Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam Full Movie || Manchu Vishnu, Raj Tharun, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hebah Patel

Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam Full Movie || Manchu Vishnu, Raj Tharun, Sonarika Bhadoria, Hebah Patel

Smoking and drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. Smoking and drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. Hey! After I decided.. ..what is this discussion.
This is my land. Get aside! Hey, I am not the landowner
to leave if you tell me to leave. I am a landmine. I will blast! Hey!
– Hey! Actually this land belongs
to police department. Grabbling police land
is more injurious than.. ..smoking and drinking. Your countdown starts now. If you do not give up rowdyism.. ..until you give up.. ..I will give missed calls. I will send SMS’.
I will send voice mails as warning. It is okay if you change. If you do not change,
I will not talk, my gun will talk. Hail Telangana! Hail Andhra! Hail the loving son of Mother India!
Narendra Modi! Ouch! Get out! You lied saying you got married and.. ..rented the portion upstairs
and do anti-social activities. You should light incense sticks
in the house but not cigarettes. You should boil milk but not beers. At 9 PM will you bring
a girl wearing nighty? She is not a girl, she is aunt. Her husband threw her out at midnight so
I brought her to pacify her with love. I will beat you with footwear. Did it take whole night for
you to pacify her? Stop it, sir. Will it not take whole
night to pacify her with love? I will crush your neck. I am cursing you as a bachelor. I swear on the Goddess of our bachelors,
Sunny Leone. Whoever comes to stay
in your house hereafter.. will face heavy torture from them. This is my curse.
– Crap! Go away! I will go.
There are many vacant houses available. Father, is your sadism satisfied now? If you play tennis
with tenants like this.. ..they are not staying
for even ten days. Are you supporting your father
or tenants? Decide it. If you vacate one person every month.. ..where should I bring someone
who stays for just one month. That is why bring tenants.. ..who behaves well. Useless fellow!
Had you not worked as my assistant.. will not be good
enough to tell lies in the court. Father!
– Hey! Is it house or assembly? I am seeing from the time
I came here as daughter-in-law. Ever did father and son talk with love? You always fight like politicians. Tiffin is ready, eat. First feed him the
grass of intelligence. Feed him with the egg laid
by the donkey that eats grass. Donkey’s eggs are not
available in the house. Hens eggs are available.
– Give some egg. Have you seen his greedy?
That is why I scold him. Okay. Where is your brother-in-law? Do not know, uncle. Arjun’s
phone is switched off from morning. Which fool is this fool roaming with? “He is a great trickster.” “He is a great gambler.
He shows stars in daylight.” “Beautiful lies..” “..are their weapons.” “We cannot find out what
their games and schemes are. “His brain traps you..” “His brain does not have track.” “Both are unique and super.
Both are strange.” “It is a different game altogether
if they both become one.” “Both are unique and also dangerous.” “Tongue is enough for them.” “For weaving lies..” “It is enough if they
find a small needle.” “For digging up long tunnels.” “They create mischief like monkeys.” “We cannot predict who is what.” “We get defeated if we take on them..” “One goes to watch..” “Another goes to set fire..” “Nobody is less, both are..” “They both are unique
and also their antics.” “They both are unique
and also their antics.” “They both are unique and
pretend to feign ignorance.” “The both are unique, we will be
very happy if we do not caught by them.” What is the case for today, father? We get something if
we sit under the tree. Arjun, stop. Yes, father.
– I dealt many cases in my life but.. ..I do not understand your case. Which case you understood? Is there anything good in you?
Like some goal. Why do not I have?
My digestion system is good. It is okay. Do you have a goal in life? Your brother is working
as assistant lawyer under me. Our servant. Zarina. We are giving 7,000 per month. She is better than you. Oh God! I will request our Judge.. ..and get you security man’s job. Do it. Manchu Manoj!
Manchu Manoj! Manchu Manoj! Are you my father or Church’s father? Sister-in-law, at least you tell him. Uncle, you are getting
late for the court, you go. It is not that, he..
– Leave it, uncle. I will talk. Go.
– Thank you, thank you. Thank you, sister-in-law. You saved me. How peaceful Vizag
was after the cyclone Hudhud hit.. is equally peaceful
after father left the house. Arjun, why do you talk
like that about elders? Every father is older than son. Wish he possessed some intelligence. Because of father’s scolding.. ..I will definitely suffer.. ..heart attack..
and.. father.. father.. father. Forgive me. Soundarya, have you seen.. ..what he is saying? You gave two bulls before leaving. I am unable to feed them. I have seen, stop. Younger son! I will not spare
you without mending your ways. I am not wearing black coat for nothing. Yes, father. You are washing
it daily and wearing. – You shut up. Hello. Food Court case? In the court?
Father and I are wearing coats. We are coming, on the way. Okay. Come, father. Why did we come back? Oh, for the bag.
Where is the bag? Where is the bag? Thank you. When his mother was
carrying him in her womb.. ..I mixed rose powder in milk and.. ..told her to give birth to a scientist. But she gave birth to this sadist. Children who studied with him.. ..have secured jobs
in government offices and.. ..sleeping in AC but he got drunk.. ..and feeling AC under the sun. My dear son! Ashwin! Get up! Father is a small SI and.. ..son is a loafer,
public is laughing at me. At least go for home guard selections. Get up. Son! What did Abdul Kalam sir say?
– He said to dream. Father, I am sleeping more to dream. He said not to dream in sleep. He said to dream of a good future. Nageshwar Rao’s son became Nagarjuna. Krishna’s son became Mahesh Babu. NTR’s son became Balakrishna. Why have my son become a loafer? God must be lazy. Lazy! Someone is calling constantly. Get up and take the call. Buddy, have you forgotten? We
are attending Kishore’s marriage today. Three days fun! You are too much! Buddy! Macha! – Bro,
why is he calling as Machha? I mean he is friend from
Vijayawada so he calls me Babai. I mean he is friend from
Chennai so he calls me Machha. I am from Hyderabad so I am bro.
– Rascal is looking like groom! Why did you come so early? I told you to come at the time
of marriage, right? Hell with your love. We came for girls, Machha.
Dry days! – Oh.. Is the bride fair or like you?
– I did not see. Did not see? Why? – My father suffered heart attack. Corporate hospital billed 15 lakhs. When I was thinking of what to do.. I got a marriage proposal online.
They offered 50 lakhs dowry.. I accepted without
seeing the girl. – Rascal! You seem to live with her
online if you are offered one crore. Is there such option? – Stop it! Macha, it is insulting not
to see the bride. – Is not it? I know where the bride is. Shall we go and see? – Yes.
– Come on, let us go. Bride’s room is behind this wall. Idea! If you climb this mango tree now.. ..colours on the other
side will look beautiful. I do not know to climb the tree.
– I know. – I too know. So you climb and pull me. – No need.
You are very tall, you only climb. Let anybody climb,
do not forget to pull me. Okay. Take this. Kishore! – Who? My father! Hide! Hide! Bend! Hide! Where is this fool? Come, come. Did you see the bride? I have seen.
– Is she nice? She is superb. Which colour dress she is wearing? No dress at all. ‘Do not you worried.’ Did you see everything? I saw from top to bottom. Is she so beautiful? Why are you showing so much interest? She looks like a washed Kohinoor.. ..she looks like a
butterfly wearing bikini. She looks like Monalisa
wearing swim suit. Stop it! I am feeling irritated. You be little matured.
– I am not matured. Okay? Son-in-law! Will you see? What should I see after the
review is written post preview? Marriage dress. He saw everything without dress
so what is the use if I see clothes. I need some lonely time, uncle. Please get out, Uncle.
Do not mind. Please get out. I think you are in irritation.
– Yes. Very much. Bye.
– Bye. You also get out, guys.
I need some privacy. It is not that.. – Just get out. Bloody friends.. – Let us go. He is still immature. Son-in-law’s friend! One minute! My son-in-law is feeling
irritated and is shouting at us. He is sitting and crying alone. Why is it so?
– Somebody has seen something. Maybe swim suit get up. This is not swim suit.
This is marriage dress. You only should give
it and make sure he wears it. Okay. Kishore! Kishore! Do you have sense? Manners? Are you watching girls
when they are changing dresses? I mean I thought it
is bridegroom’s room.. Do not you know the difference between
bridegroom’s room and bride’s room? I do not know. Between girl and boy.. ..between beauty and ugly..
between school and bar.. ..I do not know the difference. Why? – God gave eyes but.. a hurry.. ..he forgot to give connection.
– Are you blind? By birth. – Sorry. Oh blind? It is okay. Change dresses. I think I will become blind in real now. Babes are beautiful! Go straight and take
right for bridegroom’s room. Thanks. Let us be frank.. ..the birthmark on your waist is superb. Maintain it like that only.
– Thanks. Poor guy! Though he is blind,
he could see the waist properly. What is it? How could he
see the body when he is blind? Hey, idiot!
– Hey! Look, do not shout unnecessarily.
Close the door! You show without asking and later cry. You! Hey! Idiot! Do not feel bad, buddy.
I did not see anything. I mean we saw many in swimsuit. Katrina, Kareena.. Latest Alia Bhatt. But what
is wrong if my friend seems my wife. My wife did not see my friend. You are matured, bro.
– Yes, I know. You fool. Buddy, by thinking it is your room.. ..I entered bride’s room. Did you see the bride?
– Yes. – How is she? Why would not she be good? He saw in the room. She must be looking traditional.. marriage sari. Right? You are wrong.
She was not wearing sari at that time. “What is truth and what is not..” “We do not know, this is life..” “This is it..” Son-in-law.. You did not see till now. Will you at least see now?
– One guy saw her nude.. guy saw her changing clothes.. What difference will
it make if I see or not? Who had seen?
– What they saw? I will shoot the video
and upload the same on YouTube.. like it. Your wife write comment.. ..I will share it. Get out I say!
– Will you not see even me? Who are you in between? – My daughter. Your would-be. I mean I saw her online long back.. I could not recognize her in live. Uncle, I did not see
this girl in swimsuit. Is it? – Yes. Buddy, I did not see this girl
changing sari. – Really? Promise. I swear on facebook. Thank you.
I am happy.. – But she too is superb. Hey, enough, stop.
– She looks like a doll. No, stop, stop. My dear fiancee, you may go now. I will now marry her happily. Hey, stop. What is your nuisance? You saw us from top to bottom and.. ..made comments. You enjoyed a lot. I had seen everything.
What should I do now? You dimwit. We have some doubts, clear them.
We will then leave you. Why are there two
designs on nuptial chain? One for parents and other for in-laws. Why do they keep
cumin seeds and jaggery? Because they do not get
separated after they are mixed. Why do they put finger
only on this ring? All of you keep your hands like this. We can separate this finger,
this finger and this finger too. But we cannot separate ring finger. Wife and husband should always
stay together like these fingers.. we put ring on this ring only. Bye. He is not a fool as I thought. Stop the jokes.
I am unable to control laughter. This enjoyment is there
only before marriage. Everything is zero after marriage. My God! – See me.
I was like a queen before marriage. Now I became like a dustbin. My in-laws are the reason for it. – Yes. In-laws house and jail are same. They are prisoners there
and here daughters-in-law. How come they are so bad? Women’s world is awakened. If daughters-in-laws are computers.. ..then in-laws are like virus. Why are you silent? Now see what she will
tell about family values. You do not want joint family. I do not want family at all. What? I will marry an orphan. Orphan?
– Yes, orphan. Why? – There will be no
mother-in-law to throws orders. There will be no father-in-law
to draws borders. There will be no
sister-in-law to torture. He will be my world
and I will be his world. We will not have any other world. So I decided to marry an orphan. What is this?
Why did she give this shock? Did she tell you to become
Inspector or Collector? Just an orphan. Become one. Okay, I will go. – Bye. Bye. – Bye. She is coming, see. She is coming. Control your attitude. Change the expression on face. – Yes. What did I do to God? He made BJP the ruling party. He made Congress opposition party. But he made me an orphan.
– Calm down, buddy. Calm down. No father to sign progress card.. mother to open the
door when I come home drunk. I will open the door, buddy. You drink and come,
I will open the door. No brother to encourage.. sister-in-law to console.. “If any God were to born like me then..” “..he will feel my pain..” Who is he? Looks like water buffalo. Why did I sing for him till now? Useless life!
My performance got wasted for no reason. Buddy, she is coming in real now. What did I do to God? He made BJP the ruling party. He made Congress opposition party. But he made me an orphan.
– Calm down, buddy. Calm down. No father to sign progress card.. mother to open the
door when I come home drunk. Do not feel sad at all, buddy. You come home drunk.
I will open the door. No brother to give moral support.. .. no sister-in-law to console. If God were to born like an orphan.. ..then he would have realized
the pain of being an orphan. Calm down, buddy. Leave it, buddy. You do not know. Buddy, tears will come
if you cry but not your parents. Is she watching? – Yes. Excuse me. This tall guy
is lawyer Narayana’s son. right? Turn here. Why do you say you are an orphan? He died recently due to jaundice.
– Died of jaundice? Well, I have a doubt. He has brother and sister-in-law. So why he says he is an orphan?
Turn here. They too died of jaundice. How come everyone is
suffering from jaundice? Why are you crying? Sir, will I too die if I get jaundice? Do you have any doubt? Doctor.. I think I will get jaundice
for drinking beers. Rascal! Hi.
– Hi. Are you an orphan? I am sorry. It is okay. I love you. I love you. I love you. My God! Why did you beat there? You will see everything
but I should not beat you? Where did I see everything? Why did you catch? I thought you will fall down
so I caught you. – I had fallen. Marriage is over, now formalities. Crying, tears and chaos. Father.. Father! – Buddy,
I think it is our dimwit crying. Father.. father.. father.. Do not send me, father. – Dear! Do not send me, father. Please! Why are you crying like a kid? Hey! – See, buddy. They are sending me. Why is he crying like a girl? – Hey! It is our family tradition
to go to live at in-laws house. Useless tradition..
– Calm down. Do not cry. Brother-in-law,
my son is very sensitive. Though he has a tongue, he does
not use it. – Why does not he use it? I want him to use it compulsorily. He should use it to talk to me.
He should use it to fight with me. He should use it to crack jokes with me.
– Okay, okay. Father, have you seen it?
They are all our type. You stop crying and leave. I am coming.. I said I am coming.
Please do not forget. – You go. Take care of my belongings..
– I am going. Hey, hey. My name is Supriya. My age is 21. 34, 28, 36. My size. Why are you telling sizes?
Do you think I am a tailor. Go away! – Hey, do not take
me easily just because I fell for you. I will not fall. You will fall.
– What is your confidence? However good a batsman is,
he will get out on some ball. We will meet again. She seems to be a good batsman. Why is she chasing me? You are wasting your time unnecessarily. I will not love you. You are hurting an orphan. I will feel pity if you say
orphan but I will not feel love. Pity and love come from heart.. ..comes from heart. – Try. All the best. – Neelaveni! Yes! I am coming. Hey, Neelaveni! Name is superb! “Oh Lord, Your Lotus Feet
were washed by Lord Bramha.” “Oh Lord, Your Lotus Feet
were washed by Lord Bramha.” “I liked you very much for your
making faces and cooling attitude.” I liked you! Like a factionists weapon,
like the grammar of language..” “ teared me apart.” “One, two, three, four, five..” “My life fell trap to your looks.” “Your killer looks, gorgeous body,
I will give my life if you say.” “Neelaveni!” “See him.” “Neelaveni!” “Lessen the burden of my heart..” “Your Feet,
when set free, measure the earth.” “Your Feet were laid on the
head of the Asura – King Bali.” “Whatever I do,
I will never get over your beauty.” “Whatever you go,
my love will not be lost.” “One, two, three, four,
five, show some mercy on this boy.” “No curry without salt, no house
with roof, will I live without you.” “Neelaveni, see him.” “Neelaveni, it is better
if you lose the anger in your eyes.” “Oh Lord, the greatest of the saints..” “..have always found
their home at Your Holy Feet.” “O baby! My heart rolled
down and fell in love.” “Will you shout, I will tolerate.
I love you so much.” “The soothsayer says
you and I will get married.” “Not in every birth but at
least in this birth. Please agree.” “Neelaveni.” “See him.” “Neelaveni.” “Do not torture me like this.” You have bike? I try to remain calm
like Buddha on Tank Bund. But idiots like you are disturbing me.
Go against me, I will tolerate. If you cheat me.. ..I will not forgive. Hey! He should not die. But till he dies.. ..he should not get up from bed. Seems to be a Call Centre of crimes. Whose house it is? – My house. Your house? He is my brother. Brother, he is Arjun. He is chasing me to love him. Hey!
– Stop! Stop! I too love him. Sit. Relax. Master, sit freely. Want water? Need to talk to you. First talk to me. What do you do? Software engineer. Are you an orphan? – Orphan but.. Do you love my sister? I love but.. Just love.. Or will you marry her? I will marry her but..
– What is it? Come, let us go.
– Where? Where? You and my sister are getting
married today in Registrar’s office. Marriage?
– Yes, marriage. Why are you shocked? We asked you to get married. I mean, marriage
immediately after love.. So after you visit parks
and pubs with my sister.. ..and after my brothers finds about it.. ..and after we lose our respect..
Will you marry after that? – No. But..
– What is it? I mean we will get married
after finding an auspicious date. What is the auspicious time today? 12.30 is very auspicious. I mean I have not
settled down yet in life. The moment when my sister loved you.. ..your life got settled.
– But.. If you say but again then
brother will commit murder. Come. – But..
– But! But! But! What is it again? I mean marriage involves relatives,
families.. no, no.. I mean your family members
should be present, right? I have nobody other than my sister. My sister liked you. You liked my sister. I too liked you. Marriage is in Registrar Office. This is final. Sorry, father.. At 11.30, girl confesses her love.. 12.30 her brother
performs the marriage. I think no person in the world
got married like this other than me. Hello.
– Hi sister-in-law. – What Arjun? It is.. I am not coming home tonight. Why?
– First night.. First night? Give it.
– Wait. It is my friend’s first night. We are all celebrating it. Hey, it is not 31st night
for everyone to celebrate together.. is first night.
– Brother, brother.. Brother, it is my friend’s first night.. ..we all want to encourage him..
– Okay, okay. Come early morning. Neelaveni, I have a small doubt. Any girl wants to.. ..get married into a good family. Why did you decide to marry an orphan? Arjun, I had an elder sister too. She was married into a big family. That whole family.. ..treated my sister like a servant.. ..but not as daughter-in-law. My sister.. ..committed suicide. I am sorry. My brother and I decided.. ..not to see the family.. ..but boy should be good. Had you not been an orphan.. ..even though I loved you,
I would not have married you. My God! I should continue pretending
as an orphan for few more days. You do not feel sad. Your sister will
be born as our daughter. But we should work
little hard for it. Okay? Arjun.. Arjun.. Get up, Arjun. – Sister-in-law,
let me sleep for some more time. Sister-in-law? Sister-in-law?
– You only said sister-in-law now. I am like that only. I dream in sleep. Like having a big family.. ‘Let me sleep, sister-in-law.’ ‘What is today’s breakfast, mother?
Do not scold me, father.’ ‘Brother, give that.’ I keep saying these things in sleep. After I wake up.. ..I remain alone between four walls.. ..and feel sad for not
having anybody for myself. Do not say like that, Arjun.
I am there for you. We will rent a house now.. ..and we both will stay in it. What do you say? – Why on rent? Your brother’s house is nice. There are rowdies all around the house. So brother has planned first night.. this hotel. How can we live in hotel? We should have a house for ourselves. We should have individuality. So from morning I checked
these classifieds.. ..and selected some addresses. I think someone might
recognize me in this area. How is it possible for me? Nights here and days at office.
– You do not take any tension. You get ready and go to office. I will get ready and
search for the house. Do it properly. How was your friend’s marriage? Eyes are red and he looks dull.. Matter is different. My brother worked hard all night. – Ugh! It is his friend’s first night. Arjun, you go inside.
– I know. – Thanks, sister-in-law. You do your work. Be naughty and.. ..also study. Study.
– Uncle.. Yes.
– They came to ask our house on rent. Greetings.
– Greetings. Father, should I show her the house? We should reach the upstairs
through hall. – Is it? My uncle has built it as per Vastu. This is the second bedroom. – Wow! House is very nice, uncle. I liked it. Thanks. – He did not build the house. Labours built it. Every house is built by labours,
not laundry people. He is my elder son. – Hi. – He
is working under me as assistant lawyer. She is my daughter-in-law.. Housewife..
I have another son, he is inside. No need to tell about him specially. Idiot, loafer.. ..rogue, wastrel.. All suit him correctly. What is the rent, uncle? – 30,000. 20,000. Why did he quote less?
He will adjust it in some bill. With current bill, water bill.., gas.. with all facilities.. Tell me if you feel more,
I will lessen it. So nice.. Father, you do not lessen
even ten rupees for any client.. ..but you lessened 10,000 rupees. Actually she looks like your mother. Will you give 10,000 rupees
discount if she looks like mother? Forget it. Think that I
gave 10,000 rupees to your mother. How many months advance? Three months. – One month. It is okay, Uncle.
Three months advance. – Thank you. Tomorrow is a good day. I will
come and perform house warming ceremony. Bye, Uncle.
– I will walk her to the door. Your neck will pain if you
nod your head more at this age. Neck.. Hello Arjun. Good news. Our first night was just yesterday.
Good news so quickly? No. I had seen a house.
Only 20,000 rent with all facilities. Do not I know your taste?
House will be superb. Yes. I gave three months of advance. Why just three months?
Give one year’s advance. “Lord, you are our saviour..” What is this?
Sai Baba’s song is heard there too. “Shiridi Sai..” God! How come Sai Baba’s song
is heard in your phone too? There is a Sai Baba
temple next to my office. Are you talking of the
lawyer’s house in Manikonda? Yes. How do you know? I too had seen that
house in classifieds. We do not want that house. Why are you talking irritatingly? Are you not happy for marrying me? Why do you say like that?
I really love you, I am quite happy. But we do not want that house. Family members’ Vastu
is not good in that house. Family members?
– I mean that house is not having Vastu. Who told you? Good vastu, big house.. ..nice people.. I have decided. Will I not agree when you are ready? Bye. My God! Ashwin would
have given some idea. Ashwin, where the hell are you? Who sir? Terrorist?
– Not terrorist. – Thief? Not thief but scoundrel. I mean my son. Why are you chasing your son,
sir? – No.. He is running way when I told
him to attend home guard selection. First catch him. – Stop! – Stop! Hey! Hey! He disappeared. Girl in red dress. A rascal having silky hair.. Has he come this way? No.
– No. Girl in red dress..
Who is holding your hips from behind? My boyfriend. – Is it? That loafer will not have
such a beautiful girlfriend. Rascal has escaped again. Who is the owner of
this hip that saved me? You? – Yes, it is me. The other day you watched me like that,
yesterday you watched like this.. Did you hold my hips now? Will I hold it wantonly? I held you in a hurry. Sorry. – Is sorry enough? You know how difficult
it is to maintain hips. I have to do yoga in morning and.. ..jogging in the evening. I should not eat ice-creams. I should not eat sweets.
Calorie food too should be avoided. I have saved my hips by controlling
everything. Will you hold it? Will you stop the story of hips?
– Did you fall or not? I am not such type.
– So what type are you? Different type.
– That type? Do not cry. Will you eat chocolate? “Catch me! Catch me! I am falling in
love with you despite saying I will not.” “Hold my hold! I am separating
from myself, take me into your heart.” “Musical sounds inside the heart..” “Like firecrackers,
love is burst inside the heart.” “O dear.. O dear..” “My life is meant for you.” “O dear.. O dear..” “You have drawn your
picture inside the heart.” “What have you seen in me?
You gave yourself..” “Have you liked me so much?” “Even though this world rejects me,
I want you.” “Today is the day..” “..when my dream has come true.” “O dear.. O dear..” “You have drawn your picture..” “..inside the heart.” “I really can not leave you, baby.” “I just want you my honeybee.” “Because you are my
one and only darling..” “I was not like this before..” “I shone like statue in multiplexes.” “This love is a strange
experience happening frequently.” “For how long will you wait.
Your love will succeed.” “O baby, O baby..” “You have drawn your picture..” “..inside the heart.” What? Marriage yesterday afternoon.. ..first night at night,
rented a house today.. House warming ceremony tomorrow. Bad time is playing badminton with you. I know orphan has problems but.. ..I did not knew I will have to face so
many problems if I tell I am an orphan. Do something and see that my
father does not give that house on rent. Idea! – What? What if we tell that the
tenant girl is a ISI agent? You and your stupid ideas! My father will file a case
on me and then throws me in jail. Another idea.
What if we tell him that her.. ..character is bad? – I will kill you!
You and your stupid ideas. Great idea! – What is it? Since your family does not
know how Anjali’s husband looks like.. if we introduce
a wastrel in his place.. ..and make him fight your father.. ..and gives him BP.. ..sugar, heart attack.. ..and other dangerous
diseases to your father. – Yes. Extraordinary idea! Give me five! So who is that wastrel now? Who is this boy? Unlike you, he looks decent. My friend Ashwin. He never came to our house anytime. He does not go to his house regularly. So how will he come to our house? Yes? So why did he come suddenly now? Stop laughing and tell the matter. Father, a girl rented our
house today morning, right? He is her husband.
– Hey.. Your wife looks exactly like my wife. How can my wife look
like your wife, sir? Where is your wife and my wife?
– Your wife is here, my wife is there. What if she is there?
Will she look beautiful? – Hey! Your friend is talking
without showing any respect. I do not have any respect at all. Will you talk rudely
to my father? – Hey! If you do not have any respect
then we will not rent this house to you. Brother, throw his advance on his face.
Get out! – Hey.. It is not that.. His wife.. ..looks exactly like your mother.
She is a good girl. What do you say, elder son?
– Father, mother is.. – Give it. Your house is smaller than
the toilet in railway compartment. 20,000 rupees rent? Hey! Will you compare
our star hotel like hotel.. ..with the toilet in train? Wait! – You come back, wait. Since your wife has come
to ask so I gave this house on rent. You look like a toilet
paper and if you were to ask.. ..then forget our house or bathroom.. ..I would not have rented
you the commode in it. Toilet paper? – Not only that.. If I blow out hard then
you will fall outside the gate. Get out! – Will you tell me to get out? Are you a lawyer? – Why? After taking advance
and making agreement.. ..if you do not rent the house
then I will file a case in the court. Well caught! You taught law to a lawyer. Based on your agreement.. have to stay in
my house for three months. I will stay. – Hey.. hey.. I will stay. I will show you what torture
is like in these three months. I will make you shake hand
with the torture every morning. Let us see! Come elder son. Torture is not for you, it is for me. Buddy. rapists and terrorists too.. not get harassed like this. Why should I undergo this torture? I told you to cancel the deal
but you gave stupid ideas to my father. I should stay as a tenant
in my house for three months. If my father finds
out that I am married.. ..he will suffer heart attack. If Neelaveni finds out
then her brother will attack me. Will you hang a genius like me.. a goat in mutton shop. Look.. I will give another wonderful idea.
Have fun! What is it? Neelaveni, he is my best friend. Ashwin. Hi. – We are going
to rent a house, right? It is his house. – Oh.. Are you lawyer’s second son?
– I think so. Think so? – Comedy. My friend is a good comedian. Good comedy. – But not comedy now. Very serious.
– Serious? What is it, uncle? My father is a short tempered person. My father is a rapist. My sister-in-law is a sadist. Ours is a waste family
filled with ghosts. My brother drinks early morning. He takes drugs at night. After that when he gets bored.. ..he knocks the door
even at late nights. Our house looks like
Taj Mahal only from outside. But inside, it is a mysterious house. Is your family so worst? I was not aware at all.
– Come here once. I am coming. Great job! Arjun.
– I know what you are going to say. Forget the advance,
we should not rent that house, right? It is not that.. They told me
about their younger son in the morning. What did they tell?
– He is a big loafer, wastrel.. ..idiot, stupid and
does no work. He is a rogue. Did they abuse me like that?
– Not you, it is your friend. Is there any difference
between me and my friend? We do not want that house, cancel it. I had seen the members of that family. They are very good people, Arjun. That house is fixed. Final! That is it. Finished! I am booked to be her husband,
and as his son. Did you come with belongings?
– Yes, uncle. Where is your husband? He is coming behind. Come. Okay, uncle. I am going. Hello. Hi. Dear.. Take the belongings inside. I have to boil the milk. Hi. Why is she telling me
to take the belongings inside? She must be thinking
you to be the cleaner. Do it. Will I not obey your words, father? Come. I am saved! How are you, dear?
I had urgent work so I could not come.. ..when you rented the house. Do not feel bad. – It is okay, brother. How is the house?
– It is very nice, brother. I liked it very much. – Tell
me if you liked it, we will occupy it. You occupied this house too like that. No need for it, brother. Bye, brother. Hey.. hey.. Where are you going
like a soldier going to war? I myself.. Why are you looking away when
the head of the family is asking? Where? – Father, I will tell. I was roaming around happily
and you scolded me for doing nothing.. ..I felt sad. I worked hard and
got a job in Call Centre. From today.. ..I will work hard in
the Call Centre at nights. I will sleep in the
house during day time. Going to Call Centre
in gym dress? I mean, in the excitement of
joining duty I forgot the dress I wore. One minute, father. Best of luck, Arjun.
– Thank you, sister-in-law. Brother.. – Yes.. – Work hard. I will not waste even a second. – Good. You should get promotion
in three months. You will see the result. We should always stay on top. I will stay on top from today. Always on top. – All the best. Thank you, father. Good.
– Bye. – Bye. Yes! “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” It is written in my horoscope
that I will reach great heights. I did not expect to
climb a ladder like this. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” Entertainment to you and
harassment to me. What is this? Friend should not only accompany to
pubs but he should share problems too. For how long should
I face this torture, buddy? For three months.. should climb the ladder
down at night and I should climb up. In the morning, you should climb
the ladder up and I should climb down. Okay. – Do not worry,
get down carefully. Be careful! Be careful! “Dream..” “Or real..” “The magic of first moment..” “Is this love a dream?” Why did you come upstairs again?
– Your father is there at downstairs. My God! I am dead. Come here, come. – Yes, coming. God! – Wow! Eating betel leaves after food.. ..and listening to Ilayaraja’s music.. ..It is a great pleasure. “Not used to this luxury..” “Can you stop me?” Why is the ladder here? Has someone brought
it to burgle the house? Can not you see your
mother in that girl? Stop your stupidity.
I am a professor in it, do not talk. Father, is it necessary to charge
a cell phone that is not working? How come my cell is not working? Battery is full.
– Father, you crossed 50. You need adventures now? What is the link between
age and adventures? What are you doing here with the ladder? Me? Ladder? It will not move unless four people
hold it. How will I bring it alone? How did this ladder come here? Did it come by walking? I too got the same doubt. –
What is this nuisance without sleeping? Father, mother might feel
bad if you climb ladder at this age. What is it with ladder and mother? Why
do you talk without making any sense? You might enter into some affair.. Uncle, you go and sleep. Children too are sleeping. Okay, okay. First you both go and sleep. How did this ladder
come here? When did it come? Who brought it? What is it with jumping
walls and climbing ladders? Buddy! Buddy! What is it with you? You came so early? Came early? It is dawn since long time. Neelaveni! – I am dead! – Go there! Sorry. I think you wake up bit late. I am keeping coffee and paper here. I think she left. Neelu is here, two of them on bed.. My sister-in-law is coming back.. ..I think she got some doubt.
Cover yourself. Good morning.
– Good morning. Two.. what two.. I brought two coffees. Oh, brought two coffees.. Thanks. Two.. – Oh, two coffees, right?
Two thanks. Dear! – I am finished! Hi. – Hi. I kept the coffee here.
You are new so I brought. Thank you. – Bye. Dear! Will you sleep after.. ..keeping me awake all night? Get up. Get up. If I wake up now romance
will start again. Your wish. – Oh.. No away. Sleep as long as you want. Oh.. Buddy.. Pretend going to office
and return in the evening. Okay? – Okay. Hello sir, I am going to office. I heard you are a software engineer. I did not pass 12th standard
and he says I am a software engineer. Yes, sir. Intersoft. Bye. Somebody might see.. – Looking so hot! Leave.. – Sir.. Junior sir.. Oh God! I will go and tell right now. No shame and respect. – What happened? I can not tell myself. – What happened? Your brother-in-law.. – What did he do? He held from back like this. – Leave. Whom? I can not tell myself. Get him married soon. Or else he will go out of control. I am sure he must have held her. Lord! Did my sister-in-law
understand it like this? I am saved. Dear.. dear.. – What? Zarina told me to get Arjun married. Do not we know when we
should get my brother married? Should servant tell? – It is not that.. Then?
– Arjun, Zarina.. Did he scold Zarina? No, he held her like this. Servant girl? Tasteless fellow. Hey.. – Hi big brother. What is up? Drink coffee served by servant.. food served by her.. ..but do not become greedy for dinner. Though your brother forgives you.. ..God will not forgive you. What are you talking, brother? You and Zarina.. – Yes.. Zarina..
– Zarina.. Zarina.. Zarina.. Like this..
Zarina.. you hugged.. – Leave! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Arjun.. Arjun.. You are not planning.. ..any surprise for me after marriage. Shopping, outing.. Long drives.. – Well said.. We do not have licence
to go around this town. If anybody sees me with
you then they will break my bones. Why will they do? Should not wife and
husband go out together? I mean.. I mean.. with a beautiful
woman like you, if anybody.. ..sees me then they will feel jealous. If you do not take me
to shopping I will feel bad. Okay. I will directly come
to the mall tomorrow from office. You come there directly. Okay? Hi. – Hi. I will just come. – Okay. Surprise for you. – I know. I will enter the first
trial room with a dress. You will then enter the
same trial room with a dress. After that your lip and my lip..
– Do not feel so surprised.. I came to buy you a cone ice-cream. Cone ice-cream? When will you get over
chocolates and think like me? Surprise for you. We will eat fast food
fast and go to morning show. We will again eat fast
food fast and go to matinee. We will eat fast food fast again and..
– First show.. I planned the second
show in the house. – Hey.. Hey.. – Sir.. – I am going
to give you a surprise today. Sir, are we going to win the case? No. I am giving up your case from today.
– Why sir? Because we are going to lose.
Go away. – You are wonderful. Sir! Surprise! – What is that surprise? You are dead. You beat me and kill me. Sir, you did due to jaundice,
you do not know that. Am I a fool like you to
die due to jaundice? – Again slap! If you stand here then
you will die of jaundice. Go. Hello. – Sir.
– Did you come with family? No, I came alone. You came alone but two ice-creams.. For you. – Thank you. Come! What happened? Where? Where did your wife go? She went for shopping.
– With whom she went? My wife did not go with anyone,
she went alone. Arjun, what happened? Knickers free on buying a stole!
Let us go there. Hey! Where? Where? Arjun! Father, bathroom is inside. – Bathroom. You are alone.. ..I am raging with fire.
Do not do comedy. Let your brother come.
I will kill him and garland his photo. He is already there in bedroom,
he is sleeping. Is he in bedroom? – Yes. He should be in the mall.. Arjun! Arjun! What father?
Will you not let me sleep in peace? You made us lose our peace
and saying you do not have peace. Tell me where were
you half an hour back? I was in full sleep. – Not full sleep.. were in full swing. With the girl living upstairs. Lord Rama! Do not bring bad name to Lord Rama. Use friend’s bike and purse.. ..but friend’s wife.. Father, do not create rumours on me.. ..and gossips on that good girl. I had seen with my eyes. Please go and meet an eye specialist. Yes, uncle. She is a very nice girl. It is okay if you suspect me.. ..but you suspected my friend’s wife. I am upset.
Do not talk to me for two days. So you.. – Father! Yes. Stop. I will do scanning
if a person yawns. Where you went? – To shopping. Correct answer.
– Which shopping mall you visited? Majeera mall.
– This is also correct answer. With whom you went? With my husband. – This is wrong answer. What wrong answer?
I went with my husband. She went with our boy but
saying she went with her husband. Dad, are you mad? You are
giving her a bad name unnecessarily. Even God will not forgive you. I pity him. I think both lawyers are idle. Talking in leisure. We are discussing you. What is it?
– What is your opinion on your wife? Pure gold, sir. – About my son? Diamond in friends. Not friend, he is fraud.
– What happened, sir? My son.. your wife.. Sir! Will you lay such allegations against our
decent, dignified and innocent family? I saw you at shopping complex. Yes. – You said your
wife too came for shopping. Yes. – So why do not
you do shopping together? Why did you do separately?
– Should not we do? Okay. Why did not
you come home together? Why did you come separately?
– Is it a house or court? A relationship between
owner and tenant.. ..must be like fish and water.. ..but not like fish.. ..and fisherman.
– What? If I said something wrong
forgive me. If there is no meaning in it.. Throw out our belongings.
We will find our way. Mr. Adinarayana! – You. Tell me when your father sleeps. I will come home after that.
Blood confused pleaders! – Not that.. Am I getting confused? Or are they all confusing me? Soundarya, she looks exactly like you. Maybe I am getting confused. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now!” “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now!” Thank God!
– We are saved! Buddy, I thought we are caught. How come your father is so strange? Not even airport immigration
investigates so much. Buddy, we ought to be careful hereafter. Be careful while getting down. – Okay. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now!” “Confusion! Confusion..” What is this? Old man is coming. Not like this.. Come! Like darkness after day.. ..ladder is coming at night. Today at any cost.. ..I have to climb the ladder.. ..and settle the matter. Father, does it suit
your age to climb the ladder? It is bit difficult to climb. But I have to climb to know the matter. Even at this age?
Father, you are too much. There is something, 100 percent.
– Father, it is okay there is something. Mother will feel bad in heaven. Why will mother feel bad? You are chasing the girl living upstairs
by saying she looks like mother. I will beat with footwear. Get down. You cannot save
your father’s respect but.. are bringing disrespect. I understood everything now. Are you keeping the ladder
here after telling me to sleep early. Hey! Why do you suspect me?
Father has kept the ladder. How come I keep the ladder? I am finding out as
how this ladder came here. Respect my age. You colour your hair every day.
The same hair? Hey! – Uncle,
it is too late, you go and sleep. I do not need to argue with you. My life has become
a ‘snake and ladder’ game. One ladder and hundred snakes. I am in tension as
when I will get caught. I do not understand how Neelu
will react after she finds out that.. ..I am not an orphan. Do not take tension. God could not be present
at every place so he created friend. There is only one
solution to this problem. Remove the bad opinion
Neelaveni has on families.. ..and bring her closer to your family. Tomorrow is Deepavali. Let us use it. Do not you celebrate Deepavali? You have got a family. Whom do we have?
– Very sad. – Mad boy! Are not we there? Ravi! – It is not lit, go.
– Go and bring the girl. Okay. Come. What is this? Everybody
is celebrating Deepavali there.. ..and you are playing
games on mobile here. I do not like it. Come and burst crackers with us. Hey, no. I am afraid. – Come. – Come. Uncle, she is frightened
to burst crackers. Why to fear? We are all there. Burst.. it is okay. Do it. That is all. Come forward. Come. No! Oh! Burnt your hand? Go and bring first aid box. Come, come. Move. This is normal. Uncle, you leave, I will tie. It will get cured. – Okay. She is crying like a small girl. Uncle, you are all very good people. Our daughter-in-law told us that.. do not like family.. you married an orphan, right? Girls these days.. ..have more individuality. Myself, my husband and my children.. They think this is enough but.. ..when we face some trouble.. ..we realize the importance of family. It is nice if there is no family. But it will be more nice.. ..if there is a family. Come, let us eat together. Come. No reply when I call you. No reply to SMS. No WhatsApp. What happened? This problem cannot be shared. What is your problem? My brother is searching
for marriage proposals for me. You will not accept, right?
– Why will I not accept? Are girls nowadays marrying
the boys whom they love? Both are different experiences. Do not take such violent decisions. Come with your father
and meet my brother. Come with father? Father.. – Yes, son.
Why are you buttering me? I want to talk to you about my marriage.
– Marriage? – Yes. Who will give you a girl
from 29 states in India? Go to Bangkok.
You will at least massage girls there. Hello. I too have following from girls. One girl loves me. God! What happened to girls? They are loving these fools. Look, you should come
and talk to her brother. Dirty son! If I go to your lover’s house.. ‘What does your son do?’ ‘What is his salary?’ What should I tell if
they ask these questions? If I put my son in OLX.. ..and promote with Amitabh’s voice.. ..then too nobody will buy him.
Should I say this? I will not let a girl’s life.. ..get ruined because of you.
Work hard and.. ..get Constable’s job and
then I will think of your marriage. Father!
– Yes. Nothing.. my marriage will take place. It will happen with
the girl whom I loved. Entire town will see that marriage. Except you. – God bless you. Whose house it is? It is nice. It is my brother-in-law’s house.
Tomorrow it will be mine. So why did you bring me? You are not only my friend.. are my brother too. I need your blessings.
– Stop. – That is why.. Definitely. Get down. Why is my father’s photo on the
doormat of your brother-in-law’s house? He is our enemy. We will finish off
his family in a day or two. Brother, they came for sister. My sister told me about you. How dare you love my sister! Sir, I did not love your sister. It is me, sir. Do you have family? What do you think, sir? Do you want family or orphan? Why do we need orphan?
We want a good family. Ours is a very big family. Recently we got nominated
for best family and.. eliminated immediately. How much property you have? What do you think, sir?
– He should be a multi-millionaire. Your father does not
even have a coat to wear. Buddy, your marriage is a flop for sure. If you go to China bazar for shopping.. ..we go to China in real for shopping. See if you want. China phone! We are very rich. You should have a
three storeyed building.. ..if I were to get
my sister married to you. What is wrong with him?
He showed two and saying three. Forget it. Your father does not even have a
single bedroom flat in police quarters. Your love is flop again. We have a big house in
four acres of land. – What? My sister needs a car for going out. You have only one old bike. Your marriage is a flop again. Your sister will travel
in Ferrari and Range Rover. That is my range. Oh, Supriya. Unlike me, you are very lucky. What is your father’s name?
– Narayana. Leading lawyer in city. I will come to meet
your father tomorrow. I will kill you and erect a statue. Get down! – I am a small boy. Will you kill me if I tell a small lie? Small lie? Will you call my father as your father? How bad your father will feel? Father is father to everyone. Father is not father to everyone. Mother is mother to everyone.
– I do not know all that. You agree. I will not agree. Go away.
– I will jump if you do not agree. Jump and die. – Boy jumping
for girl is from old times. Nowadays boys die for boys.
– Why will you not agree? Did not you use me? – I used only you. But you used me and my entire family.
– Used the entire family? Ramdev Baba..
– Agree! – I will not agree. You will not get another man if I jump. What? Are you both married? Ramdev Baba. What should I do now? You should tell
something to your father. Why do you stay away like after
saying you want to tell something? I love a girl. I think it is her. Wrong. I do not accept even though society gives
consent if you love a married woman. Father, it is not that
girl whom you are thinking to be. I will tell, father. Brother had given his heart as a gift.. servant Zarina. Bless me, Uncle. Bless me, Madam. – Okay. Brother-in-law, you too..
– God bless. God bless. I thought you are a servant,
I did not expect you to do like this. By the way how will
you carry so much weight? Uncle, I will lose weight. – Oh.. Stop this nuisance. I do not love Zarina. Supriya. – Who is she? What is her family background? She does not have parents. She has brother and sister-in-law.
– What does her brother do? Land grabbing and settlements. You said it as easily as
saying he offers prayers to God. Rowdies have hundreds of cases on them. It is good, father.
We can take up all those cases. We do not have any cases. Valid point.
– Correct. – Correct point. But still I will not agree. He knows only one thing
if you do not agree, he will do it. What will he do? What will he do? What will he do? He will commit murder? Come here. Call on an auspicious time,
we will talk. Like praying to God for good rains.. ..and then all villages
got drowned in flood.. ..similarly I told you
to get me out of the problem.. ..but you have put
me in another problem. If your lover’s brother finds
out that my father is not your father.. ..or if my father finds out
that your lover is not my lover.. ..then marriages will
not take place here.. ..murders will take place. Do not take tension and give me tension. We both will manage something. Crap! Your folks have come. Greetings. – Come, come. Welcome. This is my house, my house. These are our cars. Why are you telling everything
in advance before asking? I mean inside my father..
his father will not agree if it is his. Did not they come yet?
– They are.. – Come, come. Did they come for marriage
proposal or commit murder? Murderers have come for
marriage proposal. – Oh.. Father Narayana, brother Adinarayana. Greetings. – Greetings.
– Sister-in-law Satya.. Chinti and Bunty. Family with no tensions. Why is he in a hurry? Let him say anything,
he is showing off well. Is it?
– Yes. Why are you standing? Sit. Buddy! House is nice. Buddy? Why is he calling me as buddy? Father, he is young. I think daughter-in-law is bit old. Daughter-in-law?
I am not the daughter-in-law. It is our Supriya. She looks like a page 3 girl. Father, nowadays all girls are
page 3 type. How do you know that? Are you there on next page? Go and sit next to the boy. She should sit next to my son
but why is she sitting in the middle. Both are nice. Couple looks good. Do not you have any work? Go and see if you have any work outside. Laddoo from Tirupati.. A friend when you go
for marriage proposal.. Must and should! We do not like our son. How did you like him? Though short heighted.. ..I loved him because his heart is good. Father, how can she
say his height is less? Height means tallness in english, right? It is the same in telugu too. Buddy, how much dowry you want?
How much? I do not need dowry. How good family it is. Supriya, you are not like me.. are very lucky. Is it? – So when should
we fix the marriage? Why later? Let us have it now itself. Give rings to sister and brother-in-law. Rings? – Okay, brother. No! Formalities. Call the photographer tomorrow morning.. the photos of bride and groom.. ..print wedding cards and.. ..distribute to all,
decorate the hall and.. ..conduct all rituals,
this is called marriage. Photo session for
bride and groom tomorrow. We will get caught with photo session. I have to do something. Why did you tell me to come urgently? My father wants five crores in rupee. He said no yesterday morning.
– He got drunk at night and asked. What to do?
– Marriage in Registrar office. Two garlands, three knots,
four signatures and five minutes. Marriage over. Is it correct? You close your eyes and
agree for Registrar marriage.. father will shut his
mouth and agree for marriage. I stand guarantee. Actually you know I like
to get married secretly. Why do not you tell? Come. Sign in Registrar. Exchange garlands. Exchange them. Whose house should we go now? You go to your house,
I will go to my house. Did we get married
to go to each others house? Let us both take a room in some hotel. First you go home,
I will then tell what to do. Are you blind?
– Can not you see such a big vehicle? Uncle? – Daughter-in-law? Is that you, daughter-in-law? Are you married? Father-in-law, I mean..
– Do not call me like that.. Uncle.. – Do not call me like that too. Being already married.. ..will you come to my house
for marriage proposal again? Even if he agrees to marry
an already married girl.. ..I will not accept a
second hand daughter-in-law. I will have to hang myself
if you call me second hand. Father-in-law, I am married to your son. With my son?
– Yes. We got married in the Registrar
office in the morning. Like holding a meeting in village
after the verdict from Supreme Court.. spite of myself
agreeing for the marriage.. ..why did you get married in
Registrar office without any shame. Did she find out our ladder matter? Shut up. I think you will
tell even if they do not know it. You asked for five crores dowry, right? Me? Not even my client insulted
me so badly even after I lost a case. What is the evidence to
prove that I asked for dowry? Lawyer, show your intelligence in court,
not with me. Not only settlements.. ..I commit murders too. Do we sit idle if you commit murders?
Do not we file cases on murderers? Buddy, what murder case after killing? I am observing since two days.. What buddy? I will break your back. Leave! – Cool! Cool! – What? Father, getting photos clicked.. ..printing wedding cards,
invite relatives, bless the couple.. Unable to wait till then.. opted for Register marriage. Why to fight for this? – As he said
anyways marriage is over.. ..let us see the next program. This is fine. Do that. – That is all. – Come. Arjun, why did you do like this? Cricket, football, volleyball, kabaddi.. ..why are you playing with
my life when there are so many games. What happened, father?
– Fixing the date.. ..becoming groom,
printing wedding cards.. ..inviting relatives.. ..I planned to perform your marriage.. a grand manner
in Grand Kakatiya Hotel.. What is wrong with you? Like an orphan.. ..why did you opt for Register marriage? Who told you, father? Who else will tell?
– Daughter-in-law told me. Did your daughter-in-law
accept our family? Her brother created a big trouble. But your brother compromised the matter. Why did you get married like that? We lost our gifts. So are you worried about gifts? Ugh! It is injustice to look up after
making compromise and arrangements. What arrangements? – Anyways marriage
did not take place with rituals.. I made arrangements for first night
to take place by following rituals. Again first night? It is over. – Over? Youth has advanced a lot. They are taking first night very easily. Senior citizens are
quite advanced here.. what is wrong if youth is advanced. For our satisfaction and happiness.. go inside and close the door. Do whatever you want. Tell her to come out by
feeling shyness in the morning. It does not look good for others. Customs! Why are you here? I like first night very much. – Is it? So you too carry a glass and go inside. I will beat with footwear. Go out! Arjun, take the milk
glass and go inside. Me? She should bring it, right? Oh, as if other things
happened by following rituals? Take the glass. – Take it. Go inside. Second time first night. I will not waste even one second. Did you hear the screams?
Whose brother he is? He is my brother. Screams are nice. – Shut up! You too did the same. When did I do? You only snored.
Do not know what to talk. Arjun, do not come closer, it is wrong. I am not a fool. Why are you here instead of Neelaveni? Why will Neelaveni be here.. ..when first night is for Ashwin and me? First night for you and Ashwin? – Yes. When did you both get married? We opted for Register marriage. Ashwin! Open your mouth. Drunk and drive test? No, happy news. We learnt about.. ..our son’s marriage
in Register office today. Matter got leaked? Yes. Were there no fights? It went to the extent of murder. But I settled everything
in discussions.. ..and arranged for
his fist night just now. My God! I am very happy, sir. Why are you so happy when
it is my son’s first night? Sir, I mean I need not come
home at nights from tomorrow. Why will you not come?
Will your wife not remain alone? Sir, I have a small doubt. Whose first night it is? – Who else? My son and Supriya. – Supriya? Sir.
– Look.. First night is going on inside.
Where are you running? Sir, it is not good for
others to drive the car I bought. Did you buy a new car?
– Yes, sir. – Congrats. Come. Look, whenever a new car is bought,
owner should not drive it. Should hire driver for two,
three months.. ..and make him drive it.
– Sir, it is wrong. Nothing wrong, because.. do not have experience. Driver has experience. So eat this sleep happily. I will come and see your
new car tomorrow morning. What will you see
in the damaged car, sir? Supriya! If he is your father
then who is Ashwin’s father. He is SI of Punjagutta. But he said he is a millionaire.
– Hell with him. His name is Koteshwar Rao. So my brother will
definitely kill Ashwin. There is no such scene. I will kill Ashwin first. Stop! Stop! – I will not stop! Stop! – Come, come. Will you get married without informing?
– Stop buddy. Listen to me. Buddy, I felt I will never
get married if I do not marry now. That is why I got married. My life has become sandwich
because of what you did. One wife downstairs
and one wife upstairs. You know what my family did? They pushed me into her room. What did you do, buddy? He did not do anything.
I did everything. Shut up! I asked him questions. That is it. – I did not
have answers so I told the truth. I will kill you. Will you tell
me lies?- Let us go and kill each other. Rent upstairs.. – Want house on rent? It is already occupied. The tenant living upstairs is my sister. Are you Neelaveni’s brother? Go. Neelu.. Brother? How are you? – I am fine. I am staying somewhere.. goes to office.. are staying alone.. the house. Hope there is no problem. Before marriage.. ..I thought.. ..not having in-laws
and sisters-in-law.. ..would make me happy. But after marriage.. ..I feel it is good
if everyone is there. But Arjun is.. ..taking good care of me. He is making sure that I am not alone. You are happy, that is all I want.
– Who will bother? Give my regards to
brother-in-law. – Okay. I am finished. – Bye. – Bye. Hello. Arjun is taking good care of me. Why did he hug our boy
by leaving his brother-in-law? Same doubt. Thank you. Our boy will hug his sister.
He is hugging our boy. They are strange people. Consoling, sir. It has nothing to do with the person. Only emotions.
Anybody can hug anybody in grief. What is his grief now? Father.. – You? I do not want sympathy, sir. – Go out. Today I came before the ladder is put. I should see the guy.. ..who brings the ladder. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” I knew.. son will do such stupid things. Poor boy!
He thinks he is his good friend. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” Waiting for Neelaveni. Supriya is waiting for you downstairs.
– Okay, okay. Go fast. People exchange phones and coats. They are exchanging wives.. Oh no! Is it a house.. ..or red-light camp? They are bringing a bad name. I am dead! What happened, uncle? Father, I told you that
you are too old to climb ladders. Uncle, why did you shout like that?
What happened? Nothing, you go and sleep. No! I will not let her sleep. It is wrong to sleep like that. What is wrong in sleeping at night? I will tell. Watch.. Listen girl!
There is one guy behind you, call him. Dear! Uncle is calling you. Politicians, film people.. ..wave hands at crowds.
Tell him to do the same. Call him. All of you see there. Every father
wishes to see his son make progress. But no father wants a son who
climbs the ladder to reach heights. “Come Krishna!” “Come Krishna!” “Come Krishna!” “Come..” What is this meeting at midnight? I told you to wave hands from top.
Why did you come down? We should not wave
hands at elders from top. We learnt it in primary school. Forget school.. both will get death sentence. Tell the truth. Who came out from which room? I came out of my room.
– I came out of my room. No! He came out of your room,
you came out of his room. Both came by changing rooms. – Father,
why do you confuse married people? They are creating confusion. You are getting confused. I am very clear. Exchange is taking place here. Not exchange, you have done mad. Look, do not cook drumsticks
for father from tomorrow. He is getting stupid ideas. Add sleeping pills in curd rice. He will eat and sleep. Father, if you shout like this daily
then I will put you in old age home. Dear, you come upstairs. Dear, you come inside. You are caught now. Now tell me. Who will enter which room? We are hurt. – We will go to temple. Will any temple remain
open at this hour? Mad.. No arguments. Go to sleep. What happened to this house? Why do not you believe
when I am telling the truth? I think these people.. ..are going to ruin their marriages. We will have to pay heavily.. ..for this negligence. “O baby, good morning.” “Every time I feel…
Sun is full of shining.” “Catch the rooster..” ” Two roosters..” “Two cocks are there.” “They are entering from
one basket to another.” “Eyes are winking.” “Blossoming..” “They are having fun on a fine sunday.” “We are new couple.” “We are hot and craving..” “..for pleasure.” “Roosters have jumped the wall.” “These are fighting roosters,
they will not bog down.” “These are hens..” “Bolted the doors.. these are on bed..” “Enjoy your time..
– Two roosters..” “Two hens.. they are entering
from one basket to another.” “Mr. Rima, Mr. Roma, Mr. Croma..” “Everymonth everymonth..”‘ “It is your style.” “Mr. Rima, Mr. Roma, Mr. Croma..” “O hottie.. O beauty..” “She is very slim,
It is an insult if I do not hold her.” “Hey smarty, come here.” “You are a tough nut outside,
but you have no shame on bed.” “Beautiful face, gorgeous body..” “Right now I will make complete love.” “These are rosters..
they have jumped walls.” “Fighter roosters,
they will not bog down.” “These are hens,
they have bolted the door.” “They climbed the bed..
awaiting for fun.” “O my baby darling, my baby love..” “..what is enough,
catch enough, you are my lovely matter.” “Waiting for you, make it closer.” “Hello baby, where are you going? You
are my darling. You are my honey baby.” “You are like a sumptuous meal..” “Will I not seek pleasure..” “..when there is so much to feast on?” “Hey mister..” “You are a loafer.” “You very looking very handsome,
you are quite impressive.” “If you give a small chance..” “I will hold your hips.” “I will show the sharpness of my lips.” “These are roosters..” “They have jumped walls,
they are fighter roosters.” “They will not bog down.” “These are hens,
they have bolted the door.” “They have on bed, it will be fun.” No! God.. Krishna, is that you? Lord Ram.. You only have to change him. ‘Lord, I wanted to
see my son as Lord Ram.’ ‘I brought him up like
that but he became Krishna.’ ‘You only teach him
a lesson and change him.’ ‘Until Neelaveni’s mind changes..’ ‘ me from getting
caught by my father.’ Priest. – Sir.. – We grabbed a land.. have to perform prayers.
– I will do. How will I not do? – Yes. Brother-in-law is here? Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law?
– Brother-in-law? – Brother-in-law? Who is your brother-in-law? I am not your brother-in-law?
It is Ashwin. Ashwin? Who is he?
You are our brother-in-law. He is not your brother-in-law,
he is my son. Do you have father? Brother, is he mad?
– You have brother too? Are you mad? My brother-in-law is not an orphan. I will beat with footwear. Even the new footwear should break. Own father.. ..sister-in-law, brother, wife.. How will be become an orphan when so
many people are there? Ignorant! – Wife. You are Dutt’s sister, right?
– Come here. Will you show disrespect to my brother? Brother-in-law, why do you watch
like that when they are beating me? Why do you call me as
brother-in-law frequently? Sir, at least you tell. Is your family real or fake? Rama.. Ouch! Foolish fellow! Sir, you look like a good person.
Will you tell? Will you call a great family
as fake family? – Ouch! However you confuse me.. ..I will not get confused. Sister! Sister! – What happened, Seenu? Like registering one plot twice,
brother-in-law got married twice. He is visiting temples with a girl. My husband visited hospital
saying he is unwell. Arjun! I am unwell so I kept
thermometer in the mouth.. ..and sleeping in the house. Seenu, it is not fair
to talk bad of me like this. What about the temple matter? Seenu, do not you know there
are seven people who look similar? There are people looking
similar but not people like you. Neelaveni.. I heard brother is having fever.
– Yes. – How is he? He is having fever, he has kept
a thermometer too inside the mouth. Sister, brother-in-law fell for her.
– Seenu.. Not second wife. She is the wife of owner’s second son. My mad sister! You know who the second
son living downstairs is? Will you address
brother with disrespect? In the temple,
you said he is your husband. Will you call him brother at home?
“Behind the temple, my beloved..” Supriya! Dear, this blackberry fellow.. talking of an illicit
relationship between me and brother. Are you her husband? – Yes. You came at the right time. Your wife is going out
with my brother-in-law. – Me? Thank you. – Will you
talk bad of my sister? Rascal! I am not talking badly,
none of you are good. Enough, Seenu.
If you do not say sorry to them.. ..I will tell brother about you. I will tell brother before you tell him. I do not understand who married
whom and who is living with whom. I am getting mad. My God! Uncle, we are in big problem. If we do not stop him now
then we both will get caught. Buddy, you do not take any tension. I will confuse him and take
him to Punjagutta police station and.. ..throw him jail
by my father for a week. I will decide something today. Where are you going in a hurry? I am going to Amravati for giving
advice on capital city. Will you come? You are indeed quite sarcastic. I will tell brother
Gaja about you all and.. ..get your skin removed
and stitch a half pant for myself. Oh, are you going to
Punjagutta police station? Why Punjagutta police station?
– Do not you know that.. ..your brother Gaja is arrested?
– Brother Gaja is arrested? Finished! I will blast
the entire police station. I will kidnap the entire police. I will destroy the
police station. – Crap! You need to go to
the station for doing it. Sit. – Okay. – Come you fool. I gave missed calls to
tell you to give up rowdyism. You did not call back
I got angry. I have sent SMS. There was no reply.
That is why I got furious. I told you not to commit
mistakes in life hereafter. I have sent mails, you did not change.
That is why I arrested you directly. This is an attack. Koteshwar Rao’s attack. Koteshwar Rao’s attack. Buddy, I have to go on a pilgrimage. If you go on pilgrimage,
politicians go on sympathy tour.. stars go on victory rallies.. ..whom should we attack.
– Constables! – Sir. No arguments, only punishment. Thrash! Will you go on a pilgrimage?
– Stop sir! – Beat! Brother! – Father! – Brother! – Son! You do not come home regularly.. Did you come to the
police station directly? What is the matter? – He is Gaja’s man. File either terrorist case.. ..or Nirbhaya case
on him and arrest him. Arrest? Where is my brother Gaja? My God! Is it a trap?
– Catch him! Catch! Really I love you my son,
I love you dear. – Thank you. Buddy.. Is he your father?
– Why do you ask like that? Fool! I am his daddy and he is my son. Will he become your son if he force him? His father is lawyer Narayana. Tell him, buddy. Tell him. No comments. – Oh! No comments? Son, public talks anything.
They will comment anything. Please tell him that I am your father. Pass.. Pass? Is it a quiz program? Son, declare me as your
father in that program. Son, you are the result of my hard work. It is not fair to give
the result to other person. I want to go for audience poll. No! No! Son, where was the audience that day? Please do not put me on electric poll. Please, son. Sorry, I am not finding
the right answer. “To father, with love.
To father, with love.” “To father, with love.
I dedicate my every moment.” What should I do now? You gave us birth.
What will we tell if you ask us, sir? Sir, it is better to make compromise.
– No compromise. I thought of getting him caught by my
father but the entire matter is leaked. I am not getting ideas
due to the shock. Crap! First you wash clothes,
later you start any work. I am doing it, madam. Fell down! – Neelaveni, what happened? Madam! – How did she
fell down like that? – Madam! What happened? – Nothing to worry. You are going to become father. Thanks. Neelu, how are you feeling now? Congratulations.
You are promoted to mother’s post.. ..from wife’s post. Madam, I will look after
you like a queen from today. Nobody will make you do any work. In-laws will tell you to eat mangoes and
parents will tell you to eat tamarind. They will treat you like a small
girl until you give birth to a child. You shut up. She does not have anybody.
Boy is an orphan. Sorry, Neelaveni. She talked something in happiness,
she does not know the truth. You do not feel sad by thinking
you have nobody. We are there. Whatever she said will happen. We will conduct your
baby shower ceremony. Are you happy? Uncle, I am unable to share
this happy moment with her. Do not feel sad, friend. Bring them and come downstairs,
you can dry it here. – Yes, madam. Buddy, sister-in-law has left. Neelu, I want to tell you something. You do not tell anything.
I know what you want to tell. You want us to go and tell
this good news to my brother, right? I will go to the temple.
After that we both will go to brother. Brother.. this is cheating!
They cheated us badly. What happened? Lawyer Narayana’s son
did not marry our sister. SI Koteshwar Rao’s son. He does not have any property. Forget foreign cars,
he does not even have a local bike. Forget crores of rupees,
he does not even have shoes. He is a big cheat.
Brother, let us go and thrash him. Come. – Brother! Brother! Brother-in-law has
cheated us very badly. What did he do?
– Brother-in-law is not orphan. Brother-in-law has a family. He cheated us by saying he loves sister. He married our enemy
Dutt’s sister second time.. ..and is going out. Brother, I doubt brother is Dutt’s man. I am afraid as what
he will do to our sister. Arjun! No more lies, uncle. After Neelaveni returns from temple,
I will take her to my father.. ..and tell him that she is
the daughter-in-law of this house. Let anything happen. You go with Supriya.
– Sure? – 100 percent sure. Sir, as you said I have cut
the ladder into pieces. – Supriya! Good riddance!
– Nobody will climb up and down now. I thought problem will get solved.. ..if I cut the ladder
but daughter-in-law is going. Hey, where are you
taking my daughter-in-law? Do not deceive my son.
– Go and file court case. – Bye. You came at the right time. I am finished. – What happened, uncle? Your husband with my wife.. He eloped with my daughter-in-law. This is too much, uncle. Your daughter-in-law
is inside the house. She is my elder daughter-in-law.
Who will take her away? I will tell you, first turn the bike. Father! – Go! Go! By saying she looks like mother,
father did what I expected of him. Come soon. Come and sit. Sit. Hello! He is going
with the servant? Zarina! I thought of telling
everything that happened. Some untoward incident is happening. Arjun! Arjun! – What sister-in-law? Your brother is going
somewhere with Zarina. It is nothing, sister-in-law.
– No, I had seen. You come with me, I will take you. Arjun, go fast.
I was expecting her to do this. Narayana!
Come out! – Sir, there is nobody. The tenant living upstairs.. ..has eloped with our Narayana
Rao sir’s youngest daughter-in-law. Our Narayana Rao sir
eloped with the tenant girl. The elder son of this house.. ..has eloped with the servant Zarina. Younger son is.. Stop! Tell where he went. – All
of them fled towards Warangal highway. Where are we going?
– Out of coverage area. Why? – Drama is revealed. Go fast. Change the gear.
– Uncle, this bike does not have gears. Bike has no gears,
your husband has no brakes. Stop, father. Hold tight. “Confusion!
Confusion has started.” – Go! Go! Go. We should overtake that bike. See how father is waving
the flag without having any shame. He is bringing us shame.
– Arjun, go fast. “Confusion! Confusion..” Brother, he is taking away sister. “Confusion! Confusion..” – Go! Hello. – Hello. You first stop the bike.
– Do not you have shame? Your friend is eloping with your wife. Father, I am not feeling bad. You do not feel bad,
you come home happily. Put the phone down. Brother-in-law is going with some girl. Catch him. – Go. – Go. Please leave me, sir. No, I can even leave kidnappers,
chain snatchers.. ..but not people who kidnap girls. Your son is going with some girl. God! – Sir, your son is going there. Turn there. I will send his father to his father.
Start the vehicle. Sir, you said you will not leave. Am I Harischandra to keep my word? Go fast.
What happened? – Diesel got over. What is this test like ink
getting over in the middle of exam? How should we go? Find a vehicle. ‘I will peddle rickshaw with my blood.’ ‘My rickshaw is my..’ – Stop!
– I did not hit anybody. I have licence. Stop. – What? Stop! – Why are you sitting next to me? Are we both equal?
– Sorry, sir. Sit was empty so I sat. Will you go and sleep
in cemetery if there is place? “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now.” “Confusion! Confusion..” Go! – Sir,
I will die if I peddle faster than this. I am the president of rickshaw union. “Confusion!
Confusion! Confusion started now,” “Confusion..” – You are like a bull.
At least you peddle fast. Yes, sir. Kadambari! – Yes. – He is having fever.
You have tablets with you? Yes, sir. Viagra. Are you using Viagra so early?
– Sorry, sir. Sir, should I stop at medical shop? Not at medical shop. Stop at brandy shop.
Only one medicine for all diseases. No! Do not stop at any shop.
Go directly. Why did you stop here?
– What happened to the bike? Buddy, my brother is
like visiting card to fraud. Why are you saying you hail
from rich family when you are poor? Will you cheat our brother? Brother, I am convinced. I will not. Break his hands
and legs and bring sister. Run! – Go! – Come! Ashwin, go and help Arjun. Or else my ego will get hurt. No need to use my body at all,
I use only brain. Stop, stop. Hey.. Will you kidnap lawyer
Narayana’s daughter-in-law? Do not you have shame? Why did you go with him? What are you watching? Ask your husband. How come he is my husband?
He is your son, right? How come he is my son? He is my son. How come he is your son? How come he is your son? He is my husband. How come he is your husband?
He is my son. He is your husband. Uncle, from your angle, he is your son,
I am your daughter-in-law. From my angle, he is my husband,
I am not your daughter-in-law but I am. All these angles are irrelevant to me. Arjun is my son,
you are my daughter-in-law. That is all.
– Brother, have you seen it? Brother-in-law is
not good from any angle. She is his second wife. – Second wife? What is this angle? – Sir, you
do not know anything, you are innocent. Am I innocent?
– Will you cheat me and my sister? Kill him! Will you touch my son? Pass by me if you have courage. Will you not stop when an old man asks? Why do you beat children like that?
– My ego is hurt. Now my ego is getting hurt. Zarina, how come you are here?
Where is my wife? You only told me to come so
I came like a calf following a cow. You are like a baby elephant.
How come you are a calf? No discussion with you,
I will discuss with him. With whom? – Showing direct?
– Yes. Since when is this short film going on?
I will break your teeth. Forget short film and everything.
Main picture is running inside. Let us go and see. – Main picture? Will you bring.. ..Neelaveni by force? She looks like your mother, it does
not mean what you are thinking to be. She is like my daughter. – Sorry, daddy. We reached. Stop. – Okay, sir. Hey, who is the father of our sir’s son? Sorry, sir. Who is advocate Narayana here? Who? It is me. What is it? Tell me. – I said who is it. He said, ‘it is me..’ ‘What is it?
Tell me.’ – Making fun, sir. Sir, you are in frustration. I am in confusion. I am asking you only one thing. Public is talking
that my son is your son. How? – What is this angle now? Wait, wait, wait.
I will give clarity. – Do it. From your angle, Ashwin is your son. From my brother’s angle,
Ashwin is his son. From my angle, Ashwin is his son first.. Are there so many angles?
So who are you from my angle? I am your daughter-in-law, uncle. God! Is my son married? From my angle,
at least I know that my son is married. Nothing is known from
your angle except shouting. Will you all make me a fool? Will you make a fool?
I will decide something.. ..between me and him. What is your disturbance in between?
– Father.. Will you beat my father? Son! You accepted me
as your father in emotion. Not just accepting, father.. You are indeed my father.
– I love you, son. – Arjun! What is all this? – Whom did you marry? Neelaveni. – So why did you tell lies? I told one lie to gain Neelaveni’s love. For covering up that lie,
I had to tell more lies. Forgive me, father. What is the need to apologise
between father and son? Neelaveni is my daughter-in-law. I trusted you more than myself. Why did you hide the truth from me? When something good
happens because of one lie.. ..I felt such a lie
is greater than truth. Had I not lied that day.. I would have
missed you in my life. Had it happened.. ..I would have missed my life. The family that you got your
sister married into must be bad.. ..but it does not
mean every family is bad. If you feel our family is
good then we all will stay together. Brother-in-law, he is my father. My brother and sister-in-law. This is my family.
– Brother, it is a good family. Let us compromise. Who called my son a beggar? My son is not a beggar.
We hail from Tullur in Guntur district. We have six acres of land in Amaravathi.
It is value is six lakhs. We are millionaires. It is worth
crores now, we are multi-millionaires. Daddy, why did not you tell me till now? You will ruin the entire
property if I tell you. Since the entire confusion
is cleared so this is our blessing. You both may have sons like you..
– Like how you both tortured us.. They should torture you more than it.. We bless you whole heartedly.
– We bless you whole heartedly. We both having sons like us? “Mr. Rima, Mr. Roma, Mr. Croma..” “Everymonth everymonth..
It is your style.” “Mr. Rima, Mr. Roma, Mr. Croma..” “O hottie.. O beauty..” “She is very slim..” “It is an insult if I do not hold her.” “Hey smarty, come here.” “You are a tough nut outside,
but you have no shame on bed.” “Beautiful face..” “Gorgeous body..” “Right now I will make complete love.” “These are rosters..
they have jumped walls.” “Fighter roosters,
they will not bog down.” “These are hens,
they have bolted the door.” “They climbed the bed..
awaiting for fun.” “O my baby darling, my baby love..” “..what is enough,
catch enough, you are my lovely matter.” “Waiting for you, make it closer.”

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