Crokinole Skills Tip 5 Get the 15 Off

Crokinole Skills Tip 5 Get the 15 Off

– Last week’s tip, tip number four, was really geared toward the
beginner players out there and how important it can be to focus on just getting the off, getting the opponent’s
button off the board. This week’s tip is also going
to be focused on getting the off but we’re gonna kick it up a notch and make it a bit more challenging. Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) In last week’s tip we encouraged you to go after the easier shot, the one you knew for
sure that you could get. The one that was sitting
out in the five and the ten, out in the open. This week we’re gonna challenge you to go after the tougher shot, the one that sits within that 15 circle. The pegs are in the road, there’s just so much more that can happen. You run the risk of the kickback, knocking your shooter into the gutter. Now I’m not telling you
to ignore last week’s tip, there is still some great wisdom
there, in some situations. But there’s also going to be situations you will find yourself
in where your only option is to go after that button in the 15. Maybe it’s the only one on the board or maybe it’s late in the round and you have to get that one off in order to have any
chance to win the round. Or maybe you’re the type of person who just really enjoys going
after that riskier shot and all the fun and entertainment that comes with watching
the buttons ping pong off all those pegs. Now regardless of your reasoning behind going after that button
that sits in the 15, here are some pointers
that are gonna help you be as successful as possible
when you do attempt that shot. Now, any time you are taking a shot, even if it’s just a simple
takeout, you’re going for a 20. It can be really, really
helpful if you have an idea in your mind’s eye of what line that you would like your shooter to take. How is it going to travel from your finger to where you’d like it to end up? Now when we’re going after a takeout, we’re going to take that one step further. And what I would suggest
you say to yourself is like “How can we reverse engineer this shot?”. For example, you’ve got
the opponent’s button sitting somewhere in the 15. Rather than first
focusing on your shooter, I’d encourage you to first think about what is the path that you
want your opponent’s button to travel in order to leave the board. So that’s step one. We’ve got our handy dandy arrow here, it’s gonna help illustrate that. So we want, in this case,
we want that green button, that’s the line we want it to follow. Once we know that, we’ll
take it back a step and you can decide how
is it that you would like your shooter to travel. See we’re color coordinated here with our white button and our white arrow. Then, you know what line you
would like your shooter to take in order to successfully get
that button off the board. (upbeat music) (buttons pinging) So you’re maybe sitting
there thinking to yourself “Come on Jeremy, you’re taking
this a little too seriously. You want me to cut out
paper arrows to lay on my crokinole board?”. I have never in my life laid paper arrows on my crokinole board. I was simply just
looking for a way to help visually illustrate the concepts
that we’re talking about. And I agree, you should not
take this game too seriously. I often say this is the
greatest game on Earth and it is still just a game. (upbeat music) (buttons pinging) Now, if you’re so inclined
and you’d like to cut out paper arrows to lay on your board, to practice your shots, power to you. But I will say if you
show up at a tournament and start laying these on the table, (chuckles) it ain’t gonna fly. So that’s your drill for this week, to really focus on getting
those more challenging takeouts when your opponent’s button
is sitting in that 15 circle. Then you’ll naturally have the
opportunity to play with this every time you sit down with an opponent. But you also have the option
of just taking a few buttons and setting them out on the table to practice the concepts you
were introduced to today. And next week, we are
going to focus on takeouts one more time. But we’re gonna kick it up a notch and look at takeouts that
are even more challenging than these ones. And you’ll get to learn
the strategies and concepts that the best players in the NCA apply whenever they play the game. In the meantime, keep the
questions and comments coming, share these videos, and help even more people gain confidence playing the great game on Earth. Make it a great day. (upbeat music) So the idea of getting these
lines in your mind’s eye of what line the buttons
are going to take. That was- – (woman off camera) That was brutal! – Wow! The action of those pegs banging around. Sorry, those buttons banging
around inside the pegs. The pegs- (chuckles) I’m starting over. All right. Okay, how can I help
people visualize, nah stop- So that’s your drill for this week, practice taking out some of those- Ooh baby. You may be be sitting in your- (sighs) Let it roll (chuckles). Recording? – (woman off camera) Yes. – All right. So that’s your
drill for the- (laughs) Let it keep going. All right. So that’s
your drill for this week. The end, that’s it. I don’t have anymore to say. (chuckles)

4 thoughts on “Crokinole Skills Tip 5 Get the 15 Off

  1. New player here, need some tips on shooting hand techniques. Sometimes my shots go straight and other times left or right. Need help! Thanks

  2. I’m new to the game and have greatly appreciated your videos so far and I look forward to new videos in this series! I have found myself struggling with consistency in accuracy with my shots? Is there a shooting method that is better to maintain accuracy?

  3. Hi Jeremy, the videos are great! When’s the next one coming? Also, any chance you could do a video on flicking methods and techniques, please? Is there a best finger to use etc.

    Many thanks!

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