DIY slime with fevicol and carrom powder | Making Slime with Indian Products

DIY slime with fevicol and carrom powder | Making Slime with Indian Products

how to make fevicol slime. no borax slime How to make slime with glue and carrom powder. Slime without borax Add fevicol glue to bowl and mix well Stir well Add Carrom Board Powder to fevicol glue in bowl mix carrom powder with glue well Now we add water to glue in bowl and mix well Mix well add food color to glue and mix well now we add slime activator to glue & mix well Mix well we use eye drops as slime activator slime is getting consistency mix slime with hands till it gets better Mix well Hope you guys like our fevicol and carrom powder slime recipe Thanks for watching Comment down below how you like our video Please Subscribe our channel and press notification bell icon

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  1. Why did that vaselinr recipe falled for me suggest me some best ways to make it successfull cause i love your videos😍😍

  2. Hey I want to ask u that I have experiment and I had taken a bowl and mixed hand wash and some salt and by mistake I mixed some water so it was very thin so I mixed some shampoo body lotion sugar nail polish and toothpaste to it and I also refrigerated it for 4 days I was not able to make a slime. So can you tell that I can make it a slime

  3. this recipe works & the slime that comes out was so fluffy & stretchy😊 thanks for the video Slime Maker💚💚💚💚 SHARING AND SUBSCRIBE DONE👍👍👍👍

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