Crokinole Skills Tip 2 of 52 Open 20s

– Last week was all about
the fundamental shot of handling a hanger 20. This week we’re gonna kick it up a notch and we’re gonna nail down the
drill that’s gonna allow you to consistently improve
the percentage of open 20s that you hit. Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) Now I would encourage you to start this the exact same way that we talked about with the hanger 20s last week. Set yourself up with a few of those, drop those hanger 20s to
build your confidence, then practice a few Open
20s before you launch into this drill. Now I hear different people talk about how they practice their Open 20s. They’ll say, “Well I sit down at the table “and I don’t move on to
other drills until I’ve “hit ten 20s in a row,
or 20 20s in a row.” Me, personally, I don’t
find that overly effective. What you’re going to look
at now is what I find is the best way to
measure how you’re doing with your Open 20s. One of my great coaches
that I’ve had is a guy by the name of Craig Valentine,
and what he likes to say, “What gets measured gets improved,” or, “What gets recorded gets rewarded.” Let’s have a look at what that looks like. What I’d like you to
do is take ten buttons of the same color and that’s
all you’re gonna have around on the board, just set
them off to the side. You simply start shooting your Open 20s. If they miss, they go in the gutter. If you drain those Open 20s, then they go into a 20
holder, if you have it, or just off to the side. Once you’ve done your ten, you’re going to write
down the score you got. After you do that ten times, so you have attempted 100 Open 20s, you will have a percentage. I sat down and did that drill and I ended up with a score of 76%. Now tomorrow when, not if,
when I do this drill again, and I shoot 100 Open 20s, I will know whether I’m
getting a little bit better or I’m slacking. It also gives me the opportunity to figure what is that’s leading me to success and what is that’s leading
me to put more buttons in the gutter ’cause they’ve missed. Just like last week, I’m going to practice what it is that I’m talking about here. Every day for the next
seven days, at least, I am going to take my 100 shots and I will post the results that I get. I’d encourage you to do the same. If you don’t wanna post it publicly, at least record it yourself, and I guarantee with some consistency, you will be rewarded
with a higher percentage of Open 20s being dropped and you’ll see improvements in your game. Now our first couple weeks of tips have been very simple. We’ve had the Hanger 20 and
then we’ve had the Open 20, next week we are going to look at a drill that is fun, it’s dynamic, it works on probably
eight different skills because every time you do it, it’s a little bit different, so come on back next week for
a new and exciting challenge. Make it a great day. (upbeat music)

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