Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 2

Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 2

♪ (music) ♪ (helicopter whirring) (Darryl S. Lewis) EVO is
the biggest tournament for fighting games in general, all fighting games actually,
in the world. When you’re playing casuals
against someone, you’re learning,
but you don’t have that pressure from the tournament on you,
when you play. That’s a whole different
ballpark right there. There’s so many players;
you know you only have two shots. If you lose once you get sent
to the loser’s bracket. It’s so hard to be in there, and then, if you lose again,
you’re out. So just knowing that
is just so tough to deal with. (pen stroking) (indistinct chatter) (narrator) Everyone’s hometown
has its own list of pluses… and minuses. I think its safe to say that there hasn’t been
a lot of professional gamers coming out of South Central LA. But in competitive Street Fighter, the US as a whole is
at a big disadvantage. There are huge distances between
the country’s best players, and unlike Japan,
the connection quality just isn’t reliable enough
to play each other online. (Mariloux Fauteux) So when
you told your mom, or when she realized that this is what you wanted to do, you wanted to be a professional player. How did, like any parent,
how did she react to that? This is an interesting question, because my mom is actually
an extremely personal person. She did not like it at first. She thought it was just a waste of time. And then one day she sat down,
and watched me play, and she was like, “Wow!
70 games in a row? That’s a lot!” And regardless
if you know video games or not, you know that 70 games in a row is a lot. ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) The console era
changed Street Fighter, man. It changed every game. No more dropping tokens
in the arcades anymore. Back in 1992, 200 bucks bought you a Sega Genesis or a Super Nintendo. Thirty million Sega Genesis, and 49 million Super Nintendos
were sold worldwide. By 1995, 8 million Street Fighter players
were thinking, they were the baddest on their block. (Alex Valle) The biggest challenge was to play on another peripheral, to play on another version
of the same game. And the ports back then weren’t
as equal as the arcade version. ♪ (music) ♪ And then it went to venues
with the console era. People were kind of like, “Okay,
maybe this is more convenient.” The graphics are just, right there. So today, you can bring
a lot more systems to an event, versus having two arcade games and having a 100-man tournament.
It’s just unreal. (crowd chanting) (narrator) Last year, there were over 30 major
Street Fighter Tournaments worldwide. But when it comes to tournaments, there’s few bigger than this. (cameraman) Okay, it’s rolling on
1, 2, and sound. (film slate clapping) (pen stroking) The first day of Street Fighter at EVO is always my favorite day
in fighting games each year, because 2,200 or 2,000,
whatever it is, people show up, and almost all of them lose. ♪ (music) ♪ There are just too many good players. It’s impossible to predict
who’s going to end up in Top 8. (Darryl) My mind was a database at EVO. ♪ (game music) ♪ Every single match I progressed through, I just went through
that database, in my head, and was like, “Okay,
this is what I need to do against this character.” “This character is a bad matchup for me, but I still know how to beat this guy.” (David) Snake Eyez trying to get in! (James Chen) What?! What?! (David) He’s got this! He’s got this! (crowd cheers) (Darryl) And then, certain matchups
that were bad for Zangief, instead of playing the matchup,
I’d play against the player. (David) The relationship
between player and character is all about how you like to play. Some people like to play
making a lot of risks, and taking a lot of, of guesses. Some people like to play
much more conservatively, and I often find that that’s
how the person is in life. You win! (David) In Street Fighter,
you can really find the character that matches that. (narrator) In “The Art of War,”
Sun Tzu wrote the warrior should be
“as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest,
as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain.” The 4 Kanji on Ryu’s belt, and the way
he humbly roams the globe mastering the fighting arts,
embodies these ideals. But Evil Ryu? With the flaming red hair,
those crazy eyes, and the hole burned through his chest, he’s the exact opposite of Ryu. Within Street Fighter lore, the character of Evil Ryu
is focused on one thing: fighting to prove that he’s the strongest. (In Japanese) I started winning matches at about 14 years old. Since I’m used to the attention, I don’t feel the pressure. (beeping) The downside to getting
the attention is that I have to practice that much more. Destination confirmed! I am the Red Cyclone! Violence is who I am! Daigo, he’s very adaptive. He won’t just sit there and let you do the same thing against him. You have to think a lot, optimize on what
you want to do against him. (James) One of these guys
has to go home, unfortunately. One of these guys is not making top eight. (David) Getting him those
EX green hand punishes, but he’s running out of life! Oh, here’s the opportunity! Heartbreaking jab. Such patience from Snake Eyez. Finds a short again, twice.
Brilliant job by Snake Eyes! (James) Snake Eyez’ staying alive! (David) And now, inflamed
on the meter front. Good job! (James) That should do it right there! Daigo Umehara has eliminated Snake Eyez
from the tournament. (crowd roars) (Darryl) When I lose to other people, it feels like I could’ve won. But when I lose to Daigo, it feels like he’s been studying it,
right before he played me. 6, 5, 4, 3… Because some of the things I’m doing, there’s no way he should know
how to get around this. Absolutely no way. 2, 1, 0… Game over. ♪ (music) ♪ (narrator) To beat the best, Snake Eyez is going to have to stop
being a Zangief player, and start being a Street Fighter player. Across the Pacific they say stuff like, “A player capable of competing
with any character is a competitor capable
of beating any opponent.” Well, here in the States we say, “to beat the best, you have
to train against the best,” and in Street Fighter
that means traveling to Japan. ♪ (music) ♪

52 thoughts on “Cultivation: House of Snake Eyez | Episode 2

  1. another great video guys! I guess the subtitles for Daigo still need to be added but other than that its great. I love the editing with small things like the Zangief game over countdown. Keep it up.

  2. the daigo part was a big mess up on the editors part I bet 99.9% of viewers had no idea what he said just bad really ruined the vid for me

  3. Always good to hear wise words from the GOAT. May he continue to inspire future generations.
    Can't wait to see the next few episodes. Time to go to Japan!

  4. Red Bull, you're in my heart right now for this, and it's finally opened up that door I needed to get back into playing it competitively. Thank you. All of you.

  5. +Red Bull eSports you guys are amazing, excellent series plz keep it up, we will continue to believe in you as you believe in us the FGC.

  6. Too all the Giefs out there'' Hang in there!! be even more Patient'' we wait on the outside looking in…. but we get our chance, and never look back. God luck ! Snake'' you need some breaks for Capcom cup, may the fight be with you.from an old school Dynamo blue era Zangief player.

  7. Holy crap, the production values are great on this series! You guys get a chopper for that opening scene??! Insane! Or, was it pulled from some other source, lol.

  8. 2:04 I love how the Snes they use is yellowed with age and beaten to hell. It looks so janky compared to the Genesis in the other shot.

  9. Talking about Average Conection speeds….
    Rofl is this how Red Bull wants to start on eSports? Japan is smaller than California, if you take into account 70% of Japan's land mass is uninhabitable mountains then it gets really short.
    Continental countries like the US,Brazil,Russia, China will always have slow average speeds and massive pings because of distance and the amount of infra-structure needed to support and maintain it is huge.

  10. So Snake Eyez drop Zangiev and pick number one and Strongest Character in USF IV,Powered up by Evil Hadou no Satsu,Evil Ryu ? Hmmm sound Tier Whore right ?

  11. What a great series! I have been playing street fighter since championship edition and even before that: Street Fighter 1. If anyone remembers it?

  12. This is awesome, really well done. I also like how Daigo is "the rival" of this heroes journey. Although we know it is not true, unfortunately USA is just not on the level of Japan to actually be "a rival" but it tells a nice story. Kind of like Alex Valle back in SF 2 or Justin Wong in 3rd strike, daigo is always the rival lol

  13. Dang, man. The person who does the art at the end of each episode… so good. That's some great art right there>
    And THANKS @Boundlesslamb for letting people know about that. I love subs as sometimes I miss some great phrases from some videos on YouTube, so I knew about that. But hey, man. Very cool!

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