Eagle Tower & Evil Eagle in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 16

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and me and my blue chicken we are hanging out
chilling here and welcome to Link’s Awakening the last three episodes where
we’ve gotten around and hunted down all the secret seeshells and all the pieces
of heart and every other item in the game and now this episode is going to be
for the burbot hour now this tower is not really easy to do because it is
confusing you’re gonna get lost I’m really happy that you’re watching this
video now welcome to the burb tower I’m not gonna
lie I messed up and then I got confusing and weird so I’m just gonna start from
the beginning again because we’re making a good tutorial
let’s head to the right watch out for this guy
equip your boomerang watch out for that guy kill the like likes the the skull
guy is not necessary to kill after these two die he is going to drop and feel
free to collect a fairy if you need one and through the door to the north get
familiar with this alleyway and we cannot get that chest right now so we’re
gonna head to the north something I want to talk about is this ball is considered
an entity so wherever it is it’s going to always remain there and it’s going to
appear on your map see you right there now if whatever reason it falls down off
of the second floor it’s always going to respawn right here say for example you
messed up and you accidentally threw down the ball into one of the holes you
can just rewind to this point right here and then follow the guide as to where
the ball goes I’m gonna zone out and zoom back in because then I get to skip
the whole grabbing the thing on the right walk through the left and you see
this pillar right here this is why we have the ball this entire tower relies
on taking this ball and knocking down floor pill that’s the first one
and I’m just gonna leave it right there because we have a couple things we need
to do before worrying about the ball now while in this room something else
important to note is the falling down mechanic you notice how this floor is
gray if it was black that means that you fall down and you lose your heart or
you’re half a heart chord or heart whatever it is at the time however if
it’s gray that means that we fall down to the exact same point one floor lower
and that’s gonna be how we’re going to be transporting the link quite a bit
anyways hop down to your death just kidding
here’s gonna be two like lakes and a stavros block an attack accordingly you
don’t get anything we’re going to head to the right inside here’s the switch
hit the switch head down here follow the blue path and this is going to bring us
to this same room again the mummies they aren’t affected by knock back from your
sword however if you hit them with your boomerang then you could get some shots
in and then they die pretty easy head to the South ignore or defeat the
like-likes remember when I said get familiar with
this hallway Hey look now we’re in the same room except the switches flipped
open this chest and we get the mirror shield you can now turn back beams the
mirror shield functions the same way as the regular shield you either tap or
hold R and it has a couple of functions and I’m actually about to talk about
them now without touching that switch jump down
is it gonna put us on the outside ledge run all the way to the north run to the
north and you can notice two things about this room one there’s a stop oh I
that’s gonna shoot lasers at us and – that’s curvy if if me telling you wasn’t
enough seeing him sucking in all that air definitely has to be enough for you
anyways there’s a small key here now with our mirror shield we can deflect
the beams from this eyeball just like that and then it sort of deactivates as
far as Kirby goes you can stun him and defeat him with your boomerang take care
of all the enemies in the room and head up the stairs to the north inside of
here we have ourselves a chess puzzle and you know how to do a chest puzzle
right stand right here on the blue switch stand right here good that’s
going to get us a chest and that’s our map sweet you’ll see that this dungeon
as opposed to other ones is mostly vertical it generally takes up this four
by four space except for this third floor that has this big gap here and the
fourth floor which is only that gap we’re trying to knock down all four of
those pillars the one that we did there two three and four in order to knock
down the fourth floor into the third floor protip this is not proper
construction anyways right here we’re gonna ignore the ball for now because we
have to go get ourselves one other item or two technically as you can see right
here this is pillar number two that we’re gonna be taking care of I’m gonna
mark it with a ball let’s hop over you know how to do this puzzle right keep in
mind if you’re low on hearts you can have them all with the heart icon and
you get hearts back if you do the diamond you get some roofies they’re not
a lot but it’s better than nothing and now we get the compass sweet dude from
here we’re gonna head down the stairs defeat that guy and this is our first
time encountering a Goomba in the overworld same rules apply
hop on him you get a heart sweet dude there’s another kirby here you can
defeat him with your boomerang and then he’s dead you’ll also see our she’s
seashell sensor go off that’s because that’s the seashell in the corner here
but ignore that for now we’re gonna head directly south we’re gonna go up this
staircase inside of here you can ignore all the enemies for now and we found a
he niché’s now hopefully he does not knock you over do not let him grab you
so just stand in the corner and throw your boomerang
and then he’s dead also the fireball shoot fire at you it’s the lesser of two
evils in my opinion and your key and now we’re gonna hop down this hole or the
one below it doesn’t matter this is gonna put us on the left side perimeter
of the dungeon run all the way to the north and remember our seesaws seashell
sensor went off well we’re gonna open up that chest for secret sea shell number
49 nice let’s head south now from this room we’re still gonna head more south
there’s a wizzrobe be careful I think it’s so funny that I never cared about
being slightly below perfect health until I got the sword power up and I
lose the beam and now I’m just like hey there’s a heart great I need that
have you noticed we’re back at the dungeon entrance we did that on purpose
because now we’re going to start focusing on your ball I was actually
going for more the intention of talking about how protective a dog is about a
ball but if you want to go the dirtier route whatever now currently the switch
is orange hit it and we’re going to progress north into the first room where
the ball originally was now we already progressed with the ball a little bit
just because I kind of wanted to show off the mechanic of it and now we’re
going to be clearing out the enemies from the room because when you hold the
ball you can’t do anything now we’re gonna take our ball and we’re going to
bring it back actually we’re gonna just toss it over there cuz why not it makes
it easier that’s what the half wall is all about right now from here we’re
going to hop down immediately run to the right we’re going
to be hitting this switch right here and we’re gonna be going back down to the
left this is gonna kind of mirror what we did at the beginning and that’s so
that we can be in the upstairs room with the ball and the switches inverted great
now we’re going to head south of this room in our fire boy get our ferry we’re
going to unlock this block and head up here from here we’re gonna hop down to
the left pop over grab our ball walk down to the right if you throw it too
far it’s you’re gonna take some damage don’t worry there’s hearts here the
order the pillar sweet dude now we’re gonna grab our ball and we’re gonna head
north this is the same room that we were just in that’s fine that’s the whole
point push that down grab our ball bring it to
the left you’re going to see our pillar and a half wall on the Left we’re gonna
bring it north ignore these guys and throw it over the half wall perfect now
we need to run down the stairs the same way that we came already defeat anti
Kirby that’s his actual name anti Kirby very creative very creative Nintendo go
up the staircase and we’re going to go into the one-way wall right here this
room the door unlocks after you defeat all of the floor pieces killing the fire
boy is not necessary and if you notice something special about the floor it’s a
droppable floor we’re not going to drop down quite yet because now this is
pillar number three thrown at the pillar take out your bombs
place a bomb now with our ball on the other side of
this wall here we’re gonna throw it back over we’re gonna hop over that grab the
ball head around these guys back down don’t step on that
throw it push that out of your way grab your ball go south go south again now if
you notice this switch is by a half wall that’s on purpose now we’re going to hit
this to turn it blue and you’ll see that the orange goes down we’re going to head
north jump over here and now we’re going to fall down now when you’re down here
if the blue switches are raised then I need you to come over here to the right
hit the switch so that the blue is down I may have told you to hit the switch
before you weren’t supposed to hit the switch either way you want the switches
to be orange and the blue ones lowered now we are going to head back to that
staircase we’re gonna step up here we’re gonna hop
down and boom we get access to our ball grab it head to the left now these boys
are sort of a pain in the original version but now they’re not as bad now
we’re gonna take our ball and we’re gonna toss it better than that if you
did not mess up then fast forward to this time if you miss that toss then
then we’re gonna backtrack a little bit place the bomb there hit the switch now
we’re gonna throw our ball down right here you could actually throw it up top
link is very strong now we’re going to head north back through this up down
again let the blue switch down go back upstairs grab our ball again
head south up off of here and go left okay Mon Austen don’t suck this time
don’t throw like a girl nice good job you you did that now we’re
gonna head left this is the room where the Henoch s– was head north if you did already bomb this wall then
fine if not then right here is abominable wall we’re gonna head south
two screens would bad your hookshot collect the chest one single bomb grab
the ball and boom congratulations we’re done with the ball stuff Oh golly that
is such a pain and you’ll see the entire building collapse into itself and see
that ball I want you to take that ball I want you to throw it into the void
because I don’t care about that ball anymore fall down the hole and boom
we’re back at the entrance hooray go right remember that staircase that this
hallway we’re gonna go there again now hit the switch head south and we’re
gonna go up the staircase right here we never went up here before because well
there wasn’t the dungeon part actually accessible because you know we just made
it accessible next we’re gonna go north and then one screen east time for the
mini-boss this guy’s name is the grim creeper I
hate that name his whole thing is he’s gonna play his flute and we’re gonna get
six big old bugs showing up and you need to hit all six as they rush at you if
one of them hits you then you have to do it all again so your timing just really
needs to be accurate the good news is they don’t do a lot of damage when they
hit you yeah we did it that might take you more
or less times for me I’m I’m not that great at that next we’re gonna head
north kill all the bad guys with your boomerang we’re gonna take these two
switches push them into the middle and here’s a nightmare key now we could go
to the boss before you leave the room hit the switch it should be yellow or
orange should be orange not blue head back down south and backtrack it went
again there’s a couple goombahs here you could heal up by hopping on them now
we’re gonna go north into the nightmare room and it’s actually a series of rooms
before you actually enter where the boss is so if you don’t have a secret
medicine you can make your way north and then over here cuz that’s the secret
medicine but we I mean I still have one in my inventory I’ve never used it so I
don’t need it but if you want a free secret medicine
and save that you know forty rupees then go for it
and if you don’t want the secret medicine then all you need to do is walk
up here here’s a hook shot head down here I’m a hop-on you for that heart
thanks buddy get off my platform and this is our way
to the boss now again that’s secret medicine on the first floor there is one
chest over here it’s just rupees fifty of them and
that’s the only chest that we’ve missed in this entire and the tyre walkthrough
which if you want to you can easily hit the switch and go back there and get it
just uh I hate this hate this puzzle and by puzzle I mean temple hey it’s the
creeper guy again oh no now there’s a giant bird the bird pushed away all the of the bug
so he’s the evil eagle that’s not very American tibia now I’m going to equip my
boomerang and my Rox feather so he does this attack here that he tries to push
you off and you just want to flick up your shield very momentarily to block
the attack because if you don’t then then he knocks you down when he’s above
you throw up your boomerang if he does knock you off that’s fine all
you need to do is climb up is to keep tacking him with your sword and he’s dead my energy gone lost but
you will be too if the wind fish wakes up same as me you are in his dream what
that doesn’t make any sense I’m not gonna acknowledge that because that’s a
spoiler hey look it’s heart sweet dude
we’re now at 17 of 20 hearts music to my ears
this opens up head inside and we get a piano it’s a nice piano oh it’s an organ
the organ of evening calm Wow and I thought this surf harp was a reach it doesn’t sound like an organ ocarina
the music of the ocarina leads to your bud great that’s that’s that temple and
oh thank god I hate that one this has to be like one of the worst temples just
because of like how much you need to go back and forth with all the the puzzles
and everything ah I hate it so much I will go so far say I dislike this temple
more than I know know the water temple in Ocarina still worse oh great we’re
gonna be wrapping this up now and we only have two episodes left next episode
we’re going to get the final secret seashell get a fast travel point open up
access to the final temple turn in all fifty secret seeshells and we’re gonna
be doing all that tomorrow or tomorrow already happen then it’s appearing on
the right side right now as well as a playlist and something over here is on
the left but great that guys for checking out the video in these last
final seconds I do ask that you hit the like button because usually toward the
end of a playthrough there’s not that many views and this this one was a real
challenge so the more likes the more people see it and the more it helps
everybody out

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