Dr. S.Rajasekaran with Sadhguru [Part-1] | IOACON, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen they say that there
are more than hundred zillion organisms in this world of which seven billion of
our human beings of the seven billion many are born many exist and many go
away not remembered not to have contributed anything and not without any
self realization there are only few who are not only fired by the curiosity and
get self-realized but still only fewer of them who can elevate others also on
this path to self-realization for us in Coimbatore
in Tamil Nadu in India and to many parts of the world Sadhguru is one person who
has influenced how many of us have thought and how many of us are live and
we are extremely fortunate to have him here today on behalf of all of you I
would like to say a heartfelt gadget yield to Sajal for accepting our
invitation it’s just fortune I think that his busy
schedule allowed him to be in Commodore on behalf of all of you can I please smaranam bhai sir : coruña samaya departed okay long the Moscato
could unique to everyone I said good evening pronounced as I I’m very must be my
problem with all the doctors here but already that she could doctor logical
told me that I’m not good for business actually when we were waiting Sadhguru
told me that he has had many fractures but it all healed by itself
I told he is not good for our business at all so so we are having a huge
audience of more than five thousand doctors from more than eighteen
countries so all my questions are going to be many things that they people have
asked you but I’ll ask from a medical angle so as doctors this is something
that worries us or what makes us wonder because we do see patients who seem to
be at the receiving end of the wrong end of fate how do you explain a patient
going in a bus sitting on the fifth seat in the center nobody in the front four
seats get injured nobody behind him but he gets grievously injured and he comes
to the hospital and some people get all the possible complications when they go
through the treatment there are others who are involved in major accidents but
something seems to be helping them to get better so fast it looks like there
is somebody one hand telling thou shalt live and to the other person you have a
bad fate it’s time to go they say bad thing coming from a doctor yeah but what
it is a fact we won’t tell anybody say what you call
as physical dimension of life is a mechanical process the very fact that
you called it an accident it means something unexpected happens
so when two mechanical objects collide what will break is nobody’s guess all
right that’s how it is that’s the nature of physical existence so we should not
write try to reread any mystical dimensions into a simple mechanical
situation that’s one aspect of it but at the same time as there is gravity as
there is weak and strong nuclear forces as there are many physical forces which
rule the mechanical aspects of life there is a dimension this will this word
has become religious so people will mistake this here in Tamil we call it
our own it’s called grace this entire culture is based on this that Indian
people wherever they see anybody somebody says he is a sage somebody says
he’s a saying somebody’s is a yogi wherever people want to receive
blessings they want to accumulate because they understand that either your
mechanical parts can work without lubrication and wear out quickly you
know the joints if there is no lubrication any machine will wear out
quickly it doesn’t matter how good it is it doesn’t matter how well designed it
is how great it is if there is no lubrication it’ll wear out so there is
unde immense which there are many words in Sanskrit but in English
generally it passes off as grace so if you earned grace if you have become
receptive to grace there is lubrication where there is lubrication there is no
friction so even a collision may not cause much damage to that one but we
should not read this into everything because mechanical objects mechanical
processes can happen in so many ways that need not be always seen as you know
some kind of spiritual or mystical stuff but at the same time those who are in
grace will not get into that besito but it does not mean just because you
have grace you will not get injured you will not die maybe it’s a good thing
will somebody to die today I’m sorry I’m saying such a thing I’m saying for a
whole lot of people many things that they logically think are bad if they
examine it carefully in their life it might have been the greatest blessing in
their life so I must tell you this story oh yes this happened a few years ago I
like to go into vegetable markets this is one of my fads when I’m driving on
the highway if I see a Shandy I will stop get down and get into the vegetable
market well I have no cooking coming I can’t
take these vegetables and cook somewhere but in India buying vegetables is an art
in our families they trained us from a very young age how to buy vegetables for
what you must buy how different things when we were young our families boys are
trained how to buy a finish how to buy meat how to buy vegetables for which
dish what kind of vegetable you must buy this a big training process so I am well
versed in those things so we I get down and go around bargain and bargain
because you must bargain because it’s not just about vegetables this is a kind
of an interaction so I bargain everything when they come down to my
prayer price I just give them money not take the vegetables and go on because I
have not come there for vegetables have just come for the experience just trying
my skills so one day I went in Bangalore City in
your vegetable market the small vegetable shop very small one my man was
sitting behind I just looked at him he was just a shining being I I just looked
oh my god what is he doing here then he turned it looked at me our eyes
got locked and I just looked at him and he burst out laughing I also laughed and
went up to him and asked what the hell are you doing here selling vegetable
then he said you come sit here so he made me sit in his vegetable shop and he
told me in his whole story I’ll try to make it very brief he got sick and he
got admitted into a General Hospital in Bangalore a General Hospital general
Ward is acclimatization to help normally I’m sorry so he was there and every day
he thinks he’s going to die but he doesn’t die one more day one more date
goes like is every day he thinks he’s going to die and he doesn’t die after
over two months his wife stopped coming to the hospital
she got tired of visiting this guy he’s he’s neither going to die in order to
get well then the demand for the beds became such they put him outside in the
corridor with just one sheet he was in the corridor of the government hospital
for another two months every day he thought he will die but he did not die
one day suddenly he realized something he sat up within about seven eight days
he walked out of the hospital and became ecstatic and blissful his wife his
family nobody turned up but because earlier he was selling vegetables he
continued to sell vegetables for a living and after almost three four years
after such an incident he saw me for the first time and we kind of birdied up and
I said how he said you know I said what do you do here selling vegetables he
says I bless every they must get sick for four months so
you never know what will turn out as a blessing so it will set about grace
so if grace is something that is going to actually protect us how do you
accumulate this grace I mean do you carry it because this is one of the
things that is always told to us that some people carry that grace from their
previous birth and do something good now so that you will carry this grace to
next birth is that so right what is this whoa whoa you’re going away too far I see grace is available to everybody
it’s like sunlight sunlight is available to everybody but only to those who open
their eyes we will see that’s the way this but is it not there is there only
for me not for you there’s no such thing it’s available for everybody
it’s just that are you receptive when we talk about receptivity see the entire
process of yoga the word yoga itself means this the word yoga means union
union means what right now in most people’s experience it is me versus
universe this is how people are experiencing life otherwise why
continuous anxiety fear they think they are fighting for their life all the time
why they are fighting the whole universe individual and the universal being in
competition with the universe is a stupid thing to do hello no it’s a bad
competition to get into hello you must show some sign of life otherwise I will
have doubts hello what will you do if you’re patient
what will you do here is to show some sign of life isn’t it because you are
orthopaedics if you press on their pain points of
course they will come alive I don’t have such a privilege
you versus universe a bad competition to get into listening so yoga means this
that you consciously obliterate the boundaries of your individuality that if
you sit here there is not much distinction between what is you and what
is the universe’s on another level say as we sit here this is my body that is
your body do what you want these two things will not become one this is my
mind that is your mind do what you want these things will not
become one they may overlap on some issues and we may feel that we are one
with each other but my mind is my mind your mind is your mind isn’t it but
there is no such thing as my life and your life this is a living cosmos you
captured a little bit I captured a little bit that’s about it but now we
think this is my life and that is your life there is no such thing this is a
living cosmos you blown a small bubble somebody might have blown a little
bigger bubble did you blow so bubbles when you are young oh yeah you still do
so when you blew so bubbles somebody had this big bubble somebody else had that
big bubble oh went on saying this is my bubble this your bubble but poop it went
once it goes poop you did not say this is Maya and this is your air similarly
there is no such thing as my life and your life there is just a living cosmos
if you capture more life then you will see you have more grace the depth
dimension and scope of your life is determined
by how much life you capture within you it doesn’t matter what kind of body you
have what kind of intelligence you have if you have not captured substantial
life within you you will live a small life that’s how it is how do you do this
there are systematic ways of approaching this or simply by involvement and
exuberance by commitment people may capture in a larger life by absolutely
being committed to something focused on something somebody may capture a certain
amount of life which is more than what is considered normal
but Yoga has a systematic process as to how to capture life I can show you
thousands of people around me today when they came they thought they won’t do
anything significant of half of them not half 70% of them are dropouts from
schools and colleges and everything but you will see after a few years of
sadhana suddenly they are functioning in ways that you won’t believe possible
recently we had a business you know even called insight where over 200 CEOs from
across the world are coming and participating all of them wonder why our
organizations don’t run as smoothly and efficiently as yours
I said that’s because I have all dropouts who are no good for anything
but they have devotion in their heart they’re devoted to what they’re doing
that’s all because they’re absolutely devoted to what they are doing they may
not be MBAs they may not be from my IITs and IIMs they’re simple people but
because they’re absolutely devoted they do wonderful things so the question is
how much life have you captured always people keep wondering oh that guy is not
as smart as me how come he is more successful you know this is this is
going on in a whole lot of people’s minds who think they are smart yes
always why is that guy more successful than me I am smarter than him obviously
your smartness is not working because just with one dimension of life life
will not function the most important thing is how effervescent and large is
the nature of life that you’ve captured on every one of us have an unlimited
access to it but how much will we take depends on how consciously we conduct
our life Sadhguru you said about life and that
brings a big question what doctors have about life now they say we have one
trillion cents in our body and each of these cell is living by itself and when
you say a patient is no more it’s just that the brain dies after 2 or 3 minutes
but still a large part of his body is still alive so and these cells even when
after the patient is dead you take these cells and those those of you are all
shaving every day even after you’re dead we still have to shave you you know this
that is why I am ready you know yeah but so what dies when we die so that brings
the question what leaves us so where is this life in our body is it in our brain
our heart and what is this life you’re talking is it in the spine or is it and there’s so many living people you can
ask them where are they I think their religious
beliefs have totally screwed up human mind so badly that people cannot even
know what’s happening within themselves they know they know the geography of
heaven hello so people know what is the geography of heaven where is God sitting
you know how many children he has when is his birthday
everything they know how come they don’t know where is their life isn’t it
ridiculous hello because we were told Swami about the
birthday of gods but nobody is telling us where is our life you are life aren’t you yes yes I hear
four people but I’m asking all of you your life you must show some sign so if
your life I’m asking are you really life so how come we know so many things and
we don’t know what is the nature of our life now you asked why if somebody is
dead still sells some of the cells are active as I said dead bodies are given a
shape up to ten eleven days why this is so what we’re calling is life physically
is a mechanism on many different levels there is hardware and there is software you are poor of hardware the software is
equally important otherwise how would a cell know that it’s a human cell that it
is not a pig cell or a tree cell or something else how does it know because
there is an entire software there is memory evolutionary memory genetic
memory karmic memory there are varieties of memories imposed on every cell in the
system so that it never gets confused if you eat dog food for three days you will
not become a dog isn’t it because the memory is entrenched in this so there is
a whole software the software package is actually bigger than the hardware much
bigger and it is energized by what we are considering as a life force in yoga
we call this prana it manifests itself in five basic dimensions there are other
forms to it which gets too complicated five basic forms these are called prana
why you seminar you apana why you boudin noir you on viana these have different
functions prana is related to breath respiratory action and thought process
if the Pranava you depletes your respiratory action will go
away so immediately doctor checks and says he’s dead they’ll try to pump their
chest if he doesn’t come back he’s dead respiration and your pulmonary action
are very directly connected once the respiration stops that process will
naturally come to an end so prana WA you is gone it’s not like
one after another they will go they will go at the same time but one goes means
this is gone if Samana wahoo goes this is in charge of generating heat in the
system so once Samana you.why who starts receiving the body starts getting cold
and it also starts becoming stiff once upon away.you starts receding in a
major way then the sensory aspect of it we must understand this you may check
somebody’s breath and declare them dead but they can still feel sensations there
have been any number of cases where people get terrified because a dead body
moves a little bit this has happened again and again many many times that
when he’s been medically declared dead there are twitchings in the body that
happened in a very mild way because the sensory activity is still on still life
is not fully convinced that it’s finished it is still making an effort of
its own when would Hawaii goes away then the buoyancy is gone
when I say buoyancy see you may weigh 70 or 80 or whatever number of I’m sorry
maybe you wave 50 or 55 ladies together whatever is you wait you don’t let’s say
you very happy in alive right now you don’t feel 50 kilograms on you isn’t
it hello it is there if you stand on the
scale it is there but when you walk it is not there simply because this Adana
creates a buoyancy it makes you less available to gravity
there are yogic practices to activate this there’s a whole school of udon in
China where you might have seen those movies Hollywood movies or that’s
Crouching Tiger or something something what yeah yes so these are Sudan schools
where they have mastery or odana where they can float around a little bit
well little exaggerated in the movies but becomes lighter more buoyant body
for a martial arts fighter to be buoyant is important there have been many cases
where certain ballet dancers and martial arts experts have shown what is
physically not possible they have done by leaping up to Heights which all
physics believe is simply impossible but they’ve gone beyond that level simply by
creating more buoyancy Shahana is in charge of buoyancy once
you Donna starts receding suddenly body becomes heavier always it was the same
weight weight does not increase but you can feel the weight much more simply
because who Donna is gone this doctors men or maybe doctors don’t do it the
people who work in the hospital’s mineral carrying a live person and a
dead person there’s a big difference simply because Donna is gone there is
buoyant there is no buoyancy the fourth dimension is called viana this is
preservative in nature if viana recedes even when you’re alive body will begin
to rot there are certain types of snake Venom’s which can do this if they bite
you you will not die but literally parts of the body will start falling apart
simply because viana will recede and it will start falling apart
so once viana receives the rotting process will begin there are systems in
yoga where we want all the seven to go reasonably together within one and a
half hours we want it to go in normal depth depending upon the age of a person
how vibrant a particular body is it may take a long time when
say a long time up to 14 hours it may take viana may take up to 14 days to
leave this is the reason why in this culture you have rituals running up to
14 days because they feel the viana may be still there because when you bury a
person the viana may be still powering their so up to 14 days that is the
reason why within one and a half hours in this in this culture that was the
rule if somebody dies within an hour and a half you must cremate them but then
mistakes happened when they were still alive somebody put them on the funeral
pyre so they stretched it to four hours within four hours you must create
cremate but today there are issues all kinds of issues about it so people are
waiting for one day two days daughter is in America she has to come she’ll come
after three days and they will wait but the idea is for the one who is dead we
must understand this you are do you you don’t diagnose people as death you
declare them dead right there’s a difference so when you declare them dead
for you they are dead as far as that person is concerned in a
way all that’s happened is his disembodied he’s lost his body all his
life he lived thinking he’s a body never realizing the physical mass that we
carry is an accumulation from this planet
he never realized that when suddenly he slips out the body he tends to hover
around the body because he’s lost his discriminatory intelligence once you
leave the body the discriminatory intellect is not there so this tends to
hover around that body so in this culture we said the moment we are sure
that somebody is dead for sure you must immediately cremate them
because it’s good for that dead so they know the game is up and it’s also good
for the living you will see if somebody very dear to you is dead and their body
is here you keep on hallucinating maybe they’re
just sleeping maybe they will sit up maybe some miracle will happen maybe
something else will happen you know if this will go on unnecessarily you will
see people are crying and big emotional drama is happening but the moment you
cremate them you will see everybody becomes silent have you noticed this
always because now everybody knows the game is up it’s for the living and for
the dead so about life leaving the system it is
so entrenched it is not something pop it’ll go away like this didn’t staged
this it goes away because it’s in stages it came in it’s in stages it’ll go away I’ll come to a different dimension so
the beginning I you said you’re skeptic about everything and I asked you in
about God you said more so so what is your opinion about God we have a
different I mean doctors are confused about what is God say yeah this is very
difficult for people to understand this but people who are with me for 25 30
years around me closely even today I don’t have an opinion on
them they are around me all the time I have seen them in and out but I don’t
have an opinion on them it’s very difficult for people to understand this
every day when I look at them I look at them fresh only when it comes to work
maybe you will evaluate their competence and decide what to do from what they did
yesterday otherwise as human beings I never judge them for what they were
esterday because my entire work is this that whatever the hell you have been
yesterday whoever you are kind of parentage you have whatever kind
of history you have it doesn’t matter if you are willing tomorrow something
fantastic is possible within this life it is for that possibility that we work
I don’t care who your father is I don’t care who your grandfather is my concern
is not even what your today my concern is always looking at what you could be
tomorrow if you’re not looking out for that possibility there is no spiritual
process when I don’t even have an opinion on anybody around me
why would I have opinion on the creator so because we are human because we are
human beings our understanding of life frees when we
say life we think it should be in this form if all these two hundred twelve
bones are there you will certify this is not life the 212 am I correct – 42 42 is
it that’s a very important number anyway if any one of them are missing you will
say I’m not a complete human being in some way so the nature of life and our
existence is such what we think is because our thought process and our
intelligence has given as this wrong feeling that we are the center of the
universe no the existence is not human centric we just one tiny little creature
significant though significant we are because of our ability to be conscious
because of our intelligence we have become significant but only in our
experience only in our experience in the cosmic nature of things tomorrow morning
this planet may just fly away somewhere and vanish Oh possibility many of the
asteroids passing by the earth bigger than the planet Earth that’s what
we are these days everybody is feeling because all these years we did not know
what the hell is happening now that they have seen some huge asteroids there is a
pair of Noah’s if one of them come and hit is what will happen
oh we will go into pieces of course so who we are is not significant in
creation but significant for us simply because our experience is rooted in us
because I hear that you are among the foremost there are many people here who
are foremost spinal surgeons we refer to the human spine as me redundant that
means the axis of the universe I know many people just carrying this little
body already the spine is hurting axis of the universe definitely they need a
titanium why are we calling this the axis of the
universe is human experience is transmitted largely through the spine because it’s transmitted through the
spine and our experience is the basis of the universe for us how do we know there
is a world around us only because we see hear smell taste and touch all that is
being transmitted through our spine so universe exists not because it is there
it exists for us only the way we perceive it may be an earthworm doesn’t
know there is a moon hello most probably doesn’t know he definitely knows there
is a Sun I know but he may not know there is a moon because it may not have
any relevance for him a bird may not know there is a cosmos and he doesn’t
care probably but we know all this simply because of our enhanced
perception and this perception is being transmitted
in the process of evolution one of the most significant steps is I’m sorry I’m
talking to doctors but today one of the most significant steps in the process of
evolution is the making of the spine or the vertebrae as why such a thing
happened is when our neurological system started evolving somewhere the
intelligence of life realized it needs protection when we say our visual
apparatus this is a very complex eye it is able to distinguish my noticed
differences in many things which most other creatures on the planet cannot do
the first even now this sea life exists there are certain fish in whom there are
photosensitive cells they can just sense there is light they cannot see anything
that’s a first eye is being taken as a first evolutionary I must be this fish
because it can see light and darkness that’s all from there this sensory
organs these neurological developments have been phenomenal and our the
richness of our experience is mainly because of the sensitivity of our
neurological system this needed protection
it needed a conduit so the spine came up another significant aspect of ecological
process is from a horizontal spine it became a vertical spine so in yoga there
is a whole system of yoga just training you how you can keep your spine erect to
be aligned always you’re standing sitting running doing whatever you want
but your conscious where your spine is all the time because this determines how
sensitive you are to life because your whole experience of life is being
transmitted and our experience of the universe is just the way we experience
it we don’t know any other way because of that this is the center of the
universe in the sense it’s like this see now this Hall we can see the walls now
we can say which is the center of this Hall he that that one of this one we can
debate a little bit but when there are when you cannot see the boundaries of
this Hall this is universe you cannot see the
boundaries I can fix the center wherever I want wherever there is intensity of
experience that’s my center so human spine is seen as the center of
the universe and also the axis of the universe depending upon how sensitive
you make it accordingly the enlargement of your experience the enhancement of
your experience of life happens your perception is enhanced beyond your sense
perception even to go beyond senses still the neurological basis is very
very significant this is the reason why we are saying only a human being can
realize the other creatures are not equipped to realize because their
neurological system is not sophisticated enough for that circle in the video we
saw that the ANA Linga and it is always said that you have consecrated a lot of
energy into the other Linga but you would like to know what is this energy
because if you take the 3,000 people here we know that there are some people
with high energy and some people with no energy so is it that they are born like
that or they’re manufactured like that it depends what was the breakfast Pongal
and no coffee after Pongal you need degree degree degree coffee so how what
do you mean by this energy which you can take it and keep it in a different place
and how do we get energized people also say I already say that you sleep only
for two and a half hours so can you tell us the secret sauce that was at one time
the first 25 years of my activity on an average I slept 2 and after 3 hours a
day these days becoming a bit lazy anywhere
between three and a half to four and a half hours I’m slipping more by not
because of my age for sure because nothing has changed that way within me
just that one thing is these days nutrition is bad because I’m traveling
so much and I’m particular that the food is in a certain level of freshness once
you leave India most of the food that appears on your plate is minimum three
months old it’s very difficult to get something which is fresh so that makes
me go skip meals skips meals skip meals all the time I think due to lack of
daily nourishment I get nourishment once in two days three days I get good
nourishment but there is no daily nourishment simply because of excessive
travel I think because of that there is a bit of slackness I think if I eat well
for two three months I’ll be back to three hours easily so why does one
person need well by prescription these days eight hours is it seven seven to
eight hours seven hours okay seven hours and why another person can do with half
of that see one thing is as we already went through the very physical body that
you carry is just the food that you’ve eaten isn’t it you are looking at food
only as protein vitamin mineral like this but we’re talking about a food
chain that means there are all different kinds of lives what we consume is
another form of life every animal consumes another form of life this is
the way the food cycle is created so in what condition that life is will
determine when what condition your life is in many ways so you food
appears in front of me if I just look at it
people have prepared it with the elaborate care if I just look at it as
you know mr. Chenault Sadhguru Sadhguru this guy this lady has brought it she’s
a very good cook she’s very tasty I just look at it as
you know simply because it’s not alive enough for me
it may be tasty but it’s not alive enough for me if it’s not alive enough I
will not consume if you just conscious of this one thing you will see your
sleep quota will go down another thing is most people are eating at least 50%
50% means hundred percent more than what they need to eat yes you you will do one
thing as an experiment just try this whatever you eating cut it down by 50%
if you’re eating let’s say 2 kilograms of food cut it down to 1 kilogram and
eat variety of foods you will see you will neither drop weight nor will you
become weak nor will you become less energetic only thing that’ll happen is
your sleep quota will go down because you are putting so much food to generate
the same same amount of energy you’re eating more by compulsion of liking the
taste or simply by compulsion of filling yourself up now the body has to press
process so much food to create so much energy this extra processing is taking a
toll on the system the amount of impurities that are there in the food
will also determine how how much inertia you generate in the body let’s
understand it this way in terms of physical terms what sleep means is
inertia right now your dynamic this is life inertia said said when inertia goes
beyond a certain points that is death but sleep is a cut certain kind of death
but it is offering you rest so restfulness is very important what is
being restful means is if you sit here if you are a total ease you will see the
body is naturally restful if you have you
artists on a particular day you were very happy on that day you don’t need
much sleep or food have you noticed this that’s all you have to do if you remain
very joyful every moment of your life the food will come down sleep will come
down naturally so there are many aspects to this fundamentally if you keep your
life energy is very exuberant now you will see the sleep quota will naturally
come down to keep it exuberant you should not be over led largely in the
ashram everybody young people also eat only two meals a day then in the morning
7:00 in the evening our activity exceeds most people’s activity in the world and
we are seven days 365 days we don’t know what’s a vacation because we are
enjoying what we are doing we don’t want a break so they never go on a vacation
there is no break there’s no Sunday Monday lunch ends nothing every day
something is happening endlessly but you will see people are very energetic
healthy sleep is very little so energetically a human being can be at
different levels why this is important lease see what we call as life is just a
combination of two things a certain amount of energy and a certain amount of
time when it comes to time it is ticking away for all of us at the same pace
clock doesn’t run slowly for me faster for you there’s no such thing
whether you are busy you’re lazy you’re sleeping you’re doing useful things or
useless things it doesn’t matter what you do or you do not do time is ticking
away so there is no such thing as time management you can manage your energy if
you raise your energy to a higher pitch of intensity what somebody does in 10
years you may do it in one year so if you live 400 years it looks like you
lived 4,000 years simply because your energy spits it up this every human
being can do the whole yogic system is one dimension of yogic system is just
towards this if you sit here even if you swim
sit here with your eyes closed you don’t sit here in a static way you sit here in
a dynamic way you never become static because static is called as death if
everything becomes static that is death if inertia really sets in that is death
so sleep in yoga is seen as death you die every day how long do you want to
die in a day you really must use this word for yourself
don’t tell anybody I’m going to die for yourself how long do I want to die in a
day eight hours a day if you die one third of your life you are dead in 24
hours eight hours you’re dead means one third of your life dead another four
hours goes into eating sleeping eating toilet bath this that where is the time
to live I’m asking so if life is precious the most important thing to do
is keep your energies in an exuberant way so that life becomes more life feels
enhanced because you cannot enhance time maybe you can live a few years longer
but you can’t slow down time for yourself do what you want do whatever
you want time keeps rolling as you sit here since
you came and sat here you are about an hour and a half closer to your grave
it’s a diagnosis that was not me okay so this is very
important because one dimension of what we call as life which is time the in
Tamil language this is very good when somebody dies we don’t say he is dead we
say column item simply means his time got over perfect description isn’t it
all that happened his time got over so time is getting over as you sit here yes
or no hello those immortal beings I’m asking you time is getting over as you
sit here is going away so the only thing we can manage is how intense is my life
energy for this we have all lot of systems to slowly work on it work on it
work on it in such a way that you know there were times these days one night is
okay second nighttime bit down otherwise there was a time three nights if I don’t
sleep continuous three nights contributive nights I don’t sleep full
day I am working full night I am working if you see me on the fourth day I will
be just fine you won’t even make out anything today I’m little as I said this
excessive travel I don’t have enough sadhana to keep me up like that
but one night two nights also I could manage but one night effortlessly I will
go even today how about there was a question about the ANA Linga in this
which I missed out what they are Linga means is because time is running out for
me like everybody else I am NOT saying I am going tomorrow everybody should know
time is running out hello as we sit here he’s running out for all
of us because time is running out people on the spiritual path will always wonder
after said guru what what do we do so this was the vision of another great
yogi way back that to establish a form which is like a living yogi but he won’t
travel he’s always there yogi without legs good or knows that he
can’t go anywhere but a full-fledged being with all the seven chakras and
everything full-fledged only thing is he doesn’t ask for food good he doesn’t
sleep good and he doesn’t die very good and he doesn’t go anywhere very very
good so that’s the kind of yogi we created who’s sitting there right now he
can’t walk he can’t talk he won’t eat he won’t die good or no insurance for
future you you

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