Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 6 SEASON FINALE

Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 6 SEASON FINALE

(Narrator) The hero’s journey. The desire to cross a threshold, from the modest into something bigger. It all starts with the need
to change of the status quo. (Commentator) Daigo Umehara
has eliminated Snake Eyez from the tournament. (Narrator) The test. The Allies and the Rivals. The trip to Japan. The search for balance
in a foreign culture. All just steps towards what will happen
here today, in San Francisco. So win or loose,
right here, right now, is where our Journey will end. Back in a day,
you felt pretty good beating the best street fighters
players on your block. Today, the game may be the same, but the goal is far, far bigger. Beat 31 of the best in the world and take home the lion’s share
of 250 000 in prize pool. (Alex Valle) As the first round
comes in, the first round jitters, Snake Eyez had
the most important match of the tournament for him. And not just him,
every competitor’s first round, to get the nervousness out. (Commentator) We’re into it,
he’s gonna go for the Ultra. (Crowd cheering) (Commentator) Keoma,
he gets him from the other side, he’s gonna go with the Ultra, and his Ultra does so much damage. -Keoma!
-The turning going on in there. -He takes out Snake Eyez.
-Keoma! (Presenter speaking in background) (James Chen) I think a lot of people
are putting pressure on themselves, and that has been the cause
of a lot of execution errors. Because a lot of people are saying, this might be Street Fighter 4’s
like last big event, right, to put an exclamation mark
on the history and stuff, the prize money obviously,
$120,000 for the winner, may just getting
to people mentally because of just how important
it feels to them. [Inaudible whispers] (Voice 1) When you have a problem
with something– (Voice 2) Stop being a Zangief player and start being
a Street Fighter player. (Voice 1) You don’t let it overtake you, just let it act. And you accept it. ♪ (Music) ♪ (Crowd cheering) (Commentator 1) If you go
to the looser’s at the start, your path to get
to the grand finals is much, much longer. (Commentator 2) Right. (Commentator 1) And, you know
at some point, top level players are going to be falling into that, well, they’re going to be
falling there from the start. So it’s going to be much,
much tougher obviously. (Commentator) The attack
of the tiger shot. Snake’s gotta be thinking “Do I have to go to my Evil Ryu,
my pocket character?” That’s a trap in my opinion. The link is good. Ok. Snake Eyez, making great choices! And he gets it! Start to a new beginning! (Commentator) Tough matchup!
Great punish. Oh Surprise! Tonpy
not ready for that one! That enough,
it is Snake Eyez. 2-0. (Commentators talking
at the same time) Snake Eyez. The last hope
for the United States. Human Bomb is out,
Snake Eyez moves on, and it is USA. This is the run back,
from round 1. There you see it again, Snake Eyez chose not to use
the meter for extra damage. Oh no! There it was!
He was beated just like that! Oh! And he does it
with a regular throw. Oh! There it is, Snake Eyez
is gonna move on, for the US. The shout out to Snake Eyez, like we said, I mean,
he lost first round. So Snake Eyez had to play
a ton of matches, made it all the way into top 8, and still wins the first one against the person who sent him there, he has had quite a road so far, here at the CapCom Cup. (Narrator) If the CapCom Cup
was a movie, this is how it would end. Snake Eyez versus Daigo. (Commentator) And here we go! (Narrator) This match will be tied. The clock is ticking down. Zangief is in trouble. (Commentator) Oh here we go,
big damage, time almost done. (Narrator) And then it would happen. (Commentator) And he’s going to go
with the SPD for damage, Oh! (Narrator) With skills and strategy
owned by his time in Japan, Snake Eyez would throw
the perfect combination at the precise time. (Commentator) Daigo, down 0-2. He better make some
important adjustments. (Narrator) And he would win. (Commentator) He’s got it! Snake Eyez is gonna take it! Snake Eyez, champion
at the Capcom cup! (Narrator) But this isn’t a movie. (Commentator) Right now Daigo’s
groundgame’s too strong. BOOM! And there it is,
he’s gonna take that round. Snake Eyez’ not been able to beat
Daigo’s fire ball timing at all. Just like that.
3 dominating games. Daigo Umehara sends home
the last US player, Snake Eyez. (James Chen) When Snake Eyez
got back from Japan, I could definitely tell
there was a little bit more strength in the fundamental games. I still don’t know if it’s quite
on the level of like, a Daigo or a Momochi
or something like that, but he’s definitely getting
closer to that. (Snake Eyez) I do feel
like if I was able to get like more games against him, I could win but, I walked away with some type of knowledge
from the matchup. (Narrator) Since 2008,
the strategies and the combos, the upsides and the comeback victories
have been the frontline of Fighting Game resurgence. But after over 8 million in sales, the story of Street Fighter IV
will end here. Street Fighter V will be
the next Chapter in this iconic story. (Yoshinori Ono)
(Speaking Japanese) (James Chen) You know,
for a while, Street Fighter V, when it starts
is going to look very simple and it’s going to be
very straightforward. But Street Fighter IV
looked the same way. If we go back and watch
some old street fighter 4 footage, we’re going to be at this like, there is like no depth
into this game, you know, and it will come with time, and people will find more
and more stuff so… I have faith that, you know, that Street Fighter V at the highest level is still going to be a really,
really strong game. I want to get better at Street Fighter V. This is the type of game
where I don’t really see Zangief being able to take on
any character he comes across. Only three different archetypes
of characters. One Grappler, one Zoner, and maybe like a character
who can jump around and do really fast mix ups, because there’s going to be
a lot more people playing this game and it’s gonna be…
it’s gonna be crazy. (Narrator) So when the crowds empty out, and there’s no big prize
purse on the line, no lights, no cameras. Just you and a friend
battling it out. That’s when the realization
might hit you, that if it can take you
across the world and back, Street Fighter will never again
be just a game. (Soft Music)

79 thoughts on “Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 6 SEASON FINALE

  1. Glad he did well at Capcom Cup Finals so they could close this out on a high note.

    I do think that character specialists should still be viable in future games though. It would be a crying shame if that way of playing were to die out with SFV.
    Just remember that people have been talking about counterpicking in SFIV for quite a while as well but nearly all big tournaments are still being won by character specialists. It should totally continue to be a viable way to play.

    There is no reason why they should force players to have at least 3 characters in their pocket at all times. The ideal fighting game is balanced enough so that any character has the tools to beat any other character.
    Don't let fighting games become mobas when it comes to character selection.

  2. This series was absolutely godlike. Me and all my friends talked about it almost every episode! Very well done red bull, here's to snake eyes being the American SF5 hope of 2016!

  3. I'm a videomaker / editor from Brazil and a Street Fighter player (since when I was 8) and i wish to thank Red Bull and all the production team / crew behind this AMAZING series (director, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors). It's such a beaultiful thing to see a brand who support amazing things, like eletronic sports, indie music, extreme sports etc, with such passion.

    Thanks again foi Cultivation and Diggin in the Carts and all this beautiful work. Cheers for Snake Eyez and i think that Keoma would be a nice buddy for Snake Eyez in the Red Bull Street Fighter team hehe.

  4. SFV may go down the moba road for many that in order to succeed they need to be able to use 3 different types of characters. Thing is not everyone is good enough to use that many characters with gimmicks at a high level and have faith on them. Infiltration used 14 different characters in the pro tour and sadly he got beat by Daigo and ultimately by Misse. I bet he can wield all 16 characters at a high level too in SFV. But it is still difficult to beat a player whose fundamentals are on a high level with a character they are super comfortable as well as being completely on point.

  5. Snake_Eyez has been my favorite player for some time now and this whole series was awesome.
    Great performance by Snake at Capcom Cup after that tough start.
    Grappler Nation !

  6. Thanks again for this amazing documentary. Snake Eyez had an incredible year. I look forward to seeing what he can do in SFV.

    Farewell, Street Fighter IV.

  7. This entire series was the most beautiful documentary about a video game I've ever seen in my life! AMAZING job Redbullesports! And the conclusion is what I say everytime to new comers : Street fighter is more than just a game!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderfully crafted series. Street Fighter means a lot to me and to see it in the limelight for once with a documentary driven by what it takes to play the game at a high level is something truly inspirational. I hope to see many more in the future.

  9. Excellent quality, excellent production. Found myself eagerly waiting for the next episode each one ended. Please make more like this– I think we all agree.

  10. This whole series made me think about quitting college even though I'm about 80% done and just start seriously playing Street Fighter. This series was very inspiring.

  11. Calligraphist and Picture of this series was amazing. The production was awesome. Thank you for showcasing this amazing player. I really enjoyed the design and artistic aspect of this series.

  12. While watching this, does anybody else daydream in their head about their life if they were at his level?
    This entire series is inspirational.

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