Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 13

Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 13

[Music] puppies must marry getting this refer give you the neck get roped in the mr. Ginetta along like Cooper much happier focus I mean I’m fine with all of this here oh my God look at the sick he healthy [Music] what come on hey Bundy Oh knock on door okay come on say bye Oh [Music] [Music] javelin Oh [Music] my goal [Music] and now we can make refresher you just need to do so now oh I’m done I’m so fucking done I’m actually done oh my god I’m so fucking done with this game why did that just happen why does this item even itch oh my fucking god like can you actually okay you can nygma’s okay whoa wait a minute what double moth is that triple mask of madness pa3 that might beat me actually well triple mask and no not we can’t be that guy who actually lost that’s impossible this is it this cannot lose anymore this is this line up it’s impossible to lose what uh what he’s 1% is just gonna win really that’s so stupid please news oh no please please no stop winning I’m hoping that loon I will not die too fast well we need a good hag boys oh I think we know the PA is still alive yep yeah they’re okay yeah that’s pretty cool but he’s dead no don’t stop quitting I’ll stop can his PA died Hermiston firmest and there he goes No [Music] he’s just immortal I can’t beat it I [Music] ready my units go come on boys I believe in us mom yeah there we go let’s see what’s going on over here stunt no oh he’s hexed he’s hexed we’re doing it [Music] thank you shadow Shannon thank you so much really appreciate it [Music]

21 thoughts on “Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 13

  1. That pa thing happend to me twice and make me lose from 91% + 78% and he has 2 mom deso and a crystalys, the other one has ac and mom. I wanna smash my goddamn head. 2nd place twice.
    Edit: i want more vid pls 🙂

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