Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 10

Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 10

oh wait wait wait wait a little weirder either Oh have you seen seitan before oh my god what no we actually make this my first time ever I’m gonna get [Music] what [Music] Oh [Music] wakes down for the boys [Music] where if something’s broken he won’t touch it he will just buff other things to be you know he’ll try to match the brokenness of other broken things that’s a mentality I realize wait a second okay oh my goodness this has never happened before [Music] probably better to just sell all the like a fun little F though I feel like the boats never happen big issue until this moment that matter I feel like I got eliminated first show the TV actually mattered but I think how was a cheater man it’s pure skill no disgusted so emo whatever Judah boy a tomboyish opposed or Nothing most of shops are Wallace but there’s a visual oops the question that I think existed a few moments later [Music] imagine I had like you know a winter injury to imagine you imagine a world or one Rangers who existed [Music] she doesn’t exist oh I found what this is a bitch wait what these hooks say the same well bamboozled do you like pay five goes to what look what the heck is this does it like make a thing if I owe [Music] we did it we filed up a pig [Music] [Applause] [Music]

12 thoughts on “Dota Auto Chess Stress Highlights Ep. 10

    Do you want some candies? I'm thinking of giveaway for onionboys.

    P.S. We are almost 500 subs. That's huge! Love you guys!

  2. Пздц, это стримеры по ХС же… Дота авто чес заманивает всех походу 😂
    Я забросил доту год назад, но вернулся только из-за шахмат, так и не скатав за месяц ни 1 катки в дотку))

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