Elajjaz: Blasphemous[3] Die Young[1] (CC CHAT)

Elajjaz: Blasphemous[3] Die Young[1]  (CC CHAT)

fivepointsgang: the funniest part I remember is the trail of a time the wife died and hey husband went to the land of the dead to get her back VineWood0604: ElaCOOL SiloWang: yooooooooooooooooooooo KappatainHindsight: Clutch Pog VineWood0604: ElaJAM ElaJAMMER Xurker: FIRST wandering_pleb: pepeJAM Veddy_: pepeJAM r34shogo: yo Scooterjo3: long ways to go to catch up to ela Vanah: pepeJAMMER tentacles_have_feelings: ela12 fivepointsgang: but in the land of the dead she became so hideous, he run away LULW KappatainHindsight: ! elaFella Tyrthgar: pepeJAM PhysiCle: ! AYAYA Raftelle: elaHi JubJubWantRubRubs: pepeD nu_metal23: ElaJAMMER shoko664: yesssss Veddy_: hello chat and ela elaHYUG elaFella WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Blasphemous: Blasphemous! Finishing today and 100% 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram VineWood0604: @Veddy_ elaFella jamie_mccabe: heyo Gamer_27: catonHi PhysiCle: @Veddy_ elaFella Veddy_: VineWood0604 elaFella r34shogo: lul saugo: Hello! elaHi Veddy_: PhysiCle elaFella fivepointsgang: and that’s why people die according to Japanese paganism, she takes people away KappatainHindsight: hey guys elaFella Veddy_: saugo elaFella Veddy_: KappatainHindsight elaFella PhysiCle: @KappatainHindsight elaFella DarkShadow1093: Pog UltraWindow: pepeD Veddy_: pepeD Mezdizer: Hey Ela and chat elaH 뿡토: elaFella Tomowatt: pepeJAM wandering_pleb: elaFella Caput_Draconis: pepeD Hexarift: Hellooo EljanPls Hellquistie: elaHi Veddy_: Mezdizer elaFella SiloWang: AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride AsexualPride VineWood0604: @Mezdizer elaFella Mezdizer: EljanPls shoko664: Captain I am here Nazzet: @mezdizer, pepeL Mezdizer: Veddy_ elaFella fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaH Hi Albin_Alligator: ! bardYell #WeWantWanWan fenniksss: HELLO CHAT Mezdizer: VineWood0604 elaFella aximus_96: VoHiYo UltraWindow: !nepSmug #nepnepnep SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: So many Ancestors ads. Man epic has a marketing budget Mezdizer: Nazzet pepeL PhysiCle: @Mezdizer elaFella Arcshined: hay chat elaWOW Albin_Alligator: EljanPls brandop526: ela4 PhysiCle: @Nazzet pepeL BiestmannTV: 🙂 PhysiCle: @Arcshined elaH Nazzet: @fenniksss, pepeL Mezdizer: PhysiCle elaFella Nazzet: @PhysiCle pepeL Lycal: SourPls fenniksss: @Arcshined elaH r34shogo: Kappa KappatainHindsight: pepeJAMMER Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Nazzet: @Arcshined pepeL Veddy_: pepeD wandering_pleb: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) livanrar: yoooo LazyStreamsThings: elaHi DaniDuck: Hello everyone elaH Nazzet: daniduck cirHi fivepointsgang: hey guys DaniDuck: @Nazzet elaHi are you a bot too now? monkaW PhysiCle: @DaniDuck elaH DaniDuck: @PhysiCle elaH SaixSoul: ela2 fivepointsgang: who I didn’t talk to before elaHi Veddy_: DaniDuck elaFella Nazzet: @DaniDuck I accended MrDestructoid ✌️ DaniDuck: @Veddy_ elaH BiestmannTV: ela2 alive_and_happy: elaHi elaH PhysiCle: @fivepointsgang elaHi 1marcio080: was ela late chat? PhysiCle: Nah he was JUST on time dosakarud: gachiBASS DaniDuck: ela is always late ela13 SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: can someone explain to me what am i looking at 뿡토: FeelsLateMan ergivanc: elaSneeze KaitoJoka: urm…..hi. 1marcio080: chat im happy today 🙂 got 3 things i wanted on fgo elaWOW KappatainHindsight: always late. the stream starts automatically close to the time, he’s never here LULW fivepointsgang: at least he’s always deathless UltraWindow: SomeoneYouProbablyKnow its twitchBR Nevville: ERIAS AYAYA VineWood0604: @1marcio080 elaWOW SunBeard: @1marcio080 lolis are illegal cirCop Nevville: lo chat elaFella maxxiin: nrdyPrivet nrdyPrivet nrdyPrivet SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: @fivepointsgang FeelsWeirdMan Abbynaire: pepeD VineWood0604: @Nevville elaFella SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: but thx Nazzet: @Nevville pepeL DaniDuck: @Nevville elaH UltraWindow: !nepSmug #nepnepnep 1marcio080: SunBeard they are not lolis naroSmug ascario_drs: anything Elajjaz: cmonBrother elaGun ascario_drs: !Kappa 뿡토: cmonBruh VineWood0604: monkaW Mezdizer: monkaSHAKE Nevville: @DaniDuck @Nazzet @VineWood0604 yo fellas elaFella Nazzet: nevville cirHi McDumb: monkaW k0zfuwue: k0zfuwue subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! sup Ela & chat WrestlerBot2000: @k0zfuwue I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM SunBeard: @1marcio080 that’s just what a lolicon would say valeBattle Nazzet: 🔫 cmonBruh Abbynaire: monkaW DaniDuck: @Elajjaz monkaW ergivanc: yo KappatainHindsight: https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentAstuteEggPraiseIt LULW VineWood0604: yooooooooooooo ela12 zeke_r0: monkaW UltraWindow: Elajjaz nepSmug nrdySpank wandering_pleb: monkaH SiloWang: ????? chadDaddy49: monkaS DaniDuck: yo ela12 AyoFamWuddupLOL: Hello chat! elaGasm elaH PhysiCle: It’s a good song pepeJAMMER Nazzet: ayofamwudduplol cirHi Hasp36: monkaW yo cumcrack: monkaS igneek: hello chat u cute AYAYA SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: yo 4Head KappatainHindsight: YO ela12 1marcio080: SunBeard youre the lolicon xzeroGAOGAO Mezdizer: He sees us monkaW SaixSoul: elaYA ergivanc: @Elajjaz YOOOOOOOOO ela12 Caput_Draconis: monkaS Geralt_of_Syria: Geralt_of_Syria subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! I just subbed for 8months yesterday elaHmm WrestlerBot2000: @Geralt_of_Syria If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM Nevville: igneek elaH SunBeard: @1marcio080 monkaH Nazzet: @igneek pepeL fivepointsgang: yo ela3 PhysiCle: @Nevville elaH ScotchDream: @Elajjaz hello mr streamer how was your day? 뿡토: WeirdChamp UltraWindow: got any plans if you 100% early? ima peace out when you start AyoFamWuddupLOL: Hi Ela elaH ela3 ela4 ergivanc: twitch is Pepega drycooker93: twitch LUL Geralt_of_Syria: WeirdChamp am i getting scammed k0zfuwue: What’s your PB on Squats @Elajjaz Nevville: PhysiCle physicle elaWOW jamie_mccabe: Kreygasm Kreygasm zeke_r0: pepeJAMMER k0zfuwue: 5 reps I guess Deliriumi1: pepeJAM DaniDuck: how far away from 100% are you? @Elajjaz also any other game today? elaHmm UltraWindow: is that gfuel? elaChug 1marcio080: yesterday was 39C here today its 10C 🙂 i love brazil chadDaddy49: OMEGADOWN DaniDuck: Pogs schlawinator: Hey chat and ela pepeL elaH wandering_pleb: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Nazzet: schlawinator cirHi Nordein: pepeD DaniDuck: Pog * elaGa Da_Flanker: Pog More red splits schlawinator: @Nazzet elaHi UltraWindow: not even ramlösa BBoomer wtf PhysiCle: That’s because you’re getting old Ela ergivanc: Wait have you finished the story already? SiloWang: buying water LUL BTRNDL: yooooooooo ela12 souldedeh: DansGame ScotchDream: bonaqua means good water DanielCarver0: @Elajjaz have you seen yakuza 7 gameplay PhysiCle: It’s one of those things you learn to love with age AyoFamWuddupLOL: ela3 ela4 Mezdizer: Did Ela finish Blasphemous? elaHmm Nazzet: @BTRNDL pepeL Tywona: danSgame AyoFamWuddupLOL: ela7 filarette: I RULL AyoFamWuddupLOL: elaChug elaChug elaChug happymintyo: Hi Ela elaHi livanrar: yoooo KaitoJoka: Hi @Elajjaz I just watched your clips that show your jumpscare face. Nevville: kawvee DaniDuck: Pachinko in yakuza 7 Pog Nazzet: @livanrar pepeL zeke_r0: @Elajjaz did you watch the Death Stranding gameplay? Eldritchness: !nepSmug #NepNep jamie_mccabe: EDGE PhysiCle: Any new horror gaemz coming out soon? elaHmm BTRNDL: so I went to see IT 2 yesterday night and that was dumb… looked like a really long scooby doo episode elaKek Hajitaib: elaHi Imranhatefi: Hello everyone! cohhHi Nazzet: imranhatefi cirHi SaixSoul: elaWeird BTRNDL: @Nazzet pvpPretty Tywona: Sea of Thieves? Kappa WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz thedarkdays93: ello J0hnnyBlade: Atlas VR elaKek SiloWang: no thanks 🙂 an_p0: Lol, old battlewake was about realism Da_Flanker: Wow ResidentSleeper BTRNDL: pirate battle royale? drycooker93: 2019 are a joke LUL UltraWindow: elaPuke LordDGAF: sea of thieves ripp off AyoFamWuddupLOL: elaS razorxscooter: @elajjaz Did you see that KFC is officially publishing this https://store.steampowered.com/app/1121910/I_Love_You_Colonel_Sanders_A_Finger_Lickin_Good_Dating_Simulator/yi elaKek elaKek UltraWindow: get seasick at home PogU PhysiCle: Play the new Ci LordDGAF: Furi pog Karasseram: all these bad clone games Fingerlickins: Where is the VR elajjaz PhysiCle: Wah, shitty keyboard TheZecaUrubu: if it is focused in ship combat, it should be cool 뿡토: puzzle FeelsPepoMan Leviatan2287: ELDEN RING TRAILER!!!!!!!! DaniDuck: oh no not that LULW FreshTeamo: LUL van_tonder: AYAYA Da_Flanker: This is a thing PhysiCle: Play the new Civ VI battle royale mode Ela PepeLaugh UltraWindow: nepSmug 👍 FunkMasterFro: heyoooo, how do you stream your ps4 on obs? WrestlerBot2000: DougPls|Clip No.14| https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyDirtySeahorseYouWHY Myowa_: WeirdChamp ScotchDream: AYAYA SunBeard: @Elajjaz it’s official LULW 뿡토: BEST GAME PogU razorxscooter: KKona Nazzet: @razorxscooter How can I un-see that monkaW ? Jeffrus1: OMEGALUL zeke_r0: @Elajjaz nioh 2 gameplay trailer fivepointsgang: omg McDumb: AYAYA 🍗 Clap zeke_r0: KFC dating sim Pog AlexAnderman1994: Hey Ela and chat elaFella Nazzet: alexanderman1994 cirHi Jybel: Have you seen the new nioh 2 and code vein trailer? Pog @Elajjaz Garmon3: KFC dating sim ScotchDream: who thought this was a good idea to spend money on?? angryj0nes: Hi Ela and chat HeyEla Nazzet: angryj0nes cirHi UltraWindow: isnt Civ multiplayer always BR? Da_Flanker: AlexAnderman1994 essiSmile / fivepointsgang: dating sims went to far this time razorxscooter: @nazzet Go to your nearest kfc and get yourself a chicken bucket elaOP PhysiCle: @AlexAnderman1994 Ey elaH souldedeh: 50 Da_Flanker: Delivery man simulator Karasseram: 48 min walking simulation Garmon3: 40 minutes yes PhysiCle: @Da_Flanker pepeL angryj0nes: @Nazzet pepeD LazyStreamsThings: yeah the new Nioh 2 trailer is really good ergivanc: @Elajjaz maybe you should play some dating simulators Da_Flanker: It’s ResidentSleeper k0zfuwue: name of this song? AlexAnderman1994: @Nazzet @Da_Flanker @PhysiCle elaFella chadDaddy49: HENTAI HELL Kreygasm Da_Flanker: PhysiCle pepeL Eldritchness: AYAYA zeke_r0: AYAYA 1marcio080: hentai hell AYAYA ergivanc: AYAYA 뿡토: FeelsWeirdMan PhysiCle: AYAYA saugo: AYAYA Geralt_of_Syria: WeirdChamp van_tonder: LULW Jybel: AYAYA fanHEIBAI: YES AYAYA TheBrinern: AYAYA my kind of game LazyStreamsThings: still no sight of tonfas though PepeHands BTRNDL: Hentai Ela? SaixSoul: elaThirst ItzWalker: AYAYA Jeffrus1: WeirdChamp STEAM KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz there was a trailer for EXIT the gungeon yesterday WeirdChamp Marinetastic: Marinetastic subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! tried the long dark yet? gosamigo: AYAYA gachiOnFIRE Detroit147: AYAYA DragonflyJoe: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @Marinetastic You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM DaniDuck: AYAYA Mezdizer: FeelsWeirdMan Karasseram: It’s in japanese not translated yet Elajjaz jaquescamarao: HENTAI HELL FragmentShader: 100% Hentai Hell Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: (sponsored viewer): Sounds great, I’ll bring my friends too CoolCat Kransu: LULW Eldritchness: AYAYA HYPERCLAP PhysiCle: LULW thePUNisher5: AYAYA fivepointsgang: isn’t civilization inherently a Battle Royale? elaHmm zeke_r0: @Elajjaz also nioh 2 gameplay trailer wandering_pleb: AYAYA ❓ eliastheepicgamer: AYAYA Tebs_: AYAYA GooperLA: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Da_Flanker: Sounds like a game just for you 뿡토: FeelsWeirdMan x2 ItzWalker: Clap2 AYAYA fanHEIBAI: DEATHU DESU AYAYA d3sirio: LULW Norwegian_wombat: river city girls atpGood Geralt_of_Syria: elaK i thought so too AlexAnderman1994: @Elajjaz you never watched the cooking video i sent you, and you promised elaB souldedeh: elaBruv razorxscooter: @norwegian_wombat elaOk spyer23: @Elajjaz i’m telling you ela, when in doubt play postal 2 🙂 Aranzada: Pretty horrific tbh LULW Jybel: KA-WA-III. It´s kawai in one swoop. AYAYA jenda69: hentai hell AYAYA razorxscooter: Nioh 2 Pog LazyStreamsThings: Green Hell Zone Act 1 Norwegian_wombat: @razorxscooter elaH 1marcio080: play tonight FeelsGoodMan Clap Nevville: Personal recommendations feature weeb and hentai games? Hmm. elaHmm cirno_is_my_daddy: steam recommends games based on your browsing history Kappa angryj0nes: elaJAM elaJAMMER Karasseram: Death stranding gameplay just made the game look even mroe boring tbh. angryj0nes: ElaJAM ElaJAMMER Azure_Felt: surely those hentai games are a type of horror FeelsWeirdMan an_p0: Green hell weak as horror Da_Flanker: Kid bullying Pog DaniDuck: yesterday Kapp gloccc: gears 5 is very good btw Kal1m3r0: to the viewer who said “elden ring trailer”: I’m goin2killu for hurting muh feelings Turbulist: hello cute chat and Elajjaz annytfShyannytfHeart Nazzet: turbulist cirHi KaitoJoka: @Elajjaz Have you play Conarium? FragmentShader: Death Stranding will be a movie Turbulist: annytfHeart PhysiCle: I think it’s gonna be a lot more slowpaced than Kojima’s previous games Turbulist: Nazzet elaH FragmentShader: all Kojima ever wanted to do was make movies cirAYAYA Nevville: Turbulist oi turb elaFella AvemStercore: walking sim ResidentSleeper prrrah: just like reddead2 where u spent most of the time walking ergivanc: @Elajjaz it seems very unique but i have my doubts about the gameplay Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW garyoakguy: Definitely going to be a movie Turbulist: Nevville annytfHeart SunBeard: pepeJAM jinzo778: Hello Bois elaHi elaHi elaHi KaitoJoka: it’s horror game Xaanax: pepeJAM Turbulist: RareEla Da_Flanker: It’s a boring movie game where you walk from point A to B with some mediocre combat in between 4Shrug Not too excited wandering_pleb: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Mezdizer: pepeD J0hnnyBlade: gachiBOP Clap Abbynaire: @Elajjaz you gonna play Green Hell today? Amacchu: pepeJAMMER ItzWalker: pepeD Turbulist: jinzo778 elaH Tebs_: pepeJAM Nazzet: @jinzo778 bldfHI P1caboo: furiiiii>3 PhysiCle: @jinzo778 elaH patpazur: HandsUp I BELIVE KappatainHindsight: Is this Vitas, The Performer? Karasseram: slow walking also you ahve to press promts to keep your baggage balanced likje one of those gyro mini games Da_Flanker: I’ll just watch you play it for the story Nevville: Turbulist is the girl holding her arse or a heart? AlexAnderman1994: everytime i hear this sond i hear the right version gachiHYPER Leviatan2287: KOJIMA IS GOING DOWN FUCK HIM CHAT 😛 Abbynaire: Pog Meximus322: sup fellas elaFella chadDaddy49: Green Hell is a horrible knock off of The Forest PhysiCle: @Meximus322 elaFella SaixSoul: pepeJAM Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz made you a new song Hasp36: Subnautica DLC when elaThirst gloccc: will you play greedfall Ela ? Turbulist: Nevville elaKek a heart I hope ergivanc: @Call_me_Zeroo Pog magicosagan: Miyazaki loves swamps angryj0nes: Forsen end it in the hardest dificulty lets see Ela performance hug_le_pug: Hello chat and Ela! elaH elaH Nevville: @Turbulist I see elaISee Nazzet: hug_le_pug cirHi Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz listen to it on stream 🙂 GamErDino1337: Hello Chat and @Elajjaz 🙂 Nazzet: gamerdino1337 cirHi faze_tryhard124: Hi @elajjaz PhysiCle: @hug_le_pug elaH Da_Flanker: From what I’ve seen of Green Hell from forsen’s stream it wasrather underwhelming 1marcio080: bye Turbulist: GamErDino1337 annytfHeart DaniDuck: Pog notdiri: Doesnt play good games on stream WeirdChamp TheDankDemon: peepoJAM Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz it’s your new song WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Saokai: chat what is he downloading Amacchu: Ela, Chat elaH garenbush: whats after blasphemous today elaHmm KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz check out EXIT THE GUNGEON trailer that came out yesterday FeelsBadMan Da_Flanker: forsenT PhysiCle: A what? hug_le_pug: elaHi KanzanZX: cowbatcat DenTza: GEARS 5 OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Yeah OrangeGecko09: #bye Zuntenshi: @Elajjaz Did you play Home Sweet Home? EP2 is out on the 25th. Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i dm’d it on discord forbiddensnacks: thats bullshit azzoole: elaHYUG Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz it’s juicy Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER 🎐 elaFella daily sucction Garmon3: yeah Da_Flanker: Imagine caring about Gears at this point P1caboo: buy and play greedfall off stream if u want got a quest yesterday that made GOT look bad and don’t mean the last season ^.^ @Elajjaz gloccc: gears 5=very good game with not good optimization Norwegian_wombat: Tifa doing pull ups elaGasm Azure_Felt: i have game pass so i might give it a shot elaHmm Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW forbiddensnacks: @gloccc its very optimizerd for me CunningLinguist: it’s okay, it’s just more gears Fingerlickins: What is the next gameplay popping up on youtube? Azure_Felt: monkaW takirindor: Pog Turbulist: episode 2 today PogU ergivanc: @Elajjaz some horror tonight ? DenTza: Pog fanHEIBAI: Pog Turbulist: aww 25th FeelsBadMan DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Check zeroo’s song elaREE ergivanc: @Elajjaz you should replay White day PepeLaugh shoko664: Will you play the surge 2 when it comes out KaitoJoka: Conarium also a horror game. Have you play it? k0zfuwue: song name chat? elaGun Da_Flanker: FeelsBadMan no LIDL horror holloWFortune: @Elajjaz , ever gonna check out CrossCode? elaHmm I know the initial impression is propably putting you off, but give it a chance, will ya? elaHYUG K1nG_W4av3: K1nG_W4av3 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Hey have you seen negative atmosphere? WrestlerBot2000: @K1nG_W4av3 I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i dm’d it sir Azure_Felt: isn’t something else out on 25th elaHmm Joozhua: @Elajjaz Did you see the System Shock 3 teaser? Nevville: @Elajjaz check Zeroos song elaREE Norwegian_wombat: system shock 3 looks sick gloccc: borderlands 3 tomorrow pog prrrah: theres a new yakuza 7 gameplay trailer i think J0hnnyBlade: probably from Crab rihoto: Sup everyone Azure_Felt: have that on game pass as well PepeLaugh holloWFortune: Nah, it’s not that long if you don’t go for 100% forbiddensnacks: good game but it has too much dialogue tbh ergivanc: @Elajjaz cmon give me some yakuza music BillyReady K1nG_W4av3: it’s on YouTube, a spiritual dead space game coming out Amacchu: Crosscode Pog OrbitalSloth: you streamed middle earth…. OrbitalSloth: all of it zenzo_xd: @Elajjaz took me around 50 hours k0zfuwue: got it, The Toxic Avenger – My Only Chance Ayarai: @Elajjaz Negative atmosphere gameplay teaser is hilarious, looks like a lidl dead space zenzo_xd: but i slacked a lot SiloWang: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper UltraWindow: thats a week of stream content ergivanc: @Elajjaz cmon give me some yakuza music billyReady OrbitalSloth: yes you did…… sanchezwilliams: sanchezwilliams subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! its not borderlands! hippeeee WrestlerBot2000: @sanchezwilliams After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM angryj0nes: Borderlands 3 comes out today at night for me elaBlush Kal1m3r0: crosscode is sooo good WrestlerBot2000: “I won’t die here.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 75 NeroIscariot12: @Elajjaz Will you play Astral Chain the new platinum game? Tomowatt: pepeD SiloWang: crosscode is boring tbh tentacles_have_feelings: LUL AvemStercore: billyReady takirindor: pepeJAM dosakarud: gachiBASS ergivanc: billyReady Meximus322: pepeJAM PhysiCle: pepeJAMMER SaixSoul: billyReady Ph4ntomi: billyReady VineWood0604: ElaCOOL iLostToLife: billyReady gloccc: hope borderlands 3 will be as good as borderlands 2 garenbush: billyReady Real_Eugene: pepeJAM wandering_pleb: billyReady Tomowatt: pepeJAM Mezdizer: billyReady LordDGAF: moshi moshi prrrah: yakuza 7 gameplay trailer billyReady Geralt_of_Syria: billyReady gachiVICTORY billyReady gachiVICTORY billyReady gachiVICTORY Dismal_Arkt: pepeJAMMER KIRYU eliastheepicgamer: he doesn’t finish games PepeLaugh forbiddensnacks: BillyReady tumaelso: pepeJAMMER UltraWindow: play persona 5 offstream schlawinator: billyReady holloWFortune: billyReady Erzentu: coffee is a good call hangedm4n: billyReady MiKe929292929: YeahBoi BTRNDL: billyReady Meme_l0rd_Oloxim: billyReady Geralt_of_Syria: billyReady gachiVICTORY razorxscooter: yilxMuts Blank1980: billyReady mikeyoverrated: bUrself DaniDuck: billyReady tumaelso: billyReady Hasp36: billyReady angryj0nes: Ela is already addicted in FF IV offscreen SiloWang: no 🙂 kokosenpaai: Pog ? Nevville: yeah elaWOW hangedm4n: Pog SaixSoul: PogU DaniDuck: No 🙂 Maceron4444: Pog souldedeh: PogU Eldritchness: Pog takirindor: Pog mayushi10: Pog prrrah: Chag PhysiCle: Pog Meximus322: Pog Vikingdeath1: RAD notmangomctango: Pog tumaelso: PogU Geralt_of_Syria: PogU Fingerlickins: oh a PIN angryj0nes: Ela is already addicted in FF X IV offscreen van_tonder: PogU schlawinator: PogU pekkaatte: Pog what is that kokosenpaai: Chmap Evamaster: Pog jinzo778: Pog iLostToLife: Pog Fingerlickins: sounded like you said bin garenbush: billyReady Da_Flanker: Oh wow Ph4ntomi: Pog Hajitaib: Pog thePUNisher5: Pog prrrah: billyReady dekkah: PogU Blank1980: Pog holloWFortune: Pog gloccc: pog forbiddensnacks: THATS RAD Dismal_Arkt: PogU AlexAnderman1994: billyReady Azure_Felt: Pog dream_the_cast: so sick rihoto: Pog MiKe929292929: Chag kurikame_: Wew jinzo778: Pog Pog PhysiCle: Chag Vikingdeath1: holy shit, I NEED one Real_Eugene: Pog Emzero: billyReady DaniDuck: Pog Kransu: PogU saugo: Pog AvemStercore: PogU billyReady troublematicc: billyReady Maceron4444: Pog Pog Pog BendOverLikeABoss: PogU WTF angryj0nes: Pog Clap kokosenpaai: Pog Pog mayushi10: PogU Gaxkang0: billyReady UltraWindow: PogU tumaelso: billyReady Clap notmangomctango: Pog Pog sadyst4: WEEB k0zfuwue: Pog Hasp36: Pog ItzWalker: Pog Zane_Within: PogChamp souldedeh: that’s on ETSY eliastheepicgamer: billyReady TheGermanToaster: TheGermanToaster subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! elaKek CunningLinguist: where’d you get it? ergivanc: Pog WrestlerBot2000: @TheGermanToaster After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kal1m3r0: Pog wandering_pleb: Chag chadDaddy49: billyReady Clap2 sheilks: SHOW AGAIN WTF POG cheeseball4u: backpack pin MiyuArcana: link MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz did you checked new nioh 2 trailer? (link for it https://youtu.be/fFDnUkiZQZ0 ) Kal1m3r0: where can i buy it KappatainHindsight: Isn’t that weeb? elaHmm ergivanc: pepeD JonasBredband: omegaweeblord DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Zeroo’s song elaREE Da_Flanker: Put it on your crotch souldedeh: Kal1m3r0 etsy MiKe929292929: Pog Turbulist: Champ Ph4ntomi: PogU Jemi02: PogU hangedm4n: Pog Real_Eugene: Pog saugo: Pog notmangomctango: nice guitar btw Fabu_: i got art from Yakuza on Etsy PhysiCle: Chag iLostToLife: Pog Nazzet: PogU BruiseVein: Pog sheilks: Pog gosamigo: Pog Azure_Felt: billyReady WreckItVince: @Elajjaz i’m actually watching your yakuza series on other screen right now LOL konohacchi: Pog mayushi10: Pogu pekkaatte: Pog garenbush: billyReady Pog ComplexGhost: pog Caput_Draconis: Pog LordDGAF: song name code ? kokosenpaai: Pog ? ComplexGhost: that’s sick Ahmeduwna: PogU mayushi10: PogU Nevville: Zeroos song now elaREE Turbulist: Show again PogU AlexAnderman1994: billyReady billyReady notdiri: AGANE Pog BruiseVein: looool that’s so cool gosamigo: billyReady McDumb: PogU HYPERCLAP eliastheepicgamer: show it again Pog mayushi10: show again PogU fivepointsgang: OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: forsenT sheilks: Again Pog kokosenpaai: PogU JonasLasEis: Again! MrScratch31: did ela watch the death stranding demonstration>notmangomctango: again ComplexGhost: link? prrrah: billyReady agane Malkav0: @LordDGAF twin dragons livanrar: again Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz u gonna play the song? DaniDuck: @Elajjaz Zeroo’s song elaREE ComplexGhost: eldritch? d&d? Tomowatt: headBang Admiralshiroryu: ela have you see nthe death stranding gameplay today? KaitoJoka: so loud. ergivanc: TaBeRu Eldritchness: nepSmug volcano_tn: @Elajjaz you gonna like Green Hell Fingerlickins: https://twitter.com/EldritchSky Nevville: elaWOW ergivanc: elaREE WreckItVince: @Elajjaz i’m actually watching your yakuza series on other screen right now LOL ipivas: Ela have you ever played Deaths Gambit? its also a 2d Souls like game KappatainHindsight: https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentAstuteEggPraiseIt Turbulist: monkaW DaniDuck: finally elaREE VineWood0604: monkaW Da_Flanker: LULW hangedm4n: monkaW Eldritchness: monkaW takirindor: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW SaixSoul: monkaW AvemStercore: monkaW garenbush: monkaW van_tonder: PepeHands kokosenpaai: monkaW ergivanc: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaW iLostToLife: Stan monkaW SunPraiser: monkaW Detroit147: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW DaniDuck: monkaW PhysiCle: monkaW zeke_r0: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW tumaelso: monkaW pekkaatte: monkaW Nazzet: monkaW notdiri: monkaW MiKe929292929: monkaW Phrakture1: monkaW WilliamDelta: monkaW SunPraiser: stan no! monkaW iggy1337: monkaW eliastheepicgamer: combo LUL WrestlerBot2000: @eliastheepicgamer ruined the 20x monkaW combo DansGame saugo: monkaW Malkav0: Stan vibes DaniDuck: full screen pls monkaW hangedm4n: pepeJAM mayushi10: FeelsBadMan Jemi02: monkaW VineWood0604: TriKool Hasp36: monkaW Turbulist: pepeJAMMER Erzentu: LUL scoutdiverman: PepeHands thePUNisher5: LULW schlawinator: monkaW forbiddensnacks: LUL fivepointsgang: LULW tumaelso: pepeJAM holloWFortune: pepeJAM Nevville: Pog garenbush: LULW Tomowatt: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: pepeJAM xdreigor: LULW VineWood0604: LULW zeke_r0: pepeJAM van_tonder: pepeD pekkaatte: Pog Clap chadDaddy49: pepeJam SunPraiser: FeelsBadMan Clap vihainenkampela: LULW Nazzet: pepeJAM monkaW pepeJAM tentacles_have_feelings: Eminem inspired? Kakyoinree: monkaW Tomowatt: ResidentSleeper song ostrogoto97: pepeJam TheDankDemon: TriDance SmokeTime Zerophyne: ElaJAM Slivin: PepeHands jusapoika: ElaJAM ergivanc: PepeHands Dismal_Arkt: FeelsBadMan but pepeJAMMER DexArt888: pepeD iLostToLife: PepeHands SunPraiser: PepeHands pepeJAMMER forbiddensnacks: SAD NIBBA HOURS PepeHands gosamigo: monkaSHAKE Turbulist: LULW 뿡토: monkaW pepeJAM tumaelso: PepeLaugh van_tonder: monkaW angryj0nes: is this new eminem??? LULW prrrah: theres new yakuza 7 gamplay trailer if u still interested in turnbase jrpg LUL kokosenpaai: monkaW hangedm4n: monkaW saugo: monkaS Phrakture1: monkaW notdiri: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaW zherebane: monkaW xdreigor: Porta PepeHands tumaelso: PepeHands monkaW gosamigo: monkaGun DaniDuck: monkaW Ahmeduwna: monkaS Dismal_Arkt: cmonBrother SunPraiser: KKool owlsama: monkaW trashomb: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands McDumb: monkaW 👉 monkaW Deliriumi1: monkaW AllieWaifu: atpCap ComplexGhost: POG Kakyoinree: monkaW garenbush: monkaW quantumop: LMAO VineWood0604: LUL Jemi02: LULW# thePUNisher5: LULW Nazzet: monkaX Fingerlickins: Ela got staned! van_tonder: LULW Phrakture1: LULW Meximus322: LULW Luuchu: OMEGALUL Caput_Draconis: LULW Hasp36: LULW PhysiCle: LULW hangedm4n: FeelsGoodMan Clap Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh tumaelso: LULW notdiri: LULW UltraWindow: LULW mayushi10: monkaW zeke_r0: LULW GodUltimate: haHAA Turbulist: LULW BTRNDL: I thought Nemz wrote the lyrics elaK Virhaed: LULW forbiddensnacks: LMAO SaixSoul: hahahahahaha elaKek Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER ergivanc: PepeLaugh Anaspida: the funny part is that it’s actually good LULW kokosenpaai: LULW iLostToLife: LULW icedcoffeeboy: fwiends angryj0nes: monkaW Anavolver: LULW gosamigo: LOUDER gachiHYPER ComplexGhost: LUL BruiseVein: not really diss track, more like stalker track lul k0zfuwue: LULW holloWFortune: Clap angryj0nes: NEMZ LULW quantumop: damn Meximus322: OMEGALUL Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Nazzet: LULW hangedm4n: LULW Phrakture1: ROASTED LULW troublematicc: LULW tumaelso: NEMZ LULW Clap Call_me_Zeroo: 🙁 KappatainHindsight: LULW forbiddensnacks: LUL Jemi02: NEMZ LULW souldedeh: D: AllieWaifu: atpRtsd3 atpRtsd4 Nazzet: OMEGADOWN iLostToLife: elaKek Turbulist: elaKek UltraWindow: D: SunPraiser: OMEGLOL k0zfuwue: LUL eliastheepicgamer: LULW Kakyoinree: WTF monkaW WTF monkaW WTF monkaW WTF monkaW WTF monkaW WTF monkaW WTF monkaW gloccc: nemzRIP schlawinator: LULW ergivanc: elaD Zane_Within: D: Da_Flanker: LULW McDumb: D: 💨 Turbulist: PepeHands Nazzet: FeelsBadMan PhysiCle: PepeHands VineWood0604: FeelsBadMan hangedm4n: PepeHands souldedeh: PepeHands Hasp36: PepeHands tumaelso: PepeHands iLostToLife: PepeHands pekkaatte: OMEGALUL Meximus322: PepeHands ergivanc: PepeHands mayushi10: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: FeelsBadMan WilliamDelta: PepeHands SaixSoul: PepeHands forbiddensnacks: I CRI Detroit147: PepeHands Jemi02: PepeHands takirindor: PepeHands Virhaed: FeelsBadMan quantumop: PepeHands angryj0nes: PepeHands LazyStreamsThings: PepeHands 뿡토: FeelsBadMan zeke_r0: PepeHands scoutdiverman: PepeHands Eldritchness: PepeHands Kakyoinree: CREEPY monkaW Leo_Fara: PepeHands Dismal_Arkt: PepeHands MiKe929292929: PepeHands UltraWindow: PepeHands Tomowatt: FeelsBadMan 🎻 gosamigo: PepeHands thePUNisher5: PepeHands Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: PepeHands TheDankDemon: PepeLaugh owlsama: PepeHands dekkah: PepeHands pekkaatte: PepeHands DaniDuck: PepeHands Onionmaster32: PepeHands Turbulist: YAKUZA PepeHands schlawinator: PepeHands saugo: PepeHamds Call_me_Zeroo: PepeHands Maceron4444: PepeHands Hajitaib: PepeHands OMGNemzDoes: PepeHands Meximus322: PepeHands PepeHands SunPraiser: PepeHands Nevville: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels KappatainHindsight: same shirt LULW Ahmeduwna: PepeHands NaughtyPedro: nymnCry wandering_pleb: PepeHands tumaelso: PepeHands GuitarTime van_tonder: PepeHands kokosenpaai: LUL viola_mandshurica: PepeHands 624pt2: BibleThump ComplexGhost: PepeHands Nazzet: Same chair PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz MasterMdrn: PepeHands saoblow: good morning @Elajjaz and chat PepeHands gosamigo: PepeHands Why zeke_r0: PepeHands GuitarTime icedcoffeeboy: manly tears zherebane: FeelsBadMan Malkav0: the feels in yakuza sanchezwilliams: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Caput_Draconis: PepeHands J0hnnyBlade: PepeHands BTRNDL: pvpRed xdreigor: PepeHands Meximus322: Kiryu PepeHands Zerophyne: not the violin PepeHands Evamaster: PepeHands eliastheepicgamer: PepeHands oh no Saphiryon: PepeHands NaughtyPedro: nymnCry nymnCry nymnCry nymnCry SunPraiser: PepeHands why like this k0zfuwue: PepeHands Kakyoinree: LULW why is he crying samutin95: PepeHands Raptordio: alkGreatGoblinKing PhysiCle: PepeHands manly tears VineWood0604: PepeHands Nevville: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels ostrogoto97: PepeHands Dismal_Arkt: Same streamer PepeLaugh Cloudyto: PepeHands kokosenpaai: PepeHands zeke_r0: PepeHands ItzWalker: PepeHands AidonnX: LuL Turbulist: GONYO PepeHands UltraWindow: FeelsBadMan actually crying takirindor: BibleThump Expleco: Never washes shirt PepeHands Erzentu: Awwww KappatainHindsight: LULW iggy1337: PepeHands Kakyoinree: elaK Turbulist: elaKek ergivanc: PepeHands SaixSoul: FeelsBadMan zeke_r0: LULW Meximus322: LULW Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: LULW hangedm4n: LULW PhysiCle: LULW van_tonder: LULW quantumop: LMAO Virhaed: LULW SaixSoul: ahahaha LULW mayushi10: LULW schlawinator: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW angryj0nes: NEMZ LULW thePUNisher5: LULW Jemi02: LULW xdreigor: ??? LULW Saphiryon: LULW Kakyoinree: LULW LULW LULW LULW owlsama: LULW DaniDuck: LULW VineWood0604: nemz LULW ostrogoto97: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels Blank1980: LULW WrestlerBot2000: 14x LULW double digit combo Pog OMGNemzDoes: LULW Hasp36: LULW Kakyoinree: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ZephidsEmbrace: Fucking NEMZ LULW Ahmeduwna: LULW mortifer000: LULW Nazzet: LULW Monster5crak: koreaW KrazyShark: he’s right you know Cloudyto: LULW gosamigo: KEKW zeke_r0: nemz WeirdChamp nemz WeirdChamp nemz WeirdChamp nemz WeirdChamp nemz WeirdChamp Hatchaka: ???????????????????????????? Kakyoinree: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW VulperCrown: nemzHi EricJK: LULW tumaelso: LULW NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Turbulist: LULW shatuy: The music so loud trashomb: FeelsWeirdMan MasterMdrn: LULW angryj0nes: I see this stream of NEMZ LULW Fingerlickins: LUL k0zfuwue: LULW Deliriumi1: LULW AvemStercore: LULW schlawinator: man i love nemz LULW MasterMdrn: haahaha 뿡토: PepeHands mrbreadberry: LULW ergivanc: PepeLaugh Turbulist: PepeHands kokosenpaai: LULW ComplexGhost: ?????? SirPogChamp: LULW Meximus322: LULW LULW TanRATular: LULW icedcoffeeboy: what is even going on Geri0703: Hey @Elajjaz and Chat! PepeHands essiSmile BTRNDL: lel Nazzet: geri0703 cirHi Blank1980: PepeHands Zane_Within: LUL garenbush: LULW ComplexGhost: LULW Caput_Draconis: PepeHands takirindor: PepeHands KrazyShark: PepeHands nooo elias Hasp36: This video LULW EricJK: PepeHands Cloudyto: PepeHands MiKe929292929: LUL dekkah: PepeHands Malkav0: the meme energy is over 9000 Geri0703: @Nazzet essiSmile PepeHands Turbulist: icedcoffeeboy just go with it elaOk Geri0703: PepeHands Kakyoinree: LMAO Turbulist: PepeHands Meximus322: LULW MasterMdrn: PepeHands ☔ Tsavish: nemzYIKES UltraWindow: i was there PogU OMGNemzDoes: OMG HE DOES gosamigo: 3Head Isbjorn3213: LOLOL NoodLeWrencher: Wowee 🥄 van_tonder: monkaW mikeyoverrated: noooo dont thePUNisher5: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird Admiralshiroryu: nemz made ela cry PepeHands mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Jemi02: LULW Kakyoinree: NEMZ ? LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Leo_Fara: Wowee Clap Turbulist: PepeLaugh trashomb: monkaW zeke_r0: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: PepeLaugh ergivanc: PepeLaugh Turbulist: AYAYA schlawinator: LULW tumaelso: NEMZ ???? LULW Fielix: Fielix subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 36 months! I love you elaH Tsavish: nemz5Head WrestlerBot2000: @Fielix After 36 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Oneiroi0: What happened in Yakuza 6 for Ela to cry ? notdiri: monkaw Turbulist: AYAYA CUTE vihainenkampela: LULW eliastheepicgamer: AYAYA mrbreadberry: LULW souldedeh: monkaTOS Meximus322: OMEGALUL TheDankDemon: PepeLaugh gosamigo: Spooning his dog ? gachiHYPER Erzentu: OMEGALUL mikeyoverrated: bUrself zeke_r0: LULW Nazzet: LULW Turbulist: gachiHYPER thePUNisher5: OMEGALUL holloWFortune: LULW Jemi02: PepeLaugh Cloudyto: wtf nemz LULW ergivanc: LULW iLostToLife: OMEGALUL ComplexGhost: LUL OMGNemzDoes: nemzANANA KrazyShark: WHAT THE FUCK NEMZ forbiddensnacks: WTF WHY RISK IT tumaelso: WTFFFFF LULW troublematicc: WeirdChamp AvemStercore: OMEGALUL trashomb: FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: OMEGADOWN Kakyoinree: PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: elaWeird wtf hangedm4n: LULW Leo_Fara: OMEGALUL bombe32: Wtf is this Meximus322: LULW LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Vuuuur: what the fuck nemz TheZecaUrubu: ??? jimjak94: jimjak94 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! 10 months and i still don’t have your onlyfans link angryj0nes: NEMZ is soo fucking funny jesus LULW van_tonder: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @jimjak94 Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM Saphiryon: monkaTOS Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL zeke_r0: ????? Loseeeerrrr: LULW ?????? SirPogChamp: LULW Virhaed: ?????????? LULW Turbulist: PepeHands VineWood0604: LUL MasterMdrn: OMEGADOWN SunBeard: LULW Jemi02: LULW xdreigor: Funny Streamer Nemz btw elaWeird Kakyoinree: PepeLaugh …. FeelsWeirdMan leg_disabler: LMAO gosamigo: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW LULW zeke_r0: LULW MiKe929292929: forsenCD ComplexGhost: QUALITY CONTENT ergivanc: PepeLaugh tumaelso: LULW 뿡토: FeelsWeirdMan Call_me_Zeroo: love u ela NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands Ela knows its true takirindor: PepeHands Fofflan: pg91DUH pg91DUH pg91DUH kokosenpaai: LUL DaniDuck: I was in this stream LULW Ahmeduwna: LULW schlawinator: LULW UltraWindow: everytime i watch nemz he talks about some weird shit LULW quantumop: atpCap Detroit147: FeelsBadMan mrbreadberry: Nemz is a treasure LULW Deliriumi1: LULW Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan k0zfuwue: @Call_me_Zeroo Clap LULW fenniksss: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 gosamigo: Zoophilia gachiHYPER AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh>PepeHands>PepeLaugh notdiri: JESUS FUCK THIS VIDEO LULW Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Karasseram: I need a link to this lol msd1212: BibleThump NoodLeWrencher: WeirdChamp BTRNDL: I’m crying too, but from laughter elaKek Nazzet: TaBeRu VineWood0604: FeelsGoodMan Ph4ntomi: WeirdChamp NoodLeWrencher: pepeJMA SunPraiser: PepoDance van_tonder: pepeD Cloudyto: ElaJAM PhysiCle: TaBeRu Turbulist: WeirdChamp NoodLeWrencher: pepeJAM Fingerlickins: This was quality content Azure_Felt: elaWeird razorxscooter: sealW mrbreadberry: FeelsGoodMan forbiddensnacks: OkayChamp Tsavish: nemzANANA nemzANANA Tomowatt: WeirdChamp, simaryex: @Elajjaz what is that from when you cryed? Meximus322: pepeJAM alicerino: WeirChamp Skejven: pepeJAM OMGNemzDoes: FeelsGoodMan Clap Loseeeerrrr: Bad memories are forever WeirdChamp Zerophyne: ElaJAMMER Da_Flanker: Aight vihainenkampela: FeelsGoodMan Clap saoblow: OkayChamp gosamigo: SillyChamp takirindor: pepeJAM ergivanc: WeirdChamp tumaelso: PepoDance J0hnnyBlade: sealW Geri0703: @Call_me_Zeroo 11/10 OMEGADOWN Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) angryj0nes: TaBeRu Tomowatt: WeirdChamp Malkav0: best content ever Caput_Draconis: WeirdChamp ornacle: WeirdChamp mayushi10: OkayChamp Met_the_Slayer: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Geri0703: FeelsGoodMan Clap holloWFortune: FeelsGoodMan Clap NoodLeWrencher: PepeHands okaychamp Myowa_: PepoDance TheZecaUrubu: OkayChamp marbletabletop: FeelsGoodMan KrazyShark: @Elajjaz perfect time for https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc penis fishing FeelsGoodMan Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Expleco: WeirdChamp WHY NOT AvemStercore: link the video LULW UltraWindow: HappyChamp Call_me_Zeroo: FeelsGoodMan Clap Saphiryon: WeirdChamp Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan Clap dekkah: pepeD fenniksss: CHAT, CAN WE GET PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 Geri0703: PepoDance Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) ergivanc: FeelsGoodMan Clap hangedm4n: FeelsGoodMan Clap iLostToLife: FeelsGoodMan Clap MiKe929292929: FeelsPepoMan Cloudyto: ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER notdiri: Distinct lack of OkayChamp WeirdChamp UltraWindow: WeirdChamp with teeth Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) NoodLeWrencher: OkayChamp just smiles I believe like without teeth but not sure fenniksss: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 LazyStreamsThings: this is a weird song, the 2nd verse was strange Caput_Draconis: (ditto) Turbulist: Memories go away when we die elaOk Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) xdreigor: Like when it hidden LULW Zerophyne: ElaJAM Nazzet: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 TPH_MCMXCIX: (ditto) ergivanc: @Call_me_Zeroo FeelsGoodMans Clap Mondindatxiki: Mondindatxiki subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! Hi Ela and chat!! How is it going?? WrestlerBot2000: @Mondindatxiki After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM zherebane: FeelsBadMan fenniksss: PepeHands Yakuza 6 ending Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz whatd u think of the song i wrote it in 15 mins eliastheepicgamer: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 Zerophyne: PepeHands JoeMc: WEEB CRYING DaniDuck: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Us2r915Bqc&feature=youtu.be FeelsGoodMan Clap zorrodood: link pls Calcyce: yakuza 7 ending when? fenniksss: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 tumaelso: @Call_me_Zeroo Well done ElaClap Malkav0: Ela’s dad fiber was struck hard in yakuza 6 NoodLeWrencher: Jakuza 6 ending couldve been better tbh elaHmm KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan Clap notdiri: ADD TO AUTOHOST WeirdChamp NoodLeWrencher: @Call_me_Zeroo Clap xdreigor: Kapp KrazyShark: @DaniDuck krazys2PAT Call_me_Zeroo: love u bud Call_me_Zeroo: this is how i get my autohost 🙂 BleekStone: 🙂 GooperLA: YES fenniksss: YES viktor_victor: i had to pause stream, whats going on with nemz? UltraWindow: do it 🙂 SunBeard: yes Phrakture1: yes PogU tumaelso: YES PokerDweebz: @Call_me_Zeroo Just not impressive enough for auto host LULW angryj0nes: YES Meximus322: YES FG_Hagrid: yes icedcoffeeboy: crying at minecraft ending right? KrazyShark: yes LULW ComplexGhost: YES Kakyoinree: FeelsBadMan mrbreadberry: yes PhysiCle: @KrazyShark elaH Caput_Draconis: yes Admiralshiroryu: YAH gloccc: YES xdreigor: No elaK Tsavish: D: kokosenpaai: no 🙂 mayushi10: @KrazyShark not again FeelsWeirdMan fowlolv: yes Fielix: @elajjaz you saw the yakuza 7 trailer? Doesnt even has the 7 in europe elaPuke Houndthree: NemzNemz Pog Da_Flanker: FeelsPepoMan icedcoffeeboy: what was that dog dick topic even Call_me_Zeroo: thanks for having my back chat ComplexGhost: @Call_me_Zeroo just got a new follow mrbreadberry: billyReady takirindor: pepeJAM SunPraiser: PepoDance holloWFortune: billyReady KappatainHindsight: Did you see the EXIT THE DUNGEON trailer? FeelsBadMan KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan Clap Tomowatt: pepeJAM Jajalembang: pepeJAMMER Blank1980: billyReady tumaelso: billyReady Nazzet: @Call_me_Zeroo pepeL Geri0703: @KrazyShark essiSmile elaH Saphiryon: billyReady 뿡토: pepeJAM Jajalembang: billyReady i feel strong KrazyShark: @Geri0703 krazys2PAT PhysiCle: LULW Kakyoinree: pepeJAM Call_me_Zeroo: LULW viktor_victor: i had to pause stream, whats going on with nemz? Caput_Draconis: LULW Houndthree: Yakuza 7 looks already like a disappointment wandering_pleb: billyReady ergivanc: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_z5Va5G3u0 PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) icedcoffeeboy: im watching the penis fishing now @KrazyShark Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Karasseram: nah Yakuza 7 looks awesome KrazyShark: @icedcoffeeboy LULW fenniksss: @viktor_victor just copy-paste this elaKek PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Jajalembang: LULW NoodLeWrencher: @Azure_Felt they shouldve let it be and not bring in the twist I remember Japanese fans being salty about it back when Ela played the game SunPraiser: pepeJAMMER BTRNDL: you don’t respect Nem’z honesty tho.. elaFeels Call_me_Zeroo: i need to play the Yakuza games Cloudyto: pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER Dismal_Arkt: pepeJAMMER Xer_0: ElaCOOL Call_me_Zeroo: they seem top tier fenniksss: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady Geri0703: (ditto) Karasseram: you can summon famous yakuza characters as summons wandering_pleb: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady Tomowatt: PepoDance fenniksss: billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady billyReady v Met_the_Slayer: RareEla RareEla RareEla RareEla RareEla Fielix: @elajjaz long time? They showed it on gamescom! So it is not that long. And today they released an alternate one in with english subs SunPraiser: pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER pepeJAMMER ElaJAMMER prrrah: yakuza 7 gamplay trailer looks really fun LUL tumaelso: pepeD pepeJAMMER pepeD Kakyoinree: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) fulcanico: !song SunPraiser: PepoDance NoodLeWrencher: elaD Dismal_Arkt: LULW Schorhard: elaHi YOOOOOO Ela + Chat ela13 elaH Call_me_Zeroo: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Tomowatt: LULW Jajalembang: KEKW Karasseram: Im agine if you can summon naked perv Nevville: elaD garenbush: LULW kokosenpaai: LUL Turbulist: Nemz and honest PepeLaugh fenniksss: NEMZ HAS NO DIGNITY elaKek sadyst4: LULW Kakyoinree: NEMZ OMEGALUL Geri0703: @Schorhard essiSmile elaH KappatainHindsight: Poor lad PhysiCle: @Schorhard elaH AlexAnderman1994: LULW true KrazyShark: nemz LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaD CLIP IT AND SEND IT NEMZ UltraWindow: not entirely false PepeLaugh schlawinator: PepeHands enzaim7: !song Caput_Draconis: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh 👉 Ela is a weeb Cloudyto: billyLaugh billyLaugh billyLaugh billyLaugh billyLaugh D13_Michael: He might not have honesty but his drivers are at least up to date @Elajjaz Isbjorn3213: nani? fenniksss: PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 PepeLaugh 👉 NEMZ38 Houndthree: elaD Kakyoinree: NEMZ IS A FUCKING WEEB OMEGALUL NoodLeWrencher: elaHmm I wonder 뿡토: 3Head NEMZ TheGermanToaster: elaGa nemzGa Houndthree: You have no world record D13_Michael: LUL schlawinator: I saw Nemz discussing a porn video with his chat once LULW PhysiCle: elaK mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeLaugh ComplexGhost: nemz sleeps with his bare dick next to his dog tho…FeelsWeirdMan Zerophyne: PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Cloudyto: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Turbulist krazys2PAT @fenniksss krazys2PAT @Nazzet krazys2PAT @Kakyoinree krazys2PAT @1marcio080 krazys2PAT @Admiralshiroryu krazys2PAT @PhysiCle krazys2PAT @D13_Michael krazys2PAT @mrbreadberry krazys2PAT @UltraWindow krazys2PAT sup guys PepeLaugh ergivanc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_z5Va5G3u0 if you want to cry PepeHands NoodLeWrencher: VIP without even being a sub, this is how we are being treated DansGame jamie_mccabe: gotta respect his dedication to lying tho SeemsGood SeemsGood Xer_0: using geforge experience LUL Da_Flanker: Pog KaitoJoka: What game are you playing today? UltraWindow: KrazyShark elaFella yoo D13_Michael: Git Gud in opening geforce experience Kappa Nazzet: @KrazyShark cirPat fenniksss: @KrazyShark Oi elaH saoblow: elajjoz WeirdChamp DaniDuck: They aren’t LULW Turbulist: KrazyShark annytfHeart annytfPat mrbreadberry: @KrazyShark FeelsGoodMan / schlawinator: @KrazyShark elaFella KrazyShark: @Da_Flanker krazys2PAT @NoodLeWrencher krazys2PAT @saoblow krazys2PAT Cloudyto: not updated LULW SouruBreaker: Thats why you didnt save him on secret neighbor @Elajjaz PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: @KrazyShark elaWOW elaFella BleekStone: nemz was exposed as a weeb? icedcoffeeboy: @KrazyShark sort of turned on by penis fishing ChickenMuffins: @KrazyShark chicke27AYAYA Rumpledinky: because its shit Jajalembang: Kappa PhysiCle: @KrazyShark Sup you degenerate. You good? kokosenpaai: elaK Da_Flanker: KrazyShark essiSmile elaFella eliastheepicgamer: geforce spyware PepeLaugh NoodLeWrencher: @KrazyShark pepeL elaFella PokerDweebz: it’s literally installing Veddy_: geforce experience is garbo , thats why elaOk Azure_Felt: elaK PokerDweebz: and updating KappatainHindsight: They are updating LULW KrazyShark: @icedcoffeeboy LULW its amazing ngl NoodLeWrencher: elaK LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @ChickenMuffins toinonAYAYA krazys2PAT holloWFortune: Update LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaK “lies” iLostToLife: AYAYA ELIAS OMGNemzDoes: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA hangedm4n: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan / Xer_0: use the nvidia control panel UltraWindow: weeb lies? nepSmug yea right zeke_r0: elK Meximus322: PepeLaugh Emzero: PepeLaugh Jajalembang: AYAYA I KNEW IT ELAS Eldritchness: nepSmug garenbush: updating LULW zeke_r0: elaK WojtaxElite: But you are a weeb hobbT angryj0nes: PepeLaugh Turbulist: yes Kakyoinree: YOU’RE A WEEB TOO PepeLaugh PhysiCle: PepeLaugh Erzentu: TaBeRu Da_Flanker: Mhm fenniksss: @Elajjaz HE WAS ON SCAYTHLYS STREAM ONCE elaKek kokosenpaai: PepeLuagh Vikingdeath1: you can update Drivers from that Karasseram: yeah its the program updating first KrazyShark: @PhysiCle im good elaOk still a degenerate doe Whyeverso: elaYA not a weeb by the way elaYA Azure_Felt: 4Shrug GarethFlatlands: He calls Dist a weeb more than you, although both are correct UltraWindow: you dont need experience, its bloatware UnReal_Ree: elaK WilliamDelta: LULW Cloudyto: HAHAHAHAH vFuci: c Dr_Gomez: AYAYA Cloudyto: LULW kokosenpaai: PepeLaugh Admiralshiroryu: @KrazyShark sup elaHYUG ChickenMuffins: LULW PokerDweebz: @Elajjaz elaWeird LickMyPretzel: elaK KrazyShark: @hangedm4n krazys2PAT toinonAYAYA UltraWindow: LULW Veddy_: LULW Azure_Felt: elaK JinM0: LULW gloccc: nemzLUL Zerophyne: maybe they arent rumor ela PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: elaK hepha1: stalking Nemz on Twitch WeirdChamp OMGNemzDoes: POGGERS MasterMalpercio: rooKek Paladin_Neptune: @Eldritchness abbaLove Caput_Draconis: LULW Myowa_: LULW garenbush: LULW Turbulist: LULW D13_Michael: I WAS RIGHT! DaniDuck: elaK DragonflyJoe: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: LULW D13_Michael: LUL LazyStreamsThings: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan Clap lord_rimheart: nemz telling lies again? now way elaHmm NoodLeWrencher: elaK And here I was about to say how good Ela looks now that he finally opens up about being a weeb and here we are lying again LickMyPretzel: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Tomowatt: elaK zeke_r0: elaGa Da_Flanker: Okay, cool PhysiCle: @KrazyShark wasn’t expecting anything less nepSmug DMVgaming: PepeLaugh PLAZAx: elaK WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Kakyoinree: LULW Xer_0: FeelsWeirdMan mrbreadberry: stale drivers PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: O elaK Haukanne: Haukanne subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 17 month streak! YUSSSS Larsn2k: elaK WrestlerBot2000: @Haukanne After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ergivanc: @Elajjaz why does it matter if people call you weeb . Why not ignore it UltraWindow: elaK Whyeverso: elaB not a weeb by the way elaB EricJK: elaK wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: Everytime LULW angryj0nes: Ho no no no If Gforce is updating you will need to restard the PC LULW Silragy: lolol Nazzet: PepeLaugh Brunault_: elaK KrazyShark: @PhysiCle PepeLaugh ikr PhysiCle: elaK fenniksss: @Elajjaz HE WAS ON SCAYTHLYS STREAM ONCE elaKek elaKek rihoto: Kapp anibit: die young monkaS KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan Clap spam this PokerDweebz: @Elajjaz elaWeird elaWeird Eldritchness: @Paladin_Neptune nepSmug 👉 💜 Houndthree: Houndthree subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! When is nemz gonna stream? WrestlerBot2000: @Houndthree Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM KrazyShark: YOU FUCKING NEED TO NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER WTF Tomowatt: monkaS 317 unchecked mails mrbreadberry: LULW PhysiCle: LULW LickMyPretzel: why not Nazzet: LULW OMGNemzDoes: D: why not vFuci: did i miss blasfemous? Da_Flanker: Why not vihainenkampela: gachiHYPER DO IT Kakyoinree: gachiHYPER ? Whyeverso: elaBlush not a weeb by the way elaBlush Turbulist: elaKek Haukanne: gachiHYPER garenbush: LULW LULW KappatainHindsight: Thank god WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Da_Flanker: The LIDL Resident Evil? Neww__: blasthemous speedruns when @elajjaz BleekStone: what fishing ??? WeirdChamp KrazyShark: https://youtu.be/1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan Clap spam penis fishing Tomowatt: :/ Daymare? ergivanc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_z5Va5G3u0 @Elajjaz angryj0nes: That seems LIDL as fuck icedcoffeeboy: @Elajjaz i just watched it and its non nudity Kakyoinree: RE Pog jatsuku: YEEEESSS Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Code Vein in 2 Weeks! Whyeverso: elaISee not a weeb by the way elaISee PokerDweebz: L I D L Loki_nG: Hey ela and chat elaH elaFella Nazzet: loki_ng cirHi NoodLeWrencher: Daymare? Hopefully it doesnt become a Nightmare haha elaHAA Clap Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i think this video is nice when to watch when you eat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m30JxCZASkQ Da_Flanker: It was ALDI? mayushi10: don’t watch it FeelsWeirdMan PhysiCle: @Loki_nG elaH dosakarud: Kappa NoodLeWrencher: elaK saoblow: elaK an_p0: @Elajjaz Die young released today KrazyShark: @Elajjaz but you said ok yesterday PepeHands kokosenpaai: elaK mrbreadberry: Kapp Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan Clap FFXIV WojtaxElite: sure hobbT Loki_nG: @Nazzet @PhysiCle elaH NoodLeWrencher: AYAYA Clap TorvaM: elaK xdreigor: @Elajjaz Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNQxsTKpFtw Pog Azure_Felt: TaBeRu ? mountaindhew: i bought blasphemous yesterday and i have never died so many times in a single videogame. definetly the hardest game i have ever playing, unironically Nazzet: Pog FlameGodFlann: How are you doing today? 🙂 Loki_nG: Jaysus BlessRNG Kakyoinree: Play it Pog KrazyShark: pog? Whyeverso: elaWOW still not a weeb chat, he promises elaWOW NoodLeWrencher: fucking banzai garden stuff is cozy af elaCozy WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA KrazyShark: Female Protagonist Pog NoodLeWrencher: pepoDance Da_Flanker: You either die young or live long enough to become a boomer mrbreadberry: damn i’ve seen this game like years ago in early access NoodLeWrencher: PepoDance ergivanc: Another survival game ResidentSleeper KrazyShark: @Elajjaz but you said ok yesterday PepeHands Kakyoinree: pepeD Cloudyto: pepeJAM Ahmeduwna: @Elajjaz Blasphemous all achievements speed run when? PepeLaugh kiddbora: are you playing BL 3 tomorrow ? @Elajjaz MasterMdrn: did you check Green Hell Tomowatt: ElaJAM SunPraiser: PepoDance Kakyoinree: pepeD pepeD KrazyShark: Pog PhysiCle: Pog Da_Flanker: Pog Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu garenbush: Pog mayushi10: PogU mrbreadberry: 88 Pog KrazyShark: THE DOUBLE Tomowatt: PepeLaugh Eldritchness: Pog Loki_nG: Pig Veddy_: DatSheffy kokosenpaai: Pog SaixSoul: PogU Ermienerm: 88 monkaW Loki_nG: Pog zeke_r0: Pog Caput_Draconis: Pog MasterMdrn: S Champ N schlawinator: Pog PhysiCle: Soon (TM) Pog Nordein: 12% hours danP Veddy_: 88 monkaW rainbowsh8: DatSheffy Kakyoinree: Clap Da_Flanker: Wow Dismal_Arkt: BabyRage NoodLeWrencher: monkaS chat no viktor_victor: runs after? JoeMc: @Elajjaz spoilers I can’t watch..this game looks too good ViveLaDissidence:>not 89 DansGame hepha1: No 🙂 zeke_r0: BabyRage 2 more superlight_: sieg heil monkaS 뿡토: actually 40% PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: grabbing babies cmonBruh kiddbora: are you playing BL 3 tomorrow ? @Elajjaz ? vyird1337: still no 100% PepeLaugh Kraad_: Collecting babies? Is this Deaths Stranding? WojtaxElite: @Elajjaz when are ya gonna speedrun this hobbPega ? namelesshadow: press b yezzy_ts: GRAB THE BONE? gachiHYPER Dismal_Arkt: Find me BabyRage Me too BabyRage FlameGodFlann: BabyRage BabyRage Ermienerm: superlight_ wrong one but yeah OpieOP Nazzet: achievement % PepeLaugh ? Ahmeduwna: @Elajjaz Blasphemous all achievements speed run when? 🙂 schlawinator: Alright chat I’m leaving since I havent played this yet. Take care everyone pepeL NoodLeWrencher: elaFeels NeroIscariot12: Imagine if game actually goes to 200% completion like old games Loki_nG: 100% here we come elaDM PickPounce3000: PickPounce3000 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak! dayum you fine elaGasm WrestlerBot2000: @PickPounce3000 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM KrazyShark: @schlawinator krazys2PAT take care KaitoJoka: good luck! PhysiCle: @schlawinator elaH happymintyo: pOGu Nazzet: @schlawinator have a good one pepeL mrbreadberry: @Elajjaz Bloodstained when FeelsGoodMan happymintyo: PogU GoAkke: Hello ela pepeL Hello chat pepeL Nazzet: goakke cirHi OMGNemzDoes: OMG HE FORGOT Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan Clap Swordman with funny hat GoAkke: anyways PepeHands Nazzet: ANyways PepeHands garenbush: anyways PepeHands Deliriumi1: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: PepeHands anyways SixJaxEQ: it goes up to 101% if you find the secret secret Kappa wandering_pleb: PepeHands PhysiCle: @GoAkke Ey Akke pepeL Azure_Felt: pepeL GoAkke Ermienerm: A N Y W A Y S PepeHands 뿡토: anyways PepeHands Loki_nG: Pro strimmer elaHYUK GoAkke: see you chat PepeHands yezzy_ts: RE4 VILLAGE Pog NoodLeWrencher: ANYWAYS PepeHands CleverName2: @GoAkke pepeL KanzanZX: @Elajjaz wanna try statue portals ? Phelipe_Delta: krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG Ahmeduwna: Anyways PepeHands fenniksss: @Elajjaz Ela, question. I dont have anything better to do. What song I should learn to play as Bard in FF14? elaHmm jad144p: elaHi GoAkke: PhysiCle pepeL Azure_Felt pepeL CleverName2 pepeL i love you Kakyoinree: Pog FlameGodFlann: Fork handles? Vuuuur: what did he get from the klill 3 enemies without dying quest? MasterMdrn: what KrazyShark: @Elajjaz fun fact, there’s no penis in penis fishing video so you can watch it FeelsGoodMan NoodLeWrencher: No 🙂 GoAkke: yes KrazyShark: @GoAkke krazys2PAT DaniDuck: no 🙂 hepha1: no NoodLeWrencher: thats a feature mrbreadberry: yea Eldritchness: monkaW ergivanc: AYAYA @Elajjaz youre a weeb AYAYA SunPraiser: monkaW Meximus322: PepeLaugh Veddy_: monkaW Wilze13: monkaW Kakyoinree: monkaW mrbreadberry: monkaW big_black_clock_kappa: kuck fripp NoodLeWrencher: you can put on glasses J0hnnyBlade: it’s not glitch that’s some kind of new thing Nazzet: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW Dr4g0nK: same thing for me OMGNemzDoes: monkaW vihainenkampela: krippo monkaW Gothicer: WutFace WojtaxElite: yea see it too angryj0nes: LULW saoblow: i see it too monkaW Azure_Felt: yep i thought so too PepeLaugh Cel_13: he doesnt know GoAkke: same for me Arcshined: elaBlind Sybran57: He doesn’t know PepeLaugh floating_brain: Ela pls Jebaited McDumb: monkaW 뿡토: monkaSHAKE bobosmrad23: yo same icedragon08: monkaW zherebane: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: @Elajjaz monkaW Kraad_: @Elajjaz you can modify emotes with the new channel point thing Blank1980: same Drachenreiter: channel points FragmentShader: it’s because you can put different images for different sizes CommanBear: banned monkaW Myowa_: PepeLaugh he is unaware, dont tell him Zetarim: @Elajjaz new channel points system Tomowatt: 4Shrug Jafilip: he is unaware PepeLaugh tumaelso: same monkaW NoodLeWrencher: @Elajjaz Its a new feature Phelipe_Delta: kripp has a point system, i unlocked that emote and modified it @Elajjaz Brunault_: same D: D13_Michael: CoolCat xdreigor: @Elajjaz Channel points Jybel: Play x-files theme monkaW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz oh yea cause they use the small emote for the smol emote and you can put other ones for differenz sizes AvemStercore: same ViveLaDissidence: He lacks information PepeLaugh Celebris88: the new twitch currency mrbreadberry: cursed emote monkaW brandop526: Channel points allow you to adjust emostes from that channel @Elajjaz fenniksss: @Elajjaz ITS NEW THING ELA. YOU CAN ALTER EMOTES FOR NEW PONINS FragmentShader: so if a different one is cached hepha1: 4Shrug Nordein: @Elajjaz channel points to modify emotes Kakyoinree: EL GOBLINO monkaW Dr_Gomez: ? FragmentShader: it changes NitoOwO: Hellow Chatie and Elu pepeL Sybran57: He is not aware of the truth PepeLaugh big_black_clock_kappa: krippo feg Karma00: Ela do you have all the bones in that room in Albero? GoAkke: ela is the same for this emote elaBlind FlameGodFlann: It’s due to chem trails. fenniksss: @Elajjaz Ela, question. I dont have anything better to do. What song I should learn to play as Bard in FF14? elaHmm Cloudyto: @Elajjaz when you pass the mouse in front of the emote, he puts on the glasses Daimonas1: yes DexArt888: drugs Tomowatt: 5Head I see Ph4ntomi: PepeS PLAZAx: monkaW MasterMdrn: monkaS garenbush: monkaS mrbreadberry: monkaX Caput_Draconis: monkaSHAKE ergivanc: monkaW hold me chat fenniksss: monkaW SCARED angryj0nes: monkaW Kakyoinree: monkaS vihainenkampela: monkaW help mountaindhew: monkaW EricJK: monkaS NoodLeWrencher: you remember when back in holiday seasons you could put on hats n shit? thats now with the new channel point system that you can get sunglasses and stuff wandering_pleb: monkaW rihoto: ElaOut MasterMdrn: PepeHands tumaelso: monkaW kokosenpaai: monkaSHAKE Kakyoinree: what is he doing monkaS Detroit147: monkaS Ahmeduwna: monkaW LickMyPretzel: where did he go Dr4g0nK: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO brandop526: f Sybran57: monkaW NoodLeWrencher: PepeS IM SCARED fenniksss: GONE Phelipe_Delta: krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG krippO_SG MeisterHeller: panicBasket 뿡토: monkaX vFuci: hold me chat monkaW mrbreadberry: dead monkaW ViveLaDissidence: Send him help monkaW Nevville: elaREE icedragon08: WutFace garenbush: elgato monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW ergivanc: monkaS shoko664: monakaW kokosenpaai: monkaX Ph4ntomi: DETH monkaW Hnoss: panicBasket Cloudyto: PepeUff DexArt888: monkaW McDumb: monkaW 👉 monkaW Evamaster: MonkaS yezzy_ts: monkaW EricJK: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW Dr4g0nK: OMAGAWD ! Tomowatt: PepeHands DEAD Blank1980: monkaSHAKE LickMyPretzel: monkaW what is happening pixel676: @elajjaz hi ela, any runs today? Sybran57: monkaX Tomowatt: Pog redanianknight: WOAH brandop526: monkaGun NeroIscariot12: riPepperonis riPepperonis riPepperonis riPepperonis Detroit147: pc died monkaS mountaindhew: monkaW COME BACK mrbreadberry: FeelsGoodMan livanrar: omh Dr4g0nK: UNDER THE TABLE MONSTER ! FlameGodFlann: Oi erolynDad ergivanc: monkaW @Elajjaz vihainenkampela: monkaSHAKE Kakyoinree: monkaS TPH_MCMXCIX: monkaX fenniksss: @Elajjaz Ela, question. I dont have anything better to do. What song I should learn to play as Bard in FF14? elaHmm LickMyPretzel: PepeS MasterMdrn: !time Loki_nG: @Elajjaz If you get chat points, i want a Banana pizza for one of the choices ela12 flohmannjr: Good morning, Ela and chat. elaH WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 16:32 ViveLaDissidence: Watch out , he may not be the real one monkaW Dr_Gomez: AYAYA fenniksss: GOBLIN full_havel: hey ela elaHi hey chat elaH mrniloc: mrniloc subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! WrestlerBot2000: @mrniloc After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KrazyShark: @Elajjaz fun fact, there’s no penis in penis fishing video so you can watch it FeelsGoodMan pretty fun right? FeelsGoodMan kokosenpaai: PepeUff fenniksss: GOBLIN CHECK CHAT ergivanc: @fenniksss LA HEE that song Tomowatt: monkaW flohmannjr: @full_havel elaHi Cel_13: @Elajjaz watching a stream gives you points, with them a non sub can use sub emotes, and subs can change emotes like adding sunglasses Kakyoinree: prove you’re real ela monkaW Dr4g0nK: @Elajjaz I looked under mine but didnt see you there 🙁 Now I am sad mrniloc: Hi Chat Hi Ela elaHi elaH Loki_nG: @KrazyShark elaWeird mountaindhew: the fucking snow area with the flying bell men is fucking cancer holy shit LULW ergivanc: !subgoal flohmannjr: @mrniloc elaHi WrestlerBot2000: @ergivanc, 5154 subpoints, 6200 points needed for next slot (T1 subs: 1 point. T2: 2 points. T3: 6 points.) CleverName2: fake ela monkaS KrazyShark: @Elajjaz you know i’m gonna shove my penis fishing vid down your throat til you watch it right gachiHYPER Penaleve: I’ve been playing this game and i can now be sure that i suck at platformers 🙂 full_havel: @krazyshark elaFella KrazyShark: @Loki_nG krazys2PAT cpt_chrunchi: LULW GoAkke: KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: Hollow Knight DLCs when? KrazyShark: @full_havel krazys2PAT ergivanc: !followage WrestlerBot2000: @ergivanc, ergivanc has been following elajjaz for 2 years 6 months 15 days 21 hours FlameGodFlann: !weather Kakyoinree: show nipples to prove it’s real ela monkaW fenniksss: @ergivanc I can do a cover for MemeStream when my stuff arives elaKek NoodLeWrencher: elaKek garenbush: LULW Yuggod: LULW pixel676: @elajjaz any runs today? Turbulist: LULW mountaindhew: LULW Tomowatt: LULW saoblow: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW KrazyShark: LULW Loki_nG: @KrazyShark elaFella iLostToLife: LULW LazyStreamsThings: Lmao leBookcase: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Veddy_: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Vuuuur: lmaooooooooo 624pt2: LUL Donthy: LULW lord_rimheart: LUL MasterMalpercio: rooKek PhysiCle: LULW NoodLeWrencher: elaKek INSANE Kakyoinree: OMEGALUL Dr4g0nK: Kappa SiloWang: lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo zherebane: 0 deaths quantumop: LMAO Emzero: LULW Brunault_: elaKek Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN WilliamDelta: LULW Niittomies_: LUL Martinuvits: hhahahahhahaha troublematicc: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh brandop526: ElaCOOL KappatainHindsight: LULW tumaelso: LULW southdesigner: whens the no death run?? flohmannjr: LULW vFuci: PepeLaugh shoko664: bruh angryj0nes: The timing LULW jamie_mccabe: LUL LUL LUL LUL galega6: KrazyShark elaFella demiprPat gdskepPat leyPats rooPat scifriPAT tyrissHeadpat pepeL EricJK: LULW trashomb: PepeLaugh NeroIscariot12: LUL LUL BeeeztMode: LULW Hajitaib: LULW WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz 뿡토: GOOD START OMEGADOWN Tomowatt: 🙂 elaPlan CleverName2: @GoAkke i love you VoHiYo KrazyShark: @galega6 Pog krazys2PAT toinonAYAYA ergivanc: @fenniksss that wil be sick Pog Ishakuma: so you need mask for elevator, 2 babies and 1 bone jad144p: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @jad144p, elajjaz has been streaming for 34 mins 29 secs galega6: KrazyShark retroAYAYA D13_Michael: Blasphemous is such a beauty KrazyShark: @Elajjaz you know i’m gonna shove my penis fishing vid down your throat til you watch it right? gachiHYPER i’ll cum back later ela12 Yuggod: reminds me of this https://clips.twitch.tv/AnimatedInspiringCattlePupper OMEGLOL garenbush: LULW WilliamDelta: LULW tumaelso: LULW sjuften_: OMEGADOWN Jybel: OMEGADOWN mrbreadberry: OMEGALUL mkzkSeki: LULWw lord_rimheart: LUL 뿡토: OMEGADOWN iLostToLife: OMEGALUL flohmannjr: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGADOWN Anavolver: OMEGADOWN vFuci: OMEGADOWN Tomowatt: OMEGALUL Geixo: hi ela and chat AYAYA Albin_Alligator: missfuF NamelessYee: LUL Veddy_: OMEGLOL Brunault_: elaKek x2 jamie_mccabe: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG anon_osv: 5k hours LUL Garmon3: LUL mkzkSeki: LULW KrazyShark: LULW ergivanc: 2 trashomb: LULW vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh brandop526: Keepo TanRATular: Bruh Hario: OMEGLOL wandering_pleb: OMEGADOWN zloezelo: OMEGADOWN BelialsFlame: 0 deaths ? LuL Nevflinn: OMEGADOWN Surreal_Psychedelics: again it is bois Imranhatefi: LUL JonasBredband: “Everything is about me!” @KrazyShark Jouka23: mikebStare mikebRIP kevin_pw: 3Head Dr_Gomez: OMEGLOL NeroIscariot12: LULW PhysiCle: https://clips.twitch.tv/PiliableCuriousWallabyJonCarnage DexArt888: OMEGADOWN hepha1: 20 SUBS LUL fenniksss: “NoDeAtHsChAt” pepeGa LazyStreamsThings: honestly the platforming in this game can be fucking awful Loki_nG: Are you feeling ok ela elaKek KrazyShark: @JonasBredband but the penis fishing vid is so good PepeHands DSpookles: DSpookles is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Cel_13! LazyStreamsThings: it’s 90% of my deaths angryj0nes: The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek FlameGodFlann: 3 times a charm mortifer000: hi garenbush: LULW Cloudyto: https://clips.twitch.tv/PoisedStormySnailAsianGlow DSpookles: elaH 뿡토: OMEGADOWN PhysiCle: LULW Tomowatt: OMEGADOWN mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh brandop526: LUL mkzkSeki: LULW LULW Brunault_: elaKek x3 AvemStercore: OMEGALUL Night_Flier: @Elajjaz You need buy all items from shop, 100% etc u now ChickenMuffins: LULW Donthy: LULW OMGNemzDoes: yes i am gachiHYPER flohmannjr: elaKEK vFuci: OMEGADOWN cpt_chrunchi: LULW Veddy_: OMEGADOWN Eniwent: KEKW NeroIscariot12: LULW leBookcase: going well 🙂 ergivanc: @Elajjaz i remember watching you speedrun ds2 i miss those days PepeHands Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: … Caput_Draconis: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh angryj0nes: The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek tumaelso: OMEGADOWN M G Surreal_Psychedelics: 4th time maybe? Eldritchness: No deaths today nepSmug flohmannjr: elaKek AlmAyum: elaKek elaKek Kakyoinree: gachiPls EXEMPLARIS Sybran57: Deathless PepeLaugh Jybel: 3rd time´s a charm OMEGADOWN zloezelo: OMEGADOWN VoidsFacade: scripted Admiralshiroryu: spikes are the worst enemies AxleT1: elaKek hepha1: 30 LUL Tomowatt: elaKek nymnCorn aforik1234: aight imma head out 4Head CleverName2: i start to believe ela does not know how this game works Martinuvits: Think weve been here before Ela NoodLeWrencher: FeelsGoodMan Clap 4 TIMES HERE WE GO xdreigor: elaK lord_rimheart: @Elajjaz do you need to take a break already? elaKek fenniksss: @ergivanc it will sound really bad elaKek OMGNemzDoes: nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Loki_nG: PJSalt is building ela12 McDumb: PepeLaugh 💨 BleekStone: CoolStoryBob fernok40: Does anyone know any gud streamers LuL ? GoAkke: 500 trillion hours in dark souls btw PepeLaugh flohmannjr: AYAYA Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: Just dont get hit 4HEad Kakyoinree: just don’t get hit 4HEad Cloudyto: AYAYA TaBeRu vFuci: CoolStoryBob Call_me_Zeroo: ela when are we playing minecraft together Sybran57: It’s a feature PepeLaugh PhysiCle: elaK FlameGodFlann: just don’t get hit 🙂 Lindegrene: elaK Praisethesam: de ja vu Nazzet: Kapp d3sirio: Are you having some trouble? PepeLaugh Komitern66: Kapp Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh eliastheepicgamer: LULW SunBeard: Kapp wandering_pleb: elaK jad144p: elaK Domma_love1: @elajjaz sooo is it fair to say spikes are ur worst enemies? 🤔 MrLismos: sup chat CleverName2: @GoAkke elaB williammb: @Elajjaz Are you having some trouble? anon_osv: Pog Sybran57: monkaSHAKE SouruBreaker: Are you having any trouble? FeelsPepoMan 🔈 fenniksss: @Call_me_Zeroo he doesnt want to PepeHands I asked him to play on our server already garenbush: LULW Pajki13: try undo Brunault_: elaKek x4 뿡토: OMEGADOWN Jafilip: WeirdChamp sebensor: LUL Veddy_: LULW mkzkSeki: LULW Cloudyto: LULW Myowa_: OMEGADOWN Sybran57: LULW Jybel: OMEGADOWN flohmannjr: LULW iLostToLife: OMEGALUL 624pt2: LUL mayushi10: LULW angryj0nes: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGADOWN fenniksss: UNDO tumaelso: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW vFuci: OMEGADOWN GoAkke: CleverName2 i love you too elaH mortifer000: hhhaha OMGNemzDoes: hoe D: saoblow: PepeLaugh Martinuvits: lollolololololol AxleT1: elaKek wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh brandop526: LMAO turtt11: hou Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW ergivanc: PepeLaugh Turbulist: LULW Joshmoor45: LULW jad144p: elaKek NeroIscariot12: LULW angryj0nes: The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek The true horror of this game for Ela SPIKES elaKek LeiHaut: CakeW Vuuuur: D E A T H L E S S zloezelo: OMEGADOWN southdesigner: so bad rainbowsh8: UND OMEGLOL ergivanc: 3 Eldritchness: Undo PepeLaugh ChickenMuffins: Try to Undo 🙂 DMVgaming: OMEGADOWN MrJuNasty: rip all the mana d3sirio: TOTAL MALDING LULW brandop526: it begins psYch0maD: LULW lord_rimheart: elaKek AlmAyum: 4th elaKek Martinuvits: HAHHAHAHHAHA LUL PhysiCle: You alright mate? monkaW Nevflinn: A G A I N ? ? ? LULW garenbush: MALDING LULW saugo: LULW always deathless Tomowatt: PepeLaugh 👇 Donthy: Stop pretending WeirdChamp Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz dude my fkn runescape account from 2007 got hacked Dr4g0nK: No deaths today ! Kakyoinree: LULW hepha1: 4 LULW LickMyPretzel: so bad LULW flohmannjr: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt SouruBreaker: Having some trouble ? PepeLaugh BendOverLikeABoss: are you having some trouble? NeroIscariot12: ACTUALLY MALDING LULW ChickenMuffins: @Call_me_Zeroo F HelelBen: cohhDerp fenniksss: D: lyinoa: hey ! sebensor: hello @Elajjaz and chat elaFella elaHi ergivanc: @Call_me_Zeroo PepeHands shatuy: Its a Death Day LULW Cloudyto: no deaths todaaaaaaaaaay get_oot_me_swamp: might as well walk at this point LUL williammb: @Elajjaz Are you having some trouble? iLostToLife: PepeLaugh UNDO Nypthys: ResidentSleeper fenniksss: @Call_me_Zeroo Unhack it back D: McDumb: PepeUff Keenhaze: “Finishing today” PepeLaugh bauer8057: so is this game good Absolute_Dreamer: It’s Catherine tutorial all over again monkaS Cloudyto: UNDO LULW vFuci: @Elajjaz dont jump on the spikes they kill you WeirdChamp Call_me_Zeroo: both my mojang and jagex accounts got hacked Slavenzi: i just get here and he immediately died, pathetic being Call_me_Zeroo: PepeHands Praisethesam: no deaths went out the window Tomowatt: PepeLaugh nymnCorn hepha1: vod friends skip 30 minutes PepeLaugh Nazzet: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: TaBeRu GuitarTime lipgloss71: hello everyone Nazzet: lipgloss71 cirHi heavyexplo: you’re sucking dicks, that’s what happening elaMad Vegansan: You press jump too early elaSmile lord_rimheart: Pog progress JinM0: ElaClap flohmannjr: Pog Tomowatt: Pog 뿡토: Pog ress SunBeard: progerrs POGGERS ergivanc: @Elajjaz can you scream KYAAAH williammb: Are you having some trouble? d3sirio: ElaClap EmperadorMendez: I’m 25 and virgin What should I do Any tip will be highly appreciated thanks PokerDweebz: Chat what’s the story to this game dosakarud: Kappa zachc417: that slide is so satisfying flohmannjr: Checkpoint Pog lipgloss71: @heavyexplo, you do not like having dick sucked? HiHawx: @EmperadorMendez sub to ela LickMyPretzel: @EmperadorMendez Buy a hooker Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: @Elajjaz already learning for speedrunning it I see vFuci: 4Shrug @PokerDweebz Martinuvits: I spring, I hop…., I rull! MrLismos: janor londooooooo Tomowatt: monkaW 뿡토: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: @EmperadorMendez talk to @KrazyShark Ayeshin: hi chat rooComfy Nazzet: ayeshin cirHi metallicide14: music giving me diablo 2 feels d3sirio: Horse elevator monkaW zherebane: PepeHands Tomowatt: gachiOnFIRE Charred dosakarud: gachiBASS Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: LOOOOOOOOOOOL Cloudyto: gachiHYPER mrbreadberry: gachiHYPER PhysiCle: gachiHYPER Virhaed: gachiHYPER quantumop: LMAO Vivelin: gachiHYPER iLostToLife: gachiBASS ? garenbush: gachiHYPER lord_rimheart: gachiBASS SiloWang: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm TheZecaUrubu: gachiGASM trashomb: gachiHYPER OMGNemzDoes: gachiBASS BTRNDL: elaThirst Deliriumi1: gachiBASS MasterMdrn: LULW flohmannjr: gachiHYPER AlmAyum: gachiHYPER ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER datguyzito: LULW Azure_Felt: elaHmm dosakarud: gachiBASS Clap DragonflyJoe: gachiHYPER Pajki13: banned Jouka23: rubyfaSWEATS anon_osv: SHOW US!!!!! Kreygasm igneek: gachiBASS kermanaattor: OMEGALUL ComplexGhost: gachiBASS vFuci: gachiHYPER Nevflinn: gachiHYPER Caput_Draconis: LULW hangedm4n: LULW Albin_Alligator: missfuScared Pajki13: wtf Ela Fingerlickins: Its going where… DexArt888: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: elaHmm Martinuvits: EHHHHHHH Xurker: ELIAS ALFRED SHARTED UnsKannable: leonSWEATY NeroIscariot12: gachiHYPER 뿡토: SHOW US PogU VoidsFacade: where is it going? Kreygasm happymintyo: gachiHYPER zachc417: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm Night_Flier: @Elajjaz Mb you need die a bunch time for for the statue? mechanics of sin and etc. What do you think ? ergivanc: LULW dosakarud: NICE gachiBASS ELAYZA: gachiHYPER HaswarX: oh good morning to me Kappa Vivelin: Isn’t that where your underwear is supposed to be? flohmannjr: Best stream. LULW Nucleoprotein: hello @Elajjaz hello chat pepeL TPH_MCMXCIX: gachiHYPER Nazzet: nucleoprotein cirHi Tomowatt: 4Shrug floating_brain: that’s where it’s supposed to be Nucleoprotein: @Nazzet pepeL full_havel: @elajjaz did you finish the game? garenbush: W OMEGALUL W Da_Flanker: Nucleoprotein pepeL CleverName2: THE SUB CAM WAS STILL ON, I SAW EVERYTHING gachiHYPER THE SUB CAM WAS STILL ON, I SAW EVERYTHING gachiHYPER THE SUB CAM WAS STILL ON, I SAW EVERYTHING gachiHYPER DaniDuck: @Nucleoprotein elaH Garmon3: Level design HiHawx: w OMEGALUL w UnsKannable: I’m over here now heavyexplo: @lipgloss71 I do not like my hero streamer sucking dicks elaSmile Nucleoprotein: @Da_Flanker pepeL @DaniDuck pepeL ergivanc: @Elajjaz that happened to me when i was in a meeting . It was really uncomfartable PhysiCle: You no take candle elaMad daddywojo: one left Nucleoprotein: @PhysiCle pepeL PhysiCle: @Nucleoprotein elaH pepeL LazyStreamsThings: fuckin fleamen LickMyPretzel: ppHop Call_me_Zeroo: ela did you ever play castlevania sotn? KrazyShark: @TheZecaUrubu @EmperadorMendez how may i help you? elaOk carero12: last boss soon? Tomowatt: YAHOO LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids, elajjaz has been streaming for 39 mins 53 secs Nucleoprotein: @LickMyPretzel RareEla 🥨 pepeL lipgloss71: @heavyexplo, but, dick sucking is a good thing, you know. 🙂 vihainenkampela: LULQ dosakarud: HeyEla saugo: LULW always deathless Bustacruz: What is the penalty for dying in this game? And what does the “Guilt Fragment” do? 뿡토: U N D OMEGADOWN Defahgo: EDGE LUL LickMyPretzel: @Nucleoprotein elaHYUG Virhaed: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ UNDO Detroit147: AYAYA k? k. fenniksss: CHAT, CAN WE GET AN UNDO? heavyexplo: @lipgloss71 depends on the side you’re at elaThirst Geralt_of_Syria: no elaMad Houndthree: Mobile delay is real ergivanc: I remember the time when this was a catherine stream PepeHands miss those days ergivanc: chat so quiet ergivanc: 🙂 Nevville: ela1 ela2 masau9: Hi Ela & Chat elaOk / Nazzet: masau9 cirHi PhysiCle: @masau9 elaH WrestlerBot2000: “The run is not over until the fat lady fucks” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 97 Tomowatt: 🙂 Animations look cool masau9: @nazzet elaH lipgloss71: @heavyexplo, well I assumed you were not sucking dick and you made an angry face so… 😉 masau9: @physicle elaH Loki_nG: @masau9 elaHi MasterMdrn: PepeUff Clap Bishamon87: @broqRox O // Tomowatt: PepeUff masau9: @loki_ng elaHi Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: He doesnt know PepeLaugh Sunset26017: what are you playing after this? elaHmm quantumop: do you want to know what that does Elajjaz ? gosamigo: This “made-up / BS” lore is Hilarious PepeLaugh Dr4g0nK: @Elajjaz It lets you teleport without losing your quest tentheon: tentheon subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Loki_nG: More anal beads BlessRNG WrestlerBot2000: @tentheon If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Tomowatt: ummmmm Nazzet: PepeLaugh Seikisu: Oi! Ela and Chat elaHi elaCozy dekkah: i think u missed one where the old man disappeared in the cave Nazzet: @Seikisu pepeL KABOSxArt: go back to the toe guy hidden room Night_Flier: @Elajjaz Do you have a bead to block near damage? This is very good against all types of enemies. heavyexplo: with two more rosaries you can make it to the Vatican elaGa PhysiCle: @Seikisu elaH Seikisu: Nazzet elaH bushw0oki3: bushw0oki3 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! Geri0703: @Seikisu essiSmile elaH WrestlerBot2000: @bushw0oki3 After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM the_Peachtree: the_Peachtree subscribed with Twitch Prime. Tomowatt: ElaJAM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @the_Peachtree the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Scarlettohgo: @gosamigo yeah, just like dark souls PhysiCle: MaN Seikisu: PhysiCle pepeL Geri0703 elaHYUG lGNSKILLZ: how many bosses does the game have? WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! TucciTheBrazen: calling him a peach even tho he subbed, thats rude ela PhysiCle: Chat is so chill when you’re playing this game TaBeRu Nazzet: TaBeRu Eldritchness: 🍑 👋 TucciTheBrazen: did it again elaMad Jybel: Is there any way to improve the effectiveness of the healing? 🤔 Kakyoinree: elaWeird hunterini: @PhysiCle i blame the music ha, such chill music. the_Peachtree: Wow I’m offended Kapp Joshmoor45: AYAYA ? Nucleoprotein: chat elaREE REACT HARDER SurQ_: Hey @Elajjaz and Chat elaCozy / how you doin Nazzet: surq_ cirHi 뿡토: monkaTOS tumaelso: monkaTOS flohmannjr: monkaTOS NotMaloony: @Elajjaz its not just any peach tree, it’s THE peach tree gosamigo: gachiHYPER Tomowatt: monkaW Loki_nG: Clap dosakarud: MaN A MasterMdrn: les juaaaan POGGERS Kakyoinree: tiddies Kreygasm SurQ_: Nazzet elaOk / ScotchDream: @Elajjaz does that mean you wont die anymore?? Bustacruz: @Elajjaz What is the penalty for dying in this game? And what does the “Guilt Fragment” do? heavyexplo: chat is quiet because we’re bored of this game elaSmile shoko664: banned Vivelin: Oh, that’s good VaN WrestlerBot2000: Drunk|Clip No.4| https://clips.twitch.tv/FairSparklingSproutKappa https://clips.twitch.tv/FlaccidDirtyCakeOneHand mrbreadberry: MaN a Virhaed: Virhaed subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 1 month streak! and BANG, up the butt gachiHYPER WrestlerBot2000: @Virhaed After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Necronicon: @Elajjaz have u found all the babies that were in cages or whatever they were? MasterMdrn: LUL BarghestFenrir_: Hello bruvs and @ela elaH elaBruv I hope everyone is okay elaHYUG Nazzet: barghestfenrir_ cirHi MasterMdrn: to da elevator ElaPls PhysiCle: @hunterini Yeah absolutely TaBeRu Fafebobo: @barghestfenrir_ pepeL Nevville: @BarghestFenrir_ oi elaFella ergivanc: AYAYA Bustacruz: @Elajjaz Tackar för ett underbart svarNevville: @KrazyShark check it out njordpeanut: @Elajjaz did u ever try speedrun gow4?, HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark dead monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy much more than skyrim straight up porn 7riHardSeven: that looks like shit LUL NeroIscariot12: We FULLY castlevania now BOIS easyeasy: KrazyShark maybe someone needs you, go check maybe it;s a lady elaC BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark Maybe that was an elaGasm KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ monkaW Gigipletosu: did he do Confessor arenas ?Kappa KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ LULW perry_1903: Yoooo ela ela12 chat elaH heavyexplo: BIG BALLS OF STEEL elaSmile elaSmile Nopileos: perry_1903 elaHYUG KrazyShark: @Nevville PepeS idk where it was from BarghestFenrir_: @perry_1903 Perry elaH elaH Gorlock92: monkaW morningstar907: Naw flohmannjr: @perry_1903 elaH TheGloriousRage: @Elajjaz Did you go up the escalator with the key you got from the burning man? perry_1903: Nopileos BarghestFenrir_ elaH pepeL viola_mandshurica: ppHop d3sirio: monkaW 뿡토: Final Boss? Pog tumaelso: monkaW nymnCorn perry_1903: flohmannjr elaH pepeL Hypodeck: monkaW Geixo: maybe thats the end badly_dressed_0nion: monkaW Wheels82: monkaW EntropyFull: AngelThump Nopileos: monkaW SuperSwervin: Nahh Gigipletosu: @Elajjaz can you RATE this game? easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy wow, i know that there is shit load of these mods for skyrim, not so much for FO4 dunno why Nevville: @KrazyShark check it, save a lady’s life, get rewarded elaThirst Hario: god AngelThump SaixSoul: monkaW easyeasy: perry_1903 allo boi ela13 Geixo: u should explore more i think TheDankDemon: the pope PepeS KrazyShark: @Nevville elaThirst she’ll scream again with me SuperSwervin: Bad end rip spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy idgaf about FO4 its shit imo rbwar93: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @rbwar93, elajjaz has been streaming for 1 hour 6 mins MrJuNasty: @easyeasy FO4 was no where near as good as skyrim thats why quantumop: he will Geixo perry_1903: easyeasy allo allo elaOk / 사시코メ: The Miracle badly_dressed_0nion: BlessRNG easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy LULW true OMGNemzDoes: 👀 rayzen7: monkaW KrazyShark: @perry_1903 krazys2PAT Jybel: What is under these rugs on the floor? monkaW WrestlerBot2000: “I’m not drunk. ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 29 easyeasy: MrJuNasty yeah i know elaOk Tomowatt: FeelsBirthdayMan perry_1903: KrazyShark elaH elaFella Kanzetic: He knows a lot of u 5Head KrazyShark: @Jybel tiny mountains FeelsGoodMan 뿡토: monkaW perry_1903: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW PLAZAx: monkaW Gorlock92: monkaW dekkah: bad ending elaKek flohmannjr: MURICA news? Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaW easyeasy: monkaW o shit Wheels82: monkaW MURDER POPE rayzen7: He knows me monkaH Raftelle: deacons monkaW OMGNemzDoes: Pontiff monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: bla bla bla secret coded dialogue for no reason 5Haed OldBuckness: Touch tips! TheDankDemon: Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side perry_1903: monkaX nobodyphuckswithdudley: monkaW Seikisu: elaD tentacles_have_feelings: gachiGASM swords collide raider_unkindled: monkaW Brunault_: D: rayzen7: Pontiff Sulyvhan Nopileos: monkaW ItsCoxy: Yooo chat \ ela12 peregrine2: monkasexx Empyrium: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: def 3Head Smough: deth Hypodeck: forever? monkaW fonss1: forsenWhat 뿡토: monkaSHAKE EntropyFull: LuL spike_the_space_cowboy: Deth HEIL_MODS_: 3Head perry_1903: elaGa deff rayzen7: monkaW viola_mandshurica: 3Head Hongetech: BLESS U ZULUL Dr_Gomez: monkaSHAKE DaniDuck: ESCOBAR? monkaW BTRNDL: @ItsCoxy pvpGlad / majougi: Escobar perry_1903: ItsCoxy elaH elaOk / yoooo Cosmic_Gnostic: 10 hp mayushi10: dmg monkaW EntropyFull: 2nd phase? Jebaited peregrine2: Escobarrr OMGNemzDoes: pablo monkaW Sybran57: He is weak PepeLaugh Tomowatt: FireSpeed FireSpeed FireSpeed spike_the_space_cowboy: h WTF thats the Curse od the Godhand 死屁孩: EZ EleGiggle 4Head MingLee SuperVinlin OpieOP LUL MaxLOL vihainenkampela: pinwheel hp LULW Paaht: seems easy LULW KrazyShark: weak as shit LULW Inevit: weak 뿡토: Jebaited zorry4badinglsh: @ItsCoxy \ ela12 easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy i wanted to get into FO4 but this game is so fucking boring, has awful performace and i hate exploring in this game cuz of loading screens Gorlock92: EZ MODE raider_unkindled: Escobar FeelsGoodMan PJSugar KrazyShark: PepeLaugh nobodyphuckswithdudley: LULW BTRNDL: pablo escobar is a boss? pvpFATTERZ flohmannjr: Too easy, 4 phases coming. NotMaloony: PepeLaugh J0hnnyBlade: THE SAVIOUR IS CUMMING gachiHYPER Joshmoor45: ez? EntropyFull: PINWHEEL OMEGALUL Dynaztez: pinwheel is dat you atomicdestruction: Jebaited 7riHardSeven: first phase LUL Caput_Draconis: Jebaited Hypodeck: overpowered LULW Sybran57: Is this King Alland 2.0 ? PepeLaugh easyeasy: inb4 second phase chat monkaW jamie_mccabe: gwyn fight Dr4g0nK: ? Tomowatt: LULW Sybran57: Allant* Lagalla: EZ Clap Wheels82: Pog heavyexplo: second phase elaD 사시코メ: use skill TheDankDemon: I am the Senate Gorlock92: monkaW JabiruTf: this is too easy, i smell Jebait nobodyphuckswithdudley: ElaPls real boss coming badly_dressed_0nion: EZ++ Veddy_: Clap Sloales: actual pinwheel LULW perry_1903: Jebaited Empyrium: The most free boss ever LULW MrJuNasty: well that was definitely anticlimactic ItsCoxy: @zorry4badinglsh @perry_1903 @BTRNDL elaH 8bitbarbarian: ezpz Clap Kiissly: LULW HEIL_MODS_: Jebaited Inevit: Jebaited Joshmoor45: EZ RKazekiri: Jebaited Clap badly_dressed_0nion: Jebaited Nopileos: Jebaited spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy yeah its bad Gorlock92: PHASE 2 easyeasy: Clap Sloales: monkaS rayzen7: monkaW 1080p200fps: Jebaited Wheels82: monkaW 사시코メ: noob BaronNosehair: monkaS SaixSoul: elaS RedKazoo: WOKE perry_1903: billyReady phase 2 Evelon2: monkaW lone_scientist: monkaW mayushi10: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Caput_Draconis: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW tumaelso: monkaX Seikisu: elaS TheOldMeisDead: monkaS d3sirio: monkaW PokerDweebz: he kinda sounds like Anthony Hopkins badly_dressed_0nion: monkaW DaniDuck: monkaW he’s snow Gorlock92: monkaW OMGNemzDoes: GAEL POGGERS Inevit: deth Sybran57: monkaW Smough: not snow gachiHYPER Tomowatt: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW zherebane: gael? Kransu: monkaW flohmannjr: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt 死屁孩: EleGiggle 4Head MingLee SuperVinlin OpieOP LUL MaxLOL BTRNDL: WOKE AF bruh tumaelso: monkaW Empyrium: monkaS marshalmv: PJSalt 뿡토: monkaW SaixSoul: monkaW PJSalt RKazekiri: friede monkaW RamblinEvilMushroom: WOKETH monkaS OldBuckness: Sounds like Squidward dude in Infinity War viola_mandshurica: monkaSHAKE DexArt888: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Dr_Gomez: monkaSHAKE summer___: heeey chat and ela elaH Inevit: run Tomowatt: WutFace Evelon2: monkaS nobodyphuckswithdudley: monkaW perry_1903: LULW Caput_Draconis: monkaSHAKE easyeasy: O SHIT Chag badly_dressed_0nion: monkaS MWYAAH: @PokerDweebz he be do sharty111: GO WOKE, GO BROKE, CHAT! Nopileos: summer___ elaHi j0mppa: monkaSHAKE easyeasy: summer___ YOO Champ 8bitbarbarian: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: 👀 sebensor: monkaW 사시코メ: wtf gray rayden_purple: Hello @elajjaz lacRE lacAYA Eldritchness: 👁️ Sybran57: Are we Shadow of the Colossus now ? nooberost: nooberost subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! T-Time wizard! WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: @nooberost After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ninjalive2: PogChamp TheDankDemon: The time has come. Execute Order 66 Tomowatt: PogU Nopileos: SUB HYPE nooberost elaA MrJuNasty: ew hes ugly af Gorlock92: PepeS easyeasy: YO THIS IS SICK Chag OMGNemzDoes: monkaW Smough: he looks blazed miggonaut: i think he is slightly taller now KrazyShark: WTF THIS IS SICK PogU 뿡토: the God monkaW Inevit: monkaW Kiissly: monkaW badly_dressed_0nion: PogU summer___: easyeasy Nopileos pepeL trashomb: 3Head Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Nopileos: summer___ elaH BaronNosehair: monkaX perry_1903: sumSmash DaniDuck: ez? easyeasy: Nopileos ladddddd ela12 / viola_mandshurica: PogU it me Empyrium: monkaW Joshmoor45: ez BTRNDL: the’re a body in that pendant elaK 冬海羊子: LUL nooberost: @Nopileos thank you mate elaH EntropyFull: ⚡ ElaOut Nopileos: easyeasy yooo elaA Machomanohyeeaa: squad4 spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark Is that the Curse from Berserk lmao Hajitaib: monkaW Heisenberg_dota: final boss? easyeasy: viola_mandshurica you mean you are giant or a giant sword elaHmm Wheels82: monkaX DaniDuck: monkaW ganju103653: AlienPls Paaht: monkaW 16inchflaccid: No KEKW DansGame PLAZAx: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh MrJuNasty: jebaited Tomowatt: PogU RKazekiri: monkaSHAKE pokedoh: LULW FuTsUnOnInGeN: monkaSHAKE infamouslegion: PepeLaugh crusadervh: LULW nobodyphuckswithdudley: monkaW Nevflinn: monkaW peregrine2: heal ela heeal WabiSabiEnso: Almost like the The Messenger boss in the mines…. Donthy: PepeLaugh tilionm: elaKek HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh 冬海羊子: Jebaited Jebaited KrazyShark: @spike_the_space_cowboy the curse? elaS Sybran57: PepeLaugh Is this DBZ ? BTRNDL: nice lazer show Cosmic_Gnostic: lot goin on in this fight ninjalive2: LUL Linis_XI: monkaS spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark check the symbol its very similar badly_dressed_0nion: Jebaited infamouslegion: PepeLaugh . 뿡토: monkaSHAKE OMGNemzDoes: OMEGADOWN FoolishPaul: Escabar LOVES EDM WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA Cloudyto: monkaW KrazyShark: @spike_the_space_cowboy never seen berserk PepeS MrJuNasty: yikes FuTsUnOnInGeN: ElaSmash perry_1903: gachiOnFIRE badly_dressed_0nion: F PLAZAx: LULW Tomowatt: FireSpeed FireSpeed FireSpeed SaixSoul: gachiOnFIRE Kiissly: LUL Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: gachiOnFIRE Gorlock92: PepeS tutufuzi: LUL 8bitbarbarian: CurseLit monkaW Nopileos: LUL Hexanio: FAYA Empyrium: OMEGADOWN ganju103653: monkaSHAKE 뿡토: gachiOnFIRE badly_dressed_0nion: FireSpeed Azure_Felt: gachiOnFIRE Clap Kiissly: gachiOnFIRE EntropyFull: 🔥 ElaOut 冬海羊子: gachiOnFIRE Sohei4649: gachiOnFIRE infamouslegion: gachiOnFIRE Wheels82: gachiOnFIRE Hypodeck: cool boss 7riHardSeven: gachiOnFIRE spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark wait you never read it i highly recommend it Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE Hario: EXCOMUNICATED OMEGLOL rayden_purple: naroSlain njordpeanut: @Elajjaz did u ever try speedrun gow4? Galer1ans: gachiOnFIRE Hongetech: Fire bead on for that nobodyphuckswithdudley: gachiOnFIRE Jybel: gachiOnFIRE SkyDC: gachiOnFIRE Trickery_Games: the fight s rng on how many fires you get Inevit: gachiOnFIRE Galer1ans: is that de final boss? perry_1903: pleb elaOk Hexanio: use a fire resistance tonic @Elajjaz 사시코メ: fire hurt dekkah: the fire resist bead is good here Nopileos: gachiOnFIRE gachiOnFIRE Galer1ans: The* Lanshii: have you gotten all the babies? if yes, did it unlock a boss? 사시코メ: too damage 8bitbarbarian: too long Tomowatt: BlessRNG Welcome back Cloudyto: Cloudyto is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 20 in the channel! DexArt888: gachiONFIRE Nopileos: SUB HYPE Cloudyto Pog Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to OMGNemzDoes! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to danro___! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to UvaroviteKing! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to VH_Attila! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @OMGNemzDoes the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @UvaroviteKing the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @VH_Attila I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @danro___ I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Cloudyto: SUB WARS Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to Kira_22! Sephirothang: Pog WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Kira_22 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM perry_1903: Pog Lim3Fru1t: Pog Tomowatt: Pog DODGED PLAZAx: Pog kuchinawa00: Pog Galer1ans: PogU Nopileos: SUB HYPE danro___ elaA SkyDC: Pog marshalmv: Pog dekkah: PogU Astroft123: pog Hank_e_Panky: Pog easyeasy: Chag Clap new lads Wheels82: Pog I GOT ONE nobodyphuckswithdudley: Pog Nopileos: Pog flohmannjr: Pog rastatitude: Pog sviat93: Pog Deliriumi1: Pog HEIL_MODS_: Pog tutufuzi: Pog masau9: Pog Inevit: elaDM Nevflinn: Pog Clap Kal1m3r0: Pog 16inchflaccid: is dis last boss? Detroit147: POGGERS dodged Titularis: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog Kira_22: @Cloudyto Grazie per l’abbonamento regalo! Nopileos: Pog Pog Penaleve: Dodged EZ Clap PhysiCle: Pog Joshmoor45: Pog garenbush: Pog BeetZero: Pog DexArt888: gachiOnIRE 1080p200fps: dodged 4Head NekkyOne: Chag RKazekiri: Pog brosef131: brosef131 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! WrestlerBot2000: @brosef131 Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM OMGNemzDoes: @Cloudyto POGGERS thank you raider_unkindled: monkaW plebs run Nopileos: SUB HYPE brosef131 POGGERS 뿡토: gachiOnFIRE DexArt888: gachiOnFIRE DudeMcGuyface: poltuPear MasterMdrn: Champ Cloudyto: Cloudyto is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 25 in the channel! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to nKyra! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to scatterrrbrain! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to PhilosoRaptor3! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to heartbabe29! Cloudyto: Cloudyto gifted a Tier 1 sub to ZyraX0! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @nKyra the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @heartbabe29 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ZyraX0 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @scatterrrbrain the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @PhilosoRaptor3 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Cloudyto elaA HEIL_MODS_: Pog quantumop: oh shit kuchinawa00: Pog Cloudyto: WHO DODGED WHAT Kira_22: larxaPOG Hypodeck: Pog perry_1903: Pog what PLAZAx: Pog Caput_Draconis: Pog Galer1ans: Pog again? dekkah: Pog MasterMdrn: Pog Cosmic_Gnostic: ayyyyyyyyy Nopileos: SUB HYPE nKyra PogChamp 뿡토: Champ Calcyce: dodged Kappa Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu tumaelso: Pog rihoto: Pog Nordein: never lakki danCry Wheels82: Pog I GOT ANOTHER ONE garenbush: Pog SirPogChamp: Pog Azure_Felt: Chag WoodeyOp: Pog tutufuzi: Pog mayushi10: i got all of them PogU lyck0sten: STILL PLEB Pog rayden_purple: @cloudyto elaFella elaFella elaFella elaFella Kiissly: DODGED Pog perry_1903: elaGasm Nopileos: Pog Geixo: dodged EZ 16inchflaccid: PogU NekkyOne: Pog Evelon2: Pog Hajitaib: Pog MasterMdrn: Champ daddywojo: You have a rosary bead for less fire damage Tomowatt: PepeLaugh MrJuNasty: rip mana nKyra: i got one Pog Bartcik: Dodged BabyRage Deliriumi1: My twitch has started to bug out everytime someone gifts subs PepeHands HEIL_MODS_: double clicked the donate button PepeLaugh ganju103653: ElaClap Dr4g0nK: nice alicerino: Champ elaFela Evvenstar: wow 1080p200fps: dodged again Raxorz97: Pog Detroit147: dodged twice POGGERS MasterMdrn: Sub gift glitched PepeLaugh Cloudyto: @Elajjaz i won the bet KappaCool 16inchflaccid: monkaOMEGA zTotta: sumSmash flohmannjr: Welcome, evrybody. elaH Zalinero_: ez dodges Vuuuur: low roll UnsKannable: veldS 사시코メ: thx cloudy JimthePill: JimthePill subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! WrestlerBot2000: @JimthePill After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM messcleaner: lifesteal skill usefull??? Tomowatt: PogU We meet again Astroft123: dodged again Nopileos: SUB HYPE JimthePill Pog FunkerHornsby: welcome new lads elaFella DexArt888: sumSmash MasterMdrn: sumSmash Cosmic_Gnostic: Pog strats rayden_purple: elaFella Paaht: dps Pog nKyra: ty sir @cloudyto elaH HEIL_MODS_: elaFella s 뿡토: there’s naked man in the pendant gachiBASS Cloudyto: you welcome guys ElaCOOL raider_unkindled: @Cloudyto you’re insane! PogU RKazekiri: two cycle strats Pog de_pip: Holy shit Nordein: Thats a lot of fire danS Joshmoor45: two cycle Pog Wheels82: ppHop and rull perry_1903: elaGa i am r u l l Cloudyto: nKyra raider_unkindled TaBeRu MasterMdrn: PogU 16inchflaccid: ricardoFlick Seikisu: elaS 🔪 TheDankDemon: 3 ? LULW 뿡토: PogU ? dragoltor: chat, whats your ideal birthday celebration? perry_1903: fire PepeLaugh Tomowatt: PogU SaixSoul: gachiOnFIRE WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! MasterMdrn: pk fire RKazekiri: gachiOnFIRE perry_1903: Pog souldedeh: elaWut mayushi10: monkaW Cloudyto: LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids Tomowatt: LULW 뿡토: gachiOnFIRE Eldritchness: LULW PLAZAx: elaREE Kiissly: LUL lord_rimheart: elaWut MasterMdrn: LULW Nopileos: LUL Wheels82: LULW Cloudyto: LUL flohmannjr: elaWut 死屁孩: EleGiggle 4Head MingLee SuperVinlin OpieOP LUL MaxLOL ganju103653: monkaSHAKE Hypodeck: LULW AkaTsubaki_: gachiBOP LickMyPretzel: elaWut tetra5: monkaS Caput_Draconis: LULW SaixSoul: elaKek ShadowOverMe: LUL LUL LUL chelipe_25: calebW kuchinawa00: elaA heartbabe29: @cloudyto thank u sm man! AntonioAS7X: elaWut elaWut captain_elsewhere: doodCrazy iggy1337: OneHand morthon: Ą̷͠Á̷͝A̧̛͟A̵͞͞A̵̴͢À̧A̶̴A̡͟҉A͢͝A̸̧͢A̶͟͠Ą̴̢Á̢̀À̶̢A̷̵A̛͏̵a̶̢͠ s0m3bum: use shield on fire MasterMdrn: pepeJAM Cloudyto: np you welkcome heartbabe29 😀 Inevit: fire immune Pog Nevflinn: monkaS perry_1903: 5Head badly_dressed_0nion: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz badly_dressed_0nion: so close monkaW perry_1903: LULW raider_unkindled: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: phase 3 OMEGALUL Evelon2: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: JustDoIt ricardoFlick 뿡토: PogU HYPERCLAP nooberost: Pog floating_brain: 2hu badly_dressed_0nion: just jump JustDoIt Evelon2: Chag Galer1ans: Pog Gabriel_Ferrao: Champ lone_scientist: Chag HYPERCLAP SaixSoul: PogU PLAZAx: Pog Nopileos: Pog RKazekiri: Champ perry_1903: Chag nice vihainenkampela: Pog AkaTsubaki_: PogU DaniDuck: Pog Phase 3 Cyryusly: Pog Snacker_the_Shark: Pog 16inchflaccid: PogU WoodeyOp: ez Hank_e_Panky: Pog rayzen7: Pog atomicdestruction: Champ Tomowatt: PogU Clap flohmannjr: Pog Clap Nopileos: Pog Pog d3sirio: Steppy ppHop step Caput_Draconis: Pog delopterd: Pog FuTsUnOnInGeN: Pog badly_dressed_0nion: Champ Galer1ans: monkaW Joshmoor45: EZ nobodyphuckswithdudley: monkaW dream_the_cast: Champ Akkusky: Chag 死屁孩: WutFace Tomowatt: monkaW Gorlock92: Pog Wheels82: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Sephirothang: Jebaited YoBoyDrax: Pog RKazekiri: monkaW Kransu: Pog Purist01: Pog SaixSoul: elaWut zloezelo: Pog Caput_Draconis: monkaW MasterMdrn: HandsUp Inevit: Jebaited BTRNDL: ok Fingerlickins: Phase 2 XD Cyryusly: EZ Clap badly_dressed_0nion: monkaW 16inchflaccid: monkaW rastatitude: HandsUp floating_brain: Death Stranding monkaS masau9: Pog derechte_iz_pz: is his arm his dick Nopileos: Pog 1080p200fps: phase 3 Jebaited 冬海羊子: WutFace WutFace Kiissly: GOD monkaW Evillution: PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: what was that d3sirio: Yeah you kinda just killed Jesus arteri0n: ez game 16inchflaccid: omnkaOMEGA nooberost: @Elajjaz missed my sub FeelsBadMan zTotta: billyReady shirou01: the art is actually disgusting . . . but it;s really a good game Dr_Gomez: monkaW captain_elsewhere: SANGUINE 뿡토: monkaW MasterMdrn: 8 16inchflaccid: monkaOMEGA flohmannjr: Ending? AYAYA Madbeans: dick arm Kappa Esciron_: Summa Blasphemia monkaS misterbudlo: LATIN SaixSoul: monkaW SiloWang: is streamer gonna cry again? Nopileos: monkaW 16inchflaccid: Kami Sama Gorlock92: monkaW morthon: wheres the hp bar lavos__: pope is dead PepeHands 16inchflaccid: monkaW dragoltor: @nooberost happ sub day bb i wont miss itsprout 1080p200fps: ela1 ela2 Nopileos: Nucleoprotein cute human MrDestructoid elaFella 1080p200fps: ela3 ela4 MasterMdrn: Somebody asked if you have this item TheDiZiX: hi Nucleoprotein: @KaitoKidShadow nepSmug / hi bersiGaming: hi @Elajjaz hi chat! hope you are all good elaH Nazzet: bersigaming cirHi Nopileos: bersiGaming elaHYUG 1080p200fps: damn elaMad KaitoKidShadow: nepSmug / WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz full_havel: ela1 ela2 Popogne: @Elajjaz did you finish gathering the babies ? if so what happened ? 😀 full_havel: ela1 ela3 full_havel: ela4 ela2 Soultrez: elaOk Soultrez: Clap Paravozik__Tomas: Clap ? KaitoKidShadow: BabyRage BabyRage PhilRamirez: triBZZT badly_dressed_0nion: Clap Nihrahk: BabyRage ? Galer1ans: elaYes Clap quantumop: he didn’t and it’s pretty underwhelming Popogne OoOyYyGGGeee: google it Karasseram: 2 BBs left KaitoKidShadow: Clap ? Nopileos: Clap gosamigo: ASS gachiHYPER O Madbeans: what are candles for? Blackbird_SR71C: @Elajjaz Hey I just joined. Why is your character looking different from yesterday? LickMyPretzel: BabyRage PhilRamirez: triBaby Tirabolos: BabyRage 1080p200fps: calp elaGa gosamigo: BabyRage BabyRage pieterpan12: BabyRage Lexikun: don’t clap chat, he went for 3 and failed Antimonesia: BabyRage KaitoKidShadow: WEHHH BabyRage Galer1ans: DuckerZ girlfromjapan: BabyRage Nopileos: BabyRage pribe13: Do you have the baby in the start of the game ? Blackbird_SR71C: Ah ok Nihrahk: Clap2 BabyRage joaoseleiro92: has he done the red candell? ShigeoEkubo: Last shop too Nucleoprotein: @1080p200fps nice nick but more like, for today meta in GPUs, 1080p30 fps PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: @Galer1ans LUL quantumop: he did joaoseleiro92 girlfromjapan: DuckerZ MasterMdrn: its better if we follow a list for bebes Galer1ans: @girlfromjapan May be i got a bad ear nb3YIKES Trickery_Games: confessors Zero_Abyss: Confessor ? TheTeaFox: confessor ? Vegansan: confessor Vivelin: confessor Kaspu: @Elajjaz Confessor Nopileos: confessors SuperSwervin: confessor joaoseleiro92: @quantumop thx WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA miggonaut: compressor cheeseball4u: two sllices of pizza for lunch day! WOOOOO Zero_Abyss: This is sooo Hollow Knight girlfromjapan: @Galer1ans no yours are just fine DuckerZ raider_unkindled: i know elaSmile Floreli_: You can always hit back throwables instead of tanking them too 1080p200fps: @nucleoprotein I’ll change it after my next ban elaHAA magjico9: BabyRage BabyRage PhilRamirez: noice badly_dressed_0nion: OpieOP Galer1ans: nrdyH DuckerZ girlfromjapan: noice liquidyo: why not a whole pizza ? pribe13: Guys do you now if he have already the baby in the start of the game? miggonaut: only a real PedoBear can find them Da_vinci98: you have to make them 🙂 JonasBredband: Hollow Knight but actually good PogU BruiseVein: I hope those two slices were 50% each de_pip: Call CPS MockingBird2017: @Zero_Abyss you think? I prefer hollow knight over this tbh Domma_love1: ever tried killing that crow? @elajjaz Tw1tOne: this game reminds me of hollow knight a little bit girlfromjapan: PedoBear quantumop: hollow knight is definetly better MockingBird2017 Zero_Abyss: @MockingBird2017 Yeah me too badly_dressed_0nion: monkaW quantumop: but this game is good casualkappa123: @JonasBredband true OMEGALUL MealThief: confessor was my favorite class in shadowbane Nucleoprotein: almost softlocked LULW Vivelin: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: PedoBear monkaS SiloWang: hollow knight kinda mediocre tbh floating_brain: spikes Pog ultravi0lence_: he does @pribe13 Kaspu: @SiloWang WeirdChamp 뿡토: D: MockingBird2017: @quantumop agree. that game is just an ez 10 for me PhilRamirez: this game is great but minecraft is better 3Head Zero_Abyss: D: Nazzet: cirD badly_dressed_0nion: D: tetra5: D: LeVincente: D: Nopileos: D: Nihrahk: !dead WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS Emzero: D: ganju103653: monkaS Nucleoprotein: ela i pushin buttons too fast like in TEW2 LULW mixterix1: WutFace pribe13: thanks utravi0lence Geri0703: D: souldedeh: SiloWang WeirdChamp MahvelBaby: prepare your LULW cheeseball4u: He be getting some head TeenyTinyRedhead: @PhilRamirez PepeLaugh MikethaManc: Hollow Knight is amazing quantumop: Nucleoprotein monkaW dastyscorner: @Elajjaz Are u playing The Sinking City? Nazzet: PepeLaugh ? Paravozik__Tomas: LULW badly_dressed_0nion: LUL SiloWang: i found hollow knight boring tbh TeenyTinyRedhead: @Nucleoprotein Heya elaH pepeL quantumop: stinking shitty atpCap WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: TeenyTinyRedhead elaH AYAYA hiiiiiii Nazzet: Chag badly_dressed_0nion: Pog Galer1ans: @Elajjaz You played Hollow Knight? will you play the sequel too? nb3Thinking 26camels: what does the blue bar mean? TeenyTinyRedhead: @KaitoKidShadow Hiiii elaWOW elaH pepeL DrGenZ: Pog AlmostLikeHuman: I kinda wanna play the Sinking City, but the combat looks fucking awful Nucleoprotein: @quantumop ela softlocked in The Evil Within 2 after 3h of gameplay without a save PepeLaugh souldedeh: epic exclusives PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: the blue bar means water Dsporhs: Meybe the one of last two babies you get when you finish colecting the corpse parts and maybe thats why the bell rings in that room quantumop: yeah i know Nucleoprotein that’s why i monkaW ‘d Nucleoprotein: @TeenyTinyRedhead hello pepeL elaH George200099: gachiBOP 뿡토: Pog ackwell: despacito scrotum Pog OoOyYyGGGeee: Still no new game+ for you Keepo OMGNemzDoes: POGGERS @ackwell MahvelBaby: Pog KaitoKidShadow: Pog its gonna be a tree Sybran57: 57% achievment LULW Doully92: gachiHYPER summer___: ackwell FOGGERS RKazekiri: gachiHYPER bennyone666: how long did it take to finish the game? Dancingbroccoli2: gachiHYPER quantumop: nope Dsporhs badly_dressed_0nion: ((( 🔔 ))) DrGenZ: Bruh ? Lagunaab: yooo waddup folks ela12 KaitoKidShadow: in KaitoKidShadow: sane deadlymouse0: just started??? DaniDuck: @Elajjaz are you doing 100% achievement too? elaHmm girlfromjapan: @Lagunaab elaHi BrascoGaming: Pog Amacchu: Lagunaab elaH gosamigo: IN gachiHYPER SANE KaitoKidShadow: Lagunaab elaH magjico9: he can’t PepeLaugh 뿡토: True Ending elaK Galer1ans: @Lagunaab yoooo ela12 DrGenZ: find the baby Caterasan: Theres speedrun achievements KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh ACHIEVEMENTS Trickery_Games: beat all bosses without using flasks is an achiev Javierz29: Hollow knight is the best metroidvania ever made. Comparing this game with Hollow Knight is a bit unfair. halon50: yeah it’s defeat all bosses without using any heal, that one sucks Hevisieni: Pretty sure there’s an achievment for killing bosses without flasks lord_rimheart: yeah, deathless is not happening elaKek Caterasan: totally means you should try speedrunning this Lagunaab: @KaitoKidShadow @girlfromjapan @Amacchu @Galer1ans elaHYUG xx_bersark: Why are we black now? k0tashira: deathless elaKek WrestlerBot2000: SlapThat|Clip No.2| https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudManlyPieMoreCowbell 👋 raider_unkindled: casual BrascoGaming: is it really 100% or the SoTN 200.6%? Kappa xdreigor: Casual elaKek zulfaya: casual KaitoKidShadow: this makes me want to play or watch DS3 again meisselijorma: will u speedrun this? KhalDardo: is that interstellar? mrbreadberry: D: KaitoKidShadow: HOLY FUCK quantumop: excuse me Caterasan: You should really play it Sybran57: Play it ! Lykouleon: D: Ph4ntomi: D: KaitoKidShadow: symphony of the night is really good Wheels82: DansGame YOU PLAY THAT Kaspu: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Caterasan: Play it elaREE Nazzet: TaBeRu Lykouleon: ELA, please play SoTN KendaichiS: Why would you do deathless when you can just do hitless 🙂 WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz captain_elsewhere: SOTY is ultra cheap atm Freelance_Astronaut: sotn is amazing k0tashira: ELIAS LONN quantumop: ela what the fuck did you just say to us girlfromjapan: GuitarTime elaGasm madAlidrunk: unsub.. k0tashira: WHAT THE FUCK DrGenZ: SPEEDRUN Airman_: Aria of sorrow is better Ph4ntomi: unsubbed D: pribe13: then you have to play it ! quantumop: i’m almost offended AlmostLikeHuman: This probably wouldn’t take that long to beat after a couple of runs tbh MockingBird2017: you should play it @Elajjaz it’s a goddamn masterpiece HappySmile123: Play Persona elaSmile Nazzet: unfollowed cirD KaitoKidShadow: Airman_ come on now its not april 1st KanzanZX: @Elajjaz you can fall down under this bridge right? KaitoKidShadow: D: captain_elsewhere: 2001 KendaichiS: D: Dotados: but it holds up TheZecaUrubu: 97 quantumop: you’re kinda old DrGenZ: SPEEDRUN. LickMyPretzel: very old mrbreadberry: it is,its good tho Caterasan: it still holds up today Sybran57: D: quantumop: bitch ergivanc: @Elajjaz play castlevania symphony of the night its amazing Evozilla1: 20 years k0tashira: PepeHands play SOTN DrGenZ: SPEEDRUN.. Freelance_Astronaut: It still holds up Ph4ntomi: its timeless BBoomer AlmostLikeHuman: @Elajjaz yes… How do you not know that game? DaniDuck: still amazing though KaitoKidShadow: D: calls classic old DrGenZ: SPEEDRUN… Javierz29: Very old OrbitalSloth: SOTY is mediocre… it bored me Kappa KhalDardo: that is definitely the soundtrack of interstellar BlkMgkNitez: It’s timeless Nurinel: symphony is timeless livanrar: you can fall right there pribe13: if you like this SOTN is alot better TotalHumanEnd: SOTN is awesome, you should play it BrascoGaming: BBoomer its a classic TheGunWizard_: BBoomer KendaichiS: Your channel is kinda old. Better unfollow unsub and report 冬海羊子: @Elajjaz have you go down the bridge? quantumop: how did a boomer not play sotn artofwar82: a lot of games have since done what it does better than it did, but it was the first classic of that kind Nihrahk: It’s still an amazing game though quantumop: that’s crazy bersiGaming: @Elajjaz think there is a trophy where you are not allowed to heal at bosses de_pip: Yeah it’s for PS1 KaitoKidShadow: BBoomer they dont make em like they used to d3athbringr: damn i love the ffxv clip bot posts elaKek Wheels82: SOTN is really good livanrar: there’s always white mist in places you can fall Superflymegacat: your playing a game that is retro.. consider sotn retro BbqPewPew: missed alot of your playthrough of this. im getting castlevania feelings, big time! BrascoGaming: D. Nazzet: cirD BrascoGaming: D: Jajalembang: AYAYA ChickenZePoop: elaD Strawie35: elaD Galer1ans: elaD Nopileos: elaD StygianSky_: Oh boy monkaW HappySmile123: This game also looks old btw elaSmile twitchin2019omegalul: TOXIC Thefrein: SotN isn’t even the best 2D Castlevania IMO. It’s good but overrated because of nostalgia. HappySmile123: cuz pixelart quantumop: wrong Thefrein Nazzet: cirSmug quantumop: it’s the best OrbitalSloth: lies Neimyin: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: “Don’t blame me if I look like a sweaty nerd living in my mom’s basement… because I’m not!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 56 LmagiaLive: lul Wheels82: Calling SOTN overrated LULW JesseThaBest: Haha 8bit_Pirate: @Thefrein Which do you think is the best? I really like Aria PLAZAx: ?? quantumop: nice lord_rimheart: elaBlind KaitoKidShadow: SotN looks practically like this SiloWang: ??? MockingBird2017: Thefrein it is one of the, if not the, best TotalHumanEnd: SOTN has really good music too Unocroi: 1 more Jajalembang: gachiHYPER Gothicer: PepeLaugh HaswarX: this reminds me of Magus’ Castle from Chrono Trigger MonkaS 624pt2: LUL Vivelin: PepeLaugh quantumop: lmao kfhustle: LUL Galer1ans: LULW Dr_Gomez: ez OMEGLOL Nopileos: LUL Hajitaib: elaBlind zeke_r0: elaBlind Dr_Gomez: LULW FunnyVoice: what is this shovel knight arena ripoff Kaspu: Sotn would be good if it wasn’t so easy Thefrein: Order of Ecclesia has significantly better gameplay than SotN, I found. DiscoPhreak: gachiBASS Jajalembang: pepeJAM pribe13: SOTN is not overrated just good de_pip: Pranked kfhustle: ahhh ahhh ahhh floating_brain: BlessRNG DETESTATIO SACRORUM Jajalembang: PepoDance girlfromjapan: Pog Dr_Gomez: RaregachiGASM gosamigo: AAAHHH gachiHYPER Galer1ans: pOG quantumop: Kaspu i mean most of these games are pretty easy KaitoKidShadow: sapling OrbitalSloth: yea f sotn George200099: RaregachiGASM HappySmile123: Clap k0tashira: SOTN is an incredible experience made game kfhustle: despacito sacrorum MockingBird2017: @Kaspu there”s a way to make it waaaaay harder from the start MockingBird2017: the luck based stats WhatSeekethThee: elaBlush kekily: did he collect all bones? HappySmile123: But wait, there is more! KhalDardo: HORNY BRIAR dashbashclap: pls kill a boss. U r too OP for anything 4Head KineticCookie: HORNY BRIAN gachiBASS bersiGaming: @Elajjaz it seems there are missable trophies, e.g. progressing too far or using heal at bosses KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh Vivelin: Shtill Show xdreigor: No elaK KaitoKidShadow: schtille show DaniDuck: PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Galer1ans: nb3YIKES Hajitaib: LULW SkyDC: Kapp WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Azure_Felt: TaBeRu GuitarTime Schwirm: PepeLaugh livanrar: yes PontusIndeed: Hi Ela:( i just happen to enjoy som content from tim to time TheMoltenGuy: @NeroIscariot12 not on stream super_ae: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Scarlettohgo no u essiSmile crazy_cehceu: Its Drangleic ? tumaelso: PepeLaugh WoIIe_: @KrazyShark elaK Nemoree: how many hours will it take to casual complete that game Nazzet: PepeLaugh Doully92: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan rihoto: @Elajjaz dont forget slap lady KrazyShark: @WoIIe_ krazys2PAT fake Wolie super_ae: pepeJAMMER PwnanyGaming: any interest in playing Control? KrazyShark: @Doully92 krazys2PAT Scarlettohgo: @KrazyShark I’d never have that much energy to get mr strimmer to watch a video Lexikun: @KrazyShark it’s okay to be a furry elaHYUG ManW_ez: @Nemoree around 10 maybe SephirothMX: gachiOnFIRE GuitarTime Vivelin: Then you didn’t pay attention super_ae: @Lexikun WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @Scarlettohgo boy you don’t know me elaThirst Iamtid: @Elajjaz any chance you may play the crypt of the necrodance? KrazyShark: @Lexikun im not a furry WeirdChamp dont touch me you furboi 뿡토: I’m a furry lobosWolf Clench1k: Elajjaz ever play Subnautica? Kaspu: @KrazyShark elaK Ontax: @Elajjaz so whats left in this game? super_ae: furries in chat DansGame elaPuke masterr876: lots of subnautica Ellycat1: No he hasnt Kappa sharkafina: did you do tree bro quest? @Elajjaz Arctic_Junk: Ever heard of a game called Fallout: New Vegas? 😀 Nemoree: @ManW_ez oh thx. hoped it would take longer Smough: @Elajjaz did you ever play dark souls? 🙂 super_ae: @Elajjaz ever played dark souls? JubJubWantRubRubs: i wish i saw the subnautica playthrough live elaKek Lagunaab: wonderful faces from subnautica PepeLaugh super_ae: @Smough LULW HappySmile123: Any bloodborne maybe? elaSmile peregrine2: did ela play minekreft zeke_r0: L OMEGADOWN R E k0tashira: quick, link all the clips of ela getting scared in subnautica OMEGADOWN d3sirio: Get estus too while you’re here @Elajjaz souldedeh: D: b4demeister: ever heard of the game “fortnite”? JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Tirabolos: LULW 뿡토: LULW masterr876: have you tried the dlc thing they started a while back? SephirothMX: D: KrazyShark: @Kaspu dont elak me you weeb FeelsWeirdMan Clench1k: LULW Veddy_: elaD Nopileos: LULW Malkav0: did you play Tetris ? Meximus322: elaD Lykouleon: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP PontusIndeed: LULW GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz when subnautica vr Inevit: elaKek Sohei4649: PepeLaugh SephirothMX: bggD k0tashira: i knew it LULW EntropyFull: When is the return of StealthGamerSWE? @Elajjaz HYUKAGE LastSpartan6: evo19Wut ManW_ez: @Nemoree Games like these are kinda short, but its a good 10 hours in my opinion Lexikun: @KrazyShark my bad, I meant “Scaly” CompatiKaiser: Ghost leviathans LULW Seraphinator: ODIN SPHERE POG nKyra: darkwood when? elaSmile PwnanyGaming: isnt there a new horror game that just came out that isn’t too bad? Minato_Q: @Iamtid he already did for a short while Dsporhs: And medalion for a corpse in a prison SgtChuckles: @elajjaz ever heard of a game called Noita? releases on the 26th artoflec: Deadly Premonition on Switch elaSmile gloccc: karmikRamen karmikRamen karmikRamen JubJubWantRubRubs: @Elajjaz dont worry, you’ll play the new artic DLC soon, i bet its even scarier elaKek Azure_Felt: that clip of ela watching a clip of ela getting scared in subnautica rihoto: @Elajjaz Shrek 2 when?? RisingBeats: Play Hitman 2 new map peregrine2: did ela play rain world JubJubWantRubRubs: lol Azure_Felt do you have a link? OMEGADOWN bad_idea_jeans: ever heard of a game called super mario? Nemoree: @ManW_ez imagine hollow knight PepeHands KrazyShark: @Lexikun i thought it was scalie super_ae: @Elajjaz can you explain this games lore please? elaK xdreigor: Anyone remembers Ela speedrunning Hitman? LULW ManW_ez: @Nemoree messcleaner: Helll yeah Smough: do it Pog gulshan1: Do it Pog Deliriumi1: Pog ManW_ez: @Nemoree That took me 100h LULW xlRaptoe: Bloodstained Pog Detroit147: La Mulana 2 is pretty cool with big bosses riddles and puzzle @Elajjaz raesh: raesh subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 33 months, currently on a 26 month streak! let me ask you this: how are you doing? 뿡토: PogU Lightning_Warrior: POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: @raesh After 33 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM saoblow: loife 3Head Nopileos: SUB HYPE raesh Pog SouruBreaker: @Elajjaz You should play shinobi for PS2 its so Pog and edgy at the same time masterr876: hetmund Chag Lexikun: @KrazyShark 4Shrug tomatoe tomato Geralt_of_Syria: IP MaN 2 k0tashira: FOGGERS Azure_Felt: nope JubJubWantRubRubs but i might search for it tho elaHmm HappySmile123: Pog Clap Iamtid: @Minato_Q 🙁 i missed it thank you for telling me DarkWingsAzrael: LOIF 5Head rofIcopter: just 60% PepeLaugh Desradin: 60% LULW LmagiaLive: MAX HP Pog JoJoestarXD: @Elajjaz are you going to play borderlands 3 someday? crazy_cehceu: PogChamp Cage_D: Do it its Amazing JubJubWantRubRubs: Azure_Felt PogU Kaspu: @Detroit147 The puzzles would be way too hard for ela LUWL Kaspu: LULW * UvaroviteKing: elaHmm Minato_Q: @Iamtid look through the VODs maybe you find it. But it was only like 2 hours or so RisingBeats: Also Hitman Sniper Challenge. Show off your 13 year old elaPlan Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Elajjaz if you have the gold version then no need to buy it kisielus2: FOGGERS KrazyShark: @Lexikun 16yo 24yo ela3 xdreigor: Ofc you have to buy it, imagine thinking you will get full games on release WeirdChamp Wheels82: B OMEGALUL R D E R L A N D S 3 Detroit147: Kaspu LULW Nihrahk: @Elajjaz I don’t know if it’s something that would be good for streaming, but have you considered Greedfall? elaHmm HappySmile123: Kaspu no booli PepeHands CompatiKaiser: a run of hitman 2 for old sakes NotMaloony: @Elajjaz have you seen the death stranding gameplay stuff? Looks fun Jaargan: yoooo chat elaOk / hi ela elaH Nazzet: jaargan cirHi SephirothMX: monkaH 🔫 calebBruh MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz will you use videoguides when you stuck with collectibles? nrdyHmm RisingBeats: @Nihrahk Greedfall seems bad Nopileos: Jaargan elaHYUG KaitoKidShadow: nahhhhh Mclunnainn: those dudes crawling on the floor and jumping on all four, reminds me of Willie, the janitor in Simpsons NotMaloony: @Elajjaz its 50 minutes though LUL TheMoltenGuy: Btw Ela do you wanna farm some Titania after stream today/tomorrow for GNB weapon or are you okay with crafted weapon KaitoKidShadow: Jaargan elaH FG_Hagrid: yea gl its 50 mins long miggonaut: i want that perk irl WeirdChamp Lagunaab: I’ve watched some greedfall yesterday it’s very meh Scarlettohgo: 1 hour break Pog artoflec: there’s like 2 minutes of “combat” and then 44 minutes of walking Lexikun: @KrazyShark elaHmm KaitoKidShadow: dont watch it 🙂 Sibu_: hi Detroit147: Kaspu chat is solving puzzles inway for him LULW Joshmoor45: it’s 50 mins long though bubwub: it’s 50 minutes of nothing Nazzet: @Sibu_ bldfHI d3sirio: Spikes LULW Seraphinator: I would tell Ela to play Odin Sphere, But Ela rarely plays good games anymore BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump morningstar907: Death standing=UPS delivery game SnarksterJr: @Elajjaz also watch system shock 3 trailer it’s Pog af JubJubWantRubRubs: @Elajjaz is your “release” or “hardcore” playthrough of subnautica the best to watch? elaHmm Dackhc: There are only 37 babies, it just says out of 38 to mess with you Lagunaab: get your FALALAs rdy TheMoltenGuy: You can do the farming on WAR and then just equip the weapon once you get GNB to 80 Iamtid: will the raid be streamed on saturday on your alternative account? Sourcehunter: How many % does he have? PepeLaugh Nihrahk: @RisingBeats Yeah… I haven’t played or bought it yet so I’m not sure if it’s even an option for that reason LuL Ohem1: He didn’t continue System Shock 2 either TheMoltenGuy: Oh yeah true Jaargan: maybe someday ela-senpai will say hi to me elaFeels WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz d3sirio: OMEGADOWN Wheels82: LULW tumaelso: OMEGADOWN SephirothMX: OMEGADOWN Ajahi: LULW 뿡토: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: monkaX Vivelin: NEJ artoflec: elaKek Detroit147: the statue is doing the PepeHands Hasp36: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW super_ae: LULW rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN Jalmarkian: CUCKED LULW 冬海羊子: LUL floating_brain: BONL k0tashira: OMEGADOWN flohmannjr: LULW PwnanyGaming: conarium is free on epic game store girlfromjapan: LULW Tryedz: LULW Kaspu: OMEGADOWN PontusIndeed: LUL RKazekiri: OMEGADOWN wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Distl17: get rekt Nopileos: LULW PadoruMneVZad: LULW floating_brain: BONK Hario: BONK Jalmarkian: CUCKED LULW CUCKED LULW CUCKED LULW zloezelo: OMEGADOWN TheOldMeisDead: 4Head MagicFrogs: LUL Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh BONK RisingBeats: @Elajjaz also try Hitman Sniper Challenge. Show off your 13 year old elaPlan SiloWang: ( ( BONG ) ) Domma_love1: knew it LUL Jaargan: LULW TheMoltenGuy: THAT WAS ENTIRELY MY FAULT OMEGALUL Lexikun: @Elajjaz are you gonna embarrass the FC by streaming the raid? ela13 TPH_MCMXCIX: gachiHYPER d3sirio: Didn’t rest LULW rastatitude: maling LULW Esciron_: PepeLaugh Bonk Ennuigi: LUL LUL LUL LUL elaHmm Jalmarkian: forsenMald PontusIndeed: Ela should play NI no kuni 🙂 Sohei4649: ElaPls big_black_clock_kappa: deathless Pog Sourcehunter: How many % does he have? PepeLaugh Mucchoballs: finish tomorrow? girlfromjapan: Nej! PepeLaugh kfhustle: Focus LUL Intirion: @Seraphinator Odin Sphere Pog I loved the story and artwork of this game RKazekiri: ElsPls PepeLaugh rastatitude: malding LULW lPirez: danHeh Deliriumi1: Saw that miles away LULW tumaelso: PepeLaugh MRxMayhem: MRxMayhem subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 49 months! WrestlerBot2000: @MRxMayhem After 49 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM ScotchDream: stop reading chat and you wont die all the time! @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Nopileos: SUB HYPE MRxMayhem POGGERS morningstar907: Should of saved elaC elaC xaron_in: bonked to oblivion PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: elaMad Jalmarkian: forsenMald Mald overload RisingBeats: @Nihrahk try to see the review of it from Skillup TheZecaUrubu: “CHEAP” with 3 full seconds to react Zefii: Kapp WrestlerBot2000: ElaLick|Clip No.8| https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidDepressedCasetteOSkomodo gachiGASM TheMoltenGuy: 4Head PontusIndeed: 4Head tetra5: 4Head Jaargan: elaHYUK 뿡토: HYUKAGE Nopileos: 4Head SaixSoul: elaHYUK Nikacino: elaHYUK artoflec: elaGa 🔔 ViveLaDissidence: FeelsPepoMan NeroIscariot12: D: Lexikun: elaHYUK N4RDBOT: BabyRage Lykouleon: BabyRage Clap WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA Deliriumi1: Clap Snacker_the_Shark: Landed on the fuck Clap SephirothMX: OMEGADOWN gosamigo: Jondo or Londo LULW Nazzet: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz there’s already a boss dlc to this game https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl Pog Vivelin: LULW 뿡토: OMEGADOWN Poeymen: Kappa sharkafina: AHAHHA Sourcehunter: elaSmash BattleCookieJoe: BattleCookieJoe subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 43 months! yoooooooo ela12 wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @BattleCookieJoe After 43 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM UvaroviteKing: LULW CompatiKaiser: OMEGADOWN Hasp36: OMEGADOWN artoflec: gonna break somethin in haff RisingBeats: It’s gonna be fun to see Ela’s elaPlan on Hitman 2 lastest map LUL Detroit147: any cuties here? AYAYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE BattleCookieJoe PogChamp PontusIndeed: PepeLaugh MagicFrogs: LUL lPirez: OMEGADOWN alexvalleps4: trash Jalmarkian: Went right through forsenKek fonss1: forsenMald 👉 📈 girlfromjapan: ela12 Kaspu: AYAYA BattleCookieJoe: Nopileos pepeL KrazyShark: @BattleCookieJoe battlu krazys2PAT neutral_guy: How do you do the chalice puzzle thing in the sewers area? do you have to kill a specific enemy ? Nopileos: BattleCookieJoe elaH Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz u not going to pley borderlands 3 ? BattleCookieJoe: KrazyShark sharku rooAww Drewji: that right there is why im not super into this game, many insta-deaths that are super frustrating BruiseVein: not gonna ngl Cheeseek: BattleCookieJoe JOE elaA elaH BattleCookieJoe: Cheeseek pepeL DaniDuck: LUL yes HEIL_MODS_: elaK BattleCookieJoe: DaniDuck rooDuck Kaspu: @neutral_guy Kill the 3 enemies that are shown in the portraits DaniDuck: @BattleCookieJoe elaH daddywojo: try floor of sick room where ‘bell glitch’ is. Maybe not glitch? xaron_in: ngl gonna lie LULW NotMaloony: D: Under_the_C: Do you need coffee @Elajjaz lPirez: D: DarkWingsAzrael: boredomlands LULW Facecap: D: Detroit147: D: Wheels82: B OMEGALUL R D E R L A N D S 3 mountaindhew: BL3 seems really good SephirothMX: B OMEGALUL R D E R LANDS KrazyShark: @Elajjaz there’s already a boss dlc to this game https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl Pog tumaelso: B OMEGALUL R D E R L A N D S 3 뿡토: Boringlands ResidentSleeper floating_brain: 2 babies NotLikeThis Nazzet: Borderland ResidentSleeper mountaindhew: good reviews NotMaloony: 3 is 2 but more and better Kaspu: NO LULW SnarksterJr: BL3 CO-OP WITH NERDY PepeHands BattleCookieJoe: supposed to be great, i am SO HYPED to play tomorrow soldathick: just take it on steam AlmAyum: look likes borderlands 2.5 BruiseVein: looks like Borderlands 1.3 Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: Bl3 finna be too easy aswell LickMyPretzel: It’s gonna be review bombed soooooo hard Vivelin: It’s more Borderlands Lexikun: looks amazing like bl2 but with extra stuff GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz the story is pure dogshit amarney: I’ve heard it has too many poop jokes PontusIndeed: I tried playong Boderlands 2 but I just couldn’t get into it 4Shrug Bubislegend: looks the same as the other ones LUL Cage_D: Bad Wamateku: Why are people shitting on borderlands lmao RisingBeats: “Good” reviews Wardokh: Looks more bad like the second one loganh_twitch: Just the first Borderlands and you have basically played all of them OMEGALUL Lagunaab: it’s a nice link you can go for it PogU k0tashira: Trusting Shark elaKek Vivelin: If you enjoy Borderlands you’ll like 3, if you don’t, you won’t. floating_brain: doesn’t look any different ZephidsEmbrace: More of the same, if you liked the others seems you will like 3 BattleCookieJoe: Wardokh rooWut ChickenMuffins: LUL @KrazyShark Seraphinator: Chat Hating B3 DansGame DansGame DansGame tetra5: Poorly optimized though BruiseVein: @LickMyPretzel ??? it has 85 on MC Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz dunno not going to pley it im strenghen my body for code vein LostBot: my gf loves borderlands, her and i are gonna be playing it for weeks tumaelso: @Elajjaz Man, you must be sick of getting asked to play WoW and Borderlands3 all day long Jaargan: imagine trusting shark of all ppl OMEGALUL captain_elsewhere: its trendy to shit on epic stoer games atm 🙂 Tewi7inaba: im gonna play the shit out of bl3 tomorrow NotMaloony: @loganh_twitch could say the same about dark souls azrch_17: Will you be running Ds? HEIL_MODS_: KrazyShark epic photoshop PepeLaugh Clap captain_elsewhere: store* BattleCookieJoe: people saying it looks like 2 amuse me nrdyKek KrazyShark: @Elajjaz why am i so untrustable wtf @k0tashira @Jaargan elaB Enou89: Watching borderlands streams has been the most frustrating experience, so much clutter through extensions, its insane FXYun: ela1 ela2 FXYun: ela3 ela4 Hi ela and chat Nazzet: fxyun cirHi eintheein: Borderlands is trash anyway cantaSip Nopileos: Clap KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ @ChickenMuffins PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: How much % he at? PepeLaugh Lexikun: @Wamateku cause they like to hate and sheep Nopileos: FXYun elaHi sorafune_: @Elajjaz you collected all the bones? HEIL_MODS_: Clap Javierz29: If you get the 100% I think you will be the first one at least in steam. Nazzet: Clap gulshan1: HI @FXYun Sourcehunter: Clap 뿡토: ElaClap artoflec: boy that new RE game looks pretty jank elaWeird TheMoltenGuy: LULW Wamateku: @loganh_twitch Like pretty much every game that have sequels, good job. PepeLaugh 1080p200fps: calp Hasp36: @FXYun Hi Clap Nopileos: Clap Freelance_Astronaut: I enjoyed pre-sequal so my standards aren’t very high Bubislegend: @Enou89 they really are horrible Lexikun: @Enou89 you can disable it tho LastSecondBloomer: BL3 gameplay is a clusterfuck gulshan1: ElaCOOL l MahvelBaby: bones and babies Clap2 BabyRage HEIL_MODS_: this one gachiHYPER AlmAyum: @Seraphinator not hating, just dissapointed than in 6 years they did not even remotly did better than b2 Blackbird_SR71C: elaThirst The most essential bone Sourcehunter: That bone is right here gachiHYPER wandering_pleb: his link is probably just the penis fishing thing PepeLaugh NotMaloony: How can you talk shit about Borderlands 3 for being similiar to Borderlands 2 while also masturbating to Dark Souls 3, which is basically just more Dark Souls 1 LUL 뿡토: LULW Wamateku: @Lexikun Yea, thought some games would escape this but I underestimate twitch chat. PepeLaugh Esciron_: LULW girlfromjapan: @Blackbird_SR71C pepeL Detroit147: ppHop LastSecondBloomer: Pimpslapped LUL FXYun: @Nazzet @Nopileos @gulshan1 @Hasp36 ela13 / DaniDuck: @NotMaloony LULW EntropyFull: JustDoIt Enou89: @Lexikun I wasn’t able to find where to disable the extensions :\ Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: ppHop artoflec: because more Dark Souls is more of a good thing ela3 HEIL_MODS_: @NotMaloony true that LULW Clap tumaelso: here we go again PepeLaugh eintheein: @NotMaloony Dark Souls 3 is trash too cantaSip Nazzet: nepJail TheMoltenGuy: ppHop loganh_twitch: @NotMaloony Where did i talked about Dark Souls tho ? OMEGADOWN FXYun: ppHop Jaargan: ppHop Teddym4n: ppHop KaitoKidShadow: ppHop Nopileos: ppHop HEIL_MODS_: ppHop 뿡토: ppHop Aeonll: ppHop Blackbird_SR71C: @girlfromjapan Damn, I write once in two hours and you still manage to spot my message! Pog Hello elaH PLAZAx: ppHop Lagunaab: @NotMaloony cause BL are usually too easy and repetitive so people don’t really like that k0tashira: ppHop Veddy_: ppHop tumaelso: ppHop Hasp36: ppHop girlfromjapan: ppHop PontusIndeed: Just ppHop 4Head SmelterWedgeInAllOfUs: ppHop MC_McD: ppHop Nopileos: ppHop ppHop BattleCookieJoe: chat, just let people enjoy what they enjoy pepeL Lykouleon: ppHop Detroit147: ppHop ppHop ppHop ViveLaDissidence: ppHop lPirez: ppHop Man Nopileos: BattleCookieJoe elaHYUG mountaindhew: @eintheein true so is dark souls 1 Gorlock92: ppHop NotMaloony: @loganh_twitch not referring to you specifically mate goodkatt_: ppHop ppSmoke ppHop MtRush: ppHop HEIL_MODS_: @BattleCookieJoe no elaMad PlsGiffExp: hello hello again lPirez: ppHop MaN BattleCookieJoe: Nopileos rooCry KaitoKidShadow: elaREE DONT ENJOY Nazzet: @PlsGiffExp bldfHI 뿡토: 4Head ppHop MaN BattleCookieJoe: HEIL_MODS_ mathilRee Lexikun: @Enou89 hover over the stream and click on the 3 when appears then turn off visible NovaMoon: did he finish the game? elaHmm NotMaloony: @Lagunaab so what youre saying is that it’s a different type of game? Since when is only one type of game allowed to be good? tmdollas: New weapon ? Since yesterday.. PlsGiffExp: @Nazzet again, it’s scary how you notice me monkaS Dokiash: monkaW KrazyShark: @Blackbird_SR71C man i wish a girl noticed me like that krazys2Sad BattleCookieJoe: NovaMoon pepeL PlsGiffExp: @Nazzet hello btw Mr. MrDestructoid GymNation: did you finish the game? Freelance_Astronaut: Destructo scrotum FXYun: gachiBASS Scrotum NovaMoon: @BattleCookieJoe pepeL floating_brain: BlessRNG DETESTATIO SACRORUM WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz tetra5: Pog AkaTsubaki_: succ gachiBASS kfhustle: despacito KrazyShark: @Elajjaz if a girl stares at your shoes or your shirt does it mean she’s into me elias? essiSmile HEIL_MODS_: succrorum gachiHYPER d3sirio: Last bone? Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark I tend to notice you like that. I’m not a girl though. Is that still ok? elaThirst Sourcehunter: UZUMAKI monkaSHAKE Nazzet: @PlsGiffExp I have “hello” and “hi” highlighted PepeLaugh red on my chat KPVader: BL is like walking dead. The people that like them thinks everyone likes them archiji: SUCC elaC elaC DaniDuck: Seashell monkaW PlsGiffExp: Mhhm secret ending KrazyShark: @Blackbird_SR71C i mean, no homo PrideCheers Spazmatic42: He did it Pog mountaindhew: @Elajjaz if you smash the attack and hold upwards on left stick the bell ghosts cant hit you, i have noticed SuperSwervin: That’s it Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark Aw damn. HEIL_MODS_: hi PepeLaugh Lagunaab: @NotMaloony I’m not the one deciding which game type is good dude, I couldn’t care less about what plebs play most of the time. TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz just beat the boss again Nucleoprotein: she sells Pog KrazyShark: @Blackbird_SR71C monkaW tumaelso: Curves gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: she sells sea shells!½!! NotMaloony: @Lagunaab also people complain about it being so similiar, not that it is too easy or whatever, which is dumb because the fuck is a sequel supposed to be if not like its predecessor but more refined Nazzet: @HEIL_MODS_ PepeLaugh / Blackbird_SR71C: @KrazyShark elaThirst BattleCookieJoe: Nucleoprotein pepeL AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark elaFella MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz you were right there is no videos only for secret ending but there is a map with (89.5%) that can be usefull for finding stuff 4Shrug EntropyFull: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ summer___: she sells seashells on the seashore Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz kill the bosses again bozzra: @Elajjaz is this game like a combination of salt i sanctuary Dead Cells? rofIcopter: 4Shrug floating_brain: find babies BabyRage ChickenMuffins: BabyRage JesseThaBest: there are unfinished parts of the map check them out KrazyShark: shi shelz shi shorz bai da shi shelze Seraphinator: BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage 뿡토: lobosShrug AlexAnderman1994: BabyRage MaN Sw33t_: Beat the game again with the mark of sin? KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 krazys2PAT Detroit147: BabyRage wandering_pleb: check every room 4HEad Lagunaab: @NotMaloony also seeing people going full butthurt about that kind of thing makes it even funnier for BL hater tbh elaKek PontusIndeed: Just make a baby 4Head Neuby121: Missing a rosary bead? Fullmetalcheese: elaKek SephirothMX: You just find them its that easy 4HEad HEIL_MODS_: JustDoIt tumaelso: not even 97% PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: just watch a vid with all babies locations Kapp Kira_22: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SuperSwervin: There was a not searched area in dungeon NotMaloony: @Lagunaab but I’m not butthurt UltimateReo: how many BabyRage left? AkaTsubaki_: just google it 4HEad RKazekiri: of course not PepeLaugh Dsporhs: Google maybe Badagaboosh: There was an item at the end of it that you got iirc Dokiash: its called a walkthorugh PepeLaugh tumaelso: @UltimateReo 2 Nazzet: gamefaqs PepeLaugh kratosmuscle: i think between mercy dream and traps @elajjaz Distl17: just check every pixel in this game 4HEad ManW_ez: @Elajjaz Nope its just finding a neelde in a haystack HellWhiskers: @Lagunaab Why would you hate Boys’ Love genre? gachiHYPER RomeroCesar: that map looks just like super metroid PlsGiffExp: @Nazzet but yesterday you replied to my comment within 0.001 miliseconds. Than wouldn’t have been possible unless my name was typed out and you were ready to press enter PepeLaugh cirD cirOwO marbletabletop: danHeh there’s Google UltimateReo: ty shoko664: maybe in the prison Lagunaab: @HellWhiskers MaN Azure_Felt: googleJaz FeelsWeirdMan ninjalive2: Just found it 4Head tumaelso: GoogleG Clap JesseThaBest: map misinsing bottom left ? halon50: there’s 1 guide but it doesn’t have 100% Brodama: stramer can you pause strem i need to poop thx TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA ? Kaspu: Traps naroGasm gulshan1: Traps? KappaPride PlsGiffExp: @Elajjaz google is for the weak! EntropyFull: DansGame 뿡토: G OMEGALUL OMEGALUL G L E Distl17: search in game files HEIL_MODS_: elaYA Lexikun: elaGasm traps Turbulist: traps annytfGasm Nucleoprotein: trap HotPokket Akytami: AYAYA ? rayden_purple: lacTrap tumaelso: RIN PepeHands archiji: elaYA elaYA halon50: use cheatengine elaK MockingBird2017: even if there’s a guide, you don’t know which ones you got and which you didn’t LUL rather pointless ninjalive2: Ayaya pribe13: someone now what you need to do for true endig? Do you need all the collectables ? Daliron: @Elajjaz there is a lore about a girl who had her eyes removed, maybe finding her eyes will reveal secret locations on map? saoblow: team rin gachiHYPER AlexAnderman1994: Traps? @KrazyShark ‘s favorites Kapp absolutely_not_haram: Dont get me excited by saying Traps KappaPride girlfromjapan: @Brodama pepeL Nazzet: @PlsGiffExp that was my bot, I still say hi when my bot didn’t catch it by hand PepeLaugh Blackbird_SR71C: elaYA Guys I swear I’m not a trap! PlsGiffExp: @TheMoltenGuy hello fellow weebo cirAYAYA 뿡토: Rin PepeHands daddywojo: floor in healing room – maybe not glitch? TheMoltenGuy: @PlsGiffExp cirAYAYA Chakmania: @Elajjaz did you go t the mountains and drop down? BruiseVein: @Elajjaz did you see trailer for new Remothered? kratosmuscle: mercy dream below the fast travel @elajjaz JesseThaBest: there is a black spot in the prison section Ishakuma: @Elajjaz what about the item the church guy gave you? Blackbird_SR71C: @saoblow Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well! Kapp Khilwat: @Elajjaz there are partial guides already HellWhiskers: HellWhiskers gifted a Tier 1 sub to Futanari_Bukkake! They have given 67 Gift Subs in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Futanari_Bukkake the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM halon50: @Elajjaz I don’t think Albero bell is a glitch, it might be reminding you of the bone Nopileos: SUB HYPE Futanari_Bukkake Pog Blackbird_SR71C: @HellWhiskers LUL tmdollas: Green area bottom left .. is that unexplored ? Arekska: AYAYA TheMoltenGuy: WeirdChamp B3arHands: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: LOL Martiansam: bukkake LULW d3sirio: OMEGALUL EntropyFull: WeirdChamp Meximus322: LULW Ph4ntomi: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: elaWeird floating_brain: LUL Nopileos: AYAYA tumaelso: AYAYA PlsGiffExp: @Nazzet ahaah an cyborg WutFace half human half MrDestructoid eh? cirHi DAILOedz: LUL Smough: DansGame Tebs_: AYAYA Esciron_: LULW zagetsux: LUL AkaTsubaki_: elaBlush 뿡토: gachiHYPER Zetarim: LULW girlfromjapan: elaHYUG Veddy_: WeirdChamp CompatiKaiser: AYAYA landkit: AYAYA Clap wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp BobTheDrunkBear: WeirdChamp FXYun: AYAYA Nazzet: Almost 69 gifted subs gachiHYPER xuukiii: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW FlameViper2: omg this game looks so pretty mayhem_h: MaxLOL artoflec: WeirdChamp DarkWingsAzrael: LULW Lexikun: elaGasm halon50: ??? Jebaited ?? Azure_Felt: elaWeird TomaszHilfiger: LULW holloWFortune: WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @AlexAnderman1994 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTMwD8jpZEE miki___miki: AYAYA tilionm: AYAYA GamErDino1337: that name LULW Kaspu: Futa elaWeird ninjalive2: Ayaya MahvelBaby: AYAYA Lykouleon: elaD Ela amarney: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AtTh3Gates: elaWeird PlsGiffExp: BUKKAKKE LULW Elvem: LULW rayden_purple: babuWink1 babuWink2 TheZecaUrubu: LULW KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA FUTANARI BUKAKKE Cr00kedTrees: Why does the map down left looks cut? AvemStercore: LULW Seraphinator: Neq Yakuza trailer was good but No Kiryu Chan Pepehands TheMoltenGuy: WEEBS STOP WeirdChamp THAT’S NOT OKAY LeVincente: nepSmug nymnCorn rayden_purple: ela1 ela2 Chakmania: go the mountains and drop down FXYun: AYAYA A man of culture AYAYA Seraphinator: New Smough: report that name mayushi10: futanari FeelsWeirdMan ManW_ez: @Elajjaz Can you show the item that shows secret rooms? Esciron_: Did you found the baby at the very first room of the game? Blackbird_SR71C: billyReady Gachi the Weebs away! HEIL_MODS_: chat elaWeird kratosmuscle: No you have that one my bad PlsGiffExp: give me sub lmao xD saoblow: here we go again PepeLaugh SephirothMX: gachiOnFIRE GuitarTime TheMoltenGuy: Futanari is fucking weird okay WeirdChamp Brodama: @girlfromjapan GivePLZ Nazzet: chat WeirdChamp Martiansam: bukkake is illegal in the UK btw monkaW Amacchu: Ellajaz Did you check starting zone with your bell? And pay a visit to the shop since there was something glowing on the back of the shopkeeper KrazyShark: @PlsGiffExp are you a girl and how old are you Wamateku: Gifting subs to KrazyShark’s alt, I see. WeirdChamp WetMajestic: @Elajjaz how long did it take to beat the game elaK artoflec: well Yakuza 7 is in Yokohama so i dont think old Yakuza characters will show up right away rayden_purple: ela1 babuWink4 KrazyShark: @Martiansam wait wtf 뿡토: Eric(a) gachiHYPER KrazyShark: @Wamateku ? elaS whom ? elaS HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark LULW ManW_ez: @Elajjaz How do you get it Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/788616132811096880/01EC16404BF144BF7C161303D331AAE45A371A62/ daddywojo: shopkeepers LastSecondBloomer: Everythng is illegal in UK Nazzet: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ elaKek TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark stop before you go too far right away AlexAnderman1994: @KrazyShark never elaB halon50: @Elajjaz how did you get the secret room item? PlsGiffExp: @Martiansam Isn’t butterknives illegal in England as well? LULW Martiansam: @KrazyShark yep monkaW kekily: what happened with the room where it asks you for 3 bones? Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/788616132811096880/01EC16404BF144BF7C161303D331AAE45A371A62/ but it’s not complete KrazyShark: @Nazzet @TheMoltenGuy ???? wtf are you talking about monkaW souldedeh: monkaX floating_brain: map POGGERS Aeonll: monkaW SiloWang: Pog Azure_Felt: monkaW Lykouleon: monkaW Turbulist: monkaX Nopileos: monkaW Virhaed: monkaW girlfromjapan: monkaW SephirothMX: LULW SuperSwervin: WHATTTATTA AlexAnderman1994: POGGERS Martiansam: @PlsGiffExp i dont know about that LULW FXYun: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW JubJubWantRubRubs: monkaW Seraphinator: No Kiryu not a real Yakuza game LUL KrazyShark: @Elajjaz boss dlc Pog https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl k0tashira: monkaW RipleyUp: monkaW Deliriumi1: just go one by one 🙂 Sourcehunter: autism monkaSHAKE Nopileos: monkaW monkaW PLAZAx: monkaTOS Aplecraf: elaS MahvelBaby: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: im not confused monkaW RKazekiri: NotLikeThis TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark “Are you a girl and how old are you?” Seriously dude? WeirdChamp Blackbird_SR71C: Chat, I can’t lie any longer. It’s my bday, I’m one year closer to death PepeHands Tomowatt: elaPlan fonss1: NotLikeThis who made this KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy oh Lagunaab: @Elajjaz compare with your map to see missing areas Martiansam: @KrazyShark if i was in the uk iwould have got arrested 😉 LULW Badagaboosh: Pog WetMajestic: how did they make this already Pog Nazzet: @Blackbird_SR71C FeelsBirthdayMan Clap KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy i mean elaSmile uh… i guess i dont have excuses huh AlexAnderman1994: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap rofIcopter: 4Shrug Random3DGuy: ah yes, nice map 5Head LeVincente: LULW spooody313: @Elajjaz check the beginning again to make sure. One guy said you got it but just to be safe sorynache: forsenWhat rayden_purple: The plan has flopped elaHmm quote_me_if_pogu: PepeLaugh KanzanZX: this is first baby i think Armody: You do PlsGiffExp: @KrazyShark I am indeed a girl. (Guy In Real Life), I am young peepy girl cirHi cirGasm Sybran57: @Blackbird_SR71C We will join you in death FeelsBirthdayMan landkit: ella don’t cheat ElaSmash kratosmuscle: @elajjaz did you have the baby in snow area where you have to slide and attack fast otherwise you fall? CompatiKaiser: old school jpg SeemsGood Azure_Felt: i did this for bloodstained when i was missing .5% map PepeLaugh MrArmageddon2: elaYes elaPlan Tomowatt: monkaW MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz use paint 4House for marking 4Shrug HEIL_MODS_: @Blackbird_SR71C FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Blackbird_SR71C: @Sybran57 FeelsGoodMan Sourcehunter: monkaTOS cheating Nazzet: CurseLit tumaelso: @Blackbird_SR71C FeelsBirthdayMan girlfromjapan: runewiSick runewiSick runewiSick runewiSick runewiSick PlsGiffExp: @KrazyShark That is me 😉 Zefii: monkaTOS Geralt_of_Syria: 😂 its lit fam KrazyShark: @Martiansam monkaW jizzing on a girl’s face is fine but with other guys? that seems stressful dude i’d be having a hard time getting hard LULW Vegansan: did ela buy his last item Chakmania: @Elajjaz there is one you get by jumping down from the mountain area Azure_Felt: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap nonGiPongi: ho le fuk KrazyShark: @PlsGiffExp what the fuck Twitch_chat_best_chat: ten piedad=have mercy in spanish LUL Deliriumi1: Check the place where you can’t go, just to make sure there isnt anything daddywojo: check room you can’t access hug_le_pug: check the area with the bone books KrazyShark: @PlsGiffExp cir subs monkaW Dr_Gomez: Printscreen and compare Kappa Lexikun: @Elajjaz have you played Conarium, it’s a horror game currently free on EPIC GAME STORE elaChug EntropyFull: monkaW saoblow: ??? souldedeh: ?? KrazyShark: ??? Geralt_of_Syria: WeirdChamp cheating NeroIscariot12: Check the glitched area in the prison Wheels82: ???? Blackbird_SR71C: ??? Azure_Felt: ??? elaHmm Kaspu: ??? Nopileos: ??? d3sirio: ???? LULW Straddy_: ??? Aeonll: ???? Tomowatt: ???????????????? magjico9: ??? Turbulist: ???? Korhain: ??? Sybran57: ???? daddywojo: saeta dolorosa tumaelso: ???????? 뿡토: juast make a baby 4Head Blackbird_SR71C: ????? rayden_purple: annytfSit ? PlsGiffExp: @KrazyShark it was gifted to me, because I am a gril, so people gift me stuff 😛 quote_me_if_pogu: just replay the game again 4Head Nopileos: ???? lPirez: FeelsAmazingMan 🔪 get all the babies dekkah: i have the area unlocked but dont know how RipleyUp: ????? Npuls: ??? Detroit147: AYAYA ??? kermanaattor: Guides elaWeird Martiansam: Hello everyone btw pepeL today i was thinking about how much Ela look like naruto PepeLaugh Vivelin: ??? ❔ Nazzet: martiansam cirHi Azure_Felt: 4Shrug souldedeh: 4Shrug ninjalive2: ??? Random3DGuy: danKek PLAZAx: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO sharkafina: you gotta do the the tree bro quest to be able to get in there @Elajjaz Houndthree: nemzANANA Random3DGuy: danKEK * SaixSoul: elaKek oh no no no Martiansam: @Nazzet AYAYA / pepeL Esciron_: PepeLaugh PlsGiffExp: Uh no no no no pokedoh: The ??? are because allegedly after you kill the boss in Mercy Dreams you have to rush to the tree and do the quest then @Elajjaz DaniDuck: oh no no no PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: uwu what is this elaBlush girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh no no HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh lPirez: gachiHYPER floating_brain: check it for the baby anyway southdesigner: just go trhough them 1 by 1 KrazyShark: @PlsGiffExp but you just said you were a guy in real life but that’s a girl monkaW so you’re technically a guy which is a guy under yover PlsGiffExp: @AkaTsubaki_ Ela having weeb emote? LULW souldedeh: pokiW Martiansam: @KrazyShark i never said iv done it LULW even the porn of it is illegal there HEIL_MODS_: poki elaWeird NeroIscariot12: Check the glitched area in the prison Aeonll: pokiW southdesigner: LUL 뿡토: poki monkaW JubJubWantRubRubs: BabyRage TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark stop while you’re ahead WeirdChamp RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Detroit147: pokiW UltimateReo: BabyRage Elajjaz: pokiW KrazyShark: @Martiansam oh you’re the one who received them monkaW Martiansam: angery>:( Nopileos: pokiW quote_me_if_pogu: PepeLaugh saoblow: millions monkaW PlsGiffExp: @KrazyShark technically I am a gril, and a guy KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy im thirsty Distl17: PepeLaugh lPirez: chat danBlank ✋🏿 SteineAlters: well bones have names atleast TheMoltenGuy: LULW PlsGiffExp: LULW saoblow: LMAO Aeonll: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Lexikun: pokiVV carero12: JUST DO IT Sohei4649: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: LULW Turbulist: WeirdChamp absolutely_not_haram: just start from the beginning to make sure you dont miss any Deliriumi1: you did Nopileos: LULW Antimonesia: DansGame quote_me_if_pogu: WeirdChamp mayushi10: FeelsWeirdMan KacekX: LULW WotorJL: LULW Ph4ntomi: WeirdChamp HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp Hank_e_Panky: WeirdChamp Veddy_: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz bones have names so you just compare KrazyShark: @PlsGiffExp excuse me FXYun: elaWeird souldedeh: WeirdChamp Trickery_Games: if you show me the bone room, i know where most of them are Kaspu: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Nopileos: WeirdChamp ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp rofIcopter: WeirdChamp Lagunaab: WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp rayden_purple: poki sub elaWOW AkaTsubaki_: PlsGiffExp elaBlush elaISee elaB elaWOW elaYA elaK TheZecaUrubu: FeelsWeirdMan Skiller567890: @Elajjaz The bones have names though Straddy_: WeirdChamp Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp TheMoltenGuy: @KrazyShark go drink some fucking water WeirdChamp saoblow: @Elajjaz elaWeird Sorakainabanana: WeirdChamp Smough: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Nopileos: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp fonss1: WeirdChamp ✋ Akytami: WeirdChamp mayushi10: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp 3v0id: WeirdChamp PLAZAx: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz daddywojo: try floor Javierz29: The bones have a name it’s easy Arekska: WeirdChamp Mrtriggahigga: WeirdChamp MKnight: WeirdChamp dunnowtw: LULW lPirez: @Elajjaz danBlank EntropyFull: ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz Virhaed: WeirdChamp quote_me_if_pogu: WeirdChump YOU GUYS SUBBED FOR THIS B3arHands: LULW ??? Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp big_black_clock_kappa: wtf ela subbed to poki LUL SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: why are we red what happened Nopileos: WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy but i already did PepeHands Nazzet: WeirdChamp miki___miki: WeirdChamp Ph4ntomi: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp MockingBird2017: but with the item that makes you see secrets, you wouldn’t be missing on anything right? EntropyFull: ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ADD pokiBASS WeirdChamp @Elajjaz 󠀀 Seraphinator: Poki subs DansGame DansGame DansGame s0merandomguy1: WeirdChamp livanrar: check map for secret in that room hangedm4n: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: pokiW virgin test WeirdChamp b4demeister: WeirdChamp Smough: @Elajjaz are you a tier 3 poki sub? POGGERS KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl new map Pog Spazmatic42: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp ✋ Martiansam: @KrazyShark PepeS no ElaOut Veddy_: elaK spooody313: @Elajjaz dude check the beginning again to be 100% sure. You saw it 2 days ago and couldnt get it then rofIcopter: elaK quote_me_if_pogu: WeirdChamp you guys subbed for this Ph4ntomi: elaK holloWFortune: elaK PlsGiffExp: @Elajjaz poke me cirGasm HEIL_MODS_: its your second month i beleive WeirdChamp WeirdChamp PhantomCIaw: Kapp Nopileos: elaK Aeonll: elaK fonss1: Kapp Straddy_: Kapp halon50: elaK Vivelin: elaK Wheels82: elaK Pandreion: elaK JinM0: elaK lPirez: danHeh kermanaattor: elaK zyd_wieczny_tulacz: dude admit it you would fuck poki out of her mind Ph4ntomi: gifted elaK xuukiii: Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK Tryedz: pokiW virgin test EntropyFull: Kapp RKazekiri: Kapp Sourcehunter: elaK 624pt2: Kapp AkaTsubaki_: elaK marshalmv: Kapp Fullmetalcheese: elaK elaK elaK SomeoneYouProbablyKnow: Kapp KaitoKidShadow: elaK SkyDC: elaK KrazyShark: PepeLaugh b4demeister: elaK Corsad: elaK xkrogothx: elaK lPirez: Kapp Nopileos: elaK k0tashira: elaK quote_me_if_pogu: WeirdChamp you guys subbed to this Martiansam: PepeLaugh lPirez: PepeLaugh SnarksterJr: This streamer is seem very virgin :/ rakyan: PepeLaugh RipleyUp: Kapp Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Veddy_: PepeLaugh Aeonll: PepeLaugh lucas_dogg: PepeLaugh EntropyFull: stop lying, you’re a tier 3 poki sub WeirdChamp @Elajjaz lPirez: Kappa saoblow: PepeLaugh hehe do it TheMoltenGuy: pokiW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: elaK elaKek KrazyShark: LULW LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh huehue Donthy: PepeLaugh Random3DGuy: elaK yeah sure RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Clap Turbulist: LULW marshalmv: elaK rayden_purple: virgin poki elaWeird Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh k0tashira: PepeLaugh huehuheuhe olli2101: PepeLaugh Aeonll: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh saoblow: elaK ViveLaDissidence: zyd_wieczny_tulacz Please don’t assume that just like you people have no dignity KrazyShark: elaThirst lucius_ss: LOL Ph4ntomi: elaK Veddy_: elaK AntonioAS7X: elaK fonss1: Kapp sure bud lord_rimheart: elaK TheGunWizard_: PepeLaugh Kaspu: elaK 3v0id: elaK Donthy: elaK TheZecaUrubu: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: elaK Deliriumi1: Kapp Nopileos: elaK PLAZAx: elaK B3arHands: elaK Martiansam: chat booli again you baka hangedm4n: CoolStoryBob Fullmetalcheese: elaK elaK elaK elaK lPirez: Kappa 🎐 b4demeister: sure elaK pekkaatte: elaK Clench1k: sure Kapp Bleez93: Yesterday Youtube recommended me Asmongold watching your wr on dark souls. That guy is quite something LUL ItzWalker: elaK Elvem: elaK MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz bones have names so you can just compare Antimonesia: seems legit kermanaattor: elaK elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Vivelin: All magically elaK KrazyShark: YEAH RIGHT ELA LULW TheDankDemon: LULW Martiansam: suuuuuure N4RDBOT: AYAYA Baka AlexAnderman1994: PepeLaugh Straddy_: Kapp EntropyFull: Kapp pekkaatte: sure elaK Wheels82: elaK zachc417: elaK elaK elaK Random3DGuy: Kapp Dismal_Arkt: elaK zyd_wieczny_tulacz: @ViveLaDissidence PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaK TheMoltenGuy: not virgin PepeLaugh 👉 pokiW VineWood0604: elaK AkaTsubaki_: elaK sure Bokkadin: elaK Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz you done library riddle? marshalmv: SURE elaK Donthy: elaK elaK elaK Sybran57: elaK yeah of course Nazzet: Kappa PLAZAx: elaK elaK Korhain: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK elaK conclusionlol: PepeLaugh Poki sub LeVincente: Kapp Lexikun: minecraft TheMoltenGuy: HE KNOWS PepeLaugh bersiGaming: havent seen her [pause] stream… ok Zaunbob: elaK LickMyPretzel: SO YOU KNOW hangedm4n: L OMEGALUL L fonss1: fortnite POGGERS B3arHands: FORTNIIITE POGGERS elaChug Veddy_: ela tried to buy her bathwater elaK miki___miki: L OMEGALUL L JubJubWantRubRubs: she streams herself PepeLaugh Kaspu: HE KNOWS LULW d3sirio: elaKNot nasal bone of doc , the two-timer forsenCD Nazzet: @nikitos_boom pepeL Kaspu: I got all collectibles now Pog Lagunaab: Code veronica X on ps4 ? Pog Erazu: code vein in 2 weeks PogU dunnowtw: @Kaspu Pog Clap KrazyShark: Y̪̩̕o̶u̴ ͈̜̬c̗h̤͓͝e̥̭̕a̤̼̱t̪͙̩e̯̫̩d͔̻̻ ̵͖n̩͕̝o̠̟͉t̛͓͕ ̘o̦̲͙n̩l̤̰̫y̶͈͙ ̠͍̣t̗̤̪h̸e̜ ̯̪͉g͚̘͜a̛̮̫m̹͉̹eͅ,̛̘̜ ͎̮͠b͚̯͓u̬̪͟ṯ ̟̙̜y̹͘o̻̭̟u̸̮r̡̹̬sè͉ͅl̜f̮̦͘.̧̹̘ ͘Y̦̦ọ͓͞u̫͎͘ d͝i̟̭d͍n̟̺̻’̳̣̭t̢͓̞ ̲̭͚g̳̮̺r̦̗̞o͎͍ͅw̠.̵͓ ͎̼͈Y̴̱̳o̙͇̱u̮̙͉ ҉̣d̜̝̭i͝d̷̪͇n̛̜͈’̟̪̟t ̧i̢̩m̨͕̮p҉̟̱r̮͙̮o̴̖͙v͟e͔͇͡.̢͖̯ ̺͙Y̞̜͠o̵͕͕u̶̜̮ t̳̱̖o͇̭͘o͞k̤͚̤ ̜͚͜a͕̦̪ ҉̞͓s͏͉̦h̗̖͉o̺̣̘r̠̩͎t̙̙ͅc̦͞ͅu̱̟͘ Sourcehunter: @Kaspu Clap 1marcio080: green hell elaWOW Nazzet: @Kaspu PogU did you cheat like Ela PepeLaugh ? dunnowtw: monkaW nikitos_boom: CHAT i pepeL you HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark banned monkaTOS MambukOo: monkaW Nopileos: nikitos_boom elaHi Kaspu: @Nazzet Yes forsenCD LickMyPretzel: forsenCD wtf Brodama: @KrazyShark monkaW dunnowtw: forsenCD Caput_Draconis: forsenCD Geralt_of_Syria: forsenCD Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: forsenCD Nazzet: forsenCD faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz Guess I missed the level up moment. When’d our main char get the new look? Kryos_Pizza: Kryos_Pizza subscribed with Twitch Prime. WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Kryos_Pizza the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Olate: you are cursed already Nopileos: SUB HYPE Kryos_Pizza POGGERS KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats oh fuck yeah dude i love frosted wheats Hsnaketwitch: Hi Ela and Chat BOYZZ elaH Nazzet: hsnaketwitch cirHi mountaindhew: forsenCD hand over the wives Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch elaHYUG priviligedpolarbear: what i left for the bathroom how did ela cheat? Nihrahk: forsenWC WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA shoko664: You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference. nikitos_boom: @Nazzet elaHYUG reddvelv: elaOP Kryos_Pizza: Hey there Caput_Draconis: elaOP FiReBallKG: elaOP SnarksterJr: Pelvis of Nerdy, the Dungeon Master Sybran57: @nikitos_boom PepeL k0tashira: elaOP HYPERCLAP Nihilist_MF: what’s that skin?? HEIL_MODS_: we did that pasta already elaWeird Hsnaketwitch: @Nazzet @Nopileos elaH SuperSwervin: I think in the top blue mountain area there’s an empty spot that was filled on the map Nazzet: @priviligedpolarbear He has a map that shows everything PepeLaugh nikitos_boom: @Sybran57 pepeL Nopileos: Hsnaketwitch elaH Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN Olate: Are you playing borderlands 3? RantingDuck: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: “there’s nothing here” PepeLaugh PerfectNoW_: PerfectNoW_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months, currently on a 10 month streak! ela7 WrestlerBot2000: @PerfectNoW_ Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM tumaelso: Clap PLAZAx: Pog 01nicolaj: Pog Nopileos: SUB HYPE PerfectNoW_ PogChamp Caput_Draconis: Pog Straddy_: Champ Erazu: PogU wandering_pleb: Chag Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER Hasp36: Pog FiReBallKG: Pog MambukOo: Pog Nopileos: Pog KappatainHindsight: Clap Jybel: Pog fonss1: gachiHYPER azureTreble: Pog scoutdiverman: Clap Nihrahk: elaBruv celethang: now the bebes Purist01: Pog DaniDuck: Pog Leeegit: Pog ViveLaDissidence: PogU HYPERCLAP syps_: Pog nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz elaWeird thicknicc: OMEGALUL Nazzet: Clap2 forsenCD shoko664: only 2 babies Nopileos: Pog Pog DexArt888: Clap syps_: Cham RantingDuck: HandsUp aaaa syps_: Champ MikeLitoris6999: You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh PLAZAx: PepeLaugh Zeuthos: Pog syps_: Jebaited Kaspu: 1 ending you don’t have DaniDuck: LULW TookiePinkman: ending E SouruBreaker: Forhead of nemz the dog spooner LULW Empyrium: BabyRage Caterasan: @Elajjaz you got ending B theres 2 01nicolaj: @Kaspu Did you get 100% yet? Veddy_: vodfriends skip 10 hours PepeLaugh HerrWoland: Chag Hasp36: “rosaria beads” PepeLaugh 뿡토: only BabyRage BabyRage Nazzet: OMEGADOWN PLAZAx: LULW MrRoboto_0: PepeLaugh Straddy_: LULW dunnowtw: LULW gulshan1: PepeLaugh senior_gardo: LULW syps_: LULW Akytami: LULW Nopileos: LULW tumaelso: UND OMEGADOWN Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Ciaphas72kt: chest room baby? reddvelv: PepeLaugh brot_ok: LULW Brodama: PepeLaugh Empyrium: LULW Zeuthos: LULW RantingDuck: LULW thicknicc: LULWW CompatiKaiser: PepeLaugh girlfromjapan: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ UNDO Nopileos: LULW LULW Streamleen: LULW DigitalZips: U N D OMEGADOWN Kaspu: @01nicolaj I have 99.75% LeVincente: PepeHands Olate: LULW nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz Ela did you kill last boss? gosamigo: LULW mountaindhew: forsenCD elaGun ok chat hand over the wives and no one gets hurt 01nicolaj: Damn, I just got 99.5 rofIcopter: 4Shrug 01nicolaj: 2 bulls PepeLaugh HellWhiskers: Check the bone room? syps_: BabyRage Javierz29: B for Blasphemy KappatainHindsight: right here BabyRage BabyRage 7riHardSeven: BibleThump Esciron_: BabyRAge Nihrahk: Clap2 BabyRage WrestlerBot2000: “Lady, I’m going to slap you with my… [heavy breathing]” – Elajjaz, 2014 No. 11 Swift_chamois: BabyRage time spooody313: @Elajjaz BEGINNING. Make sure before you search everything HellWhiskers: In Albania Deliriumi1: Check the one room u weren’t sure scoutdiverman: BabyRage hidn here in chat, dont tell Strimmer aramintha_: @Elajjaz didnt some npc give you an item to give to someone earlier in stream? did you finish that? KrazyShark: unused penis of the krazyshark Pog Vivelin: @Elajjaz maybe do rosary first since there’se only one left? Sourcehunter: @Kaspu Does that frustrate you? PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: No cheating! BabyRage Lagunaab: we’re in for a loooooong ride Diomago: Are you having some troubles? LULW SouruBreaker: You have to give the bone to the town tho @Elajjaz reddvelv: PepeLaugh 👉 ⏪ Gushyblusha: Check the room with a chest you were on about earlier Malkav0: cheating again williammb: @Elajjaz go to albedo and place the bones nonGiPongi: BabyRage here southdesigner: anything happen in the bones room sorafune_: @Elajjaz put all the bones gachiBASS TookiePinkman: you can see the BabyRage with a mirror Distl17: there was this this one baby you wasnt sure about @Elajjaz i0wnswag: BabyRage BabyRage Javierz29: Go to Albero tho the bone room Kaspu: @Sourcehunter Now I can just cheat with the map so not really elaOk TheGloriousRage: Pelvis of @KrazyShark of the unyielding thirst elaThirst Kobrick: Cheating DansGame fonss1: Kapp maybe goodkatt_: forsenCD Babies? who knows, ive made so many i lost track. Sanimys: Suuuuuure Amacchu: Sure LULW Swift_chamois: baby radar Diomago: You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference. MealThief: MercyWing1 BabyRage MercyWing2 tumaelso: Kapp Ciaphas72kt: use your bone to find the babies LUL lord_rimheart: the bone room elaThirst nonGiPongi: ask the bebe mama Da_vinci98: pedo meter? Deliriumi1: @Elajjaz Check the Baby room first, you are next to it. TRDarkslayer: why is he so naive chat ? MikeLitoris6999: You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference Jaargan: @KrazyShark 😳 UltimateReo: count babies on map to see if it lists them all? Nazzet: @Ciaphas72kt LULW Vivelin: LULW Flachzange42: @Elajjaz have you seen the new gameplay for death stranding? Autumn_Flare: “A Mother’s Intuition” PepeLaugh LeVincente: forsenCD Champions Club back2back Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh NepgearChan: ???? Tirabolos: ?? Deliriumi1: LULW Smough: Kapp souldedeh: BabyRage Geralt_of_Syria: not milk gachiHYPER Nopileos: LULW mountaindhew: ??? Jaargan: LULW BleekStone: BabyRage DaniDuck: ??? AkaTsubaki_: BabyRage kermanaattor: moon2WAH Cr00kedTrees: BabyRage Intirion: BabyRage kokosenpaai: ? Sourcehunter: @Kaspu My name is Kaspu elaOk I like to cheat elaOk I look on the map elaOk and i say yeet elaOk weeaboochan: yes Lagunaab: i’d like milkers instead elaC k0tashira: WAAAHHH MASTERR BabyRage Javierz29: How convenient Vegansan: it worked the baby is crying PogChamp Flachzange42: @Elajjaz have you seen the new gameplay for death stranding SouruBreaker: Well the game is about religion so a baby tracker shouldn’t sound weird at all LULW masterr876: BabyRage Azure_Felt: if i was a game dev by ela elaK KrazyShark: @TheGloriousRage Pog Nihrahk: BabyRage radar? Sounds a bit like some PedoBear sense elaWeird summer___: @KrazyShark henlo KresyShak Flachzange42: nice KrazyShark: @Jaargan 😳 KrazyShark: @summer___ KrazyShark: iada KrazyShark: d nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz cheating? elaMad Toooo HARD for YOU huh? PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @summer___ krazys2PAT hi summer Autumn_Flare: Moom, tell the babies to reveal themselves BabyRage iRemix94: why are you black now? new upgrade? Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan FiReBallKG: elaBruv weeaboochan: all babies speedrun when? senior_gardo: Have you tried shaking the keys? Lagunaab: steve fox WINS mountaindhew: you get a priest cock artifact that starts throbbing whenever there are underaged children near LickMyPretzel: Kkrikey maLkor1: dude WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: KKrikey Nazzet: @mountaindhew monkaW RantingDuck: WeirdChamp Lagunaab: sh sh oof sh sh oof Geralt_of_Syria: @mountaindhew too far but still PepeLaugh HellWhiskers: @mountaindhew PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Mand__: yikes Nihrahk: @mountaindhew monkaX MetaphysicalMind: find them there BabyRage SuperSwervin: Equip sword core? Lexikun: @mountaindhew elaKek TheDankDemon: LULW HEIL_MODS_: PedoBear miggonaut: cool TheMoltenGuy: LULW PLAZAx: Pog DaniDuck: LUL Straddy_: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW KappatainHindsight: LULW KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats man i want some frosted wheats now fonss1: SKIN LULW WORTH holloWFortune: Well… southdesigner: LUL miggonaut: #worth SkyDC: @elajjaz found the babies? rofIcopter: LULW Kaspu: LULW soldathick: HIT the floor !! Phanteast: LUL Vivelin: Chag callsign__apollo: why is there a drill on his head d3sirio: Skin LULW mayushi10: OMEGLOL Nopileos: LULW kokosenpaai: LULW Kobrick: LUL RKazekiri: LULW Hajitaib: LULW souldedeh: L OMEGLOL L thicknicc: LULWW deadlymouse0: BELL Sumpsimus: THE MEDALLIAN!!!! Azure_Felt: forsenWC OOOOOO forsenWC thicknicc: LULW PLAZAx: the bell is ringing Autumn_Flare: Pog Put the skin on LickMyPretzel: BabyRage find me senpai MikeLitoris6999: is it? Kappa KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats thing with frosted wheats it kinda reminds me of like, white glazing on things so it kinda turns me on williammb: @Elajjaz window goy SouruBreaker: Hit the floor inside the bones room maybe? bersiGaming: I bet its not bugged lol Amacchu: elaHmm is it holloWFortune: Inb4 all babies makes you look like a baby Azure_Felt: squash it then elaB miggonaut: just find them LOOOOL LovelyBears: Ingame unlockable skin>Pay for skins elaHmm GymNation: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Nihrahk: forsenWC OMEGADOWN forsenWC Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Vuuuur: WOOO brown holymacaroni55: how do u unlock to equip more charmes? TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL silent061: guld MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz it`s time for the paint baby 4House Jaargan: GLOD Pog Geralt_of_Syria: elaGlod PepeHands Hongetech: GLOD Pog nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz Ela did you kill last boss? souldedeh: malding PepeLaugh Hasp36: Glod Pog fonss1: Wow so much different Vivelin: 3% PepeLaugh leopj1996: what if its not bugged SnarksterJr: It’s not a bug PepeLaugh HerrWoland: just make 2 babies Sanimys: @Elajjaz So useful to get a skin in a non-roguelike game, when you have pretty much finished the game LUL rofIcopter: not even 98 PepeLaugh RantingDuck: g OMEGALUL ld HEIL_MODS_: monkaTOS fonss1: Kapp Tree60noscoped: monkaTOS Azure_Felt: monkaTOS williammb: @Elajjaz window guy in albedo Malkav0: all babies unlock perk: Baby Rage Kappa xlRaptoe: monkaTOS Smough: Kapp Nopileos: monkaTOS Kobrick: PogChamp LeVincente: forsenCD MY MAP thicknicc: forsenWC OMEGLOL OMEGLOL forsenWC Chess_462: Hi Alfred, hi chat pepeL Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Nazzet: chess_462 cirHi Nopileos: Chess_462 elaH Sumpsimus: THE MEDALLIAN! tumaelso: yes Kobrick: That’s the first LUL KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz why didn’t you make a map like his? Kapp Chess_462: Nazzet elaH Chess_462: Nopileos elaH fonss1: collecting all skins unlocks a kripp skin PogU MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz he said that he got all collectibless Daaarling02: kaptivLove kiddbora: why even are you doing this to yourself lol @Elajjaz Jarburt: Jarburt subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! Nihrahk: @Malkav0 Maybe you get the ability to throw babies at your enemies? elaThirst WrestlerBot2000: @Jarburt If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Jarburt Pog ColdHannibal: @Elajjaz looked like u didn´t get one room in the mountain area MetaphysicalMind: im a BabyRage please find me CodeNJoy: @Elajjaz did you pick up the item blocked by 3 relic obstacles in the same room? if so, what was it? Ergwano: Ergwano subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 43 months, currently on a 43 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @Ergwano After 43 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM daddywojo: Next skin is a 420 skin Nopileos: SUB HYPE Ergwano POGGERS sorafune_: collecting babies give you PedoBear skin LULW Gushyblusha: @Elajjaz there was a room on the map with a chest in you said you weren’t sure about the baby MealThief: i like this skin Ciaphas72kt: ?? wut Badagaboosh: monkaX DigitalZips: excuse me? Geralt_of_Syria: PedoBear god damn ela 1marcio080: xzeroBaka holloWFortune: That sounded so wrong RantingDuck: monkaW feel what? SouruBreaker: Did you checked the whip lady @Elajjaz ? Amacchu: Ellajaz you might check the baby painting, maybe it will tell you something 4Shrug WotorJL: wording celethang: maybe baby is near whatever remnants you’re missing? Dannmachdasnicht: The game hard? Looks Good Badagaboosh: PedoBear crusadervh: monkaTOS JouniKari: okay monkaW HEIL_MODS_: PedoBear where are you hidiing? 26camels: what the hell did you just say raesh: u wot mate Vegansan: update drivers maybe youll be able to see the babies Kappa zherebane: VaN deadlymouse0: annoying bell Streamleen: She said no and left. tumaelso: PedoBear monkaTOS bersiGaming: she said no and leff pureunadulterated: Eh gosamigo: did i hear “Make Babies” ? gachiHYPER KanzanZX: @Elajjaz look at rooftop area of the map i think it shows where the whip lady guy is there livanrar: check the map for that room in albero that the bell sounds 뿡토: weeb lady WeirdChamp Neuby121: Have you checked the beginning areas from before you had good skills/items? kekily: @Elajjaz maybe the bell isn’t bugged, maybe hidden room in the floor? HerrWoland: whip lady miggonaut: there was one baby somewhere high up and you couldnt get to it at the time, you thought you could maybe get it with the lightning skill… did you get that one?! Nihrahk: I guess she won’t give any spankings then? FeelsBadMan thicknicc: PedoBear ElaOut KanzanZX: @Elajjaz the cheater map SnarksterJr: Someone clip that sentence so we can bully him later smatchaamo: what if there’s a baby you will never get from timed treeman quest iRemix94: @Elajjaz what was in the empty room in the snow area? SuperSwervin: I believe there’s an empty spot in the mountain/snow top blue area. 冬海羊子: @Elajjaz the golden chest in the sewer area and the baby? RipleyUp: StinkyCheese>DansGame Kobrick: LULW PLAZAx: ??? KanzanZX: @Elajjaz red area pureunadulterated: So dark souls meets Metroid? Amacchu: ??? MrRoboto_0: ??? Hasp36: ??? maLkor1: does he looked at the cheater map for the bugued ding ding ? Nopileos: ??? holymacaroni55: where can i find dis map? 뿡토: lobosBlind Nihrahk: danSgame KanzanZX: down a little @Elajjaz Justepic123: what cheat sheet LULW PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: Jebaited daddywojo: agony KanzanZX: @Elajjaz down left of the red zone LeVincente: VaN not a ldy Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz “After giving her the Three Marks, the monk in red leaves for a different area, namely the Archcatherdal Rooftops” soldathick: maLkor1 no UvaroviteKing: !discord WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! damj_net: @holymacaroni55 why not type the URL them damj_net: then daddywojo: red writing holymacaroni55: lol pribe13: is in the yellow area Teddym4n: oofas Sven_sveger: Oh we cheating? jenda69: @KanzanZX Clap HEIL_MODS_: of course forsenCD roasted_hamster: Did he get bad ending yet? Hario: forsenCD JouniKari: forsenCD you see how easy it is Sven_sveger: forsenCD My Man miggonaut: cut the cord headBang 뿡토: moon2CD Clap Tryedz: forsenCD WITO: @Elajjaz SKATE 4 https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/d359xk/yes_you_can_ride_a_hoverboard_in_death_stranding/ SnarksterJr: Any cheaters in chat? RareEla Smough: two times forsenCD ✌️ Jaargan: @Elajjaz what are you gonna play after this? elaHmm Nucleoprotein: @SnarksterJr PepeLaugh 👉 @Elajjaz 10th_Legion: not even close to skate BarghestFenrir_: @wito Skate Stranding Pog KrazyShark: man skate was the shit KrazyShark: so was tony hawk Pog KrazyShark: and disney’s skateboarding Pog NautilusV2: @elajjaz YOOOOO nrdyGa :mega: Justepic123: @GoAkke You mean we tell him everything? PepeLaugh Veddy_: so much swearing today elaD Nihrahk: @SnarksterJr No but we got ricardoFlick ers Swift_chamois: man, bacon sword was way cooler. Nazzet: monkaW KrazyShark: @TheMoltenGuy OHHH YEAH IT WAS GOOFY LULW tumaelso: monkaW Rob_has_nice_nipples: BabyRage SouruBreaker: Going through all this to get a second ending here but Rin isn’t good enough for you WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp KrazyShark: even better PLAZAx: monkaW LovelyBears: BabyRage l_Glaten_l: what OMEGALUL CodeNJoy: @Elajjaz above this area with the two long horizontal metal lifts there’s a flying baby. got that one? Vivelin: No, that’s just you going insane MrCookieh: monkaW Sanimys: An old baby then @Elajjaz PumaLoco1337: monkaW thicknicc: yeet iiwii119: OCELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT NautilusV2: no it’s me 🙂 bersiGaming: ela starting to hear things Jaargan: maybe someday he’ll respond elaFeels Vuuuur: no you got this all BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark Yo also the game with surfing penguins from the movie that I forgot the name TheDankDemon: nymnREE BABY Azure_Felt: elaOP mmmm bacon MrJamDango: What do you like better, this game or Dead Cells? nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz Ela did you finished this game and now just collect BabyRage ? girlfromjapan: @GoAkke elaFella Justepic123: collect the BABIES ella PedoBear girlfromjapan: pepeL Streamleen: ALIENS ending KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ SURF’S UP Pog DaniDuck: 97 LULW KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ i love that movie so much Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan roasted_hamster: Destroy statues 🙂 Thieffie: did ela ever manage to figure out the way past that wall?? ela4 SiloWang: Jebaited Sven_sveger: LEL pavid_dayne: started playing last night… haven’t played much. How do you like it, Ela? Justepic123: LULW Veddy_: LULW Kobrick: LULW Nopileos: LULW PLAZAx: LULW AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats ???? elaS calculatedCha0s: LEL Jaargan: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW RantingDuck: LULW rayzen7: EZ Clap Hasp36: OMEGADOWN Vivelin: LULW HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh MagicFrogs: LUL Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh 👇 SerVersta: elaKek bersiGaming:( soldathick: scary Baby monkaW Seikisu: PepeHands Never Nightcry Oldburnzy: you can finish it in a day Tryedz: monkaW mayushi10: no 🙂 FiReBallKG: monkaW easyeasy: Martiansam ÒωÓ / daddywojo: Do it – I’m only a couple hours in Daaarling02: kaptivDJ seydanator: @KrazyShark i forget. tomorrow i can wear crazy clothes at work 🙂 PLAZAx: monkaW inc SaixSoul: elaWut Buurt: @KrazyShark i can be everything you want elaThirst Justepic123: monkaH Smough: thats not that disturbing Veddy_: cute rainbowhorsehead: Pog young_baba: @K3lpie_live It felt unfair and the moves didnt telegraph wel, you would do the same dodge and it would fail and succeed sometime Kobrick: monkaS j0mppa: monkaW ComradeNerdy: just get Sinking City instead, main stuff is very nice Azure_Felt: seen worse tbh elaK Nopileos: monkaS Himmee: monkaW RantingDuck: monkaW fonss1: WutFace raider_unkindled: nani?! elaBlush TheDankDemon: monkaW kokosenpaai: WTF Streamleen: What the FUCK LickMyPretzel: I’ve seen worse sharkafina: arousing calculatedCha0s: monkaW jatsuku: yes pls Kobrick: monkaGun monkaH KrazyShark: @seydanator ohh nice FeelsGoodMan Llyfrgell: elaSmile Entous: wtf Nazzet: cmonBrother KrazyShark: @Buurt monkaW tumaelso: monkaW nymnCorn easyeasy: ComradeNerdy NERDY YOOOOOO ela13 / Ayatetsu: god baby woodghost: monkaW girlfromjapan: monkaW Lyovknight: monkaW theblankslate: MY BRUBBERS drycooker93: WutFace WutFace Nopileos: monkaW souldedeh: BabyRage Jarburt: Okay monkaX kokosenpaai: monkaX ComradeNerdy: easyeasy elaH Martiansam: @easyeasy ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP nikevi: yo nani the fuck Jalmarkian: monkaW don BruiseVein: @Elajjaz that’s nothing, I’ve seen KrazyShark’s search history monkaW tumaelso: Pog BleekStone: BabyRage RantingDuck: monkaW come closer? Deliriumi1: LULW Justepic123: monkaX alpalin96: is this legal to show on twitch ? Veddy_: 3Head Kobrick: PogChamp HaswarX: have some moon Vivelin: PepeLaugh AlanRLD: moon2M Aydarkzero: monkaS Guts117: get mooned Pog Streamleen: what is this accent haha Chrono_Crosser: Voice acting 1/5 LUL dunnowtw: KKona dexusb: monkaTOS Kobrick: POGGERS Martiansam: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: staff gonna ban us monkaW DaniDuck: Pog Nopileos: monkaS ViveLaDissidence: STAFF IS HERE monkaTOS KrazyShark: @nikevi OH NIKEVI, I NEED YOUR PERMISSION so that Ela can watch a youtube vid about penis fishing @Elajjaz Berendey2k: CHUCKY souldedeh: campanilero PepeLaugh magjico9: atack him Jaklie: Kappa nilero DjaDjaDji: HandsUp Kobrick: Not a skin monkaGun monkaH Justepic123: monkaTOS staff nikevi: @KrazyShark nani the fuck Alaera: this guy sounds dutch or danish l_Glaten_l: D: Jarburt: Fite me ElaSmash Streamleen: cattle deity BleekStone: all those babies just for that? PunOko shruu: summon baby PogU 뿡토: PogU Malkav0: stop fighting everything brute DansGame rastatitude: LULW soldathick: op !! Himmee: LULW dobtf2: Pog Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Nihrahk: @Elajjaz Can you attack him maybe? elaHmm 冬海羊子: BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage xlRaptoe: Worth LULW holloWFortune: Summoner build Pog tilionm: LULW Aranzada: BabyRage Nopileos: LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh HaswarX: LUL thicknicc: LULW Anxietydecending: options baby sharkafina: nice enslaved babies RantingDuck: LULW Lyovknight: nrdyKek Scarlettohgo: there’s honestly a lack of bosses in this game captain_elsewhere: ill in spanish is pronounced yi miggonaut: personal baby army Hajitaib: LULW OVArt: baby squadron PogU TheDankDemon: BabyRage POGGERS ic3b3am: 3x BabyRage InQuasi: you look different, did you get new armor? MealThief: baby formation alpha Nihrahk: FeelsBadMan aramintha_: now where do we find the last rosary beed…. nikevi: HOMING SOULMASS KrazyShark: @nikevi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Us2r915Bqc check it FeelsGoodMan Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: @InQuasi another skin yes HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark forcing a staff to do illegal stuff elaWeird easyeasy: InQuasi nope, it’s just a skin V1PMONKEY: BabyRage elaGun KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ its not illegal wtf its safe hug_le_pug: Chat is there an achievement for all magic? easyeasy: V1PMONKEY laaaad ela12 / Sw33t_: yeees DexArt888: do it Azure_Felt: 4Shrug nikevi: @KrazyShark er no think you I am at work lol faithless_zealot: @Elajjaz Yus! Because i missed final boss=( shoko664: yas sharkafina: ye pretty much Nucleoprotein: @InQuasi yes, from B ending magjico9: do it NeroIscariot12: yep souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan V1PMONKEY: @easyeasy elaOk / Justepic123: how many % ? @Elajjaz Lyovknight: elaHYUK captain_elsewhere: rosary bead ela elaC KrazyShark: @nikevi aw krazys2Sad livanrar: go to the tree fizzystringgs: rosaria’s fingers?? OVArt: did anything happen with all the bones or are they just collectable RantingDuck: another 0.25 LULW HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark idk did not watch the vid 4Shrug Leef1T: 07.75 Distl17: 97,75 technoxob: dont you have offerings anymore? maybe to that tree in mountains Veddy_: 97.75 k_dove85: 97.75 NeroIscariot12: 97/75% Sw33t_: 97,75 Dr_Gomez: 97.75% easyeasy: KrazyShark but in your video there is nothing nsfw elaHmm Nopileos: 97.75 faithless_zealot: 97.75% Facecap: 97,75 Azure_Felt: 97.5 elaHmm Hario: he got that skin Necronicon: 97.75% magjico9: 2.54% Brodama: rosaria’s anal beads ninjalive2: 97.75 PLAZAx: not even 103% PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @easyeasy exactly and he doesnt wanna watch>:c Kaeede: @elajjaz play Tekken season 3 elaB roasted_hamster: @Elajjaz Bought all items form merchants? kratosmuscle: look map for knots @elajjaz JesseThaBest: Can you use that spell on the mutated three people? Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan easyeasy: KrazyShark sharku https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DySMzS4baY8 🙂 watch it kunjiru: hey chat elaH hi Ela lobosHi Nazzet: kunjiru cirHi Nihrahk: ElaJAM GuitarTime Nopileos: kunjiru elaHi easyeasy: kunjiru ela12 / KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats i like your anime pic btw tumaelso: pepeJAM kunjiru: Nazzet that was quick Pog / HEIL_MODS_: pepeJAM Lyovknight: @kunjiru elaWOW nrdyH LickMyPretzel: W OMEGALUL W easyeasy: KrazyShark yes ytou should be scared 🙂 RantingDuck: pepeJAM GuitarTime WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Martiansam: @kunjiru pepeL ÒωÓ / dekkah: you forgot to get the knot from the old man MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz guide for A ending https://youtu.be/liwzfo6LNr0 Veddy_: PepeLaugh Straddy_: PepeLaugh shoko664: ptsd Seikisu: pepeJAM GuitarTime Nazzet: @kunjiru ✌️ MrDestructoid ✌️ Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark AYAYA magjico9: D: Martiansam: D: N4RDBOT: fooking DaniDuck: @Elajjaz buy all items from shops? elaHmm easyeasy: Veddy_ Oi ela12 / kunjiru: Nopileos lobosHi easyeasy elaHYUG Lyovknight elaH Martiansam pepeL N3o_kgn: scamform Veddy_: easyeasy yooooo ela12 Mromwtf: I just tuned in, I know nothing about the game, but I want to play it daddywojo: shopkeep Swift_chamois: that was the VB longneck man for a minute kunjiru: DaniDuck nrdyOwO InQuasi: how many endings? Seikisu: kunjiru elaHYUG TolyaFlush: 1 rosaria is where pilgrim die near the statue Brodama: i made that platform FeelsBadMan DaniDuck: @kunjiru elaH kunjiru: Seikisu elaH livanrar: maybe the guy on the window gives the last rosemary for completing the quest PLAZAx: @InQuasi 2 TheDankDemon: ElaPls running to deth Deliriumi1: yes xlRaptoe: no fizzystringgs: no ScotchDream: @Elajjaz is there much left? InQuasi: @plazax ty Veddy_: no TheMoltenGuy: I am not part gnome elaOk kunjiru: no LULW Nopileos: no Azure_Felt: no elaB xlRaptoe: 🙂 Nazzet: OMEGLOL Nihrahk: No DansGame Joshmoor45: no. thicknicc: no easyeasy: xlRaptoe Oi ela12 / Deliriumi1: AYAYA ? Veddy_: hi Jalmarkian: IN GA I AM THO NO LULW KrazyShark: @easyeasy im gonna die tonight aren’t i thicknicc: i RantingDuck: AYE AYE LULW TheDankDemon: LULW Nopileos: no no Seikisu: elaWeird NO Vivelin: AYAY HEIL_MODS_: I I Marv696: @elajjaz you hace to play Castelvania sotn if you like this game Ciaphas72kt: AYAYA KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats toinonAYAYA dunnowtw: AYAYA captain_elsewhere: BEARER SEEK SEEK LEST zherebane: BEAR SEEK SEEK LEST Nazzet: @Veddy_ bldfHI xlRaptoe: @easyeasy Pog / Joshmoor45: AYAYA ?? Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark AYAYA Veddy_: Nazzet elaFella Kobrick: monkaS kunjiru: KrazyShark nrdyOwO allo Sharku elaHYUG rainbowhorsehead: AYAYA dobtf2: is this the final boss? HEIL_MODS_: its not ayaya chat WeirdChamp milkforhoney: use baby @Elajjaz elaMad MobiusCog: cherubs ? sharkafina: hes not supposed to do both wtf k_dove85: The sword he holds is the posessed sword from phase 2 PogChamp KrazyShark: @kunjiru kunji krazys2PAT toinonAYAYA Vegansan: wheres the flying baby attack Lanshii: KrazyShark that vid is pretty funny, doesn’t look very tos friendly tho Sybran57: @dobtf2 yes Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Joshmoor45: aye aye gachiBOP nikitos_boom: Anime Pog easyeasy: KrazyShark maybe yes maybe no 🙂 i’ve watched this vid few tiems, it’s quite unique and interesting elaHmm Kakyoinree: WEEB STREAMER=WEEB CHAT KrazyShark: @Lanshii dude there’s like no penis Justepic123: use ur spell and punch him? @Elajjaz Martiansam: black pope monkaW Kobrick: monkaS Aranzada: EZ absolutely_not_haram: Easy Sn4pp1e: ez? Amacchu: @KrazyShark What the fuck is that fishing video ela1 ela2 kunjiru: he got fucked up Pog alpalin96: didn’t use babies 7/10 Llyfrgell: elaEZ soorplus: AWAKEN AWAKEN sournuts1: RareEla RantingDuck: monkaW Azure_Felt: PogU KrazyShark: @easyeasy its uh, special elaS Veddy_: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: monkaX PositiveHappyViewer: monkaW sournuts1: monkaX Nopileos: monkaW RantingDuck: use the babies! monkaW dunnowtw: twitch dying monkaX summer___: @Elajjaz any more all bosses planned? Kakyoinree: @KrazyShark link me ela12 KrazyShark: @Amacchu amazing right? FeelsGoodMan did that amacchu? (amaze u xd fuck me) DexArt888: mokaX shruu: summon babies PogU DexArt888: monkaX KrazyShark: @Kakyoinree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Us2r915Bqc FeelsGoodMan 🎣 syps_: BabyRage dobtf2: use babies to kill him PogU Tomowatt: PogU Veddy_: power of babies BabyRage Badagaboosh: Just take it off to heal? Kobrick: LULW easyeasy: KrazyShark sadly it’s nsfw kinda, dunno how twitch staff would react :/ syps_: LULW Nihrahk: BabyRage RKazekiri: LULW Nopileos: LULW RantingDuck: LULW rofIcopter: Jebaited dobtf2: LULW Lyovknight: LULW Kakyoinree: @KrazyShark my eyes but here we go PepeHands Tomowatt: BabyRage alpalin96: LUL milkforhoney: LULW syps_: Jebaited fonss1: NICE LULW SaixSoul: nah BabyRage PLAZAx: LULW Ayeshin: LUL tumaelso: LULW Kobrick: LULW PepeLaugh dunnowtw: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Purge_the_heresy: SCAM LULW Smough: worth it 10/10 Azure_Felt: they said no and left LULW UltimateReo: BabyRage Niittomies_: Scammed LUL JAMMnX: LULW Martiansam: BabyRage IM TRYING DexArt888: LULW oeSmash: well they’re just babies, after all! OVArt: they’re just babies what do you expect Jebaited faithless_zealot: Jebaited rainbowhorsehead: babies LUL FiReBallKG: elaK KrazyShark: @easyeasy its not wtf WeirdChamp we’ve seen worst on this fucking stream like ricardo dancing ricardoFlick Everest_Bound: LULW Nopileos: LULW Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek PLAZAx: elaK rainbowsh8: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: Niloomilo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Niloomilo POGGERS ergivanc: Clap KappatainHindsight: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @Niloomilo After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM twitchin2019omegalul: sure RantingDuck: monkaTOS rofIcopter: elaK kokosenpaai: LULW Seikisu: elaK Vivelin: elaK Everest_Bound: elaK Lyovknight: OMEGADOWN Tomowatt: FeelsBadMan 🔫 Nopileos: elaK Justepic123: PepeLaugh PhysiCle: elaK magjico9: sure Kapp RangerXP: Final boss so EZYT Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER Canopus: elaK Facecap: D: kokosenpaai: elaK KrazyShark: @easyeasy OH WAIT, you’re talkinga bout the crow syps_: elaK dobtf2: Kapp shoko664: D: Lyovknight: elaK ergivanc: elaK sournuts1: larxaHmm Veddy_: elaK zifur: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: LULW shoulda played around it AkaTsubaki_: elaK nikevi: elaK tumaelso: Kapp Purge_the_heresy: Kapp JAMMnX: K Kappa Niloomilo: elaK 1080p200fps: babies Jebaited ela flohmannjr: elaK elaK elaK xacten: elaK Jybel: elaK kurpajutra: maldness PepeLaugh 👉 📈 tubes269: elaK Nopileos: elaK easyeasy: KrazyShark yes Ciaphas72kt: elaK CommanBear: PixelBob Martiansam: ElaSmash Kakyoinree: gachiHYPER Clap rainbowsh8: PepeLaugh ye sure milkforhoney: elaK faithless_zealot: elaK Streamleen: good luck Elvem: elaK Vivelin: THE SAVIOR IS COMING KrazyShark: @easyeasy now THAT’S very NSFW LULW HaswarX: fuck him up with the babies! Nihrahk: Should have kept invincibility Kappa yamasa2000: 10 SUBS ? Azure_Felt: action is coming ZULUL carorinuu: DESU TRACTION AYAYA KappatainHindsight: Destruction? headBang Martiansam: ElaSmash incoming JAMMnX: CoolStoryBob Kakyoinree: ZULUL COMMANDOS RKazekiri: Pog Elvem: Pog Canopus: POGGERS magjico9: YEAH Elvem: Die die die! SkyDC: Pog kurpajutra: Time to dodge PogU Kakyoinree: Pog Clap Nopileos: Pog TheMoltenGuy: NO SUB GAMBLING LULW RantingDuck: LULW free real estate Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan dobtf2: free subs Pog Niloomilo: Pog LovelyBears: PogChamp AkaTsubaki_: PogU bubwub: free subs Pog Lyovknight: Pog zherebane: LUL ViveLaDissidence: EZ subs Pog j0mppa: Pog milkforhoney: Pog NEW FRIENDS Podriquez: Pog Facecap: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog kokosenpaai: Pog TheDankDemon: FeelsAmazingMan HYPERCLAP Lord_Solaire: PepeLaugh sournuts1: POGGERS hamsX: elaK Corsad: Pog Hypodeck: Pog TheChopork: 🙂 Aranzada: Pog Hajitaib: Pog Kakyoinree: Pog Clap Pog Clap alpalin96: sub time ? daddywojo: sub hype ekahS_hS: Pog Nopileos: Pog Scarlettohgo: oh boy Amacchu: Welcome 10 MaN s InQuasi: PogU sournuts1: HYPERCLAP Justepic123: Pog hepha1: ( PepeLaugh ) Local_HoBoo: Pog Kobrick: FREE SUBS POGGERS Ayeshin: rooIsee 1080p200fps: gambling addiction confirmed Hario: DODGING TIME Breezours: EZ subs Garmon3: No healing run souldedeh: Pog tumaelso: NEW FRIENDS FeelsGoodMan Antimonesia: elaK PhysiCle: elaK morningstar907: elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm you sure Elvem: elaK Everest_Bound: Pog easyeasy: KrazyShark imo is not rly cuz it’s art and there is nothing erotic so i dunno lad elaHmm Canopus: elaK elaK Nopileos: elaK RKazekiri: PepeLaugh yamasa2000: LULW mayushi10: PepeLaugh Corsad: elaK milkforhoney: elaK SkyDC: elaK PositiveHappyViewer: Kapp bubwub: PepeLaugh kokosenpaai: elaK Purge_the_heresy: Chag FiReBallKG: elaK elaK stefanoilsagitter: Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK pistaitson: Kapp Vivelin: elaK Justepic123: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK HeafyMetal: asmoDab 26camels: elaK xacten: elaK kurpajutra: elaK iiwii119: i call dubs hepha1: elaK MobiusCog: PJSalt iiwii119: dibs AvemStercore: elaK not sub gambling for a yesr StunnyDay: do 50 then @Elajjaz kenkech: subbzero TheDankDemon: ElaPls DETH Diomago: elaK Kakyoinree: EZ SUBS Pog EZ SUBS Pog Nopileos: elaK JouniKari: elaK MambukOo: elaK Raftelle: lemme get back my sub real quick PepeLaugh RangerXP: EZY subs coming ekahS_hS: elaK dexusb: HEX POWERS, ACTIVATE Lyovknight: FeelsGoodMan Newfrogs incoming Kakyoinree: EZ SUBS Pog EZ SUBS Pog EZ SUBS Pog Azure_Felt: that doesn’t count chat elaK Prosskull0517: Free Subs BlessRNG tumaelso: Here we go PepeLaugh Elyas2: elaK Admiralshiroryu: just came back, is there a nother boss? Ennuigi: Pog and elaK classic Wamateku: Not if you cheat, that’s for sure… PepeLaugh Bobanaut: abusing game mechanics lel Hussnay: chat how is this game? Kakyoinree: @Hussnay bored fizzystringgs: no easyeasy: Nazzet Oi ela12 thicknicc: no Joshmoor45: no DaniDuck: N OMEGALUL RantingDuck: AYAYA Clap Nihrahk: No elaMad HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark an hour and a half of fishes tickling your worm elaWeird Azure_Felt: K k Veddy_: K hepha1: DETH LULW Nopileos: no Joshmoor45: aye aye gachiBOP Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Diomago: K Seikisu: elaK tumaelso: K Irocam: Escobar LULW KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats elaS DexArt888: K RangerXP: Free Subs Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz nikevi: so you’ve already beaten this game already? just getting a different ending? Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan lose ela DexArt888: elaK KrazyShark: @easyeasy yeah like this game has boobs so KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ LULW gachiHYPER Irocam: @KrazyShark elaOk / hepha1: I PRESS RULL I DIE PepeLaugh Jybel: @nikevi Yep. he did. MealThief: send in the babies KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ dont’ forget your telescope KrazyShark: @Irocam iro krazys2PAT toinonAYAYA Kakyoinree: HE CHEATED Pog HE CHEATED Pog HE CHEATED Pog Kobrick: monkaS Purge_the_heresy: PepeLaugh oh no no no Malkav0: 10 subs ? VineWood0604: K? k Diomago: Stop tryharding Ela FeelsWeirdMan BarghestFenrir_: @nikevi Yes Mr Staff ela7 Justepic123: elaK dexusb: elaK Smough: k B3arHands: PJSalt RentGuld: k? k Nopileos: elaK RantingDuck: Free subs inc Pog xacten: K Lord_Solaire: elaK Domma_love1: phase 2 flohmannjr: 10 subs time! elaK AvemStercore: K? K Veddy_: elaK FiReBallKG: elaK elaK zserfgtsdq1: @Elajjaz What is your favourite car? Everest_Bound: elaK Niloomilo: elaK Kakyoinree: Oh ok Kobrick: 10 subs POGGERS Azure_Felt: monkaW K PepeLaugh k Nopileos: elaK elaK Sohei4649: Kapp Mazovski: elaK HaswarX: kk Lyovknight: elaK hepha1: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK bersiGaming: he forgot the fire ressist did he? Joshmoor45: k? k. Seikisu: elaKek Scam AlanRLD: elaK alpalin96: sub dodging time ? MambukOo: get ready for subs Pog shoko664: f Smough: i’m ready for you to be destroyed Pog Nopileos: elaK KrazyShark: https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl IT’S TIME Pog easyeasy: KrazyShark also ive seen some weird shit on art section on Twitch, shit was LEWD dude elaGasm ekahS_hS: elaK kunjiru: LULW Kakyoinree: 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog Vivelin: It’s a sword. vhaisman: What’s with your mana bar? Nihrahk: LuL Kakyoinree: 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog Azure_Felt: it’s a sword PepeLaugh shembop: LOL its a sword bro KrazyShark: https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl IT’S TIME Pog HYPERCLAP https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl IT’S TIME Pog HYPERCLAP https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl IT’S TIME Pog HYPERCLAP nikevi: swords hit people who knew magjico9: LUL Kakyoinree: 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog Smough: rng Kapp milkforhoney: Clap RangerXP: RNG LUL LUL LUL LUL HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark and a family member gachiHYPER wait KrazyShark: @easyeasy yeah like girls bodypainting LULW Kakyoinree: 20 SUBS EZ Pog 20 SUBS EZ Pog KrazyShark: @HEIL_MODS_ LULW Veddy_: LULW Kobrick: LULW Hussnay: monkaW Kickin_97: ENSAIN ARENDJEE Sanimys: @Elajjaz Hey just came back, have you found all the babies ? Nazzet: sanimys cirHi WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA Facecap: Pog syps_: ElaSmash sournuts1: monkaSHAKE BarghestFenrir_: @sanimys yup captain_elsewhere: OVERCONFIDENCE IS A SLOW INSIDIOUS KILLER Nazzet: @Sanimys he did PepeLaugh Kobrick: Cheating DansGame soldathick: he is doing it PepeHands Jaklie: Jaklie subscribed at Tier 1. Wamateku: When do you start the destruction, I’m waiting. PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Jaklie the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Jaklie PogChamp KappatainHindsight: wait, he cant hit you? DAILOedz: StinkyCheese Corsad: Pog Sanimys: Thanks @BarghestFenrir_ @Nazzet ! Nazzet: Chag KappatainHindsight: thats another level of cheating syps_: Pog AvemStercore: Chag Irocam: POGGERS Admiralshiroryu: dang Nopileos: Chag flohmannjr: Pog Clap Hussnay: Pog NeroIscariot12: REKT nikevi: DESTRUCTION kunjiru: Pogt fonss1: EZ SaixSoul: PogU Veddy_: Chag Purge_the_heresy: Pogg morningstar907: Die for the plebs elaB elaB Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan syps_: Champ zifur: Champ twitchin2019omegalul: kids game Justepic123: Pog Nopileos: Chag Chag Purist01: Pog Facecap: speedrun Pog KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl IT’S TIME Pog HYPERCLAP Pog RantingDuck: Pog SCAMMAZED Nazzet: No new friends PepeHands shoko664: Pog Everest_Bound: Pog Niloomilo: Pog Sybran57: speedrun ! POGGERS kurpajutra: no subs FeelsBadMan dobtf2: Champ messcleaner: Insane platform rng Purge_the_heresy: Pog Sohei4649: PogU mayushi10: our subs PepeHands alicerino: Pog Nopileos: Pog Jalmarkian: FeelsBadMan RangerXP: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump mech_yeti: Pog dexusb: DuckerZ Canopus: Hard boss btw elaK Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan kokosenpaai: elaEZ Wamateku: PepeHands Leeegit: Pog Geralt_of_Syria: HandsUp Hank_e_Panky: Pog Aranzada: RIP subs HandsUp Justepic123: Chag HerrWoland: no subs LUL Nopileos: Pog Pog Corsad: LULW Elvem: Damn. FeelsBadMan Sanimys: @BarghestFenrir_ What did it unlock ? Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan SiloWang: I LOST Kreygasm zherebane: no free subs FeelsBadMan kunjiru: Pog Dr_Gomez: HYPERCLAP mech_yeti: @Elajjaz Hi btw girlfromjapan: HYPERCLAP Streamleen: Not even my final form? sournuts1: HYPERCLAP NotMaloony: @Elajjaz There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” Ayeshin: roo7 Jalmarkian: FeelsBadMan Clap guess ill die KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl Pog Admiralshiroryu: quak Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Joshmoor45: EZ easyeasy: KrazyShark do you know lad called sae_jin elaHmm this dude, OOF elaGasm elaThirst HEIL_MODS_: 100% coming closer and closer Chag 뿡토: 1st try Pog Hajitaib: Pog Vivelin: MercyWing1 gachiHYPER MercyWing2 Kobrick: That’s not fair monkaGun monkaH Irocam: phase 3 Pog mr_adix: is this game worth buying? syps_: 4HAnd Berendey2k: soooooo ez boss BarghestFenrir_: Elagoose elaFeels TheDankDemon: nymnTF Nihrahk: HandsUp miggonaut: his fifth arm WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @easyeasy sae_jin? reminds me of someone? InQuasi: SUMMA BLASPHEMIA KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl Pog Kakyoinree: Cheating FeelsWeirdMan RantingDuck: LULW Joshmoor45: that pasta LULW RangerXP: THE END Robin_CP: There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” GymNation: 1st try Pog Domma_love1: end? true ending? Lanshii: There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” DaniDuck: elaWeird Potato gang rise up BarghestFenrir_: @sanimys I think it was a useless spell LULW NotMaloony: that might be the dumbest thing I have ever posted in this chat LUL Jalmarkian: forsenWeird bad pasta AvemStercore: There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” easyeasy: KrazyShark some korean artist, his drawings are pretty lewd Azure_Felt: bad end LULW miggonaut: still same ending lul Aranzada: Maximum blasphemy Sanimys: @BarghestFenrir_ LULW Cyryusly: true ending Pog Admiralshiroryu: LMAO, I actually read that 1080p200fps: same ending DaniDuck: ball scratch gachiHYPER Kobrick: LULW Sybran57: Can you just leave the room the other way like in Dark Souls ? @Elajjaz syps_: gachiHYPER souldedeh: WeirdChamp Purge_the_heresy: monkaW Seikisu: No shoko664: There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” GymNation: There is a legend in mexican folklore known only in certain regions. Whenever someone has gay, unprotected sex, an out of tune jazz band can be heard in the distance. As the sound draws closer, you start to notice the stench of surströmming. A minute after you smelt it, a guy in a gimp suit appears behind you and fucks you and your partner in the ass, simultaniously. He disappears after the act as if he never existed. They call him “El Ajazz” Kobrick: Yes PepeLaugh sournuts1: did he just scratch his sack Irocam: this pasta LULW thicknicc: gachiHYPER JouniKari: typo in pasta FailFish Corsad: I haven’t FeelsBadMan SaixSoul: Pog fonss1: Pog syps_: ElaPls HEIL_MODS_: pasta PepeLaugh Clap Facecap: Pog 624pt2: PogChamp Shinichii: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG Purist01: Pog easyeasy: KrazyShark here https://twitter.com/saejinoh elaOk xlRaptoe: Pog Niloomilo: Pog Vivelin: SUCC Nopileos: Pog Nazzet: Pog Evelon2: Pog Kakyoinree: gachiHYPER ? KrazyShark: @easyeasy oh thats why LULW RKazekiri: Champ Virhaed: Pog 뿡토: Worst Ending PogU Lyovknight: Pog Hongetech: Free of guilt FeelsGoodMan ekahS_hS: copy pasta in 2019 Everest_Bound: Pog WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz RangerXP: True ending PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp TheMoltenGuy: gachiVICTORY BarghestFenrir_: Pog flohmannjr: HandsUp BrokenCompiler: woo Geralt_of_Syria: gachiVICTORY rofIcopter: gachiVICTORY Nopileos: Pog Pog Azure_Felt: gachiVICTORY Snooble: VaN KrazyShark: @easyeasy he’s real good Wheels82: gachiVICTORY Veddy_: billyReady syps_: gachiVICTORY FXYun: gachiVictory ViveLaDissidence: gachiVICTORY RantingDuck: Pog IKEA CHAIR aiden2511: abyss watcher ending Everest_Bound: gachiVICTORY TheHolomovement: Did you get the 100% already ? thicknicc: billyReady Nopileos: gachiVICTORY filarette: not just the tip but deeper PogChamp dobtf2: gachiVICTORY Kakyoinree: Scammed sub gifts FeelsBadMan BrokenCompiler: ded HEIL_MODS_: gachiVICTORY Wheels82: monkaW Nazzet: monkaW Azure_Felt: elaD FXYun: monkaW fonss1: ?????????????? easyeasy: KrazyShark he is elaGasm oeSmash: da new pope Lanshii: PepeHands AkaTsubaki_: gachiVICTORY rofIcopter: WeirdChamp Admiralshiroryu: wtf Facecap: monkaW Nazzet: monkaTOS Nopileos: monkaW Lord_Solaire: monkaW Usojin: monkaW Corsad: elaD syps_: Jebaited Sohei4649: monkaW Jalmarkian: monkaW wtf pekkaatte: monkaW Aranzada: gachiVICTORY alpalin96: why ? Purist01: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW thicknicc: monkaSHAKE Veddy_: monkaW Canopus: monkaS monkaS Irocam: sudoku PepeHands Elyas2: “best ending” elaK mizukoshi: 100%? HerrWoland: lol Purge_the_heresy: PepeHands alicerino: gachiAPPROVE Jaargan: monkaW Niloomilo: monkaW Kobrick: Good ending PepeLaugh RantingDuck: monkaW kellyjane90: W H A T RingusSlaterfist: WeirdChamp RKazekiri: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Kirage47: Win? I guess 😀 Tebs_: monkaW Smough: elaGasm syps_: monkaW SephirothMX: monkaSHAKE Domma_love1: wait wut NotLikeThis easyeasy: wtf monkaW Hajitaib: monkaW Cyryusly: BLASPHEMOUS 2 KrazyShark: monkaW Shinichii: monkaX Everest_Bound: ???????? JAMMnX: MonkaS SiloWang: ??? flohmannjr: elaWut Justepic123: monkaW Admiralshiroryu: Nice ending Nopileos: monkaW monkaW DaniDuck: ??? Diomago: Worst ending PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: worst ending LULW Kevintaku: good ending? artoflec: saejins a great artist, my art sensei knows him elaWOW Hajitaib: elaD pekkaatte: he did sudoku monkaW KrazyShark: wtf HaswarX: :O magjico9: ????? Vegansan: all that work just to sit on a chair DexArt888: momkaW Jalmarkian: monkaW Best ending ???? Nazzet: 4Shrug thicknicc: monkaX Corsad: Good end? TheMoltenGuy: He became a tree Pog Purge_the_heresy: PepeLaugh oh no no no fonss1: forsenWhat ? nikevi: GROOT kokosenpaai: LULW Streamleen: DS2 ending Seldric_1: Seldric_1 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! One up for the total annihilation – keep up the good work! WrestlerBot2000: @Seldric_1 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM KrazyShark: TREEHARD LULW DexArt888: monkaW Cyryusly: 2? NotMaloony: Stuff MasterMalpercio: rooKek alpalin96: ummm… JouniKari: diablo 1 ending monkaW Mahoro13: BAD END Kappa iiwii119: PILLARMAN BrokenCompiler: Sainted LUL Entous: wtf Ramonass37: elaHmm Nopileos: SUB HYPE Seldric_1 POGGERS Sybran57: You’re a tree now Malkav0: turnabout: there’s only bad endings Hongetech: I am Groot kellyjane90: rip Sohei4649: BlessRNG zherebane: just like dark souls PepeLaigh FXYun: BlessRNG azureTreble: It’s abstract art Kapp drunkfathersbelt: u become Jesus Veddy_: treehard PepeLaugh Samwiser: Congratulations you played yourself LUL RantingDuck: new religion now Pog Vuuuur: he turns into tree just like the other dude wiht the three knots Zaraji: cirBless HEIL_MODS_: not following the lore PepeLaugh LastSecondBloomer: Sainthood iiwii119: jojos reference easyeasy: LULW wtf shembop: now they worship you Mucchoballs: @Elajjaz failed treequest requiem? TheDankDemon: we a tree POGGERS Streamleen: You became Jesus. Smough: they make weed outta you 뿡토: BECAME A GOD PogU filarette: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet krezal: Need to know about christianity to understand the game Kappa kayyeah: People praying to you at least, just like stream 4HEad MrArmageddon2: elaHmm Sohei4649: Orz Justepic123: ElaH Anxietydecending: finally, you are a tree fonss1: ahh it all makes sense now Kapp shembop: Cult Leader UltimateReo: sudoku tree Amacchu: BlessRNG bersiGaming: new protector TheHolomovement: Becoming Groot dobtf2: tree god Chag Justepic123: elaH 71_bro: kill your self !!!! Shinichii: You have transcended monkaS alpalin96: you became a statue ? Esciron_: BlessRNG MealThief: he was the last one so he had to defeat himself Mavez0r: Ahhh yes it makes all sense now chat 5Head Admiralshiroryu: you became a tree Deliriumi1: i see 5Head syps_: BlessRNG flohmannjr: I AM GROOT ic3b3am: Praise the tree Jesus BlessRNG Irocam: they’re taking him to isengard monkaW DigitalZips: Religion, am I right? elaHAA miggonaut: yeah wasnt there some story about a dood that turnt into a tree?! wisslow: seman santa ryogrande: are we the lord of cinder now? JouniKari: vaati? Kapp Cyryusly: Chag BLASPHEMOUS 2 shembop: BlessRNG dobtf2: 5Head truly an exquisite ending champyplease: treesus HerrWoland: it’s because you’re not 100% LUL Lyovknight: BlessRNG Jybel: I think we are the new miracle now? 🤔 @Elajjaz Anavolver: literally darksouls 26camels: I see elaBlind Everest_Bound: an actual God Pog kunjiru: why yes 5Head Robin_CP: you are the next big ass tree maybe Wamateku: Isn’t it the legend of the three knots once again or something like that CockyCockney: and this is how religion started lul BarghestFenrir_: BlessRNG 🌲 alicerino: The ultimate penitent Murika_: its quite simple really 5Head fenniksss: We can make a religion out of this easyeasy: DigitalZips you are right 😂 thicknicc: i dont see 3Head soldathick: prety cool LorkiStream: Understandable 5Head Minato_Q: You’re one of the holy miracles, now? AvemStercore: 5Head it’s simple really kellyjane90: Tree jesus Wheels82: CALL VAATI magjico9: obviously 5Head Cyryusly: 200% Huntedspam: bad ending Nazzet: @Mavez0r Ah I see it too as well, thank you 5Head Kakyoinree: Still don’t get it Pog Still don’t get it Pog Still don’t get it Pog RantingDuck: monkaW SolidSegal: the highest honor is to be worshipped as a god so stab yourself. thats wha this game means dobtf2: 5Head a last sacrifice of course kellyjane90: tree-sus Llyfrgell: elaHmm TheDankDemon: BECOME AS GODS pokedoh: monkaHmm scp_david33: hey lads Mavez0r: no worry leave it to me 5Head CockyCockney: @kellyjane90 xD PLAZAx: Pog Clap Azure_Felt: PepeHands kinzeng4: elaHmm Ankev01: BECOME AS GODS PlayWithVerins: O_o Murika_: no ela Pog Jalmarkian: Chag POST MEMES ELA IS GONE MetaphysicalMind: in this game you are the alpha and omega sin and the atonement he who worships and he who is worshiped the paradigm shift of your time Justepic123: He cant see PepeLaugh kellyjane90: @cockycockney LUL Cyryusly: Chag RentGuld: Capri Son Pog! drycooker93: O_o kayyeah: Bad ending LULW Joshmoor45: Part 2 Pog ryogrande: i hope it was me Geixo: so this is how spain was founded OMEGALUL Jaargan: this is some ds lore level shit 5Head can’t understand a single thing Nazzet: ELA IS THE BIGGEST WEEB ON TWITCH cirAYAYA vavnier: elaYes elaYes elaYes RantingDuck: Pog FREEDOM kryptoftheold: @Elajjaz how can I access that map? HerrWoland: cool game miggonaut: the other worst ending OMEGALUL Irocam: @Elajjaz can you explain the lore elaSmile easyeasy: Nazzet true ÒωÓ RKazekiri: Jebaited ending Justepic123: AYAYA kayyeah: Nazzet never elaYA Kakyoinree: @MetaphysicalMind I’ll look for it the lore of this game looks amazing fenniksss: elaKek OTHER WORST ENDING elaKek magjico9: LULW Llyfrgell: elaOk Admiralshiroryu: he is a tree now Andjey_Kharkov: Cycle never ends kunjiru: New dad Pog Streamleen: There must always be a Penitent LordDGAF: Elajaz of Nazaret dunnowtw: LULW Lyovknight: nrdyKek Malkav0: Soooo you … broke the cycle ? Acted like a shield ? KappatainHindsight: BabyRage father Kobrick: ResidentSleeper LULW fonss1: monkaW FOREVER zherebane: I’m dad FeelsGoodMan FXYun: elaHmm shembop: so you become the last boss u just killed??? Seikisu: DansGame CB is New Dad Elajjaz Robin_CP: you linked the fire Geralt_of_Syria: 3Head WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Vegansan: the tall gnome tricked you elaOk Mirando: I BELIEVE HandsUp Amacchu: gachiAPPROVE BrokenCompiler: LUL Seldric_1: “Ok, that’s cool… ” YAWWWWN pekkaatte: what the fuck was this game about kellyjane90: 4eva KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://imgur.com/6VIWjFl check this essiSmile Cyryusly: @Elajjaz WAIT THERES MORE Veddy_: LULW l_Glaten_l: PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: HandsUp Justepic123: when will u get the good ending? @Elajjaz Deliriumi1: 32/45 PepeLaugh faithless_zealot: LUL rofIcopter: only 71% PepeLaugh Jalmarkian: Not even all achievements LULW Cyryusly: @Elajjaz NOT OVER AvemStercore: 4Head just get them RandomSound: So…you are the new Miracle? Justepic123: PepeLaugh theblankslate: Can we uninstall the game now? Huntedspam: ppSmoke TakeItBoi captain_elsewhere: mobir es vi dirre Thefrein: You went through all that just to kill yourself? Noice. TheDankDemon: SUPER WORST END LULW Nazzet: forsenCD RantingDuck: only 71% monkaHmm Nazzet: LULW kayyeah: LUL easyeasy: PogU Podriquez: PogU Azure_Felt: PogU Wheels82: PogU Nopileos: PogU 뿡토: PogU AvemStercore: PogU leamsi_: hello chat elaH elaHYUG pepeL Murika_: PogU Nazzet: leamsi_ cirHi magjico9: LULW Soveriegn3: PogU Jalmarkian: PogU NICE Justepic123: Pog Jaargan: PogU Irocam: PogU tho Sohei4649: PogU Veddy_: PogU Valedroo: PogU kryptoftheold: @Elajjaz sorry about asking this again how can I access that collectibles map? Shrimpess: PogU KrazyShark: PogU xlRaptoe: PogU Niloomilo: PogU Nopileos: leamsi_ elaHYUG Cyryusly: PogU Virhaed: PogU reddvelv: PogU kokosenpaai: PogU Smough: WeirdChamp @KrazyShark RantingDuck: PogU Wamateku: PogU Purist01: PogU fizzystringgs: PogU Nopileos: PogU PogU FiReBallKG: PogU leamsi_: @Elajjaz elaH SteineAlters: there is still something after credits kellyjane90: LUL LUL LUL LUL alpalin96: LUL Lord_Solaire: PogU DaniDuck: PogU Everest_Bound: PogU Podriquez: leamsi_, elaH schlawinator: PogU Lyovknight: PogU xsnoll: PogU thicknicc: PogU Kakyoinree: That’s us PogU InQuasi: PogU Nopileos: PogU Bestorio: PogU quote_me_if_pogu: Pogu Hasp36: PogU DexArt888: PogU Deliriumi1: KrazyShark PogU Clap SaixSoul: PogU woodghost: PogU Nihrahk: PogU Hongetech: Beautiful PogU kayyeah: PogU leamsi_: @Podriquez elaHYUG AlanRLD: elaPogU KrazyShark: PogU Clap Nazzet: PogU ✌️ Nopileos: PogU PogU Jalmarkian: PogU THATS U Lyovknight: @leamsi_ elaHYUG nrdyH ta_no_kami: elaMad Veddy_: @KrazyShark elaWeird souldedeh: enrique cabeza 5Head kellyjane90: PogU Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan krezal: Not cheking the credits PepeHands Galer1ans: PogU nave0: @Elajjaz Scene at end of credits Jaargan: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @Elajjaz thats what you get for not looking at my penis fishing ryogrande: gj shark BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Can you link the map in chat? HEIL_MODS_: Jebaited ed reddvelv: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan leamsi_: @Lyovknight elaHYUG SkyDC: @krazyshark WeirdChamp Bestorio: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Everest_Bound: CleOOFAS Canopus: elaK RantingDuck: Kapp scammazed Elajjaz: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/788616132811096880/01EC16404BF144BF7C161303D331AAE45A371A62/ Kakyoinree: @KrazyShark truee JouniKari: PepeUff Sourcehunter: check the hidden stuff alpalin96: hidden endings ??? Malkav0: now, 100% achievements Jalmarkian: Virus link monkaW SephirothMX: Pog Jaklie: time to speedrun sthis game Pog reddvelv: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Sybran57: watch hidden achievement @Elajjaz souldedeh: monkaW Lyovknight: @krazyshark PepeLaugh farming weird emotes i see Irocam: wow using a map WeirdChamp Kapp Azure_Felt: BabyRage schlawinator: damn just in time to not get spoiled elaOk zserfgtsdq1: Whats your favourite car Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan RentGuld: eww nightly mode enabled Admiralshiroryu: so that was the best ending? l_Glaten_l: hold A LorkiStream: time for Persona 5 AYAYA weeaboochan: Soooo…. the miracle is some kind of curse on humanity (or the sinners), and by stopping this curse you have to end the cycle? And by ending the cycle you trap yourself to the chair? I dunno, my guess BarghestFenrir_: @kryptoftheold there you have it elaH AlanRLD: ban this virus link livanrar: window guy again viktor_victor: silence is our penance WarWeeny: Ever played wings of vi? Admiralshiroryu: that was really shitty tbh PLAZAx: elaK Llyfrgell: hold A KappatainHindsight: Carlos Viola GuitarTime TotalHumanEnd: Now play Symphony of the Night 🙂 KrazyShark: @Smough krazys2PAT @Deliriumi1 krazys2PAT @Veddy_ krazys2PAT @ryogrande krazys2PAT @reddvelv krazys2PAT @Bestorio krazys2PAT @reddvelv krazys2PAT hoi essiSmile Vegansan: play the game again 99% forever elaKek Lexikun: @Elajjaz have you seen how they balanced saitama in the one punch man fighting game? if you have him in your team it takes 120secs for him to arrive so you have to survive 2v3 for 2 mins elaKek PhysiCle: So what now? elaHmm Azure_Felt: speedrunner was too slow FeelsBadMan RantingDuck: FeelsBadMan reset dexusb: elaFella elaFella Justepic123: elaFella NovusAnimus: NG+ ? Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Malkav0: @weeaboochan something… like that faithless_zealot: New game +? livanrar: go to window guy again Irocam: what’s tonight’s weeb game chat? elaFeels Seldric_1: all achievements or unsub Kappa @Elajjaz MealThief: necrodancer now? FeelsGoodMan kryptoftheold: @Elajjaz what is the missable thing, can you explain it? Kakyoinree: no more persona 5 BlessRNG InQuasi: gachiHYPER din137: MC is miracle too, so he had to kill himself HEIL_MODS_: buy game again elaOk reddvelv: PepeHands TwinTip: Oh god dammit i’ve missed the ending milkforhoney: any secret bosses? Skiller567890: What did you miss at the beginning? @Elajjaz weeaboochan: @Malkav0 4Shrug just a guess Trickery_Games: i never figured out what to do with the guy in the library complaining of loud sounds Dr_Gomez: good game yummymmuy: time to ds l_Glaten_l: hold A to skip Ankev01: @Lexikun that’s a hilarious way to balance a character Malkav0: @weeaboochan probably pretty close ^^ Wheels82: PepeHands saoblow: interns were credited Pog WarWeeny: Try wings of vi next Pog Amacchu: TaBeRu nave0: Except you didnt, im pretty sure…. Zalinero_: skipping cutscenes WeirdChamp Nazzet: TaBeRu souldedeh: Worms team PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz necrodancer? Pog Zalinero_: credits I mean fenniksss: WORMS DOODS Robin_CP: team17 killing it with the indies nowadays slimy_yet_satisfying: fonts were credited Pog Bestorio: Worms Pog Kakyoinree: Nice game tbh angryj0nes: Time for Green Hell @Elajjaz ? reddvelv: PepeHands its okay to cry @Elajjaz flohmannjr: Wait, this is Team 17?! elaWut BarghestFenrir_: @kryptoftheold Should be a room in which you can’t enter if you didn’t do the quest right Maleedy: fuck i missed it bersiGaming: browsing for some horror games now? Cyryusly: @Elajjaz theres more Maleedy: gg SephirothMX: Try Minoria next 🙂 Seikisu: Pog Team 17 Wamateku: Team17 publishes a lot of good games, pretty cool. Streamleen: Team17 KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://yt6.pics.ee/GAE8Q new dlc Pog Lexikun: @Ankev01 yeah I love how they kept him op like in the show but also managed to balance him for gameplay Seldric_1: I think that skipping is kind of disrespectful towards the developers – especially when it’s a good game Sourcehunter: TaBeRu flohmannjr: Team17 elaH InQuasi: Kevin Cathew Clap Justepic123: what now mr strimmer? PepeH tonyzaur: tonyzaur subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 2 month streak! just missed the ending 🙁 WrestlerBot2000: @tonyzaur After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE tonyzaur POGGERS WarWeeny: the environment was all copy pasta, what is chat on about LUL Valedroo: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu KrazyShark: LULW easyeasy: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Kaspu: @Elajjaz The people who made this game also made 2 horror games elaOk Drachenreiter: team 17 is just publisher Streamleen: Is Team17 actually Team17 nowadays though? AlexAnderman1994: you should try symphony of the night next dekkah: you can skip credits and still see the cutscene Wheels82: @KrazyShark LULW livanrar: check the guy in the window again Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz it’s @KrazyShark at fishing KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz DON’T! IT IS DICK FISH Karambini_fof: what the hell is the story of this game?! BarghestFenrir_: @kaspu oh really? What games? HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark Jebaited elaKek souldedeh: las músicas es nice FeelsPepoMan reddvelv: @KrazyShark penis fishing WeirdChamp Kakyoinree: FeelsWeirdMan radagasstt: las musicas? SaixSoul: las musicas elaCozy krezal: las músicas LULW KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein 🎣 ela13 @HEIL_MODS_ Jebaited Esciron_: Las músicas Pepega K3lpie_live: @Trickery_Games A hidden undead at the top of the staircase on the left of the guy just keep banging the head on the wall, you touch him and he disappears with the sound… Going back to the warden gives you something gfhgggfjgg: ela1 ela3 ela4 ela2 Kaspu: @BarghestFenrir_ The last door games. It’s point and click though Irocam: ela3 ela2 Jybel: So the miracle is the dude who turned into a tree we met earlier. So we are just continuing the cycle now? 🤔 @Elajjaz Irocam: ela3 ela1 HEIL_MODS_: penis fishing is coool tho ela12 easyeasy: KappatainHindsight but there is nothing nsfw, you can’t see peepee in this vid elaOk radagasstt: musica cant be plural KrazyShark: elaS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Wheels82: Pog easyeasy: PLAY IT Chag hangedm4n: Pog bucciiarati: JOJO Strawie35: White day Pog scp_david33: WHITE DAY POG Distl17: Pog dream_the_cast: Pog DO IT reddvelv: cmonBruh Nopileos: Pog Bleez93: widepeepoHappy Irocam: PogU Nucleoprotein: tommorow Pog MasterMdrn: cmonBruh BarghestFenrir_: @kaspu Oh I see elaISee Mand__: @Elajjaz this game on scale of 10? AvemStercore: KKona day Kaspu: NECRODANCER elaMad Vivelin: monkaS GuitarTime cjaynowski: ever doing darkwood again? @Elajjaz tallwhiteowl: DO IT Pog CompatiKaiser: pepeJAM gosamigo: death stranding now ? @Elajjaz Kakyoinree: play asura’s wrath @Elajjaz Fentu: POG Malkav0: @weeaboochan the Miracle seems to be born from unfair punishments and returns executed people to torment humanity, including the main character, so he chose to be the last penitent to … somehow slow the cycle ? Change it at least KappatainHindsight: @easyeasy I know, still awful video PepeLaugh speedycruise: @Elajjaz walking dead definitive edition came out yesterday flohmannjr: HandsUp SantanaDVXFan: @Elajjaz did you ever play the Amnesia DLC? SaixSoul: HandsUp Kaspu: @Elajjaz NECRODANCER WHEN? elaMad Nazzet: HandsUp Amacchu: TaBeRu Kayvonnn: yo ela sent ya a message on disc captain_elsewhere: GUNGEON Jaargan: HandsUp reddvelv: HandsUp MasterMdrn: SwiftRage LOUDER TheDankDemon: nepSmug not a weeb LickMyPretzel: What now? Nopileos: HandsUp Scarlettohgo: today Pog BarghestFenrir_: YES WHITE DAY BIKINI DLC NOW? @elajjaz Pog MasterMdrn: pepeJAM Irocam: another weeb game tho WeirdChamp ISinistarI: HandsUp RantingDuck: pepeJAM easyeasy: KappatainHindsight true LULW Podriquez: Mordhau? Pog kurpajutra: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 Admiralshiroryu: @KrazyShark how the heck do you find these LMAO Mojo64: darkwood hardcore attempt AvemStercore: @Elajjaz system shock 3 trailer? Lexikun: @Elajjaz have you played Conarium? It’s a horror walking sim it’s currently free on the EPIC game store elaChug gfhgggfjgg: this game worth? elaHmm thicknicc: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu easyeasy: Irocam elaMad elaGun white day is amazing mayushi10: @Elajjaz you should play danganronpa kurpajutra: darkwood Champ fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaKek HAVE YOU SEEN NEW DISCORD UPDATE VIDEO OMEGALUL dexusb: ela1 ela2 dexusb: ela3 ela12 Seikisu: PepeHands Never Nightcry flohmannjr: @Elajjaz New skin? Nucleoprotein: @Kaspu good question elaMad Kayvonnn: OOH captain_elsewhere: OH GOD DONT InQuasi: dark souls is a weeb game Nazzet: cirWut Clap cjaynowski: ever doing darkwood again? @Elajjaz Jaargan: Clap ? Irocam: @easyeasy it’s weeb nonetheless elaHmm pekkaatte: Pog the post man simulator souldedeh: dont watch it gfhgggfjgg: Clap ? radagasstt: “”gameplay” Kappa MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh Lyovknight: PepeLaugh fuked up Seikisu: Do it Kappa meepmapp: ResidentSleeper MasterMdrn: Clap ? Erazu: walking simulator KEKW Kakyoinree: Clap fmlswn: streath danding Guts117: Please don’t CompatiKaiser: @Elajjaz what was your favorite boss? 100africaner: Clap ? ivooooo__: rooWut Clap thicknicc: Clap ? Nopileos: Clap ? ISinistarI: ResidentSleeper bersiGaming: 47mins of wasted life time tbh fizzystringgs: walk in straight line: the game KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz check out the new EXIT THE GUNGEON game trailer @Elajjaz BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz The bikini dlc part was for Sharku, not for me ofc ela13 Nanashi_Sakamoto: Yakuza 7 new gameplay maybe? Pog kurpajutra: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Lyovknight: forsenSleeper TheDankDemon: PISSJIMA gachiHYPER Maranoiah: LADDER Pog kratosmuscle: gameplay LUL Wheels82: ResidentSleeper kurpajutra: ela2 kayyeah: watch it ela1 BrokenCompiler: It’s a meme Kobrick: Gameplay LULW captain_elsewhere: your choice elaS VineWood0604: ResidentSleeper souldedeh: Kojima said not to watch it if you were already convinced evilalien103: @Elajjaz yakuza 7 gameplay trailer too Diomago: Walking simulator, dont watch it Guts117: No spoil please FeelsBadMan RantingDuck: Yakuza Pog MasterMdrn: Then fucking watch it Garmon3: Watch the full video Azure_Felt: ResidentSleeper ??? ViveLaDissidence: Joke on you there’s no gameplay PepeLaugh Erazu: @Elajjaz enable KEKW PunOko Norwegian_wombat: spite watch it atpSpiner easyeasy: Irocam true elaHmm fenniksss: @Elajjaz Kojima told that “If you wanna buy game already, dont watch it” Smough: walking sim LULW PadoruMneVZad: fuck I missed it, was true ending dope chat? AvemStercore: ResidentSleeper “Immersive walking” K3lpie_live: @Elajjaz I saw it this morning, never saw anything that boring… and the game looks less promising now LUL livanrar: @elajjaz check the in the window again Seldric_1: I think that skipping is kind of disrespectful towards the developers and their hard work – especially when it’s a good game @Elajjaz Lyovknight: kekw frogs PepeLaugh ISinistarI: @Elajjaz it’s boring walking simulator tho HEIL_MODS_: music PepeHands KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ Kreygasm kunjiru: I don’t want to spoil it to myself PepeHands aiden2511: death stranding gameplay is pepo ghost busters Kakyoinree: this game better be fucking good ComradeNerdy: wait they already posted it, thought presentation is on Saturday nrdyHmm fmlswn: just watch it who cares JustDoIt Imranhatefi: Are we gonna play Green Hell today ? @elajjaz Joozhua: @Elajjaz Check out the System Shock 3 teaser MrArmageddon2: ResidentSleeper Junri: KONAMI WAS RIGHT PepeHands Kobrick: PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @mastermdrn calm down elaD Furious_tone: Its all in Japanese Kayvonnn: Have you seen the FF7 trailer? fenniksss: @Elajjaz Kojima told that “If you wanna buy game already, dont watch it”. DocSpibby: DocSpibby subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @DocSpibby After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE DocSpibby POGGERS Lexikun: @Elajjaz have you played Conarium? It’s a horror walking sim it’s currently free on the EPIC game store elaChug MasterMdrn: BarghestFenrir_ 😡 JouniKari: @aiden2511 you just arent 5Head to understand KrazyShark: @Admiralshiroryu PepeLaugh it was an old youtube vid i saw a long time ago and it aged like wine tbh captain_elsewhere: oh yeah and its all in jp as well elaKek souldedeh: ComradeNerdy there are 2 presentations krezal: FF 7 remaster LULW Garmon3: You will be so immersed in walking your legs will hurt. DexArt888: its all in japanese tubes269: ela1 ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 ela2 Irocam: ela3 ela3 ela3 ela4 ela4 ela4 tubes269: ela3 ela3 ela3 ela4 ela4 ela4 kurpajutra: ela3 ela3 ela3 ela4 ela4 ela4 KrazyShark: wtf Vendetta1v: EljanPls easyeasy: monkaW Seikisu: its just a gameply demo Chat so it only spoil the gameply HellWhiskers: Loli monkaTOS KrazyShark: monkaW Irocam: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: monkaW Clap BarghestFenrir_: WTF Zalinero_: Pog Lyovknight: PepeLaugh wtf Kakyoinree: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: PogU Clap KappatainHindsight: Lalita Café RantingDuck: WeirdChamp Nopileos: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp Clap ComradeNerdy: souldedeh nrdyHmm GymNation: WutFace kunjiru: Chat probably read a topic on resetera why Kojima sucks or something and now they hating for no reason LULW KrazyShark: WTF WAS THAT monkaW MasterMdrn: Champ Clap thicknicc: monkaX Clap NautilusV2: @comradenerdy there was one this morning, there is tomorrow and on Saturday too Robin_CP: gg to the backers Nazzet: monkaW Clap ? Lexikun: WutFace Clap Kakyoinree: how monkaW Bestorio: Chunt PepeLaugh kurpajutra: elaEZ Clap BaronNosehair: C. Hunt LuL 冬海羊子: LUL angryj0nes: Nerdy LULW Irocam: WE DIDNT LULW tubes269: NOT ORGANISED monkaS CleverName2: @ComradeNerdy nrdyPrivet pepeL kratosmuscle: did you see nioh 2 tgs trailer @elajjaz chintzl: Chunt fabulwesen_: LUL Everest_Bound: Clap Azure_Felt: elaK Shinichii: monkaS HYPERCLAP king_fettuccine: Andrew Chunt Vendetta1v: LOL Nopileos: LUL BarghestFenrir_: THIS CHAT LULW LOVE YOU GUYS Erazu: @Elajjaz enable KEKW PunOko VashGarland: C(H)UNT Strawie35: DansGame dexusb: MrDestructoid organized @Elajjaz kayyeah: wtf tracer mask Amacchu: LULW KrazyShark: nice threesome guys that’s hot Galer1ans: LUL Garmon3: LUL MasterMdrn: Private discord channel gone right Clap ComradeNerdy: NautilusV2 that’s a lot of Kojima nrdyS easyeasy: CleverName2 oiiiiii ela12 ramranchboi: LULW tumaelso: LULW Streamleen: gg Nopileos: LULW razeghostparticle: the tracer mask lule AntiEmil: LUL HEIL_MODS_: tomorrow is friday 13 its happening already monkaW fmlswn: what LULW Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: @Irocam @tubes269 get married PepeLaugh BAGNETOO: WTF Tracer absolutely_not_haram: Devin is 12 y.o like Ela ComradeNerdy: CleverName2 elaH MrArmageddon2: elaK thicknicc: LULW LorkiStream: LUL Vendetta1v: O MY Cyryusly: IM ALREADY TRACER shembop: fat tracer dude!!!! Malkav0: @kunjiru fake, resetera don’t watch white males ! LickMyPretzel: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp KrazyShark: elaPuke souldedeh: AYAYA Kakyoinree: D: Aydarkzero: i can’t believe Tracer made this Kappa DexArt888: tracer Sybran57: AYAYA flohmannjr: AYAYA Galer1ans: Squid3 Nopileos: AYAYA AvemStercore: LULW TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA MaleFunction: elaYA CleverName2: @easyeasy pepeL J0hnnyBlade: tracer elaHAA RKazekiri: WutFace tumaelso: WTF monkaW pekkaatte: new tracer Pog easyeasy: some Tracer guy elaKek Smough: gachiHYPER saoblow: wtf seydanator: AYAYA Geralt_of_Syria: WeirdChamp stop Lexikun: AYAYA Bestorio: WeirdChamp tentacles_have_feelings: Squid4 Hasp36: AYAYA Ph4ntomi: AYAYA PositiveHappyViewer: AYAYA HellWhiskers: White gamers LULW Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat BVP13: AYAYA SephirothMX: D: syps_: AYAYA Rekazor: gachiBASS alicerino: AYAYA LickL Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan bersiGaming: the girls might love it xuukiii: AYAYA Imranhatefi: cohhNani cohhN Kakyoinree: don’t summon the weebs ela RantingDuck: gachiHYPER BarghestFenrir_: Squid4 MasterMdrn: D: Squid4 kunjiru: Malkav0 True LULW TheDankDemon: I WANNA BE TRAER captain_elsewhere: thats a toungue covered in teeth Kaspu: @Elajjaz The people who made this game also made the last door games which you never played elaOk slimy_yet_satisfying: Kreygasm kayyeah: I’m waiting for Keanu Reeves portrait MealThief: OWL2019Tracer summer___: why is tentacle=ayaya? Martiansam: im already tracer AYAYA souldedeh: elaEZ zherebane: BOOMER NovusAnimus: Squid4 Hongetech: 8) WarWeeny: ResidentSleeper Cyryusly: AYAYA Oldburnzy: EZ icedragon08: elaEZ BarghestFenrir_: elaD Squid4 Nopileos: elaEZ KrazyShark: aw i thought that was LGR DAILOedz: Squid4 AYAYA TheDankDemon: forsenWC WrestlerBot2000: “My lamp is literally in my crotch right now… and it’s heating up. What’s that smell?” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 38 MasterMdrn: michael giving that anime smirk Vendetta1v: I want a pixel portrait elaFeels Canopus: elaHmm elaHmm easyeasy: summer___ cuz tentacle hentai elaOk meepmapp: have you watched the show ‘the Boys’? rainbowhorsehead: AYAYA Martiansam: that is me 🙂 BleekStone: tentacle=ayaya? AlanRLD: moon2POGGYWOGGY Squid2 Squid4 JouniKari: @summer___ reminds of home AYAYA Guts117: @Elajjaz Didn’t you talk about streaming xcom ? PhysiCle: God damn the soundtrack was awesome in this game. Nazzet: PepeUff Squid4 dexusb: Issa Kabeer gachi_boss_of_this_gym: @Elajjaz hows the game, give a review! thicknicc: Kreygasm Squid4 Martiansam: im a dev ) Mene08: no woman ? HotPokket DexArt888: AYAYA easyeasy: PhysiCle Oi lad ela12 Veddy_: oh god Martiansam: 🙂 mayushi10: ResidentSleeper BaronNosehair: Aaron LuL DaniDuck: @Elajjaz when’s necrodancer again? PepeHands KappatainHindsight: wait icedragon08: Read all the names Ela 😡 Garmon3: Skip MasterMdrn: all MaN PhysiCle: @easyeasy Oi bruv elaBruv KappatainHindsight: 10k names now? Veddy_: oh no no no PepeLaugh irevil0: ResidentSleeper RandomSound: “So, how do you want your avatar to look” “I WANT A TENTACLE COMING FROM MY MOUTH!” “o…ok…” krezal: ADAM ADAM ADAM ADAM Cyryusly: OMEGALUL KICKSTARTERS 1 BY 1 souldedeh: ResidentSleeper MasterMdrn: ElaSmash A MrArmageddon2: PokCroagunk Sourcehunter: Skip Aranzada: tg/ anon Pog bersiGaming: telephonebook inc SephirothMX: ResidentSleeper RantingDuck: ResidentSleeper CompatiKaiser: too much aaron Veddy_: A girlfromjapan: @BleekStone pepeL Vivelin: Backer credits ResidentSleeper Bestorio: ResidentSleeper daley_: DansGame Hongetech: Wall of names NotLikeThis kayyeah: WATCH IT ALFRED Jalmarkian: ResidentSleeper skip ViveLaDissidence: ResidentSleeper A Skip PhysiCle: NO elaMad Vendetta1v: elaK milkforhoney: VoteYea SKIP Nazzet: 🅰️ AsshurtingEmu: So many Adams wtf MasterMdrn: maybe you should syps_: ResidentSleeper flohmannjr: ResidentSleeper Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan Nanashi_Sakamoto: @Elajjaz Yakuza 7 new gameplay trailer maybe? Pog mayushi10: you think? DaniDuck: no elaMad AlmAyum: only 10000 easyeasy: SKIP kgothLUREEGI DexArt888: skip Emzero: PepeLaugh pekkaatte: skip 10k names aramintha_: is is only A wtf?!?! Amacchu: ABDULLAH OMAR ALMONHSEN LULW irevil0: go read a dictionnary shembop: we’ve come this far pistaitson: what the hell is this MasterMdrn: LULW iiwii119: A Zenny Saved is A Zenny Earned fonss1: U DONT SKIP DansGame RKazekiri: LULW BVP13: That is quite a lot of names Jalmarkian: ResidentSleeper 👉 A skip DrumbooMass: DansGame I am reading it PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh syps_: FeelsLateMan TheDankDemon: elias lonn POGGERS MasterMdrn: A ElaSmash JesseThaBest: yea skip 😀 alicerino: ResidentSleeper RantingDuck: VoteYea pribe13: skip Smough: now you commited zherebane: 10.000 bakers FiReBallKG: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper K3lpie_live: RIP Kakyoinree: tiddies in 10 min don’t skip easyeasy: FUCKING SKIP IT kgothLUREEGI MobiusCog: 10000 kickstarter backers in the credits… 10000 kickstarter backers… JouniKari: couple adrians weeaboochan: @Malkav0 But some people want to protect this weird “miracle curse”, as the second last boss explained. The main character is something odd or abnormal and probably “the chosen one” or some shit, that ended the cycle of the miracle’s curse. If you think religion, the miracle might be the return of life, but this time that life is corrupted, because of the ill nature behind the people. A lot of things to consider i guess Trickery_Games: 10k kicstarter nanes KrazyShark: jesus chintzl: achievement for no skip Cyryusly: @Elajjaz WATCHING WILSON dream_the_cast: [A] Irocam: Alejandro Garrido Suarez Pog tubes269: about 15 adrians LUL evilalien103: this is going to take a year MasterMdrn: A sumSmash Azure_Felt: all kickstarter games are like this Mirando: Skip and I unsub Kobrick: Alberto Abad Sanz POGGERS Doirlean: still on A LUL trashomb: ElaSmash skip Lexikun: Kanz Red Dusk doesn’t start with A Jaklie: the whole town PogU JoseMarti1853: 10 000 bakers. JesseThaBest: All 10k off them BVP13: But how else will we recognise alex griego daley_: DansGame bersiGaming: so many backers!? KrazyShark: DansGame aRELaL69: DansGame Bestorio: Clap silver6ird: i was reading that DansGame Nazzet: DansGame Smough: DansGame kayyeah: Skipped elaD kurpajutra: DansGame Nopileos: DansGame DaniDuck: D: gint271: DansGame flohmannjr: Thanks. ElaH icedragon08: DansGame BarghestFenrir_: elaD DrumbooMass: DansGame 뿡토: PogU ? PhysiCle: Unsubbed, unfollowed PepeHands TheDankDemon: DansGame rofIcopter: DansGame Everest_Bound: DansGame pekkaatte: Clap advoccat: all Alex nLUL Kobrick: DansGame flohmannjr: elaH JesseThaBest: DansGame TatmanJ: elaD Rude Nopileos: DansGame DansGame MasterMdrn: ElaCOOL thicknicc: D: Cyryusly: DansGame ViveLaDissidence: Thanks alpalin96: D: xsnoll: D: Vendetta1v: Nuuu Ramonass37: elaA Azure_Felt: fortunately i’m either in a or b PepeLaugh BrokenCompiler: D: quote_me_if_pogu: DansGame ? woodghost: DansGame souldedeh: ela12 dunnowtw: I mean it’s not like you have anything else to do now anyways LULW Nopileos: D: saoblow: elaYA 624pt2: i was reading DansGame Kakyoinree: I was reading DansGame lipgloss71: It is all the programmers Kappa Veddy_: AYAYA Smough: for skipping LULW TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL fonss1: @Elajjaz forsenWeird forsenWeird Cyryusly: Pog MasterMdrn: stfu kiddo KrazyShark: elaD Wheels82: monkaW Cyryusly: Chag BVP13: Rude TatmanJ: monkaW Lyovknight: DansGame UNWATCHED kurpajutra: monkaW kryptoftheold: @Mirando unsub or no balls PogCHamp Nopileos: monkaW MasterMdrn: who dis pekkaatte: monkaW Facecap: monkaW Robin_CP: sequel hype PositiveHappyViewer: monkaW flohmannjr: elaWut Cyryusly: 2 KrazyShark: THE CYCLE CONTINUES Pog RantingDuck: monkaW dlc? SkyDC: Pog zherebane: Sequel? kurpajutra: Part 2 Champ shembop: thats you! easyeasy: O SHIT Chag 冬海羊子: 2 ComplexGhost: SEQUEL Kobrick: monkaS JesseThaBest: Wtf Ela not cool people paid good money to get their names and you disrespect them like that Azure_Felt: sequal elaHmm Purist01: monkaW weeaboochan: bad idea woman monkaW thicknicc: part 2 LULW Everest_Bound: Pog Streamleen: Blasphemous 2 KappatainHindsight: Blasphemy, the girl game Smough: new protagonist Himmee: Pog Jalmarkian: HotPokket monkaW hangedm4n: Blasphemous 2 Pog TatmanJ: Champ shembop: you become the last boss Nucleoprotein: Nucleoprotein subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 28 months! elaOP https://i.imgur.com/498QCfg.gifv AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @Nucleoprotein After 28 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Cyryusly: 2? AsshurtingEmu: Skipping cutscene WeirdChamp @Elajjaz Nopileos: SUB HYPE Nucleoprotein PogChamp MetaphysicalMind: sequel coming Kakyoinree: Clap JabiruTf: cant get a break, even when dead flohmannjr: SKIN! BarghestFenrir_: The cycle continues Esciron_: Pog bersiGaming: part 2 Aplecraf: DLC ? PogU JouniKari: its the diablo 1 ending LUL z4phire: lautrec POG meepmapp: elaYA RandomSound: it ends like it start Azure_Felt: dlc elaHmm DAILOedz: SPANISH INQUISITION PogChamp fanHEIBAI: sequel waifu AYAYA JusDeChiasse: the golden Kappa knight tentacles_have_feelings: Pog Streamleen: Penitent woman girlfromjapan: HYPERCLAP BaronNosehair: Gael Skin?? xlRaptoe: TRue kayyeah: Best sword TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz this rivals the name credits from FF14 where they have the name of every single player pre-relaunch Vivelin: I think you supposedly broke some cycle by stabbing yourself, but she undid it? Aranzada: She did that because you skipped WeirdChamp Azure_Felt: moonlight sowrd Pog Kakyoinree: Skins Pog Faddei: color skin xD LuL advoccat: speed run it Kappa kayyeah: Aranzada LULW fonss1: wow so cool skins Kapp nave0: That was the voice of the penultimate boss you fought RantingDuck: LULW FF14 Credits Cyryusly: KappaPride skin K3lpie_live: They undid everything, you were the last “son” of the miracle… Now more people will be tortured forever by “God” @Elajjaz ComplexGhost: BLASPHEMOUS 2: THE BLASPHEMING SerVersta: elaKek weeaboochan: @Elajjaz That ending means that she started the cycle that he ended (the miracles curse) Sybran57: Have you watched the game Daymare: 1998 ? @Elajjaz Clench1k: Elajjaz you going to stream FF14 at all? Robin_CP: i think the game starts with you pulling the word out of some dude too though RantingDuck: didn’t they win an guineas record for that livanrar: brother, go to the guy in the window again pls Smough: no PhysiCle: I lost Kreygasm Irocam: Kapp TheDankDemon: monkaSHAKE real voice HonorOfDuty: Does this game have speedrun potential? KrazyShark: LULW souldedeh: AYAYA Nazzet: WeirdChamp easyeasy: elaWOW SO CUTEEE Azure_Felt: PepeHands Smough: ??? DaniDuck: AYAYA 뿡토: WutFace KrazyShark: toinonAYAYA alicerino: i lost elaGasm angryj0nes: What is the name of this map? MasterMdrn: WeirdChamp Eldritchness: AYAYA fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat mayushi10: PepeHands summer___: bye xsnoll: AYAYA Shinichii: 🤤 🤤 🤤 DigitalZips: OMEGALUL TatmanJ: elaGasm Nucleoprotein: AYAYA souldedeh: D: BarghestFenrir_: BYE? Nopileos: AYAYA BlackjackalTV: D: Kaspu: PepeHands FiReBallKG: elaOP Deliriumi1: monkaW KrazyShark: man that looks good BaronNosehair: RIP gulshan1: ???????????? MasterMdrn: Blacked scoutdiverman: D: pekkaatte: he died PepeHands rofIcopter: elaD Soveriegn3: D: BVP13: Dead advoccat: Kreygasm KnobiMaster: D: easyeasy: AND THEY HE DIED FeelsAmazingMan Nopileos: Dead Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Veddy_: PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: F Lanshii: dead SaixSoul: elaWeird Smough: wtf is this shit RantingDuck: PepeHands Arekska: AYAYA girlfromjapan: elaD LickMyPretzel: PepeUff DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: DEATH silver6ird: monkaW Miamenta: de AdmiralHandsome_: @Elajjaz I heard you get secret ending and achievements by playing with that new skin and never getting hit :^) kunjiru: dead monkaW krezal: D: WTF Nopileos: dead Cyryusly: F flohmannjr: elaD JesseThaBest: He dead TheMoltenGuy: DEAD Irocam: ZULUL thicknicc: nepJail Malkav0: he dead now Tebs_: D: TatmanJ: Dead PepeHands 10th_Legion: wtf snuff? Miamenta: ded AlanRLD: gachiBASS BlackjackalTV: NSFW D: weeaboochan: D: Nopileos: DEAD Sybran57: D: souldedeh: PepeHands BVP13: Slow agonizing death Hank_e_Panky: PepeHands LukeX532: RTX ON 😀 😀 😀 Kappa Kappa Kickin_97: BibleThump RKazekiri: D: Lord_Solaire: rooD MasterMdrn: D: Lexikun: He likes it Aranzada: LULW Bestorio: PepeHands Fentu: D: Nopileos: D: MagicFrogs: LUL atomicdestruction: D: JesseThaBest: NSFW BANNED Antimonesia: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: YOU KILLED HIM ergivanc: elaD Blood_Rooted: elaSmile / dunnowtw: D: xsnoll: D: HEIL_MODS_: DEAD elaD faithless_zealot: D: thicknicc: ded LULW Niloomilo: D: alicerino: F anibit: monkaS xacten: elaD Veddy_: Nucleoprotein elaWeird Llyfrgell: elaD Nopileos: D: D: JoseMarti1853: He died. BibleThump CommanBear: BLACKED D: kayyeah: nsfw elaD bersiGaming: LULW woodghost: D: SerVersta: elaD Canopus: PepeLaugh Breezours: Pepehands alpalin96: he died D: RantingDuck: suffered by hot choco PepeHands PhysiCle: But he died covered in chocolate FeelsGoodMan what a way to go DexArt888: blacked anibit: what happen? thicknicc: F Seikisu: elaD Azure_Felt: never eating cake again elaB xlRaptoe: monkaTOS Shodann_: Poor caek D: dunnowtw: actually dead on stream D: easyeasy: good elaOP now i can eat him BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Nah, just got Blacked Vegansan: no he lived on in our hearts as the last son of miracles PunOko Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz but he like it elaThirst TatmanJ: Burned alive PepeHands Sleeping_forest: FeelsBadMan dieded Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan you killed him miggonaut: not save for work AT ALL MealThief: that was his penance chintzl: he died doign what he loved chipAYAYA Smough: i did 🙂 Hypodeck: LULW Vendetta1v: Lmao Bestorio: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL Wheels82: elaGa dekkah: lmao DaniDuck: 99.25 LULW PhysiCle: Rosemary LULW kayyeah: Rosary Cyryusly: GET IT kunjiru: rosmary LULW Soveriegn3: LULW Jalmarkian: NOT EVEN 100% OMEGALUL rofIcopter: not even 99.5 PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: rosary CompatiKaiser: rosary TatmanJ: Not 100% PepeLaugh Nopileos: rosary Vendetta1v: Rosario KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats i didnt do shit im on a diet elaS Purist01: LULW faithless_zealot: Lol ccorns: LULW fonss1: MISSED LETAHL forsenKek silver6ird: rosaria elaGa chintzl: rosie odonnel AntiEmil: that is not 100% easyeasy: PepeHands ViveLaDissidence: Not 100% DansGame Nucleoprotein: Resemary PepeLaugh Kobrick: Rosmary PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ITS ROSARY YOU HEATHEN Cyryusly: GO FOR 100% Veddy_: elaK Nazzet: Redo ElaSmash Eldritchness: Rosemary? PMSTwin JouniKari: close LULW MealThief: AETURNUM CHOCOLADO RantingDuck: LULW missed 0.75 LULW SuperSwervin: you sure? Kaspu: @devs WeirdChamp JesseThaBest: Press X 🙂 J0hnnyBlade: FeelsPepoMan Smough: fake title alpalin96: reset ? KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://yt6.pics.ee/GAE8Q Pog Bestorio: R OMEGALUL S A R I A shembop: DELETE IT LickMyPretzel: Locked out? really? AlanRLD: and after i ate him moon2H Wamateku: Not 100%, not a true gamer. PepeLaugh theblankslate: just reply the whole game again nibeio: reset WeirdChamp alicerino: Jebaited title SpeeeDyo: Not 100% wtf MobiusCog: missed a bead…. FrankerZ Shinichii: 99.25%=/=100% PepeHands m0rq: Replay now Clench1k: Elajjaz just restart 🙂 Cyryusly: DELETE Nucleoprotein: 99.25% Pog TatmanJ: PepeLaugh 👉 99.25% AlmAyum: not a 100% stream DansGame flohmannjr: 100% DansGame thicknicc: redo ElaSmash YourkoxD: WeirdChamp start over southdesigner: 99.25 LUL pekkaatte: darkwood hardcore run Pog ? to waste time CleverName2: @Elajjaz Horror game ? Pog kunjiru: Not even 100% LULW livanrar: the rosary bead is the guy in te window, reward for quesr RandomSound: 0.75% Triggered 冬海羊子: LUL Kaspu: JUST REPLAY THE GAME 4HEad TheErdbeere: scam Omiel25: New save for 100% 🙂 NepgearChan: maybe that part doesnt count for the 100% Amacchu: PRESS X TO WIN dekkah: im at 99.5% FeelsBadMan simplekom: click bait title PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: scam title chintzl: salty runback LickMyPretzel: Maybe devs can patch it? Blood_Rooted: not even 100% LULW Chess_462: GO FOR IT elaMad DigitalZips: wow, not 100%. not a true gamer™ Veddy_: if my calculations are correct, you missed half the game PepeLaugh Vau1t_Hunt3r: delete it because its not 100% Smough: lies in title @Elajjaz DansGame nikevi: locked out? Sorakainabanana: !title WrestlerBot2000: Blasphemous! Finishing today and 100% 🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram KrazyShark: LULW Nazzet: LULW MahvelBaby: no H U N D O? PepeHands DaniDuck: @KrazyShark LULW angryj0nes: Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Say it 100% only gets 99% WutFace Kalgarrr: wow, false advertising in stream title streamer WeirdChamp easyeasy: LULW Wheels82: STILL MALD LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: LOL Clench1k: Elascam pekkaatte: LULW Nopileos: LULW AntiEmil: stream title is a lie PepeHands miggonaut: go again and 100% it this time KrazyShark: @DaniDuck PepeLaugh Virhaed: LULW LickMyPretzel: 10/10 hitbox RantingDuck: LULW PositiveHappyViewer: LULW RingusSlaterfist: lulw Murika_: LULW silver6ird: W H A T PhysiCle: LULW kayyeah: LULW thicknicc: LULW Straddy_: LULW RKazekiri: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Kobrick: PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz I think you missing like 3 items elaHmm CompatiKaiser: WHUAAAT Lord_Solaire: elaKek xsnoll: LULW Dr_Gomez: LULW Bestorio: PepeLaugh 👇 BVP13: W H A T Jaargan: WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAT elaGa MagicFrogs: LUL xlRaptoe: DS hitbox LULW syps_: LULW koninkaede: LUL Cyryusly: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW ViveLaDissidence: He shall forever be mald rofIcopter: wwwwhhhhaaaaattttt elaGa 1080p200fps: same shirt DansGame TatmanJ: elaKek 👉 99.25% AsshurtingEmu: “and 100%” WeirdChamp @Elajjaz ekahS_hS: same shirt kuchinawa00: elaWut AlanRLD: rooWut MobiusCog: @Elajjaz why does stream say 100% ? TBCortesTB: subway100 bonus10 hello Ela 😀 TheMoltenGuy: 🙂 Veddy_: 🙂 PhysiCle: 🙂 souldedeh: 🙂 tentacles_have_feelings: 🙂 Nopileos: 🙂 BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz False advertisement on title then. I’m gonna report the stream elaSmile PositiveHappyViewer: 🙂 RantingDuck: 🙂 dream_the_cast: 🙂 BVP13: Smile nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz Ela, what happened at the end? Nucleoprotein: LORE Pog BlackjackalTV: 🙂 Hellquistie: ds2 hitbox KEKW thicknicc: 🙂 kunjiru: 🙂 bersiGaming: lets go for some lidl horror now gachiBASS Tomowatt: elaK Kobrick: 🙁 Jaargan: PepeLaugh Nopileos: 🙂 🙂 Nox15: PepeLaugh Cyryusly: stream says 100%? Smough: @Elajjaz make new game JouniKari: clearly 5Head RantingDuck: CoolStoryBob Kaspu: @Elajjaz Replay the game elaMad Vivelin: You haven’t even tried elaK Loseeeerrrr: STOOK HEIL_MODS_: he stucc PepeLaugh easyeasy: play it again then 🙂 FiReBallKG: @Elajjaz Do you know that for sure though? Korhain: PepeLaugh SpeeeDyo: REPLAY kurpajutra: redo elaSmile ZephidsEmbrace: @Elajjaz are you done with all the achievements? xlRaptoe: “BlasphemousBlasphemous! Finishing today and 100% ” WeirdChamp Nazzet: New game ElaSmash Trickery_Games: new game 100% dunnowtw: DO IT nyacchMad Veddy_: start a new game and 100% it elaYes rofIcopter: just replay the game 4Head NepgearChan: the last thing you need could be 0.75% faithless_zealot: THEN DO IT AGAIN! BAGNETOO: you sure? is this confirmed? TatmanJ: OMEGALUL 👉 99.25% thicknicc: REEDO IT ElaSmash Maranoiah: just 100% it 🙂 consecutive_normal_waffle: ela never finished games PepeHands ekahS_hS: scamaz Ciaphas72kt: get a dev to help you again LULW Omiel25: New save for 100% when? 🙂 AlmAyum: just be unstuck 4Head KrazyShark: stream says 100%? ViveLaDissidence: You put it in the title , now you gotta do it PepeLaugh scp_david33: white day time @Elajjaz ? pekkaatte: just next game @Elajjaz livanrar: ROSARY BEAD OR RIOT Vendetta1v: Yikes LULW TheDankDemon: @Elajjaz KILLER IS DEAD TIME POGGERS HYPERCLAP xlRaptoe: No 🙂 dm00z: just replay OMEGALUL Wheels82: elaD RandomSound: I am 0.75% triggered by this kryptoftheold: start again rooREE @Elajjaz Azure_Felt: no 🙂 Vegansan: we did elaSMile PhysiCle: OK Pog TatmanJ: Ok 🙂 DaniDuck: OKAY Nopileos: No 🙂 xacten: elaD Nazzet: PepeLaugh UltimateReo: reset FrankerZ Arekska: D: Ph4ntomi: I will :I kunjiru: No 🙂 azureTreble: LULW SuperSwervin: Really? Veddy_: no 🙂 fonss1: no 🙂 angryj0nes: @Elajjaz what you lost to get the 100% Korhain: D: flohmannjr: Title says 100% DansGame BabyRage easyeasy: never elaok Facecap: Ok messcleaner: we dont have money YourkoxD: No You 🙂 JAMMnX: no Nopileos: No 🙂 No 🙂 Llyfrgell: ok 🙂 DesolateForce: RESET! Distl17: D: TheTeaFox: D: Toxic 冬海羊子: BabyRage BabyRage faithless_zealot: ok 🙂 Geralt_of_Syria: toxic streamer WeirdChamp rofIcopter: no 🙂 SaixSoul: elaD capitanodorito: 99.25 % PepeLaugh Seikisu: elaD 26camels: no u StumpiMania: bo 🙂 Tomowatt: 4Head kurpajutra: yes elaSmile Kaspu: Already did 🙂 Ramonass37: elaK Nopileos: bo 🙂 Cyryusly: no 🙂 m0rq: https://www.twitch.tv/elajjaz/clip/BoredHardEggBCWarrior?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time Nucleoprotein: BabyRage MOM, GAME IS NOT 100% Murika_: I already did 🙂 alpalin96: D: Vegansan: already done elaSmile KappatainHindsight: no thanks 🙂 ZephidsEmbrace: D: Robin_CP: watch the Death Stranding gameplay dunnowtw: TOXIC D: thicknicc: no 🙂 JAMMnX: u do it ekahS_hS: ok Scarvener: okay 🙂 100africaner: D: southdesigner: Im installing FF for you bro TBCortesTB: @deam3´21 Iu carero12: SPEEDRUN 100% !!! atomicdestruction: gift it to me 🙂 Kobrick: Yes 🙁 Smough: i already have 100% 🙂 viktor_victor: twitch plays blasphemous ISinistarI: K 🙂 LickMyPretzel: wow i’d be pissed if i were you AlanRLD: moo2D AvemStercore: and we get money for it? xorjoep: @Elajjaz More Darksouls runs, when? AntiEmil: just replay so you get 100% 4Head meepmapp: K? K RantingDuck: title says 100% PepeHands squashlord: i remember when this used ot be a 100% stream PepeHands Jaklie: @Elajjaz time to speedrun this game Pog milkforhoney: Blasphemous Blasphemous! Finishing today and 100% Bestorio: @Elajjaz Great suggestion, will do 🙂 JMtistic: We Bloodstained now? SuperSwervin: You sure spell and bead won;t do it? easyeasy: oil elaThirst ? Nazzet: Oi! Kalastan: T D: XIC radagasstt: Subs pay you to play videogames, bro Vau1t_Hunt3r: he needs some johnsons baby oil Sorakainabanana: Stuck at 99.25% PepeLaugh Clench1k: Elajjaz it’s not our job to 100% the games 🙂 Cyryusly: RESET summer___: Can’t i’m playing through Greedfall @Elajjaz m0rq: This clip the best https://www.twitch.tv/elajjaz/clip/BoredHardEggBCWarrior?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time d3sirio: Celeste? CompatiKaiser: Kaspu 100% and you cannot LULW @Elajjaz MobiusCog: never know until you get the bead and prove it 冬海羊子: we played 5 times Kappa Kappa Vau1t_Hunt3r: but ela used it all on his body TatmanJ: Can’t even 100% this game PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: that’s some bullshit Cyryusly: RESET THEN KrazyShark: that’s so dumb LULW Irocam: cucked by tree PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: Celeste Pog advoccat: reset Vegansan: beat by kaspu elaKek angryj0nes: hoo i need to start again then PepeHands weeaboochan: HolidayTree 🖕 Vendetta1v: Not 100% metsejs: thats bs Deus_Est_Machina: That’s BS Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: SPEEDRUNNER BTW LULW kayyeah: restart LonnLonn: newgame+ ? WarWeeny: WINGS OF VI NEXT? user546789: is there a ng+? sabirblackhand: HIHIHI YOU DONT HAVE 100% JouniKari: replay value Pog NepgearChan: are you sure u cant 100% @Elajjaz it might not even count towards the % ThatMaskey: Celeste Pog thicknicc: T OMEGADOWN XIC LickMyPretzel: Can we play Celeste? RantingDuck: hate missables FeelsBadMan faithless_zealot: Speed run, go! Kaspu: I didn’t 100% the game chat forsenWhat YourkoxD: Start over and finish the quest for 0.75% PepeLaugh @Elajjaz Nazzet: Lube saves lifes, chat PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://yt6.pics.ee/GAE8Q FeelsGoodMan VoidsFacade: WHAT is the title of the stream? Kappa 1005 Maranoiah: they do that for the replayability 🙂 Kobrick: PepeHands KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentAstuteEggPraiseIt Nopileos: Nazzet elaHi Facecap: just get 0.75% on a new save Kappa hpbearman: You killed a tree. Great Cyryusly: SPEEDRUN PACE an_p0: @Elajjaz die young already releasd with 30% off TatmanJ: Guess you’re not a god gamer after all huh elaFeels Raxorz97: Worst ending LULW not even 100% Shinichii: Disappointment PepeHands bersiGaming: if you like hard plattformers you should definitely try Wings of Vi @Elajjaz SiloWang: Celeste is garbage LickMyPretzel: CELESTE Chag Bobanaut: only if the quest actually counts towards the percentage skraalQ: you can replay the game FiReBallKG: @Elajjaz That might not count for 100% squashlord: just play it again ela 4House TheDankDemon: killer is dead POGGERS HYPERCLAP HEIL_MODS_: Jebaited ? Bestorio: Jebaited angryj0nes: Ela play Green Hell then Azure_Felt: trusting chat PepeLaugh easyeasy: chat elaMad LickMyPretzel: @SiloWang WeirdChamp ThatMaskey: Celeste is so good flohmannjr: TITLE! elaB DaniDuck: @Elajjaz necrodancer elaREE S_Darji: chat LULW fonss1: Jebaited ez j0mppa: Jebaited KrazyShark: WTF Veddy_: we lied 🙂 UltimateReo: clickbait title BabyRage Smough: its true Kapp Jybel: Ask the devs to patch it? Kappa southdesigner: celeste is great Cyryusly: CHAT ALWAYS WRONG @Elajjaz IntoDEV: @Elajjaz you believe chat? kayyeah: Believing chat WeirdChamp Nopileos: Azure_Felt elaHYUG Kobrick: Chat Jebaited PepeLaugh RantingDuck: Killer is Dead Pog a27048707: I believe you still can get 100%.You already get the rosary bead from tree. Nopileos: Kobrick elaHi skraalQ: uwu LovelyBears: Trusting chat LUL Kaspu: NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE TatmanJ: Ela letting us down once again chat PepeHands duumed: PepeLaugh illethor221: uwu alpalin96: missed %100 ending … Naniyo: PepeLaugh Malkav0: Die Young is like in early access forever AsshurtingEmu: Change title to 99.25% elaOk 👍 BlackjackalTV: Chat lied? cappuccino_al: i have a black screen Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Canopus: elaWeird xlRaptoe: Necrodancer Pog Celeste Pog gulltuss: @Elajjaz Hello Swedish man Cyryusly: pepeLaugh DaniDuck: @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE JouniKari: clockwise game? Irocam: missing anal bead gachiHYPER Vegansan: 1% elaKek MobiusCog: you said chat is dumb tho Kappa NepgearChan: bead skraalQ: a girlfriend Vivelin: Rosary bead and a spell too illethor221: @Elajjaz rose-a-ree SuperSwervin: And spells Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Cyryusly: 4Shrug thicknicc: a soul Taskforcem82: 4Shrug Kickin_97: ROSARY Smough: me 🙂 Nopileos: 4Shrug RantingDuck: PepeLaugh daley_: @Elajjaz did you do the quest for Joe? dexusb: 4Shrug NepgearChan: thats easy 0.75% Veddy_: dont forget to eat again elaYes you can think about this while eating elaYes kayyeah: AsshurtingEmu LULW angryj0nes: @Elajjaz can you link that map? Jybel: When did we ever lie to you? Kappa Sohei4649: Title is a lie PepeHands PhysiCle: ROSE-A-RY Kappa fenniksss: @Elajjaz dignity JinM0: window guy Tomowatt: VoHiYo Beyond Good & Evil urnightolf: Maybe the bead is in your ass Kappa daley_: joe mama elaSneeze Kobrick: @Nopileos pepeGun xlRaptoe: KKona ? Ph4ntomi: me 🙂 Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark … just paid 3 bucks for alert, then he will open it PepeLaugh Murika_: PepeLaugh Irocam: cmonBrother Trickery_Games: the spell is form returning all 3 corpses to the church in town Geralt_of_Syria: PepeLaugh he doesnt know TheDankDemon: killer is dead POGGERS HYPERCLAP RandomSound: The guy from the tree opens the path you need for the whole map fenniksss: JOE MAMA Sw33t_: So that would probably get you to 99.75 BAGNETOO: JOE MAMMA KrazyShark: @Elajjaz JOE MOMA LULW Purist01: Joe Mamma Azure_Felt: that guy PepeLaugh Wheels82: LULW TatmanJ: PepeLaugh 👉 0.75% rofIcopter: PepeLaugh ChickenMuffins: Joe MAMA Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark pay* silver6ird: gottem daley elaSneeze RantingDuck: KKoma haha luzqar: JOE MAMMA illethor221: LMAOOOO AsshurtingEmu: JOE MAMA dekkah: the bead is from the tree quest so you’re locked out @Elajjaz PositiveHappyViewer: PepeLaugh Kobrick: PepeLaugh milkforhoney: LUL Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh bersiGaming: Die Young went 1.0 tho Hario: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW kayyeah: PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: MISSED LEGEnDARY JOE LULW PhysiCle: PepeLaugh fenniksss: @daley_ NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AntiEmil: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Irocam: PepeLaugh dunnowtw: me 🙂 KappatainHindsight: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh J0hnnyBlade: kanYe Straddy_: LULW Sorakainabanana: LULW Lexikun: LULW Veddy_: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: @daley_ elaSneeze kanYe easyeasy: wat elaWeird Draconyite: cirPalm Nopileos: LULW Distl17: LULW ISinistarI: NECRODANCER PepeHands Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN TheDankDemon: LULW MagicFrogs: LUL alpalin96: LUL 26camels: OMEGALUL Murika_: PepeLaugh so ez FiReBallKG: LULW thicknicc: LULW Bestorio: Jebaited AntiEmil: KEKW AvemStercore: haHAA SephirothMX: LULW ccorns: elaKek user546789: gotem Nopileos: LULW LULW Smough: got him 4HEad AlanRLD: Jebaited CompatiKaiser: Jebaited KrazyShark: @Nucleoprotein paying WeirdChamp AsshurtingEmu: 😂 BRO IM DEAD SICK JOKE 😂 Sorakainabanana: Strimmer got Jebaiter Nazzet: forsenCD Draconyite: Ela pls LUL Fabianski27: What Happend When you got all Babies? Had to watch a cs Game FiReBallKG: forsenCD MY MAP Nucleoprotein: @KrazyShark monkaW BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Subtember should be: 50% off first subs to a channel (if you have always used the prime in a channel and then you wanna have the 50% off thing, just use normal sub not prime) and this should end the 24th September if I recall correctly WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz 1080p200fps: we need a Caleb sub to post the GOTTEM emote Irocam: is 😳 still a thing? Nazzet: ???? Ayatetsu: @Elajjaz Did you fight the updog? KrazyShark: 😳 oh my Veddy_: elaHmm Kakyoinree: 100% in blasphemous when ? elaOk Azure_Felt: elaGa weeaboochan: “tree person” ? Hongetech: Just says tree person SiloWang: down summer___: 😂 👌 🔥 THIS STREAM IS LIT TODAY 🔥 👌 😂 SiloWang: right TheDankDemon: @Elajjaz killer is dead POGGERS HYPERCLAP flipponator: Why is he cheating again? PepeHands L4MiRoX: L4MiRoX subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 40 months! heyo elaHi WrestlerBot2000: @L4MiRoX After 40 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Kaspu: elaBlind 冬海羊子: Blind morningstar907: Tree person Veddy_: zomg PepeLaugh TatmanJ: elaGa AsshurtingEmu: unless? 😳 Azure_Felt: elaGa HYPERCLAP Nopileos: SUB HYPE L4MiRoX PogChamp silver6ird: “tree person” easyeasy: TREE PERSON ELA kgothLUREEGI 冬海羊子: Tree person Nihrahk: elaGa TheDankDemon: nymnPains @tatmanj Mojo64: ??? FiReBallKG: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind LovelyBears: elaBlind weeaboochan: @Elajjaz “TREE PERSON” flohmannjr: elaBlind k0ito: tree person AlanRLD: rooBlind Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Nazzet: 4Shrug Wheels82: sodaA 1080p200fps: elaBlind Canopus: 🙂 kayyeah: LUL Nopileos: elaBlind Kakyoinree: 4Shrug a27048707: Finish that quest early only unlock a hidden path that let you get a spell early. easyeasy: LULW J0hnnyBlade: ??? elaHmm Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark that video FeelsWeirdMan TheDankDemon: err sorry azureTreble: He has it as ??? illethor221: ROSARIA elaGa L4MiRoX: @Nopileos hi elaHi elaH Nopileos: L4MiRoX elaH Murika_: cant even 100% it whats the point PepeLaugh Wheels82: elaHYUK kryptoftheold: ROSARIA VAMPIRE? KrazyShark: @Frosted_wheats elaKek kayyeah: elaHYUK S_Darji: elaHYUK Nihrahk: elaHYUK Tomowatt: elaHYUK Nopileos: elaHYUK SuperSwervin: But that person got all collectibles Vau1t_Hunt3r: Rosaria best waifu Kaspu: @Elajjaz People on steam forums say that you get a bead from it 1080p200fps: elaHYUK Kakyoinree: ela12 BarghestFenrir_: elaHYUK JesseThaBest: Yea it probably unlocks the hidden area to get saeta dolorosa spell early m0rq: elaHYUK Miku_no_Ryushon: elaHYUK Seikisu: elaHYUK nave0: I’m pretty sure you picked something up from him a27048707: You already get that rosary bead from the tree! Sorakainabanana: you already had a bead from the tree RantingDuck: FeelsBadMan TatmanJ: Couldn’t even 100% FeelsBadMan Nopileos: elaHYUK elaHYUK regon89: @Elajjaz you finished blasphemous? What’s the next game? Kakyoinree: unable to achieve 100% in designated game PepeLaugh asinine: do you have a frozen olive? kayyeah: Rosemary SantanaDVXFan: @Elajjaz see if you can see all the beads on the map xlRaptoe: Rosemary LULW Kobrick: PepeHands Nucleoprotein: Rosemary PepeLaugh DaniDuck: rosemary elaGa asinine: thats the bead 26camels: what a bad decision to make a design like that Trickery_Games: i didnt save the tree and i got all beads on my first run nave0: @Elajjaz You went back after he died and flowers sprouted and there was a pick up in front of him TatmanJ: Pog Daaarling02: kaptivThump illethor221: Pog xlRaptoe: Pog souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan SuperSwervin: You had tree bead tho FiReBallKG: Pog saoblow: @Elajjaz just get it then we can all be satisfied Nazzet: Rosemary YeahBoi LickMyPretzel: They should patch that, cuz that is some shit design Nopileos: Pog alpalin96: plot thickens Pog TheDankDemon: @Elajjaz killer is dead HYPERCLAP rainbowsh8: Look up which one is missing @Elajjaz Mrgamer4567: did you try the prison area? Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz i think each item is 0.25% DrSt0n3D: it’s like dark souls, when you craft the wrong weapon from sif’s souls 😀 thenamesbing: Hen Elias hur mår du SiloWang: @Elajjaz i remember you got something from the tree xlRaptoe: Rosemary PepeLaugh illethor221: LULW Wheels82: LULW thenamesbing: Hej Kakyoinree: 4Shrug rofIcopter: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh JesseThaBest: I think it’s in the bofa area thicknicc: LULW Kobrick: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: lol Nazzet: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW ChickenMuffins: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Anxietydecending: bofa? could be kunjiru: PepeLaugh xlRaptoe: elaGa marshalmv: PepeLaugh Veddy_: PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: LMAO Everest_Bound: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: roserary SuperSwervin: No RandomSound: spell JouniKari: rosemary elaGa rosaria elaGa roserary elaGa Facecap: yes MobiusCog: maybe missing 2 spells ColdHannibal: did u get the spell debula of the light? SuperSwervin: Debula of light Everest_Bound: elaHmm TatmanJ: 4Shrug Wamateku: The true true ending. Pog williammb: @Elajjaz trinked slot ProleageDakez: Play Salt and Sanctuary or Dragons Dogma plz AlanRLD: you are missing the Sugma spell Hnoss: You need to have faith kayyeah: Sheet Azure_Felt: 4Shrug JesseThaBest: Debula of Jebaited ? Trickery_Games: in town quest reward Kakyoinree: 4Shrug TheNomad070: the last rosary slot? @Elajjaz Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan You’re missing the “Beat the Game Without Cheating” achievement iiwii119: DEBULA DEEZ NUTS Canopus: 4Shrug Martiansam: you ask me 4Shrug easyeasy: ProleageDakez he played both of them rofIcopter: Jebaited ? SuperSwervin: Mounatin snow area Fabianski27: Chat can you Tell me what happend When he found all Babies? Did he just got an item? LickMyPretzel: GLHF finding that JouniKari: just ctrl+f 4Shrug Nucleoprotein: @Autumn_Flare PepeLaugh Kakyoinree: google it SuperSwervin: text is there for it TheDankDemon: killer is dead HYPERCLAP Nazzet: @Fabianski27 He got a spell cirAYAYA BarghestFenrir_: @fabianski27 just a shitty spell if I recall correctly LULW easyeasy: LULW Vendetta1v: LOL Wheels82: LULW HEIL_MODS_: monkaTOS Emzero: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Fabianski27: Tranks guys ela7 kayyeah: LULW ChickenMuffins: BabyRage noxcorvus: LULW Anxietydecending: fire the baby cannon Irocam: LULW really? Lanshii: i know that one gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiHYPER 🍌 💦 JERK IT OUT LickMyPretzel: it shoots babies? Vegansan: use the babies Vendetta1v: Lemme see FeelsGoodMan Smough: elaGasm elaGun BabyRage Wheels82: elaHYUK elaGun BabyRage xlRaptoe: What did you get for getting all the body parts? kazuki_2: hey ela hey chat elaH how game Nazzet: kazuki_2 cirHi Nopileos: kazuki_2 elaH ComradeNerdy: i also can shoot babies gachiBASS Vendetta1v: LULW Kakyoinree: Kek DaniDuck: I know how to do that too gachiHYPER easyeasy: kazuki_2 allo allo ela12 / BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Shoot like this? elaMad elaGun BabyRage LickMyPretzel: gachiHYPER HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh what is that ComradeNerdy: kazuki_2 elaH Lanshii: kazuki_2 elaH rofIcopter: best spell Jebaited easyeasy: Nazzet DUDE, YOU ARE NOP V2 monkaW Vendetta1v: Baby guards DexArt888: gachiHYPER Nucleoprotein: @ComradeNerdy elaH pepeL kazuki_2: easyeasy elaH CompatiKaiser ela7 Lanshii elaHYUG Justepic123: elaH ComradeNerdy BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz WHAT ComradeNerdy: Nucleoprotein elaH Kakyoinree: play another game Pog Nucleoprotein: @easyeasy pepeL Everest_Bound: ElaJAM ComradeNerdy: Justepic123 elaH carorinuu: pepeJAM Vendetta1v: ElaJAM LickMyPretzel: I’ve fathered a few billion babies at this point. but they all died quickly easyeasy: Nucleoprotein Oi elaOk Nazzet: @easyeasy become as god MrDestructoid ✌️ kazuki_2: Nucleoprotein pepeL Fabianski27: Worth searching hundred hours LUL Nucleoprotein: @kazuki_2 pepeL easyeasy: Nazzet NieR Automata PepeHands i cry every time Martiansam: @Nucleoprotein nucleo pepeL ÒωÓ Nucleoprotein: @LickMyPretzel PepeLaugh pekkaatte: didnt ela already finish this game? WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! HEIL_MODS_: @LickMyPretzel murderer monkaW Nucleoprotein: @Martiansam pepeL alpalin96: @Elajjaz call of cthulhu next ? Pog Justepic123: is ela going for 99%? easyeasy: ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP VineWood0604: 4Shrug Nazzet: @easyeasy now I want to listen to the OST again PepeHands Sw33t_: Has the ringing stopped inside the hospital or are you not wearing the bell? Mavez0r: that one weeaboochan: the last one? 4Shrug BarghestFenrir_: @pekkaatte yeah, trying to 100% now Vendetta1v: Ew Irocam: mr Skeltal Pog SuperSwervin: I’ve been trying to tell you the whole stream Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Nazzet: 4Shrug Kakyoinree: who cares Kek ColdHannibal: tendulas skeletal remains are in the mountain area up SuperSwervin: Lmaoo hug_le_pug: ice mountain @Elajjaz Battlewings: did you fill up all the vials? @Elajjaz dekkah: top of snow area @Elajjaz weeaboochan: CTRL F for search 🙂 SuperSwervin: Mountain area SephirothMX: Tit-udias 3Head an_p0: retroHMM Who knows krezal: ten piedad PepeHands pekkaatte: @BarghestFenrir_ but didnt he say he cant 100% because he didnt do some thing beginning of the game kunjiru: Don’t give up skeleton PepeHands easyeasy: Nazzet lad, i was playing this game on 720p elaKek my pc was bad asinine: up Hevisieni: Yellow area kayyeah: I SEE IT Seikisu: elaBlind kayyeah: PogU VineWood0604: Pog FiReBallKG: Champ Facecap: Pog Azure_Felt: monkaTOS Clap Nopileos: Pog LickMyPretzel: forsenCD Shinichii: Is he casting a spell Pog HEIL_MODS_: forsenCD MY MAN Wheels82: forsenCD MY MAN PLAZAx: forsenCD Clap gulshan1: forsenCD yahooo Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan Distl17: forsenCD Robin_CP: chat carrying hard Dr_Gomez: Pog WrestlerBot2000: ElaHook|Clip No.12| https://clips.twitch.tv/FlaccidShyCodTBTacoLeft LUL Hongetech: forsenCD YAHOOO rastatitude: forsenCD HYPERCLAP Nazzet: @easyeasy I don’t even have the game PepeLaugh but the OST is good weeaboochan: forsenCD lets go Sw33t_: NO bell MahvelBaby: Levio- SAAAAAAH AYAYA thicknicc: monkaTOS Astariftt: moon2PREGARIO ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD Clap Justepic123: forsenCD kunjiru: forsenCD Nucleoprotein: forsenCD Clap JouniKari: champ forsenCD trashomb: forsenCD schwarz54_: is that you mario? Pog Nopileos: forsenCD BarghestFenrir_: @pekkaatte He did but we are not sure about that. He supposed it but chat said he still could kayyeah: forsenCD ✌️ KaitoKidShadow: forsenCD pekkaatte: ah ok HEIL_MODS_: PogU ? Kakyoinree: ela13 KaitoKidShadow: elaBlind Everest_Bound: Pog xlRaptoe: Pog Arekska: elaBlind Kobrick: monkaS NeThZOR: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @NeThZOR, elajjaz has been streaming for 4 hours 14 mins gulshan1: Look at dist Pog easyeasy: Nazzet u also don’t have it 🙂 my friend have it tho, and no it’s not like Ela’s “friends” 🙂 thicknicc: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Shinichii: 100% Pog SuperSwervin: I’ve been writing about that for so long lmaooo pog rastatitude: sparcBaked HEIL_MODS_: no WeirdChamp oh no Reddinator: WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp AvemStercore: WeirdChamp ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp Vendetta1v: Dasa good mario FeelsGoodMan Nopileos: WeirdChamp Hasp36: WeirdChamp Martiansam: WeirdChamp here they come now gulshan1: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz 뿡토: moon2PREGARIO Clap BarghestFenrir_: No Pregario today? Thank God Astroft123: what games is he playing after this BarghestFenrir_: nvm BarghestFenrir_: shit rastatitude: LOL Justepic123: WeirdChamp easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ LULW Martiansam: LULW Vendetta1v: elaKek Tss tss tss tss Nazzet: @Astroft123 I don’t think he mentioned it 4Shrug kayyeah: I watched larxa malding this yesterday BarghestFenrir_: 🐍 tss tss tss Streamleen: Have you ever seen Momodora by the way, Elajjaz? Gallow73: A men vafaan. Men Asså! Va?! Love the Swedish interjections. It’s awesome 😀 Nazzet: LULW milkforhoney: use baby when their are enemies around captain_elsewhere: thank god i blacklisted all moon2 emotes they are allways so fucking obnoxious elaKek KaitoKidShadow: jump king LULW kayyeah: Use the baby PogU kazuki_2: TaBeRu Azure_Felt: TaBeRu JimmyLuongOfficial: I just into the stream. Did @Elajjaz beat the game yet? (is this a replay)=D easyeasy: yes JimmyLuongOfficial krezal: @JimmyLuongOfficial he’s trying to 100% it crapcrack: @jimmyluongofficial PepegaPls Xephirus: Good evening everyone elaH How’s Blasphemous ? BarghestFenrir_: @jimmyluongofficial Yup. Now he’s trying to 100% KaitoKidShadow: Pog Fafebobo: Xephirus pepeL NicolasMn: PogU PLAZAx: Pog dexusb: L33T KappatainHindsight: 100% Clap Bobanaut: cant 100% lel… ZephidsEmbrace: PogU rihoto: TaBeRu Nopileos: PogU JimmyLuongOfficial: thanks everyone, except @crapcrack Lol Xephirus: @Fafebobo pepeL Shinichii: change skin monkaS BarghestFenrir_: @xephirus Hello there elaH not a masterpiece but not bad at all Nazzet: barghestfenrir_ cirHi marshalmv: what happened in the other ending? I didn’t watch it PepeHands PLAZAx: PepeLaugh Martiansam: @Elajjaz will you go see IT 2 ? Vegansan: so ela was lying when he said he was glitched out of last 1% to stop palying Kappa KaitoKidShadow: stop that thicknicc: PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @nazzet You robot elaWeird Xephirus: @BarghestFenrir_ Hi elaH Nice to hearMobiusCog: still need to unlock the slot ? fenniksss: @Mirando 100 QUESTS JUST TO GET TO ACTUAL STORY! Wheels82: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW Mirando: @fenniksss elaGasm xlRaptoe: LULW Thrisper: rude D: rofIcopter: Jebaited Straddy_: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Veddy_: PepeLaugh scammed Nopileos: LULW bersiGaming: lol SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek RKazekiri: PepeLaugh Jeffrus1: PepeLaugh Martiansam: LULW HEIL_MODS_: elaKek KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh YourkoxD: PepeLaugh EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh takirindor: LUL rofIcopter: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh Kobrick: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh SuperSwervin: You have to claim it Muradin: LULW Dismal_Arkt: Jebaited alpalin96: LUL Martiansam: OMEGLOL MasterMdrn: turn the slab 1080p200fps: Jebaited milkforhoney: elaKek Azure_Felt: 99.75 PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: didnt talk to his spirit elaHmm thicknicc: PepeLaugh Lord_Pepe_Klaus: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: LULW capitanodorito: PepeLaugh 👉 99.5% Jeffrus1: not having 100% PepeLaugh rofIcopter: 99.75 incoming PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: 99.75 inc LULW angryj0nes: Ela go back for the baby? fabulwesen_: 99.75 fenniksss: @Mirando AND NOT GOOD QUESTS. ITS LITERALLY THE MOST UNIMPORTANT SHIT YOU CAN IMAGINE ninjalive2: 99.75 Scarlettohgo: he’s missing a bead, right. so of course it’s .75 loleroflxd: inb4 99.75 Geixo: PepeLaugh 👉 99.75% xlRaptoe: 99.75 PepeLaugh NicolasMn: Chag kayyeah: 99.75 PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh YourkoxD: PepeLaugh here it comes ccorns: Pog Shinichii: Pog easyeasy: 99.75? PepeLaugh thicknicc: 99.75 LULW Canopus: POGGERS Vivelin: PepeLaugh 👉 99.75% bersiGaming: 99.75 SHAME 99.75 SHAME easyeasy: LULW Jeffrus1: PepeLaugh not 100% flohmannjr: elaGasm Vendetta1v: Lmaooo Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Vendetta1v: 100% asinine: frozen olive Fullmetalcheese: Chag INSANE easyeasy: 4Shrug dunno rastatitude: a bead 🙂 AkaTsubaki_: 4Shrug thicknicc: Frozen olive xlRaptoe: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nazzet: 4Shrug captain_elsewhere: frozen olive rofIcopter: 4Shrug Nopileos: 4Shrug BarghestFenrir_: 4Shrug Thrisper: stuff perpetual_fest: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Vivelin: People earlier said it’s just early access to a spell zorry4badinglsh: 4Shrug kuchinawa00: 4Shrug Padanmouss: frozen olive Kobrick: Not 100% LULW milkforhoney: bead thicknicc: FROZEN OLIVE fonss1: forsenKek 1 ithem off lethal azureTreble: you get a bead WrestlerBot2000: “That is not what I meant to fuck!” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 82 nonGiPongi: no u Martiansam: PepeLaugh dont tell him chat Veddy_: 4Shrug flohmannjr: 4Shrug Nopileos: Martiansam elaHi Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz i think it’s the ????????? room Trickery_Games: tree completes the flower quest ViveLaDissidence: 4Shrug NeoPAro: 4Shrug YourkoxD: a house 4House SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Nopileos: 4Shrug 4Shrug Caterasan: you get one from the tree mission you cant get it now Maceron4444: exposure 4Shrug Brewtallus: you get frozen olive Martiansam: @Nopileos Hello pepeL ÒωÓ Fullmetalcheese: elaKek xlRaptoe: Pog 01nicolaj: PepeLaugh Ajahi: Frozen Olive, you got an item from it Nazzet: Chag Geixo: PepeLaugh 👉 99.75% kayyeah: not softlocked PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: elaK Martiansam: ÒωÓ weeaboochan: Pog Lord_Solaire: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: no Canopus: PepeLaugh flohmannjr: elaK Azure_Felt: PepeUff Nopileos: elaK thicknicc: PepeLaugh sournuts1: HYUKAGE HYUKCHIHA Justepic123: PepeLaugh Thrisper: Anal beads elaHmm Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh perpetual_fest: ÒωÓ nave0: Chat was lying – or talking out their asses. Like usual Mrtriggahigga: PepeLaugh NeoPAro: hello guys elaHi Kobrick: PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz https://blasphemous.wiki.fextralife.com/Rosary+Beads AlanRLD: Ana Bead easyeasy: ÒωÓ HYPERCLAP Hongetech: forsenCD just cheat map FattestApache: Equip bead asinine: no, that’s from the tree vngphx: 0.25% in DLC Kappa flohmannjr: @NeoPAro elaHi alpalin96: check all you don’t sure of ? Vendetta1v: elaHi @NeoPAro Nazzet: @NeoPAro pepeL BarghestFenrir_: We? do it yourself LUKW 4Shrug nonGiPongi: butt hole bead asinine: when you gave him the oil KappatainHindsight: like 6 FattestApache: Equip the bead JinM0: did you ever buy the anti toxic bead from the shop? KappatainHindsight: LULW Kaspu: @Elajjaz Did you buy the poison bead in mercury dreams? Vivelin: PepeLaugh kayyeah: LUL Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh saoblow: LULW easyeasy: LULW DaniDuck: LULW holloWFortune: LULW Nopileos: LULW RKazekiri: LULW SuperSwervin: It’s just early access FattestApache: Equip a bead Kobrick: LULW azureTreble: LULW sournuts1: FeelsPepoMan FiReBallKG: Jebaited Lexikun: Jebaited Ajahi: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: OMEGALUL SiloWang: Jebaited YourkoxD: Location information Goes Here asinine: the olive isnt down there. you CAN get locked out if he’s dead before you ever talk to him Kaspu: @Elajjaz Did you buy the poison bead in mercury dreams? elaHmm Fullmetalcheese: Jebaited 10th_Legion: yes give him fextralife wiki that will help….. IntoDEV: *Location ingotmation Goes Here* Nopileos: Jebaited FattestApache: Equip another bead Thrisper: any weebs in chat tonight? AYAYA Clap kayyeah: Location information goes here KappatainHindsight: Too soon, sorry bout that captain_elsewhere: LOCATION INFO GOES HERE elaKek flohmannjr: AYAYA WotorJL: Pog Azure_Felt: LULW Soveriegn3: Pog FiReBallKG: Champ Murika_: Pog easyeasy: O SHIT Chag Vivelin: rooHappy Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Sohei4649: Pog xlRaptoe: Pog NicolasMn: LULW Kaspu: Pog Nopileos: Pog Kobrick: monkaS ccorns: Pog Shinichii: NotLikeThis NeoPAro: Pog Deliriumi1: Pog lucas_dogg: ~(ÙωÚ)~ Ajahi: elaKek Straddy_: Pog alpalin96: AYAYA dream_the_cast: Champ fonss1: PogU ? nave0: OMEGADOWN Vendetta1v: elaD Nopileos: Pog Pog weeaboochan: LETS GO thicknicc: Pog SuperSwervin: Wait icedragon08: Chag Lord_Solaire: Pog Justepic123: LULW Canopus: POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS Antimonesia: Pog SiloWang: lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flohmannjr: Pog maLkor1: that face dude rofIcopter: Champ RKazekiri: Pog milkforhoney: ElaPls Alvaro163: Pog summer___: elaGiggle Nopileos: Pog SuperSwervin: NO WAY 26camels: 😮 Lord_Pepe_Klaus: Last BEAD gachiGASM Martiansam: Chag ? PhysiCle: Chag Kobrick: POGGERS rofIcopter: ElaPls 100% NeoPAro: CHAT POG Fullmetalcheese: Chag verdeletta: Pog YourkoxD: Pog d3sirio: Oh god you’re the worst LULW Shinichii: No waaay ? kunjiru: Chag Nopileos: Chag Stelthasin: seqPog Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Geixo: Pog thicknicc: Champ Methodbad: MOD HIM Maranoiah: wtf was that face LUL ViveLaDissidence: 99.99 PepeLaugh ekahS_hS: Pog DexArt888: PogU MagicFrogs: PogChamp NeoPAro: Chag saoblow: mercury dreams SuperSwervin: I WAS HERE?? Mirando: VIP KASPU BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz YOU NEVER TRUST KASPU easyeasy: ElaChag when Elajjaz Chag Kaspu: 4Shrug hpbearman: POGGERS Fullmetalcheese: Chag ? Distl17: Chag ninjalive2: Pog SerVersta: Mercury elaKek V1nc3B: Kaspu MVP Hongetech: 99.9% PepeLaugh FiReBallKG: VIP THAT MAN DexArt888: ricardoFlick Nucleoprotein: 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99 incoming chat PepeLaugh Caterasan: middle left xaron_in: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: Jebaited hekni: wasnt it the shop in the mountain area? Methodbad: MOD THE GUY WHO SAID THAT JesseThaBest: check map NeroIscariot12: just check the cheat map LUL WotorJL: middle center hpbearman: Chag KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ trusts kaspu but not me PepeHands lucas_dogg: ~(ÙωÚ)~ 100% ~(ÙωÚ)~ ~(ÙωÚ)~ 100% ~(ÙωÚ)~ Kobrick: 99.96% incoming PepeLaugh SiloWang: you’re welcome 🙂 Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan map HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh 👉 99.9 TheHolomovement: the shop keeper is dead and gone Kappa BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark Well…I mean… WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Nucleoprotein: 99.99% incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99% incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99% incoming chat PepeLaugh 99.99% incoming chat PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: forsenCD Clap Thrisper: cheating D: souldedeh: forsenCD Vendetta1v: forsenCD KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ oh try me bitch xlRaptoe: elaOP ergivanc: OwO Kaspu: That’s the boss Rumpledinky: forsenCD flohmannjr: Pie Daddy! Nopileos: forsenCD Azure_Felt: pie dad elaOP YourkoxD: 99.99 PepeLaugh easyeasy: PIEDAD elaOP DaniDuck: 10 pie dad? Trickery_Games: link to cheat map? Fullmetalcheese: LULW NeroIscariot12: thats boss Autumn_Flare: 🥧 dad? Aranzada: forsenCD map Sabatetes: that menas, Have Mercy !! asinine: ??? thats the boss 뿡토: pie dead FeelsPepoMan BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark LULW YOU SASSY FUCK Thrisper: pie gone asinine: its marked as a shop VineWood0604: me 🙂 IntoDEV: that’s the npc for heals Vivelin: She was the healer NPC Kaspu: @Elajjaz On left side of the area WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! asinine: no… thats the lady who helps with bosses d3sirio: Viridiana should be the summon nps Justepic123: top left of area Kobrick: The girl nave0: @Elajjaz Its on the left side of Mercy Dreams fabulwesen_: secret wall? xlRaptoe: ol xlRaptoe: lol Azure_Felt: forsenWC O forsenWC flohmannjr: elaBlind Justepic123: Oi! KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XXpcVt0dLo had this vid stuck in my head Corthak: Oi! KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ LULW Nopileos: ol xlRaptoe: Champ Nazzet: Kapp Thrisper: elaK Nucleoprotein: 99.99% incoming chat PepeLaugh DaniDuck: Kapp Vivelin: elaK easyeasy: LULW Nopileos: Nucleoprotein pepeL Lord_Solaire: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: Chag Maranoiah: Pog Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh FiReBallKG: Jebaited NeoPAro: Kapp Canopus: elaK elaK RKazekiri: Kapp rastatitude: LULW Nopileos: Kapp asinine: i mean, you CAN Straddy_: PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Trusting chat Vendetta1v: ela4 AlmAyum: Jebaited SkyDC: Jebaited zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh flohmannjr: elaK Brodama: PepeLaugh Clap Jeiks_: olive oil rofIcopter: blame chat WeirdChamp Azure_Felt: trusting chat LULW Nopileos: Autumn_Flare elaH fonss1: Jebaited ez forsenKek Kaspu: I think he’s missing 2 beads actually Fullmetalcheese: elaKek ElrosenDel: mizzK nave0: Chat is dumb Maranoiah: i mean thats such a weird thing to make up LUL thicknicc: PepeLaugh Thrisper: chat not blamed? elaHmm Nopileos: Thrisper elaHYUG Vendetta1v: elaC Frozen shit ElrosenDel: elaK mizzK ergivanc: elaK Brodama: 5Head Vivelin: allegedly * daddywojo: DLC Nazzet: bldfBUTT Thrisper: @Nopileos elaHYUG vngphx: 99.99 Corthak: 5Head Murika_: 99.75% incoming PepeLaugh Nopileos: Thrisper elaH rastatitude: sparcA bersiGaming: 99,75 inc BarghestFenrir_: @krazyshark AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA the calm in his voice when he says it had me killed WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA Corthak: 5Head ah yes p0intedshrimp: so not 100% asinine: no. its not there. i never got to talk to the tree the first time and it wasnt there Azure_Felt: not doing a quest therefore not TRUE 100% Moctavius: Hi everyone pepeL Nazzet: moctavius cirHi SiloWang: i blame chat 🙂 silver6ird: actually good game design Pog Lord_Pepe_Klaus: 9.99 Fullmetalcheese: elaK Fascinating Thrisper: for a change HEIL_MODS_: FeelsGoodMan fonss1: 99,99% inc forsenKek zeltaOK: blameless Pog Moctavius: Nazzet pepeL KappatainHindsight: thanks, I guess MobiusCog: chat is dumb….. oh. Paravozik__Tomas: did he unlock the second ending guys? YourkoxD: Missed 1 room PepeLaugh kayyeah: elaK not blamed ComradeNerdy: Moctavius elaH flohmannjr: Not chat’s fault. elaK KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ LULW BarghestFenrir_: @paravozik__tomas yup Maranoiah: chat getting away with it again Sanimys: @Elajjaz I blame myself everyday though 🙁 DexArt888: so naive pepeLaugh Hario: Paravozik__Tomas YEP easyeasy: Moctavius alooooooo ela12 / Nazzet is half bot just like Nop monkaW Bobanaut: blame chat anyway. Moctavius: ComradeNerdy pepeL thicknicc: @Moctavius howdy xlRaptoe: Pog Pog Pog Pog Hellquistie: not 100% map discovery WeirdChamp Nazzet: Chag Kaspu: Pog thicknicc: Pog nave0: There’s two OMEGALUL an_p0: Pog? rofIcopter: Champ Ajahi: PepeLaugh AlmAyum: LuL Nopileos: Pog DaniDuck: Jebaited ? Vendetta1v: Jebaited Veddy_: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: Jebaited BarghestFenrir_: Pog? Azure_Felt: LULW Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: @Sanimys dont do it to yourself PepeHands Murika_: LULW Lord_Solaire: Jebaited xlRaptoe: LULW FiReBallKG: LULW TheMoltenGuy: LULW xplsv_: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW easyeasy: OMEGALUL asinine: theres another one… bersiGaming: LULW KappatainHindsight: elaBlind thicknicc: LULW rofIcopter: Jebaited NovusAnimus: LUL asinine: right there. WotorJL: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW BarghestFenrir_: LULW Stelthasin: Jebaited MasterMdrn: blind af Renococoa: LUL Ph4ntomi: PogU Nopileos: LULW LULW FiReBallKG: Jebaited Paravozik__Tomas: @BarghestFenrir_ @Hario tyKaspu: @Elajjaz I completely missed the tree quest Bobby_La_Malice: GO new fucking game asinine: you can get locked out of the olive. if you never talk to the tree asinine: you talked to the tree easyeasy: LULW kayyeah: ComradeNerdy called cheat engine forsenCD Dr_Gomez: What’s about that ??? room? Lagunaab: PepeLaugh Olate: Bloodborne now! Thrisper: LULW BTRNDL: wuwuwuwu Azure_Felt: someone using cheat engine PepeLaugh NeoPAro: elaKek ThunderZBee: Wowee Chris_Redfield: Wowee rurururu BarghestFenrir_: LULW WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz asinine: but he can die before you ever get there Vendetta1v: @Xurker Armory, inventory, skill tree rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW ergivanc: @elajjaz sat Fullmetalcheese: Bobby WeirdChamp Vuuuur: proud of cheating LUL Vivelin: ela12 Guts117: Epenis matters UltimateReo: couldn’t you break the big statues on the wall? RKazekiri: LULW Clap Turbulist: LULW ThunderZBee: D: Thrisper: I WAS HERE 🙂 Xurker: @Vendetta1v very nais Sorakainabanana: 100% the game by cheat map PepeLaugh ComradeNerdy: kayyeah might be forsenCD Martiansam: D: AlanRLD: elaK thicknicc: Clap2 LULW FiReBallKG: Weird flex but ok WeirdChamp ta_no_kami: gachiBASS Fullmetalcheese: Tweeting WeirdChamp ergivanc: @elajjaz say its first 100% HEIL_MODS_: @Kaspu okay you got tru this time elaWeird Vendetta1v: elaOk 👌 BarghestFenrir_: ip ip io fonss1: PogU The ladys gonna go wild nKyra: cheated LULW schlawinator: LULW DexArt888: D: Clap iLostToLife: forsenCD Proud of cheating marshalmv: e-penis? gachiHYPER YungHermelin: @Elajjaz my google assistant just recognized your voice and searched for how to take a screenshot lmao rainbowsh8: CHEATED LULW flohmannjr: ePenis elaWut Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW that_solid_dude: he’s not pretending FeelsWeirdMan Vendetta1v: LULW KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://yt6.pics.ee/GAE8Q e-penis Pog Azure_Felt: elaK Jaargan: elaK ViveLaDissidence: Got it by using online map , hack confirmed PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: ricardoFlick a27048707: If you never told to the tree before the second boss,you truely lock out. Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan We’re not impressed Lindegrene: elaK Veddy_: stop flexing your e-penis monkaTOS Smough: you have no flex pass Straddy_: carried by cheat map LULW AlanRLD: used cheater map elaK greypebble: forsenCD good flex Llyfrgell: elaWeird jade282: elaK JonasBredband: Didn’t figure anything out without reading chat 🙂 NeoPAro: tweeting epenis WeirdChamp easyeasy: no LULW imAKfoster: have you played Home Sweet Home horror game? Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz no, you cheated it PepeLaugh Kobrick: Yes Fullmetalcheese: elaThirst Ladies will be impressed Thrisper: eppen Scarlettohgo: white day hype Xurker: very positive PogChamp Chris_Redfield: looks lidl Ajahi: Why has speedrun accepted runs of alpha versions of Blasphemous? OMEGALUL Lagunaab: what if it’s HORRIBLY bad Thrisper: epeen Vivelin: @Elajjaz Enter the Gungeon and Crypt of the Necrodancer are crying PepeHands puffin_123: 100 % the game but only 87 % of trophys LUL V1nc3B: I feel bad for laughing but did Ela develop a weird type of stutter as of late? 😛 ergivanc: survival ResidentSleeper KrazyShark: @Elajjaz https://yt6.pics.ee/GAE8Q saw you fishing FeelsGoodMan ta_no_kami: open world PepeLaugh survival PepeLaugh Asmodaus1: @Elajjaz Have you seen the new Conarium? Looks like amnesia Veddy_: ela, it’s time for a break elaYes time to make cake elaYes zeltaOK: violence Pog pekkaatte: @Elajjaz check green hell i think it would be fun to watch you to survive it in hardcore Kobrick: Very positive POGGERS TorvaM: FeelsGoodMan Clap good day for some white day? HEIL_MODS_: @KrazyShark PepeLaugh mr_swanky429: @Elajjaz are you going to play the KFC dating sim? easyeasy: elaKek Kaspu: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: monkaTOS Turbulist: PepeLaugh 뿡토: monkaTOS Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Corthak: gachiBASS DaniDuck: gachiHYPER Fafebobo: KrazyShark PepeLaugh NeoPAro: gachiHYPER Thrisper: @KrazyShark LULW HEIL_MODS_: hes doing it PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: @KrazyShark OMEGALUL Justepic123: monkaTOS holloWFortune: monkaTOS WotorJL: monkaTOS that_solid_dude: wtf ? Aranzada: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiHYPER 🍌 fonss1: monkaW BANNED NicolasMn: gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: elaKek KrazyShark: LULW fabulwesen_: FUCK GAVIN MCINNES captain_elsewhere: GAVIN elaKek angryj0nes: HO NO NO NO PepeLagh Chris_Redfield: PepeLaugh Brodama: PepeLaugh Turbulist: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: monkaTOS Podriquez: krazyshark, finally Pog Kobrick: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: @KrazyShark YOU DID IT Pog Cammycammyha: Cammycammyha subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! im always lurking but love the content keep it up BloodTrail WrestlerBot2000: @Cammycammyha If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Cammycammyha POGGERS JustStian: monkaTOS AlanRLD: Banned LUL W Jaargan: @KrazyShark why do you want him to see this so desperately OMEGALUL Empyrium: monkaTOS angryj0nes: HO NO NO NO PepeLaugh Jarburt: No tis fucker KappatainHindsight: NOOOO Guts117: Gavin Pog Moctavius: KrazyShark Finally Pog Daaarling02: kaptivSucc thicknicc: UH OH xlRaptoe: PepeLaugh xsnoll: D: AkaTsubaki_: gachiHYPER flohmannjr: monkaTOS Turbulist: Pog DaniDuck: gachiHYPER damn right Chris_Redfield: Pog Fullmetalcheese: monkaTOS RKazekiri: monkaTOS DexArt888: yeet Ajahi: monkaTOS anibit: wtf VineWood0604: DansGame easyeasy: KrazyShark FINALLY LAD Chag Nopileos: monkaTOS Veddy_: gachiHYPER Soveriegn3: STOP Ph4ntomi: monkaTOS evilalien103: what Thrisper: FishMoley MooseCanon: monkaW Chris_Redfield: gachiAPPROVE marshalmv: NO Corthak: gachiHYPER Nazzet: Staff is gone I think monkaTOS evilalien103: tos anibit: LUL Nox15: monkaTOS tumaelso: monkaTOS Soveriegn3: DELETE THIS Streamleen: WHY BrowningZen: monkaTOS ThunderZBee: ????? HaswarX: MonkaS Nopileos: monkaTOS monkaTOS artoflec: Ela please dont get banned Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP NoodLeWrencher: gachiHYPER VineWood0604: monkaTOS kayyeah: monkaTOS vngphx: ohnonono Jaargan: monkaW Jalmarkian: Its actually monkaTOS @Elajjaz Soveriegn3: STOP jj_mike: gachiHYPER Sohei4649: gachiHYPER monkaTOS Pudelinaa: oh pls no 뿡토: monkaTOS Draconyite: oh god cirPalm Autumn_Flare: monkaTOS loleroflxd: monkaTOS zifur: gachiGASM Nopileos: monkaTOS zorry4badinglsh: monkaTOS SaixSoul: what?! monkaW fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat ❓ Jybel: Did they just throw the fish in? LULW atomicdestruction: billyReady Loseeeerrrr: monkaW vhaisman: Oh no. Soveriegn3: ELAJJAZ STOP Scarvener: monkaW Pixel_hearts: WeirdChamp Martiansam: WeirdChamp Fullmetalcheese: LULW Wheels82: monkaTOS BANNED Tarvitz77: oh no SQGamer: wet socks DansGame Smough: is this krazysharks dad? Empyrium: monkaTOS . Xurker: ITS NOT TOS YOU COWARDS Canopus: elaHmm elaHmm souldedeh: DansGame Chris_Redfield: TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan easyeasy: NOTHING TOS HERE CHAT EASY elaOk Blood_Rooted: monkaTOS Murika_: monkaTOS vhaisman: I am switching the channel. MooseCanon: LAST STREAM monkaTOS azureTreble: RIP Ela ZebraStriker: wet socks DansGame Justepic123: nikevi dont look pekkaatte: monkaTOS Albin_Alligator: missfuScared Renococoa: LULW FiReBallKG: LULW LickMyPretzel: IT’S NOT TOS Chris_Redfield: TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: He’s gonna show 1 pixel of dick monkaTOS Fullmetalcheese: monkaTOS Nazzet: LULW Zar___: TOS monkaW Azure_Felt: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird BrowningZen: LULW iLostToLife: monkaTOS NicolasMn: gachiHYPER Omiel25: wet socks D: Nopileos: LULW ta_no_kami: gachiHYPER asinine: its youtube dude fizzystringgs: TOS that_solid_dude: nice legs KappaPride calibrono: F VineWood0604: BANNED monkaTOS Jalmarkian: monkaTOS Sourcehunter: monkaTOS WotorJL: LULW Nox15: gachiHYPER NeoPAro: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW Thrisper: nice underwear FeelsWeirdMan artoflec: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Draconyite: LULW gaius_is_best_colossus: HOL UP cmonBruh DAILOedz: monkaTOS unbuliebubble: LULW thicknicc: LULW Robin_CP: what the fuck Sohei4649: LULW Jalmarkian: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS Korhain: PepeLaugh Niittomies_: LUL Stelthasin: rip Vendetta1v: elaD YOOOO MagicFrogs: LUL Kobrick: PepeLaugh Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek Deliriumi1: ITS SAFE Blood_Rooted: ITS SAFE LULW Nopileos: LULW Ph4ntomi: BANNED monkaTOS Smough: ban him for that rastatitude: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Chris_Redfield: TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan Jalmarkian: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS ThunderZBee: haahha Fafebobo: monkaTOS Pudelinaa: LULW Jaargan: LULW Antimonesia: gachiHYPER FiReBallKG: monkaTOS Moctavius: pepeD BANNED pepeD pepeD BANNED pepeD pepeD BANNED pepeD pepeD BANNED pepeD pepeD BANNED pepeD Rumpledinky: LULW Murika_: LULW AlanRLD: Banned moon2LOLE 1080p200fps: banned LickMyPretzel: HE DOESN’T SHOW ANYTHING @Elajjaz Nopileos: LULW LULW schlawinator: monkaTOS ColdHannibal: monkaTOS KrazyShark: @Elajjaz WHY DID YOU FUCKING PAUSE IT ELA ARE YOU AN IDIOT DaniDuck: ITS SAFE Nanashi_Sakamoto: WORTH IT gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP hpbearman: monkaTOS Vegansan: 100% and banned owlsama: LULW Lexikun: it’s on youtube and has lots of views ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Xurker: ITS SAFE doodle_droid: LUL rofIcopter: LULW pls_dont_permaban: gachiHYPER Deliriumi1: ITS SAFE REE Corthak: gachiHYPER AGAIN ComradeNerdy: FeelsWeirdMan VineWood0604: @KrazyShark thanks buddy elaWeird fenniksss: @Elajjaz ITS SAFE Zaunbob: LULW flohmannjr: monkaTOS LULW fforfredrik: gachiHYPER raydagon: ahahahhahaah DaniDuck: ELA ITS SAFEEE milkforhoney: FeelsWeirdMan atomicdestruction: LULW Livegood118: using my d to catch fish to trigger the libs BrowningZen: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: LULW Chris_Redfield: TOS Frogs FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: 🦀 ELA IS GONE 🦀 woodghost: banned kajindesktop: its safe easyeasy: LULW Asmodaus1: SAFE J0hnnyBlade: Should have kept ignoring him FeelsWeirdMan Ph4ntomi: I SAW IT gachiHYPER Kaspu: @Elajjaz I CAN SEE 1 PIXEL OF IT monkaTOS Nostraz: FeelsWeirdMan Thrisper: Its youtube ofc not Murika_: monkaW loleroflxd: LULW vngphx: ohh it’s shark video, explains everything Kappa Soveriegn3: STOP pekkaatte: monkaW calibrono: moon2LOLE moon2LOLE moon2LOLE moon2LOLE Turbulist: gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: monkaW Fullmetalcheese: LULW u let it go so long that_solid_dude: I CAN gachiHYPER Nopileos: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: mokaW Nazzet: gachiHYPER JAM IT IN Xurker: man gavin mcinnes looks like shit grimelocked: KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Scarvener: WutFace holloWFortune: elaWut DaniDuck: monkaW easyeasy: elaKek j0mppa: i saw it FeelsWeirdMan 뿡토: monkaTOS Corthak: gachiBASS NeoPAro: monkaW dekkah: lmao souldedeh: DansGame perpetual_fest: FeelsWeirdMan Lagunaab: @Elajjaz xqc got banned for less than that you know ? LULW Soveriegn3: WHY DOES THIS EXIST zeltaOK: up your urethra monkaW rofIcopter: gachiHYPER Martiansam: monkaW WHAT NaomiNow: wut Olate: wtf is this LULW KrazyShark: gachiHYPER 🎐 🐟 SerVersta: WTF Protul: FeelWeirdMan NicolasMn: gachiBASS Fafebobo: FeelsWeirdMan marbletabletop: 🅱️ enis WutFace Vivelin: gachiHYPER Mavez0r: WHAT monkaW Empyrium: monkaW ? BrowningZen: gachiHYPER Admiralshiroryu: how did he ever get this stupid idea Draconyite: dear fucking god atomicdestruction: Penis worm monkaW artoflec: Shark what teh fuck FeelsWeirdMan Nox15: gachiHYPER Clap CirceanSin: gachiHYPER Pudelinaa: bro wtf LULW UberGreyKnight: LUL Jaargan: monkaW WTF Streamleen: youtube was a mistake DAILOedz: LMAO JesseThaBest: I saw a pixel ela as good as banned Loseeeerrrr: LULW Why tho NeoPAro: gachiHYPER ChibiKuro: FeelsWeirdMan Thrisper: micro worm daedreon: hobbTos hobbTos hobbTos Fullmetalcheese: WutFace WTF gosamigo: gachiHYPER thicknicc: um… asinine: lmfao Nazzet: SHAKE IT gachiHYPER Chris_Redfield: gachiHYPER 🎐 🐟 GymNation: WutFace WutFace Robin_CP: ??????? pekkaatte: monkaW what the fuck Stelthasin: seqPog Martiansam: suuure buddy LorkiStream: gachiHYPER CROCODILE NicolasMn: gachiHYPER DarkLink1697: shark WeirdChamp Murika_: gachiHYPER Turbulist: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Anarchitect: rooWut SerVersta: elaKek anibit: LUL southdesigner: strongest wtf flohmannjr: gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: cumming NekkyOne: monkaW Lexikun: he’s probably wearing a second pair of underwear Thrisper: LMAO Ph4ntomi: WeirdChamp SuperSwervin: i don’t like this lol Arcshined: imagine all the bacteria in the water D: marshalmv: WTF Liverpoc: LULW Ennuigi: LUL Corthak: gachiHYPER AHHHHHH anibit: WTF IS THIS SHIT saugo: Jebaited elaGa elaGasm RKazekiri: WeirdChamp ComplexGhost: D: Fullmetalcheese: WutFace WutFace WTF Azure_Felt: pirana LULW bambino_86: gachiGASM HEIL_MODS_: elaKek diino: WTF Ajahi: monkaTOS MrArmageddon2: atpGasm alpalin96: D: Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP greypebble: LULW rastatitude: WeirdChamp xlRaptoe: LULW WotorJL: WeirdChamp NovusAnimus: omfg Androsix: LULW Lord_Pepe_Klaus: I am turned on know Kappa Nopileos: LULW owlsama: gachiHYPER wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp SurgeGamer: inb4 surprise snapping turtle BrowningZen: pirana monkaW Veddy_: LULW verdant96: monkaTOS Sohei4649: WeirdChamp This is actually WeirdChamp DAILOedz: fish elaFella jj_mike: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Thrisper: SHARK incoming rofIcopter: WeirdChamp Gx____: LUL LUL ThunderZBee: Hour and a Half LULW Vendetta1v: It would be this dude elaK AlanRLD: where is the sharks when you need them moon2LOLE Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp STOP ekahS_hS: what is this Raftelle: DansGame wtf Justepic123: what is going on monkaTOS nikevi Nazzet: An hour LULW jade282: enbP5 enbP5 enbP5 VineWood0604: BANNED Ela PepeHands Kaspu: @KrazyShark Why did you want us to see this? elaWeird Turbulist: LULW ComplexGhost: elaD NautilusV2: @krazyshark why are you so fucking weird? Jaargan: LULW bersiGaming: w t f Albin_Alligator: missfuScared TaBeRu iLostToLife: WeirdChamp puffin_123: I LOST Kreygasm hpbearman: Why he got socks on??? Arcshined: this is how you get peepee drop off disease Maranoiah: imagine walking up on this LUL Deliriumi1: Gavin is a madlad Bholorak: WeirdChamp southdesigner: 1 hour and a half wtf LUL Fullmetalcheese: STOP WeirdChamp TheMoltenGuy: friend PepeHands schlawinator: WeirdChamp wtf man captain_elsewhere: he’s an extreme satirist Yusolein_: is he fishing with his dick? Thrisper: FeelsBadMan fenniksss: elaKek zorry4badinglsh: SOCKS DansGame DaniDuck: friend PepeHands xsnoll: LUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: IMAGINE TRYING THIS WITH WINTER FISHING LULW that_solid_dude: I mean it seems more fun than normal fishing UberGreyKnight: “family member” LUL dekkah: ????? Turbulist: Family member watching this LULW End0rphyne: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan 뿡토: FeelsBadMan Blood_Rooted: LULW Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan x2 LickMyPretzel: a whore? easyeasy: Yusolein_ yes LULW CaptainOutOfTen: What, in the name of all that is holy, is going on here. WeirdChamp z4phire: z4phire subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: @z4phire What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM dm00z: PepeHands Xiithrian: @Elajjaz please stop traumatizing me FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: SUB HYPE z4phire elaA BrowningZen: monkaS MRxMayhem: socks in water elaWut NeroIscariot12: FeelsWeirdMan troublematicc: WeirdChamp easyeasy: elaGasm NicolasMn: gachiHYPER tomochil: Kreygasm pekkaatte: monkaW easyeasy: kgothLUREEGI kgothLUREEGI kgothLUREEGI Ph4ntomi: gachiHYPER Corthak: gachiBASS DAILOedz: hes obviously wearing a condom Turbulist: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Nazzet: I FEEl IT TOO gachiHYPER LorkiStream: gachiHYPER Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP bambino_86: gachiHYPER BrowningZen: LULW Chris_Redfield: Pog Fullmetalcheese: Ela WeirdChamp rastatitude: gachiHYPER ViveLaDissidence: gachiHYPER CirceanSin: gachiHYPER tidooh: Its actually funny LULW Nopileos: gachiHYPER ThunderZBee: HAHAHAHA Martiansam: gachiHYPER xlRaptoe: gachiHYPER Corthak: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: LULW easyeasy: WTACH IT kgothLUREEGI Androsix: gachiBASS Draconyite: LULW why MooseCanon: gachiBASS Liverpoc: LULW Chris_Redfield: Pog He got it Jaargan: gachiHYPER gosamigo: Dick Fisshing gachiHYPER rainbowhorsehead: WutFace Fafebobo: elaWut Evelon2: wtf LULW Turbulist: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Empyrium: gachiHYPER fonss1: beastiality DansGame zTotta: gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: it has to be fake jj_mike: LULW Tomowatt: monkaW Nox15: gachiHYPER ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh azureTreble: LULW ccorns: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Soveriegn3: STOP BTRNDL: cursed video thicknicc: gachiHYPER Hasp36: gachiHYPER Thrisper: monkaTOS Blood_Rooted: gachiHYPER BrowningZen: gachiHYPER Enigma2311: gachiBOP Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER advoccat: WutFace 冬海羊子: WutFace WutFace Badagaboosh: Super fake LUL calibrono: moon2LOLE moon2LOLE moon2LOLE Linis_XI: monkaS BL00DUST: TTours Evelon2: gachiHYPER Kransu: NotLikeThis Loseeeerrrr: LULW ????¿¿¿ fonss1: beastiality DansGame beastiality DansGame beastiality DansGame beastiality DansGame VineWood0604: monkaTOS flohmannjr: elaK Nazzet: Fair size gachiHYPER asinine: its fucking youtube, its not going to show anything, jesus SerVersta: WTF WTF WTF BrowningZen: LULW Jaargan: monkaTOS AlanRLD: lulWut Kaspu: Does this count as bestiality? monkaTOS Lexikun: it’s not it’s fake xD KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW Ennuigi: LUL LUL rofIcopter: AAAH gachiHYPER Sohei4649: Hello parasites LULW Androsix: LULW Streamleen: Retarded Admiralshiroryu: who the heck eats that now? LickMyPretzel: IT HAS TO BE FAKE bersiGaming: fake? easyeasy: DansGame NOOOOOOOOO Turbulist: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER holmensis: Fejk Anavolver: LULW BL00DUST: so fake Draconyite: OMEGALUL Norwegian_wombat: atpDog pekkaatte: WHAT THE FUCK monkaW DAILOedz: he wore a condom Nazzet: Taste like DICK gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER Loseeeerrrr: gachiHYPER Murika_: gachiHYPER pantrybarn: thats the proud boys guy Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP CommanBear: ANIKI IS PROUD gachiHYPER Corthak: gachiHYPER AHHHAHHAHAHA JoseMarti1853: It works in winter fishing too. SeemsGood Vivelin: elaK diino: LULW Fafebobo: elaK DaniDuck: gachiHYPER Chris_Redfield: elaOP xlRaptoe: Kapp Medeival: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Corthak: ANIKI Jarburt: Also not real elaYes BaronNosehair: Keep fishin Nopileos: elaOP Mirando: elaK AkaTsubaki_: elaK flohmannjr: gachiHYPER Tikonich: gachiHYPEER KrazyShark: ELAk Jaargan: it’s so fake tho PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: elaK loleroflxd: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: and penis gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: OMEGALUL rastatitude: Kappa Thrisper: LULW Arcshined: I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything that’s sucked me off Kayvonnn: fucking hell why AlanRLD: lulwut vngphx: CoolStoryBob ViveLaDissidence: How to get cancer in 1 step advoccat: he eats his ? ekahS_hS: so fake Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan Vendetta1v: elaK Kaspu: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp KrazyShark: @Elajjaz fuck yeah im happy Draconyite: CoolStoryBob Frosted_wheats: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan x2 Nazzet: Not real btw WeirdChamp Stelthasin: Jebaited Deliriumi1: Clap HEIL_MODS_: FeelsGoodMan Clap masterr876: 4Shrug Chris_Redfield: KrazyShark Good video LULW Xurker: @Arcshined women must love you J0hnnyBlade: I’m not happy FeelsWeirdMan Straddy_: FeelsWeirdMan @KrazyShark xsnoll: LUL easyeasy: KrazyShark WE SAW IT Champ Clap tentacles_have_feelings: elaWeird wandering_pleb: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp grimelocked: FeelsWeirdMan Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird Fafebobo: 5Head Deus_Ex_Nihilis: @Elajjaz that dude is a white suprmacist btw, he created the proud boys Lexikun: FeelsGoodMan Clap MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: WeirdChamp DarkLink1697: KrazyShark WeirdChamp Nazzet: 5Head TheMoltenGuy: 5Head BrowningZen: 5Head ThunderZBee: 5Head Clap Aranzada: @KrazyShark Clap iLostToLife: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head gaius_is_best_colossus: 5Head Berendey2k: for sure its fake KrazyShark: FeelsGoodMan Clap Nox15: 5Head TorvaM: 5Head Sohei4649: 5Head holloWFortune: 5Head xlRaptoe: 5Head angryj0nes: Taste like Chicken… and penis gachiHYPER LickMyPretzel: 5Head scoutdiverman: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp TheZecaUrubu: FeelsWeirdMan AvemStercore: 5Head rastatitude: 5Head / Veddy_: 5Head Jaargan: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head schlawinator: 5Head Jybel: 5Head fizzystringgs: 5Head graysuit47: wtf Ph4ntomi: 5Head Pudelinaa: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp Lanshii: that’s me 🙂 thicknicc: 5Head pekkaatte: 5Head thats me TheMoltenGuy: That’s me 5Head chelipe_25: caleb5H Arekska: Head RangerXP: Fishman PowerUpR PowerUpR PowerUpR PowerUpR Justepic123: 5Head xNoctis: @KrazyShark thats why you dont have a gf WeirdChamp BTRNDL: credit cheat map Kaspu: np 🙂 Nopileos: 5Head TheZecaUrubu: 5Head Gorlock92: ppHop fonss1: @KrazyShark WeirdChamp is this ur fetish ? azureTreble: 5Head Clap Distl17: 5Head Vendetta1v: 5Head HYPERCLAP OWL2019200iq milkforhoney: 5Head NeoPAro: 5Head ViveLaDissidence: 5Head FiReBallKG: 5Head easyeasy: WOOOOW 5Head POGGERS Clap Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: 5Head Azure_Felt: 5Head HYPERCLAP zorry4badinglsh: 5Head RKazekiri: 5Head HYPERCLAP flohmannjr: 5Head Hasp36: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head lackmann777: hey there chat! hey there @Elajjaz tumaelso: 5Head Clap Korhain: 5Head Nazzet: lackmann777 cirHi WrestlerBot2000: 14x 5Head double digit combo Pog Bestorio: 5Head yizu: thats me 🙂 Androsix: 5Head Nopileos: lackmann777 elaHYUG Olate: LULW vngphx: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Autumn_Flare: FeelsGoodMan You’re welcome! 뿡토: moon2BRAIN Arekska: 5Head HEIL_MODS_: 5Head 🍷 J0hnnyBlade: G 5Head 5Head GLE Jordack: WE USEFULL BOIS ergivanc: 5Heax kuchinawa00: 5Head Admiralshiroryu: 5Head chat 16inchflaccid: ml LtIvanovish: moon2BRAIN moon2BRAIN Biocola: 5Head HYPERCLAP KrazyShark: @xNoctis ouch krazys2Sad NeroIscariot12: 5Head alekzander_1234: lobosWut artoflec: just this once 5Head Thrisper: about time FeelsWeirdMan Deliriumi1: 5Head ty PokerDweebz: I didn’t help elaBruv MooseCanon: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Llyfrgell: np 🙂 absolutely_not_haram: Cheater fenniksss: 5Head :wine: AH YES Xurker: @Deus_Ex_Nihilis wait was that literally gavin mcinnes? i joked that he looked like him Kaspu: me 🙂 Scarvener: don’t mention it 🙂 Hario: 5Head YOU”RE WELCOME Vivelin: Team17 is the publisher LickMyPretzel: me NeoPAro: me 🙂 ThunderZBee: Tag me 🙂 Nopileos: me 🙂 Medeival: monkaS bersiGaming: 5Head Deliriumi1: me 🙂 Ph4ntomi: I made this 🙂 lucas_dogg: Tag the company milkforhoney: my record to 🙂 HEIL_MODS_: me elaSmile DexArt888: 5Head Vendetta1v: me essiSmile KappatainHindsight: tag me 4Shrug Prosskull0517: I did 🙂 Nazzet: I made it 🙂 xlRaptoe: 5Head a simple task indeed ergivanc: @elajjaz me TheXearo: Thats a nice video to stumble upon when opening your stream Ela, thank you gachiHYPER KrazyShark: feelsweirdme all you want chat i won Arcshined: @Xurker I wouldn’t know KappaPride gaius_is_best_colossus: me 🙂 xNoctis: @KrazyShark( WarWeeny: try this game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/318530/Wings_of_Vi/ KaitoKidShadow: @Elajjaz green hell? FishingPotato: @Elajjaz interested in the game Control? Vendetta1v: Walk sim chaoticLily: ResidentSleeper Nucleoprotein: @Kaspu yes, hep me POGGERS artoflec: its SUPER janky Olate: Now call mom to tell your achievement @Elajjaz Nucleoprotein: help* HEIL_MODS_: paid review PepeLaugh Kaspu: NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE NECRODANCER elaREE DigitalZips: It’s very ResidentSleeper Arcshined: how does this have positive reviews, it’s kinda bad that_solid_dude: ResidentSleeper lidl horr calibrono: @Elajjaz the die young people sent me *several* pr emails starting with the words “REMEMBER: Die Young” OMEGALUL azureTreble: CoC ResidentSleeper hazebase: chat is right its pepega Xurker: @Elajjaz ya got anything better to play? scoutdiverman: @Elajjaz Hunger Apartment? graysuit47: ResidentSleeper xlRaptoe: So did AGONY vngphx: It is ResidentSleeper daddywojo: Very slow start Medeival: Sinkking City! Better! wandering_pleb: Hyper Light Drifter PepeHands Ajahi: Death Stranding? @Elajjaz Pog hpbearman: Necro-Dancer Nazzet: (sponsored viewer): Best game ever Kapp Lexikun: @Elajjaz if you’re looking for another metroidvania check out Valdis Story elaH easyeasy: Nucleoprotein welp lad, compare to The Hex Ela might play it LULW carorinuu: call of catLULU AYAYA Bleez93: Spyro seraaaaaaa: Killer is dead Pog WarWeeny: Try this game, i bet you love it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/318530/Wings_of_Vi/ Berendey2k: its boring walk simulator an_p0: @Elajjaz its more like interactive movie spyer23: postal 2 would be the best horror game Kappa Martiansam: @Elajjaz paly sinking city ? is like a action mistery game fonss1: Trusting chat agian forsenKek CompatiKaiser: continue necrodancer @Elajjaz ta_no_kami: Necrodancer Pog Necrodancer Pog Necrodancer Pog ImPHYRE: @Elajjaz play Hyper Light Drifter Pog sunken_83: white day!! Lagunaab: @Elajjaz code veronica X on ps4 ? Pog MobiusCog: @Elajjaz Have you ever played Environmental Station Alpha ? Olate: LULW Baykusmeister: @Elajjaz Horror game today? nrdyGa VineWood0604: elaOP garenbush: elaOP easyeasy: monkaW samutin95: detective game and walking talking Geixo: is good is your like the call of cthulhu role game lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz sinking city is better though KaitoKidShadow: Green Hell or Symphony of the Night Nanashi_Sakamoto: @Elajjaz Yakuza 7 new gameplay trailer maybe? Pog Kibonn22: we want necrodancer KaitoKidShadow: dont watch death stranding casualkappa123: @Elajjaz play postal 2 Nazzet: YeahBoi Thrisper: Kindergarten FeelsGoodMan Clap schlawinator: eat and watch the DS trailer asinine: its a whole lot of walking around Scarlettohgo: @Kaspu I’ve waited for a replay of white day far too long dude. I’ll fight you if I must TheDankDemon: @Elajjaz killer is dead HYPERCLAP TorvaM: @Elajjaz white day? FeelsGoodMan marshalmv: YeahBoi ? TheTeaFox: watch it asinine: until like the very end Wander1010: @Elajjaz yakuza 7 Corthak: YeahBoi KrazyShark: @Elajjaz watch penis fishing Albin_Alligator: Killer 7 Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz NECRODANCER elaREE Azure_Felt: watch more YeahBoi Cerilysm: Kindergarten ela12 BAGNETOO: KINDERGARTEN PLEASE! evilalien103: yes Smough: could have eaten while watching penis fishing prrrah: yakuza 7 gameplay trailer is Pog @Elajjaz Nanashi_Sakamoto: Yes PogU DREAMOCASTER: play kindergarten Champ Olate: ResidentSleeper evilalien103: watch it ta_no_kami: oh yeah there is hpbearman: More GORDON FG_Hagrid: yes MidGolem01: yakuza 7 DaniDuck: ye KaitoKidShadow: Pog Xurker: @KrazyShark he did 🙂 easyeasy: Martiansam is this game still glitch fiesta elaHmm ? kayyeah: yakuza 7 POGGERS AvemStercore: it’s in discord souldedeh: turn based ResidentSleeper azureTreble: Did you see Nioh 2’s trailer? JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz why wont you play last door Gorgodrn: Hello KrazyShark: @Xurker elaKek summer___: ResidentSleeper Death Stranding ResidentSleeper osef2195: turn based combat PepeHands Lexikun: @Elajjaz play kindergarten Pog zagetsux: Pog Turbulist: Yakuza ResidentSleeper artoflec: turn based elaWOW TheDankDemon: LULW Rus7m: it was oooooooh eeeehhhhh sugooooooi Xurker: @KrazyShark im just being helpful 🙂 zagetsux: Pog Pog Pog Azure_Felt: jrpg yakuza FeelsWeirdMan thekorin1: yakuza 7 turned based PepeHands Nazzet: @Gorgodrn bldfHI souldedeh: not that trailer Corthak: Yakuza ResidentSleeper Kaspu: @Scarlettohgo He already played that game like 3 times elaWeird fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat DaniDuck: WE GOT PACHINKO NOW BOIS Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: PogU PogU PogU Thrisper: no 🙂 AlexAnderman1994: @elajjaz you promied elaB wandering_pleb: elaOP Nucleoprotein: there is new gameplay trailer for FFVII Remake monkaW KrazyShark: @Xurker are you a girl btw captain_elsewhere: ULTRA SPOILERS INC elaKek werzion: PowerUpLall Azure_Felt: i played yakuza to beat the shit ouuta people, smash them into walls FeelsBadMan takirindor: D: pekkaatte: ? Tomowatt: monkaW Corthak: gachiBASS Canopus: monkaS monkaS BrowningZen: gachiHYPER puffin_123: FFVII Remake Gameplay Trailer? Xurker: @TheZecaUrubu thats not what you call taking assets from another game in the same franchise lol souldedeh: onomichio PogU Vendetta1v: WutFace SamuraiEdgeplay: LULW Jalmarkian: LULW Chris_Redfield: fonss1 BAJS forsenWeird ✋ KevKov: gachiHYPER AlixWS: Ono Michio! ShinoEleven: LULW Corthak: LULW Ajahi: ??? imnotpotatoe: POGGERS ERRORCODES: Elajjaz These games already took forever to complete, now it will take 2 months to complete. elaHmm Nopileos: LULW NotPlayd: LULW souldedeh: karaoke PogU BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz There is also a new gameplay for RE spin off Nazzet: TaBeRu BrowningZen: Pog FenTyrris: @Elajjaz you can summon the babay guy in battle LUL KaitoKidShadow: HOKUTO NO KEN Splash__Woman: SKIPPING DansGame Thrisper: LULW Nazzet: cirAYAYA ChrisCage788: DansGame SKIP? vFuci: Kreygasm Aranzada: KISS LULW Thrisper: elaMad Jaargan: kiryu is dead PepeHands gabelfresser: its so… japanease… i lov eit MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz rip epic QTE in boss fights PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: ewwwwwww nooooooooooo Azure_Felt: ResidentSleeper Moctavius: Did that bulldozer just screamed ?! monkaW captain_elsewhere: @Elajjaz they did a fake joke trailer ages ago that said the next yakuza woudl be an rpg an a huge ammount of people said they wanted it so thats what they are doing easyeasy: artoflec ppl that like Yakuza gonna buy it anyway and if i remember correctly Dev said that is ppl gonna bitch about turn base they gonna go back to normal combat style osef2195: ResidentSleeper time Tomowatt: Pog Death Stranding BrowningZen: peeing game LULW takirindor: Pog AsshurtingEmu: Final Fantasy or Yakuza? FeelsWeirdMan summer___: ResidentSleeper Ajahi: @kojima WeirdChamp Admiralshiroryu: watch 50%+ vngphx: you don’t skip seath dtranding Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper takirindor: AYAYA Clap Kaspu: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: ohnMad TheDankDemon: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP Kobrick: ResidentSleeper TyrantZedd: AYAYA NotPlayd: AYAYA Ennuigi: “gameplay” LUL Nopileos: AYAYA KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz look for EXIT THE GUNGEON after FeelsWeirdMan Canopus: PepeLaugh RKazekiri: ResidentSleeper vFuci: who’s this fatty spyer23: walking time Pog vngphx: UNDERTEXTER Prosskull0517: Snake’s VA Pog Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: @Elajjaz 48min? kekpek007: I like it MobiusCog: auto subtitles ? JazzLove: GOTG Sergantuss: death stranding look so lidl lol. The HUD is totaly shit…and this gameplay itself Rus7m: oooooooooh eeeeeehhhhhhhhh sugoooooiii Pudelinaa: i like it solid_daniel: Trust in chat is so OmegaLUL kunjiru: chat complains about everything LULW Nikacino: @Elajjaz to be fair, it’s just showing off the environment and partial gameplay. I liked it LickMyPretzel: SUBTITLES Thrisper: elaHmm TheZecaUrubu: MingLee Sozu_: AYAYA Mojo64: it has english captions Chris_Redfield: cirNom Good movie Blood_Rooted: trusting chat PepeLaugh Splash__Woman: Chat’s dumb anyways. 🙂 takirindor: pepeJAM FG_Hagrid: chat complains about everything elaKek Nopileos: Blood_Rooted elaHYUG souldedeh: AYAYA Admiralshiroryu: watch after 50% 26camels: @Elajjaz it has captions xplsv_: AlienPls itsjackster: it looks Pog Ajahi: Sushi for dinner? elaOP Veddy_: i dont speak weeb 🙁 ChibiKuro: AYAYA Vendetta1v: I’m down for any Kojima game AlienPls Aranzada: pepeJAMMER masterr876: what ive seen looks good to me atomicdestruction: There’s nothing much other than one boss fight AsshurtingEmu: Same 5Head radagasstt: WEEB VineWood0604: LUL Veddy_: japanska NotPlayd: Japanska AYAYA artoflec: @easyeasy yeah i know i just think people’s complaints are unfounded. You still smash people into stuff, when you attack, you press the attack button to do follow up attacks and the pacing is very fast. milfhunter_1992: this chat is shit talking 24/7 why trust chat LULW Ennuigi: LUL Tomowatt: PepeHands Only Japanska vFuci: Japanska Azure_Felt: !englando WrestlerBot2000: englando in chat, pls FeelsBlyatMan Nazzet: Av bldfLEWD AkaTsubaki_: japanska monkaW LickMyPretzel: engelska 🙂 Nineteen0Seven: it’s shooty shooty bang bang so some people don’t like it Kay_aka_Kayrankstake: ENGELSKA zagetsux: ENGELSKA loleroflxd: Japanska AYAYA takirindor: Pog easyeasy: Sergantuss true, maybe game is gonna be actually good but i doubt many ppl gonna play it bersiGaming: this game still looks boring af tbh rofIcopter: Japanska PepeLaugh Aranzada: No subs yet sunshift: Engelska elaGa PoliteHavoc: [musics] Blood_Rooted: @Nopileos pepeL elaYA 26camels: engelska PepeLaush ta_no_kami: automatic english from japanese Veddy_: ??? Havok978: musics zeltaOK: auto translate PepeLaugh Nopileos: Blood_Rooted elaH Admiralshiroryu: lmao this won’t make any sense at all LickMyPretzel: musics itsjackster: @Elajjaz theres english gameplay i think? ModernPlagueDoctor: ty ta_no_kami: gonna be OMEGA bad LUL blockmudkip: japanska monkaW AsshurtingEmu: ??? FenTyrris: [musics] elaGa CompatiKaiser: musicas TheDankDemon: i like walking it’s comfy nymnCozy syps_: TaBeRu [musics] TaBeRu Diomago: Elfish PepeLaugh perrito_scottex: TaBeRu [musics} TaBeRu angryj0nes: @ela go make your food then comes to watch with us Veddy_: sorry but ??? Kobrick: POGGERS Gorgodrn: I think Kokima is overhyping this game as something different, when it’s pretty standard by the looks of it. Only with the expected polish on his gaes. I dunno, the more I see, the less I am excited KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn82t6S8jdM metsejs: LULW Lagunaab: The music is giving me some Parasite Eve vibes Kaspu: Auto subs PepeLaugh Splash__Woman: our new Snake kayyeah: Lemme equip my +1 baby Corthak: LULW EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh Clap 10th_Legion: ????? ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Moctavius: dinosaur ? monkaX atomicdestruction: dinosaur fossil Pog Vendetta1v: dinosaur fossil masked elaHmm garenbush: ??? LULW DaniDuck: dinosaur fossil? angryj0nes: holyshit he already eating LULW Sergantuss: @easyeasy true but inly cuz its KOJIMA. if this game will be maded by some normal ppl no one will care. the game actually look so bad. like totaly bad. vngphx: dinosaur fossil masked monkaS easyeasy: artoflec lad i would play this game, story in Yakuza games is fucking amazing elaOk Corthak: MaN kind Robin_CP: dse school best school radagasstt: ??????4 Nikacino: People are too used to wanting fast action in a Video that’s gameplay to show off the environment and other stuff LUL Rus7m: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: dse school? LULW TheMoltenGuy: title drop Pog SaixSoul: elaWeird Murika_: he said it Pog Lagunaab: dessi suturandingu ? PoliteHavoc: PepeLaugh sunshift: my god you are such a weeb nepSmug CompatiKaiser: amazon future job NicolasMn: PogU vngphx: wisdom lost at dse school LUL imnotpotatoe: monkaS Cerilysm: @Elajjaz btw Kojima and Keanu Reeves met each other on the Tokyo Show recently, they become good friends now. Maybe a new Kojima game with Keanu? LuL easyeasy: Sergantuss you know what they say, KOJIMA IS A GOD BabyRage LULW Veddy_: so , i guess this was at the tokyo game show? troublematicc: desu strandingu AYAYA Aranzada: Auto subs PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: DESU SUTURANDINGO AYAYA ta_no_kami: elaKek this is getting too unintentionally funny souldedeh: AYAYA TyrantZedd: elaHmm Vendetta1v: ? SiloWang: ??? EpicVertigo: OMEGALUL takirindor: AYAYA Clap Mirando: KOJIMA elaYA rofIcopter: OMEGALUL that voice Zednum: @Sergantuss you guys need to stop talking out of your ass, seriously AvemStercore: elaK gameplay btw LorkiStream: monkaW Dreamcatcher 26camels: ???? Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper VineWood0604: VaN PLAZAx: ??? souldedeh: koji-san AYAYA Lagunaab: wt ElrosenDel: ????? Ajahi: ???? doodle_droid: NaM Nopileos: ???? Aranzada: Kojima sama AYAYA Chris_Redfield: 5Head Kojima dream_the_cast: Normanu AYAYA Komitern66: monkaW Pudelinaa: kojima sensei AYAYA misNu: genichiro PogChamp vngphx: ORIGINAL SOULS Blood_Rooted: 2 hour cutscenes PepeLaugh eliasbelopz: genichiro Soadante: AYAYA Fentu: ????????? puffin_123: elaHmm elaHmm elaHmm artoflec: @easyeasy yeah elaOk i play it mostly for the story. Yakuza combat has always had a lot of problems, It’s weird that they side-stepped and did something different – but it may benefit from that than trying a real time system that never really figured out its problems. BendOverLikeABoss: I should n’t xsnoll: AYAYA Sergantuss: @Zednum we have a ass eat fun here 😀 Admiralshiroryu: eating wit hchopsticks, what a weeb Lagunaab: best thing about norman reedus is his voice wtf Chocolove: @Elajjaz did they show elden ring?\ Tikonich: genichiro AYAYA TheDankDemon: norman LULW 26camels: these captions are horrible Veddy_: 5Head yes of course , it all makes sense Soadante: NANI AYAYA NeroIscariot12: @Elajjaz Its a live demonstartion at TGS. get ready to hear lots of OOOH and WOOOOW. and Kojima speak japanese kayyeah: BREAD ENGLISH souldedeh: AYAYA asinine: im going to bread english DaniDuck: is norman genichiro? Pog BaronNosehair: bread BTRNDL: bread english takirindor: Pog Veddy_: bread english Pog Vivelin: bread english LULW angryj0nes: hoo i know this Voice actors LULW i’m a fuckign weeb Ajahi: BREAD ENGLISH Pog Twitch_chat_best_chat: waitwhat LUL Azure_Felt: bread english PepeLaugh Gorgodrn: @Nikacino Nah, I like the open world and travelling stuff, it’s just that it’s not really something else as it’s being hyoed. BendOverLikeABoss: bread english PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: bread english elaOP Turbulist: I’m going bread english LULW Rus7m: Ooooooooooh vngphx: bread english finally holy shit Xetise: bread english NomNom TheMoltenGuy: Chat for those who are curious, the guy voicing the protag is Kenjirou Tsuda Blood_Rooted: wtf is Reedus doing the voice in japanese too? Kobrick: English DansGame ChibiKuro: bread nepSmug nymnCorn zagetsux: desu ne AYAYA sunshift: chopsticks, original japanese dub, anime emotes MobiusCog: where asinine: die hard cartoon hood Rus7m: eeeeeeeehhhhhhhh TyrantZedd: elaGasm Kaspu: elaGasm BrowningZen: WutFace Murika_: Kreygasm Simoteus: DrinkPurple Conzilla010: yeah the dub is pretty awkward AsshurtingEmu: I’m confused FeelsWeirdMan souldedeh: BBoomer DrinkPurple BTRNDL: crack open a clody ta_no_kami: my mom LUL KevKov: Kreygasm ModernPlagueDoctor: I’m going to bread English Badagaboosh: AYAYA Bestorio: ppBeer VineWood0604: elaChug MobiusCog: WHERE IS THE ENGLISH BREAD ? Syiax_: Why LUL Olate: english nani desuka? Pixel_hearts: Kreygasm Azure_Felt: LULW Tiddy: holy shit look how amazing this is Kappa xplsv_: VaN Ayatetsu: Why would someone complain about this gameplay? I get it not being everyone’s cup of tea but it’s pretty chill stuff perrito_scottex: mom LULW BrowningZen: G fuel BBoomer Komitern66: gachiHYPER PoliteHavoc: gachiHYPER Vendetta1v: ROFL Kevintaku: skullface monkaW kayyeah: sperm MaN Labargoth: digital blackfacing? cmonBrother giant_robots: bread english=english muffin? Corthak: gachiBASS Murika_: gachiHYPER aforik1234: ???????? AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER Tomowatt: monkaW dunerinno: gachiHYPER TyrantZedd: gachiHYPER WotorJL: gachiHYPER DaniDuck: gachiHYPER zorry4badinglsh: Kreygasm DrinkPurple imnotpotatoe: WutFace Nopileos: gachiHYPER Soadante: nepSmug TeaTime Vendetta1v: LMFAOOOO puffin_123: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 elaGun ResidentSleeper SiloWang: ??? Jaargan: gachiHYPER pablo_stark98: LUL DDuckeN: esfandRetBull Thrisper: i dont understand FeelsPepoMan HelelBen: I know the “masked dinosaur” is a bad translation but if it was not, knowing the director is Kojima, I wouldn’t be surprised by it ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER KevKov: gachiHYPER Moctavius: Chat WeirdChamp Nikacino: @Gorgodrn, they are still goign to be showing more stuff iirc. Sept 14th which it’ll be another 30mins of something Havok978: this translation LUL Soadante: nepJail Garmon3: I can’t tell if this is what they are saying or bullshit. easyeasy: artoflec Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 2 after modding (ive used some mod to change moveset) were pretty good elaOk Judgment had weird combat, flashy af yet clunky MobiusCog: I AM BREAD (ENGLISH) Xetise: hot irevil0: nice bread human sperm english Azure_Felt: death stranding badly translated mod LULW LorkiStream: gachiHYPER thats why i every day…nevermind kayyeah: Garmon3 bullshit masterr876: skip to gameplay Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Olate: all fake LULW asinine: its autocaption captain_elsewhere: its mostly right Garmon3 asinine: its bullshit Nineteen0Seven: english version of this comes out tomorrow btw spike_the_space_cowboy: Walking sim PepeLaugh Cerilysm: Ordering a dentis? Lul takirindor: Pog easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz jklob: anoo DaniDuck: this is amazing Pog puffin_123: Google Translate elaKek Nazzet: Is this on PC bldfTHINK ? SonicatorTV: elaHi hey ela & chat pepeL Nazzet: sonicatortv cirHi Thrisper: HAI Admiralshiroryu: ela it gets interesting after 50% or so Nopileos: SonicatorTV pepeL LostFantasy352: tri D spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy ma man forsenCD ta_no_kami: lob shoes POGGERS SiloWang: ????? BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Since you are eating: https://youtu.be/A-RfHC91Ewc ofc it’s Italian (there are also other videos and I think he once or more worked with Ramsay) artoflec: @easyeasy i didnt know about modding for Yakuza games on pc elaWOW yeah I liekd Judgment’s wall kick stuff but it has so much recovery on everything, takes forever to transition into something new Thrisper: NANI?! SonicatorTV: Nazzet elaHYUG Nopileos elaFella easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy ma boi ela13 Corthak: gachiHYPER h4nfr3d: evening guys! pepeL Ajahi: sperm egg???? garenbush: sperm egg gachiHYPER Nikacino: Sperm Egg Soadante: AYAYA ? detective_columbo: Hi @Elajjaz! Hi chat! elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaHv Meximus322: ???? Nazzet: detective_columbo cirHi ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN Tomowatt: monkaW kayyeah: monkaW Splash__Woman: lmao KevKov: monkaW DaniDuck: gachiHYPER Veddy_: more Pog Nopileos: monkaW vngphx: sperm egg good good BendOverLikeABoss: sperm egg gachiHYPER Vivelin: ??????? Azure_Felt: does this show the monster energy drink elaChug Cerilysm: LUL Sohei4649: gachiHYPER alpalin96: what ? j0mppa: FeelsWeirdMan carero12: SEMEN ccorns: Pog mygromchan: Is this live? Nazzet: @h4nfr3d pepeL VineWood0604: LULW Vendetta1v: STAHP elaWut takirindor: monkaS Badagaboosh: Sperm egg? LUL Gorlock92: monkaW Moctavius: monkaW rofIcopter: ????? Kobrick: Sperm Egg PepeLaugh Nopileos: monkaW monkaW masterr876: STOP monkaW Meximus322: the fuck am i watching? PoliteHavoc: wtf LULW detective_columbo: Nazzet elaCozy ela12 elaHYUG AkaTsubaki_: motto gachiBASS syps_: monkaW Jaargan: @detective_columbo elaH TyrantZedd: monkaW olli2101: monkaW STOP Lexikun: @Elajjaz one punch man gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-txQmsR_FE asinine: you do deliver sperm and eggs, that part isnt bullshit MasterMalpercio: MORE rooH Chris_Redfield: monkaSHAKE DeadBart: monkaW SaixSoul: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Aranzada: Too much monkaW KevKov: like what i carry as an electrician 🙂 Jaargan: monkaW DigitalZips: You’re killing him! PepeHands detective_columbo: Jaargan elaDM JazzLove: amazing menu sounds, japanese people>h4nfr3d: @Nazzet pepeL TheDankDemon: nymnTF aforik1234: ???????????? Robin_CP: 9.8km Pog NotPlayd: monkaW Sohei4649: Carrying all that stuff LULW Kaspu: PepeS ModernPlagueDoctor: The captions make it better zagetsux: monkaW Splash__Woman: Back=broken Thrisper: AYAYA heehee artoflec: my fucking back m8 Slapmodes: forsen posture monkaX NotPlayd: monkaW WTF BendOverLikeABoss: 9.8 km PepeLaugh Moctavius: Too much sperm monkaX SerVersta: wtf] SeekerAloy: insane carry Hongetech: Make Daryl a sherpa LULW Chocolove: GOOD ONE KOJIMA LULW DeadBart: forsenPosture Llyfrgell: elaHmm BrowningZen: forsenHobo Admiralshiroryu: the chick is Pog all the time LUL Daaarling02: kaptivLewd Kaspu: forsenHobo easyeasy: artoflec ive used this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/yakuzakiwami2/mods/1 elaOk Olate: thicc LULW Diomago: Pls stop, he’s suffering PepeHands LorkiStream: LULW Rus7m: oooooohhhh WrestlerBot2000: DougPls|Clip No.14| https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyDirtySeahorseYouWHY vngphx: KOJIMA=GENIUS Splash__Woman: “My Japanese overlords are going to kill me” radagasstt: ????? pekkaatte: professional postman Pog Draconyite: literally a pack mule distLul alpalin96: there is a emty slot ??? Rus7m: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHB Blood_Rooted: @Admiralshiroryu OOH Chag AvemStercore: weebs plz translate NaughtyPedro: This looks like MGSV a lot BrowningZen: 📦 forsenHobo this is killing me NeroIscariot12: FEDEX simulator LUL MobiusCog: Bag Lady walking simulator TheDankDemon: nymnSad Splash__Woman: BOOTSU Badagaboosh: Inventory mangement Pog Ajahi: @Kojima WeirdChamp sunshift: honto desu ne 😮 Corthak: 5Head kojima Meximus322: Back totally isnt broken LULW squashlord: how much can that poor human spine carry monkaW Aranzada: Bootsu AYAYA DigitalZips: needs more boots fonss1: POSTURE monkaW 👉 📉 Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Nazzet: Jiggle physics Pog LorkiStream: management for every mission nemz5Head masterr876: lydia simulator bersiGaming: this game… DDuckeN: so you deliver stuff takirindor: monkaS Sabatetes: Is this the Sheroa Simulator 2019?? j0mppa: FeelsWeirdMan mailman simulator ModernPlagueDoctor: Amazon delivery simulator Sabatetes: Sherpa* mech_yeti: courier simulator blockmudkip: His back monkaS artoflec: easyeasy i did always like akiyama’s style LULW that’s pretty funny that you can just overhaul how he plays entirely kayyeah: posture health, like sekiro Pog frederic60110: elaYA rooCarry Sebastjaan: I really think this game ain’t gonna fly Azure_Felt: rip norman FeelsBadMan vavnier: Professional DHL guy elaBruv radagasstt: carrying simulator RealVeltan: stack ur back simulator CoolStoryBob spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Why are they speakign anime ? Admiralshiroryu: @masterr876 best explanation h4nfr3d: poor guy FeelsBadMan Cerilysm: What is that Hicking Simulator with sperm eggs. DAILOedz: LUL NetworkPro: Sounds like The Surge asinine: please do it firmly if you come without permission gachiHYPER BrowningZen: balancy AYAYA Kobrick: Pretty good stuff Raxorz97: Come without permission? VaN Excesiiv: Please do it firmly if you come without permission gachiHYPER Thenastyraven: Cute stream AYAYA Garmon3: LUL Moctavius: 0 Stamina PepeLaugh Maranoiah: jesus LUL Xetise: these translations lmao Rus7m: eeeeeehhhhhh Thrisper: This reminds me of me going to school monkaS Vendetta1v: EXTREME MAIL-MANNING LIKE @Elajjaz h4nfr3d: now RULL! PepeLaugh TheZecaUrubu: 70kg PogChamp Blood_Rooted: pregnant male simulator PepeLaugh Tomowatt: Kappa Balanced game blockmudkip: elaYA elaYA miggonaut: i dont understand what people see in this game Garmon3: Realistic inventory NaughtyPedro: how do you even walk with that in your back PoliteHavoc: OpieOP Clap takirindor: Pog Rus7m: oooooohhhhhh AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW Junri: @Elajjaz You can skip 10-15 minutes, he will be just walking around KevKov: Pog Soadante: Oooh AYAYA Fabu_: motherbase loleroflxd: oooooooooooooo shikifujin16: SOOOOKAAA crocofant: OOOooOOO Mondindatxiki: NANI !? zeltaOK: oooOOOH AYAYA easyeasy: artoflec there is little problem, it’s kinda OP LULW but i love it, it changed the gameplay completely elaOk Maranoiah: hes carrying a whole villiage LUL Lagunaab: so it’s just PREGIGI simulator ? Akaii_x: @Elajjaz this gets pretty cool later on when he reaches an empty city…shame the rest is slow Olate: dead already LULW zagetsux: AYAYA Vivelin: EHHHH? kamuiks: eeeeeeeeeeeeee Blood_Rooted: eeeeeeeee Komitern66: elaYA AvemStercore: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AYAYA BrowningZen: heeeee AYAYA Garmon3: Heeeee? Robin_CP: eeeehhhhhhhhhhhh Vendetta1v: HEeeeEEEEEee zeltaOK: eeeeEEEEH AYAYA spike_the_space_cowboy: EHHHH OOOHH AHHHH Soadante: EHHHH AYAYA Eldritchness: Eeeehh?? AYAYA Kaspu: AYAYA hisoklouch: eeeeeeeeeee ElrosenDel: ehhhhhh Tomowatt: elaWOW HEEEEEE? Thenastyraven: AYAAY woeeeeeee Corthak: AYAYA loleroflxd: EEEEEEEHHHHH AYAYA NotPlayd: AYAYA HEEEEEE BIN__: Rappi simulator yarnys: AYAYA Rus7m: eeeeeeeeehhhh Veddy_: heeeeeeeeeeeeee cappuccino_al: will this game be on PC? imgoodforyou: AYAYA EEEEEEH Strawie35: im so confused Chris_Redfield: A soda ne elaHmm Cerilysm: decide a family LUL Smough: good sleeping game ResidentSleeper Pixel_hearts: Ehhhhhhhhhhh AYAYA Komitern66: eeeeeeeeeeeee elaYA Korhain: Heeeeeeeeh AYAYA Wwaaaz: I fucking hate japan Blood_Rooted: elaYA easyeasy: eeeeeeeh AYAYA SiloWang: WHAT. THE. FUCK. Agen7stream: decide a family hpbearman: Fendi?!?! HydraLom: FedEx simulator 2019 NotPlayd: @Wwaaaz AYAYA WTF Rus7m: Ooooooooooooohhhhhh schlawinator: AYAYA EEEEEEEEEEH Sorakainabanana: this chat WeirdChamp Xetise: decide a family 😉 FG_Hagrid: its different Komitern66: its ResidentSleeper kayyeah: It’s gonna be the best delivery game ever made ISinistarI: ResidentSleeper JazzLove: very unique game, I love it artoflec: like 20 minutes in there’s a boss of sorts @Elajjaz Kaspu: @Wwaaaz actually racist elaWeird Akaii_x: not for people with 0 patience Robin_CP: do it 3d bro Deam23: it looks boring Tomowatt: this chat PogU MobiusCog: think about roses first, chat Aranzada: it’s good yeas SeemsGood Soadante: SUGOI AYAYA Robin_CP: ooohhh su goiiiiiii angryj0nes: sugoi Mirando: SUGOI AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW sugoi Vendetta1v: Woooooo AYAYA Valedroo: sugoi AYAYA xlRaptoe: Sugoi AYAYA Eldritchness: Sugoi AYAYA Bieberhunter: SUGOI AYAYA Cerilysm: SUGOI NaughtyPedro: shut up zoomers Nopileos: SUGOI AYAYA imgoodforyou: SUGOI AYAYA Thrisper: SUGOI AYAYA Clap ChibiKuro: AYAYA BrowningZen: OOOOOOOO SUGOI AYAYA Arekska: SUGOII AYAYA Azure_Felt: goo LULW TheDankDemon: Kreygasm Ajahi: So this is what Kojima does when he has no chains elaKek SaixSoul: mmmm nah elaWeird Zetarim: Sugoi AYAYA harshalrio91: sugoi AYAYA RealVeltan: there hasnt come a good Kojima game after MGS4 Korhain: SUGOI AYAYA Nopileos: SUGOI AYAYA SUGOI AYAYA imnotpotatoe: @Sorakainabanana sogoi AYAYA rofIcopter: WeirdChamp KevKov: WeirdChamp Rus7m: oooooooh sugoi DannyLv1337: @ceiz ResidentSleeper Blood_Rooted: SUGOI Chag alpalin96: AYAYA carorinuu: SUGOI AYAYA xsnoll: SUGOI AYAYA hpbearman: SUGOI Albin_Alligator: no man’s sky 2 TaBeRu madcre8tor: I was gifted a sub scarfWow scarfLove elaH DaniDuck: Pog kojima Gx____: uhhh sogoi VineWood0604: Kojima Pog TheZecaUrubu: amazon delivery boy in a post apocalyptic world WITO: Have we seen skate 4? Diomago: Just take a walk outside LULW Lord_Solaire: Sugoi rooAYAYA JAMMnX: sugoi rooAYAYA an_p0: You can walk in nms too dm00z: SUGOI Pog Vendetta1v: Kojima on the mic! Aranzada: Kojima Chag Tomowatt: LULW Meximus322: sugoi elaYA KacekX: can this girl in the backgroud shut up Badagaboosh: hologram deli gachiGASM easyeasy: AYAYA Clap BlackupV2: kojimaaaaa kytos1k: running simulator BaguetteDesu: sugoi AYAYA just shuddup elaMad WrestlerBot2000: “Why can’t we all be happy and play video games, man?” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 60 mech_yeti: Sugoi AYAYA Agen7stream: HOLIGRAM DELI Pudelinaa: kojima sugoi elaYA takirindor: D: VineWood0604: DansGame dream_the_cast: japanese people are the hardest reactors shikifujin16: OTOSAN KOJIMA ipont: have you played kingdomes of amalur Junri: CUTE KOJIMA AYAYA DaniDuck: elaREE BrowningZen: LULW Meximus322: DansGame bersiGaming: like actual “gameplay” Sohei4649: Who knew Kojima’s dream was to be a mailman LULW pablo_stark98: He can´t balance LUL Tomowatt: monkaW souldedeh: koji-san AYAYA KevKov: DansGame LorkiStream: SUGOI AYAYA Soadante: DansGame WTF Ajahi: My immersion DansGame Elkuuti0: kojimbo Nazzet: DansGame Blood_Rooted: DansGame Komitern66: DansGame Nopileos: DansGame Admiralshiroryu: kojima be like : this girl is way too excited Xetise: rooned Tomowatt: elaREE MY IMMERSION AvemStercore: @Elajjaz put face over kojima LULW Olate: walking simulator JimmyLuongOfficial: I love JAPAN man. GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz for the love of god mute the video or make it more quit Canopus: elaWeird VineWood0604: KOJIMA DEATH? Smough: middle center DansGame HelelBen: rooAYAYA DannyLv1337: @ceiz ResidentSleeper NaughtyPedro: you can speed it up, if you want kayyeah: KOJIM DEATH GAME BrowningZen: DansGame Vendetta1v: RUINED. GAME SUCKS NOW BibleThump Kaspu: DEATH PepeS Moctavius: My immersion elaMad elaGun Llyfrgell: elaOk Azure_Felt: put cam over kojima PepeLaugh Soadante: no 🙂 Cerilysm: LOL ELA WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz xaron_in: kojima death game monkaW Tomowatt: 🙂 I’m here zagetsux: HEYY AvemStercore: n OMEGALUL Veddy_: 1.5x speed elaOk Sohei4649: HEYYYYY LorkiStream: Heeey AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: @Elajjaz just put your face over kojima and pretend you are narating Random3DGuy: Kojima death game monkaW Garmon3: Heeyy AkaTsubaki_: PepeHands MobiusCog: ECHO…. echo…. carorinuu: AKA CHAN AYAYA GymNation: MingLee Chu say Lagunaab: why is this in english now JinM0: so is it an overengineered walking sim? Xerenix: This translation LUL rofIcopter: elaGa 📣 HEEEY TheGuyOnAcid: death stranding ResidentSleeper ChibiKuro: BB AYAYA Clap Rus7m: Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh Sachelized91: metal gear yodel PogU Xetise: travel with your baby and bb lmao easyeasy: elaHmm yes Fatamerikans: it’s the ultimate walking sim LostFantasy352: bee bee j0mppa: Pog cap Komitern66: wtf MasterMdrn: its like mgs 4HEad Rus7m: Arimaso Admiralshiroryu: you can take a shit in this game, GIrl: Pog LorkiStream: WHAT??? THICC Nazzet: this is oak cirThink BendOverLikeABoss: FASHON PogU Rus7m: ooohhh Pixel_hearts: elaEZ masterr876: hes about to steal your wife easyeasy: FASHION? FASHIONSOULS Chag ? 26camels: 8) xlRaptoe: Fashionsouls hpbearman: These subs are killing me. Tomowatt: VoHiYo It is perrito_scottex: ACTUAL WALKING SIMULATOR LULW Strawie35: Play it PogU Shrunkx: nice translation lol Vivelin: HAA RealVeltan: VoteNay FBBlock DaniDuck: if you moss? elaHmm JimmyLuongOfficial: Easter egg that turns Reedus into SNAKE. Lol (maybe) AvemStercore: 30fps PepeLaugh ? MasterMdrn: ppHop KrazyShark: @Elajjaz no you’re beautifu uwu Ennuigi: Pog atomicdestruction: Can’t use air transport? elaHmm Rus7m: woaaaah Xerenix: LULW Robin_CP: HE HAS A MOTHER Pog MasterMdrn: ElaPls GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz its literally a fucking walking simulator xd LorkiStream: now fishing with penis LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: Cant wait to watch this on Youtube Corthak: OAAA AYAYA EpicVertigo: OMEGALUL ? Sumyana: not hard if its empty as fuck Sybran57: I moss very often Vivelin: EHH Vendetta1v: Ooo takirindor: monkaS lunarcivilwar: understood thus more without the subs Chris_Redfield: EHH This_is_Marco: kojima has a mother, who knew Azure_Felt: if u can fish. ela will play PepeLaugh Rus7m: eeeeehhh kayyeah: kojima has a mother elaHmm Admiralshiroryu: he’s going penis fishing MobiusCog: big mother… thicc patrick_the_fourth: Mindblown Blood_Rooted: japanese are weird elaSmile Pixel_hearts: Depth bersiGaming: many walking sims are beautiful to be fair… NiceThings_: Cant believe this man is 56 years old artoflec: fish with your penis reddus Skirn_: Big Mother atpGasm Rus7m: oh Sybran57: tight gachiHYPER J0hnnyBlade: eeeehh elaWOW JazzLove: Stamina Pog Xetise: bruh these translations KrazyShark: PENIS FISHING Pog MasterMdrn: mi mi mo Gorgodrn: Dead space is necessary in games like these Lagunaab: bb dont like flower BrowningZen: yabai AYAYA imgoodforyou: monkaW LickMyPretzel: wtf are these translations DaniDuck: monkaW Meximus322: monkaW ImPHYRE: crying PepeHands souldedeh: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: LULW Robin_CP: desuuuuuuuuu Aranzada: @KrazyShark LULW Nazzet: PepeLaugh Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Soadante: AAaaah AYAYA Canopus: elaHmm Corthak: PENIS FISHING gachiBASS h4nfr3d: LUL Ajahi: LULW alpalin96: translation why ? fonss1: LULW hisoklouch: aaaaaaaaa loey: the baby hates water PepeHands ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn Alkaetraz: yabai yabai AYAYA Rus7m: aaaaaahhhh MasterMdrn: wateru takirindor: PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: OMEGALUL N4RDBOT: AYAYA BrowningZen: LULW KrazyShark: @Aranzada LULW LickMyPretzel: actually epia spray Vendetta1v: MUH BOX BibleThump Stelthasin: bibi BlackupV2: wtf DAILOedz: LUL xplsv_: Pepega Dema_: forsenBB HEIL_MODS_: ded lol LickMyPretzel: the baby is a little red BlackupV2: maraWtf Corthak: LULW Tomowatt: BabyRage DAAAAAAD Nazzet: We got a fish gachiHYPER 🐟 Azure_Felt: wtf elaWeird Corthak: Pepega Lagunaab: bb cry rt if u sad PepeHands MobiusCog: WTF is this game Ennuigi: save the baby LUL Admiralshiroryu: he lost my new graphics card fuk u ups coussin00: It’s beautiful but will it be more than a walking simulator in the wilderness? kytos1k: BB masterr876: turn these captions off, theyre absolutely useless LULW TheDankDemon: ela gameplay LULW LickMyPretzel: star march pound zagetsux: translations LUL BTRNDL: I wonder what the speedruns will look like easyeasy: true elaWeird h4nfr3d: PepeUff Meximus322: WeirdChamp BrowningZen: WeirdChamp reddvelv: WeirdChamp Clap takirindor: FeelsWeirdMan SaixSoul: elaWeird yes radagasstt: BB8 MasterMdrn: WeirdChamp Komitern66: WeirdChamp MrArmageddon2: the environment looks like nowhere in the mainland US BaguetteDesu: these interruptions remind me of the comedy side quest in yakuza 5 AYAYA BlackupV2: it is indeed Nopileos: WeirdChamp imgoodforyou: WeirdChamp zagetsux: WeirdChamp 뿡토: FeelsWeirdMan game Xetise: super weird LorkiStream: its only start LULW redman5: mailman sim Jybel: it´s kojima LULW LickMyPretzel: It’s a Kojima game so yeah JimmyLuongOfficial: this game looks INVOLVED af. Lol. I got a job. I need to quit Chocolove: @Elajjaz did they show elden ring? Chris_Redfield: weird is better than normal WaschBaer__: who cares of fuckin weird it is … YOU CAN PEE Pog AlmAyum: we need game like that Soadante: WeirdChamp giant_robots: these subtitles actually useless KrazyShark: bibi ZephidsEmbrace: I thought I’d be into this game, but my god this looks…not fun alpalin96: btw whats the point again ? PlsGiffExp: DEATH STRANDINGUU!!! BrowningZen: BB AYAYA mech_yeti: @elajjaz meme game l_Glaten_l: K OMEGALUL JIMA ModernPlagueDoctor: It’s Kojima this is normal as far as he goes sid_was_taken: the end of this game will be chaos NaughtyPedro: nymnWeird I can’t wait Vivelin: @masterr876 It’s the only thing that makes this interesting to watch MasterMdrn: hey bb Ennuigi: BB AYAYA AYAYA Robin_CP: sup bb 😉 Sohei4649: Still better delivery than UPS Rus7m: oooooooooooohhhhhh Garmon3: Hey BB captain_elsewhere: “this game is weird” i think we found that out at the first trailer elaC Aranzada: BB AYAYA Deliriumi1: yes hey bb HEIL_MODS_: @Chris_Redfield i agree FeelsGoodMan ISinistarI: HACK Kapp Lagunaab: hey bb lets see an example elaC Vendetta1v: gonna be sngLit n play this FeelsGoodMan Furrnox: Retirement? Pog VineWood0604: BabyRage Rus7m: suogoooi Babas51: link plz? PlsGiffExp: @Elajjaz Walking simulator??? masterr876: 4Shrug TheDankDemon: BIBI Nazzet: BabyRage Meximus322: BabyRage Tomowatt: KonCha reddvelv: BabyRage Hongetech: Post apocalyptic postman or something? Nopileos: BabyRage RantingDuck: BabyRage takirindor: monkaW radagasstt: BiBi Pudelinaa: you can also pee n this game WeirdChamp NiceThings_: babby FeelsGoodMan Xetise: no elden ring Simoteus: BabyRage ImPHYRE: boooooooo Akaii_x: booooo Robin_CP: boooooooooo easyeasy: OOOOOOOH, ELDEN RING elaGasm BTRNDL: out of the boooo Komitern66: BabyRage Tidusblack: boooooooo Xerenix: LUL garenbush: BabyRage Havok978: booooooo BrowningZen: BabyRage KOJIMAAAAAAAA Nopileos: booooooo krezal: wait what PepeS KappatainHindsight: BabyRage Skirn_: boooo atpRtsd3 atpRtsd4 Serefki: Turn off CC is more distracting than the actual gameplay Robin_CP: hi hi hi kytos1k: walk n bb sim Rus7m: eeeehhhh kayyeah: The weather is coming out of the boooooooooooo Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan bb BaguetteDesu: 5Head next agony 5Head Starkwolf2992: This game looks boring Chris_Redfield: HEIL_MODS_ forsenHappy 👍 Jarburt: HAI loleroflxd: BabyRage harshalrio91: hai hai hai AYAYA Sc077ish: that translation lol fenniksss: MONSTER Furrnox: Hi hi hi @Elajjaz Corthak: Hoi hoi hoi hoi AYAYA Veddy_: hai hai hai hai AYAYA xplsv_: Hai hai hai hai ❗ Komitern66: h hi hi elaYA Diomago: booooo PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: bluejiam RantingDuck: monster drink? LULW souldedeh: AYAYA Kattemeu: Monster Energy TM Xerenix: Monster Energy Chag Vrul: where is this shown at? what is this program? fenniksss: BBoomer NeroIscariot12: ACTUAL MONSTER ENERGY DRINK LMAO Royal_Clover: BBoomer rimadecima: えええ!すごい~~!AYAYA tidooh: Reading subtitles gave an aneurysm Littleearth: MONSTER ENERGY DRINK LULW Vivelin: HEEEEE? TyrantZedd: BBoomer Nazzet: Mailman and baby sitter, holy shit monkaW Yog_Sothoth__: EEHHHHHHHH asinine: actual monster btw Robin_CP: he he heee souldedeh: eeeeee AYAYA Soadante: eeeeeeh AYAYA Chris_Redfield: EHH imgoodforyou: AYAYA EEEEEEH Eldritchness: EEEEHHH? AYAYA BrowningZen: heeeeeeeee AYAYA MasterMdrn: eeeeeeeh HotFireZ: ohnKoji crocofant: heeeeeeeeeeee Kaspu: EEEEHHHHHH AYAYA easyeasy: EEEEEEEH AYAYA Rus7m: oooooooohhhhh Valedroo: eeeeeh AYAYA Komitern66: eeeeeeeeeeeeee AYAYA Fentu: ??????????????????? xlRaptoe: HEEEEEE Vrul: what is this show? h4nfr3d: Heeeeeh hisoklouch: EEEEEhhhhhh Veddy_: heeeeehhheeeeeeeee AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW heeee? AvemStercore: eeeeeeeeeh AYAYA TyrantZedd: AYAYA loey: he’s drinking a monster LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: this chick is annoying Korhain: EEEEEEEEEH AYAYA Elkuuti0: heeeEeE? nani? TheGunWizard_: ??????? takirindor: NaM Tomowatt: elaWOW EEEEEEH?! shikifujin16: elaISee elaISee elaISee elaISee elaISee HHEEEEEEE BlackjackalTV: lacA1 lacA2 B3arHands: dragon? Murika_: dragon monkaW Canopus: AYAYA TyrantZedd: A dragon monkaW wevie1: elaHmm DaniDuck: monkaW DRAGON? mech_yeti: loot Pog ImPHYRE: dragon Pog pekkaatte: dragon Pog sid_was_taken: ehhhhhhhhh chick is fun Ajahi: Dragon monkaW Rus7m: oooooi Vendetta1v: Oi! Elfualoco2003: MingLee AHH YEES Komitern66: dragon_ monkaW CleverName2: kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper UltraDoot: The CCs don’t correlate to what’s going on in-game LULW sunshift: I feel like the translation needs work nymnThink NicolasMn: Kiryu PogU Akaii_x: @Elajjaz regardless of the gameplay..this game is stunning Pog Agen7stream: BOOOOOOOOOO Tomowatt: Pog SKYRIM nobunaga0daa: elaHmm ISinistarI: FED EX sim OMEGADOWN Bawlah: This looks nothing like what I remember from the announcement @Elajjaz elaKek patrick_the_fourth: he didn’t say dragon Foxxy2013: react andy LUL Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Raxorz97: ooooh Sugoi desune? easyeasy: CleverName2 kinda elaHmm souldedeh: monkaX takirindor: monkaS Rus7m: oooooooooohhhhh Garmon3: OooooooH Norwegian_wombat: this translation atpMurray Ajahi: monkaW silver6ird: OOOOO AYAYA Robin_CP: the emmy awards lol what BruiseVein: @Elajjaz this looks beautiful and very detailed, but not the game I want 🙁 Lagunaab: LADDER ? Pog reddvelv: Emmy Award LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: emmy award ? meloth: wtf are these subtitles lmao patrick_the_fourth: the translation is off sometimes AlexAnderman1994: Chag xsnoll: AYAYA Phikaju: sodaAYAYA oddoneAYAYA AYAYA sodaAYAYA oddoneAYAYA AYAYA The_Majestic_M: half of the translation doesn’t make fucking sense lol Imranhatefi: More boxes monkaHmm radagasstt: emmy award???? NeroIscariot12: These subtitles are garbage souldedeh: ontoda AYAYA artoflec: they’re auto generated subtitles LULW Furrnox: :O Moctavius: These subs PepeLaugh Sc077ish: the translation is off ALL the time lol Admiralshiroryu: that girl cracks me up wit hher ooooouuuuu Elfualoco2003: emmy award PogU Tomowatt: AYAYA hontoda sunshift: honto da elaWOW alpalin96: she cute AYAYA Rus7m: eeeeeeeh saltyJvs: cuz spoilers chay BTRNDL: ropu Corthak: elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke THIS GAME saltyJvs: chat NaomiNow: roppu saltyJvs: no names takirindor: Pog asinine: i mean, its auto translate of auto caption Jybel: @The_Majestic_M It´s google translate what did you expect? LULW ModernPlagueDoctor: @patrick_the_fourth He has to deliver his sperm egg keep up alive_and_happy: This looks so boring olli2101: Pog Asmodaus1: @Elajjaz I feel bad for the person typing and translating all this lol asinine: its gonna be pretty bad Yog_Sothoth__: OOHHHHHH AncientMurloc: Ela face during the video forsenWhat PlsGiffExp: @Phikaju you are missing this one cirAYAYA Aranzada: @Elajjaz might as well disable subs atomicdestruction: Rock climbing Champ h4nfr3d: Pog rimadecima: AYAYA – えぇぇぇー Rus7m: oooooooooh Tomowatt: VoHiYo I wanna play Nazzet: PepeLaugh 👇 Littleearth: this game looks awesome easyeasy: 4Shrug BrowningZen: OOOOOOO AYAYA imgoodforyou: AYAYA EEEEEEH Yog_Sothoth__: EEHHHHHHHH Korhain: OOOH AYAYA crocofant: heeeeeeeeeeeeeee 뿡토: WeirdChamp Rus7m: eeeeeee silver6ird: eeeeeeeeeehh AYAYA artoflec: the animations are so janky elaFeels sunshift: Bet it will one only in 3 pre-selected locations LUL ISinistarI: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp kayyeah: This game has everything and nothing at the same time Sybran57: SUUUKEEEEE ! AYAYA Blood_Rooted: aaaaaaaaaah Komitern66: walking simulator ResidentSleeper Rus7m: oooooo wandering_pleb: elaWOW BlackjackalTV: eeeeeeeeeeeeehhh lacAYA RantingDuck: Xtreme Parcel Delivery MobiusCog: AC Delivery BrowningZen: EEEEEEEEH AYAYA Tomowatt: elaWOW HONTO DA zeltaOK: littering DansGame shikifujin16: This game is going to require a lot of houts benyb96: ResidentSleaper Admiralshiroryu: this game is a great non stream game Sumyana: is immersive the new word for boring? spike_the_space_cowboy: walking sim sharty111: walking sim Pog 26camels: this woman is ruining it for me lmao RealVeltan: just NO SantanaDVXFan: @Elajjaz immersive because you were a postal worker before? Diomago: When the baby will cry it wont be immersive Akaii_x: @Elajjaz incoming this game is a huge bait like mgs2 and you can play as raiden Pog bersiGaming: but not is happening I mean… jesus derechte_iz_pz: if you like this play Breath of the wild 🙂 Garmon3: immersive mountain climbing Dotados: This looks like shit, but I will still believe in Kojima Albin_Alligator: even more boring than the last of us ResidentSleeper TheTeaFox: i think its more of a cozy game, nothing wrong with that patrick_the_fourth: @ModernPlagueDoctor this game is already looking awesome. count me in souldedeh: I hate Kojima games look mom Im kewl ela12 Intirion: Pog test reddvelv: KOAI AYAYA Germy_ranch: ResidentSleeper irevil0: it’s awesome TheDankDemon: walking sim XD nymnJoy Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL PlsGiffExp: @Elajjaz looks like walking simulator with BabyRage have they shown much footage now? Azure_Felt: LULW Vendetta1v: LUL harshalrio91: LULW AncientMurloc: OMEGALUL HellWhiskers: This will be a cozy game Nazzet: LULW Komitern66: LULW lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz it sure looks pretty at least LULW Garmon3: LUL Nopileos: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW zagetsux: OMEGALUL RantingDuck: LULW pekkaatte: LULW h4nfr3d: LULW angryj0nes: LULW schlawinator: LULW FG_Hagrid: LULW sunshift: LUL Wardokh: With 300kg on you back, cliimbing down a small rope. Seems legit 😀 DaniDuck: Ladder Pog MaXxXtreeM: cannot use printer derechte_iz_pz: LULW Xerenix: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW ISinistarI: LULW shikifujin16: LUL annjey: LULW Soadante: LULW MrArmageddon2: atpRtsd Korhain: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: LULW Elfualoco2003: Amazon Delivery Simulation takirindor: Pog ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Chris_Redfield: Ladder Pog imnotpotatoe: wait OMEGLOL Tomowatt: Pog ImPHYRE: monkaW Tiddy: people would hat this game if it was by EA 🙂 littlebambiruthless: nothing happening XD kayyeah: I want this ladder in real life Random3DGuy: realistic=fun PepeLaugh casualkappa123: @bersiGaming does there need to be something hapening all the time BrowningZen: LULW sunshift: he was a male man BigBrother Mirando: Ican imagine Elajjaz using grapple hook to deliver letter elaKek Vendetta1v: Ela playthrough FeelsGoodMan xlRaptoe: 65 minutes monkaW Meximus322: A ladder Pog daddywojo: This is future FedEx Tomowatt: elaWOW imgoodforyou: KAWAI monkaW Robin_CP: separate house, nice BaguetteDesu: sugoi na highlander_ow: ey Blood_Rooted: it is weird to see a Kojima game with almost 0 action WeirdChamp Aranzada: Future ladders Pog silver6ird: a separate house Pog Veddy_: cakes Veddy_: Pog Jegerkaj: cakes Pog mountaindhew: @Elajjaz what will you do after this? JazzLove: you can go anywhere RIP ZELDA Pog Pog Pog Moctavius: Separate house LULW masterr876: just leaves it there D: DaniDuck: BUYING CAKES? Pog Soadante: CAKES Pog JinM0: cant wait for journalists to ask for fast traveling ramranchboi: Cakes PogU Sybran57: Don’t you have the same landscape in Sweden ? Must be hard to deliver mails @Elajjaz DigitalZips: cake PogChamp Agen7stream: BUYING SO MANY CAKES reddvelv: This translation LULW Xetise: if you fall in your mind, you will have a separate house moon2T Norwegian_wombat: atpCap littlebambiruthless: sleeping simulator xD MobiusCog: WE CAN BUY CAKES, CHAT Abbynaire: what do these subtitles mean Jybel: How has he not fallen to the ground by now with all the stuff on his back? LULW gosamigo: FEET UP gachiHYPER RantingDuck: I had to use an ladder bridge to deliver stuff before PepeHands notToph: has Elajjaz seen the new Yakuza 7 gameplay trailer? POGGERS thatchatcat: what 4Shrug UltraDoot: Why do the closed captions seem like a poorly translated mod? LULW krezal: BUY ALL THE CAKES RantingDuck: Kapp lyck0sten: 4House LickMyPretzel: what kind of cake BTRNDL: good to lower the sea cloomaThink Gorlock92: Future ladder simulator Pog Blood_Rooted: @JinM0 OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: 4House Komitern66: wtf is he talking about now Sergantuss: Kojima gona be rly great lol 😀 he gona force the world buy millions of this bad game. But im sure that the plot missions will be godlike. Just like it was in MG V NaughtyPedro: in zelda there’s a lot of walking too so… Diomago: He’s tired, let him rest PepeHands sunshift: I feel this game can still be bad, it’s hard to tell, kinda scares me Pudelinaa: same!! RyanLovesWeed: i just got here, is this all the game is? Teeryx: I like this. 🙂 GymNation: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper metsejs: what is the point of using auto subs WeirdChamp Scarlettohgo: @UltraDoot because it is LuL Agen7stream: THE TASTES OF TE MUSICIANS HOUSE Nikacino: @Elajjaz, there will be action at some point, it’s pretty nice imo kayyeah: inb4 it’s Snoop Dogg icedragon08: Chat there is fighting and a boss fight later in the trailer WeirdChamp reddvelv: ResidentSleeper Tomowatt: elaWOW Skyrim 2 Vivelin: ho ho ho ho ho Azure_Felt: yes irl. not in game FeelsWeirdMan Intirion: The fuck are those sub titles? LULW bersiGaming: @casualkappa123 it needs some sort of sense in it which I still really dont see. being gimmicky does not do the deal for me Hasp36: The movement is really nicely animated Furrnox: monkaW CleverName2: kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper kojima is overrated ResidentSleeper viktor_victor: think this is streamable? Corthak: WeirdChamp walking around so real Moctavius: monkaS Ayatetsu: It’s pretty chill LickMyPretzel: aroooooo Robin_CP: frog communication Pog Serefki: Game of the year btw Komitern66: Frog FeelsGoodMan Agen7stream: FROG COMMUNICATOIN AlmAyum: @Elajjaz you can see combat later on the video Gorgodrn: @RyanLovesWeed There’s more action later on in the video Akaii_x: @Elajjaz can tell they nailed the animations and environments RantingDuck: Frog communication POGGERS FenTyrris: frog communication FeelsGoodMan Starkwolf2992: The game is trying too hard MasterMdrn: this is ela with his postman suit ElaPls Deliriumi1: FeelsGoodMan communications Admiralshiroryu: he has fkin 100kg on his back Rus7m: eeeee syps_: frot communication FeelsGoodMan ImPHYRE: frog communication FeelsGoodMan Tidesson: Pepega Blood_Rooted: Frog communication FeelsGoodMan AlexAnderman1994: FeelsGoodMan comunication timoteh: FeelsBadMan Frog communication not yet established MobiusCog: The Cake Is a Lie Sybran57: Frop communication ? FeelsAmazingMan derechte_iz_pz: the thing is, it doesnt matter if this game is total dogshit or a m holymacaroni55: frog communocation KEKW easyeasy: Sergantuss plot in MGS5 elaKek but gameplay was nice garenbush: wheres the fights ResidentSleeper sunshift: 📞 FeelsGoodMan Intirion: Frog communication FeelsGoodMan BrowningZen: FeelsGoodMan Furrnox: FeelsGoodMan KevKov: its playstation only right ? PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: masterpiece* Shrunkx: I LIVE IN THE BASEMENT Tomowatt: FeelsAmazingMan Frog communication h4nfr3d: The Alps are really close, so I could just go hiking. But I’ll rather play this. FeelsGoodMan Meximus322: FeelsGoodMan Clap Jegerkaj: basement squad Pog RyanLovesWeed: @Gorgodrn oh ok, like it looks super cool im just confused LUL silver6ird: i live in the basement FeelsGoodMan Phikaju: live in the basement LUL mountaindhew: @Elajjaz ttranslate the video yourself weeb WeirdChamp Royal_Clover: I live in the basement LuL NaughtyPedro: so many zoomers in chat FeelsWeirdMan Soadante: FeelsGoodMan Clap highlander_ow: i live in the basement except my baggage???? RantingDuck: kojima lives in an basement PepeHands sobrante8: where is the FUN? BrowningZen: 📞 FeelsGoodMan Drunkndragon: 📞 FeelsGoodMan moshi moshi? sunshift: naruhodo elaISee kekpek007: @Elajjaz Im also like it, it is like shadow of the colossus exploration for me, very immersive Blood_Rooted: 📞 FeelsGoodMan Clap Rus7m: ooooooooooooooh derechte_iz_pz: Kojimas Name alone will sell this game papatex15: time gets wet? DexArt888: sugoi subarashi AYAYA AvemStercore: NARUHODO AYAYA Xer_0: how much did you watch? Sergantuss: @easyeasy the main missions was insanly good. Like this guy know how to do scripted stuff zeltaOK: ii ne tidooh: @mountaindhew weebs don’t speak japanese AYAYA masterr876: but wheres the mons at AncientMurloc: @Elajjaz Stop doing this face forsenWhat zorry4badinglsh: DESU NE AYAYA frallanswe: GOOD SOUND SeemsGood Commander_Spyke: ??? KevKov: HotPokket Sybran57: He / she ? Moctavius: 222 ??? Germy_ranch: SOU DESU NE HAI AYAYA timoteh: FeelsBadMan I’m cold too Veddy_: 222 masterr876: i wanna see action Jegerkaj: uca 222 monkaW loey: lmao that’s Daichi Miura Gorlock92: OVERHYPED Pog ShinoEleven: HAI AYAYA Soadante: DansGame Junri: Yes Admiralshiroryu: I feel this is some sort of a joke Garmon3: No LickMyPretzel: no Azure_Felt: yes silver6ird: NO DansGame LorkiStream: ye Lagunaab: just do it Meximus322: DansGame Nopileos: Yes DaniDuck: no DansGame JAMMnX: no Gorgodrn: Yes Komitern66: this game is so ResidentSleeper where is the action Admiralshiroryu: yah BrowningZen: DansGame NO NiceThings_: No DansGame Furrnox: Yes Vivelin: Permission denied Veddy_: 2x speed mixel7: yes Robin_CP: yes KevKov: no 🙂 Serefki: where is the BR ResidentSleeper takirindor: D: Nopileos: Yes Yes radagasstt: YES Kaspu: NO DansGame MobiusCog: elaYA kayyeah: Find some combat if there is any Blood_Rooted: N OMEGALUL HEIL_MODS_: yes HotFireZ: DansGame gladiathorl: Yes mountaindhew: @tidooh true LULW Straddy_: yes please Nazzet: No DansGame Diomago: No 🙂 Aranzada: no DansGame WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Da_Flanker: Skip to the end fonss1: DansGame WTF artoflec: yes you have to jump like 20 minutes to get to actual gameplay pekkaatte: skip alot GymNation: yes Admiralshiroryu: as I said 50 % + tidooh: @mountaindhew LULW TyrantZedd: SKipping DansGame DaniDuck: D: gagin5: Tokyo game show is tomorrow Jake will stream it guys Bald_Fraud: my immersion DansGame benyb96: ResidentSleeper Azure_Felt: to the end FeelsWeirdMan 👉 ⏩ babulescu546: moto AYATA 뿡토: pls skip this ResidentSleeper PlsGiffExp: Skip whole video zeltaOK: cut what up? monkaW sobrante8: lul casualkappa123: @bersiGaming for me this is good immersion and doesnt need some fight or stuff happening every 5 minutes PlsGiffExp: LULW RantingDuck: SeemsGood good ladder derechte_iz_pz: this streamer is too impatient for this game 🙂 RyanLovesWeed: pepeD Lagunaab: i’m going to make a dream but i’m going to cut it up monkaW Ennuigi: make a dream LUL Veddy_: pepeJAM zagetsux: LUL TyrantZedd: pepeJAM NiceThings_: Streamer has zero patience DansGame Tiddy: ladders so innovative Kappa takirindor: AYAYA Clap Kaspu: pepeJAM Soadante: AYAYA Jegerkaj: Yana song TaBeRu xlRaptoe: pepeJAM atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Nopileos: pepeJAM DigitalZips: ElaJAMMER Ageingyoungrebel: he’s skipping DansGame Bieberhunter: AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: TaBeRu silver6ird: pepeJAM RantingDuck: pepeJAM Deliriumi1: pepeJAM ShinoEleven: pepeJAM pekkaatte: pepeJAM Frankssssssss: pepeJAM Eldritchness: TaBeRu Nazzet: TaBeRu sobrante8: F U N Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Tomowatt: PepeJAM souldedeh: TaBeRu Sybran57: pepeJAM timoteh: ElaJammer MobiusCog: AYAYA Jybel: pepeJAMMER CleverName2: @Elajjaz skip to 48:05 , something really cool there Pog rakyan: pepeJAM souldedeh: pepeJAM HotFireZ: AYAYA madcre8tor: scarfJam Corthak: pepeJAMMER Xetise: pepeD LorkiStream: sperm eggs gachiHYPER Nopileos: pepeJAM MasterMalpercio: pepeD babulescu546: pepeJAM AYAYA Rus7m: pepeJAM iLostToLife: pepeJAM 👍 Komitern66: pepeJAMMER Androsix: pepeJAMMER jklob: pepeJAM Gorgodrn: pepeJAM JinM0: TaBeRu Albin_Alligator: more hiking ResidentSleeper yay littlebambiruthless: skip whole video please XD easyeasy: Sergantuss it’s sad that this game wasn’t finished, had pepega momemts like Quiet being full on pepega and being tortured while she could JUST write elaGa Clap timoteh: ElaJAMMER NeroIscariot12: Go in the last third for BOSS FIGHT Robin_CP: that game can be very comfy Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM kayyeah: Play his mother monkaW Gorlock92: pepeJAM Veddy_: songs and my mother Pog akmannen: walking simulator 🙂 GymNation: Skipping FeelsGoodMan mountaindhew: PLAYING J-POP PogU Teeryx: Looks cool 🙂 Raxorz97: He can play his mother? Thrisper: pepeJAM Phikaju: my mother PepeLaugh Littleearth: AlienPls ChibiKuro: TaBeRu Jegerkaj: play your mom Pog gladiathorl: my mother ? wtf Antraxo: Antraxo subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months, currently on a 24 month streak! Kojima is God. Say it with me KOJIMA IS GOD ohnKoji WrestlerBot2000: @Antraxo After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Antraxo POGGERS silver6ird: NARUHODO AYAYA notToph: have you seen the new Yakuza 7 gameplay trailer? it’s POGGERS @Elajjaz zonk3di: i can play songs and my mother? LULW ShinoEleven: NARUHODO AYAYA Veddy_: SCHALKE Pog Moctavius: Chocolate Pog Admiralshiroryu: I can play songs and my mother wtf DexArt888: kimi wo aisheteru 26camels: CAN PLAY SONGS AND MY MOTHER OMEGADOWN Lagunaab: Fallout had radio stations too WeirdChamp HotFireZ: NARUHODO AYAYA Sybran57: pepeJAMMER Corthak: NARUHODO AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: @clevername2 stop hating you cute and lovable person elaMad Germy_ranch: AYAYA HARUHODO NaughtyPedro: this subs LULW Fatamerikans:>schalke takirindor: pepeJAM Tidusblack: play songs and my mother LULW ekkojj: elaDM MaXxXtreeM: play mother Androsix: Subtitle LUL TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL RantingDuck: can someone play jerk it in one of them POGGERS Cabause16: SCHALKE LULW Soadante: Schalke PepeLaugh oihoy: It seems to be some kind of online interaction Intirion: chocolate Pog Germy_ranch: elaB oops NiceThings_: KOJIMA IS GOD Jegerkaj: music level up Pog Robin_CP: Chalke 04 Pog Ennuigi: KUKIMINI AYAYA t0reno: SCHALKE 04 EEEEHYY h4nfr3d: Schalke 04 FeelsGoodMan babulescu546: Sugoi Pog fenniksss: Sounds pretty cool Jybel: I wonder how big the world is. 🤔 JimmyLuongOfficial: KOJIMA IS GOD AlmAyum: google trad LuL zeltaOK: CAN IT PLAY PLASTIC LOVE THOUGH? Sopmorifique: This is just too unique not to buy if you like video games. If you’re Residentsleeping just go play fortnite OMEGALUL syps_: pepeJAM radagasstt: Toms Tertera Serefki: Where are the guns ResidentSleeper This_is_Marco: blink MobiusCog: He has a drone now ? Komitern66: more walking ResidentSleeper silver6ird: please impregnate me kojima-san Antraxo: ohnKoji ModernPlagueDoctor: Tertera used earthquake takirindor: Pog radagasstt: where are the guns KKona Furrnox: monkaW garenbush: wheres the fights ResidentSleeper Sergantuss: @easyeasy hope they will not fired kojima after this gameplay xD Admiralshiroryu: now it gets interesting DEADSINCE1991: gameplay ResidentSleeper DaniDuck: delivery syndrome? monkaW fenniksss: Pog FIghting time Zetarim: MGS PepeHands Ajahi: Wait, he has a hovedboard for his wares? Pog Nowaytobe: thick Sybran57: What did he predicted exactly ? Pudelinaa: i feel like the combat is too slow tho in this game FeelsBadMan Antraxo: Yeah he one crazy man ohnKazpa elaOk Exile_On_Twitch: Wtf is even the goal in this game? It looks so weird… WReN__x: skate 4 here we go PogU loey: sam is thicc Bestorio: delivery syndrome PepeLaugh Veddy_: delivery syndrom PepeHands holymacaroni55: delivery syndrome xD squashlord: delivey syndrome?? LUL Phikaju: Pog here it comes Tidesson: delivery syndrome PepeHands NaughtyPedro: no big explosions ResidentSleeper Dotados: sperm and eggs Aranzada: Pog Pog Pog kayyeah: POGGERS NiceThings_: Pog FenTyrris: Skate 4 Pog Meximus322: monkaW RyanLovesWeed: Pog ShinoEleven: Pog Komitern66: Pog Nopileos: Pog Rus7m: hoooi Murika_: Pog BendOverLikeABoss: SPERM AND EGGS gachiHYPER ramranchboi: Pog Vendetta1v: Oooo Skirn_: Pog ! DaniDuck: Pog Kaspu: SKATE 4 PogU silver6ird: Pog Beardie_Twitch: sekai juni kayyeah: SKATE 4 Meximus322: Pog Frankssssssss: Pog TyrantZedd: Pog Furrnox: Pog Lord_Solaire: Pog Littleearth: OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: SKATE Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog dream_the_cast: SKATE 4 j0mppa: Pog SKATE Jaargan: Pog syps_: Champ Royal_Clover: HERE I AM fenniksss: SKATE 4 Pog Bestorio: Pog souldedeh: PogU radagasstt: LUL Kaspu: SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU SKATE 4 PogU HotFireZ: PogU sunshift: POGGERS Deliriumi1: Pog silver6ird: WEEEEEEEEEE Pog NaughtyPedro: no pew pew bom bom ResidentSleeper Nopileos: Pog BrowningZen: Pog ccorns: Pog Kristoferr_: SKATE 4 Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: Pog AlexAnderman1994: FOGGERS Ennuigi: Pog NiceThings_: insane kojima Pog Diomago: Skate 4 POGGERS NaomiNow: SKATE 4 SilentNewbee: Pog olli2101: SKATE 4 Pog DaniDuck: SKATE 4 Pog troublematicc: Chag Nopileos: Pog Pog jj_mike: PogU Sergantuss: @garenbush its gona be more lidl then this lol. you better not see this RantingDuck: SKATE 4 alive Pog scooooba: SKATE 4 Pog Serefki: where is my ELO ResidentSleeper shakmanne: goat simulator Pog Xetise: skkrrrrrt BrowningZen: SKATE 4 Pog Korhain: Pog xlRaptoe: Skate Stranding Pog sunshift: SKATE 4 Pog fonss1: SKATE 4 Pog kunjiru: Sopmorifique Unless you play only Generic Dude Bro Shooters then you’re gonna bitch about the game doing something new Meximus322: Death skating 4 Pog Komitern66: SKATE 4 POGGERS h4nfr3d: FeelsAmazingMan Clap Nopileos: SKATE 4 Pog squashlord: Pog ShinoEleven: SKATE 4 Pog sobrante8: suddenly fun MagicFrogs: PogChamp Androsix: Skate 4 Pog krezal: SKATE 4 POGGERS Phikaju: struck a puppy D: easyeasy: Sergantuss LULW Soadante: D: Moctavius: D: silver6ird: STRUCK A PUPPY D: Vivelin: struck a puppy D: Alkaetraz: SUGOI Pog DEADSINCE1991: D: atomicdestruction: Champ It’s happening Jegerkaj: struck a puppy D: AncientMurloc: English deer forsenWhat timoteh: D: STRUCK A PUPPY DaniDuck: D: Deliriumi1: D: Loseeeerrrr: Entered English deer and struck a puppy cirD Sybran57: Hidding in grass LULW Vidmitriev: D: Eldritchness: LULW zeltaOK: STRUCK A PUPPY? pekkaatte: LULW Turbulist: LULW Nopileos: D: Robin_CP: english deer but struck a puppy RyanLovesWeed: LULW Raxorz97: These subtitles are both LULW and MonkaW xlRaptoe: D: Azure_Felt: puppy PepeHands zagetsux: LULW LickMyPretzel: STRUCK A PUPPY??? Lagunaab: I enterer their english deer too papatex15: STRUCK A PUPPY? Random3DGuy: Zelda BOTW 3 PogU Thrisper: Struck a puppy D: ImPHYRE: D; Tidusblack: D: Jaargan: D: lyck0sten: Struck a puppy D: Shrunkx: D: scooooba: he entered the deer D: Komitern66: D: easyeasy: elaKek Clap Jektrick: LUL Veddy_: LULW Straddy_: D: CleverName2: @derechte_iz_pz i wish you only receive love and respect elaMad Nopileos: D: D: Sohei4649: D: Kaspu: cirD Pepparn: D: RantingDuck: D: PETA brandop526: 😀 SilentNewbee: D: Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaW Xerenix: D: Furrnox: D. Admiralshiroryu: lmao imgoodforyou: D: BTRNDL: elaKek TyrantZedd: elaD TheDankDemon: OMEGADOWN Turbulist: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Nopileos: D: dekkah: elaKek NotPlayd: D: WTF JazzLove: back to the future reference Pog Pog evilalien103: LUL this auto translate Espher_5: D: sunshift: D: Veddy_: elaD NiceThings_: elaK Cralth: BOW shield surfing DansGame AkaTsubaki_: elaKek KevKov: elaD WTF Nopileos: elaK ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap Ennuigi: LUL Xetise: D: Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN kytos1k: LUL Baronjohn96: Skate 4 LULW Junri: KOJIMA WTF Arekska: D: alpalin96: D: RKazekiri: OMEGALUL Llyfrgell: elaHmm d4rkkover: LUL zagetsux: auto generated ones LUL scooooba: DEER FUCKER Tidesson: PETA azureTreble: I heard that some items that you see are made by other players. The world may not be that empty once the game is out Nopileos: LUL Moctavius: Robbed monkaW WReN__x: PARTNERED PogU ShinoEleven: elaKek ivooooo__: rooD mixel7: mgs 5 Pog sunshift: “sub-person” D: takirindor: monkaS artoflec: time for ps1 era takedown animation elaWOW Jektrick: entered? monkaS Vendetta1v: Finally a skateboard game BibleThump brandop526: just another twitch streamer DeadBart: auto-translated? Robin_CP: sub-persons JimmyLuongOfficial: stealth RantingDuck: Akko monkaW Jybel: “sub-person” LULW Veddy_: take shoes Pog radagasstt: this is what Kojima is actually saying LUL timoteh: ROBBED FROM THAT SUB-PERSON PepeLaugh Diomago: If i catch freedom PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: my shoes now PepeLaugh BrowningZen: sub-person D: BruiseVein: SKATE 4 PogChamp DEADSINCE1991: SELLOUT LULW TheDankDemon: nymnTF Beardie_Twitch: it looks like MGS5 Aranzada: Stealth monkaW ShinoEleven: take shoes? rooXD masterr876: action is coming Chag Robin_CP: the F BAR???? D: kryptoftheold: YOU CAN EVEN TAKE SHOES Moctavius: Gun with a rope monkaW xlRaptoe: gachiHYPER Thrisper: F BAR elaThirst CrisURace: lol he’s a thief not a delivery man LUL dream_the_cast: shank that sucker BrowningZen: f bar gachiHYPER t0reno: the subtitles are so confusing garenbush: @Sergantuss this is so much like mgs5 ResidentSleeper Soadante: OOOH AYAYA wevie1: every game trailer should have subtitles like this syps_: f bar PepeHands ColdHannibal: that is MGS 5 gameplay Llyfrgell: METAL GEAR Pog Blood_Rooted: MGS Chag RantingDuck: slowly slowly gachiBOP AncientMurloc: ???? Aranzada: Stealth Skating Champ Fatamerikans: ?\ silver6ird: kojima dehumanizes people and hits puppies D: Vendetta1v: OOF KVVV1: ?????? Komitern66: ?????? Ajahi: ????? Lagunaab: action at last ? Nopileos: ???? timoteh: ????????? Turbulist: ???????? babulescu546: wut LULW Jegerkaj: ??? LULW Drunkndragon: ????? RyanLovesWeed: wtf ? Kaspu: Nice animations LULW orsy89: orsy89 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 17 months! fenniksss: DEAD DaniDuck: MGS Pog Veddy_: ?????? artoflec: LOL WrestlerBot2000: @orsy89 After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Tidusblack: ??????? Sybran57: Hitman ! Pog bigdaddye40: what Azure_Felt: DansGame spike_the_space_cowboy: ???? Nopileos: SUB HYPE orsy89 elaA Meximus322: ?????? Ennuigi: ?????? Corthak: ????????????? timoteh: Wat?????????? HotFireZ: ? NiceThings_: D: HugeBaguette_tv: NARUTO ? Furrnox: ???? ShinoEleven: ????? bigdaddye40: ????? kayyeah: ???????????????? Ennuigi: LUL Royal_Clover: VaN HEIL_MODS_: wtf harshalrio91: looks weird LUL MobiusCog: typical courier behaviour ISinistarI: ???????????? Nopileos: ???? schlawinator: ?????????? BTRNDL: the animations are so bad NotLikeThis syps_: ??? Jaargan: ????????? garenbush: ???? Vidmitriev: no fulton? PepeLaugh SaixSoul: wtf??? Kaspu: LIDL LULW Aranzada: Magic ???? Serefki: where is my BR ResidentSleeper krezal: CQC DEMOSTRATION POG sid_was_taken: LUL alfa animations Tiddy: is this the dark souls of delivery games? Fatamerikans: insane sneaking with 250kg gear schlawinator: That was bad LULW Stelthasin: hitman azureTreble: he used a garote Ennuigi: ANIMATION PLEASE LUL HEIL_MODS_: can we watched it again PepeLaugh Lagunaab: magic rope Azure_Felt: animation not there yet elaHmm TheDankDemon: go back NaughtyPedro: Ela you missed the part where you can access to items and places from another players @Elajjaz timoteh: gachiBass HEIL_MODS_: watch* mixel7: nice animation introvertflake: looks like reskinned MGS5 Tidesson: he got snake’d evilalien103: animation seemed sped up takirindor: Pog ModernPlagueDoctor: Every time you order ramen noodles or a phone charger on Amazon this is what happens sunshift: english menu Pog Thrisper: monkaS Jegerkaj: sulfuric acid monkaW Canopus: elaHmm LostFantasy352: astrobot? Croissanito: speedo AYAYA Clap LickMyPretzel: skereton DEADSINCE1991: monakW ACID Veddy_: speed skating Pog brandop526: acid skating? Baronjohn96: Looks glitched Jaargan: it’s not finished yet chat FeelsWeirdMan Xerenix: So this is like a survival game RKazekiri: spend bilions on famous actors, cant afford proper animation LULW Autumn_Flare: So this is a stealth game after all? Aranzada: Powa legsu Pog HotFireZ: naruhodo AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: this menu looks terrible idk why Lykouleon: Pog silver6ird: AYAYA naruhodo shakmanne: asian IQ game TyrantZedd: elaHYUK Da_Flanker: elaHYUK xlRaptoe: elaHYUK Vivelin: AAHHHH Vendetta1v: monkaX ShinoEleven: NARUHODO AYAYA Nopileos: elaHYUK Soadante: AAAAAH AYAYA RantingDuck: AHHHH silver6ird: AHHHHHHH Golden04: elaHYUK derechte_iz_pz: Maybe it’s just me Robin_CP: TOOT TOOT Azure_Felt: elaHYUK j0mppa: monkaW takirindor: monkaW ImKnocks: this game is so overhyped wtf Espher_5: elaHYUK dYnAm1c92: aaaaah AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK Antraxo: Exoskeleton ohnKoji Da_Flanker: That’s a mean hyuk Nopileos: elaHYUK elaHYUK Lord_Solaire: monkaW Lexikun: It’s almost like the game isn’t finished and out yet elaHmm zagetsux: raw taka DeadBart: gachiHYPER angryj0nes: AAAAAAH AYAYA NotPlayd: monkaW ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER Jegerkaj: elaHYUK syps_: elaHYUK ramranchboi: ElaPls ttetz: omega elaHYUK BrowningZen: @Jaargan unfinished, just like MGSV? PepeLaugh ShinoEleven: elaHYUK Komitern66: ElaPls DigitalZips: ElaPls AkaTsubaki_: ElaPls Nopileos: elaHYUK krezal: RAW TAKA FOR DJ? Pog atomicdestruction: Raw taka monkaW Furrnox: monkaW Robin_CP: DAVAI DAVAI Deliriumi1: ElaPls BlackjackalTV: AHHH lacA1 lacA2 Ennuigi: Raw taka for DJ Pog NicolasMn: ElaPls AlexAnderman1994: PlsEla RantingDuck: ElaPls Furious_Cookie: Hi @Elajjaz and Chat! Hope you guys have a nice day! elaHi elaH sunshift: REAL VOICE WutFace Intirion: monkaS Nazzet: furious_cookie cirHi Sybran57: @Jaargan The game release in 2 month Kappa Nopileos: ElaPls Eldritchness: ElaPls Soadante: monkaS Shedled: what is this game Dotados: They don’t shoot ShinoEleven: AHHHH AYAYA MrArmageddon2: ElaPls SaixSoul: ElaPls Turbulist: ElaPls Azure_Felt: the fuck is wrong with that gril elaHmm Exile_On_Twitch: AAAAHH HAHAHAH HotFireZ: ElaPls Chiliad9k: monkaW DEADSINCE1991: REL VOICE Jybel: ElaPls fenniksss: pepeJAM Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls NoDwarfTossing: SPRIIING Espher_5: ElaPls takirindor: pepeJAM Vivelin: Poland monkaS ShinoEleven: ElaPls B3arHands: im fainted when im numb Mirando: EBOLA GUN LUL Robin_CP: POLAND WILL BRING EVERYTHING Daaarling02: kaptivNyayaya Soadante: OOOOOH AYAYA zagetsux: POLAND LULW j0mppa: monkaH Vendetta1v: Ooo Jegerkaj: stick Yuan AYAYA pekkaatte: Pog Jaargan: @BrowningZen PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: EBOLA ZULUL Skirn_: Poland will bring everything Pog Aplecraf: poland elaS xlRaptoe: Poland will bring everything monkaW BrowningZen: Poland will bring everything ela7 Corthak: OOOOOOOO AYAYA silver6ird: POLAND monkaS nekro793: Poland Pog Berendey2k: EBOLA GUN Golden04: Poland Pog Zloezlo: POLAND WILL BRING EVERYTHING AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW woooooah ShinoEleven: OOOOOOHH AYAYA Mirando: POLAND HERE WE GO Aranzada: Bolas Pog Turbulist: POLAND WILL BRING EVERYTHING Pog timoteh: monkaW POLAND WILL BRING EVERYTHING WReN__x: NO ACTION BTW OMEGALUL sunshift: everything is a stealth game, if you play it like that TPFufun Hsnaketwitch: this is the game you can camp with norman reedus rimadecima: スピードスケルトン! Pg LorkiStream: not walk simulator Pog Furrnox: monkaS RKazekiri: Poland LUL Ennuigi: HAD HAVE 🙂 BTRNDL: they were on a car, they decide to go after him on foot, why? cloomaThink Corthak: Poland PogU krezal: BOLEADORAS GUANCHES Pog NautilusV2: @Elajjaz is that auto genereated sub? B3arHands: feed skeleton monkaS Lord_Solaire: Poland Pog ISinistarI: ???? pekkaatte: ? artoflec: “hey can you slow down the game for 2 seconds everytime you shoot something” Da_Flanker: These subtitles LUL silver6ird: YEET kayyeah: THIS IS MY DELIVERY MOTHERFUCKER Komitern66: LULW takirindor: D: Serefki: Where is the boold ResidentSleeper Sohei4649: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Diomago: feed skeleton PepeLaugh matlej85: matlej85 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 42 months! SnekMan elaSmile WrestlerBot2000: @matlej85 After 42 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Lagunaab: where is stil when Poland has everything Nopileos: SUB HYPE matlej85 Pog Jegerkaj: gachiHYPER PERSON’S WOOD TyrantZedd: ElaPls NicolasMn: ElaPls BrowningZen: Pog Furrnox: LULW Vendetta1v: ON HIM Eldritchness: PlsEla Deam23: y ofc.. Da_Flanker: Fast af NiceThings_: Pog Royal_Clover: HI_HIYAI RantingDuck: gta Pog HotFireZ: PlsEla Sohei4649: ElaPls Golden04: ElaPls Deliriumi1: ElaPls xlRaptoe: ElaPls MrArmageddon2: ElaPls Nopileos: ElaPls silver6ird: HE’S SO FAST HEIL_MODS_: LULW Blood_Rooted: SPRING radagasstt: SANIC Vendetta1v: C’MERE AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls sunshift: ElaPls ShinoEleven: ElaPls artoflec: hes wearing an exoskeleton Vendetta1v: LOL Germy_ranch: He-He’s FAST RyanLovesWeed: D: harshalrio91: yoink NaomiNow: gta Aranzada: He’s fast Pog Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls TyrantZedd: elaD lucas_dogg: CQC brandop526: GIVE ME A BEER\ Moctavius: ppBeer ? dekkah: ElaPls Deliriumi1: D: syps_: ElaPls Fatamerikans: power skeleton Pog timoteh: LULW PLEASE GIVE ME A BEER Bieberhunter: elaD Corthak: Yoink Korhain: D: Vidmitriev: D: xaron_in: GTA? Vivelin: I’m sorry reverse B3arHands: please give me beer LULW Robin_CP: PLEASE GIVE ME A BEER 😡 Nopileos: D: AvemStercore: we gta now LUL BrowningZen: Please give me a beer LULW BTRNDL: give me beer PepeHands Da_Flanker: Catching up to it like he’s T 1000 LorkiStream: we have exoskelet Vendetta1v: Fast af sngBoi Ennuigi: LUL LUL Kaspu: GTA 6 PogU Littleearth: POWER SKELETON Loki_nG: Oh new gameplay Pog NoDwarfTossing: GTA Pog sunshift: 🚗 PlsEla Flawst: bag clipping mech_yeti: because shoes Sopmorifique: @kunjiru wtf? sorry but I have no idea what you meant lirikTHINK Jaargan: HOW IS SO FKN FAST WITHT THAT THING ON HIS BACK OMEGALUL pekkaatte: Pog he got a car Furrnox: My car now Pog Lagunaab: una cerveza por favor Sohei4649: Grand Theft Stranding Pog TheNomad070: @Elajjaz If you want to know whats going on someone made a great translation/summary on r/games : https://bit.ly/2keK01n Xendig: what are these subtitles LULW asinine: he’s wearing an exoskeleton on his legs HEIL_MODS_: translation is off i guess PepeLaugh DaniDuck: GTA 6 Now Pog Soadante: ??????? Vendetta1v: We’ll be taking that FeelsGoodMan DEADSINCE1991: METAL GEAR PogU Vendetta1v: OOF brandop526: my wife? Da_Flanker: MY WIFE WILL TAKE ME iwannagmymom: my wife RantingDuck: cant drive LULW Furrnox: LUL xlRaptoe: My wife will take me LMFAO BrowningZen: my wife will take me LULW timoteh: gachiBASS Yes, MY WIFE WILL TAKE ME Random3DGuy: MY SUMMER CAR PogU Serefki: chat is the exosqueleton BaronNosehair: MY WIFE Cabause16: forsenCD wife? Veddy_: my wife will take me elaThirst B3arHands: the translations are 10/1+ Blood_Rooted: my wife will take me Moctavius: LULW MasterMdrn: ElaPls Turbulist: ElaPls HotFireZ: ElaPls l garenbush: ElaPls Sergantuss: @Jaargan the costume stuff makes him stronger Nopileos: ElaPls DaniDuck: 5Head Jegerkaj: already smart 5Head spike_the_space_cowboy: frosenCD silver6ird: speed spell MAGIC CONFIRMED Pog brandop526: no im smart Mavez0r: the exoskeleton he wears on his legs makes him sonic kayyeah: asian Deliriumi1: 5Head fenniksss: @Jaargan he has exo-sceleton legs TyrantZedd: 5Head ImPHYRE: 5Head Elkuuti0: 5Head Soadante: forsenCD which one? xlRaptoe: Asian Loki_nG: 5Head Kalgarrr: @Jaargan he have exoskelet Da_Flanker: I’ ALREADY SMART Nopileos: 5Head RantingDuck: Magic??? Pog grnlizard218: This game is fucking sick AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls pekkaatte: asian Furrnox: ElaPls akmannen: pepega translate 🙂 Corthak: ENOUGH elaPuke elaGun Murika_: Asian BrowningZen: Asian? cmonBrother brandop526: LMAO Lagunaab: LUILW Blood_Rooted: LULW RyanLovesWeed: LULW Korhain: ElaPls MasterMdrn: Asian LULW Komitern66: LULW BaronNosehair: ASIAN Vendetta1v: He’s got super legs Eldritchness: LULW N4RDBOT: already smart LULW Nopileos: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Azure_Felt: roll with that backpack rip fuckin back Skirn_: LOL Llyfrgell: D: MagicFrogs: LUL atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Ennuigi: LUL Wendell8504: LULW radagasstt: ASIAN schlawinator: LULW BTRNDL: animations NotLikeThis Espher_5: NaM zaPaarl: Asian 5Head BluePegasus1337: MingLee Nopileos: LULW LULW AlmAyum: I can escape this asian LuL SaixSoul: haahahahahah syps_: LULW timoteh: I can escape this asian AYAYA rakyan: LULW Eldritchness: MingLee ? ShinoEleven: LULW dekkah: I can escape this Asian jj_mike: LULW derechte_iz_pz: the subs are real chat, dunno what you think they’re talking about garenbush: LULW MasterMdrn: I am already smart, ASIAN shakmanne: lmao these subtitles Bro_Hime: PepeHands subtitles more entertaining than the game Nopileos: LULW irevil0: professional bus Ennuigi: I CAN ESCAPE THIS ASIAN LUL Moctavius: Somebody used the subtitles to leave a message PepeS ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh fenniksss: @Jaargan you can upgrade them too pekkaatte: professional bus angryj0nes: Abunay AIAIAIAI Jaargan: @fenniksss I see elaHmm Obivanbeegees: I escaped this asian imgoodforyou: he laughed cmonBrother Vendetta1v: OOO MasterMdrn: LULW Flawst: back equipment clipped through the vehicle when driving Ciaphas72kt: I can escape this asian NaM Sohei4649: Pog VineWood0604: Pog alpalin96: asian LUL takirindor: Pog zaPaarl: Pog Nopileos: Pog RantingDuck: feed skeleton monkaW Vivelin: OOOOH Eldritchness: These subtitles LULW Turbulist: OOO BleekStone: 5Head MingLee ASIAN brandop526: mass is final boss MasterMdrn: OOOOh easyeasy: Chag that was noice ImPHYRE: Pog Rus7m: LULW Furrnox: Pog jawsie: STANDO Da_Flanker: WTF ARE THESE SUBTITLES LULW ShinoEleven: Pog TheSpicyBooger: holy fuck lol Nopileos: OOO MaREsUKa: Clap KVVV1: wtf are those physics sunshift: jumpo Pog xlRaptoe: [music] BalkanDOG: These translations make this 10x better 4Head brandop526: moss* bigdaddye40: is it Jegerkaj: 4HEad JUST DO IT syps_: Champ zagetsux: feed skeleton LUL Xetise: ?? This_is_Marco: speedy boy Jaargan: @fenniksss makes sense LULW derechte_iz_pz: [musics] ChibiKuro: JustDoIt AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW whooooooa Quickwe: PlsEla Sopmorifique: NATHAN DRAKE JUMP? Pog Vendetta1v: HE GONE ElaPls Tidesson: escape the asian! ModernPlagueDoctor: I’m already smart I can escape this. I can escape this Asian. Dema_:=Aranzada: Supeedo Skeletho Pog BrowningZen: hes scared monkaW Lagunaab: you think there will be that kind of sub in game ? Pog Vivelin: EHHH scooooba: that jump lol fenniksss: IM SCARED elaKek Bestorio: ElaPls Gorlock92: JUMP KING Pog holoqh: Hi ! Where is Boromir ? Soadante: EEeEeHhh AYAYA Mondindatxiki: Mail man Super Saiyan sunshift:=🤔 Eli_Absinthe: this game sucks monkey balls This_is_Marco: is he wearing a suit? Rus7m: heeeeeee Berendey2k: because nike shoes Phikaju: sodaAYAYA DAILOedz: HE SPRING Pog MasterMdrn: spedo sekiroto LorkiStream: battery Pog Thrisper: speedo skato Jaargan: @fenniksss I just thought he was super fast TriHard Obivanbeegees: This game look really good Turbulist: annytfAyaya MasterMdrn: i spring ElaPls masterr876: actual representation of a delivery guy’s every day life AvemStercore: still looks big and empty pekkaatte: ca n’t sunshift: hachuAYAYA BrowningZen: yes ah LULW scooooba: speedo skateo rimadecima: スピードスケルトン This_is_Marco: Like a suit that makes him run faster? akmannen: LULW it looks so weird bigdaddye40: it looks good thats about it lol Jybel: There is a fight scene with a monster + a city environment later in the video if you wanna see it. @Elajjaz timoteh: Pog John ISinistarI: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Norwegian_wombat: im looking forward to this game atpGood asinine: he’s wearing an exoskeleton on his legs DaneBoiMike: Lighting is wrong radagasstt: looks good Kappa Raxorz97: Graphically yes, gameplay idk dude BTRNDL: must be hard to make empty valleys look good elaK harshalrio91: john a little LUL sidewalkchalk_: it looks ResidentSleeper DaniDuck: looks chill af Pog Robin_CP: John Pog xlRaptoe: John KKona RantingDuck: John Pog 뿡토: WeirdChamp Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper MasterMdrn: LULW Obivanbeegees: Nice that someone does something diffrent for a change Murika_: AYAYA Jegerkaj: FULL CHARGI AYAYA Phikaju: sugoi sodaAYAYA Turbulist: FEED STELTON Blood_Rooted: built by John Chag imgoodforyou: SUGOI AYAYA Furrnox: John Pog N4RDBOT: John KKona WetMajestic: An original IP in 2k19 Pog angryj0nes: HOOOOOO sugoi AIAIA ShinoEleven: SUGOI AYAYA HotFireZ: sugoi AYAYA MasterMdrn: that lady is so into it Soadante: SUGOI AYAYA BrowningZen: child music Pog Nopileos: SUGOI AYAYA Scarlettohgo: stop liking stuff I don’t BabyRage fonss1: gonna be better then most games that came out this year rizzag: u gonna play it? Dotados: This looks like your average Ubisoft game… Korhain: SUGOI AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW whoah sugoi hullewusch: HOOOO SUGOI wandering_pleb: elaWOW elaWOW elaWOW Corthak: ENOUGH elaPuke fenniksss: JOHN PORTAL Pog NO WAY Pog Phikaju: monkaS garenbush: it still looks like a refreshed mgs5 LULW BarghestFenrir_: Chat when was the release date? Jegerkaj: monkaW scary syps_: elaWOW Commander_Spyke: pvpS 뿡토: NaM Addab: Addab subscribed at Tier 3. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! I think I understand more from listening to him than reading the subtitles. And I don’t even know Japanese alpalin96: animations still needs work tho WrestlerBot2000: @Addab After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM RantingDuck: KKona scary sunshift: whistling to 5 PepeUff Phikaju: monkaGun here it comes Serefki: where is the ranked game ResidentSleeper Valedroo: AYAYA EEEEEEHHHHH AYAYA HONTO DA AYAYA SUGOI AYAYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE Addab POGGERS GymNation: STFU WEEBS NaM holloWFortune: It’ll be a very polarizing game. Komitern66: monkaW Starkwolf2992: This chick is just a hype lady Jaargan: @Elajjaz so your gonna play it then? Pog BiestmannTV: @MasterMdrn They always are. They get paid to be Akaii_x: @Elajjaz coolest part zeltaOK: yes fenniksss: yes NaughtyPedro: yep Vendetta1v: YA AlmAyum: the Pog engine Nopileos: yep Littleearth: everyone that plays gets put in the network and things you make can be used by other players Pog MasterMdrn: BiestmannTV true PepeLaugh Sybran57: Decima engine is pretty good StarPogPlatinum: Could be either genius or what the hell did I just play LULW AkumaYajuu: killzone engine and they are working together Azure_Felt: from this i wouldn’t buy it 100%. would watch someone elaGa play it tho viktor_victor: do we know if this releases on pc? Soadante: monkaS schlawinator: Graphically its phenomenal but the gameplay seems a littly janky to me zeltaOK: AYAYA DAILOedz: AYAYA mountaindhew: shoot gun already ResidentSleeper MasterMdrn: wo n’t kunjiru: Sopmorifique Oh, you said that people that are interested in video games would definitely buy it since it’s something new and other will Rsidentsleeper it. I was kinda agreeing with what you said with my broken english and saying that some will bitch about it just because it’s different. Hope it’s more clear now LULW BrowningZen: AYAYA CUTE DaniDuck: elaHmm souldedeh: AYAYA syps_: TaBeRu Nopileos: AYAYA littlebambiruthless: nothing is happening?????? Robin_CP: FLOAT THE FLOATER HYPEEEEE timoteh: Float the floater hmmm zagetsux: float the floater LULW ChibiKuro: rain TaBeRu 오얏나무우: WutFace DaniDuck: FLOAT THE FLOATER elaHmm ShinoEleven: Rain sound rooComfy zeltaOK: monklaW NaughtyPedro: open world engine with beautiful graphic silver6ird: monkaW Commander_Spyke: pvpS pvpS pvpS Lagunaab: at least there is gameplay this time fenniksss: monkaW Jegerkaj: [musics] pepeJAM pekkaatte: float the floater aaah yes SaixSoul: monkaW !!! littlebambiruthless: how is this hyped up????? Ciaphas72kt: monkaW timoteh: Goose bumps monkaW Da_Flanker: Goose bumps Espher_5: monkaW Veddy_: goose bumps BrowningZen: goose bumps monkaW Komitern66: monkaW ShinoEleven: monkaS AkaTsubaki_: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW silver6ird: ellie monkaW Scarlettohgo: @mountaindhew wrong game dude takirindor: monkaS Galer1ans: Ela? Turbulist: ca n’t see it imgoodforyou: wheres the guns KKona Memeturion: mushi Soadante: Ellie AYAYA ShinoEleven: rooBlind Corthak: Ela RantingDuck: cant see Ellie monkaW Veddy_: mushi TheDankDemon: nymnPains Espher_5: Ellie PepeHands AsianAbrasion123: monkaW Empoya: subtitles monkaS littlebambiruthless: But nothing is happening???? Da_Flanker: Boo zagetsux: say boo LUL N4RDBOT: musics ? Memeturion: Amiga korrupt nazze BrowningZen: boo jawsie: boo silver6ird: boo Eldritchness: musics xlRaptoe: boo Kaspu: say boo Vivelin: [musics] garenbush: boo Nopileos: Boo Lagunaab: boo angryj0nes: ame da Blood_Rooted: @littlebambiruthless it’s hype af Chag brandop526: boo Zendry: walking simulator PepeLaugh zeltaOK: BOOO tumaelso: Boo Robin_CP: [musics] Loki_nG: Boo Loseeeerrrr: 👻 Jegerkaj: BOO PepeLaugh Furrnox: boo Turbulist: say boo monkaW atomicdestruction: Las musicas DigitalZips: boo Nopileos: boo NiceThings_: boo ImPHYRE: boo pekkaatte: say boo monkaW alive_and_happy: booo Komitern66: boo monkaW TheDankDemon: monkaSHAKE BlackjackalTV: boo Straddy_: boo Kattemeu: BOO Elkuuti0: those grabbing animations PepeHands Jaargan: boo timoteh: boo Mirando: Boo Lexikun: boo BTRNDL: boo Nopileos: boo boo derechte_iz_pz: boo j0mppa: musics pepeJAM ShinoEleven: boo Garmon3: Boo Omiel25: BOO Veddy_: EHHH TyrantZedd: Boo takirindor: ??? Espher_5: boo quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: boo LostFantasy352: boo Nopileos: boo WReN__x: B. StarPogPlatinum: BOO nekro793: [musics] CompatiKaiser: boo ISinistarI: boo Diomago: [music] PepeLaugh xaron_in: boooooooo Murika_: B. jawsie: 🅱️ BTRNDL: B DepressiveLifestyle: boo Furrnox: LULW syps_: monkaW xlRaptoe: B fenniksss: @Elajjaz the thing girl ate in trailer Corthak: EEHH AYAYA Fatamerikans: B. Kaspu: B Zane_Within: LUL matt0176: boo Soadante: BOO=HARD PepeLaugh Nopileos: boo boo Rus7m: boo Garmon3: B MasterMdrn: they’re separating can’t like can not Intirion: boo Xetise: boo Jegerkaj: 🅱️ RantingDuck: [music] monkaW Hongetech: B mayushi10: 🅱️ . Straddy_: B. Nopileos: boo tumaelso: B Azure_Felt: boo monkaW Da_Flanker: LULW Accurate 오얏나무우: B ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh harshalrio91: bb Intirion: B DeadBart: forsenBB AvemStercore: B Antimonesia: 🅱️ ornacle: Rush b BalkanDOG: boo timoteh: I can’t say [B] Omiel25: B meloth: [musics] littlebambiruthless: @Blood_Rooted but why???? derechte_iz_pz: B. Nopileos: B HotFireZ: Subtitles LULW tetedechene: B Kaspu: bb 8l’m Zendry: bb8 PogU Vendetta1v: I can’t say B elaKek Veddy_: B. rakyan: B. Tebs_: LULW Sohei4649: The rain sounds is destroying auto subtitles LULW zeltaOK: monkaW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW radagasstt: I cant say B cmonBruh Ajahi: BB-8 OMEGALUL N4RDBOT: Predator monkaS BalkanDOG: B baezmejia200: B Jybel: BB8 LULW NotPlayd: Bbb Kristoferr_: 🅱️ RyanLovesWeed: BB8 Nopileos: B B Zloezlo: cant say B cmonBruh Turbulist: What are these subtitles LULW Espher_5: 🅱️ Xetise: bb 8 silver6ird: 3 guys gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: @littlebambiruthless because Kojima Chag Clap alpalin96: subtitle just gave up LUL Azure_Felt: golf game Pog RantingDuck: 3 guys gachiHYPER BrowningZen: reacting elaMad MasterMdrn: putter ChibiKuro: HandsUp Deliriumi1: monkaW DeadBart: forsenBB . carorinuu: BB 8/.. is this star wars? DaniDuck: UNDO Sopmorifique: @kunjiru 100% clear now! I got you lirikCAPPY fonss1: youtube subtitles forsenKek Tamen_Strange: BB BabyRage RantingDuck: monkaSHAKE Jegerkaj: monkaW I’m a little scared Littleearth: breathe Vendetta1v: Subtitle tech is gonna be the shit in 20 years though LUL quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: REACT HARDER elaMad littlebambiruthless: @Blood_Rooted but literally nothing is happening xD? Turbulist: These are some 5Head subtitles takirindor: monkaW Phikaju: monkaW CryousTV: CryousTV subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! WrestlerBot2000: @CryousTV Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE CryousTV Pog GymNation: temple? Rus7m: ah ah fenniksss: monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW Soadante: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW NautilusV2: @Elajjaz its national video game day today Ajahi: monkaW TyrantZedd: monkaW Chuami: monkaW Veddy_: monkaW jawsie: REACT softer elinaCozy Komitern66: monkaW DaniDuck: monkaW j0mppa: monkaX pekkaatte: monkaW ThatWeirdFinn: ResidentSleeper Maffia171: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW silver6ird: monkaW Jegerkaj: EEEEEEEH AYAYA Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Straddy_: monkaW ShinoEleven: monkaW TheDankDemon: bb AYAYA Antimonesia: monkaW SaixSoul: monkaW Elfualoco2003: monkaW N4RDBOT: EHHHHH AYAYA handrick: monkaW Furrnox: monkaW rimadecima: same place as the trailer? kunjiru: Sopmorifique FeelsGoodMan jj_mike: monkaW Rus7m: eeeeeeh syps_: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW xlRaptoe: monkaW Ennuigi: EEEEEEEEEE AYAYA Aranzada: monkaW iLostToLife: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW ehhhh? Fatamerikans: starring the skulls parasite unit BTRNDL: little brother! xNoury: monkaW Blood_Rooted: @littlebambiruthless just surrender to Kojima san elaYA RantingDuck: little brother monkaW harshalrio91: AYAYA Rus7m: ooooooooooh Soadante: AYAYA Clap N4RDBOT: Pog WotorJL: kill says Corthak: Ooooh AYAYA Robin_CP: with a little brother? D: Memeturion: kill monkaS Aranzada: AYAYA Veddy_: kill DaniDuck: KILL monkaW Pixel_hearts: monkaW Turbulist: Kill monkaW mayushi10: kill monkaW Nopileos: KILL monkaW zeltaOK: kill monkaW zagetsux: monkaW Jegerkaj: opened him gachiHYPER Ageingyoungrebel: WALKING SIM LULW Jaargan: KILL monkaW BritishPatternBalding: Pog Jeffrus1: monkaW silver6ird: EBOLA monkaW AlexAnderman1994: :O Turbulist: Bola monkaW sunshift: monkaW breathe as little as possible quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: BOLA monkaW Moctavius: Opened him ?! monkaW Raytheonecb: dont think gameplay would make me want to play this game Corthak: EBOLA monkaW DEADSINCE1991: e bola monkaW Gorlock92: monkaW Nopileos: Bola monkaW NaughtyPedro: these reactions from the girl LULW BIN__: That’s a lot of trouble to delivery a pizza…0 MasterMdrn: monkaW pvtPeacefull: oi tumaelso: Game looks really boring ResidentSleeper Xetise: moon2H BrowningZen: bola monkaW Jegerkaj: EBOLA monkaW LIGMA Intirion: That girl sounds like a fucking anime character LULW DaniDuck: 5Head Corthak: 5Head HotFireZ: AYAYA Drunkndragon: why do japanese hire women who just do “noices” for their “interviews” ? I dont get it RantingDuck: Fast and worried monkaS BTRNDL: bees Jaargan: @Elajjaz do you plan on playing this? elaHmm kayyeah: The dead NautilusV2: they’re me 🙂 Ennuigi: OOOOOOOOOOOO LUL WReN__x: dead people i think StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Rus7m: ooooooh silver6ird: HEEEEEE ShinoEleven: EEEE AYAYA Da_Flanker: People stuck in some kinda limbo? Jegerkaj: AYAYA cute noises xNoury: those subtitles LULW WotorJL: i’m scared monkaW Rus7m: heeeee DEADSINCE1991: AYAYA EEEE Veddy_: zoo Pog sunshift: HEEE Smough CompatiKaiser: HEEEE AYAYA Soadante: EEEEH elaB rizzag: Spooky ghosts 뿡토: STFU WEEBS NaM Eldritchness: zoo takirindor: monkaS AlexAnderman1994: :O :O ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Raytheonecb: the only thing that would keep me playing this game is prob the story Scarlettohgo: here we go Robin_CP: i’m quite sure even once you’ll have finished the game you still won’t be sure MasterMdrn: These reminds me of MGS V zombie soldiers TheRipMan: WeirdChamp pekkaatte: monkaW Teutowolf: @Jaargan Who doesn’t lol BrowningZen: zoo Furrnox: monkaS N4RDBOT: monkaW sunshift: HEE SMOrc Vendetta1v: Ooo shit akmannen: its the world of the dead or something that leaks over atomicdestruction: oddoneGhost Sopmorifique: lirikS lirikS lirikS nono24: They are dead humans @Elajjaz TyrantZedd: PepeS N4RDBOT: F fenniksss: @Elajjaz its suposed to be a dead peoples j0mppa: monkaW SaixSoul: elaWut silver6ird: shake it off pepeJAM shake it off pepeJAM zagetsux: pepeS Vendetta1v: LEMME GO shaktiiiii: monkaW Soadante: PepeS MasterMdrn: monkaW Nopileos: pepeS Jaargan: @Teutowolf tru OMEGALUL anibit: monkaS Nanashi_Sakamoto: RULL monkaW AlexAnderman1994: elaWut N4RDBOT: YABAI AYAYA Ajahi: monkaW Jegerkaj: YABAI AYAYA Corthak: elaPUke DEADSINCE1991: YABAI AYAYA Loki_nG: This game gets more confusing every time elaGa RantingDuck: monkaW gosamigo: gachiHYPER Serefki: Personal drive is still secret right? olli2101: monkaW Golden04: monkaW BTRNDL: ????? Nopileos: monkaW radagasstt: ???? MasterMdrn: its coming Turbulist: HEEE AYAYA Komitern66: monkaW Blood_Rooted: @littlebambiruthless maybe the gameplay is weird but Kojima is known for delivering good stories Corthak: ??????????????? MasterMdrn: or going Vendetta1v: Oooo Aranzada: PepeS quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: monkaW WTF asinine: vengeance of deliveries past kayyeah: Boss POGGERS Random3DGuy: well this is looks a bit annoying already Phikaju: sodaAYAYA xlRaptoe: Pog Furrnox: monkaW WotorJL: monkaW takirindor: monkaW zanna1: did ela already watch the new yakuza trailer? Nopileos: monkaW monkaW souldedeh: monka sunshift: jebai FeelsBlyatMan quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Pog zagetsux: monkaW kunjiru: Pog MasterMdrn: we fucked Maffia171: monkaW Frankssssssss: monkaW gczero: monkaW N4RDBOT: monksW HotFireZ: Pog Jegerkaj: monkaW Ennuigi: LUL ShinoEleven: monkaW Kaspu: PepeS Deliriumi1: monkaW carorinuu: CHA CHA MONSTA AYAYA Nopileos: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Teutowolf: monkaW Komitern66: wtf monkaW ChibiKuro: Champ Robin_CP: congestion or school, choose irevil0: that’s crazy ! Pixel_hearts: monsta Lagunaab: congestion or school ? Furrnox: ElaPls Vendetta1v: Wtf zeltaOK: congestion or school monkaW Geneziz_: boss time pekkaatte: monkaW run heartbox99: subtitles are great MasterMdrn: just slowly run away 4HEad silver6ird: half dried snow elaHmm mountaindhew: doggie FeelsGoodMan akmannen: half dried snow? Deliriumi1: half-dried snow Corthak: elaPuke asinine: horizon zero dawn engine, horizon zero dawn enemies HEIL_MODS_: monkaW BrowningZen: POI AYAYA Jybel: half-dried snow? LULW MercyforBlood: yo ela yo chat how was your day VoHiYo elaHi My Day was Shit ..just headaches..awful Nazzet: mercyforblood cirHi Vidmitriev: monkaW sunshift: rain tardi feet D: cc_aooni: this game looks so weird Sopmorifique: BRUH lirikS shaktiiiii: this environment looks wild BTRNDL: animations pls Eldritchness: These subtitles are killing me PepeLaugh BrowningZen: You can go home LULW takirindor: Pog Robin_CP: it is … is not it 🤔 chaoticLily: @Elajjaz so this game is a carrying simulator? Aranzada: go home everybody LULW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz h4nfr3d: wtf is happening LUL xlRaptoe: Blood from a pan Jegerkaj: blood from a pan elaOP rimadecima: DansGame Sam’s blood? NiceThings_: of course 5Head Loki_nG: Alien Sif elaS HEIL_MODS_: froma pan monkaW irevil0: just throw grenades ResidentSleeper Da_Flanker: [musics] RyanLovesWeed: musics ISinistarI: ResidentSleeper Turbulist: abunai AYAYA N4RDBOT: AYAYA Robin_CP: only ass quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Damn i want to fuck that thing BrowningZen: ass gachiHYPER Bullet_: sugoi AYAYA Soadante: ONLY ASS gachiHYPER garenbush: ass gachiHYPER Veddy_: gachiHYPER syl65: PepeLaugh sunshift: aaaheee elaGa Blood_Rooted: ONLY ASS DigitalZips: ASS Jegerkaj: only ass gachiHYPER xlRaptoe: ASS gachiHYPER Raxorz97: gachiHYPER zagetsux: only ass MasterMdrn: float the floater Empoya: ass gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: gachiHYPER RKazekiri: ass gachiHYPER Concon1: only ass gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER ornacle: gachiHYPER Draconyite: only ass LUL Jaargan: ass gachiHYPER Ajahi: ass OMEGALUL shaktiiiii: only ASS Sohei4649: gachiHYPER pepitobat: only ass IceCream20: LOOOL silver6ird: skiing Pog TyrantZedd: gachiHYPER Tsavish: ass gachiHYPER syps_: only ass gachiHYPER Furrnox: gachiHYPER Wendell8504: gachiHYPER Jegerkaj: SKIING Pog Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER MisterPossible: only ass Pog schlawinator: @Elajjaz I bet this takes you back to your days as a mailman Lykouleon: gachiHYPER ONLY ASS papatex15: only ass Pudelinaa: im crying.. these subtitles Komitern66: im skiing ShinoEleven: gachiHYPER pekkaatte: weakest monkaW SeekerAloy: only ass elaKek Obivanbeegees: Only ass Robin_CP: SKIING Pog RyanLovesWeed: except only ass gachiBASS BitRun: @Elajjaz are these subs from youtube? ela12 MasterMdrn: Bomby KineticCookie: gachiBASS Clap Robin_CP: BOMBY Pog xlRaptoe: Bomby easyeasy: @MercyforBlood oofas lad PepeHands elaHYUG hope you gonna feel better soon Corthak: ResidentSleeper yes, action Da_Flanker: Bomby LUL sunshift: Bomby fabulwesen_: Bomby Concon1: Bomby elaGa Nopileos: Bomby harshalrio91: I have been playing MHW so much my 1st insttinct was quick chug a potion LUL radagasstt: Bomby Bonkers ModernPlagueDoctor: The package PepeHands Rus7m: bomby D: MasterMdrn: its good, its not good LULW HotFireZ: BOMBY LULW artoflec: it looks impossible to get hit by this thing Albin_Alligator: It’s not ood Jegerkaj: IS HE AN ALIEN? monkaW Lagunaab: my sides elaKek gosamigo: ONLY ASS gachiHYPER silver6ird: crying in hospitality PepeLaugh BrowningZen: crying in hospitality LULW RantingDuck: WutFace Flash more pls BendOverLikeABoss: HE SAID IT PepeHands Turbulist: Crying in hospitality PepeHands azureTreble: LULW Blood_Rooted: another earth product ResidentSleeper Omiel25: Crying in hospitality PepeHands Serefki: game is going to be bad or a masterpiece Komitern66: Pog j0mppa: Pog Jaargan: Pog TyrantZedd: Pog akmannen: another earth product ??? so he is an alien? Nopileos: Pog xlRaptoe: SUPA JUMPA ZULUL Phikaju: Pog faithless_zealot: Is it weird that this is what I imagine Kojima is actually saying MasterMdrn: suppa jumpa Ajahi: Is Kojima cheesing the boss in his own game? OMEGALUL Lenoskendy: Champ Furrnox: Pog Nikacino: Pog Sopmorifique: Kojimbo reduce the flicker mario kart squid shit pls lirikCAPPY Giltamont: these translations are fucking gold Jegerkaj: BUT CAN HE RULL? PepeLaugh TheRipMan: He must be black right? N4RDBOT: not baby jump LULW BTRNDL: temples? elaHmm Scarlettohgo: it’s the exoskeleton legs masterr876: insane E-Legs Robin_CP: 8 temples, 10 people, so 80 people? 🤔 BTRNDL: MOGURI! DaniDuck: elaOP Da_Flanker: elaOP HEIL_MODS_: we need text to speech dub PepeLaugh Komitern66: LULW RyanLovesWeed: LULW Jegerkaj: Chocolate elaOP pekkaatte: LULW ? Mand__: 8 temples have 10 people monkaW xlRaptoe: elaOP asinine: thiccness MasterMdrn: demogorimashta BrowningZen: determined by chocolate LULW Nopileos: elaOP RKazekiri: LULW schlawinator: elaOP Komitern66: elaOP Sohei4649: Chocolate Thickness LULW Jaargan: elaOP zeltaOK: LULW Valedroo: chocolate PogU quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: LULW Zeret: LULW Draconyite: 🍫 cirThink Turbulist: elaOP CHOCOLATE Thrisper: choclatye FeelsGoodMan RyanLovesWeed: OMEGALUL BitRun: Thickness is determined by chocolate LULW Nopileos: elaOP elaOP Sebastjaan: Now thats a good exo skeleton suit AlmAyum: elaOP elaOP Jybel: Thickness is determinded by choclate LULW papatex15: thickness is determined by chocolate sunshift: Thickness is determined by chocolate LUL pablo_stark98: Thickness is determined by chocolate LULW ISinistarI: LULW ZephidsEmbrace: Even watching this gameplay I have no idea if it’s a game I’d actually want to play zagetsux: baby jump mod enabled PepeLaugh Xetise: lmao LostFantasy352: no rull game sucks harshalrio91: chocolate monster LUL takirindor: monkaW madcre8tor: Thickness is determiend by chocolate LULW Tierer: thickness determined by chocolate spyer23: are these subtitles high LULW ? NovusAnimus: TIL Chocolate makes you THICK MasterMdrn: shiiii dm00z: thickness LUL Obivanbeegees: Thickness is determinated by chocolate Aranzada: 8 temples have 10 people, is this a riddle? LULW fmlswn: cmonBruh lion2222: im crying LUL Giltamont: THICKNESS IZ DETERMINED BY CHOCOLATE PLEASE DO dobtf2: those jumps look janky af LULW Memeturion: LOL that junp was about 3 times what it should be Turbulist: Thickness is determined by Chocolate LULW heartbox99: thickness is determined by chocholate, it want a tatto of that ramranchboi: Samurai Pog Baronjohn96: Thickness is determinated by chocolate lochlan1414: seems a little janky DaniDuck: SAMURAI? monkaW silver6ird: samurai Pog Ayluro: I meam its true LULW atomicdestruction: It’s a samurai elaHmm TheRipMan: just use grenades 5Head RantingDuck: damn an samurai? Pog Bieberhunter: Samurai Pog Drunkndragon: amazing combat… chuck nates 24/7 Lagunaab: thickness is determined by chocolate – Kojima 2019 quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: ??????? ShinoEleven: samurai Pog artoflec: seems REALLY janky MasterMdrn: what the… WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA Jegerkaj: SEKIRO 2 Pog SaixSoul: samurai?? PogU Da_Flanker: LULW harshalrio91: yes LUL ramranchboi: LULW akmannen: yes Meximus322: LULW MasterMdrn: LULW Nopileos: LULW xlRaptoe: Yup LULW Elkuuti0: YES silver6ird: elaOP quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: LULW Jaargan: OMEGALUL sunshift: yes pekkaatte: yes LULW Kaspu: LULW TheRipMan: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW RantingDuck: LULW NiceThings_: LULW Sergantuss: more slowmotions plz Turbulist: Thickness is determined by Chocolate LULW LULW timoteh: LULW Komitern66: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW HotFireZ: LOL kunjiru: LULW Furrnox: LULW Zero_Abyss: Samurai Pog samutin95: wake up samurai HEIL_MODS_: LULW schlawinator: yes LULW MagicFrogs: LUL Veddy_: LULW LickMyPretzel: lmao Vendetta1v: YeahBoi Blood_Rooted: this is like dark souls translation mod PepeLaugh Xetise: yes LUL NaughtyPedro: LULW Nopileos: LULW ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: Resin WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: Amazing subtitles LorkiStream: yes Ajahi: It’s true though LULW Raytheonecb: thats the battle system? takirindor: Pog Azure_Felt: summoning FeelsWeirdMan sagiterl: monkaS 오얏나무우: KonCha BTRNDL: that slow mo is a bit dumb Skirn_: YeahBoi Thrisper: July White Clap AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW Jegerkaj: SACHIKO AYAYA N4RDBOT: Pog Jaargan: Pog zagetsux: PogU Furrnox: Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: gachiBASS MasterMdrn: another dood Pog Nopileos: Pog ShinoEleven: Pog kunjiru: Pog Mainey: Milk man Pog asinine: its the milkman TheRipMan: Pog sunshift: Help you or kill you, who knows with these subs NotLikeThis Corthak: Another MaN zombie391: Chag asinine: here to help the postman Bullet_: white zetsu Pog Germy_ranch: ela2 kewl RantingDuck: gachiBASS to help you easyeasy: Chag oh lad quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: MILKMAN Pog BTRNDL: you can be carried in yet another game Ela Fatamerikans: CARRIED OMEGALUL ChibiKuro: Sachiko AYAYA Clap Robin_CP: the net Pog x3kmak: SEMEN GUY POGGERS Vrul: This guy is a genius MasterMdrn: Can you invade tho PogU silver6ird: TakeThis HugeBaguette_tv: Dark souls white spirit ??? Pog AlexAnderman1994: Her face is in constant :O AkaTsubaki_: yes Aranzada: Pakku kayyeah: The clapping MasterMdrn: HandsUp Komitern66: Clap Lagunaab: Kojima’s crotch gachiHYPER Omiel25: John Pog Soadante: HandsUp BrowningZen: a lot of John Pog Galer1ans: @x3kmak WTF HAHAHAHAH ramranchboi: HandsUp Da_Flanker: Glueman to the rescue jermaGlue Nopileos: HandsUp Zeret: HandsUp shaktiiiii: HandsUp sunshift: Oi Oi takirindor: Clap DEADSINCE1991: ZETSU PogU masterr876: cheering him on LULW NautilusV2: I think you’re cool FeelsPepoMan @Elajjaz Skirn_: LULW ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER Turbulist: HAVE A LOT OF JOHN gachiHYPER Furrnox: HansUp N4RDBOT: that’s amazon deliver right there NaughtyPedro: people can interact with one and other, the wolrd is shared @Elajjaz Deliriumi1: ElaClap Komitern66: HandsUp TheRipMan: HandsUp LorkiStream: HandsUp Furrnox: HandsUP Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp Thrisper: FeelsLagMan Jegerkaj: WE’RE NOT ALONE CHAT FeelsGoodMan zeltaOK: her hair is Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: HandsUp MasterMdrn: who is playing this Phikaju: Pog this looks sick Boscodbear: jermaGlue jermaGlue Scarlettohgo: the strand* dm00z: HandsUp DaniDuck: monkaW gulshan1: wada ZULUL Giltamont: IM NOT ALONE, IM NOT ALONE Sopmorifique: my immersion tho? maybe? idk lirikTHINK DexArt888: HandsUp Robin_CP: WAFA IS GOING DOWN THE MOUTAIN FeelsGoodMan durmiin: me 🙂 Robin_CP: wada* Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper BaronNosehair: RULL TheRipMan: how many drugs did Kojima do making this game Akaii_x: it said double jump MasterMdrn: ElaPls giant_robots: without PT PepeHands Furrnox: elaGun FeelsBadMan Zero_Abyss: Abunai AYAYA RyanLovesWeed: P.T Pog Antimonesia: PT PepeHands badly_dressed_0nion: ResidentSleeper Lagunaab: Thanks to this I finally know why my amazon delivery MaN can’t find my house. Corthak: ResidentSleeper 오얏나무우: elaGun akmannen: cum grenade? Bobanaut: i am confused. is the gameplay that jerky or is this cut together? 뿡토: ResidentSleeper radagasstt: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper milkforhoney: ResidentSleeper Schwirm: Pt PepeHands TheRipMan: gun Pog pvtPeacefull: why jump so far? Rus7m: without pt cemkaCry Chris_Redfield: This is gonna be better on ps5 cirNom Androsix: PT PepeHands N4RDBOT: PepeHands Germy_ranch: ResidentSleeper xlRaptoe: Chara monkaW MasterMdrn: PepeHands Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeHands Sohei4649: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Turbulist: I ATE AND BEAT IT monkaW RantingDuck: I ate and beat it monkaW ShinoEleven: PepeHands Azure_Felt: ate elaOP RKazekiri: monkaW Phikaju: PepeHands nuuuuuu quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: PepeHands Robin_CP: ah harshalrio91: I ate and beat it LUL silver6ird: ate and beat it monkaW BaronNosehair: ATE AND BEAT IT monkaS fmlswn: MaN /\ NaM BrowningZen: small fish monkaW zagetsux: ate and beat it monkaW BendOverLikeABoss: I ate and beat it gachiHYPER ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Lanshii: this game looks like a fever dream Gorlock92: monkaW pekkaatte: small fish monkaW DaniDuck: its a small fish? monkaW h4nfr3d: this is one fucking weird bossfight. if that’s what it is. Jaargan: i ate and beat it monkaW Sybran57: I ate and beat it LULW HEIL_MODS_: i ate and beat it PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: smallfry SaixSoul: ??? Soadante: smol fish ppHop TheRipMan: monkaW Schwirm: ate and beat it monkaTOS Jegerkaj: ate it monkaW small fish Littleearth: just a small fish TheRipMan: LULW ShinoEleven: weak=ate??? elaKek Pixel_hearts: PepeHands asinine: 👋 sunshift: 👋 pepitobat: e tar Da_Flanker: LULW Jackyl: Why console dude, this thing would be 10000 times better on a playable framerate 오얏나무우: KonCha angryj0nes: Bibi Jegerkaj: LULW ?? Komitern66: ?? Nopileos: LULW zagetsux: LUL Chris_Redfield: KonCha alpalin96: so if this weak what is strong in this game… sndkahvi: LuL AlmAyum: hero hero healing bibi akmannen: hero hero healing babi xlRaptoe: The crab is floating Pog Sopmorifique: lirikCAPPY ded quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: wtf dekkah: what Bibi Ageingyoungrebel: ???????????????? easyeasy: THE CRAB IS FLOATING Chag SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW floating crab badly_dressed_0nion: LULW RantingDuck: floating crab Pog HotFireZ: LULW BrowningZen: crab is floating Pog DaniDuck: CRAB IS FLOATING? monkaW BaronNosehair: 🦀 DigitalZips: 🦀 LorkiStream: KonCha Schwirm: Bibi PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: Healing Bibi LULW Littleearth: crab is floating LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW timoteh: 🦀 Turbulist: Hero hero healing bibi AYAYA Komitern66: LULW sunshift: hero healing Bibi POGGERS papatex15: floating crab pekkaatte: CRABS MONKAw BitRun: Yes the crab is floating Pog Omiel25: 🦀 silver6ird: locker gachiHYPER Robin_CP: THE CRAB IS FLOATING, I REPEAT THE CRAB IS FLOATING TH3N4RL3Y1: goo gaga ……………. LUL TheDankDemon: ButterSauce sndkahvi: nymnCREB rofIcopter: VaN Jaargan: bibi LULW Jegerkaj: monkaW 🦀 Turbulist: 🦀 Komitern66: gachiBASS Schwirm: gachiHYPER sndkahvi: nymnCREB 󠀀 Tebs_: gachiHYPER sunshift: BIBI 🐀 Turbulist: heroic Pog speedycruise: @Elajjaz this is like dark souls poorly translated LULW kryptoftheold: I can share with you my healing bibi kayyeah: Just an average day as a delivery guy easyeasy: LULW WTF TheDankDemon: nymnCREB derechte_iz_pz: do n’t Xetise: 🦀 the crab is floating 🦀 zagetsux: teahouse? LUL Jegerkaj: teahouse PepeLaugh Corthak: ResidentSleeper arca_died: forsenBB ??? RyanLovesWeed: LULW Ageingyoungrebel: SAFETY HOUSE PogU Jaargan: teahouse LULW RantingDuck: do what? monkaW lion2222: LUL BTRNDL: teahouse? pvpFATTERZ dekkah: teahouse lmao Lagunaab: same teahouse are amazing BitRun: teahouse LUL Robin_CP: teahouse monkaS government monkaS Blood_Rooted: WTF LULW Loki_nG: What ? BrowningZen: tea house to let government do monkaW xHinklebobx: wtf is even happening lol ShinoEleven: teahhouse rooXD TheRipMan: more PogU HEIL_MODS_: do VapeNation Clap ChibiKuro: nepSmug 🍵 Furrnox: I wish I had a teehouse to FeelsBadMan asinine: its basically over DaniDuck: Pog Jaargan: Pog NaughtyPedro: skip a bit Phikaju: hot springs Pog BrowningZen: Pog takirindor: Pog Da_Flanker: Pog Turbulist: hot springs Pog name_is_leo: LOOKS LIKE MGS5 but except ur with a FETUS LULW Nopileos: Pog quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Pog NautilusV2: @Elajjaz Did you see the MONSTER? ShinoEleven: Pog TheRipMan: Pog sunshift: hot springs gachiHYPER WReN__x: gachiHYPER YES Jegerkaj: OOOOOO AYAYA Ajahi: gachiBASS RKazekiri: AYAYA Clap Veddy_: gachiHYPER LorkiStream: hot springs gachiHYPER NicolasMn: gachiHYPER h4nfr3d: Chag BrowningZen: WE FORGOT monkaW hangedm4n: gachiBASS Robin_CP: hey Murika_: Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: billyReady Schwirm: Pog Commander_Spyke: Nioh pvpFATTERZ 오얏나무우: hey badly_dressed_0nion: ♋ Lagunaab: INB4 NIOH HOTSPRING Nopileos: hey Germy_ranch: AYAYA silver6ird: cancer monkaW DigitalZips: take it off Norman elaGasm Turbulist: Cancer monkaW easyeasy: elaKek akmannen: cancer? SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW what Eldritchness: LULW Phikaju: gachiGASM pekkaatte: LULW Straddy_: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: gachiOnFIRE DakuSouru: cancer garenbush: cancer LULW Blood_Rooted: monkaW RyanLovesWeed: LULW LULW olli2101: gachiW here we go Schwirm: monkaW Jegerkaj: cancer monkaW Draconyite: wat LULW NaomiNow: LUL Robin_CP: it’s cancer LULW Nopileos: monkaW SilentNewbee: gachiHYPER BitRun: cancer? Antraxo: LUL Tidesson: LAKE OF PISS Veddy_: cancer monkaW Phikaju: gachiHYPER Zeret: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW Sybran57: Cancer ? monkaW Fentu: monkaW Skirn_: LULW TyrantZedd: monkaW Komitern66: wtf monkaW Zero_Abyss: cancer monkaW Bro_Hime: this is why kojima needed norman to be naked Nopileos: LULW quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: Cancer monkaW ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Hasp36: cancer monkaW Gorlock92: He doesn’t even know whats happening Pohg Thefrein: “It’s cancer after one person takes a break” sunshift: It’s cancer after one person takes a break FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: cnacer? monkaW azureTreble: gachiHYPER time HEIL_MODS_: LULW ShinoEleven: cancer monkaW Robin_CP: TAX PAYMENT Azure_Felt: hotsprings with a dude gachiHYPER and WeirdChamp TyrantZedd: LULW dekkah: ????? Commander_Spyke: Wtf part of America is this? pvpLUL Valedroo: ONSEN EPISODE AYAYA Clap Phikaju: gachiHYPER Clap Da_Flanker: KKona Jegerkaj: TAX monkaW Eldritchness: LMAO saugo: cancer monkaW sndkahvi: LULW Kaspu: Tax payment? RyanLovesWeed: OMEGALUL quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: LULW BaronNosehair: TAX hangedm4n: LULW BitRun: TAX PAYMENT LULW StarPogPlatinum: ??? silver6ird: TAX PAYMENT monkaW Loseeeerrrr: naroXD Nopileos: LULW LULW timoteh: LULW xlRaptoe: LULW RKazekiri: OMEGADOWN Turbulist: Tax payment LULW Tax payment LULW Tax payment LULW Tax payment LULW MaleFunction: elaWut lion2222: LUL gladiathorl: ????????????? artoflec: bathing in mac n cheese elaGasm harshalrio91: tax payment LULW Antraxo: Tax Payment LULW RantingDuck: YeahBoi Clap Veddy_: LULW LorkiStream: fishing from Nier Automata LULW Fentu: sugoi 오얏나무우: LUL Ageingyoungrebel: MELTED THE SUIT LULW Wannaabe: tax payment xD Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Nopileos: LULW Komitern66: LULW HotFireZ: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP BrowningZen: thank you so much LULW h4nfr3d: LULW Sopmorifique: WTF OMEGALUL Bobanaut: tax payment hot spring garenbush: gachiHYPER jj_mike: gachiHYPER sndkahvi: tax payment LULW Veddy_: gachiHYPER Jaargan: elaGasm j0mppa: tax payment monkaW gulshan1: gachiHYPER Soadante: gachiHYPER dee2cee: tax LULW Nopileos: gachiHYPER olli2101: gachiBASS Zeret: gachiHYPER WabbitTwouble: gachiHYPER Chuami: gachiHYPER DaniDuck: gachiHYPER TyrantZedd: gachiHYPER Bestorio: gachiHYPER Sohei4649: gachiHYPER Ciaphas72kt: gachiHYPER AlmAyum: gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: tax payment thank you so much OMEGALUL DigitalZips: gachiHYPER pekkaatte: cancer and taxes monkaW Rerrcave: billyReady gachiBASS Kaspu: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Lenoskendy: gachiHYPER TheRipMan: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER zombie391: gachiHYPER ShinoEleven: gachiHYPER ChibiKuro: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp xlRaptoe: gachiHYPER Germy_ranch: elaWOW SUGOI easyeasy: elaKek wtf this is amazing ilove these subs RKazekiri: gachiHYPER hangedm4n: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gosamigo: gachiHYPER Wendell8504: gachiHYPER Deliriumi1: OMEGADOWN Lykouleon: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP durmiin: gachiHYPER quote_me_if_ela_is_dead: gachiBASS Meximus322: gachiHYPER Nopileos: gachiHYPER Tamen_Strange: TAX PAYMENT gladiathorl: monkaTOS badly_dressed_0nion: gachiHYPER Schwirm: gachiHYPER sndkahvi: gachiGASM gulshan1: gachiHYPER Clap harshalrio91: gachiHYPER Ageingyoungrebel: gachiBASS dekkah: monkaTOS kayyeah: HandsUp sndkahvi: gachiGASM 󠀀 Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER Robin_CP: hitting my life monkaS Turbulist: gachiHYPER radagasstt: Kojimbo’s crotch Kreygasm imnotpotatoe: gachiGASM Nanashi_Sakamoto: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: I’m hitting my life LUL sndkahvi: gachiGASM gigaslag: Kreygasm KappaPride RantingDuck: gachiHYPER Gorlock92: URINE FETUS Pog Lord_Solaire: gachiHYPER Furrnox: gachiHYPER BendOverLikeABoss: ABE PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: gachiHYPER lapoutinemogette: ONSEN=TAXX PAYMENT Nopileos: gachiHYPER Wendell8504: gachiHYPER Clap silver6ird: gachiHYPER SilentNewbee: gachiHYPER Clap Rerrcave: gachiHYPER Lagunaab: yep it’s NIOH all over again LULW madcre8tor: scarfBlush kryptoftheold: monkaTOS holmensis: I’m hitting my life 🙁 harshalrio91: HandsUp NicolasMn: gachiHYPER jaquescamarao: gachiHYPER Lenoskendy: gachiBASS Clap GOTY mountaindhew: misato PepeHands Komitern66: gachiBASS WReN__x: OMEGALUL faithless_zealot: Literally boiling a baby… xlRaptoe: Not milk gachiHYPER Abel_LSU: this is so Japanese derechte_iz_pz: this looks like melted cancer Nanashi_Sakamoto: milk Misato elaThirst Galer1ans: gachiHYPER Clap Jegerkaj: MILK IN THE STOMACH gachiHYPER Deliriumi1: milk misato Kreygasm LickMyPretzel: milk misato angryj0nes: LOT OF MILK gachiHYPER ShinoEleven: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP nekro793: biri biri AYAYA garenbush: OMG THAT THING LOOK LIKE HIS DICK gachiHYPER DEADSINCE1991: JOIN US gachiHYPR Schwirm: gachiHYPER milk in the stomach WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Tebs_: gachiHYPER Blood_Rooted: milk in the stomach WTF LULW HotFireZ: GOTY gachiHYPER BIN__: i can fell the taxes being paid… akmannen: nice poop water 🙂 Aelous: mext gen walking simulator hype Pog JimmyLuongOfficial: I… Am…. So…. Confused…… Love you KOJIMA and the people of Japan.NA LUL DeadBart: MaN Serefki: only whites tho KKona DexArt888: MAGA Komitern66: Mand__ Nopileos: KKona SilentNewbee: MaN ? Faronoa: KKona fonss1: KKona OUR FREEDOM MobiusCog: This is what trump has done ababagalamaga1: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN LickMyPretzel: cmonBrother Jajalembang: FeelsAmazingMan easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ W OMEGADOWN W Deliriumi1: KKona damn right fivepointsgang: MERIUCAA elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE silver6ird: KKona muh freedom Schwirm: Kappa Aranzada: freedum KKona MakyuIchaival: ?????????????? Faronoa: lulWut DeadBart: Kapp Phikaju: LULW CaptainOutOfTen: Kappa Corthak: Kappa RantingDuck: Kapp atomicdestruction: elaK Nopileos: Kappa S_Darji: Kapp Spaceforce: by orange skinned monsters atpCap FlorinMarius96: Kapp Garmon3: sure bobmighty: PepeHands tidooh: How many times you can put word “America” in a dialog? DexArt888: Mexicans Always Get Around Asonn_: LMAO zeltaOK: AngelThump sunshift: they are empowering bracelets Kappa Silonater: Kapp garenbush: Kap Komitern66: Kapp Nopileos: Kapp gulshan1: Kapp ArttAtack: Kappa timoteh: Kapp MagicFrogs: Kappa easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ what is creampie ela12 ? Ajahi: Kapp NaughtyPedro: cults monkaOMEGA kayyeah: elaHmm Corthak: elaPuke this game garenbush: Kapp Sohei4649: Kapp alpalin96: ‘bonds’ Albin_Alligator: ResidentSleeper Faronoa: Kapp Good excuse Akaii_x: @Elajjaz still sucks we didnt get Silent Hills PepeHands jade282: Kapp Nopileos: Kapp Kapp atski: yeah wear spy device, “free” man Gorgodrn: Kapp tumaelso: Kapp xshadowchaos: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper mystickingfisher: freedom chains HEIL_MODS_: elaK J0hnnyBlade: go weeeest pepeJAM de_pip: that’s biggie smalls behind that mask FlorinMarius96: surprise mechanics de_pip: i know it Asmodaus1: This isnt a prison cell its a bonding cell LUL Kappa memorycard1mega: @Akaii_x indeed Digitice: PT PepeHands AndrewMolera: Cable Guy Simulator Pog meepmapp: elaHmm tumaelso: ResidentSleeper bobmighty: Pog 12iza: ela4 MakyuIchaival: we need MEMES 3s1xteen: ????????????????? BrowningZen: Pog NoodLeWrencher: we watching full playthrough? nice elaOk DeadBart: PogU nisynn: WutFace Nopileos: Pog osamabinbaggedd: USB STICKS NaughtyPedro: that’s your misson Pog bobmighty: what Elvem: ??????????????? Spaceforce: FeelsBlyatMan SerVersta: ??????? RantingDuck: spooky monkaW Sopmorifique: lirikA lirikA lirikA Sohei4649: Floating USB LULW silver6ird: our great nation KKona Drunkndragon: didnt he say no LUL nobunaga0daa: shutafuckup, only testosteron can be leader Pixel_hearts: USB Pog Gorgodrn: @Asmodaus1 A “keep in touch whenever we want” device Bobanaut: why is it floating though Aranzada: I have that usb stick Pog easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ or what is Ahegao LULW i dunno how he doesn;t know these things Albin_Alligator: blah blah blah ResidentSleeper sunshift: Edge-not city? Spaceforce: coxOmg Corthak: ???????????????? TRDarkslayer: Did he say Q-Bit as in Quantum Bit ? N4RDBOT: Pog WillyTheWorm: so how does this work exactly Sorakainabanana: IT ALL MAKE SENSE NOW Pog\ nisynn: LULW h4nfr3d: why does it float? Fatamerikans: edgenaut city Akaii_x: @memorycard1mega glad they kept best boi reddus tho boclfon479: @Elajjaz did you see theres a 50 min gameplay vid today Elvem: ???????????????? Onokii: Edge nut city? fonss1: forsenThink Ahh i see, makes sense ababagalamaga1: AND BUILD WALL BrowningZen: PepeLaugh NautilusV2: @sunshift Edge Knot lucius_ss: Im just excited to see madds in this game and the rest F it MobiusCog: We really are The Last Of Us… danilo_wolf: so , you are a net guy ? AlexAnderman1994: KKool HYPERCLAP Royal_Clover: who elected you? Corthak: SAVE THE WORLD KKona Clap Serefki: Where are the guns KKona bobmighty: I don’t know man sunshift: @NautilusV2 even better PepeLaugh Abbynaire: how can anyone not understand this anymore? name_is_leo: @Elajjaz TOO MUCH SPOILERS NotLikeThis NoodLeWrencher: 5Head 🍷 such trivial matters, it must be childs play for him surely Brodama: not constant action BabyRage game sucks BabyRage derechte_iz_pz: N OMEGALUL WReN__x: HE SAID NO AND LEFT OMEGALUL Iamtid: sold! interesting story Concon1: I’m losing interest after every trailer ResidentSleeper derechte_iz_pz: good one norman captain_elsewhere: yes TRDarkslayer quantum science is somehow involved in the event that created the death stranding Sopmorifique: 5 usb sticks 5 NUDES Pog Sohei4649: LULW NOPE Phikaju: N OMEGALUL jormuliini: why are we watching random cutscene from the game? Fatamerikans: D: silver6ird: he said no and left, twice JesseThaBest: two women presidents back to back? no wonder america’s gone to shit BrowningZen: N OMEGALUL easyeasy: WAIT PepeLaugh undivided69: yo dude your title nekro793: elaB N4RDBOT: OOF name_is_leo: @Elajjaz so MUCH SPOILERS NotLikeThis will ruin final game, you know HEIL_MODS_: PepeUff StareTV: @Elajjaz’s reaction to these trailers and demo is like watching brainwashing in action KrazyShark: BITCH MOVE sunshift: T Sumyana: so in short, its a typical jrpg plot Chris_Redfield: T FenTyrris: HE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW Sybran57: Wait AYAYA fonss1: D: derechte_iz_pz: HE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW 오얏나무우: LUL MakyuIchaival: ???????????? Vendetta1v: oofas Wheels82: LULW RantingDuck: PepeUff Nopileos: LUL Raidou_XIV: D: Elkuuti0: @JesseThaBest LUL Akaii_x: oof easyeasy: T POSE elaKek rihoto: ALPHA AF Gorgodrn: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: OOF zombie391: PepeHands Phikaju: PepeHands garenbush: HE SAID NO AND LEFT LULW KurosKiraa: 7 minutes trailer that seemed like 2 minutes. Great!! MrRoboto_0: PepeHands Bobanaut: also isnt that girl a cylon? HEIL_MODS_: GET SHIT ON LULW Digitice: PepeHands Prosskull0517: D: Aranzada: No and left OMEGALUL Nopileos: PepeHands DeadBart: PepeLaugh Akaii_x: PepeHands DAILOedz: PogChamp bobmighty: PepeHands Jaargan: PepeHands hangedm4n: PepeHands Ajahi: PepeHands milkforhoney: LULW Corthak: OOFAS Lagunaab: LULW Elvem: ?????????????????? BTRNDL: oofas Abbynaire: PepeHands Veddy_: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands gczero: this shit is gunna be so good ihorozhyhov: is this lord of the ring? LorkiStream: PepeHands jklob: same it ever was pepeJAM miki___miki: PepeHands Spaceforce: PepeHands easyeasy: PepeLaugh Komitern66: PepeHands Hallow7: ResidentSleeper ChibiKuro: FeelsBadMan CaptainOutOfTen: PepeUff 💨 xlRaptoe: PepeHands BrowningZen: PepeHands Obivanbeegees: Murica! Nopileos: PepeHands NBO_7: 10/10 scene shellbullet: @Elajjaz ff7 trailer !!! MasterMalpercio: rooD OOF Sopmorifique: lirikANGRY lirikANGRY lirikANGRY N4RDBOT: PepeHands Xer_0: PepeHands Wendell8504: PepeHands ostrogoto97: PepeHands Digitice: Pog cant wait Sohei4649: PepeHands atomicdestruction: Short game Kapp stigstag: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Naero879: Kojima himself advised not to watch any of this stuff and go in blind lol sunshift: I do like the HOMO DEMONS gachiHYPER Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Distl17: PepeUff 뿡토: ResidentSleeper zeltaOK: that’s pretty cool actually Lexikun: @Elajjaz one punch man gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-txQmsR_FE Xetise: im so in DakuSouru: @Elajjaz watch yakuza 7 gameplay video WeirdBruh BrowningZen: 3Head mei too CaptainOutOfTen: inturdusting elaHmm easyeasy: LOIK IT KKona Jaargan: me too Pog Albin_Alligator: the more I see, the worse it seems BitRun: 3Head Da_Flanker: Hm DAILOedz: nice movie Kappa SoulElixer: Yakuza 7 Xetise: this looks great derechte_iz_pz: Like it too Jajalembang: OMEGADOWN 46reel_light: Looks like it’s going to be a deep spiritual ride. osamabinbaggedd: project re? @Elajjaz tumaelso: IT’S ResidentSleeper AS FUCK Inazea_Anazazi: Sooo, he’s basically an network technician? NaughtyPedro: yakuza 7 ? Deliriumi1: yakuza 7 ababagalamaga1: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN SainEdge: Yakuza 7 derechte_iz_pz: ELA WATCH YAKUZA KART ONIWOLF18: that kojima logo soo good mystickingfisher: overrated but refreshingly new harshalrio91: hope this game doesn’t have kojima logo every 5 seconds LUL Serefki: whach it again AlexAnderman1994: the more stuff i watch about this game, the less i understand @Elajjaz PepeLaugh AndyIsDead: @Elajjaz HORROR SHORTS ? Pog Fafebobo: DakuSouru he already did WeirdChamp derechte_iz_pz: ELA REEEEEE AvemStercore: @Elajjaz system shock 3? 26camels: there’s seems to be so much to this game Komitern66: yakuza 7 Iamtid: @Elajjaz have you tried the forest? x3kmak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0ypz-sj6KY&feature=youtu.be Azure_Felt: system shock one elaHmm Akaii_x: @Elajjaz its so bad zanna1: gameplay trailer Kolomarii: REEEE DakuSouru: Fafebobo WeirdBruh durmiin: PepeLaugh captain_elsewhere: ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 notToph: project re DansGame jade282: Already watch Yakuza chat SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW oh boy this… ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: we watched that Bobanaut: seen the latest cyberpunk one? like a month ago Brodama: Pepegas won’t understand Death Stranding Elkuuti0: REEE Nazzet: cirREE Grantelmann: Project ResidentSleeper nekro793: PepeLaugh gczero: PROJECT L4Dead RE EDITION LorkiStream: LULW Wendell8504: LULW BrowningZen: monkaW Sopmorifique: ok so this looks like garbage right now Junri: PROJECT REfund LULW garenbush: LULW Nopileos: LULW dastyscorner: ITS SHIT!!!!!! Da_Flanker: This game LUL Pixel_hearts: Project elaREE LickMyPretzel: gameplay? Blood_Rooted: PepeLaugh bobmighty: L4D Spaceforce: cryUh demifiendll: the new RE FeelsWeirdMan Sorakainabanana: PepeLaugh Naero879: WeirdBruh zeltaOK: 4v1 thing Brodama: WeirdChamp Lenoskendy: PR OMEGALUL JECT RE Abbynaire: I hope it will be fun BrowningZen: oh LULW Akaii_x: PepeHands this game fonss1: Kapp Phikaju: PepeLaugh sure Vendetta1v: R4D LorkiStream: he doesnk know PepeLaugh memorycard1mega: @Akaii_x he’s cool ababagalamaga1: LEFT FOR DEAD 3 Romanspring: @tumaelso yea, dota sounds way more interesting 3Head Aranzada: This one’s bad LULW N4RDBOT: ResidentSleeper EternalFool_: PepeLaugh Golden04: N OMEGALUL Raidou_XIV: Kapp Serefki: Project ResidentSleeper nucetti: Tyrone Pog AlmAyum: kind of PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: bruh Jajalembang: FeelsWeirdMan Hospitality3: PepeLaugh Komitern66: LILD PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp SainEdge: yeah, could be Heksyll: TYRONE Wendell8504: WeirdChamp Robin_CP: Tyrone LULW Emzero: PepeLaugh nah nekro793: kinda elaKek derechte_iz_pz: 😂 Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Sybran57: They killed RE again PepeHands Zyndustries: its the HL mod Zombie Master OMEGADOWN Drunkndragon: tyrone LUL takirindor: FeelsWeirdMan DakuSouru: Tyrone TriHard 7 Schwirm: PepeLaugh Deathrun hpandy2: oh nonono Joshmoor45: LIDL as fuck BitRun: tyrone PepeLaugh Dynamite_Pete: PepeLaugh he doesn’t know Digitice: SAW monkaS x3kmak: @Elajjaz I have a 7 min gameplay so you can watch it better Mavez0r: Tyrone TriHard Chris_Redfield: Get friends chat LULW Admiralshiroryu: dead by daylight] Tomowatt: PepeLaugh LILD easyeasy: RESIDENT LEFT 4 DEAD EVIL Chag Clap SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh LIDL L4D sunshift: teenage protagonsts CaoCaoMengde: There’s a 7 minute long gameplay video @Elajjaz Akaii_x: @Elajjaz it sjust DBD in rengine TheDankDemon: tyrone nymnWeird kitkit1708: jtenglOGO WarWeeny: wrong trailer bobmighty: REE MakyuIchaival: RE BrokenCompiler: RE UltraDoot: Left 4 Dead: Resident Evil Edition Royal_Clover: RE2 remake mod PepeLaugh Romanspring: @tumaelso 20 more years of dota eeeeeeeee 3Head miki___miki: cosmoREEE Smough: probably will be a meme though Fatamerikans: oh it’s this game again 71_bro: its not gameplay NBO_7: DBD? Romanspring: larxaAngry bobmighty: shit dm00z: REEE durmiin: umbrella corps all over again PepeHands fonss1: Lidl for death 2 forsenKek gladiathorl: elaREE Ermour: REEEEEEE Deliriumi1: Another of these games that dies in couple of months Brodama: DansGame sunshift:>gameplay Concon1: That timer is huge Sopmorifique: it looks unpolished and full LIDL lirikANGRY gczero: that GIGANTIC TIMER OMEGALUL Croissanito: another multiplayer game ResidentSleeper and a copy of Dead By Daylight canox: Outbreak plz Naero879: REEEEEE FeelsAmazingMan Baronjohn96: Ohh shit derechte_iz_pz: LIDL GAME LULW Akaii_x: also that timer is fucking huge atski: what a fresh idea Kappa Da_Flanker: Could have made Outbreak 2 instead of this shit Romanspring: whaaaa Dynamite_Pete: there’s a longer gameplay video yops: video is so half assed LUL ArttAtack: another zombie game ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper Serefki: Project ResidentSleeper LickMyPretzel: Looks like shit Vendetta1v: DBD LULW WarWeeny: this trailer make sth egame look better than it actually is easyeasy: a bit elaK omega lidl Kibougatari: Dead By Resident Evil ? Gorgodrn: Pog Secret Neightbor HD Digitice: no1YIKES Furrnox: LIDL game targha__: L4D 3 ? Pog dotnotbot: everything looks LIDL LULW MissKanna: What is that timer D: MrRoboto_0: Shadows DansGame Jajalembang: OMEGADOWN Naero879: This game looks FeelsPepoMan Brodama: IT LOOKS SO BAD LULW Whazankey: what does LIDL mean in this context DDuckeN: isn’t there like 4 other games like this already? HEIL_MODS_: left from lidl PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: Looks like a game that Forsen breaks in 10 minutes speedycruise: this looks terrible LULW Romanspring: Is that dbd? noxcorvus: TBH this looks like trash Hrodgarillo: Hrodgarillo subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 25 months! 2.1 years youhouuuu TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL WrestlerBot2000: @Hrodgarillo After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Chris_Redfield: Tyrone forsenKek Norwegian_wombat: re2 assets atpCap dariaste: meh Nopileos: SUB HYPE Hrodgarillo elaA mayushi10: looks like dead island MartinDoubleChin: dead by daylight DakuSouru: TriHard Jaargan: L4D? Pog dekkah: lmao ababagalamaga1: LIDL FOR DEAD 26camels: literally dead by daylight Wendell8504: PepeLaugh spike_the_space_cowboy: TriHard zagetsux: ragdolls LUL Fatamerikans: TYRONE LULW memorycard1mega: LIDL game with high budget? sunshift: L4D2 in RE universe? Robin_CP: @whazankey, cheap, bad Spaceforce: evo17MindBlown feliciaFlush Intirion: It reminds me of this lidl school multiplayer game we once played here, where the school kids have to escape a gym or something. de_pip: implying dbd is a good game Emzero: Outbreak is dead PepeHands ValeckSeimu: HEEELEEERRRR timoteh: PepeLaugh Tyrone Darkallyht: tyrone thomas144: looks like 50 other games out there Lagunaab: ofc the girl is a support LULW Schwirm: ElaSmash NetworkPro: boring AndrewMolera: HACKER Pog Jajalembang: pepeJAMMER BrowningZen: little bit PepeLaugh Inazea_Anazazi: Reminds me of Friday 13th BitRun: LIDL 4 Dead LULW EternalFool_: Better than Death Stranding Kappa Nazzet: ElaSmash Pixel_hearts: ElaSmash NaughtyPedro: there was crafting and item management Nurinel: this is awful zagetsux: animations LUL Azure_Felt: so it’s just multi elaHmm myfavoriteweeb: Tyrone tank WeirdChamp Brodama: looks like it was made in 2013 TheTeaFox: ELAAAAAAAAAA Vendetta1v: It already is 뿡토: this game PepeLaugh EEEK88: what does lidl mean Digitice: AKA zombie master mech_yeti: January lol LickMyPretzel: I can’t see this getting a higher score than 7/10, probably lower wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh LIDL L4D fmlswn: is this secret neighbor? Hallow7: This actually doesn’t look that good Gorlock92: Yawn ResidentSleeper Jajalembang: OMEGALUL bobmighty: LUL Evolve Corthak: 5Head RantingDuck: 5Head Royal_Clover: 5Head BluePegasus1337: 5Head sunshift: true, the bad horror games are perfect memes Prosskull0517: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head Ajahi: 5Head LickMyPretzel: 5Head easyeasy: wtf LULW fonss1: 5Head kayyeah: The Last Year J0hnnyBlade: 5Head Vendetta1v: Ooo miki___miki: 5Head Schwirm: Dungeon VaN Master Canopus: POGGERS POGGERS derechte_iz_pz: 5Head Bobanaut: so secret neighbor clone DaniDuck: 5Head Dahaka_Darklord: Pog Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Pixel_hearts: 5Head ah yes Serefki: Project ResidentSleeper hi_imdre: This is dog doodoo LUL Deylta: Thats dope wtf PogU HydraLom: L4D2 mod sunshift: like Friday the 13th was actually fun Chris_Redfield: monkaW ordinarystory: 5Head memorycard1mega: it can be fun Komitern66: monkaW Romanspring: uuuhm Soadante: AYAYA ? zeltaOK: okay, that’s actually cool RantingDuck: Jebaited captain_elsewhere: oooh is dead by daylight milkforhoney: looks fun tbh Corthak: 5Head mastermind, yes Nazzet: pepeJAM nekro793: TehePelo Jajalembang: LULW Inazea_Anazazi: Oh this IS interesting tho Digitice: lock doors LULW Komitern66: Jebaited speedycruise: lidl dead by daylight kefflah: :/ Schwirm: pepeJAM Naero879: “Surprise Mechanics”? PepeUff Titularis: Chag this looks cool Jaargan: the mastermind feels kinda op FeelsBadMan MrRoboto_0: Pog Romanspring: that looks kinda weird for resident evil Sopmorifique: just spawn 100 Lickers OMEGALUL xHydraaP: Megalidl Joshmoor45: Look I can turn lights off too, wow big deal LUL Chris_Redfield: looks fun Vendetta1v: Left 4 Daylight masterr876: heres the thing, they make it look interesting bobmighty: Pog Nihrahk: Looks fun playing as the mastermind at least elaHmm Schwirm: ElaSmash TheTeaFox: Pog fmlswn: and you can play with BabyRage too Ajahi: monkaW Jaargan: MR X Pog CaoCaoMengde: maxyyX Thrisper: monkaW j0mppa: monkaW Schwirm: sumSmash Nopileos: monkaW ValeckSeimu: THANK Mavez0r: x gon give to ya zagetsux: MR X Pog Blood_Rooted: sumSmash SilentNewbee: monkaW Canopus: sumSmash easyeasy: monkaW MobiusCog: Twitch plays Mastermind Ohem1: RE Outbreak? Furrnox: monkaW Sohei4649: sumSmash Korhain: monkaW Turbulist: sumSmash Xcell94: MRX PogU Jajalembang: PogU Nopileos: monkaW monkaW ababagalamaga1: ??? RKazekiri: ElaSmash ValeckSeimu: CHARGEEEERRRRR Gx____: xDDD h4nfr3d: with the right people… why not infilau: the damage numbers look really out of place Deylta: Isn’t that the guy from resident evil ? BrokenCompiler: D: takirindor: D: Digitice: Mr X Pog Whazankey: Resident Evil guy? Junohardwell: L4D2 TANL J0hnnyBlade: monkaW 👢 👢 Royal_Clover: 100% recycled assets PepeLaugh DAILOedz: if HUNK was in this game, u cannot prevent his escape PogChamp x3kmak: @Elajjaz WATCH THIS ONE INSTEAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0ypz-sj6KY&feature=youtu.be WarWeeny: this trailer makes the game look better than it actually is Concon1: Project REsistance ResidentSleeper Secret Neighbour Pog Lexikun: @Elajjaz kindergarten time? elaCozy Akaii_x: capcom always follows up a banger with something like this.. Elvem: ZACK EFRON? LULW easyeasy: Deylta it’s RE game so yes yops: looks like a browser game LUL Kaspu: NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad NECRODANCER elaMad Inazea_Anazazi: BE mr X, oh boy Bro_Hime: looks like itll be a fun game to play with friends Naero879: Its like ded by daylight but with resident evil DakuSouru: dislikes LULW Razzin_: more dislikes Faronoa: @Elajjaz Can i link a tekken gif ? J0hnnyBlade: CBT Pog gachiHYPER Baz1S: have you seen any new mhwi content @Elajjaz ? ValeckSeimu: Every one DILSEK IT .. and they are right Chris_Redfield: Dislike bar D: BrascoGaming: FF7 Remake new trailer? Ajahi: Beta next month already? Zetarim: Steam Pog angryj0nes: i give 1 month till have 0 people playing bobmighty: dislikes? name_is_leo: left 4 dead + resident evil PogChamp !!!! xHydraaP: Interesting for the Lidl Budget Bin HydraLom: It does look like L4D2 kayyeah: You gotta admit it looks like a better Last Year the nightmare Digitice: the dislikes LUL Kaspu: DISLIKES PepeLaugh speedycruise: look at the dislikes LULW easyeasy: DISLIKES LULW Sybran57: dislikes PepeLaugh ndilicious: SECRET MR X PoG masterr876: nice ratio Wendell8504: LULW dislikes name_is_leo: @Elajjaz left 4 dead + resident evil PogChamp !!!! Schwirm: It will be fun watching you play this 🙂 I would never buy it tho PepeLaugh Serefki: Project ResidentSleeper Da_Flanker: People disagree LUL Romanspring: likes🙁 The_Butterfly_Man: its a beta people gosamigo: ZULUL andyl0l: andyl0l subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! What game is this? REMUSXXXL: elaWeird WrestlerBot2000: @andyl0l If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing elaDM WReN__x: now i understand the dislikes OMEGALUL holloWFortune: LULW Golden04: LULW bad_idea_jeans: funny Brodama: is this game a joke? bobmighty: yea LUL DenZve: LULW captain_elsewhere: those trps are so fucking tiny how do you step on them elaKek Nikacino: Is he just… spawning them in Komitern66: LULW BrowningZen: PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Clap sunshift: exactly LUL Nopileos: SUB HYPE andyl0l Pog Deliriumi1: LULW zagetsux: LULW Ohem1: This smells Killing Floor 2 Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN Sohei4649: LULW noxcorvus: Absolut garbage Nopileos: LUL morningstar907: Not even music angelv5Wut angelv5Wut angelv5Wut BrascoGaming: LIDL LULW GymNation: this is Left 4 Dead? wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: Looks trash HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: 5Head CaptainOutOfTen: LULW zombie391: LULW Niloomilo: I feel that LULW Igneria: so bad it’s good PepeLaugh ta_no_kami: BabyRage Wheels82: MEME STREAMS ARE BACK Pog Lykouleon: LIDL AF Pog Vendetta1v: True elaKek Xurker: secret neighbor is much better Lexikun: secret neighbor is good tho Fatamerikans: OMEGALIDL Hospitality3: Wtf is this OMEGALUL saugo: Secret Laboratory LULW TheTeaFox: Play with nemz ! LukeX532: @Elajjaz Hey Ela, have you heard about Daymare: 1998 ? its kinda Resident evil clone but it looks interesting, you can check it on steam 🙂 Kuromaru_: FRENCH=EVIL PepeLaugh FROG WITH TEETH Loseeeerrrr: Lidl L4D LULW Croissanito: it looks so broken elaKek ekahS_hS: Lidl AF Azure_Felt: so lidl that ela must play PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: LUL ValeckSeimu: TROPHY JesseThaBest: is it gonna be a 60$ title? REMUSXXXL: maybe that’s what they’re aiming for LULW Naero879: Watch capcom charge 60 for this jaggillarmaaat: I had no idea Ainsley got his own food series on netflix, did you know? @Elajjaz JimmyLuongOfficial: doesn’t look bad to me. Just doesn’t look like RE:2 remake. *shrugs* Or is it jus tme. lol Akaii_x: @Elajjaz that timer is stupid big derechte_iz_pz: This isnt even from lidl; it’s from Aldi 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY fenniksss: @Elajjaz SYSTEM SHOCK 2 PLAYTROUGH WHEN>:( OverPoweredQcumberZombie: they shouldn’t have done this eliastheepicgamer: this with nemz 3Head bobmighty: Pog wtf Corthak: 3Head FRENCH datdeathy: if the final game is without music maybe it’s a good one for meme strum @Elajjaz LUL BrascoGaming: these sounds LULW Nihrahk: @Elajjaz I guess it could be good meme stream material then? LULW DrSIurp: btw Elajjaz will you ever play the Mass Effect saga? could be good Kuromaru_: 49 LUL ValeckSeimu: 69 LickMyPretzel: maybe 40 RantingDuck: LULW Azure_Felt: 90$ BrowningZen: Kapp Raidou_XIV: Kapp Da_Flanker: Kapp BritishPatternBalding: Kapp Akaii_x: they will pay you to play it atski: naive Kappa Schwirm: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Kapp silver6ird: 90 dollar game PepeLaugh NaughtyPedro: 40 ? zagetsux: it will be LUL gosamigo: ZULUL ZULUL fatpep: Kapp Golden04: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: elaK Kaspu: PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: Kapp Komitern66: Kapp Naero879: It better not lol gczero: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh Sybran57: I hope it’s free ihorozhyhov: 20 max Turbulist: Just wait LULW KrazyShark: oh boy¨¨ YURA_RAKETA: 80 🙂 Nopileos: Kapp Kapp Norwegian_wombat: atpRtsd Niloomilo: You say that but… HEIL_MODS_: 70 PepeLaugh Lagunaab: yeah 80$ NaomiNow: sweet summer child S_Darji: Kapp Hawkees: But it is LULW bobmighty: $30? owlsama: Kapp DaniDuck: Kapp mech_yeti: 69 Bestorio: Oh it will LULW ChibiKuro: sure nepSmug J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Kapp miki___miki: Kappa Croissanito: you underestimate the companies elaOP Bobanaut: why not? myfavoriteweeb: 70 LULW captain_elsewhere: WANNA BET THIS IS CAPCOM Mr_Masuo: just tuned in – this is 1v4 or left4dead style? Justepic123: 10 max 4Head Guts117: Watch them Kappa rofIcopter: Kapp Distl17: 120 Ohem1: @Elajjaz System Shock 2!!!!! Royal_Clover: who did Capcom outsource this to? PepeLaugh Dexqyen: whay game is this Spaceforce: evo17MindBlown hopefully $99 souldedeh: PepeLaugh AkumaYajuu: some say it is a dlc for re2 Niloomilo: Kapp WReN__x: knowing capcom it will OMEGALUL RKazekiri: oh it will PepeLaugh Sopmorifique: wtf is this AOE Heal rip my immersion AlienPls EljanPls derechte_iz_pz: If this is 60€ I will eat raw cock I swear nekro793: 80$ elaSmile Faronoa: Just you wait LUL demifiendll: this is like one of those fake april fools trailers PepeLaugh Grantelmann: 60 plus season pass you mean PepeLaugh zagetsux: 59.99 OMEGALUL CompatiKaiser: hon hon hon PepeLaugh Loseeeerrrr: 2$ max LULW ModernPlagueDoctor: Lidl l4d Hallow7: The timer looks hideous BitRun: free i hope PepeLaugh Heksyll: maybe f2p lostwar44: This reminds me a of a worse outbreak bobmighty: $30 + Dlc ValeckSeimu: ResidentSleeper BrowningZen: 100 for collector edition PpeeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: 59.99 PepeLaugh Jajalembang: LULW Canopus: 60€ + 30€ season pass PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kayenai: Deluxe edition 100€ BigDaddyBobby: Free to play 😉 ApoloeXp: It looks so bad BrowningZen: 100 for collector edition PepeLaugh REMUSXXXL: @derechte_iz_pz PepeLaugh EternalFool_: these sounds LULW sunshift: if they charge more than $30, they are crazy dotnotbot: framerate though LULW mixel7: yeah i think it’s just a side thing @Elajjaz 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY JimmyLuongOfficial: How did the World War Z game turn out? I was hoping it was good as Left 4 Dead back in the day. NoDwarfTossing: Mastermind? 5Head fatpep: LUL JesseThaBest: Those idiots don’t know that they can charge a different price for a new release Robin_CP: derechte_iz_pz: If this is 60€ I will eat raw cock I swear sure sure LULW Wander1010: @Elajjaz on the playstation youtube have a yakuza 7 video with subtitles AvemStercore: 5Head vs 3Head 3Head 3Head 3Head myfavoriteweeb: monkaW NotMaloony: this is big poo poo angryj0nes: WTF is happening?!? BrowningZen: LULW ???? WarWeeny: this will be litered with macro transactions Akaii_x: @JimmyLuongOfficial people really liked it, the amount of zombies is crazy kryptoftheold: @sunshift I wouldn’t give this 20 LULW Raidou_XIV: LUL mahfriendooo: Pog Combat mech_yeti: this game so SamuraiEdgeplay: Pog hacked the camera NaughtyPedro: the rooms are so small derechte_iz_pz: @robin_cp PepeLaugh oh oh sunshift: @kryptoftheold it looks SUPER Lidl here LUL Kuromaru_: WE IN Pog mech_yeti: ResidentSleeper DrSIurp: IKEALUL Serefki: if this game is 20$ ill try it ValeckSeimu: Can t even resist to wath all Jprtc: This is what happens when you outsource your engine to the chinese/taiwanese Hallow7: LUL timoteh: SumSmash Guts117: How could they fuck that up. They have everything from RE2 LUL Lykouleon: Pog demifiendll: Pog BrowningZen: LULW NotMaloony: the animations are so bad LULW Lagunaab: LULW Nopileos: LUL RKazekiri: ElaSmash KRSpirit: ElaSmash timoteh: sumSmash JimmyLuongOfficial: @Akaii_x Thanks man! Yeah, I didn’t hear too much about it. Thinking about gettin git Soadante: ???????? garenbush: LULW Dema_: LULW AkaTsubaki_: ElaSmash ordinarystory: sumSmash B3arHands: sumSmash bobmighty: really dobtf2: LULW Junri: LULW Sohei4649: sumSmash LULW Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW captain_elsewhere: ElaSmash Vendetta1v: 200? BrascoGaming: ElaSmash Kuromaru_: PUNC HIM HARD ElaSmash BrowningZen: ElaSmash nucetti: LULW Hawkees: Insane One Punch Man LULW Bobanaut: fists do more damage than guns? Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek Lenoskendy: sumSmash Antimonesia: sumSmash morningstar907: Lol Met_the_Slayer: sumSmash sumSmash sumSmash memorycard1mega: I find it strange that they just made a good RE and the remake of one of the best horror games and now this SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek irevil0: hahahahaha Wheels82: SUPA PUNCHA ZULUL AlexAnderman1994: ElaSmash myfavoriteweeb: ElaSmash gosamigo: sumSmash REMUSXXXL: ElaSmash Naero879: sumSmash Vendetta1v: LOL Niloomilo: elaSmash RantingDuck: LULW Nopileos: ElaSmash FabulousChancetv: this looks SO bad at everypoints Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Shin_J: 360 punch OMEGALUL Smough: making money sunshift: is this a mobile game? PepeLaugh saugo: LIDL LULW IKEALUL Ohem1: It must be outsourced hangedm4n: sumSmash 200 sumSmash 200 sumSmash 200 sumSmash 200 demifiendll: LUL Junri: AHHAHAHAHAA speedycruise: crying is not enough 2 LULW silver6ird: they weren’t elaKek nucetti: monkaGun derechte_iz_pz: tenseSmash GREEN GREEN Da_Flanker: They weren’t ValeckSeimu: crit LickMyPretzel: That’s some strong glass Dema_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN kekpek007: @Elajjaz watch Gungrave trailer from TGS Vendetta1v: elaK bobmighty: waste ammo BrascoGaming: ??? Padanmouss: well… garenbush: 225 225 225 TheTeaFox: Supply zombie Pog JesseThaBest: wow exciting ModernPlagueDoctor: Just dick punch him while he’s down BitRun: supply zombie LUL Gigantio: mooooneyyyy! Jprtc: free money right? LULW BrowningZen: supply zombie LULW Stinsfire: ???? sunshift: LUL derechte_iz_pz: NICE BULLET SPONGE LULW SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW a supply zombie zagetsux: ????? ValeckSeimu: monkaGun DaniDuck: ???? Nazzet: Jesus LULW Padanmouss: why ? Bobanaut: punching>mg RantingDuck: oh boy so exciting Iamtid: Thats some glass Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh EPIC JesseThaBest: ??????? demifiendll: PepeLaugh ViveLaDissidence: ” I like money ! ” The dev probably Akaii_x: @JimmyLuongOfficial can probably find it cheap on sale or some sites. Watch some vids on it bud Shin_J: punch almost as good as a minigun LULW Kuromaru_: ??????????????????? iPhone glass BrascoGaming: wtf LULW gosamigo: ZULUL ZULUL Azure_Felt: lets milk the re name PepeLaugh Soadante: elaREE sunshift: PepeLaugh this is meme already Vendetta1v: Not blind Erazu: capcom lacL SilentNewbee: @Elajjaz I think they just need money for RE3 LULW Kira_22: LULW SainEdge: reuse a lot of resi 2 remake assets=easy money LULW datdeathy: btw, this is not capcom making (even tho this is no excuse for this lidl sht) BitRun: oh wow i cant wait to play this! 🙂 angryj0nes: This is a mess mixel7: money probably Fifiball: what game is tbis Naero879: I think this game is better in theory than actually doing it lol bobmighty: capcom wtf ZephidsEmbrace: I could see this working out with some polishing, but it looks awful right now. Why would you SHOW this? MrLismos: this is just like metal gear survive, the needs to milk a franchise with bad and unnecessary games ekahS_hS: Lidl the game southdesigner: racoon city part two DAS_k1ishEe: What is this? Resident Evil 2 multiplayer? Sohei4649: Good thing they didn’t attach Resident Evil to the title ? LULW Norwegian_wombat: something to play while theyre remaking re3 maybe elaHmm derechte_iz_pz: HE LOOKS LIKE TYLER1 Res_Quant: this shit after re2 remake mrcdvr: Theres new Castlevania game, on mobile ;3 it looks like they tried to do Bloodstained clone SeraphxStray: this is a result of lots of people in ties listening to share holders and not reading the market correctly ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL ValeckSeimu: charger passed by Turbulist: LULW carorinuu: anthem with zombies? harshalrio91: LULW ApoloeXp: How can a game with RE engine look this bad Schwirm: Jebaited J0hnnyBlade: Jebaited zagetsux: na aim LUL Kaspu: PepeLaugh KRSpirit: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: LULW Res_Quant: holy fuck they are retarded Firstdark: it like a bad ver of outbreak RKazekiri: OMEGADOWN saugo: LULW Fifiball: this looks stupid Azure_Felt: Jebaited Clap Golden04: PepeLaugh kunjiru: Capcom had a good run. RE2 remake and DMC5 and now they are dead again LULW Jaargan: they weren’t thinking OMEGALUL Soadante: ?????? Chris_Redfield: forsenFeels NaughtyPedro: That would have been to soon @Elajjaz Robin_CP: this is Diablo Immortals all over again EstusFox: wtf is this? saugo: Jebaited GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz they should do a re5 remake derechte_iz_pz: LULW RE3 Shmoop1: Hi ela and chat elaH pepeL is Blasphemous done? I don’t want spoilers ScienceSloth: LULW Kuromaru_: LMAO JUST IGNORE BIG ASS DUDE LULW Nazzet: shmoop1 cirHi BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz bottom right icon elaREE UltraWindow: they should have announced DMC5 DLC instead FeelsBadMan Hongetech: So scuffed, but probably okay for a few giggles Junri: ??? DAS_k1ishEe: CHOO CHOOOOO WReN__x: capcom wasted too much money making dmc 5 and re 2 OMEGALUL Turbulist: elaKek Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh ??????? Boscodbear: they are definitely remaking re3 silver6ird: ??????? Vendetta1v: LOL jaquescamarao: LUL kayyeah: LOL Akaii_x: @Elajjaz standard capcom..they release amazing stuff….and then with the money they do this RantingDuck: ??? Nopileos: LOL CirceanSin: LULW garenbush: LULW Turbulist: ??????????? Shin_J: ????????? LULW nisynn: Pog dobtf2: ???????????? BrascoGaming: LULW sunshift: another out of season April’s Folls joke speedycruise: silence LULW NotMaloony: but they said its not a mainline resident evil didnt they? Vendetta1v: LOLOLL irevil0: EPIC Veddy_: LULW KrazyShark: ………… Dema_: Was this made with 100€ on Fiverr?? LULW ValeckSeimu: Clap rofIcopter: ??? Canopus: elaHmm AndrewMolera: Me: Capcom can we get Outbreak 3? Capcom: we have Outbreak 3 at home. Outbreak 3 at home: Project Resistance Nopileos: LULW xshadowchaos: doublePuke doublePuke doublePuke BrowningZen: LULW ???? EternalFool_: LULW ??? SaixSoul: ElaPls Bobanaut: oh the cube ending Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN Erazu: lacLaugh Lagunaab: ??.??? demifiendll: jesus christ perpetual_fest: ???? Lenoskendy: LULW ??????? Turbulist: ???????????? LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Stinsfire: LUL Wendell8504: ????????? Vendetta1v: LOLOLOLOLOLOL rakyan: ?? 624pt2: ??? LUL DrSIurp: ElaPls Silonater: ???????????? Schwirm: OMEGADOWN Clap Nopileos: ???? atomicdestruction: 4Shrug Fatamerikans: OMEGALUL KRSpirit: LULW KurosKiraa: ahahahaha Sybran57: ????????? LULW kunjiru: LULW Serefki: ?????????????? durmiin: ElaPls Akytami: LULW myfavoriteweeb: ElaPls KrazyShark: …………………….. Tierer: The sound design is terrible atski: wonderful memorycard1mega: nice? Nopileos: LULW nekro793: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN gosamigo: LUL Stinsfire: these animations LULW NitschHimself: did capcom actually make this or outsource it so some weird developer? LUL Corthak: 4Shrug kingbradleyPT: LUL Xer_0: PepeUff Nurinel: is this 2019 ? HugeBaguette_tv: CRIIIING LUL Kuromaru_: LULW Ayarai: LUL Hypodeck: ZULUL stigstag: LULW Nopileos: LUL 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: This is just a cash grab on the side while they work on the real RE game mahfriendooo: Pog Amazing harshalrio91: ZULUL Junri: AHAHHAHAHA AlmAyum: LuL Vendetta1v: ROOOOOFL Naero879: FBtouchdown JimmyLuongOfficial: lol. Game needs music or something. Lol Lykouleon: LMFAO Xcell94: LUL Wheels82: LULW Kickin_97: Hang on, this is meant to be an official spinoff? AlexAnderman1994: OMEGALUL mech_yeti: Mr x afk akmannen: LULW Aiimka: AHAHAHAHAHAHA Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: LuL CirceanSin: LULW LULW Faronoa: LUL Veddy_: wow Elkuuti0: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: ZULUL Wendell8504: LULW RantingDuck: LULW Golden04: LULW jklob: who the f greenlit this LULW bobmighty: LMFAO fucking hell Filth_: OMEGALUL KRSpirit: ZULUL Andros5: HAHAHAA BrowningZen: LULW Vendetta1v: LMFAOOOOOO Turbulist: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Nopileos: LULW lucius_ss: its just dbd with good graphics lol DaniDuck: LULW Spaceforce: LULW dobtf2: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW miki___miki: D: Kaspu: ZULUL Fatamerikans: LUL ccorns: OMEGADOWN The_Butterfly_Man: I didn’t except re3 remake announcement so soon DrSIurp: OMEGADOWN takirindor: D: Xcell94: same tbh Valedroo: ZULUL LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Corthak: LULW J0hnnyBlade: ZULUL SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek rofIcopter: OMEGALUL xlRaptoe: ZULUL noxcorvus: ZULUL ScienceSloth: lmaoooo LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh demifiendll: PepeLaugh what hte ufck is ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Azure_Felt: ZULUL Meximus322: LULW Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Antimonesia: LULW Blood_Rooted: D: JesseThaBest: This has to be a fucking spooff? souldedeh: LULW Soadante: 🙂 Lenoskendy: nymnSMALD SO MALD angryj0nes: SUPAH ZOMBIE ZULUL SUPAH ZOMBIE ZULUL ApoloeXp: LUL jj_mike: LULW derechte_iz_pz: LULW HAHAHA S_Darji: ZULUL Concon1: Pog sunshift: GOOD QUESTION Vendetta1v: LMFAOOO sngDone Jajalembang: WeirdChamp holloWFortune: ZULUL nucetti: ZULUL Hallow7: THIS HAS TO BE A FUCKING JOKE JoeMcPete: @Elajjaz is this a budget version of secret neighbour ? Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Xurker: WHAT IS THIS MATHAFAKIN BOOLSHIT Heksyll: ZULUL CompatiKaiser: OMEGALUL DenZve: ZULUL Andros5: ZULUL gosamigo: ZULUL ZULUL kryptoftheold: LULW LULW Serefki: LUL SparkySparkyB00mMan: elaKek elaKek elaKek BrascoGaming: ZULUL Bro_Hime: Oh yeah this is a Ela game Norwegian_wombat: miirioM8 Nopileos: ZULUL memorycard1mega: wat is dis bulshit Da_Flanker: This has to be a joke Turbulist: LULW Ciaphas72kt: LUL moaitis: OMEGADOWN BitRun: LULW MADAFAKING BULLSHIT Schwirm: OMEGADOWN ARE THEY SERIOUS rofIcopter: OMEGALUL OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN saugo: ZULUL Pixel_hearts: ZULUL Deliriumi1: ????? ZULUL Corthak: ZULUL KurosKiraa: Is this a troll? gulshan1: LMFAO Astroft123: lulw Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL nisynn: you mean this PepeLaugh ValeckSeimu: WADDAFAK ZULUL @Elajjaz Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh REPLAY Kuromaru_: FROG LULW Golden04: ZULUL Hongetech: WADAFAK ZULUL ivooooo__: ZULUL CirceanSin: LMAO Vendetta1v: sngDone sngDone sngDone EleGiggle BrowningZen: ZULUL RantingDuck: IS THAT REAL? LULW SilentNewbee: ZULUL majougi: Le Bullsheet Nopileos: ZULUL AsshurtingEmu: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh DidacoWolf: I’m serious, I don’t see what’s so wrong captain_elsewhere: ITS FUCKING ALI G elaKek HEIL_MODS_: what the fuck PepeLaugh Shmoop1: @Elajjaz are you done with Blasphemous? Chris_Redfield: im sad now forsenFeels Jaargan: CAPCOM WTF PepeHands WerewolfB: ZULUL Serefki: zulul Nazzet: @Shmoop1 Its done, he 100%-ed Kapp JesseThaBest: This can’t be Nihrahk: @Elajjaz It may be total shit, but at least it’s good for meme streams, right? LULW kingbradleyPT: LOOOL silver6ird: oh it’s real elaKek irevil0: LUL Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh REPLAY REPLAY PepeLaugh Xer_0: PepeLaugh nucetti: ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL Sybran57: PepeLaugh AndrewMolera: i hope its a game mode within another game JimmyLuongOfficial: LOL – I’m buying this troll game. TAKE MY MONEY @Elajjaz Lol Raytheonecb: best game demifiendll: WHADAFUCK PepeLAugh JesseThaBest: check comments FrostNinjutsu: OMEGALUL zagetsux: downvotes LUL GreatWolfSiff: the idea of the game does sound interesting but the execution is terrible BruiseVein: @elajjaz announcing RE3 remake same year as RE2? Riiiiiiiight infilau: why does it look so low budget. Why are the animations and all so much worse even though it uses RE2 engine Reddinator: WADAFAK ZULUL bedrath123: HAHAHHAHAHAA Gaulty_: @Elajjaz Operation Raccon City worked because of the setting. In this new one its ths Same close quarters as RE 2 remake and with 4 people thats Chaos bobmighty: More dislikes LUL RantingDuck: OH MY GOD OMEGALUL Maelandel: Maelandel subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Maelandel Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM Sybran57: Replay it @Elajjaz PepeLaugh sunshift: new Friday the 13th PepeLaugh RKazekiri: OMEGALUL lekitheberserker: lekitheberserker subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! Vendetta1v: WAT IZ DIZ FUKEN BEWLSHEET? WrestlerBot2000: @lekitheberserker Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM derechte_iz_pz: LULW LickMyPretzel: 360 TheSalikawood: capcom always take 1 step forward and two steps back lmao harshalrio91: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Maelandel POGGERS akmannen: why are u running ValeckSeimu: POGGERS 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY ChibiKuro: capcom did it again nepSmug Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN HeavyM4chineGun: 🙂 Veddy_: LULW Anavolver: look at MHW money goes LULW KRSpirit: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Hallow7: LUL Lenoskendy: LULW Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN bedrath123: ZIS SHITE Turbulist: elaKek Nopileos: LULW Niloomilo: LULW HEIL_MODS_: OMEGADOWN Faronoa: LUL kunjiru: LULW D3rrtyD4n: atpCap Akytami: OMEGALUL noxcorvus: LULW tumaelso: LULW gosamigo: LUL gulshan1: LULW Hospitality3: OMEGALUL BitRun: 6:47 Nopileos: LULW LULW Naero879: LULW LULW LULW Kickin_97: meme-tier tbh kefflah: im so hyped for it Pog Dynamite_Pete: PepeLaugh WAT ZE FUCK EEZ ZIS MAZAFUCKIN BOOLSHEET BrascoGaming: @Elajjaz Yakuza 7 trailer? Fafebobo: PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: 6:47 kekpek007: @Elajjaz watch Gungrave trailer from TGS nekro793: SMOrc Clap wholewheatrotini: What is the complaint I don’t get it Schwirm: PepeLaugh mrcdvr: It’s the made by same team that did Racoon City squad shooter one ? KrazyShark: punched by teenager ClappyHype Sopmorifique: 6:47 Rerrcave: yakuza 7 POGGERS Fafebobo: 5Head UltraWindow: DBD ComradeBender: WutFace saugo: Project Autism ZULUL bedrath123: OHOHOHOHO Corthak: 5Head Nanashi_Sakamoto: TRAPS AYAYA D3rrtyD4n: it looks shitty captain_elsewhere: HE’S ALLREADY SEEN YAKUZA 7 Reddinator: 5Head Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh morningstar907: Lol WHAT IS THIS MUTHERF**KING BULLSHIT Erazu: lacL Nopileos: 5Head x3kmak: @Elajjaz 4th comment ValeckSeimu: LUL fenniksss: YAKUZA 7 TIME Chris_Redfield: same PepeLaugh Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh 6:47 jaquescamarao: 6:47 pepeLaugh Reddinator: elaKek Jaargan: SAY SIKE RIGHT NOW PepeHands Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Naero879: So dead by daylight LuL Nihrahk: Fist stronger than guns confirmed LULW S_Darji: elaKek Alaera: so dead by daylight Norwegian_wombat: atpSpiner Fafebobo: OMEGALUL eliastheepicgamer: @Elajjaz gungrave trailer was so good Pog bobmighty: LUL Emzero: wtf is Capcom thinking Vendetta1v: That’s the great part LULW ShinoEleven: Like DbD but bad elaKek Da_Flanker: Mhm TheErdbeere: its not thaaaat bad kunjiru: Capcom pulling RE6 quality again LULW 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY ihorozhyhov: when is next tekken? Sohei4649: Marketing team saw this and said nope, not called Resident Evil OMEGADOWN Turbulist: 6:47 PepeLaugh UltraDoot: 📣 WAT ZE FUCK EEZ ZIS MAZAFUCKIN BOOLSHEET NautilusV2: @Elajjaz watch this 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWWy7V9rCrA BruiseVein: People actually thought they would announce RE8 or RE3 same year as RE2? looool Jaargan: ZULUL derechte_iz_pz: the true Mastermind won’t buy this game, because its garbage 🙂 Turbulist: LULW KRSpirit: ZULUL HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh harshalrio91: ZULUL CirceanSin: LULW Kaspu: LULW Erazu: OMEGALUL Valedroo: LULW Nopileos: ZULUL Fafebobo: LULW Faronoa: LUL bobmighty: LUL wtf Reddinator: ZULUL angryj0nes: ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL dobtf2: ZULUL noxcorvus: ZULUL demifiendll: PepeLaugh kingbradleyPT: capcom hates sucess ppl liked re2 remake so they have to back to being trash LUL Ajahi: LULW derechte_iz_pz: LULW ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Clap nepSmug Clap Spaceforce: LULW rofIcopter: ZULUL saugo: ZULUL Vendetta1v: WAT IZ DIZ MATHAFUKEN BEWLSHEET? Soadante: ZULUL jaquescamarao: LULW Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL ModernPlagueDoctor: Little Misfortune tomorrow PogChamp easyeasy: LULW ZULUL BrascoGaming: LULW Schwirm: OMEGADOWN Clap S_Darji: ZULUL durmiin: ZULUL Korhain: ZULUL garenbush: ZULUL BitRun: LUL ordinarystory: ZULUL sunshift: sums up what we saw gosamigo: i mean.. its still in BETA Canopus: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Nopileos: ZULUL Met_the_Slayer: LUL Corthak: ZULUL LULW zombie391: LULW miki___miki: OMEGALUL Niloomilo: LULW Chris_Redfield: LULW Sopmorifique: PepeLaugh SUB SOUND PepeLaugh Wendell8504: ZULUL Serefki: ZULUL Naero879: Is that in game commentary lol???? southdesigner: LULULUL J0hnnyBlade: ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL ZULUL azureTreble: LULW Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL FrostNinjutsu: LUL jklob: ZULUL fmlswn: he’s talking about the game LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: ZULUL Erazu: ZULUL Nazzet: LULW Mavez0r: ZULUL rakyan: ZULUL Veddy_: ZULUL Turbulist: elaKek k LickMyPretzel: Jesus christ.. gosamigo: ZULUL ZULUL MaleFunction: ZULUL RKazekiri: LULW owlsama: LULW CurseofSherwood: Clap2 ZULUL Lenoskendy: nymnSMALD mald Brodama: ??????? Nopileos: ZULUL SamuraiEdgeplay: wowwwwww kryptoftheold: VI LOST ZULUL NeroIscariot12: WE NEED THAT VOICE CLIP PLEASE ValeckSeimu: RESUB SOUND NOW @Elajjaz Elkuuti0: ZULUL D3rrtyD4n: wtf LULW AkumaYajuu: new sub or donation soundbite Concon1: LULW Digitice: LULW Shmoop1: ZULUL Robin_CP: IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY HIRED A RANDOM GUY ON DISCORD LULW ivooooo__: NEW SUBSOUND Pog Nopileos: ZULUL ZULUL StunnyDay: @Elajjaz there is another trailer in enlgish for yakuza captain_elsewhere: MY NAME A BORAT casualkappa123: @Elajjaz sub sound now DrSIurp: 🇫🇷 HYPERCLAP AsshurtingEmu: Sub sound please LULW Lexikun: @Elajjaz kindergarten time? elaCozy GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz you know which game you should play killer is dead ValeckSeimu: SUB SOUND NOW @Elajjaz ドゥームブレイズ: SUB SOUND PLS Da_Flanker: Oh man bobmighty: RE MEMEs EDITION Vendetta1v: WAT IZ DIZ MATHAFAKEN BEWLSHEET? evo19France 🥖 Kristoferr_: @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND PogU @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND PogU @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND PogU @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND PogU @Elajjaz NEW SUB SOUND PogU Sopmorifique: 1 YEAR SUB SOUND PepeLaugh Xurker: @captain_elsewhere MMM MY WAIF kekpek007: @Elajjaz watch Gungrave trailer from TGS Rerrcave: yakuza 7 POGGERS harshalrio91: FF7 BleekStone: ZULUL=french ? WeirdChamp BitRun: @Elajjaz use it as resub sound please Pog souldedeh: nioh 2? datdeathy: GUNGRAVE Brodama: FF7 Soadante: FF7 Pog Senordingdongs: GUNGRAVE Nihrahk: Maybe that voice clip could be a new sub sound? LULW eliastheepicgamer: gungrave gore Junri: Yakuza 7 Serefki: YAKUZA 7 Filth_: New 1% sub sound PepeLaugh x3kmak: @Elajjaz between that “muthafucking bullshit” is this guy https://i.redd.it/yuqadiao33m31.jpg EternalFool_: Yakuza 7 71_bro: watch Gungrave G.O.R.E GAMEPLAY SainEdge: Yakuza 7 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz hollster67: yakuza Nopileos: Yakuza 7 kekpek007: GUNGRAVE KirukiruAmou: @Elajjaz make it subsound please LULW SaixSoul: ff7 gameplay? mrcdvr: New Castlevania game ? joselugs: Gungrave G.O.R.E Shmoop1: @Elajjaz thoughts on Blasphemous? I’m 2 hours in AvemStercore: DMC 5 vergil DLC Pog demifiendll: no SMTV PepeHands zanna1: yakuza 7 gameplay trailer? derechte_iz_pz: DO IT BendOverLikeABoss: WOTAFAK ZULUL Turbulist: LULW YES Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW BrascoGaming: @Elajjaz Yakuza 7 trailer? Azure_Felt: we saw yakuza 7 FeelsWeirdMan harshalrio91: @Elajjaz FF7 KRSpirit: ZULUL AkumaYajuu: yes you can Erazu: Nioh 2? morningstar907: Gungrave elaThirst elaThirst atomicdestruction: JustDoIt Heksyll: WHY NOT ZULUL zagetsux: LUL UltraWindow: have it as a reset sound Jaargan: YES YOU CAN LULW Asmodaus1: YES LUL saugo: JustDoIt Brodama: @Elajjaz don’t care about ff7? D: JesseThaBest: Check the new nintendo gadget Lul 😀 Nirvazzz: FF7 ModernPlagueDoctor: Little Misfortune second game by Fran Bow devs BitRun: @Elajjaz do another 1% LUL Jordack: Well this french accent hurt my heart i don t sound this bad DenZve: WHY NOT ZULUL NotMaloony: weeb game ViveLaDissidence: BleekStone Well as a french there is a lot of ZULUL and ANELE in the streets … derechte_iz_pz: @demifiendll PepeHands SMT V bobmighty: AYAYA Norwegian_wombat: naroAYAYA Battlerrules: Gungrave POG ekkojj: Hey there buddy elaDM fenniksss: @Elajjaz watch Yakuza 7 one more time, for people to calm down elaKek altrionet: this trailer is hot as fuq Zetarim: Whaat KrazyShark: toinonAYAYA ChibiKuro: AYAYA Clap kunjiru: Gungrave Pog Turbulist: naroStaryn Naero879: IDK how i feel about Y7 being turned based WeirdChamp Hallow7: Oh shit! derechte_iz_pz: PogU not trash? Digitice: based on the anime? Pog captain_elsewhere: kinda cool Canopus: POGGERS POGGERS J0hnnyBlade: Gungravge? Pog FrostNinjutsu: AYAYA Lexikun: AYAYA Asmodaus1: AYAYA Soadante: GORE monkaW DrSIurp: monkaTOS Sybran57: AYAYA datdeathy: Gungrave is Pog mathis_de_nice: GUNGRAVE POG Fatamerikans: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA BleekStone: @ViveLaDissidence cmonBruh bobmighty: AYAYA Clap B3arHands: ASMR Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Vendetta1v: No gameplay? ResidentSleeper harshalrio91: AYAYA Shinichii: GUNGRAVE Pog REMUSXXXL: monkaTOS D3rrtyD4n: Pog RantingDuck: anime ps2 game Pog Da_Flanker: Weeb stuff? Faronoa: AYAYA ? Fafebobo: TaBeRu miki___miki: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Kuromaru_: Is that THE Gungrave? Champ AYAYA Shmoop1: G O R E monkaTOS NotPlayd: KKool ChibiKuro: TaBeRu ValeckSeimu: MUSIC PLAYNG Noname_Joe: inappropriate for children look away chat majougi: danAY danAY danAY easyeasy: FeelsBadMan GuitarTime Dudespider: [MUSIC PLAYING] Hypodeck: pepeJAM lapoutinemogette: anime AYAYA AvemStercore: pepeJAM Canopus: TaBeRu ordinarystory: AYAYA SteineAlters: there is gameplay later Hongetech: KKool Admiralshiroryu: it’s like western style rpg but from japan Filth_: pepeJAM Napoleonfd: PepeHands Nopileos: pepeJAM j0mppa: KKool Ajahi: Weebs elaWeird Erazu: pepeJAM Deliriumi1: wait ? Pog LickMyPretzel: BBoomer REMUSXXXL: pepeJAM UltraWindow: TaBeRu seydanator: gungrave, the anime? Digitice: Pog Serefki: gungrave mor like 2013-gave Garmon3: ??? Lykouleon: pepeJAM Fafebobo: pepeJAM Met_the_Slayer: FeelsGoodMan GuitarTime Fatamerikans: pepeJAM Vendetta1v: elaK Zetarim: That’s like 18 years past it’s glory Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Soadante: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu Turbulist: pepeJAM GuitarTime silver6ird: pepeJAM demifiendll: PepoDance ValeckSeimu: KKona 🎸 atomicdestruction: pepeJAMMER bobmighty: Anime op Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu DrSIurp: PepeHands GuitarTime Sohei4649: pepeJAM Meximus322: pepeJAM NotPlayd: KKool GuitarTime hangedm4n: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM Scarvener: pepeJAM REMUSXXXL: BBoomer SleepyWolf11477: AGAIN SeemsGood Veddy_: KKona GuitarTime nucetti: vod muted FeelsBadMan RonsuDE: pepeJAM Fentu: ????????? WerewolfB: NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM NaM Xurker: SHE BRINGS THE RAIN Canopus: pepeJAMMER Jaargan: pepeJAM J0hnnyBlade: BBoomer BrascoGaming: pepeJAMMER Justepic123: ElaJAM Pixel_hearts: BBoomer jklob: KKool 🎸 Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Soadante: monkaS jaquescamarao: KKool NeroIscariot12: Old PS2 cult classic that’s getting a sequel Wendell8504: ElaJAM Dudespider: BBoomer 🎸 NotPlayd: monkaW easyeasy: BBoomer AlexAnderman1994: TaBeRu Fatamerikans: monkaS Shinichii: TaBeRu TaBeRu daddywojo: BBoomer Chris_Redfield: NaM nekro793: TaBeRu Garmon3: what? TheSalikawood: MonkaS memorycard1mega: wasn’t it a ps2 game designed by the trigun guy? Fafebobo: PepeUff Blood_Rooted: monkaW ValeckSeimu: GuitarTime Nopileos: MonkaS AvemStercore: MingLee ? meepmapp: elaYA Faronoa: NaM Golden04: monkaW noxcorvus: ppSmoke Fiftytoo: is this gungrave like the anime? Kaspu: MingLee eliastheepicgamer: so hyped for this Chag spike_the_space_cowboy: NaM sunshift: Hong Kong FeelsBadMan RKazekiri: monkaW BrowningZen: monkaW AndyIsDead: PepeUff SleepyWolf11477: MingLee Fiftytoo: oh shit it is Kuromaru_: I BLESS THE RAIN TaBeRu Lykouleon: monkaW B-blood? Xurker: @memorycard1mega eyes Kaeede: atpJuntao atpJuntao atpJuntao nucetti: PepeUff KRSpirit: monkaW Digitice: Aww ya Pog 10th_Legion: oh fuck akmannen: have you nto seen gungrave its a cool anime 🙂 S_Darji: monkaW Furrnox: monkaW kefflah: elaYA Fentu: [Ambience] Nopileos: monkaW Xurker: @memorycard1mega yes* lmao Soadante: AYAYA Fafebobo: AYAYA BitRun: [Ambient Sounds] Lagunaab: future bloodborne ? ValeckSeimu: AYAYA GoAkke: +++++++ Vendetta1v: elaYA AlmAyum: AYAYA Sybran57: AYAYA easyeasy: OOOOOO AYAYA Turbulist: AYAYA BrowningZen: AYAYA ModernPlagueDoctor: They didn’t play the ccr version 1/10 Tomowatt: AYAYA noxcorvus: AYAYA LorkiStream: AYAYA Veddy_: AYAYA DrSIurp: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA KRSpirit: AYAYA ChibiKuro: AYAYA Faronoa: AYAYA Nucleoprotein: AYAYA Xcell94: AYAYA Naero879: AYAYA Da_Flanker: LULW Asmodaus1: AYAYA KrazyShark: @Elajjaz OH SHIT I HAVE THAT MUG WrestlerBot2000: 12x AYAYA double digit combo Pog Kuromaru_: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA RKazekiri: AYAYA BrascoGaming: AYAYA AvemStercore: AYAYA UWU B3arHands: AYAYA bobmighty: AYAYA Cute girl ShinoEleven: AYAYA Chris_Redfield: AYAYA Bieberhunter: AYAYA Jaargan: AYAYA Fatamerikans: AYAYA miki___miki: AYAYA Fentu: AYAYA strawberrykappa: AYAYA derechte_iz_pz: Kreygasm KrazyShark: WTF I HAVE A MUG LIKE THAT Pog Garmon3: LUL Nopileos: AYAYA Akytami: AYAYA Wendell8504: AYAYA jj_mike: AYAYA Ohem1: Gungrave anime is awesome, at least during Brandon and Harry’s uprising Kaspu: AYAYA Vendetta1v: elaBlush Turbulist: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Canopus: OMEGALUL Valedroo: AYAYA Sohei4649: AYAYA zombie391: Kreygasm harshalrio91: UwU Tomowatt: AYAYA Cutie rakyan: AYAYA sunshift: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Elkuuti0: AYAYA mikonkon: AYAYA Clap easyeasy: AYAYA CUTIE GIRL MobiusCog: AYAYA krezal: AYAYA Girlsmasta: Pog Kuromaru_: elaYA AYAYA jaquescamarao: AYAYA Justepic123: AYAYA Met_the_Slayer: AYAYA KRSpirit: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Soadante: CUTIE DETECTED AYAYA mixel7: AYAYA Lagunaab: oh no Lykouleon: AYAYA Albin_Alligator: AYAYA ☕ Nopileos: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA Azure_Felt: elaBlush daley_: WeirdChamp Golden04: WeirdChamp JimmyLuongOfficial: Oh snap sunshift: AYAYA WEEBS WON Kuromaru_: LULW Smough: and ugly too Lykouleon: D: ! WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA MaleFunction: elaYA Hallow7: She looks weird atski: anime shit, next derechte_iz_pz: I lost already atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh alpalin96: AYAYA 뿡토: STFU WEEBS NaM BrowningZen: monkaW DrSIurp: D: ShinoEleven: AYAYA Clap Turbulist: monkaW Erazu: monkaOMEGA Digitice: Doctor? REEE demifiendll: Pog ordinarystory: AYAYA garenbush: monkaW Sohei4649: monkaW Bobanaut: that game is very anime B3arHands: monkaW Pixel_hearts: it’s AYAYA Nopileos: monkaW gosamigo: Kreygasm ValeckSeimu: BOOM AlexAnderman1994: AYAYA Stinsfire: not a weeb game Xcell94: D: durexfin: AYAYA marshalmv: OMG WeirdChamp N4RDBOT: WutFace NotPlayd: AYAYA Reddinator: monkaX derechte_iz_pz: LULW Filth_: billyReady datdeathy: F Nopileos: AYAYA Canopus: monkaSHAKE BrowningZen: LULW jklob: WutFace BrascoGaming: monkaW ShinoEleven: monkaW S_Darji: cuz it is LULW Golden04: billyReady WerewolfB: WeirdChamp 👉 🚪 myfavoriteweeb: monkaW Azure_Felt: LULW harshalrio91: billyReady dobtf2: billyReady Pudntoogud: billyReady ShinoEleven: billyReady noxcorvus: HandsUp Nopileos: billyReady RKazekiri: BillyReady WReN__x: billyReady sunshift: NaM 🔨 jaquescamarao: billyReady RantingDuck: billyReady Erazu: it actually is lmao BendOverLikeABoss: CHAD monkaW BrascoGaming: LULW Xer_0: [BOOM ] Blood_Rooted: LULW ValeckSeimu: billyReady Lykouleon: LMAO It is Billy zombie391: billyReady Reddinator: billyReady hi_imdre: Is this dark souls? Faronoa: gachiHYPER ta_no_kami: billyReady Nopileos: billyReady billyReady Met_the_Slayer: billyReady AvemStercore: billyReady angryj0nes: HO NO NO NO BlueRuka: 99 knights? NotPlayd: billyReady Jaargan: billyReady Justepic123: billyReady AlexAnderman1994: billyReady MrArmageddon2: billyReady Tomowatt: PunOko Azure_Felt: elaYA Naero879: billyReady DAILOedz: LAKKI Sybran57: billyReady easyeasy: LULW FrostNinjutsu: It’s based on an anime franchise so yeah Nopileos: billyReady Lexikun: IT ACTUALLY IS LULW SleepyWolf11477: LUL Obivanbeegees: Lucky Xurker: @KrazyShark do you look like the blonde girl AYAYA N4RDBOT: AYAYA KRSpirit: LAKKI AYAYA Nox15: billyReady B3arHands: billy was a weeb LULW durmiin: AYAYA LAKKI Wendell8504: billyReady JimmyLuongOfficial: This is Sleeping DOGS 2 @Elajjaz Lol Kickin_97: Was that brainfuck source code on that monitor? mikonkon: PunOko rakyan: billyReady LickMyPretzel: AlienPls Erazu: Pog Mirando: MARIE ROSE Kuromaru_: AYAYA MEOW jklob: pepeJAM 👍 Digitice: AYAYA Kaspu: pepeJAMMER Canopus: POGGERS nekro793: LAKKI AYAYA BrokenCompiler: [MUSIC PLAYING] takirindor: AYAYA Clap Da_Flanker: Rave music BrowningZen: AYAYA HYPERCLAP datdeathy: AYAYA Chris_Redfield: SourPls AYAYA SourPls AYAYA dobtf2: Pog bobmighty: AYAYA ShinoEleven: Pog Blood_Rooted: WeirdChamp Faronoa: AYAYA LUCKY ViveLaDissidence: WeirdChamp Fafebobo: WEEB POWER AYAYA hangedm4n: Pog SeraphxStray: Gungrave is an anime lmao RKazekiri: AYAYA HYPERCLAP ValeckSeimu: AYAYA POWER Reddinator: AYAYA hai YAH DexArt888: billyReady BendOverLikeABoss: LAKKI AYAYA KrazyShark: @Xurker nope but man she’s hot fenniksss: pepeJAM Admiralshiroryu: soundtrack is like tekken UltraWindow: lucky chloe beating billy nepSmug ccorns: AYAYA HYPERCLAP holloWFortune: Billy PepeHands datdeathy: AYAYA MOTHERFUCKERS sid_was_taken: i need a mug that strong too Fatamerikans: AYAYA HYPERCLAP CaoCaoMengde: AYAYA Soadante: AYAYA POWER silver6ird: WEEBS WIN AYAYA J0hnnyBlade: pepeJAM Golden04: weeb shit WeirdChamp Naero879: Shes the boss of this gym gachiHYPER Lomarion: wtf this sounds hangedm4n: LOST TO WEEB LULW B3arHands: AYAYA Clap myfavoriteweeb: F Sybran57: AYAYA HYPERCLAP jaquescamarao: F TheTeaFox: D: sunshift: AYAYA 🗡️ nymnGun gachiGASM ShinoEleven: rooD Pixel_hearts: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls NotPlayd: D: infa_xd: new tekken character Pog KrazyShark: damn she’s hot Kreygasm i lost Nopileos: F Aranzada: Love the artstyle, looks like an high res ps2 game SleepyWolf11477: F Tomowatt: monkaW Lykouleon: monkaW DrSIurp: ResidentSleeper BrowningZen: D: Veddy_: i think she is the girlfriend of the crystal exarch RKazekiri: F Faronoa: AYAYA SEE YOU NEXT TIME ModernPlagueDoctor: This game is 100% aimed at weebs bobmighty: AYAYA Ya fuk Fafebobo: monkaW nucetti: strong female WeirdChamp marshalmv: weeb game DansGame Soadante: F AYAYA Furrnox: Billy PepeHands 뿡토: NaM STFU WEEBS NaM Justepic123: elaD Scarvener: D: Schwirm: D: DEATH Bieberhunter: AYAYA jaquescamarao: D: KRSpirit: D: TyrantZedd: AYAAY elaGun Jaargan: this girl looks like that sailor moon girl elaHmm Azure_Felt: joan wick Pog DidacoWolf: Now THIS is embarassing Canopus: monkaS Nopileos: D: Because_we_said_so: elaB elaB elaB elaB elaB elaB elaB MobiusCog: WAIFU Kuromaru_: DEAD OR ALIVE AYAYA Shmoop1: Why does she sound like a chipmunk wtf HAHAHAHA OMEGADOWN ShinoEleven: AYAYA Clap ValeckSeimu: POGGERS ShalltearBloodFallen07: that my girl easyeasy: monkaW KrazyShark: Pog wtf Erazu: monkaS BrowningZen: monkaW Robin_CP: Kreygasm B3arHands: see you next time AYAYA sunshift: 👀 nekro793: AYAYA elaGun gosamigo: gachiHYPER bobmighty: legs Nucleoprotein: AYAYA elaGun Tomowatt: POGGERS HEIL_MODS_: DEAD TEHE elaYA ekkojj: SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS elaDM Kuromaru_: I’LL BE BACK! AYAYA DAILOedz: LAKKI Xcell94: KOJIMA 冬海羊子: Kreygasm Kreygasm 46reel_light: Grab those double pony tails! marshalmv: billyReady Royal_Clover: VaN Sybran57: monkaW Digitice: No way Pog Jordack: C4 but knives LULZ atski: constantine Xurker: @KrazyShark shes 10 chat FeelsWeirdMan Kickin_97: LUL Garmon3: Edge lord Luke565: *Explodes walls* *Fights with knives* Stinsfire: AYAYA not a weeb game AYAYA Soadante: Kreygasm Golden04: she’s 13 chat WeirdChamp durmiin: miguel Pog demifiendll: Pog N4RDBOT: I LOST UltraWindow: bruce u monkaS lochlan1414: so anime ShinoEleven: ANIME AYAYA AndyIsDead: VINCENT Pg fonss1: forsenWhat forsenWhat forsenWhat derechte_iz_pz: Kreygasm I lost Faronoa: MIGUEL monkaGIA jaquescamarao: CHAD DrSIurp: POGGERS Omiel25: Constantine Pog VineWood0604: elaGasm zeroxenator: oh thats hott Turbulist: Kreygasm NaomiNow: mecha kojima Faronoa: monkaGIGA mech_yeti: Billy was fucked I guess Bobanaut: 2 much KrazyShark: @Xurker wat elaS B3arHands: Kreygasm Fafebobo: Kreygasm Because_we_said_so: elaB elaGun elaEZ zagetsux: LUL Nopileos: Kreygasm KRSpirit: YeahBoi Kaspu: naroGasm Sohei4649: LULW RKazekiri: Kreygasm ekkojj: LULW Raidou_XIV: D: Meximus322: PepeLaugh Jaargan: OMEGALUL CaptainOutOfTen: PepeUff ValeckSeimu: DAYUM Vendetta1v: ? miki___miki: cosmoGasm Elkuuti0: not enough Tomowatt: VoHiYo Her hair Brodama: @Golden04 gachiBASS Chris_Redfield: atamGasm Not enough NotPlayd: HotPokket WTF dunerinno: not enough gachiHYPER Sybran57: LULW BrowningZen: not enough Kreygasm Reddinator: elaGasm HYPERCLAP kunjiru: not enough Pog Canopus: D: demifiendll: PepeLaugh Fiftytoo: begone thot bobmighty: LUL D3rrtyD4n: LULW Veddy_: elaD Nopileos: LUL TyrantZedd: elaD silver6ird: D: Akytami: D: Justepic123: AYAYA jaquescamarao: THOT OUT LickMyPretzel: dat ass ShinoEleven: LULW REMUSXXXL: LULW RantingDuck: D: easyeasy: D: ELA WTF Soadante: KYAAAA AYAYA ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER Amacchu: Ellajaz JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION LULW hangedm4n: LULW gulshan1: LULW Wrexad1: D: Nopileos: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW ekkojj: YeahBoi FrostNinjutsu: Dat Ass Kreygasm Kuromaru_: NICE ASS AYAYA Naero879: Not enough gachiBass Blood_Rooted: Clap Scarvener: BEGONE THOT ValeckSeimu: MIGUEL Smough: its anime, either fat ass or fat tits Kickin_97: BEGONE marshalmv: billyReady HYPERCLAP Lexikun: is that the priest from trigun? datdeathy: IS THIS TEKKEN 8? Mirando: THIS CHICK IS 10out ot 10 ELA TheErdbeere: D: KrazyShark: Kreygasm buglehugo: oh boy gachiBASS Elvem: elaThrist shikifujin16: SEXIST dobtf2: THOT PATROL kekpek007: LULW bobmighty: nice ass DenZve: Kreygasm zombie391: Kreygasm marmaladundra1: spinning back kick for ALL weebs easyeasy: it’s nice elaGasm Nopileos: Kreygasm DrChrisChemical: klinkButta Elkuuti0: GAYYY Da_Flanker: Not a bad thing sunshift: beaten by a male weeb AYAYA JimmyLuongOfficial: excessive BrowningZen: Kreygasm Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: I AM AYAYA Elvem: elaThirst DrSIurp: NO ITS ONT UltraDoot: WEEB BEGONE elaGun zagetsux: 5 fps Veddy_: WeirdChamp Digitice: He back Pog Fentu: FRAMES??? Chris_Redfield: FeelsLagMan Hawkees: F? Or is it just me ccorns: AYAYA HYPERCLAP ajosc7: T H I C C Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan Kammy_Kam: its so great 😀 howaitosuneiku: WeirdChamp Sybran57: AYAYA Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST Zetarim: AYAYA Meximus322: elaWeird Ajahi: Weebs elaWeird faithless_zealot: LUL bobmighty: LUL marshalmv: NICE FRAMES HEIL_MODS_: WeirdChamp xhasil: xhasil subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Faronoa: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @xhasil I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM ShinoEleven: elaThirst Valedroo: Kreygasm krezal: PepeLaugh WReN__x: 10 fps PogU NaM_STFUWEEBS_NaM_: https://clips.twitch.tv/FurryCuteSwallowTF2John RantingDuck: animu a s s Tomowatt: LULW 15 FPS Erazu: she’s 31 chat WeirdChamp Gintiz26: Gungrave, Brandon Pog Aiimka: 3 fps gud Nopileos: SUB HYPE xhasil Pog AlmAyum: I’m always hard gachiHYPER DAILOedz: LAW Pog Amacchu: JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION PepeLaugh JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION PepeLaugh JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION PepeLaugh JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION PepeLaugh JUDGEMENT AYAYA EDITION PepeLaugh Jaargan: fkn WeirdChamp Hospitality3: PepeLaugh 👉 AYAYA RKazekiri: AYAYA WerewolfB: nice fps Zane_Within: Kreygasm metsejs: what game is this? Pixel_hearts: ppSmoke jaquescamarao: frames out! sunshift: FPS? WutFace CaptainOutOfTen: this edgelord LULW FrostNinjutsu: AYAYA Clap Met_the_Slayer: FeelsLagMan 뿡토: STFU WEEBS NaM UltraWindow: AYAYA Digitice: Vincent Pog BrascoGaming: 3 FPS Pog Mavez0r: harder than diamond zagetsux: OMEGALUL harshalrio91: edgelord LULW strawberrykappa: NaM 뿡토: NaM STFU WEEBS NaM BendOverLikeABoss: 4 fps slowmotion FeelsWeierdMan gosamigo: FPS LUL DaniDuck: 2fps Pog Fatamerikans: actual ingame framerate btw AlexAnderman1994: FeelsLagMan ? faithless_zealot: This Tekken? Deus_Ex_Nihilis: Akke PepeLaugh ornacle: That ass is for sure dlc Wrexad1: imagine hard cocks? gachiHYPER BrowningZen: monkaW dunnowtw: FPS LUL Dudespider: thinking about other peoples dicks LULW WetMajestic: 14 FPS derechte_iz_pz: The low fps are on purpose Pepega Chat h4nfr3d: ppSmoke SleepyWolf11477: almost ded monkaW Asmodaus1: @Elajjaz 4 fps NICE Igrog007: @Elajjaz Gungrave is cult classic game from ps2 era that got cult anime adaptation in 2000 Tomowatt: POGGERS ALUCARD Robin_CP: Kreygasm ValeckSeimu: MISHIMA morningstar907: elaThirst elaThirst anime ass bobmighty: Ugh J0hnnyBlade: GoAkke you can always feel it out yourself gachiHYPER RantingDuck: gachiHYPER silver6ird: it’s 2019, smoking isn’t cool FeelsWeirdMan KrazyShark: Chag easyeasy: AAAAH elaGasm Nazzet: She’s 3 chat, WeirdChamp BrowningZen: Pog myfavoriteweeb: gachiHYPER VineWood0604: Pog Lykouleon: Pog BrascoGaming: gachiHYPER ShinoEleven: Pog zagetsux: ???? Canopus: POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS N4RDBOT: Pog Nopileos: Pog ChibiKuro: billyReady Nox15: Pog marshalmv: billyReady Vendetta1v: uh o KacekX: ?????????? hangedm4n: Pog Furrnox: monkaS Kuromaru_: SHIT YOU FUCKED UP derechte_iz_pz: monkaW Valedroo: billyReady Spaceforce: dicVandyke MasterMdrn: billyReady j0mppa: SMOrc Soadante: monkaW jaquescamarao: GIGACHAD AWOKEN NotPlayd: monkaW sunshift: Pog Nopileos: monkaW myfavoriteweeb: sumSmash Naero879: Ouch Veddy_: elaD fonss1: forsenWhat ??????? Chris_Redfield: SMOrc Levitas8: what game is this trailer? zeroxenator: holy moly!! GoAkke: Deus_Ex_Nihilis pepeL J0hnnyBlade gachiBASS Raidou_XIV: monkaS RKazekiri: ElaSmash MasterMdrn: ElaSmash Filth_: ElaSmash Sohei4649: ElaSmash Golden04: ElaSmash Kaspu: sumSmash Nopileos: ElaSmash atomicdestruction: sumSmash BrowningZen: monkaW Jaargan: billyReady Schwirm: ElaCOOL TyrantZedd: ElaSmash KRSpirit: ElaSmash gczero: what am i looking at Tomowatt: D: BrascoGaming: ElaSmash AlexAnderman1994: sumSmash easyeasy: sumSmash Amacchu: LULW Bobanaut: 2dmg fists Fatamerikans: GO BRYAN Shmoop1: SMOrc Clap ShinoEleven: ElaSmash Nopileos: ElaSmash ElaSmash bobmighty: 4Head Schwirm: ElaSmash krezal: HANAYAMA Pog gulshan1: ElaSmash KrazyShark: DAMN THIS IS BRUTAL Pog Erazu: 4HEad AkumaYajuu: frakenstein? Fafebobo: 4HEad Sybran57: sumSmash demifiendll: does this have something to do with the anime? never seen it ViveLaDissidence: ElaSmash jaquescamarao: elaSmash KrazyShark: 5Head Kristoferr_: 4HEad TyrantZedd: 4HEad ValeckSeimu: ElaSmash Kaspu: 4HEad silver6ird: 4HEad Nopileos: ElaSmash Filth_: 4Head Chris_Redfield: 4HEad KacekX: sumSmash LickMyPretzel: Weak fucking punches for such a big guy gulshan1: 4HEad DenZve: 4HEad BrowningZen: 4HEad JimmyLuongOfficial: what is this? Wheels82: 4HEad hangedm4n: 4Head Sohei4649: 4HEad Nopileos: 4HEad AvemStercore: no gameplay WeirdChamp MasterMdrn: ElaSmash HYUKCHIHA BrascoGaming: 4HEad Tomowatt: 4Head Meximus322: 4HEad CaptainOutOfTen: 4HEad Reddinator: 4HEad marshalmv: 4HEad shikifujin16: elaFella elaFella Golden04: 4HEad HEIL_MODS_: monkaW ShinoEleven: 4HEad garenbush: 4HEad Corthak: 4HEad RKazekiri: 4HEad SleepyWolf11477: 4Head Garmon3: Hahhaha Lagunaab: 4HEad GoAkke: 4HEad dobtf2: 4HEad timoteh: 4HEad NotPlayd: ElaSmash Lenoskendy: 4HEad Wendell8504: 4HEad KRSpirit: 4HEad zombie391: 4Head Slivin: 4HEad RantingDuck: 4Head ordinarystory: ElaSmash Nox15: 4HEad canderousxordo: Ur lookin at GunGrave ressa2: 4HEad bobmighty: hahahah Fentu: ????????????????? 624pt2: 4Head Kattemeu: I thought his head was going to explode derechte_iz_pz: 4Head bambino_86: 4Head easyeasy: this laugh elaKek sunshift: A N I M E Digitice: 4Head MasterMdrn: 4HEad nekro793: 4HEad metsejs: $head ModernPlagueDoctor: So is it a tekken style game? nucetti: WeirdChamp WerewolfB: THIS IS SO BAD Nopileos: 4Head Albin_Alligator: it’s so immersive Justepic123: sumSmash Fafebobo: AYAYA eliastheepicgamer: HYUKCHIHA N4RDBOT: AYAYA AlexAnderman1994: 4HEad WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz tumaelso: AYAYA miki___miki: AYAYA Elfualoco2003: 4Head LOOOOOOOOL Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA mixel7: AYAYA MasterMdrn: headBang Nopileos: AYAYA durmiin: headBang Kickin_97: SLAAAM THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON 뿡토: STFU WEEBS NaM Vendetta1v: LET US KEEP THE PLACE, FRANK sunshift: HYUKAGE MaREsUKa: pepeJAM DakuSouru: NaM DOWNONTHEGROUNDDOWNONTHEG: AYAYA Canopus: LULW LULW 뿡토: NaM STFU WEEBS NaM ekkojj: forsenPls seydanator: AYAYA rakyan: 4HEad Smough: FeelsWeirdMan 👉 🚪 weebs nekro793: HYUKCHIHA NotPlayd: monkaW BlueRuka: gungrave>Veddy_: 4HEad Kekmari: @Elajjaz watch the new league cinematic NotMaloony: @Elajjaz did you watch the death stranding gameplay? moaitis: 2huAYAYA SleepyWolf11477: 4HEad lochlan1414: game looks awful Royal_Clover: teleports behind you Nopileos: 4HEad name_is_leo: chat, JIN KAZAMA VS KAZUYA TEKKEN 7 Because_we_said_so: what is this game… Da_Flanker: Aight B3arHands: Pog easyeasy: the fuck was that LULW Corthak: 4HEad hehe Pixel_hearts: 4HEad ababagalamaga1: ????????????? ValeckSeimu: SCAM Valedroo: AYAYA Veddy_: CUMLAND gachiHYPER Stinsfire: SCUMLAND captain_elsewhere: 3Head AlmAyum: ????? Canopus: OMEGLOL JimmyLuongOfficial: it’s so bad making it sooo good Kaspu: CUMLAND gachiHYPER bobmighty: yes Filth_: WeirdChamp WReN__x: CUMLAND gachiHYPER TheSalikawood: looks decent D3rrtyD4n: yues Bobanaut: but what is the actual gameplay… DrSIurp: ???????? mikonkon: [MUSIC PLAYING] pepeD Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: Cum land gachiHYPER Sohei4649: Wtf was all that about LULW faithless_zealot: LUL nucetti: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp REMUSXXXL: what just happened? UltraWindow: there was a ps2 game of this Wendell8504: gachiHYPER frallanswe: Scumland LULW D3rrtyD4n: yes GoAkke: no PepeLaugh VineWood0604: ??? NeinDochOH: hööööööööööööö dzemroz: cumland gachiHYPER DigitalZips: wtf even is this Slivin: CUMLAND gachiAPPROVE CaptainOutOfTen: yes Kappa Zulaa: CUMLAND OMEGALUL kunjiru: CUMLAND gachiHYPER Fatamerikans: nope Xurker: @lochlan1414 you literally saw nothing of the game Tempest_Within: Ela is weeb confirmed Blood_Rooted: gachiHYPER carorinuu: what is this cringefest games trailers time? Corthak: CUMLAND gachiHYPER WEEBS_ARE_THE_BEST:Die Young Naero879: Get coffee! alpalin96: why not 1080p200fps: Inb4 2 hours KrazyShark: @Elajjaz can you penis fish in that game WerewolfB: SHUTTHEUPFUCKWEEBS NaM Plated_Pangolin: looks like the forest Justepic123: F xlRaptoe: Is it Anyways time? NotMaloony: @Elajjaz You did good today Elajjaz, I want you to know that. You can go rest now, your purpose has been fulfilled. JesseThaBest: @ModernPlagueDoctor I know but did you see Koikatsu Party, the trailers should of been taken down by steam right away p0intedshrimp: did i miss death stranding aww p0intedshrimp: elaFeels Chrome_Justice: Caslevania tgs NaM_STFUWEEBS_NaM_: @easyeasy vadi2 vadi3 Ajahi: Green Hell Pog KrazyShark: elaS PG_13_Username: @Elajjaz did you watch new Castelvania trailer? anibit: @Elajjaz try greedfall jaquescamarao: what will you play now? Turbulist: Worms? FeelsGoodMan shellbullet: WUT ? Bobanaut: 12.4GB will take some time Iamtid: @Elajjaz have you tried either The forest or The Long Dark? both survival horrors kingbradley24: @Elajjaz I didnt’t see FeelsBadMan what are your thoughts on it? redjoe1991: theres a new ff 7 remake trailer angryj0nes: LULW KevKov: gachiHYPER DaniDuck: YES gachiHYPER Meximus322: LULW h4nfr3d: D: Vendetta1v: you know KRSpirit: gachiHYPER KrazyShark: just askin Obivanbeegees: What is penis fishing ? BitRun: shark WeirdChamp Jaargan: WeirdChamp Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN bobmighty: yes Digitice: LULW Kekmari: @Elajjaz watch the new league cinematic Lexikun: @Elajjaz kindergarten while waiting? Naero879: Yes gachiHYPER souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan easyeasy: KrazyShark you can vagina fishing 🙂 mayushi10: shark FeelsWeirdMan morningstar907: Green hell is meh shotoImpress Turbulist: FeelsBadMan OrangeGecko09: Green hell BibleThump noxcorvus: KEKW KrazyShark: @Obivanbeegees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Us2r915Bqc&t=1s marshalmv: PepeHands KevKov: PepeHands L0newolf_: FeelsBadMan Amacchu: PepeHands Filth_: Sharks are fish, right? gachiGASM 🍆 Jaargan: PepeHands mrcdvr: New Castlevania game ? ModernPlagueDoctor: @jessethabest I think steam does allow porn games but a lot of the problem is stolen assets RaienG: hey guiss Nopileos: PepeHands shellbullet: PepeHands Furrnox: PepeHands Scarlettohgo: @KrazyShark inside memes only work on those who are on the inside FeelsWeirdMan MrScion: Stream on shamona1 shamon2SUCC KrazyShark: @easyeasy id eat elaThirst Xurker: @Iamtid does long dark have horror in it? Kashmirik: Was Green Hell bad? fatpep: ela doesnt love us PepeHands zodicz: Say Elajjaz have you played Parasite Eve? old ps1 horror game. its quite amazing Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing 🙂 Lagunaab: a bit of fishing while waiting for the download ? Kapp GoAkke: KrazyShark you should go extreme penis fishing, make a small cut in your penis and put it in a shark tank 🙂 sunshift: someone said Yakuza 7 trailer is out? Soadante: PepeHands KrazyShark: @Scarlettohgo its not a meme, also you’re invited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Us2r915Bqc&t=1s BroqRox: children of morta @Elajjaz is a rougelike with a nice story Xerenix: @Elajjaz Green hell has gotten better Lim3Fru1t: @Elajjaz That new REl trailer reminds me of this older RE game that was just as bad LUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yld58cMzxhw souldedeh: if you streamed it, people would be constantly typing ResidentSleeper OMEGADOWN Kildaedra: FF7 combat trailer eurogamer durexfin: GEARS 5 60 EURO WTF easyeasy: KrazyShark wtf elaWeird no JesseThaBest: @HEIL_MODS_ If you’re serious just looked it up, koikatsu party, think it’s popular, checked top seller once and was there, just warch the trailers KrazyShark: @BitRun krazys2PAT Nanashi_Sakamoto: MOE? AYAYA captain_elsewhere: allready seen it sunshift REMUSXXXL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DA7Hdyfafs durexfin: 70 sorry KrazyShark: @GoAkke monkaW sunshift: @captain_elsewhere ah elaFeels BitRun: @KrazyShark elaFella Jaargan: ela thinks we won’t et him be cozy PepeHands Yufi: @KrazyShark most essential knowledge to man Da_Flanker: Oh no Schwirm: PepeLaugh BroqRox: monkaW ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Bro_Hime: oh nonono PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh this game kayyeah: not umbrella corps PepeHands derechte_iz_pz: yikes LickMyPretzel: this game PepeLaugh DigitalZips: oh nooooo KrazyShark: @Yufi exactly Pog Garmon3: Oh yeah LUL captain_elsewhere: oh god umbrealla corp DigitalZips: no no no KRSpirit: PepeLaugh RKazekiri: PepeLaugh bobmighty: oh this game LUL RantingDuck: DansGame h4nfr3d: oh please SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek Digitice: LULW Da_Flanker: This pile of shit LULW OverPoweredQcumberZombie: @durexfin 69 Xerenix: Old game LULW Loseeeerrrr: Has Ela said why no Necrodancer 🤔 뿡토: this game PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: @Elajjaz little nightmares 2 Elfualoco2003: umbrella Corps PogY qazplo: PepeLaugh this game Res_Quant: oh god umbrella corps NOOOOO h4nfr3d: not that one NovusAnimus: Clive Barker’s Undying is great horror game PepeHands plz play DigitalZips: this game is actual shit Lagunaab: OOh i remember thius KrazyShark: FeelsLagMan ComradeNerdy: GoAkke can’t do small cut on something that is already small elaOP Lexikun: @Elajjaz Kindergarten elaMad Kaspu: FeelsLagMan Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: FeelsLagMan Wrexad1: corpse Pepega xlRaptoe: FeelsLagMan p0intedshrimp: the gameplay was meh to me osuni_tv: LAG derechte_iz_pz: Ela this looks worse than the new RE game Nopileos: FeelsLagMan Shmoop1: did you play the resident evil Outbreak games? @Elajjaz they had character creators and were actually quite decent Bobanaut: zombie jammer? WTF`? Smough: swedish internet LULW daley_: FeelsLagMan morningstar907: This game was boo boo elaPuke elaPuke Da_Flanker: monkaW gladiathorl: FeelsLagMan h4nfr3d: prologue is free easyeasy: LULW DaniDuck: LULW Kekmari: @Elajjaz watch the new league cinematic DakuSouru: @Elajjaz don’t download prologue it’s trash DansGame RKazekiri: LULW Zyndustries: Umbrella Corps OMEGADOWN h4nfr3d: seperate game Xer_0: more lidl bobmighty: LMAO fuck this game Da_Flanker: What ShinoEleven: This was so bad LULW Nopileos: LULW NotPlayd: LULW x3kmak: this movement is so shitty LUL kekpek007: This game is Maximum Pepega JesseThaBest: @ModernPlagueDoctor Always thought it was like a grey zone, at least I read about that, but I don’t think they should show at top selling Elfualoco2003: game of the year PogU Loseeeerrrr: Did Ela say why he’s not playing Necrodancer? 🤔 h4nfr3d: yeah Da_Flanker: This is just trash captain_elsewhere: yeah 4 person durexfin: Nooo, this game is so shit p0intedshrimp: LUL not that game TyrantZedd: Oh I remember this piece of shit! Schwirm: it had coop angryj0nes: IS A DEAD GAME Lim3Fru1t: MP game that was dead on arrival LUL gosamigo: WORST RE GAME EVER derechte_iz_pz: LULW bobmighty: D: NautilusV2: @Elajjaz did you see new yakuza trailer? Admiralshiroryu: I heard this was really bad, also project: RE is not made by capcom KRSpirit: D: olli2101: its shit thats what it is LULW gladiathorl: elaD DaniDuck: D: Da_Flanker: PepeHands Prologue NotPlayd: moon2PREGARIO Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing FeelsGoodMan Clap fatpep: AYAYA souldedeh: in queue PepeLaugh voodoorayray: die young prologue is a standalone demo precedeing the events of the main game Veddy_: trusting chat elaWeird AvemStercore: WeirdChamp ShinoEleven: AYAYA tumaelso: AYAYA dekkah: AYAYA Faronoa: AYAYA LUCKY TyrantZedd: AYAYA Kaspu: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA KRSpirit: LAKKI AYAYA Vendetta1v: Mario elaKek Turbulist: AYAYA Reddinator: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Golden04: WeirdChamp harshalrio91: AYAYA Antimonesia: AYAYA Kekmari: @Elajjaz watch the new league cinematic Da_Flanker: Lakki Smough: he is so fucking weeb BrascoGaming: AYAYA LAKKI NotPlayd: its mario LULW Bloodhit: @Elajjaz Check new “Gungrave G.O.R.E” trailer Chag Murika_: AYAYA mixel7: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Dapram: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Jaargan: @NotPlayd WeirdChamp noxcorvus: LAKKI AYAYA 뿡토: moon2PREGARIO J0hnnyBlade: HEWEGO ZULUL x3kmak: @Elajjaz to put in perspective, Umbrella Corps is the only game I will ever touch, coming from a game like pretty much every RE game hangedm4n: NOT A WEEB BTW LULW cho_pin: AYAYA nekro793: AYAYA HYPERCLAP lakki Schwirm: its mario you fucking weeb PepeLaugh OverPoweredQcumberZombie: masterpiece Kappa JesseThaBest: Check out the new Nintendo Switch controller Pog 😀 p0intedshrimp: wrong game Vendetta1v: Turn based btw Lagunaab: who needs chloe when you got zafina elaGasm FrostNinjutsu: AYAYA Kaspu: WAN TU DOUBLE AYAYA BendOverLikeABoss: mario????? fatpep: one of us AYAYA Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan ela knows all her quotes FeelsWeirdMan Faronoa: @Elajjaz Can i linkt a tekken gif ? AYAYA Lexikun: @Elajjaz check out kindergarten while downloading? elaHYUG SeraphxStray: LAKKI AYAYA PhilosoRaptor3: moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI moon2PREGARIO moon2PREGIGI Loseeeerrrr: I’m pretty sure you can’t see sexual content unless you’re logged in and have enabled the setting to show it, JesseThaBest NaM_STFUWEEBS_NaM_: NaM NaM 𝓢𝓗𝓤𝓣 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ NaM NaM NaM 𝓣𝓗𝓔 𝓕𝓤𝓒𝓚 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ NaM NaM 𝓤𝓟 𝓦𝓔𝓔𝓑𝓢 Obivanbeegees: Ela you can never escape the AYAYA! HEIL_MODS_: @JesseThaBest i am serious and curious of course 😏 thanks elaH derechte_iz_pz: ela what do you think about the Yakuza 7 gameplay? infa_xd: watching tekken but not playing ela elaMad ShinoEleven: TEKKEN AYAYA Clap Vendetta1v: You get any better? bobmighty: LUL oh no no no 뿡토: moon2PREGARIO Clap dj_adolph: theres a tourny this weeekend Kappa jklob: geese season 3 damage PepeLaugh Tempest_Within: Oh no please dont play this… Its terrible… 🙁 Da_Flanker: It’s really bad easyeasy: Kekmari why, he is not ven play league elaWeird KrazyShark: LULW LULW LULW LULW durmiin: PepeLaugh this game Lykouleon: LUL h4nfr3d: OMEGLOL Golden04: LULW KRSpirit: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: just watch PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: Wtf is this Lykouleon: LIDL AF Jprtc: you havent heard about it cause its shit sunshift: sometimes I worry about how much of a weeb this young lad has become kayyeah: this an operation raccoon city FeelsBadMan nucetti: PepeLaugh souldedeh: control OMEGADOWN Ajahi: Oh no, not this game PepeLaugh Meximus322: LULW ShinoEleven: You haven’t heard it for a good reason PepeLaugh Res_Quant: lucky you Chuami: billyLaugh EEEK88: why does the camera look so shite Furrnox: OMEGALUL JimmyLuongOfficial: Lol. that controller movement. Lol Androsix: LIDL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! BrascoGaming: LULW PaleWhitePerson: why is the camera so awful? lol DaniDuck: oh god the movement LULW AkaTsubaki_: browser game ? elaKek KrazyShark: THIS CAMERA elaPuke BendOverLikeABoss: looks like a mobile game Bloodhit: It’s trash game PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: Ooo RE Pixel_hearts: ???????? Blood_Rooted: NICE MAP OMEGALUL h4nfr3d: it’s a disgrace Da_Flanker: Aim like crying is not enough nucetti: console aim OMEGALUL Turbulist: What is that cmera Haynes610: Obviously not a true RE fan Kappa Xcell94: pathing LUL REMUSXXXL: @Elajjaz shitty Resident Evil, released either last year or two years ago dobtf2: mobile? LickMyPretzel: it is Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh DigitalZips: There is good reason you never heard of it. It’s garbage. SerVersta: elaKek elaKek elaKek bobmighty: it is Emzero: PepeLaugh derechte_iz_pz: the music WeirdChamp What is this 2009 Flashgame vibe easyeasy: LULW RKazekiri: it is LULW fatpep: we need KEKW btw PepeLaugh isnt enough Vendetta1v: It was ShinoEleven: It is elaKek KRSpirit: it is PepeLaugh Tempest_Within: @Elajjaz It is awfull! Plated_Pangolin: @elajjaz seen the Doctor Sleep trailer? Fentu: never heard of the greatest RE game of all time LUL NotPlayd: no mine 🙂 x3kmak: @Elajjaz is the worse RE game ever j0mppa: play it Pog Kashmirik: Looks like a mobile game Azure_Felt: LULW ir is Reddinator: that is controller aim NotLikeThis RonsuDE: yoink morningstar907: elaPuke elaPuke elaPuke CompatiKaiser: no its mine 🙂 Lim3Fru1t: @Elajjaz Multiplayer game that also got a “story” but the MP was dead on arrival LUL name_is_leo: @Elajjaz THEN WHY DON’T STREAM tekken 7 online versus some time?? FlameGodFlann: i made this 🙂 EEEK88: mobile game LUL Neimyin: Who thought walking like this was good OMEGALUL Kaspu: Is this a mobile game? Hongetech: Looks like a korean free to play game LUL Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz this is worst game in RE game universe LULW jaquescamarao: no shadows PepeLaugh kingbradley24: this looks like a fun mobile game 4Head Because_we_said_so: lmao JimmyLuongOfficial: this looks worse than the RE game. Lol It’s so… static in movement. SamuraiEdgeplay: They wanted to make an RE e-sports entry LULW samutin95: someone was paid to make this LULW LickMyPretzel: enemies exploding into mush Sohei4649: ??? NotMaloony: This is the second worst game of all time VineWood0604: elaD Nazzet: PepeLaugh Bloodhit: LULW Vendetta1v: This game didn’t make a splash at all Naero879: D: Doggy DigitalZips: I played it once for like 15 minutes and that was about 25 minutes too much alpalin96: D: MrArmageddon2: Aris’s favorite game atpGasm sunshift: tbh, I’ve seen worse Wwaaaz: RE had a tough time for a while let’s not be too mean, even tho this is total garbage Niittomies_: It’s shittier than I remembered LUL h4nfr3d: gun sounds LUL Spaceforce: evo17MindBlown cod killer redjoe1991: what is this Zyndustries: umbrella corps is … not very good, at all Da_Flanker: Yeah, it’s awful Loseeeerrrr: That transition to iron sights DansGame owlsama: so bad LULW SparkySparkyB00mMan: the fuck was that iron sights transition LUL x3kmak: @Elajjaz also is made in unity Chocolove: SAMPLE OBTAINED LickMyPretzel: Probably made by the same team that’s gonna make Project Resistance noxcorvus: LULW SO BAD Nazzet: Pew PepeLaugh NicNacNinja: so LIDL Furrnox: What do you mean? It looks great! Kappa BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz And you haven’t seen yet how he hold a gun and crawls LULW fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaKek Its actually canon and it tells story of Hank elaKek daley_: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: LULW KrazyShark: LULW mystickingfisher: mindless junk NotPlayd: LULW derechte_iz_pz: LULW Turbulist: LULW Zyndustries: CarcinogenSDA vomits at the sight of it Nopileos: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW BroqRox: LUL KRSpirit: PepeLaugh Reddinator: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW RKazekiri: OMEGALUL RonsuDE: LULW Meximus322: LULW Ajahi: LULW BrowningZen: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW RantingDuck: LULW ホロー: LULW Jaargan: LULW schlawinator: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW NeonTiger_88: looks like mobile games in 2022 Nopileos: LULW LULW WrestlerBot2000: 10x LULW double digit combo Pog easyeasy: WAT LULW REMUSXXXL: LULW garenbush: LULW NotPlayd: NO MINE 🙂 fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaKek Its actually canon and it tells story of Hank elaKek elaKek Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing FeelsGoodMan Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW nucetti: mobile aim OMEGALUL bobmighty: just shoot LUL REMUSXXXL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DA7Hdyfafs NautilusV2: @Elajjaz did you see new yakuza trailer? WrestlerBot2000: Forsen|Clip No.9| https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintEnchantingHawkDeIlluminati VI VON Spaceforce: Heiress loved this shit atpCap Obivanbeegees: This one is mine Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing FeelsGoodMan Lexikun: @Elajjaz check out kindergarten while downloading? elaHYUG Shmoop1: Did you ever play Resident Evil Outbreak ? it was really good @Elajjaz Fatamerikans: Action Taimanin AYAYA Geixo: ela play the house of the dead, that shit is legendary PogU Nazzet: FeelsLateMan Turbulist: Worms while waiting? FeelsGoodMan Bloodhit: @Elajjaz Check new “Gungrave G.O.R.E” trailer Xurker: @Elajjaz this was meant to be an RE “E-sport” game PepeLaugh Loseeeerrrr: Why is Ela not playing Necrodancer FeelsBadMan ImPHYRE: @Elajjaz check out Hyper Light Drifter Pog Pixel_hearts: Yakuza trailer ela Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing FeelsGoodMan Clap Reddinator: KKool Xerenix: @Elajjaz What did you think of the new Resident Evil game? NotPlayd: pepeJAM BroqRox: TaBeRu KrazyShark: yes kayyeah: no name_is_leo: @Elajjaz play tekken7? LukeX532: watch some horror shorts in the meantime maybe ? mrcdvr: New Castlevania game? AkaTsubaki_: yes Xcell94: @Elajjaz finished blasphemous? how was it? Turbulist: No Shmoop1: yes Da_Flanker: elaOP ☕ Nopileos: yes GoAkke: yes morningstar907: Check reviews TyrantZedd: No elaOk Lim3Fru1t: NautilusV2 Watched it on stream ela13 kingbradleyPT: its fcking first person viewing but with a character in the left LUL thats why it looks so wrong its like a inbetwen fps and third person shooter Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan ela Vendetta1v: Ya GreenMicerunning: no Kaspu: @Elajjaz Play a game of worms while the game is installing FeelsGoodMan Nikacino: @Elajjaz never too late Nyukn: no Plated_Pangolin: @elajjaz have you seen the Doctor Sleep trailer yet? Lagunaab: just do it ? easyeasy: Bloodhit he just did it Deliriumi1: no illegalsloth12: get it Furrnox: DO it Reddinator: nah Kapp NaomiNow: no LorkiStream: yes too late fonss1: yes Naero879: Its never too late for coffee RaienG: never too late for coffee zorry4badinglsh: kinda samutin95: no kekpek007: Nope Wrexad1: no Nopileos: no ShinoEleven: Never too late for coffee REMUSXXXL: JustDoIt Streamleen: Have tea Furrnox: plev SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaW addicted seydanator: no N4RDBOT: nah Res_Quant: go for it Vaulthunter_jb: no kimpleCoffee Kickin_97: VoteNay noxcorvus: never late for coffee Audriana: nope never too late Faronoa: It’s never too late evilalien103: yes, will fuck up your sleep wevie1: never too late fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaKek Its actually canon and it tells story of Hank elaKek rainbowhorsehead: no FlorinMarius96: N OMEGALUL redjoe1991: ff7 remak trailer @Elajjaz BarghestFenrir_: @bloodhit Just did and it was elaWeird even for me that I’m a fan NautilusV2: @Lim3Fru1t oh thanks, lime 3ff9>ff7 🙂 Nopileos: Frosted15 elaHi Trollieno: Buying borderlands 3 after all the scamasz Blood_Rooted: @skraalQ the money will go to graphics, cutscenes instead of deep gameplay PepeHands hope I’m wrong StarPogPlatinum: 20 years old game spoiler LUL krezal: ancient TEMPLE TheBigBoss9000: new dlc , aeris not dead , LUL RantingDuck: LULW xlRaptoe: elaOP Guts117: 20 yo spoilers D: Shmoop1: btw Darth Vader is Luke’s father D: Murika_: I didnt know PepeHands UltraWindow: theres a website called aerithdies PepeLaugh go there DAILOedz: phoenix down aeris Pog Kageek: where is the spoiler ? the game is older than ela Jisaqhplay: it s look like the surge Nopileos: GoAkke MrDestructoid k0nk_: really wonder how the entire game will be if this intro fight is this detailed RyanLovesWeed: @Wehzy EGS is so good now, wow MrLismos: @Elajjaz at least you played it, which is good! nice one ela hi five WarWeeny: darth vader is luke’s father ksslee10: cloud is sephiroth’s clone Teeryx: Zack is dead 🙂 Wendell8504: hungry OpieOP CockyCockney: this a ps2 game ? @Elajjaz Sumyana: fight is still going vorleser: HP SPONGE BOSS ResidentSleeper Wehzy: @RyanLovesWeed You dont know PepeLaugh Erazu: game is older than the majority of chat LULW x3kmak: @Elajjaz this fight takes longer that original Taskforcem82: DansGame GoAkke: Nopileos ??? ??? is the best OMEGADOWN Taskforcem82: YOU DON’T Shmoop1: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSDM4URXHxs don’t watch it, just read description OMEGALUL Lootarka: DansGame 3rrour: i REALLY dont like clouds voice… Jaargan: finally ResidentSleeper CaoCaoMengde: DansGame Frosted15: @Nopileos elaHi elaH # Shrimpess: DansGame oopmah: stretch intro fight to 30h game play Justepic123: LIDL INB4 Lagunaab: Aight game looks pretty nice Kuromaru_: GET HIM BRO lacWTF Trollieno: Lol. This boss has more phases than alssic Ragnaros skraalQ: @Blood_Rooted well the whole different materia colors and classes increasing/decreasing different stats? you are probably right on that side RyanLovesWeed: @Wehzy sodaLaugh that was a joke btw Nopileos: Frosted15 elaH Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh demifiendll: PepeLaugh KrazyShark: elaKek h4nfr3d: LULW Digitice: lmao easyeasy: LULW MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz pls watch this it`s 2 mins long and very epic PepeHands https://youtu.be/V2B6de1Geks 1080p200fps: lidl time WerewolfB: @Bloodhit he just did kayyeah: It actually looks better than I thought Wehzy: @RyanLovesWeed Jokes are funny, urs wasnt funny so its not a joke LULW DakuSouru: MaN Lim3Fru1t: elaSmile Nopileos: LULW EternalFool_: pepeJAMMER nekro793: TaBeRu Taskforcem82: pepeJAMMER HugeEugene: pepeJAM BrascoGaming: MaN Wendell8504: MaN Lexikun: TaBeRu skraalQ: YUFFIE IS GONNA LOOK SO AYAYA Pog J0hnnyBlade: MaN Lagunaab: this music gives me the chilly willies Luhhha: AngelThump bobmighty: yes nisynn: TaBeRu 8m4n_: c’mon cloud YeahBoi elaGun HYUKAGE WarWeeny: yes Doully92: yes NitschHimself: yes mlayers: yes Nopileos: MaN StarPogPlatinum: Yes HugeEugene: yes SainEdge: yes DigitalZips: Yes derechte_iz_pz: Yes daddywojo: FF8 is the best one! Guts117: yup DaniDuck: yes Junri: Yes Robin_CP: yes E_mark: they confiremed that Met_the_Slayer: pretty sure astherlu: yes RKazekiri: yes Nopileos: yes BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy It always sounds strange since “pane” means bread in italian. So if I think like you did, pansexual should mean that you fuck slises of bread elaSmile Abbynaire: yes KalMyre: 2 discs of midgar Niloomilo: ya xlRaptoe: I just need Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition tho 🙂 Kildaedra: More content in Midgar than previous game Nucleoprotein: when Cloud gives Black Materia to Sepiroth? elaHmm Azure_Felt: this will prolly kill my launch ps4 PepeLaugh easyeasy: Bloodhit lad i said to you way eariler that he saw that NovusAnimus: I bet EPisode 1 will cover up to the flashback where you see Sephiroth go nuts (right after Midgar) DAILOedz: 50hrs of midgard Bobanaut: that sucks. so they want to make tripple money Arverange: @Elajjaz yes they did and that it will be an episodic game kayyeah: NovusAnimus probably KalMyre: 40-60 hours of midgar Shmoop1: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSDM4URXHxs don’t watch it, just read description OMEGALUL RyanLovesWeed: @Wehzy jokes not not objective humor and i found it funny so it was a joke x3kmak: @Elajjaz yes, BUT they said theey changed many parts of the midgar story. Blood_Rooted: @skraalQ combining those was one of my favourite parts StarPogPlatinum: Also Sephiroth in Midgar LULW lullabysz: so kewl Sybran57: Yes but you’ll be able to explore more of midgard than in the original @Elajjaz Taskforcem82: @Elajjaz Ff7 remake how many parts Yoshinori Kitase opened Square Enix’s show and announced that the game will take part in two parts, one within Midgar one outside of it. The entire Remake will take up two entire Blu-Ray discs, similar to how the PlayStation 1 original took up three CDs Wehzy: @RyanLovesWeed maybe google up the definition what joke means ShavedManInABoat: Will the whole game be like 10 episodes? lol Junri: @Elajjaz They expand Midgard a lot tumaelso: VoteNay BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy slices* ops vorleser: NAY LULW Luhhha: 16 episodes forsenKek easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ elaKek h4nfr3d: VoteYea Schwirm: me neither 🙂 souldedeh: they also said every episode would feel like a whole game PogU Dastyn_: VoteNay NovusAnimus: @kayyeah I hope so cause it’d be a good place to end Ep1 Reddinator: my guess is VoteNay HugeEugene: DIE YOUNG monkaW ViveLaDissidence: Reminder they’re gonna make you pay full price for each CD btw Lexikun: VoteNay oopmah: VoteNay Met_the_Slayer: remake will be finished 2030 LUL vulpitt: VoteNay WarWeeny: 5+ episodes for sure Nopileos: VoteNay E_mark: they also stated it will ‘be the size of a full FF game’ wholewheatrotini: Only $180 for the full game, what a deal BrokeBack Plated_Pangolin: The Forest 2 Guts117: @Elajjaz But they said there would be as much content in this episode as in any other main final fantasy Autumn_Flare: Y AYAYAY or N AYAYA Fatpinhead: how many hours on Blasphemous chat? LockeDVM: yes midgar only. Full game will need 10+ episodes pimpimswe: Midgar is a big portion of CD1 so why not demifiendll: monkaW souldedeh: monkaS HugeEugene: monkaW Schwirm: Paying 5 times for the same game PepeLaugh Boeki: i think it will go a bit farther but its just me ag Digitice: monkaW nekro793: LULW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy Oh yeah Gimme that bread elaGasm elaGasm Drunkndragon: monkaW Lord_Solaire: monkaW HugeEugene: monkaW IM OUT CaptainCrunched: monkaW Sybran57: LULW Croissanito: trusting developers words PepeLaugh Ezhumm: lacSW MrMadakey: Midgar was original huge but they never did anything with it tumaelso: monkaW Lagunaab: rip CPU S_Darji: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW Lootarka: 16h Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: WutFace RantingDuck: monkaW Justepic123: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: PepeS Nopileos: monkaW monkaW kayyeah: Mah ears gachiBASS Jalmarkian: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW already scary BTRNDL: rip my ears Niloomilo: monkaW derechte_iz_pz: good night ela and chat have fun elaH demifiendll: PepeLaugh Kuromaru_: monkaW Nopileos: derechte_iz_pz elaHYUG gosamigo: monkaW KalMyre: @wholewheatrotini 180dollars for 120-160 hours, sound pretty worth PogChamp WarWeeny: GG derechte_iz_pz: LULW BlackjackalTV: Turn the colour on PunOko Dynamite_Pete: F Tomowatt: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW RyanLovesWeed: @Wehzy you idiot sodaLaugh astherlu: F CaptainCrunched: LULW Distl17: Bitcoin miner UltraDoot: MonkaS DaniDuck: ?? N4RDBOT: F Jalmarkian: monkaW LOUD=SCARY MagicFrogs: LUL S_Darji: elaKek RKazekiri: monkaW sadyst4: F lucius_ss: LUL lochlan1414: ela pc gonna die young Nopileos: LUL ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Nazzet: LULW 10k pc cho_pin: hold me chat PepeHands HugeEugene: monkaW 2SPOOKY4ME Abbynaire: cursed pc monkaW vorleser: POSESSED PC LULW saugo: RIP monkaW SimoneX93: dont panic Nucleoprotein: @Junri it will be great but … i hated Midgar LULW shellbullet: EL GAT Bobanaut: what center image? Cloudyto: Those are the nvidia drivers LUL @Elajjaz osuni_tv: bitconeeeect Jaargan: RIP 10K PC OMEGALUL easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ ay i have a beard FeelsGoodMan its bad and ginger elaKek Biocola: monkaW Haunted game infa_xd: if i die young PepeHands bury me in satin PepeHands lay me down on a PepeHands bed of roses PepeHands Lexikun: what center image elaBlind astherlu: monkaW jaquescamarao: no image monkaW Justepic123: BLACK Nihrahk: oroRIP stream? elaWeird nekro793: barely visible elaBlind gosamigo: PC Dying LULW StarPogPlatinum: To be fair it’s called Die Young monkaW Sohei4649: PC DIED YOUNG PepeHands Wolficek3134: 4 8 15 16 23 42 Xer_0: monkaH SimoneX93: gneBlind Veddy_: monkaW ModernPlagueDoctor: Make it darker cheater elaMad DaniDuck: 2.127273 LULW wandering_pleb: monkaW gladiathorl: elaBlind HugeEugene: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Azure_Felt: 4Shrug Jaargan: elaBlind ApoloeXp: Barely Visible btw AkaTsubaki_: elaBlind HEIL_MODS_: elaBlind Llyfrgell: WutFace Croissanito: gachiOnFIRE LickMyPretzel: 🦀 ownyoubyatch: DDOS HIM kytos1k: elaBlind HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy I said bread not beard you pepo LULW Schwirm: PepeLaugh 1080p200fps: elaBlind AlexAnderman1994: elaBlind gachiOnFIRE easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ oh bread……. FFS I THINK IM exhausted elaKek Zane_Within: LUL Lord_Solaire: elaK Bestorio: WeirdChamp Turbulist: PepeLaugh Kaspu: Kapp HugeEugene: Kappa Robin_CP: DO IT AGAIN DaniDuck: elaK Wendell8504: PepeLaugh Frosted15: AYAYA DakuSouru: elaK Nopileos: elaK GoAkke: sure PepeLaugh tumaelso: Kapp nekro793: elaK krezal: PepeLaugh ihssoy: elaK gladiathorl: elaK AvemStercore: elaK TyrantZedd: elaK Murika_: elaK Croissanito: Senran Kagura PepeLaugh zorry4badinglsh: ElaCOOL KAPOW Heksyll: elaK Reddinator: elaK Sybran57: elaK CaptainCrunched: Kapp olli2101: DansGame Eddzter: Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK Llyfrgell: elaK Azure_Felt: elaK AlexAnderman1994: elaK Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaK ShinoEleven: elaK kokosenpaai: elaK Turbulist: DO IT AGAIN troublematicc: elaK Drunkndragon: good times AYAYA Justepic123: more light monkaS Cloudyto: AYAYA HotZeppelin: elaK Nopileos: elaK saugo: Kapp Frosted15: elaK zorry4badinglsh: elaK 1080p200fps: elaK ClappingKappa: elaK jade282: elaK marckvdv: WeirdChamp vulpitt: Kapp Kira_22: DO IT AGAING 🙂 Erazu: old Ela PepeHands Doully92: elaK Roding123: AYAYA AsshurtingEmu: DO IT AGAIN Azure_Felt: do it again Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK WerewolfB: HYUKAGE HYUKCHIHA ??? Obivanbeegees: Lies you did that casue you love AYAYA! Bobanaut: barely ShinoEleven: Do it again AYAYA Frosted15: Cute CHAT AYAYA Stinsfire: barely visible LUL weeaboochan: What about Manly Monday? @Elajjaz easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ SAME LETTERS MAN, just diff position elaKek BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy AHAAHAH it’s okay man elaH Azure_Felt: pepeJAM DakuSouru: KKool kayyeah: LOUD AkaTsubaki_: WutFace demifiendll: PepoDance j0mppa: KKool SimoneX93: RareEla Reddinator: BBoomer jaquescamarao: KKool WarWeeny: Unreal 4 DansGame Nopileos: KKool Penum: KKool StarPogPlatinum: KKona LickMyPretzel: KKool GuitarTime Lexikun: KKona WEEBS_ARE_THE_BEST: @Elajjaz Don’t lie to us nepSmug RKazekiri: pepeJAM Sohei4649: pepeJAM GuitarTime Trollieno: Is this lidi Ark? noxcorvus: KKona vorleser: WutFace Turbulist: KKool GuitarTime jklob: KKool nekro793: KKool Lord_Solaire: rooScared t1kezZst4r: KKool Nazzet: pepeJAM Digitice: BBoomer DakuSouru: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime Lykouleon: WutFace RonsuDE: WutFace Nopileos: KKona Jaargan: elaWut ClappingKappa: KKool Wendell8504: KKool loleroflxd: do it again please elias-chan AYAYA GoAkke: KKona Lim3Fru1t: KKool Pudntoogud: KKool osuni_tv: KKona Toiks: KKona AvemStercore: KKool Schwirm: KKool tumaelso: WutFace mayushi10: KKool Croissanito: BBoomer ModernPlagueDoctor: Acceptable Nopileos: KKool Whitesnake777: KKona gladiathorl: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan AtroxAbaddon: ??????? Nanashi_Sakamoto: KKool dobtf2: KKool GuitarTime Veddy_: WutFace DigitalZips: BBoomer RantingDuck: WutFace Cheapcat: KKool hepha1: gachiCOOL ChibiKuro: KKool GuitarTime HEIL_MODS_: KKona GuitarTime AlexAnderman1994: BBoomer xLucatiel: pepeJAMMER gulshan1: bit loud KKool Justepic123: BBoomer Straddy_: KKona Clap cpt_chrunchi: KKona Life796: KKool durmiin: KKool MY GAME PontusIndeed: KKona climaxbeat: KKool Nopileos: BBoomer nisynn: ElaJAMMER ShinoEleven: KKool Abbynaire: elaWut TyrantZedd: KKool Fentu: ?????????????????? Shmoop1: KKool GuitarTime KevKov: KKool Clap Azure_Felt: nrdyKona GuitarTime seqone: WutFace zorry4badinglsh: KKona GuitarTime gosamigo: LOUDER gachiHYPER Veddy_: im deaf WutFace alpalin96: oh shit Pog BarghestFenrir_: KKona JePiece: kouder Kashmirik: KKona NovusAnimus: KKool CaptainCrunched: KKool Zyndustries: KKool GuitarTime Lagunaab: hell yeah horror KKona Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Nopileos: KKona Sybran57: KKona SimoneX93: RareEla KKona ComradeNerdy: nrdyKona hell yeah brother Serefki: bout time KKona ordinarystory: KKona GuitarTime redman5: KKool KKool olli2101: KKool Mengzanoid: Oh god KKool rhizoid1: KKool S_Darji: KKool kytos1k: cowboy ClappingKappa: KKool GuitarTime jaquescamarao: KKool GuitarTime Kira_22: audio Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Nopileos: KKool tumaelso: BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime giant_robots: BBoomer spookie_ghostie: KKool WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Dudica: BBoomer Korhain: KKona AsshurtingEmu: BBoomer Malkav0: eternal early access game \o/ Bestorio: KKool GuitarTime iLostToLife: KKool GuitarTime Turbulist: elaKek baerlove: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Nazzet: LULW ZONLANSK1: the musik is awesome marckvdv: KKool lochlan1414: KKool TH3N4RL3Y1: elaC elaC elaC MagicFrogs: LUL Erko42: KKona ImSneakyPotato: Elgato Himmee: LUL Nihrahk: ElaCOOL GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime jklob: KKool Louder StarPogPlatinum: LULW Nopileos: KKool KKool itachiredmoon: HeyGuys Sorakainabanana: LOUDER KKona Biocola: KKool louder fella Furious_Cookie: Good night @Elajjaz and Chat! elaH TheDankDemon: BBoomer GuitarTime ApoloeXp: Burnout music nekro793: LULW UltraDoot: KKona PontusIndeed: BBoomer GuitarTime jade282: LOUDER elaREE gosamigo: LULW 1080p200fps: elaYes jaquescamarao: KKool GuitarTime rifht here brotha Elkuuti0: KKool GuitarTime Autumn_Flare: Horror game huh? CoolStoryBob Albin_Alligator: missfuScared Nanashi_Sakamoto: ITS HERE BRUTHA KKool Lord_Solaire: wrong tab PepeLaugh Cheapcat: turn it up brother KKool GuitarTime ZephidsEmbrace: AUDIO ELA Kira_22: AUDIO DUDE Nopileos: Furious_Cookie elaHi DakuSouru: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime UltraWindow: BBoomer silver6ird: BBoomer MakyuIchaival: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH KKool Reddinator: BBoomer GuitarTime Nifran: Pog GuitarTime Azure_Felt: nrdyKona Clap weeaboochan: HOOLY Robin_CP: probably in audio SeemsGood Llyfrgell: WutFace Kashmirik: BBoomer Digitice: KKool Nopileos: BBoomer j0mppa: KKool GuitarTime Rerrcave: KKool UltraDoot: KKool RantingDuck: KKona GuitarTime LOUDER SainEdge: KKool HEIL_MODS_: KKona GuitarTime woah Turbulist: KKool GuitarTime SimoneX93: KKona country road zorry4badinglsh: KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER Shmoop1: KKool GuitarTime HELL YEAH h4nfr3d: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap Lim3Fru1t: KKool GuitarTime vulpitt: KKool GuitarTime Royal_Clover: BBoomer ClappingKappa: KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime filarette: windowed DansGame Taskforcem82: KKool Clap Malkav0: ElaBlind rofIcopter: KKool JimthePill: KKool GuitarTime BarghestFenrir_: LOUDER elaGasm easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ also my cat is in heat, she meows so fucking much PepeHands i love her but goddman it LULW xLucatiel: “HORROR GAME” LULW Justepic123: KKool Jaargan: KKona Robin_CP: OZZY???? PontusIndeed: KKool MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: KKool Nopileos: KKool Bobanaut: game already lost StarPogPlatinum: KKona Clap ShinoEleven: KKool GuitarTime Lykouleon: KKona Clap j0mppa: KKool GuitarTime TURN IT UP osuni_tv: BBoomer SimoneX93: KKool MrMadakey: LuL jklob: KKool GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime GoAkke: audio Komitern66: KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER KKona GuitarTime LOUDER olli2101: KKool GuitarTime Elkuuti0: BBoomer jj_mike: KKool GuitarTime wandering_pleb: gachiBOP GuitarTime Kira_22: @Elajjaz in audio dude t1kezZst4r: KKool GuitarTime Nifran: KKool GuitarTime nekro793: game Lidl in menu already LULW dzdandcnfsd: Discount ozzy Nopileos: KKool GuitarTime RKazekiri: KKool Clap JAMMnX: KKool UltraWindow: indie unreal engine game? rip your shit PepeLaugh Ezhumm: squadOK easyeasy: KKool GuitarTime morningstar907: Horror btw elaYes elaYes elaYes Boeki: Die Yound thats my dream jaquescamarao: KKool GuitarTime Vendetta1v: Spoopy BibleThump AlexAnderman1994: BBoomer GuitarTime Korhain: so spooky PepeLaugh gladiathorl: FeelsPepoMan ccorns: KKool GuitarTime Elkuuti0: BBoomer Clap jade282: Is this really Horror game elaKek gosamigo: KKool GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime KKool GuitarTime BBoomer GuitarTime SparkySparkyB00mMan: music is probably under Audio 4Head leng_: ratirlKkona ratirlKkona ratirlKkona HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Lexikun: Streamer Mode LUL Doully92: KKool daddywojo: BBoomer clap easyeasy: UltraWindow nepSmug Plated_Pangolin: more options Lim3Fru1t: LULW ShinoEleven: LULW Junri: @Elajjaz There’s audio tab in options h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh jklob: LULW Jaargan: LULW Royal_Clover: OMEGADOWN Rerrcave: KKool GuitarTime Nopileos: LULW nisynn: insert song.mp3 PepeLaugh astherlu: Streamer mode SkiipToMyLou: sounds like a KKona game Komitern66: LULW LickMyPretzel: RIP vod UltraWindow: easyeasy nepSmug PontusIndeed: LULW edoipi: lul FateBeserker: ela blind sunshift: that is actually awesome tumaelso: Pog Clap Streamleen: EU MODE nekro793: monkaTOS click it Fatpinhead: oh man Bobanaut: but isnt this licensed music right now? Trollieno: @Elajjaz This song has N word in it BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy Pog cat? elaWOW I love them but I can’t get one elaFeels Res_Quant: blind as fuck dastyscorner: @Elajjaz Graphics Blood_Rooted: BBoomer Clap Met_the_Slayer: gachiCOOL GuitarTime Malkav0: @Junri the ElaBlind is strong cyclosu0: SURVIVIAL Plated_Pangolin: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind RantingDuck: click it monkaW demifiendll: not clicking it monkaS SimoneX93: monkaS Lexikun: enable streamer mode, the music is meh anyways Azure_Felt: LULW Pudntoogud: monkaW ShinoEleven: Survival rooH BruiseVein: This before Conarium huh LUL jaquescamarao: F AsshurtingEmu: @Trollieno cmonBruh Istog: LUL UltraWindow: PogU endless content lochlan1414: SURVIAL Pog Bestorio: Clap WerewolfB: PepeLaugh EternalFool_: PepeLaugh SimoneX93: F Cloudyto: fuck this lullabysz BleekStone: CoolStoryBob alpalin96: YES gladiathorl: All blood, sweat and teast PepeHnads scouterpoi: Sure PepeLaugh Cloudyto: LULW Sephirothang: Kreygasm DakuSouru: forsenCD AkaTsubaki_: elaGasm Elkuuti0: Kreygasm StarPogPlatinum: gachiHYPER hepha1: monkaTOS jklob: Kreygasm noxcorvus: Kreygasm I LOST easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ i would tell u how old she is but tbh i don;t know elaKek yes im awful Justepic123: AYAYA Nopileos: Kreygasm Tomowatt: Kreygasm Fatpinhead: this music is OMEGAbad Reddinator: elaGasm Autumn_Flare: Kreygasm Starz0rz: Kreygasm durmiin: pepeD miki___miki: cosmoGasm PontusIndeed: pepeJAM Geralt_of_Syria: Kreygasm i lost already zorry4badinglsh: Kreygasm Zane_Within: Kreygasm RantingDuck: YeahBoi Yaltubaoh: its a game where sound getting louder and louder and kill player in the end? jaquescamarao: Kreygasm Nopileos: Kreygasm Kreygasm Nuustik545: Kerygasm cyclosu0: WutFace bobbin2501: this game is bad tho 😐 DakuSouru: forsenCD Clap forsenCD Clap Cloudyto: Kreygasm Kaspu: Chat WeirdChamp 햄토핑: Kreygasm Kreygasm Mengzanoid: gachiCOOL DenZve: WutFace easyeasy: elaGasm 1080p200fps: elaThirst hisoklouch: Kreygasm wandering_pleb: elaGasm Azure_Felt: AlienPls HEIL_MODS_: elaThirst demifiendll: PepeLaugh uwt Croissanito: gachiHYPER StarPogPlatinum: gachiHYPER Clap skraalQ: monkaTOS spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenC DigitalZips: monkaTOS DakuSouru: @bobbin2501 WeirdChamp Serefki: this game looks XXX jaquescamarao: pepeJAM Sephirothang: everything gachiHYPER kytos1k: LUL luzqar: Kreygasm Istog: cocaine monkaTOS Komitern66: elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: ????? h4nfr3d: pepeJAM DaniDuck: Kapp Kaspu: She didn’t even look good chat WeirdChamp PontusIndeed: Kreygasm TheDankDemon: LULW olli2101: Kapp ShinoEleven: elaThirst Lykouleon: gachiHYPER HYPERCLAP sunshift: it’s ok, Ela has bought the license from the copyright holder 🙂 Dastyn_: monkaTOS Digitice: Sure danK gosamigo: YeahBoi Jaargan: gachiHYPER Vendetta1v: Licensed music easyeasy: elaThirst NICE hepha1: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS setakoon: PORN GAME vavnier: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm Deliriumi1: monkaTOS gladiathorl: monkaW Xer_0: everyyhing Kreygasm Blood_Rooted: monkaTOS UltraWindow: thot DansGame spevahr: everything? PogChamp HEIL_MODS_: monkaW EternalFool_: monkaW Kashmirik: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW jade282: Kapp Biocola: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW Llyfrgell: monkaW SimoneX93: gneCop retroCOP SkiipToMyLou: monkaS Met_the_Slayer: that´s what an addict would say.. TheRealPokaan: FeelsLagMan Fentu: still… Cloudyto: HOLD KEY elaBlind misterincognito: monkaW leng_: monkaW AlexAnderman1994: monkaX Justepic123: monkaW Reddinator: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Komitern66: monkaW Lykouleon: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW jaquescamarao: far cry? monkaWE ClappingKappa: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: elaThirst hepha1: monkaW Sybran57: Far Cry 3 ? fonss1: CoolStoryBob tell us more GoAkke: KrazyShark was there monkaS SimoneX93: far cry 3? Istog: hanzo Robin_CP: tf????? Mianne_: LITERALLY FAR CRY 3 LickMyPretzel: Hipster detected Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Vendetta1v: Farcry 3 PogU Aristotilis: far cry 3 plot DaniDuck: is this far cry 3? Nuustik545: far cry 3_ DAILOedz: elaThirst Sumyana: oh no the any key MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: far cry 6 Pog saugo: monkaW Ezhumm: lacFap RantingDuck: is this fay cry? monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE demifiendll: is that geralt FeelsWeirdMan Robin_CP: RACHID ANELE Albin_Alligator: missfuScared Bobanaut: hold a key… because something may happen AsshurtingEmu: Is that Jeff Hardy? Pog ScienceSloth: monkaW easyeasy: elaK misterincognito: Far cry 3 Pog Intirion: Far Cry 3 much? LUL spevahr: Far Die 3 Met_the_Slayer: his FACE WutFace Xer_0: far cry 3 LULW skraalQ:>TRUSTING A MAN CALLED RACHID LULW HEIL_MODS_: far cry 3 elaHmm CaptainOutOfTen: Rachid Jebaited louismachon: literally farcry 3 easyeasy: fucking Rachid man Jprtc: farcry 3 but a female akmannen: monkaS StarPogPlatinum: LULW weeaboochan: is it cruel to say i already hate the voiceactor? SaixSoul: far cry 3 yes hahaha BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy BUT LULW Yo do all you can to make her feel safe and loved or I’m gonna kill you elaMad elaMad Justepic123: far cry remake monkaW Azure_Felt: VAAS monkaW Nazzet: barghestfenrir_ cirHi Digitice: LULW TheDankDemon: monkaX 1080p200fps: lidl acting LickMyPretzel: monkaW Kuromaru_: FYRE FESTIVAL LULW Lim3Fru1t: monkaW jaquescamarao: Jebaited by Rashid Nopileos: monkaW MealThief: rachid LUL Llyfrgell: monkaS gladiathorl: monkaSHAKE buried alive Autumn_Flare: monkaW Buried alive UltraWindow: 4Head just make it unhappen spevahr: monkaS NNayio: elaWut Malkav0: @skraalQ shhh you’ll wake resetera WReN__x: just dig yourself out 4HEad mahfriendooo: LUL F0rbiddenDonut: BibleThump ShinoEleven: monkaW Blood_Rooted: @Kuromaru_ OMEGADOWN jade282: monkaW Lagunaab: yo rachid wtf man MakyuIchaival: sounds fun 🙂 SimoneX93: i dont feel so good Mengzanoid: monkaSHAKE nymnCorn Bobanaut: like really… what happens if you hold any key thalorn: FYRE FESTIVAL MonkaS Trollieno: Didnt this game come out years ago? Pudntoogud: gachiBASS Vendetta1v: monkaX gladiathorl: gachiHYPER Robin_CP: Kreygasm dobtf2: gachiHYPER curly_core: LUL ChaosLike: lmao she been suckin Sephirothang: gachiHYPER Serefki: KKona Istog: suckin much jaquescamarao: looking full LIDL PepeLaugh Holophraser: this game chwThink ShinoEleven: gachiHYPER boooonex: gachiHYPER TheDankDemon: Kreygasm Nopileos: gachiHYPER spike_the_space_cowboy: too much dp Nifran: Lost the game KevKov: gachiBASS Justepic123: nepJail Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaThirst gosamigo: gachiHYPER Ahmeduwna: PogU StarPogPlatinum: gachiHYPER easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ easy lad, everyone loves her here elaOk elaCozy Nox15: Kreygasm Wendell8504: gachiHYPER vulpitt: gachiHYPER darkwilliambonnerreborn: GOOD WORK BROTHER ANELE Scarlettohgo: @thalorn LuL Nopileos: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER SaixSoul: elaBlind PontusIndeed: Swift Komitern66: Chat WeirdChamp vorleser: Kreygasm Voice actress Kreygasm Robin_CP: her knees gotta hurt a lot too, HOE raqos: gachiHYPER MakyuIchaival: no 🙂 Cloudyto: this looks like vacations on spain LULW Vendetta1v: No essiSmile Turbulist: what is this game Azure_Felt: knew chat would go there sunshift: nepJail help me h4nfr3d: @Trollieno it was early access KalMyre: D: Nuustik545: bad word ScienceSloth: elaD kayyeah: wat de fuck Domanel: D: Istog: OwO morningstar907: elaD elaD Lootarka: D: weeaboochan: D: splitting_: D: loey: D: Nopileos: D: ChaosLike: ill help you huahahHAHAHA wardhoarder: D: shruu: D: spike_the_space_cowboy: ZULUL Jybel: monkaTOS TyrantZedd: nrdyOwO DakuSouru: 🙂 LickMyPretzel: 🙂 GoAkke: paper Shmoop1: 🙂 gladiathorl: elaD SimoneX93: its water Lim3Fru1t: elaD kayyeah: elaD Veddy_: a map you idiot Nopileos: 🙂 Fentu: D: sunshift: 🙂 gosamigo: D: silver6ird: it’s paper, chill Jaargan: me 🙂 k4iley: 🙂 Turbulist: ME FeelsGoodMan Drunkndragon: a piece of paper.. geez Alaera: is this Sekiro? louismachon: Me 🙂 Sybran57: 🙂 Luhhha: languafe D: Nifran: Skyrim door sound Ahmeduwna: me 🙂 Darth_Umbra: 🙂 PontusIndeed: Me 🙂 Nopileos: me 🙂 MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: 🙂 Autumn_Flare: Me 🙂 Sybran57: I’m the map 🙂 ShinoEleven: 🙂 Dudica: SEKIRO LULW raqos: me haHAA KanzanZX: is this start of sekiro? BleekStone: me 🙂 BAGNETOO: SEkirio xD Nihrahk: elaHmm easyeasy: me luigi kgothLUREEGI 🙂 Nopileos: Me 🙂 Azure_Felt: pepeJAM EternalFool_: monkaW skraalQ: @KanzanZX LULW nicely seen jaquescamarao: PogU InQuasi: 42.7 fps Mengzanoid: ppBeer K Wendell8504: monkaW Penum: Pog PICKED IT UP Plated_Pangolin: @elajjaz you missed loads of options btw Turbulist: Pog dobtf2: smol compass ApoloeXp: Pog SimoneX93: gneLore Drunkndragon: monkaW loud and scary BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy Tell me…is she a ginger cat? elaHmm Azure_Felt: no 🙂 Res_Quant: pavlov’s chat trained to spam same emotes as a reflex ChaosLike: wasted all the money on graphics prepare for lidl animations and voice acting and .. everything Turbulist: LULW UltraWindow: unreal engine hepha1: LULW Azure_Felt: lidl pc LULW jaquescamarao: potato PC SimoneX93: wooden pc Met_the_Slayer: elder scrolls walk sound LUL speedycruise: streamer mode was enabled RantingDuck: monkaW AkaTsubaki_: elaBlind Azure_Felt: elaBlind Clap Blood_Rooted: IKEALUL Lim3Fru1t: elaBlind Cloudyto: elaBlind troublematicc: ray-traced menus LULW wandering_pleb: elaBlind Wheels82: 10k PC LULW Nopileos: elaBlind hepha1: 1k pc LULW AlexAnderman1994: elaBlind InQuasi: piss poor optimisation Justepic123: PepeHands DaniDuck: HIGH LULW gladiathorl: Pog Azure_Felt: Pog j0mppa: Pog viktor_victor: Pog shruu: PogU Tamahowk: Pog Reddinator: PogU saugo: There is no other music Jbaited Vendetta1v: Good shit Nopileos: Pog fonss1: PogU ShinoEleven: Pog ChaosLike: LMAO BobTheDrunkBear: Pog TheTeaFox: Pog olli2101: PagChomp Romanspring: larxaComfy_HF larxaComfy h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh PontusIndeed: Pog dobtf2: Pog Zecius_: Pog Lexikun: Pog LickMyPretzel: Clap louismachon: LULW CaptainCrunched: Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog HEIL_MODS_: Pog 10/10 Nox15: Pog southdesigner: pog easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ nahh, more like black and white-ish like elaOk KevKov: Pog Reddinator: 10/10 PogU Azure_Felt: 10/10 game fonss1: GOTY PogU Thenastyraven: AYAYA Aranzada: Pog SimoneX93: paper? sunshift: hmmp Ahmeduwna: Pog saugo: Pog Nopileos: Pog FiddIeMyDiddle: AYAYA kayyeah: PARKOUR gladiathorl: gachiHYPE Istog: elaThirst seqone: Kreygasm UltraWindow: nice elaThirst spike_the_space_cowboy: Kreygasm bendtosquares: LULW Turbulist: Kreygasm Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaThirst k4iley: LMAO StarPogPlatinum: gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: elaThirst Clap sunshift: 👀 Royal_Clover: why do we fall, Bruce? MORFHI: I LOST Kreygasm DakuSouru: elaThirst Veddy_: elaThirst Reddinator: elaThirst Pudntoogud: Kreygasm Dancingbroccoli2: Kreygasm ClappingKappa: Kreygasm Nopileos: elaThirst Nox15: Kreygasm daemmerglanz: hahahah Sybran57: She is strong as fuck Lexikun: elaThirst nice Sephirothang: body gachiHYPER Nazzet: gachiGASM Cloudyto: Kreygasm Komitern66: elaThirst Geralt_of_Syria: Dying Light 2 is out already? Champ Lord_Solaire: elaThirst CaptainOutOfTen: didn’t look at map NotLikeThis Lagunaab: TITS vulpitt: Kreygasm Schwirm: Kreygasm Croissanito: broken neck elaKek PontusIndeed: Kreygasm spevahr: Dying Light PogChamp ShinoEleven: no1GASM RantingDuck: cool YeahBoi Nopileos: Kreygasm BarghestFenrir_: @easyeasy Ohwww elaBlush elaBlush Turbulist: Kreygasm I LOST BobTheDrunkBear: elaThirst vorleser: Kreygasm gosamigo: YeahBoi BendOverLikeABoss: SMELL FEET Kreygasm Kayenai: andypCreep Ezhumm: lacFap lacFap lacFap lacFap InQuasi: how is she able to jump??? Justepic123: elaGasm 1080p200fps: elaGasm elaGasm Vendetta1v: She just wall jumped k4iley: im gonna fuckin PUKE Bobanaut: batman Lim3Fru1t: ppHop morningstar907: elaThirst elaThirst Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn redjoe1991: OH YEAH gladiathorl: ppHop HEIL_MODS_: ppHop UltraWindow: now see if you have equippment elaThirst Dastyn_: elaThirst skraalQ: monkey simulator Pog Malkav0: bewbs ->kinda cool easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ sec i think i have a photo on phone kayyeah: LUL louismachon: HOOP Soveriegn3: DO A FLIP Bieberhunter: elaKek Cloudyto: LULW Vendetta1v: WTF DakuSouru: LULW Pixel_hearts: ppHop SimoneX93: LUL Doully92: WutFace gladiathorl: LULW Nopileos: LUL owlsama: Kreygasm Renococoa: LULW Veddy_: WutFace k4iley: JESUS CHRIST Vendetta1v: WOWWW demifiendll: PepeLaugh Dancingbroccoli2: WutFace rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN Savience: LULW Turbulist: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek shruu: WutFace AkaTsubaki_: LULW Reddinator: WutFace BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Nopileos: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Jaargan: elaWut silver6ird: LULW GoAkke: OMEGADOWN TyrantZedd: elaWut Blood_Rooted: WutFace Sephirothang: LULW Lord_Solaire: PepeLaugh asinine: LOL troublematicc: elaWut dobtf2: OMEGALUL CaptainOutOfTen: WutFace durmiin: spiderjunkie Drunkndragon: LUL hangedm4n: LULW FiddIeMyDiddle: WutFace noxcorvus: WutFace vulpitt: WutFace Istog: WutFace ClappingKappa: elaWut LickMyPretzel: it wasn’t that loud 오얏나무우: WutFace gulshan1: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW MrMadakey: jesus Luhhha: LUL Ahmeduwna: LULW atomicdestruction: PepeLaugh Nox15: OMEGALUL sunshift: OMEGALUL Llyfrgell: WutFace Schwirm: WutFace Wheels82: elaWut Trollieno: Lol. Mirrors edge WReN__x: JESUUUS OMEGALUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh RantingDuck: WutFace Magilou_69: LULW Kashmirik: OMEGALUL PontusIndeed: WutFace Turbulist: elaKek elaKek elaKek fonss1: WutFace ASMR Straddy_: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Sohei4649: LULW vorleser: Kreygasm Kreygasm kytos1k: LUL ccorns: monkaX Ezhumm: lacFap BOOBS gosamigo: LULW raene_like_rain: LULW strob321: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW ChaosLike: FUCKING LIDL GAME Lexikun: LULW ScienceSloth: elaWut Shmoop1: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Lemonsponge: LULW InQuasi: LUL QHAHAHAHAHA h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN filarette: ASMR voodoorayray: LOOL orangethemaster: LULW Serefki: ZULUL saugo: RIP LULW dunnowtw: LULW Lim3Fru1t: OMEGALUL BarghestFenrir_: AUDIO JESUS chintzl: MY EARS Yaltubaoh: told you SparkySparkyB00mMan: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Nopileos: LULW LULW sjorsholtrop: That’s some loud ass voice StarPogPlatinum: WutFace ownyoubyatch: LOL spevahr: LUL redman5: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh TH3N4RL3Y1: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Xer_0: monkaW Kuromaru_: monkaW Kayenai: Louder please Dudespider: DansGame PontusIndeed: LULW Holophraser: sound mixing LUL Niloomilo: elaKek Justepic123: elaA KevKov: FeelsGoodMan LOUDER Lagunaab: NEW KIND OF JUMPSCARES viktor_victor: this is horror aight Baphm: LULW Blood_Rooted: LULW LickMyPretzel: ??? it wasn’t that loud Nopileos: LULW prophLP: ASMR simulat0r? 😀 😀 😀 BruiseVein: some Trespasser shit PogChamp jade282: LOUDER elaA TheDankDemon: dying light? POGGERS ccorns: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Biocola: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Veddy_: omg that was funny LULW dobtf2: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER UltraDoot: 📣 I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE DOWN THERE memorycard1mega: LUL Vendetta1v: Audio levels all over the place N4RDBOT: Im fucking dead Turbulist: FIRST JUMP SCARE LULW bobmighty: wtf jaquescamarao: first jumpscarew redjoe1991: no leave like that @Elajjaz Azure_Felt: voice volume 1000% k4iley: scared the shit out of me InQuasi: straight down LUL kayyeah: ROSEEEEEEE leng_: good thing i have volume low at all time OMEGADOWN OnePointSpace: surprise ASMR WerewolfB: LULW Lootarka: XD urnightolf: I came gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER BrokenCompiler: LUL sunshift: AYAYA 📣 I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE THERE raene_like_rain: lmfao holloWFortune: LULW chintzl: I THOUGHT WutFace Istog: @LickMyPretzel are you deaf? LUL Favelus: ASMR pepeJAM PontusIndeed: LUL dunnowtw: LULW LULW LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW silver6ird: elaREE Cheeseek: WutFace weeaboochan: now we know why this is horror OMEGADOWN k4iley: SHES SO LOUD KrazyShark: elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE elaREE rofIcopter: elaGa 📣 MakyuIchaival: LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON jklob: WutFace WutFace Nox15: LULW nisynn: louder LULW shruu: SHUT UP WutFace Heksyll: RAUUUUUUUUUUL WotorJL: OMEGALUL Ahmeduwna: LULW LULW 1080p200fps: elaKek elaKek elaKek DAS_k1ishEe: MOTION SICKNESS TRUE HORROR vulpitt: LULW Wheels82: elaWut MAKE IT STOP Drunkndragon: RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: OMEGADOWN Thenastyraven: AYAYA ROOOOOOOSE ANDREEEEEEEEE RantingDuck: WutFace ROOOOOOOOOOOSE Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Lykouleon: elaREE Shmoop1: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER eliastheepicgamer: andre Chag Llyfrgell: elaREE elaREE elaREE Turbulist: I LOST Kreygasm morningstar907: ANDRE Jasmineroze1: LULW miki___miki: cosmoREEE REEEE FulMetlJumpsuit: LULW tumaelso: WTF WutFace UltraWindow: elaGa 📣 ROOOOOOOOOSE spevahr: AndREEEEEE Nazzet: Immersive FeelsGoodMan Clap Justepic123: LULW LIDL LULW gosamigo: LOUDER gachiHYPER ScienceSloth: elaWut elaWut chintzl: Thank god you turned it down lol Trollieno: Dat FPS ChibiKuro: monkaW elder_elber: scaryyy KrazyShark: wtf this looks so fucking good doe BrascoGaming: LULW imspacedout: Calm the F down! Bestorio: LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap SimoneX93: jasooon Schwirm: pepeJAM StepWyze: Senheiser HD650’s baybee hepha1: REEEE LULW Jaargan: )))))))) elaWut ((((((( DaniDuck: elaGa 📣 ROSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE vorleser: 😂 my sides 😂 Yaltubaoh: and thats she’s whispering ^_^ KrazyShark: game looks pretty af Twitch_chat_best_chat: LUL SURVIVAL IS ABOUT AUDIO NOT GAMEPLAY BarghestFenrir_: Imagine if she moans with that volume @krazyshark elaThirst elaThirst Soveriegn3: wait is this by the guys who made the forest? StrafeMachine: What mix? PepeLaugh Reddinator: shit DansGame bobmighty: oos TheDankDemon: FeelsGoodMan HYPERCLAP rhizoid1: PlsEla InQuasi: this game has some funky fucking optimisation SimoneX93: LUL filarette: OOS DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/CleverSmallPastaBudBlast kayyeah: I can’t cook it Romanspring: larxaComfy_HF @Elajjaz larxaComfy bendtosquares: wtf is that blur Renococoa: LUL Veddy_: i cant cook it DAILOedz: I CANT COOK IT LUL Nerowin_22: Is that far cry 4 ? Bobanaut: lel pimpimswe: Climbing made me sick Turbulist: Can’t cook it PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: LULW j0mppa: PepeUff shruu: cook the stick PogU Azure_Felt: elaGa KrazyShark: @BarghestFenrir_ ears monkaW Wheels82: I CAN’T COOK IT Met_the_Slayer: i can´t cook it InQuasi: I CAN’T COOK IT Lim3Fru1t: PepeHands cant cook it Magilou_69: @KrazyShark Doe 3Head Reddinator: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: DansGame WHY vulpitt: PepeLaugh Sybran57: You can’t ! elaREE BobTheDrunkBear: I can’t cook it elaMad Veddy_: LULW Ahmeduwna: xD louismachon: LULW Vendetta1v: LUL Gorlock92: CANT COOK IT Nopileos: LULW LickMyPretzel: @Istog Nah I usually go WutFace when that happens but i didn’t think it was that loud. BUt Ela is pretty low for me too so yeah HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh MakyuIchaival: why not? SimoneX93: Bonfire lit Nox15: I can’t cook it RantingDuck: cook the stick PepeUff Justepic123: elaGA Llyfrgell: LULW InQuasi: ahahahahahah Dastyn_: LULW tentacles_have_feelings: cook the stick elaThirst irevil0: can’t… COOK ScienceSloth: eat the stick ZULUL KevKov: why not WeirdChamp CaptainOutOfTen: @Elajjaz look at the map you got at the start? sunshift: Pog soldathick: yes you did noxcorvus: lidl fire LULW rofIcopter: cant even cook stick PepeLaugh Turbulist: elaKek akmannen: cant cook it WerewolfB: bonfire Pog Nifran: California girl simulator? Keepo Veddy_: this is hilarious PepeLaugh Wheels82: 😂 👌 LIT Bobanaut: your fire is out hepha1: EAT THE STICK elaMad h4nfr3d: cou can’t CRAFT fireplaces, but use them DAILOedz: LIDL SURVIVOR LUL Shmoop1: what is that fucking blur? Reddinator: elaGa InQuasi: LUL KrazyShark: @Magilou_69 fak off bruv 5Head gladiathorl: PepeHands Azure_Felt: cook the stick elaB GoAkke: enable worryStick 😡 redman5: lmao this game spike_the_space_cowboy: WTF WOMAN CANT COOK ? Royal_Clover: Tresspasser 2 PogChamp fonss1: LIDL GAME FeelsGoodMan Clap LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan *pokes with stick* why can’t i cook AndyCandyBalls: That blur bobmighty: PETA Turbulist: PepeHands Azure_Felt: PepeHands olli2101: COOK IT OR I UNSUB 😡 Tamahowk: D: filarette: NOOO leng_: cook the stick and eat it 4HEad TyrantZedd: PepeHands Kashmirik: Wait what was that motion blur Bobanaut: kill a cow orangethemaster: D: InQuasi: this pop in tho jaquescamarao: PepeHands Justepic123: u cant craft campfires @Elajjaz Doully92: PepeHands Lord_Solaire: elaD LickMyPretzel: I HATE YOU ALREADY SimoneX93: retroCOP Sephirothang: elaD BobTheDrunkBear: D: asinine: dont CaptainOutOfTen: elaMad AkaTsubaki_: elaD Lim3Fru1t: PepeHands Nopileos: elaD Vendetta1v: elaD splitting_: D: Heksyll: elaD Elvem: D: Sohei4649: D: shruu: omg im unsubbing D: noxcorvus: PepeHands Canopus: elaK Lykouleon: D: EKA TyrantZedd: We already do elaMad BarghestFenrir_: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Ahmeduwna: D: CaptainCrunched: D: Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn KevKov: elaD Himmee: D: zorry4badinglsh: D: vulpitt: D: filarette: MURDERER Istog: we have to elaD Autumn_Flare: FeelsGoodMan Kill them all Nopileos: D: jaquescamarao: we will chintzl: PETA Jaargan: elaMad Streamleen: No doggos Martinuvits: D: silver6ird: don’t do it PepeHands Azure_Felt: not the puppers PepeHands SimoneX93: kintRage Mavez0r: leave the DOGS alone zorry4badinglsh: D: D: RantingDuck: D: Dudespider: elaD asinine: eat berries 😠 BitRun: elaMad Dancingbroccoli2: D: VashGarland: PETA irevil0: D: louismachon: JUST NO DOGS Bestorio: PepeHands YOU MONSTER Turbulist: ElaPls uss uss atomicdestruction: monkaTOS HEIL_MODS_: also notice the time monkaW night is coming viktor_victor: D: Nopileos: D: D: Audriana: audriaMadkirb RantingDuck: ElaPls Vendetta1v: Nuuu elaD StarPogPlatinum: Find another way D: fonss1: 😡 DONT 1080p200fps: elaMad elaMad elaMad j0mppa: PepeUff PepeUff UltraWindow: 🙂 its ok, you’re the one going to jail sunshift: can you kill humans instead? elaHmm Plated_Pangolin: go vegan Trivess: 😠 AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls hepha1: VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad Niloomilo: elaD WerewolfB: no that’s too cruel, eat the alive D: Shmoop1: @Elajjaz can you disable that annoying blur? Kira_22: ela1 ela2 Biocola: moon2A UNSUB TIME Lyovknight: nrdyD SimoneX93: POGGERS ClappingKappa: kill all animals nepSmug Frosted15: PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad PETA NOW elaMad JhonnydasBR: Kill them. But be thankfull Deltakon: that shadow LUL alpalin96: eat GRASS D: Komitern66: THE SHADOW LULW REMUSXXXL: grapgically the games seems to look good elaHmm Trollieno: KILL THE GOAT Lykouleon: Pog ihssoy: Too late, I’ve already hated you before it LULW Erazu: eat yourself PunOko Bobanaut: KILL KILL KILL h4nfr3d: dogs actually PepeLaugh DAILOedz: PepeHands GOAT Reddinator: D: Tearingbullet: elaC elaPlan VashGarland: good old shovelgoat Kashmirik: Witcher Pog silver6ird: NO PepeHands RantingDuck: kill that goat D: jaquescamarao: not the GOAT PepeHands wandering_pleb: we hate you already elaMad shruu: dont do it D: TyrantZedd: ClappingKappa nepSmug 7 InQuasi: far cry 3 survival Azure_Felt: no killing cute animals elaB DAS_k1ishEe: WE ALL PETA Robin_CP: the goat is for Rachid ANELE Luhhha: witcher 3 Pog hepha1: VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad KevKov: PepeHands goat BarghestFenrir_: Predator mode Pog Jegerkaj: mom PepeHands gosamigo: It Knows LULW Frosted15: VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad Intirion: call mom PepeHands pep202: ANELE Fafebobo: elaD viktor_victor: just throw cats over your head, at least twitch wont harm you Lykouleon: mom PepeHands Lyovknight: elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels elaFeels charlie_occ: Vegan run BibleThump SimoneX93: ignored Trollieno: Mario it Met_the_Slayer: ride the goat LUL DAILOedz: RUN GOAT PepeHands ClappingKappa: TyrantZedd, yo nepSmug / TonsOfBrains: this running shadow LUL LUL LUL CaptainOutOfTen: 🐐 StarPogPlatinum: 🐐 PepeHands fonss1: ANELE WTF MY WIFE Turbulist: LULW sunshift: ppHop 🐐 Veddy_: LULW UltraWindow: 5 minutes stuck on an island, already killing a goat PepeLaugh Turbulist: elaKek soldathick: gachiHYPER Ezhumm: RUN squadSheep Res_Quant: ebin jokes chat can’t stop laughing kytos1k: LUL Bobanaut: with such a stick you would never kill a goat… HEIL_MODS_: playing with pray PepeHands playing with pray PepeHands playing with pray PepeHands ChaosLike: use tall grass to hide *jumping around* RKazekiri: Pog InQuasi: this game is fucking pepegas Streamleen: LUL Justepic123: survival means that u just cant craft campfires @Elajjaz nepSmug Azure_Felt: OMEGALUL Splash__Woman: SWOOSH RantingDuck: Vegan run Pog Lim3Fru1t: swoosh ela13 Turbulist: LULW LickMyPretzel: How do you slide up hill AlexAnderman1994: elaMad kayyeah: Is this game Dying Light: Woman edition? Schwirm: SWOOSH Fafebobo: 😡 Jaargan: 😡 Bestorio: 😡 h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN TyrantZedd: 😡 SimoneX93: 😡 Nopileos: 😡 Cloudyto: BabyRage silver6ird: animal lover btw elaWeird KevKov: 😡 Clap gladiathorl: pepeJamer ChaosLike: CLUB IT TO DEATH 😡 zorry4badinglsh: ela13 swooosh Antimonesia: actually dying light WeirdChamp TheDankDemon: dehydration monkaX Splash__Woman: 😡 hepha1: VEGAN% PogU Turbulist: pepeJAM shruu: pepeJAM Tamahowk: 😡 BobTheDrunkBear: pepeJAM Trivess: 😡 jklob: pepeJAM StrafeMachine: I’m actually thinking about leaving stream and playing this myself POGGERS Nopileos: pepeJAM nisynn: pepeJAM Wendell8504: 😡 KevKov: pepeJAM vo1dapex: swaboDangry AlcatraZ567: pepeJAM Cloudyto: 😡 Jegerkaj: elaMad 👉 🍅 Lykouleon: Pog Schwirm: CLUB IT FeelsGoodMan GoAkke: good 😡 morningstar907: PETA elaD elaD Lemonsponge: 🍅 jaquescamarao: Clap Wheels82: DansGame JhonnydasBR: xD Autumn_Flare: DansGame Nopileos: xD Shmoop1: VEGAN DansGame LickMyPretzel: soy boy Azure_Felt: FeelsGoodMan but also FeelsWeirdMan Komodor_Maximilian: this is the most fit and able junkie i have ever seen Nifran: Vegan % Pog hepha1: Chag Clap UltraWindow: vegan OMEGALUL dead in 5 minutes LickMyPretzel: elaWut Sephirothang: monkaS ChaosLike: idk ela 4Shrug Royal_Clover: V OMEGADOWN GAN Pudelinaa: Clap k4iley: monkaW Fafebobo: monkaW Frosted15: WE DID IT CHAT sunshift: monkaW CaptainCrunched: monkaW Bestorio: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW jessuro: Kappa h4nfr3d: blue circle ClappingKappa: elaWut ccorns: monkaX Met_the_Slayer: monkaS GoAkke: no Komitern66: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Nifran: Clap BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz Just eat some 👉 elaMad DAILOedz: vega elaGa UoL_TheStarchild: good boyyyy Mengzanoid: pepeD gosamigo: EAT MEAT gachiHYPER Nopileos: monkaW monkaW AkaTsubaki_: elaBlind bottom left SQGamer: @Elajjaz dont eat my plant friends PepeHands Bobanaut: cant craft campfires in survival? isnt that like the one thing you should do in survival? shllaqzaneh: @Folieadeux if you’re here thank you very much for the sub elaH Justepic123: 😡 strob321: DansGame Wendell8504: monkaW Lagunaab: ITSA PIGGY Pog Lyovknight: elaWut 1080p200fps: soyboy confirmed GoAkke: dont do it ela 😡 imspacedout: BOAR!!!!! Met_the_Slayer: bottom left? Fafebobo: DRAGON monkaW ChaosLike: just eat flowers..yea LULW hepha1: WHAT WAS THAT monkaW WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz jade282: PLANT ARE ALIVE TOO elaREE scoutdiverman: PepeHands Plants have feelings too Komodor_Maximilian: like 98% of population would not even scale that well h4nfr3d: bottome left @Elajjaz kayyeah: compass is B Splash__Woman: @Elajjaz bottom left. carciRobbed bobmighty: Pog HugeBaguette_tv: B lynneburns: lol plants have feelings leng_: HERBIVORE OMEGLOL Clap Veddy_: bottom left elaBlind Mengzanoid: ppHop the_one_wasabi: yeet ChaosLike: 🅱️ Robin_CP: Compass is B, like Compass mayushi10: 🅱️ GoAkke: bUrself Bestorio: bUrself Reddinator: bUrself Nopileos: Pog Trollieno: She can’t be vegan, she didnt cook the stick ClappingKappa: bUrself Bobanaut: attack the goat akmannen: are your character super tiny SimoneX93: you had papers too taeyeon__ss: bUrself bobmighty: bees Fafebobo: bUrself Schwirm: bUrself loraineeee: forsenBee BarghestFenrir_: how tiny tho LULW Nerowin_22: Is this horror game? UltraWindow: she kinda cute though elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: bUrself Veddy_: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Nopileos: bUrself Wendell8504: 🅱️ JhonnydasBR: 4Head Wheels82: IKEALUL EternalFool_: LULW Lyovknight: forsenBee vorleser: Kreygasm GoAkke: bUrself chu want bro kayyeah: is she okay, she woke up in a well dude Nox15: Kreygasm Turbulist: bUrself Azure_Felt: you can eat the humans if you want elaC but not the animals elaMad KevKov: monkaS WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! southdesigner: this timer though soldathick: so spooky mrmvSleep southdesigner: is it in real time? terranxva4d: which PUBG map is this sunshift: How can a single letter have two different memes to it? NotLikeThis JhonnydasBR: 2/10 Kappa silver6ird: crofting 3Head spevahr: yo does it look like the moves are blurred for anyone else? DakuSouru: forsenCD loraineeee: ela13 hello görl are ju okej? StarPogPlatinum: She had a bad night LULW Splash__Woman: 3Head jaquescamarao: PogU RantingDuck: monkaW Reddinator: doxx monkaTOS ChaosLike: THINKING SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HER CUS SHES NOT A 10/10 SUPERMODEL HotPokket SEXIST Schwirm: forsenCD ? Met_the_Slayer: she has a serious case of blurryness DakuSouru: elaThirst AkaTsubaki_: elaThirst Turbulist: elaThirst Robin_CP: spoilers??? D: Azure_Felt: elaThirst loraineeee: elaThirst sunshift: Kreygasm DAILOedz: elaThirst Nopileos: elaThirst BobTheDrunkBear: elaThirst ScienceSloth: elaThirst Jaargan: elaThirst Bestorio: elaThirst Shmoop1: elaThirst Veddy_: that sound reminds me of subnautica Trollieno: Go rink sea water loraineeee: elaThirst me 2 Lim3Fru1t: elaThirst RKazekiri: YeahBoi ShinoEleven: elaThirst marshalmv: elaThirst BitRun: elaThirst gosamigo: gachiHYPER weeaboochan: elaThirst Nopileos: elaThirst elaThirst gulshan1: elaThirst Wheels82: elaChug Cheeseek: elaThirst Splash__Woman: YeahBoi Lykouleon: gachiBASS VashGarland: elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: elaChug Rekazor: elaThirst Jegerkaj: elaThirst Germy_ranch: haHAA Usojin: so thirsty YeahBoi RantingDuck: Drink the sea Kapp Lyovknight: elaThirst Nopileos: elaThirst gulshan1: elaChug KevKov: elaThirst Kashmirik: YeahBoi Pudntoogud: YeahBoi Istog: elaChug Bobanaut: drink saltwater? yeah sure jaquescamarao: YeahBoi Dudespider: Cook the sea chintzl: Just live in the farm easy GoAkke: dont tell KrazyShark monkaS VashGarland: elaO SQGamer: elaThirst loraineeee: monkaS UltraDoot: YeahBoi Turbulist: 4House Dancingbroccoli2: monkaW shruu: monkaW Azure_Felt: 4House ClappingKappa: monkaW Reddinator: 4House Nopileos: monkaW Trivess: YeahBoi dobtf2: 4House 4House BitRun: 4House hepha1: 4House vulpitt: 4House Istog: 4House Nox15: YeahBoi SQGamer: 4House Zecius_: 4House Jaargan: 4House x2 Lim3Fru1t: 4House x2 Robin_CP: 4House Wendell8504: 4House jaquescamarao: 4House 4House Cheeseek: 4House + 4House Th0rn4s: lacFap AlexAnderman1994: 4House 4House Nopileos: 4House Ziazis: ah they changed quite a bit since last time I played it : P Met_the_Slayer: 4House 4House AvemStercore: 4Town Snacker_the_Shark: 4House Clap HEIL_MODS_: also is the clock in real time? seems like it ChaosLike: mirrors edge? not dying light kayyeah: This is Dying Light StrafeMachine: How thirsty is she? YeahBoi SimoneX93: dying lighy Azure_Felt: monkaW Splash__Woman: monkaW SimoneX93: LUL InQuasi: more like dying light Omegaboom: Reminds me more of dead island bobmighty: LUL jaquescamarao: KILL IT DakuSouru: LULW kayyeah: LUL loraineeee: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LUL lamborghini_leglock: LUL aphex17: mitch jones attack asinine: LOL Turbulist: LULW Veddy_: LULW gladiathorl: LULW Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN JhonnydasBR: DIUASUHAUSDH StarPogPlatinum: LULW DaniDuck: thats a big ass rat Straddy_: LULW Himmee: LULW Th0rn4s: LULW southdesigner: Ezio Savience: LOL TyrantZedd: LULW Lord_Solaire: monkaW seqone: LULW Bestorio: LULW Cloudyto: LULW Dudespider: LUL filarette: omfg Nopileos: LULW AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh Sephirothang: LUL sunshift: something about the jumping animation ScienceSloth: LULW Reddinator: HAHAHAH ShinoEleven: LULW hepha1: LULW Lykouleon: LMFAO splitting_: LULW shruu: LULW Vendetta1v: LMAO AvemStercore: LULW Wheels82: LULW KrazyShark: LULW leng_: OMEGLOL Wwwwvwwvwvww: elaREE elaREE elaREE rooREE rooREE rooREE lamborghini_leglock: LULW schurik126: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW AlcatraZ567: WTF LULW datguyzito: LULW CirceanSin: LULW InQuasi: definitely dying light Ahmeduwna: LULW Wendell8504: LULW chintzl: limmyVermin friend? RKazekiri: monkaW Dastyn_: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Elvem: OMEGALUL Jaargan: LULW 오얏나무우: WutFace AlexAnderman1994: elaWut zorry4badinglsh: LULW tbchan: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW 1080p200fps: LUL LickMyPretzel: ELA WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Cerilysm: HAHAHAHHA gosamigo: AIDS LULW Istog: GODDAMNIT ELA STOP SCARING ME Elkuuti0: you can drink like 2dl of seawater Snacker_the_Shark: LULW Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Zane_Within: LUL silver6ird: that fucking got me LULW asinine: 🐁 Nopileos: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL Usojin: 🐀 HugeBaguette_tv: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek fonss1: LOST TO RAT LULW iiioku: LULW olli2101: OMEGLOL Zaunbob: LULW JhonnydasBR: clipped CoolStoryBob ccorns: elaKek HYPERCLAP saugo: LULW spevahr: LULW FthJns: LULW loraineeee: elaWut Nopileos: LULW LULW Kaspu: forsenBB k4iley: ela ur scream scared the shit out of me noxcorvus: LULW sunshift: BIBI 🐀 SimoneX93: get tje scurvy Reddinator: rekt by a rat LULW Robin_CP: IDIOT CHILLLLLL LULW demifiendll: scared by a rat pepeLaugh KrazyShark: @GoAkke elaThirst i heard it Biocola: 🐀 C’MERE BITCH akmannen: Haha TH3N4RL3Y1: mommy Xurker: I FUCKING JUMPED DUDE Elvem: LULW elaWut LULW elaWut LULW elaWut LULW elaWut LULW elaWut loraineeee: elaWut 🐀 Bobanaut: half dead already atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh 👉 🐀 LOST TO THIS Scarlettohgo: horror game LuL ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap 🐀 jade282: LULW BAGNETOO: EBOLA Streamleen: Kill the rats in my cellar quest. Mengzanoid: monkaX ppHop Nox15: LOST TO RAT OMEGALUL Turbulist: LULW CLIP WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA tidooh: HAHAHAHAHAH BarghestFenrir_: LULW SCARED BY 👉🐀 jaquescamarao: LOST TO RAT LULW Frosted15: PepeLaugh MORFHI: @KrazyShark elaFella kayyeah: HORROR REMEMBER 3Head Baz1S: what OMEGLOL GoAkke: KrazyShark PepeLaugh Th0rn4s: PepeLaugh 👉 🐀 Sohei4649: HORROR GAME LULW RantingDuck: OMEGALUL Lyovknight: forsenBB forsenBB TheDankDemon: LULW bibi BitRun: elaWut LULW Azure_Felt: ela scared the fuck outta chat LULW MikeAnderson1k: is this a horror game? Kappa Splash__Woman: incoming plague xaron_in: LULW fonss1: LOST TO forsenBB spike_the_space_cowboy: PUSSYJJAZ OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: Jesus fucking christ Ela you’re gonna make me have a heart attack bobmighty: F Drunkndragon: PepeLaugh 👉 🐀 LOST TO THIS asinine: 🐁 gimme them toes the_one_wasabi: LOST TO RAT LULW Th0rn4s: D: fakie_420: D: Snacker_the_Shark: Scared in broad daylight LUL lamborghini_leglock: D: terranxva4d: D: UltraWindow: D: DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyStylishHorseradishPRChase tbchan: D: h4nfr3d: D: Agiu: forsenBB Nopileos: D: splitting_: D: Azure_Felt: elaD Korhain: D: Sohei4649: D: Istog: elaD Zecius_: D: k4iley: D: Wolficek3134: D: KrazyShark: @MORFHI krazys2PAT Kaspu: cirD silver6ird: D: Usojin: D: Lord_Solaire: rooD Reddinator: D: troublematicc: D: AlcatraZ567: D: xLucatiel: LULW Digitice: D: Lykouleon: D: ! BobTheDrunkBear: D: ChaosLike: KILLING ANIMALS D: Ahmeduwna: D: dunerinno: LUL loraineeee: PepeHands raene_like_rain: D: ShinoEleven: rooD Splash__Woman: LULW DaniDuck: D: orangethemaster: D: SimoneX93: PETA Th0rn4s: D: PETA j0mppa: D: Ohem1: Is this dying light? Jaargan: D: KevKov: elaD WTF Komitern66: D: jaquescamarao: PETA PepeHands dobtf2: D: Nopileos: D: D: ccorns: D: setakoon: WTFF bendtosquares: PepeHands peppah CirceanSin: D: Mengzanoid: D: olli2101: PEPPAH PepeHands KororoX: they bite your toes since you have no shoes LUL Wheels82: YEETED LULW InQuasi: AHAHAH RantingDuck: D: RESET Heksyll: elaD loraineeee: D: Raknov: elaD Germy_ranch: elaD myfavoriteweeb: D: wtf Nopileos: D: Streamleen: D: Destmand: LUL RKazekiri: D: Soveriegn3: this looks so much like the forest KalMyre: 😀 Lyovknight: elaD elaD elaD elaD Schwirm: D: louismachon: D: Magilou_69: D: 冬海羊子: PETA Trivess: 😡 WerewolfB: EZ Clap GoAkke: ELA 😡 alpalin96: D: Jegerkaj: PepeHands WTF Snacker_the_Shark: SMOrc Nopileos: D: D: bobmighty: LUL tbchan: PepeHands forsenBB Lykouleon: elaREE PETAAAAAAAAAA ChaosLike: VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW VEGAN BTW LULW Nifran: VEGAN!!!!! RESET scoutdiverman: D: h4nfr3d: PepeLaugh loraineeee: elaD Jektrick: LUL Hongetech: BIBI PepeHands Azure_Felt: LULW BAGNETOO: yeeted hpbearman: PepeHands Ineedhugs: Hello ela, hello chat FrankerZ elaCozy mistak3NN: nooo hepha1: PepeHands Nanashi_Sakamoto: DansGame the_one_wasabi: LULW weeaboochan: LULW fonss1: forsenBB forsenWeird WTF BRO KevKov: D: fapnut_: D: TH3N4RL3Y1: PETA LUL morningstar907: elaB elaB InQuasi: that rat went flying silver6ird: vegan for 2 minutes Nopileos: Ineedhugs pepeL Met_the_Slayer: vegan playthrough ruined PepeHands Autumn_Flare: FeelsGoodMan Frosted15: D: D D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: sunshift: rats don’t count nepSmug spevahr: LUL mahfriendooo: KKona Meat hpbearman: PepeHands PepeHands Justepic123: this combat LULW HugeBaguette_tv: STONK Zahhaak: D: Th0rn4s: you killed forsen’s dog PepeHands Lyovknight: forsenBB PepeHands Frosted15: VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad VEGAN OR RIOT elaMad Nifran: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: VEGAN!!!!! RESET D: BitRun: @Elajjaz im telling vice about this Azure_Felt: elaOP mmm rat burgers elaOP souldedeh: FeelsPepoMan ChaosLike: 5Head Lim3Fru1t: elaGa Bobanaut: yeah drink some SALT water vorleser: ocean water LULW Geralt_of_Syria: 5Head xaron_in: scared of rats LULW asinine: you could climb up AvemStercore: @Elajjaz you can still kill animals bot don’t eat them PepeLaugh Splash__Woman: Get some water 4Head hepha1: We had a good vegan run PepeHands Himmee: Saltwater PepeLaugh silver6ird: just don’t eat them 5Head ChaosLike: getting salt water 5Head imspacedout: find a well! frunklesavant: this a pubg clone? Aristotilis: yeah just drink seawater Serefki: rats aint animals tho Yaltubaoh: there was a box InQuasi: this is dying light survival the far cry 3 NickyBleezy: blind af Ezhumm: lacTEGGEN MakyuIchaival: this place looks so comfy fakie_420: vegans LULW Bestorio: Why are you looking at the ocean LULW DAS_k1ishEe: Rat meat ain’t vegan? Shmoop1: yueah drink sea water Ela elaGa shellbullet: AYAYA HotFireZ: AYAYA UltraWindow: this ambient occlusion is pretty trash WeirdChamp Veddy_: ???? h4nfr3d: 5Head fakie_420: ??? gosamigo: AYAYA Cheeseek: ? Nopileos: AYAYA Forgoroe: https://clips.twitch.tv/TrustworthyFaithfulDunlinRuleFive Vendetta1v: https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulNeighborlyStarPogChamp Met_the_Slayer: wat LUL Komitern66: ???? Wheels82: ??????????? jaquescamarao: ???????? KevKov: ??? spike_the_space_cowboy: ?????????? BarghestFenrir_: ??? Lim3Fru1t: ??? Lykouleon: Pog ? HEIL_MODS_: rat meat and salt water elaOP Ezhumm: lacA1 lacA2 BitRun: ???????????? RantingDuck: ???? MealThief: another house at twin houses PogChamp ChaosLike: EXCUSE ME?????? Brammzie: not salt water Nopileos: ??? shruu: ???? elaHmm Elkuuti0: straight from “where am I” to eating rats LUL SerVersta: ?????? mayushi10: what? HugeBaguette_tv: ????? wut EternalFool_: 5Head xaron_in: ? j0mppa: ?? k4iley: wouldnt the glass explode Ghostsystems: ??? VashGarland: 5Head ah yes Wendell8504: ???? ClappingKappa: elaGa Clap Llyfrgell: elaHmm Nopileos: ??? ??? hepha1: monkaW Jegerkaj: 5Head Splash__Woman: RAT! 🐀 Cloudyto: new rat elaBlind jaquescamarao: rat monkaW jade282: ?????? lamborghini_leglock: monkaW Fentu: RAT monkaS dobtf2: its pretty lidl LUL Met_the_Slayer: bottle rat, hmm, yes LUL tomato9420: WutFace AlcatraZ567: monkaW h4nfr3d: rat monkaSHAKE hpbearman: RAAAAAT Nox15: monkaW xaron_in: ??? bendtosquares: monkaW RAT Ezhumm: lacA1 lacA2 calebAy lacAYA Smoothstone: Is this linear, PvP, open world? Nopileos: monkaW Komitern66: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: VapeNation cook some meth Cheeseek: elaS Th0rn4s: monkaW BIBI Justepic123: ????? Mannjik: rat juice 5Head Clap BitRun: do what again? elaGa gosamigo: EBOLA monkaW hpbearman: Oh SHIT HotFireZ: 🐀 PepeHands lamborghini_leglock: LUL Doully92: PepeHands Destmand: LUL k4iley: D: hepha1: LULW Turbulist: LULW asinine: wtf Nopileos: LUL Bieberhunter: elaD LickMyPretzel: YEET Splash__Woman: YEET jaquescamarao: FRIENDLY PepeHands Lykouleon: FLEWWWWW miki___miki: PepeHands Jegerkaj: PepeHands YEETED Wheels82: LULW Mengzanoid: D: Lyovknight: forsenJoy forsenJoy Turbulist: YEET LULW Azure_Felt: damn the ragdoll LULW RantingDuck: D: it flew the_one_wasabi: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Audriana: audriaYeet Kaspu: forsenJoy HugeBaguette_tv: YEEEEET CirceanSin: D: he was friendly InQuasi: it went fucking flying ! hepha1: WTF CHILL LULW TheDankDemon: LULW yeet KevKov: elaSneeze gladiathorl: elaD AvemStercore: YEET 😂 Veddy_: LULW bobmighty: LUL Hawkees: FeelsGoodMan ISP thought it’s a good idea to fuck up the internet so I gotta use my mobile now FeelsGoodMan Destmand: The fling LUL Cloudyto: YEEET mayushi10: LULW Autumn_Flare: 🐀 💨 YEET h4nfr3d: find them rakyan: WHY? PepeHands Nopileos: LULW Splash__Woman: THUNK jaquescamarao: LULW KrazyShark: https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousOptimisticSquirrelShadyLulu PepeLaugh scared of rats and farts Hawkees: Shoot me FeelsGoodMan thereaIprenis: CALL PETER Mengzanoid: LULW WrestlerBot2000: “I made it shorter so it’s gonna go faster!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 58 akmannen: just like pubg 🙂 Ziazis: you find them the_one_wasabi: OMEGALUL SimoneX93: https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousPoliteBurritoRiPepperonis bobmighty: Pog BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz How do you cook everyday? It’s all premade things, right? KrazyShark: Pog ? sunshift: vrench h4nfr3d: VRENCH Pog TomaszHilfiger: vrench Pog darkwilliambonnerreborn: vrench? KrazyShark: half life crowbar Pog Reddinator: vrench LULW Splash__Woman: blind AF Nopileos: VRENCH Pog BitRun: vrench Pog kryptoftheold: VRENCH Lyovknight: VRENCH Pog bobmighty: err hepha1: https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousOptimisticSquirrelShadyLulu southdesigner: i can’t believe how slow the timer is going Yaltubaoh: deth to all the rads vorleser: Kreygasm AH MMH Kreygasm Reddinator: elaKek TheDankDemon: Kreygasm Doully92: elaGa dobtf2: rench sunshift: PepeLaugh akmannen: trying to go out of bounds LULW bash632: the other building you were at had a box outside you could probably climb on Splash__Woman: Going to die of thirst, please wait. 😀 Lyovknight: elaGa Azure_Felt: elaGa gczero: is this naked and afraid simulator? TomaszHilfiger: elaKek Nopileos: elaGa sunshift: @Elajjaz the w is silent DAILOedz: elaThirst h4nfr3d: OMEGLOL Suney: Hello Cuties AYAYA WerewolfB: you mean crowbar? Azure_Felt: elaChug here Geralt_of_Syria: RAM WRENCH gachiHYPER shruu: monkaW Jegerkaj: W=V chat cmon PepeLaugh hepha1: @KrazyShark lil fart LULW UltraWindow: its pronounced ranch Nopileos: Jegerkaj elaHi gosamigo: YeahBoi KrazyShark: @hepha1 krazys2PAT bonesawbj: Minecraft got mad real jaquescamarao: monkaW flauset: Ford this game have some kind of blur or is my vision fucked?:) Mengzanoid: vvrench KrazyShark: @hepha1 LULW oh boy Lim3Fru1t: ElaPls HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: Pog Veddy_: mhmm salt water elaChug asinine: NO DakuSouru: WeirdBruh Azure_Felt: ElaPls AlcatraZ567: D: gladiathorl: elaD DakuSouru: WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh k4iley: dont u dare filarette: stroke her Schwirm: ElaPls SimoneX93: run! DakuSouru: WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh Veddy_: elaD sunshift: D: what Nopileos: elaD jaquescamarao: D: NO AlcatraZ567: NOO AkaTsubaki_: elaD DaniDuck: D: schurik126: STOP Robin_CP: a lamb RantingDuck: D: RUN BobTheDrunkBear: D: DakuSouru: WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh WeirdBruh Wheels82: elaMad DO IT j0mppa: dont BibleThump JhonnydasBR: need water? Drink rat’s blood k4iley: DONT U DARE Turbulist: ElaPls Azure_Felt: elaD Lykouleon: RUN ElaPls asinine: D: RUN dobtf2: ElaPls Lyovknight: nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD nrdyD Schwirm: ElaSmash cmere DakuSouru: cmonBruh frunklesavant: the shadow LUL PhilRamirez: PlsEla Lord_Solaire: monkaS Splash__Woman: @gczero naked and afraid minus the naked bobmighty: Cmonbruh Nopileos: ElaPls Doully92: cmonBrother BobTheDrunkBear: cmonBruh Th0rn4s: lacBruh chintzl: ride the goat LUL h4nfr3d: D: Turbulist: monkaW Splash__Woman: cmonBruh UoL_TheStarchild: NOO BarghestFenrir_: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Mengzanoid: D: Erazu: cmonBruh hepha1: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO elaMad jaquescamarao: cmonBruh prophLP: LOOL this shadow animation Geralt_of_Syria: LULW Penum: cmonBruh Jegerkaj: cmonBruh Veddy_: cmonBruh Lim3Fru1t: cmonBruh UltraWindow: the shadow animations LULW alpalin96: D: DAILOedz: cmonBruh Nopileos: cmonBruh zorry4badinglsh: cmonBrother louismachon: D: Efrondil: lidl shadows Shmoop1: cmonBruh KevKov: elaD NO gosamigo: cmonBruh k4iley: why do u jump on it LMAO StarPogPlatinum: Jebaited BleekStone: cmonBruh Nopileos: cmonBruh cmonBruh Jaargan: cmonBruh Lyovknight: forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy Suney: cmonBruh Ezhumm: lacBruh lacBruh lacBruh lacBruh lacBruh Geralt_of_Syria: OH NO LULW AlcatraZ567: cmonBruh ? RKazekiri: cmonBruh AvemStercore: cmonBruh Nox15: cmonBruh olli2101: cmonBruh leng_: cmonBrother Lyovknight: forsenJoy forsenJoy morningstar907: Lol Nopileos: cmonBruh hepha1: monkaW Scarvener: sunflowers monkaW JimthePill: cmonBrother impostor___: cmonBruh AlexAnderman1994: cmonBruh ModernPlagueDoctor: Black Phillip akmannen: cant see Canopus: elaHmm RantingDuck: FeelsGoodMan FREE KrazyShark: @hepha1 https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyTiredTireCurseLit LULW Yufi: bruh, look at the shadow when you run LUL PhilRamirez: triHarder zorry4badinglsh: chu say cmonBrother hepha1: HIDE monkaW DAILOedz: hatecrime cmonBruh Ziazis: GL JhonnydasBR: xD Reddinator: flowrs monkaW filarette: wait this is older game? Lyovknight: forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy forsenJoy GoAkke: chat FeelsWeirdMan k4iley: are there spooky things in this game Ezhumm: calebBruh calebBruh calebBruh calebBruh spike_the_space_cowboy: Swedes LULW seqone: HE SAID BLACK 😂 HE SAID BLACK 😂 HE SAID BLACK 😂 HE SAID BLACK 😂 HE SAID BLACK 😂 Bobanaut: dead in 5 Erazu: swedish streamers, man Wheels82: HE SAID A COLOR kgothVULMA Ryps: black philip did nothing wrong JhonnydasBR: he siad it cmonBruh Splash__Woman: you know what you said cmonBruh Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh 🐐 the_one_wasabi: hide monkaS MakyuIchaival: BLACK LOL W UltraWindow: 😔 chat is so sad Doully92: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: of course we are Mengzanoid: D: WerewolfB: why is it satan? cmonBruh Hongetech: Look at the pretty flowers chat FeelsGoodMan bobmighty: monkaS Wheels82: Chat full on elaGa Lyovknight: COMMON BROS forsenJoy Met_the_Slayer: monkaS Jaargan: BLACK=SATAN APPARENTLY cmonBruh Splash__Woman: monkaS myfavoriteweeb: monkaW Frosted15: PepeLaugh Nopileos: monkaS zorry4badinglsh: you said its satan cmonBruh Lord_Solaire: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaS Doully92: monkaW LickMyPretzel: Wowee SimoneX93: monkaSHAKE VashGarland: cmonBruh Reddinator: monkaX Azure_Felt: pupper monkaW RantingDuck: D: ModernPlagueDoctor: Was it VVitch with black Phillip? ClappingKappa: monkaW k4iley: doggo D: Llyfrgell: monkaW Turbulist: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Jegerkaj: chat reaching is the joke PepeLaugh bobmighty: doggo chintzl: quiet chat FrankerZ hepha1: https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyTiredTireCurseLit @KrazyShark LULW Sohei4649: OhMyDog Biocola: Wowee Scarvener: FrankerZ gosamigo: Wowee Cloudyto: monkaW Korhain: monkaW SimoneX93: monkaGun sunshift: monkaGun reaching.. ok maybe that’s too edgy Bobanaut: go get the salt water JonxKatsu: lol he said black better spam the black guy emote elaGa Kel_Ebek: monkaW OhMyDog Nopileos: Jegerkaj elaHYUG HEIL_MODS_: shhh LULW taeyeon__ss: WerewolfB Movie reference Nox15: monkaW InQuasi: OhMyDog TheDankDemon: water ela she dying LULW VashGarland: PepeLaugh Brodama: said a color post the thing FeelsPepoMan FlorinMarius96: monkaEyes Azure_Felt: pet the doggos elaB JouniKari: getting distracted before finding means of survival LUL h4nfr3d: they’re brutal KrazyShark: @hepha1 so good LULW Turbulist: Use perception? elaHmm Germy_ranch: Wowee shruu: squelch monkaW tbchan: PepeLaugh nymnCorn Cosmic_Gnostic: chat always stay reachin 4rChon: HERE BOY impostor___: monkaS jaquescamarao: it’s me 🙂 scouterpoi: wanchan AYAYA BitRun: it’s the vrench Azure_Felt: LULW JhonnydasBR: xD UltraWindow: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: TriHard cmonBruh PepeLaugh SimoneX93: rat people Splash__Woman: OMEGALUL nonGiPongi: ela1 ela2 Met_the_Slayer: monkaW k4iley: rabid dog? Scarvener: i’m a rat 🙂 Splash__Woman: IKEALUL ramranchboi: 🐀 bendtosquares: monkaW UltraWindow: oh no Jegerkaj: monkaW OhMyDog kayyeah: Main enemy is a rat Kel_Ebek: 🐭 ? HappySmile123: It is me elaSmile EternalFool_: big rats monkaW akmannen: ZULUL hepha1: @KrazyShark Ela getting scared by his own brother PepeHands chintzl: hit with stick Splash__Woman: monkaW Erazu: gachiHYPER HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: 🐀 InQuasi: “I’m thirsty” proceeds to get distracted Turbulist: SKAVEN monkaW Azure_Felt: monkaS jaquescamarao: monkaW demifiendll: more rats monkaW ccorns: monkaSHAKE Nopileos: monkaS SimoneX93: we outlast now DAILOedz: monkaW Autumn_Flare: monkaW Birds will draw the rats? the_one_wasabi: monkaW Omegaboom: STICK EM! KrazyShark: @hepha1 big fart PepeHands HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: gachiHYPER KevKov: billyReady Mengzanoid: billyReady JhonnydasBR: RUN WutFace tbchan: monkaW bobmighty: monkaX Met_the_Slayer: we outlast 2 now Wolficek3134: monkaW noxcorvus: rats control this universe TheDankDemon: PepeS ElaPls k4iley: monkaW bro Bestorio: monkaW chintzl: limmyFalconhoof welcome to adventure MakyuIchaival: SMASH AND BASH HIM SMOrc Nopileos: monkaW Bobanaut: wrong direction KrazyShark: man how is this game 10 bucks monkaW grunbeld: Wowee just a rat k4iley: the ocean?? soldathick: try to say hello first D: frvits: HOW BIG?? I’LL TAKE HIM ON billyReady bobmighty: wtf vorleser: SALT WATER LULW Pudntoogud: monkaX Nox15: saltwater PepeLaugh bendtosquares: PepeHands k4iley: yo F Streamleen: Sunflowers! SimoneX93: sure drink salt water Vendetta1v: .. Wheels82: LULW Mavez0r: drink the blood olli2101: monkaW sunshift: monkaS Jegerkaj: PepeHands Splash__Woman: Check your MAP? MAYBE? LULW SimoneX93: food! VashGarland: the water place 5Head Vendetta1v: Yikes KrazyShark: monka i0wnswag: F gosamigo: D: hepha1: @KrazyShark big fart , smol fart and lil fart PepeHands HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: monkaW Nopileos: monka demifiendll: rats killed him monkaS Korhain: monkaW chintzl: limmyFh1 help man jaquescamarao: don’t step on him PepeHands Scarvener: he’s just sleeping 🙂 Autumn_Flare: monkaW The rat-bird alliance Omegaboom: Disarmed Reddinator: is he okay? Raknov: is this lidl the forest? BitRun: his arm monkaS KevKov: monkaW InQuasi: pepegas as fuck game Elkuuti0: eat him Streamleen: Waste of good meat. HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: RATS monkaW sunshift: a rat did this monkaW annjey: OneHand bobmighty: monkaS Azure_Felt: !dead WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS RantingDuck: give him an hand PepeHands JhonnydasBR: Necrophilia WutFace Cheeseek: OneHand Kayenai: monkaW shruu: thats dinner sorted PogU KrazyShark: @hepha1 mega fart monkaW Suney: Any Cuties? AYAYA StarPogPlatinum: Sea water LULW Streamleen: I want to play this just for the sunflower field. SimoneX93: @Elajjaz Try your perception Met_the_Slayer: goat haven MORFHI: so much food PepeLaugh Bobanaut: you better eat them all JhonnydasBR: @Elajjaz that was a human CoolStoryBob UltraWindow: look at her shadow PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: REE|Clip No.40| https://clips.twitch.tv/DirtyShinyDelicataVoteNay HappySmile123: monkaW filarette: ouch facechecking cactus vorleser: ?????????? AlexAnderman1994: things went a bit out of hand PepeLaugh Doully92: eat Komitern66: TheIlluminati k4iley: u cant drink it tho redjoe1991: make a boat Reddinator: elaChug LickMyPretzel: You’re gonna drink salt water??? Th0rn4s: PepeLaugh drinking ocean water TheZecaUrubu: ???? Met_the_Slayer: godd idea Kappa sunshift: just drink from the ocean 4HEad ModernPlagueDoctor: Idiot StarPogPlatinum: ???????? h4nfr3d: go to the house(s akmannen: Yeah the ocean aint it asinine: yes… salt water DaniDuck: YES ELA DRINK OCEAN WATER elaGa Stinsfire: ocrean water LULW seqone: Salt water=water source BrokeBack bersiGaming: lol KevKov: salt wanter LULW Komitern66: ???? ClappingKappa: Cheeseek, OneHand pepeL Chag / easyeasy: BarghestFenrir_ oi, check dm elaOk LickMyPretzel: Is he pretending??? KrazyShark: the mc is kinda hot tbh Bestorio: Let me drink from the ocean FeelsPepoMan Ziazis: “ocean” is not a drinkable water Kappa Splash__Woman: Salt water coming up. PepeLaugh Ttanoraa: PepeLaugh imoguo: ????????????????????? j0mppa: 3Head drink sea water Autumn_Flare: You can’t drink ocean water PepeLaugh hepha1: @KrazyShark lady fart elaThirst chintzl: You can’t drink the ocean 3Head SaixSoul: PJSalt water elaKek seqone: Salt water=water source BrokeBack Salt water=water source BrokeBack soldathick: drink ocean water LUL HEIL_MODS_: salt water 5Head Nox15: just drink salt water 4HEad SimoneX93: @k4iley shhh he doesnt know that Kappa TheZecaUrubu: ocean water=drinkable water? NNayio: PepeLaugh F0rbiddenDonut: Saltwater, nice SeemsGood TheDankDemon: berries ela OMEGALUL Germy_ranch: ????? PepeLaugh WillyTheWorm: 5Head salt water JouniKari: ocean isnt a water source you need for survival LUL ccorns: monkaX bobmighty: wtf MORFHI: monkaW KrazyShark: @hepha1 fart fetishits monkaW NNayio: elaWut StarPogPlatinum: Dude, salt deshydrate y you LULW myfavoriteweeb: ElaPls AlcatraZ567: WTF Turbulist: LULW Tomowatt: monkaW SimoneX93: PUPPER UltraWindow: Wowee bendtosquares: Wowee Nopileos: monkaW Jaargan: D: KrazyShark: elaD impostor___: drink salt water 3Head BarghestFenrir_: GO HEWIE NNayio: elaWut elaWut elaWut elaWut sunshift: Wowee Turbulist: ElaPls redman5: PlsEla PlsEla akmannen: doggy Jegerkaj: OhMyDog DONT DO IT Akewri: salt water, good for your health LUL Azure_Felt: rurururo fuck u AlcatraZ567: RUN KevKov: elaD MagicFrogs: WutFace demifiendll: PepeLaugh Kiskoull: DOGGY Bobby_La_Malice: MONSTER Scarvener: WutFace k4iley: monkaW RantingDuck: D: hepha1: LULW Met_the_Slayer: ElaPls NNayio: ElaPls ClappingKappa: Wowee Clap AlcatraZ567: ElaPls WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Nopileos: ElaPls BobTheDrunkBear: ElaPls KrazyShark: Pog Bobanaut: dead in 4 Germy_ranch: Wowee DAS_k1ishEe: FrankerZ hepha1: GET REKT Cheeseek: ClappingKappa elaA pepeL Kapp tbchan: ElaPls flauset: Have you heard about salt @elajjaz ? leng_: ElaCOOL SimoneX93: POGGERS RyanLovesWeed: outlast Pog KaitoKidShadow: ElaPls Korhain: ElaPls spookie_ghostie: ElaPls Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls Germy_ranch: PlsEla leng_: ElaPls cyclosu0: farcry much sjorsholtrop: We Dying Light now boys Snacker_the_Shark: OhMyDog ALARM Bobanaut: 3 Scarvener: JUMP AlcatraZ567: DYING LIGHT FEATURE SLOW MO sunshift: OhMyDog MORFHI: Wowee where you going bro olli2101: ElaPls FiReBallKG: ElaPls k4iley: ded Jegerkaj: just kill it PepeLaugh Kayenai: ElaPls TheTeaFox: D: sunshift: ppHop KrazyShark: PlsEla elaGa Nopileos: ElaPls StarPogPlatinum: LULW LickMyPretzel: JUMP Meialul: monGIGk Bobanaut: jump chintzl: jump into the ocean epic style bobmighty: stupid doggo RantingDuck: JUMP PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: LULW lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz as my last day as subbe I just wanted to say u r a cutie AYAYA dobtf2: SPRING ElaPls Mengzanoid: yump in water hepha1: THE REVENGE OF THE ANIMALS HandsUp NNayio: JUST JUMP IN THE WATER! 4HEad LickMyPretzel: Jump or no balls Nox15: monkaW chintzl: dynamic exit F0rbiddenDonut: Juuuuump SwiftRage ccorns: Champ SimoneX93: monkaGun ModernPlagueDoctor: Jump Kappa Splash__Woman: DEAD ALREADY JUST WAIT GUYS LULW Justepic123: Looks like The Forest without trees and with environment Pog @Elajjaz CleverName2: @clappingkappa nrdyPrivet Bobanaut: do et AlcatraZ567: dive fmlswn: 1head dog Azure_Felt: monkaW did i tag someone there StarPogPlatinum: That’s the worst survival start I’ve ever seen LULW Jegerkaj: 3Head doggo UltraWindow: these fucking animations LULW otherdark: lol those legs CockyCockney: beat the cunt with the stick jaquescamarao: DO IT victor_maitland: dog wants to play chase the stick.. he aint gonna attack miki___miki: KILL THE DOG 😡 NNayio: DO A BACKFLIP! PogU Turbulist: DO IT JUMP ClappingKappa: CleverName2, elaWOW pepeL Cheeseek: CleverName2 elaH LickMyPretzel: Fucking jumpppppppppppppppppppp Wheels82: DO A BACKFLIP Chag 冬海羊子: faith JUMP lapoutinemogette: give him the stick you sick monster ! Minato_Q: check the 2. tab in “crafting” for tools and such @Elajjaz Turbulist: CleverName2 elaWOW annytfHeart HugeBaguette_tv: Water source ela jump in Splash__Woman: FeelsPepoMan kayyeah: Just jump in 3Head sunshift: you missed the action movie jump Mannjik: he vanished Wowee hepha1: Doggo mad elaMad sweetwilliam: sweetwilliam subscribed at Tier 1. TheDankDemon: is this dying light LULW WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @sweetwilliam the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Turbulist: ClappingKappa elaWOW annytfHeart DAILOedz: u cant drink ocean water @Elajjaz LUL Suney: Cute Chat AYAYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE sweetwilliam PogChamp vorleser: ????? Mengzanoid: AYAYA Cheeseek: Turbulist elaH elaA imspacedout: Pepega shadow KrazyShark: @Elajjaz man wtf this game looks so pretty and well made, how is this 10$ LULW GoAkke: CleverName2 i love you pepeL xaron_in: ??? ClappingKappa: Turbulist, nrdyOwO elaH Turbulist: Cheeseek elaH k4iley: how did your character end up here? asinine: DONT Aristotilis: Why is Ela trying to drink ocean water? LickMyPretzel: LEAVE IT ALONE gosamigo: drinking Sea Water PepeLaugh hepha1: NO asinine: DONT YOU DARE Jegerkaj: he can’t even find any water to drink PepeLaugh Ziazis: there is a water in the middle of the sunflower field TyrantZedd: Bunny AYAYA KrazyShark: usagi toinonAYAYA Frosted15: CUTE CHAT IS CUTE AYAYA SeekerAloy: noooo not the rabbit LickMyPretzel: It’s a guinea pig I think Th0rn4s: GUINEA PIG AYAYA RKazekiri: cute AYAYA LickMyPretzel: maybe Scarvener: DON’T HURT IT BibleThump lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz as my last day as subbe I just wanted to say u r a cutie AYAYA Mannjik: smack the bunny 😡 Suney: AYAYA Reddinator: just drink ocean water PepeLaugh Geralt_of_Syria: EEL KrazyShark: *key alert sound girl* JouniKari: he is trying to cook ocean water to make it safe to drink emorium: running faster than a rabbit WeirdChamp UltraWindow: far cry 3 plot mattjames2304: This must be the dying light engine right? DakuSouru: hold r WeirdBruh kryptoftheold: @Frosted15 no u kayyeah: R Real_Eugene: kill Bunny AYAYA Azure_Felt: elaBlind CleverName2: @cheeseek @turbulist pepeL Mengzanoid: AYAYA Clap Elmeit: mathilOYOYO CUTE CHAT mathilOYOYO hepha1: this streamer is toxic AF D: Audriana: R Brewtallus: Blind Cheeseek: Cool trip FiReBallKG: elaBlind Splash__Woman: WeirdChamp Ela playing Survival gam,es morningstar907: Find a well, can’t drink from ocean ela13 Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Kieran96336: Kieran96336 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 31 months, currently on a 19 month streak! Always elaBlind WrestlerBot2000: @Kieran96336 After 31 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM h4nfr3d: OMEGLOL Nopileos: SUB HYPE Kieran96336 Pog kni9htArtorias: croft this 3Head SimoneX93: @k4iley she sniffed some coke and woke up at the bottom of a well, usual stuff Bobanaut: hurry. 3/4 dead already xaron_in: Lara croft? Wheels82: PepeHands thew away rat KrazyShark: man she’s hot k4iley: my kinda weekend @SimoneX93 CockyCockney: find someones head to cave in @Elajjaz h4nfr3d: no myfavoriteweeb: i saw sanke monkaW chintzl: eat limmyVermin Splash__Woman: @KrazyShark and ela is massive Pepega RyanLovesWeed: me gachiBASS bobmighty: monkaS imspacedout: @Elajjaz You’re dying of thirst! Look at the blue circle on the bottom left! GoAkke: i’m eating cookies AlcatraZ567: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW LickMyPretzel: SANKE Kieran96336: monkaX DAILOedz: SNEK monkaW SimoneX93: KomodoHype Nopileos: monkaS hepha1: SANKE monkaW BrokenCompiler: So is this horror or survival? SimoneX93: RUN MORFHI: monkaW SiiTHii: Yoo Ela and chat elaH nrdyH bobmighty: run k4iley: BRON Azure_Felt: LULW Turbulist: ElaPls Nazzet: LULW Cheeseek: monkaW JhonnydasBR: WutFace Wheels82: LULW shruu: LULW k4iley: BRO* hpbearman: PepeHands AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: elaWut Kobasiburek: 🐍 Kieran96336: LULW chintzl: out of spring ClappingKappa: LULW ccorns: monkaX MakyuIchaival: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW RantingDuck: ElaPls jaquescamarao: LULW Nopileos: SiiTHii elaHYUG Geralt_of_Syria: ElaPls Korhain: PepeLaugh Jaargan: snake eater? Pog AvemStercore: LULW FiReBallKG: ElaPls Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: ElaPls k4iley: its gonna fuckin kill u AlexAnderman1994: ElaPls Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh LOSING TO SNAKE Streamleen: Ela killing the wildlife Splash__Woman: LULW Wolficek3134: LULW Ennuigi: LUL atski: don’t poke the snake Kappa orangethemaster: LUL atomicdestruction: OMEGADOWN bobmighty: LUL LickMyPretzel: Wow you’re such a bitch jade282: LULW Th0rn4s: ElaPls MagicFrogs: LUL Nopileos: LULW Omegaboom: Snakes cant run either akmannen: Hits animals then runs away 🙂 Nox15: ElaPls Cosmic_Gnostic: LULW SiiTHii: Nopileos elaHYUG 🙂 ComradeNerdy: SiiTHii elaH skraalQ: poison, the best thing you can get in a stranded island Pog hepha1: SON OF A GUN PlsEla KrazyShark: @Splash__Woman elaS oh btw r u a girl elaOk Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh lost to snake Nopileos: SiiTHii elaH zorry4badinglsh: elaWut oh shit k4iley: hits it then runs LMAO akmannen: such a bully lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz as my last day as subbed I just wanted to say u r a cutie AYAYA Wheels82: KKrikey REALLY PISSED IT OFF NOW jaquescamarao: slap thje shit out of her and then run PepeLaugh kni9htArtorias: hit and run D: SimoneX93: Watch out that snake have a gun!! monkaGun scouterpoi: Did he role playing chat? PepeLaugh CleverName2: @goakke you can eat me elaBlush MORFHI: eat something already elaMad Azure_Felt: non vegan runs FeelsWeirdMan asinine: that snake will find you Mannjik: don’t beat the snake D: Nopileos: scouterpoi elaH Th0rn4s: 🐍 ElaPls k4iley: thirst to death Veddy_: thirst to death 🙂 KrazyShark: @Elajjaz i know that feeling Wheels82: THIRST TO DEATH LULW Lagunaab: Same Splash__Woman: THIRST TO DEATH LULW Met_the_Slayer: thirst to death… BrokenCompiler: Yellow Plant Azure_Felt: shark to death LULW Suney: AYAYA SiiTHii: ComradeNerdy it’s nerdy FeelsGoodMan elaH GoAkke: CleverName2 omw gachiBASS jaquescamarao: thirst to death Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn SimoneX93: survival he said Audriana: thirst to death hepha1: DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW DETH LULW Streamleen: Thirst to death ahahaha Drunkndragon: thirst to death PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: Dying of thirst Kreygasm LickMyPretzel: I can’t believe he actually went to the ocean to get water k4iley: you need to fnid running water. it can’t be stagnant. KrazyShark: @Azure_Felt im gonna die soon Lim3Fru1t: Thirst to death 5Head Jegerkaj: hello streamer can you stop hitting animals 🙂 it makes me sad MORFHI: PepeLaugh nymnCorn Splash__Woman: @Wheels82 jinx LULW Suney: D: atski: Kappa KrazyShark: LULW JouniKari: can you drop your sensitivity a bit or play with a controller so it would be easier to watch? thanks 🙂 Kobasiburek: @KrazyShark FeelsWeirdMan Lord_Solaire: elaK Scarvener: D: TyrantZedd: elaD TheDankDemon: heal? k4iley: D: Boolyman: gachiHYPER Pudntoogud: gachiBASS Cheeseek: D: Nopileos: D: h4nfr3d: D: asinine: uh huh BitRun: just jerk it out ela elaThirst hepha1: elaK LickMyPretzel: IKEALUL alpalin96: D: Kieran96336: VaN Clap Lim3Fru1t: elaD Turbulist: Kapp Dyres: I’m a sub PogU WerewolfB: IKEALUL KrazyShark: @Kobasiburek krazys2PAT AlcatraZ567: Kapp SimoneX93: monkaTOS Nopileos: Kapp Mengzanoid: D: Frosted15: PETA D: RyanLovesWeed: alinity Ennuigi: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK Azure_Felt: FeelsBadMan KrazyShark JAMMnX: ikea aim JhonnydasBR: Fuck him SwiftRage cryingboy: Man Fallout New Vegas looks different, what mod is this @elajjaz Bobanaut: yeah like 5% VashGarland: thirsting to death 5Head need to reach the water place 5Head TheDankDemon: Chag Azure_Felt: elaK Doully92: elaK orangethemaster: Pog water Veddy_: elaK UltraWindow: elaK k4iley: elaK Nopileos: elaK Splash__Woman: CoolStoryBob Pudntoogud: Kapp Frosted15: elaK Azure_Felt: IKEALUL SaixSoul: elaK hepha1: yeah sure elaK AlcatraZ567: Kappa Bobanaut: its ok. just die already and restart Life796: elaK Real_Eugene: Kapp 1080p200fps: elaK grunbeld: food contains water POGGERS kayyeah: elaK RonsuDE: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Jegerkaj: PepeHands WHY ELA PepeHands WHY Splash__Woman: Kapp functionoverflu: what’s the point of this game? What’s the goal? Lamofgodz_: mathilHands Poor Milo mathilHands Azure_Felt: ded LULW hepha1: PogU UltraWindow: you’re either bad at the game or a horrible person elaK which one is it? Cosmic_Gnostic: “thirsted to death” is proper english Turbulist: LULW Splash__Woman: 4Head Omegaboom: gg Bobanaut: @functionoverflu not dying Jegerkaj: PepeHands the true horror in this game is all the animal abuse PepeHands propcgamer19: graphic is errible so blurry MORFHI: monkaW Ennuigi: elaK Lim3Fru1t: @Elajjaz So just like ARK then Kapp Splash__Woman: Ela knowing what he’s doing in 2019 PepeLaugh Romanspring: @krazyshark, nice joke Azure_Felt: OpieOP Cheapcat: OpieOP HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: OpieOP Frosted15: MaN] Nopileos: OpieOP Turbulist: OpieOP Kieran96336: elaOP Frosted15: MaN Lim3Fru1t: OpieOP Clap Dyres: elaOP Jaargan: what the OpieOP UltraWindow: hey, OpieOP you buddy redjoe1991: am getting tomb raider vibes right now @Elajjaz JimthePill: OpieOP ClappingKappa: OpieOP Meximus322: elaOP Lamofgodz_: @Elajjaz Why dont you suck on a goat titty for a drink? salpo_nolobio: ela1 ello8 salpo_nolobio: ela3 ela4 Bobanaut: @propcgamer19 it must be you. crisp clear here JhonnydasBR: thats my emote DansGame Minn_Minn: is this the new far cry? SimoneX93: who would have guessed Res_Quant: i would kill everything just to piss off chat SiiTHii: Clap Germy_ranch: Last of us Pog Geralt_of_Syria: ela12 Clap Doully92: WeirdChamp Turbulist: LULW shellbullet: LOOOL Azure_Felt: LULW Veddy_: LULW Lykouleon: D: Meximus322: LULW bobmighty: LUL Splash__Woman: LMAO Nopileos: LULW Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: lmao Llyfrgell: WutFace Clap Splash__Woman: LULW HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: gachiHYPER jaquescamarao: LULW alpalin96: LUL Kieran96336: LULW orangethemaster: LULW BrokenCompiler: LUL redjoe1991: LUL Dyres: gachiBASS bobmighty: jesus Lim3Fru1t: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Vendetta1v: sngSMART OWL2019200iq gosamigo: gachiHYPER Reddinator: 5Head actually RantingDuck: 5Head TyrantZedd: WeirdChamp AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN Mengzanoid: LULW schlawinator: LULW hisoklouch: LULW MORFHI: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Met_the_Slayer: Skywalker style Justepic123: PepeLazgh Minn_Minn: TRUE LULW Cr00kedTrees: LUL Nopileos: LULW Th0rn4s: ANELE WHY NOT? babulescu546: not wrong LULW 1080p200fps: calp elaWut Dyres: elaKek SimoneX93: he isnt wrong Cheeseek: ppHop Mavez0r: brilliant idea 5Head Elkuuti0: dont pick a male goat xaron_in: just drink blood Doully92: This isn’t Wales, chat WeirdChamp Xurker: @Elajjaz why dont you suck on a goat titty for fun? misterincognito: Actually why not? scouterpoi: Satan milk LULW atski: she is super strong KrazyShark: @Romanspring what joke? toinonISee h4nfr3d: @Elajjaz watch your stamina! KrazyShark: LULW Cheapcat: there is some moundtain dew up there POGGERS Jegerkaj: its not milk gachiHYPER Turbulist: Pog SiiTHii: dont pick a male goat Splash__Woman: Pog UltraWindow: all this climbing reminds me of catherine SimoneX93: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: @Dyres dont forget who owns your fucking ass VaN jade282: Goat Milk IS a thing JhonnydasBR: because he cant even catch up to one CoolStoryBob SparkySparkyB00mMan: the camera movements during jumpy parts is a fuckin nightmare NotLikeThis UltraWindow: edge y_u_dodiz: Hi Chädt elaOk / Hi @Elajjaz elaOk / Romanspring: @KrazyShark about dying, don’t tell things like that larxaAngry SimoneX93: syncronize KrazyShark: @y_u_dodiz krazys2PAT Turbulist: y_u_dodiz elaH Eddzter: jump FeelsGoodMan SimoneX93: now leap of faith d_advocates: btw have Ela tried Green Hell? Turbulist: monkaW Geralt_of_Syria: Kreygasm MORFHI: VaN Cheeseek: elaS Splash__Woman: monkaW Vendetta1v: Wtf SimoneX93: its me KrazyShark: ? elaS bobmighty: monkaS ClappingKappa: monkaW LickMyPretzel: Head for the mountains if you want water Nopileos: monkaS Scarvener: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW Fridgieee: Sounds like a great plan to get kicked in the teeth Da_Flanker: monkaW vorleser: Kreygasm MealThief: theres so many menus hes not looking at LUL StarPogPlatinum: Girl is a ninja LULW AsianAbrasion123: FEET gachiHYPER Wendell8504: monkaW Wolficek3134: monkaW SimoneX93: monkaH babulescu546: what is this rust shit MrRoboto_0: monkaW RantingDuck: monkaW taeyeon__ss: monkaW jaquescamarao: friend?? monkaW Nopileos: monkaW tbchan: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW chintzl: help man Korhain: monkaW Efrondil: no spyer23: it’s bait monkaW Elvem: monkaW noxcorvus: monkaW Deliriumi1: fren oopmah: it’s a trap! Scarvener: it’s a trap WutFace Streamleen: HALP Biocola: monkaW HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: monkaW JhonnydasBR: spread legs Kreygasm Turbulist: Don’t open it monkaW y_u_dodiz: @KrazyShark danGood / Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Met_the_Slayer: BabyRage RKazekiri: monkaW Elvem: monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW monkaW Vendetta1v: PlsEla Nope j0mppa: monkaW trap Frosted15: monkaW spike_the_space_cowboy: i bet this chick is wild in the bed @KrazyShark bobmighty: no Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn jumpscare incoming ModernPlagueDoctor: I don’t think he ever did Green Hell Bobanaut: kill him UltraWindow: ElaSmash GET ME OUT Da_Flanker: Jebaited ? Wamateku: monkaW y_u_dodiz: @Turbulist danHi Hi there atomicdestruction: No elaSmile Dancingbroccoli2: monkaW troublematicc: ElaSmash HorribleHog: this first person assassins creed looks pretty nice Elvem: Good lord shut up BrokenCompiler: pepeJAM JhonnydasBR: WutFace fonss1: no 🙂 babulescu546: monkaS TheDankDemon: BabyRage Meximus322: monkaW Azure_Felt: loot first dude PepeLaugh gosamigo: LOUDER gachiHYPER Efrondil: no i can’t hear you LickMyPretzel: take a shit on the hatch then leave JouniKari: ela12 yoo taeyeon__ss: ElaSmash Kashmirik: ElaSmash RantingDuck: Stick him monkaW mahfriendooo: Dungeon GACHIbass Kieran96336: ElaSmash Elvem: He’s so loud LMAO JhonnydasBR: KILL IT Brave3: LUL bersiGaming: getting properly rekt brent_f: DansGame y_u_dodiz: Eh? RyanLovesWeed: AYAYA Germy_ranch: AYAYA propcgamer19: dont open it there is Donal Trump!!!!! Shigren: Shigren subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 21 months! Pog WrestlerBot2000: @Shigren After 21 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM dzemroz: missing textures WeirdChamp oopmah: great question. what is going on in there. StevenPaneven: AYAYA StarPogPlatinum: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE Shigren Pog functionoverflu: Textures? Turbulist: LULW HotFireZ: LULW LickMyPretzel: haHAA bobmighty: chill pill MakyuIchaival: haHAA lamborghini_leglock: LULW MORFHI: LULW Met_the_Slayer: OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: ela12 Dude Nopileos: haHAA Shmoop1: OMEGALUL RKazekiri: LULW SimoneX93: nah ah Kieran96336: LULW Penum: VapeNation UltraWindow: ela12 propcgamer19: Trump is there dont open it Elvem: LULW MORFHI: VOICE ACTING LULW Ennuigi: LUL taeyeon__ss: haHAA jaquescamarao: WHOOOOA HEIL_MODS_: ela12 Brave3: haHAA Nopileos: LULW TheDankDemon: 4Play tbchan: LULW MrRoboto_0: LULW RantingDuck: LULW Scarvener: SASS Emzero: LULW j0mppa: VaN LickMyPretzel: oh my god this voice acting… noxcorvus: danS gaius_is_best_colossus: dewd VashGarland: CiGrip chintzl: chill broh cmonBrother alpalin96: sassy JhonnydasBR: Vocie acting WutFace BrokenCompiler: Nice texture Nopileos: LULW LULW 1080p200fps: ela12 atski: texture is missong Da_Flanker: She sounds so annoyed Bobanaut: he must be thirsty KrazyShark: @spike_the_space_cowboy she looks naughty ela3 AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi Snacker_the_Shark: HOURS HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: gachiHYPER DUNGEON Met_the_Slayer: just chill 4Head LickMyPretzel: That’s the most wooden voice acting i’ve heard ModernPlagueDoctor: “Eh” he’s Canadian he deserves it Veddy_: WutFace bersiGaming: only 4 hours? shush bobmighty: LUL Vendetta1v: YIKES Turbulist: elaWut Shigren: Keymaster LULW MORFHI: gachiHYPER CaptainOutOfTen: WutFace y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS Elvem: So loud Keltzz: Elajjaz, there are more tabs in the crafting ui incase you missed it Shmoop1: FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER Azure_Felt: damn the 2nd one PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Like she’s treating a noisy neighbour RyanLovesWeed: gachiBASS Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS ClappingKappa: gachiBASS spike_the_space_cowboy: @KrazyShark forsenCD HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: gachiHYPER OK tbchan: gachiHYPER YES SIR UltraWindow: hes thirsty Nox15: gachiHYPER Life796: elaWut hepha1: BrokeBack AlcatraZ567: PepeHands Minn_Minn: F WORD D: Sephirothang: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: VaN dungeon LickMyPretzel: PepeHands Lykouleon: PepeHands SimoneX93: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands voodoorayray: the audio levels in this game are RNG LUL Streamleen: zero compassion Geralt_of_Syria: gachiHYPER Lvl32Tribesman: 4HEad bobmighty: ok Frosted15: PepeHandd Mengzanoid: I need a ear check, is that a dude or a grill? vorleser: WHERE ELSE SHES GONNA GO? LULW Turbulist: PepeHands Brodama: LUL BrowningZen: 4HEad HotFireZ: 4HEad oopmah: release – kill – eat – next game PogChamp daddywojo: I’m hearing double RantingDuck: hang in there LUL Da_Flanker: Just chill 4HEad xplsv_: VaN Alright HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: gachiHYPER carero12: hang tight=hentai ? Frosted15: PepeHands Shigren: Is this still early access? y_u_dodiz: FeelsBadMan i0wnswag: GachiBass Vendetta1v: LOL. 1080p200fps: bad ending 195iq: ela3 ela4 HI ChloeCamilla: you’ll be fine 🙂 Germy_ranch: BibleThump MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: o-ok eliastheepicgamer: VOICE ACTING AAAAAAAH gachiHYPER Azure_Felt: PepeHands LickMyPretzel: PepeHands anyways Turbulist: anyways PepeHands SeeM_Villain: ANYWAYS Bestorio: PepeHands SiiTHii: PepeHands Sohei4649: PepeHands anyways DakuSouru: @Shigren no Splash__Woman: HANG TIGHT PepeHands UltraWindow: aaaaaaaanyways PepeHands easyeasy: anyways PepeHands RKazekiri: anyways PepeHands Germy_ranch: PepeHands Zenthils: casual small talk y_u_dodiz: PepeHands Anyways ViveLaDissidence: anyways PepeHands HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: ANYWAYS PepeHands Destmand: my name jeff 🙂 Nopileos: anyways PepeHands FiReBallKG: Anyways PepeHands SeaDii: Anyways PepeHands Brodama: ANYWAYS PepeHands aphex17: @Elajjaz is there wood texture missing around the trap door? what the fuck KaitoKidShadow: PepeHands StarPogPlatinum: Mommy PepeHands Fridgieee: anyways PepeHandsd Mengzanoid: PepeHands RantingDuck: PepeHands HotFireZ: help him PepeHands neromay: today is Aris’s birthday Geixo: anyways PepeHands Life796: anyways PepeHands scp_david33: Anywyas PepeHands Ennuigi: LUL bersiGaming: she said no and left Nopileos: anyways PepeHands anyways PepeHands tidooh: My name is Michael monkaW Lagunaab: stop being a bitch michael Elvem: Daphne LMAO what is that spelling Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Daphne Oldburnzy: nice texture Shigren: @DakuSouru Naisu. Cheers. CockyCockney: michael jackson the nonce UltraWindow: PepeLaugh Vendetta1v: ROFL gladiathorl: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: LULW Jaargan: LULW KaitoKidShadow: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: i was kidnapped too! 🙂 Met_the_Slayer: michael idontwannadieinhere darkwilliambonnerreborn: @Elajjaz they forgot to put textures LULw y_u_dodiz: We’ll find a way to get a way 5Head Da_Flanker: Daphne from the Scooby Gang Lim3Fru1t: Yes PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek Nopileos: LULW SimoneX93: where SaixSoul: elaKek Veddy_: LULW Reddinator: elaKek Kashmirik: Oh yeah LUL jaquescamarao: LULW VashGarland: IKEALUL DenZve: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Sephirothang: PepeLaugh Audriana: LULW dunnowtw: OMEGALUL HotFireZ: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Elkuuti0: LULW HorribleHog: Daphne from Frasier? Pog LickMyPretzel: lmao diamantdust: Aloha ^^ did you saw the trailers from Yakuza like a dragon ? RantingDuck: LULW Jaargan: THERE IS OMEGALUL SimoneX93: LUL alpalin96: noo can’t unsee now !!! PackYourYak: LULW Lexikun: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW fonss1: LULW bobmighty: LUL RKazekiri: LULW Da_Flanker: Amazing Nopileos: LULW owlsama: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW ccorns: OMEGALUL Turbulist: LULW CaptainCrunched: LULW SimoneX93: now it cannot be unseen akemicat: my sister is daphne TyrantZedd: Holy shit elaKek atski: we gotta find texture i guess Kappa Mengzanoid: LULW Germy_ranch: Lidl LULW ra1nfield: my immersion. filarette: textures are dlc lucius_ss: hey no booli texture pack Hongetech: So about the game being LIDL LUL TheDankDemon: oops LULW cheeze____: UE default material FeelsGoodMan jaquescamarao: ZULUL gosamigo: lidl game LUW Vendetta1v: DED LorkiStream: frineds LULW tbchan: LULW GoAkke: thta was you ela oopmah: he’s lying you can’t remember being hit unconscious, ruuun Sohei4649: Hit pounded the trapdoor so hard the textures fell off UltraWindow: indie unreal engine games WeirdChamp F0rbiddenDonut: He’s lying SwiftRage HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: ZULUL SimoneX93: wrong turn monkaH ModernPlagueDoctor: Let him die Shigren: Weirdly descriptive miggonaut: always guys 😠 chintzl: urban legends Azure_Felt: internet LULW Zenthils: i don’t know bersiGaming: its not lidl, its actively optimizing the games performance by skipping texture sets Kappa Streamleen: DEEP WEB Splash__Woman: Deep web monkaW Stinsfire: deep web LULW Fentu: DEEP WEB vorleser: ANELE Ennuigi: SURE LUL RyanLovesWeed: deep web monkaW morlachon: monkaW WerewolfB: ??? Zyndustries: so reddit jaquescamarao: the deep web~~ monkaW AlcatraZ567: deep web LULW Bobanaut: uh no? Lykouleon: Deep web Pog Hongetech: Deep web LUL Autumn_Flare: monkaW JhonnydasBR: Wlcome to the game? CoolStoryBob raider_unkindled: whats the internet? elaHmm dunerinno: boy is calm now TheDankDemon: monkaW owlsama: monkaW BitRun: deep web LUL bobmighty: Deep web ah Cheeseek: DEEP web dude LULW Royal_Clover: nobody goes on the real deep web PepeLaugh gosamigo: DEEP WEB monkaW Akewri: his voice is so calm now LUL GoAkke: he’s pretty chill now LuL SimoneX93: deep weeb InQuasi: seems pretty cool for a prisoner LorkiStream: Hikki AYAYA Streamleen: read it on 4ch oopmah: 2 secs ago, absolute panic. now, cool as a cucumber. Ok Turokman5896: Deep web LUL Kashmirik: Deep web=4Chan Vendetta1v: elaK i0wnswag: LULW ANELE gladiathorl: yeet irevil0: that’s a terrible idea haha JhonnydasBR: dinghy OpieOP Agiu: dinghy? forsenWhat Lootarka: YU AYAYA 195iq: deep web baiting its prey for some splatter videos LUL Bobanaut: wait… wat?… the got kidnapped in the mountains and he heard about this crazy island stuff on the deep weeb he wanted to try chintzl: $175 USD WerewolfB: CoolStoryBob ThePain0815: 160€ Pog spriggan_gio: no furryes? sound a good place Kappa BitRun: whats a dinghy Azure_Felt: ElaOut WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! JhonnydasBR: starving HEIL_MODS_: LULW Agiu: LULW Brodama: elaOut olli2101: 1000 lira is so cheap wtf what a steal Pog Minato_Q: How the fuck did they think they would get back without the fisherman?!?! Filth_: PepeHands ccorns: PepeHands Splash__Woman: LULW bobmighty: LUL Kieran96336: monkaW Nopileos: LULW LULW RantingDuck: PepeHands AlcatraZ567: Kapp Agiu: Kapp ChloeCamilla: Kappa Mavez0r: LUL HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: Relax LULW Filth_: elaK Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn fonss1: Kapp j0mppa: Kapp HotFireZ: Kapp Sohei4649: Kapp jaquescamarao: Kapp Met_the_Slayer: Kappa SimoneX93: bye felicia Nopileos: Kapp Cosmic_Gnostic: AGUA tumaelso: Kapp RantingDuck: Kapp Lim3Fru1t: !promise WrestlerBot2000: Lim3Fru1t http://i.imgur.com/O09VD4L.png bobmighty: promise Kapp Azure_Felt: i promise JabiruTf Splash__Woman: Kapp gosamigo: Kapp Kieran96336: Kapp Boeki: 1000 turkish lira is more then some people earn in a month there LickMyPretzel: my immersion Turbulist: Kapp Th0rn4s: Kapp Da_Flanker: Most likely gona be dead by then REMUSXXXL: Kapp Nopileos: Kapp Kapp timoteh: Kapp southdesigner: Kapp Mavez0r: Kapp Bestorio: I’ll wait LULW TheDankDemon: OMEGLOL 1080p200fps: Jebaited Azure_Felt: Jebaited Agiu: 5Head REMUSXXXL: LULW sunshift: D: Filth_: LULW Splash__Woman: 5Head ModernPlagueDoctor: LUL Cheeseek: LuL Reddinator: LULW Nopileos: LULW SimoneX93: grab the water @Elajjaz Lord_Solaire: LULW wandering_pleb: 4HEad HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh seqone: Just wait JustDoIt Kashmirik: LULW chintzl: drink that soda 4Head Akewri: I promise, unless i forget, or get lost, or both LUL Conkista: LULW Berzirx: Game devs getting dark web confused with deep web…. AlexAnderman1994: OMEGLOL JhonnydasBR: come back, fuck it, let his ass die fonss1: just leave him there forsenKek timoteh: Kapp He’ll be fine Reddinator: he might say no and leave LULW ChloeCamilla: picking flowers LULW Lim3Fru1t: PepeLaugh http://i.imgur.com/O09VD4L.png Toiks: Chat wanna bet Elajjaz forgets him there in 10minutes i0wnswag: ANELE we are peaceful ppl 195iq: looks pretty neat this island tho Azure_Felt: damn tab complete is elaGa today FeelsWeirdMan GoAkke: J0hnnyBlade Omegaboom Kashmirik: Tabs? Met_the_Slayer: croft LickMyPretzel: crawfted y_u_dodiz: elaOP osuni_tv: füll REMUSXXXL: crofted tidooh: Yeah because in situation like this you thinking straight elaK fabulwesen_: crOft Autumn_Flare: Craft a key for the trapdoor PepeLaugh Nopileos: croft Smoothstone: BrokeBack FULL Vendetta1v: @Lim3Fru1t elaKek Turbulist: monkaW Da_Flanker: Talk to him FiReBallKG: KROFTED Lord_Solaire: monkaW jaquescamarao: monkaW xaron_in: Lara croft AlcatraZ567: monkaW Cheeseek: monkaS Skeith91x: Croft and crofted knife Plated_Pangolin: Lara Craft? HotFireZ: monkaW Filth_: Hi 🙂 Scarvener: monkaW y_u_dodiz: It’s me 🙂 Akewri: LUL Nopileos: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: ???? LULW Met_the_Slayer: monkaW Azure_Felt: it’s me 🙂 Llyfrgell: monkaS misterincognito: monkaW bobmighty: LUL Agiu: monkaS AkaTsubaki_: monkaW HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: monkaW RantingDuck: monkaW Da_Flanker: He seems friendly Conkista: monkaW TheDankDemon: monkaW ahhh LickMyPretzel: monkaKnife Nopileos: monkaW monkaW h4nfr3d: lullabysz Vendetta1v: bUrself Cheeseek: Soon LULW Elvem: He’s crazy monkaW chintzl: friends Kashmirik: monkaW Stay away zorry4badinglsh: monkaW soon TM bobmighty: hes drunk LickMyPretzel: worryStick h4nfr3d: LUL i0wnswag: LUL AlexAnderman1994: bUrself the_one_wasabi: soon LULW REMUSXXXL: monkaW sidewalkchalk_: elaOk 🔪 Bobanaut: drink dudes blood AlcatraZ567: drunk LULW 冬海羊子: zonbie? DakuSouru: Kapp y_u_dodiz: ElaPls Just strollin’ Filth_: Kapp Met_the_Slayer: zombie? jaquescamarao: he’s innocent monkaW LickMyPretzel: He’s drunk Autumn_Flare: monkaW Shank him sunshift: ZULUL 🥁 j0mppa: Kappa DaniDuck: Kapp Vendetta1v: sHIEEET Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Nopileos: Kapp bersiGaming: stab em anyways tomato9420: WutFace AlcatraZ567: Kapp oopmah: kill – eat – take powernap PogChamp Da_Flanker: He seems sane HugeBaguette_tv: @zorry4badinglsh Tarkov ? 冬海羊子: zombie Scarvener: DRINK HIS BLOOD 🙂 bobmighty: LUL StarPogPlatinum: monkaW Elvem: NOT EVIL BTW Vendetta1v: The hell he aint sunshift: MONKAw LickMyPretzel: he acts like a zombie Agiu: monkaGun akmannen: not evil LULW 195iq: nonono hes evil y_u_dodiz: elaGa bobmighty: wtf BruiseVein: friendly zamboni Da_Flanker: LULW demifiendll: monkaW Turbulist: ElaPls Splash__Woman: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW RantingDuck: ElaPls CaptainCrunched: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Nopileos: LULW HotFireZ: ElaPls 冬海羊子: LUL tbchan: LULW y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL h4nfr3d: LULW Soveriegn3: ???? tomato9420: WutFace WutFace RKazekiri: not evil LULW Elvem: NOT EVIL BY THE WAY OMEGALUL Veddy_: ???? asinine: ??? use the knife jaquescamarao: rip rose Da_Flanker: What Mavez0r: shank him Nopileos: LULW LULW atski: run like a biatch Deliriumi1: Rose PepeHands Akewri: WAIT I’M FRIENDLY! bobmighty: run y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER rSneesby: not evil LUL chintzl: ElaPls spring sunshift: ElaPls Fentu: ?????? DAS_k1ishEe: PEACEFUL ENEMY MagicFrogs: LUL Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek RyanLovesWeed: Kreygasm jaquescamarao: kill him Zenthils: He’s not evil calebKek Brodama: gachiHYPER ChloeCamilla: Pepega HEIL_MODS_: elaGasm Splash__Woman: TOTALLY FRIENDLY Elvem: ROSE OMEGALUL bersiGaming: fuck him up Ela Azure_Felt: billyReady mystickingfisher: PogChamp Met_the_Slayer: glass him Bobanaut: the imersion Lykouleon: monkaW Da_Flanker: That voice Mengzanoid: asmr gachiHYPER jade282: LULW Filth_: D: tomato9420: PogChamp SiiTHii: this gameplay reminds me of We Happy Few LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Malkav0: KILL HIM ! EAT HIS ENTRAILS ! bobmighty: wtf Scarvener: LUL SimoneX93: LUL Canopus: elaD Nopileos: LULW RantingDuck: LULW F0rbiddenDonut: lol LickMyPretzel: lol kayyeah: LULW Vendetta1v: LOL GoAkke: Omegaboom rSneesby: OMEGALUL propcgamer19: lol ThePain0815: D: Th0rn4s: LULW chintzl: sniped Himmee: LULW Meximus322: LULW bendtosquares: LULW Met_the_Slayer: LUL AkaTsubaki_: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW sunshift: LUL atomicdestruction: LULW lamemage15: D: GeneralFisten: Pog REMUSXXXL: LULW oopmah: LOL outplayed LUL MealThief: kill him AlcatraZ567: LUL Kieran96336: LULW akmannen: LUL MrRoboto_0: D: Conkista: LULW propcgamer19: reeekt Sohei4649: Ouch LULW y_u_dodiz: D: 冬海羊子: 5Head Nopileos: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh atski: smart guy h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN ZephidsEmbrace: OMEGALUL Cheeseek: OMEGADOWN Lemonsponge: LULW CaptainCrunched: LUL 1080p200fps: LUL hisoklouch: LULW zombie391: LULW TyrantZedd: Threw the knife LULW Kashmirik: LULW Sniped JimmyLuongOfficial: WOW. amazing AI demifiendll: PepeLaugh tomato9420: LUL LUL Splash__Woman: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Turbulist: LULW YES ShalltearBloodFallen07: lol Elvem: YOU THREW IT OMEGALUL bobmighty: yep Jorstad: YES RKazekiri: LULW Nox15: LULW Mengzanoid: LULW ZephidsEmbrace: You just threw it NOOB fabulwesen_: yes sunshift: yyes fonss1: HotPokket WTF ShinoEleven: LULW ta_no_kami: throw LUL Niloomilo: elaKek Nopileos: LULW Met_the_Slayer: D: ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh FiReBallKG: LULW Akewri: D: xplsv_: D: BrokenCompiler: D: AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL bersiGaming: LULW GoAkke: D: asinine: you fool Kieran96336: D: Da_Flanker: Oops HotFireZ: D: SkibolPatryk: elaD RantingDuck: gave it to him LULW morningstar907: Ain’t completed 2nd task and already making promises elaHmm elaHmm Streamleen: fuck you up? StarPogPlatinum: Outplayed LULW Nopileos: D: Bobanaut: kill him with a stick Azure_Felt: dropped it LULW jaquescamarao: LULW HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh sogeking_1337: mouf Vendetta1v: OOF LickMyPretzel: hit him with the stick worryStick akmannen: we lost ZULUL tbchan: OMEGALUL Splash__Woman: 5Head PLAYS chintzl: row rude sunshift: and missed PepeLaugh dekkah: OMEGADOWN Res_Quant: ela would be dead in 5 minutes on an island y_u_dodiz: Jebaited JhonnydasBR: BrokeBack Asmodaus1: LOL Royal_Clover: EEEEETHAAAAAAN propcgamer19: you are fuckeeed Agiu: LULW tomato9420: LUL bobmighty: D: Vendetta1v: DISARMED elaKek Nopileos: LUL HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: D: Romanspring: yes Azure_Felt: elaD akmannen: D: sunshift: D: jade282: ELA LULW F0rbiddenDonut: Hes ‘got it now LUL Conkista: D: Reddinator: D: luzqar: KEKW Wolficek3134: D: Da_Flanker: So mad Type4J: His knife now elaKek Mengzanoid: D: ZephidsEmbrace: HE HAS YOUR KNIFE NOW LUL Nopileos: D: Streamleen: he sure is angry k4iley: D: bobmighty: 3dmg LUL Valtha: D: Azure_Felt: FeelsLateMan AlcatraZ567: LUL 195iq: pick up some scrap metal, its rusty and has a chance of giving him blood poisoning Vendetta1v: LOL akmannen: not evil btw 🙂 Soadante: monkaS Da_Flanker: Just takes it kayyeah: Is that Tweak spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Lim3Fru1t: LULW Vendetta1v: Light lobs LULW Savience: LULW Kashmirik: Cheesed LUL tbchan: LULW Nopileos: LULW SimoneX93: nfinite rocks Agiu: OMEGALUL Met_the_Slayer: LUL daemmerglanz: he seems nice Sohei4649: How many rocks are there LULW Veddy_: is she pulling the rocks out of her ass? Mato_20: LULW chintzl: infinite rocks CaptainCrunched: LULW tomato9420: PogChamp GoAkke: OMEGADOWN louismachon: LULW Kaspu: 🥁 ZULUL Reddinator: OMEGADOWN Xhawl: What is this HEIL_MODS_: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW timoteh: LULW THIS TACTIC AlexAnderman1994: sumSmash Shmoop1: OMEGALUL Wolficek3134: LULW JhonnydasBR: CoolStoryBob insane gameplay RKazekiri: OMEGALUL propcgamer19: this is awful LickMyPretzel: How many damn rocks do you have Bobanaut: where does she get the stones from? dunnowtw: OMEGALUL osuni_tv: Rock out of thin air Pog AlcatraZ567: EZ Clap JimmyLuongOfficial: STONE him to death. Lol propcgamer19: lmao bobmighty: LMFAOOO raene_like_rain: LULW misterincognito: AHAHAHAHAHA FiReBallKG: Stoned to death LULW alpalin96: LUL Nox15: OMEGALUL i0wnswag: HE wants fuck u Kreygasm Kreygasm AndyCandyBalls: EPIC REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Deliriumi1: Just standing there taking it Filth_: elaThirst KubeKol: ¨lol Raytheonecb: stoned to ded HundramannatappningsmanN: fucking smurf voice wtf LULW frvits: NOSCOPE HIM Keltzz: it said middlemouse throw on knife h4nfr3d: LUL the_one_wasabi: LULW YEET fonss1: Where u get the rocks from LULW salpo_nolobio: 🥁 PepoDance 🥁 y_u_dodiz: ElaSmash Valtha: elaChug shruu: pooping rocks LUL SimoneX93: first kill POGGERS Turbulist: Infinite rocks LULW chintzl: drink some blood irevil0: LUL Azure_Felt: elaThirst HYPERCLAP HotFireZ: LUL jaquescamarao: EXTREME ROCK THROWER ClappingKappa: elaThirst AlexAnderman1994: elaThirst Sephirothang: elaThirst Agiu: forsenLewd tomato9420: LUL PogChamp LUL ZephidsEmbrace: OMEGALUL you’re a veritable rock machine gun Romanspring: lul BitRun: stoned to death LULW Niloomilo: LUL Armody: elaThirst RantingDuck: LULW y_u_dodiz: LULW propcgamer19: tooo realistic Da_Flanker: Easy kill Nopileos: elaThirst Llyfrgell: LULW tastyt_96: Cheese Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN filarette: where do you get stones from bobmighty: LMAO WerewolfB: what a game LUL ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN TyrantZedd: LULW Kalhutania: LULW Androsix: StinkyCheese jade282: WHAT IS THIS GAME LULW Leeegit: XDDDDD DonPepeTheIII: FeelsLateMan ShinoEleven: LULW Vendetta1v: DEATH BY 1000 PEBBLES Nopileos: LULW tbchan: OMEGALUL HEIL_MODS_: elaThirst Mordeshkaiser: Rocked his world rooKek atomicdestruction: throwing rocks elaThirst Sanimys: @Elajjaz What about the vegan run ???? Jaargan: CHEESE LULW JhonnydasBR: MY EYES, what am i seeing Mirando: Speedrun strats LUL LickMyPretzel: Do you have a rock storage up your ass or something? Malkav0: … is this a chariah simulator ? neothax: Rocks PepeLaugh akmannen: insane strats daddywojo: Drink his pee worseWorld: stoner Kickin_97: elaThirst Cloudyto: next level gaming lullabysz salpo_nolobio: Jebaited propcgamer19: WTFFF xD sunshift: PepeLaugh Cloudyto: LUL oopmah: he’s taken 5 rocks to the fohead and still just stands there LOL absolute champ this guy HorribleHog: IKEALUL Baka_Chi: War of the pebbles LUL Kobasiburek: That was a rock solid fight 195iq: LUL that reminded me a lot of the old age of empires games XDDDD Lykouleon: elaKek It gone jaquescamarao: BLIND Akewri: howcarry tons of rocks, can’t pick one more craftng resource LUL i0wnswag: logic Cheeseek: Pockets full of rocks no wander she cant carry shit LuL Iamtid: wonder were she stores those rocks 😀 spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE BEAUTIFUL KILL ELA Minato_Q: Use perception to find the knife? @Elajjaz Da_Flanker: elaOP TheDankDemon: cheese FeelsWeirdMan Met_the_Slayer: he was rocked like a hurrican bersiGaming: we gotta be transparent about this cheese play ela Azure_Felt: LULW Fentu: How did she open the can??? StarPogPlatinum: LULW PhilosoRaptor3: INSANE Drownacow: Ela rocked his world Kapp Lykouleon: Knoife Pog Nox15: use perception to see knife? frvits: @Elajjaz how do I become such a god gamer like yourself? Germy_ranch: VaN DAS_k1ishEe: Why kill humans when you have canned Food OMEGALUL Veddy_: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Turbulist: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Vendetta1v: Art Martiansam: what is this ? LULW Bobanaut: rat on a bottle Boolyman: I would like to place a moderate portion of my genitalia inside of her, if you know what I mean. JhonnydasBR: _wit RantingDuck: check rose PepeHands Met_the_Slayer: bottle rat! Xurker: @Elajjaz use perception to find knoife mabye Turbulist: LULW This is so lidl JhonnydasBR: WutFace Romanspring: @Fentu maybe it has opener Fridgieee: Murdered a man for canned beans FeelsWeirdMan bobmighty: oh no Elvem: Rose PepeHands tomato9420: WutFace kayyeah: Hey it’s your friend SimoneX93: oh a body OH feather! Mavez0r: is she okay? ownyoubyatch: is it minecraft? Vendetta1v: She stank chintzl: she dead ta_no_kami: dude she is cut in half AlcatraZ567: rose LickMyPretzel: bUrself ? Drownacow: Ahegao notmangomctango: ROACH easyeasy: nice 🙂 SimoneX93: Flesh wound Lykouleon: D: y_u_dodiz: danSmile I’m eating atm Da_Flanker: Looks like she had to split neothax: DansGame Azure_Felt: LULW Autumn_Flare: monkaW GoAkke: LuL Streamleen: hwat the fuck Elvem: LULW irevil0: LULW UltraWindow: unfortunate ela13 Distl17: nice LickMyPretzel: Are those bees i hear? memorycard1mega: oh jeez gosamigo: Rose gachiHYPER Filth_: Still warm elaC Justepic123: elaPuke 冬海羊子: Wutface Germy_ranch: She doesn’t care LULW i0wnswag: Kreygasm daddywojo: Friends now… Plated_Pangolin: use detect mode to find knife? @elajjaz miggonaut: bummer TheGloriousRage: Rose is on a break chat PepeLaugh kayyeah: Walk it off Scarvener: eat her entrails 🙂 JhonnydasBR: “unfortunate” CoolStoryBob Conkista: LULW 9xnvck: is she dead? REMUSXXXL: REACT HARDER elaMad soulsseeker: mm I’m eating noodles right now HappySmile123: She will be fine elaSmile InQuasi: walk on her oopmah: she can walk it off, just move on imo. LickMyPretzel: Oh right the’re flies AR_Kain: bUrself MakyuIchaival: cook her? 🙂 Xurker: @Elajjaz use perception to find knoife mabye? daddywojo: She had a ‘split’ personality LickMyPretzel: because corpse FeelsPepoMan Hawkees: Seem like she.. split up with you Elajjaz LULW misterincognito: “unfortunate” bersiGaming: she looked pretty torn about this situation kek Bobanaut: stop drinking plants Isfador: is this a survival horror? 195iq: thats some necrophile stuff going on here shellbullet: @Elajjaz just a flesh wound ela h4nfr3d: it moves @Elajjaz AtroxAbaddon: its a map not a smart phone LUL Met_the_Slayer: she just didn´t make the cut Kappa REMUSXXXL: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: build a wall totemi123: You call THAT a knife? MakyuIchaival: Fre~nda Raytheonecb: looks like a nice game LickMyPretzel: Was that a fox Jackfou: Jackfou subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Cheers! WrestlerBot2000: @Jackfou I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM jaquescamarao: what’s that onkaW SimoneX93: PepeHands mum AlcatraZ567: 3/3 asinine: says right there HugeBaguette_tv: PepeHands mommy Frosted15: You call THAT a knife? Kappa WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Vendetta1v: Used it jaquescamarao: monkaW big pig Lykouleon: PepeHands Ela, call your mum morningstar907: Need to save michael elaHmm Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn kayyeah: Does this remind you of hiking with your mom ela? totemi123: THIS is a KNIFE Azure_Felt: forgot about trap door guy LULW JhonnydasBR: 1 enemy and 1 Rat daddywojo: Maybe she should look at wearing something besides super short jorts BruiseVein: lol the animals going to the edge and then noping out of there WReN__x: OMEGALUL SimoneX93: monkaSHAKE Royal_Clover: AH MY SHOULDER GachiBASS BitRun: found a water source elaChug tbchan: monkaW noxcorvus: well well well… what do we have here Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW AlcatraZ567: monkaW StarPogPlatinum: monkaW y_u_dodiz: ElaPls BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Turbulist: oof hangedm4n: LULW raqos: LULW bersiGaming: already more immersed then 47mins of Death Stranding Kappa Da_Flanker: Don’t break your legs on the way StarPogPlatinum: monkaS Mengzanoid: Yump Bobanaut: legs not broken yet? AlcatraZ567: LULW kayyeah: monkaW y_u_dodiz: monkaW salpo_nolobio: Pog Filth_: monkaW dobtf2: Champ k4iley: omg UltraWindow: clutch PogU Sohei4649: monkaW Germy_ranch: PlsEla SimoneX93: you get got out of a well Vendetta1v: Parkour timoteh: Pog Cosmic_Gnostic: LULW ccorns: Pog Turbulist: monkaW AlcatraZ567: ALMOST Kieran96336: Pog raene_like_rain: Pog j0mppa: Pog RantingDuck: monkaW Mandaloriaan: is this like the forrest? Kashmirik: Jesus LUL h4nfr3d: PepeUff shruu: Pog Lim3Fru1t: monkaW BitRun: Poh DonPepeTheIII: PepeUff Audriana: LULW Ahmeduwna: Pog Nox15: Pog FiReBallKG: Chag olli2101: PogU BobTheDrunkBear: Pog akmannen: pog Mengzanoid: Pog Lykouleon: Pog AlexAnderman1994: monkaX ShinoEleven: Pog y_u_dodiz: cmonBruh RKazekiri: almost died LULW timoteh: Pog CLUTCh RoadRageMan: UOSSSSSSS chintzl: climbs like a frog syps_: LULW HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: monkaW salpo_nolobio: Champ gamer reflex Met_the_Slayer: ElaPls sunshift: lol MagicFrogs: PogChamp AlcatraZ567: that animation LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: WHAT A THRILL Azure_Felt: FeelsGoodMan raqos: ANIMATION Pog AR_Kain: ppHpp JhonnydasBR: that was clean Mengzanoid: What a play Pog BruiseVein: that’s one way to go down ladders LickMyPretzel: FLIP FLOP AR_Kain: nice BitRun: she climbs in such a weird way LULW yarnys: LUL LUL Lykouleon: Pog Andre ModernPlagueDoctor: Someone needs to write a pasta about Ela hiking with his mom and finding dead bodies. I would but don’t have the energy spike_the_space_cowboy: AC Yokaiin: gucci flip flop RantingDuck: use it Pog chintzl: company’s family logo? curly_core: LOL SPARTA Bobanaut: yep andres Met_the_Slayer: flip flop LUL Llyfrgell: elaHmm Kieran96336: ANdre’s thong Pog otherdark: Kappa HugeBaguette_tv: flip flop chop chop i0wnswag: trapped salpo_nolobio: Pog Of Astora DAS_k1ishEe: ANDRE IS ASSASSIN daddywojo: Illuminatea Schorhard: Who climbs ladders like that NotLikeThis DaniDuck: who climbs like that LULW PhysiCle: Flip Fl Pog FiddIeMyDiddle: im sure hes fine Kapp HYPERAYAYA_HYPERCLAP: Softlocked LULW InQuasi: companies family logo – fucking mouthful Azure_Felt: LULW jinzo778: Pog Royal_Clover: rich kids dying PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: hes raped to deth PepeHands DonPepeTheIII: ANDRE THE SMITH Pog cuicui_bam: ANdre is an Assassin? y_u_dodiz: Jebaited Azure_Felt: OhMyDog InQuasi: this script is kinda mehh Kashmirik: Andre the giant Pog Autumn_Flare: Dog is going to call the rats monkaW Mengzanoid: ppHop ChloeCamilla: Jebaited Hawkees: You mean his company’s logo is AC BL cross-over? elaHmm salpo_nolobio: monkaW SimoneX93: andre own ubisoft Vendetta1v: essiSmile I’mma bite that ass mr postman y_u_dodiz: FrankerZ I smell you Bobanaut: you missed the water down there BruiseVein: time or timer? lul LickMyPretzel: my immersion UltraWindow: looked like 9pm from down there JhonnydasBR: Blind CoolStoryBob Da_Flanker: LULW DakuSouru: gachiHYPER Met_the_Slayer: LUL Admiralshiroryu: What a thrill Frosted15: IS THIS FYRE FESTIVAL Kappa Filth_: FeelsWeirdMan salpo_nolobio: gachiBOP Kaspu: gachiHYPER RantingDuck: rip legs LULW LickMyPretzel: shore HotFireZ: gachiHYPER Bieberhunter: Ela and gravity elaKek RipleyUp: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: D: y_u_dodiz: gachiBASS noxcorvus: ok gachiBASS tbchan: gachiHYPER YES SIR bersiGaming: LULW BitRun: gachiHYPER xLucatiel: actual fall damage monkaW vorleser: ??????? DonPepeTheIII: gachiAPPROVE yes sir k4iley: its the ocean ela Lykouleon: gachiHYPER WILL DO Autumn_Flare: Losing to gravity LULW Kobrick: PepeLaugh InQuasi: breaking all ankles any % run k4iley: u cant drink salt waterrrr ChloeCamilla: drink seawater 🙂 JubJubWantRubRubs: just drink all that water WeirdChamp j0mppa: 5Head yes just drink the sea water SimoneX93: something tells me you could get it near spawn and you just run away AR_Kain: insane slide BruiseVein: drinking ocean water monkaW UltraWindow: dont drink ocean water, ocean man has been there ShavedManInABoat: fyre festival, lol bersiGaming: sliding naked over sandy rocks sure lol DakuSouru: NO imspacedout: you threw away the bottle though… Mavez0r: yes SimoneX93: VoteYea Turbulist: DO IT Veddy_: k4iley i mean , you can drink ocean water … once Kapp Akewri: yes 🙂 salpo_nolobio: danHeh Filth_: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: 4Shrug tbchan: yes Kapp RantingDuck: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: elaC I see the bottom too Da_Flanker: Try it StarPogPlatinum: Why do you want to drink sea water anyways ? LULW DonPepeTheIII: do it PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: Smash it Kobrick: YES JubJubWantRubRubs: ppHop Bobanaut: this WELL… with the pipe … wtf Emzero: Yes Germy_ranch: VoteYea Lim3Fru1t: k4iley Do you think he care about that? Kapp Zanar18: yes Kapp ViveLaDissidence: ppHop izzied: naaaahhh Hawkees: JustDoIt Frosted15: NO BALLS @Elajjaz MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: do it LorkiStream: die young LULW Cloudyto: DO ET LULW alpalin96: try imoguo: does ela know what saltwater is??? Walles90: Figure it out lil bruises Turbulist: I WANT TO KNOW Cosmic_Gnostic: Map moves somehow RoadRageMan: so do it Kobrick: DO IT PepeLaugh Spataprouch: Better try it, juuuust in case LickMyPretzel: Just try it Vendetta1v: No balls SimoneX93: you ll never know if you dont try Cheeseek: This dying light DLC looks interesting Da_Flanker: Make a big splash PhysiCle: Pretty sure you die if you drink it Kappa jaquescamarao: F akmannen: ????? y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER Met_the_Slayer: F inc SimoneX93: F Azure_Felt: maybe she can swim 4Shrug LickMyPretzel: is he pretending? k4iley: LMAO tbchan: LULW salpo_nolobio: billyLaugh Turbulist: LULW HEIL_MODS_: deth PepeLaugh bigdaddykeno: its salt water AsshurtingEmu: Die Young Pog Bobanaut: swim Vendetta1v: elaK AlcatraZ567: do it RKazekiri: LUL Germy_ranch: Ocean water LULW Brodama: LULW Hawkees: Bet you can’t do a flip LULW kayyeah: oh Da_Flanker: Oh nice salpo_nolobio: Pog AlcatraZ567: LULW REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Brodama: Pog jaquescamarao: Pog Scarvener: Pog ta_no_kami: Pog Nox15: Pog Lykouleon: Pog Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Turbulist: LIDL WATER RipleyUp: LULW Lord_Solaire: Pog y_u_dodiz: PogU HotFireZ: PogU Conkista: LULW UltraWindow: no underwater shader PepeLaugh Omegaboom: LULW bendtosquares: Pog GOTY Met_the_Slayer: OMEGADOWN ShinoEleven: Pog Hawkees: Pog sunshift: Kappa RoadRageMan: there ya go HugeBaguette_tv: Pog DonPepeTheIII: PogU Veddy_: LULW Kobrick: POGGERS Savience: LIDL WATER LULW syps_: Champ chintzl: takes a lot of stamina HEIL_MODS_: PogU Elvem: OMEGALUL noxcorvus: scuffed LUL SimoneX93: Pog BruiseVein: looked like you went out of bounds LOL k4iley: can u get back up tho LOL BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Stinsfire: LULW JhonnydasBR: CoolStoryBob LickMyPretzel: holy shit the underwater is ugly KororoX: now what LUL Vendetta1v: LOL olli2101: LULW dartharius_: nice water OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: LULW seqone: Nice underwater graphics LULW AtroxAbaddon: Clearest water ever LUL StarPogPlatinum: LULW akmannen: Probably not RantingDuck: DRINK IT gachiHYPER Veddy_: lidl water PepeLaugh Turbulist: LIDL WATER elaKek salpo_nolobio: LULW Cheeseek: Sharks monkaW Brodama: beautiful LULW Sephirothang: LULW jaquescamarao: that looks terrbile AvemStercore: lidl water LULW irevil0: uuuh y_u_dodiz: KrazyShark incoming to eat him LULW Mengzanoid: Out of bound Turbulist: F Llyfrgell: PepeHands Kobrick: LULW raider_unkindled: 4Shrug DonPepeTheIII: SOFTLOCKED PepeLaugh Kashmirik: Transparent water Pog 冬海羊子: F Lykouleon: monkaW Akewri: uhm 🙂 Wheels82: LULW ta_no_kami: LULW UltraWindow: drowning after 2 seconds PepeLaugh Lim3Fru1t: F SimoneX93: monkaS AlcatraZ567: monkaW Streamleen: Just swim away jaquescamarao: F tbchan: OMEGALUL ChloeCamilla: monkaW Hawkees: Drowning LULW y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER asinine: are you actually not aware you shouldnt drink sea water 🤔 Stinsfire: toxic water salpo_nolobio: water is deadly ShinoEleven: LULW Da_Flanker: Damn Vendetta1v: It’s acidic Germy_ranch: monkaW otherdark: monkaW water hurts k4iley: beautiful stamina BitRun: f Mavez0r: water to SALTY PJSalt LickMyPretzel: They put absolutely 0 effort into the water RoadRageMan: DED Tebs_: OMEGALUL akmannen: we rip now boys/gals kytos1k: too salty Conkista: ELP AlcatraZ567: Curse waters Guts117: They forgot the underwater fog LUL dariaste: halp DonPepeTheIII: LULW sunshift: fom thirst? atski: wtf Lootarka: LULW ChloeCamilla: PepeHands Malkav0: not realistic Azure_Felt: acid water monkaW ShalltearBloodFallen07: lol Cloudyto: ez game SimoneX93: restart RantingDuck: LULW JhonnydasBR: ? Brodama: LULW y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER sh0gg: halp h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN TyrantZedd: LULW Autumn_Flare: Is she made of sugar or what? LULW HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Turbulist: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Nox15: LULW Quidrick: acid water! otherdark: L”ULW LickMyPretzel: ??? HotFireZ: Kreygasm noxcorvus: trash game HugeBaguette_tv: Its poison Pog morlachon: Jebaited filarette: water is lava Penum: OMEGALUL bersiGaming: rekt BobTheDrunkBear: LUL Sohei4649: LULW Renococoa: LULW chintzl: limmyYouaredead LickMyPretzel: why did you die? syps_: LULW vorleser: Kreygasm AGYSAAHH Kreygasm PhysiCle: DETH PepeLaugh Royal_Clover: no underwater texture PepeLaugh did I make this game in my sleep? RoadRageMan: SO REAL RipleyUp: LULW x2 meepmapp: Jebaited Koldvar: FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: IKEALUL stanllley: VI SINK owlsama: LULW Ansith27: Jebaited Mengzanoid: Day 1 btw morningstar907: Poison water elaHmm elaHmm Met_the_Slayer: not a good swimmer eh? JouniKari: just drink it LUL Hawkees: Just like my swimming LULW gosamigo: ?????? MagicFrogs: LUL Fafebobo: LULW frallanswe: ??? Dying to what? JhonnydasBR: ToS BruiseVein: died from swimming for 20 seconds LULW TomaszHilfiger: absolutely disgusting game Brodama: BULGE gachiHYPER FiddIeMyDiddle: Died Young LULW Kobrick: monkaS Germy_ranch: RESET LULW Mengzanoid: LULW cuicui_bam: My immersion! Literally! Baykusmeister: @Elajjaz HOW IS THIS HORROR spevahr: killed by swmming LUL WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Slay the Spire and SQUAD, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Bartcik: Fat ass Cheeseek: elaHmm JubJubWantRubRubs: water is deadly to zoomers PepeHands Andreas24022402: ZULUL luzqar: LULE tomato9420: WutFace ArtKouki: ArtKouki subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! elaSmile 1080p200fps: LUL WrestlerBot2000: @ArtKouki After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM UltraWindow: disable vi sink ZULUL den u float SimoneX93: POGGERS Bobanaut: at least it aint sharks or piranhas Filth_: ElaSmash MasterMdrn: sumSmash y_u_dodiz: No 🙂 Da_Flanker: LULW Turbulist: LULW Elvem: JESUS CHRIST Kashmirik: ElaSmash k4iley: the textures are there Pog Lord_Solaire: LULW chintzl: You’re back 4Head BruiseVein: TEXTURES Pog tbchan: LULW irevil0: LULW dobtf2: LULW imspacedout: dying to fatigue?! Met_the_Slayer: this guy again LUL DonPepeTheIII: LULW syps_: ElaSmash AlcatraZ567: LULW Conkista: LULW Kobrick: She died young PepeHands Sohei4649: You’re back Pog atski: nice load AlexAnderman1994: sumSmash xplsv_: Its loaded now Pog Elvem: SO LOUD LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW SimoneX93: @Elajjaz did you read the paper you got at first?maybe there is an hint for the water syps_: OMEGADOWN CirceanSin: LULW tomato9420: LUL h4nfr3d: the texture is back Pog yarnys: LUL Ennuigi: LULW FiReBallKG: Jebaited Lykouleon: ElaSmash HALP jaquescamarao: make knife again Pog RantingDuck: Kapp Hongetech: STFU Michael DansGame Ennuigi: LUL LUL LUL Da_Flanker: Pog Azure_Felt: sorry i died FeelsBadMan hepha1: VaN gosamigo: THIS Freaking Game LULW F0rbiddenDonut: I already forgot about this guy LUL TheDankDemon: POGGERS Mengzanoid: Mike sumSmash alpalin96: scared me man LUL y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER Please be long Blank1980: Pog TH3N4RL3Y1: KNIFE? JonxKatsu: wood texture is back Pog i0wnswag: Jebaited fonss1: OK Kapp Kobrick: LULW DonPepeTheIII: OK Kapp bersiGaming: hes not relaxed anymore… better leave JhonnydasBR: Croft salpo_nolobio: pepeD don’t you forget about me tbchan: Kapp kayyeah: Make a knife and dont throw it elaK Malkav0: he’ll kill you, probably Zecius_: 3Head BruiseVein: paid 12€ for this when Conarium is free LULW Turbulist: 3Head Fafebobo: 3Head dzemroz: 3Head HotFireZ: 3Head FiReBallKG: elaBruv 1marcio080: whats this game chat Reddinator: 3Head KrazyShark: @Bobanaut that’s pretty racist dude Met_the_Slayer: fooken Andreas24022402: caleb3Head fockin syps_: elaBruv MakyuIchaival: poor lad is 100% dead Mengzanoid: Just tell him to pee on the lock until it’s rusty salpo_nolobio: Knoife 3Head mahfriendooo: 3Head morningstar907: I guess you can say you “died young” elaKek elaKek salpo_nolobio: gachiGASM HotFireZ: gachiBASS Azure_Felt: gachiHYPER DonPepeTheIII: 3Head knoife em ladie RKazekiri: gachiHYPER dzemroz: 3Head oi ya got a loicense for that knoife? JhonnydasBR: Assassin Kobrick: D: salpo_nolobio: gachiGASM so thirsty Mandaloriaan: you have a loicense for that knife? 3Head sidewalkchalk_: 4Head Fafebobo: elaThirst HEIL_MODS_: elaThirst Brodama: 3Head fooking knoife m8 Met_the_Slayer: gachiBASS spike_the_space_cowboy: come here Kreygasm Nox15: Kreygasm Dereh0g: 4HEad syps_: elaThirst y_u_dodiz: elaK Andreas24022402: ma kniff caleb3Head Mojo64: this seems like a play until 1:50 gametime then refund k4iley: nomnomnomnom Azure_Felt: elaD 1080p200fps: elaThirst elaThirst Agiu: forsenPosture 💦 forsenLewd spevahr: Rust 2 PogChamp Ennuigi: elaK 1marcio080: @Elajjaz whats this game y_u_dodiz: elaGa Kobrick: monkaS Gaxkang0: elaThirst FiReBallKG: stab im in his longneck elaBruv syps_: elaOP DonPepeTheIII: bUrself salpo_nolobio: Champ Met_the_Slayer: assassins creed Pog sh0gg: sneaky sunshift: ?? Malkav0: ninja strats TheDankDemon: FeelsPepoMan Kobrick: LULW Mengzanoid: Kapp nymnCorn Reddinator: 4HEad Agiu: forsenHobo 💦 forsenLewd spyer23: bait him with a rock throw ? Brodama: forsenWC 195iq: ela1 ela2 y_u_dodiz: ALT F4 🙂 Autumn_Flare: Time to die nepSmug 🔪 KKona Sephirothang: F k4iley: E dartharius_: forsenE Minato_Q: @Mojo64 it was super cheap, so it was kinda expected that it’s not a AAA title… Mavez0r: k for k-nife DonPepeTheIII: admiralE BruiseVein: EHHH AYAYA functionoverflu: E Frosted15: ALT F4 🙂 y_u_dodiz: @195iq I ruined your attempt PepeHands Azure_Felt: might prompt when close elaHmm Agiu: E? forsenE syps_: nerdy salpo_nolobio: ello7 ello8 salpo_nolobio: ela3 ela4 tomato9420: 4Head JouniKari: 🐝 y_u_dodiz: Clap HEIL_MODS_: Clap DAS_k1ishEe: its ctrl+alt+del syps_: DansGame Turbulist: Clap Azure_Felt: elaWut Clap Reddinator: WutFace Kashmirik: WutFace Clap TomaszHilfiger: Clap schlawinator: Clap Cheeseek: WutFace Clap Boolyman: CHAT – I have a big heart, but a smol wee wee… is it possible for me to ever find love? PepeHands Larsn2k: elaS LickMyPretzel: elaGa Malkav0: press ayaya Da_Flanker: He’s having the time of his life i0wnswag: WutFace Fafebobo: elaPuke Odins_pecs: elaPuke Jaargan: elaWut Clap k4iley: shes so loud AlcatraZ567: LULW Brodama: ??????? tomato9420: LUL BruiseVein: well it said something tbchan: LULW Mengzanoid: Kapp atomicdestruction: 4Shrug syps_: Champ salpo_nolobio: PepeHands DonPepeTheIII: lulw MrRoboto_0: sumSmash y_u_dodiz: billyReady DonPepeTheIII: LULW i0wnswag: LUL JhonnydasBR: LUL Savience: LULW tomato9420: LUL LUL salpo_nolobio: gachiHYPER Brodama: LULW Valtha: gachiHYPER Agiu: WutFace DakuSouru: gachiHYPER RantingDuck: LULW easyeasy: elaKek wtf F0rbiddenDonut: lol Turbulist: LULW HotFireZ: gachiHYPER Vendetta1v: Double bonk Larsn2k: LULW tbchan: gachiHYPER Fafebobo: WeirdChamp Brunault_: elaKek ChibiKuro: gachiHYPER Ennuigi: LUL syps_: LULW JhonnydasBR: that head bang LUL Sohei4649: What is that combat LULW seqone: VA LULW AlcatraZ567: LUL Zecius_: OMEGALUL Met_the_Slayer: INSANE combat Autumn_Flare: gachiHYPER AHHHHHH victor_maitland: you heartless killer kayyeah: Nice stealth kill WeirdChamp Kashmirik: R1 R1 R1 ElaSmash Llyfrgell: elaHmm FthJns: LULW sh0gg: maybe E? not E jade282: elaKek dartharius_: bUrself sagiterl: bawkWeird Kaspu: bUrself Fentu: Rose pepeHands 1080p200fps: LUL y_u_dodiz: bUrself xplsv_: bUrself cmon Blood_Rooted: @Boolyman Just use your heart instead of weewee 4Shrug Korhain: bUrself FiReBallKG: VI VON sunshift: “Rose” is a dude elaHmm angryj0nes: THIS GAME IS SOO LIDL CaptainOutOfTen: actually killed a man monkaW jaquescamarao: VI VON ZULUL dobtf2: ZULUL V1 ChloeCamilla: is this game in beta? Expleco: WeirdChamp This is garbage DonPepeTheIII: bUrself BZZ HEIL_MODS_: VI VON ZULUL Cheeseek: ZULUL MakyuIchaival: BUZZ OFF AlexAnderman1994: bUrself Valtha: Is this Atlas 2 HotFireZ: bUrself shikifujin16: WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE A SOCCER MOM Robin_CP: oh that was Rose salpo_nolobio: ela1 ela2 Robin_CP: i think BruiseVein: @sunshift no, Rose is the body on the ground iamkashan: monkaW killer i0wnswag: nice dialogues LUL Malkav0: @ChloeCamilla it’s in eternal early access Larsn2k: elaThirst Justepic123: knife almost ded @Elajjaz Veddy_: LULW Azure_Felt: LULW Ennuigi: LUL LUL LUL k4iley: LOL Meximus322: LULW salpo_nolobio: nrdyKek AvemStercore: OMEGALUL DonPepeTheIII: LULW frallanswe: Dogs incoming monkaW LickMyPretzel: lol StarPogPlatinum: LULW zombie391: LULW Turbulist: elaKek Magilou_69: LULW Agiu: forsenHead InQuasi: take her intestines ela! Da_Flanker: Missing the mom jeans UNIMVGINE: KAREN LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh gosamigo: such a bad game LULW Fafebobo: LULW DAS_k1ishEe: We’ve found it’s weakness. It can’t live without a head spike_the_space_cowboy: SOCCER ? WTF DansGame Brunault_: elaC sunshift: @BruiseVein oh, I am elaGa FailFish InQuasi: it’ll keep you warm spike_the_space_cowboy: Football 3Head Omegaboom: Shes got the “I wanna speak to your manager” hair Fafebobo: 4House Bobanaut: good thing with all the sunflowers around you only need water to survive for months HEIL_MODS_: 4House Veddy_: i bet the escape is a mini-van UltraWindow: yea it is MakyuIchaival: Handegg LULW absolutely_not_haram: hose here Fridgieee: 4House cuicui_bam: Loss of blood, my only weakness! jaquescamarao: Kapp weeaboochan: End goal is to speak with the island manager Baykusmeister: @Elajjaz say house again please ViveLaDissidence: Do you have bonus damage against managers ? Robin_CP: oh no reddit is leaking UNIMVGINE: gachiGASM Vendetta1v: Jebaited Astroft123: hws the review on this game? Mengzanoid: PlsEla izzied: to bright to be horror game RantingDuck: lost LUL shikifujin16: Just jumped back on stream what is this game about chat StepWyze: There was a box in the left house you could climb to get to the roof syps_: 🌻 Tsavish: elaWeird Brodama: WeirdChamp Vendetta1v: monkaX Reddinator: sanke monkaW Alchimboy: pepega Fafebobo: SnekMan wtf SnakeBites: moon2S sh0gg: looks like somewhere in Italy Alchimboy: Pepega BitRun: elaWeird DonPepeTheIII: FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: look at her shadow when she runs PepeLaugh Mengzanoid: reviews on steam are very positives LickMyPretzel: PIGGY kayyeah: Did you throw your knife again? InQuasi: snek CaptainOutOfTen: schlange monkaS VityaSolaris: SillyChamp Karsuiii: there is water source at Twin Houses^ ModernPlagueDoctor: That’d be interesting a horror that isn’t dark xLucatiel: PIG AYAYA salpo_nolobio: ❓ salpo_nolobio: ela1 ela2 syps_: ❓ sh0gg: ? LickMyPretzel: suck on goat tit MakyuIchaival: NaM ❓ Agiu: forsenWhat ? y_u_dodiz: 4House Welcome Azure_Felt: giant piggy gonna fuck u up PepeLaugh Justepic123: @shikifujin16 kinda like the forest with better graphics and more LIDL Pixel_hearts: 🐷 ❓ Fafebobo: ElaPls Brodama: forsenCD syps_: ElaPls Bobanaut: kill pig. make saussages gosamigo: ElaPls InQuasi: sacrifice goat to appease satan LickMyPretzel: gay community y_u_dodiz: Gay’ded community KappaPride AlexAnderman1994: KKool spike_the_space_cowboy: ZULUL Drunkndragon: kill pig. drink bladder xLucatiel: ElaPls ->4House WrestlerBot2000: “SUCK MY DICK, YUKIKO!” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 106 https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantStrangeDaikonOSkomodo Autumn_Flare: Lick rocks for nutrients FeelsGoodMan gosamigo: peepoRun Veddy_: gay dad community elaGasm HEIL_MODS_: ela3 ela4 Frosted15: KappaPride Malkav0: @Drunkndragon true survivor mode Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn Karsuiii: if you explore Twin Houses, u can restore hydration easly there YURA_RAKETA: ruf Bobanaut: @Drunkndragon or find pigs water source and drink that y_u_dodiz: 4House Don’t DakuSouru: MaN or Veddy_: you can only enter the gay dad community from the back elaGasm Azure_Felt: MaN Filth_: MaN VityaSolaris: Is this new battleroyale gaem? Pepega AlcatraZ567: monkaW bobmighty: ah Agiu: forsenHobo 💦 forsenLewd Autumn_Flare: Man or farm? tomato9420: Kreygasm Da_Flanker: elaChug j0mppa: MaN or farm syps_: MaN sunshift: Kreygasm salpo_nolobio: nrdyGasm Germy_ranch: MaN reddvelv: gachiHYPER Vendetta1v: !quote AlexAnderman1994: MaN Pixel_hearts: MaN or k4iley: LOL JhonnydasBR: Kreygasm WrestlerBot2000: “Yeah, my clean is roo- my room is clean. My kitchen is clean. Everything’s clean, man!” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 3 For full list of quotes and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/quotes.html Sohei4649: LULW Mengzanoid: gachiOnFIRE Lykouleon: gachiHYPER Ungggg jesus_withak47: MaN Filth_: 4Shrug UltraWindow: cause indie unreal engine LickMyPretzel: cuz lidl k0nk_: @Karsuiii why not just let him play and figure stuff out ModernPlagueDoctor: Geographically have they said where this is supposed to be elaHmm Azure_Felt: OMEGADOWN JubJubWantRubRubs: LIDL LULW syps_: LULW KororoX: there has to be water on a farm InQuasi: pepegas game Streamleen: drinking makes you sweat more i0wnswag: Kreygasm kilroy2400: What’s this game about? Looks more like a rpg than a horror game 😛 impostor___: gachiGASM Malkav0: cannot even climb a wall and expects to survive LUL Atronax: Animal farm now jesus_withak47: LIDL GAME LULW ChrisBoul: there was something to climb near the door Vendetta1v: !quote 1 ChloeCamilla: :p sunshift: it’s a $10 game 4Shrug Brodama: no 🙂 k4iley: nomnomnomnom Vendetta1v: !clip 1 Sophelsnuggle: @ModernPlagueDoctor sialnd off the coast of turkey WrestlerBot2000: BadDoggie|Clip No.1| https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedyDependableHerdCoolCat WutFace Azure_Felt: no 🐐 Streamleen: goat milk plan xLucatiel: One thing I’ve noticed is in game clock is real time Pog Mengzanoid: Maybe Skyrim those rock mountain LickMyPretzel: This island is pretty reddvelv: elaGa elaPlan Ahmeduwna: You should play green hell LULW Agiu: 5Head ah yes, the goat plan BruiseVein: @Elajjaz i’m eating the pepperoni pizza from Catherine right now Kreygasm HEIL_MODS_: vision is blurry monkaW she gonna die ModernPlagueDoctor: His name is Philip elaREE Omegaboom: Noise dampening socks ta_no_kami: @ModernPlagueDoctor a “hidden” island outside Greece, unaccessible by normal means Agiu: WutFace Speculaas: monkaW Cheeseek: WutFace LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan salpo_nolobio: nrdyGa spike_the_space_cowboy: elaGa Llyfrgell: FeelsPepoMan k4iley: ?????? Valtha: ZULUL schurik126: Pepega reddvelv: LULW StarPogPlatinum: LULW Brodama: LULW kami1ma: is this a horror game? Lykouleon: monkaW Baykusmeister: what the fuck jaquescamarao: Pepega AlcatraZ567: ??????? HEIL_MODS_: FeelsPepoMan shikifujin16: elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK elaHYUK Lexikun: ZULUL tomato9420: LUL ModernPlagueDoctor: @ta_no_kami ty Agiu: ? Meialul: ZULUL Azure_Felt: ? Da_Flanker: LULW syps_: LULW bobmighty: LUL DonPepeTheIII: FeelsPepoMan i0wnswag: LUL Brodama: ????? SimoneX93: 4HEad shikifujin16: wtf ViveLaDissidence: ? NeoPAro: ? Kuromaru_: ANELE propcgamer19: hes fucked Cheeseek: 4HEad Sir_Gibb: Sir_Gibb subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 37 months, currently on a 37 month streak! StarPogPlatinum: 4Head Azure_Felt: 4HEad WrestlerBot2000: @Sir_Gibb After 37 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM timoteh: 4HEad kayyeah: 3Head daddywojo: yet tbchan: LULW syps_: ❓ tomato9420: 4Head Reddinator: 4HEad Speculaas: 4HEad AlcatraZ567: 4HEad salpo_nolobio: :nrdyGa . Shinichii: maybe later on Wendell8504: 4HEad Kashmirik: 4HEad ChloeCamilla: forsenY every time syps_: ElaPls morlachon: ZULUL AlcatraZ567: pepeJAM Royal_Clover: YER BETTER OFF DEAD 3Head syps_: 4HEad JubJubWantRubRubs: sounds like someone on discord LULW NeoPAro: 4HEad Agiu: WutFace AlcatraZ567: D: LickMyPretzel: wtf are they even saying salpo_nolobio: did he throw the knife starkweather83: lol syps_: IKEALUL Mengzanoid: PlsEla i0wnswag: wtf his saying Brodama: LULW bobmighty: madafaker weeaboochan: LULW shikifujin16: sounds like ela when he cant speal JhonnydasBR: D: rude Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL HEIL_MODS_: ZULUL Azure_Felt: this is so lidl LULW IceQ1337: IceQ1337 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Armody: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: @IceQ1337 You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Baykusmeister: Is that even a zombie what the fuck LickMyPretzel: I’M GONNA KILL YOU cuicui_bam: Is… is TAZ chasing you? AlcatraZ567: ZULUL WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Hussnay: he sounds like an anime villain Kaspu: 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL Bobanaut: stab stab Deliriumi1: ZULUL ZeinCE: LULW Streamleen: Is this English? tomato9420: LUL Mengzanoid: KretoPls Reddinator: elaKek Happylolman: kill them all! k4iley: LMAOOOO DonPepeTheIII: LULW JhonnydasBR: xDDDDDDDDDDD Da_Flanker: I like his enthusiasm GoAkke: in the nuts tbchan: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: sumSmash Meialul: ZUULUL WE CALL HIM BRUCE U ZULUL Jaargan: MATHAFAKAA ZULUL LickMyPretzel: this is some nrdyGa gameplay spevahr: hes italian LULW tomato9420: 4Head carero12: just RULL DAILOedz: SMASH elaMad AlcatraZ567: DEAD k4iley: ur gonna fucking die lmao Kaspu: 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL 🥁 ZULUL syps_: monkaX salpo_nolobio: nrdyGa SimoneX93: Stay hydrated chat GoAkke: stop aiming at his balls ela LuL DakuSouru: use dodge WeirdBruh Hussnay: PepeLaugh reddvelv: sumSmash olli2101: 🥁 ZULUL jaquescamarao: just stun lock him with the knife 4HEad sunshift: PlsEla ded Meialul: SUPA JUMPA Azure_Felt: stealth master OMEGADOWN SimoneX93: “survival” mode Germy_ranch: I RULL sh0gg: he is a Ninja 🤔 gosamigo: SOO BAD LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: @DakuSouru MaN jpscatter: what is this game Baykusmeister: worrying about water when there’s a lidl dude attacking her glansdillzig: IKEALUL frvits: AKCHIOHN EEZ COHMEENG ZULUL Malkav0: underwhelming asinine: no Vendetta1v: It did nothing DakuSouru: spike_the_space_cowboy VaN LickMyPretzel: that heals soooo little asinine: bandages are only for poison salpo_nolobio: 4Shrug Mengzanoid: nepSmug nymnCorn It’s fun to watch Bobanaut: no idea LickMyPretzel: oh Jprtc: that was to take off poison Vendetta1v: Wtf akmannen: bandage fabulwesen_: bandage ta_no_kami: bandage for bleeding Tempest_Within: One minute real-time is 1 minute in-game… How will it ever get dark lel Kashmirik: Bandage LickMyPretzel: that’s why vorleser: its been 9am in game for like 5 hours now LULW Kashmirik: for bleeding maybe sunshift: bandage, then healing powder MrRoboto_0: 4Shrug spike_the_space_cowboy: @DakuSouru 🖕 👌 ❓ i0wnswag: why are u running why are running? cmonBruh cmonBruh salpo_nolobio: ElaPls LickMyPretzel: Smol bunneh asinine: says in the description cuicui_bam: 🐇 sh0gg: ??? kill that bunny Lvl32Tribesman: 🐐 syps_: jump in water elaSmile Vendetta1v: And empty Lexikun: I’ve seen bigger GoAkke: HYUGE LickMyPretzel: Greenland is huge. This is not DakuSouru: spike_the_space_cowboy VaN ✊ 👌 Malkav0: can’t even stealth kill=/ Minato_Q: maybe shit hits the fan when it gets dark? So you should be really prepared until then.. Justepic123: elaHYUK Nox15: LULW NNayio: elaKek Mengzanoid: That area is a dlc, ela Kapp syps_: LULW Bobanaut: dont die KrazyShark: @lexikun :flushed: filarette: OMEGALUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @DakuSouru gachiHYPER salpo_nolobio: ela1 ela2 NNayio: elaS NNayio: ela3 ela4 jigokutiger: is this a spooky game? kayyeah: Malkav0 she’s a kidnapped soccer mom, what do you expect NeoPAro: SeemsGood LickMyPretzel: I could live on this island tbh elaCozy if i had internet Autumn_Flare: Master survivor PepeLaugh weeaboochan: will it ever be night time FeelsLateMan mightygabs: kill the goat and offer to satan Da_Flanker: Doing fine elaSmile gosamigo: Survival Mode btw Kappa seqone: 🍓 GOOD Drunkndragon: restart. now you know some basics MrMamut: hai all 🙂 KororoX: go to the farm? Malkav0: @kayyeah survival instinct :p Nifran: Vegan % Pog Lexikun: @KrazyShark elaKek NNayio: elaOP ニューハーフ: glicinSleep ChloeCamilla: greenland looks huge because of map projections. In fact it is the size of washington 🙂 vo1dapex: no shirt no service y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER reddvelv: SMOrc Bobanaut: enter house. use water faucet Azure_Felt: didn’t buy the omega rocket launcher blueprint dlc edition PepeLaugh asinine: did you forget you have a knife shikifujin16: pet it, kill it with kindness daddywojo: Throw rats at them Paaht: Mom’s Favourite PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: It has to be done AYAYA 🔪 🐐 y_u_dodiz: danSgame Jaklie: missed berries elaBlind Drabent77: Eat tha gaot! BitRun: u need some h20 kayyeah: wtf NNayio: monkaW SimoneX93: monkaSHAKE HotFireZ: monkaW oConcept: why do i get a scuffed dying light vibe from this game Lord_Solaire: monkaW Kobrick: monkaS AlcatraZ567: run NNayio: PepeLaugh MrRoboto_0: monkaW syps_: monkaW Speculaas: Great monkaW y_u_dodiz: PepeLaugh Bobanaut: right. dead in 2 Kaspu: PepeLaugh Darth_Umbra: PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: no PepeLaugh syps_: LULW Wendell8504: monkaW salpo_nolobio: billyLaugh Sohei4649: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: he does PepeLaugh TheDankDemon: heat stroke ElaPls Espher_5: good evening everyone elaH pepeL RKazekiri: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh SimoneX93: gneBlind Baykusmeister: SHiit Robin_CP: @chloecamilla, washington looks small because of map reduction, it is actually as big as greenland 🙂 timoteh: PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: monkaW Tree syps_: 5Head HYPERCLAP stevenpak: PepeLaugh Nox15: PepeLaugh Kashmirik: He doesn’t PepeLaugh NNayio: gachiHYPER DaniDuck: @Elajjaz apparently 1 minute real time=1 minute in game, so good luck ever getting to night time LULW HotFireZ: gachiHYPER UNIMVGINE: gachiHYPER Malkav0: ennemy is ela: blind stevenpak: gachiBASS vorleser: Kreygasm Vendetta1v: U N I T k4iley: gachiHYPER y_u_dodiz: gachiHYPER gachiHYPER gachiHYPER GoAkke: HYUGE Odins_pecs: gachiHYPER Speculaas: billyLaugh Jybel: gachiHYPER NNayio: PogU JhonnydasBR: mount him y_u_dodiz: PogU AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh dehydration tomato9420: LUL syps_: gachiHYPER Da_Flanker: He’s a big guy weeaboochan: bet he got a tiny dick NNayio: PARKOUR! Chag DexArt888: thats what she said vo1dapex: THICC syps_: ZA elaGa schurik126: LIQUID PepeLaugh MrRoboto_0: PogU Kabel_Katze_: Pog vorleser: Kreygasm AH Kreygasm Baykusmeister: What are even those Kobrick: POGGERS grunbeld: thirst to death soon PepeHands tbchan: time in game look like 1 day on mercury LULW alpalin96: and got an axe too btw Kashmirik: PepeLaugh 👉 💧 HEIL_MODS_: ppHop k4iley: PARKOUR NNayio: monkaW Azure_Felt: rip feet monkaW Espher_5: PepeLaugh Kobrick: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: elaChug Agua ples Brolaire: Why does this rando women have detective vision? LickMyPretzel: You are dead very soon Nucleoprotein: dont die ela PepeHands syps_: elaChug Stilgarius: monkaW Bobanaut: pine forests are known to have nearly no bushes spike_the_space_cowboy: Drink your piss @Elajjaz ThaClaiy: @Elajjaz You have the high ground, kill fat dude with rocks ! and drink his blood i guess y_u_dodiz: monkaW Espher_5: elaChug NNayio: elaChug gosamigo: gachiHYPER SimoneX93: something tells me you could spot water since the begin Nucleoprotein: @Stilgarius pepeL LickMyPretzel: Chag 1080p200fps: elaThirst elaChug TheDankDemon: heat stroke ElaPls icedcoffeeboy: zombie game? Stilgarius: @Nucleoprotein pepeL Omegaboom: “I need water! I need bushes!” Flawless game logic y_u_dodiz: danK FlorinMarius96: ma shroms syps_: pepeJAM Veddy_: btw you got dehydrated from full water in 15min in-game time PepeLaugh NNayio: Eating random mushrooms. PepeLaugh AlexAnderman1994: VapeNation reddvelv: VaN DAGE Razkorp: I didn’t know someone could literally die of thirst within 10 minutes of not drinking LULW Azure_Felt: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: ??? That doesn’t make any sense jaquescamarao: ????????? NNayio: ppHop spike_the_space_cowboy: Drink Piss MaN Robin_CP: how does a bandage reduces VENOM jade282: ??? stevenpak: elaThirst Da_Flanker: pepeJAMMER Cheeseek: pepeJAM RyanLovesWeed: pepeD Valtha: pepeD Azure_Felt: monkaW Turbulist: pepeJAM k4iley: SourPls WhiteFoxy: danSgame NNayio: pepeJAM AlcatraZ567: pepeD Kashmirik: pepeJAM tbchan: pepeJAM myfavoriteweeb: pepeJAMMER syps_: pepeD reddvelv: AlienPls Kaspu: pepeJAMMER jaquescamarao: pepeJAM weeaboochan: pepeD JhonnydasBR: DansGame HotFireZ: pepeJAMMER spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD M MUSIC NNayio: ??? pepeJAMMER stevenpak: elaThirst elaChug Minato_Q: Why is your inventory much bigger now? @Elajjaz UNIMVGINE: ricardoFlick UltraWindow: cause its unreal engine LickMyPretzel: pepeD SimoneX93: pepeD MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: ????? FiReBallKG: pepeD masterr876: the music of death Germy_ranch: pepeJAMMER GoAkke: pepeJAM BitRun: music?? AlexAnderman1994: ElaJAMMER Veddy_: so this is how KrazyShark sees the world? Kapp cuicui_bam: Thristy KKool Lykouleon: pepeJAM Malkav0: been on the island for 5 minutes, already dying of thirst Agiu: forsenLewd IM THIRSTY Da_Flanker: forsenCD has entered the island vorleser: TaBeRu Cerilysm: TEchno music? Bobanaut: yes stevenpak: forsenCD its me gosamigo: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: 4Shrug Baykusmeister: Literal ??????? hours Azure_Felt: 4Shrug jaquescamarao: NICE Ridazirator1: subnautica all of a sudden 😀 DaniDuck: @Elajjaz it seems 1 minute real time=1 minute in game, so good luck ever getting to night time LULW XENOX444: Is this Horror ? spevahr: Synthwave LUL NNayio: ??? syps_: elaHmm seqone: NOICE 👌 Filth_: pepeD Robin_CP: 🐷 agentken007: kill the animals and drink their blood Kappa spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCD Clap UltraWindow: pepeJAM fuck immersion Karsuiii: its in-game music Streamleen: oink syps_: pepeD Germy_ranch: 4Maze NNayio: It’s not that confusing lady. elaWeird BaosilisK: rave BBoomer stevenpak: forsenCD its the 2x soundtrack LickMyPretzel: oof Cheeseek: Pig party AlienPls HotFireZ: LULW Lord_Solaire: Jebaited SimoneX93: lul kayyeah: LULW NNayio: LULW Dracconfoo: elaKek tomato9420: LUL JhonnydasBR: xD Agiu: LULW Stilgarius: Jebaited k4iley: LMFAO Da_Flanker: Nice Himmee: LULW Akewri: LUL Veddy_: LULW Geralt_of_Syria: LULW vorleser: LULW porkylog: F AlcatraZ567: LULW Azure_Felt: PepeUff Kobrick: PepeLaugh SimoneX93: lullabysz Tomowatt: WutFace Brunault_: elaKek WhiteFoxy: rip Sirpnie: Clap asinine: gg Turbulist: F LULW tbchan: LULW Kashmirik: OMEGALUL MakyuIchaival: LULW GoAkke: OMEGADOWN jaquescamarao: LULW Espher_5: PepeLaugh syps_: F Justepic123: LULW Magilou_69: LULW HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW SimoneX93: kintBacon akmannen: LULW ueberkobi: LULW AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN demifiendll: PepeLaugh Wheels82: NICE JUMP LULW Lvl32Tribesman: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: pig is gonna murder your ass CaptainCrunched: LULW Autumn_Flare: Going down you mean LULW ChloeCamilla: LULW AlcatraZ567: DEAD cuicui_bam: Forgot to sprint Lexikun: LULW 冬海羊子: F Malkav0: reset ViveLaDissidence: OMEGADOWN HotFireZ: F Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Baykusmeister: F NNayio: EATEN BY PIG LULW JhonnydasBR: end his suffering Germy_ranch: elaWut Crunch Kobrick: F PepeLaugh dangin: 3Head DigitalZips: death #2 Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz so what @KrazyShark have to say baing elaThirst y all the time? PepeLaugh SimoneX93: death by bacon sh0gg: death by falling from above Justepic123: OMEGADOWN Streamleen: Gonna get hogged Paaht: F PepeLaugh jamie_mccabe: no ur not XD Ahmeduwna: LULW RoadRageMan: PRO GEJMER Azure_Felt: feed the piggy FeelsGoodMan Soadante: 🐷 NNayio: elaGasm jaquescamarao: Pog Nox15: Pog Da_Flanker: At least you found food 🙂 Nucleoprotein: being* Germy_ranch: Dying LULW MrRoboto_0: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog stevenpak: elaChug vorleser: cmonBruh Azure_Felt: elaOP Nucleoprotein: ealHmm DeonardoVaLinci: cmonBruh 冬海羊子: Blind filarette: elaGasm reddvelv: pepeJAMMER spike_the_space_cowboy: forsenCDE myfavoriteweeb: pepeJAMMER DigitalZips: pepeJAMMER jaquescamarao: pepeJAM sh0gg: death from above kayyeah: going there btw Filth_: Come on, brother. FeelsWeirdMan Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL Lykouleon: pepeJAMMER AlcatraZ567: pepeJAM Azure_Felt: pepeJAM Espher_5: pepeJAM sunshift: pepeJAMMER Cheeseek: AlienPls AlcatraZ567: pepeD Kieran96336: pepeJAMMER tbchan: pepeJAM morlachon: pepeJAM k4iley: this fucking music lmao HotFireZ: pepeJAMMER Sodren: !quote 15 NNayio: pepeJAMMER WhiteFoxy: PepoDance BrokenCompiler: pepeJAM Llyfrgell: PepoDance iblasiani: pepeJAM syps_: pepeD AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAMMER BaosilisK: RaregachiGASM Turbulist: pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER pepeJAM pepeJAMMER FiReBallKG: pepeD WrestlerBot2000: “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Umbasa!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 15 y_u_dodiz: ElaJAM Synthesizer ElaJAM LickMyPretzel: (ditto) i0wnswag: Kreygasm TyrantZedd: pepeJAMMER gosamigo: pepeJAM 冬海羊子: LUL LickMyPretzel: WTF NNayio: LULW bobmighty: pepeD stevenpak: elaChug yo where we dropping next boys Wendell8504: ElaJAMMER vorleser: LULW tbchan: LULW HotFireZ: LOOOL Himmee: LUL Pixel_hearts: pepeD AlcatraZ567: LULW SimoneX93: LIL akmannen: LUL Vendetta1v: YOOOO\ Smoothstone: (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) Tomowatt: LULW Turbulist: LULW kayyeah: PepeLaugh AvemStercore: LULW UltraWindow: one shot LULW AsshurtingEmu: forsenCD Shinichii: LOOOOL Domanel: LOL MakyuIchaival: LULW ta_no_kami: LULW BruiseVein: LOL seqone: LULW memorycard1mega: F Kashmirik: LUL Speculaas: LUL Justepic123: LULW tomato9420: LUL LUL k4iley: LMAAAAAAAAAO Akewri: LUL h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN Lvl32Tribesman: OMEGALUL Razkorp: LMFAO Veddy_: LULW omg LULW zealous22: LUL Brunault_: elaKek NNayio: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Sephirothang: LULW Scarvener: LUL syps_: pepeJAMMER (ditto) pepeJAMMER (ditto) pepeJAMMER (ditto) Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: Fucking killer piggy gosamigo: LULW BaosilisK: LULW Smoothstone: LULW Nifran: LULW porkylog: REKT AlexAnderman1994: OMEGADOWN TheDankDemon: OMEGALUL StarPogPlatinum: LULW Royal_Clover: Just like my doujins Pog FiReBallKG: LULw Audriana: okay pig LULW Asmodaus1: LUL SpeeeDyo: Hey HEIL_MODS_: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: SPEED forsenCD VIOLENCE forsenCD MOMENTUM Bobby_La_Malice: LUL Kobrick: LMAOOOOOOOOO PepeLaugh Deliriumi1: OMEGALUL Azure_Felt: OMEGALUL Espher_5: elaKek seqone: DELETED LULW dekkah: OMEGADOWN RoadRageMan: AHAHHAHAHHA alpalin96: damn pig LUL PackYourYak: LULW ChloeCamilla: SO BAD LULW AlcatraZ567: WTF LULW Malkav0: LUL jamie_mccabe: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Happylolman: LOL nendz: yeeted devilared: LMAO tbchan: 🐗 Clap syps_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Asmodaus1: LUL PIG 1080p200fps: LUL voodoorayray: LOL spevahr: LUL akemicat: SPRING jade282: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek NNayio: elaWut kayyeah: PepeLaugh x2 k4iley: nice!! Ahmeduwna: wtf LULW Karsuiii: haha xD Sohei4649: 🐷 BaRAHeaS0: LULW cuicui_bam: ANIKI functionoverflu: LIDL vorleser: monkaW Cralth: 4Shrug DigitalZips: @Elajjaz Probably because you turned off licensed music so it pulls from some random free use stuff Sirpnie: dont make the pig angry sjuften_: monkaW killer pig Da_Flanker: This game’s rough chewed_pencil_lid: OMEGLOL OMEGLOL OMEGLOL Cheeseek: Who turn retrowave radio on LuL xLucatiel: :pig ElaPls Azure_Felt: one bang pig PepeLaugh NNayio: LULW LULW LULW RoadRageMan: GORED ta_no_kami: THAT WAS AN ORNSTEIN CHARGE Pog Kashmirik: Get pigged LUL BrokenCompiler: You got porked Paaht: 🐷 GeorgMaUlWurf: LULW Germy_ranch: Wild pigs are MEAN bobmighty: Pepega game memorycard1mega: if you dont drink you get dr disrespect music spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Fuck yuou i was jamming to that forsenCD LickMyPretzel: That pig is actually a tiger NNayio: 10/10 GOTY LULW grunbeld: 🐷 gotcha Kobrick: DIS GAEM PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: LULW Nucleoprotein: elaHmm gosamigo: should’ve played New Vegas LULW NNayio: elaWut i0wnswag: LUL UNIMVGINE: WutFace HEIL_MODS_: you dont fuck with pigs Kashmirik: ElaSmash tbchan: LULW Justepic123: 🐷 LickMyPretzel: Can you not save in this game? gosamigo: LULW louismachon: HHAAHAHA syps_: ElaSmash vorleser: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW AGAIN Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: Back here again PepeLaugh Sneaky__b: that’ll do pig sunshift: this guy PepeLaugh NNayio: 4House HotFireZ: 4House Da_Flanker: 4House dapsoul: 4House spevahr: Finis it LUL NNayio: D: tbchan: “you’re back” PepeLaugh BruiseVein: this game isn’t worth 2 kebabs PepeLaugh Nucleoprotein: how many deads? elaHmm ueberkobi: elaD Karsuiii: “You are back” again 😀 Andreas24022402: 4House BitRun: yo chat what was the game called where you played as that guy in glasses, and you had to click stuff. There was some paranormal stuff too, and a lot of VaN AsshurtingEmu: @Elajjaz Alt F4 this game PepeLaugh stevenpak: elaD Germy_ranch: D: TheDankDemon: your fault LULW h4nfr3d: will you though? PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: @Elajjaz can’t you save? Azure_Felt: rock fight PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Oh, how nice of him NNayio: D: D: Robin_CP: no this is Rose Filth_: elaPuke reddvelv: elaPuke Kobrick: Damn D: Cheeseek: elaPuke 冬海羊子: take the map? stevenpak: AYAYA Soadante: elaPuke Fentu: ROSE D: Tomowatt: D: MORNING SICKNESS syps_: elaPuke Vegansan: !time Kashmirik: Rose? PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 23:04 xFrancis: the map AlcatraZ567: missed the map SimoneX93: its survival mode Azure_Felt: bonfires FeelsWeirdMan TRUE__LULW: puke Kreygasm vorleser: Kreygasm aahhhh Kreygasm tbchan: PepeHands Karsuiii: Duuuude, go to Twin houses for Water Source Soadante: PepeHands wtf NNayio: elaK syps_: BabyRage gosamigo: VA LUL Azure_Felt: elaK DakuSouru: elaK Cheeseek: Kapp kayyeah: elaK UltraWindow: elaK LickMyPretzel: Kapp Da_Flanker: Kapp bingobangoboingobongo: shut up already lady LUL AlcatraZ567: Kapp 冬海羊子: elaBlind elaBlind elaBlind Istog: elaK syps_: elaK Sephirothang: elaK Nox15: Kapp Espher_5: elaK sh0gg: just puke wtf HEIL_MODS_: elaK wandering_pleb: elaK tbchan: elaK ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn stevenpak: elaK Desradin: !dead WrestlerBot2000: Yeah, probably dead elaS Azure_Felt: gonna bet on that elaHmm BitRun: elaK scoutdiverman: Kapp HotFireZ: Kapp Justepic123: elaK 冬海羊子: map Jybel: @BitRun Yuppie Psycho maybe? 🤔 Bobanaut: did he eat raw rat? KnoWabLe: Yo chat ela12 Is this game a horror game? xFrancis: missed map walders0821: yeah yeah, we get it your friends dead Frosted_wheats: @Elajjaz 10 gift subs if you die? nepSmug Rekazor: ela1 ela2 dathangover: map? jade282: elaGun elaWut LickMyPretzel: use stick instead worryStick Ahmeduwna: amen? Bobanaut: @KnoWabLe survival. horror not so kayyeah: KnoWabLe isn’t every game the way ela plays? WhiteFoxy: monkaS what? Kobrick: pepeH AlexAnderman1994: 4House cuicui_bam: Is this Darkwood? Soadante: Kapp 冬海羊子: @Elajjaz did you take the map? Ahmeduwna: cmonBrother Tomowatt: Pog Goat simulator BruiseVein: that goat is the GOAT syps_: Pog stevenpak: 4HOuse Razkorp: Surprisingly this game has very positive reviews on steam stevenpak: 4House Valtha: 4House 4House AlcatraZ567: D: AlexAnderman1994: 4House 4House Kgcool: rat fucker Vendetta1v: Lmao GoAkke: i do spevahr: This is Rust music LUL weeaboochan: @Elajjaz noticed how the time flow in-game is the same as ours? Elvem: gachiBASS seqone: pokiW poki1 poki2 NaM Don’t talk with me or my Poki !! pokiW poki3 poki4 NaM syps_: 4House BruiseVein: wanna fuck?? looool Bobanaut: get the wrench LickMyPretzel: How do you fuck rats stefanehj: the fuck dude Omegaboom: Any rats wanna fuck now?! Ziazis: there should be a well on the other part of the house outside the_one_wasabi: tdogRat Kaspu: @seqone WeirdChamp Labbekak: he wants to fuck rats? HEIL_MODS_: elaWeird Clap Espher_5: seqone elaWeird bingobangoboingobongo: don’t fuck rats, its bad for the enviroment Labbekak: that’s unusual Kildaedra: Being out here without sunscreen sucks Minty_The_Bear: hii Brogeta92: Rat fucker?! WutFace Magilou_69: @seqone WeirdChamp ivooooo__: WeirdChamp Da_Flanker: jermaRat Soadante: PepeLaugh spyer23: @seqone WeirdChamp bobmighty: oos UltraWindow: PepeUff Filth_: elaThirst Rats akemicat: sure AlexAnderman1994: elaChug Bobanaut: yay seqone: pokiW Clap Kobrick: Hydration monkaS Annonn140: i just tuned in, is it a horror game or ela playing rust now? Kapp ModernPlagueDoctor: Poki sub ban it DansGame AlcatraZ567: Pog shikifujin16: LUL Robin_CP: Vrench BitRun: vrench Pog 26camels: almost as thirsty as shark PepeLaugh BendOverLikeABoss: vrench PogU Veddy_: 👀 cuicui_bam: Sprinting all the time is making you lose hydration so fast UltraWindow: pokiW Bobanaut: you can now fix the generator AlcatraZ567: monkaW eyes Vendetta1v: nah Filth_: No. 🙂 d4vlan: PogU 冬海羊子: TheIlluminati TheIlluminati TheIlluminati timoteh: N OMEGALUL syps_: 🔧 filarette: fix the tractor MealThief: some jayden smith shit on the walls Germy_ranch: VoteNay Cheeseek: monkaW Byabizz: Clåth BitRun: clóth spike_the_space_cowboy: We Bioshock now AlcatraZ567: eyes on wall monkaX fonss1: @seqone forsenWeird forsenWeird forsenWeird Lagunaab: you ever used a wrench dude ? WeirdChamp Sirpnie: adjustable wrench PogU BrokenCompiler: What’s with all the eyes daddywojo: Pipe wrench but icon is a crescent wrench. Rookie DigitalZips: are the boxes breakable? Kabel_Katze_: 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️ Jybel: this is a 0451 game now PepeLaugh bandos333: @Elajjaz can you destroy boxes? Vendetta1v: They watching TheIlluminati Vidmitriev: can you break boxes? Sephirothang: elaK Espher_5: monkaW imspacedout: @Elajjaz Save the guy with the vrench! kayyeah: it’s september 12 monkaW ChloeCamilla: 🔧 forsenE Justepic123: Imagine tokio drift music to this PogYou Fjappe_Marcus: hi @Elajjaz and chat how are you? scp_david33: you cam break boxes if you throw the wrench at wooden ones SugarJLeonard: atpGasm Turbulist: LULW DakuSouru: LULW AlcatraZ567: ???? Zenthils: LUL kayyeah: Island to the beach! Wheels82: ?????? Nucleoprotein: ?????? Germy_ranch: elaHYUK Veddy_: there is and island to the beach elaGa Kobrick: PepeLaugh BaosilisK: ? LULW BitRun: elaGa Wendell8504: LULW UNIMVGINE: gachiHYPER Bulletchen: LULW AkaTsubaki_: elaGa AlexAnderman1994: elaHYUK timoteh: Fix the pump with the wrench 5Head @Elajjaz UltraWindow: tongue twisters? DarkResonance: FeelsPepoMan DigitalZips: elaChug Bobanaut: dirty stagnant water. dapsoul: bitch in the east? volcano_tn: Smash the Boxes ? jamie_mccabe: fix pump? VashGarland: an island to the beach 5Head HorribleHog: bitch of the east? sh0gg: a bitch to the east POGGERS BitRun: that was a real elaGa moment Filth_: Chag Minty_The_Bear: this game is giving me dying light vibes AlcatraZ567: Pog VashGarland: press E to fap Espher_5: Pog Lykouleon: Pog Scarvener: Pog Bobanaut: chat he did it! Kobrick: EZ POGGERS MrRoboto_0: PogU jaquescamarao: free water Pog Meximus322: elaEZ Clap Canopus: elaChug elaChug Speculaas: Pog Germy_ranch: Pog Fixed DigitalZips: elaChug TH3N4RL3Y1: lirikSMART lirikSMART lirikSMART lirikSMART lirikSMART LUL AlexAnderman1994: elaChug Fjappe_Marcus: hi @Elajjaz and chat how are you? Llyfrgell: elaChug Bobanaut: now fill your bottles Lagunaab: @Minty_The_Bear kinda lidl dying light HorribleHog: Minty_The_Bear Same here Vendetta1v: Kill that dragon elaWut Nucleoprotein: dragonfly monkaW Robin_CP: water, free of charge Skeith91x: save Veddy_: LULW LickMyPretzel: ?? I_anti_god: now she’s getting malaria jawsie: Trollslända elinaE elinaE Cheeseek: LuL MrRoboto_0: ?? akemicat: hello cutie chat elaH BitRun: ?? memorycard1mega: wut Speculaas: LUL sh0gg: but I just Kobrick: monkaS Bobanaut: use bottles to take water with you myfavoriteweeb: pepeJAMMER BruiseVein: that dragonfly is like “gtfo of my pump bish” xLucatiel: [e[eJAM Germy_ranch: Who is this guy PogU AlexAnderman1994: pepeJAM BrokenCompiler: Double fixed UNIMVGINE: pepeJAM Da_Flanker: Aight Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan squeak squeak squeak WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Corthak: YeahBoi jaquescamarao: save monkaW UltraWindow: is that a way to exploit the save system? gosamigo: pepeJAM memorycard1mega: hello VashGarland: inb4 only a finite number of pumps PepeLaugh Espher_5: akemicat elaFella DigitalZips: dude you fixed the shit outta that MealThief: see if you can fill a bottle or something DigitalZips: PepeLaugh Tomowatt: elaChug LickMyPretzel: Chag Bulletchen: Pog ChloeCamilla: PepeLaugh Tomowatt: Chag JhonnydasBR: Pog Speculaas: Nice jawsie: that’s me 🙂 Ahmeduwna: Pog miggonaut: K? K sh0gg: hop Corthak: FEET YeahBoi Ciaciov: parkour Malkav0: Baguette ? WhiteFoxy: :O Espher_5: DuckerZ AlexAnderman1994: Chag Germy_ranch: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW DRUNKARD Bobanaut: wrench him Da_Flanker: Another drunk BruiseVein: @jawsie i know, i’ve seen video 🙂 UNIMVGINE: WutFace dead1te: i love the way she holds the wrench, away from her, like its a shitty nappy lol LickMyPretzel: ?? Vendetta1v: WTF WhiteFoxy: LOL Bieberhunter: elaKek HotFireZ: LOL MrRoboto_0: sumSmash tomato9420: LUL DakuSouru: LULW CrazyKidGo: ??? Stinsfire: ???? Brunault_: ??? AlcatraZ567: LULW JhonnydasBR: xDDDDDDDDD UltraWindow: elaWut Cheeseek: LULW memorycard1mega: WUT Corthak: ???? Espher_5: LULW WhiteFoxy: HAHAHAHA scp_david33: LMAO easyeasy: WHAT LULW Veddy_: ???? dustinten: LUL Audriana: WHAT ZeinCE: ??????????? Tomowatt: WutFace WHAT ta_no_kami: LULW TaxmanX27: LULW Akewri: D: Robin_CP: what???? h4nfr3d: OMEGADOWN Sirpnie: LUL Speculaas: LULW TyrantZedd: What LULW Zeret: LULW Filo155: WHAT PhysiCle: elaKek Desradin: LULW Da_Flanker: What? Kaspu: ??? LickMyPretzel: it did what to your pussy? Canopus: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek timoteh: LULW WAT AlexAnderman1994: LULW Emzero: ????? Armody: LULW closing_eyes: LULW Annonn140: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW troublematicc: LULW atomicdestruction: ddHuh SolusBellator: elaD Omegaboom: LUL syps_: LULW Turbulist: LULW StarPogPlatinum: ??????? d4vlan: elaK Malkav0: WHAT ??? Ciaciov: elaYes gosamigo: LULW Akytami: LULW ??? Elvem: OMEGALUL WHAT THE FUCK Kabel_Katze_: Wut propcgamer19: ?????????? volcano_tn: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh memorycard1mega: why Zerkxion: LUL hepha1: HAHAHAHAA LULW jamie_mccabe: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea vo1dapex: LuL bigdaddye40: WHAT????? Mengzanoid: LULW Brodama: WHAT?????????? Jbrew: LULW Magnusss: LUL Spaceforce: LULW Justepic123: LULW ivooooo__: LULW Sephirothang: ??? HeavyM4chineGun: LULW Brogeta92: What?! demifiendll: wut FeelsWeirdMan Ahmeduwna: ???????????? Deliriumi1: ok then owlsama: LULW ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN southdesigner: wat LUL Magilou_69: LULW BrowningZen: LULW Vidmitriev: LULW jamie_mccabe: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm ArmstrongQ: LUL Kuromaru_: LULW AvemStercore: LULW BarghestFenrir_: WAIT WHAT? JhonnydasBR: LUUUUUUUUL sanchezwilliams: WHAT Obivanbeegees: haha TomaszHilfiger: LULW sh0gg: my pussy or my fuzzy? Da_Flanker: Wtf is she saying spike_the_space_cowboy: Kreygasm hepha1: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS TH3N4RL3Y1: timmacWTF lirikOBESE lirikOBESE mizukoshi: LUL schlawinator: LULW BitRun: the demons stole her pussy LULW Albin_Alligator: missfuScared TaxmanX27: DEVS LULW LickMyPretzel: that demon stole my pussy bobmighty: what StarPogPlatinum: LULW UNIMVGINE: We stealing pussy now? OMEGALUL Audriana: bitWat bitWat bitWat frvits: MY MAN forsenCD Clap tomato9420: LUL LUL ownyoubyatch: won’t you get water in the bottle lavos__: okay what is this game Streamleen: She sees you as a demon? sanchezwilliams: WHAAAAT d4vlan: elaThirst spidaaaa: touch the ass PogChamp Turbulist: elaKek Kobrick: Yes Veddy_: the demons stole her pussy elaHmm Shinichii: Good Job ? Vidmitriev: no the demons WhiteFoxy: the demon LULW glansdillzig: monkaTOS Da_Flanker: The demon stole her pussy jawsie: GIMME BACK MAH PUSSY Tomowatt: elaThirst SolusBellator: LUL jaquescamarao: the demons stole her pussy Byabizz: “The demons stole my pussy” i0wnswag: UL ta_no_kami: the demons stole my pussy brunolm: forsenCD DenZve: elaThirst StarPogPlatinum: Pussy stealer LULW Corthak: YeahBoi weeaboochan: “The demon stole my pussy” WrestlerBot2000: Knife|Clip No.28| https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyMagnificentWhaleHotPokket spike_the_space_cowboy: Kreygasm Clap FullySophisticated: shotoWut shotoWut shotoWut shotoWut shotoWut shotoWut timoteh: OMEGALUL FUKIN DEMONS STEALIN PUSSIES OVER HERE BrowningZen: PepeHands Brogeta92: the demon stole her pussy WutFace Minty_The_Bear: xD I’m glad i’m not the only one who heard that Ahmeduwna: LULW schurik126: GIVE IT BACK DansGame spiff_33: what is this dialogue sogeking_1337: i mean that happens… Lagunaab: @Elajjaz The demon stole my pussy sanchezwilliams: DONT TAKE THE PUSSY raqos: YeahBoi memorycard1mega: wtf Lexikun: You wish elaThirst bobmighty: pussy slayer sh0gg: pussy GONE miggonaut: thats also what women keep telling me elaHmm spike_the_space_cowboy: MY PUSSY NOW TriHard @Elajjaz pewseeplay: ceezLUL gosamigo: THIS FUCKING GAME LULW Da_Flanker: Wtf Fjappe_Marcus: hi @Elajjaz whats this game about? Da_Flanker: LUL BrowningZen: TriHard my pussy now hepha1: https://clips.twitch.tv/MistyTiredTireCurseLit Saokai: lol did anyone clip dat LMFAo BruiseVein: it’s Mr Steal Yo Puss Robin_CP: STOP IT YOU GOD DAMN PUSSY STEALER 😡 bingobangoboingobongo: actually creepy dialogue WutFace Epyawn: Epyawn subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! WrestlerBot2000: @Epyawn You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Aranzada: She needs it to pee PepeHands Hezess: Next step is probably knife wrench Germy_ranch: D: Kobrick: D: timoteh: FeelsBadMan That feel when demons steal ur pussy JazzLove: this trash “game” doesnt make any sense… another bs on steam UNIMVGINE: You shouldve got her pussy back PepeHands Geralt_of_Syria: YeahBoi Malkav0: Remember kids, it’s not very nice to steal pussies, especially if you’re a demon WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz plays Blair Witch (part 4) – https://youtu.be/Swm14Hz2dLA i0wnswag: demon stole mypussy HotPokket HotPokket Tomowatt: PepeHands Puss CoolCat Sirpnie: a tree Mengzanoid: monkaTOS Mittens777: ela1 ela2 Skeith91x: save @elajjaz lul Mittens777: ela3 ela4 Brogeta92: Fucked her pussy away FeelsBadMan sh0gg: pussy GONE Vendetta1v: https://clips.twitch.tv/OilyDifferentAsparagusTakeNRG cuicui_bam: something something pussy raqos: 🐍 Veddy_: LULW alee1e: D: Lykouleon: monkaTOS Tobhinio: gachiBASS gosamigo: gachiHYPER Tomowatt: oh my dead1te: a zombie survival sim? AlcatraZ567: monkaW Annonn140: gachiHYPER Kobrick: monkaS bobmighty: oh spa123: monkaS lavos__: how did you find this game even Turbulist: gachiHYPER jaquescamarao: Pog MrRoboto_0: Upgrade Pog Scarvener: Pog tidooh: @Elajjaz Help her find her cat PepeHands xFrancis: Pog Baykusmeister: Man every sound in this game is shitty but the only quality shit is fly sounds, fuck me Justepic123: monkaSHAKE anikatune: what is this even CupcakeCarnage: bAd PoOsSaY volcano_tn: that shadow LUL Magilou_69: VaN ? Germy_ranch: VaN binding BruiseVein: @lavos__ he attracts LIDL Corthak: VaN Drunkndragon: cock? Pog Akewri: she is ok with bodies already, can care only about the first one she saw LUL JhonnydasBR: xDDDDDD gosamigo: DE COCK TION gachiHYPER alpalin96: have to kill animals for hide oh no D: Jybel: No comment about the crucified guy in front of you, Ela? monkaW BarghestFenrir_: Cock? elaGasm Germy_ranch: 4Play h4nfr3d: it’s not one of her friends so meh… spevahr: the cocktion? Kreygasm Jajalembang: monkaX cheeze____: oh look, a crazy cult elaOk Tobhinio: monkaS BrokenCompiler: Yiish UNIMVGINE: YYEEET jawsie: LULW Espher_5: yeesh Filth_: PepeUff Yeesh hisoklouch: Yeesh Baykusmeister: Yeesh h4nfr3d: haHAA Germy_ranch: haHAA easyeasy: WOW elaKek Baykusmeister: YEESH Robin_CP: bruised??? syps_: elaHAA Malkav0: that sure is cheerful chintzl: gone from barfing to joking pretty quick, she’s a psycho spevahr: HaHAA jawsie: *munch* i0wnswag: Jebaited BruiseVein: ah the classic, panic over first body, make fun of the rest bingobangoboingobongo: you were freaking out about your friends like 2 seconds ago DansGame trashplayer218: Dong? miggonaut: is decocktion the male equivalent of that demon that stole that womans pussy? elaHmm Kildaedra: Bruised red WhiteFoxy: THERE IS A PERSON back there monkaS Dusty_Degenerate: Second body less traumatic I suppose TH3N4RL3Y1: goat for hide? AlexAnderman1994: bUrself Malkav0: I’m ever cheerful now i0wnswag: Jebaited Jebaited slave Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan goat simulator BontS: ElaPls Fjappe_Marcus: hi @Elajjaz whats this game about? JouniKari: the first body was her friend tho spike_the_space_cowboy: DICK LickMyPretzel: NO Royal_Clover: You have to adjust quick Espher_5: D: Tobhinio: monkaS ZeinCE: D: syps_: a big what gachiBASS MrRoboto_0: D: takirindor: D: HotFireZ: D: reddvelv: D: ueberkobi: elaD Brodama: D: Da_Flanker: Wowee Drunkndragon: he was only sleeping chat its ok Jybel: FrankerZ LickMyPretzel: lol syps_: elaD Distl17: NO Germy_ranch: Wowee Akewri: LUL HotFireZ: LUL Tomowatt: LULW Turbulist: LULW Vendetta1v: …LOL agentken007: maybe kill animals for hide? spike_the_space_cowboy: YES KILL IT Sirpnie: nice Robin_CP: lmao MrRoboto_0: LUL UltraWindow: Wowee wtf jamie_mccabe: VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay VoteNay bingobangoboingobongo: LUL HEIL_MODS_: LULW Da_Flanker: Nice LUL jaquescamarao: DON’T DO IT monkaW Omegaboom: LUL dustinten: D: Vidmitriev: LULW Autumn_Flare: LULW Nox15: LUL Lykouleon: LUL h4nfr3d: why PepeLaugh sh0gg: knife GONE syps_: OMEGADOWN Tobhinio: KEKW Germy_ranch: FailFish LickMyPretzel: ❓ Lexikun: LULW Lagunaab: ? takirindor: ? Espher_5: ? filarette: ? spevahr: YEET HotFireZ: Wowee ? Da_Flanker: LULW yurify: is this a rust / forest game chintzl: ? Brodama: ? UNIMVGINE: IKEA Kapp syps_: Wowee ❓ MrRoboto_0: NaM ? Espher_5: PepeLaugh Brodama: LULW HotFireZ: Wowee ElaPls takirindor: monkaS ccorns: elaKek spa123: ElaPls Tomowatt: 😡 syps_: 👁 LickMyPretzel: pepega dog Bobanaut: staby stab jawsie: Wowee Da_Flanker: Doge confused antonnord: Hi @elajjaz jawsie: OhMyDog Th0rn4s: stupid dog LULW Karsuiii: You should go to Manor Farm Brodama: ????? Neimyin: ❓ syps_: ❓ cuicui_bam: teleporting goat NeoDragonSWE: Dog got no sense of smell tho.. Malkav0: you do need that knife BruiseVein: so Far Cry but with doge tidooh: @Fjappe_Marcus Its survival horror with some cultist stuff. This girl landed on island with her friends and was kidnapped. Now she’s trying to find her friends. There are bunch of crazy people. jawsie: LesbianPride te LickMyPretzel: oof Da_Flanker: LULW Tomowatt: LULW Espher_5: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Bobanaut: broken legs lel AlexAnderman1994: 4Mansion Corthak: Oofas wicio_o: Yes sir gachiHYPER syps_: every time OMEGADOWN Kgcool: gravity boss Dusty_Degenerate: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW ZAMBIE shikifujin16: Clap Clap Clap sh0gg: bone broke HotFireZ: monkaW Skeith91x: omfg Malkav0: NotLikeThis takirindor: monkaS KororoX: DS2 falldmg AlcatraZ567: monkaW Kyucmbr: what da fak is dis MrRoboto_0: monkaSHAKE ShinoEleven: monkaW h4nfr3d: so that’s hard mode, eh? it was harder than this in ea. LUL Stinsfire: dead again Fjappe_Marcus: @tidooh sick, ty bingobangoboingobongo: nah bonk him on the bonce Spaceforce: coxOmg pretty trees WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Tomowatt: LULW ANOTHER WAY HEIL_MODS_: let me in PepeHands Bobanaut: @h4nfr3d hard mode this? did you see how he broke both his legs and spine and still walks? Robin_CP: the wall isn’t that high Krankor: Krankor subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! the big 10 WrestlerBot2000: @Krankor Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM Malkav0: @h4nfr3d it’s forever in ea though LUL victor_maitland: that dude who walked past prob has the key cuicui_bam: Broken leg, better smoke some green herbs PepeUff Cosmic_Gnostic: coxOmg coxOmg coxOmg NNayio: PIG elaWut Tomowatt: Pog Mr. Pig tidooh: @Fjappe_Marcus Not much more is known so far. Its not a AAA title but it looks promising. sunshift: PepeLaugh 26camels: if only you had a knife Tobhinio: Here piggy piggy pepeLaugh tidooh: @Fjappe_Marcus np pepeL sunshift: PepeLaugh 👉 🐗 Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz i see you took a female character you thirsty boi elaThirst Fjappe_Marcus: @tidooh indeed it does h4nfr3d: haven’t played it for like a year syps_: dang A+ construction work there ChrisBoul: i think you could climb from the other door you were before spa123: Pog takirindor: Pog SonicatorTV: is this game any good so far elaHmm Tomowatt: Pog weeaboochan: Pog Lagunaab: @Elajjaz Ela whenever you have these HYUKS do you also shiver or something ? Brodama: Pog NNayio: PogU Corthak: pepeS Lykouleon: Pog ? syps_: Pog Corthak: PepeS HotFireZ: Pog WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz reddvelv: MaN ?? Corthak: HotPokket Agiu: POGGERS BitRun: @SonicatorTV its pretty fun Random3DGuy: DansGame syps_: just like helms deep Pog Robin_CP: squadW sunshift: squadW wtf jaquescamarao: Pog MrRoboto_0: PogU Brodama: Pog progress WarWeeny: To cater to the SJw and LGBT of course UNIMVGINE: Bonfire Pog i0wnswag: HotPokket HotPokket NNayio: I want to play as a MaN Da_Flanker: MaN Aww Tomowatt: FeelsGoodMan CurseLit Smug_Bird: Pog bonfire lit LickMyPretzel: i am so sleeepyyyyy ResidentSleeper reddvelv: W rite dzemroz: w rite Kobrick: Tomb Rider PogChamp HotFireZ: W rite Kyucmbr: WWWWWWWWWWWW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Corthak: I can’t play as a MaN ? Nox15: W rite i0wnswag: LUL syps_: W rite NNayio: elaGa Da_Flanker: Save written FthJns: W rite Pog anikatune: W yes sh0gg: because you will die here a lot henri_wintermans: forsenE ??? lavos__: do you rite it gosamigo: W rite LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: TIME FOR THE FUCKING TEST CHAT pokiW PepeLaugh Bobanaut: quick save lel NNayio: D: Smug_Bird: yuck Kgcool: yuck SonicatorTV: friend PepeHands h4nfr3d: nah akemicat: @lickmypretzel go to sleep! Soadante: Yuck 🙂 Corthak: YUCK reddvelv: elaSmash spa123: PepeHands cuicui_bam: Yuck Lykouleon: PepeHands Turbulist: PepeHands Robin_CP: yuckkk ra1nfield: Hyuk NNayio: YUCK elaWeird Da_Flanker: Check out Green Hell sometime MakyuIchaival: YUCK syps_: yuck PepeHands Qaziz9: Yuck walders0821: eww gross Vidmitriev: yuck BitRun: uickie Th0rn4s: yuck Germy_ranch: PepeHands yuck Corthak: elaSmash skraalQ: Yuck DECULTURE! spevahr: Hyuck FthJns: Yuck LULW franky_latabasse: Jöck Failskill: cuck poggingforever: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: ElaSmash LickMyPretzel: who the hell says yuck to that gosamigo: elaSmash Corthak: ElaSmash MORFHI: ZOMG anikatune: HYUCK DakuSouru: VaN Akewri: but a crucified body is only a yeesh LUL Turbulist: VaN MrRoboto_0: VaN DaniDuck: @Elajjaz it seems 1 minute real time=1 minute in game, so good luck ever getting to night time LULW Brodama: icky. smashed in head. AYAYA BitRun: VaN Brunault_: VaN AlexAnderman1994: TakeItBoi Qaziz9: VaN henri_wintermans: forsenGASM forsenGASM forsenGASM gosamigo: ElaSmash Freezaol: HYUKAGE HUCK HYUKCHIHA Corthak: VaN Clap Vendetta1v: https://clips.twitch.tv/OilyDifferentAsparagusTakeNRG LickMyPretzel: FeelsLagMan ? Kyucmbr: MaN LAHGGG NeoWildSeven: VaN Clap Bobanaut: chat i remember seeing this game like 1 year ago… is this me being mental? spike_the_space_cowboy: @DakuSouru type pokiW cmonBruh NNayio: elaEZ Brodama: THIS DEMON TOOK MY PUSSY HotPokket Lykouleon: D: Vendetta1v: EleGiggle UltraWindow: FeelsLagMan Kobrick: D: HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh tidooh: @Elajjaz since you enjoyed Subnautica you may be interested in Breathedge on Steam. d4vlan: D: DakuSouru: spike_the_space_cowboy no 🙂 HotFireZ: D: Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: YeahBoi JustDoIt SolusBellator: elaD Elvem: LULW Qaziz9: rooD Istog: new sub sound? SiiTHii: #metoo NNayio: FeelsLagMan timoteh: PepeLaugh Xhawl: Sorry to hear that man. syps_: FeelsLagMan Da_Flanker: FeelsLagMan F Kaspu: FeelsLagMan MrRoboto_0: FeelsLagMan Germy_ranch: FeelsLagMan capitanodorito: FeelsLagMan Robin_CP: F Wendell8504: FeelsLagMan Sohei4649: FeelsLagMan sh0gg: my pussy PepeHands Istog: F Espher_5: FeelsLagMan JhonnydasBR: F Nox15: F bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan BruiseVein: F over here Mengzanoid: FeelsLagMan Kirage47: F Elvem: F] Th0rn4s: FeelsLagMan NNayio: LAG FeelsLagMan Tomowatt: FeelsLagMan ta_no_kami: mini F jamie_mccabe: SeemsGood SeemsGood irevil0: f BitRun: f Corthak: FeelsLagMan ShinoEleven: FeelsLagMan ChibiKuro: FeelsLagMan Cheapcat: FeelsLagMan WhiteFoxy: FeelsLagMan MrRoboto_0: monkaW Jprtc: F Pusjonks: lag Leviatan2287: F pepitobat: FeelsLagMan Lagunaab: F Qaziz9: FeelsLagMan jade282: F Llyfrgell: F i0wnswag: F Azure_Felt: my twitch is FeelsLagMan WotorJL: F Kaspu: Twitch WeirdChamp syps_: monkaW Wendell8504: f HEIL_MODS_: FeelsLagMan hello_this_is_joel: FeelsLagMan NeoWildSeven: F Dusty_Degenerate: FeelsLagMan F Geralt_of_Syria: monkaW Bobanaut: ela stop frame dropping casualkappa123: FeelsLagMan DigitalZips: FeelsLagMan pepitobat: F myfavoriteweeb: FeelsLagMan anikatune: F ZeinCE: F FeelsLagMan kni9htArtorias: f tentheon: f Saokai: @tidooh he finished it already 100% Royal_Clover: Twitch FeelsWeirdMan syps_: FeelsLagMan AlexAnderman1994: FeelsLagMan Justepic123: FeelsLagMan d4vlan: f LickMyPretzel: stream is dying UltraWindow: feels F sometimes Casonara: F Antimonesia: FeelsLagMan Akewri: F Pusjonks: FeelsLag Kyucmbr: @Akewri FeelsLagMan troublematicc: FeelsLagMan Astroft123: F ccorns: FeelsLagMan Da_Flanker: Yeah, getting worse spa123: FeelsLagMan user_222745: F Germy_ranch: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan diimooon: f NNayio: STREAM’S DEAD FeelsLagMan cuicui_bam: riPepperonis h4nfr3d: twitch! bularr: F UNIMVGINE: FeelsLagMan This is it dastyscorner: F BrokenCompiler: FeelsLagMan jamie_mccabe: f ShavedManInABoat: THE DEMONS STOLE MY STREAM SonicatorTV: FeelsLagMan chintzl: FeelsLagMan FthJns: FeelsLagMan Aphypowaa: F Vendetta1v: NUUU bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan f 26camels: FeelsLagMan Speculaas: Twitch lobosRage CaoCaoMengde: FeelsLagMan xNoury: PepeHands AlcatraZ567: F Ahmeduwna: F SkibolPatryk: FeelsLagMan ChibiKuro: demon’s fault nepSmug Clap BruiseVein: big F Absolute_Dreamer: Demon stole our stream Da_Flanker: elaREE TWITCH Kyucmbr: @Elajjaz FeelsLagMan Distl17: FeelsLagMan DigitalZips: Twitch is being FeelsPepoMan again MrRoboto_0: Stream dying PepeHands anikatune: STREAM DYING Sohei4649: PROLOGUE Downloading again LULW Komitern66: FeelsLagMan AlcatraZ567: WTF F i0wnswag: F. Elvem: Big F BubTheBozo: MAJOR F Gammaception: back Soveriegn3: F Pusjonks: FeelsLagMan Lexikun: F BitRun: FeelsLagMan demons stealing my wifi jade282: Big F tidooh: @Saokai :O how did I missed it? Thanks pepeL Autumn_Flare: Big F monkaW AlcatraZ567: FeelsLagMan Germy_ranch: FeelsLagMan Clap HotFireZ: FeelsLagMan Bobanaut: F stream dying Komitern66: F StalledData: F Vendetta1v: Twitch getting hit Kapp sh0gg: why my pussy PepeHands Tomowatt: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan Corthak: FeelsLagMan Clap bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan kni9htArtorias: ffffffff Mengzanoid: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan AlcatraZ567: F NeoWildSeven: Omega F Taurz: f UNIMVGINE: Pepege Twitch Dusty_Degenerate: Demons stealing frames AlcatraZ567: F yes jamie_mccabe: MrDestructoid spa123: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan JhonnydasBR: F :/ LickMyPretzel: FF sh0gg: noo BruiseVein: @Elajjaz check Steam downloads skraalQ: FeelsLagMan SiiTHii: FeelsLagMan wandering_pleb: FeelsLagMan Albin_Alligator: missfuF Fjappe_Marcus: huge F Kirage47: Stream feelsLagMan alpalin96: F Minato_Q: Fucking twtich demons riPepperonis pilmn: f WhiteFoxy: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan jamie_mccabe: VoteYea VoteYea cuicui_bam: FeelsLagMan akmannen: its F but its back 🙂 myfavoriteweeb: FF Lexikun: it’s dropping frames a lot syps_: FF ZebraStriker: F so hard i am broke from paying repsects Cosmic_Gnostic: just lag weeaboochan: F Prop16: whole Twitch is F Zar___: f scorp29_and_abyss: F Casonara: F indeed gosamigo: Slide Shwo LULW anikatune: @Elajjaz Kinda Da_Flanker: It’s bad skraalQ: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan Life_fox1992: she’s very athletic MrRoboto_0: I SPRING ElaPls Tearingbullet: FF Ahmeduwna: Lagging Pusjonks: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan samewousogoja: F Shaanbear: FeelsLagMan HEIL_MODS_: still dropping frames NNayio: NEXT FRAME PLS FeelsGoodMan LickMyPretzel: I hear sound but video is laggy Vidmitriev: FeelsLagMan ChibiKuro: Twitch please FeelsWeirdMan Cheapcat: it’s fine 🙂 FeelsLagMan ababagalamaga1: 10000K PC LUL Bobanaut: twitch having issues casualkappa123: demon stealing frames DigitalZips: Man, we haven’t had Twitch issues for a while here too. @Elajjaz It’s not fully F but it’s hitching hard elaFeels squatchbacca: f bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan f UltraWindow: getting less than 2000Kbps Germy_ranch: FeelsLagMan skraalQ: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan Justepic123: Freezes all over the place FeelsLagMan ta_no_kami: THE DEMONS STOLE MY ELA elaREE Saokai: @tidooh unlucky, can always check the vods 🙂 Robin_CP: dropping frames a lot SonicatorTV: frames dropping still FeelsLagMan NNayio: NEXT FRAME PLEASE! FeelsGoodMan Clap NEXT FRAME PLEASE! FeelsGoodMan Clap NEXT FRAME PLEASE! FeelsGoodMan Clap NEXT FRAME PLEASE! FeelsGoodMan Clap Qaziz9: FeelsLagMan Kyucmbr: FeelsLagMan UltraWindow: skipping a lot of frames cuicui_bam: Twitch is dying, even emotes tabs lag BitRun: nice 10k pc LULW capitanodorito: next slide FeelsGoodMan ClappingKappa Tamen_Strange: FeelsLagMan Armody: Seems fine now AlexAnderman1994: looks like a slideshow Sohei4649: Your camera’s not moving either because of frames PepeLaugh NNayio: 5Head jade282: WE ARE READY FOR NEXT SLIDE elaA Germy_ranch: 5Head Astroft123: gud time to stop maybe haha BitRun: its ok now MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: next slide please 🙂 Prop16: @Elajjaz twitch is bad Tomowatt: FeelsLagMan JhonnydasBR: pc Yoda Kappa alpalin96: your video time skips gosamigo: FeelsLagMan sh0gg: laggy h4nfr3d: not fine NNayio: HOLY! 5Head jamie_mccabe: slideshow VoteYea VoteYea timoteh: FeelsLagMan UltraWindow: looks like twitch is having issues Vidmitriev: nope not ok ThePain0815: audio is fine, video is fucked Minato_Q: RIP twitch Justepic123: F bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan MasterMdrn: agane AlcatraZ567: F MrRoboto_0: F spa123: evo19Download Karsuiii: The Demon stole your upload Dusty_Degenerate: F TaxmanX27: FeelsLagMan Clap spike_the_space_cowboy: NEXT SLIDE FeelsGoodMan BitRun: aaaaaaaaaand its laggin again Emzero: FeelsLagMan tidooh: @Saokai pepeL reddvelv: FeelsLagMan the_one_wasabi: f 1080p200fps: imagine being rich and having lidl internet Bobanaut: F jacoblyth: what is this game? irevil0: drop sh0gg: just go on BruiseVein: just switch to Mixer bro Kappa LickMyPretzel: FeelsLagMan still Kirage47: It’s the demon monkaS Skeith91x: F rip twitch Pusjonks: WE ARE READY FOR NEXT SLIDE elaA Lexikun: alt tab the game ? Ilueen: not the only one seeing a black screen? Fiend325: it has nothing to do with you moving Cosmic_Gnostic: evo19Download evo19Download evo19Download evo19Download HotFireZ: Twitch is dying FeelsBadMan Azure_Felt: anyways time PepeHands lavos__: so what do we talk about Agiu: JKanStyle JKanStyle Germy_ranch: FeelsLagMan scorp29_and_abyss: lag the game=v FilthGodVenom: your sound is fine jamie_mccabe: UNDO LAG PLZ JhonnydasBR: !uptime WrestlerBot2000: @JhonnydasBR, elajjaz has been streaming for 7 hours 17 mins Sohei4649: FeelsLagMan HEIL_MODS_: 1 fps PogU UltraWindow: buffer size is a whopping 5s xNoury: Kreygasm shitting the bed NNayio: @Twitch elaWeird Bobanaut: F5 doesnt fix it WitheldSkate: PepeHands ThePain0815: how are you ela Qaziz9: you should move to mixer 🙂 Stinsfire: I am fine JhonnydasBR: chat is fine is what matters Kappa reddvelv: @Elajjaz perhaps u should try to undo PepeLaugh Kashmirik: Twitch is F yup Sephirothang: F ekahS_hS: not F for me on mobile MrRoboto_0: Twitch FeelsWeirdMan MasterMdrn: cha Justepic123: THE DEMONS STOLE MY FRAMES Brodama: god damn. shit the bed. turkeybarbed: next slide please saugo: F ? Corthak: FeelsLagMan FilthGodVenom: @elajjaz the sound is fine, just not the video gosamigo: Someone stole Twitch’s pussy Kappa Sohei4649: Mixer attacking monkaW Vendetta1v: Anyways PepeHands UltraWindow: less than 2000Kbps WeirdChamp Jaargan: what is happening? HEIL_MODS_: friday 13 is coming chat 🙂 Lykouleon: PepeHands Kirage47: Call em up and complain 😛 DigitalZips: game seems interesting at least UNIMVGINE: Amazon did this PepeHands sh0gg: it’s laggy but it’s still here DigitalZips: think you’ll continue some other day? KnoWabLe: @Brodama oh i see you’re man of the culture as well Corthak: MIXER ATTACKING PepeS AlcatraZ567: F zion22: calm down guys. twitch is a small website that’s why they have so many issues Kappa Espher_5: PepeHands NoDwarfTossing: AYAYA TWITCH CANT HANDLE THE CUTENESS AYAYA Azure_Felt: next slide pls FeelsGoodMan Clap kni9htArtorias: change server @Elajjaz Skeith91x: @elajjaz Is this Real Life? HEIL_MODS_: mixer monkaW NeoDragonSWE: halting bursts of gameplay… 1080p200fps: amouranth got unsuspended today, she’s using all the bandwidth of twitch Kobrick: PepeHands NeoWildSeven: @Elajjaz seems stable now JhonnydasBR: Restart PC 4Head filarette: twitch – small indian company pepitobat: Some other streams are lagging as well so… Brodama: @KnoWabLe YeahBoi Komitern66: @Elajjaz mixer when UltraWindow: pepeJAM Zar___: I had the same crappy server a couple of hours ago D: jamie_mccabe: mixer ddos Bobanaut: no its actually completely stopping Distl17: mixer is ddosing to suppoert ninja Justepic123: ffffffffffff Sohei4649: ASMR stream Pog MrRoboto_0: pepeJAM Tomowatt: FeelsLagMan Bobanaut: sound and video stops Canopus: elaK reddvelv: ppHop Qaziz9: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan AlcatraZ567: FeelsLagMan bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan FiReBallKG: nice powerpoint presentation LULW Corthak: FeelsLagMan Clap UltraWindow: doing runs tomorrow? WhiteFoxy: FeelsLagMan PepeHands Baykusmeister: what the fuck what happened to stream LULW spa123: FeelsLagMan BruiseVein: stream totally stopped for me now olli2101: FeelsLagMan Espher_5: ANYWAYS PepeHands akemicat: @1080p200fps ew i dont like her Nox15: FeelsLagMan bendtosquares: FeelsLagMan f DigitalZips: Awesome, glad to hear it. Looking forward to it elaSmile Lagunaab: will you do it on evenings only or whole day ? @Elajjaz BitRun: @Elajjaz no ds1 speedruns? PepeHands Th0rn4s: what if the game has a memory leak? MrRoboto_0: Anyways PepeHands Turbulist: next slide please elaOk jawsie: Intredasting elinaD cuicui_bam: This game is scarier with only sound and a few fps Azure_Felt: actually anyways PepeHands gosamigo: Pussy-stealing game FeelsGoodMan Kaspu: Ending early again PepeHadns Kirage47: This powerpoint is pog Kaspu: PepeHands UNIMVGINE: Elajjaz Slideshow PepeLaugh Azure_Felt: Pog that slide JhonnydasBR: NOW ITS FINE zion22: twitch get your shit together WeirdChamp ababagalamaga1: @Turbulist Kappa weeaboochan: @Elajjaz had a busy day since you’re tired? Bobanaut: he is saving and stopping chat… so no worries about broken legs MakyuIchaival: W rite UltraWindow: smooth now jad144p: hello elaHi Tomowatt: PepeHands SteineAlters: it works again heridan_: well it’s back UltraWindow: might be the game? 1080p200fps: @akemicat youre in good company HEIL_MODS_: ITS BACK? Pog 超横断: it’s back Turbulist: ababagalamaga1 Kapp Speculaas: Seems fine now anikatune: As soon as you saved AlcatraZ567: maybe its the game? FilthGodVenom: Yeah I dropped a lot or frames for no reason the other day too but restarted the stream and fixed it Rodriwastaken: we back Pog capitanodorito: it works now Kirage47: Saved? gosamigo: Saved Pog Justepic123: Pog it works noxcorvus: it’s fine for me – no freezing kni9htArtorias: sab=ved spa123: HandsUp きのこり隊: I like this game Turbulist: back Pog Germy_ranch: Back PogU Albin_Alligator: those frame drops… are playing on a ps4? DaniDuck: ITS FINE NOW Pog LickMyPretzel: PepeHands no FthJns: Saved Pog Karsuiii: now is smooth xxD Rodriwastaken: UNDO Nox15: saved Pog AlcatraZ567: PepeHands kni9htArtorias: saved CaoCaoMengde: Back Pog pixel676: @elajjaz any runs tomorrow?? AlexAnderman1994: it came back SonicatorTV: PepeHands UltraWindow: it went smooth now abcxd: saved wandering_pleb: PepeHands BitRun: its good now zion22: actually it’s fine now LULW HotFireZ: its fine now Th0rn4s: its good now lochlan1414: they really need to hire someone to kern their text lmao jamie_mccabe: getting a bit better Karsuiii: no more lags for now Ahmeduwna: Anyways PepeHands BruiseVein: working better now, still not good Sanzibal: Friday 13½ UltraWindow: i think it might be the game Lexikun: it’s fine now, I think it’s the game Tomowatt: PepeHands ANYWAYS SonomanTM: it is fine now ShinoEleven: PepeHands Speculaas: PepeHands Lykouleon: PepeHands PhysiCle: PepeHands Happylolman: demons will steal her pussy too! Jaargan: PepeHands Turbulist: anyways PepeHands TyrantZedd: Anepways PepeHands AlexAnderman1994: noooo, it works now Karsuiii: Its good now AkaTsubaki_: PepeHands Vendetta1v: We good FeelsGoodMan Cosmic_Gnostic: now its fine Brunault_: PepeHands atomicdestruction: PepeHands Ilueen: working for me now Kobrick: PepeHands MrRoboto_0: PepeHands akemicat: goodnight ela!!! ComradeNerdy: PepeHands casualkappa123: @Elajjaz saving the game saved twitch too tidooh: @Elajjaz Are you gonna continue this? RulioOW: looked more like freezes than lags cheeze____: it’s ok now elaMad PepeHands Azure_Felt: Pog 1080p200fps: one worms game? Sanzibal: today is Friday 13 Rodriwastaken: PogU zion22: Chag kni9htArtorias: its fine now anikatune: @Elajjaz went fine as sonn as you saved HEIL_MODS_: yes weeaboochan: Pog AlcatraZ567: Pog DakuSouru: PogU Tomowatt: Chag zion22: we back Chag Bobanaut: fine now?!!! Rodriwastaken: ppHop PhysiCle: Pog Azure_Felt: LULW Fentu: Anyways AlcatraZ567: SAVED Pog Agiu: Pog abcxd: Pog Casonara: Pog Ahmeduwna: Pog spa123: saved Pog MrRoboto_0: Pog AlexAnderman1994: elaWOW gosamigo: Friday 13th monkaW filarette: we back boiz MasterMdrn: Pog hello_this_is_joel: Pog UltraWindow: i suspect the game now nrdyHmm chintzl: HUP kayyeah: Just go till you die again elaK Lykouleon: Pog More Ela time

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