Dota Auto Chess: Chaos Knight Hellfire

Dota Auto Chess: Chaos Knight Hellfire

That Morphling is carrying you so hard What the fuck No you won’t (he said he was going to die anyway) No no *sperging out* That’s not fair! He’s just spinning around on his own That Jacky guy is starting to lose a lot now What the fuck is this?? What’s happening? Is this a bug or something? I can buy a Chaos Knight Hell Fire That costs 15 Buy it! Dude, what if it’s just a normal.. NO WAIT LOOK AT THIS! NANI?! What?! He has 3000 HP! What the fuck is this?! You’re gonna win this game! Is it crazy?! Is it good?? It’s destroying Tiny! Did it just clone itself?! It just cloned itself, there’s 4 now! What is going on, guys? *in denial* What the fuck is that? I’ve never seen anything like that What the fuck? I’m never going up against you again! This is fucking crazy! Holy shit that’s good What the fuck is going on He is fucking crazy! You know that’s not *cuts off* I thought it was a glitch! Fuck he is good! I have no items to give him sadly Holy shit, that was so funny

10 thoughts on “Dota Auto Chess: Chaos Knight Hellfire

  1. I always said ck lvl 3 is an absolute unit but this is just plain ridiculous. Did you get him in a normal chess match?

  2. I didn’t know this was a legit thing. Mainly because I’ve never heard about any of this through any of the other YouTube/twitch players. You have to admit it looks like a hack but god damn you are one lucky guy for even having a decent team at the start xD sorry about calling out in game but at least I know now we got to witness a rare event lol

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