Dark Systems (The Organic Creation of Oppressive Structures) – Conquest of Dread

lurking in the blind spots of our
communities just out of view for many invisible systems are aligned against us,
camouflaged in the trappings of culture and veiled by corporate obfuscation.
these systems subtly manipulate our lives in ways most people will never
even see or understand, some will go their entire lives never knowing their
presence, but for society’s most vulnerable… once they’ve got you it can
be impossible to fight your way out. when most people think of systems of
oppression they think of the very real physical and generational effects of
practices like slavery and apartheid which means that a lot of the time when
we’re talking about forms of oppression that might be considered less obvious
from the outside they’re often dismissed as just bad luck and people who aren’t
convinced of the existence of these systems or people that actively benefit
from them will often say something like “show me in the law where people are
discriminated against” and while sometimes you can point to actual legal
examples there also exists these less visible systems of oppression that can
be a lot harder to pin down, it’s kind of like a game of snakes and ladders
where these systems I’m going to talk about are the snakes and depending on
different factors, the board you’re playing on may have far more of them
than the ladders and for some demographics, there are so
many of these systems working against them that life is less like a board
game and more like one of those Mario Maker levels designed by a complete sociopath and there’s
fire everywhere and nowhere to rest for five ****ing seconds just constant running and jumping and burning and fire! So with this video I’m going to explain a couple
different perhaps more subtle systems of oppression and how they might interact
with each other in ways that are not so visible to people unaffected by them, in
my last video I spoke about how because of our own biases we often unknowingly
elevate people that conform to certain stereotypes because we perceive them to
be more capable, but these systems also work in the other direction. One example
of that is is often linked with physical weakness and fragility because these
things are generally seen as a binary spectrum between two points: masculine and tough on one side and feminine and dainty on the other this is why strong
feminine presenting people are often coated as masculine instead of just like
feminine but… strong? The reality is that these things don’t actually map so
closely together, in the real world your strength, pain tolerance and ability to
take a hit are completely independent of whether or not you like wearing floral
dresses or makeup, so this means that in health care situations woman and
feminine presenting people are often assumed to be overstating their pain or acting
like a girl as some would say it which results in healthcare professionals
often disregarding critical information now in my day job, I’m a tattoo artist
and I inflict pain on people all day in and out and from my observations there’s
no group I could single out to say is really any better or worse than the rest,
aside from people that say they have a high pain tolerance they legitimately
THE WORST now I know that’s just anecdotal but it
lines up with numerous studies which show that no distinct groups experience
pain worse than any other but despite experiencing the same levels of pain men
are more likely to be referred on for actual physical diagnostic tests whereas
women are more likely to be referred on to psychologists and other mental health
professionals which leads to a large amount of people suffering from chronic
pain going for years without a diagnosis that can help them manage that pain,
which means being unable to work, study, socialize with chronic pain even just
getting out of bed can be a challenge and people live with us all because it’s
assumed that the level of pain they’re experiencing isn’t as bad as they’re
making it out to be this can also be compounded by other factors like race
and class, these things can all affect the way you’re perceived by people so in
this way symptoms of patriarchal oppression don’t necessarily manifest
themselves explicitly but can appear organically due to common misconceptions
and unconscious biases. and this is only and this is only one way that these antiquated views of
masculinity and femininity affect our lives it’s this exact same thinking that leads young men to bottle up their feelings
with any expression of pain, depression or vulnerability is seen as weakness or as
we heard earlier on “acting like a girl” which is why movements like feminism
which turn a critical eye on patriarchal structures are just as
beneficial to cis-gendered men as they are to everybody else HOUSE PAIN one big thing that has become a huge
issue in recent times is the precarity of living spaces due to the increased
financialization of housing which is driven largely by the whims of
speculative markets these days a lot of people are living week to week with very
little in the way of savings and a good chunk of renters are spending up to 40%
or more of their weekly earnings just on rent, this can mean that with the
addition of food and living expenses just existing takes up the majority of the
average person’s income in most developed cities, on top of increased expenses all over the world we’re experiencing a huge lack of adequate housing with some of the
richest nations in the world facing rising homeless populations the global
housing crisis has become a hot topic in almost every political arena and
although house and rental prices are skyrocketing wages are stagnating and
people are getting priced out of big cities with little or no alternative now
you may have seen people on TV telling you that this is no big deal that you
should move out of the city anyway and there are thousands of empty houses out
there, but what about jobs? or universities? or even just your friends
and family? we shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of
these things just to avoid destitution this is exacerbated by the neoliberal
fixation on treating physical assets as if they were liquid investments to be
speculated with so we’re seeing houses being bought and sold over short periods
with increased profit margins completely disregarding the actual social function
of housing in the first place, you know just keeping people ****ing dry!
sometimes they’re even being kept empty because the capital gains from selling
the houses are big enough that the owners don’t need to spend time and effort
filling them with tenants to still turn a decent profit, so because of all this
a good chunk of landlords have found themselves with an adversarial
relationship with tenants there’s this mindset that the house
itself is generating the income and the tenants are just there to eat away at
their returns so any maintenance issues that come up even if you’re required by
law to fix them or keep the property at minimum standard these costs are thought
of as a bite out of their pie instead of the necessary costs of running a
business and because the landlord is usually the one with the ball in their
court, most tenants would rather deal with mold and leaks than risk getting on their landlord’s bad side, this results in a majorly one-sided power dynamic
with landlords because if you leave they’ve got a queue of people waiting to
take your spot but you’ve got to go through the entire process of finding
another place, while also competing with everyone else who is looking, not to mention
saving up for bond, rent advances and other moving costs which is especially
hard when you’re already spending a large portion of your income on the place you’re
already in, and even though adequate housing is literally enshrined in the
Universal Declaration for Human Rights it’s seen as just a hurdle between an
investor and their profits instead of a safeguard for the dignity and well-being
of their tenants, so with this in mind you can see how with the right
conditions things we’ve always taken for granted like a family home can quickly
become commodified and reduced to being just another vehicle for capital and a
piggy bank for landlords CASH PAIN years ago when it seemed like capitalism
was hitting critical mass and everyone was operating pretty much to the extent
that their actual wealth would allow them some nerd came up with the idea of
credit well actually the concept of credit goes
back to ancient history but credit as we know it today was a system invented to
allow businesses to push past the limits of their own production, no longer
needing to wait for their eggs to hatch they could borrow fictitious capital
from banks with the promise of paying it back later, once they sold all of their
arsenic wallpaper and moustache wax or whatever. So to stop this from getting
wildly out of control… *GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS NOISES* Okay, well in an attempt to stop it from all getting out
of control, lenders would share information on borrowers, you know so they could see
who had paid them back on time, who had missed payments yada yada yada
now after a little while they started pushing more of this system onto the
individual so initially people might have just borrowed for big purchases
like cars and washing machines but with the invention of the credit card it was
gradually shifted over to focusing on smaller consumer goods which people in
businesses ran to like ducks to water, and this all makes sense right? before
lending someone money you want to have an idea of their track record, have they
missed payments in their past etcetera etcetera but these days the system is
weighted in a way that punishes poor people borrowing small amounts of money
far more than the rich. If you’re a millionaire you can literally destroy
entire markets, get bailed out by the government, pick up a bonus and still get
a bank loan, but if you’re a regular working-class human running late on a
couple small payments can take your credit score years to recover, so as
expected the poorer you are the more likely you are to have bad credit and
the worse your credit is, the more you get charged and interest fees, initial
payments plus higher insurance premiums and it can even stop you from getting a
cell phone contract or bar you from working certain jobs, but you don’t have
to be in total poverty to have bad credit, like I mentioned before these
days most Millennials and younger, plus a large portion of the elderly are
living week to week whether by paycheck, student allowance or pension, all it
takes is one unexpected expense to throw a spanner in the works and send you on a downward spiral, because of this there also exists a parallel industry of loans for people
with bad credit, which often charges super high compound interest rates which means you’re not only paying interest on the initial amount but on the interest accumulated too,
which means people are soon found owing far more than they initially
borrowed and considering it’s generally only people that are already in a bad
spot to begin with getting with these loans it’s pretty easy to see where the
story goes now these companies only exist because of
the surrounding economic landscape which allows them to flourish, sure they may
seem unethical but are they any more ethical than the systems that created
them? I mean you could campaign against them to regulate the interest rates and
stop them from preying on at-risk communities, which would be good, but that
wouldn’t remove the problems that lead them to exist in the first place.
Industries like this are only the pimples on the top of the oily pores of
capitalism, as long as money is continually going up to the top, people
will find new ways to exploit the people down the bottom, and as visionary thinker
Clifford M Smith jr. once said: “CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME” a statement that cuts right to the core of Marx’s a statement that cuts right to the core of Marx’s initial critiques of capitalism, cash
or capital and the people hoarding it have become the new rulers of everything
around us and while we may have done away with feudalism, these systems are
still here separating the Royals from the serfs FAKE PAIN now as we’ve just seen these systems of
oppression don’t necessarily have to be as black and white as things like
slavery or redlining, they can blur around the edges and if you’re not
directly affected by them you might never even know they’re there, which
makes it no surprise that for every legitimate system of oppression there
are also people out there tilting at windmills
thinking they’re being oppressed when they’re really not. An example of this
which has blown up recently is the issue of free speech and censorship in nations
like America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. If you listen to certain media
figures like Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder, and Tim Pool you’d think that this is the
greatest battle of our age that people are being locked up left right and
centre for deviating from the dominant narrative what they’re telling us is so
important so disruptive that they’re putting their necks out just to get the
message out and they’re surrounded by their fallen brothers since it by the
merciless guillotine of the mainstream media… except that they’re not. This just isn’t happening like they’re telling us, in fact if anything these guys are being given larger and larger platforms, Their endorsement of conservative
politics i s actually beneficial to the status quo, which is why when minority
creators and leftists have their content removed, due to conservative hate
campaigns it very rarely gets appealed but guys like Pool and Rubin get
personal audiences with the CEOs of Twitter and YouTube. Now whether or not
these guys really believe they’re being Oppressed or if it’s just a branding
exercise is irrelevant they’ve effectively weaponized their perceived
victimhood in a way not unlike people that don’t believe in systemic
oppression often accuse legitimately oppressed minorities of doing, which is
why it’s important to still think critically
about these things because if we’re not careful we could find ourselves inadvertently enabling the people that are working against our best interests
all because they’ve adopted the aesthetics of oppression and rebellion LIFE PAIN so individually these things are enough to
wreck your **** but when they come together it can create a perfect storm that can have
lasting effects on your life, your family and entire communities. let’s run through
a quick simulation: imagine one day you show up to work, you pick up your tools, punch
in and get down to it. You’re a hacking away at your tasks when all of a sudden you
slip up and hurt your arm. You can’t work like this
you take the rest of the day off to go see a doctor and they tell you, “you
just need to do some stretches and you’ll be fine” but it’s hard to work with
this injury so you have to take some time off work and because you’re a shift
worker this means you’re short on cash so to cover your rrent and expenses you
have to get a payday loan but by the time next week rolls around you still
can’t work and your arm feels even worse so we need to borrow more money pay for
another doctor’s visit and miss out on even more work,
and you’re already paying interest on the money you borrowed last week! now
maybe you recover here, get back to work and pay off your debts… or maybe you
don’t, maybe you end up way over your head miss rent payments ruin your credit
and end up on the streets, now imagine how much harder all of this would have been
if you had kids or relatives that were dependent on you! I know this is an
extremely convenient hypothetical situation that I just made up to
demonstrate my narrative, but I’m just using it to get the gears turning in
your head. Sure you could put this down to a terrible run of bad luck, but is it
really just luck when this kind of **** happens every day in supposedly wealthy
nations all around the world, and these were only a few examples of the ways
that these systems can bring people down the are literally thousands of others out
there but it would be impossible for me to explain them all in one video, what
it’s important to understand though is that none of these things occur in a
vacuum, if you hit one of these hurdles it can become a domino, and whether these
systems are intentional, accidental or just built on flawed ideas, they all
work in similar ways to funnel us towards certain outcomes, whether that’s
mindless consumerism or abject poverty it’s all just part of a greater machine,
maintaining a large population of working poor is core to the survival of
the current status quo, like the Ticallion Stallion said under capitalism money
really is power and even the hard-won rights that allow us to fight back like
collective bargaining are constantly under attack with governments worldwide
stripping back worker protections as incentive to bring big companies like
Amazon and Warner Brothers to town it’s important for these companies to
have ready access to cheap replaceable labor
so even when forms of oppression occur organically like biases in healthcare
they’re part of a larger pipeline that for capitalism is crucial to maintain, so
to improve the standard of living for as many people around as possible it’s
necessary for us to be able to step back and take a more holistic view of the
things that are happening around us, so we can understand how these systems
interlock and influence each other instead of pretending we can just cure a
disease by dealing with its symptoms we need to understand the disease itself in
order to effectively organize against it. thanks for watching everyone, if you
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