Eid Mubarak | Eid Celebration & Facts For Kids| Cultural Stories For Kids | Jalebi Street |

Eid Mubarak | Eid Celebration & Facts For Kids| Cultural Stories For Kids | Jalebi Street |

and that was a brilliant performance
perfect posture and balance Naz… Hello ohh hiee guys when did you get here hehehe we have been standing here for five whole minutes our naz becomes a naz zombie when it comes to gymnastics do did you see that girl Daddy when I make my trampoline I am going to fly up into the sky you’re making a trampoline so cool can we play on it to? hmmm.. only if you help me build it wait a minute i have been saving up money and buying all the
materials now I just have to buy the rubber sheet my nimblenaz with your eidi
tomorrow you’ll have enough money for sure tomorrow is eid and children receive
money to buy whatever they like it’s called eidi i know i love eid it my favourite festival who want’s to go outside & see the smiling sky? the crescent moon just like a smile in
the sky look the crescent moon marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan
it means the festival of Eid has begun Eid Mubarak everyone the khans have come eid shopping naz’s
trampling sheet shoes for daddy and new clothes for mummy here take this thank
you mummy now we’ll all get wet that’s ok naz the old lady needed the
umbrella more Guard chacha could you help please?
sure sure Eid Mubarak guard chacha Eid Mubarak and thank
you very very much daddy you finally just bought those
shoes you wanted and you gave them away guard chacha needed them more nos and today as Eid ohh…. poor little birds and their little eggs its ok little birds you need this more Eid
Mubarak why are you sad naz ohh…. why??? they needed it more ha that’s what Eid is about helping and caring for others
later that afternoon here kids some kheer and some Eidi for all of you Eid Mubarak Wait I know if Ramadan and Eid are about helping then we should also help with our Eidi money yes and a piggy bank
savings super thought bubble bright Can I open my eyes now? Just another few steps. okay… one two three open your eyes. Trampoline for me Eid Mubarak Naz. But how???? All thanks to your friends they decided to use their Eidi to make you
happy just like you used yours to help the birds the voice do you want to see more of jellybean
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  1. Mashallah great work on this animation you made our world better explaining what eid is

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