Cute Kitty Grows To World’S Biggest Domestic Cat!

Is that photoshopped? That can’t be real! These are questions commonly posed to StephyHirst
of Melbourne, Australia, who is the the owner of Omar. Omar is a Maine Coon, a breed of domestic
cat known for growing especially large. In fact the current world-record holder for
the world’s longest domestic cat is also a Maine-Coon from Yorkshire in England. However, if the measurements are correct,
Omar may just have him beat by half an inch, which is a pretty big difference in world-record
terms! Ludo from West Yorkshire is 46.5 inches, and
we reckon Omar is threatening his crown! What do you think? Hard to tell from the photos? Bets are on! At the time of writing, The Guinness book
of world records haven’t yet verified Omar’s claims, but I always love to root for the
underdog, come on Omar! When Stephy first brought Omar home, she had
no idea what she was letting herself in for. He was the same size as his siblings, there
was no clue that she could be bringing a new world record holder home. Stephy gave the BBC a little insight into
his life, he’s up at about 5am when he has a few scoops of dry cat food. 5Am? That’s love right there Stephy! Then he likes to go out into the garden for
a play, and especially enjoy stretching out for a snooze on the trampoline. Apparently, the only meat he’s into is, get
this, raw kangaroo! It sounds like this lovely giant kitty really
is living the life of Riley, but I can’t help but wonder, does he even know? Does he see other cats around him and say
to himself, hey, how come I’m so huge? Hirst told Global News that they were expecting
a cat of around nine kilos or 19 pounds, but that when he got to one year old they thought,
‘hey, he’s not done yet, he’s still growing!’ Now fully grown, Omar is a whopping 47 inches
and 30 pounds! Sadly for poor Omar, Hirst has explained he’s
had to forego a privilege many of his littler cousins enjoy, that of sleeping on the bed
‘He takes up a bit too much room.’ Hirst explained. Poor Omar, that’s the price you pay for belt-busting
record-breaking! After setting up an Instagram account for
Omar, his picture was shared on the page ‘Cats of Instagram’, and it was here that Omar first
caught the eye of the Guinness World Records team. What a gorgeous cat, and clearly Omar is very
well loved. Which is great because just look at him, he’s
made for cuddles! Share this eye-popping story with your friends
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