Drunk History – Bobby Fischer, King of the Chess People

Drunk History – Bobby Fischer, King of the Chess People

Let’s cheers
to Bobby Fischer, yeah? – Here’s to Bobby B. F. – Check. – Mate. – [chuckles] – Hello. I’m Rich Fulcher, and today we’re gonna talk
about Bobby Fischer, King of the Chess People.It’s 1972.Bobby Fischer is, like,
29 years old,
and at the time, he had won
the U.S. Open Championship
and was
an International Grandmaster.
But he wasn’t just
a normal chess player.
He was going,
put, put, put, put, put, check!
Woot, woot, woot, checkmate!That was when he felt
most comfortable in life. And yet, Russia had won
the World Championship for the last 24 years.Like, Russia, Russia,
Russia, Russia,
can–Russia!And Russia used that
as sort of a PR campaign,like, we are the kings.We are not only Communists,but we are
the intellectuals of the world
because we do chess.The World Championships
are in Iceland,
and Boris Spassky, backed by
the Russian government,
was like, Bobby Fischer
is too young and inexperienced
for someone like me,
the World Champion.
Here’s the thing,
Fischer hated Russians,
and he called them
filthy pigs.
So it was much more
than just a chess match.
The Cold War is happening.LifeMagazine called it
the match of the century,
and in the retrospect it was, because it was the match
of the century.And then
Fischer didn’t show up.
He was still in,
uh, New York, and he said,
I don’t want to play
in this match
’cause it’s not enough
prize money.
It’s not enough!He was all talk.He wasn’t, like,
ready to perform
for, like, magic people.But he gets a phone call
from Henry [bleep] Kissinger,
the Secretary of State,
and he said,
uh…hi, this is Ken–This is Henry Kissingersaying that you need to get
your butt over to Iceland now.
So he finally shows up
in Iceland,
and Spassky’s like, fine,
great, let’s get started.
But Fischer was like,
there’s too many cameras.
There’s, uh–
the audience is too close.
The chess board is too shiny.The lights are shiny.But Fischer
finally agreed to play,
and in America
it was shown on bars
throughout the country.So you would go
into a bar,
you’d see chess and not
the New York Mets, not the…Klondike…Bars. – But what would you do
for a Klondike? – I would do anything
for a Klondike Bar, except Wikipedia my dingus. – [laughs] – And so,
the World Championshipwas a best out of 24 match.The first game was weirdbecause there’s
cameras everywhere.
[whimpering gibberish]It was like,
they’re too close!
And Fischer made
a rookie move,
like, he went and got
an outlier pawn
with his bishop,and Spassky surrounded it
with his bishops.
Whoa.And he lost big time.The second match came around,
and Spassky was there,
and he goes, where is he?Fischer was staying
in his room and saying,
I will not go out
unless the cameras change.
And he was thinking
that they would do it,
but they didn’t.And then Fischer
forfeits the match.
Hrrump!That’s how they did it.And he’s down two-nothing,which is pretty [bleep] bad.Pfft-pfft-pfft. – Why is all the ice gone?
Where did all the ice go? – I just want some free flowers.
What? – All the ice was put
into the cooler. – Let me tell you
about the ice. You just gotta mix it up! – Jeez. – Here’s the thing. The thing is–
– Here’s the thing. – No, but what
the thing is, is, um, I have a flaming dick disease. [laughter] No, I was trying to say
that to be behind two-nothing is a big deal
in these matches.And then finally
for the third game
Fischer said, look,
let’s go to a back room
with no cameras, please.And Spassky said yes.Fischer felt comfortable
and won.
He won!The first time he’d ever
beaten Fas–Fassko–
no, Spassky.Once he won,
it just changed.It’s like a turnaround.It’s like
a blip, blah, aghhhh.
It’s like a shhh.It’s like a pup.
It’s like a poosh.
It’s like a boo-laah!Like a put-chi-sha-sha-snoot!It happened.So Fischer won
the third game,
the fifth game,
the sixth game,
the eighth game,
the tenth game.
It was so brilliant, Spassky actually stood up,he gave a standing ovation.Thank you, thank you.And after the 13th game,the Soviets were like,
what do we do?
They went to the officials
and said,
Bobby Fischer is using
electronic devices
to wane Spassky’s energythrough electronic
So the Reykjavik police
from Iceland
came in and took apart
They took apart
Bobby Fischer’s chair,
Bobby Fischer’s, uh…peanuts.Peanuts.And they were thinking,oh, this is gonna
fluster Fischer,
because Fischer’s very,
you know, tumultuous.
It didn’t at all.He loved it.And he won after that,and won and won,and pretty much
after the 21st match,
it became
mathematically impossible
for Spassky to win.And it was like, oh, my God!Fischer wins!
Fischer wins!
And it’s–he–he’s, like,
the World Chess Champion,
and he’s from the U.S.He walks out in Reykjavik,there’s people everywhere.He’s mobbed.Fischer was huge,and he became
a Cold War hero,
and he felt like…[making guttural noises] Tell me more,you sucking pig!Suck!Suck!That’s that.

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  1. There's the giggly drunk and there's talk about my dick constantly drunk. I wonder which category Rich Fulcjer falls under…

  2. "Here's the thing… The thing is… What… No… The thing is.. is.. I have a FLAMING DICK DISEASE" 😂😂😂 omg

  3. "Amberley excelled at chess – one mark, Watson, of a scheming mind."
    —The Adventure of the Retired Colourman.
    by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published in
    The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes 1927

  4. I'd like to see a Drunk History about when Donald Trump Bitch Slapped Hillary Clinton, Aborted her 30 year long Political Career, and Beat the entire DNC and CNN at their own game his first time out in Politics…How about you Comrades?….Trump 2020

  5. And then Fischer was also anti-Semitic, and hated the United States so much he applauded 9/11. He was probably suffering from mental illness.

  6. So in relation to the Cold War directions Struck One Last move with America in the Great Space Race that's why they backed out all of a sudden to expose Americans to what is really going on that's a check you can cash check mate

  7. How could you not have a visual for “magic people”

    Also none of these can compare to the magic of the Alexander Hamilton episode

  8. Fischer was also an anti-semite, banned from entering at least a half-a-dozen dozen countries, and said America had it coming to them when 9/11 happened. Everyone I've ever met with a chess rating of over 2,000 has something deeply wrong with them mentally, it's uncanny.

  9. Unfortunately the rest of Fischer's life isn't so pleasant. His anxieties and mental health got the worst of him in the years following the Championship match, he started listening to conspiracy-bible radio, and one station in particular that preached the end of the world was coming, he became devout – also rabidly antisemitic although growing up as a Jew in New York. Bobby basically disappears for nearly three decades until 9/11 where he calls into a news station during the World Trade Center attacks in NY from Thailand and basically says the U.S deserves what it got that day… he gets kicked around country to country where he finds asylum in some Scandinavian country that loves Chess — he obviously drives them crazy until he dies. A once brilliant man who succumbed to hate derived from mental illness – a great documentary chronicles his life but if you can't tell I haven't seen it in years.

  10. Even with this… original way of telling the story, I still can't cease to be fascinated by it nonetheless!

  11. Fischer also went COMPLETELY INSANE. He dissapered for several years, resurfaced in a japanese prison, got exiled from the US after a rematch with boris spasky became a huge antisemite despite being jewish heritage, praised 9/11 attacks, says he hates chess altogether, never played professionally again, and died alone in reikjavik.

  12. “Winners of the world chess championship for 24 years” sounds less impressive when you realize that that event is only held once every 4 years.

  13. One thing not mentioned about this match I s that Fischer made many demands. One of them was that he wanted a very special/expensive/comfy chair. After the event coordinator bought him such a nice chair, Spasky said, well I want one too. And then Fischer stole spaskys nice chair

  14. I know he's drunk, but like, how fucking drunk? How do you get this drunk and be conscious? Is it an act?

  15. BOBBY FISCHER where is he? I don’t know I don’t know BOBBY FISCHER when is he? I don’t know I don’t know HES GONE

  16. I love Chess
    my best friend is handicap with MS and he is really good ive never beat him he needs to play people but they dont do internet

  17. Just gleamed over the part where he then basically becomes the most inactive world champion to exist before and since, forfeits the world title next go around, loses all his marbles, becomes a full blown conspiracy theorist, joins a dooms day cult, violates us sanctions to play a chess match, becomes a wanted criminal, denies being in the dooms day cult after the end never happens, still a psycho, praises the 9/11 attacks, and dies a raving lunatic.

  18. I always considered the match of the century the international victory of Jesse Owens and the national victory of Billie Jean King. Kudos to B. Fischer.

  19. Bobby's diva/OCD bullshit was embarrassing, but the Russian boss guys matched it with that "You guys are stealing our player's energy with electronic zappers".

  20. This makes a great conspiracy theory.

    Back room? Cold war? Did he really win? Did we really go to the moon first?

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