Did Nicki Minaj Make A Chess Move?

Did Nicki Minaj Make A Chess Move?

hey good evening boss hogg on a Sunday
night this is the Star report all right all right all right hell of a weekend I
had and I’m refreshed and well rested and I want to chop it up tonight talk
about a few things before the Monday comes rolling around let me just say I
had a great time yesterday yesterday was Saturday I reconnected with an old
friend a good friend and when you have friends you have to put the effort into
a friendship I haven’t seen him in well over a decade lives out here now and
while just say in Georgia I had to drive 53 miles one way we hung off about two
hours he’s doing the damn thing he’s an engineer beautiful home got himself a
good white woman holding him down and then I drove 53 miles back home so uh I
was a little exhausted but it was a really really good productive day um so
yeah you have to put those the effort in pardon me with regards to friendships I
may talk about him a little bit later but uh you know when you have friends
and if the relationship has merit to it you just pick up and you talk about the
now you don’t really harp on the past even though he and I and a couple of
other guys used to fight pit bulls in early 90s in Queens Laurel teen Queens
Hollis Queens st. Albans and other places
I’m snitching but you know that was my day Saturday today not only my recharge
but someone sent me a few things look at that huh
I like these I’ve just started taking a couple of these I don’t know what this
is I gotta be careful because I had a liver transplant back in 2008 so I have
to check with the specialist if I can you even utilize that and they sent me
some energy you know I haven’t tried this yet but uh you know good weekend
good weekend and thank you to those of you who have been emailing me with
regards to you know the physical fitness and the training that I’ve been doing
now for over I’m ready to start injecting test region
yeah I need a supply I think I trying to be fucking around with pills I’m looking
to bang right in the quad anyway alright hey good evening in the live chat hey
guys doing yeah I took off yesterday I just I had to just recharge my battery
but tonight I want to talk about some things and I’m gonna ramble for a while
like I did Friday before I bring in the phone you know calls I just I’m gonna
get some of these things out if anybody wants to talk about Nicki Minaj and
Meghan the Italian going live give us a call I’m not gonna hate on that I think
it was a good thing you know that that Nicki the Queen has she proclaims to be
is talking on Instagram to the younger rappers I assume that was one of her
first times doing that because I watched maybe 10 minutes 7 then I just got busy
and and she was doing that whole thing playing with the fucking the weave and I
was like Jesus Christ please stop the vanity shit you know but um she was
struggling to figure shit out but again it was a good thing that her and Meghan
stallion who was popping right now we’re talking and Meghan was shown giving her
a lot of respect and so on and so forth but if you want to hate feel free to
feel free to you know calling with some reckless shit are the trolls gonna get
Nicki she seemed a little uncomfortable you know she seemed like and I don’t
want to take shots she didn’t seem well it didn’t seem like it was that natural
to her to talk to someone you know whereas you have Carly babe you know
every time she goes like yeah yo and these niggas and Trump and police
brutality you know why don’t we always you know compare Nicki to called ehum
anyway and I watched on the free movie channel yesterday Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood the new Quentin Tarantino film with Leonardo DiCaprio Al Pacino Brad
Pitt and the host of others trash whose trash I just you know I don’t know
man and I haven’t really fucked with his films in quite some time
I guess I got turned off by the whole nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger and
every other word sentences nigga unless I missed it I did not hear the n-word in
this new Quentin Tarantino film did somebody have a talk with him or is he
in a different place what say you but I watched the film in
its entirety on the free movie channel I wouldn’t pay for that dumb shit but uh
anyway alright so um what tonight’s topics on the screen you should see
please choke black man for selling water in Las Vegas did you see the video if
not please take the time go check it out I want your your thoughts and your
opinions was this man fighting with the police not necessarily resisting arrest
but fighting with the police the video was posted Friday on Facebook and
someone who was describing the video it’s gone viral now and I’m sure it’ll
pick up more traction tomorrow said that the the guy in the video his name is
Jimmy Williams now the reports are saying that he didn’t have a license
hold on a second guys let me just pull up the source as well reports are saying he did not have a
license to sell the water even if he didn’t but why is he being choked choked
you can go to youtube and just type in Las Vegas Metro PD caught choking a man
and there’s other sources as well but was is this a cloud move it just seemed
the way that cameras were were positioned as if they were you know
expecting something to pop off now this was not in the hood this was not in some
type of you know area where you had the overpass and they’re selling the water
you know the water under you know the bridge where you know cars are stopping
because that’s where people usually sell water you know but this particular young
man was selling it on the I would assume was the Las Vegas Strip
and he got choked the fuck out and the cops were saying stop resisting stop
resisting um but what say you did you see it let’s take the time to talk about
it also I have to ask what’s going on with the a rats give me a second give me
a second you know in Detroit here’s what I’m going after those of you who know
the story in Detroit a gas station clerk shot ripping shots out of a gun and shot
one guy over stolen potato chips what’s going on with a rats you know right
after 9/11 you know when the twin towers went down you had a Rabb’s and most and
Muslims nationwide here in America calling every
black person they could brother they were trying to bond and unite because it
was shine time on them remember that now they’re coming out of the fucking the
bathroom what am i laughing coming out of the back room busting shots over
people supposedly or allegedly stealing potato chips all that shit is insured i
I don’t want to talk about my primary business but you know I know for a fact
all that shit is in if someone is stealing something just
let them steal it you’re gonna make the money back when you do your inventory
and you talk to your insurance carrier and whoever else so it’s not like you
have to come you know fight shooting stab people but the story came
out of Detroit Associated Press and the guy was arrested detroit gas station
clerk and the owner issued an apology saying that’s not how they operate but
what the fuck is updated Rabs now just clapping a black man allegedly stealing
potato chips all right get to the phone lines and I have some super chats that I
forgot to get to Friday I think they came in after I closed down the show
take it slow tonight good evening area code 7 1 8 Oh yet the speed 7 8 good
evening ok you got to pick it up gotta pick it up I’m moving fast it’s gonna be
code 6 3 1 good evening 631 tell me that the black
man choked in Las Vegas or Megan D stallion and Nicki Minaj do you care hey
how are you hey how are you I’m good I’m good I’m cold in the past okay did you
see the video not in Las Vegas yeah we think I did it I did not actually listen
I’m in no rush can you watch it where are you right now can you watch it I’ll
put your mutant come back on the line I’ll patrol I’m put up patrol in st.
Albans Michael Vick you’re patrolling Saint Albans Queens I’m computer Michael
Vick okay your name’s my daddy no no no you you you you you are you having dog
fight you just said that a few minutes ago yeah back in the early 90s we used
to fight pit bulls okay okay now I got you okay okay I used to fight pit bulls
in Washington Heights back in the 80s as well I mean you know
but but here’s the thing you’ve referenced Michael Vick the former NFL a
quarter back i I didn’t kill dogs because they
did because they didn’t perform I mean he’s a piece of shit don’t get it fucked
up okay you were saying no I’m asking my partner to YouTube that video so I can
just kind of give you my feedback yeah I wish you could we go or you just Google
uh man choked for selling water Las Vegas will pop right up I’m wondering if my partner’s gonna
Google my partner will google it but um I’m wondering if he was like a local
known to the cops maybe he’s been given the the stripper problem who knows you
don’t know possibly you know the backstory to it all well I mean I think
people are kicking up some dust right now because of course you know what
happened to Eric Gardner but I’m not necessarily saying that this guy was
totally innocent I mean he looked like he was he was holding his arm he
wouldn’t allow himself to be handcuffed and I’ve always said you know you know
real niggas don’t want to go to jail but we ain’t scared to go to jail when
you’re told to put your head when you’re told to put your hands behind your back
it’s best to just put your hands behind your fucking back and you know otherwise
your shit can go left right wrong so so here’s the problem with the video I just
press play okay it already started with the cops on top of him so you don’t know
what happened prior to them putting their hands on them you know okay how do
we know you’re a cop can we hear the UH the cruiser uh the squad car radio how
do we know you’re a cop yeah I called before you I remember what time I called
it might have been a year and a half ago I actually got pulled over by the police
out of Long Island so hold on and be ready yeah yeah let me Simon we got you
we go so you’re patrolling Queens New York you tone Queens yeah yeah yeah yeah
listen how many years in doing it 14 years Wow I’m just about to ask you
I’m working on something if you get a chance you know if you’re interested
shoot me an email I’m gonna expose somebody for snitching
I’m I don’t wanna say too much right now but somebody who’s if you get it a few
times you send me email I’ll break it down later I don’t want to give it away
just yet but I’m working on some behind the scenes all right I’m gonna write
just lumpy I called about the police incident right and I’m hoping you know
who it is okay all right so so let’s go back to
the video for a second did you finish watching it I mean it’s kind of long but
the guy he was selling the water down in the what appears to be the Las Vegas
Strip area now if he didn’t have a license right and he was told in my
opinion oh not to do that here then gambling what say you well again I don’t
it’s no different I’ll give you for an example Jamaica Avenue which is a very
popular strip in Jamaica Queens New York for your listeners you’ll get random
vendors selling anything from incense to bootleg clothing vinegars whatever if
the police have time they in fact you enforce that just to see if they have
their credentials to soak such merchandise I’m gonna assume it’s the
same way in such a big city like Las Vegas or such a touristy City it’s no
different than Times Square I’m sure those guys have to have some sort of
paperwork to a certain extent I mean they’re always being filmed you’re in
the public eye that’s just my opinion and it just sucks because the video just
shows the police on top of him and and you don’t really know the backstory to
it all yeah yeah now I did take notice that they had metro police on the back
of their uniforms so this was some type of high-traffic area I also saw tourists
walking by so he may have been warned previously hey don’t come around here
doing that or else we’re gonna have to arrest you I mean that I’m trying to be
objective at the same time he was getting choked the fuck out so I’m
I feel for the guy but he might get a payday now we think well well I will say
this I mean um I’m Hispanic right okay Latino actually because I know I know I
know how you like to break things down so I I can definitely identify with
having a good experience with the black community right my black express has
actually been really good to me look over my lifetime but um naturally people
fear what they don’t know you know and if those are two white cops on a black
guy and he’s acting a little unruly or a little aggressive and I kind of see why
they may want to just take a little bit more aggressive measures then then
they’re normal okay yes you know I am I appreciate you calling in like I said if
you get time shooting that email and working on something I can use some
assistance all right that can I give you up I know you don’t like the backtrack
but Chris breezy does have a signature dance move Chris Brown
what is it the backhand thank you thank you okay all right thank you okay Oh
start working with police as always yo I got something working on I’ve been
working on it for over a year I just I have to connect the dots take my time
for a load the cannon up Wow um hey also on the screen there’s a topic that I
want to try to get into unless it just doesn’t fit the the flow of the show
tonight do you attract bad energy bad energy we always sometimes we think that
people are annoying or someone is bothering us but we don’t stop to
objectively and look at ourselves and to question ourselves do we attract bad
energy over the years I’ve had to shut people down I pride myself on cutting
the short shit short I don’t allow people to call me after hours with
regards to bullshit weekends are pretty much you know
private time I don’t loan money
I don’t bail people out of jail I had to tell somebody that yesterday so my call
me to me yeah yeah had a situation I was gonna turn up but the person who was
with me I knew they couldn’t bail me out you know I know you I know you would
have held me down I said whoa whoa whoa no I wouldn’t I don’t bail people out of
jail so the point is as you get older you
have to look at these things and say hey do I attract bad energy so it’s a little
bit more layered let me see if we can fit it into the conversation I just felt
like pointing that out and putting that on the table and I may get to some other
things tonight as well and check my notes right let’s go to phone lines area
code two zero one paid 201 did you see the video black man choked in Vegas for
selling water 201 yeah I was trying to watch some video they were chasing him
and he fell down on the ground they had him on the ground or some shit I think
that’s I didn’t see them chasing him I saw a video where you had two cops in
yellow uniforms and said Metro Police and they had a black guy had him in a
headlock and he’s he was screaming that’s when you saw not I typed in fake
it so cop whatever and then it said that he died no this guy didn’t die he just
he got choked out he was arrested and they’re saying that he didn’t have a
license and so water and I’m just wondering if people gonna kick up some
dust or whether he whether this was just you know regular shit nice it’s becoming
regular shit man people are desensitized to the type of shit man you won’t get a
few months but this was gonna holla yeah but other than that people just going it
is the shock the shock that has worn off you have the whole Araucana thing to do
got off the door out there screaming in front of the courthouse max
because you know there’s nobody there’s no real movement people should be
mobilized or people are more worried about their job the club is going on a
night nigga bought a pair of shoe you know the distraction or just too strong
for people you know what I’m saying like if they said that there’s a rally for
Eric garner and cauti be performing tonight niggas are going to avoid the
rally because they don’t want to do the traffic cuz they trying to get to the
car to be concert so okay but hang on a second if I can just throw throw
something else on the table do you think that we as a society we look at these
tragedies and to some degree we say you know this person’s gonna get a fucking
payday and I don’t waste my time protesting trying to come to this
person’s aid when in reality they’re gonna get a fucking payout and they’re
gonna be one great woodgrain gripping we think about that well look look that’s
a–that’s definitely a reality at a situation but you know car can’t replace
your father he cannot either kind of house you know if you well to some
people again the mandates are some people see your mama wasn’t shit father
wasn’t around but I got this brand-new mother fucking her a c-class it’s good
now see I agree that’s just how bad poverty is right you know understand
that it turns people into that and yeah you damn right
motherfuckers been watching cause drop all his life and I don’t know if it’s a
you know well I did shoot that 15 times in the face yeah but I could get this
new car and that’ll ease I’m up in these plush seats right now you know all that
old shit yeah and then the the everyday bullshit that people put on put on
Instagram even the jokes even things that are supposed to be funny even when
here they’re watching these fights that happen in the street like this right
here is the breaking down of the respect the discipline the patience the the
lessons that were taught by your parents breaking it down slowly but surely and
now it’s on a 24 our cycle where people that just young
people’s morals are gone like you don’t even want to break up a fight no more
even we could see some dumb shit on the train someone fucking yelling at an old
woman go sit there and watch it matter of fact most people won’t sit there
filming nobody’s will step in because ya know you could be you can watch that
being all shitty not you out you know or you can get sued if you step in and
somebody falls due to your negligence you think it’s ooh look at the end of
the day man you know everybody’s not supposed to
make it but it’s it’s like you know that you know I’m not a churchgoer but that
whole thing in the Bible means you gotta let the old you gotta let this old shit
die off yeah and before the own shit die off you got to teach these young niggas
don’t make it out here with no brothers no father’s no morals no standards no no
nothing but nothing nothing is off-limits go that’s the dudes mother
right there go over there slut this mother yeah like that’s a breakdown of
balls yeah so I mean you think the cops are
gonna learn that you think the cops are gonna pick up or no morals and values or
no on people right right and then when a cop is confronted with a black person
he’s thinking either I hate niggas or I want to go home you
know cops cops the thing about cops is I remember one time when I got locked up
and it took me down to central booking and you’re just in there but all the
different elements like yeah I got caught with some in the car because
there’s the people I had in the car but then you down and we’re homeless because
you down there with people that stuff people love you down there were people
that was moving bricks like all it is going on and that’s not just to send the
cops before the cops and shit most of them as racist most of them I believe
our array soldiers but there are some good ones but y’all nobody standing up
you can just say yo it’s a paycheck I come to work I’m going on I don’t want
to deal with all this other stuff because they feel that all these issues
are too big and look when a white cop shoots a black person 50 times and
they’re unarmed and then you’re gonna say you’re gonna put them in train them
for a day nothing is stronger than the dinner table don’t
get the black cops that are dirty as well I mean if you’re gonna say that
most cops are racist not a black cops on that bullshit
listen most of them black cops are Aggie because they wasn’t it wasn’t a man when
they were growing up and they caught the brunt of what the jokes and yo-you a
cornball they get that gun now they feel empowered
daddy wanna they want to start it’s not even just they’ve been trying to take
back what they lost when they were grow that’s what they were growin up or they
just hate hate their own kind and your mother’s out did you say to own kind
that’s right hey I’m gonna take some more calls thank you for calling okay
thank you yes sir okay all right I think it’s a
little early on that video with regards to the Las Vegas choke out I think it’ll
pick up more traction tomorrow maybe we’ll shift the discussion anybody give
a damn about Nicki Minaj and Megan D stallion going live on IG what are your
thoughts did Nicki look sincere I’ve never watched her go live I mean you
know I like Nicki as far as her music her business drive she’s a bit much you
know sometimes with the the you know they did the playing in the weave
constantly just in that’s a fucking turn-off but do you give a shit hey hey
good evening in the live chat do you give a shit Nicki and I’m making this
Italian oh Lola says no it was fake it’s everywhere maybe it’s not that big of a
deal maybe there’s just not a lot of news going on you know
I’m sure the a rat busting shots in the gas station I said what’s with the Arabs
now just coming out the fucking the back room coming out the back room Bow Wow
over potato chips that’s what every cool for for good evening for zero for Nicki
Minaj Megan Italian went live do you give a
shit you know going on hey Jimbo with Megan of failure and Nicki Minaj I say
that is a chess move mother okay that is the chance to move because everybody
hates Nicki right now everybody hates her and for her to link up with a
younger fitter now that’s a chess move I feel
did you watch it keep it real did you watch it much the whole thing okay
I think Mickey said the same thing star always says I wish I had gone to college
right Megan was talking about being in college and she needs to go back to
graduate Nicki said you better go back congratulate they were having a nice
conversation I thought it was cool that they yeah they were talking okay you
saying I could appreciate that you know I am proud of our people looking weak at
the missus well hang on sir did you see the video the black man choked out for
selling water man I’m just tired of all of that great no screaming and crying
and then I think the cut there um stop resisting stop resisting
the man weather resistant you see them there so you know I mean I just think
this honestly honestly what I Huntly think idiot I think it is um fear you know it is a fear of people
food they actually you know like I feel like a spirit and oh no but my hang on a
second sir if we can go back for a second respectfully you say you’re tired
of our people screaming or something to that effect yes sir well it’s okay sir
I’m a man of color how will the old you I am okay perfect perfect right are you
tired of the Mexicans and the South Americans selling oranges and flowers as
well with no fucking license I mean if we don’t talk let’s talk
I don’t see them getting choked out exactly I’m proud of anyone could know
and stalking is black on pay attention going here you know anyone there selling
oranges and coochie – you do know that right them girls and sell your arms and
they give you a link I’m not gonna say we’re in New York but you know they they
they give you a wink to let you know that you can get some in this action you
know Oh fuckin oranges I don’t know cause I
thank you for checking in salute to you okay
404 in the check in from Atlanta yeah I don’t see their the Mexicans and the
South Americans getting choked to fuck out you know I mean that’s here tonight mm okay get little crazy in the live
chats were late hey does anybody give a shit about actress Jessica Alba hurt
supposedly her Twitter account was hacked somebody who’s in her account
talked him out free my niggas so and so what’s the rapper I forget his I forget
the rapper’s name I didn’t write all of it down but praising Hitler on Jessica
Alba’s Twitter account and of course this is their saying now I was hacked
comments were deleted do you think that bitch was drunk and just blacking out why are we so quick to assume shit was
hacked I want to see some type of Hispanic what he’s a Jessica Alba hang
on guys she’s a horrible actress where’s she from
well she owned that shit you know awesome awesome juice had little
fish-scale got up on my got up on her Twitter I went apeshit like all of us do
huh did you do is she from okay so she’s got some company called the honest
company a billion dollars she’s doing the damn thing let’s not get it fucked
up she’s been a lot of movies fantastic for a whole bunch of spy kids all the
time in the world you think she just got drunk up on motherfucking to her now
she’s blaming a black person a whole lot of tweets talking about free my niggas
free my niggers so and so and and niggas committing crimes
crazy shit it’s got a recode 4:09 good evening 409 do you attract bad
energy 409 sounds like you’re underwater can you
make some adjustments sounds good no order there you go oh yeah sure hello
hello okay his wife made him get off the phone all right I know this looks like a
number overseas hey good evening are you overseas hello hello
no just get you a pad it’s go to area code seven eight bring in
good evening 7 1 8 mega the stallion Nicki Minaj went live do you give a shit
7 1 8 let’s get you out of there I’m moving fast every code – on five good
evening 2 1 5 to 1 5 B let’s pick it up guys dragon dragon dragon okay pick 2 1
5 7 1 8 let’s go to 8 5 beat good evening eight five eight are you down
please in the background yeah hey hey yeah I think black people we’re not
black people I think a lot of people attract bad energy I think what we have
to do is is respect ourselves you know sometimes people think that it’s cool to
smoke is cool to drink but you know old person will know that those names is bad
so like we really have to assess ourselves what we have to do in my
opinion we have to be better than the next person
always being better than the next person stop trying to be the average person
those are people who don’t really know what’s going on in life well the
question is specifically do you attract bad energy you know I cut people out
quick as soon as they not really productive or anything like that I cut
them up quick objectively speaking I think that I do attract bad energy but I
deal with them fast you know I I attract bad engine I I attract a certain type of
female and you know and I have to realize that sometimes
because you know some of the low level activity that I do accept from females you know sometimes III I like for them
to be who they truly are you know I don’t want them to put on a facade it if
you’re a skank if you’re a scammer I want to know who you are and I want I
want you to show me you follow me sadly I feel coming from I like a
variety of all-women’s myself but I have to tell myself that that’s not what I
need in my life as far as 10 years 15 years down the road I mean something
that’s going to better my inner energy how old are you sir how old are you well
I’m 27 okay well I do need a skank and a scammer in my life I realized I mean I
want something better but I need that that that scandalous bitch you know who
just she’s always focused on the bag you know she she’s a devious deceitful she’s
a go-getter you know squirt bitch I got no no real useful you know because the
square bitch wants somebody to pay for a mani and pedi and she was she and her
the back of her mind she thinks somebody’s gonna get down on one knee
and propose many happy I’ll give a last word I think that the ones who are in
college not the party ones of the Nerds once he’s going out the speediest jobs I
think those ones that a person should be going on you know they gonna begin the
bag they might be a prig themself not necessarily you know yeah a lot of these
college broads are as dumb as the day is long they go into school dumb they come
out dumb and then they have college debt and then they want you to help them pay
the debt yeah that’s a heading I’m talking about the common girl yeah I’m
talking about the common girl should get the grants not the knuckle or want to
get the grant okay okay all right Thank You Man can I say something about the
gentleman that choked out yeah please please the video yeah
okay so I think that uh you know what you’re saying but Mexican that’s true
yes but I think that black people what we have to do is we have to get we have
to get mentally militant so we have to start thinking in chess move and we
start and we have to start thinking above the law okay
no okay if we can’t put ourself in a position to be compromised period
financially in any type of situation that’s what fucks us a name
so what black folks got to do like we got going to start thinking ten steps
ahead of these folks thank vehicle yeah Pete okay thank you okay
yeah I like an educated woman I’m II don’t get it fucked up you’ve
heard me say that and I like women that can spell if a female can’t spell I got
no fucking use for her but um you don’t know what you’re getting you know just
because they’re in college doesn’t mean that they’re gonna be worth shit you
know she may show good potential but you don’t know the ROI yet return on
investment and then you that you put in some time you know she gets to bitching
and griping about work or whatever and before you know it you’ve got a pregnant
then your life is fucked so I like to deal with the scammers you know off the
RIP it’s complicated but let me go to area code nine one two um good evening
911 – were talking about a few things Megan the style your Nicki Minaj went
live do you give up fuck no hey Macon I’ve got some big-ass titties bro did
you see the dog did you see the videos through the line come on conversation oh okay all right the
conversation the conversation there was just like talking about Oh imma be in LA
this weekend in Vegas I was like oh yeah so that’s probably like insinuating they
were gonna link up so I mean that’s I feel like it’s good for Nicki Minaj
because you know how her and cardi B fell out now you got making a stallion
just like the other colors said a lot of people hate on Nicki Minaj so now that
making a stallion all she needed some people that like her and once some
people in the industry start liking her more other people will fall in line did
you watch the entire video and how old to you alright I’m 31 but I saw I didn’t
see the whole video I saw the short Instagram live clear I’m like the state
Roman artist are you a Barbie keep it real so she was taking them big-ass big
bouncy titties the big ass are you a Barbie I’m just asking that’s how to
play yeah Bobby yeah run around Barbie guys you know but I got a good I gotta
go check out that a other video which I’ll talk about Vegas yeah please do cuz
you’re killing my vibe man but thank you yeah slow as hell huh Sunday night I’m
trying to stay awake my damn self let me go to UM super chat Jasmine good evening
star you said you voted for Trump for financial reasons I am in a certain tax
bracket and I’m not reaping any benefits poor people are reaping benefits okay
and what do you mean poor people here in America you have the opportunity to do a
lot of things you poor why are you poor are you
blaming me you’re blaming America why are you poor did your parents leave
you anything did they give you a new thing did you make bad choices are you
poor are you spiritually bankrupt can you get up off your feet
do you think it’s my fucking problem if you’re poor do you think I owe you
something I don’t owe you shit I have businesses outside that I don’t
necessarily want to talk about and yeah you know I need a guy like Trump in that
fucking office but thank you for your um super jet Jasmine alligator says pick up
two to six oh shit all right alligator you’re on the line
and the first time at the second time the first time you call me a brother I’m
hanging up on you just so you know I yes sir I was actually I was actually gonna
apologize about that I don’t know hope in the past and no no
no hear me out hear me Oh cuz I I really appreciate your show I was gonna see I
was never trolling you when I said that it’s just something I naturally say to
everybody I know I’m sorry I just wanted you to know I wasn’t throwing you but I
I called because the first thing that caught my attention was he says Arabic
Arab gas station guy right over potato chips how did you work it happen Detroit
did you read the story yeah border would be um yeah I was gonna say man that dude
he took it uh he took it a little too far and you should you know he said you
should never shoot somebody over something like that I mean I’ve seen
them in the past you know start popping shots back but that’s that’s when
somebody pulled a piece on them you know what I mean this is a sand nigger 27
years of age who works in a goddamn gas station who comes out shooting black
people over potato chips yeah yeah and they got they got a heavy
protest going on right now in front of the store yes they should because all
that shit is insured it’s all insured yeah let her let him steal it and write
it off shoot somebody with potato chips it his ass needs to be sent back to
wherever the fuck he’s from oh go ahead you know and that and that’s the thing
that’s the thing start this dude is probably he’s probably been in the
States for maybe like no more than six months and he’s 50 he’s used to have
ships back home you know what I’m saying he’s bringing that kind of way of
thinking down here that’s not our game out here you know I don’t think he does
that back home I think that there’s a a level of hatred towards African
Americans when they come here and and other other people from their culture
tell them about African Americans and how to look down upon them he ain’t
doing that shit at home he’s not shooting people you know in Afghanistan
or whatever the fuck he’s from because they steal something not now granted in
some of those places they’ll chop off your goddamn hand but just coming out
shooting pow pow pow over a fucking bag of potato chips bullshit okay yo you a
racist story that I just witnessed last one prefer you not because I don’t own
YouTube Kim can we just stay focused on the topic like it ain’t nothing like
that something I seen like at the barber shop I understand on the trending topic
man you want to finish up you wanna oh god I’m a comment on do track man energy yeah yeah I would say man I would say to
be honest like you I do attract that energy but it’s just like you were
saying as a caller earlier as soon as I notice it I just kind of I just get away
from it you know and I try and get it out of my life and I myself I have to
shut down like I don’t know how many people you know just like man I can’t be
around you you know why do you attract them what is it about you that you say
or do or give off that makes them you know try to
beat on you because I’m friendly to everybody
so like any anybody I see in the street or at work or school or whatever you
know no matter how fucked up or whatever they look you know I’ll be respectful
and nice to them and I’ll even be a friend to them but you know after a
while you kind of noticed that they you know they try some shady shit on you and
then you try and do some fucked up shit and you know I just get the fuck out of
there oh you know respectfully with it Dori and I say respectfully you know
okay but so you’re claiming to be a do-gooder but in reality we don’t know
if you’re trying to be nice to people so you can you know take them someplace and
have you know dirty sex we don’t know but you’re claiming that you just want
to be nice to people and it’s all by way of altruism yeah I said start I would
listen I wouldn’t lie to you man I show you what you don’t know me
sure you would fucking lie to me please don’t don’t try now play the victim
I don’t put hands on people stop that but listen man many truth is hidden in
jest good to talk to you man thank you for your contribution have a government
all right thank you man alligator yeah you’d probably do see all of a sudden
he’s the victim now yeah I attract a certain type of female I know this about
myself you know it’s not a good quality I try to go for the ones that are like
you know really productive level-headed but there’s something about me that just
you know I start talking to a minute and I want to encourage them to be who they
truly are they’re all vanity driven hey um Duvall 777 send to the cash abscess
ASAP Rocky is Trump’s first public L okay okay okay um wasn’t that white
female that went into the Swedish embassy and threatened to blow it up on
behalf of ASAP Rocky I thought I saw that today hold on a second they said
rocky Gotti is why crossed threatening there now blow shit up they arrested her
dumb ass huh hold on a second let’s see that story yet
was that tmz.com but thank you for your donation Duvall 777 with regards to ASAP
Rocky let me go to area code seven eight good evening sir Bonnie talk about Megan
D style your Nicki Minaj they they’re live together do you give a shit are you
there good evening yes no maybe this is the second time
seven eight called in and they don’t pick up let me let me just get them the
fuck out here and I think mr. Schuyler Saunders is trying to check and homeless
second guys he’s on area code 302 hold on a second mr. Schuyler Saunders is
that you sir good evening good evening hey you sound very uh what’s the word
just sharp tonight you you were you in your zone funny yeah the court white all
right man how are you what’s going on with you hey talk about you check that
energy okay I tried good energy especially with the female face it’s two
separate woman told me that I have intriguing so it must be you know the
way I carry myself the way I try to you know deport my deportment it speak to
them somehow okay okay continue I’m good tell us more take your time come on oh
yeah I mean I I usually don’t have any issues with
further I usually have college women I love to go to university in college get
those credits I’m really uh I’m enthralled by them and I enjoy their
company hmm well are you happy deep down inside are you content with life do you
feel like you’re you’re fulfilled by these women that you say are of a
certain caliber well I try to keep them as frustrated as possible okay how am i
throwing you know different little things the saying you know and see what
the reaction is gonna be just see what what kind of look around what they’re
working with you know so you play mind games with them but if we can go back to
the question I do are you yes inside are you happy with their company I guess
that’s what I’m really trying to get to are you happy with their company yes I
am okay you know enjoyment within the conversations that I have with so when
do you see yourself getting married okay listen I’m not gonna argue with you in
terms of what makes you happy I mean because I think that’s what it’s
ultimately about you know if someone brings something to your table if you
have a good Union if you’re in a good space with that person and and how it
helps you you know throughout your daily activity so uh I appreciate your time
and your whole moral purposes you don’t have pretty happy that’s right yeah
good to talk to you Scarlett great talk to you sir thank you sir have a good one
thank you take care okay Skylar Saunders on the check-in he was grooving Friday
night if anybody remembers oh he was grooving huh we all go there from time
to time hang on a second somebody air what is this okay this is
email this is not a shot folks I don’t read emails during the show I show
preferential treatment to the to the cash apps okay what he says something
about a woman uses racial slur okay that’s grand finale what exists out
grand finale okay I’ll I’ll address this tomorrow
something about a racist altercation between guests at North Raleigh
restaurant goes rocky I’ll get that get to that tomorrow you know but thank you
thank you sir grand finale on the check in okay he sent okay he wants to talk
hang on let me get you on the lion grand finale man sent in ask willow grand
finale good evening sir are you there hello brother hey how are you brother
good Eve sin me a storm yeah I’m gonna try and get to that one tomorrow but uh
did you want to put that on the table now what or you wanna dress the topics
you talking about there’s a couple of things we could talk about oh if you can
just come closer to the phone because you sound like you’re in that tunnel a
little closer uh how about there you go yes sir
good evening all right yeah yeah oh yeah start through that one
and I thought you actually a video that I have um that I shared some ratchet
Throwdown at a Burger King man I mean I have naked fighting I think I saw that
last week you talk about one of the girls named Brittany and and she was
fighting she had on the yellow halter top and her ass was all exposed last
week they had a mrs. nothing that’s last week oh pardon me so all guys don’t so
much let’s get into all the top I mean I’m
sorry let’s get into water man and Venus okay hi so I’ll watch me and you’re
right man is it’s not even really being covered on illusion it’s really on
YouTube right now no I think it might pick up traction I mean I get on these
things fast you know I I see it and I want to address it and then you know
I think I’ll pick up traction though because he he seemed like like a a guy
who was just selling water I don’t know but he was choked the fuck out okay
yeah yeah when you put the video on or when you turn to it whatever took place
before he got choked out you know B to C so all you see is him like getting his
oxygen cut off down there by one one cop and the other one with his hand on the
shutter so what happened was pretty much in a nutshell do did not want to get
cost right you understand he was resistant off top and so what happened
was um you got the onlookers telling them telling the cops no you know you
can’t do that and you know you’re not right whatever whatever when they
finally let him go they flip them on his stomach they had to fly his right hand
loose because he wasn’t trying to give that right hand or did you cook right
you understand so you got people talking about the you know the cops need to do
their job better and all this other type of shit and telling him that resisting
isn’t gonna make him not resist know what the fuck off is the Posey supposed
to do when the cop stayed you wander or West that’s it yeah give it up or you
get fucked up no I said earlier in this shot enough you you caught me Burt when
I first address this you know real niggaz don’t want to go to jail but we
ain’t scared to go to jail and when the cops say put your hands go put your
hands behind your back or sir can you step out of the vehicle
it’s shine time you know what it is you’re getting cuffed and more than
likely you’re going to jail now all that extra shit you might want to say save it
for the judge right because if you complicate things you know you’re gonna
make it worse this is America land up for khari we’re
all trying to get over it we’re all trying to get over it you know at some
given points so you know just assume the position hey baby I’m going down to the
station just you know let’s deal with this okay you saying yeah it’s the path
of you fill me just get it over with let
them come to you let them do whatever it is they gotta do but he wasn’t trying to
give it up they had to pull out with all would’ve that stage that shit the night
sticks out like extends for like five feet for me you know yeah the police you
know and implies an overall moose with that shit just so that they could get
the cops on so I mean yeah man we could talk about Mexicans customer homages and
I’m not getting hemmed up and all that other shit but I mean in this case it’s
not like he was going quietly you know but you know this fog that Nicki Minaj
Megan establishing yes sir so Thank You grand finale all right okay yes sir okay
all right guys I’m gonna ramble a little bit I just want to mention something
here now with regards to the cops choking out the guy in Las Vegas I’m not
in no way shape or form giving the cops a pass because that chokehold bullshit clearly we see the results of it
sometimes you know and not just Eric garner a lot of people have been choked
to fuck out and you know simply because they did not understand police commands
or you got two cops talking to you and you’re confused the next thing you know
somebody somebody who’s you know juiced up on steroids he’s got you in a fucking
full nelson you’re trying to tap out it’s too late because you didn’t
understand pull these commands and I don’t know why I want to mention this
but what’s that Allentown Pennsylvania maybe five years ago I was giving a
story and you had some Puerto Rican guy he had his hands up and the cop said get
on the ground now he didn’t understand English and he was
moving slow and then the cop kicks him in the face Wow then he got on the
ground hey hey mind the live chat No
Kamel so sometimes it’s just a miscommunication huh what Rob espanol
Wow get out okay I might have told we know I
think that was Allentown kicked him in his shit and that was wrong hey Ronny
just sent me a text so I’m earlier I held these things up
Ronny sent me this stuff thank you so much Ronny I’m gonna have to check with
my specialist to see if I can do this because again I can’t fuck around with
my liver I had a liver transplant god bless the Koreans I’m parked Korean
to my knowledge deliver and so I got to be really really careful but yeah Ronnie
sent me this stuff if you guys want to if you have anything slick to say about
what she sent me talk to Ronnie she’s up on Instagram and she may be in the
comments I’m sorry the live chat as well but I’m very appreciative that she
thought about me if you sent me this stuff and just want to say that all
right let me go to super chat on a Sunday night
nasty streams says fuck you star I’ve had to bury three family members who got
shot and robbed working in Detroit gas stations bullets are flying
hopefully the Arab didn’t miss Wow okay thank you for your super jet
tranny chaser says it’s funny nobody talking about that Vlad interview with
KPD puffy got people shook and you and the ATO we’re the trannys at question
mark I didn’t see that okay I’m looking at right now cuz I have like TV up over
here key PD after the Tupac incident puffy called and said was that us is
that you’re talking about I’ll check it out if you recommend it tranny chaser I mean I see it but I didn’t watch it but
thank you for your super chat yeah I’m in the ATL and you know what who gives a
fuck about the trainees down he had only people talking about trannies and
concerned about trainees people that are you know curious but
thank you okay Jasmine okay red Jasmine’s alligator got that one big ox
says simple black people are food now and act like they don’t know what time
it is bullies always pick on the weak and the
weak make excuses for them that’s a good point
and a good perspective yeah yeah gemstar taxpayer dollars hard at work
while porky the pig calls into the Starr report I hope a neighborhood teen throws
a pot of boiling water on that officer whoa hang on a sec let me read that
again a gem star with that was with regards to the the cops who called in
earlier taxpayer dollars hard at work while porky the pig calls into the star
report I hope a neighborhood teen throws what throws a pot of boiling water on
that officer okay thank you Jim star polo 1200 says niggas catching hot slugs
over a bag of hot cheetos shaking my head what is the world coming to
yeah Mike from Boston says injectables are the way to go store fuck those pills
pills are more damaging to the liver oh okay uh did you mic up I got you I got
you yeah I need started injecting some a tested gin hold on guys give me a second you see it yeah no time you play around with
fucking pills got to go straight into fucking blood just like with the b12 you
know bow okay um well okay well what is this old you know uh the choke no joke
video okay that that’s old you talking about a video that choked posterization
yeah we house months ago house last year part me let’s look to joke no joke the
game is rigged he’s asking me about the video that choke posted on his channel
sometime this this this weekend yeah that was back in 2018 when I was down
here on business but thank you for your donation all right okay let me go back
to the phone lines then I’ll come back to cash app let’s bring in area code
three two three good evening three two three do you
attract bad energy three to three hey you know what I have to admit man that I
do self-sabotage I do attract bad energy even though I consider myself a man of
esteem intelligent man okay I still have deficiencies are you being serious or
you’re trolling right are you being serious I mean serious how old are you
okay how old are you though okay continue on please 32 so you know I
attract people who are will necessarily say that they’re bad but their
dependents you know I mean they’re not self-sufficient they don’t believe
themselves I attract women like that and I don’t
know what it is maybe they see me they see a nice guy I see a mark
wait so you attract them and you do what with them
were you with them is it just for sexual gratification or is it sometimes
financial you know base do you attract sluts or whores because there is a
difference except women you attract big differences sluts don’t necessarily want
anything but sexual gratification you know a whore is looking to get that bad
girl yeah I prefer whores personally yeah because
because a whore yeah is focused she has an objective and I want to try and get
that objective aligned with my objective you know a slut is trouble it’s less
trouble he’ll watch okay yeah and you do what with them sir again what do you do
with the whores you trick off on them keep it real
no keep it real no basically how soon do you smash them after you meet them keep
it real how can you smash them at you how often
or how how soon how soon after you meet them and you determine will you come to
the conclusion that this is this is a whore house how soon before you smash
them second the second day too soon too soon yeah if the whore has value you should make
her wait make her wait for the golden scepter for three months
make her wait and if you’re gonna benefit in any way shape or form
hey hey my hanim if you’re gonna Bennet benefit in any way shape or form she’s
already got it in her mind this guy is not a sucker for the vagina
you follow me give it a last word guy yep
give last word well maybe it’s my disposition you know
I mean um but you know uh maybe it’s my disposition because I don’t see you have
a level of optimism that I really don’t have you know man I’m a man of faith and
I see people I see women one way I’m very pragmatic about it
and I the golden scepter I don’t see that theory that ideology okay that’s
fine but as far as the hello one last thing to say about this megan is dying
can I comment on that if you need so yeah I just got a question would what do
you know me as a as a father how much am I supposed to care about these two
bitches as a father of a daughter somebody who wants to raise a daughter
right mm-hmm razor to be respectable what the fuck do
I care about making a stallion and Nicki Minaj bouncing a fate loaded up CDs and
all of their vanity on the gram well in my opinion in my opinion you know you
can’t hide anything from the kids today so if I were a father of a biological
child I most certainly wouldn’t hide Megan the stallion who is poppin let’s
not get it fucked up and Nicki Minaj I wouldn’t hide them from her but I would
at least try to or I would listen to what they’re talking about so that so
that I could then tell my daughters you know what’s real what’s bullshit all
right are you still with your child’s mother
can I ask you a question before you go are you still with your child’s mother
will you ever ever wear her yeah yeah yeah yeah do you love her do you love it do you love her No
you know does she love you yeah okay do you like her yeah well if you like her
learn to love her I do she’s got you kidding me learn to love her yeah all
right Thank You Man okay thank you okay man like is better
than love bitch I like you you know I like you
something about you you run your fucking mouth your family ain’t shit but I like
you you squeezed out my kid I’m gonna learn to love you anyway give me a
second guys let me go to UM cash at I’m all that a Pellegrino is it Chris
Christine Christian miss a Christian for me I’m on the line boss hogg I have a
quick question okay what what number are you calling in from I don’t see I just
see you cash up I do not see a number let me look again I don’t see okay grand
finale send me good guys that Burger King brawl is from last week if that’s
Britney in the yellow fighting butt ass naked
I’m with the dumb shit okay 301 let me see if this is Christian hey is that
Christian area code 301 hello now you Christian or is that your girlfriend’s
cash yep that’s your Christian yeah yeah kleavon what’s popping man we’re talking
about Megan V style your Nicki Minaj and do you attract bad energy well I don’t
give a fuck about that okay I I had a quick question for you look what what’s
up which I try to get people to focus on on the topic first you know address the
topic and then you can ask me a question you know that’s how they show roles you
know otherwise I’m gonna entertain every question question question you know you
please not be your life coach that’s that’s why I wonder like okay your
perspective objector yeah okay we’ll see you sent in a cash
app I’ll answer you question please go ahead yeah I don’t
like I don’t know what I can say it out there on YouTube because I was in the
shit but just try not to be too vulgar on YouTube alright yeah I did something
awesome last Sunday the next morning I was like what the fuck did I just do
like it was like not so average shit like it was like a hangover like I woke
up feeling fucking crazy so you said you did some what what you
do some smog you did blow would you put the same um yeah okay yeah and then but
I’ve never felt like that awesome coke I don’t know if it was blaze
I don’t know what the fuck that shit work I don’t know what the fuck was
going up okay so what’s your question so like how like have you ever felt like
that I’ll fucking snuff like awesome blow
like I stopped doing blowing 9191 I’m asking you yeah my body got sick and
tired of being sick and tired I I didn’t find Jesus I I was an atheist you know
since the mid to late 80s right just I just got sick and tired of being sick
and tired I was doing blow for a decade from 81 to 91 but how old you and are
you are you married you have a girlfriend I’m a child
I’m 24 years yeah are you gay your life I keep it real keep it you’re gay I’m
not no I’m not gay why are you doing blow keep it real why are you doing it I
mean my man my man had it and then I do it I don’t do it like like you used to
do it back in the eighties I do a party like every 3-4 months look man I tell
you I’ll tell you like that’s fucking the next one I feel like I don’t want to
do it again like I never thought I felt dead
so dead okay like I woke up the next muscle fuckin dead that’s it okay so
what is it exactly you’re asking me do you need some help do you need help you
think can you help or not no well maybe maybe I think you do I
think you do yeah yeah and let me let me tell you why because you know back in
the 80s you know back when Coke was coke I don’t know what you guys sniff now you
know yeah we sniff and blow everyday everyday I do it 8-ball at night and
then wake up and go to work hey alright hold on I think my yeah yeah my phone
lines out get me shut down I have to restart but now here’s the thing the
worst type of person that does coke is a weekend warrior because you’re under the
delusion that you don’t have a problem see I knew I had a problem I knew it and
and I would do the blood and I would go partying and I would get with females it
did blow and then we would run scams they would sell their asses and you know
that was the life back then but you’ve got a problem you’re delusional you
think because you do it once in a while that you don’t have a context you’re not
hooked you’re gonna fuck around and you’re gonna one of these weekends or
weekdays you’re gonna do a lot of blow you’re gonna lose yourself you might
want it getting pegged I say that with all due this back listenmi you see you
when you do blow a lot well back in those days again I stopped 291 your
system builds up a certain defense or an immune to it and you have to do more
because constantly shoveling that shit in your fucking nose you’re running a
risk but you’re running a risk because you’re fooling yourself your equilibrium
and you may have problems when you get older with you your thyroids and shit
you’re gonna fuck around you get you’re gonna get a hole some crazy shit and
it’s gonna take you out of your way out of your fucking realm but um try and get
some help man that’s how much that’s not my element
cuz I was with uh with with with this white girl no pun intended start smoking
weed blow alone answer start smoking some
weed calm down right get yourself a good girlfriend or
boyfriend you know disrespectfully slow it down
coke is that old she don’t fuck with coke that Alright don’t fuck with
Coleman I got a reset my phone man but thank you for calling thank you man okay
here’s what we so called a weekend warrior yeah he caught out there won one
weekend and burned through his paycheck and somebody else’s paycheck it’s not
calling people to borrow money to trade his car to a fucking drug dealer for a
couple of eight-balls and have a fucking nervous breakdown
guys are my phones okay hold on a second I got time left what was that noise on
the fucking phone all right let me around before a second and get to some
of these cash as hmm Duval 77 says star tracks powder okay I know what you
talked about but thank you sir thank you for your support
Niko good evening sir six dollars and sixty six cents nah I don’t have any
issues man no drama no tension on YouTube I don’t clap at other people’s
shows man I don’t I don’t do that man I appreciate your support but I mean that
doesn’t benefit me you know I’m 55 years of age life is
great always has been I don’t have any scores to settle man
but thank you for your your support all right hold on guys let me check my notes
anything else I needed to mention Jessica Alba mention that does anybody
give a shit about a shooting in Brooklyn New York a massive block party in
Brooklyn left one person dead and 11 wounded it was a this Saturday night
yesterday a lone gunman can we please snitch on his dumb ass and get him
locked up some type of old-timers day no people just relaxing in the
Brownsville area I just have a lot of associates in a Brownsville over there
by Rockaway in Livonia but you know truthfully truthfully they need to clean
that shit up you know all right tranny chaser sends in a super chat
saying yeah do that puffy story uh KPD saying puffy behind the pot killing and
y’all in the closet dudes need to stop killing the trannys out here okay I’ll
check it out Thank You tranny chaser but now is is that guy is he credible is he
cloud chasing why is he up uh well you know I shouldn’t say why is he on flare
TV telling me cuz that’s what niggas go to tell Vlad TV but thank you Jasmine
sends in a superjet story I sent in a second super chat that you didn’t read
you fucker I tried to clarify my first comment about Trump didn’t you say you
give advice now okay hey let me go back Jasmine sent in a second superjet and
then I see Julius Lex give me a second curly ranks
with Jasmine’s second one back okay with Devin okay Jasmine says I’m not poor I
make very good money I was asking why am I not reaping certain financial benefits
when it comes to taxes okay I can’t give you certain advice if I don’t know what
it is that you’re involved in Jasmine do you do you have a company do you have a
501 C 3 that’s a nonprofit organization are you
married are you a CEO or a an officer in a
company do you have a side LLC this is America goddamn you should be
benefitting you know I mean are you a mother are you divorced if you want to
talk behind the scenes I’m willing to you know a small fee will set you free
but um let me just let me just take a wild shot here if you say why are you
not benefitting the American culture is capitalism that’s what America is about
most people know that and I’m not saying you have to be shrewd and insensitive
but you have to understand how this country of ours
not only was founded but how it’s driven and how it’s going to always be and
again I’ve spoken about the privatized banking system there’s always gonna be a
racist premise to this country like it or not
so why you aren’t benefiting what is your measure of success what is your
ultimate goal is it property is it valuables is it what is it exactly I’m
you know it’s a little it’s brought your question why were you not reaping
certain benefits but I will say that scared money don’t make no money
you guys spend monies make money you can’t just you know put money in the
bank and then trust that the interest is gonna grow and that you’re gonna have a
nest egg that’s not how this country works but thank you for your support I
hope I answered your question to the best of my ability
Julius lek says one doesn’t always attract bad energy sometimes it’s like
moths insects are attracted to light insects are shown by the shadow they
cast okay he’s getting deep he’s sent in seven dollars and 77 cents
okay I’m moreso talking about you know humans human beings
the energy that we give off we give off energy and in return we attract certain
certain individuals or groups we most certainly do we put certain energy out
there and they they they want to either feed off of it or be a part of it or
question it and in that process in my opinion in that process how you respond
can be that can be a good or bad thing for me I just drop something here
Curley ranks says Yomi beretta thank you for your super check curly
rings there the phone lines area code 973 973 Megan the stallion Nicki Minaj
both they went live do you give a shit sir hey Sammy how are you I’m chilly
I’m good why won’t you good bad energy bad energy man I feel like my whole life
is just a negative energy bill not a hundred people maybe 95% well have a big
family your sisters and brothers and you know a story it’s kind of like a like a
miracle that I’m still hearing me you know okay do you believe in miracles
okay yeah come from a big family my immediate family now I think is four of
us two sisters and my older brother and I always have up to my two parents
together you said 95% bad energy that’s what you
said yes yes and what do you think its opposite today what do you think is the
cause of that because there’s a there’s a cause to you know everything what do
you think the cause of you I’ve been diagnosed I’ve been diagnosed with this
in a different type of mental illness ah they had to change after a while yeah
they changed after a while and you know it started with depression and then that
further and more souvenirs on you know that’s a little missing this one do you
have several different personalities no not like that
you see I’m an artist so I’m a visual visual person so I got I might know this
shit on the wall that people won’t notice but I never heard voices I never
seen another ordinary you’re never the hard Road another so you see things you
think I don’t even know where I’m going with this
you see things at times that other people don’t see sometimes like make a
make like like subtle things you know little subtle things that I’ll see you
but nothing no I’m not laughing at you pay attention I’m not laughing at you
because you know throughout history there have been people that have seen
things certain doors passageways fourth dimensions not just third dimensions
fourth dimension so I’m not laughing at you but now when you see things does it
does it help you or does it does it complicate things I don’t think it’s so
powerful that it complicates things I think that will complicate things is
more my delusions that the things that I believe that are not true that’s more
complicated but who says they’re not true you know go down slow down
who says the things that you see on the walls or in the sky or you know under
the bed or in the dark who says they’re not true well nobody’s not true I’m
talking about the delusion who says you depressed who told you that
you’re depressed who told you that myself I did I at
first I didn’t know what it was and then I were I thought I’m looking back I was
like 17 so my mother mom I’m gonna drop out of school cuz I can’t I can’t do it
and I want you to take me to get some hope because it doesn’t mean you
depressed might be highly intelligent stay with me
you might be highly intelligent and the people that are around you are a bunch
of fucking losers and ingrates and they ain’t worth shit you could be the cream
hang on hang on you could be the cream of the crop and and respectfully
respectfully your family could be a waste respectfully okay yeah well yeah
you know start Oh III caused you a long time ago when you worked down and seven
sir fuck hot money said we’re talking about you right now you said you’re
delusional you said that your paranoid schizophrenic and let’s stay there for a
second stay there for a second all right maybe listen I’m not certified I can’t
I’m just a guy rambling but you know you you see things can you tell I III know
you know so I’m actually a fucking high school dropout but here’s the thing
here’s the thing do you see things like like that movie it you see things like
that do you see like you know clowns and shit I’ve never started no I don’t see
clothing or Latino can I recommend you go see the movie it part 2 is coming out
in September you got to see the first one was from the 80s although the reason
the one that came out a couple years ago it it was redone go see that you might
you might see yourself there you might have some type of awakening okay okay
good you talked to me thank you for your thank you and I’m not you bro man but
thank you thank you sir okay god bless you do there was no god but God bless
you sir all right all right pardon me guys and the man was uh you know sent in
that skrilla take a little time to talk to him you know the natives used to see
a lot of shit and they had to smoke well they chose to smoke different I’ll just
say peace pipes you know for a lack of better words and hallucinating does not mean that you’re
crazy hallucinating does not mean that you’re delusional sometimes you can you
know see something in a different dimension I’ll just say that right let
me just make sure I didn’t miss any super chance what time is it okay we
don’t pretty good I’m pretty good UK call us is Eurostar a longtime
supporter of the show if I shoot you an email could you provide some advice for
me sure you’ve just sent in a super jet absolutely the hater one nine six four
yahoo.com that’s my email address okay thank you for your subjet Queen Mommy
Dearest says fuck you store and whatever the fuck you’re babbling about how are
you publishing the other books or taking them to the grave with you fuck nut I
have a plan I’ll just say that you know I don’t want to be alive when my third
book comes out to tell you the truth I want to leave my third book my second
book has completed but my third book I want to leave that with my wife whoever
she may be you know but thank you for your donation I’m in no rush you know
I’m in no rush you know some of the some of the the authors that we know and
respect and love they wrote their best work in there their late 60s or 70s so
what’s the rush my no rush Lane a hole Ain Lane you calling in Lane I got your
email in case you missed Friday’s show Lane wanted me to uh edit something out
of some type of jay-z comment he made the answer is no Lane he sends in a
super chat he says Nikki and Meg on IG live shaking thousands of dollars of
fake ass and titties talking about writing raps cardi B career is over
I attract stank stripper hoes okay okay okay let me see if lanes in the queue
this is it five eight five eight five eight this might be laying right
here hold a second Lane is that you five a five oh yeah my lien you sent me an
email you sent me an email trying to get me to edit some comments about jay-z
what happened what happened now you copy please and backpedal and I you don’t
want no smoke where you going man where I want a free ride like what the week
you know the goddess so you were soaking all that rah-rah shit about jay-z’s
Nissen and let’s be careful and then you sent me the email asking could I edit
something else is it like that now shit like that shit like that man
so jay-z’s nice boy hang on jay-z’s nieces boyfriend hollered at you and
said what’s poppin fuck nigga huh lame like that you open that star report with
that hater talkin reckless nigga you can be touched
that’s what happened keep it real lane Jigga man guys shoulders up in Rochester
New York come on Lane let me look in the live chat just nigga
talk about chill now oh oh lane don’t want no smoke generation why
what the fuck anyway I’m getting paid for this shit man oh wow you talkin
about you gotta get a job then niggas up in the live chat going going crazy oh ok
everything let’s go with you man you want to
Megan the stallion and uh Nicki Minaj you know
yo man they was taking some quick shots on that IG lied though it was really a
bitches like Dino on every single Instagram post Megas pop and let’s not
get it public nah I didn’t watch the whole thing who
would they do what who are they shading or throwing shots at I didn’t I didn’t
see the whole thing guessing they talking about the other dirty stripper
bitch cardi B okay but they didn’t call her by name though by name
no no why would he do that look we talked about the Queen Nicki
Minaj you know did you see her outfit she look fabulous on and the ass was fat
oh that ass was fat huh I’m what big bouncy titty see they implanted on their
shoulders you know new twins that ain’t place right there did you hear Nicki
Minaj saying first of all first of all I thought that was sugar shade Nicki Minaj
who’s that first of all lady she’s not here don’t talk reckless about Mariah
Mariah okay bliss Elaine I appreciate your
support man so you’re saying to me if I can just clarify this before you go
you don’t want no snow you know what no smoke up in Rochester right Chester New
York with Jigga man’s people correct I know you got killing man I don’t want no
problem you can talk it out man shit okay could you talk your lane take care
of man yep Wow oh shit Jigga man got that nigger straight long
distance is jay-z’s niece can somebody contact
jay-z’s nice up in Rochester New York and see if she wants to call into the
show young lady I will be respectful or do can someone contact her boyfriend who
are we talking about oh shit okay Red Queen Mommy Dearest cure cure said pick
up 973 let me see if I can find cure where are you or did I pick up your call
already I think I did nine seven three cure the game is rigged says Cola was
offering his rump for a bump Pingping hashtag respect my Lincoln okay did I pick up 973 already I don’t see
that that number I got over to cash at home a second something about a shooting
okay I’ll get to that tomorrow too many shootings yeah okay okay uh gotcha okay
the cop checking in from earlier he just sent me an email
okay I’ll be in touch officer thank you yeah Elvis the chef Rosenberg he says I
don’t hang up I don’t hang with my younger brother cuz he’s and then it
cuts off Elvis the chef Rosenberg see if I remember that he says I don’t hang
hang with my younger brother okay Melo nine one three says yo star do you see
shit in 4d sir I’ve got a third eye you’ve always heard me talk about that I
don’t know how long you go back with my journey mean me and dicks 21 piece to
the God we used to talk about the third eye in all sorts of black holes and all
that shit back in 2001 thank you sir for your cash yep let me see if I can find
part two of uh Elvis the chef Rosenberg’s okay I don’t hang with my
younger brother bad luck and I don’t believe in luck
energy okay so Elvis the chef Rosenberg says he doesn’t hang with his younger
brother Wow okay okay okay speaking of younger
brothers buckwild’s doing good he’s in the program
call me yesterday and you know he and I we have straightforward conversations we
always have and I tell him look ma’am I want you to work on certain things with
regard to education because I don’t ever want to hear nigga like you claim to be
bored you don’t have the right to be bored but he’s doing good for those who
um for those concerned okay let me do one more call guys and I got a cold at
night I gotta get out of here area code eight one eight good evening eight one
eight talk to my Nicki Minaj Megan Italian and do you attract bad energy
ain’t winning oh you know oh how are you going to be my brother hey good evening
sir stop reading today so as far as the go ahead yes sir yes sir very good yeah
as far as the energy concerned I would say that um personally I don’t attract
bad energy and I think it’s a matter of me putting myself in an environment when
I don’t allow negative energy to surround me okay I think if we put
ourselves in certain areas then it’s inevitable that that type of energy that
you attract will be there but if you make a conscious effort to be around
positive people then you’re going to have positive energy around you I
disagree but go ahead I’m listening go ahead oh okay well go a little bit to
my background hello I’m originally from I’m originally from
the south side of Chicago okay grew up I have a younger brother that
was killed best friend that was killed matter of fact two best friends that
were killed all in about a three mile radius three block radius of where I
live in a Southside since then I’ve joined the Marine Corps got out I was a
LA County Sheriff and I thank you for your service let me just say that I’m
out here Thank You fee service go ahead but uh I appreciate that
yes sir so now I’m a captain in Hawaii took myself up by the
bootstraps nobody owe me anything and in this a
matter of me surrounding myself with positive people who were about doing the
right thing I could have very easy I mean I could go back now
to Chicago and kicking with homies that I grew up with and they still doing the
same shit y’all hang it at this I got a hold me in mind it I knew since first
grade and God bless him but they still don’t have a driver’s license you know
from having a DUI years ago that he never took care of and he just
continually has negative things happened to him but I think he brings that on
himself okay where I think if he took the chance if he took the position of
you know what I’m gonna start doing the right thing and surround myself with
positive people and take myself out of a negative environment then all of a
sudden positive things happen to you now I’m not gonna be on a high horse that
said that everybody has the same possibilities that I had because it’s
not that simple you know what I mean and and I thank God every day I’ve been
fortunate but I honestly believe even haven’t said that negative energy if you
if you want that around you some people thrive on it and that’s that’s what they
are attracted to and that’s that’s what they inevitably have around them okay if
I can just jump in I appreciate everything you’ve just said now here’s
what I didn’t put on the table and I was waiting to see if someone would call in
with it attracting bad energy is not necessarily a bad thing I admitted that
I attract a certain type of female and I’m aware of that because I want them to
be all they can be because I truly believe that the the nature of a woman
is of a certain mindset that doesn’t mean that they’re that they’re all you
know all you know not worth the time but they have a certain mindset but here’s
what I wanted to say do you think that preachers attract bad energy and if so
do you think that that’s the plan for them to attract that bad energies
they can then turn that bad energy into good energy okay so different treat I don’t want to
stereotype in generalize because you have preachers that I’ll even go as far
as to say most preachers the intention is to attract the bad energy so they can
then help them make cement that I think we have to define what bad energy is at
that point because people have problems okay and I may have problems and I may
need guidance but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m bringing bad
energy to the table I just need some direction in my life per se
whereas bad energy may be somebody who’s a killer or somebody who is malicious
and the shit that they do and it really don’t give a fuck about society to me
that’s bad energy not not somebody who just needs some help in life and any of
the past if that if that answered your question
I hear you I hate and I respect your position I just wanted to put a
different twist on it because I do think that most preachers do want to bring in
people that need salvation that’s what I was looking for a salvation but I think
you feel calm and okay that’s what’s up eight real quick book if I could ask you
this yes I’m noticing on black TV bro he’s got like Kiki beings on there all
the time and all these people do you think we’re gonna soon find a situation
where puffy is gonna find himself with these charges because the latest thing I
saw black I had no idea and I don’t like to talk about other people’s platforms
vlad’s a good guy I know him to be a man of a credibility I don’t know what’s
gonna happen over there and I don’t want to predict anything but I thank you for
your call man thank you okay yes sir all right brother okay I’m
not your brother spit but thank you okay yeah I want to end on that note
preachers attract that bad energy you know by design come on
and you need this salvation and I need to come back every week so I can work
with you anyway hey thank you for your time tonight I’ll see you guys tomorrow
at some point possibly in the afternoon there’s a bunch of stories I do want to
address and also with regards to your advice and your tips with regards to
working out and that sort of thing you can send them to my email address the
hater one nine six for yahoo.com right take care have a good evening and
be safe you you

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