Crossfire NA/UK 2.0: Snake DBR – HMX gameplay by KHAI-CFNA

Crossfire NA/UK 2.0: Snake DBR – HMX gameplay by KHAI-CFNA

HELLO N WELCOME BACK TO KHAI-CFNA !! Today, I will shoot using a random set of weapon Here is Snake-DBR I also bring DE-Scope as my pistol These guns are freaking legend DE-Scope, slow reload speed, bad pattern, the only 2 weaknesses of DE-Scope Good things it have strong fire power, good looking gun 🙂 This riffle I’m holding maybe is the most special riffle in CF This is riffle is 1 that have never seen before This gun should never ever use to while staying in 1 place Oh Sh*t, my bad, I mean this gun should never use to hunt down zombies Here, let me show you why you should never ever use this gun to hunt down zombies This is because this gun have 2 muzzles, that’s why it special Damn, already die I’m only suppose to make video by myself but Clan mates start to join 🙂 Acc Yi-Lucife has yet to be unlock so I’m really sad right now ;(( I’m in an extremely sad state :((( I don’t even know why GM’s would block me like that No matter how many submit tickets that I wrote to them, they still ignoring me They just ignore an innocent player… I will kill you no matter who u are !!!! FCK, they got me again !!! I was clumsy back then . SO SAD!!! :(( I don’t even want to play but I don’t wanna give up on my Youtube channel So, I will still try to make videos for you guys Using the acc of Yi-Aries LET CONTINUE TO NEXT ROUND ! Honestly, I don’t even have the excitement to shoot any gun I feel like I’m missing something big in me I got used to play my old acc too much, so it feel really different to play others’ acc This 2 muzzles gun sure is crazy for it fire power The ammo is also high since it got 2 muzzles These damn flash is so annoying, being blind so long is annoying Call Your zombies come here for me This gun’s ammunition goes out really fast See? zombies dies hella fast with this gun Let stay just in case some zombie fly out of nowhere and kill me U wanna hide, Xeno? Where the other one? Ah SH*t !!! that was close !! I just gonna keep running, what these zombies can do anyway Still survive to the end 🙂 This gun’s shooting pattern is really wide For me, I think this gun is really good 2 muzzles that shoot 2 ammo at a time with extra ammo NVM !! it actually 1 muzzle but it shoot out 2 ammo at a time You see that? 2 ammo at a time So cool Sh*t, it Tesla Barrett user will die 🙂 Currently, I am trying to talk to a GM from CFNA community However, I’m not sure if they going to unlock the acc for me I’m not sure whether it going to be fine, and I can’t stop thinking about this moment I just hope that Z8’s CFNA will apologies and unblock my acc for me I don’t want anything else other than that, I don’t want to use a different acc For me, my own acc is enough for me That acc is filled with memories That acc is my dream, I can’t let it end like this, too cruel Who U trying to kill ?! Using this gun while staying in a far distance ain’t good WTF !! how did he hit me ? wtf U wanna run ?!?!? Damn, he turn into Hero Sh*t, I got 4 hits and I didn’t got the kills? Btw, today I decided that each day, I will make one video Starting from today, I will use Yi-Aries to make videos for you guys I’m not even sure This Indigo kid keep saying its me in comment Sh*t, other player freaking got my kill TF Here come a hunt player This Tesla hunting..oh sh*t , I’m dead Let continue !! This will be my last round of the match Sorry everyone that today’s video is not that long I really don’t have any excitement or feeling of playing, but I’m will try for you guys REMEMBER TO LIKE, SHARE, N SUBSCRIBE 🙂 IT HELP A LOT So hard to jump, smoke in the way Let’s run before someone coming DIE !! don’t live !! This gun is scary, got so much kills with this Damn it, just lost Mutation jacket These zombies start to come !!! C’mon, come here, noobs zombies !! I will carry all y’all to heaven These players ain’t know how to cover DAMN IT !!!! I COULD HAVE BEEN HERO !!! BYE BYE YOU GUYS ! :)) LIKES , SHARES, N SUBSCRIBE !!! HELP ME A LOTS , THX U!!!

48 thoughts on “Crossfire NA/UK 2.0: Snake DBR – HMX gameplay by KHAI-CFNA

  1. Did you get back your email i hope it i love your videos very much and i hope you good luck

  2. You said you're not yet unban? omg its a relief love your videos bro keep doing this 🙂 i wish you play 12 mins Team Death match bro 🙂

  3. Poor anh Khải :v Giờ mới biết tại sao nhiều người cứ phàn nàn CF NA :v Cách làm việc của Z8 quá "chuyên nghiệp", mong anh sớm sẽ lấy lại account :3

  4. em cũng muốn Bình luận như anh , nhưng mà toàn mấy thằng Iran , Ai cập coi không ak` sợ tụi nó không hiểu hihi`

  5. i feel so upset for khai that i wanna kill the NA game masters for blocking his main account. bunch of dicks

  6. Qua clip thấy bọn nước ngoài chơi đéo phá như VN.VN lúc sắp bắt đầu hiện zom mù,khói tè le,ra zom r vẫn táng flash. Chán kinh!

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