DIY Krishna Jhula : How to Make Laddoo Gopal Swing | Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

DIY Krishna Jhula : How to Make Laddoo Gopal Swing | Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

How to Make a Beautiful Krishna Jhula This is a nice home decoration craft made using cardboard. It is so traditional and colorful craft that you will surely love it! Things You Need… Glue Gun, Ruler, Cutter, Scissors, Adhesive, Fevibond, Divider Tool & Pencil Mount Board, Brushes, Pliers, Acrylic Colors Decorative Beads, Pearls & Stones, Decorative Lace, Hooks, Pearls, Stones, Velvet Fabric Draw a circle with the given radius as shown on a mount board. Now draw an inner circle as shown. Use a cutter to cut out the outer and inner circle. We will get two crescent shape objects. Now make some more markings on the mount board as shown. Cut out 2 stripes of the mount board. Now take the thin stripes and paste it around the crescent design as shown here. Paste the other strip to the mount board as well. Now finally, stick the other crescent shaped object on this arrangement as shown here. Now we will make a base for our craft. For this, make the markings as shown here and cut it. As an alternative, you can also use any cardboard box instead of making this. Now take the cut out pieces and apply glue on the pieces as shown here to make the cardboard box. Now mark the dimensions as shown here and cut it using a cutter. Now draw the pattern on the cut out piece as shown and cut it accordingly Now arrange and fix the pieces as shown here. Draw the pattern on the mount board as shown. Now draw a feather shape on the mount board and cut it. This is how the arrangement will look like. Now fix the different mount board shapes as shown here to form the frame work for the Jhula. Apply the first coat of white acrylic color on all the mount board objects. Now apply different colors on the mount board pieces. Apply orange reddish color on the crescent shape. Apply different shades, you can also use your favorite colors while painting the framework. Now paint the base of the Jhula using different shades of blue. Paint the seat portion with different shades of yellow. Now take the feather and paint it with different shades of green. To beautify the feather, apply the darker shade towards the borders and the lighter shade at the middle. Now make some patterns on the feather with different colors as shown. Now decorate the feather using decorative stones like this. Use decorative beads as well to make the feather look more elegant. Now paste the feather on the crescent shape arrangement as shown. Decorate the crescent shaped object using different colored decorative beads as shown here. Decorate the base with decorative lace as shown. Take glitter and apply it on the edges of the feather to beautify it even more. Paste the decorative stones on the crescent shaped object like this. Cut out a velvet piece and paste it on the seat of the jhula. Decorate it using decorative lace as shown here. Decorate further using bead chain as shown here. Stick the decorative stones on the upper portion of the seat as shown. Make the eye of the peacock using a small stone. Highlight the eye of the peacock by using different decorative bead chains. Make a pattern with a bead chain as shown. Use this as a loop and insert a big pearl into it. We need more such arrangements. Make a hole in the seat using a divider as shown. Fix the S-shaped hook to this hole as shown. Repeat the same process on the other side of the object as well. We need to fix the hooks on all the four side of the object as shown here. Make more holes on the entire arrangement as shown. Now cut and fix the loop of the chain made earlier like this. Use pliers to fix the pearl chain to the S-shaped hooks as shown here. Connect the other end of the chain to the loop as shown. This will form the Krishna Jhula or the swing like this. Wow!! your beautiful Krishna Jhula/Swing is now ready. Hope you loved our craft video. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

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