Hi everyone, welcome to my 5 minute guide
on early game combos in Auto Chess. This is my suggested tier list for classes
and species in the early game, which typically spans from XP levels 1 through 5. This applies
to the January 13 patch meta – if you’re watching this in the distant future, balances changes
may have been applied that render this tier list obsolete – for one, I fully expect Druids
to be nerfed, as they are indisputably the strongest early game combo now. Let’s have
a look at them. Druids do not gain any passive bonuses in
battle. However, their ability allows you to upgrade your Druids with fewer purchases,
which results in your units hitting 2 stars well before your opponents’ do. By overwhelming
your opponents with the sheer power of multiple 2 star units, you will handily win battles,
and that is what makes Druid an unrivaled force in the early game. Druids do not lose
relevance in the late game either. Not only will you hit 3 stars well before your opponents
do, the four available Druids lead you down the Elf and Beast paths nicely. Druids are
also suited as a transition class to other late game builds such as Mages, because you
won’t incur a loss selling your upgraded Druids – you paid less to upgrade them in the first
place! Druids’ versatility and power are what solidifies its S tier ranking. Next up, Goblin and Mechs, two combos that
go hand in hand because most Mechs turn out to be Goblins too. Coincidentally, most of
these are 1 and 2 dollar units, making it ideal for early assembly. Their passive benefits
grant armour and HP regeneration, which is phenomenal in early game skirmishes, but tapers
off heavily late game, where magic damage comes into play and the $3+ heroes begin outclassing
your mechs. I would highly recommend using Goblin Mechs to tide through the early-mid
game, transitioning to a more powerful late game combo, at which point you sell all your
non-3 star Goblin Mechs. Finally we have Warriors, the bread and butter
combo. Strong heroes, strong passive ability, just all around solid early game. They transition
into the mid-late game better than Goblin Mechs do, because of the strong $4 heroes
in Doom, Kunkka and Troll, as well as the $3 Lycan – a unit with three subtypes (Beast
Human Warrior). This gives you lots of options in the mid game, which should smooth out the
variance involved in the shopping phase. That said, I would recommend against going for
the full 6 Warrior bonus – even though +18 armour makes your warriors nigh invincible,
it provides zero protection against magic damage in the late game, and warriors being
melee for the most part means they will be jostling to find an enemy target to attack
during battle. So that sums up the three main strategies
which I believe are viable in the early game, up to XP level 5: Druids, Goblin Mechs and
Warriors. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore other combos such as Mages and Knights
however. Both of those have great late game potential when you assemble six matching heroes,
but the early game benefit you get from having 3 mages or 2 knights simply doesn’t hold a
candle to the combos in Tiers A and S. It is perfectly fine to use your excess money
to buy some mages and knights into your reserve, giving you an option to transition to them
later. That’s all for this video, hope this helps
with your Auto Chess games, and let me know what you think of this guide in the comments

11 thoughts on “DOTA AUTO CHESS GUIDE: Early Combos

  1. ive tried druid combos, not good at all just because the characters are too rare, when you get them everyone will be enough ahead to win all matches against u

  2. This game is utter garbage rly… 25 games and in 18-20 of them I get opponents with 3* heroes on wave 3… While I hardly manage to get my first 2* by wave 8-10

  3. I dont know why, but putting 2 druids together (2 Natures Prophets for example) doesn't always combine them… i don't understand why it works sometimes, other times it doesn't.

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