Dead By Daylight – Friday the 13th DLC (Animated Parody)

Dead By Daylight – Friday the 13th DLC (Animated Parody)

In the year 202?, the biggest slasher of all time is coming to Dead By Daylight. So, I was streaming a bunch of crappy horror movies when I saw this guy and I was all like whoa, big boy! Gotta have that! WINK SOUND Introducing The Camper! Jason is your worst nightmare. He’s even been to space! Hi. Using his power, Jason can jumpscare you, unless you’re watching one of his movies in which you totally know when it’s coming. Da-doo-doo-doo-doo. Jason: Ah!
Dwight: Ah!! You scared me to death! Sorry. Sorry. It’s just kind of my thing… You know? I know. I know. BREATHES DEEPLY Y-You going to be okay? I just need a moment. Totally understandable. I’ll just go. Okay, but I… Oh. Oh right. Sneaky. The Campers’ personal perks include When Jason’s around too long you can’t help but cry like a baby. Why can’t I shut up and not give away where I am?! Yeah, that’ll be changed after the first week. I’ll keep crying until it is… Your Mom will talk so much that you’ll instantly go to settings to turn her off only to realize it’s not possible. Jason my boy, do you know what your gift is? Because Mommy forgot. (Hiccup) I need some more vodka. Oh yeah, that’s the (hiccup) stuff. Now, where was I? Oh ya, kill for Mother! (hiccup) Dwane or whoever is in that locker there. Dwight: (From Inside Locker) No I’m not The Entity also grabbed a new Survivor. So yeah, in that same movie I saw this hotty and I was all like whoa, big guy! Gotta have that. WINK SOUND Jason’s dead and I’m going to see he stays that way. even though he’s still sort of alive. I actually don’t know what’s going on with him, to be perfectly honest. Tommy’s personal perks include… So yeah, when I was 12 Jason killed my whole family and, wait, did my sister survive? Eh, it doesn’t matter. NARRATOR: Tommy’s seen too much and now he can’t stop talking about his past when around other survivors causing them to all walk faster to get away from him. Hello? I wasn’t finished. CLAUDETTE: (far away) We know! He’s young, hung and full of… himself. Tommy can drop pallets faster than anyone else. That’s right killer mains, pallet vacuum is back! No! No! I quit. I quit! Not doing that again. Tommy’s tough and likes his skill checks even tougher! Oh yeah! it just doesn’t feel right without them red skill checks. Time to tap it out. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Did somebody call me? HUNTRESS: (Off screen) Tapp, come back to bed! Welcome, Jason Voorhees (VOO-R-HESS)! I think you already
familiar with Freddy Krueger (KRU-EGG-ER). Hrmp! Yeah. Well, thanks, I’m glad to be here as my game is pretty much dead. Great! Now every comment is going to be about that! Just had to open your fat mouth, didn’t you? JASON: This is a very nice basement. I like the mood lighting. WRAITH: Yes, and we now have Wi-Fi, oh and Disney +! NEA: You’re welcome!! TRAPPER: And wait until I tell you about Amazon Prime! WRAITH: Okay, are we done with this fake scenario? NEA: Yeah, we’re done. WRAITH: This was not real. WRAITH: I guess it doesn’t matter as we’re in the credits WRAITH: And nobodies watching. NEA: Also, subscribe and like. That’s important. WRAITH: Shut up.

100 thoughts on “Dead By Daylight – Friday the 13th DLC (Animated Parody)

  1. This isn't real!! (Yes, Farmer John is Jason)

    0:00 Jason out of the lake

    0:09 Nea – Gotta have that!

    0:17 Introducing The Camper

    0:25 Hi.


    0:38 Dwight Jump Scare – Oh right, sneaky

    1:02 Jason Perk: Hide and Seek

    1:18 Jason Perk: Momma's Boy

    1:49 No I'm not!

    1:52 Jason Perk: Drowning Hazard

    1:58 A new survivor has appeared!

    2:03 Nea again

    2:10 Tommy's rambling speech

    2:21 Tommy Perk: Mental

    2:44 We know!

    2:48 Tommy Perk: Hot-Blooded

    2:56 Pallet Vacuum is back!

    3:02: No, I quit. I quit!
    3:06 Tommy Perk: Hex Ruin 2 – Bone Harder

    3:20 Tap Tap Tap

    3:26 Coming Never!

    3:31 Killer's Meeting


    Farmer John as Jason

    Hellbent as Narrator

    Michael Francis Jr as Tommy Jarvis

    Hookmedownstairs as Kate

  2. Nea, you got the wrong dude, sure he’s cool and all and even I would like him in dbd, but the next dude is called Deathslinger, and he has an actual gun! Not really, more like a harpoon rifle with a bayonet, but still cool as hell, I know that the other killers are gonna get pissed that he has a gun and they don’t, also he’s the third one to have his own theme song

  3. I forgot my original on monto but the magician perk one uno reverse no I’m not doing it again just go to my liked vids and look at all mont and find them ok ok

  4. I decided to make the perks useful (Besides hide and seek, which is actually useful.)
    Momma's Boy – When activated, (Action key) any survivors within 5 metres of you will be revealed through walls. If there are no survivors in that range, Pamela will indicate how far the closest survivor is.
    Drowning Hazard – When Jason kicks a generator, this ability will activate, it will passively decrease the progress, until somebody works on it. The progress will only go down a tiny bit, and it has a long cooldown.

  5. I can kinda see some of those perks being a thing actually. Mental seems supoortivly intresting. And that cry baby perk seems handy.

  6. I'm still waiting IT. The weapon should be a spikey baloon, or giorge harm. The power should be he can teleport from manhole to other manholes.

  7. SEriously, what was the fucking reason for Friday The 13th? They would've had more success and more gains just by putting him in DbD. Now, probably due to licensing issues, he won't be.

  8. The Wraith always for the win. Been funny is Jason remembered Nea for dragging him out the basement. Have run out yelling for his mom..

  9. You can call me a goofer or a snoopingus, but your videos are a large component of the dbd community. I have taken a lil break from the game, but still watch them. You're the best.

  10. I want a special video of tapp and the huntress life. In and out of the game. It would be halarous in the game she has to kill him and later on they fight about it. I can see it now.

  11. Yeah!!!!! Friday the 13th chapter is confirmed!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    (The reason that why I’m saying that is because long ago, Samination did a parody about SCREAM dlc and sometime after that, Ghosthface (the killer of scream) actually came into the game)
    Will he predict the time again???🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. The perks of Tommy actually make sense.
    If you don’t mind I want to give my own version of the his perks

    Mental: Your experience against Jason learned you some techniques to survive and you Wanna share them with your teammates. If you are close to others survivors for 60 seconds, they will run 5%/7%/9% and the heartbeat of the killer will be 50%/100%/150% louder for the rest of the game

    Hot blooded: the pallets will stun the killer for 1/2/3 supplementary seconds

    Fearless(hex ruin 2): You always loved the risk: the skillcheck will be 10%/15%/20% more little (the great skillcheck won’t be affected)
    (For the one who wonder why would someone use this perk is because it will be easier to hit the great skillchecks)

    P.S: Hey Samination for your last gameplay videos, I noticed that u were playing on Xbox one. Do u think that we could play together some day?)
    Nice videos btw! The waiting is long but it’s always worth it!😁😁😁

  13. Man, trapper really hates pallet vacuum, at least he should be happy that he can reset his traps without picking then up. (Pls make another trapper plays video when that update come out.)

    Also Samination what’s your opinion on the new killer the deathslinger and his power?

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