Elajjaz: Dark Souls[15] Worms Armageddon[3] (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz: Dark Souls[15] Worms Armageddon[3]  (CC CHAT)

JubJubWantRubRubs: “maral waah where is hat” BabyRage JubJubWantRubRubs: elaWut qpgooseqp: PogChamp crashfort: !D: #SARGE_CUTS_SPAGHETTI Falact: monkaX TinyAngryDemon: ! Pog TheH3llraiser: Pog headBang jusapoika: Chag Llyfrgell: PepoDance 4ccu: Pog Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: !elaKek Steherrr: elaSneeze Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: ! elaKek JubJubWantRubRubs: ela saw me talking shit elaS VineWood0604: ElaCOOL ElaJAM ElaJAMMER TheMoltenGuy: BBoomer WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Dark Souls: All Achievements Speedruns because cozy | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram Rumpledinky: ! ResidentSleeper SittingOx: POGGERS EARLY STREAM POGGERS stevenpak: pepeJAM VineWood0604: ElaJAMMER SiloWang: FeelsLateMan Elajjaz: BBoomer Naniyo: headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang Cthulusarus: feelsgoodman qpgooseqp: !PepeHands stevenpak: BBoomer wandering_pleb: pepeJAMMER Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: ElaCOOL VineWood0604: BBoomer ElaJAMMER BBoomer x3kmak: he’s alive Pog Amnexiac: headBang Hawkees: Pog jusapoika: BBoomer duumed: headBang powder_mountain: yessssss crashfort: !trukBoomer #boomer y_u_dodiz: BBoomer Falact: pepeD Mirando: elaYA elaYA D1VUS_au: headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer Mirando: ela 2 ela3 Lv_100: @Elajjaz actually becoming a boomer elaWeird Amnexiac: gachiBASS 🤘 Cthulusarus: letmeinnnnn Mirando: elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA Mirando: Loli power elaYA stevenpak: PepeHands TheH3llraiser: BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang Mirando: ela1 ela2 Mirando: ela3 ela4 kitakitzune: elaHi Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Clap Dzael: yoooooooooo ela12 S_Darji: headBang Llyfrgell: ela2 ela13 ela1 y_u_dodiz: @qpgooseqp Killed Ela D: RyanLovesWeed: elaWut elaGun stevenpak: ela4 wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime qpgooseqp: PepeHands I’m sorry stevenpak: ela4 elaHYUG Mirando: ela1 ela2 Varvarg1: blixt och dunder nu går datorn sönder Mirando: ela3 ela4 powder_mountain: DS ftw Mirando: 2 in a row Pog empiricalproofs: wadu hek D1VUS_au: headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz SiloWang: i love boobies!!! TinyAngryDemon: !Pog Cthulusarus: ive been done in Falact: PepeLaugh Hawkees: I never make it past one kill PepeHands I’m a failure PepeHands y_u_dodiz: @Hawkees Yes PepeHands ampleJay: Hello guys elaCozy y_u_dodiz: @ampleJay Hi pepeL Ryoken9: TaBeRu empiricalproofs: you kids and your memes… Elettrodomestico: Ligma x3kmak: gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang gachiBASS headBang Amnexiac: headBang troublematicc: headBang Visualocity: sh55PLS 7 Elajjaz: BBoomer GuitarTime qpgooseqp: Do the weapons depend on past kills? REMUSXXXL: headBang ampleJay: y_u_dodiz pepeL Varvarg1: @empiricalproofs boomer elaCozy y_u_dodiz: No ๐Ÿ™‚ TheMoltenGuy: BBoomer Clap wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime VineWood0604: BBoomer BBoomer BBoomer SiloWang: no Elettrodomestico: lul Skejven: BBoomer Elajjaz: BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime S_Darji: BBoomer Ryoken9: ela13 TheH3llraiser: BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang yes sir TinyAngryDemon: BBoomer Larsn2k: Whaddup Ela and chat! Vailo42: Hello everyone Amnexiac: BBoomer Clap JubJubWantRubRubs: BBoomer GuitarTime Clixx: BBoomer hepha1: Ela is a BBoomer DansGame dedeDean: BBoomer REMUSXXXL: what’s a boomer? DaniDuck: BBoomer y_u_dodiz: @Larsn2k @Vailo42 pepeL Hawkees: Gonna bbq some chicken today Elajjaz elaOk Elajjaz: BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime Cthulusarus: BBoomer Ryoken9: headBang qpgooseqp: HYUKAGE GuitarTime HYUKAGE GuitarTime HYUKAGE GuitarTime Skejven: BBoomer headBang Amnexiac: REMUSXXXL PepeLaugh Elettrodomestico: elaBruv SnuggleTheHuggle: BBoomer GuitarTime Agaomen: Weebs? WEEBS? gachiHYPER I LOVE WEEBS gachiOnFIRE DannyBucko231: !PunchTrees Vailo42: i finaly have time to enjoy an Ela stream empiricalproofs: good thing I dont have half of them MalphasJD: MalphasJD subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 25 months, currently on a 24 month streak! Whaddup pepo boi ! nepSmug pepeL WrestlerBot2000: @malphasjd After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Vanah: headBang illethor221: DARK SOULS Pog Lv_100: Hello, this is the FBI. We are currently looking for a person going by the alias ”KrazyShark” in this chat room. We have learned he has a collection of Hentai focusing on ”Dragon Lolis” under his bed. Any information regarding this please contact the closest FBI settlement. Tank you. zleepy1234: zleepy1234 subscribed with Twitch Prime. REMUSXXXL: @Amnexiac plz answer monkaS WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @zleepy1234 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Lanshii: Pog all achievements Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz lick my toes DaniDuck: @Elajjaz are you not doing fallout today? elaHmm Vrookems: ah yes, the best stream has gone live MalphasJD: Chat pepeL ExecutiveBear: ExecutiveBear subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang WrestlerBot2000: @executivebear Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM Lanshii: GuitarTime Hawkees: @malphasjd pepeL DaniDuck: @MalphasJD elaH CostaParadise: booobds CostaParadise: booobd Sven_sveger: elaSmile DIOandTheWorld: Whaaat, no Fallout today? MalphasJD: Hawkees pepeL CostaParadise: boobs ampleJay: headBang Llyfrgell: elaOk CostaParadise: booobss MalphasJD: DaniDuck pepeL qpgooseqp: !HolidaySanta Lanshii: BBoomer JubJubWantRubRubs: BBoomer GuitarTime UltraWindow: headBang YamiiDaKing: Hi Ela and CHat Amnexiac: ela13 wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime Mrtriggahigga: BBoomer DannyBucko231: !Kappa Febox: BBoomer MeccaMaster: @CostaParadise FeelsWeirdMan DaniDuck: @YamiiDaKing elaH crashfort: ponyo with a sword D: S_Darji: BBoomer GuitarTime Hawkees: Boober elaGasm PhysiCle: Hello chat elaH Hello Ela BBoomer MeccaMaster: @CostaParadise This isn’t your google search ampleJay: KKool GuitarTime hepha1: I was a Bustin but it got killed off PepeHands MalphasJD: PhysiCle pepeL Mirando: I love Boobs and petite milfs elaYA Amnexiac: cant be a BBoomer with 13 yo elajjaz pat_prit: fight LUL UltraWindow: thats some ‘tallica BBoomer PhysiCle: @MalphasJD elaH qpgooseqp: !HolidaySanta hepha1: RIP Bustin PepeHands Bestorio: headBang YamiiDaKing: elaH elaH elaH JubJubWantRubRubs: are you running dark souls like you mentioned today ela or more fallout? Mirando: This chat is not cute elaYA Mirando: elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA Mirando: elaYA elaYA elaYA UltraWindow: AYAYA SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance Mirando: elaYA elaYA elaYA elaYA y_u_dodiz: elaGasm 🎸 Amnexiac: PhysiCle elaH Lykouleon: AYAYA ! Rawrion: ela, how long are you gonna stream, ill be home in a few hours Nvince: !BibleThump JubJubWantRubRubs: nvm saw title Polebegood: headBang Arcshined: AYAYA PhysiCle: @Amnexiac elaH Hawkees: What was your favorite song from their setlist when you were at the Metallica gig Elajjaz? MalphasJD: hepha1 it made us feel good to the very end PepeHands Mirando: AYAYA empiricalproofs: this chat is annoying haha sorry Mirando: elaYA pat_prit: !Kappa Lykouleon: headBang HYPERCLAP Mirando: AYAYA laststand66: nrdyHydra nrdyHydra nrdyHydra Mirando: elaYA DannyBucko231: !LUL Elettrodomestico: i just ate, why am i hungry wtf empiricalproofs: but not really gooby Mirando: elaYA elaYA Eizen_5: but u sad its not cozy if u tryhard rooThink DaniDuck: @Elettrodomestico eat more elaOP Lv_100: how do i type this kaippa thing for humor sake chat? BBoomer Lukasbech: Hey everybody headBang S_Darji: headBang Amnexiac: headBang y_u_dodiz: headBang UltraWindow: BBoomer thats right Hawkees: A solid choise Pog Lanshii: pepeJAMMER login_not_available: headBang TheH3llraiser: MASTER VaN SoullessTuk: forsenE ChaosLike: elaYA TheH3llraiser: BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang BBoomer headBang Blank1980: headBang Amnexiac: Lukasbech headBang DaniDuck: VaN ? login_not_available: MASTER gachiBASS MalphasJD: Whaddup Ela elaH Deus_Ex_Nihilis: headBang gachiHYPER headBang SnuggleTheHuggle: headBang hepha1: @MalphasJD I cri sometimes PepeHands TorvaM: who doesnt love master of puppets DansGame DannyBucko231: PogChamp Rawrion: @elajjaz how long you gonna go for? Mirando: @Elajjaz Should I resun if I can’t post pics in general on discord? elaKek Vailo42: headBang headBang headBang headBang AmalThazad: elaHi NovusAnimus: i really like All Nightmare Long Elettrodomestico: @daniduck i’d do it trust me REMUSXXXL: @Elajjaz whats a boomer? monkaS ampleJay: MASTER OF DUNGEON Vanah Lanshii: Elajjaz can you play it on guitar? DIOandTheWorld: @Elajjaz Fallout later today? PhysiCle: Ela is your camera making you look tan or did you actually go outside? DansGame Hawkees: Master of Puppets is so fucking fun to play on guitar aswell Pog ampleJay: VaN WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! login_not_available: MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS DolbyFire: ๐Ÿ™‚ MalphasJD: hepha1 I do everytime PepeHands WalrusPug: headBang master headBang Mrtriggahigga: NEW SHIRT Champ S_Darji: headBang headBang headBang Kraatter: kebaba and elajz stream PogU Larsn2k: Did they play Creeping Death, @Elajjaz ? I love hearing that song live! Darkred28: pepeJAMMER CostaParadise: @Elajjaz imagine this being your alarm clock every morning Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz listen to the Trivium cover of this song crashfort: play this song on your guitar live on stream PunOko TommyBoy249er: Master of Puppets is pulling the straaaaaaangs!!!!! UltraWindow: this song is THE song to learn when learning thrash metal Reiko107: pepeJAMMER ? DaniDuck: NEWWWWWW SHIRTTT Pog MalphasJD: NEW SHIRT Pog Lv_100: lost in your own minigame LULW Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz put the Trivium cover Mirando: HE FINALLY WASHED HIS TSHIRT Pog DIOandTheWorld: @Elajjaz are you playing Fallout today at all? Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Hey ela! Quick question, any plans for other games later? ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz tidooh: @Elajjaz @Chat elaH elaHi y_u_dodiz: TaBeRu song Kapp Gower_Lawcraft: GOD BLESS THE METAL Xephon111: What’s up cozy chat? PepeL 윗사람: 윗사람 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! 5Head + 5Head + 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @withsaram After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Bestorio: @Elajjaz Show pocket FeelsGoodMan qpgooseqp: New House? Pog DaniDuck: @tidooh elaH Onionbr0: @Elajjaz no glasses Saymens: DO A GUITAR STREEEEEEEAAAAAM! UltraWindow: it teaches you accurate palm muting and solid rythm PhysiCle: !AYAYA #Elaisaweeb WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Germy_ranch: headBang Bcloner: HeyGuys ela and chat FeelsGoodMan MalphasJD: ysangFalala Amnexiac: rocksmith on shamona1 elaCozy wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz listen to Trivium cover of this please teddieursa_: barbYo BillyDiedForThis: pepeJAMMER Hawkees: Lets duo someday Elajjaz Pog We still gotta do 10 Years Today someday aswell Lv_100: @UltraWindow he didnt say he could play this song good Kappa DaniDuck: VaN ? Boomdedz: gachiBASS hepha1: OBEY YOUR MASTER saabCop Naniyo: headBang FitoBurrito: streamer hates New Vegas PepeHands SoaringTrumpet: headBang Hawkees: And Waking The Demon aswell MalphasJD: Masterr ! Masterr ! Odins_pecs: headBang UltraWindow: VaN ? PhysiCle: Not even paying attention to chat PepeHands ampleJay: VaN MalphasJD: FitoBurrito and rightfully so naroSmug that_solid_dude: SourPls AlienPls ElijanPls Rawrion: @elajjaz How long you streamin for? need some DkS All Achieves in my life, but currently busy TeenyTinyRedhead: Hey everyone elaH pepeL Vailo42: obey your master TheMoltenGuy: Obey your Masterr headBang SEsternO: MASTERR BabyRage Railman0z: headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang Wheels82: Pog Kyucmbr: waddup frens elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi TheMoltenGuy: elaD DaniDuck: @TeenyTinyRedhead elaH TheMoltenGuy: TRAITOR FitoBurrito: @malphasjd don’t make me unfriend you elaWeird Lv_100: DreadOut later? Pog Clap inviktusflux: Puppet Master MalphasJD: TheMoltenGuy pepeL PhysiCle: ALRIGHT FINE! Geez. Being all responsible and stuff. TeenyTinyRedhead: @DaniDuck elaH pepeL Drahikir: oi @Elajjaz and elaHi @chat laststand66: @TeenyTinyRedhead nrdyPrivet SoaringTrumpet: headBang DannyBucko231: headBang TheMoltenGuy: @MalphasJD pepeL DaniDuck: @Drahikir elaH TeenyTinyRedhead: @laststand66 elaH pepeL PhysiCle: @TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL hiyaa Lanshii: Rawrion he usually streams for like 8 hours that_solid_dude: iron95Pls Daaarling02: radiantLurk MalphasJD: FitoBurrito I know you’d never do that ysangFalala TeenyTinyRedhead: @Drahikir elaH pepeL Vailo42: is this song about @Elajjaz calling for master’s help? Germy_ranch: RIP Sarge PepeHands Amnexiac: Drahikir elaHi Bubislegend: elaWeird elaWeird Odins_pecs: Trying to sell his bathwater PepeLaugh Lv_100: @Daaarling02 you are a weeb. elaWeird elaGun that_solid_dude: Hello everyone TommyBoy249er: RIP Cliff Burton Boomdedz: headBang DIOandTheWorld: @Elajjaz are you playing Fallout today at all? TeenyTinyRedhead: @that_solid_dude hey elaH MalphasJD: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL Larxa: elaOk Drahikir: Drahikir is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 20 in the channel! login_not_available: OBEY gachiBASS YOUR gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to deshimon! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to HolySnipz! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to JamesBonk! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to Monster838! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @deshimon the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @jamesbonk the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @holysnipz You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @monster838 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to RamJettik! WrestlerBot2000: @ramjettik I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Boomdedz: OBEY YOUR MASTER gachiBASS Polebegood: HandsUp master HandsUp MASTER HandsUp Virhaed: Pog SoaringTrumpet: @TommyBoy249er yes pephands Darkred28: DIOOOOOOOO DaniDuck: D I O ? monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @MalphasJD Heeey elaH pepeL Llyfrgell: Pog Amnexiac: PogU Lurius31: Pog qpgooseqp: Pog grimyyy: ooo Hawkees: Pog Pixel_hearts: Pog UltraWindow: BBoomer fixions: started honest hearts yet? Darkred28: Pog nu_metal23: Pog Amnexiac: Drahikir elaH noyourebreatht4king: Pog Germy_ranch: BBoomer Boomer song lmao Larg0s: PogU 👉 subs TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag SoaringTrumpet: SourPls HolySnipz: I won Pog qsrRain: dodged Pog Boomdedz: Pog FitoBurrito: Hello btw Elajjaz and chat elaH I almost killed myself cleaning with bleach this morning LULW DaniDuck: I GOT 13 pO Lykouleon: Pog ? TeenyTinyRedhead: elaHmm Darkred28: What? ๐Ÿ™‚ Bloopurr_: we might have an answer Llyfrgell: ela12 JubJubWantRubRubs: ???? PogU Germy_ranch: BBoomer WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ MalphasJD: Yo Ela ! We have an answer DaniDuck: I GOT 13 Pog PhysiCle: @TeenyTinyRedhead Not saying hello back PepeHands login_not_available: still pleb gachiBASS CurseofSherwood: Is this Nickleback? PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: @FitoBurrito elaH pepeL powder_mountain: Pog Polebegood: underwear SoaringTrumpet: PepeHands RamJettik: Yo thanks Darkred28: MASTER fixions: SwiftRage DaniDuck: naked gachiHYPER Drahikir: elaHmm JubJubWantRubRubs: i like being naked PogU Germy_ranch: VaN UltraWindow: stayhard PepeLaugh Pixel_hearts: naked LoliNoleen: tmrShow FitoBurrito: TeenyTinyRedhead elaH pepeL Virhaed: MASTER elaREE S_Darji: pepeJAM Mirando: JEANS that_solid_dude: gachiHYPER Llyfrgell: PepoDance ChocolateBarni: hey @elajjaz and chat Duhrakos: SOCKS ampleJay: PogU SkeletonKeyLimePie: regular hoodies are better RamJettik: elaHYUK OptimisticKnowledge: t-shirt BillyDiedForThis: clothes DansGame Darkred28: PepoDance Railman0z: Snapbacks HolySnipz: Drahikir Thank you sir HandsUp pepeL qpgooseqp: Pull-Over hoodies are best @Elajjaz SoaringTrumpet: this is the sad part tho Mirando: LEATHER JACKET VauntDanial: Zip up hoodies are terrible TeenyTinyRedhead: @PhysiCle OMG I’m so sorry, it must’be gone by too fast. Hellooo cutieeeee elaH pepeL Germy_ranch: Zip up hoodies elaCozy AmalThazad: Not too pricey pls so I can afford one BlessRNG Lykouleon: Hoodies with the sleeves rolled up elaGasm elaGasm qsrRain: big fan of zip hoddies ๐Ÿ™‚ Xephon111: G-Strings siggioi: heyo @Elajjaz and chat souldedeh: cyberpunk jacket Pog Daerth_: TaBeRu PhysiCle: @TeenyTinyRedhead Yaaaay elaWOW helloooo pepeL SoaringTrumpet: AngelThump Odins_pecs: Underwear Vrookems: Only really good hoodies look good on adults TheMoltenGuy: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime MalphasJD: Be more carefull FitoBurrito naroSad Rawrion: love zipups TeenyTinyRedhead: @PhysiCle elaWOW TorvaM: zip up hoodies are way better imo UltraWindow: i only wear zip up, keep em open TheMoltenGuy: I love zipup hoodies AkumaBlvck: Socks. kaiju_boi: ElaCOOL Nvince: Zip hoodies bunch up at the bottom when you sit grimyyy: @elajjaz hey man. when u go on fallout new Vegas I wish u could give u tips n stuff. but knowing streamers they dont like back seat gaming FreakinStinkin Vendetta1v: headBang Drahikir: @HolySnipz yeah dude for the community elaBruv DannyBucko231: !Kappa PhysiCle: @FitoBurrito Did you inhale too many vapors? monkaW SnuggleTheHuggle: asking twitch chat about clothes LULW FitoBurrito: MalphasJD I should have been elaKek Vailo42: real hoodies dont have no zip Fearswe: I don’t know what we’re talking about, but I do have to say I absolutely hate zip-up hoodies Germy_ranch: @grimyyy FeelsWeirdMan Intirion: Zip hoddies are good for adjustable cozyness. wandering_pleb: either type of hoodies are fine 4Shrug Llyfrgell: PepoDance SeekerAloy: ! elaHYUK El_Heisenberg: hobbHi TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Are you gonna sell hoodies? PogU SoaringTrumpet: headBang Mazovski: cargo pants LUL MeccaMaster: Much prefer zip up, can wear it in hotter weather 1marcio080: no fallout today? PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Eizen_5: LULW waring no zip up hoodies in 2k19 rooXD Rawrion: @nvince only if you close them Vendetta1v: LULW Deus_Ex_Nihilis: LULW Railman0z: @Elajjaz elaOk elaHYUK plushies Python_Soldier: Zipup Hoodies and Shirts for sure Larg0s: new vegas viewer run Pog absolutely_not_haram: Ela is bad at DarkSouls because there is no Ed-E to carry him grimyyy: @elajjaz well it’s more like all the good loot spots. fixions: seeing someone explore it for the first time is way more enjoyable TheMoltenGuy: @Fearswe of course you do, you’re always opposite what everyone else thinks LULW siggioi: big huge game with things to do @Elajjaz FitoBurrito: PhysiCle I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe, I was laid on the floor gasping for air before I started throwing up LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: I like to wear a zip up hoody to go outside when it’s not too warm elaHmm lyinoa: fallout new vegas ? souldedeh: Pog Lykouleon: Pog ! kaiju_boi: Chat is like 20% of your playthrough PepeLaugh Bloopurr_: Socks souldedeh: PogU MalphasJD: Don’t allow backseat Elajjaz don’t let new vegas become the new darkest dungeon monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: elajjaz brand speedo ampleJay: VaN Shirts SoaringTrumpet: headBang headBang headBang headBang CertifiedShrimp: mug please siggioi: zipup hoddies mekkeru: UNDERWEAR Polebegood: HandsUp YES PhysiCle: @FitoBurrito Holy shit dude, wtf monkaW Are you OK? elaHYUG souldedeh: Pog kaiju_boi: gachiBASS talkman_: zip up hoodies Pog qpgooseqp: UNDERWEAR Vendetta1v: Pog DaniDuck: gachiHYPER Railman0z: gachiBASS TorvaM: @Elajjaz you have no idea how happy it makes me that you enjoy new vegas RyanLovesWeed: printed MeccaMaster: gachiBASS 1marcio080: UNDERWARE Amnexiac: UNDERWEAR UltraWindow: underwear elaThirst Lykouleon: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP Vanah: gachiHYPER Boomdedz: UNDERWEAR gachiBASS chick3nball: underwear! Virhaed: underwear gachiBASS OptimisticKnowledge: UNDERWEAR gachiGASM TheMoltenGuy: ela13 underwear Pog Caboose413: gachiBASS siggioi: UNDWEAR! Mirando: KRAZYSHARK UNDERWEAR amemiyaTF: UNDERWEAR of couse Larg0s: gachiHYPER UNDERWEAR WITH ANIKIS FACE ON IT Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz TANK TOPS AND UNDERWEAR gachiHYPER SittingOx: @Elajjaz THONGS gachiBASS kaiju_boi: VaN MASTER DaniDuck: UNDERWEAR DEFINITELLY TeenyTinyRedhead: @FitoBurrito You better celebrate you’re alive monkaW Vailo42: prinded underwear souldedeh: definitely underweark PogU Python_Soldier: UNDERWEAR Nvince: Underwear ELIT3xTINGLE: Hats? hille666: gachiBASS CostaParadise: SOLOOOO Xephon111: G-Strings MalphasJD: ela13 on an underwear @Elajjaz Pog Lykouleon: That and shirts Vendetta1v: Dun dun duns? FitoBurrito: PhysiCle I am now elaHYUG CostaParadise: SSOLOOOO ampleJay: LEATHER UNDERWEAR VaN Senordingdongs: are you saying we can get your face on our underwear? zugo3: underwear Intirion: gachiBOP I only heard one valid choice UltraWindow: do they sell bathwater? Pixel_hearts: sign my underwear Pog Polebegood: I want some briefs with elaThirst on them Amnexiac: I WANT ELA LOGO ON MY PEE PEE gachiHYPER notdiri: @Elajjaz GIMMIE elaYEEHAW UNDERWEAR Lykouleon: gachiBASS GET ON EM ELA CostaParadise: HFAHDHFADHFHDHFAHDHFAHDHFASDHFHADHDFHASDHFASDHFas Vailo42: printed strings SoaringTrumpet: master headBang master headBang Saymens: IM IN!!! Fearswe: @TheMoltenGuy No legit, the zipper always bothers me. I like it’s just not as cozy. And my chin usually chaves against it and irritates it. Saymens: thats a first itskorato: headBang Hamadology: Hamadology subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! ela and chat ela7 WrestlerBot2000: @hamadology Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime Fearswe: @TheMoltenGuy I just hate the zipper TeenyTinyRedhead: @Hamadology elaH pepeL FitoBurrito: TeenyTinyRedhead it was scary at the time monkaW now I just see how dumb I was PepeLaugh PhysiCle: @FitoBurrito elaH and TeenyTinyRedhead is right, I hope you’re celebrating your aliveness with cake elaOP ampleJay: BBoomer elaGun qpgooseqp: @Elajjaz How is Spider doing? DaniDuck: I want some underwear with elaThirst on them annonymK: kirk GuitarTime kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz Do you just have your name on the dong area of the underwear? gachiBOP ? Amnexiac: Hamadology ela7 privet FitoBurrito: PhysiCle I wish elaOP FeelsBadMan SoaringTrumpet: headBang TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz I’d definitely buy a zip up hoodie if you decided to sell them PogU masau9: Hi Ela & Chat elaOk Geralt_of_Syria: id suck this guy off Vendetta1v: Pullover TeenyTinyRedhead: @FitoBurrito I guess we all learn in mysterious ways PepeLaugh PhysiCle: @FitoBurrito Shit now I want cake FeelsBadMan DaniDuck: @masau9 elaH y_u_dodiz: @masau9 elaOk / billcosby2019: Wowee unfit2: elaH everyone Boomdedz: BBoomer Clap MalphasJD: FitoBurrito you’re not allowed to clean anymore elaB CostaParadise: i eat breAKFAST to muysic like this Pixel_hearts: show us elaB AmalThazad: Honest Hearts today PogU you promised yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ TeenyTinyRedhead: @masau9 elaH pepeL y_u_dodiz: @unfit2 danLove ! PhysiCle: @masau9 elaH Fearswe: @Elajjaz Can’t you do both? elaHmm kaiju_boi: Pog BBoomer is here Xephon111: Can we get your face printed on the crotch of the underwear so you can be near my junk? FitoBurrito: TeenyTinyRedhead PepeLaugh Mirando: I saw that MalphasJD: Pixel_hearts pepeL RoloffMatek: i would buy elajjaz bathwater FitoBurrito: PhysiCle elaOP Clap itskorato: chat pepeL Vendetta1v: headBang GuitarTime kaiju_boi: BBoomer GuitarTime SoaringTrumpet: headBang Clap Larsn2k: That transition from the solo to the heavy chugging elaGasm Mirando: @Elajjaz Bathwater sellout when elaOP Germy_ranch: BBoomer music wednesday BBoomer FitoBurrito: MalphasJD Okay weeb dad ๐Ÿ™‚ wandering_pleb: all hoodies, tshirts and underwear, easy gachiGASM Drahikir: pepeL CostaParadise: erycClown erycClown Toplay92: omg this music DansGame haleixazulro: headBang GuitarTime headBang GuitarTime headBang GuitarTime headBang GuitarTime headBang GuitarTime masau9: elaH grimyyy: @elajjaz I mean technically telling you where good loot spots isnt back seat gaming. ๐Ÿ™ Saymens: If you start selling merch, please fucking dont use DesignByHumans!! 6Hikari: BBoomer GuitarTime annonymK: BBoomer headBang GuitarTime UltraWindow: Toplay92 WeirdChamp Pixel_hearts: MalphasJD elaHYUG GymNation: DansGame DansGame Vendetta1v: iron95Pls y_u_dodiz: danSgame Railman0z: DansGame souldedeh: DansGame Vendetta1v: WTF? y_u_dodiz: Amateur band Febox: DansGame MalphasJD: WHO DID THAT RocoRamon: DansGame Larsn2k: Ban that guy Darkred28: DansGame MalphasJD: BAN HIM fixions: Dansgame the DansGame TorvaM: DansGame BAN HIM Vendetta1v: BAN qpgooseqp: @Elajjaz How is Spider doing? xenopiece: DansGame Punlshed_Snake: Pog DaniDuck: DansGame the people DansGame ing this music Toplay92: @UltraWindow WeirdChamp AmalThazad: Listened to it too many times @Elajjaz kaiju_boi: DansGame It’s not My Radiation Baby Vailo42: headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang headBang AmalThazad: Overdose franky_latabasse: Ban him DansGame RyoHylian: ryohylOMG ryohylOMG login_not_available: OBEY gachiBASS YOUR gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS notdiri: @Toplay92 DansGame 👉 🚪 anibit: elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW PhysiCle: Ela is your camera making you look tan or did you actually go outside? DansGame Boomdedz: OBEY gachiBASS YOUR gachiBASS MASTER gachiBASS TheMoltenGuy: @Saymens he just said that he’s switching from them MalphasJD: BAN THAT PERSON DansGame SoaringTrumpet: stop dansgaming the best of 89’s metal kisamaaaaa: so no new vegas cause backseat? PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: headBang Germy_ranch: BAN THEM DansGame Darkred28: @Elajjaz What do you think of the band Sabaton? Toplay92: i like only Indian Music ๐Ÿ™‚ Vendetta1v: Ya FeelsBadMan DaniDuck: There’s a good weapon over there ela oOoZrEikAoOo: @Elajjaz do ds any% speedrun Fearswe: @grimyyy That’s the very definition of backseating. Telling people where to go and what to do=Backseating Mirando: Not weeb music DansGame fixions: backseaters FeelsWeirdMan Kazeith: Wait, i just came here, what’s happening? @elajjaz Fafebobo: headBang mekkeru: LUL Saymens: @TheMoltenGuy thanks dude, couldnt’t hear, music and cars outside my house ๐Ÿ˜€ InternetJunkyPrez: InternetJunkyPrez subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 27 months, currently on a 27 month streak! PogU PogMe WrestlerBot2000: @internetjunkyprez After 27 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Agaomen: Weebs? WEEBS? gachiHYPER I LOVE WEEBS gachiOnFIRE Naniyo: PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh 👃 PhysiCle: Don’t run into weapons, Ela. That’s not safe elaOk Germy_ranch: @grimyyy FeelsWeirdMan annonymK: chat can say Pog after you fund good gun ? TheMoltenGuy: @Saymens headBang mekkeru: !LUL KingNFreak: God day master Fafebobo: Hi Ela and chat elaH pepeL Odiejoker: DuckerZ KingNFreak: good DaniDuck: no Darkred28: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Vendetta1v: Yeah FeelsBadMan talkman_: I member FeelsGoodMan Llyfrgell: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Fullmetalcheese: Chag PhysiCle: can’t remember that far back PepeHands MalphasJD: Fafebobo naroLove TheMoltenGuy: I haven’t played NV for the first time elaSmile TeenyTinyRedhead: @Fafebobo hey elaH pepeL y_u_dodiz: @Fafebobo danLove MalphasJD: naroWOW DaniDuck: @Fafebobo elaH kaiju_boi: W OMEGALUL W itskorato: W OMEGALUL W Tasarion: W OMEGALUL W Eizen_5: no AmalThazad: WEEBS ๐Ÿ™‚ 👉 🚪 OUT ๐Ÿ™‚ fixions: i googled everything PepeLaugh Falact: Pog Mrtriggahigga: W OMEGALUL W Geralt_of_Syria: W OMEGALUL W grimyyy: @germy_ranch feelsgermyman y_u_dodiz: W OMEGALUL W Naniyo: elaWOW WOW Darkred28: W OMEGADOWN W Larg0s: I had a guide open ๐Ÿ™‚ Drahikir: elaD Vendetta1v: BibleThump van_tonder: W O W Wheels82: W OMEGALUL W Pixel_hearts: fafe elaHYUG MalphasJD: Naniyo pepeL DaniDuck: no i though this shit sucks ๐Ÿ™‚ SnuggleTheHuggle: LUL SeeMem: W OMEGALUL W chick3nball: WOW Germy_ranch: Some people play with the wiki from day 1 FeelsWeirdMan PhysiCle: I remember when I found the Gobi rifle. That was sick. Mirando: @Elajjaz This way you can get 100 Lockpicking level 5 and get Gobi Sniper rifle level 5 xsebbi: i only played fallout 3 Fullmetalcheese: SeemsGood True Odiejoker: @Elajjaz but youll get the good weapon real quick Fafebobo: MalphasJD TeenyTinyRedhead y_u_dodiz DaniDuck Pixel_hearts elaH pepeL UltraWindow: its been years since i last played new vegas, so i cant remember where everything is FeelsGoodMan Sven_sveger: @elajjaz The black knights drop some pretty sweet weapons, you should kill them Naniyo: @MalphasJD pepeL Pixel_hearts: I never play the game kaiju_boi: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Kazeith: @fearswe what is happening? is there someone backseating ela? Vendetta1v: Not surprised, mufuckas FeelsBadMan Mirando: @Elajjaz And the game is super easy SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Fafebobo: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime oOoZrEikAoOo: @Elajjaz do ds any% speedrun MalphasJD: PepeHands GuitarTime qpgooseqp: !FeelsGoodMan annonymK: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime DannyBucko231: Fallout New Vegas is definitely fun TeenyTinyRedhead: TaBeRu FlameGodFlann: i played nv on screenshots:) PhysiCle: Your hair looks nice today Ela. Can I touch it? elaC UltraWindow: TaBeRu Germy_ranch: Johnny Guitar PepeHands y_u_dodiz: So close, no matter how faaaar elaGa Odiejoker: @Elajjaz tell us the kitkat story LilacLeaf: Hi hi elaHi Fearswe: @Elajjaz I mean, it completely removes one of the main aspects of this game. The exploration part. Rawrion: @elajjaz As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left DaniDuck: @Elajjaz you should kill the black knight with a big spear, it can drop a rerally good weapon ela12 kaiju_boi: TaBeRu Falact: GuitarTime SaixSoul: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Johnny…. hepha1: @Elajjaz seriously though, you should re-release the GLOD shirt as maybe an anniversary? would be hella sick Exten13: HeyEla Counterfeit_Bagel: @Elajjaz You could have “No spoilers fill 95% of the stream and the title and the sub notifications” and people will still backseat D: Railman0z: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime MalphasJD: I’m not crying chat you’re crying PepeHands GuitarTime DannyBucko231: Is this Nothing Else Matters? 6Hikari: FeelsBlyatMan GuitarTime ampleJay: AngelThump GuitarTime ChaosLike: elaCozy SnuggleTheHuggle: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime PhysiCle: Friends FeelsGoodMan Vendetta1v: I’ve been looking at it fixions: Did you start Honest Heart dlc yet Fearswe: What? No hi to me Germy_ranch: FeelsBadMan friends y_u_dodiz: I sat like a fool with my drumsticks at my PC to learn how to drum this song LUL I managed DaniDuck: we’re not your friends? PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: are we your friends? :. DannyBucko231: *this song Flashforward: fr…friends? FeelsBadMan andrewidtheboss: Mornin guys wassup Fafebobo: PepeHands Odins_pecs: mostly positive OMEGALUL qpgooseqp: @Elajjaz Have you seen GTFO on steam? redd1400: new vegas PepeHands Doyago: Pog PIKAvit2012: friends FeelsBadMan Xephon111: So we doing Blood Borne all achievements today? elaHmm Fullmetalcheese: Sarge PepeHands talkman_: Pog nirvana TommyBoy249er: Nothing Else Matters UltraWindow: AYAYA Vendetta1v: Streets of rogue lightweight boring Eldritchness: AYAYA y_u_dodiz: AYAYA DaniDuck: AYAYA Germy_ranch: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Wheels82: gachiHYPER AmalThazad: WeirdChamp Sliphe: Have you ever heard of the game Nuclear Throne? Boomdedz: gachiHYPER haleixazulro: AYAYA MalphasJD: ysangFalala Vailo42: AYAYA ampleJay: nrdyHydra kaiju_boi: FeelsBadMan Tasarion: 😔 FitoBurrito: AmalThazad weeb WeirdChamp y_u_dodiz: PepeHands SainEdge: PepeHands Naniyo: PepeHands S_Darji: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime MalphasJD: PepeHands GuitarTime Fafebobo: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime DannyBucko231: So glad that Streets of Rogue got positive reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ ganju103653: PepeHands PG_13_Username: Black Sabbath Pog annonymK: no fallout today ? FeelsBadMan ampleJay: PepeHands GuitarTime AmalThazad: @FitoBurrito No, I hate them DansGame Vendetta1v: BibleThump Thieffie: Thieffie subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @thieffie After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz im mad at u 6Hikari: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime that_solid_dude: PepeHands Exit the Ladgeon 3Head FitoBurrito: AmalThazad you just used ayaya and worrystick, you’re a weeb WeirdChamp robodino3: Fallout? kaiju_boi: 29 reviews positive PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: Wtf RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz my dad would sit in the garage drunk to this song PepeHands TeenyTinyRedhead: elaPuke ampleJay: I’m low key sad now FeelsBadMan MalphasJD: FitoBurrito calling people weeb is a weeb activity monkaSHAKE Vendetta1v: Pixelated puke SittingOx: @Elajjaz have you played a game called Paper Dolls? Call_me_Zeroo: FeelsBadMan Draddrick: doom on LSD elaKek kaiju_boi: Minecraft LULW robodino3: Pog Vailo42: color explotion FitoBurrito: MalphasJD it’s okay to be wrong, I won’t judge you ๐Ÿ™‚ Naniyo: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime AlexAnderman1994: no vegas? PepeHands 6Hikari: PepeHands ppBeer Sliphe: @Elajjaz have you every heard of the game Nuclear Throne? AmalThazad: @FitoBurrito It was an exemple. WeirdChamp and worryStick isn’t weeb at all. 😡 MrLismos: sup chat how u are ? ampleJay: GBA Pog salpo_nolobio: Crypt of the Necrodancer Xephon111: It looks like eye cancer Kazeith: @elajjaz play some avenged sevenfold song? Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz this song is me when you dont show up at esa Sockenduft: Sockenduft subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Eufrazy: zubCOMFY WrestlerBot2000: @sockenduft You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM PappaJay: This was the first dance song for me and my wife when we got married ๐Ÿ™‚ MalphasJD: FitoBurrito 2 lies in one sentence, wow naroSmug kaiju_boi: @AlexAnderman1994 Fallout: No Vegas FeelsBadMan FitoBurrito: AmalThazad now you’re being like Ela, not a weeb btw elaK 6Hikari: gachiOnFIRE Dastyn_: @Elajjaz amid evil looks great izairulf: are you gonna play surge 2? FitoBurrito: MalphasJD elaK qpgooseqp: @Elajjaz Have you seen GTFO on steam? Naniyo: @Elajjaz Play Subnautica DLC elaMad Drahikir: @Elajjaz pogU and chat elaH community DannyBucko231: Oughta raise a lighter to this song Remedy020: Awww kaiju_boi: pepeL kisamaaaaa: play kenshi PepeLaugh salpo_nolobio: AYAYA MalphasJD: ysangFalala thrilloftill: thrilloftill subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! oofus WrestlerBot2000: @thrilloftill Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Ph4ntomi: AYAYA TeenyTinyRedhead: And thousands of other couples Debuuku: So Ela, what’s the plan for today? Just Dark Souls? Bloopurr_: azukiWeeb notdiri: headBang ❤️ headBang SittingOx: @Elajjaz have you played a game called Paper Dolls? It’s a horror game imnottie: imnottie subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @imnottie the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Vendetta1v: thanks, i wrote it ๐Ÿ™‚ robodino3: AYAYA kaiju_boi: Runs plural PepeLaugh AmalThazad: @FitoBurrito WeirdChamp Rucent: widepeepoHappy still not added WeirdChamp Debuuku: Ah ok Call_me_Zeroo: i have the urge as well Call_me_Zeroo: to grab an ass y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: “God, I hate sunlight.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 77 https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyLitigiousHawkTebowing Chomskyhonk: big iron on his hip DaniDuck: i get the urge too gachiHYPER Ohem1: So no Alice in sight then? MalphasJD: Doing some runs or doing some run attempts @Elajjaz ysangUpupu thrilloftill: Sad no Bloodborne today. Would have swore he would run it today after the cave. imnottie: @Elajjaz you’re welcome! ampleJay: Duck Season BBoomer FitoBurrito: I’m going to lurk and play New Vegas now, good luck with the runs Ela elaH SerSentry: @Elajjaz Hey Ela, just wondering, what is your favorite game ever? Bloodborne i reckon? Vendetta1v: !clip WrestlerBot2000: Kitkat|Clip No.5| https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidUnusualParrotTriHard http://i.imgur.com/y0yurWg.gif For full list of clips and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html TeenyTinyRedhead: Alice madness returns PepeHands that_solid_dude: @DaniDuck gachiHYPER TomppiZ: TomppiZ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak! Do Sekiro runs WrestlerBot2000: @tomppiz I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM LifeIsHellaYikers: got the runs ElaPls Oromit: I just randomly ended up at some dudes Reaction Video to your DS1 Any% WR Video just an hour ago or so ๐Ÿ˜€ MalphasJD: FitoBurrito abandonning me again PepeHands Vendetta1v: WeirdChamp Remedy020: PepeHands The song Hoshi to Bokura from persona 5 always gets me FeelsBadMan MeccaMaster: AYAYA Toplay92: do you like survival games Ela? Wheels82: billyReady TorvaM: @Elajjaz I had fun wathing yesterdays vod, the dreadout dlc save file mess up was pretty hilarious Boomdedz: Yakuza 0 billyReady 0lMon: has someone any news about white day 2? SittingOx: @Elajjaz have you played a game called Paper Dolls? It’s a horror game PepeHands i’ll add a gachiBASS so you notic this message gachiBASS RTSClReleaseTheSnyderCut: @Elajjaz #ReleaseTheSnyderCut suicidewisp: AYAYA salpo_nolobio: TaBeRu imnottie: @Elajjaz i watch your dark souls world record speedrun all the time, it’s how i started watching you anibit: @Elajjaz what’s your worst game ever? kaiju_boi: Conkers: 0 FitoBurrito: MalphasJD you’re always in my heart moon2CUTE wandering_pleb: gachiGASM GuitarTime ampleJay: elaSmile login_not_available: @Elajjaz play bakamitai BabyRage cheeze____: Pog ! Dark Souls comfy runs with Ela and chat elaCozy pepeL kaiju_boi: BBoomer GuitarTime Sliphe: @Elajjaz have you ever heard of Nuclear Throne? Fearswe: Fuck, I just forgot I put on laundry this morning DaniDuck: @Elajjaz when raft with nerdy? elaHmm Saymens: Risk of Rain 2 got an update!! andrewidtheboss: I gotta fill in job applications this morning…kill me ampleJay: Baka Mitai PepeHands MalphasJD: FitoBurrito elaWOW titavLove le_richtero: twitch sings Kappa that_solid_dude: PepeHands beat lich PepeHands left two bosses PepeHands Forgotten forever PepeHands RyanLovesWeed: @Elajjaz house flipper Pog SittingOx: @Elajjaz PAPER DOLLS PepeHands Martel_BecdeCorbin: Martel_BecdeCorbin subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 38 months! I thought weebs like you only listened to anime openings and JPop WrestlerBot2000: @martel_becdecorbin After 38 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Vailo42: with the amount of hours you have putin dardk souls people would think dark souls is your favorite @Elajjaz tachyon_: is dark souls a new game? DaniDuck: @Elajjaz when raft with nerdy? elaYes Exten13: i bought yakuza 0 at the steam sale. cant wait to play it Kazeith: @elajjaz have you tried world war z? idk why am i asking you this. Some people say it’s good, it’s bad idk unfit2: I was gone for about a week and a bit, what happened to Gungeon? @Elajjaz BBiBsBoy: dark deception is pacman ๐Ÿ™‚ imnottie: @Elajjaz have you attempted a new dark souls world record any% run? TeenyTinyRedhead: @RyanLovesWeed Chag Knur_therealhog: Kreygasm salpo_nolobio: gachiHYPER y_u_dodiz: headBang JubJubWantRubRubs: headBang wandering_pleb: gachiGASM GuitarTime talkman_: headBang MalphasJD: FeelsGoodMan GuitarTime Gower_Lawcraft: Yeah, in Russia we love this song too RyanLovesWeed: Chag Larsn2k: YEAH YEAH! Tasarion: BBoomer Caput_Draconis: headBang ニューハーフ: elajjaz stream doki doki literature club Agaomen: KKool Larg0s: ela when are you getting a switch for senran kagura peach ball? SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz sub ends today, what to do, i dont want to pay. guess i’ll die 4HEad Odins_pecs: Kreygasm UltraWindow: BBoomer Rodriwastaken: @chat pepeL Kazeith: LOUDER gachiBOP Knur_therealhog: headBang salpo_nolobio: KKool Vendetta1v: Downloading this on napster, brb SnuggleTheHuggle: BBoomer GuitarTime ampleJay: BBoomer MalphasJD: glicin he already did SittingOx: when will ela ever read my messages PepeHands ニューハーフ: SLyDeX53 dont PunOko Agaomen: iron95Pls JimmyDNogueira: now that’s rock n roll BBoomer ampleJay: Ela be like TaBeRu Habitual_Balance: moon2BOO QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT: hello ela and chat elaH elaH elaH notdiri: @Elajjaz And coop Pog Lukasbech: BBoomer GuitarTime kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz itch. io has lots of pepega horror games PepeLaugh zifur: alien swarm Champ MalphasJD: SLyDeX53 don’t die titavCry Sockenduft: senpai didnt notice me elaHmm DannyBucko231: Been a long whole time since I’ve played Alien Swarm… wandering_pleb: gachiGASM GuitarTime UltraWindow: thats a pretty good game, not great though if you dont have friends PepeHands SLyDeX53: @ニューハーフ shhhh Vendetta1v: Sven coop sngKEK Sliphe: @Elajjaz look up Nuclear Throne, I think you could like it Vendetta1v: Oldschool imnottie: @Elajjaz when are you going to try another any% world record for dark souls? ๐Ÿ˜€ that is honestly how i started following you. 1valtaur1: Glommhaven came it early acces, prety cool boardgame if you’re into that kaiju_boi: LULW SLyDeX53: @ニューハーフ noone will ever notice ニューハーフ: SLyDeX53 no spending PunOko 👆 SLyDeX53: @ニューハーフ but dieing is okay ? LULW SittingOx: @Elajjaz have you played paper dolls? It’s a horror game on steam Askajia: Askajia subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! 7 Months of Pro-Lurking elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @askajia You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM SainEdge: unheimlich monkaW kaiju_boi: Pog AYAYA Lykouleon: Pog ! DannyBucko231: LUL Mrtriggahigga: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Agaomen: LUL RyanLovesWeed: LULW Kaspu: elaWeird Drachenreiter: ela use dark reader WutFace MalphasJD: gachiBASS Gumma: LULW Toplay92: ??? talkman_: Pog Dastyn_: LULW myfavoriteweeb: POGGERS iLostToLife: Pog van_tonder: LULW Wheels82: LULW Jektrick: OMEGADOWN ChickenMuffins: PLAY IT Pog PhilosoRaptor3: PLAY IT salpo_nolobio: monkaW SnuggleTheHuggle: LULW Rucent: WeirdChamp Life796: monkaS kaiju_boi: VaN Polebegood: VaN Vendetta1v: gachiVICTORY dan_sai: gachiBASS Wheels82: VaN Eizen_5: play it!!!! AlexAnderman1994: OMEGALUL notdiri: VaN Skejven: VaN UltraWindow: this keanu reeves thing is getting out of hand WeirdChamp Eufrazy: VaN GenuineLGN: VaN TheH3llraiser: VaN MalphasJD: VaN VineWood0604: VaN TomppiZ: VaN ChaosLike: VaN Vailo42: check it out SittingOx: VaN Kazeith: VaN AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi Wendell8504: VaN Marghanis: danGachi terrywolf1: play it login_not_available: VaN jenwilldo: VaN DannyBucko231: Breathtaking game Polebegood: BBoomer 👍 S_Darji: BBoomer Voidvoidvoidvoid: elaK TeenyTinyRedhead: BBoomer TheGibaruh: VaN Clap Eufrazy: BBoomer VineWood0604: BBoomer iLostToLife: BBoomer Caput_Draconis: BBoomer Jektrick: BBoomer Llyfrgell: elaK kaiju_boi: BBoomer WEEB Mrtriggahigga: BBoomer imnottie: VaN van_tonder: KKona Dastyn_: BBoomer Lukasbech: @Elajjaz a weeb BBoomer Wendell8504: BBoomer Darkred28: B OMEGALUL OMEGALUL MER Elajjaz: BBoomer GuitarTime AlexAnderman1994: BBoomer JubJubWantRubRubs: BBoomer GuitarTime Exten13: BBoomer Toplay92: since e3 Keanu is everywhere LULW TheLunetta: @Elajjaz could you please play the todd howard dating sim? elaKek it’s glorious salpo_nolobio: BBoomer Clap Rucent: okay weed WeirdChamp Eizen_5: even worse XD novak_v: BBoomer Drachenreiter: wow ela you’re 65? Ttanoraa: DrinkPurple B) S_Darji: pepeJAM Wheels82: BBoomer MY MAN Rucent: weeb* SnuggleTheHuggle: BBoomer GuitarTime Polebegood: BBoomer GuitarTime now this is a real song Mirando: AYAYA Cute Time AYAYA ComplexGhost: sup ela sup fellas elaHi ChickenMuffins: BBoomer wandering_pleb: BBoomer GuitarTime kaiju_boi: BBoomer GuitarTime YEAAAH GenuineLGN: BBoomer now thats some real music Mirando: AYAYA Cute Time AYAYA AYAYA Cute Time AYAYA iLostToLife: BBoomer GuitarTime RyanLovesWeed: @Rucent ? what did i do MalphasJD: Luna pepeLPog angryj0nes: WOW is really cool LULW Wwaaaz: Wow this is so cool elaK blacktoothgr1n: Weebs nepSmug Ryoken9: Pog firefly820: You should do a speed run of fallout new vegas DannyBucko231: PogChamp Toplay92: so you are more a glitcher than a speedrunner? LULW angryj0nes: CD talkman_: forsenWC so kaiju_boi: 💿 Clap SLyDeX53: @MalphasJD there are ways, OKAY ?! LULW Caput_Draconis: 💿 Xaanax: 💿 Clap WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz CommanBear: Ela you are playing DS now but you are still being carried by E-DE and Raul WeirdChamp FeelsWeirdMan imnottie: have u ever tried a zelda speed run? Wheels82: forsenWC MY MAN AlexAnderman1994: forsenWC kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh he said it forsenWC MalphasJD: SLyDeX53 alright PepeLaugh BroqRox: forsenWC Cheating you said? forsenWC angryj0nes: 💿 Clap TheMoltenGuy: @crashfort my teacher always used the example CAFE:BEEF during class so I always got hungry elaOP PepeHands PhysiCle: You ever watch ZFG1 run Ocarina of Time? THat dude is a beast monkaW akmannen: T H I C C DannyBucko231: Dodge and aim for the ass, classic tactic Omiyage2: gachiBASS beat that fat ass wandering_pleb: forsenWC 1valtaur1: is 1h the demon faster then 2h? Elettrodomestico: huhuhuhufgtftftftf xlRaptoe: ZFG Pog crashfort: @TheMoltenGuy elaOP bubblegumisblue: Afternoon ela n chat elaH elaHi kaiju_boi: BBoomer UltraWindow: BBoomer Deivitsu: spit out the bone TheMoltenGuy: headBang BruiseVein: forsenWC the two-timing- I mean the two timer forsenWC Elettrodomestico: pul8iiii PhysiCle: @bubblegumisblue elaH xlRaptoe: Any ogres in chat Rucent: BBoomer talkman_: sounds like some boshy theme Lanshii: SMOrc samueloneill: Any fallout today? @Elajjaz imnottie: @Elajjaz have u ever tried zelda speedruns? if so, which one? easyeasy: YOOOOOOOOOOOO ELAJJAZ AND CHAT elaOk ela12 ela13 / Ccl0ud: SMOrc kaskelott_: BBoomer xlRaptoe: BBoomer DannyBucko231: BBoomer kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh crashfort: elaWOW Omiyage2: BBoomer Cla Exten13: BBoomer xlRaptoe: @easyeasy BBoomer Kazeith: BBoomer BrbSauna: first time seeing this pretty much from the start vrtPog vrtPog vrtOWO vrtOWO king_fettuccine: BBoomer kaiju_boi: BBoomer BruiseVein: BEIK BOO UltraWindow: BBoomer PurpleStar bubblegumisblue: @physicle elaH MalphasJD: easyeasy pepeL suicidewisp: BBoomer Akaii_x: @Elajjaz you watch much of clint? JonxKatsu: sitting in bed eating my favorite chips elaOP drinking orange juice elaChug and watching my favorite strimmer ela13 FeelsGoodMan easyeasy: xlRaptoe YOOO ela12 kaiju_boi: Pog try it easyeasy: MalphasJD allo elaOk / Akaii_x: PepeHands Zepperoni_: Zepperoni_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! WrestlerBot2000: @zepperoni_ After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SLyDeX53: Cheer300 What did the traffic light say to the car? Don’t look! I’m about to change. 4HEad PhysiCle: @easyeasy Yoooooooooooo asshole nepSmug imnottie: any particular reason why? splitting_: never tried zelda runs ’cause you’re scared Kapp iamsparta231: Super Mario 64 when @elajjaz BruiseVein: @JonxKatsu chips and OJ? elaHmm easyeasy: Elajjaz good, gonna play some Fallout 4 ela12 how bout you matey elaOk ? Omiyage2: D: Zero_Abyss: PepeHands easyeasy: PhysiCle YOOOOOOOO nepSmug CUNT Wheels82: PepeHands zebrasarasa: rooD Dargiie: elaD ddaaveee: WHY ME?! angryj0nes: gonne mad have you Toplay92: 3Head DannyBucko231: D: wandering_pleb: PepeHands Rucent: EHEHEHEHEHE 4HEad mynameisobserverward: PepeHands PhysiCle: @easyeasy pepeL Grimesi: 4HEad Elactoz: PepeHands Visualocity: TaBeRu thank you kindly Boomdedz: 5Head Meximus322: elaHAA kaiju_boi: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: elaWeird akmannen: Ayaya cute MalphasJD: elaWeird Da_Flanker: haHAA Carbidos: haHAA easyeasy: PhysiCle pepeL VineWood0604: haHAA MidgetDude110: elaHAA Henriquelima07: lordsD Lanshii: FeelsWeirdMan crashfort: elaWOW Leeegit: XD AnubisYE: haHAA gotem SLyDeX53: LULW easyeasy: Kaspu YOOO NEP FRIEND nepSmug / nucetti: FeelsWeirdMan Dargiie: haHAA talkman_: WeirdChamp JonxKatsu: @bruisevein I need to go grocery shopping elaKek zebrasarasa: roo4 graedon: dont worry I never look when I drive through a traffic light king_fettuccine: HYUKAGE Kaspu: @easyeasy naroSmug / UltraWindow: WeirdChamp and -10 for being a lame joke MalphasJD: easyeasy nep ? naroSmug ChickenMuffins: @easyeasy nepSmug easyeasy: MalphasJD nep nep nepSmug HCSbr: Can somebody ping me in Discord if Ela switches to New Vegas? I don’t want to watch a muted VoD, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ UltraWindow: easyeasy nepSmug / Zero_Abyss: Jumpmaster Pog ChickenMuffins: NepSmile QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Pog easyeasy: UltraWindow ChickenMuffins allo neps nepSmug BruiseVein: @JonxKatsu same man, but I don’t want toooo DannyBucko231: Wuuuut?! angryj0nes: Pewds skip zebrasarasa: Wowee come here ChickenMuffins: @easyeasy allo nep nep nepJail Paladin_Neptune: Paladin_Neptune subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 22 months, currently on a 22 month streak! Lakki AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @paladin_neptune After 22 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM thedrzoice: Hellu Akaii_x: @Elajjaz next meme stream when? BrbSauna: @SLyDeX53 i actually giggled a bit ty vrtSmug vrtSmug kaiju_boi: IKEALUL SammersFourTwenty: cmonBruh l33tmaggi: l33tmaggi subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months! 18 years Pog WrestlerBot2000: @l33tmaggi After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM zebrasarasa: OhMyDog COME HERE Captain_PogChamp: cmonBruh Zero_Abyss: Not AYAYA MalphasJD: Paladin_Neptune naroLove UltraWindow: nepSmug on screen, nice SomaBTW: hey chat, hey ela elaHi hope you all are doing fine elaH ニューハーフ: Paladin_Neptune glicinA glicinPantsu Lanshii: HCSbr there is a bot that writes in dicsord whenever he switches games Kusocheg: nepSmug easyeasy: ChickenMuffins saying allo from the jail, that’s cute nepSmug Kaspu: @Paladin_Neptune naroEhehe / JonxKatsu: @bruisevein being an adult is hard elaOk being lazy in and eating in bed is ez elaOp SLyDeX53: @BrbSauna atleast someone with humor 4HEad 👍 heavyexplo: why does the skip called pewd’s? ddaaveee: @Elajjaz Why do socialists only drink decaffeinated tea? angryj0nes: nepSmug HYPERCLAP MalphasJD: SomaBTW pepeL redzero033: Weebs FeelsWeirdMan kaiju_boi: BBoomer easyeasy: glicin Paladin_Neptune allo bruvs nepSmug / skybeaverking: nepSmug Kaljumies123: that bridge guy skip cmonBruh zebrasarasa: SomaBTW elaHi rooHug Paladin_Neptune: @MalphasJD @ニューハーフ @Kaspu naroLove tito3211: Hi Ela hi FELLAS elaHi elaH BruiseVein: @JonxKatsu haha so true BrbSauna: @SLyDeX53 vrtLove vrtLove QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: yo chat and ela elaH Akamaru1987: bridge? cmonBruh Paladin_Neptune: @easyeasy naroLove ChickenMuffins: @easyeasy NepSmile DannyBucko231: Full nudist run SomaBTW: @MalphasJD pepeL @zebrasarasa elaHi mendoHug HCSbr: I always ignore bot pings, but sure LuL @Lanshii Larg0s: @heavyexplo because pewdiepie did it by accident on his first playthrough and it had no name before crashfort: i did ๐Ÿ™‚ splitting_: ela meme stream when? Kapp lordpanda616: Hi Ela elaH Hi Chat elaCozy Planned a holiday to France next week…and now theres a heatwave monkaX Visualocity: @Paladin_Neptune kgothWAIFU sh55LURK TheMoltenGuy: cmonBruh easyeasy: SLyDeX53 waddup laddie elaBruv / ニューハーフ: easyeasy glicinPantsu VoHiYo Akamaru1987: Another Swedish streamer cmonBruh ddaaveee: @Elajjaz Because proper tea is theft Claidheamh_Mor: no fallout today? Vrookems: PeeWeeDeeWee Paladin_Neptune: @Visualocity naroLove imnottie: @Elajjaz do u play with keyboard and mouse or controller? MaxiMHc: hi there easyeasy: lordpanda616 YOOOO ela12 / zebrasarasa: QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO elaHi rooHug SLyDeX53: @easyeasy oi cunt 3Head / kaiju_boi: gachiBASS TheMoltenGuy: gachiHYPER vergil____: ricardoFlick Wheels82: gachiHYPER Zero_Abyss: gachiBASS Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: gachiBASS MatthewAntoniou97: gachiHYPER Kaljumies123: gachiBASS Deivitsu: Kreygasm Meximus322: gachiBASS easyeasy: gachiHYPER Rucent: gachiBASS Kusocheg: gachiHYPER Lukasbech: gachiHYPER MalphasJD: lordpanda616 enjoy PepeLaugh gfhgggfjgg: @claidheamh_mor after this probably Kazeith: @imnottie controller Visualocity: gachiHYPER GoodGuyEvil: @Elajjaz hello Ela, good morning chat ChickenMuffins: @GoodGuyEvil pepeL lordpanda616: @easyeasy @malphasjd elaGa BrbSauna: what is that dmg WutFace q Lanshii: GoodGuyEvil elaHi MalphasJD: Also hi lordpanda616 pepeL Kazeith: pepeL chat doncallisto: @Elajjaz I’m playing New Vegas too on a much much slower pace cause I’m no strimmer. Awesome to see you speedrunning cause so I can watch this stream again Pog Kaljumies123: @GoodGuyEvil HeyGuys lordpanda616: pepeL easyeasy: Kazeith allo ela12 Drachenreiter: Fallout is maybe later laststand66: @Kazeith pepeL BroqRox: carefull ela you are going to trigger the pw2p fanbois PepeLaugh aka the far right elaKek Daaarling02: eluKampai angryj0nes: GoldPenis gachiBASS 0_KUHAKU: heey chat heey @Elajjaz how are you doing and are you ate ESA this year too SamSorc: could this be a world record ? shadyangel: all achivements in 2 and a half hours ?? GoodGuyEvil: @ChickenMuffins @Lanshii @Kaljumies123 pepeL Fullmetalcheese: Chag SLyDeX53: Cheer300 Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? Fo Drizzle 4head4head4head4 TheMoltenGuy: I N S A N E DannyBucko231: PogChamp easyeasy: I N S A N E Chag Namarax: I N S A N E Pog BigBilly_Johnson: sup ela and chat Wuxia: back to aa Pog BrbSauna: @SLyDeX53 OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: FeelsWeirdMan 4head Omiyage2: Not washed up PogU BroqRox: elaHmm TheMoltenGuy: 4Head Wheels82: LULW PhysiCle: @SLyDeX53 Jesus christ dude LULW BroqRox: LULW Dargiie: LULW ddaaveee: fo drizzle mah nizzle QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: I N S A N E elaDM DannyBucko231: 4Head easyeasy: 4HEad MatthewAntoniou97: 4HEad Rucent: 4HEad zebrasarasa: 4HEad Kaspu: forsenHead Larg0s: LULW kaiju_boi: pepeL akmannen: ? angryj0nes: We are 40 seconds without INSANE and counting UltraWindow: 4Head i actually liked that one Naniyo: LULW Visualocity: 3Head Wendell8504: LULW imnottie: @Elajjaz do you play with keyboard and mouse or controller? TheMoltenGuy: elaHAA easyeasy: elaKek gfhgggfjgg: danHeh kaiju_boi: Pog zebrasarasa: POGGERS ?! Carbidos: LULW MatthewAntoniou97: haHAA mynameisobserverward: LULW BruiseVein: HAHAHA Ph4ntomi: haHAA m van_tonder: LULW Virhaed: elaHAA MalphasJD: elaWeird Draddrick: LULW Kaspu: haHAA m angryj0nes: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PogU Rhynin: elaKek easyeasy: POGGERS WOW Drachenreiter: ✊ ela12 X_e_v_a_n: elaHAA MissDina: LULW Toplay92: haHAA akmannen: 300bucks? that_solid_dude: haHAA HYPERCLAP TheMoltenGuy: haHAA m chickenb00ty: LULW kaiju_boi: haHAA m paulpkpk: sumSmash TheH3llraiser: LULW Eizen_5: LULW MalphasJD: You made it weird Ela elaWeird Bholorak: elaWeird doncallisto: LULW Namarax: LULW ✊ thedrzoice: haHAA Visualocity: 3Head m GreatOneDagon: forsenHead SLyDeX53: @PhysiCle what LULW DannyBucko231: Welp didn’t knew this was an easy access area LUL WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Enlok: ✊ akmannen: It looked awkward Islendingen: Islendingen subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! A glass of chardonnay and my baby boy doing some speedruns elaGasm WrestlerBot2000: @islendingen If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Adwaiita: pandering to the market of 12 year olds zebrasarasa: roo4 WHERE IS MINECRAFT fakie_420: one last bro fist FeelsBadMan ✊ king_fettuccine: 3head mn PhysiCle: @SLyDeX53 You made me blow air out my nose LULW Virhaed: you owe us all 300$ for fisting elaREE hepha1: @Elajjaz seriously though, you should re-release the GLOD shirt as maybe an anniversary? would be hella sick TheMoltenGuy: THE HERO Pog Omiyage2: 3Head OI Dastyn_: @Elajjaz dont lie you enjoyed it BruiseVein: @Elajjaz I had no sound on, just saw the brofist and started laughing elaKek MalphasJD: zebrasarasa in the trash can FeelsGoodMan HCSbr: I do brofists before PewDiePie used it ๐Ÿ™‚ Kaljumies123: Goal keeper PogChamp kaiju_boi: LULW ? SkammyZ: SkammyZ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 40 months, currently on a 40 month streak! Lets go, back at it again! gimme one brofist per month please? Kappa UltraWindow: wombo combo SLyDeX53: @PhysiCle sounds… unhealthy monkaW LMFAO WrestlerBot2000: @skammyz After 40 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Rhynin: RULL QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Pog ニューハーフ: chat someone plays team fortress 2 ? Wheels82: RULL angryj0nes: SAVED LULW Elactoz: monkaSHAKE MalphasJD: RULL monkaW WrestlerBot2000: “Fuck these vagina monsters!” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 88 RobensTV: When u will play minecraft? lopoxnoble112: When is Enter the Gungeon again Mr Streamer @elajjaz 😠 zebrasarasa: MalphasJD roo4 HYPERCLAP MaxiMHc: RUUUUUL Ph4ntomi: VaN PhysiCle: VaN kaiju_boi: VaN x3 UltraWindow: AYAYA Namarax: VaN Wheels82: VaN Riiifu: VaN Nanashi_Sakamoto: VaN Paladin_Neptune: VaN VineWood0604: VaN easyeasy: VaN MalphasJD: VaN Omiyage2: VaN WOOOOO QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: whoop Carbidos: Blessed Pog angryj0nes: WOO VaN Tasarion: 1% btw VaN TheH3llraiser: VaN Grimesi: VaN ❗ zebrasarasa: VaN that_solid_dude: Rooney with the header! MidgetDude110: VaN drain_gang: VaN fakie_420: MaN Dargiie: VaN Rucent: gachiVICTORY Kazeith: VaN IllFated2: VaN Vendetta1v: gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY splitting_: VaN TheMoltenGuy: ElaSmash kaiju_boi: sumSmash GreatOneDagon: gachiHYPER skybeaverking: cmonBruh look out for bridges Swedish boy Kaspu: ElaSmash Larg0s: sumSmash Ph4ntomi: D: Raftelle: gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY easyeasy: gachiHYPER Lanshii: sumSmash hepha1: DansGame MalphasJD: sumSmash BroqRox: gachiVICTORY HCSbr: Scammed VineWood0604: sumSmash REDNAMEGOD_: Just roll 4Head Toplay92: sumSmash Nanashi_Sakamoto: 300$ gachiHYPER AlexAnderman1994: sumSmash VauntDanial: sumSmash UltraWindow: new ElaSmash emote? zebrasarasa: ElaSmash kaskelott_: sumSmash Life_fox1992: tow step to die from that shite yollow qpgooseqp: ElaSmash paulpkpk: sumSmash ganju103653: ElaSmash Franquinni: Franquinni subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! Yooooooooo! Drachenreiter: ✊ ✊ ✊ ✊ ela12✊ ✊ ✊ ✊ easyeasy: sumSmash WrestlerBot2000: @franquinni I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM Exten13: sumSmash SkammyZ: Scammed! elaREE angryj0nes: ElaSmash Vendetta1v: Yikes hepha1: LULW redanianknight: redanianknight subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @redanianknight Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Toplay92: take ya bro fist sumSmash take ya bro fist sumSmash take ya bro fist sumSmash Wuxia: new emote tru LULW REDNAMEGOD_: NOO GARGOYLE! BibleThump imnottie: do u play with keyboard and mouse or controller? BruiseVein: what game is ElaSmash from? I can’t remember Breitey: 🤠 elaGun kaiju_boi: FeelsWeirdMan GreatOneDagon: forsenWeird mynameisobserverward: WeirdChamp Omiyage2: WeirdChamp Heksyll: WeirdChamp zebrasarasa: elaWeird HYPERCLAP Ph4ntomi: elaWeird Rhynin: elaWeird Jaushel: Ela elaDM Chat elaDM hello ela12 Vendetta1v: WeirdChamp 7 kaskelott_: elaWeird MalphasJD: elaWeird daddywojo: YAY – DS Achievoooos Enlok: elaWeird DannyBucko231: Clap wandering_pleb: elaWeird WetMajestic: KBM dark souls monkaS skybeaverking: elaWeird QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: WeirdChamp crashfort: 🤠 elaGun Kazeith: pepeL @easyeasy REDNAMEGOD_: @QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS atpRtsd ChocolateBarni: Someone shoud made new smash emote of this PepeLaugh neville_from_uganda: Yoooooo Ela and chat ela12 elaHYUG crashfort: dont roll off the tower PepeS Guski_: smoll HYUK Intirion: @BruiseVein I think that was Jump King easyeasy: Jaushel hi ela1 that_solid_dude: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiBOP SithDuke: What’s the most fun run type you’ve had in Dark Souls? MalphasJD: Jump King speedruns when ? FeelsGoodMan BruiseVein: @Intirion haha that’s right, thanks easyeasy: neville_from_uganda ALLO ela3 / imnottie: @Elajjaz do u play with keyboard and mouse or a controller? king_fettuccine: buyaka buyaka 619 MagnificentShadow: @Elajjaz Yo Ela are you gonna be at ESA? shadyangel: the next person is gay Blood_Rooted: no Wheels82: elaD Wuxia: no u Toplay92: D: Eizen_5: rooD Omiyage2: D: UltraWindow: not again NotLikeThis SLyDeX53: LULW REDNAMEGOD_: No MalphasJD: elaHmm easyeasy: gachiHYPER BroqRox: elaHmm zebrasarasa: rooD Knur_therealhog: No. JubJubWantRubRubs: here we go again WeirdChamp Vendetta1v: Yikes Jaushel: @easyeasy ela13 SomaBTW: elaHmm gfhgggfjgg: ๐Ÿ˜€ mynameisobserverward: gachiHYPER vxl__: not again LULW that_solid_dude: ela!? Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER neville_from_uganda: @easyeasy OIOIOI SkammyZ: elaHmm PhysiCle: elaHmm Drachenreiter: not more of this FailFish Yuggod: elaHmm REDNAMEGOD_: No its not gay its incest LUL angryj0nes: if you say: no homo first? BruiseVein: KKona + KKona PG_13_Username: @Elajjaz do you have a brother? kaiju_boi: KKona It’s just brotherly love UltraWindow: 👍 gfhgggfjgg: SPARTA danGross zebrasarasa: 👍 ChocolateBarni: 👍 kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Toplay92: Ela ela under my umbrella ela ela ricardoFlick van_tonder: gachiBASS ddaaveee: I thought the joke said gape Wheels82: LULW PhysiCle: Thanks for clarifying Ela, you’re so smart elaH NiceThings_: gachiBASS Larg0s: do you two fist each other? tlexHmm Kaljumies123: BROFIST KevinTurtle m Vailo42: is that the ultimate bro bro fist fisting? Kazeith: what do you call Brofist from a girl? king_fettuccine: @Elajjaz if two brothers are having sex, are they playing smash bros? BrbSauna: vrtSmug vrtSmug vrtSmug ur ds streams always me comfy as shit for some reason NotTheDev: So then you should know LULW Omiyage2: gachiAPPROVE Aniki Namarax: 👊 gachiHYPER Flashforward: monkaW GoodGuyEvil: fist him and then tell us how it feels ๐Ÿ™‚ HCSbr: Elias and Elios AYAYA kaiju_boi: LULW PhysiCle: LULW MalphasJD: LULW Flashforward: OMEGALUL 1mpolar: LULW Larg0s: OMEGALUL Virhaed: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Blood_Rooted: WeirdChamp MatthewAntoniou97: LULW Magilou_69: LULW SomaBTW: LULW Leeegit: LULW Zero_Abyss: Alabama LUL Visualocity: @Kazeith sista fista monkaW Yuggod: LULW Wheels82: LULW LULW Kusocheg: LULW Knur_therealhog: haHAA jacoblyth: jacoblyth subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Go online so we can invite you elaSneeze Kappa WrestlerBot2000: @jacoblyth If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM imnottie: @Elajjaz do u use a mouse and keyboard or a controller? Lukasbech: Yes, Super Smash Bros to be exact neville_from_uganda: Physical asking about gay things conspicuously often elaHmm elaHmm laststand66: actualy good joke LULW rexcaliburprime: this must tak a lot of hard work to do Toplay92: no… they are gay KappaPride haHAA that_solid_dude: thats the border between cringe and funny MelancholyYuki: naroEhehe weebies? naroEhehe Finaldose: LULW LIVRE ? LUL Kazeith: @visualocity Clap 5Head Clap2 ditzlogic: hi elaj YinKuza: we cozy moon2BED blacktoothgr1n: AYAYA kaiju_boi: ElaPls REDNAMEGOD_: FAST AS FUCK BOI MalphasJD: MelancholyYuki no naroEhehe zebrasarasa: moon2SECRETEMOTE ?! jacoblyth: elaK Heksyll: elaK Fullmetalcheese: ElaPls Wuxia: minmodAwa Drachenreiter: PepeLaugh Omiyage2: ppHop MidgetDude110: elaK Mrtriggahigga: elaK Wheels82: elaK skybeaverking: elaISee easyeasy: 4Shrug PhysiCle: elaK that_solid_dude: we have found it SomaBTW: elaK Kaljumies123: RaccAttack Zero_Abyss: elaK icedcoffeeboy: scissor sisters princeinnovice: hi chat hi ela Keltai_: FAST AS FUCK BOI easyeasy: princeinnovice yooooooooo ela2 / ChocolateBarni: hi Mrtriggahigga: I miss Sekiro runs FeelsBadMan zebrasarasa: princeinnovice elaHi rooHug Toplay92: vadeStory Kazeith: @princeinnovice pepeL neville_from_uganda: @princeinnovice yooooooooo cheeze____: @princeinnovice yo pepeL Alexmackzie: elaHi MelancholyYuki: OMEGALUL SithDuke: You can’t leave the zone in the original dark souls during invasions can you? @Elajjaz SkammyZ: Ela is blue, ela is fast. sonic is blue sonic is fast. sonic=ela elaHmm kaiju_boi: I miss bloodborne runs PepeHands PG_13_Username: OMEGALOL kaskelott_: OMEGALUL icedcoffeeboy: no fall out today? DenTza: SEKIRO PepeHands PhysiCle: OMEGLOL REDNAMEGOD_: Succ ero\ Emzero: OMEGLOL easyeasy: S E K I R OMEGALUL ChocolateBarni: OMEGLOL Ryoken9: me too NiceThings_: I miss hitman FeelsBadMan Mrtriggahigga: @Elajjaz elaWeird Wheels82: SEKIR OMEGALUL RUNS Da_Flanker: Sekiro LUL Already forgotten Blood_Rooted: SEKIR OMEGLOL that_solid_dude: SEKIRO RUNS OMEGALUL laststand66: SEKIR OMEGALUL Namarax: SEKIR OMEGALUL Akamaru1987: AYAYA WHERE AYAYA MY AYAYA CUTIES AYAYA AT? AYAYA star_light: sekiro was fun, too bad it’s dead PepeHands Captain_PogChamp: OMEGALÙL 26camels: any chance ela is running fallout nv? Omiyage2: PepeHands Bull skip Mrtriggahigga: CHAT elaWeird cheeze____: Listening to KUZEEEE theme right now, getting me pumped billyReady imnottie: @Elajjaz do u play with mouse and keyboard or a controller? MagnificentShadow: I miss Bull Skip PepeLaugh lipgloss71: danHmm If you just use the tip, it is not homo. danHeh MalphasJD: If you ever wonder what it would look like to invade a speedrunner in ds, check Ela’s video on the third DS2 dlc PepeLaugh Naniyo: This used to be a Hitman stream FeelsBadMan fat_khajiit: Will you do Siren runs? Germy_ranch: No way of Tomoe DLC PepeHands REDNAMEGOD_: “was” LUL HCSbr: Sekiro DLC when Toplay92: what wrong with Sekiro? Jebaited Fullmetalcheese: LULW CommanBear: Sekiro who ? 4Shrug jacoblyth: WAS LULw Omiyage2: @Elajjaz Will u speedrun Sekiro if DLC comes out that_solid_dude: I miss game skip OMEGALUL cheeze____: @Mrtriggahigga They do it with everything elaWeird princeinnovice: @easyeasy @zebrasarasa @cheeze____ @Kazeith pepeL Seikisu: Oi! Ela and Chat elaHi ela7 SomaBTW: elaYA cbrYA mendoAYAYA Lanshii: chat does coffee make you want to poo? Kazeith: @magnificentshadow you mean Bull(shit) PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: HeyEla BroqRox: sekiro has too many exploits to be fun now days Da_Flanker: Seikisu elaHi elaHYUG Kazeith: @seikisu pepeL PhysiCle: @Seikisu elaH Toplay92: ElaPls PhysiCle: @Da_Flanker elaH QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: inb4 ekiro wont have dlc cbrHands Eizen_5: until u fricking skippt half of the bosses Namarax: sekiro was fun until you learn how much you can exploit everything LULW Chakmania: Chakmania subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 33 months! Da_Flanker: PhysiCle elaH WrestlerBot2000: @chakmania After 33 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kaljumies123: @Lanshii no HCSbr: Just don’t use exploits 4HEad MagnificentShadow: @Kazeith and ofc snake skip and the Oscar-worthy acting Germy_ranch: Yeah, cause no other From game has exploits lmao easyeasy: Seikisu YOOOOOOOOO AYAYA / Lanshii: Kaljumies123 ok neville_from_uganda: ChaK Kazeith: @magnificentshadow PepeLaugh Clap REDNAMEGOD_: no exploit run LULW MalphasJD: Sekiro was fun, and then Dist and Capitaine attacked PepeHands that_solid_dude: Glitchless category is much better 26camels: just run glitchless Werewolfies: how about a “no glitch/no major glitches” run? that_solid_dude: but still has some weird stuff in Seikisu: @da_flanker elaH @kazeith elaH @physicle pepeL easyeasy pepeL BroqRox: they do Germy_ranch, but sekiro overshadows all of them CommanBear: only weebs remember sekiro LULW Akamaru1987: @quote_me_if_nohomo KonCha KappaPride SLyDeX53: Cheer237 What’s so special about bullets? They’re the only things that do their job after they’re fired! monkaGun haarested: I miss re 2 runs PhysiCle: @SLyDeX53 HAHAHA MalphasJD: SLyDeX53 monkaH kaiju_boi: FeelsWeirdMan Never__Ever: WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: haHAA Kazeith: @slydex53 PepeLaugh BrbSauna: @SLyDeX53 LUL LUL LUL Zero_Abyss: LUL dukenukem641: PepeLaugh NiceThings_: yikes TheMoltenGuy: monkaS zebrasarasa: SLyDeX53 roo4 elaGun mynameisobserverward: WeirdChamp Lanshii: monkaW Swedish_Expert: WeirdChamp QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: @Akamaru1987 elaGa CommanBear: haHAA Blood_Rooted: monkaH Lykouleon: monkaS neville_from_uganda: @SLyDeX53 Oofas Lukasbech: monkaGun Magilou_69: unless you miss REDNAMEGOD_: atpLaw atpCop Wendell8504: WeirdChamp Toplay92: same about guns LULW SLyDeX53: LUL cheeze____: @SLyDeX53 saving the day pepeL Magilou_69: then you’ve just face planted a wall somewhere PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: MORE FeelsGoodMan SLyDeX53: @cheeze____ pepeL WarZone101: wat about fireworks Toplay92: spiders WutFace that_solid_dude: I’m not afraid of b that_solid_dude: oops someone shot me Germy_ranch: @BroqRox Maybe. But watch for ONE boss during this run that isn’t trivial. In this game, it is just using cheap builds. easyeasy: cheeze____ allo Ela’s Fella ela12 / MalphasJD: JAMPU naroAYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ angryj0nes: jump jump jump SLyDeX53: @that_solid_dude monkaGun 💥 illethor221: @Elajjaz been watching Aris? LUL angryj0nes: haaa Omiyage2: Kreygasm ClaytonBigsbe: Tiddies Motek: KreyGasm Toplay92: spider with boobs WutFace REDNAMEGOD_: Kreygasm BruiseVein: bullying the boss elaWeird Legendary_Boka: DS B OMEGALUL S S drain_gang: Kreygasm HCSbr: PepeUff 💨 PositiveHappyViewer: Kreygasm 0_jacket_0: health monkaS Akamaru1987: I lost Kreygasm troublematicc: gachiBOP cheeze____: @easyeasy yo fella elaBruv elaH QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Kreygasm Peka1: Kreygasm Skrocka: Abuse WutFace KankyTwist: gachiBOP SLyDeX53: @PhysiCle did that one do more than just blowing air out of your nose ? LULW Mrtriggahigga: HP monkaW Blood_Rooted: monkaTOS MalphasJD: N O I C E skybeaverking: Dont kill her so fast ela im still fappin elaGasm REDNAMEGOD_: The bottom Kreygasm the top WutFace Toplay92: vadeSnitch StinkyCheese PhysiCle: @SLyDeX53 Yeah I actually grunted. God damnit I’m not proud LULW gfhgggfjgg: I got fired for watching those titties angryj0nes: NOICE 3Head NNayio: elaBruv ChocolateBarni: MOICE Kusocheg: noice Vailo42: r1 spam AnubisYE: 3Head souldedeh: no ice D: Tasarion: elaBruv Wheels82: elaBruv NOICE HCSbr: N OMEGALUL ICE Mrtriggahigga: elaBruv BroqRox: code veins is in 2 months AYAYA absolut3z3ro: NoIcE wandering_pleb: elaBruv Jaushel: NOICE elaBruv BruiseVein: @Elajjaz what about saying bruh? Heksyll: JAKE PERALTA 0_jacket_0: noice 4HEad chick3nball: Bruv Eizen_5: did u say moist? Germy_ranch: BRUH MOMENT Toplay92: 3Head wannabe detected Pog SLyDeX53: @PhysiCle LULW NNayio: GLOD! AngelThump Kazeith: @elajjaz what so you call a fruit that isn’t round? kaiju_boi: KKrikey noice MalphasJD: BroqRox and so is BL3 FeelsGoodMan Kazeith: do* angryj0nes: N O I C E 3Head Werewolfies: naise REDNAMEGOD_: NOICE 5Head NNayio: elaGlod PepeHands CrazySamni: no sarge FeelsBadMan Blood_Rooted: naisu AYAYA Never__Ever: no exploits btw skybeaverking: R A D ressmeplease: esfandOK9 esfandOK10 esfandOK111 esfandOK12 crashfort: D: zebrasarasa: rooD Heksyll: DansGame MalphasJD: monkaTOS HCSbr: 💿 Motek: D: KankyTwist: D: Smough: 💿 Swedish_Expert: forsenWC Lemonsponge: noice bruv, insane bruv 3Head 0_jacket_0: D: Wheels82: forsenWC Jaushel: @Kazeith tell me monkaS NNayio: elaWeird Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i have a math question for you 26camels: @Elajjaz did you see the yu gi oh speedrun drama? zebrasarasa: rooD HYPERCLAP mynameisobserverward: forsenWC REDNAMEGOD_: Dirty cheatin’ ass Peka1: 💿 Clap MagnificentShadow: WeirdChamp 0_jacket_0: 💿 Toplay92: DansGame Knur_therealhog: u are ur whole life Paladin_Neptune: forsenWC NNayio: elaWeird 👉 forsenWC QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: rooD Germy_ranch: FeelsWeirdMan Wuxia: forsenWC RAIS_ROWE: n o i s i a Motek: forsenCD Xiithrian: feels noice PepeLaugh angryj0nes: farell Legendary_Boka: forseWC noice PokerDweebz: @Elajjaz 😡 where is Sarge 😡 Mrtriggahigga: forsenWC HCSbr: Rawr xD Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz what is the pythagorean theorem phantan304: EZ NNayio: elaEZ lipgloss71: FeelsBadMan Paladin_Neptune: @Elajjaz any spooky games today Mr streamer WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! DocSpibby: Hi Ela! Hi Chat! Everyone having a good day? Impishbadge: wtf I didn’t know that shit bro angryj0nes: EZ till Ela fuck something in the run PepeLaugh Akamaru1987: Can’t wait for this run to die so you go back to Fallout Kappa REDNAMEGOD_: @Call_me_Zeroo theres more to life than numbers so no one wanted to hear em KankyTwist: streamer doesn’t know maths elaWeird BroqRox: Germy_ranch true, I dont know how to explain it, but ds1 has something about that that makes it more enjoyable, you know what i mean? Call_me_Zeroo: how do you not know what the pythagorean theorm is Oracle1995: Is this run possible with out cheat ? Doully92: Hey Ela and chat ela13 zebrasarasa: DocSpibby elaHi rooHug having a good day Heksyll: @Zero_Abyss he doesn’t know OMEGADOWN Kazeith: @jaushel what’s the only fruit that isn’t round? also sorry MalphasJD: Call_me_Zeroo isn’t it the theorem to prove that a triangle’s angle is 90° ? elaHmm neville_from_uganda: @Doully92 yoooooooo tito3211: Is this dupe works on ps3 version ? HCSbr: Bad at math OMEGALUL Doully92: @neville_from_uganda ela12 NNayio: @Call_me_Zeroo Ela hasn’t learned that yet in school. ela12 cheeze____: isnt that the shitty ass fucking half circle son of a bich edjiH: Hey everyone Toplay92: when Ds2 run? Kappa cheeze____: maths DansGame CommanBear: PixelBob Fearswe: @Call_me_Zeroo a^2 + b^2=c^2 kaiju_boi: haHAA Villhellm: a²+b²=c² ๐Ÿ™‚ Yuggod: because this is an exam ela SLyDeX53: LOL 4head4head4head4 Call_me_Zeroo: testing your mathmatical intelligence Kaljumies123: Kappa Zero_Abyss: @Heksyll wrong one elaWeird mynameisobserverward: FeelsWeirdMan Jaushel: @Kazeith banana? monkaS zebrasarasa: Doully92 elaHi ela12 REDNAMEGOD_: Asking normal people about stupid math concepts that have no meaning in the day to day LUL souldedeh: monkaW HCSbr: monkaW kaiju_boi: monkaW ?? Annonn140: i just got back home and it doesnt look like fallout to me elaHmm AmalThazad: I got a really dark joke can I make it ? Wheels82: monkaW ELVISH CURSE MatthewAntoniou97: ELVISH monkaW Doully92: @zebrasarasa ela12 Naniyo: monkaW what MalphasJD: Pythogura-san ? Vrookems: Math is for fucking nerds angryj0nes: PIPOGURAS TRAUS Lykouleon: monkaW SEN GOKU SATSU? HCSbr: Elvish math monkaW Heksyll: @Zero_Abyss elaKek CommanBear: yeah sure Ela CoolStoryBob MatthewAntoniou97: CURSED AGAIN monkaW Toplay92: IKEA Xaanax: monkaW Fearswe: And “sats” is also slang for male ejaculation xlRaptoe: Satz des Pythagoras DatSheffy Redshot001: Sats LUL Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz im testing your mathmatical intelliegnce 5Head RAIS_ROWE: monkaW madskulls: sup ela KankyTwist: pythogura-san domo ruuAYAYA Schorhard: almost like german “Satz des Pythagoras” Eizen_5: tell us one detective_columbo: Hi @Elajjaz! Hi chat! elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH Germy_ranch: @BroqRox I agree with that. I think it is the variety. You can actually roleplay a bit. Sekiro has the least replayability for sure. Peka1: forsenWC Kazeith: @jaushel fuck i forgot that there’s another one other than starfruit Skrocka: PYTHAGAROAS forsenO Schorhard: or howerer its spelled HCSbr: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch FeelsGoodMan Clap REDNAMEGOD_: @detective_columbo hello victim#1323 MalphasJD: detective_columbo pepeL Villhellm: @Fearswe now why would you tell that to this chat? PositiveHappyViewer: 5Head Da_Flanker: detective_columbo elaHYUG zebrasarasa: detective_columbo elaH rooHug lipgloss71: danHmm If you do not swallow, it is not homo. danHeh easyeasy: detective_columbo YOOOOOOOOOOOO ela12 / Knur_therealhog: cheater WutFace Jaushel: @Kazeith elaBruv Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz what does slut in swedish mean detective_columbo: REDNAMEGOD_ MalphasJD Da_Flanker zebrasarasa easyeasy elaCozy ela12 elaHYUG I love you people Pronixxx: Hello Elajjaz and Chat elaH How are you all? elaHi Doully92: D: SLyDeX53: stahp mukomo_: hmm pepe L in Russian is ash FeelsWeirdMan MitsuoK: big iron on his hip davestJam crashfort: D: easyeasy: Pronixxx allo allo elaOk / SLyDeX53: LULW MatthewAntoniou97: D: Call_me_Zeroo: D: angryj0nes: D: Kazeith: @jaushel i’m so Pepega elaBruv KankyTwist: D: Blood_Rooted: monkaTOS Zero_Abyss: D: souldedeh: D: BrbSauna: @lipgloss71 asking the real questions REDNAMEGOD_: SLOOOOOT yoyoyonathan: is it because of time you don’t go 99 vit here? Da_Flanker: LULW kaiju_boi: HotPokket Skrocka: LULW Knur_therealhog: @Pronixxx HeyGuys lindwormen: D: Mrtriggahigga: LULW Pronixxx: easyeasy ela7 HCSbr: What if you want to ask a slut to stop in swedish MatthewAntoniou97: WTF ELA D: SLyDeX53: slewd ? Kazeith: D: Fearswe: @Villhellm Because he said there were tons of dirty jokes about it. So you’d have to understand what “sats” means Lanshii: slut me ๐Ÿ™‚ SLyDeX53: ent? detective_columbo: LULW Ohem1: Conclusion would be the proper context MatthewAntoniou97: D: STOP Pronixxx: Knur_therealhog pepeL KankyTwist: why would you call me that PepeHands REDNAMEGOD_: LULW Doully92: LULW kaiju_boi: LULW PositiveHappyViewer: LULW neville_from_uganda: Slut ๐Ÿ™‚ Caput_Draconis: LULW Germy_ranch: HotPokket 1mpolar: LULW MaxiMHc: LULW Magilou_69: LULW Larg0s: LULW MalphasJD: elaD angryj0nes: LULW MatthewAntoniou97: LULW Rucent: EleGiggle Blood_Rooted: Slüt SLyDeX53: fakkin slewd mate 3Head Remedy020: monkaW Owari REDNAMEGOD_: This is the Slut of the stream Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz how do you say for fuck sake in swedish again, i remember felix used to say it Doully92: I prefer the term slag elaBruv Annonn140: OMEGALUL ultimafia318: what happened to Sarge? @Elajjaz DocSpibby: Think about how cool it probably was for Pythagoras when he figured that out. He probably checked it a dozen times, and was like, “No way!” I bet it felt good. REDNAMEGOD_: LOL HCSbr: monkaTOS SkyDC: hey ela and chat elaH DarkWingsAzrael: LULW Doully92: Wtf monkaTOS kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh REDNAMEGOD_: This fucking dono God Tier Peka1: LULW MalphasJD: PepeLaugh mynameisobserverward: monkaTOS easyeasy: detective_columbo my cat is in heat, send help PepeHands she woke me up at 7am elaREE Call_me_Zeroo: ????? ClaytonBigsbe: Jesus christ crashfort: atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW edgy Germy_ranch: monkaTOS Zero_Abyss: PepeLaughg 0_jacket_0: PepeLaugh SLyDeX53: monkaW 6Hikari: HYPERCLAP Rucent: monkaTOS Lanshii: FeelsWeirdMan Lukasbech: Pog PhysiCle: PepeLaugh Thatguy8795: wtf SnoozingDaily: LOOOOOOOOOOL MidgetDude110: PepeLaugh Komitern66: ????????? SmileFaction: OMEGALUL Rotato42: OMEGALUL Mrtriggahigga: monkaTOS Tlanxla: Tlanxla subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! :* Call_me_Zeroo: that’s a squadW van_tonder: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @tlanxla After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM 1mpolar: elaWeird Mixmashmaster: moknaW PNateBeta: lolololol REDNAMEGOD_: @crashfort atpCap MagnificentShadow: monkaTOS Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaTOS Kaljumies123: ???? monkaS Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh lindwormen: PepeLaugh monkaTOS Drachenreiter: WeirdChamp Blood_Rooted: PepeLaugh MalphasJD: SO HORRIBLE PepeLaugh chickenb00ty: NO Komitern66: monkaTOS nucetti: FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: Ela your donations the last few days FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz Peka1: monkaTOS Annonn140: PepeLaugh JonxKatsu: yikes elaWeird … S4turn: huh cheeze____: Pepega detective_columbo: easyeasy is chemical sterilisation possible still? Lukasbech: Giving women rights DansGame Killing babies Chag Never__Ever: depends on the color Vifslan87: Vifslan87 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! Managed back lever in olympic rings yesterday WrestlerBot2000: @vifslan87 Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM ohanami: ayyy lmao REDNAMEGOD_: wtf i never knew you could go down there Vismarck: elaWeird CommanBear: dont even comment that monkaW Germy_ranch: @Doully92 Agreed FeelsWeirdMan AmalThazad: Come on chat. A lil bit of dark humor never hurt someone elaWeird Dr_Jan_Itor: Hey Chat nrdyPrivet Hey Mr Elajjaz nrdyPrivet elaHYUG pepeL HCSbr: Imagine donating to say that FeelsWeirdMan KankyTwist: yikies elaWeird ilovetechies12: is that ali g? Kappa Annonn140: VaN AVE CAESAR Corpsy: elaWeird crashfort: @AmalThazad atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh atpShh Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz whnes the next meme stream friday MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor pepeL easyeasy: detective_columbo 4Shrug dunno Corpsy: yikes man come on neville_from_uganda: @Dr_Jan_Itor yoooo Eizen_5: what a sensetive chat PhysiCle: @Dr_Jan_Itor Helloooo pepeL easyeasy: Dr_Jan_Itor YOOOOOO ela12 / AmalThazad: FeelsWeirdMan Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD cootie AYAYALL pepeL SLyDeX53: why does beyonce sing “to the lefft to the left” cuz woman have no rights 4HEad @Elajjaz Vailo42: wgy do the snakes die when you reload? @Elajjaz MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor ysangFalala zebrasarasa: Dr_Jan_Itor elaHi rooHug kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz When I went to Denmark, I saw signs that said “Fart”, fart means Speed PepeLaugh Taskupikachu: Did you finish Fallout already ? Dr_Jan_Itor: neville_from_uganda ela12 / detective_columbo: easyeasy I’d look into it. I don’t think it would be cruel to do it, if anything it’s worse to leave it as is Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i made you a new song that you can use for meme stream friday Zero_Abyss: @SLyDeX53 PepeLaugh HCSbr: It’s time to slut chat ChocolateBarni: OMEGADOWN detective_columbo: easyeasy don’t think it’s that expensive either Dr_Jan_Itor: PhysiCle yoooo pepeL Lanshii: SLyDeX53 oofas FeelsWeirdMan Call_me_Zeroo: yeah Dr_Jan_Itor: easyeasy my dood elaOk SittingOx: @Elajjaz so would it be correct to say “My life is coming to a slut” ? SeemsGood Toplay92: max 120 Farts LULW jozuo: scrubs reference Pog MatthewAntoniou97: AMAZIN MalphasJD: @Elajjaz what does “little fart” means in swedish ? elaHmm Galer1ans: elaCozy Dr_Jan_Itor: zebrasarasa elaHi Doully92: So when Ela says slut later it means Anyways time? PepeHands Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz for your birthday you’ll get a listen ohms_law18: Are you a proffesional speedrunner? Kazeith: @elajjaz did you know? air means water in indonesia RegoleSlayer: gl Ela FrankerZ Fearswe: Chat, it’s not the Fart that kills you, it’s the smell elaOP easyeasy: detective_columbo thanks bruv for the info ela12 johninatorrr: meme stream friday this week Pog? cheeze____: Is this run going at a high fart then? Chag johninatorrr: Pog ? Vismarck: Meme stream Pog REDNAMEGOD_: @Fearswe why not both? PepeHands Toplay92: Fart Limit suicidewisp: slut station Doully92: PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands S4turn: time to disable TTS? MidgetDude110: PepeHands MalphasJD: PepeHands detective_columbo: easyeasy no worries, people who own cats are the best Yuggod: PepeHands MatthewAntoniou97: D: SkyDC: @call_me_zeroo memestream will never happen again tho elaYes Galer1ans: PepeHands Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz so when you called me a slut when i was at your aparment, you meant stop? zebrasarasa: PepeHands xlRaptoe: PepeHands Xaanax: PepeHands van_tonder: PepeHands johninatorrr: PepeHands Knur_therealhog: how about DS 3? Rucent: no meme stream WeirdChamp no widepeepoHappy WeirdChamp cheeze____: Postal 2 when Chag Skrocka: Slut Station gachiHYPER Doully92: PepeHands PepeHands Swedish_Expert: PepeHands xlRaptoe: PepeHands PepeHands zebrasarasa: PepeHands no… REDNAMEGOD_: PepeHands PositiveHappyViewer: PepeHands Zero_Abyss: PepeHands Enlok: PepeHands SaixSoul: PepeHands PhysiCle: PepeHands MatthewAntoniou97: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: PepeHands MalphasJD: PepeHands PepeHands X_e_v_a_n: PepeHands MidgetDude110: PepeHands PepeHands Kazeith: PepeHands skybeaverking: PepeHands JonxKatsu: lmao wtf elaKek WrestlerBot2000: 16x PepeHands double digit combo Pog Galer1ans: soulmarioHands SLyDeX53: PepeyHands xlRaptoe: 16 Pog AmalThazad: MARIAGE OMEGALUL illethor221: eating katsu curry atm elaOP PhysiCle: HA! You chuckled! CommanBear: chat WeirdChamp gelberpudding: Hey @Elajjaz is it gay when to men kiss? elaGa Doully92: Just get a wife 4Head Galer1ans: WOT!!! YOU CAN TOUCH THOSE AXES!!!! HCSbr: No Blood_Rooted: PepeHands Doully92: No DansGame illethor221: maybe Call_me_Zeroo: to you Da_Flanker: Yes Larg0s: no xlRaptoe: No DansGame UltraWindow: no JubJubWantRubRubs: nah AmalThazad: Nope. Kaspu: no Mrtriggahigga: no Skrocka: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Minn_Minn: no TheMoltenGuy: No ChaosLike: no MidgetDude110: yes Darth_Umbra: No MalphasJD: Depends 26camels: ye Omiyage2: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Aristotilis: no angryj0nes: never BulgeConnoisseur: To you detective_columbo: yes Tasarion: N OMEGALUL JackHow_: no thats a gay Lykouleon: Not again DansGame ohneBrot: no REDNAMEGOD_: I AINT FINNA SEAL MY FATE LUL atpGasm Knur_therealhog: No 1mpolar: no ๐Ÿ™‚ gelberpudding: elaBlush Duhrakos: Hell Yeah RockerLord: sure phenthom: hell no chick3nball: Aready am! MatthewAntoniou97: no “) Never__Ever: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ dan_sai: (puke) SammersFourTwenty: N OMEGALUL van_tonder: no ๐Ÿ™‚ GreenHencel: nah Bartulf: nah Lanshii: PepeHands Pronixxx: Perhaps Catflap_: no Akamaru1987: No BroqRox: I did once… Sozu_: heck no Lukasbech: Maybe Vallyen_: maybe zebrasarasa: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ hepha1: no Thatguy8795: sure PepeLaugh Eizen_5: seems trash Galer1ans: Probably Nope nb3Feels ohms_law18: Yes but no kids kaiju_boi: PepeHands no gf YinKuza: marriage is a scam easyeasy: nay ๐Ÿ™‚ twinsrhard: am married. 11 yrs Dr_Jan_Itor: sure why not MatthewAntoniou97: no ๐Ÿ™‚ SLyDeX53: just for taxes @Elajjaz SkyDC: to you gachiBASS Flashforward: gachiHYPER ONLY TO BILLY Zwajken: I can’t get married, I’m a 30 yo old boy REDNAMEGOD_: I AINT FINNA SEAL MY FATE KankyTwist: probably not MingLow Longknife: This guy plays like he’s a speedrunner or something Da_Flanker: If I find the right partner ohanami: no Azzapp: Only if you ask me azzaBanana malace_of_forethought: 37 years and counting absolut3z3ro: no Fearswe: Yes, but probably not in a churge detective_columbo: wow chat JonxKatsu: @illethor221 oh man that sounds good elaOP Kazeith: too young for that Skrocka: Forever alone PepeHands SiloWang: all women are sluts drain_gang: for tax benefits PepeLaugh AmalThazad: No kids, no mariage. Omiyage2: Why yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Oldburnzy: i cant GreenHencel: marrige is a trap BrbSauna: only if it was to you vrtOWO vrtOWO Larg0s: I don’t want cooties kaiju_boi: because HotPokket , PepeLaugh UltraWindow: i dont like anyone FeelsBadMan Duhrakos: Virgins cant get married Bartulf: not religious Villhellm: Already married ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz are you single baby? elaDM S4turn: yea im married Eizen_5: why yes absolutely_not_haram: Even if I got married I would still be a virgin prob gelberpudding: because its twitch chat LULW SammersFourTwenty: LULW im not a cuck MissDina: Already am Yuggod: take a guess PepeHands fixions: losing half my shit LULW tt_sina: Kappa daddywojo: Already am, but wouldn’t if had choice Call_me_Zeroo: because no one here had a girlfriend before angryj0nes: cause i’m not retard van_tonder: N OMEGALUL xlRaptoe: Why yes ๐Ÿ™‚ JackHow_: cause thats gay Xrveal: it’s a trap PokerDweebz: they’re obviously lying, lonely, and hate themselves LULW MitsuoK: f Call_me_Zeroo: including myself dan_sai: @Elajjaz Why yes? star_light: cause nobody wants me PepeHands Never__Ever: american marriage WeirdChamp MatthewAntoniou97: @Elajjaz Only if it’s you KappaPride REDNAMEGOD_: MARRY=FATE SEALED LUL illethor221: @JonxKatsu LULW Da_Flanker: Cause incels hate women chick3nball: Almost 2 years for me MalphasJD: @Elajjaz no cause no one will ever want to marry me PepeLaugh PepeHands ohms_law18: yes but kids is MEH Pronixxx: Who should i even marry? PepeHands HCSbr: Why be married if you can just live with your gf/bf Sozu_: waste of money suicidewisp: i gonna have 4 asian kpop idol wifes ๐Ÿ™‚ Flashforward: more downsides than upsides Vrookems: I didn’t hear the question, so yes. Lexikun: can live together without being married Toplay92: nothing import for me so … NO Exten13: no one would love me anyway pepeHands Doully92: @Elajjaz Don’t need a piece of paper to love someone FeelsWeirdMan JubJubWantRubRubs: im too selfish to have a girlfriend, it wouldnt be fair to her elaKek S4turn: dont recommend TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Because we’re not delusional enough to believe we’re ever gonna find someone who likes us LULW Remedy020: No loyalty LULW Galer1ans: Because i’m bad at comunication soulmarioHands cheeze____: because its twitch chat phenthom: why yes omg reflektioNCS: maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ SiloWang: women are sluts wywhait: being married is just a lifetime subscription to your best friend detective_columbo: i’m dreaming of getting married, tbh PepeHands Billyrino: MemeStream FeelsGoodMan sof006: Not sure, its expensive LUL VineWood0604: HotPokket QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Do you really think us losers would ever leave the house? LULW Knur_therealhog: cuz i dont want to fcked up some1’s life skybeaverking: Im already married to anime elaISee Catflap_: Not worth the hassel and doesn’t make you love each other anymore than no marriage @Elajjaz REDNAMEGOD_: Imagine liking women in 2019 KappaPride LUL ohneBrot: cause you can´t marry them all! right? Lukasbech: WeirdChamp 👉 HotPokket ohms_law18: Hipity Hopity women are property bububu2142: need a gf to get married PepeHands Mixmashmaster: Im afraid of comentmeint PepeHands Rhynin: most of these answers are…elaWeird Vismarck: Nothing will ever beat meme stream opening up with hobbits and Florida vod playing on loop PepeLaugh Vrookems: What was the question? babulescu546: cause they are gay @elajjaz Kazeith: 18 is still too young for that Jajalembang: all women are bad FeelsWeirdMan absolut3z3ro: @ohms_law18 omg HCSbr: MGTOWs don’t get married KKona kaiju_boi: @TheMoltenGuy too real PepeHands Blood_Rooted: how old is chat? BillyDiedForThis: FeelsBadMan iambigboi123: @elajjaz Minecraft stream when? gfhgggfjgg: women don’t even have penuses.. ohms_law18: ๐Ÿ˜€ MalphasJD: TheMoltenGuy I platonically like you elaHYUG RegoleSlayer: 12 GreenHencel: being married just makes it much harder if you suddenly don’t love eachother anymore as you have to bring in lawyers and bs f0xh0und86: being married is a lifetime night… i mean dream to your best friend Kappa MidgetDude110: @Elajjaz yes, but that requires someone who likes me, do you think anyone from chat has that LULW Yuggod: fear of binding myself, worry over financial situation, crippling fear of being betrayed, and memes elaOk Remedy020: 12 ๐Ÿ™‚ SkyDC: 13 TheMoltenGuy: @MalphasJD same elaHYUG Methodbad: I missed your AA runs SkyDC: ela13 CommanBear: only forever alone otakus on chat WeirdChamp REDNAMEGOD_: (DONT SEAL YOUR FATE!)>atpGasm ChaosLike: people seem to think that not wanting to get married means u hate woman? what? Longknife: WTF why no Iron Tarkus, this is his glory hour BibleThump JonxKatsu: @yuggod too real Fearswe: @Yuggod Majority of those can be solved with a prenup Sovietude: I dont want to lose half my shit zebrasarasa: ElaPls SLyDeX53: you only marry for less taxes 4HEad imnotm4rk: imnotm4rk subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! elaH rooComfy WrestlerBot2000: @imnotm4rk I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Jajalembang: at least i have anime ! AYAYA Toplay92: dude almost every married person i know in IRL says “DO NOT GET MARRIED” if thats not a sign i dont know LULW angryj0nes: Now we in the part that always fck Ela in this run MidgetDude110: chat is full of NEAT’s including me LULW AmalThazad: @CommanBear Not at all. I don’t like the concept of a typical family WeirdChamp Galer1ans: And what about you Ela? will you get married? detective_columbo: Toplay92 get new friends 4Shrug RegoleSlayer: there is a newer strat Ela, you can just roll into the fire from the bomb and toggle if you have full HP SammersFourTwenty: squadW Flashforward: KKona HCSbr: KKona ? Doully92: KKona Neat kaiju_boi: NEET not NEAT Sozu_: LUL Omiyage2: nepSmug Naniyo: elaSmile me GreenHencel: you’re neat fixions: PepeLaugh SiloWang: the only reason to get married is if you have kids JARRRNO: Chat LULW angryj0nes: NEET=Ela UltraWindow: No Education Experience Teen DolbyFire: NEET PepeLaugh Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz when’s next meme stream friday 😡 cheeze____: Neat KKool Da_Flanker: Not in educartion, employment or training Rucent: KKona neat REDNAMEGOD_: ELA DONT Ccl0ud: That’s pretty neat KKona f0xh0und86: amiloPika ionicsigger: Marry Me ๐Ÿ™‚ Skrocka: KKona Neat Knur_therealhog: KKona BulgeConnoisseur: Not in education, training etc GenuineLGN: imeagine not knowing what a NEET is PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: elaGa chat Vallyen_: Not in Employed or in EducaTion Fearswe: @Elajjaz Please, we’re already married Galer1ans: elaH Loruc: Thats pretty neat angryj0nes: Ela=NEET SkyDC: marry chat ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: UltraWindow elaKek cheeze____: Literally a boomer term RegoleSlayer: just roll into the fire and toggle SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz im getting the ring right now TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Not in Education, Employment or Training Omiyage2: nepSmug nymnCorn ela is a neet RegoleSlayer: then hit the warp f0xh0und86: caleb3Head Da_Flanker: Basicaly 90% chat CommanBear: AmalThazad that is the best concept Pog Galer1ans: Pog Namarax: NEET=not in education, employment or training Sozu_: Ela is a NEET OMEGLOL BrbSauna: @Fearswe read that at first as penispump and got confused as shit vrtKek vrtKek Exten13: i’m a neet PepeHands Bartulf: copout answer by ela Kappa skybeaverking: Not in education or employment elaISee Vallyen_: *without the first “in” MidgetDude110: yeah NEET , not NEAT LULW whoops detective_columbo: SLyDeX53 congrats! UltraWindow: no longer in my teens, but still a neet FeelsGoodMan Annonn140: im a neet ๐Ÿ™‚ AmalThazad: @CommanBear Each is own heh. SLyDeX53: @detective_columbo for ela ela13 REDNAMEGOD_: @UltraWindow #LifeGoals Galer1ans: W OMEGALUL W GenuineLGN: all of chat is on neet bux PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: not if you roll, you only take one tick TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training detective_columbo: SLyDeX53 new dad elaH dereft: any New Vegas today? HCSbr: I would marry chat, but that’s as far as I go Kazeith: @regoleslayer 5Head MalphasJD: @Elajjaz neet=Not in Education, Employment or Training Omiyage2: I wish I had neet bux PepeHands UltraWindow: the lack of experience i speak of is ofcourse sexual elaThirst i’ve had some work experience REDNAMEGOD_: so NEET=bum Longknife: Fire doesn’t kill you if you’re hotter than the fire, so the pro strat is to make your character a supermodel Doully92: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: LUL ChaosLike: elaKek Zero_Abyss: LUL JackHow_: pussy LULW angryj0nes: LULW ionicsigger: he doesnt know chat PepeLaugh SLyDeX53: @Elajjaz would you open up if i fly over and kneel before you with that ring ? 4HEad SiloWang: women don’t deserve to be married to me Kazeith: @hcsbr 3k people aren’t that many PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: Pussy quitout PepeLaugh Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh 👉 🍑 Galer1ans: gachiHYPER Is hi the wife? abyy: Hey ElaatpRtsd graedon: incoming god drop rate ruining pb LUL MalphasJD: ela12 gelberpudding: @N0TE_P4D same FeelsGoodMan Da_Flanker: ela12 ClaytonBigsbe: @cusseh It’s true. I’m 30 PepeHands iwannagmymom: no more drops PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: ela12 bubblegumisblue: ela12 PokerDweebz: I’m 27. Been married for 5 years. Together for 11. Might as well be dead troublematicc: BBoomer Fullmetalcheese: ela13 ニューハーフ: i am 26 and my life pretty much over PepeHands Jaushel: ela13 NNayio: !12 SiloWang: 62 here ๐Ÿ™‚ hepha1: Duuude ela12 WrestlerBot2000: ✌ ela12 ✌ kaiju_boi: ZZoomer BBoomer JubJubWantRubRubs: im 35 elaKek FUCKING WHIPPERSNAPPERS elaREE ShavedManInABoat: Ela has brittle bones now LilacLeaf: How’s the midlife crisis going? Galer1ans: At 75 you will seem like 40 elaOk Zero_Abyss: ela13 uncledickbutt: I’m 3 and I’m having a mid life crisis PepeUff tito3211: Im 36 BibleThump Galer1ans: Pog Vivelin: JA Pog NNayio: Chag detective_columbo: PokerDweebz happy for you! meltingnt: Pog QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: PogU Fullmetalcheese: Champ Ryoken9: Pog wyatt123x: Pog Skrocka: Champ Villhellm: Fast drops here means slow drops somewhere else. It is known. Doully92: Champ Oh shit Mi2Lethal: how do you do fellow kids? MalphasJD: Chag kaiju_boi: Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog vihainenkampela: Pog ! SaixSoul: PogU angryj0nes: NICE 1mpolar: Pog crashfort: AYAYA gelberpudding: YOOO Pog Galer1ans: OMG MaxiMHc: WTF Pog easyeasy: Chag Jaushel: Pog Zeuthos: Pog hepha1: JA PogU JubJubWantRubRubs: PogU Zero_Abyss: Pog Kananmuna1: Pog Alexmackzie: POG iLostToLife: Pog Mrtriggahigga: Champ ZonaGeeWon: Pog chick3nball: Pog! NIGHTMAR3sx: Im 23 :* ChaosLike: PokerDweebz yikes dude PositiveHappyViewer: PogYou SammersFourTwenty: PogU WetMajestic: POG Longknife: PRO wandering_pleb: Champ Elactoz: Pog wyatt123x: Clap !!! Motek: Pog Virhaed: Pog Life796: Chag SmileFaction: Pog Omiyage2: PogU Knat0601: PogU Kjorthar: jinxed Staudi99: teh urn! y_u_dodiz: elaGa JOAAAH Never__Ever: POGGERS AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS REMUSXXXL: Chag Corsad: Rigged LUL RegoleSlayer: FrankerZ Tasarion: Chag MidgetDude110: @Elajjaz at best you have 3 quarters of your life left elaKek starfoex: I WAS HERE Pog SnuggleTheHuggle: Pog Leeegit: WTF OMG Pog Akytami: PogU angryj0nes: WR PACE MartinVP: YOOO Pog Lindegrene: Chag skybeaverking: Shut up grandpa ๐Ÿ™‚ Koubasan: JO’ Larsn2k: WR PACE PogChamp kaiju_boi: DONT FUCK UP NOW LULW bubblegumisblue: YASSS OrbitalSloth: he said it!!! greychertz_tyo: im 30 ela its game over vihainenkampela: actual god rng sof006: I’m 24 FeelsGoodMan wevie1: elaK Flashforward: what is the WR? Naniyo: Chag INSANE PACE AnubisYE: TRIDENT PepeLaugh sir_art_alot: Pog starfoex: Pog Pog Pog hepha1: HEJA HEJA ElaPls Ryoken9: THE URN PogU Never__Ever: Pog NNayio: WR PACE! Champ Jaushel: I WAS HERE Pog Secretberzerker: God Run Pog garbageman520: DAMN drain_gang: WTF PogU SaixSoul: I N S A N E PogU Fullmetalcheese: Chag WHO IS THIS GUY Secklolzzz: Trident PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: Champ WR ohanami: POg MalphasJD: GOD TRIDENT INCOMMING I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES ELA Chag ClaytonBigsbe: Ela forgot to turn cheat engine off Vailo42: recjy pace? bubblegumisblue: WR BABY REDNAMEGOD_: I WAS HERE garbageman520: DONT CHOKE Pog puffin_123: hi utube iceicex: PepeLaugh 💨 Alexmackzie: dont fuck it up monkaS doncallisto: GET THE RECKY NOW Pog ohanami: Pog y_u_dodiz: elaK This elaK Is elaK The elaK Run elaK starfoex: WR Pog Zero_Abyss: 1 hour trident farm PepeLaugh REDNAMEGOD_: I WAS HERE FOR THIS WR Ccl0ud: Glod inc Pog AnubisYE: PepeLaugh TRIDENT PepeLaugh Galer1ans: You won’t get old saving that time Pog TheMoltenGuy: I’m 19 and already have a job ElaCOOL Peka1: I WAS HERE PogU Flashforward: what is the WR?? Wuxia: PepeLaugh 👉 master gelberpudding: More time to waste on other video games PogChamp angryj0nes: I WAS HERE Pog Clap Vendetta1v: Aaaand jinxed kupo13: 1st cycle trident tooo overloadanxiety: elaCozy BarghestFenrir_: Now +1HOUR for Trident LULW WrestlerBot2000: “It’s nice to be weird.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 93 Mrtriggahigga: I N S A N E Chag LindAkito: TRIDENT TIME PepeLaugh starfoex: WR Champ NNayio: AYAYA Untimelyfate: stripHey Doully92: elaYA OrangeJuiceNut: @Elajjaz is this the remaster? Motek: WR PACE ?!?!? PappiEric: @Elajjaz what ius all achievement speed run? BillyDiedForThis: Chag MidgetDude110: CHEAT ENGINE elaKek kaiju_boi: AYAYA LAKKI vihainenkampela: inb4 god trident Bananasplitta: zubD HCSbr: AYAYA Akytami: LAKKI AYAYA O________________________: AYAYA NNayio: elaYA Clap ZavaracLojzo: Pog Blood_Rooted: @Elajjaz whoah don’t overexcite yourself grandpa, you’ll wet the diapers iceicex: elaYA hepha1: Some how Ela will throw this OMEGALUL Tvinx: AYAYA cheeze____: no way Pog eyskyaldi: And lose much more in trident LuL ChaosLike: elaYA wyatt123x: LAKKI AYAYA Clap REDNAMEGOD_: @MidgetDude110 atpRtsd meltingnt: AYAYA angryj0nes: LAKKY AYAYA HYPERCLAP Leeegit: AYAYA overloadanxiety: ela13 ela13 ela13 ela13 BillyDiedForThis: Champ nymnCorn One_Eyed_Maestro: ✋ elaWeird weebs halt Galer1ans: Lakky Pog gfhgggfjgg: halo future historians danBruh MidgetDude110: @Elajjaz DeepThroat Trident ? elaKek wevie1: positive energy FeelsGoodMan Clap w1lly86: Impossible to beat split. Valinore: Trident PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh 👉 trident SLCpriest: So, why don’t you farm a mimic for Symbol of Avarice, since you need it anyway? BaileyMs: PogU HCSbr: I miss Tekken tbh Fullmetalcheese: Chag nymnCorn Vivelin: Just get stone shield fast 4Head eyskyaldi: Fast PepeLaugh LindAkito: Used all luck here, 0% trident inc PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: S T OMEGALUL N E S H I E L D Ccl0ud: Not even glod elaKek CommanBear: CARRIED BY CHAT FeelsWeirdMan WeirdChamp Ryoken9: @Elajjaz u have to go full anime on the trident bruh Galer1ans: Pog nymnCorn ChaosLike: elaKek ERRORCODES: @Elajjaz Im 32, watching this from the old folks home, my grandchildren is explaining whats happening on screen. FeelsBadMan Nithina: Nithina subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! WrestlerBot2000: @nithina You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM SiloWang: RNG speedruns NotLikeThis MidgetDude110: SHIELD and TRIDENT elaKek RegoleSlayer: didn’t even have to deepthroat anything for that segment Arahnell: Stone Shield and then Trident FeelsBadMan Landfer: no Oi?! Doully92: @ERRORCODES BBoomer Longknife: But Big Boi Hammer BibleThump Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz is it possible to get the shield and a weapon in the same drop? itorT Jaushel: ElaPls RNG PlsEla angryj0nes: haaaa MagnificentShadow: PepeLaugh :point_right; TRIDENT Ccl0ud: ERRORCODES monkaW Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @Nithina Captain_PogChamp: 21 TriHard kaiju_boi: 3Head Doully92: elaBruv y_u_dodiz: elaBruv HCSbr: 3Head illuminatikk: 3Head BearackObama: 3Head Kananmuna1: 3Head MatthewAntoniou97: 3Head angryj0nes: 3Head Dr_Jan_Itor: elaBruv MalphasJD: elaBruv ohms_law18: where are you from Jaushel: elaBruv PositiveHappyViewer: 3Head OI bruv REMUSXXXL: 3Head bubblegumisblue: come on m8 Galer1ans: 3Head Wuxia: deepthroat the mic for max luck just to be sure ela PepeS BearackObama: 3Head Clap Koubasan: That accent tho iLostToLife: PepeLaugh 30 mins Trident farm incoming wandering_pleb: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv Ccl0ud: ERRORCODES Atleast you are not a wizard AYAYA MalphasJD: might ? Vendetta1v: Wat ghyzmow: ANELE Zeuthos: SKÅL Longknife: Sweatia MatthewAntoniou97: monkaW Doully92: Any lads fancy Spoons or Nandos? 3Head Dr_Jan_Itor: cmonBrother Vivelin: Sverige Muleposen: Swedaaann QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: SVÄDÄ Lukasbech: skål sveden kaiju_boi: School Dracconfoo: SKÅL ItsCoxy: OI BRUVS 3Head Valinore: Skål 🍺 Agaomen: From IKEA-LAND? Pog Redshot001: Ikea osv Autumn_Flare: Another Swedish streamer FeelsWeirdMan BearackObama: RaregachiGASM Clap By all that is holy RaregachiGASM Clap And all that is Crass RaregachiGASM Clap I summon NERDY RaregachiGASM Clap to SPANK RaregachiGASM Clap MY RaregachiGASM Clap ASS RaregachiGASM Clap purple_flavor: SKÅL Galer1ans: Pog Scrince: För Fosterlandet! Arilli: @Doully92 Cheeky Nando’s bwuv? 3Head BearackObama: SPANK ME 😡 Longknife: COVENANT UNLOCKED y_u_dodiz: Jebaited absolut3z3ro: it’s wednesday my dudes BearackObama: PepeHands Swedish_Expert: PepeLaugh Nox15: LULW BearackObama: I need to be spanked PepeHands Galer1ans: BlessRNG Doully92: @Arilli 3Head skybeaverking: Is there anything you dislike about sweden ? TheLunetta: jan elaH kaiju_boi: you wont PepeLaugh SaixSoul: Pog MalphasJD: Nope PepeLaugh Kazeith: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG iLostToLife: PepeLaugh No ZavaracLojzo: BlessRNG AnubisYE: PepeLaugh TRIDENT PepeLaugh Lanshii: gachiHYPER for luck Longknife: No now the curse starts ZonaGeeWon: monkaS Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: BlessRNG tito3211: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh nymnCorn BearackObama: HandsUp SaixSoul: BlessRNG so_mald_so_bald: no ๐Ÿ™‚ y_u_dodiz: @BearackObama swiftHand KAPOW elaGasm Valinore: incoming PepeLaugh twinsrhard: how was the last split not gold? Chess_462: Chess_462 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 38 months! FUCK ME UP REAL GOOD BOI billyReady Ryoken9: PepeLaugh Jaushel: PLS WrestlerBot2000: @chess_462 After 38 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Wuxia: PepeLaugh Yuggod: BlessRNG bubblegumisblue: Gimme that stone Staudi99: Staudi99 subscribed at Tier 1. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @staudi99 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Arahnell: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Dr_Jan_Itor: Luna nrdyPrivet BillyDiedForThis: Champ nymnCorn YES Doully92: BlessRNG SiloWang: AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride ニューハーフ: kill all guardians then ItsCoxy: First try 0 deaths angryj0nes: BlessRNG ニューハーフ: please kaiju_boi: Champ ??? Wuxia: here it comes PepeLaugh kilgrim1991: BlessRNG BlessRNG Skrocka: PepeLaugh Mestesso97: @bearackobama God Tier pasta Pog BearackObama: y_u_dodiz thank you sir RaregachiGASM ohms_law18: what is that weapon just one shots everythign hoobagirl: what magic is this?? that’s crazy! Alexmackzie: monkaS kayz2000: BlessRNG mistlord: monkaS y_u_dodiz: @BearackObama RaregachiGASM Kananmuna1: 🦀 SHIELD IS GONE 🦀 SaixSoul: lobosKek crashfort: lobosReset Kaljumies123: mic to the throat required Elajjaz BearackObama: Mestesso97 Champ Doully92: PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: PepeHands Arahnell: PepeHands Run ruined sirbad: PepeLaugh skybeaverking: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh DolbyFire: PepeLaugh iLostToLife: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @Chess_462 @Staudi99 soulmarioPOGGERS Lanshii: this is the end FeelsBadMan kaiju_boi: if PepeLaugh neville_from_uganda: Who said Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch a few minutes ago? Can’t get the tune outta my head elaMad eyskyaldi: PepeLaugh Wuxia: PepeLaugh wr Ryoken9: IF PepeLaugh so_mald_so_bald: so it begins PepeLaugh ChaosLike: ITS OVER PepeHands dastyscorner: Deepthroat mic for luck @Elajjaz rami730: AngelThump N0TE_P4D: Fake hope FeelsBadMan Skrocka: And the next PepeLaugh And the next Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Oh no no no bubblegumisblue: Not great but not terrible Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh 💨 Valinore: just reset tbh FeelsBadMan Longknife: WATCH OUT BRO ITS A BUG Galer1ans: TaBeRu Fullmetalcheese: AngelThump drain_gang: PepeLaugh 👉 🛡️ y_u_dodiz: AngelThump BillyDiedForThis: angelo__ iLostToLife: 5 swords before shield PepeLaugh Wuxia: PepeLaugh 💨 3 days later Peka1: AngelThump cheeze____: monkaW DuoLancer: monkaW MalphasJD: neville_from_uganda Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch FeelsGoodMan Clap Kananmuna1: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch FeelsGoodMan Clap y_u_dodiz: PepeHands Poor schmetterling Galer1ans: BlessRNG Let’s pray chat ohms_law18: What is that weapon kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Doully92: billyReady BaileyMs: billyReady ChaosLike: billyReady MalphasJD: gachiBASS vihainenkampela: gachiBASS jusapoika: gachiBASS angryj0nes: gachiBASS Lanshii: gachiBASS Vivelin: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER DolbyFire: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch FeelsGoodMan Clap kaiju_boi: billyReady IKEALUL PositiveHappyViewer: billyReady Doully92: gachiHYPER Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER YES Arahnell: gachiGASM Omiyage2: gachiBASS y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER easyeasy: gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: gachiVICTORY AlexAnderman1994: gachiBASS BillyDiedForThis: billyReady Magilou_69: gachiBASS overloadanxiety: Rip butterfree elaWeird BearackObama: gachiBASS YES SIR SaixSoul: gachiHYPER Galer1ans: billyReady detective_columbo: YES gachiOnFIRE SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaS the what now Staudi99: @Elajjaz my staudiwarcraft account can’t login anymore -_- wyatt123x: elaDM elaDM neville_from_uganda: @MalphasJD elaFeels elaFeels vihainenkampela: thundercock gachiHYPER ohms_law18: what is that weapon SpireFacts: So just be careful what you wish foooor ’cause you just might get, and if you get it… Cloudberryfox: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP Chess_462: billyReady I’M READY Kazeith: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Wuxia: PepeLaugh pray you mean laugh at him ChaosLike: CMON MAN HandsUp CMON MAN HandsUp CMON MAN HandsUp CMON MAN HandsUp CMON MAN HandsUp Skrocka: SWEDISH WRAP gachiBOP Astrotello: no swearing on this stream Jaushel: PepeLaugh 💦 sirbad: PepeLaugh Shordes: Hey Ela, hey chat FeelsGoodMan skybeaverking: PepeLaugh run Rakydae: whats the drop rate on the shield? like 10%? Doully92: Champ TheMoltenGuy: Chag Fullmetalcheese: Chag Skrocka: Champ Lanshii: Pog Vivelin: Chag Galer1ans: Pog 1mpolar: Pog so_mald_so_bald: PogU PositiveHappyViewer: Champ meltingnt: Pog Ryoken9: Pog Shordes: Pog ZavaracLojzo: Pog Never__Ever: Pog jacoblyth: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog ! Zeuthos: Pog Arahnell: Pog BaileyMs: PogU Hexarift: Chag kaiju_boi: Champ WR Dracconfoo: Pog Kananmuna1: Chag Autumn_Flare: Pog MalphasJD: Chag Jaushel: Pog Pog iLostToLife: Pog ChaosLike: Pog SaixSoul: PogU AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS MarfMeff: Pog wyatt123x: Pog Clap Perry_The_Agent: Pog Omiyage2: PogU sir_art_alot: Pog Nox15: Pog Blood_Rooted: gachiBASS SmileFaction: Pog Peka1: Pog eyskyaldi: Pog angryj0nes: YES BlessRNG BearackObama: Champ Virhaed: Chag beararoll: yyyyyyy Elactoz: OH MY GOD Pog Wuxia: PogChamp Da_Flanker: Hey Shordes VineWood0604: Chag drain_gang: PogU Zero_Abyss: Pog jusapoika: Champ Ryoken9: THE URN PogU Staudi99: PogChamp garbageman520: no way Dastyn_: Pog Secklolzzz: Trident PepeLaugh starfoex: WR Champ sirbad: Champ kaiju_boi: TRIDENT OMEGALUL Exten13: INSANE ItsCoxy: I WAS HERE DuoLancer: 1RD TRY Pog BillyDiedForThis: Champ nymnCorn YES Vailo42: the dream run? Ph4ntomi: Pog Tasarion: Chag BaileyMs: Chag Arahnell: GOD GAMER RIGHT HERE BOYS Pog Chess_462: Pog Fullmetalcheese: elaGasm MalphasJD: @Elajjaz MASTERR IS SHAKING Chag angryj0nes: I WAS HERE Pog Clap Ccl0ud: I was here POGGERS Abhraxaz: Pog Clap ZavaracLojzo: GOD RUN Pog SamuraiEdgeplay: Pog Trident here we come ChaosLike: I WAS HERE Pog bubblegumisblue: @shordes henlo elaH ionicsigger: i was here too Wuxia: i am not laughing anymore Pog kaiju_boi: Pog Shordes: @Elajjaz I came into the stream and you got the shield Chag I’m the good luck charm RSalata: I WAS HERE Pog neville_from_uganda: @Shordes It dropped the second you came elaWOW elaWOW shikifujin16: whats up chat and ela OrbitalSloth: you have a droprate mod right? Zeuthos: PogU so_mald_so_bald: the wr PogU Galer1ans: Black smith told you! Don’t get yourself killed now elaMad elaPlan Villhellm: Your cheat engine is showing elaYes Geralt_of_Syria: THE G PogU D R U N Minn_Minn: @Elajjaz is this your first run? shikifujin16: elaHi elaHi ionicsigger: I WAS LITERALY HERE TOO PogU Jaushel: WHO IS THIS MAN PogU MartinVP: he’s gonna die to Sif PepeLaugh BillyDiedForThis: Champ nymnCorn I MADE THIS RUN MaxiMHc: reliable setup worked Pog Corsad: Rigged Run Pog ergivanc: i am here Makcnm2112: Pog booset_: is this the god urn? elaGa annonymK: hi youtube Pog Lanshii: OrbitalSloth no mods allowed NIGHTMAR3sx: Im aroused for some reason kaiju_boi: BBoomer Doully92: @Shordes He got the silver knight drops in one run Champ BrbSauna: i was gonna go take a nap but i guess cant then vrtSus vrtSus vrtSus vrtSus Zero_Abyss: I was here Pog Shordes: Da_Flanker pepeL bubblegumisblue elaH neville_from_uganda ๐Ÿ˜€ Muleposen: Poogers sorynache: i was here Pog marosh__: @Elajjaz That’s why we bullied you the last few days. Now you’re blessed with RNG Pog Shordes: @Doully92 insane Chag Dusty_Degenerate: PogU You were here blackbird8910: why take dammage Galer1ans: It’s awesome UltraWindow: thats weird WeirdChamp ChaosLike: FeelsGoodMan Shordes: it’s great TheMoltenGuy: 6K HOURS LULW Drachenreiter: ela12 y_u_dodiz: WeirdChamp Yep bubblegumisblue: Only 100k hours Minn_Minn: yeah that IS crazy RegoleSlayer: you can speedrun this game forever and not get bored so_mald_so_bald: great game ๐Ÿ™‚ Kananmuna1: 5k H OMEGALUL URS angryj0nes: Now only Trident is in your way Ela BaileyMs: BBoomer back in my day Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp Annonn140: Mr Dark Souls Pog vihainenkampela: resurrection by erection gachiBASS shikifujin16: will you ever do a blood bourne run ela Ccl0ud: @Elajjaz You are elaWeird LitPord: YOOOOOOOOOOOO any bruvs in chat 3Head ? Larsn2k: 9k hours later ItsCoxy: i preffer minecraft ๐Ÿ™‚ Doully92: 10k PepeLaugh SamuraiEdgeplay: PogU the value Skrocka: HYDRA HandsUp N0TE_P4D: Having fun PepeHands kaiju_boi: 10K hours OMEGALUL BearackObama: FeelsWeirdMan gelberpudding: elaK Leo_Fara: ela12 ChocolateBarni: 6 years Pog Galer1ans: @blackbird8910 it gives him more dmg haueryou26: Remember when you played Seikero k_dove85: 6 years of enjoyment is just a testament to how good the game is. Da_Flanker: Nothing wrong with that cheeze____: wtf is this run monkaX Fullmetalcheese: HandsUp Jaushel: @LitPord oi mate elaBruv wyatt123x: monkaS dxbexn: pro gamer Streamleen: That’s some dedication. AnubisYE: @Elajjaz will you ever do casual run again? bowlofBran: HandsUp wandering_pleb: IKEALUL SnoozingDaily: ive played oldschool runescape for 13 years and still enjoy it to this day y_u_dodiz: PepeLaugh MalphasJD: You enjoy it cause you often take breaks from it @Elajjaz it helps SeemsGood Larsn2k: IKEALUL Kananmuna1: IKEALUL Raideress: Try playing NV for like 10 years and still enjoy it Galer1ans: LUL ChaosLike: IKEALUL LitPord: @Jaushel my man 3Head elaBruv V1PMONKEY: IKEALUL aim BrbSauna: ikea sniper OMEGALUL Skrocka: KRYPSKYTT forsenT Ryoken9: RIP RUN PepeHands Flashforward: PepeLaugh DIDN’T USE V.A.T.S. FlameGodFlann: not Shrewd Zeuthos: IKEALUL QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: IKEA AIM pepoAim N0TE_P4D: Not good, Not terrible ItsCoxy: was waiting for the 360 PepeHands Rucent: IKEALUL shikifujin16: chocotPpb annonymK: svensk sniper IKEALWL Galer1ans: V.A.T.S LUL Streamleen: I used to play Diablo 2 for many years. blake_david: Putting my bet on the god trident, ban me if wrong @elajjaz kaiju_boi: This is what happens when you rely on VATS PepeLaugh ergivanc: @elajjaz do you still remember your first time playing ds1 BaileyMs: PepeHands ionicsigger: i played league 7 years , its dogsht game but im addicted Autumn_Flare: FeelsBadMan wandering_pleb: not carried by raul and ed-e in this game PepeLaugh beararoll: tiddies Lanshii: alzheimers FeelsBadMan Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: True so_mald_so_bald: just quit 4HEad detective_columbo: anybody in chat plays on mahjong soul? Fullmetalcheese: L OMEGADOWN L Longknife: The first step is admitting it Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh he is aware kaiju_boi: TRUE LULW Galer1ans: With friends can be funny League elaOk xsebbi: true Skrocka: Addicted to League PepeHands I feel you man LittleBluMan: Trident PepeLaugh ItsCoxy: @ionicsigger welcome to the club star_light: same, but it’s been 9 years PepeHands League is so trash Ryoken9: L OMEGALUL L GenuineLGN: thats the true plight of playing lol NeighbourHood__: is this ach run possible with remastered? V1PMONKEY: @ionicsigger had the same problem with wow but they screwed up so hard i got away from it FeelsGoodMan Misterjonne: usually dogshit games are the ones that you get addicted to Shordes: @ionicsigger I played Dota 2 for 2 years and thankfully quit that shit early. It’s horrible for mental health, dota and league 2sp00ky: just play dota instead 4Head wandering_pleb: L OMEGLOL L skybeaverking: I love league Larg0s: I don’t mind league I find it fun 4Shrug Peka1: D OMEGALUL T A TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz You better eat the microphone on first Trident run to get it instantly Kapp SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW this makes me want to fire up AdventureQuest for some reason Blood_Rooted: just do drugs 4Head kaiju_boi: Play Artifact GabeN angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT NeighbourHood__: why is that? RegoleSlayer: Remaster AA OMEGALUL marcus_ql: why is it bad on remastered? MalphasJD: V1PMONKEY don’t let classic drag you back monkaW lassebooi: so what’s the goal for today? 2 hours and 30 minutes?! Kappa Knur_therealhog: cuz of no bugs? Landfer: Good ol’ 30 FPS Longknife: If thou art Zeuthos: ok ๐Ÿ™‚ 92Karlzone: Hello chat and @elajjaz ela7 elaHi QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: lol is unbalanced af RegoleSlayer: no duping ItsCoxy: @SamuraiEdgeplay that game OMEGALUL Lukasbech: @Blood_Rooted can i buy some?elaBruv aw_l: GabeN 👉 💳 ❗ Kappenzi: league’s first seasons were tons of fun until they made it snorefest Shordes: @marcus_ql some glitches are harder and some glitches don’t work Valinore: ITAWA AYAYA RegoleSlayer: makes the run shitty Larg0s: @SamuraiEdgeplay Pog i’m gonna go check out my adventurequest account right now Galer1ans: @92Karlzone elaH Skrocka: So is it almost impossible to get Dark souls PTE nowdays? Drunkndragon: addicted to wow raiding PepeHands puffin_123: do drugs live on stream Kappa V1PMONKEY: @MalphasJD i am so tempted monkaS don’t think i can resist Vivelin: gachiBASS Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS Vendetta1v: gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: gachiBASS so_mald_so_bald: gachiHYPER Zeret: gachiBASS Doully92: gachiHYPER Kananmuna1: RaregachiGASM BearackObama: gachiBASS Clap PositiveHappyViewer: GabeN triP2W absolut3z3ro: Yikes Galer1ans: BlessRNG aw_l: gachiBASS Febox: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: gachiBASS ShivaQQ: gachiBASS Zeuthos: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: gachiBASS y_u_dodiz: elaYes BearackObama: HandsUp NeighbourHood__: havent played remastered, but whats so bad about that one? kaiju_boi: Pog gachiBASS Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER MarfMeff: Pog PappiEric: gachiBASS Jetu_: sha77eKomrade Bestorio: gachiBASS YES Misterjonne: Kappenzi league beta was epic good times Galer1ans: elaYes BearackObama: gachiGASM Omiyage2: gachiHYPER YE 92Karlzone: elaGasm Staudi99: consistent knight MalphasJD: V1PMONKEY resist monkaGun Shinji10TH: @Shordes That’s like your own experience, not what happens to everyone RegoleSlayer: not impossible but it’s not for sale on steam @Skrocka Chess_462: gachiBASS so_mald_so_bald: KKonaW wyatt123x: monkaW TheMoltenGuy: LULW KeepLeap: Ela is a M PositiveHappyViewer: KKona GenuineLGN: LULW Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp y_u_dodiz: OMEGADOWN kaiju_boi: KKona badenergytroll: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LitPord: LULW BearackObama: KKona 1mpolar: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Febox: KKool Blood_Rooted: @Lukasbech not from me, I’m clean Kappa Kananmuna1: KKona TRUE SLCpriest: @Elajjaz So did Sekiro die as a speed game in general, or did you get tired of it? vihainenkampela: KKona DAMN RIGHT Vrookems: kill the babies Gulega: elaYEEHAW dxbexn: LULW Lovaszb: What changed in remastered ? V1PMONKEY: @MalphasJD i will try sir ela7 hepha1: ????????? BearackObama: KKona DAMN RIGHT ItsCoxy: KKool BillyDiedForThis: KKona SamuraiEdgeplay: @Larg0s that dang thing is still around! Same janky sounds PepeHands I kinda miss it Doully92: elaHAA iamsparta231: LULW Vendetta1v: KKool YEEHAW QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: RatCat Doully92: D: Shordes: @Shinji10TH find me someone that plays a MOBA that doesn’t hate it but still plays OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: D: Deid_: KKona RegoleSlayer: no duping Lovaszb 1mpolar: elaD detective_columbo: D: ThunderZBee: Didnt say no? Lost time? Eldritchness: D: Lukasbech: @Blood_Rooted oh, me too Kapp troublematicc: BabyRage MalphasJD: elaD Kananmuna1: D: Geralt_of_Syria: elaD wandering_pleb: elaD elaD elaD mikeabc123: D: Wuxia: @NeighbourHood__ you cant dupe stuff wyatt123x: elaHAA elaHAA aw_l: 💍 CoolCat Cullas: Cullas subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @cullas You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Skrocka: @RegoleSlayer I feel a little more special now FeelsPepoMan Longknife: SHIVA OF THE EAST Astrotello: @NeighbourHood__ they just removed a lot of bugs that make this a feasible run. like you can’t do the consumable dupe or the item dupe for covenant items overloadanxiety: elaHi Ccl0ud: Staying inside and playing videogames is waste of life elaSmile y_u_dodiz: Chüllaz Longknife: MORE LIKE SHIVA THE DECEASED RegoleSlayer: FeelsPepoMan Skrocka: KNULLAS gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: @Lukasbech monkaTOS Clap Lovaszb: @RegoleSlayer thanks thanks, i never abused that one ShivaQQ: speak to me? PogU Larg0s: @SamuraiEdgeplay last played 244 days ago PepeLaugh Doully92: Champ Cerilysm: I play Anime Mobile Games AYAYA annonymK: Pog kaiju_boi: Pog insane Shordes: Chag Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @Cullas POGGERS y_u_dodiz: elaYes Insane Never__Ever: Pog NeighbourHood__: ahhh like that so it takes too long ThunderZBee: PogU dxbexn: Pog Zeuthos: Pog so_mald_so_bald: insane PogU Leo_Fara: I N S A N E BearackObama: ZULOL insane SamuraiEdgeplay: @Larg0s LULW omg ChocolateBarni: WR pace Champ 92Karlzone: elaPlan elaCozy MalphasJD: Astrotello you can consumable dupe in remaster but it’s a pain in the ass to do Omiyage2: @Cerilysm AYAYA me too Shinji10TH: @Shordes I play LoL for 8 years, and I never hated it Skrocka: Sif PepeHands kaiju_boi: OMEGALUL Etergamer: insane in the membrane Galer1ans: elaYes BearackObama: enable ZULOL 😡 Doully92: PepeLaugh RegoleSlayer: duping makes the run faster and a LOT safer Lovaszb Lanshii: Ccl0ud can’t waste life if you don’t have one in the first place FeelsGoodMan annonymK: rip dogo PepeHands Muleposen: Zap Skrocka: Insane in the brain pepeJAM Ac7_: sadness is right around the corner PepeHands Astrotello: @MalphasJD well yes but it’s frame perfect ItsCoxy: *insanity intensifes* aw_l: ConcernDoge Soba_Mask: ZULUL Galer1ans: Noooo i always hated this fight PepeHands WhatSeekethThee: Hi guys elaHAA Ccl0ud: @Elajjaz Why don’t we have INSANE emote elaHmm so_mald_so_bald: PepeHands Daerth_: PepeHands sirbad: PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands Rokjaw: PepeHands y_u_dodiz: PepeHands MarfMeff: PepeHands Zeuthos: PepeHands V1PMONKEY: @Galer1ans because you have to kill doggo? Bestorio: PepeHands DuoLancer: OhMyDog Hellz_Alien: senpH Skrocka: WTF PepeHands Peka1: PepeHands PETA Eldritchness: enbSif MalphasJD: Doggy PepeHands kazooie108: rip sif dxbexn: PepeHands Galer1ans: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PepeHands 1mpolar: PepeHands PositiveHappyViewer: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Kenzil09: PepeHands Omiyage2: PepeHands annonymK: PepeHands ItsCoxy: u monster PepeHands MasterMalpercio: rescCry Blood_Rooted: rekt ThunderZBee: World Record Pog wandering_pleb: FeelsBadMan Longknife: You killed the puppy BibleThump paperblanket: lol Lukasbech: Wowee PepeHands ChiffonKek: PepeHands BillyDiedForThis: PepeHands Wowee neville_from_uganda: masterr already scared for his rekky elaThirst Wuxia: die mutt minmodAwa JammyDrury: 1/3 PepeHands Galer1ans: @V1PMONKEY A lot RSalata: PepeHands Untimelyfate: stripSad MelancholyYuki: Wowee Lanshii: mr strimmer can you pause the game i need to pee ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks unseendata: It’s like the geckos all over again marcus_ql: how do you reset the achievements every time, buy the game for each run? WhatSeekethThee: Sif FeelsBadMan 92Karlzone: elaThirst elaGun Ccl0ud: Lanshii I stopped playing videogames and now i’m just bored and still have no life PepeHands hug_le_pug: Hello chat and Ela! elaHi MalphasJD: Ccl0ud cause it would be too insane for us to handle Galer1ans: Wowee Why PepeHands Astrotello: @NeighbourHood__ yeah you have to farm so many items and the covenant items are like a 5% drop or something small like that BearackObama: marcus_ql yes RegoleSlayer: steam achievement manager @marcus_ql paperblanket: try but whole V1PMONKEY: @hug_le_pug elaOk / Soba_Mask: @BearackObama ZULUL dxbexn: LUL Xorit: This run is really Pog gdqClap gdqClap SevenStrangeMelons: @marcus_ql there’s a program that you can download to do it Skrocka: Hidden body Kappa BearackObama: Soba_Mask ZULUL easyeasy: V1PMONKEY hug_le_pug allo fellas ela12 / OrbitalSloth: ppl go ape about the death of a videogame dog, reality is much worse Kappa marcus_ql: got it Lukasbech: GDQ subs IKEALUL DuoLancer: monkaW V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy elaEZ Clap kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh hug_le_pug: elaHYUG johninatorrr: how was the ending of judgement? @Elajjaz Doully92: Hard boss PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: ricardoFlick ohms_law18: What is your character? dxbexn: Pog ilikestuffandanime: irl dodging Chag Skrocka: DODGE IRL EZ Clap thats_surreal: sup npcs ThunderZBee: ricardoFlick V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy oh you are subbed again ๐Ÿ˜€ Shordes: @Shinji10TH that was a joke. I think most people can agree that playing competitive multiplayer ranked games, be it LoL, Dota, or CSGO, is pretty mentally taxing . If you can’t agree, then we’ll agree to disagree ChocolateBarni: irl dodges ricardoFlick Ccl0ud: MalphasJD I believe that the 5Head chat can handle it PappiEric: @Elajjaz do you need to beat double gaurdians for this? angryj0nes: GLOD PACE SamuraiEdgeplay: gachiGASM that final fight Galer1ans: D: ionicsigger: D: y_u_dodiz: D: Boomdedz: moon2N BaileyMs: moon2BOO hey ItsCoxy: D: Febox: D: dukenukem641: *triggers* MalphasJD: elaB star_light: @Elajjaz why quit out there? neville_from_uganda: elaD annonymK: D: sirbad: D: Komitern66: D: ThunderZBee: W D: A H Reddinator: MrDestructoid wtf marckvdv: spotted the 4channer Destmand: hey everyone elaHi MidgetDude110: @Elajjaz how did you like Honest Hearts? Oh…. PepeHands ChocolateBarni: Hello main hero and fuck you ๐Ÿ™‚ Omiyage2: Technically true tho ppBeer ekahS_hS: D: ? DarkShadow1093: what crystal? Kananmuna1: Orange man bad ๐Ÿ™‚ badenergytroll: I’m an NPC Kappa Doully92: HYUKAGE so_mald_so_bald: POGGERS dukenukem641: ninjas? POGGERS Lanshii: Ccl0ud i quit video games for some time cause it stopped being enjoyable FeelsBadMan been looking for some good game cause i have nothing better to do kaiju_boi: HYUKAGE easyeasy: V1PMONKEY yup ela12 Lukasbech: ppSmoke BearackObama: POGGERS Da_Flanker: Destmand elaHi Hobby8: atpCarl ionicsigger: twitch prime PepeHands Sindro7: everyone is an NPC except me cusseh: cmonBrother kaiju_boi: dongwarping Ccl0ud: HYUKCHIHA NAAARUTTOOOOOOO kaiju_boi: FeelsBadMan cusseh: cmonBruh ninja who? drillpit: Me? V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy i am finally in sweden really nice internet here and not so hot elaA annonymK: you, yes you FeelsGoodMan plznotme: I’m an Bot Elactoz: the trident is the last RNG in this run? Misterjonne: Lanshii have you heard of world of warcraft y_u_dodiz: @Destmand danWave easyeasy: V1PMONKEY damn bruv Chag U HYPERCLAP Misterjonne: Kappa ChocolateBarni: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: SMOrc CRUSH Galer1ans: SMOrc huuuuuuuuuu y_u_dodiz: elaGa Huuuu TheLunetta: Da_Flanker elaH Shordes: @V1PMONKEY noice Chag lBarnabusWizardcockl: 3Head BaileyMs: HYUKAGE SASUKE Lukasbech: Hnnnggh elaBruv kaiju_boi: IKEALUL incoming Da_Flanker: TheLunetta elaH ionicsigger: did you kill big chungus yet? SamuraiEdgeplay: HYUKAGE nin nin ThunderZBee: SvensK! YinKuza: svensk pølse timihyuga: HYUKAGE TSUNADE SiloWang: no TheMoltenGuy: no Doully92: HandsUp ThunderZBee: SNipER! Shordes: I believe Steherrr: NinjaGrumpy Skrocka: Glitching in videogames FeelsWeirdMan y_u_dodiz: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Febox: no hullewusch: hullewusch subscribed with Twitch Prime. MarfMeff: Nope Longknife: Yo, fuck that specific rat annonymK: norsk skarpskytter JubJubWantRubRubs: YES HandsUp Lanshii: no ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @hullewusch the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM kaiju_boi: HandsUp 1mpolar: no ๐Ÿ™‚ iLostToLife: IKEALUL NO Kananmuna1: NO LULW Daaarling02: kkenCOMFY Reddinator: N OMEGLOL Galer1ans: Always lazaHAPPY MalphasJD: VoteNay ergivanc: no Life796: no easyeasy: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Omiyage2: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Kaspu: no ๐Ÿ™‚ JinM0: nej ChocolateBarni: swensk what vihainenkampela: HandsUp always DolbyFire: no :0 ekahS_hS: maybe Dereh0g: TRIDENT OMEGALUL SaixSoul: HandsUp YES kaiju_boi: N IKEALUL Toplay92: in what? DolbyFire: no ๐Ÿ™‚ ThunderZBee: IKEALUL TheLunetta: easyeasy elaH Ph4ntomi: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Wuxia: today sure hepha1: NU JÄVLAR Deid_: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Kananmuna1: Sharpshooter JoswaVH: I believe in you toothp1ck_: SVEN forsen1 ? BillyDiedForThis: billyReady easyeasy: TheLunetta YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ela12 / Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @hullewusch soulmarioPOGGERS wandering_pleb: IKEALUL Shordes: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp V1PMONKEY: @Shordes @easyeasy yeah now just need to force myself on talking in swedish instead of english so i learn the language elaFeels kurea1556: I don’t know what is it so i will say , Nop JubJubWantRubRubs: SKYT MY KRYP SØTA BROR HandsUp SKYT MY KRYP SØTA BROR HandsUp SKYT MY KRYP SØTA BROR HandsUp Shinji10TH: @Shordes It’s taxing for people that can’t handle competitive games in general, but for other, it’s what that actually like the most about these games Mor0_: wow. silver weapon went really well huh? ThunderZBee: No Scope Pog Longknife: Put your greatsword into her gaping dragon kebabsouls: ElaJAM sloggyx: damn already that far ahead? nice 92Karlzone: Krypskytten ela13 Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL kaiju_boi: IKEALUL iLostToLife: IKEALUL Doully92: Champ Deid_: IKEALUL Lukasbech: IKEALUL toothp1ck_: pepeJAMMER crashfort: atpTryAiming Galer1ans: Champ SiloWang: not bad Ryoken9: RIP RUN PepeHands MalphasJD: Chag uncledickbutt: only with some mashed potatoes hepha1: JAJAJAJA Shordes: @V1PMONKEY make sure to watch loads of films and read the newspaper FeelsGoodMan Clap MarfMeff: reset Omiyage2: F angryj0nes: IKEALUL AIM Wuxia: @Mor0_ one cycle JouniKari: @Mor0_ he got the shield from the first knight Mor0_: damn hepha1: this run is insane toxic_phunch: AHHHH MalphasJD: Congrats on not being trash ela FeelsGoodMan Clap annonymK: no monkaAim? PepeHands easyeasy: V1PMONKEY you either gonna speak ikea or elvish, sounds easy ๐Ÿ™‚ gfhgggfjgg: one day Swedish will replace English as da dominant language angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT jozuo: hur går det ela ๐Ÿ™‚ MidgetDude110: TRIDENT elaKek HYPERCLAP TRIDENT elaKek HYPERCLAP TRIDENT elaKek HYPERCLAP TRIDENT elaKek HYPERCLAP Ccl0ud: Lanshii I stopped for the same reason and then I got more into working out and eating healthy, now it’s been 1year and i’m getting stronger physically and mentally elaSmile Deid_: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: Your RE2 Remake Run was valid as the World record? jozuo: najs Skrocka: Lagtown billyReady graedon: @gfhgggfjgg is your name a place in sweden? annonymK: @Elajjaz you should come to norway and become the better Norsk skarpskytter PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! V1PMONKEY: @Shordes yeah i guess i’ll need a tv so i can watch some stuff radio talking is way too fast i can only identify some words but handlar mat is already possible Omiyage2: PepeUff star_light: is RE2 as dead as Sekiro? Secklolzzz: isbilen soon star_light: cause RE2 runs were fun as hell too Roacha9: kristikDerp / easyeasy: V1PMONKEY oh yeah, i bought new PSU it’s so quiet man elaGasm gfhgggfjgg: @graedon da is a town in sampi Flashforward: Pog ? ionicsigger: sekiro is dead? puffin_123: soing blight town DansGame BaileyMs: sekiro PepeLaugh OrbitalSloth: [email protected] you should come to norway and become lonely” Lanshii: Ccl0ud good job man! i have yet to get there Galer1ans: Spoiler? Kappa AnubisYE: split? cusseh: sekiro dead? monkaSHAKE heartlesspy: yeees! @Elajjaz is back with good old runs ๐Ÿ˜€ Roacha9: LUL V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy nice! Omiyage2: GOLD Pog Ulthane120: Hey Ela and Chat elaH ThunderZBee: Golden Pog Zero_Abyss: GLOD Pog kaiju_boi: PepeHands Doully92: PepeHands MidgetDude110: PepeHands Ph4ntomi: PepeHands Mangoy: PepeHands 1mpolar: PepeHands dxbexn: LUL ncharduken: RE2 PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: PepeHands annonymK: GOLD Pog Deid_: PepeHands Febox: PepeHands dukenukem641: HEHE LUL MalphasJD: PepeHands wyatt123x: PepeHands Lanshii: PepeHands gamezocker: PepeHands princeinnovice: me too PepeHands Galer1ans: PepeHands wandering_pleb: PepeHands Drunkndragon: PepeHands MarfMeff: PepeHands Ympancakes : is anything as dead as nioh? VineWood0604: PepeHands Ccl0ud: PepeHands ionicsigger: TRUE PepeHands Knat0601: PepeHands Concon1: PepeHands Catflap_: Truth Blood_Rooted: wow PepeHands Zeuthos: PepeHands heartlesspy: samma gamla götte! Ryoken9: PepeHands OrbitalSloth: true Caput_Draconis: PepeHands SamuraiEdgeplay: PepeHands it’s lonely in the U-S-A Exten13: SAME insurrectionist89: NotLikeThis Jahaaa17: Pepehands Skrocka: Less people in Norway PepeHands zWettah: PepeHands too real WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz fredboi1: PepeHands dxbexn: im lonely af Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu teamantaylor: THESE SPLITS SO FAST moon2POGGYWOGGY dxbexn: PepeHands jokapleb: widepeepoHappy deth JouniKari: @ionicsigger speedrunning wise it seems to be ionicsigger: You have chat doe LULW Because_we_said_so: elaA elaA elaA elaA Shordes: @V1PMONKEY keep listening to the radio though, and find some podcasts if you can. Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the radio peeps, but you’ll get used to the way people speak and understand better FeelsGoodMan kurpajutra: Imo being lonely and feeling lonely r 2 different things BillyDiedForThis: Champ Norway Blood_Rooted: how can you be lonely there’s like 7 billion humans 4Head OrbitalSloth: @ionicsigger i bet my left nut that hes happy when h e turns off the stream in the evening angryj0nes: WHY i’m TOXIC PepeHands kaiju_boi: 4HEad Doully92: 4Head ilikestuffandanime: 4HEad Fullmetalcheese: 4HEad heartlesspy: that is some weak poison Deid_: 4HEad easyeasy: 4HEad Caput_Draconis: 4HEad Da_Flanker: True 4HEad Turless9000: LULW Concon1: LULW Ryoken9: 4Head kaskelott_: 4HEad 1mpolar: 4HEad Dr_Jan_Itor: 4HEad Galer1ans: They see me rolling ♪ ♫ KKona vihainenkampela: 4Head Clap Febox: PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands i’m like that Zero_Abyss: Friends PepeHands ShivaQQ: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Geneziz_: PepeHands ProfessorDrunk: ela13 Soba_Mask: FeelsBadMan easyeasy: PepeHands Hevnoraak: PepeHands Elactoz: PepeHands rurururo: too deep iceicex: PepeHands ionicsigger: @OrbitalSloth LULW Tasarion: 😔 dxbexn: PepeHands V1PMONKEY: @Shordes i hoped to get some help from ela but i only learn swear words here ela12 Skrocka: 7 Billion people and I’m still alone PepeHands GenuineLGN: and just like that the stream suddenly got too real FeelsGoodMan SiloWang: just go buy friends iamsparta231: PepeHands doncallisto: @Elajjaz One day I’d love to see you do a glitchless speedrun on Sekiro Galer1ans: Friends ? PepeHands zWettah: what is a friend? Lurius31: both PepeHands BillyDiedForThis: 5Head ncharduken: just hire some friends 4Head Knat0601: FeelsBadMan F Ghumo: Ela why you gotta speak such truth PepeHands Soultrez: I am both PepeHands Ccl0ud: Lanshii I believe you will find the time when you are like “I want to workout and improve my life” Believe FeelsGoodMan Fearswe: To quote the great JD from Scrubs: “Nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around you” angryj0nes: Time for the EYES LULW Flashforward: PepeHands I come here to forget, Ela dxbexn: you guys have friends? PepeHands wandering_pleb: I have no friends or pets FeelsBadMan TheLunetta: iamsparta231 sparta rooHug elaH Exten13: i actually don’t have any friends PepeHands ThePepoScythe: The fuck are friends atpRtsd Ccl0ud: Lanshii Also thanks essiSmile MartinVP: I havent talked to anyone in like 2 years ๐Ÿ™‚ DolbyFire: I hate all 7 billion of you ๐Ÿ™‚ uncledickbutt: no one understands my crave for snickers FeelsBadMan TheLunetta: hi fear elaH Lanshii: Ccl0ud FeelsGoodMan Dr_Jan_Itor: feeling lonely is actually slang for jerking off ela13 kaiju_boi: Pog vihainenkampela: Pog Skrocka: Eye of death monkaS angryj0nes: Pog Clap Concon1: Pog jokapleb: DETH Galer1ans: @DolbyFire But we love you ๐Ÿ™‚ skybeaverking: I cut all my friends out of my life PepeHands zWettah: Champ BillyDiedForThis: Champ nymnCorn YES Ryoken9: Pog kaiju_boi: LULW gfhgggfjgg: You aren’t lonely you just want laid Kappa QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: LULW Fearswe: Hey Luna elaH 1mpolar: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW NaikoIshino: LuL MidgetDude110: LULW V1PMONKEY: @Fearswe scrubs was a really good show back in the days that quote makes me want to watch it again Concon1: LULW toxic_phunch: PauseChamp Zero_Abyss: LUL iamsparta231: @thelunetta elaH elaH elaH wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PositiveHappyViewer: LULW annonymK: LULW VineWood0604: EleGiggle dxbexn: LULW Galer1ans: Skip? Pog Ryoken9: RIP RUN PepeHands vihainenkampela: LULW slippery ionicsigger: NEW STRAT PogU kurpajutra: chat its not so hard.. Just get friends loool 4HEad ThePepoScythe: Also just look in the mirror, then you’re not alon anymore 5Head MatthewAntoniou97: LUL 92Karlzone: A lonely svensk krypskytt elaHYUK @elajjaz dwarfzao: hey @Elajjaz have u ever played kingdom come deliverance? if u dont i recommend it a lot. MatthewAntoniou97: LULW angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT coussin00: have you ever lost a run to this eye not dropping Ela? Fearswe: @V1PMONKEY Back in the day? Scrubs is, hands down, the best show ever IMO. No other show has gotten even close to its brilliance Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS REDNAMEGOD_: KINGDOM COME IS FULL OF BUGS Longknife: HAX angryj0nes: CUM gachiBASS SamuraiEdgeplay: Yeah for this month. Vivelin: gachiBASS ? ThePepoScythe: It is. Ryoken9: play it Pog kaiju_boi: gachiBASS BearackObama: HandsUp ? easyeasy: gachiBASS Exten13: @Elajjaz have you played vampyr? Galer1ans: Kingdom what ? gachiHYPER kaiju_boi: cmonBrother BearackObama: KKona Doully92: cmonBrother rexcaliburprime: you ever played dark souls 2 Toplay92: Kingdom Cum? LULW PositiveHappyViewer: cmonBrother Zeuthos: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: cmonBrother BearackObama: cmonBrother JouniKari: kingdom cum after new vegas would be amazing MalphasJD: elaKek neville_from_uganda: !weather Eldritchness: cmonBrother Flashforward: It’s cool but it’s semi LIDL GrafPolskii: OMEGALUL Zero_Abyss: KKona 1mpolar: PepeLaugh annonymK: LULW Deid_: cmonBrother toxic_phunch: Kingdom gachiBASS BearackObama: cmonBrother wtf Lilystery: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW WrestlerBot2000: Weather for Gavle, SE: Overcast clouds with a temperature of 20 C (68 F). Wind is blowing from the North at 9.65 kph (6 mph) and the humidity is 54% lindwormen: LULW Omiyage2: PepeLaugh mynameisobserverward: cmonBrother mizoreeee: Who are the mythbusters? Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Between them they have more than 30 years of special effects experience. Joining them: Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron. They don’t just tell the myths; they put them to the test. angryj0nes: LULW DolbyFire: cmonBrother SamuraiEdgeplay: And Detroit is free on PSN LULW weird month MatthewAntoniou97: KKona BearackObama: Fearswe PepeHands iamsparta231: LULW Vivelin: RIP god run PepeLaugh PLAZAx: LULW iwannagmymom: PepeLaugh V1PMONKEY: @Fearswe the med school episodes were bad tho … Sikodude: F PepeLaugh sloggyx: @Elajjaz play it Pog it’s good drain_gang: dead run PepeLaugh Shordes: @mizoreeee Kari was hot MatthewAntoniou97: LUL skybeaverking: @quote_me_if_he_throws star_light: that’s just a standard Great Hollow for me on my casual runs 4Head Drachenreiter: BabyRage MIYAZAKI BabyRage ThePepoScythe: samuraiedgeplay It’s detroid instead of PES atpRtsd Fearswe: The spin off series? @V1PMONKEY AkisBp23: danKona hi doncallisto: @Elajjaz One day I’d love to see you do a glitchless speedrun on Sekiro star_light: get stuck on everything garbageman520: distRip BTRNDL: HandsUp mizoreeee: Shordes one of my youth crushes for sure zWettah: What is that curse resistance vihainenkampela: HandsUp kaiju_boi: Pog PositiveHappyViewer: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Flashforward: yes Febox: HandsUp Vivelin: HandsUp Misterjonne: yeah Fullmetalcheese: HandsUp monkaH kaiju_boi: HandsUp Zero_Abyss: yes BearackObama: HandsUp Omiyage2: PepeLaugh maybe GenuineLGN: HandsUp Doully92: HandsUp Sikodude: no MalphasJD: HandsUp vohvlei: some have a deadline mynameisobserverward: HandsUp Skrocka: HYDRA HandsUp Ph4ntomi: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp Riuluu: HandsUp Drachenreiter: some can expire Caput_Draconis: HandsUp Deid_: HandsUp fixions: if u have software bundle they expire V1PMONKEY: @Fearswe yeah when they were not in the hospital but in the university Daerth_: it depends drain_gang: HandsUp Flashforward: generally anyways, some do have like deadlines BelialsFlame: no i think they do expire after a long time though princeinnovice: give away Pog Knat0601: HandsUp lindwormen: HandsUp I believed toothp1ck_: HandsUp HAIL HYDRA gfhgggfjgg: wtf game let me cheat MaxiMHc: give them away Pog TheMoltenGuy: HandsUp illuminatikk: HandsUp SamuraiEdgeplay: @ThePepoScythe atpRtsd dear god Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz meme stream this friday? please sir BlessRNG WetMajestic: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp Sinistar3: On rare occasions the keys can run out. Sikodude: some expire @Elajjaz vihainenkampela: HandsUp unfit2: HandsUp Fullmetalcheese: AngelThump Lanshii: i watch this strem and don’t feel lonely FeelsGoodMan thanks guys and gals Skrocka: @Elajjaz Give them to me ๐Ÿ™‚ 👍 Landfer: why this place is one of the few which has soundtrack? BearackObama: HandsUp Fearswe: @V1PMONKEY That was a spin off series, the main series ended with Season 8 and had the best end of a series episode of all series BearackObama: DansGame GO BACK Kaviarulla: @Elajjaz i bought kindome come under the steam sale, and it was worth every peny! with most bug fixed it is a awsome RPG game. really immersive doncallisto: @Elajjaz You probably have already bought half of the games you had in those humble bundle in these 2 years LUL Thmss: u can pay anything for games in humble bundle? TheMoltenGuy: was EljanHandsUp removed elaMad Skrocka: KKona HOWDY Vivelin: @Elajjaz @Dr_Jan_Itor seconding this, we need a meme stream HandsUp kaiju_boi: HandsUp Da_Flanker: Lanshii elaOk Ph4ntomi: elaYEEHAW MalphasJD: elaYEEHAW Ccl0ud: @Elajjaz Did you play Detroit: Become Human elaHmm ? vohvlei: KKona nice BearackObama: HandsUp Darwo25: elaYEEHAW Blood_Rooted: @Lanshii pepeL PositiveHappyViewer: KKool vihainenkampela: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp wyatt123x: elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW iamsparta231: elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW Swift_chamois: irl SARGE Because_we_said_so: agilBits agilBits agilBits agilBits agilBits SnHdave: haaaa! GabrielMugnol: Yo @Elajjaz I see the run is going pretty good larxaNom kaiju_boi: 🤠 TheMoltenGuy: elaYEEHAW kaiju_boi: kind of Chess_462: elaYEEHAW V1PMONKEY: @Fearswe well now i know what i’m going to do when ela is not live elaA shikifujin16: darksouls runs alwyas cozy elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy cheeze____: HandsUp Dr_Jan_Itor: well yes but actyqally no Traktorq: 0 dollars Ccl0ud: No LULW Toplay92: Hat dosent makes sense vadeM Flashforward: sort of, but need minimum amounts for the good shit Seikisu: elaYEEHAW DarcusHunter: he is talking about the monthly iamsparta231: Detroit become human is free with ps+ atm, mister jazz. Ryoken9: are u considering palying sth seet and as like to the moon in the near future ? elaHmm Ducklord3000: you should play kingdom come! it’s awesome!!! zugo3: you have to play Detroit Drachenreiter: wow great brand ambassador ela Kapp MalphasJD: @Elajjaz you should grab Detorit, it’s free this month with ps+ in a pack with heavy rain dxbexn: that hat tho Dr_Jan_Itor: iamsparta231 it’s exclusive right? elaHmm cheeze____: ela playing detroit would be hilarious as fuck tbh Flashforward: Detroit is a game made for Twitch viewings LULW annonymK: if world reci FO ? FeelsGoodMan v4vayne: hey @elajjaz whats this hats for? fashion? kinda nice DeathCoreGTR: Howdy epic cowboy gamers cheeze____: @Flashforward exactly elaKek Eizen_5: its a CGI hat dont be fooled chat TheMoltenGuy: PS+ OMEGALUL MaxiMHc: im just waiting for detroid on pc FeelsGoodMan Skrocka: TRUE LULW kaiju_boi: @Elajjaz you should play Omikron: The Nomad Soul, David Bowie is in it ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr_Jan_Itor: elaYEEHAW MyGoodTwin: CGI hat PepeLaugh SiloWang: it’s a cgi hat justafa: 🤠 boclfon479: Heavy Rain is so good wandering_pleb: elaYEEHAW MitsuoK: big hat on his head doncallisto: @Dr_Jan_Itor not an exclusive anymore. It will arrive on Epic store soon MidgetDude110: elaYEEHAW kaiju_boi: Champ CGI HAT kurpajutra: no fallout today? BlackupV2: elaYEEHAW OrbitalSloth: fisheye sarge QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: Console gamers LULW kaiju_boi: HandsUp vihainenkampela: HandsUp BearackObama: Jebaited Ccl0ud: @Elajjaz Where is the elaGa hat elaMad Febox: 🤠 elaGun King_Insane: he’s baiting you, hat is confirmed cgi Deid_: HandsUp angryj0nes: LULW Fearswe: Although Ela, if you play it, it will be Detroit: Become Backseated Flashforward: @cheeze____ on it’s own it’s like ok but with a streamer doing Pepega choices it’s hilarious PepeLaugh sloggyx: @Elajjaz will you play kingdom come? ionicsigger: Jebaited kaiju_boi: gachiBASS PREMATURE gfhgggfjgg: @boclfon479 JAASON danBruh shikifujin16: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm bbinotti: where is this place? i dont remember playing it! Larg0s: ahhhh OMEGALUL MyGoodTwin: Tip Hat to prove its real PepeLaugh BearackObama: FeelsPepoMan dxbexn: mopPog DolbyFire: FeelsPepoMan Caput_Draconis: FeelsPepoMan Longknife: Fail speedrun, didn’t sing at the right time luckypro2: no fallout today? Febox: CGI hat LULW kaiju_boi: put pepo hat on top of cowboy hat FeelsPepoMan Fearswe: Although Ela, if you play it, it will be Detroit: Become Backseated pauluss12: do i get the humble bumble games for steam? xivi76: when are you gonna do scholar all achievements? oOoZrEikAoOo: Do you have a gf? mizoreeee: @Elajjaz Have you used the new FaceApp yet that makes you old as fuck ? cheeze____: @Flashforward Yeah I fully agree, could easily watch a full playthrough of it with someone like ela playing it LULW Vivelin: Eyes? Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh MalphasJD: Too real Fear FeelsBadMan 92Karlzone: elaHAA OrbitalSloth: mmm humble bumble gfhgggfjgg: the oriGAMi killer is out there danGross Ccl0ud: kaiju_boi Yes LULW Blood_Rooted: no PepeHands MaxiMHc: monkaW angryj0nes: HO NO NO NO TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Detroit is a much more extreme case angryj0nes: WHY i’m TOXIC PepeHands Fearswe: But Detroit is like a telltale game though ZoulziTV: @elajjaz i want the sarge ! ๐Ÿ˜€ PhantomRaid: Detroit is pretty good and it’s free skolomastra_: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: elaK sgtcarniev: !GLASS HIM Albin_Alligator: klinkLurk elaISee WrestlerBot2000: [Glass Him] https://clips.twitch.tv/HealthyFitTardigradeKevinTurtle Drachenreiter: elaK One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Kaspu: elaK TheMoltenGuy: elaK mizoreeee: The Origami killer in Heavy Rain is the father youre welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Misterjonne: @Elajjaz fallout is usually nothing like detroit backseat wise BearackObama: CoolStoryBob ionicsigger: dark souls 4 PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: emote only chat PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh its better if he doesn’t know SamuraiEdgeplay: atpRtsd Detroit’s kind of a shit show the entire way through in a train wreck sorta way. Febox: elaK Sikodude: just go sub mode? puffin_123: its better than telltale Deid_: Kapp TheLunetta: detroit become human is such a great game V1PMONKEY: emote only chat elaEZ solution kaiju_boi: lel ilovehandmadepottery: Try not streaming it and there no risk of backseat @Elajjaz One_Eyed_Maestro: LEL ela12 vohvlei: beavsLel v4vayne: @elajjaz can i be your girldfriend? kaskelott_: Just don’t read chat 4HEad cheeze____: chat is only gonna tell you to pick shitty choices anyway elaKek Blackbird_SR71C: Man, elaK is the best emote this channel has ever gotten. elaK PhantomRaid: detroit has over 99 different endings Longknife: Did you want to be backseated when we tried to tell you Head lollipop wouldn’t work for stealing all the Gold from the sierra madre? CommanBear: He doesnt want the backseat…. he only wants to be carried PixelBob CoolStoryBob Sourcehunter: I never had that special first experience to enjoy PepeHands skybeaverking: Just emote only 4Head kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Fullmetalcheese: elaK elaGasm Polebegood: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiBASS OK Blackbird_SR71C: gachiBOP MalphasJD: gachiBASS mynameisobserverward: gachiHYPER PositiveHappyViewer: gachiBASS OKAY Da_Flanker: cheeze____ You mean, the most entertaining ones elaKek Taosis: gachiBASS MitsuoK: Kreygasm DolbyFire: gachiGASM angryj0nes: S U C C gachiBASS Blood_Rooted: YES gachiBASS Dr_Jan_Itor: Blackbird_SR71C okay dude elaK vihainenkampela: gachiHYPER iwannagmymom: gachiBASS wyatt123x: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm V1PMONKEY: @Blackbird_SR71C elaYes elaOk and elaK are my all time favs Fearswe: Enjoy first time without being backseated? I assume people don’t say the same about first time they had sex elaOP Fullmetalcheese: elaC MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor if you say so elaK Ccl0ud: What about backseating in !clockwise Blackbird_SR71C: @V1PMONKEY Personally, I’m a big fan of elaThirst as well. Never__Ever: dae sex? Blood_Rooted: @Fearswe DansGame Klappliege: im a fucking virgin Ccl0ud: !clockwiseman insurrectionist89: Gone to make dinner for 40 mins how’s the run going? Blackbird_SR71C: @Dr_Jan_Itor elaH Shordes: !clockwise theonlyjacobx: Cowboy Ela KKona King_Insane: @Fearswe depends if its a prostitute or not elaKek WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing Peka1: what does the suck do? Ccl0ud: God damnit PepeHands TheLunetta: fear most of the time he won’t even have time to get backseated anyways PhantomRaid: also detroit isn’t a long game Fullmetalcheese: elaGasm elaC elaThirst elaK elaYes SeemsGood Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD ah huh elaK fixions: PepeLaugh CommanBear: elaK is the best Chag tigeralum11: @Fearswe Assuming twitch chat has had sex LUL Fearswe: @TheLunetta Fair point LUL MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor yup elaK Longknife: NO EGGS? angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT insurrectionist89: PogChamp V1PMONKEY: @Blackbird_SR71C and elaSmile can be so toxic sometimes i like elaThirst but i hardly ever use it dunno why mynameisobserverward: PepeLaugh Eizen_5: until trident LULW Sourcehunter: World record incoming PogU ionicsigger: PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD coolio elaK kurpajutra: Trident PepeLaugh teamantaylor: moon2SH Blackbird_SR71C: @V1PMONKEY elaThirst elaGun You better start to use it then! MaxiMHc: jesus i love watching clockwiseman LULW MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor oky doky elaK cheeki__: elaHat but no fallout. thats weird Fearswe: !permit anibite WrestlerBot2000: @anibite, you will not get timed out for the next 60 seconds. kaiju_boi: You got trident 1st try that one time tho doncallisto: Detroit Become Human is really really cliche heavy. It’s a good game, but if you are familiar with good stories in books or movies, it’s really cliche. And it’s emotion heavy cause it just plays with the obvious things that can do that. Fearswe: @anibite Post it again Shordes: @anibite hey that’s really cool angryj0nes: !clockwise WrestlerBot2000: elaHmm 🕒 I must have made a mistake https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulLightWolverineDatSheffy https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyHelplessIcecreamGrammarKing V1PMONKEY: @Blackbird_SR71C y-yes sir elaS supergamer990: elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi elaHi King_Insane: More new vegas after this or any good run? annonymK: who has WR in ths catagory ? Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD cool cool elaK ScooterBug: ScooterBug subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 13 month streak! ela13 anibite: @Elajjaz Check out this ludwig statue I made https://imgur.com/a/iUahopx WrestlerBot2000: @scooterbug After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM BeeWynn: take me hoooooome xxxSmokinACExxx: sarge is playin dark souls elaWut MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor nice dude elaK Juliovsky: Ela are there creepy pasts for DS? Sibu_: Howdy ShivaQQ: big iron on his hiiiiiip pepeJAM Blood_Rooted: @doncallisto agreed, found it boring because of that 🤔 Blackbird_SR71C: Imagine how long a really difficult puzzle would take without backseating. !clockwise Kapp Ccl0ud: anibite That’s Pog AF Longknife: Why 2 Kings? It’s 4 Kings BearackObama: CoolStoryBob Catflap_: @Elajjaz any plays to do all achievements for the other soulslike games? Shordes: He can’t check it out now but definitely post it later @anibite ela7 it’s super neat-o Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD good one elaK star_light: holy shit that ludwig statue is actually Pog MalphasJD: Longknife no it’s not PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: @anibite sick SeemsGood jozuo: Dr. Jan Itor, got any knife wrenches for sale? or maybe a drill fork? iamsparta231: @anibite Very nice Thmss: @Elajjaz Did you like skyrim? JouniKari: @Longknife its x kings depending on how long you take Lanshii: anibite that’s sick as fuck. do you have like a gallery with your stuff? i’d be interested to see more CommanBear: man I need my daily dosis of Jhonny Guitar PepeHands GuitarTime MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor running out of ideas elaK angryj0nes: D: Longknife: So two kings if you Sanic? Seijinsan: @anibite nice Pog ShivaQQ: @MalphasJD dont tell this new frog whats going on PepeLaugh RottingDivinity: PepeHands me too Ela kaiju_boi: in 2 hrs LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: jozuo sold out janMad Dickety: ds2 vanilla is like 4-5hrs? @Elajjaz LilacLeaf: @anibite that’s so good omg. What did you make it out of? Geralt_of_Syria: finishing skyrim instead of just fucking around PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: I mod the hell out of it, then play it for a few hous and drop it RoagieHoagie: Who tf finishes skyrim? LUL graedon: nobody ever “finishes” skyrim, you just kinda stop playing WrestlerBot2000: “Gotta go to ikea to buy furniture because I’m Swedish and we do that every weekend.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 44 Armored_Guy: finishing main quest in skyrim ever LUL MalphasJD: ShivaQQ I only said what wasn’t going on PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD whatever you say elaK endalivar: whats that buff he has on? Ccl0ud: I never knew Ludwig is a horseboi elaA WITO: WHAT IS THIS PASTE Pog Misterjonne: i played 90 hours of skyrim and never finished the story lul Astrotello: @Elajjaz look at the statue while giving the humanity to the fair lady JouniKari: @Longknife well its going fast and overkilling the first ones, you do enough damage that would take down 4 of them basically NordicRain: I finished Skyrim and discovered every location. Life well spent FeelsBadMan Lanshii: endalivar fall control iirc Polebegood: PepeS jozuo: @Dr_Jan_Itor how about a dead rabbit as a salt/pepper shaker? ๐Ÿ˜€ mynameisobserverward: monkaW Galer1ans: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW King_Insane: tbf, not missing much by not finishing it Caput_Draconis: monkaSHAKE PappiEric: monkaS MaxiMHc: skyrim is good with PLOT mods PepeLaugh angryj0nes: Me too i play days and never play that fucking game ChocolateBarni: @anibite wow. I cant even imagine hows it possible to make something like it raiku1992: hey Cowboy, good luck with the run! endalivar: @Lanshii shouldnt his feet be shining then? Ccl0ud: I have never played skyrim elaSmile 92Karlzone: SwiftRage100 SeemsGood100 Kreygasm100 EleGiggle100 HeyGuys100 Godkväll! React Harder pls elaMad Dr_Jan_Itor: jozuo i traded them for a dead dog angryj0nes: Me too i play days and never end that fucking game Galer1ans: When is the st atue? kaiju_boi: just pause the game 4HEad Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud D: jozuo: @Dr_Jan_Itor Rowdy?? :O MalphasJD: elaMad kaiju_boi: 😡 Kaljumies123: 🍅 NordicRain: elaMad Moralltach1: skyrim plot is one of behtesdas worst and that is saying something guzeriz: all ahciements is only 3h? Kreygasm so_mald_so_bald: 🍅 Blackbird_SR71C: elaMad kaskelott_: elaMad One_Eyed_Maestro: elaMad ? Ph4ntomi: elaMad Galer1ans: elaMad Kaljumies123: 🍅 i’m mad ChocolateBarni: ElaTomato Armored_Guy: elaTomato Vivelin: elaMald Da_Flanker: Mald Valinore: 🍅 Lanshii: endalivar oh wait i thought of a different thing, you are right. the icon under stamina is for the abysswalker ring kaiju_boi: elaDad BBoomer LastUnicorn7: LastUnicorn7 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! WrestlerBot2000: @lastunicorn7 If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Dr_Jan_Itor: elaMad Blood_Rooted: MALD LULW Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Over rated game imo elaKek jvEpic: @elajjaz Have you ever tried Zelda Soeedruns? A Link to the Past? Dotter98: krtzyyHaw nice hat ela Blackbird_SR71C: Yo who misnamed elaTomato btw? One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM Longknife: HAX Galer1ans: ElaJAMMER Rileyhusky: nice hat KKonaW JouniKari: he has the hat incase he starts malding Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud b-b-but dragons! D: NordicRain: @Moralltach1 The civil war plot could be awesome but it’s so underwhelming sadly MaxiMHc: nice cast LULW WITO: elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE elaMad 🍅 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE PappiEric: D: Cheats Thmss: You have one of the nicest and funniest communities bro PROxRAIDEN: will you be playing the last of us 2 @Elajjaz MalphasJD: Ccl0ud how can you tell it’s overrated if you never played it ? elaHmm thrilloftill: Can someone msg me a link of the statue? Thanks Blackbird_SR71C: @WITO elaBlind Me neither! endalivar: @Lanshii oh ok, makes sense, thank you; its been toolong since i last played tis game Da_Flanker: 🍅 4Shrug elaMad kaiju_boi: imagine having a tomato with a pepohat as an emote PepeLaugh Moralltach1: @NordicRain the idea is cool , but the execution was a joke Flashforward: ๐Ÿ™‚ One_Eyed_Maestro: ๐Ÿ™‚ Tasarion: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: :)fixions: PepeLaugh 92Karlzone: elaKek Shordes: I love this community.iiwii119: tf did i just see star_light: I love this community.jozuo: monkaS 2 kings chrisw_de: gachiBASS kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Clap Blood_Rooted: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiBASS Clap MalphasJD: gachiBASS Aeonll: gachiHYPER ChocolateBarni: gachiBASS Galer1ans: gachiBASS Knat0601: gachiBASS dan_sai: gachiBASS Annonn140: gachiHYPER YES SIR MIDDLIN: I love this community.Christophersopranos: yes please gachiBASS AlexFavela: ANIKI skolomastra_: gachiBASS ok SaixSoul: gachiHYPER YES PositiveHappyViewer: gachiHYPER OKAY absolutely_not_haram: Clip Chuami: gachiBASS XxWilsyXx: sumSmash mynameisobserverward: gachiHYPER Nox15: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: gachiBASS Blackbird_SR71C: gachiHYPER cusseh: PepeLaugh Glenshane: gachiBASS BearackObama: HandsUp 0xSaisaki: yes sir gachiBASS kaiju_boi: LULW TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER NordicRain: LULW MalphasJD: monkaW kaiju_boi: Champ angryj0nes: RULL Blackbird_SR71C: monkaW Zeuthos: gachiBASS yes sir Blood_Rooted: LULW Gravader: LuL frunklesavant: raaull One_Eyed_Maestro: RULL elaREE BearackObama: RULL NaikoIshino: monkas Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted I’ve seen dragons. Actually i’ve ridden one and killed it elaSmile MaxiMHc: LULW again ionicsigger: monkaS chrisw_de: R U L L OMEGADOWN Blank1980: RULL TomppiZ: gachiBASS wandering_pleb: monkaW Llyfrgell: PepoDance jacoblyth: LULW kebabsouls: gachiBASS aizawa49: HandsUp gachiHYPER SammersFourTwenty: forsenCD NaikoIshino: monkaS Riuluu: forsenWC bubblegumisblue: Surrender to the spank BillyDiedForThis: forsenWC RAUL cheeze____: holy shit LULW WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! chick3nball: MonkaS CocoButterDingleButt: i see the run is going well @elajjaz Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted It was a bigass dragon that wreaked havoc on the whole world kaiju_boi: monkaW 1mpolar: monkaW mynameisobserverward: monkaW so_mald_so_bald: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaS MalphasJD: monkaW ! One_Eyed_Maestro: monkaW MaxiMHc: 3 kings? monkaX ChocolateBarni: monkaW Armored_Guy: monkaW ionicsigger: PogU NordicRain: monkaSHAKE kurpajutra: elaK MalphasJD: Chag angryj0nes: Pog Deid_: Chag lindwormen: Pog Armored_Guy: Kapp Vrookems: LOL SiloWang: very lucky mizoreeee: my favourite part about this community is that the viewers can handle the streamers toxicity so well ๐Ÿ™‚ Galer1ans: PogU BearackObama: PogU Akytami: PogU Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud 🍄 ? Kappa kaiju_boi: Kapp sometimes Croissanito: not even close monkaW Knur_therealhog: rull wyatt123x: monkaX cheeze____: Breaking ze RULL pepeD billyReady star_light: Pog kalahulika: Pog Draddrick: elaK MIDDLIN: pog dan_sai: OMEGALUL One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK Zeuthos: PogU drain_gang: PogU Denzl: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: Pog The insane two-cycle!!! MIDDLIN: Pog rainasu: Pog LitPord: Carried PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: Champ Glenshane: elaK ionicsigger: Chag MalphasJD: *sometimes 0xSaisaki: RULL Pog HYPERCLAP daddywojo: That was absolute chaos CommanBear: CoolStoryBob Taosis: Chag PappiEric: RULLLLL monkaSHAKE Blank1980: Pog Soo goood NordicRain: so good elaK Vanah: PepeLaugh Sometimes wandering_pleb: Champ BeeWynn: pogster Da_Flanker: Insane Bholorak: PogU still carried PogU skolomastra_: elaK “good” hu Shordes: It’d be really funny if he had died to egg head again PepeLaugh Flashforward: actually last millisecond roll monkaW WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Longknife: LORE Turless9000: How he RULLD after get a INVISBLE HIT LULW cusseh: Bideo James PogU MalphasJD: mizoreeee pepeL so_mald_so_bald: imagine if you said no there PepeLaugh SiloWang: CARRIED insurrectionist89: PogChampmarosh__: @Elajjaz carried by your skill PepeLaugh BroqRox: 1 hour ElaPls Mephereon: all achievements=both endings? ( one in ng+) or other char? Blackbird_SR71C: !wr star_light: literally frame perfect gamer Pog mizoreeee: MalphasJD pepeL DeathCoreGTR: Carried by invis frames)0)0) kaiju_boi: @Mephereon ng+ angryj0nes: carried by LAKKY AYAYA Deid_: @Mephereon NG+ Galer1ans: Farewell ๐Ÿ™‚ JouniKari: thats just efficiency breh Longknife: this guy is a covenant whore and cheats on all the covenants Shordes: why did they have to give these snake things such disgusting teeth PappiEric: I wish I was ded elaSneeze Mephereon: okay MaxiMHc: ResidentSleeper SLCpriest: I take it he doesn’t need to fully grind the covenants MalphasJD: marosh__ Backpackjjaz PepeLaugh Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted In a game, but I lived my life through the game so kinda in real life too elaKek PepeHands soraaxle: how do you reset the achievements every time? wyatt123x: hALLO so_mald_so_bald: HALLO Vivelin: HALLÅ Knat0601: HALLo mizoreeee: she cant talk PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: Hallå ela12 Kaljumies123: …? Flashforward: . ? Denzl: elaD Zeuthos: HALLÅ NordicRain: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: That’s what i wanted of her PepeHands insurrectionist89: Hello :=jozuo: HALLÅ ☎️ JouniKari: @SLCpriest duping is a thing in this WrestlerBot2000: Branch|Clip No.33| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpinelessThankfulGarlicBigBrother Shordes: FeelsGoodMan Time to count together chat! FeelsGoodMan kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh ZonaGeeWon: no gold FeelsBadMan ChocolateBarni: LULW Drachenreiter: @hellu BabyRage TALK TO HIM kurpajutra: PepeLaugh iiwii119: why won’t girl talk to me!? Lanshii: Shordes no toothpase in the abyss rainasu: HALLÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 1 wandering_pleb: monkaW DeathCoreGTR: Just do split in real life aizawa49: @Elajjaz You are the best PogU Da_Flanker: ElaSmash angryj0nes: LULW swoglo: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 2 wyatt123x: elaGa insurrectionist89: run dead because no splits 4Head One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh jozuo: NYTT NUMMER, VEM E DETTA ☎️ Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 3 1mpolar: wireless keyboard PepeLaugh Deid_: FeelsGoodMan 3 NordicRain: Restart PepeLaugh Mephereon: lul vihainenkampela: master ddosing you LULW Amnexiac: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danHeh Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 4 skybeaverking: No free subs Drachenreiter: stop using wireless shit OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: wireless keyboard LULW chick3nball: GLOD kurpajutra: rip run PepeLaugh insurrectionist89: ruh roh swoglo: el batería is running out Dr_Jan_Itor: wireless keyboard OMEGALUL 0xSaisaki: splits are for plebs PepeLaugh Galer1ans: monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: Wireless keyboard?! Are you shitting me?! DansGame cusseh: wireless keyboads PepeLaugh Vivelin: LUL MaxiMHc: wireless keyboard Zeuthos: LULW ZonaGeeWon: monkaS Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 5 xeon_andressyll: wireless G A M E R zetik96: zetik96 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 58 months! MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Milla38: wireless keyboard WutFace WrestlerBot2000: @zetik96 After 58 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM lindwormen: LULW Deid_: LULW rainasu: LULW VineWood0604: monkaW Glenshane: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud do 🍄 while ingame and done Kapp i_Kiko: B A T T E R Y OMEGALUL Mrtriggahigga: WIRELESS OMEGADOWN sorynache: run ruined by battery LULW Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 6 MalphasJD: His shoulder gachiBASS angryj0nes: HO NO NO NO Focus009: HÄLLÖÖ Funketboy: red split PepeLaugh mynameisobserverward: monkaW Larsn2k: Wireless keyboards in 2019 PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: PR OMEGADOWN FESSI OMEGADOWN N STREAMEr Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @zetik96 soulmarioPOGGERS Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 7 wandering_pleb: where is cb when you need him PepeLaugh swoglo: wireless keyboard in 2019 holy fuck wyatt123x: OMEGALUL Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 8 WhitestarRL: Mods help him BillyDiedForThis: WIRELESS PepeLaugh viola_mandshurica: LUL NoelleFeeLS: good gamer but bad streamer OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: Is this a new workout? PepeLaugh Bas996: F Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 9 Galer1ans: Nopileos inspired me elaOk FappyMcFlappy: so all ela needs to do now is to not suck and get lucky with trident and he get wr? zetik96: I came back to whatever this is ela13 Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted elaHmm I must admit I ate bunch of shrooms in that game elaHmm AnubisYE: Pog wyatt123x: elaGa elaGa NordicRain: Pog U VineWood0604: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: SAVED PogU Blackbird_SR71C: Tbf that’s deserved for using a wireless keyboard as a “gamer” DansGame Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 10 ClaytonBigsbe: It’s the controller, not keyboard Chess_462: Profession streamer? elaHmm ChocolateBarni: FeelsGoodMan cLAP GodDamSully: Hey @Elajjaz are you looking forward to TLOu part 2 ? or nah ? Zeuthos: PogU Dplanet36: Dplanet36 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 35 months! 4Head WrestlerBot2000: @dplanet36 After 35 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 11 Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @Dplanet36 soulmarioPOGGERS One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK NordicRain: elaK MalphasJD: elaK Aeonll: elaK kaiju_boi: Kapp Llyfrgell: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: elaK MidgetDude110: elaK ChickenZePoop: elaK Galer1ans: elaK deepdongus: How do you have 20 soul arrows? i thought you could only have 8 per newgame? Hevnoraak: Kapp Shordes: FeelsGoodMan 12 Drachenreiter: and splits elaK emorium: losing to keyboard WeirdChamp 0xSaisaki: elaK Dplanet36: elaK ChocolateBarni: ElaSmash caps lock ElaSmash ergivanc: elaK Never__Ever: ela1 ela2 kurpajutra: @Shordes elaWeird aizawa49: elaK Shordes: forget it I give up Misterjonne: elaK Cloudberryfox: elaK aha FappyMcFlappy: whats wrong with wireless keyboards? Lanshii: deepdongus he did a dupe glitch teamantaylor: moon2T moon2T moon2T Shordes: @kurpajutra get pumped haueryou26: too good for a wireless keyboard for playing games…. snob kaiju_boi: Just put the 2nd keyboard on top of the 1st one 4HEad Longknife: But you stream while gaming Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud is it bad that I don’t know which game you are talking about? PepeHands fixions: PepeLaugh furiadonordeste: 🌚 LilacLeaf: Oh that’s smart SiloWang: 36 ShivaQQ: @Elajjaz get a 3rd pc for pressing for splits PogU kurpajutra: @Shordes 14 Champ badenergytroll: 56 Aeonll: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: 13 MaxiMHc: you had 35 @Elajjaz MidgetDude110: elaKek NordicRain: 2 Focus009: It’s only used so when it fails it’s spectacular :p star_light: 53 deepdongus: ahhh alright jozuo: 21 iDersch: 69 Jaushel: 1 Peka1: PepeLaugh SaDiablo: 16 0xSaisaki: 17 sorynache: 2? Galer1ans: FeelsLateMan Denzl: dont you have a streamdeck? Dr_Jan_Itor: Jebaited Kaljumies123: !NaM beginningsnow: NaM BearackObama: NaM lindwormen: Pog kurpajutra: ! monkaW sorynache: Pog nike Kaspu: !nepSmug #UwU Trynchen: !NaM aizawa49: !PogU lindwormen: started too late lindwormen: PepHands reflektioNCS: NaM Drachenreiter: elaK zulul_vi_von_zulul: ! Pog iKeiRo7: tornisDerp Blackbird_SR71C: elaK kurpajutra: elaK SainEdge: ! Pog Amnexiac: NaM Aeonll: elaK Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: elAK Longknife: I look fucking cool Kaspu: elaK Armored_Guy: Kapp kaiju_boi: Kapp RIGGED NordicRain: elaK angryj0nes: LULW so_mald_so_bald: DansGame Ph4ntomi: elaK Dusty_Degenerate: ! LULW SammersFourTwenty: Pog I’m gonna get one Galer1ans: elaK MartinVP: elaK bananaswastakenalready: rooFeels ChickenZePoop: elaK mynameisobserverward: !Kapp TJ_Mellow: elaKek Fullmetalcheese: elaK troublematicc: elaK gint271: DansGame MaxiMHc: you started late 😡 1mpolar: elaWeird impossible Annonn140: elaK Focus009: SCAMMED Peka1: Pog Rokjaw: DansGame YinKuza: lul Nox15: elaK Corpsy: elaK Blackbird_SR71C: Right. elaK p0uet: !PepeHands Larsn2k: I had 10 before you brought it up ๐Ÿ™‚ kurpajutra: elaK uh huh sorynache: pistolRIP zulul_vi_von_zulul: ! elaD Secretberzerker: !LUL DolbyFire: OMEGALUL Llyfrgell: elaREE elaREE elaREE Natrox93: elaK PokerDweebz: elaK kaiju_boi: Kapp Kapp NordicRain: Sure elaK Ph4ntomi: RIGGED skybeaverking: Rigged PepeHands Longknife: Look how cool I am holy shit xxxSmokinACExxx: elaK Miththar: ElaPls kaiju_boi: CoolStoryBob Eldritchness: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady MidgetDude110: elaK Zeuthos: WeirdChamp Natrox93: BibleThump Bas996: Just let someone win everytime iwannagmymom: !Kappa cheeze____: Old intro fighters PepeHands Kaljumies123: a Focus009: SCAMAZ Kaljumies123: !NaM Slaps_Giving: Remove rifle then Riggedi: hey ela n chat elaHi aizawa49: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK f0xh0und86: calebHa kaiju_boi: !AYAYA Syiax_: He lost anyway LUL WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady 0xSaisaki: so we do not win even when we win? PepeHands MalphasJD: elaK WalKingAnCient: wagaMango BroqRox: PepeHands xxxSmokinACExxx: ! BibleThump JouniKari: rifle lost to fist LUL Dr_Jan_Itor: MalphasJD haHAA zulul_vi_von_zulul: ! elaOk SiloWang: AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride werter385624: !Kappa chick3nball: lol have 10 kills ever happened? EvilMuffins1: Time to Kill cohhEvil cohhKnife えりん: NotLikeThis tr0nics: @Elajjaz are u playing the dark souls 1 original or the remastered?? Annonn140: ! ZULUL UltraWindow: they nerfed the machine gun, it no longer heals for 50% Miththar: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Galer1ans: Yes we will AYAYA MalphasJD: Dr_Jan_Itor PepeLaugh kurpajutra: @Longknife Champ Fullmetalcheese: PepeHands rigged Cadien: !Kappa f0xh0und86: amiloScary MyxeQ: How DO I get into one of these battles? Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Not really, the game is dying with every expansion coming PepeHands But it might get revived soonish when it goes back to the Original version Kreygasm bl00dsouls: !WutFace werter385624: !ZULUL GodDamSully: LUL Longknife: NOOOOOOOOOO itsNarga: !lirikANGRY ionicsigger: PogU Longknife: I call hax Galer1ans: As you, we never give up AYAYA GodDamSully: let me in !! Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud Chag meltingnt: ! rooVV FlameGodFlann: i BlessRNG this urn, welcome ela. Lanshii: being able to gift subs is the best thing twitch ever added Rokjaw: When are you planning to do The Titans campaign in AOM ? PepeHands RhaegarTBling: !TriHard 0xSaisaki: a double shoutout Pog thats two times more than usual LUL Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud I might know now Chag Galer1ans: Pog MaxiMHc: GLOD Pog SiloWang: boobies are a gift from heaven ๐Ÿ™‚ jacoblyth: what up egghead Riggedi: zfgGoldOgre mildwonder: dark souls stream Pog kaiju_boi: 3Head Dplanet36: I really need 36 months ela12 Galer1ans: Yeah elaOk Nox15: Pog kurpajutra: PepeLaugh 👉 Trident AvalancheSeph: elaBruv Armored_Guy: 3Head Shordes: wandaful Chag Sapphire_829: yeh Longknife: Goobye MyxeQ: Does anyone else think the 4-year badge looks like a Lunch bag? Yera_the_Priestess: yuliPantsu yuliAYAYA any cuties ? WITO: We need god triden and first try duke skip. ionicsigger: Chag Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted PogU NordicRain: I see it PepeLaugh 👉 🔱 kurpajutra: PepeLaugh 👉 🔱 ChocolateBarni: trident monkaW AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz have a Good run and get WR Sir elaH wandering_pleb: goodbye then FeelsBadMan sviat93: WANderful AYAYA elaYA EvilMuffins1: its coming PepeLaugh MaxiMHc: PepeLaugh 👉 🔱 AnubisYE: PepeLaugh TRIDENT PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: it looks like a golden turd Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Daywalker_99: Yo first time i tune in and its not silver knight armor farming ๐Ÿ˜€ AvalancheSeph: elaBruv ergivanc: @yera_the_priestess AYAYA / kaiju_boi: OMEGADOWN tr0nics: @Elajjaz any specific reason why the original and not the remastered?? ๐Ÿ™‚ hunter523412: @Elajjaz can you explain why frampt doesn’t disappear in the run? when i tried it he disappeared after i talked to kaathe without placing the lordvessel Armored_Guy: 3Head Clap summer___: elaCozy Sapphire_829: Y E H WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz lindwormen: see you in half an hour, trident PepeLaugh 👉 🔱 wyatt123x: elaBruv teamantaylor: Can’t wait for tridents AvalancheSeph: first try Trident summer___: HEY ela and chat elaH timihyuga: fcking raw Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Now that I think about it i’ve killed so many dragons that I don’t even remember elaHmm ionicsigger: 24 hour trident PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: yeah wonderful FeelsGoodMan Clap Longknife: Noooo the egg BibleThump hoobagirl: what weapon is that? Da_Flanker: summer___ essiSmile / V1PMONKEY: @summer___ elaOk / Christoph2442: i never get a notification whenn you go live. i hate it FeelsBadMan WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz kurpajutra: R u gonna deep throat your mic again to get the trident? PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: I’ll sub if you getTrident drop 1st cycle PepeLaugh jacoblyth: god trident coming op angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT jacoblyth: up sviat93: @Elajjaz how are the spiders doing? Ccl0ud: Christoph2442 Just be on time 4Head Steakneck: Steakneck subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @steakneck After 18 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM BearackObama: Kappa Yera_the_Priestess: Chat I’m watching the movie ‘Midsommar’ tonight monkaW hold me Drachenreiter: same day every day Zero_Abyss: elaK timihyuga: same day Lanshii: hoobagirl from the chest? crystal halberd temahaa: temahaa subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Yoo ela, hope you have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: @temahaa I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM NordicRain: i always get a notification when you go live. i hate it FeelsBadMan Amnexiac: elaK Da_Flanker: Never late TheMoltenGuy: same day every day monkaW kaiju_boi: monkaW RonsuDE: Never late elaK Fearswe: Same day every day elaHmm teamantaylor: same day every day moon2POGGYWOGGY Dusty_Degenerate: FeelsPepoMan vihainenkampela: stan Pog BroqRox: D: VineWood0604: monkaW Aeonll: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud but can that game even Fus Ro Dah? PepeLaugh Hevnoraak: monkaW DolbyFire: monkaW WhitestarRL: J OMEGALUL B Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @Steakneck @temahaa soulmarioPOGGERS WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays yet another weeb game | Judgment Highlights – https://youtu.be/ltRZi2uhyAI Nanashi_Sakamoto: FeelsGoodMan PositiveHappyViewer: monkaW ionicsigger: monkaW Draddrick: FeelsGoodMan SaixSoul: monkaW spooder Cloudrunner34: monkaW FlameGodFlann: spiderbro Miththar: SPIDERBRO FeelsGoodMan xxxSmokinACExxx: for what u need the egghead? @elajjaz kaiju_boi: monkaW Where is wasp friend? Focus009: It sounds so insincere: “Yeah, yeah, whatever… Wonderfull and stuff…” summer___: @Elajjaz i once watched your stream the whole day and got the notification at 11pm elaKek ionicsigger: spooderbruv Grimtusk: Spiders PogChamp I have 4 ๐Ÿ˜€ omegapeepo: Your the food MonkaW DeathCoreGTR: I got app on my phone and it’s ALWAYS notifies me (but i watch on a PC) Vesgoth: Spiderfriend? Christoph2442: yea i know. but some time i forget whe have 16 a clock. hoobagirl: thank you! VineWood0604: @Elajjaz What if spider falls on your head? monkaSHAKE ShivaQQ: good thing he has food, so he doesnt feast on us chat monkaW Denzl: Spiderbro doing work FeelsGoodMan Clap kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Hello2030: gachiBASS aizawa49: Ela has a lot of bugs in his home DansGame Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER CasualPleb3: MaN mkzkSeki: gachiBASS Armored_Guy: gachiHYPER BearackObama: HandsUp BroqRox: gachiBASS Rileyhusky: ich komme SaixSoul: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: gachiBASS Nox15: gachiHYPER Dusty_Degenerate: gachiBASS mynameisobserverward: gachiHYPER illethor221: ICH AUCH Miththar: !quote 69 Knat0601: HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: “I wanna go down in that hole.” – 2016, “I need to put something in the hole” – 2017. Elajjaz, still 13 No. 69 Christoph2442: gachiHYPER sviat93: @kaiju_boi wasp eaten alive by spooders LULW Amnexiac: ICH KOMME gachiHYPER Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted I’m not actually sure anymore since there are new abilities in the game LULW vihainenkampela: BlessRNG LilacLeaf: Wait you just let it live in your house? D: kurpajutra: Oh no no no no PepeLaugh Miththar: gachiGASM 0xSaisaki: 1 PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: @sviat93 PepeHands MaxiMHc: i believed PepeHands MidgetDude110: elaKek TRIDENT EvilMuffins1: ITs starting already PepeLaugh retro_raiden: celrGive elias Christoph2442: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands jacoblyth: BibleThump so_mald_so_bald: rip run BearackObama: 4House NordicRain: A sign of things to come PepeLaugh skybeaverking: PepeLaugh BearackObama: monkaW 1mpolar: spiders are friends FeelsGoodMan RonsuDE: spiderbro iceicex: 🕷️ Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: FeelsGoodMan Clap Slaps_Giving: Get a flyscreen kaiju_boi: pepeL tell spiderbro I said hi cusseh: spiderbro FeelsGoodMan V1PMONKEY: spooders elaWut sviat93: FeelsGoodMan haueryou26: whats the spider name? EvilMuffins1: Spooder is a mass murderer @Elajjaz monkaW ionicsigger: Chag free bug repelent Annonn140: FeelsGoodMan lindwormen: PepeLaugh SiloWang: i hate spiders! Turless9000: birds ? LULW TJ_Mellow: elaKek NordicRain: He’ll grow gigantic by eating them monkaW RonsuDE: always 2nd try LULW kaiju_boi: NEJ IKEALUL Zalgovich: LULW ChaosLike: elaKek OrbitalSloth: too early SimonTheDigger8: NEJJ NaikoIshino: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: IKEALUL Yera_the_Priestess: NAAAAAEEE Dusty_Degenerate: LULW kurpajutra: PepeLaugh LewdEverything: DatSheffy Blackbird_SR71C: DansGame RetroH3lix: LULW Kunno1100: LULW Armored_Guy: a fail ChocolateBarni: never 1st try Lanshii: you always fail it MaxiMHc: NAAAAJ Denzl: PepeLaugh summer___: @Elajjaz i bought some really strong indoors bug spray, not gonna allow that shit dude BillyDiedForThis: PepeLaugh ItsCoxy: PepeLaugh vierdanck: thats what spiders are for alright ZavaracLojzo: LULW Christoph2442: PepeLaughs vihainenkampela: LULW 10k hours JammyDrury: OMEGADOWN Thermocrius: NÄE maxk137: f Rileyhusky: Hes laying eggs in your mouth while you sleep FeelsGoodMan lrkr_: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Flashforward: OMEGADOWN Galer1ans: Spiders Kill Mosquitos and flies elaOk Flutebox: Always 2nd try Blackbird_SR71C: elaK mynameisobserverward: PepeLaugh kurpajutra: elaK souldedeh: elaK Sapphire_829: N e j Armored_Guy: Kapp troublematicc: elaK Da_Flanker: elaK NightfallJaeger: OMEGALUL sviat93: elaK One_Eyed_Maestro: Losing to a game PepeLaugh aizawa49: ElaK Flutebox: elaGDM Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud I hope it turns out good I don’t have time anymore to play it PepeHands RetroH3lix: 10K HOURS BTW LUL tumaelso: PepeLaugh 👉 Malding aizawa49: elaK BearackObama: Rileyhusky WutFace retro_raiden: mendoEvil elaYEEHAW CasualPleb3: ElaSmash Blackbird_SR71C: 60% of the time, it works every second time. Kapp BearackObama: WutFace WTF Hello2030: LULW MaxiMHc: old ela would have gotten it 1st try 1mpolar: LULW dukenukem641: LUL chrisw_de: WutFace Hevnoraak: LUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaOP Dusty_Degenerate: OpieOP ChocolateBarni: LULW jacoblyth: LULW Armored_Guy: OpieOP MeccaMaster: GAINZ LilacLeaf: Ah that’s fair. The spiders I get are poisonous PepeHands Ccl0ud: LULW borismo_: k illethor221: LULW Christoph2442: OMEGALUL BearackObama: WutFace Kaspu: elaOP Cloudrunner34: monkaW Aeonll: elaOP Draddrick: LULW ZonaGeeWon: monkaW excuse me mynameisobserverward: LULW Miththar: gachiHYPER OrbitalSloth: but they burry em cusseh: yummie troublematicc: PepeLaugh Kunno1100: OMEGALUL kaiju_boi: LULW mizoreeee: I got a spieder in my bathroom that catched every fly but then it roped down and got scared so i flushed it down the toilet :/ Hello2030: okaaaay so_mald_so_bald: always PepeLaugh NordicRain: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan levi66: LULW Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh timihyuga: 2nd try Kappa ChaosLike: PepeLaugh 2 kurpajutra: OMEGADOWN RIP RUN OMEGADOWN EvilMuffins1: LULW chick3nball: reset BillyDiedForThis: OMEGADOWN BTRNDL: second try elaKek Cloudrunner34: 2nd try LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh garliced: Free protein TriHard Annonn140: gachiHYPER ergivanc: rip run DatSouls: monkaS Ccl0ud: rip run PepeHands Febox: PepeLaugh HERE WE GO insurrectionist89: LUL Lilystery: LULW endalivar: second second try Amnexiac: elaYesOkay dude Deid_: OMEGALUL Blackbird_SR71C: Well, RIP run PepeHands Armored_Guy: always 3rd try ๐Ÿ™‚ Glenshane: PepeLaugh Hello2030: @Elajjaz “HE’s” laying eggs LULW chick3nball: don’t worry ela, first trident will make it all worth it gael_the_knight: Third Time FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan aizawa49: Eggs for Protein gachiBASS Christoph2442: but its not vegan elaMad @Elajjaz Kapp 0xSaisaki: on my way from work today i got 2 bugs inn my mouth, one in my eye and a fat ass fly got stuck in my bicycle helmet LUL kaiju_boi: @Hello2030 LULW TJ_Mellow: elaOk kurpajutra: PepeLaugh haueryou26: This is where runs die One_Eyed_Maestro: OMEGALUL retro_raiden: do not sleep with headphone elaB shikifujin16: what can majorly ruin this run ??? xxxSmokinACExxx: second try elaKek elaKek insurrectionist89: ??? Grimtusk: Almost would have been just as fast doing the jail LUL Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Oh I don’t think i’m gonna waste another ~6years of my life to it LULW Knat0601: PepeLaugh NightfallJaeger: WeirdChamp daddywojo: NotLikeThis CommanBear: OMEN OF THINGS TO COME Chag ThaddeusSire: thank god for in game time lol kurpajutra: Red split PepeLaugh 1mpolar: PepeLaugh WhitestarRL: LUL ChocolateBarni: PepeHands Febox: PepeLaugh shikifujin16: RUINED Glenshane: PepeLaugh Clap BearackObama: PepeHands Cloudrunner34: OMEGALUL GodDamSully: Hey @Elajjaz Are you excited for TLOU part 2? Or nah ? iDersch: dead run PepeLaugh VineWood0604: PepeHands Nox15: PepeLaugh Knur_therealhog: PJSalt Raykess25: PepeHands jacoblyth: RIP Run One_Eyed_Maestro: oh no no no PepeLaugh levi66: PepeLaugh Clap Armored_Guy: malding PepeLaugh Yera_the_Priestess: yuliSmol ItsCoxy: gold incoming Pogey Aeonll: PepeLaugh mald Xrveal: Just go to jail 4head insurrectionist89: Patched Kappa iamsparta231: LULW WASHED UP STREAMER stormgamesyes: washed up JouniKari: @shikifujin16 he has to farm trident, that might take a while iLostToLife: PepeLaugh Choking SpireFacts: This skip is more cancerous than any of the evilest road in Sekiro V1PMONKEY: 6 minutes later elaK Pizza_Bread: @Elajjaz do you have any plans to do a God of War Marathon this year? SlimSlendy: RIP run Nox15: MALDING PepeLaugh Dusty_Degenerate: PepeHands choke NordicRain: “really good run” PepeLaugh EvilMuffins1: Impatience PepeHands teamantaylor: moon2BOO Blackbird_SR71C: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you fail that skip before ela monkaS Knur_therealhog: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt supersupras: 🤣 haydenl: haydenl subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @haydenl the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM levi66: MALDING PepeLaugh kaiju_boi: PepeHands Flutebox: RIP like subjectively 18 seconds Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Christoph2442: PepeHands 0xSaisaki: anyways PepeHands wandering_pleb: FeelsBadMan Galer1ans: SUB HYPE @haydenl soulmarioPOGGERS retro_raiden: @yera_the_priestess Cute priestess celrAww wyatt123x: PepeHands Clap Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud kinda scary to think when you look back Blackbird_SR71C: HandsUp Glenshane: PepeHands 0xSaisaki: PogU kaiju_boi: Pog ? ionicsigger: Chag mynameisobserverward: PogU xxxSmokinACExxx: Maldness is takin over elaHmm elaKek MaxiMHc: Pog Christoph2442: Chag Armored_Guy: Clap Galer1ans: I BELIEVE!! ALWAYS!! One_Eyed_Maestro: FIRST TRY PogU ddaaveee: FIRST TRY! TJ_Mellow: elaKek GabrielMugnol: Saved PogU kkoja: 2nd try Chag Cloudrunner34: Pog Clap MalphasJD: Chag ItsCoxy: First try Pog mynameisobserverward: FIRST TRY PogU Glenshane: Pog Christoph2442: LULW Galer1ans: elaK Armored_Guy: Kapp FlaskofPureMojo: First try Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: OMEGALUL Miththar: HYPERCLAP ChaosLike: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: elaK theres nothing i can do shield again DatSouls: Pog marckvdv: just get the trident ๐Ÿ™‚ RetroH3lix: 10K HOURS BTW LUL Glenshane: elaK 0xSaisaki: nth try Pog shikifujin16: are you planning to get on some fallout ??? Abhraxaz: Pog HYPERCLAP jacoblyth: 0rd try POg Caput_Draconis: Pog BearackObama: HandsUp Galer1ans: BlessRNG Blackbird_SR71C: BlessRNG doncallisto: BUT IT’S A FIRST TRY Pog INCREDIBLE kaiju_boi: BlessRNG Riggedi: BlessRNG NordicRain: PepeLaugh Febox: BlessRNG Deid_: BlessRNG Nanashi_Sakamoto: HandsUp kurpajutra: elaKek He dosent know retro_raiden: effBless marosh__: you get the trident first try. call it Pog SamuraiEdgeplay: HandsUp time to abuse the mic for luck Yera_the_Priestess: @retro_raiden yuliStab Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Armored_Guy: PepeLaugh BearackObama: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands MalphasJD: PepeHands Glenshane: PepeHands shikifujin16: @JouniKari i figured elaHmm Galer1ans: FeelsBadMan ChaosLike: deepthroat for luck BlessRNG Miththar: FeelsBadMan TheH3llraiser: dont forget the gachiHYPER RNG ela Ph4ntomi: reset PepeLaugh BearackObama: it begins NotLikeThis MidgetDude110: elaKek its starting retro_raiden: @yera_the_priestess mendoS MyxeQ: Suck the Mic FOr Luck! skybeaverking: PepeLaugh restart Kaljumies123: deepthroat FlameGodFlann: you didn’t ask me directly ๐Ÿ™‚ troublematicc: trident farming PepeLaugh Pizza_Bread: is New Vegas done? star_light: no Knur_therealhog: No. Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted I can relive the nostalgia through streams enough, I think… we’ll see kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Deid_: gachiHYPER Dusty_Degenerate: gachiHYPER Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER retro_raiden: naroRage cohhML elaYEEHAW Daaarling02: eluL mizoreeee: remember when i said if you get the trident in the 1st rotation you can ban me for a week ? well yea that never happend ๐Ÿ™‚ duumed: PepeLaugh summer___: CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER 1. run killing hollow 2. failed duke skip 3. No trident Cloudrunner34: gachiHYPER gael_the_knight: Why do you need those items? @Elajjaz Yera_the_Priestess: ratirlStare Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud same PepeHands FlameGodFlann: Ever played Witcher games ela? ChocolateBarni: @Elajjaz where do you learned this spell “there’s nothing I can do” that helps you every time leonardo6785: is this the wr urn ? Galer1ans: @gael_the_knight Foe the achievement Galer1ans: For* Cloudrunner34: sumSmash mrfailatlife: D: kaskelott_: D: Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Yeah, it’s scary. It’s the biggest mistake / regret in my life PepeHands jozuo: did he get the trident? how many tries? BearackObama: DansGame EXPLAIN Kaspu: Witcher OMEGALUL miscusi: new stream game Pog Tasarion: elaWeird Nanashi_Sakamoto: DansGame MalphasJD: mizoreeee Ela likes you so much he hacks the game to never get god trident PepeHands retro_raiden: Mario maker triHYPERS V1PMONKEY: @mizoreeee i member when fear said ela can unmod him and mod thirsty shark instead if he got trident in a 3 cycle leonardo6785: !wr Amnexiac: gael_the_knight all rare weapons achievement i think Galer1ans: ElaCOOL Seikisu: elaKek Ela will never finished Witcher 3 PositiveHappyViewer: triHarder Temiblor: xephHi leonardo6785: whats the wr for this ? Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted But it is what it is, can’t change it. Must keep going forward elaSmile tbm157: why do people say this place looks unfinished? Blood_Rooted: @Ccl0ud you always learn from experiences, even that pepeL MalphasJD: retro_raiden naroLove retro_raiden: triAYA Fearswe: @V1PMONKEY @mizoreeee No, I only said to unmod me. Krazy was the one who wanted to get modded kaiju_boi: Forsen is no. 1 Cyasiatic: @Elajjaz you said you wanted an official version of the last Dimash song i linked? it’s finally here, just say when you’re taking a break and i’ll link it SammersFourTwenty: sub 1hr retro_raiden: @malphasjd cirHappy elaH kaiju_boi: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: V1PMONKEY yea what fear said i remember that LUL V1PMONKEY: @Fearswe oh right my bad ^^ Llyfrgell: PepoDance Because_we_said_so: elaS elaS elaS elaS elaS Cloudrunner34: PepoDance Gnash97: @kaiju_boi good one LULW stormgamesyes: @kaiju_boi LUL jacoblyth: why not top 1 @Elajjaz ? OMEGAÆUL Caput_Draconis: PepoDance Aeonll: IKEALUL mynameisobserverward: LULW Christophersopranos: PepoDance Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW kaiju_boi: HALLO Emzero: LULW Didrarin: hallo? wandering_pleb: IKEALUL greyfacenospace123: danO angryj0nes: IKEALUL AIM rainasu: HALLÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ MalphasJD: LULW Da_Flanker: HALLO Christoph2442: hi mkzkSeki: hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Febox: ZULUL ALLO MaxiMHc: HALLO wyatt123x: hALLOOO DolbyFire: IKEALUL Cloudrunner34: hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Blood_Rooted: IKEALUL Nox15: ZULUL ThunderZBee: Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Samppsom: HALLO streamer ๐Ÿ™‚ / Omiyage2: pepeJAM Miththar: OMEGLOL Lanshii: famours svensk sniper retro_raiden: allo elias organi2Hi BroqRox: AYAYA moschi mosh! ChocolateBarni: swensk ikea aimer i see siavash119: sony censoring GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz you need to beat 2:49:10 to get in the top 3 Nomality: 2:49:10 is 3rd flowtheowl: @Elajjaz 2 hours 49 Minutes is #3 Staudi99: @Elajjaz 2:49:10 NaxHPL Ccl0ud: Blood_Rooted Yeah, always try to experience everything you can elaSmile miscusi: wtf is hallowa LULW kurpajutra: Here we go PepeLaugh Cloudrunner34: PepeLaugh MrLismos: first is 2:41:13 hunter523412: timeloss PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: trident monkaW PickPounce3000: Anyone know if there going to be Fallout today? Secklolzzz: isbilen soon Heksyll: elaD dont beath him Bcloner: naxx out Pog Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER beat him up PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh Trident time oh no no no Larg0s: PogU knacks? kaiju_boi: gachiBASS Febox: SubNax WHEN PepeLaugh Omiyage2: gachiBASS kebabsouls: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: naxx out? PogU Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS Cloudrunner34: gachiBASS Ccl0ud: NAxx is out already Pog ? Nox15: gachiHYPER rami730: same gachiHYPER Christoph2442: gachiHYPER mynameisobserverward: gachiHYPER MalphasJD: @Elajjaz was Seath really a dragon ? I mean, he’s the only dragon in the game who doesn’t drop a dragon sca…..Oh wait PepeLaugh Radausfall: master 2:41:13 Thisisprox 2:48:43 NaxHPL 2:49:10 @Elajjaz Staudi99: Noobest got a 6 hour run on the leaderboard LUL greyfacenospace123: danGachi Febox: gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! AlexFavela: gachiHYPER DolbyFire: +1 hr on trident PepeLaugh +1 hr on trident PepeLaugh +1 hr on trident PepeLaugh timihyuga: gachiBOP 😂 MyxeQ: @Elajjaz You dont even have a run on here Lanshii: PickPounce3000 probably after this angryj0nes: PepeLaugh 👉 TRIDENT insurrectionist89: Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ BearackObama: HandsUp PickPounce3000: cool thanks @Lanshii RonsuDE: HandsUp mizoreeee: HandsUp Aeonll: HandsUp Amnexiac: HandsUp GabrielMugnol: HandsUp Febox: HandsUp iLostToLife: HandsUp Dr_Jan_Itor: HandsUp Peka1: HandsUp PositiveHappyViewer: HandsUp Blood_Rooted: HandsUp Ph4ntomi: no ๐Ÿ™‚ LitPord: HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp kurpajutra: no elaSmile WrestlerBot2000: 11x HandsUp double digit combo Pog JubJubWantRubRubs: HandsUp Lanshii: HandsUp Fullmetalcheese: monkaH TheMoltenGuy: HandsUp vihainenkampela: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Deid_: HandsUp JammyDrury: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Riggedi: HandsUp Grimesi: HandsUp Nanashi_Sakamoto: HandsUp Kaspu: \ AYAYA / Da_Flanker: HandsUp mynameisobserverward: HandsUp SammersFourTwenty: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Galer1ans: HandsUp troublematicc: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp NordicRain: no PepeLaugh Leo_Fara: HandsUp MidgetDude110: HandsUp teamantaylor: Noobest was doing the runs before wrong warp was discovered and it took forever MalphasJD: No elaSmile Omiyage2: HandsUp ChocolateBarni: HandsUp Caput_Draconis: HandsUp retro_raiden: HandsUp Draddrick: HandsUp Kashimazuki: HandsUp Elfualoco2003: no laststand66: AYAYA Virhaed: HandsUp Didrarin: HandsUp ionicsigger: HandsUp jac0blee: HandsUp Geralt_of_Syria: HandsUp Christophersopranos: HandsUp Mrtriggahigga: HandsUp so_mald_so_bald: HandsUp star_light: HandsUp kalahulika: HandsUp hunter523412: HandsUp Bcloner: HandsUp Dusty_Degenerate: HandsUp SnuggleTheHuggle: AYAYA sp1tr: HandsUp retro_raiden: elaHYUG SouSousen: HandsUp Styil: HandsUp HYDRA Miththar: HandsUp 1mpolar: HandsUp Slaps_Giving: no ๐Ÿ™‚ TheGibaruh: HandsUp Ccl0ud: How about elaSmile jusapoika: HandsUp MaxiMHc: @Elajjaz DONT FORGET gachiHYPER MyxeQ: (Hands Up) (Hands Up) (Hands Up) (Hands Up) (Hands Up) go_green: HandsUp kebabsouls: gachiHYPER for the rng Miththar: OMEGLOL Rogueain: kanYe tr0nics: UpHands Because_we_said_so: celNice celNice celNice celNice celNice jacoblyth: HandsUp deepdongus: HandsUp Type4J: rescDD TheDrunkenWhale: HandsUp AlexFavela: HandsUp Cheapcat: nepSmug / Fullmetalcheese: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiHYPER HandsUp GkBanez: TableHere deepthroat for Elis TableHere ZonaGeeWon: you’d be 4th rooIsee Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp IamAMeatPopscicle: praise the trident vihainenkampela: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE Captain_PogChamp: HandsUp JinM0: HandsUp Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER Amnexiac: HandsUp hands up HANDS UP HAAAAAANDS UP! Staudi99: yeah I see it’s a 5 year old run francerex: death run, it is clear Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER Suck your mic for luck retro_raiden: No i won’t klinkGrump Fullmetalcheese: BlessRNG cheeze____: HandsUp GIVE LAKKI WEEB DEEPTHROAT TRIDENT HandsUp illethor221: LOGANG MyxeQ: Deep THroat For Weeb Luck mizoreeee: Chat cant even get a combo more than 10 WeirdChamp lalka118: @Elajjaz are any plans for Heretic? Temiblor: xephBless Gnash97: HandsUp shikifujin16: why can i see that emote? can anyone help me with the question captain_elsewhere: SAUSAGES HandsUp SAUSAGES HandsUp SAUSAGES HandsUp SAUSAGES HandsUp SAUSAGES HandsUp SAUSAGES HandsUp Christoph2442: firt try and i donate 100€ TomppiZ: HandsUp rhizoid1: gachiBOP Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP Ph4ntomi: gachiBASS Knur_therealhog: HandsUp NordicRain: PepeLaugh ChocolateBarni: HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp averagehandsomeboy: mimic head jusapoika: gachiBASS kurpajutra: ICH KOMME TheMoltenGuy: gachiHYPER SO AM I Kazeith: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG PositiveHappyViewer: gachiBOP Byte_Shifter: HandsUp angryj0nes: Ela if you say LAKKY AYAYA you get the TRIDENT Because_we_said_so: agilPog agilPog agilPog agilPog agilPog agilPog randomweeb69: HandsUp Amnexiac: Pog so_mald_so_bald: Kapp vihainenkampela: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE Larg0s: monkaW kaiju_boi: 3Head Euro lads Blood_Rooted: if you deepthroat mic guaranteed 100% drop @Elajjaz Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp iLostToLife: HandsUp kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Miththar: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: Big money Chag gold_dante: gachiHYPER xxxSmokinACExxx: MercyWing1 MercyWing2 Fullmetalcheese: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Amnexiac: gachiAPPROVE mkzkSeki: gachiHYPER ionicsigger: PogU Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER GabrielMugnol: gachiHYPER kebabsouls: gachiHYPER for the rng sp1tr: Pog kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Christophersopranos: gachiHYPER Pog Elfualoco2003: gachiHYPER Christoph2442: fck me LitPord: gachiHYPER Peka1: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Aeonll: Pog kurpajutra: Champ Kusocheg: gachiHYPER skomerko: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog illethor221: LMFAO TheMoltenGuy: Pog QUOTE_ME_IF_HE_THROWS: PogU so_mald_so_bald: PogU Saltarv: PogU NordicRain: Pog U ZonaGeeWon: Pog Because_we_said_so: PogChamp jacoblyth: POg vihainenkampela: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp I BELIEVE NaikoIshino: Pog Kevintaku: Chag Geralt_of_Syria: PogU Mor0_: LOL Wuxia: do deepthroat for max luck ela POGGERS Riggedi: Pog sviat93: Pog Deid_: Pog hunter523412: GachiHyper WITO: Pog iLostToLife: Pog WTF Ph4ntomi: EZ 100 Pog Xetise: Clap2 troublematicc: Champ Didrarin: gachiHyper TheRipMan: Pog Ccl0ud: 1st try is already done LULW ZavaracLojzo: Pog Jaushel: HOLY SHIT Cursed_Spectre: gachiHYPER Grimesi: gachiHYPER detective_columbo: Pog laststand66: Pog Virhaed: Pog BearackObama: Champ Dr_Jan_Itor: gachiHYPER FlaskofPureMojo: Pog Omiyage2: PogU Samppsom: gachiHYPER Pog AnubisYE: Pog haleixazulro: Pog greyfacenospace123: danD Raykess25: Pog ratritual: POGGERS Christoph2442: fuck me tumaelso: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Tasarion: PogU Galer1ans: SII CARAJO!!! dwarfzao: gachiHYPER thePUNisher5: Pog evilmarmot42: Pog Amnexiac: 100 Pog Aynethol: POG deepdongus: POG DarkWingsAzrael: gachiHYPER garbageman520: DAMN MalphasJD: INSANE Chag Zeret: Pog JubJubWantRubRubs: WERE RICH BOYS gachiHYPER Samppsom: LULW rubyyacht: Pog Besti_: Pog Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh jac0blee: gachiHYPER Zero_Abyss: Pog TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER ALWAYS WORKS Byte_Shifter: Pog Nox15: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER WITO: I WAS HERE Gnash97: gachiHYPER hunter523412: gachiHYPER Leeegit: gachiHYPER Cloudrunner34: gachiHYPER I BELIEVED kurpajutra: EZ money Clap BillyDiedForThis: gachiHYPER AngryKerstin: Pog angryj0nes: I WAS HER Pog HYPERCLAP Xetise: ruined ๐Ÿ™‚ wandering_pleb: Champ Kashimazuki: HandsUp I BELIEVED FlaskofPureMojo: I WAS HERE Draddrick: ooooooohhhhhhhh shiiieeeeeet so_mald_so_bald: 100 euro Jebaited ChocolateBarni: HERE WE GO cheeze____: no fucking way dude LULW Ccl0ud: This was the second try LULW Dusty_Degenerate: gachiHYPER HandsUp gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: -100 PepeLaugh starfoex: I WAS HERE Pog MitsuoK: PogChamp Omiyage2: Got too excited LULW Swift_chamois: pay the man Miththar: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Akendar: I WAS HERE Nomality: thats a fat hundo Abhraxaz: Pog HYPERCLAP Christoph2442: ok. give me a minute Deid_: gachiHYPER RNG Gbraga: Pog SaDiablo: Pog MeccaMaster: -100 LULW Mor0_: PAY UP DUDE Kazeith: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Wuxia: nice hax FeelsWeirdMan Lanshii: shikifujin16 do you have ffz installed? it’s a plugin captain_elsewhere: getting too excited elaC grim_alex95: atpRtsd atpRtsd JoeyC___123: mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps mikefa1EZClaps deepdongus: I WAS HERE Aynethol: ABSOLUTE INSANE LUCK AND NO DEEPTHROAT MIC bigdonger: Jebaiter AlexFavela: Pog ilikestuffandanime: 100 EUROS PogU LilacLeaf: Pog daddywojo: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ vihainenkampela: gachiHYPER WE DID IT BOYS Flutebox: 100 REAL EUROPEAN EUROS ela13k ela13k ela13k ela13k elaGDM elaGDM elaGDM elaGDM elaGDM Knur_therealhog: its cuz of us BillyDiedForThis: Champ gachiHYPER bigdonger: Jebaited Miththar: LULW TomppiZ: Ez 100$ chick3nball: @Elajjaz you’re rich like the Sarge now TheMoltenGuy: HE’S HOLDING HIS WORD Pog Da_Flanker: RIP 100 Saltarv: -€100 LULW Paltta: gachiHYPER Cloudrunner34: WEEBS OUT gachiHYPER SilentKnight501: LUL FlameGodFlann: i did that 4u ๐Ÿ™‚ TheRipMan: https://clips.twitch.tv/VastMistyGarageTooSpicy mizoreeee: EZ HONDOS MaxiMHc: 100€ BITCH LULW lindwormen: Jebaited for the luck. rhizoid1: Chag sorynache: @Christoph2442 better donate monkaX kaiju_boi: 💿 2 tigeralum11: I was HeRe PositiveHappyViewer: pay up FeelsWeirdMan Fullmetalcheese: DEEPTHROAT THE MIC gachiCOOL SammersFourTwenty: 2? forsenJoy mizoreeee: you wish Geralt_of_Syria: didnt say gachiHYPER Ccl0ud: Chat, that was the second try tho elaMad MalphasJD: @Elajjaz enjoy this run that you will never beat if pb LULW 0xSaisaki: dont push your luck kid kaiju_boi: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: BACK TO BACK illethor221: LMFAO gold_dante: gachiBASS Aynethol: HAHAHA Spindlyy: moon2L sp1tr: gachiBASS Didrarin: gachiBASS Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Cloudrunner34: LULW MeccaMaster: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS Miththar: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: DO IT gachiBASS Styil: gachiHYPER MarfMeff: gachiBASS greyfacenospace123: danGachi CommanBear: keep dreaming boi Knat0601: gachiBOP Grimesi: gachiHYPER YES retro_raiden: elaMad forsenKnife forsenMald Zero_Abyss: elaWeird Elfualoco2003: gachiHYPER OKAY Knur_therealhog: gachiBASS Larg0s: @Christoph2442 FeelsWeirdMan wheres the money MidgetDude110: gachiBASS DO IT Deid_: gachiBASS Paranoid_Metroid: FeelsWeirdMan k TheH3llraiser: gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: gachiCOOL nemnolph: elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW elaYEEHAW Aynethol: ABSOLUTE MAD LAD Gbraga: MONEEY Knur_therealhog: u can suck mic anyway AnubisYE: 100€? ๐Ÿ™‚ Galer1ans: lookout Ela, once you do it, you can’t stop it elaOk NightfallJaeger: WeirdChamp TheMoltenGuy: @Larg0s he said give him a minute elaMad neuromancerking666: and you have already done that Febox: where is the dono ๐Ÿ™‚ wyatt123x: elaGasm gold_dante: WHERE IS MY 100 euros? LULW angryj0nes: This maybe is a PB Ela big_blaster: pay up Christoph2442: @Larg0s dode. wait mizoreeee: Larg0s he said give me a Minute WeirdChamp kurpajutra: where is the money ๐Ÿ™‚ BroqRox: miyaaaaaaaaaaaaazaaaakiiiii vihainenkampela: scammed ๐Ÿ™‚ Larg0s: @mizoreeee no ๐Ÿ™‚ Staudi99: now just gotta pray for the black knight weapons Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER BearackObama: gachiBASS Clap OK Cloudrunner34: gachiHYPER Captain_PogChamp: 💯 Jebaited MalphasJD: gachiBASS TheMoltenGuy: gachiHYPER Ccl0ud: @Elajjaz You can’t accept his donation because that was the second try for the trident elaMad Didrarin: gachiBASS PositiveHappyViewer: gachiBASS OK Samppsom: gachiHYPER Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER gold_dante: gachiBASS tumaelso: gachiHYPER Soultrez: gachiHYPER Amnexiac: gachiHYPER jozuo: it was probably some little kid that has never even seen 100€ in his life fixermash: gachiBASS rhizoid1: forsenWC 92Karlzone: Get a PB SON! I have faith in your krypskytte käre Elias SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 elaCheer1 Flutebox: Quickmaths Aynethol: still no 100 euro 🤔 LitPord: @Elajjaz why did you TP back after great magic shield? sorynache: @Christoph2442 pay up pistolDOIT CommanBear: that shoot was sponsored by Nerdy Chag Blood_Rooted: HandsUp Geralt_of_Syria: Meme stream Champ Amnexiac: plan it DansGame Febox: meme strum PepeHands TheLastZael: NO MEME STREAM PepeHands kaiju_boi: PepeHands I quit my job to get meme stream on Friday vsoulpen: abusing gashi meme WeirdChamp angryj0nes: Never meme stream PepeHands kaskelott_: Weeb stream friday elaWeird JubJubWantRubRubs: krippSKYTE LYL Gnash97: the what? elaWut V1PMONKEY: @Dr_Jan_Itor but then its gonna be only weeb songs elaFeels vihainenkampela: resurrection by erection gachiHYPER Type4J: DS3 viewer run PepeHands phenthom: selfish streamer PepeHands mizoreeee: I sold my kitney for a meme stream PepeHands jacoblyth: Never meme stream PepeHands so_mald_so_bald: more rng FeelsGoodMan Clap tutufuzi: no NV today? Dr_Jan_Itor: V1PMONKEY we will fight the weebs billyReady Aynethol: no donation! feelsbad chat Sephonia44: roo7 shikifujin16: @Lanshii i do not where can i get it from bro kaiju_boi: OMEGALUL TheMoltenGuy: LULW Didrarin: LUL iLostToLife: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: O O F Astrotello: @Elajjaz 3rd place is a 2:49:10 mynameisobserverward: LULW jac0blee: LUL sp1tr: OMEGALUL Christophersopranos: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW Peka1: LULW Cloudrunner34: LULW kurpajutra: I sold my brain for a meme stream elaGa angryj0nes: LULW Raykess25: OMEGALUL evilmarmot42: OMEGALUL Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN mizoreeee: what ? Larg0s: LULW EvilMuffins1: Jebaited Aeonll: LULW MalphasJD: LULW Gbraga: LULW HEWSTI: PepeLaugh Febox: LULW atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Senpai_Hena: LULW TheLastZael: OMEGALUL Deid_: LULW tbm157: logan PepeHands jacoblyth: LULW bonne372: LUL Caput_Draconis: LULW Amnexiac: Jebaited neopetcom: Jebaited averagehandsomeboy: f Saltarv: LULW Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh CasualPleb3: OMEGALUL emorium: LUL Stelthasin: NotLikeThis LUL vihainenkampela: LULW 10K hours TomppiZ: oofas Thelastknight14: Jebaited NordicRain: LULW THROWING summer___: mizoreeee i’m on the market for kidneys, where do i sign up? Gnash97: PepeLaugh erkel_: LULW MartinVP: Jebaited TheRipMan: LULW BillyDiedForThis: OMEGADOWN Nox15: LULW Omiyage2: OMEGALUL CHOKE greyfacenospace123: danO danO danO Aequilux: LULW tumaelso: OMEGLOL lindwormen: LULW Cheapcat: haHAA fixermash: F Isococo77: LUL troublematicc: PepeLaugh MeccaMaster: ACTING J0hnnyBlade: agh gachiGASM Oxyq_p: LUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Spindlyy: f BearackObama: OMEGALUL Kenzil09: Jebaited Ccl0ud: LULW Nice Real_Eugene: LUL y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Jaklie: LULW tumaelso: OMEGADOWN dwarfzao: LULW Dracconfoo: LUL Christoph2442: @Elajjaz I want to transfer with klarna and it is blocked. Why? i cannot donate. wtf Aeonll: PepeLaugh MidgetDude110: LULW RESET MalphasJD: NEW FROGS PepeLaugh Galer1ans: This affects the run? RetroH3lix: 10K HOURS BTW LULW Abyssadin: elaK Ph4ntomi: R E S E T sorynache: choker LULW Flutebox: Same troll, same time cheeze____: I cant believe the run is dead PepeLaugh NightfallJaeger: FeelsWeirdMan Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz that’s what you get for no memestream elaMad foosan5: Jebaited MeccaMaster: NICE ACTING TheMoltenGuy: Jebaited kaiju_boi: C H OMEGALUL K E D fixions: choke LULW Aynethol: dont mess up! instantly messes up …. PepeHands ZonaGeeWon: Clap V1PMONKEY: @vihainenkampela power wolf good taste of music sir trizzeMLADY Croissanito: Jebaited Geralt_of_Syria: Jebaited Amnexiac: 11/10 actor wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh MyNameLacksImagination: Jebaited Christophersopranos: Jebaited BillyDiedForThis: so bad OMEGADOWN J0hnnyBlade: Jebaited gold_dante: Jebaited 1mpolar: Jebaited TheAlbinoBaskerville: RIP RUN LUL angryj0nes: Jebaited Captain_PogChamp: LUL Virhaed: Jebaited Knur_therealhog: Jebaited Christoph2442: i can try it again but idk ionicsigger: WOW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Deid_: Jebaited fixions: Jebaited Jaklie: Jebaited Tidesson: 20k hours LU Staudi99: seriously you fell for that guys? tumaelso: Jebaited neopetcom: Sure LULW cusseh: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: Jebaited MidgetDude110: Jebaited hunter523412: Jebaited emorium: ๐Ÿ™ i did Lemonsponge: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: SO FUCKING EZ Jebaited Didrarin: Jebaited TurranMC: I fell for it LUL MissDina: Jebaited XxWilsyXx: Jebaited wyatt123x: ela3 ela3 MitsuoK: Kappa Omiyage2: PepeLaugh MarfMeff: Jebaited insurrectionist89: NotLikeThis Da_Flanker: Nice Twitch acting kaiju_boi: LULW HE DOESN’T KNOW mizoreeee: summer___ there is this thing called black marked really popoular Kapp Ccl0ud: Oh my god LULW Caput_Draconis: Jebaited Cloudrunner34: Pog Clap MyNameLacksImagination: Twitch acting PepeLaugh maxk137: flamuQ Zero_Abyss: New frogs PepeLaugh dwarfzao: Jebaited TheLastZael: A C T I N G fixions: he got me PepeHands Abbynaire: LULW Focus009: Aren’t the black Knight weapons guaranteed drop from the last Black Knight which wields that weapon? star_light: OSCAR WORTHY ACTING PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh they didn’t know Wuxia: Jebaited Radausfall: i fall for it PepeHands NordicRain: PepeLaugh Stelthasin: rip stream ? Aynethol: I fell for it PepeHands ionicsigger: unironically fell for it PepeHands CasualPleb3: FeelsWeirdMan 1mpolar: not knowing PepeLaugh Thmss: gottem cusseh: twitch acting on point POGGERS Deid_: PepeLaugh NEW FROGS so_mald_so_bald: EZ Galer1ans: elaEZ Clap ChocolateBarni: PepeLaugh MalphasJD: Not as good as Sekiro snake Ela PepeLaugh Nox15: Jebaited Miththar: RIP URN FeelsBadMan kaskelott_: Ez Clap Geralt_of_Syria: New friends Jebaited Paltta: newfrogs pretending they didn’t fall for it PepeLaugh teamantaylor: moon23 moon24 Lanshii: shikifujin16 just look up ffz plugin on your browser fixions: streamer making fun of me PepeHands vihainenkampela: @V1PMONKEY thank you sir gachiBASS marosh__: I believed you PepeHands Flutebox: Chad=easy bait MaxiMHc: i was thinking “wtf, its all good” LULW TheMoltenGuy: PepeLaugh CommanBear: I got Jebaited for real FeelsBadMan BearackObama: WutFace Blood_Rooted: I didn’t know PepeLaugh laststand66: ela got me PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: newfrogs PepeLaugh Amnexiac: elaKek Eldritchness: PepeLaugh LitPord: return of the sweedish actor PepeLaugh Christophersopranos: Bully PepeHands Gnasherus: that was some youtube reaction channel level acting Tasarion: elaKek Eizen_5: teeheee MidgetDude110: LULW WE GOT HIM BOYS LULW he thought we fell for it LULW so_mald_so_bald: PepeLaugh they didint know Corpsy: ela12 i didnt fall for it, u didnt get me strimer mizoreeee: for a moment i thought youre just elaGa jacoblyth: PepeHands MeccaMaster: legit that was best one yet though fixions: i trusted you PepeHands kaiju_boi: monkaW frog noises MyxeQ: Damnit @Elajjaz You Jerbaited a 4-year. I was typying a Sad donation message too. ysAndy: sfhESY BillyDiedForThis: Jebaited PepeHands Aynethol: I didnt know PepeHands Spindlyy: he got me Jebaited XxWilsyXx: PepeHands lindwormen: PepeLaugh every time Astrotello: @Elajjaz 3rd place is a 2:49:10 cusseh: they didn’t know PepeLaugh Kazeith: i didn’t understand anything, so… Kayster222: Kayster222 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! What up Ela TheLastZael: New Frogs PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @kayster222 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM haueryou26: Shameful behavior, you make use trust you and then you betray that trust RingusSlaterfist: AAAH- gachiGASM Christoph2442: @Elajjaz I want to transfer with klarna and it is blocked. Why? Christoph2442: maybe i try it later again Aynethol: I lacked the necessary information PepeHands CommanBear: THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES PepeHands Legend_Of_Jan: Bloodborne Crows monkaW 92Karlzone: Have belieffff @elajjaz TheMoltenGuy: @Christoph2442 Klarna monkaTOS Flutebox: The slaughter of the noodles Wuxia: @Kazeith you didnt know PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: @Christoph2442 nice Jebaited torasamu: @Elajjaz are you a gachi? Dr_Jan_Itor: 5Head Galer1ans: 5Head sp1tr: OMEGALUL jozuo: weird that all firekeeper souls aren’t an achievement angryj0nes: LULW Skarloth: lmao Blackbird_SR71C: LUL so_mald_so_bald: LULW hunter523412: wait Ph4ntomi: HACKERMAN Lemonsponge: LULW TheMoltenGuy: 5Head kazooie108: what Deid_: 5Head tumaelso: 5Head Gbraga: LULW FlabbyOtter: wat??? Aequilux: 5Head AMSTHEGREAT: wut TurranMC: LOL fixermash: whaat Febox: 5Head jacoblyth: LOLW J0hnnyBlade: ???? ChocolateBarni: 5Head MidgetDude110: 5Head Nox15: 5Head Croissanito: LOL didn’t know that so_mald_so_bald: nice game LULW Spindlyy: moon2BRAIN Miththar: 5Head cheeze____: elaKek FinBoex: WTF xsebbi: i didnt know you could do that UltraWindow: wtf monkaW imagine if prisoners used that technique Zero_Abyss: frogs PepeLaugh twyll_duw: Wait, what? Kazeith: @wuxia i thought he died on purpose, but his reaction caught me off guard GabrielMugnol: Wait, how did you lose time in a 1st try trident? FlabbyOtter: first time I’ve ever seen that Flutebox: Youmustbenewhere.jpeg Cloudrunner34: just go outside the cell 4Head Blackbird_SR71C: iS ThIS a BeTHeSdA GaME?1! Faoost: wait what? torasamu: are you a gachi? @Elajjaz Amnexiac: Croissanito PepeLaugh Kazeith: @wuxia then i was like hold up ChocolateBarni: muh intornet RIP JamalMravenecMohambe: dude Croissanito: @Amnexiac I didn’t know PepeLaugh Galer1ans: Better than nothing elaOk Lanshii: GabrielMugnol failed duke skip a few times mizoreeee: i would say 1st try counts in the first rotation angryj0nes: Ela will get the OSCAR with that one Larg0s: FeelsPepoMan ? GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz oh, my bad then, didn’t catch the first 2 LUL Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz should I eat icecream when cutting? elaOP Spindlyy: AYAYA ? UltraWindow: uh? Dr_Jan_Itor: GabrielMugnol the split is actually a first drop trident Cloudrunner34: FeelsPepoMan WrestlerBot2000: “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Umbasa!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 15 BadMoodMadCat: @Elajjaz sup karmik4 karmik4 Lanshii: oh cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Zero_Abyss: Anyways PepeHands Kazeith: !quote 100 Ccl0ud: https://clips.twitch.tv/RealSourCrowBleedPurple WrestlerBot2000: “I HAVE A BIG DONG, MAN” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 100 https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousCorrectElephantPlanking Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz wait really? Pog iamsparta231: ANY CUTIES IN CHAT? AYAYA Clap Galer1ans: ElaJAMMER gold_dante: So. where are the 100 euro donation? Kapp ilikestuffandanime: AYAYA GabrielMugnol: @Dr_Jan_Itor godlike vs godlike Galer1ans: AYAYA elaGun Wuxia: minmodAwa 7 Spindlyy: @iamsparta231 you ๐Ÿ™‚ daveian82: Hey all ๐Ÿ™‚ …… Was expecting new vagas lol O________________________: AYAYA 92Karlzone: elaGun elaWOW Eldritchness: AYAYA noyourebreatht4king: AYAYA mizoreeee: Oh shit i forgot to say Ben any Jerrys is on sale again in my town guess who is getting B&J this week again elaOP HYPERCLAP marosh__: sure @iamsparta231 danAY FinBoex: @gold_dante Where is ** angryj0nes: Welp i can eat wathever i dont get fat never LULW jozuo: kinda forgot about the iron fleet Kappa tdcarlo: there has been some dispute about that whole calories in vs calories out Galer1ans: @Elajjaz Did you say somehint to remind you of lonking a statue? Noiralef: jozuo Kappa RonsuDE: Dispute: I dont like it LULW ionicsigger: the nutritonal value maybe? MeccaMaster: It’s literally undisputable den_globalelite: PogU SiloWang: seething fat people ๐Ÿ™‚ jozuo: there is absolutely no dispute between calories in vs out jozuo: who the fuck said that Diclone: There’s literally nothing to dispute BearackObama: AngryKerstin u can be fat on the inside monkaW aiden041: @Elajjaz charbs and hormone Dgc2002: LUL “some dispute” what?! Febox: me ๐Ÿ™‚ north_cr: it’s literally thermodynamics what is there to dispute ArchaicMuse: “Calories in” can be discussed, but “calories absorbed” cannot FlameGodFlann: atpIzza atpIzza calories in atpToiler calories out Flutebox: MASS IS NOT DISPUTABLE MeccaMaster: dispute with the laws of the universe Flutebox: IT REMAINS CosyLB: disputing conservation of mass LUL tdcarlo: hormonal regulation or energy expendature during low calorie consumption periods SettTheSett: going to ESA ? Blood_Rooted: @FlameGodFlann OMEGALUL Shissel: elaCozy WJovel: Human body breaks conservation of energy POOGERS mizoreeee: FlameGodFlann LULW Elettrodomestico: people trying to dismantle the principles of thermodynamics DansGame TheGloriousRage: The dispute is about “Why be thinner when you can have more dinner” @Elajjaz SQGamer: @Elajjaz have you ever seen a calorie? I THOUGHT SO cmonBrother Galer1ans: elaWeird Ph4ntomi: elaWeird SiloWang: just don’t be fat chat, it’s not hard Eldritchness: FeelsWeirdMan so_mald_so_bald: FeelsWeirdMan mynameisobserverward: WeirdChamp NNayio: elaWeird lindwormen: FeelsWeirdMan Amnexiac: elaWeird zebrasarasa: FeelsWeirdMan Clap GabrielMugnol: FeelsWeirdMan Llyfrgell: elaWeird vihainenkampela: WeirdChamp CasualPleb3: FeelsWeirdMan kebabsouls: WeirdChamp Deid_: FeelsWeirdMan Wuxia: FeelsWeirdMan Knur_therealhog: u are weird too Ela wingman_willy: eat chocolate ice cream and then poop chocolate ice cream PositiveHappyViewer: WeirdChamp Shissel: Hello Cozy people elaCozy pepeL cornbread_tv: @Elajjaz fat burning diets like Keto and proper Intermittent fasting do not require the same calorie in vs out ratio. You can actually take in more than you burn luckypro2: no fallout today? Aynethol: FeelsWierdMan Darksleuth: elaWeird cornbread_tv: @Elajjaz not like a lot more though Ccl0ud: Shissel pepeL Hiya V1PMONKEY: @Shissel elaOk / mizoreeee: Shissel elaCozy pepeL AMSTHEGREAT: weirdly gold SnekMan ChocolateBarni: So much feelsweird emotes ERRORCODES: We have people who thinks the earth is flat. Im not even surprised if someone disputes calories in/out. elaYes pappakatt79: pappakatt79 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! Woop 1 år jubileum! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ WrestlerBot2000: @pappakatt79 What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz what equipment do I need to start deadlifting? FlameGodFlann: Broccoli juice is where it’s at Kreygasm Aynethol: pepeL damn all these pepes ilikestuffandanime: jubileum Pog 92Karlzone: Get some smiles for Ela weird plays elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile Jackthewack94: playing caster in a souls game what kinda easy mdde is this Elenviad: Miyazaki loves swamps mizoreeee: LULW tdcarlo: and a floor arkxxm0nster: Hi Elajaz angryj0nes: LULW V1PMONKEY: @pappakatt79 tolv måns Pog Ccl0ud: LULW NNayio: elaK paita_m: As long as you can set your poop on fire you know you didnt burn it all MidgetDude110: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: and a gachi music gachiHYPER Thmss: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz what if i don’t have hands? Drunkndragon: just lift a rock bro LUL Koubasan: What’s your PR on deadlift Ela? Pizza_Bread: @Elajjaz do you have any plans to do a God of War marathon this year? heartlesspy: @Elajjaz whats your deadlift max webejamin_: a corpse Aynethol: And miyazaki loves crabs or is it has crabs LUL Blackbird_SR71C: Aaaand you need a sturdy floor in case you drop the weights…. Blood_Rooted: you need arms to deadlift ๐Ÿ™‚ Darksleuth: @Elajjaz any games you’re looking forward to this year? Gojirakunpls: @Elajjaz have you ever no-hit a soulsborne game? Radausfall: just get to a gym ๐Ÿ™‚ Wuxia: just use your mom LULW SettTheSett: i lost 40 Kg so far and im struggling with self control. i hate myself FeelsBadMan miqzwastaken: Just lift iron 4HEad Spindlyy: Pog Catflap_: non slip mat is a good idea too Torbinatorify: @Elajjaz finished new vegas? Koubasan: Uu that’s good V1PMONKEY: @Dr_Jan_Itor use your 🍆 TheGloriousRage: 200 grams Pog ? torasamu: @Elajjaz are you a gachi? ionicsigger: Pog jac0blee: @SettTheSett you can do it man keep at it! Mjolnmjar_: why don’t you do 400 kg for 1 rep? Spindlyy: Ela pls lift me up gachiBASS Zapad_: @Elajjaz have you ever ripped a fart while lifting? Yera_the_Priestess: @Dr_Jan_Itor Is your name a Scrubs reference? If it is: sick name dude SeemsGood Zaamura: yuh hark85: if you are obese enough just standing is a deadlift Kappa SammersFourTwenty: FeelsBadMan never playing NV again Distortion2: hi ela distComfy heartlesspy: bänkpress @Elajjaz Destmand: PepeUff FreakyG: @SettTheSett it’s okay, we love you FeelsOkayMan NNayio: WOOSH elaS 0xSaisaki: BUSS Pog Sapphire_829: oose V1PMONKEY: @Distortion2 go to bed already elaREE Spindlyy: @distortion2 hey weeb AYAYA GabrielMugnol: Dist larxaNom DarkWingsAzrael: USS Galer1ans: OOOSH Gojirakunpls: Pog mynameisobserverward: EZ Dr_Jan_Itor: Yera_the_Priestess yes Chag cheeze____: Dist Chag rti Chag n2 ionicsigger: DIST Pog AMSTHEGREAT: oooh, when was that found? that seems so much better than head stomping the golem guy torasamu: @Distortion2 another gachi Amnexiac: Distortion2 elaHi Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER Riggedi: dist elaHi NNayio: gachiGASM PandekagePiraten: Not even benching OMEGALUL walking_clock: how about dips NNayio: OH MY SHOULDER! gachiGASM leonardo6785: !uptime Deam23: @Distortion2 HeyEla WrestlerBot2000: @leonardo6785, elajjaz has been streaming for 2 hours 2 mins MaxiMHc: gachiHYPER WHATS WRONG RonsuDE: oh my shoulder gachiBOP ChaosLike: ow my shoulder gachiBASS summer___: @Elajjaz when is gym stream? i_Kiko: Dr.Arcula Styil: shoulder gachiHYPER TheLastZael: Distortion2 Pog heartlesspy: @Elajjaz aa tvärtom för mig ๐Ÿ˜€ mizoreeee: Mr Break ya game is here Chag wingman_willy: gachiHYPER bobbylol_: AH MY SHOUDER gachiHYPER kefflah: hurts his shoulder other ways gachiBASS Kazeith: @elajjaz name your character in dark souls “Sarge” and make it wear big hat 0xSaisaki: oh my shoulder gachiBASS Lsingy: Distro2 Kreygasm Kreygasm WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz ionicsigger: not even dist3 LULW heartlesspy: ont i axeln av dumbells SammersFourTwenty: Distortion3 PogU wingman_willy: get out of that jabroni outfit gachiBASS torasamu: @Elajjaz can you scream like a gachi? PandekagePiraten: @Elajjaz CAn’t do dips since I broke my collarbone Yera_the_Priestess: @Dr_Jan_Itor I love that show yuliNap always cheers me up skraalQ: @Elajjaz do you’ve to pee in the next hour? Ccl0ud: Distortion2 Can I use your body elaGasm leonardo6785: u should work out with distortion ๐Ÿ˜€ BigBugMania: Just been doing home gym while wwatching yo stream XD mizoreeee: summer___ he cant stream there because its in a basement PepeLaugh SettTheSett: @jac0blee thanks man Shinji10TH: Imagine lifting weights and thinking it’s a good thing for your health LULW Lanshii: SettTheSett that sounds like good progress tho. no need to push yourself Blackbird_SR71C: Did you ever consider entering a powerlifting competition ela? TheGloriousRage: @Elajjaz how are you doing today my dude? Are your eyes ok? Larg0s: FeelsWeirdMan did you just say like a gachi V1PMONKEY: @PandekagePiraten i guess you know it already but he has a shoulder issue so he can’t to them but with your golden pepo head you are just memeing i guess summer___: mizoreeee excuses heartlesspy: squat @Elajjaz you need em legs shikifujin16: anyone know where i can dowload FFZ emotes Jaargan: the 100e was a lie PepeHands torasamu: gachiBASS Kazeith: WutFace ionicsigger: Kapp Jetu_: hi how are you doing @Elajjaz Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz is it better to do bench press or flat bench with dumbbells? jac0blee: @SettTheSett elaH Longknife: I am egg torasamu: @Elajjaz are you a gachi? Seikisu: billyReady PickPounce3000: Who holds the current dark souls 1 standard speed run record? PandekagePiraten: @V1PMONKEY I’m just fucking around I’ve been here for while man. But good looking out for our boi Galer1ans: You’re character is blue so…………..i’m blue da bul di da bul die, da buldi dabul die Soveriegn3: @shikifujin16 what do you mean download? Blood_Rooted: isn’t deadlift bad for your back? heartlesspy: PR in squat sry @Elajjaz Zurairofl: can you give me a nice flex @Elajjaz ? calebFlexL mizoreeee: Do you also use ur Gym gloves to spank people in the shower with ela ? summer___: mizoreeee terrorists can upload a video from a random cave in some fucked up country, and you’re telling me he can’t stream there? elaKek MOERKETSFYRSTE: Ela you gonna play Dark souls all day? ๐Ÿ™‚ Jetu_: lifes good StrongNico: 🥚 Doully92: gachiHYPER kebabsouls: gachiHYPER Ph4ntomi: liar AYAYA jusapoika: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP Boomdedz: gachiBASS Aeonll: elaK NNayio: gachiAPPROVE Deid_: gachiBASS evilmarmot42: ela skips leg days, thats why his facecam only shows his upper body. copy and paste this message to spread awareness sorynache: @Christoph2442 where’s the money? star_light: show legs or fake squats gachiHYPER AbbaZabba_: AbbaZabba_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! conmcko: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP torasamu: billyREADY WrestlerBot2000: @abbazabba_ After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM tertainyy: gachiHYPER iceicex: elaYA a weeb Paranoid_Metroid: WeirdChamp Amnexiac: gachiBASS ebola_chan0: gachiHYPER Doully92: WutFace Annonn140: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Miththar: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER MidgetDude110: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP mynameisobserverward: monkaS VineWood0604: WutFace Shissel: elaYA elaYA elaYA ChocolateBarni: gachiHYPER shikifujin16: or however it works bro , @Soveriegn3 Caput_Draconis: WutFace Longknife: GIB WARM PabloElMustacheo: you ever consider being a bulky strongman vsoulpen: monkaW NNayio: elaWut Kazeith: WutFace Agaomen: Weebs? WEEBS? gachiHYPER I LOVE WEEBS gachiOnFIRE Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz is it better to do bench press or flat bench with dumbbells? mizoreeee: summer___ LMFAO OMEGADOWN Eldritchness: !cute WrestlerBot2000: AYAYA ✌️ https://clips.twitch.tv/TrappedCredulousFinchM4xHeh Corpsy: elaThirst Knur_therealhog: that scared the shit out of me Darksleuth: @elajjaz any games you’re looking forward to this year Because_we_said_so: YOU NNayio: You. elaYA Joostm: hi ela hi chat :33 Wuxia: @shikifujin16 you mean the plugin so you can see them? NordicRain: Instagram thot FeelsWeirdMan HuntingGolem: Elachi gachiHYPER V1PMONKEY: @PandekagePiraten thought so elaH urmorniel: that is a leg double on your instagram though! cabbageromanian: Gachi me pls papa Because_we_said_so: agilLaugh elaGun Ccl0ud: Joostm AYAYA Hello there cutieboi AYAYA Dickety: time to get some MAX for dinner Pog Kaljumies123: squatting for instagram, huh? what a thot Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz is it better to do bench press or flat bench with dumbbells? deepdongus: is your INT 99? MrJoeNinety: Stunt double evilmarmot42: ela skips leg day, thats why his facecam only shows upper boddy Drunkndragon: cute double leg angryj0nes: Pog SettTheSett: i hate to talk to relatives. you guys are all i have FeelsBadMan Doully92: Leg Double FeelsPepoMan Cygin: rescDD SQGamer: Ela’s webcam only shows his upper body because krazyshark is underneath his desk, i thought this was commonly know elaWeird mizoreeee: @Elajjaz Do you also use ur Gym gloves to spank people with in the shower ? Sephonia44: rescDD kebabsouls: gachiHYPER didnt say star_light: oscar juke Pog Galer1ans: PepeHands Zalgovich: Leg double a back abs thing. you wouldnt know NNayio: FeelsBadMan Blackbird_SR71C: 5Head Just bench with your legs! Doully92: Chat is being FeelsWeirdMan again summer___: SQGamer is that some hidden ela lore? TheLastZael: FBI monkaTOS MOERKETSFYRSTE: Chat did he say if he will continue dreadout today? ๐Ÿ™‚ ChocolateBarni: oof Ccl0ud: SQGamer PepeS mizoreeee: so spanking raw i see Abbynaire: @MOERKETSFYRSTE finished it already Dr_Jan_Itor: IKEALUL insurrectionist89: ??? SiloWang: LUL Mephereon: the fat boy dodge NNayio: elaKek Splash__Woman: IKALUL PabloElMustacheo: you ever go strongman bulk mode Splash__Woman: IKEALUL Lucifrend: gym gloves and gym cock-sleeve are a staple for me Doully92: D: Fat shaming NNayio: IKEALUL MOERKETSFYRSTE: @Abbynaire He was doing dlc yesterday tho? Secklolzzz: cmonBruh Thmss: I use gloves for bench and deadlifts NNayio: No. elaSmile Kaljumies123: he believes lindwormen: LULW Splash__Woman: cohhBless MaxiMHc: PLYS Kazeith: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Splash__Woman: F SiloWang: F mynameisobserverward: no gachiHYPER ChocolateBarni: F ionicsigger: PepeHands Seikisu: elaK Mephereon: F Febox: FeelsBadMan iLostToLife: PepeHands i_Kiko: @elajjaz whos the boss of your gym? mizoreeee: Big Chunks elaOP Deid_: F Sephonia44: rescCry Samppsom: PepeHands Because_we_said_so: you used all your luck in dukes insurrectionist89: F for this run 4Head Doully92: monkaS jacoblyth: F Kaljumies123: i’m deaf WutFace ionicsigger: can you use cheat engine for the run Kapp FlameGodFlann: 1 manage 3 push ups, gym is demanding atpShh GabrielMugnol: Do you have major timesaves from now on? neville_from_uganda: @Kaljumies123 you have been healed elaThirst Jebcys: @Elajjaz did you speedrun dark souls 3? WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Doully92: gachiBASS Elfualoco2003: ELIAS AYAYA SiloWang: gay Daaarling02: eluBless averagehandsomeboy: ur charater its blue or black ¿ Splash__Woman: gachiBASS Febox: gachiHYPER greyfacenospace123: danGachi Deid_: gachiBASS Blood_Rooted: gachiHYPER mizoreeee: gachiHYPER vihainenkampela: gachiBASS Vallyen_: gachiGASM Knur_therealhog: gachiBASS Nox15: gachiHYPER iLostToLife: Random branch monkaSHAKE ChocolateBarni: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP mystseer: gachiBASS gachiHYPER sloggyx: fuck yea i got me some indian curry PabloElMustacheo: you ever bulk up and go strongman PositiveHappyViewer: gachiGASM dastyscorner: Are they hot? @Elajjaz Kazeith: elaHYUK star_light: does all achievements route open Kiln normally so you can farm for BK stuff there? Visoth: big dudes gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz SQGamer: @Elajjaz have 2 of the biggest dudes sit on your dumbells when you press luaSip FlameGodFlann: knut big or the mountain big ? w061a09: :0 trident time neville_from_uganda: @sloggyx What wine or beer are you going for with it Ac7_: ????? Vivelin: @star_light yes, but not in ng+ angryj0nes: This PACE Pog Doully92: New Frogs PepeLaugh dwarfzao: WTF IS THAT SKIP? Sourcehunter: Victory Pog Tidesson: the fuk heartlesspy: @Elajjaz sry for being that shithead that tells you what to do on you gym sessions but try to have a wider foot placement on the squat. makes it easier on heavier lifts Kaljumies123: ever been in the shower with them? ๐Ÿ™‚ tell us a story. fixermash: so, where is 100 donation? Kapp mizoreeee: i was in the gym with a friend once really late and there was some Indian dude screaming like crazy doing his exercices PepeLaugh Darksleuth: @elajjaz would you ever do a random re 2 run? Deid_: PepeLaugh NEW FROGS VVilmot: how come you dont run remastered? ionicsigger: big as in concrete is dented when they walk like sand? Seikisu: PepeLaugh summer___: @Elajjaz how are you supposed to open that thing you just clipped through? Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz did you know the demon firesage is weak to fire FeelsWeirdMan doncallisto: @Elajjaz If I remember correctly you got really really close to get a WR on Dark Souls 3, before you burnt out basically ohanami: remastered has fixed glitches Sourcehunter: Possible time save 3 hours? monkaSHAKE heartlesspy: @Elajjaz plattfotad? TheDex86: WutFace Gnash97: ever look at a dude’s dick in the gym showers ela? gachiHYPER heartlesspy: dont know word in english Thermocrius: @mizoreeee “AAAAARHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH SHOW BOB END VEGANA RRGHH” GabrielMugnol: Do you have major timesaves from now on? Mephereon: gnash97 why else would you go there? mizoreeee: LULW SQGamer: just put one foot in the air while doing them 4HEad Lanshii: summer___ it starts working after you kill firesage 92Karlzone: Miss your bloodborne runs elaGasm, that was when I first started to lurk your stream ela13 @elajjaz iamsparta231: ela1 ela2 iamsparta231: ela3 ela4 RonsuDE: Health over weight? FeelsWeirdMan summer___: Lanshii good to know i can just clip through it tho lol Geralt_of_Syria: Clap Sourcehunter: Mass is might and might makes right illethor221: wutface Blackbird_SR71C: HYPERCLAP ChocolateBarni: Clap jacoblyth: Clap timingenvetdu: WutFace NNayio: ela4 Clap RonsuDE: Clap dYnAm1c92: casual DansGame sacrifice your health neville_from_uganda: Clap mizoreeee: what Lanshii: summer___ yea Dr_Jan_Itor: scuffed ela4 Clap conmcko: WutFace Clap doncallisto: @Elajjaz If I remember correctly you got really really close to get a WR on Dark Souls 3, before you burnt out basically KrazyShark: @Elajjaz do you prefer THICC girls or slim fit lil cuties? Seikisu: elaWut Clap Zurairofl: paraGold Wuxia: healthy overweight elaOP EvilMuffins1: Almost -10 Pog DeadBart: calebJ1 calebJ2 calebJ3 RonsuDE: Real gamer dont care about their health DansGame cheeze____: @summer___ just remember to do it at that specific spot ela4 ionicsigger: sacrifice humanity PepeHands Kazeith: @zurairofl banana sausage? Pog mizoreeee: KrazyShark what about Slmi thicc small ? Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark Do you prefer creepy guys or thirsty guys? galega6: KrazyShark demiprPat gdskepPat leyPats oathHeadpat Gnash97: @Mephereon i dunno, to shower i guess? Kapp SQGamer: KrazyShark elaWeird Druitzs: is this THE run? \ Kreygasm / Seikisu: elaHi KrazyShark Sharky elaH Erggy: yay i missed dark souls speedruns already ๐Ÿ˜€ aebrevenge: is this the fallout streamer Pog MalphasJD: KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark: @mizoreeee bruh 💦 HappySmile123: elaSmile / Hello Ela elaSmile / elaSmile / Hello chat elaSmile / elaH Flutebox: Health is irrelevant until below 1 heartlesspy: you are a champion tho! @Elajjaz have you ever been in alingsås? RonsuDE: Pog summer___: @Elajjaz i just walked for 26 minutes, from the train station to my home, my knees hurt like hell, what do you recommend? i tried not being a lazy fatass, but that didn’t work KrazyShark: @Blackbird_SR71C elaS MalphasJD: HappySmile123 pepeL Shinji10TH: Health over weights is basically not lifting any weights ever Zurairofl: its a golden sausage @Kazeith gachiBASS sloggyx: @KrazyShark yo whats up ma man iceicex: Sharku elaWOW / @KrazyShark neville_from_uganda: elaSmile elaSmile elaSmile HappySmile123: MalphasJD pepeL Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark Hey nrdyPrivet is that the first thing you say in chat WeirdChamp stormgamesyes: @Elajjaz you have insanely good aim WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ mizoreeee: KrazyShark like n Hourglass shape elaThirst galega6: HappySmile123 pepeL HappySmile123: neville_from_uganda elaH detective_columbo: KrazyShark e;aH Dr_Jan_Itor: HappySmile123 elaSmile GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz Do you have major timesaves from now on? Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark elaThirst GuitarTime Kazeith: @zurairofl how does it taste like elaHmm meltingnt: GL Pog D iBorgNinja: Did you see that video of the Chinese lady eating fried centipedes? HappySmile123: galega6 pepeL Miththar: GLOD ROM Pog kurpajutra: -10 Pog Jetu_: sha77eKomrade who’s going to raid Area 51 with me sha77eKomrade HappySmile123: Dr_Jan_Itor elaSmile Doully92: elaYA KrazyShark: @galega6 @SQGamer @Seikisu @MalphasJD @sloggyx @iceicex @Dr_Jan_Itor @mizoreeee Yoooooooooooooo my bruvsds pepeL elaHYUGyolo Vile35tv: fuck it dude NinjaHunterLife: yolo ShazzamVission: if you get 3 out of 4 yolo yugidragon1: i don’t understand phantan304: Y OMEGALUL L OMEGALUL Temiblor: xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS xephS Sjokoladepud: YOLO cusseh: YORO Aediz: no yolo Akendar: NO YOLO Unocroi: drink water VVilmot: WR WR WR WR WR WR WR Maarionete: nepSmug cheeze____: Y PepeLaugh L PepeLaugh GabrielMugnol: I woudn’t yolo if were in your position right now leamsi_: @elajjaz elaHi bulbasaursniper: BlessRNG DaniDuck: Y O L O SiloWang: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE Negaduck48: @Elajjaz Not Fallout today ? (( tito3211: NO CHANCE Sergantuss: @Elajjaz any plans for horror games today? or you will go for fallout after? WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ xxxSmokinACExxx: elaHmm elaHmm noyourebreatht4king: YOLO duumed: PepeLaugh Simon27_: Pog Hello2030: PogU DaniDuck: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog garenbush: Pog 1mpolar: Pog NNayio: Chag Splash__Woman: PogU Blank1980: Pog Sephonia44: Pog Caput_Draconis: Pog NordicRain: Pog ? scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Pog c0rnflex: Pog Corsad: POG Jaargan: Pog Glockstrap: YOLO POG tsoubhia: Pog tuulanir: Pog MalphasJD: Chag ScienceSloth: PogU ItsNelm: POG Peka1: Pog MaxiMHc: Pog ionicsigger: PogU Wuxia: wr gets the chicks panties droppin minmodAwa SammersFourTwenty: PogU CheetoInChief: Pog angryj0nes: Pog VVilmot: FUUUUU noyourebreatht4king: Pog CycleOfFire: Pog Scarlettohgo: Pog Sephirothang: Pog ISinistarI: Pog Oxyq_p: Poge GabrielMugnol: PogU amemiyaTF: AYAYA LAKKI TurranMC: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Glenshane: Pog qsrRain: Pog SamuraiEdgeplay: Pog here it comes Evillution: i was here Pog VineWood0604: Y OMEGADOWN L OMEGADOWN Riggedi: BlessRNG DaniDuck: Pog ? conmcko: Pog Hello2030: BlessRNG NullSego: Pog Longknife: LUCK BE WITH YOU Soba_Mask: BlessRNG so_mald_so_bald: PogU Aequilux: Chag insurrectionist89: PogChamp Omiyage2: PogU ? SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Chag Chag KappatainHindsight: Pog Hello2030: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG cusseh: PogU Emilalv: Pog ZavaracLojzo: PogU ebola_chan0: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Lightning4444: Pog Kunno1100: Pog EbiVariance: Pog torasamu: 4Head just get it @Elajjaz kapustadrakon_: Champ tumaelso: Pog HYPERCLAP Deid_: Chag starfoex: R Champ ItsJanski: Pog Maarionete: @Elajjaz will you be at ESA nerd HugeEugene: LAKKI AYAYA leonardo6785: PLS cheeze____: gg PepeHands ThunderZBee: PogU Nini____: lol c0rnflex: TEH URN PogU rev1932: gachihyper insurrectionist89: Just get it 4Head StrykerCityMafia: BlessRNG Hello2030: PogU Splash__Woman: carciBlessUp cohhBless Soba_Mask: Pogey Caput_Draconis: Chag ChocolateBarni: Pog angryj0nes: I WAS HERE Pog HYPERCLAP Simon27_: PogU vxl__: Pog Splash__Woman: Pog NNayio: PogU Glockstrap: POGGGGG skomerko: Pog Riggedi: Pog NullSego: Chag SiloWang: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DaniDuck: HOLY SHIT Pog ItsNelm: POGGGG laststand66: Pog HugeEugene: LAKKI AYAYA AYAYA Lotharl: OMG Pog Streamleen: Nice Corsad: RIGGED 0xSaisaki: PogU Deid_: PogU Peka1: Pog 󠀀 Hello2030: 2? Kosmic_Eagle: INSANE PogU starfoex: OMFG Jaargan: IS THIS IT? Pog GabrielMugnol: Pog Blank1980: Pog Pog Pog 1mpolar: BlessRNG bulbasaursniper: PogU Sephirothang: monkaW VVilmot: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Llyfrgell: Pog ilikestuffandanime: PogU star_light: POG adam_lul: monkaS Sephonia44: PogU SammersFourTwenty: PogU x2 so_mald_so_bald: OMG PogU MalphasJD: Chag x2 ItsNelm: Pog 26camels: Pog Junri: I WAS HERE Pog Magilou_69: Pog Larg0s: Pog garenbush: Champ Kunno1100: Chag Hello2030: 2? 2? 2? Glenshane: Pog Clap Oxyq_p: POG laststand66: I was here ThunderZBee: Pogey HugeEugene: LAKKI AYAYA Splash__Woman: PogU ! ZavaracLojzo: Pog MaxiMHc: Pog 2x Gothicer: Pog conmcko: POG EbiVariance: PogU Vivelin: RIP RUN tumaelso: Pog cur_ley: Pog star_light: POG POG Pog Pog VineWood0604: BlessRNG insurrectionist89: Kreygasm StrykerCityMafia: Pog phantan304: Pog neopetcom: Pog Croissanito: billyReady PositiveHappyViewer: Champ SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Johnnybabs123: Pog ISinistarI: Pog x2 ShecallsmeJP: Chag cusseh: PogU PogU Lilystery: Pog Sjokoladepud: wtf pog tsoubhia: 2? forsenJoy BluBlu_BluBlo: AYAYA adam_lul: YOLO monkaW Longknife: FOR GLORY CrystalTeardrop: LAKKI naroAYAYA NNayio: PepeLaugh gharozu: wow nice hacks poggingforever: Kreygasm TurranMC: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp tumaelso: YOLO Pog starfoex: Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog slywe: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Nini____: reset pls PraiseTheSun545: monkaW amemiyaTF: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA SO LUCKY DaniDuck: THE STARS ARE ALIGNED Pog Guski_: HALBERD PLS so_mald_so_bald: monkaW DONT Vile35tv: THE DOUBLE peccaraze: PepeLaug angryj0nes: THIS IS THE RUN ItsJanski: I WAS HERE Pog JoHoOoOo: Chag NNayio: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: Y Pog L Pog NordicRain: This is too intense man monkaSHAKE MelancholyYuki: LAKKI naroAYAYA Corsad: Run is so RIGGED LUL Kalinmir: elaS elaS elaS FappyMcFlappy: monkaW Vile35tv: THE DOUBLE Pog Omiyage2: HACKED GAME Pog peccaraze: PepeLaugh ScienceSloth: rng god elaGasm Mirando: I WAS THERE AND ELAJJAZ LOVES ANIME AYAYA Glenshane: I WAS HERE Pog beeshh: monkaSHAKE starfoex: MY HEART pog HugeEugene: RIGGED PepeLaugh Raw__Man: FOR THE WIN BABY NNayio: monkaW doncallisto: I WAS HEEEREE Pog eliastheepicgamer: isn’t the greataxe rarest monkaW MalphasJD: monkaS nymnCorn Goroboros: Hax starfoex: …. Pog HugeEugene: STREAMER LUCK PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: I am HERE Pog NullSego: monkaW GabrielMugnol: BlessRNG Jaargan: SO INTENSE monkaSHAKE DaniDuck: I WAS ALSO HERE AND CAN CONFIRM ELA LOVES ANIME AYAYA Mitra12: elaYEEHAW SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: Blurish: false hope monkaS SavingForJalterBtw: masterr shaking right now PepeLaugh anibit: STREAMER LUL l0cx_: I WAS THERE Pog ThunderZBee: I was THERE PogU MisterSparkleTTV: PogU djinn_94: monkaW DaniDuck: Pog Detroit147: I WAS HERE Pog ekahS_hS: y omegalul l omegalul WHAT CAN GO WRONGß Simon27_: PogU FappyMcFlappy: Pog Blank1980: I AM HERE Pog Splash__Woman: monkaS nymnCorn Geralt_of_Syria: Champ Hello2030: PogU Caput_Draconis: Pog Skejven: Pog DaniDuck: HOLY FUCK Pog NNayio: Champ bulbasaursniper: PogU cusseh: I was here? PogU ItsNelm: Pog 1mpolar: wow Pog 0xSaisaki: PogU anibit: POG Larg0s: Pog walking_clock: Pog ionicsigger: PogU tsoubhia: Pog Jaargan: Pog VVilmot: god PositiveHappyViewer: PogU Sephirothang: Pog Pog Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog x3 neopetcom: Pog EbiVariance: Pog Llyfrgell: POG Hello2030: PogU PLEASE 0_jacket_0: Pog angryj0nes: WR LETS GO Pog CycleOfFire: I WAS HEEEREE Pog SammersFourTwenty: PogU 26camels: no way rev1932: OPG nillmind: whoa TurranMC: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp l0cx_: Pog Guski_: WOURUDO RECORUDI Kunno1100: Pog Deid_: OMG Chag eliastheepicgamer: WTF Pog NullSego: PogU starfoex: OMG Pog anibit: Pog Croissanito: Pog Glenshane: Pog ItsNelm: WTF MalphasJD: Chag x3 SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Streamleen: Holy star_light: HOLY SHIT GabrielMugnol: Pog dotnotbot: YO pepeD LO YO pepeD LO YO pepeD LO leonardo6785: RIGGED ISinistarI: Pog x3 MaxiMHc: Pog PLEASE bubblegumisblue: This run is giving me anxiety Hello2030: WOW StrykerCityMafia: Pog nymnCorn Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Simon27_: monkaW Aeonll: monkaSHAKE FappyMcFlappy: monkaSHAKE insurrectionist89: P L E A S E anibit: NOOOOOOOOOOO Blizztik: rofl DaniDuck: monkaSHAKE Soba_Mask: NOOOOOOO Hello2030: PepeHands NNayio: monkaSHAKE l0cx_: calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy calebAy Caput_Draconis: monkaSHAKE Corsad: LUL Sephonia44: monkaW Jaargan: LULW RicHaya: monkaSHAKE iLostToLife: monkaS SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaSHAKE Lilystery: omg Pog Wuxia: was i here Pog i was omg Chag anibit: LUL 0_jacket_0: NOOOOOOOOOO MalphasJD: PepeHands Hello2030: PepeHands oh no peccaraze: Jebaited ionicsigger: NOOOOOOOOO neopetcom: YOLO Streamleen: Pog CycleOfFire: monkaSHAKE kapustadrakon_: PepeLaugh LBPiggy: Jebaited ChickenMuffins: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NullSego: PepeHands rev1932: YOLO masterpotatoman_: monkaSHAKE Isococo77: LUL ItsNelm: YOLO EbiVariance: monkaS MaxiMHc: monkaX NordicRain: monkaSHAKE Kosmic_Eagle: monkaSHAKE tumaelso: PepeHands ShazzamVission: YOLO Larg0s: PepeHands starfoex: FUUCK LOL djinn_94: Jebaited ISinistarI: LULW Jaargan: monkaW Llyfrgell: monkaS ionicsigger: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO LULW Riggedi: monkaW 1mpolar: LULW ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL splitting_: LUL KappatainHindsight: aw shit Gothicer: monkaSHAKE cusseh: monkaSHAKE bubblegumisblue: YO L O ItsNelm: So close insurrectionist89: monkaSHAKE Lilystery: monkaW so_mald_so_bald: monkaW GabrielMugnol: monkaSHAKE qsrRain: monkaS ChocolateBarni: THIS IS SO INTENCE J0hnnyBlade: MalphasJD pepeL HEWSTI: PepeLaugh Schurke03: LOOK AT STREAMER POGGERS KaitoKidShadow: mobjaS\ MarfMeff: monkaSHAKE tsoubhia: forsenS cur_ley: monkaW c0rnflex: monkaGun porkylog: PepoDance MisterSparkleTTV: monkaGun PayneTrain87: harlemShake 1mpolar: oh no PepeLaugh CheetoInChief: monkaSHAKE VineWood0604: TaBeRu Croissanito: you have to billyReady Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW eliastheepicgamer: LUL Evillution: PepeLaugh conmcko: monkaW 0xSaisaki: almost god kiln Pog ShazzamVission: monkaSHAKE shellshock510: NomNom NomNom NomNom FappyMcFlappy: OMEGALUL Hello2030: ELA MrFunky159: bro… MalphasJD: J0hnnyBlade pepeL Mirando: elaKek Glenshane: monkaSHAKE Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: PepoDance lindwormen: OMEGALUL TurranMC: LUL DaniDuck: ELA WTF? Blank1980: LULW VineWood0604: LUL Guski_: OMG Corsad: POG porkylog: F Evillution: CHOKE Soba_Mask: LULW SiloWang: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo canearia: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh haleixazulro: OMEGALUL dotnotbot: Xd peccaraze: OMEGALUL Vile35tv: PepeLaugh splitting_: LULW Splash__Woman: calebK Jaargan: LULW Hello2030: ELA WeirdChamp ChickenMuffins: LuL Lotharl: LULW Joxih: lul Peka1: LULW ChocolateBarni: LULW Visoth: LULW 26camels: OMEGALUL c0rnflex: OMEGALUL FappyMcFlappy: how to throw a run ebola_chan0: OMEGALUL tsoubhia: LUL SammersFourTwenty: LULW thats_surreal: ???????????? Guski_: SAVED? star_light: OK NO NEED TO YOLO Larg0s: OMEGADOWN MisterSparkleTTV: OMEGLOL anibit: LUL? GabrielMugnol: It’s a sign DirtyDeedsSlay: Welp Sephirothang: F LUL RunicFO: OMEGLOL beeshh: LULW duumed: PepeLaugh ZcortezZ: OMEGADOWN ionicsigger: PogU? MaxiMHc: OMEGALUL RicHaya: OMEGALUL Vile35tv: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Croissanito: PepeHands NordicRain: Throwing monkaSHAKE ebola_chan0: WTF xsebbi: rip Simon27_: LULW porkylog: RIP RUN so_mald_so_bald: LULW stefanehj: LOL \ starfoex: HAHAHAHAHA HugeEugene: LULW nillmind: lmao detonapotter: LULW CycleOfFire: OMEGALUL bonne372: oof neopetcom: LULW MrPortfolio: LULW EbiVariance: LUL ShecallsmeJP: PepeLaugh daddywojo: Decision made insurrectionist89: ???? garenbush: RIP WR LULW iLostToLife: OMEGALUL StrykerCityMafia: PepeS ionicsigger: PogU ? Tasarion: PepeLaugh Khosm_: free farm run Pog Visualocity: ????????????? MyNameLacksImagination: LULW LittleSye: LMAO NullSego: OMEGALUL Gothicer: OMEGADOWN PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh qsrRain: THANKS GWYN Pog cheeze____: LULW DCeeper: LUL Eldritchness: 5Head Splash__Woman: OMEGALUL Carbidos: LULW Janezs: LULW oldshinoby: adsdasd Omiyage2: OMEGADOWN HugeEugene: LULW LULW angryj0nes: HO no no no Kalinmir: OMEGALUL 0xSaisaki: died btw LUL NNayio: planned elaK ThunderZBee: HAHAHA LULW Riggedi: elaHmm Streamleen: Combo breaker Anavolver: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: monkaW Kirinium: WutFace conmcko: OMEGALUL MalphasJD: DIED TO GWYN OMEGADOWN VVilmot: WUTR krawler602: lul TheMoltenGuy: LULW Nini____: resert you lose Guski_: SAVED Caput_Draconis: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head Evillution: LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL 1d3nn1s: LUL Lilystery: OMEGALUL Sapphire_829: LULW cornbread_tv: f Vigilon3: ZULUL HugeEugene: LULW 5K BTW corny628: damn xD insurrectionist89: WTF Lotharl: SO SCUFFED LULW Evillution: LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL LOST TO GWYN OMEGALUL Corsad: OMEGALUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance PraiseTheSun545: PepeLaugh 💦 he tried it… captain_elsewhere: OH MY GOD WHY Gorgodrn: LUL l0cx_: THIS IS THE RUN Kirinium: F DaniDuck: DID YOU JUST THROW A REKKY? elaREE Dr_Jan_Itor: already over LULW Longknife: WE MEANT TO DO THAT IT’S OK taggCat Syiax_: No need to YOLO LULW hybrid01: Yikes LBPiggy: rip rekky canearia: 20k hrs LULW Kazeith: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG MJOLKMUSIC: BlessRNG Maxamp: 5k hours LULW LuzDra: otzFine otzFine otzFine otzFine yugidragon1: hit or miss gharozu: 5k hours LUL BabbuinoMalefico: since in ng+ you have to go for the wrong warp in tha basin, you can try killing the black knight with the alberd there SeeM_Villain: Ella Jazz elaGasm Ella Jazz elaGasm Ella Jazz elaGasm starfoex: CHOKE STEVENS PepeHands Guski_: LETIS GOU BOIS rev1932: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NullSego: LULW tumaelso: GOGOGO Pog MisterSparkleTTV: PogU PogU 1mpolar: PepeHands no wr porkylog: IKEALUL 0xSaisaki: IKEALUL adam_lul: rip WR PepeHands Recine_: elaHYUK elaPlan WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! prophetdeviant: NOOOOOOOO Hello2030: you die KaitoKidShadow: die] DancingLight: Calculated choke ionicsigger: 30 billion hours LULW ShazzamVission: die ItsNelm: elaPlan elaPlan kupo13: why yolo why when you can just die to gwyn Nini____: reset you lose noyourebreatht4king: Rip WR SkeletonKeyLimePie: MASTER HELP PepeS JoustAI: You have no huminity for item drops @Elajjaz zaam_lph: thats the plan insurrectionist89: Gwyn knew it wouldn’t drop and saved your run PogChamp CrystalTeardrop: the humanity cirREE Jaargan: no wr after all FeelsBadMan MalphasJD: You die PepeLaugh xxxSmokinACExxx: was too afraid and died purposely elaHmm EleGiggle Gothicer: 4Shrug 0xSaisaki: you die it seems amemiyaTF: 5k hours lose to gwyn LULW HugeEugene: why would you go into ng+ instead of farming ? @Elajjaz i_Kiko: Rip WR ekahS_hS: danucdLOL danucdGun elaHYUG ninjaaCHUNKS grimBlood adam_lul: just don’t miss 4Head Geralt_of_Syria: humanity PepeLaugh Croissanito: why don’t you get RTSR from this 1st knight as always? distThink Kalinmir: you die IRL angryj0nes: DIES in the EZ BOSS of the game and lost WR PepeHands Evillution: dying to gwyn PepeLaugh Scarlettohgo: @i_Kiko lol no. he has ng+ left mateator: why kill them star_light: why are you killing them wackymanpuff: ๐Ÿ™ Omiyage2: Why is he killin then leonardo6785: @HugeEugene cause it can drop there and u save time MalphasJD: HugeEugene you need both endings DaniDuck: why are you killing them? elaHmm WhitestarRL: No no no no no PepeLaugh Hello2030: yeah why kill them? LUL 26camels: why kill them? ebola_chan0: PB Ded FeelsBadMan HugeEugene: @MalphasJD thx Hello2030: ah ok s0m3bum: @elajjaz 10 humanity CrystalTeardrop: Use humanity cirREE w061a09: dont the bk on the ashes stop chasing u after u on certain distance on the bridges MaxiMHc: that never happend before PepeLaugh NamelessYee: @Elajjaz no humanity FaarisBuro: spooky monkaW BlackT0DaFuture: loot them for halberd? Hello2030: Dont say that PepeHands Vondy: monkaS ISinistarI: HUMANITY NordicRain: PepeHands Longknife: humanity? JammyDrury: the first 2 cant follow over the bridge CycleOfFire: PepeHands ChocolateBarni: Humanity? angryj0nes: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Landfer: no humanities for loot? Kosmic_Eagle: PepeHands ShazzamVission: no humanity for drop monkaSHAKE Sephonia44: kcsmurHands neopetcom: PepeHands KappatainHindsight: It’s not viniciusmaleski: Hit kill gwyn please Simon27_: PepeHands FappyMcFlappy: still monkaSHAKE Geralt_of_Syria: Jebaited MissFister: Hi I love you. 0xSaisaki: 2 PepeLaugh Kolomarii: PepeHands HugeEugene: PepeHands NNayio: elaWeird MalphasJD: RIP WR on god rng run PepeHands i_Kiko: F so_mald_so_bald: PepeHands rip run MissFister: elaHi elaH VineWood0604: TaBeRu FappyMcFlappy: would have been a dead run if you beat the boss monkaS iamsparta231: told ya guys he wouldnt get WR elaK Germy_ranch: PepeHands bling blong bloop OoOyYyGGGeee: I’m not a champion and you’re not the champions and we are not the champions MalphasJD: MissFister pepeL Hello2030: it missed LULW illethor221: Pog Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: the death was meant to be Croissanito: 4Shrug miscusi: 🎶 Kalinmir: RMG based runs DansGame CrystalTeardrop: MissFister atamAYAYA yugidragon1: weird Hello2030: it went through him last time poggingforever: monkaSHAKE Hello2030: dunno why itskorato: 4Shrug skraalQ: maldness happened elaK Hello2030: PogU SavingForJalterBtw: !wr star_light: too far forward @Elajjaz the soulmasses went off while he was in the air DaniDuck: Pog Simon27_: PogU ChaosLike: elaK ionicsigger: PogU Jaargan: Pog ? Costrictor: hi ela gl man Breitey: WR pace monkaW CycleOfFire: Pog noyourebreatht4king: !wr Omiyage2: BlessRNG i_Kiko: Pog MaxiMHc: timeloss happened PepeLaugh Sapphire_829: PogU Evillution: 1%BKH drop PepeLaugh kupo13: WAIT he got the last drop?!? MJOLKMUSIC: Pog ? shellshock510: gg EbiVariance: The 1:12? PogU eliastheepicgamer: but still no halberd monkaW kupo13: lol Akendar: Halberd monkaS VVilmot: BKH drop hunt BibleThump MalphasJD: You forgot to reset your timer on this new run strimmer naroDerp Hello2030: monkaW HugeEugene: 1:12 Pog ? Mancow_: Mancow_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 20 months, currently on a 20 month streak! xD WrestlerBot2000: @mancow_ After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Ac7_: !wr kapustadrakon_: remember 50/50 Kapp Hello2030: imagine u get WR time but u dont get the hally monkaW Schurke03: 1:12 Pog NullSego: xD star_light: imagine AA run dying to halberd MelancholyYuki: @Elajjaz reset timer? HugeEugene: monkaW rip run Kaljumies123: xD wackymanpuff: xD Simon27_: xD iLostToLife: @Elajjaz Can you kill the BKH guy in darkroot in NG+? dotnotbot: apaog yugidragon1: monkaS Kosmic_Eagle: xD MalphasJD: LULW kupo13: i still dont get why you dont farm the one that respawns Soadante: Pog dotnotbot: Pog CrystalTeardrop: MalphasJD dont ask too much from a 12yo speedrunner naroDerp gfhgggfjgg: xD eliastheepicgamer: rekky on “all but one achievement” runs Pog BadGuyLP2: hi @ela, hi @chat, how are you guys doing? leonardo6785: where do u get it from now ? MelancholyYuki: naroDerp notsodankestguy: 1 MORE “XD” AND IM OUT 😡 Tommero: do it please Omiyage2: U have to CrystalTeardrop: BadGuyLP2 pepeL MalphasJD: naroXD MaxiMHc: do it Deid_: xD CrystalTeardrop: notsodankestguy naroXD Splash__Woman: xD star_light: 3 BKHs in game rihgt Nakadon: xd DaniDuck: @Elajjaz do you lose much time with that? LitPord: xD ChocolateBarni: XD Go MelancholyYuki: naroXD SavingForJalterBtw: XD dotnotbot: FeelsLateMan scream_of_a_thousand_cows: BadGuyLP2 elaH elaHYUG Andros5: XDDDDDDD Kosmic_Eagle: @BadGuyLP2 hi pepeL ShazzamVission: arent you there for the wrong warp anyways? Longknife: MURDER HIM Gnasherus: they dont respawn in ng+ ? StrykerCityMafia: 😡 XD DaniDuck: then do it sadwolfe_tv: @Elajjaz According to The_Happy_Hob’s research the garden Black Knight is an asshole TeenyTinyRedhead: @CrystalTeardrop Cutie elaWOW elaH pepeL GabrielMugnol: Regrettably CrystalTeardrop: naroXD cantaXD naroXD SullivanMcBlueberry: A 3 hour run that can die instantaniously after 2/3s of that, that’s scary elaHmm ScienceSloth: elaMad CrystalTeardrop: TeenyTinyRedhead cutier cantaWow atamHug kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz will you try to get bkh in forest? whiskeybear89: whiskeybear89 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 25 months! Hello Ela and everyone in this awesome chat! elaH elaHi WrestlerBot2000: @whiskeybear89 After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Whiskey_Tango666: Sup Ela and chat pepeL DaniDuck: die? 4Shrug LitPord: die Gnasherus: parry again MalphasJD: you die PepeLaugh rofIcopter: rofIcopter subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! 15 Pog WrestlerBot2000: @roficopter After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Sjokoladepud: die Hello2030: cant you use ur shield again to deflect? DaniDuck: @Whiskey_Tango666 elaH Kitys: Chat I had to AFK for a second, did he get Halberd? SiloWang: just get good ๐Ÿ™‚ Emilalv: @whiskeybear89 elaH CrystalTeardrop: whiskeybear89 pepeL Blue_Norther: parry again? TeenyTinyRedhead: @whiskeybear89 elaH pepeL Tasarion: just die 4HEad Geralt_of_Syria: just quit out 4Head Omiyage2: 4HEad just dodge Hello2030: cant you use ur shield again to parry* adam_lul: just don’t die 4Head Kosmic_Eagle: @whiskeybear89 elaHi star_light: you’re not killing the BKH in the Tomb right? raiku1992: try to kill that other black night Martiansam: yo @elajjaz and chat XD Where is the sarge ? elaMad MalphasJD: no Kitys shiion17: CrystalTeardrop atamWow cutie CycleOfFire: Just Roll 4HEad ZamirG1: can someone fuck my wife? cusseh: no Kitys Soveriegn3: @whiskeybear89 hey how are you today FeelsGoodMan scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Whiskey_Tango666 elaH elaHYUG francerex: it\s not like you get to him often though lol CrystalTeardrop: shiion17 so many cuties here today qttWOW MalphasJD: Martiansam in the trashcan naroSmug TeenyTinyRedhead: @Martiansam Helloo elaH pepeL PabloPls DaniDuck: @Martiansam elaH the sarge is into speedrunning SiloWang: @ZamirG1 yes sir i will! ๐Ÿ™‚ Elyas2: hello ela chat AYAYA TurranMC: What is “Remedy” Kitys: @malphasjd @cusseh thank you rooBless yugidragon1: just reset it 4HEad shiion17: MalphasJD cutie atamHug scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Martiansam elaH elaHYUG JammyDrury: roll away and Jebaited the jump attack cusseh: 🤗 Whiskey_Tango666: @DaniDuck @scream_of_a_thousand_cows pepeL Scarlettohgo: @ZamirG1 you don’t have one PepeHands MalphasJD: shiion17 cute cutie elaWOWrage>downing55: PepeHands cur_ley: pling plong pling ItsNelm: So close Ccl0ud: Die ela13 starfoex: 😡 Evillution: nice run PepeLaugh QuesoParmesano: Invalid Run FeelsBadMan MitsuoK: PogChamp Clap splitting_: @ZcortezZ all but 2 nimrodjack: ere vihainenkampela: gg legendarius311: MonkaS OrcSlayer3000: You can still PB in NG++ LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: WR in 99% achievements run Chag Polebegood: elaHmm Kosmic_Eagle: elaHmm ScienceSloth: elaHmm Vegansan: Dies like the run elaKek cornbread_tv: It sucks that RNG and messes up this long of a run Shordes: there’s nothing you can do PepeHands angryj0nes: PB dies for despawn LULW xsebbi: homeward bone out Fafebobo: elaHmm MalphasJD: Go into NG+ derechte_iz_pz: RUN THROUGH THE GAME AGAIN Secretberzerker: cant go anywhere NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm what if Mrtriggahigga: elaHmm Drachenreiter: 5Head FaarisBuro: PogChamp ? DaniDuck: oh god LULW Hello2030: PogU J0hnnyBlade: elaHmm rami730: Pog ? Caput_Draconis: LULW MalphasJD: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: Pog UltraWindow: PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN Llyfrgell: gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER Hello2030: PogU BELIEVE krahdan: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: 5HEad Splash__Woman: Pog Jaargan: 5Head VineWood0604: PogU SerApollyon: 5Head Miththar: Pog BearackObama: 5Head detonapotter: PogU 1mpolar: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog mrbreadberry: PogU MaxiMHc: LULW Soveriegn3: LULW Streamleen: GO GO GO Gloriousbonerstoner: Chag downing55: LULW garenbush: 5Head ? super_ae: Pog PB INCOMING sigridian: Pog ? Deid_: Chag Hello2030: PogU BELIEVE PogU BELIEVE PogU BELIEVE PogU BELIEVE Fafebobo: Chag Omiyage2: HandsUp I believe Dr_Jan_Itor: 5Head Wario_fangirl69: PogChamp ? Jaargan: Pog DaniDuck: SCUFFED RUN LULW NordicRain: LULW punch_u_in_the_goober: 5Head no doubt ZcortezZ: forest knight PogU ScienceSloth: elaPlan KariGrandi: OMEGALUL Splash__Woman: NG++ mizoreeee: SCUFFED LULW Caput_Draconis: Pog princeinnovice: Pog troublematicc: LULW Secretberzerker: LUL Swift_chamois: BKH end nice cusseh: PogU neopetcom: LULW bongo9000: Pog Llyfrgell: gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER Ryuwashi: elaGa elaPlan bubblegumisblue: YES MasterMalpercio: rooKek krezal: GO ELA POGGERS NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO rainbowsh8: HE IS DOING IT ratirlAYAYA HE IS DOING IT ratirlAYAYA so_mald_so_bald: PogU Junri: NG++ Pog Everest_Bound: Pog Shordes: Chag Sephonia44: LULW FappyMcFlappy: BlessRNG derechte_iz_pz: NEW STRATS Pog TeenyTinyRedhead: HandsUp 0xSaisaki: ng++ KariGrandi: SCUFFED Thelastknight14: LUL ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL tuuhoo: PogU I BELIEVE Raydia_: 5Head KaitoKidShadow: Pog DarcusHunter: ng++ Amnexiac: BlessRNG MalphasJD: NG+2 HERE WE GO PepeLaugh Jetostream: Scuffed retro_raiden: i know a glitch how to save a dead run xzeroUMU SpireFacts: GOOOOOOOOOOO YOU PIECE OF SHIT MissDina: PogChamp cur_ley: Champ bubblegumisblue: BlessRNG doncallisto: MYAZAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII elaMad elaMad elaMad sighks: I BELIEVE HandsUp Tasarion: can still become first loser PogU ChocolateBarni: gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER derechte_iz_pz: ELA YOU CAN DO IT REEEEE elaREE ComradeNerdy: scuffed strats Pog TheBigSpence: OMEGADOWN Scuffed Runner OMEGADOWN todgersniper: PogChamp Hello2030: WeirdChamp ? xsebbi: new strat krahdan: scuffed speedrun LULW FlabbyOtter: nothing to loose Fafebobo: LIDL STRAT OMEGALUL Reddinator: new ng++ strats PepeLaugh MalphasJD: retro_raiden elaWOW Jetostream: @Elajjaz This is soo scuffed NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm why vihainenkampela: BlessRNG DaniDuck: SCUFFED RUNS Pog SCUFFED RUNS Pog SCUFFED RUNS Pog SCUFFED RUNS Pog SCUFFED RUNS Pog VVilmot: should have got it before hydra Gloriousbonerstoner: 4Shrug derechte_iz_pz: SWEDISH IQ Pog Untimelyfate: BlessRNG BlessRNG cheeze____: i dont know, but I noticed that too before NoodLeWrencher: I did ๐Ÿ™‚ kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz yeah, but does it count since you dont finish ng++? rofIcopter: HOTFIXED PepeLaugh souldedeh: elaWeird retro_raiden: @malphasjd joke! naroDX Pyyroxx: “NOT GONNA KILL KNIGHT IN FOREST” Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz something about the foggate and the ending Omiyage2: They know PepeLaugh SerApollyon: LULW amemiyaTF: blame MIYAZAKI PepeLaugh garliced: hotfixed PepeLaugh kkoja: @kapustadrakon_ ofc it counts sTaRduZZt: seems like I got here at the right time, hi guys HeyGuys DigitalZips: btw Ela, I hate you. b/c of your New Vegas streams I installed F3 and NV and the mod that links them together as one game and started playing last night. LuL derechte_iz_pz: LULW What is this anibit: dead run LUL TheBigSpence: ` OMEGADOWN Scuffed Runner OMEGADOWN MalphasJD: retro_raiden I got fooled naroWhat Zapad_: I did that so you can mess your run up SpireFacts: This run holy hell kapustadrakon_: idk, just askin ๐Ÿ™‚ skraalQ: @kapustadrakon_ its called all achievements not all runs completed LULW 0xSaisaki: its just a new route LUL derechte_iz_pz: What is second place Tier113: ok izzied: shouldnt have duped soul odyssey69: Stupid fucking mistakes, man PepeHands UltraWindow: ye retro_raiden: naroDX detonapotter: yeah Hello2030: ya DaniDuck: ye FappyMcFlappy: yup derechte_iz_pz: Yep Swift_chamois: yup WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ skraalQ: @derechte_iz_pz 48 sTaRduZZt: FeelsBadMan scuffed strats MalphasJD: yes Ozymamdius: Chat is so fast NotLikeThis scenes336: valley upwarp SoulOfDerp: vally of dragons LUL Semothy_: what did he mess up? opggop405: Nice, joined at the start of a run JKanStyle DaniDuck: oh ez then GabrielMugnol: 2:48 Caput_Draconis: 2:48 Secretberzerker: thru drakes FlabbyOtter: you got master key ? JammyDrury: drakes hobbT derechte_iz_pz: Oh damn it’s actually possible bunkyboo: coulda done forest in NG+? bongo9000: elaEZ Ducksual: Burg then Havel Tower Jybel: @Elajjaz 2h 48m 43s derechte_iz_pz: elaKek Shordes: you got 5min bud Chag MalphasJD: Semothy_ didn’t get BKH TheAlbinoBaskerville: 2:48 Rionok: ez 2nd place raiku1992: if you go thorugh dragon valley just kill that knight k_dove85: So… if BKH doesn’t drop he’s DQ’d Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh DeFartingNinja: Isnt the fastest way to the forest down through havels room? starfoex: Scuffed second place Pog Fafebobo: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: you missed rekky by like 25 seconds Reddinator: dying to gargoyles LULW Geralt_of_Syria: ElaPls ____________ hal 🐦 PlattSolomon: monkaW clock’s ticking Swift_chamois: not to where the knight is sigridian: Can someone @me really quick? elaHmm TzuyuLoL: monkaW Swift_chamois: drakes is faster Whiskey_Tango666: ela1 ela2 Llyfrgell: gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER gachiHYPER I believe gachiHYPER HugeEugene: cmonBruh why them? Omiyage2: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Splash__Woman: Unless. elaHmm Reddinator: @sigridian no ๐Ÿ™‚ derechte_iz_pz: lmao ela Fafebobo: LULW MalphasJD: DeFartingNinja easier to go through valley of drakes kerel11: That’s an Ax BK Caput_Draconis: LULW Elfualoco2003: ?????? BearackObama: 4Shrug Staudi99: isnt that a axe one? MalphasJD: GARDEN kerel11: right Paltta: dnf inc PepeLaugh alicexharvey: lulw G0nch: FailFish NordicRain: elaKek what is this run star_light: FOREST FASTER starfoex: best submit ever LULW TheBigSpence: @sigridian SerApollyon: SCUFFED RUN LULW ZcortezZ: do both LUL so_mald_so_bald: 4Shrug ricarten: 4shrug TheMoltenGuy: LULW FlabbyOtter: darkroot is faster no ? skybeaverking: @sigridian no ๐Ÿ™‚ porkylog: BBoomer Clap Kosmic_Eagle: 4Shrug Whiskey_Tango666: elaHmm Secretberzerker: unless…. tsoubhia: PepeLaugh DarcusHunter: forest is faster rofIcopter: PepeLaugh he doesnt know Splash__Woman: LULW kerel11: Im sure that one has an Axe ricarten: 4Shrug DaniDuck: you can get both LULW Hello2030: @Elajjaz even if u managed to get the hally, it would be like 10-20 seconds off world record anyway derechte_iz_pz: Forest is way faster BadTBone1: @sigridian Love u usr_jacob: thats not halberd FaarisBuro: Freestyle run PogChamp NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Reddinator: 4Shrug y5or: LULW UltraWindow: PepeLaugh 4Shrug sigridian: Thanks chat! elaH Usojin: PepeLaugh Kazeith: 5k hours LULW izzied: forest way faster flipponator: Choosing the wrong one PepeLaugh Aderko: lacLaugh garbageman520: yes Sephirothang: use darksign @Elajjaz Omiyage2: PepeLaugh ok Hello2030: LULW FIRST LOSER derechte_iz_pz: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh dont forget to use dark sign Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh nymnCorn KaitoKidShadow: dont use darksign atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh nymnCorn DaniDuck: D: BasSix_: ok PepeLaugh Sheldor1984: THATS NOT HALBERD NoodLeWrencher: elaD ZavaracLojzo: DONT USE DARKSIGN Deid_: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: D: Bxadd: D: Efrondil: D: so_mald_so_bald: D: Miththar: D: Llyfrgell: D: Ccl0ud: Pog KaitoKidShadow: lol TheBigSpence: D: ThunderZBee: D: Omiyage2: PepeHands F BabbuinoMalefico: Definitely forest is faster, to get in the catacombs you need to kill pinwheel Recine_: Use darksign TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag Miththar: NO D: darkenergy57: FeelsBadMan Cappibar: Dont get second place Mrtriggahigga: elaD Gothicer: D: Vallyen_: tomb of giants is way too far for 2:48 krahdan: who is first? todgersniper: Just try both 4Head ItsNelm: LETS GO swoglo: the fuck you said? cusseh: LUL derechte_iz_pz: PepeHands DaniDuck: SCUFFED 2nd place LULW porkylog: being happy with 2nd place PepeLaugh Hello2030: LULW 2ND PLACE AKA FIRST LOSER Rionok: D: doncallisto: @Elajjaz THAT’S NOT A HALBERD IN THE TOMB lucaseyy: “If you aren’t first, you’re last “ – Ronald McDonald Untimelyfate: BlessRNG TzuyuLoL: PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz key of the seal is faster, killing ingward and opening the gate VVilmot: you better lose then MalphasJD: @sigridian pepeL Whiskey_Tango666: elaK Wuxia: ew 2nd DansGame BluBlu_BluBlo: FeelsBadMan Fafebobo: you won’t get it elaK kupo13: didnt you pause the timer? NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh Dont worry chat, were talking about ela TheBigSpence: PepeHands Scuffed Expectations PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: SCUFFED SECOND OMEGALUL Jaklie: what’s the WR? Swift_chamois: humanities on the elevator rofIcopter: beta runner PepeLaugh Smolnikow: @Elajjaz which runs are more fun? pure skill or rng heavy? Cappibar: @Elajjaz Plz don’t get second then, go for WR Reddinator: 2nd place LULW might aswell be last LULW UltraWindow: 2nd place for a 2nd rate streamer PepeLaugh mateator: wo do you fck up so much and still 2nd Scarlettohgo: @doncallisto yes it is. you’re thinking of catacombs Efrondil: Fallout after? alicexharvey: naruto run youll go faster so_mald_so_bald: now i dont want you to get it if you quit after WeirdChamp LitPord: elaK sigridian: MalphasJD pepeL nrdyISee WerewolfB: @doncallisto dont tell him PepeLaugh Vismarck: Lifeline speedruns time Pog sTaRduZZt: imagine getting 2nd place with this scuffed strats PepeLaugh BadGuyLP2: @Elajjaz i don’t think yo ucan go up the elevator Elyas2: he’s gonna get the axe PepeLaugh porkylog: elaK NoodLeWrencher: elaK mhh illuminatieyes_xd: 2nd place LUL Elfualoco2003: Kappa WR NNayio: elaK Shordes: elaK Drahikir: Drahikir is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 25 in the channel! insurrectionist89: ๐Ÿ™‚ Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to gogogorefest! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to carlito1585! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to captaincalamari_! Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to Jahanius! WrestlerBot2000: @carlito1585 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @captaincalamari_ I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @gogogorefest After 23 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @jahanius I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM NoodLeWrencher: Pog VineWood0604: Pog DaniDuck: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Pog Drahikir: Drahikir gifted a Tier 1 sub to randomjarl! Jybel: @Jaklie 2h 41m 13s WrestlerBot2000: @randomjarl I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM GoldenFlame1: Pog Llyfrgell: Pog LitPord: PogU Splash__Woman: it’s like FNAF, you almost lose just by RNG saying no. Skejven: Pog rofIcopter: Champ mrbreadberry: Pog porkylog: PogChamp Peka1: Pog krezal: Pog bongo9000: Pog Bxadd: Chag SerApollyon: Pog 0xSaisaki: Pog derechte_iz_pz: Pog HugeEugene: EZ DODGE Caput_Draconis: Pog kkoja: Chag Fafebobo: Pog MalphasJD: Pog Galer1ans: Pog swoglo: Champ Scarlettohgo: Pog peppy590: Pog Clap TheBigSpence: BabyRage BabyRage my drops BabyRage BabyRage Virhaed: Pog Lightning4444: Pog Vallyen_: being happy with 2nd place? so when you get married you will be happy with your wife having an affair and you only being 2nd to her? FeelsWeirdMan rainbowsh8: PogU duumed: Pog Recine_: distHappy alicexharvey: pog detonapotter: Pog Amnexiac: Drahikir Pog Rhynin: dodged Rigman_11: Pog xSternritter: Pog karakovv: Pog HugeEugene: DODGED Pog ChocolateBarni: Champ insurrectionist89: goP Aderko: dodged lacU MisunderstoodPebble: Pog MalphasJD: Chag Raydia_: @Elajjaz so not even Nemz can get the WR? LULW Kirbyzockt: Pog Alexstg5x: pog Life796: Pog Geralt_of_Syria: Champ derechte_iz_pz: More runs Pog xsebbi: Pog Splash__Woman: elaDM HugeEugene: DODGED PogU BearackObama: dodged Champ DaniDuck: remastered DansGame BeetZero: Pog Elfualoco2003: Chag MalphasJD: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Chag Destruben: geraAyaya geraAyaya KaitoKidShadow: Pog Kunno1100: Pog MaxiMHc: Pog Rhynin: dodged sub Pog tuuhoo: Pog never ending kerel11: Pog porkylog: Remastered PogChamp MisterSparkleTTV: Pog starfoex: Pog ALL BOSSES Elfualoco2003: Chag CONTENT cheeze____: Pog SoulOfDerp: @Elajjaz just get 2nd place WR LULW SevenStrangeMelons: PogU insurrectionist89: PogChamp skalmut: Pog UltraWindow: dethrone forsen instead NicolasMn: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: all bosses Pog Usojin: Pog tumaelso: Let’s go 2nd Pog angryj0nes: Pog Wuxia: Pog F1oyd: elaCozy cheeze____: 60fps FeelsGoodMan super_ae: @Elajjaz you will still get swedish WR FeelsGoodMan Clap retro_raiden: 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 elaHi elaH NoodLeWrencher: HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp NNayio: HandsUp souldedeh: HandsUp Amnexiac: HandsUp Tasarion: HandsUp Hello2030: HandsUp Shordes: HandsUp MalphasJD: HandsUp mrfailatlife: HandsUp garenbush: HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: HandsUp Bxadd: HandsUp TeenyTinyRedhead: HandsUp PositiveHappyViewer: HandsUp UltraWindow: HandsUp Raydia_: HandsUp Life796: HandsUp Silvulnar: HandsUp bongo9000: HandsUp Galer1ans: HandsUp ZavaracLojzo: HandsUp Elyas2: monkaH Rust_n: HandsUp Lanshii: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Paltta: gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: @elyas2 ruined the 21x HandsUp combo DansGame Reddinator: HandsUp DaniDuck: HandsUp Glenshane: Handsup Kunno1100: HandsUp 1mpolar: HandsUp mizoreeee: HandsUp the_Peachtree: HandsUp MaxiMHc: HandsUp splitting_: HandsUp kerel11: PepeHands ComradeNerdy: HandsUp Saltarv: HandsUp Draddrick: HandsUp TzuyuLoL: HandsUp Aranzada: HandsUp Jybel: HandsUp Evillution: PepeLaugh ‘s up Geralt_of_Syria: HandsUp I BELIEVE souldedeh: HandsUp BlessRNG FINs_empire2: HandsUp Fafebobo: HandsUp Sqwaaks: HandsUp Wuxia: ong all bosses Pog Tirabolos: HandsUp TheZecaUrubu: HandsUp nandosobral03: HandsUp Chuami: HandsUp JammyDrury: gachiBASS KaitoKidShadow: HandsUp StinkyCheese92: HandsUp Rhynin: HandsUp Babanusch: HandsUp SiggiMcCrit: HandsUp Kirbyzockt: HandsUp SeeM_Villain: elaHmm 0xSaisaki: monkaH Scarlettohgo: HandsUp Ccl0ud: elaSmile derechte_iz_pz: HandsUp neopetcom: HandsUp pureunadulterated: Euyy Miththar: HandsUp myla1: HandsUp Xbamcityx: HandsUp Breitey: HandsUp Ryuwashi: HandsUp tumaelso: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Emilia_: HandsUp legendarius311: HandsUp kkoja: HandsUp CJWM8te: HandsUp ISinistarI: HandsUp Soadante: HandsUp Virhaed: HandsUp Alexmackzie: HandsUp super_ae: HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp iceicex: HandsUp Croissanito: HandsUp God_Wank: HandsUp WerewolfB: \ PepeLaugh / alicexharvey: HandsUp IceLikesRice: HandsUp FreakyFriday85: HandsUp zWettah: MaN NNayio: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp doncallisto: HandsUp Xanxicar: HandsUp ItsNelm: HandsUp Celulith: HandsUp bonne372: HandsUp beginningsnow: HandsUp Annonn140: HandsUp ZaneC1: HandeUp skraalQ: no halberd. angryj0nes: HandsUp Bananasplitta: HandsUp starfoex: HandsUp Splash__Woman: HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp scribbleh: HandsUp Caloas: HandsUp AR_Kain: HandsUp derechte_iz_pz: CMON MAN HandsUp Swift_chamois: HandsUp quantumop: HandsUp cmon man MaleFunction: HandsUp # Soadante: no ๐Ÿ™‚ BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HugeEugene: monkaH swoglo: HandsUp zWettah: gachiHYPER Rumpledinky: elaGun elaGun elaGun elaGun cornbread_tv: HandsUp captain_elsewhere: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp kryptor79: HandsUp bongo9000: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp gravedigger426: HandsUp gael_the_knight: POP MORE HUMANITIES MAN @Elajjaz skraalQ: D E N I E D Varyag_SS: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp ultarez: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp nusgi: BlessRNG HandsUp UNT_LCan: HandsUp da_ul: hellbird BearackObama: HandsUp ZcortezZ: deth gachiBASS NNayio: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp NordicRain: PepeLaugh randomweeb69: Ja Cloudberryfox: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp NicolasMn: HandsUp Lilystery: HandsUp c0rnflex: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: HandsUp Jaklie: HandsUp Usojin: PepeLaugh inb4 the shield drops Reddinator: deepthroat the mic for luck HandsUp rofIcopter: HandsUp HandsUp DaniDuck: HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp NoodLeWrencher: No ๐Ÿ™‚ VineWood0604: BlessRNG Zeaqi: HandsUp Aequilux: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp Vismarck: HandsUp makeshiftwings30: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG kadex05: gabengive GymNation: ALBERT? BearackObama: HandsUp KariGrandi: HandsUp legendarius311: HandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUpHandsUp qsrRain: HandsUp gachiHYPER HugeEugene: monkaH monkaH Celulith: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Tasarion: PLS HandsUp pacman_pol_pl_polska: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Glenshane: BlessRNG SkeletonKeyLimePie: BlessRNG UltraWindow: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp karakovv: HandsUp Kalinmir: HandsUp HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: :handsup . tumaelso: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp bongo9000: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Tehkex: HandsUp1 HandsUp2 todgersniper: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp FlabbyOtter: hobbPray MalphasJD: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp starfoex: HALBERD GODS HandsUp Secklolzzz: monkaS deepdongus: HandsUp I BELIEVE SouSousen: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Byte_Shifter: HandsUp Everest_Bound: HandsUp HandsUp Bluemushroomer: HandsUp marosh__: don’t get it so you run it again PepeHands NNayio: No. ๐Ÿ™‚ HugeEugene: monkaH BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp Gloriousbonerstoner: HandsUp Argosch: HandsUp tumaelso: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp wojtashekk: HandsUp Mirando: Succ the Mic Elajjaz oopmah: BKH GET kerel11: monkaH iceicex: HandsUp elaWOW HandsUp mizoreeee: HandsUp HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp randomweeb69: HandsUp 0xSaisaki: dont forget gachiHYPER MaxiMHc: gachiHYPER Myncu: HandsUp TheH3llraiser: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp MyNameLacksImagination: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp SerApollyon: tdogWizz DaniDuck: HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP HandsUp MY HANDS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING THATS UP flipponator: HandsUp Lightning4444: HandsU lightcrafter92: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Sephirothang: PepeLaugh incoming HotZeppelin: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp BTRNDL: HandsUp eyskyaldi: HandsUp retro_raiden: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Amnexiac: HandsUp HandsUp LitPord: HandsUp HandsUp Evillution: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh THIS IS NOT IT Paltta: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp chaoticLily: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO PositiveHappyViewer: HandsUp CUM ON mkzkSeki: HandsUp averagehandsomeboy: Hands UP punch_u_in_the_goober: monkaH Dml82: Apollyon tdogRat NordicRain: Drop shield PepeLaugh BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Dr_Jan_Itor: HandsUp TheDankDemon: elaWut detonapotter: HandsUp doncallisto: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp downing55: BlessRNG BlessRNG HugeEugene: monkaH I BELIEVE Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER SUBMIT TO THE HALBERD GODS RegoleSlayer: OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog Recine_: HandsUp tianStrong super_ae: PRAY TO THE HALBLORD BlessRNG mequedosinideas: hobbPray hobbPray hobbPray Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp Sheldor1984: HandsUp Kalinmir: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp its_thebeeman: Hands Up Jaargan: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp wandering_pleb: monkaH monkaH monkaH todgersniper: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp viola_mandshurica: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Celulith: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp skraalQ: PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D gael_the_knight: MAn POP MORE HUMANITIES MAN @Elajjaz bubblegumisblue: BlessRNG TeenyTinyRedhead: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Raftelle: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp pureunadulterated: Gottem Vnc783: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp RegoleSlayer: lmao Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HugeEugene: monkaH ultarez: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Tasarion: OMEGALUL MalphasJD: LULW retro_raiden: BlessRNG cohhFlower ela BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp legendarius311: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp TheZecaUrubu: HELP US ANIKI SpireFacts: He missed it PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: LULW ThunderZBee: DO IT HandsUp SerApollyon: Dml82 tdogRat Knur_therealhog: HandsUp Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh bongo9000: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp NNayio: elaWeird ZaneC1: HandsUp Come on man Ramierz: HandsUp cur_ley: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp LitPord: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp iLostToLife: LULW BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Xanxicar: HandsUp HandsUp Lightning4444: HandsUp Aranzada: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh LOOK AT THIS DOOD Fafebobo: LULW NNayio: HandsUp Kosmic_Eagle: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp counts184: HandsUp SeeM_Villain: HandsUp TeenyTinyRedhead: BlessRNG Nini____: hey go reset Jybel: gold serpent ring? 🤔 MalphasJD: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp porkylog: HandsUp Reddinator: PepeLaugh pukson: HandsUp ter_moo_nator: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp MissDina: HandsUp ArticPhi: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Soadante: ๐Ÿ™‚ no Raftelle: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Glenshane: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp VineWood0604: BlessRNG BlessRNG SiggiMcCrit: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp sigridian: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Billyrino: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp souldedeh: HandsUp BlessRNG Jaargan: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp mrbreadberry: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp BearackObama: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp TheH3llraiser: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp IceLikesRice: HandsUpHandsUp wandering_pleb: monkaH monkaH monkaH monkaH khamis0017: Rub The GENIE LAMP Virhaed: HandsUp tsoubhia: PepeLaugh Knur_therealhog: HandsUp SQGamer: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Shordes: BlessRNG skraalQ: PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D DaniDuck: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp IceLikesRice: HandsUp HandsUp UltraWindow: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp todgersniper: HandsUp ALBERD deepdongus: HandsUp HandsUp I BELIEVE HandsUp HandsUp Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: HandsUp DROP ITEM DROOOOOOOOOOOP HandsUp super_ae: 🍑 SQGamer: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp porkylog: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Kunno1100: HandsUp DangerSloth: HandsUp NoodLeWrencher: elaK nusgi: HandsUp Knur_therealhog: HandsUp HandsUp poorker: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Amnexiac: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp skalmut: halberd god BlessRNG nogoro55: HandsUp HandsUp viola_mandshurica: CMOOOOOOOON SQGamer: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Usojin: PepeLaugh Efrondil: no you don’t Raftelle: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp pureunadulterated: Got it DaniDuck: PepeLaugh Hello2030: LULW doncallisto: HandsUp MathGreek: NO GOD Kosmic_Eagle: LULW krahdan: there’s like 6 people that actually run this category PepeLaugh Paltta: PepeLaugh legendarius311: HandsUp BearackObama: LULW opggop405: LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL super_ae: LULW Hello2030: LULW LULW LULW LULW Tasarion: PepeHands MalphasJD: PepeHands Usojin: LULW rami730: OMEGADOWN averagehandsomeboy: F TheMoltenGuy: LULW Bxadd: OMEGALUL VineWood0604: EleGiggle neopetcom: F Vismarck: HandsUp HandsUp RegoleSlayer: FeelsBadMan NNayio: LULW Jaargan: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp quantumop: rip Aranzada: LULW derechte_iz_pz: Cmon LULW SerApollyon: LULW Soadante: PepeLaugh Glenshane: PepeHands conmcko: OMEGALUL atomicdestruction: oddoneRIP Evillution: OMEGALUL Magilou_69: LULW RicHaya: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: fuuuuck mrbreadberry: PepeHands sigridian: NOOOOOOOO rofIcopter: OMEGALUL pacman_pol_pl_polska: OMEGALUL downing55: PepeHands BluBlu_BluBlo: Dont give him it. Make him go for record ariW starfoex: F 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Shordes: PepeHands Sephirothang: Jebaited SQGamer: PepeHands Fatamerikans: LULW ultarez: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp porkylog: F UltraWindow: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Jaargan: LULW deepdongus: NOOOOOOO Eldritchness: PepeHands Galer1ans: FeelsBadMan FlabbyOtter: dammit Fafebobo: PepeHands Desradin: PepeHands TheBigSpence: PepeLaugh OrcSlayer3000: LULW beginningsnow: PepeLaugh so_mald_so_bald: PepeHands NordicRain: OMEGALUL Omiyage2: PepeHands F PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh oh no no no VVilmot: DED TheH3llraiser: PepeHands Life_fox1992: dead 0xSaisaki: PepeLaugh greyfacenospace123: danO danO BadGuyLP2: PepeHands Rus7m: PepeHands GuardGate: PepeHands quantumop: you still have time i think Kirbyzockt: PepeHands marshalmv: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: elaS elaS elaS elaS somerandomguyog: F bongo9000: PepeHands MalphasJD: TOMB ELA XXXNemesisXXX: PepeHands Aderko: PepeHands PepeHands star_light: GO TOMB zulul_vi_von_zulul: xqcHands xqcHands xqcHands TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeHands souldedeh: boning gachiHYPER cur_ley: PepeHands viola_mandshurica: PepeHands bonne372: LUL MaNZuRT: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SevenStrangeMelons: PepeHands Bxadd: PepeHands Celulith: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands nOob1que: ela7 chat ela7 Ela Gothicer: PepeHands retro_raiden: mendoHands mizoreeee: PepeLaugh Peka1: PepeHands cusseh: PepeLaugh makeshiftwings30: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels deepdongus: PepeHands Vondy: F skraalQ: PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D PepeHands D E N I E D Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh quantumop: tomb of the giants time MasterMalpercio: rooKek NoodLeWrencher: elaGasm KariGrandi: OMEGALUL PepeLaugh FeelsBadMan bashful_sam: Gambling Lol derechte_iz_pz: V1 LOST PepeHands Sephonia44: rescCry Ccl0ud: rip urn PepeHands angryj0nes: LULW la_polenta_de_zidane: OMEGALUL Hello2030: why would u do that l0l UltraWindow: shouldnt have bonfired WeirdChamp Kickin_97: Mmmm, chunky porkylog: lobosReset lobosReset lobosReset lobosReset lobosReset bubblegumisblue: elaREE brish42: you’ve been dark souled! tumaelso: F PepeHands FlabbyOtter: Parish elevator RetroH3lix: with all the fails you did you don’t deserve this LULW 0xSaisaki: just wrong warp LUL Croissanito: if you didn’t pick that bonfire PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: @nOob1que ela7 ZcortezZ: Tomb here we come PepeLaugh JonasBredband: Stay positive ๐Ÿ™‚ Hello2030: why did u bonfire there l0l Soadante: D: Xanxicar: D: FordTheOcean: there is no halberd god Swift_chamois: such bonfire VirtuousDodo: What’s 3rd place? :O MalphasJD: GO TO THE TOMB ELA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ElaPls GoldenFlame1: PepeHands super_ae: @Elajjaz still 9 minutes to get to kiln PepeLaugh TheBigSpence: ` OMEGADOWN Scuffed Runner OMEGADOWN Kosmic_Eagle: D: Eldritchness: D: detonapotter: 3rd place? opggop405: Nice peach bonfire OMEGALUL OMEGALUL 0xSaisaki: D: KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands cheeze____: peach bonfire NotLikeThis Smolnikow: @Elajjaz which runs are more fun? pure skill or rng heavy? Galer1ans: soulmarioHands SiloWang: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt Waxxyie: If only there were ascetics in this game FeelsBadMan Nini____: lol reset pls mrstixx: you dont want to stop running this LUL Corsad: LUL ChocolateBarni: PepeHands cusseh: gg shikifujin16: we stil love you man tuuhoo: PepeHands just let it die ela NoodLeWrencher: PepeLaugh its not, Sundagar: @Elajjaz time for new vegas? ๐Ÿ˜€ LitPord: PepeHands no reason to live cur_ley: ANYWAYS HandsUp retro_raiden: we must get a laki xzeroDed Gloriousbonerstoner: zfgRunOgre zfgRunOgre zfgRunOgre Kazeith: @elajjaz wait, you did pause after gwyn didn’t you? viola_mandshurica: glitch again? xxxSmokinACExxx: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Streamleen: Was a good attempt. derechte_iz_pz: Tomb of the giants? BibleThump Cloudberryfox: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands rofIcopter: inb4 3rd place is fine PepeLaugh Emilia_: @Smolnikow good mix of both usually, not too much rng but a little bit Tommero: what happened? cur_ley: I meant PepeHands FeelsPepoMan MalphasJD: GO ElaPls TO ElaPls THE ElaPls TOMB ElaPls rainbowsh8: GO HYDRA SKIP TO GWYN @Elajjaz DaniDuck: can still pb LULW UltraWindow: 1 minute monkaW Oxyq_p: 3rd place is still good Kappa HuntingGolem: its fockin ova elaBruv SerApollyon: 8th place is fine too LULW Splash__Woman: @Tommero RNG happened Shordes: @Elajjaz was that Seek and Destroy? boxrThink NoodLeWrencher: I am ๐Ÿ™‚ VVilmot: LUL derechte_iz_pz: LUL ELA STOP NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird detonapotter: LULW Raw__Man: 2 49 Sephirothang: LULW LULW Jaklie: 2:49 Deid_: PepeLaugh iLostToLife: 2:49 WerewolfB: LUL derechte_iz_pz: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: 3rd LULW bongo9000: elaWeird Staudi99: 2:49:10 xsebbi: top 3 VVilmot: WHAT IS 4TH PLACE MelancholyYuki: me ๐Ÿ™‚ kadex05: 249 SiggiMcCrit: 2 49 10 Reddinator: THIRD OMEGADOWN krahdan: 2h 49m 10s PepeLaugh ShawnLP1: 3rd place is 27 seconds apart from 2nd place @Elajjaz cur_ley: 3rd Place PepeLaugh Ccl0ud: LULW porkylog: Going for 3rd NotLikeThis MaxiMHc: just warp to klin LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird barganing ISinistarI: LULW TheBigSpence: PepeHands Scuffed Expectations PepeHands Hello2030: 5 minutes later.. “Guys, whats 4th place?” LULW Pudelinaa: hes desperate PepeLaugh Jaargan: it’s time to stop LULW OrcSlayer3000: Just stop FeelsWeirdMan Gloriousbonerstoner: this dude EleGiggle opggop405: The only thing you can hope for is Sub Mec now PepeHands Starried: @rofIcopter LULW ComradeNerdy: bargaining stage Tommero: @Splash__Woman thats nice but what happened Junri: Top 10 is nice too LULW 1mpolar: LULW Eldritchness: Inb4 what is 4th place PepeLaugh GoldenFlame1: 3rd place pov PepeHands Kazeith: 4th place LULW Vondy: what is last place? LUL angryj0nes: dont get it enymore Smolnikow: @Emilia_ i want to know which ela prefers Emilia_: @ComradeNerdy LOL LitPord: let go ela PepeHands Peka1: @elajjaz whats the % chance to get it with max discovery G0nch: LUL Desradin: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGALUL Miththar: POGGERS Aranzada: @Elajjaz Why didn’t you just re enter the kiln when he disappeared? Annonn140: 25th place Pog yugidragon1: what about 5th place monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: LULW iLostToLife: 4th place is you LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: ComradeNerdy PepeLaugh HEWSTI: PepeLaugh aewonn: lol, went from 1st to 2nd and now 3rd. Catflap_: reset Vnc783: PepeHands MitsuoK: top5? Miththar: IT OVER HandsUp detonapotter: ok what’s 4th place rofIcopter: ela13 TOP10 is enough chat derechte_iz_pz: PepeHands Zapad_: 2ND LOSER kkenLUL doncallisto: @Elajjaz just keep doing these cozy runs until you get World Record, I love this run Pog Dr_Jan_Itor: 4th place PepeLaugh c0rnflex: PepeLaugh 👉 🕥 Fafebobo: in an hour “what is 10th place ?” elaGa 0xSaisaki: aint ogre till its ogre LUL Starried: 46th Pog Nini____: go for 100th place Tasarion: god RNG not even top 3 PepeLaugh Lanshii: Peka1 like 20% Life_fox1992: alredy over end over Kappa BrbSauna: i remember when elaijjaz used to go for 1st place FeelsWeirdMan opggop405: You can still get Sub Mec JKanStyle Cappibar: Not even PB LULW VineWood0604: FeelsLateMan krahdan: you can still get fourth ๐Ÿ™‚ Reddinator: top 100 and we gucchi PepeLaugh Ccl0ud: strimmer why you so FeelsLateMan Neop76: 30th place dream dangerdonger420: Just restart LUL raiku1992: maybe you can PB at least Peka1: @lanshii okay, thanks ๐Ÿ˜› Hoady: Unlucky man elaFeels star_light: @Aranzada the BKH despawns forever for that game cycle Hello2030: U CAN BEAT UR PB AT LEAST PogU Miththar: WONT PB LULW VVilmot: GO FOR UNDER 10TH Splash__Woman: @Tommero what do you mean what happened? i just said RNG happened. None of the black knights are giving him the Haliberd he needs. Vegansan: Ela not even top 3 elaKek ichiyusai_: 3d, second worst PepeLaugh ShawnLP1: 38 seconds remaning kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz such a good run PepeLaugh kebabsouls: PlsEla bongo9000: elaGa elaPlan Deid_: PepeLaugh mocaffe: You shouldn’t have yolod mr strimmer Sephonia44: tdogStress Hello2030: LULW MalphasJD: krahdan isn’t he technically 4th already ? PepeLaugh Staudi99: Sub mec LUL 1mpolar: PepeLaugh OhSnuggie: what happened on the last segment ? Tommero: @Splash__Woman thanks TheBigSpence: BabyRage BabyRage my drops BabyRage BabyRage Aranzada: @star_light Oh, ok, that’s so weird Splash__Woman: LULQ NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh Raw__Man: 10th place 5 52 bts @Elajjaz derechte_iz_pz: 4th place, PepeLaugh CMAN222008: PepeLaugh Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Splash__Woman: LULW tumaelso: FeelsLateMan Whiskey_Tango666: PogU 4th Oxyq_p: then 5th LUL NNayio: 4TH OMEGLOL BearackObama: PepeLaugh Kusocheg: PepeLaugh Evillution: PepeLaugh ChaosLike: elaKek porkylog: 4th place PepeLaugh SerApollyon: Sephonia44 tdogRat detonapotter: LULW Saltarv: LULW Miththar: pepeL Szachalasznik: 4 th PepeLaugh Swift_chamois: peach 4th Reddinator: PepeLaugh 👉 4 k_dove85: Reset!!!! Knat0601: PepeLaugh SuperCrap123: Chat, what happened with his time safe? I was away 30 min ๐Ÿ™ Sephonia44: SerApollyon tdogRat DaniDuck: run so scuffed it ends in ng++ and can still get pb LULW ichiyusai_: Ford place? PepeLaugh Amnexiac: elaK Miththar: PepeLaugh c0rnflex: He’s in denial PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: from WR to this? PepeLaugh Hello2030: How did this run go from potential world record to this? LULW IceLikesRice: 4th Chag Kazeith: !gameplan MalphasJD: Isn’t your pb basically 4th place already @Elajjaz PepeLaugh Vismarck: Arsenal PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: ♿ ELAS GAMEPLAN COMING THROUGH ♿ TheDankDemon: elaKek MissDina: 4th place here we go 4Head Deid_: not even top 3 PepeLaugh xxxSmokinACExxx: could have gotten 2nd place if u had gone for the forest knight before BibleThump BibleThump Splash__Woman: @SuperCrap123 RNG Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Aranzada: PepeLaugh Omiyage2: @Elajjaz 15th is 8h08min ๐Ÿ™‚ derechte_iz_pz: ela you can’t, 5th place inc PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: 2:50 PepeLaugh Eldritchness: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: 3h 1m Ccl0ud: 4th, disgrace DansGame Raw__Man: 3 00 Reddinator: who cares? LULW Smolnikow: @Elajjaz you are 4th place 1mpolar: PepeLaugh Clap kadex05: 301 ISinistarI: OMEGLOL GabrielMugnol: 3:01:49 iceicex: PepeLaugh 5 krahdan: 3h 01m beginningsnow: 3:01 Fafebobo: out of the podium PepeLaugh cur_ley: 4th place is cute AYAYA nimrodjack: 3hr 1min alicexharvey: LULW Staudi99: 3:01:49 bulbasaursniper: atpRtsd Whiskey_Tango666: 2:49 ๐Ÿ™‚ porkylog: There are only 3 entries PepeLaugh rofIcopter: 4Place elaWeird Hello2030: LULW G0nch: LUL Hello2030: HAHAHAH Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW TheBigSpence: OMEGALUL 4th Place Life OMEGALUL TheMoltenGuy: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: Champ ChaosLike: HAHAHAHA Aranzada: LULW Dave__: LUL karakovv: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: OMEGALUL conmcko: lulw Sqwaaks: You don’t get a medal for 4th place elaWeird Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elakek sTaRduZZt: wood rank place LULW Splash__Woman: OMEGALUL rofIcopter: OMEGALUL derechte_iz_pz: Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN MalphasJD: elaKek MaxiMHc: LULW tito3211: This is so sad MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Draddrick: LULW GoldenFlame1: LULW Kalinmir: LUL Deid_: LULW bonne372: LUL Llyfrgell: LUL 0xSaisaki: PepeLaugh Zeaqi: ๐Ÿ˜€ SerApollyon: LULW TzuyuLoL: LULW porkylog: LUL NoodLeWrencher: elaKek KariGrandi: OMEGLOL rami730: beat yourself LULW Gothicer: OMEGADOWN iLostToLife: @Elajjaz Didnt you have a 2:51 min PB? derechte_iz_pz: LULW Eldritchness: LUL BearackObama: OMEGALUL vihainenkampela: LULW Nini____: not WR but always the last in my heartalcohol, fite me nikevi: @Emilia_ monkaS KaitoKidShadow: and alcohol johninatorrr: i dont drink soda nor eat candy, but cake… i love my self some cake and cookies FleetOfPigeons: @Kitys they’re delicious though.. LuL Reddinator: and play fortnite elaChug LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz Why don’t you drink milk? Emilia_: elaOk Kazeith: Cow milk is the best fucking drink, change my mind Ryodactyl: Hell no H2O esorhtecys: @emilia_ true Vegansan: Does Ela know he’s made up of chemicals elaKek ChaosLike: Emilia_ actual free protein MookiBoi: I can’t stand coffee elaWeird KaitoKidShadow: @Elajjaz you drink gamer fuel every day Agaomen: water and cola for me SiiTHii: HAYAAN JimiJam69: ela12 Irocam: I drink the blood of my enemies elaMad LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz Why don’t you drink milk? ๐Ÿ™‚ Soadante: he left ๐Ÿ™‚ Flashforward: eating for 3 years PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! LitPord: call hayaan he’s crying PepeHands Daaarling02: kkenAYAYA FappyMcFlappy: I don’t even drink anymore I just have loads of IV-bags with saline constantly dripping into me so I don’t have to leave my gaming chair as often Andros5: green tea is da best drink cheeze____: ElaPls アルノ: I LOVE real gold, now that is a good energy drink ates90: YEET Mrkatking1: i never drank any energy drinks, so idk marosh__: I drink Club-Mate when I need a kick. It’s atleast not so sweet like energy drinks. Reddinator: 3 year sub gone PepeHands Tommero: I drink tomato juice elaMad Gloriousbonerstoner: KKona greekwerndl: hi wr youtube video, time stamp this in the chat nikevi: anyone try Ninja Melk Jemi02: cmonBrother Eldritchness: cmonBrother Dr_Jan_Itor: cmonBrother Rus7m: cmonBrother pacman_pol_pl_polska: KKona conmcko: KKona tumaelso: cmonBrother SEsternO: cmonBrother PontusIndeed: KKona Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: LULW ChocolateBarni: PepeLaugh van_tonder: LULW LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz Why don’t you drink milk? Splash__Woman: BROTHA! Geralt_of_Syria: LULW FaarisBuro: PepeLaugh ates90: cmonBrother BVP13: cmonBrother Falact: PepeLaugh Kazeith: LULW SiiTHii: thats what I was about to say LULW sviat93: cmonBrother SEsternO: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz hastrer: Milk taste like washing soap (puke) LickMyPretzel: but why tho Schorhard: Coffee and Water during the day, and once in a while a glass of coke in the evening, thats my way ChaosLike: why DansGame ComradeNerdy: Eye nrdyD SkeletonKeyLimePie: fake swede DansGame illethor221: MILK IS SO GOOD summer___: DansGame Erko42: @Elajjaz why not? pekkaatte: wasnt ela supposed to start honest hearts today? Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER ill make you drink milk PontusIndeed: DansGame Knur_therealhog: are u racist? Zoe_Katerina: iron95Pls milk Real_Eugene: coffee w/o milk DansGame BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz You’re so elaGa today LULW Gloriousbonerstoner: milk by itself DansGame LickMyPretzel: but why tho distThink Irocam: drinking milk is gay man Kapp Jaargan: no wonder he’s so short PepeLaugh Rush103rd: @ComradeNerdy ela7 Agaomen: MJÖLK OpieOP johninatorrr: @hastrer WeirdChamp BruiseVein: stopped school monkaW Falact: milk Chag no_legendary: @Elajjaz are you done with fallout or are just taking a day off it ? QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: so Rus7m: D: SiiTHii: ComradeNerdy Hey Nerdy 🤠 lovely day for it, eey ?` QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: y Polebegood: cmonBrother DigitalZips: Milk destroys my insides now. ๐Ÿ™ van_tonder: KKona Kusocheg: milk Kreygasm PontusIndeed: cmonBruh illethor221: LMAO DatSouls: LUL hastrer: YES FaarisBuro: cmonBrother Dr_Jan_Itor: cmonBrother summer___: only drinking cock milk gachiHYPER SEsternO: cmonBrother angryj0nes: LULW eliastheepicgamer: warm milk is so fucking good Kreygasm Hellu: Real_Eugene ruining coffee with milk DansGame iLostToLife: cmonBrother iceicex: WeirdChamp pacman_pol_pl_polska: Milk with peanut butter Pog Vanset_: cmonBruh Soadante: PepeLaugh souldedeh: cmonBruh J0hnnyBlade: ela12 SkeletonKeyLimePie: yes, against swedes Fearswe: I still drink milk daily. Falact: cmonBrother Tommero: swedes cmonBruh billy_herringt0n_: LULW Knur_therealhog: cuz u dont drink milk Vegansan: Chemical enhancing gaming Elfualoco2003: cmonBruh kaskelott_: SVENSK MJÖLK Pog darkenergy57: TriHard TriHard TriHard Isococo77: LUL ComradeNerdy: Rush103rd elaH bulbasaursniper: atpBigot yea ates90: ultra rude question LULW RUBENxyz: wat BubaGump: question was why you dont drink it xD NoodLeWrencher: cmonBruh true swede Schorhard: STOPPED SCHOOL PepeHands TomHorst: @Knur_therealhog WeirdChamp ComradeNerdy: SiiTHii elaH illethor221: Swedes cmonBruh pacman_pol_pl_polska: atpBigot RainMakerNGS: are you racing* ? so_mald_so_bald: another swedish streamer cmonBruh marosh__: and you did milk BEFORE cereals PepeLaugh Elfualoco2003: cmonBruh Bridge Varyag_SS: cmonBruh cmonBruh adam_lul: another swedish streamer cmonBruh BruiseVein: ARLA Pog Zoe_Katerina: I drink milk but rarely Erko42: @Elajjaz why did you stop drinking milk? it is so good! GabrielMugnol: Milk is tastes like nothing by itself darksoulz48: Hello my bois next door gachiBASS c0rnflex: Racist elves monkaS Isococo77: swedes LUL summer___: if he sees a bridge maybe Dastyn_: @Elajjaz if you dont like sweat drinks you shorld try ayran its a turkish salty drink, made out of yogurt Siempresemeolvida: swedish streamers LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz But WHY don’t you drink it? Corpsy: Im a racist ๐Ÿ™‚ i love race cars KKona Mrkatking1: OhMyDog drink milk then Octopott: im allergic to milk FeelsBadMan captain_elsewhere: i have some with cereal and sometimes with desert but i try to keep my milk intake low Andros5: who isn’t? AR_Kain: 5Head redirects hastrer: GOAT milk is fucking gold Justinteezy: parry god johninatorrr: none sweds DansGame Nazzet: gachiHYPER SiiTHii: milk makes my tummy go brrrrrr D: I cant drink that much chocolate milk Jemi02: LULW SamuraiEdgeplay: gachiGASM what is it SEsternO: gachiHYPER Soadante: gachiHYPER NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ sTaRduZZt: a lot of studies show that milk isnt healthy for adults. on the contrary, it could be harmful for grownups…just a FYI illethor221: WHY AM I TOXIC DrumbooMass: gachiHYPER Miss_Inara: hey Ela and chat elaH pepeL mrbreadberry: elaK Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER true Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK Rush103rd: LULW van_tonder: Kapp SkeletonKeyLimePie: WHY ARE YOU TOXIC iLostToLife: Kapp pacman_pol_pl_polska: u r Gloriousbonerstoner: why don’t you let out asap rocky ela? cmonBruh Hellu: gachiHYPER it starts again Knur_therealhog: LUL LitPord: elaK zay1337: ela13 ela13 ela13 Soadante: you are LULW conmcko: gachiHYPER Reddinator: elaK so_mald_so_bald: Kapp pikachujnr: im back to milk because of calorie requirements derechte_iz_pz: 5Head 🍷 Sephirothang: Kapp Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER ates90: T D: XIC c0rnflex: Kapp iceicex: elaK Sanzibal: hi weontheultralightbeam: T D: O X I C Febox: Kapp PontusIndeed: CoolStoryBob LickMyPretzel: Milk FailFish not soda SugarGlazedUnicorn: We coo? cmonBruh Deam23: Soda is shit Christoph2442: @Elajjaz every time i visit any country in the world and say i am german, they ask if iam a nazi. because iam german. i like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Kazeith: T OMEGALUL X I C ChaosLike: hastrer oh yeah Kreygasm Nazzet: @Miss_Inara gachiHYPER Rndm_: Old farts have a hard time digesting milk BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz You’re racist because you’re too white. So ofc you racist Zoe_Katerina: FeelsBlyatMan sviat93: @Elajjaz do you taste salty? Kappa Smolnikow: T ELAD OXIC AmalThazad: YOU DEFINITELY ARE gachiHYPER angryj0nes: TOXIC streamer D: Mrtriggahigga: S OMEGALUL D A SaDiablo: rescToxic Zwajken: Trocadero Kreygasm derechte_iz_pz: aww Vanset_: the more soda you drink the more you want mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Kazeith: not soda, milk TheMoltenGuy: LULW Vigilon3: but soda so bubbly and nice D: Miss_Inara: @Nazzet igaYay Jemi02: PepeLaugh hastrer: FUCK NO LUL Tommero: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ SkeletonKeyLimePie: that was mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Reddinator: NaM ANTI WHOLESOME MESSAGE SPAM pekkaatte: @Elajjaz are you going to play NV today UltraWindow: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ LickMyPretzel: i hate the word wholesome so much Smolnikow: T elaD O X I C BarghestFenrir_: CHAT BRING IT BACK elaMad DigitalZips: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ ChaosLike: you probably wont see this but im gay @Elajjaz HappySmile123: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Fearswe: Chat don’t you dare turn it into a pasta Dr_Jan_Itor: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ FG_Hagrid: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ GoldenFlame1: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Peka1: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ adam_lul: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Sohei4649: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Geralt_of_Syria: and he didnt see it LULW CMAN222008: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best LitPord: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ FappyMcFlappy: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ BVP13: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Mirando: You probably won’t see this but you are cute and we love you elaH RoagieHoagie: MILK not soda LUL @Elajjaz walking_clock: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ B1GTRUCK: 2:02NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Febox: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Irocam: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ also you got GNOMED Hellu: Fearswe rip TeenyTinyRedhead: FeelsWeirdMan mrbreadberry: aaand its a pasta now PepeLaugh YoBoyDrax: Donkey milk is godly apparently captain_elsewhere: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Andros5: there you go ๐Ÿ™‚ pikachujnr: oh boy WeirdChamp derechte_iz_pz: chat I love you summer___: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Vigilon3: 43-Month Subscriber (3-Year Badge)FappyMcFlappy: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Noemiii: 7:02:39NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Bestorio: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best Rush103rd: Chat to the rescue LULW Mrtriggahigga: elaWeird Chritzli: NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ AmalThazad: chat elaWeird HappySmile123: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ also you got GNOMED J0hnnyBlade: @irocam elaOk Ryoken9: WeirdChamp ChocolateBarni: Chat you’re so cute BruiseVein: it’s too late, he’ll never see it PepeHands there’s absolutely no way PepeHands LickMyPretzel: chat is so fast no one will see im gay daley_: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ MookiBoi: Noemiii: 7:02:39NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ wackymanpuff: Noemiii: 7:02:39NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Fearswe: Okay chat, you can stop now Tommero: NmeiSH is the nice guy @Elajjaz krezal: chat FeelsWeirdMan Spoonasaur: EyeForcz: 2:02NmeiSH: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ Nazzet: Read DansGame SEsternO: elaHYUK Clap weontheultralightbeam: LULW Soadante: FeelsPepoMan ChaosLike: gachiBASS adam_lul: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ . kaskelott_: elaHYUK MaxiMHc: ASS FIRE BREATH? LULW Polebegood: gachiHYPER ChaosLike: HAHAHHAHA Fearswe: Okay chat, you can stop now iceicex: HYUKAGE TheSpaceMonkeyVI: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ 1-Monats-AbonnentSohei4649: Hey Elajjaz, might not see this, but huge fan and you got me to start running, currently drilling you any% like crazy. Will subscribe next month as I get some money so give some support! all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ SkeletonKeyLimePie: gachiBASS drilling ates90: chat Pepega Sephirothang: gachiHYPER Fearswe: Okay chat, you can stop now Knur_therealhog: gachiBASS Reddinator: gachiHYPER Nexy_lol: gachiHYPER darkenergy57: gachiBOP Febox: gachiHYPER PontusIndeed: gachiBASS Geralt_of_Syria: drilling gachiHYPER adam_lul: gachiBASS GabrielMugnol: FeelsPepoMan Nazzet: gachiHYPER Gloriousbonerstoner: drilling you gachiBASS CMAN222008: gachiHYPER jumphil: FeelsPepoMan Clap AmalThazad: gachiCOOL giant_robots: me HellWhiskers: Drill me too gachiHYPER ChaosLike: actual elaGa SEsternO: gachiHYPER SkeletonKeyLimePie: ME ๐Ÿ™‚ Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER J0hnnyBlade: Copying with the name PepeLaugh Polebegood: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Irocam: me ๐Ÿ™‚ SuperGr0bii: did he get wr earlier? ChaosLike: ME ๐Ÿ™‚ SamuraiEdgeplay: me ๐Ÿ™‚ FappyMcFlappy: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Stannu: me DigitalZips: NmeiSH MatthewAntoniou97: gachiHYPRT dangin: drilling you gachiBASS adam_lul: me ๐Ÿ™‚ LickMyPretzel: it was me ๐Ÿ™‚ Sephirothang: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Nazzet: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Tommero: NmeiSH Eldritchness: me ๐Ÿ™‚ HalflightSpearoftheChurch: me ๐Ÿ™‚ so_mald_so_bald: me ๐Ÿ™‚ FG_Hagrid: NmeiSH Miss_Inara: @Noemiii pepeL Smolnikow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Rus7m: me ๐Ÿ™‚ RoagieHoagie: me ๐Ÿ™‚ LitPord: NmeiSH NoodLeWrencher: Me ofc ๐Ÿ™‚ van_tonder: me ๐Ÿ™‚ J0hnnyBlade: gachiBASS Llyfrgell: me ๐Ÿ™‚ haaTzz: @Elajjaz so when u eat transgenic food do u feel like its transgenic food therefore its not worth it ? MatthewAntoniou97: gachiHYPER DrumbooMass: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Kusocheg: me ๐Ÿ™‚ UltraWindow: NmeiSH did it ๐Ÿ™‚ Reddinator: elaSmile Nexy_lol: asolul jumphil: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Mephir: it was me ๐Ÿ™‚ Spoonasaur: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Erko42: @Elajjaz why is not sum of best segments saved from last run? NoodLeWrencher: LOL ela12 Hellu: ๐Ÿ™‚ me marshalmv: me ๐Ÿ™‚ PontusIndeed: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ Roding123: ME ๐Ÿ™‚ GabrielMugnol: NmeiSH pekkaatte: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Sohei4649: Bad question LULW BVP13: That guy over there EyeForcz: me ๐Ÿ™‚ sviat93: not me ๐Ÿ™‚ FleetOfPigeons: NmeiSH @Elajjaz CMAN222008: ๐Ÿ™‚ AmalThazad: not me ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjazit was NmeiSH YoBoyDrax: Fearswe PogU Noemiii: Miss_Inara elaWOW NmeiSH: omg thank you ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚ channidae: me HappySmile123: NmeiSH FrostedFang: gachiBASS xantou: guy aboce me Miss_Inara: @J0hnnyBlade elaH MyGoodTwin: chat, stop lying, it was me ๐Ÿ™‚ Mrtriggahigga: LOL ela12 captain_elsewhere: nmeiSH Mirando: @NmeiSH elaH WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ marckvdv: NmeiSH Varyag_SS: Jebaited derechte_iz_pz: wholesome VoHiYo MalphasJD: Miss_Inara pepeL ChaosLike: U ARE DRILLING ME gachiBASS QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: nymnJoy it was me chat wtf nymnJoy J0hnnyBlade: @miss_inara pepeL Miss_Inara: @MalphasJD pepeL Brodow: gachiBASS IAmTheBigMeat: theeng2Juan derechte_iz_pz: @quote_me_if_you_suffer Stannu: Any cuties in chat? AYAYA FrostedFang: any% ela drilling runs gachiBASS Fearswe: @Miss_Inara elaHi BVP13: Clever way to start a huge pastaspree gachiHYPER Zoe_Katerina: HYUKAGE Kazeith: @quote_me_if_you_suffer LitPord: gotta admit that was very wholesome of chat to spam the message elaHYUG to y’all EyeForcz: ๐Ÿ™‚ Detroit147: Coffee is the most disgusting stuff i ever tasted in my life Nexy_lol: forsenJoy haaTzz: c @Elajjaz so when u eat transgenic food do u feel like its transgenic food therefore its not worth it ? mrbreadberry: 😂 Dr_Jan_Itor: 😂 FabDelux: forsenJoy Polebegood: 😂 iLostToLife: xD Justinteezy: 😂 Nazzet: 📞 AYAYA GoldenFlame1: 😂 Hoady: Hoady gifted a Tier 1 sub to NmeiSH! They have given 43 Gift Subs in the channel! van_tonder: ๐Ÿ™‚ Reddinator: 😂 WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @nmeish the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM RegoleSlayer: drilling you Any% 🤔 Geralt_of_Syria: 😆 ChaosLike: 😂 giant_robots: 😹 so_mald_so_bald: forsenJoy pekkaatte: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER . LitPord: ๐Ÿ™ PontusIndeed: ๐Ÿ™‚ MatthewAntoniou97: 😂 peppy590: 😂 ordinarystory: 😂 Miss_Inara: @Fearswe igaYay pepeL Heksyll: 😂 Kusocheg: 😂 SamuraiEdgeplay: atpFeelsBeardMan QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: nymnJoy kaskelott_: sickWhey AbsoluteHope: 😂 TheMoltenGuy: PepeHands Evillution: 😹 JubJubWantRubRubs: ๐Ÿ™ pieterpan12: 😂 Soadante: forsenJoy 👌 MarfMeff: zfgSad so_mald_so_bald: ๐Ÿ™ BTRNDL: pvpRed FaarisBuro: PepeHands Rafgotin: moon2O Zoe_Katerina: moon2CR ? Rus7m: ๐Ÿ™ marckvdv: 😂 daley_: 😔 Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Sephirothang: PepeHands seydanator: 😹 Detroit147: Stannu dclaraYAYA c0rnflex: 😂 Splash__Woman: calebJOY pekkaatte: PepeHands CMAN222008: 😂 HappySmile123: PepeHands Real_Eugene: 😂 DatSouls: PrideGasp derechte_iz_pz: 😞 SaDiablo: Pog Irocam: elaSneeze ? Splash__Woman: calebSad jumphil: 😂 MrJoeNinety: ๐Ÿ™‚ jokkuspokkus: elaMad DrumbooMass: @NmeiSH update us on your PBs Pog and good luck summer___: 😂 Epiktakguy: elaJoy Aeonll: 😔 @Elajjaz m0rigani: 😂 iLostToLife: 😔 Evillution: 😖 TheZecaUrubu: ๐Ÿ™ Rush103rd: Pog captain_elsewhere: 😔 BruiseVein: @Elajjaz I’m gonna cook up some burgers right now my düüüd GoldenFlame1: 😢 DaniDuck: 😔 mrbreadberry: 😔 Fearswe: @Miss_Inara chahH captain_elsewhere: pensive Polebegood: :Z summer___: 😔 BVP13: 😔 AbsoluteHope: 😔 van_tonder: 😔 Sohei4649: 😔 Zane_Within: 😔 Rus7m: 😔 JubJubWantRubRubs: 😔 Justinteezy: 😔 peppy590: 😔 LitPord: 😔 adam_lul: 😔 ChaosLike: 😔 Sephirothang: elaSneeze Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz peepoSad ? Bestorio: 😔 Nyloni: 😔 👌 ates90: 😔 GoldenFlame1: 😔 DrumbooMass: 😔 MarfMeff: 😔 Soadante: look at his face PepeLaugh Jrpbulbrook: ๐Ÿ™ SiiTHii: I didnt see it D: MatthewAntoniou97: 😔 UltraWindow: elaGun jumphil: 😔 SEsternO: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 MaxiMHc: 😔 TeenyTinyRedhead: He has given up elaFeels RonsuDE: 😔 odyssey69: pensive Stannu: 😔 Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: 😔 Ryoken9: elaSmile TheMoltenGuy: 😔 Reddinator: 😔 marshalmv: 😔 SamuraiEdgeplay: 🤱 ? Nazzet: 😔 What’s pensive? LickMyPretzel: it’s raining outside elaCozy i can hear the water drops on the roof c0rnflex: 😔 Epiktakguy: 😂 NmeiSH: you guys are the best and thank you too Ela!! Kusocheg: 😔 Gloriousbonerstoner: what do you mean, i look like this everyday Emilalv: 😔 adam_lul: 😔 👌 pekkaatte: 😔 Mirando: elaYA is the saddest LUL Erko42: @Elajjaz why is not sum of best segments saved from last run? ChaosLike: LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEADDDD elaKek peppy590: peepoSad im sadder ウィードマン: FeelsWeirdMan siggioi: ankleSad Thermocrius: ๐Ÿ™‚ BVP13: The biggest mood 😔 nikevi: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER giant_robots: 💩 Noemiii: LickMyPretzel elaCozy Miss_Inara: @HappySmile123 pepeL elaSmile Ryoken9: elaFeels FrostedFang: 😔 🔫 jumphil: sad chat 😔 derechte_iz_pz: 😔 SiiTHii: 😔 Caput_Draconis: 😔 NmeiSH: omg what I got a sub?? Draddrick: 😔 QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: 😔 Epiktakguy: 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 SlicedBread0: 😔 odyssey69: 😔 Amoh_: getting feels for an emoji ? elaWeird YoBoyDrax: KKommrade アルノ: You’re sad rescVVV Fafebobo: PepeHands GoldenFlame1: pensive is deep thought Maaqs: 😔 star_light: AYAYA is the saddest Dr_Jan_Itor: Miss_Inara cootie AYAYALL Febox: 😔 siggioi: ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad peppy590: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz You think I can change my name into eyeshollowcome ? elaHmm HappySmile123: Miss_Inara elaH pepeL ChaosLike: siggioi dude thats so SAD Minato_Q: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 J0hnnyBlade: 😔 nrdySmoke Evillution: talking about emojis in wr run PepeLaugh LitPord: 😔 🔫 end my life AR_Kain: @quote_me_if_you_suffer 😔 Eldritchness: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 Ryoken9: elaGun elaFeels kurea1556: mrmvTheodule Knur_therealhog: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER TomHorst: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 Soadante: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER AYAYA DaniDuck: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER DaniDuck: PepeHands AmalThazad: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: @elajjaz quote this guy @quote_me_if_you_suffer adam_lul: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: monkaW 👉 🔧 HappySmile123: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands MrJoeNinety: ela12 is the saddest emoji Kazeith: @quote_me_if_you_suffer YoBoyDrax: KKomrade TheOfficialD: ๐Ÿ™‚ summer___: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Miss_Inara: @Dr_Jan_Itor no YOOOUUU elaHYUG pepeL hastrer: You might not see this, but thanks to you, now i hate DS1, i can’t play without remembering “insane”, “man a so” “vah vah”, thanks for ruining the game for me ๐Ÿ™‚ 👍 Zwajken: QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: PepeHands DrumbooMass: @ChaosLike Ela acutally checked himself in the camera PepeLaugh well done siggioi: ankleHype ankleHype perpetual_fest: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands Kraatter: @Elajjaz Did you ever finish EtG? Erko42: @Elajjaz why is not sum of best segments saved from last run? marshalmv: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 ChaosLike: MrJoeNinety calling actual emotes emojis WeirdChamp Xiithrian: QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands Temiblor: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER . MatthewAntoniou97: PepeHands mrbreadberry: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER derechte_iz_pz: elaFeels eppuskachan: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER rainbowsh8: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands Kusocheg: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER iceicex: elaWeird Febox: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Dr_Jan_Itor: QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Nazzet: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: 😔 Da_Flanker: So saaad summer___: PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: 😔 iLostToLife: QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 c0rnflex: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER gint271: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 KariGrandi: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER odyssey69: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER CrystalTeardrop: QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER cantaCry TeenyTinyRedhead: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Unfortunately PepeHands quincy_exe: y’all need therapy MatthewAntoniou97: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands unfit2: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER bongo9000: PepeHands PontusIndeed: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Exten13: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Miss_Inara: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER igaSad siggioi: ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad xenopiece: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands MrJoeNinety: @ChaosLike FeelsWeirdMan tumaelso: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 RegoleSlayer: not saving golds ConcernDoge ChaosLike: DrumbooMass lmao i was talking about the emote i didnt even notice LULW marckvdv: 😔 Blood_Rooted: what happened to the glod run? Corpsy: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Shiinalicious: FeelsWeirdMan XxWilsyXx: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands hastrer: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Can’t suffer if you have no will to live ๐Ÿ™‚ xlRaptoe: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 forgottenhorseman: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER BarghestFenrir_: ankleSad ankleSad ankleSad Lurius31: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands Zero_Abyss: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands Gloriousbonerstoner: zfgSad NmeiSH: dude what, thank you so so much Hoady!! omg this gave me motivation for a lifetime man!! wow hahah THANK YOU! :DDD SaDiablo: sum was 2:31 LickMyPretzel: Play despacito TheZecaUrubu: elaGun elaFeels @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Stannu: Chat why dont I see all of the emotes? I have BetterTTV installed is there anything else? Blood_Rooted: PepeHands QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: 😔 so sad indeed peppy590: alexa you know what to do PepeHands Lanshii: Stannu FFZ ChaosLike: Stannu FFZ derechte_iz_pz: @nmeish VoHiYo xlRaptoe: Pog pacman_pol_pl_polska: Stannu FrankerFaceZ Gloriousbonerstoner: you despawned your halberd drop PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: GLOD Pog LitPord: Pog Valinore: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER ๐Ÿ™‚ ( 😔 ) Saneokkk: i dont see that emoji LUL Rob_has_nice_nipples: Pog FleetOfPigeons: @Stannu refresh? Huntedspam: where’s Fallout? FeelsWeirdMan Hoady: enjoy Nmeish elaH DigitalZips: Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k SkeletonKeyLimePie: hes insane PontusIndeed: GLOD PogChamp peppy590: Chag Stannu: tyvm walking_clock: damn he’s good Irocam: is Ela still wearing makeup elaHmm ? MarfMeff: zfgGoldOgre distGold zfgGoldOgre distGold zfgGoldOgre distGold HappySmile123: no, I am insane ๐Ÿ™‚ odyssey69: GLOD Evillution: blaming it on bkh PepeLaugh Zwajken: this guys skills insane… Mephir: GLOD Drachenreiter: #1 gamer, #1 gymrat, #1 humble, #1 coffee, #1 sniper GlowBoxxx: what happened to Gordon’s luscious cheeks? I thought this was a cooking stream? sviat93: @Stannu maybe you need to activate those emotes in BTTV menu Nazzet: Anyways PepeHands Kazeith: WHO IS THIS GUY Pog Zero_Abyss: Anyways PepeHands Xiithrian: NmeiSH got gifted? PogU Soadante: elaK SEsternO: G Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog LD BarghestFenrir_: @irocam he never took it off kadetanq: Slim Thanos Kappa LickMyPretzel: Yes ELa uses foundation numrii: @Stannu betterTTV supports both bttv and ffz emotes, but you might need to enable gif emotes in the menu xlRaptoe: elaGa ChaosLike: elaGa LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan Vigilon3: despawned 2nd place run PepeHands Soadante: FeelsPepoMan AmalThazad: I just have seen your stream and wanted to say that I thought you were super adorable. you don’t know me at all and i know it’s kinda weird. I just thought maybe it’d be fun to roleplay with you as your online gf maybe? I know you’re straight. I’m a boy that’s why I was saying roleplay.. this isn’t a troll. again, I know it’s really random and weird. I’m sorry. It would just be a fun online relationship – nothing serious and I could donate to you and your stream and support you and just be here MrJoeNinety: @ChaosLike I wasn’t aware you was an internet expert, my sincerest apologies RunicFO: elaGa Kusocheg: FeelsPepoMan Rob_has_nice_nipples: uhhh SiiTHii: but what is 2nd place if u could be the world best ? elaB try harder so_mald_so_bald: forsenT SEsternO: FeelsPepoMan atomicdestruction: 4Shrug QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: 😄 o O ( 😔 ) Andros5: th-th-theeeeee LickMyPretzel: uhhh FeelsPepoMan Tezz_: ela are you ok TrimanBeat: what fruit you like GlowBoxxx: he’s literally the most beautiful streamer on twitch jumphil: FeelsPepoMan Clap GlowBoxxx: including females hastrer: @Elajjaz Second place is nothing but the FIRST loser PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @quote_me_if_you_suffer Oh no ankleSad Blood_Rooted: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER stop PepeHands ChaosLike: MrJoeNinety what D: MalphasJD: Tezz_ pepeL Geralt_of_Syria: PepeHands Jaargan: ela.exe has stopped working PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: elaGa o O (ppHop) NmeiSH: yo I´m actually clipping both moments to remember, it really meant a lot thank you elaSmile elaSmile QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: PepeHands sry Rus7m: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 Clap marshalmv: so sad 😔 GlowBoxxx: he doesn’t need foundation Tezz_: malph pepeL TeenyTinyRedhead: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER That’s me FeelsGoodMan DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: FeelsPepoMan Nyloni: 😔 MarfMeff: 😔 Llyfrgell: elaFeels peppy590: alexa you know what to do PepeHands RonsuDE: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER PepeHands ChaosLike: MrJoeNinety what did i say i forgot FeelsBadMan SiiTHii: @amalthazad, PM me for gf payement EyeForcz: Tezz_ pepeL RegoleSlayer: 2nd place FeelsBadMan Irocam: 😔 . o O ( billyReady ) Tezz_: nice ela cbrChamp bongo9000: TeenyTinyRedhead elaHYUG Vismarck: This is so sad Alexa play Gwyn’s theme summer___: 😂 🔥 👌 Yo ELA YOUR CONTENT IS LIT 👌 🔥 😂 Tezz_: eye pepeL Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz if you are gonna run remaster soon any% no wrong warp is hype too Chag UltraWindow: 😔 . o O ( elaGun 😔 ) odyssey69: FeelsPepoMan Soadante: FeelsGoodMan . o O ( elaGa ) DrumbooMass: 😔 . o O ( 💩 ) ChaosLike: AHHHH gachiBASS TeenyTinyRedhead: @bongo9000 elaH pepeL elaHYUG Tetrahom: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Fhyberr: elaSmile Tezz_: Soadante same SEsternO: PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: PepeHands stop GlowBoxxx: foundation is for uglies MrJoeNinety: @ChaosLike I forget, something condescending Andros5: Deep iceicex: elaSmile Fullmetalcheese: FeelsBadMan SamuraiEdgeplay: PepeHands dude STOP Tsavish: elaSmile van_tonder: 😔 cammybooo: Bruh………… HappySmile123: elaSmile marshalmv: elaSmile Vanah: PepeHands sviat93: elaSmile TeenyTinyRedhead: I think that’s a lot of people sadly orangethemaster: So deep CoolStoryBob DaniDuck: PepeHands Nazzet: Too real PepeHands Jaargan: PepeHands too real RonsuDE: This is so deep 😔 12 btw insurrectionist89: ๐Ÿ™‚ AbsoluteHope: LUL Polebegood: PepeHands DigitalZips: LuL xenopiece: PepeHands true Evillution: PepeHands Exten13: DID HE CALL US EMOJI? Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands walking_clock: PepeHands Reddinator: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: elaSmile . o O ( elaGun 😔 ) BarghestFenrir_: elaOk o O ( elaFeels ) MaxiMHc: LULW DigitalZips: HAHAHAHA QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: thats my life 😔 unfit2: BRUH PepeHands iLostToLife: LULW Zero_Abyss: PepeHands ChocolateBarni: OMEGADOWN bongo9000: PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan NotLikeThis billy_herringt0n_: PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: LULW RadioactiveVibes: PepeHands ChaosLike: MrJoeNinety i think it was about emojis and emotes and i was just joking elaKek xlRaptoe: FeelsGoodMan . o O ( PepeHands ) Soadante: LULW so_mald_so_bald: ๐Ÿ™‚ . o O ( 😣 ) Nyloni: LULW marshalmv: NOT THE GECKOS PepeHands Zwajken: LULW Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Bahahahahahahahahahahah DrumbooMass: LULW gint271: WutFace PontusIndeed: LULW SiiTHii: 😔 coming home after being the ” funny friend ” for the whole day 😔 1mpolar: PepeHands ricarten: LULW DigitalZips: HAHAHAHHAHA LickMyPretzel: elaSmile ( elaFeels ) Blood_Rooted: ๐Ÿ™‚ o O ( gachiHYPER ) Jemi02: LULW walking_clock: GOD DAMN COMMIES insurrectionist89: NotLikeThis mrbreadberry: LULW RadioactiveVibes: LULW 0xSaisaki: FeelsGoodMan . o O ( PepeHands) Da_Flanker: Hahah outside I’m happy, inside I’m screaming 😂 GlowBoxxx: foundation is for acne infested incels DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: LULW Soadante: ๐Ÿ™‚ . o O ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ) King_Insane: @Elajjaz he had a leg crippled Agaomen: raizE elaB elaYA barbLove SEsternO: LULW . o O ( PepeHands ) Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK ComradeNerdy: i think you crippled him a lot and he went pepega Irocam: 😔 . o O ( elaSneeze ) ChaosLike: ITS A THING 😔 Jemi02: PepeHands TeenyTinyRedhead: gecko elaFeels BananaKen: rooD Tasarion: PepeHands Rus7m: 😔 tumaelso: D: MarfMeff: FeelsGoodMan . o O ( 🦶 ) MasterMalpercio: rooD insurrectionist89: D: LickMyPretzel: kid SeymourFlux: PepeHands Kusocheg: 😔 Zero_Abyss: D: Da_Flanker: Depressed gecko PontusIndeed: D: SainEdge: D: AmalThazad: I just have seen your stream and wanted to say that I thought you were super adorable. you don’t know me at all and i know it’s kinda weird. I just thought maybe it’d be fun to roleplay with you as your online gf maybe? I know you’re straight. I’m a boy that’s why I was saying roleplay.. this isn’t a troll. again, I know it’s really random and weird. I’m sorry. It would just be a fun online relationship – nothing serious and I could donate to you and your stream and support you and just be here Nazzet: D: RonsuDE: 😔 gint271: 😔 Jaargan: D: bongo9000: elaD ZodicalCandy: elaD eugi: D: siggioi: he was crippled @Elajjaz mrbreadberry: 😔 Alexstg5x: elaO sorynache: i was there Soadante: 😔 Jemi02: elaD QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: 😔 DatSouls: 😔 dariaste: BibleThump stefanehj: clip? xlRaptoe: 😔 Sometimes it be like that insurrectionist89: elaFeels sviat93: Is there a clip? or youtube video? LickMyPretzel: don’t do it chat Zwajken: CLip? Alexstg5x: elaD Tasarion: 😔 Fearswe: @AmalThazad FeelsWeirdMan SheepDogGamingTV: LUL my man! SiiTHii: thats what you get for commiting genocide elaB PontusIndeed: BibleThump z3r0wan: Did u kill him too @Elajjaz ? Smolnikow: ela you are M elaD N S T E R evilscytheman: evilscytheman subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @evilscytheman the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM pikachujnr: im actually getting sad from listening to that D: naczelnyinternetu: shot of this? Irocam: wow racist and aninal abuser elaFeels AmalThazad: @Fearswe What? elaWeird Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP Tasarion: he’s still waiting for his friends to wake up 😔 Splash__Woman: gachiBOP ChaosLike: gachiBOP RonsuDE: Mommy, why are you ssssoo sssstill? 😔 Lanshii: z3r0wan he left him to suffer 911031: nioh ? SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaS 5Pat5: hey ela and chat elaHi Zero_Abyss: @Elajjaz Any game you excited for? cohhHmm SEsternO: FeelsPepoMan johninatorrr: @Elajjaz what do you think the TAS id for this run? zay1337: ela12 ela12 ela12 ela12 ela12 TeenyTinyRedhead: @RonsuDE PepeHands kurpajutra: you let him suffer PepeHands Carbidos: D: SEsternO: 5Pat5 elaH elaCozy ChaosLike: *let him starve to death* Kusocheg: 😔 nikevi: he can be like sasuke van_tonder: LULW LickMyPretzel: weeb RonsuDE: D: SainEdge: LULW CrystalTeardrop: 5Pat5 pepeL Dr_Jan_Itor: HYUKAGE mrbreadberry: LULW Temiblor: lulw Tasarion: HYUKCHIHA Dracconfoo: LULW Nazzet: @5Pat5 elaH SEsternO: PepeHands FaarisBuro: LULW Annonn140: LULW Drachenreiter: FailFish iLostToLife: HYUKCHIHA DrumbooMass: LULW Jaargan: LULW Frosti_o: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: HYUKCHIHA GlowBoxxx: zay1337 what are those emotes u pedo ‘ Tommero: not a weeb btw elaK ArchmageArath: LULW skomerko: LULW Da_Flanker: Wow, how merciful xxPho3n1Xx: elaYEEHAW Parfumerie: OMEGALUL xlRaptoe: HYUKCHIHA 5Pat5: @SEsternO elaH illethor221: SPOILER PontusIndeed: @5Pat5 pepeL cur_ley: W E E B Rafgotin: AYAYA Caput_Draconis: LULW OrcSlayer3000: LULW Rndm_: Weebo logic Soadante: HYUKAGE SASKEE z3r0wan: @Lanshii That also Works LUL DatSouls: LUL Aranzada: HYUKCHIHA Evillution: LuL MaxiMHc: letting him live is even worse LULW Irocam: elaK not a weeb elaK Draddrick: PepeHands perpetual_fest: @5Pat5 elaHi 5Pat5: @CrystalTeardrop pepeL PontusIndeed: LULW trekhaakterror: let him live to tell the story angelargi: HE WILL COME BACK Zero_Abyss: HYUKCHIHA ELAAAAAAA SiiTHii: he is probably dead by now because he didnt know how to hunt adam_lul: AYAYA Nazzet: Not weeb btw LULW ChaosLike: HYUKCHIHA Andros5: W E E B miki___miki: AYAYA Vanah: HYUKCHIHA Denact: weeb elaD gint271: Not a weeb BTW insurrectionist89: Not a weeb btw Kappa cusseh: hahahha OrcSlayer3000: NOT A WEEB BTW LULW 1mpolar: HYUKCHIHA Isococo77: LUL iceicex: elaYA mrbreadberry: Ela please LULW therealcolumbus: modzLAUGH eliastheepicgamer: AYAYA Real_Eugene: LULW not a weeb btw Glenshane: HYUKCHIHA Smolnikow: elaK RonsuDE: Because Sasuke lived such a happy life LULW 5Pat5: @Nazzet elaH Kazeith: HYUKCHIHA HYUKCHIHA Evillution: weeb DansGame Eldritchness: AYAYA kapustadrakon_: NOT A WEEB BTW LULW Kusocheg: i am lightning HYUKCHIHA Streamleen: What the fuck am I listening to Aranzada: HYUKCHIHA HYUKCHIHA HYUKCHIHA HYUKCHIHA Jaargan: not weeb btw PepeLaugh Reddinator: total weeb LULW Mirando: HE would ve been dead anyway so how he could have gone for revenge LUL riskbreakerz: AYAYA Clap Onionbr0: @Elajjaz but u crippled him lol Valinore: what kind of weeb shit reason it that? DansGame Irocam: He probably died because nobody could feed him PepeHands Soadante: AYAYA ONE OF US Kritias1234: NOT A WEEB Pepega k_dove85: @Elajjaz Did you reset achievements? SamuraiEdgeplay: HYUKCHIHA im darknes J0hnnyBlade: 5Pat5 rainbow Chag 5Pat5: @PontusIndeed pepeL Matrixnoire: ela3 DrumbooMass: Your brain should be preserved in a museum Ela LULW atomicdestruction: You don’t have enough hate HYUKCHIHA yungpree: elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush BananaKen: HYUKCHIHA FaarisBuro: HYUKCHIHA 5Pat5: @perpetual_fest elaH insurrectionist89: elaYA SAUSKAY GECKO elaYA SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW gint271: LUL LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh van_tonder: LULW Tommero: OMEGADOWN Lanshii: OMEGALUL ChaosLike: elaKek QuesoParmesano: LUL pikachujnr: ela “doesnt like anime” jaz PontusIndeed: LUL MasterMalpercio: rooKek Nazzet: Invalid run OMEGADOWN Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW Reddinator: N OMEGLOL adam_lul: LULW BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz And then he starved because no help from his family. Nice. You should have ended his sufferings 1mpolar: LULW ChocolateBarni: OMEGADOWN NicolasMn: OMEGALUL DrumbooMass: OMEGALUL Temiblor: OMEGALUL JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh Clap RonsuDE: LULW Staudi99: or as my D&D group used to say, after growing up they give more exp Jaklie: LULW Kusocheg: LULW KaitoKidShadow: hahahahahahaah Darkred28: OMEGALUL merchandise_of_cush: OMEGALUL Soadante: LULW insurrectionist89: LUL Tasarion: OMEGALUL kurpajutra: OMEGADOWN SunEyeQ: nice run MaxiMHc: LULW Smolnikow: LULW gadrus: LULW sviat93: OMEGALUL bongo9000: OMEGADOWN Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Vigilon3: no reset Chag jumphil: OMEGADOWN ekahS_hS: IKEALUL PontusIndeed: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh ArchmageArath: LULW ChaosLike: elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA elaKek Clap HAHAHHA Draddrick: LULW perpetual_fest: LULW nice Lukasbech: Run invalid LULW TheBigSpence: Pepega Runner Kobasiburek: MANGECKO SHARINGAN HYUKCHIHA Kusocheg: this is so sad 😔 Kirbyzockt: LULW Aranzada: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance sorynache: PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: LULW k_dove85: @Elajjaz you’re welcome ChaosLike: W OMEGALUL W FaarisBuro: Wowee Clap Geralt_of_Syria: TaBeRu KiteMachine: 15 minutes down the drain MeisterHeller: Weeb enthusiast advertises his stream as gachi friendly PepeHands Zero_Abyss: elaGa Clap LucianoVNB: MY EYEEEESS J0hnnyBlade: elaKek cusseh: PepeLaugh Myowa_: HYUKCHIHA GECKORII 🌀 Thedefecator13: NOOOO 1mpolar: pepeJAM Kritias1234: IKEALUL Reddinator: TaBeRu DatSouls: LUL wow Eldritchness: TaBeRu Glenshane: LULW Nazzet: TaBeRu KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM ComradeNerdy: ” IM SO GOOD TODAY” nrdyE HappySmile123: TaBeRu SEsternO: OMEGALUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: woof woof PontusIndeed: TaBeRu BarghestFenrir_: OMEGALUL ELA YOU’RE SO elaGa Irocam: “We’ll be right back” elaKek Matrixnoire: No reset Tasarion: Wowee RonsuDE: TaBeRu KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu tumaelso: Wowee ppHop Wowee RegoleSlayer: @Elajjaz practice the new Golem strat for the firebomb? billy_herringt0n_: Wowee CMAN222008: PepoDance Eldritchness: Wowee ates90: Doing a new playlist during a speedrun ๐Ÿ™‚ Draddrick: pro streamer boi right here LULW Soadante: TaBeRu Darkred28: TaBeRu walking_clock: woof woof FeelsGoodMan souldedeh: OhMyDog Drachenreiter: #1 gamer, #1 gymrat, #1 humble, #1 coffee, #1 sniper gild0n: @Elajjaz that was the most weebish thing i heard from you Lanshii: taberune Dr_Jan_Itor: Wowee Rus7m: Wowee SainEdge: TaBeRu ChaosLike: WOOF WOOF Wowee angelargi: ppHop Darkred28: Wowee Lukasbech: Wowee Clap TeenyTinyRedhead: too sad for this now elaFeels kurpajutra: not this song NotLikeThis angryj0nes: I say that in the first RUN but he forget again xlRaptoe: monkaTOS HappySmile123: ComradeNerdy LULW Carbidos: D: Hevnoraak: Wowee Wowee RicHaya: monkaTOS eliastheepicgamer: new vegas FeelsGoodMan MalphasJD: Wowee sviat93: Wowee Matrixnoire: tdogDog tdogDog tdogDog busky_maldsack: FeelsGoodMan Clap mrbreadberry: monkaTOS Lanshii: woops TaBeRu Tommero: @k_dove85 nice catch angelargi: pepeJAM Aranzada: monkaTOS 5Pat5: @J0hnnyBlade wait u are right must be since today hell yea elaWOW PontusIndeed: monkaS SEsternO: monkaTOS perpetual_fest: D: Caput_Draconis: monkaTOS Reddinator: forsenWC Vanah: PepoDance Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaTOS Miss_Inara: PabloPls Da_Flanker: LULW MettatonsFan: what is this song WutFace wandering_pleb: monkaTOS giant_robots: Wowee arf arf SiiTHii: is doggie in the window a FO track ? it reminds me of Bioshock somehow 🤔 Lukasbech: monkaTOS PontusIndeed: monkaTOS Mrtriggahigga: monkaTOS Soadante: monkaTOS ChaosLike: lmao iceicex: monkaTOS Caput_Draconis: Wowee walking_clock: i do hope that doggy’s for sale FeelsGoodMan RonsuDE: Wowee billy_herringt0n_: Wowee Clap Zero_Abyss: PepeHands BarghestFenrir_: NIKEVI DON’T LOOK sviat93: elaYEEHAW Wowee Boomdedz: monkaTOS RegoleSlayer: new strat for firebomb at Golem practice? @Elajjaz SirSaymon: VAC GabeN Zero_Abyss: elaK LukefaceLP: Wowee FrankerZ RalpherZ OhMyDog surem86: why did you do it three times tumaelso: monkaTOS Darkred28: Kapp nikevi: 🤔 xlRaptoe: You had a glod Thedefecator13: monkaS kurpajutra: this song is annoyinh AF Lanshii: SiiTHii it’s from a modded radio PontusIndeed: OhMyDog DrumbooMass: dead run always sucks PepeLaugh kurpajutra: @nikevi monkaW ates90: Rip gold split Matrixnoire: tdogStress Nazzet: Staff monkaW ComradeNerdy: How much is that guy on the screen, i hope that guy is for sale elaDM SiiTHii: if you PB this run I will have to gift 2 Subs elaA Thedefecator13: lethaS1 lethaS1 peppy590: 😔 that was so sad HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz Hope somebody draws a Gecko Sasuke for you now Blood_Rooted: selling living beings PepeHands Denact: cops monkaS tumaelso: Wowee ppHop Wowee Varyag_SS: OhMyDog OhMyDog ChefFrank illuminatieyes_xd: WOOF Tasarion: Wowee Darkred28: Wowee eliastheepicgamer: monkaW DaniDuck: Staff saw it monkaW aw_l: Wowee Soadante: woof woof elaGa tuuhoo: Wowee ppHop Wowee kurpajutra: Hide the memes monkaW Fearswe: Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee Wowee merchandise_of_cush: Wowee Clap iLostToLife: @RegoleSlayer Actually got Ela to practice Wowee Clap Miss_Inara: @nikevi good Sir elaH pepeL hope all is well AR_Kain: There’s a cop here everyone be cool elaS phphillyd: FrankerZ ? RegoleSlayer: Wowee sviat93: elaYEEHAW GuitarTime Wowee PontusIndeed: FrnakerZ Aranzada: FrankerZ FrankerZ Matrixnoire: tdogYodel tdogYodel Boomdedz: Wowee ppHop Wowee SkeletonKeyLimePie: scary bark monkaS LickMyPretzel: WutFace Caput_Draconis: monkaS xxPho3n1Xx: elaD elaGun Tasarion: monkaW ChaosLike: WutFace 1mpolar: monkaW Miunih: WutFace Soadante: monkaS SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW Reddinator: WutFace Da_Flanker: monkaW RonsuDE: WutFace Lukasbech: FrankerZ Hevnoraak: WutFace MettatonsFan: monkaS TheZecaUrubu: monkaS PontusIndeed: monkaW Zwajken: WutFace Irocam: AROOOO Wowee ChaosLike: MASCULINE WOOF WutFace Mrtriggahigga: elaWut SirSaymon: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: ohnDD endmidnodef: silent12Mischief silent12Sadness Soadante: WutFace c0rnflex: monkaGun monkaH FunkyNik: FunkyNik subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 5 month streak! Hey Baby MrFunky159: this song is fucking trash LULW WrestlerBot2000: @funkynik After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM FappyMcFlappy: WutFace DrumbooMass: WutFace nikevi: @Miss_Inara helloooo thank you, you too elaH Lanshii: scary woof SEsternO: elaWut mrbreadberry: WutFace Blood_Rooted: WutFace sviat93: WutFace MettatonsFan: because woof woof LUL LickMyPretzel: ??????? SamuraiEdgeplay: big scary dog arf LickMyPretzel: the lyrics? Aranzada: Remember when everybody used to spam FrankerZ ? Sjokoladepud: WutFace KaitoKidShadow: WutFace giant_robots: those dogs have been dead for decades 😔 RegoleSlayer: FrankerZ ChaosLike: W WutFace WutFace F W WutFace WutFace F SkeletonKeyLimePie: FrankerZ xlRaptoe: FrankerZ phphillyd: eevisuS Soadante: 😔 mrbreadberry: FrankerZ ? rikze5: FrankerZ ! MalphasJD: LickMyPretzel pepeL TheBigSpence: FrankerZ is kill PepeHands DaniDuck: wak Matrixnoire: tdogGun sviat93: ZreknarF KaitoKidShadow: FrankerZ Zero_Abyss: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: @MalphasJD pepeL ChaosLike: you can take it for a crawl Spoonasaur: 😔 KaitoKidShadow: franker is dead RegoleSlayer: OhMyDog kurpajutra: This song NotLikeThis Lukasbech: ZreknarF ! Pronixxx: Alright ela and chat, time for me to go! elaH have a lovely evening you all! pepeL elaCozy Soadante: FrankerZ PepeHands Matt07k: FrankerZ RegoleSlayer: lol Miss_Inara: 🐕 pepeL PontusIndeed: OhMyDog phphillyd: OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog Aranzada: ZrehplaR bongo9000: Wowee Blood_Rooted: FeelsGoodMan green rosspat: Hey Ela and chat! elaHi TeenyTinyRedhead: @Pronixxx elaH pepeL J0hnnyBlade: Matrixnoire pepeL LickMyPretzel: @Pronixxx bye bye loraineeee: WutFace ChaosLike: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap Matrixnoire: tdogSif tdogSif Caput_Draconis: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: @rosspat hello elaH pepeL iceicex: elaREE mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh SiiTHii: D: F bomb Matt07k: FrankerZ look guys I’m a dog SEsternO: PepeLaugh Lukasbech: FrankerZ ZreknarF KaitoKidShadow: bork bork loraineeee: elaFeels Matrixnoire: J0hnnyBlade elaH elaH kurpajutra: @Elajjaz never play that song again pls elaSmile Miss_Inara: @Pronixxx bye pepeL elaCozy PontusIndeed: @rosspat pepeL Hi xlRaptoe: 😔 TheMoltenGuy: SCUFFED STREAM LULW bongo9000: TaBeRu Miss_Inara: @TeenyTinyRedhead pepL ChocolateBarni: OMEGADOWN Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu LukefaceLP: 13 year olds these days use too many bad words ๐Ÿ™ c0rnflex: 58 PepeLaugh Miss_Inara: @TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL TeenyTinyRedhead: @Miss_Inara Heeey elaWOW elaH pepeL Hevymin: Howdy everyone! This is the first stream I caught. SiiTHii: did we switch to load random savegame playthrough ? Kapp AbsoluteHope: PepeLaugh QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: any 😔 ❓ any 😔 ❓ any 😔 ❓ Kusocheg: LOUDER SwiftRage jumphil: KAPOW kurpajutra: FeelsGoodMan Clap Ear rape xlRaptoe: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP LOUDER Lanshii: ))) NotLikeThis ((( Drachenreiter: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap DigitalZips: God this stream became a shitshow real fast with all the audio OMEGALUL MaxiMHc: ITS GREAT gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Kazeith: WutFace Matrixnoire: hevymin elaH bongo9000: 😔 DrumbooMass: Is this Forsen’s cancer stream? FeelsGoodMan Clap KaitoKidShadow: Miss_Inara elaH Stannu: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER 😔 gild0n: ANELE Clap KaitoKidShadow: Matrixnoire elaH Nazzet: ROBERTOOOOOOOOOOOO Knur_therealhog: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER ordinarystory: BlessRNG Matrixnoire: KaitoKidShadow elaH DigitalZips: my ears are saved Pog SEsternO: Miss_Inara elaH elaCozy xlRaptoe: 4HEad SEsternO: rosspat elaH elaCozy DrumbooMass: @Matrixnoire elaWOW hello pepeL MrJoeNinety: RULL RegoleSlayer: roll into it and then toggle Hevnoraak: 4HEad KaitoKidShadow: ??? Matrixnoire: DrumbooMass elaH nrdyH Reddinator: LULW DigitalZips: Jebaited PontusIndeed: LUL Zero_Abyss: LUL Nerr0o0: alo Nazzet: ???????????? RegoleSlayer: Wowee SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsWeirdMan ChaosLike: ALLO ZULUL Lanshii: he gave up Tsavish: no Miss_Inara: @KaitoKidShadow elaH Frosti_o: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA TheZecaUrubu: AYAYA ? loraineeee: elaEZ hallo sviat93: elaYA xlRaptoe: ??? insurrectionist89: LUL Nox15: AYAYA kurpajutra: Hes done with life PepeHands Tsavish: LUL Miss_Inara: @SEsternO pepeL CrystalTeardrop: atamAYAYA SiiTHii: KrazyShark>:3SkeletonKeyLimePie: shadows died… once apparently xlRaptoe: Too many bosses skipped LULW KaitoKidShadow: suckiro retro_raiden: elaD dream_the_cast: D: nutriabrocken67: hi Defahgo: I don’t like watching Sekiro really Kevintaku: just revive again 4HEad Kazeith: D: Robbidobbiee: im playing it ๐Ÿ™‚ Irocam: !dead Da_Flanker: riPepperonis WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS SuperLeuc: Have you played Hollow Knight? a_Rufino: @Elajjaz good luck darksoulz48: It was fun SiiTHii: true, I never kept playing after the Sura ending Siempresemeolvida: why tho what happened SEsternO: Suckiro gachiBASS Sikodude: @Elajjaz If you have a switch try breath of the wild sillybillyau: @darksoulz48 the goblins have a funny name EyeForcz: iamsparta231 lissen cunt boi, i just got one question. how are you in this fine day? PepeS Dr_Jan_Itor: GoAkke aw shit did you get sub 10 Pog Steherrr: PepeHands johninatorrr: i havent even finnished PepeHands Thedefecator13: AYAYA SilentNewbee: 2 illethor221: @Elajjaz Honest Hearts, or Dishonest Hearts more like it? elaK PontusIndeed: !dead JesseThaBest: PLay FF9 for UwU darksoulz48: Oh those xlRaptoe: D: SkeletonKeyLimePie: good game KaitoKidShadow: Pog DO IT RicHaya: 🦀 sekiro is gone 🦀 iamsparta231: @eyeforcz fine until i saw you Tasarion: D: Febox: D: PontusIndeed: D: Rob_has_nice_nipples: dont its boring GoAkke: RonsuDE pepeL SEsternO pepeL Miss_Inara pepeL sparta it is POGGERS pepeL hoady pepeL Dr_Jan_Itor pepeL not yet LuL rosspat: D: Tsavish: elaD Zoe_Katerina: I love every souls and bloodborne, didn’t even near finish sekiro cause I found it boring G0nch: u should odduneven: Sekiro has 318 Viewers right now Pog Jaargan: zelda elaPuke DivineSpaghetti: D: darksoulz48: Yeah they do EyeForcz: iamsparta231 good Flashforward: breath of the wild is good when laying in bed MrGreaseball: what? DO IT NAO! jumphil: botw perfect offstream game then so relaxing naczelnyinternetu: right, DS1 is all the time updating LUL mitmit08: why did sekiro die? angryj0nes: D: Wow Ela is super good Knur_therealhog: how about minecraft? pikachujnr: then play that 4Shrug Gloriousbonerstoner: i need a nintendo switch zfgAnyway HellWhiskers: @Elajjaz Did you play Bloodstained? Could play offstream SEsternO: ElaJAM QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER: Dark Souls – Prepare to *DIE* 😔 DrumbooMass: Elajjaz DS2 all bosses? PepeHands best speedrun ever gunygma: Perfect fcking timing to join FeelsGoodMan Tasarion: BotW is elaCozy daku0: me too @Zoe_Katerina star_light: we’re not gonna experience another bull skip PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: “I feel horrible… hehe” – Ela, 2018 No. 113 retro_raiden: it use to be a sekiro stream elaD NoodLeWrencher: ela… actually whatever, og zeldas are better, PepeLaugh yes I said it Irocam: @Elajjaz I think you would enjoy that Dr_Jan_Itor: GoAkke i believed and you hurt me like that PepeHands LiminalWolf: Sekiro hype was gone in like 3 months or so. XHibitor: triSip iamsparta231: @EyeForcz 😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 illethor221: @Zoe_Katerina tbh I didn’t care for Sekiro either. Thought it was a bit overhyped. Blood_Rooted: play botw Chag Kazeith: !quote Random peppy590: has ela done a minecraft playthrough? WrestlerBot2000: ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Try a number from 0 to 116! For full list of quotes and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/quotes.html VaIenToSeIan: NoodLeWrencher its the truth nothing to be ashamed of elaA MidgetDude110: PepeHands this used to be a elaYEEHAW stream PepeHands compact_ass_cancer: forsenE ? TeenyTinyRedhead: @EyeForcz Hey elaH pepeL sorry I was afk for a sec. I said hi to you earlier but I guess you missed it pepeL xlRaptoe: elaGa EyeForcz: ComradeNerdy i think iamsparta231 wants a spank retro_raiden: triSip Irocam: uuuuhhh elaHYUK sviat93: Pepega Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan Kazeith: ???? Deid_: FeelsPepoMan Gloriousbonerstoner: uuuuuuuh iamsparta231: This used to be a sarge stream PepeHands HappySmile123: elaHmm NoodLeWrencher: @VaIenToSeIan FeelsGoodMan HellWhiskers: ???? pikachujnr: triSip ? darksoulz48: The Crones of Crookback Bog scared the shit outta me iamsparta231: No I dont Eczor: FeelsPepoMan HellWhiskers: !??? jumphil: FeelsPepoMan Clap PontusIndeed: ?????????? Tasarion: FeelsPepoMan odyssey69: FeelsPepoMan sviat93: FeelsPepoMan cybercabbabge: FeelsPepoMan ??? Zero_Abyss: Still waiting Zelda pc version PepeHands iamsparta231: Stop lying eye Kazeith: WHAT/ Myareska: PepeHands No Honest Hearts here, only Lying Streamers PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: GoAkke at least you’re not the only one dropping runs today am i rite Ela? PepeLaugh Flashforward: I’m glad From Soft is still gonna make RPGs cause I missed the RPG aspects in Sekiro DrumbooMass: this is gonna be 5Head wait for it chat odduneven: ????????????? ComradeNerdy: Eye i think he will ask nrdyE Miss_Inara: FeelsPepoMan SEsternO: FeelsPepoMan ❓ Blood_Rooted: 5Head indeed uuuuh wandering_pleb: elaWeird Costrictor: the answer is yes HappySmile123: @Elajjaz how is your divinity play going btw? elaHmm gfhgggfjgg: ???? Admiralshiroryu: I just play monster hunter rn, iceborne is close BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Stardew valley or Animal Crossing for elaCozy offline plays? Jupo: uMmmmMMM SilentNewbee: @Elajjaz PoE not so hard Ela. You just need to read about 30 A4 pages of info + 1 month to get used to all things PepeLaugh raider_unkindled: D: xlRaptoe: 4HEa Da_Flanker: Why me nicky_altosaxophoney: yeah turok90: speedrun yes!! EternalFool_: D: xlRaptoe: 3Head PontusIndeed: D: Kosmic_Eagle: D: iamsparta231: @eyeforcz Heck u ugli 😡😡😡 c0rnflex: PepeHands wandering_pleb: elaD etcheye: ๐Ÿ™ gint271: @QUOTE_ME_IF_YOU_SUFFER Why me PepeHands unfit2: @Elajjaz how did you get into diablo 2? EyeForcz: TeenyTinyRedhead oh im sorry beauty pepeL im here now. how are you? pepeL dan_sai: D: Xiithrian: this used to be a Pablo stream PepeHands Irocam: ela blink twice if you’re okay monkaW plump_helmet: 3Head you lout retro_raiden: elaISee Zwajken: leaving for gävle now, later all ๐Ÿ™‚ giant_robots: this PoE league got boring fast for me TeenyTinyRedhead: @EyeForcz I’m okay pepeL How are you today? summer___: 😔 CrystalTeardrop: cirISee darksoulz48: The 3rd Crone triggered my trypophobia. (don’t look that up) iamsparta231: @EyeForcz Go on lad Chag Geralt_of_Syria: @giant_robots just get a head hunter 4HEad BarghestFenrir_: @zwajken later elaH TweenTipp: Pog Gävle Pog KaitoKidShadow: nu javlar BruiseVein: @darksoulz48 yeah she’s nasty SEsternO: retro_raiden naroYay / elaH CrystalTeardrop: iamsparta231 atamAYAYA Jupo: pro runner POG KaitoKidShadow: ohnDD illethor221: ARF ARF GoAkke: fish DaniDuck: FrankerZ FrankerZ NmeiSH: Just got back from saving the clips, I know I said it 10x times but thank you chat, @Hoady so much for the sub, and ofc @Elajjaz , will practice like crazy Thank you! elaWOW *bow* PontusIndeed: OhMyDog Caput_Draconis: Wowee Drachenreiter: ELA PLEASE elaGun TeenyTinyRedhead: no elaMad cybercabbabge: Pog Gävle Pog SEsternO: Wowee merchandise_of_cush: Wowee Zoe_Katerina: this poe league died from the start for me. They update melee then make the league mechanic unplayable for melee. What are these design decisions lol KaitoKidShadow: wan wan AYAYA ricarten: Wowee Clap Deid_: Wowee EyeForcz: TeenyTinyRedhead was good until i saw iamsparta231 but now that you are here again im very good ๐Ÿ™‚ Kazeith: nu jävlar Kosmic_Eagle: Wowee CrystalTeardrop: GoAkke qttWOW pepeL iamsparta231: @crystalteardrop AYAYA / PontusIndeed: LUL TatmanJ: Wowee Justeri55: sacLUL 26camels: hello ๐Ÿ™‚ retro_raiden: @sesterno celrAww naroLove SheepDogGamingTV: this song gotta go LUL NaikoIshino: LuL HellWhiskers: Ela confirmed furry because of that song xlRaptoe: Somebody toucha my spaghet Khaotiic: Ahhhh. Dark Souls 1! I miss it. GoAkke: CrystalTeardrop pepeL Luuchu: elaHi hello ComradeNerdy: no one knows that Ela actually lives in offshore country for lower taxes and his apartment is just a greenscreen nrdyE SirSaymon: Doggie monkaS Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz you say you have no games to play but you know what game you can get good at by playing more? Tekken 5Head underTaker3424: once told me Zero_Abyss: Dog PepeHands darksoulz48: The way she twitches eugh! DansGame TeenyTinyRedhead: @EyeForcz alright LULW giant_robots: @Geralt_of_Syria i’ve gotten one every league before this one, i only played like a week of this league tho then bored Darth_Kredol: FINALLY HOME AlienPls HELO PEEPS nrdyE / BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz You really have a doggy fetish, huh? elaHmm iamsparta231: @eyeforcz Hey now. you’re an all star 😂😂😂👌👌👌 Mikkmerd: what souls games he have played? Kappa Agaomen: How much is that elaThirst on my screen? wuff wuff Kappa Hoady: haha it’s ok NmeiSH good luck have fun elaH Polebegood: Wowee Irocam: Pog Vendetta1v: Awww DigitalZips: hell yeah PontusIndeed: Pog TatmanJ: Chag daley_: what will you call it Hellu: Wowee Da_Flanker: What kind of dog? valairw: Wowee nikevi: I want a corgi jumphil: Wowee Clap Kosmic_Eagle: DOGGO FeelsGoodMan DaniDuck: gonyo PepeHands Costrictor: which one IceLikesRice: Have you thought of names? Jaargan: DOGGGOS elaH johninatorrr: maybe rust on your spare time VaIenToSeIan: get a cat HellWhiskers: Why not a cat? Did you hate Ponyo, ela? Tsavish: Wowee BarghestFenrir_: PUG? DaniDuck: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN Vendetta1v: ? mitmit08: adopt one DivineSven: Stefan elaHYUK Avalier: LUL Stefan Mrtriggahigga: OMEGADOWN SiiTHii: a beagle ! elaH Irocam: small dog? or big dog? elaYA Zero_Abyss: FeelsWeirdMan ricarten: what LULW Buzz695: Is it the dog in the window? darksoulz48: There theme’s really good though EyeForcz: TeenyTinyRedhead just ignore him hes jealous cause nobody likes him pepeL Sikodude: wat? Darth_Kredol: stefan Pog Blood_Rooted: D OMEGALUL G Eldritchness: I want a Husky PepeHands daley_: dumb name TweenTipp: Stefan WutFace Tsavish: STEFAN?! PontusIndeed: DansGame Stefan SeraphxStray: I honestly wish I hadnt. So much less free time FappyMcFlappy: Stefano? wow original muc`h? unfit2: @Elajjaz I’m looking intro getting into dungeons and dragons, how do you feel about these sort of games? Buzz695: The one with the waggity tail? Kazeith: @elajjaz SVEN ricarten: Wowee wtf Yusolein_: to eat or own pikachujnr: Stefan BegWan coussin00: what King of dog do you like? I like beagles Eczor: and why not now? TatmanJ: Stefan Karl PepeHands Vendetta1v: Dogs with Human names WeirdChamp nicky_altosaxophoney: Wowee sorynache: STAY A FAN? EyeForcz: what about ponyo? PepeHands SeraphxStray: Its literally like having a baby BoloLudens: Elajjaz and chat hello! Could we get the doggy song just one more time? Kappakill mobs>get loot kinda league PepeLaugh still enjoying it tho since i have alot of build i wanna try out KaitoKidShadow: gachiBASS johninatorrr: call it billy gachiAPPROVE PepeHands PontusIndeed: gachiGASM BruiseVein: if you call it Stefan, that dog is better off in another family LULW Boomdedz: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP CrystalTeardrop: TyrantZedd zeddo cantaWow Vendetta1v: He forgot about ponyo MasterMalpercio: rooKek Vendetta1v: PepeHands darksoulz48: Stefan will always be number one TyrantZedd: CrystalTeardrop Sup nepSmug HellWhiskers: Did he kill a dog? Dr_Jan_Itor: TyrantZedd weebbo nrdyPrivet Mydnight: pepeJAMMER Johny_And: how about Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff? modegrim: @YamaJuugo HeyGuys EyeForcz: @Elajjaz have you already forgotton ponyo? PepeHands skybeaverking: Call the dog raul and then he can carry you irl ๐Ÿ™‚ Nazzet: IKEALUL SEsternO: IKEALUL Kosmic_Eagle: IKEALUL Dokiash: gonyo PepeHands nikevi: Alexa play Despacito AcidSaber: 11k hours FeelsWeirdMan Mikkmerd: adopt a pony Kappa HuntingGolem: tfw no emoji in streaming title PepeHands DaniDuck: PepeHands gild0n: @Elajjaz is Ponyo doing well? SiiTHii: !twitter WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz GoAkke: gonyo PepeHands Annonn140: PepeHands Vendetta1v: I miss ponyo more than ela PepeHands TyrantZedd: Dr_Jan_Itor dr Weeb pepeL BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Call the doggy RNG so it will be always good for your runs DeadBart: DeadBart is gifting 2 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 10 in the channel! Tasarion: gonyo PepeHands DeadBart: DeadBart gifted a Tier 1 sub to beginningsnow! DeadBart: DeadBart gifted a Tier 1 sub to Sotenbori! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @beginningsnow the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @sotenbori the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM HappySmile123: elaHi Juan_Two_Three_Four: F viola_mandshurica: PepeHands Llyfrgell: PepeHands TyrantZedd: PepeHands CrystalTeardrop: PepeHands KrazyShark: @SiiTHii yooo>:3other stuff lextune: boob shot! daddywojo: Ded DropLuks: LULW Gloriousbonerstoner: mom in the woods, dad on a boat NotLikeThis Splash__Woman: gachiBOP\ c0rnflex: Boomer at heart BBoomer @darksoulz48 Splash__Woman: gachiBOP Shrunkx: NotLikeThis Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW TyrantZedd: cheeze____ OMEGADOWN PontusIndeed: LUL KaitoKidShadow: haahahahha rikze5: gachiOnFIRE Shadowfax71: LULW DrumbooMass: LULW mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh MrFunky159: LMAO Hellu: LULW 1mpolar: LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Eldritchness: Jebaited CallMeKong: LOL Da_Flanker: LULW Vendetta1v: OOF dGAussie: LOL lextune: ๐Ÿ™ CallMeKong: LULW Nazzet: OMEGADOWN HappySmile123: LULW Splash__Woman: OMEGALUL Dracconfoo: LULW QuesoParmesano: So, the real question, how many girls does he hang out per day? Kappa Darth_Kredol: PepeUff OOFAS GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz that reminds me, less than a month for your birthday FeelsBirthdayMan viniciusmaleski: reset nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW EyeForcz: @Elajjaz how many sugar moms did you had so far? litanrk: Kapp c0rnflex: LULW TyrantZedd: cheeze____ Wait that wasn’t meant to tag you elaS HorribleHog: headBang Vendetta1v: FeelsWeirdMan Lagunaab: good evening gentlepeople elaH vihainenkampela: Kappa Clap Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaK durmiin: Kapp Costrictor: clip please? SiiTHii: ComradeNerdy oof, I understand that – u dont know if that’s the right environment for a cat. But on the other hand, a cat could help u to get a regular routine 🤔 u could try to get an older one from the shelter – a grandpa cat ๐Ÿ™‚ Irocam: wow blaming chat again PepeHands Vendetta1v: Chat fault Blood_Rooted: chat’s fault Xiithrian: LÅL OMEGLOL rikze5: @QUOTE_ME_IF_CHATS_FAULT Miss_Inara: BLAMING CHAT elaREE cheeze____: @TyrantZedd monkaX BarghestFenrir_: CHAT FAULT elaMad TeenyTinyRedhead: @Lagunaab elaH pepeL darq0n: suuuure twitchin2019omegalul: elaWeird CHAT nikevi: hey man, good players get rewarded Matrixnoire: lagunaab elaH carl012321: OMEGLUL Miuselly: hows ponyo doing? EyeForcz: elaWeird daley_: 😔 SiiTHii: elaK EyeForcz: @Elajjaz how many sugar moms did you had so far? c0rnflex: Staff monkaH emmytea: steam achievement manager wtf Aeonll: 😔 AcidSaber: invis frames 🤔 mrbreadberry: dont move chat elaWeird ricarten: TaBeRu asdfgjgddtgb: no fallout today PontusIndeed: OhMyDog Mikkmerd: buy new PC DansGame Blood_Rooted: pepeD casualkappa123: @Elajjaz more fallout tomorow ? sviat93: wan wan AYAYA BarghestFenrir_: 😔 Daaarling02: eluKampai AcidSaber: WHAT rikze5: KKool illethor221: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH mrbreadberry: PogU PontusIndeed: LUL’ xlRaptoe: Pog Shadowfax71: LUL jumphil: LUL plump_helmet: BBoomer kaskelott_: BBoomer KaitoKidShadow: Pog Jrpbulbrook: LUL Hellu: LULW walking_clock: Pog BruiseVein: SARGE Pog Hevnoraak: LUL Da_Flanker: LULW Blood_Rooted: Chag pikachujnr: TaBeRu Fullmetalcheese: Chag TyrantZedd: Pog emmytea: KKona nillmind: lol ricarten: PogChamp QuesoParmesano: THE MAD LAD nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW Nazzet: Pog Xurker: COOL DUDE Gloriousbonerstoner: Chag DaniDuck: LUL EyeForcz: Pog Eczor: LULW J0hnnyBlade: BBoomer Jaargan: Pog ar_Tekko: LUL PontusIndeed: LUL Mecharissa: LUL Aeonll: BBoomer tidooh: SWAG Rus7m: Pog Miss_Inara: wtf igaWut AcidSaber: Pog Darth_Kredol: BBoomar Magilou_69: LULW lextune: my new hero MalphasJD: LULW Caput_Draconis: BBoomer Annonn140: BBoomer djinn_94: gachiBASS SeraphxStray: lmao SilentNewbee: Pog DropLuks: Pog kkoja: OMEGADOWN Exten13: LUL sviat93: LULW UltraWindow: 30 years old PogU MidgetDude110: Pog RicHaya: LULW AlexAnderman1994: BBoomer Siempresemeolvida: baller gint271: Pog Mikkmerd: nice Keepo Keepo Keepo Zeaqi: Pog Zokua: So cool Avalier: LULW Destmand: Dude he looks 40 sorynache: BBoomer Rus7m: Boomdedz Vendetta1v: What a savage thecuiy: old ela monkaS PontusIndeed: Pog c0rnflex: Chag JubJubWantRubRubs: lol i like him LULW KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer Darth_Kredol: BBoomer WaveringTwo: BBoomer MiIIiki: 3Head AmalThazad: SARGE PogU GoAkke: dad lad Pog cybercabbabge: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: BBoomer MrPortfolio: LULW KingDragonos: LUL Gloriousbonerstoner: fucking legend Chag pacman_pol_pl_polska: BBoomer BruiseVein: @Elajjaz SARGE Pog BarghestFenrir_: WHAT A BRUV elaBruv pikachujnr: cool dad PogU NaikoIshino: Keither Sutherland? Rus7m: BBoomer ArmosNights: I wanna meet that dad ComradeNerdy: SiiTHii yeah, maybe, i mean i have a routine, it’s just that there are conventions and some other potential big travels and changes coming, so yeah it’s hard to predict shit sometimes slavLUL Jrpbulbrook: BBoomer Shadowfax71: he looks like he’s 40 Annonn140: SARGE Pog Mikkmerd: 69 yeara darq0n: EZ AcidSaber: HE LOOKS LIKE YOU IN OLD Pog Wheels82: BBoomer Shrunkx: BBoomer Lagunaab: your dad is the sarge ? Pog retro_raiden: celrEZ zoleanx: looks like 45 djinn_94: elaK hoernchenspielt: Pog PontusIndeed: What aMan ly Man Irocam: ROLEPLAYER gachiHYPER Matrixnoire: He looks so young SpireFacts: Sexual party monkaS Aeonll: FeelsWeirdMan party dontpatme: Pog lextune: “costume” party DeadBart: A FeelsWeirdMan Party? Geneziz_: cool ass dad Xiithrian: turn that into an emote, call it ela14 5Head Fafebobo: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: elaMad Hellu: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: LULW ColeEthanWoods: Why reset achievements? Hevymin: He looks like he’d be friends with my dad mrbreadberry: LULW Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: 😡 xlRaptoe: LULW Aeonll: PepeLaugh G0nch: yes u r ricarten: LUL EyeForcz: PepeLaugh Lurius31: awwww TyrantZedd: elaMad Reddinator: danKEK Vendetta1v: PINKY AbsoluteHope: BBoomer Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh litanrk: ๐Ÿ™‚ Hevnoraak: LUL Gumma: LULW HappySmile123: OMEGADOWN walking_clock: how dare he enjoy life 😡 Blood_Rooted: wtf 69? SpireFacts: ELTON JOHN IS YOUR FATHER?! J0hnnyBlade: elaKek DuoLancer: 😡 Irocam: and he is fucking 69 Pog ? QUOTE_ME_IF_NOHOMO: @Elajjaz try face app LUL Costrictor: 69, you’re kidding about age hoernchenspielt: LUL Jaargan: true LULW Tikonich: LULW GitGudPls: will you play that spoopy game from yesterday today ela? lextune: nice suit TeenyTinyRedhead: YES YOU ARE elaMad Vanah: elaMad SUFFER pikachujnr: D: MidgetDude110: BBoomer MettatonsFan: yes you are LUL Aeonll: elaMad jumphil: ela in 10 years LUL kkoja: PepeLaugh DropLuks: SOOO COSPLAY Exten13: DILF LUL QuesoParmesano: How much can he drink b4 passing out? I bet he never passes out LUL Miss_Inara: he’s having fun igaSmug DivineSven: Woah he’s 69? LUL Looks like 40 Tasarion: ela13 retro_raiden: celrSip Siempresemeolvida: damn what a baller MiIIiki: 😡 KaitoKidShadow: come on man hes rich you can tell by the suit Blood_Rooted: he looks like 50 something nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW SugarGlazedUnicorn: @elajjaz 😡 play the window dog song mate 😡 Darth_Kredol: elaMad HYPERCLAP atomicdestruction: old ela PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: he does look younger than 68 wtf ricarten: stop having fun moon2A Gloriousbonerstoner: jealous of dad LULW TheRipMan: @Elajjaz he looks like he belongs in hollywood vihainenkampela: be depressed 😡 be depressed 😡 be depressed 😡 be depressed 😡 BarghestFenrir_: DAT FACE! I already love him Matrixnoire: ela3 Skyrobine: @Elajjaz is so jealous daddywojo: nice litanrk: gachiBASS BEST AGE ShokerPLZ: @Elajjaz TOTALY AGREE BruiseVein: @Elajjaz you’re 26 bro just like me, we’ll get there too c0rnflex: Ela boomer confirmed BBoomer dream_the_cast: nice CrystalTeardrop: cirTan Vendetta1v: Looks damn good tobyas0811: Nice TheGloriousRage: nice elaEZ AcidSaber: Pretty old dad Eczor: stop blue balling dad 😡 26camels: does he work out? TyrantZedd: Can’t rmember how old yer own dad is @Elajjaz elaWeird Mikkmerd: 69 years give this energy Kreygasm Keepo Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz watch the miss actual AI cheating https://clips.twitch.tv/SleepySweetCockroachFreakinStinkin Da_Flanker: You can only be a nihilistic cynic that hates everything in 2019 LUL Aeonll: enjoy life harder 😡 UltraWindow: my dad just gets drunk and yells at things FeelsBadMan Irocam: Dad gets laid more than ela PepeHands Lagunaab: that’s because he looks happy so he looks younger Shadowfax71: pendant? Annonn140: thats why ela looks so young too ela12 DaniDuck: spinning? GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz that reminds me, less than a month for your birthday FeelsBirthdayMan Shrunkx: Pendant! Nazzet: elaDM krahdan: imagine enjoying breathing LULW retro_raiden: @crystalteardrop celrComfy QuesoParmesano: He’s buffed? Pog Mitulus: that smug really says 69 like nothing else Vigilon3: monakSpin ? BruiseVein: he stands and spins? elaWeird SiiTHii: ComradeNerdy oh I see now D: yeah that can be really complicated when u have a cat to take care of 🤔 Darth_Kredol: imagine being 69 PogU HorribleHog: “Why should they be happy?! FailFish ” JonnyE80: elaS 26camels: spinning? that’s a good trick! Vendetta1v: ROFL TyrantZedd: LULW djinn_94: Pog WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Blood_Rooted: LULW Costrictor: ultra instict Da_Flanker: LULW HuntingGolem: imagine enjoying life WeirdChamp rami730: Pog xlRaptoe: LULW Nazzet: IKEALUL Speculaas: LUL mrbreadberry: LULW PontusIndeed: LULW Magilou_69: LULW jumphil: LULW Reddinator: danKEK tuuhoo: Jebaitd krahdan: imagine having a dad in the first place LULW RicHaya: LUL nicky_altosaxophoney: weaave Pog Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL K hoernchenspielt: LUL Tasarion: ricardoFlick MrFunky159: insane hitbox MiIIiki: ricardoFlick dodge vihainenkampela: WHAT THE FUCK Kosmic_Eagle: LULW SilentNewbee: ricardoFlick SHE JUST ricardoFlick Vendetta1v: LMAOOO illethor221: HAHAHAHAHA tuuhoo: Jebaited TyrantZedd: Clap Caput_Draconis: LULW litanrk: OMEGADOWN PontusIndeed: Clap rikze5: 5Head of course orangethemaster: LMAO MalphasJD: LULW xlRaptoe: OMEGLOL J0hnnyBlade: ricarten BruiseVein: Clap Annonn140: LULW Fullmetalcheese: ricardoFlick Blood_Rooted: WTF LULW Darth_Kredol: Clap Rus7m: gachiBASS Clap NaikoIshino: LUL Eldritchness: Clap DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: LULW tumaelso: HYPERCLAP mrbreadberry: PogU the flick Keeedem: AHAHAHAH Shadowfax71: ricardoFlick UltraWindow: miyazaki G0stin: ricardoFlick G0nch: that juke Pog mibutwhole: LUL AbsoluteHope: ricardoFlick Daxstyle: Clap walking_clock: LULW MettatonsFan: ricardoFlick Reddinator: danO Geneziz_: WTF???????’ DaniDuck: ricardoFlick Xurker: SHE SAID ricardoFlick J0hnnyBlade: ricardoFlick * pacman_pol_pl_polska: atpGood atpGood atpGood atpGood CrystalTeardrop: retro_raiden atamComfy princeinnovice: Cla[ rami730: outplayed OMEGADOWN ar_Tekko: LULW MrFunky159: dude what a fucking dodge Kosmic_Eagle: ricardoFlick KaitoKidShadow: time it better kkoja: Clap Speculaas: FRAME PERFECT DODGE Pog Aeonll: ricardoFlick Irocam: ricardoFlick xsebbi: nice dodge princeinnovice: Clap Soadante: ULTRA INSTINCT Pog viniciusmaleski: goty nicky_altosaxophoney: Clap Kal1m3r0: Clap ComradeNerdy: omega flick ricardoFlick retro_raiden: mendoLUL Clap dream_the_cast: aim better ๐Ÿ™‚ jumphil: ricardoFlick CJWM8te: ez dodge Clap Ciaphas72kt: The ricardoFlick SiiTHii: ricardoFlick NaikoIshino: ricardoFlick Eldritchness: Predict it 4HEad tryllobite: she just has sick moves Xurker: QUELAAG SAID ricardoFlick AND LEFT Dethamph: ricardoFlick vihainenkampela: ricardoFlick Clap atomicdestruction: ricardoFlick BarghestFenrir_: NICE MIAZAKI captain_elsewhere: ricardoFlick illethor221: LUL kisamaaaaa: ricardoFlick GoAkke: fixed Bestorio: ricardoFlick Vigilon3: ricardoFlick hoernchenspielt: ricardoFlick Fafebobo: ricardoFlick Matrixnoire: Clap Darth_Kredol: ricardoFlick Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW sorynache: ricardoFlick angryj0nes: NEO Pog zulul_vi_von_zulul: ricardoFlick marosh__: ricardoFlick Trivess: ricardoFlick ricarten: @J0hnnyBlade ricardoFlick MrFunky159: LMAO KaitoKidShadow: i pressed the button Glenshane: ricardoFlick Niittomies_: Ninja like reflexes Pog c0rnflex: ricardoFlick SilentNewbee: ricardoFlick EASY Caput_Draconis: ricardoFlick lrkr_: ricardoFlick nicky_altosaxophoney: ricardoFlick Leffert_: Use VATS next time Magilou_69: ricardoFlick SugarGlazedUnicorn: @elajjaz 😡 play the window dog song mate 😡 Fullmetalcheese: ricardoFlick ricardoFlick BruiseVein: more like MIYA-SCAMI OMEGALUL alekzander_1234: neo! MrFunky159: ricardoFlick DropLuks: THAT DODGE Blood_Rooted: ricardoFlick INSANE PontusIndeed: ricardoFlick cheeze____: i mean, actually outplayed krahdan: ULTRA INSTINCT PogU Mikkmerd: DansGame DansGame DansGame Costrictor: she uses the power of the gods Dracconfoo: LULW BarghestFenrir_: QueelagFlick astherlu: ricardoFlick Xurker: @Elajjaz the sarge wouldnt have missed, since he is not a communist tryllobite: it’s fun to watch too SilentNewbee: ricardoFlick EASY ricardoFlick PEASY ricardoFlick JAPANEASY ricardoFlick Shadowfax71: are you supposed to get pendant? Lagunaab: i thought you’d go for DS:R rruns Ryskew: hey ela. hope you’re well. haven’t been able to catch a stream for a while Flim_: Your dad looks like Cary in Legion EyeForcz: elas dad gets laid more than complete chat PepeHands razorxscooter: Sarge is dead today chat PepeHands viola_mandshurica: Shes moving like bloodborne monkaSHAKE kaskelott_: Pog Vendetta1v: FeelsGoodMan Lanshii: Shadowfax71 yes to trade it for an ear HorribleHog: character creator music is so relaxing TaBeRu Lagunaab: won’t it be too tough withotu dupe ? jumphil: not going for wr PepeHands Irocam: @EyeForcz who wouldnt PepeLaugh lavos__: How different is the remastered run? AcidSaber: whatever happened to sekiro speedruns? did they break the game too much? Costrictor: what’s your position now? Mikkmerd: sweds look really young Hmm Kappa Lagunaab: Ooooh BruiseVein: if Ela is capitalist and his character is Sarge, imagine if Nerdy made a character monkaSHAKE Lagunaab: makes sense Shadowfax71: Lanshii ok, got me worried for a second SeemsGood Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz btw your dad looks like a playboy with the ladies elaDM Xurker: @BruiseVein kkomrade KimZe86: what is the diffrence between running the old and remastered Gloriousbonerstoner: remastered all achievements OMEGALUL GoAkke: when will you run prey so we can race ela ? Pog Ezphares: Ezphares subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 46 months, currently on a 46 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @ezphares After 46 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ComradeNerdy: BruiseVein you will see in October ela1 aw_l: Is Daughters of Ash actually good elajjaz johninatorrr: https://clips.twitch.tv/InventiveTangentialWaffleTriHard ShokerPLZ: @Elajjaz May be bloodborne again, we know it makes you salty but thats why we like it Kappa kapustadrakon_: @KimZe86 different glitches i guess Lanshii: KimZe86 the og has more glitches that make the run much faster BruiseVein: @ComradeNerdy Pog BruiseVein: @ComradeNerdy ela7 GoAkke: and so am i HandsUp Mikkmerd: get gud Kappa ComradeNerdy: BruiseVein ela7 RegoleSlayer: Gascoigne ConcernDoge Vendetta1v: No hit? Kapp Shadowfax71: just get gud rikze5: gascoigne resets FeelsGoodMan Clap PontusIndeed: Bloodborne All achivments Pog Blood_Rooted: HandsUp Xurker: do bloodborne all randomly generated chalice run ๐Ÿ™‚ BarghestFenrir_: Like muh dick KappaPride Tasarion: 69 69 gachiHYPER litanrk: GoAkke gachiBASS COME HERE THEN Da_Flanker: Reset City pikachujnr: jaha BegWan GoAkke: litanrk HandsUp MegaAbsolRS: Why do you not run Sekiro? just don’t enjoy it? Lagunaab: these days it’s old school runs all over the place even dist is running old gems like dishonored Pog GoAkke: litanrk its time by the way Kapp sub 10 incoming elaC Matrixnoire: BB all achievements nrdyGasm GabrielMugnol: Yeah, cb has like 7,5 k attempts Xurker: @Lagunaab old school runs all over the shop, youll be one of them soon enough RicHaya: DS3 All Achievement when? PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: chat imagine being 69 yo PogU MiloticMaster2: hey why did Elajjaz stop speedrunning Sekiro? I wasnt able to watch them before since I hadn’t finished the game bluntah: the attack of the anus Mikkmerd: @matrixnoire can you do that DansGame Darth_Kredol: so sick dude PogU BruiseVein: @ComradeNerdy name the character Dasvidaniya elaKek Blood_Rooted: @Darth_Kredol BBoomer 👍 LucasAgnehall: I stopped playing Bloodborne and haven’t played for like a year because of the chalice achivements, but hey at least I got 100% Lanshii: Darth_Kredol i’d be dead by then FeelsGoodMan nillmind: that damn mesh viewer Darth_Kredol: BBoomer Clap nikevi: could do all bosses? Lagunaab: sekiro was so fun all bead at first but then it went all elaweird cheeze____: All Achievments is something to look into though for sure in Bloodborne litanrk: GoAkke sub 10h you mean ? Kapp ComradeNerdy: BruiseVein might be slavLUL MiloticMaster2: aw thats too bad DrumbooMass: True boyos want DS2 All Bosses PepeHands the best run ever made AcidSaber: Whats with the all memories thing? RegoleSlayer: all memeries Vikingdeath1: Once they started Swimming through the air I got less interested in Sekiro runs. Still cool though! BarghestFenrir_: @darth_kredol I don’t even know if I would reach 40yo, so LULW eliastheepicgamer: glitchless sekiro when Matrixnoire: @mikkmerd It’s my favourite game so of course cheeze____: All Beads was really fun to watch, I guess it’s a memory now though pepeL Shadowfax71: cheeze____ don’t you have to do chalice dungeons and shit? SiiTHii: couldnt watch 100% of your sekiro runs either, didnt wanna get spoilered. And ended up with the Shuna ending on my playthrough so missed 1/3 of the game LULW RegoleSlayer: ESA OhMyDog Dr_Jan_Itor: no ESA D: Mikkmerd: try Persona 5 Kappa RegoleSlayer: next week bluewow: 3 days pikachujnr: 3 days Pog ricarten: 4Shrug Valinore: saturday ZeroPhil96: 3 days Naniyo: LULW Speculaas: 3 daus c0rnflex: 19. ? BruiseVein: @Elajjaz ESA is in Malmö where I live Pog seydanator: 3 days Fullmetalcheese: 4Shrug grevedarkholm: ESA Pog hepha1: 4Shrug DepressiveLifestyle: Saturday Darth_Kredol: @BarghestFenrir_ ye, same PepeLaugh Gloriousbonerstoner: 3 daus Justepic123: 4House Drachenreiter: 3 days is the same week MahoHuh Blood_Rooted: hehehe cheeze____: @Shadowfax71 yeah, it takes about 5 minutes, but if you know the route through the dungeons it’s really cool. not as annoying as it sounds Kosmic_Eagle: D: Knabsi_i7: @Elajjaz all achievements remastered when cheeze____: 50* PontusIndeed: D: SiiTHii: PepeHands Avunculuz: D: xTelluRx: D: Blood_Rooted: why me PepeHands SeeM_Villain: FeelsBrexitMan SirSaymon: PepeHands ComradeNerdy: are you going on rubber boats this Saturday or next one actually? nrdyHmm Lanshii: aff aff FoolishPaul: RE2 runs lirikTHUMP Miuselly: in 2 weeks evo @Elajjaz PontusIndeed: OhMyDog MarfMeff: Wowee pikachujnr: BegWan Magilou_69: Persona 5 next? Kapp BruiseVein: @Elajjaz I think it’s 100€ just to attend tho PepeHands DarthMucus: “have you gone mad?” D: nOob1que: why chat is dead? lucaseyy: Because cozy BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Is your awesome dad still watching your streams from time to time? Outcastedbird: Chat? How do you avoid feeling worthless? I always feel like that. Mikkmerd: only one Jebaited ComradeNerdy: gonna be out drinking too HandsUp pikachujnr: because not toxic chat TaBeRu nOob1que: oh, thanks Lagunaab: oh yeah evo it so soon Darth_Kredol: :c: urself and bUrself Exten13: its good to be yourself but not to just see only yourself Chartalord: just dont feel worthless Fullmetalcheese: elaCozy star_light: refresh so you get another ad, nice one Ela Kapp Chartalord: ez Da_Flanker: Outcastedbird Just don’t think about it 4HEad DrumbooMass: @Outcastedbird masturbate Blood_Rooted: @Outcastedbird fap the pain away gachiHYPER nikevi: monkaS DigitalZips: I only see myself anyway because I’m the best. ela13k VVilmot: safe zone isnt a glitch Lagunaab: and when it happens during horror games it’s monkaW Chartalord: @star_light optimal Kappa Mikkmerd: when hes finishing fallout NW Jebaited Irocam: you can’t fail 4 pieces combos if it’s just yourself tho elaHmm GashBell_: im captain_elsewhere: yeah i get it every now and then seydanator: @DrumbooMass gachiAPPROVE DanDeeper: Hey everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Kazeith: @outcastedbird be active, try to be useful for other people but don’t get used, get it? also don’t stop even if you fail rikze5: !drink WrestlerBot2000: Remember to always be real, not drunk, and drink responsibility. Shadowfax71: at least chat is not toxic Kappa Fullmetalcheese: Chag HorribleHog: ForeverAlone TyrantZedd: Pog BarghestFenrir_: @outcastedbird Get drunk or fap. Or both illethor221: @ComradeNerdy haven’t caught a stream in a little while but I hope you are well NerdyPac don’t @ me faeyre: pepeJAM TyrantZedd: elaD Montanaontario2392: HandsUp KaitoKidShadow: D: BontS: D: Darth_Kredol: D: pacman_pol_pl_polska: gachiCOOL illethor221: LMAO Shadowfax71: D: Darth_Kredol: elaD Norttii: D: Zokua: D: Blackbird_SR71C: elaD NautilusV2: elaD SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaX Hellu: elaD Cheeseek: D: PontusIndeed: D: xTelluRx: cmonBruh DoltishMeteor: BasedGod TheRipMan: D: ChaosLike: cmonBruh MidgetDude110: cmonBruh star_light: D: AbsoluteHope: D: kaskelott_: cmonBruh Drachenreiter: OMEGALUL Fafebobo: TriHard Borri: cmonBruh crashfort: atpBigot NaikoIshino: D: eizeman: D: almost said it dukenukem641: a young what cmonBrother Defahgo: elaD KaitoKidShadow: D: you cant say that Kazeith: !time Trancesphere: D: WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 20:58 LightmareLive: Clap ISinistarI: D: walking_clock: a young what cmonBruh BVP13: Siegmeyer could kill those guys in .005 seconds yet can’t run up a hill fast enough crashfort: D: Xurker: dont censor !! beeshh: ๐Ÿ™‚ MidgetDude110: D: NoodLeWrencher: cmonBruh PontusIndeed: cmonBruh giant_robots: young what? 🤔 MaleFunction: cmonBruh Lagunaab: did you ever drink snake wine @Elajjaz ? BontS: lmao Reddinator: cmonBrother Darth_Kredol: elaEZ captain_elsewhere: hahahahahaha WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays yet another weeb game | Judgment Highlights – https://youtu.be/ltRZi2uhyAI Catnip_Frenzy: Catnip_Frenzy subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! pepeD Hackerman pepeD SilentNewbee: cmonBruh hey WrestlerBot2000: @catnip_frenzy I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM DivineSven: He said it cmonBrother SirSaymon: cmonBrother zatzer: swedish cmonBruh TheRipMan: Wheres your card @Elajjaz Annonn140: cmonBruh it was close cheeze____: elaKek 7nyamst: brown haired Pog Jaargan: too 5Head for twitch Johnysweatpant: @Elajjaz just wondering, what inspired all achievement speed run ShadowRick: WeirdChamp nillmind: hes thinking it! Beard_Of_Joy: @Reddinator with food of course MidgetDude110: a young what ? cmonBruh 195iq: a young what? Gigantio: saved ZLUL AmalThazad: @Dr_Jan_Itor Yeah and it fucks up your long term memory too. plump_helmet: he implied it cmonBrother Draddrick: we ban you anyway because 2019 monkaTOS Kazeith: RULL Darth_Kredol: rULL OMEGALOL PapaShmurf: So danger Monster5crak: vi von ZULUL FatherOfGreyJedi: Tupac as a human>rapper and that’s coming from someone from Cali Kazeith: LULW TheRipMan: cmonBrother Darth_Kredol: OMEGLOL Reddinator: Beard_Of_Joy elaHmm Beard_Of_Joy: @Shadowfax71 thanks man not so ronery now FeelsOkayMan morthon: I’d just like to interject for a moment. what you’re refering to as a Cheater is in fact, somebody using glitching, or as i’ve recently taken to calling it, a Glitcher. Flashforward: OMEGLOL Neimyin: OMEGLOL Dr_Jan_Itor: IKEALUL ChaosLike: IKEALUL Xurker: @FatherOfGreyJedi damn people in cali love rape? LickMyPretzel: no 😡 BVP13: I’m listening PontusIndeed: No ๐Ÿ™‚ laufangseo: how does he have so many souls 20 min in? (just joined stream) Darth_Kredol: elaYes Neimyin: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Kazeith: okay Kapp Flashforward: ok ๐Ÿ™‚ olicraft23: no Kapp Dr_Jan_Itor: Xurker what monkaW GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz with that song you reminded me, have you watched the movie Us? Chartalord: listen to what Kapp Beard_Of_Joy: @Reddinator with GOOD FOOD pocconto: ๐Ÿ™‚ BontS: you’re 13 tho Xurker: @Dr_Jan_Itor LUL look what tupac was jailed for olicraft23: elaK ISinistarI: LULW 神の怒り: you seen Midsommar? Defahgo: Us? What’s that BarghestFenrir_: “Please listen to me” Dark Souls x Lifeline? Pog CompatiKaiser: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: Us was so overrated Sikodude: @Elajjaz you ever been banned ela i don’t remember ? monkaTOS Lanshii: laufangseo dupe glitch k4iley: just focus 4Head 神の怒り: did you like it? Reddinator: Beard_Of_Joy I guess it could work if you had the right kinds of food Beard_Of_Joy: @BontS NOT FALS elaKek overloadanxiety: Pepelaugh LickMyPretzel: Like holy shit levels of overrated Kazeith: @barghestfenrir_ ohno PepeLaugh olicraft23: LULW faeyre: LULW MercyforBlood: you like bullet for my valentine? crashfort: D: FatherOfGreyJedi: @xurker That’s fallacious to destroy his image. He was gaining too much power too many followers TheRipMan: LUL HOW PontusIndeed: LULW KaitoKidShadow: Us was not as good as Get Out Annonn140: LULW Aeonll: monkaTOS Darth_Kredol: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaD TomHorst: @LickMyPretzel made no sense at all LULW Kazeith: play what? Chartalord: LULW Montanaontario2392: LULW Timerion: Timerion subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! BVP13: What you can’t do that? LUL WrestlerBot2000: @timerion Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM RonsuDE: monkaTOS NoodLeWrencher: monkaTOS J0hnnyBlade: ElaPls Matriald: LULW AtTh3Gates: LULW faeyre: out of all things LULW Shadowfax71: how did they know it was beer? cheeze____: LULW come on twitch Niittomies_: LUL TheRipMan: With all the twitch thots on here OMEGALUL overloadanxiety: LUL Eczor: cant play drunking game son twitch? captain_elsewhere: gdq dont count ? elaKek LickMyPretzel: @TomHorst The movie or my comment? I assume the former LULW Xurker: @FatherOfGreyJedi ok BarghestFenrir_: Beer porn? Pog Defahgo: What? That’s a bad idea. Glad it just a warning Kappa Shadowfax71: who snitched? elaB Timerion: ur welcomeGot followers ->250k ppl wanna storm Area 51 ->5 are gonna show PepeLaugh icedcoffeeboy: i like that meme ๐Ÿ™ feelsbadman SonicatorTV: razorxscooter elaWOW pepeL Chartalord: ela is turning into a boomer PepeHands DigitalZips: @Lagunaab Yuuup https://time.com/5628391/area-51-meme-explained/ Fearswe: @Elajjaz Someone made a facebook event calling people to “naruto run” into Area 51 an like over a million people has signed up Elyas2: PepeHands every time sif PepeHands Evilfingers00: @Elajjaz it’s a facebook group planned meme and also clapping alien cheeks skybeaverking: PepeHands razorxscooter: Sonic cirD cirPat lone_scientist: she never says elaYes Komitern66: @Elajjaz do you prefer gachiHYPER or gachiBASS Sapphire_829: ๐Ÿ™ DevilEve: you bastard! killing an innocenct beautiful wolf BibleThump JesseThaBest: Not like you gonna get them WR runs anytime soon Kappa Martiansam: just like me PepeHands Misui: men säger du kex eller chex ern_burd: Everything is a meme these days smh Shordes: gachiHYPER MyNameIsVortex: Chuck norris is the only good meme that ever existed NNayio: gachiBASS D: poggingforever: HYPERCLAP RicHaya: gachiHYPER Jemi02: gachiHYPER ChekovTheChemist: @Elajjaz the meme started with a facebook event and it got hyped LickMyPretzel: gachiHYPER for sure, gachibass is cancer Darth_Kredol: gachiBOP is the best lone_scientist: gachiHYPER me too Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz then i’ll teach you and italian saying: porco dio, it means good luck elaOk zombie391: gachiHYPER PhysiCle: gachiHYPER Raftelle: gachiHYPER ricarten: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP BruiseVein: well if it’s naruto run, you can count on Ela Da_Flanker: gachiHYPER Swiftly_: gachiHYPER JubJubWantRubRubs: gachiHYPER Norttii: gachiHYPER Nox15: gachiHYPER rikze5: AAAAAAAAHHHHHH gachiHYPER Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER AHHHHHHHHH Soadante: gachiHYPER easyeasy: PhysiCle keanu reeves gonna show up B) PhysiCle: Same gachiHYPER Lagunaab: these kids are gonna get shot on Area 51 then ? See guys we shouldn’t make fun of kids playing fortnites now they get crazy PepeLaugh ISinistarI: gachiHYPER BontS: gachiBASS wtf bro bongo9000: gachiHYPER RonsuDE: gachiHYPER 1080p200fps: just save more time 4Head Billyrino: gachiHYPER lekitheberserker: gachiHYPER NNayio: @Elajjaz what about gachiBOP crashfort: gachiBOP gachiBOP gachiBOP gachiBOP gachiBOP lindsberg90: @Elajjaz u gonna run in ESA? KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER Petrozza7: gachiHYPER zombie391: aaaaaaaaaaah gachiHYPER Miss_Inara: having an early night elaCozy good night Ela and chat pepeL elaH easyeasy: gachiHYPER Chartalord: good Martiansam: gachiHYPER RandonLoLPlayer: elaKek Da_Flanker: elaKek tuuhoo: gachiHYPER overused but good milfhunter_1992: gachiHYPER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH SirSaymon: 👽 🔫 cmonBrother Get dem aliens chat crashfort: its chex PunOko RonsuDE: elaKek NNayio: gachiBOP gachiBOP gachiBOP J0hnnyBlade: elaKek JesseThaBest: LULW or WLUL JubJubWantRubRubs: kjeks is norwegian lul illethor221: TCHEX BruiseVein: schex is an abomination kaskelott_: gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: IT’S KEX elaREE easyeasy: Miss_Inara gnight elaCozy / Larsn2k: It’s SEX Fearswe: You’re weird Ela mizoreeee: Thats is not the meme….it wasnt a meme to begin with people actually wanted to raid area51 to see all the secrets that are inside and people made it a huge meme @Elajjaz PhysiCle: @easyeasy And Chuck Norris! KKool Chartalord: chex e fan lekar bongo9000: Miss_Inara gn elaCozy Misui: kex>chex SonicatorTV: Miss_Inara elaCozy sattSleep NNayio: 10K HOURS OMEGLOL callsign__apollo: säger du kyrka på samma sätt som kex eller? Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh lone_scientist: OMEGALUL 10k btw KaitoKidShadow: 9k hours PepeHands WJovel: gachiBOP gachiBASS gachiHYPER easyeasy: PhysiCle also Elon Musk ElaCOOL summer___: 26K HOURS OMEGALUL drownedcity: 10K HOURS LUL PhysiCle: @Miss_Inara NIght night elaCozy Valsheto: CHEX ffs NNayio: Kappa Demon RandonLoLPlayer: !englando WrestlerBot2000: englando in chat, pls FeelsBlyatMan Lerbanan: Do you say sex or thex? SirSaymon: Parkour Master PogU SkinnyTei: 10 billion hours PepeLaugh Catflap_: @chekovthechemist, because of the Joe Rogan podcast and the Bob Lazar interview about him working in Area 52 on alien tech aplikOmegalul: CARP DIMON houndthree: 10k hours and still dies to tutorial boss Shordes: @Miss_Inara pepeL WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz magjico9: Kappa demon johninatorrr: how many hours do you actually have in ds though PhysiCle: elaOk KaitoKidShadow: elaOk easyeasy: elaOk Life796: That HITBOX OMEGLOL Loki_nG: @Elajjaz Did you hear what hob’s next run plan is? ds1-3 sl1 the damn maniac Aditex258: do you watch xqc? @Elajjaz drownedcity: 10K HOURS BTW skybeaverking: Thats 416 days UltraWindow: how much is that doggie in the window Wowee WanWan Ltdboomer: gachiBASS AAAAAAAA Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz the meme has grown into a fellow kids meme , fast food companies started tweeting about Area 51 BBoomer Lagunaab: @Loki_nG no hit ? ChekovTheChemist: @Catflap_ ok, didnt know that FludentAnis: PVC PogU Loki_nG: Yh no hit Da_Flanker: 😂 👌 ChilledGear: 1 OMEGALUL K Larsn2k: LUL Get_Wong: 😂 Shordes: new goalkeeper hollow Pog Elettrodomestico: @Loki_nG wait really? that looks ridicoulus drownedcity: reset easyeasy: LULW Nuuskuu: Nuuskuu subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 20 months! Lagunaab: hob is a crazy genius WrestlerBot2000: @nuuskuu After 20 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM xdreigor: Thank god you never have seen him FeelsWeirdMan rikze5: 😂 👌 slam the desk Get_Wong: 😂 ANY JUICERS 💯 🔥 PsyceSB: El Goblino monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz would you wrestle forsen 1 on 1 in the ring ? Aplecraf: @Dr_Jan_Itor but whyy ? elaHmm St0rmEagle: L_? Aditex258: 5Head LickMyPretzel: 2nd FeelsWeirdMan VineWood0604: CoolStoryBob Chartalord: EZ Loki_nG: @Elettrodomestico right he is insane Jemi02: 2nd LULW magjico9: elaK FludentAnis: BRUHHH THIS XQC GUY 😂 SLAM DESK tryllobite: it’s a good run ela, you can do it Shordes: @Elajjaz most runs are bad compared to the last one you had though ๐Ÿ˜€ Gloriousbonerstoner: clint syndrome EleGiggle VDSMF: @Elajjaz how good is the 1st place time? PhysiCle: Shit it’s late FeelsLateMan Time for bed! goodnight Ela and chat pepeL KaitoKidShadow: ElaSmash Sol_Invictus_2: moon2SECRETEMOTE AmalThazad: @PhysiClefries MidgetDude110: elaOP Clap damn right gagin5: Pizza just have many calories Moctavius: US said it’s a vegetable so it’s OK KKool AyanadX: moon2S Pizza is better then veg OpieOP Elettrodomestico: @Elajjaz that means tomorrow i will bench more than i usually do Pog Germy_ranch: D: MDKinsey: LUL BruiseVein: LOL Shordes: and eating more than you burn KaitoKidShadow: D: Redemption99: can confirm MidgetDude110: D: Murika_: im eating a calzone right now elaOP KeebsClark: D: Zaphod_B: D: Llyfrgell: D: xPhool: if you do the Work, the calories won’t stick. Easy as that Gajima_: FeelsBadMan too real Aeonll: D: Teeryx: true NullSego: LULW lekitheberserker: PepeHands setzer0o: pizza with snickers LUL Naniyo: LULW IBhunivelze: elaD Tirabolos: kinder bueno are the best chocolate bars out there Dereservoir: got’em Lurius31: Ooofas Driggonny: LUL easyeasy: elaHmm c0rnflex: Too much of anything is bad for you OMEGLOL Jemi02: elaD how rude NiceThings_: toxic forsenGun: pizza is good for your… body and… stuff… Kapp SirSaymon: GOTEM LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Gloriousbonerstoner: truth D: ricarten: moon2D wow SectorSpark: D: Martiansam: @PandekagePiraten i know about the 5g a day , but i heard the first month you have to take a lot, and then 5g a day but idk AtTh3Gates: ealD Swift_chamois: still high sodium but pizza is good i5_3570: monkaS Da_Flanker: Just get up off your chair 4HEad Elyas2: you right FeelsBadMan Martiansam: elaD TheZecaUrubu: more like doesn’t close his mouth mizoreeee: THE ONLY MOVMENT HE DOES IS TOO THE FRIDGE LULW GoldenFlame1: too busy watching stream so I get fat PepeHands MAGNUMDOLLARz: TOXIC STREAMER D: St0rmEagle: just move 4HEad AtTh3Gates: elaD Arucia5: He’s right tho Loki_nG: Ela with the home truths elaKek gagin5: I think u can eat whatever you want just move your ass sometimes and all good Germy_ranch: T D: X I C MrFunky159: if you are trying to lose weight then yes, its prolly bad for you, if you have celiac disease, yes, is prolly bad for you nicky_altosaxophoney: wow, didn’t know this was dks meanie % pikachujnr: anything that hasnt got added sugar is good food to a certain extenct basically lffnActually BruiseVein: nothing and everything is bad for you at certain amounts. sugar is always bad Shordes: @Elajjaz yesterday you said you don’t bully chat elaWeird Larsn2k: Holy shit ela! elaD KaitoKidShadow: D: EVEN WORSE Xiithrian: pizza is healthy if you put banana on it ๐Ÿ™‚ lekitheberserker: streamer bodyshaming chat D: angryj0nes: OOFs NullSego: toxic af LULW Llyfrgell: elaD Skarloth: you gotta move yo body preebly Jemi02: Actually ela I’m a chef who runs around 8 hours at work PepeHands Valtha: D: ? BontS: ACTUALLY TOXIC PoliteHavoc: OpieOP WTF easyeasy: 5Head PandekagePiraten: @Martiansam Yeah it says to do so on the packaging but it;s honestly just so they can sell more creatine LuL Fullmetalcheese: elaOP wrong gagin5: True OptimisticKnowledge: LULW LickMyPretzel: 5Head forsenGun: LIES TheSalikawood: all input no output Gloriousbonerstoner: honest streamer D: plump_helmet: 5Head ELEMENTARY REALLY Naniyo: 5Head Dr_Jan_Itor: 5Head TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz I’m proof that what you’re saying isn’t true LULW rikze5: 5Head ah yes DivineSpaghetti: @Martiansam The “load phase” is just a myth. stormfraek: Im only fat because my mouth is so much bigger than my asshole. True story Chinese_BobaBean: 5Head mizoreeee: 5Head elaPlan Chartalord: 5Head emory_everett: that’s not math lol Riggedi: elaOk elaPlan bozobonzai: thanks dad ๐Ÿ™‚ tigeralum11: I eat a lot and don’t move but am skinny AF Akaii_x: Chat cant handle the truth Pog Matt07k: Ela calling me fat PepeHands lekitheberserker: 5Head HYPERCLAP Streamleen: I don’t gain weight no matter what. gagin5: If u just move your ass u can eat whatever u want thats fact famos_taken: @Elajjaz NO ITS GENETICS AAAAH YOU THIN SUPREMACIST St0rmEagle: just dont eat 4HEad Arucia5: I have big bones Kapp Wwaaaz: T O X I C NeverNotDead: the only movement done is from the bowl faeyre: unless u have my metabolism LULW Germy_ranch: Bully D: Muh thyroid PepeHands der_steinfresser: Quick math MAGNUMDOLLARz: NOT FALSE LULW bigdaddye40: elaHmm mmm your calculations seem correct TomHorst: body positivity LULW ZolionKreygasm: @Elajjaz good evening elaH chat elaHi Fearswe: @Elajjaz That’s not the case for me actually. I don’t move and I can’t gain weight for shit OptimisticKnowledge: It’s genetics BabyRage faeyre: me LULW Moctavius: Some people eats tons of shit and don’t gain pounds FeelsWeirdMan xPhool: @Streamleen not yet moon2S Shordes: @Elajjaz good thing you’re not sugar coating it LULW don’t wanna gain more weight cookedbread_: thats me! GoldenFlame1: thats me ๐Ÿ™‚ lex64lex: WTF angryj0nes: ME ๐Ÿ™‚ Vikingdeath1: Damn those people rikze5: me PepeLaugh Ghumo: Hey tats me bozobonzai: true PepeHands Streamleen: That’s me. PoliteHavoc: 5Head 🍷 galaxy take sir Lord_Solaire: LULW Skarloth: yep that’s me easyeasy: me ๐Ÿ™‚ gagin5: Depends on genetics Rob_has_nice_nipples: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Aeonll: ok elaK TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz I eat a ton of bad food and never exercise and I’ve been stuck at 55kg for years PepeHands Peljack: Like xQc? Dr_Jan_Itor: FeelsBadMan supmadness: Hardgainer here Nuuskuu: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Vallyen_: that’s me right there Wallengreno: thats me ๐Ÿ™ lindwormen: LULW just like me treed052: Calories in vs calories out. Pretty simple. Valkata2200: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Annonn140: LULW TRUE DoltishMeteor: or TAPEWORMS LULW bongo9000: thats me PepeHands Stolz0n: Hey, are you talking about me? elaHmm setzer0o: y me too violeNc2: me LULW Moctavius: These motherfuckers FeelsWeirdMan zombie391: me PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: those ppl will get fat eventually tho LULW Im_Mugen: EllaBully Myareska: Maybe you aren’t Miss Universe elaKek callsign__apollo: I do that LUL faeyre: lifes good man LULW Lagunaab: i used to be like that, when I was 20, miss those times PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: Clap Viridiz_: true LULW Stravromula: Like me Sqwaaks: That’s me FeelsGoodMan Valtha: They shit 5 times a day amaterasu_chase: yeah thats me ๐Ÿ™‚ KappatainHindsight: What if you can’t move? elaHmm @Elajjaz spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz i dont feel pitty for those fat fucks who sit around all day eating snacks then complain when someone calls them fat Jamule: how dare you fatshame chat HotPokket Loki_nG: They gifted by the gods PepeHands Elettrodomestico: BUYING TAPEWORM DM ME ghyzmow: @DoltishMeteor DansGame PandekagePiraten: WHy would you not be able to gain weight, sounds fucking ass tigeralum11: that’s me KaitoKidShadow: wish i had that Ghumo: I could eat like 9 cake and not gain a pound c0rnflex: My brother is kinda like that, not me tho PepeHands crashfort: thats like me i can eat anything and not go up 😎 tryllobite: mutants kaskelott_: its not good PepeHands Stolz0n: I do ๐Ÿ™‚ Zoe_Katerina: not going to the gym 1-1.5 hrs a day is bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LickMyPretzel: That’s not always a good thing. I was like that when i was younger and it was annoying as fuck not being able tto gain weight 1mpolar: eventually age catches up captain_elsewhere: ive been sat on my ass for the past 3 years eating the worst shit and ive gained like 10lbs IBhunivelze: its actually me ๐Ÿ™‚ Kickin_97: Sounds like a tapeworm supmadness: its like me Da_Flanker: I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle elaOP setzer0o: @Elajjaz but it sucks because you cant build muscles Fearswe: I don’t gain weight. I struggle to gain weight, and I’ve been underweight my whole life @Elajjaz floppypoppy_: $10 says I could make them fat in 2 months Komitern66: that kind of ppl cant gain muscle neither pikachujnr: those people just dont eat enough i thought i ate alot until i started lifting @Elajjaz Jah_1: Genetics Valtha: My metabolism died the second I turned 18 AyanadX: Yeah I have a friend that couldn’t gain weight but he wanted to join the coast guard carlitoB: it catches up with you when you get older. i used to be like that Murika_: @Elajjaz I’m like that but that makes it really hard for me to get bigger at gym PepeHands angryj0nes: I can eat all shit i whant i will never get fat is soo good haryde12: I can do that TheIlluminati OptimisticKnowledge: And not as great as it sounds. It’s fucking hard to gain weight and muscle fatherfestivus: it’s bad if you wanna gain muscle though tigeralum11: it sucks, i don’t like being a toothpick Geralt_of_Syria: my bestfriend is like that too and he eats so much more than me PepeLaugh Jemi02: Mommy ela called me fat PepeHands catoakay: Its not genetics, if you it more calories than you burn you gain, if you it less you loose, thats it QTori: Fast metabolism is a curse, you have to CONSTANTLY eat and you’re always hungry never feeling full Shordes: I’ve been between 70-75kg for the past 7 years LULW can’t gain xPhool: it’s also usually for young people. And suddenly they’re fucked LUL ニューハーフ: i sweat too much thus i hardly can get weight PepeHands BruiseVein: @Elajjaz my legs are paralyzed so I can’t move, but thanks I’ll stop eating PepeHands Jah_1: It changes after a certain age faeyre: it’s difficult to gain healthy weight tho Elyas2: captain_elsewhere same but add a 0 FeelsBadMan gagin5: @setzer0o Yea if u want build muscles its bad Streamleen: I’m underweight though, and don’t recommend it. ComradeNerdy: well they can’t gain weight and look like sticc nrdyE so i wouldn’t say it’s a gifty GabrielMugnol: That’s me, to be fair that shit sucks if I don’t eat a ton of food every day I lose like 2-3 kg in a week MidgetDude110: tbh, its better to be underweight than overweight Sesmacegard: but those people try going to gym and WOW! no muscle gain Kappa that’s life justice forsenGun: people like that could have a hard time gaining weight so its hard either way KaitoKidShadow: RUFF gio_dude7: Skinny fat Valtha: I’d love that elaOP Streamleen: Yes, it is rough. captain_elsewhere: oof Elyas2 pepeL Lagunaab: @tigeralum11 drink beer often, you’ll get a belly trust me easyeasy: Shordes damn man, same here Chag angryj0nes: Yeah is dificult to get mass KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Draddrick: I have problems gaining muscle weight. Its fucking anoying FeelsBadMan Cheeseek: Not fair DansGame i wish i gain something atleast i eat like a fucking elephant evry day and just cant get the weight PepeHands TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Yeah I’ve been stuck at 55kg for like 4 years and I just want to not be underweight PepeHands mizoreeee: if you cant just stop then 4Shrug Jah_1: At 30-40 you ll get fat spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz you gain a fat belly tho DekkerDave: My motabolism is so slow I feel full even 4 hours after a lunch which was just a salad PepeHands Vallyen_: @Shordes I’m a 21 year old guy and I’ve never gone above 60 KGs, no matter how much I eat Da_Flanker: I don’t get fat, but if I eat too much unhealthy stuff it reflects on my skin. neville_from_uganda: That’s easy, just add oil to literally everything you consume Shordes: @easyeasy I’ve gained muscle but lost fat, but still same weight LULW cookedbread_: i have to eat 3000+ calories a day to see any significant weight gain ๐Ÿ™ nicky_altosaxophoney: i can poop and lose like 10 lbs Elyas2: captain_elsewhere I’m just training for my snorlax cosplay we good Jah_1: If you dont move PandekagePiraten: @pikachujnr Yeah that\s usually how it goes. People who say they eat all the time, don\t actually eat a lot. They eat 3 but larger than average portions Wallengreno: @Fearswe thats me i weigh 60 kg at age 20 ๐Ÿ™ gagin5: Just move ass sometimes and u can eat what you want razorxscooter: Do you have any assless chaps to go with you cowboy hat? elaYEEHAW St0rmEagle: how many times a day do you eat ? @Elajjaz HalflightSpearoftheChurch: the truth today is considered bullying because of this mindset being made “politically correct” KaitoKidShadow: just eat butter with everything gio_dude7: Your friend is skinny fat? Martiansam: losing weight is a joke compared to building muscles Rawrion: A friend of mine even used whey for a while just to gain weight, but never did NeverNotDead: im 16 stone of very loose muscle GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz That’s me, to be fair that shit sucks if I don’t eat a ton of food every day I lose like 2-3 kg in a week ComradeNerdy: if you are easily gaining just control yourself and workout, you are good, if you are genetical sticc you are cursed to be a sticc pretty much tigeralum11: @Lagunaab haha well I’d like weight everywhere, not just my gut ๐Ÿ˜› Shordes: @Vallyen_ I mean, I’m being facetious. I have gained weight when I want to, it’s just a chore Fullmetalcheese: 2 monkaW pikachujnr: start counting your calories everyone! Clap robinhopslaap: In my experience its just a matter of eating more. Gained 1kg per weak when i started counting calories and making an effort and also started lifting. Blackbird_SR71C: 2? No breakfast?? famos_taken: OMAD easyeasy: Shordes SeemsGood MrFunky159: bro LULW J0hnnyBlade: ✌️ elaOP Gothicer: ✌️ 💿 Jemi02: But what about 2nd dinner ela LULW Kickin_97: @Vallyen_ Are you like a metre fifty or something? Sloxu: no horror game tonight? alicerino: No dreadout today? St0rmEagle: i do 3 Fearswe: @Wallengreno I’m 1.88m and weigh around 70-75 kg. I’m 28 Vallyen_: @Kickin_97 172 LilacLeaf: The only time I’ve gained weight was because of BC, but now I’m just stuck at skinnyfat PepeHands NoeightSemEclipse: i do 5 mizoreeee: I also eat 2 times a day but i snack like a maniac PandekagePiraten: @Rawrion He needs to eat more if he still has trouble with it and is trying to gain weight. It\s all about calories in vs calories out supmadness: @Elajjaz i am a hardgainer. i need so fuckung much calorien. i trained fpr two years now famos_taken: @Elajjaz skipping breakfast is patrician tier Da_Flanker: elaGasm Jah_1: Only 2 ? Fullmetalcheese: elaGasm Leo_Fara: gachiBOP gjordontreeman: not 7 meals? forsenGun: gachiGASM bozobonzai: eating triple stack PB&J’s, you will gain for sure OpieOP MAGNUMDOLLARz: eating bigger meals less frequently makes you live longer Shordes: @Elajjaz have you heard of the weight-gaining diet GOMAD? LULW Gallon Of Milk A Day forsenGun: AH gachiGASM HalflightSpearoftheChurch: gachiHYPER Lanshii: do you eat a lot? like big portions? Elajjaz pikachujnr: gachiBOP MookiBoi: @Elajjaz I wanna try IF but I don’t know where to start Jah_1: And youre working out? underTaker3424: i do 1 Pepega mizoreeee: I cant eat early i hate it OrionForHire:>breakfast Dr_Jan_Itor: TheMoltenGuy just eat this and you’ll gain weight in no time 5Head https://i.redd.it/y71wwyb8ghw21.jpg ikkedaniel: @LilacLeaf because of BC? what’s BC GoldenFlame1: I skip breakfast because I wake up late ๐Ÿ™‚ Kickin_97: @Vallyen_ Good grief you might be Skeleton Man Vikingdeath1: I should Probably eat breakfast normally… Wallengreno: @Fearswe Ye pretty much same height, maybe ill be 70kg in 8 years NeverNotDead: @ikkedaniel black cock ghyzmow: same Shordes: @GoldenFlame1 your first meal of the day is still breaking a fast though elaWeird Arucia5: I have no appetite when I wake up EZ Clap LilacLeaf: @ikkedaniel Birth control, it tends to make people gain weight tdcarlo: Oh man, my endurance went way up with alternative fasting setzer0o: @mizoreeee ye man same. cant eat shit in the morning ghyzmow: working out with food in the belly is awful nikevi: wtf more energy on an empty stomach? wild TheSalikawood: i dont eat breakfast because it might make me have to shit at work DancingLight: So You get up and dont eat at all untill 1? @Elajjaz xPhool: if you wake up at 11 AM, 1 PM is breakfast time Peljack: hobbJedi hobbUnagi PandekagePiraten: @Elajjaz That\s so weird, if I dont eat at least one hour before lifting I always crash mid workout Murika_: @Elajjaz do you not get lightheaded on big lifts on an empty stomach? Jah_1: I cant do that i feel exhausted fatherfestivus: how long did it take for your body to adjust to that schedule? gagin5: I usualy skip breakfast because i dont have appetite spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz do you practice the art of masturbation and does really make yiou lose weight ? no Kapp GoldenFlame1: @Shordes I know, its breaking the fast Peljack: hobbT catoakay: Wow i need 3 melas before my workout, lol KaitoKidShadow: i eat a banana before workout snow00blind: going to gym OMEGALUL forsenGun: if you eat before you work out your body is gonna be more focused on digesting your food so it’ll strain you 5Head TheMoltenGuy: 3-4 days LULW UltraWindow: its still hard gachiBASS MAGNUMDOLLARz: better be black coffee or not real IF Gothicer: gachiHYPER RicHaya: hard gachiHYPER gagin5: Imagine going to gym Lagunaab: you must be crazy hungry after workout then ? Then you eat a big meal and don’t eat snacks in between the other meal then ? Darth_Kredol: 3-4 days OMEGALUL Blackbird_SR71C: I wish I could workout in the morning, but I just don’t have the energy for it Da_Flanker: Imagine going outside monkaW Loki_nG: Terry crews has been doing it forever and look at the size of the SOB LUL Shordes: it was piss easy LULW been doing it for 2 weeks just to see what the fuss is about and it isn’t jiving with me snow00blind: @Da_Flanker monkaW captain_elsewhere: if only you had a young man to spend that energy on PepeHands Gothicer: @Da_Flanker no stop monkaW NoeightSemEclipse: u mean 3-4 months MidgetDude110: monkaW DivineSpaghetti: Better insulin sensitivity KaitoKidShadow: lol nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: pepeL KaitoKidShadow: no GoldenFlame1: no UltraWindow: no PepeLaugh Shordes: no ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: 4Shrug dunnoo Neon_TRY: no icedragon08: no R4gn4Rr_: LUL Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh RainMakerNGS: nah rikze5: PepeLaugh don’t tell him Streamleen: autopilot Chartalord: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Norttii: no ๐Ÿ™‚ MidgetDude110: 4Shrug bongo9000: LULW Larsn2k: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Darth_Kredol: no PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: 4Shrug Valinore: 4Shrug Dr_Jan_Itor: sure why not Life796: monkaW RicHaya: no PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: maybe Gajima_: no ๐Ÿ™‚ Blackbird_SR71C: 4Shrug Yes. No. Maybe. mizoreeee: PepeLaugh dont tell him Tirabolos: no ๐Ÿ™‚ zombie391: PepeLaugh AyanadX: Good enough Kappa nicky_altosaxophoney: naw, you missed the thing back there Kapp xPhool: Missed Uchigatana again Keepo bongo9000: 4Shrug Lagunaab: reading chat is making you get green splits Kapp VineWood0604: run’s dead ๐Ÿ™‚ tuuhoo: what is this muscle memory PogU Chinese_BobaBean: Kappa Fearswe: Probably not Da_Flanker: It’s already ruined PepeLaugh icedcoffeeboy: trust your muscle memory Riggedi: muscle memory FeelsGoodMan Fullmetalcheese: @Elajjaz SO why exactly do you do Intermittent Fasting? I know there are lots of benefits Just Curious icedragon08: WAKE UP ELA monkaW St0rmEagle: MrDestructoid Clap TheSalikawood: lay off the weed ela Real_Eugene: PepeLaugh he doesnt know carlitoB: wr then setzer0o: wrong game ela spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz i’ve been talking to a swedish girl lately tell me something nice in Swedish so i can tell it to her man pls fatherfestivus: @elajjaz you should try a blindfolded run Streamleen: Do you remember resetting it? forsenGun: if he fucks up chat its your fault FeelsGoodMan franky_latabasse: I don’t know I’m only watching you and not the game Loki_nG: AUTO PILOT RECKY elaA SirSaymon: Because you’re a streamer who cares about his chatxactly LULW Loli_Princess_Pebrock: Sure… Kappa Naniyo: elaK elaK LickMyPretzel: elaK sure Wiktor7219: elaK Istog: elaK lavos__: 768p tho DansGame Darth_Umbra: elaK MaksimNewfield: @vizenzo toinonLove Shordes: spliced IllFated2: elaK nicky_altosaxophoney: they go to another school Kapp nobunaga0daa: sure elaK Lurius31: elaK robodino3: PepeLaugh deathless UltraWindow: i hear streamer make a claim, i elaK ez Fearswe: @BadGuyLP2 Don’t think anyone has run All Achievements because you can’t dupe in remastered mizoreeee: I think i remember ela doing a DS2 all bosses without dying once thats 2h+ MaksimNewfield: Greetings everyone toinonWave Gloriousbonerstoner: like lel Draddrick: streamer is offended elaKek vomuseind: @elajjaz how much faster is it to actually quit and reload instead of waiting for those animations? It seems ridiculous if it’s actually faster PrayForMyBoyHarambe: getting carried again peppy590: @MaksimNewfield pepeL easyeasy: lavos__ it changed some things, it can bug ladders and some other shit so they are not running with it elaOk LickMyPretzel: @MaksimNewfield hai k_arm_4: 10k hours pvpSK RobOfHouseQuark: how did that super good run end? did Ela pb? Dr_Jan_Itor: most speedruns are deathless but you know chat Elajjaz they like to booli ela12 howl_fuzaro: Hey Ela elaH nikevi: wait what ar eyou supposed to be cursed Shordes: @RobOfHouseQuark he quit mizoreeee: dude fucking horse fuck valley PepeLaugh JuiceRock: would you say God of War ps4 has any replayability after all achievements @Elajjaz RobOfHouseQuark: damn UltraWindow: we all know master is carrying you at this very moment elaK lavos__: @easyeasy that’s if you go 60 fps, locked at 30 is exact same game logic rikze5: cursed monkaW KaitoKidShadow: vomuseind quiting out stops ingame time, thats what counts nikevi: ohhh Fearswe: Oh wait, Master did a run for All Achievements in Remaster @BadGuyLP2. 4 hours 11 minutes and 57 seconds Martiansam: man i love living by myself elaCozy Ajahi: @JuiceRock It has a NG+ with better gear now Aeonll: Wowee LickMyPretzel: muh safe space J0hnnyBlade: Wowee UltraWindow: just like sarge mibutwhole: PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: PepeHands ME TOO ghyzmow: PepeHands Germy_ranch: THE PACK AROOOOOOO Martiansam: HYUKCHIHA lone wolf Gumma: PepeHands Lagunaab: praise the lone wolves HandsUp Aeonll: PepeHands BadGuyLP2: @Fearswe i see, i was wondering how longer it takes without dupes, thanks illuminatieyes_xd: same FeelsGoodMan Murika_: PepeHands Wiktor7219: PepeHands R4gn4Rr_: elaK lekitheberserker: PepeHands lavos__: Speedsouls says “Am I allowed to use DSFix’s features for my runs, if the framerate unlock feature is completely turned off? Yes, you are, as long as the framerate unlocker is completely off. ” smolley: furry mizoreeee: kicked out Maral and Ponyo because of that PepeHands Shordes: i’m very lonely Gloriousbonerstoner: and handsome gachiBASS Draddrick: introverted FeelsGoodMan peppy590: @JuiceRock dude. it dosent. comabt is so slow Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan nobunaga0daa: for different types of jerking off JuiceRock: do you ever make your bed? Real_Eugene: PepeHands captain_elsewhere: HYUKCHIHA weontheultralightbeam: pepeJAM KappatainHindsight: cmon now elaHYUG Elajjaz Norttii: PepeHands not by choice easyeasy: lavos__ 4Shrug prob yes but who would care about graphics when you need speed ela12 Python_Soldier: introvert ftw KaitoKidShadow: im gonna live by myself in october but lived by myself for years before, looking forward to it ニューハーフ: i did my belly workout for today, my muscles are destroyed WrestlerBot2000: “Garry, come over here, I wanna eat you.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 49 Jamule: do you have a sharingan Pog @Elajjaz bl00dsouls: 1 man in old pack Cacherow: Lonesome road Dr_Jan_Itor: ” a lot of space” has a 4×4 apartment elaK ニューハーフ: glicinA glicinPantsu Psndarkdragon: low key jab at maral LUL Da_Flanker: I don’t mind living by myself, but sometimes can’t sleep well at night infilau: @vomuseind It is not actually faster, but the in game timer doesnt continue while you reload so you save time in game. Which is waht matters for the run easyeasy: Chag Clap Fearswe: @Elajjaz Wait, you know you no longer have the Any% Remastered right? ryogrande: naked dragon Free_Juice: Pog MJOLKMUSIC: IKEA LickMyPretzel: alexa play despacito SirSaymon: Gotem POGGERS DrumbooMass: @Draddrick I am introvert but not alone 4Shrug not the same thing Vallyen_: tail stuff onlyafroGasm Martiansam: @Da_Flanker why ? monkaW peppy590: 😔 easyeasy: WHAT elaD GoldenFlame1: 😔 FaarisBuro: 😔 Fearswe: @Elajjaz Yeah PhilRamirez: gachiGASM KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh THIS GUYS DOESNT EVEN HAVE A WORLD REKKIE GabrielMugnol: One more road to cross pepeJAM one more risk to take pepeJAM Wiktor7219: elaD MaksimNewfield: Regole has it … for now robodino3: PepeHands easyeasy: damn Chag nikevi: how bad was that split before LOL Da_Flanker: Martiansam I hear things. Idk, schizophrenia 4Shrug Swift_chamois: sandbagging splits Martiansam: Chag Cheesecakeripper: what went wrong before? TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz My friend keeps trying a Dark Souls no death all bosses ng to ng+7 run. I believe he can do it, only problem is he’s always piss drunk whenever he tries elaGa GoldenFlame1: +5 trident time PepeLaugh MJOLKMUSIC: @Elajjaz is it possible to get WR in this run? Dr_Jan_Itor: Trident time PepeLaugh Draddrick: @DrumbooMass never said you had to be alone to be introverted, nor that it is negative. Im introverted myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Kinetickz: What happened in PB? Shordes: @Elajjaz will you ever do Welcome to the Game 2 again? LUL MJOLKMUSIC: do i smell a WR Swift_chamois: PB get clammed? SirSaymon: I love how Seath is supposed to be so smart but you can make him destroy the thing which makes him immortal FeelsWeirdMan easyeasy: TyrantZedd why elaKek BadGuyLP2: welcome to the game Pog Martiansam: @Da_Flanker LULW the first days i heard litteraly every car passing by , now i dont even hear them Gkrasos: will you do horror today? FunkyNik: you gonna play another fallout game after new vegas? Altiru: Trident farming is fun ๐Ÿ™‚ ニューハーフ: i need to do 2 min plank FeelsBadMan Shordes: @Elajjaz gonna take that as a resounding no LULW GoldenFlame1: ela has an unbeatable record on wttg2 JuiceRock: @SirSaymon Seath was smart but went mad Xu_Shu: welcome to the game PogChamp? when? Pog MaksimNewfield: 2 min plank toinonSmug Martiansam: @ニューハーフ you mean plank for abs ? ssssip: hello ela and chat elaCozy j_golder: Good run or Bad run chat? Martiansam: @ssssip pepeL elaHi aplikOmegalul: @Elajjaz dreadout later on? easyeasy: GoldenFlame1 you can’t beat first world record cuz it was first ela12 5Head MJOLKMUSIC: HeyGuys arrombadin09: @Elajjaz how many hours did it take for you to finish this game for the first time? LickMyPretzel: elaYA ssssip: @Martiansam pepeL rikze5: AYAYA Clap GoldenFlame1: @easyeasy you got it 5Head perry_1903: elaYA Murika_: elaYA ニューハーフ: Martiansam yes, just want to drop weight and get flat belly landkit: AYAYA easyeasy: LAKKI AYAYA Spero1: aaaaaaaahhhhhh Reddinator: AYAYA Exten13: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Dr_Jan_Itor: elaYA nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA LAKKI Mrtriggahigga: elaWeird Niloomilo: AYAYA RicHaya: time to lose to trident PepeLaugh Real_Eugene: AYAYA Amro_bhr: AYAYA ZeroPhil96: AYAYA LAKKI AntstokV2: you should try a game call green hell LickMyPretzel: gachiHYPER Autumn_Flare: AYAYA SonicatorTV: AYAYA GoldenFlame1: gachiHYPER easyeasy: AYAYA NO perry_1903: ssssip yooo elaOk / Sohei4649: gachiHYPER iRedempti00n: gachiHYPER ClaytonBigsbe: AYAYA landkit: gachiHYPER MJOLKMUSIC: GACHIHYPER Norttii: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER Exten13: gachiHYPER Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER NullSego: gachHYPER RicHaya: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER Tree60noscoped: gachiHYPER ZeroPhil96: gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: Jebiated KingMidas133: gachiHYPER DrumbooMass: @Draddrick elaHmm why bringing it up to the conversation about loneliness elaHmm as you pointed out to connections between those two things TyrantZedd: easyeasy He likes Dark Souls 4Shrug Last time he tried he got to O&S, died, got pissed and then did the fight naked instead elaKek SonicatorTV: Jebaited next NullSego: gachiHYPER unfit2: gachiHYPER MJOLKMUSIC: gachiHYPER ssssip: @perry_1903 yoooo ela12 Altiru: @ssssip so sip is your name, what do you drink? arrombadin09: @Elajjaz how many hours did it take for you to finish this game for the first time?? Da_Flanker: Martiansam For me it’s like hearing footsteps, door handles being touched and sounds of things being moved. robodino3: LULW TyrantZedd: easyeasy As in his character, not himself elaS bunnyoffaith: Not seen this run before, what does the trident do that’s so good? mizoreeee: Oh i got a spiecy video for you after this run ela and chat Shordes: is “World’s First” a record though? DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: lakkiHYPER when ZeroPhil96: monkaW we need more luck Lagunaab: well he’s gonna be here for a long time I guess i got time to make a sammich PepeLaugh Myowa_: You tried to combine the power of gachi and weeb, cant do that FeelsWeirdMan Shordes: @arrombadin09 over 24h easyeasy: TyrantZedd just wanted to ask elaKek KaitoKidShadow: i love sleeping so much, but when its too hot i cant sleep well iRedempti00n: PepeLaugh TRIDENT SirSaymon: @juicerock, True but mad=/=dumb, you can clearly see he’s still doing experiments. Oh well no biggie ^^ nikevi: is this normally the split that ends runs if you just get unlucky ssssip: @Altiru i drink the WORLD WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! ニューハーフ: ela still did not finished this game chat PunOko arrombadin09: @Shordes it took me 40h and one broken controller=) Sqwaaks: You ever run demon souls? TyrantZedd: easyeasy Yeah it isn’t that kind of friendship elaKek rikze5: say the line, ela AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: MALD elaKek ssssip: but mostly tea TPFufun AmalThazad: You know what to do with that mic Ela gachiHYPER saaftig: You need to sell out again Draddrick: @DrumbooMass Ela wasnt talking about being lonely. He was talking about being alone. Dont know why youre drawing conclutions man… Altiru: @ssssip monkaS jk, you do you man lavos__: @nikevi yes it is PepeLaugh Moctavius: elaK nymnCorn easyeasy: TyrantZedd still less pepega combare to what Hob is doing, foking dsk1 to dks3 no hit monkaW this is pure masochism WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Shordes: @arrombadin09 it was some of the best stream content Ela ever did LUL it was like a 36 hour stream Dr_Jan_Itor: nikevi yeah it can take 10 minutes + and no trident SirSaymon: The one time you’re not trying to get the achievement they drop it on your first try FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: sell out to senheiser to get the drop nicky_altosaxophoney: this the one DREAMOCASTER: Time for the SUCC elaKek 8xz9: you farming for something bruv? nikevi: @Elajjaz maybe if you just shout twitch prime as you kill one of them you’ll get it Zubodrot: @Elajjaz deepthroat mic just for luck? gachiBASS Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Peljack: hobbT Martiansam: @ニューハーフ im not an expert , but i think planks are ovverrated , you need to increase the intensity of abs exercises , also do cardio and eat clean AmalThazad: https://streamable.com/ds4t5 Draddrick: @DrumbooMass Wasnt trying to be offensive johninatorrr: @Elajjaz whats the furthest youve ran? iRedempti00n: PepeHands AmalThazad: For the people unaware ๐Ÿ™‚ https://streamable.com/ds4t5 MaksimNewfield: elaK you want a trident? nicky_altosaxophoney: demmit GoldenFlame1: Pog Free_Juice: Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog Jemi02: Pog ssssip: Pog iRedempti00n: Pog IceLikesRice: Pog Kitys: Pog Murika_: Pog seydanator: D: Monni98: Pog Chartalord: Pog BritishPatternBalding: Pog karakovv: Pog KingMidas133: Pog MaksimNewfield: Pog Raysplayer2012: Pog JubJubWantRubRubs: so many vips PepeHands Lurius31: Pog scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Pog DigitalZips: woooooow elaB illuminatieyes_xd: Pog nikevi: Pog Wiktor7219: Pog Gothicer: Pog nicky_altosaxophoney: Pog Python_Soldier: OOF mibutwhole: Pog ZeroPhil96: Pog saaftig: Pog Dr_Jan_Itor: Pog LickMyPretzel: Ela handing out VIPs like candy nowadays Kitys: Free VIP incoming Chartalord: hes not gonna get it just cos of that LULW TomHorst: sucking up to twitch staff WeirdChamp yuzak2295: this time ๐Ÿ˜€ robodino3: Pog Da_Flanker: Pog Vee eye pee easyeasy: 8xz9 he is farming TRIENDT for Knight something achiv, you need every unique weapon or something like that elaOk Gloriousbonerstoner: ban if not Chag Mrtriggahigga: elaWeird stabogatoe: any horror games this evening @Elajjaz ? GoldenFlame1: yes nikevi: but you can’t be VIP and mod at the same time TyrantZedd: easyeasy Holy fuck shit monkaW Why would someone even consider trying that NotLikeThis DrumbooMass: @Draddrick omg dude LULW we’re just talking…sorry to make you angry…I just like to talk to ppl King_Insane: @Shordes yeah and he was legit scared most of the time which made it even better, hope we get him to replay it at some point SonicatorTV: Chag Martiansam: @Da_Flanker dude that weird LULW monkaW maybe you live in an old apartment ? KingMidas133: elaYes GoldenFlame1: LUL rikze5: OMEGALUL Jemi02: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW SLyDeX53: good night @Elajjaz good night chat elaH pepeL iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN BritishPatternBalding: OMEGALUL daley_: PepeLaugh 1mpolar: LULW nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW ZeroPhil96: PRIME Dr_Jan_Itor: IKEALUL Mrtriggahigga: IKEALUL johninatorrr: IKEALUL saaftig: You missed Komitern66: LULW KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh lul YonderPonderer: LUL Wiktor7219: OMEGADOWN Norttii: PepeLaugh Gothicer: LULW nikevi: PepeHands Jemi02: PepeLaugh saaftig: doesent count SirSaymon: SCAM LULW Bra1nBug2: elaKek SonicatorTV: SLyDeX53 good night elaHYUG elaCozy ComradeNerdy: SLyDeX53 night elaH MaksimNewfield: IKEA aim Chritzli: come on you missed that didnt count Free_Juice: DIDNT COUNT easyeasy: SLyDeX53 CYA COOTIE elaYA / CrystalTeardrop: SLyDeX53 gnight cantaNap ニューハーフ: Martiansam well when i do plank i feel like i burn alot of energy, especially since i sweat alot with hyperhydrosis Swift_chamois: sarge here we come TyrantZedd: SLyDeX53 elaHYUG Dr_Jan_Itor: SLyDeX53 gn elaHYUG KaitoKidShadow: SLyDeX53 elaCozy night deepdongus: PepeHands 195iq: where is mic deepthroat itskorato: cozy chat pepeL TheMoltenGuy: @SLyDeX53 gnight papa elaHYUG neville_from_uganda: @SLyDeX53 dont touch yourself before bed elaH TyrantZedd: CrystalTeardrop AYAYA / Moctavius: SLyDeX53 pepeL ZeroPhil96: elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk easyeasy: TyrantZedd for me not hit is already masochism monkaW rikze5: monkaTOS olicraft23: gachiBASS timingenvetdu: Kreygasm nicky_altosaxophoney: Kapp St0rmEagle: cmonBruh scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Goodnight SLyDeX53 elaCozy elaHYUG sleep well elaCozy Zubodrot: gachiHYPER CrystalTeardrop: TyrantZedd qttAYAYA Hevnoraak: gachiBASS Komitern66: monkaW ニューハーフ: i just did 2 sets of abs workout smolley: monkaTOS ssssip: monkaTOS Life796: monkaTOS cptn0x: cptn0x subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 1 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @cptn0x You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Jalmarkian: monkaTOS hide the tits iRedempti00n: cmonBruh Moctavius: monkaW FaarisBuro: no such thing here gachiHYPER Tsavish: elaD TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz It’s your fucking discord banner LULW nikevi: monkaTOS SirSaymon: monkaW Mrtriggahigga: monkaTOS BadGuyLP2: snitch PepeLaugh kaskelott_: SNITCHIN’ cmonBruh wandering_pleb: monkaH easyeasy: monkaTOS KaitoKidShadow: you will get the drop if you sing bakamitai Komitern66: monkaH Wiktor7219: monkaH SirSaymon: NO memes here officer monkaW nicky_altosaxophoney: ela called me fat 😡 DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows elaWOW hello there!!! Havent see you in a while elaCozy Monni98: Time to shout Naruto quotes and you’ll get it @Elajjaz pvpKing k4iley: LMAO robodino3: PepeHands snitching Riinegan: here is where he speaks japanese for the lucky drop AYAYA @Elajjaz GabrielMugnol: If you shout “CMON BROTHER” when you kill them you’ll get it nobunaga0daa: elaKek TheMoltenGuy: LULW bl00dsouls: Farm souls? TyrantZedd: easyeasy Yeah that’s big dick mode enough as it is, but across all 3 elaS GOtta have a massive set of balls to do that elaS LickMyPretzel: PepeHands St0rmEagle: PepeHands rikze5: FeelsBadMan ssssip: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA weontheultralightbeam: PepeHands Bra1nBug2: elaYA easyeasy: PepeHands k4iley: TaBeRu Emzero: AYAYA TheMoltenGuy: PepeHands Xeniina: if you say kiryu-chan you will get it UltraWindow: BibleThump Sohei4649: PepeHands why TyrantZedd: PepeHands Neon_TRY: OMEGADOWN KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands Klowersv: AYAYA WITO: PepeHands \ Boomdedz: PepeHands Monni98: pvpWhy so_mald_so_bald: AngelThump lekitheberserker: elaYA Akytami: TaBeRu Draddrick: @DrumbooMass im not angry ๐Ÿ™‚ just easy to missunderstand when youre reading text based convo. Difficult to know peoples intentions you know. That goes both ways deadinsidead: TaBeRu neville_from_uganda: AYAYA SavingForJalterBtw: AYAYA Omiyage2: AYAYA nikevi: PepeHands EquaLiiize: PepeHands crashfort: AYAYA robodino3: AYAYA Llyfrgell: elaYA BadGuyLP2: AYAYA HappySmile123: just deapthroat mice again 4Head Andros5: W E E B yuzak2295: XD Eldritchness: AYAYA Gumma: TaBeRu easyeasy: dont stop[ PepeHands 8xz9: AYAYA Komitern66: TwitchVotes elaGun monkaH swoglo: PepeHands nikevi: AYAYA landkit: MingLee Clap EquaLiiize: TaBeRu Real_Eugene: TaBeRu TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA saaftig: AYAYA Bra1nBug2: LULW LickMyPretzel: PepeHands dame dame gtF_: BAKAMITAI PepeHands Mrtriggahigga: PepeHands TyrantZedd: elaKek CardCaptorMayuri: TaBeRu eliastheepicgamer: not a weeb btw AYAYA johninatorrr: HARU YO KOI Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Clap TyrantZedd: LULW BritishPatternBalding: PepeHands bakamitai slimy_yet_satisfying: Clap CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA Martiansam: @ニューハーフ it is a good exercise , but you make abs in the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰ focus on what you eat even more St0rmEagle: need 24 Hour Cinderella so_mald_so_bald: Jebaited BadGuyLP2: Jebaited pimpnuts: @Elajjaz can u sing itty bitty pretty one GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz If you shout “CMON BROTHER” when you kill them you’ll get it KaitoKidShadow: yeah cause you didnt know the lyrics ffs Kargophan: that mic looks tasty u should try it to drop it @Elajjaz SirSaymon: It drops NOW PogU Da_Flanker: Martiansam It’s fairly old, but the walls are thick enough so I can’t hear my neightbours. I try not to pay too much attention to these sounds, but sometimes have to sit with headphone on only one ear in the evening. Sometimes they wake me up at night. SirSaymon: nope Belfving: Came back from work not long ago, are we actually having a run? Pog star_light: you have to thank Billy to get one Stolz0n: What about gachiHYPER ? robodino3: Streamer is a weeb FeelsBadMan brownbabyhands: start bustin’ to get a drop SirSaymon: FeelsBadMan johninatorrr: @Elajjaz SING HARU YO KOI FOR BILLY PepeHands Komitern66: @Elajjaz you have to shout I AM A WEEB TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz If you go Nico Nico Nii before the kill it’ll drop 100% elaOk Bra1nBug2: BlessRNG olicraft23: PepeHands Fearswe: @Elajjaz Ban me if you get a drop this turn ZavaracLojzo: RESET LULW iRedempti00n: PepeHands smolley: F Ikay_the_real_one: what is happening??? easyeasy: TyrantZedd just have balls of steel KKool elaGun Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz shout ” get ready to fly ” simoniquous: Sing the pippi langstrump song! works! Da_Flanker: F DrumbooMass: @Draddrick I get it…I just take chat as an opportunity to have interesting conversations ..not to piss anyone out Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Let the malding begin Amro_bhr: did nepSmug die for gachiHYPER ? GreedyLi: @elajjaz you need to shout elas felas to get it TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA HYPERCLAP crashfort: AYAYA rikze5: AYAYA Clap nikevi: what’s the % drop CrystalTeardrop: TyrantZedd nepSmug Clap Mrtriggahigga: weeb streamer FeelsBadMan Neon_TRY: LUL neville_from_uganda: @Fearswe PepeHands Da_Flanker: nepSmug Riinegan: @Elajjaz you were wrong, you have to sing machinegun kiss ニューハーフ: Martiansam stuff like leg raise/crunch kills muscles and bottom of belly Akytami: AYAYA Hevnoraak: AYAYA Clap PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA HYPERCLAP k4iley: NICO NICO NII AYAYA Monni98: LUL kaskelott_: WEEBS DansGame ssssip: AYAYA BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz what about singing the doggy song from Fallout NV? easyeasy: AYAYA Chartalord: AYAYA weontheultralightbeam: LULW glovecold: What form of wizardry is this?! nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Fullmetalcheese: AYAYA CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA Clap manhunterko: FNV HYPE Pog KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA NICO NICO NII Moctavius: Kapp Da_Flanker: nepJail NO Eldritchness: AYAYA Clap watchmemitchie1: nepSmug nico nico niiii so_mald_so_bald: FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: AYAYA KingMidas133: AYAYA Clap SirSaymon: PepeHands 🌹 💀 UltraWindow: nepSmug Gumma: LULW TyrantZedd: AYAYA JuiceRock: do you own any Norwegian flags @Elajjaz Neon_TRY: AYAYA Omiyage2: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Stolz0n: LULW DrumbooMass: LULW icedragon08: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: elaWeird k4iley: LMAO Tirabolos: AYAYA Chartalord: WEAK Norttii: AYAYA SUPA_SUBSCRIBA: DansGame WTF DaniDuck: AYAYA Wiktor7219: elaWeird Llyfrgell: elaPuke faeyre: pls stop LULW Jalmarkian: WeirdChamp Chartalord: DO IT AGAIN Da_Flanker: Don’t Amro_bhr: NICO NICO NII ZolionKreygasm: elaYA TheMoltenGuy: BAN THAT MAN AYAYA 195iq: LAKKI Zalinero_: AYAYA wtf gtF_: AYAYA Jalmarkian: WeirdChamp 👉 🚪 saaftig: AYAYA Streamleen: miku miku mii x5or6: LULW GabrielMugnol: @Elajjaz If you shout “CMON BROTHER” when you kill them you’ll get it Klowersv: You didn’t do it right AYAYA Dr_Jan_Itor: WeirdChamp k4iley: sing snake eater nicky_altosaxophoney: gotta say LAKKI ssssip: i love the dfsgust in your voice LULW Draddrick: @DrumbooMass gotcha dude. all good mrpedernv: cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels cbrahFeels so_mald_so_bald: confirmed weeb @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Fullmetalcheese: gachiHYPER CURSED U cheeze____: pretty good elaKek Gumma: Say it with passion AYAYA UltraWindow: you have to do “kyaa oniichan” nepSmug BadGuyLP2: FeelsBadMan TyrantZedd: Damn weebs WeirdChamp Styrmerino: Sup guys panzer9FrogMares Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz shout ” get ready to fly ” elaYA easyeasy: oofas weebs, it didn;t worked LULW neville_from_uganda: Fear dodged ban again Pog stabogatoe: you gotta start bustin!!! Quelaan69: didn’t do the dance Omiyage2: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Didnt put ur heart into it nekro793: you didn’t put enough love into it AYAYAKlowersv: Demon language monkaW Da_Flanker: STOP HIM Jemi02: ELVISH monkaW EvilMuffins1: pepeD duumed: pepeD Blackbird_SR71C: monkaW Getting cursed by streamer… AmalThazad: WE CURSED CHAT monkaW karakovv: Elvish monkaW Stolz0n: ppHop Jamule: pepeD Miththar: gachiGASM gachiBOP gachiBASS gachiHYPER Shordes: CURSED Jokimz: Go ack ack ack PepoDance Deid_: HE’S CURSING US monkaW BadGuyLP2: @Elajjaz what are you streaming after this run? Lagunaab: You cannot kill me I AM Pepega Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW PhoEnIx_Rox: laceJam GreedyLi: Hek papa he now k4iley: this is cute LOL Wiktor7219: monkaW Blood_Rooted: CURSING US monkaW Fearswe: No no BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz HEJ HEJ MONIKA? Wheels82: monkaW ELVISH SUPER CURSE brian131195: caramelldanseeeen ssssip: ppHop iRedempti00n: ppHop plump_helmet: ppHop KaitoKidShadow: ppHop Call_me_Zeroo: it’s the ikea theme song Life796: monkaW KingMidas133: ppHop UltraWindow: PepoDance Fullmetalcheese: ppHop Bra1nBug2: FeelsGoodMan TheMoltenGuy: ppHop jump with me chat Da_Flanker: forsenX STOP BritishPatternBalding: ppHop Omiyage2: FeelsGoodMan Clap IceLikesRice: elvish curse monkaW easyeasy: FeelsGoodMan ppHop Klowersv: FROGS? monkaW nekro793: WutFace ppHop Tirabolos: ppHop J0hnnyBlade: ppHop mizoreeee: ppHop Shordes: [ Nobody liked that ] Reddinator: ppHop TyrantZedd: ppHop One_Eyed_Maestro: FeelsGoodMan Komitern66: why a demon is spawinng in my house monkaW Miththar: WITCH monkaW Martiansam: @ニューハーフ yea leg raises after legs day are a suicide but trust me its worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰ just do as much as you can in the begging but be costant , every time will be easier EvilMuffins1: ppHop Moctavius: He’s casting a spell on us PepeS Sanzibal: pienet sammakot, pienet sammakot, on niin lystikkäitä! LickMyPretzel: smol frogs Fearswe: Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de Ciaphas72kt: ppHop Stolz0n: EJ ÖRON, INTE SMÅ DansGame DaniDuck: @Elajjaz say “i want you to fuck my wife” LULW k4iley: pp hop LickMyPretzel: ppHop Wiktor7219: ppHop Sohei4649: ppHop gulshan1: ppHop IllFated2: ppHop Fearswe: Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de @Elajjaz DrumbooMass: ppHop Mazovski: he is casting a spell monkaW Miththar: ppBeer Kal1m3r0: The nurse in Minority Report sing this song Pog @Elajjaz icedragon08: ppHop MartinVP: ppHop robodino3: Frogs Poggers Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz do a fortnite dance Martiansam: @ニューハーフ are you a beginner ? Eldritchness: ppHop 8xz9: stop making up a language FeelsWeirdMan k4iley: LMAooosjauihf rofIcopter: ppHop tumaelso: ppHop duumed: ppHop Reddinator: blind LULW UltraWindow: ppHop mizoreeee: LULW KaitoKidShadow: lol Nazzet: LULW Life796: ppHop Da_Flanker: LULW KingMidas133: LULW itskorato: IKEALUL underTaker3424: ppHop Jemi02: LULW Liqh: ppHop TyrantZedd: ppHop HYPERCLAP Dr_Jan_Itor: ppHop Aeonll: ppHop Xaanax: LULW ClappingKappa: ppHop DrumbooMass: LULW AmalThazad: MY FURNITURES STARTED FLOATING monkaW gulshan1: LULW nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW rikze5: FeelsWeirdMan k4iley: frhuihefeiwg ScienceSloth: LULW Elyas2: hahahah Fullmetalcheese: IKEALUL EvilMuffins1: LULW MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz try to scream “ZA WARUDOO!!” elaKek easyeasy: elaWOW so cute karakovv: LULW x5or6: Sauron ? monkaS Cheeseek: ppHop Wilze13: LULW Wiktor7219: LULW Bra1nBug2: LULW raider_unkindled: Frogs?! FeelsGoodMan SonicatorTV: ppHop Lurius31: LULW howl_fuzaro: LULW Komitern66: monkaW Blackbird_SR71C: monkaW Midsommar peppy590: monkaW RicHaya: LULW rofIcopter: LULW Real_Eugene: LULW karakovv: ppHop Omiyage2: midsummer monkaW nekro793: elaJump elaKek deepdongus: ppHop scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass Wait what interview? haven’t Heard about that elaHmm , i’m doing pretty good actually, elaOk visited my dad And brothers Shordes: ppHop St0rmEagle: goblin monkaW Monni98: ElaHop Fearswe: Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de @Elajjaz DaniDuck: LULW IllFated2: LULW Dfine: ppHop amaterasu_chase: LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: MIDSOMMAR monkaW robodino3: LULW tru_north_eh: cirCop Jamule: elaGa BarghestFenrir_: LULW Bananasplitta: Have you tried “Duck and Cover” ? zubAYAYA TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz Sing imse vimse spindel DeNils: Its a cult song nicky_altosaxophoney: don’t stop Komitern66: CULT monkaW DaniDuck: @Elajjaz say “i want you to fuck my wife” LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW iRedempti00n: OMEGALUL mizoreeee: HAHAHAHAH Shordes: LULW Germy_ranch: ppHop BritishPatternBalding: monkaW gulshan1: Someone make elaHop pls Wiktor7219: OMEGADOWN 195iq: LUL SonicatorTV: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: say the name of the Welsh town with the longest name for drop Call_me_Zeroo: you need to do a fortnite dance Life796: monkaW Blood_Rooted: OMEGALUL Call_me_Zeroo: that’ll drop the item mizoreeee: WHO SAID THAT mizoreeee: LULW weontheultralightbeam: Dead run PepeHands Elyas2: k4iley that’s the text of someone choking monkaS AmalThazad: @mizoreeee ๐Ÿ™‚ / k_arm_4: dark wood when? rikze5: forsenWC Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP iRedempti00n: forsenWC raider_unkindled: sure ๐Ÿ™‚ tigeralum11: @Elajjaz sing Radiation baby, it’ll work! Blackbird_SR71C: LUL UltraWindow: forsenWC Stolz0n: elaD k_arm_4: pvpSK St0rmEagle: forsenWC One_Eyed_Maestro: forsenWC Bra1nBug2: elaD Shordes: gachiHYPER ssssip: 💿 Exten13: long dick style ZavaracLojzo: you wasted all your luck on the first run Neon_TRY: YES SIR gachiBASS Jemi02: elaD Fullmetalcheese: forsenWC Jalmarkian: forsenWC Clap easyeasy: 💿 forsenWC Clap nicky_altosaxophoney: SeemsGood k4iley: he said no and left TheMoltenGuy: forsenWC KaitoKidShadow: D: AndiOne11: please someone do a gif of that! elaHype faeyre: dont say that in stores LULW Mrtriggahigga: forsenWC punch_u_in_the_goober: forsenWC hell yeah Riinegan: @Elajjaz maybe devil trigger is the answer gulshan1: forsenWC Clap Wiktor7219: forsenWC deepdongus: sing the tune of a dark souls boss’ battle theme Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz say the forest gay quotes Monni98: D: toxintractorr: WutFace Nazzet: He said no and died PepeHands darkenergy57: Kreygasm ZephidsEmbrace: JOKE’S ON YOU NOT MARRIED Kappa ニューハーフ: Martiansam no like i started with barbell hip thursts for big butt but i also need to drop like 1-2 kg fat on belly that has zero muscles GreedyLi: Dab for drop ZombieRyan: what worked last time? OMEGALUL Flopperstar: @Elajjaz do you raid area 51 on 20 september? RicHaya: moon2D Dark_Contact_666: That turned me on ZolionKreygasm: :cd: DaniDuck: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM k4iley: LOL LickMyPretzel: PepoDance DigitalZips: oh no BritishPatternBalding: @Elajjaz ppHop irl when kiiling channeler for trident Call_me_Zeroo: pepeD St0rmEagle: ppHop KaitoKidShadow: ohnDD robodino3: D: Monni98: LUL raider_unkindled: monkaW 1mpolar: pepeJAM easyeasy: TaBeRu Nazzet: pepeJAM Komitern66: @Elajjaz AYAYA is the way to go Myareska: YOU”RE MY RADIATION BAAAABY weontheultralightbeam: FeelsGoodMan Clap ssssip: TaBeRu rikze5: TaBeRu severalnaps: U Need to try some german @elajjaz ๐Ÿ˜‰ mizoreeee: AmalThazad that killed me holy shit LULW TyrantZedd: Wowee UltraWindow: Wowee iRedempti00n: pepeD Stolz0n: ElaJAMMER DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows nice elaOk …I wanna work there as C++ engineer on the rendering core One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM 👍 KingMidas133: TaBeRu MiIIiki: and monkaTOS ? Eldritchness: TaBeRu Bra1nBug2: ElaJAMMER hoernchenspielt: TaBeRu Shordes: pepeD DaniDuck: Wowee WOOF Wowee KaitoKidShadow: TaBeRu nicky_altosaxophoney: pepeJAM Murika_: TaBeRu ComradeNerdy: Wowee Darth_Kredol: pepeJAM Blood_Rooted: not again landkit: PabloPls Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz say ” there’s no trident in the bath tub” with his voice k4iley: pepeD TyrantZedd: Ruff ruff Wowee easyeasy: Wowee Bra1nBug2: LULW Shordes: Wowee RicHaya: pepeJAM Jalmarkian: Doggy Pog FrankerZ Fearswe: Wowee Clap Xaanax: LULW Fullmetalcheese: pepeD Monni98: pvpSK CrystalTeardrop: TaBeRu AmalThazad: @mizoreeee Glad to help LULW Life796: monkaW TyrantZedd: TaBeRu nicky_altosaxophoney: Wowee Da_Flanker: Wowee Elyas2: I’m scared of the loud bork in the middle FeelsBadMan UltraWindow: WanWan DrumbooMass: FrankerZ kingbradley24: @Elajjaz just say that you’ll donate 30 subs if it doesn’t drop and the game will fuck chat 4Head slimy_yet_satisfying: LOOL Neon_TRY: pepeJAM Stolz0n: FrankerZ milfhunter_1992: 4Head VDSMF: this is the song a boomer’s father would enjoy iRedempti00n: Wowee SirSaymon: Clap2 OhMyDog Shordes: FrankerZ nekro793: OhMyDog HYPERCLAP DaniDuck: Wowee Wowee ClappingKappa: Wowee k4iley: arf arf DrumbooMass: Wowee robodino3: Pog UltraWindow: Wowee TaBeRu Wowee easyeasy: LilZ Dr_Jan_Itor: Wowee Fearswe: Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap KappatainHindsight: Time to GO HOME chat, jeeesus finally gtF_: DUCK AND COVER ニューハーフ: i can do barbell hip thrust 60 kg 10 tries in a rep like 3-4 reps hoernchenspielt: Wowee SALE?? samu_ml: @Elajjaz if you do a RicardoFlip just after kill him, it will 100% drop Moctavius: @Elajjaz You have to sing the Yoshi song ZULUL for the drop SerVersta: PepeLaugh AmalThazad: WE NEED FNV Lagunaab: middle dog ? or big dog oof oof Riinegan: @Elajjaz maybe devil trigger is the answer putteeee88: @elajjaz some pep talk for u https://youtu.be/ZXsQAXx_ao0 Fullmetalcheese: ppBeer Shordes: PepeHands ssssip: this looks [retty dead to me RicHaya: PepeLaugh Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz dance along the song LingeringHitbox: good song Wowee KappatainHindsight: see you all soon, hopefully nicky_altosaxophoney: ok this is the one KappatainHindsight: elaH Palookajim: How about some Tiptoe Through the Tulips ๐Ÿ˜Ž MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz pls scream “ZA WARUDOO!” for trident nrdyKek VDSMF: need some metal gear music headBang @Elajjaz carlitoB: ZreknarF LingeringHitbox: also evening ela Wowee chat elaH rikze5: FeelsGoodMan Wowee Martiansam: @ニューハーフ are you a girl ? need to know to give youm advice hoernchenspielt: doodBenny3 im buying it! ZombieRyan: I heard if you play slipknot youll get it Kappa Shordes: doggy FeelsGoodMan Clap DaniDuck: Wowee WOOF Wowee WOOF raider_unkindled: FeelsGoodMan Clap iRedempti00n: Wowee WatuMeister: WTF is this song XD TyrantZedd: Wowee Fearswe: @Elajjaz Try the backup playlist on streamelements One_Eyed_Maestro: DrumbooMass I’m learning C atm pepeJAM 👍 Shordes: Wowee easyeasy: LingeringHitbox hi LilZ / Blood_Rooted: arf arf SugarGlazedUnicorn: 😡 buy that doggy 😡 Fearswe: Should be some lucky stuff there KaitoKidShadow: BORK BORK anyamemby: Doggy will get some bestiality Keepo Nazzet: @LingeringHitbox elaH Tirabolos: Wowee KnowwThyself: clearly playing radiation baby is the key for this run ela elaK deepdongus: ppHop Dr_Jan_Itor: Wowee peepoHappy WoweeWowee peepoHappy WoweeWowee peepoHappy WoweeWowee peepoHappy Wowee DawoudMedia: reset city Kappa ニューハーフ: Martiansam no i wish i was FeelsWeirdMan LingeringHitbox: @easyeasy elaH nillmind: such an inspiring song DaniDuck: Wowee BORK Wowee BORK Shordes: Wowee elaWOW drain_gang: Wowee Clap k4iley: doge! LingeringHitbox: @Nazzet elaH Dr_Jan_Itor: Wowee peepoHappy Wowee Wowee peepoHappy Wowee Wowee peepoHappy Wowee sulang: Bark bark hoernchenspielt: doodBenny doodBenny2 doodBenny3 robodino3: ElaJam UltraWindow: 🤠 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMskjKZ4r4E tigeralum11: @Elajjaz Play radiation baby! KaitoKidShadow: ded Uboran: Ela say welcome to El’s angels and it’ll drop Jalmarkian: Wowee Clap doggy sulang: Bark!!! DaniDuck: WutFace weontheultralightbeam: monkaW k4iley: JESUS Eldritchness: monkaW nicky_altosaxophoney: shit easyeasy: monkaW rikze5: WutFace KingMidas133: elaWut Jalmarkian: monkaW One_Eyed_Maestro: WutFace LickMyPretzel: WutFace Shordes: monkaW 1mpolar: monkaW Stolz0n: This luck FailFish BritishPatternBalding: monkaW Murika_: monkaW Komitern66: monkaW k4iley: LMAO TyrantZedd: W KaitoKidShadow: monkaW TyrantZedd: monkaW Xaanax: monkaW nicky_altosaxophoney: monkaW darkenergy57: WutFace Andros5: dab at him Monni98: WutFace iRedempti00n: monkaSHAKE ssssip: elaWut Omiyage2: monkaW Wiktor7219: monkaW Zero_Abyss: How much time ela will lose this run? Wuff Wuff hoernchenspielt: monkaS Wilze13: monkaW BadGuyLP2: monkaW Jalmarkian: monkaW demon ghostfreak: monkaS faeyre: monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW LickMyPretzel: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace SirSaymon: monkaW xlRaptoe: monkaW EvilMuffins1: LULW big doge Da_Flanker: LULW WatuMeister: Fleshlights? icedragon08: monkaW deepdongus: PeepoDance howl_fuzaro: monkaW Kal1m3r0: monkaW TyrantZedd: Death dog monkaW drain_gang: monkaW ddaaveee: Wowee peepoHappy Wowee peepoHappy Wowee peepoHappy lBarnabusWizardcockl: monkaW HalflightSpearoftheChurch: fleshlights POGGERS Life796: monkaW TheTeaFox: my brain is melting WutFace scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass Pog that would be sick Good luck with that dude ela12 Shordes: cursed dog monkaW ニューハーフ: Martiansam i saw youtube video where girl lifts 100 kg FeelsWeirdMan x5or6: bork souls Wuxia: monkaW sagaplay: Too drunk of finnish craft beer Fearswe: @Elajjaz Try the backup playlist on streamelements. Should be some lucky stuff there. Blood_Rooted: @Elajjaz dude you are special, never change DrumbooMass: @One_Eyed_Maestro thats awesome Pog good luck and keep at it..its a lot of fun Jalmarkian: monkaW 👉 CorgiDerp Snacker_the_Shark: tobiasWUT Stenuu: duckDerp Nazzet: Cerberus monkaW ? easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows COWS YOOOOOOOOOOOOO LilZ ela12 / k4iley: why hate bunnies or kitties PepeHands Dr_Jan_Itor: Wowee monkaW Wowee monkaW Wowee Fearswe: Yes really One_Eyed_Maestro: DrumbooMass Thanks man FeelsGoodMan Fearswe: !skip WrestlerBot2000: @Fearswe, skipped song: 10 Hours of Relaxing Music: Piano Music, Positive Music, Study Music (Madison) Martiansam: @ニューハーフ because you dont lose fat in the part you are working on that a myth , you lose fat in general , but men and women lose fat first in different are ( and also gain it ) daddywojo: Ded artoflec: artofl1Hm Nazzet: @k4iley racist DansGame muhlman1337: @Elajjaz jonny guitar will save the run DaniDuck: D: sulang: Fortune Bark ! Xiithrian: animal trafficking monkaTOS Shordes: Wowee slowhumancentipad: slowhumancentipad subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! gachiHYPER strat? WrestlerBot2000: @slowhumancentipad After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SirSaymon: he was doing a fortnite dance cmonBrother severalnaps: „Ah shit, here we go again“ @elajjaz Shordes: DansGame Fearswe: See, there was 10 hours of piano music easyeasy: elaD ddaaveee: AYAYARRR DaniDuck: LULW Shordes: I was listening to that DansGame weontheultralightbeam: DansGame theadrv: @Elajjaz maybe use the coin? DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows thanks nrdyKona you got any plans for hollidays? TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz If you do some death metal growls it should drop elaOk Fearswe: !play WrestlerBot2000: Fearswe, songrequest is now playing! aplikOmegalul: whats the percentage of this drop? LUL robodino3: PepeHands Stolz0n: gachiHYPER AGAIN gachiHYPER Martiansam: @ニューハーフ ahahah youll get there dude ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hanscakestealer: how much. . . is the doggy in the window Shordes: Chag songrequest? Grandgreg13: what’s the drop rate for trident ? Fearswe: !skip WrestlerBot2000: @Fearswe, skipped song: 10 hours of What Is Love, Jim Carrey VDSMF: DEEPTHROAT V2 gachiHYPER eXi__: try again elaYEEHAW @Elajjaz Shordes: 4Head scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Easyeasy YOOOOOOOOOO ela12 / How’re you doing ? DaniDuck: 10 hours monkaW Fearswe: It’s broken Fearswe: Boo Shordes: 4Head % TyrantZedd: Wowee BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz We need a Naruto run or a elaSneeze k4iley: LOL marosh__: maybe he needs the wawawawawa song? elaHmm Zero_Abyss: You need AYAYA song for the drop @Elajjaz Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz tell the kikat story, 100% guaranteed drop tigeralum11: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RJUYlzgQwU ニューハーフ: Martiansam i basically want like i said, flat belly that is fit and big glutes CrystalTeardrop: TaBeRu Stolz0n: Arf? weontheultralightbeam: swedish dog monkaW DrumbooMass: Wowee One_Eyed_Maestro: ALF ALF elaREE BadGuyLP2: arf? PepeLaugh Martiansam: TaBeRu Jalmarkian: CorgiDerp ARF Elyas2: arf arf nekro793: arf arf samu_ml: arf arf? Kal1m3r0: run is ded PepeHands amaterasu_chase: arf arf Grandgreg13: 34 kills with 4% elaFeels Riinegan: @Elajjaz maybe devil trigger or yakuza 0 intro song is the answer Blackbird_SR71C: I could never run an RNG heavy category like this insurrectionist89: WAN WAN k4iley: karaoke stream when artoflec: dogs go WAN WAN ela nicky_altosaxophoney: Wowee *in swedish* Torbinatorify: RUFF RUFF bobbos: hello chat FeelsGoodMan Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i found a clip of me rubbing a banana on your face DaniDuck: yo ela i think run is supa dead ZULUL SirSaymon: 1% base drop rate, so yeah 4% Rikufer: @elajjaz ofc you need to flick for it to drop! VDSMF: PepeLaugh 👉 +7 boshist1: @Elajjaz why no use rusty coin??? nikevi: were you just lucky in your PB Fullmetalcheese: Sarge died for this run PepeHands iRedempti00n: just drop the trident 4HEad ssssip: @k4iley Pog Lagunaab: All of these thoughts running through my head I’m on fire, face burning red Frustration is getting bigger Bang bang bang Pull my Devil Trigger DrumbooMass: Fuck…I am sure this song will be stuck in my head now DaniDuck: Pog 195iq: bark souls King_Insane: run dies for sarge only for ela to realize its 10:43 already One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM Fullmetalcheese: headBang TyrantZedd: headBang Jalmarkian: pepeJAM LULW LickMyPretzel: what Moctavius: This is insane ZULUL KingMidas133: pepeJAM k4iley: bowbow Zero_Abyss: pepeJAM VDSMF: headBang Vikingdeath1: Now the Japanese opening! Shordes: headBang Vegansan: When is it anyways time DrumbooMass: @Elajjaz Mortal Kombat ost scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass well for this month nothing except partying And playing Minecraft with friends elaKek robodino3: ElaJAM ニューハーフ: Martiansam i don’t even have fat on other parts of body, like 65 kg 174cm culofilip4: @Elajjaz did you tink about running ds3 all achievements? Reddinator: just sing you cannt kill me I am elaGa @Elajjaz ZavaracLojzo: DEEPTHROAT MIC OR NO DROP 4Head Amro_bhr: @Elajjaz say GWA GWA GWA ZULUL faeyre: PepeHands the_looper: why he need the tredent? DaniDuck: MaN c0rnflex: run is ded 🦀 Call_me_Zeroo: pepeD k4iley: TaBeRu ssssip: MaN nekro793: rules of nature headBang UltraWindow: TaBeRu KaitoKidShadow: KKool VDSMF: MaN iRedempti00n: MaN GabrielMugnol: MaN Dr_Jan_Itor: MaN St0rmEagle: MaN easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows good, cat is in heat, i have enough of APEX elaChug i need to draw more often, that’s it elaHmm how bout u laddie elaBruv ? Zero_Abyss: PepeHands Jalmarkian: HotPokket nicky_altosaxophoney: MaN rikze5: MaN TaBeRu DigitalZips: MaN Murika_: TaBeRu Stolz0n: ppHop Shordes: pepeD insurrectionist89: ResidentSleeper just a well-designed run ResidentSleeper very cool SirSaymon: MaN KaitoKidShadow: MaN hoernchenspielt: TaBeRu bobbos: Stand by your MaN darkenergy57: TaBeRu samako93: gassyFP Tasarion: BBoomer peppy590: Man Clap Desradin: did ela say the magic weeb sentence yet? insurrectionist89: MaN punch_u_in_the_goober: the sarge 🤠 Tw1tOne: suuup @Elajjaz how far are you into new vegas now? gl on the runs drain_gang: MaN AlcatraZ567: TaBeRu Myowa_: TaBeRu Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Clap Clap2 AYAYA Nazzet: TaBeRu robodino3: ElaJAMMER Stolz0n: BBoomer Martiansam: @ニューハーフ then i think you should focus more on cardio and glutes , still do abs , and eat clean elaSmile rikze5: ZULUL KingMidas133: ZULUL bobbos: ZULUL icedcoffeeboy: stand by the sarge One_Eyed_Maestro: ZULUL iRedempti00n: ZULUL ssssip: ZULUL Call_me_Zeroo: ZULUL Blood_Rooted: HotPokket I stand by myself Dr_Jan_Itor: ZULUL St0rmEagle: ZULUL easyeasy: ZULUL AlcatraZ567: ZULUL terrbear3: ZULUL SkyDC: TaBeRu nekro793: ZULUL Shordes: elaWeird Xaanax: ZULUL GabrielMugnol: ZULUL Mrtriggahigga: ZULUL Annonn140: ZULUL TyrantZedd: ZULUL RandonLoLPlayer: ZULUL Reddinator: ZULUL drain_gang: ZULUL ComradeNerdy: ZULUL Chartalord: ZULUL RicHaya: ZULUL DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows you fell into Minecraft traps as others? LULW I dodged it successfully Auramoth: ZULUL mizoreeee: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: 11x ZULUL double digit combo Pog KaitoKidShadow: ZULUL vigi3000: stand by your trident Amro_bhr: ZULUL Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu IBhunivelze: do some weeb shit again that always helps AYAYA Martiansam: ZULUL DrumbooMass: ZULUL odyssey69: ZULUL ScienceSloth: elaWut Martiansam: COMMANDO AlexanderKOV: ZULUL rikze5: VI LOST ZULUL bobbos: movie movie movie ZULUL odyssey69: SING NUMBER ONE nekro793: VI LOST ZULUL St0rmEagle: SUPA TRIDENT ZULUL Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i found a clip of me rubbing a banana on your face Reddinator: V1 LOST ZULUL terrbear3: VI LOST ZULUL robodino3: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ tigeralum11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RJUYlzgQwU easyeasy: well ela12 Lagunaab: time to bring in supa soldja Schorhard: DESU DESU gotta do the Trick AYAYA @Elajjaz putteeee88: Sarge is unhappy with this elaGun BarghestFenrir_: SUPA KICK star_light: have to flick to get drops Ela kingbradley24: @Elajjaz just play some worms 4Head Fullmetalcheese: Sarge Died for this run PepeHands bl00dsouls: hasnt this run been dead for a while now? BadGuyLP2: maybe rikardo? Torbinatorify: Its been a run FeelsWeirdMan Chartalord: VI LOST ZULUL Omiyage2: PepeHands why are we still here, just to suffer Hardmstizlov: Lion sleeps tonight pls Jalmarkian: Without further interuption, lets celebrate MaN ScienceSloth: gachiHYPER the_looper: for what is the weapon good for? nekro793: AYAYA Murika_: @Elajjaz play that fallout queen song from the radio mod for nv Kappa Zero_Abyss: AYAYA Clap vigi3000: world record trident farm AlcatraZ567: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: elaWeird easyeasy: AYAYA Moctavius: @Elajjaz FeelsLateMan Still waiting, whenever you want Eldritchness: AYAYA IBhunivelze: AYAYA DESU DESU AYAYA TyrantZedd: AYAYA Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Clap TaBeRu Clap2 AYAYA Peljack: forsenPuke forsenPuke forsenPuke forsenPuke forsenPuke xlRaptoe: AYAYA CrystalTeardrop: atamAYAYA KingMidas133: AYAYA King_Insane: if you say “i will play darkwood after this” it will work Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz shout ” get ready to fly ” elaYA UltraWindow: AYAYA easyeasy: elaYA nekro793: Dyesu Dyesu AYAYA bobbos: @Jalmarkian And suck some gachiHYPER One_Eyed_Maestro: ✋ elaWeird Zero_Abyss: You gotta believe RicHaya: FeelsWeirdMan VVilmot: convert to islam for +23 luck ScienceSloth: elaYA iRedempti00n: ricardo flick @Elajjaz ssssip: Djesu DrumbooMass: Elajjaz Mortal Kombat OST Omiyage2: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Jalmarkian: gachiHYPER Martiansam: @ScienceSloth i didnt expect your avatar to be an actual science sloth LULW Loheb: Darkwood Pog KingMidas133: if you tell us the kitkat story it will work Aeonll: PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Do a RicardoFlick and 100% drop One_Eyed_Maestro: ✋ elaWeird weebs halt IBhunivelze: elaS easyeasy: D A R K W Champ D Da_Flanker: Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inh6h3r_Eik Maybe this will help k4iley: just scream LAKKI ニューハーフ: restart run FeelsWeirdMan Riinegan: tongue twisters have to work here xHydraaP: Pepergo Shordes: @Elajjaz if you don’t get it this time, I promise you will gift chat 100 subs ๐Ÿ™‚ BrodoSwagins: wtf. is this the worst RNG ??? bl00dsouls: did you try saying please? Vigilon3: saw daiski channeler chan galacticon05: This rng IKEALUL Reddinator: you have to meant it too PepeLaugh Tw1tOne: @Elajjaz did you finish new vegas? mrpedernv: cbrahFeels DrumbooMass: PepeLaugh k4iley: LOL Call_me_Zeroo: no me ๐Ÿ™‚ One_Eyed_Maestro: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Blackbird_SR71C: Jebaited Neon_TRY: too late Shordes: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ IBhunivelze: take it boi gachiBASS xlRaptoe: Pog LickMyPretzel: ME? monkaW DrumbooMass: fair PepeLaugh Dr_Jan_Itor: Jebaited scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy I’m allright playing some night cs with my Bro And figuring out plans for August elaOk RicHaya: LULW Jamule: cbmango18 @Elajjaz josie quotes for good luck KirschRing: Pog nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW smartass itskorato: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Loheb: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Chartalord: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ insurrectionist89: Jebaited kingbradley24: already said it PogChamp odyssey69: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ landkit: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Jalmarkian: He read it so it´s legally binding Jebaited Neon_TRY: 100 subs Pog seydanator: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ robodino3: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Blackbird_SR71C: He will never get it without the ricardoFlick Germy_ranch: @Elajjaz Say ‘TASKETTE” all cute and it’ll happen. ๐Ÿ™‚ Da_Flanker: LULW ScienceSloth: @Martiansam of course elaA Shordes: 100 subs incoming Champ iRedempti00n: 100 SUBS Pog Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz did u try deepthroating your mic again xlRaptoe: LULW neville_from_uganda: @Elajjaz There is a method we know that works, just ask nikevi to look away for a sec AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Reddinator: 100 subs PogU Martiansam: @ニューハーフ good luck dude and keep working btw pepeL you just need time deexor: @Elajjaz invoke the power of AYAYA nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA nekro793: lobosFall oops Lagunaab: get ready to flyyyyyy DrumbooMass: elaThirst insurrectionist89: 100 subs Pog KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Peljack: Elajjaz Try saying AYAYA in a cute voice odyssey69: 100 SUBS POGW soraaxle: is the run dead yet Riinegan: AYAYA xlRaptoe: Say “Vi Von” t oget it DigitalZips: “Chat, I am a weeb.” will do the trick, Ela kingbradley24: @Elajjaz hey you sure you haven’t gotten it already? Kappa tigeralum11: Radiation Baby elaB severalnaps: U gonna get it next try @elajjaz elaH douglasihatesummer: scream ZA WARUDO and you will get it Amro_bhr: NYANPASUU bobbos: Move your tongue around more gachiHYPER St0rmEagle: what is Trident attempt WR? Jamule: cbmango18 GabrielMugnol: If you say “Big Dick Ricardo Flick” it’ll 100% drop icedragon08: @Elajjaz do a single segmented run so you only have to farm trident RNG once Kappa MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz pls scream “ZA WARUDOO!” it will work nrdyB Desradin: tell kitkat story for drop Kappa Lagunaab: i can’t believe i won :'( easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows uoi are planning to go somewhere elaHmm ? ddaaveee: We gotta go full HYUKAGE with a “BELIEVE IT!” weontheultralightbeam: 10 minutes of farming FeelsBadMan dragonxnin: I remember you reading all chat now you can’t catch up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pizza_Bread: any new PB’s today chat? Llyfrgell: elaWeird BrodoSwagins: WTF +9 minutes.. ?? vigi3000: When neptune gave his trident to ursula bad stuff happend rikze5: TakeThis TyrantZedd: LULW Zero_Abyss: LUL Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: elaWeird haryde12: epic and dynamic speedrun AlcatraZ567: LULW Nazzet: elaWeird DrumbooMass: elaYA ssssip: LULW Bra1nBug2: LULW Wheels82: elaWeird 195iq: say the weebiest thing you can come up with Mrtriggahigga: WeirdChamp nekro793: AYAYA IBhunivelze: elaGa easyeasy: wat ๐Ÿ™‚ ? Germy_ranch: elaC KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA RAKKI xlRaptoe: AYAYA KingMidas133: elaWeird ScienceSloth: elaWeird Albin_Alligator: elaYA robodino3: ??? Da_Flanker: PepeUff daley_: if you quote your favourite kanye lyric it will drop 100% princeinnovice: elaB gharozu: whats the kit kat story? insurrectionist89: Embrace weebdom and you’ll get it for sure drain_gang: PepeLaugh 👉 🔱 cffr: nymnWHY nymnTF WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Tree60noscoped: AYAYA cute josie Tw1tOne: trident drop sucks so much in this category ๐Ÿ™ bl00dsouls: you need to wear the pendant for maximum luck Bra1nBug2: elaK Murika_: @Elajjaz say WAN TU elaYA seydanator: sugoi Fullmetalcheese: LULW brot_ok: elaK Espher_5: AYAYA DrumbooMass: elaK nekro793: elaK atomicdestruction: elaK Martiansam: @ScienceSloth soo cute elaBlush but also 5Head TyrantZedd: Your point 4Shrug scream_of_a_thousand_cows: DrumbooMass well i fell into that trap many years ago And never quite got out of there elaKek the_looper: why he need the trident? c0rnflex: Miyazaki patched trident out of the game PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA LUCKYYYYY CLOE Eldritchness: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: porto rican easyeasy: elaK Autumn_Flare: AYAYA neville_from_uganda: AYAYA Niloomilo: elaK samu_ml: @Elajjaz I told you, do a Ricardo flick, it will drop KirschRing: AYAYA watch me amaterasu_chase: AYAYA Omiyage2: AYAYA Watch me St0rmEagle: AYAYAY Call_me_Zeroo: QUE? DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: AYAYA One_Eyed_Maestro: ✋ WeirdChamp streamer halt Nazzet: Yes we can AYAYA PhoEnIx_Rox: casAYAYA LickMyPretzel: kanYe douglasihatesummer: say ZA WARUDO easyeasy: kanYe bobbos: @Elajjaz Can you do your best anime death sound? nicky_altosaxophoney: KanYe Murika_: LUCKYYYY CHLOE AYAYA Real_Eugene: AYAYA yes we can GabrielMugnol: If you say “Big Dick Ricardo Flick” it’ll 100% drop JoltStryke: elaK IBhunivelze: kanYe daley_: no trident for you then unlucky robodino3: AYAYA putteeee88: This will help ela I promise https://youtu.be/ZXsQAXx_ao0 insurrectionist89: AJAJA Call_me_Zeroo: “slavery is a choice” is my favorite kanye quote mizoreeee: I AM A GAY FISH kanYe Ryske: I’m Kanye West DekkerDave: we can AYAYA what we want elaMad VDSMF: skippidi scoop nicky_altosaxophoney: kanYe RandonLoLPlayer: kanYe Dr_Jan_Itor: @Elajjaz she;s from the Philippines Slaps_Giving: kanYe DAILOedz: say lucky chloe and you will get it johninatorrr: haru yo koi man and itll drop angryj0nes: HAVYMACHINEGUN DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows OOF PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: favorite Trump quote Peljack: cohhBlank cohhBlank cohhBlank Tasarion: MAGA BasedGod LickMyPretzel: Now i aint’ sayin’ she a gold digger Gigantio: reee kanYe One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM Riinegan: wan, tu AYAYA rikze5: HandsUp Miththar: BIG DICK ENERGY BlessRNG Fearswe: @Elajjaz “I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiight!” easyeasy: ElaJAM KaitoKidShadow: HandsUp ssssip: pepeJAM Jalmarkian: HandsUp iRedempti00n: Pog star_light: I CAN HEAR THE SLAPS Neon_TRY: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: HandsUp Vegansan: Ela if you were good at this game it would drop elaSmile scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy not planning anything just looking for some summer job brot_ok: ElaJAM Kaspu: AYAYA easyeasy: Chag Espher_5: PogU Blackbird_SR71C: LUL xlRaptoe: Pog Jalmarkian: HandsUp HYPERCLAP Zero_Abyss: AYAYA Clap TyrantZedd: Pog plump_helmet: HandsUp KingMidas133: PogU Shordes: Champ Chartalord: LUL nekro793: Pog Germy_ranch: AYAYA bobbos: gachiHYPER SevenStrangeMelons: AYAYA IBhunivelze: AYAYA Clap nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: HandsUp I BELIEVED angryj0nes: GachiBASS ComradeNerdy: HandsUp Zalinero_: AYAYA iRedempti00n: HandsUp johninatorrr: TOLD YOU drain_gang: HandsUp Martiansam: TaBeRu Nazzet: ANIKI Amro_bhr: Pog MiIIiki: HandsUp Kaspu: AYAYA Clap TyrantZedd: HandsUp Tasarion: PepeLaugh mentalvary: AYAYA Clap rikze5: HandsUp I BELIEVED Eldritchness: AYAYA Xiithrian: sing U Got That and it’ll drop ricardoFlick insurrectionist89: AYAYA Chrisinator0700: Pog dragonxnin: I heard you once say you play final fantasy 14 on one of you’re streams is that true?. KingMidas133: HandsUp BELIEVING DrumbooMass: LULW iRedempti00n: HandsUp I BELIEVED BadGuyLP2: only 10 minutes Vigilon3: FIRST TRY Chag terrbear3: HandsUp Da_Flanker: Ded One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeHands gtF_: YOSHA Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz rap eminem TyrantZedd: Kaspu \ nepSmug / Jalmarkian: Weebs thinking its weeb song LULW Aditex258: summer or winter? @Elajjaz Martiansam: elaFeels Haika112: D: how did the god run die fabbb__: rip ๐Ÿ™ nicky_altosaxophoney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Kal1m3r0: HandsUp Desradin: PepeHands icedragon08: Philippines is close to japan so it still counts @Elajjaz douglasihatesummer: F MrFailology: FeelsBadMan Pizza_Bread: PogChamp xlRaptoe: PepeHands deexor: josie AYAYA Clap Kaspu: @TyrantZedd naroLove insurrectionist89: AYAYA always works AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands brot_ok: PepeHands dastyscorner: “Hola soy Ela y soy de Suecia” that’s gonna work for sure ssssip: so what now Da_Flanker: Encore? Loheb: Darkwood time? Pog TyrantZedd: HandsUp kingbradley24: can you imagine this happening in a marathon? @Elajjaz ResidentSleeper nekro793: weeb songs work AYAYA HYPERCLAP Jybel: HandsUp SerVersta: No horror ? Vapelord_Vixen: Only took ten minutes robodino3: PepeHands Miththar: gachiGASM gachiBOP gachiBASS gachiHYPER eXi__: elaDM elaDM elaDM elaDM Martiansam: @Elajjaz watch the bagle shop dude video Chag bobbos: @Elajjaz You are so MaN Autumn_Flare: Worms time? Pog TyrantZedd: Wowee SonicatorTV: Kaspu 👋 AYAYA terrbear3: HandsUp HandsUp Kaspu: We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap BrodoSwagins: AYAYA>GachiFags Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Zero_Abyss: pepeJAM Kaspu: @SonicatorTV naroEhehe / KaitoKidShadow: arf arf Kal1m3r0: let us listen to Haru Yo @Elajjaz LickMyPretzel: PepeHands pls no anyways ONKOV: Gachigasm Xu_Shu: elaYEEHAW elaS doggy One_Eyed_Maestro: elaREE ARF ARF Wuxia: worms Pog bombaguys: can someone recommend a good adblocker? TyrantZedd: Worms FeelsGoodMan Clap Mrtriggahigga: Worms FeelsGoodMan Kaspu: We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap FappyMcFlappy: quick gungeon run? FredWestside: LuL easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows oooooooooh elaISee hope you gonna find something cool ela12 DawoudMedia: BrokeBack WrestlerBot2000: NemzPls|Clip No.23| https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdFurtiveHyenaResidentSleeper Aditex258: summer or winter? @Elajjaz olli2101: Worms FeelsGoodMan Clap k_arm_4: darkwood elaK flowtheowl: 6 hours in dark souls elaWut Miththar: NYAR Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog man of medan xlRaptoe: Crypt of the Necrodancer PogChamp Da_Flanker: Any LIDL horror? dragonxnin: Do you play Final fantasy 14? evilworld123: good night all elaH TyrantZedd: Not too late to start some worms games though elaOk easyeasy: PLAY D A R K W Champ D Rakcoon: Gungeon? Amro_bhr: @Kaspu what is the name of the weeb jebait you requested last meme stream? Da_Flanker: LULW KaitoKidShadow: ?????? tdcarlo: I have plenty of time…start a new run ssssip: monkaW LickMyPretzel: ads DansGame Moctavius: SOA AYAYA HYPERCLAP Nazzet: @evilworld123 gn pepeL WatuMeister: LUL Vigilon3: buy nep AYAYA HYPERCLAP Zero_Abyss: elaWeird weontheultralightbeam: monkaW St0rmEagle: WutFace FuelledByJordan: Monster Hunter? Pog mizoreeee: yes DigitalZips: could always start New Vegas DLC? elaHmm angryj0nes: @Elajjaz when gonna play some Serious Sam ? scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy all i found was washing dishes So far elaKek Bra1nBug2: billyReady johninatorrr: https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyAdorableGullDancingBaby oopmah: athlean-x ๐Ÿ˜€ One_Eyed_Maestro: TOUR DE FRANCE PogU bobbos: gachiAPPROVE Espher_5: gachiBASS Amro_bhr: gachiBASS HuntingGolem: Crypt of the Necrodancer pepeJAM Omiyage2: billyReady LickMyPretzel: gachiHYPER Murika_: monkaW Golden04: gachiHYPER bobbos: gachiBASS CaptainCrunched: gachiHYPER terrbear3: gachiHYPER TyrantZedd: monkaW bombaguys: need a good adblocker noobs, give me a link Da_Flanker: billyReady nicky_altosaxophoney: dude is shredded Blood_Rooted: damn KappaPride Miththar: billyReady eliastheepicgamer: his head is huge monkaW J0hnnyBlade: gachiHYPER olli2101: PogU scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Goodnight evilworld123 elaCozy elaHYUG sleep well elaCozy AlcatraZ567: gachiHYPER k4iley: oh iRedempti00n: monkaW Tree60noscoped: billyReady Zero_Abyss: monkaW mibutwhole: what LUL WerewolfB: monkaW easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows LULW if i can ask, how old are you elaHmm ? Espher_5: monkaW c0rnflex: monkaTOS Wiktor7219: billReady Medicate3: 5hee xlRaptoe: monkaW Aditex258: gachiHYPER DivineSpaghetti: Facepulls, non-negotiable! Sohei4649: monkaW Golden04: monkaH AlcatraZ567: LULW DigitalZips: …. what Call_me_Zeroo: OMEGALUL SonicatorTV: monkaW plump_helmet: PogU REAL CaptainCrunched: monkaW faeyre: bruh LULW Neon_TRY: monkaW KirschRing: LOL Wiktor7219: LULW watchmemitchie1: monkaW Spitahw: 4HEad SirSaymon: monkaW Medicate3: 5Head KingMidas133: monkaW Miththar: elaO KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER Gigantio: short arms LUL Jemi02: LULW AlcatraZ567: monkaW MrFunkee_: monkaS terrbear3: monkaX nikevi: lmao wtf nekro793: 🔨 monkaS Da_Flanker: LULW Martiansam: monkaW insurrectionist89: ???? Chartalord: what the hell RandonLoLPlayer: SHUT UP BOOMER Bra1nBug2: LULW deexor: up by 30% so still 0 FeelsBadMan TyrantZedd: What the fuck monkaW Nazzet: 🔨 ElaSmash daley_: 5Head LickMyPretzel: woodwork robodino3: Pog KaitoKidShadow: adrenalin Moctavius: gachiVICTORY drain_gang: monkaW nekro793: monkaW Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz can u check whisper Kaspu: @Amro_bhr This one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URd1Ehdxuk0 mizoreeee: You dont need to watch more i just thought that was funny LULW marosh__: Don’t Starve Pog @Elajjaz stigstag: NO. I’d punch them in the nuts BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz White day now? Pog TyrantZedd: Wowee Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu ssssip: Wowee iRedempti00n: PrimeUWot bl00dsouls: he could do that with his shirt on…. Martiansam: you would die dude Da_Flanker: How about a loaded gun while you’re at it ricarten: TaBeRu perry_1903: Wowee / Gigantio: Why does he have short arms LUL JinM0: what if i want someone to slam my head with a hammer? seydanator: LULW ddaaveee: Wowee k4iley: its stuck in MY head now Wuxia: worms FeelsGoodMan Clap bobbos: @Elajjaz Have u tried Talisman? misery_v2: sounds like a Fallout song Amro_bhr: @Kaspu yes PepeLaugh TheZecaUrubu: worms? Wiktor7219: Wowee Stenuu: ETS2 Pog Murika_: euro truck DansGame ForTheWiel: @Elajjaz streets of rogue? easyeasy: LULW perry_1903: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: yea why not a knife to the throat Jemi02: Nudity gachiHYPER dragonxnin: Do you play god damn final fantasy 14?? nikevi: @Elajjaz have you tried pony island tigeralum11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RJUYlzgQwU replace it with this monkaW mizoreeee: Big Iron on his hip KKool insurrectionist89: Beat Saber stream WHEN TyrantZedd: elaKek HuntingGolem: @Elajjaz pls check crypt of the necrodancer Call_me_Zeroo: LULW Bra1nBug2: LULW smellyshirt43: next level tips faeyre: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW Miththar: Or you just take some coffee pre-workout gachiAPPROVE nicky_altosaxophoney: LULW Wiktor7219: LULW KingMidas133: LULW Jemi02: LULW faeyre: the disrespect LULW Espher_5: LULW easyeasy: gachiHYPER KaitoKidShadow: gachiHYPER rofIcopter: LULW Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS perry_1903: gachiHYPER Monni98: LUL terrbear3: LULW VDSMF: wazzat AlcatraZ567: gachiBASS xlRaptoe: LULW k4iley: LOL mibutwhole: gachiBOP Nazzet: gachiHYPER 🍌 ScienceSloth: gachiHYPER terrbear3: gachiHYPER Tree60noscoped: gachiBASS WerewolfB: gachiHYPER Albin_Alligator: 🍌 Call_me_Zeroo: you looked hungry adonis7154: gachiBOP nicky_altosaxophoney: gachiHYPER nikevi: TSM | Zero Pog IBhunivelze: gachiHYPER icedcoffeeboy: play stardew valley Martiansam: gachiHYPER mizoreeee: Maildraker PepeLaugh olli2101: gachiHYPER 🍌 St0rmEagle: PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: EleGiggle Kaspu: We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Bra1nBug2: elaKek perry_1903: ElaGiggle Shordes: @Elajjaz have you seen how to deal with TOS nowadays? LULW https://clips.twitch.tv/GoodNiceRadicchioPeoplesChamp Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh 🍌 ela13 scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy I’m Young still in high school elaKek but feel like an old dude elaOk iRedempti00n: Wowee adonis7154: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Fullmetalcheese: ela12 bobbos: @Elajjaz Have u tried Talisman? Kaspu: AYAYA Espher_5: AYAYA Zero_Abyss: AYAYA deexor: ElaGiggle IBhunivelze: AYAYA Da_Flanker: Weeb AmalThazad: NIGHTMARE REAPER ? Naniyo: AYAYA TyrantZedd: Looks weeb to me AYAYA UltraWindow: nepSmug it sure does easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows im 20 ela12 DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA robodino3: Honest Hearts today btw FeelsBadMan Chartalord: AYAYA punch_u_in_the_goober: WeirdChamp Jemi02: AYAYA TANEdos_: @Elajjaz have you tried pathologic 2 ? Mrtriggahigga: WeirdChamp Ela Albin_Alligator: AYAYA marosh__: AYAYA Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan adonis7154: DansGame LickMyPretzel: Hyper Light Drifter KaitoKidShadow: looks weebish cheeze____: monkaS nikevi: @Elajjaz I think you might enjoy Pony Island no lie I playued it over the weekend bersiGaming: @Elajjaz any chance for more horror games today or will you peace out soon? ๐Ÿ˜€ Rotato42: @Elajjaz Hunt full release next month Nazzet: elaWeird Erko42: play it! AYAYA Call_me_Zeroo: now you got he song stuck in my head ela NoDwarfTossing: @Elajjaz Play some classic horror game pls? AYAYA seydanator: @Elajjaz Fran bow? nekro793: AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA CUTE HORROR AYAYA Paltta: AYAYA Desradin: Played Streets of Rogue in Alpha, actually a pretty cool game xHydraaP: gachiHYPER Bra1nBug2: ElaGiggle RIP PepeHands King_Insane: F honest hearts angryj0nes: Play it dragonxnin: @Elajjaz Do you play final fantasy 14 or ever tried and hows ur trip with ur dad on saturday. One_Eyed_Maestro: PogU LickMyPretzel: pls no Kaspu: Pog Da_Flanker: Yeah Tasarion: sarge PepeHands scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy just like my Brother elaK RobensTV: Will you play gungeon again in future? @Elajjaz cheeze____: yes Pogf Pizza_Bread: Pog Sqwaaks: Pog cheeze____: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Sarge When PepeHands Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz why donty u play la noire on stream One_Eyed_Maestro: LickMyPretzel WeirdChamp mizoreeee: Get Big iron on his hip back into ur head KKool OrangeDeity: elaHYUK LoadandPlay: maybe time for necrodancer? LickMyPretzel: @One_Eyed_Maestro elaWeird what nOob1que: ARF-ARF Neon_TRY: pathologic 2 ? daley_: Pog KingMidas133: Pog Da_Flanker: Meme game Pizza_Bread: @Elajjaz do you have any plans to do a God of War Marathon this year? ComradeNerdy: Postal 2 Gop Aditex258: summer or winter? @Elajjaz perry_1903: KKool GuitarTime big iron on his hipppp angryj0nes: Serious Sam daley_: VoteYea OrangeDeity: did Ela play the chinese horror game yet? anibit: monkaS Dr_Jan_Itor: it’s a 5Head game nicky_altosaxophoney: Pog play it Annonn140: pathologic 2 Pog Da_Flanker: It’s not bad Myowa_: 1977 elaK robodino3: Sarge dead as run PepeHands Eldritchness: Doubt nepSmug NoDwarfTossing: LA BOMBA? Tree60noscoped: oh snap l.a noire PogChamp den_globalelite: 1977 Pog kingbradley24: that is not at all how you say it @Elajjaz Kappa franky_latabasse: 1977 ? elaHmm One_Eyed_Maestro: LickMyPretzel Not wanting ds1 runs elaWeird Call_me_Zeroo: it’s a 5Head game WerewolfB: PepeHands Blackbird_SR71C: elaK nikevi: press X to doubt Fullmetalcheese: elaK cheeze____: POSTAL 2 Pog adonis7154: Pog play it AmalThazad: Sure elaK RicHaya: [X] Doubt olli2101: PogU rofIcopter: PepeHands Jemi02: elaK mizoreeee: elaK tomorrow 1mpolar: elaK Kaspu: elaMad 👉 🐛 Annonn140: PepeHands fallout never orangethemaster: tomorrow Kappa Reddinator: tomorrow Kapp nekro793: La Noyre Da_Flanker: Tomorrow Kapp SeeM_Villain: oh he lied again? Catnip_Frenzy: @Elajjaz did u try shadowbringers yet or do you plan to? MitsuoK: never played lanoire??? FaarisBuro: tommorow PepeLaugh DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: PepeHands DigitalZips: More like… Lying Hearts mirite chat Fullmetalcheese: [x] Aditex258: X Drachenreiter: tomorrow doesn’t come PepeHands GuitarTime nicky_altosaxophoney: it’s pretty good, but a little dated. def worth a play Fearswe: !promise @AmalThazad WrestlerBot2000: @AmalThazad http://i.imgur.com/O09VD4L.png FappyMcFlappy: Oblivion Pog Vikingdeath1: its a pretty cool game One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK punch_u_in_the_goober: Kapp DIOandTheWorld: Riiiiight WeirdChamp ニューハーフ: do HH now PepeHands Albin_Alligator: L A ResidentSleeper KariGrandi: Honest Hearts FeelsWeirdMan Da_Flanker: So, no Honest Hearts tomorrow One_Eyed_Maestro: LOL ela12 infa_xd: dont you have a VR setup ela? L.A. Noir VR is amazing zuryci: iron95Pls Da_Flanker: LULW cheeze____: LA Noire Last few cases NotLikeThis monkaSHAKE LickMyPretzel: @One_Eyed_Maestro I’m so sick of DS I can elaPuke burnt out eliastheepicgamer: HE KNOWS HE IS LYING ニューハーフ: i want 24 hour stream PepeHands AR_Kain: LA Noire is sick Pizza_Bread: @Elajjaz do you have any plans to do a God of War marathon this year? Blackbird_SR71C: Ela, how about some EEEEEEEEE Streamleen: What of the dreadout dlc Kaspu: We are ready for worms FeelsGoodMan Clap FappyMcFlappy: gungeon Pog Annonn140: play fallout elaMad Sapphire_829: Dishonest Hearts xHydraaP: superMeh scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Cya Chat elaCozy elaHYUG AmalThazad: @Fearswe Don’t remind me of this PepeHands KingMidas133: worms PogU robodino3: Tomorrow PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: Necrodancer Pog Kal1m3r0: Worms with chat TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz You should play Death End re;Quest elaOk It’s a fun RPG with some spooky stuff in it too elaOk Da_Flanker: Play some LIDL horror Lagunaab: code veronica ! Rakcoon: Gungeon! mizoreeee: anything horror terrbear3: MaN Szmatson: WORMS Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz my flight to ikea land is in 22 hours Riinegan: @Elajjaz start code veronica Pog Aditex258: forsenWC OMEGALUL forsenWC Kaspu: Yes Pog King_Insane: @Elajjaz L.A noire is actually a good game, but mods will have their hands full with that game elaKek Wuxia: worms Clap DIOandTheWorld: Play Fallout Desradin: Pog gtF_: WORMS MidgetDude110: fallout elaMad olli2101: worms FeelsGoodMan Clap Golden04: darkwood Pog Riggedi: worms PogU easyeasy: scream_of_a_thousand_cows the shitties job that i was working was near fireworks, i was giving them to customers (they were closed for safety purpose) 12h every day for 5 days elaSmile One_Eyed_Maestro: LickMyPretzel elaD TyrantZedd: Pog Reddinator: Chag Amineo2: Bloodstained PogChamp Kal1m3r0: YES MrCosmonafft: Worms? Pog DrumbooMass: @scream_of_a_thousand_cows good night elaCozy pepeL Loheb: darkwood Pog TheMoltenGuy: Chag dragonxnin: Dude play mordhau its content faeyre: elaK BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz white day KaitoKidShadow: Pog Albin_Alligator: Clea AYAYA dunerinno: worms Pog Chartalord: yes Pog Hank_e_Panky: Pog dragonxnin: Mordhaaaau deexor: Tekken Pog mizoreeee: no horror PepeHands nicky_altosaxophoney: Chag Nyloni: Chag MrCosmonafft: Worms BBoomer cheeze____: Postal 2 Pog Gigantio: Pog nekro793: Pog DrumbooMass: Pog anibit: nooo oopmah: don’t you play worms like twice a week BRUH perry_1903: Chag WORMS olli2101: Pog infa_xd: 2 months=half a year Catnip_Frenzy: Pog wandering_pleb: PogU TyrantZedd: FeelsGoodMan jabbathefuk: YEeeees Tasarion: PogU Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark get it there Pog anibit: dreadout? den_globalelite: 47 hr Pog KaitoKidShadow: fuck i uninstalled worms a while ago One_Eyed_Maestro: Pog ScienceSloth: PogU dragonxnin: Mordhau @Elajjaz anibit: @Elajjaz dreadout dlc? adonis7154: Champ FaarisBuro: PogU easyeasy: Chag Tasarion: Champ Chag PogU Pog Golden04: 2 Pog Aditex258: you can do monster hunter world @Elajjaz manic_souls: Shall we say the forbidden game ? Niloomilo: Pog Moctavius: time to win again AYAYA Clap Jemi02: Pog Bra1nBug2: Chag AlcatraZ567: at the end of the next month LULW tigeralum11: madam of dong? tryllobite: manomadon? perry_1903: gachiHYPER DrumbooMass: Agony 2 and Agony 3 adonis7154: gachiHYPER Miththar: AYAYA terrbear3: gachiBASS DrumbooMass: Pog Golden04: HandsUp Albin_Alligator: Manodaman? AYAYA Rakcoon: Men of the Dong? elaKek Jemi02: gachiHYPER Sqwaaks: Stop singing it elaWeird ScienceSloth: MaN of m’dong gachiHYPER Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER Gigantio: Man of a Dong Pog iRedempti00n: ๐Ÿ™‚ demifiending: White DAy One_Eyed_Maestro: elaYEEHAW LickMyPretzel: no ๐Ÿ™‚ FappyMcFlappy: 🤠 daley_: 🤠 seydanator: elaYEEHAW perry_1903: elaYEEHAW DrumbooMass: 🐮 MaN Wheels82: elaYEEHAW Kaspu: 🤠 Fearswe: 🤠 Henriquelima07: @Elajjaz streets of rougue lordsHi lordsHi lordsHi BarghestFenrir_: elaYEEHAW J0hnnyBlade: 🤠 xlRaptoe: 🤠 Proruga: @elajjaz did you ever finish that detective game? with the real actors? TyrantZedd: elaYEEHAW Neon_TRY: 🤠 Omiyage2: np ?) Espher_5: 🤠 terrbear3: 🤠 k_arm_4: elaYEEHAW KingMidas133: 🤠 🤠 🤠 🤠 franky_latabasse: Cow Boy (no space) olli2101: 🤠 infa_xd: how can i make you play blair witch first ela? ela3 Paltta: 🤠 easyeasy: LULW Chartalord: 🤠 perry_1903: 🤠 Reddinator: 🤠 scream_of_a_thousand_cows: easyeasy yea i’ve Heard working at Fireworks sucks AlcatraZ567: 🤠 FappyMcFlappy: just cowboy for me ๐Ÿ™‚ nicky_altosaxophoney: 🤠 Espher_5: why not cowboy LULW Androsix: 🤠 KaitoKidShadow: 🤠 deepdongus: CowBoy SurQ_: i heard there there are some good games played here ela1 St0rmEagle: 🤠 purple_flavor: 🤠 nekro793: 🤠 WrestlerBot2000: “Can I jump on the dicks, I wanna get up there.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 87 https://clips.twitch.tv/SoftTemperedPonyOneHand TyrantZedd: elaK Fearswe: CowGirl Catnip_Frenzy: 🤠 KaitoKidShadow: gachiBASS UltraWindow: nepSmug OrangeDeity: RAM RANCH Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK Aditex258: Kapp terrbear3: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER yes sir AlcatraZ567: Kapp Bra1nBug2: elaK Golden04: gachiHYPER adonis7154: Beating ass gachiHYPER Jemi02: gachiHYPER P3xi: Cow Boy ssssip: gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiBASS rofIcopter: elaK Niloomilo: elaK Zero_Abyss: elaK MitsuoK: Kreygasm R4gn4Rr_: elaK elaK Dreamer_Steamer: 🤠 ZolionKreygasm: elaYEEHAW Reddinator: gachiHYPER thank you sir kawaii_siwmae: elaK Tasarion: gachiHYPER nekro793: elaK icedragon08: 🤬:3 easyeasy: NEPPED nepSmug Martiansam: new maps ? perry_1903: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: nepSmug KingMidas133: nepSmug PoliceCarAuction: nepSmug Clap Xiithrian: pepeJAMMER Nazzet: nepJail make it work mizoreeee: they would work if you can add them correclty easyeasy: kanYe YE perry_1903: kanYe ye UltraWindow: kanYe TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz The bottom Nep map works elaB Riggedi: kanYe Reddinator: temple of YEET FappyMcFlappy: of Ye not Yee 1080p200fps: worms hype olli2101: kanYe DrumbooMass: kanYe One_Eyed_Maestro: YEET ela12 artoflec: I was working on a worms map but i never finished it FeelsBadMan Gigantio: kanYe KaitoKidShadow: arf kawaii_siwmae: kanYe KingMidas133: kanYe Moctavius: KrazyShark Show him who’s the boss gachiVICTORY Fearswe: Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Wowee Clap Martiansam: @KrazyShark>:3 going to win anoter dar souls figurine Chag FappyMcFlappy: It’s Kanye not Kanyee OrangeDeity: gachiBASS eliastheepicgamer: same people again LUL kawaii_siwmae: kanYe Clap Myareska: SHARKUS IN>:3 AYAYA Fearswe: @Elajjaz I’ll give 10 subs if you win this ZebraStriker: the fact that nep maps dont work is because someone downloaded the thumbnail instead of the map elaK KingMidas133: kanYe Clap c0rnflex: kanYe mizoreeee: Daley got techtical advantage on this map ela Zero_Abyss: AYAYA Team TyrantZedd: easyeasy I canna remember how play elaGa Myowa_: elaGa iRedempti00n: kanYe kawaii_siwmae: @KrazyShark AYAYA Nazzet: elaGa Clap ScienceSloth: elaGa perry_1903: kanYe kanYe MiIIiki: FeelsGoodMan Clap kingbradley24: GOT EM NautilusV2: SAME PEOPLE elaMad SAME SHIRT elaMad SAME PEOPLE elaMad SAME SHIRT DigitalZips: fuckin’ GOTTEM Gigantio: KRAZY Pog Hank_e_Panky: gottem FappyMcFlappy: XD manic_souls: You got this @krazyshark Denact: elaGa UltraWindow: nepSmug Vegansan: !time easyeasy: TyrantZedd ive only played 3d worms nepSmug WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 22:55 FappyMcFlappy: kanYe go daley Aeonll: kanYe One_Eyed_Maestro: 3Head perry_1903: ela12 ScienceSloth: xD elaWeird pablojctnew: elaGa elaGa elaD Reddinator: LULW Omiyage2: 3Head LickMyPretzel: Let Pepe win PepeHands kawaii_siwmae: elaK olli2101: 3Head Fearswe: @Elajjaz I’ll give 10 subs if you win this OrangeDeity: SIR YES SIR nekro793: elaBruv TyrantZedd: easyeasy That dunna help nepSmug One_Eyed_Maestro: elaBruv Oi bruv OrangeDeity: I WANT SIX HOT LOADS, RECRUIT Reddinator: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Boshhead: !jump KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAMMER Myowa_: SAME PEOPLE elaMad SAME SHIRT elaMad SAME PEOPLE elaMad SAME SHIRT PRERECORDED LULW FappyMcFlappy: I’ll give 10 if daley wins Blackbird_SR71C: FeelsLateMan AlcatraZ567: nerdy monkaW c0rnflex: Pog KrazyShark: WAIT WHAT THE FUCK pekkaatte: so he doesnt risk anything PepeLaugh KrazyShark: SPACE IS ATTACK TyrantZedd: LULW perry_1903: LULW Reddinator: danKEK k KrazyShark: NOOOOOOOOOO MitsuoK: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW KrazyShark: ENTER IS JUMP OrangeDeity: OH YES SIR SirSaymon: OOF Deliriumi1: ?????? kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ FeelsBadMan Flag AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN KrazyShark: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK grevedarkholm: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh terrbear3: gachiBASS RandonLoLPlayer: @KrazyShark LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Monni98: KrazyShark LUL SurQ_: kawaii_siwmae FeelsBadMan indeed LickMyPretzel: elaGa Zero_Abyss: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh Kaspu: OMEGADOWN One_Eyed_Maestro: LUL OrangeDeity: FISTING Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark Omg you’re one of those guys who plays the game without having played before NotLikeThis Golden04: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: i think ctrl is jump, its been decades since i played though terrbear3: gachiHYPER MrCosmonafft: inb4 OHH MAN SO UNLUCKY POSITIONING elaREE elaMad rofIcopter: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Reddinator: KrazyShark you’ve already embarresed yourself danKEK King_Insane: @krazyshark elaKek you’re supposed to beat his ass daley_: o fuck i have the aids voice pack JadedWarrior: HandsUp 300 bucks KrazyShark: @Elajjaz I FUCKING PRESSED SPACE I THOUGHT IT WAS TO JUMP zeltaOK: yandhi is not kill iRedempti00n: ๐Ÿ™‚ ssssip: ๐Ÿ™‚ mizoreeee: oh shark is in this game i get my elaWeird ready perry_1903: elaWeird Aditex258: do you listen to any black metal bands? @Elajjaz FappyMcFlappy: This map is actually really good tbh ComradeNerdy: my spawn is golden again, but at least Shark is as good at worms as at relationships nrdyKek Zero_Abyss: Billy PepeHands ssssip: elaWeird OrangeDeity: FUCKYOU OrangeDeity: OWWW MY SHOULDER Nazzet: gachiHYPER terrbear3: VaN 0_jacket_0: OW MY SHOULDER ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER adonis7154: elaWeird Omiyage2: AYAYA Clap Cute team KaitoKidShadow: fuck you chickshake: AYAYA cute team mizoreeee: nerdy PepeLaugh Fearswe: Nerdy elaKek Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Tasarion: last place PepeLaugh UltraWindow: nepSmug SonicatorTV: AYAYA Reddinator: AYAYA Clap CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA Niloomilo: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz kAYAYA: AYAYA WhiskeyFudge: ComradeNerdy nrdyKek OrangeDeity: HIHIHI AlcatraZ567: AYAYA King_Insane: hahaha nerdy Gajima_: AYAYA hihihi WerewolfB: kanYe Albin_Alligator: Clap2 AYAYA One_Eyed_Maestro: me ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: FeelsGoodMan ME RandonLoLPlayer: me mizoreeee: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Drachenreiter: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Blackbird_SR71C: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ KaitoKidShadow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ SurQ_: @Elajjaz me AlcatraZ567: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Plated_Pangolin: me Reddinator: me FeelsGoodMan nekro793: i am ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: FeelsGoodMan Gajima_: thats me ๐Ÿ™‚ Aditex258: do you listen to any black metal bands? @Elajjaz Aeonll: FeelsGoodMan me LickMyPretzel: let pepe win PepeHands Nazzet: me FeelsWayTooAmazingMan davidoo: me ๐Ÿ™‚ adonis7154: elaWeird elaWeird SonicatorTV: me ๐Ÿ™‚ mibutwhole: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Draddrick: I am ๐Ÿ™‚ PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA HYPERCLAP JadedWarrior: AYAYA robodino3: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Chartalord: its me ๐Ÿ™‚ TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz I’m weebs for life AYAYA robinhopslaap: all of us FappyMcFlappy: no TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz @TyrantZedd is weebs 4 life Niloomilo: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Omiyage2: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Tasarion: FeelsGoodMan ComradeNerdy: SurQ probably rtcrules206: AYAYA SirSaymon: Me FeelsGoodMan rofIcopter: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Autumn_Flare: AYAYA robinhopslaap: PepoDance dunerinno: Pepe the frog is chat ๐Ÿ™‚ Szmatson: its @SurQ_ olicraft23: me ๐Ÿ™‚ GARY8193: monkaS xHydraaP: Me Tasarion: i’m pepe FeelsGoodMan chickshake: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Kal1m3r0: it’s me ๐Ÿ™‚ Denact: elaYA KaitoKidShadow: me both ๐Ÿ™‚ One_Eyed_Maestro: WeirdChamp MitsuoK: AYAYA Clap CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA HYPERCLAP NordicRain: AYAYA Golden04: weebs FeelsWeirdMan easyeasy: AYAYA dragonxnin: Say roll please Sherman26: VaN Zalinero_: TyrantZedd AYAYA Clap terrbear3: gachiBASS mizoreeee: SurQ is pepe ssssip: gachiHYPER xHydraaP: RULL perry_1903: 3Head LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ elaBlush One_Eyed_Maestro: VaN Clap UltraWindow: hes red elaMad BaguetteDesu: TyrantZedd nrdyY HYPERCLAP KaitoKidShadow: LULW LAST PLACE Aditex258: do you listen to any black metal bands? @Elajjaz TyrantZedd: SurQ_ AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays yet another weeb game | Judgment Highlights – https://youtu.be/ltRZi2uhyAI Szmatson: last place PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: kawaii_siwmae sattAww pepeL Denact: OwO? One_Eyed_Maestro: OOF Aeonll: OwO Kaspu: @SurQ_ PepeLaugh Eldritchness: OwO Doully92: PepeLaugh seydanator: ??????? SurQ_: oofas MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh 👉 PJSalt SurQ_: elaKek TyrantZedd: IKALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW JadedWarrior: PepeLaugh oh no no no perry_1903: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: omeg Gajima_: PepeLaugh no no no Golden04: LULW TyrantZedd: IKEALUL iRedempti00n: OMEGALUL One_Eyed_Maestro: OOF ela12 Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh Wheels82: IKEALUL Jemi02: LULW easyeasy: ÒωÓ AlcatraZ567: IKEALUL ssssip: IKEALUL SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh SurQ_: i dont remember how to play chat okay elaREE nekro793: PepeHands perry_1903: PepeUff KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: oofas PepeLaugh Kanzeon: oatsNA ComradeNerdy: FeelsGoodMan SirSaymon: PepeUff Draddrick: oof Kaspu: @KrazyShark DON’T DO IT WhiskeyFudge: SurQ_ i believe in you iRedempti00n:>:3 TyrantZedd: SurQ_ You gotta hit the worms elaOk SonicatorTV: SurQ_ worryStick play better Zoe_Katerina: AYAYA cute AlcatraZ567: AYAYA monkaW Zero_Abyss: @SurQ_ PepeLaugh NNayio: elaYes Kaspu: @KrazyShark elaMad elaGun McAnderLV: nice map Fearswe: @SurQ_ Well, at least you don’t have to climb over a fallen tree elaOP One_Eyed_Maestro: Aditex258 I do Pog Looking forward to the new 1349 album MiIIiki: uzi is the superior pushback weapon dragonxnin: Is that you behind that beach ball LMFAO LUL LUL KrazyShark: WEEBS OUT>:3 SHARKUS IN>3 ComradeNerdy: weeb killing weebs FeelsWeirdMan NNayio: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Valtha:>:3 UltraWindow: nepSmug OrangeDeity: ASS WE CAN terrbear3: HandsUp iRedempti00n: gachiHYPER Doully92: gachiBASS rtcrules206: cute team AYAYA SurQ_: Fearswe i see what you did there elaYes elaGun SirSaymon: gachiAPPROVE Aditex258: @One_Eyed_Maestro ayyy my maaan Pog adonis7154: gachiBOP SonicatorTV: KrazyShark wtf nrdyB Railman0z: @KrazyShark AYAYA elaGun perry_1903: Doully92 gachiAPPROVE KaitoKidShadow: Pog hepha1: @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance @KrazyShark PepoDance Zoe_Katerina: light miso is so dam good AlcatraZ567: ???????? Blackbird_SR71C: ??? KingMidas133: elaWut Chartalord: LULW FappyMcFlappy: LULW KaitoKidShadow: HAHAHAHA Zero_Abyss: LUL ssssip: ?? AlcatraZ567: LULW RandonLoLPlayer: LULW Eldritchness: LUL Gajima_: monkaS SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Golden04: LULW Dreamski: LULW PontusIndeed: ?????????? NNayio: monkaX KrazyShark: @hepha1 pepeL Gumma: LULW NordicRain: LULW perry_1903: LULW UltraWindow: ela13 One_Eyed_Maestro: LUL KrazyShark: LULW TyrantZedd: elaK Xu_Shu: LUL PoliceCarAuction: elaK LickMyPretzel: Kapp nekro793: ela3 ela4 Stelthasin: LUL terrbear3: LULW mentalvary: elaK Wheels82: LULW Wiktor7219: elaWut Nazzet: elaK Xaanax: LULW brownbabyhands: LULW Reddinator: Kapp TJ_Mellow: elaK Aeonll: elaK Zalinero_: LULW OrangeDeity: AAAHHHH Gajima_: gachiHYPER Tasarion: elaK grevedarkholm: Kapp Denact: elaK SonicatorTV: elaK BobTheDrunkBear: LULW NNayio: Spoiled. elaKek AlcatraZ567: LUL Kapp Zane_Within: elaK ViveLaDissidence: Kapp Loseeeerrrr: elaK terrbear3: gachiHYPER Draddrick: LULW KaitoKidShadow: elaK OrangeDeity: COME ON Kaspu: FeelsWeirdMan Sqwaaks: elaK Wiktor7219: elaK MrCosmonafft: is it skunk? PepeLaugh Tasarion: FeelsWeirdMan Szmatson: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Good move Zero_Abyss: elaK NNayio: elaWeird artoflec: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan hepha1: TIMER LULW Dreamski: saw it in the weapon menu LULW NNayio: @Elajjaz elaWeird Gajima_: FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: elaWeird UltraWindow: nepSmug NordicRain: elaWeird wandering_pleb: elaWeird One_Eyed_Maestro: pepeJAM ? LickMyPretzel: ME? Valtha: me ๐Ÿ™‚ AlcatraZ567: LULW SurQ_: elaKek perry_1903: no me ๐Ÿ™‚ Gajima_: me? ๐Ÿ™‚ shikifujin16: IS THAT kanye? Aeonll: me ๐Ÿ™‚ NNayio: ME? ๐Ÿ™‚ KingMidas133: me ๐Ÿ™‚ UltraWindow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ SurQ_: @daley_ kanYe KaitoKidShadow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ PontusIndeed: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ OrangeDeity: OHHHH Lagunaab: OH Zalinero_: no me ๐Ÿ™‚ terrbear3: gachiBASS Kaspu: LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz ever thought about blurring out your inventory? elaPlan Nazzet: gachiBASS xHydraaP: Me ViveLaDissidence: gachiOnFIRE NNayio: gachiHYPER perry_1903: gachiHYPER AlcatraZ567: INSANE BULLYING Simoteus: ricardoFlick Wheels82: Targeting elaWeird SirSaymon: Ricardo nooooo gachiGASM Legendary_Boka: gachiBASS ssssip: gachiOnFIRE Kickin_97: NO U CardCaptorMayuri: gachiBASS SonicatorTV: gachiOnFIRE NNayio: LULW Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER OrangeDeity: FUCKYOU Golden04: gachiHYPER Draddrick: gachiHYPER NNayio: VaN NordicRain: PepeLaugh Streamleen: haha mentalvary: gachiHYPER Aeonll: ricardoFlick terrbear3: gachiHYPER ViveLaDissidence: ricardoFlick PepeHands Fearswe: @Elajjaz If you wanna easily beat Pepe the Frog, just have him jump over a fallen tree. He’s terrible at it elaOP nekro793: PepeLaugh Zane_Within: elaKek Gajima_: AYAYA Omiyage2: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Wiktor7219: gachiOnFire olli2101: VaN Deliriumi1: AYAYA ComradeNerdy: Ricardo flicked all over the floor ricardoFlick Zero_Abyss: AYAYA xHydraaP: AYAYAY SonicatorTV: AYAYA Eldritchness: AYAYA PontusIndeed: AYAYA princeinnovice: AYAYA Nazzet: AYAYA Clap seydanator: AYAYA Zalinero_: AYAYA NordicRain: AYAYA Clap NNayio: nepSmug Kaspu: BabyRage kawaii_siwmae: No me ๐Ÿ™‚ Jemi02: AYAYA perry_1903: PepeLaugh SirSaymon: ricardoFlick SYZ2: AYAYA Wiktor7219: gachiOnFIRE Amro_bhr: AYAYA MrCosmonafft: Feeling unlucky yet PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: AYAYA NNayio: NEPPY nepSmug Gajima_: monkaS Korhain: PepeLaugh shikifujin16: which one are you ela? Valinore: nepSmug Clap perry_1903: Chag Szmatson: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan hepha1: #TEAMSHARK pepeD Deliriumi1: monkaW Fearswe: @shikifujin16 Bottom team of course terrbear3: ANELE KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAMMER Szmatson: Last like always PepeLaugh Omiyage2: AYAYA Clap perry_1903: kanYe seydanator: AYAYA OrangeDeity: WEEBS kawaii_siwmae: AYAYA Clap Desradin: well ela, they try to take out the biggest threat first UltraWindow: nepSmug Clap NNayio: nepSmug Clap ComradeNerdy: next one i think nrdyHmm ParterHenis257: ParterHenis257 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! AlcatraZ567: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @parterhenis257 If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM wandering_pleb: nepSmug Eldritchness: nepSmug Tasarion: AYAYA ssssip: AYAYA crashfort: AAYAYA Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA Clap LickMyPretzel: elaWeird Gajima_: AYAYA Clap SonicatorTV: AYAYA HYPERCLAP SirSaymon: AYAYA artoflec: AYAYA NNayio: AYAYA Deliriumi1: AYAYA Clap KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Clap princeinnovice: LULW easyeasy: AYAYA Valtha: elaYA HYPERCLAP Schorhard: AYAYA Clap mibutwhole: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Abbynaire: elaYA SYZ2: AYAYA Clap xHydraaP: AYAYA mizoreeee: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TyrantZedd: easyeasy I couldn’t think of what to do that wasn’t bullying last place elaOk NNayio: NOT A WEEB BTW elaYA crashfort: AYAYA ! PontusIndeed: pepeJAM Eldritchness: AYAYA Clap SurQ_: pepeJAMMER WerewolfB: weeb all over the shop SonicatorTV: pepeJAM NordicRain: nepSmug Clap Blackbird_SR71C: Weebs all over the place… you’ll be one of them, sooner or later…. NNayio: pepeJAMMER Golden04: pepeJAMMER Mrtriggahigga: WeirdChamp perry_1903: ElaJAMMER Kennyskill: rexAYAYA rexAYAYA rexAYAYA zeltaOK: elaWeird Dreamski: excellent pronounciation AYAYA princeinnovice: AYAYA Clap terrbear3: gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiBASS InternetVillainSuperstar: pepeJAM Aditex258: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Golden04: gachiHYPER shikifujin16: elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy worms NNayio: gachiBASS Kusocheg: gachiBASS OrangeDeity: PENIS SonicatorTV: gachiHYPER Zero_Abyss: gachiBASS Reddinator: gachiHYPER ssssip: gachiHYPER Wheels82: gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! zamsugger: gachiHYPER kawaii_siwmae: gachiBASS Gajima_: gachiHYPER YES perry_1903: gachiHYPER J0hnnyBlade: gachiGASM Szmatson: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan ISinistarI: gachiHYPER PontusIndeed: gachiGASM TyrantZedd: @Kaspu elaB Mrtriggahigga: gachiHYPER Annonn140: gachiHYPER SirSaymon: gachiHYPER mhale2002: gachiBASS adonis7154: gachiGASM SAME HERE Kaspu: gachiHYPER kawaii_siwmae: gachiHYPER ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER Streamleen: almost easyeasy: TyrantZedd fucking Ela in the ass is the best thing you can do nepSmug FappyMcFlappy: PepeLaugh dzemroz: read it the right way gachiHYPER NNayio: PepeUff mentalvary: PepeUff kawaii_siwmae: Here it comes PepeLaugh UltraWindow: BabyRage never my turn MrCosmonafft: You know that you failing 10 people to get their subs FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz perry_1903: PepeUff SonicatorTV: BabyRage MiIIiki: PepeLaugh InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeUff 💨 Golden04: PepeUff NNayio: pepeJAM WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz NNayio: ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM grimmzy: is the sphynx tail low-key a penis Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan UltraWindow: BabyRage mom said its my turn to spank the weebs Amro_bhr: AYAYA NNayio: elaHmm Valtha: nepSmug fuck NNayio: D: TyrantZedd: Neppy PepeHands nepSmug KaitoKidShadow: Pog xHydraaP: Dirty Boshhead: NEPPY NOOO BarghestFenrir_: @grimmzy was thinking the same Omiyage2: PunOko NNayio: nepSmug PepeHands PontusIndeed: Pog iRedempti00n: LULW MiIIiki: PepeUff Tasarion: nepSmug goodbye Spataprouch: Oh oh oh Ouh ouh ouh Gajima_: AYAYA CUTE SurQ_: PepeLaugh princeinnovice: AYAYA PepeHands amaterasu_chase: LUL nekro793: not nepSmug PepeHands Zoe_Katerina: nepSmug SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh Cheapcat: nepSmug PepeHands Wheels82: PepeUff elaGun nepSmug TheZecaUrubu: crazy 🦈 ? crashfort: wheres the reinforcements voice PunOko xHydraaP: incrazy AurbisDragon: GachiShark AurbisDragon: aw. LickMyPretzel: BabyRage when is my turn damnit hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark artoflec: FeelsLateMan perry_1903: AlienPls MiIIiki: pepeJAMMER SurQ_: pepeJAMMER Riggedi: pepeJAMMER NNayio: monkaW Myareska: BBoomer PontusIndeed: pepeJAM iRedempti00n: Pog easyeasy: LULW OrangeDeity: SHEEP perry_1903: kanYe PepeHands Nazzet: Pog Golden04: Pog PontusIndeed: Pog Deliriumi1: Champ SirSaymon: Pog KrazyShark: YOU LIKE THAT CHAT Chartalord: Pog NNayio: Natsuki. PepeHands KrazyShark: KRAZYSHEEP IN Tasarion: Chag Boshhead: 🐑 PockCst: @Elajjaz Maybe interested in trying out Hunt: Showdown? Its in a great state atm, and leaving early access in 4 weeks, Hope you do, all the best ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: KrazyShark I LOVE THAT gachiHYPER hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark AurbisDragon: Kill the weebs HYPERCLAP OrangeDeity: WOOLOO KaitoKidShadow: oh dear elaKek Omiyage2: PunOko Dreamski: lakki sheep WeirdChamp Myareska: Sharkus Clap2 AYAYA terrbear3: HandsUp Martiansam: @KrazyShark Clap PontusIndeed: billyReady Focus009: That gravestone :p olli2101: gachiGASM OrangeDeity: W O O Nazzet: VaN iRedempti00n: WOOP terrbear3: VaN Zalinero_: WOOO ViveLaDissidence: VaN i5_3570: WOO rastatitude: HandsUp woop KingMidas133: VaN SurQ_: oh no no no monkaW dragonxnin: OWOOOOO Gajima_: D: KrazyShark: @Elajjaz i’m, ready for that vip badge baby TheMoltenGuy: D: nekro793: D: easyeasy: monkaW Kaspu: cirD Eldritchness: D: iRedempti00n: Pog KaitoKidShadow: D: MyNameLacksImagination: Pog Dreamski: Pog SurQ_: PepeHands Reddinator: elaD Nazzet: AYAYA 🖕 perry_1903: Chag Snake_w: D: OrangeDeity: WEW mizoreeee: I thought someone subbed LULW NNayio: D: Martiansam: WOO Gajima_: D: WTF KingMidas133: PogU mibutwhole: D: Wheels82: Pog terrbear3: Pog MrCosmonafft: Pog Clap Omiyage2: PunOko 💢 WTF Migu3z: D: grevedarkholm: Pog artoflec: Pog bongo9000: monkaW AurbisDragon: HYPERCLAP Zero_Abyss: Pog TyrantZedd: elaD ViveLaDissidence: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Chag olli2101: Pog TJ_Mellow: Pog Nazzet: D: PontusIndeed: Pog Riggedi: Pog pekkaatte: Pog play Zalinero_: D: CardCaptorMayuri: D: mentalvary: D: Tasarion: PogU Loseeeerrrr: Chag RicHaya: Pog zamsugger: Chag Wiktor7219: Pog Golden04: Pog OrangeDeity: hella good UltraWindow: monkaW Chag KrazyShark: Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog Pog najkantv: hahahahahha Niloomilo: D: AlcatraZ567: Pog Deliriumi1: Pog HYPERCLAP Korhain: D: KingMidas133: NERDY Pog terrbear3: gachiHYPER i5_3570: monkaS Valtha: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan teaming One_Eyed_Maestro: KILL THE WEEBS PogU SlavMayer: D: SirSaymon: PogU iRedempti00n: PogU pekkaatte: Pog Clap Stelthasin: LUL OrangeDeity: LIKE THAT? milfhunter_1992: gachiBASS dragonxnin: POOOOOOOOG Chartalord: Pog Reddinator: PogU olli2101: Pog WEEBS OUT TheZecaUrubu: WEEB MASSACRE Pog Clap Spataprouch: LIKE THAT MarcusValeriusCorvus: Pog Schorhard: elaB bongo9000: gachiHYPER NordicRain: Pepe PepeHands robodino3: Pog Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS ComradeNerdy: Nerdy the weeb slayer elaDM ViveLaDissidence: INSANE PLAY Pog ssssip: gachiBASS YES SIR NNayio: WEEBS PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: genocide monkaW GraxxesDeLaRosa: Pog mizoreeee: Check ingame chat Tasarion: gachiHYPER Martiansam: wow InternetVillainSuperstar: Is this the end of the weebs finally Pog TyrantZedd: SurQ_ Lets team up ela12 perrito_scottex: FeelsBadMan Deliriumi1: killed pepe SurQ_: stuck PepeLaugh iRedempti00n: Kapp NNayio: elaK terrbear3: Kapp DakuSouru: DansGame perry_1903: ComradeNerdy gachiAPPROVE Valtha: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan crashfort: AYAYA Fullmetalcheese: elaK UltraWindow: nepSmug Eldritchness: AYAYA One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK Kaspu: elaK KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA WhiskeyFudge: Nerdy elaDM artoflec: elaH Gajima_: PepeHands AlcatraZ567: bUrself Golden04: why FeelsWeirdMan olli2101: DansGame KrazyShark: @Elajjaz ELIAS THE WEEBSLAYER Chag iRedempti00n: bUrself NordicRain: nepSmug Clap Myareska: bUrself ssssip: AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp SonicatorTV: AYAYA Aditex258: YEEES THATS WHAT THEY DESERVE gachiOnFIRE Zoe_Katerina: bUrself AYAYA NNayio: bUrself elaK Riggedi: bUrself xlRaptoe: bUrself easyeasy: aaaaaaaw elaBlush thanks CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA Snake_w: AYAYA Aeonll: 4HEad BuddhaBar tidooh: Ela killing hes own kind pepeHands Omiyage2: PunOko 🖕 grimelocked: AYAYA Tasarion: bUrself Clap Zalinero_: bUrself wandering_pleb: bUrself mizoreeee: kanYe Slaps_Giving: AYAYA TheZecaUrubu: WEEBS OUT ZolionKreygasm: bUrself RicHaya: bUrself TJ_Mellow: elaBlush Korhain: bUrself PontusIndeed: DansGame Autumn_Flare: PunOko Reddinator: we know AYAYA https://clips.twitch.tv/ExcitedTentativeWalletBigBrother Schorhard: AYAYA HYPERCLAP bongo9000: bUrself SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh SurQ_: TyrantZedd ela12 nekro793: AYAYA bUrself perry_1903: bUrself Naniyo: ela likes weebs elaWOW MyNameLacksImagination: AYAYA Loseeeerrrr: 0, NNayio: elaB 🖕 Gajima_: bUrself HalflightSpearoftheChurch: forsenJoy Rakcoon: Ela hates weebs, confirmed Niloomilo: bUrself TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ I BELIEVE HandsUp elaHYUG Cheapcat: nepSmug Clap bUrself Clap i5_3570: AYAYA PontusIndeed: D: Mirando: you are one So ofc you like us artoflec: elaD Valinore: bUrself Clap2 AYAYA ViveLaDissidence: PepeHands Golden04: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: PepeHands how could you princeinnovice: PepeHands TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz YOU KILLED ME nrdyREE TheZecaUrubu: PepeHands easyeasy: FeelsBadMan kawaii_siwmae: PepeHands ssssip: PepeHands SirSaymon: PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: FeelsBadMan wtf zamsugger: PepeHands MiIIiki: it was 1 weeb and 2 pepes PepeHands was it worth it? vengeance? ekahS_hS: cohhSpy danSpy rooSpy AlcatraZ567: you killed pepeJAM RicHaya: moon2PH rastatitude: PepeHands Niloomilo: PepeHands PontusIndeed: PepeHands bongo9000: PepeHands SonicatorTV: PepeHands WhiskeyFudge: PepeHands SurQ_ Martiansam: elaKek kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ Dying PepeLaugh OrangeDeity: SLAPPING OFF Fullmetalcheese: LULW Zero_Abyss: AYAYA Nazzet: AYAYA PontusIndeed: AYAYA WerewolfB: LULW UltraWindow: kanYe KrazyShark: @daley_ kanYe rtcrules206: AYAYA NordicRain: nepSmug hepha1: sumSmash KingMidas133: kanYe CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA DVaWaifu: gachiBASS SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte thank you elaHYUG you are the only one HandsUp PepeLaugh Valtha: nepSmug 9 FappyMcFlappy: damn daley got cucked there man nothing he could do RicHaya: monkaW NNayio: elaWeird olli2101: kanYe MrCosmonafft: Using his brother to cover yourself PepeHands xlRaptoe: Can you have custom voices and stuff whe nplaying locally too? TyrantZedd: elaB Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan SonicatorTV: monkaW KrazyShark: INSANE THROW LULW 扌空妙: so many chest there Zero_Abyss: LUL Nazzet: ????????????? Valtha: PepeUff Golden04: LULW TyrantZedd: It was supposed to be a trick shot elaREE ComradeNerdy: nrdyE Wheels82: WEEB AIM LULW RicHaya: LULW NNayio: FailFish iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN PontusIndeed: LUL nekro793: LULW UltraWindow: nepSmug ? Sunshinewalker: weeb plays LUL artoflec: an attempt was made Szmatson: FeelsWeirdMan AurbisDragon: WEEB THROW Chartalord: nice aim weeb LULW dzemroz: ponyo PepeHands Amro_bhr: xd ssssip: Ponyo? PepeHands Stelthasin: ??? WhiskeyFudge: nrdyE Zedd perry_1903: elaDM hepha1: EZ FOR BABY SHARK FOGGERS KingMidas133: elaDM NNayio: elaDM nekro793: elaDM ComradeNerdy: Zedd is playing golf again nrdyKek ssssip: elaDM LickMyPretzel: elaDM Reddinator: elaDM Nazzet: elaDM DigitalZips: elaDM DVaWaifu: Kreygasm SonicatorTV: elaDM King_Insane: elaDM TyrantZedd: WhiskeyFudge It would’ve been great if it landed properly elaB seydanator: elaDM kawaii_siwmae: elaDM xlRaptoe: If I just what elaGa Nix_Abyss: NV continues tomorrow ? FeelsWeirdMan Petrozza7: LUL Nazzet: One there ….. perry_1903: PepeUff OrangeDeity: WOOLOO SurQ_: @TyrantZedd i saw that nade elaWeird elaGun UltraWindow: PepeUff Gajima_: gachiHYPER NNayio: PepeUff monkaW WhiskeyFudge: Zedd you know this isnt gnolf, right? elaOk LickMyPretzel: PepeUff Deliriumi1: PepeUff Chartalord: manuke Tasarion: monkaW AlcatraZ567: LULW lucky Focus009: PepeUff King_Insane: the dream KrazyShark: bruh i’m barely hanging with my dick Monni98: If kanYe is left unharmed, will you give 10 subs? @Elajjaz MiIIiki: PepeUff close artoflec: PepeUff lacky ebola_chan0: LULW nekro793: insane luck LUL CardCaptorMayuri: monkaX TyrantZedd: SurQ_ It was supposed to be a trick shot to hit Ela nrdyREE Gajima_: 4 Wheels82: 4 UltraWindow: 4 Deliriumi1: 4 SonicatorTV: 4. perry_1903: elaBlind Hank_e_Panky: 4 kryptoftheold: poor pepe FeelsBadMan seydanator: 4 Mantyzaz: 4 SonicatorTV: elaBlind ISinistarI: 4 hepha1: elaBlind Tasarion: elaBlind Wheels82: SO BLIND LULW KaitoKidShadow: 4 TyrantZedd: ComradeNerdy WhiskeyFudge nrdyREE AlcatraZ567: manly Fearswe: Right UltraWindow: manly NNayio: MANLY gachiHYPER Gajima_: MaN nekro793: elaBlind olli2101: MaN LY TyrantZedd: SurQ_ I wasn’t even aiming for you elaB PontusIndeed: MaN ly Nazzet: gachiHYPER Shark ComradeNerdy: it’s hard to see his manliness Kapp RicHaya: MaN LY SHARK Deliriumi1: elaK MrCosmonafft: Glasses stream soon? urnamelame: MaN finally Zero_Abyss: Just focus him down PepeLaugh SurQ_: TyrantZedd it looked like it tho nrdyB i have only 1worm left too King_Insane: the man needs a win #teamkrazyshark TyrantZedd: SurQ_ I have 2 half worms elaB SonicatorTV: eyes died, no longer hurting monkaW SurQ_: TyrantZedd the other one is donne die probably next turn nrdyB johninatorrr: @Elajjaz try to get wr in jumpking real quick PogU Omiyage2: PunOko 🖕 OrangeDeity: NANDA? NNayio: AYAYA monkaS Gajima_: gachiHYPER c0rnflex: 4 monkaS i5_3570: monkaS OrangeDeity: NANI DESUKA? ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER Nazzet: VaN SurQ_: oh ffs chest here now FeelsWeirdMan olli2101: gachiGASM 7 terrbear3: gachiBASS Reddinator: gachiOnFIRE i5_3570: W O O monkaS SonicatorTV: gachiOnFIRE Wheels82: gachiOnFIRE TyrantZedd: elaKek SurQ_: LULW MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Kaspu: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Deliriumi1: Clap FappyMcFlappy: LULW Senaattori: lol OrangeDeity: OWWW Omiyage2: OMEGALUL mentalvary: gachiOnFIRE RandonLoLPlayer: Clap PontusIndeed: lul Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh johninatorrr: WOO VaN Kusocheg: LULW Golden04: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW MrCosmonafft: LULW ssad0: LUL ebola_chan0: LULW ISinistarI: LUL Szmatson: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan iRedempti00n: OMEGALUL xantou: LULW NordicRain: LULW KrazyShark: OMEG Reddinator: danKEK amaterasu_chase: gachiBASS Chartalord: LULW Tasarion: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Stelthasin: ???? WerewolfB: LULW Desradin: LULW eliastheepicgamer: gachi plays Kapp DigitalZips: big plays HYPERCLAP UltraWindow: nepSmug Clap saaftig: LULW Leo_Fara: Clap terrbear3: VaN TheZecaUrubu: OW PontusIndeed: LUL olli2101: OMEGADOWN mentalvary: LULW Eldritchness: LUL RicHaya: OMEGALUL ViveLaDissidence: IKEALUL ssssip: LOL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh yunoismywaifu: LULW Zane_Within: elaKek bongo9000: LUL Amro_bhr: LULW Slaps_Giving: LULW MitsuoK: OOF TyrantZedd: SurQ_ I work well under pressure elaB Niloomilo: LULW TJ_Mellow: elaKek InternetVillainSuperstar: Classic Ela turn LULW troublematicc: LULW Stelthasin: ??? Migu3z: NotLikeThis Nydaliss: LUL LUL yunoismywaifu: OMEGALUL NNayio: OMEGALUL ebola_chan0: SlowClap Fearswe: No 10 subs from me I see @Elajjaz elaOP spevahr: Masterful play elaKek MrCosmonafft: Champ Senaattori: LUL Valtha: Gachi plays PepeUff AlcatraZ567: DEAD BILLY PepeHands Dreamski: vineTommy ComradeNerdy: tweet at us with #lcsbigplays Toprak078: are these players or bots? laststand66: PepeLaugh 👇 manic_souls: Lul SurQ_: TyrantZedd fine nrdyB Tasarion: never my turn BabyRage PepeUff Zero_Abyss: Billy PepeHands Monni98: LUL Valtha: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: nepSmug Golden04: PepeLaugh SlavMayer: BM Stelthasin: LUL WJovel: ASS WE CAN terrbear3: VaN hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark MrCosmonafft: Stupid misstakes PepeHands Don’t kill billy NNayio: AYAYA SurQ_: not anymore PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ Boolied PepeHands TyrantZedd: Suck it nepSmug Leo_Fara: NICO NICO NIIII AYAYA King_Insane: F perry_1903: PepeLaugh NNayio: LULW Zero_Abyss: LUL AlcatraZ567: F Valtha: Weeb aim Pog Golden04: LULW Thelastknight14: LUL Nazzet: PepeLaugh TJ_Mellow: elaKek Baldoro: yo how did you get worms armageddon working on win10? ViveLaDissidence: ANIKI PepeHands Stelthasin: POG wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Clap Tasarion: PepeHands eliastheepicgamer: targeted LULW NNayio: “I AM ALIVE” elaKek johninatorrr: killed billy PepeHands grevedarkholm: Billy PepeHands Szmatson: ALIVE LULW terrbear3: PepeHands CycleOfFire: ANIKI PepeHands olli2101: BILLY PepeHands UltraWindow: nepSmug this guy NNayio: nepSmug yunoismywaifu: he’s mad HappySmile123: chat booli PepeHands MrCosmonafft: Laying with a weeb. Not a deserved death TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz Insult my weeb aim now nepSmug Omiyage2: nepSmug Clap perry_1903: ElaSmash TJ_Mellow: Before the moths come in elaS RandonLoLPlayer: DON’T JUMP ELA SonicatorTV: malding PepeLaugh JJJ67: PJSalt Tasarion: mald PepeLaugh seydanator: elaMad Gajima_: monkaS NNayio: Neptune. nepSmug Clap Wheels82: MALDING LULW Reddinator: he went mald and left LULW Zalinero_: ElaPls Focus009: Poopwalk WhiskeyFudge: Zedd finally you did something good elaOk urnamelame: mald walk PepeLaugh Toprak078: he walking like he shit his pants One_Eyed_Maestro: npc walk PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: ????? MiIIiki: ??? UltraWindow: ?? Valtha: ? PepeLaugh seydanator: ????? kawaii_siwmae: elaDM King_Insane: either that or got rammed hard elaGasm TyrantZedd: WhiskeyFudge Everything I do is good elaOk Just not in the traditional sense elaGa Wheels82: WEEB PLAYS LULW MiIIiki: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan WhiskeyFudge: Zedd elaK Gloriousbonerstoner: poopwalk hepha1: PepeUff InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeUff 💨 janecpv: neptune why no drop with ninja rope ?? ViveLaDissidence: PepeUff Valtha: monkaW nice spot AurbisDragon: I saw this strat in Naruto TyrantZedd: Get him SurQ_ elaB misery_v2: is this an online version of worms guys? Gajima_: PepeHands KrazyShark: LULW Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan NNayio: @KrazyShark HeyGuys bye PontusIndeed: Bye ๐Ÿ™‚ TyrantZedd: SurQ_ FeelsPepoMan Nazzet: @KrazyShark Bye AYAYA SurQ_: LULW Wheels82: LULW NNayio: Chag Reddinator: LULW Toprak078: PepeUff 💨 nekro793: LULW kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ FeelsPepoMan Blackbird_SR71C: Why not just use bow and arrow?? Slaps_Giving: LUL NNayio: @KrazyShark Nevermind. Chag Tasarion: PepeUff MrCosmonafft: He helped him PepeLaugh sloggyx: @KrazyShark i have hope for you DDDDestroyer: who’s playing in this worms round? I only recognise crazyshark and ela UltraWindow: PepeUff 💨 KrazyShark johninatorrr: YES SIR gachiHYPER SurQ_: kawaii_siwmae TyrantZedd i have nothing to push him that little FeelsPepoMan NNayio: ElaJAM PontusIndeed: pepeJAM Gajima_: pepeJAMMER Valtha: Respect for using something new Skejven: pepeJAMMER SonicatorTV: pepeJAMMER WhiskeyFudge: SurQ_ FeelsPepoMan hepha1: #TEAMKRAZYSHARK PogU NNayio: ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER SirSaymon: monkaW gjordontreeman: kanYe xlRaptoe: pepeJAM TyrantZedd: SurQ_ A mine might’ve done it elaOk sloggyx: @KrazyShark show ela your dungeon elaThirst kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ Just use less force elaGa xHydraaP: pepeJAMMER AmalThazad: AlienPls perry_1903: ElaJAM slapmychaps: pepeD bongo9000: pepeJAMMER Gajima_: ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ComradeNerdy: and Zedd KrazyShark: fuck Kal1m3r0: and me ๐Ÿ™‚ TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz I’Mshot kanYe for only 8 damage , was it worth it ? Fexxx: Good ๐Ÿ™‚ Dreamski: BM axe kawaii_siwmae: Nerdy nrdyD daley_: me ๐Ÿ™‚ iRedempti00n: me ๐Ÿ™‚ rofIcopter: me ๐Ÿ™‚ olicraft23: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Omiyage2: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Tasarion: me ๐Ÿ™‚ UltraWindow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Blackbird_SR71C: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ SonicatorTV: me ๐Ÿ™‚ nekro793: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Fearswe: Nerdy OOF elaKek Gajima_: me ๐Ÿ™‚ janecpv: me ๐Ÿ˜€ grevedarkholm: ma ๐Ÿ™‚ SurQ_: @TyrantZedd nrdyB dont Leo_Fara: me ๐Ÿ™‚ RandonLoLPlayer: me ๐Ÿ™‚ AlcatraZ567: me ๐Ÿ™‚ PontusIndeed: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ perry_1903: i do ๐Ÿ™‚ Mantyzaz: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Niloomilo: me ๐Ÿ™‚ TJ_Mellow: me elaSmile xHydraaP: Me NNayio: nepSmug AlcatraZ567: its me ๐Ÿ™‚ seydanator: AYAYA Amro_bhr: gachiBASS NNayio: nepSmug HYPERCLAP relav893: AYAYA Clap SonicatorTV: monkaW ssssip: HandsUp Schorhard: AYAYA Focus009: Who axes the axeman Gigantio: me ๐Ÿ™‚ SurQ_: monkaW close one artoflec: monkaW urnamelame: HandsUp DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/OptimisticEnchantingSkirretUnSane kawaii_siwmae: monkaW xHydraaP: gachiSHARK KaitoKidShadow: ohnDud WhiskeyFudge: ComradeNerdy Let me axe you something nrdyHmm perry_1903: monkaW CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA Tasarion: elaEZ kawaii_siwmae: Clap Valtha: F>:3 Gajima_: Clap Fearswe: That could’ve gone badly SurQ_: Clap Nazzet: Clap NNayio: Clap Leo_Fara: Clap Zero_Abyss: Clap perry_1903: Clap Golden04: Clap terrbear3: Clap ComradeNerdy: AJ nrdyE TyrantZedd: Clap nekro793: Clap ? olicraft23: Clap ? Chartalord: Clap ViveLaDissidence: Clap CardCaptorMayuri: Clap KrazyShark: nooo xHydraaP: Clap Clap Clap Simoteus: Clap MitsuoK: Clap AlcatraZ567: Clap SonicatorTV: Clap LickMyPretzel: Clap eliastheepicgamer: Clap PontusIndeed: Clap Hank_e_Panky: Clap MiIIiki: FeelsGoodMan Clap Kaspu: Clap2 naroSmug KingMidas133: Clap WITO: Clap zamsugger: Pog Clap Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Clap Sunshinewalker: Clap Schorhard: AYAYA Clap Wheels82: Clap faeyre: Clap TJ_Mellow: Clap olicraft23: Clap One_Eyed_Maestro: Clap Deliriumi1: Clap Sanzibal: Clap UltraWindow: Clap Fearswe: Clap kawaii_siwmae: HYPERCLAP Tasarion: Clap artoflec: Clap bongo9000: Clap InternetVillainSuperstar: Clap grevedarkholm: Clap TheZecaUrubu: Clap mentalvary: Clap WrestlerBot2000: 16x Clap double digit combo Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Clap olli2101: Clap terrbear3: LULW Omiyage2: Clap Skejven: Clap pekkaatte: Clap NNayio: HYPERCLAP BroqRox: Clap gtF_: Clap ssssip: Clap ISinistarI: Clap Autumn_Flare: Clap Thelastknight14: Clap nekro793: Clap NordicRain: Pog Clap WhiskeyFudge: Clap WerewolfB: Clap JJJ67: Clap RandonLoLPlayer: Clap rihoto: Clap Reddinator: Clap TyrantZedd: KrazyShark Suck it nepSmug Clap Dr_Jan_Itor: Clap perry_1903: Clap Clap KaitoKidShadow: Clap c0rnflex: Clap Amro_bhr: LMFAO Annonn140: Clap SirSaymon: Clap Senaattori: clapclapclap Omiyage2: nepSmug Clap johninatorrr: @Elajjaz is donkey activated? ebola_chan0: Clap daremo96: AYAYA HYPERCLAP CardCaptorMayuri: HYPERCLAP easyeasy: Clap UltraWindow: nepSmug Clap Nazzet: gachiBOP Clap SonicatorTV: AYAYA Schorhard: AYAYA hepha1: DansGame wandering_pleb: nepSmug HYPERCLAP urnamelame: HOMERUN Clap ComradeNerdy: anti weebs on top Pog relav893: AYAYA HYPERCLAP gild0n: Clap SurQ_: LULW Kaspu: elaREE TyrantZedd: LULW Chartalord: shark sleeping with the fishes where he belongs Kappa Baronjohn96: ela4 Clap Dreamski: OMEGALUL TyrantZedd: Kaspu LULW iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN SurQ_: @Kaspu LULW Deliriumi1: ???????????????????????? kawaii_siwmae: OMEGALUL Blackbird_SR71C: ?????? xantou: LULW AlcatraZ567: ???????? Wheels82: LULW SonicatorTV: elaHmm UltraWindow: ? Kaspu: I thought I had rope equipped elaREE xHydraaP: ?????? AlcatraZ567: LULW kawaii_siwmae: @Kaspu LULW NNayio: ?????? elaWeird PontusIndeed: LUL Tasarion: ??????? OMEGALUL olli2101: OMEGALUL johninatorrr: use armagedon Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW daremo96: Pepega Fearswe: The fuck was that Leo_Fara: LULW rofIcopter: ????? seydanator: ????? JJJ67: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW LULW Blackbird_SR71C: Pepega? wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh xHydraaP: Clap LickMyPretzel: oi nuttah Golden04: LULW Wheels82: WEEB PLAYS LULW gtF_: ??????????? TeenyTinyRedhead: Ela’s face on the Sphynx OMEGALUL Nazzet: monkaW ViveLaDissidence: monkaW Amro_bhr: LULW Fearswe: What the fuck was that artoflec: elaKek MiIIiki: weeb plays OMEGLOL KingMidas133: monkaW Xaanax: monkaW dzemroz: nutsack gachiBASS Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW SonicatorTV: monkaW ssssip: elaGa HYPERCLAP kawaii_siwmae: @TeenyTinyRedhead elaDM One_Eyed_Maestro: elaDM Dreamski: pepega weeb plays LULW SonicatorTV: elaDM DakuSouru: elaDM UltraWindow: elaDM DakuSouru: elaGa LickMyPretzel: elaGa JJJ67: elaDM kawaii_siwmae: elaGa perry_1903: elaGa SonicatorTV: elaGa NNayio: elaGa Amnexiac: elaDM TeenyTinyRedhead: @kawaii_siwmae elaH pepeL Denact: elaGa Draddrick: elaDM NNayio: monkaW SurQ_: EZ SonicatorTV: monkaW Zero_Abyss: monkaW Riggedi: monkaW kawaii_siwmae: @TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL TyrantZedd: SurQ_ pOG KrazyShark: WHAT THE FUCK King_Insane: 100% accurate like in real life ๐Ÿ™‚ TeenyTinyRedhead: It’s glorious elaDM Golden04: monkaW kawaii_siwmae: monkaW Taitoru: elaDM Tasarion: Chag perry_1903: Chag RandonLoLPlayer: Pog iRedempti00n: Pog Zero_Abyss: Pog ComradeNerdy: Pog TyrantZedd: SurQ_ Pog Nazzet: Chag Petrozza7: Pog AlcatraZ567: PogU xHydraaP: Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap xantou: Pog TJ_Mellow: Pog PontusIndeed: Pog nekro793: monkaW olli2101: Pog Xaanax: monkaW Clap AlcatraZ567: Pog kawaii_siwmae: POGGERS RicHaya: Chag Leo_Fara: Champ wandering_pleb: Chag Valtha: PepeUff Kal1m3r0: Pog CardCaptorMayuri: Pog Lightning4444: Pog SurQ_: elaEZ Clap MrCosmonafft: Pog Stelthasin: pog Amnexiac: gachiBASS gtF_: HYPERCLAP Mazovski: KOBE ComradeNerdy: ElaPls johninatorrr: ARMAGEDON NNayio: MaN LY WhiskeyFudge: nrdyS nerdy TeenyTinyRedhead: nrdyE Dr_Jan_Itor: Nerdy HandsUp BroqRox: rooAww hasta la vista MiIIiki: ppHop laststand66: nrdyE LickMyPretzel: ppHop SurQ_: back in the game baby elaDM NNayio: ElaJAM hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark bongo9000: nrdyS frunklesavant: hup DigitalZips: HUP perry_1903: ppHop TJ_Mellow: hup iRedempti00n: ppHop kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ PepeUff is about to die PepeHands Floating_Hedgehog: ppHop Soultrez: Nerdy come on gachiHYPER Fearswe: ppHop ppHop ppHop RicHaya: ppHop ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM kawaii_siwmae: ppHop perry_1903: gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiBASS NNayio: PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: ppHo SurQ_: kawaii_siwmae dont say that PepeHands AlcatraZ567: Kapp olicraft23: elaKL LickMyPretzel: Leae Daley alone KaitoKidShadow: ppHop TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeLaugh BroqRox: RaregachiGASM Golden04: PepeLaugh Chartalord: PepeLaugh olicraft23: elaK daley_: 😔 kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: elaKek Dreamski: here it comes PepeLaugh Zero_Abyss: Pog Nix_Abyss: Thank you sir HandsUp rofIcopter: FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: elaWeird Dr_Jan_Itor: HandsUp GIVE NERDY YOUR STRENGTH HandsUp Deliriumi1: FeelsWeirdMan TeenyTinyRedhead: elaDM Nazzet: PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: gachiBASS Valtha: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan bongo9000: elaWeird ComradeNerdy: gachiAPPROVE UltraWindow: kanYe Szmatson: FLAMETHROWER hepha1: Clap @KrazyShark kawaii_siwmae: FeelsPepoMan TyrantZedd: elaKek Nazzet: LULW laststand66: nrdyKek perry_1903: PepeLaugh RicHaya: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: dont do it ela PontusIndeed: LUL ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh BroqRox: LULW Xerenix: inb4 only ela dies PepeLaugh Nix_Abyss: UGH gachiGASM mizoreeee: LULW terrbear3: gachiBASS SonicatorTV: LUL CardCaptorMayuri: OMEGALUL Omiyage2: OMEGALUL perry_1903: LULW BroqRox: gachiBASS Dreamski: so obvious LULW Kaspu: OMEGADOWN TJ_Mellow: lmao xantou: LULW mentalvary: LULW RicHaya: LULW SurQ_: LULW KaitoKidShadow: me ๐Ÿ™‚ pekkaatte: LULW Nix_Abyss: HYPERCLAP kawaii_siwmae: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: gachiBASS PontusIndeed: LuL rofIcopter: OMEGALUL UltraWindow: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag 2dskingmike: LUL daley_: nice try Floating_Hedgehog: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh artoflec: HAHAHAHA Fullmetalcheese: LULW Tasarion: OMEGADOWN olli2101: LULW Nix_Abyss: PepeLaugh nekro793: me ๐Ÿ™‚ mizoreeee: SO BAD LULW Nazzet: LULW Clap iRedempti00n: LULW ebola_chan0: LULW MrCosmonafft: OMEGADOWN NNayio: LULW King_Insane: elaKek MyNameLacksImagination: LULW Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN Boshhead: wat TyrantZedd: @ComradeNerdy PepeHands Golden04: LULW SirSaymon: LULW Blackbird_SR71C: ElaSmash AlcatraZ567: me ๐Ÿ™‚ ISinistarI: LULW Annonn140: LULW NordicRain: LULW zamsugger: LULW SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Thelastknight14: LUL BroqRox: LULW Chartalord: LULW perry_1903: Loooooooooool LULW Slaps_Giving: LUL Stelthasin: LUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP johninatorrr: LULW kawaii_siwmae: LULW PontusIndeed: LUL Zane_Within: elaKek Denact: IKEALUL terrbear3: LULW WhiskeyFudge: Nerdy PepeHands UltraWindow: nepSmug nice try Omiyage2: SO BAD LULW SO MAD LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: OMEGALUL Drachenreiter: FeelsPepoMan ME LIVES HOW Amro_bhr: LULW Lightning4444: LULW WerewolfB: ElaSmash ComradeNerdy: he killed me PepeHands SantanaDVXFan: ElaSmash Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW Fearswe: You should’ve run out, not further in @Elajjaz AlcatraZ567: LULW ANELE NNayio: me again ๐Ÿ™‚ Kal1m3r0: OMEGA zeltaOK: MALD PepeLaugh nekro793: elaYes elaKek AlcatraZ567: ANELE LULW Szmatson: @elajjaz FLAMETHROWER seydanator: elaMad ViveLaDissidence: Nerdy PepeHands Xerenix: VaN dzemroz: VaN perry_1903: ComradeNerdy F PepeHands brickster1891: brickster1891 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 14 months, currently on a 9 month streak! 14 months! poggers King_Insane: come on shark, you got this! WrestlerBot2000: @brickster1891 After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM PontusIndeed: VaN kawaii_siwmae: VaN Draddrick: VaN hepha1: MALD LULW MALD LULW MALD LULW MALD LULW MALD LULW MALD LULW MALD LULW TyrantZedd: Nico Chan PepeHands FappyMcFlappy: Pog NNayio: PepeHands Catnip_Frenzy: VaN xHydraaP: Clap Clap TheZecaUrubu: Pog dragonxnin: Do another one this is fun Gajima_: PepeHands NordicRain: PepeHands kawaii_siwmae: @TyrantZedd smolYay Zedd Schorhard: AYAYA NNayio: nepSmug HYPERCLAP seydanator: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA dartharius_: forsenL smol health PontusIndeed: AYAYA TeenyTinyRedhead: Fatality Chag NNayio: REVENGE nepSmug BroqRox: nemnolph SurQ_: pepeJAM SonicatorTV: TeenyTinyRedhead elaWOW pepeL uuhhhhhhh: @Elajjaz what is your tombstone LULW Focus009: Where is the “aspirin, take it” from? kawaii_siwmae: pepeJAMMER UltraWindow: one nep is enough nepSmug WhiskeyFudge: SonicatorTV elaHYUG Deliriumi1: monkaW TeenyTinyRedhead: @SonicatorTV heeey elaWOW elaH pepeL eliastheepicgamer: ๐Ÿ™‚ SurQ_: OMEG KaitoKidShadow: Pog TyrantZedd: Oh shit daley_: PepeLaugh Kaspu: @TyrantZedd elaWeird kawaii_siwmae: OMEGALUL Deliriumi1: ??????????????? SurQ_: ZEDD LULW KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW nekro793: ????? Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: 5Head Play NNayio: elaWeird KaitoKidShadow: hahahahaha LickMyPretzel: cmonBruh Smug_Bird: LULW SonicatorTV: WhiskeyFudge elaHYUG mentalvary: LULW Nazzet: ?????????????????? Golden04: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN Szachalasznik: LULW iRedempti00n: OMEGALUL Tasarion: OMEGADOWN Stnaos: LULW TheZecaUrubu: LULW perry_1903: LULW kawaii_siwmae: @TyrantZedd PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: BlessRNG Glenshane: LULW 0_jacket_0: cmonBruh bongo9000: LULW Straddy_: LULW Valtha: KEK seydanator: ????? frunklesavant: robbed wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Smug_Bird: OMEGALUL Monni98: Upside-down worm @Elajjaz Senaattori: LUL Niloomilo: LULW xHydraaP: OMEGALUL zamsugger: PepeLaugh janecpv: no waaaay kokosenpaai: LUL Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ComradeNerdy: Zedd OMEGALUL Amro_bhr: LMAO PontusIndeed: LUW CardCaptorMayuri: LUL BroqRox: nepSmug Clap Chartalord: LULW Schorhard: AYAYA mikkirus: sepukku kawaii_siwmae: gachiHYPER urnamelame: LULW nekro793: scuffed map LULW terrbear3: gachiHYPER olicraft23: gachiHYPEr Martiansam: LUL Nazzet: gachiBASS WhiskeyFudge: Zedd PepeLaugh dartharius_: forsenPuke zamsugger: gachiHYPER xantou: @TyrantZedd LULW PontusIndeed: gachiHYPER olicraft23: gachiHYPER King_Insane: elaGasm TeenyTinyRedhead: nuttah elaBruv TyrantZedd: I don’t even have anything to say about that LULW NNayio: @TyrantZedd elaKek janecpv: JUMP Drachenreiter: is the worm saying ‘oi, nutsack’ WutFace Zero_Abyss: @TyrantZedd PepeLaugh Clap Martiansam: elaThirst ViveLaDissidence: This is what happens when heatens try to use holy weapons , you infidel PepeLaugh ChillyBilly3: Sup Ela and chat ela7 elaCozy Gloriousbonerstoner: nice TeenyTinyRedhead: @ChillyBilly3 elaH pepeL Dreamski: @Drachenreiter nutter not nutsack LULW garrickus: Daley is Scottish? Go on yersel’ big yin. SurQ_: @Kaspu PepeLaugh perry_1903: ChillyBilly3 elaWOW elaCozy ComradeNerdy: ChillyBilly3 elaH KrazyShark: nice missile you dunce LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: ChillyBilly3 elaCozy TyrantZedd: Kaspu elaWeird PontusIndeed: @ChillyBilly3 o7 Senaattori: LOOOL NNayio: Weebs deserve to lose. PepeHands Amro_bhr: LULW SonicatorTV: ChillyBilly3 elaHYUG Kaspu: I haven’t played this game in a while FeelsPepoMan KaitoKidShadow: die iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN easyeasy: ChillyBilly3 hi ela2 / KingMidas133: @ChillyBilly3 elaHi scream_of_a_thousand_cows: ChillyBilly3 elaH elaHYUG JJJ67: Weeb plays elaBruv bongo9000: ChillyBilly3 pepeL hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark WhiskeyFudge: Zedd elaWeird Nazzet: @ChillyBilly3 pepeL InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeUff MiIIiki: WHAT ARE YOU AIMING AAAAT SwiftRage TyrantZedd: WhiskeyFudge What elaWeird Topas_: AIRSTRIKE Kaspu: @SurQ_ Pog SonicatorTV: Chag perry_1903: Chag SurQ_: elaDM kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ FeelsGoodMan Deliriumi1: FeelsGoodMan Clap Dr_Jan_Itor: FeelsGoodMan xantou: Pog NNayio: FeelsGoodMan Clap WhiskeyFudge: elaWeird you lost the right to weird people, Zedd Wheels82: PepeUff Clap Kananmuna1: What was the aa run time in the end? ViveLaDissidence: PepeUff Clap NNayio: PepeUff Clap Blackbird_SR71C: PepeUff I did it! TyrantZedd: SurQ_ You’ve gotten me killed elaS TyrantZedd: WhiskeyFudge I know FeelsBadMan kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ FeelsGoodMan Sweet aim pepe SonicatorTV: pepes have 2 worms FeelsGoodMan Kananmuna1: Oh PepeHands SurQ_: TyrantZedd how it is my fault monkaS ChillyBilly3: TeenyTinyRedhead pepeL perry_1903 elaWOW ComradeNerdy nrdyH Dr_Jan_Itor elaCozy PontusIndeed ela7 SonicatorTV elaHYUG easyeasy ela13 KingMidas133 elaHi scream_of_a_thousand_cows elaHYUG Nazzet pepeL bongo9000 pepeL Good to see you guys elaH carlitoB: trident SurQ_: kawaii_siwmae FeelsGoodMan Clap WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! MiIIiki: PepeUff and monkaW I believe in you Toprak078: monkaW TyrantZedd: SurQ_ That was his next worm, now it’s “Me again” i’m a dead man PepeHands KrazyShark: -w-”” Kaspu: ???? Deliriumi1: ????? SurQ_: oh PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Nazzet: ?????? Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: i’m rusty alright dartharius_: shark LULW PontusIndeed: ???????????? Focus009: Clap Xerenix: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: been a while Bulbbis: ela can you open somekind of gambling system for these matches? ViveLaDissidence: VaN HYPERCLAP KrazyShark: gotta oil up carlitoB: oh right missed 1st run then WhiskeyFudge: Xerenix elaHYUG Kananmuna1: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh ChillyBilly3: KrazyShark I see you there boi ela1 elaH dunerinno: oil up gachiGASM perry_1903: 4HEad souldedeh: AYAYA KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 yooo billy elaOk Nazzet: HandsUp Xerenix: @WhiskeyFudge pepeL kawaii_siwmae: FeelsWeirdMan Camper NNayio: elaWeird SonicatorTV: elaWeird Deliriumi1: FeelsWeirdMan One_Eyed_Maestro: HotPokket ? KingMidas133: WeirdChamp ComradeNerdy: FeelsWeirdMan Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Zane_Within: elaWeird SurQ_: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz NNayio: @Elajjaz elaWeird Kaspu: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp kawaii_siwmae: elaWeird Drachenreiter: D: grevedarkholm: FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: AYAYA 🖕 wandering_pleb: elaWeird kawaii_siwmae: @Elajjaz elaWeird WhiskeyFudge: FeelsWeirdMan Reddinator: WeirdChamp Kananmuna1: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp xHydraaP: Thats pretty lame im not gonna lie ChillyBilly3: KrazyShark Ey, how you doing man. Been a while, I had no internet for a few days elaOk Prosskull0517: Camper elaWeird perry_1903: 10 PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: FeelsWeirdMan SurQ_: TyrantZedd PepeHands you died a hero kawaii_siwmae: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz NNayio: me again ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark SonicatorTV: TyrantZedd bai bai AYAYA KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 no internet monkaW doign good dude, how about you? elaOk Deliriumi1: everyone airstrike elas ass kawaii_siwmae: @TyrantZedd PepeHands TyrantZedd: SurQ_ Died a pleb PepeHands 扌空妙: not the right wind ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp Staying safe and doing suboptimal airstrikes WeirdChamp NNayio: nepSmug PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan IkkisFTW: WeirdChamp Prosskull0517: Kappp dartharius_: weebs LULW souldedeh: revenge AYAYA Kananmuna1: Kapp LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz elaWeird Floating_Hedgehog: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp kawaii_siwmae: haHAA Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: haHAA nekro793: @Elajjaz elaWeird Valtha: “stuck” @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: haHAA NNayio: elaHAA Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: haHAA souldedeh: gachiHYPER Dr_Jan_Itor: haHAA TyrantZedd: SurQ_ Avenge me PepeHands TJ_Mellow: elaHAA ebola_chan0: throw aircraft mines LULW Xiithrian: hoping he would slide down on me gachiHYPER Toprak078: elaHAA Szmatson: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan SurQ_: TyrantZedd i will try PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: “I never died to Covetous Demon.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 32 xHydraaP: WeirdChamp WhiskeyFudge: elaHAA Dr_Jan_Itor: ppHop Slaps_Giving: kanYe KaitoKidShadow: TyrantZedd Clap you did good NNayio: kanYe kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ smolYay Im cheering for you Sur xHydraaP: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp SurQ_: Kaspu monkaW souldedeh: AYAYA SonicatorTV: AYAYA crashfort: AYAYA Reddinator: AYAYA Prosskull0517: AYAYA ChillyBilly3: KrazyShark Yeah, internet went down after a storm and they didn’t bother fixing for a few days because it was the weekend. Went back online on Monday morning LULW kawaii_siwmae: Banji AYAYA Akytami: AYAYA Slaps_Giving: AYAYA nekro793: banjii AYAYA UltraWindow: nepSmug cute TyrantZedd: KaitoKidShadow I mean that’s a flat out lie but thanks elaOk Febox: AYAYA OOP souldedeh: isoge AYAYA IkkisFTW: LULW Deliriumi1: monkaW bongo9000: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: monkaW Drachenreiter: banzai monkaX kawaii_siwmae: PepeLaugh FappyMcFlappy: PepeLaugh TeenyTinyRedhead: monkaW dartharius_: good thot RandonLoLPlayer: floating iRedempti00n: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 storms monkaW Tasarion: 5Head elaPlan Scaythly: rooBlank NNayio: floating monkaS Reddinator: PepeLaugh relav893: gachiBASS TyrantZedd: SurQ_ I send you all my luck AYAYA souldedeh: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Scaythly: You could be playing LIMBO right now SlavMayer: CUTE AYAYA NNayio: elaGa crashfort: reinforcements have arrived PunOko hangedm4n: PepeLaugh Nazzet: elaGa Lightning4444: PepeLaugh ChillyBilly3: ChillyBilly3 I’m doing alright though, just a bit busy and stressed because I have exams this week elaS KaitoKidShadow: mine is TEN KARA NO MEGUMI DA AYAYA Scaythly: Yes One_Eyed_Maestro: oh no no PepeLaugh NNayio: elaGa 📣 here it coooooomes Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeLaugh Scaythly KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 exams monkaW souldedeh: LIMB OMEGALUL xHydraaP: WeirdChamp Reddinator: L I M B OMEGLOL Monni98: Scaythly You could make a Limbo map in Worms ๐Ÿ™‚ Wheels82: LULW TyrantZedd: @ComradeNerdy I think i’m better at golf than worms elaOk SonicatorTV: lakkii AYAYA NNayio: LAKKI AYAYA UltraWindow: BabyRage dieeeeee Kananmuna1: LAKKI AYAYA nekro793: what’s wrong with playing Limbo elaHmm MrCosmonafft: Not finishing limbo till 2019 FeelsWeirdMan ComradeNerdy: TyrantZedd slavLUL souldedeh: KaitoKidShadow FeelsWeirdMan AYAYA Scaythly: How about FF14 Ela? This expac is actually one of the best FF stories altogether SonicatorTV: FeelsWeirdMan One_Eyed_Maestro: ChillyBilly3 monkaW dragonxnin: Mordhau you will get addicted Minn_Minn: no dreadout today? ChillyBilly3: KrazyShark I already fucked one up LULW One went alright and there’s one last on Friday elaOk mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan zeltaOK: [GAME] IN [CURRENT YEAR] PepeLaugh SurQ_: FeelsWeirdMan Deliriumi1: FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: 🍑 KaitoKidShadow: souldedeh PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: FeelsWeirdMan Kananmuna1: FeelsWeirdMan Straddy_: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz NNayio: elaWeird RandonLoLPlayer: WeirdChamp ViveLaDissidence: thank you sir gachiBOP seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Slaps_Giving: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Floating_Hedgehog: FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: its very close now DigitalZips: elaWeird WeirdChamp @Elajjaz pekkaatte: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz Zane_Within: elaWeird KrazyShark: @ChillyBilly3 damn elaS good luck dude FeelsGoodMan i believe One_Eyed_Maestro: FeelsWeirdMan Reddinator: WeirdChamp talkman_: kanYe Clap hello Nazzet: elaWeird hangedm4n: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Xiithrian: ASS SUPPORT gachiHYPER lBarnabusWizardcockl: FeelsWeirdMan souldedeh: FeelsWeirdMan Prosskull0517: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan kawaii_siwmae: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: elaWeird Uboran: theres no way SurQ_: OMEGADOWN Akytami: FeelsWeirdMan Postaratum: @elajjaz when u see ur emotes in a video game kuroLove anniCOZY fextraFirsttry fextraFirsttry fextraFirsttry fextraFirsttry Kaspu: OMEGADOWN KrazyShark: @daley_ TyrantZedd: IKEALUL KrazyShark: LULW urnamelame: IN 2019 IN 2019 OMEGALUL kawaii_siwmae: Pog FappyMcFlappy: nice try though terrbear3: OMEGADOWN Scaythly: !ff14 Dreamski: LULW ChillyBilly3: One_Eyed_Maestro Exams man elaS Wheels82: LULW hangedm4n: LULW Nazzet: ???????????? Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh dosakarud: LULW Golden04: LULW Xerenix: LULW SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW princeinnovice: Pog Aeonll: daley_ KaitoKidShadow: REMOVE VIP LUL PontusIndeed: LUL NNayio: DOUBLE VIP CHamp Floating_Hedgehog: OMEGADOWN nekro793: douuble vip Pog Scaythly: PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: booo zamsugger: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: kanYe Drachenreiter: VIP to the VIP power Pog ChillyBilly3: KrazyShark Thanks man elaOk Zero_Abyss: Take the VIP away LUL Aeonll: daley_ kanYe talkman_: Now remove his VIP for miss LULW Kananmuna1: LULW Toprak078: elaWeird Slaps_Giving: LULW mikkirus: he did it bedotheman: Minus double VIP LuL Golden04: remove vip PepeLaugh souldedeh: AYAYA NNayio: nepSmug HYPERCLAP PontusIndeed: AYAYA Wheels82: VIP GONE NOW LULW Schorhard: LIDL aim HappySmile123: upVIPed Pog dartharius_: forsenPuke2 naruto__456: BlessRNG BlessRNG FappyMcFlappy: daley knows how to put up a good show instead of being boring teleporters like shark and ela WeirdChamp NNayio: monkaS Tetrahom: elaHYUK [Perception3/8] Try to make a sick play and not fall for 3 damage in the process. kawaii_siwmae: Harro AYAYA Deliriumi1: HARoo SonicatorTV: gachiOnFIRE Zero_Abyss: Harro AYAYA Omiyage2: AYAYA HARO kawaii_siwmae: elaK Floating_Hedgehog: LULW Scaythly: How about FF14 Elajjaz ela13 This expac is actually one of the best FF stories altogether NNayio: elaK TJ_Mellow: elaK One_Eyed_Maestro: FappyMcFlappy true LULW NordicRain: elaK UltraWindow: 5Head ofcourse King_Insane: elaK AlcatraZ567: Kapp Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: elaK seydanator: elaK talkman_: elaK KaitoKidShadow: elaK Toprak078: elaK dosakarud: LULW Prosskull0517: elaK One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK Epic_mass_of_distruction: Worms WeirdChamp KaitoKidShadow: its super close kawaii_siwmae: Everyone is so even monkaW NNayio: CUTE TEAM FIRST AYAYA souldedeh: PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: @KrazyShark LULW Valtha:>:3 rawr dragonxnin: Play mordhau its darksouls 3d and also pvp and also pve and also i’m trying to buy darksouls 3 bundle any tips ๐Ÿ˜‰ rtcrules206: cute team AYAYA Kaspu: PepeLaugh Scaythly: We’re waiting for you in the FC elaThirst Omiyage2: nepSmug on the TheIlluminati qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqo: witcher 3 kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ PepeLaugh Prosskull0517: CUTE TEAM PLS WIN AYAYA pekkaatte: runescape Tasarion: hasn’t even finished witcher elaWeird Kaspu: pepeS Neravor: Let’s go dungeon masters VaN kawaii_siwmae: monkaW TyrantZedd: SurQ_ PepeHands talkman_: PepeLaugh so close KingMidas133: monkaW hepha1: teaming against Shark WeirdChamp Leo_Fara: monkaW SonicatorTV: monkaW Skurd: Hentai games are best to do off stream Kananmuna1: monkaW bongo9000: monkaW Kaspu: Pog krezal: PepeS ViveLaDissidence: PepeUff monkaSHAKE NNayio: monkaW hangedm4n: monkaS UltraWindow: jesus SonicatorTV: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: monkaW don’t do it Epic_mass_of_distruction: @dragonxnin Dark souls is 3D ??? ergoproxie: @Elajjaz did you finish NV? If so, what game is next? dartharius_: its me PepeHands wandering_pleb: monkaW NNayio: PepeUff SlavMayer: Pog souldedeh: play Habbo Pog NNayio: PepeUff :dash; kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ monkaW zulul_vi_von_zulul: xqcHands capitanodorito: @Scaythly you liked the raids? elaOP NNayio: PepeUff 💨 Floating_Hedgehog: PepeUff dragonxnin: SPAM MORDHAU CHAT TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeUff living up to it’s name xHydraaP: @ergoproxie Finish? NV? PepeLaugh Fearswe: @SurQ_ Careful with the acrobatics. We both know you aren’t that good t them elaOP Tasarion: pepe almost uff’d himself elaHAA KrazyShark: uff kawaii_siwmae: monkaW Kaspu: OMEGADOWN souldedeh: mordhau ResidentSleeper SonicatorTV: monkaW Valtha: LUL SurQ_: Fearswe nrdyREE MyNameLacksImagination: LULW SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Scaythly: The landslides… the landslides rooBooli Kananmuna1: LULW AlcatraZ567: LUL One_Eyed_Maestro: oofas Golden04: PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: LUL NNayio: FailFish Neravor: LULW Sunshinewalker: OMEGALUL Straddy_: LULW Deliriumi1: oof c0rnflex: oof dartharius_: shark LULW Dr_Jan_Itor: PepeUff dosakarud: gachiBOP talkman_: VaN Clap ergoproxie: @xHydraaP LULW Zero_Abyss: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh LorkiStream: postal 2 next PepeLaugh Tasarion: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh Leo_Fara: PepeUff 💨 KrazyShark: I’M PANICKING OKAY PepeHands KrazyShark: SHUT UP talkman_: Ela could do postal 2 for the uber nostalgia trip POGGERS SurQ_: Fearswe Hey elaOP at least i didint lose any hp this time Wheels82: @Scaythly all the landslides PepeHands Wuxia: PepeUff 💨 monkaSHAKE why is it so cold suddenly Fearswe: @SurQ_ True Deliriumi1: elas been only collecting shit all game LUL dosakarud: gachiBOP Clap Neravor: Thank you sir gachiGASM Nazzet: HandsUp AmalThazad: @KrazyShark Don’t panic. Geneva Power Pog kawaii_siwmae: Pog SurQ_: Pog Kaspu: Pog Nix_Abyss: ok gachiBOP Nazzet: gachiBASS KaitoKidShadow: Pog MyNameLacksImagination: Pog UltraWindow: PogU Fullmetalcheese: gachiHYPER Jemi02: Pog Zero_Abyss: Pog TheLadyCharlotte: @fearswe PepeLaugh don’t booli him too much ela12 Golden04: Pog iRedempti00n: Pog Floating_Hedgehog: Pog talkman_: Pog Prosskull0517: Pog TJ_Mellow: Pog SonicatorTV: Chag mentalvary: Clap PontusIndeed: Pog KingMidas133: Pog NNayio: KOBE Pog zamsugger: Pog Kananmuna1: Pog ViveLaDissidence: Pog pekkaatte: Pog TeenyTinyRedhead: PepeHands Leo_Fara: Chag Sunshinewalker: gachiBASS Tasarion: Chag TheZecaUrubu: KOBE zulul_vi_von_zulul: elaWOW Chartalord: Pog mrfuddyduddy: Pog ISinistarI: Pog bedotheman: Clap shaddoll: Pog wandering_pleb: Chag DigitalZips: who is this guy Pog xHydraaP: Clap 扌空妙: 2 bongo9000: Pog Omiyage2: Pog Obsecene PLay dosakarud: gachiBOP Valtha: almost mLG Nazzet: AYAYA Monster5crak: gachiHYPER NNayio: 2 PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: LAKKI AYAYA Neravor: AYAYA crashfort: people that use gachiBOP are alright in my book gachiBOP TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag Kaspu: @KrazyShark Weeb luck WeirdChamp nekro793: LAKKI AYAYA Fearswe: @TheLadyCharlotte You heard what happened right? elaKek mikkirus: 40 is max dmg no? hepha1: teaming against Shark WeirdChamp ssssip: gachoBP{ dunerinno: gachiBASS Prosskull0517: elaYA King_Insane: @KrazyShark i believe in you elaYEEHAW you’ll win this Drrufus1: @crashfort gachiBASS ssssip: gachiBOP Toprak078: BillyReady xHydraaP: gachiBOP Clap TheLadyCharlotte: @fearswe I sure did elaKek dragonxnin: tables have turned look at shark One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: If shark wins you giveaway your channel PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: gachiBASS>>gachiBOP Neravor: That elaDM on the beach RaucherZed: ….swallow WHAT ?? nekro793: fucked in AssShark? LUL kawaii_siwmae: Boolyed nrdyD Kaspu: So lucky NordicRain: PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: Imagine being shark rn PepeLaugh TJ_Mellow: Stop bullying elaB Toprak078: billyReady mizoreeee: weeb luck AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Fourty|Clip No.25| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpoopyAmusedTarsierTakeNRG LUL FappyMcFlappy: that mine just peaced out SonicatorTV: no booli nrdyB kawaii_siwmae: Weeb luck AYAYA Uboran: survived 3 airstrikes Fearswe: @TheLadyCharlotte It was so funny elaKek NNayio: nepSmug HYPERCLAP hepha1: teaming against Shark WeirdChamp teaming against Shark WeirdChamp teaming against Shark WeirdChamp souldedeh: KrazyShark FeelsBadMan Kananmuna1: Stop booli shark PepeHands Omiyage2: AYAYA YEA SAH Martiansam: elaB kawaii_siwmae: hihihi AYAYA Neravor: hehehehehehe AYAYA crashfort: AYAYA BroqRox: KrazyShark PepeHands TyrantZedd: monkaW SonicatorTV: hihihihi AYAYA gulshan1: kanYe mizoreeee: monkaW bongo9000: monkaW Xerenix: PepeHands Leo_Fara: HIHIHIHIHI AYAYA iRedempti00n: FeelsPepoMan TJ_Mellow: elaS Zalinero_: AYAYA SonicatorTV: monkaW monkaTOS RicHaya: monkaW zulul_vi_von_zulul: elaS SurQ_: wow kaspu SurQ_: just wow iRedempti00n: Pog kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: Pog Clap Dr_Jan_Itor: 5Head talkman_: Clap Kaspu: LULW TJ_Mellow: Pog pekkaatte: Pog Tasarion: Chag iRedempti00n: PogU Floating_Hedgehog: Clap PontusIndeed: Pog Lightning4444: Champ souldedeh: PogU wandering_pleb: Champ ViveLaDissidence: PepeUff PepeHands MrCosmonafft: That speed tho Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: AlienPls PontusIndeed: pepeJAM dosakarud: pepeJAM TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ PepeHands InternetVillainSuperstar: PepeUff pekkaatte: 5Head play Clap SonicatorTV: pepeJAMMER NNayio: PepeUff PepeHands TyrantZedd: SurQ_ PepeHands Neravor: pepeJAMMER Fullmetalcheese: AlienPls Riggedi: pepeJAM One_Eyed_Maestro: EljanPls NNayio: pepeJAM KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM Kananmuna1: pepeJAM Dr_Jan_Itor: pepeJAM xyphrs: xyphrs subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 27 months! Weeb Streamer FeelsWeirdMan Xerenix: pepeJAM WrestlerBot2000: @xyphrs After 27 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Blackbird_SR71C: PepeHands Pepe did nothing wrong… RicHaya: pepeJAM kawaii_siwmae: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Boolying Sur TyrantZedd: pepeJAM Golden04: pepeJAM UltraWindow: nepSmug souldedeh: elaGa Fearswe: @Elajjaz In our last D&D session, they had a battle with some gnoblins. And SurQ tried to jump over two fallen trees and failed both times, second time he even took damage elaKek kawaii_siwmae: elaK Kaspu: @kawaii_siwmae I didn’t do it on purpose PepeHands FappyMcFlappy: daley getting targeted FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: true AYAYA One_Eyed_Maestro: elaK Neravor: Weeb streamer AYAYA Clap NordicRain: elaK SurQ_: wtf JackTheSnakeMiles: best worms ever made Kaspu: WHAT KaitoKidShadow: UFF kawaii_siwmae: monkaW SurQ_: how TJ_Mellow: elaD Floating_Hedgehog: OMEGADOWN dosakarud: LULW Zero_Abyss: Pog UltraWindow: LULW Xerenix: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW RicHaya: Chag LickMyPretzel: PepeUff Riggedi: Pog mentalvary: Chag pekkaatte: LULW NNayio: LULW gulshan1: Chag MrCosmonafft: LULW Leo_Fara: NANIII KingMidas133: PogU grevedarkholm: Pog xHydraaP: monkaOOF dartharius_: D: nekro793: LULW bronzed__: Pog iRedempti00n: LULW PontusIndeed: Pog Kgcool: VAC mizoreeee: Chag daley_: ๐Ÿ™‚ ViveLaDissidence: chu say Chag wandering_pleb: Chag bongo9000: Pog mrfuddyduddy: XD Golden04: Pog Tasarion: LAKKI AYAYA zulul_vi_von_zulul: LAKKI AYAYA LickMyPretzel: ๐Ÿ™‚ NordicRain: D: GASP Fullmetalcheese: elaWut talkman_: @Elajjaz you also said some year ago you’d be interested in gta 4 playthrough elaSmile Babanusch: Pog Toprak078: rip pepe MyNameLacksImagination: Chag pekkaatte: monkaW dead crashfort: ๐Ÿ™‚ Joxih: oofas SonicatorTV: super lakkii AYAYA urnamelame: LULW MAP dosakarud: pepeJAM UltraWindow: kanYe skills KrazyShark: oh okay Kananmuna1: daley_ LAKKI AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ NNayio: monkaW Kaspu: ?????????????? TyrantZedd: WHAT LULW Deliriumi1: ??????????? KrazyShark: oh SonicatorTV: LUL jclester: Thats some bs LUL Dreamski: ????????????? mentalvary: LULW NNayio: FailFish Golden04: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW dosakarud: ?????????????? Monni98: ???? gulshan1: ??????? Nazzet: ????????????????? KrazyShark: OH YOU CAN TURN UltraWindow: he didnt know PepeLaugh dosakarud: ???????????????????????? RicHaya: LULW Zero_Abyss: PepeLaugh Neravor: LULW ?????? souldedeh: KrazyShark ? kawaii_siwmae: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: ????????????? AlcatraZ567: ???????????????? Kananmuna1: ????????? Szachalasznik: LULW mizoreeee: scream_of_a_thousand_cows Tasarion: ?????? OMEGALUL Denact: usedCow KrazyShark: WTF PontusIndeed: LUL jpscatter: ahhaha this map NNayio: PepeHands Straddy_: LULW LickMyPretzel: @KrazyShark ???????????????? mikkirus: ?????? ViveLaDissidence: LULW Sunshinewalker: ???? OMEGALUL DigitalZips: … elaWeird Senaattori: WTF TheZecaUrubu: 🐮 ?? Monster5crak: ??????????????? TheLadyCharlotte: LULW Leo_Fara: Clap One_Eyed_Maestro: SO BAD LULW Stelthasin: ????? TJ_Mellow: elaKek King_Insane: ??? AlcatraZ567: ??????????? TyrantZedd: WhiskeyFudge Can I weird that ela12 dartharius_: ???????????? Clixx: PepeLaugh NNayio: COWS PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: elaGa xHydraaP: @talkman_ yes lets leave that at a few years ago LUL Floating_Hedgehog: LULW Kaspu: wASTED OMEGADOWN Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp zulul_vi_von_zulul: elaKek elaKek elaKek seydanator: ????? zamsugger: LULW Toprak078: rip cows somerandomguyog: ???????????? Chartalord: ?????? TeenyTinyRedhead: OMEGALUL pip42: ? Blackbird_SR71C: Insane pepega play Monster5crak: ????????????? Wheels82: @KrazyShark elaWeird KrazyShark: I DIDNT KNOW YOU CAN TURN Senaattori: ?????!!! grevedarkholm: LULW iggy1337: FeelsWeirdMam AlcatraZ567: WHAT????????? Domanel: LULW ??????? shaddoll: 3Head kawaii_siwmae: Haha AYAYA dosakarud: haHAA eliastheepicgamer: he did not know LUL Tetrisismymaster: ????????????????????????? wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: AH AH Streamleen: almost suicide One_Eyed_Maestro: haHAA Prosskull0517: Not the cows PepeHands Sqwaaks: Shark is malding LULW Monster5crak: ???? tim5263883: hobbDerp Dr_Jan_Itor: KrazyShark OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: haHAA Kaspu: One of the best weapons OMEGADOWN Dreamski: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Amro_bhr: LULW LMFAO zulul_vi_von_zulul: haHAA pekkaatte: @KrazyShark ???????? LeOnyon: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan bongo9000: OMEGALUL Neravor: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp MrJudaine: 🐄 Migu3z: haHAA Floating_Hedgehog: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh Szachalasznik: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan gulshan1: haHAA KrazyShark: @Elajjaz I THOUGHT THEY ALL WENT THAT’S WHY I TURNED dosakarud: gachiBOP ViveLaDissidence: gachiBOP NordicRain: And now the camper elaWeird iggy1337: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan crashfort: gachiBOP ZephidsEmbrace: @KrazyShark you sent those cows directly to a watery death PepeHands Skurd: Poke /prod kawaii_siwmae: OMEGLOL talkman_: OMEGLOL gulshan1: OMEGLOL NNayio: OMEGLAUL xHydraaP: WeirdChamp NNayio: OMEGLOL Kananmuna1: OMEGLOL Straddy_: OMEGLOL hepha1: teaming against Shark WeirdChamp teaming against Shark WeirdChamp teaming against Shark WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: OMEGLOL daley_: … SurQ_: LULW Deliriumi1: LUL crashfort: PepeS Shadowfax71: @krazyshark elaWeird LickMyPretzel: monkaSHAKE NNayio: monkaX Xerenix: LULW iRedempti00n: monkaW Tasarion: monkaW talkman_: ANELE Clap pekkaatte: monkaW dartharius_: PepeS FappyMcFlappy: wow Sunshinewalker: monkaW kawaii_siwmae: LULW Golden04: monkaH TJ_Mellow: elaKek SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: ANELE RandonLoLPlayer: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW UltraWindow: PepeLaugh NNayio: LULW mentalvary: daley LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Riggedi: LULW nekro793: ANELE PontusIndeed: LUL TheZecaUrubu: oh shit I’m sorry LULW AlcatraZ567: LUL Kaspu: LULW TheLadyCharlotte: monkaW SurQ_: GOTTEM LULW gulshan1: lulw Kananmuna1: LULW FappyMcFlappy: insane targeting zulul_vi_von_zulul: elaKek AlcatraZ567: Jebaited Golden04: PepeLaugh Fearswe: RIP KaitoKidShadow: lol gulshan1: LULW Amro_bhr: LULW Szachalasznik: planned LULW xantou: LULW SirSaymon: The police monkaW MrCosmonafft: Chances given – chanses taken LULW crashfort: ☣️ ☢️ PepeS kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ Look out monkaW Senaattori: LUCK jabbathefuk: LUL NNayio: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Korhain: PepeLaugh Fearswe: @Elajjaz In our last D&D session, they had a battle with some gnoblins. And SurQ tried to jump over two fallen trees and failed both times, second time he even took damage elaKek pekkaatte: ela not last place Pog Dreamski: pepe next PepeHands SurQ_: oh god i may go down too monkaW ViveLaDissidence: hepha1 he literally send a bunch of cows to a painfull drowning death , he deserved that one WeirdChamp TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ I believe HandsUp TeenyTinyRedhead: Worms coughing is so sad PepeHands Frosted_wheats: ACHOO AYAYA Migu3z: AYAYA nekro793: ecchi AYAYA Febox: 3,6 ROENTGEN monkaW Dreamski: monkaW next monkaW Neravor: Gnoblins? elaOk TyrantZedd: SurQ_ PepeHands troublematicc: ECCHI AYAYA Dreamski: Pog SurQ_: F PepeHands LorkiStream: AYAYA ecchi AYAYA iRedempti00n: Pog UltraWindow: DnD is f un crashfort: Oi! Deliriumi1: Champ Tasarion: Chag One_Eyed_Maestro: SurQ_ PepeLaugh Wuxia: H AYAYA kawaii_siwmae: @SurQ_ PepeHands Floating_Hedgehog: Pog Prosskull0517: PogU TheMoltenGuy: Clap Petrozza7: Pog iRedempti00n: 5Head MrCosmonafft: Clap AlcatraZ567: PogU TJ_Mellow: ClappingKappa NNayio: Champ hepha1: @ViveLaDissidence PepeHands talkman_: Clap MyNameLacksImagination: Clap FappyMcFlappy: its for nerds anyways 🤓 NordicRain: Clap Nazzet: Clap Kananmuna1: Pog Clap RandonLoLPlayer: Pog Draddrick: Chag Wheels82: Clap vxl__: Clap xHydraaP: Clap mrfuddyduddy: HOLY pekkaatte: Clap SurQ_: Clap for the nade tho InternetVillainSuperstar: monkaW mentalvary: Clap Leo_Fara: Chag PontusIndeed: Clap SonicatorTV: Champ Korhain: Clap AlcatraZ567: Clap wandering_pleb: Champ HYPERCLAP CardCaptorMayuri: Clap Xerenix: Chag Clap NNayio: Clap Migu3z: Clap MiIIiki: PepeHands Toprak078: @SurQ_ PepeHands gtF_: Clap Senaattori: clap shaddoll: Clap Babanusch: Clap Schorhard: AYAYA Clap TJ_Mellow: Clap JJJ67: Clap Kaspu: @SurQ_ I’m sorry PepeHands NNayio: @Kaspu AYAYA Clap SaintNep: nepSmug Clap Kickin_97: Crab Tasarion: AYAYA NordicRain: weeb plays Pog Clap kryptovv: AYAYA Clap ViveLaDissidence: No pepes PepeHands dartharius_: weebs winning FeelsWeirdMan ComradeNerdy: https://i.imgur.com/78AjXVw.gif nrdyKek Golden04: only weebs left now FeelsWeirdMan Fearswe: @Elajjaz You can always listen in if you want. iRedempti00n: CHERNOBYL PepeHands TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ PepeHands I believed PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: all frogs killed Clap Skurd: Streamer bribed people so he win easy? SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte thank you tho FeelsGoodMan elaHYUG BruiseVein: ECCHI AYAYA King_Insane: 3rd place Krazyshark, almost there eliastheepicgamer: FeelsWeirdMan Annonn140: i killed a goblin ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr_Jan_Itor: Nerdy LULW NNayio: @Golden04 but ela is not a weeb Kapp UltraWindow: KrazyShark vs 2 weebs monkaW seydanator: only weebs left AYAYA Wheels82: NERDY LULW WerewolfB: Nerdy LULW TyrantZedd: ComradeNerdy Looks about right AYAYA NNayio: monkaW Kananmuna1: ComradeNerdy LULW Golden04: @NNayio totally Kapp talkman_: But the omega wind NNayio: NEP monkaW Annonn140: LULW Uboran: wrong wind Kgcool: @ComradeNerdy AYAYA AYAYA Mirando: fearswe I must play with you one day elaKek Kaspu: OMEGADOWN Toprak078: as long as cute team dowsnt win tidooh: @Fearswe what version are you playing? Pog SurQ_: Kaspu PepeHands how could you, i even watched hxh with you KrazyShark: fuck the wind was too strong @Elajjaz 扌空妙: not the right wind AlcatraZ567: LULW kawaii_siwmae: FeelsWeirdMan talkman_: WeirdChamp Deliriumi1: FeelsWeirdMan Dreamski: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan NNayio: LULW Xerenix: @ComradeNerdy Where did you get that picture of me? elaB mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan PontusIndeed: FeelsWeirdMan kawaii_siwmae: elaK Monster5crak: ??????????? Fearswe: @tidooh 5th dosakarud: gachiBOP KaitoKidShadow: elaK Wheels82: elaK Zero_Abyss: elaK Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: elak Leo_Fara: elaK AlcatraZ567: Kapp Glenshane: elaK Doully92: elaK Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP NordicRain: Camper elaWeird Blackbird_SR71C: elaK You will eat those words ela ComradeNerdy: Xerenix ela1 Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK c0rnflex: FeelsWeirdMan FappyMcFlappy: e? Fear? NNayio: monkaW NEP tidooh: @Fearswe awesome elaISee Valtha: Air strikes ResidentSleeper NNayio: PepeHands Amro_bhr: LULW crashfort: gachiBOP souldedeh: nepSmug WerewolfB: nepJail Fearswe: @FappyMcFlappy 5th HalflightSpearoftheChurch: just lube it up Kreygasm UltraWindow: AYAYA lakki bongo9000: gachiOnFIRE J0hnnyBlade: nepalm nepSmug kawaii_siwmae: PepeHands Sunshinewalker: LUL Doully92: gachiHYPER PontusIndeed: LUL AlcatraZ567: nepSmug xHydraaP: Cleapnup WeirdChamp NNayio: NEPU PepeHands Neravor: 50 Chag Itsmetrolio3: gachiOnFIRE One_Eyed_Maestro: good money HotPokket Fearswe: @Mirando Well, I’m DM elaDM Dr_Jan_Itor: get fucked nep talkman_: @fear VaN Clap TensaZS1: NaM WEEBS Uboran: no way Deliriumi1: Didn’t someone say they gift subs if ela wins Champ TyrantZedd: nepSmug Clap Doully92: FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: elaWeird KaitoKidShadow: FeelsWeirdMan Omiyage2: nepSmug Clap ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp WerewolfB: LULW ??? Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp Straddy_: FeelsWeirdMan TJ_Mellow: elaWeird NNayio: LULW Floating_Hedgehog: FeelsWeirdMan SirSaymon: They’re dying PepeHands RandonLoLPlayer: WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp xHydraaP: Clappu Riggedi: elaWeird talkman_: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu Sunshinewalker: FeelsWeirdMan weeb plays iRedempti00n: FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: elaWeird souldedeh: Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Kanzeon: 🐢 olli2101: FeelsWeirdMan ComradeNerdy: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: Yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Dreamski: LULW pepega JJJ67: FeelsWeirdMan CardCaptorMayuri: OMEGALUL Neravor: @Kaspu PepeLaugh Monster5crak: FeelsWeirdMan cho_pin: LULW Chartalord: WeirdChamp hangedm4n: PepeLaugh scream_of_a_thousand_cows: FeelsWeirdMan PontusIndeed: FeelsWeirdMan ShivaQQ: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu Glenshane: WeirdChamp NNayio: @Kaspu AYAYA GOOD PLAY Kananmuna1: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu seydanator: FeelsWeirdMan c0rnflex: FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan One_Eyed_Maestro: Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan bedotheman: FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: elaChug we like fortnite FappyMcFlappy: oh right I am actually pepeeja elaGa eliastheepicgamer: he has a donkey monkaW SurQ_: monkaW he has a donkey? Fullmetalcheese: @Kaspu WeirdChamp Dr_Jan_Itor: Kaspu WeirdChamp ViveLaDissidence: Time to team up against this man FeelsWeirdMan FappyMcFlappy: e stands for edition jpscatter: put more guns like super banana bomb @Elajjaz those are so cool souldedeh: KrazyShark ? HalflightSpearoftheChurch: noose for you monkaW kawaii_siwmae: Pepega Monster5crak: pepeja Doully92: elaGa LickMyPretzel: pepeja Cheeseek: PPJA ssssip: pepeJa nekro793: Pepeja elaGa crashfort: no hespec atpBigot SonicatorTV: elaGa kawaii_siwmae: pepeja nrdyGa One_Eyed_Maestro: Team pepeja forsenWC olli2101: team pepeeja forsenWC Fearswe: Seems like I might have to prepare to give away some subs after all elaHmm waywai: Pepeja KrazyShark: dang Dreadchain: If you let the weebs win I will have to report this stream FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan One_Eyed_Maestro: olli2101 PepeLaugh Clap WhiskeyFudge: Cheeseek Pog kawaii_siwmae: IKEALUL souldedeh: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: LUL 5 kawaii_siwmae: Maji datta elaB Monster5crak: nt TeenyTinyRedhead: Chag so close CardCaptorMayuri: AYAYA MtotheM1337: The good old days. when Worms were actually good. FeelsGoodMan Cheeseek: WhiskeyFudge elaA elaHYUG Doully92: elaK dosakarud: gachiBOP souldedeh: D: Zero_Abyss: elaK MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh Leo_Fara: elaK UltraWindow: nepSmug seydanator: only weebs left AYAYA Neravor: gachiBASS SUCTION kawaii_siwmae: elaK pekkaatte: Pog 10 free subs Riggedi: monkaW KaitoKidShadow: but you are a weeb TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ you were the only non weeb team PepeHands OrangeDeity: SUPER WOOLOO kawaii_siwmae: Pog iRedempti00n: Pog Deliriumi1: Champ Dreamski: Clap Golden04: Pog mentalvary: Pog dosakarud: Pog xHydraaP: sick WerewolfB: Chag Glenshane: Pog One_Eyed_Maestro: PogU Doully92: Pog KingMidas133: PogU iRedempti00n: PogU UltraWindow: actually did it nepSmug souldedeh: PepeHands Senaattori: clap Simon_iO: Chag Prosskull0517: D: PontusIndeed: Pog FappyMcFlappy: das pretty good Stnaos: Pog wandering_pleb: Champ bedotheman: Pog wtf olli2101: PogU Magilou_69: Pog Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Pog Straddy_: Pog NNayio: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: Pog BYE BYE talkman_: Pog Clap insane plays xantou: Pog Kananmuna1: Pog ViveLaDissidence: STRAIGHT IN HIS ASS gachiBASS c0rnflex: Pog zulul_vi_von_zulul: Chang bongo9000: Pog souldedeh: PunOko SirSaymon: PepeHands NNayio: BAI BAI PepeHands Monster5crak: Pog HYPERCLAP ClaymoreJesus: Pog Clap urnamelame: Pog Wheels82: WEEBS ARE GONE Pog TyrantZedd: Nep PepeHands MarcusValeriusCorvus: Pog TensaZS1: NaM WEEBSOUT Tasarion: PepeHands Uboran: PogChamp Jarik23: Taking out trash Pog HYPERCLAP crashfort: PunOko Sunshinewalker: Weeb down EZ Clap Schorhard: elaB King_Insane: Krazyshark 2nd place, you can do it! GraxxesDeLaRosa: Pog relav893: PepeHands Shigren: Got styled on Pog souldedeh: PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko SonicatorTV: didnt get the crate with super sheep, 2/10 play Fullmetalcheese: @Kaspu shoul’ve attacked pekkaatte: @Elajjaz remember free subs Dr_Jan_Itor: Champ iRedempti00n: 3 TensaZS1: NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT Zaunbob: Pog Clap souldedeh: PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko flowtheowl: @Fearswe ela1 ela2 Stelthasin: ez crashfort: @TensaZS1 atpShh NordicRain: Letting the guy who camped half the game win elaWeird MiIIiki: wow, Ela is actually winning Pog MrCosmonafft: I swear if shark really wins elaKek xHydraaP: he is gonna die to virus LUL SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte PepeHands MitsuoK: poison will kill him dragonxnin: just wait he will die TensaZS1: NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT @crashfort NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT NaM WEEBSOUT @crashfort Kaspu: This should be easy win for ela now OrangeDeity: COURT MARTIAL OFFENSE FappyMcFlappy: poison doesnt kill OriginalWannabe: He will die anyway LUL pekkaatte: he dies next round anyway crashfort: @TensaZS1 atpShh atpShh 7oxicshadow: he will die before u get chance KaitoKidShadow: cant die by virus OriginalWannabe: Oh ok kawaii_siwmae: Ela wins because he camps the entire game PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: elaS KaitoKidShadow: LULW Fearswe: Poison only puts you down to 1 hp Doully92: monkaW Neravor: Pog SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Wheels82: LULW xantou: LULW kawaii_siwmae: LULW mentalvary: LULW Riggedi: monkaW Zero_Abyss: LUL Golden04: PepeLaugh Straddy_: LULW Leo_Fara: monkaW Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW xantou: DED souldedeh: PepeLaugh Liransherman: LUL olli2101: LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PogU PontusIndeed: Pog shruu: PepeLaugh nekro793: LULW Stnaos: LULW TheZecaUrubu: monkaS Shigren: elaKek ssssip: LULW Desradin: Pog Nazzet: LULW RicHaya: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW pekkaatte: LULW DEAD KrazyShark: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO zulul_vi_von_zulul: monkaW Chartalord: LULW* SurQ_: Pog he is not Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Amro_bhr: LULW Deliriumi1: LUCKER kawaii_siwmae: BlessRNG OrangeDeity: WOW dragonxnin: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TensaZS1: gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: noooo he fucked up Kaspu: @KrazyShark FeelsPepoMan Clap xHydraaP: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TyrantZedd: KrazyShark OMEGADOWN Desradin: monkaW Zero_Abyss: Pog UltraWindow: AYAYA lakki talkman_: monkaW Stelthasin: pog King_Insane: KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap Skurd: SO LUCKY ! mentalvary: lakki olli2101: Pog Domanel: PogU WerewolfB: PepeLaugh Szachalasznik: So close monkaS Dreamski: HOW CAN YOU FAIL OMEGALUL One_Eyed_Maestro: LULW Doully92: WTF LULW TensaZS1: VaN Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS SonicatorTV: so lakkii AYAYA Golden04: Pog seydanator: NOOOOOOOO Neravor: FUCK YOU VaN ViveLaDissidence: Pog lived Dr_Jan_Itor: safe monkaW NordicRain: So close LULW iRedempti00n: monkaW RicHaya: Chag Kgcool: luckiest thing i’ve ever seen Prosskull0517: So lucky NaikoIshino: Pog Simoteus: FUCK YOU gachiOnFIRE Leo_Fara: LAKKI AYAYA Tasarion: FeelsWeirdMan so lakki SurQ_: Tight monkaW ComradeNerdy: OMEGALUL CardCaptorMayuri: LUL TeenyTinyRedhead: Fuuuck OrangeDeity: YES SIR One_Eyed_Maestro: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Clap LickMyPretzel: he fucked uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup MiIIiki: everyone has one if they set it in their team PontusIndeed: PogChamp nekro793: weeb lakk AYAYA Fearswe: HOLY FUCK THAT WAS CLOSE Kal1m3r0: PepeUff dragonxnin: LAKKKIIIIIIIII Doully92: PepeLaugh MtotheM1337: airstrike FappyMcFlappy: 5Head RicHaya: PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh packers81: streamer luck Xerenix: PepeLaugh souldedeh: oh no no no PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: 5Head SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte you should insteal yours too and play with us next time FeelsGoodMan Nazzet: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: 5Head Stelthasin: clockwise Naniyo: 5Head elaPlan Tasarion: 5Head elaPlan Valtha: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan air strikes Sunshinewalker: Here it comes PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: elaKek AurbisDragon: 5Head Doully92: PepeLaugh Clap SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh SurQ_: install * FeelsPepoMan hangedm4n: PepeLaugh Riggedi: elaKek pekkaatte: yes you can Fearswe: Try it PontusIndeed: LUL Dreamski: Ela waits til everyone kills themselves and then takes out the last one WeirdChamp Reddinator: danO iRedempti00n: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: try One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh Fearswe: You have nothing to lose mentalvary: malding PepeLaugh Simon_iO: PepeLaugh bobbysplinters: yes Prosskull0517: Yes yes indeed 5Head Deliriumi1: the mine can fall on him Amro_bhr: oh no no no PepeLaugh King_Insane: KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap Swift_chamois: mine might get it Monster5crak: YOU CAN Glenshane: PepeLaugh zulul_vi_von_zulul: PepeLaugh J0hnnyBlade: PepeUff Valtha: Bazooka match or go home Nazzet: 100 subs PepeLaugh dosakarud: hit mine with air strike and hope for best Kappa Monster5crak: HE IS 1 lyck0sten: Bounce the mine Pog TyrantZedd: LULW KaitoKidShadow: Clap LickMyPretzel: lmao Doully92: LULW FappyMcFlappy: LULW iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN olicraft23: lulw Fullmetalcheese: LULW Golden04: LULW Neravor: OMEGLOL Petrozza7: OMEGADOWN Glenshane: LULW Tasarion: OMEGALUL Prosskull0517: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW MtotheM1337: LUL TJ_Mellow: elaKek souldedeh: PepeLaugh Shigren: LULW olli2101: OMEGALUL daremo96: LULW Fearswe: LUL SonicatorTV: elaKek WerewolfB: IKEALUL kawaii_siwmae: OMEGALUL Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN nekro793: IKEALUL SurQ_: LULW artoflec: LULW Stnaos: LULW Leo_Fara: OMEGADOWN MiIIiki: OMEGLOL Skurd: CLAP CALP TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ I will probably just disconnect and/or die on the first turn elaGa mentalvary: FeelsPepoMan relav893: 2Head Monster5crak: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: OMEGALUL PontusIndeed: LuL One_Eyed_Maestro: OH NO NO PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Clap kokosenpaai: LUL zulul_vi_von_zulul: elaKek NordicRain: Cx Zalinero_: PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh c0rnflex: LULW Dreadchain: JUST KILL HIM 4HEad pekkaatte: LULW CardCaptorMayuri: OMEGADOWN cho_pin: OMEGADOWN Schorhard: IKEALUL eliastheepicgamer: so bad PontusIndeed: LUL Zero_Abyss: Airstrike his ass LUL UltraWindow: sorry for what? MrCosmonafft: vi lost ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: PepeHands anyways talkman_: ela gonna die to water FeelsBadMan Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Stelthasin: LUL IllFated2: LULW MiIIiki: Y OMEGLOL OLO One_Eyed_Maestro: HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh OrangeDeity: UNDERWATER ATTACK NEXT Golden04: anyways PepeHands Lagunaab: SORRY FOR WHAT ? Doully92: PepeLaugh Unless SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte worth a try nrdyOwO mikkirus: air strike+wind will do it WerewolfB: HE WILL PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: Napalm LUL Fearswe: @Elajjaz Just air strike him next turn talkman_: @mikkirus wind doesn’t affect airstrike KrazyShark: omeg souldedeh: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog ShivaQQ: Pog UltraWindow: PepeLaugh nekro793: Pog Kaspu: OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: TheLadyCharlotte elaHYUG pepeL elaWOW TyrantZedd: IKEALUL Golden04: PepeLaugh kawaii_siwmae: IKEALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW dosakarud: LUL Dr_Jan_Itor: LULW Doully92: IKEALUL mentalvary: PepeLaugh Wheels82: IKEALUL FappyMcFlappy: airstrike can hit that souldedeh: PepeLaugh shruu: PepeLaugh Szachalasznik: LULW One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh OriginalWannabe: LUL Neravor: OMEGLOL LickMyPretzel: lol TheLadyCharlotte: @surq_ ((( nrdyOwO ))) no kryptovv: ChagLULW Lukasbech: W Pog R M S Monster5crak: IKEALUL PontusIndeed: LUL hangedm4n: LULW Kananmuna1: IKEALUL Xerenix: IKEALUL Desradin: LULW Tasarion: IKEALUL LickMyPretzel: hahahahahah MiIIiki: it was crose nekro793: IKEALUL JJJ67: IKEALUL Leo_Fara: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: whyyyyyyyyyyy PepeHands ShivaQQ: HE DID IT Pog Korhain: PepeLaugh MtotheM1337: Didn’t even change it to 5 seconds LUL Kal1m3r0: not even close FappyMcFlappy: if you’re good at airstrikes wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh cho_pin: OMEGALUL TyrantZedd: TheLadyCharlotte pepeL MitsuoK: airstrike prox mine Fearswe: @Elajjaz Air strike Kaspu: forsenSleeper WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! UltraWindow: elaChug kawaii_siwmae: FeelsWeirdMan Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: FeelsWeirdMan SonicatorTV: elaWeird PontusIndeed: FeelsWeirdMan RandonLoLPlayer: you suck LuL Zane_Within: elaWeird ShivaQQ: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan dosakarud: gachiBOP Nazzet: VaN Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan TheLadyCharlotte: @sonicatortv elaHYUG pepeL @tyrantzedd pepeL Neravor: WOO gachiVICTORY tajouriz: LULW Straddy_: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz ViveLaDissidence: VaN talkman_: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan raider_unkindled: monkaW you’re dead?! pekkaatte: LULW Fearswe: Yes you can King_Insane: KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK Clap Fearswe: No they aren’t FappyMcFlappy: ela you just have to believe Dreamski: one missile can hit Szmatson: WTF ELA LULW Valtha: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Fearswe: You just need a single missile to hit Pexhzz: Pexhzz subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! WrestlerBot2000: @pexhzz I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz SurQ_: TheLadyCharlotte (( nrdyOwO )) fine ShivaQQ: i feel krazyshark at this one, this is personal monkaW Uboran: underwater homing missile when its close ernough @Elajjaz Fearswe: Not at all UltraWindow: splash damage ela Zero_Abyss: from right ZombieRyan: ela youre so bad Beard_Of_Joy: mine) KaitoKidShadow: any damage will do Xerenix: You can hit him ViveLaDissidence: He had access to higher ground than you , you need to kill him not go up PepeLaugh Pexhzz: elaH Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark You had napalm didn’t you?? Monster5crak: u are to bad OMEGADOWN Omiyage2: @Elajjaz WeirdChampThrowing for content mikkirus: u dont lose anything – try airstrike Doully92: D: ZombieRyan: LUL Dreamski: one missile has clear view of the worm for sure Streamleen: It’s gonna be the Jump King ending. Nazzet: D: souldedeh: D: kawaii_siwmae: D: One_Eyed_Maestro: D: SonicatorTV: D: Valtha: Backseating elaWeird WerewolfB: winning Kapp SurQ_: D: asgar1: hit the mine next to him Kaspu: OMEGADOWN Doully92: monkaW iRedempti00n: monkaW Liransherman: close kawaii_siwmae: monkaW Neravor: kanYe KaitoKidShadow: Pog shruu: monkaS OrangeDeity: JESUS talkman_: monkaW souldedeh: monkaX LickMyPretzel: oooooooooooo kryptovv: monkaW Tasarion: monkaW SurQ_: monkaW Zero_Abyss: monkaW olli2101: monkaW Riggedi: monkaW Kananmuna1: monkaW Leo_Fara: monkaW Sunshinewalker: monkaW FappyMcFlappy: monka S dude TyrantZedd: TheLadyCharlotte I did well proper good this game ela12 SirSaymon: monkaW Golden04: monkaW Szmatson: AIRSTRIKE PontusIndeed: monkaS TeenyTinyRedhead: omg so close elaWOW kawaii_siwmae: OMEGALUL Jarik23: So fucking lucky MiIIiki: no talkman_: PepeLaugh CardCaptorMayuri: monkaW seydanator: @KrazyShark Clap tim5263883: hobbS hobbS hobbS Dreamski: YEP LULW KaitoKidShadow: Pog Clap UltraWindow: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: wait I FELL One_Eyed_Maestro: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: no Liransherman: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: NOOOOOOOO SurQ_: just dance for BM PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: yes PepeLaugh grevedarkholm: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh Uboran: yep Doully92: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: LULW FappyMcFlappy: yeah not now its not xHydraaP: AIRSTRIKE Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Fearswe: Not now no UltraWindow: water is PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: DETH Szmatson: PepeLaugh One_Eyed_Maestro: monkaW AlcatraZ567: LULW FELL ZombieRyan: if water is gonna kill him try it anywau dosakarud: no TheZecaUrubu: can’t you push the mine? Uboran: just pass turn and you win talkman_: don’t KaitoKidShadow: no Numenization: no souldedeh: oh no no no PepeLaugh Dreadchain: SURE Kapp MtotheM1337: yes LUL Kgcool: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Nazzet: PepeLaugh Neravor: monkaW VoteNay crashfort: PepeS Fexxx: no Beard_Of_Joy: no nekro793: yes Jebaited Skurd: yes pekkaatte: dont NordicRain: yes TyrantZedd: PepeS kawaii_siwmae: monkaS PontusIndeed: No FappyMcFlappy: monkaW WerewolfB: yes Kapp MrCosmonafft: Deth PepeLaugh seydanator: yes troublematicc: yes Doully92: monkaX SonicatorTV: PepeLaugh Dreamski: monkaW SurQ_: PepeLaugh Here it comes ekahS_hS: no Numenization: monkaW Plated_Pangolin: yes Kal1m3r0: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Liransherman: monkaW Tasarion: monkaX Chartalord: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ shruu: PepeLaugh ssssip: monkaX TyrantZedd: OMEGADOWN Glenshane: LULW Golden04: monkaW Kickin_97: DO IT YE PANSY artoflec: pepeLaugh Kaspu: ?????????? TheMoltenGuy: LULW FappyMcFlappy: oh my god MyNameLacksImagination: LOL Dreamski: WHY LMAO dosakarud: LULW iRedempti00n: OMEGADOWN ZombieRyan: POG KaitoKidShadow: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA bongo9000: monkaW Stelthasin: pog Numenization: LULW Doully92: LULW OMG Shigren: LULW LickMyPretzel: lmao kawaii_siwmae: OMEGALUL Zero_Abyss: LUL mikkirus: Yes Kappa TJ_Mellow: elaKek UltraWindow: OMEGLOL Simoteus: LUL Skurd: HAHAHAHA PontusIndeed: LUL Xerenix: LULW jclester: LOL Norttii: PepeLaugh xantou: hahahahahahaha Nazzet: LULW Clixx: LULW Tasarion: OMEGADOWN SurQ_: OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: elaKek Petrozza7: OMEGADOWN KrazyShark: LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME daley_: wow olli2101: OMEGALUL souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN iRedempti00n: OMEGALUL OriginalWannabe: LOOOOOOL InternetVillainSuperstar: OMEGALUL Monni98: LUL Straddy_: OMEGADOWN Riggedi: OMEGADOWN ghostfreak: LUL dosakarud: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ClaymoreJesus: OMEGADOWN rtcrules206: LUL TheZecaUrubu: VIP LULW Magilou_69: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh shikifujin16: LUL ssssip: LULW KrazyShark: LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME artoflec: ELA COME ONE kalop123: LULW iRedempti00n: LULW Golden04: LULW c0rnflex: Clap Sanzibal: LUL relav893: LULW Hank_e_Panky: LULW ViveLaDissidence: OF COURSE PepeLaugh dartharius_: FeelsWeirdMan Senaattori: AHAHAHAHA Frosted_wheats: LULW IllFated2: LULW Zalinero_: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA xHydraaP: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Zane_Within: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek talkman_: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Tasarion: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Wheels82: THE CHOKES LULW carlitoB: RiP kryptovv: ????? LULW MiIIiki: cmon man Ayarai: LUL Desradin: ????????? MitsuoK: LUL LUL LUL LUL jclester: EZ Clap troublematicc: OMEGADOWN Ifunche: lul xHydraaP: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL RandonLoLPlayer: SO BAD Jeroaa: LULW Omiyage2: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN RicHaya: LULW alicerino: LULW bongo9000: OMEGLOL d3sirio: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN shruu: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh nekro793: VIP HIM LULW spevahr: why MisterPossible: ela7 amaterasu_chase: OMEGADOWN 扌空妙: nice play urnamelame: OMEGALUL Kal1m3r0: OMEGADOWN Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW JoseMarti1853: FeelsBadMan Clap dragonxnin: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Kananmuna1: ????????????? Kaspu: @Elajjaz HOW DID YOU LOST TO KRAZYSHARK OMEGADOWN Lagunaab: JUMP KING ALL OVER AGAIN elaKek KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Dreamski: WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW WHY LULW xHydraaP: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL ekahS_hS: we told you Ifunche: LUL Tasarion: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN pekkaatte: @KrazyShark Clap Chartalord: U FUCKING SUCK LULW d0ubl3m_: lul heippahm39: IDIOT OMEGALUL souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN voodoorayray: lol kawaii_siwmae: WHY LULW Stelthasin: vivon tidooh: OMEGALUL Deliriumi1: My sub PepeHands UltraWindow: THREW ludwigx25: 9.5 TJ_Mellow: Clap One_Eyed_Maestro: ???????????????????????????? Monster5crak: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN dosakarud: FUCKING IDIOT LULW Streamleen: CALLED IT Xu_Shu: LUL Liransherman: COULDNT WAIT ONE TURN LUL OMGShameOnYou: Slowclap xantou: LULWLULW hepha1: YEEEEEEEEEEEES IkkisFTW: you gave krazy shark the win LULW iSorf: LUL LUL LUL Amro_bhr: OMEGALUL HAHAHAHHAHA Nazzet: Clap SurQ_: Fearswe no subs after all PepeLaugh hangedm4n: LULW Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW LULW LLULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW KrazyShark: LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME t0reno: FKN CHOKEDDDD Chritzli: nice jump AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Zaunbob: OMEGADOWN dragonxnin: WTF MAN talkman_: FeelsBadMan Clap BearGreeD: Clap Clap TheGuyOnAcid: ??? Propovednika: hahahaha FrostedFang: OMEGADOWN Toprak078: NotLikeThis AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN tim5263883: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis One_Eyed_Maestro: WHY!?????????????? kawaii_siwmae: D: souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN gtF_: 4Head Clap TheMoltenGuy: elaD iRedempti00n: i do ๐Ÿ™‚ KrazyShark: LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME Xaanax: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Riggedi: @KrazyShark elaA Clap BroqRox: HAHAHAHAHAAHHA shikifujin16: LUL LUL NordicRain: @KrazyShark nepSmug Clap alicerino: EZ VIP d0ubl3m_: lol SonicatorTV: INSANE PLAYS nrdyKek elaKek PepeLaugh Propovednika: hahahaa MrCosmonafft: HOW DID YOU LOSE THIS @Elajjaz souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN iSorf: PogChamp Lukasbech: PepeHands WerewolfB: @Elajjaz PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Plated_Pangolin: YOU can’t… Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu 1080p200fps: LUL Stelthasin: no TeenyTinyRedhead: HYPERCLAP PontusIndeed: D: Doully92: LULW Golden04: lost 10 subs PepeLaugh Kal1m3r0: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW saaftig: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Nix_Abyss: PepeLaugh Zalinero_: elaOk HYPERCLAP Xaanax: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN nekro793: @KrazyShark AYAYA HYPERCLAP Shigren: PepeHands KrazyShark: @Elajjaz LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME LULW VIP TIME Kananmuna1: OMEGALUL Monster5crak: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN CycleOfFire: OMEGALUL iSorf: BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage Propovednika: 1 h TyrantZedd: Rage quitting LULW dpzero747: elaGa elaPlan atomicdestruction: WeirdChamp 420bakin: PepeLaugh VIP Febox: @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU Joxih: why omegalul crashfort: :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ @Elajjaz MtotheM1337: would have won if you skipped the turn LUL @Elajjaz d3sirio: SO MALD OMEGADOWN Valinore: nepSmug Clap DeNils: Jump king ViveLaDissidence: MALD LULW xHydraaP: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Fearswe: @Elajjaz No subs for you then LUL Streamleen: JUMP KING: WORMS DLC King_Insane: KRAZYSHARK Clap KRAZYSHARK WINNER! @KrazyShark see i TOLD YOU! flowtheowl: @Fearswe another day ela1 ela2 Liransherman: MALDING PepeLaugh hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark Lagunaab: ENCORE ? olli2101: PepeLaugh MALD amaterasu_chase: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Kal1m3r0: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW nitistart: rekt Szmatson: 1 MORE Niloomilo: LULW souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN eliastheepicgamer: ragequit LULW WhiskeyFudge: FeelsWeirdMan Clap KrazyShark xHydraaP: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Prosskull0517: Anyways PepeHands FappyMcFlappy: saved 50 bucks for fear at least Nazzet: Rage quit ElaSmash Kananmuna1: SO MALD LULW Neravor: SO MALD LULW SO MALD LULW SO MALD LULW SO MALD LULW SO MALD LULW Fullmetalcheese: PepeHands Tasarion: SO MALD OMEGADOWN Doully92: PepeHands JJJ67: MALD elaKek Nix_Abyss: PepeHands MiIIiki: sumSmash GOING OFFLINE GUYS andre: LUL hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BroqRox: MASTER THROWER mentalvary: so mald PepeLaugh Febox: @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN Xaanax: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN MidgetDude110: PepeHands ANYWAYS PontusIndeed: LUL NaikoIshino: MALD PepeLaugh seydanator: @KrazyShark HYPERCLAP Golden04: PepeHands trashcandood: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm hepha1: BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark BBoomer @KrazyShark Le_Sans_Nom: classic elajjaz PepeHands GabrielMugnol: OH GOD LULW souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN Stelthasin: LUL shruu: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh shikifujin16: VIP VIP VIP Fearswe: @Elajjaz No subs for you then LUL Deliriumi1: My sub PepeHands My sub PepeHands My sub PepeHands My sub PepeHands My sub PepeHands My sub PepeHands Gloriousbonerstoner: zfgAnyway zfgAnyway zfgAnyway KaitoKidShadow: HAHAHA shikifujin16: SCAMMED Tirabolos: going offline sumSmash daley_: LULW souldedeh: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OMEGADOWN Febox: @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU @KrazyShark PogU nekro793: SCAMMED D: Kaspu: Letting krazyshark win FeelsWeirdMan Fullmetalcheese: LULW Riggedi: LULW SonicatorTV: BBoomer gulshan1: OMEGADOWN Xerenix: LULW Drrufus1: PepeHands TyrantZedd: elaKek atomicdestruction: LULW PontusIndeed: Pog Stenuu: LUL Tiliger79: LULW c0rnflex: LULW TeenyTinyRedhead: Awww UltraWindow: BBoomer RandonLoLPlayer: LOST TO SHARK LULW LOST TO SHARK LULW LOST TO SHARK LULW LOST TO SHARK LULW LOST TO SHARK LULW LOST TO SHARK LULW manic_souls: Noooooooo Nix_Abyss: elaMald PepeLaugh urnamelame: ANYWAYS PepeHands Amro_bhr: LMAO Spataprouch: elaSCAM MrCosmonafft: This was a grenade turn tho @Elajjaz PepeLaugh gulshan1: ANYWAYS TIME PepeHands PontusIndeed: LUL Kananmuna1: PepeHands TeenyTinyRedhead: elaDad elaBlush KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer Pexhzz: elaH elaH elaH Gloriousbonerstoner: elaDad nekro793: !AYAYA Sunshinewalker: Worms streams are so fucking good OMEGALUL WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady Zero_Abyss: Anyways PepeHands xHydraaP: elaSCAM bongo9000: PepeHands Liransherman: anyways PepeHands NordicRain: ! FeelsWeirdMan shikifujin16: LUL peace out chat and ela TyrantZedd: !nepSmug #EatMyAss xHydraaP: elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM elaSCAM manic_souls: He did it ekahS_hS: stream ending PepeHands Migu3z: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Draddrick: anyways PepeHands Joxih: why OMEGALUL Kananmuna1: !PepeHands One_Eyed_Maestro: anyways PepeHands Lagunaab: elaDad is wholesome dragonxnin: GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT GOOODNIGHT BroqRox: LULW thanks for the stream @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: yes please 5Pat5: (ditto) gn everyone elaH ChocolateBarni: night everyone faamil: Kappa hepha1: @KrazyShark elaH NordicRain: Runs Pog Riggedi: have a good night everyone elaH Tasarion: i miss sarge PepeHands KrazyShark: @Elajjaz that game was so fucking pepega i’m not gonna lie LULW Elajjaz: !oscial olli2101: anyways PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu MrCosmonafft: PepeHands Nix_Abyss: New Vegas PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: ANYWAYS PepeHands shikifujin16: Sarge tomorrow? amalakiah5: I ssssip: gnight Ela and Chat pepeL Marsche: PepeHands carlitoB: ty strimmer KaitoKidShadow: thanks for the stream ela ohnPeace Fearswe: !discord King_Insane: @KrazyShark congrats dude, you deserved that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! RicHaya: moon2PH Catnip_Frenzy: have a good night Pog johninatorrr: cya PepeHands xHydraaP: oscial Minn_Minn: no horror PepeHands ekahS_hS: PepeHands dpzero747: ela7 elaH dragonxnin: Please check out mordhau ๐Ÿ˜‰ TeenyTinyRedhead: Goodnight everyone elaH pepeL k4iley: byeeeeeeeeee Maranoiah: https://clips.twitch.tv/HotObeseHorseNinjaGrumpy Deliriumi1: !oscial PontusIndeed: oscal LUL Albin_Alligator: EljanPls FettTheAssassin: Night everyone elaH faamil: FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: @King_Insane FeelsGoodMan i won ComradeNerdy: night Ela and chat elaH One_Eyed_Maestro: AlienPls Jokimz: elaCozy SonicatorTV: Kaspu didnt win elaHmm KrazyShark: sharkus won FeelsGoodMan>:3 SurQ_: @Elajjaz thanks for the stream pepeL cya chat pepeL scream_of_a_thousand_cows: Goodnight Everybody elaCozy elaHYUG sleep well guys elaCozy faeyre: night elaH Kaspu: !nepSmug #UwU ekahS_hS: bye bye Ela atomicdestruction: pepeL Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu gild0n: gn:3

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