamp WEEBS FXYun: NaM Bxadd: NaM Clap Excesiiv: !MaN Elfualoco2003: GabeN Colroyds: ! NaM One_Eyed_Maestro: NaM merchandise_of_cush: monkaW Annonn140: NaM OptimisticKnowledge: NaM Konki: NaM Carbidos: NaM AkiraJkr: !WeirdChamp HEIL_MODS_: LULW daley_: !NaM Xerenix: !MaN Fearswe: !mods @AkiraJkr TorvaM: WeirdChamp Shmoop1: !NaM WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Hexarift: NaM pyduuu: ! WeirdChamp kadetanq: PepeLaugh LULW BBiBsBoy: NaM lanndend: NaM ? Jaargan: NaM elaKek Tdoublec: NaM BobTheDrunkBear: NaM CalbeeOriginal: so yuuuuge Elfualoco2003: NaM WEEBSOUT chicken1320: NaM Clap SnarksterJr: NaM Rush103rd: NaM nekro793: NotLikeThis k0tashira: NaM AraGenji: ! WeirdChamp Wazepas: MaN TorvaM: !WeirdChamp Minn_Minn: MaN SonicatorTV: !NaM Silent_WaIker: LULW kyeee18: FeelsWeirdMan Naaslaarum: NaM purple_flavor: !VaN Nanashi_Sakamoto: WeirdChamp NAMS WeirdChamp NAMS WeirdChamp NAMS WeirdChamp NAMS xGiftyx: xGiftyx subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 31 months, currently on a 30 month streak! I subbed last night elaH 31 years. WrestlerBot2000: @xgiftyx After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Larsn2k: What the hell is going on LUL Burning_olive: 🦀 HE’S GONE 🦀 AtTh3Gates: AtTh3Gates subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @atth3gates After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM RyanLovesWeed: Pog laskaat: WeirdChamp NAMS WeirdChamp zulul_vi_von_zulul: !Kappa Minn_Minn: Pog Demopoot: Chag TorvaM: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: PogU Qviss: patched NaM Jaargan: make it stop elaWut NordKevRainy: Pog advoccat: elaH elaH hi chat DaniDuck: Pog illuminatieyes_: Kappa iamsparta231: LULW NosBleid: Pog DaniDuck: @advoccat nrdyH merchandise_of_cush: Pog Kusocheg: iron95Pls Colroyds: NaM SnarksterJr: Pog AkiraJkr: @Fearswe YUP is better than unofficial patch, the UP can create issues in the game Annonn140: ! NaM #SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS FitoBurrito: Intro Fighters full of NaM PepeLaugh DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: wow that’s pretty nice Evelon2: Pog tHaH4x0r: Pog Poweraged: SuperVinlin kurikame_: This is such a coincidence, I just finished my first New Vegas playthrough yesterday and as I was playing through it, I was thinking how cool it’d be if you played it @Elajjaz AstorBalt: NaM AlexAnderman1994: Pog saugo: Pog Tw1tOne: sup @Elajjaz I watched your first part of visage late night and almost shit my pants LUL this chapter had some super scary moments Plasmafenix: !ela4 Silent_WaIker: NaM Clap2 DaniDuck: why is nam so big monkaW nekro793: lobosEZ Clap hotfixed VineWood0604: NaM Namarax: hey ela rescOO DrMong: PepoDance iamsparta231: visage be pretty ok i guess Binfz: NaM Fearswe: It’s YUP he has @AkiraJkr VineWood0604: VaN Febox: NaM Clap Demopoot: ATTACK ON TITNAM NaM BBiBsBoy: Speedrun strats just go to ladders PogChamp advoccat: @DaniDuck elaH Colroyds: NAM IS SO BIG THEY CANT PUNCH ANYTHING LULW DaniDuck: @Fearswe nrdyH AkiraJkr: Oh, thank god @Fearswe SonicatorTV: elaHi hi ela & chat pepeL FitoBurrito: Demonic_smile PepeLaugh Captain_PogChamp: I LOST ZULUL ta_no_kami: ! monkaW Jaargan: NaM s are taking over elaKek zulul_vi_von_zulul: !ZULUL mkzkSeki: NaM HYPERCLAP FitoBurrito: SonicatorTV pepeL elaH RyanLovesWeed: LULW HEIL_MODS_: elaK DaniDuck: @SonicatorTV nrdyH Larsn2k: LULW Omojjo: @erikoinen YeahBoi saugo: monkaS AkiraJkr: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. daley_: forsenWC Azure_Felt: elaHmm Darksky7493: NaM Plasmafenix: TTours 🔫 conmcko: LULW GodDamSully: @Elajjaz Gungeon runthrough before NV ? SiloWang: !boobies 🙂 AkiraJkr: Clairty? @Fearswe kadetanq: @SonicatorTV Hey Kappa SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz I hope youre ready for new vegas, just ignore chats backseating because people are HUGE fanbois of this game zorry4badinglsh: 13 kills Pog Silent_WaIker: NAM NaM THE WEEBS NaM AWAY NAM NaM THE WEEBS NaM AWAY Larsn2k: Dark Souls need to nerf their camera daley_: !NaM samutin95: fixed death by blowjob PepeHands Fearswe: Removes the orange tint @AkiraJkr Excesiiv: !MaN WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! PlasmaRifle: PepeD Xerenix: forsenWC Can’t nerf this Snonomdorsh: PepoDance pepeD ppHop pepeD PepoDance Kusocheg: NaM PlasmaRifle: pepeD shax912: monkaW crashfort: !NaM #SWEDEN Colroyds: rip NaM CptFleece: elaISee Marco_m: They made the flash faintier AkiraJkr: Ooooh I see OptimisticKnowledge: gachiGASM Binfz: NaM NosBleid: NaM Clap Minn_Minn: !monkaW Hexarift: monkaW SonicatorTV: FitoBurrito elaHYUG DaniDuck elaH kadetanq pepeL AstorBalt: NaM SnarksterJr: NaM VineWood0604: NaM dormuth: !NaM Jaargan: PepeHands F NaM Colroyds: ! NaM FXYun: billyReady One_Eyed_Maestro: RarePepe Jiucoe_9u4ko: Pog MousseAcebolada: MaN Plasmafenix: Shush chat Annonn140: im a fanboy Pog emicvi: PepeLaugh Fearswe: !essiSmile Kalinmir: i hate this game One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Clap saugo: LULW Toplay92: so much Nammers NotLikeThis RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz did you see her glitched death animation? LULW she killed you by blowjob Colroyds: we wont backseat Kapp zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh dami_exe: It’s gonna be fucking aids I bet HEIL_MODS_: yeah PepeLaugh Konki: PepeLaugh daley_: go 0 int or youre a coward squashlord: elaK it will be worse shax912: PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know icedcoffeeboy: did you just call me a virgin ela last_whoa: REACT HARDER 😡 DaniDuck: REACT GOD DAMMIT Jaargan: LULW Qviss: LULW Demopoot: PepeLaugh dormuth: REACT HARDER Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh Fearswe: #TeamCutters Rush103rd: LULW emicvi: !PepeLaugh rami730: LAST OF US OMEGADOWN Nanashi_Sakamoto: im not fanboy, but im billyReady Golden04: PepeLaugh Evelon2: Fallout NV Pog bhpaulcar: don’t read chat 😡 OptimisticKnowledge: it actually is LULW NordKevRainy: TL OMEGALUL U Febox: SONY FANBOIS LULW Shmoop1: REACT HARDER 😡 FXYun: PepeLaugh 👉 Chat One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW Azure_Felt: i think it will be PepeLaugh PlasmaRifle: FNV HARDEST DIFFICULTY? Pog Monster5crak: oh it will Hellu: @Elajjaz pepper your angus over people arguing what mods you installed are wrong, and what ENB is the best OMEGALUL duumed: PepeLaugh Demopoot: REACT HARDER elaMad rica235: Ciao @ElajjazF4 dont @ me k0tashira: Celeste Kreygasm SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz buy nuclear throne PogU croppd: Celeste Pog AkiraJkr: Bloodstained Pog ProfessorDrunk: play celeste i promise its so good nalzag: i like fallout 4 fight me chat 🙂 SiloWang: Celeste is garbage Zyndustries: Celeste Pog ssssip: fuck NotLikeThis ArnoldTheHobbit: CELESTE Pogey LickMyPretzel: The level design in Celeste is amazing. salpo_nolobio: celeste is 👌 PIKAvit2012: @Elajjaz Transistor? TheXearo: YOO Ela and chat elaH forgottenhorseman: Fallout 3 is better then Fallout 4 LULw Ruven86: Hi @Elajjaz & Chat elaH Excesiiv: Bloodstained is amazing tho’ SiloWang: DansGame Celeste Fearswe: @cbRoFL chahH SnuggleTheHuggle: any plans on the build in Fallout? 300$ fister or weeb katana ninja Pog @Elajjaz Hellu: k4iley but FO3 crashes though PepeHands MtRush: no weeb games elaMad k4iley: i’ve been meaning to play celeste, i own it Azure_Felt: that was the preorder price PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: iron95Pls SSnwo: evoGG ta_no_kami: is a very good platformer zatzer: WITCHER 3 Pog sjuften_: @Elajjaz Have you played a horror game called Detention? i heard its good skybeaverking: Celeste is my favourite platformer of all time PlasmaRifle: @forgottenhorseman Nope. predixio: cris Kreygasm AkiraJkr: Get Maximum Action @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: Hyper Light Drifter duumed: celeste is great FXYun: nepSmug Whens Nep? daddywojo: Just in – how far did you get in Visage? k4iley: @hellu so does NV lol FitoBurrito: The worlds in modern Fallout games are good, the stories are kinda oof d3sirio: Get Celeste, for real, best platformer of 2018 Ruven86: gachiGASM ArnoldTheHobbit: KKona ? Plasmafenix: Ehhh Bholorak: conan is nice predixio: gris* ViveLaDissidence: gachiGASM TheXearo: Fallout today elaGasm PIKAvit2012: its pepega AF MatrixxStar: @Elajjaz no man’s sky Pog CryptoXOR: KKona Exiles WrestlerBot2000: “I’m gonna kill this guy until he’s dead” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 90 https://clips.twitch.tv/BreakableScaryJackalRaccAttack ordinarystory: KKona exiles Tommero: @Elajjaz pyre? Elfualoco2003: monkaW Jaargan: @elajjaz play oblivion elaSmile Flashforward: its quite LIDL lanndend: its got giant dongers One_Eyed_Maestro: it’s not WeirdChamp Kohinata: @Elajjaz recommend a TRPG named Valkyria Chronicles 4 SeemsGood PositiveHappyViewer: KKona Exiles AkiraJkr: Maximum Action looks like a game you’d freakin’ love @Elajjaz Hellu: k4iley my modded FO3 got so bad it crashed every 5-15 minutes elaYes last_whoa: KKona the Hunters ImperialCloneTrooper2028: KKona Exiles Fearswe: @SnuggleTheHuggle He’s never played the game before and you think he has any form of build idea? Ruven86: gachiGASM Clap Conan FXYun: @Elajjaz nepSmug Whens Nep? LickMyPretzel: LULW cbRoFL: same One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: Persona 5>New Vegas dont WeirdChamp me 🙂 zatzer: IT’S GOOD NOW Hrodgarillo: @Elajjaz risk of rain 2! sjuften_: No mans sky PepeLaugh angryj0nes: CONAN i buy this game and i regreat DaniDuck: LUL BBiBsBoy: Chag Buy shapes and beats PlasmaRifle: Guess who i am Ela Kapp SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz buy nuclear throne Chag maxmaxsix3: BEST FALLOUT GAME PogU nekro793: Jebaited FitoBurrito: RELEASE NMS PepeLaugh cbRoFL: hope you are doing good big guy elaDM PIKAvit2012: pepeD 0_jacket_0: GET KILLER 7 conmcko: RareEla ssssip: i heard NoMansSky is pretty nice now k0tashira: SourPls blue monday nalzag: its actually solid now SnarksterJr: sundered is good Toplay92: NMS is actually pretty decent kevin99gh: hasRaid hasRaid hasRaid hasRaid hasRaid Vanah: pepeJAM marckvdv: this song pepeJAM mkzkSeki: pepeJAM blakOrkk: !gennaLUL HeavyM4chineGun: Love this song Champ Raydia_: @Elajjaz you should play Spelunky SkeletonKeyLimePie: that game was apparently meh SlippedDisco: iron95Pls BLUE MONDAY shax912: pepeJAM Bakurretsu: pepeJAM nekro793: but it’s actually a pretty good game now Ruven86: pepeJAMMER zulfaya: AMEN, ELA + NV HELLYEAH MATE Odins_pecs: AlienPls gild0n: N OMEGALUL MAN SKY Pionside: PepoDance BBiBsBoy: ElaJAMMER ta_no_kami: you should try it again, much better now Rust_n: @nekro793 oh yeah SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz sundered is pretty good yeah Haika112: pepeJAM cbRoFL: did you order the stuff btw? SonicatorTV: pepeJAMMER NautilusV2: @cbRoFL elaH cbrEgg predixio: what about deaths gambit? k0tashira: pepeJAMMER HYPERCLAP One_Eyed_Maestro: Banger incoming pepeJAMMER tHaH4x0r: pepeJAMMER HeavyM4chineGun: pepeJAMMER ThatLuluTho: Everything in this game is beautiful, but the gameplay is ass Peljack: Elajjaz Will you play Control next month? crashfort: (ditto) Toplay92: pepeD Ruven86: ElaJAM Meximus322: pepeJAMMER ewindal: @Elajjaz will you be playing Senran Kagura 7? Talmk: pepeJAM cbRoFL: NautilusV2 elaH Hellu: cbRoFL the stuff ela2 KariGrandi: pepeJAMMER Mirando: WHy dafuq am I jailed nep DrMong: iron95Pls dormuth: we are 80’s now lightneoon: servo etch run Seth LurkingUmibozu: pepeJAMMER kadetanq: !Kappa lifemissle: @Elajjaz BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU BABA IS YOU k4iley: the stuff monkaS Reddinator: 4Shrug Plasmafenix: pepeJAMMER carlitoB: new vegas is great Neroph: jotun? GodlikeTVLive: New Vegas Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: AlienPls Azure_Felt: elaHmm NautilusV2: @Elajjaz Jotun? BBiBsBoy: pepeJAMMER Exigus: The lost vikings? DaniDuck: jotun? last_whoa: banner saga? salpo_nolobio: baba is you is great angryj0nes: Jotun cbRoFL: Jotun Pog mrscoo0t: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv MousseAcebolada: BABA IS ResidentSleeper Tommero: @Elajjaz if you didnt play pyre id recomment it nekro793: desktop character engine elaISee annjey: BABA IS BACKSEATING PepeLaugh Fearswe: @cbRoFL cbrHi chahH iamsparta231: Jotunheimen Chag LickMyPretzel: Steam’s stupid Grand Prix quests pushed “mostly positive reviews” to “very positive” or “overwhelmingly positive” reviews SonicatorTV: VALHALLA nrdyREE hpandy2: hpandy2 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! hi WrestlerBot2000: @hpandy2 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Reddinator: N OMEGLOL Kohinata: @Elajjaz recommend a TRPG named Valkyria Chronicles 4 One_Eyed_Maestro: RareEla DaniDuck: banner saga? conmcko: SourPls cbRoFL: fearswe elaHi SnarksterJr: Pit People PogU d3sirio: Banner Saga Vanah: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls Xunkar_: Dead in Vinland ? Annonn140: banner saga? DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Banner saga??? AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz Maximum Action looks like something you’d love Rodriwastaken: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Deam23: banner saga Annonn140: RAFT Pog nalzag: raft Pog Naniyo: Chag Exile_On_Twitch: Have you checked out Deep Rock Galactic? @Elajjaz salpo_nolobio: Pog cbRoFL: oh yea we wanted to play raft true Rodriwastaken: Pog Elfualoco2003: Raft Chag PlasmaRifle: Meh serusa94: raft DansGame Plasmafenix: IKEALUL Reddinator: Champ J0hnnyBlade: I heard Sundered is a bit weak gameplay wise, poor enemy variety and gameplay problems Hrodgarillo: wanted to try no man’s sky during the sale is it a good idea ? @Elajjaz @all jklob: pepeJAM new order PIKAvit2012: Chag zorry4badinglsh: RAFT Pog LickMyPretzel: KrazyShark gonna go crazy during thnis game FitoBurrito: -30% discount PepeLaugh DaniDuck: @Elajjaz is it banner saga you’re thinking? Tommero: this game look super IKEALUL Irocam: Aladdin underwater Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: Raft LULW Heksyll: Pog Reddinator: Champ do It AmazingCarnage01: not good PIKAvit2012: Cb AND Nerdy OMEGA Chag k0tashira: How does it feel ♫ pepeJAMMER Meximus322: Chag BBiBsBoy: Chag Lidl but fun Bholorak: play conan instead Azure_Felt: cbrSmug ela12 nrdyE last_whoa: monkaW franky_latabasse: why ? DansGame Rodriwastaken: Pog the dream team Serulean_Cadence: garbage d3sirio: Sharks tho LULW Jaargan: @lickmypretzel why monkaW salpo_nolobio: Champ raft with nerdy and friends? NordKevRainy: monkaSHAKE sjuften_: monkaW 🦈 Elfualoco2003: monkaW LickMyPretzel: The graphics are so cartoony Lemonsponge: new vegas? Pog LickMyPretzel: @Jaargan cuz big sharks monkaW purple_flavor: stranded on a raft with the boys Pog Plasmafenix: IKELUL Raft building DaniDuck: @Elajjaz is it banner saga you’re thinking? nrdyHmm MatrixxStar: @Elajjaz no its really bad game Purist01: Thats the horror game for today LULW Irocam: iron95Pls tHaH4x0r: FeelsGoodMan jerggy: iron95Pls FitoBurrito: Happy KKona day Americans Plasmafenix: DLC DaniDuck: thats dlc Azure_Felt: dlc elaK LickMyPretzel: Pirated? monkaTOS AkiraJkr: Fallout Mod Manager OMEGALUL Haika112: This is New Order right, the song? Abdiel_Kavash: Wait what did I do to get on stream? Pog Jaargan: @lickmypretzel oh shit monkaW bhpaulcar: Mods DansGame Fearswe: Those are DLC rami730: iron95Pls eliastheepicgamer: oh no this mod manager monkaW Rodriwastaken: monkaTOS Asmodaus1: !vapedr1Asuh iamsparta231: @Elajjaz Make sure you run the script extender elaK ImperialCloneTrooper2028: that’s DLC ela IKEALUL Reddinator: no textures? DansGame Nanashi_Sakamoto: Almost vanilla Pog RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz ive never seen this game so im down for you to play Pog ProfessorDrunk: @Elajjaz Buy Celeste its so good you wont regret it. Its the best platformer I have ever played Kappa_Bee: Heyyyy chat and @elajjaz currently taking a shit at work thought i’d greet you all FeelsGoodMan Purist01: outdated mod manager LUL Flashforward: thats very vanilla still i expected retexture mods DaniDuck: @Elajjaz is it banner saga the viking game? nrdyHmm Serulean_Cadence: Get MMC Excesiiv: I don’t see CBBE DansGame zorry4badinglsh: !AYAYA Galer1ans: Chat Pog Ela Pog My fav stream Pog GM All elaH WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Meximus322: pepeJAMMER FitoBurrito: New Vegas DLC is great AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz That mod manager is outdated OMEGALUL Haika112: TyNV Clap2 AYAYA dormuth: denied DaniDuck: WINDOWED LULW shax912: Pog FXYun: @Elajjaz You look cute today AYAYA Pyrewyrm: @Elajjaz Castle Crashers ? NiceBeaver28: Aw yeah I’m ready beavsUp how you doing everyone? Lord_Solaire: Pog Bxadd: Pog Meximus322: Chag BigBagieta: Pog GoldenFlame1: Pog lulzification: Pog DaniDuck: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: Saved PogU Annonn140: Pog PIKAvit2012: Pog saugo: Pog SlippedDisco: Pog iamsparta231: @Elajjaz Missing immersivehud elaK Rodriwastaken: Pog Glenshane: Pog NordKevRainy: Kreygasm Golden04: Chag SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Jaargan: Chag LickMyPretzel: Kreygasm zorry4badinglsh: Pog bedotheman: Clap Annonn140: Kreygasm chicken1320: Pog max0: Kreygasm pyduuu: Pog gild0n: Pog TheXearo: Pog talkman_: FeelsGoodMan Clap WE ARE READY FOR AN ADVENTURE FeelsGoodMan Clap last_whoa: Chag rami730: monkaW xuukiii: Pog k4iley: dead money in NV tho is my least favorite dlc WilsonAJ: streamer magic Pog wweaker: Why i have 3 months, free subs OMEGALUL conmcko: Actually liked fo4 but okay chat LUL Lightning4444: Pog Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz This is the Pog Snake_w: POGGERS Rush103rd: Pog BBiBsBoy: Chag Swedish magic akmannen: best fallout game cbRoFL: the amazing NiceBeaver28 Pog Plasmafenix: elaGasm zulfaya: FO2>FO1>FO3>NV>FO4>anything>FO76 Exile_On_Twitch: Nostalgia hits hard with this one angryj0nes: And its beggins Pog squashlord: Chag saugo: TaBeRu AkiraJkr: Pog talkman_: FeelsGoodMan Clap Elvem: Pog EntropyFull: @NiceBeaver28 HeyEla tutufuzi: FeelsGoodMan Clap BDSMchrischris: Hello guys slept for 3 hours after being awake for 24 hours btw 4HEad shax912: Obsidian Kreygasm Azure_Felt: TaBeRu Reddinator: merchandise_of_cush he doesnt have the patience for those danKEK Wendell8504: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm ADuckNamedDan: FO4 is good but not as good as older fallouts zorry4badinglsh: pepeJAM sjuften_: Chag HYPERCLAP New Vegas zulfaya: FO2>FO1>FO3>NV>FO4>anything>FO76. Flashforward: OBSIDIAN Pog THE GOOD FO devs Pog Elvem: It’s happening! 1mpolar: Pog FitoBurrito: k4iley the atmosphere though elaGasm TheXearo: Obsidian elaGasm zatzer: Pog Fearswe: Fuck any other mods NiceBeaver28: cbRoFL Pog Cb 💋 lulzification: pepeJAM Meximus322: Obsidian Pog iamsparta231: HERE WE GO Silent_WaIker: new vegas, back when devs didnt went full PC SJW and all that bad shit Pog shax912: AngelThump TheH3llraiser: Pog zulfaya: FO2>FO1>FO3>NV>FO4>anything>FO76.. blakOrkk: COUNTRY ROOOOADS! Hello @Elajjaz ! lae7 How are you today? akmannen: NV>rest lifemissle: @Elajjaz Just play the game vanilla for the first time, only use bugfixes/patches Fearswe: Only mods needed are stability mod Lv_100: Fallout : Backseat Vegas LULW squashlord: i miss good fallout games PepeHands talkman_: @fear WeirdChamp an_p0: @Elajjaz Niffelheim called game Jetu_: hi EntropyFull: @BDSMchrischris FeelsGoodMan . o O ( ResidentSleeper 💤 ) 1mpolar: the radio Pog Metzelor: music Pog marckvdv: @zulfaya FO3>NV ??????????? thevanquisher87: danW but did u mod this game ? merchandise_of_cush: Champ Exile_On_Twitch: Big iron on his hip KKona cbRoFL: o-oh my, i got a kiss from beaver distLewd Asmodaus1: @Elajjaz No Fallout 76? LUL Plasmafenix: KKona Clap x3kmak: WIAT WAHT? NEW VEGAS POGGERS chaseoreo: NEW VEGAS Pog TomHorst: @zulfaya 3 over NV OMEGALUL Silent_WaIker: gachiOnFIRE Irocam: @zulfaya anything>literally anything>fallout 76 k4iley: god the music mmmmmhhh SiloWang: SJWs ruin everything OptimisticKnowledge: yeah menu mouse is LULW Mirando: Fallout : Play as I chat wants Vegas elaOP zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA MOD Clap Flashforward: PepeLaugh BBiBsBoy: Chag Never played this El_Heisenberg: hobbHi eliastheepicgamer: immersive hud removes the hud when you don’t need it @Elajjaz DaniDuck: all you need is some S T A B I L I T Y NordKevRainy: Play hardcore mode Pog YangWenli_: KKona Clap crashfort: elaWOW elaWOW elaWOW elaWOW elaWOW Naniyo: Chag AM I DREAMINg Whyeverso: Not playing Tale of Two Wastelands hobbHands Silent_WaIker: SiloWang amen MightySunbro: NV>>>>>>>>>FO3 Goobie_Force: Music Kreygasm AmazingCarnage01: subtitles on please Elvem: This brings me back FeelsGoodMan Flashforward: there is a config edit to fix the mouse accel Empoya: ElaPls TGM ArmstrongQ: FO76>anything rescVVV zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp Purist01: you need to get it Breitey: Breitey subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! some bottlecaps for your journey WrestlerBot2000: @breitey Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM SkeletonKeyLimePie: the hud isn’t that intrusive iamsparta231: @Elajjaz And its made by the best human being in the world elaK SkeletonKeyLimePie: imo last_whoa: Cazador PTSD monkaW bloodcaleb: ElaPls it just works Exile_On_Twitch: First time playing this? You’re in for a ride Pog FitoBurrito: Master VaN talkman_: So you NEVER played this game @Elajjaz ? HEIL_MODS_: are you ready for backseat chat WeirdChamp TheXearo: this is gonna be good OptimisticKnowledge: Immersive HUD is cool but eh, personal preference Blackbird_SR71C: Hardcore! RyanLovesWeed: yes iamsparta231: @Elajjaz HArdcore mode please Plasmafenix: elaKek k4iley: IM SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDD tutufuzi: monkaS Azure_Felt: nope LULW RyanLovesWeed: go hard Pog conmcko: radio all the way up ela elaGasm Kalinmir: lol mkzkSeki: gachiBASS rami730: do very normal 🙂 Odins_pecs: cazadore time bois PepeLaugh Irocam: hard or elaREE PIKAvit2012: hard gachiHYPER RyanLovesWeed: @k4iley same Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: @last_whoa oh god please no UltraWindow: dont get backseated 🙂 conmcko: N OMEGALUL jambuuzle: HARD gachiBOP dormuth: lul zodicz: It Just works k0tashira: Very Hard gachiHYPER TorvaM: @Elajjaz hard isnt that bad, you should be fine OptimisticKnowledge: FO3 on PS3 LULW zatzer: harder than fallout 4 One_Eyed_Maestro: ela13 SGkieran: PepeLaugh hardcore saugo: Hard! EntropyFull: difficulty only increases enemy HP/damage @Elajjaz Mirando: @Elajjaz Play on the hardest. the best experience AkiraJkr: go hard gachiBASS Toplay92: hard LUL akmannen: LULW wevie1: only epic gamers play on hard SkeletonKeyLimePie: ela17 Golden04: LULW sjuften_: LULW Motek: Go hard in my ass gachiHYPER Pionside: lulw Raydia_: LULW x3kmak: @Elajjaz yes disable mouse acceleration, its annoying in this game, you have to edit a local file DaniDuck: not max difficulty LULW Blackbird_SR71C: Do hardcore!!! Lord_Solaire: LULW crashfort: atpRtsd atpRtsd BroqRox: ela12 Pionside: LULW zulul_vi_von_zulul: Hard is ok SeemsGood chicken1320: LULW k0tashira: Very Hard gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Night_Veleal: LULW Meximus322: Cazadores monkaW NiceBeaver28: hard and hardcore mode gachiBOP Quelaan69: greetings miltHuh Jaargan: HARDEST elaREE Silent_WaIker: LULW Rust_n: LULW Elfualoco2003: hardcore or riot Plasmafenix: LULW SirArcoz: LULW HEIL_MODS_: hard is okay with companies Annonn140: I would recommend normal, but whatever skybeaverking: AYAYA Clap Hypu EntropyFull: difficulty only increases enemy HP/damage @Elajjaz nymnThink PositiveHappyViewer: LULW AmazingCarnage01: hard=easy sogeking_1337: clipped illegal activity DansGame akmannen: Young MaN Chiliad9k: Fo4 from sale is worth a playtrough imo with mods, the story is pretty boring tho OptimisticKnowledge: monkaTOS saugo: Hardcore!!! Naaslaarum: JOHNNY GUITAAAAAAAAAAAAAR 1mpolar: hardcore Pog Fearswe: @x3kmak He has iamsparta231: @Elajjaz WAIT THAT ACTUALLY STOPPED YOU FROM BUYING GAMES? LULW Galer1ans: ela12 Damn you industry DaniDuck: game was 18 years old? monkaW Reddinator: monkaTOS Elfualoco2003: but your 13? croppd: monkaTOS Galer1ans: Friend Pog Flashforward: this game plays very similar to 3 whisalex: elaHi Chat ela elaH pepeL PapaEmu01: the difficulty is meh JaBaShxx: omg.. Fingerlickins: Older friends… BroqRox: ela12 HYPERCLAP Mirando: @Elajjaz Change diff elaKek HEIL_MODS_: companies man PepeLaugh Whyeverso: ela confirmed criminal hobbS ArmstrongQ: rescWtf carlitoB: hardcore on so you have to drink and eat talkman_: Just prepare for some backseat on *choices* @Elajjaz PepeLaugh ignore them, play your own way wweaker: ela13 Galer1ans: @whisalex elaH pepeL dotnotbot: Fallout on PS3 WutFace TheLunetta: hey ela and chat elaHi elaH theman630: @Elajjaz cinamatic can will kill you. RealLifeTsundere: lol Hard Abdiel_Kavash: Never played FO76? WutFace Elvem: ela13 SWilqen: so hype crashfort: urd theman630: cam* LickMyPretzel: The backseating is gonna be so insane for this game iamsparta231: Yes Alkyroth: AYAYA Clap crashfort: yes tutufuzi: si Annonn140: yes Elvem: Ye skraalQ: y Motek: gachiHYPER Dracconfoo: yes SWilqen: this game isso fun Flashforward: yes DaniDuck: @TheLunetta nrdyH S_Darji: yes Galer1ans: @TheLunetta elaHi pepeL whisalex: @TheLunetta elaH pepeL Reddinator: Kapp TheH3llraiser: yes TheLunetta: sparta elaH conmcko: Yes Rodriwastaken: yes EntropyFull: Kapp Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK MartinVP: Kapp talkman_: LULW GOOD lifemissle: D: TheLunetta: dani elaH FXYun: elaK SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsGoodMan Blackbird_SR71C: elaK zorry4badinglsh: D: akmannen: good CaptainCrunched: Kapp Lord_Solaire: elaK pyduuu: D: Meximus322: Good Chag SoulOfDerp: ElaK dormuth: Kappa Heksyll: elaK last_whoa: D: TheBrinern: Kapp iamsparta231: @TheLunetta pepeL UltraWindow: emote only 🙂 Golden04: sure PepeLaugh Glenshane: elaK Elvem: elaD OptimisticKnowledge: Kapp ViveLaDissidence: Kapp Galer1ans: D: Motek: Kapp TheLunetta: Galer1ans elaH jambuuzle: Kapp Elfualoco2003: Kapp Annonn140: Kapp whisalex: @Galer1ans elaH conmcko: D: Kalinmir: PepeHands eliastheepicgamer: default difficulty in bethesda games means bullet sponges, you need to mod to get a good type of difficulty @Elajjaz JaBaShxx: Kapp sure Qviss: @Elajjaz when are you going to fix your camera? Hogbinladen: kill and eat everyone saugo: Good Pog nalzag: good TheLunetta: whisalex elaH Jaargan: elaK Rodriwastaken: D: DaniDuck: D: zorry4badinglsh: ingoring chat D: Raydia_: @Elajjaz I could buy 18+ games from Game as a kid if I let the seller confirm it with my parents through phone LULW Irocam: @Elajjaz it’s not like you can trust chat anyways Kapp FitoBurrito: I bought God of War when I was 13 and the store cashier didn’t gave af PepeLaugh Elvem: elaK elaD FLOWrida187: seqLul seqLul seqLul seqLul dormuth: cohhK Plasmafenix: Chat he doesnt know anything PepeLaugh so stfu 0_jacket_0: Roaming the mojave sure makes you wish for a nuclear winter Quelaan69: play hardcore, it’s the best 3D fallout experience there is. It’s just a game mechanic, not that much harder Ruven86: Ruven86 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! Best Community elaH Flashforward: PepeLaugh only mode chat pekkaatte: @Elajjaz do you have all dlc? Silent_WaIker: LULW 👍 DrazHD: Kapp next stream, “chat which choice do I pick?” WrestlerBot2000: @ruven86 After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ElGinjaNinja: How did you play at 17 if only 13 DansGame zulfaya: dont read chat, make your own choices TheLunetta: fito elaH Toplay92: Kappa yousefaiman: IT WAS RIGGED sjuften_: Pog ignore us OptimisticKnowledge: “what do I do chat, I dont want her to die” Kapp akmannen: @Elajjaz Come here granny came in a nightmare 🙁 One_Eyed_Maestro: Abdiel_Kavash Why would anyone ever play that WeirdChamp angryj0nes: LETS GO BOY Pog SGkieran: TheLunetta :/ SirArcoz: Hey Elajjaz and chat elaH pepeL FitoBurrito: Luna elaA elaH BroqRox: Chat elaH Ela elaH random ricardo fan at the corner gachiAPPROVE Flashforward: PepeLaugh only mode DaniDuck: @SirArcoz nrdyH SirArcoz: TheLunetta elaH pepeL Whyeverso: Is this GOTY? TheLunetta: kieran elaH Azure_Felt: wonder what build ela will go for elaHmm Toplay92: WutFace Irocam: Deleet Plasmafenix: It will auto delete DaniDuck: @BroqRox nrdyH last_whoa: x Haika112: Hell yes SoBayed SirArcoz: DaniDuck elaH pepeL 1080p200fps: inb4 blaming chat Annonn140: D: not blind FitoBurrito: SirArcoz essiSmile elaH kurikame_: Are you going back in age Ela? whisalex: @SirArcoz elaH pepeL BDSMchrischris: @Fearswe No mercy for the backseaters elaB TheLunetta: arcoz elaH pekkaatte: does ela have all dlc installed? k4iley: ya i won’t backseat choices. i’m hype to see how u play this. Johnnybabs123: Johnnybabs123 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! Silent_WaIker: backseaters must die a horrible death Wendell8504: X WrestlerBot2000: @johnnybabs123 After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SirArcoz: FitoBurrito elaH pepeL Elvem: elaBlind TheLunetta: SGkieran why the :/ ? Annonn140: POG LETS GOOOOOOOO wweaker: @eliastheepicgamer mods difficulty you mean either the one shot or the enmie? tutufuzi: Pog SirArcoz: whisalex elaH pepeL SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM iamsparta231: THIS INTRO Chag Annonn140: Pog bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime Meximus322: pepeJAM Plasmafenix: KKool Monster5crak: chinesse ar elaTAK BasSix_: New Vegas Pog DaniDuck: @FitoBurrito nrdyH sjuften_: Chag nymnCorn crashfort: elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy chicken1320: Pog talkman_: FeelsGoodMan Clap AN ADVENTURE Vanah: pepeJAM TorvaM: BlessRNG i hope ela will like this game ArmstrongQ: LUL YangWenli_: KKool zorry4badinglsh: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: PepeHands anyways Golden04: Pog yousefaiman: BLUE MOON wevie1: elaCozy Nanashi_Sakamoto: TaBeRu 0_jacket_0: BLUUUUUE MOOOOOOON DaniDuck: Pog Chuami: KKool saugo: KKool Annonn140: BLUE MOOOOON BlackCl0ud: This game was sooooooooooo gooooooood man iamsparta231: ONLY GOOD FALLOUT GAME CHAccepted Polebegood: elaK daley_: KKool iamsparta231: Chag TheBrinern: Kapp FitoBurrito: DaniDuck elaH pepeL conmcko: KKool talkman_: KKool angryj0nes: Pog HYPERCLAP x3kmak: @Elajjaz gl Ela tutufuzi: is gud Xilian: Any mods? just got here SGkieran: TheLunetta 🙂 Plasmafenix: 🎺 Odins_pecs: billyReady Chiliad9k: Ave, true to caesar DatSheffy / sogeking_1337: https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorGorgeousMarrowUnSane crashfort: elaCozy Ruven86: TheLunetta danBoop thelun10Smug Fearswe: @BDSMchrischris I’m not gonna bother too much Motek: KKool Clap bloodcaleb: blue moon KKool GuitarTime Naaslaarum: god i wish i could play New Vegas for a first time Jaargan: elaREE elaGun BEGONE BACKSEATERS Elvem: AHHHHHHH the throwback FeelsGoodMan Clap PositiveHappyViewer: KKool UltraWindow: TaBeRu SlippedDisco: iron95Pls Tasarion: KKool Alkyroth: KKool dormuth: last good Fallout game PepeHands SnarksterJr: TaBeRu TorvaM: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Meximus322: pepeJAMMER Rust_n: KKool zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp FXYun: !mods Elfualoco2003: KKol WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. PIKAvit2012: KKona Clap SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz have you play other fallout games? DaniDuck: KKona whisalex: pepeD OptimisticKnowledge: KKool Xirn: TaBeRu BLUE MOOOOON Nix_Abyss: Kreygasm damn this takes me back BasSix_: Hello people Pog / sjuften_: KKool Blue moon Podriquez: KKool obad91: blue moon baby Elfualoco2003: cmonBrother TheLunetta: ruven rooKiss thelun10Smug AkiraJkr: KKona Clap BroqRox: @DaniDuck FeelsGoodMan Elvem: NOSTALIGA Pog Lord_Solaire: TaBeRu SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaTOS GrafPolskii: anakB shax912: Kreygasm d3sirio: KKona iamsparta231: @Elajjaz If you dont play the radio imma be a sad boy elaFeels SiloWang: boobies 🙂 Dudica: TaBeRu chicken1320: KKona Clap Odins_pecs: Kreygasm saugo: KKool GuitarTime OptimisticKnowledge: Kreygasm Naniyo: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu eliastheepicgamer: @wweaker i mean mods make bullets behave like bullets so yeah k4iley: INTROOOoOooO Kreygasm SO GOOD CryptoXOR: danSup Silent_WaIker: KKool Clap F1oyd: what in the goddam talkman_: @Elajjaz is this with all the dlc? Wendell8504: Kreygasm Azure_Felt: vod muted PepeLaugh OrbitalSloth: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. TorvaM: @Elajjaz do you have all the DLCs? ViveLaDissidence: KKool GuitarTime k0tashira: Lunetta FeelsAmazingMan Nix_Abyss: I wish I could replay this for the first time again DaniDuck: GuitarTime skybeaverking: Nostalgia pleasedontreadmyname69: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm yousefaiman: PepeLaugh MUSIC theman630: tomatoKnife tomatoGrease NautilusV2: @Elajjaz did you get the DLCs too? and will you do them? thevanquisher87: frank sinatra danSmug panoten: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp shax912: KKona ewindal: This is like 1999 levels CGI Tasarion: New Vegas was 9 years ago PepeHands TheLunetta: k0tashira elaH BasSix_: ElaCOOL PIKAvit2012: monkaW Dr4gonMouse: RIP vods, copyrighted music FitoBurrito: Getting pissed with the lads elaBruv Flashforward: monkaW Oakishh: @Elajjaz Are you playing the whole game or just base game minus dlc? iamsparta231: @Elajjaz your vods are deffo gettin muted tho PepeLaugh shax912: Pog Chuami: monkaW crashfort: atpDisorderly atpDisorderly talkman_: Chag CaptainCrunched: monkaW Bxadd: monkaW 1mpolar: Pog last_whoa: monkaW RingusSlaterfist: Pog Maffia171: monkaW Xirn: monkaW salpo_nolobio: monkaH Motek: monkaW dotnotbot: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog TorvaM: Pog TheH3llraiser: monkaW rami730: monkaW saugo: Pog Lord_Solaire: monkaS ADuckNamedDan: 38x 2=76 bloodcaleb: STALKER Pog DaniDuck: monkaW whisalex: Pog SnuggleTheHuggle: monkaW SirArcoz: monkaW Xerenix: monkaH Nix_Abyss: PogU tutufuzi: Pog Rodriwastaken: monkaW sjuften_: monkaH Elvem: PogU Elfualoco2003: monkaW chicken1320: monkaW Akamaru1987: I love this game Pog Alkyroth: monkaW Bxadd: Pog Galer1ans: Champ jambuuzle: monkaGun Elvem: PogYou BBiBsBoy: Chag k0tashira: Next gen Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: PogU crashfort: D: BlackCl0ud: i swear, this is the best Fallout game Mirando: NCR elaGasm AlexAnderman1994: monkaH whisalex: Chag ViveLaDissidence: INSANE SHOOTING Pog SnuggleTheHuggle: welcome monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: D: Galer1ans: D: SQGamer: Hallo Ela sama and cute chat elaH GoldenFlame1: monkaW DaniDuck: Pog SUPA SNIPA Raydia_: oh man, this game I played for 2 hours and never touched again LULW thevanquisher87: vats carlitoB: VATS iamsparta231: VATS FitoBurrito: VATS d3sirio: VATS 1mpolar: vats Pog Elvem: VATS LickMyPretzel: vast Katt_007: VAT Motek: VATS Flashforward: V.A.T.S. sjuften_: Pog DaniDuck: vats Lord_Solaire: vats Nix_Abyss: VATS yes Exile_On_Twitch: VATS yeah PapaEmu01: vats Ruven86: INSANE ! yousefaiman: VAT saugo: VATS UltraWindow: bots system yes 🙂 AkiraJkr: VATS LickMyPretzel: vats * akmannen: V.A.T.S x3kmak: V.A.T.S MikeLitoris6999: game was honked from the start Pog FXYun: VATS Odins_pecs: VATS ImperialCloneTrooper2028: VATS Blackbird_SR71C: V.A.T.S. zulfaya: V a t s last_whoa: vots OMEGALUL SirArcoz: SQGamer elaH pepeL iamsparta231: Dont use VATS FeelsWeirdMan dormuth: rats Meximus322: ye Reddinator: the wat FeelsPepoMan zatzer: V.A.T.S Elfualoco2003: V OMEGALUL TS theman630: tomatoKnife tomatoGrease GIMME THE MONEY CHAT! YOU’RE DEAD MEAT!~ angryj0nes: V.A.T.S whisalex: @SQGamer elaH pepeL deviantdeviations: wat graedon: VAWTS LUL DaniDuck: monkaW Mirando: VAts saugo: Yes ADuckNamedDan: yes Bots Galer1ans: @SQGamer Hello cute SQ elaH Elfualoco2003: B A J S Mirando: VA VA VA VATS Whyeverso: VOX elaHmm Toplay92: VATS is sooo ResidentSleeper tbh NautilusV2: @Elajjaz VATSFAN! elaMad Zyndustries: TRUTH IS, THE GAME WAS RIGGED FROM THE START 🔫 KKona NordKevRainy: Chandler Bing Pog iamsparta231: HERE WE GO Chag ates90: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaWut SYSTEM SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz have you played Fallout 3 and 4? iBorgNinja: VATS like cats TheUnholyMagnus: Chandler PogChamp shax912: monkaW MartinVP: Tom Hanks Pog Plasmafenix: monkaH RingusSlaterfist: CHANDLER Pog iamsparta231: GOD TIER INTRO Chag Silent_WaIker: NCR haHAA Elvem: Billy monkaW Annonn140: WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES Reddinator: Champ talkman_: War KKool UltraWindow: war has changed Xirn: Ron Pog SGkieran: MATTHEW PERRY POGGERS last_whoa: war never changes monkaW Jaargan: monkaW Mirando: elaGasm sjuften_: He said it Chag Podriquez: monkaW dotnotbot: Bullshit Elfualoco2003: KKona Daerth_: Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: here we goooooo chat Raydia_: Characters look like baby dolls LULW Meximus322: monkaW Kaspu: elaWeird Motek: They shot you monkaW Dylanluce: War never changes Purist01: Pog PIKAvit2012: HE SAID IT Pog x3kmak: @Elajjaz there is a mod that makes fallout 3 and new vegas One game SlippedDisco: THE LINE Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: KKona Bakurretsu: He said it Pog SnuggleTheHuggle: he said it monkaW Qviss: WAR HAS CHANGED Nix_Abyss: the thing Chag Raydia_: barbie* Annonn140: Pog Kalinmir: or does it? ssssip: VAC system monkaTOS FitoBurrito: ATOMIC FIRE moon2H Monster5crak: Pog BroqRox: PepeHands NautilusV2: @Elajjaz That’s RON PERLMAN, it’s Hellboy! Pog blakOrkk: METAL GEAR?! HEIL_MODS_: subtitles zulul_vi_von_zulul: KappaWealth zodicz: VOX ? conmcko: Hellboy Pog foxmulder25: Fallout 76 is lowkey the best game ever made ewindal: VÅTS? talkman_: 11 PogU whisalex: not fallout 76 Kappa zulfaya: the backsit will be stronk in this one Elvem: I’m so excited for you @Elajjaz ViveLaDissidence: War never changes / War has changed 🤔 Jaargan: NO SUBTITLES elaREE rymdkatt2000: Ron Perlman Pog FitoBurrito: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN k4iley: war never changes!!! HEIL_MODS_: always forget the subtitles NotLikeThis Dylanluce: Oh shit it is HellBoy gild0n: RPGEla activated Hajitaib: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: WAR HAS CHANGED DansGame bloodcaleb: shia labeouf Pog yousefaiman: ZULUL Toplay92: lore vadeH vadeH vadeH AkiraJkr: Subtitles are on guys Meximus322: NCR Pog talkman_: KKona 7 Plasmafenix: NCR KKona JaynisK: The fact Ron Perlman didn’t do the intro to 4 like this and every previous Fallout kinda set the tone of how 4 would be. NordKevRainy: NCR PepeLaugh Tasarion: NCR PepeLaugh conmcko: NCR DansGame Annonn140: NCR DansGame Chlupis: 18 carat run of bad luck dormuth: new Cali OMEGALUL PositiveHappyViewer: KKona NCR TheH3llraiser: NCR LULW AkiraJkr: All subtitles are on, don’t worry ray131471: KKool Amarasta_1: NCR CrossTaker: KKona sogeking_1337: NTR Kreygasm pekkaatte: NCR good guys iamsparta231: NCR PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: NCR (puke) Purist01: NCR LUL Silent_WaIker: needing subtitles LULW CurseofSherwood: Democracy DansGame saugo: Democracy LULW Flashforward: ZULUL talkman_: SCOUTS ZULUL SQGamer: this enter the gungeon mods looks Chag AF Kalinmir: The world is the problem, the atomic bomb is the answer ates90: Team Cesar all the way Galer1ans: NCR Chag TorvaM: ZULUL SCOUTS Ruven86: This game combined with @Elajjaz will be a lot of fun LULW yousefaiman: NCR KappaPride Dargiie: new vagas playthrough Pog illuminatieyes_: POG Mirando: Just be Ranger elaOP LickMyPretzel: Democracy LULW Stilgarius: Hello chat elaHYUG Hello Ela elaHYUG brot_ok: NCR forsenSleeper Elvem: NCR Pog iamsparta231: @SQGamer It’s insane how good people have gotten at modding!!!!! Dema_: Chat don’t spam to level THAT stat at the beginning Kapp Tasarion: KKona Clap salpo_nolobio: @Stilgarius-kun AYAYA Polebegood: KKona 👍 whisalex: @Stilgarius elaHYUG pepeL BasSix_: WAR 4HEad FitoBurrito: Caesar’s Incels PepeLaugh ssssip: @Stilgarius elaHi BDSMchrischris: @Stilgarius elaHYUG Raydia_: @k4iley lmao, I played this game for 4 hours back in 2015 and never touched again LULW dormuth: WEAST sjuften_: KKona Clap the great wall Stilgarius: @Silent_WaIker I love subtitles because im a bit deaf and it helps me watching games elaHYUG TomHorst: @Elajjaz remember to save in multiple slots FlameGodFlann: Hello chats and streamer. DaniDuck: dam EntropyFull: nymnBiggus Stilgarius: @whisalex @ssssip @BDSMchrischris elaHYUG Annonn140: LEGION Champ EntropyFull: nymnBiggus 󠀀 k4iley: @raydia_ how and why?? RingusSlaterfist: monkaS bloodcaleb: ave caesar DatSheffy Elvem: Caeser’s Incels LULW LULW HEIL_MODS_: monkaW skybeaverking: Lore 🙂 LickMyPretzel: monkaW legion TheUnholyMagnus: forsenSheffy Clap zulfaya: degenerates like you belong on a cross tutufuzi: monkaS shax912: VaN iamsparta231: @Stilgarius Subtitles will be here after the intro pyduuu: LEGION LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: VaN dormuth: nrdyS Clap Xerenix: VaN k0tashira: The Colorado monkaW conmcko: Ave true to caesar TorvaM: vAn EntropyFull: nymnBiggus Annonn140: VaN Mehukas_Sieni: gachiBASS Glenshane: monkaW Ruven86: SLAVES gachiGASM illuminatieyes_: DatSheffy 7 1mpolar: PepeLaugh legion AlexAnderman1994: 4Play DaniDuck: slaves? VaN Silent_WaIker: fuck ncr go legion gachiOnFIRE Golden04: monkaH Plasmafenix: Kaesar ates90: Legion Pog TorvaM: VaN Clap conmcko: VaN HalflightSpearoftheChurch: VaN iamsparta231: HAIL. ViveLaDissidence: VaN Chiliad9k: Ave DaySheffy FitoBurrito: PepeLaugh Caesar’s Incels PepeLaugh Jaargan: VaN Annonn140: AVE CAESAR Pog brot_ok: forsenSheffy SGkieran: DatSheffy dunerinno: ave caeser gachiBASS crashfort: cesar PunOko Tayi_Saito: VaN Chlupis: gachiBASS ssssip: Legion was a pretty good expac tbh Polebegood: HAIL CAESAR RingusSlaterfist: VaN BasSix_: VaN saugo: Legion LULW PositiveHappyViewer: monkaW Caesar Elvem: Caesar’s incels* @Elajjaz NordKevRainy: House>All nepSmug Clap sjuften_: PepeLaugh Biggus Xirn: FeelsWeirdMan emicvi: monkaW Raydia_: @k4iley don’t ask me, shooting games are rather dull imo Stilgarius: @iamsparta231 Yeah I know elaHYUG I have played this game lot of times ates90: Not psychopaths at all PogU MrCosmonafft: Hello wastelanders billyReady talkman_: DatSheffy / CAESAR whisalex: VaN ImperialCloneTrooper2028: Caesar’s Legion gachiBASS Limp_chipmunk: Melee build Pog conmcko: True to caesar gachiBASS Nanashi_Sakamoto: SHIIIIIZAAAA PepeHands Xirn: AVE DatSheffy Flashforward: this game has monkaW shit in it MousseAcebolada: SWEET LITTLE LIES Azure_Felt: BEAT monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: sjuften_ DICKUS gachiHYPER AlexAnderman1994: @Stilgarius pepeL GoyIntrepide: Ave true to Caesar Elfualoco2003: DatSheffy AVE CAESAR FitoBurrito: STRIP billyReady Silent_WaIker: gachiBOP BEAT EntropyFull: 4House bloodcaleb: MrDestructoid ottorobago: 4House daley_: 4House sjuften_: @One_Eyed_Maestro gachiHYPER Irocam: 4House Stilgarius: @AlexAnderman1994 elaHYUG Annonn140: 4House talkman_: 4House ENABLED Plasmafenix: 4House last_whoa: Mr 4House Emilia_: aaaaaaaand the runs are gone again 🙁 OptimisticKnowledge: 4House Rash05: 4House Blackbird_SR71C: Mr 4House MikeLitoris6999: 4House Azure_Felt: Dr house Pog Tasarion: 4House Binfz: mr 4House Febox: mr 4House BrotZucker: pepeD MODS pepeD CAN’T pepeD BAN pepeD THESE pepeD MOVES pepeD iamsparta231: HAUS 4House Rodriwastaken: DUNGEON MÁSTER BUILD PositiveHappyViewer: 4House always wins Katt_007: Mr House PogU HalflightSpearoftheChurch: revolving cock gachiHYPER Maffia171: 4House TorvaM: 4House WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 4House conmcko: Mr 4House Elfualoco2003: 4House illuminatieyes_: 4House BasSix_: 4House Kn1ghtm4rez: 4House Elvem: 4House NaughtyPedro: 4House SQGamer: mr 4House emicvi: 4House AlexAnderman1994: 4House bhpaulcar: legion edge lords ResidentSleeper zulfaya: HOUSE TEAM UNIT EntropyFull: 4Mansion SlippedDisco: CHAT LUL WrestlerBot2000: 11x 4House double digit combo Pog jambuuzle: REVOLVNIG COCK gachiBOP CaptainCrunched: 4House DaniDuck: 4House Tayi_Saito: mr 4House Monster5crak: 4House chicken1320: 4House Oakishh: @Elajjaz Make a 1 intelligence character like a true pepo Brainlet SkeletonKeyLimePie: MAILMAN ELA Chag GoldenFlame1: 4House CryptoXOR: 4House whisalex: 4House Alkyroth: 4House k4iley: i went legion first playthru, kind of unintentionally lol Annonn140: MAILMAN Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ELA THE MAILMAN rami730: PepeHands BSTshadowcat: @Elajjaz what is the horror you are gonna play? Irocam: you are a male MaN sjuften_: monkaW skybeaverking: 4House Purist01: 4House Wazepas: Mailman even in game Pog Jajalembang: PepeHands shax912: PepeHands Alkyroth: 4Town Naniyo: monkaW NordKevRainy: monkaW conmcko: PepeHands RingusSlaterfist: CHANDLER Pog SevenStrangeMelons: monkaW For the worse? bloodcaleb: 📦 🚶 jimmy0711: monkaW lastlifetwo: AVE TRUE TO CAESAR Plasmafenix: monkaH Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh DETH iamsparta231: HANDS PogU EntropyFull: honked monkaW mors0: this intro tingles my testies gachiGASM Reddinator: ded, game over LULW Elfualoco2003: elaPls COMING TROUGH Annonn140: AVE Pog AkiraJkr: monkaW tutufuzi: game over man FeelsBadMan SirArcoz: VaN Dudica: Chandler Bing PogU ArtarosBg: Is this a modded playthrough? Azure_Felt: matt perry PepeLaugh shax912: gachiBASS jambuuzle: monkaH illuminatieyes_: INTRO Pog bedotheman: monkaW not like this Kn1ghtm4rez: KKona EntropyFull: forsenWC QTori: Yakuza? gachiAPPROVE salpo_nolobio: monkaS talkman_: MACHO MaN Hajitaib: WeirdChamp TheUnholyMagnus: forsenCD Shotsho: Stach LUL Annonn140: CHANDLER Pog chicken1320: monkaW crashfort: D: followgrim: the best game iamsparta231: forsenWC The_Kiddix: What in the goddamn iamsparta231: YA DIG? SevenStrangeMelons: dig? Rodriwastaken: BAD ENDING ALREADY LULW Elfualoco2003: forsenWC PositiveHappyViewer: KKona thats a damn fine mustache TheUnholyMagnus: forsenWC k0tashira: Macho man Pog AkiraJkr: D: Dema_: forsenCD @Elajjaz forsenWeird 8m4n_: Pog new vegas the last great fallout game iamsparta231: BAD ENDING LULW SlippedDisco: you son of a gun monkaSHAKE Elfualoco2003: Bad Engind LULW Jajalembang: monkaW Febox: KKona truth is the game was rigged from the start Raydia_: @k4iley be honest, the characters look like Barbie dolls elaKek salpo_nolobio: monkaH ZeeYee: monkaW Golden04: monkaW Lord_Solaire: monkaW Azure_Felt: maria monkaW chicken1320: Pog sjuften_: monkaH wweaker: the game was rigged from the start Jajalembang: uhh monkaH shax912: monkaH turboScrub: BCWarrior pekkaatte: OMEGALUL “LAST” AkiraJkr: monkaW Kalinmir: Dragon! TheUnholyMagnus: monkaW EntropyFull: nymnGun nymnHONK honked from the start UltraWindow: rigged D: Mes_: Truth is… the game was rigged from the start 🔫 cirShades Breitey: nymnHONK elaGun jambuuzle: monkaGun conmcko: the game was rigged from the start PepeHands illuminatieyes_: the game was rigged from the start PogChamp dotnotbot: monkaW DaniDuck: RIGGED nrdyREE Reddinator: D: Azure_Felt: pepeJAMMER crashfort: RIGGED RunninWild07: RIP Kn1ghtm4rez: D: AkiraJkr: The game was rigged from the start Purist01: the game was rigged from the start Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: rigged from the start SlippedDisco: D: Motek: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: RIGGED elaREE Bxadd: D: tutufuzi: Pog Clap Monster5crak: maria Pog ewindal: HE SAID IT Pog iBorgNinja: ouch k4iley: benny>:T pyduuu: Pog THE LINE d3sirio: HE SAID THE THING Pog Meximus322: monkaW Annonn140: Pog HE SAID IT HEIL_MODS_: 10/10 gameplay Clap xuukiii: D: iamsparta231: DEAD last_whoa: rigged DansGame whisalex: Pog shax912: Pog Minn_Minn: GG TheH3llraiser: monkaW bhpaulcar: Pog Azure_Felt: DEAD LULW ViveLaDissidence: Pog x3kmak: END Flashforward: Pog Irocam: elaREE gged dormuth: F Elvem: GAME OVER chicken1320: monkaW zorry4badinglsh: BAD ENDING PepeLaugh Chiliad9k: Pog Tasarion: died in the intro OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: Pog Namarax: monkaGun Xirn: speedrun Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: Chag DrazHD: damn that was a good game ArmstrongQ: Game Over Dudica: BAD ENDING PepeLaugh MikeJewski: HE SAID IT Chuami: Pog Teret1: Pog ImperialCloneTrooper2028: HE SAID UT talkman_: GAME OVER LULW MikeLitoris6999: Pog SevenStrangeMelons: Pog Mirando: OBSIDIAN elaGasm Blackbird_SR71C: Ok, cool game! Now Visage? Elvem: THE END Minn_Minn: next game Clap Lemonsponge: Pog k0tashira: RIGGED BabyRage Mes_: good game Purist01: HE SAID IT pOG lifeisgames: it was honked from the start Pog SQGamer: already died PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: bad end PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: Pog BSIDIAN yousefaiman: GOOD GAME Naniyo: Chag Plasmafenix: ElaJAM ho_ho_ha_ha: Pog he said it shax912: pepeJAM SnuggleTheHuggle: bad ending monkaW sjuften_: Chag nymnCorn angryj0nes: UHUUUUUUUUUUL Pog Zeuthos: Pog jambuuzle: NICE PLAY THOUGH Abdiel_Kavash: He said the thing Pog Nix_Abyss: Bethesda DansGame whisalex: dead already LULW followgrim: BEST END DaniDuck: GAME OVER Pog 1mpolar: the end Pog Rodriwastaken: Pog CryptoXOR: aw hell yeah saugo: Bad End LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: the end x3kmak: nice game Pog SGkieran: WORST ENDING LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: GAME OVER haHAA Elfualoco2003: BAD ENDING OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: Kreygasm wotebi: its over zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Jdam_: Pog Guillaume322: BAD ENDING LUL zorry4badinglsh: LOST TO THE INTRO PepeLaugh serusa94: Chag compact_ass_cancer: forsenS UltraWindow: RESET iamsparta231: NEXT GAME Chag HYPERCLAP gild0n: Pog wevie1: billyReady FitoBurrito: LOST TO INTRO LULW Meximus322: Died already PepeLaugh Kn1ghtm4rez: pepeJAM Silent_WaIker: LULW ok bye chat Xilian: next game Jaargan: FIGGED PepeHands PositiveHappyViewer: game over Kappa Nanashi_Sakamoto: Persona 5 next Pog RingusSlaterfist: BAD ENDING LULW lanndend: Clap game over RealLifeTsundere: such a good opening Trickery_Games: zombie game time Dreamski: great intro Wazepas: INSANE SPEEDRUN Pog Febox: BAD ENDING LULW BAD ENDING LULW BAD ENDING LULW BAD ENDING LULW Hogbinladen: didn’t listen to chat elaKek k0tashira: That was the game Pog 10/10 CurseofSherwood: DIED IN INTRO LULW Kalinmir: gg Blackbird_SR71C: NotLikeThis He didn’t dodge! Alkyroth: GAME OVER PepeLaugh Whyeverso: NEXT GAME Clap LickMyPretzel: This music Kreygasm talkman_: WORST ENDING LULW GAME OVER Nix_Abyss: Obsidian Chag MarijuanJii: LUL LUL LUL tutufuzi: gg streameur SQGamer: @Elajjaz old Ela wouldnt have died before the game started PepeHands lifemissle: @Elajjaz this is the best FO intro Fearswe: He wasn’t even pointing at you with that gun though LUL Grumpypie: DIED ON TUTORIAL LULW Rodriwastaken: VISAGE TIME SevenStrangeMelons: ALREADY LOST LULW skybeaverking: Gg scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Hey Ela & Chat elaH elaHYUG Chag made it in time drillpit: Good ending FeelsGoodMan vonmarc: amazing game talkman_: DIED TO CUTSCENE LULW Jajalembang: LULW bloodcaleb: BBoomer SkeletonKeyLimePie: BBoomer Namarax: GLOD run Pog WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz TorvaM: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Annonn140: KKona ImperialCloneTrooper2028: Pog BEST SPEEDRUN EVER illuminatieyes_: BOOMERS LUL FitoBurrito: BBoomer Lord_Solaire: LULW LickMyPretzel: Boomers DansGame One_Eyed_Maestro: Boomer KKona 1mpolar: boomers PepeLaugh crashfort: trukBoomer trukBoomer trukBoomer trukBoomer Tasarion: boomers KKona k4iley: SOGOOOOD Podriquez: NG+ PogChamp EntropyFull: P2W DansGame Karv3rr: jermaOld jermaOld emicvi: L OMEGALUL ST iamsparta231: DLC ResidentSleeper SevenStrangeMelons: DLC LULW daley_: PepeLaugh EntropyFull: P2W DansGame P2W DansGame P2W DansGame P2W DansGame P2W DansGame Dreamski: cant wait for the backseating haHAA Chlupis: LULW missed legendary ending Mes_: DLC Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Goobie_Force: P2W Pog J0hnnyBlade: He said it Pog AlexAnderman1994: cmonBrother boomers HalflightSpearoftheChurch: kill doc mitchell Reddinator: KKona k4iley: still gives me goosebumps OptimisticKnowledge: DLC OMEGALUL Xirn: this is all DLC stuff Rodriwastaken: DansGame SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag so many packs FitoBurrito: BOOMERS moon2M Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh talkman_: ZULUL theman630: drop that shit @Elajjaz serusa94: p2w LULW iamsparta231: STARTING WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper ottorobago: DansGame ViveLaDissidence: P2W DansGame bhpaulcar: cheating DansGame bloodcaleb: p2w OMEGADOWN i_made_that_smileyface: DansGame One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW conmcko: P2W LULW DaniDuck: dlc Pog Azure_Felt: i sell all the dlc shit 🙂 ADuckNamedDan: cheater dlc Binfz: DLC STUFF DansGame YoBoyDrax: DansGame ImperialCloneTrooper2028: DLC pack X3 illuminatieyes_: D L C LUL Stefan_Jens: Boomers vs Zoomers SQGamer: p2w PepeHands HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Tasarion: elaWeird BasSix_: SO MALD BEFOR EVEN START PepeLaugh Alkyroth: PACKS Pog Febox: DLC cheats elaWeird last_whoa: D OMEGALUL C mitchell FXYun: elaREE DLC Trickery_Games: my immersion iamsparta231: STARTNG WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper STARTNG WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper STARTNG WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper STARTNG WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper STARTNG WITH ITEMS ResidentSleeper 1mpolar: cheater DansGame ImperialCloneTrooper2028: X4 PositiveHappyViewer: DLC after DLC LULW bickbo: BOOMERS emicvi: p2 vonmarc: p2w SevenStrangeMelons: PAY TO WIN LULW Mes_: PW2 DansGame crashfort: how boudda Elfualoco2003: P2W REEEEEEEEEEE illuminatieyes_: monkaS insurrectionist89: DLC>immersion 4Head zorry4badinglsh: P2W DansGame Jajalembang: p2w DansGame Dargiie: P2W DansGame brot_ok: OP dlc items forsenSleeper talkman_: All the DLC PogU ChilledGear: DansGame Motek: DLC DansGame jambuuzle: DLC REEEEEEEEEE rootScythe: I made it in time FeelsGoodMan x3kmak: @Elajjaz you can disable the packs at the laucher, they are immersion breaker eliastheepicgamer: need a mod to fix this sjuften_: P2W Pog eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: DansGame disgusting whisalex: the dls LULW Grumpypie: DLC emicvi: DLC OMEGALUL Annonn140: forsenWC DOC SGkieran: @Elajjaz dlc Zomg_Chicken: DLC Purist01: The DLC Binfz: P2W dotnotbot: endgame equipment already LULW Whyeverso: oh no ela doesn’t have the mod that spreads those packs throughout the game Meximus322: P2W PepeLaugh BSTshadowcat: all these packs OP from the start PepeHands iamsparta231: @Elajjaz dont use them or cheating DansGame advoccat: danK HEIL_MODS_: whait for the dlc missions PepeLaugh saugo: Dlc Golden04: p2w WeirdChamp Xirn: can just ignore them phenthom: throw it all away!! 1mpolar: drop them DansGame Tasarion: p2w DLC elaWeird BasSix_: SO MALD PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: Elajjaz they were pre-order items DepressoMode: overencumbered from dlcs PepeLaugh Reddinator: Elias AYAYA Plasmafenix: Billy Irocam: Billy shax912: VaN jimmy0711: P2W DansGame ImperialCloneTrooper2028: @Elajjaz all dlc stuff LUL akmannen: throw them all away Kn1ghtm4rez: PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: AYAYA Odins_pecs: Billy serusa94: elias AYAYA SQGamer: Aniki Raydia_: NAME HYUK salpo_nolobio: “NAruto” NautilusV2: @Elajjaz SOULBLADE angryj0nes: PEPEGA talkman_: VaN Motek: Name him Pepega MartinVP: dont you dare to use those items DansGame Febox: BILLY HandsUp zorry4badinglsh: ELIAS AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: AYAYA lifemissle: Aniki ZebraStriker: Eli-kun AYAYA zatzer: eLISAS Karv3rr: VaN dormuth: Billy Raydia_: @Elajjaz HYUK One_Eyed_Maestro: Elajjaz elaSmile mocaffe: maleman nioh54: @Elajjaz name him penis 🙂 advoccat: louder Elvem: ANIKI d3sirio: ELIAS AYAYA DaniDuck: Billy billyReady NiceBeaver28: @Elajjaz drop them all for the authentic experience jambuuzle: ELAA AYAYA Naaslaarum: AYAYA s conmcko: Aniki ViveLaDissidence: Aniki Pog FXYun: Eli-Chan ADuckNamedDan: drop it all SevenStrangeMelons: elias AYAYA Dax008: best way to play is to throw them away Dema_: Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Plasmafenix: ANIKI Alkyroth: P2W WeirdChamp EntropyFull: Roleplayer PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: ELIAS AYAYA Irocam: ANIKI Kn1ghtm4rez: AYAYA Myowa_: ELIAS AYAYA FitoBurrito: MALDJJAZ PepeLaugh pekkaatte: ANIKI Jaargan: ANIKI insurrectionist89: Billy PogChamp Golden04: ANIKI ChilledGear: ricardoFlick angryj0nes: PEPEGA OR AYAYA idioteastwood: BILLY Zeuthos: ANIKI crashfort: AYAYA theman630: BIlly Naniyo: PepeLaugh Polebegood: ANIKI TheH3llraiser: ANIKI Reddinator: HandsUp k0tashira: elAYAYAz lifemissle: ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI Dema_: Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame illuminatieyes_: POG talkman_: ANIKI sjuften_: HandsUp whisalex: ANIKI MousseAcebolada: DROP ALL STARTING ITEMS @Elajjaz shax912: ANIKI brot_ok: Elias ela13 Bakurretsu: ANIKI FitoBurrito: ANIKI Tayi_Saito: ANIKI Alkyroth: MaN Rust_n: ANIKI Flashforward: ANIKI Chuami: ANIKI myfavoriteweeb: ANIKI Heksyll: ANIKI Febox: ANIKI Lord_Solaire: ANIKI dosakarud: HandsUpo iamsparta231: ANIKI NosBleid: ANIKI Nanashi_Sakamoto: ANIKI Elvem: ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI ANIKI TheBrinern: ANIKI dormuth: PepeHands BluBlu_BluBlo: Ayayabe angryj0nes: ANIKI RingusSlaterfist: ANIKI Lazarus_: Billy dotnotbot: ELAJAJAZ AYAYA Elfualoco2003: ANIKI SirArcoz: ANIKI HandsUp ZatanZero: ANIKI FXYun: ANIKI Rodriwastaken: ANIKI egb2: strength build then Dreamski: AngelThump Riiifu: HandsUp ImperialCloneTrooper2028: name him billy billyReady Jaargan: Pog zulul_vi_von_zulul: ANIKI LickMyPretzel: ANIKI conmcko: ANIKI SQGamer: ANIKI ViveLaDissidence: ANIKI HYPERCLAP AlexAnderman1994: ANIKI Dema_: Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Throw it away @Elajjaz DansGame Karv3rr: ANIKI Clap Raydia_: ANIKI dosakarud: HandsUp salpo_nolobio: ANIKI HandsUp ANIKI HandsUp ANIKI HandsUp ANIKI HandsUp MikeLitoris6999: PepeHands Wazepas: ANIKI zatzer: gachiBASS OptimisticKnowledge: ANIKI SeeruM_: ANIKI MtRush: elaMad Rhynin: ANIKI Motek: ANIKI chicken1320: ANIKI Mes_: ANIKI gachiAPPROVE Maceron4444: LUL Meximus322: HandsUp ANIKI HandsUp Alkyroth: ANIKI jambuuzle: HandsUp Irocam: HandsUp ANIKI HandsUp PositiveHappyViewer: HandsUp Maffia171: ANIKI Gustavus_Anonus: PepeHands saugo: ANIKI egb2: SMOrc build ME SMASH BobTheDrunkBear: ANIKI dosakarud: HandsUp ANIKI Dema_: ANIKI One_Eyed_Maestro: D: insurrectionist89: LUL Silent_WaIker: ANIKI gachiOnFIRE Annonn140: D OMEGALUL C ImperialCloneTrooper2028: ANIKI d3sirio: ANIKI Mirando: HE KNOWS YOU ARE A WEEB YoBoyDrax: !billy lambdadelta3: AYAYA whisalex: ANIKI HandsUp Jaargan: ANIKI elaFeels RingusSlaterfist: VaN PLAYTHROUGH Hajitaib: ANIKI jambuuzle: ANIKI reptile_mkx: inb4 game crash FitoBurrito: 💿 Mitchell Minn_Minn: forsenWC Elfualoco2003: forsenWC ? captain_elsewhere: MAX STRENGTH DUMP INT elaKek ninjalive2: AYAYA advoccat: the sound is so low JaynisK: Michael Hogan aka Colonel Saul Tingh x3kmak: @Elajjaz GO BACK TO LAUCHER AND DISABLE THE PACKS, THEY GIVE THINGS TO HELP YOU EARLY Severian: colonel saul from battlestar galactica Kreygasm hacckysacck: @elajjaz they’re all dlc items PIKAvit2012: Fisting build gachiAPPROVE xx_bersark: Oh boy I just tuned in at the right moment Tigels: unarmed elaDM armorgear: hi everyone Silent_WaIker: gachiAPPROVE TheXearo: !lead WrestlerBot2000: Ela’s trolling y’all. LUL illuminatieyes_: LUL 1mpolar: LULW SevenStrangeMelons: WHERE’S THE WATER VASE ?? PositiveHappyViewer: LULW Sigul_Delah: oh god whisalex: LULW Elvem: elaOP Wuxia: @Mirando lmao LULW CaptainCrunched: LULW SlippedDisco: terribly LUL One_Eyed_Maestro: MALE OptimisticKnowledge: LULW Maceron4444: chins Toplay92: WutFace Azure_Felt: MaN SkeletonKeyLimePie: mannen MaN WarlordMaz: LUL that was ela AkiraJkr: Make a cowboy @Elajjaz Qviss: LULW Silent_WaIker: billyReady YES mors0: @Elajjaz be female SirArcoz: All male VaN Rodriwastaken: ZULUL Golden04: PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: MaN whisalex: LULW oh god Meximus322: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: LULW ImperialCloneTrooper2028: MaN conmcko: HotPokkett Jaargan: elaOP elaOP Dema_: @Elajjaz Throw away DLC shit DansGame SQGamer: already looks 100% like ela PepeLaugh dosakarud: gachiBASS SevenStrangeMelons: FASTER illuminatieyes_: DID YOU NOT FIX mouse acceleration? lifemissle: @Elajjaz There’s a mod to fix that Elfualoco2003: NaM Galer1ans: elaWut sogeking_1337: older Ela ElaSmash Toplay92: WTF LULW Haika112: mARE Mirando: AYAYA chicken1320: NaM Raydia_: @Elajjaz the characters honestly look like Barbie dolls elaKek AkiraJkr: KKona e8sj840ds: those chins DaniDuck: @x3kmak or you can just ditch the items WeirdChamp salpo_nolobio: nrdyGa zulul_vi_von_zulul: NaM dosakarud: HandsUp ANIKI Flashforward: half this game is menus Ela PepeLaugh daley_: cock asian Galer1ans: ANIKI Alkyroth: Caucasian dilvot: gachiHYPER Ruven86: TriHard whisalex: HandsUp>>SSSsss FBCatch AkiraJkr: yes Ludicologist: He looks like he likes to say hell yeah brother. soul_killer: Woah New Vegas first playthrough? Rly old game! Purist01: yes Silent_WaIker: what a fucking …. crashfort: you can do everything Dr_Dinglenut: sway day BritishPatternBalding: ye DaniDuck: oh my god i can actually hear him say it LULW FilthyMidian: @Elajjaz Thanks for honoring the South on this day of America’s birth. KKona Karv3rr: Good dilvot: FeelsAmazingMan Clap lifemissle: @Elajjaz increase game volume in general maxmaxsix3: Doc Pog Flashforward: @Elajjaz open console type fov 90 🙂 CommanBear: Texas approves this char Pog SeemsGood illuminatieyes_: LUL Reddinator: 4Shrug HEIL_MODS_: elaK KraeuterhumpenEUW: I think I hear a echo of the future…. “a setllement needs your help” KevKov: 💿 Clap Plasmafenix: ElaPls advoccat: barely can hear dialogue Nazzet: ElaPls FitoBurrito: VIGOR TESTER gachiBASS SQGamer: race? cmonBrother NiceThings_: the what ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 4Shrug jabbathefuk: NEW VEGAS Pog lifemissle: Can barely hear the game @Elajjaz Karv3rr: PlsEla BTRNDL: but it is a race doc Ravencrest31: yes you can nero_101: ElaPls Motek: Why not install an enb? SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh icedcoffeeboy: NEW BF Elvem: The WHAT testing machine? majin_dalton: You’re in the club, your girl is his sister, and he slaps your girls ass wyd? Strat_Daddy: Great game. Purist01: wait till you get outside LUL Alkyroth: KappaPride Neravor: vargLouter karoshi06: sex the doc gachiBASS BritishPatternBalding: Vigor test gachiBASS Nanashi_Sakamoto: VaN maxmaxsix3: BEST 3D FALLOUT Pog RingusSlaterfist: VaN volume SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh “””””smoothly”””” N0THING_S3XUAL: Turn music down followgrim: its ok Lukasbech: LOUDER elaGa 📣 plump_helmet: VaN go full master muhlman1337: what mods do you play with? ramielthunderofgod: Best Fallout Pog Plasmafenix: gachiBASS FitoBurrito: VIGOR TESTER gachiBASS saugo: Vigor Pog 1mpolar: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: billyReady last_whoa: the what cmonBruh ? Karv3rr: 1 INT 3Head Schwirm: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: billyReady Rust_n: !mods @muhlman1337 djinn_94: ))) Kreygasm ((( Mes_: Doc just talks quietly in general WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Lagalla: gachiBASS lifemissle: @Elajjaz still quiet EntropyFull: 10 STR, 1 INT SMOrc Fluid1337: VIGOR gachiHYPER icedcoffeeboy: 5 in anal Remedy020: PepeLaugh capitanodorito: all in int 5Head zhelyazo: 0 int vxl__: low intelligence run Pog EntropyFull: 10 STR, 1 INT SMOrc 󠀀 DepressoMode: SMOrc KraeuterhumpenEUW: Is this Bioshock? LUL djinn_94: 0 int PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 10 LUCK RUN nepSmug followgrim: 0 int Atergale: MAX LUCK Reddinator: billyReady Virhaed: 10 luck, ez game LULW Golden04: 1 INT 3Head shax912: billyReady Landoy: Pog Luck build marckvdv: 10 STR, 1 INT SMOrc Flashforward: SMOrc FORSEN BUILD Nix_Abyss: PepeUff DaniDuck: -5 int FeelsPepoMan TeenyTinyRedhead: Hey Ela elaHi elaH Hey beautiful chat elaH pepeL KingMidas133: wet noodle LULW Fluid1337: 10 LUCK 1 INT nepSmug FitoBurrito: elaOP illuminatieyes_: these names LUL Tunzaaa: LULW Fluid1337: @TeenyTinyRedhead elaH CommanBear: EntropyWins LULW ChaosLike: 10 STR, 1 INT SMOrc 󠀀 SkeletonKeyLimePie: BabyRage Schwirm: clairty PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: FishMoley Clap TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz SMOrc 0 int 10 strength BritishPatternBalding: Doomsday Pecs Rust_n: Wet noodle LULW DepressoMode: unarmed SMOrc wevie1: elaHmm TryHardTony: KKona captain_elsewhere: DUMP INT MAX STRENGTH ELAkEK Elvem: Doughy Baby elaOP muhlman1337: thanks! @Rust_n Maceron4444: you’re SPECIAL 🙂 Azure_Felt: elaYA lucky build Kusocheg: SMOrc TryHardTony: gachiHYPER armorgear: DON’T FORGET THE WASTELAND PERK TeenyTinyRedhead: @Fluid1337 elaH pepeL ArtarosBg: doomsday pecs POG Nix_Abyss: pepeD Plasmafenix: Doomsday Pecs cat999555: Jebaited you have mod mr. Thomas ??? Alkyroth: STRONGMAN Pog illuminatieyes_: ALL LUCK Hogbinladen: 3Head plebbishop: you can adjust all the stats in one screen if you go to the end @Elajjaz TryHardTony: MAX STRENGTH gachiHYPER zhelyazo: 1 int Fluid1337: 10 LUCK, 1 INT nepSmug @Elajjaz Elvem: Ye melee karoshi06: mallay Neravor: Just melee weapons Wwaaaz: billyReady Blackbird_SR71C: Yeah only melee DaniDuck: @TeenyTinyRedhead nrdyH Mes_: melee and unarmed xplsv_: STRONGER gachiHYPER captain_elsewhere: DUMP CHA MAX INT 5Head Limp_chipmunk: Melee build HotFireZ: 10 STR , 1 INT SMOrc TryHardTony: FULL GIRTH gachyHYPER Dargiie: all luck for the gamba Annonn140: just dont go low in at first playthgouhg, you may miss some lore FitoBurrito: moon2SH shbark: 10 STR SMOrc EntropyFull: KKona illuminatieyes_: L I T Ruven86: gachiGASM x3kmak: @Elajjaz btw the mouse acceleration is also on dialogues, so if it gets annoying you should fix it LickMyPretzel: LIT Zyndustries: 1 INT 3Head daley_: 🤠 DaniDuck: RAM RANCH gachiBASS TeenyTinyRedhead: @DaniDuck nrdyPrivet elaH pepeL TheGuyOnAcid: @Elajjaz go 1 int LULW TryHardTony: FULL GIRTH BUILD gachiHYPER Plasmafenix: 3Head Lukasbech: doinamoit elaBruv Schwirm: 10 STR 10 END SMOrc Azure_Felt: fisting build is best gachiBASS icedcoffeeboy: YOU ARE A COWBOY Elvem: KKona last_whoa: varmints KKOna PositiveHappyViewer: billyReady Azathor97: If your str is low you can’t use heavier weapons very well. maxmaxsix3: Luck op Pog Whyeverso: In 3 this part was a toddler flipping through a little book, super cute elaH SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz you can have very funny dialogues if you go elaBruv being super low INT Dante_Williams: @Elajjaz put your inteligence to 1 and you cant talk right to people Fluid1337: dyonomite 3Head AkiraJkr: 4 STR @Elajjaz One_Eyed_Maestro: MEH Odins_pecs: @Elajjaz You need strength for the big guns captain_elsewhere: no FitoBurrito: yes kisamaaaaa: D: DaniDuck: RAM RANCH BUILD gachiHYPER Elvem: No filarette: meh illuminatieyes_: luck is best Pog ArtarosBg: yes saugo: no Flashforward: lockpick is like the basis of every bethesda game Ela LULW kisamaaaaa: chu mean meh D: Ttanoraa: 10 int meta 5Head k0tashira: Perception is GOD Ulthane120: Hey Ela and Chat!! elaH pepeL CommanBear: full luck man! go full luck! you’ll have really good laughs LULW Lukasbech: @Elajjaz take 1Perception elaKek RyanLovesWeed: deaf bat Pog Monster5crak: strg perc LickMyPretzel: lol TryHardTony: MAX STRENTH billyREADY EntropyFull: m h m m m Annonn140: melee build LULW TheMoltenGuy: KKona Clap FitoBurrito: KKona Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: KKona BulgeConnoisseur: 1 perception elaBlind NiceThings_: KKona PositiveHappyViewer: cmonBrother Neravor: KKona Wwaaaz: LULW AkiraJkr: Full Luck @Elajjaz Erzentu: LUL KillerA7X: LUL BearackObama: KKona 1mpolar: perception PepeLaugh Purist01: @Elajjaz put points into intelligence -(10) to get more skill points Shordes: KKona Maceron4444: LUL TeenyTinyRedhead: @Ulthane120 elaH pepeL Fluid1337: LULW angryj0nes: stay away from my daughter LULW ramielthunderofgod: 10 int 1 cha BrokeBack ImperialCloneTrooper2028: m h h m m] Rodriwastaken: KKona Fluid1337: KKona Vock186: cmonBrother djinn_94: emaychaychemememe conmcko: KKona Shordes: @cbRoFL Pog ray131471: KKona Clap Annonn140: KKomrade maxmaxsix3: 10 LUCK EZ MONEY Plasmafenix: gachiHYPER some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER FaarisBuro: KKona Clap Rymm_: go for unarmed, its super fun in new vegas @Elajjaz TryHardTony: MAX STRE billyReady karoshi06: gachiHYPER Binfz: KKona FitoBurrito: gachiBASS UltraWindow: KKona tarnation JinM0: full luck and charisma CommanBear: perception in NV LULW Annonn140: KKona NosBleid: KKona LickMyPretzel: cmonBrother what in tarnation Neravor: HELL YEAH KKona k0tashira: 99 ADP PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: big iron on hip pepeJAM ngffffff: Damn right KKona troublematicc: KKona AkiraJkr: 10 Luck gachiHYPER Elvem: lmao 1 perception monkaS Zeuthos: KKona TheMoltenGuy: WHAT IN TARNATION cmonBrother SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz you can have very stupid but funny dialogues if you go elaBruv being super low INT rancor260: cmonBrother Emilia_: how can you not go for DOOMsday pecs??? @Elajjaz sjuften_: KKool Big iron on his hip Aranzada: Tarnation KKona skybeaverking: KKona Clap delopterd: KKona Clap Fluid1337: KKona tarnation Wendell8504: gachiBASS souldedeh: meh Lv_100: LET HIM CHOOSE CHAT elaREE Fluid1337: KKona Clap illuminatieyes_: MAX Febox: KKona what in tarnation illuminatieyes_: Pog TorvaM: CHARISMA OMEGALUL EntropyFull: YeahBoi Fluid1337: 1 hp run nepSmug shax912: KKona One_Eyed_Maestro: AngelThump BearackObama: gachiBASS RAM RANCH followgrim: bad choise AkiraJkr: CHARISMA OMEGALUL Shordes: charisma is good BertMcGurt_: Charisma Pog Azure_Felt: always 1 for this PepeLaugh Aldar22: Always 10 luck aldar2EZ Clap Lukasbech: Charisma is dank PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: AngelThump Silent_WaIker: KKool BIG IRON ON HIS HIIIIP some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER 18 COWBOYS AT RAM RANCH captain_elsewhere: inb4 he drops every fucking fight elaKek CommanBear: Lv_100 PepeHands Alkyroth: Movie Star MaN Monster5crak: so bad PepeLaugh k4iley: ya i ain’t sayin anything i wanna see what he picks! Rodriwastaken: @elajjaz GO FULL Pepega knowledge_college: yes kisamaaaaa: 😡 go my build 😡 no don’t do that 😡 no don’t do this 😡 you don’t know how to play the game 😡 maxmaxsix3: Charisma useless is this game LUL raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh imagine not using mods armorgear: 6 HALF LOADS SHOOTER gachiHYPER Elvem: Companion nerve Purist01: companion nerve not nerve LULW Doomster59: Speech is op Sigul_Delah: companion nerve saugo: its companion nerve PositiveHappyViewer: gachiHYPER karoshi06: speech is super OP EntropyFull: 10 INT 5Head Clap angryj0nes: yep Luvecraft: charisma op ramielthunderofgod: NERV Pog EVANGELION REFERENCE Pog Lagunaab: yooooo how’s it doing folks ? EntropyFull: 10 INT 5Head Clap 󠀀 Elvem: Speech is great vxl__: 1 Jajalembang: Pog Flashforward: speech is super useful NerdIRage: better than fo3 EntropyFull: 10 INT 5Head Clap illuminatieyes_: @Aldar22 hell yeah only 9 though since you can get 1 for free Karv3rr: 1 3Head Habitual_Balance: agreed Purist01: @Elajjaz put points into intelligence -(10) to get more skill points DepressoMode: 5Head Clap Tasarion: 5Head advoccat: 1 int Plasmafenix: 3Head Reddinator: 5Head UltraWindow: 3Head or 5Head Azure_Felt: LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: 5Head captain_elsewhere: MAX INT asap Annonn140: INT IS OP Fluid1337: 10 INT 5Head SQGamer: 1 int TorvaM: @Elajjaz you can level speech to max even without any charisma Rust_n: 5Head LickMyPretzel: Lockpicking is mandatory Kusocheg: 5Head DaniDuck: FeelsPepoMan FaarisBuro: 5Head KingMidas133: 5Head d11bad: 1 Fluid1337: 5Head zhelyazo: 1 BearackObama: 1 int 3Head some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER ngffffff: 5Head FitoBurrito: gachiHYPER Bakurretsu: 5Head ViveLaDissidence: 5Head last_whoa: S U C C Vock186: 5Head Golden04: gachiHYPER Polebegood: gachiHYPER followgrim: MAX Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Companion nerve=How much damage companions do, how tanky they are Neravor: SUCC gachiHYPER illuminatieyes_: 1 LickMyPretzel: SUCC xplsv_: gachiHYPER PositiveHappyViewer: gachiBASS Clap BritishPatternBalding: gachiHYPER armorgear: Speech is actually good here Cecilff2: gachiBASS Jajalembang: gachiHYPER Haika112: Dont tell him whats good chat Virhaed: gachiBASS SQGamer: 3Head 1 int 3Head TheBrinern: S U C C Chunass: @Elajjaz charisma is trash in new vegas Landoy: gachiBASS RantingDuck: 3Head run k0tashira: SUCC CaptainCrunched: gachiHYPER greyfacenospace123: danGachi AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER Hexic1000: sub-brick hahahaha Bxadd: gachiHYPER 0_jacket_0: 10 int BulgeConnoisseur: Yes NosBleid: gachiHYPER nioh54: yes Fluid1337: gachiHYPER Elvem: wangon LULW LULW LULW Mes_: yes Vock186: gachiHYPER Plasmafenix: Yes SirArcoz: gachiHYPER vxl__: 1 int elaMad kurikame_: I did a Speech playthrough and it was great 1mpolar: yes Reddinator: per level EntropyFull: @Elajjaz faster XP rate maxmaxsix3: 5Head Lagunaab: yes Filo155: Z U C C Vivelin: Yes Azure_Felt: yep dilvot: gachiHYPER UltraWindow: ye Annonn140: YES angryj0nes: YES Virhaed: yes Teret1: yes Grumpypie: ye Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Clap Rush103rd: Yes BritishPatternBalding: ye Lexor757: yes KanzanZX: yes Wwaaaz: yes tutufuzi: oui saugo: yes forgottenhorseman: yes xplsv_: SUCTION gachiHYPER k0tashira: yes TorvaM: @Elajjaz more skillpoitns per level up d11bad: 1 int illuminatieyes_: NO Kappa Purist01: yeah but 10 points into intel XxWilsyXx: yes DaVinssi: 1 int SMOrc Kalinmir: no FitoBurrito: SMART COWBOYS CAN SUCC gachiHYPER Cecilff2: Yes fakerello: yes advoccat: pepega run BTRNDL: tunnel snakes rules Severian: sub-brick LuL knowledge_college: you get more skillpoints per level some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER DONT STOP emicvi: yes ImperialCloneTrooper2028: yes gachiHyper rami730: you learn faster 5Head DeathCoreGTR: 10 INT is like must have TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz more XP the higher intelligence you have Silent_WaIker: gachiHYPER S U C C T I O N Blackbird_SR71C: Higher intelligence=More skill points on level up Karv3rr: Who cares 5Head xacten: 5Head Lukasbech: 10 INT!!!!!!! 5Head Annonn140: yes NaughtyPedro: more exp illuminatieyes_: ITS BROKEN followgrim: you have 11 now JaBaShxx: sub brick LUL djinn_94: 💪 5Head NerdIRage: this is base stats salpo_nolobio: 5Head intelligence PapaEmu01: anyone else hear wangon? Mes_: 5Head Neravor: 5Head Cecilff2: each int means more skill points each level up Annonn140: 5Head KingMidas133: 5Head 10 int kinsky9001: yes, intelligence 10, you can change after intro @Elajjaz Tree60noscoped: holy ur actually play fallout nv PogChamp Jaargan: 5Head WilsonAJ: 5Head sjuften_: 5Head build Lagunaab: int early on is real nice marckvdv: 10 STR, 1 INT SMOrc BergDK81: do 1 or 9 int ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 5Head djinn_94: 💪 5Head elaGun PositiveHappyViewer: KKona a fella AlexAnderman1994: 5Head PapaEmu01: max int! some_god_of_transparency: KKona Shordes: FELLA? elaOk Annonn140: KKona skybeaverking: KKona a real man doesnt need smarts Plasmafenix: Fellas elaOk Jajalembang: KKonea hell ye AlexAnderman1994: elaBruv BearackObama: KKona hacckysacck: You get more skill point s when you level DepressoMode: he a quick one KKona Golden04: KKona shaunmil: shaunmil subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! WrestlerBot2000: @shaunmil If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM UltraWindow: ye Mes_: yes illuminatieyes_: 10 Aldar22: yes KingMidas133: yes Azathor97: No, more xp is only in fallout 4, in this game it’s just more skill points when you level up. Purist01: ye Kusocheg: ye Elvem: Yes djinn_94: yeah captain_elsewhere: yes Wendell8504: KKona FitoBurrito: yes BritishPatternBalding: yep knowledge_college: yes TorvaM: VoteYea fakerello: yep Reddinator: AYAYA Neravor: VoteYea DaniDuck: ye armorgear: 6 HALF LOADS gachiHYPER AkiraJkr: MAX gachiHYPER Fluid1337: yes Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA filarette: MEH Azure_Felt: elaYA Purist01: luck is OP HotFireZ: LAKKI AYAYA kinsky9001: luck op last_whoa: 10 Luck Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: Unlucky PepeHands BulgeConnoisseur: BabyRage NEVER LUCKY rami730: Never lucky BabyRage shevraar: hello chat and ela danSup / AkiraJkr: MAX LUCK gachiHYPER SammersFourTwenty: Pog 10 luck 1mpolar: luck Pog Xilian: 10 int is wasted with bottleheads, go 9 LickMyPretzel: this game is so KKona illuminatieyes_: BEST STAT Landoy: Pog best stat Christoph2442: lakki AYAYA Shordes: captain_elsewhere elaH SkeletonKeyLimePie: luck build Chag Bakurretsu: 10 LAKKI AYAYA saugo: LUCK PogU gild0n: @Elajjaz perception saves ammo and gives you more accuracy TorvaM: 4Shrug sjuften_: Chag Luck soft1445: Why luck ZeroKiwi: why luck? souldedeh: KKona Clap EntropyFull: All skills means all skills Fluid1337: 10 LUCK RUN nepSmug Magilou_69: Wait Fallout NV? Pog SQGamer: 10 luck Chag Silent_WaIker: 13 PITCH BLACK CATS LULW Annonn140: LUCK OP Remedy020: Lakki? AYAYA FitoBurrito: Luck affects eveyrthing Rural_Juror_: luck OP in this game! Schwirm: LUCK Pog Azure_Felt: small bonus to all Elvem: LAKKI AYAYA Shordes: @ZeroKiwi elaH captain_elsewhere: Shordes pepeL PositiveHappyViewer: @shevraar hi danSup saugo: and gambling Zar___: LUCK2GOOD HotFireZ: 10 LAKKI AYAYA xx_bersark: @Elajjaz is that your first run? Shordes: @FitoBurrito elaH BergDK81: You get way too many points already without doing high int 五十八: why luck Reddinator: max luck AYAYA Cecilff2: luck affects success chance of all skills titi14gooner: titi14gooner subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 17 month streak! Sup chat and Strumer JaBaShxx: is luck bleed Kapp WrestlerBot2000: @titi14gooner After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Neravor: Slightly raises all skills @Elajjaz Dargiie: 10 lakki AYAYA Clap Aranzada: Luck only Pog nameIesshero: +1 to all skills Rural_Juror_: HIGH LUCK CommanBear: POGGERS Filo155: broken gypsy mirror OMEGALUL DepressoMode: PepeLaugh FitoBurrito: Shordes elaH pepeL Binfz: PepeLaugh Filth_: Why luck though? 4Shrug rancor260: PepeLaugh Lukasbech: I guess it’s just better RNG PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: It just gives a flat bonus to skills at the start, after that it does nothing illuminatieyes_: 9 luck and 9 int ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 10 INT 5Head 10 Luck Polebegood: 5Head fakerello: @Elajjaz All skills is just + some points to all skills at the start of the game Plasmafenix: 5Head LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Kusocheg: 5Head idioteastwood: luck is OP in this game get 10 luck BearackObama: 5Head 1mpolar: PepeLaugh shevraar: @PositiveHappyViewer danLove Rhynin: 5Head forgottenhorseman: @Elajjaz With luck you are better at gambling too lifemissle: @Elajjaz do a Pepega run Schwirm: 10 LUCK 1 INT Pog TorvaM: @Elajjaz go to last page rikze5: 5Head 👍 Ttanoraa: 5Head maxmaxsix3: LUCK OP Purist01: 10 Intel SQGamer: 1 int or no balls 3Head Ramsesmfg: 5Head jklob: 5Head AkiraJkr: Max Luck gachiHYPER Remedy020: PepeLaugh armorgear: medecine, hand to hand, explosives, etc ngffffff: 5Head nice k0tashira: Luck is shit LULW Shordes: @Blackbird_SR71C ela7 EntropyFull: I wish I did FeelsPepoMan SnarksterJr: 5Head Mes_: 5Head Jaargan: 10 LUCK EZ GAME Kapp illuminatieyes_: NOT 10 UltraWindow: last page lets you apply points quickly hacckysacck: The lastpage Fluid1337: 5Head OFC Virhaed: go to last page BearackObama: 5Head Clap Tree60noscoped: just go 5Head Purist01: 5Head Schwirm: 5Head Golden04: 5Head Clap DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: maximum LAKKI Clap2 AYAYA Bakurretsu: 5Head Clap maxmaxsix3: 10 LUCK Lukasbech: 5Head Clap Hogbinladen: 5Head BulgeConnoisseur: 5Head 🍷 NosBleid: 5Head Clap FitoBurrito: 5Head Clap d3sirio: @Elajjaz you can see them all together in the last page knowledge_college: 5Head Annonn140: 5Head Clap latvian_potato_lord: 5Head QUITE sjuften_: 5Head Clap ViveLaDissidence: 5Head KingMidas133: 5Head Clap Atergale: luck=casino BearackObama: 5Head Azure_Felt: taking 10 LULW HeavyM4chineGun: 5Head Alkyroth: 5Head Caput_Draconis: 5Head PapaEmu01: 2 points to luck to increase all stats by one Fluid1337: 5Head Clap Cecilff2: 5Head saugo: yes emicvi: When in Vegas, max luck illuminatieyes_: dont do 10 Keltai_: 5Head Landoy: 5Head Clap Efrondil: 5Head CaptainCrunched: 5Head DaniDuck: I KNOW EVERYTHING 5Head captain_elsewhere: luck is only good if you max it delopterd: 5Head ImperialCloneTrooper2028: 5Head Nanashi_Sakamoto: SH OMEGALUL NO from Judgment Pog Clap some_god_of_transparency: gachiHYPER SIX HOT LOADS TorvaM: @Elajjaz go to last page to put points faster Aranzada: Omnmiscient 5Head Hogbinladen: 5Head Clap Rodriwastaken: 5Head HEIL_MODS_: 5Head Clap best build Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 10 INT 5Head Reddinator: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh 1 rami730: blind OMEGADOWN 五十八: getting 10 in NV PepeLaugh Irocam: elaBlind Azure_Felt: points wasted LULW k_ld_r: 10 isnt worth it ever KappatainHindsight: hello pretty fellers from chat, hello ela elaHYUG elaHYUG elaHYUG KingMidas133: deaf bat PepeLaugh skybeaverking: 5Head breaking stereotypes very nice Corepor: @Elajjaz go all the way to the right its easier DMoodie93: 10 int troublematicc: he looks smrt PepeLaugh Fluid1337: LULW DEAF BAT maxmaxsix3: LUCK OP IN NEW VEGAS BulgeConnoisseur: SMOrc CommanBear: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 5Head nibeio: PepeLaugh Elvem: Accuracy? lol kinsky9001: perception is also aim, right? emicvi: PepeLaugh 3 END Wwaaaz: Nice stats distribution nerd PepeLaugh Cecilff2: elaBlind No perception rikze5: billyReady rancor260: BillyReady Remedy020: PepeLaugh You sure about that? HotFireZ: SMOrc Clap Sigul_Delah: accuracy? Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh Clap illuminatieyes_: TAKING 10 POINTS LULW Kalinmir: did @Elajjaz play Pillars of Eternity? JaBaShxx: perception 1 Pog ProfessorDrunk: Literally blind Purist01: no HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: DEAF AND BLIND BAT PepeLaugh elaBlind Elvem: NO Ttanoraa: 3end DETH Annonn140: no Plasmafenix: No Mes_: no just melee and unarmed BearackObama: billyReady Blackbird_SR71C: No only melee nameIesshero: no One_Eyed_Maestro: DON’T DO 10 elaREE karoshi06: NO Thrisper: Old School Fallout FeelsAmazingMan DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: elaBlind S_Darji: only Melee jklob: 1 per WutFace FitoBurrito: 3 endurance on hard mode, best ready for F5 finger PepeLaugh Neravor: VoteNay jack_off_jim: Speech, Intelligence, guns, lock pick WilsonAJ: 0 accuracy PepeLaugh knowledge_college: no Elvem: IT’S FOR MELEE ONLY Lukasbech: @Elajjaz bruh, now u can’t lockpick OMEGADOWN Annonn140: only melee zulfaya: Intel & agi=gg SQGamer: only melee GraMexs: YES Tamecollective: 2? Karv3rr: SMOrc HYPERCLAP Rodriwastaken: no tutufuzi: nyet AkiraJkr: Luck is OP @Elajjaz gachiHYPER majin_dalton: Absolute GALAXY brain saugo: NO 五十八: PepeLaugh he isn’t aware Wwaaaz: No is fist+melee conmcko: 10 sub optimal elaREE jasdevi: yes all nameIesshero: melee only ImperialCloneTrooper2028: DOOMsday pecs last_whoa: 4Shrug Raekwoo: pick 6 str greyfacenospace123: melee lifemissle: @Elajjaz bro perception is actually very useful in this game TorvaM: 2 DrPissInspectCD: he’s unaware PepeLaugh ramielthunderofgod: 10 Int is not that good in NV. 8 is enough, you will get like 49 points less in 50 levels, but you get 2 stats that you can spend elsewhere lastlifetwo: All k0tashira: 0 Accurate PepeLaugh gild0n: @Elajjaz INT gives you more exp aswell TheBrinern: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: Accuracy does not matter right PepeLaugh courier616: only meele Rural_Juror_: YES NO Kusocheg: SMOrc nioh54: @Elajjaz some ranged weapons have a strength requirement to use d000: weapons have strenght requirements Remedy020: PepeLaugh Chat Knows ter_moo_nator: 0 int is the way 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Clap BigBagieta: PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_: dont take 10 points you get 1 for free Landoy: PepeLaugh BergDK81: heavy weapons require strength jasdevi: @Elajjaz ITS RANGED ASWELL ates90: go stealth archer Kapp Flashforward: melee and unarmed is fucking OP in fallout Binfz: PepeLaugh Clap Elvem: AGILITY IS FOR REGULAR GUNS Golden04: PepeLaugh Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh shut up chat NerdIRage: melee is viable in this game NovaMoon: let the backseat begin GraMexs: You can’t carry some weapons without STR Corepor: @Elajjaz go all the way to the right its easier to distribute Fluid1337: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: you need strength to wield bigger weapons btw guns and melle Amnexiac: Ela playing fallout? wth Pog Dismal_Arkt: Doomsday pecs billyReady Lexor757: Inventory is good tho TorvaM: @Elajjaz go to last page, its faster to put points there T_Z_: don’t set int at 10 Grumpypie: @Elajjaz u need stregth to wield heavy weapons too Azathor97: All weapons, can’t use heavier weapons very well, but only melee damage. PapaEmu01: weapons have strength requirements to be better BearackObama: PepeLaugh FaarisBuro: wrestle them billyReady PunishedVex: Weapons have STR requirements HEIL_MODS_: shhh chat PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh dont tell him chat gild0n: !bsg Dante_Williams: certain guns have strength requirments to use well Rymm_: unarmed is sick Monster5crak: get agility for speed FitoBurrito: FISTING ACTION gachiBASS DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: become the GOD HAND GACHIHYPER conmcko: 3 end melee character LULW fakerello: @Elajjaz Some weapons weigh a lot so you need strength for them to be good Bloodhit: Do 10 STR 1 INT melee build elaKek HotFireZ: Speech is OP zulfaya: no only melee One_Eyed_Maestro: elaSmile Spectre_700: SOME FOLKS ARE BORN, SILVER SPOON IN HAND pepeL I AIN’T NO FORTUNATE SON pepeJAM FitoBurrito: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Fluid1337: DONT TELL HIM CHAT PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: 5Head Azure_Felt: melee is broken op FeelsGoodMan hacckysacck: Holy shit, he’s making a disabled man child BearackObama: PepeLaugh Clap nibeio: PepeLaugh very usefull eyskyaldi: You need str for carrying some range weapon. 6 enough Dismal_Arkt: 5Head Karv3rr: 5Head Clap k4iley: ya i usually do melee Shordes: @Elajjaz sorry to ask but didn’t you say you’d never play this on-stream? marshalmv: 5Head BergDK81: mini guns and other heavy guns require like 6 strength danmo96: @Elajjaz all weapons have strength requirements, “weapon effectiveness” pretty much just means reducing sway on guns Corepor: @Elajjaz go all the way to the right its easier to distribute LUL Lagunaab: never played unarmed, kinda tempted to start a new character with that build LULW Elvem: Agility is solid. Remedy020: LUL Chat followgrim: AG MAX Shordes: @k4iley elaH Cecilff2: put the rest in luck 🙂 WrathofBambi: @Elajjaz Bigger weapons need more strength to use effectively Rural_Juror_: LUCK Annonn140: agility is good PunishedVex: Even ranged weapons have STR requirements SnarksterJr: NO OFFENSE PepeLaugh ArtarosBg: charisma is the worst FNV DepressoMode: luck PogChamp CommanBear: he lacks critical information chat PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: LAKKI AYAYA Flashforward: luck builds PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_: dont take 10 points LUL saugo: YES nibeio: why luck? Kappa crashfort: LAKKI AYAYA Annonn140: LUCK Pog AkiraJkr: MAX LUCK gachiHYPER Motek: Lucky is good for casionos Aranzada: Luck Pog HotFireZ: AYAYA Azure_Felt: lakki elaYA LickMyPretzel: It’s a bad idea to max out here cuz you can get perma skill points rikze5: AYAYA Clap greyfacenospace123: luck is SHIT Landoy: Pog k0tashira: PepeLaugh Clap zulfaya: AGI NiceThings_: !luck Thrisper: NO 🙂 k4iley:elaOk Hard Pete ->gachiGASM Da_Flanker: Kill Easy Pete PositiveHappyViewer: KKona 👎 city folks AkiraJkr: HOWDY KKona SevenStrangeMelons: monkaS fatpep: 🐍 Ellycat1: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ maxmaxsix3: Why play this game ? Play real game like Fallout 76 rancor260: KKona Clap Mirando: : RADIO Chag NEW Chag VEGAS Chag RADIO Chag NEW Chag VEGAS Chag RADIO Chag NEW Chag VEGAS Chag RADIO Chag NEW Chag VEGAS Chag Ringguni: still not emote mode? HCSbr: 🐍 SSJSoujiro: …holy shit dude @iamsparta231 dormuth: snek BTRNDL: a tunnel snake?! pvpS shikifujin16: the memories from the game elaCozy SnarksterJr: RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool raider_unkindled: ela1 ela2 Azure_Felt: vod will get muted with radio elaWeird bhpaulcar: @Remedy020 he’s black cmonBruh andrewidtheboss: Like a solid snake RyanLovesWeed: DansGame immersion Rust_n: muh immersion conmcko: NCR DansGame that_solid_dude: Fall in: Old Vegans Pog knowledge_college: PepeHands Elvem: NCR Pog Annonn140: NCR DansGame Da_Flanker: Fuk the NCR MainMercLobo: put on the radio Wallengreno: GREAUT STRUM forgottenhorseman: !fuck NCR WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, NCR gachiDAMA KrazyShark: NCR is worse than NTR Skorge264: @SnarksterJr Kreygasm tutufuzi: ncr DansGame Dbrvsky: fuck radio DansGame Nucleoprotein: hello @Elajjaz elaH HCSbr: NCR KKool Silent_WaIker: NCR IS WEAK LULW Remedy020: @bhpaulcar Almost looks like’s his face is bleeding WutFace Nucleoprotein: hello chat pepeL maxmaxsix3: NCR DansGame redd1400: chat is gonna ruin it elaWeird AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz move mouse when holding F Nopileos: Nucleoprotein pepeL Karv3rr: NCR WeirdChamp Skorge264: NCR>All 🙂 Smoothstone: N 👀 R Nucleoprotein: @Nopileos pepeL KingMidas133: NCR Clap Nopileos: Nucleoprotein elaH Elvem: NCR better than the legion LULW Annonn140: KKona Da_Flanker: Nucleoprotein elaH ViveLaDissidence: VaN HCSbr: cmonBruh busky_maldsack: Mr House always wins 🙂 Rymm_: gachiBASS Cecilff2: VaN Clap Nucleoprotein: @Da_Flanker pepeL maxmaxsix3: cmonBruh FitoBurrito: Caesar’s Incels PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: VaN Kunno1100: Legion DansGame andrewidtheboss: Ncr is legit fools salpo_nolobio: VaN Wendell8504: NCR DansGame wunderbar0: Kayzor fatpep: QUasar Mi2Lethal: FeelsPepoMan XeneTv: Kaesar LULW DaniDuck: guy saur gachiHYPER PositiveHappyViewer: monkaW Caesar tutufuzi: easy pete knows Pog Da_Flanker: Kaisar is the right way to say it ImperialCloneTrooper2028: Kaesar marshalmv: Legion DansGame Efrondil: kaiser? talkman_: Caesar or Caesar FeelsPepoMan leifyness: hail Caesar! bhpaulcar: NCR FeelsGoodMan 👉RNV roo4 bhpaulcar: radio new vegas Darth_Umbra: KKool GuitarTime Karv3rr: PogU Annonn140: RADIO NEW VEGAS Pog Silent_WaIker: PlsEla nioh54: radio new vegas animalinstinctz: TriHard 7 fatpep: KKool Ageingyoungrebel: cmonBruh hol up turbofacu: @Istog LUL OMG Da_Flanker: RIP VOD captain_elsewhere: oh god lee’s VA is in this game i forgot elaKek xantou: not the radio… dilvot: pepeJAMMER Colroyds: Pog MidgetDude110: KKool Fluid1337: @Elajjaz AUDIO BANNED Jebaited RIP VOD Krismer_: @Elajjaz that was Lee from TWD btw AkiraJkr: KKona KKona KKona KKona knowledge_college: pepeJAM bhpaulcar: KKona Annonn140: MR VEGAS Pog Karv3rr: jermaOld RyanLovesWeed: @KingMidas133 twins Pog 0_jacket_0: mr new vegas PogU Bloodhit: Radio New Vegas Pog dragothicx: Bustin enabled yet Turbulist: KrazyShark elaISee oh are you gonna meet her? elaHmm Karasis10: danKona elzam: July 4th is where you celebrate your nation by blowing up a small part of it kebabsouls: Radio New Vegas pls Elvem: Mr. New Vegas Pog Roding123: PogU RADIO NEW VEGAS dragothicx: Not LULW Araboth: Pog Fluid1337: RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited Ph4ntomi: monkaW Colroyds: RADIO NEW VEGAS Chag AkiraJkr: Mr New Vegas Pog LegendarySoulblade: @xantou elaWeird KingMidas133: @RyanLovesWeed PogU JamrockZX7R: Big Iron on his hip!! busky_maldsack: FeelsGoodMan Elvem: NO GO BACK DansGame LickMyPretzel: PepeHands Yuggod: radio new vegas Pog ViveLaDissidence: VODfrens PepeHands imgoodforyou: monkaW ZeroKiwi: Yes, it’ll play songs with some story stuff interlaced in it Da_Flanker: Mr Las Vegas, I mean, New Vegas Bloodhit: DON”T SKIP REEEE Lexikun: radio new vegas elaMad fatpep: Radio New vegas @Elajjaz SeemsGood Odins_pecs: FeelsWeirdMan AkiraJkr: GO BACK 1mpolar: yes PepeHands Kunno1100: monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan tutufuzi: yes PepeHands Lagunaab: Laura bailey elaGasm talkman_: RIP VOD LULW Rodriwastaken: RIP VOD FRIENDS PepeHands RyanLovesWeed: Kreygasm cold__fuzion: yeah PepeHands mysweatyth1ghsss: yes FeelsBadMan easyeasy: PepeHands YES SnarksterJr: RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool RADIO NEW VEGAS KKool marshalmv: YES PepeHands Kopffeine: Orb Radio MasterMdrn: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: yes PepeHands knowledge_college: PepeHands Colroyds: yes PepeHands JinM0: yes Nopileos: PepeHands Karv3rr: Commercials DansGame mizoreeee: PepeHands last_whoa: yes PepeHands Lexor757: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: no LULW Cecilff2: elaFeels redhotchilipepe: yes PepeHands samutin95: YES LULW SQGamer: yes PepeHands Stplatinum: KKool nioh54: radio new vegas is music Turbulist: PepeHands AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz New Vegas is radio D: Lady_of_Darkness: KKona Peaplays33: Who is Pog? Stilgarius: TaBeRu Roding123: DansGame go back Bloodhit: PUT NEW VEGAS REEEE Jalmarkian: Laura bailey Kreygasm Hozzo: pepeJAMMER MasterMdrn: KKool Annonn140: RADIO NEW VEGAS IS MUSIC HCSbr: VoD friends PepeHands 1mpolar: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: TaBeRu corrupt_scorch: NOOOO SomaBTW: SomaBTW subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! 🙂 Naniyo: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: @somabtw I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM MasterMdrn: aaah ChillyBilly3: Hey everyone elaH KingMidas133: TaBeRu Zarkellos: RADIO NEW VEGAS DUDE Fluid1337: RIP VOD FRIENDS PepeHands Joelsh: Joelsh subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @joelsh the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM LegendarySoulblade: KKool MasterMdrn: LULW AurbisDragon: Jebaited get ready to pay those royalties baby. Elvem: RADIO NEW VEGAS PLAYS MUSIC Nopileos: SUB HYPE SomaBTW Pog Stplatinum: PepeUff Vivelin: Mojave Music Radio Pog Fluid1337: @ChillyBilly3 elaH troublematicc: MaN tie Ageingyoungrebel: WutFace AkiraJkr: HEAD LULW LickMyPretzel: MaN tie Lexor757: Radio new vegas radio PepeHands ottorobago: NEW VEGAS Colroyds: KKool Jalmarkian: MaN tie Rodriwastaken: PepeHands MainMercLobo: man tie Yuggod: not listening to radio new vegas DansGame Ph4ntomi: MaN TIE Kraatter: sup ela and chat Nopileos: MaN tie J0hnnyBlade: MaN tis ChillyBilly3: KKool MaxiMHc: MAN TIE LULW redd1400: Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz MasterMdrn: DIE RainMakerNGS: RIP Karv3rr: MANTI marshalmv: @Elajjaz RADIO NEW VEGAS nioh54: @Elajjaz radio new vegas has music andyl0l: Quick scope PogChamp Cecilff2: @Elajjaz New vegas is the radio, that was an ad Colroyds: D: easyeasy: ChillyBilly3 YOOOOOOOO elaOk / AkiraJkr: Pog Azure_Felt: elaWut talkman_: MaN Tie Lexikun: @Elajjaz radio new vegas is music radio and news report on what you do in the wasteland SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz NEW VEGAS HAS MUSIC elaREE turbofacu: EU AIM Nopileos: DIE DaniDuck: PepeHands ChillyBilly3: Fluid1337 hey pepeL Fluid1337: MaN tie Febox: MaN tie corrupt_scorch: RADIO VEGAS HAD MUSIC Jojen47: nice eye Skorpion9987: MaN tis marshalmv: DansGame Marqlaurd23: PepeHands samutin95: MAN TIE OMEGALUL Silent_WaIker: KKool Clap Turbulist: MaN tie Zarkellos: what is this radio reeeeee KrazyShark: @Turbulist i’d love to, we’d play smash, watch regular show or animes together, play some vidya games elaYA all that jazz, fuck yeah dude, first girl i meet that likes regular show Nopileos: MaN tie akmannen: MaN elzam: This chat better go CRAZY when Big Iron hits Da_Flanker: Time to hear Johnny Guitar so often stunchman: hi ela !!! oh yes the best Fallout AkiraJkr: Radio New Vegas has music @Elajjaz DaniDuck: @ChillyBilly3 nrdyH KanzanZX: 1 xp baby AkaTsubaki_: PepeHands robertoci3: PogU darud4: dayyym ChillyBilly3: easyeasy yooooooo dude ela12 bring_us_the_girl: Pog Remedy020: Ok this music is Nice SeemsGood Golden04: Pog Lagunaab: Pog Araboth: Pog CptFleece: @Elajjaz Don’t leave radio on tho you’ll kill vod elaB Nopileos: Pog superrarepepe69: Shroud Jalmarkian: PogU AurbisDragon: Pog vatless ZeeYee: PepeHands Krismer_: @Elajjaz listen to the first one, its Lee from TWD games last_whoa: Chag MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz slice them up Pog QTori: radio new vegas has songs PepeLaugh Binfz: HE’S MENTALLY DERANGED OMEGLOL Colroyds: PepeHands infernoh: does he have any mods installed? AkiraJkr: Pog ChillyBilly3: DaniDuck hello hello nrdyH pepeL Annonn140: Pog SnarksterJr: RADIO NEW VEGAS elaREE RADIO NEW VEGAS elaREE RADIO NEW VEGAS elaREE RADIO NEW VEGAS elaREE RADIO NEW VEGAS elaREE Faregrandoa: Sup Ela & chat elaHi ZeroKiwi: it has the BEST Music Nopileos: Faregrandoa elaH Colroyds: Chag SnarksterJr: Pog Siempresemeolvida: MR NEW VEGAS jack_off_jim: ITS MEME ONLY CHAT tetenqt: Shroud easyeasy: Faregrandoa allo allo elaOk / fatpep: BEST VEGAS Clap Annonn140: radio new vegas has music + lore news Karv3rr: Dean PogU KingMidas133: dean martin Pog Ageingyoungrebel: dean martin Pog Azure_Felt: vod muted LULW MasterMdrn: Sure thats a leg PepeLaugh LegendarySoulblade: DEAN MARTIN Pog KKool Lexor757: DEAN PogU HCSbr: I was listening DansGame 3v0id: Pog Annonn140: Pog Juippi: KKool corrupt_scorch: xqcL xqcL xqcL xqcL xqcL xqcL last_whoa: Pog SnarksterJr: DEAN Scyrol: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: Pog Pog bighatjack: Dean martin Pog Da_Flanker: Sure is Purist01: Pog ottorobago: KKool GuitarTime Roding123: PogU DEAN FitoBurrito: KICK IN THE HEAD Pog QTori: Dean martin POGGERS dedeDean: Pog Fluid1337: VOD MUTED Jebaited VOD MUTED Jebaited Turbulist: KrazyShark Damn Pog , now I want her as a friend too elaOk MousseAcebolada: HOW LUCKY CAN ONE GUY BE SnarksterJr: KKool Amnexiac: PogU superrarepepe69: Pog setakoon: AINT THAT Dbrvsky: @Elajjaz rip vod RyanLovesWeed: pepeJAMMER Nopileos: PogU Ageingyoungrebel: pepeJAM runnatikk: RIP VOD LUL MasterMdrn: PepoDance LitPord: pepeJAM Karv3rr: VOD mute PogU Pog d3sirio: pepeD sjuften_: KKool Breitey: RIP VOD PepeHands HCSbr: Pog Colroyds: Pog DenTza: pepeJAM TheH3llraiser: Pog imgoodforyou: pepeJAM Golden04: KKool Nopileos: Pog Lagunaab: rip VOD Marqlaurd23: DEAN MARTIN Pog last_whoa: KKool Clap marshalmv: pepeJAM dragothicx: PepeJAM tutufuzi: pepeJAM Virhaed: KKool Polebegood: pepeJAMMER 0_jacket_0: PepeJam YourNeighborSammy: @elajjaz you can hold pipboy button to turn the flashlight Elvem: Mr. New Vegas FeelsGoodMa Vanah: pepeJAM Skorpion9987: he killed not only the MaN tis but the WOMAN tis and the CHILDREN tis too PepeHands Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Jalmarkian: Pog hello_there1512: Pog THE MEMORIES Nopileos: pepeJAM troublematicc: ElaCOOL fatpep: WanWan Liprez: pepeJAM wevie1: RareEla Kusocheg: KKool Elvem: FeelsGoodMan LegendarySoulblade: KKool GuitarTime Kopffeine: Around the stump Remedy020: PepoDance Dreamski: RIP VOD friends PepeHands Da_Flanker: Looking forward to jingle jangle jingle bloodcaleb: NICKELBACK Pog darkenergy57: KKona Amnexiac: pepeJAM KrazyShark: @Turbulist monkaW elaGun me first ChillyBilly3: KKool Clap Colroyds: KKool Justgo41: pepeJAM ViveLaDissidence: VOD PepeHands Landoy: KKool Rodriwastaken: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Irocam: F VOD dragothicx: pepeJAMMER ta_no_kami: VOD DEAD LULW Fluid1337: RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited Araboth: pepeD LegendarySoulblade: Kkool 🎺 AurbisDragon: SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote DenTza: pepeJAM pepeJAM Ageingyoungrebel: LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU Fluid1337: RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited kebabsouls: FeelsGoodMan StrongNico: This is our stream, chat, no vodlings 🙂 LegendarySoulblade: KKool 🎺 BuggeredAll: muted vod LULW vodfrens OMEGLUL Fluid1337: RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited RIP VOD Jebaited 0_jacket_0: AINT THAT A KICK IN THE HEAD Joelsh: pepeJAMMER RainMakerNGS: spicy Irocam: Elapeno Pog GrumpyGrizzly: HeyGuys YT claim system Jalmarkian: PogU spicy Lady_of_Darkness: I´m so elaGa I was thinking why the KKona music then I forgot its New Vegas elaGa Turbulist: KrazyShark monkaW elaGun Lagunaab: ye fatpep: yes R_iryh: TaBeRu ChillyBilly3: Eyyy KrazyShark my man ela7 pepeL Colroyds: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Sure is bhpaulcar: max volume radio 😡 ZeroKiwi: I can’t wait till i hear some sprus jingle jangling VideoNomad: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM imgoodforyou: yes Jaargan: can’t hear shit pepeD KingMidas133: 100% LULW easyeasy: VOD OMEGALUL Annonn140: its old M1ndFlow: Oh yes captain_elsewhere: PepeHands Leeegit: FOGGERS Lexor757: prob yes LULW talkman_: yep PepeHands rip vod friends andyl0l: Jebaited Bye vod friends Jebaited Turbulist: RIP VOD FRIENDS PepeHands pleasedontreadmyname69: raise the volume LickMyPretzel: Will it? that’s stupid LitPord: save us dragonslayer PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: 🌶️ HYPERCLAP imgoodforyou: worth it Ageingyoungrebel: LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LOUDER PogU LimmyLammyLlama: RIP VOD PepeHands MidgetDude110: pepeJAMMER Qviss: vod friends PepeHands Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL Golden04: vod bois PepeHands Lexikun: @Elajjaz radio new vegas also reports on your exploits when you do a big quest suryk22: How long is Judgment? Colroyds: BYE VOD FRIENDS LULW MonoSync: VOD FRIENDS PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh 👉 VOD FRIENDS Fluid1337: VOD FRIENDS PepeHands KingMidas133: IKEALUL SnarksterJr: AINT THAT A HOLE IN A BOAT Nazzet: IKEALUL Landoy: monkaW skybeaverking: Bye vod friends MasterMdrn: LULW Turbulist: LULW LitPord: IKEALUL Lady_of_Darkness: IKEALUL sjuften_: LULW dragothicx: D: imgoodforyou: VODFROGS LULW nioh54: 0 perception btw lmao Nopileos: IKEALUL Da_Flanker: VATS Raydia_: CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp CHAT IS WEIRD WeirdChamp Purist01: LULW Kusocheg: IKEALUL Colroyds: monkaW Nox15: LULW easyeasy: monkaW Krismer_: omg Fluid1337: LULW Vivelin: 3 PER btw elaK Duskfeld: VODLINGS LULW AurbisDragon: Pog 99 Dex Mantis Nopileos: LULW Lukasbech: @Elajjaz Can you aim? PepeLaugh MainMercLobo: can you aim ? WeirdChamp tutufuzi: no i am immortal Fluid1337: IKEALUL SQGamer: can you hit? PepeLaugh Tomato_Miles: VATS Flamberryz: monkaW Araboth: PepeLaugh cat999555: LUL VideoNomad: IKEALUL Silent_WaIker: LULW Rodriwastaken: RIP VOD FRIENDS PepeHands Nazzet: D: captain_elsewhere: perception 3 elaKek Nopileos: LUL lanndend: ok PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: elaKek Bakurretsu: LULW BuggeredAll: you have to land your shots to kill it LULW Seikisu: VOD RIP and Youtube RIP too LuL Elajjaz Cecilff2: IKEALUL turbofacu: school shotings? what is it? 4th of july? MasterMdrn: 0 Fluid1337: 3 PER elaBlind marshalmv: D: ViveLaDissidence: D: POMA_HEKPOMAHT: Vod lads D: Kopffeine: True Ironsights DansGame Colroyds: Chag Fluid1337: 3 PER OMEGADOWN NissM: deth by mantis PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: 0% LULW Fluid1337: D: insurrectionist89: LUL LOSING TO BUG LUL Nopileos: D: Nordein: 0% danP LegendarySoulblade: FeelsWayTooAmazingMan LickMyPretzel: IKEALUL Skorpion9987: yoinking food from peoples garden in the apokalypse FeelsBadMan CptFleece: @Elajjaz Please don’t kill vods with radio Turbulist: 3 PER elaBlind MaxiMHc: just change weapon LULW Lukasbech: @Elajjaz sure did elaKek F0rbiddenDonut: BCWarrior wheres a chair to stand on Nucleoprotein: @DaniDuck elaHmm he need only 6 perception to get Sniper perk i think fatpep: EXCLUSIVE LIVE CONTENT CHAT FeelsGoodMan Jalmarkian: LOST TO IKEALUL BUG MasterMdrn: Bullied by a mantis PepeLaugh Nazzet: Tutorial PepeLaugh easyeasy: IKEALUL aim Lexor757: @Elajjaz if u hold the pip boy button you can make light Larsn2k: Killed by nymphos elaThirst jazzhands__: this song fucking slaps son Magilou_69: 3 Perception IRL LULW Colroyds: +1 XP Chag Da_Flanker: High noon atpCap saudipunk97: its crazy that Obsidian made this game in 18 months AkiraJkr: 3 Per in-game and IRL LULW KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 Yoooooooooooooo my man elaOk GrumpyGrizzly: LUL MasterMdrn: LUL Lukasbech: @Elajjaz for lockpicking Ph4ntomi: gachiBASS CryptoXOR: vats is babby mode imgoodforyou: “weirdchamp” FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 robertoci3: LUL sjuften_: gachiBASS Turbulist: gachiHYPER Maceron4444: a robert pin Pog MainMercLobo: hold TAB for light if i remmber correctly daNohoLiC_AT: VA carlitoB: lockpicks Karv3rr: gachiHYPER Juippi: gachiHYPER fatpep: LULW LegendarySoulblade: D: Tomato_Miles: LULW Lexor757: gachiBASS Jalmarkian: LULW talkman_: Ain’t that a kick in the head KKool Colroyds: LULW LickMyPretzel: hnnng Nopileos: LULW MasterMdrn: step on it 4HEad superrarepepe69: gachiBASS Flamberryz: gachiBASS aizawa49: cornered ! elzam: How did he mod FNV? I imagine just visuals and system fixes for a first time. Canopus: elaB dilvot: POGGERS AmazingCarnage01: Hold TAB Turbulist: Pog rap god Da_Flanker: Got you right in the family jewels Maxinglife7: bullied by baby bug LUL Amnexiac: just ElaSmash smash it Silent_WaIker: OBSIDIAN PepeHands AkiraJkr: 3 Per IRL LULW YourNeighborSammy: @elajjaz you hold pipboy button for flashlight Fluid1337: 3 PER LULW MaxiMHc: picking up trash LULW andrewidtheboss: groans in the corner Nucleoprotein: Ela The Hoarder elaKek Colroyds: LOSING TO BUG LULW Rush103rd: @Elajjaz take all those Pins Pog Purple_HazeR7: LULW DaniloMata: ziggyTried CrreamAwk vuJke97: will this vod be muted cause of the music akmannen: hold tab jenda69: ElaPls PlsEla cold__fuzion: hold tab SnarksterJr: @elzam just some patches and fixes Lagunaab: tab DaniDuck: FeelsPepoMan RyanLovesWeed: oh no he is going to hoard everything chat LULW M1ndFlow: hold tab Krismer_: omg you leave so many good items behind @Elajjaz Ph4ntomi: elaGa last_whoa: hold tab KingMidas133: hold tab bhpaulcar: hold tab Virhaed: TAB Nopileos: hold tab MainMercLobo: hold tab Turbulist: Hold the button AkiraJkr: HOld TAB @Elajjaz Zarkellos: hold tab Scyrol: hold tab Purist01: hold tab BasSix_: @Elajjaz Can you spell Cup? PepeLaugh Teret1: hold tab kebabsouls: LUL Annonn140: hold TAB Resonance86: Press and hold Tab superrarepepe69: Hold Tab Nopileos: hold tab hold tab Stplatinum: FeelsPepoMan Lukasbech: Hold tab Lexor757: FailFIsh Karv3rr: 3Head AmazingCarnage01: Hold Tab fatpep: @Elajjaz bullets weight is gonna be a concern super fast btw elaK superrarepepe69: Pog VideoNomad: Fukk, now I want to replay FO3 and NV elaA Colroyds: Chag tutufuzi: Pog cold__fuzion: reduces stealth saudipunk97: rip VOD LULW baitprobably: @elajjaz make sure you grab Bobby pins you use them to lockpick Slyhades: reduces sneaking RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz F5 to quick save btw Lexor757: IN THE HEEEEEEEAD DeadBart: 👞 4HEad SoulOfDerp: Super RIIIP Vod LUL LitPord: FeelsGoodMan Clap talkman_: 🔨 NaM Karv3rr: OpieOP VicktoriousVICK: CHERRRRY BOMBBBBB b4ko0: @Elajjaz Is this your first Fallout game ? elzam: @fatpep omg I forgot all about bullet weight in this diff 🙁 tutufuzi: LUL fatpep: KKona Clap Silent_WaIker: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: Christmas Composition Pog Pog Pog Ageingyoungrebel: KKona Turbulist: pepeJAMMER captain_elsewhere: he played 3 ages ago knowledge_college: PepeLaugh Lexor757: F9 is quicksave Kapp Annonn140: PepeLaugh oh no Slyhades: I like news FeelsGoodMan MainMercLobo: actually blind ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh oh no no no Ph4ntomi: 3 PER elaBlind Virhaed: elaBlind TheH3llraiser: elaBlind talkman_: PepeLaugh Vanah: PepeLaugh JaynisK: dat Wayne Netwon elzam: ROUTE? absolutely_not_haram: he didnt loot the safe imgoodforyou: PepeLaugh brot_ok: elaBlind Neimyin: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Annonn140: literally standing on it PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 3 PER IRL elaBlind Da_Flanker: KKona God dangit, Bobby Lukasbech: @Elajjaz keep looking elaBlind pyduuu: 3 PER IRL LULW kebabsouls: PepeLaugh BuggeredAll: PepeLaugh Karv3rr: PepeLaugh anthonyfrommoon: NotLikeThis mysweatyth1ghsss: 3 PER LULW BlackupV2: PepeLaugh Skorpion9987: PepeLaugh ChechW: Missed safe NotLikeThis fatpep: elzam its because he plays hardcore that bullets have weight tho PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 3 PER IRL elaBlind HYPERCLAP ninjalive2: 3 per LUL Jaargan: elaBlind Slyhades: PepeLaugh OH NO NO Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Fluid1337: PepeLaugh tutufuzi: LUL Lady_of_Darkness: LULW imgoodforyou: 3 perception KingMidas133: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: PepeLaugh robertoci3: LULW bring_us_the_girl: LULW Lexor757: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 3 PER elaBlind last_whoa: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh NissM: PepeLaugh Elvem: HE FOUND IT Pog Fluid1337: LULW Wendell8504: PepeLaugh Araboth: Pog Turbulist: 3 PER elaBlind Ageingyoungrebel: -3 perception LULW WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Fluid1337: PepeLaugh SQGamer: 3 perception irl PepeLaugh VideoNomad: elaBlind Clap rica235: VOD is gone ElaPls VOD is gone ElaPls VOD is gone ElaPls Fluid1337: 3 PER IRL elaBlind Grumpypie: senile mole PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: elaBlind TorvaM: KKona Crab_with_Tophat: nrdyBlind Lexor757: A root in the sand 🤔 nioh54: PepeHands Karv3rr: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: Oh no SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: NOOOOOOOOOO ottorobago: PepeHands GuitarTime Elvem: LULW Raekwoo: JHONNU GUITAR Flashforward: PepeHands JOHNNY GUITAR Podriquez: There was never a _ _ _ like my Johnny GuitarTime LitPord: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Johnny Guitar Scyrol: PepeHands GuitarTime Nopileos: PepeHands AurbisDragon: There was never a vod like my Johnny Ellycat1: BibleThump GuitarTime elzam: @fatpep Yeah ik that one for sure. I always avoided hardcore as they made it. I prefer to hoard. Damejii: Horror gay elaHmm Wendell8504: PepeHands samsususu: PepeHands Rash05: PepeHands Teret1: PepeHands Binfz: MaN Jdam_: PepeHands Ageingyoungrebel: PepeHands my johnny PepeHands my johnny PepeHands my johnny PepeHands my johnny PepeHands my johnny PepeHands my johnny Nordein: Did someone say oil? danKona Karv3rr: jermaPluto GuitarTime Cecilff2: PepeHands GuitarTime Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands 0_jacket_0: PepeHands ThunderZBee: Now PepeHands Nucleoprotein: @Fluid1337 pepeL @Crab_with_Tophat ButterSauce 🎩 pepeL greyfacenospace123: danCry HotFireZ: JOHNNY GUITAR PepeHands runnatikk: Johnny Guitar PepeHands SnarksterJr: JOHNNY GUITAR PepeHands DaniDuck: johnny PepeHands Vock186: PepeHands GuitarTime Turbulist: PepeHands JOHNNY GuitarTime Justgo41: JHONNY GUITAR BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump rocketrabauke: PepeHands Ph4ntomi: PepeHands BlackupV2: PepeHands Vanah: PepeHands GuitarTime Yuggod: PepeHands GuitarTime Lanshii: Podriquez NaM Silent_WaIker: pepeJAM MUTED Zarkellos: my jhonny PepeHands ToneBacas: god dammit this song already jesus i just got here Fluid1337: @Nucleoprotein elaH RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz planning on finishing visage today? Kusocheg: PepeHands GuitarTime samsususu: PepeHands GuitarTime TheH3llraiser: Jhonny GuitarTime Lexor757: my johnny PepeHands ottorobago: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Nucleoprotein: @J0hnnyBlade pepeL Nopileos: PepeHands GuitarTime Vivelin: PepeHands GuitarTime JOHNNY GUITAR corrupt_scorch: PepeHands Johnny LickMyPretzel: PepeHands johnny sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime johnny guitar fatpep: TaBeRu NautilusV2: My @J0hnnyBlade elaH last_whoa: PepeHands Da_Flanker: This song used to play so often Crab_with_Tophat: PepeHands GuitarTime BroqRox: PepeHands bighatjack: PEGGY FeelsBadMan Tree60noscoped: johnny guitar PepeHands dieforme1119: pepeJam Fluid1337: PepeHands GuitarTime Erzentu: Oh yeah; happy country birthday to the americans pyduuu: PepeHands GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: Johnny guitar PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime k0tashira: Johny PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime Rodriwastaken: PepeHands FeelsBadMan TorvaM: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime KingMidas133: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime LegendarySoulblade: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Lukasbech: PepeHands GuitarTime Irocam: Character is literally Ela IRL, 9 int 5Head , 3 per elaBlind , 7 strenght elaDM litanrk: @J0hnnyBlade PepeHands JamrockZX7R: Johnny Guitar!! Annonn140: PepeHands runnatikk: PepeHands GuitarTime J0hnnyBlade: my chat experience PepeHands knowledge_college: gachiBASS my Johhny SnarksterJr: PepeHands GuitarTime Silent_WaIker: fuck this song TheXearo: will you 100% this game Ela ? BluBlu_BluBlo: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime LitPord: PepeHands jonny GuitarTime kebabsouls: PepeHands Luxorion: gachiBASS my johnny AintEasyBeingCheesy: GuitarTime Lochness1: GO NORTH andrewidtheboss: Johnny 🎸 HotFireZ: PepeHands F0rbiddenDonut: danCry sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Zarkellos: like my jhonny PepeHands corrupt_scorch: Kapp ottorobago: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Ageingyoungrebel: PepeHands for my jonny Ph4ntomi: monkaW Vock186: PepeHands Onionmaster32: PepeHands jonny Skorpion9987: PepeHands Da_Flanker: You’ll either finish it or it will finish you Elvem: monkaW Cecilff2: monkaX skybeaverking: PepeHands johnny Colroyds: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime last_whoa: RUN greyfacenospace123: danS Dylanluce: Johny Seikisu: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime PepeHands 🎤 elzam: PepeHands Like my Johnny guiltar… iBorgNinja: OhMyDog JamrockZX7R: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Lukasbech: F I G H T TheH3llraiser: monkaW Lexor757: PepeHands GuitarTime cat999555: Jebaited Zarkellos: Jhonny Guitar PepeHands Mac_Moneysac: so no EEEEEEEEE today? LegendarySoulblade: Pog Elvem: Pog no vats HellWhiskers: HellWhiskers gifted a Tier 1 sub to johnnyguitarofficial! They have given 48 Gift Subs in the channel! dilvot: PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @johnnyguitarofficial the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM bhpaulcar: 100% nv isn’t short Nopileos: SUB HYPE johnnyguitarofficial PogChamp fatpep: Clap samsususu: I like this game 🙂 Araboth: PogU Duskfeld: PepeHandsJHonny Guitar Rodriwastaken: monkaW Kopffeine: Killcams=waste of time Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime LegendarySoulblade: LULW Cecilff2: PepeHands Play it again SnarksterJr: Pog litanrk: PepeHands GuitarTime Flashforward: @HellWhiskers OMEGALUL Virhaed: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW Turbulist: Pog KingMidas133: PogU Karv3rr: LULW DaniDuck: LULW Nopileos: LULW HotFireZ: LULW LitPord: LULW Pionside: LULW J0hnnyBlade: LULW CaptainCrunched: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW saudipunk97: i miss this atmosphere PepeHands Lexor757: LULW FitoBurrito: Pog Rodriwastaken: LULW SnarksterJr: LULW DaniDuck: @J0hnnyBlade nrdyH Nucleoprotein: SIC Nopileos: LULW LULW Wendell8504: LULW sjuften_: Chag johnnyguitar Ceri46: @Elajjaz Are you playing visage pt 2 later? absolutely_not_haram: I so much want to see his first encounters with cazzadors and deathclaws corrupt_scorch:vault 13 canteen redhotchilipepe: is he playing hardcore? picklerickshank: each day i love you more PepeHands LordDynom: Fallout 76 best fallout PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind brot_ok: elaBlind Azure_Felt: yep ViveLaDissidence: ” Vault 13 canteen ” leonchroi: no Fallout 76 is PepeUff Lagunaab: LULW Ceri46: NV had so much content planned they actually had to cut a ton of it for it to play on console halawaya119: vault 13 flask i think Fluid1337: vault 13 canteen rami730: 1 perception IRL OMEGADOWN DenTza: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Karv3rr: @SerSentry WeirdChamp Annonn140: PepeHands CaptainCrunched: LULW Elvem: LULW here we go cato____: Fallout 2 is easily the best, Fallout 1 right after Filo155: .. Lagunaab: RIP jocular_josh: depends, if you value story over gameplay it is the best. If you value gameplay over story FO4 is. sigridian: Allo Elias, hej chat! elaH elaH elaH elaH Friendly reminder to save often @Elajjaz elaHYUG Fluid1337: 3 PER elaBlind MidgetDude110: DEAD LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh superrarepepe69: LULW RealLifeTsundere: New vegas>FO4 Fight mehh roo4 Lochness1: F Bxadd: OMEGALUL Purist01: xD AurbisDragon: EZclap d3sirio: TIME TO DIE LULW Binfz: PepeLaugh Gnash97: Ela dont, HC becomes a slog without it k0tashira: Vault 13 LULW Lukasbech: LULW Annonn140: Jebaited Dreamski: rip Jebaited Caterasan: rooKek Fluid1337: 3 PER IRL elaBlind eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh Abyssadin: LULW sjuften_: Jebaited talkman_: DEAD LULW KrazyShark: @easyeasy i liked F3 FeelsGoodMan I didnt finish this one doe CultistCodi: OMEGADOWN ottorobago: Jebaited SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh softlocked DenTza: OH NONONONO PepeLaugh XxWilsyXx: rip daNohoLiC_AT: F 1mpolar: PepeLaugh saudipunk97: fallout76 is good chat Golden04: PepeLaugh absolutely_not_haram: Jebaited Canopus: elaD Skorpion9987: rip run FeelsBadMan Maffia171: Jebaited tricolor2005: F Fluid1337: LULW DEAD Irocam: Jebaited captain_elsewhere: time to die elaKek annjey: RIP Silent_WaIker: ElaPls DETH Germy_ranch: Jebaited halawaya119: wow ok just wow Nopileos: Jebaited Rodriwastaken: Jebaited matemagiker: Ela, theres a mod that helps with hardcore elements, like thirst and food LordWunsche: Pay to Win? BearackObama: PepeLaugh Elvem: RIP ELA LULW Spurquu: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: RIP RUN UNFORTUNATELY Vanah: PepeLaugh shmobl: Jebaited saudipunk97: Kappa MrTranBach: Jebaited RIP Monster5crak: Jebaited Sephirothang: Jebaited Bxadd: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: OH NONONO PepeLaugh BearackObama: Jebaited Clap Nopileos: Jebaited Jebaited StrongNico: Hes dead chat PepeLaugh EntropyFull: WORST ENDING PepeLaugh JamrockZX7R: Toilet water time!! Fluid1337: Jebaited AkiraJkr: RIP RUN LULW Nopileos: StrongNico pepeL Binfz: PepeLaugh oh no no no Roding123: well it was a good run LULW iBorgNinja: He would delete system32 if you told him to, chat. nameIesshero: hat is also p2w 😀 skybeaverking: Jebaited 五十八: dehydration inc PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: RIP RUN LULW bhpaulcar: slow bounce KKool Filo155: Soft locked PepeLaugh Jaargan: 3 per irl elaBlind MasterMdrn: 4Shrug jump mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: THE WATER WARS BEGIN Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh Khosm_: Like in skyrim Dreamski: testing fall damage on hardcore LUL Lagunaab: you’re so dead 😀 insurrectionist89: My favorite streamer is Elajjaz because he’s not afraid to P2W 🙂 Irocam: @iBorgNinja PepeLaugh FitoBurrito: RealLifeTsundere no-one’s gonna fight you because no-one believes otherwise elaWeird Ph4ntomi: Deth is coming PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER Karv3rr: PepoDance easyeasy: KrazyShark i only played FO4 elaSmile nioh54: KKool Dyres: It’s fallout so forsenH Fluid1337: nepSmug 👉 💧 AkiraJkr: You’re so dead now LULW @Elajjaz ViveLaDissidence: Omae wa mou shindeiru PepeLaugh AndyTrunks: KKool Resonance86: system 32 is pay to win tbh Vock186: pepeJAM ninjalive2: LUL ToneBacas: what fall damage? Filo155: 3 Elvem: gachiPls death k0tashira: Time to die PepeLaugh Monster5crak: go back to it ela PepeLaugh talkman_: Time to stock up on water monkaX BearackObama: DansGame imgoodforyou: DETH PepeLaugh Elvem: GachiPls death d3sirio: Where are you going @Elajjaz ? Just looking around? Azure_Felt: LULW halawaya119: lbh the games survival is just keeping on top of a few meaters not that good dilvot: pepeJAMMER tetenqt: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid picklerickshank: so mald LULW redzero033: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz You’ll die soo fast LULW Zaraji: you might wanna check the other stuff if you don’t want P2W cirLaugh Elvem: ElaPls Death Crossjaw: @Elajjaz don’t play survivor difficulty. its really almost the same but it also fucking boring, trust your chat KrazyShark: @easyeasy oh i did that one, it was fine too essiSmile poorly optimized doe oof Ellycat1: Casual wear DansGame spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Any mods ? AurbisDragon: Radio pay to lose ad revenue. Remedy020: DansGame Dirty Casual Trollieno: Always go north Virhaed: @Elajjaz it’s okay, you already practised drinking toilet water to survive LULW tetenqt: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid angryj0nes: @Elajjaz SAVE the game superrarepepe69: He is so dead after dropping the canteen AkiraJkr: You’ll die so fast LULW Ohnnoez: @tetenqt LUL Mac_Moneysac: put on that dirty outfit Pog Kapp Annonn140: check the look eliastheepicgamer: fashion is more important DansGame ZeroKiwi: but you’re wearing it 0_jacket_0: TURN UP FOV halawaya119: BARTON THORN boi Karv3rr: 2️⃣ 1️⃣ easyeasy: KrazyShark these loading times shaking my smh my head NotLikeThis MisunderstoodPebble: +2 is nothing insurrectionist89: wtf fashion only playthrough pls picklerickshank: not even worth selling LULW casanova_wong: Casual DansGame SnarksterJr: fashion>>>>>all else redzero033: DansGame Karv3rr: ANIKI One_Eyed_Maestro: DansGame Da_Flanker: LULW Elvem: LULW Sephirothang: ela7 Irocam: DansGame Kunno1100: DansGame Skorpion9987: ?????? d3sirio: ANIKI PepeHands Fluid1337: LULW BearackObama: wtf DansGame Nopileos: DansGame StrongNico: ANIKI D: HotFireZ: DansGame litanrk: DansGame olli2101: DansGame Kouwell: DansGame Azure_Felt: tutorial over PepeLaugh CultistCodi: DansGame Spurquu: DansGame Vivelin: ??? LULW KrazyShark: Sarge LULW Flashforward: ANIKI AurbisDragon: OK. Irocam: ANIKI PepeHands Elvem: Sure. Annonn140: aniki PepeHands Nopileos: DansGame DansGame AkiraJkr: ANIKI SnarksterJr: DansGame Cecilff2: PepeHands ANIKI insurrectionist89: DansGame Jaargan: !billy Fluid1337: Dansame sjuften_: KKona 7 Sarge wevie1: Ela maybe save ViveLaDissidence: ANIKI PepeHands Da_Flanker: No Kapp leonchroi: Searge Gothicer: DansGame casanova_wong: Serge easyeasy: 4Shrug Purple_HazeR7: DansGame FBBlock Febox: ANIKI PepeHands Remedy020: YES SIR Skorpion9987: DansGame bhpaulcar: gachiBASS oh yes sir imgoodforyou: ANIKI Monster5crak: ela7 Sheepskintearaway: bingo bango bongo i dont wanna leave the kongo ohh nooononooo BearackObama: aniki PepeHands Elvem: DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame Kusocheg: ANIKI dYnAm1c92: ANIKI Brunault_: ANIKI MasterMdrn: K. Xephirus: But… But Aniki PepeHands Nopileos: ANIKI Toplay92: DanseGame Fluid1337: DansGame Lexor757: ANIKI PepeHands Silent_WaIker: gachiBASS YES SIR Motek: ANIKI HotFireZ: ANIKI PepeHands Falact: FeelsPepoMan Jaargan: PepeHands Febox: SARGE ANIKI FXYun: DansGame olli2101: ANIKI OR I UNSUB DansGame MiRyuuD: Sarge Aniki Da_Flanker: Sharge KingMidas133: ANIKI Golden04: ANIKI HandsUp OptimisticKnowledge: @Elajjaz SAVE 1mpolar: LULW Sephirothang: ANIKI Elvem: DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame DIDN’T FINISH THE TUTORIAL DansGame absolut3z3ro: searge TheH3llraiser: ANIKI Dreadknight297: Do itt stormblu: ????? Mac_Moneysac: Sarge Daniels Game DansGame Vivelin: ANIKI PepeHands picklerickshank: sArGe LULW CultistCodi: ANIKI Flashforward: WE WANT ANIKI Virhaed: ANIKI Nopileos: ANIKI ANIKI SkeletonKeyLimePie: we like sarge Ringguni: Aniki MousseAcebolada: ANIKI vngphx: ANIKI One_Eyed_Maestro: NO elaMad JoPpXe: Överste Fluid1337: ANIKI PepeHands jack_off_jim: Elajazz Are you trying to handicap yourself? LUL Naniyo: Sarge is fine Azure_Felt: Mald PepeLaugh leonchroi: @Elajjaz Searge Annonn140: SARGE Pog Nopileos: ANIKI BearackObama: ANIKI PepeHands Railman0z: ANIKI PepeHands easyeasy: ANIKI ANIKI ELAJJAZ Canopus: elaGa fatpep: ANIKI PepeHands imgoodforyou: NO DansGame Remedy020: Chat LUL ISinistarI: Sergeant @Elajjaz Dreamski: Sargeant Aniki UiVgray: Aniki died for this. OMEGALUL k_ld_r: sarge’s cool One_Eyed_Maestro: ANIKI DenTza: ANIKI BearackObama: ANIKI Rust_n: ANIKI MidgetDude110: ANIKI DansGame RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz popo Lagunaab: I don’t think they call your name tho Zloezlo: ANIKI Nopileos: ANIKI ANIKI FXYun: ANIKI runnatikk: ANIKI PLS Monster5crak: SARGE ANIKI Odins_pecs: Sgt Billy skybeaverking: Aniki PepeHands jormuliini: sergeant tigeralum11: I like Sarge imgoodforyou: ANIKI Da_Flanker: atpCap aizawa49: Souboy Sarge! picklerickshank: SGT wotebi: Be Sargon Silent_WaIker: gachiAPPROVE CommanBear: SARGE IS OK Pog Polebegood: THE SARGE DatSheffy elzam: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis BearackObama: ANIKI ANIKI Karv3rr: pepeJAMMER Kyucmbr: 25 Gift SubsNopileos: ANIKI BearackObama: ANIKI PepeHands 6-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)Railman0z: ANIKI PepeHands 9-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)easyeasy: ANIKI ANIKI Colroyds: ANIKI Kunno1100: @Elajjaz Sarge Aniki Wiktor7219: ANIKI F0rbiddenDonut: you’re a trainee danNo Skrall_: Skilled Seikisu: Sar gay LuL Jaargan: ANIKI PepeHands sjuften_: KKona Clap Sarge Turbulist: SARGE IS GOOD elaOk Remedy020: rip lolol Gustavus_Anonus: OMEGALUL Sarge Lexor757: Sarge ANIKI imgoodforyou: GO BACK DansGame zorry4badinglsh: St. ANIKI ac3sh1gh: ANIKI Vanah: PepeLaugh tetenqt: The Law vngphx: DansGame dYnAm1c92: 😡 BearackObama: Kyucmbr: 25 Gift SubsNopileos: ANIKI BearackObama: ANIKI PepeHands 6-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)Railman0z: ANIKI PepeHands 9-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)easyeasy: ANIKI ANIKI Maffia171: DansGame Dreamski: ruined PepeHands MasterMdrn: suh dude Colroyds: gachiHYPER olli2101: DansGame wtf picklerickshank: SARGAY ANIKIE DenTza: ANIKI PepeHands JaBaShxx: ruined PepeHands Filth_: ela7 MagicFrogs: OSFrog Larsn2k: more like corporal LUL Irocam: unsubbed PepeHands OptimisticKnowledge: Ela pls save spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Ela re you suing any mods ? 1mpolar: PepeLaugh sarge Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz SURGE DansGame MidgetDude110: Srg. ANIKI @Elajjaz aizawa49: SOYBOY SARGE SnarksterJr: it begins Chag Colroyds: SIX HOT LOADS gachiHYPER FXYun: elaMad WTF easyeasy: elaREE ANIKI DeNils: much cooler to spell it with a Z ac3sh1gh: Ruined DansGame Da_Flanker: Chat betrayed PepeHands Rust_n: @zorry4badinglsh its Sgt. 五十八: The Surge OMEGALUL Mac_Moneysac: Sarge Daniels Game DansGame but why LULW Gorhob: MISSED LEGENDARY ROCKET LAUNCHER LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: using* Febox: ANIKI PepeHands ANIKI PepeHands Choorlsy: get back to the bottle, there is a reason to why they added it, youll die so fast without it LULW BearackObama: Kyucmbr: 25 Gift SubsNopileos: ANIKI BearackObama: ANIKI PepeHands 6-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)Railman0z: ANIKI PepeHands 9-Monats-Abonnent (6 Monate-Abzeichen)easyeasy: ANIKI ANIKI . KrazyShark: Lieutenant Chag introvertflake: @Elajjaz you should play fallout 76….its better than this shit fatpep: 4Shrug AurbisDragon: American name for 4th of July thank you brother. casanova_wong: Bad ending incoming because of the name Sarge AkiraJkr: You’re so dead LULW @Elajjaz codex_tv: theres no point , thats the point of fallout technoxob: Virgin Sarge and Chad Aniki 🙁 hpandy2: nobody willl ask your name anyway Terrortoastyyy: @Elajjaz youve never played new vegas before!? Xerenix: PepeLaugh Worst ending OptimisticKnowledge: oh boy fatpep: elaK Sephirothang: PepeLaugh YourNeighborSammy: @elajjaz i recommend quick saving often because of random crashes dYnAm1c92: KKona Naniyo: elaBlind Clap BearackObama: PepeLaugh siswara: It’s not pay to win though? You aren’t constantly buying things like a mobile game. U shud have kept those stuff. Lagunaab: you’re in for some complications without your canteen AkiraJkr: You’re soo dead without the Canteen LULW @Elajjaz MasterMdrn: LULW Ceri46: 4Head AurbisDragon: OK. Virhaed: elaThirst Jaargan: elaCozy ISinistarI: ????????? Azure_Felt: elaWeird skraalQ: WTF Da_Flanker: Ehh sjuften_: Sunny Kreygasm Vivelin: PepeLaugh Rammerland: ??????? 0_jacket_0: elaK Toplay92: ???? delopterd: WutFace no iceicex: FeelsWeirdMan Karv3rr: WeirdChamp bighatjack: OMEGALUL Turbulist: elaThirst KrazyShark: @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst RyanLovesWeed: Kreygasm Elvem: elaThirst Railman0z: elaThirst Amnexiac: Ela WeirdChamp Motek: gachiHYPER Cecilff2: elaThirst VicktoriousVICK: Kreygasm SnuskOlof: OMEGALUL Seikisu: LuL Larsn2k: elaThirst d3sirio: elaBlush gagin5: Average tigeralum11: Kreygasm Nopileos: elaThirst bhpaulcar: women DansGame LickMyPretzel: elaWeird @Elajjaz Annonn140: Kreygasm TRUE easyeasy: no DansGame BearackObama: WutFace insurrectionist89: LUL KrazyShark: @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst @Elajjaz elaThirst Binfz: Kreygasm Xerenix: elaThirst Ryanstigersbears: HeyGuys daNohoLiC_AT: gachiBASS iBorgNinja: WeirdChamp brot_ok: elaThirst Silent_WaIker: eh LULW MagicFrogs: LUL Rash05: LULW FXYun: elaThirst last_whoa: WeirdChamp Fluid1337: elaC felix_44_97: elaThirst elaThirst captain_elsewhere: eurgh elaKek PrivateJole: FeelsWeirdMan Gorhob: gachiBASS Brave3: danGross MasterMdrn: thirsty AF Zarkellos: she is?!? sewpew: You’re kinda hot IllFated2: elaWeird Stinsfire: ?!?!?!?!?!? DenTza: YeahBoy SnarksterJr: elaThirst Lexor757: Kreygasm SAME Elvem: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst gagin5: Just normal women LULW leonchroi: shes like a female mad max @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER Mac_Moneysac: nah she is not DansGame brot_ok: elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst elaThirst Karasis10: danK Redwin_AR: Kreygasm Stplatinum: these graphics hot WeirdChamp dYnAm1c92: elaThirst elaThirst Binfz: WOMEN gachiBASS Da_Flanker: She could be with a character overhaul mod RainMakerNGS: squilWaifu BoboBear69: elaThirst easyeasy: KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark: @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF @Elajjaz elaThirst THIRSTY AF Remedy020: Not really, Her Graphics are bad tbh LUL Hajitaib: elaD spike_the_space_cowboy: No mods WeidChamp insurrectionist89: moustache 4Head vryn124: WierdChamp Lukasbech: elaThirst LickMyPretzel: elaWeird os Amnexiac: elaWeird BlackupV2: kinda hot elaThirst R_iryh: Girlfriend 1/4 lol fatpep: @Elajjaz she looks like ellen paige LUL Lim3Fru1t: elaWeird os KrazyShark: @easyeasy LULW SirDexteros: Her voice. Yes. Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz you´re not using any sexy texture mods for sexy models FeelsBadMan spike_the_space_cowboy: no mods WeirdChamp Lexor757: WeirdChamp Weirdos Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Holly FUCK POGGERS He is finally playin it gachiHYPER Larsn2k: Is it possible to sex her, chat? elaThirst Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan os Gadnuk92: elaWeird bhpaulcar: refugees wtf KKona Justgo41: is it vanilla version? Artycuno: wtf She’s 9 YEARS OLD Kappa MasterMdrn: That canteen was keeping your ALL thirst under control right shigaraki: she looks way better with character overhaul HebbyCakes: HebbyCakes subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! WrestlerBot2000: @hebbycakes I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Lagunaab: campfires are just crafting station Nopileos: SUB HYPE HebbyCakes Pog Rammerland: Already thirsty PepeHands KrazyShark: @Artycuno wtf PedoBear JordanPovey: i would Kreygasm BearackObama: 4HEad JUST easyeasy: KrazyShark i would undderstand FO4 character or Skyrim elaThirst elaGasm but this old shit DansGame Zarkellos: Fallout 4 surviving mechannics are far better though RyanLovesWeed: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz krazys2THIRSTY $ Remedy020: Bad Graphics, she looks kinda bad to be tbh LUL Azure_Felt: elaChug Elvem: Buy water LULW Heksyll: elaChug Lagunaab: you don’t LULW AurbisDragon: THANKS SUNNY Xerenix: Just drink 4HEad Karv3rr: You don’t PepeLaugh 0_jacket_0: you’ve got a canteen HebbyCakes: I also want to know how to drink water… captain_elsewhere: medical items Lukasbech: @Elajjaz drink from a river PepeLaugh rasakki: ANIKI Araboth: You don’t LUL Ringguni: Trudy, sounds hot Boxalava: you don’t need water SnarksterJr: you dropped the canteen PepeLaugh @Elajjaz halawaya119: whos your favorite follower chat? mine veronica and ed-e LetsSufferTogether: Toilet water drinking olny run? LUL WrestlerBot2000: Lobos|Clip No.10| https://clips.twitch.tv/DrabLitigiousChamoisSSSsss MasterMdrn: open your mouth and chug LordWunsche: @Elajjaz you use the canteen Kappa captain_elsewhere: he dropped it 0_jacket_0 vngphx: you need CANTEEN LUL AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz You’re soo dead without Canteen LULW insurrectionist89: Toilet playthrough confirmed 4Head Annonn140: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Giddy on up back to town Azure_Felt: elaMad about the boi BlackupV2: the good thing about this game is, all girls even if over 50 have perfect body LUL Karv3rr: jermaPluto 0_jacket_0: @captain_elsewhere ooooooh bhpaulcar: qwest jack_off_jim: From the canteen you discarded LUL Elvem: Yep Telonus: qvest Tree60noscoped: yes tuulanir: kväst Ph4ntomi: yup Nopileos: qvest MrTranBach: yup y_u_dodiz: Kwest? Zarkellos: yup Cecilff2: TaBeRu saudipunk97: @Remedy020 it was bad back in 2010 HelblindeChatBot: They Went That-a-way KrazyShark: @BlackupV2 LULW tigeralum11: @Elajjaz Drinking problem? elaChug Gorhob: PepeLaugh StrongNico: Top one and bottom one HelblindeChatBot: is the main q Severian: bottom one is main quest HebbyCakes: I was just saying that I wanted to play NV again but I’ve played it so much… Watching Ela play solves this!!! fatpep: 4Shrug Azure_Felt: elaOP Xephirus: elaCozy Ph4ntomi: HandsUp Turbulist: nrdyHydra knowledge_college: answer is always yes k0tashira: Kill trudy PepeLaugh Fluid1337: nepSmug 👉 💧 mysweatyth1ghsss: HandsUp Da_Flanker: I don’t remember ufoo: play Sierra Madre Kappa BearackObama: HandsUp KrazyShark: @Elajjaz just play breath of the wild MaxiMHc: HandsUp MasterMdrn: hail Annonn140: HandsUp y_u_dodiz: W OMEGALUL W SnarksterJr: they went that-a-way is main quest @Elajjaz sjuften_: HandsUp OptimisticKnowledge: theres a mod for everything Nopileos: HandsUp talkman_: HandsUp Xerenix: nrdyHydra Azure_Felt: nrdyH dj_adolph: HandsUp Teret1: @Elajjaz bottom one is main quest DeadBart: HandsUp JordanPovey: HandsUp Stplatinum: gachiBASS brot_ok: elaOP elaOP elaOP BearackObama: HandsUp HAIL HYDRA Lagunaab: i think there is casanova_wong: Hydra Dick Choorlsy: get back the canteen LULW y_u_dodiz: HandsUp Germy_ranch: HandsUp MasterMdrn: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp SirArcoz: HandsUp NissM: nrdyHydra saudipunk97: HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp SUMMON HYDRA HandsUp wandering_pleb: PogU Da_Flanker: Chances are there is Remedy020: @saudipunk97 Fair Point BlackupV2: LUL redzero033: PepeLaugh Kopffeine: Yeah the ” stop being such a Roleplayer ” mod halawaya119: basically get your survival upto 60 odd MidgetDude110: @Elajjaz anything you can think of there is a mod for it Skorpion9987: 12/90 survival skill PepeLaugh fatpep: yes fatpep: PepeLaugh Leeegit: HandsUp KrazyShark: @Kopffeine elaKek Doomerttv: Steak KKona BearackObama: PepeLaugh Gorhob: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Toplay92: thats in other fallouts … where you actually sit on the campfire and cook @Elajjaz casanova_wong: Gecko steak is hard to make Karv3rr: TaBeRu AurbisDragon: Low survival Hardcore OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Naniyo: PepeLaugh RainDancer3000: They Went That Way is main quest @Elajjaz captain_elsewhere: campfire is the only thing survival is used for elaKek Nopileos: PepeLaugh Xerenix: TaBeRu redzero033: PepeLaugh Clap RainMakerNGS: death spike_the_space_cowboy: SURVIVBAL OMEGALUL curiousgamer88: gachiBOP BlackupV2: i like me some steaks AkiraJkr: You’re dead without canteen LULW Mac_Moneysac: @kopffeine savage LULW MaxiMHc: dumping points in survival PepeLaugh talkman_: this is probably the last place you’ll ever see the need of survival skill PepeLaugh souldedeh: 🎤 AYAYA genghisbong: @midgetdude110 is there a mod to make fo4 good? Lagunaab: cause you need training to stick some meat on some wood and place it on top of a fire LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: drink it 🙂 obad91: @Elajjaz you missed a guy Remedy020: PepeHands TaBeRu KrazyShark: @captain_elsewhere elaGa 🔥 look ma i can do this dezborn: dezborn subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! 7 month wtf wut? Da_Flanker: 3.6 roentgen WrestlerBot2000: @dezborn You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Ringguni: he got Nopileos: SUB HYPE dezborn POGGERS Lochness1: dont explode Lukasbech: @genghisbong no King_Insane: @Elajjaz https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas have fun after stream, there is a mod for pretty much everything. Justgo41: F samsususu: TaBeRu bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh Xerenix: monkaW redzero033: cmonBruh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh BlackupV2: LUL eliastheepicgamer: chat stop WeirdChamp AurbisDragon: THERE IT IS AkiraJkr: LULW Virhaed: LULW BearackObama: LULW Bxadd: monkaW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL sjuften_: LULW Nopileos: LULW rami730: Jebaited Quattroexp: LUL Bieberhunter: elaKek Xerenix: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN 1mpolar: PepeLaugh TorvaM: OMEGALUL fatpep: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: IT BEGINS easyeasy: elaKek knowledge_college: LULW MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL Spurquu: PepeLaugh Lemonsponge: LULW Ringguni: mcdmTomYes Elvem: OMEGALUL Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL souldedeh: Jebaited MrTranBach: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW Hozzo: LULW KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Karv3rr: OMEGADOWN Brunault_: PepeLaugh Febox: LULW Motek: LULW daNohoLiC_AT: PepeLaugh BearackObama: OMEGALUL Naniyo: LULW Annonn140: LULW BluBlu_BluBlo: gg TheGoldenCobra: LULW Seikisu: PepeLaugh curiousgamer88: OMEGALUL ZeroKiwi: OMEGALUL dustings1234: LUL Nopileos: LULW Doomerttv: MaN BlackupV2: land mines Nox15: Jebaited HotFireZ: HAHAHA MagicFrogs: LUL Tomato_Miles: LUL LUL Konki: LULW Amnexiac: elaWut Scyrol: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: Jebaited Kudabbi: LULW Araboth: PepeLaugh ates90: LUL OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Tree60noscoped: LUL zaeta__: OMEGADOWN Lim3Fru1t: LULW Joelsh: PepeLaugh Flamberryz: OMEGADOWN BearackObama: Jebaited ISinistarI: LULW insurrectionist89: LUL Toplay92: OMEGALUL Gorhob: PepeLaugh 💦 samsususu: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO Mac_Moneysac: LULW Binfz: PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: elaKek Bxadd: OMEGALUL DaqqMory: LULW Ph4ntomi: DETH OMEGALUL spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW MonkeyMike_: LUL Annonn140: MINE LULW Gothicer: OMEGADOWN Turbulist: elaWut k0tashira: OMEGALUL wevie1: OMEGADOWN DenTza: PepeLaugh Vivelin: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Kunno1100: LULW BlackupV2: mines bro BearackObama: Jebaited Clap KingMidas133: LULW FXYun: PepeLaugh TheXearo: It begins zulfaya: MINE fatpep: it begins LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh rocketrabauke: LULW Da_Flanker: atpRtsd Meximus322: PepeLaugh ray131471: LULW SirArcoz: 3 PER LULW Remedy020: Mine??? Nopileos: LULW Lagunaab: the fun begins now LULW KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: LULW frater_anatis: LUL Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN ates90: get africaaned LULW duumed: LUL Ludicologist: hahaha angryj0nes: Alreadu DED LULW Resonance86: perception 2 stormblu: 3.6 roentgen, not great but not terrible BearackObama: Jebaited AurbisDragon: WELCOME TO THE MOJAVE Lukasbech: PERCEPTION 3 LULW MaGiiC_SkiLL: 4Head 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Clap SSJSoujiro: LuL Fluid1337: 3 PER PepeLaugh souldedeh: 🎤 AYAYA Doomerttv: Jebaited LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW AkiraJkr: IT BEGINS LULW RainMakerNGS: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: 💿 Clap bloodcaleb: 3 Perception IRL OMEGALUL saintshing: get out of my lawn kid Sephirothang: Jebaited Fluid1337: 3 PER LULW BearackObama: 💿 ME Fluid1337: Jebaited Dyres: 💿 YAYAYAY NerdIRage: theres a bed in that trailer next to you Binfz: forsenWC BearackObama: 💿 Clap Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN HotFireZ: 3 PER LULW gild0n: ANALE eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh Jiucoe_9u4ko: LULW tuulanir: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC k0tashira: ASHKA LULW BearackObama: forsenWC ViveLaDissidence: He’s just sitting there … menacingly monkaSHAKE xxx_t_e_n_t_a_c_i_o_n: check the bathroom forsenWC redzero033: 💿 AkiraJkr: IT BEGINS LULW IT BEGINS LULW Maffia171: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: doctor’s bag needed OMEGALUL Bxadd: forsenWC Flashforward: PepeLaugh so it begins Elvem: LULW LULW LULW Silent_WaIker: JUST SLEEP 4HEad hayesnasty: LUL DenTza: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Xerenix: forsenWC ToxxicWaffle: youre fucked Karv3rr: Limp to a doctor OMEGADOWN Wwaaaz: RIP run PepeLaugh talkman_: forsenWC doctor’s in the bathrooom captain_elsewhere: 4 endurance elaKek izzied: BACK TO NORMAL MODE ALREADY Germy_ranch: He didn’t know PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: cmonBrother Elvem: And so it starts LULW smileyaja: forsenWC try looking in the bathroom AurbisDragon: elaBlind WTF Lexor757: HARDC OMEGALUL RE Fluid1337: nepSmug nymnCorn Colroyds: PepeLaugh Xephon111: Should’ve gotten more perception atpCap RealLifeTsundere: OooFas Sephirothang: LULW DenTza: F RUN PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: It’s what they do Annonn140: LULW annjey: OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: elaHYUK Limp NerdIRage: brother how Vivelin: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: HARDCORE OMEGALUL stormblu: OMEGALUL Toplay92: that animation !!! LUL DenTza: PepeLaugh BearackObama: rip run PepeLaugh olli2101: PepeLaugh so it begins Gorhob: OMEGALUL ray131471: RIP LULW redzero033: monkaS fatpep: ela4 gild0n: ANELE Clap KrazyShark: SWAGGER WALK LULW SWAGGER WALK LULW SWAGGER WALK LULW SWAGGER WALK LULW casanova_wong: Moonwalk LUL Skorpion9987: kill him 😡 jocular_josh: you can spot mines using VATS Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: A few daNohoLiC_AT: HAHHAAH RyanLovesWeed: LULW Turbulist: elaKek Bieberhunter: elaKek Virhaed: OMEGADOWN NerdIRage: OMEGALUL Maffia171: LULW BlackupV2: LUL Xerenix: LUL DenTza: OH NONONONO PepeLaugh Bxadd: OMEGALUL Dyres: OMEGALUL MidgetDude110: elaBlind Elvem: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW LULW LickMyPretzel: lol TheXearo: AHAHAHAHAHA Amnexiac: LULW 1mpolar: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Karv3rr: LULW Vivelin: LULW Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN redzero033: OMEGADOWN Silent_WaIker: LULW Joelsh: OMEGALUL sjuften_: OMEGADOWN Kunno1100: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Sephirothang: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: LULW MrTranBach: OMEGALUL DaqqMory: LULW Turbulist: elaKek DED Annonn140: OMEGALUL HotFireZ: LOL ar_Tekko: f Germy_ranch: LMAO Lukasbech: OMEGADOWN insurrectionist89: ?????? knowledge_college: LULW KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ISinistarI: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Spurquu: LULW Purist01: LUL Binfz: OMEGALUL d3sirio: DED LULW Motek: LULW HAHAHAHAHAH Cecilff2: OMEGADOWN Lexikun: elaBlind troublematicc: PepeLaugh Maceron4444: monkaS CultistCodi: OMEGADOWN Talmk: PepeLaugh annjey: OMEGADOWN BlackupV2: i saw it AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL MaxiMHc: hahaha LULW ray131471: LULW LULW LULW CurseofSherwood: DETH PepeLaugh Nopileos: OMEGADOWN FXYun: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: OMEGADOWN curiousgamer88: SO MALD OMEGADOWN Gothicer: LUL MagicFrogs: sarueiSweat Taosis: we a walking stream now Karasis10: danLUL Colroyds: LULW Xerenix: Death LULW Legi_: LULW Flashforward: PLAY FIRST PERSON OMEGALUL fatpep: dead LUL olli2101: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Still plenty of health left dilvot: LULW Odins_pecs: elaBlind Remedy020: monkaW Rip Legs Jaargan: elaBlind Nopileos: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO danO danO danO Irocam: 3 perception IRL LULW Naniyo: ??? Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN captain_elsewhere: 2 hp elaKek Junri: HP LUL Geneziz_: he ded Fluid1337: elaBlind Antares053: so close to dead leonchroi: OMEGALUL sjuften_: monkaX HP Elvem: AMAZING LULW LULW LULW rami730: low perception LULW Binfz: PepeS Fluid1337: 3 PER IRL elaBlind fatpep: MaN Ph4ntomi: MaN ! Lim3Fru1t: OMEGALUL https://i.imgur.com/cXbam8g.png Wwaaaz: elaBlind Where are those mines Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL Kunno1100: MaN Da_Flanker: forsenT Azure_Felt: LULW so ded Legi_: MaN Motek: MaN Mac_Moneysac: he saw it LULW Nopileos: MaN SoulOfDerp: You can disarm them Lukasbech: MaN ! HotFireZ: 2 hp PepeLaugh curiousgamer88: PLAYING IN 3RD PERSON OMEGADOWN Fluid1337: MaN BearackObama: MaN saugo: LULW whats happening here, just come back with food xxx_t_e_n_t_a_c_i_o_n: 21 3Head Naniyo: elaBlind HYPERCLAP Elvem: Never change ela LULW LULW AkiraJkr: 3 PER LULW Turbulist: 3 PER elaBlind Colroyds: OMEGALUL DrGinezis: MaN DeadBart: PepeLaugh Gothicer: MaN Oi! gild0n: ANELE Clap MasterMdrn: gachiBOP Fluid1337: 3 PER OMEGADOWN Karv3rr: MaN damn Resonance86: he’s not saved in like 30 minutes Skorpion9987: PepeLaugh Turbulist: ppSmoke MasterMdrn: ppSmoke Sephirothang: Jebaited BlackupV2: LUL Da_Flanker: That’s not what the subs said Xerenix: PepeLaugh oh no no no souldedeh: kill redzero033: cmonBruh Chewbye: ppSmoke Vivelin: ppSmoke daley_: 👁️ y_u_dodiz: elaC Nopileos: ppSmoke rancor260: cmonBruh curiousgamer88: TPP OMEGADOWN KingMidas133: LULW Karv3rr: pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER Colroyds: MaN CultistCodi: 👁️ BlackupV2: you eyeballin me? Motek: gachiHYPER Rhyar: KILL TheH3llraiser: ppSmoke daNohoLiC_AT: thuuug Boxalava: kill him samsususu: ppSmoke Lim3Fru1t: elaKek https://i.imgur.com/cXbam8g.png Elvem: elaC Germy_ranch: cmonBruh Vivelin: elaK Da_Flanker: Thug life Colroyds: PepeLaugh BearackObama: TriHard SimaMooy: THUGLIFE Tree60noscoped: D: CommanBear: KILL NOW Ph4ntomi: elaD Nopileos: elaC Bxadd: D: AintEasyBeingCheesy: You eyeballin’ me? Silent_WaIker: LULW Remedy020: LUL Motek: TriHard Seikisu: LuL redzero033: cmonBruh what 1mpolar: LULW setakoon: LOL SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER BLUE MOOOOON pepeJAMMER Karv3rr: blue mooon FitoBurrito: You eye-balding me? lionNice Filth_: Hhhehehe saintshing: TriHard Legi_: D: Azure_Felt: so ded LULW Nopileos: LuL RainMakerNGS: Thuglife greyfacenospace123: danD CommanBear: D: Elvem: LULW HERE WE GO akmannen: Yoink zulfaya: HEHEHE Lukasbech: elaC dilvot: LULW MidgetDude110: TriHard Spurquu: D: daNohoLiC_AT: yoiiink AkiraJkr: CROUCH LULW talkman_: PepeLaugh gonna die Gorhob: PepeLaugh oh no no no Sephirothang: A Fluid1337: PeepLaugh fakerello: TriHard Xephon111: Drink the smoking green water elaSmile Fluid1337: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Skorpion9987: FeelsGoodMan Turbulist: elaOk Ela the loot gnoblin Legi_: TriHard mine now AkiraJkr: Yes MasterMdrn: ye BearackObama: DansGame Motek: Yes Azure_Felt: gachiBASS AkiraJkr: LULW Kunno1100: gachiBASS Nopileos: Yes Joelsh: LULW y_u_dodiz: KappaPride fatpep: LUL HotFireZ: gachiBASS last_whoa: KappaPride Gustavus_Anonus: Lost a leg for 19 bullets OMEGALUL TheH3llraiser: HC LULW Jaargan: elaC YOINK saudipunk97: CROUCH Bottletoke: HandsUp Fluid1337: LULW easyeasy: gachiHYPER RainMakerNGS: yeah Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL Annonn140: PepeLaugh he missed it bhpaulcar: only doctor’s bag LULW Flashforward: PepeLaugh HARDCORE Styil: gachiBASS Germy_ranch: KappaPride sloggyx: hey guys elaH Maceron4444: how do you do fellow thug? 🙂 ZeroKiwi: hardcore N0THING_S3XUAL: 1 hour J0hnnyBlade: Bustin ? casanova_wong: 1 our insurrectionist89: Don’t tell him chat 4Head Hussnay: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Crouch @Elajjaz Lexor757: DOUSNT WORD OMEGALUL Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN fakerello: 1 greyfacenospace123: danGachi Glenshane: LULW SirArcoz: gachiHYPER Junri: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: 1 hour Neimyin: HARDCORE PepeLaugh JammyDrury: PepeLaugh TheXearo: hardcore tho PepeLaugh DenTza: HARDCORE PepeLaugh Karv3rr: Hardcore PepeLaugh Khosm_: Hardcore LUL Jac0bite: you cant in hardcore Nopileos: HARDCORE PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: I ain’t afraid of no bed Dylanluce: 1 hour andrewidtheboss: its hardcore 1mpolar: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: doesnt work, hardcore redzero033: PepeLaugh Lukasbech: @Elajjaz Can’t cure crippling that way StrongNico: Full nights sleep VauntDanial: Imagine Reading LULW Justgo41: crouch if you want to steal stuff talkman_: you don’t cure broken shit in HC Da_Flanker: Yeah, sleep on that lice infested, semen encrusted dirty matress Lexor757: HARDCORE PepeLaugh Abdiel_Kavash: you can always sleep in my bed thorwLewd Doomerttv: PepeLaugh Oh no no no gravesend: Check HP Fluid1337: PepeLaugh HARDCORE AurbisDragon: elaGasm sharing a bed Gorhob: PepeLaugh 💦 Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know LULW MrTranBach: HARDCORE ela Karv3rr: Damn AkiraJkr: MonkaS Remedy020: Robs Him then Sleeps in his bed LUL Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Spurquu: PepeLaugh Doyago: need doctorsbags eliastheepicgamer: monkaW Colroyds: gachiHYPER sloggyx: how far is ela into the game? samsususu: ppSmoke damn Fluid1337: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Bloodhit: HARDCORE LUL Zarkellos: wait i went away 2 minutes and you’re so badly damaged? Legi_: PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: June’s Top 15 Twitch Clips – https://youtu.be/tyUGNqhKIbM AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz crouch y_u_dodiz: monkaS Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Blocker213: wait for the regret PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: he gonna steal your shit PepeLaugh Binfz: PepeLaugh 💧 Da_Flanker: atpCap Zarkellos: wtf happened? Toplay92: what? LUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Clap rami730: ResidentSleeper Norttii: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: ResidentSleeper schwarz54_: new vegas Pog Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN Virhaed: raped LULW TorvaM: ResidentSleeper M1ndFlow: PepeLaugh Gothicer: PepeLaugh saintshing: his bf came monkaS olli2101: PepeLaugh he is unaware Nopileos: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh Liprez: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: elaHi hello everybody elaH ey ela elaOk / Magilou_69: @Zarkellos 2 mines LULW Vivelin: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN AkiraJkr: DAMN Colroyds: PepeLaugh Lexor757: DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Chocolove: Kkona MidgetDude110: elaKek Legi_: ResidentSleeper Ph4ntomi: Mistakes were made PepeLaugh Junri: Here we go PepeLaugh Naniyo: PepeLaugh DenTza: PepeLaugh brot_ok: forsenSleeper last_whoa: Jebaited Fluid1337: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: oh no no no PepeLaugh UltraWindow: ppSmoke Lukasbech: LULW 💧 y_u_dodiz: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Chocolove: KKona ollibeo: Low Smokes BearackObama: Jebaited gravesend: HP MonkaS Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Karv3rr: ppSmoke Maffia171: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW Da_Flanker: KaitoKidShadow elaH casanova_wong: LUL healed Bieberhunter: elaKek ChechW: Restart, don’t play hardcore in this game, it’s garbage Azure_Felt: hardc OMEGLOL re samsususu: ppSmoke DAMN Efrondil: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh ray131471: PepeLaugh mATrh88: Yoyoyo Fluid1337: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh BearackObama: Jebaited Clap angryj0nes: NEED DOC saudipunk97: atpCap atpCap atpCap KaitoKidShadow: Da_Flanker elaH Xerenix: MA elaHYUG runnatikk: HARDCORE LULW Neimyin: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO danO CommanBear: He is not concious PepeLaugh Blocker213: hardcore PepeLaugh Fluid1337: HARDCORE PepeLaugh FitoBurrito: HARDC OMEGADOWN RE AkiraJkr: HARDCORE OMEGALUL HARDCORE OMEGALUL HARDCORE OMEGALUL HARDCORE OMEGALUL Grumpypie: dead in 5 talkman_: Good thing radio doesn’t care for ingame time Odins_pecs: Hardcore PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: Zarkellos He walked into mines PepeLaugh leonchroi: OMEGALUL Annonn140: HARDCORE LULW SnakeBites: ppSmoke running low on smokes again hisoklouch: Why did he pick hardcore? PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: hardcore elaKek Fluid1337: HARDCORE nepSmug Clap Chocolove: PepeLaugh FeelsWayTooAmazingMan BearackObama: D: y_u_dodiz: danCop Sure SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER redzero033: cmonBruh Turbulist: Po Da_Flanker: atpRtsd bhpaulcar: D: Elvem: POLICE iBorgNinja: Not much of a rind on you Karv3rr: D: salpo_nolobio: cirCop Nopileos: Po Turbulist: Pog Mac_Moneysac: LULW Armored_Guy: D: Lukasbech: HE SURE DOESN’T KNOW OMEGADOWN Justgo41: Police LUL Xerenix: PepeLaugh StrongNico: You probably have a doctors bag ar_Tekko: LUL Sephirothang: LULW talkman_: ElaOut Styil: PepeLaugh oh no no no Mokyun: atpRtsd KaitoKidShadow: Pog Lexor757: ALMOST PepeLaugh Legi_: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW CHAT SnarksterJr: POLICE LULW MaxiMHc: HAHAHA HARDCORE LULW AkiraJkr: LULW SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz yo ucan disarm them if you inch close enough SoloBunny: he knows monkaS BearackObama: forsenWC Peljack: forsen1 forsen2 Nopileos: Legi_ elaHi dYnAm1c92: PepeLaugh Peljack: forsen3 forsen4 Irocam: 💿 Brunault_: LUL Virhaed: forsenWC Hussnay: PepeLaugh Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: elaKek talkman_: FAST TRAVEL DansGame Doyago: hardcore is awesome zulfaya: FAST TRAVEL LMAO d3sirio: Fast traveling DansGame ray131471: LULW LULW redzero033: DansGame fast travel Lexikun: you can disarm mines Xerenix: forsenWC You called? Zarkellos: @TheGoldenCobra ah ok tanks PepeLaugh saintshing: is he using any mods JordanPovey: 💿 Colroyds: PepeLaugh Rhyar: P OMEGALUL WDER GANG spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Ela why the fuck arey ou playing on hanrdcore in your first fucking playthrough OMEGALUL brot_ok: ela1 ela2 Jalmarkian: forsenWC good Gothicer: PepeLaugh Clap Claidheamh_Mor: HE LACKS CRITICAL INFORMATION OMEGALUL eliastheepicgamer: casual travel DansGame Ph4ntomi: DansGame Da_Flanker: Eliminate these delinquents atpDisorderly andrewidtheboss: If you stub ur toe you’ll die Marqlaurd23: FAST TRAVEL DansGame Toplay92: police LUL in the apocalips carlitoB: clean water Crossjaw: @Elajjaz switch to another difficulty dude. Hardcore is fucking shit -.- Fluid1337: @hisoklouch He saw the “special reward for beating main story with it” and he jumped on it PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: 💿 Ageingyoungrebel: 💿 Clap redzero033: forsenWC Legi_: @Nopileos elaHi rancor260: 💿 ? JordanPovey: 💿 ok Pajki13: check to toilets Nopileos: Legi_ elaH DenTza: FAST TRAVELLIG DansGame Lukasbech: How long till he dies, chat? PepeLaugh zulfaya: dafq BluBlu_BluBlo: No Leg Gamer OMEGALUL angryj0nes: HELPU AYAYA Nopileos: Lukasbech pepeL Fluid1337: 💿 IRC_Hurrep: !mods FitoBurrito: forsenWC whatchu need Naniyo: forsenWC WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Jalmarkian: forsenWC no VauntDanial: ForsenWC y_u_dodiz: NA Healthcare, not enough money OMEGADOWN bhpaulcar: forsenWC yes ? Germy_ranch: MALD LULW Lagunaab: Wait wtf u could always fast travel while crippled ? AurbisDragon: Here it comes chat. siswara: Well this is what happens if u play hardcore the first time u play captain_elsewhere: doesnt have enough money elaKek iceicex: forsenWC last_whoa: forsenWC here i am Joelsh: WeirdChamp doc’s face VauntDanial: forsenWC Kouwell: Fast travel DansGame ViveLaDissidence: 💿 forsenWC sjuften_: no Turbulist: No Grumpypie: no dokus09: no Legi_: @Nopileos elaH angryj0nes: NO eliastheepicgamer: of course Elvem: Yes 🙂 Maffia171: nah 🙂 KingMidas133: no knowledge_college: no Karv3rr: Yes PepeLaugh DeadBart: forsenWC AkiraJkr: no M1ndFlow: nah MonoSync: no Nopileos: Legi_ elaH nameIesshero: yes Da_Flanker: Idk, play how you want marshalmv: no Resonance86: yes Redwin_AR: no Justgo41: no captain_elsewhere: this is going to take months elaKek Zarkellos: naah carlitoB: no way NerdIRage: not first playthrough andrewidtheboss: yes Dyres: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC Toplay92: NO Nopileos: no no SnarksterJr: hell no chomikko: chomikko subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! zulfaya: fast travel in HC? talkman_: No, but it’s still DansGame WrestlerBot2000: @chomikko After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM mysweatyth1ghsss: keep fast ravel redd1400: yes StrongNico: play how you like Nopileos: SUB HYPE chomikko elaA angryj0nes: Will take too long so no rami730: KKool Binfz: just don’t overuse it Daredevilrayrayray: is this a nice game? Kopffeine: monkaS 💓 Lukasbech: forsenWC samsususu: ppSmoke Damn, running low on smokes again bighatjack: playing without fast travel ensures death y_u_dodiz: Dead Jebaited JordanPovey: 💿 ? talkman_: Check bathroom Jaargan: EEEEELP elaGa 📢 BearackObama: forsenWC in the bathroom WukeWiking: forsenWC J0hnnyBlade: forsenWC Da_Flanker: He;s in the bathroom Bottletoke: ForsenWC smileyaja: the bathroom forsenWC Xerenix: forsenWC retro_raiden: 🎷 effAYAYA Nopileos: forsenWC Hollow_void: forsenWC Watchu need? salpo_nolobio: check in the bathroom Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW Styil: 💿 🏥 Redwin_AR: forsenWC Lagunaab: if u play without fast travel you’ll have content for months Kapp bhpaulcar: OMEGALUL knowledge_college: LULW y_u_dodiz: OMEGADOWN ! Bottletoke: forsenWC AurbisDragon: AMERICAN DOCTORS OMEGALUL DenTza: forsenWC Crossjaw: @Elajjaz you should not play hardcore mode, thats it dude. Its boring and not fun ._. absolutely_not_haram: fast travel is pay 2 win siswara: If this is ur first time playing I don’t suggest hardcore though. litanrk: OMEGADOWN Xerenix: LULW MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL BearackObama: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL Glenshane: LULW Maffia171: Kapp CheetoInChief: LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL Karv3rr: OMEGADOWN Ageingyoungrebel: Jebaited Bxadd: Kapp Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Odins_pecs: OMEGALUL BlackupV2: LUL 1mpolar: LULW hisoklouch: atpCap Naniyo: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: LOL SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Doomerttv: LULW Rymm_: LULW MilchiWay: LUL Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW Lukasbech: OMEGADOWN DenTza: LULW TheH3llraiser: LULW Nopileos: LULW sjuften_: 100 Kapp s iceicex: PepeLaugh chomikko: So, I guess Ill get “share your resub” tomorrow :A redzero033: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: LULW ates90: OMEGADOWN MrTranBach: OMEGALUL salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh Hogbinladen: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Skorpion9987: OMEGALUL Elvem: LULW LULW LULW last_whoa: 100 Kapp easyeasy: LULW Neimyin: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: elaD Legi_: forsenWC Fluid1337: LULW bhpaulcar: D: Colroyds: LULW BearackObama: D: TheMoltenGuy: ROBBED LULW insurrectionist89: LUL KingMidas133: LULW MonkeyMike_: LUL MagicFrogs: LUL ray131471: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Filo155: OMEGALUL nibeio: NA LULW J0hnnyBlade: Kapp x100 Ellycat1: PepeLaugh MonoSync: D: holdyourfire: PepeLaugh Telonus: LOL Nazzet: Jebaited Clap Fluid1337: OMEGAODNW ac3sh1gh: OMEGALUL 100 CAPS MettatonsFan: D: Kraad_: lobosKek saintshing: SCAMAZ Nopileos: LUL SnarksterJr: LULW daNohoLiC_AT: Jebaited knowledge_college: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: speech +2 peppy590: Kapp x100 Maceron4444: watseland healthcare LUL sogeking_1337: Soft locked Kreygasm KariGrandi: LUL CheetoInChief: NA HELATHCARE LULW Marqlaurd23: OMEGALUL SCAMMED retro_raiden: effD rami730: Murican healtcare OMEGADOWN Canopus: elaD elaD elaD iBorgNinja: NA healthcare LUL Germy_ranch: D: brot_ok: forsenKek redhotchilipepe: NA healthcare LULW ates90: Just kill him Silent_WaIker: NA HEALTHCARE OMEGALUL Vivelin: PepeLaugh 👉💲 leonchroi: LUL OMEGALUL greyfacenospace123: danO danO danO danO BluBlu_BluBlo: LULW Zarkellos: D: Toplay92: wtf LUL Da_Flanker: I mean, he needs to get by too SnarksterJr: D: halawaya119: whats his special distrabution Fluid1337: NA HEALTHCARE LULW y_u_dodiz: danGreed swiftBucks swiftGreed swiftBucks annjey: Kapp x100 Remedy020: NotLikeThis NA Healthcare Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh runnatikk: BROKE LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM shikifujin16: KILL HIM Karv3rr: Saved your life for free OMEGADOWN PrinnyOverlord_: na health care OMEGADOWN Flashforward: the MaN fatpep: u cant sleep it off LULW Blocker213: NA healthcare PepeLaugh Doomerttv: NA HEALTHCARE OMEGALUL Norttii: PepeLaugh Lukasbech: NA HEALTHCARE LULW Giacomand: @Elajjaz look for a doctor’s bag in his house wevie1: what is that sound Legi_: MaN Qviss: this isn’t covered by your insurance Kappa Sephirothang: Sleep off the crippled limb LUL MainMercLobo: tell him you dont have the 100 Azure_Felt: LULW he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Peljack: forsen1 forsen2 SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER Fluid1337: PepeLaugh redzero033: NA HEALTH CARE LULW Styil: Let’s go chat ela needs 100 Kapp angryj0nes: already DED LULW aeo_ev: so much in that house he can just take lol Ringguni: Trudy, sounds hot kaskelott_: Doc forsenCD Virhaed: PepeLaugh Rymm_: KKool Legi_: LULW Da_Flanker: KKona VauntDanial: Crippled rest of the run LULW knowledge_college: you sure you still wanna do hardcore ? PepeLaugh iceicex: cmonBrother LickMyPretzel: lol 1mpolar: dying already PepeLaugh Seikisu: pepeJAMMER Flashforward: DOCTORS BAG saudipunk97: NA OMEGALUL Grumpypie: sell him shit Lagunaab: yes Xerenix: Doctor’s bag Abyssadin: @Elajjaz Are you actually on Hardcore? Niedzwiedziov: OBAMACARE dustings1234: stimpak Neimyin: LIMPING PepeLaugh POOR PepeLaugh NO CANTEEN PepeLaugh fatpep: VoteYea Choorlsy: CANT SLEEP IT OFF IN HARDCORE @elajjaz LULW SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER Telonus: Should have sold those P2W weapons Kappa Karv3rr: pepeJAMMER Dargiie: Dargiie subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! elaH Da_Flanker: Mhm Remedy020: FeelsBadMan No Universal Health System Armored_Guy: walk it off 4Head WrestlerBot2000: @dargiie If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Vivelin: Just drink from the toilet LULW Doomerttv: Crippled run PepeLaugh Kouwell: Green and purple pills Kappa talkman_: DRINK FROM TOILET TO HEAL UP LULW Lukasbech: @Elajjaz Doctor bag or 100 caps Nopileos: SUB HYPE Dargiie PogChamp nibeio: Pog Maindrender: Drink from wc-seat OptimisticKnowledge: @Elajjaz try telling him you dont have the 100 caps aeo_ev: there he goes Annonn140: you need to turn off hardcore AkiraJkr: LULW Hardcore retro_raiden: So you already beat visage? rooFeels Toplay92: YOINK F0rbiddenDonut: OhMyDog toilet water will help ray131471: TOILET LULW Da_Flanker: Steampacks rami730: Drink some toilet water, it heals limbs over time 🙂 Flashforward: PepeLaugh MrBrrumpkins: KKool 7 SkeletonKeyLimePie: GabeN Meme_l0rd_Oloxim: @Elajjaz sleep in a bed to heal your selll fully siswara: Turn off hardcore and get yourself moving forward in the game Qviss: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: STIMPACK IN HARDCORE PepeLaugh zulfaya: NA includes canada, so it doesnt work, just say USA nubs Lukasbech: @Elajjaz Stimpaks don’t fix your limbs ToneBacas: pepeJAMMER easyeasy: GabeN Clap Elvem: LULW HE DOES’NT KNOW Toplay92: pepeD Ringguni: stempaks don’t do it in hardcore Silent_WaIker: DRINK TOILET WATER AGAIN; IT JUST WORKS 4HEad MrTranBach: not on hardcore SnarksterJr: stimpacks dont do that in hardcore @Elajjaz Legi_: FeelsGoodMan 💉 redzero033: TriHard YOINK Turbulist: elaOk ela the loot gnoblin BearackObama: pepeD retro_raiden: 🎷 rooFeels Karv3rr: 🎷 pepeJAM Fyurios: hardcore is more annoying than fun or immersive in this game y_u_dodiz: D: Flashforward: TriHard bhpaulcar: D: Azure_Felt: elaD NerdIRage: D: AkiraJkr: D: DenTza: D: AurbisDragon: Pog sax Spurquu: TriHard skraalQ: @siswara turn down yourself and die. Kunno1100: LUL Nopileos: D: Lexor757: YOINK ray131471: D: Lukasbech: TriHard Annonn140: D: holdyourfire: pepeJAM Germy_ranch: D: Da_Flanker: 🎷 Jebaited sjuften_: D: Elvem: elaD Dargiie: elaD lechugah: D: Nopileos: D: D: Jaargan: D: BearackObama: TriHard fatpep: KKool greyfacenospace123: danD Toplay92: yoink master Naaslaarum: TriHard Clap kaskelott_: kaskelott_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! pepeJAMMER talkman_: Drinking from the toilet to heal up LULW WrestlerBot2000: @kaskelott_ I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM technoxob: D: AkiraJkr: D: D: Lukasbech: TriHard mine now! Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE kaskelott_ elaA Fluid1337: D: DR_AGxx: pepeD 1mpolar: D: ChechW: Don’t play hardcore, it’s just a bunch of annoyances, nothing interesting zaeta__: 🎷 PlsEla AurbisDragon: DRUGS Clap redzero033: pepeD Taosis: @Elajjaz you should grab that crutch LUL Armored_Guy: noice Kopffeine: 💓 ToneBacas: yoink strats Germy_ranch: MATTE YO elaB SoloBunny: isn’t this not even stealing Qviss: TriHard Da_Flanker: TriHard Nine now Kouwell: TriHard yoink Vivelin: Not in hardcode mode Neimyin: N OMEGALUL sjuften_: Not on hardcore Elvem: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh redzero033: PepeLaugh annjey: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: stimpacks dont fix limbs in hardcore @Elajjaz Grumpypie: not in hardcore angryj0nes: @Elajjaz if is not RED you are not steeling skraalQ: @ChechW don’t play life, suicide. eliastheepicgamer: not on HC Fyurios: not in hardcore Karv3rr: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: not in hardocre mode PepeLaugh Dargiie: PepeLaugh Bloodhit: Not on hardcore elaKek absolutely_not_haram: @Elajjaz shame on you. the guy saves your life and you yoink all his stuff nameIesshero: not on hardcore Lukasbech: @Elajjaz NOT IN HARCORE FailFish Zaraji: only in non-hardcore DenTza: Not on HARDCORE WrathofBambi: Not in hardcore KanzanZX: not on hardcore AkiraJkr: Hardcore LULW Rymm_: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Not in hardcore Crossjaw: CHAT TELL HIM TO NOT PLAY HARDCORE PLEASE, ITS NOT FUN, ITS SHIT saudipunk97: HARDCORE Gothicer: @Elajjaz sleeping doesnt heal in hardcore Seikisu: PepeLaugh inb4 to heavy stormblu: KKona Abdiel_Kavash: only in scrubcore Turbulist: PepeLaugh Reddinator: danKEK TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Zarkellos: yeah rob him blind dude everyone does that when they start a new playtrough y_u_dodiz: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh fatpep: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: PepeLaugh he knows sjuften_: PepeLaugh Lochness1: LUL Annonn140: HARDCORE IS DUMB DenTza: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Flashforward: OMEGALUL HHHHHHHH Da_Flanker: PepeUff 🎶 setakoon: he doesn’t know J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh Elvem: LULW LULW LULW brot_ok: forsenKek zaeta__: PepeLaugh Maceron4444: is that a grease gun? Pog last_whoa: have fun LULW Karv3rr: ooooooooh PaleWhitePerson: OMEGALUL dYnAm1c92: ooooooooooooooooooh Canopus: elaSmile Xerenix: @Elajjaz Hardcore is Doctor Virhaed: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh retro_raiden: naroXD Spurquu: PepeLaugh Hussnay: PepeLaugh holdyourfire: PepeLaugh Vivelin: PepeLaugh Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL F Kopffeine: 100 caps is cheap insurrectionist89: 4Head Dr_Dinglenut: you just tried to sleep Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Peljack: sodaF1 sodaF2 Fluid1337: PepeLaugh Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Bobanaut: nearly dead. is he bleeding out? saudipunk97: PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh now he knows Doomerttv: Ohhhh PepeLaugh Peljack: sodaF3 sodaF4 talkman_: PepeUff 💨 Meme_l0rd_Oloxim: oh it’s hardcore Colroyds: PepeLaugh he knows Jaargan: Jebaited HotFireZ: PepeLaugh BearackObama: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLaugh Lexor757: @Elajjaz Hardcore sucks dick turn it off Binfz: PepeLaugh he knows Nopileos: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW ates90: Hardcore is really not that much fun tbh Madliberator: yeah hardcore is trash Xerenix: @Elajjaz doctor’s bag or doctor siswara: The music is flowing w you taking stuff BritishPatternBalding: doctor bag next to bed @elajjaz Marqlaurd23: Sell yo shit brot_ok: ela1 ela2 Grumpypie: doctors bag on bed Fluid1337: @retro_raiden nepSmug / SnarksterJr: hardcore is pretty shit in this game tbh Hongetech: Hardcore on first play FeelsWeirdMan ter_moo_nator: @elajjaz – use Stimpaks ray131471: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: HE BEGINS TO UNDERSTAND PepeLaugh Lukasbech: pepeJAM 👍 Skorpion9987: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Fluid1337: nepSmug nymnCorn siswara: Turn off haedcore Azure_Felt: LULW MrTranBach: @Elajjaz there is 3 doctor bag Legi_: pepeJAMMER seppe987: waduuuup ela and chat elaHi elaHi Meximus322: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: inb4 ” chat how do I disable hardcore ” PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: sleeping heals crippled limbs OMEGALUL Ellycat1: KKona GuitarTime BinBaggedOsama: YOU HAVE A DOCTORS BAG @Elajjaz Nopileos: seppe987 pepeL TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime tutufuzi: hardcore is shit in this anyway, isnt it Giacomand: @Elajjaz you have 3 doctors bags milkforhoney: HES PLAYING HARDACORE? elaKek RainMakerNGS: go to status JaynisK: 3 Doctor bags. LULW dragothicx: Stimpak… not in hardcore PepeLaugh Ringguni: not in hardcore purple_flavor: use doctor’s bag nameIesshero: go sell some stuff and pay doc halawaya119: @Elajjaz silly boi playing silly mode StrongNico: nice greyfacenospace123: danO Gustavus_Anonus: PepeLaugh You busted your leg for 19 bullets bhpaulcar: wasted OMEGALUL Elvem: Pog has a doctors bag siswara: Make the game enjoyable Fluid1337: HE UNDERSTANDS NOW PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW jklob: pepeJAM Binfz: WASTED LULW talkman_: wasted LULW Ageingyoungrebel: crippled already LULW MidgetDude110: Pog Zaraji: you used two cirSlain retro_raiden: @fluid1337 💖 nepSmug / holdyourfire: Pog Lexor757: WASTED OMEGALUL 五十八: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: yes AkiraJkr: WASTED LULW TomppiZ: LUL TheH3llraiser: WASTE LULW y_u_dodiz: danDead angryj0nes: Still in tutorial and already dying LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW captain_elsewhere: 10hp elaKek Doomerttv: yes StrongNico: used 3 BearackObama: WASTED LULW Lukasbech: WASTED OMEGADOWN casanova_wong: X_X Mac_Moneysac: he used 2 doctors bags right?^^ MidgetDude110: Pog WASTED IT Pog waywai: WASTED hardmika: Hi Lagalla: Clap Clap Clap Clap KrazyShark: @Elajjaz why are you playing hardcore on your first playthrough dude LULW DenTza: WASTED LULW dYnAm1c92: wasted one TheGunWizard_: Yes M1ndFlow: wasted greyfacenospace123: wasted Fluid1337: WASTED LULW Nopileos: wasted Meximus322: no more doctors bags PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: danP Hollow4thewat: You wasted 2 on leg Germy_ranch: WASTED LULW Elvem: LULW WASTED Fluid1337: X_X Ageingyoungrebel: DYING IN TUTORIAL OMEGALUL AurbisDragon: panicBasket Clap siswara: Turn it off so you can move forward and do stuff in the game y_u_dodiz: OMEGADOWN Shortpancakes: there is no reason to play this game in hardcore on your first playthrough Falact: FeelsPepoMan Gumma: You can always turn hardcore off 🙂 hayesnasty: just play regular for first time imo bhpaulcar: nice medecine OMEGALUL Lochness1: NOW SLEEP salpo_nolobio: MaN toastertoastey: MaN Lexor757: Drink/eat y_u_dodiz: PepeHands dustings1234: eat food redd1400: Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Emote only please @Elajjaz Giacomand: @Elajjaz eat stuff Toplay92: eat and drink talkman_: SUPA STIMPAK ZULUL DeadBart: You’re fine Ela just keep walking on mines and you’ll eventually become immune to them Kapp JordanPovey: ZULUL SUPA STIMPAK Lady_of_Darkness: Drink? ppBeer Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Toplay92: so mald LUL MrBrrumpkins: drink water from goodsrings source Lagunaab: pay attention to your survival mode WarlikePacific: @elajjaz you can also hotkey stimpaks fatpep: @Elajjaz sleep till day toastertoastey: Kapp Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Elvem: elaK Ageingyoungrebel: Kapp Jaargan: elaK DrayQ: is there a modlist? LickMyPretzel: Kapp HotFireZ: Kapp Nopileos: elaK Meximus322: elaK Giacomand: Kapp bhpaulcar: don’t read chat 😡 Da_Flanker: atpCap Remedy020: Kapp 3v0id: Kapp Crossjaw: ELA PLEASE DO NOT PLAY HARDCORE Skorpion9987: stay hydrated PepeLaugh last_whoa: elaRee holdyourfire: monkaS funnyginsan: hes playing hardcore on his first playthrough? Lukasbech: Kapp sloggyx: hardcore in fallout kinda sucks if you ask me LUL AkiraJkr: Kapp eliastheepicgamer: Kappa only mode please Nopileos: Kapp Maceron4444: the beakseat bois siswara: Turn off hardcore pls Mac_Moneysac: where does he see his hunger/thirst even? Seikisu: pepeJAM bhpaulcar: @funnyginsan yes easyeasy: just don’t read chat 4HEad Elvem: Hardcore is great LULW AkiraJkr: Hardcore OMEGALUL SnarksterJr: PepeHands i cant sleep Annonn140: hardcore is a bad meme Legi_: PepeLaugh 👉 💉 💊 Ellycat1: You can’t sleep or freddie will get you monkaW Azure_Felt: u can’t sleep elaHmm too much coffee PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: guy LULW Rymm_: pepeJAM sjuften_: monkaW Zalinero_: emote only is torture cause no bttv/ffz emotes Doomerttv: pepeJAMMER Da_Flanker: It will get better don’t worry WrestlerBot2000: “Garry, come over here, I wanna eat you.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 49 Ageingyoungrebel: monkaW Lexor757: monkaW Lady_of_Darkness: @Elajjaz Dont read this or all nepSmug will die monkaW :knife: Karv3rr: D: y_u_dodiz: monkaS samsususu: monkaS SnarksterJr: @Mac_Moneysac its in the inventory Armored_Guy: D: Nopileos: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW Zaraji: monkaW Gojirakunpls: Why Hardcore PepeLaugh he’s just squirming around helplessly PepeLaugh Xerenix: monkaW fatpep: monkaW cm_3_: cm_3_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! Crossjaw: Hardcore NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis dustings1234: D: easyeasy: monkaW DenTza: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW Marqlaurd23: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: @cm_3_ Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM samsususu: monkaW Colroyds: monkaW brot_ok: forsenS Nopileos: SUB HYPE cm_3_ PogChamp KingMidas133: monkaW tutufuzi: monkaS holdyourfire: ssshhhhh Seikisu: monkaS Elvem: monkaW Fluid1337: monkaW leonchroi: ariW greyfacenospace123: danS holdyourfire: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz you can disarm mines btw elaHAA bighatjack: power gangers monkaX Glenshane: monkaW Liprez: monkaW Lagunaab: get mah friends nameIesshero: D: redzero033: TriHard Da_Flanker: What a punk DenTza: monkaW monkaW Tree60noscoped: monkaS ViveLaDissidence: monkaW y_u_dodiz: LULW Nopileos: monkaW DrGinezis: monkaW REMUSXXXL: monkaS andrewidtheboss: btw happy 4th everyone Kouwell: monkaS lechugah: monkaW Kunno1100: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW fatpep: LULW ElaPls Remedy020: KILL HIM REE Nellis__: Go north east, completely safe and secure LUL Fluid1337: HIDING LULW Qviss: LULW HotFireZ: ElaPls Armored_Guy: and he off Fluid1337: LULW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Ageingyoungrebel: tunnel snakes monkaW Fluid1337: ElaPls ToneBacas: such sass on her PogChamp greyfacenospace123: danO siswara: I want to watch you go to the rest of New Vegas and hardcore will make first timers very slow Maceron4444: SHE SAID GET OUT AND HE LEFT LUL sjuften_: Chag Azure_Felt: pepeJAMMER fatpep: Clap Mac_Moneysac: trudy=total BA Pog Elvem: Level up Pog Annonn140: KKona Bxadd: Pog last_whoa: Chag retro_raiden: rude elaFeels AurbisDragon: Clap Clap Clap Nopileos: Chag Lady_of_Darkness: Ding PogU Lukasbech: DING Qviss: she said no and he left Toplay92: so dark LUL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SnarksterJr: Pog Bloodhit: Get more Surviaval elaKek NerdIRage: week ago xxx_t_e_n_t_a_c_i_o_n: bad MaN AurbisDragon: Ringo probably stepped on some mines. tutufuzi: ringo star Pog Abdiel_Kavash: the la le lu lay low? D: WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Maceron4444: LUL LickMyPretzel: yes TorvaM: no Bieberhunter: I am 🙂 AurbisDragon: No I would die. AkiraJkr: no Da_Flanker: No Gorhob: monkaS easyeasy: Abdiel_Kavash METAL GEAR monkaW dYnAm1c92: yes Nopileos: no SiloWang: no Doomerttv: Yes 🙂 Elvem: No Xerenix: Would be nice Falact: yes 🙂 Armored_Guy: no 🙂 Lady_of_Darkness: monkaW talkman_: no Bottletoke: Would be awesome skraalQ: yes 🙂 Maffia171: no Qviss: no Claidheamh_Mor: Snitched Pog Colroyds: yes 🙂 Seikisu: no saudipunk97: NO Nopileos: No HugeEugene: monkaW Brunault_: no 🙂 holdyourfire: no MonoSync: PepeLaugh HotFireZ: yes 🙂 wandering_pleb: monkaW Kopffeine: Alabama? Germy_ranch: yes 🙂 DenTza: NO mobkaW Annonn140: you mean in NA LULW MainMercLobo: syria yeah 🙂 Zarkellos: yeah it would be amazing TheGunWizard_: Yes HugeEugene: monkaW NO Piesito0: yeah it’s murica J0hnnyBlade: on the hill KKool dadadadadadaaaaaa Meme_l0rd_Oloxim: yes dustings1234: yeh DenTza: NO monkaW Sayce: id be dead in a day yung_homie_stef: yeh 🙂 Lagunaab: yes i would die within 24 hours Flashforward: aright OMEGALUL Lycan3303: its American is right now Kappa Jaargan: yes 🙂 Xerenix: I would build a town on a atomic bomb and i’ll be fine Zaraji: it will happen monkaW easyeasy: would be boring af so no 🙂 DrayQ: is there a list of mods you use @Elajjaz ? R_iryh: No because Cazadores xD absolutely_not_haram: it will take him an hour to figure out caravan game 🙂 TheDankDemon: we do BibleThump SnarksterJr: !mods @DrayQ WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Fluid1337: just murica you mean KKona Kapp SiloWang: i’d sex everyone hard 🙂 Virhaed: PepeLaugh redzero033: gachiBASS y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS zaeta__: LULW TorvaM: elaKek Plasmafenix: gachiHYPER Sephirothang: gachiBASS Da_Flanker: LULW Azure_Felt: elaMad AkiraJkr: LULW Hardcore Geneziz_: LULW AurbisDragon: THIS SONG BANGER ALERT Nopileos: LULW DrayQ: @SnarksterJr thanks:( Kopffeine: Jesus knows KKona ZergistheWord: LUL KitKat Fluid1337: BAD ENDING LULW Binfz: PepeLaugh they know MainMercLobo: GOD KNOWS PepeLaugh fatpep: LULW KARMA AkiraJkr: God knows Abyssadin: God does Jaargan: elaKek Legi_: TriHard free stuf wandering_pleb: dirty thief elaD Taskupikachu: Karma knows everything Royale_Tea: God Knows 😡 ZeroKiwi: that’s not how karma works lol StarPogPlatinum: Bad karma 😡 Lexikun: You do wevie1: just be bad tigeralum11: God does Kappa DaniloMata: you know 11qq2w: god knows Halfpint_Sapper: You know, though. Dreadknight297: the world know! last_whoa: man upstairs knows LULW Khosm_: Karma does not care bhpaulcar: i know 🙂 Zalinero_: god sees everything elaMad talkman_: jesus knows daso: karma resides in yourself 🙂 Grumpypie: jesus knows DrHax_: KArma god know tho danKEK littlebambiruthless: GOD KNOWS LUL saugo: God Knows Maceron4444: god is watching monkaS ar_Tekko: god knows Kappa Elvem: RIP KARMA PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Mr4Fawkes: buddha knows ela LUL VauntDanial: Its Karma God knows LULW Doomerttv: GOD KNOWS KKona SittingOx: 😡 Rememberme82005: GOD KNOWS insurrectionist89: 4Head captain_elsewhere: god knows elaWeird Doyago: karma doesn’t matter that much in new vegas StarPogPlatinum: Bad ending OMEGALUL Fluid1337: @Elajjaz But you do elaK Styil: reddit karma LULW zulfaya: karma isnt related to someone knowing Qviss: BlessRNG NovusAnimus: That’s how Karma works NotLikeThis vierdanck: that’s why the karma system in new vegas is dumb ates90: Karma doesnt do anything!! dustings1234: jesus knows casanova_wong: Who needs Karma PunOko Lagunaab: god i would kill for some whiskey right now ptterrag: BAD KARMA INC KKona そもかわ: Trump knows jackdulahan: fck karma DendiFace MORFHI: red karma LULW halloni: JESUS KNOWS 😡 Fluid1337: GOD KNOWS nepSmug bhpaulcar: G OMEGALUL D Germy_ranch: Karma not faction alekzander_1234: BlessRNG Virhaed: KARMA PepeLaugh 👉 📉 1mpolar: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon:>new guy comes into town>everything goes missing SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Draftingle: but karma does Kappa wotebi: karma doesnt matter Kunno1100: PepeLaugh Vock186: cirD Akaylass: hacking system is ass NotLikeThis ZergistheWord: KITKAT STORY ALL OVER AGAIN LULW Flashforward: I need a password gachiBASS Qviss: see you in reddit Xerenix: @Elajjaz Jesus is watching and he’s disappointed in you elaWeird Reddinator: PepeLaugh oh no no no vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh HERE WE GO bighatjack: hacking PepeLaugh Gorhob: KARMA PepeLaugh 👉 📉 Severian: karma is not reputation in this game Lagunaab: this minigame LULW KingMidas133: PepeLaugh here we go chat AkiraJkr: Here we go LULW CultistCodi: Here we go PepeLaugh BearackObama: PepeLaugh Clap Fluid1337: PepeLaugh BearackObama: PepeLaugh ates90: savescum this easyeasy: Fluid1337 but he doesn’t exists elaHmm only nep can judge nepSmug Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaHYUG brejdak93lwo: PepeLaugh Teret1: PepeLaugh Cheeseek: HACKERMANS Bloodhit: Here we go elaKek ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh talkman_: PepeLaugh might as well save now ray131471: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: @easyeasy ofc nepSmug Nopileos: PepeLaugh slyster12: U lose carmar no one will trust you Da_Flanker: He’s just gonna randomly guess PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Turbulist: gachiHYPER halloni: PepeLaugh chat Gorhob: gachiHYPER Lagunaab: i have savescummed so much for these captain_elsewhere: roleplay and suffer or cheat and be called a pleb elaKek Nopileos: halloni elaHYUG Legi_: gachiHYPER Virhaed: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiBASS Clap Vivelin: gachiHYPER Akaylass: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh this is going to be good sjuften_: gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Nopileos: gachiHYPER SirArcoz: gachiHYPER Sven_sveger: Just turn it clockwise elaKek MaxiMHc: am i the only one that likes this? FeelsBadMan Rymm_: HYPERCLAP jormuliini: gachiBASS ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER aizawa49: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Duskfeld: gacky hyper wyatt123x: gachiHYPER knowledge_college: gachiHYPER my man Silent_WaIker: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP TheGoldenCobra: gachiHYPER MORFHI: PepeLaugh Elajjaz and puzzles Ph4ntomi: hunter2 DrGinezis: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Jaargan: jesus isn’t real chat elaSmile KingMidas133: @Nopileos elaCozy elaHYUG Postaratum: @elajjaz they consider this to be the best fallout LegendarySoulblade: LETS GO gachiHYPER Kopffeine: This TTS sounds like OWB’s Sink voice LUL Turbulist: MaxiMHc I like it elaOk Fluid1337: ELA AND PUZZLES PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Here we go LULW holdyourfire: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: the minigame is fine, it’s just hard to understand at first Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh OH NONONO Lexor757: 5Head Tirabolos: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: HACKERMAN PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: 1 INT HACKING OMEGALUL Lagunaab: @MaxiMHc i mean there are far worse minigames to be fair it’s just not that great skGGh: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: 5Head Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Silent_WaIker: LULW BearackObama: PepeLaugh holdyourfire: HACKERMANS Gorhob: PepeLaugh Royale_Tea: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh LULW CultistCodi: Here we go PepeLaugh Turbulist: 5Head I already see it vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh Clap DenTza: PepeLaugh MORFHI: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Skorpion9987: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh ray131471: PepeLaugh LULW Fluid1337: PepeLaugh LULW MainMercLobo: HE DOESNT KNOW TheLastZael: PepeHands Seikisu: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Wwaaaz: LOOK AT HIS FACE elaKek halloni: @Nopileos emilyYes Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL holdyourfire: emote only TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh tutufuzi: LUL Zarkellos: just click one word Canopus: OMEGALUL bighatjack: PepeLaugh ates90: PepeLaugh Reddinator: danKEK he doesnt know Gorhob: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh easyeasy: HE DOESN’T KNOW LULW redzero033: PepeLaugh Nopileos: OMEGALUL Binfz: PepeLaugh Maffia171: PepeLaugh DenTza: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh runnatikk: HE DOESNT KNOW LULW Gothicer: PepeLaugh zypnyx: PepeLaugh VauntDanial: He Doesnt Know PepeLaugh redzero033: Kappa angryj0nes: He doesn’t know chat PepeLaugh that_solid_dude: 5Head :wine: I watched Sam Harris on youtube and God doesnt exist Da_Flanker: Visible confusion CryptoXOR: LUL DaqqMory: PepeLaugh Lexor757: CARRIED LULW Styil: 5Head alekzander_1234: 😀 Nopileos: angryj0nes elaHi Heksyll: HE DOESN’T KNOW Xerenix: Leeed Akaylass: PepeLaugh lacks critical information PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know LULW Gorhob: POGGERS Rodriwastaken: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO KingMidas133: PepeLaugh 👉 ela13 Glenshane: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Ellycat1: Leeding PepeLaugh Jaargan: 3Head i never understood these MrMagpie91: Pog Saneokkk: Ela write so fast with, true hacker :O ZeroKiwi: select a word, it’ll tell you how many letters are correct MiKe929292929: @Elajjaz Just got a email being fired from my job WE LITTTTT :c Heksyll: LULW HE DOESN’T KNOW FTR__: counter clockwise @Elajjaz MobiusCog: Doesn’t know shortcuts 😉 Elvem: READING LULW BodeSR: Kreygasm mr vegas Stenberger: DON’T TELL HIM CHAT VauntDanial: Reading LULW angryj0nes: wow BlackupV2: he doesnt know PepeLaugh Irocam: 5Head AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know OMEGALUL ottorobago: setting maxmaxsix3: Mr new vegas Pog Irocam: LIDL Qviss: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing redzero033: RADIO OFF 😡 Xariez: 5Head Iroaa: SETTING holdyourfire: it’s Ph4ntomi: pepeJAM Turbulist: 4/7 letters were correct Elajjaz redzero033: Pepega Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Toplay92: ?? Justgo41: LIDL Reddinator: LULW Rust_n: FeelsPepoMan Sephirothang: FeelsPepoMan Akaylass: it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s easyeasy: ITS ITS elaHYUK dragonica: he lacks critical….fuck you chat bighatjack: ITSITSITSITSITS Virhaed: LIDLING LULW Ellycat1: FeelsPepoMan NautilusV2: !lead last_whoa: ITS Vivelin: elaHYUK angryj0nes: @Nopileos pepeL WrestlerBot2000: Ela’s trolling y’all. LUL AurbisDragon: IT’S EVOLVING Habitual_Balance: FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan DaqqMory: ?? wololopriest: PLAYING Rememberme82005: ITS Elizan_: FeelsPepoMan seqone: elaHYUK BritishPatternBalding: lazing? TheLastZael: S T E R I L E gachiBASS Da_Flanker: It’s? Nopileos: angryj0nes elaH wyatt123x: FeelsPepoMan Clap StarPogPlatinum: It’s easy when you understand it mysweatyth1ghsss: 5Head annjey: FeelsPepoMan atomicdestruction: elaGa 💻 Silent_WaIker: FeelsPepoMan ray131471: FeelsPepoMan ViveLaDissidence: FeelsPepoMan そもかわ: 3Head Hollow_void: FeelsPepoMan ITS ITS ITS T_Z_: playing for sure Lagunaab: LULW Nopileos: FeelsPepoMan Seikisu: FeelsPepoMan its its its its Jaargan: elaGa elaGa elaGa Glenshane: IT’S gravesend: BLAZING insurrectionist89: Ela self-destruct LUL Lady_of_Darkness: elaGa Zarkellos: BTW, this is the same for Fallout 3 LegendarySoulblade: FeelsPepoMan Clap mougas87: sewtting Wwaaaz: Chat he doesn’t know how to do it properly PepeLaugh ToxxicWaffle: @Elajjaz playing Xerenix: FeelsPepoMan Fluid1337: elaGa lightsoda: FeelsPepoMan feelsbadman1337: ????????????????????????? OMEGLOL MrMagpie91: LIDL Silent_WaIker: FeelsPepoMan LIDL BRAIN knowledge_college: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: FeelsPepoMan mougas87: setting Xerenix: No 1mpolar: LULW ottorobago: Pepega bhpaulcar: not eading you dumb dumb Ph4ntomi: could be DONG AkiraJkr: DEALING? Sephirothang: LULW Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan tutufuzi: ading KingMidas133: ADING Toplay92: WTF KaitoKidShadow: eading is 4 letters huh? elaK Nopileos: ading Kouwell: FeelsPepoMan armorgear: playing ates90: LULW CANT holdyourfire: 5Head Flashforward: YES MartinVP: he is so special LickMyPretzel: a ding Reddinator: so bald LULW MORFHI: LULW Kuzulol: smoking Fluid1337: ading Leetrandom: strained Irocam: elaHYUK elaGa Xariez: KKomrade Lagunaab: it’s ***d**** VauntDanial: It is LULW Lexor757: its not reading or dealing aizawa49: a ding ? ?? DaqqMory: Ding FeelsPepoMan nameIesshero: setting? Prop16: its playing ela Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh onkelfiskbil: setting pyriell: lazing Khosm_: Setting MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL Chewbye: ME SMART FeelsPepoMan ottorobago: FeelsPepoMan Turbulist: elaGa Nopileos: Setting cutetotems: playing Bobanaut: waste Gorhob: OMEGALUL Kirzan: ?????????????? Sephirothang: NotLikeThis greyfacenospace123: danO danO AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL WASTE Fluid1337: OMEGALUL tutufuzi: LUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsPepoMan ates90: OMEGADOWN LickMyPretzel: dealing MORFHI: PepeLaugh HE IS UNAWARE insurrectionist89: ???? skillascii: SETTING DaniloMata: BRAIN LAG ziggyShock Zaraji: cirThink Junri: FailFish Legi_: PepeLaugh redzero033: ?????? Skorpion9987: 1head StarPogPlatinum: OMEGALUL fatpep: u u ff spkn_: yarthoOh Irocam: Brute force SMOrc HYPERCLAP cutetotems: PLAYINGG DenTza: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz imranimran: INT1 ViveLaDissidence: A D I N G=4 5Head Fluid1337: PepeLaugh Vivelin: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: FailFish bighatjack: Kreygasm nameIesshero: *e***ing Akaylass: so many ding’s PepeLaugh holdyourfire: elaBlind fatpep: 1Head 11qq2w: PepeLaugh Akosh311: lol Gushyblusha: PLAYING Xerenix: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: LOADING elaGa Lagunaab: ain’t that a kick in the head elaKek greyfacenospace123: danO danO danO danO Lexor757: 9 INTELLECT LULW superrarepepe69: STAINED Wwaaaz: elaGa Toplay92: SEALING dzemroz: @Elajjaz click on things like “( )”/ “[ ]”/ “” to remove incorrect options Fluid1337: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: elaGa elaGa elaGa Turbulist: PepeLaugh SHHH CHAT HugeEugene: pepeJAMMER DedEmbryonicCell: These are the easiest mini games lol Claidheamh_Mor: Setting 5Head wyatt123x: pepeJAMMER gild0n: sealing vihainenkampela: LULW carried Falact: pepeJAM ates90: pepeD Royale_Tea: pepeD Fluid1337: 9 INT nepSmug Xariez: pepeD talkman_: LULW Joelsh: pepeJAMMER kaskelott_: pepeJAM holdyourfire: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP Nopileos: Turbulist elaHi mr_chilingworth: SETTING Da_Flanker: Yeah, there like 5 songs Shortpancakes: A D I N G=4 feelsbadman1337: CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL CARRIED OMEGLOL redzero033: pepeD vihainenkampela: pepeD NapoleonStokes: playing danMAD Sephirothang: EADING=4/7 correct LULW Mannjik: room temperature IQ FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: ooh setting Bhdown: Setting shaunmil: you can get rid of wrong options Turbulist: Nopileos elaH elaHi Fellorn: get used to the songs LUL Nopileos: Turbulist elaH lapoutinemogette: dealing AkiraJkr: STOP CHAT Mezdizer: ElaCOOL greyfacenospace123: 9 INTELLECT danO captain_elsewhere: theres only like 5 songs ela elaKek Silent_WaIker: WHERE IS THE BIG IRON SONG cmonBrother MaxiMHc: Jebaited AkiraJkr: DON’T TELL HIM nameIesshero: *e**ing ates90: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: noo TheH3llraiser: LULW bighatjack: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh smileyaja: Jebaited BlackupV2: PepeLaugh Sephirothang: Jebaited BodeSR: FailFish Tree60noscoped: Jebaited Virhaed: LULW BearackObama: Jebaited Irocam: Jebaited Maffia171: LULW easyeasy: LULW Jebaited Nopileos: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: Jebaited DuoLancer: PepeLaugh wyatt123x: LULW AurbisDragon: Jebaited HYPERCLAP Fluid1337: Jebaited Akaylass: Jebaited Skorpion9987: Jebaited StrongNico: Jebaited Royale_Tea: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGALUL Wwaaaz: Jebaited Gorhob: Jebaited rancor260: Jebaited Lagunaab: LULW Nopileos: Jebaited Jebaited last_whoa: Jebaited BearackObama: Jebaited Clap StarPogPlatinum: LULW holdyourfire: Jebaited MainMercLobo: ITS A PAIT Araboth: LUL ChechW: EXIT runnatikk: Jebaited TheGoldenCobra: Jebaited Hurkeldurk: Jebaited slyster12: Back out on last trya do again fatpep: LULW Zalinero_: Jebaited JessJess9393: LULW KingMidas133: LULW Nopileos: Jebaited Seikisu: PepeLaugh lap KaitoKidShadow: Jebaited tetenqt: DEALING Xariez: Jebaited redzero033: Jebaited Cheeseek: Jebaited Vivelin: Jebaited Fluid1337: PepeLaugh Brunault_: Jebaited DenTza: Jebaited Zarkellos: BIG IRON HYPE Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Kouwell: Jebaited KariGrandi: OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: Jebaited CultistCodi: LULW Doyago: PabloPls MainMercLobo: PAIR zypnyx: Jebaited bighatjack: Jebaited Doomerttv: Jebaited BearackObama: Jebaited skGGh: Jebaited Annonn140: TO RESET casanova_wong: Jebaited Claidheamh_Mor: @Elajjaz You can exit and start over Turbulist: Jebaited Grumpypie: Jebaited Niedzwiedziov: yes they need to create a line Glenshane: Jebaited Fluid1337: Jebaited greyfacenospace123: danBaited danBaited danBaited danBaited Reddinator: 🛡 Jebaited VauntDanial: Pairs of brackets LULW Azure_Felt: backseated FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: they have to be duplicates Filo155: SOFT LOCKED WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Noiralef: Jebaited insurrectionist89: Jebaited Nopileos: Jebaited Jebaited Toplay92: Jebaited dami_exe: @Elajjaz You clicked on wrong one!!!!! mysweatyth1ghsss: get out and back in bighatjack: HAHAHAHAS MagicFrogs: LUL Turbulist: RESET BearackObama: Jebaited Jebaited TorvaM: @Elajjaz they need to be in pairs 1mpolar: chat WeirdChamp Lexor757: Jebaited LULW Jaargan: Jebaited ray131471: LULW Iroaa: SETTING ates90: Reset cutetotems: PLAYING kvxxh: exit LUL Seikisu: PepeLaugh Clap MaGiiC_SkiLL: Jebaited CryptoXOR: Jebaited Giacomand: RESET mr_adix: no, they need to be a pair of bracers Trickery_Games: 0/7 ates90: rest Nopileos: Jebaited fumaczi: exit terminal Fluid1337: PepeLaugh Clap zulfaya: exit to reset superrarepepe69: reset redzero033: RED BOTTON StarPogPlatinum: Exit BroqRox: lol BearackObama: Jebaited Clap akmannen: Hackerman Zalinero_: TRUSTING CHAT LULW angryj0nes: He don’t get it CHAT LULW Hollow_void: EXIT Akosh311: get out… Abyssadin: oh dear ghettoalpaca18: oh no Doyago: you can reset TheXearo: quit Gorhob: PepeLaugh tigeralum11: exit vihainenkampela: DONT TELL HIM KariGrandi: Reset Fluid1337: Jebaited TOO EZ ColdBlade: It’s Playing Nopileos: EXIT skillascii: SETTING Annonn140: RESET Glenshane: RESER AkiraJkr: [ ] @Elajjaz Flashforward: DEALING Bobanaut: go out and back Gushyblusha: _ _ _ Y I N G Kopffeine: Quit superrarepepe69: eset DaqqMory: PepeLaugh holdyourfire: Power button zulfaya: EXIT to RESET fatpep: @Elajjaz elaREE SET Turbulist: RED BUTTON talkman_: Reset Lagunaab: EXIT TERMINAL Sephirothang: exit @Elajjaz kvxxh: Exit out of the terminal Dreadknight297: de doesnt know Annonn140: RED BUTTON PhysiCle: Reset LULW Jojen47: same thing () or {} StrongNico: Power off in the bottom Lexor757: EXIT and start again Xerenix: It’s setting mr_chilingworth: setting gravesend: BLAZING ColtForty5: Hahahah superrarepepe69: ELA PLEASE RESET Glenshane: RESET! dYnAm1c92: exit terminal TheH3llraiser: RED BUTTON memao: reset redzero033: RED BOTTON . MobiusCog: EXIT ! runnatikk: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Fluid1337: reset tigeralum11: to reset 11qq2w: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: cheaters elaKek Nopileos: reset Lagunaab: EXIT TERMINAL LULW angryj0nes: He don’t get it CHAT LUL last_whoa: press the red button Gothicer: @Elajjaz quit out or you wont be able to try again Ph4ntomi: elaREE SET mr_adix: like these=>{} StarPogPlatinum: Exit and go back to it Antares053: YOU CAN RESET ZeroKiwi: power button Joelsh: like these ( ) @Elajjaz zulfaya: EXIST TO RESET AurbisDragon: SH KariGrandi: PRESS POWER Giacomand: @Elajjaz RED BUTTON Claidheamh_Mor: @Elajjaz Click on the power button at the bottom, you can exit and start over LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz double parenthesis right side middle ish Skorpion9987: exit absolutely_not_haram: red button Prop16: its playing slyster12: Back out detrimental__: setting MaGiiC_SkiLL: BrokeBack 4Head fumaczi: just exit zulfaya: EXIST TO RESET. Dreadknight297: dont tell him Justgo41: click POWEr button mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz exit mougas87: setting izairulf: exit and enter back rancor260: RESET snoopy_saiyan: Back out Nopileos: RESET elaREE Fluid1337: red button nepSmug Ae6is: RED BUTTON RESET Noiralef: BLAZING EzoinPc: If you exit you reset the attempts @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: POWER holdyourfire: RED BUTTON Zealot90: RED BUTTON Lexor757: hit the power button StarPogPlatinum: EXIT dude LULW letoucanepikmaymay: @Elajjaz Just reset Turbulist: EXIT RED BUTTON Elajjaz Ponthee: LUL KaitoKidShadow: red button redzero033: RED BUTTON knowledge_college: just turn off the pc 4HEad TheLastZael: RESET akmannen: click power button Araboth: @Elajjaz EXIT TERMINAL Ph4ntomi: CiGrip Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh PFFFFFFFFF Nopileos: red button Glenshane: @Elajjaz RESET nu_metal23: reset power Annonn140: BOTTOM RIGHT AkiraJkr: EXIT LULW zulfaya: EXIST TO RESET.. AmazingCarnage01: Red button Claidheamh_Mor: @Elajjaz Click on the power button at the bottom, you can exit and start over. MaxiMHc: SETTING LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz double parenthesis right side middle ish double parenthesis right side middle ish double parenthesis right side middle ish double parenthesis right side middle ish ISinistarI: @Elajjaz RED BUTTON Xariez: RED PWR BUTTON @Elajjaz ColdBlade: It’s playing redzero033: RED BUTTON – MORFHI: CiGrip vbaggio: setting Life_fox1992: clic on the red buton kvxxh: EXIT OUT OF THE TERMINAL alekzander_1234: Exit!!! Gorhob: ppSmoke Jaargan: elaREE SET StarPogPlatinum: Exit to reset it LULW DuoLancer: triGiggle miirioNoctis Lexikun: @Elajjaz it needs to be something like one of these 3 [ ] / { } /TheDankDemon: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: Karma PepeLaugh milkforhoney: 5Head Clap MaGiiC_SkiLL: BrokeBack LUL Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Elajjaz they need to be brakets to work nameIesshero: setting carlitoB: BLAZING Aranzada: BALDING LULW Virhaed: @Elajjaz it has to be ( ….. ) or [ …..] or<.....>letoucanepikmaymay: LULW pisyaaa__: Jebaited Akaylass: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Karma LULW VauntDanial: Pairs of brackets to get rid of options LULW @Elajjaz BlackupV2: he still doesn’t know PepeLaugh Elvem: LOST KARMA LULW Silent_WaIker: LULW siswara: Exit and come back toastertoastey: WHO THE FUCK SAID IT Giacomand: @Elajjaz try again captain_elsewhere: CHEATERS Justgo41: LUL redzero033: SO BAD LULW TheLastZael: lost karma PepeLaugh zulfaya: TRY again PhysiCle: 5Head DenTza: BACKSEATING DansGame greyfacenospace123: danO Xerenix: PepeLaugh ates90: Lost Karma for nothing LUL angryj0nes: is easy Binfz: advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 Qviss: LULW zulfaya: go back MORFHI: LULW KARMA GONE riyokuno: karma lost dYnAm1c92: TRY AGAIN Lagunaab: DO IT PUSSY wyatt123x: OMEGALUL cutetotems: it was PLAYING payprice: payprice subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! New Vegas PogU Oh My God PogU last_whoa: you’re not 5Head ottorobago: SO BAD LULW insurrectionist89: LUL WrestlerBot2000: @payprice If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Qviss: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing AurbisDragon: The first days were unkind to young Sarge Da_Flanker: Not 5Head enough Fluid1337: LOST KARMA FOR NOTHING LULW letoucanepikmaymay: Just exit out and go back in @Elajjaz dont use the power button Gorhob: KARMA PepeLaugh 👉 📉 Turbulist: elaGa Malding DaqqMory: Karma PepeLaugh bighatjack: levling science LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE payprice elaA Elizan_: you got 4 more tries if you try again ela siswara: You can use the curly brackets Elvem: EVIL RUN LULW KaitoKidShadow: Clap smart MiKe929292929: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Toplay92: wtf its easy af LUL Silent_WaIker: LULW SO BALD SO MALD dzemroz: @Elajjaz CLOSED PARENTHESIS REMOVE INCORRECT OPTIONS MY DUDE nock7urn4l: @elajjaz you need to click a set of closed brackets. Like [#%^*%] or (*#^=) or {%**^%*} Xariez: 5Head Gothicer: @Elajjaz you get all your tries back if you quit out like that MaxiMHc: 40 SCIENCE “FUCK THIS HACKING” LULW smileyaja: AlienPls fatpep: ElaSmash KaitoKidShadow: kick in the teeth GodDamSully: Hey @Elajjaz What you think of NV so far ? ViveLaDissidence:>40 science , give up on hacking LULW Legi_: DRINK ALCOHOL TO HEAL HugeEugene: pepeJAMMER siswara: Head to the strip alexei723: KARMA PepeLaugh 👇 fatpep: elaK AkiraJkr: Kapp Vivelin: elaK Xariez: 😂😂😂 Azure_Felt: i never used the ammo crafting PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepoDance Legi_: PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaK DenTza: Kapp redzero033: Kapp Nopileos: elaK Da_Flanker: Hyukerman Skorpion9987: he gave up OMEGALUL Turbulist: elaK Jaargan: elaK MonoSync: Kapp ok Xariez: Kapp dami_exe: there is none smileyaja: PepeLaugh believing chat letoucanepikmaymay: JUST RELOAD @Elajjaz spacefacee: atpCap Ph4ntomi: Brain is on cooldown 5Head talkman_: the cooldown is instant Wwaaaz: There is no cooldown, you just gave up PepeLaugh IBhunivelze: elaK payprice: New Vegas PogU This Game is So Good PogU nock7urn4l: elajjaz you need to click a set of closed brackets. Like [#%^*%] or (*#^=) or {%**^%*} AurbisDragon: MINES INC Nopileos: smileyaja elaHi Lagunaab: @Azure_Felt same elaKek Xariez: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Luvecraft: try 3 times then quit out to reset it andrewidtheboss: This music is the shit redzero033: STILL CRIPPLED LULW LeVincente: pepeJAM Ph4ntomi: Karma PepeLaugh siswara: Head out of this town Akaylass: cooldown period is only if you fail 4 times 4Head SnarksterJr: theres a cooldown if you dont reset with the red button @Elajjaz Nucleoprotein: Duck Tape Pog Febox: YOINK Reddinator: D: Gorhob: forsenJoy CultistCodi: D: TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Soadante: D: JaynisK: @Elajjaz How long ago did you play Fallout 3? Bxadd: D: tutufuzi: do npcs hear the radio? LegendarySoulblade: Wireless headphones are great when you have the shits LULW IBhunivelze: D: Nopileos: D: payprice: elaD Xerenix: PepeLaugh ottorobago: D: MainMercLobo: the cooldown it restarting the pc WeirdChamp Snake_w: D: JordanPovey: gachiHYPER YES SIR Xariez: D: Canopus: Lost Karma D: Cheeseek: D: holdyourfire: D: 0_jacket_0: evil gay last_whoa: bad karma Pog KingMidas133: karma PepeLaugh followgrim: karma lul zorry4badinglsh: D: Nopileos: D: D: MiKe929292929: @Azure_Felt no one did i have over 3000 hours in fallout and never once used it lol dzemroz: gachiBASS THE SARGE Kouwell: D: LickMyPretzel: you’re a bad man Fluid1337: D: DrMong: pepeD TheDankDemon: EASY SHIT LUL jormuliini: bad boy VaN Ph4ntomi: BAD ENDING D: SnarksterJr: D: Da_Flanker: atpCap Have fun with Cass runnatikk: D: MORFHI: leading 4/7 lets try reading PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: GachiHYPER CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN MrJoeNinety: monkaTOS fatpep: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW Annonn140: not crouching LULW DaniloMata: KappaPride Xariez: 😡 Canopus: STOP! D: HugeEugene: pepeJAM 👉 pepeJAMMER redzero033: BAD ENDING LULW NoodLeWrencher: ElaJAM Yaoo_: @elajjaz this is a dream come true Lagunaab: you’re such a badboy ela ela12 Kopffeine: DarkMode my man pleasedontreadmyname69: Sargent Deus_Ex_Nihilis: What mods have you installed Ela ? y_u_dodiz: DarkMode payprice: Worst Ending elaD maxmaxsix3: TriHard Cheeseek: JERK playthrough Pog Soadante: D: Woah pisyaaa__: Bad Ending PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh He lacks information toastertoastey: BAD ENDING INCOMING LULW Jaargan: SCOTCH Pog Reddinator: 3Head Artoch47: Look at your Karma in stats menu PepeLaugh NautilusV2: @MORFHI elaKek Annonn140: 3Head Gorhob: KARMA PepeLaugh 👉 📉 NoodLeWrencher: 3Head Xariez: 😡 You’ve lost Karma pleasedontreadmyname69: sarge KappaPride Azure_Felt: elaBruv zypnyx: 3Head daley_: elaBruv JordanPovey: 3Head ultimafia318: 3Head fatpep: elaBruv smileyaja: @Nopileos HeyEla Nopileos: 3Head Da_Flanker: elaBruv Hollow_void: 3Head life TheH3llraiser: elaBruv ViveLaDissidence: 3Head Legi_: 3Head Ph4ntomi: 3Head Styil: 3Head NoodLeWrencher: elaBruv Xerenix: elaBruv ultimafia318: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: elaBruv Xariez: 3Head Nopileos: 3Head 3Head Jaargan: elaBruv Elvem: elaD Soadante: D: Stop! Evelon2: 3Head AurbisDragon: GRANDMA IS WATCHING redzero033: D: HebbyCakes: i love you mr new vegas Elvem: Jesus Christ Ela LULW Virhaed: star cap Pog Lagunaab: isn’t there a mod for weather ? Fluid1337: @easyeasy So if nep is god, is she gonna force ela to play nep games after this? nepSmug Ph4ntomi: Star Cap Pog MORFHI: @NautilusV2 elaGa Falact: monkaX Silent_WaIker: DarkMode Clap ottorobago: TriHard Clap bhpaulcar: STAR BOTTLE CAP Pog aizawa49: play authentic US cop LUL KappatainHindsight: Sto pstealing stuff PepeHands akmannen: Nice Karma 🙂 Justgo41: Malcolm is comming feelsbadman1337: ??????????????????????????????????? kaarol91: !plan WrestlerBot2000: elaHYUK elaPlan Never late, always deathless! elaHYUK elaPlan redzero033: ????? AurbisDragon: DarkMode HYPERCLAP Redshot001: [Empty] CurseofSherwood: KARMA PepeLaugh 👉 📉 Soadante: DarkMode 👍 GymNation: Holy shit nice karma Akaylass: mine now YOINK sof006: So much Karma down the drain honoredsmiler: 😉 Gorhob: shotgun under bed Jaargan: reads [EMPTY] elaGa opens it anyways elaGa Xariez: monkaW zulul_vi_von_zulul: DarkMode filarette: STOP CRIMINAL SCUM nameIesshero: rip karma Sephirothang: elaBlind Turbulist: to me? FeelsGoodMan saugo: DarkMode HYPERCLAP slyster12: No one will trust you with bad karma Geralt_of_Syria: PogU for me DrHax_: @Jaargan as if you never do that WeirdChamp Xariez: pepeD Dannydevictoria: GuitarTime Toplay92: Klepto Simulator Kappa f_l_a_s_h_y_: NV Pog Reddinator: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! fatpep: TaBeRu bhpaulcar: why don’t you do right Pog Raydia_: well this was a dull game ResidentSleeper ottorobago: KKool GuitarTime SnarksterJr: TaBeRu Fluid1337: TaBeRu alekzander_1234: stop thief! PunOko Nopileos: TaBeRu Turbulist: TaBeRu Xerenix: ela12 Xariez: TaBeRu TorvaM: KKool Xerenix: TaBeRu ZeroKiwi: Jessica Rabbit song elaGasm stabogatoe: when is visage? Reddinator: 5Head fatpep: elaK Vivelin: elaK Gorhob: PepeLaugh Flashforward: 5Head Turbulist: 5Head Xariez: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head ScifiSaint: 5Head MonoSync: 5Head Bxadd: 5Head zorry4badinglsh: 5Head Akaylass: 5Head insurrectionist89: Kappa Wilze13: elaK Sephirothang: 5Head TheGoldenCobra: 5Head annjey: 5Head AurbisDragon: Here’s the plan chat DarkMode Clap for minor crimes HYPERclap for major zypnyx: 5Head Cheeseek: 5Head DenTza: 5Head Clap Da_Flanker: LULW riskbreakerz: 5Head Clap Nopileos: 5Head 5Head SacredChickenNugget: 5Head Legi_: 5Hrad AkiraJkr: 5Head ViveLaDissidence: 5Head shmobl: LUL holdyourfire: look at me when talking Legi_: 5Head zulul_vi_von_zulul: GOOD STRAT DarkMode TheGunWizard_: elaWeird Xerenix: TaBeRu TaBeRu NotMaloony: @Elajjaz Have you seen the new stranger thongs season? Its pretty neat Jaargan: @drhax_ but he does it all the time elaKek Remedy020: PogU Con Artist Maceron4444: man this town took you in after you got shot and you steal everything smh my head HugeEugene: Kapp s LegendarySoulblade: Chag TheDankDemon: Kappa ViveLaDissidence: mod seller Pog fatpep: lidl ammos for cheao Da_Flanker: Mishelantulous siswara: Head out to the rest of New Vegas @elajjaz more interesting stuff Brethz: hi sexy man Kappa Xariez: D: Ellycat1: Mishelanchelous Pog filarette: so that is how you prounounce misc.. Cheeseek: MISKALECHULES elaHYUK ray131471: LULW leonchroi: THAT GUYS FULL OF CHET OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: COWARD OneL1ght: use HUD mode, Ela Geralt_of_Syria: elaK Azure_Felt: this dude is a pussy PepeLaugh shmobl: He’s a trader, of course he has a job! drdeath7: Hi chat Hi Ela elaHi Nopileos: drdeath7 elaHi Gorhob: Kapp payprice: LULW Kopffeine: Guys is reading off teleprompter goemii: goemii subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! what are we gonna name our baby? Kappa WrestlerBot2000: @goemii If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM raider_unkindled: @drdeath7 elaHYUG Nopileos: SUB HYPE goemii POGGERS Turbulist: LULW redzero033: cmonBruh Raydia_: @Elajjaz well, Ela, I love you and your streams, but this game is just too boring to watch (and play PepeLaugh ) so I’m gonna head off for now. Have a good rest of your stream elaH last_whoa: elaKek MissFister: Hi I love you. Ph4ntomi: no, please leave 🙂 saugo: pussy armsdealer, what a world LULW raider_unkindled: idk 🙂 leonchroi: Suuure PepeUff ZeroPhil96: elaHi oi chat and Ela how was the horror game yesterday finished? FeelsOkayMan Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh mine now redzero033: FeelsWeirdMan AkiraJkr: New Vegas isn’t boring wtf Elfualoco2003: KKona Legi_: gachiHYPER nuts MaxiMHc: CRAFTED WATER Pog Kevintaku: i guess you can raid my fridge PepeHands Severian: monkaS Fluid1337: KARMA 📉 PepeLaugh alekzander_1234: stop PunOko Elvem: ELA LULW Xerenix: LULW honoredsmiler: Hey there 🙂 DrGinezis: LUL AkiraJkr: LULW vihainenkampela: lulw Fluid1337: ELA LULW Nopileos: LULW Wilze13: LULW Jaargan: does he know how to sneak? elaHmm Fluid1337: OMEGALUL Fluid1337: LULW TryHardTony: ??? bhpaulcar: overwatch andy talking about fallout OMEGALUL zulul_vi_von_zulul: Ay KappatainHindsight: streamer is a criminal PepeHands raider_unkindled: hey there MrMadakey: Hey Ela elaH MrMadakey: Chat elaH Seikisu: PepeLaugh HE DOSENT KNOW Toplay92: RObbing the whole town … jeez LUL Silent_WaIker: switch radio pls ela easyeasy: Fluid1337 im back, dunno Ela said once that he doesn’t rly believe nepSmug Nopileos: MrMadakey pepeL Fluid1337: @MrMadakey elaH AurbisDragon: Robbing the town that revived your dead ass OMEGALUL Turbulist: KKona Annonn140: KKona Ph4ntomi: Howdy KKona zypnyx: KKona Kevintaku: KKona Giacomand: @Elajjaz nice HP GymNation: Howdy Nopileos: KKona ViveLaDissidence: KKona Legi_: KKona Gatorsurfer: Howdy AkiraJkr: KKona neville_from_uganda: Oi chat, oi Ela elaH elaH Nopileos: neville_from_uganda pepeL raider_unkindled: Ela does this mean you endorse crime? Fluid1337: @easyeasy nepSmug wow CptFleece: Cheer10 Are all New Vegas vods going to be RIP? I usually watch vods elaFeels siswara: Rob some other town @elajjaz Fluid1337: @neville_from_uganda elaH Ph4ntomi: Pog easyeasy: neville_from_uganda allo elaOk / xDece: AAAAAAA THIS GAME S AMAZING ho_ho_ha_ha: THIS IS ONE OF THE SLOWEST PLAYTHROUGHS IVE WATCHED Seikisu: Sargay gachiCOOL Jaargan: Sarge the second elaKek Ph4ntomi: monkaW tutufuzi: monkaS Xerenix: monkaH Kevintaku: elaGun SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaH HugeEugene: monkaW raider_unkindled: monkaH Nopileos: monkaH vihainenkampela: monkaW Akaylass: monkaS Toplay92: i cant watch vods cause twitch says error every 5 mins… FeelsBadMan easyeasy: monkaH Soadante: monkaH LickMyPretzel: monkaH neville_from_uganda: @Nopileos @Fluid1337 @easyeasy hello bruvs elaHYUG Elvem: elaGun Landoy: monkaGun MaxiMHc: CARAVAN Pog HugeEugene: monkaH MiKe929292929: monkaX Binfz: monkaH BigBagieta: monkaH Elfualoco2003: monkaH spacefacee: monkaW Smoothstone: The music in New Vegas is so chill Nopileos: monkaH monkaH ArcherTyrall: Wow. Raftelle: monkaH Virhaed: monkaH HugeEugene: monkaH DONT SHOOT Smoothstone: vadeGun ZeroPhil96: monkaH payprice: monkaH LegendarySoulblade: @ho_ho_ha_ha Feel free to get out of here 4Head Kevintaku: monkaW MrMadakey: monkaH Canopus: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: gachiHYPER I WANT YOU ON YOUR KNEES BOY Nopileos: monkaH Ph4ntomi: monkaH Seikisu: monkaH Turbulist: monkaH Kevintaku: HandsUp Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh Elvem: elaGun monkaH smileyaja: monkaH Fluid1337: monkaW Jaargan: monkaH raider_unkindled: i’ll i’lll leave monkaH Geralt_of_Syria: hit or miss bhpaulcar: sarge RP Pog HugeEugene: amonkaH OK Da_Flanker: Beta response ZergistheWord: @ho_ho_ha_ha it gets slower Kappa Xariez: monkaGun Nopileos: monkaH monkaH captain_elsewhere: monkaW elaGun Azure_Felt: caravan time monkaW HugeEugene: monkaH OK Legi_: monkaH SkeletonKeyLimePie: CARAVAN Chag Ph4ntomi: DansGame last_whoa: yuri lowenthal Pog KingMidas133: caravan LULW ho_ho_ha_ha: LULW Turbulist: DON’T LickMyPretzel: Caravan NotLikeThis MaxiMHc: CARAVAN IS SICK Pog Annonn140: LULW oh no Wwaaaz: G W E N T Pog insurrectionist89: PogChamp Abdiel_Kavash: Gwent? Pog TorvaM: elaKek Filo155: gambling ultimafia318: FUCK YOU YURI LOWENTHAL Turbulist: NotLikeThis Siempresemeolvida: dont payprice: Caravan PogU Skorpion9987: caravan Pog Elfualoco2003: PepeLaugh Carvan Fluid1337: LULW ho_ho_ha_ha: CRASH INCOMING Da_Flanker: Children’s card game vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM Baz1S: gwent Pog souldedeh: monkaH Bloodhit: CARAVAN LULW MORFHI: PepeLaugh caravan SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: pepeJAMMER DenTza: GWENT? Pog Fluid1337: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh HugeEugene: monkaH DONT KILL AkiraJkr: Caravan LULW Xariez: monkaS x3kmak: pepeJAM TryHardTony: WANA PLAY gachiHYPER LeiHaut: Fallout NV Pog CultistCodi: Watch out, he’s got spiral power. monkaS redzero033: monkaH HOLD HUP Xerenix: PepoDance brot_ok: Lidl Gwent forsenKek Turbulist: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis doeskungenevenlift: pepeJAM metalmickee: caravan WutFace Trickery_Games: time to play some cards payprice: Caravan for Good Money PogU Azure_Felt: i could handle them all billyReady Schwirm: I win, I get your ass gachiHYPER Araboth: PepoDance Remue: HandsUp Annonn140: NAME DROP Pog lngleberry: HandsUp Sephirothang: HandsUp Kevintaku: HandsUp LickMyPretzel: HandsUp ? Nopileos: HandsUp TheDankDemon: GIGAAA… Binfz: HandsUp talkman_: HandsUp ? raider_unkindled: ela12 elaGun monkaH JordanPovey: HandsUp Orfyba: monkaHmm vihainenkampela: HandsUp Legi_: HandsUp Orfyba: cmonBruh Toplay92: music monkaW Orfyba: gachiOnFIRE Jaargan: elaYes elaGun HandsUp Elfualoco2003: monkaH AurbisDragon: The best hired gun in the Mojave HYPERCLAP Ellycat1: pepeJAM Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp TheDankDemon: HYUKAGE SASUKEEEEEEE tutufuzi: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog HugeEugene: pepeJAM Orfyba: pepeJAMMER FiddIeMyDiddle: Jebaited ? Toplay92: monkaGun monkaH Bxadd: pepeJAM Dannydevictoria: PepoDance Rymm_: pepeJAMMER imAidenr: @Elajjaz New Vegas ? Pog letsgo x3kmak: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER HugeEugene: pepeJAMMER 🎷 Azure_Felt: elaD Nopileos: pepeJAMMER Xerenix: PepoDance TryHardTony: ANIKI PepeHands Gojirakunpls: pepeJAM brot_ok: elaThirst raider_unkindled: Sunny smiles sounds like a pornstar AkiraJkr: Turpentine LULW ray131471: D: Motek: TriHard yoink him Elfualoco2003: TriHard YOINK TheGunWizard_: elaWeird EnervatedGaming: HeyEla akmannen: magazines give u points MaxiMHc: play caravan 😡 Azure_Felt: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: i fucked her with my sex mod 🙂 @Elajjaz TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Elvem: LULW Larg0s: O last_whoa: LULW BarbiexEdge: YOINK AkiraJkr: LULW 25 LULW Nopileos: LULW Annonn140: LULW not even 25 followgrim: lul zulul_vi_von_zulul: LUL ray131471: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW NOT HAVING 25 LOCKPICK Jaargan: LULW DenTza: PLAY CARAVAN 😡 Turbulist: ppSmoke casanova_wong: o HCSbr: OMEGALUL H Qviss: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: 25 nepSmug Falact: ppSmoke Silent_WaIker: MISSED LEGENDARY DRINK LULW SnarksterJr: pepeJAMMER ZergistheWord: not even 25 LULW KingMidas133: ppSmoke MaxiMHc: PLAY CARAVAN 😡 BluBlu_BluBlo: pepeD itshalu: @Elajjaz Did you played the newest Thief game? Da_Flanker: atpCap Ellycat1: pepeJAM 🎷 zulul_vi_von_zulul: ppSmoke stormblu: Ela is such a LOOT goblin at heart LuL Jaargan: easy elaKek needs 25 elaKek TeenyTinyRedhead: pepeJAM DenTza: 😡 PLAY CARAVAN 😡 1mpolar: pepeJAM Xerenix: elaChug Nopileos: pepeJAM insurrectionist89: CLAY PARAVAN Elvem: LULW LULW LULW Azure_Felt: elaChug Baz1S: ElaJAMMER CultistCodi: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: 🎷 pepeJAMMER daley_: elaChug LegendarySoulblade: TriHard Araboth: PepeLaugh ho_ho_ha_ha: CANTEEN OMEGALUL Elfualoco2003: TriHard SHIEEEEEEEET Ellycat1: cirTan Larg0s: HARDCORE OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL HARDCORE Da_Flanker: Sip some of that toilet water alekzander_1234: ASAP as possible AlexAnderman1994: chat did i miss anything intereting since char creation? last_whoa: just drink water 4HEad ray131471: LULW LULW brot_ok: elaChug Lagunaab: down some scotch LULW LickMyPretzel: blind? Jaargan: elaChug drink up BlackupV2: elaChug SacredChickenNugget: OOO boi he’s playing on HC Pog vihainenkampela: you’re playing hardcore? GL PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: eat a pepper PepeLaugh Seikisu: pepeJAM 🎺 daley_: find a toilet forsenWC TeenyTinyRedhead: pepeJAMMER 🎷 MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz purified water Xerenix: Maybe.. The water? DigitalZips: Just got here… oh man, Ela is doing the mode where he has needs like water? Interesting. Ellycat1: FeelsPepoMan Ph4ntomi: -1 INT 3Head KingMidas133: 3Head Cheeseek: 3Head ultimafia318: -1 INT 3Head siswara: This is why u needed that Canteen Elvem: Drunk Pog Zarkellos: drink sunset sarsaparilla its everywhere gagin5: Why you play hardcore LULW talkman_: 3Head DenTza: 3Head Clap AlexAnderman1994: ppBeer Nopileos: 3Head Jaargan: 3Head Motek: 3Head m8 Xerenix: LUL Blackbird_SR71C: – is good Hollow_void: WHO NEES INT ? 3Head Damejii: thats good Da_Flanker: Thirst EntropyFull: @Elajjaz satiates thirst Elvem: You’re less thirsty. AkiraJkr: – is good BlackupV2: it’s good Kopffeine: -62 to needs akmannen: minus thirst saugo: its salt water BlackupV2: just drink it Zarkellos: because minsus=good Annonn140: because it removes thirst TryHardTony: RADIATION Pepega VauntDanial: – is good LULW Deus_Ex_Nihilis: – is good Netharious: – is less thirsty TheDankDemon: CoolStoryBob followgrim: its good Hasuman: minus thirst Abyssadin: cuz its goes down Giacomand: – is good manguy17: need hydration bot MaxiMHc: – thirst Elvem: – is good MORFHI: PepeLaugh Dannydevictoria: minus thirst Cheeseek: – thirst Nopileos: – is good d3sirio: Reduces your thirst buildup, it’s good Celllie: reduces thirst Deus_Ex_Nihilis: + is bad raider_unkindled: elaHYUK ho_ho_ha_ha: 5Head TryHardTony: RADIATION PogU SnarksterJr: – is less thirsty brot_ok: elaHYUK Azure_Felt: lowers your elaThirst SacredChickenNugget: It reduces the thirst 3Head QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: PERCEPTION 1 IRL LULW LightningFoxHD: Ugh, now I’m gonna have to reinstall New Vegas. Best Fallout by a mile. Hope you enjoy it @Elajjaz Ph4ntomi: less elaThirst Canopus: elaChug elaChug LeiHaut: thid id modded ? AurbisDragon: well +hp is good but u kno f_l_a_s_h_y_: is this modded? AlexAnderman1994: elaChug Giacomand: @Elajjaz you can drink from sinks too Elvem: Just with stability mods Chat Da_Flanker: !mods BDSMchrischris: water reduced krazyshark PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Did you mod the game ? @Elajjaz AlexAnderman1994: Water lowers your KrazyShark levels bhpaulcar: it’s me 🙂 ho_ho_ha_ha: @Elajjaz please get a sprint mod or something 🙂 Jaargan: u better heal up before u charge into a fight LULW LeiHaut: @Elvem thx 🙂 Zaraji: cirLewd Annonn140:LULW PleXyaN: This is technically a side mission ultimafia318: Bethesda takse notes this is how you make a Fallout game PepeLaugh Grumpypie: thats main quest Annonn140: they went that a way is main TorvaM: you are doing a side mission Annonn140: yes Abyssadin: Well this is a side mission Plasmafenix: expect for this one Thepothero: no side shit atm PleXyaN: That is main Blackbird_SR71C: No that’s the main mission vihainenkampela: do sierra madre PepeLaugh hastrer: The Casino DLC if SO FUCKING GOOD Jac0bite: the one you’re doing is side Abyssadin: yes AkiraJkr: It is SkeletonKeyLimePie: they went that a way is the main mission Severian: yes siswara: Side missions involve you moving out in the wastelan TheH3llraiser: ghost town quest is side yeah Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Yes krustyyz: The whole game is side missions LuL Huntedspam: Huntedspam subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! go explore elaHYUK WrestlerBot2000: @huntedspam Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Huntedspam Pog dzemroz: @Elajjaz go loot the school Annonn140: its convoluted Azure_Felt: everything is side mission PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: The top one is tutorial/side , the bottom your main Thepothero: like theres a cave and thats about it Mr4Fawkes: all dlc are pretty good in this game Plasmafenix: PepeLaugh Celllie: go north Kap AkirameMiko: go north PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: The DLCs are top quality 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Giacomand: go north Lochness1: north LUL AkiraJkr: Go north ter_moo_nator: Multiple main quests Ela bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh oh no no no ChechW: North PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh yeah just go Annonn140: main quest will lead you cato____: you need higher level for DLCs though Ellycat1: Definately go north PepeLaugh daNohoLiC_AT: 🎸 RenegadeSK: go north on the road PepeLaugh Abyssadin: North Kapp Zarkellos: ?? why you don’t return to ringo? Azure_Felt: main mission is to fist the entire mojave gachiBASS DuoLancer: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh Grumpypie: just head north PepeLaugh sdpqi: go north PepeLaugh dzemroz: KAZADORS INC PepeLaugh Rndm_: This sentence represents a spoiler dustings1234: walks 10 feet, cazadors LUL TheH3llraiser: north PepeLaugh EntropyFull: PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: PepeLaugh cato____: PepeLaugh Andros5: save monkaS NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Rash05: PepeLaugh hastrer: Go to the Quarry @Elajjaz 🙂 you can get a good handgun there, unique PrienZ_: north PepeLaugh Legi_: PepeLaugh Naaslaarum: You can go anywhere Pog Thetazul: PepeLaugh KanzanZX: going up on map OMEGADOWN Thepothero: Yeah go north loool TomppiZ: Go north, there is good loot PepeLaugh EntropyFull: here it comes PepeLaugh 1mpolar: save monkaW Evillution: PepeLaugh DuoLancer: @dzemroz PepeLaugh shhh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Ellycat1: PepeLaugh oh no no vihainenkampela: go east of there PepeLaugh sdpqi: PepeLaugh MikeJewski: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: KKool Zarkellos: oooooh yeah north is a good idea siswara: I look forward to exploration RenegadeSK: PepeLaugh 💦 talkman_: Why are we PepeLaugh ing Night_Sparrow: Open world PogChamp RingusSlaterfist: RingusSlaterfist subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 23 months, currently on a 22 month streak! JOHNNY GUITAR PepeHands Da_Flanker: The world is your oyster WrestlerBot2000: @ringusslaterfist After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Gemsliketaric: Gemsliketaric subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak! Reddinator: schhh chat PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @gemsliketaric Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Plasmafenix: Remember to F5 every now and then @Elajjaz Nopileos: SUB HYPE RingusSlaterfist POGGERS ViveLaDissidence: Wait guys, we should hold our PepeLaugh , he must not know PepeLaugh maxmaxsix3: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM smokeybroy: yo chat stfu ultimafia318: PLOONGUH WutFace AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh EntropyFull: @talkman_ he’s going north PepeLaugh Lexor757: go north 🙂 cato____: he finna get explored PepeLaugh SamTheNoobah: SamTheNoobah subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 26 months, currently on a 26 month streak! Fastest way to get New Vegas is to the north, there are some awesome sightseeing places on the way! Ellycat1: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh @talkman_ bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh lacking critical information HardBamboo: NONONONO WrestlerBot2000: @samthenoobah After 26 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM kkoja: @KanzanZX OMEGAUP Biocola: Nothin will go wrong PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE SamTheNoobah elaA Annonn140: free exploring on hardcore monkaW DuoLancer: PepeLaugh 👆 go north illuminatieyes_: PEPELAUGH sloggyx: @Elajjaz just finished yakuza kiwami and i gotta say i cant decide if i like 0 our kiwami more StarPogPlatinum: He didn’t know PepeLaugh hastrer: he won’t pass the mountain LULW StarPogPlatinum: Keep going PepeLaugh Zarkellos: there’ss a cave with a lot of loot north from goodsprings razorxscooter: Hello chat and Ela elaOk , hows NV so far? atamWow AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: time to butt bounce up cliffs PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: dono PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: Yes PepeLaugh Grumpypie: go on PepeLaugh siswara: I like going to a new town Magilou_69: isnt this where?.. LULW ottorobago: sub message PepeLaugh Goodluckmode: Heal first T3kin: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: Some fine shortcut Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh SacredChickenNugget: @razorxscooter pepeL Naaslaarum: Rocks Pog MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh 💨 illuminatieyes_: LUL LUL LUL NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz Watch your health, Ela NoodLeWrencher: cmonBruh cheekibreeki00: “awesome” AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: yup PepeLaugh razorxscooter: @sacredchickennugget elaOk cirPat Azure_Felt: monkaW vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh oh NO NO NO StrongNico: stimpak! Annonn140: there is hidden stuff all over AurbisDragon: @kazador_official hastrer: QUARRY monkaW RyanLovesWeed: ?? NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW Azure_Felt: elaK dustings1234: just a bit further bawkDoit talkman_: pepeJAM NoodLeWrencher: elaK Reddinator: KKool wevie1: TaBeRu brot_ok: forsenKek Ellycat1: PepeLaugh Justgo41: there is nothing there Evillution: PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: KKool NoodLeWrencher: KKool Clap Colroyds: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: Advice friends cmonBrother Lexor757: eat/drink for healfth CurseofSherwood: KKool GuitarTime Plasmafenix: KKool AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh TheVangrata: Oh shit New Vegas PogU Yuggod: KKool Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Ellycat1: KKool CyanPhantom: KKool LickMyPretzel: KKool Nopileos: KKool Legi_: KKool Baam_0: KKool Polebegood: KKool GuitarTime maxmaxsix3: KKool ZergistheWord: not like this u are Kappa Monster5crak: KKool Clap RenegadeSK: KKool Colroyds: KKool Siempresemeolvida: go to the quarry WrestlerBot2000: 10x KKool double digit combo Pog Giacomand: PepeLaugh sdpqi: KKool GuitarTime Thetazul: KKool GuitarTime TheH3llraiser: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: KKool GuitarTime k0tashira: KKona GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: KKool GuitarTime Dyres: KKool Nopileos: KKool GuitarTime Keltai_: pepeJAM Toplay92: KKool Turbulist: KKool GuitarTime StrongNico: Jebaited ultimafia318: KKool GuitarTime TorvaM: KKool GuitarTime AkiraJkr: KKona Huntedspam: PepoDance Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Elvem: Cazedors PepeLaugh Karasis10: danKona vihainenkampela: KKool GuitarTime AlexAnderman1994: KKool GuitarTime talkman_: KKool Monster5crak: KKona GuitarTime Nopileos: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime yung_rofka: heal ursefl muh dude Mrtriggahigga: KKool GuitarTime ScifiSaint: dis my jam KKona Colroyds: PepeLaugh Covaleskii: fuck yeah cazadores AkiraJkr: You don’t LULW EntropyFull: just pee JustDoIt @Elajjaz bhpaulcar: just drink 4HEad 1ikolocol1: KKool GuitarTime Jaargan: KKool Turbulist: Canteen PepeLaugh Justgo41: buy water sekz: bawkEZ GuitarTime PabloPls dilvot: ElaJAMMER MainMercLobo: piss ? WeirdChamp Plasmafenix: You had the cheat canteen Giacomand: @Elajjaz drink from the sink FitoBurrito: Pee in mouth 🙂 DuoLancer: PepeLaugh 💦 here you go StrongNico: The goodsprings source AurbisDragon: but my ??? is going under ???? ??????? ??? SkeletonKeyLimePie: toilet 🙂 ultimafia318: just drink your own piss @Elajjaz AkiraJkr: You threw away your only water source LULW Monster5crak: canteen PepeLaugh Larg0s: thats what toilets are for 🙂 rainmanz: KKool GuitarTime captain_elsewhere: cant make water only buy steal or find it ninjalive2: Middle is faster Kappa absolutely_not_haram: there is water tower ViveLaDissidence: Drink your piss like that dude on tv PepeLaugh razorxscooter: Chat has Ela ran into cazadors yet? elaKek talkman_: Drink from the toilet forsenWC JaynisK: @Elajjaz Just find some toilets DaneBoiMike: Heeeeeeey good lookin’.. DozzLock: yo had one pogu Ellycat1: Did you save recently? 🙂 sdpqi: gachiGASM Colroyds: elaGasm Giacomand: @Elajjaz you can just drink from a toilet 4Head WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: June’s Top 15 Twitch Clips – https://youtu.be/tyUGNqhKIbM Naaslaarum: @Elajjaz There’s a lot of cool radio plugins if you’ll get tired of vanilla ones Annonn140: not like this brot_ok: elaGasm Tiliger79: KKool Lexor757: Eat / drink for healing not stimpaks NoodLeWrencher: Just drink your piss over and over 5Head Annonn140: well it works too i guess EntropyFull: ElaSmash F5 xx_bersark: Never tired of vanilla AkiraJkr: North sdpqi: go north PepeLaugh TheSalikawood: ooh finally new vegas! Evillution: north PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: keep going PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Monster5crak: getting tired of radio DansGame Glenshane: did he get rid of canteen? lol Lagunaab: just don’t quicksave before death LULW RenegadeSK: he’s going north PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Elvem: PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: PepeLaugh AkirameMiko: PepeLaugh talkman_: Just follow the road PepeLaugh Thetazul: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: north PepeLaugh Eizen_5: savescum rooD Nopileos: PepeLaugh maxmaxsix3: PepeLaugh Grumpypie: PepeLaugh payprice: LULW North andrewidtheboss: Under ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh Justgo41: If you go there you are dead SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh 💦 razorxscooter: Just head straight to Vegas 4Head ChechW: PepeLaugh lBarnabusWizardcockl: PepeLaugh ottorobago: NORTH PepeLaugh Rash05: PepeLaugh Lochness1: LUL ho_ho_ha_ha: pepeLaugh casanova_wong: King in the north Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh StarPogPlatinum: PepeLaugh Celllie: @Elajjaz quicksaving is bad, it will fuck up your game in the long run HardBamboo: PepeLaugh StrongNico: Its neat NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO MaxiMHc: just go on PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: yes keep going elaKek EntropyFull: PepeLaugh cato____: PepeLaugh Binfz: PepeLaugh Liprez: PepeLaugh ChickenZePoop: KKool ScifiSaint: OH NONO NO chat PepeLaugh Reddinator: PepeLaugh schhh Mantaza: the graphics of this game really didnt age well Lexor757: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh ho_ho_ha_ha: PepeLaugh Zarkellos: yeah who cares just go north LUL Annonn140: PepeLaugh dzemroz: PepeLaugh here it comes NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh NO illuminatieyes_: LUL LUL LUL KingMidas133: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM M1ndFlow: oh no no no PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh EntropyFull: N OMEGALUL AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh DuoLancer: PepeLaugh its open-world do what u like payprice: LUL Zaraji: monkaW N3atou: Will ela play the dlc of the game? its in my opinion the best about new vegas Nopileos: ScifiSaint elaHi Naaslaarum: no 🙂 IRAGEQUEEN: PepeLaugh alekzander_1234:>( saugo: King in thge north ottorobago: NO PepeLaugh T3kin: PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: PepeLaugh Turbulist: NO PepeLaugh Justgo41: F in chat xx_bersark: LUL nibeio: no PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: No PepeLaugh Vandango: LUL zypnyx: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh razorxscooter: 4Head MrJoeNinety: Toxic nave0: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: nice Jebaited keep out Cage_D: nah explore Biocola: keep going PepeLaugh Elvem: DON’T TELL HIM CHAT PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeLaugh MainMercLobo: he doesnt know PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW Jaargan: don’t go north ela monkaW Nucleoprotein: F Magilou_69: NO PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP Leeegit: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD ChickenZePoop: PepeLaugh Colroyds: PepeLaugh Monster5crak: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Tree60noscoped: prepare your ass ela Xirn: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: TO THE PIT Xxhel: pepeLaugh RenegadeSK: don’t worry about it PepeLaugh maxmaxsix3: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM Kirzan: 😀 Nopileos: Elvem elaHYUG sdpqi: keep going PepeLaugh Fluid1337: N OMEGALUL Rash05: PepeLaugh oh no no no no no Legi_: PepeLaugh quote_me_if_pepo_gameplan: PepeLaugh HE DOES NOT POSSESS THE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED TO MAKE AN ACCURATE ASSESMENT OVER THE SITUATION THAT IS CURRENTLY UNFOLDING PepeLaugh saugo: PepeLaugh Xxhel: PepeLaugh GoodGuyEvil: quicksaving LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Lexikun: elaKek AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW Huntedspam: monkaSHAKE Zarkellos: ignore the signs dude keep going 1ikolocol1: bUrself Joelsh: PepeLaugh OH NONO Fluid1337: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM EntropyFull: PepeLaugh Podriquez: PepeLaugh Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh razorxscooter: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Lagunaab: do the ringo qyest ? AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP ottorobago: HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh Febox: PepeLaugh cato____: melee them PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaW DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh schwarz54_: monkaS tutufuzi: sure 0_jacket_0: NON NO NO NO NO PepeLaugh ScifiSaint: @Nopileos teftHi StarPogPlatinum: bUrself PepeLaugh Ellycat1: Wookies monkaW Wendell8504: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PleXyaN: PepeLaugh Clap FitoBurrito: Wookiees PepeLaugh xx_bersark: worse Colroyds: no PepeLaugh Motek: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know HAHAHAHAH Justgo41: F for Ela Abyssadin: what hastrer: @Elajjaz go to North where you will find a QUARRY, you can get LMG there 🙂 sorry for backseating krustyyz: oh nononono PepeLaugh Baam_0: PepeLaugh HardBamboo: S T O P illuminatieyes_: DONT TELL HIM 0_jacket_0: JustBUrself Vandango: Umm… Wookies.. yeah J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh DR_AGxx: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: bUrself Clap Da_Flanker: Mhm scary chewbaccas RenegadeSK: PepeLaugh 💦 Fluid1337: yeah just keep ignoring them nepSmug Turbulist: wookies monkaW Elvem: Wookies? LMAO WHAT Thetazul: SHHHHH PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh MaleFunction: PepeLaugh XxWilsyXx: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP CyanPhantom: come on chat this is telling him PepeLaugh armorgear: There’s a unique shotgun, go ahead PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Zarkellos: that way PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: no need to save PepeLaugh Hajitaib: PepeLaugh Nopileos: CyanPhantom elaHi NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES CHAT WrestlerBot2000: 10x PepeLaugh double digit combo Pog bhpaulcar: oh nonono PepeLaugh ultimafia318: HERE IT COMES CHAG PepeLAugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh ChechW: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Azure_Felt: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: F PepeLaugh ho_ho_ha_ha: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh mknight: PepeLaugh talkman_: PepeLaugh Nopileos: NoodLeWrencher elaH razorxscooter: No there are gnomes elaOk 0_jacket_0: monkaW Plasmafenix: elaKek CultistCodi: PepeLaugh ScifiSaint: oh nono no chat PepeLaugh Lexor757: PepeLaugh Elvem: LULW LULW LULW Larg0s: monkaW Colroyds: PepeLaugh 💦 Abyssadin: RIP ViveLaDissidence: oh no no no my ptsd PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP Teret1: PepeLaugh Odins_pecs: OMEGALUL XxWilsyXx: LuL Larg0s: DED ChickenZePoop: monkaW Elvem: F tutufuzi: LUL HardBamboo: R U N Turbulist: F LULW Nopileos: ScifiSaint pepeL Bhdown: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: HERE IT COMES CHAG PepeLaugh xantou: coming LULW Polebegood: monkaW usr_jacob: rip ela Zandr_Neox: F JaynisK: BUZZ BUZZ KingMidas133: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: keep on going nepSmug TomppiZ: oh no no no no UiVgray: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Worst enemy in the game Azure_Felt: so fuckin dead Annonn140: monkaW bloodcaleb: bUrself vihainenkampela: HERE WE GO PepeLaugh Virhaed: PepeLaugh Cheeseek: WutFace sdpqi: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL NOT THIS SHIT Jiucoe_9u4ko: PepeLaugh maxmaxsix3: WutFace RenegadeSK: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: @Nopileos elaH Strawie35: Rip thePUNisher5: LULW razorxscooter: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek MainMercLobo: RIP Nopileos: PepeLaugh Norttii: PepeLaugh Vivelin: roo7 Kouwell: HERE WE GO PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaWut last_whoa: CAZADORS MONKAw nibeio: rip PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: IKEALUL Lagunaab: RIP hastrer: CAZADIR monkaW Fluid1337: PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: AHHAHAHAAHHAHA MagicFrogs: LUL LUL LUL dustings1234: GET FUCKED Grumpypie: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: LULW Goobie_Force: Oh no honoredsmiler: F Kjoelby: @elajjaz the game autosaves at doors so save often when outside Motek: PepeLaugh Elvem: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP vihainenkampela: 1thi ko Tree60noscoped: not the bees WutFace sdpqi: F swoglo: monkaX Fluid1337: LULW sartorriuss: monkaW WarlikePacific: WutFace TheUnholyMagnus: PepeLaugh Cecilff2: PepeLaugh RIP seqone: Cazador PepeLaugh Luvecraft: lmao Jyatt: monkaS Scaythly: F Nopileos: monkaW CyanPhantom: OMEGALUL Rash05: ded PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: elaKek ButtStallionXIII: PepeLaugh Zero_Dois: oh no no no nepSmug spacefacee: LULW Skiddy632: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh RIP Disaresta: FAST AS FUCK BOI Gothicer: PepeLaugh Zarkellos: LUL Gushyblusha: RUN!!!!!! Annonn140: PepeLaugh oh no no no no no no tutufuzi: LUL LUL LUL AurbisDragon: @Cazador_official ChickenZePoop: PepeLaugh Huntedspam: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh EntropyFull: LULW spanishtanaka: RUUUUN Turbulist: LULW AkiraJkr: LULW Ellycat1: PepeLaugh he didn’t know DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Colroyds: he thinks this is it PepeLaugh payprice: LULW Justgo41: LUL troublematicc: PepeLaugh Lexor757: OMEGALUL Fluid1337: LULW Vivelin: LUL TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Pionside: PepeLaugh shmobl: PepeLaugh Kyucmbr: woozy PepeHands RenegadeSK: Jebaited NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Clap Liprez: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh sdpqi: PepeLaugh DuoLancer: PepeLaugh TomppiZ: LULW turbofacu: LULTHIS IS GREAT Joelsh: LULW vihainenkampela: VICTOR LULW spanishtanaka: DED datdeathy: LUL BlackupV2: PepeLaugh Xirn: bUrself Clap Reddinator: danKEK akmannen: AHHH IRAGEQUEEN: LULWW Baam_0: LULW dilvot: monkaW dzemroz: PepeLaugh spacefacee: LOL illuminatieyes_: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN Legi_: LULW LightningFoxHD: Nice. Lol RenegadeSK: LULW xx_bersark: north TorvaM: OMEGALUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Clap TheH3llraiser: LULW ray131471: PepeLaugh tutufuzi: died to a fly datguyzito: LULW olli2101: PepeLaugh mossa_san: gg wp .3 Meximus322: LULW dustings1234: F Fluid1337: LULW MainMercLobo: its VIKTOR PepeLaugh honoredsmiler: It’s talking to me 🙂 Araboth: PepeLaugh Elvem: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Bawlah: OMEGADOWN cato____: LULW ar_Tekko: LULW duumed: PepeLaugh Nazzet: OMEGADOWN Ilse89: LULW Nopileos: LULW Dannydevictoria: HES HELPING Foxydwarf: WutFace WutFace WutFace Thepothero: ahahahhahahabHa Covaleskii: fuck yeah cazadores ZeroKiwi: lol, the point J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh TheUnholyMagnus: PepeLaugh EL NO SABE Polebegood: it said keep out PepeLaugh Evillution: I WAS HERE OMEGADOWN saintshing: bUrself Annonn140: OMEGALUL Rymm_: DETH Jaargan: dead already elaKek MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh SSJSoujiro: LuL casanova_wong: there is a button to toggle running Flashforward: 👉 MaGiiC_SkiLL: Jebaited Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN 0_jacket_0: a little woozy pessikarhu: Ahh, cazador AlexAnderman1994: OMEGALUL Inertia256: Lol Azure_Felt: killed by wasps PepeLaugh Zarkellos: and there it goes PepeLaugh Toplay92: its talking LUL Abyssadin: Yeah those are Cazadors Fluid1337: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh JUST GO NORTH ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh ottorobago: he thinks that’s all PepeLaugh illuminatieyes_: LUL LUL LUL LUL cheekibreeki00: died in a cool way maxmaxsix3: PepeLaugh UGR_89: bUrself ftwitchtvvmodz: that finger LUL olli2101: LOST TO A FLY OMEGALUL Evillution: I WAS HERE OMEGADOWN I WAS HERE OMEGADOWN SSJSoujiro: Welcome to New Vegas Falact: heylaurenLUL andrewidtheboss: rekt CommanBear: +5 Pog Meximus322: Cazadors monkaW uncledickbutt: That point up LULW Da_Flanker: Victor a second too late mynameishenni93: cazadors are terrible lol Monster5crak: nope Secret__S: bUrself Scaythly: Elajjaz, if there’s anything you should know about this game. DO NOT fuck with the Cazadors honoredsmiler: killed by literally fly LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm AkiraJkr: 5Head ho_ho_ha_ha: JUST DO THE GUNFIGHT NoodLeWrencher: Pog Da_Flanker: Wait? EntropyFull: Chag DidacoWolf: 1000hrs btw Reddinator: 5Head RenegadeSK: lost to this PepeLaugh 👉 bUrself LickMyPretzel: 5Head EntropyFull: 5Head Abyssadin: 5Head AkiraJkr: Pog Azure_Felt: LULW Nopileos: 5Head Fluid1337: LOST TO A FLY nepSmug Scaythly: Wait a second what stunchman: worst enemie ever in this game haha Scyrol: 5Head NoodLeWrencher: 5Head Elvem: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. The robot will kill them. Sure. bhpaulcar: 5Head Monster5crak: 5Head Thepothero: north is great aint it ? @elajjaz Turbulist: 5Head Champ redzero033: 5Head Lagalla: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Zarkellos: oh shit Fluid1337: 5Head Lexor757: 5Head siswara: taDA welcome to hardcore mode Wendell8504: 5Head Meximus322: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: 5Head AkiraJkr: 5Head Colroyds: 5Head thePUNisher5: 5Head Da_Flanker: LULW UGR_89: Pog SevenStrangeMelons: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: 5Head mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: This is a real fallout game. He died to bugs. ISinistarI: 5Head Lagunaab: cadazor are the deathclaws of this game Nopileos: 5Head Motek: 5Head YES OF COURSE TheH3llraiser: chet has a shovel quote_me_if_pepo_gameplan: TriHard Grandgreg13: 5Head ftwitchtvvmodz: PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: Not here LUL Mr4Fawkes: don’t fuck with them like ever, Annonn140: 5Head lBarnabusWizardcockl: : 5Head Jdam_: 5Head JaynisK: When my friend first ran into Cazadors the first time playing this, I just responded to him with “Buzz buzz motherfucker” Meximus322: Stealing monkaW Tree60noscoped: genius Nopileos: 5Head 5Head bobbos: PepeLaugh sartorriuss: 5Head Scaythly: Nani the fuck AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Bobanaut: IQ150 Turbulist: Scaythly monkaH ? DuoLancer: 5Head blow yourself up Zarkellos: 5Head this guy Lexor757: you can buy shovel saugo: 5Head Yes this must be it Hollow4thewat: Yo @Elajjaz if you go just north of Goodsprings you will find some awesome loot at some tents NoodLeWrencher: elaS saintshing: just yoink one AurbisDragon: you could definitely jerry rig those stop signs into make-shift shovels. Legi_: use shovel chance LULW MaxiMHc: Cazadors are the best enemy in the game, no joke ho_ho_ha_ha: 5HeadHHAHAHAHAH vihainenkampela: D: captain_elsewhere: ITS ALLREADY A FUCKING SHOVEL MainMercLobo: who said its in the cemetery? WeirdChamp MikeJewski: @Scaythly nrdyB Monster5crak: big brain time 5Head Febox: USE THE SHOVEL CHANCE elaGa Joelsh: ah yes 5Head AurbisDragon: irl at least 🙁 Raiiyui: what horror game will be played? razorxscooter: Nothing like getting gangbanged and seeing your companions butt fucked by cazadors @scaythly elaOk TheGunWizard_: Its me 🙂 NoodLeWrencher: KKool Scaythly: Elajjaz, how early in the game are you that you’re looking for Pete’s dynamite but also running into cazadores rooWut Toplay92: KKool dzemroz: @Elajjaz chet has a shovel gulshan1: KKool sdpqi: KKool GuitarTime Evillution: no etg PepeHands Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime micke187: cazadors are almost worse then deathclaws AkiraJkr: tutorial @Scaythly T_Z_: @Elajjaz can you stream with a south american accent? thanks mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: Does he have wild wasteland on? Raiiyui: oh shit, then i have to watch the first part Espher_5: KKool Simon_Svendsen: love this game, i got +600 hours in NV FeelsGoodMan Motek: KKool Monster5crak: I’M GOING UNDER KKool FitoBurrito: Scaythly you never went north of Goodsprings clearly PepeLaugh Scaythly: Good lord, how long did you spend in character creation captain_elsewhere: you didnt know there were cazadores round the back of goodsprings Scaythly elaKek ? vihainenkampela: that’s good Turbulist: meeting people monkaW NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm HamerLUL: DansGame PEOPLE andrewidtheboss: Yes he does Scaythly: No rooBooli AkiraJkr: 30 minutes @Scaythly Larg0s: meeting men gachiBOP turbofacu: @Elajjaz when does the sun goes down in Sweden now at summer? ho_ho_ha_ha: PEOPLE WUtFace cyberneticz_: my brain is melting Jaargan: meeting people DansGame vihainenkampela: pick it PepeLaugh NautilusV2: @Scaythly about 40-50 minutes payprice: LUL sdpqi: Meeting cazadors PepeLaugh Monster5crak: PepeUff Reddinator: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW Larg0s: monkaW AurbisDragon: MONKA HardBamboo: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Biocola: KKool 💨 Lagunaab: that glitch Xirn: heartache by the numbers FeelsBadMan 🎸 Motek: Yoink that maize TriHard captain_elsewhere: pepeUFF xDece: Has Blue Moon played yet? razorxscooter: You think Ela is gonna die to a bloatfly? PepeLaugh Scaythly: I just beelined to New Vegas and looted the place last I did this Greeenspot: Followed just coz chat is pure evil n i like it 🙂 ultimafia318: HEARTACHE BY THE NUMBER Kreygasm NautilusV2: @Scaythly that is if i looked at the time corerctly elaHmm PleXyaN: Best song Kreygasm ho_ho_ha_ha: @Xirn Troubles by the score FeelsBadMan Toplay92: KKool love that song sdpqi: pepeD Ellycat1: pepeJAM MainMercLobo: top arrows Monster5crak: KKona Clap Turbulist: Pog thePUNisher5: KKool Annonn140: Pog AlexAnderman1994: KKool bhpaulcar: so what pepeJAM ultimafia318: cmonBrother TheGoldenCobra: KKool Nopileos: Pog Espher_5: KKool HELL YEAH Nazzet: KKona Bother vihainenkampela: KKool HYPERCLAP Da_Flanker: How KKona of you two Joelsh: pepeJAMMER ho_ho_ha_ha: KKool HYPERCLAP ar_Tekko: sterio SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz you want the cards, when you love gambling that much ilovehandmadepottery: pepeJAM Lexor757: its sorted by alpabate Xirn: each day I love you more FeelsBadMan 🎸 J0hnnyBlade: KKool 🤝 KKool ftwitchtvvmodz: dynamite PepeLaugh MellowMancer: A – B – C – D – … LUL Xer_0: KKool Clap Espher_5: happy KKona day chat! Ellycat1: FeelsPepoMan LeVincente: forsenWC Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz buy beer Azure_Felt: there was a free shovel in tutorial area quest PepeLaugh Zaraji: cirD OptimisticKnowledge: D: Ellycat1: D: wtf tutufuzi: D: Kunno1100: D: StrongNico: D: Clap 1mpolar: D: Nopileos: D: zulul_vi_von_zulul: DarkMode Jaargan: elaD Seikisu: D: NordUnion123: Grave robber KanzanZX: 5Head strats Da_Flanker: Rude Abyssadin: Thats not very nice AurbisDragon: DarkMode Clap ChechW: Does he have wild wasteland perk or not? SkeletonKeyLimePie: graverobbing FeelsGoodMan turbofacu: grave joinker EmperorMengsk: EmperorMengsk subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @emperormengsk the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Larg0s: FeelsWeirdMan graverobbing ottorobago: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: SUB HYPE EmperorMengsk PogChamp Lagunaab: keep in mind ammo has weight in hardcore so you might not wanna hoard all types of ammo Monster5crak: PepeUff AkiraJkr: he does @ChechW bhpaulcar: eat the dead FeelsGoodMan tutufuzi: mr god will be mad FeelsBadMan gulshan1: KKool GuitarTime ViveLaDissidence: D: stop him before he dig his own grave D: AkiraJkr: brb guys KonCha thePUNisher5: KKool GuitarTime Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime HugeEugene: @Larg0s being too honest FeelsWeirdMan Monster5crak: KKool GuitarTime AkiraJkr: Don’t forget to go north PepeLaugh @Elajjaz hastrer: sure you are LULW AurbisDragon: Dig a grave for the franchise. PleXyaN: stealing from the dead FeelsWeirdMan Soadante: 🐛 Toplay92: KKool hell yeah J0hnnyBlade: PepeUff 🎶 Turbulist: Pog ultimafia318: VARMINT RIFLE OMEGALUL RenegadeSK: yes you are PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: Pog boss killer Azure_Felt: LULW Zaraji: cirD Reddinator: danRE graverobber! turbofacu: STEALING THE DEAD yoyoyonathan: ???? PROFIT Azure_Felt: Pog ftwitchtvvmodz: PepeLaugh xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Use them to repair yours vihainenkampela: Pog ! VauntDanial: Thinking he needs a shovel LULW nibeio: Pog AurbisDragon: NA LOGIC HYPERCLAP absolutely_not_haram: you can use rifle to repair other rifles Annonn140: repair with them talkman_: Chag KingMidas133: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Nopileos: Pog bhpaulcar: snowglobe Pog Turbulist: Champ tutufuzi: Pog Greeenspot: [email protected] Monster5crak: Pog Clap Liprez: Pog Soadante: Pog ? saugo: PogU Toplay92: PogU MagicFrogs: PogChamp thePUNisher5: Pog ilovehandmadepottery: Pog MaxiMHc: SNOW GLOBES Pog Elvem: Pog ? Nopileos: Pog Pog ho_ho_ha_ha: Chag Annonn140: Pog quote_me_if_pepo_gameplan: RARE Pog Fluid1337: Pog dzemroz: @Elajjaz you can repair your rifle with the ones you picked up ftwitchtvvmodz: Pog wtf yoyoyonathan: VALUE Kal1m3r0: OMG this graphics PepeLaugh What is this , a 2011 game PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: ZULOL ilovehandmadepottery: MASSIVE POG Joelsh: ZULOL vihainenkampela: that’s your grave LULW AkiraJkr: 2010 @Kal1m3r0 SnOwBunZz: did he die already? AkiraJkr: also who needs graphics captain_elsewhere: 3 years before he gets the money for it eho elaKek Turbulist: Pog Monster5crak: Pogf ultimafia318: Pog CyanPhantom: Pog Monster5crak: Pog Biocola: Chag Nopileos: Pog Annonn140: PogU nioh54: KKool Motek: Pog Lagunaab: we mcree now FitoBurrito: Magnum dong gachiHYPER Elvem: Pog what Fluid1337: IKEALUL inc Jac0bite: now we’re a cowboy Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime bhpaulcar: “good” PepeLaugh gulshan1: magnum dong gachiHYPER NoodLeWrencher: Dangity dang dem music wanna make me whip our ma ol cowboy hat and trustly berta to jam along KKool Kouwell: BIG IRON Pog vihainenkampela: stealthgamesSWE ? dustings1234: Big Iron PogChamp ultimafia318: 2nd best song Pog AurbisDragon: NA GRAVES HYPERCLAP Monster5crak: KKool GuitarTime MaxiMHc: grave digger for a living LULW DozzLock: 🤠 Yee Haw Jaargan: magnum Pog DR_AGxx: TaBeRu ilovehandmadepottery: What are these graphics PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: that pistol is ass PepeLaugh cyberneticz_: No shame robbing someones grave. hoss87: hello lovely people BloodTrail TheVangrata: KKona Clap PogYou alekzander_1234: nice shop 🙂 turbofacu: in NA even ded people have guns Scaythly: Elajjaz, seeing as this is one of the few games I streamed and actually finished, I’ll be looking forward to this playthrough immensely rooComfy WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz CyanPhantom: it had to be KKona to be buried with their guns xx_bersark: @Elajjaz try combining the rifles to fix yours? dzemroz: @Elajjaz you can repair your rifle with the ones you picked up WerewolfB: he’s yeed his last haw FeelsBadMan Azure_Felt: elaK main stuff NoodLeWrencher: elaK NoodLeWrencher: elaK im sure thats the reason seiko__5: @Elajjaz what mods you installed? Vivelin: Doesn’t even watch his own mods stream PepeHands KrazyShark: use the shovel chance xd Lexor757: Mainstuff ResidentSleeper Mantaza: ela do you have the wild wasteland trait ? nioh54: @Elajjaz i hope you get to appreciate this game and its dlcs 🙂 Turbulist: TaBeRu DozzLock: lol this dude rushes main story Soadante: TaBeRu Scaythly: It’s okay Vivelin, nobody watches me ela13 NoodLeWrencher: ela7 wololopriest: Do ghost town gunfight first Monster5crak: KKool GuitarTime AkiraJkr: i do 🙂 Martiansam: Hey @Elajjaz and chat pepeL ELA IS PLAYING FALLOUT FeelsAmazingMan Wiktor7219: ela7 hastrer: guns condition in this game is such bullshit DansGame MikeJewski: @Scaythly I DO elaREE Flashforward: side quests are actually better than main quests LULW Snacko_Saurus_Rex: Advice friends PunOko 👉 🚪 Scaythly: WHY elaREE ceLaguna: Butcher dogClimax Pete dogClimax Whack Ela’s meat Da_Flanker: Martiansam elaHYUG WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ S_Darji: elaISee MikeJewski: BECAUSE I LIKE YOU SCAY elaREE NoodLeWrencher: KKool sodaboy334: !uptime Legi_: KKool WrestlerBot2000: @sodaboy334, elajjaz has been streaming for 2 hours 36 mins Martiansam: @Da_Flanker elaHYUG elaHYUG Monster5crak: KKool Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime ultimafia318: repair the magnum dong? Pog Lady_of_Darkness: This game is so elaCozy to watch ichabot: hq mod? Espher_5: KKool GuitarTime that_solid_dude: Skyrim with guns OMEGADOWN HugeEugene: 13 you mean Kappa Da_Flanker: Did you like it? turbofacu: 13* NoodLeWrencher: KKool hawt dangity dang dem song is jammin CyanPhantom: wait but did he find the dynamite? Lady_of_Darkness: But you are ela13 ftwitchtvvmodz: you now 17? payprice: ela13 S_Darji: ela13 +3 Turbulist: wait Scaythly you stream? Pog Ellycat1: On PS3 PepeLaugh thePUNisher5: ela13 WerewolfB: arent you 13? Remedy020: 13 Kapp Colroyds: ela13 + 3Head tutufuzi: in the future? Pog turbofacu: 16 – 3 Soadante: PepeLaugh Silent_WaIker: KKool YODELEHIIIIII WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Jaargan: ela13 Bieberhunter: ela13 krustyyz: I think new vegas is miles above 3 Terror_Universo: ewww Toplay92: Skyrim>Fallout SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz how do you play a game 3 years in the future? PulseRogueTV: FO 76 STREAM WHEN Kappa Scaythly: I haven’t in a long while Turbulist, it lost its appeal over time Scaythly: Ela Monster5crak: HOWDY PARTNER KKool OptimisticKnowledge: so you will play FO3 in 3 years Kapp KrazyShark: ela16 Chag ericdude92: bethesda games on ps3 monkaW Da_Flanker: 3 had a good world but everything else this game does better Lady_of_Darkness: !ff14 MikeJewski: @Turbulist yes he does elaSmile NoodLeWrencher: monkaS AurbisDragon: NUCLEAR WINTER Pog HYPERCLAP KrazyShark: !ffxiv LickMyPretzel: WutFace Scaythly: I literally streamed for the first time in months Friday ela13 BlackupV2: haha Teddym4n: KKona Da_Flanker: Howdey Pudntoogud: KKona Clap MaleFunction: WutFace Motek: KKool Legi_: KKoona Abyssadin: elaWut BlackupV2: ela plz Nopileos: KKona Annonn140: KKona Tree60noscoped: Kkona Lagunaab: then I can’t watch you until i finish MSQ PepeHands Febox: KKona howdy pardner alexei723: gachiGASM KrazyShark: rip bot? elaS Meximus322: KKona NoodLeWrencher: KKona you may Colroyds: gachiBASS spacefacee: gachiBASS mystickingfisher: creepy robot Lexor757: Lucky Luke PogU Legi_: KKona Espher_5: KKona Partner J0hnnyBlade: KKona bhpaulcar: @Toplay92 Fallout is a serie not a game PepeLaugh Karasis10: danKona TheDankDemon: MrDestructoid PogChamp MaGiiC_SkiLL: 4Head Nopileos: KKona KKona iceseagle98: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid Turbulist: Scaythly aww FeelsBadMan HeroOfThyme: KKona ho_ho_ha_ha: gachiCOOL DR_AGxx: howdy Kkona Remedy020: FeelsBadMan PepeHands TFW you know Elder Scrolls VI will be bad Martiansam: @Elajjaz did you got the perk that make the game funny ? elaHmm CryptoXOR: moon2SH KrazyShark: Skately Chag PWN3D__: 🎻 MaGiiC_SkiLL: MrDestructoid Kappa NoodLeWrencher: KKool ViveLaDissidence: KKona MrDestructoid KrazyShark: LULW KrazyShark: KKona BlackupV2: lucky luke Cage_D: ff 14 is for weebs franky_latabasse: he wears a cowboy hat and you don’t PepeLaugh ptterrag: rawhide claptrap KKona Lagunaab: @Martiansam he got wild wasteland Turbulist: MikeJewski elaSmile Clap Annonn140: KKool ultimafia318: better Claptrap Pog MikeJewski: @Elajjaz make Scay stream more PepeHands LuciusVoidwalker: elaHi ilovehandmadepottery: Robo fren 🙂 Toplay92: that music LUL Martiansam: @Lagunaab yep that the one Pog Silent_WaIker: LULW NoodLeWrencher: cmonBrother bhpaulcar: KKona last_whoa: KKona 7 Hollow_void: cmonBrother Abyssadin: KKona cyberneticz_: @mikejewski Nice name Nopileos: KKona Da_Flanker: elaSmile S_Darji: bruthas KKona NoodLeWrencher: cmonBrother howday brotha PurplePumpKing: The problem with this game and 3 is enemy aggro range reaches you before they pop into your vision. EleGiggle WerewolfB: KKona W Annonn140: KKona 7 Legi_: KKona Martiansam: Chat is this with DLC or nah ? Elvem: Howdy KKona BlackupV2: this robutt LUL rhodesianrefugee: KKool Remedy020: pepeJAM HellWhiskers: Modjave ilovehandmadepottery: What is ‘Kkona’ Melangro: Melangro subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! WrestlerBot2000: @melangro I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM Da_Flanker: KKool Martiansam: YOHUUUU Elvem: Are you going to play the DLC’s eventually? @Elajjaz Nopileos: SUB HYPE Melangro elaA 1mpolar: pepeJAM ZeroKiwi: uhhhh PleXyaN: That’s the main quest NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW 23edsa: modjave OMEGALUL nibeio: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: NA water LULW Annonn140: wait Duskfeld: … Toplay92: alcohol dosent hydrate LUL Da_Flanker: Just drink toilet water 4HEad ERRORCODES: ERRORCODES subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! 14 inches bigger, thanks Ela! elaDM WerewolfB: that’s not a good idea WrestlerBot2000: @errorcodes After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Legi_: KKona Hell YEA MainMercLobo: whiskey makes you thirstier BlackupV2: whisky doesnt help with hidration Elvem: PepeLaugh whiskey yeah MikeJewski: … Reddinator: but danHmm blizzard346: Where my Ameriboos at? pessikarhu: Dehydration Silent_WaIker: I SURE WILL PARTNER KKona Nopileos: SUB HYPE ERRORCODES PogChamp lngleberry: pepeJAM JubJubWantRubRubs: BROTHER KKona Fluid1337: uhhh pessikarhu: Whiskey jormuliini: alcohol for dehydration PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: err… payprice: Rush main story DansGame NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh dont tell him Abyssadin: Whisky makes it worse though Lexor757: PepeLaugh 👉 H2O Dismal_Arkt: KKool GuitarTime nioh54: they are Jaargan: elaChug WHISKEY LickMyPretzel: They are ViveLaDissidence: Ringo will live in fear forever PepeHands Elvem: They’re fantastic. Pegufitra: is this completely blind? Flashforward: some are good Azure_Felt: old world blues Pog Annonn140: finish the quest here first Meximus322: Whiskey for hydratioN? PepeLaugh Rymm_: DEAD MONEY Pog 11qq2w: better play dead money bhpaulcar: best dlcs in the series Pog cyclosu0: dlcs are all amazing dzemroz: do the powder gangers quest in town PepeHands redzero033: PogU Scaythly: The DLC are definitely worth playing doncallisto: CHAAAAT Is ela using mods for this? How many? The game seems bit different LickMyPretzel: Old World Blues is the best Silent_WaIker: KKool GuitarTime N3atou: the dlc ist the best about the game honestly Fluid1337: videogame logic nepSmug NoodLeWrencher: elaBlind faiz_saad: !uptime Legi_: PepeLaugh LuciusVoidwalker: so now you play fallout but not skyrim? WrestlerBot2000: @faiz_saad, elajjaz has been streaming for 2 hours 38 mins JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool NoodLeWrencher: elaK tubularjesus: pepeD sof006: Whiskey makes you worse Ela LUL NoodLeWrencher: elaK uh huh Scaythly: Old World Blues is the best by the way MikeJewski: @Scaythly nrdyB when is next stream wololopriest: You should do ghosttown gunfight for exp and reward paridisc0: PepeLaugh alcoholic Martiansam: KKool Scaythly: paissaPeek NoodLeWrencher: KKool Abyssadin: !mods @doncallisto WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. nioh54: @Elajjaz i think the dlcs are better than the game itself 🙂 AurbisDragon: DEAD MONEY Jebaited Splint671: ELA Blackbird_SR71C: Alcohol DEhydrates btw Kappa NoodLeWrencher: AYAYA ? Turbulist: monkaW Splint671: Did you just start this game? NoodLeWrencher: anime? AYAYA Feralio: @Scaythly That’s a weird way to say Big Iron Lady_of_Darkness: @Elajjaz What horror game later? elaA BlackupV2: tunnel snakes ruuuule redzero033: pepeD deluxnerd: xqcH xqcH WerewolfB: TaBeRu Da_Flanker: Dead Money was so annoying Vandango: Chat, did he start with the wild wasteland perk? obad91: @Elajjaz talk with the dude atomicdestruction: Dead money PepeLaugh lastlifetwo: PLAY THE DLCS IN ORDER PleXyaN: I thought you wanted side quests ftwitchtvvmodz: PepeLaugh hastrer: Moon DLC best dlc because you can get an AYAYA armor CyanPhantom: time to kill an anime monkaGun Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime pekkaatte: what difficulty hes playing_ turbofacu: @Lady_of_Darkness Visage! NoodLeWrencher: elaOP damn right you do ninjalive2: Rush main quest LUL MikeJewski: Scay nrdyB WerewolfB: OpieOP mkzkSeki: D: NoodLeWrencher: elaD Soadante: monkaGun Martiansam: nice gun LOSER elaKek ….. Kappa AurbisDragon: @Lady_of_Darkness visage (chapter II) bring_us_the_girl: D: 뿡토: elaWut elaGun BlackupV2: gecko maxmaxsix3: KKool Turbulist: monkaGun Lady_of_Darkness: @turbofacu Noice Feralio: Oh you ment the dlc, not a song 😀 iceseagle98: cooking stream POG saintshing: i always want to try this but i feel like i’d be missing out a lot of things if i dont install the long list of mods people recommended KnightxofxShadows: Lonesome Road>Deadmoney>Old World Blues BlackupV2: not lizard Mongrel567: lonesome road actually best dlc 🙂 YURA_RAKETA: 3Head AurbisDragon: PETA kuso_joshi: nice Heinrich999: A FOCKN LIZZARD SON namelessmonster36: Go to the sierra madre it’s a fun and interactive place Kappa AurbisDragon: D: WTF Feralio: It’s been a while shuyin_xiv: PepeHands Martiansam: geko 1mpolar: baby PepeHands DigitalZips: 69%… nice Soadante: AYAYA DECKO Thetazul: wtf 🦎 ericdude92: PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: @AurbisDragon Noice, thanks elaH alexei723: D: Vivelin: 3 PER btw elaK BlackupV2: that run LUL EntropyFull: Hhhehehe Pegufitra: @Elajjaz is this a blind playtrough? Reddinator: ElaPls payprice: elaD Martiansam: LULW Silent_WaIker: 3Head OI KingMidas133: PepeHands TheGoldenCobra: PepeHands CyanPhantom: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Kill all the younglings AurbisDragon: YUNG Gecko Nopileos: PepeHands bhpaulcar: D: delopterd: D: WTF dzemroz: D: redzero033: PepeHands Toplay92: his name LUL Seikisu: PepeHands Virhaed: PepeHands Elvem: Young Gecko Meximus322: PepeHands atomicdestruction: elaD alexei723: STOP D: Espher_5: PepeHands vihainenkampela: PepeHands ftwitchtvvmodz: wtf Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands S_Darji: PepeHands kaskelott_: PepeHadns downing55: PepeHands turbofacu: @Lady_of_Darkness more ela scared clips for the chat LUL NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands WTF Annonn140: ZULUL BlackupV2: PepeHands ottorobago: PepeHands Chiliad9k: PepeHands paridisc0: moon2D moon2D HOW could YOUU AlexAnderman1994: Hhhehehe ElaPls Binfz: PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: WHY ZULUL Montanaontario2392: D: Jaargan: ElaPls PepeHands そもかわ: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands murderer Nopileos: PepeHands maxmaxsix3: PepeHands CurseofSherwood: PepeHands geko20: PepeHands WHY KILL MY SON Kouwell: PepeHands aizawa49: elaD Royale_Tea: PepeHands alekzander_1234: 🙁 SnOwBunZz: PETA Gothicer: PepeHands MaleFunction: PepeHands sogg3: FeelsBlyatMan Martiansam: Y ARE U RANNING LULW Ellycat1: BibleThump Ela wtf Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Da_Flanker: What have you done, Anakin Hajitaib: PepeHands Jangofett160: Survival is ultimate RP skill AurbisDragon: He’s in rapper heaven now Silent_WaIker: LULW Aristotilis: He was suffering ericdude92: yung gecko? is he a soundcloud rapper Kappa Legi_: PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Canopus: elaBlind paridisc0: PepeHands Frosted15: PETA NOW d3sirio: elaBlind Elvem: elaBlind NoodLeWrencher: SUPER elaBlind last_whoa: elaBlind cheekibreeki00: AWW ela you fcker Azure_Felt: he was running to mommy PepeHands Nopileos: elaBlind izzied: :p ceLaguna: that looked like suffering to me dogFeels @Elajjaz tigeralum11: Killing children PepeHands wololopriest: SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER GECKO PepeHands Naniyo: elaBlind HYPERCLAP Jaargan: super elaBlind Soadante: PepeLaugh “16” Pudntoogud: no FO4 monkaW Elvem: ela13 turbofacu: super elaBlind Silent_WaIker: HES SUFFERING LULW Flashforward: 76 PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Didn’t even play the best ones LUL YURA_RAKETA: you mean you will play in 3 years? Vivelin: Ela: how did you miss that? Also Ela: I don’t need perception elaCheer500 NoodLeWrencher: elaBlind cant see, that u martha? charlie_occ: baby murderer PepeHands Vivelin: reward A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat! SLyDeX53: Cheer500 firs of all, what is the german accent on the british speec dude, lets try, ich habe 3 schweine auf meiner farm. and second, FALLOUT ? WHAT ? LOOOL 4HEad tito3211: Man I love this game but ps3 version was so scuffed Lady_of_Darkness: @turbofacu Oh god, love those ela scared faces ela12 Armored_Guy: D: SLyDeX53: reward A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat! redzero033: F4 sucks anyway LULW ftwitchtvvmodz: so its the same but different map LUL AurbisDragon: *shoots gecko point blank in the head* HE’S SUFFERING D: Traktorq: KKool ptterrag: you gotta play 4 after this 😀 Hollow_void: 16? but arent you 13 Ela? D: cyclosu0: man experiencing the best rpg of all time for the first time Remedy020: Pog 76!? ilovehandmadepottery: No fallout 76??!! Are you part of the 99%?! Erzentu: Fallout 1+2 were the bes tones, but probably too dated to play on screen NoodLeWrencher: elaD Vonschatten: @Elajjaz the Old World Blues dlc is amazing btw, and you should definitely look into it asap seppe987: thanks PrideLionYay @vivelin GoodGuyEvil: Thanks for the PrideCheers @vivelin smile 🙂 Turbulist: 3 PER elaBlind Lady_of_Darkness: elaD Ellycat1: PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaD mkzkSeki: LULW Flashforward: 4 has better gameplay but the fucking RPG mechanics are so LIDL WerewolfB: So, you’re saying you never played the masterpiece that was fallout 76 DansGame Nopileos: elaD Soadante: D: Stop CurseofSherwood: No Fallout 4 – lucky man Pog emicvi: Oh no no no PepeLaugh EntropyFull: 0% LULW Da_Flanker: 4 was ok with mods but vanilla was trash ultimafia318: 0% OMEGALUL AurbisDragon: GECKO GANG Dismal_Arkt: 0% OMEGALUL Jaargan: 3 perception elaGa elaGun Fluid1337: 0% LULW Framesterer: This is Survive? OrbitalSloth: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Fluid1337: 3 PER elaBlind Azure_Felt: elaD Soadante: D: wtf Turbulist: ElaSmash Silent_WaIker: F4? MORE LIKE ALT F4 LULW redzero033: LULW mkzkSeki: D: Bieberhunter: elaD Dismal_Arkt: D: 11qq2w: KKona ftwitchtvvmodz: LUL Nopileos: elaD elaD Zalinero_: elaD AurbisDragon: TO THE PIT HYPERCLAP turbofacu: PETA Seikisu: D: HotFireZ: D: 뿡토: elaD J0hnnyBlade: lol 4Head ilovehandmadepottery: ElaSmash Soadante: 🙂 NoodLeWrencher: elaKek Fluid1337: D: ftwitchtvvmodz: OMEGALUL Traktorq: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh CaptainOutOfTen: Every playthrough involving Ela is blind elaBlind Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN Elvem: OMEGALUL SYZ2: elaD TheGoldenCobra: LULW Hollow_void: LULW Espher_5: LULW Nopileos: LULW Dismal_Arkt: Fuck him up geckos elaMad Legi_: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW Toplay92: so weak LUL ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL redzero033: LOST TO GECKO OMEGALUL bhpaulcar: OMEGALUL Canopus: OMEGALUL Aristotilis: animal abuse vihainenkampela: LULW Fluid1337: LULW Elvem: NICE HEALTHY NoodLeWrencher: SO BAD OMEGLOL payprice: LULW MainMercLobo: R I P Kevintaku: and dead Nopileos: OMEGALUL Turbulist: ElaPls DenTza: LULW raider_unkindled: monkaW SevenStrangeMelons: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL S_Darji: LULW Fluid1337: OMEGALUL Ellycat1: monkaW Falact: monkaSHAKE Virhaed: LULW Azure_Felt: PlsEla ericdude92: OMEGALUL AurbisDragon: KARMA HotFireZ: LULW F0rbiddenDonut: danS Silent_WaIker: LULW 1mpolar: LULW pekkaatte: OMEGALUL HCSbr: Fallout 4 haters FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: LULW Zalinero_: LULW RantingDuck: LUL EntropyFull: KARMA LULW krustyyz: PepeLaugh redzero033: ANELE Naniyo: PepeLaugh Martiansam: soo many LULW LimmyLammyLlama: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL jklob: LULW Fluid1337: LULW mkzkSeki: pepelaugh PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaKek elaKek elaKek Abyssadin: PepeLaugh Vivelin: Pog PhysiCle: ElaPls Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek Da_Flanker: Oh no captain_elsewhere: hardcore elaKek Armored_Guy: LIZARD KARMA EntropyFull: KARMA LULW KARMA LULW KARMA LULW KARMA LULW DigitalZips: OMEGALUL SnOwBunZz: fallout is just TES in the future Kunno1100: OMEGADOWN JubJubWantRubRubs: DEATH LULW J0hnnyBlade: nrdyKek ilovehandmadepottery: LOST TO LIZARD OMEGALUL CurseofSherwood: REVENGE LUL IRAGEQUEEN: ElaPls Annonn140: LULW shenowepo: LUL KingMidas133: LULW MaGiiC_SkiLL: LUL akmannen: S P R I N G salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh DenTza: DETH PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag saintshing: KomodoHype Flashforward: HEAL BulgeConnoisseur: Flashforward Id argue 4 is not even an rpg but a straight up fps Slameguy: ElaPls saugo: LULW Fluid1337: KARMA LULW ottorobago: ANELE Clap WerewolfB: you killed their kid auroraxt: LOOOL sdpqi: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls Sohei4649: LULW CryptoXOR: LUL Ellycat1: pepeJAM Lady_of_Darkness: LULW Martiansam: RUUUUUN Doctorserious: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW SevenStrangeMelons: monkaW Lexor757: monkaW Fluid1337: OMEGALUL lastlifetwo: LUL Traktorq: ElaPls Turbulist: Pog BIG IRON Evelon2: LULW Remedy020: monkaW Scaythly: What stats did you pick by the way? Apparently they weren’t the best elaK HeinrichVonSchnitzel: ahahaha I was waiting for this PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: THE SONG Chag DaniDuck: LOST TO A GECKO LULW Tasarion: KomodoHype Fluid1337: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Nopileos: monkaW Reddinator: KKool Da_Flanker: BIG IRON talkman_: KKool Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 NautilusV2: AlienPls Virhaed: BIG IRON Chag Toplay92: KKool TheGunWizard_: monkaW Martiansam: KKool jklob: KKool Greeenspot: Lmao ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW Rayke67: OMEGALUL Dismal_Arkt: KKool Nopileos: KKool redzero033: ANELE ANELE hastrer: BIIIIIIIIIG IRON tutufuzi: the lizards got guns Pog Annonn140: Pog FINALLY TheGoldenCobra: KKool pekkaatte: LOSING TO LIZARD OMEGALUL kkoja: monkaX Bloodhit: BIG IRON charlie_occ: R E V E N G E Vivelin: TO THE TOWN OF AGUA FRIA RODE A STRANGER ONE FINE DAY Soadante: Pog SAVED Fluid1337: KKool Kouwell: BIG IRON Pog Exile_On_Twitch: Big iron on his hip KKona Elvem: Victor Pog ilovehandmadepottery: L OMEGALUL ST TO LIZARD maxmaxsix3: BIG IRON Pog KingMidas133: VICTOR PogU cato____: KKool Lexor757: VIKTOR PogU Jaargan: revenge of the lizards elaKek MelonCooker: VICTOR PogU PurplePumpKing: Thorny bois schiyoT Nopileos: Victor Pog Traktorq: VICTOR PogU HotFireZ: KKool Scyrol: VICTOR Pog iamsparta231: BIG IRON MaxiMHc: VICTOR Pog Polebegood: Pog SAVED Rymm_: LULW Turbulist: pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime pepeJAM GuitarTime Odins_pecs: PogChamp Abyssadin: VICTOR CARRIED LULW sdpqi: KKool GuitarTime Joelsh: VICTOR Pog Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 PepeLaugh 💨 BiggBud: KKool MainMercLobo: viktor to the rescue PepeLaugh Canopus: D: AlexAnderman1994: KKool Cecilff2: Champ BIG IRON Teddym4n: PepeHands vihainenkampela: victor to the rescure Pog Azure_Felt: PepeHands hastrer: @Elajjaz SHIT THE FUCK UP LET US HEAR THE SONG Fluid1337: VICTOR Pog bhpaulcar: Big Iron Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: aww fNandow: KKona Clap Rash05: KKool raider_unkindled: D: kaskelott_: PepeHands Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Tasarion: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands SevenStrangeMelons: PepeHands Elvem: Pog shot Nopileos: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands kelvinfiti_der_echte: KKool GuitarTime Zalinero_: D: 1mpolar: PepeHands ottorobago: D: Psy0m: PETA redzero033: PepeHands notder: D: Kouwell: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: BIG IRON Pog Traktorq: KKool BIG IRON Ellycat1: pepeJAMMER YangWenli_: KKool LickMyPretzel: PepeHands ilovehandmadepottery: CARRIED xacten: KKool Chag Istog: elaD Kunno1100: PepeHands Thepothero: rooKek Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands JubJubWantRubRubs: you hurt his little head PepeHands xx_bersark: BIG IRON TheDankDemon: BibleThump Seikisu: PepeHands Sohei4649: PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: Ela really is like ela12 when playing games I elaH it DenTza: PepeHands Lagunaab: H20 PhysiCle: God damn it ela LULW Lexor757: PepeHands MenthoD: PepeHands saugo: PepeHands 11qq2w: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Flashforward: @BulgeConnoisseur yeah I agree, then they took that EVEN further with 76. not good 🙁 jklob: NotLikeThis Karasis10: danCry Binfz: PepeHands purple_flavor: elaD Joelsh: PepeHands Evelon2: PepeLaugh Dregajin: BibleThump Martiansam: big iron KKool elaGun Nindrax1: PepeHands Ponthee: LUL Remedy020: FeelsBadMan Royale_Tea: You Hurt Him PepeHands hastrer: KKona GuitarTime Exile_On_Twitch: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKona NoodLeWrencher: Carried by a KKona robot elaWeird saintshing: he has a family PepeHands Da_Flanker: Animal slaughter Jaargan: PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: NotLikeThis ceejsavage: atpFeelsBeardMan Fluid1337: PepeHands ftwitchtvvmodz: WutFace unfollowed WutFace SevenStrangeMelons: HIS LITTLE HEAD PepeHands Silent_WaIker: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: big iron pepeJAM Pizza_Bread: that’s fucked up yo AlexAnderman1994: NotLikeThis ultimafia318: HOWDY PARTNER KKona 뿡토: PepeHands TH3N4RL3Y1: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump NotLikeThis payprice: You monster elaD vihainenkampela: PepeHands Binfz: CARRIED LULW YangWenli_: BIG IRON KKool Kouwell: ARIZONA RANGER Champ salpo_nolobio: KKool ApocaUrFakeLmao: pepeJAM Bad_Instinct: PepeHands RantingDuck: PepeHands ow Toplay92: saved by a bot KKool hastrer: KKona GuitarTime BIG IRON Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime NoodLeWrencher: KKool Silent_WaIker: KKool GuitarTime Elvem: Victor Pog fNandow: LUL Da_Flanker: Gee, thanks, Victor Martiansam: KKool elaGun Rumplestiltskin07: carried raider_unkindled: MrDestructoid Clap ChickenZePoop: KKool mystickingfisher: stalking robot Thetazul: victor stealing your xp LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh redzero033: PepeLaugh Soadante: PepeLaugh turbofacu: TAKE THIS ilovehandmadepottery: PepeLaugh Traktorq: D: Nopileos: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: KKool Yeehaw partner Espher_5: Espher_5 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! Abyssadin: elaC ericdude92: KKona heck last_whoa: heck WrestlerBot2000: @espher_5 If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM newkgeneral1r: hahhahaahahah Armored_Guy: H*CK D: Ellycat1: D: h*ck bhpaulcar: heck D: WerewolfB: Kapp NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS Remedy020: monkaW Smelling us Bad_Instinct: was? Martiansam: ????? raider_unkindled: ???? TH3N4RL3Y1: COME HERE brot_ok: forsenSheffy ZeitImGame: MrDestructoid sogg3: is THAT john WAYNE ? LUL hastrer: BIG IRON Scaythly: D: Heck CyanPhantom: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: cmonBruh ? Joelsh: forsenSheffy LickMyPretzel: Excuse me? honoredsmiler: ????? Lagunaab: we don’t deserve Victor OptimisticKnowledge: how did he know PepeLaugh Psy0m: :(( Lexor757: DatSheffy 7 ilovehandmadepottery: ????? Ka_baL: rooWut Tree60noscoped: wot lone_scientist: KKona Dregajin: lulWut? Da_Flanker: forsenSheffy / gas the jews? ilovehandmadepottery: mnkaW Martiansam: Englado FeelsWeirdMan bhpaulcar: friend 🙂 Legi_: DatSheffy 7 Turbulist: DatSheffy ceejsavage: atpJuntao SLyDeX53: DatSauce mystickingfisher: he likes you Kappa NoodLeWrencher: monkaS AurbisDragon: gachiHYPER raider_unkindled: monkaW filarette: schw what? F0rbiddenDonut: I can smell ya for miles danKona Armored_Guy: monkaW ultimafia318: what a bro bring_us_the_girl: LULW Bad_Instinct: 🙂 ftwitchtvvmodz: did you just say ww2? DL brot_ok: forsenSheffy SEHR GUT ELIAS Nopileos: monkaW Azure_Felt: elaK victor RantingDuck: monkaS Kunno1100: Kapp redzero033: Kapp Reddinator: Kapp Holon: Big irooon lordpanda616: Best song Pog iceseagle98: Kap KingMidas133: FeelsGoodMan DenTza: Kapp Legi_: cmonBrother SLyDeX53: DatSheffy SEHR GUT emicvi: monkaS Martiansam: he is pepeL Nopileos: Kapp Da_Flanker: elaSmile lone_scientist: KKona Clap hell yea, friend WerewolfB: just a friend Kapp Dismal_Arkt: He just elaK you ingame OMEGALUL saintshing: dont trust him monkaS Flashforward: monkaW iceseagle98: Kapp DenTza: Kapp Kapp Rileyhusky: give him a “hand” gachiBASS saugo: monkaW stalker robot MrDestructoid raider_unkindled: elaSmile Friend jack_off_jim: I’m calling bullshit! Robots cant smell Istog: you dont have to click every option LUL Teret1: KKool Elvem: Saved your ass LULW Silent_WaIker: KKool Clap honoredsmiler: this robot is shady af 🙂 S_Darji: pardner KKona Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime mystickingfisher: brokeback vegas last_whoa: heal LULW maxmaxsix3: KKool BIG IRON EntropyFull: BrokeBack Nucleoprotein: carried by NPCs elaKek Lexor757: eat and drink for healing Siempresemeolvida: x_x Toplay92: a bot has actual more personalty that some ppl LUL xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Water? Traktorq: KKool NoodLeWrencher: KKool Soadante: x_x Jonguy: yes man 🙂 Undead0tter: Fren WidePeepo AurbisDragon: UH OH Thepothero: lol he s carrying you ela PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: KKool Jaargan: u should eat smthing probably elaHmm MelonCooker: Istog FeelsWeirdMan Imagine exploring dialogue in an rpg Nopileos: KKool StrongNico: eat and drink foods Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Dismal_Arkt: KKool Texas baby lone_scientist: KKool Silent_WaIker: KKool AFTER TEXAS REED skiizor07: KKool GuitarTime raider_unkindled: elaWeird heal Caput_Draconis: KKool GuitarTime Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 PepeLaugh 💨 turbofacu: Love how SARGE was running from little lizards. ericdude92: turn that X_X into an UwU NoodLeWrencher: ANYWAYS PepeHands xacten: KKool EntropyFull: nymnG wevie1: on the left Azure_Felt: elaBlind StrongNico: left Soadante: 🙁 Abyssadin: elaBlind Annonn140: h20 Da_Flanker: H20 ac3sh1gh: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: click h2o ftwitchtvvmodz: H20 PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: by your hp Mitch2248: H2O Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz H2O Ellycat1: Anyways PepeHands Nopileos: H2O Flashforward: on the left in stats Grumpypie: h2o Ringguni: H20 Blackbird_SR71C: elaBlind Hollow_void: H20? LULW cyclosu0: eat food to restore health industries_: KKool GuitarTime MainMercLobo: actually blind Elvem: BY HP captain_elsewhere: status h20 Mr4Fawkes: H20 left column Traktorq: h2o tab hank_the_lord: h2o Thepothero: rooBlind evilworld123: hey Ela and chat elaHi elaH Did you start new vegas today Chag Da_Flanker: Literally 3 percetion IRL cyberneticz_: @toplay92 Anyone in particular? Lagunaab: STats LEFT AurbisDragon: it’s gone now PurplePumpKing: kikiiiSpec hva er det? saintshing: pee and look at the color HellWhiskers: HellWhiskers gifted a Tier 1 sub to texasredoutlaw! They have given 49 Gift Subs in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @texasredoutlaw the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Elvem: PogU ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE texasredoutlaw Pog Turbulist: More is worese NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh RIP Blackbird_SR71C: elaHmm Silent_WaIker: KKool BIG IRON ON HIS HIIIP Istog: @MelonCooker i mean what if he gets mad because ela talks shit to them Da_Flanker: evilworld123 elaHYUG elaH NoodLeWrencher: elaD Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Martiansam: doeasnt hardocre ruin the game a bit ? elaHmm i mean it force you to go stealth and avoid explosives weapons ftwitchtvvmodz: what difficulty it is? Flashforward: monkaW Binfz: PepeS Turbulist: Elajjaz more H2O is worse ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz read what the stimpack does NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER AurbisDragon: ROUND II HYPERCLAP shuyin_xiv: RareEla EntropyFull: nu javlar ElaSmash Da_Flanker: Another victim mkzkSeki: gachiBASS Traktorq: 2% LULW Soadante: monkaW ultimafia318: theres a whole family there monkaS bring_us_the_girl: D: Nucleoprotein: 0% emicvi: PepeLaugh Oh no no no lone_scientist: 2% PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: THE PIT BECKONS ericdude92: NA AIM LULW LegacyOfTheSith: weird i never had to worry about water cause my game of the year edition you have the vault 38 canteen auto drinks StrongNico: LEG IT Kouwell: YES SIR gachiBASS Elvem: RUN honoredsmiler: RUN talkman_: 2% nave0: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER thats what the lizards will do brot_ok: PepeLaugh xx_bersark: HANDSOME RANGER Elvem: laPls Traktorq: PepeHands lone_scientist: elaD Silent_WaIker: KKool GuitarTime AurbisDragon: MUSIC OMEGALUL ho_ho_ha_ha: gachiBASS Irocam: Blissard NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands raider_unkindled: D: Dismal_Arkt: elaD Elvem: ElaPls bhpaulcar: D: Nopileos: elaD Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 PepeLaugh 💨 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime bout to meet his death KKool GuitarTime 뿡토: elaD Cecilff2: PepeHands fNandow: PepeHands turbofacu: so brutal Martiansam: FeelsAmazingMan come here Karasis10: danCry Greeenspot: RIP Reddinator: IKEALUL Tasarion: PepeHands Mucchoballs: CALL PETA sogg3: FeelsPepoMan GuitarTime Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 ded to lizards Elvem: va fan Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands ZeitImGame: HotPokket CALL PETA Bess999: KKona 11qq2w: KKona hell yea ho_ho_ha_ha: try out some of your new weapons? @Elajjaz VauntDanial: ???????/ lone_scientist: PepeHands my dad Martiansam: they all like FeelsAmazingMan Irocam: @Elajjaz doesn’t VATS remind you of Lifeline PepeLaugh industries_: KKool hastrer: KKona GuitarTime BIG IRON ultimafia318: wait did he deposit something PepeLaugh WerewolfB: KKool BBiBsBoy: KomodoHype Come here fucker cyclosu0: BIG IRON ON HIS HIP Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan why shot dogo Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime BIG IRON ON HIS HIP KKool GuitarTime Dismal_Arkt: KKona Can we wear its skin? 1mpolar: PepeHands VauntDanial: Did he put something on the body LUL AurbisDragon: GECKOS THROWING Azure_Felt: PepeHands TheGunWizard_: KKool Lexor757: PepeHands Kunno1100: PepeHands Ellycat1: BibleThump Nopileos: PepeHands Dregajin: BibleThump BibleThump Caput_Draconis: PepeHands TheGoldenCobra: PepeHands Elvem: LULW S_Darji: PepeHands KingMidas133: PepeHands kaskelott_: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands PepeHnads Turbulist: PepeHands bring_us_the_girl: PepeHands Da_Flanker: FeelsGoodMan Clap Martiansam: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands industries_: D: LeVincente: PepeHands you monster MaxiMHc: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Jac0bite: it’s coming right for us KKona payprice: PepeHands saugo: BibleThump ho_ho_ha_ha: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Kouwell: PepeHands NOOOO EntropyFull: nymnAww MORFHI: PepeHands CurseofSherwood: FeelsAmazingMan HotFireZ: BibleThump ar_Tekko: eskimo3C 뿡토: PepeHands ZeitImGame: PepeHands Mrtriggahigga: PepeHands sandrakallok1: hi owo @Elajjaz Nopileos: PepeHands charlie_occ: gecko genocider PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: Hhhehehe PepeHands JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeHands why ela PepeHands that was my pet LickMyPretzel: You’re a monster PepeHands AurbisDragon: THEN DON’T SHOOT THEM 4Head NoodLeWrencher: elaD ftwitchtvvmodz: and you still keep killing them 🙂 ZergistheWord: Yes. Now kill the rest xD Istog: BibleThump monster Jaargan: PepeHands poor gekko Martiansam: QUEEEK BibleThump Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan ✋ enough Caput_Draconis: PepeHands PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Tree60noscoped: FeelsBadMan Mrtriggahigga: Stop PepeHands Da_Flanker: Kill the younglings as well NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands ELA WHAT THE FUCK spacefacee: PepeHands lone_scientist: PepeHands daddy Lagunaab: PepeHands Easy experience tho krustyyz: It was you or him. Youi had no choice mkzkSeki: D: Sgt_Blackjack: baby crying in pain PepeHands payprice: elaD alekzander_1234: 🙁 🙁 🙁 Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands monster RantingDuck: yung gecks PepeHands Corsad: elaD Totoybola: BIG IRON PogChamp fNandow: PepeHands MtRush: lmao the guilt elaKek honoredsmiler: look at that bloody face D: wevie1: killing baby animals FeelsBadMan Toplay92: well they attack you … so its self defense LUL bloodcaleb: let the baby geckos eat you PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands poor geckos ZeitImGame: PepeHandsPepeHandsPepeHandsPepeHandsPepeHandsPepeHandsPepeHands raider_unkindled: Just die 4Head ac3sh1gh: Murderer WrestlerBot2000: “Eat my mama… MAMA! NO!” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 14 turbofacu: is this Chernobyl from HBO? PurplePumpKing: kikiiiCry HotFireZ: Monster BibleThump S_Darji: please die PepeHands Jaargan: pls die PepeHands elaGun nioh54: big iirrroooon big irrrron finnsdal: ruthlessEla MORFHI: killing them in slow motion PepeHands ftwitchtvvmodz: oh how sad 🙂 killing 3 more 🙂 Da_Flanker: You were the chosen one Naaslaarum: savage RealLifeTsundere: its either your life or theirs rooDevil Annonn140: BIIIG IIIIROOOOOOOONNNNN captain_elsewhere: 🙂 Elvem: Animal control LULW hastrer: KKona GuitarTime BIG IRON BIG IIIIIIIRON on his hip Larg0s: WeirdChamp wtf ela Justgo41: Big iron on his hip) LegacyOfTheSith: wait till you see the coyote pups FeelsBadMan ChechW: Animal Control 🙂 Nazzet: The whole family is dead PepeHands AurbisDragon: DarkMode clap lone_scientist: FeelsBadMan elaGun doncallisto: I like how Ela is trying to do DOOM gameplay movements in this game LUL dzemroz: this game really makes you question your decisions, its amazing 뿡토: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan talkman_: lul saintshing: reunion them in heaven Traktorq: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: you killed their entire family :O NoodLeWrencher: elaK MaxiMHc: do it PepeLaugh pekkaatte: they only wanted to eat @Elajjaz Turbulist: DO IT ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz read what stimpack does Lexor757: SURVIVAL PepeLaugh Elvem: RP Pog xx_bersark: Right industries_: forsenRP Flashforward: monkaW casualkappa123: do it SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag rp NoodLeWrencher: elaD S_Darji: PepeLaugh Turbulist: monkaW Da_Flanker: atpCap Azure_Felt: RPing FeelsWeirdMan Toplay92: RP PogChamp ultimafia318: you killed their entire family D: lone_scientist: monkaW Elvem: monkaW aizawa49: elaK PurplePumpKing: Let them take over the world wwtvPLS Nopileos: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeS wtf 1mpolar: monkaW MORFHI: roleplay PepeLaugh Teddym4n: WutFace mooncat_123: Is Johni Guitar on this station? Mrtriggahigga: monkaX VauntDanial: WeirdChamp MaxiMHc: monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Survivability only allows you to cook. That’s it Ellycat1: monkaW wtf Kouwell: SWEDISH ROLEPLAYER Champ Cecilff2: monkaW pekkaatte: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW ho_ho_ha_ha: monkaOMEGA Istog: elaK hastrer: PepeHands Kunno1100: monkaW ultimafia318: JOHNNY’S GUITAR Pog Falact: monkaW Dismal_Arkt: No PepeHands fNandow: monkaW Soadante: forsenRP saintshing: those are evil people Annonn140: swedish roleplayer LULW ftwitchtvvmodz: maybe that was bad people? 🙂 nioh54: PepeHands filarette: yummy xx_bersark: @Elajjaz you passed loot SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Traktorq: PepeHands xDece: johnny guitar PepeHands ImperialCloneTrooper2028: monkaW Armored_Guy: gecko>people Polebegood: PepeHands 1mpolar: PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands brot_ok: forsenRP HYPERCLAP Ellycat1: BibleThump GuitarTime Nopileos: PepeHands hastrer: JOHNNY BluBlu_BluBlo: Teabag that noobs LULW Da_Flanker: Eh, they probably deserved it WerewolfB: people like u LULW turbofacu: freaking lizards AurbisDragon: Gecko Guitar Nakamura_Shinichi: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime sdpqi: FeelsWeirdMan GuitarTime mooncat_123: Best song Reddinator: PepeHands mystickingfisher: he had a family too Maceron4444: its a doggie dog world PepeHands redzero033: PepeHands shigaraki: fuck this song klyacha: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime S_Darji: survival of the fittest PepeHands skiizor07: @Elajjaz Did visage provided many jumpscares yesterday? SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz anyways, gonna get some rest, my ass hurts again HandsUp RingusSlaterfist: PepeLaugh Legi_: PepeHands Tree60noscoped: my johnny PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: GuitarTime Kunno1100: PepeHands HotFireZ: Johnny Guitar PepeHands Elvem: Johnny PepeHands ftwitchtvvmodz: timing PepeHands TheGoldenCobra: PepeHands GuitarTime Silent_WaIker: KILL OR BE KILLED KKona BawmBawm: play the guitar johnny PepeHands BackOfMyHand: I was always a fool PepeHands hastrer: MY JONNY PepeHands Elvem: PogU Cheeseek: my J0hnnyBlade GuitarTime Solia_Celani: Did he take Wild Wasteland? @Elajjaz AurbisDragon: Pog Flashforward: W OMEGALUL W emicvi: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Nazzet: W OMEGADOWN W Mrtriggahigga: W OMEGLOL W NoodLeWrencher: W OMEGLOL W bhpaulcar: W OMEGALUL W VauntDanial: W OMEGALUL W Nopileos: W OMEGALUL W Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Johnny Guitar PepeHands Azure_Felt: monkaW MelonCooker: PepeLaugh uncledickbutt: be sure to kill everyone related so they don’t miss anyone in heaven 🙂 Da_Flanker: Reference EntropyFull: … monkaW Traktorq: TTours horse_of_babylon: horse_of_babylon subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! this message is annoying JaynisK: Speaking of Johnny, JOHNNY FIVE ACES talkman_: 😮 !!! WrestlerBot2000: @horse_of_babylon If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM LickMyPretzel: PepeHands Johnny Nopileos: SUB HYPE horse_of_babylon elaA brot_ok: monkaX NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands WerewolfB: … Smoothstone: Johnny FeelsBadMan GuitarTime UltraWindow: johnny PepeHands Da_Flanker: LUL TuXPad: … redzero033: monkaS Turbulist: PepeHands JOHNNY NO Vivelin: PepeHands GuitarTime RantingDuck: PepeHands bhpaulcar: Johnyy PepeHands AurbisDragon: ……. ultimafia318: JOHNNY’S GUITAR IS PLAYING monkS Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime PepeHands GuitarTime Elvem: Wild Wastelander PogU Duskfeld: PepeHands Johnny fakerello: monkaS pyduuu: naroSlain … Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know FeelsWeirdMan ericdude92: worlds largest anal beads monkaW Araboth: Pog NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER sdpqi: Johnny GuitarTime wololopriest: TIMING RingusSlaterfist: PepeHands atomicdestruction: Wild wasteland Pog k0tashira: Johny GuitarTime Silent_WaIker: LULW Rymm_: anal beads gachiHYPER ultimafia318: JOHNNY’S GUITAR IS PLAYING monkaS Istog: elaC Colroyds: ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ`、ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽヽ`ヽ sekz: AngelThump young_diabetic_tingle: LUL ImperialCloneTrooper2028: NO JOHNNY PepeHands GimmeSmash: TIMING LUL DrGinezis: Timing LUL Totoybola: Johnny Guitar Kreygasm Monster5crak: LIKE MY JoHNNY GuitarTime ho_ho_ha_ha: JOHNNY’S GUITAR StrongNico: PepeHands GuitarTime TuXPad: … :O DuoLancer: miirioLeeThump 🎸 JubJubWantRubRubs: oh its the SA meme LULW nioh54: @Elajjaz hear that alien music, thats because of wild wasteland easter egg Airman_: PepeHands GuitarTime bring_us_the_girl: AngelThump payprice: PepeHands 0_jacket_0: oh my gid uts johnny guitar Taosis: wild wastelander Pog Kouwell: PepeHands GuitarTime JOHNY GUITAR ChadWithTheHair: seqOk ilovehandmadepottery: Johnny Silverhand pog sekz: AngelThump AngelThump Lexor757: thats a reference MtRush: whas up bruvnas? elaBruv sjuften_: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Sohei4649: PepeHands GuitarTime Caput_Draconis: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Smoothstone: forsenFeels GuitarTime Abyssadin: Wild wasteland perk PogU EntropyFull: ppSmoke Legi_: forsenWC BananaKen: PepeHands turbofacu: elaMad honoredsmiler: my chair now 🙂 ac3sh1gh: PepeHands GuitarTime MaxiMHc: WTF ARE THOSE BIG TOMATOS ftwitchtvvmodz: thats fucked up LUL redzero033: LULW HotFireZ: PepeHands HellWhiskers: 5 Aces Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime Johnny ASmallBenis: johnny 5 aces PepeHands Polebegood: just chillin mystickingfisher: new king Kappa ho_ho_ha_ha: FeelsSadMan GuitarTime Reddinator: LULW andrewidtheboss: RIP johnny guitar S_Darji: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Teret1: @Elajjaz that table exists because wild wasteland Lady_of_Darkness: LULW EntropyFull: ppBeer MellowMancer: ANIKI talkman_: BIG 🍅 s Da_Flanker: atpCap Cheeseek: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Turbulist: ppBeer tutufuzi: LUL young_diabetic_tingle: wild wild Nopileos: LULW IllusiveRealm: Johnny PepeHands fakerello: What’s that reference to? Vivelin: PepeHands GuitarTime I love you Traktorq: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime skiizor07: @Elajjaz Did visage provided many jumpscares yesterday? Doomerttv: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime SnuggleTheHuggle: LULW Lexor757: what was the reference here chat ? NoodLeWrencher: what happened to his face? monkaS nioh54: @Elajjaz hear that alien music, thats because of wild wasteland easter egg. mocaffe: 5Head 0_jacket_0: look at that veiny hand captain_elsewhere: he looks bewildered elaKek nekro793: TaBeRu Nucleoprotein: SURGE elaKek Azure_Felt: fridge PepeLaugh masau9: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: Put on armor? Lagunaab: them chops tho AlexAnderman1994: KKool Legi_: MingLee /\ KKona MainMercLobo: you look like the sarge from toy soldies movie @Elajjaz NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh holdyourfire: Lexor757 The Xybourne Clock Da_Flanker: A few Lexor757: was it indiana jones ? WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime PoliceCarAuction: @Lexor757 zybourne clock atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh MaleFunction: elaWut Nopileos: PepeLaugh turbofacu: can’t grow a moustache in real life but VIDEOGAMES is a different thing Dylanluce: JOHNNYYYY Azure_Felt: come here ela, come here PepeLaugh lone_scientist: PepeLaugh ramranchboi: KKool GuitarTime johnny JaynisK: https://clips.twitch.tv/TenaciousEnticingBoarTriHard Istog: the mirror one? Martiansam: Ela what is your favorite protein flavour ? elaDM today i got differents flavors samples Chag Reddinator: PepeLaugh come here HotFireZ: Come here PepeLaugh QTori: @Elajjaz That whole part at the part is wild wasteland trait MtRush: scared at video games elaKek Jaargan: put on armour? elaHmm Lagunaab: mirror one ? Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime SacredChickenNugget: @SLyDeX53 pepeL xx_bersark: @Elajjaz you have greener plants to loot for ingredients Turbulist: PepeHands GuitarTime Johnny guitar sogg3: loved this game POGGERS Traktorq: janny guitar PepeLaugh MrArmageddon2: Like my Jooooohnyyyyy Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz The Surge 2? elaHmm elaK TH3N4RL3Y1: elaWut S_Darji: Chat not being there didn’t help or helped depending on who you are PepeLaugh Dylanluce: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: elaWut Turbulist: PepeHands Toplay92: LUL turbofacu: @Nucleoprotein this is Chernobyl from HBO Martiansam: PepeHands brot_ok: FeelsBadMan Dismal_Arkt: FeelsSadMan GuitarTime Azure_Felt: NotLikeThis holdyourfire: PepeHands Joelsh: FeelsBadMan Nopileos: PepeHands ho_ho_ha_ha: put on armor FeelsWeirdMan sekz: AngelThump RantingDuck: PepeHands owie Armored_Guy: murderer saugo: PepeHands Jaargan: elaFeels elaGun Fulgator: OSFrog Clap Traktorq: PepeHands lizards are frogs Teret1: geckos are cute PepeHands Silent_WaIker: LULW Seikisu: PepeHands Toplay92: change the fuking song its getting depressing LUL Binfz: PepeHands KomodoHype cyberneticz_: https://clips.twitch.tv/ModernFurtiveBaboonPipeHype jokapleb: PepeHands GuitarTimer nioh54: @Elajjaz whenever theres alien music it means wild wasteland easter egg shevraar: PepeHands Martiansam: now imagine Ela making moral choices in this game LULW Traktorq: monkaSHAKE sjuften_: just saw the jumpscare PepeLaugh sekz: BibleThump GuitarTime Snonomdorsh: amesSAD MainMercLobo: imagine letting mr.streamer play the game how he wants to 🙂 Dismal_Arkt: Sociopaths in the wasteland PepeHands Cecilff2: elaThirst elaGun Texas Red Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime ho_ho_ha_ha: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime brot_ok: monkaS Jojen47: Geco i played this game someday Doomerttv: Johnny PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaSHAKE Turbulist: PepeHands angryj0nes: You are litteraly killing PEPE @Elajjaz PepeHand nekro793: just use grenades and other explosives to not shoot them in the face elaEZ ultimafia318: uh oh you’re fucked now PepeLaugh Martiansam: lol stupid geko Espher_5: PepeHands fNandow: PepeHands Turbulist: monkaW HotFireZ: PepeHands ericdude92: monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: F Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands 뿡토: PepeHands why Grumpypie: rip holdyourfire: revenge jack_off_jim: @Jojen47 ? Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh hes gonna die Azure_Felt: ded LULW AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP IT BECKONS brot_ok: dead PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: Me 🙂 holdyourfire: gachiBASS Gunzablazin44: NA Aim Martiansam: me ) sekz: PrideWingL BibleThump PrideWingR Azure_Felt: PlsEla Digibluez: me 🙂 turbofacu: @nioh54 so close to Nioh 64 for the N64 leifyness: using VATS to aim LUL Nopileos: me 🙂 Martiansam: me 🙂 NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER I AM Jac0bite: what difficulty is he playing on chat? CurseofSherwood: IKEALUL Greeenspot: This is for Johnny !!!!!! DuoLancer: FeelsGoodMan EAT HIS ASS FeelsGoodMan lone_scientist: IKEALUL brot_ok: ElaPls forsenGun sjuften_: KomodoHype Hisss nioh54: KKool turbofacu: @Jac0bite harrdcore ultimafia318: monkaGun stayback Lady_of_Darkness: Thet are ppHop ing sdpqi: KKool GuitarTime S_Darji: IKEALUL Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Kappa_King_420: you got any mods running? @Elajjaz NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands reptile_mkx: 250 bullet later…. Lady_of_Darkness: they* Traktorq: the master of backpedal PogU TheXearo: Perception 3 PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: elaMad eat his ass elaMad Colroyds: PepeHands Mrtriggahigga: KKool GuitarTime NoodLeWrencher: IKEALUL daddywojo: Lizard kill simulator LordNico80: I feel sorry for the lizard blah blah blah …. lone_scientist: elaD LeVincente: PepeHands extinction Galer1ans: KomodoHype Hajitaib: PepeHands magicosagan: Miyazaki loves swamps nekro793: aaah PepeHands spacefacee: PepeHands Ringguni: can’t they hit you if you run backwards? 뿡토: D: Falact: RareEla Espher_5: WTF Ela PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Traktorq: KKool Galer1ans: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: KKool Clap Toplay92: RIP ammo LUL HotFireZ: KKool GuitarTime AurbisDragon: DarkMode clap brot_ok: cheesing combat FeelsWeirdMan Lagunaab: health monkaW Galer1ans: elaOP elaGun KomodoHype lone_scientist: Chag talkman_: Pog sjuften_: PepeHands gecko genocide Azure_Felt: FeelsGoodMan Lady_of_Darkness: monkaH Joelsh: HYPERS Dismal_Arkt: “I feel sad killing the lizzards” proceeds to kill every last one PepeHands Reddinator: HandsUp weeeeeeee RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz this stream is making me elaCozy AurbisDragon: Clap Deliriumi1: Chag UltraWindow: maybe you can ride it POGGERS Martiansam: man Ela pls play this all stream elaOk Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Cecilff2: FeelsGoodMan Clap holdyourfire: PepeHands Colroyds: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands ela pls Jaargan: StinkyCheese ing brot_ok: PepeHands Deliriumi1: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Galer1ans: PepeHands you monster Traktorq: FeelsGoodMan Clap ride it Boshhead: PepeHands KanzanZX: water Pog topbob: @Elajjaz do you realize you can spend thousands of hours in this game krustyyz: Oi Mate you go a license for that gun? 3Head Galer1ans: D: Martiansam: is a big youngling Azure_Felt: LULW lone_scientist: crippled PepeHands Turbulist: LULW Traktorq: 5/7 shllaqzaneh: Ammo MonkaS uncledickbutt: a brumak Pog WerewolfB: PepeLaugh ho_ho_ha_ha: CHAT did he not finish the powder gang quest? FeelsWeirdMan Legi_: gachiBASS Dismal_Arkt: @krustyyz KKona Licence? Whats that? AurbisDragon: NEET Gecko AurbisDragon: OMEGALUL MellowMancer: hwale oil beef hooked Lochness1: use your 9mm Martiansam: :geko: UltraWindow: did ela try caravan yet? raider_unkindled: 5 rads monkaW holdyourfire: monkaS ftwitchtvvmodz: LUL do it no balls LUL DigitalZips: God… The more I watch of this the more I want to reinstall and play through for like the fourth time Espher_5: KKool Martiansam: do it Toplay92: you are wasting ammo on baby geckos LUL mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: @ho_ho_ha_ha PRetty sure he didnt Azure_Felt: RAD, wack PepeLaugh OptimisticKnowledge: rad 😎 gosamigo: FINALLY a game worth watching thorvaldurht: pick flowers nekro793: Zappa yummy water Colroyds: PepeHands Galer1ans: KomodoHype YAMETEEEEEEEE tutufuzi: nope @ho_ho_ha_ha Lexor757: @Elajjaz EAT AND DRINK PepeHands ho_ho_ha_ha: @mannagrynsgrotmedkanel lmao what a waste Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands Totikki: snek PepeHands ho_ho_ha_ha: FeelsBadMan ZergistheWord: @Elajjaz read what a stimpack does BananaKen: KomodoHype HotFireZ: PepeHands sekz: FeelsWeirdMan Martiansam: what build is he going for Chat ? elaHmm lone_scientist: FeelsBadMan Nopileos: Martiansam pepeL jokapleb: GuitarTime turbofacu: is this bet you will for the Mtv console? sozbrah: New Vegas PogU Aradhor: Don’t be afraid of rads when it come to food or water ela Azure_Felt: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Traktorq: PepeHands Reddinator: danCry Canopus: PepeHands Vanset_: I hate killing geckos Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands TheH3llraiser: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands uncledickbutt: rad poisoning is not rad FeelsWeirdMan Traktorq: PepeHands owwie ultimafia318: AMMO monkaX Crazyblobb: Must be lovely to have perception level equal to that of a deaf bat Heartsome_NaNa: PepeHands Nucleoprotein: @turbofacu I intentionally misspelled Sarge (character name) as The Surge (game name) Lady_of_Darkness: PepeHands It had a baby introvertflake: @Elajjaz have fun spending the next 2 or 3 months in this game 😀 Toplay92: ammo NotLikeThis AkirameMiko: so sad, but keeps hunting them FeelsWeirdMan marshalmv: STOP PepeHands raider_unkindled: D: NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Galer1ans: elaD sekz: bawkHands bawkHands bawkHands Airman_: D: Martiansam: @Nopileos pepeL HellWhiskers: HellWhiskers gifted a Tier 1 sub to Babygecko! They have given 50 Gift Subs in the channel! Nopileos: Martiansam elaH Espher_5: elaYes elaGun WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @babygecko the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM fNandow: D: lone_scientist: PepeHands you monster BooseGames: any mods installed? lightsoda: PepeHands stahp cyberneticz_: I’m questioning whether or not I should build a pc for this game dusttodust: mhw? LUL Deliriumi1: monster PepeHands Jaargan: elaFeels elaGun OSFrog Nopileos: SUB HYPE Babygecko PogChamp AurbisDragon: Poor human eating radiated lizards. Bombycilla: Don’t you have a bat? Bloodhit: USE VATS STOP WASTING AMMO NotLikeThis Lady_of_Darkness: Elajjaz you monster PepeHands VauntDanial: Saving AP for next fight lulw Vanset_: pacifist run 🙂 Martiansam: not the younglings anakin elaD sekz: bawkSweat bawkSweat bawkSweat bawkSweat lone_scientist: elaD Colroyds: D: jokapleb: PepeHands Azure_Felt: elaD Blackbird_SR71C: F Turbulist: sumSmash jklob: has ela seen any cazadors yet? bUrself SammersFourTwenty: D: ultimafia318: AMMO 👈 monkaSHAKE Nopileos: elaD Espher_5: D: ChickenMuffins: LuL Heartsome_NaNa: D: aizawa49: elaD Corsad: elaD SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: elaYes elaGun Hhhehehe gosamigo: D: nostrilgaze: use vats NotLikeThis sdpqi: NOOO D: NoodLeWrencher: elaD Annonn140: bonk Traktorq: D: Komitern66: D: ottorobago: D: raider_unkindled: LULW hitting them witha a stick Mrtriggahigga: elaD ZeitImGame: monkaSHAKE Nopileos: elaD elaD ftwitchtvvmodz: D: unfollowed D: starkytw: just trying to defend her baby PepeHands Colroyds: PepeHands mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: @ho_ho_ha_ha He just really wanted to start killing those babies TheDankDemon: 0 health LULW 0 ammo LULW Zaraji: cirD ChickenMuffins: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nekro793: D: Elvem: LULW 뿡토: elaD Armored_Guy: D: KingMidas133: D: sjuften_: PepeHands they’re just defending their territory krustyyz: yeeet uncledickbutt: LULW boink Nucleoprotein: elaD Nopileos: D: sekz: D: Canopus: FeelsBadMan Galer1ans: D: elaD turbofacu: @Nucleoprotein OhISee 4Head Lady_of_Darkness: elaD Ludicologist: The geckos are so cute Robin_CP: “so sad” he says as he shoots them in the head and clubs their heads lone_scientist: PepeHands killed daddy Denact: kill them all ela elaThirst Eizen_5: rooD u MONSTER ProtagGuy: D: Araboth: monkaW sdpqi: D: S_Darji: D: Ludicologist: You monster! Komitern66: elaD jokapleb: D: jack_off_jim: Ela committing gecko holocaust 5+ Geckos dead HotFireZ: D: LitPord: D: BananaKen: rooD Nopileos: D: D: Dismal_Arkt: D: OptimisticKnowledge: D: Toplay92: HOMERUN !! Colroyds: D: Tree60noscoped: D: TheXearo: brutal Martiansam: BoOOOOOOM sjuften_: D: notder: D: Fluid1337: D: Kunno1100: LUL Galer1ans: PepeHands Nopileos: D: kkoja: @jklob yes LULW topbob: LOL Chocolove: LULW Traktorq: D: woosh Turbulist: PepeHands braxenmus: PepeHands Corsad: D: MilchiWay: LOL Canopus: FeelsWeirdMan Vivelin: Clubbed baby gecko D: ChickenMuffins: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE Jaargan: PepeHands Espher_5: LULW HOW DRAMATIC tutufuzi: almost bit him in the balls Pog vihainenkampela: D: YOU MONSTER Naaslaarum: jesus christ Lady_of_Darkness: Kinda LUL tough and PepeHands alekzander_1234: 🙁 🙁 🙁 Heartsome_NaNa: whack-a-gekko Kouwell: Like a baby seal PepeHands sozbrah: WTF D: sekz: D: 👎 Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Vanset_: KKona OptimisticKnowledge: PepeHands faithless_zealot: D: Seikisu: animal abuse D: SammersFourTwenty: PepeHands you monster Traktorq: KKool pepeJAM xx_bersark: CRUNCH MellowMancer: PETA D: Martiansam: GET FUCKED LULW saugo: PogU SolusBellator: Pepehands Shordes: KKona GuitarTime AurbisDragon: DarkMode Clap DigitalZips: Ela… why… brownCRY bhpaulcar: home run Pog industries_: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz Colroyds: ela clubs baby seals UltraWindow: PepeHands Dz00: KKool SolusBellator: PepeHands uncledickbutt: too real ho_ho_ha_ha: @mannagrynsgrotmedkanel he sure seems to be enjoying it for someone who “feels bad” Martiansam: LULW LeVincente: D ismal Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW Fluid1337: WENT FOR THE BALLS gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: elaK ZergistheWord: U BROKE IT’S SPINE D: jokapleb: Unsubbed you monster PepeHands talkman_: same 3 songs on a loop KKool Hatebanger: ELA WHY BibleThump !? Corsad: Blood is on your hands now elaD geko20: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Don’t be sorry. UltraWindow: KKool Traktorq: save monkaW chewed_pencil_lid: D: nymnCorn Toplay92: then just ignore them LUL Chiliad9k: pepeJAM Colroyds: KKool Martiansam: KKool NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands CHAT SAID THIS WAS A FUN GAME slothine: THIS IS LIKE SEAL CLUBBING! sekz: D: who is this guy D: lone_scientist: elaC 1mpolar: LULW Reddinator: LULW Turbulist: LULW gosamigo: KKool sozbrah: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW dzemroz: LULW Nopileos: LULW Martiansam: LULW TheH3llraiser: monkaW OptimisticKnowledge: LULW ChickenMuffins: IGNORED Lul nibeio: LUL Galer1ans: LULW Fatamerikans: LULW Annonn140: LULW Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls 6VoltZ: LUL BananaKen: OMEGALUL DigitalZips: HAHAHAHA Istog: LULW spacefacee: @baby_gecko PepeHands Vivelin: Hey there. Daxstyle: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Polebegood: ElaPls Cheeseek: LULW fNandow: LULW Corsad: LUL Virhaed: LULW jormuliini: LULW ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW IRL LULW KingMidas133: LULW PhilWill: LUL notder: LUL mkzkSeki: LULW Da_Flanker: What’s the rush? Kunno1100: LULW Jaargan: LULW Fluid1337: LULW S_Darji: LULW Traktorq: LULW Nopileos: LULW akmannen: No and left PhysiCle: LULW Grumpypie: LULW McDumb: KKool 🎸 TomppiZ: She said no and left Binfz: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands TOO REAL VauntDanial: ElaPls TH3N4RL3Y1: elaHAA mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Robin_CP: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Turbulist: OMEGALUL payprice: LULW Hollow_void: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW shikifujin16: follow her KrazyShark: LULW AkirameMiko: just like irl PepeHands TheXearo: hey there ElaOut Chess_462: LULW Toplay92: said hey and left nekro793: ElaPls hey there MagicFrogs: LUL Lexor757: FOLLOW HER sjuften_: HeyGuys Nopileos: LULW RingusSlaterfist: SHE SAID NO Falact: pepeD LeVincente: LULW Komitern66: SHE SAY NO AND LEFT LULW vihainenkampela: LULW women they see ela Liprez: ElaPls Nucleoprotein: said no and left ZergistheWord: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW emicvi: LULW Digibluez: denied Karasis10: danO Justgo41: no grill AurbisDragon: He thought it was Sunny Smiles Jebaited AlexAnderman1994: KKool ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW too real LULW Vanset_: ah yes, the bethesda experience Istog: JUST LIKE IRL neopetcom: ME IRL LULW Traktorq: me irl 🙂 ImperialCloneTrooper2028: LULW Abyssadin: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW talkman_: She sai Hey there and left LULW Azure_Felt: she said hey there and left PlsEla NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE LegendarySoulblade: JUST LIKE IRL PepeHands Kouwell: Jist like IRL PepeHands jenda69: ElaPls PlsEla Squirrelpool: Smooth with the ladies I see andrewidtheboss: baseball bat › rifle PhilWill: LULW BananaKen: She saw the dead geckos PepeHands Fluid1337: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Doomerttv: Me irl LULW Galer1ans: ElaPls Turbulist: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Jaargan: she said no and left elaKek Armored_Guy: just liked irl PepeHands Martiansam: that what happen when i talk to girls too LULW ToxxicWaffle: oh hodd toward spreyz: KKona turbofacu: good ela didn’t catcall the lady sekz: PepoDance GoodGuyEvil: ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls ElaPls UltraWindow: immersive experience FeelsGoodMan ultimafia318: Goodspring is fucking dead PepeHands Traktorq: KKool greyfacenospace123: KKool Armored_Guy: just like irl PepeHands shikifujin16: LUL TorvaM: LULW SHE SAID HEY THERE AND LEFT sjuften_: KKool payprice: PepeHands So Real Nucleoprotein: SHE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Nopileos: KKool HellWhiskers: PLEASE SAVE CorineS: She be like: not dealing with this gecko killer S_Darji: KKool GuitarTime lone_scientist: elaThirst follow her NoodLeWrencher: KKool Toplay92: KKool mysweatyth1ghsss: ElaPls MainMercLobo: thats wild wasteland shit chat ftwitchtvvmodz: LULW that AI is too real LULW Vanset_: KKool SkeletonKeyLimePie: KKool 👍 saintshing: this game is so realistic sozbrah: @Elajjaz any mods? dzemroz: PepeLaugh here it comes Nopileos: KKool KKool Heartsome_NaNa: KKool GuitarTime cheekibreeki00: what was that random shit tutufuzi: Pog xx_bersark: @Elajjaz don’ty forget to pick plants HellWhiskers: ELA SAVE PLEASE Martiansam: man the music elaTAK Da_Flanker: Preem sjuften_: Pog Primm Waifu: cirHi CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW Lagunaab: !mods Traktorq: SAVE monkaW BigManAinsley: SAVE WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Febox: preeem OptimisticKnowledge: @Elajjaz SAVE emicvi: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Turbulist: !mods talkman_: save LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh 👇 shikifujin16: she said you looked attractive from far Da_Flanker: Very few mods SkeletonKeyLimePie: mods monkaW Grandgreg13: chat knows what’s coming PepeLaugh Ringguni: maby because of karma Elarons: @Elajjaz not only gecko but gecko women and gecko children NotLikeThis Galer1ans: KKool GuitarTime talkman_: oh no no no PepeLaugh Nopileos: Grandgreg13 elaHYUG Istog: crash mod Kappa AkirameMiko: PepeLaugh here it comes ANELE Nucleoprotein: too late vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: AYAYA sozbrah: monkaS mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaW ZergistheWord: LULW SittingOx: KKool GuitarTime UltraWindow: D: NoodLeWrencher: elaD Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Polebegood: D: Turbulist: LULW tutufuzi: monkaS nowhere OptimisticKnowledge: LULW Reddinator: D: redzero033: D: Cheeseek: LULW Nopileos: LULW NoodLeWrencher: RUDE elaD Falact: D: gosamigo: monkaW Doomerttv: D: Bully Zalinero_: elaD Bhdown: D: Da_Flanker: atpCap DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/UglyNimbleLegMikeHogu ac3sh1gh: D: Scaythly: Did he even take care of Goodsprings yet Dismal_Arkt: elaD Bully Lady_of_Darkness: Sounds like KKona goofey sining Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL Nopileos: D: vihainenkampela: D: ImperialCloneTrooper2028: NCR skGGh: D: Waifu: sokoD dobtf2: PepeLaugh here it comes spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz did you do ghost town gun fight quest ? Tree60noscoped: rood krustyyz: that storyline is great YURA_RAKETA: n word D: Lady_of_Darkness: singing* IBhunivelze: elaD u bully SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeUff 👉 NCR cheekibreeki00: he saw you by miles Rymm_: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: ZULUL TRIBE Galer1ans: monkaGun Annonn140: ncr DansGame Da_Flanker: Shoot this NCR punk nekro793: KILL HIM elaMad Feralio: @Scaythly No 🙁 greyfacenospace123: his lips are white HotFireZ: NCR DansGame Doomerttv: NCR DansGame DrGinezis: D: OptimisticKnowledge: @Elajjaz plez save monkaW Turbulist: Scaythly no PepeLaugh Greeenspot: Maaattt daammoon UltraWindow: NCR, more like NTR’d nepSmug brot_ok: NCR forsenSleeper turbofacu: @Waifu great comentary on SGDQ! spike_the_space_cowboy: NCR Pog shikifujin16: KILL HIM Bieberhunter: NCR Pog GoodGuyEvil: at least he is not missing every second shot LULW Silent_WaIker: NCR haHAA MainMercLobo: just like actual government Elvem: NCR Pog Scaythly: rooBlank Nopileos: NCR Pog NoodLeWrencher: elaB at least girls dont run from him shikifujin16: elaMad spike_the_space_cowboy: FUCK THE LEGION LegendarySoulblade: NCR Clap Waifu: @turbofacu thank you! sokoShy ho_ho_ha_ha: @Elajjaz you didn’t finish the quest in the starter town FeelsWeirdMan Annonn140: AVE CAESAR sjuften_: monkaH industries_: NCR FeelsWeirdMan skiizor07: @Elajjaz The face you made during yesterday’s mirror jumpscare could be a new emote tho LUL marshalmv: NCR Pog redzero033: NCR DansGame Traktorq: SAVE monkaW Undead0tter: AVE CAESAR bhpaulcar: NCR Pog vihainenkampela: lieutenant haze Vapenation Rymm_: PepeLaugh Damejii: halp goodsprings PepeHands MainMercLobo: he gon die sozbrah: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: NCR OMEGALUL dzemroz: PepeLaugh here it comes greyfacenospace123: LEGION Pog NCR danSgame nekro793: KILL ON SIGHT lobosRage vbaggio: the mines TheGuyOnAcid: NCR 😡 NoodLeWrencher: DansGame Bloodhit: Did you ditch the starting villiage quest elaKek SammersFourTwenty: DansGame KingMidas133: … sjuften_: PepeLaugh chat AurbisDragon: WELCOME BACK VOD VauntDanial: Wrong side LULW Calciyummm: chad ela badk at it bullying LitPord: DansDamge you dont Nopileos: sjuften_ pepeL mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeLaugh Joelsh: DansGame mariano_italiano12: mines DansGame wololopriest: WTF DansGame vihainenkampela: DansGame HOLD UP Dannydevictoria: TakeItBoi Nopileos: DansGame Scyrol: KKona wtf redzero033: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Did you do goodsprings mission ? ultimafia318: NTR PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: edgy legionfriends PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PepeLaugh chat LegendarySoulblade: SHITTING ON THE NCR DansGame SHITTING ON THE NCR DansGame SHITTING ON THE NCR DansGame SHITTING ON THE NCR DansGame Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Turbulist: elaChug Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaHi br0tlord: care for MINES Deliriumi1: PepeLaugh Toplay92: ” silence ” Lopezcesar26: NCR….more like #MakeAmericaGreatAgain….amirite Legi_: PepeLaugh sjuften_: @Nopileos pepeL Joelsh: DansGame i was listening to that SammersFourTwenty: DansGame no you dont Ringguni: Minor Dehydration Teret1: PepeLaugh Bloodhit: NO SPOILERS CHAT JesseThaBest: Finally you are playing this fucking game!!!! Nopileos: sjuften_ elaH tutufuzi: LUL TorvaM: @br0tlord WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: atpCap Nazzet: PepeLaugh ho_ho_ha_ha: @Elajjaz you didn’t finish the quest in the starter town KingMidas133: @Nopileos elaHi SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaS nymnCorn kkoja: elaThirst NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh he needs silence to die in peace Turbulist: NO SPOIL CHAT PepeLaugh gosamigo: PepeLaugh mariano_italiano12: @Elajjaz be careful the are mines on the bridge Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaH mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaS pcallow: you look tan ela Doomerttv: Roleplayer PepeLaugh Liprez: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: my ammo cmonBruh vihainenkampela: the ambient sounds are so good tho talkman_: not stealing abandoned ammo LULW marshalmv: @ho_ho_ha_ha FeelsWeirdMan lBarnabusWizardcockl: @Elajjaz save? skiizor07: no KKol ? DansGame xx_bersark: @Elajjaz Steal while crouched Grandgreg13: @mariano_italiano12 WeirdChamp redzero033: ANELE Annonn140: ncr ResidentSleeper legion 😎 Armored_Guy: pugs JesseThaBest: Is this first time playing NV? MainMercLobo: @mariano_italiano12 stfu dude deeengee: @Elajjaz playing fallout… the world had gone mad LUL Nazzet: PepeLaugh Oh no no no OptimisticKnowledge: explosive books LULW Abyssadin: Or level up Da_Flanker: Explosive books? Sounds dangerous WerewolfB: zkmWUT leifyness: incoming Lt Dan cosplay 😀 Corsad: Explosive boobs? Cheeseek: monkaS mariano_italiano12: 🙂 xx_bersark: @Elajjaz you don’t need to hccomplete everything emicvi: ?????????????? RyanLovesWeed: @Da_Flanker genius vihainenkampela: lone wanderer Pog Elyas2: or live without completing every component of it redzero033: KKona NoodLeWrencher: KKool howdy sjuften_: KKona howdy LitPord: HeyGuys Turbulist: KKona Zarkellos: you’re leaving the city dude mysweatyth1ghsss: KKona Armored_Guy: hi 🙂 gosamigo: KKona Nopileos: KKona jokapleb: KKona Hatebanger: Howdy d3sirio: Howdy KKona Legi_: KKona AlexAnderman1994: Hey look it’s Peeve greyfacenospace123: danKona Doomerttv: Kill him FeelsGoodMan sozbrah: PepeLaugh fNandow: KKona SittingOx: KKona HOWDY Joelsh: Pog vihainenkampela: star one PogU Lexor757: STAR CAP PogU CryptoXOR: howdy moon2SH Lady_of_Darkness: ppBeer bottles everywhere XxWilsyXx: POGGERS KingMidas133: star Pog mysweatyth1ghsss: PogU Traktorq: bum picking up bottles LULW UltraWindow: PepeLaugh hes unaware of the action he just made Virhaed: star caps Chag Armored_Guy: throwing away caps LUL redzero033: PogU LordDrago: @AlexAnderman1994 PepeHands Slaproot: how often did ela die already greyfacenospace123: yes Doomerttv: yes 🙂 PleXyaN: PepeLaugh Clap Lexor757: LEGENDARY Cap PogU Silent_WaIker: PepeLaugh ZergistheWord: wouldnt know Kappa Da_Flanker: It kinda is sozbrah: Chag Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Yup Fatamerikans: a little Binfz: PepeLaugh Draconyite: yes or no distNep Traktorq: monkaW VauntDanial: Super Kapp Turbulist: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: monkaS Damejii: who knows? elaOk dzemroz: its related to an amazing quest Nopileos: monkaW KingMidas133: monkaW LordDrago: PepeLaugh * @AlexAnderman1994 it does look like peeve Lady_of_Darkness: monkaW elaGun Cheeseek: Wowee Squirrelpool: PepeLaugh He doesnt know brot_ok: Wowee sjuften_: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES BananaKen: LEAVE SIF ALONE PepeHands slothine: SNEAK SkeletonKeyLimePie: quicksave PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: savescum DansGame Purple_HazeR7: @elajjaz quest related gosamigo: Deathclaw? Damejii: F sjuften_: PepeHands not again Turbulist: PepeLaugh SHH CHAT redzero033: DETH 1mpolar: PepeHands Traktorq: monkaW canyon wreckage Dismal_Arkt: Wowee elaGun sozbrah: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: danCry LitPord: no PepeHands Nopileos: Turbulist pepeL Jaargan: no health PepeLaugh 뿡토: elaD Armored_Guy: PepeHands ericdude92: monkaW Virhaed: MA PepeHands KingMidas133: PepeHands alexei723: STOP D: NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Deliriumi1: F LordDrago: monkaW spacefacee: PepeHands dont pekkaatte: monkaW akmannen: First geckos now dogs? this man dont like animals Turbulist: Nopileos pepeL Maceron4444: thought that was an elephant LUL Nopileos: monkaW monkaW nekro793: MA PepeHands GoodGuyEvil: look up on the hill Da_Flanker: Make some pups orphans lngleberry: 5 ammo PepeLaugh krustyyz: she has puppers PepeHands greyfacenospace123: Not the younglings danCry Nopileos: Turbulist elaH Doomerttv: Doggos PepeHands Flashforward: PepeHands more animal families for Ela to genocide 1mpolar: leave her alone PepeHands spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz KILL IT PUSSY sozbrah: ?? NoodLeWrencher: elaOP like cake Joelsh: Kapp Da_Flanker: Mhm HellWhiskers: Fat cubs ZergistheWord: IN THE BELLY ultimafia318: PHAT LEWT Pog WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Vanset_: does ela know how long thius one will take? xd Dismal_Arkt: elaOP marshalmv: sure Kapp kafkavehamambocegi: kebab Pog SammersFourTwenty: Kreygasm T H I C C LOOT wololopriest: MAGAZINE BY FIRE AurbisDragon: CorgiDerp leave me and my children alone. vihainenkampela: missed legendary book PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh minor starvation sjuften_: PepeHands alexei723: @Vanset_ we going to visage in a little over an hour Lady_of_Darkness: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands dormuth: @vanset_ he prob wont finish this scrubcoregaming: @Elajjaz go back to the campfire! read the skillbook on the bench! greyfacenospace123: danCry SammersFourTwenty: PepeHands mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeHands Fatamerikans: PepeHands Canopus: PepeHands PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands KingMidas133: PepeHands kaskelott_: DO IT SMOrc Cheeseek: PepeHands BananaKen: PepeHands sozbrah: PepeHands STOP ZergistheWord: DO IT SwiftRage Istog: do it elaMad UltraWindow: gonna starve PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: did you start with nv today? fNandow: PepeHands Nazzet: monkaTOS Da_Flanker: Fresh meat FeelsGoodMan Clap Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Damejii: do it elaREE Jaargan: PepeHands spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TOEAT MAN SittingOx: PepeHands Polebegood: FeelsWeirdMan Galer1ans: PepeHands Lochness1: KILL SMOrc Seikisu: PepeHands turbofacu: DO IT dzemroz: she would kick your ass anwyay PepeLaugh Doomerttv: SMOrc Do it pekkaatte: just toss nade there sdpqi: PepeHands Armody: DO IT Nopileos: PepeHands DaniDuck: PepeHands Armored_Guy: PepeHands do it you monster Traktorq: monkaW LONESOME ROAD AurbisDragon: DarkMode CHANNEL YOUR ANGER Rymm_: DLC Pog Aristotilis: dew it bloodcaleb: let the puppies eat you PepeHands Corsad: Do it LUL imranimran: DO IT Reddinator: danEvil do it krustyyz: FeelsWeirdMan It says mother what do you think WrestlerBot2000: Pepo|Clip No.38| https://clips.twitch.tv/ZanyModernCookieDoritosChip wevie1: tough guy sarge PepeLaugh payprice: PepeHands Da_Flanker: Kill’ em and cook’ em up Carbidos: FeelsWeirdMan kaskelott_: MEATS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS SMOrc NissM: nrdyREE do it pettsontv: Burn them all! Galer1ans: AngelThump Joelsh: let them live PepeHands Turbulist: YOU NEED TO EAT PepeHands Airman_: FOD ZergistheWord: PERFECT SwiftRage CommanBear: but the loot !!!! PepeHands Damejii: frag that mother Virhaed: PepeLaugh 👉 H2O FOD imranimran: DEW IT WerewolfB: well now you can Wuxia: will ela finish nv or what elaOP wololopriest: @Elajjaz missed book by campfire Genkogreen: You hav a 10mm pistol Lady_of_Darkness: PogU sjuften_: PepeHands Need food TheDankDemon: heal monkaX Rust_n: @Elajjaz throw grenade there Jaargan: elaFeels elaGun FrankerZ no ela.. pls spare my children hpandy2: look u ne Fod 🙂 masau9: no mercy elaMad elaGun NoodLeWrencher: elaOP RingusSlaterfist: W OMEGLOL W Da_Flanker: Show them who’s boss in this wasteland vihainenkampela: that’s a alot of money Cheeseek: elaOP Fluid1337: nepSmug pretending to care for her even though she would kill you Lady_of_Darkness: Blow the coyote up elaMad VauntDanial: Grenade the dogs monkaS dormuth: it is just pixels ela ZergistheWord: frag the puppies. U wont even notice their gone Azure_Felt: too elaOP Armored_Guy: grenade the pups Doomerttv: ameyPepetine You know you want the loot Soadante: AYAYA CommanBear: WE STILL NEED THE LOOT PepeHands Genkogreen: Pistol gosamigo: This has a Karma System right ? 0_jacket_0: NYO HOOO Zarkellos: but… what about primm? not gonna enter? is a town… with bandits and quests… Ralock: SMOrc and Beans Thepothero: thats ez monies right there Turbulist: gosamigo yes Lexor757: GRENADE THE DOGS 🙂 NoodLeWrencher: elaD KanzanZX: time to eat beans Elvem: AYAYA redzero033: Save more often @Elajjaz Lady_of_Darkness: LUL payprice: elaD NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm ultimafia318: Chag LuL Nopileos: elaD ZergistheWord: exactly Turbulist: elaHmm greyfacenospace123: danD Cheeseek: sure LuL Traktorq: SAVE monkaW starplat9num: dlc Azure_Felt: monkaW KingMidas133: mercy killing LULW Rymm_: 5Head AurbisDragon: ????????? SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Canopus: elaK dzemroz: dlc dormuth: Kappa PleXyaN: assuming FeelsWeirdMan TorvaM: elaK they are suffering Elyas2: everything is radiated Elvem: Lonsome Road Pog Seikisu: D: Fluid1337: 5Head nostrilgaze: monkaS AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh sozbrah: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: JEbaited Reddinator: they are suffering PepeLaugh Squirrelpool: Theyll play fetch Kappa Bloodhit: Mercy kill them elaKek Turbulist: monkaW Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Dlc Fluid1337: PepeLaugh sjuften_: monkaW Damejii: if thats what you havt to tell yourself elaOk wololopriest: @Elajjaz Missed skill book by campfire! awdkop: D: nekro793: elaK again this logic brot_ok: Wowee HYPERCLAP introvertflake: dlc mariano_italiano12: monkaW \ NoodLeWrencher: monkaS sogg3: LUL DrGouko: YEEEE let’s go lonesome road! Martiansam: elaD mysweatyth1ghsss: monkaW Aristotilis: Ela they are suffering, you got to mercy kill them SkeletonKeyLimePie: grrrr NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands MainMercLobo: the amount of backdooring in this chat is actually retarded Fluid1337: monkaW Sohei4649: Starting to justify his killings FeelsBadMan alexei723: Wowee BARK BARK Bxadd: monkaW marshalmv: finding excuses to kill inocent wild life PepeLaugh Nopileos: monkaW Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan no kil dogo MainMercLobo: *backseating industries_: PepeHands DONT DO IT Armored_Guy: PepeHands Galer1ans: monkaGun Jaargan: PepeHands PhilWill: Chill thickGUN Martiansam: you have to Thepothero: ooooo best dlc spot Pog Maceron4444: Wowee just u fookin try it Falact: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES spike_the_space_cowboy: DO IT swoglo: gachiBASS sozbrah: monkaS payprice: Dlc PogU redzero033: monkaS ThatLuluTho: Pet him 😡 mircopen: monkaS dlc WerewolfB: who dat Kapp Dannydevictoria: PepeLaugh he is unaware Elvem: GOOD DLC Pog Never__Ever: hmmm SkeletonKeyLimePie: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh ModernPlagueDoctor: I’d shoot you but I’ll spare you because you have baby dogs Kappa swoglo: i want no traburu Vanset_: does he have wild wasteland? bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh sogg3: love chillI dzemroz: 5 bullets PepeLaugh Exile_On_Twitch: It’s DLC jack_off_jim: Dont enter high level dlc vihainenkampela: go in there PepeLaugh NissM: Kill the baby. To enrage the mother Kapp shikifujin16: SALUGHTER THEM ALL NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO slothine: Sneak swoglo: coyori don’t emicvi: Shhhhhhhhh PepeLaugh Thepothero: rooDerp Galer1ans: ela7 Flashforward: SNEAK Justgo41: use 9mm pistol pekkaatte: dont tell him chat PepeLaugh sjuften_: PepeS NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh WAIT FOR IT Armored_Guy: Kapp mircopen: monkaS stop Nopileos: pekkaatte elaHYUG Silent_WaIker: LULW redzero033: LULW Fluid1337: PepeLaugh sjuften_: LULW Turbulist: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Traktorq: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW Lady_of_Darkness: LULW wotebi: kill for xp Martiansam: LULW Armored_Guy: LULW Azure_Felt: PlsEla Turbulist: ElaPls tutufuzi: LUL Nazzet: LULW fNandow: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW industries_: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: LULW Fluid1337: LULW LordDrago: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Annonn140: OMEGALUL Jaargan: monkaW RingusSlaterfist: TOOK HIS LOOT LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: they were his Fatamerikans: DETH akmannen: stole her ammo Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL StarPogPlatinum: LULW pekkaatte: LULW Leehoy_: sumSmash 1mpolar: LULW illethor221: LULW Colroyds: LULW alexei723: THOSE WERE HERS LUL Nopileos: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO mizoreeee: LULW Schwirm: that was his 😡 MaleFunction: F nekro793: karma LULW ottorobago: self-question Fluid1337: OMEGALUL Bloodhit: DE SnuggleTheHuggle: why LULW Lexor757: DEATH LULW redzero033: LOST TO DOGS LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaD PhilWill: LULW Corsad: LUL UltraWindow: LULW dead Traktorq: gachiBASS payprice: Ded PogU Damejii: OMEGADOWN sozbrah: PepeLaugh Teddym4n: D: Bxadd: D: xx_bersark: @Elajjaz need food and water jack_off_jim: You need shovel ultimafia318: why do YOU doom yourself OMEGALUL Colroyds: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands ThatLuluTho: PepeHands ArcherTyrall: Ded Bloodhit: D LUL Martiansam: that was soo funny LULW Nopileos: PepeHands DuoLancer: Wowee shikifujin16: Cause theyre wild coyotes LUL fNandow: D: Galer1ans: Wowee AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP TO THE PIT Seikisu: PepeLaugh Zaraji: they thought it was easy prey 🙂 McDumb: CorgiDerp HotFireZ: LUL NoodLeWrencher: elaKek WerewolfB: gachiHYPER Fatamerikans: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: ded LULW Doomerttv: Deth PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN Kouwell: PepeHands Turbulist: LULW BananaKen: LMAO Carbidos: LULW redzero033: OMEGADOWN shikifujin16: LUL Binfz: LOST TO A DOG LULW Nopileos: LULW Traktorq: OMEGALUL Jdalker_trololo: doggo D: Reddinator: LULW Galer1ans: LULW Lady_of_Darkness: LUL Tree60noscoped: LUL agx2018: PETA @Elajjaz jklob: D: Teddym4n: OMEGADOWN Virhaed: OMEGADOWN Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Rymm_: LULW Colroyds: OMEGALUL Corsad: elaD Sohei4649: LULW DeadBart: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh or that NoodLeWrencher: elaKek kill you Nopileos: LULW LULW raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh alexei723: Wowee Clap jokapleb: LULW sozbrah: OMEGALUL Teret1: LULW shooty_mcshootin: ffffffffffffffffffffff pekkaatte: DIED TO PUPPIES LULW4 industries_: DEAD LULW IRAGEQUEEN: LULW Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN marshalmv: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: arrogant human OMEGADOWN JesseThaBest: Lul CommanBear: +5 incoming Pog akmannen: deathless greyfacenospace123: danKEK KARMA Zealot90: LuL Annonn140: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Elvem: PepeLaugh Pxlii: OMEGADOWN Zalinero_: LULW LordDrago: LULW LULW Bxadd: OMEGADOWN Airman_: LULW Monster5crak: so slow Elyas2: lmao Martiansam: or not OMEGALUL Legi_: LULW AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PhilWill: LMAOOO S_Darji: you can try PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: LULW 3v0id: KARMA LULW Nopileos: LULW nekro793: LULW deserved PoliceCarAuction: cirSlain ray131471: LULW LULW LULW Cecilff2: OMEGADOWN LOST TO DOG k0tashira: LULW Liprez: PepeLaugh Squirrelpool: Why do you doom yourself?!? Taosis: LUL Galer1ans: ela7 SittingOx: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW jklob: LULW nave0: OMEGADOWN Kaanuynk: LULW CommanBear: LULW krustyyz: OMEGALUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh DuoLancer: Wowee fuckyoufatfuck Jaargan: elaFeels elaGun FrankerZ it has to be this way MasterMdrn: rekt TessilRx: hwaaat? relav893: INSTANT KARMA LULW brot_ok: LULW LOST TO DOG Slaproot: doggo op link917: F sogg3: OMEGADOWN agx2018: PETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA gosamigo: PepeLaugh waywai: LULW shmobl: LULW xx_bersark: @Elajjaz don’t forget food and water CurseofSherwood: DOOM YOURSELF PepeLaugh wololopriest: @Elajjaz Missed book by campfire! AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP jade282: elaKek elaKek SammersFourTwenty: Wowee NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh oops ela12 SoulOfDerp: Doom yourself elaKek Armored_Guy: you need what? LULW vihainenkampela: LULW DIED TO A COYOTE Glenshane: LUL Monster5crak: 0 agility Greeenspot: NOPE Thepothero: rooXD rooXD rooXD rooXD rooXD rooXD Boxalava: lulw thePUNisher5: LULW MrTalyos: LUL Jaargan: LULW elaKek elaKek lorhne: put on your armour Doomerttv: Lost to a dog LULW aizawa49: DOOMED URSELF OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW SammersFourTwenty: Wowee Clap Evillution: PepeLaugh 💨 Traktorq: courier 6? mkzkSeki: D: HotFireZ: lol agx2018: WHY greyfacenospace123: danD Motek: D: WHAT sozbrah: D: Azure_Felt: that was it’s masters grave PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: elaD Abyssadin: @Elajjaz Put on some armor pls Nopileos: D: ViveLaDissidence: Turns out you’re the doomed one PepeLaugh UltraWindow: stream rain PogU MasterMdrn: 4Shrug McDumb: lost to a corgi \ CorgiDerp / gosamigo: D: alexei723: Wowee GET FUCKED marshalmv: D: Nazzet: D: Airman_: D: Zarkellos: OMIEGA ZergistheWord: you’ve had low health entire playthrough LULW Armody: Thats why you don’t have mercy 뿡토: KILL ME FeelsPepoMan mircopen: PepeHands STOP Falact: us? monkaW CommanBear: +10 Pog 1mpolar: they didn’t do anything PepeHands Nopileos: D: D: Solarnovas: NOW I HAVE TO KILL YOU *dies* DeNils: show rain MrCookieh: dont kill me PepeHands KubeKol: “why do you doom yourself” Night_Sparrow: Literally walking with 30% hp fettopaddan: I missed it, whatk killed him? xx_bersark: @Elajjaz you should eat and drink Nazzet: monkaGun Chat MasterMdrn: CorgiDerp PurplePumpKing: That was an elegant death LUL SammersFourTwenty: PepeHands not the pups StrongNico: eat food and drink more HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz You can map stimpaks like other weapons TessilRx: CorgiDerp im the best cignus87: dead owners grave J0hnnyBlade: it’s pouring ela12 TheDankDemon: 16 OMEGALUL Gushyblusha: please heal with food ela agx2018: DUDE Lexor757: EAT FOOD AND DRINK FOR HEALTH Turbulist: Elajjaz eat and drink for health agx2018: NO gosamigo: Pipboy is in Kreygasm Mode Vivelin: You entered their territory Lady_of_Darkness: ela12 they started! NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh liixz: isn’t this place dlc? Motek: D: PETA Jaargan: elaFeels elaGun FrankerZ pls don’t kill me ela aizawa49: puppy killer Ela Falact: heylaurenCry Seikisu: @fettopaddan, Died to a coyote VauntDanial: Missed IKEALUL shikifujin16: TableHere SammersFourTwenty: D: NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE WE GO AGAIN Nazzet: Still dead PepeLaugh Kouwell: They’re protecting the graves of their masters @Elajjaz PepeHands sozbrah: NO AMMO PepeLaugh mircopen: PepeHands unsubbed agx2018: THE POOR WOLVES NoodLeWrencher: elaD ZergistheWord: THEY STARTED IT SwiftRage redzero033: D: Turbulist: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: chat i hope you guys have to survive like that one day… ottorobago: PepeHands sjuften_: PepeHands nooo greyfacenospace123: danD Dismal_Arkt: Out of ammo PepeLaugh RingusSlaterfist: WTF Lady_of_Darkness: PepeHands industries_: WeirdChamp ANIMAL KILLER StarPogPlatinum: PepeHands Carbidos: LULW Nopileos: PepeHands ThatLuluTho: D: jokapleb: D: sozbrah: D: fNandow: D: NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Virhaed: PepeHands bhpaulcar: D: Fulgator: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Abyssadin: LULW Galer1ans: PepeHands awdkop: bukDC UltraWindow: ElaSmash Wowee Fire_: zubD Cheeseek: PepeHands nooo Nucleoprotein: elaD dYnAm1c92: D: Meximus322: PepeHands LimmyLammyLlama: PepeHands Fatamerikans: PepeHands Bhdown: D: Soadante: D: wtf Vanset_: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands ChickenMuffins: NOT THE BABY Azure_Felt: elaD unsubbed Elvem: LULW notder: D: Istog: PepeHands marshalmv: WTF D: Ph4ntomi: Monster D: GoyIntrepide: forsenO forsenGun Xirn: yelp PepeHands CommanBear: D: alexei723: D: STOP kebabsouls: PepeHands Traktorq: PepeHands StrongNico: Sif PepeHands Armored_Guy: PepeHands brot_ok: D: gosamigo: D: ultimafia318: CALL PETA D: Jaargan: elaD elaD elaD elaD kaskelott_: BLOOD SMOrc Nopileos: PepeHands AurbisDragon: DarkMode Clap Thetazul: PepeHands swoglo: OMEGALUL SittingOx: D: vihainenkampela: PepeHands Airman_: D: PepeHands MasterMdrn: why are you running slyster12: There is no crying in fallout kill everything Lazy_Weasel: tdogStress 뿡토: WeirdChamp DOG KILLER faithless_zealot: D: greyfacenospace123: danCry WHYYY morozennoe: BibleThump amaterasu_chase: D: jokapleb: PepeHands agx2018: UNSUBBED UNFOLLOWD Bxadd: PepeHands why Da_Flanker: It’s the wasteland. You don’t need an excuse to kill someone or something Nazzet: So much pain PepeHands alexei723: D: ELA NO ultimafia318: HE JUST WANTS TO LIVE PepeHands Aldairon: elaD mizoreeee: PepeHands shikifujin16: Oh shit S_Darji: PepeHands Eizen_5: rooXD mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeHands JaynisK: REMINDER: Coyote’s often EAT people’s pets. atomicdestruction: elaD kaskelott_: LUL redzero033: OMEGALUL HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz You can map stimpaks like other weapons MasterMdrn: D: Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands fixions: WeirdChamp sozbrah: D: WTF Galer1ans: Wowee Ph4ntomi: PepeHands Teddym4n: PepeUff Yuggod: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: OMG Virhaed: elaD liixz: D: Deliriumi1: PepeHands Schwirm: PepeHands lorhne: put on your armour @Elajjaz StarPogPlatinum: BibleThump ZergistheWord: DONT SUFFER BITCH SwiftRage industries_: PepeHands bhpaulcar: kill the dogs FeelsGoodMan KingMidas133: D: Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands Annonn140: D: Elvem: OMEGALUL Lexor757: PepeHands NYOOOO Turbulist: elaKek akmannen: killing dags NoodLeWrencher: elaD BROKE HIS NECK brot_ok: PepeHands ELA WHY fNandow: PepeHands ThatLuluTho: You monster PepeHands Azure_Felt: PepeHands PepeHands ylt123: LULW Lady_of_Darkness: LUL tutufuzi: LUL jokapleb: PepeHands D: nekro793: reported for animal abuse monkaTOS sjuften_: PepeHands the sound Jac0bite: noo BibleThump sogg3: D: D: D: MaleFunction: elaD JackHow_: that was deep fried jesus Traktorq: [sad awoo] Meximus322: nooo PepeHands kaskelott_: OMEGALUL saugo: Pog Araboth: LOL QTori: PepeHands Kouwell: PepeHands payprice: elaD TuXPad: Pepehand gosamigo: PepeHands Da_Flanker: On less to worry about Fulgator: PepeHands logstock: jesus dude Jaargan: PepeHands 大きな鼻: PepeHands jklob: PepeHands Draconyite: rip pupper BananaKen: REPORTED rooCop greyfacenospace123: so evil marshalmv: OMG PepeHands SittingOx: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands redzero033: WutFace Meximus322: poor dogoo PepeHands ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: stodOOF stodOOF stodOOF Hawkees: YOU MONSTER elaD ultimafia318: YOU MONSTER D: starkytw: PepeHands SolusBellator: elaD PepeHands Gabber__: HOW CAN YOU SLEEP PepeHands Thepothero: rooWut LordDrago: D: Sarpedeon_101: @Elajjaz monster ViveLaDissidence: Your PETA membership is now confirmed Kappa Shordes: this guy is a maniac Silent_WaIker: LULW 1mpolar: monster BibleThump TessilRx: oowooowwoooo TheDankDemon: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump RobinIronSpartan: wtf was that noise LOL cheekibreeki00: broke his neck Airman_: MURDERER D: Moelleux_Tartiflette: ban ending PepeHands Xirn: was it worth it, ela? FeelsWeirdMan NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands WORST POSSIBLE ENDING 大きな鼻: wtf PepeHands wandering_pleb: elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD absolutely_not_haram: reported for animal abuse jokapleb: legit unsubbed D: Traktorq: PSYCHOPATH PepeHands CommanBear: unnecessary violence PepeHands D: Annonn140: TOO FAR WeirdChamp agx2018: LULW 🙂 oxidAstronaut: HE JUST WANTED TO PROTECT HIS MOM :O Da_Flanker: Fees good, doesn’t it FeelsGoodMan swoglo: @Elajjaz you are the bane of the living ukiqurdi_aka_luke_k_dub: stodHED stodHED stodHED Elyas2: I don’t like that sound PepeHands MasterMdrn: back to digging graves LULW aizawa49: YOU’RE A MONSTER morozennoe: Monster Jaargan: WHAT HAS HE BECOME PepeHands xx_bersark: @Elajjaz eat and drink? faithless_zealot: You monster D: waywai: YOU MONSTER BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump mircopen: monkaS dlc a__dunc: dogHAHA dogHAHA Joelsh: I DIDNT SUB FOR THIS PepeHands sozbrah: PepeLaugh AurbisDragon: Now you made 2 more graves 🙂 LorkiStream: mmm-monster BibleThump Abyssadin: @Elajjaz You got Merc outfits right? Meximus322: Gravedigging PepeHands Lexor757: DLC Content PhilWill: D: Justgo41: DLC liixz: dlc Doomster59: the wasteland is a cruel place man Traktorq: monkaW DLC awdkop: puppy killer PepeHands Wuxia: lmao tutufuzi: just let me defile the graves PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands KILLING A BUNCH OF DOGGES TO ROB GRAVES Xirn: wanted to graverob WeirdChamp alexei723: @Elajjaz was it worth it you monster ? D: AkiraJkr: DLC Da_Flanker: You were the chosen one, Anikin Turbulist: Chat is PepeHands I’m just elaKek Cause of the sound the dog made Vanset_: now kill some humans to cleanse the pallet Sikodude: cheer500 ryzizzle: grave robber and dog killer WeirdChamp greyfacenospace123: was it worth it? pepeHands Elvem: THIS DLC IS SO GOOD StarPogPlatinum: Don’t go here, it’s DLC monkaW vihainenkampela: go in there PepeLaugh Sikodude: reward A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat! andrewidtheboss: animal abuse mizoreeee: UNSUBBED UNFOLLOWED AND REPORTED PepeHands starplat9num: ASMR DLC Lady_of_Darkness: Ela killing countless of people in Judgement, and killing for food is awful LULW Wuxia: i mean D: redzero033: PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: Why PepeHands PepeHands Greeenspot: Its the circle of life bro 8goci: @Elajjaz the wasteland is a harsh place skazii: Unsub UltraWindow: 0 AkiraJkr: No Canteen LULW Fatamerikans: high level DLC tho brot_ok: Killing some dogs to rob graves FeelsWeirdMan hyenapatches: @Elajjaz Animal cruelty Teret1: check the truck @Elajjaz Vanset_: does he have wild wasteland? HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz You can map stimpaks for quick use like other weapons raider_unkindled: D: uncledickbutt: any cats to balance out ? 3Head Abyssadin: low Legi_: PepeLaugh WerewolfB: thats a door Elvem: 0 Galer1ans: oooooooooooohh ela12 Hawkees: First you kill innocent puppies THEN YOU ROB GRAVES ASWELL ELAJJAZ elaD Azure_Felt: u want 0 PepeLaugh JaynisK: Chat carrying about pet eating Coyotes. WeirdChamp NoodLeWrencher: elaOP fod danadamana: Climb Wreckage Lexor757: under aid Polebegood: elaGa fod xeavion: @Elajjaz You killed dogs to rob graves! YOU MONSTER Doomerttv: SMOrc Murder everything sozbrah: hardcore mode DansGame ultimafia318: FOD 3Head KingMidas133: fod Traktorq: fód AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL No Canteen OMEGALUL No Canteen OMEGALUL No Canteen OMEGALUL No Canteen Da_Flanker: elaOP NoodLeWrencher: elaOP gosamigo: FOD LULW Azure_Felt: elaOP LordDrago: @brot_ok PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaOP Vanset_: does he have wild wasteland?? 大きな鼻: fod 3Head Lady_of_Darkness: elaOP nymnCorn NoodLeWrencher: elaBruv LegendarySoulblade: @Lady_of_Darkness Well he killed pups just to do gravedigging LULW 0drift: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlazingStrongWrenPeteZarollTie talkman_: 3Head Plasmafenix: elaBruv Lads Traktorq: 3Head LADS Vivelin: Lad’s life gachiBASS Legi_: 3Head Crab_with_Tophat: @Vanset_ yes Cheeseek: elaBruv Annonn140: drink sarsparilla swoglo: prepare for omega defecation Dismal_Arkt: Lads life elaBruv bcandido: bcandido subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 17 months! WrestlerBot2000: @bcandido After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SittingOx: 3Head AkiraJkr: 3Head Lady_of_Darkness: @LegendarySoulblade True elaKek Nopileos: SUB HYPE bcandido elaA KappatainHindsight: 3Head jenda69: 3Head LADS Silent_WaIker: PETA WeirdChamp lorhne: put on your armour @Elajjaz AurbisDragon: gachiHYPER NoodLeWrencher: elaBruv oi dey have my life on de papers Dismal_Arkt: Roleplay? VaN Elvem: Water PepeLaugh xorjoep: When ds all achievements again? LegendarySoulblade: @Lady_of_Darkness Didn’t care much for the meat OMEGALUL JesseThaBest: stimpack NoodLeWrencher: elaD ottorobago: D: Traktorq: PepeHands Azure_Felt: elaD UltraWindow: 4Play Jaargan: DID YOU DO IT PepeHands WHAT DID IT COST PepeHands EVERYTHING PepeHands ray131471: D: Istog: elaD pappakatt79: FOD=Foreign Object Damage Motek: D: NO Nopileos: elaD AkiraJkr: D: Espher_5: PepeHands mizoreeee: elaD gosamigo: D: Sikodude: elaD \ LegendarySoulblade: WTF D: Reddinator: D: wtf mysweatyth1ghsss: D: Lady_of_Darkness: @LegendarySoulblade Thats our ela LULW TessilRx: fetch boii Turbulist: Pog LegendarySoulblade: TOXIC STRIMMER D: Zarkellos: yeah armour can be useful they say Fatamerikans: drink a puddle PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Pog Nopileos: D: Cheeseek: Pog KappatainHindsight: DON’T YOU DARE 16xbetcher: @Elajjaz. How are you doing? Annonn140: VaN Jaargan: not my streamer elaFeels TheDankDemon: heal more smh Doomerttv: Leatherman HandsUp 1mpolar: PepeHands Vivelin: roo4 Gumma: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Reddinator: danMAD sozbrah: PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: elaMad mizoreeee: actuall psychopath monkaW ThatLuluTho: PunOko Da_Flanker: atpCap jokapleb: D: Tasarion: D: Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan AurbisDragon: DarkMode Clap raider_unkindled: elaB I hate you Bxadd: D: AkaTsubaki_: do it YeahBoi fNandow: D: Nopileos: D: D: JesseThaBest: too late 1marcio080: NADE THEM moon2H AkiraJkr: HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP HYPERCLAP thePUNisher5: elaD gosamigo: NO PepeHands greyfacenospace123: PepeHands CaptainOutOfTen: elaMad sdpqi: D: 大きな鼻: D: nekro793: @Elajjaz elaWeird JinM0: elaMad Da_Flanker: I’d do the same Silent_WaIker: yep Draconyite: distLul dYnAm1c92: already unsubbed 😡 Nopileos: elaD KingMidas133: WeirdChamp UltraWindow: 4Play fisting is 4 bucks Vanset_: more like fattest Nucleoprotein: elaMad 뿡토: KILLING ANIMALS AMD ROB GRAVES FeelsWeirdMan Airman_: FeelsWeirdMan ZergistheWord: just throw all 11 and we square LegendarySoulblade: elaWeird KappatainHindsight: PET THE DOGS Nazzet: Unsub 🍅 🖕 redd1400: play the game like i want you to BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage Martiansam: more like survival of wh have more granades LULW Wuxia: do it for science Kraad_: I hope you at least eat the meat after you kill it bhpaulcar: FeelsGoodMan make their guts fly KingMidas133: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz StarPogPlatinum: Don’t worry, we’ve been here too LULW fatpep: DONT INVOLVE NATURE IN THIS elaMad ViveLaDissidence: Don’t worry he’s gonna blow himself up PepeLaugh Espher_5: elaWeird @Elajjaz DuoLancer: triLurk Traktorq: FeelsWeirdMan they’d do the same to you right Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh 👉 HEALTH NoodLeWrencher: ela doodleandrew101: monkaW Falact: heylaurenCry NoodLeWrencher: elaK Da_Flanker: Gonna step on a mine Turbulist: PepeHands ultimafia318: @ViveLaDissidence OMEGALUL Raseclight: @Elajjaz HP mooncat_123: @Elajjaz heal VauntDanial: Backseating WeirdChamp payprice: H2O LUL hyenapatches: animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty animal cruelty Azure_Felt: elaK Jaargan: elaFeels sdpqi: PepeHands doggies PepeHands nekro793: elaK just die AurbisDragon: DarkMode Clap Lady_of_Darkness: He got the thirst to kill chat ElaSmash JaynisK: Coyotes=/=Wolves NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands TRANSFORMED INTO A MONSTER Traktorq: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: No mercy StarPogPlatinum: Ela is so lost it’s funny LULW ThatLuluTho: No you don’tn need WeirdChamp Gabber__: D: ZergistheWord: LULW TheGoldenCobra: elaD NoodLeWrencher: elaD tutufuzi: D: mysweatyth1ghsss: D: AkiraJkr: D: Nopileos: elaD elaD Xerenix: PepeHands Espher_5: PepeHands MellowMancer: grenade the dogs or I unsub moon2H Zaraji: cirD raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh Nazzet: D: DuoLancer: not the MILF D: UltraWindow: LULW Raseclight: hello guys elaH Tasarion: PepeHands Azure_Felt: PepeHands greyfacenospace123: PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: elaD Bloodhit: LULW Terrortoastyyy: crouch for sneakl attack bonus. 2x damage @Elajjaz KappatainHindsight: BE FRIENDS WITH DOGS! TheH3llraiser: LULW sjuften_: D: Martiansam: LULW Seikisu: D: Jaargan: PepeHands payprice: elaD Sohei4649: D: LimmyLammyLlama: LULW redzero033: D: Nopileos: LULW fatpep: elaD Airman_: D: Draconyite: kabeeeewm Corsad: elaD MagicFrogs: LUL industries_: PepeHands jklob: LULW notder: D: Traktorq: PepeHands Pudntoogud: ANELE Clap Annonn140: LULW Eizen_5: rooD sdpqi: D: MONSTER Galer1ans: PepeHands mizoreeee: PepeHands Nopileos: elaD Da_Flanker: A bit excessive but ok Vanset_: PepeHands Bxadd: PepeHands nooooo Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands aizawa49: elaD vihainenkampela: LULW fNandow: PepeHands Traktorq: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands YOU ARE SICK that_solid_dude: y tho UltraWindow: monkaW fixions: WeirdChamp RPing killing dogs AkiraJkr: monkaS Lexor757: monkaW TheDankDemon: EZ ylt123: LULW Komitern66: monkaW iceicex: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: monkaW Geneziz_: WHAT THE FU ELA Flashforward: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW wevie1: with a grenade Xerenix: monkaW Xirn: was it worth it, ela? FeelsWeirdMan Colroyds: monkaW Draconyite: KKona happy 4th Espher_5: monkaW Elvem: monkaW jklob: monkaW ultimafia318: the sound of karma monkaS Bieberhunter: elaFeels Polebegood: PepeLaugh SittingOx: monkaW swoglo: holy fuck man OptimisticKnowledge: grenade is not quick at all LULW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW KingMidas133: PepeHands raider_unkindled: monkaW d3sirio: OMEGALUL greyfacenospace123: PepeHands omg tutufuzi: LUL mkzkSeki: LULW talkman_: easy xp Reddinator: danKEK pekkaatte: monkaW what was that Turbulist: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Elvem: What the hell was that sound? MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Dismal_Arkt: Puppy PepeHands mariano_italiano12: monster D: jokapleb: PepeHands Bhdown: FOR NOTHING Corsad: D: RingusSlaterfist: LOAD SAVE payprice: PepeHands mysweatyth1ghsss: LUL Nopileos: LULW DuoLancer: PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: LULW Lady_of_Darkness: PepeHands KappatainHindsight: PepeHands S_Darji: PepeHands ylt123: LUL Fatamerikans: PepeHands aizawa49: first the children then the mother 😀 Tasarion: YOU MONSTER PepeHands Schwirm: PepeLaugh ZergistheWord: LULW LUL Nopileos: PepeHands 1mpolar: monster PepeHands Doomerttv: EZ XP Azure_Felt: horrible person elaB IRAGEQUEEN: PepeHands wotebi: hauntedc fakerello: monkaW music gosamigo: RESTART ray131471: PepeLaugh Draconyite: OMEGALUL Heartsome_NaNa: Jebaited mizoreeee: ALL FOR NOTHING PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: LULW redzero033: LULW Caput_Draconis: PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands YOU NEED HELP YOU FUCK 大きな鼻: PepeHands SittingOx: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Reddinator: OMEGADOWN Jac0bite: ahahahahah Martiansam: OMEGLOL Jaargan: PepeHands you monster PepeHands akmannen: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL jokapleb: LULW Tree60noscoped: WeirdChamp Abyssadin: LULW Turbulist: elaKek xAngoryx: WOW ELA Vanset_: LUL Fafebobo: PepeHands BluBlu_BluBlo: LULW ZatanZero: You monster PepeHands RyanLovesWeed: LULW dYnAm1c92: LULW Greeenspot: She jus sleeping 😉 Nopileos: LULW qsrRain: PepeHands StarPogPlatinum: LULW Nucleoprotein: LULW Teddym4n: OMEGALUL TorvaM: LULW AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL Kouwell: YOU MONSTER SwiftRage Falact: MONSTER monkaW PhilWill: LULW Da_Flanker: atpCap Traktorq: why the fuck would a COYOTE have money in their den LULW sozbrah: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN Corsad: LUL mysweatyth1ghsss: OMEGALUL pekkaatte: LULW Elvem: elaD save scumming Seikisu: PepeLaugh tutufuzi: Jebaited Liprez: LULW AurbisDragon: Jebaited Armody: LULW mizoreeee: lulw payprice: LULW Legi_: LULW Tasarion: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Bxadd: OMEGALUL Hajitaib: PepeHands Silent_WaIker: OMEGALUL myla1: LULW LeVincente: fat loot he said fNandow: LULW Da_Flanker: You imbecile Caput_Draconis: LULW mizoreeee: LULW Bxadd: D: Xerenix: LULW Dismal_Arkt: Jebaited Nopileos: LULW LULW Polebegood: FeelsWeirdMan you’re playing Sarge Corsad: again elaD mircopen: PepeHands NOT AGAIN Disaresta: LULW shmobl: OMEGALUL KingMidas133: HERE WE GO AGAIN PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: FeelsGoodMan Cheeseek: Savescum LULW ChilledGear: LULW ddeserved Azure_Felt: FeelsGoodMan alexei723: 🙂 Lady_of_Darkness: He quickloads so he can kill them again PepeHands JesseThaBest: :(((( bull3t_one: YOU CANT UNDO YOUR SINS LIKE THAT Bhdown: FeelsGoodMan RingusSlaterfist: GOOD ENDING greyfacenospace123: FeelsGoodMan ray131471: LULW KILL THEM AGAIN Dismal_Arkt: You are WeirdChamp nekro793: FeelsGoodMan we did it chat Gabber__:>:| YOU SHOULD NoodLeWrencher: FeelsGoodMan SAVED dYnAm1c92: FeelsGodMan talkman_: FALSE SARGE FeelsWeirdMan mizoreeee: KILLING THEM AGAIN PepeHands TheGoldenCobra: FeelsGoodMan NoodLeWrencher: elaD Kouwell: FeelsGoodMan Clap Schwirm: FeelsGoodMan ninjalive2: Killing for fun D: Jaargan: YOU MONSTER elaREE elaREE mysweatyth1ghsss: FeelsGoodMan Traktorq: FeelsPepoMan wtf coyote didn’t have money or guns for me Nopileos: FeelsGoodMan izzied: REDEMPTION NoodLeWrencher: PepeS sozbrah: FeelsGoodMan Doomerttv: Saved FeelsGoodMan Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Xirn: monkaW gosamigo: THE LIVE FeelsGoodMan OptimisticKnowledge: monkaS Zarkellos: I’m this games there’s big scorpions, bandits, abomination, monster and a really small amount of actual animals. who’s gonna pick ela? Leeegit: Pog raider_unkindled: elaK AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP Legi_: D: NautilusV2: elaK KingMidas133: FeelsGoodMan Martiansam: bad hooman elaB Jiucoe_9u4ko: LULW Cheeseek: FeelsGoodMan Clap GoodGuyEvil: change your outfit @Elajjaz Nopileos: elaK Da_Flanker: Wow, big upgrade alexei723: FeelsGoodMan SAVED Lochness1: WASTELAND payprice: LUL S_Darji: elaD ultimafia318: someone clip that PepeLaugh UiVgray: Geckos???? Abyssadin: Already killed 20 gecko’s akmannen: reloaded so he can kill them again 🙂 cyclosu0: you slaughtered so many geckos MainMercLobo: geckos are animals WeirdChamp UltraWindow: tell that to all the gecko babies PepeHands wololopriest: @Elajjaz Book by campfire!! Zaraji: we’re animals though cirD Airman_: FeelsGoodMan Xerenix: FeelsGoodMan Clap iceicex: Kapp Reddinator: so a vegan then? LULW Naaslaarum: but they are FREE exp fNandow: FeelGoodMan JesseThaBest: How long have you been playing already? 1mpolar: what about those geckos LULW Turbulist: Elajjaz Sarge needs to eat elaK franky_latabasse: Sarge elaBlush VauntDanial: Sarge defiitely gos hunting LULW Cecilff2: People are animals aizawa49: after killing tons of geckos Seikisu: DansGame what about the Gekos ? Elajjaz Silent_WaIker: so much better… ViveLaDissidence: *objects in gekko* Ringguni: Sarge the people hunter Bloodhit: Psychopath LULW ultimafia318: Sarge is Kripp OMEGALUL Martiansam: people are animal too @Elajjaz elaK Lexor757: KILL THEM AGAIN FeelsGoodMan Clap stunchman: ELAGDQ CommanBear: you still killed them.. that shows your true nature PepeHands D: Da_Flanker: People are just bipedal animals atpCap andrewidtheboss: Right, latr everyone. Remedy020: PogU Cannibal Run!? too_lazy_for_this: SAVESCUM! CAN’T LEAVE WITH HIS DECISIONS @elajjaz StarPogPlatinum: The sage of the wastelands LULW Da_Flanker: Shoot them all Ringguni: what was that soundm, was that just me? MadResults: Sarge is gonna have a hard time in this game if he ONLY kills people SerApollyon: Hello Ela, hello chat pepeL Nopileos: SerApollyon elaH Greeenspot: 20 Geckos later lol hpandy2: can u bind stimpacks too? i dont remember AkirameMiko: how about quickbinding the stim forsenE Jangofett160: You’ve killed more geckos than you’ve seen humans CommanBear: andrewidtheboss PepeLaugh Cheeseek: SerApollyon elaH 11qq2w: mujave LUL AurbisDragon: SARGE GONNA EAT ASS gachiHYPER Martiansam: @SerApollyon hellooo pepeL LegendarySoulblade: Hunting irl is good as long as you use 100% of your prey. FIGHT ME CHAT 🙂 Bloodhit: MO DJA VE LULW 0_jacket_0: the what OMEGALUL BBiBsBoy: I’m glad you are not disrespecting anikis name @Elajjaz WeirdChamp OptimisticKnowledge: mujave LULW uncledickbutt: Moogiave LMAO AkiraJkr: MUJAVE mircopen: monkaS watch for mines darkenergy57: Mozhave? EleGiggle Airman_: mozhave 23edsa: MOODJAVE Streamleen: Yooo Ela playing New Vegas? Sweeet. Squirrelpool: PepeLaugh Mojave alekzander_1234: moshave? SerApollyon: @Nopileos @Cheeseek @Martiansam pepeL Antares053: it’s mohave bleu_spoonz: cute boy got jebaited EleGiggle 0_jacket_0: moo cha ve Azure_Felt: elaK AkiraJkr: Kapp Da_Flanker: elaK Vivelin: elaK Lexor757: Kappa Fatamerikans: ??? franky_latabasse: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Tasarion: mugabe express ZULUL aizawa49: ekaK fatpep: elaK ZergistheWord: no their not LULW KingMidas133: elaK Cheeseek: Sure LuL Reddinator: suffering PepeLaugh Turbulist: Kapp Schwirm: Kapp AurbisDragon: K. Rhinoceroach: ??? Abyssadin: right TheDankDemon: CoolStoryBob 1mpolar: Kapp CommanBear: PixelBob Nopileos: ekaK last_whoa: elaK PleXyaN: Assuming FeelsWeirdMan greyfacenospace123: sure Kappa aizawa49: elaK ZergistheWord: Kappa Gabber__: MUH JAH VEH FeelsPepoMan Espher_5: sure elaK IllFated2: elaK そもかわ: WeirdChamp VauntDanial: Kapp Sure alekzander_1234: 🙂 krustyyz: “probably” Squirrelpool: ma ha ve LegendarySoulblade: elaK Nopileos: elaK Lochness1: they’re COYOTES, they’re NASTY VERMIN idey1994: wish I could play this game again for the first time PepeHands Jaargan: they were coyotes btw elaKek elaKek FunkerHornsby: elaK OptimisticKnowledge: you are suffering, kill yourself 🙂 Eizen_5: suffering i see faiz_saad: @elajjaz its mohave kyeee18: GL with deathclaws cus they aint human;) raider_unkindled: mhmm elaK Silent_WaIker: uhu suuuuuure Kappa Traktorq: fallout 1 music Pog Da_Flanker: A lot of people are suffering in the wasteland. Finish them off forsenO LegendarySoulblade: @Lochness1 YOU DIDN’T SAY THAT D: ssssip: rauuuuul forsenWC DuoLancer: coyotes are trash and dumb to smoke talkman_: McCree Pog Mirando: Elajjaz and his legendary Suffer Detector Kapp Schwirm: another sarge Pog UltraWindow: hes you PogU bhpaulcar: KKona Totoybola: modzave JaynisK: Yeah, I’ll say again Coyotes=/=Wolves reezeman: that sounds very brotherhood of steel of you Kjoelby: Wtf is this selective moral compass industries_: KKona brot_ok: ela7 Tasarion: NCR PepeLaugh Zarkellos: oh yeah remember primm? that was a thing ViveLaDissidence: NCR DansGame Cecilff2: ela7 AkiraJkr: KKona uncledickbutt: Fallout 2 music FeelsGoodMan sozbrah: Hub PogU CommanBear: another sarge KKona 7 bhpaulcar: NCR Pog Da_Flanker: Fak the NCR Armody: coyotes will eat you in a dream if they had a chance @Elajjaz nekro793: NCR DansGame Turbulist: HUB Pog AurbisDragon: He could get the animal friend perk. Teddym4n: HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp redzero033: gachiBASS SerApollyon: HandsUp Cheeseek: HandsUp LegendarySoulblade: forsenO jokapleb: HandsUp aizawa49: NCIS McGee Nopileos: HandsUp TheH3llraiser: HandsUp IBhunivelze: HandsUo Heartsome_NaNa: HandsUp KingMidas133: HandsUp Tasarion: HandsUp brot_ok: elaGasm sdpqi: gachiHYPER Silent_WaIker: NCR is a joke Turbulist: HandsUp RingusSlaterfist: SIR YES SIR gachiBASS MaleFunction: HandsUp SammersFourTwenty: gachiBASS Quelaan69: will you shoot the first supermutant or ghoul to the face “You are suffering! I’m helping!” Vivelin: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp ViveLaDissidence: HandsUp Xirn: HandsUp industries_: HandsUp Jaargan: HandsUp AkaTsubaki_: HandsUp Elvem: HandsUp Legi_: HandsUp Kouwell: HandsUp IBhunivelze: HandsUp mizoreeee: HandsUp mysweatyth1ghsss: Coffee break PogU vihainenkampela: HandsUp AAAAAAAAAA WrestlerBot2000: 11x HandsUp double digit combo Pog sjuften_: FeelsGoodMan ☕ Da_Flanker: Yessir Nopileos: HandsUp SittingOx: HandsUp BruiseVein: @Elajjaz have you seen that the Granny game is on mobile? elaKek wevie1: coffee PogU PwninXcore: Cherry Biatch SerApollyon: YES SIR gachiBASS Draconyite: distComfy ☕ Ph4ntomi: THANK YOU SIR gachiBASS 뿡토: elaGasm 0_jacket_0: YES SIR VaN bleu_spoonz: *gasming* AHHHHH xx_bersark: He gun join the NCR LegendarySoulblade: I’mma grab coffee too then Purple_Pantsu: Liam elaH Azure_Felt: pepeJAM fatpep: elaK jokapleb: pepeD sozbrah: DansGame Ringguni: tenchiF SerApollyon: monkaS kurikame_: Having a Swedish coke right now. Leehoy_: KKomrade Azure_Felt: rping PepeLaugh Traktorq: mr new vegas FeelsGoodMan busky_maldsack: FeelsGoodMan Clap sjuften_: ElaPls Da_Flanker: elaOP ☕ Xirn: hello 🙂 sozbrah: monkaS KingMidas133: hello 🙂 MrJoeNinety: Why drink coffee at 7pm FeelsWeirdMan AkiraJkr: !KKona AurbisDragon: IRL H2O LickMyPretzel: YOOOOO ela12 PokerDweebz: PokerDweebz subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 42 months! Oh shit, this has been stuck and unable to send on desktop for weeks but I can do it on mobile. Pog WrestlerBot2000: @pokerdweebz After 42 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SerApollyon: pepeL br0tlord: !Kappa vonmarc: ResidentSleeper Nopileos: SUB HYPE PokerDweebz PogChamp Draconyite: we get to chill w/ Mr. Vegas distComfy fatpep: elaCozy ultimafia318: ! Pog PoliceCarAuction: ! ela12 Royale_Tea: Rain FeelsGoodMan Espher_5: elaCozy AkaTsubaki_: turntyComfy jokapleb: pepeD pepeD aizawa49: !elaK 大きな鼻: pepeJAMMER BruiseVein: @MrJoeNinety because it’s good? Jaargan: ! PrideTrans Bieberhunter: !elaYA #Eli-Chan sozbrah: 🙂 Reddinator: cozy rain danP Da_Flanker: It was pouring here an hour ago Turbulist: TaBeRu wordofwisdom: McGee LUL bleu_spoonz: you’re breathtaking EleGiggle sjuften_: TaBeRu MrJoeNinety: @BruiseVein Not thjat good Doomerttv: ElaJAM Alvakarp: LUL Xirn: evening 🙂 Martiansam: TaBeRu SammersFourTwenty: forsenE Nopileos: TaBeRu Janky633100: TaBeRu Xerenix: TaBeRu Turbulist: evening elaSmile dopemangich: dopemangich subscribed with Twitch Prime. alekzander_1234: hi WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @dopemangich the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM darkenergy57: TaBeRu IamVild: !iamvil1VildW thePUNisher5: TaBeRu LvlsUp: 🙂 Fatamerikans: 5Head 🍷 1mpolar: 🙂 Nopileos: SUB HYPE dopemangich Pog Lexor757: me fight SMOrc Yufi: 3Head newkgeneral1r: yuh Xerenix: monkaW Boxalava: !Kappa #bruh vihainenkampela: !VaN noodles__tm: !Kappa Xirn: FeelsOkayMan 🍷 SacredChickenNugget: TaBeRu LOVE YOU CHAT TaBeRu marckvdv: ! LULW franky_latabasse: TaBeRu reezeman: teaRU Annonn140: monkaW xacten: TaBeRu Cnolan47: !Keepo Komitern66: LULW brot_ok: ElaJAM IamVild: ! elaBruv sozbrah: ! 🙂 FlexSpider: !monkaSHAKE Gravader: ! elaGa obad91: !Kappa dopemangich: YO BOIIS elaGasm Espher_5: ! TriHard BruiseVein: @MrJoeNinety well, luckily Ela likes it and he’s the one drinking it elaGa GreatOneDagon: ! forsenDiglett taeyeon__ss: Cute chat AYAYA Sveppi03: Hey sozbrah: hey 🙂 OptimisticKnowledge: Hey LvlsUp: hey 🙂 darkenergy57: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu brot_ok: ! ela13 shmobl: take me out of this world monkaW mircopen: !SMOrc #lit Nopileos: hey 🙂 industries_: HeyGuys ssssip: KonCha obad91: ! Kappa Teddym4n: HeyGuys Mirando: YOOOOOOOOOOOOO Elyas2: hey 🙂 Feralio: ! AYAYA Alasdair89: hey Xerenix: TaBeRu Virhaed: elaHi plusbear1: !SeemsGood #bruh S_Darji: elaHi Remedy020: @SacredChickenNugget pepeL busky_maldsack: Nat king cole FeelsGoodMan Clap Jaargan: elaHi TheGoldenCobra: TaBeRu MtRush: weebs out DansGame Nopileos: elaHi Lexor757: SMOrc noodles__tm: !Kappa skybeaverking: Fighting time MrJoeNinety: @BruiseVein i like cereal Mirando: AYAYA vihainenkampela: !VaN Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Toplay92: that ia FailFish J0hnnyBlade: steal elaC taeyeon__ss: AYAYA taeyeon__ss: AYAYA AYAYA ninjalive2: AYAYA taeyeon__ss: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Caput_Draconis: TaBeRu Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA GoyIntrepide: NaM sjuften_: NPC’s PepeLaugh Ringguni: !mcdmTomYes Reddinator: TaBeRu dopemangich: Lemme in Metzelor: AYAYA Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Falact: heylaurenAYAYA Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA thePUNisher5: AYAYA Mirando: elaYA MtRush: elaREE Mirando: elaYA elaYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Grumpypie: Evening 🙂 ChickenMuffins: AYAYA Sveppi03: Evening wur5t: wur5t subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Mirando: ela1 ela2 WrestlerBot2000: @wur5t If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM MaleFunction: elaYA Mirando: ela3 ela4 ninjalive2: turntyAYAYA ThatLuluTho: Evening VoHiYo Mirando: ela1 ela2 Mirando: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: SUB HYPE wur5t elaA alekzander_1234: evening Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Opti87: elaD Jaargan: !billy Alvakarp: TaBeRu sjuften_: Chag cinematic cam Draconyite: TaBeRu AkiraJkr: Cinematic Camera Pog mircopen: ! SMOrc # lit Vivelin: !YeahBoi Annonn140: PogU Mirando: ela1 ela2 Mirando: ela3 ela4 cyberneticz_: OhMyDog Nopileos: Clap AkaTsubaki_: WutFace ThatLuluTho: WutFace taeyeon__ss: WutFace vihainenkampela: WeirdChamp 👉 🚪 OUT agx2018: WHERE IS THE STREAMER 😮 greyfacenospace123: danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY danAY sjuften_: Clap Jaargan: no more billy PepeHands Silent_WaIker: LULW Xerenix: elaWeird Nammers in 2019 saintshing: !mods Elvem: Yikes. Go away @spike_the_space_cowboy WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Lexor757: AYAYA Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: NaM そもかわ: WeirdChamp SerApollyon: WutFace Clap Draconyite: @spike_the_space_cowboy you’re more annoying than the weebs CoolStoryBob usr_jacob: AYAYA IamVild: ! elaOk Annonn140: CINEMATIC Pog Virhaed: one man spam WeirdChamp ssssip: thatsa bit too much 🙂 Mirando: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Lexor757: WEEBSNCR cyberneticz_: HotPokket Baru_: Kappa 7 DuoLancer: triTip brot_ok: ElaJAMMER Bxadd: pepeJAM wevie1: PepoDance Turbulist: pepeJAMMER SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance ZeroKiwi: Sarge?! He’s an Officer!!! you will respect him! Da_Flanker: Just turn it off Reddinator: pepeJAM vihainenkampela: pepeD WrestlerBot2000: “What the fuck, he’s inside me!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 64 Nopileos: pepeJAM Turbulist: pepeJAM GuitarTime Doomerttv: pepeJAMMER Pexhzz: LUL agx2018: SARGIENT WHATS UP? 😮 mariano_italiano12: pepeJAMMER Schwirm: pepeJAM krustyyz: pepeJAM pepeJAM LordDrago: OMEGADOWN Look at all these tasty memes for me to eat FeelsWayTooAmazingMan IBhunivelze: PepoDance Taosis: PepoDance nostrilgaze: just turn down the music volume BruiseVein: @Elajjaz have you seen that the Granny game is on mobile? elaKek AkiraJkr: D: SittingOx: @Elajjaz any tips for going out for a run during cold weather? I was gonna go out but the temperature is getting low for the usual weather NotLikeThis bloodcaleb: sierra madre monkaSHAKE moon_phase_: LUL Sceda: @xeavion just because of best girl veronica franky_latabasse: LULW mynameishenni93: uptime! Draconyite: nothing like jazzy music in the back while death and destruction is going on bhpaulcar: SH * T D: mynameishenni93: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @mynameishenni93, elajjaz has been streaming for 3 hours 9 mins LordDrago: OMEGADOWN Look at all these tasty juicy memes for me to eat FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Voyzine: Shit D: WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: June’s Top 15 Twitch Clips – https://youtu.be/tyUGNqhKIbM goodthix: ok FeelsPepoMan muhlman1337: OMEGADOWN Look at all these tasty juicy memes for me to eat FeelsWayTooAmazingMan idey1994: GivePLZ BIG IRON ON HIS HIIIIIIP TakeNRG bhpaulcar: ok 🙂 Da_Flanker: atpCap wololopriest: 5Head Elvem: Running DansGame Qviss: 5Head BearsRidingTanks: run faster so the cold cant catch you agx2018: I am telling you, a lot of talk in this game 🙂 Traktorq: dead money>lonesome road>honest hearts>rick and morty dlc 🙂 Martiansam: 5Head saugo: 5Head dress warmly Nopileos: 5Head Magilou_69: just run 4HEad Legi_: PJSalt ultimafia318: POWER RANGERS? POGGERS wevie1: i like running when it’s colder WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! DuoLancer: triSugoi agx2018: this game talk even more than chat. Is that even possible? bhpaulcar: @Traktorq old world blues is so good you dumb dumb 😡 Sceda: did Ela join Powder Gangers? AkiraJkr: LULW Traktorq: @bhpaulcar no u 🙂 DuoLancer: old world blues suck LULW AkiraJkr: Kapp Ph4ntomi: KKona Annonn140: NCR DansGame OptimisticKnowledge: LUL SittingOx: @Elajjaz okay i’ll put some extra clothes on me, since i have a 30 minute walk before i acutally get to my running place LUL thanks SeemsGood Colroyds: Kapp AlexAnderman1994: KKool vihainenkampela: Kappa Clap PleXyaN: LULW BruiseVein: running in cold=make muscle work harder to get warm=burn more danYes Nopileos: Kapp Zaraji: KKona Da_Flanker: SURE Kapp marckvdv: KKona hell yeah brother Falact: Pog Elvem: Pog tutufuzi: merica? Naniyo: elaK captain_elsewhere: hasnt been to canada elaKek Doomerttv: Kapp taeyeon__ss: KKona S_Darji: elaK Dismal_Arkt: KKona Did someone say greatest nation? Bloodhit: @DuoLancer DansGame Ph4ntomi: God bless NCR KKona Nopileos: elaK Legi_: KKona kabuuki10255: KKona Turbulist: SHADY SANDS Pog SerApollyon: Pog talkman_: KKona Draconyite: @bhpaulcar I like the weapons in it at least bloodcaleb: TaBeRu Elvem: God Bless the NCR Pog Fluid1337: KKona Eizen_5: how shady rooSmug Taosis: fallout 1 Pog Traktorq: KKool yung_rofka: fallout lore Pog lanndend: KKona Clap Nopileos: KKona captain_elsewhere: he said the name elaKek GreenNoodle27: GreenNoodle27 subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Back from China – Hi Chat WrestlerBot2000: @greennoodle27 If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Traktorq: DEGENERATES Nopileos: SUB HYPE GreenNoodle27 elaA vihainenkampela: monkaW Ph4ntomi: elaD Royale_Tea: Fallout 1 Pog Annonn140: AVE CAESAR Pog Da_Flanker: A buncha homos Smurf3712: Ela elaHYUG S_Darji: Make NCR Great Again KKona Zaraji: cirD bloodcaleb: why don’t you do right TaBeRu kabuuki10255: JOIN LEGION Pog y_u_dodiz: danSgame Bxadd: D: Denact: VaN Leehoy_: AVE Bloodhit: NOT LIKING NCR cirD Cecilff2: elaD ultimafia318: SEIZURE PogU Xirn: but you like caesar? WeirdChamp lanndend: KKona Chu say bloodcaleb: true to caesar DatSheffy Elvem: lmao you won’t like the Legion either Baru_: there better then the Legion eliastheepicgamer: you what CmonBrother DANYgoxx: NCR is full of commies KKona nibeio: legion DansGame Polebegood: HAIL CAESAR DatSheffy tutufuzi: kewl Pog agx2018: DEGENS. HE CALLED U OUT guys 🙂 vihainenkampela: LEGION VaN greyfacenospace123: LEGION Pog raider_unkindled: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi Slavers Jaargan: SLAVES VaN bhpaulcar: @Draconyite see who’s there. The setting is excellent aswell Annonn140: Pog LEGION Baru_: the Legion are nut bags brot_ok: degenerates like you belong on a cross forsenSheffy Last_L: NCR are stoopid LUL talkman_: VaN MASTERS JesseThaBest: i can’t wait how this game turns out Streamleen: PROFLIGATES Nazzet: VaN Clap Legi_: VaN raider_unkindled: LEGION PogU Eccitaze_Graycloud: Preferring the Legion over the NCR cmonBruh Da_Flanker: Ela leans towards the slavers VaN captain_elsewhere: you like owning slaves ela cmonBruh idey1994: TaBeRu GET ME SOME MONEY TOO TaBeRu Kopffeine: legion=furries Streamleen: remove slavers ultimafia318: NCR RAISE UP Pog Turbulist: TaBeRu PokerDweebz: fuck ncr AkiraJkr: Ela is a slaver LULW LordDrago: degenerates like you belong on the cross VaN Xirn: TaBeRu dopemangich: ela missed my sub, gonna cry Doomerttv: TakeItBoi Any slavers? Janky633100: TaBeRu Elvem: Legion=incels LULW Kapp Annonn140: VaN Clap slavery DANYgoxx: @Elajjaz are you going to play the dlc’s ? lilleskut13: lilleskut13 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Jaargan: ela is a slaver elaD WrestlerBot2000: @lilleskut13 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM AkiraJkr: No Kapp Nopileos: SUB HYPE lilleskut13 PogChamp Da_Flanker: Yeah Turbulist: dopemangich PepeHands Draconyite: @bhpaulcar it was a little wacky but it works for fallout so I feel ya bleu_spoonz: do they have Caesar salads in the Legion Kappa Ph4ntomi: D: NaughtyPedro: another swedish streamer cmonBruh Turbulist: LULW AkiraJkr: D: SnarksterJr: TaBeRu Lexor757: YOINK ottorobago: overcucumbered LULW SerApollyon: ELA D: Schwirm: D: Da_Flanker: Rich Nopileos: D: vihainenkampela: OpieOP Clap tutufuzi: Pog AkiraJkr: D: D: LordDrago: WONDERGLUE Pog Fluid1337: D: bloodcaleb: 214/210 PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: LULW Polebegood: elaHYUK Da_Flanker: elaHYUK Katt_007: 30 Pog Turbulist: elaHYUK Teddym4n: OMEGA HYUKAGE Traktorq: HYUKAGE Fafebobo: elaHYUK 1mpolar: LULW Nopileos: elaHYUK AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Jaargan: elaHYUK gosamigo: TriHard Mine Doomerttv: HYUKAGE Tasarion: elaHYUK Ph4ntomi: Overweight elaOP Pexhzz: ela4 ZeroKiwi: OMEGALUL S_Darji: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: Weight 👈 monkaW Turbulist: elaGa OptimisticKnowledge: Caps lock? Shadowfax71: ‘sup elaHi Jaushel: elaHYUK AlexAnderman1994: elaBlind Elvem: Over encumbered Vivelin: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Jaargan: too elaOP MtRush: elaHYUK nekro793: elaOP you are overweight M1ndFlow: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Too fat SerApollyon: PepeLaugh xeavion: Gosh I wish fallout 4 load as fast as this Fafebobo: ElaPls JesseThaBest: too fat dzemroz: sell some shit vihainenkampela: OpieOP lilleskut13: weight Traktorq: OpieOP captain_elsewhere: repugnant republicans and useless democrats at it again elaOP BruiseVein: too elaOP Sceda: game starts slow until you learn of all the major faction. then it picks up IllusiveRealm: PepeLaugh danadamana: too much items Hiijiih: Hiijiih subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 2 month streak! gosamigo: Fat LULW Elvem: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @hiijiih I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM talkman_: OpieOP Boxalava: overencumbered TooByyy_: this game is less than £8 right now? yoink tutufuzi: you’re american now idey1994: overencumbered OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Overcucumbered Draconyite: too fat to move distFat xplsv_: Over cucumbered LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Hiijiih PogChamp alekzander_1234: fat 😀 Nazzet: PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: it begins Pog wotebi: too fat Lexor757: CUMbered gachiBASS Geralt_of_Syria: OVER 🥒 Annonn140: REPAIR Ph4ntomi: over cucumber PepeLaugh Jac0bite: repair some of the armor Larg0s: HARDCORE WEIGHT OMEGALUL Larrythemilk: fat AF JesseThaBest: your weight in top of pitboy is to much marckvdv: @Elajjaz can combine armor TheXearo: overcucumbered Jaargan: you’re a true murican now elaOP Traktorq: @Elajjaz repair one armor with another Elvem: Nope TomHorst: sure Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Lochness1: yes SerApollyon: too many cucumbers OMEGALUL Boxalava: no Doomerttv: yes Annonn140: repair one armor with another vihainenkampela: 106 PepeLaugh Pexhzz: nope Terrortoastyyy: repair your guns it lowers your weight @Elajjaz Nopileos: nope Lexor757: Use the armor Legi_: Kapp yes captain_elsewhere: you cant fast travel overweight niichanitstoobig: niichanitstoobig subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 41 months! talkman_: Overcucumbered 🥒 WrestlerBot2000: @niichanitstoobig After 41 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Shadowfax71: yes BruiseVein: fast travel when fat elaKek bloodcaleb: just use console commands 4Mansion idey1994: this game dude Kreygasm one of the GOATs Nopileos: SUB HYPE niichanitstoobig POGGERS Doomerttv: just drop something hunterhill762: Repair LordDrago: @Elajjaz leave your stuff in a container Annonn140: repair armor Jaargan: REPAIR ? elaHmm cyberneticz_: Chat what is the temperature in the UK redd1400: V A L U E danadamana: Repair Armor? Traktorq: armors talkman_: 211/210 PepeLaugh Jac0bite: you can repair armor as well TomHorst: you can repair one with the other armor Nazzet: Just 4HEad neutral_guy: Can’t fasts travel and be over encumbered unless you have special perk @Elajjaz Terrortoastyyy: repair armor SnarksterJr: drop pool cue Draconyite: success! agx2018: elAYAYA shameimarusen: when ammo also has weight LUL AkiraJkr: Ah Kreygasm MatthewAntoniou97: Chag idey1994: repair skill is so good in this game Konusantahta: Hi ela and chat Nopileos: Konusantahta elaHi Traktorq: PepeLaugh idey1994: HeyGuys MatthewAntoniou97: KKool KingMidas133: PepeLaugh chat InventedUK: @cyberneticz_ Like 20/25 depending where my dude Draconyite: @shameimarusen is he playing HC? vihainenkampela: lockpick 0.10g PepeLaugh Nopileos: KingMidas133 elaHi LickMyPretzel: repair is crazy good AkiraJkr: Yes @Draconyite Galer1ans: @Konusantahta TaBeRu nrdyH elaH Arctic_Junk: Using any mods @Elajjaz ? Terrortoastyyy: repair NCR armor. it weighs 20 pounds @Elajjaz gosamigo: Stop Stealing LULW SnarksterJr: @Draconyite yes PepeLaugh Vivelin: Steals first and looks around after LULW SerApollyon: D: shameimarusen: @Draconyite Yeah nekro793: yoink Grumpypie: PepeLaugh LilacLeaf: Hi hi elaHi Elvem: LOL Karma dzemroz: PepeLaugh he doesnt know MatthewAntoniou97: ANELE wildbur91: hi @Elajjaz elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK idey1994: monkaW missiles AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh Hardcore MisterPossible: MisterPossible subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 25 months! WrestlerBot2000: @misterpossible After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Draconyite: oh boy, thanks chat PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: the armors have way better DT than yours too Traktorq: HOWDY FOLKS KKona Nopileos: SUB HYPE MisterPossible POGGERS CultistCodi: -+“` Denact: howdy usedAAA talkman_: KKona Galer1ans: @Traktorq Pog / bhpaulcar: N OMEGALUL BruiseVein: rip hair Sceda: how much tipps/backseating does ela want? Naniyo: 5Head DuoLancer: triHmm QTori: ???? SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: 5Head Doomerttv: 5Head bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: 5Head bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: 5Head mysweatyth1ghsss: PepeLaugh ultimafia318: he got it backwarsd PepeLaugh Bxadd: monkaW OptimisticKnowledge: PepeLaugh idey1994: mald soldier PepeLaugh Legi_: PepeLaugh Traktorq: PepeLaugh airathiel: airathiel subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @airathiel You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Annonn140: its you Pog Galer1ans: 5Head Seikisu: PepeLaugh Lexor757: PepeLaugh ALMOST Da_Flanker: Makes you wish for a nuclear winter Binfz: PepeLaugh he knows Nopileos: SUB HYPE airathiel POGGERS jklob: PepeLaugh talkman_: PepeUff Cecilff2: You’re on the radio Pog ottorobago: D: br0tlord: ppick them up Luminous_Lumi: !time Nopileos: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 19:12 nekro793: steal the mines 5Head cyberneticz_: @fatamerikans What is DT? dzemroz: @Elajjaz you can disarm the mines if youre quick enough bhpaulcar: me ? Pog Traktorq: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: what you talking bout soldier PepeLaugh you gamble with your life every day on the front lines mkzkSeki: LULW hpandy2: disarm SerApollyon: pepeL Polebegood: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO 1mpolar: LULW Virhaed: LULW tutufuzi: LUL Nopileos: LULW Turbulist: F Bxadd: OMEGALUL sjuften_: LULW redzero033: gachiBASS Annonn140: LULW idey1994: OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: Jebaited DuoLancer: LULW jklob: LULW Sikodude: LULW Binfz: LULW MatthewAntoniou97: LULW S_Darji: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: LULW TheH3llraiser: LULW Janky633100: LUL Legi_: LULW ray131471: LULW Krabbban: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW spacefacee: LULW Baru_: LOL Elvem: OMEGALUL shameimarusen: LUL LUL Bloodhit: PERCEPTION 4 elaKek ArcherTyrall: Yes. Espher_5: PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW seqone: PepeLaugh idey1994: KKona TheGoldenCobra: LULW Turbulist: F LULW Nopileos: LULW LordDrago: @Sceda tips on mechanics are fine, or stuff he has seen and forgot Xirn: KKona Annonn140: you can disable them Fatamerikans: just press use on them LULW jklob: FeelsPepoMan talkman_: LULW SerApollyon: OMEGALUL AlexAnderman1994: cmonBrother mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Gnash97: he is aware PepeLaugh Elvem: gachiPls death neutral_guy: Just disarm them JustDoIt Baru_: KKona dzemroz: @Elajjaz you can disarm the mines if youre quick enough, they are worth quite a bit greyfacenospace123: te F3arl: Why wouldn’t it hit you? Azure_Felt: not disarming PepeLaugh Annonn140: KKool GuitarTime Lexor757: OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: KKool GuitarTime OptimisticKnowledge: ass gachiBASS TomHorst: reload Da_Flanker: atpRtsd tutufuzi: help my leg got ripped off PepeHands Tasarion: OMEGALUL alekzander_1234: 😀 Traktorq: everything crippled LULW Legi_: gachiBASS ASS UltraWindow: LULW MyNameLacksImagination: LULW olli2101: crippled PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh ChilledGear: elaKek he doesnt know Sceda: @LordDrago thx redzero033: PepeHands asghan182: KKool Annonn140: PepeLaugh oh no no no ultimafia318: you’re shit out of luck OMEGALUL WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz jack_off_jim: Proximity mine ela LUL Tewi7inaba: lol 1mpolar: LULW dying MainMercLobo: we dead OptimisticKnowledge: PepeHands SacredChickenNugget: OM you are fucked LULW Lexor757: HARDCORE OMEGALUL Bxadd: hardcore PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: rip body danKEK F3arl: Yeah. Hardcore is shit. Teret1: just load 4Head bloodcaleb: ⭐ 🌃 KKool GuitarTime Annonn140: we told you about hardcore ChechW: -100 caps franky_latabasse: you just save seqone: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeHands true dzemroz: @Elajjaz you can disarm the mines if youre quick enough and pick them up Magilou_69: HARDC OMEGALUL RE Fatamerikans: RIP mysweatyth1ghsss: reload or doc Bloodhit: USE VATS LULW Da_Flanker: HARDC OMEGALUL RE JubJubWantRubRubs: strim keeps going black for me elaREE bhpaulcar: oh no no no PepeLaugh shameimarusen: enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip Sikodude: Limping PepeLaugh Boxalava: hardcore mode is garboge Traktorq: forsenWC Streamleen: shouldn’t have played with survivalism on redzero033: forsenWC ho_ho_ha_ha: TURN OFF HARDCORE MODE bloodcaleb: forsenWC Kiissly: H A R D C OMEGALUL R E SerApollyon: I am one 🙂 Baru_: is he playing on Hardcore? Doomerttv: Cripple Christopher PepeLaugh xeavion: Limp Limp Limp PepeLaugh bhpaulcar: I’m a doctor 🙂 seqone: 💿 Clap TomHorst: why did chat tell him to pick hardcore AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC ultimafia318: find doctor in garbage pin OMEGALUL SnarksterJr: MEDIC Turbulist: Just don’t play hardcore Elajjaz Legi_: forsenWC talkman_: forsenWC right here BruiseVein: having to pay $100000 hospital bill in US OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: so ded PepeLaugh Galer1ans: TaBeRu ssssip: forsenWC gosamigo: Hardcore First Playthrough PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC Shraquet: Hopefully, the NCR camp has a doctor. ToKre11: Vats is for weaklings Janky633100: TaBeRu nostrilgaze: HARDCORE MODE EleGiggle Bxadd: forsenWC Boxalava: get off hardcore mode it’s more fun w/out Baru_: forsenWC greyfacenospace123: TaBeRu jack_off_jim: Go back to goodsprings marckvdv: @Elajjaz don’t listen to chat, they’re being big wusses Shadowfax71: not playing hardcore is for soft people Jaargan: just don’t play hardcore FailFish cyberneticz_: @elajjaz What difficulty are you playing on? DuoLancer: triLewd triPantsu forsenWC idey1994: trust me i’m a doctor gachiHYPER Turbulist: monkaW shmobl: that is gonna be expensive KKona wandering_pleb: save before you try anything ela PepeLaugh Traktorq: monkaW Azure_Felt: no Jebaited redzero033: PepeLaugh sozbrah: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: atpRtsd greyfacenospace123: danO Annonn140: monkaW Galer1ans: I wanan be the doctor that heals your heart nb3Blush Nopileos: monkaW Doomerttv: What the hell MaN MainMercLobo: we dead boyz WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ ray131471: LULW DEAD tutufuzi: maybe they’re doctors Streamleen: Mojave is a dangerous place. PWN3D__: PabloPls PabloPls PabloPls slothine: SNEAK Fluid1337: LULW idey1994: KKona bhpaulcar: dynamite OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Rushin in ToKre11: vats DansGame seqone: TaBeRu DEATH TaBeRu DEATH TaBeRu DEATH TaBeRu DEATH TaBeRu DEATH TaBeRu nekro793: cmonBrother mkzkSeki: D: Baru_: Pog Traktorq: pepega enemies LULW Bxadd: Pog y_u_dodiz: D: redzero033: ANELE talkman_: 49% Nopileos: Pog KingMidas133: PogU Elvem: Actually hit all Pog BruiseVein: CLEAN OFF Jaargan: Pog maxmaxsix3: ANELE Turbulist: monkaSHAKE Canopus: elaKek brot_ok: PogU GetRektWasHere: Pog Bxadd: monkaW Alasdair89: Merc’d shameimarusen: enbMona enbMona sjuften_: monkaW AurbisDragon: John Wick Pog F0rbiddenDonut: danS Baru_: PogU SurfCat: Hardcore mode really ? :p I’t harder in a unfun way honestly. cyberneticz_: @shadowfax71 wait what? Traktorq: monkaW Jac0bite: fucking radio LUL Nopileos: monkaW Azure_Felt: cbrLurk elaGun QuasarBagel_Twitch: Game: Hardcore Mode is not recommended for new players. Elajjaz: We’ll see about that. Da_Flanker: LULW 1mpolar: LULW brot_ok: LULW L0newolf_: L0newolf_ subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! elaH ToKre11: trying to use vats from that range LUL WrestlerBot2000: @l0newolf_ After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM VideoNomad: IKEALUL mysweatyth1ghsss: crippled shameimarusen: Radio just makes this better Nopileos: SUB HYPE L0newolf_ elaA RingusSlaterfist: monkaGUN SurfCat: LULW AkiraJkr: 3 PER LULW Baru_: LULW Elvem: Crippled LULW Da_Flanker: XCOM yung_rofka: radio LULW Nopileos: LULW greyfacenospace123: broken arms danO sozbrah: PepeLaugh Teret1: XCOM LULW Xirn: FeelsPepoMan aim Streamleen: Need more FOD Turbulist: LULW 3 PER elaBlind jklob: LULW Tasarion: casuals in chat elaWeird Traktorq: head is behind armo Virhaed: 3 PER LULW MagicFrogs: LUL vihainenkampela: perception LULW MellowMancer: 1 PER LUL MaGiiC_SkiLL: 4Head Ellycat1: 3 per cirBlind DuoLancer: PepeLaugh injured captain_elsewhere: WAR NEVER CHANGES elaKek Traktorq: arm Nazzet: IKEALUL LickMyPretzel: Kreygasm redzero033: gachiBASS brot_ok: IKEALUL idey1994: cus ur crippled LUL Kiissly: 36 LUL knowledge_college: PepeLaugh Teddym4n: gachiBASS NerdIRage: 3 PER OMEGALUL Polebegood: gachiHYPER ah ah ah Lexor757: gachiBASS Baru_: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: crippled arm LULW swoglo: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS Vivelin: gachiBASS Nox15: gachiBASS Shadowfax71: gachiBASS Bxadd: gachiHYPER Doomerttv: 3 Perception PepeLaugh Elsbrik: gachiHYPER neutral_guy: gachiBASS thePUNisher5: gachiBASS nekro793: you have broken limbs LULW Elvem: gachiHYPER ssssip: gachiHYPER Jaargan: 3 perception elaBlind elaGun brot_ok: gachiHYPER TAKE IT BOY Annonn140: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: TAKE IT, BOI y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiHYPER Turbulist: sumSmash MainMercLobo: maybe cause half your limbs are broken idey1994: gachiBASS YES SIR gosamigo: gachiBASS kaskelott_: ??????????????? bhpaulcar: oh yes sir gachiBASS cignus87: crippled arms Binfz: gachiBASS AAAHHHHHH bloodcaleb: SMOrc HYPERCLAP vihainenkampela: gachiBASS SerApollyon: YES SIR gachiBASS Canopus: D: liixz: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PogU franky_latabasse: you can shoot by yourself you know elaK MellowMancer: LUL RingusSlaterfist: gachiBASS YOU LIKE EMBARRASING ME HUH Vivelin: USS felix_44_97: LUL Da_Flanker: gachiBASS Nopileos: LUL greyfacenospace123: danGachi RattleMBones: uss Traktorq: PogU sjuften_: Chag Galer1ans: Pog Smoothstone: forsenDab Nazzet: gachiBASS nekro793: ElaSmash Pog Dyvid44: Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System RyanLovesWeed: 1hp Galer1ans: Champ swoglo: bethesda in charge of anything OMEGADOWN redzero033: PogU Turbulist: Champ annjey: PepeUff bhpaulcar: monkaW kaskelott_: SCUFFED OMEGALUL tutufuzi: he loved that Baru_: PogU brot_ok: forsenS AkiraJkr: Hardcore LULW talkman_: 1 hp Opti87: D: Azure_Felt: 7 LULW Jaargan: ASS elaGasm Da_Flanker: atpCap UltraWindow: PepeLaugh he doesnt know CommanBear: sumSmash McDumb: SMOSH SMOrc knowledge_college: 1 HP monkaW Polebegood: forsenWC Traktorq: forsenWC ArcherTyrall: LUL Galer1ans: I’m here for you 🙂 bloodcaleb: ez 7 hp seqone: elaSneeze Kiissly: H A R D C OMEGALUL R E talkman_: forsenWC RIGHT HERE sloggyx: jesus christ fuck yakuza credits LUL Baru_: forsenWC HCSbr: Perception doesn’t change VATS accuracy in NV chat FeelsWeirdMan AkiraJkr: 1 GUY Traktorq: camper LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: forsenWC idey1994: forsenWC you called? Kiissly: forsenWC Nazzet: IKEALUL sniper bhpaulcar: repair OMEGALUL Turbulist: HCSbr shhh PepeLaugh RyanLovesWeed: butter knife Pog jack_off_jim: You killed 1st black guy in the game cmonBruh Jubular: hardcore is only way to play Da_Flanker: Hardcore is fine. Ela just needs to stop being pepega and watch where he steps atpCap Minato_Q: 14 Stimpacks?! Waterjuice: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh UltraWindow: he doesnt know PepeLaugh idey1994: repair is amazing in NV letlifedancethruyou: Run Forest Run 😀 Doomerttv: forsenWC y_u_dodiz: elaBlind bhpaulcar: PepeLaugh F0rbiddenDonut: danLurk Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Noble_Duckling: PepeLaugh Espher_5: PepeLaugh phantan304: any forsenWC subs Schwirm: TaBeRu nekro793: must have been the wind elaGa Luminous_Lumi: !time WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 19:16 seqone: Just save scum 💿 Clap AkiraJkr: NA Stealth PepeLaugh Terrortoastyyy: loot that guy. he had a varmint rilfe to repair your own Azure_Felt: elaBlind Traktorq: repair is so good with jury rigging austras19: Johnny gitar… tutufuzi: !mods Galer1ans: LUL WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL AkiraJkr: 3 PER LULW bloodcaleb: 0% OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: 0% OMEGADOWN letlifedancethruyou: LUL LordDrago: forsenWC OMEGADOWN forsenWC angryj0nes: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: 0 LULW greyfacenospace123: 0 danO Traktorq: 0% Sikodude: 0% LULW Canopus: 0 elaKek Nopileos: 0 LULW knowledge_college: 0% LULW BruiseVein: 0% OMEGADOWN UltraWindow: LMB PepeLaugh Jaargan: i’m just hearing things elaGa Turbulist: Hands are fucked LULW Elvem: just aim 4head angryj0nes: IKEALUL AIM y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL it is IKEALUL NerdIRage: OMEGALUL S_Darji: 3 PER OMEGALUL marckvdv: you sure? LULW Da_Flanker: LULW Shadowfax71: LULW bhpaulcar: cripple LULW Naniyo: LULW nekro793: elaK Azure_Felt: shooting with broken arm LULW Nopileos: LULW redzero033: PogU Jubular: USING VATS LULW RingusSlaterfist: ARMS BROKEN @Elajjaz Binfz: PogU MainMercLobo: aim yourself then WeirdChamp Doomerttv: Limbs PepeLaugh WerewolfB: is it? ifrostBRO mysweatyth1ghsss: PogU Da_Flanker: Guess again Bxadd: LULW turbofacu: No Vats challenge run? Canopus: POGGERS LordDrago: forsenWC IKEALUL forsenWC ModernPlagueDoctor: how long is doc banned? SnarksterJr: HEADSHOT PogU Traktorq: apparently it is hard LULW stormblu: LuL Lexor757: LIMBAS OMEGALUL Kiissly: LUL cyberneticz_: Chat is he actually playing on Hard-core because it seems relatively forgiving, despite the lack of a ammunition and supplies? phantan304: 100% hit that pole LUL dragothicx: IKEALUL AIM superrarepepe69: Ela you have limb damage Irocam: ricardoFlick Naniyo: LULW NOT THAT HARD brot_ok: MEN ElaSmash AkiraJkr: 3 PER OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: PogU Turbulist: Pog redzero033: Pog Da_Flanker: Yeah, shoot that street pole Baru_: PogU Noble_Duckling: LULW timoteh: cmonBrother Nopileos: PogU Galer1ans: Pog Tasarion: cripple sarge PepeLaugh TheXearo: Perception 3 PepeLaugh nekro793: Pog letlifedancethruyou: Are you drunk 😀 Bxadd: PogU Elvem: LULW Galer1ans: Champ Espher_5: Pog Jaargan: Pog Balken22: Omega LUL greyfacenospace123: Pog ONE SHOT iceicex: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Opti87: Its not that hard to aim. Misses. vihainenkampela: your hand is crippled LULW ates90: :gg: Nopileos: PogU PogU saugo: ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Ceippled limbs LULW fadziri: Pog Wafflestein: both your arms are broken of course it’s insane Traktorq: doesn’t he have both hands crippled? LULW captaincalamari_: Because you’re crippled talkman_: I’d tell ela to not forget to loot but he’d end up getting overweight again ToKre11: Broder KKool Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN saltedtortillas: @Elajjaz go to a doctor ur limps are crippled Jaargan: IKEALUL aim HiImShiny: lol the lmb AkiraJkr: 3 PER IN-GAME AND IRL OMEGALUL 3 PER IN-GAME AND IRL OMEGALUL 3 PER IN-GAME AND IRL OMEGALUL Doomerttv: His arms are crippled UltraWindow: took all PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh RingusSlaterfist: elaOP Galer1ans: ela1 ela2 Galer1ans: ela3 ela4 Nopileos: Clap ates90: Just sell shit PepeLaugh Annonn140: repair NCR armor Konusantahta: Is this sway because of the injury? RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz how much money do you got Sikodude: ammo has weight? vihainenkampela: hardcore PepeLaugh Jaargan: Clap redzero033: WutFace Clap Da_Flanker: Mhm bhpaulcar: repair PepeLaugh Traktorq: repair gauss rifle with varming rifle PepeLaugh tutufuzi: yup saltedtortillas: @Elajjaz thats why u cant aim Doomerttv: @Konusantahta yup Turbulist: Sikodude in hardcore yes bloodcaleb: Konusantahta ye he has both arms crippled Baru_: can i see your build? Sikodude: shit LULW fatpep: hardcore without canteen PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: no 🙂 @Baru_ Fatamerikans: 1 DT LULW turbofacu: ela crippled elaBlind Martiansam: ocercucumber ultimafia318: “damage increase” PepeLaugh MainMercLobo: shovel PepeHands Lexor757: Use the NCR armor FailFish AmazingCarnage01: Save Dyvid44: Is this Hardcore mod? BruiseVein: how does a thing being broken weigh more? elaHmm turbofacu: Repair myself 🙂 Doomerttv: repair myself LULW Konusantahta: Ty UltraWindow: invest in more repair so you can PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: me neither PepeHands Traktorq: KKool fatpep: Dyvid44 hardcore mode and modded yes ates90: Too close to home FeelsBadMan Azure_Felt: carrying npc armor LULW Fullmetalcheese: O shit NV First playthrough! Chag hey chat an strimmer Annonn140: repair NCR armor Terrortoastyyy: repair the ncr armor. it weighs like 40 pounds @Elajjaz cyberneticz_: @elajjaz Are you playing on Hard-core turbofacu: go to a psychologist for repairing yourself 🙂 DuoLancer: Dream Theater knowledge_college: pepeJAM Annonn140: PepeLaugh allywearsvanss: elaHi uncia1KleelandLove Jaargan: monkaW lozt3: @Elajjaz Have you played bioshock? if you havent then you should play it. tutufuzi: Pog shikifujin16: wjat kind of coffee you drinking @Elajjaz RyanLovesWeed: read outloud 😡 nekro793: NCR DansGame Traktorq: monkaW lejun Bieberhunter: NCR Pog bloodcaleb: NCR HYPERDANSGAME Azure_Felt: ncr DansGame talkman_: DansGame NCR FROG 23edsa: @Elajjaz DT is Dragontooth obviously Annonn140: ncr DansGame neutral_guy: NCR PepeLaugh Shadowfax71: TaBeRu Nopileos: ncr DansGame KingMidas133: NCR Clap turbofacu: DansGame Teddym4n: D: cheeze____: NCR DatSheffy Clap Da_Flanker: Fuk the NCR StrongNico: repair saugo: LULW Clap McDumb: D: convicts are people too RyanLovesWeed: LULW LickMyPretzel: Shroud LULW MrMadakey: LULW DigitalZips: LuL SammersFourTwenty: POGGERS bloodcaleb: ZULOL Shadowfax71: madrina’s? Xirn: what LULW AkiraJkr: LULW Baru_: ZULOL Nopileos: LULW akmannen: ???? bhpaulcar: ZULOL SHROUD sjuften_: SHROUD POGGERS Larrythemilk: NCR CLAP MrJekyll16: I thought you hated the NCR, smh. nostrilgaze: LULW ihssoy: Fanboy LULW Blane86: loot the bodies @Elajjaz lozt3: LULW shameimarusen: EDI PogChamp Traktorq: POGGERS Annonn140: LULW MORFHI: LULW WTF Monster5crak: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW LULW GoyIntrepide: a mega lol talkman_: SHROUD POGGERS Polebegood: hasn’t made you any better at aiming PepeLaugh MaleFunction: ZULOL Redwin_AR: LULW MainMercLobo: WeirdChamp Azure_Felt: eddy Pog superrarepepe69: @elajjaz Heal your limbs Canopus: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird BruiseVein: Shroud’s gamer girl water Pog akmannen: Why would u buy that angryj0nes: Pleb COFFE LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Lochness1: 2019 SacredChickenNugget: ED-E Pog Skorpion9987: give him his coffe back 😡 Terrortoastyyy: gaming coffee 4Head SkeletonKeyLimePie: ED-E FeelsGoodMan seqone: SHR OMEGADOWN UD redd1400: LULW payprice: edi captain_elsewhere: weird flex ihssoy: Gotta watch out before people find me out shroudHmm timoteh: LULW ELA FANBOY AkiraJkr: ED-E Pog letlifedancethruyou: Does radio alerts enemies ? CorpseGrinder64: NCR DansGame L0newolf_: @Elajjaz doesnt even notice me subbing FeelsBadMan still love the stream though elaH KingMidas133: ED-E PogU Larrythemilk: EDE timoteh: Sure Kapp Canopus: elaK MORFHI: CB OMEGALUL Elvem: ED-E Pog harding: gamer coffee? Azure_Felt: friend FeelsGoodMan XzKutor: Repair ED-E talkman_: ED-E Pog Yufi: shroud3 shroud4 shroudHype Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz is it madrina’s? is it good? AkiraJkr: Do it Pog usr_jacob: ED-E pepeL AlexAnderman1994: 5Head BruiseVein: @Elajjaz Shroud’s gamer boi water elaKek ihssoy: cb is a shroud fanboy too shroudHype Fullmetalcheese: At least buy Cohhfee Waterjuice: shroud the streamer has coffee brand?????????? MitsuoK: PogChamp seqone: GAMER C OMEGADOWN FFEE namelessmonster36: FIX ED-E Da_Flanker: He’s a good boi Sikodude: ED-E PogU redd1400: shroud sub elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke ihssoy: bath water* BruiseVein AkiraJkr: 55 LULW Xerenix: He has coffee flavor, not brand. It’s madrinnas cyberneticz_: @lozt3 I played bioshock on the PS3, it got slightly tiring after a while. Da_Flanker: Repair AkiraJkr: Repair Ochemypie: oh shit new vegas. fucking excited casualkappa123: repair EAGLESON7: mizkifDent Noble_Duckling: LULW turbofacu: Science elaPlan Azure_Felt: only head and 1 leg LULW retro_raiden: sureCSIP Turbulist: LULW Nopileos: Repair AkiraJkr: Pog AkiraJkr: With Parts Pog gosamigo: 65 LULW Da_Flanker: Yeah Traktorq: repair with parts Lexor757: repair with parts AkiraJkr: Repair with parts turbofacu: 65 + 4 MaGiiC_SkiLL: BibleThump KingMidas133: with parts its for free shameimarusen: Part Azure_Felt: or use parts elaGa Ahysates: omg Traktorq: 🤔 Calciyummm: shroud4Head Yufi: ela1 shroud2 AkiraJkr: No Lexor757: no Janky633100: No Terrortoastyyy: repiar with parts. no skill required Larrythemilk: Repair with parts Nopileos: No neutral_guy: No Doomerttv: no knowledge_college: no Da_Flanker: Just do it talkman_: LULW XzKutor: Repair with parts casualkappa123: no fadziri: no Larrythemilk: NO ultimafia318: repair with stimpack 3Head sozbrah: PepeLaugh superrarepepe69: @elajjaz heal your limbs Sikodude: Jebaited Da_Flanker: Yeah, gonna need to steal some Nopileos: no ihssoy: Click seperately FailFish Terrortoastyyy: the parts are in the building lmao Traktorq: me 🙂 crashfort: me UltraWindow: me 🙂 LickMyPretzel: me Polebegood: me 🙂 Ph4ntomi: me 🙂 Azure_Felt: me 🙂 Skorpion9987: me 🙂 Xerenix: i do 🙂 Naaslaarum:Kreygasm makmak68: no vodka? Kkomrade reezeman: in survival you need doctors bags. in normal you can use stimpacks AkiraJkr: forsenWC eliastheepicgamer: repair myself LUL stormblu: 4HEad Jaargan: only in HC? elaHmm Azure_Felt: repair LULW MrDestructoid talkman_: repair ED-E PepeHands turbofacu: repairing with myself oh oh , repairing with myself ohoh TheXearo: In hardcore you can only heal crippled parts with bag or doctor Fullmetalcheese: He playing hardcore? PepeLaugh Skorpion9987: only head and 1 leg 🙂 cyberneticz_: @ultrawindow People who at what otherwise? fatpep: @Elajjaz there should be a doc in all cities / settlements JesseThaBest: Bc ela is a hardcore gamer 🙂 Turbulist: KKona AkiraJkr: KKona Quelaan69: medicine high enough, you can make doc bags yourself dobtf2: KKona Bxadd: KKona A_Room_With_2_Moosen: I thought you could stim your limbs Redwin_AR: KKona gosamigo: KKool Nopileos: KKona sloggyx: @Elajjaz did you cry in any yakuza game? usr_jacob: KKona Traktorq: pepeJAM JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE Nazzet: KKona Canopus: KKona too_lazy_for_this: Did he save the city where he started ? AkiraJkr: that Jingle Annonn140: KKona shameimarusen: SourPls Falact: YeahBoi Monster5crak: KKona Oakishh: Why is this dude so fucking red OMEGALUL Kiissly: KKona Yufi: Ela’s coffe brand=Pablo’s Black Potion elaThirst Streamleen: JINGLE JANGLE Nopileos: KKona KKona T4p0ut: Hardcore=perma death? UltraWindow: cyberneticz_ people who say he can repair limbs with stimpacks in hardcore Turbulist: pepeJAM JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE ScavengerVG: KKona fatpep: PepeHands Streamleen: Best song AkiraJkr: Radiation @Oakishh Smoothstone: THICC and thin Da_Flanker: Guy needs some sun screen Azure_Felt: off stream elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! turbofacu: She married her siste what? Jaargan: off stream LULW Fullmetalcheese: His Voice Kreygasm Chewbye: biceps Pog Turbulist: AYAYA L0newolf_: @Elajjaz finally elaH Traktorq: AYAYA Naniyo: AYAYA redzero033: gachiBASS Deid_: AYAYA weontheultralightbeam: same LULW Nopileos: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA Xerenix: AYAYA Falact: AYAYA Redwin_AR: AYAYA Espher_5: AYAYA nostrilgaze: we all know Big Iron is the best NV song Zero_Dois: AYAYA Clap kaskelott_: WeirdChamp KingMidas133: AYAYA AkiraJkr: AYAYA BruiseVein: heejeeech elaGa iceicex: WeirdChamp cheeze____: monkaW Bxadd: AYAYA Shadowfax71: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: AYAYA Da_Flanker: MingLee Martiansam: AYAYA Too big Deid_: monkaW raider_unkindled: elaWeird redd1400: weebs elaWeird ssssip: ill never forgive you 🙂 olkkuus: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @olkkuus, elajjaz has been streaming for 3 hours 25 mins Scaythly: Robot Pog gosamigo: Nichan is never to big for her AYAYA gachiHYPER ultimafia318: Goodsprings is fucking dead chat PepeHands EricDaMan123: moon2AY Kiissly: Happy 4th of july KKona Silent_WaIker: WeirdChamp weebs Naniyo: Naniyo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months, currently on a 11 month streak! elaSmile WrestlerBot2000: @naniyo Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Naniyo PogChamp fatpep: #1 is a reference to wich movie @Elajjaz ” im a courier … ” ? elaK SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeL talkman_: ED-E PogU brot_ok: Pog Scaythly: ED-E is the best akos50801: pooog u playing my fav game KingMidas133: EEDEE PepeLaugh Turbulist: F goodsprings PepeHands Da_Flanker: Eddie’s a good boi shameimarusen: ED-E the goat Balken22: Sex robot hype o7contra: sacNOYOU sjuften_: Chag sexbot JaynisK: ED-E pepeL usr_jacob: Had ED-E the entire game, very good boi pepeL CroftBondsWife: CroftBondsWife subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months, currently on a 11 month streak! Hurray 11 months! We should celebrate with a T-shirt MiniK WrestlerBot2000: @croftbondswife Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM Sikodude: darn thing pooped out KKona Nopileos: SUB HYPE CroftBondsWife PogChamp TheXearo: voice acting so good LickMyPretzel: who? Fullmetalcheese: Chag Ed-E Ph4ntomi: True monkaW Da_Flanker: Wh OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: oh freddy krueger retro_raiden: xzeroUMU jklob: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz nostrilgaze: monkaS nekro793: monkaW Freddie Krueger holdmybubble: tomatoConcern feddy? greyfacenospace123: TaBeRu Fatamerikans: caravan Pog shameimarusen: Caravan PogChamp Da_Flanker: Uhh, no Scaythly: Same usr_jacob, he’s the best rooHug Eizen_5: better face animation then andromeda rooXD pekkaatte: caravan Pog Irocam: Cara VaN AkiraJkr: Caravan Pog Fullmetalcheese: When Bethesda actually made good games LUL Nopileos: Caravan Pog UltraWindow: missed legendary lore WeirdChamp Arctic_Junk: Using any mods @Elajjaz ? redd1400: andr OMEGALUL da Azure_Felt: play caravan elaMad Da_Flanker: Typical Americans Nyanfus: AlienPls JimmyDNogueira: America Annonn140: KKona why not 1marcio080: retro_raiden naroWink gimme your fgo fc naroWink sozbrah: @Fullmetalcheese obsidian* Xerenix: KKona Because america talkman_: Hello 🙂 fatpep: nothing wrong there KKona shameimarusen: Theres literal convicts just outside Id be surprised if they werent on edge Fatamerikans: no 🙂 eliastheepicgamer: fixes to gameplay Chag TorvaM: not here Annonn140: not here Da_Flanker: Gambling atpGasm MaxiMHc: not here LUL Turbulist: LULW greyfacenospace123: @Fullmetalcheese This was made by Obsidian. Which is why it’s better than Bethesdas Fallouts VineWood0604: Pog Meximus322: LULW Irocam: @Fullmetalcheese too bad Bethesda didn’tmake this PepeLaugh walking_clock: just a couple spins Istog: no,bad ela Teret1: you cant here Dullaxon: @1marcio080 naroEh bhpaulcar: no 🙂 CroftBondsWife: @elajjaz he’s here! Hi back marckvdv: gamba Pog idey1994: N OMEGALUL brot_ok: Chag Canopus: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: why luck? SkeletonKeyLimePie: not yet 🙂 SammersFourTwenty: D: ta_no_kami: ADDICTED LULW lloydbannings: Not here @Elajjaz Jaargan: not again elaKek KingMidas133: not here 1marcio080: Dullaxon moon2A naroWink Shraquet: You can gamble later. Fullmetalcheese: monkaS step away ela redd1400: no nude mods? elaThirst Martiansam: just america KKona bloodcaleb: Fullmetalcheese game developed by obsidian entertainment, bethesda (publisher) rushed them, so legion side is lacking in end product 🙂 captain_elsewhere: have to free prim first elaKek Magilou_69: you can after a while RagMuffin: RagMuffin subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @ragmuffin I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM taeyeon__ss: You can later Nopileos: SUB HYPE RagMuffin POGGERS Turbulist: You can do that later stormblu: is Ela ok? FeelsBadMan akos50801: WhY lUcK? grunbeld: gambling addiction PepeHands gosamigo: What Jack? cmonBruh MaxiMHc: you cant skill specials LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaH Fatamerikans: hide before you start stealing TriHard Annonn140: monkaW 1marcio080: isnt there where you can lewd the robot? fatpep: @Elajjaz is there a casino in Stockholm ? ever went ? FadedShade_: monkaH Martiansam: jack black Azure_Felt: play caravan to gamble PepeLaugh Lagunaab: why is he pointing a gun at you o7contra: sacHMM gambling addiction incoming Falact: gachiBASS SkeletonKeyLimePie: i’ve got a package for you right here Xerenix: Casino Cosmopol Darlingo: Black Jack wants to do you gachiCOOL Fullmetalcheese: 2 songs playing NotLikeThis greyfacenospace123: his eyes monkaS Azure_Felt: misfits elaD tito3211: Yes Ela but not now Wendell8504: jonhson nash LULW PhysiCle: Fuck I’m knackered Gonna catch the VoD of Visage part 2 tomorrow. Have fun everyone elaH goodnight Jaargan: his eyes are creepy monkaW Sikodude: elaHmm Lagunaab: night @PhysiCle JubJubWantRubRubs: D: captain_elsewhere: portetns monkaW kingella13: Any mods? CroftBond: Honey I’m gonna go play Tetris 99 Shordes: @Jaargan 👁️ 👄 👁️ what do you mean idey1994: monkaW AkiraJkr: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. LordDrago: monkaW Turbulist: PhysiCle good night pepeL tutufuzi: monkaS cheeze____: Sarge PepeLaugh Zaraji: monkaW LordDrago: we already in the horror game? monkaW Nopileos: monkaS AkiraJkr: @Elajjaz you should add !mods to the title monkaS Jaargan: @shordes they shine monkaW Fatamerikans: monkaW Da_Flanker: What a weirdo weontheultralightbeam: HE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW TheXearo: have a good night PhysiCle elaH captain_elsewhere: Ul- monkaW elaGun CroftBond: Haha hell yea. I’ve put in like 13 hours into Tetris. It’s so damn good. Got only one win though jklob: KKool Lagunaab: No AH dea greyfacenospace123: TaBeRu Kiissly: monkaW LordDrago: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. eliastheepicgamer: ela just reading chat when dialogue happens LUL Thetazul: TaBeRu talkman_: KKool ain’t that a kick in the head idey1994: KKona T_h_a_n_k_s: new vegas Pog the memorys elaH ninjalive2: LUL CroftBond: Ela can multiread Sikodude: LULW Canopus: elaK elaK WrestlerBot2000: THOT|Clip No.41| https://clips.twitch.tv/MotionlessBloodyNarwhalThisIsSparta Komitern66: monkaW Vivelin: Ela can read English? Chag Shraquet: What are clarity mods? Traktorq: KKool Fullmetalcheese: Kappa Azure_Felt: DansGame neutral_guy: monkaW ?? SkeletonKeyLimePie: englando FeelsBlyatMan CroftBond: WAIT. You can listen AND read? Turbulist: monkaW ninjalive2: Wow he talk about “him” Yufi: oh yeah, Matthew Perry from Friends voice act In this game LULW 1marcio080: followers Onionmaster32: shenLove how’re you chat? SacredChickenNugget: !mods @Shraquet Zane_Within: elaS WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Traktorq: monkaW Shadowfax71: i also can england 🙂 Naniyo: monkaW sjuften_: monkaW itoplays: bits MrMadakey: that’s a host ela Nopileos: monkaW Xerenix: Sound is comming from inside the apartment monkaW MrMadakey: I know the sound o7contra: isnt it that yoz get hosted? Nazzet: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh Kiissly: Vasage monkaW Sikodude: monkaW Denact: @Elajjaz host or shirt alert maybe? BruiseVein: sounded like bits LostNoteleks: has ela played a fallout game before? Marco_m: is the default alert in streamlabs obs Scaythly: AIN’T THAT A KICK TO THE HEAD MrMadakey: No I mean that’s the sound that a host makes Fullmetalcheese: D: Styil: begging for host LULW MrMadakey: I’m not saying it is one Vivelin: Check your karma on your pip-boy elaKek eliastheepicgamer: i can’t truly focus when i read and listen FeelsBadMan Annonn140: crouch ela Sikodude: stop stealing dude elaD Vivelin: Shirtalert Turbulist: Pog Ph4ntomi: me 🙂 y_u_dodiz: Me 🙂 Fatamerikans: me 🙂 Lagunaab: shirt alert ? Reddinator: me 🙂 Nopileos: me 🙂 Zissar_ww: If you have merch up its it Larg0s: I did 🙂 Sherman26: I did 🙂 Polebegood: me 🙂 Shadowfax71: me 🙂 Tirabolos: me 🙂 sozbrah: me 🙂 seqone: I did 🙂 Xerenix: me 🙂 Falact: i did 🙂 jklob: me 🙂 namelessmonster36: mmmm mentats raider_unkindled: no 🙂 brot_ok: I did 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: 10x 🙂 double digit combo Pog Armody: I did 🙂 HeinrichVonSchnitzel: karma PepeLaugh Nopileos: me 🙂 me 🙂 Armored_Guy: us 🙂 Zane_Within: me elaSmile Azure_Felt: billyReady i’ll take mine off Hasuman: yoink WerewolfB: quick just buy a shirt someone to test Jebaited nekro793: i did 🙂 Sceda: @reur_ only fo3 like 10 years ago Naniyo: LULW Jaargan: me 🙂 Annonn140: ela pls crouch when stealing goodthix: @Elajjaz I heard it say “Come Here ” PepeS roasty_brekky_warp: test it danGreed Marco_m: me 🙂 samperson12345: me 🙂 captain_elsewhere: lolwut Nopileos: me 🙂 o7contra: who bought a shirt sacGUN Vivelin: !shirt WrestlerBot2000: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ 1marcio080: buy one and test chet 🙂 SnoozingDaily: 1 Xerenix: Bought many. Too much billyReady JesseThaBest: guys buy shirts than we know for sure alexei723: all mine 🙂 dangerdonger420: take fixing things! SacredChickenNugget: @Elajjaz Try to sneak when stealing stiff just to bee sure you are not seen SacredChickenNugget: Stuff* warfarehunt3r: Hey chat & Ela elaHi How are you liking New Vegas so far? It’s one of my favourite games, nice to see my favourite streamer finally playing it Baronjohn96: Yep me 🙂 Kayvonnn: FALLOUT POG Azure_Felt: rifle thorugh stomach monkaW Inevit: cmonBrother Onionmaster32: @warfarehunt3r shenLove victor_maitland: its bill cosby Tiny_PL: licks @Elajjaz kkoja: @SacredChickenNugget FeelsWeirdMan TheDankDemon: Kappa CroftBond: Hmmmm. Maybe I need to test with buying a coffee mug UltraWindow: playing it right FeelsGoodMan bring_us_the_girl: cmonBrother idey1994: one of my top 5 games ever BritishPatternBalding: everyone is gonna buy a shirt now to check EZ money Fullmetalcheese: cohhCheer LostNoteleks: @Sceda Nice! lots of fun stuff to be had then Zalgovich: CRIPPLED PepeLaugh brot_ok: @storm forsenS walnutcast: @Elajjaz how much do i have to donate to get u and nerdy to get married on stream illethor221: 4 Limbs crippled LULW Trbajuice: @Elajjaz Yoinkie playthrough? Azure_Felt: only 9 PepeLaugh Hasuman: comfy fatpep: as you’d expect from ela playing this game PepeLaugh knowledge_college: its very atmospheric JimmyDNogueira: Comf SacredChickenNugget: @kkoja WeirdChamp wot m8 ? Turbulist: elaCozy raider_unkindled: elaCozy F0rmxL: crippled FeelsPepoMan Fullmetalcheese: cohhComfy NV Playthrough Beutelino: KKrikey if you’re a fuckin fair dinkum fuckin full grown aussie, this is what you’d have for breakfast ya fuckin dog cunts, a fuckin VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the fuckin morning KKrikey get that up ya KKrikey Lagunaab: fuck I wish there was a storm… got 29° inside the house BlackMenthol: hi everyone Shadowfax71: 30°C here XzKutor: Well you’re lucky then here is like 30º at night Elyas2: just keep playing cozy game if you want 🙂 Binfz: KKrikey if you’re a fuckin fair dinkum fuckin full grown aussie, this is what you’d have for breakfast ya fuckin dog cunts, a fuckin VB longneck at 20 to 8 in the fuckin morning KKrikey get that up ya KKrikey SacredChickenNugget: @BlackMenthol pepeL TomHorst: VB LONG NECK bloodcaleb: actually good to watch a streamer actually approaching this like an rpg and talking to npcs, and not just run straight into a deathclaw cave, wondering why they died PepeLaugh VentusNova_: New Vegas Pog dobtf2: a true aussie would say “brekkie” instead of “breakfast” FeelsWeirdMan idey1994: 9° is my perfect temperature captain_elsewhere: dag cants KKrikey Lagunaab: i’m gonna move to elf land Ochemypie: 9degree? that cold? Mi2Lethal: youngster KKona Godclone: !time FXYun: KKrikey / fellow Aussies WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 19:31 Sceda: @reur_ he plays like a crazy idiot. i love it. if he starts a jet addiction this will be perfect run. JesseThaBest: i think you missed one after the checker suit dialog Annonn140: AYAYA zulul_vi_von_zulul: PogChamp Bieberhunter: AYAYA Lagunaab: I swear on me mum i’m gonna move there Azure_Felt: elaYA lakki sozbrah: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: LAKKI AYAYA Noble_Duckling: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Time to get lucky Xerenix: LAKKI AYAYA fatpep: elaYA knowledge_college: Pog Terrortoastyyy: he doesnt now Ph4ntomi: LAKKI AYAYA RattleMBones: Lucky! S_Darji: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: PepeLaugh illethor221: AYAYA Golden04: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh thePUNisher5: AYAYA Nopileos: PepeLaugh Dracconfoo: AYAYA Shadowfax71: LAKKI AYAYA Binfz: PepeLaugh eliastheepicgamer: weeb only monkaW shameimarusen: LUL LUL LUL dzemroz: PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh nostrilgaze: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: monkaS PepeLaugh MaleFunction: elaYA Aldar22: PepeLaugh oh no no no holdyourfire: AYAYA MagicFrogs: LUL VentusNova_: PepeLaugh PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danBaited Teret1: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: LAKKI AYAYA HYPERCLAP TheDankDemon: Jebaited m1thros: PepeLaugh Polebegood: PepeLaugh … Da_Flanker: If you only knew pekkaatte: sounds about right ZeitImGame: FeelsLateMan cheeze____: monkaW XzKutor: PepeLaugh neutral_guy: PepeLaugh HE LACKS CRITICAL INFORMATION Larrythemilk: OH NO stormblu: CLASSY BigBagieta: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Reddinator: danKEK y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS zulul_vi_von_zulul: LUL Golden04: OMEGALUL VentusNova_: WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: Too high IQ required BlackMenthol: is this vanilla new vegas or some mods are involved? Azure_Felt: there’s a nice elaYA gun here brot_ok: forsenKek TomHorst: its so easy k0tashira: is so easy PepeLaugh nekro793: look for duds LUL AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh SacredChickenNugget: He doesnt know LULW Fluid1337: 9 int btw nepSmug Lagunaab: !mods F3arl: It’s not hard at all WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Elyas2: so am I FeelsWeirdMan bloodcaleb: need 200+ IQ 5Head dzemroz: @Elajjaz CLOSED BRACKETS MAN fatpep: 1Head PepeLaugh Falact: FeelsWeirdMan terminal Da_Flanker: BlackMenthol !mods greyfacenospace123: 9 INTELLIGENCE danKEK MobiusCog: New Yakuza game looks … different Kappa Fullmetalcheese: PepeLaugh cohhDrool Xerenix: An 8 year old could do it elaWeird shameimarusen: look for stuff like{} [] walnutcast: JUSTICE tutufuzi: LUL Waterjuice: MingLee zulul_vi_von_zulul: MingLee DaneBoiMike: DUDs Traktorq: Pepega here we go angryj0nes: L SaintNep: MingLee T_h_a_n_k_s: this game the memorys right now Pog Pog nv radio best radio pekkaatte: @Elajjaz you take 3 guesses and then close it and open it again so it can never lock Nopileos: MingLee SammersFourTwenty: MingLee kkoja: shite hard 3Head TheDankDemon: just hack 4Head schlawinator: @Elajjaz Hey you should try DUSK if you haven’t allready its really good! nostrilgaze: so its not an ING word ViveLaDissidence: 9 INT 40 science, can’t hack PepeLaugh captaincalamari_: Lock for brackets (..) Foxbounty: So it’s not ing Hasuman: Justice akos50801: always quicksave before doing it @Elajjaz MrJoeNinety: I see a dud Azure_Felt: he lacks the required knowledge elaKek Leetrandom: Justice brot_ok: MingLee Wtf raider_unkindled: HackerMan mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Thetazul: PepeLaugh HeinrichVonSchnitzel: So I LUL dzemroz: @Elajjaz CLOSED BRACKETS MAN, HOVER OVER THE LEFT ONE dobtf2: try justice armorgear: 1/7 means that there is 1 letter at the good place Golden04: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: IIIIIIIIIIIIII XzKutor: Guess 3 times then exit the terminal and reenter kabuuki10255: n Naniyo: elaGa KnightxofxShadows: @elajjaz Look for symbols within a closed set of brackets Shadowfax71: Despair WrestlerBot2000: “I’m making sure there are no exploding fish… OH FUCK!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 50 TheXearo: this mean that the correct password has 1 letter from previous word correct Ela y_u_dodiz: Hee Ling MingLee tutufuzi: n TomHorst: its the N Annonn140: n chambies2015: N dangerdonger420: N sjuften_: The N TomHorst: obviously RisingAdvent: it’s the N Nopileos: n Zalgovich: or N Da_Flanker: ela1 Xerenix: Only N.. Fullmetalcheese: So Bad LUL Waterjuice: N Chunass: N Lagunaab: what’s with the close bracket thing Qviss: bet it’s winning Waterjuice: I mysweatyth1ghsss: Just N L0newolf_: only N TheXearo: just like the mastermind WerewolfB: justice brot_ok: ela1 ela2 sozbrah: cmonBruh greyfacenospace123: n you dummy danO stormblu: actions VentusNova_: its the N Soadante: N TomHorst: only N Celllie: only N industries_: cmonBruh Vorticasheep: no it can only be n MainMercLobo: look for pairs of brackets Lochness1: decline Da_Flanker: atpCarl Lagalla: cmonBruh Naniyo: elaGa HYPERCLAP Soadante: only N Beutelino: dont spell it cmonBruh Nopileos: only N Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh he doesnt know how 2 hack greyfacenospace123: ONLY the N danO Zalgovich: SESSION anatsu90: only the n ChilledGear: @Elajjaz so now you need to find a word with 1 letter thats the same in the same position. sorry if backseat talkman_: disband? SammersFourTwenty: cmonBruh chat Vorticasheep: @Elajjaz it can only be N quincy_exe: chill chat busky_maldsack: cmonBruh why fakerello: @Elajjaz It should be in the right place. Its the N second to end Konusantahta: Session walnutcast: NO Fatamerikans: VIlLAGE dangerdonger420: meeting MySodium: cmonBruh Deccesus: only N HeinrichVonSchnitzel: hackermans PepeLaugh lindwormen: decline PepeLaugh Binfz: no carlitoB: not ing atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Cielx93: it’s decline. IllusiveRealm: TriHard d3sirio: ela13 VentusNova_: Decline PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: gimmie the N mang 3Head anatsu90: OMEGALUL King_Insane: @Elajjaz its about the letters in which position – meaning that any of the letters right know could be correct, but only 1 is in the correct position. TomHorst: its so easy LUL JamrockZX7R: lmao annjey: !clockwise ? raider_unkindled: elaK Hawkees: It Reddinator: its not danKEK WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing dzemroz: @Elajjaz CLICK AT THE LEFTAHungryPig: Reset the terminal pigsticker_: RESET Grandgreg13: ABORT elaS Waterjuice: so it has to be A Inertia256: Session mekh42: back out Qviss: ela WeirdChamp XzKutor: @Elajjaz exit the terminal and enter again Loddeh: Justice turbofacu: Jebaited saltedtortillas: go out and in Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited it is tho dangerdonger420: quit and restart Foxbounty: Just quit out or look for a reset in between the characters Zalgovich: VILLAIN mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz Exit then get back on gosamigo: RESET carlitoB: EC Slonkeydonk: exit the computer pekkaatte: @Elajjaz close it and open it again Fluid1337: It is though PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: it is tho PepeHands olkkuus: @Elajjaz close pc and open again Lagunaab: RESET AND GET BACK IN climaxbeat: justice 100 % Ringguni: @wlajjaz Karma for listening to chta talkman_: RESET 🙂 Vivelin: NotLikeThis IllusiveRealm: ZULUL goodkatt_: Jebaited shelookedlike18tome: Village Ochemypie: Justice cyclosu0: esc and try again zulul_vi_von_zulul: @elajjaz close it and open again ISinistarI: RESET mekh42: reset Azure_Felt: gachiBASS it captain_elsewhere: listening to backseating for pleb computer puzzle elaKek brot_ok: W OMEGALUL W WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz lulruffles: I is the wrong spot u nob RealLifeTsundere: reset and go back in Noble_Duckling: ESCAPE monkaS Fluid1337: Quit out and restart Claidheamh_Mor: @Elajjaz Just go out and back in and reset it knowledge_college: just brute force it PepeLaugh Larsn2k: 3Head 1mpolar: PepeLaugh sromosky: reset Marco_m: RESET CITY wotebi: its easy you just suck Zissar_ww: No its not carlitoB: NOT ING cheeze____: Because chat doesnt even get it themselves. They thought N was correct LULW Lexikun: @Elajjaz click on thenext to decline Loddeh: JUSTICE dobtf2: NO ITS NOT ZeroKiwi: it’s not just the right letter, it has to also be in the right position Fluid1337: @Elajjaz Quit out and reset Golden04: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: RESET Vandango: MELISSA Annonn140: RED BUTTON ZeroPhil96: elaHmm N_Falcon: reset please Armored_Guy: DONT TELL HIM PepeLaugh anatsu90: its not it Namarax: he doesnt know PepeLaugh ghettoalpaca18: yeah ez if you’re smart Shadowfax71: elaGa walnutcast: ESCAPE moobere: quit out and restart Komitern66: PepeLaugh Streamleen: RESET IT Da_Flanker: atpRtsd JamrockZX7R: Jebaited Rileyhusky: ACTING shameimarusen: LOCKOUT IMMINENT lindwormen: that’s not how it works LULW L0newolf_: just the N…. FailFish wandering_pleb: reset and try again nu_metal23: reset and again try kissedurdad: PepeLaugh eliastheepicgamer: what PepeLaugh walnutcast: YES Traktorq: PepeLaugh chepsxd: MELLISSA Streamleen: ESCAPE pekkaatte: @Elajjaz just restart it MrBarnman: The I is correct so its Justice AHungryPig: He did it Leffert_: i’ve got a FEELING thoug ArabCowboy: RESET IT HummingnerD: BEATING SSJSoujiro: LuL UltraWindow: he doesnt know about theNotLikeThis Suney: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: YES Nog87: @Elajjaz You can scroll over more than just words to reset your turns and get rid of false words. Fatamerikans: WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: Yeah, that’s how most people do it Fluid1337: yes PepeLaugh pekkaatte: Pog learning Fullmetalcheese: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Trickery_Games: time to learn the console command for unlocking computers mysweatyth1ghsss: PogU VentusNova_: HACKERMANS captain_elsewhere: cheating talkman_: it was disband LULW Azure_Felt: cheating WeirdChamp delopterd: WeirdChamp Karasis10: That’s not how it works dude…. danO Lagunaab: thank god Foxbounty: You can also look for specific characters for resets or hints bleu_spoonz: bldfFAIL very easy Da_Flanker: Brute force Falact: cheating FeelsWeirdMan Traktorq: LULW KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz N was correct actually greyfacenospace123: danO Golden04: LULW Bloodhit: LULW shelookedlike18tome: Village is right Fluid1337: LULW Vivelin: elaK Nopileos: LULW LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW kelvinfiti_der_echte: hallo DatSheffy Qviss: .. Streamleen: Have fun. industries_: PepeLaugh chepsxd: ALSO FIX DUDS ELA Armored_Guy: its not PepeLaugh Suney: LULW DaniDuck: this is so easy LUL kissedurdad: enemies 5Head bloodcaleb: 5Head HYPERCLAP Fluid1337: 9 INT BTW nepSmug P1caboo: @Elajjaz u did healing and milling correct ? and had 1 letter correct and have to be at the same spot so it is the last g of the 2 words brot_ok: cheesing FeelsWeirdMan McDumb: 5Head Clap Aldar22: its easy bag4l1fe: FeelsPepoMan hackerman Heksyll: elaChug Turbulist: Elajjaz Just wait for the expert LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: Hacking is great Heksyll: LULW HE DOESN’T KNOW Foxxy2013: JUST RANDOM 4Head Traktorq: literal brainlets complaining Schwirm: 5hea“ turbofacu: @elajjaz does the position of the letters matter? dzemroz: @Elajjaz HOVER OVER CLOSED BRACKETS MAN Strawie35: @Elajjaz try hover over some of the symbols TorvaM: hacking isnt bad Golden04: how is it hard OMEGALUL Polebegood: elaGa complaining Fluid1337: It is not hard LULW JinM0: can he not click the pairs brackets to remove duds? Schwirm: 5Head UltraWindow: try highlightingKurtRustle91: @Elajjaz I think its the most fun hacking minigame in any game HummingnerD: It’s not difficult once you get the hang on it industries_: PepeLaugh its so easy brot_ok: forsenKek Turbulist: ppSmoke LickMyPretzel: ppSmoke Reddinator: ppSmoke pekkaatte: you are just supposed to brute force it OMEGALUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: ppSmoke Dullaxon: PepeLaugh Doyago: hacking is easy when you get it, armorgear: it’s good Tigels: irl int 1 Kjoelby: He doesnt know how to eliminate wrong answers aalul lindwormen: ing Pog chambies2015: the hacking is great Nox15: ING LULW bhpaulcar: easy as fuck LULW absolutely_not_haram: harder are easier because of longer words Bloodhit: Chat are stupid elaKek Lagunaab: i mean it could be so fucking worse zulfaya: ppl in chat are fucking retarded RealLifeTsundere: the hacking is fun af tmprd: 5Head WerewolfB: thinking=stupid PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PogU Shadowfax71: MingLee olkkuus: @Elajjaz there is codes. what u can uncorrupt less words to camble Unknown_95: @elajjaz you need to look for (…) talkman_: ing Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN lapoutinemogette: vaping ChickenMuffins: @Elajjaz HOVER MOUSE OVER [ ] ryzizzle: forsenKek he is not informed Turbulist: Champ angryj0nes: You only don’t know how to do it the right way @Elajjaz . If you use like this: {} MaxiMHc: Pog dobtf2: Pog Fatamerikans: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: EZ eliastheepicgamer: Chag Dyvid44: use the bracket greyfacenospace123: danP Nopileos: Pog gold_dante: Pog kissedurdad: moon2BRAIN SkeletonKeyLimePie: EZ Xirn: 🤔 samperson12345: LUL DaniDuck: Clap Da_Flanker: PogU Schwirm: EzoinPc GentlemansPickle: its really easy tbh KingMidas133: Pog Taosis: @Elajjaz the correct letter needs to be in the same position Gunzablazin44: Pog knowledge_college: Pog Xerenix: Chag Cheeseek: Champ tutufuzi: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog fatpep: gachiVICTORY Suney: Pog Noble_Duckling: Pog Nox15: Pog Fluid1337: Pog Golden04: HACKERMAN Champ S_Darji: Pog MagicFrogs: PogChamp kaskelott_: 5Head shameimarusen: enbP3 enbP3 enbP3 Waterjuice: Pog 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Pog kabuuki10255: Pog HACKER Nopileos: Pog Ringguni: EZ Hollow_void: FUCKING 5Head K_L_I_K: Does Ela not know about (..),<..>and [..]?? Styil: 5Head Clap sozbrah: Chag Schwirm: Pog wevie1: Champ dangerdonger420: EZ Clap vihainenkampela: Pog bloodcaleb: 777 IQ PogU Polebegood: elaEZ sjuften_: Chag Xirn: EZ MattyL1289: It’s not just the letter it’s the position of it aswell BadTBone1: Click on brackets to get rid of incorrect choices Fullmetalcheese: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Lagunaab: 5Head streamer Nopileos: Chag MrJoeNinety: HACKERMANS Turbulist: Champ LEVEL UP Leeegit: WTF Pog Traktorq: PogU just picked a random one Sozu_: Pog 1mpolar: Pog saugo: POGGERS captain_elsewhere: its easy to brute force because you can just do 3 random guesses and then back out and repeat no skill elaKek PLAZAx: Pog Lexikun: @Elajjaz you need to learn about<...>{ … } [ … ] it removes fakes and sometimes gives you back points SkeletonKeyLimePie: ding Chag Da_Flanker: HYUKERMAN k0tashira: Hackerman Pog Nopileos: Pog greyfacenospace123: FIRST TRY Pog Nichiro99: Chag HACKERMAN moobere: there are symbols that take wrong ones out and and reset tries Lexor757: LEVEL 3 PogU Fullmetalcheese: Chag Smoothstone: forsen1 forsen2 Fluid1337: LVL UP nepSmug Clap holdyourfire: Pog gosamigo: Pog yoeli: Pog vierdanck: lets see how fun this is with the 100th pc eliastheepicgamer: hacker known as 4chan Chag Sohei4649: PogU WHO IS THIS GUY PogU shikifujin16: dude hacking is soooo simple man Nopileos: Pog Pog Lagunaab: Aye Foxbounty: @K_L_I_K Don’t think so ameleyanigi: forsen1 Azure_Felt: i just hit 3 words then backed out. repeat till win elaGa coolndeadly1: HELL YEA BOY THIS GAME DA SHET!!! sjuften_: Pog ter_moo_nator: Ez angryj0nes: {} LULW MaxiMHc: OOFAS KingMidas133: OOFAS Hasuman: Guns! TheH3llraiser: LOCKPICK Traktorq: Chag HYPERCLAP Noble_Duckling: REPAIR SYZ2: OOFAS Plasmafenix: Lockpick Nopileos: OOFAS shameimarusen: HACKING LORD warfarehunt3r: ElaThirst 💻 im in dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE WRONG ANSWERS brot_ok: Lockpick HappySmile123: OK elaSmile carlitoB: LOCKPICK 5 Suney: OOFAS LULW Fullmetalcheese: IKEALUL Sceda: lockpick 25 ChibiKuro: Hi Ela and chat elaCozy Lexor757: @Elajjaz MORE SCIENCE FOR EDE MrJoeNinety: @Elajjaz Please enable HACKERMANS for this game LuL Styil: PepeUff as HummingnerD: There are ways to remove the wrong answers and how to reset it while hacking @Elajjaz ameleyanigi: forsen1 forsen2 kabuuki10255: SNEAK Lochness1: barter Shraquet: Repair? TomHorst: repairs Nopileos: ChibiKuro elaHi Vivelin: Lockpick danadamana: Repair Polebegood: repair Armored_Guy: pick JesseThaBest: science and repair talkman_: 25 lockpick? Nopileos: repair Kouwell: Barter Zalgovich: SCIENCE Shadowfax71: repair angryj0nes: {} LUL olkkuus: repair brot_ok: forsen3 forsen4 vihainenkampela: higher the int=more skill points ameleyanigi: forsen3 forsen4 Xerenix: Lockpick moobere: lock pick Noble_Duckling: REPAIR !! Fluid1337: @ChibiKuro nepSmug / Scaythly: Elajjaz not hacking the computer and picking the lock for optimal experience gain rooWut Kibougatari: lockpick dobtf2: repair daddywojo: Barter for shop guy Dyvid44: Science gold_dante: Repair Ph4ntomi: 25 lockpick MaxiMHc: lockpick to 25 Opti87: repair AvalancheXV: is this your first fallout game? or just first time with New Vegas? WerewolfB: survival ReddogUK: LUCK Nopileos: lockpick Taosis: barter 25 right? absolutely_not_haram: you only want guns K_L_I_K: @Foxbounty Watching Ela hack is like watching my grandad play a game… painful Waterjuice: I think repair captain_elsewhere: 50 science for robot ? RedKazoo: Reapair ameleyanigi: forsen1 forsen2 armorgear: survival annjey: FeelsPepoMan Sloxu: repair Binfz: survival for roleplay SammersFourTwenty: forsen1 forsen2 ViveLaDissidence: survival cuz you want to cook ComplexGhost: REPAIR hyenapatches: Brter ameleyanigi: forsen3 forsen4 pekkaatte: LOCKPICK olkkuus: Science Azure_Felt: survival for elaOP hyenapatches: Barter brot_ok: forsen1 forsen2 BelialsFlame: lockpick 25 namelessmonster36: SCIENCE AND REPAIR HappySmile123: elaSmile / Hello chat elaSmile / elaSmile / Hello Ela elaSmile / Fatamerikans: Survival for steak bloodcaleb: wasn’t it 15 skill points earlier? is the crippled head affecting INT and thus skill point gain on lvl up? Lexor757: Science GentlemansPickle: lockpick and repair Armored_Guy: survival to cook stuff Lagunaab: repair is great yes SammersFourTwenty: forsen3 forsen4 Fullmetalcheese: Speech cyclosu0: survival for cooking Jangofett160: Survival for RP SpleX__: new vegas Pog i love this game Azure_Felt: elaSmile raider_unkindled: elaHYUK Martiansam: @HappySmile123 elaSmile / pepeL talkman_: you’ll need 25 if you find same level locks again brot_ok: Bajs forsen1 coolndeadly1: bro hell yea this is a dope stream! Cheeseek: You said survival for food and stuff @Elajjaz Jac0bite: @Elajjaz get 45 science and use science book to repair the robot J0hnnyBlade: ela3 ela4 BigManAinsley: Science 5Head shameimarusen: all safes open with 25 50 75 100 carlitoB: put them on 25 ggimad: you needed barter and explosives for those optionals TheXearo: 50 SCEIENCE FOR ROBOT TOO Hollow_void: 25 locking is good start Cocok_Xecyca: speech TheXearo: shit shikifujin16: A tip also: if you keep looking through the junk data that is stored in a computer when your trying to hack it you can remove words that are not the right password. for Example. if i see something in brackets like. () orand i click on it Both highlighted you can remove a Dud word @Elajjaz Fatamerikans: EXPL OMEGAULL SIVES ComplexGhost: cooking? @Elajjaz HappySmile123: Azure_Felt elaCozy Martiansam elaH SpleX__: good evening beautiful people in chat pepeL hope you are all good fatpep: lockpick to 25 IMO Lagunaab: not to backseat too much but imo weapon skills are not needed early on since there isn’t alot of fight early talkman_: PepeLaugh chat backseating again Nopileos: talkman_ elaHi MaxiMHc: dont level up JUST to please one guy LULW Dyvid44: @Elajjaz science for the Robot carlitoB: 13 in EXPLOSIVES Xerenix: @SpleX__ pepeL Fatamerikans: EXPL OMEGALUL SIVES S_Darji: Energy Weapons PepeLaugh eliastheepicgamer: sackbeaters PepeLaugh Lexor757: science by 5 cptnspaldingscrw: science to repar the robot Armored_Guy: survival 🙂 VauntDanial: I mean we should tell him about the hacking otherwise its actually painful LULW ChibiKuro: @Nopileos elaHi @Fluid1337 nepSmug / Flamingreen: Speech 100 PepeLaugh brot_ok: Advicefrogs forsenSleeper Reddinator: expl Pog sives talkman_: @Nopileos i was already, here, bad bot FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: PepeLaugh K_L_I_K: A tip also: if you keep looking through the junk data that is stored in a computer when your trying to hack it you can remove words that are not the right password. for Example. if i see something in brackets like. () orand i click on it Both highlighted you can remove a Dud word @Elajjaz Bakurretsu: Explosives huh nepSmug namelessmonster36: SCIENCE Turbulist: yes Plasmafenix: yes Terrortoastyyy: science 55 and you get EDE robot mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: SPEECH Cheeseek: + olkkuus: y Azure_Felt: yep Nopileos: yes Hollow_void: Yep fatpep: VoteYea daley_: elaOP KingMidas133: yes Tree60noscoped: yeah Shadowfax71: yes brot_ok: yes ViveLaDissidence: ya Da_Flanker: Yeah Xerenix: Yes. Fat men shoot nukes maxmaxsix3: ANELE roasty_brekky_warp: danFat Lagunaab: yeah but you’re nopt getting fatman early on LULW Bloodhit: No it shoots fat mans nepSmug DeadBart: SPEECH 100 😡 carlitoB: you need it to get the dynamite? Nopileos: yeah ameleyanigi: KKona Jaargan: FAP MaN elaGasm fatpep: survival IMO shikifujin16: @K_L_I_K LUL Flamingreen: NA Golden04: KKona MrJoeNinety: KKona shoot nukes dangerdonger420: speech is god tier KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz there is a limited number of mininukes in the world 뿡토: science 5Head Turbulist: LULW Sceda: speech is very powerful Bloodhit: SURVIAL FOR HC Armored_Guy: KKona d0mp3r: medicine maybe? bloodcaleb: 3Head Suney: gachiBASS Hollow_void: LULW Empyrium: KKona WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! tutufuzi: and all of it LUL DerBoshi: @Elajjaz If there are words between ,,() [] {},, you get your 4 trys back Wiencong: focus Pepga AmazingCarnage01: Locpick Cheeseek: go for barter Taosis: science 45 + book for ED-E S_Darji: and everything LULW Reddinator: just get everything 4HEad Lexor757: @Elajjaz Picking 2 damage things Pepega greyfacenospace123: danO Fullmetalcheese: LuL raider_unkindled: Just level them all 4Head mysweatyth1ghsss: Everything LULW Lagunaab: sounds about right Jaargan: LULW gosamigo: Sneak 20 Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz Fat Man is the secret identity of Fruce Wayne Azure_Felt: forgot his RPing survival skill elaGa Fatamerikans: good thing you have 5Head INT mekh42: science for the robot Annonn140: true bag4l1fe: melee POGGERS KurtRustle91: Lockpicking is super good Strawie35: repair is really good too shameimarusen: everything is pretty usefull idey1994: sneak speech guns repair is my build everytime LUL Martiansam: energy weapon elaMad Turbulist: Elajjaz you wanted survival too ? baezmejia200: elaB occap: nice game @Elajjaz 🙂 komillitas: dont need combat that early on carlitoB: make the 24’s 35 sekz: bawkHm bawkHm bawkHm bawkHm Annonn140: KKona carlitoB: 25 namelessmonster36: @Elajjaz you’ll need very high science for the dlc with the best loot level it! cheeze____: KKool load mag guns NovaMoon: @Elajjaz i mean you’re only lvl 3. dont worry too much Lagunaab: yeah don’t invest too much in combat early on imo SammersFourTwenty: KKona brother F0rmxL: crippled FeelsPepoMan ihssoy: I always leave repair at ~50 and rush 100 on lockpick and science LUL Fullmetalcheese: I always want 2 buf something else but always end up buffing speech 1st Azure_Felt: elaD Da_Flanker: TriHard warfarehunt3r: imagine using energy weapons elaKek maxmaxsix3: TriHard WerewolfB: Kapp Da_Flanker: elaGasm Turbulist: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: elaGasm Flamingreen: wow did fallout 76 upgrade its graphics or something? LickMyPretzel: stuff that lets me aaaaaaaaaaaah Kreygasm bring_us_the_girl: Kreygasm Noble_Duckling: gachiBASS Xerenix: PepeLaugh Vivelin: STUFF THAT LETS ME AAHAHHHHH gachiBASS Azure_Felt: no monkaW JarofChicken: mine now Lagunaab: “acquire rightfully” DeadBart: monkaS sjuften_: LULW angryj0nes: nope Golden04: LULW Kunno1100: monkaW samperson12345: Kreygasm Turbulist: monkaW bloodcaleb: ElaPls DETH Nopileos: monkaW cheeze____: same Fatamerikans: LULW Traktorq: monkaW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN Thetazul: monkaW greyfacenospace123: danD MaxiMHc: LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek bboy5427: gachiBASS shameimarusen: MonkaS baezmejia200: elaGasm Andros5: Pew Pew best weapon in tha game Bakurretsu: LULW Fluid1337: LULW fatpep: monkaH Fullmetalcheese: LUL Nopileos: LULW Filo155: just the wind Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN K_L_I_K: Stuff that lets me Kreygasm Da_Flanker: LULW raider_unkindled: monkaH I give up S_Darji: saw it coming PepeLaugh 1mpolar: LULW tutufuzi: D: Azure_Felt: so ded LULW ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn bloodcaleb: 5Head Traktorq: 26% LULW cheeze____: HAD ENOUGH Jaargan: NOPE LULW Elvem: 26 LULW\ Fluid1337: IKEALUL Turbulist: CRIPPLED xRouw: monkaX Golden04: IKEALUL UltraWindow: LIMB PepeLaugh dzemroz: youre crippled Polebegood: crippled eliastheepicgamer: hands broken LULW Lochness1: you’re a CRIPPLE greyfacenospace123: broken arms danO Grandgreg13: 5Head Vivelin: 3 PER btw Fluid1337: nepSmug HYPERCLAP ThatLuluTho: 26 LULW Azure_Felt: broken arms LULW ihssoy: You are hungry Fatamerikans: BROKEN LIMBS Scaythly: XCOM odds Da_Flanker: ARMS BROKEN KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz crippled arms Lagunaab: XCOM ACCURACY LULW cyclosu0: ccippled nostrilgaze: crippled LUL ise24: lazania Bieberhunter: Your hands are broken Bakurretsu: XCOM OMEGALUL BritishPatternBalding: 5Head Fluid1337: WOUNDED LULW troublematicc: XCOM AIM LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: Cripple LULW Traktorq: CRIPPLED HEAD FeelsPepoMan Jaargan: elaBlind elaGun dobtf2: LULW Lexor757: 🙂 S_Darji: 3 PER IKEALUL Dullaxon: PepeLaugh WerewolfB: Chag fakerello: Broken arms knowledge_college: 😡 brot_ok: LULW Golden04: OMEGADOWN Fluid1337: 3 PER elaBlind Nopileos: LULW LULW sjuften_: OMEGADOWN Polebegood: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL VideoNomad: F OMEGADOWN raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN ISinistarI: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Canopus: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Kunno1100: LULW Gunzablazin44: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Sibu_: LuL idey1994: crippled OMEGALUL Nox15: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Flamingreen: PepeLaugh SO BALD Tiny_PL: LuL Elvem: OMEGALUL Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Loddeh: lololol Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Annonn140: LULW ViveLaDissidence: LULW salpo_nolobio: yoink Fluid1337: LULW baezmejia200: LULW Noble_Duckling: SO BAD LULW Reddinator: danKEK Nopileos: LULW LULW wandering_pleb: because you are crippled tutufuzi: PepeHands RattleMBones: he even looted you pekkaatte: OMEGALUL Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN Shadowfax71: OMEGADOWN ameleyanigi: OMEGALUL Vivelin: PepeLaugh delopterd: PepeHands SerApollyon: OMEGALUL MagicFrogs: LUL shameimarusen: enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip enbRip UltraWindow: you got autos mysweatyth1ghsss: OMEGALUL SpleX__: OMEGALUL SenorToast: YOINK Nopileos: OMEGALUL Xerenix: LULW Binfz: OMEGALUL gosamigo: LULWW fatpep: FailFish Ilse89: LULW MobiusCog: F carlitoB: omega rip anatsu90: OMEGADOWN industries_: OMEGALUL YES DGS_Howling: LUL dangerdonger420: OOF KingMidas133: LULW Pxlii: OMEGADOWN CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh reptile_mkx: BibleThump BibleThump Nopileos: LULW Fluid1337: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Jaargan: LULW Gunzablazin44: Autosave baezmejia200: SO MALD LULW Nostraz: PepeLaugh Seikisu: PepeLaugh MitsuoK: NotLikeThis ReddogUK: you suck Da_Flanker: Autosave’s got you BearackObama: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: LULW Azure_Felt: should svae on entering Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Llyfrgell: PepeHands talkman_: GOTTA REDO TERMINAL LULW Ilkspyro: cirSlain Traktorq: crippled hands and head BrokeBack KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz your arms were crippled,. lowers accuracy armorgear: it auto saved Lagunaab: it saved when you entered the room iirc Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN tutufuzi: the sarge is dead Fatamerikans: you can’t fight for shit with broken limbs OMEGALUL Turbulist: elaKek Da_Flanker: They’re convicts xRouw: PepeLaugh BearackObama: Jebaited Golden04: PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: OMEGALUL Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO TorvaM: PepeLaugh 뿡토: elaKek 1mpolar: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: going into hostile zone with every limb crippled PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited brot_ok: IT IS LULW Da_Flanker: You imbecile Nopileos: PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: Jebaited dangerdonger420: it WAS a casino greyfacenospace123: danBaited KingMidas133: PepeLaugh Fluid1337: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Lagunaab: drug time Elvem: It was LULW Trollieno: tangSeth tangSeth tangSeth tangSeth tangSeth tangSeth Traktorq: yeah that’s the point saugo: OMEGADOWN Ellycat1: This is a very big casino PepeLaugh talkman_: THIS IS A LARGE CASINO RareEla MORFHI: javlar PepeLaugh Im_Trick: Im_Trick subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Pog XzKutor: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @im_trick You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Empyrium: D: Azure_Felt: didn’t listen to quest PepeLaugh Canopus: D: JustSmaSH: atpRtsd Fafebobo: elaD Nopileos: SUB HYPE Im_Trick Pog Bieberhunter: elaD Llyfrgell: D: BearackObama: HandsUp bring_us_the_girl: D: hayesnasty: IKEALUL IKEALUL IKEALUL Thetazul: PepeLaugh Reddinator: this is a very large casino danKEK brot_ok: billyReady Flamingreen: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO armorgear: this is a large casino Twilight_Gamer9206: @elajjaz Welcome to the Mojave. Da_Flanker: LULW BearackObama: HandsUp OK SIR Scaythly: Elajjaz have you been paying attention to what the NPCs told you? Bandits overran the place SammersFourTwenty: D: B sjuften_: billyReady Ph4ntomi: cmonBrother turboScrub: I RULL ASmallBenis: not paying attention to story Pepelaugh Annonn140: LULW Xerenix: You gamble with your life PepeLaugh RealLifeTsundere: this is the wastelnad! what good ppl LUL Reddinator: wat 11qq2w: LUL Jaargan: ah nu jävlar LULW Nopileos: LUL ihssoy: vault? knowledge_college: LULW ToxxicWaffle: vot Vivelin: ???? Fullmetalcheese: PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: wot greyfacenospace123: danO shevraar: LULW brot_ok: WAT elaHYUG KurtRustle91: You cant XzKutor: vault? Fafebobo: elaGa Fluid1337: wot? nepSmug Dylanluce: Crouching daley_: IKEALUL Golden04: LULW WerewolfB: IKEALUL Nopileos: LULW Gaffeltruck: cohhAim Traktorq: CRIPPLED HANDS LULW annjey: blanksteg Champ Lagunaab: your arm is rip ISinistarI: Ela – INT 1 PER 1 LUL Flamingreen: nice polygons Pepelaugh pekkaatte: you cant see them well enough Fluid1337: LULW eliastheepicgamer: IKEALUL brot_ok: IKEALUL dzemroz: CRIPPLED HANDS Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh dotnotbot: OMEGALUL UltraWindow: broken arms NotLikeThis Turbulist: CRIPPLED Elajjaz raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh KingMidas133: crippled arms cyclosu0: crippled Thetazul: LULW Empat1a: PepeLaugh mkzkSeki: LULW talkman_: 17% mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz Crippled KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz YOUR ARMS ARE CRIPPLED JesseThaBest: you are crippled warfarehunt3r: svea snajper DaniDuck: 3 PER LULW S_Darji: 3 PER IKEALUL bhpaulcar: limbs OMEGALUL Fluid1337: IKEALUL BigBagieta: broken arms lulw bboy5427: LUL AkiraJkr: 3 PER LULW ArcherTyrall: CRIPPPPPPPLED angryj0nes: 17% LULW shevraar: YeahBoi 61_Cygni_Ave: This aint call o duty son Reddinator: IKEALUL sjuften_: Crippled LULW Azure_Felt: still doesn’t know LULW bloodcaleb: both arms broken OMEGADOWN Armored_Guy: DA BOI gravesend: BROKEN LIMBS LUL Fluid1337: CRIPPLED LULW Xerenix: @Elajjaz You’re crippled LUL hayesnasty: your all broken Gunzablazin44: Arms borke Lexor757: CRIPPLED ARMS LULW Canopus: elaBlind elaBlind pekkaatte: YOUR HANDS ARE BROKEN ToKre11: ElaOut Sceda: both your arm ar broken ela nu_metal23: broken arms Jaargan: elaBlind elaGun shameimarusen: P E R C E P T I O N rieth: OMEGALUL pigsticker_: LMAO wandering_pleb: YOU ARE CRIPPLED ihssoy: You are hungry and thirsty too Fluid1337: BOTH ARMS BROKEN elaGa Nazzet: IKEALUL SammersFourTwenty: IKEALUL speedrunner aim ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Reddinator: my hands PepeHands ADuckNamedDan: lol daley_: PepeHands Da_Flanker: atpSpiner 뿡토: IKEALUL Bakurretsu: IKEALUL BritishPatternBalding: Squinting Newt OMEGADOWN Nopileos: IKEALUL Filo155: PePehANDS MaleFunction: forsenT elaGun mannagrynsgrotmedkanel: 3 Perception LUL Quelaan69: you try shooting with 2 broken arms Fluid1337: IKEALUL MaGiiC_SkiLL: LUL usr_jacob: elaGa elaGun shevraar: nice dmg LULW MrJoeNinety: YER A CRIPPLE ‘ARRY xx_bersark: @Elajjaz BLIND CRI¨¨ME Turbulist: F Shadowfax71: RUFF OhMyDog UltraWindow: xcom gameplay PepeLaugh Gaffeltruck: cohhAim this is ela cohhAim 1mpolar: LOL Thetazul: LMAO mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL knowledge_college: LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek Fluid1337: And 3 per elaBlind brot_ok: LULW Shansolos: ohhh I luff this game soooo much Nopileos: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL sjuften_: gachiBASS you like that tutufuzi: LUL Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek Traktorq: everything crippled LULW talkman_: LULW Fluid1337: OMEGALUL BigBagieta: OMEGADOWN ihssoy: Entire body crippled LUL Seithek: OMEGALUL Fullmetalcheese: Chag Fluid1337: LULW Elvem: CRIPPLED EVERYTHING LULW BritishPatternBalding: entire body is mangled Ilkspyro: rooKek Azure_Felt: full cripple shevraar: junkrat LULW Bakurretsu: OMEGADOWN carlitoB: LUL Nazzet: Body gone LULW gravesend: crippled everything LUL akmannen: crippled everything Empat1a: no hayesnasty: LUL Lagunaab: oh my god you’re so fucked KurtRustle91: CRIPPLED EVERYTHING Deliriumi1: full cripple ADuckNamedDan: crippled everything MobiusCog: @Elajjaz Combat is based totally off your stats and skills…. you need to git gud ! Fluid1337: BODY GONE nepSmug Terrortoastyyy: your arms are crippled greyfacenospace123: whole body crippled danO hayesnasty: actual flid daley_: martyrdom Pog cignus87: you should of reloaded the save before you got crippled pekkaatte: EVERYTING IS CRIPPLED OMEGALLU Jangofett160: Crippled PepeHands WerewolfB: IKEALUL HYPERCLAP knowledge_college: he wanted to throw one at you LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: Cripple Everything LULW ThatLuluTho: IKEALUL AIM eliastheepicgamer: 9 int head still intact LUL Reddinator: had enough? PepeLaugh MaleFunction: IKEALUL 0_jacket_0: quadriplegic Flamingreen: head still not crippled Traktorq: OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: :wheelchair. Sarge coming through ♿ Turbulist: Pog sjuften_: Chag nostrilgaze: martyrdom DansGame MaxiMHc: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Pog mkzkSeki: Pog dobtf2: Pog AkiraJkr: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog industries_: Pog Nopileos: Pog mysweatyth1ghsss: PogU Elvem: Pog usr_jacob: D: Fluid1337: FULL CRIPPLE OMEGADOWN 0_jacket_0: Pog Lagunaab: Pog Xerenix: Chag tutufuzi: D: gold_dante: Champ Lady_of_Darkness: Pog brot_ok: Champ 뿡토: D: SpleX__: monkaW Annonn140: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog Canopus: D: D: talkman_: D: hayesnasty: Pog Binfz: PogU Flamingreen: Champ Fatamerikans: Pog kabuuki10255: Pog Traktorq: PogU MrJoeNinety: D: idey1994: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp baezmejia200: Pog Nox15: Pog Shadowfax71: D: LostNoteleks: Pog Nopileos: Pog S_Darji: PogU 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Pog Gaffeltruck: IKEALUL close2home: gachiOnFIRE Jaargan: Pog usr_jacob: D: D: shevraar: P O P P E D KnightxofxShadows: Remember when ela said he was paying attention to dialogue while reading chat elaKek elaKek Trickery_Games: welcome to level 3 gold_dante: Chag MaGiiC_SkiLL: Kreygasm WerewolfB: WTF Champ gosamigo: Kreygasm Martiansam: the what ? LULW sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan satisfynation Lady_of_Darkness: And then his head fell off monkaW fatpep: lockpick 30 @Elajjaz bloodcaleb: gore good, skin bad KKona Clap Loddeh: lockpick to 30 CaptainOutOfTen: satisfynation Pog Kouwell: Barter SwiftRage Fullmetalcheese: Knight IKR LUL talkman_: 4Shrug Turbulist: yes Hollow_void: Yes Azure_Felt: yep sjuften_: 4Shrug bhpaulcar: perception doesn’t do anything at all in terms of precision fatpep: yes MaxiMHc: speech 40? Reddinator: 4Shrug Xerenix: 4Shrug Nopileos: yes Kunno1100: yes Kapp baezmejia200: HYUKAGE Traktorq: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Armored_Guy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ F0rmxL: sure elaK Jaargan: YEP nostrilgaze: close enough kingsheridan: lockpic need 50 last time Frosted15: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited namelessmonster36: @Elajjaz the closest doctor to you is in NOVAC so you can fix yourself ray131471: 4Shrug Jaargan: Jebaited Lagunaab: jackpot tho warfarehunt3r: elaKek elaKek Shansolos: level 3 💕 Fatamerikans: that’s a blood bag LULW Azure_Felt: elaChug water MrJoeNinety: Ela the Broken bloodcaleb: advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan fatpep: hockey maks POGGERS Stenberger: inject stimpaks right into the crippled limbs Traktorq: @namelessmonster36 he might have a doctor bag gild0n: new sub! welcome to the satisfynation gachiBASS Reddinator: cripple LULW Vivelin: Almost entirely crippled LULW Baronjohn96: LuL shigaraki: @Stenberger he’s playing on hardcore so that’s not possible Lagunaab: remember ela you are in HARDCORE mode set yourself up for fight whenever you expect some ! 뿡토: crippled FeelsPepoMan Thetazul: doc can heal you in goodsprings baezmejia200: FeelsLateMan Azure_Felt: wait for the crippled head NotLikeThis Flamingreen: lets laugh at him for being crippled chat LULW Lady_of_Darkness: elaBlind Fullmetalcheese: Kreygasm Fixxin: yes talkman_: i think he had a pistoletta Turbulist: Elajjaz Hold tab for light elaOk usr_jacob: HAHA shameimarusen: could just fast travel to goodsprings and come back Reddinator: Flamingreen lets danKEK Annonn140: im just waiting for ela to finally turn hardcore off because it sucks WeirdChamp NovaMoon: god i miss this game 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Should name his character Stephen Hawking due to his knowledge of science and being absolutely crippled LuL VentusNova_: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: billyReady sjuften_: gachiBASS Vivelin: billyReady Bakurretsu: billyReady BritishPatternBalding: billyReady Binfz: billyReady brot_ok: billyReady Nopileos: billyReady bloodcaleb: SHOW gachiHYPER Hollow_void: gachiBASS Deliriumi1: gachiBASS talkman_: billyReady KingMidas133: billyReady ssssip: gachiHYPER Xerenix: billyReady Fatamerikans: billyReady Flamingreen: billyReady idey1994: billyReady Lady_of_Darkness: Soon time for elaWut games LostNoteleks: billyReady Jaargan: billyReady Shansolos: it’s just like skyrim but in apolytic times Nopileos: billyReady billyReady Azure_Felt: 1 dr OMEGLOL VentusNova_: billyReady sjuften_: WutFace Azure_Felt: monkaX tutufuzi: LUL Reddinator: 👁 Lady_of_Darkness: elaWut UltraWindow: 👁 Turbulist: monkaW Xerenix: ela1 Hawkees: ela1 brot_ok: forsen1 Turbulist: ela1 Xephirus: @18_cowboys_in_the_showers elaKek 뿡토: monkaW Nopileos: ela1 VentusNova_: ela1 I SEE YOU Jaargan: ela1 cheeze____: ela2 Turbulist: PepeLaugh xacten: ello7 Vivelin: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE WRONG ANSWERS fatpep: PepeLaugh Lady_of_Darkness: elaKek wizardcock: Any mods or pure vanilla with patches? 🤔 Doully92: elaK talkman_: PepeLaugh shevraar: ela1 SerApollyon: ah shit Nopileos: elaK Tiny_PL: atpRtsd2 Krabbban: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: PepLaughe seqone: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 chick3nball: search eyeball Thetazul: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. bring_us_the_girl: 5Head Lady_of_Darkness: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Krabbban: 5Head knowledge_college: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: advicefriends FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: aah shit here we go again elaKek Lagunaab: yeah but now you got the trick to reset Lexor757: cousins KKona MaxiMHc: i can solve it for you @Elajjaz Kapp AkiraJkr: PepeLaugh talkman_: cara VaN Azure_Felt: teen monkaTOS Destmand: Destmand subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! Did you kill elaEZ Pete? WrestlerBot2000: @destmand What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Hawkees: Teen elaThirst Nopileos: SUB HYPE Destmand Pog pekkaatte: just brute force it like normal fallout player Empat1a: he does not know PepeLaugh fatpep: 4Shrug wizardcock: ah kk Reddinator: danRE ee GentlemansPickle: ela4 Lagunaab: Banshee the series elaGasm brot_ok: TEEN elaThirst iKeiRo7: bandits NerdIRage: Caravan MrJoeNinety: Click on open and closed brackets of the same kind @Elajjaz skraalQ: banshee Da_Flanker: forsenE AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh ZeroKiwi: NotLikeThis NerdIRage: no Destmand: 🙂 Jajalembang: MATTERS KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the letters have to be in the same part of the word WerewolfB: casting couch gachiBASS DeadBart: CAMPING NerdIRage: Causing SurfCat: Can you backout fast to reset tries fast in NV ? DaneBoiMike: @Elajjaz theres an easier way if you wanna learn Konusantahta: Ravages talkman_: ravages? muhlman1337: BANSHEE BritishPatternBalding: CARAVAN greyfacenospace123: daggers climaxbeat: caravan Lexor757: camping Jajalembang: MATTERS 5Head Llyfrgell: RAVAGES Nox15: ravages raider_unkindled: elaGa Nopileos: Ravages Martiansam: @Elajjaz click on the ( …….. ) pls PokerDweebz: @elajjaz elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek shikifujin16: if you keep looking through the junk data that is stored in a computer when your trying to hack it you can remove words that are not the right password. for Example. if i see something in brackets like. () orand i click on it Both highlighted you can remove a Dud word WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Jubular: elaGa Xerenix: PepeLaugh Don’t tell him P1caboo: camping Jubular: elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa nostrilgaze: PepeLaugh Vivelin: ??? 1marcio080: FLOSSING? elaChug daley_: ?? ChibiKuro: wussThink Krabbban: PepeLaugh dont tell him Flamingreen: PepeLaugh He lacks critical insight AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh VauntDanial: if you keep looking through the junk data that is stored in a computer when your trying to hack it you can remove words that are not the right password. for Example. if i see something in brackets like. () orand i click on it Both highlighted you can remove a Dud word Jajalembang: MATTERS 2 5Head Fatamerikans: he doesn’t get it PepeLaugh Loddeh: bandits Jaargan: elaGa DeadBart: PepeLaugh fatpep: theres C too zulfaya: dude that was literally the same wtf PokerDweebz: elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa Zergatui: PepeLaugh fatpep: LUL Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Neroph: COUSINS KKona jimmy0711: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh NerdIRage: the A is correct talkman_: ??????? DerBoshi: @Elajjaz If there are words between ,,() [] {},, you get your 4 trys back brot_ok: PepeLaugh italianspongebob: OMEGLOL WerewolfB: ?? DeadBart: elaGa AkiraJkr: OMEGALUL Mrtriggahigga: OMEGLOL Flamingreen: OMEGLOL Naniyo: CA BritishPatternBalding: its the A then zulfaya: dude IT IS LIKE MASTERMIND GAME Martiansam: ( …….. ) frenzywolfx: he doesnt know OMEGADOWN Nopileos: OMEGLOL Lexor757: nothing with ing Dyvid44: @Elajjaz use the bracket (<.......>) for hints/chances Loddeh: Bandits MaxiMHc: why would you select it LULW Janky633100: OMEGALUL muhlman1337: BANSHEE Zergatui: OMEGLOL Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv Azure_Felt: OMEGLOL Yorizon: Starts With CA ostermox: Matters Bakurretsu: OMEGLOL Fluid1337: OMEGLOL brot_ok: OMEGLOL Jubular: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: OMEGLOL OMEGLOL PokerDweebz: he doesn’t know elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Loddeh: BANDITS KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the right letters have to be in the same part of the word. So “Causing” could be right for example Soadante: OMEGLOL italianspongebob: elaGa Flamingreen: ?????????????????? industries_: ? sozbrah: ,, Plasmafenix: elaKek shameimarusen: (………) Toxianon: ??? komillitas: camping fatpep: elaGa MidgetDude110: elaGa eliastheepicgamer: ????? Azure_Felt: elaGa ??? Jubular: elaGa ? Nopileos: elaGa Reddinator: danDerp danKEK 뿡토: elaGa brot_ok: elaGa ? bloodcaleb: ❓ Gaffeltruck: ? Turbulist: LULW Da_Flanker: atpCap Mrtriggahigga: elaGa Clap talkman_: ???????? TheGloriousRage: ???? Bxadd: ????? DaneBoiMike: ????????? Elvem: ???????????????????? Bakurretsu: ??? ostermox: MATTERS AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: elaGa ???? Tree60noscoped: ??? S_Darji: elaGa sjuften_: PepeLaugh LostNoteleks: ??????? VineWood0604: ??? Nopileos: ???? Vivelin: elaGa ???? Nostraz: ???????????? vxl__: ????????? Ellycat1: FeelsPepoMan ?????????? xacten: ????? bring_us_the_girl: OMEGLUL Fluid1337: elaGa ??? kelvinfiti_der_echte: OMEGALUL Frosted15: ????????????????? NerdIRage: its def Causing shikifujin16: LUL ChibiKuro: elaGa elaGa elaGa Nox15: elaGa HappySmile123: elaGa Schwirm: OMEGLOL bboy5427: ????????????????????? Fullmetalcheese: ???????? Nostraz: ?????????????????????? Jajalembang: MATTERS 5Head Fluid1337: elaGa Elvem: elaGa KingMidas133: LULW Boshhead: ??? Nopileos: elaGa greyfacenospace123: danKEK HotZeppelin: ?????? Konki: ??????????????? Nostraz: ?????????????????? Xerenix: FeelsPepoMan ??????? BigBagieta: ???????????? mysweatyth1ghsss: Wasn’t me LULW Lagalla: elaGa frenzywolfx: ?? LULW Destmand: OMEGLOL raider_unkindled: elaGa ???? elaGa ???? elaGa 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: MrDestructoid tomatoKnife PogU Give me your secrets robot! Royale_Tea: ?????? Turbulist: LULW TRUE Norwegian_wombat: nrdyGa Lagunaab: elaK Krabbban: PepeLaugh Post what DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: LULW Azure_Felt: elaK wevie1: elaK Gaffeltruck: ?????????? VentusNova_: ??????? PokerDweebz: YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW IT WORKS pekkaatte: ?????????????????? Nopileos: elaK Elvem: elaGa ???????????????\ dzemroz: if you keep looking through the junk data that is stored in a computer when youre trying to hack it you can remove words that are not the right password. for Example. if i see something in brackets like. () orand i click on it Both highlighted you can remove a Dud word KingMidas133: TRUE LULW Jaargan: ?????????? elaGa YayLittlepony: ????????????? zulfaya: SO IT IS THE A at the right place brot_ok: elaK Sh4nti: CARRIER Frosted15: #???????????????? TheGurian: elaBruv eliastheepicgamer: chat is one person ?????? bring_us_the_girl: OMEGLOL greyscaled:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan Frosted15: ??????????????????? CommanBear: CoolStoryBob Fluid1337: Wasnt me nepSmug SirMingLeeMrrgglton: C A R A _ _ _ ? Martiansam: ( ………….. ) CLICK HERE daley_: ????????? Fullmetalcheese: D: Shordes: D: talkman_: That wasn’t my guess NotLikeThis Frosted15: ???????????????? Dyvid44: () [] {} Frosted15: ?????????????????????? Da_Flanker: Chat full pepega AurbisDragon: IMPLYING WE WEREN’T Jebaited ing you RealLifeTsundere: He aint wrong LUL k0tashira: Enable Pepega 😡 F0rmxL: elaGa Krabbban: 3Head LostNoteleks: ?????? AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh SurQ_: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Empoya: chat is one person forsenPosture greyfacenospace123: danO hunterofyharnham: Its the position of the letters Blackbird_SR71C: elaGa ?????? Hellu: CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO fredboi1: PepeLaugh Opti87: bogaQ SurQ_: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn PepeLaugh nymnCorn alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID LilacLeaf: ????? Fluid1337: Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Reddinator: so bald LULW Vivelin: MALDING bloodcaleb: MALDING PepeLaugh VineWood0604: SPAM WutFace Fluid1337: Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Azure_Felt: cheating DansGame Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Hellu: CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Fluid1337: Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited SurQ_: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID intrand: @Elajjaz “correct” means the letter was in the right spot. Krabbban: 3Head 3Head shikifujin16: DELETE THE STUFF IN PARENTHESES BritishPatternBalding: yes Flamingreen: Champ alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Hellu: CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Fluid1337: Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited Apparently chat is a hivemind Jebaited nostrilgaze: click Elvem: Yeah fatpep: no PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: ye KingMidas133: click Plasmafenix: just click Norwegian_wombat: nrdyOwO Elvem: Click Hellu: CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz just click it to skip nostrilgaze: yes k0tashira: 😡 Enable Pepega 😡 JackTheBall: does he know about the brackets thing? Pyrhaa: no 🙂 alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Fullmetalcheese: WutFace Azure_Felt: there’s a mod to skip it Shibby2k15: Shibby2k15 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 49 months, currently on a 49 month streak! Oi! talkman_: yes LULW WrestlerBot2000: @shibby2k15 After 49 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SurQ_: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Da_Flanker: Gopniks are here y_u_dodiz: elaK WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Nopileos: SUB HYPE Shibby2k15 Pog Schwirm: console PepeLaugh sozbrah: @Elajjaz click k0tashira: 😡 Enable Pepega 😡 😡 Enable Pepega 😡 patzus: he doesnt know about the reset with brackets? LUL WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Krabbban: No LULW Hellu: CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO CHRIS AVELLONE FANCLUB RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Xer_0: use the () [] {} @Elajjaz LeVincente: maldness LULW Turbulist: nrdy raiders pepeL NerdIRage: HEA Xerenix: PepeLaugh WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Cage_D: nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE nrdyREE Fullmetalcheese: WutFace WutFace armorgear: yes Daedro: YOOO everyone Pog / New Vegas holy shieet WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO skraalQ: {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW Krabbban: Heja Devon96: SLAVES gachiBASS WhiskeyFudge: BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO BLYAYAYA RAID nrdyY nrdyOwO Martiansam: : {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW Istog: elaGa alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID daley_: nrdyKona SurQ_: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID NerdIRage: HEARING K_L_I_K: Can’t tell if Ela is trolling Kappa fatpep: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: Or Sta Kapp AlexAnderman1994: elaGa Fluid1337: elaK brot_ok: forsenTake forsenBreak Lagunaab: sup nerdy boys Pog akumaguts: u can get a mod for fast computer “loading” screen @Elajjaz Hawkees: Slapping? gachiBASS Azure_Felt: nrdyE Clap Naniyo: MingLee Reddinator: not neccesarily LULW ComradeNerdy: hi Ela and chat elaH skraalQ: {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULWv darkzalgo: darkzalgo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 21 months, currently on a 2 month streak! AMERICA FUCK YEAH WrestlerBot2000: @darkzalgo I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Plasmafenix: 420 blaze it Jajalembang: CLAWING 5Head Nopileos: ComradeNerdy elaHYUG sartorriuss: Malding BritishPatternBalding: LEADING Bankaiwar: why not remove duds first? Flamingreen: MingLee Hellu: elaGa Pyrhaa: 5Head ComradeNerdy: Lagunaab elaH mayor494: 🙁 dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS ReddogUK: its roaming Fatamerikans: MALDING LULW Jattesnall: SETTING OR SELLING shameimarusen: {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW {} LULW Fluid1337: elaGa alexowhy: nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID nrdyOwO NERDY RAID Da_Flanker: ComradeNerdy elaH ComradeNerdy: Nopileos elaH ERRORCODES: @Elajjaz Click the screen and you will skip it Ageingyoungrebel: malding? PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaGa elaGa Bakurretsu: hi Nerdy PepeLaugh ComradeNerdy: Da_Flanker elaH TheH3llraiser: @ComradeNerdy elaH Vivelin: MALDING PepeLaugh Nopileos: ComradeNerdy elaH talkman_: malding LULW nostrilgaze: KKonaW fatpep: CANT BE HEARING Daedro: inb4 ing not correct LULW S_Darji: elaGa Bakurretsu: pepeL * fenniksss: @Elajjaz Try Eading ComradeNerdy: Bakurretsu elaH muhlman1337: setting Rhynin: ComradeNerdy nrdyH swedishSock: Selling? HeinrichVonSchnitzel: good thing there’s only 5 words with ING PepeLaugh UltraWindow: hes unaware PepeLaugh ComradeNerdy: TheH3llraiser elaH Krabbban: PepeLaugh 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: @Elajjaz If it’s too much for you, you can open the console then select the computer and type unlock 🙂 Galeharry: Realize Pyrhaa: malding LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: Nerdy elaH Norwegian_wombat: @comradenerdy nrdyPrivet nrdyH ComradeNerdy: Rhynin elaH NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh LOOK AT THIS DOOD SerApollyon: ComradeNerdy pepeL ComradeNerdy: Youbetterlikemyburgers elaH Melangro: Click the brackets for removing incorrect entries and resetting tries Ageingyoungrebel: Oh boy these PepeLaugh NaughtyPedro: MALDING akumaguts: u can get a mod for fast computer “loading” screen @Elajjaz ComradeNerdy: Norwegian_wombat elaH Junri: @Elajjaz It’s not about letter it’s about positions of the letters. you are overthinking it fenniksss: @Elajjaz Try Leading Blackbird_SR71C: So it’s not ing Daedro: LULW not ing Hellu: Not ing PepeLaugh RhaegarTBling: leading Elvem: So not ING ToxxicWaffle: NOT ING CunningLinguist: studies TheXearo: not ING Xerenix: Then it’s not Ing PepeLaugh Nopileos: NOT ING talkman_: NOT ING LULW ComradeNerdy: SerApollyon elaH The_Meatbag: why doesn’t he loking for duds? OMEGALUL BritishPatternBalding: not the ing then or else 3 correct Flamingreen: PepeLaugh HE LACKS THE CRITICAL INFORMATION dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS raider_unkindled: elaGa DeadBart: STUDIES Istog: elaHmm SeMaGdNiM21: @Elajjaz do you know how to remove duds? bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh fatpep: LULW Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh alexowhy: @Ageingyoungrebel FeelsWeirdMan you here Daedro: YIKERS LULW Ageingyoungrebel: LULW PUZZLES Azure_Felt: yikers elaHAA Turbulist: elaKek daddywojo: Just A Krabbban: 3Head talkman_: it’s the A LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz its about the letters in which position – meaning that any of the letters right know could be correct, but only 1 is in the correct position. Blackbird_SR71C: elaGa ???? 1mpolar: LULW L0newolf_: A greyfacenospace123: danO Elvem: YIKERS LULW Hellu: LULW LULW Da_Flanker: Too low IQ K_L_I_K: @Elajjaz have you considered reading how hacking works? VentusNova_: Its the A Schwirm: its free now MaxiMHc: its A bloodcaleb: ASSUMED PepeLaugh Naniyo: elaWeird Yikers xacten: uhnYikes ISinistarI: @Elajjaz You can skip wrong answers by clicking on () {} [] sections of code muhlman1337: SETTING @Elajjaz mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz Open Brackets Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh mekh42: studies Fulgator: elaK Augunrik: A is correct NerdIRage: ST Dusty_Degenerate: Studies Bawlah: It must have a t a s @Elajjaz Moelleux_Tartiflette: hearthed WestCheese93: studies fatpep: assumed PepeLaugh dzemroz: ITS EASY JUST CLICK THE BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS DUDE Nopileos: studies Konusantahta: Studies DeadBart: It’s STUDIES SacredChickenNugget: MALDING LUL Tigels: you gonna do one subgift for every failed/reset hack? PepeLaugh Vivelin: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Reddinator: so BALD danKEK he doesnt get it xM0RSx: A Elvem: Shadows captain_elsewhere: this shit is like kindergarden english elaKek cheeze____: why does he think about this so much elaWeird pekkaatte: @Elajjaz just brute force it like normal players LeVincente: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know eliastheepicgamer: just turn it clockwise PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: Studies izzied: TAS Martiansam: @Elajjaz you can do more in hacking mode……. Krabbban: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM kelvinfiti_der_echte: slavers Schwirm: its 3 of STAT AkiraJkr: SHHHHHH CHAT PokerDweebz: he doesn’t even know how it works elaKek elaKek elaKek Rikosi: realize obviously ela Sh4nti: STUDIES wevie1: 5Head Ageingyoungrebel: @alexowhy yea, you mind? WeirdChamp ReddogUK: you can get extra goes Pixel_hearts: hello ela hello tchat elaH pepeL Daedro: E zac391: STUDIES @Elajjaz Nopileos: Pixel_hearts elaH BigBagieta: STUDIES ComplexGhost: STUDIES ToxxicWaffle: studies C00kieM0n: studies Nopileos: STUDIES Falact: malding PepeLaugh Jajalembang: Slavers 5Head skraalQ: @Elajjaz both end in ING, only 1 correct for one of them=the word can’t end in ING, both should’ve 3 right ones 1080p200fps: 4Head AkiraJkr: DON’T TELL HIM CHAT ArttAtack: did he finish tbe horror game from yesterday vihainenkampela: just bruteforce it LULW RhaegarTBling: doesnt know how to reset attempts PepeLaugh fanemorgan: Studies Pixel_hearts: Nopileos elaH WerewolfB: stating and roaming have 4 in common FeelsPepoMan climaxbeat: studies Nopileos: Pixel_hearts elaH fatpep: studies elaGa Fatamerikans: STUDIES Shadowfax71: PepeLaugh Nostraz: backseater FeelsWeirdMan 뿡토: elaGa ? Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan Da_Flanker: Pixel_hearts ela7 elaH Blackbird_SR71C: A in third position and NO ING Junri: @Elajjaz Right now I is the only correct letter Augunrik: A is correct and NO ING (: SenorToast: its clearly + Kappa reconswe: @Elajjaz SETTING urmorniel: shadows or scalpel fanemorgan: First one CornyPoop: it’s studies Norwegian_wombat: @pixel_hearts nrdyPrivet Hollow_void: VaN Pyrhaa: D: Daedro: VaN Sibu_: STUDIES Da_Flanker: VaN kaskelott_: elaGa NerdIRage: Studies maybe 🤔 Galeharry: @Elajjaz Seriously, go to youtube and watch a 5 min intro to this hacking. Youll get 200% better Nopileos: VaN raider_unkindled: cmonBruh ISinistarI: @Elajjaz Click on brakets Pixel_hearts: Da_Flanker elaH italianspongebob: VaN Hellu: elaGa Bakurretsu: VaN VentusNova_: VaN SoulOfDerp: studies Reddinator: cmonBrother vihainenkampela: VaN ! Skrall_: slavers Grimesi: VaN talkman_: VaN Pixel_hearts: Norwegian_wombat elaH mysweatyth1ghsss: VaN DeadBart: STudIes Nopileos: VaN VaN zulfaya: he doesnt get it 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Empat1a: this is painful to watch PepeLaugh MattyL1289: Studies AnubisYE: VaN FUCK YOU ChibiKuro: elaGa JustDoIt HamerLUL: 4Play Annonn140: VaN AVE CAESAR Namarax: studies dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS NaughtyPedro: cmonBruh ? zulul_vi_von_zulul: VaN Krabbban: TriHard? Tiny_PL: atpBigot Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh It’s funny because you don’t know PepeLaugh MaleFunction: VaN chick3nball: removing duds will make it easier for you UltraWindow: he doesnt know PepeLaugh alexowhy: @Ageingyoungrebel gachiAPPROVE Beard_Of_Joy: studies Flamingreen: WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 Blackbird_SR71C: ???? Crab_with_Tophat: @ComradeNerdy elaH , you know what this stream reminds me abuot ela13 ? Bawlah: STUDIES @Elajjaz PedroSamaa: Top left nave0: studies Nog87: @Elajjaz Stop looking at just words…you can select symbols as well that will remove dud entries and reset your tries Im_Trick: Srttinh ArttAtack: elaYes gold_dante: yes it is vbaggio: studies wevie1: elaHmm TheXearo: STUDIES could work SoulOfDerp: its totally studies Im_Trick: setting hunterhill762: STUDIES Moelleux_Tartiflette: ???? S_Darji: elaGa bloodcaleb: ????????? DeadBart: nymnREE STUDIES Turbulist: PepeLaugh SHH CHAT WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: June’s Top 15 Twitch Clips – https://youtu.be/tyUGNqhKIbM VentusNova_: Studies elaGa Nopileos: Turbulist elaHi Sceda: he still doesnt get it right RhaegarTBling: he doesnt know PepeLaugh frenzywolfx: ??? ComradeNerdy: Crab elaH soon ReddogUK: someone teach him about the removing method talkman_: no Pixel_hearts: visage tonight ? wizardcock: JUST BRUTE FORCE LMOA PepeLaugh Hellu: 110% Studies elaGa armorgear: ??????? Vivelin: ?????????? SeMaGdNiM21: @Elajjaz do you know how to remove duds? Sh4nti: STUDIES ZeroKiwi: 100% it’s studies WerewolfB: ???????? fanemorgan: Studies zulfaya: ???????? Pixel_hearts: ComradeNerdy elaH Blackbird_SR71C: What Fatamerikans: ?????????????? Schwirm: OMEGLOL Nopileos: ??????? Ageingyoungrebel: @alexowhy elaBlush MaxiMHc: HE IS LEARNING Pog cheeze____: CHAT YOU ARE NOT PLAYING THE VIDEOGAME DeadBart: cmonBruh seqone: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi Grimesi: cmonBruh ? Fluid1337: Studies elaGa Naniyo: elaGa PepeLaugh elaGa PepeLaugh elaGa Xerenix: Studies? elaHmm AkiraJkr: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh He doesn’t know PepeLaugh Teddym4n: N? NerdIRage: no ING though Golden04: FeelsPepoMan Sventuras: lEADING industries_: N? Bawlah: STUDIES @Elajjaz elaGa Blackbird_SR71C: What are you talking about ela Nox15: cannot be ing Flamingreen: just open it already 4HEad mekh42: STUDIES intrand: @Elajjaz “correct” means the letter was in the right spot Da_Flanker: atpHolUp BritishPatternBalding: no vulkun: @Elajjaz STUDIES twitchin2019omegalul: cmonBruh Istog: cmonBruh wandering_pleb: studies elaGa BigBagieta: ???????????? k0tashira: cmonBruh Lexor757: cmonBruh Fluid1337: N? Nopileos: cmonBruh chrri5: try studies ackwell: Studies 🙂 BritishPatternBalding: no ING dirztree: @Elajjaz you can exclude wrong answers by finding characters enclosed in brackets HotZeppelin: ????????????? urmorniel: it cant be ing ela… Junri: @Elajjaz It’s not about letter it’s about positions of the letters. you are overthinking it ComradeNerdy: Pixel_hearts elaH JmsTV: TriHard Krabbban: cmonBruh angryj0nes: N, N? Fluid1337: @ComradeNerdy elaH Fulgator: NotLikeThis I_Am_Euneek: @Elajjaz Its the position of the letters when it says X/7 Llyfrgell: NOT ING Lagalla: cmonBruh Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan Daedro: cmonBruh TheXearo: OMG cenfict: @Elajjaz You should try to look for brackets while hacking., [] and (). Clicking those gives you bonuses. 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Swedish streamers LuL BigManAinsley: cmonBruh Elvem: STUDIES EzClap Teddym4n: 2? Norwegian_wombat: atpBigot Sibu_: STUDIES Fluid1337: chat elaWeird dzemroz: ITS EASY JUST CLICK THE BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS DUDE VineWood0604: 2? 1mpolar: LULW zulfaya: the A is right placed Lady_of_Darkness: LULW Jajalembang: LUL Nox15: CANNOT BE ING elaGa ComradeNerdy: Fluid1337 elaH Turbulist: elaKek ggimad: pretending Reddinator: danO greyfacenospace123: Obviously studie Nopileos: LULW Cocok_Xecyca: cmonBruh Fatamerikans: ING OMEGALUL VentusNova_: RUINED LULW Golden04: LULW Daedro: LULW Hellu: OMEGALUL UltraWindow: NotLikeThis you already did ING d3sirio: LULW BadassSilence: PepeLaugh timoteh: It’s STUDIES ya dumb nerd @Elajjaz frenzywolfx: OMEGADOWN FXYun: PepeLaugh Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Plasmafenix: elaKek talkman_: ???????? Zergatui: 2? dunerinno: OMEGALUL Nopileos: PepeLaugh Nox15: CANNOT BE ING elaGa CANNOT BE ING elaGa Fluid1337: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: NO ING elaKek MyNameLacksImagination: LULW jklob: FeelsPepoMan rabbityrell: sadddd skraalQ: @Elajjaz both end in ING, only 1 correct for one of them=the word can’t end in ING, both should’ve 3 right ones Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN vbaggio: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: NotLikeThis Xerenix: @Elajjaz It was studies PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW MaxiMHc: ITS NO FUCKING ING OMEGALUL Falact: 2? Nostraz: PepeLaugh climaxbeat: 3Head bring_us_the_girl: PepeLaugh MySodium: cmonBruh Augunrik: SHADOWS? pekkaatte: OMEGALUL nave0: OMEGADOWN Tasarion: elaGa Namarax: LULW bloodcaleb: ❓ PepeLaugh SammersFourTwenty: forsenJoy 2? FuTsUnOnInGeN: 😂 2? S_Darji: ING is wrong LULW ISinistarI: @Elajjaz click on brakets brot_ok: OMEGADOWN fatpep: MALDING elaKek NoodLeWrencher: NI cmonBruh ? vbaggio: SO BALD Blackerweb: stidies Krabbban: 3Head Tequilascz: everyone does LUL Eizen_5: chat really? FXYun: elaGa xefillion: SO BAD LULW greyfacenospace123: It was studies you dingus danO Martiansam: DUDEEEEEEE PLS NerdIRage: Click Symbol groupings for more tries brot_ok: 2? forsenJoy Fluid1337: elaGa PokerDweebz: elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa elaKek elaGa UltraWindow: LULW Bankaiwar: remove duds first Grimesi: 3Head Azure_Felt: just get easy hacking mod PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: MALDING He doesn’t know PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz Look for bracker { } Fullmetalcheese: FeelsLateMan Hurry up ggimad: STOP PRETENDING LUL Fluid1337: nepSmug 9 int btw Melangro: Use the brackets to remove duds ライエル: hackermaster PogChamp hunterhill762: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Falact: maybe 3? Blackbird_SR71C: Can we get a mod to skip hacking please fronk555: bandits ToxxicWaffle: you can click to skip that intro part BigManAinsley: Pepega Clap dzemroz: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS CeremonD: ella is stupid PepeHands shameimarusen: (…..) NotLikeThis BadTBone1: Brackets y_u_dodiz: Gay Ning MingLee Reddinator: monkaGun Plasmafenix: monkaGun Hellu: elaGun talkman_: gachiBASS sartorriuss: KKona dYnAm1c92: 3Heading chick3nball: lol if you remove duds it’ll be lest frustrating K_L_I_K: How MALD will Ela be when he realises how do it properly… ultimafia318: nobody tells him PepeLaugh seqone: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 Krabbban: Gamers unite FXYun: I feel my 10IQ dropping elaGa a__dunc: NotLikeThis Just remove the duds Pepega timoteh: NotLikeThis STOP PRETENDING PLZ, EVERYONE FIGURED IT OUT @Elajjaz Daedro: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: ela1 y_u_dodiz: AY? AYAYA armorgear: click to skip the hacking intro komillitas: CLICK CLOSED BRACKETS FOR EASIER brot_ok: ela1 Bankaiwar: REMOVE DUDS Fluid1337: AYAYA ? Tigels: 10 int btw ZULUL Martiansam: @Elajjaz (….)<........>search for those Daedro: AYAYA talkman_: bandits ? patzus: @Elajjaz YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE CLOSED BRACKETS TO REMOVE DUDS Reddinator: cmonBrother ChibiKuro: elaYA Golden04: WeirdChamp J0hnnyBlade: 👁️ Bakurretsu: AYAYA Nox15: cmonBruh Im_Trick: cmonBruh Aeonll: cmonBruh Ph4ntomi: cmonBrother Blackerweb: bandits Nopileos: cmonBruh Fatamerikans: cmonBruh Empat1a: ni? frenzywolfx: he doesnt know PepeLaugh VentusNova_: cmonBruh Spellyew: 5Head Turbulist: AYAY FXYun: cmonBruh PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA kaskelott_: cmonBruh Zergatui: cmonBruh Sibu_: ZULUL mizoreeee: cmonBruh Naniyo: cmonBruh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the right letters have to be in the same part of the word as in your other attempts Turbulist: AYAYA brot_ok: elaYA Daedro: cmonBruh Nopileos: cmonBruh cmonBruh Hellu: FeelsWeirdMan Fullmetalcheese: His Logic NotLikeThis MagicFrogs: LUL LUL LUL Sherman26: GAINING Xerenix: cmonBrother industries_: cmonBruh MaleFunction: cmonBruh Cocok_Xecyca: cmonBruh AkiraJkr: Chat don’t tell him LUL xacten: cmonBruh SammersFourTwenty: cmonBruh whys it always N Junri: @Elajjaz Look at the positions of the letters, not letters themselves WerewolfB: LULW talkman_: cmonBruh let’s say no Nopileos: cmonBruh Wwaaaz: PepeLaugh Annonn140: cmonBruh he laugher Zergatui: almost cmonBruh Lagalla: N and I cmonBruh PokerDweebz: elaKek not pretending elaKek Annonn140: d Da_Flanker: atpHolUp pekkaatte: cmonBruh cheeze____: elaKek oh no Youbetterlikemyburgers: cmonBruh Istog: cmonBruh brot_ok: elaYA Cute Chat TheXearo: just entger a completely different word CurseofSherwood: DAFUQ cmonBruh Sherman26: cmonBruh AntonioAS7X: NI? cmonBrother Lexor757: its winding Edgarick: cmonBruh Nopileos: cmonBruh cmonBruh DeadBart: LENDING xM0RSx: TRY IT Jaargan: cmonBruh Hollow_void: N and I LULW AkiraJkr: DONT Fatamerikans: LULW twitchin2019omegalul: N I ? cmonBruh keep going xefillion: () Ageingyoungrebel: chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp Turbulist: PepeLaugh Don’t tell him chat Jajalembang: Healing 5Head MySodium: Stop cmonBruh BigManAinsley: cmonBruh BritishPatternBalding: it does Nazzet: AYAYA Clap Golden04: PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh Don’t tell him jklob: backseating WeirdChamp NerdIRage: groupings SargerusBR: SWEDISH STREAMER cmonBruh Nopileos: Turbulist elaHi FXYun: Full brackets ChibiKuro: almost nepSmug VentusNova_: ELA cmonBruh komillitas: CLOSED ONES shikifujin16: yes the closing bracktes uncledickbutt: be careful Pog MattyL1289: It’s not the letters it’s their position Krabbban: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp Armored_Guy: HES UNAWARE PepeLaugh Crashinpa: you have to find a set Holon: closed brackets Azure_Felt: he doesn’t know FeelsWeirdMan patzus: [ ] { } ( ) Daedro: Pog ChechW:() {} etc patzus: ffs Wwaaaz: What a fucking swedish streamer ela4 Blackbird_SR71C: Oh yeah @Elajjaz If you find closed brackets like (…..) click on them!!! Dyvid44: (….) [….] {…} eliastheepicgamer: reading PepeLaugh DeadBart: LENDING elaREE MattyL1289: Brackets zulfaya: IT IS GAINING poggingforever: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Reddinator: danDerp Daedro: ADINg? LULW ISinistarI: @Elajjaz open closed brakets removes duds MaxiMHc: READILY Pog KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz the right letters have to be in the same part of the word as in your other attempts. So if “G” and “U” from Gunfire are right, they have to be the first 2 letters in the right password Wiencong: this playthrough will take ages if he will hack all terminals this way LUL MrJoeNinety: ADING Maaqs: Chat AYAYA Clap seqone: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan AkiraJkr: chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat WeirdChamp chat Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaGa Sherman26: Swedish Streamers LUL bloodcaleb: 5/7 brot_ok: a ding elaHYUG Krabbban: 3Head seqone: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 ultimafia318: HEALING Pog LeVincente: N I cmonBruh dzemroz: @Elajjaz CLOSED BRACKETS ABOVE “READING” BritishPatternBalding: you have to find a pettern ofor something not just 1 character VideoNomad: (….) [….] {…} mysweatyth1ghsss: @Elajjaz need to be a pair like { kjfod } zulfaya: GAINING CUZ 2 vihainenkampela: EATING? OpieOP shikifujin16: closed BRACKETS Sceda: please watch a youtube tutorial elaGibe LickMyPretzel: elaGa Jajalembang: Healing 5Head 2 J0hnnyBlade: elaKek AntonioAS7X: MALDING LULW Disaresta: ???????? Hellu: 5/7 perfect Pog seydanator: READILY jaquescamarao: he still doesn’t know avout the brackets meme OMEGALUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh zulfaya: GAINING CUZ 2 … DjaDjaDji: elaGa NerdIRage: Gabbing 🤔 Bawlah: LEADING climaxbeat: sending zulfaya: GAINING CUZ 2.. N_Falcon: @Elajjaz use { } ( ) [ ] andpancakebunny_: LUL AkiraJkr: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS wevie1: 5Head Grandgreg13: Readily 5Head BigManAinsley: Pepega Clap cenfict:<...>[…] (…) Azure_Felt: elaREE ding zulfaya: GAINING CUZ 2 Flamingreen: WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 salpo_nolobio: M A L D I N G Reddinator: MALDING LULW ToxxicWaffle: readily zulfaya: GAINING CUZ 2…. spike_the_space_cowboy: AYAYA xM0RSx: Leading seydanator: READILY AYAYA brot_ok: Malding forsenKek TheXearo: could be anything LUL fatpep: gABBING Beard_Of_Joy: readily Xerenix: Gaining Cocok_Xecyca: leading Plasmafenix: Readily MrJoeNinety: Sending Nopileos: leading Fatamerikans: SENDING emicvi: WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending mekh42: READILY LosRiantos: winding zanix245: gabbing xefillion: CLICK ON THE {…….} HeinrichVonSchnitzel: Leading PepeLaugh komillitas: READ CHAT LUL JoHoOoOo: MALDING elaKek NaughtyPedro: READILY Fullmetalcheese: Elas Deduction Skills NotLikeThis ウィードマン: ResidentSleeper seydanator: READILY} . @Elajjaz Need to open and close with the same char emicvi: WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending TheXearo: cause at this point you can’t know for sure Nopileos: Daedro elaH Scrynn32: Lending Vukimi: I SEE IT PepeLaugh spanishtanaka: ADING IS CORRECT Flamingreen: READILY zac391: lending is the word# Hellu: HEALING captain_elsewhere: if you hover over a closed bracket{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type kkoja: healing, lending,… Gwala_Koala: gaining? MaverickT51: It’s healing hyenapatches: Healing AkiraJkr: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS Lexor757: its not winding Rhynin: ComradeNerdy why dont you teach him how to play elaDM nrdyKek travelersongs: brackets brackets brackets to remove incorrect answers spanishtanaka: LEADING MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz CUZ 2 ARE POSSIBLE??? olli2101: PepeLaugh it’s definitly “malding” Ageingyoungrebel: CHAT IS PEPEGA OMEGALUL Cuukia: healing Jajalembang: HEALING 5Head SoulOfDerp: Healing FeelingLikeTimmy: ElaPls LOCKED OUT Elvem: READILY Pog Krabbban: 3Head Golden04: ????? WetardPepega: READILY LULW Xerenix: Gaining PepeLaugh Scrynn32: LENDING ultimafia318: 5Head Viinblad: @Elajjaz LEADING Dusty_Degenerate: Not reading chat LUL jklob: 5Head Daedro: ????????? shikifujin16: EVERYONE TYPE CLOSED BRACKET Nopileos: 5Head xM0RSx: Readily BritishPatternBalding: healing? JesseThaBest: 10 Euro if it’s not SENDING Azure_Felt: elaGa Clap UltraWindow: {\[)[-{} ToxxicWaffle: HEALING raider_unkindled: elaGa Daedro: 5Head kailip: its readily or healing LUL droGo_cLp: HEALING Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan HellWhiskers: MATH???? asdfgjgddtgb: readily wevie1: Champ MacZidane: Lending Llyfrgell: elaHmm SENDING FXYun: Readily 5Head Nopileos: HEALING Spellyew: 5Head Flashforward: huuuuuuuu K_L_I_K: if you hover over a closed bracket{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type @Elajjaz bloodcaleb: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 Yorizon: YES Crystallize123: ITS CORRECT JaynisK: @Elajjaz If you can figure out the bracket thing it’d make sense, the game does a REALLY poor job of explaining the mechanic itself. Neroph: ???? Bawlah: elaGa 📣 LENDING Seems to work @Elajjaz Hellu: elaGa komillitas: if you hover over a closed bracket{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type Febox: WIIIIINNNNOOOOOO HeinrichVonSchnitzel: lEADING Yorizon: WINDING Amazng_Guy: definitely heading OutsiderAntics: readily iAmAustrianOak: Readily 1mpolar: PepeLaugh doesn’t know emicvi: } Nox15: its healing 100% Golden04: FeelsPepoMan HYPERCLAP dzemroz: @Elajjaz HOVER OVER THE ENTIRE THING LEFT TO RIGHT PLEASE Pexhzz: elaGa timoteh: HOW IS HE THIS FeelsPepoMan Royale_Tea: Lending monkaHmm xM0RSx: its not ing seydanator: READILY @Elajjaz patzus: oofas-streamer wtf zac391: lending raider_unkindled: elaK Yorizon: WINDING YES AntonioAS7X: READILY? ultimafia318: HEALING RarePepe G0RI3: readily jaquescamarao: PepeLaugh use the brackets Fluid1337: elaGa WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO Namarax: healing or lending dzemroz: SLOWLY Xerenix: Gaining then? elaHmm jklob: !clockwise fakerello: IT OS LeVincente: we are helping though Schwirm: LUL WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing JesseThaBest: SENDING 10 EURo if not Gromlit: senfding Blackerweb: READILY Daedro: it is PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: Ooof Scaythly: It is Healing Amazng_Guy: heading Viinblad: @Elajjaz IT IS LEADING C00kieM0n: readily Sody01: LEADING PedroSamaa: Just look for a group of duds @Elajjaz 4Shrug MrBarnman: Lending!!!!!!! Llyfrgell: SENDING FXYun: Readily 5Head . wkh0809: readily greyfacenospace123: danO emicvi: WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending WeirdChamp stop pretending Nopileos: LEADING DeadBart: It’s LENDING Fatamerikans: SENDING Dyvid44: @Elajjaz 0xF67C {_[} talkman_: It’s not healing Flamingreen: Pepeg RevinDDD: bandits @Elajjaz ArabCowboy: Healing 100% Azure_Felt: LULW demonKSF: gaining Daedro: Jebaited Golden04: LULW RattleMBones: @Elajjaz There are some things in the random character sections that give you buffs, such as attempt resets and dud removal. They’ll highlight like a word when you find them. Hellu: OMEGADOWN Martiansam: dude there are soo many computers in this game cmon NotLikeThis BobTheDrunkBear: LULW MrMadakey: LULW Reddinator: NAE danO NaughtyPedro: R E A D I L Y sozbrah: @Elajjaz lending FailFish FeelingLikeTimmy: monkaW bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Fullmetalcheese: Chag Crystallize123: WINDING IS CORRECT REEEEEEEEE Sibu_: READILY Grimesi: LULW fatpep: Jebaited Devon96: CHAT OMEGALUL Schwirm: Jebaited droGo_cLp: LUL Ageingyoungrebel: NAJ OMEGALUL brot_ok: Heading Jubular: elaGa ? Namarax: its lending then ChibiKuro: elaKek MaxiMHc: READILY THEN Jajalembang: OMEGALUL Bakurretsu: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh MrBarnman: @Elajjaz Its Lending for sure Nox15: Jebaited Pexhzz: LUL greyfacenospace123: danKEK danO Krabbban: LULW Ochemypie: no Im_Trick: FINDING SammersFourTwenty: Jebaited lBarnabusWizardcockl: LUL tutufuzi: LUL Nopileos: LUL ToxxicWaffle: Jebaited fakerello: HOW Neroph: CLOCKWISE S_Darji: Finding Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Yorizon: ITS WINDING JesseThaBest: SENDING I WILL DONO IF NOT L0newolf_: READILY spanishtanaka: ITS LEADING Aeonll: Jebaited angryj0nes: @Elajjaz if you hover over a closed bracket{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type BobTheJoeBob: READILY seydanator: READILY{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type F0rbiddenDonut: Statistically you should have gotten 1 right by now danHmm RevinDDD: bandits @Elajjaz LilacLeaf: It’s too hard not to backseat this BabyRage nameIesshero: sending Pr1ce85: Its lending Reddinator: TaBeRu RESET TaBeRu Nazzet: Pussy PepeLaugh MrJoeNinety: It’s not readily Traktorq: LENDING 🙂 Kroova: @Elajjaz find closed brackerts to remove duds and replenish hacking attempts Yorizon: WINDING YOLOO Ageingyoungrebel: LULW THIS IS GOLD Blackbird_SR71C: Lending or Sending armorgear: LENDING seydanator: READILY LULW BigManAinsley: Pepega Clap Dusty_Degenerate: Stop pretending cirREE zac391: lending JesseThaBest: 20 Euro if it’s not sending HugeEugene: FeelsLateMan MAKE A DECISION Lexor757: Lending 🙂 Blackerweb: READILY Fulgator: LENDING poggingforever: PepeLaugh oogi2000: Readily ISinistarI: @Elajjaz Brakets Nopileos: lending ChibiKuro: elaHYUG frenzywolfx: sending 100% VauntDanial: The brackets PepeLaugh wkh0809: its readily !!!!!!!! @Elajjaz Turbulist: LENDING elaKek Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Look for closed brackets like (….) skraalQ: @Elajjaz yo, watch an explanation or something if you’re just this mald bruv FeelingLikeTimmy: ElaPls LOCKED OUT HeinrichVonSchnitzel: lEADING Namarax: its lending 100% Hellu: @ComradeNerdy What kind of Eldritch horrors did you put on us leading us here PepeLaugh xM0RSx: click same brackets for try reset bloodcaleb: NO BALLS jaquescamarao: PepeLaugh not using the brackets PepeLaugh timoteh: LENDING YOU DOOFUS @Elajjaz talkman_: just reset Jajalembang: { } MacZidane: LENDING LENDING LENDING LENDING captain_elsewhere: ELA CLICK ON THE FIRST { ON THE SECOND LINE ON THE LEFT dzemroz: @Elajjaz HOVER OVER THE ENTIRE THING LEFT TO RIGHT SLOWLY 472ll: why aren´t you removing the wrong stuff first ? Vukimi: readily FeelsBadMan readily FeelsBadMan readily FeelsBadMan readily FeelsBadMan Tequilascz: exploiting with quicksave is much more faster LUL YTBMoisti: gabbing @elajjaz AkiraJkr: WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICEFRIENDS WerewolfB: PepeLaugh xefillion: CLICK ON THE BRACKETS {…..} Flamingreen: FeelsLateMan nostrilgaze: EU education Kappa Umetsu_rin: save scum, quickly? @elajjaz NerdIRage: { } Annonn140: RESET tito3211: BALDING logixsos: Heading. spanishtanaka: ITS LEADING BC ADING IS CORRECTO Dyvid44: (…) […] {…}<...>Empat1a: @Elajjaz find closed brackerts to remove duds and replenish hacking attempts Chrono_Crosser: Clicl the parenthesis on the right @Elajjaz SkullclownLOL: @Elajjaz reset it Duskfeld: Sending fits all 3 sozbrah: @Elajjaz lending FailFish @Elajjaz lending FailFish @Elajjaz lending FailFish @Elajjaz lending FailFish iAmAustrianOak: Readily has 5 in common with reading ISinistarI: (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head lBarnabusWizardcockl: LENDING armorgear: LENDING FFS Armored_Guy: trolling chat PepeLaugh ELAYZA: GAINING carlitoB: SENDING razorxscooter: takiboOb takiboOb takiboOb takiboOb MattyL1289: Sending MobiusCog: If only there was a way to eliminate the wrong answers Kappa Nopileos: Armored_Guy elaHYUG ComradeNerdy: Hellu nrdyKek Xerenix: Gaining PepeLaugh Nog87: @Elajjaz Look for similar closed brackets…if a [] or { } are together it will get rid of words and reset your tries… RevinDDD: its bandits @Elajjaz RealLifeTsundere: look for brackets Jajalembang: find thisnicecil: LEADING Melibar: you could write down all the words cross them off as you go ScottyMcJesus: GAINING 100% VentusNova_: SENDING Thatcrunkcoco: Just get the mod at this point KnightxofxShadows: (……) […..] MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz bottom right {#!} Martiansam: (…) […] {…}<...>Ageingyoungrebel: ADVICE FRIENDS elaWeird SerialVenom: @elajjaz Readily timoteh: L E N D I N G @Elajjaz KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you are missing out on a rule: the correct letters also have to be in the same place in the word. ninjalive2: Just Find a code 4Head abodimized: you can get more chances by going through the symbols Lexor757: Lending Kappa stock0077: Lending or sending komillitas: @Elajjaz if you hover over a closed bracket{} [] () it will take away an false answer or give your chances back but it has to end and begin with the same bracket type Tigels: lending/sending cheeze____: I hate this elaWeird WerewolfB: ? Chag Blackerweb: readily BritishPatternBalding: @Elajjaz click {#!} below gradual Natasi01: READILY wizardcock: IQ TEST PepeLaugh 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: You can select the open the console select the computer and type unlock if the game is too hard mr strimmer 🙂 Nazzet: Baiting PepeLaugh NerdIRage: bottom right { #!} bloodcaleb: Pog ELAYZA: GAINING cause gunfire also has G as correct mysweatyth1ghsss: Under Gradual is a set of brackets zanix245: lending Scrynn32: It was 100% LENDING Larrythemilk: READILY Llyfrgell: SENDING chambies2015: HEALING xqcSmug seydanator: READILY @Elajjaz Sherman26: SENDING JesseThaBest: SENDING patzus: (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head answaldomir: the gains Nopileos: SENDING Wwaaaz: NO DON’T Armored_Guy: LUL Yorizon: FINDING OR WINDING Lagunaab: are you really gonna risk it ? ChibiKuro: elaHmm 1080p200fps: just guess it 4Head bloodcaleb: 5Head Flamingreen: 5Head Traktorq: lending 100% 🙂 Lagalla: 5Head logixsos: Heading spanishtanaka: LEADING Fatamerikans: S E N D I N G FXYun: Readily 5Head 뿡토: 5Head Fullmetalcheese: cohhDrool cohhDrool cohhDrool cohhDrool cohhDrool cohhDrool Nopileos: 5Head talkman_: lending 🙂 but just reset HeinrichVonSchnitzel: leading 5Head Owcool: LEADING seydanator: READILY LULW brot_ok: 5Head bloodcaleb: from 3Head to 5Head Naniyo: PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: SENDING GOD DAMN Flamingreen: PepeLaugh logixsos: Head-ing timoteh: NotLikeThis HOW IS HE NOT FIGURING THIS OUT? FeelsPepoMan Golden04: PepeLaugh MacZidane: 100% lLENDING NerdIRage: Locked out Jajalembang: GABBING 5Head AkiraJkr: Locked Ph4ntomi: Game over Lagunaab: lock out Azure_Felt: locked out shikifujin16: LOCKS YOU OUT ChechW: DON’T Nopileos: Locked out VentusNova_: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: you die irl Traktorq: deth PepeLaugh pigsticker_: locked out kelvinfiti_der_echte: readily ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL VineWood0604: you die Naaslaarum: you reload carlitoB: SENDING ? Armored_Guy: YOU DIE captain_elsewhere: ELA HOVER OVER THE { IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT ArchmaneWasTaken: READILY greyfacenospace123: YOU DIE fakerello: It locks forever Canopus: You die 🙂 jaquescamarao: NO IT CAN’T omegalul Wwaaaz: @Elajjaz you’re locked out forever dzemroz: @Elajjaz HOVER OVER THE BRACKETS LEFT TO RIGHT SLOWLY Nopileos: you die Raw__Man: check simbols Devon96: YOU LOSE PepeLaugh seydanator: READILYclick tose pls it helps Lagunaab: LOCK OUT REMEMBER YOU ARE CRIPPLED skraalQ: ING CANT BE CORRECT wevie1: do it greyfacenospace123: game over Fatamerikans: YOU DIE IRL SerialVenom: @elajjaz readily ComplexGhost: @Elajjaz READILY READILY READILY wkh0809: it READILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uncledickbutt: you don’t win Golden04: DO IT HonorOfDuty: get rid of duds first? bloodcaleb: 3Head ->4HEad ->5Head TheXearo: there is multiple possibilities still BritishPatternBalding: click brackets below gradual for more attempts Xcrasherxdxdxd: It is Zbigniewuamaga: @Elajjaz You know you can delete some words or reset attempts by finding long sections in those (!%)({}][][ )? jaquescamarao: he is going full Pepega LUL Ochemypie: readily shikifujin16: get out and re try KingMidas133: sending? 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: SEND IT Pog Spellyew: PLEADING 5Head Hellu: OMEGADOWN ISinistarI: (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head 1mpolar: LULW Turbulist: LULW Golden04: NO BALLS ELAYZA: gaining LULW Ochemypie: its readily MrJoeNinety: D: Krabbban: LULW bloodcaleb: NO BALLS OMEGADOWN Nazzet: Pussy LULW Nopileos: LULW talkman_: could be either sending or lending AkiraJkr: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh MobiusCog: BRACKETS Traktorq: PUSY LULW Xerenix: PepeLaugh Royale_Tea: N OMEGALUL BALLS Flamingreen: PepeLaugh You become possie patzus: (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head (){}[] @Elajjaz 5Head Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Wwaaaz: PepeUff sozbrah: OMFG WetardPepega: Pepega Namarax: peach strat LULW tutufuzi: LUL S_Darji: LULW UltraWindow: he doesnt know PepeLaugh CeremonD: SENDING WAS RIGHT OMG emorium: BRACKETS Turbulist: this is gold LULW ray131471: PUSSY Glenshane: LUJLW wizardcock: PUSSY OMEGALUL Llyfrgell: elaREE elaREE elaREE Grimesi: READILY, holy fuck LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Ochemypie: readily FXYun: NotLikeThis mysweatyth1ghsss: BRACKETS herpaderpailied: IT COULDN’T BE READILY Ochemypie: i swear Nostraz: Pussy stereophobi4: you can reload and try anew Fullmetalcheese: Pussy LUL Lexor757: SCARED OF PIXELS LULW Fatamerikans: MALDING VauntDanial: ResidentSleeper ocirne23: easy terminal PepeHands not pretending PepeHands climaxbeat: WeirdChamp AkiraJkr: Kapp Wwaaaz: @Elajjaz look for closed series of bracket like ‘{ }’ or ‘( )’, if you don’t believe me just over the symbol you’ll see ela13 Glenshane: LULW wkh0809: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis greyfacenospace123: 10 HOURS LATER danO Chrono_Crosser: @Elajjaz find the sets of () or [] or {} to get advantages Flashforward: @Elajjaz look for duds to get attempts timoteh: FeelsPepoMan Melangro: Please use the brackets HeinrichVonSchnitzel: stop stalling PepeLaugh HonorOfDuty: pcs reset after 10 ish seconds shikifujin16: please read what chat is saying theyre correct @Elajjaz a__dunc: PepeUff remove the duds Ochemypie: fuck!! zulfaya: it was sending ISinistarI: BRACKETS Falcoal: search for the brackets pls 🙁 MobiusCog: look for BRACKETS emicvi: cheating PepeLaugh cheating PepeLaugh cheating PepeLaugh cheating PepeLaugh Zardoz13: clicking brackets can reset the number of tries you get dzemroz: @Elajjaz HOVER OVER THE BRACKETS LEFT TO RIGHT SLOWLY chick3nball: Ela learn the brackets dud method, it’ll be way less frustrating 1080p200fps: no balls LUL vxl__: 1 pencil Pog Aeonll: gains elaDM Thatcrunkcoco: No balls brot_ok: Not Pretending forsenKek jaquescamarao: PepeLaugh Brackets PepeLaugh Brackets PepeLaugh FlushedAle: @Elajjaz check how many covers and how many is correct/ if covered>correct its not that for sure/ if coeveredor [] or {} it helps 뿡토: 9 IQ Pog wandering_pleb: SAVE feranmi: SAVE PLS Fatamerikans: @Elajjaz just do 3 random words quickly and restart if they don’t work 5Head Llyfrgell: SAVE mackinator: Take the mentats! bloodcaleb: can’t wait for 10+ letters PepeLaugh chick3nball: @Elajjaz if you learn the brackets dud method it’s WAY less frustrating ackwell: You’re very smart solving it on your 27th attempt @Elajjaz elaSmile Lexor757: NOT TAKING MENTATS Pepega Fullmetalcheese: NOICE Armored_Guy: save PepeLaugh P1caboo: @Elajjaz press on the brackets it will help u trust me Nog87: It’s easy when you do it the right way instead of just guessing words….you’re missing an entire aspect of hacking that makes it super easy obad91: @Elajjaz 5k viewers , that means you keep playing new vegas WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Shraquet: Remember to save now. WerewolfB: sometimes it doesnt work nostrilgaze: just wait for very hard terminals PepeLaugh Flamingreen: PepeLaugh Reddinator: PepeLaugh crippled Traktorq: it takes some time after resetting on purpose Syphoner: some one please give the boy a yt guide o n hacking in fallout or this is going be lonnng playthru Naaslaarum: jesus christ Tikonich: NOT TAKING MENTATS 5Head Sceda: @Lexor757 he doesnt know :/ Xerenix: Blood bag PepeLaugh wizardcock: CRIPPLE PepeLaugh Vivelin: Blood bag ChiffonKek: Ela is a crippled LUL Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Yeah, you can’t skip the entire intro animation after the first attempt to prevent re-setting LUL gold_dante: bloodack TheZecaUrubu: PepeLaugh CRIPPLE talkman_: you picked up blood bag CurseofSherwood: Fully crippled PepeLaugh emicvi: PepeLaugh crippled FlushedAle: @Elajjaz Its easier when u get lesser correct cause u can exclude more words flexx0o: saaaaaaaaave fatpep: @Elajjaz u gotta admit that its a good hacking system as it makes you think really hard Da_Flanker: KKool Armored_Guy: vodka Pog akemicat: akemicat subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! Bakurretsu: KKona industries_: KKona nostrilgaze: KKona Wendell8504: LULW CRIPPE WrestlerBot2000: @akemicat What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Hollow_void: KKona Clap vihainenkampela: KKona Clap Nopileos: SUB HYPE akemicat POGGERS Youbetterlikemyburgers: advice friends elaKek VineWood0604: KKona Kroova: @Elajjaz Closed brackets, parentheses, etc will remove duds and replenish hacking attempts Aeonll: KKool Azure_Felt: i use a mod to skip the terminal loading 5Head Nopileos: KKona Traktorq: SAFE? Turbulist: KKona Styil: KKool Reddinator: Chag propcgamer19: is this survival mode? J0hnnyBlade: KKool 🇺🇸 Mogwaa: KKool Hey_Mr_Man: KKona Flamingreen: KKool Crooked_Warden: Sending bro WITO: @Elajjaz Trizze is geting his ass whoped in Gungeon OMEGALUL raider_unkindled: elaK dzemroz: ITS SUPER EASY DUDE greyfacenospace123: danK wizardcock: WHEELCHAIR GAMING PepeLaugh Nopileos: KKool Xerenix: PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: Kapp illethor221: 5 limbs crippled LULW close2home: Bad Loot gachiCOOL UltraWindow: its easy WeirdChamp you just dont know PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: its not LUL Hellu: Everything crippled OMEGADOWN FiddIeMyDiddle: hard Kapp VideoNomad: danK seqone: It’s not hard LULW Empat1a: is it PepeLaugh Martiansam: no LULW xacten: uhnMario propcgamer19: is this survival 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Time to become a drug addict Pog TheXearo: not really hard tho Shordes: akemicat pepeL Sceda: @propcgamer19 hardcore mode mackinator: mentats Da_Flanker: Children’s hacking minigame PepeLaugh Flamingreen: cmonBrother ONLY 9MM???? greyfacenospace123: It’s not THAT hard danO ocirne23: it’s not LULW Amalthazad: CRIPPLED RUN POGGERS komillitas: @Elajjaz Closed brackets, parentheses, etc will remove duds and replenish hacking attempts Reddinator: danK Hellu: Jebaited Traktorq: LULW brot_ok: PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh ToxxicWaffle: LUL propcgamer19: okey thx bro Azure_Felt: LULW KingMidas133: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Xerenix: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW raider_unkindled: 50 PepeHands Amalthazad: Drugs LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaKek VideoNomad: It’s like mentos Kappa RevoIver_OceIot: it has to be the correct letter in the correct position to be counted as correct idey1994: LUL salpo_nolobio: lok pik UltraWindow: PepeLaugh 👉 {} angryj0nes: Is super EZ but you don’t know the right way to do it Ela MagicFrogs: LUL close2home: Just shoot it open 4Head TheZecaUrubu: did ela put the list of mods he’s using somewhere? Bobanaut: i think he is ok. no external damage sartorriuss: NotLikeThis TheH3llraiser: not enough ackwell: FIFTEEEE LULW pekkaatte: NO OMEGALUL nostrilgaze: unlock in console Kappa akemicat: 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ WerewolfB: locke picke ELAYZA: the hacking is not hard you just have to compare letters MrJoeNinety: Below average PepeLaugh Jajalembang: gecko meat 22 monkaW KurtRustle91: 50 Luckepicke :O akemicat: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: yes Plasmafenix: yes CreepiJim: @komillitas he does not know what that is Fatamerikans: yes bloodcaleb: ye AkiraJkr: Just blow it LULW 1mpolar: yes vihainenkampela: yup Nopileos: yes Lagunaab: dude you have so much meat MaxiMHc: YES fakerello: yes fatpep: yes wandering_pleb: yes greyfacenospace123: Yep shameimarusen: yes King_Insane: exactly Armored_Guy: you just making it hard for yourself LUL Spectre_6: modded playthrough? Hollow_void: Yep d3sirio: For lockpick, yes fredboi1: Jebaited Nopileos: yes yes brot_ok: Unlock It ElaSmash AkiraJkr: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. Da_Flanker: Lockpicking is a priority in these games atpCap Azure_Felt: elaYes Xerenix: @Elajjaz Open the safe you unlocked? LUL y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS Flamingreen: Jebaited Golden04: YES SIR gachiHYPER akemicat: Clap Nazzet: gachiBASS Sure Sceda: save? BearackObama: gachiBASS Clap Destmand: !mods greyfacenospace123: i will gachiBASS Youbetterlikemyburgers: ok gachiBASS Lagunaab: F5 Destmand: moon2T UltraWindow: i miss the radio FeelsBadMan Azure_Felt: this safe Pog vihainenkampela: gachiBASS SURE THING SIR Bieberhunter: elaBlind talkman_: BLIND LULW wandering_pleb: just come back later 4HEad timoteh: Just blow the safe open with explosives @Elajjaz WerewolfB: novice average expert master close2home: Just unlock it from the terminal Kappa ZeroKiwi: elaBlind Destmand: Is this the Buffalo Bill hotel place chat? chick3nball: @Elajjaz if you learn the bracket hacking method to remove duds it’ll be WAY less furstrating komillitas: @CreepiJim so he going to have a bad time shameimarusen: safe in this roo, idey1994: that safe PogChamp mekh42: blind lol talkman_: Actually blind LULW skalmut: elaBlind pekkaatte: thrash Chewbye: blind NotLikeThis WITO: Pre war OMEGALUL Hollow_void: Missed legendary SAFE LULW Xerenix: elaBlind AkiraJkr: PER 3 In-game and IRL LULW PER 3 In-game and IRL LULW PER 3 In-game and IRL LULW IdkiPickedaName: I remember this place 🙂 Destmand: Yep Da_Flanker: Sarge can’t read anyway fakerello: blind Fatamerikans: get the books 5Head Flamingreen: WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 WeirdChamp ADVICE FRIENDS 👉 🚪 S_Darji: elaBlind talkman_: Missed legendary safe LULW SpleX__: blind LULW DerBoshi: @Elajjaz you need the pre war books later! Azure_Felt: one of my fave guns in the safe in store elaSmile AkiraJkr: NOOOO shikifujin16: LUL Destmand: elaGa L0newolf_: @Elajjaz 4 minutes POGGERS r34shogo: you ned fod mat UltraWindow: PepeLaugh 👉 {} AkiraJkr: CHAT YOU RUINED IT Sceda: does he know about the pipboy flashlight? so its not so dark eliastheepicgamer: FeelsWeirdMan chat ultimafia318: Pepega timoteh: PepeLaugh Flashforward: just go over all symbols next time you’ll see CreepiJim: ( ) [ ]Reddinator: @Elajjaz hold tab for lights i think HeinrichVonSchnitzel: @Elajjaz google it and take the wiki page it explains it 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Martiansam: ………….. dude AkiraJkr: Chat you ruined it D: LickMyPretzel: enemas Grimesi: monkaW HellWhiskers: Enemas Vivelin: f5 Hellu: hp monkaS MyNameLacksImagination: Enema LULW Jajalembang: PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh BearackObama: enemas FeelsPepoMan Excesiiv: Enemas? gachiBASS Mancow_: elaPuke Azure_Felt: gachiOnFIRE time Golden04: didn’t save PepeLaugh Spellyew: monkaW G0RI3: save Kroova: @Elajjaz Closed brackets, parentheses, etc will remove duds and replenish hacking attempts canderousxordo: where the radio at? emicvi: more enemas monkaS tangoalphamango: I’d save whatsupmel: @Elajjaz just keep scrolling in the text you’ll see it shameimarusen: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit incomming UltraWindow: FOD canderousxordo: I WANNA HEAR MY SPURS GO JINGLE JANGLE WerewolfB: “just google it strimmer 4HEad ” Nazzet: monkaGun Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: NA STEALTH LULW Jajalembang: monkaW Ageingyoungrebel: CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW CRIPPLED EVERYWHERE LULW Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh kelvinfiti_der_echte: monkaSHAKE 4onimusha4: Enema of the state Hellu: PepeLaugh Martiansam: HOW Da_Flanker: atpRtsd Xerenix: ElaOut Takaoni7: isn’t this game kinda buggy? cheeze____: LUL Deus_Ex_Nihilis: it’s those that you need to find ( ) [ ]with some gibberish in between @Elajjaz Vivelin: He didn’t save did he PepeLaugh talkman_: 180 no scope Azure_Felt: so fuckin ded LULW dzemroz: PepeLaugh flamethrower I2obotDragon: KretoPls seymourx24: You cursor over the whole text Foxbounty: Sneak isn’t high enough for being so close :p pekkaatte: yes if your whole body is crippled talkman_: ElaJAM Golden04: gachiOnFIRE 1mpolar: LULW Nazzet: gachiOnFIRE LickMyPretzel: gachiOnFIRE bloodcaleb: FireSpeed Reddinator: gachiOnFIRE mkzkSeki: gachiOnFIRE Flamingreen: cmonBrother Hellu: gachiOnFIRE Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE tutufuzi: LUL Blackbird_SR71C: gachiOnFIRE TheH3llraiser: gachiOnFIRE TheDankDemon: akon? PogChamp Spellyew: WutFace Xerenix: gachiOnFIRE sleep8: LOL Bakurretsu: gachiOnFIRE S_Darji: gachiOnFIRE SargerusBR: gachiOnFIRE BearackObama: gachiOnFIRE ChibiKuro: gachiOnFIRE Sundye7: gachiOnFIRE Teret1: gachiOnFIRE Da_Flanker: gachiOnFIRE BURNING UP Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE Falact: monkaW Binfz: gachiOnFIRE WrestlerBot2000: 10x gachiOnFIRE double digit combo Pog J0hnnyBlade: gachiOnFIRE WilsonAJ: gachiOnFIRE UltraWindow: H2O FOD PepeLaugh LMB Sohei4649: gachiOnFIRE Raftelle: gachiOnFIRE gregage: LUL cheeze____: gachiOnFIRE Martiansam: @Takaoni7 its a betesda game LULW G0RI3: you’re thursty and hunger pekkaatte: OMEGALUL Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE y_u_dodiz: gachiOnFIRE talkman_: gachiOnFIRE Elvem: Leader Hellu: D E D Spellyew: LULW Baru_: gachiOnFIRE close2home: DED LUL conmcko: LULW Kampernik: jermaFireman Tequilascz: LUL FXYun: BrokeBack Crippled Jaargan: gachiOnFIRE Blackbird_SR71C: F canderousxordo: ded Schwirm: gachiOnFIRE Destmand: DED OMEGLOL Nopileos: LUL Nazzet: Thick skull LULW LickMyPretzel: RIP Wwaaaz: ded poggingforever: LULW Fulgator: elaGa elaGun r34shogo: why shetgun Traktorq: gachiOnFIRE Febox: gachiOnFIRE KingMidas133: gachiOnFire Azure_Felt: LULW WerewolfB: that’s one tough 4HEad SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaGun JFrugasm: “surprise” Oakishh: ElaSmash DEATH ElaSmash TheZecaUrubu: HEAD CRIPPLED LULW cheeze____: This is why i love fallout 🙂 y_u_dodiz: Get roasted gachiOnFIRE Jaargan: elaBlind elaGun fluffyhawk_: 1hp LUL Chewbye: not dead OMEGALUL Bieberhunter: Pog Golden04: hp monkaW angryj0nes: HARD HEAD LULW Lagunaab: RIp in peperronis Scaythly: Are you fully crippled 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: @Elajjaz When you are hacking slowly move your mouse across all the characters and sometimes it will highlight several random characters like .:;’>like it would a word and you click on that Destmand: OMEGADOWN Jajalembang: monkaGIGA AkiraJkr: LULW tetra5: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW Golden04: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Traktorq: LULW Hellu: gachiOnFIRE Nopileos: LULW Bakurretsu: LULW SpleX__: LULW Krabbban: LULW Flamingreen: PepeLaugh DIDNT SAVE VideoNomad: LULW Baru_: LULW d3sirio: FIREBALLED LULW Jajalembang: LULW ChrisCage788: monkaS Azure_Felt: gachiOnFIRE Clap tutufuzi: LUL Ageingyoungrebel: OMEGADOWN Spellyew: OMEGADOWN MahiBlu: OMEGADOWN angryj0nes: LULW Nox15: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW shameimarusen: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit FXYun: PepeLaugh Nazzet: gachiOnFIRE 🔫 eliastheepicgamer: hands shaking a bit LUL Binfz: LULW MrJoeNinety: Did he save? monkaS Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv BritishPatternBalding: OMEGADOWN conmcko: OMEGALUL AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE Da_Flanker: R OMEGADOWN ASTED S_Darji: gachiOnFIRE PepeHands vihainenkampela: LULW HARDCORE Armored_Guy: boneless man PepeLaugh poggingforever: PepeS ArcherTyrall: Burnnnnn babulescu546: ded LUL ライエル: LULW Sundye7: gachiOnFIRE Traktorq: GRENADE PogU spevahr: Fried LUL BearackObama: ZULOL dangerdonger420: barbequed SurfCat: ela13 뿡토: BRAIN CRIPPLED PepeHands Fatamerikans: gachiOnFIRE Nostraz: gachiOnFIRE MaGiiC_SkiLL: Kreygasm DjaDjaDji: gachiOnFIRE pekkaatte: you are just thrash OMEGALUL fatpep: @Elajjaz u can select lines of symbols that are between duds{%&?@ } [&**&(* ] like that 🙂 Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE Digibluez: grill is done guys coem get ur fill bag4l1fe: eu aim FeelsBadMan ackwell: LULW zulfaya: steampack much? shameimarusen: Toasty Kappa Vivelin: He saved FeelsBadMan Nazzet: @뿡토 3Head J0hnnyBlade: PowerUpL gachiOnFIRE :power] Jaargan: @elajjaz 5 subs per death? Pog talkman_: Ignored the safe again LULW SWilqen: how are you liking it so far ultimafia318: why isnt he wearing the NCR stuffs PepeLaugh Goodluckmode: Throw grenades 🙂 Annonn140: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: KKona Nothing like some man BBQ, I tell you hwat austras19: Kappa Deathclaws Jajalembang: PogU Deus_Ex_Nihilis: it’s those that you need to find ( ) [ ]with some gibberish in between @Elajjaz ISinistarI: @Elajjaz u can select lines of symbols that are between duds{%&?@ } [&**&(* ] like that 🙂 IdkiPickedaName: PogChamp Traktorq: PepeLaugh cazadors Tequilascz: you need “Oh baby!” Kappa Kreygasm faithless_zealot: Oh snap, he’s got a big boy gun now Eizen_5: mines too? Falcoal: uuu deatchclaws are gona be fun Kappa poggingforever: monkaS Bieberhunter: VaN WrestlerBot2000: “There’s a noise when I fuck that.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 94 Ph4ntomi: VaN Armored_Guy: inb4 blowing yourself Da_Flanker: Slave VaN TheDankDemon: LMB LUL Lagalla: VaN wizardcock: [DANGER] gachiHYPER Nopileos: VaN Traktorq: :O y_u_dodiz: D: Flamingreen: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: LULW Reddinator: 40 danKEK Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh Doully92: D: Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Dijaxtra: elaS Hellu: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: nades are good for crippling Pog Golden04: PepeLaugh Xerenix: PepeLaugh Jaargan: VaN fatpep: crippled PepeLaugh talkman_: 40 Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL Lagunaab: dat face Larrythemilk: Legandary Deathclaws BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh fNandow: LUL HeinrichVonSchnitzel: crippled PepeLaugh UltraWindow: LIMB PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz dont you have a medkit? Fulgator: elaBruv LickMyPretzel: Goddamn your vats game is WEAK shameimarusen: 40 LUL conmcko: 3 PER LULW Nexy_lol: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Time to die LULW Joxih: 40 Traktorq: LULW Krabbban: LULW tutufuzi: LUL tetra5: LULW Doully92: LULW MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN Loddeh: xD Nopileos: LULW Zeret: LULW yoeli: LUL Nazzet: LULW MrJoeNinety: LuL Blackbird_SR71C: Hahaahaha pekkaatte: OMEGALUL USE YOUR OWN AIM Fatamerikans: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO ライエル: LULW SaintNep: LUL Deltakon: LUL sleep8: … BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Hellu: LULW Deliriumi1: ???????? sekouuu: lolz Bakurretsu: OMEGADOWN BearackObama: LULW fluffyhawk_: OMEGALUL Spellyew: OMEGALUL Canopus: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL chick3nball: LUL Flamingreen: PepeLaugh SO BALD niko96301: LUL timoteh: OMEGALUL SurfCat: vkgiruJoy vkgiruJoy S_Darji: PepeLaugh cheeze____: 😀 FXYun: PepeLaugh Clap Nopileos: LUL Nox15: OMEGALUL tim5263883: suck trenchrot: LUL greyfacenospace123: danKK 뿡토: elaKek BTRNDL: well done Jajalembang: LUL Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh AntonioAS7X: LULW Da_Flanker: Yeah, not this time Binfz: LULW Nopileos: LUL LUL Fluid1337: LULW IdkiPickedaName: LUL LUL LUL LUL wizardcock: NICE BJ PepeLaugh mekh42: LUL ChibiKuro: nepSmug HYPERCLAP greyfacenospace123: danKEK Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Llyfrgell: hah Bieberhunter: elaKek shako_teki: AHA LULW poggingforever: monkaX Fluid1337: OMEGADOWN BearackObama: HandsUp ultimafia318: WERE YOU TRYING TO PULL HIS PANTS DOWN OMEGALUL MobiusCog: heal ? idey1994: suck him off gachiHYPER JessJess9393: SUCK HIS DICK TO KILL HIM LULW Da_Flanker: You don’t say Elvem: Good things you’re not gifting subs on death LULW LULW LULW Jaargan: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek UltraWindow: 3 PER PepeLaugh LMB Larrythemilk: LULW J0hnnyBlade: elaKek Nostraz: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: It’s time to die LULW MaGiiC_SkiLL: Kreygasm LUL toxicmachete: lol Peruspulla: What difficult ela playing? SpleX__: LULW only dying LickMyPretzel: Maybe you should go heal and come back Da_Flanker: atpRtsd Blackbird_SR71C: Oh you fucked him alright LUL CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh 👉 ♿ Armored_Guy: no shit LUL RealLifeTsundere: LUL dangerdonger420: probably worth to stimpak hands Nexy_lol: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiHYPER Reddinator: gachiHYPER brot_ok: gachiHYPER Zeret: gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: This kills the man Nopileos: gachiHYPER Xerenix: gachiHYPER r34shogo: eat fod pls close2home: Just get an extended mag 5Head Armored_Guy: gachiHYPER Kouwell: gachiHYPER Azureflux7: LUL exlumberjack: @Elajjaz you’re mostly dead, maybe go rest somewhere? aizawa49: elaK SargerusBR: gachiHYPER Vock186: gachiHYPER y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER Jaargan: crippled hands + 3 per=elaGa elaGun brot_ok: PepeHands Run Da_Flanker: elaK Flamingreen: Kapp Azure_Felt: elaK Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Dyvid44: use granades Bieberhunter: elaK J0hnnyBlade: every last drop gachiHYPER fatpep: all body is crippled PepeLaugh ceejsavage: atpCap talkman_: Kappa dzemroz: @Elajjaz doc mitchell can heal you eliastheepicgamer: repair them 4Head Blackbird_SR71C: Wtf I’m gone for half an hour and everything’s crippled?! OMEGALUL ThunderZBee: we want Visage FeelsBadMan ultimafia318: SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN GOODSPRINGS OMEGALUL Jaargan: elaK Reddinator: LULW Ph4ntomi: ♿ Sarge coming through ♿ greyfacenospace123: crippled streamer PepeHands brot_ok: billyReady 1v1 Flamingreen: PepeLaugh CRIPPLED MELEE zulfaya: FULL CRIPPLED + H2O & FOOD TheXearo: you(re just not used to the game Ela don’t worry ^^ MobiusCog: grenade him zulfaya: ahahaha absolutely_not_haram: 200 IQ strats Turbulist: Blackbird_SR71C elaKek cato____: jesus go heal that LULW bag4l1fe: useless cripple PepeHands AkiraJkr: SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN GOODSPRINGS OMEGALUL SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN GOODSPRINGS OMEGALUL Kouwell: TIMMY Champ greyfacenospace123: danO UltraWindow: PepeLaugh H2O PepeLaugh FOD PepeLaugh LMB PepeLaugh KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz you can use stimpaks to heal crippled limbs by targeting the limbs in Pipboy. It will waste a stimpak without healing any HP Jajalembang: 5HEAD shameimarusen: WH- IdkiPickedaName: 5Head Nazzet: un-cripple my hands 🖕 🍅 🖕 Hawkees: @Blackbird_SR71C He took a grenade like a champ elaKek Destmand: YeahBoi Azureflux7: WUT Quelaan69: was there a chem that ignores crippled limbs, or was that a mod I played with y_u_dodiz: danEvil AkiraJkr: DIE Armored_Guy: D: spevahr: WOT Kosmic_Eagle: D: Nopileos: DIE jaquescamarao: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: HORRY SHIT MingLee Fluid1337: WOT talkman_: WATDAFAK ZULUL TheDankDemon: if only we knew a doctor Kappa LickMyPretzel: USS Jaargan: elaD y_u_dodiz: gachiBOP Azure_Felt: in the balls elaD poggingforever: monkaX dilvot: D: Spellyew: D: AkiraJkr: USS Wiencong: couldnt you heal crippled limbs with stimpaks? ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER Digibluez: D: greyfacenospace123: danGachi Nopileos: USS Azureflux7: D: Fluid1337: D: wevie1: PogU Youbetterlikemyburgers: USS elaBruv TheXearo: dick crippled Ellycat1: Fus Pog vihainenkampela: gachiBOP Nazzet: gachiBOP tetra5: EZ Clap fatpep: Clap Hellu: Chag Nex02: D: Fluid1337: USS nepSmug ライエル: Pog Reddinator: ElaSmash seqone: Not dead btw LULW Sillycuzmo: D: yoeli: Pog AkiraJkr: ????????? Nopileos: Pog LickMyPretzel: ded trenchrot: owned Azureflux7: USS POWER Fluid1337: Pog brot_ok: ElaSmash xx_bersark: HJUSS SargerusBR: FUS ROH DAH spevahr: BAP AkiraJkr: Pog ???? UltraWindow: pepeJAM Falact: US cmonBrother FXYun: elaEZ pekkaatte: SMACKED Jaargan: HIT THE KNEES elaKek Pixel_hearts: is Visage over chat ? tim5263883: ITS WORK PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp y_u_dodiz: PogU Da_Flanker: Rich Thetazul: swing and a hit AkiraJkr: $100 Pog dilvot: ElaSmash Hasuman: knocked his dick into the milkyway close2home: Bludgeoned Pog LostNoteleks: Clap salpo_nolobio: rooD woah Armored_Guy: dolla Pog talkman_: $100 Pog 뿡토: SMOrc USS y_u_dodiz: Endboss defeated PogU ThunderZBee: W OMEAGLUL A H SkeletonKeyLimePie: monopoly money PepeLaugh Fluid1337: $100 Pog ceejsavage: PogChamp fatpep: weight LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: ncr money LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz regarding hacking: https://youtu.be/VzXNg8CRvm8?t=114 i skipped to the relevant part of it it’s 3 minutes long Falcoal: eat that foood dosakarud: horror games at 8 pm Kappa Germy_ranch: Thinks its caps PepeLaugh SurfCat: What have you become PepeHands pekkaatte: better armor Pog 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Baseball on the 4th of July Pog ultimafia318: LOOTED EVERYTHING OMEGALIL J0hnnyBlade: elaOP KurtRustle91: @Elajjaz pretty sure you can heal crippled limbs by using a Stimpak directly on the limb in the Pipboy Nazzet: Every parts crippled LULW y_u_dodiz: @ThunderZBee LUL wevie1: at least the head isn’t crippled OptimisticKnowledge: NCR money LULW alekzander_1234: overcucumbered Da_Flanker: NCR money for wiping your ass PepeLaugh spevahr: Move the horror to 10pm Thetazul: 200 weight LULW y_u_dodiz: swiftBucks NCR $ swiftBucks Joxih: why is he crippled Elvem: Purified water Pog lloydbannings: PepeLaugh HERE IT COME spanishtanaka: @KurtRustle91 not in hardcore lloydbannings: S warfarehunt3r: bbq time jaquescamarao: OH NO LKULW Vivelin: 16 sneak LULW pekkaatte: close it Odins_pecs: monkaW fatpep: SAVE ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn babulescu546: horror time knowledge_college: monkaW LickMyPretzel: oh boy Nazzet: monkaW MOERKETSFYRSTE: Never on time with visage LUL Nopileos: monkaW absolutely_not_haram: F Umetsu_rin: @dosakarud some seconds left) AkiraJkr: 0% LUL Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: 0% elaBlind hyenapatches: dont forget to save Nazzet: D: alekzander_1234: death incoming Fatamerikans: DETH Fullmetalcheese: Dont you need 2 do way more weight management on hardcore LUL PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: @Joxih Walked into several mines danLUL sjuften_: monkaW 뿡토: D: BobTheDrunkBear: 4HEad talkman_: 0% LULW Golden04: LULW SpleX__: monkaW ThatLuluTho: LULW lloydbannings: PepeLaugh THE WEAPON Nopileos: LULW SleepyWolf11477: LUL close2home: FRAG OUT gachiCOOL spevahr: Hehehe 4Head Bakurretsu: LULW Vock186: LULW ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 AkiraJkr: now 64% LULW jklob: monkaW dosakarud: horror games at 8 pm Kappa Azure_Felt: Pog Hellu: Pog IdkiPickedaName: Because stimpaks don’t heal crippled limbs on survival Elvem: Pog Nazzet: 1hp LULW SleepyWolf11477: LULW Nopileos: Pog ThunderZBee: @y_u_dodiz Heat of the Moment, close enough SeemsGood ChibiKuro: gachiCOOL illethor221: LMAO AkiraJkr: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW poggingforever: monkaW Bakurretsu: PepeLaugh DigiLaw420: New Vegas Pog TheGoldenCobra: LULW yoeli: LUL Fullmetalcheese: Chag Spellyew: monkaS sjuften_: monkaX Azureflux7: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: gachiOnFIRE PhilWill: LULW Nopileos: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh Xerenix: gachiOnFIRE BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: gachiOnFIRE pekkaatte: why does he use vats to throw granade LULW liixz: LULW vihainenkampela: hes tied up LULW Fluid1337: LULW Doully92: gachiOnFIRE Youbetterlikemyburgers: 😀 Turbulist: gachiOnFIRE Annonn140: PepeLaugh Sundye7: gachiOnFIRE Vukimi: PepeLaugh 👉 HP Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE y_u_dodiz: @ThunderZBee danYes Clap Kosmic_Eagle: gachiOnFIRE Nazzet: gachiOnFIRE 🤘 Binfz: gachiOnFIRE dosakarud: horror games AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE Lagunaab: dude use some healing stuff more LULW Vivelin: gachiOnFIRE Vock186: gachiOnFIRE ultimafia318: IS THIS THE INFAMOUS CRIPPLED RUN OMEGALIL Kiissly: gachiOnFIRE Doully92: IKEALUL absolutely_not_haram: you so hot LickMyPretzel: elaGa FXYun: ElaPls Azure_Felt: elaGa Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE AkiraJkr: Pepega knowledge_college: he ate that grenade like a champ y_u_dodiz: Pepeyaga elaGa vihainenkampela: dead D: LickMyPretzel: inb4 he blows up the prisoner TheXearo: you really should hotkey stimpacks Kosmic_Eagle: it’s 8pm FeelsLateMan Doully92: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh Traktorq: monkaww Germy_ranch: NANI surrounded Flamingreen: 0% PepeLaugh\ Azure_Felt: MaN Ageingyoungrebel: CRIPPLED RUN OMEGALUL Nazzet: so fucked LULW Moctavius: elaOk 👉 elaWut TIME Armored_Guy: MaN Da_Flanker: forsenDeth mkzkSeki: fucked PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: monkaS Jaargan: elaGa elaGun LickMyPretzel: lmao y_u_dodiz: NOPE LUL FXYun: ricardoFlick Hellu: OMEGADOWN Elvem: OMEGALUL close2home: LUL bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN AkiraJkr: LUL Youbetterlikemyburgers: no 🙂 dzemroz: just throw the grenade dont VATS it Doully92: LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek Traktorq: LULW eliastheepicgamer: LULW shameimarusen: LOL Nopileos: LULW FXYun: PepeLaugh Poopega: joiñtqe4er tutufuzi: LUL MyNameLacksImagination: LOL Reddinator: HAHAHAHAHAH SleepyWolf11477: OMEGADOWN DigiLaw420: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: LOOOOOL Nazzet: LULW owly_oop: LUL Xerenix: LULW TheXearo: AHAHAHAHAAHAHA swoglo: OMEGADOWN y_u_dodiz: OMEGADOWN Golden04: LULW WerewolfB: LULW Nopileos: LUL Teret1: LUL yoeli: LUL mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL Destmand: LMAOP LickMyPretzel: hahahahaha mkzkSeki: LULW LULW LULW LULW poggingforever: LULW Pxlii: OMEGADOWN Nostraz: PepeLaugh Elvem: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA xantou: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: OMEGALUL Jac0bite: LUL Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Vivelin: OMEGADOWN conmcko: OMEGALUL Hawkees: OMEGALUL PhilWill: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mitch2248: lmao 4onimusha4: HAHAH HAAHHAHA Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL ChiffonKek: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW LOOOOOOOOOOL knowledge_college: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: OMEGALUL Kunno1100: LULW YayLittlepony: LUL YungRak_: LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL fatpep: PepeLaugh Martiansam: LULW HeavyM4chineGun: LULW Nox15: OMEGALUL Azureflux7: LUL ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Canopus: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh ASmallBenis: LUL TheDankDemon: Jebaited Germy_ranch: LULW Kiissly: OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP spevahr: LULW Kahlgar: LUL AkiraJkr: LULW Jakazin: LULW Spectre_700: LOOOOOOOL RattleMBones: Vault assisted! ChillingSpark: LULW AntonioAS7X: LULW Bakurretsu: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Turbulist: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Alasdair89: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL pekkaatte: OMEGALUL Vukimi: OMEGLOL warfarehunt3r: elaKek elaKek elaKek Nindrax1: OMAGELUL bloodcaleb: EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP DivineSpaghetti: LULW IdkiPickedaName: Hit wall frenzywolfx: OMEGADOWN SargerusBR: LULW tim5263883: 4Head 4Head 4Head greyfacenospace123: HAHHAHA danO Norttii: PepeLaugh ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 atpRtsd4 T_h_a_n_k_s: elaKek Da_Flanker: That went well.. Nox15: LULW OMEGALUL ZeroPhil96: LULW sjuften_: OMEGALUL cur_ley: LULW Clap 뿡토: elaKek elaKek elaKek Nopileos: LULW LULW rica235: CLIPS THAT spacefacee: OMEGALUL TheXearo: IM DEAD bloodcaleb: EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Traktorq: CRIPPLED MAN THROWING GRENADES LULW Azure_Felt: hit the wall LULW talkman_: OMEGALUL NA THROW Chrono_Crosser: #BETHESDA ArThurAs22: forsenJoy Eizen_5: LULW RealLifeTsundere: LOLOLOLOLOLOL zulfaya: DAM nibeio: LUL ToxxicWaffle: good job Kouwell: CRITICAL FAIL LUL Jaargan: LULW toxicmachete: F Annonn140: HARDCORE LULW MaGiiC_SkiLL: LUL close2home: NICE THROW gachiCOOL Nopileos: LUL SurfCat: elaKek Mogwaa: Champ SirMingLeeMrrgglton: OMEGALUL JesseThaBest: look unter cash register Reddinator: HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUNNY danKEK Azureflux7: OMEGALUL xacten: LOL greyfacenospace123: SUICIDE danO Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL alekzander_1234: 😀 bloodcaleb: EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP RonsuDE: LULW LickMyPretzel: NA grenade cheeze____: I hope you’re having a good time with the best open world RPG in existence skyrayfox: LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL RealLifeTsundere: behind the wall Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz With grenades, you’re really better off without VATS LUL Lagunaab: HEAL up with some drinks dude LULW SleepyWolf11477: CRIPPLED OMEGADOWN AkiraJkr: EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP EASY PETE WAS RIGHT OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Nazzet: CRIPPLED LULW shameimarusen: Mistakes were made lloydbannings: FIX YOUR ARMS PepeLaugh hunterhill762: LUL dangerdonger420: all your limbs are broken LUL poggingforever: BabyRage wevie1: nt sarge nt Jac0bite: yeah.. you might not wanna use vats with grenades LUL Ph4ntomi: LULW obad91: @Elajjaz heal to full lol Krabbban: OMEGALUL JubJubWantRubRubs: this strimmer is seem very crippled LULW Bieberhunter: elaD conmcko: elaK RonsuDE: D: lloydbannings: EZ Pete MrRedgun: save @Elajjaz G0RI3: you need to drink and eat SkeletonKeyLimePie: it was more useful on consoles talkman_: What’s so difficult about it just throw it 4HEad cheeze____: sumSmash Nefarioz: Nu Jävlar? WutFace tito3211: elaEZ wall timoteh: You do know right you can heal your arms by stimpacking them? @Elajjaz HeinrichVonSchnitzel: it’s simple just light it and throw it Kappa bloodcaleb: VaN Torhelion: 37% chance of success and yet you throwed the grenade MOERKETSFYRSTE: Visage at 8 Kappa Right AkiraJkr: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW SleepyWolf11477: LUL poggingforever: LULW Turbulist: LULW LickMyPretzel: ???????????????????? Nopileos: LULW Fatamerikans: cmonBruh Traktorq: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Reddinator: danKEK Bieberhunter: elaKek bloodcaleb: LULW Deliriumi1: LUL Gam3freak99: !elatime Da_Flanker: LULW RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Sundye7: LULW DigiLaw420: LULW Kiissly: LUL talkman_: OMEGALUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW salpo_nolobio: nrdyGa PEPEGA killerquent: LULW AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN Gam3freak99: !time WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 20:01 Bakurretsu: LULW Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Xerenix: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: jajamennsan LULW Martiansam: NICE XD HeavyM4chineGun: Clap SkyDC: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: LULW Germy_ranch: Just stand there LULW T_h_a_n_k_s: elaKek elaKek elaKek Azure_Felt: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlumpUgliestDolphinBigBrother Turbulist: Clap LostNoteleks: LULW J0hnnyBlade: elaKek Turbulist: elaK Reddinator: Kapp xacten: OMEGLOL NovaMoon: @Elajjaz its visage time elaK y_u_dodiz: elaK Nopileos: elaK Vivelin: elaK Bieberhunter: elaK UltraWindow: CoolStoryBob vihainenkampela: LULW HARDCORE DIFFICULTY Azure_Felt: elaK NerdIRage: Kapp brot_ok: elaK Motek: Kapp CaptainOutOfTen: elaK yoeli: Kappa Godclone: Kapp timoteh: Kpp Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Turbulist: Champ Mitch2248: Kapp GARIIISH: Pog ? SkyDC: elaK Flamingreen: CLIPPING Xerenix: Kappa Kosmic_Eagle: elaK sjuften_: Chag talkman_: Kapp knowledge_college: Kapp cheeze____: Clap Daedro: Pog MidgetDude110: Pog ThunderZBee: IKEALUL Alexstg5x: Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Godclone: Pog Jaargan: elaK Excesiiv: LULW Scyrol: Pog Nopileos: Clap jaquescamarao: Pog Canopus: elaK elaK tutufuzi: Pog TheXearo: hardcore btw elaK AkiraJkr: Pog ? Armored_Guy: Kapp I2obotDragon: cirLaugh Da_Flanker: atpCap EZ subs Golden04: Pog Ph4ntomi: Pog LostNoteleks: Pog whatsupmel: ok WukeWiking: pajaW Nopileos: Pog Falact: Kapp Brunault_: Chag Tree60noscoped: PogChamp TheGoldenCobra: Pog Reddinator: FREE SUBS Champ Fullmetalcheese: Kappa Chag close2home: JUST USE A SNIPER 3Head jokapleb: gief sub D: fatpep: EZ SUBS PepeLaugh ceejsavage: PogChamp Llyfrgell: Pog Hamdyshake: Pog Lightning4444: Pog Fatamerikans: Pog Daedro: EEEZEEE Pog mkzkSeki: Chag HeavyM4chineGun: Pog joenietie: lol Eizen_5: 100 subs Vivelin: 10 subs confirmed Pog shameimarusen: PogChamp ViveLaDissidence: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog captain_elsewhere: HERE WE GO AGAIN Glenshane: elaK AintEasyBeingCheesy: Clap Coldest_Rage: inb4 double or nothing LULW Nox15: Pog Jaargan: LULW Norttii: easy Pog Nopileos: Pog Kjoelby: Crouching melee LUL Ph4ntomi: +10Subs Pog lloydbannings: Pog datdeathy: Pog x 10 baezmejia200: elaK Binfz: PogU MrPokey_: Chag Joxih: pog alexei723: … zulfaya: EZ armorgear: Pog Kiissly: 10 SUBS Pog YungRak_: Pog Fulgator: Chag Clap r34shogo: is this death simulator? DigiLaw420: 10 subs incoming Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog o7contra: sacHMM sorynache: Pog Zalinero_: elaK Liekemage: Harder then dark souls Xerenix: Chag Easy 10 subs babulescu546: horror time Neroph: poggers 뿡토: PogU vinnykawai2: EZ 10 Bieberhunter: Free 10 subs Pog TrexTitan: Pog neo261: Pog Vortalization: Pog blagut259: salam alejkum AtomicAda: lma XxWilsyXx: POGGERS HeinrichVonSchnitzel: free subs PepeLaugh mysweatyth1ghsss: FREE SUBS PogU Jaargan: Pog Joxih: me OhMyyyyyyyy: die bitch die Nopileos: Pog Domanel: Pog RealLifeTsundere: YES hyenapatches: Pog big_black_clock_kappa: only 10 DansGame Nostraz: scam inc Vyyrox: HARDCORE LuL carlitoB: nice! LickMyPretzel: S E G M E N T mathis_de_nice: Pog MidgetDude110: infinite subs Pog Alexstg5x: hullo ela and chat btw elaH shako_teki: NICE Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog chick3nball: Free subs! Bombycilla: Time to get a sub hydroxxis: Pog Satinjo: Pog 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: This crazy guy tried to hit me with a baseball bat OMEGALUL Blaze_therapy: EZ Sohei4649: Pog Emzero: Pog Free killerquent: Oh yeah Nopileos: Alexstg5x elaHi SWilqen: the luck is with me Strawie35: @Elajjaz you only do slow heavy atacks when crouched PhilWill: thickPOG subs incoming pekkaatte: @Elajjaz i can see fps games are not really your thing Falcoal: EZ 10 subs k0tashira: My sub at last Pog JaynisK: ITS THIS THE DARK SOULS OF FALLOUT GAMES? alekzander_1234: cripple subs 😀 poggingforever: Clap2 DansGame Martiansam: Chag 10 zulfaya: EZ SUBS T_h_a_n_k_s: ez subs talkman_: Finally i’m becoming a real sub PogU hyenapatches: ME Fullmetalcheese: Chag plz me Andros5: EZ sub Oakishh: https://clips.twitch.tv/SweetRenownedWatercressANELE frenzywolfx: ez subs FeelsGoodMan swoglo: EZ subs guys angryj0nes: EZ 10 SUBS CHAT LULW RealLifeTsundere: No doubles Azure_Felt: 10 new friends FeelsGoodMan Armored_Guy: ez subs LUL Kosmic_Eagle: 10 new friends Po Larrythemilk: POG 4onimusha4: GG i won sub fakerello: @Elajjaz Don’t se crouch mod in melee. It’s 2 times slower ultimafia318: SICK DODGES INC Pog Kosmic_Eagle: pog AlucardTheLordOfEvil: yay subs Burning_olive: Pog Pog Pog SlavMayer: EZ Subs Kosmic_Eagle: Pog TheXearo: This is gonna be a long playthrough tutufuzi: let it rain toxicmachete: $50 wasted jade282: free sub elaYA kakapuffs: Clap AkiraJkr: EZ 10 subs LULW OrbitalSloth: sub me daddy CaptainOutOfTen: elaKek Tommero: Pog This_is_NOT_Hearthstone: Pog hunterhill762: Deathcounter anyone ewngroar: ez lloydbannings: @Elajjaz Throw a grenade at your feet to rocket jump synergie001: TIME TO GET A FREE SUB PogChamp Vock186: FREE SUBS Pog Alexstg5x: @Nopileos there is no fucking way you typed that that fast but pepeL AkiraJkr: Pog vigtyp: lobosEZ Sundye7: YeahBoi Nopileos: Pog alexowhy: nrdyISee Daedro: F LULW o7contra: sub me pls thx sacNOYOU nu_metal23: Pog SpleX__: this is like jump king Kappa mkzkSeki: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: USS ninjalive2: Pog Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN brot_ok: LULW sjuften_: LULW vihainenkampela: YeahBoi Canopus: elaKek elaKek Sceda: crapplemage run here Kosmic_Eagle: LULW RonsuDE: LULW ViveLaDissidence: YeahBoi Nopileos: LULW Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN Emzero: LULw Daedro: VAT Jaargan: EZ SUBS BOIS elaKek AkiraJkr: LULW xantou: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: LULW SUBS INC Turbulist: LULW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN LostNoteleks: insane oof SeMaGdNiM21: azaxeAYAYA INCOMING GIFT SUBS! killerquent: 10 SUB INC pekkaatte: 10 SUBS FOR EVERY DEATH Pog MisterPossible: should’t have resubbed then LUL Nopileos: LULw TheGoldenCobra: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL cheeze____: OOS Azure_Felt: oose LULW salpo_nolobio: VVAT Ph4ntomi: CMON El__Fuerte: PepeLaugh dilvot: LULW Youbetterlikemyburgers: ?????? close2home: STUN LOCK OMEGALUL Hollow_void: 5HEad https://clips.twitch.tv/BrainyYummyGarbageOSsloth T4p0ut: he moved away i guess Reddinator: PepeLaugh +10 Nox15: 10 SUBS LULW Kiissly: DEAD LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh 👉 10 Canopus: EZ SUBS PepeLaugh I_Am_Euneek: BibleThump swedishSock: Isn’t this what happens every time? xD salpo_nolobio: rooXD xM0RSx: Use stims to fix your limbs on the stat screen. broken limbs makes stats worse YayLittlepony: YeahBoi SleepyWolf11477: LULW Sundye7: YeahBoi Clap Hajitaib: PepeLaugh Clap Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS vihainenkampela: LULW THIS IS TWITCH GOLD Daedro: gachiBASS Traktorq: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: this looks so elaGa trafgod: sub me lol Doully92: gachiOnFIRE carlitoB: EZ SUBZ BOYZ ChickenZePoop: gachiBASS Pixel_hearts: ElaSmash uss ! thePUNisher5: gachiBASS Ageingyoungrebel: EZ SUBS LULW EZ SUBS LULW EZ SUBS LULW EZ SUBS LULW EZ SUBS LULW Terrortoastyyy: @Elajjaz you dont need to fight them. just have to release the prisoner Nazzet: gachiBASS zulfaya: 10subs cheeze____: 😠 Tree60noscoped: gachiBASS Kosmic_Eagle: gachiBASS talkman_: PepeLaugh DETH Nopileos: gachiBASS Namarax: gachiHYPER brot_ok: ElaSmash USS sjuften_: gachiBASS mkzkSeki: PepeLaugh Daedro: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: nrdySpank Motek: gachiBASS LostNoteleks: gachiBASS killerquent: EZ SUB Flamingreen: https://clips.twitch.tv/BitterPerfectGaurOhMyDog Emzero: PepeLaugh ceejsavage: atpOkubo Lagunaab: chat he can’t heal limbs with stimpacks Vivelin: D: RonsuDE: 10 subs gachiBASS Doully92: PepeHands SAME Reddinator: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL LUL dilvot: cmonBruh cmon Hellu: +10 Chag Fulgator: elaBruv Turbulist: EAT FOR HEALTH pekkaatte: PepeLaugh Clap EZ SUBS Jaargan: gachiHYPER Streamleen: door strats Vortalization: gachiBASS YES SIR Vock186: monkaW Sabriell: LUL dustings1234: 10 PogChamp AkiraJkr: gachiHYPER 10 SUBS LULW PhilWill: 10 incoming bois Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh 👉 +10 OfficerNasty30: free subs! armorgear: GachiPls +10 SUBS shameimarusen: SUBS INC greyfacenospace123: subs Pog MobiusCog: SAVE ? LickMyPretzel: come with me if you want to live Traktorq: not chugging sunset sarsaparilla ggimad: @xm0rsx its hardcore you can’t fix with stimpak Jaargan: 10 SUBS elaKek FXYun: ElaPls Fatamerikans: +10 PepeLaugh absolutely_not_haram: free sub here I come angryj0nes: DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW 뿡토: 10 SUBS PogU chick3nball: Subs incoming! Goodluckmode: 10 bcandido: @elajjaz Is this a crippled only play through? Azure_Felt: new friends FeelsGoodMan Clap sjuften_: PepeLaugh mkzkSeki: LULW thePUNisher5: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: LULW HAHAHAHA ProfessorDrunk: oh baby here we go yoeli: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nopileos: LULW Fullmetalcheese: Chag ez 10 tutufuzi: PepeHands Daedro: 10 👈 PepeLaugh 👉 ❤️ Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek Kiissly: OMEGALUL Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL Xerenix: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: LULW brot_ok: LULW Traktorq: 5% LULW Bieberhunter: elaKek Reddinator: IKEALUL Germy_ranch: TASKETTEEEE FXYun: PepeLaugh Spellyew: LULW angryj0nes: DOUBLE OR NOTHING is coming CHAT LULW swoglo: DOUBLE OR NOTHING theoxadam: Smack his ass Kreygasm daley_: 3% PepeLaugh dilvot: LUL tim5263883: CS 1.6 Nopileos: LULW LULW Nazzet: EZ subs PepeLaugh SargerusBR: 10 SUBS gachiHYPER eliastheepicgamer: 5% LULW SurfCat: getting bullied LUL talkman_: 5% LULW Kouwell: OMEGALUL jaquescamarao: Leave Ela alone WutFace vihainenkampela: egghead LULW Da_Flanker: atpRtsd stormblu: nice % OMEGALUL kelvinfiti_der_echte: OMEGADOWN Aldar22: nice perception OMEGALUL knowledge_college: its shroud Pog poggingforever: just die DansGame BigManAinsley: ZULOL y_u_dodiz: @Elajjaz In case of suicide=double the subs OMEGADOWN Ageingyoungrebel: SCUFFED GRANADE THROW LULW Hajitaib: LULW LULW LULW AintEasyBeingCheesy: F R E E xacten: LULW ArThurAs22: just die forsenKek austras19: Evil in this eyes Azureflux7: Just kill it LUL WrestlerBot2000: ScaythlyPls|Clip No.15| https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyRelentlessCarrotRalpherZ LuL AkiraJkr: PER 3 LULW absolutely_not_haram: just shoot in real time chick3nball: Double or nothing!! Turbulist: monkaW Lynade: nu jävlar LickMyPretzel: 10 subs inc sjuften_: monkaW 18_cowboys_in_the_showers: Shroud NPC mod Pog Canopus: monkaS SkyDC: LULW ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Daedro: 10 👈 PepeLaugh 👉 ❤️ F CaptainOutOfTen: monkaW SargerusBR: ELVISH monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Azureflux7: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh knowledge_college: monkaW poggingforever: monkaW cheeze____: double or nothing Pog talkman_: monkaW YayLittlepony: YeahBoi Zerutanii: TEDDY D: AkiraJkr: Pog Emzero: LULW YokariSen: @Elajjaz you know you can heal cripple with stimpaks, right? Nazzet: gachiBOP vihainenkampela: gachiBASS ChrisCage788: LULW FXYun: elaSmash LickMyPretzel: nice dmg ceejsavage: atpOkubo Blackbird_SR71C: No damage LUL xacten: OMEGALUL Germy_ranch: NO DMG LULW Daedro: LULW ultimafia318: YOU LIKE THAT gachiHYPER tutufuzi: the damage LUL Traktorq: ANELE IdkiPickedaName: LUL Doully92: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: LULW greyfacenospace123: damage danO talkman_: 0 dmg LULW Jaargan: monkaW Quelaan69: Sarge the Armless Nopileos: LUL Ageingyoungrebel: LULW sjuften_: LULW Fulgator: Chag Blackbeared: Dat dmg Pog zulfaya: EZ 10 Daedro: Pog thePUNisher5: 0 dmg ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL MrJoeNinety: crippppppplllleeeedddd Kiissly: NO DAMAGE LULW Hajitaib: LULW TheXearo: ahahah pekkaatte: monkaW how didnt taht kill him Canopus: elaKek Azureflux7: C’MON Nox15: LULW vihainenkampela: FACE LULW thePUNisher5: LULW LickMyPretzel: lol AkiraJkr: gachiBASS wevie1: monkaW Daedro: PEPEGA FIGHT ACTUALLY WINNING yoeli: Pog Nopileos: LULW y_u_dodiz: PogU Doully92: PepeHands Azure_Felt: nrdySpank sounds jaquescamarao: Pog Blackbird_SR71C: LUL Daedro: Pog Hellu: Chag sjuften_: Chag PhilWill: thickPOG thickPOG thickPOG thickPOG Spellyew: PogU Dysiek78: NotLikeThis fatpep: poggingforever Nopileos: Pog Skirn_: LULW brot_ok: LULW Canopus: POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS Dokiash: Pog Nox15: OMEGALUL Fullmetalcheese: Chag Chag Chag Chag Streamleen: You did it! Deliriumi1: Chag TheXearo: this is hilarious jaquescamarao: MLG shameimarusen: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp 뿡토: D: TheZecaUrubu: Pog ChibiKuro: billyReady RonsuDE: PogU fatpep: POGGERS datdeathy: D: ceejsavage: PogChamp Nopileos: Pog Pog Bakurretsu: Pog Jaargan: StinkyCheese ing LULW Kosmic_Eagle: Chag pekkaatte: Pog KingMidas133: PogU MahiBlu: What difficulty is this Ageingyoungrebel: PepeHands this is hopeless greyfacenospace123: NO SUBS danCry Airman_: Pog Traktorq: Chag GetRektWasHere: cheating LostNoteleks: bob and weave bb CryptoXOR: LUL Annonn140: D: AlexAnderman1994: sumSmash Nopileos: Chag Xerenix: PepeLaugh 1 left Azureflux7: pog Germy_ranch: YAMAROOO Mogwaa: ElaSmash dustings1234: NotLikeThis pekkaatte: SAVE SlavMayer: MLG SargerusBR: PogU bjoernnn: Chag FXYun: ElaSmash dojyanu: VISAGE VISAGE VISAGE stormblu: SAVAGE Pixel_hearts: hopeless PepeHands Nopileos: pog wandering_pleb: Chag HYPERCLAP Turbulist: Chammp Reddinator: Chag talkman_: actually hopeless PepeHands ChrisCage788: FeelsBadMan he made it close2home: BAT TOO OP gachiHYPER Kiissly: WutFace Daedro: HOLY FUCK HE DID IT Pog MobiusCog: SAVE ? Dyvid44: Save VideoNomad: This is hoe… ?? OMEGADOWN Armored_Guy: PepeHands WerewolfB: I dont think stimpacks stack Turbulist: Champ xM0RSx: @ggimad oh yeaaah he needs the doctors bags Lagunaab: F5 RevinDDD: save @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: @MahiBlu hard i think wandering_pleb: SAVE Lagunaab: F5 QUICK AkiraJkr: Did he do it? SurfCat: Stop he’s already dead D: Styil: gachiHYPER pekkaatte: SAVE @Elajjaz Lynade: save Turbulist: SAVE Daedro: SAVE FunkerHornsby: Chag Nopileos: save xx_bersark: Wattching ELA play the game like this is hilarious Turbulist: SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE TheDankDemon: hard game btw LUL babulescu546: save idey1994: lmao the c’mon voice line sounds like captain Falcon OMEGALUL jaquescamarao: why is Ela a walking wardrobe LUL dojyanu: VISAGE HORROR TIME BAYBEEEE MahiBlu: @LickMyPretzel thanks fatpep: ELA IS A NATURAL MELEE PLAYER billyReady gachiAPPROVE Fullmetalcheese: Dont save PepeLaugh SlavMayer: – 10 subs PepeHands Visk87: lol Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan VISAGE TIME FeelsLateMan anthonyfrommoon: f5 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz ultimafia318: wearing merc shits when you have NCR stuffs PepeLAugh Reddinator: xx_bersark right? danKEK Jaargan: is’t the leader still alive? elaKek dojyanu: VISAAAGGEEEEEEE TheXearo: xx_bersark yeah elaKek theoxadam: Reset Jebaited Gam3freak99: FeelsLateMan VISAGE TIME FeelsLateMan DannyLv1337: – 10 subs PepeHands oeSmash: oeSmash subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! WrestlerBot2000: @oesmash Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM Flamingreen: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM CHAT Nopileos: SUB HYPE oeSmash elaA HeinrichVonSchnitzel: flamethrower guy inc PepeLaugh pekkaatte: save eka TrexTitan: 1 DT armor FeelsGoodMan babulescu546: @elajjaz horror when? Fatamerikans: running out of stimpacks LULW pekkaatte: ela Azure_Felt: still cucumberd PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz Been a while since I played but, can’t you heal crippled limbs by using a stimpack directly on them? talkman_: 217/210 mysweatyth1ghsss: Wg 217/210 lambdadelta3: New Vegas! Kiissly: HE DOSENT KNOW PepeLaugh thevanquisher87: danRE calebFlexR Doully92: Visage when? FeelsLateMan MrJoeNinety: Table? Naniyo: elaGa Tablke Fullmetalcheese: Hardcore weight management LUL chick3nball: You can see the ratio at the top LickMyPretzel: table? FeelsPepoMan Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh 👉 DT alekzander_1234: over cucumbered Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Weight is ‘Wg’ to the right of ITEMS JaynisK: Hey chat, Ela’s having fun with this game, so let’s start telling him to stop having fun and play a different game. WeirdChamp Xerenix: FeelsPepoMan Table iron dojyanu: HORROR NOW HORROR NOW SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage jaquescamarao: table? elaHYUK talkman_: isn’t iron better than bat? Lochness1: save boi Odins_pecs: Save BowlofCurry: The WG shows your weight MobiusCog: @Elajjaz SAVE J0hnnyBlade: over 🥒 ed trafgod: t a ble Dyvid44: Save? Amoh_: horror game time Ela elaMad Turbulist: Elajjaz SAVE babulescu546: horror? ultimafia318: SAVE SwiftRage TheXearo: 16 DPS is insane ? Jubular: monkaW AkiraJkr: Time for 10 free subs LULW AlcatraZ567: FeelsLateMan VISAGE Falcoal: Sve? vihainenkampela: HORRORFRIENDS 👉 🚪 TheDankDemon: boss of gym now gachiBASS Da_Flanker: Go to the bathroom This_is_NOT_Hearthstone: 10 Fullmetalcheese: NV>Horror anthonyfrommoon: plz save thevanquisher87: overcucumbered lol Turbulist: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAVE Lagunaab: F5 @Elajjaz Falact: gachiHYPER Kosmic_Eagle: FeelsLateMan eliastheepicgamer: slowmo running LULW HeinrichVonSchnitzel: forsenWC dojyanu: NO MOREEEEE!!! AAAAAAAAAA Golden04: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: NA Stealth LULW Deliriumi1: FeelsLateMan Ageingyoungrebel: DEAD PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: didn’t save OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: oh boy Azure_Felt: deth elaKek dosakarud: Kappa greyfacenospace123: danO fatpep: use ElaSmash AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Turbulist: F FOR SAVE Fatamerikans: gachiOnFIRE ChilledGear: PepeLaugh SpleX__: dead incoming OMEGALUL baezmejia200: pepeJAMM Martiansam: PabloPls Doully92: gachiHYPER SkyDC: 10 subs PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: atpCap Traktorq: gachiBASS yes sir close2home: HEADSHOT gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: gachiBASS Nox15: gachiHYPER Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh ChrisCage788: PepeLaugh already dead talkman_: gachiHYPER YES SIR AkiraJkr: 10 SUBS LULW Lagunaab: HUH YOU LIKE THAT ? AlcatraZ567: LULW ultimafia318: HE HAS A KNIFE monkaW MobiusCog: @jaquescamarao he quicksaved ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh Youbetterlikemyburgers: huh like that gachiBASS vihainenkampela: monkW Jubular: monkaX ise24: MonkaS angryj0nes: YOU LIKE THAT gachiBASS Naaslaarum: PogCham lambdadelta3: gachiOnFIRE Hollow_void: YES gachiHYPER Aldar22: 3 perception OMEGALUL Vock186: gachiBASS Ageingyoungrebel: 47 OMEG TheXearo: your rifle sucks Golden04: IKEALUL Doully92: Damage LULW Lagunaab: ail for the torso ? Stelthasin: rip jaquescamarao: @MobiusCog ah ok FeelsBadMan shako_teki: 10 subs incoming Azureflux7: LULW Azure_Felt: insane poggingforever: LULW Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: IKEALUL AIM AkiraJkr: 10 SUBS OMEGALUL Ageingyoungrebel: LULW ScifiSaint: LULW Bakurretsu: +10 PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL TheGloriousRage: Just… AIM Dredn0k: NA AIM LULW armorgear: GachiPls +10 SUBS Kjoelby: Varmint rifle is the worst weapon in the game LUL JadedWarrior: LULW Jaargan: ded elaKek ChrisCage788: PepeLaugh 10 EZ subs Canopus: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Annonn140: LULW theoxadam: 47 LUL FXYun: PepeLaugh tutufuzi: LUL shako_teki: Pog brot_ok: LULW Turbulist: SAVE Fatamerikans: Pog Nopileos: LULW LULW 뿡토: 10 SUBS PogU Falcoal: they are npcs of course they dnt are Kappa Da_Flanker: Nobody has self-preservation in these games Emzero: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: DEAD PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PlsEla mkzkSeki: PepeLaugh killerquent: That survival DeadBart: 100 subs POGGERS asmr_chill: dont use rifles in close combat pekkaatte: DIDNT SAVE knowledge_college: CMON ToxxicWaffle: hi @Elajjaz , here for my payment in free sub AlcatraZ567: LULW 1 health chick3nball: Captain falcon Blackbird_SR71C: 1 HP angryj0nes: 10+ subs incoming illethor221: LMAO Golden04: LULW mysweatyth1ghsss: LULW AkiraJkr: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW LULW LULW Flamingreen: https://clips.twitch.tv/BitterPerfectGaurOhMyDog ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn Hellu: LULW jaquescamarao: OMEGALUL fatpep: LULW Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW killerquent: LULW Brunault_: LUL Traktorq: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW LULW LULW Emzero: LULW Jubular: LULW AlcatraZ567: D: Gam3freak99: LULW MyGoodTwin: LULW Xerenix: LULW Christophersopranos: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW DannyLv1337: Pepega 🔫 monkaH Nopileos: LULW LULW Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL swoglo: GIBE SUBS FXYun: LULW brot_ok: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: 10 subs PepeLaugh Naniyo: LULW JadedWarrior: OMEGADOWN Dreadknight297: it that stil the varmaint rifel? ViveLaDissidence: OMEGADOWN MobiusCog: F xacten: LULW Loddeh: no save… RonsuDE: 10 subs Pog MyNameLacksImagination: LULW SacredChickenNugget: LUUUUUUUUL ultimafia318: OMEGALUL Sundye7: OMEGALUL Bieberhunter: elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nox15: OMEGALUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW greyfacenospace123: danO ngffffff: LULW GetRektWasHere: OMEGALUL Bakurretsu: LULW TheXearo: 10 SUBS MidgetDude110: LULW 10 subs frenzywolfx: LULW ChrisCage788: Pog 10 SUBS Hellu: +10 Chag Azure_Felt: Pog 10 friends SkyDC: LULW Spellyew: OMEGALUL d3sirio: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Binfz: OMEGALUL DigitalZips: OMEGALUL bjoernnn: LULW tutufuzi: D: angryj0nes: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh VideoNomad: LULW carlitoB: RIP kakapuffs: LUL datdeathy: LULW FunkerHornsby: LUL HeinrichVonSchnitzel: 10 subs PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: 10 subs LULW liixz: LULW ItSoundsSoFamiliar: LULW talkman_: LULW 10 SUBS jaquescamarao: SUBS Pog ChilledGear: 10 subs OMEGADOWN Kiissly: OMEGADOWN Eizen_5: LULW Golden04: 10 SUBS Chag AkiraJkr: 10 SUBS LULW LULW Takaoni7: 10 subs inc jimmy0711: LULW chick3nball: Double or nothing!! Nopileos: LULW Flamingreen: OMEGALUL jokapleb: Pog not a pleb anymore Martiansam: elaD Magilou_69: LULW Zissar_ww: 10 subs close2home: HYPERCLAP Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Stelthasin: destroed neo261: LULW Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh +10 xacten: OMEGALUL Vortalization: LULW salpo_nolobio: he did PepeLaugh Lindegrene: LULW Fatamerikans: +10 OMEGADOWN +10 OMEGADOWN +10 OMEGADOWN +10 OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LULW UltraWindow: 10 free subs PogU dustings1234: 100 subs PogChamp AintEasyBeingCheesy: F R E E pekkaatte: +10 zulfaya: 10SUBS Halfpint_Sapper: Clap sjuften_: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW LULW Sherman26: Pog Fullmetalcheese: LUL LUL LUL ac3sh1gh: OMEGALUL jklob: D: dosakarud: LULW haHAA greyscaled: 10 subs kelvinfiti_der_echte: D: Goodluckmode: 10 datdeathy: 10 hype Pexhzz: LULW Nopileos: 10 ChibiKuro: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN Bieberhunter: Free subs Pog babulescu546: lul absolutely_not_haram: 10 subs Teret1: Pog 10 SUBS DigiLaw420: 10 subs Pog Llyfrgell: 10 SUBS Pog shako_teki: LULW 10 subs boi tim5263883: 4Head 4Head 4Head Bombycilla: sums woo Da_Flanker: elaK Doully92: elaK elaK elaK illethor221: D: Gam3freak99: +10 LULW TessilRx: lololol Brunault_: D: Jaargan: 10 subs Pog AlexAnderman1994: Chag zulfaya: ez 10 OptimisticKnowledge: LULW Armored_Guy: Kapp sjuften_: D: Aldar22: ????? T_h_a_n_k_s: 10 elaKek elaKek elaKek mkzkSeki: Kapp Eizen_5: this is GOLD DGS_Howling: 10 subs Pog r34shogo: NOD YET Nopileos: Kapp Hellu: elaK Nox15: PepeLaugh +10 SWilqen: yeah righ jokapleb: D: Turbulist: Elajjaz DIDN’T SAVE theoxadam: WAR NEVER CHANGES FeelsBadMan Germy_ranch: SCAMMED killerquent: Leg has left the game Golden04: DansGame Nostraz: EZ SCAM TheGoldenCobra: elaK faithless_zealot: !!!! AkiraJkr: D: angryj0nes: DOUBLE OR NOTHING GetRektWasHere: ????????? Motek: Kapp UltraWindow: scammazed ChameleonX7: not yet LUL ChrisCage788: elaK Traktorq: scammed Xcrasherxdxdxd: Ez Frosted15: 10 subs# greyfacenospace123: danBaited Azure_Felt: elaD scammez datdeathy: NO D: Deliriumi1: elaK Nopileos: elaK Slameguy: D: JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek trafgod: omg RonsuDE: Jebaited over tutufuzi: DansGame 뿡토: elaWeird Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK Spellyew: 10 GIFTED SUBS Chag chick3nball: LOL SCAM TheXearo: elaK ViveLaDissidence: SCAM ArchmaneWasTaken: 10 subs brosh! LickMyPretzel: elaK brot_ok: SCAMMING FeelsWeirdMan NordKevRainy: SCAMMED LULW ProfessorDrunk: scamaz Nopileos: elaK elaK faithless_zealot: SCAMMAZED! PoliceCarAuction: elaK pekkaatte: +10 AND DIDNT SAVE knowledge_college: this guy is insane POGGERS Nox15: elaK Wilze13: elaK xantou: SCAMMOZ AGAIN SWilqen: thats a joke Christophersopranos: DansGame scammed thevanquisher87: scammed datdeathy: SCAMJJAZ RealLifeTsundere: LIAR DigiLaw420: Jebaited Binfz: WeirdChamp alekzander_1234: 🙂 ThatLuluTho: SCAMMAZ PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: yesh sure Kapp shameimarusen: D: hyenapatches: 10 subs jenwilldo: elaK cheeze____: LUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: 😡 angryj0nes: SCAM Xerenix: No.. Still same segment azureTreble: SCAMMAZ LULW ScifiSaint: SCAMMAZ salpo_nolobio: FeelsWeirdMan seqone: elaK Glenshane: elaK LickMyPretzel: SCAMMAJAZ Krabbban: LULW Nopileos: elaK zulfaya: SCAMMED neo261: scammed Naniyo: elaD SCAMMED Golden04: SCAMMED DansGame Disaresta: SCAM Ceiz: elaK Jajalembang: DansGame Llyfrgell: elaREE elaREE elaREE JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK SWilqen: scammed Germy_ranch: elaK elaK DeadBart: SCAMAZ Fullmetalcheese: Wtf D: Ageingyoungrebel: scammed again elaK Falcoal: Jebaited Lagunaab: ditch that shitty rifle tho OrbitalSloth: what a dick delopterd: :rage: WTF jaquescamarao: SCAMAZ Tayi_Saito: SCAMAZED D: ChrisCage788: LULW SCAMMED Jubular: SCAMMAZ elaREE talkman_: YOU’RE STILL IN THE SAME PLACE DansGame TheGloriousRage: We were Jebaited ScifiSaint: WeirdChamp Frosted15: SCAMMER TheDankDemon: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame Eizen_5: SCAM dragonxnin: When will you go back to darksouls :p Slameguy: lirikANGRY Kosmic_Eagle: elaK dustings1234: Jebaited Ellycat1: FeelsWeirdMan it clearly meant the casino AintEasyBeingCheesy: always lying eth0: LUL Vock186: LULW hyenapatches: SCAMAZ Binfz: SCAMMED babulescu546: not scammed Gam3freak99: SCAMMAZ FunkerHornsby: elaK Armored_Guy: SCAMMED Dijaxtra: 10 subs elaWeird Nopileos: SCAMMED close2home: SCAMAZED WutFace Airman_: SCAM DansGame shameimarusen: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Goodluckmode: Jebaited kakapuffs: Jebaited Brunault_: PepeHands jokapleb: SCAMMER! UNSUBBED Kiissly: SCAMMED DAESuppy DannyLv1337: 10 subs 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 T_h_a_n_k_s: elaK elaK elaK chick3nball: SCAMAEGHETTI Jaargan: SCAMMER elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE Vock186: Jebaited kaskelott_: SCAMMER elaMad Verael7: LUL UltraWindow: scamajjaz WeirdChamp cheeze____: elaKek ninjalive2: DansGame Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv Flamingreen: https://clips.twitch.tv/BitterPerfectGaurOhMyDog Dijaxtra: 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Which THING exactly??? RealLifeTsundere: the section was not done LickMyPretzel: SCAMAJAZ greyfacenospace123: danBaited danBaited danBaited Spellyew: SCAMAZED DansGame 1080p200fps: scam DansGame Doully92: SCAMMAZ LULW AkiraJkr: LULW OptimisticKnowledge: SCAMMED Joxih: always scam shako_teki: INSANE SCAMOS Turbulist: Chat Jebaited agane thevanquisher87: danW LIAR Frosted15: @Elajjaz WHY SUCH A SCAMMER NOOB YOU BIG NOOB carlitoB: i walked 5 meters mocaffe: THIS SEGMENT BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz 15 SUBS THEN MidgetDude110: 10 FRIENDS OR RUCKUS elaREE Dijaxtra: 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird pekkaatte: UNSUBBED AND UNFOLLOWED Slameguy: lirikANGRY lirikANGRY lirikANGRY angryj0nes: SCAM STREAMER SCAM STREAMER SCAM STREAMER SCAM STREAMER SCAM STREAMER SCAM STREAMER Groglimb: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump SurfCat: vkgiruJoy RonsuDE: SCAMMED Jebaited Ageingyoungrebel: SO SCAMMED elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK FraserQuest: elaK Azure_Felt: used to being scammed by ela FeelsWeirdMan Streamleen: haha Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited SCAMAZZZZZZ Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh ggimad: Looks like you found a game you can stream for the whole year LUL Jubular: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Canopus: elaK Scyrol: SCAMAZED DansGame JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Ph4ntomi: Old Ela wouldn’t have scammed 10 subs PepeHands hkgjasonma: BibleThump Martiansam: scammed elaD ViveLaDissidence: THE LEADER WAS PART OF IT CurseofSherwood: SCAMJAZ elaWeird PhilWill: you said this whole part thickREE Deliriumi1: WeirdChamp Flamingreen: UNSUBBING Naniyo: elaREE elaREE elaREE AkiraJkr: NA AIM LULW Dijaxtra: 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird 10 subs elaWeird theoxadam: Chats crazy Kappa tutufuzi: nice aim cowboy UltraWindow: im still a pleb PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: elaWeird ScifiSaint: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz TheGoldenCobra: Actual scam WeirdChamp Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK elaK elaK Jaargan: WE DEMAND SUBS elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE ssssip: scammazed MOERKETSFYRSTE: Leader is part of section REE DGS_Howling: Scammerjjaz FeelsBadMan DannyLv1337: 10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡 DigiLaw420: “I will not die again” Jebaited Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited talkman_: WeirdChamp Armored_Guy: UNSUBBED DansGame Jubular: ela3 ela4 fatpep: 5K VIEWERS FOR NEW VEGAS Champ FKING LOVE THIS CHANNEL pepeL RealLifeTsundere: the section was not done liar WeirdChamp Kiissly: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan seqone: ELA ONLY FAKED GIFTING SUBS ONCE YAHOOOOOOOOO elaWeird sjuften_: Jebaited Clap brot_ok: ela1 ela2 Traktorq: monkaW Da_Flanker: gachiOnFIRE SWilqen: scammed CrystalTeardrop: Stop being scamaz ela elaB elaB elaB Xerenix: Died to same enemies but it’s over. elaK Doully92: LULW ChrisCage788: LUL ScifiSaint: PepeLaugh BunnyChanX3: gib sub pls BibleThump LickMyPretzel: ???? WHAT T_h_a_n_k_s: elaWeird elaWeird scam Kosmic_Eagle: LULW rastatitude: gift sub for everyone or scammaz 😡 Bakurretsu: LULW shako_teki: LULW Nopileos: LULW Azure_Felt: it is elaMad Golden04: PepeLaugh Martiansam: gachiOnFIRE Sundye7: gachiOnFIRE brot_ok: gachiOnFIRE Doully92: gachiHYPER Ageingyoungrebel: elaWeird ela Christophersopranos: gachiOnFIRE DaVinssi: LULW that_solid_dude: mouth AkiraJkr: Na Aim LULW Germy_ranch: BAITING DONATIONS AFTER HE LIED dragonxnin: Hey @Elajjaz do you plan on going back to playing darksouls! JubJubWantRubRubs: he said segment LULW this is part of the segment LULW Jaargan: unsubbed elaREE unfollowed elaREE not my streamer elaREE ChrisCage788: monkaS mkzkSeki: LULW DannyLv1337: 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡10 subs 😡 😡 AlcatraZ567: LULW Neroph: 20 SUBS POG Golden04: LULW TheXearo: you’re using your shittiest weapon Traktorq: LULW Doully92: LULW LULW LULW knowledge_college: 20 gift subs incoming PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW jokapleb: LULW Lagunaab: LEFT EYE MIDDLE EYE RIGHT EYE WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Azure_Felt: LULW Gam3freak99: IKEA AIM LULW ScifiSaint: LULW jaquescamarao: 20 SUBS Clap Kjoelby: You never said encounter LUL VentusNova_: DUDUDUDUD cyclosu0: you dont need to fight them! GetRektWasHere: DDDDD Flamingreen: 20 SUBS Champ 20 SUBS Champ 20 SUBS Champ 20 SUBS Champ 20 SUBS Champ mysweatyth1ghsss: Doc at starting town LickMyPretzel: DEDEDEDE HellWhiskers: FIX HANDS IRL Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Poopega: di di d i di+ MobiusCog: @Elajjaz FREE THE PRISONER AkiraJkr: 20 SUBS LULW angryj0nes: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: elaGa ocirne23: PepeHands jokapleb: 20 subs bisch058: ddddd Dredn0k: LULW RealLifeTsundere: the section was not done liar WeirdChamp lol Jubular: elaGa greyfacenospace123: gachiOnFIRE Teret1: DDDDD wizardcock: DDDDDD Febox: DEDEDE ChilledGear: @Elajjaz yeah but you said that after dieing to the flamer guy Golden04: 20 SUBS Pog NordKevRainy: FeelsPepoMan jenwilldo: elaHYUK ProfessorDrunk: D D D D Spellyew: LULW tim5263883: DDDD RonsuDE: 20 subs LULW Nopileos: ddddd ScifiSaint: dddddd spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Use caravan shotgun MaN Ageingyoungrebel: nrdyGa d d d dd Shordes: DDDDDDDD vihainenkampela: LULW BrokeBack Iunbond: DUHUUHHU Tiny_PL: D D D D D Armored_Guy: +20 PepeLaugh daley_: PepeHands timoteh: LULW 20 SUBS fatpep: @Elajjaz VoteYea delopterd: 20 SUBS Pog ChibiKuro: elaHYUK Fulgator: elaGa elaGa annjey: FeelsPepoMan Loheb: DDDDDDD tutufuzi: deh hands baezmejia200: elaHYUK Nox15: PepeLaugh +20 GetRektWasHere: dddddd OptimisticKnowledge: 20 SUBS OMEGALUL Larrythemilk: LUL Poopega: dddddd Martiansam: DDDDDDD LULW brot_ok: elaHYUG emory_everett: what does aso mean CurseofSherwood: 20 SUBS Pog Deltharis: DDDDDD Pepega SeaShanty2_: LULW Falcoal: yes u have bad hands Airman_: DDDD pekkaatte: DDDDDDD idey1994: duDudu twitchin2019omegalul: IKIA hands Traktorq: SCUFFED HANDS LULW ThatLuluTho: OneHand HYPERCLAP Bakurretsu: dddd Brunault_: FeelsPepoMan Azure_Felt: MALDING OMEGADOWN Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Or just stop playing Harcore elaK Nopileos: dddd dragothicx: PepeHands the HANDS TheGoldenCobra: elaHYUK Kiissly: 20 SUBS Pog LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan ddddd Flamingreen: Pepega Jaargan: elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa theoxadam: 18% LUL JadedWarrior: elaGa de de de de Goodluckmode: 20 subs Shibby2k15: why is he a cripple? azureTreble: FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FeelsPepoMan FunkerHornsby: DE HANS zulfaya: 20SUBS pisyaaa__: Pepega baezmejia200: DDDDDDDD Polebegood: elaGa PLAZAx: DDDD Sundye7: d-d-d-d FeelsPepoMan HalfOfPowa: Pog 4onimusha4: SCAMMMMEEMRMRMERM atomicdestruction: ??? 뿡토: PogU xacten: DDDDD Da_Flanker: forsenWut daley_: PepeHands my hands P1caboo: PepeHands angryj0nes: 20 SUBS PLEASE greyfacenospace123: danO Tayi_Saito: 20 subs 🙂 Ph4ntomi: LIDL hands DeadBart: elaGa The hands quattro_bajeena_uc0087: i’m subbed to a scammer elaWeird alexowhy: PepoDance ddddddd PepoDance Ellycat1: FeelsPepoMan dustings1234: de hands DrumbooMass: Hello everyone HeyGuys !!! AlexAnderman1994: elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa elaGa JesseThaBest: throw a fucking nade daddywojo: 20 more runs should do it delopterd: PepeHands Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan Purple_Pantsu: elaGa jimmy0711: 20 now 😂 Martiansam: elaKek elaKek elaKek nobusinesshere: Th-th-th-th-th-th Daedro: FeelsPepoMan HeinrichVonSchnitzel: segment is the whole building PepeLaugh Youbetterlikemyburgers: OneHand elaGun Golden04: MALDING PepeLaugh Cocok_Xecyca: PepeHands izairulf: use 9mm please Naniyo: dayFive elaGa dayFive Lotharl: LULW armorgear: GachiPls 20 SUBS wizardcock: DUDUDUDUDUD Kouwell: PepeHands tmprd: my PepeHands Tanathal: HANDS spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz USE CARAVAN SHOTGUN USE CARAVAN SHOTGUN USE CARAVAN SHOTGUN AintEasyBeingCheesy: D-D-D-D-DE HANSDS thePUNisher5: LULW cyclosu0: then donty fight! Jubular: elaHYUG PLAZAx: PepeHands ? BBiBsBoy: @Elajjaz Horror at 8pm CEST WeirdChamp MobiusCog: Get prisoner to help DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: 20 SUBS LULW King_Insane: they’re like his brains right now elaKek gregage: FBCatch DragonflyJoe: elaK elaK talkman_: 20 subs ArmstrongQ: rescVVV Pepega Lagunaab: chat we playing lifeline with Ela LULW AlcatraZ567: IKEALUL TheGloriousRage: Just aim better OMEGALUL MyGoodTwin: Is Ela having a stroke? monkaS AkiraJkr: EU Aim LULW MidgetDude110: elaGa de ded ed edede dede Bieberhunter: 20 subs Pog Annonn140: @Elajjaz time to turn off hardcore ela, the joke went too far WeirdChamp sipCider: needs more explosions SkyDC: elaK vihainenkampela: HandsUp climaxbeat: using bolt action with crippled arms nice fatpep: @Elajjaz VoteYea FIX HANDS NOW DjaDjaDji: rap god Chag Zergatui: DE HENS PepeHands SacredChickenNugget: @Elajjaz Why not just spam them with nades hyenapatches: 20 subs Pog Fullmetalcheese: “I will not die again in this section” Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited ScifiSaint: HIS WHOLE BODY LULW DaVinssi: is this full crippled run 🙂 ? MaGiiC_SkiLL: PJSalt Deliriumi1: FeelsLateMan LickMyPretzel: Implying you had any aim to begin with PepeLaugh xantou: the scammer hands sjuften_: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: then just leave 4HEad iggy1337: dddddddd hands dd Joxih: ikeamim HellWhiskers: HellWhiskers gifted a Tier 1 sub to TheHands! They have given 51 Gift Subs in the channel! ArmstrongQ: you have 3 peception LUL Ph4ntomi: dese hands PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @thehands the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Xerenix: @Elajjaz How can the encounter be over when you died to same enemies? elaHmm MOERKETSFYRSTE: Yeah that’s why sure LUL Armored_Guy: 20 subs PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE TheHands Pog TheXearo: Perception 3 also PepeLaugh Kibougatari: whole body crippled? monkaS JaynisK: Ela’s arms being broke remind me of a famous Reddit post. TheDankDemon: HEAL 4Head delopterd: EU aim LUL alekzander_1234: @elajjaz free the prisoner Lagunaab: IT IS Jaargan: teleport to the village elaKek Martiansam: is going to take 100000 years for Ela to finish this game LULW angryj0nes: 20 SUBS and counting LULW CurseofSherwood: elaYes ♿ Zbigniewuamaga: !mods WrestlerBot2000: He has Unofficial Patch, Tick/stutter Fix, 4GB unlock, and clairty mods installed. MaGiiC_SkiLL: SeemsGood AkiraJkr: EU Aim OMEGALUL FunkerHornsby: blame de Hans elaMad + ryded7474: !mods ScifiSaint: Whole body crippled LULW MAGNUMDOLLARz: ela are you ok? i think you would do better on normal mode Fullmetalcheese: “I will not die again in this section” Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited drillpit: Fast travel to goodsprings! FR33D_: horror game? Terrortoastyyy: @Elajjaz just release the prisoner and you win lmao RonsuDE: 3Head Styil: 5Head vihainenkampela: dynamite monkaW theoxadam: Eu aim KappaPride mkzkSeki: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: OOS Flamingreen: @TheHands Champ EyeForcz: OMEGADOWN cheeze____: 5Head Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Motek: 3Head Vivelin: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW wizardcock: xD Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN TheGoldenCobra: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL Onionmaster32: PepeLaugh AkiraJkr: Pog Boscodbear: why did you let your whole body get crippled Turbulist: LULW Nopileos: LULW dragothicx: USCH USCH USCH pekkaatte: shoot the dynamite Bakurretsu: OMEGADOWN Jaargan: crippled + 3 per=elaGa elaGun LickMyPretzel: USS? Spellyew: 5Head captain_elsewhere: shooting the doorframe elaKek monkaW dojyanu: ITS HORROR TIME ELLA!! Bieberhunter: Just casually walking with dynamite elaKek Zbigniewuamaga: @Elajjaz DO you use any mods? knowledge_college: missed 2 point blank shots OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: elaGa AlcatraZ567: LULW LULW AkiraJkr: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW ScifiSaint: What was that LULW Sundye7: LULW emory_everett: lul fatpep: gunfire ? LULW BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Even with good hands you would Ikea aim LULW tutufuzi: hey ela you are crippled Nopileos: LULW LULW Glenshane: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW deaf Loheb: LULW JadedWarrior: ??? LULW ultimafia318: 4 GUN SHOTS “WHAT WAS THAT” OMEGALUL Kouwell: LUL Martiansam: LULW Bakurretsu: LULW delopterd: LULW must be nothing eliastheepicgamer: must have been the wind PepeLaugh Dyvid44: Stealth 100 Lagunaab: MUST VE BEEN THE WIND Nopileos: LULW kelvinfiti_der_echte: AI LuL Blackbird_SR71C: IKEALUL Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL warfarehunt3r: Just getting jumpy elaKek wizardcock: billyReady MaxiMHc: LEADER monkaW Martiansam: ZULUL Doully92: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog Ageingyoungrebel: HandsUp AkiraJkr: Pog Fatamerikans: Pog Christophersopranos: Pog MaxiMHc: Pog LickMyPretzel: Chag cheeze____: gachiOnFIRE inc Nopileos: Pog RonsuDE: Pog Devon96: Pog brot_ok: ChameleonX7 Keltai_: HAD ENOUGH? vihainenkampela: boom Pog Skirn_: Pog delopterd: KOBE Flamingreen: PogU illethor221: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog MrJoeNinety: D: Gam3freak99: Pog brot_ok: Champ samsususu: PogU fatpep: Champ SeaShanty2_: EZ Sceda: nice Nopileos: Pog Pog JadedWarrior: PogU cheeze____: Pog Turbulist: Champ knowledge_college: LULW tutufuzi: LUL TheXearo: Pog DigiLaw420: Pog ScifiSaint: Pog pekkaatte: pOG wevie1: Pog Loheb: Pog shako_teki: Pog xM0RSx: You could go back to the doctor and heal limbs and then come back for the last guys Nopileos: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Chag Nox15: Pog greyfacenospace123: Pog Deliriumi1: Champ SacredChickenNugget: That was Pog AF Fatamerikans: 5Head Clap Fulgator: Chag Airman_: Pog Spellyew: Chag DaVinssi: Pog Xerenix: Chag Jaargan: Chag close2home: ElaOut idey1994: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp pekkaatte: Pog Nopileos: Chag tHaH4x0r: Pog Brunault_: Chag pisyaaa__: Pog zulfaya: Pgo TeknoHunter_Z: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag Lotharl: SIT DOWN BITCH Azure_Felt: elaMad FraserQuest: Champ TrexTitan: Incinerator get Pog dangerdonger420: dayum CommanBear: Champ brot_ok: God gamer ela13 climaxbeat: POGGERS xM0RSx: or do that Nopileos: Chag Chag JadedWarrior: elaEZ Clap Magilou_69: i love xplosives in this game ultimafia318: EASY PETE WAS LEFT PogU xacten: Chag HYPERCLAP fatpep: SAVE EyeForcz: Jaargan nrdyD Jaargan: POGGERS tim5263883: SAVE CrystalTeardrop: pick up his leg cirSmug Azure_Felt: gachiOnFIRE er Fullmetalcheese: “I will not die again in this section” Jebaited Jebaited NetworkPro: this is a very large casino PwninXcore: Never have I seen a more satisfied face. Hollow_void: Leather Armor gachiHYPER TrexTitan: its not there pepeLaugh angryj0nes: @Elajjaz SAVE babulescu546: horror late LickMyPretzel: where is his flamer tho theoxadam: Your game might be bugged Jebaited gunygma: Omg my fav streamer playing my fav game WTF Turbulist: SAVE brot_ok: VaN armour Bieberhunter: Flamethrower Pog JubJubWantRubRubs: missed best loot in game PepeHands metal spoon PepeHands Teret1: SAVE Gam3freak99: FeelsLateMan VISAGE TIME FeelsLateMan ISinistarI: SAVE Xerenix: Flame infront fo you LULW Feralio: @Elajjaz You can get a free doctors bag if you do the intro quest in Goodsprings jenwilldo: visage PepeHands PedroSamaa: CHANGE ARMOR Jaargan: @eyeforcz elaGa elaGun BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Visage Waiting Room elaWeird elaWeird fatpep: armoUr elaHAA redd1400: fav streamer but not subbed LUL vihainenkampela: Pog rastatitude: KKona greyfacenospace123: Pog Armored_Guy: 🥒 Ageingyoungrebel: cmonBrother 4onimusha4: Gj. Still a scammer though. Leader is obv part of the segment Timojjan: Hey chat hey ela! HeyEla ultimafia318: did he dump the NCR armor FeelsWeirdMan delopterd: KKona Clap Nopileos: timojjan elaH Fullmetalcheese: Hardcore weight management LUL nave0: Pog EyeForcz: VISAGE PepeHands VISAGE PepeHands VISAGE PepeHands VISAGE PepeHands VISAGE PepeHands Nopileos: Pog Vock186: KKona UltraWindow: damn brother, where’d ya find this? Fatamerikans: imagine using a 1DT armor for +2 guns PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: Feralio he already used that one PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: Gungeon waiting room Kapp RonsuDE: Pog Nkeejz: Aint gonna play visage? Spellyew: Pog rastatitude: Pog Ageingyoungrebel: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag gunygma: @redd1400 i was, will be again soon 😉 ChrisCage788: Pog AntonioAS7X: gachiOnFIRE delopterd: monkaX Nopileos: Pog Pog SkyDC: @Elajjaz gungeon run after Visage? elaHmm Martiansam: penis gun LULW 뿡토: elaWeird Spellyew: WeirdChamp Ellycat1: FeelsWeirdMan Armored_Guy: ur weird FeelsWeirdMan Timojjan: @Nopileos pepeL Fullmetalcheese: Chag Chag Nopileos: Timojjan elaH Sceda: maybe sell some stuff instead of repairing perfect condition weapons Kosmic_Eagle: @timojjan hey pepeL Feralio: @Azure_Felt Haha, Well then i feel silly. Thanks 🙂 ISinistarI: Save TrveBlack: its bad Nox15: visage waiting room FeelsLateMan TrexTitan: Prisoner Azure_Felt: 10 after elaGa barter skill shameimarusen: Pocket change LUL brot_ok: PepeHands redd1400: V A L U E tetra5: Pog vihainenkampela: PepeHands Martiansam: noooooooooooooo MidgetDude110: PepeHands Onionmaster32: PepeHands Ellycat1: monkaW JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeHands Alexstg5x: NOOOOOOO Nopileos: PepeHands UltraWindow: no 10 subs FeelsBadMan OptimisticKnowledge: lady LULW eliastheepicgamer: PepeHands ONTYYYY: Noooooo Fatamerikans: lady? Flashforward: lady King_Insane: @Elajjaz regarding hacking: https://youtu.be/VzXNg8CRvm8?t=114 i skipped to the relevant part of it it’s 2 minutes long – for next time LickMyPretzel: Lady FeelsPepoMan fakerello: NOOO tutufuzi: LUL NordKevRainy: LADY PepeLaugh Sundye7: lady LULW ToxxicWaffle: nooo keep playing htis NNayio: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danCry noooo rastatitude: visage ! Pog ! AlcatraZ567: limp LULW knowledge_college: LADY LULW Timojjan: @Kosmic_Eagle Hey pepeL FeelsGoodMan Turbulist: lady LULW Da_Flanker: Le horror ghem Nopileos: LADY LULW NNayio: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: FeelsBadMan Murder_Dog: lady Kreygasm schlawinator: PepeHands MaxiMHc: you are really mixing genders LULW delopterd: this game is kinda scary sometimes rastatitude: come here 🙂 tetra5: Come Here @Elajjaz ultimafia318: horro game FeelsWeirdMan Da_Flanker: What lady PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: PepeHands more NV tomorrow? sh0gg: search the other corpse bjoernnn: walking like asmongol LULW Martiansam: overcucumber NNayio: ppBeer EyeForcz: play visage or im gonna ruin your visage elaMad play visage or im gonna ruin your visage elaMad Azure_Felt: elaOP Jaargan: 10 subs elaREE 10 subs elaREE 10 subs elaREE CrystalTeardrop: NNayio cantaPat Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz found a picture 3 years ago when we first met we both look hot SWilqen: keep going Armored_Guy: over🥒 LULW FunkerHornsby: Come here 🙂 Jonas_dude13: hi CleverName2: @EyeForcz nrdyD greyfacenospace123: this game is kinda scary too. Keep playing Pog alexei723: 20 subs when? AlcatraZ567: lady LULW Fullmetalcheese: Horror over NV FeelsWeirdMAN Armored_Guy: lady LUL sh0gg: the “lady” OptimisticKnowledge: lady btw LULW RonsuDE: KKona DarkersideZ: gachiBASS Naaslaarum: cute lady AYAYA EyeForcz: CleverName2 nrdyD Jaargan: LADY elaKek brot_ok: lady elaThirst ultimafia318: I’d save you but my entire body is crippled OMEGALUL alexei723: @OptimisticKnowledge 2019 Martiansam: @Jonas_dude13 hi elaOk Kosmic_Eagle: Pog MaxiMHc: LEAVE HIM TIED LULW Dijaxtra: nrdyKona Clap Flamingreen: Pog Spellyew: AYAYA LADY Emzero: Pog brot_ok: Champ Loheb: Pog Doully92: HandsUp MidgetDude110: Pog NNayio: @CrystalTeardrop 👋 AYAYA MobiusCog: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt Nopileos: Pog rastatitude: Pog: Armored_Guy: Pog Doully92: FeelsPepoMan WukeWiking: PogU Fulgator: Chag ttetz: Pog labasfej: pepeJAM xNoctis: LOL Naniyo: elaGa AkiraJkr: Pog Pog Pog atomicdestruction: 100 subs Pog SkyDC: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: elaGa OptimisticKnowledge: LULW NNayio: FeelsPepoMan Nopileos: Pog Pog Sody01: Pog MidgetDude110: elaGa Murder_Dog: me 🙂 Daedro: FeelsPepoMan Flamingreen: billyReady baezmejia200: elaHYUK Saneokkk: to me Pog Firstdark: Kreygasm Jebaited PLAZAx: EZY grunbeld: 1033 KevKov: stroke monkaW Fafebobo: elaHYUK JubJubWantRubRubs: PogU ill be a sub soon Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan ThatLuluTho: FeelsPepoMan Clap Martiansam: ?????? dzemroz: POGGERS Goodluckmode: 20 Jaargan: Pog Erytropus: elaHYUG tHaH4x0r: Pog ArcherTyrall: 😉 ChillingSpark: Pepega NNayio: FeelsPepoMan Clap DekkerDave: 3HEad Nopileos: Pog greyfacenospace123: danYum punch_u_in_the_goober: Pog AlexAnderman1994: elaGa elaHYUK DigiLaw420: 100 subs Pog Wilze13: Pog supersupras: elaHYUK killerquent: :O annjey: Champ Domanel: Pog tutufuzi: 30 subs Pog angryj0nes: Give me give m,e Spellyew: PogU 10 OptimisticKnowledge: 10 3 subs PogU k0tashira: Ten.. three… Hasuman: FREN THREE SBUBS Vedzmakkk: @zer0_tv He lacks critical information PepeLaugh Nopileos: Pog Pog Liprez: Pog Seikisu: FeelsPepoMan ToxxicWaffle: thanks 뿡토: FeelsPepoMan AkiraJkr: Clap Jaargan: elaGa Papayasanchez: Pog LickMyPretzel: elaGa how do i talk Hexarift: Chag synergie001: hey alexei723: 10,000 subs Pog Xcrasherxdxdxd: lol Elajjaz: Elajjaz is gifting 10 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! Nopileos: SUB HYPE Elajjaz elaA SnarksterJr: the new chapter has a ton of lidl tho tbh dojyanu: pog pog poggeerra NordKevRainy: PepeLaugh MissingPixels: pvpYEE pistaitson: just do it Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to Tyfull24233! Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to ripper_x25! Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to oOFr3ak0utOo! Fenchu: LuL Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to KariGrandi! Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to galorfirith! Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to PockyAddict! Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to Ccl0ud! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @tyfull24233 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM DaVinssi: Pog Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to BringYoAGame! berozz: ok WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @oofr3ak0utoo the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @karigrandi the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM klyacha: song name pls russian zoomer Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to Dokiash! flipponator: I got one Pog WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ripper_x25 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM k0tashira: Give me Elias chan Pog WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @pockyaddict the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @ccl0ud I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @bringyoagame the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Pexhzz: …. Elajjaz: Elajjaz gifted a Tier 1 sub to Hexarift! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @galorfirith the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Llyfrgell: Pog WrestlerBot2000: @dokiash I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Martiansam: Pog Daedro: Chag WrestlerBot2000: @hexarift If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Tyfull24233 elaA SnarksterJr: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog NNayio: Chag samperson12345: aaaaaa Xcrasherxdxdxd: nice SulTantei: pepeJAMMER e1gna: DODGED Nopileos: Pog Tiny_PL: GOTTEM Bieberhunter: Dodged Pog BobTheDrunkBear: Pog Timojjan: Can’t wait for scorn Hussnay: Clap Azure_Felt: no scammazJAZ FeelsGoodMan AkiraJkr: LULW Fulgator: Clap UltraWindow: PogU survived Golden04: DODGED Pog Flamingreen: DODGED Nostraz: dodged Pog DragoNightmare: MercyWing1 KappaPride MercyWing2 Ageingyoungrebel: Champ missed it ArcherTyrall: Clap Polebegood: I GOT ONE Pog xNoctis: my sub now joink Fafebobo: PogU Larkeer: Pog SkyDC: Chag alexei723: DODGED Pog Fletley9: elaISee elaISee elaISee Fatamerikans: ppHop Nopileos: Pog Pog artoflec: that was extremely elaHYUK there Ela Chronolight: Pog Hasuman: RIGGED Vedzmakkk: LUL MatrixxStar: @Elajjaz ofc not me RonsuDE: Pog Clarkuga: Pog angryj0nes: Pog ninjalive2: turntyComfy k0tashira: Almost PepeHands Spellyew: I DODGED Chag NNayio: I GOT TWO! Chag ViveLaDissidence: dodged Pog TheGloriousRage: elaHYUG xNoctis: nvm 🙁 Pexhzz: Pog Nopileos: Pog Lightning4444: Chag Umetsu_rin: @skazii scorn devs stopped dev’s notes, after they got new sponsor LUL Amazng_Guy: so sad PepeHands Hexarift: Woah i got one Pog Raftelle: ricardoFlick Timojjan: STILL A PLEB PepeHands greyfacenospace123: DODGED Pog ShumaVaelor: dodged dustings1234: #rigged poggingforever: Pog tHaH4x0r: Dodged Pog BAGNETOO: DoDGED as always EZ Magilou_69: Pog NordKevRainy: Not a sub Pog Rust_n: Dodged DaVinssi: I survived PogU Natan220: Pog Dodged Kirzan: HandUp Nopileos: Dodged pisyaaa__: pldb fadziri: Pog Annonn140: i got none Pog Llyfrgell: elaHYUG Tommero: Pog galorfirith: oh wow i got one MatrixxStar: @Elajjaz never lucky CrystalTeardrop: Fafebobo fafa-kun cantaPat AkiraJkr: Dodged LULW CrisInuyasha: dodged! Azure_Felt: elaOP Da_Flanker: elaOP zulul_vi_von_zulul: NotLikeThis MookiBoi: Dodged Pog Alexstg5x: fuck me scuffedwario: DODGED Pog Mjolnmjar_: Pog KanzanZX: never lakki PepeHands 1080p200fps: ez dodge McDumb: DODGED PepeUff Joxih: me? Sherman26: Pog Nuhg: Chag Dodged salpo_nolobio: PogU 10 3 Tier 3 Subs Jeaceb: subs therealrayleigh: STILL A PLEB Pog dzemroz: got one Pog fatpeasanthunter: lmao Sandersrock: dodged pepeL Oskerd: elaHYUK mizoreeee: ez dodge ricardoFlick Kosmic_Eagle: elaOP Goodluckmode: Never lucky atomicdestruction: Ted threw Fred three free throws angryj0nes: But i’m still Pleb tho PepeHands RonsuDE: YOOOOOO gurt MagicFrogs: OSFrog AlcatraZ567: Pog dojyanu: noooo don’t eaatt SkyDC: elaOP Vivelin: !YeahBoi Murder_Dog: NOT YOGURT gachiBASS Fafebobo: CrystalTeardrop cute Crystal elaYA pepeL MsBlackDahlia: pepeD Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog Teret1: NEVER LUCKY PepeHands Nopileos: Pog rastatitude: never lucky TriHard therealrayleigh: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady RealLifeTsundere: RaregachiGASM dodged like a boss RaregachiGASM KevKov: got one Pog Ntulo5: Did I win? ZeroPhil96: ! elaHYUG galorfirith: damn i got lucky Bieberhunter: !elaYA #Eli-Chan Turbulist: elaOP Clarkuga: elaOP 🍝 CrystalTeardrop: Hello,welcome new pepos elaISee Ntulo5: Nope lol Umetsu_rin: f Azure_Felt: pepeJAM nrdySpank Fearswe: Ten Three Subs? You mean Thirty? elaHmm Kirzan: HandsUp ‘nother victim HandsUp Loheb: Forever a pleb FeelsGoodMan Remedy020: pepeD pepeJAM pepeD NNayio: FeelsAmazingMan angryj0nes: still PlebPepeHands DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: !AYAYA #cuties PoliceCarAuction: ! nepSmug WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady dojyanu: don’t eat don’t eat don’t eat annjey: ppHop AlcatraZ567: pepeD Fafebobo: pepeJAMMER angryj0nes: still Pleb PepeHands Ageingyoungrebel: Newfrogs FeelsGoodMan Clap Newfrogs FeelsGoodMan Clap Newfrogs FeelsGoodMan Clap Newfrogs FeelsGoodMan Clap Newfrogs FeelsGoodMan Clap tHaH4x0r: pepeJAMMER Dying_dynamics: adamkissRAGECRY Youbetterlikemyburgers: ela1 Flamingreen: NaM Loheb: pepeJAMMER therealrayleigh: ! AYAYA LickMyPretzel: Am I the only one who prefers the Orgy version of this song? CrystalTeardrop: PoliceCarAuction cirPat Spellyew: AYAYA dontpatme: pepeJAMMER Dijaxtra: I see jammers in the chat pepeJAMMER Timojjan: pepeJAM Germy_ranch: pepeD rastatitude: lacA1 lacA2 Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAMMER Imsleepybro: pepeJAMMER Flamingreen: pepeJAMMER Nopileos: pepeJAMMER Fulgator: ElaJAM brot_ok: brot_ok is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Elajjaz! imLunchy: pepeJAM RevinDDD: !LUL poggingforever: pepeJAM PoliceCarAuction: @CrystalTeardrop cirPat cirSmug aZuma231: pepeJAMMER Loheb: We jamming pepeJAMMER KevKov: ! elaBruv Teddym4n: pepeJAM HYPERCLAP skazii: @Umetsu_rin hmm.. You think they still working on it? Last time I heard they were up to atleast 30 peps for dev team LickMyPretzel: I guess so Spellyew: pepeJAMMER ISinistarI: ppBeer Vock186: Youbetterlikemyburgers 👋 cirISee Sherman26: Pog Jaargan: ElaJAMMER Deid_: I CAN HEAR IT gachiBASS Flamingreen: Clap2 brot_ok: ela1 ela2 Azure_Felt: ‘nother victim MaN Youbetterlikemyburgers: Vock186 elaISee / Hellu: I can still hear the slaps gachiGASM imLunchy: PepePls Seikisu: pepeJAM SulTantei: pepeJAM imLunchy: pepeJAM Flamingreen: Clap2 pepeJAMMER Clap Nopileos: pepeJAM Beard_Of_Joy: ☑ no gungeon ☑ no new vegas ☑ old lady ☑ ASHKA elaREE Instinctual: !specs therealrayleigh: pepeJAM LegendarySoulblade: Blue Monday KKool Doully92: pepeD rastatitude: ricardoFlick Azure_Felt: nrdySpank gachiGASM xacten: ello7 ello8 Imsleepybro: pepeD 뿡토: RIP gungeon PepeHands imLunchy: pepeJAMMER Loheb: pepeD jungl5man3: @Elajjaz PepeUff ????? Spellyew: pepeD poggingforever: gachiGASM clap Nopileos: pepeD J0hnnyBlade: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: elaOP Hirwo: Blue monday! Dusty_Degenerate: Kappa check KevKov: elaOP alexei723: D: CrystalTeardrop: J0hnnyBlade naroWOW MOOSE_08: How was New Vegas Da_Flanker: So much to do alexowhy: nrdyS nrdySpank Hellu s0nicR3ducer: s0nicR3ducer subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! spoop WrestlerBot2000: @s0nicr3ducer I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM dosakarud: gachiCOOL NiceThings_: monkaW 👉 Oven Nopileos: SUB HYPE s0nicR3ducer Pog CroftBondsWife: @elajjaz croftbond almost peed himself yesterday. We’ll continue and hopefully get caught up before the lake tonight. ThatLuluTho: A god run at that ThatGuy4422: Let’s go!!!! sheriffJAZZ Beard_Of_Joy: finish gungeon first 🙂 Inevit: Pedro CrystalTeardrop: alexowhy elaH Da_Flanker: Any LIDL games, perhaps? BruiseVein: @Elajjaz so I can’t watch this because havn’t seen beginning and can’t see beginning because nothing on YT elaWeird wow elaWeird killerquent: 1h or 2 left for chapter 2 I think ChickenZePoop: pepeD lambdadelta3: Slay the Spire Pog bout2get1: @Elajjaz there is a key in visage that you will damn near never find just a fair warning alexowhy: @CrystalTeardrop nrdyOwO imLunchy: pepeJAM Youbetterlikemyburgers: thats amazing VaN angryj0nes: When Ela Ends New Vegas need to play Skyrim too CrystalTeardrop: BruiseVein me too cantaS Hellwish: so you feel “meh” about it ela? ilovepork: !DuckerZ alexei723: @BruiseVein watch it backwards 🙂 Jaargan: finish gungeon before u get submerged into a big ass rpg like nv elaKek mkzkSeki: pepeJAMMER Emowaffle1648: pepeJAM s0nicR3ducer: I struggled to get into New Vegas ChibiKuro: EljanPls Kalastan: BruiseVein just watch the VOD ? LULW MOOSE_08: Doing any all achievements runs today? BruiseVein: @CrystalTeardrop PepeHands FoolishPaul: Slay the Spire Pog BruiseVein: @Kalastan twitch vods are ass victor_maitland: sinking city is decent Murder_Dog: hairy women Kreygasm Tiny_PL: EA LuL Da_Flanker: I remember this alexowhy: nrdyISee klyacha: song name pls Flamingreen: monkaW ChickenZePoop: monkaW Da_Flanker: Weird ass game Naniyo: monkaW WITO: DON’T BUT GAMES RELATED TO EA MisterPossible: @Elajjaz if you’re looking for new horrorish like game – search sinking city Umadbrudda: @Elajjaz is visage the game with the camera? NNayio: monkaW CJandMOS: SeemsGood Nopileos: monkaW busky_maldsack: monkaW wtf Ageingyoungrebel: Pog NiceThings_: EA monkaW RonsuDE: TaBeRu Annonn140: EA OMEGALUL J0hnnyBlade: monkaS twitchin2019omegalul: EA LUL Azure_Felt: TaBeRu ilovepork: @klyacha Blue Monday souldedeh: TaBeRu anibit: monkaS ThatLuluTho: It does look good y LegendarySoulblade: @klyacha Blue monday SulTantei: ea monkaX Doully92: elaS AlcatraZ567: monkaW Nefarioz: @klyacha blue monday Teddym4n: WutFace KevKov: EA yea no thanks J0hnnyBlade: CrystalTeardrop elaWOW ChibiKuro: TaBeRu poggingforever: monkaX ISinistarI: ResidentSleeper Cheeseek: monkaW Fulgator: TaBeRu Spellyew: Pog AlcatraZ567: WutFace Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Fafebobo: elaWut SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaX LickMyPretzel: elaREE klyacha: thx RonsuDE: EA FeelsWeirdMan brot_ok: elaYA Tree60noscoped: monakS salpo_nolobio: monkaS anibit: fucking creepy Kalastan: BruiseVein but they do their job monkaHmm kinda JubJubWantRubRubs: why is waifu so hairy DansGame angryj0nes: Already have some indie games like this Natan220: EA monkaW NNayio: WutFace PortWine: monkaW ocirne23: monkaS DGS_Howling: monkaS Nopileos: monkaS Armody: monkaW PLAZAx: monkaW Glenshane: monkaW DekkerDave: ELECTR OMEGALUL NIC ARTS Annonn140: furry DansGame bleu_spoonz: please Hold Me Fatamerikans: furry DansGame Flamingreen: E A WeirdChamp NNayio: EA WutFace dzemroz: weeb trash LUL SaintNep: haHAA Clap KappatainHindsight: ResidentSleeper alexei723: BOAT DLC LULW BaguetteDesu: cute world AYAYA Bobinbi: the scary part will be the surprise boxes monkaS Fenu: @klyacha blue monday Firstdark: Jebaited ea wasupman2: the sinking city LuL dojyanu: go away EA!! Remedy020: Looks interesting Aberrant404: @Elajjaz any plans for visage vids or just keeping to vods? S4nG0: probably a walking simulator tho… Nuhg: Furry dream, girl with feathers Hajitaib: WeirdChamp ilovepork: Imagine being that mad against EA OMEGADOWN brot_ok: EA forsenHead LickMyPretzel: Animations are wonky StrongNico: dark souls but ocean BruiseVein: @Kalastan not talking about quality, they literally crash KevKov: THICC Wwaaaz: Hairy women elaGasm Dijaxtra: Chat it’s EA originals elaWeird literally an indie game Tetrahom: Pepega FORSLAG kebabsouls: EA FeelsWeirdMan Ph4ntomi: VoteNay tismetheking: Chat what’s that game called made by the creators of until dawn that’s coming out soon? lloydbannings: girl character=weeb Pepega Remedy020: Crow Girl? ChibiKuro: elaYA CJandMOS: SeemsGood TheH3llraiser: anyone got peekaboo clip? NiceThings_: neat Flashforward: S OMEGALUL S Fatamerikans: early 2019 LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: early 2019 is over 🤔 Jaargan: EA elaHAA only thing ea has done good is sims elaKek SulTantei: DansGame LindAkito: Early 2019 LULW FlexSpider: origin 🙁 Sherman26: Early 2019 LUL CurseofSherwood: 4Shrug Flamingreen: WeirdChamp Furries fatpeasanthunter: EA RIp advoccat: ea LUL vngphx: meh salpo_nolobio: early 2019 LUL infa_xd: early 2019 PepeLaugh spreyz: EA LULW NaughtyPedro: Ea didn’t make this game only publishing it Azure_Felt: early 2019 elaGa killerquent: Hard to tell just by this video Fudgetive: chat how’s visage been? Empat1a: EA WeirdChamp Ageingyoungrebel: EARLY LULW imLunchy: EA is the publisher, not the devs Pepega PortWine: Early 2019 LULW J0hnnyBlade: sea of thieves dlc Chag Kalastan: BruiseVein ohhh i see i never had that problem tbh anibit: early 2019 LUL djinn_94: I’m here 🙂 fapsalon_: @Elajjaz have u ever listened to animals as leaders, thier pretty good SeemsGood mystickingfisher: game looks awesome Da_Flanker: Charise, are you there? Youbetterlikemyburgers: ORIGIN elaKek Nichiro99: its Pog Streamleen: EA no thank you RonsuDE: I wonder how EA manages to screw this one up PepeLaugh dojyanu: NO MORE EA ilovepork: People caring about EA this much OMEGALUL advoccat: anthem LUL Fearswe: “Early 2019” elaOP punch_u_in_the_goober: WeirdChamp FBBlock EA Kirzan: Anth OMEGALUL m ArabCowboy: Amazing? DansGame FunkerHornsby: EA Chag brot_ok: early 2019 forsenKek KappatainHindsight: Cancelled Natan220: Early Kapp Sabriell: catherine Pog Fixxin: Early 2019 LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM y_u_dodiz: pepeD Remedy020: Yeah This does looks interesting MatrixxStar: @Elajjaz will you try wow classic? infamousjtl: comes out tomorrow Spellyew: pepeD Martiansam: elaJAm BruiseVein: @Elajjaz the thing is Twitch vods always crash, that’s why we want on YT elaH MisterPossible: sinking city Nuhg: Early Kappa MOERKETSFYRSTE: Visage at 8pm Kappa LickMyPretzel: Early 2019 FeelsLateMan Fatamerikans: pepeJAM Martiansam: elaJAM SaucissonCourtois: its out Zlexpro: Neeeei did I miss the ending of chapter 2? LickMyPretzel: Hyper Light Drifter @Elajjaz kosmon_aut: i would like to see you play scorn CroftBondsWife: @fapsalon_ animals as leaders is awesome Azure_Felt: what about darkwood elaHmm SaucissonCourtois: already Martiansam: ElaJAM c_errach: Not even because of EA i wouldnt buy personally UltraWindow: EGS OMEGADOWN ceejsavage: atpRtsd4 Zissar_ww: Well it releases tomorrow my dude EDGAREI: yes Da_Flanker: You checked out some LIDL horror yesterday Flamingreen: EA.3 VideoNomad: fun* skolomastra_: elaH KappatainHindsight: HAMMER HIM Kosmic_Eagle: elaH Minn_Minn: how could you kill him elaWut SleepyWolf11477: WutFace Spellyew: WutFace LostNoteleks: @Raknov theres new easter egg like evil dead stuff too Pog 1 SulTantei: Pog ChibiKuro: elaH Nopileos: elaH elaH J0hnnyBlade: this sparkling on textures makes me feel weird FeelsWeirdMan sparken13: imagine if he/she hated him squashlord: is he going to get up monkaGun Printaxx: Chag Marco_m: How many chapters left? meisterpete: @Elajjaz usually you take the knifes out LUL fakzzz_: Pog NNayio: Pog ress! Varvarg1: Pog who is this guy One_Eyed_Maestro: Pog RESS Ageingyoungrebel: Pog ress Neravor: Pog ress Da_Flanker: Pog gress Eizen_5: is this billy from dbd? LULW grecoromanwrestler: monkaW hes gone Doully92: 🙂 Nopileos: Pog RESS QUOTE_IF_2019: 🙂 Azure_Felt: 🙂 Reddinator: 🙂 LickMyPretzel: 🙂 Mrkatking1: Pog Gam3freak99: Pog AlcatraZ567: 🙂 skolomastra_: 🙂 jaquescamarao: fucking giant house Ajahi: Pog RESS ChickenMuffins: Pog ress ChibiKuro: elaSmile Kiissly: 🙂 alexei723: Pog 3/5 Raftelle: 🙂 Kosmic_Eagle: 🙂 SulTantei: 🙂 Nopileos: Pog greyfacenospace123: 🙂 TatmanJ: moon2S Minn_Minn: PedoBear pisyaaa__: 🙂 grecoromanwrestler: monkaW husband is gone Da_Flanker: Wagon? QUOTE_IF_2019: child wagon OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: wagon FeelsPepoMan sparken13: PepeHands whiskeybear89: hey everyone elaHi elaH killerquent: The CASSETI z4phire: 🙂 Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL Blackbird_SR71C: Crib? Armored_Guy: camera is so shiny Shmoop1: I elaH chat and want to cuddle it pepeL Nichiro99: this game looks kinda like RE7 raider_unkindled: monkaW Nopileos: Shmoop1 elaHi sh0gg: hide the corpse here Erytropus: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: pepeJAM NNayio: pepeJAM Hellu: pepeJAM Polebegood: pepeJAM Grimesi: pepeJAM ? Nopileos: pepeJAM RonsuDE: pepeJAM boogeyman551: pepeJAMMER TheLastZael: pepeJAM TorvaM: pepeJAM AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAM Minn_Minn: pepeJAMMER Reddinator: pepeJAM Deliriumi1: pepeJAM KanzanZX: pepeJAM jaquescamarao: pepeJAM AlcatraZ567: pepeJAM Golden04: pepeJAM Neravor: It’s jammed ElaJAMMER dzemroz: pepeJAM alexei723: monkaS Kosmic_Eagle: @whiskeybear89 heyo elaH Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Ageingyoungrebel: pepeJAM One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAMMER Printaxx: ElaJAM Galer1ans: ElaJAM? annjey: pepeJAM BobTheDrunkBear: pepeJAM Soadante: pepeJAM 👍 TheGoldenCobra: pepeJAM QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh DAS_k1ishEe: Crowbar again Dx angryj0nes: US Galer1ans: ElaJAM ? Varvarg1: us? Aeonll: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM ventomrly: fus annjey: PepeUff LickMyPretzel: what is this USS thing Da_Flanker: Locked, stuck, jammed J0hnnyBlade: PepeUff ussss Deliriumi1: USCH Doully92: monkaW sparken13: is this MORDHAU? Kapp Printaxx: monkaX SleepyWolf11477: WutFace BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW jaquescamarao: oh no Gam3freak99: monkaW Armody: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaW hi george Neravor: monkaW picklerickshank: monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE Galer1ans: monkaW forsenomegalol: forsen3 forsen4 MsBlackDahlia: monkaW oh boi rastatitude: monkaW Nox15: monkaW Amazng_Guy: take him out skolomastra_: monkaX Namarax: he’s alive Pog NerdIRage: george? monkaW RonsuDE: monkaW Reddinator: oh no monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaX oh shit killerquent: OH CRAP Redonkules: monkaX Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Grimesi: monkaW 🗡️ NOPE Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW Soadante: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Ageingyoungrebel: monkaW 👉 alexei723: 😀 hes OK squashlord: NO TY monkaGun Azure_Felt: ElaOut Mrkatking1: oh hell naw greyfacenospace123: danS arderuza: c o m e h e r e YeahBoi Gam3freak99: it’s George monkaW Varvarg1: go go go Pog AlcatraZ567: OH NO NO NO NO ChibiKuro: elaWut elaGun Mrkatking1: im out akmannen: come here pappakatt79: Crowbar sparken13: ElaPls One_Eyed_Maestro: bUrself zoleanx: WutFace run Shadowfax71: monkaW Gusmahr_: I JUST GOT HERE WutFace QUOTE_IF_2019: dont monkaW DekkerDave: monkaW Hellu: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW ATSLtv: you’re dead now Nopileos: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW RonsuDE: Close the door LULW sh0gg: HeyGuys Doully92: monkaW WTF Chocolove: LULW punch_u_in_the_goober: forsenWC AlcatraZ567: DEAD NNayio: monkaX NaikoIshino: PepeLaugh Mrkatking1: @Elajjaz run Da_Flanker: Run? SleepyWolf11477: monkaS dosakarud: PepeLaugh moon_phase_: aaaahhhh AlcatraZ567: DOOR hew_hew: forsenWC Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Ageingyoungrebel: monkaW euhhhh squashlord: LULW Varvarg1: PepeLaugh F Bholorak: monkaGun ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn fakzzz_: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh CMAN222008: PepeLaugh Gusmahr_: ???? scorp29_and_abyss: LUL Nopileos: PepeLaugh ZeitImGame: monkaSHAKE AlcatraZ567: ElaOut Golden04: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAMMER coolndeadly1: take a selfie with dat thing NOTORI0UZ: monkaW mibutwhole: hide? LULW baezmejia200: yes LULW NNayio: pepeJAM Arahnell: monkaW Minn_Minn: ElaPls QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaW SleepyWolf11477: DED monkaW thePUNisher5: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Golden04: pepeJAMMER AlcatraZ567: monkaW PWN3D__: Jebaited Namarax: monkaW grecoromanwrestler: monkaW Neravor: Get ready to ElaSmash Moctavius: PepeS atomicdestruction: ElaSmash skolomastra_: ? Pog Soadante: monkaW ? Galer1ans: monkaW omg alexei723: shake his hand 🙂 Wallengreno: Göm dig monkaS NiceThings_: billyReady Hussnay: monkaW annjey: come here 🙂 killerquent: Welp, guess you’ll die R3uk: spring Riggedi: monkaSHAKE CMAN222008: its pepeJAMMER LostNoteleks: monkaW akmannen: why dident u come here JaynisK: @Elajjaz That toy thing over the crib is called a Mobile, usually anyways. 8m4n_: monkaW SleepyWolf11477: OPEN THE DOOR monkaS RonsuDE: FeelsLateMan beastmode408: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW squashlord: DED monkaW Reddinator: yes PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: yes Jebaited Varvarg1: nope 🙂 Azure_Felt: yes Jebaited Polebegood: 4Shrug AlcatraZ567: Jebaited Armody: Jebaited ? NNayio: Jebaited skolomastra_: 🦀 ? Gusmahr_: What did I miss I just got here monkaS BarghestFenrir_: Open the door elaC Jaargan: monkaSHAKE alexei723: yes Kapp Nopileos: Jebaited sparken13: yes Jebaited danm96art: hi chat hi ela! ✌ Chocolove: Yes AlexAnderman1994: Jebaited boondockdewock: Is this game 1.0 now? picklerickshank: monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE monkaX monkaSHAKE VideoNomad: It’s fine danSmile 1080p200fps: Jebaited Nopileos: danm96art elaH namelessmonster36: 🦀 grecoromanwrestler: Cant open doors OMEGALUL Doully92: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW 8m4n_: monkaW g grandma? Printaxx: 🦀 boondockdewock: oh nvm I read the stream title SleepyWolf11477: Jebaited foxmulder25: EU GAME Varvarg1: OMEGALUL VideoNomad: danS NNayio: Clap2 Jebaited Chocolove: Beta LULW Azure_Felt: wait for it PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Yourgrandmother360: monkaW arderuza: BlessRNG Soadante: PepeLaugh Jaargan: Jebaited SleepyWolf11477: INCOMING Jebaited jik04: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @jik04, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 39 mins Foxbounty: I don’t like the fact that he’s gone alexei723: PepeLaugh here it comes VashGarland: i think it is very rude to assign a gender to that thing without asking first z4phire: 🙂 BBiBsBoy: How did they “nerf” the camera? @Elajjaz Reddinator: PepeLaugh psychedelicaz: Atmosphere level 9000 Varvarg1: mr x BarghestFenrir_: I don’ trust this TorvaM: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: behind you monkaW Azure_Felt: no Kapp sparken13: yes 🙂 AlcatraZ567: COME HERE 🙂 KappatainHindsight: he will 🙂 grecoromanwrestler: PepeLaugh here it comes J0hnnyBlade: 🏃 8m4n_: monkaW there is another one?? ordiant: Has Visage got the Update now guys? QUOTE_IF_2019: come here 🙂 AsosyalBilgisayar: where ıs grandfather LostNoteleks: 2 threats PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: elaH key WrestlerBot2000: Execution|Clip No.29| https://clips.twitch.tv/RenownedAdorableJayTheRinger summer___: dude it looked like ela was wearing really thin glasses wtf moon_phase_: basement RyanLovesWeed: semen Namarax: monkaW footsteps jaquescamarao: let’s go to the comfy room now alexei723: you already used it ela annjey: COME HERE 🙁 Marco_m: @BBiBsBoy they probably lowered the flash intensity yvve_: SEMEN KEY gachiBASS Grimesi: DUNGEON gachiHYPER forsenomegalol: forsenWhip forsenLewd AlcatraZ567: @Elajjaz theres a locked door on the basement Chocolove: gachiHYPER pappakatt79: Cant u use the crowbar on the jammed door? @elajjaz killerquent: It’s like in chapter 1, a new monster to replace the first one Nox15: COME HERE elaSmile Gam3freak99: they probably lowered the lingering effect of the flash Magilou_69: @summer___ i saw that too LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: This game has like negative AA or something FeelsWeirdMan RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz its not a basement without “semen” RonsuDE: Can’t we play cute games instead? monkaSHAKE Varvarg1: PedoBear Clap Arahnell: Toys FeelsGoodMan jaquescamarao: happy room FeelsGoodMan Clap skolomastra_: 🙂 One_Eyed_Maestro: 4HEad Ajahi: elaBlind LickMyPretzel: 4HEad QUOTE_IF_2019: 4HEad Polebegood: 4HEad Nopileos: 4HEad 8m4n_: monkaW build eet and he will come Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Hussnay: 4Head Doully92: monkaS Armody: monkaW BBiBsBoy: @Marco_m That would make sense 🙂 AlcatraZ567: monkaW tetra5: 4HEad Varvarg1: monkaW Azure_Felt: monkaW akmannen: 4Head skolomastra_: PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: 4HEad LOOOOL Chocolove: already played DansGame thePUNisher5: monkaW alexei723: glory hole 4Head Nopileos: monkaW Namarax: 4HEad that_solid_dude: loool 4Head Galer1ans: What is that sound? Gusmahr_: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: 4HEad Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW AlcatraZ567: 4HEad Amazng_Guy: i’m not okay with that busky_maldsack: monkaW akmannen: Ela come here RonsuDE: 4HEad Grimesi: monkaW TTours Streamleen: the laugh always sounds like a recording AlcatraZ567: there Nopileos: monkaW monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW Sourcehunter: P.T monkaSHAKE Printaxx: monkaW y_u_dodiz: 4HEad fakzzz_: monkaS Tiliger79: monkaW FuTsUnOnInGeN: 4HEad One_Eyed_Maestro: Come here LorkiStream: glory hole 4Head moon_phase_: omg WITO: baby phone. Varvarg1: monkaS RUN Jaargan: peeping hole monkaW ueberkobi: 4HEad sh0gg: EleGiggle JmsTV: monkaW Zalinero_: @QUOTE_IF_2019 angryj0nes: DED MonkaS greyfacenospace123: 4Head good one Streamleen: like the clown from that other game djinn_94: pictures monkaW AsosyalBilgisayar: comıng for you Gam3freak99: hard mode unlocked monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaW pekkaatte: 4Head twitchin2019omegalul: Kappa come here Amazng_Guy: giving me those dumb PT vibes Chocolove: 4HEad Galer1ans: LULW Nox15: WutFace zoleanx: white 4Head NOTORI0UZ: Chag angryj0nes: DED monkaS wal__rus: escape RonsuDE: gdqOOB AlcatraZ567: WutFace Araldsen: Araldsen subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! WrestlerBot2000: @araldsen Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Araldsen Pog QUOTE_IF_2019: 4HEad l0cx_: its a feathure foxmulder25: VAT altZiodarc: jump out of the window monkaS psychedelicaz: BRIGHTNESS IS SAFETY BRIGHTNESS IS LIFE @Elajjaz QLikesDonuts: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @QLikesDonuts, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 41 mins Frosted15: Kappa come here Sourcehunter: Chag nymnCorn nationofsin: Sounds like P.T! That voice 🎃 Da_Flanker: HotPokket Llyfrgell: elaHmm NerdIRage: same Namarax: same PepeHands Jaargan: elaHmm QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeHands Varvarg1: sounds like me elaSmile One_Eyed_Maestro: SAME LULW seiko__5: COPE LUL AlcatraZ567: PepeHands Febox: SOUNDS LIKE ME PepeHands Da_Flanker: PepeHands dojyanu: the door for that key is also on the room where you get that key Nopileos: PepeHands skolomastra_: PepeLaugh moon_phase_: oof poor guy Veven: The voice actor is the CEO of Saber from the Office LUL forsenomegalol: forsen1 forsen2 jik04: where are you from? @Elajjaz RyanLovesWeed: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaW LATE FOR TEA LickMyPretzel: tea time imLunchy: monkaW JmsTV: forsen1 Fightmarine: what happened until now? Azure_Felt: attic monkaW alexei723: Pog nymnCorn HummingnerD: what’s an attic hook? killerquent: More like oven time picklerickshank: HAHAHAHA 4Heead Namarax: he locked her in the attic? Streamleen: that was the last time he was late for tea DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: casetti skolomastra_: late for pee 🚽 LickMyPretzel: She shanked him after that Loheb: dont be late for tea monkaW Azure_Felt: no elaB Printaxx: 4HEad QUOTE_IF_2019: 4HEad NO RyanLovesWeed: @HummingnerD a hook to get into the attic 4Head y_u_dodiz: D: Varvarg1: D: jaquescamarao: no 🙂 Llyfrgell: D: Arahnell: D: AlcatraZ567: monkaW Nopileos: D: Epic_3bdollah: D: annjey: come here 🙂 VashGarland: RUDE Da_Flanker: 4HEad Kosmic_Eagle: D: angryj0nes: D: erikoinen: 4HEad greyfacenospace123: 4Head ueberkobi: 4HEad Galer1ans: D: that_solid_dude: 4HEad its funny BearackObama: 4HEad Golden04: 4HEad cheeze____: 4HEad AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh NNayio: monkaX Nopileos: 4HEad l0cx_: damn granny calebGasm calebGasm Tiliger79: 4HEad BearackObama: 4HEad LOOOL Polebegood: 4HEad TorvaM: 4HEad skolomastra_: HotPokket shutz up? angryj0nes: How Rude D: Kiissly: LUL AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: 4HEad @Elajjaz Galer1ans: monkaW imLunchy: 4HEad JmsTV: monkaW CMAN222008: 4HEad Nopileos: 4HEad 4HEad GrafPolskii: monkaW alexei723: 4HEad LOOOOL sjuften_: 4HEad dzemroz: SHE KOMME monkaW akmannen: 4Head DigiLaw420: 4HEad AlexAnderman1994: 4HEad BarghestFenrir_: Baby monitor? mightygabs: is it a laugh or a turkey Azure_Felt: she’s watching a funny movie PepeLaugh Gusmahr_: monkaW jaquescamarao: did he place the toy? erikoinen: 4HEad LOOOOOOOOOl cheeze____: come here KingMidas133: 4HEad Keltai_: 4Head Doully92: FUCK THAT Nopileos: 4Head SkeletonKeyLimePie: what’s so funny? 😀 Hussnay: monkaW imLunchy: monkaW starlight54: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW Polebegood: monkaSHAKE BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Tiliger79: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaX kokosenpaai: 4HEad zombie391: 4Head TessilRx: HotPokket HotPokket HotPokket Redonkules: monkaW Reddinator: monkaX Nopileos: monkaW shamshamalam: monkaW Moctavius: PepeLaugh Nox15: monkaW Minn_Minn: monkaW Grimesi: monkaW ❗ Iunbond: monkasS Golden04: monkaH picklerickshank: 4HEad HAHAHA BlackSai1s: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaW IM OUT MsBlackDahlia: monkaW I2obotDragon: monkaX kokosenpaai: monkaW tetra5: LULW BearackObama: 4HEad Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Jackplz: Come Here atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Soadante: monkaW monkaW Nyccccccc: PogChamp fakzzz_: monkaW WhiteFoxy: PepeUff angryj0nes: DED monkaSHAKE NNayio: monkaH Sanzibal: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: elaWut NaikoIshino: I DIDN’T SEE Namarax: i didnt see it monkaGun that_solid_dude: TTours monkaSHAKE 420bakin: monkaW ChickenMuffins: Kinda sounds like Granny Edna LuL J0hnnyBlade: elaWut TTours Shmoop1: @Elajjaz did you know that the major component of house dust is human dead shed skin? alexowhy: PepeS Riggedi: monkaSHAKE shinoko007271: MonkaW DekkerDave: YOURE BRAIN ELA monkaW seiko__5: JUMP OUT THE WINDOW Jaargan: monkaW Streamleen: Think this despawned her. Nopileos: monkaW D3rrtyD4n: shes just havin a laugh 4HEad DekkerDave: *YOUR ffs I2obotDragon: monkaX nymnCorn mightygabs: sounds like a turkey Ajahi: Brain Hemorrhage monkaW rastatitude: forsenWC Moctavius: monkaW ?! alexowhy: @Ageingyoungrebel hold me fren PepeS shoeboxboxbox: listen to tape gonbat: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: monkaW Polebegood: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW Tiliger79: monkaW DigiLaw420: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaW ? Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Golden04: monkaW l0cx_: i farted Grimesi: monkaW renegadeofunk112: LUL Nox15: monkaW psychedelicaz: WutFac wandering_pleb: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW psychedelicaz: E Gnash97: monkaS 🔨 Arahnell: Noises monkaW NNayio: monkaSHAKE QUOTE_IF_2019: monkaW TTours AlexAnderman1994: elaWut elaWut Nopileos: monkaW alexei723: ELA DONT TAKE PICTURE OF THE BATHROOM monkaTOS kokosenpaai: monkaSHAKE J0hnnyBlade: Moctavius 👋 monkaS RyanLovesWeed: monkaW y_u_dodiz: elaHYUK ? Varvarg1: stick em in butt Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: elaHYUK Clap Strikyyy1337: Is this chapter gonna be on youtube? Deid_: monkaW Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Mancow_: piss bag Erytropus: elaHYUK Doully92: IV Drip? NNayio: FeelsPepoMan scuffedwario: iv bag seiko__5: Pepega QLikesDonuts: IV drip type deal LickMyPretzel: IV bag Galer1ans: FeelsPepoMan Printaxx: elaHYUK annjey: FeelsPepoMan AlexAnderman1994: FeelsPepoMan Nopileos: FeelsPepoMan BobTheDrunkBear: iv drip zulul_vi_von_zulul: NotLikeThis ChickenMuffins: bloo bla bla elaGa Epic_3bdollah: FeelsPepoMan derBartuc: infusion? Shmoop1: FeelsPepoMan summer___: basement in a horror game, sounds like a great idea forsenomegalol: forsenGASM flare300m: hi Chocolove: WeirdChamp Strikyyy1337: Awesome! AlcatraZ567: @Elajjaz check the locked door inside the mirror on basement? picklerickshank: monkaSHAKE nymnCorn monkaX nymnCorn Fightmarine: did he put the knife back in? Arahnell: it’s a tea infusion actually Amazng_Guy: and the maze right? MsBlackDahlia: yes Fightmarine Varvarg1: PepeLaugh this place AlexAnderman1994: and the maze psychedelicaz: WutFace Galer1ans: your jumpscare should be on YT Kappa Erytropus: pepeJAM LeVincente: monkaSHAKE Deliriumi1: monkaW that_solid_dude: PepeLaugh 📉 Sanity PepeLaugh 📈 Insanity KanzanZX: pepeJAM Shadowfax71: ElaJAM AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAM Printaxx: ElaJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM Fightmarine: @msblackdahlia what happened? Obscere: Come Here summer___: why pepeJAM ??? dosakarud: Kappa Nog87: did naked granny start showing up yet? QUOTE_IF_2019: I made this game 🙂 One_Eyed_Maestro: Not lidl Pog BBiBsBoy: Have you found the mirror in the wardrobe in front of the storage room? @Elajjaz rastatitude: forsenWC MsBlackDahlia: Fightmarine the dude stood up, but nothing further foxmulder25: There is a key in the toilet bowl Azure_Felt: door was jammed pepeJAM avatar_94: the best alexei723: @Elajjaz taking pictures in the bathroom monkaTOS Soadante: 🙂 Chocolove: Kapp zulul_vi_von_zulul: forsenWC LickMyPretzel: Early access for the next 10 years WITO: Mirror? Galer1ans: Can you deffend yourself with that Hammer? Nox15: mirror HeinrichVonSchnitzel: bathroom? forsenWC Fightmarine: okay thanks @msblackdahlia Deid_: forsenWC ScR4P_de: ScR4P_de subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! rastatitude: 💿 TTours 🚽 WrestlerBot2000: @scr4p_de Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM summer___: oh… the door was jammed….. oh my god chat Kiissly: forsenWC Nopileos: SUB HYPE ScR4P_de Pog Kosmic_Eagle: forsenWC jenwilldo: elaBlind ? Marco_m: How many chapters left? @Elajjaz MsBlackDahlia: Fightmarine and dropped a key skolomastra_: forsenWC foxmulder25: Bathroom selfies LUL Gustavus_Anonus: forsenWC boogeyman551: grandma only visible with cam? Nopileos: forsenWC AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC One_Eyed_Maestro: summer___ pepeJAMMER Clap alexei723: forsenWC Printaxx: monkaW Doully92: monkaS Rodriwastaken: forsenWC Galer1ans: monkaW MsBlackDahlia: np Fightmarine elaH AlcatraZ567: monkaW Namarax: oh monkaW Varvarg1: monkaW Tiliger79: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW Empyrium: monkaW Quickwe: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW picklerickshank: I cant wait for VR days when you can feel a ghost touch you from behind. Future horror games will be so monkaS TorvaM: monkaW GrafPolskii: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: ElaOut l0cx_: monkaS starlight54: monkaW WITO: @Elajjaz mirror in the bathroom? Glenshane: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: come here 🙂 @Elajjaz arderuza: occupied Golden04: monkaW twitchin2019omegalul: enigmaGetOut NaughtyPedro: go to the bathroom forsenWC Amazng_Guy: grandma being such a prankster BBiBsBoy: monkaGun Nopileos: monkaW monkaW bloodcaleb: forsenWC rastatitude: iloveyou key on music box? @Elajjaz mightygabs: shtting a door in the face rude Nox15: did you break the mirror in bathroom Simon_iO: Come here 🙂 Legi_: forsenWC jaquescamarao: why aren’t we just leaving the house? TessilRx: close doors silently DansGame Venomous_Salim: !time Arahnell: Seems like it indeed WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 20:43 Trynchen: TTours Galer1ans: What is this game about? I missed the chapter 1 Shadowfax71: picklerickshank what if a ghost tickles your butthole monkaW AlcatraZ567: @Elajjaz check the locked door inside the mirror on basement? ScR4P_de: Hi Chat. How are doing? Who are we in this game and what are we supposed to do? Ryuk_CC: basement key J0hnnyBlade: gachiAPPROVE I live you key Varvarg1: @jaquescamarao hes already ded and in hell or something Efrondil: my doors do the same thing as the doors in this game J0hnnyBlade: love* FeelsPepoMan picklerickshank: HandsUp that would be in the VR porn Venomous_Salim: !uptime aizawa49: Can you explain the story? @Elajjaz SonicatorTV: J0hnnyBlade elaHYUG WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz One_Eyed_Maestro: Kitchen scene PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @Venomous_Salim, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 46 mins summer___: forsenWC J0hnnyBlade: SonicatorTV elaHYUG Broadsword99: Hello peeps Simon_iO: monkaW The lights erikoinen: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: OMG monkaW Deid_: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: monkaX Polebegood: PepeS jaquescamarao: @Varvarg1 ah nice to know, missed the previous chapters whatsupmel: manually breathing ela LULW Namarax: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: Broadsword99 pepeL Shadowfax71: Pog killerquent: I can never forget what happened yesterday in this kitchen Azure_Felt: !clockwise Broadsword99: How many heart attacks has he had tonight? WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Golden04: !clockwise Doully92: CLOCKWISE PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: @Broadsword99 hello elaOk / Bieberhunter: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Moctavius: J0hnnyBlade pepeL PepeS / bloodcaleb: 5Head that_solid_dude: 4Head why alexei723: !clockwise Arahnell: Clockwise PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing RonsuDE: 🕧 ImSneakyPotato: CLOCKWISE bloodcaleb: 3Head ->4Head ->5Head sjuften_: forsenWC Wallengreno: Just google 4Head QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Keltai_: 5Head i’ve already figured it out 5Head Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz didn’t you take a screenshot of a clock? arderuza: Meow-a-Clock ChickenMuffins: Set the clocks to 3am? pistaitson: any jumpscare clip ? PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: monkaW dosakarud: 3Head djinn_94: monkaW Loheb: monkaW MinonsG: monkaW Xephon111: @elajjaz there are clocks around the house in different rooms Nopileos: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaW i have a bad feeling MinonsG: monkaW DONT Printaxx: monkaX LickMyPretzel: huh erikoinen: bad idea monkaS 195iq: wield this with 2 hands LUL Varvarg1: stick head out 4Head zulul_vi_von_zulul: monkaS 👉⏰ mizoreeee: Try 12 o clock 3am and midnight GrafPolskii: monkaW mightygabs: let the air flow summer___: Xephon111 backseating elaREE Xephon111: Nope Azure_Felt: 333 monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: 333 Legi_: 777 Galer1ans: what about 6 6 6? ChickenMuffins: Set the clock to 3am maybe? RyanLovesWeed: @mizoreeee spoilers 😡 J0hnnyBlade: 333 x2 monkaS HeinrichVonSchnitzel: wasn’t she blabbing about a six digit number tHaH4x0r: Backseating FeelsBadMan shigaraki: that’s half of 666 monkaS Galer1ans: In a horror game wouldn’t surprise the 6 6 6 QLikesDonuts: did you use 50363 yet? Raydia_: @mizoreeee are you memeing? Kiissly: 666 monkaW Sourcehunter: mocking the holy trinity monkaSHAKE Xephon111: @summer___ how am I back seating? I’ve never played PepeLaugh alexei723: @Elajjaz its post game zoleanx: Jebaited bloodcaleb: Jebaited Varvarg1: Pog RonsuDE: Jebaited Azure_Felt: FeelsBadMan PurpleKing666: is there a mirror in the room where she goes “come here” QUOTE_IF_2019: OMEGALUL Darkmother2000: The numbers on the wall in the safe room CMAN222008: god of war dlc Pog Deid_: omega OMEGALUL CurseofSherwood: OMEGALUL chick3nball: re rastatitude: kratos box? Pog MinonsG: GOW DLC Pog mizoreeee: RyanLovesWeed Raydia_ yes i was memeing elaOk 195iq: who in the world would play a game like this voluntary Sergantuss: space marine order ok sashok0806: Did he solve zhe maze room? Varvarg1: take it boi Pog summer___: Xephon111 was just joke man PepeLaugh and also it is allowed in this chat Jaargan: kratos box Pog chick3nball: man, remember the come here grandma moment? bloodcaleb: fortnite dlc POGGERS MrRobot9K: MY summer car Pog mightygabs: pimp my ride comon darkghostlord1: @Elajjaz remember a peephole, i think it had connection with the paintings in clock puzzle room foxmulder25: This game is like Granny TheLunetta: mizoreeee elaH RapToRZZZ92: TTours RyanLovesWeed: @mizoreeee no 😡 we dont meme round these parts KKona Raydia_: @mizoreeee because I know you’re dumb, but you can’t be THAT dumb elaOk jormuliini: WutFace dragonxnin: BEHIND YOU IRL Varvarg1: Kapp ChaosLike: its not fine WutFace mizoreeee: TheLunetta luna pepeL Reddinator: danSmile RonsuDE: RE7 flashbacks monkaW skolomastra_: 🍇 e1gna: re7 garage Ageingyoungrebel: this is fine 🙂 Galer1ans: What happens if you stand a lot in dark? Yourgrandmother360: it’s fine LULW mizoreeee: Raydia_ wtf elaD D4N5T3P: silent hill 4 WutFace AlexAnderman1994: @TheLunetta elaChug Jaargan: this is fine elaSmile Hellheaven1347: Dist finished it last night the rest of the Chapter is great but the puzzle are pretty hard Doully92: monkaS TheLunetta: AlexAnderman1994 elaH Azure_Felt: monkaX Raydia_: @mizoreeee PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: monkaSHAKE Broadsword99: That camera doesn’t have a flas Tiliger79: monkaW fakzzz_: ?????? Namarax: that plant monkaW Legi_: monkaW 👉 🧠 Nopileos: monkaS Xephon111: @summer___ ahh, lol. Gotcha elaH Ageingyoungrebel: monkaW 👉 Reddinator: monkaSHAKE wut82: fake sanity mechanism as in amnesia? MyGoodTwin: come here PepeLaugh chick3nball: bruh whatever happened to all the lighters GrafPolskii: monkaW Varvarg1: elaSmile all smiles all the time RonsuDE: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW dont make a smell WrestlerBot2000: “Speedrunning this gives you supermuchadrenalin… yes this is a word.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 18 owlsama: did you know 333 is used as demonic worshiping laeAha jaquescamarao: come here @Elajjaz annjey: come here 🙂 Loheb: monkaW 👉 🧠 Streamleen: the character gets scared so easily QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh mightygabs: the character can’t go faster? ChaosLike: monkaW djinn_94: all alone PepeLaugh ChaosLike: BEHIND YOU monkaW Doully92: DansGame roasty_brekky_warp: numotGHOST monkaW Sergantuss: look like he missed some horror script busky_maldsack: PepeLaugh dosakarud: Kappa Namarax: broke game monkaW dragonxnin: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis foxmulder25: RQ sparken13: RIP Immersion tidooh: @Elajjaz @Chat elaHi Azure_Felt: PepeHands Da_Flanker: monkaW summer___: my immersion elaREE skolomastra_: elaBlind l0cx_: ther:( MinonsG: Yes PepeLaugh Nopileos: tidooh elaHi QUOTE_IF_2019: scared when chat is gone PepeLaugh zebrasarasa: CHAT elaHi elaH rooHug tidooh: Whats the story of this game? fakzzz_: cant c us PepeHnads alexei723: @Elajjaz maze room MinonsG: Yes PepeLaugh we now Loheb: Pause game monkaW Nopileos: QUOTE_IF_2019 elaH McDumb: 🔨 POGGERS Foxbounty: Remember the game doesn’t actually pause :p 195iq: i cant watch this Nopileos: zebrasarasa elaHi Jaargan: immersion elaREE MinonsG: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: @tidooh elaHi BiggBud: welcome to the family son l0cx_: Pepega Xephon111: Clock Espher_5: tidooh elaHi ComradeNerdy: tidooh elaH Galer1ans: @tidooh Hi there monkaW you not am osnter? then elaH ComradeNerdy: zebrasarasa elaH dragonxnin: wheres ponyo?????????????????? TheLunetta: Nopileos elaH Simon_iO: monkaW Galer1ans: OMG moon_phase_: jesus jaquescamarao: sfdamx Nopileos: TheLunetta elaH Printaxx: LULW Da_Flanker: Not again Doully92: LULW LegendarySoulblade: @summer___ Can you leave Europe alone please, summer? PepeHands zoleanx: jesus WutFace Leo_Fara: 🦀 IMMERSION GONE 🦀 bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN VineWood0604: WutFace TheLunetta: nerdy elaA elaH Wallengreno: LULW Espher_5: monkaW AlcatraZ567: LULW RonsuDE: monkaW Reddinator: FUCK ME Raw3st: HELLo Nopileos: LULW rastatitude: monkaW Deid_: LULW Tiliger79: PepeLaugh dosakarud: LULW neo261: LULW lindwormen: OMEGALUL atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN angryj0nes: DED Namarax: LULW FIXED BUG NNayio: WutFace Nox15: WutFace foxmulder25: WTFFFFFFFFFFF Krankor: !uptime sparken13: LULW fakzzz_: ?????????? Redonkules: PepeLaugh Empyrium: monkaW Legi_: LULW dee2cee: LUL annjey: OMEGADOWN Butterrball: wUTfACE Hussnay: monkaW jaquescamarao: OMEGALUL Canopus: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Hellu: Fixed OMEGADOWN Wallengreno: ASHKA LULW MrRobot9K: MOMMY ComradeNerdy: Luna elaH Rodriwastaken: @elajjaz COME HERE AlcatraZ567: LULW AGAIN l0cx_: ASKA killerquent: LULW MinonsG: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Iunbond: fuck lol foxmulder25: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF moon_phase_: FIXED Amazng_Guy: that ladder always equals death psychedelicaz: my fucking god jimb054: LUL mizoreeee: LULW PWN3D__: SCAMMAZ Varvarg1: PEpeLaugh RIP ladder is cursed Ageingyoungrebel: WutFace alexei723: LULW 30 sups MaleFunction: LULW KingMidas133: ASHKA LULW LostNoteleks: LUL squashlord: monkaSHAKE SaixSoul: rescWtf Jaargan: monkaW chick3nball: Come here grandma! Galer1ans: WTF HAPPENED fakzzz_: LULW ZeroPhil96: EEEEEEEEEEK monkaH skolomastra_: LULW Streamleen: so suddenly foxmulder25: WHATH HTHE FUCKCKCKCK Kosmic_Eagle: @zebrasarasa elaHi elaH AlcatraZ567: LULW LULW Beard_Of_Joy: ☑ no gungeon ☑ no new vegas ☑ old lady ☑ ASHKA elaREE WrestlerBot2000: @Krankor, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 50 mins kokosenpaai: LUL Nox15: PATCHED Jebaited turboScrub: MEN I RULL sjuften_: monkaW Shadowfax71: LULW Blank1980: AGAIN LULW that_solid_dude: what the fuck OMEGADOWN Sherman26: ESPORTS READY LULW Streamleen: REEE dami_exe: @ComradeNerdy elaH 420bakin: LULW LADDER BiggBud: Jebaited AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN PATCHED Loheb: This ladder is so broken LULW NNayio: ASHKA! monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: Fixed btw elaHAA Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nox15: PATCHED Jebaited PATCHED Jebaited Bloodhit: ShANKED BY GRANNY LULW Keltai_: SCAMMAZ zombie391: LUL Maddox_Gaming: atpRtsd2 atpRtsd2 atpRtsd2 D3rrtyD4n: isnt that our neighbor? what a bitch LULW twitchin2019omegalul: laraCrazy come here Espher_5: (choking) Hellu: So much for fixed OMEGADOWN Sourcehunter: ASHKA HVA VAN MEN HVA OMEGADOWN Jaargan: not again elaKek mightygabs: mad grandma Kiissly: LUL LUL LUL cheeze____: again LUL Azure_Felt: thought that was patched LULW alexei723: 30 SUBS LULW 白原: WAT Raw3st: LUL ComradeNerdy: dami_exe elaH owlsama: Jebaited 195iq: but….BUT Da_Flanker: This is like the thir time she pulled you up the ladder eliastheepicgamer: what happened to the fix LUL Raw3st: fucking farmed QUOTE_IF_2019: @Nopileos 57 months Pog arderuza: LADDER OF DEATH 3Head CurseofSherwood: 3/3 ladder deaths LUL dragonxnin: fan chiwa zoleanx: squueekk ( ( ( jaquescamarao: you might need tips Kappa NNayio: Jebaited Reddinator: Jebaited 1 killerquent: That came out of nowhere Espher_5: Jebaited Nostraz: Ashka PepeLaugh MsBlackDahlia: (choking) djinn_94: Jebaited grecoromanwrestler: Patched Jebaited Azure_Felt: Jebaited HYPERCLAP Nopileos: Jebaited fakzzz_: FIXED LULW erikoinen: Jebaited fixed SkeletonKeyLimePie: that’s unfortunate Raw3st: Jebaited Maleedy: lul chick3nball: lul Ageingyoungrebel: Jebaited J0hnnyBlade: Jebaited Varvarg1: LULW NO moon_phase_: LUL fixed danm96art: what? out of nowhere Redonkules: it is fixed Jebaited NNayio: “FIXED” Jebaited Da_Flanker: They l;ied Polebegood: Jebaited Leo_Fara: Jebaited MinonsG: Jebaited neo261: Jebaited Nopileos: Jebaited Jebaited Tiliger79: Jebaited Blackbird_SR71C: Jebaited NovusAnimus: @Elajjaz you were only like 2 feet down the ladder Kosmic_Eagle: Jebaited Jaargan: Jebaited merchandise_of_cush: doesn’t apply to old saves PepeLaugh zombie391: Jebaited Deid_: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: we lied 🙂 Hollow_void: Jebaited nots foxmulder25: NA PATCH NOTES AlexAnderman1994: Jebaited lindwormen: now its even worse Jebaited HYPERCLAP sjuften_: Jebaited MinonsG: Jebaited Clap Nopileos: Jebaited Simon_iO: Jebaited bloodcaleb: 😡 react harder 😡 Myowa_: They said it was fixed PepeLaugh IActivateMyAlmonds: OWO what’s this>-:3..🙁 Glenshane: monkaW nalgasss: reeeee Shrimpess: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: monkaW nikitos_boom: bad monkaW miqzwastaken: elaHmm renee_aria: This is making me hungry cantaISee Darkred28: monkaW sunshift: jsut dive in j0mppa: monkaW stop while you can DrBurgos: save? Empyrium: monkaW alexei723: PepeLaugh 👇 Turbulist: monkaW SpireFacts: Monsters INC? Kgcool: RIP legs MinonsG: monkaW WrestlerBot2000: “I’ll kill this guy first, then I’ll kill his brother” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 48 Nopileos: monkaW monkaW rofIcopter: monkaW zoleanx: BlessRNG nikimilky: jesus? HotFireZ: BlessRNG ThatLuluTho: BlessRNG Chintanda: whats the summary of the game? NosBleid: (Breathing) monkaW nikitos_boom: not DED btw Turbulist: PepeLaugh 👇 Ablauflogik: @renee_aria how lol vecquity: 50373 lavos__: just yeet yourself through the hole yeah MinonsG: BlessRNG Darkred28: monkaW UHHHHHHHHH SonicatorTV: is this jump king since ela is falling down? Kapp spevahr: No 🙂 Shadowfax71: maybe the old lady is mad because toilet is gone and she can’t poop timoteh: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: WHy does it matter? Glenshane: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: the nerfed was in quotation marks WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! akmannen: clean ur house women SnarksterJr: iirc Beard_Of_Joy: ashka s_class12: was that there before Darkred28: PepeLaugh Doully92: monkaSHAKE Flamingreen: monkaW timoteh: monkWw Cheeseek: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW RyanLovesWeed: @ThunderZBee because you can see stuff you shouldnt Darkred28: moon2H timoteh: monkaW Doyago: monkaW MinonsG: monkaW Glenshane: monkaW WITO: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: Baby FeelsGoodMan JackBraun: monkaW HotFireZ: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW buckfro: monkaW mr_swanky429: if you use the camera when shes chasing you will it blind her? samperson12345: BabyRage sunshift: kill it, now is your chance ZeitImGame: monkaSHAKE Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Yourgrandmother360: monkaW Mrtriggahigga: monkaX NaikoIshino: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: ABORTION Pog Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW MinonsG: monkaW HIS CHILD skraalQ: KILL IT ELA Shrimpess: elaWOW Kgcool: gross Fixiiheart: Chag Darkred28: moon2H HYPERCLAP alexei723: 😀 Armored_Guy: burn it MarfMeff: BabyRage EyeForcz: cbrCarry Nox15: monkaW AlcatraZ567: Pog baby l0cx_: take a picture SaixSoul: monkaW Shrimpess: elaWut jungl5man3: smash baby zebrasarasa: rooD Jaargan: KILL IT elaREE elaGun BabyRage SpireFacts: monkaW timoteh: KILL IT ELA Nopileos: monkaW JesseThaBest: hit it with the sledgehammer skraalQ: @Elajjaz KILL IT close2home: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP spevahr: BABBY PogChamp Yourgrandmother360: burn it monkaW Istog: great? DansGame EyeForcz: cbrCarry cbrCarry cbrCarry cbrCarry cbrCarry cbrCarry cbrCarry TeenyTinyRedhead: Don’t give it to her monkaW schiha92: stomp it toxic_phunch: baby=key item QLikesDonuts: wasn’t it spacebar Caterasan: hold space Darkred28: Just store it 4HEad Gam3freak99: hold spae? tidooh: @Elajjaz hold space? Namarax: wasnt it hold space? Akaylass: abort the baby AYAYA Legi_: PepeLaugh Tiliger79: hold space timoteh: monkaGun BabyRage KILL IT Kiissly: KILL IT monkaW alexei723: @Elajjaz hold space daddywojo: space? MrRobot9K: Hammer him QLikesDonuts: did you do that last time? Shrimpess: monkaGun BabyRage gunygma: hold space GentlemansPickle: cute baby elaHYUG ImSneakyPotato: ela is father? Varvarg1: D: Deid_: space? djoexe: tab and click in a spot ChaosLike: STORE ME gachiBASS MinonsG: KILL THIS SHIT 🔨 monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: Yes. 🙂 Gam3freak99: i thought it was hold space Annonn140: DEATH STRANDING DEMO Pog ThatLuluTho: Bean baby from PT ? FeelsGoodMan Glenshane: hold space retro_raiden: sureCP Armored_Guy: let baby carry it LUL jungl5man3: store the baby like a kangaroo s_class12: a tumour like hell boy 2 timoteh: monkaGun KILL IT ELA BabyRage SpireFacts: Take the baby for fuck’s sake miqzwastaken: monkaW 🔨 spevahr: Suplex it LUL Cheeseek: LuL Rndm_: You idiots that child cnat sustain itself, killing it now would only hasten the process TooSpicy samperson12345: LUL Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Darkred28: Jebaited ebola_chan0: DansGame MinonsG: LULW HotFireZ: LUL ebola_chan0: gross buckfro: LUL Nopileos: LUL ihssoy: Change quickslots FailFish Jaargan: LULW l0cx_: incomplete game dosakarud: gachiGASM AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PunOko equip hammer MinonsG: monkaW sunshift: WutFace wasupman2: monkaS 👉 🧠 NosBleid: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: DansGame wtf MyGoodTwin: BabyRage overloadanxiety: Kill it with fire!!!! Glenshane: monkaW Shrimpess: DansGame Reddinator: WutFace Nopileos: monkaW Motek: DansGame Jaargan: elaWut Namarax: wtf poggingforever: DansGame GARIIISH: that’s uh Gam3freak99: that baby is fugly CheatMotor: ugly bastard akmannen: inventory part is the worst part of the game Turbulist: DansGame Nox15: WutFace erikoinen: 👽 HotFireZ: WutFace schiha92: store the baby! MinonsG: DansGame Darkred28: monkaW mr_swanky429: ded GARIIISH: one stiff baby alexei723: plastic LUL skraalQ: KILL IT ITS A DEMON Doully92: WutFace Istog: elaWut fakzzz_: DansGame merchandise_of_cush: put it in your pocket Pog HEiiTsYaboY: elaBruv Hussnay: DansGame Iunbond: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaW jaquescamarao: that baby is stiff miqzwastaken: BabyRage Glenshane: D: Fixiiheart: WutFace MyGoodTwin: drop LULW timoteh: LULW AlcatraZ567: WutFace Deid_: WutFace Azure_Felt: elaD SpireFacts: LUL LickMyPretzel: BabyRage Amazng_Guy: F to drop Pilgrim_age: eeewwww Jaargan: KILL IT elaWut daddywojo: WutFace WutFace WutFace Nopileos: WutFace ImSneakyPotato: F 1heyoo: BabyRage Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Cheeseek: WutFace Excesiiv: We Death Stranding now PogU pekkaatte: just drop it z4phire: Pog Face Ablauflogik: Not breathing… Kiissly: LUL 420bakin: ew zoleanx: WutFace holy WutFace hell JackHow_: throw it sh0gg: just a lil bit ugly MarfMeff: D: Namarax: BabyRage j0mppa: monkaW it’s satan l0cx_: so ugly Lenoskendy: WutFace Tiliger79: LULW LorkiStream: LULW Lady_of_Darkness: BabyRage AlcatraZ567: BabyRage Jarik23: Drop it PepeLaugh Snajper315: D: Deid_: BabyRage close2home: 3Head JackBraun: elaWut Streamleen: flush it gunygma: DROP IT shako_teki: haHAA Obscere: drop Redonkules: D: spevahr: there goes my lunch WutFace slicendiceru: Deadborn baby man Turbulist: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: DONT SHAKE IT dosakarud: forsenWC nikitos_boom: Demon BabyRage MinonsG: DansGame KILL THIS CHIT IBambo0I: SHAKE IT! Legi_: BabyRage rockyzz: throw it omegalul Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: BabyRage QLikesDonuts: your child appears to need help wandering_pleb: monkaW LeVincente: drop it LULW Varvarg1: OMEGALUL Annonn140: LULW buckfro: BabyRage 4Jayco: store the baby Eccitaze_Graycloud: DROP THE BABY LUL darkstar87d: can you put it down lol mightygabs: it’s yours ela Flamingreen: THROW IT OFF A CLIFF hew_hew: moon2DOIT Kgcool: babies are so gross Life796: LULW Darkred28: SACRIFICE moon2H sjuften_: t_ WutFace demon baby Shadowfax71: that’s an ugly ass baby Amallgamite: store the baby ThatLuluTho: Carrying an Old Man LULW TheXearo: is this the end PepeHands jaquescamarao: Flush it LULW miqzwastaken: PepeLaugh drop it One_Eyed_Maestro: Shaking the baby monkaW z4phire: Pog Pog Face Silver_Glaceon: BabyRage AlexAnderman1994: BabyRage Bloodhit: DEATH STRANING LULW mizoreeee: Now get the sledgehammer FeelsGoodMan Clap squashlord: drop the baby LULW Azure_Felt: TaBeRu l0cx_: BabyRage Distl17: looks healthy 🙂 nikimilky: @TeenyTinyRedhead what is PT? darkstar87d: @Elajjaz can you put it down? MyGoodTwin: drop it LULW Horolahha: lick it FederalGhosts: baby is looking gray today monkaW NosBleid: don’t drop the baby monkaW daddywojo: Shake it like a polaroid picture! gunygma: DROP THE BABY RIGHT NOW MarfMeff: cute baby AYAYA Larkeer: twist it scorp29_and_abyss: REedus time Ka_baL: Don’t shake the baby elaMad Jaargan: SMASH IT elaREE elaGun QUOTE_IF_2019: DROP IT Pog thePUNisher5: WutFace Kill It Glenshane: monkaW easymiyazaki: BABY CORPSE omg timoteh: OMEGALUL PUT BABY IN POCKET daley_: throw it down the strairs QUOTE_IF_2019: DROP IT Pog DROP IT Pog DROP IT Pog DROP IT Pog Pilgrim_age: BURN IT SaixSoul: rescWtf soap1991: @Elajjaz make the scene from Lion King xd Obscere: drop his ass 😮 SpireFacts: Is this some sort of metaphor for aborted babies and shit? 420bakin: jaboodyGranny COME HERE Armored_Guy: flush it LUL MyNameLacksImagination: make sure you drop it from high enough so it won’t cry again One_Eyed_Maestro: VOLDEMORT monkaW miqzwastaken: Kick the baby OMEGADOWN j0mppa: WutFace antichrist AlcatraZ567: Pog Mottley: wait no your supposed to bring it to the lady samperson12345: BabyRage OdinPlusOdin: death stranding jaquescamarao: hmmmm FullMetallPavuk: monkaW Wheels82: YEET IT OUT THE WINDOW Lady_of_Darkness: Is the baby taking a shit? MinonsG: Pog summer___: smash it like oceiros Doully92: LULW Shrimpess: vat? monkaW naiga: shaken baby LuL MyGoodTwin: LULW Reddinator: danKEK gunygma: 🙁 Darkred28: LUL ThunderZBee: LULW Nopileos: LUL Galer1ans: lul Rogueain: LUL Namarax: D: overloadanxiety: Wtf is that baby DansGame spevahr: YEET LUL QUOTE_IF_2019: LULW Golden04: LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh (drop) Iunbond: LULW Shrimpess: LULW skraalQ: LULW ImSneakyPotato: D: Streamleen: LUL Blank1980: TRIED LULW Glenshane: LULW QuantumLead: why is it so grey elaKek Nopileos: LULW Deid_: LULW TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Tiliger79: PepeLaugh annjey: D: MinonsG: LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: DONT SHAKE THE BABY Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Turbulist: LULW Yusolein_: pls chat, she is 12 retro_raiden: celrEZ forsenWhip rooSmug darkstar87d: DansGame LeVincente: for now…. buckfro: LULW Jaargan: PepdHands why JackBraun: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW easymiyazaki: kill this shit DansGame DansGame WutFace WutFace Jarik23: Its a fetus anyways mystickingfisher: sir put the baby down.. WutFace sh0gg: wasn’t she up there? Mystgate: baby is trying to drop the fattest shit silver6ird: kill it FeelsGoodMan Excesiiv: YEET out window monkaX squashlord: my immersion ruined LULW zoleanx: WutFace baby DAS_k1ishEe: Drop it like it’s hot TeenyTinyRedhead: @nikimilky It was a teaser demo for what was supposed to be the new Silent hill. Ablauflogik: Put it in bag at least QUOTE_IF_2019: GIVE IT TO THE DINGO Pog ryogrande: get child service now Azure_Felt: game would be monkaTOS if u could z4phire: baby free kick Flamingreen: ElaPls NosBleid: monkaSHAKE Dublis: drop and kick SeemsGood MrLlamaz: what did i walk into PogChamp @Elajjaz rockyzz: DEMON SPAWN monkaW OrbitalSloth: bump into stuff ooops timoteh: monkaW Baby is gonna come alive and make a scary face, I just know it SteineAlters: bring it to the toybed pekkaatte: hit it with your hammer Darkred28: HECK REALM moon2H SteineAlters: maybe close2home: FBPass FBSpiral FBCatch Beard_Of_Joy: no no no no AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PunOko equip hammer Glenshane: monkaW mystickingfisher: it probably feels like a pickled egg Darkred28: 4HEad Doully92: PepeHands QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeHands Lady_of_Darkness: monkaW zebrasarasa: PepeHands sh0gg: EleGiggle Shrimpess: 4HEad MrRobot9K: 4HEad Golden04: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: PepeHands Galer1ans: monkaW Darkred28: PepeHands AlcatraZ567: PepeHands NosBleid: PepeHands VineWood0604: PepeHands Glenshane: PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: Quest complete PogU Amallgamite: PepeHands MinonsG: PepeHands JackBraun: PepeHands j0mppa: monkaW satan Erytropus: 4HEad Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands zebrasarasa: PepeHands no… AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeHands SonicatorTV: PepeHands alexei723: PepeLaugh ZeitImGame: monkaSHAKE infamousjtl: wtf man Silver_Glaceon: PepeHands Streamleen: I hope she doesn’t eat it or some shit schiha92: the meatveins were pulsating but the baby is made of stone nowinslowmotion: PeepeHands Motek: PepeHands Excesiiv: I saw baby penor monkaTOS Deid_: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands easymiyazaki: fuck this thiiii Reddinator: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands climaxbeat: monkaTOS SpireFacts: You what m8 timoteh: PepeHands Nox15: monkaW Varvarg1: elaSmile DekkerDave: monkaW zebrasarasa: PepeHands no….. Azure_Felt: elaWut beastmode408: PepeHands Shrimpess: monkaX GARIIISH: CHRIST_DOWN NosBleid: monkaW jaquescamarao: jesus? Flamingreen: NO JESUS Tiliger79: monkaW LickMyPretzel: monkaGun Nopileos: monkaW beercan707: Erm why does it have a penis foot Amalthazad: That’s fucked up sunshift: uhuhuhu PepeHands timoteh: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW akmannen: Jesus? HotFireZ: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW JackBraun: monkaW overloadanxiety: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis skraalQ: we fucked SpireFacts: BlessRNG ThatLuluTho: Jesus D: One_Eyed_Maestro: BlessRNG Nopileos: monkaW monkaW s_class12: does this mean she’ll stop killing you Jaargan: PepeHands couldn’t kill it Shadowfax71: monkaW rockyzz: monkaSHAKE sekz: 3Head somerandomguyog: FUCK MinonsG: WTF monkaW Febox: BlessRNG Istog: jesus no elaS nikimilky: Jesus? Glenshane: monkaW fakzzz_: RUN monkaW MarfMeff: jesus D: Simon_iO: monkaW moonway_sc: monkaW Erytropus: BlessRNG ? shamshamalam: THE ANTECHRIST Nopileos: monkaW Gustavus_Anonus: PepeHands Jesus Murder_Dog: jebus BlessRNG Lady_of_Darkness: Baby jebus? Da_Flanker: monkaW Filth_: This is fine 🙂 Streamleen: Jesus disapproves QLikesDonuts: even Jesus disapproved Amallgamite: where did they go zerofighter: Rip jesus retro_raiden: naroRage forsenWhip elaTAK FBCatch BabyRage 420bakin: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: BlessRNG Youbetterlikemyburgers: pick up jesus elaB l0cx_: BlessRNG morlachon: monkaSHAKE spevahr: Jesus u ok? WutFace Turbulist: BlessRNG Deid_: monkaW ANTI CHRIST Maranoiah: monkaW PepeHands NNayio: BlessRNG somerandomguyog: WORST ENDING OMEGALUL Nopileos: BlessRNG Armored_Guy: get cross monkaW Doully92: Pog Darkred28: PepeHands JESUS jaquescamarao: Pog Mirando: J ZOOS Flamingreen: PogU CMAN222008: BlessRNG Azure_Felt: Pog Clap AlcatraZ567: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: Pog ress Galer1ans: monkaW Darkred28: POGGERS MinonsG: PogU Kishiinn: Cross upside down monkaS Glenshane: Pog Nopileos: PogU TeenyTinyRedhead: She didn’t know she killed the baby I guess elaFeels Turbulist: Champ salpo_nolobio: oh geesus monkaW skraalQ: christ was not happy about that ela Fixiiheart: Chag SkyDC: PogU Varvarg1: PedoBear Clap QUOTE_IF_2019: TOJ Iunbond: Pog Namarax: 🌙 Aidan93: help jesus up he’s fallen PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: SAVE elaREE SAVE elaREE SAVE elaREE SAVE elaREE wasupman2: CoolCat TOY GET CoolCat MinonsG: PROGRESS PogU Diephoon: Jesus HandsUp AlcatraZ567: SAVE Nopileos: Pog Amallgamite: moon toy moon2M Streamleen: Surely she will have found peace now Shrimpess: rip baby PepeLaugh emicvi: monkaW Amalthazad: @TeenyTinyRedhead Oh lord elaFeels gunygma: SAVE’ BarghestFenrir_: SAVE ELA Darkred28: Pog RESS Mirando: SAVE elaKek close2home: gachiOnFIRE WITO: Pog ress timoteh: monkaW Time for a chase segment Doully92: ZULUL TeenyTinyRedhead: @Amalthazad yeah elaFeels AlcatraZ567: ZULUL jimb054: bawkEZ Darkred28: monkaW Lenoskendy: ZULUL Deid_: ZULUL NosBleid: ZULUL Nox15: ZULUL QUOTE_IF_2019: PepeLaugh MinonsG: VI VON ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL Istog: save? elaS AlcatraZ567: DEAD Legi_: ZULUL Reddinator: PepeLaugh Filth_: PepeLaugh Lady_of_Darkness: LUL ThunderZBee: your house is crooked Ela! Varvarg1: yes elaSmile Glenshane: monkaW Jaargan: SAVE elaWut Namarax: save PepeLaugh QUOTE_IF_2019: HE THINKS ITS OVER PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: SAVE elaREE OrbitalSloth: save Mirando: @Elajjaz Better Save elaOP jaquescamarao: come here 🙂 spevahr: are we done? Deid_: SAVE monkaW lilleskut13: save QuantumLead: save elaS InternetGrandpa: He isnt saving monkaW QLikesDonuts: btw you’re going to want to spin the thingy till it drops after you attach it Amalthazad: @TeenyTinyRedhead Kinda depressing endgame tbf elaFeels Obscere: just go upstairs Jebaited shamshamalam: SAVE DekkerDave: (Breathing) monkaW MambukOo: SAVE AurbisDragon: (Breathing) miqzwastaken: monkaW CheatMotor: breathing Glenshane: SAVE QUOTE_IF_2019: 🙂 Azure_Felt: elaC Nopileos: SAVE Shrimpess: NO monkaW LickMyPretzel: stop that monkaW JackBraun: monkaW Darkred28: gachiBASS OKAY HotFireZ: come here AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: SAVE Reddinator: cant save danS Jaargan: SAVe elaWut quichemeesh: it autosaved chat zebrasarasa: roo4 GET OVER HERE timoteh: monkaX CAN’T SAVE Flamingreen: monkaW NO SAVING thePUNisher5: Come Here 🙂 CMAN222008: gachiBOP sunshift: Peppah, kom FeelsPepoMan vecquity: Save alexei723: monkaW Istog: elaS Azure_Felt: PepeUff MinonsG: No mokaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: monkaW CANT SAVE Turbulist: AYAYA COME HERE NosBleid: monkaW stop that vecquity: Monkas Iunbond: SAVED Glenshane: monkaW InternetGrandpa: NO SAVE ZONE monkaW Nopileos: monkaW SpireFacts: Who is watching this with the volume at 2% distHappy One_Eyed_Maestro: SAVED PogU TeenyTinyRedhead: @Amalthazad Yup, I wonder how they’re going to finish this in the future elaHmm MinonsG: monkaW TheXearo: come here PepeLaugh 🔪 PneumaticMouse: MonkaM cato____: PogU L0VKIYRusskiy: monkaW StarBoredom: @Elajjaz do you plan on uploading this to youtube? miqzwastaken: Chag saved Galer1ans: toy box? 茗薘ミンダ: tgm3GOMI tgm3GOMI tgm3GOMI QuantumLead: (HEAVY BREATHING) elaREE Glenshane: Pog QLikesDonuts: after you attach the toy keep spinning the thing Doully92: ZULUL Akaylass: ZULUL PneumaticMouse: monkaM retro_raiden: elaISee elaHYUG LickMyPretzel: ZULUL TorvaM: ZULUL Nopileos: ZULUL Shrimpess: vi von ZULUL MinonsG: VI VON ZULUL Kosmic_Eagle: @SpireFacts i am FeelsGoodMan Clap Amalthazad: @TeenyTinyRedhead Yeah same, hopefully it’ll be as good as this elaWOW Turbulist: SpireFacts I’m watching with 100% elaOk Darkred28: FeelsGoodMan Caterasan: the music box 고추가풍년: HeyGuys HeyGuys QLikesDonuts: keep spinning it Flamingreen: saved monkaW Qviss: ZULUL InternetGrandpa: Saving monkaW dzemroz: what about the mirror in the basement? QUOTE_IF_2019: FeelsGoodMan Clap Darkred28: FeelsGoodMan Clap AlcatraZ567: FeelsGoodMan SanyaLitvyak: @Elajjaz I dont wanna look at code vein stuff cuz avoiding spoils but i know you played the demo and tests – is it good? forsenL dosakarud: TriHard Azure_Felt: FeelsGoodMan Clap NosBleid: turning Pog easymiyazaki: ??? Deid_: FeelsGoodMan Clap JackBraun: FeelsGoodMan Clap jaquescamarao: in the membrane Nopileos: FeelsGoodMan Clap CMAN222008: FeelsGoodMan Clap AlcatraZ567: FeelsGoodMan Clap Shrimpess: FeelsGoodMan Clap thePUNisher5: Clap Buschpirscher: Buschpirscher subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 2 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @buschpirscher I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM dojyanu: spin and get a key from that spevahr: SPEEN akmannen: it needs music? Nopileos: SUB HYPE Buschpirscher Pog QuantumLead: Clap PulseRogueTV: @Elajjaz Music Box Crank? TeenyTinyRedhead: @Amalthazad Let’s hope so elaWOW miqzwastaken: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP Obscere: Pog fakzzz_: Clap QUOTE_IF_2019: crank for music L0VKIYRusskiy: FeelsGoodMan Clap Jaargan: music box elaHmm BobTheJoeBob: crank for the music box? CheatMotor: ??? dojyanu: no Darkred28: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP AGAIN Rndm_: That animation was worth it QLikesDonuts: keep spinning it there’s a key QUOTE_IF_2019: MUSIC BOX moonway_sc: ??? gunygma: music box on ground One_Eyed_Maestro: I like it ElaSmash easymiyazaki: SPIN TO WIN z4phire: 520373 고추가풍년: WutFace WutFace rockyzz: nothing happened OMEGALUL DrMong: missed the key Turbulist: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP CaptainSnax: @Elajjaz Keep spinning it. RyanLovesWeed: FeelsGood/Man cato____: FeelsGoodMan Clap 420bakin: Clap close2home: headBang Filth_: monkaW MinonsG: AGAIN FeelsGoodMan Clap snakel0gan: FeelsGoodMan Clap Namarax: widepeepoHappy Clap overloadanxiety: The other way spon it Hellheaven1347: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: Jebaited wildbur91: elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK elaTAK silentwarri: @Elajjaz care someone behind you with a big dildo dojyanu: spin the mobile first QLikesDonuts: @Elajjaz keep spinning it there’s a key MinonsG: AGAIN FeelsGoodMan Clap YEEEEI Distl17: side quest completed gunygma: PICTURE PUZZLE? Shrimpess: PepeHands end it already Darkred28: FeelsGoodMan s_class12: maybe you should have brought the baby to the crib XzKutor: key in the spinning toy dojyanu: there’s key on that Gam3freak99: how is this a chapter? this feels like a full game in itself EyeForcz: FeelsGoodMan retro_raiden: FeelsGoodMan Clap Varvarg1: Spin me right round Hellheaven1347: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind NosBleid: FeelsGoodMan Clap close2home: headBang headBang headBang headBang Doully92: Pog Istog: elaBlind ? bout2get1: WOOOW schiha92: Put the crank on the toy and spin it real fast miqzwastaken: FeelsAmazingMan Again EyeForcz: FeelsGoodMan Clap Tiliger79: Pog Fearswe: It’s spinning Pog Darkred28: Pog NosBleid: PogU snakel0gan: FeelsGoodMan Clap MOAR One_Eyed_Maestro: Pog Nopileos: Pog Glenshane: Pog JackBraun: Pog Flamingreen: PHYSICS MinonsG: PogU AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog Darkred28: monkaW NNayio: PepeLaugh Turbulist: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP Wheels82: YES LULW Tiliger79: LULW Armored_Guy: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW TorvaM: LULW Nopileos: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: Pog Namarax: insane Pog MinonsG: LULW Darkred28: LUL NNayio: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW spevahr: LUL Galer1ans: PogU Clap darkstar87d: AYAYA Kevintaku: headBang Darkred28: LULW InternetGrandpa: Flying monkaW LorkiStream: LULW Turbulist: LULW SpireFacts: When are we collecting the 7 paper notes in the forest? PWN3D__: Early Access btw Nopileos: LULW LULW pekkaatte: LULW LIDL erikoinen: physics 5Head Glenshane: LULW Flamingreen: PogU Fixiiheart: Pog Darkred28: monkaW snakel0gan: Spin 2 Win Varvarg1: Pog Azure_Felt: pepeJAM Ringguni: could not unscrew without the toys MinonsG: A DISK Pog Darkred28: moon2H Glenshane: monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: 💿 Nopileos: Pog Doully92: monkaSHAKE timoteh: monkaX tShako: monkaW NosBleid: monkaW Amalthazad: Dirty DansGame Jaargan: monkaW miqzwastaken: monkaW L0VKIYRusskiy: monkaW JackBraun: monkaW Empyrium: 💿 SpireFacts: VIRTUAL INSANITY Pog zebrasarasa: moon2H AlcatraZ567: monkaW Erytropus: 💿 Deid_: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Filth_: My mixtape Chag pepeJAM akmannen: sweet found some jammer music FederalGhosts: cheeto fingers on my vinyl elaMad Namarax: actually insane Pog Kevintaku: forsenWC Qviss: stereo Chag WisdomDota: TTours Darkred28: monkaW UHHHHHHHHHH maduinn: mirror? Armored_Guy: my favorite FeelsGoodMan Nepcchi: Probably Ocean man Mom_I_hate_Tuesdays: Sounds like a metal band CLap easymiyazaki: “STEREO” PogChamp dojyanu: basement Gam3freak99: basement by the TV @Elajjaz z4phire: PERFECT INSANITY sh0gg: a CD! POGGERS Darkred28: HECK REALM moon2H One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Clap Shrimpess: monkaW basement TeenyTinyRedhead: Fleshroom elaSmile Varvarg1: basement elaSmile Hellheaven1347: @elajjaz There was a phonograph next to the TV on the basement LorkiStream: we need cd-rom MinonsG: NO monkaGun Deid_: monkaW BASEMENT QLikesDonuts: i see that they’re Shinedown fans lol QUOTE_IF_2019: gachiOnFIRE thanosmate: monkaW Obscere: try Come Here room worseWorld: to the batcave QuantumLead: eww whoever owned that vinyl should have taken better care of it ela13 MinonsG: BASEMENT NO monkaW Armored_Guy: flash One_Eyed_Maestro: Fläsch Legi_: forsenWC Doully92: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW Azure_Felt: elaK jaquescamarao: where has the old man gone to? monkaS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW daddywojo: SingsNote Ocean Man miqzwastaken: Stero insanity FeelsGoodMan Clap Darkred28: monkaW MarfMeff: Flesch Golden04: monkaW ProfessorDrunk: this game’s great but some of the models are kinda meh. And the attention to detail isn’t quite there. erikoinen: monkaS WisdomDota: its me open up 🙂 lirikME easymiyazaki: hallo InternetGrandpa: monkaW NaikoIshino: PepeLaugh Flamingreen: monkaSHAKE gonbat: Just leave the house 4House thePUNisher5: monkaW Namarax: come in monkaW Lenoskendy: no VineWood0604: monkaW OrbitalSloth: @Nepcchi lmfao Tiliger79: monkaW QUOTE_IF_2019: come in 🙂 Nopileos: monkaS EyeForcz: monkaW JackBraun: monkaX PLAZAx: monkaW Hollow_void: monkaW sickatriz: dont answer it darkstar87d: NOPE NOPE NOPE Auramoth: monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: come in 🙂 Febox: monkaW JmsTV: monkaW Glenshane: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW Nox15: monkaW maduinn: halo Ringguni: it’s her again xNoury: pizza delivery Pog AlcatraZ567: NOPE Reddinator: dont monkaW timoteh: monkaX DON’T Varvarg1: open up elaSmile MinonsG: HELLO monkaS thanosmate: monkaW 👉 🚪 blacktoothgr1n: Hello JinM0: pizza dojyanu: don’t CurseofSherwood: PIZZA Pog poggingforever: monkaGun samperson12345: PogChamp ThatLuluTho: WHo’s there monkaW Hollow_void: COME IN monkaW Kgcool: Pizza’s here Pog Drunkndragon: inb4 its brainpower Kayenai: Oh no no no Qnwzz: monkaW Murder_Dog: company FeelsGoodMan MarfMeff: 🔔 scorp29_and_abyss: amazone delivery SoBayed LickMyPretzel: monkaW sh0gg: I’m comming Deid_: come in 🙂 jaquescamarao: oh no monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: monkaS One_Eyed_Maestro: PIZZA PogU Sauce117: we’re closed Fixiiheart: Don’t open emicvi: monkaW s_class12: hello Doyago: monkaW monkaW monkaW Turbulist: PIZZA Pog cato____: monkaW Armored_Guy: pizza OpieOP Ermienerm: The sound of “Duality” -Slipknot 3Head Azure_Felt: pizza time Pog j0mppa: monkaW zebrasarasa: monkaW Kraxizz: PIZZA Pog MrRobot9K: MOSHI MOSHI AYAYA miqzwastaken: OPEN IT elaREE dojyanu: nooo GARIIISH: it’s me 🙂 purple_flavor: come in elaSmile PrayForMyBoyHarambe: open Fearswe: PIzza is here Pog InternetGrandpa: Ok CheatMotor: come inn close2home: sumSmash sumSmash sumSmash Falact: monkaX jaquescamarao: ElaOut Meximus322: monkaW Ermienerm: LUL Blackbird_SR71C: LUL summer___: No ones home monkaSHAKE sekz: bawkSweat bawkSweat bawkSweat bawkSweat moonway_sc: monkaW Shrimpess: ElaOut Abyssadin: nope liixz: okej Tiliger79: ElaOut Eccitaze_Graycloud: ANSWER THE DOOR Nopileos: monkaW monkaW J0hnnyBlade: Pizza elaA HotFireZ: ElaOut erikoinen: TTours ??? Wheels82: monkaW NOPE HappySmile123: H… Hallo monkaW WhiteFoxy: Moshi moshi? zebrasarasa: roo4 no Amalthazad: ElaOut scribbleh: monkaW NaikoIshino: Any moment now PepeLaugh SainEdge: LUL JaynisK: ElaOut Beard_Of_Joy: OK Doully92: No PepeLaugh NNayio: PIZZA FeelsGoodMan Jaargan: okay ElaOut akmannen: no Golden04: no 🙂 MinonsG: The cops Pog zebrasarasa: roo4 HYPERCLAP NNayio: No. 🙂 cato____: NOPE ChannyChan_: its the uber eats guy Pog Nopileos: NOPE Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Don’t be rude!!! xarek_SD: come here Kappa Namarax: no 🙂 AurbisDragon: No 🙂 Darkred28: No 🙂 Deid_: no 🙂 QUOTE_IF_2019: no 🙂 QLikesDonuts: your wife is locked out and you don’t open the door? AlcatraZ567: NO thanosmate: monkaW WTF Glenshane: PepeLaugh Darkred28: monkaW NosBleid: open the door it’s me 🙂 Nopileos: no 🙂 TheXearo: ElaPls QUOTE_IF_2019: ElaPls MinonsG: No 🙂 DrMong: ElaPls Eccitaze_Graycloud: no 🙂 HotFireZ: ElaPls Qviss: forgot already LULW InternetGrandpa: LULW Nox15: ElaPls gonbat: monkaW easymiyazaki: wow Golden04: ElaPls Azure_Felt: no pizza FeelsBadMan Glenshane: ElaPls salpo_nolobio: monkaSHAKE JackBraun: ElaPls Flamingreen: ElaPls Nopileos: ElaPls Hussnay: ElaPls Deid_: ElaPls Turbulist: ElaPls PLAZAx: ElaPls vecquity: Food in lobby! Tiliger79: ElaPls Meximus322: ElaPls easymiyazaki: Layers Of FEAR 3 Darkred28: ElaPls sickatriz: she wants all your babies shako_teki: ElaPls NosBleid: ElaPls SPRING thanosmate: ElaPls Blackbird_SR71C: Wow, super rude, just leaves guests standing in the rain!!! Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls Life796: ElaPls QLikesDonuts: wow leaving your wife out in the rain like that miqzwastaken: ElaPls Akaylass: ElaPls WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Armored_Guy: just like my house akmannen: so this part is just a big loading zone? MinonsG: ElaPls Kosmic_Eagle: ElsPls SkeletonKeyLimePie: this building isn’t up to code retro_raiden: ElaPls rockyzz: ElaPls HappySmile123: elaPuke Seilrach: PlsEla Nopileos: ElaPls Andjey_Kharkov: Looks like there was a note on the door to the garage Kgcool: why does Ela hate pizza? Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Jaargan: ElaPls elaPuke Kosmic_Eagle: ElaPls Legi_: ElaPls Sergantuss: this is a good loading screen Krankor: ElaPls Varvarg1: i made this huse elaSmile BiteDaDusto: OoT Jimsgamingroom: games today man. Nuts TVJamesx: ElaPls close2home: forsenWC forsenWC forsenWC AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Ela hates pizza? gonbat: @Varvarg1 no me 🙂 Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls Doully92: DansGame WisdomDota: fuck no Azure_Felt: no elaB Golden04: DansGame darkstar87d: GROSS annjey: DansGame NNayio: DansGame Blackbird_SR71C: Oh yes HotFireZ: DansGame QUOTE_IF_2019: DansGame miqzwastaken: @Varvarg1 no it was me 🙂 Beard_Of_Joy: wow this game is exactly how my life is 🙂 MinonsG: DansGame Darkred28: YOU HATE PIZZA?! DansGame MyGoodTwin: DansGame MyNameLacksImagination: yes Nopileos: DansGame Filth_: VoteYea 🙂 Amalthazad: elaPuke NNayio: WTF DansGame Istog: no timoteh: DansGame Armored_Guy: DansGame Turbulist: yes elaOk Kgcool: DansGame Hussnay: DansGame AlcatraZ567: YES sunshift: she IS bananas 4Jayco: DansGame TVJamesx: @Varvarg1 i war the house Kappa Seikisu: LuL easyeasy: DansGame Glenshane: DansGame Galer1ans: nop Shadowfax71: DansGame Nopileos: DansGame DansGame Jaargan: DansGame samperson12345: Banana pizza NotLikeThis SkeletonKeyLimePie: pineapple banana pizza browncoffee546: ananas tHaH4x0r: Definitely, only devils do that TVJamesx: was* sickatriz: who puts bananas on pizzas? Da_Flanker: jermaDisgust No QUOTE_IF_2019: WTF DansGame NosBleid: DansGame InternetGrandpa: She has olives MidgetDude110: ElaPls spike_the_space_cowboy: AYAYA Shrimpess: elaOP Kiissly: DansGame Deid_: DansGame MidgetDude110: elaPuke Nopileos: DansGame Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: DansGame Wazepas: That’s what made her that way HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: DansGame rofIcopter: DansGame Hollow_void: BANANA ON PIZZA IS TRASH LULW miqzwastaken: DansGame DerBoshi: no one does zoleanx: DansGame xNoury: DansGame QLikesDonuts: play the Vinyl retro_raiden: kdubNom Darkred28: BANANA ON PIZZA?! moon2P PneumaticMouse: @browncoffee546 rasakki: elaC Nopileos: DansGame DansGame sunshift: I dun want it. I neava ave! ATura33: she definitely eats banana pizza because she is also a monster @Elajjaz Beard_Of_Joy: P I N E A P P L E P I Z Z A SpireFacts: Who the fuck puts fruit on pizza in 2019 wildbur91: i just had pinapple pizza>>>BigBadSoup: relax game monkaW l0cx_: run and jump rastatitude: 📣 💨 farts jungl5man3: bridge section WutFace Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu One_Eyed_Maestro: JUMP HERO PogU bloodcaleb: pepeJAM Pyrhaa: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: ElaLick|Clip No.8| https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidDepressedCasetteOSkomodo gachiGASM Golden04: pepeJAM Llyfrgell: PepoDance JackBraun: TaBeRu CheatMotor: ? Darkred28: peepj JamieTM: HOPS Doully92: SPEED STRATS Pog Shrimpess: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: skip Pog Tiliger79: pepeJAMMER HotFireZ: pepeJAM FederalGhosts: door skip Pog emicvi: ???????? STOP monkaW Nopileos: pepeJAM retro_raiden: roo4 forsenWhip forsenFur miqzwastaken: Chag Deid_: pepeJAM jaquescamarao: FeelsGoodMan Clap SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM Mrtriggahigga: pepeJAMMER Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu Akaylass: pepeJAM Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Darkred28: PepoDance TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu SainEdge: pepeJAM MinonsG: pepeJAM Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu LuckyIand: pepeD Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM timoteh: pepeJAMMER bloodcaleb: EU music pepeJAM tetra5: pepeJAMMER dojyanu: bad music=wrong path, music/no music played=right path InternetGrandpa: KZ Pog nowinslowmotion: pepeJAM spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy at least theres cute girls in weebs side elaC Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Armored_Guy: blighttown LULW ibchrist91: FeelsGoodMan Clap NosBleid: pepeJAM Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAMMER FullMetallPavuk: pepeJAMMER QUOTE_IF_2019: pepeJAM VineWood0604: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Nopileos: pepeJAMMER Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Flutschfingerz: @Elajjaz ela, you have to follow the music, when theres growling, its the wrong way 420bakin: pepeJAM close2home: 0 FALL DMG Pog Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu hepha1: Skip% PogU vxl__: pepeJAMMER Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance AGNsnipez: that’s how I look when I talk to vegans FreezeStyle: hammer the crate CaptainSnax: @Elajjaz You need to follow the music. Xiithrian: Insanity meter is not going up, because this room is normal af OMEGLOL JackBraun: FeelsGoodMan Clap TaBeRu Galer1ans: Follow the music may be summer___: left ear enjoys this pepeJAM scribbleh: pepeJAMMER dee2cee: TaBeRu emicvi: speedrun strats Mrtriggahigga: ElaJAM spevahr: pepeD tubularjesus: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Fixiiheart: TaBeRu sickatriz: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Sourcehunter: PepoDance Turbulist: TaBeRu Dance with me chat TaBeRu TaBeRu Ajahi: Advice friends elaWeird ✋ One_Eyed_Maestro: Flutschfingerz Stop WeirdChamp Ermienerm: WRONG WAY monkaS Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Shrimpess: pepeJAMMER Azure_Felt: TaBeRu 4ccu: what’s the name of the song Galer1ans: LUL kokosenpaai: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: pepeJAM pepeJAM dynamitesgz: monkaS grandma CyanFox_: TaBeRu Darkred28: pepeJAM AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: monkaW Deliriumi1: TaBeRu Gusmahr_: ElaJAM InternetGrandpa: LULW tetra5: VoHiYo Nopileos: TaBeRu WisdomDota: PERVERT nillmind: wtf is going on j0mppa: TTours Meximus322: pepeJAMMER Printaxx: LULW TorvaM: pepeD 1heyoo: TTours Reddinator: LULW JackBraun: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu nowinslowmotion: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy true true elaThirst rastatitude: forsenWC Redwin_AR: TaBeRu MinonsG: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu Wheels82: forsenWC jaquescamarao: she’s happy FeelsGoodMan Amalthazad: forsenWC MyGoodTwin: Peeping tom Ela LULW Namarax: FeelsGoodMan NosBleid: TaBeRu erikoinen: SourPls Flamingreen: PepoDance Albin_Alligator: ✨ TaBeRu ✨ Nox15: LULW easymiyazaki: LULW FullMetallPavuk: PabloPls l0cx_: peeper AlcatraZ567: TaBeRu SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Stobbel: Backseating so hard OMEGALUL Legi_: forsenWC Pyrhaa: SourPls Lenoskendy: pepeD Kiissly: forsenWC Tiliger79: TaBeRu WisdomDota: PERV s_class12: at least its not like harry potter, with moving stairs akmannen: dance with me 🙂 Mrtriggahigga: forsenWC Galer1ans: LULW Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Blood_Rooted: LULW Deid_: PepoDance Brodawiec: stalker Deliriumi1: LULW Poopega: what if music changes if you’re going in the right / wrong direction easyeasy: forsenWC DimTree: turn up AlcatraZ567: forsenWC Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nopileos: LULW SonicatorTV: TaBeRu rastatitude: forsenWC ! Kgcool: peeping Tom D: BroqRox: TaBeRu One_Eyed_Maestro: EljanPls 8m4n_: EljanPls forsenWC Deid_: forsenWC tetra5: pepeD Shrimpess: monkaW 420bakin: jaboodyGranny jaboodyGranny jaboodyGranny jaboodyGranny Darkred28: monkaW bloodcaleb: monkaW Sergantuss: @Elajjaz look like the music tell you if you on the right way One_Eyed_Maestro: monkaW BVP13: Classy Redwin_AR: forsenWC Nopileos: monkaW JackBraun: monkaW Polebegood: monkaW MinonsG: THE BEST GHOST wevie1: TaBeRu NosBleid: monkaW j0mppa: monkaW CheatMotor: xD Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW MarfMeff: monkaW wrong way Tiliger79: monkaW zoleanx: WutFace Raydia_: monkaW SonicatorTV: forsenWC Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Bl00drav3n: leave the granny alone naroRage Qaziz9: rooD MinonsG: monkaW Golden04: monkaW Azure_Felt: really elaK aSoG: the white door! CaptainSnax: Correct CrystalTeardrop: granny having a jam right there pepeJAMMER SonicatorTV: monkaW Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu l0cx_: stalkinmg the poor old lady Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance Nox15: elaK Darkred28: pepeJAMMER darkstar87d: VoteYea i agree. miqzwastaken: elaK bloodcaleb: TaBeRu SpireFacts: wrong way, wrong go monkaS JackBraun: TaBeRu TaBeRu Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu easyeasy: TaBeRu AlcatraZ567: Pog ? Nopileos: TaBeRu One_Eyed_Maestro: Yelling? LULW InternetGrandpa: 5Head boogeyman551: cirREE cirREE cirREE cirREE cirREE shako_teki: 5Head Kirzan: Getting nan pics for Hob hobbT TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu HotFireZ: 5Head Pixel_hearts: TaBeRu Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Pyrhaa: TaBeRu 8m4n_: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls forsenWC Kosmic_Eagle: TaBeRu TaBeRu Amalthazad: AngelThump HotFireZ: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu TaBeRu Fixiiheart: TaBeRu Turbulist: TaBeRu Classical music AlcatraZ567: TaBeRu Glenshane: TaBeRu Bieberhunter: AngelThump suryk22: Why it has to be always granny? Gam3freak99: this is a really cool segment Unskintaaleni: TaBeRu Wheels82: forsenWC nillmind: you wont like grandma when shes angry Krankor: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu tetra5: HeyGuys Turbulist: TaBeRu best music PneumaticMouse: GivePLZ FBSpiral Redwin_AR: fosenWC miqzwastaken: TTours ShaunAwesomeIs: ShaunAwesomeIs subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Luv your streams. keep it rockin summer___: stalker DansGame WrestlerBot2000: @shaunawesomeis I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Galer1ans: TaBeRu l0cx_: lude Nox15: TaBeRu Nopileos: SUB HYPE ShaunAwesomeIs PogChamp skraalQ: this is why you don’t summon demons or warp travel Doully92: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: elaYes Golden04: pepeJAM spevahr: @suryk22 sometimes its little girls 🙂 Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Darkred28: PepoDance EyeForcz: my right ear is fucked FeelsGoodMan Clap Deid_: pepeJAM retro_raiden: effBaka forsenWhip naroRage Nopileos: pepeJAM Llyfrgell: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance Darkred28: pepeD Pyrhaa: pepeJAM paridisc0: AngelThump Tiliger79: pepeJAMMER AlcatraZ567: pepeJAMMER nowinslowmotion: pepeJAM pepeJAM HotFireZ: PepoDance BiteDaDusto: monkaW Shrimpess: pepeJAM gonbat: pepeJAM 8m4n_: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls forsenWC Kosmic_Eagle: pepeJAMMER NosBleid: PepoDance ibchrist91: FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap Nopileos: pepeJAMMER One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW QUOTE_IF_2019: Jebaited Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu sjuften_: pepeJAM Filth_: ElaOut PneumaticMouse: @tiliger79 GivePLZ FBSpiral skraalQ: this is pretty neat Albin_Alligator: elaOP Clap TaBeRu Clap2 elaISee Hollow_void: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu easymiyazaki: FOLLOW DA MUSIC Glenshane: iron95Pls JackBraun: TaBeRu bloodcaleb: Pog miqzwastaken: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUNDER Flamingreen: PogU Darkred28: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog suryk22: spevahr@ hah right yoeli: Pog Nopileos: PogU tetra5: Champ lindwormen: Pog TeenyTinyRedhead: Ela just needs to yell “You have no power over me” and he”ll go right back home FeelsGoodMan Turbulist: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu QuantumLead: Pog Akaylass: Pog VineWood0604: Pog wasupman2: Pog poggingforever: PogU rofIcopter: Chag Namarax: 5Head Pog MinonsG: Pog 420bakin: Pog Galer1ans: Clap TaBeRu Jaargan: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Chag JackBraun: Pog Darkred28: monkaW Nopileos: Pog TheXearo: 5Head paridisc0: PogU Golden04: monkaW Shrimpess: monkaW Glenshane: Pog FlameOfZarroc: I really like this Simon_iO: Chag Larkeer: monkaS Hussnay: Pog sh0gg: EZ Clap Nopileos: monkaW eliastheepicgamer: skipped DansGame Tiliger79: Pog Legi_: Pog Doyago: monkaW miqzwastaken: Pog Wheels82: monkaW Raydia_: monkaW Mrkatking1: I just came back, what did I miss? hepha1: 5Head Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW NosBleid: monkaS thePUNisher5: monkaW Bl00drav3n: woopsLurk Glenshane: monkaW Fixiiheart: PogYou Nopileos: monkaW monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: PlsEla Wrong way ElaPls Darkred28: monkaW UHHHHHHHHHHHH Redwin_AR: monkaW Hollow_void: monkaW Nox15: monkaW l0cx_: dark souls 3? Purist01: monkaW Reddinator: monkaX Mirando: SAVE QuantumLead: monkaW MinonsG: monkaW Sergantuss: this area was a rly good idea frome the devs morlachon: monkaSHAKE BearGreeD: FeelsLateMan Nopileos: monkaW tubularjesus: Looks cool Redwin_AR: monkaS JackBraun: monkaW Mrkatking1: oh RyanLovesWeed: @Mrkatking1 everything QUOTE_IF_2019: nerfed PepeLaugh nowinslowmotion: monkaW Gusmahr_: monkaGun Erytropus: monkaW Ka_baL: burkeSE Streamleen: Lots of babies. buckfro: monkaW Sourcehunter: TTours Shrimpess: elaWeird TeenyTinyRedhead: Nice stacking job Chag samperson12345: BabyRage BVP13: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Amalthazad: monkaW yoeli: monkaS 420bakin: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: elaPuke CheatMotor: “somehow” Darkred28: monkaW HOLD ME CHAT skraalQ: man the warp sucks Doyago: run monkaW easyeasy: elaHmm MyGoodTwin: IKEALUL baby crib store Pog Akiyuri: welcome to IKEA ThunderZBee: PlsEla sickatriz: that’s a lot of alimony Akaylass: ElaPls vodtutor: incepption 8m4n_: monkaGun sunshift: Pog 👆 emicvi: monkaW Quickwe: ElaPls Autumn_Flare: Cursed Ikea monkaW Mrkatking1: @RyanLovesWeed i can tell at this point j0mppa: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: Actually Ikea IKEALUL Tsavish: Inception 2 looks good LULW SonicatorTV: Darkred28 elaHYUG Pyrhaa: tidy like my room 🙂 Aidan93: DETH monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @Darkred28 elaHYUG spevahr: Oot Forest Temple returns LUL LorkiStream: an the all crying now LULW Amalthazad: monkaH tetra5: @Akiyuri Rofl Mirando: SAVE elaS Deid_: (puke) Bl00drav3n: naroOh QuantumLead: must’ve been hard to nail those beds to the side of the room ela13 Mirando: SAVE elaS elaS Flamingreen: monkaSHAKE / monkaW @Darkred28 Streamleen: Imagine all of these babies shitting the bed at once. Erytropus: elaPuke CheatMotor: swedish dream NaikoIshino: PepeLaugh Abyssadin: )))) NotLikeThis (((( King_Insane: elaPuke Jaargan: elaPuke sunshift: CoolCat ☝️ summer___: vomit simulator VR 8m4n_: monkaW vierdanck: Ela quick take some pills Apjaveln: dont do drugs monkaW Galer1ans: monkaS MinonsG: DansGame bloodcaleb: birth monkaW Armored_Guy: back to the meat world l0cx_: soft locked Darkred28: monkaW NO OSAVING Sergantuss: Agone ver 2? BVP13: Ewwww NosBleid: monkaW Namarax: no save zone monkaZ Varvarg1: gachiBASS miqzwastaken: monkaW MinonsG: (puke) sickatriz: babies are gross. never have them chat Chintanda: elaChug elaChug elaPuke Bl00drav3n: 🎻 naroStaryn ArttAtack: elaSmile CheatMotor: saving disabled Jaargan: imagine this on vr elaPuke buckfro: monkaW meltingnt: IM EATIN (puke) j0mppa: monkaW saving disabled Kosmic_Eagle: saving monkaW Pyrhaa: monkaW Amalthazad: The music is so fucking good elaGasm Brodawiec: Narnia Shrimpess: Chag Darkred28: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: PogU Tiliger79: Pog MinonsG: Pog TheGoldenCobra: PogU Kosmic_Eagle: Pog Deid_: Pog Nopileos: Pog JackBraun: PogU Streamleen: oooh Gam3freak99: glory hole room gachiBASS QUOTE_IF_2019: W OMEGALUL W l0cx_: Pog L43L1X: this looks like PT bloodcaleb: forsenWC easyeasy: Chag OH MAN HotFireZ: Chag Azure_Felt: elaWOW MsBlackDahlia: woah tetra5: monkaS akmannen: glory hole room buckfro: Pog ThunderZBee: forsenWC Peek? 420bakin: Pog NosBleid: PogU NNayio: W OMEGALUL W Nopileos: Pog Pog Shrimpess: W OMEGALUL W SpireFacts: Gloryhole Pog MarfMeff: wow 🙂 8m4n_: monkaW i am high as a kite.. im in trouble Abyssadin: W OMEGALUL W Omegaboom: hey @elajjaz & chat Wheels82: forsenWC Kosmic_Eagle: elaWOW Nopileos: Omegaboom elaHi Obscere: Come Here Darkred28: monkaW easyeasy: OH NO monkaW Gusmahr_: W Omegaboom W Deid_: forsenWC room Flamingreen: monkaW Doully92: monkaW skraalQ: reverse peek AlcatraZ567: monkaW LorkiStream: glory hole room 4Head Nopileos: monkaW NNayio: WutFace Shrimpess: monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: W OMEGALUL W Abyssadin: elaThirst NosBleid: monkaX sunshift: elaC Varvarg1: LULW Tiliger79: monkaW CMAN222008: glory hole gachiBASS InternetGrandpa: Peep holes are fucking scary monkaW Redwin_AR: forsenWC MinonsG: monkaW PLAZAx: :CD: Kevintaku: forsenWC DekkerDave: monkaW TorvaM: monkaTOS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW maduinn: perv poggingforever: Kreygasm One_Eyed_Maestro: RUDE elaMad PneumaticMouse: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket l0cx_: it likes it Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: monkaW bobosmrad23: WutFace wildbur91: shit Jaargan: monkaW Gusmahr_: WutFace Flamingreen: ElaPls wildbur91: nasty 420bakin: monkaW Hussnay: monkaW Armored_Guy: perv Nopileos: monkaW WisdomDota: mmmmmmm oh bb NNayio: WutFace WutFace schwarz54_: glory room LUL QuantumLead: monkaW SirAnoobis: SirAnoobis subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! elaWut elaWut elaWut yoeli: monkaS WrestlerBot2000: @siranoobis If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM PLAZAx: 💿 pekkaatte: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaX SainEdge: elaThirst MyNameLacksImagination: strip it baby HotFireZ: WutFace DekkerDave: SHE KNOWS monkaX jaquescamarao: gonn catch grandma fapping Darkred28: gachiBASS Nopileos: SUB HYPE SirAnoobis Pog scorp29_and_abyss: hmmmmmmm old ladies Kreygasm Turbulist: monkaW SonicatorTV: monkaW JackBraun: Omegaboom elaHi l0cx_: glory hole Legi_: gachiHYPER Fixiiheart: monkaH FullMetallPavuk: forsenWC easyeasy: RUN ElaPls Nopileos: monkaH Streamleen: POKE Bl00drav3n: 🔍 naroStaryn Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE sh0gg: watch her undress lindwormen: dead LULW skraalQ: @Elajjaz put your pinus on that hole see what she does Kosmic_Eagle: @Omegaboom heyo elaHi Akaylass: monkaH LickMyPretzel: monkaW SainEdge: monkaW Albin_Alligator: elaISee retro_raiden: cirNilla 🏀 cirCola rooW 🏀 rooVV atamSmug 🏀 atamSmg PneumaticMouse: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket NNayio: LULW Mrkatking1: hell naw 8m4n_: monkaW no no no no aSoG: glory hole! Krowlios: hobbNan Nopileos: monkaW Real_Eugene: glory hole monkaS tetra5: That’s creepy Blood_Rooted: gachiBASS not a peek room bloodcaleb: monkaW Pyrhaa: deth PepeLaugh PneumaticMouse: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket gnaro98: pornhub hole? JackBraun: monkaW Wheels82: monkaX EyeForcz: put your dick thru it gachiBASS LorkiStream: just put it in LULW Aidan93: Gloryhole grandma gachiBASS wildbur91: not babys xD Senordingdongs: gloryhole POGGERS wevie1: so he was peeping through these holes on her Nox15: WutFace NosBleid: monkaW sunshift: ela1 AlcatraZ567: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: monkaW spevahr: cant you just beat her up? LUL Ajahi: elaThirst rofIcopter: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW akmannen: Ask her for bathwater Omegaboom: elaHi BVP13: This game is pure OH NO Dieun: Would be creepy if she tried to poke her finger through the hole LUL easyeasy: EyeForcz elaD silver6ird: elaHYUG shako_teki: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Nichiro99: monkaW Loheb: Stalker monkaW AlcatraZ567: baby monkaW Azure_Felt: creepy monkaW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: gachiBASS INSERT PENIS INTO HOLE wildbur91: WHAT IS SHE DOING TO THAT BABY Nopileos: monkaW Chintanda: elaGun buckfro: monkaW l0cx_: calebJ8 Streamleen: Is it even her baby? skraalQ: @wevie1 who is he, the demons? Mrkatking1: monkaW TheLunetta: eye seems like yours is small enough to get trough that small hole elaOk WisdomDota: BOO MasterMalpercio: rooD2 EyeForcz: easyeasy nrdyD QuantumLead: she’s gonna eat it! monkaW Darkred28: monkaW Pyrhaa: BabyRage silver6ird: BabyRage WisdomDota: BOO! LickMyPretzel: But who is baby? did she yoink it? Shrimpess: monkaW Darkred28: rooScared Legi_: BabyRage Kgcool: scoliosis pepeHands Gusmahr_: NOT NAKED DansGame Flamingreen: BabyRage 420bakin: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaX Nopileos: BabyRage kokosenpaai: monkaW SonicatorTV: BabyRage Glenshane: monkaW 8m4n_: monkaW BabyRage Galer1ans: 3 darkstar87d: FLOATING CANDLE!!! easyeasy: BabyRage Doyago: monkaW wevie1: @skraalQ i meant the husband Galer1ans: 2 Purist01: monkaW memlapseH04n9: Dementia? QUOTE_IF_2019: she is gonna cook the baby Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW sunshift: monkaW buckfro: BabyRage Nopileos: monkaW MinonsG: BabyRage wildbur91: jumpSCARE Galer1ans: 1 Sourcehunter: Flying Candle monkaSHAKE Jaargan: elaREE elaGun BabyRage Darkred28: monkaW Doully92: monkaS Golden04: D: sunshift: fuck me Azure_Felt: elaD jaquescamarao: monkaW JackBraun: monkaW Trung0246: BabyRage Flamingreen: monkaTOS zebrasarasa: rooD daley_: oof wildbur91: knew it One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeHands Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Tiliger79: monkaW EyeForcz: monkaW Ajahi: monkaW Glenshane: D: LickMyPretzel: F AlcatraZ567: D: MrRobot9K: LULW bobosmrad23: ok MinonsG: D: yoeli: monkaS zebrasarasa: rooD NO Shrimpess: monkaX Namarax: D: Akaylass: monkaS AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Nopileos: ok BVP13: BabyRage 1heyoo: WutFace kokosenpaai: LULW Reddinator: D: AlcatraZ567: D: D: Auramoth: D: DekkerDave: monkaX NNayio: WutFace neopetcom: F Noicegam: LULW InternetGrandpa: monkaW Mrkatking1: BibleThump BibleThump Abyssadin: yikes TeenyTinyRedhead: Nooo PepeHands Gam3freak99: monkaW scribbleh: monkaW Drachenreiter: monkaX mibutwhole: D: Amalthazad: monkaW mentalvary: monkaW Pyrhaa: monkaTOS thePUNisher5: elaD zoleanx: WutFace SonicatorTV: monkaW lindwormen: PepeHands Jaargan: monkaW TorvaM: monkaW hosneik: D: Jann90: danKEK Akaylass: D: poggingforever: monkaS Nopileos: monkaW tetra5: D: buckfro: D: Namarax: monkaTOS Purist01: monkaS easyeasy: dead PepeLaugh ThatLuluTho: Well then D: Murder_Dog: LULW Cheeseek: PepeHands Printaxx: monkaW silver6ird: ?????? NNayio: D: Fixiiheart: monkaW rofIcopter: D: spevahr: monkaW MinonsG: D: WTF Deid_: LULW zebrasarasa: rooD NOO Nox15: WutFace Darkred28: monkaTOS Febox: monkaW OH hunter523412: rooD BiteDaDusto: monkaW easymiyazaki: NICE! L43L1X: uhhhhhhh j0mppa: FeelsBadMan Hollow_void: monkaW Excesiiv: monkaX Nichiro99: LULW AlcatraZ567: monkaW Turbulist: PepeHands Loheb: LULW DivineSpaghetti: LULW Llyfrgell: PepeHands Kiissly: WutFace Armored_Guy: k Maceron4444: shes flying Pog HotFireZ: monkaW retro_raiden: effD Bl00drav3n: did she live cirISee JackBraun: PepeHands Nopileos: LULW PLAZAx: D: Iunbond: monkaS skraalQ: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: Baby is all alone PepeHands Lenoskendy: FeelsGoodMan miqzwastaken: LULW Kammy_Kam: dont blame her that babys cries are annoying AF Darkred28: monkaW UHHHHHHHHH Trung0246: monkaW l0cx_: RIP Tiliger79: PepeHands Pixel_hearts: elaD annjey: OKAY Timberdoodle: she’s flying! AlcatraZ567: WHY Galer1ans: why? PepeHands LuzDra: otzHelp otzHelp otzHelp otzHelp otzHelp QuantumLead: what LULW dee2cee: did she jump onto the noose OMEGALUL thats_surreal: press F to pay respects Cearadeth: cearadW akmannen: Hanging around this parts often? BVP13: Why thoughhhhhhhhh wandering_pleb: monkaW sulella: WutFace Diephoon: how’d she even get up there kokosenpaai: LUL Chintanda: elaHAA WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Nichiro99: wtf shes flying Pog suryk22: D: mystickingfisher: stop crying BabyRage homes666ck: she’ll be fine IkkisFTW: she’s floating bttvHappy Loheb: Is she okay? Darkred28: PepeHands SAVE THE BABY zebrasarasa: PepeHands L43L1X: uhhhhhhhhhhh parenting is hard easymiyazaki: EZ paridisc0: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands alexei723: GRANDMA WHAT YOU DOING UP THERE 😀 POMA_HEKPOMAHT: EleGiggle LickMyPretzel: How did she get up into the noose? SpireFacts: Y O U D I E D Kiissly: F Turbulist: akmannen haHAA OptimisticKnowledge: I would do that too if I had a baby crying memlapseH04n9: F slicendiceru: Birth depression ? danro___: nakamuraWHAT Jaargan: FeelsGoodMan Sanzibal: you have the baby one second! Akaylass: life goals Pog vierdanck: that animation was kinda bad LUL NosBleid: F infamousjtl: wtf Sergantuss: @Kammy_Kam xDDD Pyrhaa: Sick Powers grand ma 🙂 genj0__: she can flyy PneumaticMouse: panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket panicBasket 4Chinelos: F TheXearo: so thats what happened PepeHands Kreplin: F Beard_Of_Joy: this is so sad. Qviss: hang in there GashBell_: noclip jack_off_jim: PedoBear 420bakin: but how starkytw: shes flying Pog gunygma: take pictures with you WhiteFoxy: PepeHands who is gonna raise the baby now beastmode408: save her PepeHands Mrkatking1: F Redwin_AR: she fine chat Kappa l0cx_: F summer___: Whats up kids? Hanging around? DigitalZips: and that baby’s name? Albert Einstein. Blood_Rooted: too lazy to take care of the baby OMEGALUL LuzDra: otzLurk otzLurk otzLurk Flamingreen: F Doully92: PepeHands Streamleen: What dd she mean by this? salpo_nolobio: hang in there, grandma Darkred28: F EyeForcz: PepeHands Amalthazad: TaBeRu AlcatraZ567: F MinonsG: PepeHands gunygma: take pictures?? Sourcehunter: PepeHands beastmode408: from the baby Kappa LickMyPretzel: BUT WHY IS SHE A GHOST NOW Nopileos: PepeHands leifyness: end of chapter 🙁 HotFireZ: PepeHands suryk22: Hang in there Fixiiheart: PepeHands Namarax: save monkaW detective_columbo: DigitalZips that was legit funny BVP13: Don’t give up, skeleton JesseThaBest: she must of watched elas stream Purist01: PepeHands DekkerDave: she yoinked herself easymiyazaki: SO what now??? Doully92: PepeHands PepeHands wildbur91: suecide is not a joke chat 🙁 get help if u need please) vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh klogpog: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: SPICE Pog Demopoot: PepeLaugh timoteh: PepeLaugh Try it, you won’t regret it ohms_law18: How do you powerup your guns ? @Elajjaz scribbleh: RTSR PepeLaugh QuantumLead: elaKek FappyMcFlappy: no Omegaboom: I hope he gets the cannon Usojin: PepeLaugh I dont get it, but Im just gonna play along PepeLaugh zebrasarasa: roo4 chat Sohei4649: Try it and find out PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: Nope Reddinator: no Kapp MyNameLacksImagination: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: no PepeLaugh fumaczi: sure is not mibutwhole: Try it Kapp NerdIRage: PepeLaugh maybeee skraalQ: try railgun as room clearer? Armored_Guy: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ skybeaverking: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: @Fossheim Ye definitely, the game is all about the crazy guns. So have plenty of ammo is part of the game/.fun. MasterMdrn: 4Shrug Meximus322: Try it PepeLaugh Larg0s: PepeLaugh sure it isn’t FishingPotato: having* bbtornado: it makes you imune to poison JubJubWantRubRubs: per say PogU zarcom79: just weapons not items zebrasarasa: rooAww MasterMdrn: you upgrade them on a weapon bench Kapp Neravor: FishingPotato LickMyPretzel: elaK MasterMdrn: CoolStoryBob Armored_Guy: feesh Neravor: FishMoley * jumphil: vlambeerFish vihainenkampela: every synergy possible Meximus322: elaK fugebin: 5Head Blackbird_SR71C: Not just any synergy, ALL synergies! Larg0s: CoolStoryBob NosBleid: elaK Naaslaarum: ResidentSleeper LickMyPretzel: elaK go on Usojin: 4Shrug zebrasarasa: rooAww 🐟 SQGamer: elaK chopachops1: @elajjaz there’s an achievement for killing enemies while riding mine carts MasterMdrn: sure i guess Volk3n: “no matter what chat says” Ddkillerxx: ??? LULW gonbat: Pog Evillution: PepeLaugh Ddkillerxx: Pog FappyMcFlappy: RRRRRRRRRR TheGloriousRage: He doesn’t know zarcom79: it’s not every item it’s only on weapons misterbudlo: RRRRRRRRRR sjuften_: FRRRRRRR shruu: RRRRRRRRRRRR Habitual_Balance: LULW Sohei4649: RRRRRRRRRRR fugebin: rrrrrrrrrrrrrr PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: rrrrrrrr timoteh: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Azure_Felt: rrrrrrrr elaGa Akewri: RRRRRRT Kirzan: RRRRRRRRRR HEIL_MODS_: Pog Reddinator: RRRRR SQGamer: RRRRRRRRRRR gonbat: RRRRRRRRRRRR Jajalembang: frrrrrrr Yugoh: RRRRRRRRRRR NosBleid: elaGa drrrrrrr Lucasnesk: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Mrtriggahigga: elaGa RRRRRRRR RandomSound: RRRRRR is my favorite gun ArmstrongQ: RRRRRRRRRR QuantumLead: RRRRRRRRR vs FRRRRRRRR NessElectric: RRRRRRRRR mrcdvr: xqcgun alexowhy: nrdyLurk boop Plasmafenix: @Elajjaz The ant gun is great with synergy ohms_law18: how do you get to the hidden room in the first chamber without a water based gun ? gonbat: BLAPBLAP GUN FappyMcFlappy: no Naaslaarum: yes fumaczi: yes it is MasterMdrn: LUL fatpep: LULW Amazng_Guy: it is fugebin: LULW leprosyx: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Sohei4649: SeemsGood SnarksterJr: it is sjuften_: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: LULW Evillution: he doesn’t trust PepeLaugh HoneyDrake: @ohms_law18 move an water barrel LickMyPretzel: kanYe Armored_Guy: 4Shrug MasterMdrn: SeemsGood Azure_Felt: it’s ass without PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW mentalvary: LULW RyanLovesWeed: no fall dmg? FappyMcFlappy: no fall damage? LuckyIand: no damage? TheGloriousRage: Ant gun is RPG with synergy TorvaM: @Elajjaz many bad guns have a lot of synergies compared to good guns FishingPotato: Wait no damage? SnarksterJr: its like a slightly better RPG with synergy @Elajjaz MasterMdrn: 5Head Soliddk322: you dont take fall damage with siren zebrasarasa: it really is though Offeed: did i miss visage??? Akewri: Is that a basement? What’s inside chat ? LUL fatpep: 4Shrug BBiBsBoy: Its a synergy chat pixelshock_: Hax SQGamer: @Elajjaz trust chat, we would never lie to you luaSip FappyMcFlappy: trash LuckyIand: perhaps 😮 MasterMdrn: winchester Szachalasznik: Imagine ice cream car gun with all synergies PogChamp fatpep: swe luck 4Shrug LordKingSalmon: Some guns still don’t give you every synergy unless you get the corresponding item. LickMyPretzel: KKona KaitoKidShadow: cheatengine djinn_94: @Offeed yeah zebrasarasa: @Elajjaz the fish tells you what is inside the chest Kananmuna1: 💿 HYPERCLAP TheGuyOnAcid: cheats detected TheGloriousRage: more damage Offeed: rip suryk22: how long till the end? MasterMdrn: knives? fugebin: synergy god Pog Demopoot: forsenWC QLikesDonuts: throws a dagger on reload it seems hooj_1: Pit amulet? BVP13: Is your character flying? pixelshock_: Vac ban HoneyDrake: Do an 360 before shooting NeonCore: JustDoIt teamantaylor: serious question how do I get good at this game? thanks SnarksterJr: ant is like a slightly better RPG with synergy @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: FRRRRRRR SQGamer: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR metatron741: shoots knives Kananmuna1: RRRRRRRRRR spevahr: @suryk22 around 30 mins ohms_law18: how to get into first hidden room ? without water faithless_zealot: RRRRRRRRRR Reddinator: is there any gun that has like 4-5 synergies? Irishpapichulo: damage increase and reload shoots knife FappyMcFlappy: man what if he gets alpha bullets now chat Plasmafenix: Not Jebaited about the ant GoldieRanger: RRRRRRRR KaitoKidShadow: @Elajjaz maybe Clara was on your PC and she turned on cheats elaK fugebin: TRRRRRRRRRRRR PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: FRRRRRRRR FeelsPepoMan wandering_pleb: elaGa frrrrrrrrrrrr sjuften_: FRRRRRR zyd_wieczny_tulacz: @Reddinator vulcan cannon sori_for_bed_england: Reddinator megahand zebrasarasa: gachiBASS Demopoot: @FappyMcFlappy inb4 clone skraalQ: use potion pascu_tv: @teamantaylor practice suryk22: @spevahr thx Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh hooj_1: @ohms_law18 use a water barrel misterbudlo: oh god Reddinator: ah danHmm skraalQ: POTION MasterMdrn: yeah some guns have multiple synergies with diff items GoldieRanger: gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: ACTIVE iKeiRo7: @ohms_law18 cewrtain weapons can put out flames fugebin: gachiBASS ruanmax123: use item GoldieRanger: Pog DAMAGE ihssoy: If you make a reddit gun, does it constantly complain? FappyMcFlappy: knowing streamer luck that is gonna happen demo KaitoKidShadow: Pog derBartuc: axiom verge gun? TrexTitan: no, already break dps cap fugebin: that dodge Pog LickMyPretzel: Nah zebrasarasa: Clap Demopoot: Chag TorvaM: @Elajjaz bad guns often have a lot more different synergies than good guns, thats why some of them are op on this character Sohei4649: Pog Clap YURA_RAKETA: EZ Clap Usojin: pog HYPERCLAP pixelshock_: Clap ohms_law18: @hooj_1 but the water barrel isnt in the same room FishingPotato: It sure does misterbudlo: DAAAAAMN GoldieRanger: Pog Kananmuna1: The dps monkaW Armored_Guy: not utilizing ricoshet TheGuyOnAcid: actually carried by items PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: ant is like a slightly better RPG with synergy @Elajjaz The1TrueTriKool: @ihssoy LUL made me chuckle zebrasarasa: TABLE Chag Lucasnesk: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FappyMcFlappy: Portable Table Pog vihainenkampela: god run pOG HouseAbsolute: garbage MasterMdrn: use it Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Akewri: LUL Kananmuna1: 4Shrug BVP13: Thats a fish zebrasarasa: roo4 get the fucking table LuckyIand: portable table LUL Demopoot: PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: space FishingPotato: AKA a table InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: It’s a table LULW MasterMdrn: IKEALUL tables sjuften_: PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: pepeLaugh Armored_Guy: tables LUL Sohei4649: LULW YURA_RAKETA: LUL fatpep: This game looks elaEZ btw elaK Usojin: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: elaKek zebrasarasa: roo4 WHAT DigitalZips: OMEGALUL QuantumLead: LUL Omegaboom: lul JabiruTf: well, yeah Bemmer_60: 🙁 LickMyPretzel: So you can table techs in boss fights ohms_law18: can you like pick up the water barrel or like push it to the flames? RandomSound: LUL Blackbird_SR71C: Wait, that would be insane with table tech! Pog TrexTitan: better than potion for bosses tbh Evillution: buy ant gun 😡 Pyrhaa: Ikea PepeLaugh Irishpapichulo: shop for heart RandomSound: Shop MRQubis: shop? ProfessorDrunk: buy monster heart drakonz1: what about monster blood? suryk22: Ela did You played Pillars of Eternity? Annonn140: its good when yo have a lot of table tech Szachalasznik: RRRRRRRRRR GoldieRanger: BRRRRR KubeKol: monster heart TomHorst: shoooop Demopoot: 4Shrug RandomSound: Shop for Heart LordKingSalmon: @ohms_law18 You roll it. Kirzan: Monster blood big boi Kananmuna1: 4Shrug TrexTitan: can that gun even check for secret rooms? 10th_Legion: @ohms_law18 go read it on the wiki FappyMcFlappy: he’s gonna regret not bringing it when he gets sprun chat zebrasarasa: rooD ohms_law18: Ohhhh Thanks lilleskut13: shop Folkner: did he know about secret floor after 4th? iKeiRo7: @ohms_law18 you can push the barrels with the use button Usojin: PepeLaugh zebrasarasa: elaK dayhappyx3: Kapp Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh DigitalZips: elaK gold_dante: elaK Demopoot: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: elaK BritishPatternBalding: kapp WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Kananmuna1: Kapp MonoSync: Kapp Scaythly: elaK misterbudlo: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW Armored_Guy: Kapp blad3runn3r18 : how dose this work? Meximus322: elaK GoldieRanger: Kapp QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: Kapp djinn_94: elaK QuantumLead: elaKek NerdIRage: Kapp Larg0s: PepeLaugh famous last words MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh HouseAbsolute: challenge accepted TyrantZedd: elaK RyanLovesWeed: PepeLaugh Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know!!!! gunygma: Oh NO HE SAID IT CompatiKaiser: Kapp mstrpickles: Kapp Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: elaK J0hnnyBlade: elaK BritishPatternBalding: Kapp ThatLuluTho: Yeah, you can’t PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: Oh you can Sohei4649: PepeLaugh Sqwaaks: elaK dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh CURSED RUN NosBleid: Kapp DaqqMory: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: a ha angryj0nes: elaK wandering_pleb: elaK ekahS_hS: elaK HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh The1TrueTriKool: There can only be 1 secret room in elevator rooms iirc fatpep: he doesnt know PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh this will be good TorvaM: PepeLaugh he doesnt know faithless_zealot: ElaK Akewri: @TrexTitan i’m pretty sure any ammo gun can check walls Jalmarkian: He doesnt know PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh Martiansam: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Naniyo: PepeLaugh Jektrick: @TrexTitan Screecher? It’s one of the best weapons for secret room searching actually Usojin: I hope he doesnt PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: Literally elaK SnakeBites: PepeLaugh Brodama: dude Fulgator: elaK ueberkobi: elaK Kananmuna1: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh GetRektWasHere: Kapp FishingPotato: Jammed Lich LuckyIand: jinxed PepeLaugh Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh MasterMalpercio: thats what you think rooH skraalQ: LULW FappyMcFlappy: you say this now Tasarion: just like last time elaK lord_rimheart: uh huh ATura33: elaK NiceThings_: oh nononono PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh imposible RandomSound: Remind me 30 mins Evillution: jammed dragun BlessRNG Beefsock: jinxed it PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: death flags LULW skraalQ: HE CANT TLULW JabiruTf: the flag has been raised MasterMdrn: Push your luck kiddo PepeLaugh Jamjie2: @Elajjaz clipped QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: JINXED LULW DigitalZips: please don’t jinx yourself akmannen: Heard that before faithless_zealot: elaK Chrono_Crosser: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz now you can PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: He thinks this is enough PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: unless he gets set on fire PepeLaugh ckapsel: NotLikeThis jinxed skraalQ: LULW darkstar87d: so no lightning storms in your area right? Martiansam: elaKek 0drift: Time to throw FishingPotato: Jammed dragun and Lich, you will lose Demopoot: HE IS UNAWARE PepeLaugh PLAZAx: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer TomHorst: inb4 game crash Pyrhaa: Still clearly unaware PepeLaugh teamantaylor: moon2T moon2T moon2T ElderZidane: yu can and will because you throw great and amazing runs always @Elajjaz skybeaverking: He doesn’t know chat dont tell him PepeLaugh zebrasarasa: you do though Noiralef: pssst MasterMdrn: 5Head LuckyIand: dont tell him chat PepeLaugh Evillution: PepeLaugh don’t tell him Fentu: DONT TELL HIM CHAT JaynisK: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. HoneyDrake: psst guys miiiiiiiind: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh Fabu_: PepeLaugh Noopizer: LUL Azure_Felt: past PepeLaugh bbtornado: the gunslinger doesnt have a past LickMyPretzel: don’t tell him PepeLaugh Kaspu: elaWeird Demopoot: PepeLaugh BonelessBanquet: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: already making up excuses Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Lucasnesk: A A AAA A FappyMcFlappy: OneHand fatpep: OneHand DaqqMory: PepeLaugh shhh Suney: PepeLaugh TorvaM: OneHand TomHorst: OneHAnd TyrantZedd: OneHand Mrtriggahigga: elaKek miiiiiiiind: HES LACKING CRITICAL INFORMATION PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: elaC OneHand ueberkobi: OneHand Naaslaarum: do it Pog Syiax_: elaK fixermash: DO IT HEIL_MODS_: hes unaware PepeLaugh Azmandys: PepeLaugh He is unaware skybeaverking: PepeLaugh GetRektWasHere: PepeLaugh Usojin: I dont know either chat PepeLaugh Larg0s: OneHand Ilya_1001z: Did he kill the rat? Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh Maranoiah: DO IT THEN Demopoot: OneHand LickMyPretzel: elaBlind OneHand * JesseThaBest: guys i dont know either dm me pls ekahS_hS: elaK elaK elaK tentacles_have_feelings: gachiGASM where will the other hand be? MainMercLobo: (X)Doubt Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh ✋ Jalmarkian: @Elajjaz there is a reason forsen ragequit after this PepeLaugh QuantumLead: He doesn’t possess the knowledge that is required PepeLaugh TrexTitan: I don’t know, but i feel like i know what sadness is comming PepeLaugh pixelshock_: OneHand Kappa_Bee: PepeLaugh he lacks crucial information Larg0s: OneHand the spoilers away Pyrhaa: PepeUff 💨 offbrot: he is gonna throw it so hard WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ dami_exe: Overconfidence is a slow and insidous killer elaKek bossofsauce: do you play with controller? Suney: ElaJAMMER Zebylth: @elajjaz steal the payday mask since this is the last shop Schakalacka: @elajjaz did you ever play the game ‘Celeste’?! dami_exe: @Schakalacka He has not Akewri: All those hearts will break, oh no no no LUL Maranoiah: the only thing u can beat with 1 hand and your eyes closed is your dick TorvaM: so many ammo drops lol Fossheim: Don’t spoil anything guys. 🙂 zebrasarasa: elaK pixelshock_: Sif noo Jalmarkian: ( ͠° ͟🔴 ͡°) OVERCLOWNFIDENCE IS A SLOW AND HILARIOUS KILLER ( ͠° ͟🔴 ͡°) Jajalembang: LULW Suney: Kapp fatpep: PepeLaugh QuantumLead: elaK Armored_Guy: Kapp zebrasarasa: elaK ok GetRektWasHere: PepeLaugh QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: Kapp sure Mydnight: PepeLaugh 💨 GoldieRanger: Kapp DaqqMory: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: elaK skraalQ: Hhe doesnt tknow LULW The1TrueTriKool: Controller is so shit in this game LUL Swisherkid: PepeLaugh faithless_zealot: elaK Denact: elaK Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Demopoot: Kapp Konki: PepeLaugh ButtStallionXIII: PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh 💨 Yourgrandmother360: LULW alucardwiked: HE DOESNT KNOW QuantumLead: oh no no no no elaKek Sohei4649: Famous last words PepeLaugh TrexTitan: define lose PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz Attack shop owner and steal the payday2 mask, you won’t encounter him after this floor anyway djinn_94: he keeps saying it PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: elaK scribbleh: PepeLaugh He lacks insane intel, and so do i PepeLaugh Folkner: @Elajjaz go to secret floor Reddinator: do we get subs if you lose then? PepeLaugh teamantaylor: Be wary – triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall… ShivaQQ: TRRRRRRRRRRRRRR faithless_zealot: TRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Maranoiah: rip this run LULW MasterMdrn: you can rull kill those lil blobs zebrasarasa: elaK PLAZAx: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer BVP13: REEEEEEEE angryj0nes: elaK Naniyo: elaK Doully92: elaK Suney: Sure Kapp Avalith93: PepeLaugh He lacks insane intel, and so do i PepeLaugh JaynisK: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Noiralef: has he ever noticed and spared a friendly bullet yet? BritishPatternBalding: Kapp Vanah: PepeLaugh wolfmask_: Kappa pixelshock_: Kappa TheXearo: ammo everywhere Kananmuna1: Kapp Azure_Felt: elaK famous last owrds LordKingSalmon: @The1TrueTriKool A lot of the people holding streak records play controller. KaitoKidShadow: elaK Armored_Guy: forsen couldnt lose too PepeLaugh djinn_94: refilling full ammo , can’t lose PepeLaugh Jektrick: It’s true PepeHands Ringguni: time to start throwing Pyrhaa: If Forsen Lost I Don’t see how you’ll win PepeLaugh Ilya_1001z: @elajjaz did you killed rat? skraalQ: @Elajjaz confidence is a slow and insidious killer LickMyPretzel: I almost want ela to lose for being so cocky LULW FatherOfGreyJedi: But you can’t beat Rox Dragon Knee TPFufun Odiejoker: he is gonna lose isnt he? The1TrueTriKool: @lickmypretzel stealing shit actually makes me nervous moon2VERYSCARED he’s so scary BroqRox: elaK you will find a way to lose sh0gg: bUrself Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz you can just roll over smallest blobs elaHmm ihssoy: nugiXD @PLAZAx The1TrueTriKool: @lordkingsalmon because it makes it easier by every means LUL k1n9s1ey1be: @The1TrueTriKool not true some of the best plaayer use controller it’s down to what your comfortable with LickMyPretzel: @The1TrueTriKool klinkS moynihanthe: what are those blue bullets below his health bar? Schakalacka: @dami_exe hmm ok. he has to.. it’s amazing sh0gg: bUrself bzzz Mrtriggahigga: FRRRRRRRRR Azure_Felt: blanks The1TrueTriKool: @k1n9s1ey1be ^it makes it easier, so yes I’d imaging so LUL FappyMcFlappy: ela is gonna do the gungeon equivilent to missing gwyn parry chat dont worry LickMyPretzel: He said your mom Reddinator: he said PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: It was me 🙂 Usojin: he said “he really doesnt know” PepeLaugh pascu_tv: I had the same thoughts when I played this character for the first time… zebrasarasa: roo4 touch the blob The1TrueTriKool: @lickmypretzel achievo hunting the 3 stolen items made me pee twice Suney: VA FA SEN LordKingSalmon: @The1TrueTriKool So it being “shit” is now a way to say it’s better? Weird. Boonda2: forsenWC ? Armored_Guy: forsen PepeLaugh ledzeeej: forsen? Ilya_1001z: @elajjaz did you kill the rat? InternetVillainSuperstar: @moynihanthe Blanks, ela can use one to destroy all enemy bullets on the screen k1n9s1ey1be: @The1TrueTriKool easier to move, worst to aim BroqRox: forsenWC Akewri: @moynihanthe blanks, they clear rooms of bullets Azure_Felt: makeshift cannon PepeLaugh Demopoot: PepeLaugh skybeaverking: The tilt is gonna start chat PepeLaugh The1TrueTriKool: @lordkingsalmon it’s a way of expressing an opinion that I happen to have, weird I know right? moon2PEEPEEGA QLikesDonuts: can’t wait for him to tackle all the hidden bosses The1TrueTriKool: @k1n9s1ey1be it auto aims? Hahaha Plasmafenix: meh LickMyPretzel: Steal bag The1TrueTriKool: That’s why people use mouse for more technical shit Armored_Guy: synergies tho Pog Jamjie2: 4 glass stones Pog Kipss: steal bag w. what BVP13: Not like you can afford it anyway LUL LickMyPretzel: Shoot him to steal MasterMdrn: guon stone Champ ruanmax123: steal bag WrestlerBot2000: “Ghemstone. Ghem. Gem. Jem. That’s how it’s pronounced.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 23 Azure_Felt: elaD SirBaconBomb: he gets so mad if you shoot your gun in his shop k1n9s1ey1be: @The1TrueTriKool that’s a bad thing tho BVP13: Murder LUL LordKingSalmon: @The1TrueTriKool It only auto aims if you set it to do so. QLikesDonuts: nah you lose the shop if you shoot lol Demopoot: Murder him and loot his corpse 🙂 Zebylth: shoot him, is the last shop LickMyPretzel: It’s the last shop for this run anyway so it doesn’t matter ruanmax123: last floor MasterMalpercio: pepeD CommanBear: carried by gear again PepeHands ResidentSleeper The1TrueTriKool: @k1n9s1ey1be oh yeah for real, the auto aiming makes room clearing hard as fuck, plus I’m aids with a controller LUL MisterMikus: PepeD zarcom79: last shop so you can shoot him GoldieRanger: pepeD Jajalembang: KKona hell ye HoneyDrake: @QLikesDonuts only if he unlocked the bag, he doesnt right now (if I am not mistaken) LuckyIand: this ammo drops are insane QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: KKona zebrasarasa: your gun is loaded with fish The1TrueTriKool: @lordkingsalmon I’m aware friendo I’ve got quite a few hours Hollow_void: Ela what will be your excuse if you manage to lose? LULW QLikesDonuts: @HoneyDrake ah good point. FappyMcFlappy: OMEGLOL Konki: NaM MasterMdrn: reload Azure_Felt: meh Evillution: REACT 😡 metatron741: la pistola zebrasarasa: roo4 BVP13: Tricky Lucasnesk: la pistola LordKingSalmon: @The1TrueTriKool Why are you complaining about auto aiming, then, if you can turn it off? NotLikeThis Folkner: go secret room FappyMcFlappy: hello? blind? Reddinator: pepeJAM Annonn140: check the synnergies roasty_brekky_warp: danAim MasterMdrn: r&d? Nucleoprotein: blind Usojin: pepeJAM Suney: AYAYA gelberpudding: danSgame QLikesDonuts: yea he can afford the R&D fight RandomSound: Missed a room? FappyMcFlappy: wings Pog zebrasarasa: wax wing LuckyIand: wings Pog iKeiRo7: flight lord_rimheart: flight MasterMdrn: should we lead him there PepeLaugh ruanmax123: noice TorvaM: Pog FappyMcFlappy: he cannot get more op now chat skraalQ: ultra OP fatpep: AngelThump skraalQ: character R_iryh: Isaaaaac hooj_1: Wings ButtStallionXIII: totally not a metaphor for the run PepeLaugh HoneyDrake: @Elajjaz get bag FappyMcFlappy: the game is just serving the win on a platter TrexTitan: Pog SenorToast: ez mode metatron741: now he cant lose MasterMdrn: what was that hille666: @Elajjaz use the trick gun after the boss Irishpapichulo: you can find secret rooms easier now with the trick gun synergie Ddkillerxx: Pog GoldieRanger: LULW Sohei4649: That damage Pog zebrasarasa: what the fuck Demopoot: LULW fatpep: LULW Werelwen: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Suney: Pog DaqqMory: LULW LuckyIand: JESUS Hollow_void: LULW Usojin: Pog HYPERCLAP angryj0nes: LULW Kipss: OMEGADOWN YURA_RAKETA: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: Pog NosBleid: LULW Konki: WTF MasterMdrn: excuse me pixelshock_: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW scream_of_a_thousand_cows: LULW Dyres: LULW rofIcopter: Pog Pyrhaa: OMEGLOL FlameOfZarroc: Champ spevahr: LULW what boss? RandomSound: wtf RainMakerNGS: EZ gold_dante: LULW darkstar87d: wow TheXearo: lol SaDiablo: LUL Jajalembang: LULW TheH3llraiser: Pog TorvaM: OMEGALUL BOSS BTW Reddinator: LULW faithless_zealot: Nice Neimyin: OMEGLOL HoneyDrake: Steal bag! Plasmafenix: OMEGLOL ates90: LULW wandering_pleb: PogU Usojin: god like OMEGALUL Maranoiah: my god that fucking damg The_Fakir: OMG Akhor_silver: OMEGALUL Sohei4649: Actually destroyed LULW Ddkillerxx: LULW quattrocani: LULW TicTacPack: Destroyed hilldall: Easy game, easy life. Amazng_Guy: more like.. killed pillars Folkner: @Elajjaz go to secret floor MasterMdrn: this is illegal klogpog: Pog Lucasnesk: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FinnishRaider: LUL Zebylth: steal the bag zebrasarasa: OH Chag dragon fire FappyMcFlappy: and dragunfire skraalQ: best run ever chat LULW Plasmafenix: Dragun Pog Ringguni: because gun is bad for other dtuff killerquent: Ok now this is just ridiculous ruanmax123: steal bag Demopoot: Gunslinger is a fair and balanced character 🙂 oOFr3ak0utOo: that was fast Azure_Felt: Pog LuckyIand: HIGH DRAGUNNN k_ld_r: YO WTF CommanBear: carried by gear PepeHands carried by companions PepeHands ResidentSleeper DaqqMory: Pog Neimyin: DRAGUN Pog Suney: Pog ne gold_dante: TRRRRRRRRRR Tasarion: INSANE Chag sjuften_: PRRRRRR skraalQ: @Elajjaz best run til now right pixelshock_: DRRRR BBiBsBoy: This weapon Chag Fulgator: elaBruv djinn_94: flying Pog Mrtriggahigga: elaGa TRRRRRRR i_made_that_smileyface: @@@@@@ Snauen: sell some guns? Schakalacka: that was a hard one xD RandomSound: TRRRRR ruanmax123: steall bag akmannen: that gun is nuts Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: @Elajjaz can you try the trick gun once pls? quattrocani: @@@@@ ruanmax123: STEAL THE BAG Naaslaarum: or for everything ThroatLaceration: @Elajjaz Dragun fire is one of the best guns in the game Armored_Guy: now find ductape HoneyDrake: @Elajjaz steal the bag kiddman: teh urn Pog ckapsel: Looks like Boltgun 😀 daddywojo: Hurry up & finish so I can leave work 😉 Lumen666: @Elajjaz sure QLikesDonuts: does R&D floor even have chests tho? skraalQ: its just a bolter 01___10: steal bag Ringguni: and 1440 ammo zarcom79: steal bag Night_Veleal: 1.4 ammo RandomSound: Steal bag misterbudlo: holy moly hooj_1: Dude that gun upgraded…. fuck me MasterMdrn: should he r&d skraalQ: steal bag no more floors ElderZidane: So we fight lich with guy right? Folkner: @Elajjaz sell guns Evillution: shot HoneyDrake: shoot zarcom79: you shoot him skraalQ: kill him ROGENALT: @Elajjaz ffs you have1.4k ammo just use it for everything LUL Evillution: anger him ruanmax123: SCHUT Jektrick: SHOOT zarcom79: it’s the last shop anyways bubwub: click on it first then shoot Kipss: shoot, its the final shop anyways Lumen666: no Demopoot: MURDER elaSmile elaGun faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz Chat’s baiting you, btw TorvaM: @Elajjaz dont risk anything on this run hoernchenspielt: Hey ela and Chat elaH skraalQ: last shop u lose nothing RandomSound: Shoot him ddezsi: @Elajjaz don’t listen to them LickMyPretzel: Shoot and yoink it quick bbtornado: you keep shooting until he leaves MasterMdrn: shoot him 01___10: shoot him Plasmafenix: Kill him stripCult FappyMcFlappy: if u sell all of ur guns ela I’ll gift 50 subs Doully92: PepeHands QLikesDonuts: no way to steal without items TrexTitan: Use Railgun Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Werelwen: no LULW LuckyIand: you have to be a meanie Jhonovici: Shoot and run out fumaczi: dont shoot Kananmuna1: KILL HIM FeelsGoodMan DaqqMory: PepeLaugh killerquent: You don’t care, he will not be there at floor 5 TyrantZedd: elaOk rofIcopter: Jebaited sure Konki: PepeLaugh SHOOT Jajalembang: Jebaited Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: shoot him then leave Carbidos: dew it Usojin: I dont trust chat PepeLaugh Tasarion: trusting chat PepeLaugh drakonz1: click on item and then shoot FishingPotato: No don’t trust chat LUL ElderZidane: noooo run Jektrick: ANGER HIM 😡 Doully92: PepeLaugh Suney: Jebaited Naaslaarum: well it’s the last shop InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeLaugh killerquent: He does not one shot AngelGuardCC: you can anger and steal it Kananmuna1: Jebaited Werelwen: Jebaited pascu_tv: LUL Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Gam3freak99: DONT TRUST CHAT BVP13: Never trust chat MasterMdrn: 4Shrug skraalQ: he won’t, he runs away @Elajjaz Beard_Of_Joy: NO quattrocani: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: LOOK AT YOUR HEALTH blokonomicon2: you can steal payday items SaixSoul: lobosKek NessElectric: just shooot Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh sollllll: kill him ruanmax123: NO ITS NOT ddezsi: Jebaited scribbleh: Don’t monkaW MyNameLacksImagination: trusting chat PepeLaugh Beard_Of_Joy: NOOOOOO Medeival: VoteNay VoteNay Ringguni: no, he wont Ddkillerxx: Pussy DansGame Doully92: LULW fatpep: DONT DO IT PepeLaugh scream_of_a_thousand_cows: hoernchenspielt elaH elaHYUG Azure_Felt: Pog ArmstrongQ: NO Jajalembang: LULW JabiruTf: loot bag not gonna do anything right now hooj_1: You can’t get it Dephness: LOL angryj0nes: LULW ates90: Sounds like the ultra Jebaited KariGrandi: DONT Beard_Of_Joy: NAY BVP13: Don’t ever risk it MasterMdrn: Pog jumphil: do it Pog mokerdoker: do it faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz He won’t kill you, but you will get hurt TrexTitan: Lies Jektrick: LUL tHaH4x0r: LUL Fulgator: Chag Evillution: PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: Pog TheGloriousRage: LUL praise_the_soup: Jebaited Toxianon: dont do it ohms_law18: you can teleport if he start shooting SQGamer: Chag CompatiKaiser: LULW TheXearo: its a Jebaited manic_souls: Don’t do it 마루커: PepeLaugh sjuften_: scared of shopkeeper PepeLaugh Larg0s: WeirdChamp sellout ISinistarI: Pog bubwub: @Elajjaz click on it and then shoot quattrocani: Jebaited SHOOT HIM QLikesDonuts: he wont kill you, but you also won’t get it lyck0sten: DO IT Pog akmannen: Jebaited CommanBear: inb4 Jebaited hooj_1: Never trust chat jpscatter: LOOOL Ddkillerxx: LULW Folkner: sell guns and 1 bullet Armored_Guy: do it Pog Mrtriggahigga: Lies elaWeird skraalQ: dont Kipss: loot bags an unlock tho the first time Kananmuna1: DO IT PUSSY Pog ekahS_hS: Chag Pog skybeaverking: Just shoot him Snauen: DO it SELL OUT LUL hug_le_pug: VoteNay Reddinator: danKEK ruanmax123: inb4 Nazzet: Only 50 PepeLaugh hilldall: VoteNay FishingPotato: Jebaited Medeival: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis blokonomicon2: @Elajjaz you can steal payday items but you have to anger him and leave oOFr3ak0utOo: don’t 🙂 Andjey_Kharkov: I wouldn’t beileve chat in this case… SenorToast: He’s considering it DansGame GoldieRanger: ibn4 F skraalQ: pffft GBrothersP: no guts no glory LickMyPretzel: pussy7 carero12: PUSSY! RonsuDE: D: skraalQ: PUSSY Kipss: pussy Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh TH_059: rooD Usojin: I dont trust chat either PepeLaugh ruanmax123: pussy Ddkillerxx: DansGame WTF Evillution: ??????????????????????? GBrothersP: pussy Plasmafenix: RRRRRRRRRR zarcom79: pussy Mydnight: RareEla Suney: PepeLaugh 40FtWalrus: confirmed no balls sjuften_: PepeLaugh 👉 🐔 ekahS_hS: no BALLS D: Kananmuna1: PUSSYJJAZ LULW FleetOfPigeons: @Elajjaz Never said when you had to sell them. do it before the last boss moon2T Jektrick: just shoot it’s floor 4 anyway quattrocani: DansGame WTF fixermash: no balls Zaunbob: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr supjta: DO IT Pog iKeiRo7: if it’s the final shop why would you need money Irishpapichulo: the trick gun syn spawns a monster near the secret room Azure_Felt: anyways PepeHands Suney: PepeHands Anyways LordKingSalmon: Gun shop guy absolutely won’t hurt you. ckapsel: You can sold all get subs and buy that one in shop 😀 lyck0sten: doesnt trust chat PepeHands Kipss: anyways PepeHands fatpep: @Elajjaz just shoot him early in another run to test 5Head blokonomicon2: chat wasn’t lying PepeHands dami_exe: NotLikeThis never trusts us MasterMdrn: PepeHands The_Fakir: secrets can be in any room not just chests Noiralef: loot bag is special, you can steal it by shooting him Jektrick: PepeHands missed free loot bag FappyMcFlappy: phew monkaS I thought he was gonna do it there for a second Sebbay: how long is approx left of this run if all goes as planned chat? hooj_1: Chat surprised he doesn’t trust them after all this time LUL LUL KappaHD BBiBsBoy: Cruising through this levels Chag FishingPotato: @Elajjaz Use railgun to clear rooms. Evillution: @Sebbay 20 minutes InternetVillainSuperstar: cant say I blame him PepeLaugh PulseRogueTV: @Sebbay 2HRS Sergantuss: i was out for 5 mins and he alrdy have million HP. wtf is happaned PulseRogueTV: Kappa Demopoot: Has ela unlocked the bullet or is he still murdering defenseless bullet kin PepeHands Failskill: Failskill subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! WrestlerBot2000: @failskill Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM JaynisK: I like how the part of chat that he shouldn’t have trusted were the ones telling him not to trust chat. adyhoward: How many chambers are there? Sebbay: @PulseRogueTV o rly QLikesDonuts: you can fly lol MasterMdrn: you are flying Sebbay: @PulseRogueTV Kappa rasputingg: you’re flyin akmannen: you fly btw Evillution: @Demopoot he’s never going to unlock the bullet PepeLaugh darkstar87d: lol faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz You can fly, silly Azure_Felt: flying elaGa BVP13: Stop rolling LUL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! MasterMdrn: 4HEad ckapsel: @Elajjaz With this wings you look like Izac more 😛 Doully92: AngelThump Sebbay: @Evillution thx babe Demopoot: @Evillution PepeHands Fabu_: @Elajjaz FeelsPepoMan CompatiKaiser: Pepega Amalthazad: Hey everyone! I’m back! Failskill: elaH HoneyDrake: blank TyrantZedd: MercyWing1 elaGa MercyWing2 zarcom79: missed ammo Demopoot: elaBlind faithless_zealot: @ela blank Usojin: PepeLaugh doesnt need it HoneyDrake: it was a blank LuckyIand: blank as well PepeLaugh gunygma: THERE WAS A BLANK BVP13: Sure LUL B3arHands: wtf is this run MOERKETSFYRSTE: Missed a blank misterbudlo: @adyhoward Six, like a revolver. Plus secret floors Demopoot: Not picking up ammo just to spite the rat DansGame ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: LULW Amalthazad: @Elajjaz You killed my Lich bro elaREE MasterMdrn: rat yoinked it FappyMcFlappy: use dragunfire for room clear Baldoro: also, because you’re flying you don’t have to worry about fire/poison/whatever pools that damage JubJubWantRubRubs: blanksteg PogU BVP13: Aaaand its gone sh0gg: the rat now has it CheatMotor: so op FappyMcFlappy: metronome Pog Doyago: gunslinger makes the “gungame” -mode so trivial, it ain’t even a challenge then Neimyin: Pog ROGENALT: Oh my god Fabu_: OMG HoneyDrake: it’s decent Kananmuna1: pepeJAM blokonomicon2: metronome Pog killerquent: Metronome omg DaqqMory: Pog BonelessBanquet: oh my god Jektrick: Metronome Chag Baldoro: this is a good one Akewri: Will wax wings break if u take fire damage ?Would be a cool detail miiiiiiiind: Pog pascu_tv: Pog Neimyin: Insane item Pog Azure_Felt: 🎵 FishingPotato: Pog wepate: wepate subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 38 months! here we go again WrestlerBot2000: @wepate After 38 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM skybeaverking: Gg Kananmuna1: FeelsPepoMan Kipss: railgun only Pog angryj0nes: OP as FUCK Pog FishingPotato: Insane OP ITEM FappyMcFlappy: just start using dragunfire now and KariGrandi: DRAGUN FappyMcFlappy: u win Usojin: Pog DaqqMory: INSANE Pog BVP13: Oh dear HoneyDrake: railgun Medeival: DRAGUN! quattrocani: Pog pascu_tv: Siren WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz TheGloriousRage: LET”S GOOOO Pog HYPERCLAP HoneyDrake: get brick for secret rooms Doully92: elaHYUK ShoryuFab: ballot Azure_Felt: elaHYUK Hollow_void: HYUKAGE Clap jumphil: FeelsPepoMan TyrantZedd: elaHYUK sjuften_: FeelsPepoMan ddezsi: elaHyuk punkz_91: railgun DeeKaiy: elaHYUK skraalQ: railgun Azure_Felt: LULW InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: LULW Dijaxtra: D: TrexTitan: Railgun would be better tbh Sohei4649: LULW gold_dante: elaHYUK DaqqMory: LULW MasterMdrn: LULW angryj0nes: LULW FappyMcFlappy: Jebaited Kipss: LUL Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Neimyin: WASTING AMMO LULW blokonomicon2: 🤔 GoAkke: Hello ela pepeL Hello chat pepeL i finally got my new car elaGasm GoldieRanger: LULW iKeiRo7: shoot when he starts shooting Jektrick: Stops shooting at him when he’s vulnerable LUL sayre72: LUL The1TrueTriKool: @goakke what car sir? dafranThink CheatMotor: you are monstrophobic racist HoneyDrake: @TrexTitan he hits boss dps limit with railgun already, so dragun is better with it’s higher dps Demopoot: @GoAkke pepeD VROOM VROOM The1TrueTriKool: Is it a hatchback Kappa SonicatorTV: GoAkke pepeL TyrantZedd: GoAkke pepeL Bangin FeelsGoodMan MrMadakey: congrats GoAkke Pog GoAkke: thank you pepeL Habitual_Balance: 2019 Toyota Darkwood. TheXearo: GoAkke elaH congrats Clap Shissel: @GoAkke pepeL hi scream_of_a_thousand_cows: GoAkke elaH elaHYUG Pog Congrats dude sharkthesaiyan: reloading removes notes right? Doully92: elaK blokonomicon2: farming damage Krowkajo: wrong metronome Kipss: railguns pretty great tho, you have ammo to spare lavos__: @sharkthesaiyan nope, taking dmg does Beard_Of_Joy: why you reloading? FishingPotato: @sharkthesaiyan No FappyMcFlappy: reloading does not remove notes GoAkke: The1TrueTriKool 2.3 eco boost mustang elaGasm 2017 one elaGasm PaulyDuk: @GoAkke what did you get?? Toxianon: or get hit sharkthesaiyan: oh QLikesDonuts: just switching or getting hit MORFHI: chat, do you remember when Ela wore eyeliner PepeLaugh FishingPotato: And taking damage HoneyDrake: switching or getting hit lord_rimheart: or take damage 🙂 Akewri: and damage LUL RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz and taking dmg RandomSound: or take damage shmobl: getting hit does though QLikesDonuts: getting hit resets it too RyanLovesWeed: LULW FlameOfZarroc: @GoAkke Remember, don’t drink and drive, but DO drink and RIDE elaEZ ModernPlagueDoctor: !uptime GoAkke: PaulyDuk a 2017 2.3l eco boost mustang elaGasm akmannen: taken damage and switching removes the buff Sohei4649: OMEGLOL dayhappyx3: LOOOOOOOL 4Head Neimyin: OMEGLOL WrestlerBot2000: @ModernPlagueDoctor, elajjaz has been streaming for 7 hours 28 mins Mrtriggahigga: OMEGLOL Beard_Of_Joy: AND RELOADING Demopoot: JUST DON’T GET HIT OMEGLOL Shmoop1: OMEGLOL RandomSound: dont waste ammo Carrington14: New gun PaulyDuk: @GoAkke NICE. Enjoy! RandomSound: and go railgun Azure_Felt: elaOP KariGrandi: LEAD Demopoot: elaOP RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz running low LULW fatpep: elaOP Clap HoneyDrake: fat line MasterMdrn: OpieOP skraalQ: lead FappyMcFlappy: so bad gold_dante: elaOP Armored_Guy: OpieOP manninen: take it djinn_94: mahugany elaHYUG skraalQ: lead for damage Annonn140: Pog iKeiRo7: it’s ass Denact: elaOP HYPERCLAP TheXearo: !lead WrestlerBot2000: Ela’s trolling y’all. LUL lord_rimheart: OpieOP Clap Prospect_Kvothe: elaOP ddezsi: OpieOP SaixSoul: rescFat HoneyDrake: get fat line sollllll: FAT acarebox: FAT LINE FishingPotato: Dont forget bullet PepeLaugh Soliddk322: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh chat Kal1m3r0: Pog fatpep: THE elaOP GUN MasterMdrn: maho is meh Kipss: mahogunys literal trash GoAkke: FlameOfZarroc i’m 5Head i stop to drink, then drive again, stop again to drink and so on 5Head KariGrandi: !lead gunygma: FAT LINE ckapsel: Fat 😀 Naaslaarum: It’s bad Pog ohms_law18: Mahoguny is like a grenade launcher Drachenreiter: MahoHuh TrexTitan: get the 104 one Noiralef: dont get the bullet to unlock character PepeLaugh miiiiiiiind: @Elajjaz unequip it to change guns so u dont lose it FishingPotato: Fat line KariGrandi: LEAD cudefogo: phat ass take DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: you unlocked the fat line when you killed lich Konki: PepeLaugh FAT LINE alucardwiked: FATLINE MasterMdrn: Fat it The1TrueTriKool: @goakke they’re the more expensive ones are they not? They look sick lirikPOG GoAkke: PaulyDuk thank you pepeL metatron741: T H I C C AoiKarasuDesu: max synergy mahoguny Kreygasm KinnieSpic: the fat line FappyMcFlappy: Jebaited so bad Kal1m3r0: FATLINE gunygma: LUL Shmoop1: mahoguny is a C tier wep Kal1m3r0: Jebaited BonelessBanquet: @Elajjaz get bullet to kill past Plasmafenix: The bullet @Elajjaz Kjoelby: Mahoguny is a brown chest item Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Larg0s: wut Jajalembang: LULW Pyrhaa: 5Head LordKingSalmon: Fat Line is garbage. LUL SenorToast: Jebaited phantan304: ELALINE PogChamp ModernPlagueDoctor: !uptime MyNameLacksImagination: PepeLaugh FlameOfZarroc: @GoAkke 5Head elaPlan lord_rimheart: mahoguny is good with synergies Hollow_void: MaN GoAkke: The1TrueTriKool yes sir, the price did hurt quite a lot LuL but i’m so happy elaGasm iKeiRo7: this gun is atpToiler MasterMdrn: reverse bullet 4Shrug WrestlerBot2000: @ModernPlagueDoctor, elajjaz has been streaming for 7 hours 29 mins Kipss: chat Jebaited u Doully92: PepeHands Reddinator: NotLikeThis Annonn140: TAKYON YeahBoi ruanmax123: great job LordKingSalmon: Mahoguny is amazing with the synergies, though. Nucleoprotein: @GoAkke goakkeGoodMan / Jajalembang: OMEGALUL Beard_Of_Joy: BibleThump MURPH BibleThump Armored_Guy: succ gun sjuften_: Chag KariGrandi: OMEGALUL JimmyDNogueira: succ KariGrandi: S U C C MasterMdrn: it sucks 4HEad Werelwen: SeemsGood GoAkke: Nucleoprotein goakkeGoodMan Diplomacide: mahoguny was the better pick Jebaited Fabu_: you can hide like a little bitch with this weapon QLikesDonuts: cactus gun has the most insane synergies i think Plasmafenix: @Elajjaz The bullet Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan elaGun The1TrueTriKool: @goakke if you said it was the cheaper one I would’ve reported you Kappa so many mums have them where I live, chads have the 2.3 The1TrueTriKool: Ur a chad Nucleoprotein: @GoAkke i asked Ela when Darkwood but he not respond PepeHands MasterMdrn: you can hit enemies while hiding Zerstoerus: You can shoot while standiing behind a wall skraalQ: just railgun everything LULW angryj0nes: Ela remember that you FLY GoAkke: Nucleoprotein pepeL RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz railgun dmg is going to be nuts on boss if you dont take dmg Baldoro: he needs to believe he can fly ryded7474: is there a command for the mods used during fallout? fatpep: @Elajjaz can you dmg off-screen wit this fat line gun tho ? .. cause if u cant, its small range.. kinda ? nikitos_boom: @Nucleoprotein No Darkwood PepeLaugh The1TrueTriKool: God it feels good when you’ve got a stacked inv Kreygasm GoAkke: The1TrueTriKool LuL most chads would have the 5l engine here LuL Sheepstriker: Bouncing railgun… that looks satisfying af The1TrueTriKool: @fatpep you can FishingPotato: Nooo the damage Plasmafenix: Rip streak faithless_zealot: RUINED RyanLovesWeed: why did you change LULW Blue_Ventum: which character is that? Neimyin: Switched guns NotLikeThis sollllll: DAMAGE ROGENALT: rip metronome carero12: @Elajjaz how long till last boss ? TheErdbeere: dont switch gun TrexTitan: Lost bonus damage PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: switching LUL TheGloriousRage: Rip stream FishingPotato: Rip damage streak Kipss: metronome stacks PepeHands itsmr_pepper: he changed guns looooool iKeiRo7: why switch TorvaM: OMEGALUL CHAT HE DOESNT NEED IT bubwub: railgun is still your best dps probably LuL RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz not the boss LULW dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh its alright MyGoodTwin: Anyways PepeHands FitoBurrito: Nucleoprotein Ela is only allowed to answer Darkwood questions when GoAkke asks them, and he’s only allowed to answer on the 7th time of asking PepeLaugh K_L_I_K: Dude it could be your boss gun D: fatpep: The1TrueTriKool kewl Ringguni: time to throw iKeiRo7: it’s not! ModernPlagueDoctor: wasd seems so shit as someone that always played on controller The1TrueTriKool: @goakke they’re called “flabs” bc fake chads DansGame blokonomicon2: malding initiated PepeHands Toprak078: ll iKeiRo7: Kappa salpo_nolobio: Enter the throwgeon TheXearo: don’t be overconfident now TrexTitan: excuses bad plays with good run PepeLaugh k1n9s1ey1be: @Elajjaz you can drop the metranome to keep the streak Demopoot: MALDING LULW timmyblaster: where can i watch whole playthrougt GoldieRanger: pepeD GoAkke: FitoBurrito OMEGALUL Evillution: PepeLaugh GoAkke: The1TrueTriKool LuL timoteh: Stop reading chat and stop throwing @Elajjaz Mydnight: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM FappyMcFlappy: orange? LuckyIand: orange Amazng_Guy: orange lord_rimheart: orange HoneyDrake: yeah orange Naaslaarum: Orange faithless_zealot: orange? fumaczi: orange zarcom79: orange Habitual_Balance: @GoAkke moon2M Darkwood. TheGloriousRage: Orange KariGrandi: Orange PogChamp FappyMcFlappy: oh my god wittedboss99: orange is health up Toprak078: l Kipss: orange is godtier FishingPotato: @chat did he ever get Spice? bubwub: orange with ak Kreygasm skraalQ: HP+ Armored_Guy: wax wings should melt above lava LordKingSalmon: Orange is great if you can get it. Extra health. LuckyIand: its a fruit PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: 🧡 lavos__: @Elajjaz orange is from god hand LULW HoneyDrake: orange is godtier with your hp Shmoop1: @Elajjaz orange is just full heal KariGrandi: God hand reference LUL bubwub: @Elajjaz it’s God Hand refference GoAkke: Habitual_Balance LuL mackinator: A fruit Keltai_: orange from god hand Kipss: secret Pog GoldieRanger: Kapp gold_dante: LAKKI FappyMcFlappy: secret room Nucleoprotein: not fumaczi: orange=game won MasterMdrn: he doesnt know what an orange is PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: will not elaK FappyMcFlappy: LULW Armody: This weapon is fun Azure_Felt: Pog Nucleoprotein: elaKek Habitual_Balance: moon2CR any crouchers? QuantumLead: Pog TheXearo: Pog Kipss: Pog BEST GUN gunygma: POGGGGG GoldieRanger: Pog Meximus322: Chag Jajalembang: PogU Sohei4649: Pog Annonn140: Pog Toprak078: l MagicFrogs: PogChamp Tasarion: Chag ohms_law18: EWWwWW mentalvary: Chag daddywojo: Lead boots ekahS_hS: Chag Demopoot: Chag pekkaatte: Pog MasterMdrn: its alive lavos__: @Elajjaz the orange is from godhand btw KariGrandi: POG Kananmuna1: Pog FishingPotato: Succ, poop gun FlameOfZarroc: Champ DaniloMata: ziggyChamp angryj0nes: REACT MORE pekkaatte: get boots scribbleh: elaGasm QLikesDonuts: mad damage but so hard to use lol Dusty_Degenerate: zorgun is no 1 now Dusty_Degenerate: gachiBASS Balanar: orange is a godhand reference Drachenreiter: FeelsPepoMan Toprak078: k zarcom79: junkan Neimyin: Sir Junkan PunOko Azure_Felt: zorgun Pog QLikesDonuts: Junken you heathen Toprak078: l Akewri: JUNKAN Shmoop1: sir junkan Evillution: WeirdChamp Keltai_: SUCC FappyMcFlappy: railgun ohms_law18: ALEIN lord_rimheart: it’s ser junkan, you plebian DansGame skraalQ: railgun FishingPotato: Railgun man, you hit every part @Elajjaz praise_the_soup: rail hille666: ALIEn skybeaverking: Lead god inc Armored_Guy: railgun ricoshet mackinator: railgun Usojin: Pog MasterMdrn: you cant get ser junkan from broken chests i think metatron741: lord ser junken AbsoluteHope: pepeD fatpep: @Elajjaz fatline gun angryj0nes: FLY BEHIND? shigaraki: did ela get the bullet from the blacksmith? BBiBsBoy: @Elajjaz Fly behind him Chag Beldram: @MasterMdrn you can, just a low chance frunklesavant: ye he has bullet k1n9s1ey1be: @angryj0nes doesn’t work Neimyin: @Elajjaz Fly behind him Pog angryj0nes: shit ModernPlagueDoctor: just a bit op TorvaM: @Elajjaz press space k1n9s1ey1be: @Neimyin doesn’t work Noiralef: active item! angryj0nes: onçly the teleport with scart so Jektrick: @MasterMdrn You can, junk from broken chests has a 1% chance of being Junkan Jebcys: Since you are flying cant you just leave the map and avoid all bullets? Soliddk322: LEAD god inc TorvaM: pepeD k1n9s1ey1be: @angryj0nes that got patched out i think MasterMdrn: Jektrick SeemsGood Neon_TRY: pepeD Azure_Felt: LULW Sergantuss: can he just FLY behinde him? Kipss: Pog fatpep: LUL FappyMcFlappy: LULW BBiBsBoy: He gonna get the perfect run Chag All master rounds QLikesDonuts: sick GoldieRanger: Pog gunygma: LULW YURA_RAKETA: omega ez Annonn140: LULW NosBleid: Clap ekahS_hS: Pog gold_dante: one cycle Pog FappyMcFlappy: Damn all master rounds FishingPotato: Perfect run, all chambers BonelessBanquet: 5 master rounds Chad angryj0nes: welp shit then pascu_tv: 1 cycle Pog skybeaverking: Lead god Pog spevahr: Lead God Pog Kaspu: Pog Beard_Of_Joy: CHAT LICH OR PAST? hew_hew: moon2EZ Toprak078: l Sohei4649: Lead God Pog TorvaM: Pog Hellu: Pog AoiKarasuDesu: S U P E R H O T sjuften_: Pog Lead God thePUNisher5: Pog Meximus322: Chag HoneyDrake: @Sergantuss no, he gets pushed back to the arena ModernPlagueDoctor: @Sergantuss he can Kipss: yep FishingPotato: Ye @Elajjaz Azure_Felt: yep FappyMcFlappy: make sure you do lich now QLikesDonuts: yea TorvaM: @Elajjaz nice hp bar KariGrandi: Yeah MasterMdrn: Clap spevahr: yep Noiralef: kinda FappyMcFlappy: I mean past Kipss: and youget the best/worst item fatpep: Clap Tasarion: Chag Werelwen: Clap offbrot: What is master round doing? ekahS_hS: well done Ela FappyMcFlappy: nope Keltai_: Superhot MasterMdrn: Offeed hp up NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm Armored_Guy: yes, cheevo Evillution: @Elajjaz you unlocked supa hot watch Annonn140: yes ThatLuluTho: Aight PepeLaugh FishingPotato: Just walk, you will see faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz How appropriate that you did it with the first hero=) Beard_Of_Joy: no, lich fumaczi: @offbrot is hp up ItSoundsSoFamiliar: @Elajjaz You unlocked super hot watch spevahr: I got that with Clone by accident LUL LordKingSalmon: If you try to fly behind the dragon a big wall of shots comes down. You can’t go behind him. Azure_Felt: super hot watch FeelsWeirdMan JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz can you finally kill the lich jira273: PepeLaugh QLikesDonuts: i was about to say lol MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: PepeLaugh k_ld_r: PepeLaugh Tasarion: wouldn’t lich be better with insane run 🤔 Sohei4649: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: PepeLaugh Hellu: PepeLaugh Keltai_: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: This is goona be fun skybeaverking: PepeLaugh Demopoot: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: sure? PepeLaugh xdreigor: SPOILERS elaD zarcom79: PepeLaugh fatpep: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: LULE FappyMcFlappy: LULW ButtStallionXIII: PepeLaugh Tasarion: monkaW Jajalembang: LULW fumaczi: he dosnt know Sherman26: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: PepeLaugh Jektrick: LUL Neimyin: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: EMOTE ONLY KariGrandi: PepeLaugh PulseRogueTV: LUL Evillution: PepeLaugh BonelessBanquet: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh shhh Doully92: PepeLaugh hew_hew: !title QuantumLead: PepeLaugh SnakeBites: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: LICH GOING DOWN | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram sweetpho: HE DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh bubwub: PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: Good luck! PepeLaugh Sheepstriker: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: REE|Clip No.40| https://clips.twitch.tv/DirtyShinyDelicataVoteNay Hellu: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeLaugh Larg0s: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: PepeLaugh Daedro: PepeLaugh Jektrick: PepeLaugh Kipss: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh hille666: PepeLaugh he doesnt know timoteh: PepeLaugh Shhhh Gustavus_Anonus: PepeLaugh Unaware Noiralef: psssst TorvaM: PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: PepeLaugh Pionside: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: 12x PepeLaugh double digit combo Pog FappyMcFlappy: yes mackinator: He doesn’t know Sohei4649: PepeLaugh shhhh k1n9s1ey1be: Super hot watch=one of the best items in the game ItSoundsSoFamiliar: did he get the bullet? LickMyPretzel: yes spevahr: Yes you are juuche: PepeLaugh Evillution: PepeLaugh don’t tell him Nucleoprotein: yes sollllll: LULW Jajalembang: just do it LULW Werelwen: PepeLaugh sjuften_: PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: yes AbsoluteHope: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh QuantumLead: shhhh chat PepeLaugh YURA_RAKETA: PepeLaugh klogpog: yes PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh yes Konki: PepeLaugh YES AttilaTheHen: PepeLaugh BBiBsBoy: PepeLaugh Tasarion: Kapp TorvaM: PepeLaugh yes Wheels82: PepeLaugh nikitos_boom: SHHHHH CHAT PepeLaugh ModernPlagueDoctor: 3 oclock fatpep: just do it ela PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: 4Shrug Hellu: PepeLaugh Prospect_Kvothe: PepeLaugh k_ld_r: PepeLaugh bubwub: sure PepeLaugh Auramoth: PepeLaugh KariGrandi: He doesnt know PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: Jebaited MidgetDude110: PepeLaugh dont tell him chat quattrocani: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOW ddezsi: no Keltai_: LACKS INFORMATION PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh HERE WE GO Zaunbob: PepeLaugh serusa94: shhhhh PepeLaugh SnakeBites: PepeLaugh he did it supjta: SURE Kapp stefanehj: no Night_Veleal: No FlameOfZarroc: OMEGALUL NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM sweetpho: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh sollllll: yes LUL QuantumLead: YES PepeLaugh akmannen: PepeLaugh I dont know Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh pixelshock_: LULW Jektrick: @ItSoundsSoFamiliar yeah he did ddezsi: FeelsSadMan hew_hew: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO LickMyPretzel: EMOTE ONLY UNTIL HE GETS TO THE BOSS TheH3llraiser: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: ho no no no Larg0s: PepeLaugh I DON’T KNOW LuckyIand: youll see PepeLaugh QuantumLead: O NO NO NO NO PepeLaugh Beard_Of_Joy: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLAugh jira273: here it comes PepeLaugh Szachalasznik: PepeLaugh LostNoteleks: PepeLaugh Fabu_: HERE IT COMES AttilaTheHen: PepeUff 💨 manic_souls: Here we go Fulgator: Chag Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh TheXearo: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Gustavus_Anonus: PepeLaugh Its nothing Ela dont worry ddezsi: FeelsBadMan FishingPotato: PepeLaugh you will find out soon enough hille666: PepeLaugh Neimyin: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Azure_Felt: pepeJAM supjta: PepeLaugh InternetVillainSuperstar: EEEEEEEEE Sohei4649: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NosBleid: pepeD AbsoluteHope: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MugenRichie: OH NO NO NO NO PepeLaugh zarcom79: PepeLaugh Demopoot: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Tasarion: EEEEEEEEEEEE DaqqMory: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Auramoth: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE vryn124: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KariGrandi: EEEEEEEEE Jajalembang: EEEEEEeeeee Armored_Guy: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE skybeaverking: Mistakes PepeLaugh phantan304: RRRRRR Usojin: Pog neuromancerking666: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Reddinator: EEEEEEEEEEEEE BonelessBanquet: PepeLaugh MasterMalpercio: pepeD ekahS_hS: don’t tell him chat MasterMdrn: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Larg0s: pepeD EvilTeacuppy: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sherman26: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hellu: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh sweetpho: PREPARE CHAT PepeLaugh ModernPlagueDoctor: pepeJAM mentalvary: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Kaspu: We don’t really need emote only though QuantumLead: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE phantan304: EEEEEE Kipss: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MasterMdrn: SourPls NosBleid: pepeJAMMER Ayluro: OH NONONONONO PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sjuften_: pepeD oOFr3ak0utOo: PepeLaugh Naaslaarum: 4Head Meximus322: pepeJAM pascu_tv: EEEEE Jektrick: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: iron95Pls sollllll: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Autumn_Flare: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE NosBleid: DansGame phantan304: DansGame Worhtaed: monkaW Evillution: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know scribbleh: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES Qviss: .. TorvaM: PepeLaugh he didnt know QuantumLead: PepeLaugh Demopoot: Jebaited angryj0nes: LULW MasterMdrn: 4HEad Naaslaarum: LULW DaqqMory: PepeLaugh HERE WE GO ModernPlagueDoctor: y u skip 😡 Auramoth: LULW yvve_: Jebaited Noiralef: Kappa Larg0s: Jebaited Hellu: PepeLaugh Tasarion: Jebaited QuantumLead: LULW nikitos_boom: LUL NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Jebaited MasterMdrn: JustDoIt FuTsUnOnInGeN: LULW Meximus322: Jebaited Evillution: PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh fatpep: KUL Evillution: PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING QuantumLead: Jebaited fatpep: LULW daddywojo: You have no past Evillution: PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING GoldieRanger: pepeD ekahS_hS: he doesn’t know elaWeird elaWeird Usojin: full clear incoming PepeLaugh’ WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES Fossheim: EMOTES TomHorst: @cantputmynamecauseitaken shhhh TrexTitan: EZ with railgun Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz gaining 5 master rounds unlocks item: Super Hot Watch Jajalembang: LULW MidgetDude110: EMOTES TomHorst: @cantputmynamecauseitaken you fucking idiot Final_zebraman: ANTI SPOILER SPAM ANTI SPOILER SPAM ANTI SPOILER SPAM ANTI SPOILER SPAM ANTI SPOILER SPAM Vock186: chat… fatpep: EMOTES ONLY fatpep: CMON Jajalembang: Emotes only TheH3llraiser: EMOTES ONLY Demopoot: NaM RyanLovesWeed: emote only MasterMdrn: NaM LuckyIand: EMOTES QuantumLead: emotes only!! zarcom79: emote only yvve_: NaM KariGrandi: E M O T E O N L Y P L S Prospect_Kvothe: EMOTES ONLY Sheepstriker: NaM AoiKarasuDesu: S U P E R H O T Szachalasznik: emote PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: yep DaqqMory: NaM NaM Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Mods pls Emote only RyanLovesWeed: Nam sweetpho: NaM FitoBurrito: NaM Swisherkid: PepeLaugh RyanLovesWeed: NaM Sheepstriker: FishMoley Armored_Guy: permaban spoilers LUL Prospect_Kvothe: NaM moynihanthe: are there no mods? Wheels82: Mods sleeping again elaWeird Meximus322: NaM Naaslaarum: this chat is now in NaM only mode Inflatable_waffle: NaM MasterMdrn: mods are sniping dont worry Hellu: Actually caring about gungeon lore PepeLaugh LuckyIand: NaM Soliddk322: NaM Reddinator: NaM ? Ayluro: NaM Final_zebraman: mods wakeup pls Reraden: NaM gamezocker: NaM Sherman26: NaM ViveLaDissidence: 1 guy talking>all chat now wants to be censored MaleFunction: NaM QuantumLead: where are the mods elaMad supjta: MODS PepeLaugh hille666: NaM the SPOILERS AWAY KariGrandi: NaM YURA_RAKETA: NaM GoldieRanger: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD Sheepstriker: NaM NosBleid: NaM Travden: NaM NaM TomHorst: MODS iiioku: nAm HoodedSouls: NaM Evillution: PepeLaugh FULL CLEARING MasterMdrn: NaM Meximus322: MaN ? MousseAcebolada: EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFl MaN_NaM: NaM fatpep: NaM Scaythly: Chat BBiBsBoy: NaM Spoiler free zone NaM hille666: NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY MidgetDude110: NaM Larg0s: FeelsWeirdMan nam is the worst emote why spam it KariGrandi: MaN YURA_RAKETA: MaN Qviss: railgun is so PepeLaugh Swisherkid: NaM PulseRogueTV: Mods are being useless LUL Demopoot: NaM ANTI NaM SPOILER NaM NAM NaM SPAM NaM Prospect_Kvothe: NaM NaM TrexTitan: he’s gonna switch and loose his damage bonus PepeLaugh vladizekgold: @TomHorst Dont hate him you looser! TheH3llraiser: NaM MousseAcebolada: EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick FitoBurrito: NaM NaM Hellu: NaM MonoSync: Spoilers is fun haHAA ViveLaDissidence: The F is wrong with you WeirdChamp MousseAcebolada: EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick hille666: NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY Soliddk322: ricardoFlick FappyMcFlappy: NaM dontpatme: NaM Inflatable_waffle: NaM NaM klogpog: NaM KariGrandi: NaM NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird chat Scaythly: Chat elaWeird DozzLock: NO MODS SSSsss Szachalasznik: NaM iiioku: NaM Teddym4n: for fun NaM angryj0nes: just ban spoiler people Armored_Guy: MaN InternetVillainSuperstar: 4Shrug Auramoth: NaM hille666: NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY skybeaverking: EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick MaN_NaM: NaM O CLOCK NosBleid: ricardoFlick SnakeBites: NaM Clap Keltai_: NaM NaM Konki: NaM WHY NOT Cthulusarus: ela12 ela12 ela12 fumaczi: not like any 1 is spoinitng no need for that fatpep: NaM NaM Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM FishingPotato: EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick EMOTE ONLY ricardoFlick Aranzada: Any Nammers? NaM Colroyds: NaM Meximus322: ricardoFlick LickMyPretzel: NaM QuantumLead: NO SPOILERS NaM hille666: NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY NaM the SPOILERS AWAY Naaslaarum: NaM OR DIE Fulgator: 4Shrug HoodedSouls: NaM I saw it NaM fatpep: NaM NaM NaM LickMyPretzel: Just don’t read chat GoAkke: Scaythly pepeL Dyres: Spoiling a 3 year old game nymnWeird CHAT AttilaTheHen: 4Shrug Jajalembang: OMEGALUL MasterMdrn: LUL Hellu: For the NaM of it Scaythly: Chat, stop with anti-spoiler spam NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird its ok now TorvaM: LULW fatpep: NaM NaM NaM NaM GoldieRanger: LULW Jalmarkian: ricardoFlick jumphil: M OMEGALUL DS Swisherkid: cutean1 cutean2 cutean3 iiioku: ricardoFlick xRyansito: NaM MaN VaN NaM MaN VaN NaM MaN VaN NaM MaN VaN Azure_Felt: rip chat experience FeelsWeirdMan Cheeseek: GoAkke pepeL FitoBurrito: Scaythly elaWeird Denact: ricardoFlick sweetpho: NaM Inflatable_waffle: god NaM it Scaythly: There’s literally one message that gets deleted and you go mental NosBleid: NaM ricardoFlick NaM KariGrandi: DansGame Jalmarkian: ricardoFlick FLICK ricardoFlick THE ricardoFlick Spoilers ricardoFlick Away ricardoFlick Scaythly: Grow up GoAkke: Cheeseek pepeL eXi__: eXi__ gifted a Tier 1 sub to itzTitanio! This is their first Gift Sub in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @itztitanio the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Kaspu: It was only 1 very minor spoiler chat elaWeird FappyMcFlappy: yeah FishingPotato: Ye @Elajjaz iKeiRo7: yes Plasmafenix: Yes TrexTitan: Yes QLikesDonuts: yes Kipss: ricardoFlick any flickers? ricardoFlick fatpep: 4Shrug Reraden: NaM NaM NaM juuche: NaM k1n9s1ey1be: yes dayhappyx3: 🙁 Ayluro: IT’S NaM O’CLOCK 👉 🕕 Inflatable_waffle: ricardoFlick ROGENALT: @Elajjaz Its up to 200% 2% per kill MonoSync: Just ban the nammers LULW Jektrick: Chat just wants a reason to spam LUL LuckyIand: telling chat to behave LUL DozzLock: @Scaythly 8====D Larg0s: FeelsWeirdMan chat thinks nam is funny…. Evillution: PepeLaugh Final_zebraman: @Scaythly I DONT WANT TO BE AN ADULT 🙁 iKeiRo7: the notes RyanLovesWeed: i guess time to go fullscreen peepoSad FishingPotato: Even your ricochete now instakills hille666: ricardoFlick RainMakerNGS: you are clearing rooms with single shots Beutelino: @Scaythly NaM Scaythly: Same, Final_zebraman PepeHands ModernPlagueDoctor: notes yes but you lose it all if you take damage Hellu: Any reason good as any to NaM amirite QuantumLead: Telling chat to grow up elaKek GoAkke: wiw scaythly ignoring my greeting PepeHands Doully92: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Demopoot: PepeLaugh Neimyin: PepeLaugh YURA_RAKETA: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh yvve_: pepeL iKeiRo7: the higher the notes more damage quattrocani: PepeLaugh Larg0s: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh Noiralef: yes Zaunbob: PepeLaugh Wheels82: PepeLaugh Keltai_: PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeLaugh Denact: PepeLaugh LuckyIand: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HE DOESNT KNOS MyNameLacksImagination: PepeLaugh Pionside: PepeLaugh klogpog: PepeLaugh yvve_: PepeLaugh KariGrandi: PepeLaugh hille666: PepeLaugh FuTsUnOnInGeN: PepeLaugh zarcom79: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh PulseRogueTV: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek bubwub: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: 16x PepeLaugh double digit combo Pog Hellu: PepeLaugh Beldram: He does not possess sufficient information PepeLaugh Szachalasznik: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know sjuften_: PepeLaugh …. LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know sweetpho: PepeLaugh SnakeBites: PepeLaugh LostNoteleks: PepeLaugh FabDelux: forsenKek Evillution: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know QuantumLead: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: PepeLaugh no no no Lightning4444: PepeLaugh LittleBluMan: LittleBluMan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 2 month streak! xRyansito: sodaLaugh sodaLaugh sodaLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @littlebluman I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM BuggeredAll: PepeLaugh Prospect_Kvothe: PepeLaugh Konki: PepeLaugh MAYBE Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Sherman26: PepeLaugh oOFr3ak0utOo: PepeLaugh Larinett: PepeLaugh Inflatable_waffle: PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: chat is just elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird iiioku: PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh Mccoone: PepeLaugh Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: PepeLaugh spevahr: no 🙂 MonoSync: Reading chat PepeLaugh gamezocker: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh DONT TELL HIM supjta: PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh dont tell him Azure_Felt: i can PepeLaugh if i want to PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh because you dont know whats coming @Elajjaz Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh do we need a reason? Scorrpo: PepeLaugh ezflakes: Didn’t he miss a secret room before? Wheels82: PepeLaugh HE LACKS INFORMATION zarcom79: he doesn’t know killerquent: How ironic skybeaverking: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh Shhhh DarkWingsAzrael: oh no no no PepeLaugh Usojin: I have no idea why Im laughing PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: i RULL Larg0s: PepeLaugh his knowledge is not suffcient Meximus322: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh pekkaatte: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Shmoop1: @Elajjaz it maxes at 75 kills with 150% damage increase or 250% total damage fatpep: elaGa Clap MasterMdrn: rullah Wheels82: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO hille666: elaYes FappyMcFlappy: rip all your dmg PulseRogueTV: OH NO NO NO KariGrandi: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Beldram: We don’t know PepeLaugh Demopoot: pepeJAM FishingPotato: THE DAMAGE FeelsLagMan Sven_sveger: PepeLaugh I DON’T KNOW EITHER PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: RAKT IN PepeLaugh Inflatable_waffle: i dont even know 🙂 Fulgator: elaKek quattrocani: PepeLaugh i dont know jumphil: i dont know PepeLaugh Kirzan: The Ikea iRull GoldieRanger: Pog 150% Jalmarkian: PogU vihainenkampela: pepeD Evillution: PepeLaugh Scaythly: I like that chat is ruining the potential surprise for whatever’s coming up (which I also don’t know) with all the PepeLaugh because it’s making Ela think what could be in store for him scribbleh: PepeLaugh Scaythly: elaK Nucleoprotein: last room boss elaKek FishingPotato: @chat you will know soon enough Sherman26: PepeLaugh 1 guy in chat actually knows PepeLaugh GoldieRanger: pepeD pepeD Toprak078: PepeLaugh NOBODY KNOWS PepeLaugh ddezsi: ppDance MasterMdrn: iron95Pls Anthagonas: @Elajjaz switching eapon or taking damage brings back note damage to 0 tho rooThink Kananmuna1: I don’t even know PepeLaugh LordKingSalmon: @Sergantuss Only the red “jammed” enemies do one full heart. Reddinator: ¯\_ PepeLaugh _/¯ sh0gg: last weapon ever to use GoldieRanger: dance with me chat pepeD ddezsi: pepeD Beldram: Noone knows anything PepeLaugh InternetVillainSuperstar: that charge animation is so satisfying SunBeard: Ela is STILL looking for the lich? sjuften_: PepeLaugh I never played this game WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Armored_Guy: i know now PepeLaugh thanks chat LuckyIand: imagine being a mod and get salty for chat PepeLaugh Evillution: PepeLaugh oh no no no Hellu: PepeLaugh iiioku: pepeD Doully92: PepeLaugh TorvaM: PepeLaugh 💦 SnakeBites: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: PepeLaugh everything could happen Prospect_Kvothe: people were typing spoilers so we nammed it away MidgetDude110: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh oh no no n Jalmarkian: I only know cause i watched forsen ragequit over what is coming PepeLaugh oOFr3ak0utOo: Jebaited Neimyin: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: it’s an element of suprise PepeLaugh KariGrandi: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: PepeLaugh he does not know NosBleid: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Wheels82: PepeLaugh HE LACKS INFORMATION fumaczi: sure Meximus322: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh sure supjta: PepeLaugh zarcom79: PepeLaugh oh no no no BonelessBanquet: no past PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: PepeLaugh juuche: PepeLaugh Fatamerikans: PepeLaugh Demopoot: PepeLaugh Larinett: PepeLaugh hille666: he still doesnt know PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh bubwub: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: “THERE IS NO PAST” PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh NiceThings_: PepeLaugh mhm Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Anthagonas: Maybe PepeLaugh Larg0s: PepeLaugh DaqqMory: PepeLaugh Noiralef: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh ? TheH3llraiser: PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: @theh3llraiser ruined the 22x PepeLaugh combo DansGame BVP13: PepeLaugh I just like this emote PepeLaugh Doully92: Don’t tell him PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: PepeLaugh Usojin: Im just laughing because of peer pressure PepeLaugh hew_hew: PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh HE LACKS CRUCIAL INFORMATION AttilaTheHen: chat PepeLaugh s at everything Zaunbob: PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: He’s getting nervous PepeLaugh ddezsi: pepeD Here pepeD we pepeD Dance pepeD Chat pepeD Dance pepeD with pepeD me pepeD CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh I have no idea DekkerDave: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW iiioku: exactly PepeLaugh skybeaverking: PepeLaugh sure Ddkillerxx: THERE IS PepeLaugh PulseRogueTV: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Fulgator: PepeLaugh dayhappyx3: @TheH3llraiser FeelsWeirdMan Pionside: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: DansGame Larg0s: @TheH3llraiser DansGame salpo_nolobio: PepeLaugh any laughers ? LickMyPretzel: everything is PepeLaugh bassstiaan: Jebaited MainMercLobo: dont worry about it PepeLaugh FuTsUnOnInGeN: DansGame CurseofSherwood: PepeLaugh I AM UNAWARE FappyMcFlappy: secret Pog MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh thinks he is a 5Head fatpep: PepeLaugh he doesnt understand PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: PepeLaugh burnt Jalmarkian: He is getting nervous PepeLaugh Wheels82: @TheH3llraiser DansGame vihainenkampela: you can feel the sweat PepeLaugh quichemeesh: PepeLaugh he lacks critical information yvve_: streamer says PepeLaugh i type PepeLaugh GoldieRanger: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD MonoSync: Taking chat seriously PepeLaugh BVP13: To be honest PepeLaugh is great HarryBook: PepeLaugh how many layers is this right now? Evillution: PepeLaugh Maximo94: Hidden room! Meximus322: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Arrcherus: i bet hes gonna be fine Wheels82: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Azmandys: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: here we go Maximo94: @Elajjaz Hidden room below! LuckyIand: a key Pog AttilaTheHen: monkaS FishingPotato: LETS GO! TrexTitan: WHY klogpog: LULW Keltai_: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: Frrrrrrrrrrrr FappyMcFlappy: rip damage vihainenkampela: here it comes PepeLaugh SnakeBites: PepeLaugh Kipss: f Neimyin: switched guns NotLikeThis jira273: ???? ThatLuluTho: Here it is Akewri: LUL QuantumLead: monkaW Meximus322: Chag Toprak078: PepeLaugh HE IS IN POSSESSION OF A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THIS SUBJECT PepeLaugh TorvaM: Pog zarcom79: PepeLaugh here we go Hellu: PepeLaugh spevahr: Pog GoldieRanger: LETS GO Pog Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh time pascu_tv: ElaBlind Shmoop1: broke metronome Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: @Elajjaz rip dmg dayhappyx3: monkaS akmannen: LUL hille666: hidden room elaGa LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh lord_rimheart: monkaW Jajalembang: Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr miiiiiiiind: MonkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES Meximus322: Its go time PepeLaugh MaN_NaM: monkaW OH NO GoldieRanger: monkaW Tasarion: elaGa switching TorvaM: PepeLaugh he found out Doully92: PepeLaugh Jektrick: PepeLaugh Anthagonas: Jebaited mikeyoverrated: peepoD quattrocani: PepeLaugh klogpog: EZ ddezsi: Streamer Lacks Critical Information PepeLaugh iKeiRo7: yeah just switch the weapon Inflatable_waffle: monkaGun salpo_nolobio: monkaS Naaslaarum: AIM ON AIM ON Hellu: VaN iiioku: monkaW Larinett: PepeLaugh GARIIISH: STANDO Fulgator: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh mentalvary: PepeLaugh Demopoot: LULW DOUBLE LICH zypnyx: VaN Azure_Felt: LULW lord_rimheart: he has a stand AYAYA MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: Ow shit, here we go again PepeLaugh AbsoluteHope: monkaW yvve_: monkaW TorvaM: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: OMEGALUL skybeaverking: Jebaited dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh oh no no no TrexTitan: PepeLaugh zarcom79: PepeLaugh Larg0s: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS KariGrandi: PepeLaugh Ayluro: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS Pyrhaa: PepeLaugh Neimyin: LICH STAND PogU TomHorst: STANDO POWER lazy_puca: he’s jammed Anthagonas: Now he knows PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh Akewri: Paradox Pog Vock186: monkaW Wheels82: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS NOW quattrocani: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS Aranzada: Lich vs Double Lich?? NotLikeThis vihainenkampela: holy fuck PepeLaugh Demopoot: PepeLaugh HE IS AWARE Inflatable_waffle: WutFace 마루커: wait a minute LickMyPretzel: monkaW fatpep: PepeLaugh exposing lack of info PepeLaugh Kaspu: I wish this boss wasn’t so easy 마루커: what if Demopoot: STANDO POWAH Chag Doully92: gachiHYPER dayhappyx3: gachiBOP Azure_Felt: dying LULW Annonn140: NANI monkaW AttilaTheHen: gachiAPPROVE ruanmax123: use item MasterMdrn: gachiBASS GoldieRanger: monkaW MonoSync: gachiBASS bubwub: @Elajjaz active? thePUNisher5: monkaW HoneyDrake: active item Hellu: PepeLaugh Larinett: gachiBASS TrexTitan: why did you drop the metronome bonus? PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh Meximus322: gachiHYPER NosBleid: won’t die huh PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: iron95Pls Kipss: lyrics Pog LickMyPretzel: this music MasterMdrn: pepeJAM ModernPlagueDoctor: Fucking 20 hp the legend Azure_Felt: Pog Clap YinKuza: This is nothing compared to shit like Rabi Rabi TorvaM: Pog MasterMdrn: SourPls sh0gg: EZ Clap QuantumLead: Pog FappyMcFlappy: Pog KariGrandi: EZ Clap GoldieRanger: Pog MaGiiC_SkiLL: BrokeBack BrokeBack sjuften_: PepeLaugh 👉 HP 📉 salpo_nolobio: Pog HoneyDrake: GG WP Inflatable_waffle: Clap Hellu: Pog TorvaM: PogU HE DID IT Demopoot: Chag Ayluro: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls LickMyPretzel: elaEZ thePUNisher5: Pog Meximus322: Pog miiiiiiiind: I WAS HERE Pog timoteh: Pog LuckyIand: Clap Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh HE KNOWS NOW gold_dante: double damage LULW pekkaatte: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Pog HYPERCLAP skybeaverking: EZ Clap iiioku: Pog PRAETORAEGIS: Pog Clap angryj0nes: Pog HYPERCLAP QuantumLead: EZ FlubberGlorp: Pog Clap Blackbird_SR71C: Pog HE ACTUALLY DID IT THE MAD LAD!!!!! ruanmax123: Clap Sohei4649: Pog Clap klogpog: No 🙂 FishingPotato: GG WP! Qviss: Pog Matheus_Hack: Chag pixelshock_: Clap Azure_Felt: pepeJAMMER Jektrick: Chag HYPERCLAP Kipss: Pog dayhappyx3: pepeD NosBleid: Pog AbsoluteHope: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE salpo_nolobio: EEEEEE Tasarion: EEEEEEEEEEEEE MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Kananmuna1: Pog HYPERCLAP SunBeard: EZ Pog BonelessBanquet: GG Glenshane: Pog NiceThings_: Clap NicNacNinja: Pog Clap iiioku: EEEEE InternetVillainSuperstar: EEEEEEEEEEE QLikesDonuts: haha AttilaTheHen: Pog sjuften_: Chag MasterMdrn: 666666 PogU Hank_e_Panky: Pog mentalvary: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EvilTeacuppy: EEEEEEEEE vihainenkampela: Pog Clap Annonn140: PogU spevahr: Clap Pyrhaa: Pog FlameOfZarroc: Champ Werelwen: Pog Fafebobo: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sherman26: Pog Armored_Guy: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BVP13: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh HE THINKS ITS OVER MagicFrogs: PogChamp Usojin: Pog MidgetDude110: Pog salpo_nolobio: HandsUp phantan304: EEEEE Polebegood: PogU QuantumLead: SICK HYPERCLAP ruanmax123: Pog Kananmuna1: pepeD TheXearo: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TorvaM: Pog wandering_pleb: PogU Auramoth: pepeD ISinistarI: Pog scribbleh: PogChamp ArmstrongQ: EZ NosBleid: Chag Clap MrMadakey: pepeJAM TheH3llraiser: Pog Meximus322: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pepeJAM bloodywermin: Pog Clap MadResults: EZ GG FishingPotato: Most OP Mydnight: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Inflatable_waffle: HYPERCLAP Jalmarkian: PepeLaugh HE THINKS ITS OVER PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz THAT was the PepeLaugh LULW Larg0s: EEEEEEEEEEEEE DekkerDave: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FappyMcFlappy: yeah there was no way he lost that MasterMdrn: iron95Pls dneprin: LICH>LICH Pog miqzwastaken: pepeD TrexTitan: Yes LickMyPretzel: yes Azure_Felt: still not over PepeLaugh FishingPotato: Ye @Elajjaz FappyMcFlappy: yes Armored_Guy: ye lord_rimheart: yes Noiralef: yes zarcom79: yes FlubberGlorp: Ye KariGrandi: Yes InternetVillainSuperstar: Yeah MasterMdrn: Yes TorvaM: yeah QLikesDonuts: yes QuantumLead: yes Anthagonas: Shhh chat PepeLaugh Jektrick: yes Meximus322: yes RainMakerNGS: credits mikeyoverrated: PepeLaugh faithless_zealot: yes Shmoop1: yes Kananmuna1: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Tuque: PepeLaugh HE DOESN’T KNOW hille666: he still doesnt know PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: Unlocked for all charactes Inflatable_waffle: PepeHands Maximo94: @Elajjaz You missed a hidden room right below the lich room SeNeRR: pepeJAMMER pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD pixelshock_: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Azure_Felt: yep ekahS_hS: well done Ela Clap Inflatable_waffle: PepeLaugh Naaslaarum: and this character KariGrandi: Yea quichemeesh: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Doully92: VaN Jalmarkian: Not over chat PepeLaugh FishingPotato: Ye but it is super rare MonoSync: Yes spevahr: yup NosBleid: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls dayhappyx3: I N S A N E Anthagonas: Doesn’t know PepeLaugh TrexTitan: Insane Pog Annonn140: VaN TorvaM: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD TheGloriousRage: Pog HYPERCLAP Jektrick: yeah but it’s a black chest item Tuque: PepeLaugh HHE THINKS IT’S OVER Meximus322: I N S A N E Pog hille666: PepeLaugh Fulgator: pepeD phantan304: INSANE LUL Wheels82: PepeLaugh HE LACKS INFORMATION Trickery_Games: black+ item HarryBook: pepeD BVP13: That sounds absolutely broken Larg0s: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls jumphil: doseone Pog pyduuu: shhhh PepeLaugh ruanmax123: Pog scribbleh: pepeJAM Evillution: PepeLaugh gungeon still holds misteries Reddinator: iron95Pls MasterMalpercio: pepeD QuantumLead: pepe LickMyPretzel: iron95Pls AttilaTheHen: iron95Pls ruanmax123: Prog swomppes: ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER QuantumLead: pepeD spevahr: @elajjaz you still have a super hard boss to do tho LUL Azure_Felt: i’ve got it a few times PepeLaugh RaeudigerLarry: he starts with em The1TrueTriKool: @jalmarkian dafranKEK MasterMdrn: iron95Pls pepeprpeprep perperperpe NosBleid: iron95Pls iron95Pls zebrasarasa: rooD BBiBsBoy: As rare az clone Clarkuga: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Balanar: only bullet unlock left Larg0s: PepeLaugh darkwood Hellu: iron95Pls Inflatable_waffle: pepeD Doully92: PepeLaugh He’s right Mydnight: ElaJAMMER phantan304: LUL LUL ddezsi: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD Meximus322: iron95Pls carpish: btw if you like this song you should definitely check out doseone’s albums and also the band subtle Fentu: PepeLaugh fatpep: I would PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh zarcom79: PepeLaugh gungeon still holds misteries filarette: insane in the membrain Larinett: SourPls FitoBurrito: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: iron95Pls LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh MonoSync: PepeLaugh i won’t jispade: PepeLaugh Ayluro: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls jumphil: vlambeerYV vlambeerYV vlambeerYV KariGrandi: Robot runs going to be fun LUL MasterMdrn: iron95Pls BVP13: We’d never 🙂 Zaunbob: PepeLaugh QLikesDonuts: time to find all the other bosses haha ruanmax123: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: it’s the godhead of gungeon gabelfresser: just came to the stream – perfect timing pepeD hille666: PepeLaugh here it comes wotebi: do rainbow run Zerstoerus: Now do the Enhanced Dragun MasterMdrn: SourPls Very_Bad_Fish: PePeLaugh Vock186: iron95Pls Armored_Guy: imagine having all 3 phases doubled 🙂 AbsoluteHope: EEEEEEEEEEEE FitoBurrito: Maybe we just think PepeLaugh is a great emote PepeLaugh AngelGuardCC: bullet time ekahS_hS: pepeD PeepoDance PeepoDance pepeD salpo_nolobio: EEEEE ruanmax123: focked Tuque: PepeLaugh get ready chat KariGrandi: Oh my bad Sergantuss: I dont get it…this guy is a Lich past. SO he killed a Lich and…the credits? Ayluro: ANELE Clap iron95Pls climaxbeat: the rat still awaits you Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh FishingPotato: Rainbow run with Lich @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: Bullet is never happening LUL Scaythly: Elajjaz, chat wouldn’t be PepeLaughing if you were playing FF14, because you wouldn’t be streaming it elaOP BVP13: NTER THE GUNGEON gold_dante: @Elajjaz time to fight the rat Blue_Ventum: so whats left? Very_Bad_Fish: PepeLaugh GoAkke: goakkeWood goakkeWhen ela fumaczi: rat run? Alarm1st: @Elajjaz have you played nuclear throne? skybeaverking: PepeLaugh 2 bosses left Zerstoerus: RAT level pascu_tv: Nuclear Throne next? Larinett: PepeLaugh blokonomicon2: rat runs ruanmax123: NIBBA hille666: PepeLaugh real games comes now spevahr: Rat Run! WITO: Still rat to kill and bullet to unlock Sherman26: PepeLaugh chat stop spoiling PepeLaugh gunygma: RAT R

One thought on “Elajjaz: Fallout: New Vegas[1] Visage[2] Enter the Gungeon[14] (CC CHAT)

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