Eastern Hognose Snake Playing Dead

Eastern Hognose Snake Playing Dead

It’s an eastern hognose snake. oh he’s playing dead! oh cool
that’s a hognose snake. The eastern hognose snake. You don’t usually see them in black.
You can hear hissing. Sometimes they’ll sit up like a Cobra.
yeah uh we have a Western hognose snake as a pet in the house they are much smaller but this is a black eastern hognose snake I thought it was a black rat snake when we first came up on him. Yeah they’ll bite but usually they play dead.
What? Is a hognose snake poisonous?They are venomous but their venom is very mild to
humans. yeah yeah it’s more for paralyzing their prey. Hognoses are
pretty cool. They like burrow down that’s why their noses are tipped up
like that because oh they’ll burrow down hibernate they typically eat frogs yeah
I guess they’ll eat mice too yeah we feed the one in the house the
Western hognose snake mice that we get frozen from the store and then just thaw them out. I want to see him play dead but
I don’t wanna upset him so oops oh here he goes there he goes. He just pooped on himself so now he’s about to roll himself all in the musk and cover himself with it. yeah and that’s a hognose snake playing dead
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16 thoughts on “Eastern Hognose Snake Playing Dead

  1. playing dead is a good choice. do you think he went to his funeral and surprised his family? lmfao

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