Daasatva Shibir Special Performance:  Full Drama Video with English Subtitles

Daasatva Shibir Special Performance: Full Drama Video with English Subtitles

Slokas from Taittiriya Upanishad, Shikshavalli I.11.2 Mātṛ Devo bhava।  Regard the Mother as your God. Pitṛ Devo bhava ।  Regard the Father as your God. Acārya Devo bhava ।  Regard the Teacher as your God. Atithi Devo bhava ।  Regard the Guest as your God. ॥ Yāvajjīvaṃ ca śuśrūṣā kāryā mātuḥ piturguroḥ । rogārtasya manuṣyasya yathāśakti ca māmakaiḥ ॥ ||Shikshapatri – 139|| અને અમારા આશ્રિત જે ગૃહસ્થ તેમણે માતા પિતા અને ગુરુ તથા રોગાતુર એવા જે કોઈ મનુષ્ય તેમની જે સેવા તે જીવતપર્યંત પોતાના સામર્થ્ય પ્રમાણે કરવી. ॥૧૩૯॥ All my followers during their lifetime shall serve their Parents, Guru and ailing persons according to their ability. ||Shikshapatri -139|| When a child enters this…it is said, that they are a manifestation of God. – Balak Bhagwan nu Roop hoi che…. Parents, from the very first day, build aspirations for the future of their children. Our children will become doctors, engineers, pilot etc and be the support of our old age…. Mother Earth whom we refer to as our Mother, Dharti Mata! pleads to humans every day – let such aspirations fructify and the human race not loose the moral principals or serving their parents. The moral principals for being humble servants towards our Parents seem to be lost in today’s day and age…. Ugh! Told the milkman so many times not to come at this time! …. Just came from work …ugh Wahey!!!! – Popat! Prafula!>Mate seen you after such a long time So, what’s been happening. What the latest in your lives?>Parbs, same old same old! Popat, Parbat – leave all aisde – tell me one thing, why are you eyes so red! As such big dark circles, are you not using fair and lovely cream! Dark circle, uh! I did get my make up done! You know guys, I like the hard stuff – ones in the packet you know!>Ah hard drinks! But this is because…this is because of the old man right here! Oh! Why would it be your old man’s fault? Be his humble servant, show some Daasatva!>Oy! Leave alone Daasatva! You know what he does?! – wakes up at 4AM! – places his Pooja carpet on the floor and rings his bell! Ding ding ding – oh!! It’s so annoying!>This is a common old bapa problem. What I don’t understand is how does he have the energy levels to ring the bell and bear it for so long! – this is an everyday thing and it’s so annoying! Oh no Parbs! All your nice dreams must be shattered with all the noise!Oh Popat! What do I say man! – today I was dreaming of chilling in the hot Dubai Sun! – I got on the plane, plane went up in the sky, I was just about to dive out of the place andding ding ding! I had a similar situation last year dude. I went to an amazing party and they were playing amazing Bollywood songs!>Was it this one!ohoho that enough, that’s enough Anyways, I came home at 4AM, and I thought I’d take of my shoes…..and all my clothes off and…….. Oh!! You can’t sleep naked! Silly guy!>It is scientifically proven that one should sleep naked>Hmmm, may be true, get some good sleep I just got to my bed and as I was just about to fall asleep, my old man starts his Kirtan! –Savaare Gomti gaya Bhagwan! … Oh just ruined my sleep .. But one thing I don’t understand … why would Gomti the Cow be free all day to give milk! Are!!!! Prafula! In this Kirtan, Gomti is now a Cow!!!! It’s a lake!>Oh!!!!>Doesn’t even know that! It’s nothing like that mate…my Pops is even worse then that mate!>What why? Well, well, well – as you know Mr Popatlal loves drinking!>Silly drunkard! So I won a vintage whisky in an auction! – 1500 pound for this bottle mate!>1500! Pounds, he definitely must have stolen his dad’s money! So, I thought we all get toghether……and have a …. Cheeky little sip! Ye Ye….>Where is it then? So yesterday, I keep the bottle in the fridge for chilling … and you what the people say … On the rocks! On the rocks?! – but the bottle would break wouldn’t it!>Are! Prafula – on the rocks meaning…. On ice!!!>Ah ice>bais! Nice! …. Then what happened? So I just found out today that my pops, poured the whole bottle …. The whole bottle down the sink!>Aw!!!! Down the sink – 1500 pound for one bottle! All the cockroaches got all the whisky and we didn’t even get a drop!>All those lucky cockroaches man! Drunk cockroaches!>Popatlal!! Ah mate! – it get’s even worse than that. I have to prep all the food for my dad man! – everything ready on the plate! Ah man! Why go through all that hassel. Why don’t you just get food from Vaishnav’s!>Huh! Vaishnav’s! if it were only still open! – it closed down! – that’s why we are all so sad man! My ex-wife, she used to do the preps, but even she useless ran away!>ran away … you know Popat she used to have a crush on me>what?!>nothing nothing ….go on…. But if this old man was still young like myself! Then atleast he would do things for himself …. Cant even be used as workman round the house! …. Such as waste of space! ohh! Lets thinkg what we can do about this>Ahhh….I had an idea! ……….ah! Nah! Forgot!>Doh Ah Ah Ah! I have an idea .. I am Popatlal! … that dude .. Pulkit!>Pull….Kit!>Yeh yeh, he was only telling me last week, that he sent is Margi! And his Popsi ……to the Asharam!Brilliant idea! Wait! What’s Asharam?>Ah mate! Let me explain in Northern..Mate! He sent his Mom and his Pops to the Vrudhashram>Ah Vrudasharam, you mean old age home! Ah I remembered…no ones asking me mate! – it’s been years since I sent my Pops to and old age home too>Why didn’t you mention before, you got up to with an idea!>You didn’t ask…. But Parbs, how are you going to convince your Pops to get out of the house>Popat, Prafula – worry not – spreadin the butter, leave it to Parbs – icing on the cake, that Parbs – cherry on top, that Parbs! Oh wow! – you are the man!>Still if you need some tips let me know!>Alright bro! See you bro!>Laterz bro! Hmm…the idea is now in my head, how do I put it into action!! …. What am I going to tell him?…. Dad! What are you doing?>Oh Son, reading about the pastime of God, they are such wondrous feats….I am enjoying the read! Oh So old fashioned – reading about God’s old pastimes, you too are becoming old Anyways dad! – I was thinking that we have to give his house a makeover, floor board are creaking – so all the family thought that you should live out at an old age home for about 2 – 3 -7 days. Don’t worry dad everything will be OK! If it’s like that then let me to do Deepak’s house>DivyeshDeepak – that’s a bad idea dad, you know running a Pharmacy is not easy – in your times people were illiterate – in this era we use our brains and earn big money – not possible dad Ok! Then my son Raj will take care of me. I have given him so much. Raj! – dad, that is even a more worse idea. Raj rolled all the money that you gave him in the casino roulette. His slogan is ‘When the fun stops, start!’ -He is no good – Not a good idea too dad. OK Son, let me pack my belonging>OK I will help you….Ah you wont need any food…all provided – A dad! Holliester Undies – you are even more naughtier than me! Son, I am feeling very nervous and anxious. You know I haven’t stayed away from you before>Dad! Don’t even I haven’t stayed away before…Don’t worry dad>OK Son, I fully trust you, come let’s go…. Son, I am very worried….how will I live along without you all…tell me …tell me how?>Don’t worry dad, everything will be just fine! Son, won’t you come to drop me inside, I wouldn’t even know anyone – whom would I meet, where would I go, what would I say and I don’t even know which floor I am going to>Floor No.1 Dad Oh Dad! I just remembered that I have to go meet my Mrs to be and introduce my son to her to… and you know dad, I can’t be late to a date. I am going now…Son…Son…dad I will call you..bye! .. Son!!!! Oh God, all is in your hands now, please be by my side huh Jay Shree Krishna! Jay Shree Swaminarayan! How are you, my name is Samji! Jay Shree Krishna! Jay Shree Swaminarayan. I am fine. My name is Ramji and my son came to drop me here today. I have only come here to stay for only seven days. You know, my son is having some work done at our home and there is no one at the moment who can take much care of me. So, what does your son do for a living? Oh he works in a big firm, he my most beloved son! Oh! Amidst all this talk I forgot … let me phone him and ask him if he has reached home.Hello, Son>Hello Dad>Yes, Son>Ye, dad – I will call you in a while!Ramji bhai! So what did so learned son say? He said he will call me in a while and then hung up. Are! I have been here for years. My old eye have seen it all! …now the faster you get used to this old age home the more better it would be for you. Are! What nonsense are you talking? My son is not like that … he loves me very much and how can I even stay here far away from my son? Never! No matter how much you may deny but this place is not so bad. It’s peaceful, tranquil, even the food is served timely …and one can make friends like yourself. What else would one want? … I just advise you to now focus your mind towards singing praises for God. Look! I probably should not say this, but I will! I think you are feeling jealous because my son will surely come to take me back home but you do not have anyone to even ask about you. Ramji bapa, no worries. This worldly nature is only such. … I spent my whole life blinded by the desire that the family will take care of me. When my very own son betrayed me then on I knew the world’s cruelty. That would be just for you! For me, my son is my world! He will never give me any sorrow. Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok … rest for some time and they try giving him a call again.Are! This old man will neither sleep nor let me sleep! Ofcourse if you make such music in your home, your sons would be tired of you and leave you here! Oh my son! Please come soon. I hope I do not pass away listening to such music every day!Are! What is all this noise? It’s my first day here! Samji bapa, I thought you said it was peaceful here? My name is Doctor Mashoor Dariya and this is my assistant Lukha Dariya! Doctor, this Ramji bapa has only come here today and you garland him. I did not quite get that. Huh! Samji bapa, that is because he is here for the first time. It’s a welcoming garland. I did not quite understand that. What does that mean? Heheh! What it is, that Mashoor has a system of working. When he goes to the operation theater, he takes a big garland with him. If the operation is successful, then the patient garlands the doctor!>I still do not understand. If the operation is successful that the patient will garland the doctor, simples! And what if it does not? Bapa! Did not understand a simple concept! – If the operation is successful then the patient garland the doctor, but is the operation is unsuccessful then the doctor garlands the patient! Are! But I am not here for an operation. I have only come here for 7 days and that to only stay for that duration. Ei Lukha!You should not have give an example of the operation! You are getting him worried for no reason! Bapa, you know when new people come over here we have to check their health. If we don’t do that then we cannot run our profession. You know, we need some practice too! But there is nothing wrong with me Am I the doctor or are you? Your son gave us your report that I needed to check…..do you have any allergies, you body has become similar to a mosquito? I am allergic to you! – Doctor nothing is wrong with my body, but there is a mosquito on your glasses! Ohh!Oho! – thanks bapa – OK bapa you do not have any ailments – seems like to eat a lot of ladoos and are very healthy. Ei Doctor Mashoor, let’s go – there are also other old folks coming today and we also have to garland them too… have to tell the old ladies to make more garlands! Are! Look at how much time has passed. Let me phone my son and find out what he is doing –DAY 7. Hello Son! – oh dad! How many times have I told you, I am busy, call me later!DAY 9.– Hello Son!>Hello Dad! (Crackling on Line) – I can’t hear anything, will call you later – I am getting cut off!DAY 11.– Hello Son!>Parbat’s VoicemailDAY 13.– Hello Son!>Stadium noise>Dad! I will call you later, I am at a football match right now….DAY 15.– Hello Son!>Stadium noise ‘The Haka’>Dad! I am at a Rugby Match, very nice game New Zealand are playing, I will call you later!…In this way, Ramji bapa phoned his son everyday and constantly heard of the various excuses of his beloved son. He was meant to be here for just 7 days but now…he was on day 15. Just like parents who abandon the children into foster care and one cannot even imagine what the children would go through ….Similarly, Ramjibapa felt the same pain when his very own beloved son abandoned him in the old age home. Ramji bapa, has you son phoned you yet? It is now two weeks since you have been here. You said you would be here for only seven days, what happened? Samji bapa, today 15 days feel like 15 years! When we get our evening meal I always have a thought whether my family would have yet eaten? When they were little, I used to sit them on my lap and feed them with my own hands and raised them…when I reflect upon those memories, tears fill my eyes and I do not even enjoy the food. Ramji bapa, this life is like a bitter poison. I have three sons. I spent my entire life working day and night so that my family would not face any hardships and be well off in their future. I spent my entire life working endlessly with the thought that my hard work will pay off for a better future for my family. I forsake the time that I could have spend for devotional practices too. I did make a lot of money, but when it came for the time of inheritance all my three sons kicked me out of the house and brought me here. The very hand that I used to feed them in their childhood is the same hand they grabbed and forced me to come live here. Now that has all happened for you. Well, as per the wishes of the Almighty. However I can still try the phone again!Hello! – Son, how are you?>Ha dad! Let me call you in a while…. “Son, you are forgetting that it’s now 15 days. You said you will take me home in 7 days.” Dad, it will take some time. There are formalities you know. You stay there and I will come in a few days… Oh! Ramji bapa, you may not be at ease with my words, but listen to me. There is not need for any expectations now. Whatever is happening, accept it. May be the fate of the elderly like us happens to be as such. Fate! That fate may be yours! – My son will definitely come and take me back home and then I will show you. My only worry is that how would be be living without me? Ramji bapa, I too want for your son to come and take you back. However I know that once someone is admitted into this old age home, not many go back home. Oh! Samji bapa! – You keep talking all false! – Watch, I am just going to call my son now and he will come and take me home today!Hello! Son – I just don’t want to stay here any more, please pick me up today. Dad, you know there is a lot of tension at work at present and beside my son feel ashamed when you speak to him in Gujarati. I was thinking, you stay there not or of two days more, but at least two years. The children will be a bit more understanding but that time and we will bring you back homeRamji bapa, don’t worry. We will try again tomorrow. Remember God today and go to sleep. We shall try again tomorrow, everything will be fine.>OK, Samji bapa In this way Ramjibapa was saddended by this event. Just think, how those parents feel, when their children feel ashamed in their company at the time when they need their support the most!….Shame on such children….. 15 days turned to 1 month, 1 month turned to 6 months, 6 months turned to 1 year. But no one came to meet Ramjibapa let alone taking him home… On one such day in the night!…– Samji bapa! I am not so well…Ramji bapa, what’s happening, Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan…It looks like, all the worrying is the cause of my detoriating health. Please do me a favour and call my son for mePlease call my son for me– I couldn’t make a connection Ramji bapa!… please give me the picture of my son, please try once again…– I couldn’t make a connection again Ramji bapa. Ramji Bapa! Ramji Bapa! Ramji bapa! This has also happned before. So many other have in this way passed infront of my very eyes! Ramji bapa is not the first one to suffer in agony and die infront of me. How many more elders should still be an example of suffering and pain! When will people think that servitude towards the parents is higher even ther servitude towards God! How many more parents will have to suffer in such a way! Why do children leave us to suffer and die in old age homes! Is anyone here! Call Ramji bapas son and tell him it’s been years now and one remains to continuously phone him! Tell him to come an take away Ramji bapas body and his belongings! Bapa, are you listening, how are you?Oh! One just gone and now comes another one! Oh no no! I have only come here for 7 days. Then my son will come and take me back home What Samji bapa has experienced is a true story. You may think that this is just a drama. However such event do happen and is the hurtful truth. We may only experience such when we actually hit the old age ourselves. Just like Ramjibapa, Kanjibapa, Murjibapa, Dhanjibapa – others too came and in the very same way left their mortal bodies in this very old age home. The son convinces the parents that it’s only for a few days but who knows how may days these will be? In this way, 10 years passed. Samjibapa was now in his 90s. One one such day……. Papa! Papa!>Who goes there?>Papa, it’s Arjun, your son. He abandoned me long ago Papa!, you have become a Grandfather once again! – just two weeks now since Roshan was born. Amidst all the celebrations of his birth, I completely forgot to inform you. I tried to call so many times, but I just couldn’t get through I thought I would just call you and inform you to save time on coming here. However I just couldn’t get though so I had no choice but to come Son, can we go outside>Sure Papa, let’s go outside… Papa! – walk carefully, can you not see! Here is the bench, sit! Ha, Papa – I was saying that … what is that my son?….it’s a butterfly papa Papa, I wanted to talk to you about something…. Since Roshan’s birth there is so much stuff in the house. Even the box is now an office Papa! You know that in this day an age if there is an office in the home then the home becomes small, right papa? What is that my son?>it’s a butterfly papa! May God bless you my son, you have all my blessings … What is that my son?>It’s a butterfly papa! You know very well papa, that this city is so expensive. When it was just me an you we could sustain, but now with Sunita (the Mrs)… …You know what I mean and and you understand papa! So I thought….that you can now just live here. It would be better for everyone. What is that my son?>Are! I said already that it is a butterfly! Look Papa, don’t take it to heart but after careful consideration I have come to a conclusion that there is now no space for you in the house, there is no space for you Papa! I have spoken to the owner of this old age home, he will provide even better facilities for your future well being. What is that my son?>How many time do you want me to tell you, it’s a butterfly, it’s a butterfly!

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