Cruel Snake – নিষ্ঠুর সাপ – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Bengali

Cruel Snake – নিষ্ঠুর সাপ – Animation Moral Stories For Kids In Bengali

Don’t be naughty. Don’t look down. Don’t bend down
to see anything. Okay, mom. Ensure that the notorious
snake doesn’t get to know that all of you are in this nest. We won’t be naughty. Yes, we won’t move at all. Good. Now, the snake will think the nest is empty. Okay? He will think I have taken
all of you along with me. And won’t come back again. Enough. Completely quiet.
I will be back soon. Okay? Come soon, mom. Yes, mom, we will be scared
till you are back. No, dear,
there’s nothing to be scared off. I will be back soon. Bye! ‘The nest is empty.’ I won’t know about it? Come here! No, I will not go today. What do you think of me? Don’t go there. No. Mom, save us! Mom, save us! I have collected
sufficient food. Now I should return to the nest. The children must
be hungry for sure. What is this! What happened? My children… My children… My children… Evil. You have no mercy. You ate my children. What could I do? They were so soft. I couldn’t control my greed. Is that so? I will avenge myself. Wait and watch,
I will surely avenge myself. I will surely avenge myself! I will! Avenge myself… My children. How do I live without them? Who? Who is it? Woke me up so early in the morning. It’s me. It’s me. I am very sad. Sad? What? No!
Why are you crying? I am crying because you’re sad. Calm down! First, hear my reason for being sad. Yes, you haven’t told me. Why are you crying? Listen… My children… Wait.
I will punish that evil snake. But how? Listen carefully to me. That’s it.
It’s done, dear friend. Enough.
Your task is complete. Wait and watch! Wow! Wow! Wow! Good. It’s an amazing smell. It seems there’s mouth-watering
food lying around. Let me check. Amazing luck! Such big and fresh fish lying in front of me. Oh my God! Someone must have
definitely dropped them here. Forget it. I don’t
need to know about it. Let me eat them quickly! It’s so yummy. What? One more? I will eat all of them. What? One more? This one is the biggest of all. I can’t eat anymore. Oh God!
My stomach is completely full. Why don’t I carry it in
my mouth and eat it later. You are full. But my stomach is empty. I will eat you. No. Save me! You evil snake! You evil snake! Thank you, my friend. You helped me
to kill that evil snake. Now, nobody else will lose
their children like me. No evil snake will be
able to eat our children. I am very happy.

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