Crossover Point Accuracy

Crossover Point Accuracy

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Marv
has asked us a question about the crossover point. We’ve always known that we need to
hit that ball into the elbow but Marv wants to know how accurate that needs to be. So to be really effective here you do need
to be very accurate because if you aim for that crossover point and you hit the ball
a little bit to their forehand side it becomes easier for them to make that forehand stroke
or if you hit it to their backhand side even by 10cm it becomes a lot easier for them to
hit it with their backhand side. So the accuracy does need to be pretty precise. The other
important part then though is how fast you are hitting the ball because again if you’re
hitting the ball really slowly, even if it’s very accurate, they’ve got plenty of time
to make that movement to hit it with their forehand or backhand. So the two things that
you really need to consider are firstly how accurate you are, and it needs to be pin point
to their elbow, and secondly how fast your hitting it, so the faster you’re hitting it
the less time they have to react and to get their bat into a good position to be able
to play either a forehand or a backhand. Got me! The other thing to remember is as
I’m moving the crossover point is changing so, whoa I nearly got caught out again, so
if I move over you’ve still got to aim for my elbow. If you’re playing against someone always aiming
for the crossover point then footwork is the key. So remember when playing to the crossover
point you need to be accurate. If you want more information go to and
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8 thoughts on “Crossover Point Accuracy

  1. Hey Alois

    Could you glue a strip of leftover rubber on the edge of the blade and to jab the ball when it's hit towards your cross over point.

    It would be really kool if you could do that on an old bat and do it on camera!


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