DO NOT RIDE SNAKE / Getting Over It / #7

DO NOT RIDE SNAKE / Getting Over It / #7

*pewdiepie on drugs* TAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fa Phra Fa PHRA (slowmotion) Nice sledghe hammer PRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (rowr) Give up pewds! (no) *Roars* Sh-shut the f*ck up! (you bald?) Felix, just stop, just stay. (RAWR) This game is not for you. JUST GIVE UP! RAWR (pewds stap) Why you naked? This game is easy(o rly)OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT DAT o look at (sex noices) new world? Look how easy it is look how easy this game is Look at this i’m gonna, do some crazy shit *hoe* That wasn’t as crazy as i imagined in my head, what about this then, what about this fam What the fuck, okay, this game is so easy Look at that Wait how the heck am i gonna get up there You know what, I bet this is super simple I bet you family, this is easier Oh look at that, oh no! Almost had it first try, baby, this game is all about overcoming your fears Look, at that look, at that so easy, my god this game Look, at that easy(bullshit) easy, brother Yes grab the fucking hand there you go easy, oh my, god, oh no, what is down there? *realizes the impending hell awaiting below* What is down there no no i can’t i can’t go do all that let me- *christian channel music* Oh, my, god what is down there? I’m just gonna check. Just so i know what we have to deal with Okay, we’re safe apparently the game developer decided not to be an asshole all of a sudden i don’t know, why But i think, we got to land on that hook over there Look at that though Can’t believe I struggled in this easy game If you complain that this game is hard uhh you need to complain at your mama for not- look at that- look how easy that was you need to complain at yo mama Because she clearly has been cuddling you your whole life. i bet you’re still Sucking on them nips I know how to make these now huh HUHAAHHAUUH (what is this sound tho) OH Easy, easy easy i told you this game is easy(how many times are you gonna say that?) “oh you shud give uup” shuttheffuckup Disgusting i bet you you didn’t do this on the first try baby FIRST TRY YEAHH EURAGEJLHA P P P P PO PO *shooting sounds* I’m shooting man milk out of my nipples you got a problem with that? talk to my lawyer Wait what the heck is this? what the, heck are you do curry(?unknown word sorrry) No how am i gonna get across that, that’s crazy, that’s, way too high, oh i see, oh i see oh i see I think i know how- what i gotta do look at this alright look at this look at this fam ohh look at that.. HUPP NO no no no OHO WHoaAhohO You got a little scared there didn’t ya “oh noo he almost fel-” sshutt uup i never fall I never fall i have never fallen in my life BPHRA MMM easy easy EASYY (WARNING HEADPHONE USERS) AHAHHAHAAH (is he oki doki) “oh poods you are so grate at this gaem” I know I KNOW wait for real tho how am i gonna do this it’s- it’s a wall there where am i supposed to go Down here? ow Hey, look, there’s a bunch of other pots here that’s cool Did you ever know that you’re a part BBPHRA Where am i going this is very confusing i don’t know, where i’m going i know, nobody’s knowing i check out this or five whichever(??) where the wind is blowing I guess we’re going back boys oh oh It’s a meatball everybody, i know how to climb meatballs oh god i’m sliding. Oh there it is i see it i see it too long, oh no, oh no, oh god, oh, oh? I peed a little bit OHHH Fucking snow they just had to add snow in the game butter and a booper yeah butter and a booper ahh butter in a booper AHH ah ah ah butter in a boopah butter in a boopah badabadabadababaBA (jumpscare ahead) BAH SHADABADBADBADABARDABA badabdabda bada Stupid, it’s my mousepad okay, my, mouse pad is too small i have the smallest fucking mouse pad Can someone please invest in a mouse pad for me Whoop. i can’t like, look how tiny it is. look how tiny it is i can’t go up and down on this bitch. i did not study Industrial engineering and management For three fucking years to fail at this easy ass game okay This, is the easiest game ever made ever made ever made this is the easiest Game ever made ever made, ever made, ever made That’s right that’s so easy i can do it blindfolded, i can do it blindfolded. you want me to do it blindfolded huh huh huh huh you want me to do it you, want me to do it you, want me to do it huh you want me to do it a blindfolded Huh, you’re are you crazy, oh you come now, crazy i’m sexy Suck a dick suck old all of the dicks god damnit fucking piece of shit this game is garbage This is a garbage ass game. ain’t scared of anything fearless how can you be so handsome fearless Attractive perfect i know what you’re thinking love is blind Hello mr. Meatball, we meet again Very good mr. Meatball. now, where is that slimy, oh? God he, slides he slides on this meatball You’re, not supposed, to slide i’m just gonna investigate where is it okay? Just investigating right now Of course this is so easy. Look at that! SSO SMOOTH SO SMAATH x3 another one Guardo, me guarda, me, mama mia pizzeria gorgonzola in my asshole, oh How, about that? Gotta gorgonzola got a gorgonzola for everybody Everyone gets one little gorgonzola hurry up everybody hurry up come on come on everyone gets a little bit of gorgonzola If you hurry my little child, hurry for the gorgonzola. i know how much you love the gorgonzola gorgonzola I want some gorgonzolaa gorgonzolaa gorgonzola gorgonzola gorgonzola gorgonzola GORGONZOLA GORGONZOLA GORGONZOLA GORGONZOLA GORGONZOLA HO HO HO ho ho ho I looked it up and Gorgonzola is an Italian cheese?? well also a city but yeah gagagaggargagargargargargagar (help him) i panicked it’s fine it’s, fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. oh, my, god i cry so hard fuck FAN I HELVETES JÄVLA FITTA (DAMN IN HELL FUCKING PUSSY sort of) fuck Piece of shit fucking- Ohh Mamma mia the meatball HOOOAAAAAHH Noo jesus, oh my, god is that land? Is this how Christopher columbus felt? he was filled with anger That’s why BHRA OOH OHH HAA Don’t say hej innan du krossar (läcken?) FELIXX (don’t say hey before you cross (the lake probably idek) OHHHHH *starts singing, some vEry nIce singing* what do I gotta do now? get on that bucket? Huh, i’ve seen, streamers try and do this because they ride the snake, do not ride the snake, this has to be easy right I’m not gon- it’s not even a snake *burps* Go away snake i am not interested oh god oh, god okay, let’s not mess around here oh god it dangles guys it dangles ohWow that was so hard people struggle at this shit? honestly go cry to your mama I AM this game. okay, you’re dangling a bit much for my flavor stop it stop the dangling stop it Look at that, perfect Perfect harmony and balance look at that Couldn’t be better than that What what how, the hell am i gonna do that next episode you will find out now Excuse me thank you leave a like leave a like for meatballs and excuse me cuz I gotta go back at yuo Get this on trending

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  1. Pewdiepie in almost all of his gameing videos- doesn't even record half the gameplay.

    Me- plz show us all the gameplay.

  2. This reminds me of Leslie when she started laughing maniacally, and when everyone asked her why she said, “because my dream is dead!”

  3. Momma – pew go for bath
    Pew- going

    In the scene -He opened his clothes and had a sight at his PC
    Pew- hmm let’s play that game

  4. When you don't rage it accumulates inside you and makes you InSaNe you feel you are not raging but just imagine if he got stuck at the last tower (I hope you got what I mean) I am sure he would have killed Maria with that hammer.

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