Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 12

Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 12

they beat my doom hour how did you beat a doom with 30% lifesteal and mask of madness and Vanguard that’s what I need to know how did he beat my fucking wait what excuse me kill him please what the fuck is this no he’s dead okay is my internet it’s not my internet they’re moving that’s my win streak stop what [Music] I should another politician in stamina slots in temperature the same of regulars you know sleep on your business card the only unit that matters good night but you’re in saying it’s nice [Music] health regen chill there should be nice tie my style na na [Music] was your night buff buddy [Music] who is it I’m Dakota middle-aged or any leaking into plasticity a technically – now enough so via the kakuta music whoa not only seek a quitter música potato premium brainy humid [Music] back to that is bad okay fuck yeah I just spread out how he want he lost yeah what I won right I didn’t get knocked down you just a little bit over on DOMA appetizer at the chemo Berlin English people to which there was neither the coil which is the poster on the ski personal relation aqua nog supposed to be Guinea you buddy [Laughter] [Music] are you serious holy shit this is scary dickless tied [Music] oh it’s a sausage that’s like oh my god double crib for 2,000 damage [Applause] I want to hear nothing never again you guys should do [Laughter] [Music]

7 thoughts on “Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 12

  1. Congratulations to the winner of 200 candy giveaway!

    His name is "Riverdine"

    Here is the vod from giveaway which was recorded exactly at 12:00 (gmt +3):
    Thanks everyone for participating! We will do next giveaway soon!!
    p.s. Rivendine! Please leave your e-mail address here or on your original message, i'll e-mail you details

  2. ayy first time ever I won something
    I also like the fact that you used heroes 3 victory music to announce me 😀

  3. Feedback: Could you show dps after rounds or maybe as an inset image after the round. It would be cool to see the dps on some of the rounds, e.g. the battlefury doom.

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